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FAQ/Walkthrough by ThePatrick

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/23/14

                                 RYUUGA  GOTOKU 2
                               F.A.Q. / Walkthrough
                                      by Patrick Coffman
                                         coffman (underscore) patrick
                                         (at) yahoo (dot) com
                                         Hatoriki_kai on PSN
                                         hatoriki on XBL
                                         @hatoriki on Twitter

Version 2.0--Re-written after years to fix up errors and complete guide;
  also, includes HD remake information! (09/17/2014)

NOTE:  This FAQ is based upon the Japanese version of the game and the trans-
  lations are the author's.  They will be different from any official local-
  Japanese text may be needed for importers to make the correct choices.
  This version does not have such text, but rather Romanized versions of some
  such material.  See kamuro-cho.blogspot.com for a version with Japanese
NOTE:  I use a combination of Hepburn and Japanese standard Romanization,
  except for common words such as "Osaka" (should be "Ohsaka" or "Oosaka")

FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING!!  The full cinema translations...well, let's just say
it's very proper for gangsters who are about to kill each other to shout out
some obscenities.  I have refrained from such language elsewhere in the guide,
but I wanted to keep the things people said as close as possible to the source
material, so I have employed swearing. If you would rather not deign to the
level of profanity, I suggest avoiding the translations section.

SPOILER WARNING!!!!  If you don't want spoilers, well...this is the wrong place
to check.  Probably, the most spoiler-free place will be the "quick story
walkthrough" part of this F.A.Q., but don't count on it!  I'm sorry in advance.

BUG WARNING!!!!!  THERE ARE FATAL BUGS (in original disk release; not in the
HD remakes or the "greatest hits" or Western releases)!

  1a.  How to Use This F.A.Q.
  1b.  A Word from the Author
  1c.  Mini-F.A.Q.
2.  The BASICS
  2a.  The Adventure
    2a-I.  Controls
    2a-II.  Display
    2a-III.  Pause Menu Options
    2a-IV.  Building Up
    2a-V.  Story Progression
  2b.  Fighting
    2b-I.  Commands
    2b-II.  General Battle Advice
    2b-III.  Strategies for Enemies by Type
    2b-IV.  Advanced Battle Discussion
  2c.  Tips for Making Money or Experience
  3a.  Chapter 1
  3b.  Chapter 2
  3c.  Chapter 3
  3d.  Chapter 4
  3e.  Chapter 5
  3f.  Chapter 6
  3g.  Chapter 7
  3h.  Chapter 8
  3i.  Chapter 9
  3j.  Chapter 10
  3k.  Chapter 11
  3l.  Chapter 12
  3m.  Chapter 13
  3n.  Chapter 14
  3o.  Chapter 15
  3p.  Chapter 16
  5a.  Missions
  5b.  Romancing Cabaret Club Girls
  5c.  Running the Cabaret Club
  5d.  Being a Host
  5e.  Skill Games & Gambling
  5f.  Underground Arena
  5g.  Coin Locker Keys
  5h.  Map
  5i.  Shops
  5j.  Items
    5j-I.  Weapons
    5j-II.  Armors
    5j-III.  Accessories
    5j-IV.  Healing Items
    5j-V.  Miscellanies
  5k.  Main Characters List
  5l.  Completion Lists
  6a.  Hidden Skills & Power-Ups
  6b.  Hidden Shops
  6c.  Secret Bosses
  6d.  Unlockables
  6e.  Bugs
  6f.  Trivia
  6g.  Trophies
  7a.  Glossary
  7b.  How to Pronounce Japanese
  7c.  How to Pronounce Korean
  8a.  Chapter 1
    8a-I.  Twenty-Some Years Ago...  A Winter's Day
    8a-II.  The First Gunshot
    8a-III.  Lives Saved
    8a-IV.  An Older Man...  Hidden Feelings
    8a-V.  The Kamuro District--December, 2006
    8a-VI.  An Unsettling Feeling Begins to Drift in the Air
    8a-VII.  Nightmares and Peace
    8a-VIII.  Crisis for the Toujou Association
    8a-IX.  The Blood-Stained Letter
    8a-X.  Death of the Fifth-Generation Chairman
    8a-XI.  Emergency Toujou Association Directors' Meeting
    8a-XII.  The Town, One Year Later
    8a-XIII.  Reunion With Daigo
    8a-XIV.  Men Who Don't Know Their Own Limits
    8a-XV.  Feelings Related Through Fists
    8a-XVI.  The Entrusted Wishes
    8a-XVII.  The Pride of Men
  8b.  Chapter 2
    8b-I.  Daigo's Score to Settle
    8b-II.  Arrival at Soutenbori
    8b-III.  The Man Called "the Kansai Dragon"
    8b-IV.  Meet Gohda Ryuuji
    8b-V.  Fireworks
    8b-VI.  Activities of Sudou of Police Headquarters' Fourth Division
  8c.  Chapter 3
    8c-I.  The Yakuza-Hunting Woman
    8c-II.  Target of the Police
    8c-III.  The Oumi Stronghold
    8c-IV.  Present State of the Oumi Alliance
    8c-V.  Coup d'Etat
    8c-VI.  Doujima Daigo's Pride
    8c-VII.  The Kantou Dragon vs. the Kansai Dragon
    8c-VIII.  Sudden Arrest
  8d.  Chapter 4
    8d-I.  The Legendary Detective and "Onigawara"
    8d-II.  The 13th Records Room
    8d-III.  The Top-Secret Mission
    8d-IV.  The Reason for the Arrest; the 2 Targets
    8d-V.  Snack Bar "Aoi"
    8d-VI.  The Bullethole and the Mystery
    8d-VII.  Takashima's Secret Side
    8d-VIII.  Mind Games Between Takashima and Bessho
    8d-IX.  The Outrageous Fee for Information
    8d-X.  A 100,000,000 Yen Bounty
    8d-XI.  Goal of the Battle of Succession
    8d-XII.  Sengoku Toranosuke Makes His First Move
    8d-XIII.  Sayama's True Goal
  8e.  Chapter 5
    8e-I.  The Woman Detective Goes to Kamuro
    8e-II.  Serena, One Year Later
    8e-III.  The Link Between the Gohryuu Association and the Foreign Syndicate
    8e-IV.  Sayama Kaoru and the Past
    8e-V.  Entrance to the Sai no Kawara
    8e-VI.  The Form of the Reborn Sai no Kawara
    8e-VII.  The Secret Underground District
    8e-VIII.  Encounter with the Sai no Kawara's New Boss
    8e-IX.  The Dragon of Doujima, in the Ring Again
    8e-X.  Vs. The Absolute Champion
    8e-XI.  Majima, the Champion vs. Kiryuu, the Challenger
    8e-XII.  After the Match
    8e-XIII.  Terada's Surprising, Other Side
    8e-XIV.  The Pain of Knowing the Past
  8f.  Chapter 6
    8f-I.  To Stardust
    8f-II.  The Secret Investigation Starts
    8f-III.  Two Kazukis
  8g.  Chapter 7
    8g-I.  To Emoto's Clinic
    8g-II.  The Past and Darkness Surrounding Kawara
    8g-III.  Assassins Pay a Call
    8g-IV.  The Mysterious Foreign Syndicate
    8g-V.  The Entity Called "The Jin'gweon Force"
    8g-VI.  The Sengoku Group's Shadow
    8g-VII.  Date Makoto, the Suspect
  8h.  Chapter 8
    8h-I.  Unwavering Suspicion
    8h-II.  To the Legendary Informant
    8h-III.  Arrival at the Millennium Tower
    8h-IV.  To Hanaya's Headquarters
    8h-V.  Reunion with Hanaya; the Mysterious Raid
    8h-VI.  To the Electrical Room
    8h-VII.  The Man Who Discarded His Life
    8h-VIII.  Power Restored
    8h-IX.  Hacking
    8h-X.  To the Tougenkyou
    8h-XI.  The Awaiting Men of the Gohryuu Association
    8h-XII.  Daigo's Rescue
  8i.  Chapter 9
    8i-I.  The Jin'gweon Force and the Doujima Group
    8i-II.  The Events of Twenty-Some Years Earlier
    8i-III.  Record of a Hushed-Up Struggle
    8i-IV.  Funeral for the Fifth Generation Chairman of the Toujou Association
    8i-V.  The Worst Kind of Condolensces
    8i-VI.  Gohda Ryuuji Comes to the East
    8i-VII.  The Sengoku Group Attacks
    8i-VIII.  The "Mad Dog of Shimano" Stands in the Way
    8i-IX.  A Promise Fulfilled
    8i-X.  A Man's Betrayal
    8i-XI.  The Great Toujou Association Directors' Assassination
    8i-XII.  Warped Love and Desire
    8i-XIII.  Results of Internal Conflict
  8j.  Chapter 10
    8j-I.  The Incident, Finally Found
    8j-II.  Sayama's Disappointment
    8j-III. Reunion with Takashi
    8j-IV.  The Screen He Didn't Want to Look At
    8j-V.  Single-Minded Feelings
    8j-VI.  Looking Down a Gun Barrel
    8j-VII.  Kiryuu and Sayama Go to Osaka
    8j-VIII.  The Incident in the Past, as Told by Bessho
    8j-IX.  Kiryuu, Protecting a Woman
    8j-X.  Fleeing
    8j-XI.  The Odd Couple
    8j-XII.  Time for Just the Two of Them
    8j-XIII.  Admiring the Soutenbori at Night
    8j-XIV.  The Tradition that Was About to Be Discarded
    8j-XV.  To the Tattoo Artist's Shop
    8j-XVI.  The Yellow Dragon of Legend
    8j-XVII.  Gohda Ryuuji and the Yellow Dragon Tattoo
    8j-XVIII.  Responsibilities of a Tattoo Artist
  8k.  Chapter 11
    8k-I.  Determination to Know the Past
    8k-II.  Arrival at the Shinsei District
    8k-III.  Survivor of Twenty-Some Years Ago
    8k-IV.  Memories of the Person Called Murai
    8k-V.  Elite Forces Dispatched
    8k-VI.  The Last Move
  8l.  Chapter 12
    8l-I.  Kiryuu Tells the Tale of "That Day"
    8l-II.  Christmas Night
    8l-III.  Kiryuu and Kazama
    8l-IV.  The Actions of a Young Kiryuu
    8l-V.  Rashness
    8l-VI.  A Way to Atone
    8l-VII.  The "Black Scar" In Kiryuu's Heart
    8l-VIII.  The Stabbing Blade
    8l-IX. To Tamiyo's Place
    8l-X.  The Dirty Plan
    8l-XI.  Rescue Haruka
    8l-XII.  The Osaka Castle
    8l-XIII.  Armored Soldiers Stand in the Way
    8l-XIV.  The Dragon and the Tigers
    8l-XV.  The Man Who Overcame the Beasts
    8l-XVI.  Declaration of War
  8m.  Chapter 13
    8m-I.  The Mystery of the Memo Left Behind
    8m-II.  Daimond in the Rough
    8m-III.  Happiness, to Haruka
    8m-IV.  Kurahashi's True Form
    8m-V.  The Enemy from 26 Years Ago
    8m-VI.  Haruka and Sayama
    8m-VII.  Before You Can Reach the Battlfield
    8m-VIII.  The Jin'gweon Force's Law
    8m-IX.  As a Father, As a Daughter
    8m-X.  Fleeing Fire and the Laws
    8m-X1.  Father and Mother
    8m-XII.  Happy Days for a Loving Family
    8m-XIII.  The Reason for the Gunshot
    8m-XIV.  The Voice on the Phone
    8m-XV.  Kawara Jirou, Dying in Duty
  8n.  Chapter 14
    8n-I.  The Clue Left Behind
    8n-II.  The Hidden Dreams of the Kansai Dragon
    8n-III.  Takashima's Conspiracy
    8n-IV.  Sayama's Reaction, Drawn Into Things
    8n-V.  The Man Who Could Quell the Fear of the Psat
    8n-VI.  Bombs Set Up
    8n-VII.  Daigo's Resolve
    8n-VIII.  The Gohryuu Association Invades
    8n-IX.  Rousing the Toujou Association
    8n-X.  Exhausted Measures
    8n-XI.  Sai no Kawara Reborn
    8n-XII.  Duel Against the Gohryuu Association
    8n-XIII.  The Duel, Postponed
  8o.  Chapter 15
    8o-I.  The Town to be Protected
    8o-II.  Red or Blue
    8o-III.  An Unpleasant Dream
    8o-IV.  The Disc, Analyzed
    8o-V.  A Brief Rest
    8o-VI.  Complex Feelings, Awkward Conversation
    8o-VII.  A Flash of Uneasiness Passes through the Mind
    8o-VIII.  The Wishes Displayed on the Screen
  8p.  Chapter 16
    8p-I.  To the Spot Where Ryuuji Awaits
    8p-II.  A Man Called "Dragon"
    8p-III.  The Mastermind
    8p-IV.  Tempting Fate
    8p-V.  As the Last Survivor
    8p-VI.  Rising Dragon
    8p-VII.  The Final Hour
    8p-VIII.  What To Believe in the Very End
  8q.  Missions
    8q-I.  Be My Baby 1
    8q-II.  Be My Baby 2
    8q-III.  Be My Baby 3
    8q-IV.  The Fake Kiryuu 1
    8q-V.  The Fake Kiryuu 2
    8q-VI.  Black Thunder 1
    8q-VII.  Black Thunder 2
    8q-VIII.  Black Thunder 3
    8q-IX.  The Tsuutenkaku's Mr. Billiken 1
    8q-X.  The Tsuutenkaku's Mr. Billiken 2
    8q-XI.  The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn 1
    8q-XII.  The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn 2
    8q-XIII.  Champagne Call


1a.  How to Use This F.A.Q.

Navigating the F.A.Q. should be simple.  Even notepad has the "Find" feature.
I'd suggest using "Find" and typing in the exact text as it appears in the
Table of Contents.  For instance, if it says "8a-1.  The Abyss," then typing
in "8a-1.  The Abyss" would get you there.  Typing in "8a-1." would probably
work, too.  I know F.A.Q.'s can get rather lengthy....
  Now, this guide was written using the Japanese version, intended for import-
ers to be able to enjoy the game without much Japanese knowledge.  To that end,
there are times when you will have to figure things out based on a list of
choices.  For instance, when you try to woo the cabaret club girls, you will
be presented with (typically) three choices of dialogue, and choosing the right
one will avoid losing hearts (and usually add to their heart meter).
  Because of that--and because I wanted to keep the text as simple as possible
so this file can be displayed on all computers, regardless of languages in-
stalled--when I wrote the Kenzan! guide, I devised a (kinda weird) system of
showing you what said choices look like.
  Japanese writing evolved from Chinese writing from the 7th century or so on.
As such, they use Chinese characters--but their language is entirely different
from Chinese.  So, they still use Chinese characters (they call them "kanji"),
but they use another writing system called "kana."  This other writing system
usually shows grammatical things, and each unit represents a "syllable" (tech-
nically a "mora," but that's neither here nor there).  These usually look much
more simple than the kanji--but not always.  For instance, the kanji for "one"
just looks like a straight horizontal line.
  Anyway, I decided to write it out with a "*" for kanji and a "-" for kana,
so you can just count the symbols--and if you have enough knowledge to discern
the two, make your decision.
  For example:

Help him (top choice) ("Tasukeru").
[*--] +

  The above example shows two choices.  One has a kanji followed by two kana,
the other has a kanji, a kana, a kanji, and another kana.  Although this examp-
le already says "(top choice)," note that the first of the two weird-looking
lines of text has a "+" after it.  This is the choice you should make for the
best outcome.  I also transliterated the Japanese text for those who can read
  This should be most helpful for the cabaret club girls ("hostesses") and for
checking the main mission list to see which ones are missing.  The game does
not list missions you have not initiated, nor does it list them in the order
you have initiated them (it has its own list that does not seem to follow any
rhyme or reason, honestly).  This way, you can scroll through the list and try
to see if you have one missing between ones that are already there.

1b.  A Word from the Author

Many years have passed since I revisited my guide.
  Originally, I hied and hurried to type this document up, one year after the
first game's release, to get it out there as fast as possible for importers.
Since I wrote the first game's guide some eight or nine months after its re-
lease (I only really became interested when I replayed the title months after
having raced through its story), so I only had a few months' break from writing
guides--but I wanted to be sure people could enjoy this much-improved sequel!
  Turned out, the game made it to the West, after all!  Yet, I never acquired
the English-language version of the game (I only have Japanese versions of all
titles).  As such, some found my guide useful, others...not so much.  I only
have ever included my own interpretations of dialogue, people names, place
names, and such, and so some things will have strange names to those playing
the U.S. or Europe releases.
 For those who don't know these games, Ryuu ga Gotoku is like playing in a sort
of yakuza / action film.  It's kind of heavy on story and cinema, and the feel
is really great.  However, the action was a little sloppy and the game felt a
bit half-baked.
  This sequel manages to accomplish just about everything you'd have wanted to
improve from the first game.  I was happy with the first game and all, but this
game really does make you want to play it over and over and over.  And, it
turns out, when the game was released again on disc and via the PSN in Japan, I
found myself lost in replaying it again!  I have to say, I really found it more
enjoyable than playing the last couple of entries in the series.
  Said HD re-release has a few improvements, and I would definitely recommend
it to fans of the series.  Not only are the load times substantially cut, the
additions of being able to manage items at Save points (rather than needing to
seek out an Items Box) and the ability to quickly skip through dialogue by
holding R1 and Circle really helped with the carpal tunnel (characters tend to
babble way too much in this series).  Naturally, the Trophies system gave me
incentive to keep on going.
  Long story long, I replayed this game, and revisited my F.A.Q. in the pro-
cess--and found it severely lacking.  I really rushed through it, and it was
all fairly sketchy.
  I'm still not 100% sure what this weird compulsion is for us authors to pen
these silly things, but I hope you find this one useful.  Just know that, being
a translator and someone who works for international companies, I am fairly ob-
sessed with languages and cultures, so if it sometimes seems wordy or
to be telling you all sorts of weird information, don't lose heart.
  Also, don't complain.  Well, OK, you can--it'll probably just be ignored,

1c.  Mini-F.A.Q.

Here, I'll post some common questions about the game.  Forgive smarmy answers.
OK; maybe, don't forgive them.  It's your choice, I suppose.  Have fun with
that high blood pressure, though.

Q:  What was changed for the HD remake?
A:  Well, I can't really speak for the Wii-U version (as I don't have it), but
  for the PlayStation 3 version, the load times were decreased, Trophies were
  added, you can quickly skip through dialogue by holding R1+Circle, and you
  can now manage your inventory at a Save Point (as you could in later games).

Q:  What's "Roogi gatoogi??"  Why don't you just say "Yakuza??"
A:  First of all, games like this were designed with the Japanese market in
  mind.  So, they gave it a Japanese name.  I heard this name mocked on X-Play
  and was like "Har har, foreign languages are hilarious, right?"  Pfft.
    Anyway, I use the Japanese titles and character names in these games because
  I play the Japanese games.  I'm not 100% sure what the differences are or if
  it even plays differently for minor details in America.  So, let me just say
  that I can only vouch for the Japanese version being a certain way.
    That having been said, I'm sure there's really not much difference but the
  dubbing and a few name changes.
    BTW, "Ryuu ga Gotoku" means "Like A Dragon" literally.  "A Dragon Among Men"
  or something strange might evoke the image they were going for.  This is old
  speech and sounds really manly and powerful.  It's pretty poetic, too!  So,
  you know...it sounds cooler.  It probably should have been localized as "Like
  A Dragon," honestly, because you're an ex-yakuza.  Being disenfranchised
  makes Kiryuu a better "agent."  I mean, if you were still a yakuza, you would
  have to be following orders of your syndicate and all that, right?  Plus, I
  think they wanted to make him something like the "true meaning" of the "goku-
  dou" (as yakuza like to call themselves).  By the 17th century, the ruling
  caste of the samurai had fallen out of public favor, and their ideals turned
  to folk heroes like the local fire brigades (which were not government
  entities, but almost like gangs).  These guys eventually became what is now
  known as the yakuza, so....  I mean, he's not a thug gangster, and you're not
  trying to take over everything with your vast crime empire (kinda).  You act
  more like a real man, standing up for the weak, and all that.

Q:  zOMG!!  Y don't Kazuma change his clothes?1!!11111
A:  This isn't GTA.  It's an adventure game.  Your character has a personality;
  you can't try and customize him to your liking.
    Seriously, this was the number one most vocal complaint about the first
  game.  I thought for sure people would talk about the sluggish fighting or
  the ease at which opponents could just stroll around you while you attacked
  because of the almost non-present tracking system.  But, no--apparently, the
  single-most worst thing about this serious in many gamers' minds is that you
  can't change Kiryuu's hair color, get tattoos, or change his clothes into
  jeans, or whatever.
    What I don't understand is that most people who made that complaint probably
  loved the newest Zelda game to death, and you can't customize Link's look.
    (At the same time I wouldn't mind making him wear something weird like you
  could in later games....)

Q:  Is Haruka present this time?
A:  Yes.  She's there.  Oh, and surprise--she gets captured.  You also "get" to
  lead her around town again (joy).
    Don't despair, tho'; you only lead her around twice, and although you can
  buy both Sayama and Haruka food at restaurants, there's no "trust building"
  stuff this time around.
    Oh, and it's only one time she gets captured.  So, she's there, but she's
  not the main focus at all!  This time, they tried to just make it more about
  beating guys up--except for the attention paid to the mini-games.

Q:  What other characters have returned from the first game?
A:  Well, Kiryuu, obviously.  Besides him, ther actually are a lot of characters
  who make their appearance in this game, too!  Most of the kumichou are back,
  as well as the policemen from the first game (Date and Sudou), and the story
  character Hanaya (known as "Kage" in the American release of the first game).
    Even minor characters are back, such as Takashi (Hanaya's kid), Doujima
  Yayoi (the wife of the boss killed by Nishiki as the setup for the story in
  the first game), and Tamura (tho' no Aoki this time).
    In fact, it's kinda hard to think of characters who didn't make it back.
  Shimano Futoshi, Doujima Souhei, and Kazama Shintarou (a.k.a. "Fuma Shintaro"
  in the American release) are in the game, but only in cut scenes because they
  died in part one.  You get to see more of "crazy, gun-fu action Kazama" again
  this time around.
    Speaking of which, I believe the only appearance of Nishikiyama this time is
  in a brief scene taken exactly from the first game.  Oh, but his grave is in
  the game.  Same for Yumi.

Q:  I hear there's a love interest this time.  What's that about?
A:  You may remember that Kiryuu's main love interest died at the end of the
  first game.
    Well, in action movie world, we all know what that means!  It's time for a
  new gal!  They don't waste any time in action movie / game world, so, of
  course, Kiryuu has a love interest this time.  In fact, she plays a much
  heavier role than Haruka (the first game was mostly about him finding a
  reason to keep going after the love of his life died--and it was in taking
  care of his newly adopted kid).
    Her name's Sayama Kaoru (some spell it "Kaworu"), a cop working for the
  Osakan police, known for going after yakuza (especially Kiryuu's Toujou
    She's pretty, and she's trying to find out some super-secret, dark past
  (oooh).  It works out pretty well as a story dynamic, and you have team Heat
  Actions that look pretty nice.

Q:  What's "Kansai?"  What's "Kantou?"
A:  Many years ago, in old Japan, there were two very large cities that were
  pretty much the two seperate seats of power.  There was Kyoto (actually
  "Kyouto"), which was usually just called "Omiyako," meaning "The Capital,"
  and Edo, which is now known as "Tokyo" (actually "Toukyou.")
    The "kyou" in those two words itself is the "Sino-Japanese" reading of a
  Chinese character for a large city or homeland, that is used in Japanese to
  simply mean "capital."  While Kyoto literally means "Capital City," Tokyo
  literally means "Eastern Capital."
    In the old days, the emperor and his courtesans would all pretty much do
  their business in Kyoto and live there or in surrounding areas.  The samurai,
  once they rose to power and became a much more powerful governing body, based
  their bakufu (also known as "shogunate") in Edo.  So, there were two major
  cities that both could be seen as the capital.
    The old world was divided up into areas and there were imperial highways
  upon which stood great gates and checkpoints.  "Kansai" means, pretty much,
  "West of the Gate" or "Western Area," and "Kantou" means "East of the Gate"
  or "Eastern Area."
    Although the Kantou region comprises Tokyo and its suburbs and is very
  easy to pin down, the Kansai area is a little more ambiguous.  Generally, it
  refers to the area known as "Kinki," a word that means "the Vicinity of the
  Capital."  This comprises three major cities:  Kyoto, Osaka (actually
  "Oosaka"), and Nara.  Generally, when people say "Kansai" these days, they
  think of Osaka.
    Since the two were very different and important cultural centers, they
  struggle between Kantou and Kansai is a major theme in many popular works.
    The main difference between the two seems to be that Kansai is warmer,
  more relaxed, and maybe more traditional at times.  The people are said to
  be more like merchants (hence things like Kanematsu's obsession with money).
    Kantou, on the other hand, is more rigid, perfunctory, and modern.  It's
  more of a straightforward, down-to-business sense.
    Of course, as you could imagine, the two sides definitely show their
  rivalry in this game, but the true villains are a third, mysterious, fanatic-
  ally evil group pulling the strings.

Q:  I played the first game, but the fighting really left me a little cold, to
   be honest.  Did it get any better?
A:  Yes!  Markedly so.
    The Heat Gauge can be elongated now, the moves are much more brutal, your
  defensive powers can be improved a lot more, the camera can be moved around
  during most fight scenes (finally)....
    But, the most important change to the fighting system was the addition of
  a "soft" targeting system that allows you to quickly switch directions and
  attack people around you.  In the first game, the targeting would leave you
  most often facing one direction while the enemies circled around you at their
  own whim.  Attacking behind you could be done, but only with certain moves
  you had to go out of your way to learn, and still, not very effectively.
    Now, you don't feel so much like you're trying to maneuver a battleship
  into position to attack foes all around you.  Instead, you just let go of the
  targeting button (if you were pressing it at all) and just hit a directiona
  and make Kiryuu go there.
    I, personally, still really enjoyed the fighting in the first game, but I
  have to admit that this improvement was *very* necessary and that this game is
  certainly more accessible and should be able to reach a larger market.

Q:  Are there mini-games or skill games still?
A:  Well, yes.  I still only find the "dating" one where you visit the different
  cabaret clubs and romance the hostesses to be enjoyable at all, though that's
  not saying much, but they've really expanded this aspect of the game, too.
    You can play shogi or mahjong, go bowling, play a weird game that's sort-of
  parodying Virtua Fighter called "YF6" (it's actually closer to a first-person
  Star Gladiator or something), go gambling, play the slots, romance cabaret
  club girls, "play" the UFO catcher game, practice your hitting at the batting
  cages, practice your golf swing at the driving range, and even play the part
  of a host at a host club or manage your own cabaret club.
    These mini-games can be a little bit frustrating at times, and they're not
  exactly the best versions of any of the games they mimic, but I suppose it's
  nice to have other things to do than just go around doing backdrops onto
  park benches or tearing teeth out with pliers all day.
    Well...then again, maybe not.  That's just my opinion, though!

Q:  What's with the Korean connection?
A:  Well, the "pitch" for this game was "Kantou versus Kansai."  The Kantou
  area is pretty much Tokyo; the Kansai is Osaka and Kyoto and Nara.  The two
  sections have very different cultures and it's a common theme to have them
  competing, almost like a "you say to-may-to, I say tah-mah-to" kind of thing.
    As you may know, when a situation like this occurs when there are two
  popular things clashing, they usually don't end up meeting head-on; rather,
  they sort-of team up to defeat a third, mysterious party.  This time is no
  exception, though, Kiryuu ends up fighting Gohda and their rivalry actually
  becomes the final fight.
    It's a little strange to show the Korean organization (the Jin'gweon Group)
  as some ridiculous people whose laws are set in stone and who have this "iron
  rule" thing where their orders are absolute.  But, I suppose organizations
  like that probably do exist somewhere.  I'm still not 100% sure whether to
  say it's racist or not.

Q:  In the last game, guns really didn't play a very big role at all--especially
  once you got the bulletproof vest!  How is it this time?
A:  This is still a brawler, so guns aren't the main objective, but the damage
  a handgun inflicts has been upped a little.  You'll notice that you don't get
  knocked off your feet so much by them, however.  Also, shotguns don't deal out
  so much damage.
    Unfortunately, bulletproof items only lessen the damage of bullets now; they
  don't force an automatic, complete guard of the attack anymore.

Q:  Um, yeah, sure...you'd fight a bunch of huge guys wearing diapers in a room
  designed to look like a giant nursery.  Give me a break.  Why is there so
  much goofy stuff in here?
A:  Video game makers are a silly lot--especially in Japan.  In fact, it's this
  silly flavor that makes the game so great, to me.  I mean, who else would have
  thought of having a guy toss you a live octopus to ram into a guy's face and
  watch spray ink all over him than Nagoshi?  If you're looking for very heavy,
  serious stuff, then video games aren't the place to look, I think.
    Honestly, when people ask why I love this series, I used to give them the
  short answer:  "In what other game can you play a big, tough fighting hero
  and win a fight with a mob boss wearing a diaper by pouring salt in his eyes?"

Q:  What's up with the Sengoku level??
A:  Yeah, speaking of over-the-top stuff....  That definitely takes the cake.
  A lot of the things that happen in Ryuu ga Gotoku are fantastical, like there
  were some powerful, secret world hiding just beneath the surface of this
  mundane one.  But...for Osaka Castle to be built to split in half to cover
  another one that's built of gold that can be raised and lowered at will, be
  filled with spear-toting samurai and ninja, and to house two giant tigers
  (which Kiryuu defeats, of course), is really well beyond the scope of reality.
    Again, like the question above, this is the cool part of the game.

Q:  I played the last game through, and all I got was that "Premium Box" thing.
  Is there any replay value this time around?
A:  Well, I suppose so!  There's certainly much more to unlock.  I'll explain
  later in the F.A.Q., but now, you have lists in your options menu for things
  such as different restaurant items ordered, the number of missions completed,
  and the number of different heat actions you've performed.  After you beat
  the game, if you get 100% in different categories, you'll get rewards such as
  a plasma sword that never runs out of uses or the Dragon Sarashi defensive
    This time, you can play sort-of a "new game +" (if anyon remembers Chrono
  Trigger) and play through the game with a built-up character.  In Ryuu ga
  Gotoku 2, you keep almost everything you had before!  This is good and bad,
  because you can fail certain side missions and they just are listed as
  "finished" as opposed to "completed," and you can't ever go back and do them
  the right way.  You can't get the rewards for them or the coin lockers again,

Q:  The last game was rather easy.  How's this one?
A:  Well....  The game certainly is more aggressive, and you can unlock two new
  difficulty levels this time around.  That's good and all, but in my opinion,
  it's still a fairly easy game.  It still does take some getting used to, but
  most bosses and fights aren't much of a challenge.

Q:  I'm trying to fill in my "completion lists"--it's so frustrating!  Where's
  the "table salt?"  Where's the "mysterious syringe?"
A:  There are a lot of Heat Actions involving only specific instances, that are
  a little rare.
    The Table Salt weapon is found in only one place that I know of, in the
  battles at the Champion District.  You'll find it at the southern edge, near
  the middle (near the little alley that leads off to Komaki's area).  A home-
  less man was cooking there, apparently; there's salt and a pot.  It only has
  one attack, so unequip it if you aren't in Heat Mode, and then when you are,
  unleash the Triangle attack.
    The Mysterious Syringe is located in the parking lot on eastern Shichifuku
  street in Kamuro.  Like the Table Salt, it only has 1 use.  Hover, unlike the
  Table Salt, it's not a retainable weapon, so you'll have to charge up to use
  its Heat Action first, then grab it.  It's located along the western edge of
  the parking lot, about halfway up.  I hear that you can also find it in the
  area behind the pharmacy in Kamuro, but I haven't really tried looking around
  that battle scene.
    In the section of the FAQ under "extras," I'll list what you need to do to
  complete the Heat Actions list.  Some of the environmental hazards are unique
  or rare, too, so be sure to check there.

Q:  Why does it still show some items to order at Matsuya?  I've already ordered
  all of them....
A:  Matsuya has a special, breakfast-only menu.  There are only a few times in
  the story when it's breakfast time; I mean, it's a detective / crime story,
  so everything happens at night.  In Chapter 5, after you come back from the
  Toujou Association's base, and in Chapter 8, when you're preparing to go to
  the Tougenkyou, it should be morning.  It also looks like morning at the
  start of Chapter 14, but I couldn't verify as I had full health, no side
  missions, and no random enemies (so, I couldn't get damaged).  When you're at
  full health and you go into a restaurant, Kiryuu won't even bother looking at
  the menu; he just says "No need to eat right now...."

Q:  OK...so, it says I got all these cool items when I cleared the game.  That's
  all very well and good and all, but, so um....  Why don't I have them??
A:  Did you ever notice that weird guy in a leisure suit with a clown face?
  Yeah, that's what I said!
  Anyway, standing at the northeast end of Soutenbori and at the southern edge
  of Tenkaichi (pretty much, the starting points of both main cities), is a
  ... clown guy.
  Yes, that's right--a clown guy!  You act like that's weird!
  Anyway, this guy is Bob Utsunomiya.  He usually just says "Hm" when you walk
  past him, but once you've unlocked extra items, a green triangle will appear
  and you can talk to him.  "Oh--!  It's you!" he says.  "You want that thing,
  right?  I've been holding it for you!"  Then, he'll give you any of the items
  you unlocked.  Yes, you can get an infinite amount of them from him (hooray).

Q:  Man...grr!!  I so hate Roogie-whatever/Yakuza!!  I hate you and I hate your
  face, too!!  What should I do?
A:  Eat a Snickers Bar.  You get a little internet troll when you're hungry.
  Thanks for reading!

Q:  ThePatrick no oyassan!!  Aniki!!  Ha ha ha!  I love your guide!!  Let's be
  the best of friends?
A:  Let's drunk!!!!1

2.  The BASICS

2a.  The Adventure

This game is a bit like an action-adventure game, with RPG elements.  As such,
there are just tons of things to do--or, you can just race from story point to
story point, if you wish.
  Here are some things you should probably know before starting:

1.  RANDOM FIGHTS.  Just like almost any RPG game, there are random fights.
  You'll see street thugs or yakuza standing around or patrolling certain
  areas.  You should know that random battles are present, so there are not
  battle commands for when you're just running from place to place--in other
  words, unlike sandbox games, you cannot simply hit whomever you'd like.
    If you get in the line of sight of these characters, they will probably
  call out to you and run over.  You can just run past them or avoid their line
  of sight, if you don't feel like fighting, but it's probably best to do so
  for the experience and to do things like check off all the Heat Actions from
  the Completion List (as you get a pretty decent prize for going through the
  story with them checked off).
    Why's that?  Well, in order to fight the next boss or action stage, you'll
  probably want to be as powerful as possible.  There are other ways to get
  experience, but one problem is that once you have enough experience per chap-
  ter in the story, the enemies will stop confronting you, and bow with respect-
  ful greeting.  Note that you cannot flee from fights, so carrying a healing
  item or two is recommended.

2.  TIME PASSAGE.  The "time of day" is set by the point you are at in the
  story.  In other words, if you're doing something like trying to complete the
  menu for Matsuya (which has a morning menu), you can't simply say "oh it's
  night?--guess I'll wait until dawn."
    However, there is another "game time" that is not displayed in any way by
  the game.  The side game for the 10 Cabaret Club Girls, the side game where
  you manage a Cabaret Club, and the side game where you act as a Host all rely
  upon this feature.
    So, when does time pass?  It appears to pass when you are on the street,
  inside most buildings, or possibly during action stages and fights.  It does
  not pass when you are playing mini-games (visiting Cabaret Clubs included),
  when the game is paused, or--maybe most importantly--when you are in a
  ABOUT THE NEXT PLOT POINT, TIME DOES NOT PASS.  This is important, because it
  means you can't just leave him idle and wait for something like a text from a
  Cabaret Club Girl or a call from Masashi at Marietta or Kagami at Adam.
    Just for your information, it takes about 5 minutes for a call from Kagami
  for the next day's shift at Adam, about 2 and a half minutes for a call from
  Masashi telling you he's settled up the counting for the day at Marietta,
  about a minute for a text from a Cabaret Club Girl for her "After Hours" date,
  about 3 or 5 minutes for the text from a Cabaret Club Girl for her "Escort"
  date (depends on the girl), 10 minutes for the call about Marietta being
  vandalized as the second-to-last event, and some 6 hours for the last event
  at Marietta (when Kiryuu realizes the lights are on inside).  Advancing plot
  points may have an effect on Marietta, but the exact requirements are un-

3.  SIDE MISSIONS.  One of the selling points of this series has always been
  that there are many side stories.  They use the terms "Missions" and "Sub-
  Stories" interchangeably throuhgout the series to refer to them.
    Throughout the town, various people will show up with various issues, and
  it's up to you to take care of business for them.  Some are as simple as
  chasing yakuza off from harassing the citizens of Kamuro and Soutenbori; some
  are as complicated as managing a Cabaret Club through two expansion plans and
  making it a success.
    These are very much so worth doing.  Generally, you'll get a lot of exper-
  ience and money for them as rewards--plus secret techniques, equipment, and
  items to sell.  The experience aspect is most beneficial as it's easy to reach
  a point where random encounters cease, and the only other ways besides side
  missions to make experience are basically almost like cheats (spending a lot
  of money on the 50-Year Yamazaki whiskey or bringing Sayama to a restaurant so
  you can order everything on the menu for experience, for instance).
    Missions become available at certain points in the story, or after you have
  fulfilled certain requirements.  Most requirements are simply "complete some
  other mission," but some are things like "build up your Mind attribute to
  level 8," or what-have-you.
    A problem with these is that they involve a lot of dialogue choices.  If
  you just blindly go at them, you may answer incorrectly and fail.  In the
  previous game, if you chose the wrong thing, you'd probably just get a lesser
  reward for finishing the story.  In this game, however, there is clearly a
  "pass" or "fail" system.  In fact, the game marks it as either "complete"
  ("passed") or "over/finished" ("failed").  Failing some missions will prevent
  others from opening up at times, but--beyond that--it is impossible to get a
  certain reward item unless you have passed all missions correctly.
    The reward is better for passing them, too, so I suggest keeping the an eye
  on the missions section of this guide until you are familiar with all of them.

4.  INVENTORY.  You can carry 9 items and 3 weapons sort-of in "storage" as
  you go about town, plus you can have 1 armor, 2 accessories, and 1 weapon
  equipped.  I usually don't go around with a weapon equipped because I prefer
  to fight bare-handed (the game is structured that way, anyway).
    On the streets, you may actually fill up your inventory, as a result.  In
  the PS2 releases, this was a bigger nuisance than in the HD rerelease, as you
  had to go to either your Hideout or an Items Box to manage inventory.  The
  "Items Box" has a limited number of slots, but it's a fairly large number, and
  all items stored in it can be accessed from any Items Box or Hideout.
    One way around this in the PS2 era was to bump into the many people around
  town dispensing Pocket Tissues to advertise shops.  These characters force
  the useless things into your hands.  If you are granted an item by a charac-
  ter (not by finding it during an action stage and picking it up), the game
  brings up a window with your current inventory and said item in question
  (which is highlighted in a different color of text), and asks you which one
  you'd like to put in your "Items Box" storage.  This comes in handy if you
  want to put something away; you can just keep bumping into the same guy and
  getting Pocket Tissues until it brings up the menu--then, you'll probably want
  to throw all the Tissues out.
    In the HD rerelease, it's like later games, where they removed the actual
  Items Boxes entirely and let you manage it from any Save Point.  This makes
  things like visits to Shinsei a little better.  Say you forgot Pocket Tissues
  for the "Nosebleed" mission.  In the PS2 release, you'd need to take a taxi
  back to Soutenbori and go to your Hideout at Snack Aoi to get them, or else
  bump into the advertisers there (who are absent in Shinsei).  In the HD re-
  release, you can just walk over to the Save Point and get 'em.

5.  EXPERIENCE.  In order to level up, you will need Experience.  Here is how
  you get experience:
    1.  Defeating an enemy (except in the Underground Arena)
    2.  Winning a battle (except in the Underground Arena)
    3.  Winning a tournament in the Underground Arena (experience varies based
       upon how many times you have already cleared the tournament, how many
       times you have knocked an opponent down or used a Heat Action, how many
       times you were knocked down, etc.)
    4.  Ordering food or drink from a bar or restaurant.  The amount is usually
       pretty small (except the 50-Year Yamazaki), and it is reduced if you
       reorder the same item.
    5.  Breaking a weapon.  It's a little strange, but using up a weapon's
       endurance gives you some experience (tho' it's a relatively low amount).
       This includes things lying around stages such as boxes, chairs, and
       decorative vases.
    6.  Clearing missions.  It all depends on which mission; some give a lot,
       others, not so much--in fact, a few don't give any at all.

6.  MONEY.  Naturally, many things use up your money in the game, but you do
  money by selling things at a pawn shop or weapons dealer, sometimes from
  random enemies, and sometimes from side missions.  You can also purchase
  chips at gambling dens that can be redeemed at their counters for items, some
  of which are meant to be sold for monetary gain.

7.  SIDE GAMES.  In addition to missions, random fights, and just going through
  the story, there are various side games about town (they call them "Play
  Spots" in Japan).  These include gambling, arcade games, bowling, and side
  games in which you attempt to woo "Cabaret Club Girls" (also called "hostess-
  es"), women hired at clubs to chat up clientel.

8.  COIN LOCKERS.  Lastly, you can find these little glittering things on the
  maps.  Check them, and choose to pick them up (top choice--not really sure
  why you would want to leave them there, as they don't take up inventory).
    These are used at the two Coin Locker locations to give you items.  There
  are 100 of these total in the game, and some have pretty good rewards, so I
  would recommend finding every one that is possible at each story point before

You should keep all of this in mind.  Racing through the story without doing
any side stuff will not only (most likely) be a bit difficult, but it will
vastly reduce the enjoyment factor of the game.  Sometimes it's a bit tedious to
do everything possible before moving ahead in the story, but I usually do, so
that I can be fully built-up and such before moving on.

2a-I.  Controls

D-Pad:  Use this to expand the on-screen mini-map, then adjust the area that it
  displays.  Also navigates menus.
Left Analog Stick:  Moves Kiryuu around and moves the cursor in menus.  Also,
  quickly move the stick back and forth to help Kiryuu stand faster when lying
  on the ground.
Right Analog Stick:  Moves the camera (finally).  You can't change the camera
  angle in enclosed spaces (transparencies are still hard apparently) or in the
  main adventure area (camera operation is mainly for battles).
Start Button:  Mainly used to pause the game and bring up the menu.  Also brings
  the title screen when the attract movie is playing, starts the game from the
  title screen, and skips "cut scenes" (movies) if the correct option is set in
  the options menu.
Select Button:  Pauses the game and brings up a "Quit? Yes / No" menu.  The
  left choice is "yes," the right choice is "no."
Square:  Mostly used to perform light attacks.  You will also be prompted to
  repeatedly tap it sometimes to do things such as escaping enemy holds, and
  you'll be prompted to press it to continue Heat Actions such as stomping on
  peoples' faces.  Also, repeatedly tapping this will help Kiryuu stand more
Triangle:  Mostly used to perform heavy attacks.  This is also the button that
  Heat Moves are assigned to.  You will also be prompted to repeatedly tap it in
  certain events to escape holds and things like that, and you'll be prompted to
  press it to continue certain Heat Actions such as stmping on peoples' faces.
  Also, repeatedly tapping this will help Kiryuu stand more quickly.
  This button is also used for certain options in the menus.
Circle:  Mostly used to talk to people or perform actions such as examining
  objects on the adventure screen.  This also attempts holds and throws, picks
  up and throws weapons, and initiates a special attack for knuckles weapons.
  In the Japanese version, this confirms choices in menus.  Most likely, they'll
  switch that function with the X button's in America.
X:  Most often used to Sway.  It can also be tapped quickly to help Kiryuu get
  up, is sometimes prompted in certain events to avoid attacks, and must be
  tapped repeatedly to escape most throws.
  In the Japanese version, this goes back in menus.  Most likely, they'll switch
  that function with the circle button's in America.
L1:  Press (and hold) to guard.  Also, zooms out on the map in the "Map" option
  from the pause menu.
L2:  This "rights" the camera, setting it behind Kiryuu.
L3 (press the left analog stick in):  Toggles the on-screen mini-map between a
  wider view, a closer view, and no mini-map at all.
R1:  Hold down to "lock on" to the nearest enemy.  Kiryuu can only sway to the
  side or backwards while locked on, and his moves set changes slightly.  Also,
  zooms in on the map in the "Map" option in the pause menu.
  HD RE-RELEASE ONLY:  Hold this plus the Circle button to avoid tapping
  Circle repeatedly to skip dialogue.
R2:  Taunt.  You'll also be prompted to rapidly tap this button to build your
  Heat Gauge up in certain instances to perform special Heat Actions versus
  bosses.  Once the technique is learned, the button may be held down to charge
  the Heat Gauge.
R3 (press the right analog stick in):  "Rights" the camera, moving it behind

2a-II.  Display

The yellow, thicker bar on top is your health, and the lower, bluish-white bar
is your Heat Gauge.  The thinner line with a number at its right represents
your experience.  The circle in the lower left-hand corner of your screen is
the on-screen mini-map, upon which the yellow triangle is Kiryuu, the little,
yellow dots are enemies, and the little, blue dot is your friend.  Glowing red
dots and arrows pointing towards them at the edge of the circle are your
destinations.  Glowing green dots and their green arrows are destinations for
sub-quests or optional events.
If you had alcohol, there should be a little bottle in the upper left-hand
corner.  If it's redder and flashing more, you're more drunk!  That sounds bad,
but it's actually a good thing in Ryuuga Gotoku Land.  You will generate Heat
Energy much more quickly in this state!  Fighting, going in and out of build-
ings, and just letting game time naturally pass will decrease your drunkenness,
so...keep going back to the bars!  I recommend getting vodka or tequila (the
last item on Shellac's, Bantam's, and Stijl's menus), because they're cheap and
get you drunk as drunk can be after only two orders.

2a-III.  Pause Menu Options

ITEMS - Press Circle (X on Western versions) to use an item, X to go back
  (Circle on Western versions), or Triangle to throw an item away (you'll have
  to confirm your choice if you do).  The left-most row of items in the grid of
  12 squares (kinda bluish-grey) are for weapons.  You can carry three weapons,
  plus the one you have equipped.
  The left-hand side of the screen is your equipment.  If you choose the weapon
  in the big box, you can store it away in one of the three slots (provided you
  have space).  This is good to remember so you can sell them later!
  Beneath the equipped weapon is an orange slot for your armor and two yellow
  slots for your accessories.  Below that is your attack modifier and your
  defense modifier.
  Hit R1 to get to your "precious items" (story items).  You'll need to use them
  a couple of times; the game will walk you through how to do so (basically, hit
  the "confirm" button when they're selected).
MAP - Calls up the map (of course).  You can zoom in or out with the L1 or
  R1 buttons--or you can just hit "Confirm" (Circle for Japanese copies, X for
  Western ones).  Names of highlighted places will appear on the bottom of the
  screen, along with street names if you're zoomed in.  White buildings are
  story places, yellow are restaurants, blue are mini-game locations, lavender
  are adult entertainment places, orange markets, and blue are bars.  Curious-
  ly, Atenshi is lavender (because it's a transvestite cabaret club), but you
  can only use it as a bar.  Bantam is always white, but you can also use it
  as a bar (usually).
  You can also hit Triangle for a list of shops and such.
POWER UP - This section is where you can both build up your abilities and check
  which ones you already have.  The top bar is your experience.  Each "stock"
  represents 1,000 experience points.
  The next below that is your "Mind," then, below that, "Skill," then, below
  that, "Body."  I'll explain in the next section.
  The little window and such below explain what you will get should you purchase
  the next upgrade for the highlighted selection.  Press and hold the Circle
  button (X for the Western release) to spend your experience.  If you don't
  have enough to power up, it'll just put the unused experience back into your
  Hit Triangle to see your acquired abilities (and the basics).  I've listed
  the ones you will need to unlock in the "Hidden Skills & Power-Ups" section
  of the guide.
TEXT MESSAGES - View your text messages.  This is mostly used either to let you
  know when a cabaret club girl is ready for her date or the two times the
  weapons shops get upgrades.
CHARACTER BIOS - This really won't be of much help if you're playing the
  Japanese release and can't read Japanese.  The bios change during the game's
  story, so I won't bother listing every revision.  From left to right, the top
  selection is "Kiryuu and those close to him," "The Toujou Association,"
  "Ex-Toujou Members," and "The Oumi Alliance," and the bottom row from left to
  right is "Police," "Prefectural Police - Fourth Division," "Those Related to
  Sayama," and "People of the Kamuro District."
MISSIONS - These are your side-stories, sub-stories, or whatever you want to
  call them.  It will list the ones available or already closed for whatever
  city you are currently in, but you can hit R1 to see the other town's list.
  Green ones are for Osaka, blue for Tokyo.  Brightly highlighted ones have
  been either "finished" (failed, but over with) or "complete" (brought to a
  good ending).  The kanji at the right tells you which one, but...I dunno if I
  can clearly describe the difference.  The "complete" one is less complicated.
  Those that are still kinda dark are unfinished.
  At the top of the screen, it tells you what your current story objective is.
COMPLETE - Here are your completion lists.  I'll talk more about them later,
  but the top one is food from restaurant menus, below that is booze from bars,
  below that is the Heat Actions, then cabaret club girls, then sub stories
  (yes, they list them twice, basically), below that, coin lockers, and below
  that, mini-games (games of skill or gambling).  If one is highlighted and
  glowing, you have completed it and will receive your reward after you beat
  the game's story (note that you must complete both food menu items and booze
  to get that reward, and that there is no reward for coin lockers).
SETTINGS - Here, you can change the game's options.  In the HD remake, the first
  choice is to set the size of your screen.  Below that is controller vibration,
  then subtitles, then the setting for your camera (defaulted to "reverse;" I
  usually set it to "normal"), then the event skip (I would recommend turning
  this on--especially if you are replaying the game), and then you can display
  the color bar if you wanna adjust your TV's settings.

2a-IV.  Building Up

As you fight people, buy food and alcohol, and complete side missions, you get
experience.  Every time you fill up one gauge of experience, that's 1000 points
you get to spend on the pause menu.
  There are three attributes you can build up.  Once you've spent the required
amount, you'll level up that attribute, and get whatever moves or improvements
are listed on the bottom of the screen.  Often, you won't just get one bonus,
and you can view all of them by moving the D-pad to the right or the left to
cycle through those little tabs (1, 2, 3) with the desired attribute selected.
  The three are Mind ("Kokoro"), Skill ("Waza"), and Body ("Karada").  Gener-
ally speaking, Mind deals with your Heat Gauge, Skill deals with basic tech-
niques, and Body makes your health gauge longer and grants some defensive
  I know it's gonna sound a little bad to people who like to get everything
quickly, but Skill is probably the least important of these.  Some important
levels to get quickly would be Mind 4, 5, 7, and 8, Skill level 5, 6, and 8,
and Body level 5, 7, 8, and 9.
  You get bonus experience in a fight for performing Heat Actions.  In the
previous game, this bonus was a third or a half of the experience for defeating
the foe, so getting more Heat Actions was very important.  This time, you only
get about one-tenth the experience for using a Heat Action, but the defensive
bonuses you gain from building up Mind are still very much worth it.  Plus, the
Heat Actions are much more brutal this time.
  Here is a list of the power-ups you get from building up these three

Level 2
  Spirit and Status of the Red Phoenix ("Suzaku no Kii")
    Kiryuu's Heat Gauge steadily and automatically rises when he's low on
    health and his bar flashes red.
Level 3
  Strong-Body Discipline ("Goutai no Kokoroe")
    It becomes harder to knock Kiryuu down when in Heat Mode.
  Spirit and Status of the White Tiger ("Byakko no Kii")
    Kiryuu's attack power increases when he's low on health and his life bar
    flashes red.
Level 4
  Extreme Pursuit ("Oiuchi no Kiwami")
    When in Heat Mode near a fallen enemy and the "Goku" kanji flashes, you can
    hit Triangle for a special Heat Action.
Level 5
  Spirit and Status of the Dark Warrior ("Gembu no Kii")
    Each time you successfully guard an attack, your Heat Gauge increases.
  Foot Grab ("Ashi Tsukami")
    When in Heat Mode near a fallen enemy, you can hit circle to grab the foe
    by the foot and initiate those moves.
Level 6
  Fighting Ogre Discipline ("Touki no Kokoroe")
    When Heat Gauge is at maximum, light and medium enemies get effected more
    by unarmed attacks.
  Extreme Capturing ("Oikomi no Kiwami")
    When Kiryuu's health is low and his life gauge flashes red, activating the
    Extreme Pursuit Heat Action causes him to mount the fallen enemy and start
    pounding them in the face repeatedly.
Level 7
  True Strong-Body Discipline ("Shin - Goutai no Kokoroe")
    It becomes even harder to knock Kiryuu down when in Heat Mode.
Level 8
  Spirit and Status of the Blue Dragon ("Seiryuu no Kii")
    As long as Kiryuu remains in Heat Mode, he cannot die.
Level 9
  Fighting God Discipline ("Toushin no Kokoroe")
    When Heat Gauge is at maximum, heavy enemies get effected more by unarmed
Level 10
  Spirit and Status of the Yellow Dragon ("Kouryuu no Kii")
    Hold the R2 button down continuously to steadily gain Heat.

Level 2
  Back Kick ("Haimengeri")
    When "Locked On" (holding down R1), pressing away from the enemy plus
    Triangle makes Kiryuu kick behind him.
Level 3
  Charge Kick
    Holding Triangle down makes Kiryuu crouch and charge a damaging kick that
    knocks foes down.
Level 4
  Drop Kick
    While running, hitting Triangle makes Kiryuu jump into the air and do a
    drop kick with both legs.
Level 5
  Komaki-Style Punishment Strike ("Komakiryuu Sabakiuchi")
    When swaying, hitting Triangle performs one of four different attacks,
    depending on the direction Kiryuu sways.
Level 6
    When Kiryuu blocks a heavy attack that breaks his guard and makes him
    stumble about, releasing the button and hitting it again makes him able to
    guard again.
Level 7
  Finish Hold
    At the end of the first three attack strings, after the Heavy Attack,
    pressing Circle causes Kiryuu to do one of three grapples, depending on
    the Heavy Attack move.
Level 8
  Hammer Hook
    After the Uppercut attack string (generally Square x 3, Triangle), Kiryuu
    can add on an additional Triangle to smash the foe down.
Level 9
  Rising Kick ("Rise Kick" when Romanized)
    When Kiryuu is lying from being knocked down, hitting Square or Triangle
    makes him get up with a sweeping kick attack.
Level 10
  Down Reversal
    When flying through the air from being knocked down, hitting Triangle will
    make Kiryuu recover and slide in with a stomach-hitting straight punch.

Level 2
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 3
  Throw Power Increase ("Nage Iryoku Zouka")
    When grappling, Kiryuu can hold enemies longer and throw them more
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 4
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 5
  Quick Stand I
    When lying from being knocked down, tapping Square, X, Circle, and Triangle
    buttons and moving the Left Analog Stick back and forth quickly will cause
    Kiryuu to rise more quickly.
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 6
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 7
  Escape Grade I
    When Kiryuu is grappled by a foe, less tapping of X is required to break
    the hold.
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 8
  Long Sway
    The distance traveled while swaying is increased.
  Iron-Armed Guard ("Tetsuwan Ga-do")
    Kiryuu can guard weapon attacks--except for bladed weapons and bullets.
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 9
  Quick Stand II
    When lying from being knocked down, tapping Square, X, Circle, and Triangle
    buttons and moving the Left Analog Stick back and forth quickly will cause
    Kiryuu to rise even more quickly.
  Escape Grade II
    When Kiryuu is grappled by a foe, even less tapping of X is required to
    break the hold.
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.
Level 10
  Health Strengthening ("Tairyouku Kyouka")
    Kiryuu's Health Gauge increases.

In addition to building those three attributes, there are many other moves that
must be learned by accomplishing special tasks (usually, from completing side
quest missions).  I'll list them here, and go more in-depth on how to unlock
them later:

Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm ("Renge Senkishou")
  Clear the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 1" ("Hakurenshi no
  Onegai 1").
  Charging the Triangle button for longer than the time required to set up the
  Charge Kick technique causes Kiruu to rear back and release a punch (maybe it
  was supposed to be a palm, but the graphics couldn't make him relax his
  fist?) that goes through enemy's defenses.
Komaki-Style Tiger Killer ("Komakiryuu Toraotoshi")
  Undertake the "Adventure Course" at the acupuncturist in Shinsei with Skill
  at level 9 or 10, after performing the special Heat Action against a tiger
  in Chapter 12.
  When "locked on" (while holding down R1), pressing Triangle as an opponent's
  attack is coming towards Kiryuu will result in a quick, fierce, straight
  stomach punch.  This works on most melee and weapon attacks, but Kiryuu must
  be facing th opponent.

Lotus-Style Polearm-Weilding Technique ("Renge Souboujutsu")
  Clear the side mission "Meet Master White Lotus" ("Hakurenshi to no
  An improved attack string for polearm weapons.
Bat Swing
  Hit ten or more home runs at the Batting Center in Kamuro's Hotel District.
  An improved attack string for bat weapons.
Golf Swing
  Get 500 or more at any course in the driving range on Soutembori.
  An improved attack string for golf clubs.
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Super Kung Fu Man" video.
  An improved attack string for tonfa.
Kali Sticks
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the
  Philippines!" video ("Kyougaku!  Firipin no Hihou").
  An improved attack string for kali sticks.

Lotus-Style Hard Body Technique ("Renge Koutaijutsu")
  Clear the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 2" ("Hakurenshi no
  Onegai 2").  You need Mind to be at level 10.
  When in Heat Mode, Kiryuu cannot be stunned.  You can still be shocked or
  burned.  It's weird; you'll still see stars flashing around Kiryuu's eyes,
  but he can move around like normal.
Brawling God's Discipline ("Kenkashin no Kokoroe")
  Complete the game having performed all 96 Heat Actions.
  Kiryuu can perform Heat Actions whether he's in Heat Mode or not.  The "Foot
  Grab" and "Finish Hold" techniques are still unavailbe when not in Heat Mode,
  as are status effects that require Heat Mode.
  In other words, without being in Heat Mode, you'll still die if you get hit,
  even though you have the "Spirit and Status of the Blue Dragon" ("Seiryuu no
  Ki'i") discipline.
  On top of that, if you are in Heat Mode and use a Heat Action, Kiryuu will
  still use Heat Energy.
  Still, it makes Kiryuu very, very powerful.

Kawachi-Style Escaping Throw ("Kawachiryuu Tokinage")
  Complete the side mission "The Martial Arts Youth" ("Kobujutsu Shounen").
  When grappled and prompted to repeatedly tap X, you can repeatedly tap circle
  instead to make Kiryuu reverse the grapple and throw the opponent.
Komaki-Style Flowing Catch ("Komakiryuu Ukenageshi")
  After defeating Komaki in the Underground Arena, undertake the Adventure
  Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While "locked-on" to an enemy (holding R1), pressing circle as the enemy's
  attack is coming towards Kiryuu will make him step to the side and perform a
  grappling knee to the stomach a' la Muay Thai.

Extreme Golf ("Gorufu no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Albatross Akagi"
  A new Heat Action is available for golf clubs.
Extreme Bat ("Batto no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "American Baseball"
  A new Heat Action is available for bats.
Extreme Bowling ("Bouru no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Bowling"
  A new Heat Action is available for bowling balls.
Extreme Tonfa ("Tonfa- no Kiwami")
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Super Kung Fu Man" video.
  A new Heat Action is available for tonfa.
Extreme Kali ("KALI no Kiwami")
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the
  Philippines!" video ("Kyougaku!  Firipin no Hihou").
  A new Heat Action is available for kali sticks.
Extreme Lotus-Style Staff Technique ("Renge Boujutsu no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Meet Master White Lotus."
  A new Heat Action is available for polearms.
Extreme Flattening Throw ("Nagetsubushi no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Takes Time Off" (Resura-
  When near an enemy lying on the ground, when in Heat Mode and grappling
  another opponent, Kiryuu can throw the held opponent onto the lying one when
  the "Goku" kanji flashes by hitting Triangle.
Extreme Superhuman Strength ("Kairiki no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Eats the World" (Resura- Sekai wo
  Taberu").  You'll need your Mind at level 5.
  When holding a fallen enemy by the foot, hitting Triangle will initiate one
  of six special Heat Action throws (usually giant-swing-like).
Extreme Herculean Strength ("Gouriki no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Drinks the World" (Resura- Sekai wo
  Nomu").  You'll need your Body at level 8.
  When Kiryuu's health is full, grappling an opponent will allow him to execute
  a powerful Heat Action technique while in Heat Mode.  This attack drains a
  lot of Heat energy.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal ("Komakiryuu Mutegaeshi")
  Train with Komaki in the Champion District of Kamuro.
  While not "locked on" (not holding down R1) and in Heat Mode, hitting Triangle
  as the "Goku" kanji flashes when an enemy attack is coming towards Kiryuu will
  initiate a reversal.  This can be done against an attack from any direction.
  It doesn't work against missile weapons (obviously).
Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler ("Komakiryuu Hinawafuuji")
  Train with Komaki in the Champion District of Kamuro.
  When Kiryuu is near an opponent brandishing a firearm (even shotguns), hitting
  Triangle when the "Goku" kanji flashes (in Heat Mode, of course) will cause a
  Heat Action against that enemy.
Extreme Extremeness ("Kyuukyoku no Kiwami")
  Defeat the hidden boss Amon Joe.
  When an opponent is standing dazed (either from a weapon such as a bottle, a
  cedar block, etc., or from the Komaki-Style Flowing Catch technique), pressing
  Triangle when the "Goku" kanji flashes (in Heat Mode, of course) will cause a
  Heat Action against that enemy.
  It's simply a right hook that makes the enemy bounce and tumble away.

Cancel Sway
  Watch the video "Space Ninjaman 3" (sold at Beam for 3980 yen).  You'll need
  Body at level 5.
  Kiryuu can cancel any of his unarmed, light attacks into a Sway.  This will
  use Heat energy, but you don't need to be in Heat Mode to perform the action.
Komaki-Style Cat Flip ("Komakiryuu Nekozori")
  After noticing a cat behind the pharmacy in Kamuro, undertake the Adventure
  Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While flying through the air from being knocked down, pressing X will cause
  Kiryuu to land on his feet.
Komaki-Style Parrying Reversal ("Komakiryuu Hikikaeshi")
  After clearing the side mission "Try and Hit Me!" ("Naguttemiroya") and
  bringing Skill to level 8, undertake the Adventure Course at the
  acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While "locked on" (holding R1), hitting L1 right as an enemy's attack is
  coming towards Kiryuu will cause him to parry that attack, stopping attack
  strings and knocking enemies down.
Lotus-Style Diamond Wall ("Renge Kongouheki")
  Complete the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 3" ("Hakurenge no
  Onegai 3").  You'll need Body at level 10.
  Kiryuu's guard is increased as you hold down the L1 button, making it so that
  he can block even bladed weapons.

There are two kinds of attacks you can perform using allies in this game.  One
is to hit the Triangle button while in Heat Mode near an ally on the battle
screen (Date, Daigo, or Sayama) who is holding an enemy and the "Goku" kanji
flashes.  The other one involves making friends about town by completing certain
side missions.   I'll explain more in the "Completion Lists" section, but it's
always the same thing for each of the ones where an ally about town helps you
out:  when you fight near them, they toss you an item at the beginning of the
match and you can hit "circle" to catch it and beat the snot out of one foe.
This requires no Heat energy.

Lastly, you can build up your Heat Gauge now.  You may have seen pictures of a
gauge where there are a bunch of extra little slots on the right-hand side,
whereas in the first game, there was only one little extra area for Heat Mode.
  When these extra areas have Heat in them, you will be in Heat Mode.  Some
Heat Actions take very little Heat, and some a lot.  If you build this up,
you can obviously be in Heat Mode more easily.  If you fill the meter comp-
letely, you can usually do Heat Actions without worrying about needing to
build it up again afterwards so much, since you'll alread still be in Heat
  I'd recommend doing this as soon as the two different areas become available!
  Here are the four things you'll need to do:

--Watch the video "Legend of the First Group Head" ("Shoudai Kumichou
  Densetsu"), found in Soutenbori Coin Locker #22.  The key is near the taxi
  on the western edge of Soutenbori (the northernmost street).
--Watch the video "Samurai," found in Kamuro Coin Locker #10.  The key is at
  the eastern edge of Taihei.
--Beat the Tournament Mode in YF6.
--Complete the Special Course (bottom choice) in the Love In Heart massage
  parlour in Kamuro.

Just for the sake of people going "I don't know what I'm missing!" who want to
have all abilities, I will now transcribe the full list of abilities in the
game's pause menu.  Go to the "power up" option and hit Triangle to bring up
this list.

1.  Bare-Handed Techniques
  Rush Combo - Square x 1-4
  Front Kick - Triangle
  Slam Blow - Square x 1, Triangle
  Body Blow - Square x 2, Triangle
  Uppercut - Square x 3, Triangle
  Finish Kick - Square x 4, Triangle
  Reverse Attack - (without R1) Square x 1-4, back + Square or Triangle
  Back Kick - R1 + back + Triangle (Skill Lv.2)
  Charge Kick - hold Triangle, release (Skill Lv.3)
  Drop Kick - While running, Triangle (Skill Lv.4)
  Hammer Hoock - Square x 3, Triangle, Triangle (Skill Lv.8)
  Rise Kick - repeatedly tap Square or Triangle when down (Skill Lv.9)
  Down Reversal - Triangle when about to land from a knockdown (Skill Lv.10)
  Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm - hold Triangle (long), release
    (complete side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 1")
  Komaki-Style Punishing Strike - while swaying, Triangle (Skill Lv.5)
  Komaki-Style Tiger Killer - while locked on, Triangle as oppoent's attack is
    about to hit (learn by taking the Adventure Course at the acupuncturist in
    Shinsei after defeating Ch.12's boss and with Skill at Lv.10)

2.  Armed Attacks
  One-Handed Weapon Attacks - grenades, crowbars, etc.
  One-Handed Blade Attacks - knives, broken bottles
  Two-Handed Light Weapon Attacks - crates,etc.
  Two-Handed Weapon Attacks - shop signs, bicicles, etc.
  Stick-Like Weapon Attacks - pipes, etc.
  Japanese Sword Attacks - katana, bokutou, etc.
  Pole Weapon Attacks - long pipes, street signs, etc.
  Brass Knuckles Attacks - brass knuckles (hit Circle to use their attack)
  Spray Weapon Attacks - bug spray, fire extinguisher, modified lighter (hold
    Triangle to spray)
  Bomb Weapon Attacks - grenades, etc. (hit Circle to throw them)
  Gunfire - handguns, shotguns (hit Triangle to fire)
  Weapon Throw - hit Circle to throw all weapons except brass knuckles
  Bat Swing - when holding a bat, Triangle (can be held to charge) (learn by
    playing at the batting cages 3 times total--any courses)
  Golf Swing - when holding a golf club, Triangle (can be held to charge)
    (learn by playing at the driving range 3 times total--any courses)
  Tonfa - Tonfas (learn by watching the DVD "Shocking!  The Secret Technique
    from the Philippines!" purchased from Kamiyama, the weapons video merchant,
    after clearing his side mission)
  Kali Sticks - Kali Sticks (learn by watching the DVD "Super Kung-Fu Man" pur-
    chased from Kamiyama, the weapons video merchant, after clearing his side
  Lotus-Style Polearm Techniques - long pipes, etc. (learn by clearing "Meet
    Master White Lotus" mission and opening the coin locker with the key she
    gives you)

3.  Mental Abilities
  Taunt - R2
  Red Phoenix Mindset - when life bar flashes red, Heat gradually builds
    (Mind Lv.2)
  White Tiger Mindset - R2 taunt generates Heat Energy (Mind Lv.3)
  Dark Warrior Mindset - successfully guarding attacks gives Heat Energy
    (Mind Lv.5)
  Blue Dragon Mindset - while in Heat Mode, Kiryuu cannot die (Mind Lv.8)
  Yellow Dragon Mindset - hold R2 to charge Heat Energy (Mind Lv.10)
  Strong-Body Discipline - when in Heat Mode, it is harder for enemies to knock
    you down (Mind Lv.3)
  True Strong-Body Discipline - it is even harder for enemies to knock you down
    when you are in Heat Mode (Mind Lv.7)
  Lotus-Style Hard Body Technique - when in Heat Mode, enemy attacks do not
    cause staggering or knockdowns (super armor) (learn by completing side
    mission "Master White Lotus's Request 2," which needs Mind Lv.10)
  Fighting Ogre Discipline - when in Heat Mode, your attacks affect light enem-
    ies greatly (Mind Lv.6)
  Fighting God Discipline - when in Heat Mode, your attacks affect heavy enem-
    ies greatly (Mind Lv.9)
  Brawling God Discipline - you can use Heat Moves regardless of being in Heat
    Mode or not (unlock by finishing the game with "Heat Actions" list complete
    or with 30 million yen)

4.  Throw Techniques
  Seoinage - Circle when holding an enemy
  Hold Combo - Square x 3 when holding an enemy
  Hold Finish - Triangle when holding an enemy
  Grappling Rear Attack - back + Triangle when holding an enemy
  Grappled Rear Attack - back + Triangle when held by an enemy
  Foot Grab - near the right leg of a downed opponent, Circle (Mind Lv.5)
  Finish Hold - Square x 1-3, Triangle, Circle (Skill Lv.7) (USES HEAT)
  Kawachi-Style Breaking Throw - repeatedly tap Circle when held by an enemy
    (learn from Kawachi Motoe during "The Martial Arts Youth" mission)
  Komaki-Style Flowing Catch - when locked onto an enemy, hit Circle as he is
    about to hit you (learn by taking the "Adventure Course" at the acupunctur-
    ist in Shinsei after defeting Komaki in the Underground Arena with Body at
    level 10)

5.  Heat Actions
  Extreme Environment Attack - in Heat Mode, while holding an enemy near a
    hazard such as a wall (blue on the mini-map), Triangle
  Extreme Weapon Attack - in Heat Mode, when armed near an enemy, Triangle
  Super Extreme Pursuit - when a boss-like enemy crouches, dizzy, automatically
    occurs--tap R2 to build Heat, Triangle when prompted
  Extreme Pursuit - in Heat Mode, near a downed foe, Triangle (Mind lv.4)
  Extreme Mounted Punches - in Heat Mode, with life bar flashing red, near a
    downed foe, Triangle, then repeatedly tap Square (Mind lv.6)
  Extreme Bat - in Heat Mode, when armed with a baseball bat near an enemy,
    Triangle (learn by completing mission "American Baseball")
  Extreme Golf - in Heat Mode, when armed with a golf club near an enemy,
    Triangle (learn by completing mission "'Albatross' Akagi's Club")
  Extreme Bowling - in Heat Mode, when armed with a bowling ball near an enemy,
    Triangle (learn by completing mission "Bowling")
  Extreme Tonfa - in Heat Mode, when armed with a tonfa near an enemy, Triangle
    (learn by watching DVD "Super Kung-Fu Man" purchased from Kamiyama after
    completing mission "The Weapons Video Merchant")
  Extreme Kali - in Heat Mode, when armed with a kali sticks weapon near an
    enemy, Triangle (learn by watching DVD "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from
    the Philippines!" bought from Kamiyama after completing mission "The Weapons
    Video Merchant")
  Extreme Lotus-Style Polearm Technique - in Heat Mode, when armed with a
    polearm weapon near a foe, Triangle (learned by opening the coin locker with
    the key you get in "Meet Master White Lotus")
  Extreme Flattening Throw - in Heat Mode, when holding an enemy near a downed
    enemy, Triangle (learned from completing mission "The Wrestler Takes Time
  Extreme Superhuman Strength - when holding an opponent by the foot, Triangle
    (learn by completing mission "The Wrestler Eats the World," which requires
    Mind Lv.5)
  Extreme Herculean Strength - with full health in Heat Mode, when holding an
    enemy (not near a hazard), Triangle (learn by completing mission "The Wrest-
    ler Drinks the World," which requires Body Lv.8)
  Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal - in Heat Mode, when not locked-on, as an
    enemy attack is about to land, Triangle (learn during mission "Komaki
    Training: Fighting a Great Number")
  Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler - in Heat Mode, near an enemy armed with a
    handgun or shotgun, Triangle (learn during mission "Komaki Training: Fight-
    ing Against Handguns")
  Extreme Extremeness - when in front of a standing dizzy foe, Triangle
    (learn by finishing mission "Amon")

6.  Defensive Skills
  Guard - L1
  Sway - X (+ direction)
  Throw Break - repeatedly tap X when held by an enemy
  Getting Up - repeatedly tap any button and/or wiggle the stick when downed
  Long Sway - when locked-on (R1) + X (+ direction) (Body Lv.8)
  Cancel Sway - Square x 1-4, X (+ direction) (learn by watching the video
    "Space Ninjaman 3" bought at Beam, with Body at Lv.5) (USES HEAT ENERGY)
  Komaki-Style Cat Flip - X when about to hit the ground from a knockdown
    (learn by taking the "Adventure Course" at the acupuncturist in Shinsei,
    after noticing a cat in the alley behind the pharmacy on Taihei and the
    Poppo Mart behind Nakamichi in Kamuro)
  Komaki-Style Parrying Reversal - L1 right when an opponent's attack is about
    to strike (learn by taking the "Adventure Course" at the acupuncturist in
    Shinsei after mission "Try and Hit Me!" with Skill Lv.8)
  Re-Guard - when guard is broken, release L1, L1 (Skill Lv.6)
  Iron-Armed Guard - you can guard non-bladed weapons (not bullets, either)
    (Body Lv.8)
  Lotus-Style Diamond Wall - you can guard all weapons (not bullets) (learn by
    completing mission "Master White Lotus's Request 3" which requires
    Body Lv.10)

7.  Basic Abilities
  Lock-On (Strafe) - R1
  Grab Opponent - Circle
  Grab Weapon - Circle
  Camera Reset - L2 or R3
  Move Camera - Left Stick (only on battlefields and indoors)
  Quick Stand I - less tapping is needed to get up from a knockdown (Body Lv.5)
  Quick Stand II - even less tapping is needed to get up from a knockdown
    (Body Lv.9)
  Escape Grade I - less tapping of X is needed to escape when held (Body Lv.7)
  Escape Grade II - even less tapping is needed to escape when held (Body Lv.9)
  Throw Power Up - throws do more damage to enemies (Body Lv.3)
  Strengthening of Throwing Into Enemies - nearby enemies struck by an enemy
    you throw get knocked down more easily (Body Lv.7)
  Health Strengthening - whenever Body levels up
  Heat Gauge Strengthening 1 - maximum Heat added (learn by watching video
    "Legend of the First Group Head" found in Soutenbori's coin lockers)
  Heat Gauge Strengthening 2 - maximum Heat added (learn by watching video
    "Samurai" found in Kamuro's coin lockers)
  Heat Gauge Strengthening 3 - maximum Heat added (complete the harder course
    at the massage parlour to learn)
  Heat Gauge Strengthening 4 - maximum Heat added (complete the tournament mode
    of YF6 in any Club SEGA)

2a-V.  Story Progression

The game was originally  divided into 16 chapters--9 on Disc 1, 7 on Disc 2.
In the "The Best," Western, and PS3 HD releases, it's all on one.  There are
story moments, when you'll be prompted to run to a certain location and do
certain things.
  However, you may want to take your time and run around each city.  There are
three towns available--one in Tokyo (Kamuro from the first game), and two in
Osaka (Soutenbori and Shinsei).  Besides story moments, there are many other
things to do in these towns, such as fight random encounters to build Kiryuu's
powers up, side quests to gain experience, money, allies, and items, and, of
course, places to buy stuff at.  Not everything is available at all times in
the game--you can't go to all the locations right off the bat, and you'll
notice differences between the people and events in the morning and night, so
you should probably take breaks before moving to the next chapter just to run
about and accomplish tasks.
  If you played the last game, you probably remember that Coin Locker keys were
scattered about.  Well, they're back.  So are the side missions / side quests /
what-have-you's.  However, this time around, there aren't keys in areas you can
only go in once, nor are there missions you can't do past certain points in the
story.  In other words, there aren't any "one chance only" things.
  Once you finish the story, you can start a new one with the "Premium New Game"
option.  Pretty much everything carries over into the next game, which is good,
but bad because any mission you finished without properly completing will be
marked as "finished," and you won't be able to go back and do it again.
  The only problem with that is that you'll need them all to be marked
"completed" in order to get a special item as a bonus.  Other than that caution,
another improvement made to this game is that there aren't any "one-shot" deals
and you can miss a mision and go back and do it (unlike the first game).
  The strange thing about the story progression, that they've kept, is that
until you're at maximum level, you're expected to only reach a certain amount
of experience before random encounters cease per chapter.  If you go beyond that
level, you can't encounter thugs or yakuza anymore.  A key tip here is that if
you get Kiryuu drunk, he'll encounter more thugs and yakuza, but after a while,
you won't be able to even make them show up if you're toasted.  So, if you
suddenly find yourself unalbe to pick a fight, just move on with the story and
remember that in Chapters 15 and 16 you can fight all you want because the
enemies never stop appearing then (unless you use the Lucky Beads).

2b.  Fighting

Fighting is still pretty much what the game's all about, even if they did
include a large number of side games.  Sorry to all you GTA fans; this still
isn't a GTA game.  It's a brawler, like Final Fight, Tenchi wo Kurau II,
Spikeout!, Dynamite Deka, Double Dragon, or what have you.  So, you should be
familiar with the fighting system!

2b-I.  Commands

LEGEND (I don't think you can configure the controls, but just in case, I'll
  list the defaults)

S = Square (Weak attack button).
T = Triangle (Heavy attack button).
X = X (Sway button).
O = Circle (Grapple button).
L1 = Guard button.
R1 = Shift / Lock-On button.
R2 = Taunt button.
, = Then....  In other words, "Square, Triangle" means you hit square, and then
  after that, you hit triangle (you don't press them together)
+ = Together.  In other words, "Towards + X" means you press towards the
  opponent and hit X; you don't a direction, let go of the stick, then hit the
Charge = Keep the button held down for a duration of time.
Charge long = Keep the button held down for a longer period of time than just
  "charge."  There's only one attack for this, so I'll explain:  you'll see
  Kiryuu get into a second "charge" stance before you release.
Forward = Press the left analog stuck towards the opponent.
Back = Press the left analog stick away from the direction Kiryuu faces.
Left = Press the left analog stick to the left from the way Kiryuu's facing.
Right = Press the left analog stick to the right from the way Kiryuu's facing.
Back = Press the left analog stick in a direction other than the one Kiryuu
Free = Don't forgot *not* to lock on; don't press R1.
Lock = Must be "locked on"; while holding R1.
Hold = While holding opponent (after hitting O, in other words)
Foot Grab = While holding opponent's foot (after hitting O near their foot
  when in Heat Mode, after skill is unlocked)
While Held = When an opponent has you in their arms in order to throw you
With Attack = As an enemy attack is coming towards Kiryuu.  Usually, "wind-up"
  animation does not count.
Behind = When behind an enemy.  Sidestep when they attack or while paralyzed.
Goku = When prompted; while the "goku" kanji flashes.
Heat Move = Move can only be done in Heat Mode.
Wall = Near an environmental hazard such as a wall, bench, river, etc.
Down = While Kiryuu's lying on the ground.
Falling = While Kiryuu's flying through the air from being knocked down.
Front = While the enemy is facing Kiryuu.
Behind = While the enemy is facing away from Kiryuu.
Heat bonus = Increases your Heat Energy.
High Heat bonus = Increases your Heat Energy noticeably.
Heat cost = Costs Heat Energy.
High Heat cost = Costs a large amount of Heat energy.

Light, Med = Effect against light or medium enemies.
Heavy = Effect against heavy enemies.
Pow.II = Effects for at maximum Heat once Fighting Ogre Discipline has been un-
  locked (Body level 6)
Pow.III = Effects for at maxiumum Heat once Fighting God Discipline has been un-
  locked (Body level 9)
Stagger = Compared to normal attacks, enemies have a longer recovery period.
Guard Break = Enemies who guard this move are temporarily stunned.
Knockdown = Enemies who get hit by this will be floored.
Stun = Enemy becomes paralyzed, usually with flashing lights, but remains stand-
Down = Enemy becomes stunned, but grovels on the ground.
Collapse = Enemy grabs their stomach and slowly collapses to the floor.
Shock = Enemy becomes shocked with electricity, paralyzing him before he falls.
Burn = Enemy becomes engulfed in flames, paralyzing him before he falls.


  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
Your average jab to the face.  Not too much to say here.

  S, Free Back + Square
  Free Back + Square
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Kiryuu spins towards the enemy with a turning, backwards-striking elbow.
This move starts the jab strings, too, but note that hitting back plus Square
again will just make Kiryuu do the Straight Back Kick move.

  S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  S, S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
This is the follow-up move to the back-turning moves, turning Kiryuu around

  S, T
  S, Free Back + S, T
  Free Back + Square, T
  Light, Med:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown, Guard Break
Guard break.  Knocks down light, medium foes as the get up from the ground some-
times.  I recommend using this move to set someone up for a hold as they get up
from the ground.  Missing the first Square input is advised.  Also, I recommend
it for sidesteppers, as Kiryuu will generally recover quickly enough to respond,
but as they will still attempt a sidestep and follow-up because of the delay.
Slight delay.

Move:  FLAPJACK (Heat Move)
  Heat S, T, O
  Heat S, Free Back + S, T, O
  Heat Free Back + S, T, O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Kiryuu grabs the foot of the falling enemy, turns, and hurls them to the ground.
Heat cost.
Can be directed with Left Stick.
Good for knocking down opponents who just won't go down.  Only a few enemies
are resistant, and they're mostly in the Arena.
Learn at Skill level 7.

  S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Light, Med:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown, Guard Break
Guard break.  See "Slam Blow."  Basically the same, with cosmetic difference.

  S, S
  Free Back + S, S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
A little more damaging than just a jab.  Left hand attack.

  S, S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, Free Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
Kiryuu spins around and swings his arm in a wild punch.

  S, S, T
  S, Free Back + S, T
  Free Back + S, S, T
  Free Back + S, S, Free Back + S, T
  Light, Med:  Collapse
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Collapse to Down Stun
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Collapse to Down Stun
  Heavy:  Collapse
Heavy, side-swiping hook to the body.  Knocks light foes down when hit from
behind, staggers heavy foes from behind.
Great horizontal range (can hit 3 foes at once), can duck under high attacks.
Slight delay.

  Heat S, S, T, O
  Heat Free Back + S, S, T, O
  Heat S, S, Free Back + T, O
  Heat S, S, Free Back + S, T, O
  Heat Free Back + S, S, T, O
  Heat Free Back + S, Free Back + S, T, O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Heat cost.
Can be directed with Left Stick.
Good for knocking down opponents who just won't go down.  Only a few enemies
are resistant, and they're mostly in the Arena.
Learn at Skill level 7.

  S, S, Free Back + T
  S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Light, Med:  Collapse
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Collapse to Down Stun
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Collapse to Down Stun
  Heavy:  Collapse
Same as "Body Blow," but perhaps with slightly less horizontal range and does
not seem as effective at ducking attacks.

  S, S, S
  Free Back + S, S, S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
The third move in Kiryuu's basic string.

  S, S, S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
Kiryuu turns around, throwing out a straight kick.

  S, S, S, T
  S, S, S, Free Back + S, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S, T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Light, medium knockdown.

  S, S, S, T, T
  S, S, S, Free Back + T, T
  S, S, S, Free Back + S, T, T
  S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, T, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + T, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S, T, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T, T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown after Uppercut, Knockdown to Down Stun, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown after Uppercut, Knockdown to Down Stun, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown after Uppercut, Knockdown to Down Stun, Guard Break
Guard break.  Light, medium knockdown.
Learn at Skill level 8.

Move:  MINI GIANT SWING  (Heat Move)
  S, S, S, T, O
  Free Back + S, S, S, T, O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Heat cost.
Good for knockin enemies down who just won't normally go down.  Swing has great
horizontal range and can knock enemies down.  Great for fights in crowds.
Learn at Skill level 7.

  S, S, S, Free Back + T
  S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Basically same as "Uppercut;" aesthetic change.

  S, S, S, S
  Free Back + S, S, S, S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
The fourth in Kiryuu's basic string.
Slight delay.

  S, S, S, S, Free Back + S
  Free Back + S, S, S, S, Free Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Kiryuu turns around, kicking opponents.

  S, S, S, S, T
  Free Back + S, S, S, S, T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown, Guard Break
Kiryuu turns his hips and throws out a second kick.  Light, medium knockdown.
Slight delay.

  S, S, S, S, Free Back + T
  S, S, S, S, Free Back + S, Free Back + T
  Free Back + S, S, S, S, Free Back + T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown, Guard Break
Basically same as Finish Kick; aesthetic change.

  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Stagger
  Heavy:  Stagger
A strange, slow front kick.

  Hold T, release
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Knockdown, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Knockdown, Guard Break
Kiryuu crouches, then releases a powerful kick.
Guard break.  Light, medium knockdow
While crouching, Kiryuu avoids high attacks.
Learn at Skill level 3.

  Hold T long, release
  Light, Med:  Collapse, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Collapse, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Stagger, Guard Break
  Light, Med:  Collapse, Guard Break
  Heavy:  Collapse, Guard Break
Kiryuu crouches for the Charge Kick, then as you keep charging, shifts back and
turns his shoulders a' la the beginning of a hadouken from Street Fighter II,
then steps forward, throwing a long-ranged punch to the stomach.
While crouching, Kiryuu avoids high attacks.
Cannot be guarded.  Light, medium collapse.  High Heat bonus.
Learn by completing mission "Master White Lotus's Request 1" ("Hakurenshi no
Negai 1").

  Lock Back + T
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Kiryuu attacks behind him, turning around.
Learn at Skill level 2.

  Run T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Avoids sweeps and low attacks.  Kiryuu lies on the ground after the move.
Guard break.  Light, medium knockdown.
Learn at Skill level 4.

  Forward + X
Swaying forward; avoids many attacks.

  S (x1-4), Forward + X
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), Forward + X
Same as the Forward Crouch Dash, but cancels the light attack string.  Does not
have to be during Heat Mode.
Heat cost.
I use this move during group fights, primarily.  It costs Heat Energy, but you
do not need to be in Heat Mode, and the cost is light.
Watch the video "Space Ninjaman 3," bought at Beam in Kamuro for 3980, with Body
at level 5.

  Forward + X, T
  S (x1-4), Forward + X, T*
  Free Back S, S (x1-3), Forward + X, T*
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5.
*-Must learn Cancel Sway first.

  (Lock) Left + X
  (Lock) Right + X
Kiryuu moves to the side, avoiding most attacks.

  S (x1-4), (Lock) Left + X
  S (x1-4), (Lock) Right + X
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Left + X
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Right + X
Same as the Sidestep, but cancels the light attack string.  Does not have to be
during Heat Mode.
Heat cost.
I use this move during group fights, primarily.  It costs Heat Energy, but you
do not need to be in Heat Mode, and the cost is light.
Watch the video "Space Ninjaman 3," bought at Beam in Kamuro for 3980, with Body
at level 5.

  (Lock) Left + X, T
  S (x1-4), (Lock) Left + X, T*
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Left + X, T*
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5
*-Must learn Cancel Sway first.

  (Lock) Right + X, T
  S (x1-4), (Lock) Right + X, T*
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Right + X, T*
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5.
*-Must learn Cancel Sway first.

  (Lock) Back + X
Kiryuu steps backwards, avoiding most attacks.

  S (x1-4), (Lock) Back + X
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Back + X
Same as the Hop Back, but cancels the light attack string.  Does not have to be
during Heat Mode.
Heat cost.
I use this move during group fights, primarily.  It costs Heat Energy, but you
do not need to be in Heat Mode, and the cost is light.
Watch the video "Space Ninjaman 3," bought at Beam in Kamuro for 3980, with Body
at level 5.

  (Lock) Back + X, T
  S (x1-4), (Lock) Back + X, T*
  Free Back + S, S (x1-3), (Lock) Back + X, T*
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5.
*-Must learn Cancel Sway first.

  L1 With Attack
  Light, Med:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
  Heavy:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
  Light, Med:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
  Heavy:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
  Light, Med:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
  Heavy:  Guard-break-like stun, but does damage
Learn at Skill level 5.
After completing mission "Try and Hit Me!" ("Naguttemiroya"), undertake the
Adventure Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei with Skill level 8.

  Lock T With Attack
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Learn at Skill level 5.
Knockdown.  High Heat bonus.
After defeating the tiger boss in Chapter 12 with the special Heat Action,
undertake the Adventure Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei with Skill at
level 9.

  Lock O With Attack
  Light, Med:  Stun
  Heavy:  Stun
  Light, Med:  Stun
  Heavy:  Stun
  Light, Med:  Stun
  Heavy:  Stun
Stun.  Heat bonus.
After defeating Komaki in the Underground Arena, undertake the Adventure Course
at the acupuncturist in Shinsei with Skill at level 10.

  Down S
  Down T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Learn at Skill level 5.
A sweeping kick.
Light knockdown.
Learn at Skill level 9.

  Falling X
Kiryuu lands on his feet.
After seeing the cat crouching behind the pharmacy in Kamuro, undertake the
Adventure Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei.

  Falling T
  Light, Med:  Collapse
  Heavy:  Stagger
 (Pow II or III are not applicable because Kiryuu cannot be at full Heat)
Learn at Skill level 5.
Kiryuu lands on his feet, slides towards the opponent, and delivers a straight
body blow.  Majima uses this move.
Heat bonus.
Learn at Skill level 10.

  (Goku) Free T With Attack
Kiryuu delivers one of several different attacks to the enemy.  "Mute" means
"no hand," or unarmed, but it also means "no move," as in strategy or chess,
which means that the opponent was defeated with great ease.
Heat cost.
Undergo "Komaki Training: Fighting a Great Number" ("Komaki no Shuugyou
Fukusuu Kumitehen").

  (Goku) T as Kiryuu stands near a firearm-wielding enemy
Kiryuu delivers one of two special Heat Actions.
Heat cost.
Undergo "Komaki Training: Fighting Against Handguns" ("Komaki no Shuugyou
Taikenjuu no Kenkahen").

Move:  STOMP
  T near downed enemy*
Kiryuu stomps on the enemy.
*-If in Heat Mode after Extreme Pursuit ("Oiuchi no Kiwami") has been learned,
move will not work.

Move:  SPECIAL PURSUIT (Heat move)
  (Goku) T near downed enemy*
Kiryuu either kicks the victim in the stomach when they're face down or punches
downward into their face when they're face-up.
Heat cost.
Learn at Mind level 4.
*-If health is low after Extreme Capturing ("Oikomi no Kiwami") is learned,
move will not work.

Move:  MOUNTED PUNCHES (Heat move)
  (Goku) T near downed enemy when Kiryuu's health is low
Tap Square repeatedly to continue to spend more Heat and dish out more punish-
Learn at Mind level 6.

  (Goku) T when enemy is stunned
Kiryuu gives a really powerful right hook to the guy's face, causing them to
tumble away.  This is the most damaging move in the game, by far.
High Heat cost.
Defeat the hidden boss, "Amon Joe."

Move:  TAUNT
Kiryuu taunts.
Heat bonus after unlocked.

  Hold R2
Kiryuu tenses up and gains Heat energy slowly.  It's probably better just to
sneak in some regular taunts here and there.
Learn at Mind level 10.

  Tap R2 within time limit to get to Heat Mode, then hit T when (Goku)
This only occurs with bosses and boss-like characters and usually happens once
you've knocked them down when they are low in health.  You must approach them
as they crouch, dizzy.
Heat Cost.


Note that different follow-up moves may occur depending on whether you grabbed
the opponent by their front or their back.

Move:  PULL
  Hold directional input
Use to pull the opponent in the desired direction.

  When Held Tap X repeatedly
Self-explanatory.  Some unique characters will initiate grapples that require
other inputs to escape; follow the prompts on the screen.

  When Held Tap O repeatedly
In essence, a throw reversal.
Learned during "The Martial Arts Youth" mission ("Kobujutsu no Shounen").

  Hold S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5.
Heat bonus.  Note that you are not still holding foe after this move.
I use these "don't finish the Hold Combo" moves to escape from holding a foe
if enemies are approaching and I do not have enough time to execute the Back

Move:  KNEE
  Hold S, S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
Learn at Skill level 5.
Heat bonus.  Note that you are not still holding foe after this move.
I use these "don't finish the Hold Combo" moves to escape from holding a foe
if enemies are approaching and I do not have enough time to execute the Back

Move:  LARIAT (Hold Combo)
  Hold S, S, S
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Learn at Skill level 5.
Heat bonus, knockdown.

  Hold Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
Learn at Skill level 5.
Kiryuu kicks behind him while holding the opponent.
Move can easily be directed.

  Hold T
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Knockdown
Learn at Skill level 5.
Kiryuu delivers a roundhouse kick.  Good for scattering enemies and knocking
down heavy enemies.
Heat bonus.  Knockdown.

  Front Hold O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Learn at Skill level 5.
Need to tap button repeatedly versus medium, heavy enemies.
Move can be directed.

  Behind Hold O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Need to tap button repeatedly versus medium, heavy enemies.
Move can be directed.

  Front Hold (Goku) T at full health
Kiryuu smashes the opponent's face into the ground in sort of an extreme
High Heat cost.
Complete the mission "The Wrestler Eats the World" ("Resura- Sekai wo Taberu").

  Behind Hold (Goku) T at full health
Kiryuu pounds the opponent's kidney, then lifts them up and slams them onto
their head.
High Heat cost.
Complete the mission "The Wrestler Eats the World" ("Resura- Sekai wo Taberu").

