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    Life Drop Guide by BPGalway

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                                   '''                            ''::'
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                                 '':::::::'''                   ''::::;''
                                 '':::::::'''                   ''::::;''
                                   '..:::::::''                '::::::;''
                                   '..:::::::''                '::::::;''
     MONSTER WORLD IV              '......:::::'''''''''''''''';:::::::''
     Life Drop Checklist & Guide    ''.......:::::::::::::::::::::::;;;''
     ver. 1.1 July 1, 2012          ''.......:::::::::::::::::::::::;;;''
     by Benjamin Paul Galway        ''.......::::::::::::::::::::::::::''
     e-mail bpgalway@netscape.net   ''''...::::  ::::::::::::::::::::::::''
     PayPal bpgalway@netscape.net   ''''...::::  ::::::::::::::::::::::::''
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                             ++  ..+..  ..+::       :::::::@@:::::::@@:::      :
                           ++......+.......++::::   :::::::::::::::::::::    '..++
                           ++......+.......++::::   :::::::::::::::::::::    '..++
                           ++''....+''.....''++  ;:::::::::::          :::::: ..++
                             ++''..'++''.....++;;:::::                     ::'''++
                             ++''..'++''.....++;;:::::                     ::'''++
                               ++...''++.....''++                          ::'++
                               ++...''++.....''++                          ::'++
                                 ++...++''.....++                          ''.++
                                 ++...++''.....++                          ''.++
                                 ++'..''''.....++                      ..''..+
                                   +''..'''..''++...           .....::'''''++
                                   +''..'''..''++...           .....::'''''++
                                    +++++++++++  '''''''''''''''''''''+++++
                                    +++++++++++  '''''''''''''''''''''+++++
       -----------------------------  INTRODUCTION  ------------------------------
       A recent auto wreck has left me homebound, so here I am contributing some
       information to one of my most favorite games, Monster World IV. The Xbox
       Live Arcade release of Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World (SVC: Monster
       World) has finally allowed me to play through Monster World IV in English.
       Not only did this mean I could finally play through the Ice Pyramids
       without having to try every single possible answer (both for the Sphinx
       questions and the statue puzzle, and as frustrating as you can imagine),
       but it also gave me an opportunity to attempt to collect all of the life
       drops found in the game, mostly due to having an achievement tied into
       gathering all of them.
       The blue hearts are optional life which allow Asha to take more damage
       before passing out. She can always upgrade her red heart meter by
       purchasing armor, which increases her stamina. She'll need to buy the
       Legendary Armor to fully extend her red heart meter. It can be purchased in
       Rapadagna City late in the game, same as her Legendary Shield and Legendary
       Sword. Both meters extend up to 15 hearts, and since Asha needs ten life
       drops to complete a heart, that means there are 150 life drops to collect
       in the game. Be advised that there is no backtracking whatsoever once a
       level is completed, so be sure you've obtained all possible life drops
       before moving onward.
       This guide is designed solely to guide people through the game so that
       they don't miss any life drops. The guide is not concerned with teaching
       players how to beat the game, but that shouldn't be much of an issue given
       how relatively easy Monster World IV is to beat. Note that the numbers next
       to the level names show how many life drops Asha should have going into the
       level followed by how many drops the level has to collect. Likewise, the
       number on the left hand side of the descriptions show how many is collected
       in a single step, with numbers greater than one typically signifying a
       chest which holds many life drops. Remember that Asha earns one blue heart
       per ten life drops, thus "56 to start" indicates five blue hearts with six
       "loose" life drops.
       Version History:
           ver. 1.0   12/06/03    Initial release.
           ver. 1.1   12/07/01    Small update to fix formatting errors.
       --------------------------------  GUIDE  ----------------------------------
       ESTAFAN VILLAGE (0 at start; 11 to collect)
          5 - Talk to grandmother behind door in first house. A chest will appear
              which contains five life drops. Note that the exploit in the
              cartridge version where Asha can keep talking to her to produce more
              chests does not work in the SVC: Monster World version of the game.
          1 - Off to the right floating in the air.
          1 - Off to the right floating in the air.
          1 - Floating in air in area with green slimes.
          1 - Floating in swamp out in the open. Jump to get it.
          1 - Further right, floating in the air in the next screen after being
              introduced to the fire slimes. Jump to grab the 10th life drop,
              which awards Asha her first blue heart.
          1 - Off to the right, climb up the platforms, bypass the slime and 
              mushroom, and leap off the pillar to the left to grab the drop.
       TOWER OF SILENCE (11 at start; 9 to collect)
          1 - First door on left right at start floating above a mummy.
