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    Hints and Tips by CDyer

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    3 HEARTS
    2 C K F 7 H L 8 G O P H 2 L
    4 HEARTS
    6 C V F P K L 8 U D F A 7 O
    5 HEARTS
    C L 5 M 5 5 4 B 3 B A 7 3 1
    6 HEARTS
    K X G W P T 4 F E 6 J A 6 C
    7 HEARTS
    9 J C 7 Y H T X N 5 E H V L
    Fall down pits until you are on the level with the skeletons holding
    swords.  Go left and enter the door at the end.
    To defeat the MEKA DRAGON, stand all the way in the left corner, wait
    for him to come close to you then run and jump and stab him in the
    He changes you into Lizard-Man.
    Once back in the hallway, proceed all the way to the right.  Kill the
    creature before the door to get the key, then enter the door.  Proceed
    right, at the end wait for the falling blocks to form stairs.  Climb
    the stairs and jump out of the well.  Go to the left, past the castle.
    Get a password at the church (Area 1).  Go left to the door in the
    bottom of the tower.  Drop down the well and go right.  Open the
    treasure chest and receive a HEART.  Go into the door beneath the shop
    door.  Fall into the well and proceed to the right (Area 2).  Once out
    of the sewer, proceed right over the islands (Area 3) and go to the
    building (Area 4).  Get the key from the treasure chest behind the
    left door.
    Enter the door on the second floor of the tower.  Continue up the
    stairs.  Proceed through all stairs until you arrive at the desert in
    the sky (Area 5), then go left.  Jump over all the pits with the fire
    antlions.  Go down the farthest left pit, and proceed to the door on
    the left.  Enter the door and open the chest.  Exit and go back up the
    pit, continue to the left past the pyramids to the wells.  Jump over
    both wells and climb over the pyramid and enter the door in the Sphinx
    (Area 6).  Open the treasure chest to receive a HEART.  Proceed back
    over the pyramid to the two wells and drop down the well on the right.
    At the bottom go left (Area 7).  Continue making your way through the
    pyramid (enter the door in the hall, to heal yourself, then continue
    left) and enter the door at the top.  Proceed left.  At the end, drop
    down to three gold Sphinx statues.  Go left and drop down to the ledge
    with the door, enter the door and you are faced with the  MUMMY DRAGON
    (looks like a Pig, and shoots 3-leaf clovers at you).
    To defeat the MUMMY DRAGON, stay on the left hand side of the screen
    and when he comes close, jump and hit it in the nose (you should be
    able to hit him three or four times before you can't reach him
    anymore).  Then, duck down, and wait for it to back off.  If it goes
    up, get right underneath it, to avoid the 3-Leaf clovers it spits at
    you.  If it stays low, back to the left, and repeat the previous
    Go all the way left, crawl over the Mouse blocks and continue left
    (Area 8). At the end of the forest is an opening in the ground, drop
    down into the water and enter the door in the upper right hand corner
    (Area 9).  There are two doors to the right, the solid door will take
    you back to the city, and the other will let you buy LIFE POTIONS
    (the treasure chest contains a HEART).  Exit the door on the left, and
    climb the left wall of the main chamber to the top.  Once at the top,
    jump to the right, and land on the ledge with the door in front of the
    castle.  Enter the door and proceed up through the maze (don't forget
    to drop down to the other passage and find a chest).  Enter the door
    at the top of the maze and you will fight the DRAGON ZOMBIE.
    To defeat the DRAGON ZOMBIE, stand on the left hand side of the
    screen, and wait for it to move to the left.  When it gets close, jump
    over it.  Then, turn around and wait for it to come back and jump over
    it.  When it finally stops and turns big (comes up out of the floor),
    jump and hit it in the nose (if you time it right, he won't even be
    able to fire at you)!  Repeat this procedure until dead.
    Return to the Desert in the Sky (Area 5), and go all the way to the
    right (move quickly, don't stop to fight).  Go into the first door, in
    the short tower.  Go to the right, and open the chest.  The solid door
    is a hospital, and the other door, lets you buy the DRAGON MAIL ARMOR
    (Equip with this immediately, because it will make lava not harm you).
    Exit the door, and continue right, until you reach the Castle (Area
    10).  Move right to the door, to find a transforming room.  Change
    into Mouse-Man.  Climb the Mouse blocks and enter the door at the end.
    Open the chest to receive the THUNDER SABER. Go back to the
    transforming room again, and change back into Piranha-Man.
    Return to the two bodies of water east of Area One.  Drop down the
    second body of water and go all the way to the right.  There are four
    bricks that need to be broken (Area 11).  Once broken, proceed to the
    right and through the maze.  At the top, there is a branch to the left
    and a branch to the right, go left and heal yourself, then proceed to
    the right.  All the way to the right is an upside-down ship.  Go past
    the ship and down the well to the right.  Continue through this area,
    and at the end is a door (Area 13).  Enter the door and open the
    treasure chest to get a HEART.  Go back to the ship and enter the
    upside-down door at the top.  Continue through the maze to the door at
    the top.  Enter the door to fight the CAPTAIN DRAGON.
    To defeat the Captain Dragon, wait until he throws his hooks.  Run
    under them, so they won't hit you, and when his hook is up in the air,
    jump up and hit him in the nose.