Move:  DOUBLE CRUSH (Heat move)
  Behind Hold (Goku) T at full health near other opponent
Kiryuu rams the two opponent's heads together like a vaudevillian.
High Heat cost.
Complete the mission "The Wrestler Eats the World" ("Resura- Sekai wo Taberu").

  Hold (Goku) Wall T
Kiryuu performs one of several Heat Actions depending on environmental hazard.
Some have special follow-ups.  See the completion lists section of the FAQ.
Heat cost.

  Hold (Goku) near fallen enemy T
Kiryuu performs one of two throws, tossing the opponent onto the fallen one.
Heat cost.

Move:  FOOT GRAB ("ASHITSUKAMI") (Heat move)
  Near fallen enemy's feet O
Kiryuu grabs opponent's foot.
Learn at Mind level 5.

Move:  DRAG (Heat move)
  Foot Grab directional input
Kiryuu drags the opponent around by their foot.
Learn at Mind level 5.

Move:  DRAGGING LEG SWEEP (Heat move)
  Foot Grab S
Kiryuu kicks the opponent while holding their leg, knocking them back.  This is
a nice alternative to using Heat energy when in Heat Mode near a fallen enemy;
Kiryuu cannot perform a normal Stomp in that instance.
Downs surrounding enemies.
Learn at Mind level 5.

Move:  DRAGGING BACK KICK (Heat move)
  Foot Grab Back + S
  Light, Med:  (nothing special)
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  (nothing special)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown
  Heavy:  Stagger
Kiryuu kicks behind him in a fashion similar to when he's doing a normal
Learn at Mind level 5.

Move:  MODIFIED FLAPJACK (Heat move)
  Foot Grab O
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
  Light, Med:  Knockdown (throw)
  Heavy:  Knockdown (throw)
Similar to the Flapjack that comes from S, S, T, O.
Learn at Mind level 5.
Move can be directed.  I rather recommend that once you do the Hold Combo, if
you are in Heat Mode, you follow-up with this move.  Only a few enemies will
break the foot grab--mostly in the Arena.  No tapping of O is needed to throw
an enemy.

Move:  GIANT SWING (Heat move)
  Foot Grab (Goku) T
There are actually several different moves that are available here, depending
on location, usually involving swinging them into different objects.  See the
completion lists section for details.
After reaching Mind level 5, complete the mission "The Wrestler Drinks the
World" ("Resura- Sekai wo Nomu").


All weapons except for Knuckles-type weapons can be thrown with Circle.  Once a
Bomb-type weapon is thrown, it will explode.
  All weapons be used to guard, and Kiryuu can still run and Sway with them,
except for the Heavy type.  The Spear-type and Heavy-type weapons will be drop-
ped when Kiryuu is hit; the others need him to be grappled.  NOTE THAT GRAPPLING
  Gun-type and Spray-type weapons have ammunition that is used with Triangle.
Guns actually have infinite normal use, and only expire once their ammo is
  Almost all weapons can have their Strong attack delayed and charged for more
damage and improved effects on the enemies such as knocking an opponent down by
holding the Triangle button down.
  The Rope and Knuckles-type weapons are unique.  Both give most of the moves
offered to an unarmed Kiryuu except for Circle.  While Circle causes Kiryuu to
throw the rope, it'll cause him to do a special, "area-clear" technique with
the Knuckles-types.  The Rope will allow Kiryuu to perform a unique Heat Action
when he's behind an enemy in Heat Mode.
  Both weapons technically can be used infinitely.  The Knuckles weapons will
have "uses" numbers; this is like a gun's ammunition and is used whenever
Kiryuu initiates the "area-clear" move with Circle.  Once they run out, the
weapon is useless.  The Rope will become useless as soon as you use its Heat
  There are two types of weapon:  normal and "stage" weapons.  A stage weapon
is one that is only found in action stages and certain fight areas, and cannot
be retained after the action or fight scene ends.
  Normal weapons may be sold to the black market person on the 5th floor of
the Dragon Palace in Kamuro, to the secret weapons dealer in Beam, and to Tatsu,
the dealer on the Soutenbori River.  The pawn shops will not buy them.
  Remember that you can equip and unequip weapons at any time in a fight that
you can pause the game.  If you want to unequip a weapon and retain it to sell
or use later, select the large box on the upper-righthand part of the items
screen and hit the circle button (might become the X button outside Japan).

Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
Triangle:  Overhead hit
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Headlock
  Heat cost.  Tap square to continue attack and deplete Heat energy.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  Usually knocks down on the final attack.
Triangle:  Overhead hit
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Blanketing and Repeatedly Attacking
  Heat cost.  Tap square to continue attack and deplete Heat energy.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Pursuit
  Heat cost.

(Note that getting hit will cause Kiryuu to drop this type)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  All hits are usually knockdowns.
Triangle:  Overhead hit
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Heavy Attack
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Pursuit
  Heat cost.

(Note that getting hit will cause Kiryuu to drop this type)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  All hits are usually knockdowns.
Triangle:  Overhead hit
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Sign
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Compacting
  Heat cost.

LONG STAFF TYPE (before Lotus-Style Polearm Technique is learned)
(Note that getting hit will cause Kiryuu to drop this type)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
Triangle:  Long stab
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Long Staff
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extrene Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

LONG STAFF TYPE (only after Lotus-Style Polearm-Weilding Technique is learned)
(Note that getting hit will cause Kiryuu to drop this type)
(Before Lotus-Style Polearm-Weilding Technique is learned, these act just like
Spear-type weapons)
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  The final hit knocks down light and medium enemies.
Triangle:  Heavy swing
(Goku) (close) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Lotus-Style Staff Technique
  Heat cost.
(Goku) (far) (locked-on) Triangle (Heat move:  Extreme Long Staff
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  The final hit is usually a knockdown.
Triangle:  Heavy horizontal slash
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Komaki-Style Sword Attack
  Note that there are really three different Heat Actions depending on type of
  sword wielded.
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  Final hit knocks down.
Triangle:  Stab
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Dosu
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
Triangle:  Heavy horizontal swing
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Strangling with a Stick
  Heat cost.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

(Note:  Before Golf Swing is learned, acts as Pipe)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  Final hit knocks down.
Triangle:  Fore!
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Golf
  Heat cost.
  Before Extreme Golf is learend, Extreme Strangling with a Stick comes out
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

(Note:  Before Bat Swing is learned, acts as Pipe)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic string
  Final hit knocks down.
Triangle:  Homerun hit
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Bat
  Heat cost.
  Before Extreme Bat is learned, Extreme Strangling with a Stick comes out
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

(Note:  I don't even think it's possible to get ahold of one of these without
 having gained their attack strings, but if it is possible, in the last game,
 they were treated as Light weapons)
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square:  Basic attack string
Triangle:  Heavy swipe
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Tonfa
  Heat cost.  Tap Square repeatedly to continue string at cost of Heat.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

(Note:  I don't even think it's possible to get ahold of this type of weapon
 without having gained its attack string.  If it is possible, it's most likely
 treated as a Pipe)
Square, Square, Square, Square, Square:  Basic attack string
Triangle:  Heavy swipe
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Extreme Kali
  High heat cost.
  This one goes on for a loooong time!
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

Square, Square, Square:  Basic attack string
  Similar to Light type.
  Final hit usually knocks down.
Triangle:  Spray (depletes ammunition bar)
  Hold Triangle down for continuous spray.
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Heat cost.

(Note that all guns have infinite attack usage, but once their ammunition bar
 exhausted, they expire)
Square, Square, Square:  Basic attack string
  Similar to Light type.
  Final hit usually knocks down.
Triangle:  Fire (depletes ammunition bar)
Triangle near downed foe:  Stomp
(Goku) Triangle near downed foe (Heat move):  Extreme Weapon Stomp

All Kiryuu's normal strikes are available--no grapples, though.  Circle will
still throw the weapon.  Weapon has infinite use, but will become useless after
Extreme Rope Heat Action is performed.
(Goku) Triangle behind attacking foe (Heat move):  Extreme Rope
  Sidestep a foe, get behind them, be behind them as they start to attack
  Heat cost.

All Kiryuu's normal strikes are availabe--no grapples, though.  Weapon has
infinite normal use, but limited "Whirlwind Spin" usage.  Once Whirlwind Spin
use is exhausted, weapon becomes useless.
(Goku) Triangle (Heat move):  Brass Knuckles Headlock
  Heat cost.  Tap Square repeatedly to continue the move and deplete Heat gauge.
Circle:  Whirlwind Spin
  Kiryuu spins wildly, kicking and punching, becoming invulnerable and striking
  all those around him a' la Attack + Jump in Final Fight.

2b-II.  General Battle Advice

Now, with the addition of back-turning weak attacks and an improved soft lock-
on, you should be able to clear up crowds pretty well.  So, if you get too
surrounded, don't be afraid to just do a string, pressing directions to hit all
the guys around you before they can get their attacks off.
  But, the main focus of your attack should be to get in Triangle attacks, since
that builds your Heat Gauge.  Getting to Heat Mode should be a high priority,
since you usually gain all sorts of properties and have more attack options.
Also, don't forget that Heat Actions will add to your experience bonus for
defeating the enemies, so you'll level up a little faster.
  The basic idea of a fight is "knock the guy down, then do something as he gets
up to gain heat, stun him, and/or gain the advantage, then knock him down
again and do that ad nauseum."  To do this properly, there are a few main tech-
niques you should use:  the Ipponzeoi (Circle, Circle), the Stomp (Triangle
near a downed foe), the Foot Grab (Circle near a downed foe's legs), the Charge
Kick (hold Triangle, release), the Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm (hold
Triangle long, release), and, of course, strings ending with a Triangle, par-
ticularly the Body Blow attack (Square, Square, Triangle).
  I rely most often on the Body Blow, Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm, Hammer
Hook, and Foot Grab.
  The Body Blow is great because most enemies will collapse for a
very long time, getting them out of the picture for a while.  They actually
take so long to fall down that you can literally walk right around them and
grab them from behind.  It also has a very wide attack range, meaning that it
can hit several enemies standing near you at once.  This is great, because
when this happens, the Heat bonus you get is added for each enemy you strike.
  The Hammer Hook is awesome.  When I first bought it, I thought, "well, big
deal; an extra hit."  The thing is, they end up landing in front of you just
the same as if you'd hit them with simply the Uppercut, it offers two, powerful
Triangle attacks that add Heat energy, it causes heavy foes to stagger a little
more, setting them up to be attacked again quickly, and it helps you "track"
enemies that are trying to move around a little more.
  As for the Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm, that move is just unbelievably
powerful.  It takes a long time to charge, but most attacks will sail over
Kiryuu as he crouches.  It's best to do this just after you clear people away
or cause them to collapse.  Although sometimes it will miss because they'll
roll to the side or start walking around you, when it hits, they have to
collapse again and you get a huge Heat bonus (not to mention dish out a lot of
damage).  They can't guard this technique, which is very nice.  After you learn
the disciplines that make it hard for Kiryuu to get knocked down when in Heat
Mode, if you start to run low on Heat energy (but you are in Heat Mode), just
charge up this attack and watch people hit you, then let go and hit them all
to bring your bar up to full.
  And the Foot Grab--ah, the *Foot Grab!*  This is one of the best additions to
Kiryuu's arsenal, without a doubt.  Dragging an enemy around, if others start
to cluster all over you, either hit Circle to throw him behind you, or, better
yet, get the enemies more or less in front of you and hit Square.  Most foes
will have to grovel on the ground, holding their ankles a while when his body
flies into them.  Other than that, you can, once you learn the technique from
"Cyclops" Ooba, throw them into many things and cause big damage.
  Other than that, I should mention weapons.  I'm still not too fond of them in
brawlers, since they do alter your attacks and enemies tend to go crazy and
play rough and dirty to get them out of your hands as quickly as possible.
But, having said that, they can be very useful.  Keep in mind that most of them
have a bigger range than just your fists, their attacks usually break enemies'
guards, they tend to knock foes down, dish out more damage, and even build Heat
faster than just your fists.  Also, they help you guard against other weapons
and quite often have special effects such as shocking, stunning, or downing.
  Now, if you're still struggling, I have a highly effective way of defeating
just about any opponent.
  You'll want to land the Slam Blow.  Most likely, opponents will either get
hit and stagger a bit, or they'll guard it and have their guard broken.  Many
opponents will sidestep, but you can almost always force them to be hit or to
try to guard if you time it right when they get up from a knockdown.  The best
way is to time it so your lead jab misses because they're still getting up.  To
time it best, wait for them to rise as they will often roll to the side first.
To force them to stand up, stomp on them.
  After you've got them to stagger from a hit or a guard break, hit Circle.  If
you've timed it right, you can grab any enemy in the game this way.  The best
advice for fights outside the arena is to have the Hercules Glove equipped,
which can be found in various places throughout the game.  Because I use this
strategy often, I also usually have the Black Belt accessory equipped (which
will make either your normal throw or the throw from Foot Grab to do way more
  After you've grappled them, Square x 3.  This will knock them down and build
a decent amount of Heat--plus it will leave their legs before you!  See where
I'm going with this?
  If you're in Heat Mode, move slightly to their right leg and grab it.  Only a
very few number enemies will break this hold instantly--watch for them and
repeat as if they were getting up from a knockdown.
  Once you have their foot, throw them.  Then, it's time to go back in for a
Slam Blow and repeat the process.
  With the Hercules Glove equipped, you can use this strategy to very, very
easily destroy even the hidden bosses!  Only Amon Kazuya will often get up with
a helicopter kick, but if you know what you're doing, you can stay far enough
away and start your Slam Blow to land as he gets up anyway.
  Powerful sidestep-happy foes like Devil Tsuji and Majima may require a bit
more creativity, but note that you can get them to sidestep into walls often,
and then you can land the Slam Blow or Body Blow sometimes.
  Speaking of sidesteppers, you can use them to your advantage, too.  Just do a
single attack and get them to sidestep.  You should be able to recover and face
them (as your lock-on turns into more like a "strafe;" you will lose your lock
when they sidestep).  Almost always, sidesteppers immediately follow up with an
attack.  If you have reversals, yay!  Once you have the Extreme Extremeness,
the Flowing Catch will generate a lot of Heat and most likely put you in Heat
Mode, and then you'll be in front of them, all dazed up, and ready to rock them
with a super-heavy-hitting attack.  Even opponents with huge health bars such
as the final boss are jokes before this attack.  It's even better if you have
the Brawling God's Discipline, because you can unleash this attack without the
necessity to be in Heat Mode.  If you don't have such a thing, the Tiger Killer
is definitely your friend.  In fact, there are opponents in the arena I would
recommend solely using the Tiger Killer to defeat.
  If you don't have reversals, all you have to do is either block their attack
or sidestep.  Most of the time, if you sidestep, they'll be back-turned.  This
is especially good against kung-fu experts, because they will almost always
respond with the slow, jumping twin kicks attack.  Just walk up behind 'em and
land a Triangle attack (I'd recommend letting the Square attacks of your string
miss because they can quickly recover when struck and will just sidestep again,
which is annoying).
  The only other opponent I can think of that would be hard to employ such a
strategy upon are the big cats, but they're actually easy once you get the hang
of them.  They have a very limited repertoire.  For them, I usually use the
Square x 3, Triangle Uppercut move, but don't generally bother following up with
the Hammer Hook as they will often recover and hit you.
  One final piece of advice I can lend is that once you have unlocked the Fight-
ing Ogre or Fighting God Disciplines, you will be able to greatly effect
enemies when your Heat Gauge is full.  That might not sound like a lot, but it
will help you knock guys down--and it will also make them do things like lie on
the ground, rolling around, grabbing themselves in pain.  This is good in that
you can eliminate them from the fight in group fights or keep them stunned
properly in one-on-one face-offs.

2b-III.  Strategies for Enemies by Type

Obviously, not all of the enemies in this game will attack or defend the same
way.  Enemies vary based on size and attack pattern.
  There are three basic sizes:  light, medium, and heavy.  Light enemies can be
thrown normally without any extra input and get effected more by attacks such
as knockdowns.  Medium enemies get effected similarly by knockdowns and such,
but you will have to tap the Circle button repeatedly to throw them.  Heavy
enemies just stagger slightly from almost all knockdowns and stuns, and require
you to tap the Circle button quickly and repeatedly to throw them.  They also
tend to have bigger life bars and take less damage.  You should note that when
you fail a throw attempt, the enemy lands on you, causing damage and leaving
you stunned on the ground for a while.
  There are four basic types of enemy attack patterns:  brawlers, boxers,
grapplers, and gunmen.  Although there are many others such as kickboxers, kung
fu practitioners, karate practitioners, taekwondo practitioners, professional
wrestlers, big cats, ninja, knife throwers, and of course, unique boss
characters, you will be facing the four basic ones over and over.
  Here's a few tips on these enemies, then:

BRAWLER:  This is your basic enemy.  You'll see many of these; trust me.  They
tend to throw out attacks that push them towards you slowly and avoid grapples
and some high attacks such as the Lead Jab.  These attacks include running
headbutts and jumping, hand-locking hammer punches.  Sometimes, as you get up,
they'll just do these attacks over and over and keep knocking you down.  These
attacks have a long wind-up and take some getting used to if you want to try
a reversal, and track you no matter where you go.  In fact, sometimes, their
running headbutt will push them behind you, so if you stand in their face and
hold down the Guard button, they'll still be able to hit you.  All I can say is
that you should Sway away from them and get used to the awkward timing of these
  Other than that, they do grapple often and they also carry weapons.  If you
see some punk holding a club or something at the beginning of the fight, he's
probably gonna be a brawler.  They come in all sizes.

BOXER:  This is the second-most-popular character.  They hop in place and hold
their hands up (which is good practice for a boxer; believe me).  Their attacks
are a ducking straight jab, which avoids high attacks such as the Lead Jab, the
side-stepping Cross Left Hook and Cross Right Hook attacks Kiryuu learns, and
a wild, three-hit combo that involves overhead hooks and uppercuts.  As I said
before, they use attacks that generall cause them to duck under highs, and I
should mention that they usually can avoid grapples that way.
  Having said that, although they will grapple you, the best strategy may be to
grapple them.  They dance around you when not attacking, so you shouldn't stand
still and let them just walk all over you.  Rather, walk towards them and hit
Circle.  Throw them, stomp, throw them, stomp--or better yet, throw them, grab
their foot, and hurl them into something.  Throwing works really well because
these guys are almost always light.

BRUISER:  You'll see these guys standing in some kind of judo-esque pose.  They
use running headbutts and similar attacks to the brawlers, but they rarely pick
up weapons.
  Their main "deal?"  Why, to throw you, of course.  Although they get the same,
generic backbreaker most enemies sport, they'll want to use it over and over,
and they even sometimes can duck and come close in a sort of crouch dash to
catch you.  This will avoid most attacks and grapples.
  Now, these guys are almost always heavy.  You'll have to tap the Circle button
a lot when fighting them.  You'll also need to tap the X button a lot, because
they'll be trying to throw you a lot.  Remember that a grapple attempt will
make Kiryuu drop his weapon.
  They're fairly easy, until they get low on health (of which they tend to have
tons).  Once that happens, they'll charge up, often striking an "I'm-so-angry-
now" pose.  Unfortunately, in this condition, almost all normal attacks won't
effect them.  This is their "super armor" move, if you've played many 2d
fighting games.  What you'll want to do is grapple them.
  Since you have to jam on the buttons so much, remember that you can grapple
and knock someone down with the Square, Square, Square string or with a simple
Triangle.  My basic strategy would be to grab someone, kick them down, run
behind them, grab their foot, and fling them into something or kick them back
down, then wait for them to get up--lather, rinse, repeat.

GUNMEN:  At first, these guys will seem very frustrating.  They hang out at the
edge of the fight and snipe at you.  This time, I didn't find myself getting
knocked down every two seconds by them, so it's not as bad as it was in the
first game, but it's still annoying.
  The solution?  Why, to kill them first!  They're very similar to archers in
the Shin Sangoku Musou / Dynasty Warriors series.  Target them before you take
care of the rest of the crowd.
  That's not easier said than done; just move towards them and sway when you
see an attack coming.  You'll notice that gunmen love to creep away from you
as you approach.  They'll also be doing that side walking that mysteriously
causes you to miss your attacks a lot.  If they're being particularly annoying
that way, Sway when they attack.  While they're attacking, they're stuck in
their animation, and you should be able to close in pretty quickly.  Grapple,
stomp or floor grapple, wait for them to get up--lather, rinse, repeat.
  Thankfully, they don't have very much life.  You should be able to mop these
guys up pretty quickly.

Even for other foes, you can apply these same strategies.  Most of the time,
you'll be trying to knock people down and then do something to them as they
get up so you can grapple them and knock them down again.

2b-IV.  Advanced Battle Discussion


The purpose of this section is to explain the action a little better.  I rambled
on about it earlier--and I'll likely ramble a lot from here out--but I want to
paint a clear picture of what to do at high-level play.  First, I'll explain
the system a bit better, give some pointers, and then I'll list the various
enemies and what they do so you know what to do to them.
  Towards that end, I will be using some special jargon in this section, so I
should start by clarifying a few things:

 - "Invulerability."  I'll call this "invulnerable" or mention "invulnerable
   frames" or "i-frames" or such.  Basically, for all intents and purposes,
   during this action, the character "exists" in that they can be bumped into
   or whatever, but they do not really "exist" in that attacks will simply go
   right through them as if they didn't hit anything.  I-frames are necessary
   for a good action title, in my opinion.

 - "Super armor" or "armor."  In this state, the character can be hit with
   attacks, but their actions don't get interrupted.  In other words, even if
   a heavy attack that would normally cause the victim to stagger slightly or
   collapse, or what-have-you, lands properly, the character will still keep
   right on going as if nothing happened--though they will take damage.

 - "Cool down," "wind-up," and "active attack."  The various actions in the
   game can be thought of as having these three, basic parts.  I'll explain:
    -- "Wind-up" is the first part of most actions.  It's most noticeable when
     people like street thugs are doing their crazy, overhead hooks or slow,
     jumping, spin kicks.  There is no danger of taking damage from someone in
     their wind-up, and most effects aren't even active during this time.
     Having said that, a lot of enemies are either invulnerable or can naturally
     avoid "high" attacks such as most Rush Combo moves.  ALMOST NO ENEMY CAN
     ception of the Unbeatable Reversal.  If you're holding a weapon and want
     to use its Heat Action, and you're wondering why your normal Triangle
     attack came out, that's why.
    -- "Active attack" is the actual attack portion of an action.  This is when
     the attack can do damage and when it can be reversed or interrupted, gener-
     ally speaking.
    -- "Cool down" is the animation after the active window of a move.  Besides
     Rush Combo moves being canceled by the Cancel Sway, you just gotta suffer
     and watch Kiryuu as he recovers from throwing his attack out, for instance.
     Unlike the "wind-up" window, most enemies are vulnerable to all sorts of
     things during this portion of their move.  This is the time to initiate a
     throw or hit them with a Triangle move, or whatever.

 - "Whiff" means just that an attack does not land on its opponent--whether it
   was simply out of range, or if the opponent was avoiding or invulnerable.

 - "Stun," "stagger," "collapse."  These are just various states characters
   enter when hit with an attack.  Basically, being stunned or dizzy means the
   character just stands there, with stars in their eyes, unable to move.  This
   is relatively rare except for when fighting The Man In Black or Gweon Cheol-
   su in the arena (they have a dizzying attack) or when you do something like
   throw a heavy item such as rubble at a foe, or when you do the Flowing Catch
   reversal with O.  Staggering is not really dizzying or anything, but it
   causes enough of a reaction from a foe that you can follow-up.  It won't
   necessarily "combo" in the strictest sense, but...well, for instance, stag-
   gering foes generally don't do that "I immediately broke that!" thing to your
   grapple attempt.  Collapsing is where the character generally does a really
   slow fall to the ground.  During that time, they're usually vulnerable to
   follow-up attacks.

 - "Reversal" refers to a special kind of attack that basically is done during
   the active window of an attack in response.  Generally speaking, it's in-
   vulnerable, because of its speed, and usually does something pretty crazy
   like guarantee a knockdown or collapse or stun.

 - "Parry" refers to a move that is kind-of like a "guard" or "block."  This is
   slightly different from a reversal in that the character will generally do
   it to interrupt a series of fast attacks.  For Kiryuu, it's the Komaki Parry-
   ing Reversal and is done (in this game) by hitting Guard during the active
   portion of an enemy attack.  For enemies, tho', it's something they like to
   do during your Rush Combo attacks, generally.  You'll hear a "thud" like
   they blocked, and then they'll do a (pretty much invulnerable, or else with
   super-armor) attack.

 - "Evade" is called "Sway" by the instructions and all, but it's basically what
   most enemies will do when you're doing your Rush Combo as soon as you hit
   the Triangle for the combo finish.  I'll usually mention what an enemy likes
   to do after evading, because it's very likely that they'll respond that way.

 - "Avoid" is a word I usually use to mean a move is invulnerable to certain
   things.  This pretty much only applies to wind-up periods of attacks that
   avoid "highs"--the Rush Combo, or generic Square-button moves for many
   weapons.  Take the generic thug's Shoulder Charge attack, for example.
   During the wind-up to that move, enemies run towards Kiryuu--but I'll say
   that move "avoids highs," meaning many of your attacks will just sail right
   over them.

 - Move names.  I'm gonna call a lot of things by different terms for this
   section.  For instance, I'll call the "Lotus-Style Diamond Wall" "Super
   Armor."  I'll call most attacks with the "Square" button "Weak" and those
   with Triangle "Heavy."  It's a bit cumbersome to keep looking things up all
   the time, and move names are kinda meaningless babble anyway.

 - "Telegraphing" or "cue."  This refers to the hint you get from the game that
   an action is about to happen.

 - "Staggering" is ... well, it's really just when an opponent is in a reaction
   to either being hit with a heavy attack or when their guard is broken or you
   parry them.  Many opponents will instantly break grapples unless they are in
   this state or if they are in the cool-down window of their attack.  This is
   where I get my whole "Slam Blow - Hold Combo - Foot Grab" thing; this is the
   essential way to beat most opponents in the game.

 - "Game-breaking" refers to the fact that something is overpowering and--in the
   hands of someone who knows what they're doing--may make the game too easy,
   or else just make the enjoyment go away.  Take the Brawling God Disclipline,
   for instance.  This move makes it so that anyone who is somewhat capable at
   the game's fighting should almost fall asleep and still win every single
   match--but it's also "game-breaking" in that it messes things up if you're
   trying for other stuff, such as just doing a "normal" pursuit attack (and
   then, because you can use Heat Actions at any time, you get the Extreme
   Pursuit instead).


Now that I've rambled a lot, let me give an overview of what techniques are
useful for what.

 - Rush Combo: Your "usual" attack style in this game is basically a string of
  light attacks, followed by a Combo Finish.  In that sense, most of your strong
  attacks are actually not independent, but rather dependent on where you are
  in a string of lights.  I think this is actually a bit of a drawback to the
  game's fighting design in that you will need to go into attacks to trigger
  another attack.  In other words, say you want to land the Smash Blow (S x 2,
  T).  Say a foe is stunned first or open, or whatever.  Well, the problem is,
  if you're close, you'll probably start landing light attacks first--and that
  means they will pop out of their stun.  I remember this was maddening to me
  when I first played the first game, and I thought stuns were almost worthless
  as a result (for instance, when fighting Komaki, I used to never use the O
  reversal, because I figured there was no decent follow-up).  This means that
  you will be either intentionally missing the Rush Combo moves, or else need a
  contingency plan for if they land, in certain instances.

 - Cancel Sway: The GOOD thing about the Rush Combo is that you can pause to
  either hit behind you, or delay so your heavy attack hits--or, you can cancel
  into an evade.  You have to learn it first, and it saps some Heat--but not
  very much.  Also, if you're vigilant with building up from side missions and
  stuff, you should easily be able to get this in Chapter 5.

 - Back-Turning Attacks: The light back-turning attacks are good for people who
  sidestep behind you or like to sneak up on you when you're attacking someone
  else (read: all enemies).  I recommend using just one light attack for these
  purposes, as all heavy attacks have a start-up delay, which means almost all
  enemies will have time to respond with a sidestep or what-have-you.  I don't
  recommend using the second back-turning light attack (that awkward kick) too
  much as it has no real effects to speak of and leaves you open.

 - Finish Hold: I use this a lot less in this game than I did in the first, but
  it's pretty dang sweet in that you can use it for two reasons:  to get the
  opponent down (some enemies are just really stubborn about getting knocked
  down), or to gain some invulnerability.  Kiryuu's only invulnerable or super-
  armored during the active animation of a throw or a sidestep, really.  If
  you're swarmed with foes, and in Heat Mode, it might be a good idea to sacr-
  ifice some Heat and employ a Finish Hold.  Note that you can't really delay a
  Finish Hold's input like you can a Rush Combo or Combo Finish, tho'.  Also,
  some enemies (tho' very few) actually can't be hit with a Finish Hold.  Pretty
  much, that really only applies to a few Arena entrants and tigers.

 - Reversals: Yeah, reversals.  These are GREAT on one-on-one fights.  In fact,
  they can be almost gamebreaking if you're good at them.  Not in a one-on-one
  fight...?  It might be a little hard to get them off because of the game's
  wonky lock-on system.

 - Lock-on: When in a group fight, it's wise to not really bother with the lock-
  on.  Instead, just do some Rush Combo stuff, because then you can decide
  when to go for a Combo Finish or Cancel Sway or back-turning attack.  Note
  that if an opponent moves to the side, they will no longer be locked onto.
  This is probably the biggest hurdle beginners will wrestle with in the game's

 - Grapples: Although a throw has limited invulnerability and hits nearby
  opponents and guarantees a knock-down, I don't use it too much.  I do, how-
  ever, grapple quite often.  When holding an enemy, if you're being swarmed,
  you can hit back + S.  Since you can drag a guy around while holding them,
  you can easily direct this move in an almost 180 degree arc.  It's very good
  at hitting foes.  Enemies get the extra time for the active window to break
  your grapple, but they also have to wait for the entire recovery window until
  they actually break it--so, if you're fast enough, you can go into the Hold
  Combo.  Speaking of which, if I don't like my positioning, I'll sometimes
  end the Hold Combo early because it has a much faster recovery than it seems
  like it should.  You can even theoretically grab someone, heatbutt them, grab
  again, headbutt ad nauseum, unless they instant-break grapples.  Speaking of
  which, a way around this is the beautiful Hercules Glove item--the only
  accessory I really care about!  You can also equip the Acala Belt if you want
  to throw enemies without mashing the button over and over.  If you need a
  quick knockdown, tho', just use the Hold Kick (T) to get around that.  Since
  enemies--including most who instantly break grapples--generally take more time
  to break a grapple if they are stunned or staggering around, or when their
  guard is broken, that's the general idea behind my whole "Slam Blow - Hold"
  thing.  Just make sure you time the Slam Blow so sidestep-happy types don't
  get a sidestep (for instance, by whiffing the first hit of your Rush Combo as
  they are in i-frames getting up from the ground), and you will either break
  their guard or get them to stagger slightly, which will ensure a grapple for
  most opponents.

 - Grapple breaking: Whoops--you didn't notice someone had you in their grasp,
  and you were thrown!  There are ways around that--and the best is probably the
  "away + S" meant to kick pursuing foes when you are grabbed.  Though the guy
  holding you can still supposedly enter enough button-taps (they don't really
  have to, being the computer) to throw you, they still have to wait for your
  entire kick animation before they can.  Use this time to mash the heck out of
  X or O (if you have the reversal throw) during your strike, and hope you
  entered enough taps to break or reverse the throw.

 - Downed opponents: or, to pursue, or not to pursue?  You pretty much only have
  three or four options against downed guys:  to hit them with a pursuit, to hit
  them with an Extreme Pursuit Heat Action, or to Foot Grab them when you're in
  Heat Mode (the forth is kinda moot, in a way; it's to grab another guy and do
  the Heat Move where you drop them onto the downed opponent).  I prefer not to
  do Heat Moves against downed foes for a few reasons.  For one, the kick
  version (when they're face-down) doesn't do much damage.  For another, you
  have to get popped kinda into "cinema" mode to watch the Heat Action--but
  other foes can regroup in that time.  That means that when you're dumped back
  into gameplay, everyone who was on the ground or whatever could be all
  standing right on top of you.  Now...you will want to pursue foes or grab
  their feet a lot, because you will then force them to stop lying on their
  backs all day as they will automatically enter their "get-up" animation (which
  is invulnerable).  The beauty of the Foot Grab is that you will not use all
  your Heat Energy from an Extreme Pursuit, but you'll still have an answer for
  them just lying on their back all day--plus, since it's a grapple, you can
  throw them and hit the opponents around you--and you don't even need to push
  the button a million times if they're heavy!

Enemy Attack List

I'll list the attacks enemies do and say what they like to do after sidesteps,
and such.

  - Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery
  - Wild Overhead, Roundhouse Kick, Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery on all three
  - Spin Kick
   Very slow wind-up, slow recovery

  - Headbutt
   Slow wind-up that avoids highs, super armor.
  - Twin punches
  - Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery.
  - Wild Overhead, Roundhouse Kick, Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery on all three
  - Spin Kick
   Very slow wind-up, slow recovery
  - Shoulder charge
  - Poke
   Wind-up avoids highs.

  - Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery
  - Wild Overhead, Roundhouse Kick, Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up and recovery for all three
  - Leaping Overhead Hammer
   Very slow wind-up and recovery.  Watch for them to do this when they're at a
  - Body Blow
   Faster than it seems.
  - Rush-in Grapple
   Long active window, very slow recovery.
  Sidestep preference: Leaping Overhead Hammer
  - "Power Up" automatically activates at low health, activates "Super Armor"
  STANCE:  Super Armor (note:  has super armor)
  - Spinning Backfist
   Knockdown.  Long active window, slow recovery
  - Leaping Overhead Hammer
   Very slow wind-up and recovery.  Distance move.
  - Rushing Shoulder Charge
   Very slow wind-up that tracks.
  - Rush-in Grapple
   Long active window, very slow recovery.
  - Special Throw (throw)
   You get less of an escape window and a nice little cinema for a throw.  And
  Sidestep preference: Spinning Backfist
  Once a brute has entered the Super Armor mode, all you can do is hope to
  throw them.  They'll break throws a lot, naturally--but you can force them
  to stagger because they will curiously try to block the Slam Blow as they get
  up from a knockdown and have their guard broken.  I say "curiously" because
  they pretty much don't need to guard because of the Super Armor.

  - Mongolian Chop
   Knockdown.  Super armor.
  - Drop Kick
   Relatively long wind-up and recovery.  Knockdown.
  - Rushing Overhead Hook
  - Quick Jumping Overhead Hammer
  - Overhead Chop
  - Overhead Chop, Horizontal Chop, Mongolian Chop
   Knockdown.  Super armor for the last attack.
  PARRY:  Overhead Chop

  - Ducking Straight
   Wind-up window avoids highs
  - Right Hook, Left Hook
  - Jog Around
   Kind of like super armor effect.
  Sidestep preference:  Ducking Straight or Right Hook, Left Hook, but almost
   always attacks after a side-step.  Very prone to side-stepping.

  - Straight Kick
  - Low Kick
   Basically unblockable (low)
  - Flying Knee
   Long wind-up, long recovery.  Distance move.
  - Quick Spin Kick
  - Straight, Straight, Backdash
   Wind-up of straights avoids highs, backdash is an evade.
  - Straight, Straight, High Roundhouse
   Wind-up of straights avoids highs, roundhouse is a knockdown.

  - Straight
   Long wind-up window, super armor
  - Straight, Straight, Spin Kick
   Long wind-up window, super armor...spin kick knocks down.
  - Roundhouse
   Knockdown, super armor
  - PARRY:  Straight
  Sidestep preference:  Straight
  Bait them into blocking and parrying by tapping them with rush combo moves,
  then respond.  They usuall break throws a lot, so remember to get them to
  stagger or guard break first.

  - Chop
   Slow wind-up that sort-of sidesteps
  - Body Blow, High Kick
  - Reversal Stance
   While getting into the stance, the two enemies with this have super armor.
  STANCE:  Reversal
   All attacks are automatically reversed except the grapple.
  Bait them into getting into their reversal stance with one or two rush combo
  attacks, then throw them.  They usually break throws unless staggering or
  guard broken or in reversal stance.

  - Ducking Poke
   Wind-up evades highs, active window reaches very far and is fast.
  - Side Kick
  - Twin Jump Kicks
   Long wind-up, active, and cool-down windows
  Sidestep preference:  Twin Jump Kicks
  Bait most of them into side-stepping and then evade their jump kicks or guard,
  unless you are surrounded.  They are quite active, so in the three fights
  against a crowd of them, be sure not to get over-extended too much unless
  you've gotten far enough away from the crowd or gotten enough of them down.
  In fact, the three fights against them in Meet Master White Lotus are pro-
  bably the hardest group fights in the game--not just because they will side-
  step into twin kicks, which is slow and far-reaching, but because they will
  stand behind the guys you're hitting and reach through them with their fast
  pokes, which are annoyingly good at interrupting and comboing you.  Best
  things for this are to grab the small guys and immediately throw them for
  some i-frames--or use the Finish Hold if you're in Heat.  If you grab a big
  guy and don't have the Acala Belt (which you probably don't at that point),
  hit T and kick them and hope you don't get poked out of it.  You can rely on
  Master White Lotus to thin the crowds as she uses the Energy Palm instantly.

TAEGWEONDO / TAEKWONDO (Man In Black, Gweon Cheolsu)
  - Sidestepping, Arching High Kick
   Stuns.  Seemingly unblockable as he moves to the side.  Turn towards him to
  - Somersault Kick
   Long recovery.  Knockdown.
  - Leaping Kick
   Long active and cool-down.  Knockdown.  Prefers this at a distance.
  - Jog Around
   Similar to boxers.
  - High Spin Kick to Jumping Spin Kick
   Second hit is a knockdown.
  Sidestep preference:  Sidestepping, Arching High Kick or High Spin Kick to
   Jumping Spin Kick
  This guy likes to guard a lot, instantly breaks throws often, and sidesteps
  after a guard break.  The only really annoying thing about him is his stunning
  kick.  He'll sometimes do two or three of them in a row.  Hold the guard
  button down if hit by it and there may be enough of a delay to block a follow-
  up attack.

  - Knife/shuriken throw
  These guys move away from you as you close in.  Time a sidestep to get in
  close and mess them up.  Note that their throw is a normal attack, so you can
  reverse it during the wind-up window with the Komaki-Style Unbeatable
  Reversal when close.

  - Overhead slash
  - Dashing slash
  These annoying guys like to lurk far off and dash in.  You'll see a lot of
  them in the Osaka Castle.

SENTINELS (big guys with two-handed weapons such as Ottomans)
  - Overhead Hit
   Unblockable knockdown.  Invulnerable.
  - Two Big Swings, Overhead Hit.
   Knockdown.  Super Armor.  Guard Break.
  - PARRY:  Overhead Hit
   Unblockable knockdown.  Invulnerable.
  These guys pretty much always have super armor.  You may see them get into a
  "block" stance.  This is because their overhead hit is a parry; they need to
  guard your attack to do it.  Hit them with weapons or get close enough to
  start the Charge Kick or Lotus Palm charging.  This will generally duck their
  attacks.  When they miss, release the button.

  - Weapon Strike (at close range)
  - Fire Weapon
  These guys permanently move away from you until they fire.  Note that their
  shots are actually normal attacks, so if you're close, you can do the Komaki
  Unbeatable Reversal--but you will probably already have the Harquebus Muffler,
  which is specifically designed for them and takes precedence, so it will come
  out instead once learned.  Sidestep and get in close, then mess them up.

GUN EXPERT (Ji Yeongmin, Mystery Assassin, etc.)
  - Mad Dash
  - Turning Aim-and-Fire
   Long wind-up window.
  - Weapon Strike to Fire (at close range)
  - Reload
   Not an attack--this is an opportunity to get in there and hit them.
  Sidestep preference:  Turning Aim-and-Fire
  They dash around like the guy in "Try and hit me!"  So, you can corner them
  and try rush combos into back-turning attacks when they are near a wall.
  Otherwise, wait until they give a vocal cue and sidestep correclty to get in
  close and mess them up.  Staggering them and then grappling is advised.  The
  Harquebus Muffler Heat Move works on them, but as they dash around, your
  window of opportunity may be small.

GIM (big brute of the two Jin'gweon guys in Emoto's) (or, Jin'gweon A)
  - Twin Wild Hooks
  - Jumping Overhead Hammer
   Distance move.  Long wind-up and recovery.
  - Rush-in Grapple
   (only when Choei is active)
   Activates QTE:  Tap Square to damage both
  - Leg Hold
   (only when Choei is active)
   Happens when Kiryuu is near Gim while he is down.
   Activates QTE:  Tap Triangle to damage both.
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically activates when knocked down at low health, but
   Choei needs to be still active.

CHOEI (kickboxer of the two Jin'gweon guys in Emoto's) (or, Jin'gweon B)
  - Straight, Straight, High Kick
   Last hit is a Knockdown.
  - Shin Kick
   Unblockable (low)
  - Rush-in Grapple
   (only when Gim is active)
   Activates QTE:  Tap Circle to damage Gim
  - Leg Hold
   (only when Gim is active)
   Happens when Kiryuu is near Choei while he is down.
   Activates QTE:  Tap Circle to damage both.
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically activates when knocked down at low health, but
   Gim needs to be active.

  - Knife throw
  - Triple knife throw
  - Sweep
   Unblockable (low).  Knockdown.
  Not much to say here--just take out his underlings, who all throw knives,
  and then stay close.  He sidesteps a lot, but that shouldn't be a problem.
  Once you've taken out his underlings, Sayama will help by focusing on him.

  - Jumping Side Kick
   Slow active window.  Usually misses.
  - Quick Kick
   Long recovery.
  - Spinning Backfist
   Knockdown.  Long active window, slow recovery
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically occurs when knocked down at low health.

  - Two Fierce Hooks, Fierce Side Kick
   Super Armor.  Last hit is a knockdown.
  - Sidestepping Fierce Straight
   Super Armor.
  - Flaming Backhand
   Super Armor.
  - Stagger to Flaming Backhand
   Usually occurs after you land a Body Blow.  Super Armor.
  - Stagger to Flaming Uppercut
   Floats.  Usually occurs after you land Uppercut or Slam Blow.  Super Armor.
  - Fierce Side Kick
   Knockdown.  Super Armor.  Very slow wind-up, active, and recovery windows.
  - Healing Charge
   He gets health back.  Super Armor.  Hit him a lot during it, or simply grab
   him to end the health recharge.  In the final fight, he will enter Super
   Armor mode after this.
  - Double Headbutts (throw)
   His grapple has an extremely short escape window.
  Sidestep preference:  Sidestepping Fierce Straight (super armor)
  QTE:  X, T, S (punches)
  FINAL QTE:  T (cross counter--only happens at the very end of the last fight)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically occurs when knocked down at low health.
  Bait him into the sidestepping fierce straight and respond.  Otherwise, land
  a Combo Finish and wait for him to respond with one of his two staggering
  responses, then respond to that.  He's rather easily thrown, too.

  - Backhand slice
   Super Armor.  Unblockable.  Knockdown.
  - Flaming Backhand
   Super Armor.
  - Two Fierce Hooks
   Super Armor.
  - Sword Uppercut
   Launches.  Unblockable.
  - Quick Slice, Quick Slice
   Knockdown.  Unblockable.  Super Armor.
  - Stagger to Sword Uppercut
   Usualy occurs after a Body Blow.  Super Armor.  Unblockable.
  - Fierce Swipe to Fierce Side Kick
   Knockdowns.  Super Armor.  First hit is unblockable.  Very slow wind-up and
  - Pouncing Slice
   Knockdown.  Unblockable.
  - Healing Charge
   He gets health back.  Super Armor.  Grab him to stop the health recharge.
   Also activates super armor for the remainder of the fight.
  QTE:  X, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle (sword swipes)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Activates automatically when knocked down at low health.
  Basically the same deal as above with aesthetic differences.  Note that the
  Super Extreme Pursuit is unique to this fight.  Best advice is to give him
  a wide berth because of his huge sword reach, wait for him to miss, and then
  grab him--especially with the Hercules Glove equipped.

  - Extreme Sidestep
   Almost no cool-down or wind-up, so he can do several of them in a row.
  - Lunging Twin Slashes
  - Fiery Straight Punch
   Long cool-down.  Knockdown.
  - Leaping Overhead Stab
   Unblockable.  Long cool-down.  Prefered move at a distance.
  - Lunge, Twin Spinning Kicks, Slash, Fiery Straight Punch
   First and fourth attacks are unblockable.  Last has long cool-down and is a
   knockdown.  Evade the fourth attack to your left when facing him, if poss-
   ible.  Whiff your first hit and land the second to stagger him and try to
  - Back Kick
   Uses this when you're behind him.  Watch out as he sometimes cancels his
   long attack string with this if you get behind him.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low).
  - Taunt
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  QTE:  X, T, X, T (sweeps and slashes)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically occurs when knocked down at low health.
  You'll never be able to throw him in this game, as you can only fight him in
  the Ronin GP at the Arena (meaning, you'll always have a weapon).  However,
  since you always have a weapon, it might not be a bad idea to block as much
  as you can until your Heat Gauge charges and then just wait for a slight
  opening to hit the T and do your Extreme Weapon Attack.  Note that succeeding
  during the QTE will charge your Heat Gauge.

 Form 1
  - Overhead Double Hammer
  - Twin Hooks
  - Rush-in Grapple
   Activates QTE:  Tap S, tap S, tap S (smashing against a wall)
 Form 2:  Kali Sticks
  - Kali Fury
   Long wind-up, active, and cool-down.  Invulnerable.  Knockdown.
  - Kali Combo
  - PARRY:  Kali Fury
 Form 3 (once Kali sticks are destroyed--Super Armor)
  - Three Hooks, Overhead Hammer
   Super Armor.
  - Overhead Double Hammer
   Super Armor.
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Activates automatically when health is low and knocked down.
   Activates QTE: tap T, tap T, tap T, tap T
  Easily defeated by using the "stagger or guard break - grapple" strategy.
  Watch for the "ding!" when he does his invulnerable move during form 2.  He
  will do this after a successful guard.  Wait for it to end and then whiff a
  S and hit T to time an easy stagger opportunity.

  - Katana combo (similar to Kiryuu's four-hit string w/katana)
  - Quick Slash
  - Charge Slash
  - Overhead Leaping Slash
  Sidestep Preference:  Quick Slash
  QTE 1:  T, X, Tap X, Tap T (in the garden)
  QTE 2:  S (upstairs)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically starts when knocked down at low health.
  He responds to sidestepping with way too quick an attack to respond.  He
  can be defeated by the whole "slam blow - hold combo" stuff pretty easily,

BOSS:  BIG CAT (Tigers, except The Diablo, a lion)
  *NOTE:  No grapples, Finish Holds, O reversals, or Unbeatable Reversals work.
  *NOTE:  They can only be knocked down at certain intervals as their damage
   goes down.
  - Paw Swipe
   Super Armor.
  - Bite
   Fast wind-up.  Super Armor.
  - Overhead Double-Paw
   Knockdown.  Relatively long cool-down.  Unblockable.
  - Pounce
   Knockdown.  Long wind-up window, long cool-down.  Unblockable.  Super Armor.
  - Bite, Overhead Double-Paw, Pounce
   Second and third hits are Knockdowns.  Relatively long cool-down.  Super
  - Turning Swipe
   Super Armor.  Does this when Kiryuu is behind or to the side.
  - Roar
   Super Armor.  Only happens during the boss fight when both tigers are active.
  QTE:  Tap X, O, tap T (only during boss fight when only one tiger is left)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically happens when knocked down at low health.
  When squaring off one-on-one, it's a bit easier.  You basically don't want to
  sidestep too often as it's kinda pointless.  Just respond after blocking an
  attack with either a Slam Blow, Body Blow, or Uppercut--depending on how much
  life is left.  Sometimes, you can get the Hammer Hook to land, but it misses
  quite often so I don't recommend it.  Note that you can block their attacks
  once you've gotten the Diamond Wall status from the Master White Lotus side

  - Mad Dash
  - Bullet Spray
   Long wind-up, active window, and cool-down.  Super Armor.  Only does full
   spray if Kiryuu stays in front of him.
  - Bullet Burst
   Long wind-up and cool-down.  Super Armor.  Does this if Kiryuu gets to his
   side or back during the wind-up.
  - Gun Bash
   Only does this when you're close to him.
  - Reload
   Not an attack--this is an opportunity to get in there and hit him.
  Sidestep preference:  Bullet Spray or Burst (depending on where you are)
  QTE 1:  O, X (falling i-beams)
   Watch for this one as it does considerable damage if you fail.
  QTE 2:  Tap X repeatedly (reloading)
   Only happens when he's low on health.
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically happens when he's knocked down on low health.
  Best advice for him is to throw out light attacks so he starts his slow
  wind-up before firing and get to the side, and then a little bit away so you
  can whiff an S and then do a T for a Slam Blow--or even 2 S's and a T for a
  Body Blow, if you'd like, then grab him and do the Hold Combo.  Slam Blow -
  Hold Combo - Foot Grab - Throw trap works just fine so long as you miss the
  weak attacks, but you can't win the entire match this way as QTE 1 will
  automatically occur at set intervals and you will have your positions reset.

  - Roll or Backflip
   He dodges a lot--even when not attacked.
  - Slow Triple Axe Attacks
   Very slow recovery.  Guard and punish him.
  - Axe Combo
   Very long recovery period.  Guard and punish him.
  - Axe Uppercut, Uppercut, Axe Dance
   A long combo with a long recovery period.
  - Lunge, Twin Spinning Kicks, Axe Slash, Fiery Straight Punch
   Last attack has long cool-down and is a knockdown.  Evade the fourth attack
   to your left when facing him, if possible.  Whiff your first hit and land
   the second to stagger him and try to follow-up.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low).
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  Not much to say here.  He's kinda like Kamiyama, but without the invulnerable
  Kali Fury or the Extreme Sidestep of Majima's.  Just stun him with a Slam
  Blow (or whatever) and Hold Combo--especially if you have the Hercules Glove
  equipped.  "Special" Heavy; doesn't get fazed by attacks heavily, even at
  full Heat.

  - Turn and Shoot
  - Fall and Shoot
   Unblockable.  Avoids highs as he falls to the ground.
  - Gun Bash Combo
   Similar to the Kali Dance combo of Kamiyama, Amon Kazuya, and Chef Jeong.
  - Double Fire x 5
  Get-up preference:  Helicopter Rising (unblockable low)
  Your standard "gun expert"--plus a combo.  Nothing really interesting here;
  he doesn't even really dash around like your usual "gun expert."  "Special"
  Heavy; doesn't get fazed heavily by attacks, even at full Heat.

  - Fire Grenade
  - Gun Bash
  Sidestep preference:  Gun Bash
  Does a lot of damage and has a big life bar--and is a "Special" Heavy who
  does not get fazed by heavy attacks like a normal Heavy, even with Pow.2.
  Other'n that, nothing much to say.

  Form 1:  Grenades
  - Grenade Throw
  - Roll/Flip
   His evade.  Usually follows with a grenade.
  - Triple Grenade Throw
  - Sweep
   Unblockable (low).  Knockdown.
  - Quick Jumping Overhead Hammer
  - Flaming Straight Punch
   Just like Majima's.  Knockdown.
  - Charge
   Enables Extreme Extremeness.
  - Extreme Extremeness
   Does HEFTY damage and is unavoidable, like a QTE.
  Form 2:  Exploding-Rounds Gun
  - Turn and Fire
  - Triple Fire
  - Jumping Kick
   Distance move.
  - Sweep
   Unblockable (low)
  - Kali Fury (without Kali sticks, tho'?)
   Unblockable, knockdown, invulnerable.
  - Charge
   Enables Extreme Extremeness.
  - Extreme Extremeness
   Does HEFTY damage and is unavoidable, like a QTE.
  PARRY:  Kali Fury
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  Form 3:  Twin Plasma Swords
  - Kali Fury
   Unblockable, knockdown, invulnerable.  He will do this to activate the form.
  - Slow Triple Kali Attacks
   Very slow recovery.  Unblockable.  Stuns.
  - Kali Combo
   Very slow recovery.  Unblockable.  Stuns.
  - Kali Dance
   Very slow recovery.  Unblockable.  Stuns.
  - Lunge, Twin Spinning Kicks, Kali Slash, Fiery Straight Punch
   Last attack has long cool-down and is a knockdown.  Evade the fourth attack
   to your left when facing him, if possible.  Whiff your first hit and land
   the second to stagger him and try to follow-up.  "Kali" in this case is his
   unblockable, stunning plasma swords.
  - Charge
   Enables Extreme Extremeness.
  - Extreme Extremeness
   Does HEFTY damage and is unavoidable, like a QTE.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low)
  PARRY:  Kali Fury
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  This guy may see impossible until you equip the Hercules Glove.  He is a
  "Special" Heavy, he has high defense (especially against Heat Moves), etc.
  All the usual stuff you'd put on the "super" boss.  He switches forms based
  on health.  All bombs pause a moment and then explode, so you will definitely
  want to avoid them after he throws/shoots them.
  If you equip the Hercules Glove, he's a pussycat.  It takes a long time, but
  you can easily just stun him with something like a Slam Blow and then Hold
  Combo, Foot Grab, repeat.  The only caveat is really that he will sweep you,
  which will knock you down if you're not in Heat Mode--so don't stomp him; just
  wait for him to start to stand up before using your Slam Blow.  Keep Staminans
  handy, just in case.  Easiest Amon besides the first game's "use the shocking
  sword over and over" tactic.

There are basically two types of fight in this game:  one-on-one (bosses) and
group fights.  Generally, you will be in a group fight.  In order to survive,
here are some notes:

GROUP FIGHTS:  As I've noted many times in the guide, what you will basically
be doing during group fights is not leaving yourself over-extended.  This means
that a lot of moves have a long period of cool-down or wind-up--you don't want
to be caught and interrupted during those in a group fight.
  What's the solution?  Well, the Cancel Sway is definitely your friend, but
you may also want to use grappling a lot.  The Finish Hold is good in that you
can guarantee invulnerability in a group--and your throw will probably knock
some guys down, which is nice.  The regular throw is also invulnerable, but
until you get the Acala Belt, you will probably have to go through the whole
"tap the button a lot!" thing as most enemies are either Heavy or Medium.  I
recommend doing a back-turning attack during a hold to knock guys away or simply
kicking them with T--which actually has a longer wind-up than it should and can
be interrupted.
  Note that all other enemies besides the guy you are facing will always wait
to get behind you and look for an opening.  This is why so many enemies side-
step like mad, for instance.  Their slow attacks can actually go right through
the guy you're hitting, so be careful of that!
  You should use Rush Combos and back-turning attacks often, then look for an
opportunity where you're far enough away from others to separate one from the
crowd, and go ahead and punish him.  Remember that the Unbeatable Reversal works
wonders in that it hits enemies even in the wind-up period of their attacks--and
bear in mind that any Heat Move will pretty much reset everything so that every-
one can be mobbing you like mad right after it's finished.

ONE-ON-ONE FIGHTS:  Stunning and grappling is, indeed, your friend.  In fact,
most one-on-one fights can easily be won this way (even against the Amon clan).
There are a few one-on-ones that require a bit more finesse...I think I've
covered them above in their appropriate move lists.

2c.  Tips for Making Money or Experience

One of the frustrating aspects of this game is that there are experience caps
for each level.  Well, kinda.  After you reach a certain amount of experience,
enemies will simply bow in respectful greeting to you rather than go "oy!" or
whatever and try to pick a fight.  Most of them will simply disappear from the
map entirely.  So, if you're trying to build up solely by fighting...you'll
only get so far.
  What to do, then?  Well, I highly advocate pausing at points in the story--
even when the game is urging you to race to your next objective--and take care
of any and all side missions available.  I do this after enemies stop fighting,
so that I have their experience, also.  Bear in mind that the cabaret club girls
are, in and of themselves, side missions--and so, you should do them when you
can for their 2,000 experience each.  I usually save them for the end of the
chapter, along with Host Club Adam and managing Hostess Club Marietta.  Why?
Because you need to have active game time lapse both to get the girls to meet
you for their "after" date and--mind you, this takes even longer--for their
"escort" date.  At the same time, both Adam and Marietta have such waiting
periods.  It's usually 3 minutes of waiting between "days" for Adam and Mari-
etta, but Marietta also has some 3+ hours after the final fight for the story to
conclude.  You can just put a rubber band on the left stick, holding it up and
to the left, and run Kiryuu into a corner (such as the one in the parking lot)
for this time, if you'd like--"time" doesn't advance while you're paused, even
if Kiryuu's just standing there, musing that he should go do the next story
point.  My advice for Marietta, if you want, is to just turn the TV off or off
the input and do other stuff for a few hours....  But, you can opt to just go
ahead with the story and come back to the entrance to see if Kiryuu says "hmm,
it's closed" or if he decides to go in because the lights are on (there is no
graphical difference, I think).
  Anyway, I use the time running from club to club to try and get the girls,
Adam, and Marietta done at the same time in Chapter 5.
  Speaking of the girls...you'll notice that they take a lot of money.  Not so
much that you'd pull your hair out, if you opt not to order champagne or buy
them gifts (neither of which are worth it at all; the most you get is 1 heart).
But that final girl, Nana...you'll need 10 million yen to complete her story!
  That brings up the other annoying thing you may encounter in the game:  money.
  For those who really wanna take care of business as quickly as possible, I
will, therefore, list ways to get money and to get experience, some of which are
kinda/sorta cheat-like.

1.  Side Missions.  Of course, fighting gives money, but once that dries up...
  what then?  Well, you can usually get a decent amount of money from side
  missions.  Bear in mind that many side missions give you things to sell.
    One mission in particular should not be missed.  This is the "Agent of
  Vengeance" series.  Once you're done with the final one, be sure to refuse
  the money you're offered, and you'll get a clue to a safe combination.  Go to
  the building you had the final fight in (near the coin lockers in Shoufuku)
  and Kiryuu will be like "Huh, come to think of it, I got that clue" or some-
  thing.  Once inside, go to the safe and enter 5-7-5-7-7.  THIS WILL GIVE YOU
2.  Sell items.  You can sell all items except weapons at either Ebisuya Pawn
  Shop location.  Some items are a no-brainer that they should be sold right
  away, such as the 10G Coins or Lacquer Plates.  These items actually only
  exist to be sold.  In fact, if you do well at gambling, you should redeem
  your winnings for Gold Plates or whatever--because, that's the only way to
  cash in (use the chips for plates, take them to Ebisuya, sell them).  It's a
  bit cumbersome, I know, but that's how you do it.
    I also would like to point out that you can get some pretty decent cash
  from selling a few things from side missions, like the Albatross Akagi's
  5-Iron from his mission, or the 1000G Coin from the Shogi 2 mission, pretty
  early on.  In fact, I recommend that when you get to Chapter 5, you do the
  Dragon Palace side mission straight away, with food in your inventory, and
  just go up and play Shogi 2 times (you can start the game and quit), and then
  do Shogi 2.  Why?  Because there's a pretty reliable system to it (not 100%,
  but pretty close).  I'll list it in the missions section, but if you can get
  it (which isn't hard), you can sell it for 500,000 yen.  It helps because
  hostesses, Support Sunflower (1-4), and Marietta are all available early on,
  worth the experience, and use a grip of cash.
     1.  The weird "healing" energy drink things you find in action stages.
       Not worth it.
     2.  Bai Ling Water.  USE THIS IMMEDIATELY.  You only get them from coin
       lockers, I believe, but they are basically there to be used, because
       they grant 1,000 experience when you do.
     3.  Accessories.  (Not ones like watches or necklaces, or whatever, that
       are meant to be gifted to cabaret club girls)  Things like the Black
       Belt or whatever...I don't sell, unless I have multiples.  There are a
       few you get tons of (such as the Black Belt and Yakuza Muscle Trainers),
       especially from fights at the arena.  These, naturally, you should sell
       your duplicates of.  But some items you can only pretty much get one of.
     4.  Special items for gambling.  If you've already checked off a mini-
       game on the list by winning a lot at it, great!  Go ahead and sell the
       BJ Charm, or whatever.  However, one I would never, ever sell would be
       either the Black or Red Gem.  You'll see why in a bit--it can make you
       quite rich!
3.  Sell weapons.  During fights or action stages, many of the weapons you get
  either by knocking them from enemy hands or by simply finding them lying about
  the map can be stowed away.  Simply pause as you pick them up, go into the
  Items menu, select it (it'll be on the upper left-hand corner) and hit the
  Circle (X for Western release) button.  This should remove it and put it in
  one of your three, blue slots for weapons.  I usually go into action stages
  with no weapons so I can pick three up.
    Especially good to sell are guns and "famous swords."  Shotguns net a pretty
  decent amount of cheddar.
    To sell weapons, you will need to find an arms dealer.  There are three who
  will buy weapons (armor, too, but you can sell that to Ebisuya, too).  The
  first one you will encounter in the story is in the Dragon Palace's 5th
  floor in the northeast, near the stairway that used to go to the roof in the
  first game (it's blocked off in this game).  The secret shop at Beam and the
  weapons dealer "Tatsu" (in his Soutenmaru boat) will also buy stuff from you,
  but you need to open them up through side missions later in the game than the
  5th chapter (you'll need to do a side mission in Ch.5 to get into the Dragon
  Palace, but it's a rather easy one).
    Note that you can sell things in your Items Box--same as you can to the guy
  at the pawn shop.  This is particularly good in the HD remake, as you can use
  the Items Box at any save point, rather than in the original release, where
  you had to use an actual Items Box or go to your Hideout.
4.  Not impressed by my suggestions?  Well, try THIS one on.  This is how to
  really make it rich quick!
    Well OK, I lied.  It's not the quickest thing ever.  It requires a bit of
  patience, quitting, and reloading from a Save Point.
    I'm talking, of course, about Roulette.  On Roulette, you can bet 1,000
  chips on any single number--and then get paid off 36 times your bet.  That's
  36,000 chips--or a whopping 3,600,000 yen!  What really is a bother about
  this is that you will have to then buy 36 Gold Plates, carry them to an Items
  Box (again, the HD remake is WAY better because there's a save point much
  closer than your Hideout--unless you do it in the Sai no Kawara gambling
  area; simply walk across to the Arena and use that box), stow them, and then
  go to Ebisuya and sell them all.  It does take time, but it's not the end of
  the world.
    Doing it naturally is annoying, because your chance is 1/38 that you will
  strike it rich.  Plus, the game is probably programmed to stack it with an
  even lower chance.
    So, what to do, eh?  Well, you can get a Black Gem from the coin lockers in
  Soutenbori.  I would recommend doing so.  If you use it right before you talk
  to the guy at Roulette, the next spin will come up black.  That cuts it down
  to a 1/18 chance.  That's like 5.5%.  If you don't mind restarting over and
  over, you can then spend only 100,000 yen (10 man yen) and end up netting
  3,500,000.  But if you're like me, you don't really like those odds, so I
  will usually pick three random black numbers and go ahead and spend the 300K
  to net 3,300,000.  That gives you a 1/6 chance.  If you don't like those
  odds, you can always go up to 60,000 and pick 6 numbers, giving you a 1 in 3
  chance--and you'll still walk away with 3,000,000 yen!
    The really cool thing?  Guess what?  The "Beast Survivor's Match" at the
  Arena will randomly (though, rarely) give Red Gems.  These are like the Black
  Gems, but they make the next spin always come up on a red number--so just do
  the same thing, but bet on red numbers!
    It sounds annoying (and it kinda is), but trust me...just try it and you
  will probably have a big payoff in some 15 minutes or so of trying.
5.  Premium New Game time!  So, you didn't do the side stuff and you have an
  awful lot to spend your dough on in Premium New Game--but your wallet is
  hurting, eh?  Well...if you can make it through the story without continuing,
  your rewards can be pretty substantial.  Heck, if you have the Extreme
  Extremeness attack, it's probably fairly easy to just muscle your way through
  the bloody thing.  Just keep doing that over and over and collecting the
  reward, if you want.
6.  Premium New Game?  Completed the restaurant menu items & booze lists?  Well,
  when you talk to Bob Utsunomiya near the "Kamuro District" sign in the south-
  east of the map, you should be able to get the "Dragon Sarashi" armor.  This
  item sells for 60,000 yen, and you can keep going back to Bob and getting
  more.  It's a bit of a nuisance, but you can keep going back and forth to
  the Pawn Shop and Bob and keep selling it over and over and over, if you wish.

1.  Side Missions.  Again, this is a great way to get experience.  I usually
  reserve side missions until the thugs stop fighting me (boo-hoo).  This way,
  I reach the experience cap, and then I get all the hefty amounts of exp. from
  side missions on top of that.  In fact, for most of the game, I'll have no
  thugs even wanna duke it out.  It's only the last two chapters where they're
  suddenly raring to go (at which point, if you're fully built-up, unless you
  want to defeat all the Encounter Bosses--which is pretty much only good for
  items and yen--you may as well equip the Lucky Beads item, which can be ob-
  tained at the casino in the Dragon Palace's 1st floor).
2.  Dining at a restaurant with either cabaret club girls on dates or when
  Sayama is tagging along.  For some reason, the sit-down restaurants around
  town such as Zuboraya or Kanrai will allow you to buy each and every single
  item on the menu when you're on a date.  It's expensive, but it usually gives
  over 1,000 experience points.  If you're on a date with a cabaret club girl,
  you may want to just order the one item she likes for her, then order the
  gamut for yourself--if you order the wrong stuff, they usually lose a half a
  heart (oh, no!).
3.  Bai Ling Water.  This is a rare item--in fact, I think it's only available
  in the coin lockers.  If you get ahold of one, use it!  Its entire value is
  to give you 1,000 experience.
4.  The Arena.  The first time you clear a tournament at the arena in the Sai no
  Kawara pleasure quarters, you will get a nice, big chunk of experience.  The
  first time you encounter a certain entrant at the arena, you get a nice chunk,
  too.  Beyond that, the way to get experience is to do things like use Heat
  Actions, not get knocked down, land the Tiger Killer, and knock the opponent
  down.  You'll hear the crowd cheer loudly when you do something cool.  It's
  not a TON of experience--except for I usually get a nice chunk for Magnum
  Force and Maximum--but it's not bad.
5.  The Yamazaki 50-Year.  This is a very expensive way to go about it, but if
  you don't mind also doing money-making stuff such as hitting it big on Rou-
  lette a few times, you can get a lot of experience.  In fact, it's possible
  to fully build up by Chapter 8 except moves you get from the acupuncturist
  (but you'll be at a high enough level to be able to do all of those except
  the Komaki-Style Flowing Catch, which can only be obtained in Chapter 16).
  Oh, and the ones you get from side missions, naturally, too.
  Anyway, here's the skinny:  1.  fill up your inventory with Boss Sugar-Free
  Black Coffees from M Store or Don Quijote (Don Quijote is cheaper).  2.  Be
  sober.  3.  Go to Bantam and order the Premium Malts (550 yen).  4.  Order
  the 50-Year-Old Yamazaki (50,000 yen).  You'll get 1,000 experience the
  very first time, but it gets cut in half in consecutive orders.  If you do
  this trick, each time you drink a coffee, have a beer, and then the Yamazaki
  50, you'll get 500.  5.  Drink a coffee.  6.  Order the Premium Malts.
  7.  Order the 50-Year-Old Yamazaki (500) experience.  Keep doing that.
  It's very expensive, and you need Bantam to be open for business first.  I'm
  usually all at Lv.8 or so by this point, anyway, so...yeah.  It doesn't
  factor in too heavily with me, but, still....


When I so take my hand...whether so hurt to mess!  It's always to me!

I'm sorry, was that weird?  Those are the lyrics to the wonderful opening you're
probably enjoying.  Well, I don't know if "enjoying" is the right word.  Maybe
just "experiencing?"
  Anyway, at the beginning of each chapter, I'll give its title and then I'll
list any Missions that have become available.  Don't forget to shop and fight
and do these missions, since I won't tell you explicitly to do them all in the
story walkthrough.
  I'll also list the coin locker keys that you can find...but that may come
later as I haven't yet put that into the FAQ (sorry!).

3a.  Chapter 1


The very first thing we are treated to in this game is a cinema that involves
characters we haven't met yet.  Well, OK; one of them, we've seen before--Kazama
Shintarou (who was re-named to "Fuma Shintaro" for the Western release of the
first game).
  Hey!  Let's discoing!
    [cinema: 8a - I]
  That cop hiding behind the pillar is Kawara Jirou.  The guy in black with
two guns shooting the other guy down is Kazama Shintarou.  After getting shot,
the guy says stuff in Korean.
  "Our organization will never be destroyed, even if you kill me!" he says.
"I'm sure of it!"
  Kawara waits for Kazama to leave, then approaches the mortally-wounded Korean,
trying to help him.  The man points up the stairs.  "My child...please, save my
child...." he gasps.
    [cinema: 8a - II]
  Kawara, of course, races upstairs to find the man's wife, who's about to jump.
Kawara convinces the woman not to be too hasty and says, "There's no reason
for this poor child, who's never done anything to anyone, to die!"  The woman
gives in, and hands the child over, sinking to her knees.
    [cinema: 8a - III]
  That was twenty-six years ago.
    [cinema: 8a - IV]
  Another cinema starts.  This time, we see the present day in a district of
Tokyo called "Kamuro."  Here, we see Yuuya, head host of the Stardust club,
being threatened by Chinese mafia.  He sends them packing, and says things
would be different if only Kiryuu were back in town....
    [cinema: 8a - V]
  Here, at the Millennium Tower, we see the head of Kazama's group, Kashiwagi
Osamu, getting a report from an underling that there were incidents with a
different syndicate.  He asks if it was the Kansai people (the Osaka region of
Japan), but...it seems they were from a foreign country.  He then tells his
underling he's more worried about the Kansai threat.
  It seems they're right at the edge of war with their old enemy from Osaka.
After his underling leaves, he asks himself, "What would Kiryuu do...?"
  Here, at the top of the Millennium Tower (which was designed but never built
in reality), a mysterious figure looks out the window and talks on a cell phone.
He has a cryptic conversation about finally exactin the revenge of their fallen
comrades 20 years ago, when he talks to the other person--who tells him to get
the "fireworks" ready.
    [cinema: 8a - VI]
  Now, we see Kiryuu, the hero of our story, rolling around in bed, lost in his
past.  The man he loved like a father, Kazama, confessed to him in his dying
moments that he actually killed Kiryuu's real parents.  Kiryuu's best friends
both died because of pride and because the world hadn't been fair to them.
  In walks Haruka, the girl he's been taking care of for the last year.  She
has a bunch of flowers, and reminds him that today's the day they were going to
take a trip to the cemetary to commemorate Kazama's death.  She tells him she'll
make breakfast, and he smiles and gets up.
    [cinema: 8a - VII]
  Hey, let's go to the cemetary!  Fun times, eh?
  There are three graves of interest here, at the very end, on the left.  First,
we have Nishikiyama Akira's, Kiryuu's rival and younger-brother-like figure.
He was also the boss of the last game--kinda.
  Next, we have Sawamura Yumi's.  Yumi may have been the love of Kiryuu's life,
a childhood friend who fell into bad situation after bad situation.  She stole
money from Jin'guu, another boss from the last game and father of Haruka (that
girl you're walking around with).  Oh, did I forget to mention that she's
Haruka's mother?
  Finally, the big grave is for Kazama Shintarou.  When you look at it, Kiryuu
will start to remember the past.  Choose the bottom choice to skip all that.
You can actually check all three if you want an update to the events of the
last game, or just skip them entirely.  When the game asks to confirm if you
want to skip, the top choice is "yes."
  While you're lost in memories, the current head of the organization you used
to belong to, the Toujou Association, comes to visit with you.  His name is
Terada Yukio, a man who saved Kazama when people were surely targetting him in
the last game to get the money he and Yumi stole.  Kiryuu was named the Toujou
Association's new head by the former guy, Sera Masaru, but he immediately
stepped down and handed the job over to Terada.
  OK, that was way too much to say and digest, but I hope that it sets some of
the backdrop for the story this time, if you haven't played the first game.
  Terada tells his guards to stay behind, and comes to meet with Kiryuu.  Of
course, leaving your guards behind means that trouble is just around the corner!
  Kiryuu and Haruka pray to Kazama.  Kiryuu mentions he's trying to take care
of Haruka.
  Terada tells Kiryuu he has something to talk to him about.  He wants to form
an alliance with the Oumi Alliance, the group in Osaka.  After the events of the
last year, the Toujou has been in disarray, and he fears the Oumi will attack
when they are weak.  Kiryuu refuses helping, saying he's no longer the chair-
man--it's now up to Terada to handle this!
  Suddenly, Terada is shot.  Kiryuu asks what's going on, and they respond in
Kansai dialect.  They throw the weapons of Terada's bodyguards on the ground,
and say they were easy prey.
  Kiryuu tells Terada to lead Haruka off, and it's time to fight!
    [cinema: 8a - VIII]
  Just kidding--it's a tutorial.
  Follow the prompts on the screen and you should get experience for each test
you pass.  First, they'll want you to do a certain number of "finish blows."
To do these, you must do any string of Square attacks ended with a Triangle (in
other words, Square x 1-4, Triangle).
  After that, they want you to do grapple attacks.  Hitting Circle will cause
you to grab an opponent.  Hit Square x 3, Triangle, or Circle again, once you've
grabbed someone.
  Next comes weapon attacks.  Grab a weapon--there's a broom and a pumice lan-
tern sitting around nearby.  There's also an infinite number of ladels sitting
in a bucket that can be used for ceremonial reasons at plaes like graveyards.
Once you pick one up with Circle, you can use Triangle or Square to attack
  Next comes guarding.  Guard a certain number of attacks.
  Then, Heat Actions.  These are your super moves.  At this time, you can only
grab someone and hit them against something in the environment or grab a weapon
and us its special attack.  You can do these when the blue "Goku" kanji is
flashing in the corner of the screen while you're in Heat Mode.  You'll see.
  After that, it tells you to dispose of the last guy however you'd like.  Then,
it'll ask you if you want to go through the training again...chose "no" when
you are ready with the bottom choice.
  Terada has only a slight wound, but then, well, suprise--a remaining Oumi
member springs up and shoots at you.  Terada gets in the way and is hit square
in the chest.
  Terada gives you a note, spattered with his blood.  He tells you to go to
Osaka and meet with the Oumi Group and deliver the letter to Gohda Jin, their
current leader.  He tells you to ask for the two to form an alliance.
  This is a big deal for yakuza syndicates.  As allied forces, well...I mean,
right now, the two have had a long-standing rivalry.  It's not quite as bad as
North Korea allying with the U.S., or anything, but it's still going to be a
hard sell.
    [cinema: 8a - IX]
  In the ambulance, Terada dies.  So much for the whole "you're the head of the
Toujou now, clown!" thing, eh?  Haruka understands Kiryuu has business to take
care of, so she's gonna go stay at the orphanage Kiryuu grew up in, the Sun-
    [cinema: 8a - X]
  Kiryuu discusses the matter at the Toujou Association's headquarters.  At the
headquarters, we see a few important people.
  First is Doujima Yayoi, widow of the chairman before Kiryuu (really, two
before him, but, whatever).  She reads the letter from Terada, and some group
head gets upset--but he's quieted by Kashiwagi Osamu (with the scars on his
face you saw earlier)
  Yayoi tells them to shut up, and they do.  She asks Kiryuu if he's going to
Osaka, and he says he is.  He also says he's going to need their help, but
Yayoi warns him he'll probably get killed in Osaka.  She asks if he's ready to
kill them--including Gohda Jin, and he says it depends on what they do.
  Yayoi seems to want to stop him, but she understands it would be pointless.
  A lot of group heads are against Kiryuu going to do this, and so she draws
her sword to shut them up and says "Kiryuu is ready to give his life for this,
if you have objections, tell me!" pointing the sword at them all.  Of course,
they just shut up.
  Kiryuu suddenly tells Yayoi that he'll need to enlist her son.  He believes
that his strength is needed now that the association has no head.  He says
he is a capable and strong man who doesn't back away from fights, and that
the organization needs him now--even if it means he's trying to give him his
blessing as new chairman!
   [cinema: 8a - XI]
  Yayoi tells him that her son, Daigo, has become a useless, young drunk, and
has apparently given up on his family's lifestyle after his 5-year prison term.
She says you'll understand when you meet him.
   [cinema: 8a - XII]
  So, go find him!  You're finally placed in good old Kamuro, but you can only
wander small areas.  Haruka has gone off to the Sunflower Orphanage; don't
worry yourself about her this time around.
  First, walk off the main street (Tenkaichi) to that first little alley running
off to the east.  Kiryuu will automaticaly overhear youths talking about a
fight in Nakamichi involving some drunk yakuza.  That's your cue!  You can now
go to the Nakamichi area to the east.
  Once there, run south to where a guy is harrassing some worker.  Beat them up,
and the worker will tell you he was threatened while trying to collect a bill
from a customer.  When Kiryuu asks which customer, the man tells you it was
Doujima Daigo.  He heard that Daigo was in Theater Square.
  You can now go there.  It's north from where you started; northwest of the
place you just had a fight.  Once there, you'll see a girl being harassed by
thugs.  Beat them up!
  Naturally, it's actually another tutorial.  First up, they teach you about
back-turning attacks.  When facing away from an enemy, you can opt to switch
your attack behind you, even during a string (and with Square or Triangle).
Land enough back-turning attacks.
  Next comes "Shifting."  This is where you hold the R1 button down to lock onto
an enemy.  Actually, if you're far enough away from an enemy, or if an enemy
dodges to the side, or what-have-you, you will pretty much simply be strafing,
rather than focusing on them.  You'll see; the lock-on system in these games
takes some getting used to, and you'll probably want to not rely on it much in
group fights.  Shift and move around for 5 seconds (enemies don't attack; don't
  Next up is "Sway."  Basically, you can evade with the X button.  You can
press any direction you'd like to sidestep enemy attacks.  Evade enough attacks.
  Again, the game asks if you wanna retry the tutorial, and again it's defaulted
to "yes," so go ahead and move the cursor down to choose "no" when you're ready.
  The girl wonders how she'll ever repay you!  Kiryuu asks what drunk guy it
was who was being so forceful to her that started all this, and she says it was
Doujima Daigo.  He asks where she is now, and she says maybe he should let it
go...but, Kiryuu is persitent, so she tells him he's in Shine, the cabaret club
to the southeast.  The game forces you to go there now, so just walk right in.
  Oh there's Daigo, looking all pimp. Doesn't seem like he's too happy to see
you.  The yakuza there tell him he can't just walk up to their boss and talk to
him like that, so Kiryuu says it has nothing to do with them and orders them to
leave them alone for a bit.  They won't hear it, so he suggests they go outside
so as not to mess up the place.
    [cinema: 8a - XIII]
  This causes fists to start flying.  Kiryuu says "So...there are still people
like you in this town?"
  They laugh at you.  "What kind of person?"
  "People who don't know their own physical limits."
    [cinema: 8a - XIV]
  Beat up the guys, and one of the guys pulls a knife.  Kiryuu doesn't seem too
fazed by this, and Daigo shows up.  He tells them they can't possibly beat you,
and sends them away.  Seems they just showed up to hang out with Daigo; he
doesn't really go looking for them or anything.  Kiryuu notes that there are
still those idiots who just show up and try to fit in with tough guys.
  He asks Daigo to return, but Daigo just says he has nothing to do with the
Toujou Association.  Kiryuu reminds him that he has a debt to pay back to the
Association, but Daigo just says the syndicate has gradually become useless
after his father's death.
  Kiryuu says he believes in the strong Toujou Association, back in the days of
Kazama and Doujima Souhei...and that they need him now.  Daigo laughs and says
it's stupid of him to have said that, since he's the one who destroyed it in
the first place!
  Kiryuu figures words aren't getting anywhere, so he'd better just punch Daigo
in the face.  Apparently, they only understand fisticuffs.  How manly.
    [cinema: 8a - XV]
  Daigo isn't a very hard boss.  If you can handle yourself at all, you should
be able to bring him down rather quickly.  Knock him down when he's at low
enough health, and he'll crouch down.  This is your chance to perform a Special
Heat Action, something that the game explains is only available when fighting
specific, strong enemies such as bosses.  Tap R2 to build up your meter, and
when it reaches Heat Mode, hit Triangle to deliver a special attack.
  After the fight, Kiryuu shows Daigo the note to the Oumi, stained in Terada's
blood.  They go to the Third Park, and Daigo reads the note.  Kiryuu says he
needs Daigo's help with this, and asks him to take care of the Toujou while he's
 But Daigo has other plans--he's going to go with Kiryuu.  It turns out that
someone in the Kansai area tricked him into a fight and shamed him (hence the
prison sentence), and now he wants to go get some payback.
   [cinemas: 8a - XVI, XVII]

3b.  Chapter 2


  The Watch Salesman (Tokeiuri)
  Befriend the Worker at Magutako (Magutako no Ten'in to Kaonajimi)
  Dine 'n' Dash (Kuinige)
  A Present for My Girlfriend 1 (Kanojo he no Purezento 1)
  A Present for My Girlfriend 2 (Kanojo he no Purezento 2)
  A Present for My Girlfriend 3 (Kanojo he no Purezento 3)
  The Pregnant Woman (Ninbu)

Welcome to Osaka!  Well--at least, some weird area that doesn't really exist,
but is supposed to be in Osaka (as Kamuro is based on Kabuki, this Soutenbori
is based on Doutonbori).  Kiryuu brings canned coffees for himself and Daigo
in the train and asks what's going on with the whole "you got set up for 5
years in a prison thing."
  Daigo explains it was the son of the head of the Oumi Alliance, Gohda Ryuuji.
It was a trap.  Seems Ryuuji is trying to set up his own stupid group as the
head of a new yakuza group called "Gohryuu Association."  He's trying to take
over the whole area.  He cautions you to watch out for the chap, if you're
gonna go forward with this whole "let's be friends!" thing.
    [cinemas: 8b - I, II]
  Kiryuu decides to go indulge in some night life, but Daigo just thinks he'll
go to the hotel for the night.  He hates Osaka, since he has bad memories
  Oh, poor Daigo.  Go gnash your teeth into oblivion, you brat.
  This is your chance to get into fights and do some side missions and shopping.
You can only go on Soutenbori Street and those two bridges running off to the
south (Bishamon Bridge in the west, Iwahashi in the east), but there's still a
lot to do.
  A little ways down the street, you'll be blocked by some thug.  He tells you
he doesn't know where you're from, but someone like you shouldn't be seen just
wandering around like a jerk in his town.  Choose to tell him you don't care
with the bottom choice and beat him up.  You can walk all the way to the West
  Well...except that halfway down, you'll suddenly be accosted by some strange
guy.  This ugly mug who looks like a cross between a bulldog and Don Richols in
a cheap purple suit is Kurogawa, a man about town who really seems to have his
hands in many pots and his ear close to the ground.
  He tells you that most people see his ugly face and think he must be a yakuza,
and run away.  He says he always says he's not a yakuza!  But, people run any-
way.  (maybe they just run because he's ugly as sin, but w/e)
  However, he's a legit businessman--so, it's always a problem for him.  (Why
is he telling you this?)
  He tells you he saw you trounce that numbskull, and praises you.  It seems
even he has been having troubles with that kid.  "Even though my name is 'black
river (that's what 'Kurogawa' means), my heart is really pure-white beautiful.
Well, I mean...'beautiful,' I say, but everyone runs away saying I'm ugly."
  After introductions, he says he wants to thank you for getting rid of Cap'n
Stupid, but he's not quite sure how.  If you ever need anything, come see him--
he's got all sorts of info!
  Anyway, if you go further down the street, there's a catch (one of those guys
who try to bring customers in by standing on the street) who talks about the
cabaret club down the street called "Grand."  If you don't know about cabaret
clubs, I've listed them in the glossary, but they're basically places to go and
hang out with a gal (who's employed to hang out with you).  This one actually
has a floor show, too.
  So, go in, and you'll see a customer arguing with an employee.  "Just because
there are yakuza up there, I can't go to the second floor??"
  Go back out and talk to Kurogawa.  He'll call the owner (he really knows him
from a really convoluted story, and says something like "I'm the guy who talked
to the person taught by the teacher at the school that took care of the kid of
the twin brother of your friend in your mahjong group...."
  Anyway, and you can just go back in and they'll be expecting you, letting you
up to the second floor.  So, go ahead.  You'll be greeted by Yuuko, a girl
working there (these clubs are where you basically pay to have the company of
a female employee while you get soused).
  The table next to you has yakuza freaking out that there are not enough girls
there, and asks to get the manager.  He wants mre women!  The guy apologizes and
bows, but he's like "Stop wasting time bowing and get girls!"
  The girl you're with tells you not to make eye contact--they're yakuza!
  That huge guy with a big, fur coat on is Gohda Ryuuji, your main rival in this
adventure.  People call him the "Kansai Dragon," though he apparently doesn't
like that too much.  One of the underlings calls him such to a girl, but every-
one just sneers at him, and Ryuuji asks the girls to leave.  One of his other
underlings then asks him to get out of his seat, and he bows.
  "That's so disgraceful," says Ryuuji.  "Take yer seat, kid!"
  The guy reaches forward as Ryuuji pours out a bottle into his glass.  "How
long you been with us?" he asks.  The guy hasn't been there long...but Ryuuji
is still pouring.  Once the bottle is empty, he naturally smashes the bottle
over the youngster's head and threatens him with the broken bottle.  "What did
you call me?" he asks.  "WHAT DID YOu CALL ME?"
  So, Kiryuu says, "Kansai Dragon" in a loud voice.  "He said 'Kansai Dragon.'"
  When Kiryuu comes to face them, one of the guys breaks a bottle over the
back of his head and Kiryuu is apparently the Terminator because he just shrugs
it off.
  Of course, a fight breaks out.  Beat these guys up!  Note that you can throw
them over the banister with a Heat Move.
    [cinema: 8b - III]
  After the fight, Ryuuji claps and tells Kiryuu he's impressed, and apolo-
gizes for his hot-blooded young men.  Kiryuu walks away, and he asks "Where you
  Kiryuu replies, "As you said, there's just some hot-blooded dinguses here."
  Ryuuji asks his name, but Kiryu refuses.  He presses him more, saying they
could use someone like him ther, and then asks him his name again, introducing
himself finally.  Kiryuu sits and hears him out.
  Again, Ryuji asks his name, and again, Kiryuu refuses.  He even asks a third
time--and this time Kiryuu decides to tell him.
  Ryuuji has heard of him.  "The Dragon of Doujima...." he says.
  But Kiryuu's like "I don't know that guy."
  Ryuuji just laughs.  "Well, you're not him, after all."
  "Why's that?" asks Kiryuu?
  "Well, I wouldn't just be sitting here, drinking booze with him.  I'd shoot
him right away.  You know, there's no 'Doujima,' or 'Kansai'--in the world of
us 'gokudou,' there can really only be one person called 'dragon.'"
  He then mentions his little war with the Kantou area, saying that Kiryuu
should watch for fireworks in the Kamuro District, since it's 12:00 now.  He
then tells him the Dragon of Doujima will die, and Ryuuji will be the true
  "Well, I guess I've said too much, so, yeah.  I'll be on my way."
  He gets up to leave, and then he says when you go out tomorrow, you should
probably put some kind of cologne on.  Kiryuu asks why, and he says he can
really smell it on you--the stench of blood, that is.
  Kiryuu checks his watch, and realizes it's around the time Ryuuji said...the
fireworks he arranged...??
    [cinema: 8b - IV]
  As you leave, there will be some commotion outside.  Walk to the eastern end
of the street, and you'll see a news item about explosions at the Millennium
Tower.  Fireworks, eh?  Oh--get used to that explosion shot because you'll see
it like 300,000 times during the game.
  Anyway, the news reports that they don't have exact info, but apparently, that
was the office of some yakuza group (they're officially called 'violence gangs'
  Kawara is there.  "It begins, eh?" he says.
    [cinema: 8b - V]
  Now, we see a policeman in the Kamuro Police named Sudou.
  He's talking on the phone--possibly to a superior.  He says, "No, that person
is definitely in the Kansai now.  OK.  Yes...I can think of none other than
Date to handle it.  Bye," and hangs up.  Date was the cop who helped you a lot
in the first game.
    [cinema: 8b - VI]

3c.  Chapter 3


  A Present for My Girlfriend - Epilogue (Kanojo he no Purezento Sono Ato)
Coin Locker Keys (Kansai) (No access to actual lockers yet)
  3, 6, 10, 11, 18, 20, 22, 28, 29, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 48, 50

Last chapter, you met Kiryuu's main rival.  This chapter?  Kiryuu's love inter-
est.  Well--you'll *kinda* meet her.  You'll see.
  The first thing that happens is Kiryuu and Daigo are all standing on Iwahashi
Bridge, like "whoah, dude--there was a crazy 'splosion!!  Dude."  Kiryuu tells
Daigo to call up Yayoi and find out if Kashiwagi is OK later (why?--doesn't
Kiryuu have a cell, I mean, jeeze, bro--just pick up the phone!).
  Daigo tells you that once you're ready to go to the Oumi Alliance's spot,
you should come see him.  This is your chance ot do the mission and gather all
the Coin Locker Keys strewn about the map--though, I should point out that you
don't actually have access to the lockers themselves yet!  I grab them anyway,
but that's because I'm a nerdy completionist nerdly little nerd.
  Once you're ready, talk to Daigo and tell him all is set with the bottom
  The same day, in some office...you see Sayama confronting some yakuza.  She
says he pounded the table when threatening some business owner, and he's like
"Oh man, it was just like a tiny little 'tap!'"
  He's not taking her seriously because she's a woman.  She smashes the stupid
"Honor" sign behind him, and she has him arrested.  Cool beans, girl!
    [cinema: 8c - I]
  Now, we see her captain, Bessho Tsutomu.  He gets a call that Kiryuu's in
town, and someone needs to look after his safety.  So, he decides maybe he
should put Sayama on it.  It was a call from the yakuza unit's head.  He tells
Sayama that Kiryuu was the 4th Chairman of the Toujou, and she asks to do it--
but he's like "naw, kid!"
  She asks to do it, because now is her chance.  He's like "What?"  He thinks
it's all part of her hating the Toujou, but she gives him some lame "public
safety" excuse, and he agrees...tho' he doubts her intentions.
    [cinema: 8c - II]
  Anyway, now Kiryuu and Daigou are at the Oumi Alliance's base.  Kiryuu tells
Daigo that he met Gohda Ryuuji the night before, which piques his interest.
    [cinema: 8c - III]

"Reach the Top Floor of the Oumi Alliance's Headquarters"

  The Oumi Group's headquarters are a big palace, dating way back.  There are
all sorts of traditional emblems and artifacts that evoke images of the warring
states period (a.k.a. the Sengoku Era) littered about the place.
  Except maybe the big, modern chandelier.  A guy on the staircase will explain
that there used to be a more traditional one hanging, but they installed this
newer one.
  Strewn about the second and third floors are healing items and the like, so
it would do well to explore this place thoroughly rather than just run straight
to the pink arrows and dots.
  In the little room before the conference room, you are expected to remove all
equipment.  There's an items box there for you--the first time you get to use
one in this game!  These boxes, in a Biohazard / Resident Evil fashion, hold
the same items no matter which box you drop them off at.  In other words, there
are a few of these in the game, and if you put stuff down in one, it'll be in
all the boxes.  Basically, it's like having a warehouse you can call up and get
your stuff because you can only carry so many things.  Note that if you have the
HD rerelease, hey--cool for you (and me)!  You can store your items from any
Save Point, as in later Ryuuga gotoku games.  Seriously, the Items Box was lame
and I am not sad to see it go.
  Also, note that if you have equipment on, you can just remove it and talk to
the guards, who let you in, and then re-equip it and walk right by them.
  There's also a telephone here, so you can save your game.  There is an action
scene coming up and a boss fight, so you might want to do so.
  So, go and meet with Gohda Jin.  There are some important people here, too, of
course.  The old man in the wheelchair is obviously Jin.  The others include the
rude, mustachioed Sengoku Toranosuke, who's always seen fanning himself, laugh-
ing, and being a general nuisance.  His name has different kanji, but its read-
ing means "warring states," a period of Japanese history when samurai and the
like ran amok.  His first name means "tiger son," or "tiger warrior;" something
like that.  Remember that later.
  Also there, guiding Gohda Jin around, is a man who seems to sympathise with
the Toujou named Takashima Ryou (he's the guy wearing glasses).
  Also, notice how stupid Daigo lounges like an idiot teenager whose parents
just don't "get" him.  What a loser!
  "Thanks for coming so far.  I am Gohda Ryuuji, the fifth-generation chairman
of the Oumi Alliance," he notes.
  He then introduces everyone--Takashima, known to Tarada.  He was his "brother"
in yakuza world.  He says it was a shame that Terada died, which enrages Daigo,
but Kiryuu holds him back.
  Just then, Sengoku throws his fan and gets all upset.  He thinks it was a
mistake for someone like Daigo to show up, and Kiryuu apologizes.
  Jin explains that it was a very sad thing, what happened to Terada, but again
Sengoku gets all upset and is like "Dude, he was one of us and he betrayed us!"
  Takashima stops him, and this time, when Daigo stands up for him, Kiryuu
doesn't try to stop him.
  It turns out that it wasn't Jin who ordered it...it was, well, it was some-
thing Jin can't talk about very well, because it pains him so much.  It also has
to do with the Oumi involvement in the events of the first game.
  In other words, it was this Gohryuu Association's plan.  They've been acting
out of turn, lately.
  Sengoku gets up and storms out, because he doesn't care to waste his time
with you.  Jin says that it's pretty bad, the current state of the Oumi
Alliance.  He can't even control people like Sengoku!  He warns that now,
people in his group are really looking for a war of "east vs. west."  He
also believes that Kiryuu can help rebuild the Toujou Association, so that
relations can continue.  Kiryuu then brings him Terada's blood-stained letter.
    [cinema: 8c - IV]
  When he asks for their alliance, Jin agrees.  Kiryuu says he will send Yayoi
over to do the sake-cup ceremony, but Jin says he will go, instead.
  Just then, guess who shows up?  Oh--it's Gohda Ryuuji.
  Daigo steps up to stop him, saying he's gonna pay him back, but Ryuuji is
like "I don't know who you are."  When Daigo attacks him, he's like "Pfft, I
don't have time for the trash.  I'm here for something else," and easily de-
feats him.
  Even tho' Ryuuji is Jin's son, he's not really welcome there because of his
independent actions of late.  Well, OK; so he's not *natural* son, as Ryuuji is
quick to point out.  Anyway, he's here to have a little coup d'etat, as he
himself puts it.
  On Ryuuji's orders, his group comes and abducts his father--plus the other
group heads.  Ryuuji threatens you, but...then curiously vanishes to the door,
leaving you to fight minions.
    [cinema: 8c - V]
  Ryuuji then applauds you, but Daigo jumps in and knocks him down.  He'll hold
him at bay here, while you go try to get Gohda Jin back safely.
  Ryuuji's like "Sure...if you wanna die, I'll oblige, you brat!"
    [cinema: 8c - VI]

"Save the Oumi Alliance's Leader, Gohda"

  Fight the guys in the hallway and make your way back to the save room, then
leave and go downstairs.  The hallways have been closed off, but you should be
able to find your way down.  Be careful not to get hit by the knife-throwers or
the strange, big guys with ottomans who seem to be impossible to knock down.
  Versus those big guys, you'll want to lock on, stay a little close, force them
to swing, then hit them with something big.  Try the Charge Kick!  It works OK.
If you have it, use the Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm.  Of course, if you
have that, you're in Premium New Game, which means you probably have all power-
ups, which means you'll probably be able to withstand their attacks when in Heat
Mode if you wanna just run up and punch 'em a lot.
  Once near the exit, you can jump to the chandelier.  Follow the button mashing
that appears on the screen.  Either way, get out of the building.
  Jin is there in his wheelchair, and apologizes for his son's behavior.  He
thinks it shameful to have to be saved by Kiryuu.
  It seems that Daigo was no match for Ryuuji (what a surprise).  Ryuuji shows
up, and Daigo carts poor old Jin off in his wheelchair.  Then, Ryuuji finally
decides it's time to find out, once and for all, who the real dragon is!  It's
go time!
    [cinema: 8c - VII]
  There are a few things to remember when fighting Ryuuji, but the most im-
portant is that when he attacks, he's pretty much just gonna keep going even if
you hit him.  So, don't get caught doing some slow move while he's throwing out
his punches; you'll get hit even if you hit him.  Also, if you make him stagger,
he'll respond by doing some backhand or uppercut.  Just be ready for it.  Also,
you should know that he likes to sidestep and do a straight punch.  After some-
thing like a Slam Blow, face him and guard or sidestep, or whatever.
  There's a special Heat Action here.  To get it, when he's low on health, you
have to knock him down for it to show up.  It's the same routine with Daigo;
you have to get in Heat Mode by tapping the button in the time limit, and then
hit Triangle when prompted.
  The cops show up and your fight is interrupted.  Kiryuu seems to feel like
it's over, but Ryuuji says it won't be over until one of them is dead.
  It's Sayama.  She sends all her officers to you--including her undercover
ones, and calls you by name.  She's there to arrest you.
    [cinema: 8c - VIII]

3d.  Chapter 4


  Albatross Akagi's Club (Arubatorosu Akagi no Kurabu)
  Mr. Saeki - The Meeting (Saekisensei Deaihen)
  Kanematsu Shigeru - The Meeting (Kanematsu Shigeru Deaihen)
  Befriend the Catch on Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Yobikomi to Kaonajimi)
  Jun at Prime
  Madoka at Prime
  Ayano at Prime
   --After fight at mahjong parlor--
  Worries of a New Comedy Team (Shinjin Geinin Konbi no Nayami)

Coin Locker Keys (Kansai)
  1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 19, 21, 24, 25, 27, 31, 32, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

I should mention that the "four heavenly kings" this title refers to are the
four guardians of the dharma in Buddhist circles.  I'm not entirely sure why
this chapter is named that, as you've met them in the last chapter:  Gohda Jin,
Gohda Ryuuji, Takashima Ryou, and Sengoku Toranosuke.
  At the police station, this shabby-looking guy is Date Makoto, the guy who
helped you in the first game.  He bumps into a junior officer, who is happy to
meet him--sice he's apparently kinda famous for his role in the first game.
  Apparently, he's now the "legendary detective," even, ha ha ha!  Just then,
Kawara shows up and approaches them.  Date calls him "Onigawara."  "Oni" means
something like "devil," and "onigawara" means "ugly."  Apparently, there must be
something bad in his past that Date doesn't like about the man, eh?
  Date doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with him, but Kawara tells
him he's there to fetch him.  Sudou is calling for him.  They'll go together.
    [cinema: 8d - I]
  Now, they go down to some super-duper-secret anti-yakuza room in the basement.
No, really!  Anyway, there's this silly chart there.  There's Sudou, and the
guy tapping his finger on the chart is Kurahashi, head of the 2nd division (the
anti-foreign syndicates special branch).
  Date asks why he's there, and they tell him that the Oumi Alliance is making
its move.  Date knows about the death of Terada, but that has nothing to do
with foreign syndicates--or does it?  Turns out, they suspect either a Chinese
or Korean mafia is involved.
  They show him a picture of Gohda Ryuuji, and say he's the guy who ordered the
hit on Terada.  Tehy also caught his phone call to the weird guy you saw in the
Millennium Tower who set them up the bomb--but it was to a mysterious, almost
definitely foreign person.  They have heard a lot of chatter, but they haven't
been able to figure out where, exactly he is.
  They ask Date to investigate Kazuki, the head of Stardust in Kamuro.  It seems
Kazuki is really a Korean named Gang Jin'u, and that he had contact with Ryuu-
ji...so, he's a person of interest.
    [cinema: 8d - III]
  Once Sayama gets a safe distance away, she removes the handcuffs and reveals
that she's there to look after Kiryuu's safety.  She had to arrest him with the
other thugs and get him out of there--not to charge him with anything but just
to get him to a safe spot.  She tells him that if he tries to get out of her
sight, she'll arrest him right away.
  Kiryuu looks up and notices a gunman who takes a shot at her.  Even though he
gets her down, she's hit in the shoulder.  He asks her where the nearest hos-
pital is, and she says, "Take me...to Snack Aoi...in Soutenbori...."
    [cinema: 8d - IV]
  Now, you're standing at the eastern edge of Shoufuku, the southern part of the
Soutenbori map that you weren't allowed to explore before.  Your main purpose is
to find this place, so you probably can't do much shopping.  If you go into the
Nighttime Fun Dojo, they'll tell you it's right outside their door.  Well, it
is.  From the car, pass Iwahashi (the first intersection), and at the next
junction, turn left down the street running off to the south.  Snack Aoi will be
on the west side of the street, about a third of the way down.  Kiryuu will
recognize the sign and go in.  The bartender is busy cleaning up, and doesn't
appear too welcoming.  She figures you're there to collect money, since you
look like a yakuza.  Once Kiryuu explains, she's like "What??  Well, hurry up
and bring her if she's been hurt!!"
    [cinema: 8d - V]
  Go back to the car and carry Sayama.  She's bleeding profusely; keep an eye on
the "danger" gauge running down on the left-hand side of the screen.  There is
a meddling guy along the way, near the intersection--avoid him!!  He wastes your
time, and time is something you just do not have!
  Once inside, Kiryuu lies Sayama down and lets the bartender tend to her.
Now's your chance to go do all the various and sundry side missions, get in
fights to build up, and gather Coin Locker Keys.  You can actually (finally) use
the lockers themselves.  There are some good items in there, so I'd avise doing
  Just outside of Aoi, a call comes in from Daigo.  Kiryuu asks how he is, and
Daigo says he's with Gohda Jin, driving back to Kamuro.  Kiryuu reminds him to
take care of the alliance deal.
  If you go to the north end of Bishamon Bridge (the west bridge) after a couple
of minutes of game time (game time only "runs" when you are in motion; don't
just stand still and let Kiryuu babble), the bartender will call and ask you for
bandages.  They're sold at the pharmacy on Soutenbori Street, as the last item
on the menu.  Bringing these back to her will cause the story to progress, so
only go back if you're ready.
  Once inside (after maybe pausing to get the Coin Locker Key on the ground?),
talk to the bartender.  Her name is Tamiyo, by the way.
  As Sayama sleeps, Tamiyo pours you some Yamazaki whiskey.  Kiryuu figures
she's known her for a long time--and Tamiyo reveals that, although they're not
related by blood, she's like a foster mother to Sayama.  She says that her
parents died soon after her death, and she took her in.  Kiryuu explains that
he had no idea--she just asked to go to "Aoi."
  Kiryuu says he knew she was an orphan--because he's one, too.
  Tamiyo asks if he's a cop like her, and he reveals he's more like the enemy
of the cops.
  Sayama sits up and says that her mom is talking too much.  Tamiyo tries to
defend Kiryuu, but Sayama says she can't just let her guard down around any
member of the yakuza.
  Sayama produces the bullet and says that it didn't seem to have anything to
do with Ryuuji.  It's not from a normal gun, and it's not a normal bullet.
Maybe, it was intentional that she survive!  Kiryuu thinks maybe it was just to
send him a message, but Sayama has no idea.
  So, Kiryuu's gonna go get to the bottom of it.  Sayama explains that there is
an informant around there at the mahjong parlor.  The guy will ask him what
rate he wants to play for, and he's supposed to respond "I'll leave it to you."
This is code for gettinf info from the guy, apparently.
  As Kiryuu sets out, Sayama cautions him that he's still under her watch.  If
he tries to get away, she'll come after him.  Kiryuu's like "Whatevs, kiddo."
    [cinema: 8d - VI]
  You get the "Rifle Bullet."  It's a story item.