          1 - Through the sealed door on the right, after breaking the seal by
              beating the pig in the room next to it. Climb the rope to the top
              and jump off for the life drop.
          1 - Right after entering the locked room, floating right by the door.
          3 - On the next floor after beating the four wolves in the four rooms to
              create platforms, behind the door on the far left. Kill the wolf
              there and climb up to a chest with three life drops.
          1 - To the right just behind the second locked door. Climb the rope and
         	  jump off to the right to collect it.
          1 - Kill the green ogre after the first series of spike traps to earn a
        	  life drop. Collect it before it vanishes.
          1 - After another room of retracting spike traps, head left to see the
              life drop floating below a platform. Drop through the platform to
              collect it and earn the second blue heart.
       RAPADAGNA CITY (20 at start; 20 to collect)
          3 - From the left edge of the palace entrance (outside by the flag), use
              pepelogoo to jump, glide, and leap over the wall to the left to find
              a chest with three life drops inside.
          3 - Three life drops are in the center chest in the palace vault, a room
              to the bottom left once inside.
          1 - Right of the vault is the palace kitchen where a life drop can be
              seen floating high in the air. Jump with pepelogoo to grab it.
          3 - From the palace entrance, jump over the wall to the right to enter a
              garden area and continue onward "behind" the city. Use pepelogoo to
              scale the rich woman's home, and just behind it is a door outline on
              the ground. Press down to enter a small enclosed room with a chest
              containing three life drops to earn the third blue heart.
          3 - Continue right "behind" the city to find another chest containing
              another three life drops.
          1 - Now turn around to exit the palace and head right past the fountains
        	  to the "front" of the city. Enter the first home with the rich woman
              inside to gain access to the outside second floor where this life
              drop is found.
          1 - Found on the roof of the next house, just scale the pots and jump to
              collect it.
          1 - On the roof of the first house on the next screen. Climb up to get
        	  the life drop.
          1 - On the roof of this same house, inspect the tree to discover a chest
              with a life drop in it.
          1 - Visible just to the right of the above life drop near the yellow
              pepelogoo vendor.
          1 - On the opposite side of the tower of the one above.
          1 - From the life drop above, use pepelogoo to glide and jump over to
        	  the roof to the right. From that roof, again use pepelogoo to jump
              and glide right into the next screen, then jump to the drop seen
              floating high in the air there to gain the fourth blue heart.
       EARTH GATE (40 to start; 4 to collect)
          1 - Far left at the base of the mountain in an area with the platforms
              suspended upon narrow pillars. Check the bottom left for a floating
              life drop before heading up.
          1 - On the next screen inside the temple, defeat the green ogre to
        	  release a life drop. Collect it before it disappears.
          1 - Drop to the next floor to fight another green ogre for a life drop.
          1 - One more green ogre to kill before entering the volcano.
       HANDERA VOLCANO (44 to start; 12 to collect)
          1 - Beyond the first door, advance to a room with a lava geyser.
        	  Pepelogoo is to be used on it as a platform, which will lead up to a
              life drop floating above it.
          3 - In the first screen with a lava floor and bubbling fireballs, keep
              walking right to find a chest with three life drops.
          3 - Shortly after a save point, Asha will be in a room with lots of lava
              geysers in a row. Ride the fourth one up to find a chest on a ledge
              with three life drops inside.
          1 - In a room with three rows of fireballs firing to the right. Asha
        	  enters the room on the right side and must make her way left,
              dodging and blocking the fireballs. The life drop is on a platform
              along the way.
          1 - In a room with two steam geysers side-by-side, use pepelogoo to ride
         	  the right one up to a platform with a life drop on it.
          1 - On the left side of the next room about halfway up is a chest with
        	  gold and a single life drop.
          1 - After the room with all of the switches is a screen full of raining
              fireballs. Use pepelogoo to glide through the opening so Asha can
              collect the floating life drop. Note that if the drop is missed,
              there's no way to backtrack to collect it.
          1 - Further down in the same room as the above life drop is another
        	  buried under some orange platforms. Be sure to drop through them and
              collect it before dropping down the left side with no way to return.
       MOON GATE (56 at start; 7 to collect)
          1 - Fourth screen heading right after beating up a bunch of electric
        	  slimes floating right at the beginning of that screen.
          1 - Over a small bridge heading right while fighting off electric fish.
          1 - Further right, on the far end on the ground of a lower platform
        	  guarded by a slime and fish.
          1 - When the scenery changes to temple area with gargoyle statues, keep
              walking right until one of the statues comes alive and attacks Asha.