    Go left to the bridge over the water (Area 14).  Break through the
    blocks and drop into the water.  Go to the next bridge, break the
    blocks and drop down and go to the right (Area 15).  Break the blocks
    to get to the treasure chest with the HEART.  From the treasure chest,
    head left to the door surrounded by blocks.  Jump up and break the
    blocks and enter the door.  Go left and drop down the third well (Area
    16).  Follow the arrow to the left.  Proceed through the cave.  Enter
    the Samurai Castle at the end.  Proceed to the right.  At the end,
    break the four destructible blocks and enter the door.  Work your way
    through the castle to the door.  Stand to the right of the door, press
    up and you will find a secret door.  Enter the room and open the
    treasure chest.  Return to the first door to find the DAIMYO DRAGON.
    To defeat the Daimyo Dragon, stand on the left side of the screen, run
    and hit him in the nose when his sword is up, then move to the left
    and avoid the blue balls that come out of the sword.
    Turn into Mouse-Man.  Go back to the bridge made of destructible
    blocks.  Stand on the left hand side of the Mouse blocks.  Break the
    block, and proceed down the wall, to the wells.  Drop down the first
    well and bounce back up to the ceiling, while holding up on the
    Control Pad.  Once on the ceiling, proceed left to the fourth well and
    drop down (Area 17).  Enter the door at the bottom and proceed through
    the maze.  Go to the one destructible block by itself on the left of
    the screen.  Break the block and enter the door that appears.  Open
    the treasure chest and receive the MAGICAL SABER. Use the Magical
    Saber to create a staircase to the door, leave the room and return to
    area one.
    Turn back into Hawk-Man.  Fly all the way over to the right hand side
    of the screen.  As you are flying, you will see the broken castle
    (where you came from in the beginning).  By exploring the castle, you
    will find the LEGENDARY SWORD, and LEGENDARY ARMOR.  Exit the castle
    and immediately fall down the well.  Push forward on the Directional
    Pad to find a secret shop where you can buy the LEGENDARY SHIELD.  Fly
    up and to the left of the tower (Area 18).  Break the blocks in the
    sky and enter the door.  Use the Magical Saber to create blocks in the
    stars on the screen.  Then, proceed to break the blocks and enter the
    door that appears.  This is the entrance to the last dragon's castle.
    Enter the castle door and go right.  Fly up the opening in the ceiling
    at the end of the hall.  Proceed up through the maze and enter the
    door to find a transforming room.  Change into Mouse-Man.  Move to the
    blue area to the right of the door and proceed on through the maze.
    At the end of the maze, drop into the hallway.  Enter the door on the
    right and get the HEART.  Proceed left and continue through the maze.
    At the end, drop down into the water and enter the transforming room.
    Change into Piranha-Man.  Swim to the door in the upper right corner.
    Enter the door and proceed right through the hallway.  At the end of
    the hallway, enter the transforming room and change into Lion-Man.
    Break the destructible blocks and proceed through the maze.  Drop into
    the darkened hallway and continue to the right.  Drop down until you
    find a door, enter the door and you will be in a gold room with a
    square hole in the bottom of it.  Drop into the hole, and press up to
    find a hidden door.  Transform into Hawk-Man and fly to the upper
    right corner.  Proceed through the maze until you reach a door.  Enter
    the door and you will be faced with the VAMPIRE DRAGON.
    To defeat the Vampire Dragon, stay at the bottom middle of the screen
    and wait for him to come level with you.  When he comes close, jump
    and hit his cape.  When he goes down, below the screen, fly up so he
    won't come up and hit you!  Repeat this procedure until he is
    destroyed.  You will get the SALAMANDER CROSS and be able to change
    into Human-Man.
    General Hints:
    While going through the areas of the game, take note, as to what kind
    of blocks are there (Mouse Blocks, Destructible, etc.).  This will be
    important for later in the game.
    Treasure chests will refill themselves, each time you use a password
    (except for heart chests, they will be empty).
    Collect weapons, Charm Stones, and money, by going between two
    screens, and killing the enemies that re-appear.  EG.:  In the Mouse
    Man maze (Area 8), the top-left Spark will continue to re-appear, if
    you go back and forth, between the Jungle screen, and the Maze screen.
    There are several places that are good to do this in, including Area 6-Keep
    killing the creature in front of the Sphinx;  Area 9-Keep going from the
    water up, and then head down to kill the two green creatures;  and Area
    3-Lots and Lots of monsters to kill!
    Towards the end of the game, you will receive the HEAVENLY SHIELD, and
    the HADES ARMOR (The armor is found at random.  You find it by killing
    a monster in the Daimyo Castle, or buying it after you kill the Daimyo
    Dragon).  Equipping with these will act as a life-potion, that will
    heal you indefinitely.
    The Crystal items can be found in the tall tower in Area 1.  Just
    follow the Mouse Blocks.
    What you are equipped with, may change the treasures you receive from
    killing the enemies, and opening the chests!
    There are transforming rooms in Areas 2, 10, and 18.
    Returns are found in Areas 6, 9, and 18.
    Thunder Saber (to break blocks), found in Area 10.
    Magical Saber (to create blocks), found in Area 17.
    Written by Clint Dyer, for Sega of America

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