"Meet the Informant"

  You'll find the place to the west.  It's called "Reach Heights."  "Reach" (or
"riichi") is a term in Japanese mahjong.
  A big, surly man blocks the way in. You can talk to him fifteen times and then
fight him; that'll get you in.  However, if you do that, you'll miss out on a
side mission later, reportedly.
  So, I'd recommend you do what the game wants you to do and find this sakura
tile you need to enter.  Go talk to the man across the street, and a little to
the north.  He'll tell you about some guy who calls himself "Janka" (which has
the same character as the "jong" in "mahjong" + the word for "song").  This guy
has the tile you need.  Kiryuu hasn't ever heard of Janka before, so the guy
laughs and says that in the world of mahjong, there are three legendary players,
apparently:  Janka, Janko ("Jong Tiger"), and Jan'en ("Jong Monkey").  However,
Janka recently gave up mahjong and has gotten a bit of arcade game fever.  He
hangs out at Club SEGA to the north, always playing the UFO Catcher.
  Go up to the Club Sega on Soutenbori Street and you'll find him standing
around at the UFO Catcher machines.  Talk to him and he'll ask you to get the
red "Tiny Kitten" doll.  Get one for him, and he's like "Oh man, Yukiko will be
so happy!!  ...oh...Yukiko...."
  Two girls nearby will say there's something strange about that guy.
  Talk to him again, and Kiryuu will ask if he's Janka.  The guy says he used to
go by that name, but he quit because he was cheated out of a huge sum of money
by the yakuza.  He was able to escape, but his daughter, Yukiko, was kidnapped!
He was told that if he wants her back, he needs to bring them 5,000,000 yen.
  "Hey, buddy--could you lend me 5,000,000 yen?" he asks.  Of course, he knows
it's probably impossible.
  Kiryuu asks if he has the invitation for Reach Heights, so he can get past
the bouncer.  Of course, he has the Sakura Tile you need to get in.  He then
suggests that if you can go get his daughter, Yukiko, he'll give you the tile.
Agree to help him with the top choice, and go talk to the yakuza near the Coin
  You can pay him the 5,000,000 if you have it, but why bother?  Just refuse
with the bottom choice and beat the snot outta him and his goons.  He'll reveal
that Yukiko is being held by a man under an umbrella along the south bank of the
Soutenbori River.  So, run down the stairs at the Bishamon Bridge and run along
the river until you see a guy crouching, and talk to him.
  It seems Janka's "daughter," "Yukiko," is a white cat.  "Yuki" means "snow" in
Japanese.  The man who was supposed to watch after her is like "Hey, buddy!
Quick--get this thing out of here!"  He's got scratch marks all over his face,
heh.  "Why would you give a cat like this such a nice-sounding name like
'Yukiko?!'" he grumbles.
  You'll automatically return the cat to the guy, who gives you the mahjong tile
you needed and a book "How to Win at Mahjong."  If you show that tile to the
bouncer at Reach, you can get in.
  In any event, just get in there.  There's a bunch of mahjong tables about.
Your man is reported to be there at the table with an empty seat, and he's
supposed to know the password "I'll leave it up to you" when he asks you what
rules you'd like.
  So, go to the last table and talk to Ezawa.  Answer that you'll leave it up to
him and he'll say, "OK, 40 million yen.  If you win, you'll be able to buy the
Osaka Castle with that kind of money!"
  Kiryuu agrees, and Ezawa is like, "OK...what do you need to know?"
  You'll get some information, but you'll have to pay 100,000 yen.  He'll say
that the bullet was fired by Takashima.  Takashima uses guns like that, maybe
because they're cheap.  Kiryuu asks why the police didn't act on the shooting,
and Ezawa is like "Oh--I've said too much already!"
    [cinema: 8d - VII]
  Now, we get another cinema.  Takashima is talking to someone on a cell phone,
and he explains that he had to shoot at Kiryuu so that he wouldn't trust any-
one--even if he figures out who fired the shot.  That's good enough for their
  Bessho walks in and tells him he can't talk on cell phones while in custody.
"That was only a business conversation," Takashima protests.  Takashima pro-
tests his questioning, because his organization is the victim of Kiryuu's
actions, after all!  Bessho says, "Heh, isn't Kiryuu one of you guys?"
  Takashima asks that they bring Kiryuu in.  He says he knows that "that woman"
has him.
  Since he can't charge him with anything, Bessho has to let him go.  He does
tell him that he doesn't know exactly what they're planning, but he's going to
get all the Gohryuu members for their actions--and everyone tied to them.
  "The age of the yakuza and police fighting is over," Takashima says.
    [cinema: 8d - VIII]
  Now, Kiryuu asks Ezawa to tell him what's going on with Takashima.  That'll be
300,000 yen.
    [cinema: 8d - IX]
  You can, if you want to, pay the 300,000 yen, but there's a way around it.  Do
you remember Kurogawa, the man who got you into the cabaret club, Grand?  Well,
he's at the southern edge of Iwahashi (the eastern bridge over the Soutenbori).
Go and talk to him and he'll say that Ezawa wanted to know the rate for almonds,
for some reason, and that the bartender at Stijl (the only bar in Soutenbori)
knows about it.  So, go and talk to him, and he'll ask if you want to buy them.
Kiryuu says "no."
  Go back to Ezawa, and you should have a third option--the option to mention
the rate for almonds.  It's the middle choice.  Now, you guys have sort of an
information exchange--it won't cost you anything to get the info.
  He tells you that Takashima is connected to some bureaucrat from his college
days at Tokyo University (prestigious school, that).  He also tells you he has
undying loyalty to Gohda Jin.  He says he must have some great talent to have
reached such a high rank at such a young age.
  During the conversation, Ezawa gets a phone call and tells everyone that
there's a price on Kiryuu's head--one hundred million yen!  Kiryuu's like "Pfft,
that's nothing."
  Ezawa says "That may be nothing to the Toujou Association, but it's an awful
lot of money to us.  Don't think badly of us, but we're gonna have to kill you
  Everyone at Reach will start to attack you to claim the price on your head.
    [cinema: 8d - X]
  Beat them up, and Kiryuu will threaten Ezawa.  He'll reveal that it was Sen-
goku who put the price on his head.  He says he's wanted by Gohda, Takashima,
and Sengoku--he's as good as dead!  They're after him because getting him will
make the person who does so most likely become the new head of the Oumi.
    [cinema: 8d - XI]
  Sengoku is sure that Kiryuu's going to head back to Kamuro, to chase after
"that kid," as he puts it.  "Before he gets there," he says, as his men bring a
huge case of cash over, "use this billion yen about the Kamuro District!"
  What's this?  A trap for Kiryuu??  Uh-ohhhhh!
    [cinema: 8d - XII]
  Go back to Aoi.  Kiryuu listens to Sayama and Tamiyo having an argument
over her real parents.  Seems they have something to do with the Toujou Assoc-
iation, and Kiryuu may be her link to it--so, she's going to stick close to him.
  Sayama gets a call from Bessho, who asks if Kiryuu's there.  She's then told
to pass the phone over to him.  He tells you someone showed up with machine guns
and captured Gohda Jin and Daigo!  They were speaking some foreign language.
  Apparently, the car that took them was seen entering Kamuro, so...they're in
Kamuro, somewhere.  He's told to leave Sayama there and go back to Kamuro
straight away.
  I mean, she doesn't listen, when Kiryuu tells her that, of course.  She's
coming, too!
    [cinema: 8d - XIII]

3e.  Chapter 5


  Host Club "Adam"
  Managing Cabaret club "Marietta" (Kyabakura "Marietta" Keiei)
  Try and Hit Me! (Naguttemiroya)
  Enka Alley (Enka Yokochou)
  Battle Stage (Taisendai)
  Text Message Job (Me-ru de Oshigoto)
  Be My Baby
  The Elusive Figure (Maboroshii Figyua)
  Dragon Palace (Ryuuguujou)
  The Wrestler Takes Time Off (Resura- Kyuugyouchuu)
  The Wrestler Eats the World (Resura- Sekai wo Taberu)
  The Wrestler Drinks the World (Resura- Sekai wo Nomu)
  The Arsonist (Houkama)
  Support Sunflower 1 (Himawari Enjo 1)
  Support Sunflower 2 (Himawari Enjo 2)
  Support Sunflower 3 (Himawari Enjo 3)
  Support Sunflower 4 (Himawari Enjo 4)
  The Ex-Boyfriend (Motokare)
  Shogi 2
  American Baseball (Amerikan Yakyuu)
  Mahjong (Ma-jan)
  Slot Machine Ace (Pachisuro E-su)
  Befriend the Catch at Senryou (Senryoudoori no Kyatchi to Kaonajimi)
  Befriend the Youth at Theater Square (Gekijoumae no Wakamono to Kaonajimi)
  Befriend the Owner of Kyushu Ichibanboshi (Kyuushuu Ichibanboshi no Tenchou
    to Kaonajimi)
  Befriend the Drunk in Jidou Park (Jidou Kouen no Yopparai to Kaonajimi)
  Befriend the Mistress of Atenshi (Atenshi no Mama to Kaonajimi)
  Komaki Training: Fighting a Great Number (Komaki Shuugyou Fukusuu Kumitehen)
  Komaki Training: The Secret Heat Method (Komaki Shuugyou Hi-to no Hidenhen)
  Komaki Training: Fighting Against Handguns (Komaki Shuugyou Taikenjuu
  Komaki Training: Sparring with the Three Great Techniques (Komaki Shuugyou
    Sandaiougi Kumitehen)
  Yuma at Jewel (Jewel no Yuma)
  Natsuki at Jewel (Jewel no Natsuki)
  Anna at Jewel (Jewel no Anna)
  Karen at Shine (Shine no Karen)
  Kaede at Shine (Shine no Kaede)
  Maiko at Shine (Shine no Maiko)
   --After fight with Majima--
  Befriend the Kamuro Hills Construction Worker (Kamurochou Hiruzu no Roudousha
    to Kaonajimi)
  The Fake Kiryuu (Nise Kiryuu)
  Fine Automobile (Koukyuusha)

Coin Locker Keys (Kamuro)
  All but 13 and 27.  22, 32, and 50 are after the fight with Majima.

"Head for the Toujou Association's Base"

Just a couple of missions there.
Welcome back to Kamuro, setting for the first game.  This city is much larger
than the Osakan areas, and there is much, much more to do.  Kiryuu sets up base
at Serena, the bar he and his two closest friends used to go to in the old days.
    [cinemas: 8e - I, II]
  Now, it's just an empty room that he can use.  Somehow, the lights still
work, even tho' the bar is closed down. (What?)
  Kiryuu gets a call from Kashiwagi, who's glad to hear Kiryuu's hanging in
there.  Kiryuu says he's the one who's glad to hear Kashiwagi's OK, seeing as
how his offices got all blowed up and all.
  Kashiwagi asks where Kiryuu is, and he says he's just got back to town.
Kashiwagi further asks Kiryuu to explain just what in blazes went down in Osaka,
and Kiryuu informs him that Daigo and Gohda Jin were kidnapped.  He says he'll
come to the Toujou base and explain, so Kashiwagi says he'll gather up the
directors.  You can now get to the base with the bottom option (above the one
to not take a taxi, of course), but I'd recommend going around and doing all
the side stuff--as there is a LOT to do!  Make sure you start by picking up the
Coin Locker Key in Serena.
  Sayama is still suffering from the fever, so she stays behind, for now.  Why
not take this opportunity to go and explore Kamuro alone?
  Near the taxi, you'll get a call from Daigo--but then some mystery man takes
the line and tells you to come to the "Amano" building.  Kiryuu asks if Jin is
there, too, but the guy doesn't say.  He just tells him to come ot the Amano
building tomorrow at 1am.
  But for now, Kiryuu's got business at the base.  When you're ready, go to the
taxi and select the base.
  Kiryuu explains everything about Jin and Daigo, and how he's supposed to go
to the Amano building tomorrow night.  They warn him that it's a trap, but
Kiryuu has no choice.  They also realize it has something to do with this weird
foreign group.
  Yayoi tries to get Shindou to help Kiryuu, since the Amano building is in his
territory.  Shindou is the head of the Nishikiyama Group--and Nishikiyama was
your big enemy in the first game.
  Shindou refuses, because he knows Kiryuu defeated the man to whom he was
loyal and caused his death (in a way).  Everyone barks at him for his refusal,
but Kiryuu understands and tells him to forget about it.  Shindou leaves with
a polite bow--but it's more like a "I hate your guts" kind of thing.
    [cinema: 8e - III]
  According to his bio, Shindou Kouji regrouped the Nishikiyama Group with
members of the old crew and those from Majima's, when Majima was expelled from
the Toujou Association.  You haven't met him yet, but Majima is a really power-
ful guy Kiryuu looks up to as like an "older brother," in a way.  He used to
work for the Shimano Group, but Shimano was killed in the first game.
  Before you leave, Yayoi asks that you meet her downstairs in the foyer, so go
ahead down there.  She gives you a key with a drawing of a pheasant on it and
says that it must fit somewhere in the mansion.  Apparently, according to
Kashiwagi, Terada hid the items owned by the people who were expelled from or
left the Association somewhere and locked it away with that key.  Kiryuu asks
why, but she's not really sure.  Maybe, it was just to show he was the boss,
so people wouldn't remember the events of the past?
  Run north and east to the back door, go out into the room looking out over the
koi pond, and go back against its far, back wall.  There will be a painting of a
pheasant hanging.  Push the painting aside (top choice) and use the key (top
choice).  One of the tatami mats rises, revealing an entrance to a hidden room
with all sorts of nice stuff in it.
  Plunder said room.  The story item you're looking for is the Kien Dosu.  The
other items may be of use to you, too.  The one I find most useful is the Bai
Ling Su.  Immediately use this item--it gives you 1,000 experience!  Then, re-
turn to Yayoi in the foyer.
  Kashiwagi's with her now.  Amazing how you can survive a huge explosion and
just get a thin bandage around your head, eh?  Anyway, they say that they should
probably let the thing with Shindou lie because if they left the Association,
they'd lose some half of their forces.  It's gotten quite big since they absorb-
ed the Shimano Group members.  They can't spare manpower now that the Gohryuu
Association could come and attack at any moment.
  Kiryuu says "Well, we should go get 'that guy' to come back to the Toujou."
  Yayoi asks "'That guy...?'"
  Kiryuu says he can only think of one person who can go toe-to-toe with the
Gohryuu:  Majima Gorou.
  Kashiwagi feels it will be extremely difficult to get Majima to rejoin the
Association, but Kiryuu is prepared for the dangers he'll have to face.  So,
Kashiwagi tells him to head to the "Sai no Kawara" area if he wants to see
  In the first game, that area was where Sai no Hanaya, an ex-detective who
turned into an informant, had his shop.
  "Sai no Kawara" refers to a riverbed where the Sanzu Rivers, mythical rivers
like the River Styx of Greek mythology, are found.  Here, people have to do
certain tasks to remove vestiges (quite literally) of the material world so that
they can cross over into the next after they die.  So, its name was translated
to "Purgatory" for the North American release.  I translated it as "the River
Styx," but I think that this time I will either call it "Sai no Kawara" or
"Limbo."  I'd like to divest it of the stigmas from other cultures; giving it
the decidedly Roman Catholic name "Purgatory" is a little strange to me, and
generally a practice that should be avoided as much as possible by translators.
  Upon exiting, you'll find a driver getting in a fight with some of the Toujou
members.  It appears he was trying to assassinate someone important.  Beat him,
but be warned that he's the "dart all over the place with a gun" type.  Close in
on him by swaying past his gunshot; he'll pause for quite a while when shooting.
  If you've collected many experience and the random encounters do not occur
anymore, you may want him to damage you considerably first because when you get
back will be a rare opportunity to order the bottom items from Matsuya!
  After beating him, walk through the gate and go back to Kamuro (top choice).

"Head for Sai no Kawara"

Upon returning to Kamuro, you'll get a call from Sayama.  She's awake now, but
she needs you to do some shopping, apparently.  Although Kiryuu objects, she
asks for women's underwear and a beer.  You can find both in Don Quijote, the
supermarket on Shouwa and Nakamichi.
  Please note that it's also early morning.  This is one of only two times that
you'll be able to order from the morning menu at Matsuya.  The three bottom
items are offered at this time only.
  Once you have her groceries, go back to Serena and talk to Sayama.  She'll
come out of the shower and make Kiryuu all uncomfortable while changing right in
front of him.  D'aw is romance in the air?!  Oh man!11
  Kiryuu suddenly confronts her.  He tells her he overheard her conversation
with Tamiyo about her parents and her past, and how she's tagging along with him
just to investigate the connection with the Toujou Association.  She explains
that she was told her parents died from illness when she was young--but she
knew Tamiyo was hiding the truth.
  One day, she overheard Tamiyo talking on the phone to someone who must have
known her past.  During the conversation, she said "the Toujou Association is
responsible for the death of Kaoru's parents."
  She says that she pestered her for 10 years about it, but that Tamiyo would
never tell her anything.  "If you found out, there's no way for you to find
happiness," she told her.  So--although Sayama feels it's really bad form for a
detective to have their true motives sussed out like that--that's why she
approached Kiryuu; to find out what really happened.  Apparently, that's also
why she became a cop--so she could investigate on her own!
  Kiryuu says he understands.  He, too, had a past that was hidden from him.
  However, he cautions her that once he found out (presumably about the man he
saw as a father figure being the one who assassinated his true parents), he
suffered a lot of pain.  And now, he realizes...maybe, there are things people
shouldn't know about their pasts, sometimes.
  Sayama says, "Well, those are the words of someone who already knows the truth
about their past."
    [cinema: 8e - IV]
  Anyway, Kiryuu tells her he wants to go to Sai no Kawara, so go ahead up to
the northeast corner of the map and go in the bathroom.  Along the way, one of
the characters from the first game, Tamura, shows up.  He tells you that there's
an informant named Morita who operates out of Theater Square, and that if you
are in a jam, you should go see him.
  In the bathroom, Sayama protests when you head for the men's room, but Kiryuu
explains that the entrance is through the men's toilets, and they go through.
    [cinema: 8e - V]
  In the first game, many bums lived here in sort-of a transient community.
Now, that's all changed.  This is the construction site for Kamuro Heights, a
new skyscraper that's apparently going to be one of the biggest in the world.
A large, African-American(?) guy named Gary Buster Holmes shows up and, just
like in the first game, says his boss is in the room all the way in the back.
  You'll go right in to the underground area.  This is the "real" Sai no Kawa-
ra--a big pleasure district and gambling area.  Sayama says she can't belive
such a place exists--but Kiryuu tells her "You ain't seen nothing yet."
    [cinemas: 8e - VI, VII]
  At its very end, you'll find the door to the palace once inhabited by Hanaya.
  Inside, however, it's Majima you'll find.  If you haven't played the first
game, you'll probably notice that he's pretty unstable and eccentric.
  Kiryuu walks in with a knife in his hand.  He says "It's me, Kiryuu.  I know
you're here.  Come out!" and throws the knife down.  Turns out, this is Majima's
favorite weapon from the first game.
  Majima's been waiting for your return.  Kiryuu explains that Majima was the
lieutenant of the Shimano Group, and that he was heavily involved in the events
of last year.  Majima notices the woman he's with, and she introduces herself
as a cop--which surprises Majima.
  Kiryuu asks what happened to Hanaya, the informant that used to be there, and
Majima explains that the police sort-of recruited him.  Since Majima is doing
the construction project, he's kind of naturally taken over this area.  Anyway,
he asks Kiryuu what he wants--and refuses when Kiryuu asks him to return to the
  Kiryuu bows as he begs Majima, but Majima says he doesn't want to see Kiryuu
like that.  When asked again, he's like "Well, guess I got no choice--but, I
have a condition.  You have to do a job for me."
    [cinema: 8e - VIII]
  Turns out, he wants you to win a tournament.  There's an underground fighting
arena here, and you can fight in it--you did in the first game, too.  Talk to
Majima, and he'll explain that Hanaya's been set up in a swank office in the
Millennium Tower's 50th floor.  Talk to him again when you're ready, and you can
enter the tournament with the bottom choice.
  You'll have to unequip all your defensive and special items (and any weapon
you might have, too, of course).  Then, talk to the guy in front of the gates
and choose the last choice again.
  This is a special tournament, and you have special, brass knuckles that never
run out of endurance.  The opponents will be armed, too.  When in Heat Mode,
the Heat Action will require you to tap Circle after initiating it to continue
the combo (at the cost of Heat Energy).
  The first guy is Robeson Caetano da Silva (obviously named after soccer player
Roberto Carlos da Silva--plus maybe Caetano Veloso?).  Apparently, there's an
extra missing from an old Hercules set.  Note that while he swings that giant
halberd around, attacks will not cause him to be stunned at all, so don't over-
extend yourself with heavy attacks or his attack will still hit you.  Also,
when he does his great chop, when he rears his weapon back, it'll hit you if you
stand behind him.  So, just do a few attacks, then sidestep his big swipe.  From
the side or behind, hit him with heavy attacks.  He shouldn't be too big a prob-
    [cinema: 8e - IX]
  Next up is a character from the first game, Gary "Buster" Holmes.  After he
says the same cheesey line to Kiryuu about whether he wants to die instantly or
have a slow death, Kiryuu once again asks if he can even understand the Japanese
coming out of his mouth.
    [cinema: 8e - X]
  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he has two ridiculous iron balls on his
fists.  Exactly what country were those popular in during the middle ages?  Any-
way, he fights with a "big-guy / pro-wrestler" style.  Note that just like da
Silva, he can attack without being stunned.  For his type of enemy, it's the
weird, big overhead attack they do while they're guarding that has "super
armor" / hit absorption / whatever you wanna call it.  So, hit him with weak
attacks from the front, and pause if you see him guarding after a couple of hits
as he's sure to do it.  Then, sidestep and go to town on him.
  Lastly?  Well....
  Kiryuu is surprised to look over to Majima to see his reaction, only to find
that he's left his seat.  Sure enough, Majima comes dancing into the ring in a
ridiculously flamboyant fashion.  "My God," says Kiryuu, "you really are the
only person I just can't read."
    [cinema: 8e - XI]
  This guy's tough, if you didn't know that from the first game.  Luckily, he's
a little easier this time around.  You probably can't guard his knife attacks
(there's a skill you'll learn later to do that), so keep a little bit of space
between you and him.  The key point to defeating this guy seems to be to re-
spond correctly to his big string (lunging slash, spin kick, spin kick, wild
slash, burning straight punch).  Although the first and fourth hits are un-
blockable, you can sidestep them and guard the rest.
  Don't knock him down too much, either, unless it's from the Brass Knuckles
Headlock Heat Action.  He'll do the Downed Reversal move you can learn later in
the game that causes a big, collapsing stun.  Your key here is to remain calm,
stay a certain distance, and try to remember to use your turning attacks when he
darts around you.
  Look out for his "quick-time event"-like attack, too.  At certain times, he'll
start to slash at you and you'll have to hit the on-screen prompts.  Luckily,
this builds up Heat Energy.  Also lucky?  It's always the same:  X, Triangle, X,
  He can actually often fall into a pattern.  Hit him with a Slam Blow (Square,
Triangle), and as he staggers, do it again.  He will usually block the first
punch, then get hit by the Slam Blow.  Note that if you want to get the special
Heat Action for him, you will have to knock him down when he's low on health--
but it's not a unique Super Pursuit Heat Action, so....
  After you defeat him, Kiryuu says "Well, you promised.  Now, return to the
  Majima says, "Well, about that....  Let's go have a nice, long talk over
some booze to celebrate."
    [cinema: 8e - XII]
  Go back and talk to him at his room again.  Although you asked him to return
to the Toujou Association, suddenly, Kiryuu says that he agrees Majima has no
place there (what the heck--??).  He realizes that it might be too hard for
Majima to join, and he doesn't want to force him.  He does, however, want him
to help SAVE the syndicate.
  Majima agrees to help out, but he notes that the Toujou must be in quite a fix
if they're relying on him.  Kiryuu explains that they might be losing the large
Nishikiyama Group, headed by Shindou.  Majima knows that's about half their
fighting force.  Kiryuu further explains that the Gohryuu Association is fixing
to come attack, so...yeah, they need manpower.
  Majima's like "Hmph.  I think something's...kinda, you know, artificial about
  Kiryuu's puzzled by his words, so he goes on to say that there's something
weird about Terada being killed by the Oumi Alliance.  He notes that the Oumi
Alliance wasn't really trying to be such an enemy of the Toujou, until Terada
became the chairman of the Toujou.  It's not like Terada was trying to bait them
into anything, either.  He figures that even with all the Gohryuu Association
has been up to, they surely wouldn't suddenly want to kill Terada out of the
blue like that.
  Kiryuu says "Well...then, why did Terada give me this letter and get killed
by them...?"
  Majima notes that he's not up on his knowledge within the Toujou anymore, not
being in the syndicate and all, but...he never did like that Terada.  He says
all he ever did was talk of ideals like "peace" and stuff.  The Toujou was even
held in low regard by surrounding yakuza groups as a result.  What's more, he
even caused troubles within the syndicate itself.
  Kiryuu asks why he didn't trust him, and he says that Terada didn't let any-
one do anything without his orders.  He says that even Kashiwagi was only the
acting head director in name; not in reality.  Kiryuu is a bit shocked by this,
and Majima tells him:  "Kiryuu-chan...it's nice to trust people and all, but
you also gotta keep your eye on what they're doing, man."
    [cinema: 8e - XIII]
  Return to Serena to end the chapter.
  Kiryuu and Sayama are sitting at the counter.  It's past midnight already, so
Sayama's like "Uh, isn't Daigo waiting for you, man...?"  Kiryuu just lights a
  "Listen," he says, "are you sure you want to know your hidden past?"
  She's like "What're you asking that for all of a sudden, the heck?"
  He then explains that his parents were killed by the Toujou Association--by
the man he looked up to as a father, Kazama Shintarou.  He was able to forgive
him, because he was truly like his father...but, if Sayama found out, what would
she have done?
  She says that if she finds out who killed her parents--no mater who they
were--she'd most likely kill them.  It's a scary thing, finding out your secret
past and all...but, that's the road she's chosen, so she's gonna see it through.
  He tells her it's OK, then; she can use him to investigate the Toujou.  She
asks why, but he says he's not exactly proud of his past as a gangster or any-
  She tells him that maybe she'll find out that he, himself, was responsible.
  Kiryuu says, "If that happens, then, come to me and pull the trigger."
  She says she most likely will.
  Then she gets up.  Kiryuu asks where she's off to, and she says "Gotta do my
  He's like "Your job...?"
  She says "I'm supposed to protect you, remember?  Come on, then, let's get
    [cinema: 8e - XIV]

3f.  Chapter 6


  The Shady Video (Ayashii Bideo)
  The Straw Legend 1 (Michael) (Warashibe Densetsu 1 [Maikeru])
  The Straw Legend 2 (Warashibe Densetsu 2)
  The Straw Legend 3 (Warashibe Densetsu 3)
  The Straw Legend 4 (Warashibe Densetsu 4)
  The Spirit Medium (Reibaishi)
  Pickpocket Band 1 (Suridan 1)
  Pickpocket Band 2 (Suridan 2)
   --After fight with 16-Bit--
  The Mystery of Beam (Bi-mu no Nazo)

Coin Locker Key (Kamuro)

"Head for the Amano Building"

I guess the title refers to that silly drawing Kurahashi showed to Date and
Kawara back at the beginning of Chapter 4 that linked Kazuki and Gohda Ryuuji
to a foreign crime syndicate?  "Ezu" means "illustration," but it also refers to
a scheme or a plot, so...it could refer to the scheme going on, too.
  So here we are at Stardust.  I dunno why the camera has to zoom all over to
show us the place and all, but anyway, Date and Kawara are meeting up with
Yuuya, the head host there, to talk about Kazuki.  Yuuya asks how Saya, Date's
daughter, is doing, and he says she's fine.
  Kazuki shows up, surprised to be greeted by cops.  Date explains they have
something they'd like to talk to him about alone, and Yuuya takes off.
  Date warns him that the police are gonna go around and investigate a foreign
crime syndicate at 1am, and he believes that they will come to Stardust.  Kazuki
wonders why tells him they're telling him this, and Date says it's because he
was so good to them a year ago.
  It's a trap.  If Kazuki is, indeed, part of the foreign syndicate, he'll have
to go and warn his allies.  As they wait while the shop closes, suddenly, to
Date's disbelief, Kazuki takes off out the front door.  Date chases after him.
    [cinemas: 8f - I, II]
  Then again, this chapter will require a bit of suspension of disbelief, so,
be warned.
  Anyway, it's time for you to try and save Daigo.  He's at the Amano building,
and Sayama intends to come with you there.
  As you leave Serena, Yuuya, the number one host of Stardust and ally in the
last game, shows up and talks to you about Kazuki.  Well, you can't really be
too bothered with that, now.  Run up to Theater Square, and meeting you there
will be Morita, informant friend of Tamura's.  You can ask him about Kazuki,
but he doesn't know anything.
  He does know where the Amano building is located.  It's the second option.
Ask him, and he tells you that it's the "terf" of some local gang, Team 16-Bit
(heh).  Go north and find the building, and you're sure to meet them.
  Beat those guys, and they'll tell you that their leader hangs out at the area
behind the pharmacy.  Go there and meet the guy, who's playing a handheld video
game of some sort.
  You'll have to fight him, his hulking brute of a brother, and endless hordes
of Team 16-Bit.
  No, I mean it; they're endless.  The only way to stop them is to beat their
leaders.  You'll find that the smaller one just tends to walk backwards like an
idiot and avoids much of the fighting, so you'll have to chase him around a bit.
  This is a great opportunity to get the "Unrivaled in Kamuro" Trophy, if you
are playing the HD remake.  The endless hordes have very low health, and if you
don't commit to Triangle attacks, you should be able to hit them with your
rush combo and kill them.  It helps if you have the Cancel Sway.  You can run
around the buildings and avoid the big, older brother--Sayama will usually end
up dealing with him.  The younger brother, as I mentioned before, doesn't ever
actually attack; he just circles around like an idiot.
  Once you beat them, you'll get the key to the Amano building.  What awaits you
inside?  Why, an action scene, of course!  Kiryuu's gonna go this alone.
  Before you go back, you may want to go talk to Morita and learn about the
hidden weapons shop in Beam.  It's a bit convoluted of a side-story, but...it's
up to you whether you want to do that now or in a later chapter.

"Find Daigo"

  First things first, hit X to avoid that ... huge box-like thing that the guy
kicks at you.  Say hello to this guy, by the way--he appears throughout the
entire game.  He uses taekwondo, but it's essentially the same as a boxing type
enemy + a move that stuns you.  Don't over-extend yourself and remember to throw
him a lot.
  You'll end up kicking him into some boxes.  Walk down the hallway, and there
will be a loud noise.  Kiryuu looks back and we're supposed to notice something
(I know it wasn't presented too well, but the guy got up and is now roaming
around somewhere).  There are items at the end of the hallway, too.
  Go upstairs and fight the guys.  Be sure not to get shot as guns do a lot of
damage until you get special armor that lessens their effect.  Remember to knock
guys out the window with your environment Heat Action; this is the only building
you can do that in.
  Go upstairs again.  Hey!  It's everyone's favorite kicker!  I like how he
doesn't even look like a Korean guy; he looks more like Johnny Cage from Mortal
Kombat or something.  Anyway, yeah, you're ambushed by that same guy from down-
stairs.  Beat him again.
  Go upstairs yet again.  Get the shotgun away from the guy as quickly as poss-
ible.  Don't use it, if you want money!!  Those are worth 150,000 yen apiece,
fully loaded.  Just pick it up and unequip it.
  Go up again, and you're suddenly climbing an outside staircase up to the top.
You kick guys back over the railing and throw them down stairs with your
environment Heat Action--this, again, is your only chance to do that (I think).
  At the top, look out!  Here comes our favorite recurring character again!
As you walk into the room, hit Circle.  He's gonna try to hit you before you
expect it.  There are big ... things strewn about the room.  Whenever you get
close to one, he'll kick it at you as he did in the first floor.  So, be ready
to hit one of the buttons to avoid the attack!
  Beat him a third time and he just completely vanishes.  Strange after such
dramatic entrances and exits.  Hm.
  Go out onto the roof and you'll see Kazuki, Kawara, Date, and...Kazuki.  Wow,
it's suddenly every spy film and cartoon from the '80s!  What the...?  *Two*
Kazukis??  Man!  No, by the way; they don't ever really give a reasonable
explanation (I mean, they explain it, but it's just not too believable).
  Kawara draws his gun on one of the Kazukis.  He says he knows he's the cul-
prit--he can recognize it in his voice.  He demands to know why he called them
up there.
  Of course, Kazuki(?) protests, saying he has no idea what's going on.  But,
Kawara is relentless.  Date draws his gun on Kawara and says "You're not going
to kill people in front of me again!"  Hmm, looks like someone's got a secret
past, kiddies!
  Kawara tells Date that there's no mistake.  This is not the Kazuki Date
knows; it's a member of a powerful foreign organization.  He says he can smell
the blood on him.  Date's like "Are you going to kill someone just based on
your gut instinct as a detective?!"
  Kawara says, "Don't underestimate a detective's gut feeling!"
  Thanks to the hesitation, the fake Kazuki shoots both Kawara and the real
Kazuki.  Yeah, thanks a lot, Date.  Thanks for being a "policeman" and upholding
the "law."  What a jerk!
  The fake Kazuki tells Kiryuu that he's the one who called him before.  Kiryuu
asks where Daigo is, then, and the man smirks.  "What good would that infor-
mation be to a dead man?" he asks.
  It's true; he's gathered the four of them up there with the sole purpose of
killing them.  Date still has his gun, but he just can't bring himself to kill
someone.  He shoots at the fake Kazuki, but it just grazes his face.
  The fake Kazuki says a naughty word in Korean and then says, "DIE!"
  A gunshot.
  Who was shot?  Why, the fake Kazuki.  The shooter?  Sayama.  She came running
up the stairs when she heard gunshots.
  Sirens are heard and the blue and red flashes of police lights can be seen.
They decide to run, but Sayama is confused.  "Why run?" she asks.  "We haven't
committed a crime!"
  Date explains that there's obviously some dark forces at work here, and that
it's best not to get caught by the cops.  I mean, maybe, these people control
the cops, too?
  And so, Kiryuu picks Kazuki up, and Date hoists Kawara, and they head down-
    [cinema: 8f - III]

3g.  Chapter 7


  The Price of a Tooth (Ha no Nedan)
  Devil Woman (Masei no Onna)
  The Man Who Attacks Kiryuu Because He Was Threatened and, Thus, Has No Choice
    (Odokasare Shikatanaku Kiryuu wo Osou Otoko)
  The Manga Author (Mangaka)
  Meet Master White Lotus (Hakurenshi to no Deai)
  Master White Lotus's Request 1 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 1)
  The Secret Party (Himitsu no Pa-ti)
  I Ryu-Jeon 1 (I Ryuujon 1)
  I Ryu-Jeon 2 (I Ryuujon 2)
  I Ryu-Jeon 3 (I Ryuujon 3)
  I Ryu-Jeon 4 (I Ryuujon 4)
  The Man Who Lost His Memory (Kioku wo Ushinatta Otoko)
  You've Got Something, I've Got Something 1 (Kimi ni Aru Mono Boku ni Aru
    Mono 1)
  You've Got Something, I've Got Something 2 (Kimi ni Aru Mono Boku ni Aru
    Mono 2)
   --After fight at Bantam--
  Black Thunder
  Yuuya's Help (Yuuya no Kyouryoku)

Coin Locker Key (Kamuro)

"Hurry to Emoto"

Don't worry; once you do all these side missions, you'll have most of them done.
  It's decided that the injured parties should be quickly rushed to Dr. Emoto,
the guy who runs a small clinic that used to be supported by Kazama Shintarou in
the first game.  Unfortunately, on the way there, you have to avoid detection by
the cops.  It's actually a little annoying, but if you get caught by them three
times, you can just start over again without any penalties.  I recommend that,
since you can't control the camera and a bunch of cops skulk around that area,
when you reach the western end of Taihei (where the clinic is located), you
click the left analog stick in to zoom in on the map so you can see where you're
supposed to be going.
  It's gonna take a long time to care for Kazuki, but Kawara seems OK.  Grumpy,
but OK.  While he waits to be seen, Kiryuu and Date must think of a new hideout.
They're really quite spooked by this whole "foreign crime syndicate" thing!
    [cinema: 8g - I]
  The game asks where you should go.  Choose "Bantam."  I believe it's the last
  In the first game, Date and Kiryuu go to Bacchus, which later gets shot up and
then reopens as Bantam (that shooting, incidentally, is where Kiryuu met
Haruka).  It's to the east of the Millennium Tower.
  As they exit, they discuss how weird it was to see two Kazukis.  They decide
that maybe they shouldn't talk to Yuuya about it.  Yuuya can take care of Star-
dust just fine while Kazuki rests up, and it would probably be bad to drag him
into it.
  But then, Yuuya suddenly shows up.  Seems a regular at his club told him they
saw someone who looks like Kazuki all wounded up being taken to the clinic.
Seems they have no choice but to tell him he's in there, being operated on.
Date just tells him there was some yakuza fight going on, and Kazuki just hap-
pened to get shot as a bystander.
  Yuuya says he's gonna go beat up whatever yakuza group that was!  But, Kiryuu
calms him down.  He tells him that now that he's the head host over at Stardust,
it's his job to take care of business there--not to go run off and fight some
  After he leaves, Date says they'll tell Yuuya the truth once they figure out
what on earth is going on.
  Head over to Bantam.  Kiryuu asks the bartender to close up for the night so
he and Date can talk.  Date explains how they tried to use Kazuki to get to the
foreign syndicate.  He also explains that Bessho was in the anti-yakuza division
of Kamuro, once.
  Kiryuu asks him, so Date explains a little about how he doesn't trust Kawara.
  Kawara was his mentor until he massacred a whole group of illegal Korean
immigrants right in front of Date with little provocation.  Date thought it was
pure hatred, even worse than simple anti-foreign sentiment or racism.
  When he asked Kawara about it, he simply replied:  "They were bad people."
  Maybe he didn't have his coffee that morning.
  He says that he has asked him many times about it, but that Kawara hasn't
given him a straight answer.  Kiryuu notes that Kawara...something really bad
must have happened to him.
  Date says that what he regrets most is only that he was unable to stop Kawara
from shooting people.  He still has the images of the illegal immigrant's faces
burned into his memory.
  Kiryuu says that although Date talks ill of Kawara, he must really care about
the guy.  Date just chuckles.  "Guess so."
    [cinema: 8g - II]
  Leave Bantam and you'll get a call from Sayama.  She's mad that you just up
and decided to change bases of operation without telling her.  Anyway, she's at
the clinic now.  Kiryuu tells her Emoto has told him not to linger around there,
if someone's after him, so he asks her to come by.  She reminds him she has no
idea where anything is in Kamuro, and he has no choice but to go to the clinic.
  This is your opportunity to take care of the myriad things to do in this
chapter, by the way.
  Sayama sits there, smoking.  Kawara yells at her for smoking like that, being
a woman and all.  She's like "Don't tell me what to do, what?"  He tells her
she should be more womanly, and throws her her badge.  Apparently, she dropped
it back at the Amano building.  She remarks that a guy from the main police
office must be really tough, because he can be shot and just sit there like
nothing happened.  He says he's a special kind of person; it has nothing to do
with him being from the main police office.  Then he sits there staring at her
and she gets uncomfortable.
  Go back to the clinic, and something really ridiculous happens.  Apparently,
with two tough cops and a big, hulking ex-yakuza fighting for justice all
standing int he middle of the room, two members of that "mysterious foreign
syndicate" just walk right in, brush past all of you, go right into the oper-
ating room, and punch the doctor.  Yeah, way to go, team hero.
  They go in and talk to Kazuki, because they thought it was the...um, other
Kazuki.  They ask him if he's OK in Korean, and he's like "What...?"  They
realize he's the wrong guy and go to leave, but Sayama stops them, putting them
under arrest.  They just punch her in the face and go to leave.
  Kiryuu won't have none of that.  He stops them, and they say they have no
business with him.  But he says he has some with them.  He's not just going to
stand by while they punch a woman right in front of him!  So, they decide to
kill you.  Beat them up.  When you're near a fallen one, you'll have to hit
"X" repeatedly to escape his clutches and throw the two together.  The same
goes for when you're grappled.  When either of them is low on health and
knocked down, you'll have an opportunity for a Super Pursuit Heat Action.
    [cinema: 8g - III]
  Kawara straddles one of the guys with a gun and threatens him, demanding he
say the name of his organization.  He even fires a shot next to the guy's face,
so, apparently in Ryuuga Gotoku Land, you don't go deaf or blind or get knocked
unconscious by such a thing.
  He knows just what it is (and, apparently, he knows Korean).  It's the "Jin-
gweon Force" ("Jin'gweon pa or Jingwonha").  "Jin" means "true" and "gweon"
means "fist."  They're apparently a very powerful and zealous lot; they believe
their code of honor is absolute, calling it the "iron law."  Committed to their
syndicate, these people are very serious and would gladly die or kill themselves
for the Jin'gweon Force.
  The cops are already on their way, thanks to Kawara's stupid gunshot.  Go to
the bar you left Date at, Bantam.  Kawara says he'll meet up with you there; he
has to go change his clothes (into clothes that look exactly the same, of
    [cinema: 8g - IV]
  Apparently, Kawara is the Flash or something, because if you head straight to
Bantam, you'll find him standing around outside it already.  Guess he also had a
Staminan or has Wolverine's Healing Power or something, as the wound on his leg
has mysteriously vanished for good.
  Inside, Kawara explains the stuff I said above about the Jin'gweon Force.
Sayama notes that he seems to understand Korean, and he says it has something to
do with his past--but he doesn't seem to want to talk about it.
  Date suddenly says that they need to get out of there.  The bartender's been
acting a little suspicious.  He was out when you came back to the bar on some
errands, supposedly, but he had pictures of Kiryuu and Sayama on the bar, for
some reason.  Date feels that there might be an assassination attempt in the
  Kiryuu tells them to go to Serena, and he'll handle the bartender.
  Kiryuu questions the bartender as to why he has pictures of Kiryuu and Sayama.
Other shopkeepers in the area suddenly show up, saying that he can't hide them,
and hand him a bat.  He says, "I'm sorry about this, Kiryuu...but...for our
sake, you're gonna have to die!"  Kiryuu just raises his eyebrows a bit and
finishes his whiskey.  Beat them up.  Remember that you should probably use the
Extreme Superhuman Strength move here, because there's a Heat Action you can
only get in the bar--and there are only two fights in this bar in the story.
    [cinema: 8g - V]
  After the fight, the bartender bows deeply to you and begs forgiveness.  It
seems that, ever since the events a year back, customers for the shopkeepers in
town have been low, and they've all been forced to take out a lot of loans just
to stay afloat.  It's really embarrassing to him, but suddenly someone from the
Sengoku Group came and told them that if they took care of Kiryuu and Sayama,
he'd repay all their debts.
  Kiryuu helps the man up (apparently with magnets in his hands as he puts them
on top of the man's shoulders).  He tells him he understands; he has a great
debt to this town, after the events of last year.  He tells him that shops like
that continuing is the heart of the town, and asks him to please keep serving
delicious drinks to the people of Kamuro.  He asks him that no matter what
happens, he not abandon the bar.  The bartender smiles and says he will.
    [cinema: 8g - VI]
  On a side note, both Dr. Emoto and the bartender at Bantam (Tobe) were
featured in side missions in the first game.  They were both special missions
because they featured cinemas, which were only present in a handful of missions.
  Anyway, go back to Serena.  Kiryuu explains that the Sengoku Group put a
price on their heads.
  Date sighs deeply, and Kiryuu asks what's wrong.  Apparently, Date has
become a person of interest to the police.  The shooting at the Amano Building
was captured on a police camera.
    [cinema: 8g - VII]

3h.  Chapter 8


"Head for the Millennium Tower"

The title of this chapter refers to Date, who is now under suspicion thanks to
footage from the top of the Amano Building.
  The video footage shows him apparently shooting Kazuki.  It was really Sayama
shooting the fake Kazuki, but you can't tell from that angle.  Is someone trying
to remove Date from the picture?
  Anyway, back at headquarters, the Chief tells them to go get Date.  He says
there can be no mistaking it--Date clearly shot the guy.  Sudou thinks there is
certainly a mistake, but the bullet they extracted was from the scene was from
Date's gun.
  Sudou says it has something to do with the strange organization who set up
the explosion at the Millennium Tower, so the Chief asks what organization that
  Kurahashi explains that they're after the Jin'gweon force.  He further ex-
plains that the host in question who was shot was a suspected member of said
force.  The Chief doesn't care what Sudou thinks; he believes they have to go
and arrest Date.  Even if Kazuki was a member of the Jin'gweon, he shouldn't
have shot him.  If this gets out, it'll be a big disgrace for the force, since
Date was a detective once, after all.
  Sudou turns to Kurahashi to discuss Date, and Kurahashi says that he also has
a debt to pay to Date, and that he will think of some plan to clear his name.
    [cinema: 8h - I]
  So, where did the video footage come from?  Well, there's only one guy who
videotapes just about everything that happens in Kamuro:  Sai no Hanaya, the
legendary informant who used to run Sai no Kawara.  He was a prominent player in
the first game, and this time won't be too different.  The next day, Kiryuu
decides to go talk to Hanaya, who's set up shop at the 50th floor of the Mil-
ennium Tower now.
  Back at the pad, they discuss what to do.  Sayama feels that even with some
weird video footage, she could clear his name by turning herself in and showing
the gun.
  However, as Kawara points out, Date did shoot the guy, so they still would
have his bullet there from his gun with the man's blood on it.  Date's not an
ordinary citizen; he's an ex-detective, so they would still have a scandal (and
they'd have an even further one with a policewoman involved, right?).
  Kawara tells Date that he'll probably get arrested if he stays in town and
suggests he leaves.  Date agrees, and asks Kiryuu what he's going to do next.
  Kiryuu says he has no choice but to go to the man himself--Hanaya.
  Date says if he finds anything out, he'll contact them, and leaves with
    [cinema: 8h - II]
  To figure out what's going on, Kiryuu and Sayama will have to head on over to
the Millennium Tower.  Usually, the police will stop you from entering because
of the explosion earlier, but they'll let you in this time because Sayama is a
 police officer.  Unlike the previous game, you can't explore the inside of the
Tower at all; you just go straight up to Hanaya's room.
    [cinemas: 8h - III, IV]
  That guy in the chair is Hanaya.  Kiryuu praises his move to such a great
spot, telling him he never ceases to amaze him, and Hanaya responds that Kiryuu
sure has a lovely lady with him.
  Kiryuu tells her that she's a police officer--but Hanaya already knows that.
In fact, he seems to know pretty much everything about her!  He knows she moved
up in ranks in only 4 years and became known as the "Yakuza-Hunting Woman."
Seems he's been doing his homework!
  Naturally, he already knows why they're there--Doujima Daigo.  He also knows
that they used his video to make it look like Date shot Kazuki, tho' he also
knows it's not the case.
  Somehow, he has a leak.  He's pretty sure the mole is linked to whoever it
was who set up the bomb before.
  Naturally, he's monitoring everything in Kamuro, 24-7--but, there are times
when he's just not in the room, naturally.  He guesses they use those oppor-
tunities to leak info.
  Suddenly, they tell him they've spotted Daigo, and he tells them to put it on
the main monitor.  There he is, being taken into a building on Taihei Street.
  Just then, the systems go down, and everything turns all red on reserve power.
Someone's tampering with the electrical grid!  It's in the 10th floor in the
basement.  Kiryuu decides to go down there and fix things--I mean, he needs to
know where Daigo is!
    [cinema: 8h - V, VI]
  Go down the elevator (but first pick up the items littered on the floor) and
to the generator room.  Beat the guys up, and then Kiryuu will notice the last
one, who walks into the room and takes his mask off.
  This hulking brute is Hayashi Hiroshi, a member of the Oumi Group who fought
you in the first game--also in the Millennium Tower.  He was there to kidnap
Haruka.  This time, it seems like Hayashi isn't working for the Oumi...more
like, the Gohryuu Association.
  Sayama even knows who he is, naturally.  She knows his name vanished from the
list of directors of the Oumi because of the events of the first game.  Guess
he's gone over to the Gohryuu, after all.  She threatens to arrest him, but he
scoffs that a man like him, who has thrown his life away, isn't worried about
going to jail.
  Naturally, it's fight time!
    [cinema: 8h - VII]
  First of all, he's still easy to grapple--but be warned that he is a "big"
enemy, so you'll have to pound on Circle like crazy to throw him.  His attacks
are kind of slow, but they pack a punch and will break your guard.
  Once you've gotten him down quite a bit, he'll break two pipes off the wall
and use them like kali sticks at you.  If you start attacking him with a string,
be careful!  He'll initiate an invulnerable attack string that starts with a
"ding!" sound and a little posturing, giving you enough time to realise what's
going on and let you sidestep--if you don't use slow, heavy attacks.  Beware--
it *is* invulnerable, so for the entire duration of the attack, don't try to
hit him.
  After you bring him down some more, his pipes will break and he'll slug it out
with you again.  This time, he has "super armor"--your attacks don't stun him
or knock him down--unless you grapple him.  So, grapple him!  When you get him
low enough on health and knock him down, you can get a special Super Pursuit
Heat Action.
  He's a little tough, but after you get used to him, it's a cake walk.
  After you defeat him, Hayashi passes out.  Sayama and Kiryuu realize that the
power of the Gohryuu must be pretty big if they could get a former director of
the Oumi in their pocket like that.
  Then, although they were there breaking all sorts of things, apparently all
they really needed to do was flip some stupid switch to turn the power off,
because that's all Sayama does to fix it (?).
    [cinema: 8h - VIII]
  Now it's time for the mole to make his move--in ridiculous fashion, as usual.
He hacks into the computer system and starts messing things up--but, he didn't
count on Sayama being an unbelievable hackin genius.  She works from another
monitor, countering him in real-time like some episode of Spooks/MI-5.  It's
kind of stupid, because...I mean, think about it--all Hanaya had to do was look
around, and he'd see who was doing the hacking.  Or, just tell all his opera-
tives to stop, and the culprit would have to reveal himself, right?  Oh well.
  No surprise to the viewer, the culprit is Cap'n Camouflage--the guy we saw
on the phone with Ryuuji in Chapter 1.  Look at his silly smirk.  Oh noez!  He's
so evil!
  When Kiryuu is surprised by her skill, Hanaya just seems like "Yup, that's
what I heard.  You didn't know?  She's like this crazy internet crime unit
engineer computer expert super-nerd!"  Then they make fun of her and the studio
audience laughs for no reason and she goes "Bazinga!!"  No wait, that's every
episode of The Big Bang Theory ever.
  Oh well, kiddo!  You lost to Sayama.
  Thanks to her, they find Doujima Daigo.  There he is, all tied up like in some
weird alternative "adult video" or something.  Turns out, he's in a building
from the first game--the Tougenkyou.
    [cinema: 8h - IX]
  In the first game, there was a place called the "Tougenkyou," which literally
means "homeland of peach fields."  Peaches are a symbol for heaven and also,
well, for butts--especially female ones.  So, this name might make you think of
some kind of sexy paradise--and it was.  The Tougenkyou (I believe known as
"Shangri-la," a mythical paradise, in the North American release) was a brothel.
  In Japan, prostitution is illegal, but that only refers to sexual acts per-
formed with certain parts of human anatomy.  I won't go into saucy detail here,
but it's semi-legal to pay someone to get naked and give you "special massages."
These are called "soaplands," because they masquerade as bathhouses and do
involve getting you all soaped up and rubbing.
  The Tougenkyou was a soapland in Kamuro, but in the first game, Majima drove
a truck into it and wrecked the place something awful.  So, it's closed down

"Head for the Tougenkyou"

  So, go to it!  Note that this is the second (and maybe last?) opportunity to
order the items off Matsuya's breakfast menu, if you're hurt.  Anyway, get to
the Tougenkyou and go inside.
    [cinema: 8h - X]
  There are a bunch of guys with ottomans and knife-throwers around, and there
are also guys with shotguns.  You would do well to seize a shotgun that hasn't
been used and save it to sell later!  There's also a sword in one of the areas,
the "Famous Sword Sakurafubuki," which you can sell for a whopping 500,000 yen
if you don't use it!  Weirdly, you have to jump across one of the last holes
you come to near a stairwell--you'll notice it say "Jump" suddenly.
  This is also the only spot you can get one of your Heat Actions, the "Extreme
Tsukiotoshi," which is an environment Heat Action near the holes in the ground.
  Anyway, get to the last room and fight the guys who are holding Daigo.  Two
of them have guns and dart all over the place like lunatics.  If you have
bulletproof equipment (obtained from the secret weapons shop in Beam), you'll
take less damage from their hits.  There's a third boss-like guy who similarly
darts all over the place with a knife--I find him particularly annoying some-
    [cinema: 8h - XI]
  It seems Daigo's alright.  He apologizes for the trouble, but says Jin has
been taken somewhere else.  Kiryuu says it looks like he's OK, but Daigo pro-
tests that he's on the verge of death!  "Are you wounded?" Kiryuu asks.
  "No--just really hungry."  What a dork!
    [cinema: 8h - XII]
  Time to regroup!  Tomorrow's Terada's funeral.

3i.  Chapter 9


Back at Serena, Daigo says this isn't just any normal syndicate.  They're way
too powerful!
  Kashiwagi shows up and offers Daigo a cigarette, saying the only thing he
cares about is his safety.  He asks him where Jin is, but Daigo has no idea.
He does know it was the Jin'gweon Force behind it.
  This news shocks Kashiwagi, because he thinks the force was definitely
destroyed.  Sayama is confused why the police don't know about it, but apparent-
ly, it was all covered up.  Kashiwagi then tells them the story of the massacre
of the Jin'gweon 20 years ago
  Doujima Souhei tells Shimano and Kazama to go and kill every last one of them.
  Kazama is against this.  He thinks they shouldn't just decide on a war.
  Shimano is all for it, tho'!  He's like "Dude, this is the way of the
'gokudou,' homey!"
  Souhei thinks Kazama would have a point--if these guys were a normal crime
syndicate.  But...these guys are different.  They're not gonna rest until they
take over.  He thinks they have to act now, and despite Kazama's reluctance,
he orders their destruction, and tells them their chance is tonight, to sneak
into their hideout behind a disco and kill all of them.  Of course, Kazama
can't resist. You have to do what your boss orders, after all.
  Kashiwagi explains that he did, in fact, go and kill all of them.  He's sure
of it.
  After that, the Doujima Group became more powerful, and Shimano made his own
group.  In fact, Kashiwagi says the whole Toujou Association grew vastly because
of the destruction of the group.  However...there were apparently some sur-
vivors of the attack.
  Although the police knew about it, they just kinda looked the other way, be-
cause the Jin'gweon was so crazy.  But...there was one cop assigned to stop it.
He doesn't remember his name, tho'--I mean, it was 20 years ago, cut him some
slack, son!
  They now realize the mole was part of this whole thing with the survivors and
the Jin'gweon's return.
    [cinema: 8i - III]
  Talk to Kashiwagi again.  He reminds you that tomorrow is Terada's funeral.
All the big-wigs of the Toujou will be there.  Kiryuu thinks it's appropriate
for him to go, too, and asks Kashiwagi to get him in.  Kashiwagi says he will
naturally get Kiryuu in--though he, himself, will be there a little later on.
He will be attending, though.  He tells you to please inform Yayoi when you get
  I guess a night passed?  Anyway, when you're ready, take a taxi to the Toujou
Base.  If you were keeping up with stuff to do, there's probably nothing for
you to get done first, anyway--besides maybe buying healing items or whatever.
  Oh yeah--you finally see Kiryuu in a different outfit.  What, no Saturday
Night Fever clothes?  C'mon, son, buy a new suit once in a while.  You'll also
hear people mentioning that their cell phones aren't getting any reception.
That's probably not anything to worry about, like some weird plot that would
involve a fight going down, right?  Pfft, naw, that'd never happen!
  Go into the big conference room on the first floor and look at Terada's
picture for a while all misty-eyed.  Then, talk to Daigo.  You might miss him
and be like "...and, so, now what?"  He's standing around in the middle of
the room somewhere.
  Inside, Yayoi is informed of the Jin'gweon Force's involvement.
  The moment is ruined by party crashers: the Gohryuu Association.  So, go run
outside and see what's going on!  Also note Shindou gloating like a silent film
  This rude knucklehead attacks the Toujou while they're all at their previous
chairman's funeral.  He also has a sword.  Note that Daigo gets in on the action
so you can get that team-up Heat Action, if you haven't already.
   [cinemas: 8i - IV, V]
  After you beat that guy, Gohda Ryuuji shows up.  Hey!  I didn't know you were
invited!  Oh, wait--you definitely weren't invited; you gave the orders to kill
the guy!
  He's like "Morning, Kiryuu!"
  Kiryuu asks what he's doing busting into the funeral, but he just apologizes
for his stupid gangsters.  They were supposedly acting on their own.  He asks
who Kashiwagi is, and then insults him, saying he was sure he was from the
funeral parlor, or something.  He also greets Yayoi and says he's there to pay
homage to Terada.
  This angers Daigo, who points out he's the one who got Terada killed in the
first place.  Daigo rushes to attack, but Ryuuji easily beats him.
  They ask if he's there for a fight, but he says he's really there for Terada.
He brings a bunch of money and throws it down, saying they should use it for
their troubles.  But, the Toujou doesn't want none of that Gohryuu money.
  Yayoi says she wouldn't want to deal with some crummy kid like him, who would
do such horrible things even to his own father--his own blood!
  Ryuuji laughs it off.  "My own blood?  I'm not related to that ding-dong."
  He then goes to leave, but is like "Oh yeah!--3 days.  I'll give you a 3-day
truce--and then, we're back at war, kids.  I'll make it rain blood all over the
Kamuro District.  But...I can't be held accountable for that guy who doesn't
ever follow the rules.  See ya."
  Kiryuu's like "...what guy?"
  Ryuuji says, "Sengoku."
    [cinema: 8i - VI]
  Here come the yakuza!  These are all supposedly part of the Sengoku Group.
    [cinema: 8i - VII]
  Majima (whose name is sort-of a pun on "majime," meaning "in earnest" or
"with conviction" or something like that) apparently takes the entire Sengoku
Group on single-handedly.  Well...that's amazing, but doesn't Kiryuu do that
kind of thing all the time?  Majima also gets beaten to a bloody pulp.
    [cinema: 8i - VIII]
  Sayama calls Kiryuu as he gets back from the base.  Kiryuu explains that the
reception was bad, so he couldn't get her earlier.
  She tells him that the Oumi has come to Kamuro and started attacking!  Kiryuu
knows, of course.  She seems puzzled, but Kiryuu tells her he doesn't have time
to explain.  She asks where he is, and he tells her he's at the Sai no Kawara
area.  I guess it's faster to wait for someone to run across town than talk to
them on the phone, right?
  Go and find him near the coin lockers.  HE's like "You're late, man--I've
already beaten all those Sengoku dudes."
  He then tells you you have to hurry back to the base.  He believes that the
real objective here was to take over the base.  Why?  Because Shindou is appar-
ently tied to the Oumi, and so...he's throwing a coup d'etat.
  Sayama goes to take care of Majima, and he's like "You know, you're a pretty
lady!  How 'bout being my girl...?"  She just rolls her eyes and tells you to
get going.
    [cinema: 8i - IX]

"Find Shindou"

  So, hurry back to the base (isn't it kind of silly to think that Kiryuu is
supposed to have basically left an entire base full of yakuza "defenseless" by
leaving??) and look for Shindou.  He's upstairs in the meeting room there, where
you met with Yayoi before.  You'll have to beat his minion trash on the way,
and security walls block your progress.  You'll have to run all the way around
to the back staircase.  Why?  Because it's just so fun to run all over the
place without any action.
  OK, so...did I mention he acted like a silent film star before?  This is just
ridiculous.  He thinks the entire Toujou is destroyed.  Yayoi tells him that's
not so, but he knows that Sengoku has ordered hits on all the other directors.
  We now get to see a bunch of dudes get gunned down in brutal style.  Hey,
it's almost like a real yakuza film!
    [cinemas: 8i - X, XI]
  Apparently, his ridiculous reason?  It was to make Yayoi his woman.  What a
ding-dong.  I mean, that, and become chairman.  He tells her he's always loved
her and kisses her on the mouth--and she slaps him and runs away.  Oh man,
silent movie villain time!!  He tells her he can bring her a lot more happiness
than that stupid Doujima Souhei ever did.
  Yayoi says that Shindou doesn't understand.  I mean, even if Souhei cheated
on her and all that--she still loves him!!  Kiryuu says that women have that
ability--it's their greatest strength.  ... well, that's kinda horrible, innit?
    [cinema: 8i - XII]
  Fight him.  This fight goes on for quite a while and pretty much involves the
entire manor.  He does have a sword, so be ready to sidestep a lot.  He's also
kinda easily thrown, so, throw him!
  When you're outside by the koi pond in the moonlight, Yayoi throws you a
sword.  Block Shindou's strikes and counter by tapping the button on the screen
repeatedly.  It cycles through all four attack buttons.
  Once you beat him, go back upstairs to help Daigo (what a weakling).  Note
that along the way, everyone's back to business as usual in the base--except
nobody apparently thought to go up and check in on the captives?  Bang-up job
protecting the base, guys.
  Yeah, this does actually happen.  I can't believe how melodramatic this game
suddenly has become!  Well...I guess it's actually the cliches that make this
series an homage.
  Anyway, Shindou comes back in for one final attack, even though you beat him
downstairs.  He's got low health this time, so he's pretty easy.
  Shindou's guys come to shoot you, but Kiryuu beats both of them with a kick.
  Shindou goes for his gun, but Daigo dives down and grabs a gun, shooting
Shindou to death.  Oh well.  No big loss, the guy was trash, anyway.
  Kashiwagi apologizes, but she tells him it wasn't his fault.  She then gives
the order that if they see anyone from the Oumi, they are not to hesitate--they
are just to beat them up on sight!  Why they weren't doing that already is
beyond me, but...you go, sister(?)!
    [cinema: 8i - XIII]
  That'll wrap up this disc!--if you're playing on the original release, anyway.

3j.  Chapter 10


Kantou Mission
  The Weapons Video Merchant (Buki Bideo Shounin)
Kansai Missions
  Mr. Saeki - The Impression (Saekisensei Kanmeihen)
  Kanematsu Shigeru - The Gamer (Kanematsu Shigeru Ge-ma-hen)
  Yukiko's Favorite (Yukiko no Konomi)
  Vengeance Proxy 1 (Urami Daikou 1)
  Vengeance Proxy 2 (Urami Daikou 2)
  Vengeance Proxy 3 (Urami Daikou 3)
  Vengeance Proxy 4 (Urami Daikou 4)
  Befriend the Guitarist at Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Gita-risuto to Kaonajimi)
  How to Never Lose at Gambling (Gyanburu ni Makenai Houhou)
  The Legendary Cabaret Club Girl, Nana (Densetsu no Kyabakurajou Nana)

Date's in the records room of the police station, snooping around.  He reads the
report on the incident over 20 years ago, and is shocked by what he sees.  Seems
the Doujima Group was responsible for the massacre of the Jin'gweon, after all.
  Just then, Kawara comes in.  "Whew, don't scare me like that!" says Date.
Kawara assures him nobody saw him come in (remember, he's a wanted man).
  Date tells him he's found out about the Jin'gweon massacre plot, and Kawara
doesn't really seem surprised.  Date's confused, so he tells him to look at the
last page of the report.
  Seems Kawara and Bessho were in charge of the unit during the attack, after
all!  Kawara got involved when he heard Kurahashi was investigating the foreign
syndicate, figuring it had to do with that incident.
  With this revealed, Kawara suddenly throws his badge down.  "I'm out," he
  "What?!" asks Date.  "Why?"
  "I owe a lot to that incident," he says, which puzzles Date.  "Don't ask me
to explain."  He leaves.
    [cinema: 8j - I]
  At the docks, Date meets with Kiryuu and Sayama.  He relates that Bessho was
in charge of the organized crime unit at the time, and allowed the massacre to
take place with his blessing to eradicate the Jin'gweon.  This enrages Sayama,
because she's super-anti-yakuza.  "The chief used the yakuza?!" she asks, and
hits the railing in disgust.
  Date then informs them that Kawara gave him his badge and quit, and further
tells them he feels he owes a lot to the incident--though he admits he didn't
understand why.
  Kiryuu thinks Date should step off, too--I mean, the Jin'gweon Force isn't
just your run-of-the-mill crime syndicate, so his life is probably in danger.
Plus, he's a wanted man!
  Date just laughs at him.  "After all this, you think I'm just gonna walk away
now?" he asks.  "Anyway, what are you going to do?"
  Kiryuu says they're going to Osaka to investigate further.
    [cinema: 8j - II]
  Yes, this is the chapter you return to Soutenbori.  But first, there's some
lame story stuff to go through that has pretty much nothing to do with you.
  Before we return to Osaka, we "get" to find out what happened to Takashi.  If
you played the first game, you'll know that Hanaya either abandoned his family
at some point or was abandoned by them.  Either way, he didn't raise Takashi.
The same went for Takashi's girlfriend, Kyouka, who is the daughter of the boss
of the Atobe group of yakuza.  So, Hanaya and Atobe spent a teary-eyed moment
watching their kids get together and proclaim their undying love and such at Sai
no Kawara on a monitor, because neither one could actually approach their child
  Now...that chapter had very little place in the first game, storywise, and
this part doesn't really "fit" either.  It has nothing to do with the main plot,
so I actually don't like it too much.  I guess it sheds some light on Hanaya's
personality.  Who cares?
  This is also an annoying part of the game because there's no "marker;" no red
dot or arrow.  So, you're left to just wander around on your own and it might
get a little frustrating because you really don't know what the game wants from
  Go to Theater Square.  In front of the theaters (across the street from Vol-
canic Volcano), you'll run into Takashi, who's walking around with some other
girl.  In the first game, he had been so determined to bring Kyouka happiness
that he said he would cut off his own fingers to prove it, but now, here he is
philandering about with some dumb ganguro chick.
    [cinema: 8j - III]
  You'll be forced to Shellac, where he'll tell you his story.  Everywhere he
went for work, people were mean to him, so he quit.  Aww, poor baby!  You didn't
realise that you actually had to work at a job?
  Anyway, he apparently suffered a lot trying to get work and pay the bills, and
it was all for Kyouka's sake.  But then, he suddenly heard that she was cheating
on him!  She had been seen going into a hotel at the aptly-named Hotel District
with some man.
  So, he just dropped her like a hot rock and decided to play around like a
little kid, apparently.
  Kiryuu asks if he confronted her, but he says she lied about it.  But, he also
knows that there's the "legendary informant" somewhere around town who films
everything and knows what's going on.  He thinks if he could only see film of
her meeting that man, he'd feel secure in his convictions.
  No matter which way you answer, the conversation will lead you to agree to
introduce him to Hanaya.  Go to the Millennium Tower.
  Seems Hanaya has no intention of meeting his son.  "Who wants a useless son
like that?" he says.  But, he agrees to see him, just because Kiryuu asks him,
not because of any blood relation.
  He's lying, of course.
  So, go back to Shellac and get Takashi.  Back at the Millennium Tower, Hanaya
warns Takashi that there are some things you'd be better off seeing (and fails
to tell him that he's his father).  Takashi says he doesn't care; he needs to
  He's really sad when a man does, indeed, show up to meet his beloved Kyouka.
But, wait--!  What's this??  Shocker!  It's her dad who shows up and gives her
money so that she and Takashi can live.  She's been going and getting money
from him because her loser boyfriend always quits jobs for little reason.
    [cinemas: 8j - IV, V]
  Before he leaves, Takashi asks Hanaya to figure out who his dad is.  Hanaya
says that he only did this last report for free because of Kiryuu and that he
usually works for a steep price.  Takashi says he'll come back with money, then.
  Did you guys see that irony??  It's kinda subtle.  You might miss it, if you
never read anything or never watched any movies or shows in your life.
  Sayama calls you.  Go meet her at Serena.
  She's there, loading her gun.  Kiryuu asks why she's got such a thing, and she
says she can't trust anyone, anymore.  She thought at least Bessho understood
the reasons for the anti-organized-crime division, but apparently he just uses
the yakuza to do his dirty work, too.  Kiryuu doesn't think Bessho really be-
trayed her or anything, but, whatever.
  She then says that she's going to stop by the police station for a bit when
they get to Osaka, and Kiryuu tells her she can do as she pleases.  He wants to
go look for Gohda Jin while he's there, but she suddenly points her gun at him
and reminds him he's sort of in her custody, and she can't let him just do
whatever he wants.
  If they ever get married, their fights are gonna be ridiculous.
    [cinemas: 8j - VI, VII]
  Now we see Sayama and Kiryuu at the police station to confront Bessho.  She
asks him about the Doujima attack on the Jin'gweon, and Bessho's just like
"Yeah, and...?"
  She explains that the possibility of the Jin'gweon setting up the attack on
the Millennium Tower is very high, and demands to know why he didn't tell her
about the Jin'gweon.  He says he didn't think it was relevant, so he'll tell
her now.
  He tells her that he sanctioned the illegal actions of the Doujima Group
because he knew the Jin'gweon were absolute in their mentality and that they
were extremely dangerous.  She argues that his actions went against the very
first thing he preaches in his anti-yakuza department, but he assures her the
situation was different in regards to the Jin'gweon.
  She shakes her head and asks him a different question.  "Why is the Jin'gweon,
which was certainly destroyed, back in action?  You know something, don't you?"
  Bessho reveals that they only found 33 bodies--though there were 36 members
of the Jin'gweon.  He knows one of the survivors.  Pressed by Sayama, he admits
he brought him to Osaka and set him up with the name "Murai."  He hangs out at
the shogi parlor called "Keima" near the Tsuutenkaku.  He needs to protect him,
because the Jin'gweon will certainly want to kill him in punishment for not
going after revenge.  He also tells them that Kawara aided him in this.
  Suddenly, Bessho removes Sayama from the case.  He tells her that this is no
longer a matter for the anti-yakuza group, if it's a foreign crime syndicate
like the Jin'gweon.  She protests that he's doing this because she's a woman,
but he tells her it's because she doesn't know the awesome force of the Jin-
gweon.  She protests again and he again tells her it's an order, so she storms
  Bessho turns to Kiryuu.  "Pfft, see how hard-headed she is?" he asks.  He
then asks Kiryuu to protect her.  He says he's the only one who can.
  Kiryuu says he has something to ask him.  He asks if he knew about Kawara
gunning dudes down that one time, and Bessho just falls silent.  Kiryuu says
that Bessho certainly must have known about the survivors and the fact that the
Jin'gweon are on the move again, and Bessho just says he's not saying any more,
and asks him to watch out for Sayama.
    [cinema: 8j - VIII]
  In Soutenbori, Sayama suddenly leaves you on your own.  Kiryuu wants to go
find her.  Of course, do the side missions available in Soutenbori at this time.
  Talk to Tamiyo at Snack Aoi to find that Sayama's probably drinking it up at
Stijl.  Go up there, talk to the bartender, and he'll tell you she's already
left and that she's probably walking around by the river.
  She is, in fact, on its north bank.  She's also being harrassed by a bunch of
thugs.  What kind of thugs forcefully hit on a lady when she identifies herself
as a police officer?  Anyway, suddenly, she's completely incapable of defending
herself, so go and fight them for her.  Kiryuu and Sayama race away, because
it's, like, the police suddenly care if someone's fighting now.(?)
    [cinemas: 8j -IX, X, XI]
  Then, it's date time!  I guess they have to have *some* lovin' for a love in-
terest angle.  Pretty lame date, though.  "Here, honey...let me go play the
stupid UFO Catcher game for you."  "Ohh, you big, strong man *swoon*!"
    [cinema: 8j - XII]
  The two end up drinking on a rooftop.  Kiryuu teases that she just had some
alcohol, but she says that the exercise of walking to get more wore the last
bit off (lol).
  She tells him that this is a special thanks for the night; this is a secret
spot for her, this roofop, where you can look out over the Soutenbori.
  After they drink and talk a bit, she gets up and offers to get him more beer.
He tells her she doesn't have to try so hard, and she says she's just like that,
trying to do things for people and all.  He says she's really nice, deep down,
and she tells him that flattery isn't going to get him anything but beer--but
he says her saying that is actually pretty cute.
  She gets a bit flustered.  Apparently, nobody really says anything like that
to her--besides her mom (Tamiyo).  She's more used to fighting with men and
such, and doesn't really trust those around her.  He tells her not to lose her-
self in the battle.  She is a woman, after all.
  She tells him she's abandoned all that.  It's not that she likes being this
way, it's just how things are because of her circumstances.  She says nobody
but herself can understand that, and he agrees.  He tells her he thinks she's
a really sweet person deep down, even if it sounds like just some empty words
of a man.
  She calls him mysterious and says she can't believe he was a yakuza, and he
says you can't really judge everything about a person from the exterior like
that and all.
  She decides she's too drunk, and she's gonna hit the hay.  He tells her to go
ahead--he wants to stay up there and look out at the city a little more.  She
offers to stay, but he tells her it's OK.  After all, they have to go find this
survivor the next morning, and she should rest.  She insists, and he says she
should just be nice and listen to him to repay him for the evening, and so she
holds the plush toy he won from the UFO Catcher in front of her and makes it bow
and say "Thanks!" before she leaves.
    [cinema: 8j - XIII]
  You're left on your own again.  This is another time they leave you without a
single hint as to where to go.  Go back to the north bank of the Soutenbori,
near the Iwahashi side to trigger a cinema with a man about to throw away a
sketch for a tattoo.  Kiryuu stops him, saying he'd just regret it if he threw
it out.  The guy asks Kiryuu to come have a cup of tea with him at his shop.
    [cinema: 8j - XIV]
  This guy is Kazebori.  In Kamuro, the guy who drew the dragon on Kiryuu's back
is named Utabori.  These are obviously just titles passed down from generation
to generation of tattoo artists--and he's the 4th generation.
  Back at his place, the Kazebori introduces Kiryuu as a client to his assistant
and tells her to put the tattoo sketch away somewhere where "that guy" can't
find it.  He explains who he is, and Kiryuu tells him he's heard of him from the
guy who put his tattoo on his back, Utabori (the second generation).  Of course,
Kazebori has also heard of Utabori.
  Kiryuu asks why Kazebori was throwing the tattoo sketch out, and he explains
it's the dragon passed on from generation to generation of his trade, the
yellow dragon.  Kiryuu again asks why he would throw such a precious thing away,
when his assistant, Akina, suddenly shouts.  She says her older brother, the
top student of Kazebori's, came in from out of nowhere and took the drawing.
    [cinemas: 8j - XV, XVI]
  Kiryuu asks what's going on, and he explains that he was going to throw the
drawing away because of problems with choosing an heir to his title.  It seems
he was thinking of giving the title to Akina--tho' her brother, Satoshi, didn't
like that, since this tradition is pretty much exclusively male.  Satoshi's the
dude who just took the drawing.
  He goes on to say that it's not just skill that makes a great tattoo artist.
This tattoo they put on the back of a yakuza will change their life and make
them who they are as an adult.  He thinks Satoshi hadn't quite gotten that yet.
  Akina interrupts to remind him that she's not going to take up the title, and
he nods, telling Kiryuu that something regrettable happened, and so now Akina
does not want to continue as Kazebori.  He does say that even with things like
this, he just can't give it to a fledgling like Satoshi.
  Naturally, Satoshi has stolen the drawing so he can install himself as the
next Kazebori.
  Kiryuu gets up and says that he, too, has such a tattoo--he has the dragon
of Utabori.  This surprises the old master.  He knows that Utabori has only
given that tattoo to one person, 20 years earlier--to a "certain man of the
Toujou."  Of course, they know who Kiryuu is now, and everyone's so impressed
and agog and all this nonsense.
  Anyway, Kiryuu says he's going to go get the drawing back from Satoshi, but
before he goes, he asks Akina why she won't take up the title.  They won't say,
but they tell you where there's an vacant building they think Satoshi is at.
  Go up there and beat the guy up!  He's in there, gloating that "that man" has
the dragon on him, so he's sure to have lots of clients (he means Ryuuji, of
  There is a bug here!  Be careful!  The interior for this building is the same
as the one found in "Vengeance Proxy 4" ("Urami Daikou 4"), one of the miss-
ions available in this chapter.  In that mission, you get a hint to the code to
a safe that's located in that building.  If you open the safe, you'll automatic-
ally be forced from the building with its contents (a whopping 5,000,000 yen!).
  That same safe is in this room.  Do not open it in this room!!  If you opened
it before in the mission, you don't have to worry; it's open anyway.  If you
open it here, you'll be forced from the building and you won't be able to go
back inside!  If you can't go inside, you obviously can't fight Satoshi and you
can't advance the plot.  This only happens in the original disc version, so,
if you're playing the HD rerelease, the "PlaStation 2 The Best" release, or the
Western release, you're OK.
  Anyway, after the fight, Kazebori shows up and Kiryuu gives him back the
drawing.  Satoshi curses at the old guy for wanting to pass it onto a girl, but
Kazebori tells him that he just doesn't understand the skill Akina has for how
a tattoo is supposed to lead someone's life.  It stays with them forever, after
  So, Satoshi retorts by saying "You say that, but did the guy you gave the
yellow dragon to turn out so great?"  Kiryuu finally asks who it is, and it's
Gohda Ryuuji, as I said (and which isn't really a surprise?).
  Akina defends the old master.  It seems it wasn't he who put the tattoo on
Ryuuji's back.  When he went to put it there, his hands curiously just wouldn't
do it--so Akina finished the job for him.  Seeing how she turned out, she
decided not to accept the title.
  Kiryuu takes his shirt off and shows them the dragon.  He says he's gained a
lot and lost a lot due to his fate.  He also tells them it wasn't a mistake to
put the dragon on Ryuuji...after all, people choose their own fates.  That's
what being a human is.  He tells them it's not their job to straighten out the
paths people choose, but just to witness what they do with the tattoos they are
given.  He then asks Akina to continue, and to take the title, so she can wit-
ness what happens to Ryuuji.  She agrees, and thanks him.  Whatever, guys--it's
just a derned tat.
    [cinemas: 8j - XVII, XIII]

3k.  Chapter 11


  Tragedy Befalls the Old Lady (Obachan no Higeki)
  Nosebleed (Hanaji)
  Master White Lotus's Request 1 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 1)
  Master White Lotus's Request 2 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 2)

Coin Locker Keys (Osaka)
  8, 12, 16, 17, 23, 26, 30, 35, 40, 49

In this chapter, you'll get to go to the third city area, a district in Osaka
called "Shinsei" (the real district is called "Shinsekai").  You'll have to re-
visit it to get most of its missions in a later chapter, however.
  You'll also be after a survivor of the Jin'gweon Force massacre.  You'll start
by talking to Sayama on Iwahashi.  She apparently suddenly has her reservations
about investigating this further.  She thinks maybe she's actually one of the
survivors of the massacre.  After all, she heard Tamiyo say that her parents
were killed by the Toujou Association some twenty years ago.  Since they killed
off the Jin'gweon at that time, it's not too much a stretch that she would be
one of the survivors, is it?
  Kiryuu asks if she wants to let things lie--but she doesn't.  She won't run
away from her past.  Kiryuu goes to light a cigarette and she takes it out of
his mouth.  "It's already 10," she says.  "Let's go find this survivor."
    [cinemas: 8k - I, II]
  The survivor in question is Bak Hwejong ("Bak" is sometimes known as the
common name "Park" in the West).  He's taken the name "Murai" and now spends
much of his time playing shogi in Shinsei's "Keima" (that's the "knight" piece
in Shogi).  He looks very wimpish and has a huge mole on his face.
  To meet him, you have to really go through some convoluted stuff.  First
things first, you have to find out where this "Keima" place is.
  There's really not too much to Shinsei; just a main strip and a little side
street.  In that side area, north of the acupuncturist, you'll find people
playing shogi.  The man on the bench with a shogi board will tell you how to
get into the exclusive club (although how an exclusive shogi club would make
money, I can't tell you)--you'll need to show the guy on the main drag on the
eastern side up north almost to the Tsutenkaku tower a shogi piece, the "Ryuu-
  In order to give you information on how to get such a piece, he wants to play
you in shogi.  You can play him with the top choice, refuse with the middle, or
ask him the rules.  He'll probably beat you.
  Don't worry--there's a way around this.  Across the way from him, there's
another guy standing around.  He tells you he has a 100% guaranteed way to beat
that kid, and he'll tell you for 10,000 yen.  Choose the bottom choice to hear
his "method."
  He basically cheats.  Seems homey's wife doesn't like him playing shogi, so
he says if you tell him his wife is coming, he'll get distracted.  You can use
that opportunity to flip the board around!
  If you challenge the guy again, you can hit Square to flip the board.  That
may not help too much if you have absolutely no idea how to play shogi, but
here's a quick way to win:  your king is at 8 from the right, 8 from the top
on the 9x9 grid.  You know, one step up and right from the bottom left corner.
  Move the piece in front of it (a pawn) up.  Do it again until he uses his
hisha (rook) to capture said pawn.  It takes 3 moves, I think.  Anyway, now is
your chance!  Hit Square and move said hisha (rook) directly over his king
(which was yours).  It'll be at the upper right-hand corner now.
  He doesn't really tell you how to get the piece; he just tells you that the
guy who hangs around near the Billiken shrine south of the acupuncturist so he
can steal the offerings left there would know.
  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to you that there are these weird statues with
a smiling guy with big feet about town.  These are Billikens, statues that are
actually based off an American design and thought of as good luck statues in
parts of Japan.
  Go south and leave 1,000 yen or more to get the guy to show up.  He'll run
away, up north.  Catch him and fight him, but be warned that he's a really big
guy and a little tough, despite his silly little role.
  He'll just tell you to go to the Tsutenkaku and find the binoculars with the
yellow stripe.
  So, go into the Tsutenkaku!  You have to pay to get up to the top.  This is a
real place, one of the landmarks of Osaka.
  When you find the binoculars with the yellow stripe, look through them (paying
the fee, of course).  All you'll see is a billboard advertising a hotel, the
Laguna.  It gives a phone number, though.
  If you go to the items menu, you can bring up the special items with the R1
button.  Do that, highlight the memo, and press the circle button to call them.
  They'll ask how many floors there are in the Tsutenkaku.  A guy standing
around will tell you it's 503.
  They'll tell you a cryptic clue:  "Asiatic black bear, intestines, the third
  Well, there just happens to be a place on the main strip's west side called
"Yotteya" that sells intestines.  In times of famine (read: World War II), parts
of Japan were forced to eat the parts of the animal you'd usually discard.  In
the Kansai area, these were called "hourumon."  That comes from the word "houru"
(which means "to discard") and "mono" ("thing").
  Since they also shorten vowels a lot in the Kansai, it was also written as
"horumon."  At some point, restaurants actually served this, calling it
"horumon'yaki" ("grilled throw-aways").  It is said that whoever eats this has
great stamina, so its name was also intentionally likened to the word "hormone."
  Anyway, that's what Yotteya sells.  So, go inside, and order "Asiatic black
bear intestines" (it'll be your only choice) three times.  At first, the cook
refuses (he even asks if there's something wrong with you the second time), but
then, he serves it to you.
  It's apparently not very pleasant.  Just when it seems like you were forced
to eat something gross for no reason, Sayama finds the ryuuma chess piece in her
  Go across the street and to the north and show it to the man, who will let you
into Keima (bottom choice).
  Kiryuu again shows the shogi piece to the guy at the yakan (teapot-warming
oven), who at first is like "This ain't no place for a date, kiddo."  But, he's
surprised to see the piece, and asks who he wants to see.
  Kiryuu tells him "Murai."  There he is, looking all like "Naw, it's not me
  He babbles about how this board before him has some famous shogi set-up from
some famous match.  A pro lost in some embarrassing way, and everyone thinks it
was some mistake--except Murai/Bak.  He isn't so sure about that.
  Sayama says she has something to ask, but he's like "I don't have anything to
say to young'uns like you."
  She tells him she's looking for answers about the incident in Kamuro 20 years
ago, which surprises him.  He says that maybe it's best not for her to know,
but Sayama asks again.  She thinks she might be one of the survivors, herself.
  Bak knows there was a kid present, but....
  She asks him to tell her, and he rambles about Yabuta losing the famous match,
and how he died afterwards, a drunk.
  He says that life is suffering.  People take all sorts of things as baggage
and carry them around--so, maybe it's best for her not to know her past.
  Sayama tells him she won't leave until he tells her, so...he goes ahead.
  It was Christmas.
  Kiryuu says, "Christmas--?!"
  The Doujima came into his group's hideout and killed every one.  Sayama tells
him she knows Bessho saved him, and he says he gave up his comrades so he could
survive.  He tells them the names of two other survivors: Gim Dae-jin and Ji
  He tells her that besides them, the boss's wife and daughter survived.
    [cinema: 8k-III]
  Now, we get to see the events of that night in a bit more detial.  As
Kawara looks on, we see the boss getting shot to death by Kazama--and Murai is
there, too!  But...Kazama holds his gun to his head, and sees the man is no
threat, and just walks on.
  Kawara shows up and gets asked by the boss to go save his kid.  The boss then
dies.  After Kawara leaves, Pak crawls to his boss to see if he's alright, but
Shimano shows up and shoots him in the back.  He then laughs like a stupid jerk.
  It missed his vital organs, so he was able to survive.
  Kiryuu gets mad, and Kiryuu reasons that her dad was the boss.  Murai says
that Kawara took care of the boss and his kid.  She figures that Kawara pro-
bably only saved the child, while the mother dies.  Murai doesn't really know.
  He also says that the only reason he has been able to keep surviving, despite
forces having been dispatched from Korea to kill him for not seeking retri-
bution for the incident, is because he sold over the locations of the mother and
child.  Therefore, he's all regretful-land and Sayama's all "I'm a kill you!"
land, given that was probably why her mom got killed.
  She asks who killed the men at the incident, and he describes someone with a
moustache.  But, Kazama knows it was Kazama himself.  He was there, too!  Sayama
asks if he's telling the truth--yes, he was.  Whoops, totally slipped my mind,
  Wow, what a surprise--the Jin'gweon Force members show up now to kill the old
guy!  Kiryuu's like "Hey, before you kill this dude, tell me--where's Gohda
  Pak tells him it's no use.  They're members from the home country, and won't
tell him--no matter what!  They throw a knife at him, but it just hits a pipe.
For some stupid reason, Kiryuu asks again--but, they won't tell him, naturally.
  Beat them up, but be careful because they do throw knives.  You might do well
to focus on their boss.
    [cinemas: 8k - IV, V]
  After you beat them, Kiryuu stops the boss-like character from picking up his
knife and grabs him by the throat.  "Where's Gohda Jin?!" he demands.
  Unfortunately, one of the other underlings grabs his knife and throws it in
Murai/Bak's stomach while Kiryuu's indisposed.  Then, all members open their
rings and eat poison, like a bunch of Cold-War-Era spy knuckleheads.  Have fun
with that, kids.
  MURAIIIII!!!!  We hardly knew ye!!!
  I mean, seriously; we didn't know you.  Great epitaph, eh?
  As he suffers his mortal wound, Bak says it would have been better had he
either committed suicide or simply died in the attack 20 years earlier.  He's
caused so much bother to so many people!  He tells Sayama he'll tell her mother
her daughter grew up well--that will bring her happiness!  He then makes some
move on the shogi board before him, promoting one of his pieces...to what I can
only presume is a winning move?  Anyway, he dies all pathetic and stuff.
  Kiryuu tries to console Sayama, but she ain't hearin' none of that.  Uh-oh,
someone's sleeping on the couch!  Oh, yeah--he prolly was, anyway.
    [cinema: 8k - VI]