              Kill it for a life drop which produces the sixth blue heart.
          1 - A bit right Asha will encounter another statue turned gargoyle
         	  enemy. Defeat it for another life drop.
          1 - After a short screen with pillars, there's another gargoyle. Same
        	  deal; kill it for a life drop.
          1 - At the end of this screen is a dead end and the final gargoyle of
        	  this section. Get a life drop when it dies.
       STREAM SANCTUARY (63 to start; 14 to collect)
          1 - After coming across the first heart vending machine, there'll be a
        	  pipe Asha will have to enter. Enter the pipe watch as the water
              slide sends her into a very tiny room. Jump immediately to claim the
              floating life drop.
          1 - In the room where Asha drops out of a pipe to land in front another
        	  and with a flame and electric gate to the right, enter the lower
              pipe and ride the water slide to the far right, jumping before
              hitting the next pipe to get the floating life drop on the platform.
          3 - When Asha drops down into a room where she lands on a tentacle
        	  creature and has four pipes to choose from, enter the far right pipe
              and ride the water slide to its end to enter the sealed off area to
              the right of that four pipe room. Kill the tentacle creature and get
              pepelogoo to blow out the flame to raise the two electric gates.
              Jump across to the room to the left, climb the vine, and kill the
              creature there to access the chest with three life drops in it.
          7 - In the four pipe room, the first pipe on the left will lead Asha to
              a room with two fires which need to be extinguished with a bucket
              full of water. The top flame blocks off a chest with seven life
              drops. Any of the other three pipes in the previous room will take
              her on a water slide with an electric ball at the end. Jump over the
              ball and then glide and jump back to the left with pepelogoo to fill
              the bucket. Open the chest to receive seven life drops.
          1 - There's a room with five waterfalls and coins floating in some of
        	  the streams. Asha has to make her way left jumping from waterfall to
              waterfall to advance; at the very top of that leftmost waterfall is
              a life drop. If the jump to collect misses, just back away, ride the
              water slide back, and repeat the attempt.
          1 - In the screen with the underwater jets, Asha will be forced left
        	  into a narrow vertical tunnel with a flame up top and an electric
              trap below. Let Asha sink in the middle to collect the life drop.
              It's tough to time pepelogoo's rescue quick enough to avoid getting
              damaged, but since she keeps the drop even if she gets electricuted
              on the way down, it's no concern.
       RAPADAGNA CITY (77 to start; 5 to collect)
          5 - The old woman who fears pepelogoos at the end of the village asks
        	  Asha if anything good has come from the creatures. Answer yes then
              no to her questions, and she'll produce a chest full of gold and
              five life drops that'll net her the eighth blue heart.
       SOLAR GATE (82 to start; 2 to collect)
          1 - Proceed left three screens in and there will be a life drop over
        	  some spikes Asha will have to double jump over anyway.
          1 - Right over the statue's head at entrance to the ice pyramid. Climb
        	  over it the head and drop down to collect the drop.
       ICE PYRAMID I (84 to start; 11 to collect)
          1 - After entering the red code to get inside the far right door from
        	  the entrance, a life drop awaits in the next room.
          1 - After entering the red code to get inside the far left door from the
              entrance, a life drop awaits in the next room.
          1 - After entering the left door, walk right, drop down the pit, and
        	  head left to find a drop over another door.
          1 - After entering the right door, walk left, drop down the elevator,
        	  and head right find a drop over another door.
          1 - After entering blue code door on the left, walk right to the
        	  elevator and a drop will be floating in the air over it.
          6 - Leap right through the hidden wall to enter a secret room at the
        	  bottom right of the map. Speak to the chest, and it will offer to
              grant some wish. Say no to the healing medicine and yes to the life
              drops. A new chest appears with the gift of six life drops, the
              first of which will grant the ninth blue heart.
       ICE PYRAMID II (95 to start; 6 to collect)
          1 - There's a hole in a floor that'll send Asha down to the right side
        	  of the 4th floor of the pyramid (counting top down). On the right is
              a heart vending machine; at the left end of the hall is a life drop.
          3 - At the bottom floor where the statues are placed, on the left side
        	  is a jackal soldier. Defeat it for a chest to appear to the left
              with some gold and three life drops inside.
          1 - Ride the elevator to the top and double jump with pepelogoo to grab
        	  the life drop which floats high above it to earn the tenth blue
          1 - A hidden door on the left side of the upside-down T-shaped room at
        	  the bottom leads to a chest with gold and a drop inside.