3l.  Chapter 12


  Kanematsu Shigeru - Collections (Kanematsu Shigeru Toritatehen)
  Mr. Saeki - The Fight With Yoshida (Saekisensei Yoshida Funtouhen)
  Shogi 1 (Shougi 1)
    -- After fight with Ezawa --
  The Tsuutenkaku's Mr. Billiken (Tsuutenkaku no Biriken san)
  Hawk the Modifier 1 (Kaizou no Taka 1)
  Hawk the Modifier 2 (Kaizou no Taka 2)
  Go Get Me Some Sake! (Sake Kattekoi)
  Hawk the Modifier 3 (Kaizou no Taka 3)

Coin Locker Key (Osaka)

Just so you know, this chapter has probably the most ridiculously unbelievable
action scene yet.
  Well, it seems even our hero has been withholding information.  It seems he
kinda had an idea what was going on, but he wasn't 100% sure until he heard
Bak say that it was Christmas eve when they were slaughtered.
  It seems he was there on Christmas eve when Kazama had to kill a bunch of
people.  Now, Kazama always visited the orphans on Christmas, but this one
year, he didn't.  Kiryuu ran to his office (note his awesome jersey) only to
find Kazama getting ready to leave.  "Go home," he tells him.  Kiryuu thought he
acted quite different than usual, being really mean and strict suddenly.
  So, he figured he was in trouble and followed him.  Kazama went before Shimano
so that he could warn the Jin'gweon Force and try to get them to leave town be-
fore they all were killed.  The leader was skeptical, so Kazama had to hold a
gun on him to prevent getting killed.
  Kiryuu saw this from the hallway and rushed in with a metal pipe.  To save
Kiryuu, Kazama had to shoot the leader, which started the whole bloody mess.
  Earlier, we heard that there were actually five survivors from the incident,
although most people only knew of three--Bak Hwejong (that's Murai), Gim Daejin
(most of you will know the family name "Gim" as "Kim," so I'll write it that way
from now on), and Ji Yeongmin.  However, as we know, the boss's wife and child
were saved by Kawara.  So, there is a very strong possibility that Sayama was
that child.
  So, Kiryuu feels responsible for the leader's death, thereby making him poss-
ibly responsible for Sayama's father's death.
  She gets upset when he reveals this to her at the Soutenbori River and runs
off.  In a scene reminiscent of many movies, Cowboy Bebop, Param e Fighter, etc,
Kiryuu is stabbed by some clever assassin after she leaves.  Suddenly, a knife
wound is important--well, I mean, so are gunshots.  They have the power of
Cinema Damage!!
    [cinemas: 8l - I through VII]
  There was poison on the blade, apparently (tho' you'd think getting stabbed
would be enough), so you have to hurry back to Snack Aoi.  The game starts you
right at the south end of Iwahashi, so it's not too far.  Just avoid those guys
who want to pick fights with you as time is a factor.
  Kiryuu staggers in and collapses.  Of course, Tamiyo helps him.  Who's that
with her?!?!?!!?!?  Why, it's Kawara (the plot thickens, kinda?)!
    [cinema: 8l - IX]
  So, then, we see stupid Sengoku laughing it up like a right scuzzball.  He
says that Gohda sure made a big mess out by the Tsutenkaku, taunting him.  Gohda
goes to draw his sword and threatens him, but Takashima tells him not to listen
to his taunting.
  Sengoku says, "Well, it doesn't matter--I've already won this race for the
heir to the Oumi."
  In walk some of his underlings, with Haruka in tow.  Seems Sengoku means to
"get" Kiryuu this way!
  Gohda's like "Whatever--do what you want.  I'll get the Toujou Association,
and that Kiryuu, my own way," and leaves.
  Sengoku laughs like some stupid cartoon villain in his goofball cartoon head-
quarters in the Osaka Castle.
    [cinema: 8l - X]
  Kiryuu wakes up to find Tamiyo alone.  He's like  "Dude, wasn't Kawara here?"
  She says "Well, he was here for Kaoru's sake."
  Kiryuu asks her to explain, but she's like "Naw, this is more important!"
  There was a message tucked in Kiryuu's pocket when he was stabbed.  Appar-
ently, that was just a way to deliver a message to him.  Wow!  That's not as
good as a candygram.
  The note is from Sengoku.  He says that he has your girl.  That's right!  It's
"Haruka's Been Kidnapped" part ... I dunno, twenty or so?  She did get snatched
a few times in the last game.  Tho' Tamiyo tells you not to go, since your
wound is still fresh...you know, being an action hero and all, naturall Kiryuu's
gonna go handle it!
    [cinema: 8l - XII]

"Find Sengoku"

First things first--take care of your missions, friend.  Then, head over to
your informant on Iwahashi's south end.  Do you remember this guy?  Kurogawa.
You met him way back on your first outing in Soutenbori and he got you into the
Cabaret Grand club.
  He doesn't know much, it seems, but he'll nose around a bit for you.  Run to
the coin lockers area and you'll get a phone call from an unknown number saying
they have your girl and you should go meet this mystery person at the golf
center.  Go up there and Kiryuu will remark on how unpopular it is that day.
  Then, you'll see why--the shopkeeper is lying there, beaten up.  All he can
say is that a guy with a Hiroshiman accent did it.  Said guy is behind you,
waiting for a fight.  Beat that Tochiazuma-looking clown!  He's pretty easy.
  After you beat him, you'll see that he literally has no idea who hired him to
do so, unfortunately.  Leave the shop, and Kurogawa will call you.  He needs to
see you at the north bank of the Soutenbori.
  Surprise!  He's really a yakuza--and he said that he's just an honest bus-
inessman!  A criminal who lies....  What won't they think of next?
  Beat him and his little buddies up.  It's pretty easy because you can toss
them right into the river.
  Kurogawa tells you that you should find Ezawa, the guy from the mahjong par-
lor incident; seems he knows about Sengoku.  He's at the acupuncturist in Shin-
  Go to Shinsei and find Ezawa in the back room.  I guess he had the super power
to turn doctor's assistants into mannequins because she doesn't respond at all.
  He also has the power to run outdoors, something Kiryuu apparently lacks.
  He's run up to the area where the parking lot and Tsutenkaku are located.  Go
there and catch him.  You'll fight him in the parking lot, which is where Old
Lady White hangs out, so if you got through her side missions, she'll help out
by tossing a hairpin at you that you can ram...um, somewhere unpleasant on the
poor guy.  Of course, you can't have done that until Premium New Game.
  Ezawa won't talk, because it'll mean his head, but a call suddenly comes in.
It's Sengoku.  He tells you where he is--the Osaka Castle.  But yeah, this pro-
bably means Ezawa's head, so he's like "oh noez" and sinks to his knees.  "Oh
noez," indeed, you Popey-the-Sailor-looking trash.
  So, take a cab there!
  This is the most ridiculous thing ever.  Apparently, the Osaka Castle is built
so that it can break in half along an unseen seem and move aside so that a huge,
golden double of the castle can be raised and lowered at will.
  I must have missed that page in my tour guide.
    [cinema: 8l - XII]

"Head for the Top of the Tower"

Sengoku's right-hand man, Kunieda, apparently has the power to summon ninja and
samurai with his gumbai, a fan-like implement used to command troops.  Fight him
over and over, but know that if you don't beat him, almost endless waves of
troops will appear.
    [cinema: 8l - XIII]
  Go upstairs, beat the ninja and samurai, pick up nice weapons, avoid traps by
hitting the button prompted on the screen during cinemas, and then go upstairs
  Make sure you don't have a weapon equipped and go to the machine gun and press
Circle.  Yes, this is a shooting game, kind of like a mini-game, but no; it's
not like the one in the previous game.  This one's intuitive and easy.  Kill the
guys with the harquebuses as much as you want--they actually keep respawning for
quite a while before Kunieda can't summon them anymore.
  Oh, was it not ridiculous enough for you?  Well, after getting shot many times
by a machine gun (that's not even a sub-machine gun--it's a mounted machine
gun, for crying out loud), Kunieda gets up in typical silent film fashion and
gives you a "grr!" face, then runs away.
  Yeah, I mean....  I know they were weaker back then, compared to vulcans and
stuff like that nowadays, but....  That's really ridiculous!!
  Follow him upstairs and you'll fight him the last time.  He continually re-
spawns ninja and samurai, but what's worse, if you stand in the wrong parts of
the room, you'll activate those nasty trap cinemas again, so be prepared to hit
the button as it flashes on the screen.
  After you beat him, kill off the remaining ninja and samurai, and go upstairs.
  I'm sorry!  Did you think that was all the more ridiculous it was going to
  Now, you have to fight two tigers.
     [cinema: 8l - XIV]
  Yeah, as in tigers--you know, one of the world's most effective, largest, and
most powerful predatory land animals.  That's all!
  Their attack patterns are fairly basic.  Don't just stand around at their
sides, because they'll spin and hit you.  The Uppercut (Square x 3, Triangle)
attack knocks them down (wow!).  Hit 'em with it when they stand there roaring
like morons.  If they rear back and growl, sidestep!  They're gonna dash into
you.  If they start swiping, they might do the swipe, swipe, pounce thing.  Get
ready and sidestep, then hit 'em from behind or to the side.  But, still, be
careful--they'll turn and hit you sometimes.
  When each tiger gets to half health, they'll crouch and you can perform the
Special Heat Action.  Do so, and Kiryuu uses the technique he learned from Ko-
maki in the first game, the Toraotoshi, which means "Tiger Killer."  Nice.
  When the second one is fairly low on health, it'll pounce you and you'll have
to pound the appropriate buttons prompted on the screen to survive.
  Sengoku stares at you.  "A--A monster--!"  he says in disbelief, and flees
with Haruka.
    [cinema: 8l - XV]
  When you pursue, you'll find Gohda Ryuuji killing Sengoku.  He's like "Well,
I've let you have your fun...but that's over.  Listen, I'm the type of guy who
does whatever he needs to do to get what he wants, man.  But...I wouldn't mess
up some little kid."  Sengoku protests, but he just slashes him--and then runs
him throw and kicks him off the top of the Osaka Castle!  Chill, bro'.
  He thinks that now you can fight like you were supposed to, without silly
tactics like kidnapping.
  So, he returns Haruka and leaves.
  Kiryuu's like "I'm so sorry I've caused you to have such sad memories, dude!"
to Haruka.  But then, his wound opens up and he's all like "No wayz!" and passes
out...but Sayama shows up (was she even around?) and helps you.  Seems she heard
about things from Tamiyo.
  She's like "You overdid it again, you ding-dong!"
  Kawara is lurking around, too, all furtive and stuff.
    [cinema: 8l - XVI]

3m.  Chapter 13


  Personal Data (Kojinjouhou)
  Taxi Driver
  My Boss, the Gambler (Gyanburu to Shachou)
  Hiryo-yan (Hiroyan)
  Kanematsu Shigeru - Reunion in Kamuro (Kanematsu Shigeru Kamurochou Saikaihen)

Back at the crib, you're all chillin', getting bandaged up (by a little kid,
but, what?), and suddenly Sayama finds a note addressed to her from Tamiyo.
  The note says:  "Kaoru:  Your father is still alive, so please trust in
  I mean, "Oh, I'm going out for a quart of milk.  Don't forget we have that
dinner party with the Andersons tomorrow.  P.S. Oh yeah the father you thought
was dead your whole life, which pretty much spearheaded your entire impetus for
taking your current profession and has filled you with commitment that has
permeated every fiber of your being--up to the point where you don't even have
time for a love life--remember him?  Yeah, he's still alive."
  Anyway, she runs out to find her. Haruka has no idea what's going on and asks
who's not there, and Kiryuu says it's Sayama's mom, and then sits there looking
at the note, presumably because he's a dumb yakuza who has had such poor edu-
cation he can't make out the simple writing before him, or something.
    [cinema: 8m - I]
  Anyway, how about some gameplay?
  The first part of this chapter is another completely out-of-place event that
has nothing to do with the main story.  I think it's supposed to be there to
show you that Haruka still needs Kiryuu, though she's taken a back seat to the
love interest angle this time.
  Kiryuu realizes this is Haruka's first time in Osaka and decides to go show
her around.
  When you exit Snack Aoi, Haruka will see a famous idol named "Sakura" (it's
actually different kanji than the one for "cherry").  Kiryuu notices some weird
guy she was with staring at Haruka like some kind of horrible pervert.  He
comes over and introduces himself--seems he's the head of a big talent agency.
He wants to make Haruka an idol, but she doesn't seem too interested.  Per-
sistent, he glances at your cell phone and gives you his card.
    [cinema: 8m - II]
  When you go back to Aoi, you'll get a phone call from that guy.  Apparently,
in his profession, you have to be able to memorize phone numbers very quickly,
or some such nonsense.  He asks you to meet with him.
  Go to his place and tell Haruka to wait, then go inside and talk to the guy.
No matter how you respond, he'll convince Kiryuu that it's much safer for her
to be with them than it is for her to stay.  As you exit, Haruka's getting
bothered by street punks.  Beat them.
  Kiryuu tries to convince Haruka that he's only bringing her sadness, but she
says, "Don't you throw me away, too!"  So, of course, the guy doesn't get ahold
of her.  As you go to leave, the company president is like, "Oh man--my golden
egg!!  My diamond in the rough!!  No!"
  Haruka smiles and apologizes to him, and he's like "That's it!  That's your
'special weapon'--that smile!"  She smiles and waves goodbye, and he stands
there like a dummy, waving back with a smile on his face--until he snaps out of
it and vows to keep pursuing the matter.
    [cinema: 8m - III]
  For some reason, some people loudly talk next to you about a talented singer
who works at Stijl.  The red marker also shows up on the map over Stijl, so
head on out there.  Also, for some reason, you guys walked away down the street
but actually didn't because you're still right in front of the talent agency.
  Go in Stijl, and you'll find a guy harrassing a waitress, trying to get her to
sing.  She refuses, so Kiryuu defends her and she leaves.
  Leave the bar, go west and south down the Bishamon Bridge, and you'll hear her
singing.  She's along the north bank of the Soutenbori River.  Go to her, and
talk to her about her talent.
  Go back to the bar.  The president of the talent agency blocks your way, but
Kiryuu tells him he should come with him, and automatically shows him the sing-
ing waitress.
  Hooray.  If you talk to Haruka in a later chapter, she'll show you a news-
paper with the girl on the front page.  Hooray?
  Go back to Snack Aoi.  Now, you can finally get on with the story again.
Say you're ready to go to Tokyo.
  So, remember those other survivors?  You probably thought there was going to
be a real hard time chasing them down, but one of them just comes right out in
the open to you.
  A phone call comes suddenly to Kiryuu.  He's like "The heck, who's this?"
  "This is Kurahashi of the international crimes police," he says.  "Well, I
used to go by the name 'Ji Yeongmin.'"
  Yeah, so...he's holed up in the Millennium Tower--and it seems he's got Date
there, too.  He tells you to hurry over by dawn, otherwise this time he'll
make sure the whole building is destroyed.  He also tells you to bring Sayama
with you.
  Kiryuu asks why, but he says "You'll understand when you get here."
  Just then, Sayama comes in, and Kiryuu explains the situation to her.  It
seems she returned because she heard from Bessho that Date was kidnapped, and
just casually seems to guess Kurahashi has been Ji Yeongmin all along (super
detective?  I didn't see the link myself).
  There's no more bullet trains tonight, so it's time to go by car.
    [cinema: 8m - IV]
  As your team races off, some cool, retro, split-screen stuff happens where
Kawara tells Bessho he's heading over to the tower himself.  Bessho says he'll
keep the Oumi away for a bit while they handle business with the Jin'gweon.
  Tamiyo thinks that Sayama won't be able to handle the truth if she finds out
about her past, and Kawara's all "I won't let that happen at all costs!"
    [cinema: 8m - V]
  On the way back, Kiryuu's all sleeping in Haruka's lap like a big ol' puppy.
Haruka asks if she likes Kiryuu, and points out that she thinks Kiryuu likes
her!  She says he shows the same kind of nice side to her that she only shows
to Haruka.  She also says she saw all the sadness he carries around since last
year, so she probably understands his feelings.
  My only question for this scene is, why does Sayama have a mini-van if she
completely abandoned all hope of ever having a family and all that?  Guess it's
a rental?  Well, that doesn't make much sense since it's too late to take the
train, so probably car rental joints are closed, too, and--heh, there I go,
trying to figure out a story in a universe where a golden replica of a national
landmark can be beneath the real thing and guns only work in mystical Cinema
  Anyway, suddenly, there's a gunshot that takes out her rear-view side mirror.
Dude, c'mon!  Replacing those is pretty expensive.  And don't give me that
whole "you can buy a knock-off replacement"--those just look hideously bad.
  So, you get to jump out of the car and fight guys on flatbed trucks.  It's not
a terribly hard battle.  Note that there's a gun and a shotgun lying around, so
you might want to grab them and hang on to 'em to sell later.
    [cinema: 8m - VI]
  Once all the trucks have pulled together and you've beaten everyone, the final
guy shows up.  It's the Taekwondo Kid again.  Does he have a hairlip?  I can't
  Beat him again--he's pretty much the same as he was the other three times you
fought him.  Then, he'll make some dramatic spectacle, falling from the moving
trucks.  Luckily for him, judging from past battles, he is completely impervious
to falling off of things, or something.
  So yeah, Kiryuu stows Haruka off in Serena.  She's probably pretty used to
that joint for now.  She tells them to take care and shows a great smile, but
then frowns profusely behind their backs when they leave.  Probably, it's be-
cause she's in an abandoned room with no entertainment whatsoever befitting a
little girl.  I dunno.
    [cinema: 8m - VII]
  Race on over to the Tower!!  You'll get attacked by Jin'gweon Force members
along the way.  In fact, one group of them even hangs out behind the Dragon
Palace, a place that is pretty much not anywhere near routes to the Millennium
Tower from taxi stops, inexplicably.
  Inside, Kurahashi's gone and shot up all the monitors.  Apparently, he's been
using these 26 years in the police to calculate and finally exact his revenge.
  I wish I had someone to exact my revenge upon.....
  Kurahashi welcomes them, and Sayama pulls a gun on him.  Date's quick to
stop her, since there's a huge bomb in the room.
  She instead asks why she needs him, and he says she is one of the people
involved in this revenge plot.  It turns out she does, indeed, have Jin'gweon
blood in her.  When she reveals she knows already, he asks her to instead join
with them to take their revenge.
  Kawara busts in and shuts him up, gun drawn and aimed right at his face.  He
tells him he always knew he was always going to betray them like this, when
they set him up in the police to hide him, but Ji/Kurahashi tells him to stay
back--he'll blow them all up!  Kawara doesn't think someone like him, who hid
for 20 years, would have the guts to do that--but Ji says he hasn't been
"hiding" so much as plotting this moment--this great revenge!  He goes to push
the button.
  Kawara shoots the button from Ji/Kurahashi's hand and mocks his stupid or-
ganization and its law.  He says "You remember Bak Hwejong, right?  That guy...
he spent his life suffering, living with his sins.  Murder, theft, arson--it's
a normal, human thing to feel that way.  What's your stupid 'iron-clad' law...
plotting revenge for that kind of crud?  Give me a break."
  He holds his gun to the man's head.  "Murai's dead...and now, I'll kill you
and Gim Daejin, and it'll all be over."  Date tries to stop him, but Kawara
tells him to stay back!  He doesn't want to spill any blood needlessly.
  Ji just laughs.  "Can you kill someone in front of your own daughter?"
  Ohhhhh!  Cat's out of the bag, now!
  Sayama is shocked to learn Kawara is her father--tho', he denies it immediate-
ly and tells her to stay back.  Ji seizes the opportunity to grab the gun he
has stashed in his show and shoots Kawara.  He explains that he is, indeed,
Sayama's father, and her mother was Jeong Suyeon, wife of their boss.  Kawara
jumps up to shut him up, but he is simply shot by Ji again and again.
  As he approaches Kawara to kill him, suddenly, Sayama jumps in his way.  He
seems surprised she'd go against the laws of the Jin'gweon, but she points out
that those rules have absolutely nothing to do with her.  He says she can go
ahead and die with her father, then.
  This makes Kiryuu scream like a nut and run over to the guy.  Sayama sees
that that creepster camouflage guy is gonna get Kiryuu, so she turns and shoots
him, but he just slinks off (presumably with very little damage done as he's in
Ryuuga Gotoku Land).
  Kiryuu holds Ji with his arm twisted behind him.  "I'm sick of you guys doing
whatever you want in my Kamuro District," he says.  Ji, of course, knows that
Kiryuu is an ex-member of the Doujima Group responsible for slaying his 33
comrades back then, so Kiryuu says "I'll be your opponent, in Kazama's place."
  Ji easily gets out of Kiryuu's grip as more Jin'gweon members walk up in their
stupid black outfits.
    [cinema: 8m - VIII]
  Anyway, beat him!  If you defeat Ji / Kurahashi, the fight ends, so you might
want to do him last.  He's the "dart-around-like-a-lunatic-and-then-shoot-you"
type.  So, stay kinda close, and when he fires, dodge and hit.  He's got a gun,
so you can use the Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler on him.
  Kiryuu unties Date, and leaves the big bad guy right next to the button for
the bomb like a super-genius.  As he reaches for it, Sayama points her gun at
him and warns him she'll shoot him if he moves.  Apparently, they also left
the super-evil boss guy armed, as he quickly draws his gun and fires on her!
  Kawara jumps in the way.  Great day, to find out the father you thought was
dead all your life is still alive, and then like an hour later have him get shot
to death right in front of you, right?  Anyway, Ji is out of bullets.  Kawara
seizes the chance to grab Sayama's gun (still in her hand) and shoots the jerk
to death.  He then slumps down.
  Sayama holds him and asks why he didn't tell her.  He says it was her mother's
dying wish.  She doesn't understand, so he tells the tale.  How I met your
mother:  super-messed-up, guys-getting-shot-to-death edition.
    [cinema: 8m - IX]
  So there's Suyeon, telling him she won't let him take her child, and him
slapping her again, saying he can't just let the child, who has committed no
crime against anyone, die.  He thought he saved her from danger, and--with
Bessho's help--took her to Osaka.
  A half year later, life was rough for them, and so he took her child and
gave him away so he wouldn't starve to death while he tried to find her a job.
  So then, they had a child together, and started living happily.  We see him
telling her he's decided not to go to Hong Kong, and she protests that it's for
his career--and, it's only for a year, anyway!
    [cinemas: 8m - X through XII]
  Well, guess what?  Someone killed Suyeon.  It was definitely the Jin'gweon
Force, so he went out and started finding and killing the crappy Jin'gweon
members--that's why Date saw him do that.  It was partly in revenge for her,
but partly to fulfill her wish that he erase Sayama's horrible past.
  Sayama remembers the phone calls, and how she gleaned info about her past and
its connection with the Toujou Association.  Tamiyo feels really bad about
that...and we see it again for no good reason, really.
    [cinemas: 8m - XIII, XIV]
  Sayama feels it's OK that things turned out that way; it got her to be such a
strong and fearless woman, after all!  Kawara is pleased to hear it, and holds
her hand.  He tells to always remember in her heart that the blood running
through her is not the Jin'gweon blood at al, but the strong blood of her
  Sayama says "And...your blood, Kawa--er, father!"
  He chuckles and says he feels nostalgic to hold her hand one more time, and
dies as she calls him "father."
    [cinema: 8m - XV]

3n.  Chapter 14



This chapter's title is a bit of a play on words.  The word "toujou" means to
move up and east, but it also, with different kanji, means "to make an appear-
ance; to arrive at the scene."
  Back at the Kamuro Hills Construction site, Hanaya is standing around with
Kiryuu.  "Seems I'm back in this place, huh," he says.  "Well...to gather info
like that in secrecy and stuff--I guess this type of place fits better, tho'."
  Date walks in and says "Man, in the end...Kawara was really a great
detective."  He then hands Sayama a box of donuts, since they finally opened
the Kamuro location of Krispy Kreme.
  Just kidding--those are Kawara's ashes.  Guess he stopped by the drive-thru
  Sayama says he's happy to have at least met her father, and gives the ashes
to Tamiyo.  She apologizes for causing her so much trouble all these years, but
Tamiyo thinks that's just rubbish, naturally.
  Date says he's worried about that other kid Suyeon and Kawara had to give up.
It's likely that, if the Jin'gweon got to him, he's part of the troubles.
Hanaya notes that the mole in his operation has disappeared, and so, they figure
he was part of the conspiracy, too.
  Date says they do have a clue as to what's going on--a CD-ROM.  He apparently
found it on Ji/Kurahashi.  He probably can't figure out how to get past the
security--but maybe Ms. Genius Hacker over there can!
    [cinema: 8n - I]
  Now we see a fleet of cars driving around.  There's Ryuuji, looking like he's
falling asleep or meditating or something.  His underling is on the phone, tel-
ling some other member they're on their way, and that they should arrive by
nightfall.  He looks to Ryuuji and tells him everything's set--the trucks have
the "cargo" on the way, and all that.
  Ryuuji's like "Guess it's time, then, huh.  I'll take all the yakuza groups in
Japan, and I'll become the *true* dragon.  Father, watch me...I'm going to sur-
pass you!"
    [cinema: 8n - II]
  Now we see Takashima (remember him?).  He's on the phone with a mysterious
mystery man.  He says he'll meet that person soon.  When he hangs up, one of
his flunkies comes in and is like, "Dude, we gotta get going!  The whole lot of
us Gohryuu guys are going up to Tokyo, remember?"
  "Simmer down there," he says.  "We've got plenty of time.  Besides...I've got
something special planned!"  Then he steeples his hands and is like "mmmuahaha!"
Naw, but, not far from it.
    [cinema: 8n - III]
  Inside the crummy little shack, Sayama plugs away on a laptop.  However, it's
just no good; she'd need some better program to hack past the password.  Maybe,
the central police station's super-slick anti-computer-crimes unit could--but,
as Hanaya notes, they're not gonna be very cooperative right now.
  So, Date gets an idea.  Maybe, the local municipal offices have access, too?
  He asks Sayama what she's doing and she says she's gonna go back to Osaka
with Tamiyo for a bit.  He's glad to hear it--while she's there, maybe she can
go into her police office and try to hack into it!
  She reluctantly agrees and gives Kiryuu a weird, long look--and he, in turn,
gives her a long, weird look.
    [cinema: 8n - IV]
  Kiryuu's like "Hmm, Sayama sure was acting weird.  Did something happen?"
  I mean, I dunno, dude--did her father just get shot to death in front of her?
  Anyway, he decides to look for her.  She's in Serena.
  So there she is, drinking some cheap-o' beer (Suntory brand, of course...
product placement).  She wonders if there's something he wanted to ask her, and
he says "no."
  But then he asks if she's going back to Osaka.  She says she is--she's worried
about Tamiyo, with all that's going on.  So, she decided to go with her.  She
asks him not to run away, and he's like "Don't worry about me, man."
  She says he probably doesn't need her protection anymore--and starts crying.
  She then admits she's scared.  She's not sure if she wants to look into this
thing further.  Before, she thought she would be able to handle any truths she
found out about her past, no matter what...but....  After all, she thinks it's
just like he warned her; it's really painful!  Now, though, she just really has
no choice but to go on.
  Kiryuu grabs her arm as sh goes to leave, and tells her she'll be alright.  He
then kisses her all manly-style.  He tels her no matter what it is, he'll handle
it.  So, no matter what happens--he asks her to come back to Kamuro.
    [cinema: 8n - V]
  She says that she doesn't know what's on that disc, but she feels like she can
take it, now.  Kiryu just doesn't say anything, and after a pause, she thanks
him, and goes.
  When you leave Serena, Date will call you.  It seems Kazuki's finally awake.
  Go to Emoto's clinic and talk to Kazuki.  He tells you that he, too, was sur-
prised to see his double.  I guess that's their way of asking us to suspend our
disbelief and dodge answering the, "how come there's a Korean guy who looks
just like Kazuki?" question.  Apparently, that double has been in Stardust for
a half a year, and Kazuki's been held by the Jin'gweon Force.  He overheard
that there are bombs placed around the entire city of Kamuro.  The Jin'gweon
has decided to destroy Kamuro with the same number of bombs as their dead
comrades (33).  So Date says they need to get the bomb squad to go look for the
31 bombs (one blew up in the Millennium Tower in the beginning, remember?--and
one was there with Kurahashi/Ji Yeongmin).  He knows the police aren't really so
happy with him right now, but he doesn't see a choice, given the circumstances.
    [cinema: 8n - VI]
  In the meantime, Kiryuu has to go to the base and get everyone ready for the
coming battle between East and West.  Ryuuji's on his way, and he needs Daigo to
rally the troops.  So, go get a taxi to the Toujou Association's base!
  Inside, Kiryuu informs them of the bombs and how they plan to take care of
them...but also says they need to prepare to defeat the Gohryuu.
  Suddenly, Daigo's like "How many men we got, Kashiwagi?"  It turns out to be
300 or so.  "Those 300...let me lead them."
  Seems like our boy's gonna step up and take care of business, after all!  He's
not going to let that Gohda kid do whatever he wants to the organization built
by people like Kazama and his father!
    [cinema: 8n - VII]
  When they're all gathered before him, Daigo tells them this isn't just some
problem for the Toujou--this is about the town he loves!  They all get fired
up, and Kiryuu notes Daigo's certainly gonna be the next group head, now.
    [cinemas: 8n - VIII, IX]
  There is a problem.  Date needs you to come back and discuss.  He's at the
Sai no Kawara's pleasure district. Even though Daigo was just getting everyone
ready for the invasion, he comes with you.
  It seems the police won't listen to Date at all about the bombs because he's
a suspect in the shooting case.  So, it looks like it's up to team Toujou to
save the day!  Apparently, Daigo and the boys know how to disarm bombs.
  Daigo asks what they'll do with the Gohryuu--and Kiryuu says he's going to
take them all on, all by himself.  Disarming the 31 remaining bombs is way
more important!
  Date says he doesn't know how they'll do it, tho'--I mean, they don't even
know where the bombs are!  If only Hanaya's system was still working.
  Just then, silly singing comes from nowhere.  It's Majima, of course.  He
starts ramming his head into Hanaya's desk and punching it, screaming at it
to start working again!  Hanaya's like "Hey, buddy...you OK...?"
  Daigo and Kiryuu try to stop him, but he breaks free and strikes his head
into the desk one more time.  This time...it works.
  It turns out, the old system Hanaya had is still down there.  Majima's kept
it, all this time!  Now, they can find the remaining 31 bombs--and Kiryuu can
go beat up the Gohryuu.
    [cinemas: 8n - X, XI]
  Leave, and you'll get a call from Tobe.  Who-be?  Oh--it's the bartender at
Bantam.  He tells you the Gohryuu is attacking his shop!
  On the way over ther, you get another call--this time, it's Emoto.  Oh man!
Same deal over there, I'm afraid.
  When you're finally about to leave the construction site, you get a third
call from Yuuya.  No, not Stardust, too!
  As you try to leave the bathrooms at the West Park, that silly guy, Tamura,
who you may not remember, either, comes running up and basically tells you the
Gohryuu are running amok.
  OK, game--we get it!
  Go and beat the guys up.  I suggest the bar first (note that you can still do
the Extreme Bar Counter Heat Action here), then Emoto's.  The last place will
be Stardust.
  In Stardust, apparently only Yuuya is ther to protect the place.  He's all
messed up, and Kiryuu's like "Dude!  Beating up people who have nothing to
do with this--it's me you're after!!"
  Ryuuji's up top.  "That's right!" he says.  "See, I knew you'd come around if
we went crazy in this town."
  Kiryuu looks at him with crazy hatred.  "Ryuuji...!" he growls.
  Ryuuji smiles at that.  "Ooohhh, that's a nice face," he notes.  "You've
finally gotten angry!  Go nuts, boys!"
    [cinema: 8n - XII]
  Time for a fight.  It's not too bad.  Some guys have bokutou (wooden swords).
  So...that was your "invasion?"  11 guys?
  After the brawl, Ryuuji draws his sword and approaches Kiryuu, who sinks to
one knee--because apparently it was hard to beat up a dozen dudes.  He raises
it and brings it to his face--but doesn't kill him.  Kiryuu asks why, and Ryuuji
notes that there's no way for him to become the tru dragon if he kills him, with
him in such a state.  Besides, he knows he has those bombs to take care of.
  Kiryuu's like "What?!  Did you use the Jin'gweon?!"
  He tells him that he hasn't.  It has nothing to do with him.  He wouldn't
want them to blow up Kamuro, because--after all--he's going to take over the
district himself, once he has complete control over all the yakuza.  He tells
him he'll wait for him at the top of the Millennium Tower, so they can settle
this the way he always intended--man to man.
    [cinema: 8n - XIII]

3o.  Chapter 15


  The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn (Korinai Otoko)

Kiryuu praises Yuuya for being able to stand up against the Gohryuu.  Yuuya
says he's the only guy there, with Kazuki not around, to protect things, so he
had to step in--tho' he apologizes for failing to beat him.
  Kiryuu feels it's the opposite--he at least tried to beat them.  He tells him
that his hard work every day has turned him into a great man, and his power is
really a great help to Kamuro.  He then says it's the opposite for himself; he
hasn't been there every day like that, so...maybe he's the useless one.
  Daigo comes in to see what was going on, and Kiryuu says he was able to hold
them off for now.  Daigo asks if he killed Ryuuji...and Kiryuu is forced to
tell him the situation.
  He then asks how the bombs are going, and Daigo tells him "We got 30 of them.
The last one, Majima's diffusing right now."
  Oh man!  Majima??
    [cinema: 8o - I]
  So there's Majima, ordering his underling to cut wire after wire.  The guy
tells him he'd be sad if these bombs went off and he left his poor old mother
alone--and then he praises Majima for being able to disarm bombs like this!
Majima says, "What're you talking about, dummy?  I don't know electronics or
whatever!  I'm going by instinct!"
  The guy is shocked.  "I-instinct?!"
  Majima looks at him.  "WHAT?" he says.  "Don't you trust me??"
  There's one wire left.  He orders the guy to cut "red," and he refuses, so
Majima has to do it himself.
    [cinema: 8o - II]
    [cinema: 8o - III]
  While trying to figure the disc out, Sayama was apparently having that weird
dream about Majima.  Him blowing himself up like that wouldn't be too hard to
imagine.  It is hard to imagine she  can sleep sitting straight up in a chair
without putting her head down.  It's also like...did she even know that was
going on?  Maybe, she was dreaming about something else--or she just saw the
  Then, she sees something on the disc she just can't believe.
    [cinema: 8o - IV]
  Anyway, it seems like Majima really did diffuse that last bomb.  Daigo says
you should go regroup at Sai no Kawara.
  Once you get there, Majima's being massaged by the guy from Sayama's stupid
dream.  Kiryuu's like "Way to go, Majima!" but he's like "Whatever, man--that
was nothing for me, kid!  Anyway, let's go eat somethin', man.  I'm pretty
hungry."  They go to leave, and he turns to you.  "Oh--Kiryuu.  Don't forget--
this Gohda guy, or whatever...don't forget the duel between you and me is more
important, right?"  Kiryuu just laughs.
  Date tells you he has something to discuss back at Serena, and he has a lot
to prepare (people sure do a lot of preparing in this series).  So, he'll call
you when he's there.  While you wait for him, why not go have fun in Kamuro
with Haruka?
    [cinema: 8o - V]
  This will be extremely boring if you don't go and do the mission, "The Man
Who Just Wouldn't Learn," because you'll have to wait a looooong time for Date
to finally call you and break it up, and there really isn't too much else to do.
But, if you do that mission, right after you finish it, Date should call you.
If you're playing Premium New Game, and you've already done the mission, you can
just go to the spot where it intiates and you'll get the call immediately.
  At any rate, meet him at Stardust.  Sudou is there--the cop you met way ear-
lier who was trying to defend Date.  He also helped out greatly in the first
game.  Well...not greatly, but I'm babbling.
  They send Haruka away to discuss something important.  On Gohda Ryuuji's
paperwork, apparently, Jeong Suyeon is listed as his mother.  So...he's
Sayama's half-brother!
  Just then, Sayama walks in the door.  Sudou and Sayama exchange introductions
and he just sits there awkwardly for a moment before saying he has more to
investigate, and leaves.
  Sayama asks why Sudou was there, but they're just like "Oh, uh, he's just
doing some investigations about the bombs, you know."
  They ask if she was able to read the disc and she tells them that it was too
  Kiryuu then tells Sayama that he is going to his duel with Ryuuji.  He can't
get out of it, and she says she won't let him go.  She says she won't allow him
as a policewoman--she can't allow people to just go meet and try to kill each
other!  Date's like "What--you'd suddenly care about that?"
  As Kiryuu turns to leave, Sayama tells him he's still under her watch, and
she's gonna try to stop him.  He's like "Whatever, do what you want."
  She then suddenly tells Kiryuu and Date that Bessho wants to see them in
that special anti-yakuza conference room at the Kamuro Police Station.
    [cinema: 8o - VI]
  So, go get a cab and go to the station.  Date asks Kiryuu if he thought Sayama
was acting weird, and he says "yes."  Date wonders if something happened in
Osaka (wonder what, geniuses??--great detective, kid).  In they go to the secret
  Nobody's there, though.  There's a computer set up with a video clip of Sa-
  She apologizes for calling them there like this, but wanted to tell you some
important information--and her feelings.
  It seems she made this recording right after she found out that Gohda Ryuuji
was her blood relative, the child saved by her father, Kawara, 26 years ago.
  She says it's not really that ironic to have him as her brother, since he
also has suffered so much and been involved with the yakuza like her.  She
says that she hasn't forgotten about the things Kiryuu told her, or walking the
streets of Osaka--those will always be her best memories of Kiryuu  But now, she
has to go and explain everything to Ryuuji to get him to stop this gang war--
both as his sister, and as a member of the anti-organized-crime unit.
  She further says that Kiryuu and she are from different worlds, and she just
can't escape from her destiny--just as he said.  She gets all teary-eyed and
apologizes; she wanted to say "goodbye" with a smile, not with tears.
  Kiryuu gets up and storms out.
    [cinemas: 8o - VII, VIII]

3p.  Chapter 16


Kantou Missions
  The Kamuro Slasher (Kamurochou no Kirisakima)
  Amon Kazuya
  Amon Jirou
  Amon Sango
Kansai Mission
  The Martial Arts Youth (Kobujutsu Shounen)
  Master White Lotus's Request 3 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 3)

This is your last chance to take care of business!  Do not talk to Date and tell
him that you're ready unless you really are--after you talk to him and exit
Serena, there's no turning back and you'll just be in a long action scene.
  You'll probably want to do the last few missions--and fighting the hidden
bosses, if you've done all the other ones (besides Mahjong, Shogi 1, Shogi 2,
and Slot Machine Ace).  There's probably a bunch of other stuff you should do,
too, like the Underground Arena and what-not.
  When you're ready, talk to Date and exit Serena.  You'll first fight Jin-
gweon Force members in the alley behind Serena, then in western Taihei.  They
aren't much to speak of, but the next fight, which takes place right in front
of the entrance to the Kamuro Heights construction site, features two, boss-
like characters similar to the ones you fought in Emoto's when Kazuki was shot.
    [cinema: 8p - I]
  Note that there's no break between fights.  You'll automatically be sent to
the construction site, where you'll have to fight a couple of waves of Jin'gweon
members.  Some have guns and shotguns, some are big guys, and some have knives.
  After you beat them, you'll be on the lift up to the top, fighting Mr. Happy
Taekwondo Guy yet again.  This is the fifth and last time you have to fight this
knucklehead.  Note that after you beat him, there's no weird cinema of him fal-
ling or anything, just like the third time you beat him.  Kinda quiet exit, huh?
  So, now you should be at the top.  There are items strewn about--get them.
  Kiryuu races up the stairs to the top and finds Sayama confronting Ryuuji with
her gun drawn.  Gohda looks over and is like "Hey, Kiryuu--what's all this,
  Sayama tells him she's taking Gohda Jin, and Ryuuji motions to a pillar.
"Do whatever you want with him--he's over there."
  Kiryuu races over and unties Jin.  He tells Sayama he's OK.
  Ryuuji turns to Sayama and asks what she wants with him, and she tells him
she's placing him under arrest.  He laughs and points out that she's caused a
lot of trouble herself--what kind of nonsense is this?
  She says she understands, and that she's going to turn herself in, too.  She
just doesn't want any more members of her family to die.
  Ryuuji is understandably puzzled by her remark, and she elaborates.  She asks
if he remembers being saved back then, and tells him that his mother survived--
which visibly shocks Ryuuji.  She changed her name to Kawara Yoshiko and gave
birth to her--so she's his sister.
  He's like "...what...?"
  But Jin confirms.  He says he met Suyeon at a bar in Osaka and learned of her
plight, running every day with a child in her hands from the clutches of the
Jin'gweon.  He then took her child in, though the policeman who brought her to
Osaka, Kawara Jirou, eventually came and got together with her.  As a yakuza,
he couldn't just give him back; he was basically Kawara's enemy.  So, he had no
choice and just raised Ryuuji as his own.
  Ryuuji says, "In other words, my mother abandoned me, great."
  But Jin tells him he's wrong.  He took Ryuuji in because he wanted a son.  He
loves him more than his own son!
  Ryuuji tells him to shut it.  He says all he has ever thought about was sur-
passing him as a yakuza.  He tells Kiryuu all that's left now is their duel, to
find out which one's the true dragon.  That's why he hooked up with the Jin-
gweon to orchestrate this whole thing.
  Jin's all "You still want revenge for the events 26 years ago??"
  But Ryuuji says he's lived alone all his life, and that the only thing on his
mind was becoming the true dragon and surpassing his "father."  He doesn't care
about "revenge" or "hatred," or whatever--he just used them as a means to an
  He steps into an elevator, where Kiryuu's standing around, although Sayama
holds her gun on him and tells him not to move.  Kiryuu tells him he reminds him
of an old, close friend--something Ryuuji visibly doesn't really like too much--
and that he's an unchangeable, bull-headed man who just goes after his goals,
even if they're foolish.
  "Tell me something I don't know," says Ryuuji.
  Kiryuu then says that when people like him come looking for trouble, he'll
give them what they want.  He slams his fist into the button for the elevator
doors and closes them so Sayama can't get in, and apologizes to them.
  Now, it's macho testosterone-land.  The two rip their shirts off and Ryuuji
unsheaths his katana.  Time to get down to business!
    [cinema: 8p - I]
  He does have a sword this time, but the principle's pretty much the same as
it was before.  You wanna know a really easy way to beat this guy?  Grab him,
hit Square three times or Triangle, walk up to him, wait for him to start to get
up, grab him, hit Square three times...etc.  He does get "super armor" at some
point, so things like the "Slam Blow" may prove ineffective--except for if he
suddenly decides to block.  He can also recharge his health by rallying up, so
look for that and grab him to stop it.
  He'll attack you at some point similar to the way Majima attacked you with the
knife in a "quick-time-event"-like manner.  Follow the button prompts or you'll
get hit.  Succeed, and you get Heat Energy.
  When you get him low on health, knock him down somehow so you can start the
Extreme Super Pursuit Heat Action.  If you were vigilant, it should be the last
one for your Completion List (which will give you a really great reward...that
kinda breaks the game, honestly, for "New Game+"-like Premium New Games).
  Once you beat him, it's time for the biggest secret in the game to be revealed
(I'm sure you're just trembling with excitement).
  Ryuuji stands to punch Kiryuu, but falls, powerless.  Kiryuu looks to Sayama,
but she looks away, and Jin approaches to look over his son's fallen body.
  Kiryuu apologizes to him, but he won't hear that.  Because of Kiryuu, he was
finally able to hear the true feelings of his son.  He knows that he has been
hiding a big secret from Ryuuji, so he understands why he couldn't be close to
  Jin then turns to Sayama and tells her that, as Ryuuji's father and head of
the Oumi Group, he must also answer for Ryuuji's crimes.  He asks her to arrest
them both.
  Suddenly, a voice says "Great work!"
  It's Gim Daejin, the final survivor--though, you may know him as Terada Yukio,
the man Kiryuu named as his successor and who got shot to death in the first
  He reveals that he's been waiting these 26 years to orchestrate this event,
and that Ryuuji wouldn't go along with it.  To him, "revenge" and stuff--that
didn't matter a tick.  All that mattered was taking over the yakuza of Japan.
So, they had to formulate a plan to make him act.
  That's why he asked Kiryuu to go to Osaka and ask for the alliance.  He knew
that Ryuuji just wouldn't stand for such a thing, because of his pride.  As he
predicted, Ryuuji instead seized his organization and started a war against the
  "And now, you've defeated Ryuuji," he notes.  "Well, that also fits in with
our plans!  See, he disobeyed our iron-clad law.  He should die with the rest of
  He says that all that's left now is to destroy the Toujou and to turn the
Kamuro District into a sea of blood with his bomb.  This shocks Kiryuu--he was
sure all bombs were diffused!  But, there was one more:  the bomb for Ji Yeong-
min, or Kurahashi.
  "Didn't you notice it?" he asks.  "It was right in front of your face."
  He tells them that they don't have to worry, though.  By the time he pushes
the button and detonates it, they'll all already be dead, anyway.
  But before anything can go down, Kiryuu stops him.  "Did you lie to the man
who saved you, back there at Kazama's grave?" he asks.  Terada is shocked by
this and asks how Kiryuu knew.
  "That day," he explains, "I was looking right at you."
    [cinema: 8p - III]
  It's true--apparently, Gim/Terada was right in front of Kiryuu when Kazama
came into the room where Gim Daejin and Ji Yeongmin were hiding out, after Shi-
mano killed their comrade, Riu.  When they get up to go, Kazama holds guns at
their faces and tells them to live, sparing them because they're still young,
and he doesn't want them to waste their lives.  Terada even looks at Kiryuu's
stupid young face.  What was Kiryuu, like, 13?  He's quite big for his age.
  Anyway, Gim's like "Oh, that was you?  Hm.  Yeah...Kazama definitely saved
me that day, but from then on, all I thought about was revenge, so I went to
the Oumi Alliance."
  Jin reveals that it was because of a request from Kazama that he took him into
the syndicate.  Kiryuu asks if he has any honor, since he owes Kazama such a
heavy debt.
  Terada explains that he and his comrades have discarded their humanity.  He
has nothing but the revenge to live for.  He points out that Kiryuu's role in
this matter is over, and now they have to kill him.
    [cinemas: 8p - IV, V]
  He's the "dart-around-with-a-gun" guy, but he's got a sub-machine gun.  Still,
he has to pose and shout when he's getting ready to fire, and you can sway to
his side and get around him when you hear him shouting.  He'll fire a short
burst at this point, instead of standing there, firing for a while, and he
can't be grabbed in that state.  Still, you can stand slightly away and have
the Square inputs of your rush combo miss, then time a Triangle so your combo
finish lands as he finishes.  I recommend the Slam Blow, since it will stagger
him and you can then grapple him (especially if you have the Hercules Glove).
In other words, I use the trusty ol' "Slam Blow - Combo Hold" trap.  Kill his
underlings first, tho' (including the mole from Hanaya's operation).
  At certain points, he'll fire up into the air, shooting support cables off of
huge I-beams.  Hit Circle, then X, or you'll take one of the most damaging hits
in the game.  Once you get him low enough, another QTE arises:  he crouches to
reload his gun.  Tap X repeatedly to run up and hit him.  If you knock him down
when he's low on health, you can get the standard Extreme Super Pursuit.  Note
that there are two healing items in the back of the stage.
  With Gim defeated, everything's fine, right?  Kiryuu turns to Sayama and Jin--
and is shot in the back.
  It's Takashima.  He's like "Thanks!  I knew if I left it up to you guys, all
you dummies would just defeat each other."
  He helps Gim up.  Jin accuses him of joining forces with the Jin'gweon and
betraying the Oumi, but Takashima just laughs at that.
  "Betray the Oumi??" he asks.  "It's the opposite."
  Gim points out that the main objective of the Jin'gweon revenge plot was to
destroy the Toujou Association.  This fits in perfectly well with Takashima's
plan; he means to take the title of chairman and just come right in and take
over the area, absorbing the Toujou under the Oumi's umbrella.  He also thinks
he can ally with the foreign syndicate and extend their power even farther, so,
why not, right?
  He turns to Terada and tells him "That's right--and now that that's been
handled...my use for you is over."  He shoots Gim right in the chest.  Yikes.
  Gim says something about how he knew he'd turn out like that, after all.
  Jin says that he won't allow Takashima to take over like that.  Strong words
from a guy in a wheelchair to a dude with a gun.  Takashima guns Jin down, and
shoots Sayama's gun from her hand.
  Gim calls to Takashima during his big reveal and tells him he knew he could
never trust a rat like him.  He tells him he knows, deep down, that he won't
get away with it.  Takashima laughs at him and calls him an idiot, and shoots
him again and again--but Gim presses the button on the bomb.
  "Kiryuu..." he says.  "There's only you left now....  In my last moments...
trust in me...."  He dies
  Sayama pulls out her collapsible night stick and goes to attack Takashima,
but he easily sidesteps and grabs her.  Kiryuu action-rolls over to a gun,
but Takashima has his gun at Sayama's head.  She pleads to Kiryuu to fire any-
way, but Takashima knows he won't.  "You won't let innocent blood be spilled,
Kiryuu--that's your weakness."  He turns his gun on Kiryuu and shoots him again,
then puts his gun back to Sayama's head.  "Now, you can join them in the other
world," he says.
  Suddenly, Ryuuji shouts and rises with a gun.  He runs at Takashima, and the
two trade shots, both getting all riddled with holes.  Takashima falls, and
Ryuuji stands over him.  "You know," he says, "for a man...it's good to be an
'idiot' (as Takashima called them all earlier).  Some little schemer like you
will never be able to take over the whole country."  He shoots Takashima
  He turns with a wry smirk to Kiryuu, and the two slowly stagger over near the
bomb.  "One dragon's enough..." Gohda says.  Kiryuu agrees, and they shut the
elevator door on Sayama before she can get to them.
  Ryuuji says, "This is the first time I've met such a man.  No wonder my sister
fell for you."
  Sayama pleads with them--there are only 5 minutes left on the timer!
  Kiryuu tells her that she should go and save herself, and Ryuuji agrees--tho'
she says she doesn't want to see her family die, or the man she loves!
  Ryuuji says, "We're all shot up with holes here, man.  We're gonna die, either
way.  Let's use this time to settle this!"  He hits the button, causing the
elevator to go down, with Sayama in it.  "Listen to your brother's request--just
this once in your life," he tells her, smiling.
    [cinema: 8p - VI]
  Pretty much, you're going to fight him like you did the first time.  Don't
forget about the whole "grapple, knockdown, grapple, knockdown" thing as it
works wonders on this chump.  At some point, he may tackle you.  Pound the
buttons as they are prompted on the screen to reverse and hammer away at him
  At the very end, in perhaps the greatest homage in this game, the two run at
each other and you are prompted to hit a button.  It's Triangle.  This is the
famous "Cross Counter" technique of Ashita no Joh ("'Tommorow' Joe") series
fame.  This was a hugely successful franchise and its signature move has been
placed in games and movies over and over and over in Japan.  DO NOT FAIL THIS
QTE!!  Apparently, it will give an instant "Game Over."  So...just mash Triangle
when you beat him.
  So, Kiryuu won.  Big deal--he's still shot up like crazy and lying next to a
huge bomb that's about to blow everything to kingdom come.
  Sayama runs up the stairs.  She runs over to Ryuuji and holds him in her arms.
He says "Mm...what a nice smell...it's...Mom's smell...."
  He asks if she remembers their mother's face, but she doesn't.  He thinks it's
a sad thing that she was taken from her too early to remember.  When asked what
kind of woman she was, he tells her she was just like her.  In fact, when he
first met Sayama, he instantly was reminded of his mother.  Sayama smiles at
his request, and he smiles back.  "What a lovely smile," he notes.  "If only I
had known I had such a cute younger sister earlier...."
  She notes this kind of thing wouldn't have happened, then.  But, Ryuuji says
it certainly would have.  He says he has the blood of the Jin'gweon running
through him, so he was fated to die a meaningless death.  Granted, he lived
longer than he had expected.
  Ryuuji dies in Sayama's arms.  Just then, Date and Sudou show up like they
did in the first game, in a helicopter.  They do about as much good, too; all
they end up doing is calling to Kiryuu, telling him to run.  There's no time!
It's only a couple of minutes until the explosion.  Haruka calls to him from
the helicopter, too.
  However...it's just too late.  Kiryuu's too messed up.  He falls down, and
Sayama offers to carry him--but he tells her to save herself.
  Instead, she opts to stay with him.  It's makeout session time!  No, seriously
they kiss a lot.
  They embrace as the counter runs down.  "Are you scared?" Kiryuu asks.
  "Yeah," she says.  "But...I've never been this warm in my life."
  Everyone watches in disbelief.  The helicopter has to withdraw because the
explosion is imminent.
  "You've betrayed Haruka," Sayama says.
  "Yeah," says Kiryuu.  "But...she'll understand."
  Sayama agrees.  "She's a strong one, that girl."
  Hanaya, Majima, Date, Sudou, and Haruka--they all can simply sit there and
stare.  The timer reaches "0."
    [cinema: 8p - VII]
  If you didn't play the first game, you probably weren't prepared for this,
but "Silent Night" plays during the credits.  In the first game, it was "Amazing
Grace."  It seems a little out of place in both games, sure.
  We see the sky above the graveyard again, and the camera pans down to Haruka,
praying at a grave.  "Thank you, for everything," she says.  "I'll never for-
  But, she's not praying to Sayama, or Kiryuu.  No; she's at Terada's grave!
  Date and Kiryuu are standing there.  "Man, so...that was just a fake bomb!"
says Date.  "Terada was the greatest actor in the whole thing, huh?  I really
thought it was going to go off."  Remember that fuse that fell from Terada?
It was needed to blow up the bomb.
  Kiryuu relates how Terada didn't trust Takashima, and told him he wouldn't get
away with it.
  "So...did you know the bomb wasn't going to explode??" Date asks.
  "I didn't," Kiryuu says.  "But, Terada asked me to believe in him, in the very
  "Believe in him...how?" Date asks.
  "I guess it was to believe he was actually loyal to Kazama, after all," he
  Just then, Sayama walks up, with some flowers for the graves.  Date doesn't
want to be a third wheel, so he just pats you on the shoulder and leaves.
    [cinema: 8p - VIII]

Oh, yeah--that's it, by the way.  From now on, you can replay the game with the
"Premium New Game" feature, if you'd like.  You carry almost everything along
with you.  Unfortunately, you can't "redo" missions, so if you messed one up,
you can't ever get the Photon Blade RG unless you start over from scratch.
  So, go after those completion lists!  See you in a year for Ryuu ga Gotoku 3!


Optional steps will be listed in parantheses.  Where there are two routes, I'll
split it up and say "Route 1:" OR "Route 2."  You'll see!

Chapter 1
1.  Check Kazama's grave (last one), Remember events from last game or skip
2.  Battle tutorial:  Perform "finish blows;" end Square attack strings with
  Triangle -> Perform grapple maneuvers -> Perform weapon attacks -> Guard ->
  Perform Heat Actions -> Beat remaining guy
  (Answer "yes" to try again) -> Answer "no"
3.  Overhear conversation on Tekaichi near alley towards Nakamichi
4.  Fight punk on Nakamichi, talk to Handa, the guy he was harrassing
5.  Fight punks harrassing girl at Theater Square; Battle tutorial 2: use
  "free" back attacks on enemies -> Walk with lock-on -> evade attacks with
  "X" -> Beat punks
6.  Talk to girl, enter Shine
7.  Defeat yakuza
8.  Defeat Boss 1: Doujima Daigo

Chapter 2
1.  Beat punk on Soutenbori between Club Sega and driving range
2.  Meet Kurogawa further down Soutenbori
3.  Enter Cabaret Grand, encounter guest trying to get into the VIP lounge
4.  Return to Kurogawa, talk to him
5.  Return to Cabaret Grand, go upstairs
6.  Defeat Oumi Alliance members
7.  Go to the large TV screen at the eastern end of Soutenbori

Chapter 3
1.  Talk to Daigo on Iwahashi Bridge, answer "yes" when ready
2.  Get to the top, remove equipment, talk to guards, enter
3.  Action scene versus Gohryuu Association
4.  Defeat Boss 2: Gohda Ryuuji

Chapter 4
1.  Go to Snack Aoi
2.  Return to car
3.  Carry Sayama to Snack Aoi quickly, avoiding strange man along the way
4.  Get call from Daigo
5.  Get call from Tamiyo near Coin Lockers (after 2~3 minutes of game time)
6.  Buy bandages at pharmacist on Soutenbori
7.  Return to Aoi
8.  Talk to bouncer at Riichi Heights

- ROUTE 1 -
9.  Talk to man across street from Riichi Heights
10.  Go to Club Sega, Talk to Jakka in front of UFO Catcher, agree
11.  Get doll from UFO Catcher
12.  Talk to Jakka again, accept mission
13.  Meet thug by Coin Lockers -> Either pay 500,000 yen (why?) or refuse,
  defeat yakuza
14.  Find man at Soutenbori River's south bank under umbrella, automatically go
  to Club Sega and talk to Jakka
15.  Go to Riichi Heights and show tile to bouncer


- ROUTE 2 -
9.  Talk to bouncer 15 times -> Beat bouncer->  *this route is not recommended*

- After route 1 or 2 -
16.  Talk to Ezawa in Riichi Heights, pay 100,000 yen

- ROUTE 1 -
17.  Talk to Kurogawa at Iwahashi's southern end
18.  Talk to bartender at Stijl
19.  Talk to Ezawa at Riichi Heights and say "I hear you wanted to know about
  the rate for almonds?" (2nd choice)


- ROUTE 2 -
17.  Pay Ezawa 300,000 yen

- After route 1 or 2 -
18.Beat thugs and Ezawa

Chapter 5
1.  Talk to Kashiwagi on the phone
2.  Get letter from Komaki's student
3.  Get phone call about Daigo near taxi
4.  Take taxi to Toujou Association's base
5.  Run upstairs to meeting room
6.  Go downstairs and talk to Yayoi
7.  Go out back door to koi pond area
8.  Examine painting on far wall, move aside, use key
9.  Enter hidden area behind you
10.  Get "Kien Dosu"
11.  Talk to Yayoi again, go to leave area
12.  Defeat assassin at exit
13.  Choose to leave the base
14.  Talk to Sayama on phone
15.  Buy "Women's Underwear" and "Tennensui Fresh Malts" from Don Quijote
16.  Go to Serena
17.  Go to Kamuro Hills construction site, go to underground pleasure quarters
  (Sai no Kawara), go to mansion in the back, Meet Majima
18.  Say you're ready (third choice)
19.  Unequip things, use items box
20.  Say you're ready (third choice)
21.  Defeat Robeson Caetano da Silva, Defeat Gary "Buster" Holmes
22.  Defeat Boss 3: Majima Gorou
23.  Return to Serena

Chapter 6
1.  Exit Serena, talk to Yuuya
2.  Talk to Morita at Theater Square's north side near vending machines
3.  Ask Morita about Amano building (second choice)
4.  Go to Amano building, Defeat Team 16-Bit
5.  Go to back area behind pharmacy, talk to Muya
6.  Defeat Team 16-Bit's Muya Brothers
7.  Return to Amano Building, enter
8.  Action stage; defeat Man In Black three times -> Proceed to roof

Chapter 7
1.  Carry injured people to Emoto's, avoiding cops; note that you can retry
  without penalty
2.  Choose to go to Bantam (last choice)
3.  Go to Bantam, exit, talk to Sayama on phone
4.  Go to Emoto's clinic
5.  Defeat Mysterious Foreigners
6.  Go back to Bantam, defeat Tobe and other shop owners
7.  Return to Serena

Chapter 8
1.  Enter Millennium Tower (Find three items scattered on floor)
2.  Go to elevator
3.  Defeat 7 intruders
4.  Defeat Boss 4: Hayashi Hiroshi
5.  Go to the now-abandoned Tougenkyou
6.  Action stage; defeat Gohryuu Association members, reach top room, enter,
  defeat Gohryuu Asociation members

Chapter 9
1.  Talk to Kashiwagi
2.  Take Taxi to Toujou Association base
3.  Enter conference hall on 1st floor, go near Doujima Daigo
4.  Go back out the front door
5.  Defeat Gohryuu Association members
6.  Talk to Sayama on the phone
7.  Head to Nakamichi's north end, find Majima
8.  Go to the taxi, Choose "Toujou Association base" (third choice)
9.  Enter main building, go upstairs to highlighted room
10.  Defeat Boss 5: Shindou Kouji
11.  Return to the meeting room upstairs, defeat Shindou Kouji  *end of Disc 1*

Chapter 10
1.  Encounter Takashi in front of theaters, choose any choice to agree
2.  Go to the Millennium Tower, talk to Hanaya
3.  Return to Shellac, talk to Takashi
4.  Talk to Sayama on the phone
5.  Return to Serena
6.  Go to Aoi, talk to Tamiyo
7.  Go to Stijl, talk to barkeep
8.  Go to Soutenbori's north bank, defeat street punks
9.  Go to Soutenbori's north bank, near Iwahashi and encounter Kazebori
10.   Go to crossroads at Shoufuku near Nighttime Fun Dojo
11.  Defeat Satoshi and gangsters

Chapter 11
1.  Talk to Sayama, follow Sayama to taxi
2.  Talk to shogi player on alley north of acupuncturist

- ROUTE 1 -
3.  Play him at shogi, defeat him
4. (Talk to man across street from him to get the power to turn the board around
  one time during play if you lose), play shogi player and win with special


- ROUTE 2 -
3.  Refuse to play, pay him 80,000 yen

--After route 1 or 2--
5. Go to the Billiken statue south of acupuncturist
6.  Place 1000 or more yen at statue
7.  Catch and defeat Arikane
8.  Enter Tsutenkaku, find binoculars with the yellow stripe
9.  Use "Laguna Memo" at special items screen--press start, select "Items," hit
  R1, move cursor over Laguna Memo, press Circle
10.  Answer "503"
11.  Go to Yotteya Horumon'yaki, oder "asiatic black bear intestines" three
  times (only choice on menu)
12.  Go to Keima on eastern side of main street near Tsutenkak, give man "Ryuuma
13.  Defeat Jin'gweon Force members

Chapter 12
1.  Rush to Aoi; your life is counting down, so avoid battles, since you can't
   use items
2.  Talk to Kurogawa on Iwahashi's southern end
3.  Get mysterious phone call from a familiar voice
4.  Go to driving range, defeat Big, Mysterious Man
5.  Talk to Kurogawa on the phone
6.  Go to Soutenbori's northern bank
7.  Defeat Kurogawa and yakuza
8.  Take taxi to Shinsei
9.  Enter acupuncturist, walk to the back, exit, run north near the parking lot,
  catch Ezawa
10.  Defeat Ezawa
11.  Take taxi to Osaka Castle
12.  Action stage; defeat Kunieda, ninja, samurai, use mounted machine gun to
  defeat Kunieda and samurai, defeat Kunieda, ninja, and samurai one more time
13.  Defeat Boss 6: tigers

Chapter 13
1.  Exit Aoi, encounter Sakura and talent agency president
2.  Return to Aoi and get a phone call from talent agency president
3.  Meet talent agency president at his office near Gandhara, choose anything
4.  Defeat punks
5.  Go to Stijl
6.  Go to Soutenbori's northern bank
7.  Return to Stijl
8.  Return to Aoi, talk to Haruka, say you're ready (bottom choice)
9.  Defeat Jin'gweon Force members, Man In Black
10.  Go to the Millennium Tower
11.  Defeat Ji Yeongmin

Chapter 14
1.  Go to Serena
2.  Talk to Date on the phone
3.  Go to Emoto's clinic
4.  Take taxi to Toujou Association's base
5.  Go to mansion in Sai no Kawara where you met Majima and where Hanaya's lair
  used to be
6.  Talk to Tobe, Emoto, and Yuuya on the phone
7.  Talk to Tamura outside Kamuro Hills construction site
8.  Defeat Gohryuu Association members at Bantam, defeat Gohryuu Association
  members at Emoto's clinic
9.  Defeat Gohryuu Association members at Stardust

Chapter 15
1.  Talk to Majima
2.  Go about town with Haruka
3.  Either do side mission, "The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn" or just wait a
  long time; if mission is completed in Premium New Game, go to area where it
4.  Get phone call from Date
5.  Go to Serena
6.  Take taxi to police station

Chapter 16
1.  Talk to Date, say you're ready (last choice)
2.  Exit Stardust to start action scene, defeating two groups of Jin'gweon Force
  members, two boss-like Jin'gweon Force members, another, big group of Jin-
  gweon  Force members, then the Man In Black
3.  (Find items scattered about) -> Go upstairs
4.  Defeat Boss 7: Gohda Ryuuji
5.  Defeat Boss 8: Gim Daejin
6.  Defeat Boss 9: Gohda Ryuuji (hit Triangle when prompted at end of fight)
  *end of game*


5a.  Missions

Note that nearly all missions will still be available in later chapters if you
didn't complete them.  The only exception may be "The Man Who Just Wouldn't
Learn" ("Korinai Otoko"); I haven't tested it yet, tho'.
  There are two ways to end missions--most can just be ended in such a way that
you'll see it marked on the list with the kanji "shuu" (also read "owari"),
which basically means "over" or "finished," but you'll be aiming for "kan,"
most likely, which means "complete."  In other words, you can pass or fail
  To get the secret bosses to appear, you'll need to accomplish nearly all the
missions.  There are superfluous ones involving the shogi, mahjong, slots, and
blackjack side games.  Also, to get to the bosses, you can get either "complete"
or "finished," but note that you can only get the Photon RG by getting "com-
plete" in all the missions.  Moreover, you'll need to complete *all* of them,
including the ones based on side games.
  I list them in the order they occur in the story mode.  Unfortunately, the
game lists them in a different order.  To make matters worse, they do not list
missions you have not started.  So, it's hard to cross-reference that list if,
say, you find yourself off by one or two, to figure out which ones you are
missing--especially if you don't read Japanese.
  Here is a list of the missions, as they appear in the "Missions" heading and
under the "Completion Lists" option in the pause menu.  Since a lot of people
reading this can't read Japanese very well, I will include what the names look
like.  "Kanji," the Chinese characters borrowed for Japanese writing, will be
noted with a "*," and "kana," the phonetic characters mostly used to show the
grammar and which represent a "syllable" (really a "mora," but that's maybe a
little nit for linguistics majors) will be denoted with a "-".  These are
usually less complicated than the kanji.
  If you can't tell the difference between kanji or kana, well...just look at
both symbols the same.  Count the number of characters and it should add up.

Missions List

1.  Black Thunder
2.  Be My Baby
  [Be My Baby]
3.  The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn (Korinai Otoko)
4.  The Fake Kiryuu (Nise Kiryuu)
5.  The Spirit Medium (Reibaishi)
6.  The Man Who Attacks Kiryuu Because He Was Threatened and, Thus, Has No
     Choice (Odokasare Shikatanaku Kiryuu wo Osou Otoko)
7.  Fine Automobile (Koukyuusha)
8.  The Man Who Lost His Memory (Kiokuwo Ushinatta Otoko)
9.  Try and Hit Me! (Naguttemiroya)
10. Pickpocket Band 1 (Suridan sono 1)
11. Pickpocket Band 2 (Suridan sono 2)
12. The Elusive Figure (Maboroshi no Figyua)
13. The Price of a Tooth (Ha no Nedan)
14. Befriend the Owner of Kyushu Ichibanboshi (Kyuushuu Ichibanboshi no Tenchou
     to Kaonajimi)
15. The Kamuro Slasher (Kamurochou no Kirisakima)
16. Text Message Job (Me-ru de Oshigoto)
17. I Ryu-Jeon 1 (I Ryuujon 1)
18. I Ryu-Jeon 2 (I Ryuujon 2)
19. I Ryu-Jeon 3 (I Ryuujon 3)
20. I Ryu-Jeon 4 (I Ryuujon 4)
21. Befriend the Worker at the Ebisuya in Kamuro (Ebisuya Kamurochou no Ten'in
     to Kaonajimi)
22. My Boss, The Gambler (Gyanburu to Shachou)
23. The Mystery of Beam (Bi-mu no Nazo)
24. Taxi Driver
25. American Baseball (Amerikan Yakyuu)
26. Dragon Palace (Ryuuguujou)
27. Hiro-Yan (Hiroyan)
28. The Shady Video (Ayashii Bideo)
29. The Ex-Boyfriend (Motokare)
30. Enka Alley (Enka Yokochou)
31. The Straw Legend 1 (Michael) (Warashibe Densetsu 1 [Maikeru])
  [----**1 (----)]
32. The Straw Legend 2 (Warashibe Densetsu 2)
33. The Straw Legend 3 (Warashibe Densetsu 3)
34. The Straw Legend 4 (Warashibe Densetsu 4)
35. The Arsonist (Houkama)
36. The Secret Party (Himitsu no Pa-ti-)
37. Devil Woman (Masei no Onna)
38. The Manga Author (Mangaka)
39. Personal Data (Kojinjouhou)
40. Hanaya
41. You've Got Something, I've Got Something 1 (Kimini Aru Mono Bokuni Aru
     Mono 1)
42. You've Got Something, I've Got Something 2 (Kimini Aru Mono Bokuni Aru
     Mono 2)
43. Yuuya's Help (Yuuya no Kyoryoku)
44. Battle Stage (Taisendai)
45. Befriend the Mistress fo Atenshi (Atenshi no Mama to Kaonajimi)
46. Befriend the Catch at Senryou (Senryoudoori no Kyatchi to Kaonajimi)
47. Kanematsu Shigeru - Reuinion in Kamuro (Kanematsu Shigeru Kamurochou
  [** * ******]
48. Amon Kazuya
  [** **]
49. Amon Jirou
  [** **]
50. Amon Sango
  [** **]
51. Amon
52. Support Sunflower 1 (Himawari Enjo 1)
53. Befriend the Kamuro Hills Construction Worker (Kamurochou Hiruzu no
     Roudousha to Kaonajimi)
54. Support Sunflower 2 (Himawari Enjo 2)
55. Support Sunflower 3 (Himawari Enjo 3)
56. Support Sunflower 4 (Himawari Enjo 4)
57. Bowling
58. Slot Machine Ace (Pachisuro E-su)
59. Shogi 2
  [** 2]
60. Mahjong (Ma-jan)
61. Befriend the Youth at Theater Square (Gekijoumae no Wakamono to Kaonajimi)
62. Befriend the Drunk in Jidou Park (Jidou Kouen no Yopparai to Kaonajimi)
63. Yuma at Jewel (JEWEL no Yuma)
64. Natsuki at Jewel (JEWEL no Natsuki)
65. Anna at Jewel (JEWEL no Anna)
66. Karen at Shine (SHINE no Karen)
67. Kaede at Shine (SHINE no Kaede)
68. Maiko at Shine (SHINE no Maiko)
69. Managing Carabet Club "Marietta" (Kyabakura "Marietta" Keiei)
  [-----"-----"**] (Japanese "'s are different and look kinda like brackets)
70. Komaki Training: Fighting A Great Number (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Fukusuujin
  [**-** ~****-**~]
71. Komaki Training: The Secret Heat Method (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Hi-to no
  [**-** ~----***~]
72. Komaki Training: Fighting Against Handguns (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Taikenjuu
  [**-** ~***---*~]
73. Komaki Training: Sparring With the Three Great Techniques (Komaki no
     Shuugyou ~Sandaiougi Kumitehen~)
  [**-** ~*****-**~]
74. Meet Master White Lotus (Hakurenshi to no Deai)
75. The Weapons Video Merchant (Buki Bideo Shounin)
76. The Wrestler Takes Time Off (Resura- Kyuugyouchuu)
77. The Wrestler Eats the World (Resura- Sekaiwo Taberu)
78. The Wrestler Drinks the World (Resura- Sekaiwo Nomu)
79. Host Club "Adam"
  [------"---"] (Japanese "'s are different and look kinda like brackets)

1.  The Tsuutenkaku's Mr. Billiken (Tsuutenkaku no Birikensan)
2.  The Watch Salesman (Tokeiuri)
3.  The Pregnant Woman (Ninpu)
4.  Dine 'N' Dash (Kuinige)
5.  Worries of a New Comedy Team (Shinjin Geininkonbi no Nayami)
6.  How to Never Lose at Gambling (Gyanburu ni Makenai Houhou)
7.  Tragedy Befalls the Old Lady (Obachan no Higeki)
8.  A Present for My Girlfriend 1 (Kanojo e no Purezento 1)
9.  A Present for My Girlfriend 2 (Kanojo e no Purezento 2)
10. A Present for My Girlfriend 3 (Kanojo e no Purezento 3)
11. A Present for My Girlfriend - Epilogue (Kanojo e no Purezento Sono Ato)
  [**------- --*]
12. Mr. Saeki - The Meeting (Saekisensei Deaihen)
  [**** **-*]
13. Mr. Saeki - The Impression (Saekisensei Kanmeihen)
  [**** ***]
14. Mr. Saeki - The Fight With Yoshida (Saekisensei Yoshida Funtouhen)
  [**** *****]
15. Tatsu
16. Albatross Akagi's Club (Arubatorosu Akagi no Kurabu)
17. Go Get Me Some Sake! (Sake Kattekoi)
18. Yukiko's Favorite (Yukiko no Konomi)
19. Nosebleed (Hanaji)
20. Hawk the Modifier 1 (Kaikou no Taka 1)
21. Hawk the Modifier 2 (Kaikou no Taka 2)
22. Hawk the Modifier 3 (Kaikou no Taka 3)
23. Vengeance Proxy 1 (Urami Daikou 1)
24. Vengeance Proxy 2 (Urami Daikou 2)
25. Vengeance Proxy 3 (Urami Daikou 3)
26. Vengeance Proxy 4 (Urami Daikou 4)
27. Kanematsu Shigeru - The Meeting (Kanematsu Shigeru Deaihen)
  [** * **-*]
28. Kanematsu Shigeru - The Gamer (Kanematsu Shigeru Ge-ma-hen)
  [** * ----*]
39. Kanematsu Shigeru - Collections (Kanematsu Shigeru Toritatehen)
  [** * *-*-*]
30. Shougi 1 (Shougi 1)
  [** 1]
31. Befriend the Worker at Magutako (Magutako no Ten'in to Kaonajimi)
32. Befriend the Catch at Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Yobikomi to Kaonajimi)
33. Befriend the Guitarist at Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Gitarisuto to Kaonajimi)
34. Jun at Prime (PRIME no Jun)
35. Madoka at Prime (PRIME no Madoka)
36. Aya at Prime (PRIME no Aya)
37. The Legendary Cabaret Club Girl, Nana (Densetsu no Kyabajou Nana)
38. Master White Lotus's Request 1 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 1)
39. Master White Lotus's Request 2 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 2)
40. Master White Lotus's Request 3 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 3)
41. Kobujutsu Shounen

Now, here is where I describe what to do for each mission.  I will only show
the reward for passing it correctly.  After my babbling explanation of what to
do, I'll write it out in a list.  I'll try to be as simple and clear as possible
for people who hate wading through my rambling.


Chapter 5

In the Hotel District in Kamuro, north of the Yoshida Batting Cages, you'll
find a Host who seems to be looking for you.  He'll tell you that his boss is
treating the hosts unfairly and he wants you to try and become Number One Host
there.  See 5d "Being a Host" for details.
  1. Talk to host in Hotel District, accept (top choice)
  2. Enter Adam
  3. Answer however at interview, enter back room
  4. Recruit 3 girls: one on north side of Shichifuku near intersection (near
    M Store, bottom choice, top choice), one across the street from M Store on
    the south side of Shichifuku (second choice, second choice), and one just
    past Jidou Park on the north side (older lady near Taxi, just talk to her)
  5. Enter Adam, enter back room +3,000 yen +200 experience
  6. Wait 5 minutes, get phone call, enter Adam
  7. Romance client through "Helping Takaya" +8,000 yen +500 exp
  8. Wait 5 minutes, get phone call, enter Adam
  9. Romance Akko +30,000 yen +500 experience
  10. Go to Kanrai, get treated by Akko
  11. Wait 5 minutes, get phone call, enter Adam
  12. Romance Iori +50,000 yen +500 experience
  13. Go to Sushiya Gin, get treated by Iori
  14. Wait 5 minutes, get phone call, enter Adam
  15. Romance Tamao +100,000 yen +500 experience
  16. Approach Tamao outside club, get Fine Swiss Watch from her at Le Marche
  17. Get phone call from Takaya, enter Adam, event
  18. Wait 5 minutes, get phone call, enter Adam
  19. Romance Mistress Ayumi (+1,000 experience), event
  20. Win fight, event
  21. Get phone call from Kisaragi, enter Shellac
  22. Win fight
  23. Talk to host outside Adam
REWARD: -- (plus payment during side game)
EXPERIENCE: 3,000 (plus experience during side game)

Head towards the Eastern edge of Shichifuku and you'll find a man being
attacked by thugs.  Beat them, and he'll tell you he needs your help--namely,
to manage Marietta, the cabaret club he owns, while he's away.  See 5c "Run-
ning the Cabaret Club" for more details.
  1. Talk to guy with yakuza at Marietta (east of Parking Lot)
  2. Win fight
  3. Recruit Ran in Theater Square (just talk to her)
  4. Get Floor Plan 1 to max, phone call from Masashi, dialogue with Itakura,
    talk to girls in back room, get Italian Muffler from Le Marche, talk to
    girls in back room, automatically give muffler
    +Italian Necklace, +500 experience
  5.  Talk to Masashi (go to manage club), talk to Itakura, choose top option
    to expand
  6.  Talk to Itakura to start recruiting again
  7. Recruit Mayu and Akira in Champion, Hanako in front of Smile Burger
  8. Get Floor Plan 2 to max, phone call from Masashi, enter Marietta, talk to
    Itakura and Chinatsu, find Akira between Pink and Nakamichi streets, help
    him (top choice), win battle +Lucky Bracelet, +1,000 experience
  9.  Talk to Masashi (go to manage club), talk to Itakura, choose top option
    to expand
  11. After re-entering Marietta, exit, get call from Masashi, enter club,
    walk near Rika, win battle, re-enter, talk to Itakura
  12. Recruit Sakura near Fusion, pay 100,000 (top choice), recruit Aoi near
    Love In Heart
  13. Get Floor Plan 3 to max earnings, then get all girls' enthusiasm meters to
    max, phone call from Masashi, go to Marietta, talk to Itakura, find Yuri at
    Suppon Street (east-west alley north of Serena), talk to her, exit club
  14. Talk to Masashi (go to manage club), talk to Itakura, exit club
  15. Pass 10 minutes of game time, phone call, return to Marietta, approach
    yakuza, win fight
  16. Pass a certain amount of time (3 hours?) and go to the next Chapter.
    Exact requirement unknown.  It's probably just getting ot the next Chapter.
REWARD: Gift Suit (plus rewards during side game's progression)

In the parking lot on eastern Shichifuku, there's a guy with a crowd around him.
He's putting out an open challenge to bet whether or not you can lay a hand on
him.  Beware; he darts around like a maniac.  It may be a good idea to wedge
him against the cars or the walls...but I just hit him as he ran around.
  1. Talk to guy in Parking Lot, accept (top choice)
  2. Hit him (if you fail, talk to him again and retry as many times as you
REWARD: 50,000 yen

There's a man running around the Champion District.  Save him with the top
choice and win the fight--then, he'll offer you a drink inside Shellac.
  He introduces himself as Chikamatsu and tells you he's an enka singer, who is
currently running from the yakuza.  Seems the guy who approached him, saying he
should be recorded, ran up a lot of debts and then took off--and those debts
have somehow gone to Chikamatsu.
  The yakuza group head (Okamura) will show up and call him out.  Save him with
the top choice, and Kiryuu will tell the yakuza they haven't even listened to
the guy before.  Okamura says, "I ain't gonna listen to no enka!!!'"
  So, fight them.  After he beats them, Kiryuu demands they listen to the guy's
song.  Here comes the song "Kamuro Setsugekka."  You'll hear this in later
titles--in fact, Kiryuu sings it in karaoke.
  Of course, Okamura is so moved, he decides to let the guy off from his 3
million yen debt--for 10 copies of his CD, that is.
  1. Near Shellac, Kiryuu automatically meets a guy
  2. Help him (top choice)
  3. Win fight
  4. Dialogue with guy in Shellac, help him again (top choice)
  5. Win fight
REWARD: Silver Plate

At the Club SEGA in Theater Square, there's a man playing YF6.  He'll ask to
fight you.  After you fight him (in the YF6 game), he'll tell you that you
should know who he is (apparently he's supposed to be famous for being a good
  He asks to fight again.  Accept with the top choice.  "This time, I won't
hold back!" he says.
  He'll fight you for real, now.  Beat him, and he'll come at you again,
armed with a plasma sword.  Beat him again.  (Note: if you befriend the youth
at Theater Square first, these fights are really a joke)
  1. Talk to guy in front of YF6 machine at Club SEGA at Theater Square, accept
    (top choice)
  2. Beat him at YF6
  3. Accept rematch (top choice)
  4. Beat him at YF6
  3. Win fight
  4. Win fight
REWARD: Bungo Shimizu Sword, Fan Art Manga (story item)

You must clear "Try and hit me!" first.
In Theater Square, in that little street that runs to the west of Deborah,
you'll find a big man.  Talk to him and hear him out (top choice) and he'll tell
you he has some mysterious work for you to do, but he doesn't want to tell you
the details, so he'll text them to you.  Agree (top choice), and run north.
  You'll get a text.  Check it, and it'll instruct you to get a key that's stuck
underneath one of the benches in the park north of where you met the guy (Jidou
Park).  Go to that park, and go to the northern benches.  Check it with Circle
and you'll find the key.  You can use the key at the coin lockers, but the
text cautions you not to open the box inside.  Kiryuu will pause to check--
don't (bottom choice), if you want "complete."
  Take the box to the man in the alley to the east of Shine.  You'll get a mail
to see a bearded man in the bowling alley and say "How many bells do you need?"
(top choice)
  The guy will fight you.  Beat him, and you'll find out he was supposed to kill
you--asked by a man who e-mailed him the details of his job.  Go back to where
you met the first man, and confront him.  He'll run--follow him, talk to him,
and beat him up (he runs over near the taxi by Jidou Park).
  1. Talk to big guy to the west of Debora, agree (top choice)
  2. Get text message, go to Jidou Park, check north bench, get Coin Locker Key
  3. Open Coin Locker 14, do not open box (bottom choice), get text
  4. In alley east of Shine, talk to man, get text message
  5. Talk to guy in front of restrooms in Mach Bowl
  6. Ask "How many bells do you need?" (top choice)
  7. Win fight
  8. Talk to big guy west of Debora
  9. Talk to big guy near Jidou Park on Shichifuku
  10. Win fight
REWARD: 200,000 yen

This is most likely the funniest thing in the game!
  Go to the alley on which Beam is located.  In the intersection there with the
alley running east-west between Shichifuku and Taihei, there was a bar in the
first game called "Paradise."  This is where the famous "Price of an F-Cup"
mission took place.
  If you get close to this area, you'll be confronted by a bunch of yakuza.
Beat them, and their group head will show up.  He'll invite you inside...go
ahead in.
  A strange girl greets you and asks you questions like she's really talking
down to you.  It doesn't matter how you answer, but they're weird questions,
and she admonishes you for not being called something cute like "Kazu-chan;"
she asks if you want milk, etc.  She then reaches to Kiryuu, who is just not
having any of it--and he accidentally knocks the fake wall down to reveal...
something that must be seen to be believed.
  The group head takes the pacifier out of his mouth.  "Whaddya think, buddy?
Ain't this great?"  Beat them up (they're kinda tough, actually).
    [cinemas: 8q - I, II]
  Kiryuu tells him that just because he likes something doesn't mean everyone
does; he shouldn't force others to do that kind of thing anymore.
    [cinema: 8q - III]
  Outside, the yakuza will thank you.  They had to do as their boss said; that's
just the way it is, but now, you've shown him the error of his ways.
  1. Go near "Be My Baby" on north Pink Street
  2. Win fight
  3. Answer however you'd like
  4. Win fight

In the Poppo Mart near Serena on Tenkaichi, you'll see a pasty-faced nerd doing
something weird.  Talk to him, and he'll suddenly ask you if you collect YF6
figures.  He's shocked that you don't know the joy of collecting figures.
Anyway, as he rambles on and on, he tells you he only needs the elusive number
12.  Go to the counter and buy the "Snack & Toy" ("Shokugan").  Go back and
talk to the nerd, and he'll offer to trade.  Say "yes," and he'll give you a
bunch of rare figures.
  1. Talk to the weird guy in Poppo on Tenkaichi (top or bottom choice)
  2. Buy the figurine at the counter (top choice)
  3. Talk to the weird guy, trade figures (top choice)
REWARD: Rare Figure x 3, Japanese Diver's Watch

In the alley to the north of Serena, there's a homeless man.  Save him, and
he'll offer you a ride in his cart.  Accept, and he'll take you to the Dragon
Palace.  This building actually was the same building Kiryuu's friends, Reina
and Shinji, were killed at in the first game.  Now, with the construction of
Kamuro Heights in the Limbo (River Styx / Puragatory / Sai no Kawara) area,
the displaced homeless people have moved to this area.  So have the casino and
the chouhan betting parlor.
  1. On Suppon Street (the street north of Poppo on Tenkaichi, to the west),
    talk to guy being harassed by yakuza, help him (top choice)
  2. Win fight
  3. Accept (top choice)

In the Dragon Palace's 5th floor, in the northwestern room, you'll meet a large
man.  His name is "Cyclops" Ooba (hommage to Giant Baba?).  He knows you're the
champion from a year ago at the Underground Arena, so he'll challenge you to
spar.  Accept and defeat him.  Note that if you have anything equipped, you'll
need to remove it before continuing.  He's got an amazingly long life bar, but
you can keep grabbing him and knocking him down over and over with Square,
Square, Square, or with Triangle.  The easiest way to do this is by first hit-
ting him with the Slam Blow (Square, Triangle--but make the Square miss) as he
gets up.  He'll either get slightly stunned, or he'll try to guard and stagger
from a guard break.  I call this the "Slam Blow - Hold" trap.  It's extremely
effective against almost all enemies in the game, by the by.
  1. Talk to Cyclops Ooba in his room at the northwest corner of Dragon Palace's
    5th Floor
  2. Hear him out (top choice)
  3. Agree (top choice--remove armor and accessories if needed first)
  4. Win fight
REWARD: Goriki Terayama's Tag Match Guide (story item)

You must clear "The Wrestler Takes Time Off" first.
Visit Cyclops Ooba again with Mind at or above level 5.  You may need to talk to
him a few times.  Eventually, he'll say that he wants oden.  Get him oden three
times (you can buy them all at once and just talk to him three times) and he'll
say he's ready to spar again.  Beat him.  Again, remove all equipment first.
  1. With Mind at or above Lv.5, talk to Cyclops Ooba on Dragon Palace's 5F
  2. Give him something (top choice)--Oden (buy from M Store)
  3. Repeat 2 more times
  4. Agree to match (top choice, remember to remove equipment)
  5. Win match
REWARD: Illustrated Goriki Terayama's "If You Can Swing Them" Guide (story)

You must clear "The Wrestler Eats the World" first.
Visit Cyclops Ooba again with Body at level 8.  You may need to talk to him a
few times.  Eventually, he'll say he wants to drink Staminan Royales.  Get him
three, and he'll want to spar again.  Beat him.  Again, remove all equipment
  1. With Body at Lv.8 or above, talk to Cyclops Ooba on Dragon Palace's 5F
  2. Give him something (top choice)--Staminan Royale
  3. Repeat 2 more times
  4. Agree to match (top choice, remember to remove equipment)
  5. Win match
REWARD: Goriki Terayama's Autobiography "Gourikiou" (story item)

There's a man trying to burn Cafe' Central down.  Chase him and talk to him,
then fight him.  He'll be up north, to the left of the Coin Lockers.
  1. Talk to the guy outside Cafe' Central
  2. Go near the Coin Lockers, talk to guy
  3. Win fight
REWARD: 70,000 yen

Near the Taxi at the southern end of Nakamichi, there's a woman there who runs
the Sunflower Orphanage Kiryuu attended (and where Haruka stays for most of the
story).  You can contribute money to her.
  Give her 10,000 yen.  You can do it from an ATM, but why bother?  You can
just go ahead and give it to her right there.
  The next time you talk to her, she'll say the children want a pet.  Agree to
look for one with the top choice.
  Run to the gate at the southern end of Tenkaichi.  Haruka will e-mail you
about the dog she and Kiryuu rescued a year ago.
  Run further up to near Stardust, and Kiryuu will suddenly decide to call the
guy you've entrusted with the dog.  Go to Theater Square, and on its western
edge, you'll see the guy with the dog.  Then, the two of you will go and see the
orphanage director automatically and give it to her.
  Run to the gate at the southern end of Tenkaichi to get a picture text from
Haruka with the dog.  Then, go and talk to the director again.
  1. Talk to woman near taxi on Nakamichi (director of Sunflower)
  2. Talk to her again, give 10,000 yen
  3. Talk to her again, tell her to give them what they want (middle choice)
  4. Get text from Haruka (run to Tenkaichi's southern end)
  5. Talk to director
  6. Kiryuu calls Mogusa near Stardust
  7. Talk to Mogusa on west edge of Theater Square
  8. Get text from Haruka (run to Tenkaichi's southern end)
  9. Talk to director

You must clear "Support Sunflower 1" first.
After donating an additional 30,000 yen or more to the orphanage director,
she'll tell you that they've got a leaky roof on their hands and that they need
250,000 more.  Give it to her.  You can give it to her in installments--in fact,
it forces you to.  You can do it from an ATM or just by talking to her, so long
as it totals 250,000 or more.
  Once that's done, run back to the gate at Tenkaichi's southern edge to get
yet another text from Haruka.  Go talk to the director and she'll give you a
letter from the orphans.
  1. Talk to director, give 30,000 yen
  2. Talk to her again.  She wants 250,000 yen.  You can talk to her 3 times
    and give that total, or use ATM's in mini-marts if you wish
  3. Get text from Haruka (run to Tenkaichi's southern end)
  4. Talk to the director
REWARD: Letter from the Children (story item)

You must clear "Support Sunflower 2" first.
It seems that the orphanage director was hit with a scam.  Talk to her again,
and donate 50,000 more yen.
  Talk to her again, and she'll tell you about how the construction company,
"Imitation Reform," is suddenly asking for some insane amount of money now
that the job is done and you've already paid the quoted 250,000 yen.  Choose to
tell her you'll handle it.  About a minute later, they'll call, and Kiryuu will
automatically meet them at the southeastern-most part of the map.  They'll then
threaten you with yakuza.  Beat them up, of course.
  They'll give you a card.  For some reason, the game decides at this point to
suddenly teach you how to use special items.  Hm.  Anyway, go to the east one
screen (towards Poppo) to get another text from Haruka telling you they're
going to do the work, and then go and talk to the director to get your reward:
cookies made by the orphans (yay?).
  1. Talk to director, give her 50,000 yen
  2. Talk to director again
  3. Get phone call (takes 1 minute)
  4. Win fight
  5. Get text from Haruka (happens if you run to the screen to the left)
  6. Talk to director
REWARD: Hand-Made Cookies from the Children

You must clear "Support Sunflower 3" first.
Donate at least 100,000 more yen and talk to the orphanage director again.
  Talk to her again, and she'll tell you that she has to quit.  She wants to
give the children a present; she wants to leave them with something wonderful
like a park.  Tell her you'll help think of something (top choice).
  Bring up the items menu, hit R1, and select the business card you got from
Reform Finance.  After setting it up, wait until you get a mail from Haruka,
which takes about a minute of game time, then talk to the director for the last
time.  She gives you a letter and a hand-knit scarf, then bids you farewell.
  1. Talk to director, give her 100,000 yen
  2. Talk to her again, choose to help (top choice)
  3. Bring up items menu, hit R1, select card you got in Support Sunflower 3,
    confirm (Circle for Japanese game, X for Western version)
  4. Talk to director
  5. Get text from Haruka (takes a minute)
  6. Talk to director
REWARD: Hand-Made Muffler, Picture of Haruka (story item)

Go in Asia (the strip club) three times (you don't have to stay for the whole
show until the last time), and if you get close to the stage on the third time,
after the show, the dancer will throw you a note.  Pick it up (top choice).
It's an invitation meet up with Emi, the dancer.
  So go.  She'll ask you on a date.  Say yes (top choice), but then her ex-
boyfriend will show up and ruin everything.
  Choose the first choice ("Don't touch my Emi!") and he'll ask to test you.
Say "yes." (top choice)
  The first question is her bra size.  It's D75 (second choice).
  The second question is about how she defeated a guy she caught stealing her
panties from her veranda.  Apparently, her hobby is judo.  Which special move?
The Oosotogari throw. (second choice
  The last question is what kind of man she likes....  But, no matter what you
answer, he'll say some other stuff about a sexy man.  She'll get mad and he'll
start to attack.  Hit him once and he'll wimp out.  Just like a cabaret club
date, this one ends in the Hotel district.  I guess that's the "adult" side of
this game.
  Anyway, if you care, the information to answer those questions could be found
by talking to the guy wearing sunglasses just north of Asia, for a 10,000 yen
  1. Go in Asia 2 times (you don't have to stay for the whole show)
  2. Go in Asia a 3rd time, stay for whole show, top choice
  3. Leave Asia, talk to girl top choice
  4. ex-boyfriend shows up, tell him not to touch your Emi (top choice)
  4. Take the test (top choice)
  5. Answer "D75" (second choice)
  6. Answer "Splits" (second choice)
  7. Whichever answer
  8. Win fight
REWARD: Fine Necklace

59. SHOGI 2
This mission is not required to fight the secret bosses.
Strangely enough, you can get "Shogi 2" before you even get the mission "Shogi
1" to show up.  In the Shogi room at the 4th floor of the Dragon Palace, play
two times and Sakai will show up (you can also play in Osaka, later on...just so
long as you have played at least 2 times.  I usually automatically do this in
the story anyway).
  He'll ask you for some food, if you wanna go head-to-head with him in shogi.
Go ahead and just give him something cheap like an onigiri from the M Mart.
  You'll only have the "King" piece on the board, but some in reserve.  There is
a great system to defeat him as follows.  It's not 100%, but it's pretty dang
close.  Sakai will even resign early sometimes!  I'll list the grid number you
should move to as X,Y co-ordinates.  X reads from the right 1,2,3,4, and Y reads
from the top 1,2,3,4.  In the box in the lower left, you have, from left to
right, top to bottom, these pieces:  9 x Pawn, 2 x Lance, 2 x Knight, 2 x Silver
General, 2 x Gold General, 1 x Bishop and 1 x Rook.
     1.  You: Place your Bishop (Kakugyou) at 4,5
     2.  Sakai: Places Silver General (Ginshou) at 3,2
     3.  You: Move the Bishop to 6,3, top choice to become Promoted Bishop
     4.  Sakai: Moves Pawn to 3,4
     5.  You: Place a Silver General at 6,8
     6.  Sakai: Moves Gold General (Kinshou) to 5,2
     7.  You: Move your Promoted Bishop to 4,5
     8.  Sakai: Moves Bishop to 8,8, becomes Promoted Bishop
     9.  You: Place your Lance (Kyousha) at 6,7
     10. Sakai: Moves his Promoted Bishop to 4,4
     11. You: Move your Promoted Bishop to 4,4 (take his)
     12. Sakai: Moves his Pawn to 4,4 (takes your Promoted Bishop)
     13. You: Place your Rook (Hisha) at 6,1 (CHECK)
     14. Sakai: Moves his King to 4,2 (escapes)
     15. You: Move your Rook to 7,1 (accept promotion to Promoted Rook "Ryuuou")

       Sakai will do one of two things as move 16.

     16. Sakai: Moves Rook to 9,2
     17. You: Place a Pawn at 4,3, Sakai resigns


     16. Sakai: Moves Bishop to 3,7
     17. You: Place a Silver General at 4,8, Sakai resigns
  He'll laugh and give you your prize:  the Kamuro District Coin Locker Key.
   1.  Visit Shogi room near elevator on Dragon Palace's 4F
   2.  Talk to Sakai, accept (top choice).  Hand over a food/healing item.
   3.  Follow above pattern to win.  If you fail, talk to Sakai again to try
     again; you can try as many times as you like (but it takes a food/healing
     item each time).
REWARD:  Kamuro District Coin Locker Key #49

Bowl 5 times at Mach Bowl.  Some tough guys in hoodies will appear, harassing
the manager at the counter.  Talk to them and they'll challenge you to a
3-frame match.
  Beat him, then you get to fight for real.  The manager will thank you, and
he'll also be there from then on for the "splits" version of the mini-game.
  1. Bowl at Mach Bowl a total of 5 times (doesn't matter what game)
  2. Talk to guys at counter, accept challenge (top choice)
  3. Beat him at bowling (if you fail, talk to him and retry as many times as
  4. Win fight

Play at Yoshida Batting Cages a total of 5 times, any combination of courses.
You can just start them and quit with select, if you'd like.
  A guy should appear in the middle of the room, near the Spikeout machines,
with a girl on his arm.  Talk to him.
  Seems his name is Bob, and he's come to Japan to see his girlfriend, Chiemi.
He's reportedly some famous pitcher in MLB in America.  Sizing you up, he
figures you're probably pretty good, so he challenges you to a little bet:
hit 10 of his 20 (very weird) pitches, and he'll give you Chiemi!  She objects,
of course, but he's like "no lies!"
  Each try is 10,000 yen.  Hit the pitches--but good luck!  You'll probably
mess up a lot, but you can just keep talking to him and retrying.  Each time
takes 10,000 yen, of course.  To accept, choose the top choice.
  Batting Cages is all about timing.  Many of his pitches are actually kinda
slow (tho' he does rarely throw a straight fastball that's pretty darned fast).
Many of them arc off the screen....  You'll just have to keep trying until you
can figure out their timing.  He always starts with a slow (65km/h) ball that
arcs way up off the screen.  If you completely miss, he'll usually stay with
the same type, but if you make contact, he'll usually switch.  He seems to have
a slight pattern of those weird overhead sinkers (hardest, perhaps, to hit) ->
curves (relatively easy) -> either sinkers or (rarely) a fastball (hard to hit).
  When you beat him, you'll learn a new Heat Action for bats, and he'll just
say "OK, as I promised--Chiemi's yours!"  She objects again, of course, and he
just asks you to accept a ball he signs (I'd recommend selling it).  He then
says if you ever come to America, he'll introduce you to the team.  Seems to me
like Kiryuu doesn't really wanna go outside Japan, but, whatever.
  1. Use the Batting Cages a total of 5 times (any courses)
  2. Talk to guy inside with Yoshida Batting Cages with girl, accept (top)
  3. Hit 10 or more homeruns (if you fail, talk to him and retry as many times
    as needed--each time you fail is 10,000 yen)
REWARD: Ball Signed by Bob

This mission is not required to fight the secret bosses.
At the Mahjong parlor, Luk Laan Jong, play at least 3 times (not 3 hands, but 3
separate visits to any of the tables).
  When you exit, you'll see a man being bothered by what appear to be a street
thug outside.  Talk to them, and you'll overhear the thug telling him he's not
gonna let him off.  He should just admit his loss instead of trying to cut out.
  The guy says he's not trying to get away; it's just he wants the guy to wait
for a while, for his replacement.  If you talk to them again, the guy suddenly
claims Kiryuu is the one he'll be using to play for him!  The guy laughs, and
Kiryuu stands puzzled--but then the young man is like "You've come to play
mahjong for me, right?"  Choose the top choice to proceed and play against the
punk.  Win the match, which is rigged against you as you only have 10,000 points
to start out with.
  If you fail, you can retry, but you will need to have 2 Silver Plates in your
inventory first to give to the guy.  Good luck...it's fairly rough.
  1. Play Mahjong a total of 3 times (any table)
  2. Talk to guy being harassed by thug outside Luk Laan Jong, accept (top)
  3. Win Mahjong match (if you fail, retry by buying 2 Silver Plates and bring-
    ing them to the table as many times as needed)
REWARD: Fine Italian Necklace

This mission is not required to fight the secret bosses.
In Volcanic Volcano (love that name), play slots 10 time total.  That means
initiating and ending a session; not just 10 pulls of the lever.
  A guy appears in the corner near the vending machines near the entrance.  Talk
to him and he'll say he's quite proud of being there all the time.  Apparently,
people call him an ace at it.
  He's mad because you've been showing your face around there so much that some
people are even starting to say you're there more than him!  So, he'll bet you
can't go from 100 coins to 3,000.  Accept with the top choice.
  If you fail, you can retry as many times as you'd like.
  1. Play Slot Machines at Volcano a total of 10 times (not 10 spins, any
  2. Talk to guy at corner near entrance, accept (top choice)
  3. Go from 100 to 3,000 coins (talk to him to retry as many times as needed)
REWARD: Karaage Bentou, Gold Plate

At the southern edge of Senryou, one of those annoying guys who tries to get
people to go into a store (called a "catch") is being harassed by yakuza.  Beat
  1. Talk to guy at south end of Senryou being harassed by thugs, save him (top)
  2. Win fight

Yakuza are bothering some young guy standing around at Theater Square's east
edge.  Beat them up.
  1. Talk to guy being threatened by thugs at Theater Square's east edge, save
    him (top choice)
  2. Win fight

Do business in the pawn shop in Kamuro at least 7 times.  Go back, and a yakuza
will be bothering the staff.  The yakuza will run...but he's just outside.  Go
and beat him up.
  1. Buy or sell items a total of 10 times at Ebisuya Pawn Shop in Kamuro
  2. Leave store
  3. Enter store, talk to man at counter threatened by yakuza, save him (top)
  4. Win fight

Order all the items from Kyushu Ichibanboshi (the ramen shop).  Then, talk to
the chef.
  1. Order all items from Kyushu Ichibanboshi's menu
  2. Talk to guy again as if you were ordering

At Jidou Park ("Children's Park;" the park at the western edge of Shichifuku),
there's a drunk there who wants you to go and buy him sake.  Do so.
  1. Talk to drunk guy on bench in the west part of Jidou Park, give him some-
    thing (top choice)--Japanese Sake (bought from M Store)

Order all the drinks at Atenshi.  I think I usually have all but one left by
the time I get here, because I usually try to finish Stijl up by Chapter 4, and
they have similar drinks.
  After your order, the mistress there will talk to you.  Leave the shop and
come back in, and a guy is threatening her at the counter.  Help her and win
the fight.
  1. Order all drinks at Atenshi?
  2. Leave shop
  3. Enter shop, talk to mistress at the counter being threatened by a thug,
    save her (top choice)
  4. Win fight

(Note:  You can start this mission from Ch.5 on, but you can't complete it
until Ch.16)
There's a small area between the Champion District and Taihei that's like an
empty space.  In the first game, that's where you fought White Edge's leader,
Shiraki Yuuji.
  Now, Komaki, the old master you met and learned some moves from in the first
game, is living there.  What a bum.  Talk to him and he'll go through the
usual pleasantries, then talk to him again if you want to train.  You must
remove your equipment first, or he won't offer training.
  Take the first challenge he offers, and he'll ask you to attack a bunch of
guys.  Do so.  After you beat them, he'll nod and tell you that you're still
suffering when there's a lot of people around him, so he'll teach you the Heat
Action, "Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal."  Fight again, and hit Triangle as
people are attacking you.  Remember not to hold the R1 button down, as the move
won't work.
  Note that you can reverse people attacking from any direction.
  To get this mission to "Complete," you must defeat all opponents in the Arena.
  1. Talk to Komaki Soutarou in the little vacant space to the east of the
    Tougenkyou; to the south of shops in Champion District
  2. Take the first test (you must remove your equipment first)
  3. Win fight
  4. Win fight using Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal
  5. Complete Arena

(Note:  You can start this mission from Ch.5 on, but you can't complete it
until Ch.16)
The next training mission is a challenge to build your Heat Gauge up quickly.
Komaki explains that you can do this most effectively with weapon strikes.  So,
grab a weapon and hit the guys.  A heavier weapon will grant much more Heat
Energy, and a Triangle move will grant even more.  Don't forget that you get
Heat Bonus for each enemy you hit with a blow; one big swing that hits a bunch
of guys will give you a lot of Heat Energy.
  I suggest picking up the big chunks of rubble lying around rather than the
sheets of metal, facing a crowd of enemies, and hitting Triangle.  You can
actually get Heat Mode in one hit.
  After you pass it, he'll give you a reward.  You can challenge over and over
and try for better times, if you wish.  To get this mission to "Complete," you
must defeat all opponents in the Arena.
  1. Talk to Komaki
  2. Take second test (you'll need to remove your equipment first)
  3. Use a stage weapon to hit many enemies and gain Heat Energy quickly
  4. Complete Arena

(Note:  You can start this mission from Ch.5 on, but you can't complete it
until Ch.16)
Talk to Komaki and take his third challenge.  This time, he wants to see how
well you fare against handguns.  You can take his advice and pick up a piece
of sheet metal hanging around, using it to guard the attacks, or you can just
walk towards the foe and sway when he attacks.  Sometimes, curiously, if you
are close enough, you can even use the Unbeatable Reversal as they are about to
shoot you (?).
  After you beat them, Komaki will teach you the "Komaki-Style Harquebus
Muffler."  Run up to the enemy and hit Triangle to initiate the attack.
  To get this mission to "Complete," you must defeat all opponents in the Arena.
  1. Talk to Komaki
  2. Take 3rd test (you'll need to remove your equipment first)
  3. Win fight
  4. Win fight using Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler
  5. Complete Arena

(Note:  You can start this mission from Ch.5 on, but you can't complete it
until Ch.16)
There is a requirement to this, but I'm not sure what it is.  It may be getting
one or more of your stats to level 10.
  Talk to Komaki and take the final (fourth) challenge.  This time, you have to
spar with Komaki, but you can't build Heat Energy.  Try and deal as much damage
as possible in the time limit.  The easiest way to do this is to first acquire
the Tiger Killer technique, obtained by taking the Adventure Course at the
acupuncturist in Shinsei, after defeating the boss of Chapter 12 and with Skill
at 10.  Stay a little bit away from Komaki so he doesn't grab you, wait for him
to start a rush combo, and guard.  There will be a slight window as he finishes
the string off with a Triangle attack.  This is your opportunity to reverse him.
  To get this mission to "Complete," you must defeat all opponents in the Arena.
  1. Talk to Komaki
  2. Take fourth test (you'll need to remove equipment first)
  3. Defeat Komaki in time limit
  4. Complete Arena

Romance the cabaret club girl Kaede at Shine (see section in appendices for
details).  Kaede is modeled after adult films star Matsushima Kaede.
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Kaede at Shine
  2. End visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Go to Alps Tea Shop; Kaede appears
  4. Event at Third Park
  5. Get text from Kaede (takes a minute or two)
  6. Talk to Kaede near Yoshida Batting Cages

Romance the cabaret club girl Karen at Shine (see section in appendices for
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Karen at Shine
  2. End visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Go to Sushiya Gin; Karen appears

Romance the cabaret club girl Maiko at Shine (see section in appendices for
  1. Go to Club SEGA at Nakamichi; Maiko appears
  2. Play YF6, play Bowling
  3. Win fight

Romance the cabaret club girl Yuma at Jewel (see section in appendices for
details).  Yuma is modeled after adult films star Asami Yuma.
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Yuma at Jewel
  2. End visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Near west end of Theater Square, get text message
  4. Talk to Yuma near Matsuya by the Millennium Tower
  5. Go to Jidou Park (bring Dog Food from Don Quijote to speed things up),
    check dogs
  6. Talk to Yuma, hand over Dog Food

Romance the cabaret club girl Natsuki at Jewel (see section in appendices for
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Natsuki at Jewel
  2. End visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Go to the Coin Lockers, get text message from Natsuki
  4. Talk to Natsuki near Don Quijote
  5. Talk to man near Coin Lockers with bag, ask if he took the bag (top)
  6. Win fight

Romance the cabaret club girl Anna at Jewel (see section in appendices for
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Anna at Jewel
  2. End visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Talk to girl in employee outfit in front of the Gelato Shop
  4. Go to the Dragon Palace's Casino in the first floor, talk to any one of the
    bunny girls
  5. Go outside, talk to bunny girl near entrance
  6. Go to Theater Square, talk to girl in business suit, then to girl in santa
    outfit, then talk to girl in schoolgirl outfit near Club SEGA

--After fighting Majima--

This takes place after the fight with Majima.
Near the exit from the Kamuro Hills construction site to Kou'enmae Street, a
construction worker is sitting on the ground.  He's just worn out.  Talk to him
and give him a Toughness Emperor.
  1. Talk to seated construction worker near exit from Kamuro Hills
  2. Give him something (top choice)--Toughness Emperor

This happens after the event with Majima in the Underground Arena.
In the Champion District, near the Atenshi and Shellac bars, you'll see a
movie where a guy is pretending to be Kiryuu to extort money.  He even has a
fake Shinji (which is odd because Shinji died in the first game).  "Shinji"
tells them they're talking to the legendary man, the Dragon of Doujima, Kiryuu
Kazuma, and they get scared.  "Kiryuu" even delivers one of the famous lines
from the first game:  "I've been having a heck of a day...bad luck for you
guys."  They wimp out and pay money, and as the pair of fakers turn to leave,
they bump shoulders with Kiryuu.
  "Hey, watch it!" says the fake Shinji, and Kiryuu turns and gives a pretty
mean look.  They start to threaten Kiryuu, and the fake Kiryuu suggests they
give him a right pummeling.  Kiryuu's like, "I'm ready when you are!"  Natural-
ly, they just leave.
    [cinema: 8q - IV]
  Go south to the exit of Champion, and across the street, next to a white
car, talk to the man standing around, smoking.  He'll tell you he just saw some
weirdos go off to the cabaret club on Shichifuku (that's Jewel).
  So, head towards Jewel.  Along the way, other people complain about the duo.
A couple of guys standing north of Fusion, for instance, say "I dunno if he's
from the Toujou Association, or whatever, but that's one rotten yakuza."
  Also along the way to Jewel, near the chanko-nabe restaurant (which you can't
enter--but it has a big picture of sumo wrestlers), a worker shows up to tell
you some guy in black is messing the place up.  So, head on over there!
  At the entrance to Jewel, those two ding-dongs are causing trouble.  Seems
they expect to use the club and get away without paying.  Kiryuu calls them out
on it, and they laugh at him.  "What's this, your bodyguard?" asks the fake
Shinji.  "Do you know who you're talking to?  This is the Dragon of Doujima,
Kiryuu Kazuma!"
  Kiryuu makes a face and bows in polite apology to the fake Kiryuu.  Of course,
the fake Kiryuu doesn't accept this, and Kiryuu steps closer to him.  "Is there
no could forgive me?" he asks.  The fake Kiryuu punches Kiryuu--which has no
effect whatsoever.  Beat them.
    [cinema: 8q - V]
  The worker at Jewel thanks you by name, which startles the two losers.
"Wait--you're the REAL Kiryuu?" they ask.
  "Maybe...wanna test me out again and see?"
  Of course, they end up paying their bill.
  1. In Champion, near bars, event
  2. At south exit from Champion District (near Tougenkyou), talk to man by
    white car
  3. Near Jewel, talk to man
  4. Go near Jewel's entrance, event
  5. Win fight

This happens after the event with Majima in the Underground Arena.
Go bump into the black car on the north side of the Millennium Tower (across the
street from MEB).  A man will yell at you.  "Did you just touch my car?  You
did, didn't you??" he asks, tho' the man he has in tow tries to calm him down.
  Reply that you touched his car (top choice) and he'll fight you.  Use a Heat
Action that smashes him against his own car and you'll get "Complete."
  The man with him tells you the other guy (Igarashi) is a total nut over his
car--it's been annoying to him, too.  "Now, maybe he'll learn his lesson," he
says, and gives you 50,000 yen to thank you.
  "Can this be fixed, do you think...?" asks Igarashi.
  "Who cares?!" barks his companion.
  1. Bump into car on Shichifuku behind the Millennium Tower
  2. During fight, use Extreme Environment or Extreme Superhuman Strength Heat
    Move near the car.
REWARD: 50,000 yen

Chapter 6

North of the restaurant Kanrai, there's a man selling something for 20,000 yen.
He'll give you a coin locker key.  Inside is a video you can watch at Fusion.
Apparently, they were trying to film up women's skirts or something at the tea
shop, Alps.  Go and talk to the owner (bring up the video with the top choice)
and you'll find that one of the workers set the camera up.  He'll run--follow
  There are yakuza there who forced him to set it up--fight and beat them.
  1. Near Kou'enmae on the alley east of Kanrai, talk to man, purchase video
    for 20,000 (top choice)
  2. Open Coin Locker 13, get Shady Video
  3. Watch the video at Fusion
  4. Talk to the man in Alps Tea House
  5. Find the worker near the Pawn Shop, talk to him
  6. Win fight
REWARD: 100,000 yen

I'll explain more in the glossary about the actual straw legend, but let's just
say that some guy found some straw and traded up with people until he got a
nice, rich house and land.
  Anyway, in the alley where the entrance to Mach Bowl is located, there's a
young man standing around.  If you talk to him, he'll want to rap for you.  Go
ahead and listen with the top choice.  He raps about how poor he is and such;
it's a rather horrible rap.
  He asks if it was good afterwards...put "It was awful" with the bottom
choice.  He'll give you the CD either way, but if you lie that it was good,
you'll get a "finished" instead of a  "complete."
  1. Talk to guy near entrance to Mach Bowl, listen to his rap (top choice)
  2. Tell him it was awful (bottom choice)
REWARD: Hip Hop CD (story item)

At the western end of Shichifuku street (between Jidou Park and the taxi),
there's a man standing around.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he's look-
ing for something that will show him the heart of the street, or some such
nonsense.  Give him the CD you got in "The Straw Legend 1 (Michael)."  He'll
trade you for a fine fountain pen.
  1. Talk to man to the west of Jidou Park on Shichifuku's north side, give him
    something (top choice)--Hip Hop CD
REWARD: Expensive Fountain Pen (story item)

Outside the parking lot on Shichifuku, near its west wall, there's a con-
struction worker crouching.  He needs something to write a note down with
quickly.  Give him the pen you got in "The Straw Legend 2."  He trades you for
his boots.
  1. Talk to construction worker at the corner near Kanrai, give him something
    (top choice)--Expensive Fountain Pen
REWARD: Hybrid Boots (story item)

On a bench near the western entrance to the Millennium Tower sits a pathetic
dancer.  She needs her shoes.  Talk to her, then go up to the West Park (the
entrance to Limbo / The Future Site of Kamuro Heights on the east end of
Kouenmae).  There's a homeless guy there with dancer's shoes on.  Talk to him,
and he'll act all crazy and paranoid.  But, he'll trade you for the boots you
got in "The Straw Legend 3."  Go back, give them to the dancer, and everyone's
just so happy and blah, blah, blah.
  1. Talk to girl on bench at Millennium Tower's west entrance
  2. Talk to bum in pink ballet shoes by the entrance to Kamuro Hills on Kou-
    enmae, trade something (top choice)--Hybrid Boots, receive story item
    Dance Shoes
  3. Talk to girl on bench at Millennium Tower's west entrance, give her some-
    thing (top choice)--Dance Shoes
REWARD: Italian Ring

You must clear "A Fine Automobile" first.
Near the Tougenkyou, a man will give you the "Dirty Video" (not *that* kind of
dirty).  He'll tell you absolutely never to watch it.  Well...go ahead and
watch it.  An eerie scene will show a strange woman.  Kiryuu doesn't quite get
  Once outside, a man will run up and tell you to pay 100,000 to exorcise the
ghost.  You can do so if you wish, and that'll end the mission, but if you re-
fuse and go over to Taihei's eastern edge, you'll see the woman in the video.
She'll run behind a car.  Follow her.
  Once Kiryuu closes in, she's suddenly not there.  There is a note on the
ground, though, telling you to go to the space across from the Third Park (the
park near Serena).  Go there, and you'll find some thugs.  Kiryuu asks if
they're related to the medium, and they'll say, "You actually believe in that
  After beating them, one of the guys is unmasked--to reveal none other than
the spirit medium who offered his services earlier!  Kiryuu says "So, that
woman was working with you, eh...?"
  But the medium says, "?  You're nuts; there's no woman in our scheme!"
  Then...who was that woman...?
  1. Talk to guy running up to you at intersection near Tougenkyou, get story
    item "Dirty Video"
  2. Watch video in Fusion
  3. Exit Fusion, refuse when guy approaches (bottom choice)
  4. Go back to the intersection near Tougenkyou, follow woman to behind the
    truck at the end of the street, get letter
  5. Go to the space across from the Third Park (Kamiyama's space)
  6. Win battle
REWARD: 100,000 yen

You must clear "The Spirit Medium" first.  In front of Smile Burger, bump into
the guy wearing a purple baseball cap.  He'll steal 20,000 yen.  Talk to the guy
standing nearby and he'll tell you that Smile Burger's manager knows something
about that incident.  Go and talk to him, and he'll tell you aboutthe pick-
  Walk in front of Smile Burger again and bump into the guy in the baseball cap
again.  You'll get the choice of chasing after him or checking your wallet.  Do
so (bottom choice).
  Then, find the guy standing in the back of the Third Park (the nearest park).
Talk to him, and say that you checked your wallet already (otherwise, he says
you have no proof).  Then, beat him up.
  He'll give you back the 30,000 he stole, then 20,000 for the money he stole
the first time--then 30,000 more.
  1. Bump into guy with baseball cap at intersection on Nakamichi near Smile
    Burger, lose 20,000 yen
  2. Talk to youths on southwest corner of intersection
  3. Talk to owner inside Smile Burger
  4. Bump into pickpocket in intersection, check wallet (top choice)
  5. Talk to pickpocket in Third Park, tell him you checked (top choice)
  6. Win fight
REWARD: 80,000 yen

(You'll need to complete Pickpocket Band 1 first)
Go back into Smile Burger and talk to the manager again.  He'll say that there's
actually a whole band of pickpockets; that guy in the baseball cap was just
working for them.
  So, go back and talk to the pickpocket again in the Third Park.  Choose the
top choice to hear him out, and he'll tell you about a building on the little
alley running east from Club Sega, that has a fire escape running along its
side.  Just rub up against the southern side of the street and you should find
it near the Pink Street end.
  Go inside.  The yakuza asks you to let him off, and he'll give you money.
Refuse with the bottom choice and beat them.
  1. Talk to the owner inside Smile Burger
  2. Talk to the pickpocket in the Third Park
  3. Go to building on south side of alley with Ebisuya, confirm to enter
  4. Don't let them get away with it (bottom choice)
  5. Win fight
REWARD: 150,000 yen

--After fight with 16-Bit--

After the fight with 16-bit, you'll see that informant guy standing around
near the soda machines at Theater Squrae again.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you
that he doesn't know how to get into the weapons shop at Beam, but he knows who
does--a guy who sits at the front row in Asia (the strip club).  Go there, talk
to the guy, and pay him 50,000 yen (top choice).
  He'll tell you about the owner, who's a very eccentric man and who demands
special passwords.  Ask them for the video "Take's Sparkling High School
Paradise" (it should become the final option on the menu) and they'll ask you
  No matter what question they ask, the answer is always the same, according to
your informant.  It's the same as the year the Berlin Wall fell (1989).
  1. Talk to Morita in Theater Square
  2. Go in Asia, talk to guy at left by the stage, pay 50,000 (top choice)
  3. Tell him you got it (bottom choice)
  4. Go to Beam, order "Take-chan's Sparkling High School Paradise"
  5. Answer "1989"

Chapter 7

Inside the Gelato shop, there's a guy who claims to have gotten a toothache
from the gelato.  Of course, he's asking for them to give him money to go to
the dentist--just a scam.  So, beat him up!  There are two guys here--make sure
you hit the guy who was complaining so you can get the good ending (he's the big
guy).  He'll say that you knocked out the tooth that was offending him.  How
  1. Talk to guy inside Gelato Shop, top choice
  2. Win fight
REWARD: 80,000 yen

You must clear "The Price of a Tooth" first.
"I'm gonna get me a devil woman / angel woman don't mean me no good..." (Mingus)
In the middle of the road in east Taihei, a woman is being hassled.  Choose the
top option to save her, and win the fight.
  Once you save her, she asks you to lead her to Theater Square.  She explains
that she's afraid that guy might come back and get her along the way.  Choose
the top option to lead her.
  Along the way, a bald guy in a purple suit shows up.  He calls to her:
"Akemi!  Who's this guy?!"  He then turns to you, and asks if you know whose
girl you're with.  Fight him.
  After you beat him, Kiryuu asks the girl what that was all about, and she
blows it off like she doesn't know the guy.  She urges you on to Theater Square.
  A little further down the road, a (probably American?) guy shows up.  He says
she never returned his calls--so he figured this sort of thing was goin on!
Beat him.
  Kiryuu takes not of the encounter, but the girl just urges you on.
  A little further down the street, you'll run into an older man, who says he
hasn't been able to get her out for a while--and now he sees why; she prefers
younger men, after all, huh?  Beat him.
  Once you get to the square, her girlfriend (quite literally) is there,
waiting.  They offer you a fun night.  Choose to go with them and you'll get
"complete" (top choice).
  Unfortunately (perhaps) for Kiryuu, before anything can happen, a bunch of
guys come running after the girls.  These guys don't fight you, tho'; they
instead say the girls are just very devilish things.
  1. Talk to woman on east Taihei (near alley to Beam) being harassed by yakuza
  2. Save her (top choice)
  3. Win fight
  4. Agree (top choice)
  4. Lead her to Theater Square.  You will get into 3 fights along the way.
  5. Win fights
  6. Accept (top choice)
REWARD: 70,000 yen

What a title!  In front of the Yoshida Batting Cages, there's a guy who runs up
to you.  "Are you Kiryuu Kazuma?" he asks.  "Sorry about this, but I'm gonna
have to kill you!"  Beat him.
  As he collapses, the man says, "Forgive me, Sachie!  I was unable to protect
  Kiryuu asks the man to explain, and he says that he was told by a yakuza to
kill you--or else, the yakuza would mess up his wife something awful.  Weirdly,
when Kiryuu asks him where said yakuza was, he says he has no idea--but then,
he says he was supposed to go north of there with proof of your death.
  I mean...so, yeah, north of there.
  So go north and confront the guy, who will run off to the east.  Talk to him
again and defeat him.  He's much weaker than the guy whose wife he threatened.
  He's like "oh you broke my bones!!  Call an ambulance!"
  It's not true, of course.  Kiryuu asks him to explain and the man tells you
he was told by yakuza from the Kansai that he could get 10 million yen for
proof he'd killed you.  What a dope!
(OK, maybe I should have just translated that "The Man Who Was Forced to Attack
Kiryuu," but it's funnier that way)
  1. Talk to the man slightly to the north of Yoshida Batting Center
  2. Win fight
  3. Talk to guy to the north in Hotel District
  4. Follow guy to the east intersection, talk to him
  5. Win fight
REWARD: 50,000 yen

You must first clear "The Man Who Attacks Kiryuu Because He Was Threatened and,
Thus, Has No Choice" first.
At the crossroads near Shine, there's a big fat dude harassing a cabaret club
girl and one of those guys who fetch people into the store.  He's asking her to
do something for him for free.  The catch tells him that his girls are there
only for people to have fun in his club, while drinking and chatting.  He
tells him he's not allowed to touch them, even if he's paid!
  Up comes some big, burly guy (presumably a yakuza), to beat the fat dude up.
The fat guy doesn't really seem intimidated, but the catch just laughs at him
like "oh snap, you're in for it now!"
  Choose the top choice to get the guy out of trouble.
  Kiryuu says "He's just drunk.  Forgive him."
  Well that's not good for the big bouncer guy, who fights you.  Beat him up.
  So then, Kiryuu doesn't quite get the thanks he expected.  The fat guy says,
"Man, why'd you interfere?"
  It turns out, he's a kinda known mangaka.  If you don't know what manga or
mangaka are, well...I mean, I think by now, everyone knows; he's basically a
Japanese comic artist.
  Anyway, the manga he was writing is a battle one--and he apparently hasn't
been able to get the lines quite right.  He figured he could get into some real
fights and get real experience and see what it was like to help his manga.
  Suddenly, the catch recognizes him.  He says "Oh my--that's Oohara Yuujirou!"
  The guy laughs that you messed up his idea...but then he gets a new idea.  A
mysterious man who goes around the entertainment district at night and helps
people...yeah--that doesn't sound bad at all!
  The catch keeps talking about how he wants Oohara to sign something for him.
  But Oohara is too absorbed in thought and completely ignores the poor man.
Intead, he gives you 50,000 yen and runs off to write his manga.
  1. Talk to the woman being harassed outside of Shine, save fat guy (top
  2. Win fight
REWARD: 50,000 yen

In front of the fire escape leading up to Serena you'll find an old lady.  She's
really a strange old bat--she almost seems like a nut case.  But, she's fun, and
that's good.
  Anyway, she asks where you are.  Tell her it's Tenkaichi, and she'll thank
you--and then ask for your contact info (??).  Kiryuu asks why and she says she
will use it like a cabaret club girl.  Kiryuu's like "What, that came out of
nowhere--no way."
  She laughs and says that if you get to know her, she'll give you something
real nice!
  Again, Kiryuu refuses--but she's a pushy thing, so go ahead and give her your
contact info (top choice).  Kiryuu guesses she won't do anything weird with it
(presumably because she's a seemingly harmless old woman?), so, why not, eh?
  She learns your name, and introduces herself in kind:  "Shiro-chan."  "Shiro"
means "White," and the game refers to her as "Shiro-baa" or "Old Lady White."
  Kiryuu's like "'Shiro-chan,' huh?  (-chan sounds like he's talking to some
cute, younger woman!!)  Nice to meet you, old lady."
  "Nice to meet you, Kazu-chan!" she says.  She certainly got intimite real
  So Kiryuu just lets her call him that, if she wants to.  She goes on to note
what a tough guy Kiryuu seems to be--and also notes he's kinda a complainer.
Kiryuu protests, which just proves her point (in her mind).
  Then, she says she has something to ask of Kiryuu, which makes him say, "Oh,
here we go...."
  It seems she's just come to Tokyo from Osaka, and is being stalked.  As a
result, she can't show her face around town without being harassed.
  Speak of the devil, three guys in what I can only presume are supposed to be
kung fu outfits show up.  She says her request is that you protect her.  Choose
the top choice to do so.
  The men speak with foreign accents (obviously, they're supposed to be Chinese
people).  They ask you to hand her over to them.  Kiryuu asks what they intend
to do with her, and guesses they mean to kill her.  Win the fight.  They're
pretty tough--but so is Old Lady White!  You can rely on her to bust some heads
if it's too crazy.  Be advised that they sidestep a lot, then follow with twin
kicks.  Don't bother trying to grab them if there are more than one left; they
will just interrupt you, most likely.
  Kiryuu guesses they won't bother her anymore--but she seems to think she's
not quite out of the woods yet.  She says she'll call you when she has trouble.
  She will, about a minute of game time later.  She says in her text that she's
at the parking lot on Shichifuku--and, wow!--there's a billboard with really
hot men on it near her! (this is an ad for a host club)  She then reminds you
that you'll be escorting a beautiful lady around, so come alone!
  Bump into her at the parking lot.  She says something about how it's hard to
find her way around this town, so she got lost.  Kiryuu frowns and asks, "So,
you weren't under attack, then?"
  She laughs. "That's right!  Those guys, I used to play around with them in
Osaka.  Now, they're real pushy here!"
  "What exactly are you doing here?" Kiryuu asks.
  "I'm playing around!" she answers.  She went to a place near the theater,
she went to a gay bar....
  But then, gues what?  Here comes a big "foreigner" (another kung fu guy).  He
(very politely) asks you to hand her over.  Old Lady White calls him a little
punk and says she's got no use for him, so he asks if he killed you, would that
make her change her mind?
  Old Lady White scowls at the man and tells him there's no way he could beat
you!  Beat them.
  Kiryuu turns to Old Lady White and asks what's up.  I mean, those were ob-
viously Chinese mafia members.  She answers plainly that she's a martial artist
with some fame in the Kansai region.  Turns out, those guys were her students!
The guys you fought earlier...well, she's not sure, but she thinks they're
probably thugs used by her second-best student, Yen Lung.
  Kiryuu asks "Wait, are you part of the Chinese mafia?"
  She just says "Well, look at the time--gotta run!"
  Kiryuu asks again, but she says she has to go check out Stardust to see this
Yuuya guy she's heard so much about, and takes off.
  About a minute of game time later, you'll get another text from her.  She's
in front of the theaters, and can't seem to find Stardust, so she asks for
your help.  Again she asks you come alone to escort a lovely lady.
  Bump into her in front of the theaters and she'll tell you she wants to see
Yuuya.  Kiryuu tells her he knows Yuuya and that he will introduce her to him,
but first...he'd like her to fess up and tell him what she's hiding.  She
denies it, but he threatens to not introduce him, so she goes to tell him--
when her stupid pupiles (in her own words) show up.  She tells them she's not
going back.  Yen Lung, the big guy in the front, says it's fine if she doesn't
want to come back--because, well, he's more interested in seeing her gone from
the earth entirely.  He's decided they no longer need her; he will take over the
Lotus House himself!  She says something like "pfft, you make a big noise for
a little runt--even more than that Lau Ga Leung."
  Lau Ga Leung was a boss in the first game who tortured Kiryuu in the past.
  Yen Lung says, "Also, we'll take care of this guy, too."
  Old Lady White is confused.  "This has nothing to do with Kazu-chan," she
  "Don't you know who this guy is, Baak Lin (means "White Lotus")?  This is the
guy who killed Lau Ga Leung a year ago.  Being together with him--you're a
  Old Lady White asks Kiryuu if it's true, and he explains that he had to defeat
Lau to protect someone close to him--and that Lau captured him some 13 years
earlier.  He pieces together that she is Lau Ga Leung's teacher.
  She admits it, but says that he was expelled from her school.  He was too
underhanded.  Yen Lung protests, saying that they are all members of the See
Waa mafia--it's not like he was expelled!  However, Old Lady White seem to feel
that Lau Ga Leung is the one who destroyed the syndicate himself, and that
Kiryuu did absolutely nothing wrong.  Yen Lung decides it's time to get rid of
the old lady at last, and she just says "I don't have time for all this jibber-
jabber!  Let's do this already!"
  Beat them.  During the fight, knock the opponents into the street signs behind
you from the start.  You can do so with most Combo Finishes against the light
guys.  Sometimes, Ol' Lady White will do this for you!  I think you need to have
the sign get knocked down and turned into a polearm in order to learn the Lotus
Style Polearm Techniques as your reward--which is needed to fight the secret
bosses, as you will need to get all techniques and status augmentations besides
the Extreme Extremeness and Brawling God Discipline in order to fight them.
  Also, if you're struggling with this fight, you're not alone.  I recommend
bringing a bunch of Staminan Royales.  The problem is that these guys like to
mob up, and their "quick poke" is far-reaching, evades attacks, and very fast.
So, even if you're successfully punishing guys in the front, those behind them
can still hit you.  I recommend getting away from the crowd and grabbing light
guys, then immediately using a throw for invulnerable frames.  You can also use
weapons or hit T after grappling to try and knock the crowd down a bit, or use
the Finish Hold if you have Heat to get them down.  Old Lady White is actually
quite powerful, so if things get too crazy, you can rely on her to a point to
thin out the crowd for you.
  Kiryuu makes Yen Lung promise to leave Old Lady White alone.  But Old Lady
White just laughs it off.  "I wouldn't be done in by this little brat," she
notes.  "Hey, Yen Lung--you embarrass me; go train some more!"
  After they leave, she apologizes for dragging you into this--but notes that
she may have been defeated if she were alone.  Kiryuu forces her to admit she
approached him because she knew he defeated Lau Gau Leung.  She notes that,
well, after all, a student is a student--and it's not like she hated Lau, even
if he was devious.  She then says she learned that Kiryuu was a true man, and
apologizes for putting him through the "test."
  Anyway, it's time for her train, so...that's it for now.  She gives you a
Coin Locker Key.  Use it, and you'll learn polearm techniques and a new Heat
Action for polearms such as the "long pipe" or the weapon in the Arena's
Ronin Tournament.
  1. Talk to the old lady behind Serena, tell her it's Tenkaichi (2nd choice)
  2. Agree to give contact info (top choice)
  3. Agree to help her (top choice)
  4. Win fight
  5. Get text from Old Lady White (takes 1 minute)
  5. Talk to Old Lady White in Parking Lot
  6. Win fight
  7. Get text from Old Lady White (takes 1 minute)
  8. Talk to Old Lady White in front of Volcano
  9. Win fight.  Knock opponents into street signs on the sidewalk by the
    theaters and wield them as polearms.
REWARD: Kamuro Coin Locker #27

You must clear the Kantou mission "Meet the Master White Lotus first."
(This mission becomes available in Chapter 7 but can't be finished until
Chapter 11)
Some time after you finish the first White Lotus mission, you'll get a mail on
your cell phone telling you that she lives in Shinsei now.  Apparently, she
wants a fancy, metal umbrella.  She says the ones in Tokyo are the best.
You can get ahold of one a few different ways, but the easiest might be to pick
up the coin locker key #2 in Kantou, located on the third floor of the Dragon
  She's standing in the parking lot in Shinsei, up at its northwestern corner.
Bring her the "Fashionable Umbrella."
  1. Get text from Old Lady White (1 minute after completing Meet the White
    Lotus Master)
  2. Talk to Old Lady White in northwest corner of parking lot at Shinsei
  3. Top choice to give her Fashionable Umbrella
REWARD: "All About Lotus-Style Magic Energy Arts" (story item)

In Debora, in the back of the entryway, near the bathrooms, talk to the guy
at the counter to overhear a suspicious man trying to get a pretty gal to go to
a secret party.  He'll tell her to go and order three tequila tonics from the
guy in the green jersey.  He's inside the dance hall, but not on the dance
floor (back against the wall in the area with the tables).  Order as instructed
(bottom choice), and he'll sell you a ticket for 10,000 yen (top choice).
  After some time, the guy coordinating the party will leave you an e-mail that
instructs you to meet up in that area behind the pharmacy.  So, go there, and
talk to all guest you can, then the coordinator will show up.  Talk to him, and
he'll lead you to the party.
  ....  or, to a room where they'll try and extort more money out of you.  Talk
to the coordinator and the girl, then talk to the coordinator again.
  If you pay, you'll end the mission and get "finished" rather than "complete."
Instead, say you won't pay (bottom choice).  He'll say you *can't* pay--a jab at
you for being poor?  Anyway, say "there's no reason to pay," (bottom choice) and
beat the snot out of them.
  So, the guy gives you back your money with an apology.  Kiryuu has him refund
all other "guests," too.  If you talk to the other people, they all praise you.
  1. Talk to guy near bathrooms in Debora
  2. Talk to guy at tables inside Debora's dance stage area in a green jersey,
    order 3 Tequila Tonics (bottom choice), buy ticket (top choice), exit
  3. Get text message (right away)
  4. Go to empty area behind pharmacist and Poppo on Nakamichi, talk to all
    assembled guests, talk to man who shows up.
  5. Refuse to pay (bottom choice)
  6. Refuse to pay (bottom choice)
  7. Win fight
REWARD: 100,000 yen

You must clear "The Arsonist" first.
First of all, I have to say that although the name "I" (also known as "Yi" or
"Lee") is a very common Korean name, "Ryu-Jeon" isn't.  Usually, people would
say "Yu" or something instead, because they drop the "r" in front of "i" sounds
for kanji (hanja) words, generally, in South Korea.  Still, it does exist--I
mean, look at Dodger pitcher, Ryu Hyeon-jin!
  Anyway, the joke is that the guy's name sounds like "illusion."  I guess maybe
that's because he seems homosexual...?
  All that aside, this guy is apparently a famous TV drama idol and all that.
Korean dramas and pop stars have become all the rage for quite a while now in
East Asia, in what they call the "Korean Wave."  The ladies really seem to adore
  Once you bump into him in front of the Korean restaurant, Kanrai (a.k.a. Han
Rae), he'll introduce himself.  Kiryuu is like "...Illusion??"  But, he clar-
ifies that his name is "I Ryu-jeon."  He then says he want to go somewhere where
men go to see women.  He can't really explain what he means, so Kiryuu thinks he
means a disco or something.  Agree to lead him with the top choice.
  If you take him to Deborah, he'll explain a little better.  What he's looking
for is Asia, the strip club.  You can just go directly to Asia and skip the
disco thing entirely.
  The trick is, there are girls who will run up and try to interact with you,
and he doesn't want that.  So, if you see a girl start darting towards you, turn
around and run back to the location a different way.  If you get hit with 3
girls over the course of these 4 missions, which run one right after the next,
well...you fail!!  So, SAVE FIRST.
  Oh--another thing, just go straight to Asia.  Don't bother taking him to
Debora as it's a huge waste of time and a chance to fail missions.
  Here's how I do it:  run down the alley with Beam, then go down to Asia.  A
girl will show up to the east on Taihei, but she can't quite get to you in
  Go into the show room and he'll be all "Yay, this is so much fun!  Japan's
the best!" (yeesh)
  1. Talk to guy near entrance of Kanrai, agree to lead him (top choice)
  2. Take him to Asia, avoiding girls, go in (top choice), enter show room
  (continues automatically in I Ryu-Jeon 2)

Now, Ryu-Jeon wants to go see a place where you can't tell if people are men or
women.  He's talking about a gay bar, and there's only one--Atenshi. Well,
technically, it's a drag bar, but, whatever.  Choose to lead him with the top
choice and avoid the fans who try to accost Ryu-Jeon along the way.
  Here's how I do it:  Leave Asia, go north.  Go east, but STICK TO THE NORTH
SIDE OF THE STREET to avoid the fan.  The south entrance of Champion conceals
an un-avoidable fan.  I go ahead and run into her, then go to Atenshi.  This is
because I will run into her again for 3, but from then on out, it's smooth
sailing.  It's a bit risky, tho', as you can only get hit by fans 3 times.
  He says "Oh wow, the 'okama-chan' (kind of affectionate term for cross-
dressers or gay guys?) of Japan are so pretty!  They're way prettier than Japan-
ese girls!" (!!  Hence, 'Illusion...?')
  1. Agree to lead him (top choice)
  2. Take him to Atenshi, avoiding fans
  (continues automatically in I Ryu-Jeon 3)

Now, he wants to try Japanese noodles.  Agree with the top choice and take him
to Kyushu Ichibanboshi Ramen.
  Here's how I do it:  I just run south again and get hit by that one stupid
fan, then go straight down the alley to Kyushu Ichibanboshi.  There are no fans
along the way (whew!).
  He asks Kiryuu to eat ramen with him, which seems to make Kiryuu a little bit
uncomfortable.  He also says that if he lived in Kamuro, he'd eat ramen every
single day!
  1. Agree to lead him (top choice)
  2. Take him to Kyushu Ichibanboshi, avoiding fans
  (continues automatically in I Ryu-Jeon 4)

Time for Ryu-Jeon to head on back.  So, take him to the nearest taxi.  Strange-
ly, you don't have to confirm this time.
  Here's how I do it:  run south from the ramen shop, east to Senryou, and then
south to Shouwa (southernmost street).  Then, just run west all the way to the
taxi by Don Quijote.  There are no fans to harrass you.
  He tells you he had a lot of fun, and hopes you'll come to Korea!  He'll show
you around--he really wants to go have fun with you there.  Kiryuu's says he'll
count on him for that when he goes to Korea, and I Ryu-Jeon gives him 300,000
yen--and a signed head shot (fan collectible--yayyyy wowwww sugoi)
  1. Take him to any taxi (I use the Nakamichi one)
REWARD: 300,000 yen, Signed I Ryu-Jeon Head Shot (story item)

You must clear "Text Message Job" first.
At the eastern end of Shichifuku, there's a big guy acting strangely.  "I
can't remember!" he says.
  Talk to him and you'll find out he's lost his memory.  Apparently, this is the
same universe as The Flintstones, because if you hit him in the head, he'll get
his memory back.  Agree to help him (top choice), and pick up the bat lying in
front of you, then whack him in the head.
  He remembers why he was there--to kill you!  So, beat him up.  After you do,
he'll lose his memory again. "Who am I?"  Kiryuu says, "Give it a rest."
  1. Talk to guy at very eastern end of Taihei, agree (top choice)
  2. During fight, pick up bat and hit guy
  3. Win fight
REWARD: 20,000 yen

You must clear "The Secret Party" first.
In Senryou, near the intersection with the little, dead-end alley running off
to the east, there's a guy with a guitar being harassed by a big thug.  Talk
to him and he says he was just singing, when this guy suddenly attacked him.
  "You can't call that 'singing,'" laughs the thug.  "It's just noise.  I'd
rather hear a dog howling."  Beat him up.
  The guy explains he was beat up the day before for the same thing!  That's
why he has a scar on his face (he does?--I can't tell; it looks more like a
flat, obscure graphic).  "I guess I have no talent, after all.  It's time I
faced it--I just suck at music.  But...I really do love it!"
  He then explains that a long time ago, people used to sing his songs with
him, and it was just great.  He guesses that no matter how good a song he
writes, since he's so bad at singing, he may as well just give up.  "Guess
I'll go eat worms...."
  Tell him to quit his whining (top choice).
  He then introduces himself as Yoshioak Takuo and asks you to come hear him
again sometime--even if he's bad at it.
  1. Talk to guitar player harassed in south Senryou
  2. Win fight
  3. Tell him to quit whining (top choice)

After talking to the guy with the guitar in the first mission, find this girl
up against the front of the theaters.  They're trying to get her to sleep with
them--but she just asked for directions!  Save her with the top choice and
trounce those clowns.
  She introduces herself as Miki.  Seems she's only been there a year, and
still doesn't know her way around (because, Kamuro is SO HUGE, right??).  Any-
way, she wants to become a singer.  She has confidence in her ability, but not
so much her looks--she figures that's why she keeps failing at her auditions.
What's more, she can neither dance, nor play an instrument!  She figures that,
in this day and age, just having a voice isn't enough.  She guesses she'll go
back to the countryside.  If only she had some musician friends (hint, hint).
  Kiryuu remembers Yoshioka Takuo, the guy with the guitar from the first
mission.  Choose the top option to introduce them, and everything's so wonder-
ful and the heavens part for them and all universes collide into some kind of
crazy super-universe and dogs and cats start getting along and liver no longer
tastes nasty and we can all ride unicorns and hang out with The Fonz at Derek
Flint's mansion and we each get our own Bullit car.
  Naw, but they're happy at least.
  1. Talk to girl being harassed in front of the theaters (east edge of Theater
    Square), save her (top choice)
  2. Win fight
  3. Introduce her to Yoshioka Takuo (top choice)

--After fight at Bantam--

This happens after the fight at Bantam.
Go to Stardust and talk to Yuuya.  He wants to thank you for all your efforts
with Kazuki, so he figures he'll buy you a drink (in Stardust, of course).
Kiryuu agrees.
  Kiryuu notes Yuuya's had to really work hard in Kazuki's absence--and that
he's done well.  Yuuya tells Kiryuu he hasn't told everyone what's been going
on with Kazuki; he just wants them to keep working their hardest until Kazuki
is all better and things can get back to normal.
  He then explains that he owes a lot to Kazuki.  He took care of him in the
old days, and, well, he supposes he owes him a lot for getting him "on track"
in life.
  A host says, "Not just Kazuki, but, Miyu, too, right?"  Yuuya seems embar-
  Anyway, some chowderheads suddenly come in.  Nice outfits, eh?  They demand
to see Yuuya--who recognizes them as Black Thunder.  "What'd you come here for?"
Yuuya barks.
  "'What'd you come here for,' jeeze--what kind of greeting is that, former
  This is Kouji, apparently the new head.  He demands he tell him where Okano,
the person who Yuuya made the boss when he stepped down, is.  Yuuya refuses, so
Kouji demands 5 million yen.  "This place is doing well enough for it," he ex-
plains.  "One or the other--Okano, or 5 million.  We'll be back."
    [cinema: 8q - VI]
  Yuuya doesn't explain very much, so, you may as well leave.
  Miya, Yuuya's girl, is there, outside.  Kiryuu tells her that Kouji came by,
and asks her what exactly is going on between Yuuya and this "Okano" person.
  Seems Yuuya and Okano made the Black Thunder motorcycle gang.  Then, Kouji
came along.  Yuuya always told her they kept doing all kinds of ding-dong-ery,
and that it was pretty fun.
  So Kiryuu asks where this Okano is.  Miyu seems loath to say, so Kiryuu per-
suades her by saying it would really be bad for poor Yuuya to lose everything,
considering he just became head of the place and all.
  Miyu suggests that maybe the mistress of Atenshi, the drag club in Champion,
would know where Okano is.  Kiryuu automatically goes there, for once, and talks
to the "mistress"--Ako.
  Kiryuu asks where Okano is, and Ako gets real upset and says she has no
idea.  Kiryuu further explains the 5 million yen pickle, and Ako...has no choice
but to reveal that she is actually Okano!  Well, I mean, she used to be Okano,
when she wasn't yet...I dunno if she's supposed to be a transgendered, just a
transvestite--I dunno, back in the day, lemme say.  She has no idea how to
explain that kind of thing to Kouji, so she can't really help.
  Go to leave, and Kiryuu will get a call from one of the hosts.  Seems like
Black Thunder are turning Stardust into a mud pit!  ONE NIGHT ONLYYYYY!!
  Again, you simply magically teleport there (thankfully).  Look at those stupid
bikes!  Yeesh, dude.  What kind of crummy gang is this?  Yuuji tries to resist,
but Kouji is like "What can you do, all by yourself, kiddo?"
  Kiryuu shows up and he's like "Hey, lemme help you take out the garbage,
buddy."  So, beat the crud out of 'em!  With Kouji at half health, guess who
shows up??  Why, it's Okano--with the ceremonial outfit Yuuya wore when he
stepped down!  Seems he gave it to Okano afterwards.
  And--magically, guys are all back to fight you, and even have weapons?  The
heck kind of crappy non-power-up was that?!  Anyway, beat 'em!
    [cinemas: 8q - VII, VIII]
  After you leave, Okano asks Yuuya for a final favor:  to set her up on a date
with Kiryuu!  ....
  1. Talk to Yuuya outside of Stardust
  2. Event, exit Stardust, event, to Atenshi, event, phone call, to Stardust,
  3. Get boss to half health
  4. Win battle
EXPERIENCE: 4649 (spells out 'yoroshiku' which is like 'pleased to meet you')

After clearing Black Thunder, go talk to Yuuya at Stardust and he'll agree to
help you (basically, he acts like the other "allies" you meet in the "befriend"
missions).  You'll have to wait 5-10 minutes of game time after Black Thunder
  1. Go in Stardust, talk to Yuuya near its entrance

Chapter 10

In the little area right across from the Third Park (the park near Stardust),
that weird guy who just usually says, "I'm not selling anything!" is being
harrassed by Yakuza.  Talk to them to overhear them calling him out for being
a merchant, after all.  But...he says he doesn't sell any "adult" material!
  They're like "What--if you're selling underground stuff, it has to be adult,
right?  You're some weird maniac--isn't it erotic stuff?"
  He agrees that he's kinda a weird maniac, so they try to have a look inside
his backpack.  Stop them with the top choice, and Kiryuu will be like "He's
just selling something here.  Leave him alone."  They think you're working with
him, so they want you to pay up (presumably for "protection").  Beat them up,
instead, with the top choice, and send them packing.
  Kiryuu chides the man for selling weird things there, and not being able to
handle any consequences.  The guy says that everything was OK before, when
he apparently had Majima's blessing, back when he was a group head.  Kiryuu
suggests he can still pay protection, but the guy tells him he wasn't paying--
Majima said he had no use for his money (!).  Instead of money, he used to
treat Majima to his secret videos.
  When Kiryuu asks him to explain, the guy says, "Well, you look like a strong
guy!  You probably have interest in them, too, right?"  Each video is 100,000
yen.  You can choose any of them listed, look at more at the second to the
last option, or quit.  You will need to get "Super Kung Fu Man" (third from the
bottom on the first page) and "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the Phil-
ippines!" (third from the bottom on the second page) if you want to use Tonfa
and Kali Stick weapons (respectively).
  From then on, you can buy videos or arms from the guy (his name is Kamiyama,
by the way).  Note that he won't sell you Tonfa or Kali Sticks until after you
have the ability to use them (which you get by watching the two aforementioned
videos at Fusion or Ghandara).  He should be available to fight in the Arena
from this point on, too.
  1. Talk to weird guy in vacant space across the street from Third Park who is
    being harassed by yakuza
  2. Stop them (top choice), refuse (top choice)
  3. Win fight

Chapter 13

Just north of the Gelato Shop, a guy will ask for your information.  Tell him
with the top choice, and a bit later, you'll get a text telling you your debt
is outstanding.  Then, a threatening collections call comes in.  Right after
that, you get a call from Yuuya.  He tells you someone working at Stardust has
been hit up with some fake debt--for an amount matching the one the collections
people asked of you!  Kiryuu realizes they've both been hit by the same scam
and assures Yuuya he'll handle it.  He then remembers there's the informant,
Morita, in Theater Square.  Maybe he knows?
  Go and talk to Morita near the vending machines in Theater Square.  He tells
you where the guys committing fraud are--a small building near the Poppo near
  Go in, and Kiryuu says, "Erase my information," and notices a computer.  The
crooks are loathe to do anything, so get in a fight.  If you want to pass this
mission with "Complete," instead of just beating the guys up, make sure you
grab the three computer towers on the desks and attack the guys with them until
they break.  Break all three and the mission will end.
  1. Get a phone call near Gelato Shop, agree (top choice)
  2. Get a text message, a phone call, and a phone call from Yuuya (happens
    pretty quickly)
  3. Talk to Morita in Theater Square
  4. Go to building across the street from Poppo Nakamichi, enter
  5. During fight, pick up computer towers and use all three up
REWARD: 200,000 yen

No, it's not what you think; this isn't a GTA game.  Once you've used the taxis
25 times or more in Kamuro, you'll notice that the taxi driver at the eastern
edge of Kouenmae street (that's right in front of Majima's Kamuro Heights con-
struction site) is being harrassed by a punk.  Beat him up.
  1. Use taxis 25 times or more
  2. Talk to taxi driver being harassed by thugs on east Kou'enmae
  3. Win battle
REWARD: Swiss Fine Wristwatch, Yuuko's DVD

This mission is not necessary to fight the secret bosses--but it's so easy, I
always just went ahead and completed it in most of my playthroughs!  I simply
forgot to do the last step (talk to them at the bar) once, and I still got to
fight the bosses.  I'd recommend doing it, anyway, as blackjack is a really
easy game.
You must clear "How to Never Lose at Gambling" first (it's a Kansai mission).
In Shellac, there's a businessman who's despondent over the troubles his small
company has because his boss, the owner and president, seems to love gambling.
He says that's the one thing he'd change about the man.
  Agree to help him (top choice).  He'll point you towards the Dragon Palace.
Go in and enter the casino (on the 1st floor).  You'll find the president, a
stocky guy in a blue tie, over at the blackjack table.
  He'll bet that you can't turn 50 coins into 200.  Go ahead and do so...it's
not too hard with blackjack, and you can try over and over if you lose.
  After seeing that, he'll put the business's deed up as a bet.  Get 200 that
time (you can still retry over and over) and the worker you talked to at Shellac
will rush in.  Return the deed and Kiryuu will make the president to promise not
to gamble again.  NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A "REAL" GAME OF BLACKJACK.  Not only
will you not keep your winnings (nor need to buy chips), the Blackjack Charm
item will have no effect.
  Go back to Shellac and you'll run into the businessman again.  He'll tell you
that his boss has changed and seems like a completely new person, working hard
and staying away from the betting tables.
  1. Talk to businessman inside Shellac, agree to help (top choice)
  2. Talk to guy near Blackjack table in Dragon Palace's casino (1F)
  3. Go from 100 to 200 chips (talk to him and repeat if you fail)
  4. Repeat
  5. Talk to the businessman inside Shellac
REWARD: 100,000 yen

The Japanese use titles as honorifics like "san," as everyone now probably
knows.  The "yan" here is a diminuitive way to address him.
At the southern end of Pink Street, you'll see this guy getting harrassed by
yakuza (how unusual for this game!).  Talk to them, and the yakuza will tell
you that guy has stolen his girl!  The guy's like "Well, she just naturally
came to me, dude--she said she doesn't have time for poor guys."  Of course,
the yakuza fights him--choose the top choice to save the guy and win.
  So after you win and the yakuza runs off, the guy thanks you and asks if you
know who he is.  Tell him "no" with the bottom choice.
  The guy thinks it's pretty rare to find someone who doesn't know him.  He's
apparently the president of an IT company called "Life Wind."  He says everyone
calls him "Hiro-yan."
  Suddenly, he asks if you want to buy stock in his company.  He offers 1,000
shares at 500,000 yen.  Opt to do so with the top choice.  "Of course, maybe
this is a bit like insider trading," he says.Leave the area (I run up Pink
Street a bit--but it may actually be a time thing for him to reappear.  If it
is, it's short) and return.
  He suddenly wants to buy back his shares for 700,000!  Go ahead and sell them
to him (top choice).
  Now, run up Pink Street.  Somewhere before Shine, that yakuza you beat up
reappears.  He remembers you.
  It seems his girl suddenly returned to him.  It turns out this "Hiro-yan"
guy's been arrested for fraud!  The yakuza doesn't really understand; he says
"It's got something to do with stock trading laws, I dunno."  He then laughs
that the guy's business is done for and his stocks must be utterly worthless.
He further says that his girlfriend said "I guess love is better than money.
Love conquers all, ha ha ha!"  What a maroon.
  1. On Shouwa (southernmost street), between Pink and Senryou, talk to man,
    choose the top choice, then the bottom choice, then the top choice to buy
  2. Leave area
  3. Return, talk to Hiro, sell (top choice)
  4. Go north up Pink Street towards Shine from Showa, talk to man

You must complete the "Kanemotsu Shigeru" missions in Soutenbori first, plus
you'll need to meet up with him in front of the "Le Marche" store there after
clearing those missions.
  In east Shichifuku, near the parking lot, you'll see Kanemotsu, who runs up
and asks you for 100 yen.  He lost his shirt through dealings with a company
he got introduced to by one of his girls!
  Choose the top choice to give him something, and then choose the bottom
choice to give him 100,000 yen (in order to get "complete").
  1. Near the parking lot on Shichifuku, talk to bum, choose to give him alms
    (top choice), give him 100,000 (bottom choice)
REWARD: Tuna Onigiri

Chapter 14

This happens after you speak with Kazuki.
OK, I should explain something, to those who don't know.  Sai no Hanaya, whose
name was changed in the US release of the first game to "Kage," is so named
because "Hanaya" means "Flower Shop" or "one who runs a Flower Shop."  I know
it sounds a little weird in English, but well, that's what his name means.
  On Kouenmae street, near the intersection that runs south to the parking lot,
a big, yakuza-like guy will run up to you and ask you if you know Hanaya.  He
says he heard he was around there someplace.  Ask him what business he has with
him with the top choice, and he'll say he'd better just talk to Hanaya directly
about it.  Go ahead and lead him with the bottom choice.
  Hanaya will meet you and the man in the little alleyway south of the West Park
(Kamuro Heights construction site).  He explains the terms to the guy, who seems
pretty pleased with how things are progressing.
  Hanaya then asks the details, and the guy says "It's about Hasegawa
  Hanaya says, "Ah, so that's your target.  OK, do you have anymore info to go
on?  That's a pretty common name."  The guy is pleased that Hanaya wants to
know more, so he can put more consideration into it--he's really the best,
right?  It was really a wise choice to choose him, so he can capture her heart!
  Hanaya frowns there a bit.  He's like "Listen, don't try some lame excuse if
you're just trying to kill her."
  The guy gets upset.  All he wanted were some nice flowers to capture Yoriko's
  Hanaya and Kiryuu look at each other.  "Sorry," says Kiryuu, "but the 'hanaya'
you're looking for isn't here."  This makes the guy really upset because it
sounds like they're just refusing him services, so he attacks you.  Beat him.
  1. Talk to man on Kouenmae near alley going off to Kanrai and the Parking Lot,
    as what he wants (top choice), agree (bottom choice)
  2. Win battle
REWARD: 70,000 yen

Chapter 15

When walking around with Haruka, go near the Dragon Palace.  You may remember
that in the first game, there was a point where if you went near this building
with Haruka following you around, a man named Akimoto threatened to jump be-
cause of a girl named Mizuki (there was a very important story character named
"Mizuki," and you were supposed to assume it was her).
  Well...guess what!  Akimoto's back, but this time, he's threatening poor
Mizuki with a knife.  His old boss asks you to go up and save him.
    [cinema: 8q - XI]
  Kiryuu doesn't want to, but Haruka begs him.  Well...pick "I guess I got no
choice" (the top choice) and go up there.
  Now, it doesn't matter what you choose here; it'll all be the same result.
You can just pick the first choice over and over if you want.  Apparently, this
guy's been spending a lot of money on this girl and she keeps getting rid of
the stuff he's given her in different ways--a bag, a ring, a car, and even an
expensive condo.  I mean, this guy just doesn't seem to understand that she's
a hostess; that's her job!  Of course she's using him for stuff and doesn't
really care?
  So, finally, he says he just won't listen to her excuses anymore, and goes to
stab her, but she says, "If we die here, what'll happen to this new life inside
me?"  Shocked, he drops the knife.
  "But...we haven't even kissed!" he says.
  "Whose baby do you think this is, then?" she asks.
  "Yahoo!" he suddenly cries, leaping up and down, "I'm gonna be a daddy!"
  Man!  Was there a lot of mercury in the water when that guy was born or some-
thing?  Who would be that stupid?!  Maybe girls are just that hard to get in
    [cinema: 8q - XII]
  1. With Haruka, go to the east side of the Dragon Palace on Kou'enmae, agree
    (top choice)
  2. Answer however you'd like

Chapter 16

You'll need Haruka walking around with you.
  In front of Shine, you'll overhear two cabaret club girls talking about "Old
Lady Slasher."  Apparently, there's a ghost story about town that there was a
cabaret club girl who made it to No.1, and then she had her face slashed by the
jealous No.2 in the club, which forced her to commit suicide.  Her ghost appears
and slashes up the No.1 hosts.
  The other girl gets scared, but the girl who told the story just laughs it off
as an urban myth.  "Besides," she adds playfully, "you've got nothing to worry
about--it's not like you're No.1."
  So, once again, Haruka's around only to overhear things that don't have
anything to do with you and make you go and figure them out.  Go to the little
alley to the west of the pawn shop and you'll see a hostess, Yuki, being
harrassed by a mysterious figure.  "Help!" she cries.  "It's Old Lady Slasher!"
When you guys show up, of course, the woman with a knife runs off.  Yuki starts
to talk to you and her friend, Nao, shows up.  Yuki tells you she'd like to
thank you and tells you to come to her shop, Vidal (it's to the north, in the
inverted "Y" area to the east of Club Sega on Nakamichi).
  A small, spray bottle was dropped by the mysterious figure, but for some
reason, only Haruka notices.  As the girls leave, she says, "I smell something."
Kiryuu says, "Huh?  What're you talking about?"
  "I smell a mystery!" she says.
  "Stop talking nonsense," Kiryuu says.
  Go to Vidal, and you'll only find Nao.  She says that Yuki went home already,
but apparently wants to help solve the mystery.  She says she can't help if
someone who really hates Yuki is the culprit.  She says there's a regular
customer of Yuki, Katsumi, who keeps pushing her really hard--which is weird,
because he must know Yuki has a boyfriend named Hikaru who works at Stardust.
She also points out that things between Yuki and Hikaru aren't exactly going
well and they may be about to break up.
  Scoob and the gang should race over to Stardust.  Once you get there, they
make a point of showing that Haruka's sniffing around like some stupid blood-
hound.  Anyway, Kiryuu talks to Yuuya, asking to see Hikaru.  Haruka will
sniff.  It's funny how she can take such a small role in this game and still be
  Hikaru tells you he's truly in love with Yuki and that he's not thinking of
leaving her at all--in fact, he's working as a host just to save money so he can
marry her.  So, is he the suspect?  Young detective force go!
  As you leave Stardust, you'll get a call from Yuki.  She'd like to meet up
with you, but she has to meet someone very important.  Kiryuu knows it's this
Katsumi character.  She says, "How'd you know that?" and tells him that she's
gonna meet him at the pharmacy.
 So, hurry over to the pharmacy, and some guy will say, "Wasn't that a cabaret
club girl going in the alley?" while talking to his friend.  She's nearby.
  In fact, she is behind the pharmacy in that weird, square, back-alley area.
When you approach, Kiryuu will accuse this Katsumi guy.  Yuki will reveal that
Atsumi is Hikaru's dad, who just came to deliver a present to her.  Aw.  Yuki
gets a phone call and has to hurry away.  Haruka sniffs again.  "I know who the
criminal is," she says to Atsumi, and Kiryuu and he just look puzzled.
  Go west to that alley that runs down to the Poppo Mart.  You'll see Yuki being
attacked by the slasher again.  "Give it up, Nao!" says Haruka.
  What a shocker!!  Nao is jealous of Yuki, who's surpassed her very quickly and
even stolen her beloved Hikaru away.  So, she thought she might slash her face
up a bit and ruin her.
  Later, Haruka reveals that she knew it was Nao because of the scent the spray
bottle had (some kind of perfume, I suppose).  Neither of the men had that scent
about them.  That's a lot of text for such a lame mission--it doesn't even in-
volve fighting.
  1. With Haruka, overhear conversation with cabaret club girls outside of
  2. In little alley just to the west of Ebisuya, event
  3. North of there, in the inverted "Y," talk to cabaret club girl
  4. Talk to Yuuya in Stardust
  5. Exit Stardust, get phone call
  6. Go to the alley behind the parhmacist and Poppo Nakamichi, event, follow
    cabaret club girl
  7. Talk to cabaret club girl and Kamuro slasher

You'll need to clear all missions that don't involve shogi, mahjong, slots, or
blackjack.  Yes, you'll need to do the ones involving bowling, golf, and base-
ball, as well as the cabaret club and host missions.
  Actually, the requirement here is to complete the Underground Arena, in a
way, because the Komaki Training missions are not "complete" until you do.  This
technically means you will have to get every power-up available to Kiryuu be-
sides the Heat Move you get for completing the Amon missions, plus the Brawling
God Discipline you get for completing the game with the Heat Actions list com-
  You also cannot be leading Haruka around.
  In the eastern edge of the Champion District, there's a weird guy with a long
black coat who calls out to you.  Think he looks ridiculous now?  Wait until
you see him on the battlefield.
  He says, "Harumph...so, you're Kiryuu Kazuma, huh?"
  Kiryuu's like "Who are you?"
  He introduces himself as the eldest of the three Amon brothers, Amon Kazuya
("kazu" is a reading of the kanji for "one").
  In the first game, if you completed all the missions, the final mission was
to defeat a strange guy in a black coat who considered himself the most power-
ful assassin.  In later games, you'll see him doing all sorts of nefarious
things to fight you--because it seems like he lives by some kind of Darwininstic
ideal of survival of the fittest.  "Amon" is used in biology to denote a sep-
arate species (actually "subphylum"), so...maybe he thinks he's some kind of
breed apart from the rest?  Anyway, he went after Kiryuu because he became
quite well-known for being the toughest nut on the tree, and apparently he used
to go around, killing the best of the best to prove his bestestness.
  Anyway, it seems Kazuya was hired to kill you.  He says he really bears no
ill will against you, but the honor of the Amon brothers is at stake here, so
he's going to fulfill his mission!
  Kiryuu asks who hired him, but Kazuya's like "What kind of assassin divulges
that information?"
  Oh, did I forget to mention those enormous battle axes?  Sorry!
  Anyway, all Amon characters are ridiculously powerful.  They are the hidden
bosses, after all.  They're kind of like the "Weapon" things in the Final
Fantasy games.
  Luckily for you (and me, and all of us), all of them are defeated quite easily
in this title if you have the Hercules Glove equipped.  This item makes it so
they can't cheatingly insta-break your grapple command.  The key is to hit them
with something like the Slam Blow (especially the Slam Blow--square, triangle),
then grab them, then do the hold combo (square x 3), then either stomp on them
or foot grab and throw, repeat.  Be warned, tho'--this guy likes to get up with
a rise kick if you're standing over him as he's on the ground.
  After you beat him, he says his brothers will get you.
  1. Talk to Amon Kazuya in the eastern part of Champion
  2. Win fight

After beating Kazuya, you'll find this guy behind Serena.  He's yet another
ridiculous guy--this time, with guns.  Talk to him, and he'll introduce himself
as "Amon Jirou."  The "ji" means "next" (or "second").
  Surprise!  He's been hired to kill you.  So, get to it!  Note that he will
get up with a helicopter kick if you just stand over him when he's knocked
  1. Talk to Amon Jirou behind Serena
  2. Win fight

You'll find the third guy hanging around at Theater Square.  Oh--did I forget
to mention he has a stupid rocket launcher??  STARS--I mean, KIRYUUZ!
  He moves rather slowly, though, always looking for a chance to fire.  Just
use the above strategy.
  After you beat him, he tells you it's your fate to be defeated--even if you
beat all three brothers!  Huh.
  The "san" in his name means "three."
  1. Talk to Amon Sango in Theater Square
  2. Win fight

51. AMON
After beating Sango, go to Komaki's area.  You'll find the old guy on the
ground, injured.  He tells Kiryuu that the scroll to his ultimate technique has
been stolen, and that the guy who stole it said he would meet Kiryuu at the
docks at nighttime.
  Take a taxi to the docks, and you'll find Amon Joh (from the first game)
standing around like a right ding-dong.  Hey, maybe he just likes cruising the
docks for sailors?  Dunno.
  As you get close, he's like "Kiryuu...."  Apparently, he likes to stand around
muttering the name of his enemy to himself.
  Anyway, he says, "See you're alive...so, you've passed the first test."  Guess
that was the 3 Amon brothers thing.  He also admits to stealing the scroll--and
sending Komaki to his grave, tho' he just kinda knocked him out, right?
  "The prelude is over," he says.  "Now, the suite can begin.  I've been in
Mexico and learned the greatest assassin's techniques--plus, I've gone and
learned ancient secrets in the Himalayas...I've climbed the frozen cliffs of
Dover 10 times and gained a heart of iron.  I stole Komaki's hidden scroll!
All of this was just so I could defeat you!  That is my only reason for living.
If you defeat me, I'll give you back this scroll!  However, Kiryuu Kazuma...
now, you will die by my hand!"  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOez, look out Kiryuu-chan!!
  Good thing Kiryuu opts not to tell him how HE trained.  "I went to the driving
range for many hours...I overheard a kid solve a mystery...I drank a bunch of
whiskey, and I paid girls to talk to me at a club.  What?  Whatchoo gonna do,
  Apparently, Amon also stopped by the West Coast of the U.S. to learn the
secrets of hipster lifestyle, with those rockin' sideburns and stupid-outdated
sunglasses, right?  Also, apparently, you gotta go train in the Himalayas to
learn how to throw a bunch of grenades at people.
  Beat him.  He's really, really tough, and uses unfair weapons like mad.  Equip
the Hercules Glove, and then grapple, do the headbutt, knee, lariat attack, then
foot grab, and then throw.  Do that over and over.  I'd also recommend equip-
ping the Black Belt so you can actually damage him on during the foot grab's
throw.  Don't even bother with Heat Actions (tho' being in Heat Mode is really,
really recommended for its bonuses and the foot grab--which causes him to get
straight up instead of sweeping you)--they don't do much damage at all!  I
also recommend bringing healing stuff and saving first in case you mess up.
  After he loses, he says something about not being able to learn the greatest
technique, after all (Which is funny because he can actually use the Extreme
Extremeness during the fight!).
  As he promised, he gives you the scroll, and says his disgrace is like a
bottomless pit.  And...whatever.  Apparently, Kiryuu doesn't care about Komaki
because he doesn't exactly go racing back to see if he's OK.  Hm.
  1. Talk to Komaki (lying down)
  2. Take a taxi to the docks
  3. Talk to Amon Joh
  4. Win fight
REWARD: "Extreme Secret Technique Scroll" (story item)
EXPERIENCE: 8,930 ('8-9-3' spells 'yakuza')


Chapter 2

At the eastern edge of Soutenbori, there's a guy selling a watch.  Take a look
at it with the top choice.  It's a watch he says is worth 2 million yen, but
he's giving you this awesome deal of 400,000 yen.  Don't buy it with the bottom
choice, and he gets all pushy and cuts the price to 300,000.  Tell him you
can't pay that much for it with the bottom choice and he gets all crazy angry
and attacks you (great salesman, huh...?!).  Beat him and he'll give you the
watch.  It's pretty crummy.
  1. Talk to man near taxi at eastern end of Soutenbori
  2. Have a look (top choice)
  3. Refuse (bottom choice)
  4. Refuse (bottom choice)
  5. Win fight

At the grilled octopus skewers (takoyaki) stand at eastern Soutenbori, order
food seven times.  Note that you have to buy food from him seven times--meaning,
you have to buy something and completely quit out of the menu, then talk to him
again, seven times.  It doesn't work if you just order 7 things in one go.
  1. Order from Magutako 7 times

Near the White Snake Ramen shop you'll find a worker who's upset that someone
skipped out on the bill.  He mentions that the guy is really fat.  On Bishamon
Bridge (to the southwest), there are two big, fat guys standing about.  It's the
one standing to the south with the pinkish checkered shirt.  Talk to him and
call him on it with the top choice, and he'll deny it and fight you.  Beat him,
and he'll get a cramp from trying to exercise so soon after eating (smart guy).
You'll automatically be transported to White Snake Ramen, where the worker
gives you 20,000 yen in thanks.
  1. Talk to worker outside of White Snake Ramen
  2. Talk to fat guy standing to the south of other fat guy on west side of
    Bishamon Bridge
  3. Call him out (top choice)
  4. Win fight
REWARD: 20,000 yen

There's a guy standing next to the UFO catcher machines in Sammy Ebisu Plaza's
Club Sega who wants to give his girlfriend a "Robo Vice President."  Talk to
him, agree with the top choice, and then play the machine he's in front of and
grab a doll.  You can use select and quit out of the game after you get one, if
you don't wanna clutter up your inventory.  Kiryuu will automatically give it
to him and the guy will give you 30,000 yen in thanks.
  1. Talk to guy in front of UFO Catchers in Club SEGA on Soutenbori
  2. Agree (top choice)
  3. Get doll
REWARD: 30,000 yen

You must clear "A Present for My Girlfriend 1" first.
There's a flashing light that looks like a coin locker key on the north bank of
the Soutenbori River, near the Bishamon Bridge (western edge).  Get near it and
Kiryuu will automatically pick it up.  It's the doll you got for the guy in the
first side mission.  Hmph.
  Go back to Club SEGA and he'll tell you his girlfriend was looking for the
"Robo Manager" doll instead.  Agree to get it for him with the top choice and
play the UFO Catcher machine in front of you.  He'll give you a watch in thanks.
  Don't sell the watch!!  You'll need it later.
  1. Find doll on Soutenbori River's north bank near Bishamon Bridge (looks
    like a Coin Locker Key)
  2. Talk to guy in front of UFO Catcher machine in Club SEGA on Soutenbori
  3. Agree (top choice)
  4. Get doll
REWARD: Swiss High-Quality Wristwatch (don't sell for future mission)

You must clear "A Present for My Girlfriend 2" first.
On the north bank of the Soutenbori river near the Bishamon Bridge (the western
edge, where you found the doll discarded by the guy in "A Present for My Girl-
friend 2"), a pregnant lady will run up to you all "Darling--!!"
  She's like "Take responsibility for this kid you've left me with!"
  Of course, Kiryuu doesn't know her from Adam, so there's no reason to pay her
the 200,000 yen she asks for.  Refuse with the bottom choice, and she starts
calling to everyone around saying you're abandoning her.
  Some bloke shows up to stand up for her.  Beat him.
  He turns to her and is like, "Honey, this guy's too strong...."
  She says, "?!  What??  Beat him up already!"
  Apparently, she moves around too much--and out drops the "baby."  The guy then
gives you 300,000 yen as an apology and they run off to presumably wallow in
idiotic misery like the two dumbos they are.
  1. Talk to pregnant woman on Soutenbori River's north bank near Bishamon
  2. Refuse to pay (bottom choice)
  3. Win fight
REWARD: 30,000 yen

You must clear "A Present for My Girlfriend 3" first.
Go back to the arcade and meet up with that knucklehead again.  He tells you his
girlfriend was just so happy to get that toy (I guess he's dating a tween?),
but he needs his watch back.  Apparently, he was gonna give it to her as a
birthday gift.  Whoops!  I forgot, durh.  (what??)  Give it back to him with
the top choice and he'll give you an Italian Ring.  This time, you can sell it.
I'd recommend doing so if you're early on in the game and once you have access
to a pawn shop.
  1. Talk to guy in front of UFO Catcher machine at Club SEGA on Soutenbori
  2. Return his wristwatch (top choice)
REWARD: Italian Ring

Chapter 3

Go back to the arcade and talk to the guy yet again.  He's all "Oh snap, that
ring I gave you?  It was the engagement ring I picked out for my girl."
  Kiryuu just looks at him.
  But then he continues.  "Anyway, whatever--it doesn't matter.  She dumped me,
ha ha ha!"  (Yeah, I totally laughed when my fiancee jilted me, too...oh no,
wait, I got crazy drunk for like a month).
  To cheer himself up, he's apparently been playing the UFO Catcher machines
all the time since then.  He's gotten good at it now!
  Suddenly, two girls appear, impressed by his mad claw machine skills, and he
easily picks up on them.  Yeah, that's another thing that's happened to me for
being good at games ever, right?
  He gives you the super-rare "Gold Robo Company President" doll.  Yay...?
  1. Talk to guy in front of UFO Catcher machine at Club SEGA on Soutenbori
REWARD: Gold Robo Company President doll

Chapter 4

16.  ALBATROSS AKAGI'S CLUB (Arubatorosu Akagi no Kurabu)
Play golf 5 times or more.  You'll see him there in front of the actual driving
range, wearing a ridiculously over-the-top golf outfit.  Accept his challenge,
and try to get 800 points or more in that ridiculous course.  Good luck!
  I'll explain in the mini-games section, but the best method for doing this is
to keep trying until the wind is high (22kmh or over).  If it's blowing from the
right, it's a bit easier.  Push your aim completely to the right (+20 deg.).
Right when the "100" target hits the 12 o'clock position (when it's at the top),
hit Circle, hit it again when you're at full power for your swing, and then hit
it again right on the "perfect" part of the meter (the line in the middle of the
white box at its base).  You can be very slightly off on one or the other of the
two things, and it will probably still work.
  If it's blowing from the left, do the same, but wait until the "100" target is
at the cross-beams in the lower-right-hand side (about a 45 degree angle, where
SE would be on a compass) and push your aim all the way to the left (-20 deg.).
  If the wind is 20 or 21, you can still do it, but you will have to aim at
either + or - 18.5 instead of 20.  Also, your margin of error seems a bit
  After that succeeding, go to the pawn shop on Shoufuku and talk to the shop-
keep.  He'll get all excited and offer to buy it for 300,000.  Agree, and he
will become your ally like the "befriend the..." missions.
  1. Play 5 times at the driving range total (any combination of any courses)
  2. Talk to Albatross Akagi, agree (top choice)
  3. Get 800 or more (if you fail, talk to Akagi and try again until you win)
  4. Talk to shopkeeper at Ebisuya on Shoufuku, agree to sell for 300,000 (top
REWARD: 300,000 yen

In western Shoufuku, there's a couple of suits getting harassed by a thug.
Save them with the top choice.
  It turns out one of the two guys you saved is some big shot member of the
Japanese Diet named Saeki.  The other guy is his secretary, Sanda.  They're in
Osaka as part of a regional visit.  Saeki muses that there are these street
thugs all over Japan, not just in Tokyo, and his secretary agrees.
  Saeki then instructs his secretary to give you something in thanks:  a book.
  Apparently, Mr. Saeki is also an author.  He's written some book called "You
Are Definitely Wonderful ~Money Isn't Everything~."  Sanda says it's also known
by its nickname, "You're Super!"  It's a national best-seller wowww!
  Choose the top choice to read it, and Kiryuu realizes it's really just a bunch
of banal lines and quotes and such "borrowed" from other sources and
regurgitated up as meaningless, self-help drivel.
  1. Talk to the men with angry street thug near the taxi near the Coin Lockers
  2. Choose to help them (top choice)
  3. Win fight
  4. Choose to read (top choice)
REWARD:  Pursuit-of-Happiness Book "You Are Definitely Wonderful ~Money Isn't
    Everything~" (story item)

In front of Don Quijote in Shoufuku, bump into the guy with women on his arms.
Apparently, Kiryuu is suddenly a super-weak lightweight because he gets
knocked down.  Well, he is drunk 99% of the time, I suppose.
  The guy (nice dudes, BTW) asks if you're OK.  Choose "I'm fine" to get
"complete."  The guy's like "OK, but I hope nothing's broken--take this money
and go see a doctor!"  He tosses you 100,000 yen.
  Naturally, he did this to flaunt his crazy wealth to the two girls.  They're
like "wow, kanemochi!! (means 'rich person,' literally 'money-having!'").  He
introduces himself as "Kanematsu Shigeru."  That is the same "kane" as "kane-
mochi," so it's obviously a slight pun.  Incidentally, "Shigeru" is a common
name, but it means like..."to prosper," or such.  You'll be seeing a lot of this
guy, flaunting his wealth like Ritchie Rich or something.
  1. Walk into man walking with two girls near Don Quijote on Shoufuku
  2. Say you're OK (top choice)
REWARD: 100,000 yen

In the center of Soutenbori, there's a catch--a guy used to attract customers.
He's being bothered by yakuza.  Beat them up.
  1. Talk to catch being harassed by street punk on Shoufuku near Zuboraya
  2. Win fight

Romance the cabaret club girl Jun at Prime (see appendices for details).
  1. Get the "after" and "escort" dates with Jun at Prime
  2. End a visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Go to Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu, Jun will show up
  4. Go get Okonomiyaki

Romance the cabaret club girl Madoka at Prime (see appendices for details).
  1. Get the "after" and "escort" dates with Madoka at Shine
  2. End a visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Get text message, talk to Madoka at entrance to Koumian
  4. Win fight
  5. Get text message, talk to Madoka near Gandhara

Romance the cabaret club girl Ayano at Prime (see appendices for details).
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Ayano at Prime
  2. End a visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Get text message, talk to Ayano on Soutenbori River's southern bank
  4. Win fight

--After fight at mahjong parlor--

This happens after the fight at the mahjong parlor.
At the bar Stijl, right at the bar, there's a guy moping about.  Talk to him.
  He says "Ohhh, my head!"
  Kiryuu wonders if he had too much to drink, but he's like "No, my head
smells--I haven't had a bath in a month!"
  Kiryuu's just taken a bit aback.
  The guy asks Kiryuu to come up with some punchline.  This is the "comedy duo"
routine of Japan, especially traditionally popular in Kansai:  there's a "boke,"
who says stupid stuff, and a "tsukkomi;" a bit of a straight man who calls the
jokester an idiot and hits him, generally speaking.
  Anyway, the guy introduces himself as "Minamisawa."  It seems that he was
part of a struggling new comedy duo called "Mars Fighters," where he was the
"boke" and his partner, Kitagawa, was the "tsukkomi."  One day, however, Kita-
gawa mysteriously left the team.
  Minamisawa wonders if he should give up.  Answer the top choice to tell him
not to.
  Go outside, and a low-ranking yakuza will appear and give you the usual,
idiotic reason to fight ("Hey, you lookin' at me?!").  Beat him.
  Minamisawa shows up, and--lo and behold--the guy you beat up is Kitagawa.
Agree to catch him with the top choice.  Don't worry--he just walks a little to
the east (south side of the street).
  Once you catch up with him, Minamisawa gets to confront him.  Kitagawa ex-
plains that he left simply because Minamisawa sucks and that they weren't
getting anywhere.  Minamisawa hawls off and decks him, and he cries out...but,
it turns out...maybe, that works!
  With Minamisawa as the tsukkomi and Kitagawa as the boke, the Mars Fighters
comedy duo is reborn.
  1. Talk to guy sitting at counter of Stijl
  2. Tell him not to give up (top choice)
  3. Exit Stijl, win fight against man
  4. Say you'll go after him (top choice)
  5. Talk to man a little to the east down Soutenbori, near Sunrise

Chapter 10

You must clear "Mr. Saeki - The Meeting" first.
There's a guy on the south bank of the Soutenbori River who wants to end it all.
Hear him out with the top choice.  Seems he lacks self-confidence!
  Give him the "You Are Wonderful" book (it's called "Pursuit of Happiness
Book," but if you highlight it, its title will show up in the description).
  He's pretty excited--I mean, it's a best-seller right now, and it's really
expensive!  You just gave it to him for free?  Dude, wow--you are really
  1. Talk to man at southern bank of Soutenbori River (near Don Quijote)
  2. Choose to keep talking to him (top choice)
  2. Give him Self-Help Book "You Are Definitely Wonderful"

You must clear "Kanematsu Shigeru - The Meeting" first.
In the Club Sega on Soutenbori, near the YF6 machines, you'll find Kanematsu.
Play him.  If you beat him, you'll end up with "finished," but if you lose,
you'll get "complete."
  After he beats you, he's like "Guess you're just not at my level" and gives
you 100,000 yen just because he feels so bad for you.
  1. Talk to Kanematsu Shigeru near the YF6 machines in Club SEGA on Soutenbori
  2. Agree (top choice)
  3. Lose on purpose
REWARD: 100,000 yen

In front of the Club Sega, you'll spy that guy you helped get his white cat back
to get into the mahjong club.  He's sad because his cat is too finicky to eat.
Bring her the Assorted Sushi from the M Store.
  1. Talk to guy in front of Club SEGA with his cat
  2. Choose to give the cat something (top choice)
  3. Give "Assorted Sushi" (bought at M Store)
REWARD: 200,000 yen

In the southwest part of the map in Shoufuku, you'll find a woman holding a
knife who is confronting some guy.  "Don't underestimate me just because I'm a
woman!" she cautions him.  Talk to her to find out what's up.
  She says "I'm going to kill this guy!"  So, the guy tells her to go ahead,
and she gets upset and cries.
  Kiryuu asks the guy what's going on and he's like "I dunno--this chick just
attacked me out of nowhere!  Prolly, she spent all her dough at a host club, so
she just wants to kill anyone who looks like a host.  Right?"  The girl sobs,
and he just takes off.
  When she's done crying, she introduces herself as Yuriko.  It seems her
younger sister has been working in Soutenbori, but has gotten herself into a
lot of trouble over money, and is being held somewhere against her will, made to
do unspeakably horrible things.  She further explains that the police have kinda
given up on looking for her.
  However, Yuriko has found 3 of the people who swindled her sister and forced
her into this predicament here in Soutenbori.  She hasn't gotten them to admit
to anything, so she just figured she'd murder them with that knife.
  Kiryuu says "A girl like you--the only place you should use a knife is a
  Well...damn, Kiryuu!  (Don't get mad at me, female readers--I didn't write
the line!)
  She gives you a picture of her sister, Miki (Kiryuu says the usual fluff
about her looking like her sister, and that they're both very pretty).
  Anyway, it seems she's the only living relative around, since their parents
passed when they were young.  So, it's very important to her to find her--would
you help find her sister, Miki?  Say "yes" with the top choice.
  She gives you pictures of the three men.
  First up is Yagi, the host you saw earlier.  Reportedly, he's the No. 1 Host
at his club.  He's really bad, and supposedly likes to arrange marriages and
back out of them to swindle clients.
  Next is Ohara, a real estate agent.  He likes to make sub-prime deals.  Sup-
posedly, he's linked to some Asian mafia.
  Last is Kojima.  He may look like your average businessman, but he's actually
stinking rich! (NOTE:  You'll see some of that later, if you do these right!  I
highly recommend doing these side missions, even if you don't do any others)
She's not quite sure how, but she knows he just must have some weird connection
to the underground sex trade.
  Yagi is the first guy you'll find.  He's near Ebisuya on Shoufuku.  Kiryuu
notes he matches the photo as you get close to him.  So, go confront him!  He
laughs, remembering how you saw him earlier, but Kiryuu just says "Remember
her?" and shows him Miki's photo.  He pretends not to know, but Kiryuu's got
a good way of persuading people.
  Seems he doesn't know Miki's whereabouts; he was just ordered by Ohara to go
kidnap her.  He does know that they've done some awfully naughty things to her.
He laughs it off like "Who cares about one or two women, anyway?"
  Kiryuu gets pretty angry at this and threatens the guy...so beat him up!
  The guy's of no use now, so Kiryuu decides it's time to go after Ohara.
  1. Talk to girl in southwest Shoufuku with a knife
  2. Tell her you'll try to help (top choice)
  3. Talk to guy in front of Ebisuya on Shoufuku who matches photograph
  4. Win fight