       ICE PYRAMID III (101 to start; 6 to collect)
          3 - From the entrance head right to find a door on a slippery floor. Use
              pepelogoo to weigh Asha down and slow her down to enter, then use
              pepelogoo again to make two double jumps left to reach a chest with
              gold and three life drops. Keep an eye on the rotating saw blade to
              know when it's safe to make a move.
          1 - The bottom right room on the map has the swallow statue. From the
        	  chest containing the statue, walk right and fall on some ice blocks
              for pepelogoo to melt. A swordsman enemy guards the life drop, which
              can be seen on the platform to the right.
          1 - Ride the elevator on the final vertical section to the top and
        	  double jump to grab the floating life drop.
          1 - At the far right of the very last room with the three mummy statues
              which tell which order the five statues must be placed.
       RAPADAGNA CITY (107 to start; 9 to collect)
          9 - A chest in the palace gym (2nd floor on the right) spits out a
        	  whopping nine life drops, making the 11th blue heart basically a
       WIND GATE (116 to start; 3 to collect)
          1 - Once on the magic carpet, jump across the clouds as they lead up to
        	  a floating life drop. Time the jump to grab it so that Asha lands
              back on the carpet.
          1 - Shortly after the above drop, a slow moving cloud at the bottom will
              carry Asha to the next life drop. Fall and ride the cloud to collect
          1 - Finally, right after the life drop above, another soon follows as
        	  three flying enemies approach. Stand on the carpet to kill the
              middle one, then jump and attack to kill the top creature, then jump
              again to collect the life drop.
       SKY CASTLE (119 to start; 20 to collect)
          1 - In the first room with the rotating spike ledges, there is a long
        	  spike ledge Asha cannot possibly leap over herself. Drop into the
              pit to have her bounced up and over, collecting a life drop as she
              flies through the air for her 12th blue heart.
          3 - To the right of the above room, catapult up to the chain and climb
        	  it up. Land on the ledge to slingshot left, fight through the
              slimes, and finally use the moving blocks and chains to travel left
              to a chest with three life drops in it.
          4 - In a room with the large gold coin enemies is a chest with four life
              drops. Hit the green switch on the bottom left, double tap right to
              run to the chain, jump on the chain and keep double tapping up to
              climb faster, and then leap to the left before the spike descends.
          1 - In the next room to the left, ride the moving conveyor belts left
        	  and up to come across a life drop floating with some coins.
          5 - After the battle with the boss jelly, walk right through two hidden
              rooms to find a chest with money. Once that chest is opened, another
              appears next to it with five life drops, enough for the 13th heart
              to form.
          1 - Head up and left from the boss room to arrive at a screen with two
        	  large conveyor belts which raise and fall over spiked ground. Cross
              the platforms left and along the wall there is a life drop next to a
              spring Asha must ride to advance.
          1 - Right after the above life drop, there's another next to a spring.
          1 - In a room near the end while heading right across the large, very
        	  fast conveyor belts. Time the jump so that Asha lands on the next as
              it moves in toward her. It helps to stay near the center to build up
              enough speed to clear the leap.
          1 - One of three life drops in the last room as the fans blow Asha down.
        	  It can't be missed.
          1 - Immediately following the one above in the same room. It can't be
          1 - Immediately following the one above in the same room. It can't be
       UNDERGROUND FORT (139 to start; 11 to collect)
          1 - A few screens in after the long fall is a green ogre. Kill it for a
        	  life drop.
          3 - After defeating the birdwoman boss, a couple of screens to the left
        	  is a chest with three life drops.
          1 - There's an orange gargoyle to the right after the punk rock ostrich
         	  boss which releases a life drop when defeated.
          1 - Same screen, a second orange gargoyle with another life drop to
        	  loot once its gone.
          1 - Same screen, a third orange gargoyle to kill for a drop. Be sure not
        	  to get surrounded and to pick them up before they vanish.
          1 - After slashing left through some cobras once the minotaur is
        	  defeated, there'll be a life drop suspended over a pit. Be sure to
              jump into it.
          1 - One of the final screens has three green gargoyles. Kill it for an
        	  life drop.
          1 - One of the final screens has three green gargoyles. Kill next one
        	  for a life drop.
          1 - One of the final screens has three green gargoyles. Kill it for the
              final life drop and complete the 15th and last blue heart.
       -------------------------------  DISCLAIMER  ------------------------------
       As always, this document may be used if and only if it is not altered in
       any way or profitted from either directly or indirectly. The most current
       version of this guide always can be found at GameFAQs [ gamefaqs.com ].
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