You must clear "Vengeance Proxy 1" first.
You'll find Ohara hanging around in the driving range.  Talk to him, and Kiryuu
will again show the picture of Miki.
  Ohara seems surprised to see her, but gets angry.  "So, what of it?" he asks.
"I mean, what--is she, like, some ex-girlfriend who jilted you, or something?
Her life is none of your business now!"
  Kiryuu threatens him and demands to know where she is, but Ohara laughs it off
and says if you want a girl, he can sell you one!
  Kiryuu demands to know where Kojima is, and Ohara seems surprised you know who
he is.  Supposedly, he doesn't know where you can find him, though.  He laughs
that you shouldn't be concerned with "human refuse," anyway.
  Kiryuu says "You shouldn't be playing sports like golf anymore--it doesn't
suit you.  I'll fix your body so you can never play them again."
  Beat him up.
  Now, suddenly, yeah...it's all Kojima's orders.  Yeah, I bet Ohara is just
some innocent puppy dog, right?  He calls Kojima, who asks to see you, apparent-
ly.  He's at the Midoriyama building, which is near the Coin Lockers.
  1. Talk to guy inside Yokobori Golf Center who matches photograph
  2. Win fight

You must clear "Vengeance Proxy 2" first.
Approach the Midoriyama building and Kiryuu will remark that Kojima should be
inside.  He'll automatically go inside and meet Kojima and his goons.
  Kojima asks what the heck Kiryuu cares about that woman.  "What are you
after?" he asks.
  Kiryuu just repeats himself, and asks where Miki is.  Kojima laughs it off
and tells his goons to kill you.  Beat them up, and Kojima tells Kiryuu he's
holding her in the private video room #5 at Ghandara.
  1. Go near the coin lockers; Kiryuu enters building automatically
  2. Win fight

You must clear "Vengeance Proxy 3" first.
Go to Ghandara, the video machine rental shop, and ask to go to room #5.  the
man at the front will say that it's occupied, but Kiryuu just bursts right
on in.  The "client," scared out of his pathetic wits, gives you 150,000 and
runs away.
  Go back to where you first found Yuriko and talk to her.  She says she took
Miki back to her room, where she's asleep (apparently she's the Flash, or
Kiryuu blacked out along the way or something--hey, it's possible, with the
amount of booze that lush swigs down).
  She doesn't have much, but she wants to give you a reward.  She offers all
the money she took out to go looking for Miki.  You can accept with the bottom
choice, if you want "finished," but that would really be lame as you can now
actually get a LOT of money.  Tell her you don't want her money with the top
  Yuriko says, "By the way--this probably has nothing to do with anything--but
Miki said something strange in her sleep.  She said 'the pass code is the
number in tanka (a type of Japanese poetry with 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 "syllables"
per line, respectively)."
  Kiryuu wishes them both happiness.  Yeah, they're real happy now!--except that
Miki was likely raped for a year (oh yeah, *that*)
  Go back to the Midoriyama building near the Coin Lockers, and Kiryuu will
automatically go back in.  There's a safe in the corner.  Go to it and enter
5-7-5-7-7.  Not only will you get "complete," but you'll get a small bit of
cash.  Only 5 million yen.
  Yup.  FIVE MILLION.  If you're trying to complete the cabaret club girls,
this should help because you will need 10 million to finish Nana's story.
  1. Go to Gandhara, automatically get 150,000 yen
  2. Talk to girl in southwest Shoufuku
  3. Refuse her money (top choice)
  4. Go near building near Coin Lockers, Kiryuu automatically enters
  5. Go to safe in corner, enter 5-7-5-7-7
REWARD: 150,000 yen + 5,000,000 yen

There's a guy holding a guitar who's sneezing like crazy right up against the
Bishamon Bridge--at the western end of the northern walkway along the banks of
the Soutenbori River.  Give him a Pocket Tissue.  There should be a catch or two
on Soutenbori Street handing them out for free.  You can also win them at the
various sports games.
  1. Talk to guy at Soutenbori River's north bank near Bishamon Bridge
  2. Give him a Pocket Tissues

On Bishamon Bridge (that's the western bridge), a guy will talk to you.  He's
selling a book that teaches you never to lose at gambling, apparently written by
Kiryuu Kazuma.  That should definitely spark your interest, being Kiryuu Kazuma.
You can ask him to cut the price twice, bringing it down to 30,000 yen.  Cheap?
  This is an old joke:  how not to lose at gambling?  Don't gamble!  That's all
the book says.
  Talk to the man and woman in front of the pharmacist on Soutenbori and ask
what's going on.  Then, go to Tsurubshi Fuugetsu (the okonamiyaki restaurant at
the western edge of Soutenbori Street) and you'll find where he ran off to.  He
wants to buy the book from you.  You can tell him you won't sell it, and he'll
raise the price to 10,000 yen.
  1. Talk to guy on Bishamon Bridge
  2. Hear him out (top choice), haggle (2nd choice), haggle (2nd choice), buy
    "How to Never Lose At Gambling" (story item) for 30,000 yen (top choice)
  3. Talk to the youths outside Oosumi Pharmacy, ask what the heck is up (top
  4. Talk to youth near Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu
  5. Refuse to sell (bottom choice), sell (10,000 yen, top choice)
REWARD: 500 chips

15.  TATSU
On the south bank of the Soutenbori River, down at the eastern edge, you'll
find a punk looking for "Tatsu."  Well, go ask Kurogawa about it (he's the
informant who waits around on Iwahashi, the eastern bridge).  He'll tell you
that he can't directly introduce you to Tatsu, but he knows someone who can, and
that guy will probably want you to prove yourself first.  So, go meet this Ki-
noshita, who's hanging out at the White Snake Ramen shop.  He'll fight you,
then he'll tell you to go find the sleeping homeless man who hangs out at the
north bank fo the Soutenbori River, near the Iwahashi bridge.  Ask him to call
Tatsu over, and you can meet up with him.
  Tatsu is a sign of the zodiac, meaning "Dragon."  It's a code name;
apparently, this guy inherited the name and job.
  1. Talk to guy on Soutenbori River's south bank near Iwahashi Bridge
  2. Talk to Kurogawa on Iwahashi Bridge
  3. Talk to Kinoshita inside White Snake Ramen
  4. Win fight
  5. Talk to man lying down on Soutenbori River's north bank near Iwahashi

You must romance the nine other cabaret club girls first.
Also, be warned that you'll need 10,000,000 yen.
Romance the cabaret club girl Nana at Prime (see appendices for details).
Nana is modeled after adult films star Natsume Nana.
  1. Get "after" and "escort" dates for Nana at Prime
  2. End a visit with 10 Hearts
  3. Get text message
  4. Talk to man near Save Point in southwest Shoufuku
  5. Talk to Nana near Gandhara
  6. Give 10,000,000 yen (top choice)

Chapter 11

In front of the M Store at Shinsei, save the old lady.
  1. Talk to old lady near M Store on Shinsei, top choice to save her
  2. Win fight
REWARD: Old Lady's Candy

Across the street from the parking lot at Shinsei, a guy is suffering from a
really messy nosebleed.  Give him two sets of tissues.  There's nobody who gives
tissues out or sells them on Shinsei, so you might do well to bring two of them
before this part of the story.
  1. Talk to man across the street from the parking lot at Shinsei
  2. Give him Pocket Tissues
  3. Talk to man again
  4. Give him Pocket Tissues
REWARD: Fashionable Umbrella

You must clear "Master White Lotus's Request 1" first.
(Note: This mission may start as early as Chapter 11, but cannot be finished
until Chapter 16)
  After you bring her the umbrella, once your Mind is at level 10, you'll get
another mail from her.  She says she forgot to get Yuuya's headshot when she
was in town.  Go to Stardust and talk to the person working there, who will
give you one of the spares of the one they have hanging in the lobby to attract
customers.  Go back and give it to her.
  1. Get text from Master White Lotus once Mind is at Lv.10
  2. Talk to host in Stardust on the dance floor, get "Signed Yuuya Head Shot"
    story item
  3. Talk to Old Lady White in the parking lot at Shinsei
  4. Give her "Signed Yuuya Head Shot" story item (top choice)
REWARD: "All About Lotus House Soft Energy Arts" (story item)

Chapter 12

You must clear "Kanematsu Shigeru - The Gamer" first.
At the southern end of Iwahashi (the eastern bridge), you'll find Kanematsu
harassing some poor guy who can't pay his bill.  He apparently needs Kanematsu
to wait one day to get the money, but he doesn't believe him.  Tell him to let
the guy off for now, and he'll say he will, just because you asked.
  After this mission, you can meet up with Kanematsu again in front of Le Marche
on Shoufuku.  In fact, you need to do this in order to trigger the final mission
for Kanematsu, which takes place in Kamuro.
  1. Talk to Kanematsu Shigeru and man near Iwahashi's south end on Shoufuku
  2. Choose to help him out (top choice)
REWARD: Italian Fine Necklace

You must clear "Mr. Saeki - The Impression" first.
On the western intersection of Shoufuku south of the coin lockers, there's a
woman being harrassed by Mr. Saeki while his assistant, Sanda Michiru, looks
on.  He offers her money (the sub-title to his book, "You Are Definitely
Wonderful, is "Money Isn't Everything").  She refuses, but he pushes hard,
saying "I asked 'how much?'"
  Again she refuses, and Sanda says, "Do you know who you're talking to?  This
is Mr. Saeki, who wrote the best-selling book, 'You Are Definitely Wonderful!'"
  Suddenly, her man shows up.  It's the guy who was really depressed at the
riverside in the second Mr. Saeki story.  Now that he has some self-confidence,
he bravely stands up to the guy harassing his woman.  Saeki sicks his assistant
on him.  Choose the top choice to jump in and help the guy.
  Saeki laughs it off and leaves with Sanda in tow.  Meanwhile, the guy thanks
you.  The girl tells him he was quite impressive, and asks what happened--why
the big change?  The man explains that he was really down, and then he got this
great book, "You Are Definitely Wonderful."  At first he was reading it just to
boost his confidence, then then he realized it was just hack nonsense that
"borrowed" a lot of lines and sayings.  He says that when he finished it, he
had a great laugh and figured he could go out there and make something of him-
self, if that book could be a best seller.
  Of course, his girl is surprised, and informs him that the old man who was
accosting her--that was Mr. Saeki!  They enjoy a nice laugh at Saeki's idiotic
  Afterwards (tho' this is just trivia), you can meet Mr. Saeki in Chapter 16.
He stands around across the street from the Millennium Tower's entrance.  He
admits he was wrong, basically.
  1. Talk to man near taxi near Coin Lockers
  2. Choose to save him (top choice)
  3. Win fight
REWARD: Italian Fine Necklace

30. SHOGI 1 (SHOUGI 1)
This mission is not needed to fight the hidden bosses.
Talk to the guy standing near the entrance to the parking lot in Shinsei.  He'll
introduce himself as Ooike.
  Seems he loves shogi more than anything in the world, and really wants to
become a pro--but he's just not quite at that level.  He prays to become a pro
shogi player day and night, but for literally decades, he has been unable to
make it to a professional level.
  He asks you to play him, saying that if he loses, he'll finally just give up
on becoming a pro.  If you fail, you can just talk to him again and again until
you win.  I recommend using a program such as Shogidokoro, reversing it so you
play the moves he makes in the computer program, and respond the way the com-
puter plays.  It's still not 100%, but it's better than just attempting this--
unless you're really good at shogi!
  1. Talk to guy near parking lot in Shinsei, accept (top choice)
  2. Defeat him at Shogi (if you fail, you can talk to him again to retry as
    many times as you'd like)
REWARD: 100G Coin

-- After fighting Ezawa --

I'll explain more in the glossary, but really quickly, Billiken is a strange
character from America around the beginning of the 20th century, that basically
represents good fortune from not worrying so much.  The statue in the Tsuuten-
kaku is very famous.
There's a lady waiting at the entrance to the Tsuutenkaku.  Once you get close,
she'll call out and say you're so cold, being from Tokyo.  In Osaka, everyone
helps out people in trouble!  So, she asks you to help her.  Seems she wants to
get up the Tsutenkaku, but her legs have been hurt and it's hard for her to
climb stairs.  She then gets mad at you for ignoring her because she didn't
offer you a monetary reward--and Kiryuu's just like "....I haven't said any-
  Anyway, you'll automatically help her up there.  Follow her, and...well, she's
suddenly OK.
  Seems she came up there to pray at the Billiken Statue, and asks you to do so,
too.  She says all wishes will begranted there.
  Kiryuu does, and she says, "Aren't you gonna ask what I wished for?"  So, he
obliges.  She tells him she prayed for her family to be healthy--and, that the
"daddy," who has gone far away, could come back so they could all live happily
  Kiryuu asks "Think your prayer will be answered?"  She barks at him for not
having faith in Billiken.  Anyway, as a reward for helping her, she gives you
some candy and tells you she runs she horumon'yaki place nearby (Yotteya), so
you should come visit sometime.  It'll be green on your map, for some reason.
  As Kiryuu nears the place, he suddenly notes a great commotion.  Out comes
the old lady and a man.  She yells at him, saying "Katsunori!!  What's wrong
with you?!  That's the deed to our business!"
  Katsunori says, "Oh momma, who cares about that crappy place?!  I'll show
you something much better!" and runs off.  The ladycries, and Kiryuu consoles
  Once she stops, she explains that it's basically just her and her son, because
the father went off and left ehem with tons of debts.  They're really poor now,
and have to work very hard.  So, her son must have some kind of idea to get them
a great deal of money, and she's worried that now they're going to lose the
store to his scheme.
  She asks you to go stop him and get the deed back.
  Go under the south side of Iwahashi Bridge.  A bunch of young people are
there, talking on their phones.  Every one of them seems to be pulling some
horrible sort of collections scam.
  Suddenly, one of them calls the others over.  He seems to be the leader--and,
gues what?  It's Katsunori.  He demands they make 5 million yen this time, but
they think they're running out of marks.  He starts to lecture them, boasting
about getting 6,800,000 from one company--but then he checks his watch and
suddenly runs off--time for him to hand the deed over!
    [cinema: 8q - IX]
  Go up top on Iwahashi, and you'll see some guy run up to you.  Talk to him.
He tells you he's looking for a certain office, but he seems to be lost.  He's
supposed to meet there to collect a deed (hint, hint).
  Kiryuu leads him to the "Lucky Building," and the guy shakes his head for
going the wrong way.  "Things sure have changed around here in 15 years," he
notes.  He offers you some tea in thanks.
  Inside, he talks about how bad the young people are today.  He was swindled
by one of them over the phone who was asking for 6,800,000 yen.  Apparently,
the person said that they were the police, and that they needed the money for
an operation because his son was in a car accident.  He explains that he hasn't
lived with his only son in 15 years because of the debts he's run up, so he
fell for it.
  In comes his client--it's Katsunori.  He's surprised to see you there! When
he hands over the deed, the guy hands him his card, Okada Seiichi.  Surprise,
surprise--they are father and son!  In busts some stupid yakuza to take the
deed.  Beat them.
    [cinema: 8q - X]
  Kiryuu and Katsunori want to go to Yotte-ya to discuss, but the father doesn't
want his wife to see him like this.  Well, that's all well and good, but just
then, in she comes in her ugly leopard shirt, and they go back to Yotte-ya.
  Kiryuu tells her, "It looks like your prayer was answered, eh?"
  She laughs and says next time, she'll wish they make a lot of money.

Kiryuu will bump into her and she'll say that she's in poor health and her leg
has been hurt.  So, she wants you to carry her to up to the Billiken statue.
Take her there, then she'll suddenly be able to walk again.  Follow her to the
statue, and she'll wish for her family's happiness.  Apparently, her family has
been broken apart.
Go to Yotsuya, the Hormon'yaki place, and you'll find her arguing with her
Next, go to Soutenbori, to the spot underneath Iwahashi (the eastern bridge) on
the south side.  You'll see a bunch of con artists calling wiht their cell
Go up the stairs and catch the guy running around, who will tell you about his
company's plight.  Follow him to Shinsei and the old lady's son will come in.
The two will suddenly realise that they're really father and son, but a yakuza
will come in looking for the deed to the father's business.  Beat him up.
  1. Talk to the old woman at the entrance to the Tsuutenkaku
  2. Further talk to her at Tsuutenkaku's top, receive Old Lady's Candy
  3. Go to Yotteya; event at its door
  4. Talk to youths at Soutenbori River's south bank near Iwahashi
  5. Talk to man on Iwahashi
  6. Win fight

In the northern alley running off the main street to the east, you'll see a
strange guy who calls to you.  He says that he has a secret identity:  Hawk,
the Modifier, and that he modifies model guns into real ones.  He figures he
can test it out on you and nobody will care--you're just some yakuza, anyway.
  Beat him.
  1. Talk to guy north of the acupuncturist in Shinsei
  2. Win fight

You must clear "Hawk the Modifier 1" first.
Some time after beating him the first time, the guy will come back, this time
with a shotgun.  Beat him.
  1. Talk to guy north of the acupuncturist in Shinsei
  2. Win fight

You must clear "Hawk the Modifier 2" first.
There's a guy arguing with the big Billiken statue at the entrance to Shinsei.
He's blind drunk.  Fight him, and he'll tell you to go buy him some booze.  Go
to Soutenbori and buy some sake at the M Store, then bring it to him and give
it to the guy.
 He'll attack you a second time.  After beating him, he'll demand more booze.
Go up to the alley running off to the east that leads to another Billiken statue
and the acupuncturist and talk to the lady standing near the telephone.  She
says to tell her drunkard husband she needs him.
  Go back down to the guy and deliver the message (bottom choice).  She makes
him apologize to the Billiken, but he's so drunk, he apologizes to you.
"That's not Billiken!" she says.
  Note that you can actually keep buying sake and defeating him over and over--
if experience is really worth that much to you.
  1. Talk to guy at Billiken statue near taxi at Shinsei, win fight
  2. Give him sake (top choice)
  3. Win fight
  4. Talk to woman in front of Billiken south of the acupuncturist
  5. Talk to guy at Billiken statue near taxi
  6. Tell him his wife, Sachiko, is looking for him (bottom choice)
REWARD: Tortoise-Shell Plate

You must clear "Go Get Me Some Sake!" first.
Some time after beating him the second time, the guy will come back, this time
with a "super gun."  Beat him again, and he'll give you the gun.
  "Guess I just don't have the talent for modifying model guns," he says.
"I'll just go back to modifying dolls of pretty girls, heh...."
  1. Talk to guy north of the acupuncturist in Shinsei
  2. Win fight
REWARD: Model Gun Modified By Taka

Chapter 16

On the north bank of the Soutenbori River, about midway from east to west,
you'll see a couple of big guys standing around.  Talk to them, and they'll ask
if you are Kiryuu Kazuma.  When Kiryuu says he is, they ask to have a judo
wrestling match with him.  It seems the one guy is "The Bear of the Kansai,"
an amateur judo practitioner, and he figures he should learn what the throws
of a street fighter are like to improve his skills.
  Kiryuu's like "...and...?"  The guy thinks it's enough for him to be the
"Kansai Bear" for you to fight him, but Kiryuu wants to hear exactly what's
going on.
  So, he explains that he was actually asked to defeat Kiryuu Kazuma.  When
Kiryuu asks who asked them, he tells him it was a very rich, fellow high-school
student named Kawachi.  He asks if Kiryuu knows of him--but he doesn't, natur-
ally.  It seems this Kawachi said that he would give 100,000 yen to whoever can
defeat Kiryuu Kazuma--as some sort of revenge upon the Komaki Style.
  Go ahead and accept with the top choice.  Note that you can literally only
throw the guys, which will require button-tapping--and a lot of tapping of "X,"
as they grab you quite often.  Oh--and note that you have to remove your equip-
ment first!
  After you beat them, they admit there's just no way they can defeat you and
claim the prize.  Suddenly, another high school student comes up and praises
you, the disciple of the Komaki Style.  He then introduces himself as Kawachi
Souei.  Kiryuu hears the name "Kawachi" and deduces that he's the guy they
were talking about.  He tells you he's sorry for that, but he just wanted to
test your strength.
  He further explains that the "Kawachi Style" was born from the Komaki Style.
He is the second son of the originator of this style.
  Rumors of Komaki teaching passing his secrets on to another man have reached
Osaka (that's you!).  So, he wanted to test you out.  Kiryuu doesn't exactly
consider himself some heir to Komaki's school or anything, but when Kawachi
explains that Komaki has only taught his 3 great techniques to one other person,
Kiryuu understands.  He then surmises that Kawachi just wanted to come and
defeat the Komaki school, then.
  But actually, Kawachi Souei has a different reason.  There's someone he'd
like to to defeat--his older brother, heir to the school, Kawachi Genshou.
  It seems Genshou has become obsessed with judo--so much so that he's been
basically going around, destroying other schools.  Half a year ago, it seems
he went to Kamuro, and wants to defeat you!  Choose the top choice to try and
fulfill his wishes to defeat Motoshou and get him out of this insane obsession
that's taken over his life.
  How should you go about this?  Souei tells you he heard from his brother that
he found a place you used to fight at.  That would be the Underground Arena.
  Now, go to the Arena and fight in the Magnum Force Tournament.  Kawachi
should show up there.  To help you, Sue gives you a secret scroll that has a
new technique:  the Kawachi Breaking Throw.  Rapidly tap Circle when grabbed to
reverse and throw the assailant instead.
  After defeating Kawachi Genshou, return to where you met Souei to hear that
all seems well with his brother now.
  1. Talk to guys on Soutenbori River's north edge, accept (top choice)
  2. Beat them (you can only use throws)
  3. Dialogue with Kawachi Sue, receive Kawachi House Secret Scroll
  4. Defeat Kawachi Genshou at the Underground Arena (Magnum Force)
  5. Talk to guy on Soutenbori River's north edge (Motoe)
REWARD: Kawachi House Secret Scroll (story item), Black Belt

You must clear "Master White Lotus's Request 2" first.
After you bring her the picture, once your Body reaches level 10, you'll get yet
another mail from the old lady.  This time, she says "I really want a grand-
child.  I just wanted to tell you that, Kiryuu."  What an odd mail.
Anyway, visit her with Haruka in tow, and talk to her twice.  You'll get the
"assorted candies."
  1. With Body at Lv.10 and Haruka with you, get text from Master White Lotus
  2. Bring Haruka with you, talk to Old Lady White in parking lot at Shinsei
REWARD: "All About Lotus-House Hard Spirit Arts" (story item), Cookie Assortment

5b.  Romancing Cabaret Club Girls

For those of you who didn't play the first game, there's some love-game-like
content in this thing.  Basically, there are these clubs in Japan called
"cabaret clubs" where young, attractive women are employed to keep a guest
company (and to get them to spend more money on drinks).  No; they're not
necessarily just a place to get a prostitute--in fact, prostitution is illegal
in Japan.  Well, mostly, but we're getting off-topic.
  Anyway, you can go to three clubs in this game and visit with ten different
girls (three in each club plus a bonus one in Osaka once all the others have
been dated).  When you raise their "tension" meter high enough (that's those
red hearts up on the left-hand corner of the screen), they'll really like you
and will want to meet with you outside the normal hours.  Get it to ten hearts
and go on two dates with them, and you'll get a special date that sort-of
finishes their side story (and gets Kiryuu some...um, quality time).  Yes,
although it doesn't explicitly say so, you have sex with these girls when you
complete their stories.
  Wander around a little after your special date and you'll get a "thanks; I-
really-love-you-and-you're-the-greatest-guy-ever" e-mail and a picture of the
girl.  No; none of those pictures are interesting, really.  Anyway, once you
get that picture, you'll complete their mission and get 2000 experience.
  You can really waste your money on these girls, but if you do as I suggest, it
shouldn't be too bad.  Here's what I do:

  1.  Wear the "Sexy-Man Bracelet" and "Male Musk" items.  I don't know if wear-
    ing both is *absolutely* necessary, since most girls only really respond to
    the bracelet, but it's good to cover your bases.  The "Charisma Ring" works
    well, too.  In fact, for the Trophy for supposedly maxing out your studly
    attractiveness (it's a hidden stat, kinda, tho'), you're supposed to use
    the "Sexy-Man Bracelet," "Charisma Ring," and "Gift Suit" (which is an
  2.  Don't give them presents.  There's no point to this; it raises them a
    little, but it's a nice way to waste your money.
  3.  Order "Beer" or "Orange Juice" or whatever when they ask what you want
    to drink, unless the girl doesn't mind if you get the free water bottle.
    You can order more expensive items and really sock it to 'em, but it's
    definitely not worth it.  If you notice, the most they get is usually +1.
  4.  Order "Fruit" when they ask if you want something to eat.  It's the most
    expensive item (5,000 yen), but it's worth a half a heart--or a whole one
    for some girls.  Besides, 5,000 is a lot cheaper than the expensive drinks.
    A lot of girls have nice bonuses for cheaper items, too.
  5.  Answer questions correctly.  This is key.  You might not even need any
    lists--it's kinda easy to feel the girl out and answer correctly by flat-
    tery.  It does help to know Japanese if you're playing the import version,
    though (sorry!).  DIALOGUE CHOICES ARE RANDOM.  I've listed them with
    numbers, but they actually are randomly selected.  To that end, to help
    with import players, I've devised a system:  I write down the (usually)
    three choices as they appear on the screen in brackets "[]."  You can
    count the number of symbols for each line and make your choice that way.
    I use a "*" for kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) and a
    "-" for each kana (the usually simpler characters representing syllables).
    If you can tell the difference, that will help you a bit.
  6.  Don't continue the evening.  I know that it looks like it's cheaper on
    paper because you can get double the questions for less than double the
    price, but actually, if you're using the Sexy-Man Bracelet, you'll only get
    that bonus at the beginning of the "evening."
  7.  TIME PASSAGE.  When waiting for "After Hours" dates, it takes about 1
    minute or so of actual game time.  When waiting for the "Escort" date,
    it takes some 5 minutes or so.  Remember that "time" stops when paused
    or when Kiryuu is standing still, musing to himself about the next story
    point.  I recommend jamming into a corner and just running.  It's easy to
    do this with a rubber-band around the controller, jamming the left stick
    to the upper-left.

  After you get them to 6 hearts or so, they'll wanna go out after hours.  Un-
fortunately, that means you just gotta wait for their e-mail to come to your
phone.  Then, they'll want you to meet them at a certain spot--either to the
west of Debora for the girls in Kamuro or on the Bishamon Bridge in Osaka.
  They'll ask where you wanna go.  Sometimes, they give you little hints when
they first ask you, but most of the time, you just gotta guess.  Keep in mind
that if you go to a restaurant, you can actually order all the things on the
menu for yourself (which is pricey, of course, but usually gives a pretty good
experience boost!).  Sometimes, though, you have to beware; you can go to a
restaurant they don't like and lose half a heart.
  Going bowling is a good "middle ground."  You can lose hearts here, but
usually, you won't.  You're also usually gunning to beat the girl (which is a
little weird to me).
  Avoid going to Le Marche!!  This is an express ticket to nowhere.  Most girls
want you to buy them a ring or something else ridiculous that costs you tons of
money, and you'll only get a half-heart bump if you do buy them the right thing.
  Anyway, after you go back inside and bring 'em up to 8 hearts or so, they'll
ask you to meet up with them and escort them to their shift.  This is the same
drill as the other date, but in the end, you're forced to spend an evening at
the cabaret club.
  For the last date (at 10 hearts), you'll either have to wait for their mail
again, or meet them at a certain location.  If you aren't sure, you can look on
the "Missions" option on the pause screen menu, highlight their mission, and
see what Kiryuu says (he might say "I was supposed to meet her at Sushi Gin" or
"I guess I have to wait for an e-mail").
  Sometimes, if I have a lot of money, to save time, I'll get a girl up to where
she wants to date, then I'll go and romance the other girls, getting them up to
4 hearts or so.  A girl won't ask for a date if you're already waiting for
another's e-mail, but there's no point in just letting the time you have to just
run around the city waiting for said e-mail go to waste.  Then, you just go and
see the other girls once and they'll want to date you.
  Here's a list of the girls and their answers and preferences.  I'm sorry if
the translations are weird!!  I have a list of questions and answers, but
they're not the complete conversations; only the very basic gist, so I don't
know their contexts.  So, things will come out sounding very strangely, I'm
sure.  Also, the official translations will be different in any release outside
Japan, I'm sure.  Finally, note that some answers don't add to your score, but
they're the best answers.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1.5, other Champagnes +.5, House Bottle (no penalty)
Foods:  Assorted Fruit +.5, Chocolates +.5
Presents:  Italian Ring +.5, French Women's Perfume +.5

1.  "Do you like animals?"
  --"I love dogs" +.5 then "I'm a real bad boy!" (0, but avoids penalty)
  ("Inuga suki da" then "Kekkou warui yatsu da ze, orewa")
  [---*--] +.5
  [***-----,*-] +0
2.  "You got anything you're big into these days?"
  --"Well, obviously, I'm going to cabaret clubs!" +0, but avoids penalty
  ("Kyabakura kiyoini kimattendaro")
  [-----*--*------] +0
3.  "Will the right guy ever come along?"
  --"I'm sure he will" +.5
  ("Kanarazu arawareru sa")
  [*-*---] +.5
4.  "I got a pretty good thing going--I mean, if you looked at me, would you
      think I spoke English?"
  --"You must get a lot of foreigners?" +.5
  ("Gaikokujinni yoku moteru daro?")
  [***--------?] +.5
5.  "You buy lottery tickets, or anything like that?"
  --"I don't need 'em.  I got money." then "That's fine!" +1.5
  ("Kane are kara hitsuyou nai" then "Ii darou")
  [**-----*----] +.5
  [*-----**--] + next
  [-----] +1.5
6.  "Are you the kind who can't handle heat, or cold?"
  --"I get hot easy" or "I can handle both fine" (+0, but avoids penalty)
  ("Mechakucha atsugari da na" or "Dochiranimo tsuyoi na")
  [------*----] +0
  [-----*--] +0
7.  "Do you have a blog?"
  --"I know of 'em, but I don't have one" then "Maybe I'll put up embarassing
    photos of you" +.5
  ("Shitteruga yatta koto nai" then "Yuma no hazukashii shashi UP shiyou ka na")
  [*-----------] + next
  [---*----**-UP-----] +.5
8.  "What should I teach him next?"
  --"How 'bout 'chin chin?' (slang for 'penis' that sounds like a cute dog
      bark)" +.5
  ("Chinchinwo oboesaseyou")
  [-----*-----] +.5
9.  "What's my blood type?"
  --"AB" +.5
  [AB*] +.5
10.  "What's my sign?"
  --"Aries" +.5
  [-**] +.5
11.  "Don't you have someone to cook for you?"
  --"Should I make it myself?" +.5
  ("Jibunde tsukuru ka")
  [**-*--] +.5
12. "How old do I look?"
  --"19" +.5
  [19*] +.5
13. "When I see something like a banana plush toy, I have to cry out like
      'oh how cuuuute!'"
  --"I love 'em, too!" +.5
  ("Oremo daikoubutsu da")
  [*-**-] +.5
14. "Where you from?"
  --"Yokohama" +.5
  ("Yokohama shusshin da")
  [****-] +.5
15. "You go to amusement parks?"
  --"Who did you go with?" +.5
  ("Dareto ittan da?")
  [*-*----?] +.5
16. "You good at sports?"
  --"I'm good at 'em" +.5 then "Should I teach you?" (0, but avoids penalty)
  ("Supo-tsuga tokui da" then "Supo-tsuwo oshiete yarou ka?")
  [-----**-] +.5
  [-----*------?] +0
17."You go to other clubs often?"
  --"I only come here--the club you're at." +.5
  ("Omaega iru no wa kono mise dake da")
  [-*-------*---] +.5
18. "I'm still practicing!"
  --"The piano calls, eh?" or "Can you see the keys?" +.5
  ("Pianowa akogareru na" or "Kenbanwa mieru no ka?")
  [----*---] +.5
  [**-*----?] +.5
19. "That kind of guy...what's so fun about being a molesting pervert?!"
  --"Anyone would want to touch a cute girl like you" +.5
  ("Yume mitaina kawaii ko nara daredemo sawaritai daro")
  [------**-*--*--*-----] +.5
20. "When that happens, you're invited!"
  --"Yeah.  I look forward to it!" +.5
  ("Aa, tanoshimini shiteiru")
  [--,*-------] +.5
21. "I'm jealous of your wife!"
  --"I'm single" +.5
  ("Dokushin da")
  [**-] +.5
22. "Well if he's a client, I mean, I can't send him away...."
  --"What a tough job" +.5
  ("Taihenna shigoto da na")
  [**-**--] +.5
23. "You having fun with me?"
  --"When I'm with you, I can relax" +.5
  ("Yumato isshoni iruto ochitsuku na")
  [---**----*-*--] +.5
24. "If we get the chance, I'll introduce you to Eimu-chan!" (always after After
  --"I'll see that dog as a rival!" +.5
  ("Sono inutoha raibaru kankei tte kotoninaruna")
  [----------**--*----] +.5

After-Hours Date:
  Le Marche:  Italian Women's Perfume +1
  Sushi Gin:  Fatty Tuna +.5
  Kanrai:  -.5

Escort Date:
  Bowling:  Beat her +.5
  Le Marche:  Italian Women's Perfume +1
  Kanrai:  -.5

She says she'll meet you at the square in front of the theaters after you've
dated her twice and you're at 10 hearts, but when you go there, you'll get an
e-mail saying that she's in trouble and she needs you to come to the eastern end
of Taihei.  She's actually not too far east of the Millennium Tower.
  Seems she's lost her dog, and she needs you to find him.  There are some
people standing around near the corner to the west of the coin lockers who will
say something about Jidou Park, but you can actually just head there immediately
because that's where the dog is!
  There will actually be two dogs there.  Yuma wants you to get them dog food,
which you can get at Don Quijote.  Bring the dog food back and she'll leave to
put the dogs away at her house, then she'll come back and play with you for a

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle -.5
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks +1, Pickles -.5
Present:  Red Rose Bouquet +1

1.  "It's next to the most prefectures in Japan"
  --"The Nagano Prefecture, right?" +.5
  ("Naganoken da na")
  [***--] +.5
2.  "I'm a miso-type myself--and you, Kiryuu?"
  --"I like plain, Tokyo Ramen" +.5
  ("Assarishita Toukyou Ra-men da na")
  [------**------] +.5
3.  "Guess which one!"
  --"Japanese food" +.5
  ("Wafuu daro")
  [**--] +.5
4.  "I like frilly ones--or lace"
  --"When do you wear them?" +.5
  ("Douiu tokini tsukeru n da?")
  [----*------?] +.5
5.  "How do you spend your days off?"
  --"Movies" then "Korean ones" +.5
  ("Eiga da na" then "Kanryuu da na")
  [**--] + next
  [**--] +.5
6.  "If I said 'yes,' where'd we go?"
  --"How 'bout the underground Casino?" +.5
  ("Chika kajino to ka dou da?")
  [**--------?] +.5
7.  "Did I guess right?"
  --"No" then "I'm a cold man" +.5
  ("Chigau na" then "Tsumetai otoko da ze")
  [*--] + next
  [*--*--] +.5
8.  "How do you sleep?"
  --"I get all curled up" +.5
  ("Karadawo marumeru da na")
  [*-*----] +.5
9.  "Wouldn't you like to try college?"
  --"Maybe I should go for it" +.5
  ("Chousen shite miru ka")
  [**-----] +.5
10. "What kind of music do you like?"
  --"Guess it's enka for me" +.5
  ("Yappari enka da na")
  [----**--] +.5
11. "Will I ever get to that stage in life?"
  --"You've got some things to do before then" +.5
  ("Sono maeni yaru beki kotowo shinai to na")
  [--*-------------] +.5
12. "Well, try and guess my charming point!"
  --"Your prety fingers" +.5
  ("Kirei na yubi da na")
  [----*--] +.5
13. "Tell me something about yourself for once!"
  --(Speak about your fights) (0, but avoids penalty)
  ("Kenka no hanashiwo shiyou ka")
  [----*-----] +0
14. "What do you think I do in the 'real world?'"
  --"Are you a student?" +.5
  ("Moshikashite joshidaisei to ka")
  [-----****--] +.5
15. "I actually have doubts as to whether I should be a student or not...."
  --"Well, you're at an age where you shouldn't rely on others" +.5
  ("Hitoni tayoru toshi ja nai kara na")
  [*-*-*-------] +.5
16. "Do you hate drunk girls?"
  --"I love 'em" +.5
  ("Kekkou suki da na")
  [----*---] +.5
17. "Is there some way to overcome this?"
  --"Do some weightlifting" +.5
  ("Sujitorewo suru")
  [*-----] +.5
18. "What type of girl do you like?"
  --"Naughty girls ain't bad" then either "You're definitely impish" or "You're
      a regular girl" +.5
  ("Akujo taipumo waruku nai" then "Tashikani koakuma tte kanji da na" or
      "Fudan no onna da ze")
  [**----*---] + next
  [----***--*---] +.5
  [**-*--] +.5
19. "You seem like I'll always be excited around you--like I'll have fun with
  --"Well then, should we always be together?" +.5
  ("Nara, zutto isshoni iru ka?")
  [--,---**----?] +.5
20. "Well...MY boyfriend, he'd be...."
  --"Must be a guy from the same area" or "Must be a regular customer" +0, but
      avoids penalty
  ("Jimotoga onaji otoko daro" or "Jouren datta kyaku daro")
  [**----*--] +0
  [**---*--] +0
21. "What do you think I'd like to be?"
  --"A translator" +.5
  ("Tsuuyaku darou")
  [**---] +.5
22. "Where do you live?"
  --"Right here, just like you" +.5
  ("Onajiku kono machi da")
  [*----*-] +.5
23. "Surprised?"
  --"That fits you, Natsuki" +.5
  ("Natsuki rashii na")
  [-------] +.5
24. "I just can't seem to calm down" (always after "After" date)
  --"You don't have to stress about anything now" +1
  [**---*------] +.5
  [*----*------] +1

After Hours Date:
  Le Marche:  -.5 (!!)
  Sushi Gin:  Chilled Yellowtail +.5
  Kanrai:  Stone-Grilled Bibimbap +.5

Escort Date:
  Bowling:  -.5 if you lose
  Le Marche:  -.5 (!!)
  Kanrai:  Stone-Grilled Bibimbap +.5

After you date her twice and get her hearts to 10, you'll get an e-mail from her
near the coin lockers.  Someone's snatched her purse; go to Don Quijote's and
talk to her.
  The guy who took her purse is north, near the coin lockers, wearing a white
jersey.  Fight him and his friend and they'll give her back the purse.  Then,
she'll take you to the Hotel District (what could you do there??).

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +2.5, Black +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -1
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket -1, Vegetable Sticks +1, Pickle -1
Present:  Women's Underwear +1

1.  "What type of woman do you just hate?"
  --"Women with a strong odor" +.5
  ("Nioiga kitsui onna")
  [-------*] +.5
2.  "It's a romance that's makes my heart flutter so much, it's actually
      dangerous--but I love it!"
  --"You got a weird hobby?" +.5
  ("Henna shumiga aru no ka?")
  [*-**-----?] +.5
3.  "You've been staring at me a while--something wrong?"
  --"I was unconsciously looking you over" +.5
  ("Tsuitsui mitoreteta")
  [----*----] +.5
4.  "So, I wonder...if I told him, would he understand?"
  --"Your dad probably goes to cabaret clubs, too" +.5
  [**-----*----*--] +.5
5.  "If this keeps up, this whole winter will be a dry spell...."
  --"I also feel like I'm in a dry spell, by myself" +.5
  ("Oremo hitorija kawakimakuri da")
  [*-1*--*-----] +.5
6.  "Well, I mean--at what point does it become 'cheating?'"
  --"It's definitely cheating once you spend the night together." +.5
  ("Ichiyawo tomoni shitara uwaki kakutei")
  [**-*----****] +.5
7.  "Where do you think I wanna get pierced next?"
  --"Your tongue" +.5
  ("Shita piasu")
  [*---] +.5
8.  "It makes my skin so soft!"
  --"Really?  Lemme touch you to be sure" +.5
  ("Hountou ka dou ka sawarasero")
  [**----*---] +.5
9.  "Is there any place you've done it where you've been like 'this is
  --"In a hospital, maybe" +.5
  ("Byouin no naka ka na")
  [**-*--] +.5
10. "Well, I get to meet lots of men, and have lots of conversations--it's fun"
  --"You really like men, don't you?" +.5
  ("Hountou otoko suki na n da na")
  [****-----] +.5
11. "It shows off the naked butt--it's really sexy!!"
  --"I'd be worried my hips would hurt" +.5
  ("Koshiwo itamenai ka shinpai da na")
  [*-*----**-] +.5
12. "What kind of swimsuit do you like?"
  --"Sexy bikinis!" +.5
  ("Sekushi-na bikini sutairu")
  [------------] +.5
13. "Wouldn't you laugh??"
  --"You didn't quite get me" +.5
  ("Yoku tsukamaranakatta na")
  [--*-------] +.5
14. "You sweat a lot--it's good to lose weight"
  --"Your body seems nice and spry" +.5
  ("Karadaga yawaraka sou da na")
  [*-*------] +.5
15. "If I went out with you, where would you take me on our first date?"
  --"A movie theater to start" or "An adult amusement park" (0, but avoids
  ("Mazuwa eigakan ka na" or "Otona no yuuenchi ka na")
  [---***--] +0
  [**-***--] +0
16. "When I see a kid, I wanna just give them a hug or pet their head"
  --"Pet my head, too" +.5
  ("Ore no atamamo nadenade shite kure") +.5
  [*-*---------] +.5
17. "I always feel like they're gonna come at me!"
  --"I think I'll come at you before that" +.5
  ("Sono maeni orega osouto omu")
  [--*-*-*--*-] +.5
18. "You ever child-like?"
  --"When I see a dog, I pet it" +.5
  ("Inuwo miruto nadenade suru")
  [*-*--------] +.5
19. "I hear it's still really popular overseas"
  --"It's all good, so long as they're fresh" (+.5)
  ("Namade ii ja nee ka")
  [*--------] +.5
20. "Is there a point where you think, 'This person's falling for me?'"
  --"When she keeps stealing touches" +.5
  ("Dosakusani magirete tatchi")
  [-----*-----] +.5
21. "But...they just don't fly straight"
  --"Guess your grip is bad?" +.5
  ("Nigirikataga warui n ja nai ka?")
  [*-*-*-------?] +.5
22. "The 'click' of the camera felt so good, so I struck so many poses!"
  --"Nobody made fun of you?" +.5
  ("Itazurawa sarenakatta no ka?")
  [-------------?] +.5
23. "You think if I dressed up, you'd be able to recognize me?" (always after
     "After" date)
  --"I'd always be able to find you" +.5
  ("Anna nara kanarazu mitsukerareru sa")
  [**--*-*------] +.5

After Hours Date
  Le Marche:  Italian Ring +1
  Bowling:  0
  Kanrai:  Kimchi jjigae +.5

Escort Date
  Sushi Gin:  Sweet Shrimp +.5
  Le Marche:  Italian Ring +1
  Kanrai:  Kimchi jjigae +.5

After dating her twice and getting her hearts up to 10, she'll invite you to
play a fun little game.  She's into "cosplay," so she'll dress up like different
people and she wants you to find her.
  First, she'll be dressed up like a worker at a fast food joint at the inter-
section of Taihei and Tenkaichi.  Next, she'll be a bunny girl.  Where are
bunny girls, she asks?  Why, at the casino in the Dragon Palace!  Go there, talk
to any the girls, then go back outside and talk to the one on the street.
  Finally, she's dressed up like a schoolgirl at Theater Square.  First, talk to
the santa girl and the office lady girl, then you'll see her in front of
the Club Sega.
  Apparently, that really turned her on, because you're done with her story.

Drinks:  Champage Gold +2.5, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -1
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1 (avoid other foods, no order = 0)
Presents:  French Wallet +.5

1. "When did my homeland change like this?!"
  --"We always want our homelands to stay the same, right?" +.5
  ("Kokyouwa itsumademo kawaranaide hoshiina")
  [**------*---------] +.5
2. "You know what 'cosmetics' are, right?"
  --"Makeup, yeah?" +.5
  ("Keshouhin daro?")
  [***--?] +.5
3.  "I'm great at water sports!"
  --"I wonder if I could do 'em, too...." +.5
  ("Orenimo yarerukana")
  [*-------] +.5
4.  "What kind of bag do you like?"
  --"A tough, aluminum suitcase." +.5
  ("Ganjouna arumisei su-tsu ke-su da")
  [**----*-------] +.5
5.  "Do you do aroma therapy?"
  --"Got no interest" -(follow-up) "Wow, I can really feel it!" +.5
  ("Kyoumiga nai" -- "Kekkou kanjiru")
  [**---] +
  [***--] +.5
6.  "It's scary!!"
  --"When that happens, call me" +.5
  ("Sonna tokiwa orewo yobe")
7.  "I'm always in a bind at the end of the month"
  --"Your nude body's the best" +.5
  ("Karenwa hadakaga ichiban da")
  [----*-**-] +.5
8.  "I've gotta do 2 or 3 a night, and 3-hour visits are quite common."
  --"Tough job." +.5
  ("Taihenna shigoto da na")
  [**-**--] +.5
9.  "You know what I used?"
  --"Gloss?" +.5
  ("Gurosu daro")
  [-----?] +.5
10. "Ugh, I gotta change my mood quick!"
  --"That's right" then "That's mean!" (+0 -- but avoids -'s)
  [-------] +.5
11. "What the heck is that type of person thinking?!"
  --"Weird stuff" +.5
  ("Henna koto da na")
  [*-----] +.5
12. "Wanna go have fun there sometime?"
  --"I'd like that!" +.5
  ("Kyoumiwa aru na")
  [**----] +.5
13. "Men like skinny women, huh?"
  --"I like slender women" +.5
  ("Hosomi no onnaga suki da")
  [**-*-*--] +.5
14. "Why can't it be brigher in here?!"
  --"Saving on the electricity bill" +.5
  ("Shoumeidai no setsuyaku")
  [***-**] +.5
15. "When I'm diving with the fish, I lose track of time!"
  --"I'm a little jealous of those fish!" +.5
  ("Sakanatowa ie, chotto shitto suru na")
  [*----,----**---] +.5
16. "What do you think it is?"
  --"Oysters" or "Urchin" +.5
  ("Kaki" or "Uni")
  [--] +.5
  [--] +.5
17. "I'll wear a wedding dress I've designed myself!"
  --"Should I get it for you?" +.5
  ("Orega moratte yarou ka?")
  [*-*------?] +.5
18. "Wanna try it out?"
  --"No need" +.5
  ("Sono hitsuyouwa nai")
  [--**---] +.5
19. "I feel like I'm in a Host Club or something!"
  --"I'll refresh you any time" +.5
  ("Itsudemo iyashite yaru ze")
  [----*-----] +.5
20. "You worried, Kiryuu?"
  --"I know you're single." +.5
  ("Furi-na nowa wakatteru")
  [------*----] +.5
21. "You can undo the shoulder straps"
  --"Is it that different?" +.5
  ("Sonnani chigau mono ka?)
  [----*----?] +.5
22. "Think I'm wearing something to fit to shape?"
  --"I don't think so." +.5
  ("Shite nai darou")
  [-------] +.5
23. "Are you a suit or dress type?"
  (your first response doesn't matter) then "It fits you" +.5
  (doesn't matter -- "Niatteiru")
  [**----] +.5
24. "You know why I quit?"  (Always after the "After" date)
  --"You didn't fit with the modeling world." +.5
  ("Moderu no sekaini awanakatta")
  [----**-------] +.5

After Hours Date
  Le Marche:  French Wallet +.5
  Sushi Gin:  Sea Urchin +1.5
  Kanrai:  -.5

Escort Date
  Bowling:  Beat her +.5
  Le Marche:  French Wallet +.5

After you date her twice and get her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her at
Sushi Gin.  Go there and talk to her; she'll be harrassed by some guys, but
Kiryuu will chase them off.  Then, it's go time.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Chocolates +1, Pickles -.5
Presents:  French Prete-A-Porter +.5

1.  "What do you think?"
  --"A cabaret club is best" (+.5)
  ("Kyabakura no hou ga ii")
  [------*---] +.5
2.  "Is there some kind of 'jinx' you believe in?"
  "A day when I'm not stopped by traffic lights is tops!" +.5
  ("Shingoude tomerarenai hiwa zekkouchou")
  [**-*-----*-***] +.5
3.  "What do you think the other 'number one' is?"
  "No.1 at turning a profit" +.5
  ("Uriage No.1")
  [*-*-No.1] +.5
4.  "Guess I'll be alone this Christmas, again...?"
  "Well then, wanna spend it together?" +.5
  ("Soreja isshoni sugosuka?")
  [----**-*---?] +.5
5.  "I mean, it's food I make myself"
  "I wanna taste your miso soup" +.5
  ("Kaede no misoshiruga nomitai")
  [----***-*---] +.5
6.  "You seem strong with booze.  You can handle it well!"
  --"I'm like a sieve." +.5
  ("Zaruto ka iwareru na")
  [----*----] +.5
7.  "I'm pretty bad at cleaning."
  --"You could always hire a maid" +.5
  ("Kaseifuwo yatoeba ii")
  [***-*----] +.5
8.  "Can you tell the difference between texts for work and those of our true
  --"Texts with lots of emoticons are just work" +.5
  ("Kaomojiga ooi nowa eigyou da na")
  [***-*---**--] +.5
9.  "Lots of girls have their hair short"
  --"Well, you have great hair." +.5
  ("Kaedewa kireina kamiwo shiteiru kara na")
  [--------*--------] +.5
10. "We Japanese are all workaholics, huh?"
  --"I'm practically on holiday all year." +.5
  ("Orewa nenchuu yasumi mitaina mon da")
  [*-***--------] +.5
11. "Well, I've got my regulars."
  --"With customers, trust is everything, innit?" +.5
  ("Kyakuto no shinrai kankeiga subete da na")
  [*--****-*---] +.5
12. "I'm really worried about it!"
  --"You're a beauty who really puts effort into it" +.5
  [****----] +.5
13. "Guess that's why it's so expensive...."
  --"Some things aren't worth the price" +.5
  ("Takasani miawanai kotomo ooi")
  [*--**------*-] +.5
14. "I'm getting 'scalp' done there--it's easier and prettier"
  --"Does your scalp hurt?" +.5
  ("Touhiga itandeiru no ka?"
  [**-*------?] +.5
  [-- *---------]
15. "Must be kinda weird to talk about getting relieved at a Host Club!"
  --"Well, you must have a lot of stress, right?" +.5
  ("Sutoresuga tamatteiru no ka?")
  [-----*-------?] +.5
16. "You're kinda...mysterious"
  --"I'm not the type to just speak freely." +.5
  ("Susunde hanasuhodo no ningen ja nai")
  [*--*----**----] +.5
17. "Guess I just don't really 'get' Kamuro."
  --"This is a good town!" +.5
  ("Ii machi da, kokowa") +.5
  [--*-,---] +.5
18. "I think there's a lot of women around...?"
  --"I like this atmosphere!" +.5
  ("Kouiu fun'inkiga suki da")
  [----***-*--] +.5
19. "What's the rule?"
  --"When you wear denim, you must wear a belt." +.5
  ("Denimuniwa kanarazu beruto")
  [-----*----] +.5
20. "How 'bout it?  You like that type, eh?"
  --"I certainly don't hate 'em!" +.5
  ("Kiraina hazuga nai na")
  [*--------] +.5
21. "Those people--they can really help a hostess out as someone to talk to."
  --"Is there something stressing you?" +.5
  ("Nanika niyamigotodemo aru no ka?")
  [*-*---------?] +.5
22. "Where do your eyes look at first on a woman?"
  --"Beautiful legs." +.5
  ("Kireina ashi")
  [----*] +.5
23. "But, it had no effect...."
  --"Leave it to me" +.5
  ("Oreni makasero")
  [*-*--] +.5
24. "I suddenly felt I should quit, and left...." (always after "after" date)
  --"Try hard at this place!" +.5
  ("Kono misede ganbareba ii")
  [--*-**----] +.5

After Hours Date
  Le Marche:  French Prete-A-Porter +.5
  Sushi Gin:  Roe +.5
  Kanrai:  Bulgogi +.5

Escort Date
  Le Marche:  French Prete-A-Porter +.5
  Kanrai:  Bulgogi +.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her
at Alps Tea Shop.  Go with her to the Third Park and talk a while, then she'll
leave.  After a bit, she'll e-mail you, asking you to meet her at the Yoshida
Batting Cages.  She'll be in front of them, waiting to go into some hotel near-

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1, House Bottle (free) (no penalty)
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket +.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5, Dried Ray
  Fins -.5, Chocolates +.5, Pickles -.5, Nothing -.5
Present:  Plush Toys +1

1.  "What do you think of that?"
  --"Well, you're happy, huh" +.5
  ("Omaewa shiawase da na")
  [----*---] +.5
2.  Don't you have any hobbies?
  "Bonsai" +.5
  ("Bonsai da")
  [**-] +.5
3.  "They said 'Aren't you a 1st-year middle-school student?'"
  --"That must have hurt?" +.5
  ("Kizutsuita no ka?")
  [*-----?] +.5
4.  "You can go paragliding overseas, too!"
  --"Do you have to go all the way overseas...?" +.5
  ("Wazawaza kaigai ka?")
  [----**-?] +.5
5.  "I've always been spoiled, so people have called me a puppy since I was
  --"You're more like a cat" +.5
  ("Nekoppoi na")
  [------] +.5
6.  "But...don't you think their choices are limited?"
  --"The menu sure is limited." +.5
  ("Shuruiwa sukunai na")
  [**-*---] +.5
7.  "Yeah--I got into that, and so I'm a good cook!"
  --"You'll make a great wife" +.5
  ("Ii oymesanni naresou da na")
  [---*--------] +.5
8.  "You ever go to karaoke?"
  --"If it were with you, I'd be down" +.5
  ("Maikoto dattara ittemo ii")
  [**-----*------] +.5
9.  "I was having so much fun, so it was wuch a downer!"
  --"That's too bad." +.5
  ("Zannen datta na")
  [**----] +.5
10. "But, like, aren't all men like that?"
  --"I like 'em flat." +.5
  ("Pettankoga konomi da")
  [------*--] +.5
11. "You go do karaoke, or you sing in the bath, or what...?"
  --"I sing at bars" +.5
  ("Snakkude utau")
  [-----*-] +.5
12. "I'm so jealous~!"
  --"Smaller is better." +.5
  ("Chiisai houga ii")
  [*--*---] +.5
13. "Do people still do this sort of stuff once they've grown up?"
  --"That kind of guy's just a man-boy." +.5
  ("Sou iu nowa gaki dake da")
  [-----------] +.5
14. "But really, wasn't that kinda a waste...?"
  --"You think you can become a singer?" +.5
  ("Kashuni nareruto omou no ka?")
  [**-----*---?] +.5
15. "We gotta wear dresses here--but, I mean, am I sexy in this...?"
  --"You're a bit sexy" +.5
  ("Chotto iroppoi na")
  [----*----] +.5
16. "They don't sell my size when I go traveling...."
  --"They don't sell them anywhere?" +.5
  ("Dokonimo uttenai no ka?")
  [----*------?] +.5
17. "You zoom through the air, like zip, and whoosh--!!"
  --"Sounds fun!" +.5
  ("Tanoshisou da na")
  [*-----] +.5
18. "You ever experience that kind of thing?"
  --"Just once" +.5
  ("1do dake na")
  [1*---] +.5
19. "I learned my grandma's secrets from what ingredients to use to how to
      cook them!"
  --"I'm nore interested in going out with you" +.5
  ("Soreyori maikoto tsukiaitai")
  [----**-------] +.5
20. "You like enka?"
  --"Don't go there" +.5
  ("Sokoniwa fureru na")
  [----*---] +.5
21. "I'll make traditional a New Year's feast!"
  --"You can make that?" +.5
  ("Osechi nanka tsukureru no ka?")
  [------*----?] +.5
22. "Even still, I won't go"
  --"Problems with the family?" +.5
  ("Katei no jijou ka?")
  [**-**-?] +.5
23. "And life was kinda unbearable at home, so I started living alone...."
  --"It's not your fault." +.5
  ("Omae no sei ja nai")
  [----------] +.5
24. "But...I have nobody to give them to anymore...." (always after "After")
  --"You can make them for me!" +1.5
  ("Oreni tsukutterereba ii")
  [*-*---------] +1.5
  [**-*------] +.5

After Hours Date
  Le Marche:  0
  Sushi Gin:  Egg +.5
  Kanrai:  +.5

Escort Date
  Bowling:  +.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her
for a "real" date.  Meet her in front of the Club Sega on Nakamichi and then
she says she has a whole night planned.  First, YF6.  Then, bowling.  Then,
you'll enjoy her bentou!
  It doesn't matter how you fare at YF6 or bowling.
  When it comes time for the bentou, gang members show up and harrass you guys.
Beat them up.  She'll think it's cool, even if the bentou were destroyed.
  Then, it's hotel time.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle (no penalty)
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Chicken Basket +.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5, Dried Ray
  Fins -.5, Chocolates -.5 (!!!!??), Nothing -.5
Presents:  Italian Women's Watch +1.5, French Muffler +1.5

1.  "Making people laugh is a great talent, don't you think?"
  --"Well, wanna try 'manzai?' (humorous dialogues)" +.5
  ("Jaa manzai yattemiru ka?")
  [---**------?] +.5
2.  "Where would you profess your feelings?"
  --"Behind the schoolhouse" +.5
  ("Gakkou no kousha ura")
  [**-***-] +.5
3.  "If you compared yourself to an animal, which one would you choose?"
  --"A powerful gorilla" +.5
  ("Chikaramochi no gorira da na")
  [**-------] +.5
4.  "Know why I changed it up?"
  --"You were dumped by a guy?" +.5
  ("Otokoni furareta kara")
  [*-------] +.5
5.  "You got a favorite manga?"
  --"Not really" +.5
  ("Tokini nee na")
  [*----] +.5
6.  "Wanna look in a mirror and see?"
  --"Ah!  Honmaya~! (Kansai dialect for 'Oh--it's true!')" +.5
  ("Aa!  Honma ya~!")
  [--!----~] +.5
7.  "What do you do?"
  --"I'm in the movie industry" +.5
  ("Eiga kankei da")
  [****-] +.5
8.  "You like 'owarai' (Japanese gag comedies)?"
  --"I like 'em" +.5
  ("Suki da na")
  [*---] +.5
9.  "Is there some good way for me to let him down?"
  --"When that happens, call me" +.5
  ("Sorenara orewo yondara ii")
  [----*-*-----] +.5
10. "Buy me a drink?"
  --"Sure" +.5
  ("Aa ii ze")
  [-- ---] +.5
11. "He must've been pretty stressed out?"
  --"I've got a lot of stress, too" +.5
  ("Oremo tamatteiru")
  [*-*-----] +.5
12. "Isn't that scary?"
  --"It was probably a UFO" +.5
  [-------UFO--] +.5
13. "Cute girls are stupid"
  --"They're no match for you" +.5
  ("Junniwa kanawanee yo")
  [*--------] +.5
14. "I love its old-town feeling"
  --"The Tokyo Tower's enough for me" +.5
  ("Toukyou tawa-de juubun da")
  [**----**-] +.5
15. "I had a long-time customer take me"
  --"If you're there, it's probably great" +.5
  ("Junga deta hou ga moriagaru n ja nee ka")
  [*-*-*-*-*--------] +.5
16. "I think there's a lot of really nice people"
  --"It's just because it's you they treat that way" +.5
  ("Sorewa Jun da kara daro")
  [---*-----] +.5
17. "It's like, 'what the hell'--really makes me angry!"
  --"Your 'natural' look is good enough" or "Yeah, there's a lot of people over-
      doing makeup" both 0, avoid penalties
  ("Omae miteruto juubun kebai zo" or "Tashikani hadena garaga ooi na")
  [-**---**----] +0
  [----**-*-*--] +0
18. "When you take a bath, what do you wash first?"
  --"'Down there,' I guess" +.5
  ("Asoko ka na")
  [-----] +.5
19. "What sports do you like?"
  --"Boxing" +.5
  ("Bokushingu ka na")
  [-------] +.5
20. "What part do you think I like?"
  --"Adam's apple" +.5
  [*---] +.5
21. "Heh heh--you're worried, aren't you?"
  --"I have experience as a host, myself" +.5
  ("Oremo hosuto keikensha da")
  [*----***-] +.5
22. "Will you have me?"
  --"OK.  Let's get married straight away" +.5
  ("Wakatta Imasugu kekkon shiyou")
  [*--- *--**---] +.5
23. "Could you cuddle with me--just a bit?" (always after "After" date)
  --"Sure" +.5
  ("Aa ii ze")
  [-- ---] +.5

After Hours Date
  Zuboraya:  Tempura Pufferfish Course +.5
  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  +.5?
  Koumian:  +.5?

Escort Date
  Zuboraya:  Tempura Pufferfish +.5
  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  +.5?
  Le Marche:  Monogram Bag +1.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her
at Tsuruhashi.  Go up there and met her, then eat.  She likes anything at the
restaurant, so it doesn't matter what you order.
  She'll ask you to come meet someone.  It's a host, and apparently he proposed
to her--but he's with another woman!  She chases him away and thanks you for
everything...then, spends the night with you.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5
Food:  Assorted Fruit 0 (!), Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks -.5, Dried Ray
  Fins +.5, Pickles +.5
Present:  Lacquer Plate +1

1.  "Unlike a car, you can read the times"
  --"You ever been in a plane?" +.5
  ("Hikoukiwa notta kotoga aru no ka?")
  [***-*---------?] +.5
2.  "I eat it every day for breakfast"
  --"I eat it often, too" +.5
  ("Oremo yoku taberu na")
  [*---*---] +.5
3.  "But I'm not very good at gardening...."
  --"What kind of flowers do you grow?" +.5
  ("Donna hanawo sodateteru n da?")
  [---*-*------?] +.5
4.  "Have you ever been to Kyoto?"
  --"I have" +.5
  ("Kyoutoni itta kotoga aru")
  [**-*-------] +.5
5.  "What kind of music do you listen to?"
  --"Classical" +.5
  [-----] +.5
6.  "It's kind of unbelievable!"
  --"Have you ever had it?" or "Does it have to be a civet?" (+0, but avoids
7.  "I really don't know lots of stuff...."
  --"I'll teach you lots of things" +.5
  ("Orega iroiro oshiete yarou")
  [*-***-----] +.5
8.  "I have never dated anyone"
  --"Your parents are too protective" +.5
  ("Ryoushinwa yarisugi da")
  [**------] +.5
9.  "It's a habit I've been unable to break since I was a little kid"
  --"Use me in place of your stuffed animal" +.5
  ("Orega nuigurumi no kawarini naru zo")
  [*-------*------] +.5
10. "Have you ever been to the theater?"
  --"I guess if you can call a pole dance 'the theater'" +.5
  ("Po-rudansuto iu oshibai nara")
  [----------**--] +.5
11. "What do the young people watch these days?"
  --"Whatever's outside beyond the shop curtain" +.5
  ("Noren no sakini aru yatsu ka na")
  [**-*-------] +.5
12. "Is it really true?"
  --"Kantou's soba has dark-black broth" or "I didn't notice" +0 but avoid
  ("Kantou no soba no tsuyuwa makkuro da zo" or "Sonnani kini naranai")
  [**-------*-*--] +0
  [----*-----] +0
13. "I'm worried if I can handle it or not...."
  --"Wanna come live with me?" +.5
  [*-**-*-----?] +.5
14. "I messed up--I didn't want it to be too sweet, so I added a bunch of
  --"So long as you showed him your gratitude" +.5
  ("Kansha no kimochi dakewa tsutawaru sa")
  [**-**----*---] +.5
15. "I'm glad they chose me, but honestly, I dunno what to do...."
  --"Don't let this chance get away" +.5
  ("Kono chansuwo nigasu na")
  [-------*---] +.5
16. "I've been taking horseback riding since I was a child.  I'm quite good at
  --"Teach me horseback riding!" +.5
  ("Oreni joubawo oshiete kure")
  [*-**-*----] +.5
17. "It must be kind of strange, from a Tokyoite's perspective"
  --"We see it as the old capital" +.5
  ("Koto no iji tte yatsu da na")
  [**-**------] +.5
18. "I feel like I don't have to try so hard"
  --"Usually, kimonos are harder to wear" or "I want to see you in a kimono" +0
      but avoid penalties
  ("Fudanwa kimono no houga kibatteiruzo" or "Madoka no kimono sugata, Mite
      mitai na")
  [**-**-*-**-----] +0
  [----***,*-----] +0
19. "I'd really reommend autumn, with its turning leaves"
  --"I'd like to go see that" +.5
  ("Itte mitai na")
  [*------] +.5
20. "I feel kinda sad without them"
  --"Festivals are fun" +.5
  ("Matsuriwa tanoshii na")
  [*--*---] +.5
21. "It's like a beautiful view, or passion so deep it's overflowing"
  --"Flattery will get you nowhere" +.5
  ("Sonnani hometemo nanimo denai zo")
  [----*---*-*---] +.5
22. "I do oil paintings, even now"
  --"Still lifes?" or "Portraits?" +0 but avoids penalty
  ("Seibutsugaku ka?" or "Jinbutsugaku ka?")
  [***-?] +0
  [***-?] +0
23. "What's missing?"
  --"You don't have enough technique" +.5
  ("Tekunikkuga tarinai")
  [------*---] +.5
24. "Is it weird for a girl to have not dated by the age of 20?" (always after
      "After" date)
  --"You can always go out with me" +.5
  ("Oreto tsukiaeba ii")
  [*-*-*----] +.5

After Hours Date
  Le Marche:  ??
  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  Modern'yaki +.5
  Koumian:  Anything +.5

Escort Date
  Zuboraya:  Tenzen Pufferfish Course: +.5
  Koumian:  Anything +.5
  Le Marche:  French Muffler -.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, Madoka tells you she's got
something she'd like to discuss, but she doesn't want to do it there.  Go out-
side and wait for her text (it takes about a minute) and then go meet her at
Koumian.  Talk to her and she explains it's about her arranged marriage.
  Before you guys get too into it, suddenly, guys in black suits show up and try
to get you two appart.  Beat them.
  Her butler shows up and explains he was ordered to fetch her for her arranged
marriage by her father.  Kiryuu runs him off, and Madoka decides maybe she
should go have a chat with her parents.  Unfortunately, this means you have to
wait for her text message--but luckily, in Ryuuga Gotoku World, it only takes a
minute to do things like have meaningful conversations with your parents.
  Once you get the message, go meet her near Gandhara, then about a minute after
your fun, you'll get her picture message.

Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1.5, other champagnes +1, House Bottle -.5
Food:  Assorted Fruit +.5, Chicken Basket -.5, Vegetable Sticks +.5,
  Chocolates -.5
Presents:  Red Rose Bouquet +1, Li'l Bear +1

1.  "What do you think I did before coming to this place?"
  --"'Woman of the night...?'" +1.5
  ("Yoru no shigoto ka?")
  [-------?] +.5
  [*-**-?] +1.5
2.  "You ever go on a group date?"
  --"It depends on the girl" +.5
  ("Aite shidai da na")
  [****--] +.5
3.  "What kind do you think it was?"
  --"Reported to the police, eh?" +.5
  [**--] +.5
4.  "But...I was always getting yelled at by the choreography guy."
  --"Problems before dancing?" +.5
  [---**-**-?] +.5
5.  "The first print of my first photo collection was going for 25,000 yen."
  --"You're pretty popular!" +.5
  ("Yohodo ninki nan da na")
  [---**----] +.5
6.  "What kind of trips do you like to take?"
  --"I'll go anywhere, so long as I can take it easy." +1.5
  ("Nonbiri nara dokodemo")
  [----------] +1.5
7.  "After I figured out a certain thing, I've really grown to like it!"
  --"Did you use magic?" +1
  ("Mahoudemo tsukatta no ka?")
  [**--*----?] +1
8.  "I just wasn't good when it came to the recording sessions"
  --"Did you get claustrophobic?" +.5
  ("Heijokyoufusho na no ka?")
  [*****---?] +.5
9.  "I was running after it"
  --"I know how that feels" +.5
  ("Kimochiwa wakaru")
  [**-----] +.5
10. "What do you think he gave me?"
  --"A house?" +.5
  ("Ikkodate no ie")
  [***--*] +.5
11. "You feel kinda distant...."
  --"You're being self-conscious" +.5
  ("Jiishikikajou da")
  [*****-] +.5
12. "What do you think?"
  --"I bet you'd look great with 'em off" +.5
  ("Nuguto sugoi")
  [*-----] +.5
13. "Can I count on you, if I get another interview?"
  --"Not interested." +.5
  ("Kyoumiga nai")
  [**---] +.5
14. "You know what was the secret to my success at becoming an idol?"
  --"Support from your family" +.5
  ("Kazokuga ouen shita")
  [**-**--] +.5
15. "What kind do you like?"
  --"Nurse outfits" +.5
  ("Na-sufuku da na")
  [---*--] +.5
16. "Did you have any dreams when you were a child?"
  --"I wanted to become a superhero...." +.5
  ("Henshin hi-ro-ni...")
  [**-----...] +.5
17. "What kind of television drama do you like?"
  --"Love stories" +.5
  ("Ren'ai dorama")
  [**---] +.5
18. "What, specifically, attracts you?"
  --"Fingers" +.5
  [*] +.5
19. "Why did you choose me here?"
  --"You looked beautiful" +.5
  ("Hanaga atta kara")
  [*------] +.5
20. "Guess I'll always be single, since I can't even cook"
  --"Let's get married--tomorrow" +.5
  ("Kekkon shiyou, ashita")
  [**---,**] +.5
21. "Haven't you ever written a fan letter or anything?"
  --"I have" +.5
  [--] +.5
22. "It's short for 'assembled' and 'collage.' ("aikora"--photoshopped sex
  --"Don't worry about it" +.5
  ("Kini suru na")
  [*----] +.5
23. "What should I do...?" (always after "After" date)
  --"Go out with me for one whole night" +.5
  ("Oreto ichiban tsukiae")
  [*-***-*-] +.5

After Hours Date
  Zuboraya:  Any +.5
  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  Yakisoba +.5
  Koumian:  -.5

Escort Date
  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  Yakisoba +.5
  Koumian:  -.5
  Le Marche:  Italian Muffler +1.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, she'll ask you to meet her
at Don Quijote.  As you head up there, you'll get an e-mail to your phone from
her, saying she's in trouble and needs you to save her from her stalker up on
the north bank of the Soutenbori River.  Go, fight off her stalker, and then
she'll get all lovey-dovey for such a big, strong man.  A minute later, her
picture text should arrive.

NOTE:  After all 9 other girls' stories have been completed, Nana will show up
  at the bottom of the list at Prime.  You actually have to scroll down, though,
  as it only shows three girls.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ROMANCE NANA UNTIL YOU HAVE
  AT LEAST 10 MILLION YEN (yes, it is possible to amass that much on the first
  play through, even without gambling).  If you start her side mission and you
  can't pay 10 million yen to get her out of debt, her mission will be marked
  "finished" instead of "completed."
Drinks:  Champagne Gold +1, other champagnes +.5, House Bottle -.5
Food:  Assorted Fruit +1, Dried Ray Fins -.5, Pickles -.5
Presents:  Fried Octopus Balls +.5?

1.  "When I go on trips, my world gets bigger"
  --"I wanna go on a trip with you sometime" +.5
  ("Oremo isshoni tabi shite mitai na")
  [*-**-*------] +.5
2.  "Tell me, what kind of girl is a good cabaret club girl to you?"
  --"A girl who is entirely attentive" +.5
  ("Sumuzumimade kiku ko")
  [**--*-*-*] +.5
3.  "If I can do it, I'd like to make the greatest cabaret club in Japan"
  --"I'm sure you can do it" +.5
  ("Nana nara kitto dekiru sa")
  [-------**--] +.5
4.  "I looove pro wrestling!"
  --"It's extreme entertainment" +.5
  ("Kyuukyoku no enta-teinmento da na")
  [**-------------] +.5
5.  "I'm truly glad to be back at this place!"
  --"You're so popular" +.5
  ("Ninki aru n da na")
  [**-----] +.5
6.  "Know any way to deal with it?"
  --"Eat more fiber" +.5
  ("Shokumotsusen'iwo toreba ii")
  [****------] +.5
7.  "Is something wrong?"
  --"You've got lovely eyes" or "How much is the bill, I wonder" then "Yeah,
      OK!" +.5
  [---*-------] +.5
  [-**-----] + next
  [-- -----] +.5
8.  "Out of all the presents I've gotten, you know which one made me the hap-
  --"A home-made bentou box lunch" +.5
  ("Tezukuri bentou")
  [**-**] +.5
9.  "Here's a hint:  it's irreplaceable!"
  --"Your friends' smiling faces" +.5
  ("Nakama no egao")
  [**-**] +.5
10. "What sort of outfit do you wear?"
  --"I'm always dressed like this" +.5
  ("Itsumo kono kakkou da na")
  [-----**--] +.5
11. "Tell me about your school days"
  --"I was always getting in fistfights with friends" +.5
  ("Takusan no otomodachito kenka shita")
  [------**------] +.5
12. "If you made a wish at the Billiken statues, what'd you wish for?"
  --"I'd wish to be popular with the girls" +.5
  ("Onnani motemoteni narimasu youni")
  [*-------------] +.5
13. "What was your first impression, when you first saw me?"
  --"Wow, what big knockers!" +.5
  ("Oppai deke-")
  [-------] +.5
14. "What do you think is a man's best asset?"
  --"Bravery is everything, though, innit?" +.5
  ("Yappari dokyouga subete ja nai ka?")
  [----**-*------?] +.5
15. "Well, it works, so...."
  --"You want me to give you a nice massage?" +.5
  ("Orega yasashiku massa-ji shiyou ka?")
  [*--------------?] +.5
16. "You ever completely won a girl over before?"
  --"Well, in a way" +.5
  ("Maa sorenarini na")
  [--------] +.5
17. "I know they make you fat, but I just can't give 'em up!"
  --"I love 'em, too" then "Have what you'd like!" +.5 (orders fruit assortment)
  ("Oremo daisuki da na" then "Sukina yatsuwo kue")
  [*-**---] + next
  [*-----*-] +.5
18. "Isn't that a funny story?"
  --"Well if that's true, let me help advance your career a bit, too!" +.5
  ("Dattara oremo shusse sasete kure")
  [----*-**-----] +.5
19. "You've gotten into your share of messes, haven't you?"
  --"I've lost my youth" +.5
  ("Seishunwo ushinatta")
  [**-*--] +.5
20. "Why don't you try it, if you get tired?"
  --"Won't I die if I hit that?" +.5
  ("Sonna no utte shinanai no ka?")
  [----*--*-----?] +.5
21. "I think half my body is made of fried octopus!"
  --"Is that why I smell that sauce?" +.5
  ("Dakara so-su nioi no ka?")
  [------*---?] +.5
22. "I wanna live there, if I ever get the chance!"
  --"I like that town, too." +.5
  ("Oremo ano machiga suki da na")
  [*---*-*---] +.5
23. "If you ask about the past, I'll answer"
  --"I won't ask about the past" +.5
  ("Kakoni tsuitewa towanai")
  [**-----*---] +.5
24. "Tell me--please!" (always after "After" date")
  --"I think I'd like to make you my girl" +.5
  ("Ore no onnani shitaito omotteiru")
  [*-*-----*----] +.5

After Hours Date
Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu:  +.5
Koumian:  +.5

Escort Date
Zuboraya:  +.5

After dating her twice and getting her to 10 hearts, you'll get a promise to
meet up somewhere for a "real" date.  After a bit, however, you'll get a
text saying that she can't meet with you, after all.  On the western part of
Shoufuku (the north-south street with the Riichi Mahjong Parlor on it), a guy
will run up and tell you that he saw Nana with some famous guy in the Saionji
family (a powerful, famous family in Japan).
  Go south from there and an old lady will tell you she saw Nana, and you'll
also hear about Nana's 10 million yen debt.  Run towards Gandhara and you should
see them standing around there.  Talk to them and offer to pay Nana's debt.  Of
course, Nana repays you with some hotel action.  Hm.

5c.  Running the Cabaret Club

This side game/mission/whatever is interesting and fun on one hand, then annoy-
ing on the other.
  Going to the eastern end of Shichifuku, east of the parking lot on the north
side of the street, there's a guy getting harrassed by some yakuza.  Of course,
save him and beat them up.  Apparently, he has to leave town because of sick-
ness in the family or some such thing, so he asks you to take over the manage-
ment of his cabaret club, Marietta, while he's gone.  After you choose to do so,
Marietta will show up as a green dot on your radar.
  Your goal is to make money, of course.  To do that, you'll need to maintain
the happiness (just like the "tension" meters of cabaret club girls) of the
girls, to hire ones when staffing is needed, and to make the interior of the
club match the clientele.
  To do so, you'll mostly be going into the back room and talking to the club's
manager (you're really an acting owner; although you're managing often, there is
a manager present to see to the affairs of the place and to handle the account-
ing), Masashi.  He'll ask you if you want to meet with the girls, at which time
you can either talk to them (but this only works once in a while) or give them
presents or bonuses, just to keep their "tensions" high, or if you wanna manage
the interior of the place--either by purchasing new items for the interior or
by changing which ones you put in place from a list of the ones you already own.
  What's annoying about that?  Well, after you change the settings, you can't
even go back into the office until the "day" is over.  This takes some time--
usually 3 minutes or so, and you just literally have to wait.  I suppose if
you get bored, you can continue the story, but I wouldn't advise it too much.
It's better to just get this over and done with.  NOTE THAT "TIME" STOPS WHEN
important because it means you basically need to jam yourself into a corner
and rub against something to keep time flowing.  You can do this with a rubber-
band on the left stick.  The final fight will come some 6 minutes or so after
the settings are perfect, and then the very final event comes some 3 hours(!)
after that.  You can let the game run and do other stuff, with Kiryuu jammed
in a corner, or you can advance the story at this point.
  There are a few things to keep in mind.  First of all, there are usually only
two different items available in each category for the interior (wallpaper,
paintings, sofas, tables, etc).  You'll usually want to buy the more expensive,
then go into the different menu option to assign it.  There are two different
options for talking to the girls:  to praise them or to lecture them.  You'll
notice that those disappear for a day or two after you've already tried them,
but it is the least expensive way to raise their tension meters.  If that fails,
give them a gift.  If you just want a little boost (and you wanna be thrifty),
give them the "Hot Iemon" item.  If you need a large boost, give them the
"Pink Lily Bouquet" or "French Muffler" items.  Unfortunately, you'll have to
actually spend your own money on the presents, and you'll need to have them in
your inventory at the time.  So, don't go to the club empty-handed!
  To be 100% honest, the club's interior is a little more important.  You should
keep the girls above 75% or so, but you don't necessarily need them at 100%.
You'll see once you get started, but basically, everything depends on decor and
making sure your menu is set correctly.  You'll notice that there are two menu
options when talking to Masashi about the menu, and for some reason, for the
first layout, they start out completely wrong, so make sure you fix those.  I'm
sorry to those who can't speak any Japanese; this is probably all going to be
pretty hard unless you can navigate the menus!
  So, after everyone explains stuff to you, they'll tell you that they really
need new girls.  From now on, whenever you see attractive girls standing around
with a green arrow over them, Kiryuu can approach them and try to get them to
work for Marietta.  Of course, they mostly decline--you only need to worry
about the ones I'll list.
  The first girl is "Ran."  You'll find her at Theater Square.  All you'll need
to do is talk to these girls and they'll join, except for Sakura, who wants you
to lend her 100,000 yen.
  Here's a list of the girls:

Chinatsu          (N/A)           (N/A)
Miho              (N/A)           (N/A)
Rika              (N/A) (quits)   (N/A)
Ran             1st "day"        Theater Square
Akira           After Rika quits Champion (North)
Mayu            After Rika quits Champion (South)
Hanako          After Rika quits Nakamichi (middle)
Sakura          3rd floor plan   Senryou (100,000yen)
Aoi             3rd floor plan   Near Love In Heart
Yuri            Final event      In front of Lilith
                                 (on Suppon, the alley north of Serena)

  And now, here's a list of the back-room options:

1. STATUS - View the current status
  15,000 - 30,000 yen
  10,000 - 15,000 yen
  8,000 - 10,000 yen
  5,000 - 8,000 yen
  2,000 - 5,000 yen
  Fine, VIP Menu
  Fine Menu
  Cheap, casual dining
  Very cheap menu

  And here's the "meeting" menu, once you've selected a girl:

1. STATUS (hear her babble about the job)

Rate:  8,000 - 10,000
Menu:  Cheap, causual dining
  Sofas:  Leather Sofa (white)
  Tables:  Marble Table (white)
  Lights:  Antique
  Wallpaper:  Black
  Painting:  Countryside Landscape
  Floors:  Animal

Here is how to deal with the girls, if you can use praise/lecture in your
meeting (it only lets you do it once every two meetings):

Chinatsu: Praise
Miho: Praise
Rika: Lecture
Ran: Lecture

Once you start making a lot of money, you'll get a call to come back to the
club and resolve a dispute between two of the girls.  They're arguing over a
French Muffler.  So, buy an Italian Muffler before you come by, then go into the
locker room and hand it over.
  After that, Masashi will probably just tell you that things look alright to
him in the office.  When he does, talk to the other manager and he'll say that
the seats are all full and he can sell the place and get a new one.  So, go
ahead and do that, but beware--you'll need to redo its layout.

Rate:  8,000 - 10,000
Menu:  Cheap, casual dining
  Sofas:  Leather Sofa (black)
  Tables:  Marble Table (blue) or Antique
  Lights:  Vintage
  Wallpaper:  Gothic
  Plants:  Benjamins
  Paintings:  Illusions Painting
  Floors:  Rose

Here is how to deal with the girls, if you can use praise/lecture in your
meeting (it only lets you do it once every two meetings):

Chinatsu: Praise
Miho: Praise
Rika: Lecture
Ran: No effect
Akira: Lecture
Mayu: Praise
Hanako: No effect

Unfortunately, for the second floor plan, you'll suddenly get a call to come
back to the club, and yakuza will be harrassing poor Rika.  Beat them up, but
Rika will still quit anyway.  That means you'll have to recruit some people
(see the chart above).  If you continue the main story at this point instead of
just finishing this up, you may see Hanako floating around at the parking lot of
the Toujou Association's base.  DO NOT INTERACT WITH HANAKO THERE.  Doing so
will make you unable to complete the story.
  Anyway, once everything's all well and good, and you've got enough of the
furniture all set up, you'll get a call to come back to the office and talk to
Masashi.  It seems one of the waiters (named Akira--just like the cabaret club
girl you employ) stole 5,000,000 yen.  That's funny; you probably don't even
have that much.  Anyway, talk to the girl standing in the middle of the club and
you'll hear about him and how he's probably run off to the little alley north of
the Ebisuya Pawn Shop.
  Sure enough, there he is.  He's being extorted by some useless gang.  So, beat
'em up!  After a while, Masashi will tell you that you're making enough money
and if you talk to the other guy, you'll be able to get to the third (and final)
floor plan.

Rate:  15,000 - 30,000
Menu:  Fine, VIP menu
  Sofas:  Snake Sofa
  Tables:  Modern Table (brown) or Marble Table (white)
  Chandelier:  Vintage Chandelier
  Lights:  Crystal
  Wallpaper:  Gold
  Plants:  Gypsophilia
  Paintings:  Seacliff Painting
  Floors:  Tile (white)

Here is how to deal with the girls, if you can use praise/lecture in your
meeting (it only lets you do it once every two meetings):

Chinatsu: Praise
Miho: Praise
Ran: Praise
Akira: Lecture
Mayu: Praise
Hanako: No effect
Sakura: Lecture or Praise (one will work, one will fail...it's a chance thing?)
Aoi: Praise

This layout is annoying because suddenly, after layouts that usually took only
one or two "days" to accrue enough money to fix up properly, it's gonna take
you quite a long time to afford all the very expensive decorations you need.
  First of all, recruit the two girls listed in the chart above.  Then, manage
the place until you have enough money to trigger the event.  Unlike the other
layouts, you will need to not only get to the max amount of money per night, but
YOU WILL NEED ALL GIRLS' GAUGES MAXED OUT.  If you get the layout perfect and
then make sure all girls have the maximum amount for their meters, you should
trigger the event.
  Masashi will call you and tell you that your No. 1, Chinatsu, has been stolen
away from you by the club, Lilith.  Those jerks!
  Head on over there.  Lilith is in that little alley running off to the west of
Tenka'ichi, just north of the little alley behind Serena.
  When you get there, you'll see Lilith's No. 1 girl standing around.  Talk to
her and she'll go over to Marietta's staff.
  Well, that's all good and all, but your happiness will be short-lived.  After
Masashi tells you everything's OK, sometime later, you'll get a call to come
back.  Lilith's owner is there, tearing up the place.
  So, beat him up!
  Unfortunately, the place is so messed up, that they decide to close down.  Oh,
well.  The club's original owner was about to come back, too!
  This part sometimes takes forever.  If you try to go back into Marietta, it'll
say something about it being closed.  After some time, you can go back in.  You
won't get any calls from Masashi or anything; you'll just notice that the lights
are on and go in.  Unfortunately, it really doe take a long time, so, if there
were ever a time to just go back to the main story for a while, this is it.  I
believe there may be a time passage requirement, but I'm not quite sure how long
it is.  Maybe hours?  If you are in the story mode and progress to the next
chapter, that will usually do it.  In fact, if you are in story mode, I believe
you MUST progress to the next chapter (sorry, for those of you trying to get
all the experience you can in Chapter 5!).  If you come back in Chapter 6 and
Sayama is with you, don't worry--nothing happens if you go into adult enter-
tainment shops with her in tow, even if Kiryuu's like "Oh man, what should I
do?--Sayama's with me!"  She doesn't, like, decide to hate you and end the game,
or whatever.
  When you go in, the whole staff is there and the place looks great.  Oh, darn;
they were gonna surprise you!  The owner comes back, too, and is so impressed,
he gives you a suit.  Wow.

5d.  Being a Host

At first, this didn't sound like anything I'd ever be interested in.  However, I
have to admit that as I tried it, it was worth it to see comical antics.  Kiryuu
has to act *way* out of character, and it's actually really hilarious.
  Here's the basic run-down:  a club owner is treating his hosts unfairly up in
the Hotel District.  If you go up there, you'll run into one of said hosts,
Makoto (it's probably not his real name--hosts and cabaret club girls usually
have working names like strippers do).  He'll tell you about this club, called
Adam, and how something fishy's going on and he figures only you could infil-
trate and become the No. 1 Host there, then set everything right.  Choose the
top selection to continue the story, and Adam will appear on your map as a
green dot (similar to the way Marietta appears for its mission).
  Go inside and talk to the guy at the front.  He'll figure you're there to be-
come a host and send you in the back for an interview.  The manager of the club
is named Kagami.  He'll ask you a lot of questions and he gives pretty dis-
approving remarks to each of your answers, so it really doesn't matter how you
respond.  After the interview, he'll hire you, then ask you to go and act as a
catch and bring at least three guests to the club.
  You'll also hear about the champagne call, which is similar to those annoying
things restaurant employees have to go through where they act all excited over
something like a customer's birthday.  When a customer orders an expensive brand
of champagne, you'll all come and say "thank you" in an annoying...well, "song"
doesn't seem the right word.  You'll see.
  Anyway, off to your task at hand.  There are three girls hanging about nearby
who could go to the club--and a few who can't because they're underaged or have
no interest.  The first one hangs out right near the M Store to the southwest.
When you talk to her, she'll ask if you're hitting on her.  Say "yes," which is
the first? choice.  She'll figure it out.  Tell her it's the first time you've
done this, and she'll agree to try Adam out.  You'll automatically take her
  The second one is down south and a little to the west, across Shichifuku.  She
asks you where Stardust is.  Tell her ther'es a better club than that and you'll
automatically take her to Adam.
  The third one is way down past Jidou Park, standing right near it somewhere.
Talk to her and she'll go without discussion.
  You'll get paid and a little experience for that---and a little praise from
Kagami, to boot.  Now, here's the frustrating part--a similar problem to the
management of Marietta--you have to wait.  The next "day" is really just a few
minutes of waiting away, but it feels like a long time.  Don't despair; running
around the town, you'll get the call to come back to work eventually.
  The second night, you're doing what's called "help."  Here, you're going to
sit in on a conversation with a host and his client and add to the conversation.
You'll be assigned to Takaya's table.  Takaya is the current "Number One."  He
also has this amazingly fake laugh, really fake-looking feigned surprise, and a
hilarious fake smile.  Seriously, I hate when I see this smile from someone.
You'll probably want to smash him in the face.
  The game plays pretty much the same as when you're on the other side of the
table in a cabaret club.  You'll converse a while, and then you'll be prompted
to respond in some way or another.  Depending on what you say, you'll either get
an addition to the "tension" meter (those hearts on the top of the screen) or it
will decrease a little.  They'll stop to take drinks and to decide whether or
not to continue the evening.  You'll want them to buy expensive drinks and to
continue, but they won't buy the expensive drinks at first.  Your goal here is
to get them over a certain quota, which is pretty much what they spend on
  Unfortunately, just like the cabaret club girls, these responses and questions
will be for the Japanese version only.  Also, I don't have the entire conver-
sations, so if the translation is weird, it's because I don't remember what they
were talking about (sorry!).  Hopefully, this will help someone!

Normal questions:
1.  "Your ears are pretty"
  --"Can I touch your earlobes?" +.5
  ("Mimitabu sawattemo ii desuka?")
  [*--*--------?] +.5
2.  "My stomach hurts"
  --"Do you want me to get some medicine?"
  ("Kusuri motte kimashouka?) +1.5
  [**--*-----?] +1.5
3.  "Can I rest my head in your lap?"
  --"What a good friend." +1.5
  ("Ii naka desune.")
  [--*----] +1.5
4.  "Who's that?"
  --"It's me."
  ("Sorewa ore desu.") +1
  [---*--] +1
5.  "A present should fit your mood."
  --"Price has nothing to do with it."
  ("Nedan nante kankei nai desuyone.") +1.5
  [**---**------] +1.5
6.  "What day is it today?"
  --"What an excellent memory." +1.5
  ("Kiokuryoku batsugun desune.")
  [****----] +1.5
  [***----**---] +.5
7.  "I think you have a relaxing aura"
  --"Come to think of it, his nosehairs are showing" +1
  ("Tsuideni hanagemo detemasu yo ne")
  [-------*-----] +.5
  [----**-*-----] +1
8.  "You have this air unlike any other girl"
  --"It's like man-bewitching phereomones" +.5
  ("Otokowo miryousuru feromon no you na ne")
  [*-**------------] +.5
9.  "Show me something manly!"
  --"Please give me something cheap."
  ("Oyasui goyou desuyo.") +.5
  [-*-**---] +.5
10. "I was scouted"
  --"What a horrible thing to do" +1
  ("Mottainai koto shita na~")
  [**-------~] +1
11. "I come from far away"
  --"So, that's all we found out about you."
  ("Soredake ninchousareta wake desuyone)
  [----**---*----] +1.5
12. "What was my profession before this?"
   --"You were a teacher; am I right?" +1.5
  ("Sensei desho?")
  [**---?] +1.5
13. "What do you do, Kazuma?"
  "I do volunteer work." +.5
  ("Borantia katsudou shitemasu")
  [------**----] +.5
14. "I've gotta lose weight"
  --"But, you're already so cute just as you are now!" +1.5
  ("Ima no mamade juubun kawaiinoni")
  [*----**------] +1.5
15. "Have you ever cheated on your lover?"
  --"It's our culture (as hosts) to cheat." +.5
  ("Uwakiwa bunka desu ne")
  [**-**---] +.5
16. "You should be more composed"
  --"It's because of your beauty, Ms. Iori." +1.5
  ("Iorisan no utsukushisa ga gen'in desu")
  [------*---**--] +1.5
17. "Are you OK with my age?"
  --"It's what's inside that counts."  +1
  ("Kekkyokuwa nakami des yo ne")
  [**-**----] +1
18. "Takaya didn't even look at me"
  --"He's as blind as a mole, you see." +1
  ("Kono jinshiryokuga mokura nami desu kara")
  [--***----*----] +1
19. "You'll come to our event, right?"
  --"Could it be, plans with your boyfriend?" +1
  ("Moshikashite karashito yakusoku?")
  [-----**-**?] +1

I:  "What should I order"
  --"We've got Champagne White on ice." +.5
  ("Shampan Shiro hietemasuyo") +.5
  [-----**-----] +.5
II:  "I need to wet my throat"
  --"Let's get the champagne 'O-Rei.'" +.5  (champagne call)
  ("Orei to iu na no shampan ikimashou")
  [**---*------------] +.5

If you succeed in getting her to order the gold champagne, you'll see Kiryuu's
champagne call.  It's pretty hilarious to see him do it, but be warned that
you'll see this same thing a couple more times with different people and it may
be a little dull.
  After your help, you'll get paid, and then sent on your way.  Now, you have to
wait again for the next call to duty, so to speak.
  Once Kagami's called again, report for your shift.  You're actually going to
be a host this time--not the help, not a scout, but the host.  Your "target" is
Akko.  Kagami sizes her up and tells you all you have to do is look at her and
she'll swoon.

Normal questions:
1.  "Why did I start coming to host clubs"
  --"You wanted to see sexy hosts, right?" +1
  ("Ikemen hosuto ga meate desune")
  [--------**----] +1
2.  "Your favorite type of girl?"
  --"An intellectual with a sense for moods." +1.5
  ("Chitekide ba no kuukiga yomeru hitokana")
  [**-*-**-*--*--] +1.5
3.  "I never had a problem with clothing size"
  --"Can I hold you a bit?" +1
  ("Chotto dakishimetemo ii desuka?")
  [----*----------?] +1
4.  "Isn't that a little scary?"
  --"I'm here; there's no need to worry." +.5
  ("Orega iru kara shinpai irimasen yo")
  [*-----**------] +.5
5.  "You've got a nice back"
  --"There's a lot of nail scratchmarks on it." +1
  ("Ironna tsumiato ga nokottemasu kara")
  [*--*---*------] +1
  [*-**-*-----] +.5
6.  "(Hmm, better change the subject)"
  --"You've got good fashion sense" +.5
  ("Ii fuku no sensu sitemasune")
  [--*---------] +.5
7.  "A sign he's cheating?"
  --"He won't part with his cell phone" +1
  ("Keitaiwo hanasanai")
  [**-*---] +1
8.  "What kind of movies do you like?"
  --"I love suspense movies, too." +1
  ("Oremo sasupensuga daisuki desu")
  [*-------**---] +1
9.  "I can't say 'no'"
  --"If you want to say 'no,' say 'no.'" +.5
  ("Kotowaru tokiwa chanto kotowarimashou")
  [*--------*-----] +.5
10. "I make time for myself"
  --"Please, use that time for me." +1.5
  ("Sono jikanwo ore no tameni tsukattekudasai")
  [--**-*----*------] +1.5
11. "My place's too big for me"
  --"Will you give me a nighttime show, too?" +.5
  ("Orenimo yakeiwo misetekuremasenka?")
  [*--**-*--------?] +.5
12. "I'm a day trader"
  --"If you invest in me, you'll prosper."
  ("Oreni toushi shitekureta houga moukarimasuyo") +1
  [-*--**-*---?] +.5
  [*-**--*-*-----] +1
13. "Do you drink?"
  --"I can drink a lot." +.5
  ("Nanpaidemo nomemasu yo")
  [**--*----] +.5
14. "Is this your first time as a host?"
  --"Yes, but, I'm sure I can become #1." +1
  ("Demo ore, No.1ni naru jishin arimasu")
  [--*,No.1---**----] +1
15. "Come on, come on--it's business!"
  --"Come on, come on--just get a bottle!" +1.5
  ("Gotagota iwazuni botoru irero!")
  [----*------*--!] +1.5
16. "Which guests are you glad to have?"
  --"The kind who understand this is an adult game." +.5
  ("Otona no asobiga wakatteru hitokana")
  [**-*--*----*--] +.5
17. "It's like a Host Grandprix"
  --"I'm glad just to have you, Akko." +1
  ("Orega Akkosan dakede ii desu")
  [*--------------] +1
18. "None of the guys at work have ever asked me out."
  --"Well then, let me ask you out." +1
  ("Jaa, orega sasoimasu")
  [---*-*---] +1
19. "This isn't really one of my hobbies."
  --"Do you want to go on a with me next time?" +1
  ("Kondo ore to de-to shimasen?")
  [***---------?] +1
20. "You're staring at my face--something wrong?"
  --"That's the kind of face I like" +1
  ("Ore konomi no kao nande)
  [**--*---] +1

I. "I'm thirsty from talking so much"
  --"A nice champagne suits you." +.5
  ("Shampanga niattemasuyo")
  [------**-----] +.5
II. "What should I drink?"
  --"I wanna see you drunk" +.5 (champagne call)
  ("Akkosan no yotta sugata mitai na")
  [------*--*----] +.5

If you succeed, you'll go on a date after hours to Kanrai.  Kagami will warn you
not to touch the girls, even on dates after hours.  So, go to Kanrai and wait
for Akko, then eat what you will on her dime.  She'll say she really likes you.
  Well, now, you'll have to wait some more.  There are three more "dates" for
you to have.
  After you get the call and come back to Adam, Kagami will tell you it's your
chance now--it's Takaya's day off.  He does caution, however, to be wary of
  On such a night, who should appear but one of Takaya's clients, Iori (the girl
you first saw in the 'helping Takaya' section).  Now's really your chance; you
can steal a client away from the No. 1 Host.

Normal questions:
1.  "I wanna get married and have you all to myself"
  --"We can't like this!" +.5
  ("Ima no mama dewa muri desu ne")
  [*-----**---] +.5
2.  "I'm confused"
  --"You should really just go home." +1.5
  ("Sunaoni kaetta houga ii")
  [**-*--*---] +1.5
3.  "That's horrible"
  --"A persecution complex is horrible, too" +1
  ("Higaimousoumo hanahadashii desuyo")
  [*****-*------] +1
4.  "Your dreams"
  "I want to be your husband." +1
  ("Iori no danna desu")
  [----**--] +1
5.  "Do you cheat?"
  --"It depends on the timing and the situation" +1.5
  ("Toki to baaini yorimasune")
  [*-**------] +1.5
6.  "What will you do on Christmas?"
  --"Depends on if I have a girlfriend" +.5
  ("Kanojo shidai desune")
  [****---] +.5
7.  "Something's different"
  --"I guess I just didn't notice." +1
  ("Kini naranaikana")
  [*-------] +1
8.  "What kind of style do you like?"
  --"It depends on the person." +1
  ("Hitonimo yorimasune")
  [*-------] +1
9.  "What kind of sushi do you like?"
  --"Kappa rolls (cucumber)." +.5
  [---*-] +.5
10. "What kind of car do you like?"
  --"A bright red sports car." +.5
  ("Makkana supo-tsu ka-")
  [*-*-------] +.5
11. "I've changed the person I'm visiting here!"
  --"Will keep it changed from now on?" +.5
  ("Souyatte korokoro kaerun desuka?")
  [---------*------?] +.5
12. "What do you wear to bed?"
  --"It depends on what I was doing that day." +.5
  ("Sono hini yorimasuyone")
  [--*------] +.5
13. "When did you first fall in love?"
  --"I don't really remember." +.5
  [*------] +.5
14. "Could you help relieve my stress?"
  --"Haven't I been attentive enough?" +1
  ("Ore no sekkyakuwa fuman desuka?")
  [*-**-**---?] +1
15. "You don't want me to get fat, right?"
  --"I suppose there's a certain limit" +.5
  ("Gendoni yorimasune")
  [**------] +.5
16. "Let's drink together"
  --"I will, if it's champagne." +.5
  ("Shampan nara nomemasu")
  [-------*---] +.5
17. "It's a good look, right?"
  --"I like girls with short hair" +.5
  ("Sho-to no koga suki dana")
  [-----*-*---] +.5
18. "Are you the kind who yells at that?"
  --"I'm neither." +.5
  ("Dochiramo kankei arimasen")
  [----**-----] +.5
19. "Will you come by my shop?"
  --"I'd love to--but not for business."  +1.5
  ("Eigyoude nakereba ureshii desu ga")
  [**------------] +1.5
20. "What do you do on your days of?"
  "I hang out with friends."
  ("Tomodachito issho desu ne")
  [**-**---] +.5

I. "Aren't you thirsty?"
  --"Please, prove your feelings for me" +1.5
  ("Orehe no omoiwo shomei shite kudasai")
  [*--*--**------] +1.5
  [*-**-*----] +.5
II. "I'm abnormally thirsty"
  --"Let's get more lost in our friendship's dawn" +1 (champagne call)
  ("Motto futarino shinboku wo fukamemashou")
  [---2*-**-*-----] +1

If you succeed in meeting her quota, she'll want to meet at Sushi Gin.  It's the
same drill as with Akko.
  Now, there's a high-paying, regular customer who shows up.  She's a little
picky, but Kagami always offers promising new hosts to her.  After you wait and
get the call, go to Adam to meet her.
  She's...well, I don't know a way to delicately put it.  Maybe you should just
meet her yourself.

1.  "What if I just dropped a million here?"
  --"You'd get my warm embrace" +1
  ("Ore no atsui houyou desu ne")
  [*-*-**---] +1
2.  "It's best to be tough"
  --"I wouldn't be able to seduce you that way." +.5
  ("Soredewa kudokemasenyo")
  [----**-----] +.5
3.  "Why do you do this for me?"
  --"Next time, just let yourself go and stop thinking about it" +1
  ("Konkaiwa kizukazu sudoori")
  [**-**--**-] +1
  [**-*-*--**] +.5
4.  "I know you think I'm some old hag...*crying*"
  --"Tears don't become you." +1.5
  ("Namidawa niaimasenyo")
  [*-**-----] +1.5
5.  "You look like a man I dated 5 years ago"
  --"Then, would you date me, instead?" +.5
  ("Jaa, kawarini oreto tsukiaimasenka")
  [---*---*-*-*-----?] +.5
6.  "What are your hobbies?"
  "Golf." +.5
  [-----] +.5
7.  "Do you need an allowance?"
  --"Well, then, please keep asking for me here." +1
  ("Sorenara orewo shimei shitsuzuketekudasai")
  [----*-**-*------] +1
8.  "Try me!"
  --"That's a technique that would break any man!" +.5
  ("Otokowo honenukini suru technique")
  [*-**-----------] +.5
9.  "I've had a lot of guys propose"
  --"Can I propose, too?" +.5
  ("Oremo puropo-zu dekimasuka?")
  [*-----------?] +.5
10. "Should I introduce you as a 'host?'"
  --"You couldn't call me a 'lover?'" +1.5
  ("Koibitode ii janai desuka?")
  [**----------] +1.5
11. "I'd like to sleep with you, just once"
  --"I'll curl up with you warmly." +.5
  ("Orega yasashiku tsutsumikomimasuyo")
  [*-*--*-*----] +.5
12. "I had 2 million stolen"
  --"I'm just glad you're alright." +1
  ("Bujide naniyori desuyo")
  [**-*----] +1
13. "What do they look at when they say that?"
  --"Your unwanted hair's disposal" +.5
  ("Mudage no shouri desu")
  [--*-**--] +.5
14. "I'll make a lover's contract for cars, houses--everything and anything"
  --"We don't need a contract." +.5
  ("Keiyaku nante hitsuyou arimasen")
  [**---**-----] +.5
15. "What's a fine point in a woman?"
  --"Her compatability" +.5
  ("Iroirona ishide aishou deshou ka")
  [**-**--**----] +.5
16. "I got a lot of money, so I got a lot of men come after me"
  --"You got eyes on men, too, right?" +.5
  ("Otokowo miru mega arimasune")
  [*-*-*------] +.5
17. "I look forward to spending a lot on you"
  --"I'll let you get your fill after we leave the club, too" +.5
  ("Misedeta atomo manzoku sasemasu")
  [**-*-**----] +.5
18. "If you took me on a date"
  --"I'd get us a suite in a hotel." +1.5
  ("Hoteru no sui-to ru-mu")
  [-----------] +1.5
19. "I feel like it's fate"
  --"You make your own fate." +1.5
  ("Unmeiwa jibunde kiriaku mono desu yo ne")
  [**-**-*-*-------] +1.5
20. "How much to take you out for a night?"
  --"It depends on what service you want." +1.5
  ("Sa-bisu no naiyouni yorimasu")
  [-----**-----] +1.5

I.  "Aren't you thirsty?"
  --"A gold champagne suits you." +1.5
  ("Go-rudoga oniai desuyo")
II.  "Shall I get a bottle?"
  --"Let's have a toast to us." +.5 (champagne call)
  ("2ride kanpai shimashouyo")

If you succeed with her, she'll want to take you out for the night.  You might
not see her at first, but she'll be just outside Adam, waiting for you.  Go
with her; she'll take you to Le Marche and buy you a swiss watch.
  Wait a while after that, and you'll get a call.  This time, it's not Kagami,
but Takaya.  Go meet him at Adam, and you'll see him and the other hosts stand-
ing over Kagami, who has been beaten some (we're to assume).  It turns out that
Takaya is actually the son of the club's owner, Kisaragi.  So, he feels he
pretty much has run of the place.
  Envious of your success, Takaya wants to fight you.  Takaya won't have it,
though.  He feels that the two of you should have a showdown befitting the Host
world.  So, it's decided that you will both try to romance Ayumi, one of the
most famous club owners (and also a one-time, super-successful cabaret club
girl).  Whoever gets more money from her wins
  Of course, this is just like the other two, and you'll just have a quota to
get.  After you leave and Kagami calls you back, saying it's all set up, go back
to Adam to meet her.

Normal questions:
1.  "Isn't that a funny story?"
  --"You definitely don't seem like a madam." +1
  ("Tashikani mamaniwa miemasen.")
  [--------*----] +1
2.  "That's a funny story, huh."
  --"That's just like you, Ayumi." +1
  ("Ayumimama rashii desune.")
  [**--------] +1
3.  "I wonder if I was right, really."
  --"Everyone has regrets." +1
  ("Koukaiwa darenidemo arimasu yo ne)
  [**-*---------] +1
4.  "Why did you become a host?"
  --"It simply fits my nature." +.5
  ("Tannaru guuzen desu")
  [*--**--] +.5
5.  "Isn't my skin rough?"
  --"You must be worn out." +1.5
  ("Seishintekini tsukaretemasune")
  [***-*-----] +1.5
6.  "If you could be reborn"
  --"A fisherman out in the country somewhere" +1
  ("Inakade ryoushi desu ne")
  [**-**---] +1
7.  "If she quits, everything will go to pieces"
  --"Everyone butts heads sometimes." +1
  ("Shoutotsuwa darenimo arimasuyo)
  [**-*-------] +1
8.  "They say the guests create the club."
  --"It's the same for hosts." +.5
  ("Sorewa hosutomo onaji desu ne")
  [-------*----] +.5
9.  "There've been a lot of troubles"
  "There will be more hard work down the road" +1
  ("Demo korekaramo kurouwa tsuzukimasu yo ne")
  [-------**-*----] +1
10. "Animals are weird!"
  --"That's just because it's you dealing with them." +1.5
  ("Sorewa Ayumimama dakara desuyo")
  [---**--------] +1.5
11. "What're your hobbies?"
  --"This host job I have right now." +.5
  ("Ima yatteru hosuto desune")
  [------------] +.5
12. "What's your type?"
  --"Docile women, like you." +1
  ("Ayumimama no youni sunaona hito")
  [**------**-*] +1
13. "Heh heh....  What do you think it is?"
  --"Is it time?" +1.5
  ("Jikan desuka?")
  [**---?] +1.5
14. "I want to live a normal girl's life.":
  --"Well then, you can do it right now." +1.5
  ("Sorenara suguni dekimasuyo")
  [-------**---] +1.5
15. "I was raised at a relatives' place"
  --"You need a home for your heart?" +1
  ("Kokoro no yoridokoroga hoshii desuyone?")
  [*-*-*-*------] +1
16. "What have you learned from being a host?"
  --"How to sense the mood." +1.5
  ("Ba no kuuki no yomikata")
  [*-**-*-*] +1.5
17. "I have to just bear my fatigue"
  --"That's no good." +1
  ("Sonna kotodewa dame desuyo")
  [------------] +1
18. "It feels great to go fast!"
  --"What kind of car do you drive?" +1
  ("Donna kurumani notteru n desuka?")
  [---**-------?] +1
19. "If you look at me as just any normal woman, what do you see?"
  --"You look like a woman I could easy push into things." +1
  ("Oshini yowai onna dato omoimasu")
  [*--*-*--*---] +1
20. "What would you do, if I had really huge debts?"
  --"Cut it off right away" +1
  ("Assari tewo kiru") +1
  [----*-*-] +1

I.  "I think I'm thirsty"
  --"Please get a Gold Champagne!" +1
  ("Go-rudo onegai shimasu")
II. "Hee hee...what'll I get...."
  --"Please" +2 (champagne call)
  [-*----] +2

If you do well there, she'll name you the victor.  Of course, Takaya doesn't
like that.  He says he'll bust Kiryuu up, but Kiryuu notes that he's not afraid
of some lame host.  Go ahead and mop the floor with those losers.
  Kasuragi shows up and everything looks like it's going pretty good.  Right?
Well, leave the club, and you'll get a call from Kasuragi saying to come to
Shellac--he wants a word with you.
  Of course, now that his staff isn't watching, he's all hot under the collar
about how you disgraced his kid and all that nonsense.  What a loser.  Beat him
and his cronies.  They're surprisingly strong--though, "tough" for this game
doesn't usually mean it should give you any problems.
  Finish with them and everything should be wonderful down at the ranch--well,
host club, in this case.

5e.  Skill Games & Gambling

Besides the main story, the side missions, and the fighting, there are 13 mini-
games in the game.  Four of them are purely chance gambling, two of them are
gambling using skill games, and the other seven are just skill games.  If you
plan on getting 100%, you'll need to play all of these games, so let me just
give you the basic run-down and any pointers I can on all of them.

THE BATTING CAGES (Yoshida Batting Center)
In Kamuro's Hotel District, there's a batting cages center.  This game hasn't
changed very much from its first incarnation in the last game.  The idea is
simple:  there are 20 pitches, and you should hit as much of them into the
lighted, circular area (the "homerun area") as you can.
  Start by choosing a course.  As Kiryuu looks in from the doorway, they range
in difficulty from easiest to hardest from his left to his right.  Once you've
chosen and paid, Kiryuu takes a bat and stands inside the box, near the plate.
  You can use the D Pad and the left analog stick to move Kiryuu about in the
box.  I usually put him down away from the pitcher and back about halfway from
the plate, but that's just my habit.  It seems like it's possible to hit a home-
run from any position in the box.
  Other than that, it's just hit the Circle button to swing.  You should time it
so that Kiryuu's bat is just a hair shy of extending fully out from his body,
perpendicular to the line of the pitch, over the plate, as it makes contact with
the ball.  In other words, this skill game is all about timing.
  Sounds fair and all, but against the American, it's pretty hard.  Why?  Well,
his pitches curve off at really funny angles.  Most of them will even leave
your line of vision for a moment or two.  The worst are the ones that spiral
up, because they always leave the screen and suddenly drop back in without a
moment's notice.  If he doesn't pitch a lot of those, you stand a fairly good
chance.  Even if he does, you can kinda get the knack of hitting them.
  Hey, it sounds rough, but in the last game, to get Haruka's Marble, you had to
hit all 20 of the hardest difficulty's pitches as homeruns.  That took a lot of
practice!  Well...this will take a lot of practice, too.
  Here's a run-down on what you get for each course:

Course Name     10 Homeruns        15 Homeruns       20 Homeruns
Beginner        Tissue             Club Sandwich     Toughness Z
Intermediate    Salmon Onigiri     Tauliner          Assorted Candy Set
Expert          Special Yakisoba   Tauliner+         Staminan Royale
Professional    Oden Combination   Tauliner++        Italian Muffler
The Majors      Old Muffler        Lacquer Plate     Italian Men's Cologne
Spaceman        Staminan X         Toughness Emperor Fine Italian Necklace

BOWLING (Mach Bowl)
Bowling is actually a pretty fun mini-game, and it's not very challenging at
all, really (except for splits!).  The basic principle is to hurl a ball down
the lane and knock all 10 pins down.
  Talk to the girl at the desk and she'll ask you if you want to play by your-
self or if you want to play against someone from the house.  When you play,
you can choose to either have a three-frame game or a ten-frame game.
  For those who didn't know, in bowling, everything rests on whether you get a
strike or not.  A strike is where your first roll knocks down all ten pins.  If
you don't get a strike, you can still knock down all the pins in your second
attempt and get what's called a "spare," but your score will be lower.  Your
score actually increases as you get more strikes for what's called a "double"
(for two consecutive strikes) or a "turkey" (for three or more).
  When it's your turn, you can first use the analog stick or D-Pad to move Ki-
ryuu back and forth in the lane.  Those little markers help you tell whether
you're lined up with the pins or not.  Hit Circle when you're lined up the way
you like, then this meter will appear.  This is how hard you will throw.  Hit
"Circle" to confirm, when you see it at about the power level you'd like.
  Next, an arc will appear, with a pointer running back and forth.  This is the
angle you'll throw it at.  After you confirm with Circle, press and hold either
L1 or R1 while Kiryuu's throwing the ball to make it curve in the desired
  The basic "knack" to bowling is to throw the ball so that it arcs inwards in
between the first pin (the one in front) and one of the two right behind it.  To
do this, I'd recommend that you stand facing the 1st pin (default position), get
about 75% power or so, make it angle off to about 50 or 60 degrees away from the
pointer in the center either to the left or the right, and then try and make it
curve back inwards about as much as you can.
  After a bit of practice, you'll see what I mean, and you'll find your own
comfort zone.
  Here's what you get for playing:

Single Play
Three Frames
  30 Points: Meat Bun  60 Points: Melon Bread  90 Points: 10G Gold Coin
Ten Frames
  100 Points: Pudding  200 points: Staminan Royale  300 Points:  100-Pound
  Personalized Bowling Ball

Play Against the House
Beginner:  Karaage Bentou
Intermediate:  Asian Digital Watch
Advanced:  French Muffler

In addition, you can take on special challenges.  Talk to the manager (he's to
the right of the girl you sign in at) and undertake the challenges of his
Christmas advertising campaign.  Sometimes, it's just to get a turkey.  That's
the easier one.  Sometimes, it's a 50-50 split (which is horrible; the two pins
that make up the back "corners" of the "triangle" are left standing).
  Anyway, after you win, he'll tell you to talk to the santa girl near Alps.  Go
there to collect your prize--some kind of bowling ball weapon.
  This skill game appears in one of the easier skill-game-based side missions.
After you beat the guy, you literally beat him--an easy task considering it's a
brawling game.  Compared to Albatross Akagi and the American baseball player,
this guy's a walk in the park, too.  The only missions easier than this involve
the YF6 game.

THE DRIVING RANGE (Yokobori Driving Range)
This is a fairly rough game, just like in reality.  The basic idea of golf is
obviously to get the ball into the hole.  Well, here, there are holes you can
try to get the ball into, but it's very, very hard.  Actually, you should
focus, rather, on hitting the 100-point targets in the back of the range.  You
get ten swings, and the game stops giving out bonuses at 1000, so you'd think
if you could just hit half into holes you'd get the highest prize, but, well,
it's almost a fluke to get them into the holes.
  Talk to the man at the desk to choose a course and swing away.  First, choose
what angle you'll turn towards with the D-Pad or analog stick.  When you're
ready, hit Circle.  When you hit Circle, you'll bring up a circular meter.  The
first thing you have to do is hit Circle while the pointer moves across the
larger area, to choose the power of your hit (and, thereby, the arc).  The high-
er on the meter your choice, the harder, farther, and higher you'll hit it.
Don't let it sink back down to the first, smaller part of the meter, or you'll
just stumble and miss.
  After you choose your power, as the pointer moves back down into the white
area, choose your angle.  Don't let it go all the way to the right or you'll
miss.  If you choose a spot on the meter to the left of the line in the center
of the white area, you'll make the ball go off to the right, and if you choose
one to the right, it'll go off to the left.
  When you get 100% power and 0% variance in angle, Kiryuu grunts like he did
some powerful attack, and if it hits a target, you'll see the words "Nice Shot"
appear on the screen.  That's nice, but it doesn't get you any more points.
  When you choose your angle, make sure you pay attention to which way the
wind's blowing.  You'll see an arrow pointing either way and a number to show
you how intense it is.
  Once you find a good way to hit the ball, just keep trying to time your button
presses to get it to keep hitting the 100-point target.
  In the "Spaceman" course (the one you have to play to get the club from Aka-
gi), and in the "Professional" one, the targets are moving.  Because, you know,
that happens ever in golf.  To beat this mode, if the wind is going 22 or high-
er, you will want to move your aim as far to the left or right as possible
(opposite the wind).  If it's under, I have good luck with it at +/- 18.5 (the
maximum you get from moving your aim is 20).  If the wind blows from the right,
wait for the 100 target to get to the top of the rotation (12 o'clock) and
start your swing.  Try for 100% power and hitting the ball perfectly in the
center.  If it's blowing from the left, wait for the 100 target to get to the
lower right-hand side at a 45 degree angle from the "X" and "Y" axes (there are
support bars that make kind-of a cross shape right at that spot), and go for
100% power and hitting right on the mark.  Even still, you'll most likely need
to try this a bunch of times.
  So, you'll have to also time your attack when trying this side mission to get
the ball to hit the target.  You'll probably have to play this one a *lot* to
get it (unless you're lucky).  I usually recommend hitting the ball with 100%
power and 0% variance just to see where it lands, then trying to time the swing
so that the ball hits the 100-point target right there.  It's really difficult,
but once you get a timing, power, and angle down, you can just repeat the same
swing 8 times to get the club.
  For the "Hole In One," I mean...that's trial and error.  It's probably easiest
to do on the beginner's course.
  Here's a list of prizes:

Course        600 Points         800 Points         1000 Points
Beginner      Tissue             Salmon Onigiri     Staminan X
Intermediate  Milk               Tauliner           Toughness ZZ
Advanced      Special Yakisoba   Tauliner+          Staminan Royale
Professional  Makunouchi Bentou  Tumeric Tablets    French Muffler
Spaceman      Staminan X         Toughness Emperor  Caviar-Skin Bag

YF6 (Club Sega locations)
YF6 is obviously supposed to make you think of the Virtua Fighter series (VF),
produced by AM2.  YF6 is produced by MA2.  However, it's not like Virtua Fight-
er, really; it's more like a first-person-view Star Gladiator.
  The basic gist is that you have to kill the other guy before he kills you in
a head-to-head competition with plasma swords and a laser blaster.  Your attack
string is actually the same as Kiryuu's attacks when he has a Sword-type weapon
equipped.  The commands are fairly simple:  Square to attack (which you can hit
three times for said string), Triangle to dash forward and then do the "heavy
attack" Sword-type weapons have, X + any direction to dash in that direction, L1
to guard, and Circle to fire the blaster.  The blaster's shot takes a consider-
able amount of time, but it's unblockable and knocks the opponent down.
  Make sure to keep the guy in your sight, but don't panic when he sidestesps
off in a direction.  You'll automatically look right towards him again with
directional input on the left analog stick.
  Once a guy is knocked down, unless he rolls to one side or the other, you can
usually time a blaster shot so he'll have to get hit as he stands up.
  If they use their blaster, or if they try for the heavy attack or third hit of
their combo, try and get around 'em and hit them from the side.  Note that they
have a 360 degree guard, though (you don't) and won't get hit by the entire
combo usually.
  This game is actually pretty darned easy.  Once you've tried it a little,
you'll already be a master, I should think.  Play the Tournament Mode and win
the 5 battles there to get an addition to your Heat Gauge.  Also, note that this
shows up in some side missions, including one of the cabaret club girls' dates.

UFO CATCHER MACHINE (Club Sega locations)
This is pretty much the same as it was in the first game.  For those who have
never seen one of these (you apparently exist; I've had a considerable amount of
mail about them from the first game), there's a big bin of prizes.  You move a
claw around and try to get it to pick one up and drop it into the vent so you
can retrieve it.  There's only one button.  Press and hold it first to make it
move to the right, then release when it's in the desired spot.  Press and hold
it again to make it go away from you, into the machine, and then release.  Then,
the claw drops down, catches (or fails to catch) an item, picks it up, and re-
  You should try to aim for the object's center of gravity.  Try to get it right
at the middle of the part that's resting; don't aim for the part that's sticking
up.  It should be fairly obvious how to grab something.  For items really close
to the glass, just lightly tap the button the second time.  To change your view,
move the analog stick.  You can get a closer view by pressing up on the stick.
  Here's a list of the toys you can retrieve (hooray):

Robot Manager (Robo Buchou)
Robot District Manager (Robo Kachou)
Robot President (Robo Shachou)
Li'l Bear (Chiikuma):  Grey, Brown, Pink, Blue, and Giant
Li'l Cat (Chiineko):  Tiger, Calico, American Shorthair
Peep (Piyochan):  Sky-Blue Peep, Pink Peep, Ultra-Black Peep, Super-Giant Peep

MASSAGE (Love In Heart)
This mini-game is extremely easy.  In the last game, all you could get from it
was the little video clip of the girl looking all "sexy."  It's the same this
time, except that if you go through this once, you'll temper your Heat Gauge
some, so it's actually worth it to go and do this one time.
  The basic idea is simple.  A sexy girl massages Kiryuu, and it's supposed to
be quite an erotic experience.  So, you have to...you know, hold out a little.
There's a meter on the left of the screen.  Your job is to keep the heart from
reaching one end of the meter or the other.  It'll randomly start to move in one
direction or the other, and you should make it move back to keep it from flying
off.  Do so by pressing the Circle button to raise it and the X button to lower
it.  If you fail, you'll get a picture of a baby (presumably in reference to...
something that creates babies), and if you succeed, you'll get a field of flow-
ers (in reference to a woman's rose blooming, so to speak?).

SLOT MACHINES (Volcanic Volcano, Sunrise)
I really can't give too much advise; this is a pure chance thing.  You have to
buy tokens ("medals") and bet that you'll get certain combinations listed on
the machine.  It's really self-explanatory, but the odds are definitely not
stacked in your favor.
  Here's a list of what you get when you cash your tokens in:

Staminan X                 50 medals
Tauliner                   25
Caviar-Skin Bag          7500
Italian Woman's Watch    6000
Lacquer Plate              50
Silver Plate              500
Gold Plate               5000

In Japan, gambling is illegal, so you play at patchinko houses for these little,
metal balls, and go to buy prizes.  Of course, to get around the gambling laws,
many places have a shop next door that buy back the prizes (just a way to get
around the whole "gambling for money" thing).  In this game, you'll have to take
them to the Ebisuya Pawn Shops to sell them.

CHOUHAN (Dragon Palace, 2nd floor)
"Chouhan" means "even/odd" in Japanese.  The idea is simple:  a guy rolls two
dice and you gotta pick if it's gonna be an even or odd number.
  There's really not much else to say there, except place your bet for either
even or odd!  Here's a list of what you get:

Crowbar                   18 points
Stungun                  170
Dragon Plate              30
Marble Plate              50
Tortoise-Shell Plate     500
Gold Plate              1000
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu    680
Mifune Kodachi           650
Mail-Order Magic Sword   880
Shikoku Tree Bokutou      75
Magic Sword Mugetsu      980
Sakaki Bokutou          3800
Manly Sarashi            150
Oni Sarashi              380
Sakaki Breastplate    150000

This is a fairly "safe" and easy game to play, if you wanna go gamble.  You and
the dealer get two cards to start off with.  You'll get to see one of the deal-
er's cards.  After betting, you can look at your hand and ask to receive more
cards ("hit") or to just stand with what you've got.  You're aiming to get near
21.  Face cards count as 10, number cards count as their number, and aces count
either as an 11 when the other cards total 10 or less and 1 otherwise.
  The dealer will then take his turn.  He'll stand at 17 and must draw up to
that amount.  So, if he has up to 16, he'll still have to draw another card,
even though anything over a 5 will bust him.
  He can also get a blackjack, too, though.  A blackjack is a 21 right off the
bat (an ace + a 10 or a face card).  If he does, you lose.  But, when he has an
ace showing on his first deal, he'll ask if you want to take "insurance."
That's a seperate bet you can make that he has a blackjack.  After he asks you
if you want insurance or not, he'll reveal whether or not he had a blackjack,
because if he does, it ends the game right there.
  There are other rules such as when you can "double down" and start two differ-
ent plays at once, but it's not too common and not really worth talking about
too much.
  The "BJ Charm" item, won in certain tournaments in the Arena, will help you
get blackjack more often for the first few deals at a visit.

The premise is simple, again.  There's a wheel turning and a ball running along
its edge.  When the timer runs out and no more bets may be placed, the ball is
released, letting it fall into one of the slots along the wheel's edge.  Each
slot is numbered and has either a black or a red color.
  You can bet on the specific numbers, bet inbetween them for a lower payoff
that it hits one of the numbers your chip rests on, bet that it lands in a
certain range of numbers, or bet that it's a certain color.  Obviously, picking
the exact number has the biggest payoff.
  There's a way to double your money here, but I don't usually do it because it
involves you obtaining a lot of gold plates and selling them at the pawn shop,
which is just too much of a hassle for me.  You do need money more in this game
than in the last, but it still throws it at you like mad, especially if you get
the money from the safe in the "agent of vengeance" missions.
  Here's the deal:  the black and red jewels, once used, will make the next spin
land on either a black or red number (respectively, of course).  Winning by
guessing the exact number pays off 36 times, and there are 18 of each color.
So, use the gem, then play roulette, and place 1/18th of your money on each
number of that color.  If your number of chips wasn't evenly divisible by 18,
just round down and then put the remainder on either black or red (depending on
which jewel you used).  Choosing the right color pays back 2 to 1, but there is
a maximum bet, so if you're going for a big number, you'll need to do it the
way I described.
  Here's an example.  You get 100,000 chips.  Use the red jewel and talk to the
roulette spinner to start the game.  100,000 / 18 = 5,555.555555....  So, place
5,555 on each of the red numbers.  5,555 x 18 = 99,990.  So, you should have 10
chips left over.  Bet them on red.
  Of course, 17 of the numbers will lose, but one of them will pay off, 36 to 1,
giving you 199,980 chips.  The "red" bet will also pay off, giving you 20.  So,
you've doubled your chips to 200,000.
  That's all well and good if you want a sure-fired way, but I should note that
using a Red or Black Gem is the way to go if you want a LOT of cash.  It re-
quires patience, tho'.
  Basically, you have a better chance as it has to strike either a black or red
number.  Go buy some chips and place the max bet on a number, use either a red
or black gem, and bet accordingly on either a red or black number and cross
your fingers.  You have a 1 in 18 chance per number you bet on--which is a lot
better than the usual 1 in 38 chance (you can also bet without a gem, but you'll
have to try many more times, most likely).  I'd recommend spending like 300,000
or 600,000 and cutting your odds to 1 in 6 or 1 in 3.  If it fails, just quit
and reload, try again.  The winnings will be 36,000 chips or 3,600,000 yen, so
it's worth it!  Except that you have to redeem for a lot of gold plates and go
back and forth to either an items box or a save point to store 'em, then go sell
the lot at the pawn shop.  If you're playing the original version, it's probably
best to save this for when you get access to the Underground Pleasure Quarters
at the Sai no Kawara area, since an Items Box is right across from you in the
Underground Arena.  If you're playing the HD Remake, you can use the Save Point
near the batting cages.
  If you're vigilant with selling things thrust in your hands from Coin Lockers,
fights, and missions, and you do the "Vengeance Proxy" missions, you will
probably still need to do this at least once to afford the final cabaret club
girl if you want to get everything in the first playthrough.

This game is pretty weird.  It's similar to blackjack.  A player's hand is
dealt and then the banker's hand, and they try to get a higher play.  Face cards
are worth zero except for the ace, which is worth one.  Tens are also worth
  Why?  Because the object is to get as close to "9" as possible by adding the
values of the dealt cards.  Any time the total goes over 9, it goes back to 0;
so, a 5 and a 6 would make a 1 (subtract 10 from any total over 9).
  Sounds pretty easy, huh?  Well, here's the twist:  you don't actually play
either the player or the banker in this game.  In fact, they don't exist.  The
dealer just follows certain rules as to how the two are supposed to react to
different situations, and you place a bet on who would win.
  It sounds a little confusing, but once you try it a little, you'll get the
  Using the "Player" or "Banker" Chess Pieces will make either the Player or
Banker win the next hand.

This is very similar to chess.  It has similar roots--both games have origins
in India.  The rules are different, the pieces have different moves and can be
turned into different pieces at different places, and it's all very good and
complicated.  So, I'm not going to go 100% into it here.  I'm sorry to admit
that I actually am no good at this game.  I used to have confidence in my chess
abilities, but my friend, a one-time champion from Latvia, drove that out of me.
  Basically, you're trying to go after the "king" piece.  Your main objective is
to take that piece.  Unlike chess, you don't just end the game at checkmate
(where the king has no escape); you have to go one more move and actually claim
the piece.
  I'm bad at shogi, so here's what I do:  I cheat.  Big time.
  Basically, I play the computer against an AI of a shogi program.  There is a
fine free one online you can Google called "Shogidokoro."  I use the Laramie
engines.  Just search for "shogidokoro laramie" and you should find the free
downloads at a few spots.
  Set it up so you're the "sente" (side that goes first) and the AI is the
"gote" (side that goes second).  When you start the match in Ryuuga gotoku 2,
the game will decide whether or not you or the computer goes first.  If you get
"sente," make a move, go into the menu of the shogi game on your computer, and
edit positions so the computer starts with something like a pawn moved forward,
and move that pawn forward as your first move in Ryuuga gotoku 2.  If you get
"gote," then just start the game normally and move the way the computer does at
first.  Either way, you'll basically want to do what the Ryuuga gotoku computer
does as your moves in your computer shogi program, and then do what the computer
AI in your shogi program does as your move in Ryuuga gotoku 2.  It's not 100%,
for sure, but it helps a lot if you don't "get" shogi.
  Shogidokoro has the ability to flip the board if you want to see things the
way they are on your TV.  I'd recommend doing so.
  Anyway, you get ranked in shogi in this game.  As you defeat opponents and
rise in ranks, you will get different rewards as follows:

    10-kyuu  Pocket Tissue
     9-kyuu  Melon Poundcake
     8-kyuu  Milk
     7-kyuu  Tuna Onigiri
     6-kyuu  Tonkatsu Sandwich
     5-kyuu  Special Yakisoba
     4-kyuu  Tauliner
     3-kyuu  Toughness Z
     2-kyuu  Staminan X
     1-kyuu  Teapot
    1st dan  Japanese Sake
    2nd dan  Turmeric Tablets
    3rd dan  Wrecking Hammer
    4th dan  Asian Digital Watch
    5th dan  Crowbar
    6th dan  Lacquer Plate
    7th dan  Toughness ZZ
    8th dan  Staminan XX
    9th dan  Sobering Up Tablets
   10th dan  Staminan Royale
 Shogi Lord  Japanese Diver's Watch

Mahjong is actually a very addictive game.  Anyone who read my past FAQs knows
I didn't really play it so much in those days, but I have to admit that I've
quickly reached the point where I find myself daydreaming about strategies and
wanting to just play this mini-game over and over.
  Here's the basic premise:  you have 14 tiles.  Your object is to make "melds"
(called "mianzi" in Mandarin, which is approximated by "mentsu" in Japanese).
These melds are either threes-of-a-kind (called "kezi" in Mandarin, approximated
by "koutsu" in Japanese), sequentials in the same suit for suits with numbers
on them (called "shunzi" in Mandarin, approximated by "shuntsu" in Japanese),
or fours-of-a-kind (called "gangzi" in Mandarin, approximated by "kantsu" in
Japanese).  Anyway, you build four of those and then have a pair of the same
tile for the last 2, called a "qietao" in Mandarin or "jantou" in Japanese
  Have I confused you with jargon?  That's very common.  Here's a better way of
describing it for those who get a little bewildered at the prospect of learning
a whole mess of Chinese and Japanese terms just to play this game:  try and
make 4 sets of either the same tile or of sequential ones of the same suit and
a pair.
  There are basically five "suits" of tyles in Japanese mahjong.  The first are
the tiles with two Chinese characters on them: a number in black and then the
character for "myriads" or "10,000" in red beneath it.  These go from 1 to 9.
The next are bamboo sticks.  These look like green and red tally marks.  The
weird one that looks like an "M" over a "W" is 8.  Next come the cut pieces of
bamboo.  These are just black and red circle, so people often call them other
things like "wheels."  There are 9 of those, too.
  The last two are not sequential.  These are the "face" tiles.  There is a set
of wind tiles, each with a direction on them, and a set called the "three
rankings."  These were so named because of the Imperial Examination system in
old China, which pretty much determined if you were fit for civil service or
not.  There's a blank, white tile, a green tile with the word "dispatch; emit,"
and with the red word "middle; center; target."  These are called "dragon tiles"
in English.
  It's not necessary to remember things like the Chinese character for 10,000,
or the different dragon tiles (since their color distinguishes them).  But, it
is necessary to know the characters for 1 through 9, I'm afraid.  You'll also
need to know the four directions.  Finally, in order to play this well, you'll
need to know some of the Japanese katakana syllabary--but only a few characters.
You need to recognize the difference between "pon," "chi-," "kan," "ron," and
"tsume" in katakana.  It's not terribly difficult to remember those 8 charac-
ters, or the 9 for the numbers and four directions--that's only 21 characters.
But, I do have to warn you that this modern era of HD might make it hard to
distinguish them from time to time.
  Each round, each player sets one tile down from their hand and is dealt
another in its place.  In addition, players can grab the last tile discarded by
another player to use to build their own hand.  The first one who gets a play-
able hand (called a "mahjong" in English terminology, but called "agari" in
Japanese) is the winner.  If nobody completes a hand, then the tiles are tallied
up to determine the winner.
  Each player starts with 25,000 points.  There are two ways to win; to either
naturally get the winning tile from the "mountain" of tiles (called "tsumo" in
Japan, after an approximation of the Mandarin pronounciation, "zimo"), or to
take it from another player's discard, called "ron" in Japanese, which is
apparently supposed to be the Mandarin word "rong," though I don't see any
reference to that being what the Chinese call it. There seem to be three
different Chinese names for it, depending on the place, all meaning something
like "a thrown spear" or a "fired shot."
  Anyway, a player who wins by natural dealing (tsumo) gets their winnings from
everyone at the table.  One who gets a ron, however, draws their prize from the
player whose discarded piece they took.  The amount given and taken depends on
various bonuses (I'll touch on those in a bit).  After the game has cycled
through all four players being the one to start, the points are totalled and
the one in the lead gets a bonus, the one under him gets to keep his points,
and the other two are penalized.
  Here is a list of items you can get in exchange for points in Luk Laan Jong
and Riichi Heights:

    Cookie Assortment         2,250 points
    French Muffler            7,500
    Fine Italian Necklace    35,000
    Lacquer Plate             1,000
    Silver Plate             10,000
    Gold Plate              100,000

  As for the bonuses, there are certain ways to get them.  For instance, you are
assigned a wind direction (it's displayed next to your name) that cycles around
the table for each hand.  If you use a three- or four-of-a-kind with that tile,
you get bonuses.  You get bonuses for special hands that are all described in
the actual game itself from when you hit Triangle to bring up the rules.
  You also get bonuses for two features unique to Japanese rules of mahjong:
dora and riichi.
  Dora might come from the word "dragon" that English speakers assigned to the
three-rankings tiles.  You'll notice there's a bunch of tiles in the center of
the screen.  One tile is turned over at the left.  This indicates a bonus tile
that will add one bonus multiplier to a winning hand.  The thing is, the next
tile in question is sequentially the one right after that tile (so that there
can still be four of them in play).  That's fine for numbered suits, but for
the winds?  They go clockwise, from east to south to west to north.  For the
three rankings?  It goes white to "emit" to "middle," or white to green to red,
technically, but it's easier to remember them as green to red to white because
that's alphabetical.
  The other great way to get bonuses in Japanese mahjong is "riichi."  In order
to explain that, I'll need to go back to the idea that you can take tiles from
other players and use those to make melds.
  When another player has a tile you can use, the game will automatically prompt
you, asking if you want to do it.  You can refuse with X button or accept with
the Circle.  If you make a kezi (koutsu, 3-of-a-kind) out of them, it's called
"peng" in Mandarin, approximated by "pon" in Japanese.  It's called "pung" in
English.  When you can make a shunzi (shuntsu, sequential) out of them, it's
called a "chi" ("chii" in Japanese approximation, "chow" in English).  A gangzi
is still a gangzi and called "kan" in Japanese ("kong" in English).  You take
the tile from the player, call it, and place the meld down, face up, for all
to see what you did.
  That process is called "fulou" in Mandarin, "fuuro" by Japanese approximation.
It basically means you're exposing part of your hand.  That's why it's also
sometimes called "exposing" in Japanese (they also call it "calling" because
you have to call out the meld, or "eating" because you take the piece from the
other player's pile).  The thing is, when your meld is exposed, there's not
too much you can do to it after that, so it's benefitial to refrain.
  A player who hasn't made an exposed hands is said to be "menqianqing" in
Mandarin.  That's "menzenchin" in Japanese approximation, but more commonly just
"menzen," and it means they're in front of the door, not yet revealing them-
selves.  For that reason, it's best just to call it by English terminology and
say they're playing a "covered" hand.
  It's important to know that because certain hands cannot be built if a player
has exposed melds.  For instance, no player with chi (exposed sequentials) that
have 1's or 9's may make a hand.  They'll just have to hope nobody makes a
hand and they have a lot of points in the end when people tally up the tiles.
  The other thing about menzen is that you must be menzen to call a "riichi."
If a player has a covered hand and only needs one more tile to win, in Japanese
mahjong, they can call "riichi," which is a promise to discard any tiles but
the one that completes that hand they have at that time.  No more fussing
around, trying to change to a better hand.  This is actually great because if
you can call riichi and win, you'll get more points in the end.  So, players
must forfeit 1,000 points to call it.  If you have all but one tile, and you're
playing a covered hand, you can call riichi by hitting the Square button and
calling up the "action menu."  The game will ask you which tile you want to
discard for that round and everything will go into auto-pilot from there.  In
the upper, right-hand corner of the screen, the necessary tiles will be dis-
played--as well as how many there are in the other players' hands or in the
"deck."  You can use that to see which tile to discard, because some might have
more tiles floating around out there, which would give you a better chance of
  If you're going for the completion list requirement of 50,000 points in one
game of mahjong, you'll probably need to rely on riichi.  The requirement is for
points *before* the bonus/penalty at the end of the game for being in 1st, 2nd,
3rd, or 4th place.  It also doesn't take into account the points you gave away
for riichi.  I finished with 49,500 and still completed mahjong because I had
spent 2,000 points on riichi calls, so it calculated my winnings in the complet-
ion list as 51,500.
  So here's how it all looks in-game.  The other dudes go.  It's your turn.
You choose a tile and hit Circle to discard it.  When the other dudes go again,
they sometimes will put down a tile you can use and you'll be prompted to make
peng or chi or gang out of them.  If they put down the one that lets you make a
hand, it'll prompt you to "ron."  If you naturally get the one that lets you
make a hand, it'll prompt you with "tsumo."  Meanwhile, if you can call "riichi"
on your hand, hit Square and the option will be available.  If you're in doubt,
just hit Square because it just won't do anything if you can't call "riichi."
  Then, someone wins or you run out of tiles.  It's that simple...though it's
also confusing until you get the hang of it.  On the Ryuu ga Gotoku 2 / Yakuza 2
board at GameFAQs, and also at the board for Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan, barticle
has a wonderful guide up for mahjong in those games.

5f.  Underground Arena

In case you didn't notice, there's an arena downstairs in the Sai no Kawara
area (the place that's now the construction site for Kamuro Heights).  Talk to
the man inside and you can enter tournaments there.  You can't equip anything
(except the weapons they offer in the "Ronin GP"--aka "Nobushi GP") and you
can't use items.  Other than that, it's just you versus one other guy, one-on-
one, in 8-man, 3-round exhibitions.
  Other rules vary from tournament to tournament, but you do get money and ex-
perience for winning, even if you've already won before.  The amount will be
lowered if you're doing it over, though.
  You'll also get an item.  Each tournament has a few different items you can
win as a prize, and the game will randomly dispense one of them when you win.
Most are fairly useless, but some are pretty good such as the Dragon Fang Need-
le.  Also, the Champion Ring is available in a couple of tournaments and it
sells for a really great price!
  There are 51 different enemies you can face here, each entering different
tournaments.  Once you've defeated all 51, you'll be able to get the Just Drag-
on Tonfa item when you beat the game, of course.  What's more, if you're after
the Amon family and the Heat Action you get for defeating Amon Joh, you'll need
to complete the "Komaki Training" missions, which will only be completed once
you defeat Komaki in the Arena *after* defeating everyone else.  Yes, that means
that you'll most likely need to defeat Komaki more than once here.
  Not all tournaments are available from the get-go.  There are requirements to
unlocking the others, but you'll also need to be at certain chapters in the
game's story to unlock them, too.  I don't know the exact chapter requirements
for most of them, so if you do everything it says to do, but the tournament
doesn't show up, just come back later in the game.
  That should be alright, anyway; you probably don't want to face many of these
enemies without a fully powered-up Kiryuu.  You especially would like to get the
Toraotoshi reversal first.  Since this is a one-on-one fight, you'll have much
more of a chance to use something like that without getting surrounded and both-
ered by other foes.
  In fact, I'd really suggest using that move!  Almost all characters in the
Arena eat the reversals like mad.  In fact, many of you may remember fighting
Komaki in the previous game.  He was unpredictable and obnoxious, and I still
lose to him often.
  This time?  He's easy.  He does Kiryuu's attacks now, and all you have to do
to defeat him is to stay at a reasonable distance so he won't throw you, stay
locked on, block his strings, and then when he pauses to throw out a heavy
attack, reverse it with Triangle.

Here, first of all, is a list of the tournaments:

Maximum Grand Prix (win "Magnum," "Hyper," "Special," "Scorpion," and "Ronin"
   5 times each, Ch.15 on)
  Bloodied Sarashi, Acala Potion, Champion Ring, Komaki Family Heirloom Har-
  quebus, Named Sword Oninokiba, Dragon Fang Needle, Toughness Infinity
  Basically just a very hard set of entrants.
Magnum Force Grand Prix (win "Hyper Grand Prix" three times, Ch.14 on)
  Tauliner Maximum, Acala Potion, Staminan Spark, Toughness Emperor, Black
  Jewel, Champion Ring
  Basically just a hard set of entrants.
Hyper Grand Prix (win all previous tournaments once, Ch.14 on)
  Toughness Infinity, Acala Potion, Fighting Sarashi, Champion Ring,
  Tourmaline Bracelet
  Basically just a hard set of entrants.
Special Grand Prix (win "Ronin" 3 times, Ch.13 on)
  Sarashi, Yakuza Muscle Trainer, Black Jewel, Bloodied Sarashi, BJ Charm,
  Insulation Suit
Scorpion Grand Prix (win all earlier tournaments once each, Ch.12 on)
  Staminan Royale, Bat, BJ Charm, Lau Family Cheng Lung Dou
  Pursuits and throws are not allowed.
Ronin Grand Prix (Japanese name:  "Nobushi GP") (win Rusty Nail, Bare Knuckles
   twice each, Ch.10 on)
  Toughness ZZ, Twin Dragon Taiko Drumsticks, Captain's Bat, Bat, Chinese
  Butcher's Knife
  You have to be armed.  First choice is a sword, then a knife (dosu), then a
  brass knuckles, and then a staff.  It's very easy with a sword and staff--
  provided you've learned the Master White Lotus staff techniques.  Just stay
  away and hit T.  With the sword, just wait to get in two S's and then pause
  and hit T to get your Heat Move in.  Majima may only first appear when you
  use the brass knuckles.
Beast Survivor's Match (Chapter 13 on)
  Dragon Tooth Needle, Calm Glove, Red Jewel
  Just three big cats in a row.
Rusty Nail Grand Prix (win "Burning Grand Prix" 3 times, Ch.9 on)
  Iron Breastplate, Manly Sarashi, French Muffler
  Environmental hazard--barbed wire on the walls.  Hitting an opponent into the
  wall or standing too close will cause damage and reaction.  Special Environ-
  ment Heat Action.
Burning Grand Prix (win "Lightning Grand Prix" 3 times, Ch.8 on)
  Brass Knuckles, Hercules Gloves, Calm Glove, Yakuza Muscle Trainer
  Fire is all around the ege of the arena.  Standing in it causes the character
  damage and makes them fall, on fire.  Special Environment Heat Action.  I
  hate this one because you can't get too close to the fire, but the computer
  AI likes to roll into it over and over as they get up, so you end up just
  watching them roll around in agony a lot while they take barely any damage.
Lightning Grand Prix (available at the start)
  Toughness Z, Fighting Sarashi, Manly Sarashi, Sarashi, Collapsible Stick,
  Player Chess Piece
  Environmental hazard--walls are electrified.  Anyone who touches them or is
  hit into them takes damage and stands, stunned, before collapsing.  Special
  Environment Heat Action.
Bare Knuckle Grand Prix (available at the start)
  Fighting Sarashi, Toughness Z, Staminan Royale, Staminan X, Champion Ring,
  Ogre Knuckles, Black Jewel
  Only punches are allowed.  No pursuits, either.  Really boring as you can't
  even do Unbeatable Reversals--so, no Heat Moves.
Street Fight Grand Prix (available at the start)
  Yakuza Muscle Trainer, Bat, Kanabou, Ogre Knuckles, Black Jewel
  There are stage items littering the ground.  If you hit the opponent with
  something like an Uppercut or Slam Blow near the boxes stacked in the middle,
  they'll fall about.  This one has Devil Tsuji--perhaps the hardest foe in the
Exhibition Tournament (available at the start)
  Sarashi, Iron Breastplate, Hammer, Modified Lighter, Toughness Z, Hercules
  Glove, Gauntlet, or Banker Chess Piece
  Nothing special about this tournament.

Here is a list of the fifty-one combatants.  Getting them to show up can be a
pain.  Some are just rare, but others you will need to do certain things to
get.  Note that some need to appear in a certain tournament first, though they
can be fought in other tournaments once you've already defeated them once.
Many of them need you to do something like defeat Majima first--and he only
seems to appear once you've completed all missions essential to fight the hid-
den bosses (no shogi, mahjong, or blackjack missions).

        A1  A2  A3  A4  A5  A6  A7  A8  A9
        B1  B2  B3  B4  B5  B6  B7  B8  B9
        C1  C2  C3  C4  C5  C6  C7  C8  C9
        D1  D2  D3  D4  D5  D6  D7  D8  D9
        E1  E2  E3  E4  E5  E6  E7  E8  E9
        F1  F2  F3  F4  F5  F6

    "The Emperor of Brawling"
  Appears in:  Maximum
  Obtain all Heat Actions and Disciplines except for "Extreme Extremeness" and
  "Brawling God Discipline."  Note that it means you will have to also defeat
  Komaki Soutarou.
   Fights like Kiryuu minus Heat Moves.
  To defeat him, stay a little bit away so he doesn't grab you, and let him
  go into a Rush Combo.  Guard and do a T reversal or O reversal when there is
  the slight delay for him to go into a Combo Finish.

    "Living National Treasure of Martial Arts"
  Appears in:  Maximum
  Defeat opponents 3-51.
   Fights like Kiryuu minus Heat Moves.
  To defeat him, stay a little bit away so he doesn't grab you, and let him
  go into a Rush Combo.  Guard and do a T reversal or O reversal when there is
  the slight delay for him to go into a Combo Finish.

    "Blood-Stained Beast King"
  Appears in:  Maximum, Beast
  Type:  BIG CAT

    "The Weapon Master"
  Appears in:  Ronin
  Clear the "Weapons Video Merchant" side mission first.
  - Extreme Sidestep
   Almost no cool-down or wind-up, so he can do several of them in a row.
  - Slow Triple Kali Attacks
   Very slow recovery.  Guard and punish him.
  - Kali Fury
   Long wind-up, active, and cool-down.  Invulnerable.  Knockdown.
  - Kali Combo
   Very long recovery period.  Guard and punish him.
  - Kali Uppercut, Uppercut, Kali Dance
   A long combo with a long recovery period.
  - Lunge, Twin Spinning Kicks, Kali Slash, Fiery Straight Punch
   Last attack has long cool-down and is a knockdown.  Evade the fourth attack
   to your left when facing him, if possible.  Whiff your first hit and land
   the second to stagger him and try to follow-up.
  - Back Kick
   Uses this when you're behind him.  Watch out as he sometimes cancels his
   long attack string with this if you get behind him.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low).
  - PARRY:  Kali Fury
   Unblockable.  Long cool-down.
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  He's like Majima + Hayashi.  You can easily guard his attacks and gain Heat,
  then hit him with a Triangle during the opening as he otherwise is apt to
  dash around like a lunatic.  Don't stay close; he'll sweep you.  Look for the
  "ding" sound before his unblockable, invulnerable parry, and just wait it
  out.  Time a hit for its very end if you wish.

    "The Crimson Killer"
  Appears in:  Beast
  Type:  BIG CAT

    "Iron Man of Reversals"
  Appears in:  Maximum, Magnum, Special
  Type:  JUJUTSU
  Bait him into getting into Reversal Stance with light attacks, then grapple

    "The Man Who Sends Demons to their Graves"
  Appears in:  Magnum
  Start "The Martial Arts Youth" mission first.
  Type:  JUJUTSU
  Bait him into getting into Reversal Stance with light attacks, then grapple

A8.  MR. YOH
    "Fighting Action Master"
  Appears in:  Special, Scorpion
  Complete "Master White Lotus's Request 3" first.  Seems to only appear in
  Scorpion once he has been defeated in Special.
  Type:  KUNG FU
  He has two extra combos besides normal kung fu types.  I suppose he's meant
  to represent Master White Lotus, minus the energy palm?
  Once discipline unlocked, at full Heat Meter, can easy be defeated by repeat-
  ed Body Blows or just S x 3.

    "Tyrant of Kick Attacks"
  Appears in:  Maximum, Magnum, Hyper, Special, Scorpion
  "Special" Heavy; won't be fazed easily even at Pow.2.  His sidestep is pretty
  lame, so if you delay the Combo Finish long enough, he may do it too late or
  even try jogging instead and get hit.  Hammer Hook works very well for this.

    "The Angered Giant"
  Appears in:  Magnum, Rusty Nail
  Clear side mission "The Wrestler Drinks the World" first.
  Easily falls for stagger -> hold combo trickery.  He has a huge life bar, is
  a "Special" Heavy class (meaning, even at full Heat, he won't get staggered
  by attacks too easily)--but he also guards way too much.  Use this to hit him
  with a Slam Blow or Hammer Hook to break his guard, then grab him.  Since his
  bar is so huge, I recommend using the Extreme Environment Attack on him.

    "The Pound-For-Pound of Underground Fighting"
  Appears in:  Maximum, Hyper, Bare Knuckle
  Type:  BOXER

    "The Beast Among Beasts"
  Appears in:  Street
  Rare.  Possibly appears after Majima is defeated in Arena?
  You may need to knock opponents into the stacked boxes in the Street tour-
  nament a set number of times (7-10?) before he appears.
  - Extreme Sidestep
   Almost no cool-down or wind-up, so he can do several of them in a row.
  - Tonfa Thrust
   Almost no wind-up, very little cool-down.  Collapse.
  - Side Kick
  - Tonfa Swipe, Tonfa Swipe, High Kick
   Last hit is a knockdown.
  - Jumping Kick
   Prefers this at a distance.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low).
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  If Kamiyama is basically Majima with kali sticks instead of a knife, this guy
  is basically Majima with a tonfa.  The trouble is, the tonfa's T attack is
  very fast and collapses.  Lacking the long combo Majima and Kamiyama have, it
  can be difficult to respond to this guy because there aren't many punishment
  opportunities as he dashes all over the place.  Your only lucky thing about
  fighting him is that the tournament he's in has stage weapons all about, so
  you can do things like wait for him to extend himself slightly and throw a
  crate and try to stun him, or use the pipe as a polearm and strike him from a
  distance.  He may be the most difficult Arena entrant if you don't know what
  you're doing.  I usually get away from him and pick up the huge piece of
  metal and use that, then the bicycle, then the pipe, using its T attack from
  a distance and closing in to use its close Heat Action to do decent damage
  while he's stunned.  Note that he will instant-break all throws--even when
  he's staggering or dizzy.

    "The Grim Reaper From Paradise"
  Appears in:  Ronin
  Rare.  Possibly only appears once Majima is defeated in the Arena?
  - Wild Halberd Swing x 3, Overhead Chop
   Super armor when in wind-up and active.  All attacks are Knockdowns.
  - Overhead Chop
   Super armor when in wind-up and active.  Slow.
  - Halberd Thrust
  PARRY:  Halberd Thrust
  Basically just Da Silva with an aesthetic change.

    "The Pure-White Devil"
  Appears in:  Beast
  Type:  BIG CAT
  Note that he is the only one besides the two in the story mode who have the
  Super Extreme Pursuit available.

    "The New Executioner"
  Appears in:  Magnum, Rusty Nail
  Type:  BRUTE
  I liked him better in the first game, when he had Nishikiyama's moves.

    "Mad Dog of the Shimano"
  Appears in:  Street, Ronin
  May need to complete all side missions except Komaki Training ones, Mahjong,
  Shogi 1&2, Amon (all 4), and Slot Machine Ace to get him to appear?
  - Extreme Sidestep
   Almost no cool-down or wind-up, so he can do several of them in a row.
  - Lunging Twin Slashes
  - Fiery Straight Punch
   Long cool-down.  Knockdown.
  - Leaping Overhead Stab
   Unblockable.  Long cool-down.  Prefered move at a distance.
  - Lunge, Twin Spinning Kicks, Slash, Fiery Straight Punch
   First and fourth attacks are unblockable.  Last has long cool-down and is a
   knockdown.  Evade the fourth attack to your left when facing him, if poss-
   ible.  Whiff your first hit and land the second to stagger him and try to
  - Back Kick
   Uses this when you're behind him.  Watch out as he sometimes cancels his
   long attack string with this if you get behind him.
  - Sweep
   Knockdown.  Unblockable (low).
  - Taunt
  Get-up preference:  Sweep
  QTE:  X, T, X, T (sweeps and slashes)
  SUPER PURSUIT:  Automatically occurs when knocked down at low health.
  You'll never be able to throw him in this game, as you can only fight him in
  the Ronin GP at the Arena (meaning, you'll always have a weapon).  However,
  since you always have a weapon, it might not be a bad idea to block as much
  as you can until your Heat Gauge charges and then just wait for a slight
  opening to hit the T and do your Extreme Weapon Attack.  Note that succeeding
  during the QTE will charge your Heat Gauge.

    "Hell's Entertainer"
  Appears in:  Street, Burning
  Win "Exhibition" 10 times.
  - Straight Kick
  - Straight, Straight, Backdash
   Wind-up of straights avoids highs, backdash is an evade.
  - Straight, Straight, High Roundhouse
   Wind-up of straights avoids highs, roundhouse is a knockdown.
  - Sweep
   Unblockable (low)

    "Okakura Tetsuyama's Final Student"
  Appears in:  Maximum, Magnum, Hyper, Scorpion
  Type:  KARATE

    "Sixth President of the Kantou Gidorah Alliance"
  Appears in:  Hyper, Special, Bare Knuckle
  Type:  THUG
  "Special" Heavy; Pow.1 or Pow.2 have no effect.  He always instantly breaks
  all throws--even when staggering or during cool-down.  Foot Grabs, too.  You
  can knock him down with a Finish Hold, but why bother?  I usually just use him
  to practice the Tiger Killer reversal.  He's basically the Arena's version of
  Kouji from the "Black Thunder" side mission.

    "Dictator of the Arena"
  Appears in:  Rusty Nail, Street, Exhibition
  Type:  BRUTE
  Finish Holds and Unbeatable Reversal do not work on him.  However, he is not a
  "Special" Heavy; if you can get to full Heat, you can repeatedly Hammer Hook
  him into oblivion because he won't have time to activate his Super Armor mode.
  Unlike other brutes, it seems like his doesn't automatically activate--others
  will just enter this mode without doing the "hulk up" thing.  Even if he does,
  just avoid and grab, and remember to land a Slam Blow as he is rising up from
  a knockdown so he'll try to guard it and get his guard broken.

    "The King of Kings"
  Appears in:  Hyper, Special
  Learn Komaki-Ryuu Toraotoshi first.

    "The Avant-Garde Fighting Artist"
  Appears in:  Burning, Exhibition

    "Sniper of the North"
  Appears in:  Scorpion, Bare Knuckle
  Type:  BOXER
  Easily defeated by spamming Body Blow at Pow.2.

    "The Man With Seven Fists"
  Appears in:  Magnum, Bare Knuckle
  - Uppercut, Hook
   First hit floats.
  - Hook, Hook
   Deceptively short recovery.
  - Quick Hook
   Sidestepping move.  Very fast wind-up.
  - Quick Jabs, Hook
   Very fast wind-up and recovery.
  - Power Straight
  - Taunt
  Easy to beat when you can throw him--to a point.  He responds very quickly
  to attacks with his quick hook.  His interesting, unique moveset is pretty
  cool, in my opinion.  He generally takes advantage of the fact that it is
  hard to predict when a slow move will come out--and then he uses the lack of
  cool-down window to rush into quick attacks when you try to respond.  When he
  is at low health, he will start doing his quick jabs over and over--you
  don't really have enough time to do anything between them.  Then, he'll do a
  big move--this is your chance.
  When you're at full Heat (Pow.1 or Pow.2) with the disciplines unlocked, he
  takes heavy punishment, if you can deal it.  The best strategy is to get him
  into a "stagger -> hold combo" pattern, as with many other opponents, but it's
  actually quite easy to do with him because if you get a distance away and
  whiff an S, he'll generally come rushing in and eat a T (Slam Blow).

    "The Brazilian Supernova"
  Appears in:  Ronin
  - Wild Halberd Swing x 3, Overhead Chop
   Super armor when in wind-up and active.  All attacks are Knockdowns.
  - Overhead Chop
   Super armor when in wind-up and active.  Slow.
  - Halberd Thrust
  PARRY:  Halberd Thrust

    "Watchman of Sai no Kawara"
  Appears in:  Magnum
  Type:  PRO WRESTLING (wearing big, silly, spiked gauntlet things)

    "Mister No Damage" (yeah, right)
  Appears in:  Scorpion, Exhibition

    "Knockout Artist"
  Appears in:  Scorpion, Hyper, Lightning
  Light enemy.  Easily defeated by Body Blow repeatedly.

    "The European Giant"
  Appears in:  Burning, Scorpion, Special
  Type:  KARATE

    "Top Idol of the Gang World"
  Appears in:  Rusty Nail, Exhibition
  Type:  THUG

    "Chivalrous Man of Fighting"
  Appears in:  Rusty Nail, Street
  Type:  BRAWLER

    "The White-Haired Beast"
  Appears in:  Rusty Nail, Lightning

    "The Chef From Hades"
  Appears in:  Ronin
  - Knife Uppercut, Uppercut, Knife Dance
   A long combo with a long recovery period.
  - Leaping Dual Knife Cross-Chop
   Very long wind-up and recovery.
  - Leap-in Spread-Armed Knife Chop, Knife Chop, Knife Chop
   Very long wind-up and recovery.

    "The Kamuro District Wrecking Man"
  Appears in:  Exhibition, Burning
  Possibly only after Majima is defeated in Arena?  Rare.

    "The Indomitable Jailbreaker"
  Appears in:  Special, Rusty Nail, Lightning
  Can be defeated by repeatedly Body Blow (S x 2, T, S x 2, T....)

    "The Authority of the Fist"
  Appears in:  Hyper, Bare Knuckle
  - Two Fierce Hooks, Fierce Side Kick
   Super Armor.  Last hit is a knockdown.
  - Sidestepping Fierce Straight
   Super Armor.
  - Flaming Backhand
   Super Armor.
  - Stagger to Flaming Backhand
   Usually occurs after you land a Body Blow.  Super Armor.
  - Stagger to Flaming Uppercut
   Floats.  Usually occurs after you land Uppercut or Slam Blow.  Super Armor.
  - Fierce Side Kick
   Knockdown.  Super Armor.  Very slow wind-up, active, and recovery windows.
  Basically Gohda Ryuuji minus the healing or QTE's.

    "The Desert Wolf"
  Appears in:  Scorpion, Bare Knuckle
  - Side Kick
  - Spinning Backfist
   Knockdown.  Long active window, slow recovery
  - Right Hook, Left Hook
  Can easily be defeated with repeated Body Blows or S x 3 ad nauseum with full
  Heat after discipline unlocked.

    "Mister Incomplete Combustion"
  Appears in:  Special, Bare Knuckle
  Seems to need to be first encountered in Bare Knuckle.  Possibly only after
  Majima has been defeated?
  Type:  BOXER

    "Acrobat of the Kick World"
  Appears in:  Hyper, Scorpion, Exhibition
  Easily defeated by spamming Body Blows.

    "The Angered Buddha Statue"
  Appears in:  Burning, Lightning
  - Straight
   Long wind-up window, super armor
  - Straight, Straight, Spin Kick
   Long wind-up window, super armor...spin kick knocks down.
  - Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery
  - Wild Overhead, Roundhouse Kick, Wild Overhead
   Slow wind-up, slow recovery on all three
  - Rush-in Grapple
   Long active window, very slow recovery.
  - Spinning Backfist
   Knockdown.  Long active window, slow recovery
  - Rushing Shoulder Charge
   Very slow wind-up that tracks.
  Sidestep Preference:  Straight or Wild Overhead

    "Masked Angry Yakuza"
  Appears in:  Exhibition
  Type:  BRUTE

    "Brawling Jerk From Hong Kong"
  Appears in:  Special, Lightning, Exhibition
  Type:  KUNG FU
  Easily defeated by repeated Body Blows at Pow.2.

    "The Latest Karate Machine"
  Appears in:  Bare Knuckle, Exhibition
  Type:  KARATE

    "Bodyguard at the Speed of Sound"
  Appears in:  Bare Knuckle, Exhibition
  Type:  BOXER

    "Drill Sergeant of the Karate World"
  Appears in:  Exhibition
  Type:  KARATE
  Preferred Parry Move:  High Kick (knockdown)

    "Rowdy Boy of the Kamuro"
  Appears in:  Street, Exhibition
  Type:  THUG

    "The Man Who Hits You In Your Soul"
  Appears in:  Exhibition
  Type:  THUG

    "Mysterious Wielder of the Assassin's Fist"
  Appears in:  Rusty Nail, Exhibition
  Talk to him at the 1st floor of the Dragon Palace first.
  - White Lotus Palm
   Collapse.  Unblockable and invulnerable.  Almost no wind-up--he uses this as
   a reversal, but it can also be an attack.
  - Quick Poke
  - Double Backhands
  - Horizontal Chop
  This weird, unique guy is easily defeated with throws.

    "The Marseilles Phantom"
  Appears in:  Scorpion, Exhibition
  Type:  KUNG FU

    "The Astounding Rookie"
  Rare.  Possibly only appears once all tournaments are unlocked.
  Appears in:  Exhibition
  Type:  THUG

    "Kamuro's Triple-Crown"
  Appears in:  Ronin, Street
  (Baseball-bat wielder.  Not hard at all)

5g.  Coin Locker Keys

You don't get anything for getting 100% of these, but it's still worth getting
at least most of them.  A couple of them have unique items such as the DVDs that
increase your Heat Gauge and some of them have some of the rarer items that are
useful in side missions and such like the Chic Metal Umbrella.
  When not in battle mode (while running around, exploring), you'll see these
little flashes of light on the ground every now and then.  Run near them and hit
the Circle button.  You'll also know you're near one when you see the prompt
"Circle:  Pick ("sorou" kanji)" appear on the upper right-hand corner of your
screen.  You can actually just run around tapping Circle, if you're near a key,
and you'll most likely get it.  Just make sure you don't start talking to people
you didn't want to or going in or out of doors by accident.

1.  Inside Rokuransou.
  ITEM:  Substitution Stone
2.  In the Dragon Palace's 3rd floor, in the east.
  ITEM:  Chic Metal Umbrella
3.  In Komaki's Lair.
  ITEM:  Toughness Emperor
4.  In front of the Club SEGA at Theater Square.
  ITEM:  Toughness ZZ
5.  Near the stairs leading up to the left entrance to the Millennium Tower.
  ITEM:  Staminan XX
6.  Inside the Third Park.
  ITEM:  Women's Underwear
7.  In front of the bathrooms inside Mach Bowl.
  ITEM:  100-Pound Personalized Bowling Ball
8.  On the street to the north of the little alley behind Serena where Lilith is
  ITEM:  Toughness Emperor
9.  In Jidou Park (the park at the western end of Shichifuku).
  ITEM:  Brass Knuckles
10.  The eastern end of Taihei street.
  ITEM:  Samurai DVD
11.  When Marietta is fully expanded, it's in the upper-right-hand corner of the
  ITEM:  South Paw Bracelet
12.  Inside Don Quijote.
  ITEM:  Oak Bokutou
13.  Bought during "The Shady Video" mission.
  ITEM:  Shady Video
14.  Obtained during the mission "Text Message Job."
  ITEM:  Green Box
15.  In front of the Coin Lockers.
  ITEM:  Tauliner Maximum
16.  Along the north side of the Millennium Tower, near the eastern end, near a
    red sign.
  ITEM:  Bai Ling Water
17.  Inside Kyushu Ichibanboshi Ramen.
  ITEM:  Cheng Lung Dou
18.  At the eastern side of the inverted "Y" area east of Nakamichi Street.
  ITEM:  Tear Gas Spray
19.  Near the stage of the strip club, Asia, at the left side.
  ITEM:  Sakaki Bokutou
20.  At the first floor of the Dragon palace, in the southeast.
  ITEM:  Tattered Muffler
21.  Inside Serena.
  ITEM:  Shikokuki Bokutou
22.  Near the entrance to the Sai no Kawara underground area in the Kamuro Hills
    construction site.
  ITEM:  Hercules Knuckles
23.  In the alleyway just south of Bantam--the one that leads to Be My Baby.
  ITEM:  Hammer
24.  In the 5th floor of the Dragon Palace, near a man lying down.
  ITEM:  Toughness Infinity
25.  Inside Yoshida Batting Center.
  ITEM:  Toughness Emperor
26.  Behind the pharmacy, in the southeast.
  ITEM:  Old Imperial Hand Grenade
27.  Obtained by completing the mission "Meet the Master White Lotus."
  ITEM:  All About Lotus-Style Staff Techniques
28.  In Champion District, in the northeast.
  ITEM:  Collapsible Stick
29.  Inside the Poppo near Nakamichi Street.
  ITEM:  Rope
30.  Inside Cafe Central.
  ITEM:  Staminan Royale
31.  In the Dragon Palace's 2nd floor, in a room in the northwest.
  ITEM:  Captain's Bat
32.  In the Kamuro Hills construction site, by the staircase near the entrance.
  ITEM:  Captain's Bowling Ball
33.  At the street running off to the east from Senryou.
  ITEM:  Table Salt
34.  Behind Serena.
  ITEM:  Player Chess Piece
35.  Inside Alps Tea Shop.
  ITEM:  Bear Strap
36.  Inside Club SEGA at Theater Square.
  ITEM:  Skanda Potion
37.  In front of the Ryuujinkaikan tattoo parlour; the "L" in between Pink and
    Senryou Streets.
  ITEM:  Gauntlets
38.  At the intersection of Senryou and Shouwa.
  ITEM:  Tumeric Tablets.
39.  Inside Beam.
  ITEM:  Staminan Spark
40.  Inside MEB.
  ITEM:  Collapsible Stick.
41.  Inside Marietta in the back area, in the path between the office and the
    locker room.
  ITEM:  French Handbag
42.  At the northern end of the north-south street east of the batting cages.
  ITEM:  Western Shield
43.  In the 4th floor of the Dragon Palace, in the southeast.
  ITEM:  Charisma Ring
44.  Inside Debora, near the bathrooms.
  ITEM:  Insulation Suit
45.  In front of the taxi driver at the western end of Shichifuku Street.
  ITEM:  Pot
46.  Inside the parking lot on Shichifuku.
  ITEM:  Ash Tray
47.  In little "L" alley running off to the east/north of the easternmost street
    running south from Kouenmae.
  ITEM:  Hercules Knuckles
48.  In the Chouhan Parlour
  ITEM:  Hercules Gloves
49.  Obtained by clearing the mission "Shogi 2."
  ITEM: 1000G Gold Coin
50.  Near a pillar in the Sai no Kawara underground pleasure quarters area.
  ITEM:  Mifune Kodachi

1.  In front of the Coin Lockers
  ITEM:  Staminan Royale
2.  On the ramp from Iwahashi to the Soutenbori River's southern bank.
  ITEM:  Lacquer Plate
3.  Facing into the store from the door, it's to the left of the YF6 machines.
  ITEM:  Shikoku Tree Bokutou
4.  In front of a telephone pole south of Iwahashi.
  ITEM:  Modified Lighter
5.  Inside Keima (after chapter 11).
  ITEM:  Substitution Stone
6.  Near the middle of Iwahashi.
  ITEM:  Male Musk Cologne
7.  Near Gandhara.
  ITEM:  Attache Case
8.  In the northern street running off to the east of the main strip in Shinsei.
  ITEM:  Ogre Knuckles
9.  Inside Nighttime Fun Dojo.
  ITEM:  Toughness ZZ
10.  Near the bicycle rack on Soutenbori Street north of Iwahashi.
  ITEM:  Lifestone
11.  The eastern side of Bishamon Bridge.
  ITEM:  Plyers
12.  At the corner near the save point in Shinsei.
  ITEM:  Tumeric Tablets
13.  Near the counter of Riichi Heights.
  ITEM:  Toughness Z
14.  Inside Snack Bar Aoi
  ITEM:  Steel Shinguards
15.  On the wester part of Shoufuku, south of Riichi Heights.
  ITEM:  Broken Stungun
16.  Inside Yotteya Horumon'yaki
  ITEM:  Fashionable Umbrella
17.  Near the entrance to the Tsuutenkaku.
  ITEM:  Oak Bokutou
18.  Near a signpost in the east on the north bank of the Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Toughness Infinity
19.  Near the little path running to the Bishamon Bridge on the southern bank
    of the Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Miyamoto Takeshi Dosu
20.  Inside White Snake Ramen.
  ITEM:  BJ Charm
21.  Inside Don Quijote
  ITEM:  Skanda Potion
22.  Near the taxi at the western end of Soutenbori Street.
  ITEM:  Legend of the First Group Head DVD (also called "Toujou True Battle
    Skills DVD")
23.  Inside the Tsutenkaku's observation deck.
  ITEM:  Kanabou
24.  Behind Le Marche on the southern bank of the Soutenbori River.
  ITEM:  Staminan X
25.  On Shoufuku, west of the Nighttime Fun Dojo.
  ITEM:  Flash Bomb
26.  In front of the Yotsuba Acupuncturist
  ITEM:  Iron Umbrella
27.  Near Le Marche on Shoufuku.
  ITEM:  Butterfly Knife
28.  On the northern edge of Iwahashi.
  ITEM:  Bai Ling Water
29.  Inside Sunrise, in the very center.
  ITEM:  Skanda Potion
30.  In the parking lot in Shinsei, near the middle of the western edge.
  ITEM:  Staminan Spark
31.  In front of the taxi on the eastern end of Shoufuku.
  ITEM:  Insecticide
32.  In the southwestern corner of Shoufuku.
  ITEM:  Lightning Bomb
33.  Inside the M Store on Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Special Forces Nightstick
34.  Inside Stijl
  ITEM:  Bai Ling Water
35.  North of the acupuncturist.
  ITEM:  Fighting Sarashi
36.  Near the trash can at the eastern edge of Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Black Jewel
37.  ON the ramp leading down to the Soutenbori from the Iwahashi.
  ITEM:  Bai Ling Water
38.  In front of the vending machines inside the Yokobori Driving Range.
  ITEM:  Italian Wallet
39.  In front of the pharmacy.
  ITEM:  Staminan XX
40.  Inside the M Store in Shinsei.
  ITEM:  South Paw Bracelet
41.  In the little path running from the north bank of the Soutenbori to the
    Bishamon Bridge.
  ITEM:  Special Nightstick
42.  On the southeast corner of Shoufuku.
  ITEM:  Collapsible Stick
43.  Near the manhole near the intersection of Iwahashi and Shoufuku.
  ITEM:  Old Imperial Handgrenade
44.  Near the save point on the south bank fo the Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Black Belt
45.  At the staircase leading up to the Don Quijote's rear entrance on the south
    bank of the Soutenbori.
  ITEM:  Fighting Sarashi
46.  Near the staircase on the south bank of the Soutenbori in the east.
  ITEM:  Banker Chess Piece
47.  Inside Ebisuya Pawn Shop.
  ITEM:  Toughness Emperor
48.  Inside Club Sega near the bathroom.
  ITEM:  Captain's Bat
49.  Near some binoculars at the Tsutenkaku's observation deck.
  ITEM:  Peaceful Gloves
50.  By the benches near Club Sega.
  ITEM:  Substitution Stone

5h.  Maps

Note:  These maps are approximate; not to scale at all.

C=Coin Lockers
S=Save Point



 Hotel     |____|
 District  |    |----                    3
           |    |   2|-----------------------T  Kou'enmae Street
           |1   |    |         |       |
          4|S   |    |         |     | |
           |    |    |         |      -|
    5      |    |  6 |   7    8|9      |
T--------------------------------------------  Shichifuku Street
   |   10  |          |    |      |
   |11 12  |          |  13|      |  --------
   |-------|          |14  |      |-|--|  |--|
   |+15++++|          |----|      | |  |--|  | Champion
   |------S|          |    |      | |  |16|17| District
   |       |          |    |20    |  --------
 18|       |       19 |    |      |    |
 --|       |          |    |      |    |21
   |     22|   C     S|23  |      |    |
 --------------------------------------------  Taihei Street
           |24   |   |||25 |     |  |
   --------|     |   | --  |     |  |
           |  26 |   |     |     |  |
    -------|  |27|28 |29   |30 31|32|
         --|  34 |   |     |35   |  |
         36|37   |--/ \----|     |  |
           |     |---------+     |  |
           |   38|39||40 41|     |  |
           |     |---------+      --+--------
           | 42  |43     44|S  45   |
         ------------------------------------  Shouwa Street

   Tenka'ichi  Nakamichi  Pink  Senryou
       Street  Street    Street  Street

1.  Yoshida Batting Center
2.  Dragon Palace
3.  Kamuro Heights Site / Sai no Kawara (aka "River Styx," "Purgatory," "Limbo")
4.  M Store
5.  Jidou Park
6.  MEB--Adult Entertainment Information
7.  Jewel--Cabaret Club
8.  Parking Lot
9.  Kanrai Korean Restaurant (aka "Hallae" or "Han'rae")
10.  The Amano Building
11.  Deborah--A Club  (note:  on the wall, it says "Debola")
12.  Club SEGA at Theater Square
13.  Beam--A Video Shop
14.  Bantam--A Bar
15.  Theater Square (theaters are on the east edge; it's hard to see sometimes)
16.  Atenshi--A Gay Bar
17.  Shellac--A Bar
18.  Mach Bowl
19.  Millennium Tower
20.  Paradise--An Erotic Entertainment Club
21.  Komaki's Lair
22.  Matsuya at Taihei Street West
23.  Matsuya at Taihei Street East
24.  Gelato Shop
25.  Kotobuki Pharmacy
26.  Vacant Area--find the Weapons Video Dealer here
27.  Cafe' Central
28.  Smile Burger
29.  Poppo at Chuudou
30.  Asia--A Strip Club
31.  Kyushu Ichibanboshi Ramen
32.  Love In Heart--A Massage Parlor
33.  Poppo at Tenkaichi
34.  The Third Park
35.  Shine--A Cabaret Club
36.  Serena Bar
37.  Stardust--A Host Club
38.  Alps Tea Shop
39.  Club Sega at Chuudou
40.  Ebisuya Pawn Shop
41.  Rokuransou (aka "Liu Lan Zhuang" or "Luk Laan Jong")--Mahjong Parlor
42.  Sushi Gin
43.  Don Quijote Supermarket
44.  Poppo at Shouwa Street
45.  Le Marche--Accessories Store



  Bishamon                             Iwahashi

    1   2       3      4    5                S 6
T------------------------------------------------T Soutenbori Street
    7|S 8         9            10          |   11
     |                                12   |
    C|            13                       |
   14|            13     15           16   |
T------------------------------------------------T Shoufuku
     |   17               |      18
     |                    |
     |                  19|
   20|                    |
     |                    |
     |                  21|
     |        22          |
     |                    |

1.  Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu--Okonomiyaki Restaurant
2.  White Snake Ramen (aka "Shirahebi Ramen," "Hakuja Ramen," "Baak Se Ramen")
3.  Oosumi Pharmacy
4.  Yokobori Golf Center
5.  Club Sega (Sammy Ebisu Plaza)
6.  M Store
7.  Cabaret Club Grand
8.  Stijl--A Bar
9.  Sunrise--A Slot House
10.  Zuboraya--Pufferfish Restaurant
11.  Magutako--Fried Octopus Balls Stand
12.  Homeless Man (talk to him to summon the black-market weapons dealer, Tatsu)
13.  Don Quijote
14.  Building where Kojima hides out
15.  Nighttime Fun Dojo
16.  Le Marche--An Accessories Shop
17.  Koumian--Kyoto-Style Restaurant
18.  Ebisuya Pawn Shop
19.  Snack Bar Aoi
20.  Riichi Heights--A Mahjong Parlor
21.  Prime--A Cabaret Club
22.  Gandhara--A Private Video-Watching Box Rental Store


             |  1
             |  4
             |    \
             |    6|
             |   S |7

1.  Tsuutenkaku (Tsutenkaku)
2.  Parking Lot
3.  Keima--A Shogi Den
4.  Shogi Playing Man
5.  Yotteya Horumon'yaki
6.  Acupuncturist
7.  Billiken Shrine
8.  Zuboraya--Pufferfish Restaurant
9.  M Store
10.  Large Billiken Statue

5i.  Shops

NOTE:  Restaurants and bars will be found in the "Completion Lists" section.

POPPO at Tenkaichi Street or Nakamichi Street
Oden Combination                                               420
Tanuki Soba                                                    300
Salmon Onigiri                                                 200
Makunouchi Bentou                                              600
Club Sandwich                                                  250
Special Yakisoba                                               460
Meat Bun                                                       130
Japanese Sake                                                 1100
Cat Food                                                       160
Hot Iemon                                                      130
Tennensui Southern Alps                                        140
Natchan Orange                                                 150
Gatorade                                                       150
Rope                                                           300

POPPO at Showa Street
Oden Combination                                               420
Salmon Onigiri                                                 200
Makunouchi Bentou                                              600
Club Sandwich                                                  250
Special Yakisoba                                               460
Meat Bun                                                       130
Japanese Sake                                                 1100
Tennensui Southern Alps                                        140
Kelp Onigiri                                                   180
Tuna Onigiri                                                   190
Dog Food                                                       270
Suntory Oolong Tea                                             150
C.C. Lemon                                                     150
Boss Sugar-Free Black                                          120
Iemon                                                          150
Sushi Assortment                                              3500

M STORE in the Hotel District or in Shinsei
Oden Combination                                               420
Milk                                                           145
Meat Sauce Spaghetti                                           380
Karaage Bentou                                                 450
Pudding                                                        140
Kelp Onigiri                                                   180
Tuna Onigiri                                                   190
Frankfurter                                                    150
Melon Pound Cake                                               120
Pork Cutlet Sandwich                                           280
Boss Rainbow Mountain Coffee                                   120
Pepsi Next                                                     150
Gatorade                                                       150
Suntory Oolong Tea                                             150
Natchan Orange                                                 150
Rope                                                           300

M STORE on Soutenbori Street
Oden Combination                                               420
Kelp Onigiri                                                   180
Tuna Onigiri                                                   190
Salmon Onigiri                                                 200
Makunouchi Bentou                                              600
Club Sandwich                                                  250
Special Yakisoba                                               460
Meat Bun                                                       130
Japanese Sake                                                 1100
Dog Food                                                       270
Suntory Oolong Tea                                             150
C.C. Lemon                                                     150
Boss Sugar-Free Black Coffee                                   120
Iemon                                                          150
Tennensui Southern Alps                                        140
Sushi Assortment                                              3500

8-Piece Fried Octopus Balls                                    320
12-Piece Fried Octopus Balls                                   450
20-Piece Fried Octopus Balls                                   700

KOTOBUKI PHARMACY on Taihei in Kamuro
Toughness Z                                                    750
Toughness ZZ                                                  2500
Toughness Emperor                                             7300
Staminan X                                                    1000
Staminan XX                                                   3000
Staminan Royale                                              10000
Tauliner                                                       500
Tauliner+                                                     2000
Tauliner++                                                    5000

OOSUMI PHARMACY on Soutenbori Street
Toughness Z                                                    750
Toughness ZZ                                                  2500
Toughness Emperor                                             7300
Staminan X                                                    1000
Staminan XX                                                   3000
Staminan Royale                                              10000
Tauliner                                                       500
Tauliner+                                                     2000
Tauliner++                                                    5000
Bandages                                                       580

DON QUIJOTE (both locations)
Women's Underwear                                             7800
Staminan X                                                     980
Staminan XX                                                   2880
Staminan Royale                                               9780
Tauliner                                                       480
Tauliner+                                                     1940
Tauliner++                                                    4880
Dog Food                                                       260
Cat Food                                                       150
Caviar-Skin Bag                                             150000
Monogram Bag                                                120000
Fine Italian Necklace                                        70000
Italian Woman's Watch                                       119000
French Muffler                                               13800
Boss Sugar-Free Black Coffee                                   100
Boss Rainbow Mountain Coffee                                   100
Iemon                                                          130
Hot Iemon                                                      110
Tennensui Alps                                                 120
Natchan Orange                                                 130
Pepsi Next                                                     130
Suntory Oolong Tea                                             130
C.C. Lemon                                                     130
Dakara                                                         130
Gatorade                                                       130
Tennensui Fresh Beer Malts                                     260
Chuuhai 196 Degrees C (Lemon)                                  130

EBISUYA PAWNSHOP (both locations)
Male Musk Cologne                                            29800
Crimson Rose Bouquet                                         12000
Pink Lily Bouquet                                             9500
Cookie Assortment                                             4500
Caviar-Skin Bag                                             148800
Monogram Bag                                                119200
Fine Italian Necklace                                        69000
Italian Woman's Watch                                       120000
French Muffler                                               15000
Lucky Bracelet                                               22000
Sexy-Man Bracelet                                            29800
Hariti Amulet                                                54000
Long Dosu                                                    40000
Lau Family Cheng Lung Dou                                   180000
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu                                        68000
Mifune Nodachi                                               65000
Nameless Sword                                               63000
Western Shield                                               25000
Chain Mail Shirt                                             55000
Sakaki Breastplate Replica                                  800000
Iai Sword                                                    98000

LE MARCHE (both locations)
Monogram Bag                                                120000
French Men's Cologne                                          5800
french Women's Perfume                                        6500
Italian Men's Cologne                                         5800
Italian Women's Perfume                                       6500
French Muffler                                               15000
French Wallet                                                23800
Italian Muffler                                              28500
Italian Wallet                                               22800
French Handbag                                               98000
Italian Shoulderbag                                          87000
Swiss Watch                                                 285000
French Haute Couture                                       2500000
French Prete-A-Porter                                       800000
Italian Woman's Suit                                        350000
Italian Women's Watch                                       120000
Fine Italian Necklace                                        70000
Caviar-Skin Bag                                             150000
Italian Ring                                                250000
Italian Men's Necklace                                      450000
English Woman's Coat                                        800000

Space Ninjaman 3:  Galaxy Castle                              3800
Combat Legend Takeshi                                         4800
The Military Master                                           4800

BEAM (Hidden store; see "The Mystery of Beam" side mission)
Antique Automatic Handgun                                   200000
9mm Automatic                                               320000
Special Nightstick                                            6000
Survival Knife                                               23000
Long Dosu                                                    40000
Collapsible Stick                                            50000
Oak Bokutou                                                   4500
Shikoku Tree Bokutou                                          7500
Blackjack                                                     4000
Stun Gun                                                     17000
Brass Knuckles                                                7500
Tear Gas Spray                                                1980
Cheng Lung Dou                                               19800
Lightning Bomb                                              12000
Gloved Automatic Handgun                                     40000
Shotgun                                                     280000
Bulletproof Vest                                            125000
Steel Shinguards                                             24000
Sarashi                                                        850
Manly Sarashi                                                15000
Fighting Sarashi                                              5800

BLACK MARKET (weapons dealer at the Dragon Palace's 5th floor)
Tauliner                                                       500
Tauliner+                                                     2000
Toughness Z                                                    750
Toughness ZZ                                                  2500
Toughness Infinity                                            9800
Hammer                                                        3400
Fashionable Umbrella                                          2500
Beer Bottle                                                     20
Kettle                                                         980
Lamp                                                          3500
Official Ball                                                 1500
Wrecking Hammer                                               1400
Modified Lighter                                              3500
Modified Iron                                                 1800
Modified Portable Stove                                       3600
Iron Pipe                                                      100
Bat with Nails                                               50000
Fighting Sarashi                                              5800
Hercules Gloves                                               8600
Old Imperial Hand Grenade                                    25000
Flash Bomb                                                   38000
Tear Gas Grenade                                             12800
Smoke Grenade                                                25000
Old Cheng Lung Dou                                            2500
Shikoku Tree Bokutou                                          7500
Magic Sword Myougetsu                                       108000
Magic Sword Muramasa                                       9800000
Charisma Photo                                                 980
Ash Tray                                                       420

WEAPONS AND VIDEO MERCHANT (complete "Weapons Video Merchant" side mission)
Tauliner                                                       500
Metal Umbrella                                               50000
Chic Metal Umbrella                                          42000
White Tonfa                                                   3500 *
Blue Tonfa                                                    5000 *
Black Tonfa                                                  10000 *
Red Tonfa                                                    30000 *
Skull Tonfa                                                 500000 #
Ghost Tonfa                                                 200000 #
Double 2x4                                                    1200 **
Double Stick                                                  5300 **
Double Shaft                                                  8200 **
Taiko Drumstick with Nails                                   10000 **
Double Stun                                                  16500 **
Double Fire                                                  28000 **
Oni Taiko Drumstick                                          40000 ##
Double Spiker                                               120000 ##

* - Item is available only after tonfa skills are acquired.
# - Item is available only after tonfa skills are acquired and after defeating
 either Devil Tsuji or Kamiyama Renji in the Underground Arena.
** - Item is available only after kali stick skills are acquired.
## - Item is available only after kali stick skills are acquired and after
 defeating Kamiyama Renji in the Underground Arena.

The True Record:  The Yakuza Heir                            10000
Knife Magician                                               10000
The Chop Master                                              10000
The Karate Master                                            10000
Super Kung Fu Man                                            10000
(end of page one; choose 'see more videos' for page two)
Explode!  Oni God Fist!                                      10000
Sure Kill!  Thumb Wrestling!                                 10000
Analysis:  Brainbuster                                       10000
Ascend to Heaven:  India's Secret Technique                  10000
Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the Philippines!        10000

TATSU (after clearing side mission "Tatsu")
Gloved Handgun                                               40000
Shotgun                                                     280000
Stun Gun                                                     17000
Special Forces Nightstick                                    24500
Special Nightstick                                            6000
Survival Knife                                               23000
Tear Gas Spray                                                1980
Flash Bomb                                                   38000
Tear Gas Grenade                                             12800
Smoke Grenade                                                25000
Blackjack                                                     4000
Brass Knuckles                                                7500
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu                                        68000
Cheng Lung Dou                                               19800
Sarashi                                                        850
Fighting Sarashi                                              5800
Chain Mail Shirt                                             55000
Dragon Iron Knuckles                                         70000
Blade-Resistant Defense Shirt                                78000
Bulletproof Vest                                            125000
WAT Armor                                                   570000
Bulletproof Protector                                       350000
Bulletproof Chestplate                                      230000

VOLCANO or SUNRISE slot houses
Staminan X                                                      50 medals
Tauliner                                                        25
Caviar-Skin Bag                                               7500
Italian Women's Watch                                         6000
Lacquer Plate                                                   50
Silver Plate                                                   500
Gold Plate                                                    5000

Cookie Assortment                                             2250 points
French Muffler                                                7500
Fine Italian Necklace                                        35000
Lacquer Plate                                                 1000
Silver Plate                                                 10000
Gold Plate                                                  100000

CHOUHAN PARLOUR in the Dragon Palace, 2nd floor
Crowbar                                                         18 points
Stun Gun                                                       170
Dragn Plate                                                     30
Marble Plate                                                    50
Tortoise-Shell Plate                                           500
Gold Plate                                                    1000
Miyamoto Musashi Dosu                                          680
Mifune Kodachi                                                 650
Mail-Order Magic Sword                                         880
Shikoku Tree Bokutou                                            75
Magic Sword Mugetsu                                            980
Sakaki Bokutou                                                3800
Manly Sarashi                                                  150
Oni Sarashi                                                    380
Sakaki Breastplate                                          150000

FUKKANTEI (casino in Sai no Kawara)
Darts                                                           58 chips
Western Shield                                                 250
Magic Sword Muramasa                                         98000
Lacquer Plate                                                   10
Silver Plate                                                   100
Gold Plate                                                    1000

CASINO at the 1st floor of the Dragon Palace
Cookie Assortment                                               45 chips
French Mufler                                                  150
Fine Italian Necklace                                          700
Lacquer Plate                                                   10
Silver Plate                                                   100
Gold Plate                                                    1000
Lucky beads                                                   4200

5j.  Items

These lists are still incomplete and don't describe the effects of items such as
gifts to the cabaret girls and such very well.  The lists are also most likely
fairly inaccurate.

5j-I.  Weapons

There are two kinds of weapons, and I will make a distinction by separating them
into two lists.  First are "retainable weapons."  These are the ones you can get
at almost any time in the game from shops or enemies or lockers, and you can
hang onto them.  If you can choose to unequip the weapon in the items menu, it's
a retainable weapon.
Other weapons, which have unknown damages and cannot be sold (hence they have no
value) will be listed afterwaards as "stage weapons."  I call them that because
you will only find them lying around a battle stage, and once the battle is
over, even if you still have the item in your hands, you can't keep it.  If you
go to the items menu with a weapon in your hands and it shows a strange symbol
that's supposed to mean you can't move it to your items list, you have a stage

NOTE!!:  Weapons that exhaust ammo, such as guns, ONLY HAVE MELEE DAMAGE DIS-
PLAYED.  The game doesn't say what the damage is for their bullets or sprays, so
that damage is unknown.

  Damage: 5  Endurance: (infinite)  Ammo: ?  Type: Gun
  Beam: 200000
  Damage: 70  Endurance: 1  Type: Light
  Black Market: 420
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 5  Type: Light
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 9  Type: Light
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 7  Type: Bat
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 6  Type: Bat
  Black Market: 50000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 5*  Type: Light (1st hit only)
  Black Market: 20
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Beam, Tatsu: 4000
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 25  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 15000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 20  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 5000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 5 (special attack only)  Type: Knuckles
  Beam, Tatsu: 7500
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 2  Type: Knife
  Damage: 42  Endurance: 12  Type: Katana
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 24  Type: Medium
  Beam: 38000
  Damage: 15  Endurance: 8  Type: Knife
  Damage: 80  Endurance: 12  Type: Bat
  Damage: 50  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Damage: 50  Endurance: 1  Type: Light
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 8  Type: Sword
  Beam, Tatsu: 19800
  Damage: 2  Endurance: 20  Type: Pipe
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 42000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 10  Type: Pipe
  Beam: 50000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Chouhan Parlour: 18 points
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 6  Type: Light
  Fukkantei: 58 chips
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 15  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 28000
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 50  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 8200
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 36  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 123000
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 20  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 5300
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 15  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 16500
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 14  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 1200
  Damage: 60  Endurance: 20 (special attack only)  Type: Brass Knuckles
  Tatsu: 200000
  Damage: 5  Endurance: (infinite)  Ammo: (infinite)  Type: Gun
  Finish Story Mode on EX Hard Difficulty
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 12  Type: Pipe
  Black Market: 2500
  Damage: 3  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light (throw for special attack)
  STUNS (special attack only)
  Black Market, Tatsu: 38000
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 30  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 200000
  Damage: 1  Endurance: (infinite)  Ammo: 1  Type: Gun
  Beam, Tatsu: 40000  Also in many battles.
  Damage: 50  Endurance: 4  Type: Golf Club
  Find in battles in front of the Ebisuya on Shoufuku
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Black Market: 3400
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 15 (special attack only)  Type: Knuckles
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 10  Type: Sword
  Ebisuya:  98000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 8  Ammo: 150  Type: Spray
  STUNS (briefly)
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 10  Type: Pipe
  Black Market: 100
  Damage: 30  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Tonfa
  Finish Story Mode, having defeated all 51 opponents in the Underground Arena
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 12  Type: Large?
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 2  Type: Light
  Black Market: 980
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 1  Type: Light
  Black Market: 3500
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 20  Type: Sword
  Ebisuya: 180000
  Damage: 3  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light (throw for special attack)
  SHOCKS (special attack only)
  Beam: 12000
  Damage: 27  Endurance: 10  Type: Knife
  Beam: 40000
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 20  Type: Sword
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 200  Type: Sword
  Black Market: 9800000, Fukkantei: 98000 chips
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 20  Type: Sword
  Chouhan Parlour: 980 points
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 20  Type: Sword
  Black Market: 108000
  Damage: 45  Endurance: 20  Type: Sword
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 5  Type: Sword
  Chouhan Parlour: 880 points
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 12  Type: Knife
  Chouhan Parlour:  650 points
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 25  Type: Knife
  Tatsu: 68000, Chouhan: 680 points
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 3  Type: Knife
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 10  Type: Light
  Black Market: 1800
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 8  Ammo: 100  Type: Spray
  Black Market: 3500
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 6  Type: Light
  Black Market: 3600
  Damage: 38  Endurance: 15  Type: Sword
  Ebisuya: 63000
  Damage: 3  Endurance: (infinite)  Ammo: ?  Type: Gun
  Beam: 320000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 10  Type: Knife
  Damage: 15  Endurance: 10  Type: Sword
  Beam: 4500
  Damage: 10  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light
  Black Market: 1500
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 10 (special attack only)  Type: Knuckles
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 5  Type: Sword
  Black Market: 2500
  Damage: 15  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light (throw for special attack)
  Black Market: 25000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 3  Type: Light
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 12  Type: Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 45000
  Damage: 50  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Sword
  Finish Story Mode with all Missions "Complete"
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 9  Type: Light
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 3  Type: Light
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 45  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 30000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Rope
  Poppo, M Store: 300
  Damage: 35  Endurance: 80  Type: Sword
  Chouhan Parlour: 3800
  Damage: 20  Endurance: 15  Type: Sword
  Black Market, Beam: 7500
  Damage: 3  Endurance: (infinite)  Ammo: 15  Type: Gun
  Beam, Tatsu: 280000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light (throw for special attack)
  STUNS (briefly; special attack only)
  Black Market, Tatsu: 25000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 25  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 500000
  Damage: 30  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Tatsu: 24500
  Damage: 28  Endurance: 12  Type: Light
  Beam, Tatsu: 6000
  Damage: 15  Endurance: 10  Type: Knife
  Beam, Tatsu: 17000
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 8  Type: Knife
  Beam, Tatsu: 23000
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 1  Type: Light
  Found at fights in the Champion District
  Damage: 28  Endurance: 30  Type:  Kali Sticks
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 10000
  Damage: 3  Endurance: (infinite)  Type: Light (throw for special attack)
  DOWNS (special attack only)
  Black Market, Tatsu: 12800
  Damage: 10  Endurance: 8  Ammo: 150  Type: Spray
  DOWNS (spray attack only)
  Beam, Tatsu: 1980
  Damage: 40  Endurance: 18  Type: Medium
  Fukkantei: 250 chips
  Damage: 25  Endurance: 15  Type: Tonfa
  Weapons and Video Merchant: 3500
  Damage: 32  Endurance: 12  Type: Pipe?
  Black Market: 1400

Name:                     Type:                   Endurance:
BEER CASE                 Medium                      4
BOULDER FRAGMENT          Heavy                       6
BOWLING BALL              Light                       4
BROKEN BEER BOTTLE        Knife                       4
BROOM                     Pipe                    (infinite)
CART                      Heavy                       2
CHAIR                     Medium                      5
CHEF KEN ISSAI'S WOK      Medium                      1
COUNTER CHAIR             Heavy                       2
DHARMA STATUE             Medium                      5
DRUM CAN*                 Light                       4
FREE-STANDING SIGN        Sign                        4
GIANT PYLON               Heavy                       3
IRON PIPE                 Pipe                       10
LAUNDRY BSKET             Medium                      6
LONG IRON PIPE            Long Staff                  9
METAL SHEET               Medium                     18
MYSTERIOUS SYRINGE        Light (unique Heat Action)  1
NEON SIGN                 Sign                        3
OFFICE CHAIR              Medium                      4
OLD CHEZ LOUNGE           Heavy                       3
ORNAMENTAL SPEAR          Spear                       6
OTTOMAN                   Medium                      9
PLUMBING PIPE             Pipe                        6
POTTED PLANT              Light                       2
PUMACE LANTERN            Heavy                   (infinite)
PYLON                     Light                       3
RUBBLE                    Medium                      3
SCAFFOLDING FRAME         Heavy                       3
SIDE TABLE                Heavy                       5
SIGN                      Sign                       10
STEEL TRASH CAN           Medium                      5
STEPLADDER                Sign                        5
STOOL                     Medium                      3
TABLE                     Heavy                       4
UMBRELLA STAND            Medium                      4
VIDEO RENTAL SIGN         Sign                        4
WALL LAMP                 Light                       4
WOK                       Medium                      1
WOODEN FREIGHT BOX        Medium                      2

*--the actual name is "Drum Cushion," but I have no idea why as it's not a

5j-II.  Armors

Armors marked "Bullet Defense" can protect against bullets completely.  Those
marked "Bullet Damage Reduction" reduce the damage of bullets.  Those marked
"Heavy" are too heavy and Kiryuu will not be able to run wearing them.

  2 Defense.  Bladed Weapon Damage Reduction.
  Tatsu:  78000
  -20 Defense.  Attack Power Increase.
  4 Defense.  Bullet Damage reduction.
  Tatsu:  230000
  6 Defense.  Bullet Damage Reduction.
  Tatsu:  350000
  8 Defense.  Slight Bullet Damage Reduction.
  Beam, Tatsu:  125000
  4 Defense.  Bladed Weapon Damage Reduction.
  Ebisuya Pawn Shop, Beam:  55000
  30 Defense.
  Beat the game with Meals and Alcoholic Drinks 100% complete.
  5 Defense.
  Beam, Black Market:  5800
  6 Defense.  Bullet Damage Reduction.
  Clear the mission "Managing Cabaret Club 'Marietta'"
  1 Defense.
  Clear the "Support Sunflower" missions.
  No known effects.
  Get by having a "complete" save from the first game.
  No known effects.
  Get by having a "complete" save from the first game.
  2 Defense.  Shock Defense.
  2 Defense.
  Find in the secret room in the Toujou Association's Base in Chapter 5.
  8 Defense.
  Beam:  15000, Chouhan Parlour:  150 points
  15 Defense.
  Chouhan Parlour:  380 points
  0 Defense.  Bullet Defense.
  Chouhan:  150000 points
  0 Defense.  Bullet Defense.  Heavy.
  Ebisuya Pawn Shop:  8000000
  3 Defense.
  Tatsu, Beam:  850
  8 Defense.  Blade Weapon Damage Reduction.
  Defeat Encounter Boss Mafia Itabashi.
WAT ARMOR    (maybe WAT is supposed to be SWAT?)
  10 Defense.  High Bullet Damage Reduction.
  Tatsu:  570000
  You reportedly gain more experience, but you cannot run.

5j-III.  Accessories

You only have two accessory slots.  You must equip them, obviously, for them to
have their effects.

  You can throw even large enemies without rapid tapping of Circle.
  When health is low, Heat Gauge increases.
  Throw damage increased.
  Soutenbori Coin Locker #44
  Prevents Heat Meter rising.
  Aids greatly in impressing girls.
  Enemies attack more.
  Forces random encounters, unless they've stopped appearing that chapter.
  Supposedly helps win ladies over.
  Helps guard against weapons?
  Kamuro Coin Locker #37
  Protects you from being surrounded.
  The time you can hold enemies when you grapple them is increased.
  Sweeps no longer knock Kiryuu down.
  Makes random encounters cease.
  Reportedly helps in playing chouhan and slots.
  Helps with wooing cabaret club girls
  Ebisuya:  39800
  When you're low on health, your attack damage increases.
  Makes left punches do more damage.  I only count three such punches.
  Kamuro Coin Locker #11
  Sweeps no longer knock Kiryuu down.  Kiryuu cannot run while wearing these.
  Brings you back when you are killed (one time only).
  Soutenbori Coin Locker #50
  Lowers the chance of random encounters appearing.
  Kamuro Coin Locker #20
  Gradually regenerates health when not in combat and when game time is running
  (not when paused or when Kiryuu is idle)

5j-IV.  Healing Items

Note that not all of these heal; some of them just have certain effects.  Once
these items are used, they vanish away.  Also, I won't bother listing them all
here again, but all of the food items in stores give some health back, and all
of the alcoholic items add to Kiryuu's drunkenness some.

  Raises experience by 1000 points.
  Makes the "Banker" win (usually) at the next hand of Baccarat.
  Helps you win at Blackjack the next hand.  Thinking of something else?
  Makes the next spin of the roulette wheel land on a black number.
  Very low health replenishment.  Sobers Kiryuu up about 1/10th of the way.
  Very low health replenishment.  Sobers Kiryuu up about 1/10th of the way.
  Prevents Heat Gauge from depleting for a short while.
  Low Health replenishment.
  Get by having a "complete" save from the first game.
  Medium Health replenishment.
  Get by having a "complete" save from the first game.
  Excellent Health replenishment.
  Get by having a "complete" save from the first game.
  Excellent Health and Heat replenishment.
  Find on battle stages.
  Medium Health replenishment.
  Find on battle stages.
  Low Health replenishment.
  Makes the "Player" win (usually) at the next hand of Baccarat.
  Makes the next spin of the roulette wheel land on a red number.
  Reportedly slows down enemies near Kiryuu.
  Excellent Heat replenishment.
  Find on battle stages.
  Low Health and Heat replenishment.
  Medium Health and Heat replenishment.
  Excellent Health and Heat replenishment.
  Full Health and Heat replenishment.
  Low Heat replenishment.
  Low Heat replenishment (more than regular Tauliner)
  Medium Heat replenishment.
  Full Heat replenishment.
  Low Health replenishment.
  Medium Health replenishment.
  Good Health replenishment.
  Excellent Health replenishment.
  Sobers Kiryuu up some.

5j-V.  Miscellanies

Some of these items can be given as gifts to cabaret club girls, but most of
them won't really have any effects on them (it should be kinda obvious which
ones will impress them).  I seriously don't advocate giving gifts to those girls
as you can just answer questions, order fruit, and wear the Sexy-Man Bracelet to
win them over, and that's a lot cheaper.
So, unless you want to have one of everything, you can and should be aware that
you can just sell these items and make money.


5k.  Main Characters List

I'll list the character by their family name, when appropriate.  If characters
have a strange nickname, I'll list it under that--for instance, "Mammoth" Tatsu
will be listed under "M," not "T."  I'll also write their family name in all


Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 16 (mission:  Amon)
Description:  This is the hidden boss--the "Ultima Weapon" of this game, if you
 will.  Like the Amon brothers, he's a big guy, dressed in black, with sun-
 glasses.  Unlike the Amon brothers, he's amazingly powerful and cheap.
  His goal appears to be to become the best.  In the first game, he showed up to
 test Kiryuu's mettle (by throwing a lot of grenades all over the place).  This
 time isn't *too* different.
  First, he hires the Amon brothers (I'm assuming "Amon" is a fake name) to kill
 Kiryuu.  While Kiryuu's off defeating them, Joh attacks and defeats Komaki,
 stealing the final "secret technique" scroll in his library.
  Kiryuu finds Komaki lying in his area, beaten badly, and gets information that
 Joh will meet him that night at the docks for their final duel.  Of course, if
 Kiryuu should win the duel, he'll get the scroll back (and read it to learn the
 "Extreme Extremeness" technique).
  Joh has four different attack forms, including one with a plasma sword, but
 the deadliest of them may be the form he starts off in: the grenade-handling
 form.  He'll switch attacks either by time elapsed or just by random choice; it
 doesn't depend on his health meter this time.
  Also, I should point out that Heat Actions and weapons do very little damage
 this time, so you can't just rely on a weapon that shocks him over and over!
  So, what do you do?  Well, just like the brothers, equip the Hercules Glove
 and Black Belt accessories (and a nice armor!).  Try to get to him as quickly
 as possible as he'll be throwing grenades all over the place, and then grapple
  Do the headbutt, knee, lariat combo.  That will knock him down near you and
 deliver a pretty decent chunk of damage.  If you're in Heat Mode, walk up,
 grab his foot, and throw him.  Not only will that keep you in Heat Mode by ad-
 ding to your gauge, it'll also force him to get up without that signature
 Rising Kick attack.  Then?  As he's standing, grapple, and repeat!
  If you don't have Heat, or if he gets away, you've got to grab him as fast as
 possible.  The best way to do this while he's getting up (say if you miss the
 Foot Grab or just don't have Heat), stand near him with R1 held down, and wait
 until you see him start to move.  Sway towards him and you'll avoid his rising
 sweep attack.  Then?  Grab, hit, foot grab, throw, grab, hit foot grab, throw,
 etc, etc.
  He has the maximum amount of health an enemy can have and you don't do very
 much damage to him, but if you follow that pattern, you should (usually) fair

AMON Kazuya
Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 16 (mission: Amon Kazuya)
Description:  All the Amon characters are big in this game.  In the previous
 game, Amon Joh was about Kiryuu's size.  In this game, they're all really big--
 I don't mean bulging with muscles; I mean, like, as if they took Joh's charac-
 ter model from the first game and increased its size.
  They all wear black, and they all wear sunglasses.
  Kazuya (not the same Chinese characters as the guy from Tekken, but not too
 far off) is the first brother you'll encounter.  He is a hired assassin who
 takes great pride in his work, as do the rest of the "Amon" characters.
  Hired by Amon Joh, he waits for Kiryuu in the Champion District and fights him
 with two, huge axes similar to the one Robeson Caetano da Silva carries.  He
 attacks with similar patterns to "Kali Stick" enemies such as Hiroshi Hayashi
 and Kamiyama Renji and a few moves from Majima Gorou's repertoire.  He also has
 that Rising Sweep all the Amon characters seem to love so much.
  You're in cramped quarters when you fight him, but equip the Hercules Glove
 and Blackbelt accessories and try to grab him as much as possible.  Don't for-
 get your healing items and you should be fine.

AMON Sango
Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 16 (mission: Amon Sango)
Description:  Similar to Amon Kazuya in story and appearance, this guy's got
 himself a bazooka.  To be honest, I don't know what happens when he fires the
 thing; I just rush in and keep the pressure on him and he rarely attacks.
  This is the final Amon "brother."  You fight him in Theater Square.  He stands
 a little bit closer to the bowling alley, in the center of the square.  You
 have a lot of room with this guy, so you don't have to feel claustrophobic.
 Get in close and throw him a lot.  He's the only one who won't try to sweep you
 as he gets up from a knockdown.
  Again, repeated throwing with the Hercules Glove and Blackbelt accessories
 equipped is advised.

AMON Jirou
Role:  Enemy (boss)
Appears in:  Chapter 16 (mission: Amon Jirou)
Description:  Similar to Amon Kazuya in story and appearance, this guy carries
 handguns to fight Kiryuu and uses techniques similar to those Ji Yeongmin uses,
 plus the get-up sweep.
  You fight him in the alley behind Serena, so there's more room than when you
 had to fight Kazuya.  His attacks are also a little easier to avoid than
 Kazuya's.  Again, grappling with the Hercules Glove and Blackbelt accessories
 equipped is advsed.


BAK Hwejong
Other names:  Murai (Japanese name), Paku Hejon (Japanese pronounciation of his
 Korean name), Park Hwejong ("normal" Westernization of the name "Bak")
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapter 11
Description:  This chinless wonder with a big mole on his face and a really
 pitiful, lugubrious air about him may seem the embodiment of wimpiness, but he
 has actually been through a lot.
  He's one of the five survivors of the massacre of a vengeful and powerful
 crime syndicate, the Jin'gweon Force.  He crawled over to his boss, who lay
 dying, and was spared by Kazama Shintarou, but shot by Shimano Futoshi.
  Tough break, but he survived.  Now, he's just been waiting for the time when
 they would come back and kill him, because he was seen as a traitor.  As a
 Jin'gweon Force member, one is supposed to spend all their time and effort
 focused on exacting revenge for the massacre plot in 1980, apparently.  Since
 he chose to live, they see that as disobeying their "iron-clad law."
  Before he passed out, he overheard his boss asking Kawara to rescue his child.
 Apparently, some Jin'gweon were sent from the homeland to get him at some
 point, and he gave this information to them to extend his life.
  Once Sayama and Kiryuu hear his story, Jin'gweon members come around and kill
 Hwejong by throwing a knife in his gut.  Obsessed with the final play of a
 famous shogi match in which it looked like the guy accidentally played the
 wrong tile in a massive blunder and lost, he makes the same play on the same
 set-up as he dies.  He believed the man just thought he didn't have what it
 took to be a pro, so he threw the match and slinked off to drink himself to
 death.  So, he pretty much does the same thing, saying he should have died in
 the massacre plot.

BESSHO Tsutomu
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Various cut scenes
Description:  This guy is Sayama's boss at the fourth chapter (the organized
 crimes division) of the Osaka Prefectural Police for the Soutenbori area.
 He is respected by Sayama for most of the game because he seems to take a
 strong stance against any cooperation between the police and yakuza, as Sayama
 is hard-lined against them (hence the nickname, "Yakuza-Hunting Woman."  This
 is mostly just her perception; he seems loath to send her out on her yakuza-
 hunting missions, actually.
  She loses this respect for him as certain things come to light.  In actuality,
 Bessho did sanction the massacre plot perpetrated by the Doujima Group of the
 (then smaller, apparently) Toujou Association which targeted a foreign syndi-
 cate known as the Jin'gweon Force.  The Jin'gweon were supposedly a threat
 which was unanswerable by conventional police or crime syndicate methods, so
 Bessho believed there was no alternative but to allow their eradication.
  After the incident, Bessho and his detective Kawara transferred to the Kansai
 region.  Bessho knew that there were survivors of the attack, and did what he
 could to protect them against the retaliation of the Jin'gweon back in Korea,
 whose strict rules demanded that they either seek retaliation or die.  He
 helped one survivor, Bak Hwejong, by giving him the new identity "Murai" and
 leading him to Shinsei in Osaka, where he spent most of his time playing shogi.
  Bessho also knows the true identity of at least two other survivors of the
 attack:  Ji Yeongmin, who is installed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police after
 becoming a naturalized citizen and adopting the name "Kurahashi," and Jeong
 Suyeon, the wife of the executed crime boss U Yeongmin.  Suyeon was rescued by
 Kawara, who eventually married her.  The two then had a child, Kaoru, but after
 Suyeon's death at the hands of the Jin'gweon, Kaoru was taken in by Sayama
 Tamiyo and given her last name.  Therefore, his top detective is, indeed, the
 very same Sayama Kaoru--hence his insistance that she drop the case when the
 Jin'gweon becomes involved.


"Cyclops" OOBA
Role:  Sidestory character, enemy, Arena entrant
Appears in:  Chapter 5 on
Description:  This big wrestler hangs out in the Dragon Palace's 5th floor in
 his own little room, until you've done his side missions.  After that, he
 enters the tournaments at the Arena.
  He knows Kiryuu as the champion of the Arena from the last game, so he asks to
 spar.  You will need to remove all equipment first.
  He has a really long life bar, but it's fairly simple to beat him if you use
 the "slam blow -> hold combo" over and over.  It just takes a long time.
  You can fight him three times.  Each time, your reward is some memorabilia
 from his favorite wrestler, Goriki (I translate this as "hercules" a lot) Tera-
 Terayama, from which Kiryuu learns a Heat Move.


Role:  Story figure, boss, ally
Appears in:  Much of the game
Description:  This guy may wear a stupid-looking puffy white jacket, but what
 he lacks in fashion sense he makes up for in moxy.
  He is the son of Doujima Souhei, the former head of the Doujima Group and
 second Chairman of the Toujou Association, and Yayoi, who, with Terada/Gim
 Daejin's apparent death, becomes acting chairman.  Souhei was killed in the
 story of the first game, and Kiryuu took the blame--though it was really his
 "younger brother" in the yakuza world, Nishikiyama Akira.
  When Souhei died, Doujima became a bit reckless, because he trusted Kiryuu
 above all others.  When the Oumi Alliance syndicate starts showing up, looking
 for a fight, he decides to go to Osaka and challenge the leader of the group
 responsible to a one-on-one fight.  That man is Gohda Ryuuji.
  It turned out to be a trap.  When Daigo arrived at Osaka, he was greeted by
 the police and arrested for carrying weapons.  He received a 5-year sentence
 for his crime.
  Thus, he bears a grudge against Gohda Ryuuji.  Now that the syndicate has no
 leader, with Terada/Gim Daejin's apparent death, Kiryuu asks him to step up
 and rally the forces against the coming gang war with the Oumi Alliance.  Daigo
 refuses, but says he'll go with Kiryuu to Osaka.  Kiryuu was called there to
 meet with Gohda Jin, the chairman of the syndicate, and ask for a 50-50
 alliance pact.  Daigo, on the other hand, goes simply so he can find and beat
 Gohda Ryuuji.
  Ryuuji does show up to the meeting, but throws a coup d'etat and kidnaps his
 own father.  Daigo tries to stand in his way, sending Kiryuu after Chairman
 Gohda, but eventually fails.  Kiryuu then has to defeat Ryuuji himself.
  After that incident, Daigo tries to drive with Gohda Jin up to Tokyo to meet
 with his mother and finalize the deal.  However, men with machine guns show up
 and kidnap the two of them.
  Ryuuji is eventually rescued by Kiryuu in the Tougenkyou, a ruined, old broth-
 el in Kamuro.
  After that, when the Gohryuu Association Gohda Ryuuji heads comes to invade
 the district and destroy the Toujou Association, Daigo suddenly steps up and
 rallies the 300 troops.  A proud Yayoi, the acting lieutenant Kashiwagi, and
 Kiryuu all agree that Daigo will almost definitely get the title of 6th-gener-
 ation chairman of the Toujou Association with that.
  At the same time that they prepare for battle, a plot from their other major
 enemy, the Jin'gweon Force, is revealed.  There are bombs set up all over
 Kamuro.  However, the police don't believe the reports, so Daigo ends up
 using his troops to scour the district and dismantle the bombs, leaving Kiryuu
 to defeat the Gohryuu Association single-handedly.

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Much of the game
Description:  This is the widow of Doujima Souhei, the second-generation chair-
 man of the Toujou Association and head of the Doujima Group.  Kiryuu took the
 blame for Souhei's death in order to protect his "younger brother" in the
 yakuza world, Nishikiyama Akira--but that was all cleared up after the events
 of the last game.
  Kiryuu was named 4th-generation chairman by Souhei's successor, Sera, but he
 immediately gave the title to Terada Yukio, a man he believed was taking care
 of his father figure, Kazama Shintarou.  Terada apparently dies in the begin-
 ning of this game, and so the organization is left without a head.  During the
 interum period, Yayoi becomes the acting chairman.
  She is fierce, wise, and powerful.  She uses her ability to rally the organ-
 ization during this critical period.
  Kiryuu informs her of the former chairman's wishes to strike up an alliance
 deal with the Oumi Alliance in Osaka--the very people apparently responsible
 for his assassination.  Supposedly, he was asking this to avoid a lengthy and
 costly gang war between the two cities.  Yayoi is opposed, but she knows she
 can't change Kiryuu's mind, and allows it.
  Kiryuu then asks her to allow him to meet her son, Daigo.  She tells him that
 Daigo has become a drunk who is not willing to help the organization, but
 Kiryuu sees him anyway and, throughout the course of the game, seems to inspire
 him to step up and become the next chairman.
  During a relatively bizarre incident, Shindou Kouji, one of the group heads of
 the Toujou Association that commands about a half of their forces, kidnaps
 Yayoi and Daigo.  At first, it seems that he is just acting out of retaliation
 towards Kiryuu for his role in the death of Shindou's group's former head, but
 actually, it's revealed that Shindou also has fallen in love with Yayoi and
 intends to make her his bride.
  The feeling's not mutual.  Although Shindou believes he can bring her more
 happiness than her philandering, late husband, Souhei, Yayoi actually still
 loves only Souhei.
  After a lengthy battle, Shindou is defeated and Yayoi is rescued by Kiryuu.


Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  His clinic for a few scenes
Description:  This guy runs a clinic in Kamuro near the Matsuya restaurant at
 Tenkaichi's northern end.  In a side mission in the first game, it's revealed
 that Kazama Shintarou used to fund his clinic.  In other words, he operates
 a bit outside the law, not reporting things like gunshot wounds.
  That works out fine for Kiryuu and the gang in this title, as Kawara Jirou,
 a detective on the case, and Kazuki, owner of the host club Stardust, get shot
 on a rooftop.  Correctly assuming the incident is somehow tied to people pul-
 ling the strings inside the police, Kazuki and Kawara are brought to Emoto's
 clinic and treated without the police's involvement.

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in:  Chapters 4 and 12
Description:  Maybe this guy shoulda eaten some spinach.  Pasty, bald, small,
 with a scrunched-up face....  This isn't exactly the prettiest person in the
 game.  He sells information and plays mahjong....  And, he also at least knows
 a lot of the yakuza dealings in town, if he's not actually employed by Sengoku


Role:  Substory character, enemy
Appears in:  "The Fake Kiryuu"
Description:  This guy looks like a kinda chubby-faced Kiryuu.  He and another
 man scheme to extort money from low-level yakuza and street punks by masquer-
 ading as Kiryuu, who has become legendary thanks to the events of the first
  He grows tired of getting small amounts of money by going after the small fry
 and convinces his cohort to go to Jewel, a local cabaret club, and hit them up
 instead.  Kiryuu confronts him there and acts like he believes he really is
 Kiryuu, but refuses to pay any compensation when he asks him to pay for his
 bill at Jewel.  The fake Kiryuu punches the real one, but the punch has absol-
 utely no effect.  Kiryuu then subdues him and forces him and his cohort to
 apologize and pay.

Fake Shinji
Role:  Substory character, enemy
Appears in:  "The Fake Kiryuu"
Description:  This little guy tries to masquerade as Shinji, Kiryuu's close
 friend and "younger brother" in the yakuza world from the first game.  He acts
 with a big guy who dresses up like Kiryuu, and the two set about extorting
 money from lower-level yakuza and such, using Kiryuu's cache to threaten them.
  His appearance is a little odd, considering the real Shinji died in the
 events of the first game.  It seems like his scheme would have that flaw; if
 people knew about Kiryuu and Shinji, wouldn't they be a bit confused if the
 man telling them to pay up was supposedly a dead guy?
  Anyway, when he and the fake Kiryuu skip out on their bill at the cabaret
 club, Jewel, Kiryuu confronts them and beats them down, getting them to apolo-
 gize and pay.

Fake Kazuki --> GANG Jin'u


GANG Jin'u
Other names:  Kazuki
Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapter 6
Description:  This guy is an imposter who poses as Kazuki, the owner of the
 host club Stardust.  He is, in actuality, a member of the Jin'gweon Force,
 which plots revenge for most of the game against the Toujou Association for a
 massacre plot in 1980.
  He kidnaps Kazuki 6 months before the events of the game and takes his place
 in order to bait detective Kawara into pursuing him to the rooftop of the
 Amano building, where he intends to kill him.  He also calls Kiryuu and tells
 him to come to the rooftop at the same time, so he can kill them and make it
 look like they killed each other.  Since the information fed to Kawara is that
 the real Kazuki is actually a Jin'gweon member in disguise, he also brings the
 real Kazuki to the rooftop, intending to kill him there, too.
  Kawara wants to kill Jin'u on sight, knowing he's a member of the Jin'gweon.
 Unbeknownst to Date and the crew, he has been going around, wiping out factions
 of the Jin'gweon who made their way to Japan in order to protect Sayama from
 finding out her past.  Sayama's mother is Jeong Suyeon, a survivor of the
 Jin'gweon massacre.
  Anyway, Date has already witnessed Kawara gun down Jin'gweon members before,
 not knowing why.  So, he tries to stop Kawara, who ends up shot by Gang as a
 result.  He fires his gun at Gang, but does not kill him--rather, he just
 grazes his forehead.  When Gang goes to kill Date as a result, Sayama shows up
 and kills him.
  I'm assuming he had plastic surgery done and spent a long time copying
 Kazuki's manneurisms and dress and such, but it's still a ridiculous stretch
 that he was able to fool everyone for so long--particularly Yuuya, who works
 closely with Kazuki managing the club.

GIM Daejin
Other names:  Terada Yukio, Kim Daejin (it's not really a hard "k"), Kimu Dejin
 (Japanese pronounciation of his Korean name)
Role:  Story figure, boss
Appears in:  Chapters 1 & 16
Description:  This big guy looks like he could be a sumo rikishi.  Instead,
 he's just a big-time criminal.
  At one time a prominent figure in the Oumi Alliance (in fact, I think he was
 their leader at one time, but I'm not 100% sure) under the assumed name Terada
 Yukio, Kim was, in actuality, one of the survivors of the Toujou Association's
 slaughter of the Jin'gweon Force, a powerful, zealous crime syndicate from
  In the events a year ago (during the last game), he tried to hide and protect
 Kazama Shintarou, Kiryuu's mentor of sorts, when there were many groups after
 him because of his involvement in stealing and laundering 10 billion yen of
 the Toujou Association's money.  He was doing this to repay the favor; Kazama
 himself actually spared Kim during the elimination raid on the Jin'gweon
 Force's hideout.
  However, being a member of the Jin'gweon Force means you have to obey their
 "iron-clad law," and as Kim points out, even if they asked him to kill his own
 mother, he would have to do it.  So, he has betrayed the Toujou Association he
 was appointed head of by Kiryuu to reap vengeance for the slaughter so many
 years ago.
  He may have stayed loyal to Kazama in the end, however.  He may have betray-
 ed his own organisation's plans by holding a crucial fuse on the huge bomb set
 to destroy Kamuro, so that the bomb wouldn't work.  It's unclear whether he did
 that because of distrust of his mole working for him in the Oumi Group, Taka-
 shima Ryou, or because he still felt a debt to Kazama.  In his dying moments,
 he tells Kiryuu "Trust me...."

Role:  Side story character, enemy
Appears in:  "Be My Baby"
Description:  This big, burly boss of a yakuza group sees Kiryuu best his under-
 lings and invites him to take part in his favorite...diversion.
  When Kiryuu follows him to the Be My Baby club, he is met with a curious
 cabaret club girl who talks baby talk to him.  Kiryuu is a bit creeped out and
 moves away from the girl, knocking a false wall down.  Inside is a nursery,
 where Godawara and his men wear diapers and act out infantilist fantasy.  He
 takes it as an extreme insult when Kiryuu passes on the "play," and fights him.
  After he's defeated, Kiryuu tells him not to force his likes upon others.  As
 he leaves, Kiryuu meets up with members of his group, who confess they were
 forced into it by Godawara and thank Kiryuu for talking sense into him (with
 his fists).

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapters 3 & 16
Description:  Frail, old--maybe even decrepit, this man with wildly long, white
 hair and beard, sitting in a wheelchair, is the current head of the Oumi Group,
 the yakuza organisation in the Kansai area.
  His organisation has started to crumble somewhat.  In fact, his adopted son,
 Gohda Ryuuji, has overthrown him and is trying to start his own syndicate, the
 Gohryuu Association.
  Unbeknownst to Ryuuji until pretty much the end of the game, Jin took care of
 him knowing that his real father was the head of the Jin'gweon Force, a ruth-
 less Korean crime syndicate who was all but eradicated on Christmas Eve years
 earlier by the Toujou Association.  What's more, Ryuuji's mother escaped the
 slaughter of her husband's group with Kawara Jirou and ended up later marry-
 ing him and having a daughter with him.  That daughter would be Sayama Kaoru,
 Ryuuji's only known living blood relative.
  In the end, however, Jin is gunned down by one of the other survivors of that
 incident, Kim Daejin (Gim Daejin), who had up to this point been living under
 the assumed identity Terada Yukio.  Terada had staged his own death near the
 beginning of the game and orchestrated everything--sort of.
  The four major figures of the Oumi are often called "The Four Heavenly Kings
 of the Oumi," a reference to four Buddhist deities who protect the dharma.
 Jin is likely supposed to represent Dhrtaraashtra, known as "Jikoku" in Japan,
 who upholds the state.

GOHDA Ryuuji
Role:  Major story character, boss
Appears in:  Much of the game
Description:  This is Kiryuu's rival this time--the "Kansai Dragon."  Kiryuu is
 known as the "Dragon of the Doujima," so the two seem almost destined to meet
 head to head.  "One dragon should be enough," says Ryuuji.
  Powerful, influential, arrogant, and hot-tempered, Ryuuji is a "go-getter" who
 tries to make his own path in life and doesn't seem to care about anyone or
 anything else too much.  He even betrays his foster father, saying that it
 doesn't matter because he's not even his real father, anyway.
  He knows that he is the son of the head of the Jin'gweon Force, but he doesn't
 care about their "iron-clad law" or anything like that.  He works with them,
 knowing it will force Kiryuu out and he can find out who is the strongest after
 all.  He also knows it will make his group, the Gohryuu Association, the most
 powerful in Japan.
  The only time he seems to take pause in his plans to realise his ambitions is
 when he finds out he actually does have a living relative--his half-sister,
 Sayama Kaoru.
  Ryuuji is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of the Oumi," a reference to four
 Buddhist deities who protect the dharma.  He's probably supposed to represent
 Viruudhaka, or Zoujou, as he's known in Japan, the "patron of growth," as he
 means to expand the Oumi and take over all yakuza groups in Japan.


Other names:  Sai no Hanaya, Kage (North American release)
Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Chapter 8 on
Description:  This middle-aged, mustachioed ex-cop seems to spend most of his
 time smoking cigars, hanging around in either a captian's outfit of a smoking
 jacket, and watching the lives of most of the people in Kamuro through a ser-
 ies of tiny cameras hidden all over town.
  Known as the "legendary informant," he sells the information he gathers--and
 it seems he makes a great deal of money.  He has offices in the Millennium Tow-
 er--and secretly, at that, I might add.
  He also has a son he didn't raise.  It's unclear why he left his family, or
 even if they left him or someone died, but he doesn't seem too interested in
 making amends.


I Ryujeon
Other names:  Yi Ryujeon, I Ryuujon, Lee Ryujeon, Yi Yujeon, I Yujeon
Role:  Story Character
Appears in:  "I Ryujeon" side missions
Description:  This is a famous pop singer from Korea.  He comes to visit Kamuro
 and asks Kiryuu to show him around town, but to please keep those annoying
 Japanese fans away from him.
  It's kinda strange, but his name is supposed to make you think "Illusion."  I
 don't know why that would be funny, but, it's a joke they made, anyway.  "Ryu-
 jeon" wouldn't be a normal Korean name.  Almost all words that used to start
 with either "ri" or "ry" have had the "r" dropped in modern Korean (at least,
 the language spoken in South Korea, but I doubt there would be a popular North
 Korean pop singer roaming around Japan).  His name would probably be "I Yu-
 Jeon," if anything, but even that wouldn't be too common. "Yeongjeon?"  I don't
 think there are to many with that name, either.


JEONG Suyeon
Other names:  Kawara Shouko
Appears in:  Various cinemas
Description:  This is the wife of U Yeongmin, boss of the Jin'gweon stationed
 in Kamuro in 1980.  She and her child were present during the massacre, and
 her husband was killed.  She attempts to throw herself out the window with her
 child in her arms, but is talked out of it by Kawara Jirou, a detective in
 charge of investigating the incident.
  After she flees to Osaka, she meets Gohda Jin, a member of the Oumi Alliance
 syndicate, and is sheltered by him for a period of time.  Presumably, this was
 before Kawara could complete the transfer--or at least, before she married him.
  Kawara asks her to sever ties with Gohda and takes her in as his wife, so she
 does--and, at Jin's request, she leaves her child with him.  This is explained
 by the fact that the Jin'gweon was still after her, and she feared for her
 child's safety--and also because Jin wanted to have a son.  That son is then
 raised as Gohda Ryuuji.
  She changes her name to Kawara Shouko when she marries Jirou, and the two have
 a daughter they name "Kaoru."  However, when Kawara is sent away for a year to
 Hong Kong on business, she is hunted down and killed by the Jin'gweon.  Her
 dying wishes are that Kawara protect his daughter from her horrible past, so
 he leaves her with Sayama Tamiyo, who raises her as her own daughter.
  We only ever hear the name "Kawara Shouko" once in the game.  In fact, on
 Sayama's personal history sheet, her mother is listed as "Jeong Suyeon."  They
 never overtly state that Kawara Jirou married her, but her name change does
 imply it.  Whether or not she was married to the Jin'gweon boss is unknown,
 but likely.  For anyone who might think the different family names would point
 to her not having married U Yeongmin, Koreans generally do not follow the
 convention of the woman adopting her husband's family name.

JI Yeongmin
Other names:  Kurahashi Wataru
Role:  Story figure, boss
Appears in:  Numerous chapters, boss of chapter 13
Description:  This huge detective with a deep voice is, in actuality, one of the
 survivors of the execution of a Korean crime syndicate, the Jin'gweon Force.
 During the executions, he was spared by the Toujou Association's Kazama Shin-
 tarou along with Gim Daejin, who later became known as Terada Yukio.
  Bound by the group's "iron-clad law," he helps orchestrate a plan to reap
 vengeance upon the Toujou Association responsible for the killings and upon the
 entire city of Kamuro, who turned a blind eye.
  Acting with a mole inside Hanaya's network of spies, he obtains a video that
 frames his fellow cop, Date Makoto, to remove his investigative power from the
 table.  Then, he smashes up Hanaya's operation and ends up fighting Kiryuu and
 the rest of the crew, killing Kawara Jirou, a detective who was present at the
 executions of the Jin'gweon Force and father of Sayama Kaoru.

Other names:  Jin'gweon pa (full Korean name), Jingwonha (Japanese pronounciat-
Role:  Enemy group
Appears in:  Pretty much entire game
Description:  These guys are sorta the ones pulling the strings.
  This is a very secret, criminal syndicate from Korea.  Apparently, their
 methods are vicious and their loyalty is absolute.
  Twenty years ago, on Christmas Eve, Doujima Souhei, the leader of the Toujou
 Association, ordered their destruction.  Kazama Shintarou was against the
 slaughter, but Shimano Futoshi pressed for it.  Ever since that attack, they've
 plotted their revenge--not only on the Toujou Association, but, because the
 police intentionally turned a blind eye to erase such a dangerous force, also
 upon the entire Kamuro District.
  There were five survivors of that incident and two witnesses.  Ji Yeongmin and
 Gim Daejin are the most notable survivors, two younger members who were spared
 by Kazama Shintarou.  Ji would become Kurahashi Wataru and enter the police
 force, while Kim would become Terada Yukio and join with the Kansai-based Oumi
 Group of yakuza.  Over the years, these two have simply bided their time and
 planned their vengeful scheme.
  Bak Hwejong also survived the attack.  He was shot by Shimano Futoshi after
 Kazama Shintarou ignored him.  While he cowered during the attacks, his group
 knew of his survival and considered him a traitor.  He took on the name "Murai"
 and waited in Shinsei for the group to find him and eliminate him.
  The other two survivors were the wife of the leader and her son.  They were
 rescued by one of the witnesses of the attack, detective Kawara Jirou.  He
 would eventually marry the woman and the two would have a daughter named
 Kaoru, but their happiness wouldn't last and at the mother's dying request,
 Kawara would hide her son and daughter and try to protect them from the Jin-
 gweon Force.  The son was adopted by Oumi Alliance leader Gohda Jin and named
 Ryuuji, while the daughter would be raised by Sayama Tamiyo, who ran the small,
 snack bar named "Aoi."
  The other "innocent" witness of the attack was Kiryuu Kazuma, the hero of our
 tale.  A teenager at that time, he followed Kazama Shintarou there because he
 was concerned, unknowingly forcing him to shoot the Jin'gweon Force's boss to
 protect him.
  For their revenge, the group forced a war between the Kansai and Kantou yaku-
 za as a distraction.  Then, they placed bombs all bout the Kamuro area.  The
 largest bombs were placed at the 50th floor of the Millennium Tower and at the
 top of the Kamuro Heights Building, which was still under construction.


Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapters 1-13
Description:  This sour-looking old curmudgeon is a detective for the Kamuro
 police agency.  He's also Sayama Kaoru's father.
  Twenty years ago, he was there at the extermination of the Jin'gweon Force by
 the Toujou Association.  The Jin'gweon were a crime syndicate from Korea whose
 tactics were absolute and fearful, and the Toujou Association, the incorporated
 yakuza of the area, weren't going to let them be on their turf, so the police
 turned a blind eye and the members were gunned down by Kazama Shintarou and
 Shimano Futoshi.
  Kawara lurked behind a pillar and saw the boss of the Jin'gweon Force get shot
 by Kazama Shintarou.  After Kazama left the man, Kawara went to check on his
 condition.  The man asked him to save his child, who was upstairs with his
  Kawara saved them, alright.  He fled with the wife and married her.  I'm not
 100% sure that's what the boss had in mind, but, well, it's not like he was
 around to object anymore.
  When the boss's wife was later killed for her involvement with the Jin'gweon
 Force, Kawara changed.  He handed her first child over to a mob boss, Gohda
 Jin, and gave him the new name Gohda Ryuuji.
  Kawara and the woman also had a child, who would come to be known as Sayama
 Kaoru.  As her mother died, she begged Kawara to spare Kaoru the hardships of a
 life with Jin'gweon blood and to erase her past.  So, he left her with the
 mistress of a small bar, Aoi ("Snack Aoi"), and returned to the police force.
  There, he hunted down members of the new Jin'gweon Force and shot them because
 he knew about their "iron-clad law."  Date Makoto, Kiryuu's friend, saw this
 happen in front of his very eyes at a time when he was Kawara's student and
  In the end, Kawara joined back up with Date and the Kamuro police force so he
 could try and protect Sawara from the events coming to a head relating with the
 Jin'gweon Force and so that he could try and prevent them from exacting their
 revenge on Kamuro and the Toujou Association.  He ended up keeping her secrets
 until she finds out herself as he is gunned down in the Millennium Tower in a
 fight with the surviving Jin'gweon Force's member, Ji Yeongmin, who masqueraded
 as a policeman under the name Kurahashi Wataru.

KAZAMA Shintarou
Other names:  Fuma Shintaro (American release)
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Flashbacks to the past
Description:  Killed in the last game, Kazama found Kiryuu a place in his
 organisation and acted as a second father to him after his true parents' deaths
 when he was still very young.  Those were deaths for which Kazama himself was
  Although he follows the orders and will of his organisation, the Toujou Assoc-
 iation, Kazama is a righteous man who tries to fight for what's good and just.
 When Doujima Souhei orders the execution of the Jin'gweon Force, a Korean crime
 syndicate that was in Kamuro at the time, Kazama objects, but goes anyway.
  Actually, he originally went there to warn them and to tell them to leave
 Kamuro.  While negotiations with the Jin'gweon Force's boss were under way,
 Kiryuu, then a young man, showed up because he thought his mentor may be in
 trouble.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of a struggle because of the boy, and
 Kazama had no choice but to shoot the Korean man.
  That sparked the extermination; there was no turning back at that point.
  Kazama did not carry through the orders to kill every member, however.  He
 spared two young officers, Gim Daejin and Ji Yeongmin.  Kim would take on the
 name "Terada Yukio" and join the yakuza, Ji would take on the name "Kurahashi
 Wataru" and join the police.
  Kazama also gave back to the community, as trite as that sounds.  He sponsored
 a small clinic in Kamuro for people who were unable to pay run by a Dr. Emoto.
  He has saved Kiryuu's life on many occasions, and even lost the use of his
 leg saving him from the clutches of the sinister Lau Ga Lung, a member of the
 Chinese crime syndicate called "Se Waa" with a penchant for torturing his vic-
 tims to death.
  In fact, Kazama actually ended up giving his life to save someone--Sawamura
 Haruka.  Shimano Futoshi, a powerful group head in the Toujou Association and
 hard-headed rival of Kazama's, threw a grenade at her in his dying moments, and
 Kazama covered her with his own body.

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Much of the game
Description:  This white-suit-sporting pretty-boy is the owner of Stardust, a
 host club in Kamuro on Tenkaichi Street.  He and his club's manager, top-ranked
 host Yuuya, helped Kiryuu out in the first game.
  Date is summoned to a room with very limited access in the police station,
 and meets with Kawara and Kurahashi (really Ji Yeongmin) to discuss the poss-
 ibility of a mysterious foreign syndicate's involvement when there is an
 explosion at the Millennium Tower.  There, he is told the shocking news that
 Kazuki is really a Korean named "Gang Jin'u."  He lays a trap for Kazuki,
 telling him that the cops are trolling the area, looking for anyone in the
 country illegally.  He figures that if he really is this "Gang Jin'u" guy, and
 is really tied to a foreign syndicate, he'll have to go warn his cohorts.
  This causes "Kazuki" to flee, and so Date follows him and meets him on the
 rooftop of the Amano Building.
  In actuality, Kazuki is there--but so is the guy from the club; someone who
 looks exactly like Kazuki.
  It turns out that Kazuki was imprisoned for the first part of the game--and
 for the past 6 months or so.  The Jin'gweon Force was holding him somewhere
 so that they could orchestrate the murders of Kiryuu and Kawara.  During the
 struggle on the rooftop, Kazuki is shot, so...for most of the game, he ends up
 lying in a hospital bed at Dr. Emoto's clinic.
  When he comes to, he tells the gang that he overheard his captors talking
 about a bomb plot.  Apparently a long time in the making, the Jin'gweon plant-
 ed bombs about town.  He tells them the number of bombs is the same as the
 number of people killed in the massacre.  The first bomb went off in the
 Millennium Tower early on in the game, and the second was found in Hanaya's
 office as Kurahashi/Ji Yeongmin tried to gather everyone and kill them.  Since
 there were 33 Jin'gweon members killed in the massacre, they therefore deduce
 that there were 31 bombs left.  This is erroneous, since Ji Yeongmin gets
 killed in the confrontation at Hanaya's, though, and there is one final bomb
 revealed at the end of the game for his retribution.

Role:  Main character
Appears in:  Entire game
Description:  Nice greyish-blue '70s leisure suit!  This guy's still a cross be-
 tween John Travolta and Mishima Kazuya of Tekken.
  Seriously, he's obviously designed to evoke images of Suzuki Seijun movies and
 the like.  "Kiri" means a tree trunk; his last name is supposed to evoke the
 image of a big, sturdy, reliable person.  "Kazuma" means something like "a
 horse that runs swiftly and directly to its goals."
  As the main character, Kiryuu has been through a lot.  He was raised primarily
 by Kazama Shintarou, though he was left at the care of the Sunflower orphanage
 after his parents died.  Later, he would find out that Kazama, himself, killed
 them while fulfilling his oaths to the yakuza organization he belonged to, the
 Toujou Association.
  By the time Kiryuu found out why he was an orphan, he had already been ousted
 from the Toujou Association.  His dearest friend, Nishikiyama Akira, whom he
 thought of as a younger brother, had to gun down their boss, Doujima Souhei,
 because he was trying to force a woman he loved, Yumi, sleep with him.
  Yumi was actually both loved by Nishikiyama and Kiryuu.  She was the third
 member of their childhood love triangle.
  Kiryuu knew that Nishikiyama was just making his debut in the yakuza world and
 that his ailing sister needed him to be near her, so he took the blame for the
 shooting.  Nishikiyama, on the other hand, always blamed Kiryuu for the life he
 had to endure afterwards, saying that he forced him into that fate.
  After all was said and done, both Yumi and Nishikiyama were dead, but Kiryuu
 was left in charge of Haruka, daughter of his beloved Sawamura Yumi.  In her
 he found the muse to stand up and fight for good; someone to protect and some-
 one to live for.
  Now, things are different.  The organisation that wanted him dead, the Toujou,
 need his help.  The man he appointed, Terada Yukio, was gunned down in broad
 daylight visiting a cemetary by his former organization, the Oumi Alliance.
  There are, of course, other, darker forces at work here, pulling the strings.
 Kiryuu and his new companion, Sayama Kaoru, have to look into things that in-
 volve her mysterious past to find the truth.
  Tall, brawny, tough, and of course, righteous, this is your quintessential
 detective fiction hero mixed with your quintessential action movie hero.
 There's always something sinister at hand just below the surface of the world
 he lives in, and he always finds a way to bring it justice--usually with his

Role:  Enemy (boss-like)
Appears in:  Chapter 12
Description:  This is the guy who holds a gumbai (fan-like implement used to
 command troops) to summon samurai and ninja to attack you at Sengoku's palace.
 He can also get hit with a machine gun a whole mess of times and just looks
 annoyed, like you were just shooting water at him or something.

KURAHASHI Wataru --> see "Ji Yeongmin"



Role:  Story figure, boss, Underground Arena fighter
Appears in:  Various chapters, boss of Chapter 5
Description:  Wearing snakeskin pants, an eye patch, a construction helmet, and
 brandishing a knife in an extremely flashy manner, this is one very unique
  In the previous game, Majima harrassed Kiryuu to no end, but showed a special
 affection towards him as a brother or an admirer.  He also fancied himself
 Kiryuu's true rival, always saying that he wanted to fight him.
  Although he is often vicious and over-the-top, he still randomly shows a sense
 of honor and kindness.  Kiryuu often calls him the "man he can't read."
  He also calls him "big brother Majima" ("Majima no Niisan").  In return,
 Majima calls him "Kiryuu-chan."  "Chan" is a diminuitive title, derived from
 the well-known "san," and is usd only for someone really close to you gener-
  After the events of the last game, Majima has left the Toujou Association.  He
 now has taken over the area Hanaya used to manage, the "Sai no Kawara," also
 known as "the River Styx" or "Limbo" or "Purgatory."  This used to be a park
 where homeless people could hide away from the law and street punks and yakuza,
 but has now become a construction site for Millennium Heights, a new skyscraper
 that will be the biggest in Japan.
  Of course, that's Majima's doing.
  He also fights in the Underground Arena there, which is where he challenges
 Kiryuu when he comes to try and convince him to return to the Toujou.  Both
 Kiryuu and Majima seem to agree that he has no place there anymore, but Kiryuu
 tells Majima that they need his help now that their head has been assassinated.
  Majima gives that help, too.  At one point, he fights off the entire invading
 Gohryuu Association's force while they distracted Kiryuu and the rest of the
 Toujou Association, fighting single-handedly against them.  He also helps in
 diffusing the bombs strewn about town by the Jin'gweon Force.
  Once you have completed all missions possible to get the hidden bosses except
 the "Komaki Training" ones, Majima will again start appear in the Ronin Grand
 Prix and the Street Fight Grand Prix tournaments in the Arena.  You have to
 encounter him first in the Ronin Grand Prix for him to appear in the other.
  He's a very annoying opponent, too.  He races around Kiryuu, darting here and
 there like a fly, and uses many powerful moves, not the least of which is a
 sweep that cannot be blocked and knocks Kiryuu off his feet.  The most annoying
 thing about fighting someone like Majima is, of course, that since they dart
 all over the place and sidestep like mad, it's very hard to land a heavy attack
 on them.

MURAI --> see "Bak Hwejong"



Role:  Story character, shop owner
Appears in:  Atenshi
Description:  This is the mistress/bartender of the transvestite snack bar in
  Kamuro, Atenshi.  The "A" is probably from her chosen female name, "Ako," and
  "tenshi" means "angel."  She profusely hits on Kiryuu when you order drinks.
   After the first time she flirts with you, if you leave and come back, she'll
  be harassed by a yakuza.  Beat him, and she'll be your ally, throwing you a
  sign used to call people into the club for a special Heat Action.
   Okano is also one of the founders of the motorcycle gang Yuuya created, the
  Black Thunder.  Yuuya named Okano his successor when he left the gang, but
  Okano apparently left without explanation.  The penalty for skipping out on
  the gang was apparently set at a ridiculous 5 million yen by Yuuya, so Kouji,
  the new leader, brings his gang around to get either Okano or the 5 million.
   Kiryuu steps in and helps Yuuya defeat Black Thunder, and when Kouji's
  health reaches 50%, Ako shows up with the ceremonial garb Yuuya wore during
  the passing-of-the-torch ceremony.  This supposedly helps rally Yuuya.
   After the fight, Ako asks Yuuya to set Kiryuu up with her for a date....





Role:  Major story character
Appears in:  Many chapters
Description:  This is the girl Kazuma saved in the first game.  The daughter of
 Sawamura Yumi, she was wanted by many criminals and government agencies alike
 because she held 10 billion yen of the organisation's money--money that Haru-
 ka's father, Jingu, had been laundering.
  Caught in a really convoluted plot, the poor little 9-year-old seemed to be
 the target of everyone, from yakuza to triad member to police and the secret
 government agency, MIA, but she was only looking for her mother.
  It's slightly ironic that Kiryuu was unknowingly leading around the daughter
 of the woman he loved, perhaps.  I'm not sure that you could 100% say it was
 irony, but I'm sure he had wanted to have a life with her, and probably would
 have liked to have had a child with her.  Still, through all of it, Kiryuu
 sacrifices his body and spirit fighting for the youngster.
  So, Haruka's a pretty important part of Kiryuu's life.  I suppose she is like
 his daughter.
  She grew up in the Sunflower orphanage--the same orphanage Kiryuu and Nishiki-
 yama were raised in.  For much of the game, she returns to that orphanage's
 care while Kiryuu tends to dangerous business.
  Even still, she is kidnapped by the Sengoku Group of the Gohryuu Association.
 Kiryuu wonders if he has to leave to bring her a happy life, since she's al-
 ways going through hardships because of him.  He meets up with the head of a
 talent agency known for creating pop idols and almost gives Haruka over to them
 so she can be free from the dirty underworld he keeps dragging her down into,
 but Haruka objects, begging him not to discard her.
  So, it seems like these two have many adventures left.  Oh, to those of you
 who played the first game, don't worry--you don't have to lead her around too
 much, you don't have to try and build her trust, and you only have to rescue
 her once.

Role:  Story character
Appears in:  A few flashback cinemas
Description:  This is Haruka's mother, and perhaps the love of Kiryuu's life.
 She grew up with him together with Nishikiyama Akira, but died in the end of
 the last game after living a sad life of betrayal and nervous breakdowns and
 amnesia and the like.
  Apparently, Kiryuu got over her, though!  I guess that's what happens when
 you're some guy who'll go out and pay girls to talk to you and try and romance
 them into having meaningless sex with you while you're looking for said "love
 of your life."  What a guy!

Role:  Major story figure, ally
Appears in:  Pretty much from Chapter 3 on
Description:  This nice-looking gal is Kiryuu's love interest this time.
  A cop for the Osakan police department, Sayama apparently is a genius at both
 fighting crime and technology.  Although she did very well in school and gain-
 ed quite a name for hacking and programming, she decided to become a detective
 to look into her past.
  All her life, people around her seem to have held answers to who she was and
 what happened to her parents, but the only clues she seemed able to collect
 pointed to some connection with the Toujou Association.  Since she knows that
 they were somehow responsible for her parents' deaths, she has devoted her life
 to investigating the yakuza--and gained the title "The Yakuza-Hunting Female
  Kiryuu knows the pain of finding out such secrets and tells her that sometimes
 there are things you don't want to know.  She points out that that's something
 someone who already knows those things would say.  Since she's still searching
 for the truth, she can't see it that way.
  During the investigation this time, it will be revealed that Kawara is really
 her father, but he kept that a secret to try and erase her horrible past be-
 cause of a promise he made her mother.
  Her mother was the wife of the boss of a Korean crime syndicate known as the
 "Jin'gweon Force."  Kawara was present when the man was gunned down by Kazama
 Shintarou, and that's why eveyrone seems to know that the Toujou Association
 had something to do with Sayama's family.  Kawara saved the woman and her son,
 who is a red herring of sorts for a while, but turns out to be Gohda Ryuuji.
  Sayama loses Kawara, who is shot to death, and learns about her half-brother
 through secret police files held by one of the survivors of the extermination
 of the Jin'gweon Force.  Learning that she only has one member of her natural
 family left, she has to confront him to stop him from entering the duel to the
 death with Kiryuu as tensions escalate.

Role:  Major story figure
Description:  This is the owner of "Snack" Aoi.  She's also the adoptive mother
 of Sayama Kaoru (hence the same last name).  She knows what has happened in
 Kaoru's past, but won't tell her because of a promise she made to Kawara Ji-
 rou (Kaoru's father).  Does she love Kawara?  It seems so....

SENGOKU Toranosuke
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Certain chapters, most prominently in Chapter 13
Description:  This guy's a real rat.  He's also involved in one of the most ri-
 diculous action scenes in this game.
  Sengoku's a head of his own group of yakuza, belonging originally to the Oumi
 Group, but then going over to Gohda Ryuuji's Gohryuu Association when he pulls
 his coup d'etat.
  He kidnaps Haruka and uses all sorts of ridiculous samurai cliches such as
 using a folding fan and sending a message to Kiryuu by having a man stab him in
 the stomach and such.  He also apparently has a golden replica of the Osaka
 Castle as his base, that's bilt underneath the real thing and can be raised and
 lowered.  The real castle, of course, just splits in half and opens out to
 allow the golden one to come up.  He also owns tigers and apparently commands a
 bunch of ninja and samurai.
  His family name's characters mean "a thousand stones," but it's a very obvious
 pun with the word "Sengoku" that described the "Warring States" era in Japanese
 history.  That's the era Oda Nobunaga and the like fought it up in; the era of
 samurai battles and the like.  His first name means "tiger-like son," or some-
 thing like that, and the tigers you fight are an obvious reference to that.
  This is really a ridiculous part of the game!!
  The four major heads of the Oumi Alliance are often referred to as the "Four
 Heavenly Kings of the Oumi."  These are four Buddhist deities who protect the
 dharma.  Probably, Sengoku is supposed to represent Vaisravana or Bishamon,
 because Bishamon is often considered a "wealth god," and Sengoku is obviously
 quite wealthy.

Role:  Boss
Appears in:  Chapter 9
Description:  This sword-wielding guy heads the Nishikiyama Group of the Toujou
 Association as its second head.
  In the first game, he fights Kiryuu at the alley behind Serena after Nishiki-
 yama meets Kiryuu there and fails to get him to ally with him.  Nishikiyama
 later dies at the game's end, and Shindou either blames Kiryuu himself or simp-
 ly recognizes the fact that his underlings will not listen to orders to protect
 Kiryuu based on the fact that they generally blame him for their founder's
  Shimano Futoshi, head of the Shimano Group, also dies in the events of the
 first game.  When Majima bows out of the Toujou Association because he does not
 approve of the direction they are headed under their new chairman's leadership,
 since he was Shimano's second-in-command, the group dissolves.  The members of
 the hugely powerful Shimano Group mostly were absorbed by Shindou's Nishikiyama
 Group, making it the largest in the Toujou Association.
  Because he commands a group with half the soldiers for the syndicate, Yayoi is
 powerless when Shindou refuses to watch over Kiryuu as he is summoned to the
 rooftop of the Amano Building, which is in Shindou's turf.
  Later, at the funeral for the fifth chairman, the Gohryuu Association comes to
 taunt the Toujou.  They leave, but Gohda Ryuuji, their boss, warns Kiryuu that
 one of his rivals for succession in the Oumi Alliance of the Osaka syndicates,
 Sengoku Toranosuke, has sent his goons to Kamuro to attack.
  Kiryuu leaves to fend off the invaders, but once he is gone, Shindou seizes
 the opportunity and throws a coup d'etat.  Kiryuu returns to confront him, but
 finds that Shindou's true motives are not simply to take over the syndicate,
 but to also force Doujima Yayoi, the acting chairman and widow of the second
 chairman, Doujima Souhei, to marry him.  He holds Yayoi's son, Daigo, captive
 and confesses his intentions in front of Kiryuu, kissing Yayoi on the mouth--
 though she does not reciprocate.
  This leads to a battle between Shindou and Kiryuu.  As a boss, Shindou has a
 few "forms," and you end up fighting him in some 4 stages.  The final part of
 the fight takes place back upstairs in the room Shindou is holding Daigo.  His
 goons are defeated by Kiryuu, and their guns sent scattered across the ground.
 The defeated Shindou furtively gets to a gun as Daigo and the others are un-
 tied, but he is spotted by Daigo.  As Shindou tries to shoot Kiryuu, Daigo
 shoots him to death.

SUDOU Jun'ichi
Role:  Story character
Appears in:  Various cinemas
Description:  This glasses-wearing guy seems like a desk cop...and, well, he
 is, apparently.
  In the first game, he is an ally of Date Makoto's.  Date believes there are
 inconsistencies in the accounts of the murder of then-chairman of the Toujou
 Association, Doujima Souhei, for which Kiryuu takes the blame.  He is correct;
 it was actually Kiryuu's "younger brother" in yakuza terms, Nishikiyama Akira,
 who killed Doujima when he forced himself on a woman both Kiryuu and Nishiki-
 yama loved, Sawamura Yumi.  Kiryuu took the blame hoping to help Nishikiyama's
 career in the organization, as Nishikiyama cared way more about that sort of
 thing than Kiryuu.
  Date therefore must go rogue in order to pursue the matter after Kiryuu is
 released from prison, and Sudou ends up helping him out.  He and Date come in
 a helicopter to confront Jin'guu Kyouhei, the man behind the scenes of the
 goings-on in the first game.
  In this game, Sudou is asked to go after Kazuki, owner of the host club
 "Stardust" in Kamuro, because it is believed he may be connected to the myster-
 ious, foreign syndicate called "the Jin'gweon Force" that is believed to be
 behind the bombing of the Kazama Group headquarters in the Millennium Tower.
 Although Date is now a civilian, Sudou believes he should call him in for this
 task as Date gained Kazuki's trust through the events of the first game.
  Date, Kawara, and Kiryuu are baited to meet Kazuki on the rooftop of the
 Amano Building in Kamuro, where it is revealed the "Kazuki" they've been mon-
 itoring for the past six months is actually an impostor named Gang Jin'u.  The
 impostor shoots Kazuki and Kawara, and Date fires a warning shot at him that
 grazes his forehead.  Sayama eventually shows up and kills Jin'u, but the
 footage sent to the police by Hanaya's surveillance unit shows only a small
 fraction of the incident and it looks like Date shot him.  Since the warning
 shot's bullet is found on the scene, the Police Chief feels they have no choice
 and orders Sudou to arrest Date at once.
  Sudou objects, but eventually accepts the order.  However, he does not arrest
 Date.  In the end, he uses a police helicopter--just like near the end of the
 first game--to bring Date to the scene of the big showdown.


Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Various cinemas
Description:  This glasses-wearing guy who looks like he should be an office
 worker is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of the Oumi Alliance.  He is the
 chief administrator of the Oumi and head of the Takashima Group.
  He secretly knows everything that Terada/Gim Daejin has been scheming in order
 to get revenge upon the Toujou Association for the attempted massacre of the
 Jin'gweon Force, a Korean syndicate, back in 1980.  He therefore supposedly
 helps him, to that end.
  When we first see Takashima, he appears as a loyal second-in-command to Gohda
 Jin, chairman of the Oumi.  He next appears to order a hitman to fire a sniper
 rifle at Kiryuu and Sayama--but not to kill them.  Rather, he uses a low-
 calibur bullet that can easily be traced to him, just to shake Kiryuu's confi-
  In the end, Takashima shows up on the rooftop of the under-construction Kamuro
 Hills skyscraper, after Kiryuu has defeated Gohda Ryuuji and Gim Daejin's
 Jin'gweon Force.  He shoots Daejin and chairman Gohda Jin, revealing that he
 simply shared a similar goal as the Jin'gweon--destruction of the Toujou.
  He feels that, with Kiryuu, Ryuuji, and Jin out of the way, he can then take
 charge of the Oumi Alliance and put the Toujou under their umbrella.  He also
 figures he can get the Jin'gweon in their home country under his control and
 extend his powers over Korea and all of Japan.
  What he doesn't figure is that Gohda Ryuuji is not someone to be messed with.
 Takashima holds Sayama at gunpoint so that Kiryuu will not interfere, then
 shoots Kiryuu and goes to execute Sayama.  Ryuuji gets up and charges him,
 and the two exchange gunfire.  Naturally, Ryuuji is much more bull-headed and
 tenacious than Takashima, and--even though it means he ends up mortally wound-
 ed--Ryuuji prevails and kills Takashima.
  The four major Oumi Alliance heads in the game are often referred to as the
 "Four Heavenly Kings of the Oumi."  This is a reference to four deities in
 Buddhism which guard the dharma.  He's probably supposed to be like Viruupaak-
 sha, or Koumoku, "he who sees all," as he seems to know exactly what's going
 on and appraises peoples' characters correctly.  Before him, this was probably
 his predecessor and "older brother" in the syndicate, Terada Yukio / Gim Dae-
 jin, who leaves his seat to become the fifth chairman of the Toujou.

Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Chapters 7? and 14?
Description:  This guy comes and talks to you twice near the West Park, the
 entrance to the Kamuro Heights construction site and Sai no Kawara.  He may not
 seem too interesting this time around, but he played a bigger role in the first
 game as an informant.  This time, it almost seems like he was an afterthought.

TERADA Yukio --> see "Kim Taejin"


U Yeongmin
Role:  Story figure
Appears in:  Various cinemas
Description:  This is the boss of the Jin'gweon Force in Kamuro in 1980.  He
 only has a few lines, but you'll hear one of them over and over.
  When Kazama and Shimano are ordered by Doujima Souhei to exterminate the
 Jin'gweon, Kazama approaches him and asks him to gather everyone up and leave
 town before Shimano kills them all.  He believes Kazama is tricking him, but
 eventually agrees--until a young Kiryuu, who thought maybe Kazama was in
 trouble, comes to attack him with a pipe.  When he turns his gun on Kiryuu,
 Kazama has no choice but to shoot him.
  As he staggers down the hallway, shot by Kazama, he vows that the Jin'gweon
 will not be destroyed.  After Kazama leaves, Kawara Jirou, a detective in
 charge of the investigation, comes to him.  He asks Kawara to save his child,
 who is upstairs.  That child later turns out to be Gohda Ryuuji.
  We only ever hear his name once--and it's only in Korean dialogue that is not
 even transliterated in the subtitles.  Maybe they didn't want us confusing him
 with Ji Yeongmin, who survived the attack...?

Role:  Dispenser of unlockable items
Appears in:  Just about every chapter--only on "Premium New Games"
Description:  Wow....
 At the southern end of Tenkaichi Street and near the eastern end of Souten-
 borin Street, if you pay attention, you might notice a man in a white leisure
 suit with a clown head.
  Now, I remember trying to create a decent-looking character in the Tony Hawk
 games and it seemed like all you ever unlocked were clown parts.  I hated them
 so much.
  But somehow, in this game...it really works.  Um, kinda.  Really?  Hm.  See
 for yourself.
  Anyway, this bizarre individual's sole purpose is to stand around and give you
 the ridiculously powerful items you unlock by finishing the game while com-
 pleting the "Competion Lists."



Other names:  Old Lady White, Shiro-chan, Shiro-bachan, Master Bai Ling
Role:  Side story figure, ally
Description:  This old lady is secretly the instructor for the Se Waa, a
 Chinese mafia organization, and master of the lotus style.
  In the first game, Kiryuu defeats her number-one pupil, Lau Ga Lung, when he
 kidnaps Haruka because of the 10 billion yen her mother was laundering.
 According to members of the organization who hunt Kiryuu down later in that
 game, Lau was killed in the fight--but oddly, not to spoil anything, he returns
 in Ryuuga Gotoku 3.
  In order to get revenge, Master White Lotus meets up with Kiryuu near Serena.
 Her students show up to help, but she ends up fighting them alongside Kiryuu,
 saying they were just people who are after her for whatever reason.
  She poses as someone visiting the Kamuro District for the first time from
 Osaka and gets Kiryuu's contact information so she can call him if there are
 any further incidents.
  There are, of course.  Now that she has been seen fighting members of her own
 organization, her other pupils think she has betrayed them, and so they hunt
 her down in a parking lot to defeat her.  Kiryuu is summoned and defeats them,
 and she plays dumb when questioned about it.
  In the third meeting, she calls Kiryuu to the Kamuro Theaters area, where she
 is confronted by her student, Yen Lung, who reveals that he is there not only
 to defeat Kiryuu and avenge Lau Ga Lung, but also that he feels they no longer
 need Master White Lotus.  He means to kill her and take over as head of the
 lotus style.
  After they are defeated and everything is settled, she reveals that she did
 want to avenge her student, but that also he was a bit of a scoundrel and she
 likes Kiryuu.  She then goes to Osaka's Shinsei area and stands around in a
 parking lot, sending requests to Kiryuu by text for three side missions.  The
 rewards for her side missions are techniques and status upgrades.



Role:  Story character, ally
Appears in:  Much of the game
Description:  Sporting purple clothes and long hair, this guy is the number-one
 host at the club "Stardust" in Kamuro--and the club's manager.
  In the first game, he and Kazuki become close to Kiryuu and Date Makoto, and
 offer a lot of support.  They are, naturally, also helped out a lot by Kiryuu.
  In this game, Date is asked to confront Kazuki and trick him into revealing
 whether or not he is, in fact, part of a Korean crime syndicate.  Yuuya and
 Date are shocked when Date warns Kazuki that there is a dragnet rounding up
 all foreigners in the country illegally and Kazuki flees to warn his comrades.
  It turns out that the real Kazuki had been held captive by the foreign syn-
 dicate for some six months while the fake Kazuki, Gang Jin'u, ran the club.
 During the reveal of his plot, Gang is killed--but not before he shoots the
 real Kazuki, who falls unconscious for much of the game, leaving Yuuya to take
 care of things himself.
  In the end, the Gohryuu Association and their boss, Gohda Ryuuji, come to
 Stardust and Yuuya has to fight them.  He is defeated, but Kiryuu saves the
 day and praises his efforts in the aftermath.
  Yuuya also was once the head and founder of a motorcycle gang known as Black
 Thunder.  The man he nominated to succeed him when he stepped down and left
 that life behind him, known as Okano, skipped out on the gang, apparently with-
 out explanation.  Yuuya knows it's because he became a transvestite and now
 goes by the name "Ako," running the snack bar "Atenshi," but he refuses to tell
 the gang when they come looking for information.  The gang's new leader, Kouji,
 decides that Yuuya can either produce Okano or pay the ridiculous fee of 5
 million yen--a fee that Yuuya himself set up for people who betrayed the gang.
  In the end, Kiryuu shows up and helps Yuuya defeat Kouji.  During the fight,
 Okano / Ako shows up and gives Yuuya a ceremonial garment he wore for his
 "stepping down" rite, which supposedly rallies Yuuya to victory.


5l.  Completion Lists

You may have noticed that in order to unlock items, you need to get 100% of
certain objectives such as ordering food or drink, fighting everyone in the
Arena, etc.  You can check most of your completion status from the "Hint
Rooms" by choosing the bottom selection ("Results").
  There are five different lists you should check.  From the Main Menu (the
start button menu), under the "Complete" selection, the top two, "Food" and
"Drinks" will show you what you still need to order to get the Dragon Sarashi.
While the "Food" one breaks it down into restaurants, the "Drinks" one does not
show you what bars you will need to go to to get the drinks.  So, I'll first
explain that list, then I'll list the different bar menus.
  Besides those two lists, you should really concern yourself with the missions,
which have their own option in the menu, the Heat Actions, which appear on the
Complete menu two choices below the Food and Drink options, and the list of
enemies in the Arena.  Unfortunately, you will actually have to go to the Arena
and talk to the man there to check the list of combatants you've defeated.
  The other options such as coin locker keys and cabaret club girls don't ef-
fect too much, really; you don't get a reward for the coin locker keys and the
cabaret girls are considered missions themselves and appear in the missions
list already.
  Here's what you get for completing them, and then completing the game (go to
the southwestern part of the map in Kamuro and talk to Bob Utsunomiya, the guy
in yakuza-esque garb but with clown makeup to receive them):
    FOOD and ALCOHOL:  Dragon Sarashi
    HEAT ACTIONS:  Brawling God Discipline
    CABARET CLUB GIRLS:  Nothing, but you need to do them for missions
    MISSIONS (substories):  Photon Blade RG
    COIN LOCKERS:  Nothing
    MINI-GAMES:  1000G Coin x 9
    (ARENA OPPONENTS-not listed in the Completion Lists):  Just Dragon Tonfa

First, I'll list the food, in order given in the "Complete" section, from left
to right:

Beef Rice Bowl (Medium)                            350
Beef Rice Bowl (Large)                             480
Pork Rice Bowl (Medium)                            290
Pork Rice Bowl (Large)                             390
Healthy Chicken Curry (Medium)                     290
Healthy Chicken Curry (Large)                      390
Beef Curry                                         500
Grilled Beef Meal                                  630
Grilled Kalbi Meal                                 680
Half Hamburger Meal                                580
Nattou Meal                                        350 *
Sausage & Egg Meal                                 390 *
Salt-Fried Salmon Japanese-Style Meal              490 *
*--only appears in early morning such as when returning from the Toujou base in
  Chapter 5 or after the fight in the Millennium Tower's basement in Chapter 8!

Vanilla Single Scoop                               280
Strawberry Single Scoop                            280
Chocolate Single Scoop                             280
Triple                                             430

Smile Cheeseburger Set                             500
Teriyaki Smileburger Set                           540
King Smileburger Set                               590
Tuna Burger Set                                    540
Kakuni Burger Set                                  570
Special Burger                                     390
Smile Shake                                        200
Smile Fries                                        230

Ramen (Medium)                                     650
Ramen (Large)                                      800
Nori Ramen                                         750
Chaa Siu Ramen                                     950
Onion Ramen                                        850
Black Sesame Ramen                                 850

House Blend Coffee                                 500
Earl Grey Tea                                      400
Milk Tea                                           500
Tomato Juice                                       400
Lemon Tea                                          500
Toast Set                                          400
Sandwich                                           500
Pasta Set                                          700
Original Beef Curry                                800

Central Blend (Short)                              300
Central Blend (Tall)                               350
Espresso                                           350
Central Latte                                      350
Central Mocha                                      380
Cappuccino                                         450
Soy Latte                                          450

White Snake Ramen (Medium)                         600
White Snake Ramen (Large)                          700
Kimchi Ramen                                       750
Chaa Siu Min                                       900
Onion Ramen                                        800
Egg Ramen                                          850

Boiled Pufferfish                                 2650
Fine Boiled Pufferfish                            4900
Pufferfish Sashimi                                1300
Pufferfish Milt                                   1200
Tempura Pufferfish                                 900
Karaage Pufferfish                                 980
Pufferfish Meal                                   1700
Pufferfish Platter                                2300
Pufferfish Shoukadou                              3000
Pufferfish Shabu-Shabu Platter                    3000
Boiled Pufferfish Platter                         3500
Katsu Pufferfish Benten Course                    5250
Katsu Pufferfish Daikoku Course                   7350
Tenzen Pufferfish Hotei Course                   10500

Pork Balls                                         580
Squid Balls                                        600
Beef Balls                                         650
Shrimp Balls                                       720
Oyster Balls                                       860
Beef and Pork Balls                                830
Beef and Shrimp Balls                              840
Beef and Pork Balls Modern                        1040
Beef and Shrimp Balls Modern                      1050
Fuugetsu Yaki                                      980
Fuugetsu Yaki Modern                              1190
Yakisoba                                           620
Spicy Soba                                         830
Champonsoba                                        980

Rib                                                180
Liver                                              180
Diaphragm                                          180
Stomach                                            180
Fourth Stomach                                     180
Trachea                                            180
Tendons                                            130
Lung                                               130
Large Intestines                                   180
Jerky                                              400

Kimchi                                             500
Namul                                              500
Stone-Grilled Bibimbap                            1200
Gukbap                                            1000
Kimchijjigae                                      2500
Bossam                                            2300
Bulgogi                                           2800
Jijimi                                             800
Ddeokboggi                                         900
Samgyeopsal                                       2300
Ddeok Kalbi                                       2200
Japchae                                           1100

Egg                                                200
Kappa Roll                                         200
Tuna                                               300
Sweet Shrimp                                       300
Hailbut Cheek                                      300
Spiral-Shelled Sea Snail                           300
Live Octopus                                       300
Amberjack                                          500
Chilled Yellowtail                                 500
Halibut                                            500
Striped Jack                                       500
Red Snapper                                        500
Roe                                               1000
Ark Shell                                         2000
Fatty Tuna                                        2500
Abalone                                           3000
Sea Urchin                                        3000
Spiny Lobster Miso Soup                           2500

Catch of the Day                                  1800
Conger Eel Set                                    2800
Yuba Sashimi                                      1500
Sashimi Set                                       2400
Spiny Lobster                                     9000
Pot-Boiled Sea Snail                              1500
Raw Oysters                                       2500
Kaiseki - Hokkori                                15000
Kaiseki - Hannari                                30000
Tempura Winter Kyoto Vegetables                   3000
Abalone Odoriyaki                                 5800
Spider Crab Full-Course Meal                     25000

That shouldn't really be too big a problem, except for Matsuya offering a
special menu only in the mornings.

Next here's the alcoholic drinks as they appear on the completion menu:

50-Year-Old Yamazaki
25-Year-Old Yamazaki
12-Year-Old Yamazaki
18-Year-Old Hakushuu
10-Year-Old Hakushuu
25-Year-Old The Macallan
12-Year-Old The Macallan
30-Year-Old Laphroaig
10-Year-Old Laphroaig
12-Year-Old Bowmore
30-Year-Old Glenfiddich
12-Year-Old Glenfiddich
30-Year-Old Hibiki
12-Year-Old Hokuto
30-Year-Old Valentine
17-Year-Old Valentine
Valentine Finest
Jack Daniel's
Early Times
X.O. Deluxe
Courvoisier X.O.
The Premium Malts
Fresh Malts
Kyougetsu Green
Lemon Hart Demerara
Herradura Silver
Skyy Vodka
Stolichnaya Vodka
The Suntory Old

Notice how many of them are from Suntory.

You should cross-reference that list with these lists of the various bars'

12-Year-Old Yamazaki                               950
10-Year-Old Hakushuu                               850
Hibiki                                             950
Kakubin                                            500
The Suntory Old                                    500
Kyougetsu Green                                    450
Early Times                                        550
X.O. Deluxe                                        900
V.S.O.P.                                           600
V.O.                                               450
Fresh Malts Beer                                   500

12-Year-Old Bowmore                                600
12-Year-Old Yamazaki                               950
10-Year-Old Hakushuu                               800
25-Year-Old The Macallan                          4000
12-Year-Old The Macallan                           900
12-Year-Old Glenfiddich                            700
Hibiki                                             900
12-Year-Old Hokuto                                 650
Kakubin                                            500
The Suntory Old                                    500
17-Year-Old Valentine                              950
Valentine Finest                                   600
Jack Daniel's                                      550
Early Times                                        500
X.O. Deluxe                                        800
Courvoisier X.O.                                  1300
Carlsberg                                          600
Lemon Hart Demerara                                700
Herradura Silver                                   650

50-Year-Old Yamazaki                             50000
25-Year-Old Yamazaki                              5500
12-Year-Old Yamazaki                              1000
12-Year-Old The Macallan                           900
10-Year-Old Laphroaig                              800
30-Year-Old Glenfiddich                           2500
12-Year-Old Glenfiddich                            800
30-Year-Old Hibiki                                5500
Hibiki                                            1000
30-Year-Old Valentine                             3500
17-Year-Old Valentine                             1000
Valentine Finest                                   700
Jack Daniel's                                      600
Early Times                                        600
The Premium Malts                                  550
Carlsberg                                          600
Beefeater                                          700
Skyy Vodka                                         700

12-Year-Old Bowmore                                700
18-Year-Old Hakushuu                              1500
10-Year-Old Hakushuu                               900
25-Year-Old The Macallan                          4500
12-Year-Old The Macallan                          1000
30-Year-Old Laphroaig                             3000
10-Year-Old Laphroaig                              800
30-Year-Old Glenfiddich                           2500
Kakubin                                            500
The Suntory Old                                    500
Kyougetsu Green                                    500
Jack Daniel's                                      600
Early Times                                        600
X.O. Deluxe                                       1000
V.S.O.P.                                           700
V.O.                                               500
The Premium Malts                                  550
Fresh Malts                                        500
Stolichnaya Vodka                                  500

You should be able to use those lists to get the Dragon Sarashi.  The missions
will be a little more challenging.  ....  OK, they'll be a *lot* more chal-
lenging.  To be honest, this is the hardest thing to get 100% "complete" in the
entire game.  Not only do you have to complete all the missions to get the Amon
bosses to show up, you gotta defeat them *and* be good at mahjong and shogi.
You'll also need to be lucky with slots.  Good luck!
  I'll list the missions as they appear on the menu, but the problem here is
simply that if you can't read Japanese and are playing an import game, you most
likely won't be able to tell from this list what missions you're missing.  There
are no "???"'s where a mission should appear on the list; the missions are sim-
ply added as you complete them.  In other words, you won't even get the missions
listed until you start them, so you might not be able to figure out which ones
are actually on your list or not.

Here's the list of missions (translated by me, so their names are a little
weird--sorry!).  This list is both available at the menu under "Missions" and in
its own section in the "Complete" menu.  I've listed them in the order the game
lists them from the pause menu in hopes that you can see which one you are
missing.  The game lists them in a peculiar order; not in the order in which
they are available (nor in "alphabetical" order).  So, if you missed one, it can
sometimes be annoying trying to figure out which one is missing as they do not
put a space for it with ???'s or anything.
  Of course, if you're playing the Japanese version and can't read Japanese, you
will probably scratch your head over which ones you have and don't have.  So, I
decided to list them and then to list what it kinda looks like in Japanese in
brackets, using *'s for kanji and -'s for kana.  If you can't tell the differ-
ence between the two, you can still count the number of characters and get an
idea of what's missing (I hope!)
  Bear in mind that you do not have to complete the 4 missions, Kantou missions
"Slot Machine Ace," "Shogi 2," "Mahjong," and Kansai mission "Shogi 1" in order
to fight the hidden boss and get the most powerful move in the game (which you
also need to complete the Heat Actions list).  You can also fail missions and
still get these things, but to actually "complete" this list and get the Photon
Blade RG, you will need to successfully pass all missions (with the "complete"
mark)--including the 4 gambling mini-games missions mentioned above.

Missions List

1.  Black Thunder
2.  Be My Baby
  [Be My Baby]
3.  The Man Who Just Wouldn't Learn (Korinai Otoko)
4.  The Fake Kiryuu (Nise Kiryuu)
5.  The Spirit Medium (Reibaishi)
6.  The Man Who Attacks Kiryuu Because He Was Threatened and, Thus, Has No
     Choice (Odokasare Shikatanaku Kiryuu wo Osou Otoko)
7.  Fine Automobile (Koukyuusha)
8.  The Man Who Lost His Memory (Kiokuwo Ushinatta Otoko)
9.  Try and Hit Me! (Naguttemiroya)
10. Pickpocket Band 1 (Suridan sono 1)
11. Pickpocket Band 2 (Suridan sono 2)
12. The Elusive Figure (Maboroshi no Figyua)
13. The Price of a Tooth (Ha no Nedan)
14. Befriend the Owner of Kyushu Ichibanboshi (Kyuushuu Ichibanboshi no Tenchou
     to Kaonajimi)
15. The Kamuro Slasher (Kamurochou no Kirisakima)
16. Text Message Job (Me-ru de Oshigoto)
17. I Ryu-Jeon 1 (I Ryuujon 1)
18. I Ryu-Jeon 2 (I Ryuujon 2)
19. I Ryu-Jeon 3 (I Ryuujon 3)
20. I Ryu-Jeon 4 (I Ryuujon 4)
21. Befriend the Worker at the Ebisuya in Kamuro (Ebisuya Kamurochou no Ten'in
     to Kaonajimi)
22. My Boss, The Gambler (Gyanburu to Shachou)
23. The Mystery of Beam (Bi-mu no Nazo)
24. Taxi Driver
25. American Baseball (Amerikan Yakyuu)
26. Dragon Palace (Ryuuguujou)
27. Hiro-Yan (Hiroyan)
28. The Shady Video (Ayashii Bideo)
29. The Ex-Boyfriend (Motokare)
30. Enka Alley (Enka Yokochou)
31. The Straw Legend 1 (Michael) (Warashibe Densetsu 1 [Maikeru])
  [----**1 (----)]
32. The Straw Legend 2 (Warashibe Densetsu 2)
33. The Straw Legend 3 (Warashibe Densetsu 3)
34. The Straw Legend 4 (Warashibe Densetsu 4)
35. The Arsonist (Houkama)
36. The Secret Party (Himitsu no Pa-ti-)
37. Devil Woman (Masei no Onna)
38. The Manga Author (Mangaka)
39. Personal Data (Kojinjouhou)
40. Hanaya
41. You've Got Something, I've Got Something 1 (Kimini Aru Mono Bokuni Aru
     Mono 1)
42. You've Got Something, I've Got Something 2 (Kimini Aru Mono Bokuni Aru
     Mono 2)
43. Yuuya's Help (Yuuya no Kyoryoku)
44. Battle Stage (Taisendai)
45. Befriend the Mistress fo Atenshi (Atenshi no Mama to Kaonajimi)
46. Befriend the Catch at Senryou (Senryoudoori no Kyatchi to Kaonajimi)
47. Kanematsu Shigeru - Reuinion in Kamuro (Kanematsu Shigeru Kamurochou
  [** * ******]
48. Amon Kazuya
  [** **]
49. Amon Jirou
  [** **]
50. Amon Sango
  [** **]
51. Amon
52. Support Sunflower 1 (Himawari Enjo 1)
53. Befriend the Kamuro Hills Construction Worker (Kamurochou Hiruzu no
     Roudousha to Kaonajimi)
54. Support Sunflower 2 (Himawari Enjo 2)
55. Support Sunflower 3 (Himawari Enjo 3)
56. Support Sunflower 4 (Himawari Enjo 4)
57. Bowling
58. Slot Machine Ace (Pachisuro E-su)
59. Shogi 2
  [** 2]
60. Mahjong (Ma-jan)
61. Befriend the Youth at Theater Square (Gekijoumae no Wakamono to Kaonajimi)
62. Befriend the Drunk in Jidou Park (Jidou Kouen no Yopparai to Kaonajimi)
63. Yuma at Jewel (JEWEL no Yuma)
64. Natsuki at Jewel (JEWEL no Natsuki)
65. Anna at Jewel (JEWEL no Anna)
66. Karen at Shine (SHINE no Karen)
67. Kaede at Shine (SHINE no Kaede)
68. Maiko at Shine (SHINE no Maiko)
69. Managing Carabet Club "Marietta" (Kyabakura "Marietta" Keiei)
  [-----"-----"**] (Japanese "'s are different and look kinda like brackets)
70. Komaki Training: Fighting A Great Number (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Fukusuujin
  [**-** ~****-**~]
71. Komaki Training: The Secret Heat Method (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Hi-to no
  [**-** ~----***~]
72. Komaki Training: Fighting Against Handguns (Komaki no Shuugyou ~Taikenjuu
  [**-** ~***---*~]
73. Komaki Training: Sparring With the Three Great Techniques (Komaki no
     Shuugyou ~Sandaiougi Kumitehen~)
  [**-** ~*****-**~]
74. Meet the Master White Lotus (Hakurenshi to no Deai)
75. The Weapons Video Merchant (Buki Bideo Shounin)
76. The Wrestler Takes Time Off (Resura- Kyuugyouchuu)
77. The Wrestler Eats the World (Resura- Sekaiwo Taberu)
78. The Wrestler Drinks the World (Resura- Sekaiwo Nomu)
79. Host Club "Adam"
  [------"---"] (Japanese "'s are different and look kinda like brackets)

1.  The Tsuutenkaku's Mr. Billiken (Tsuutenkaku no Birikensan)
2.  The Watch Salesman (Tokeiuri)
3.  The Pregnant Woman (Ninpu)
4.  Dine 'N' Dash (Kuinige)
5.  Worries of a New Comedy Team (Shinjin Geininkonbi no Nayami)
6.  How to Never Lose at Gambling (Gyanburu ni Makenai Houhou)
7.  Tragedy Befalls the Old Lady (Obachan no Higeki)
8.  A Present for My Girlfriend 1 (Kanojo e no Purezento 1)
9.  A Present for My Girlfriend 2 (Kanojo e no Purezento 2)
10. A Present for My Girlfriend 3 (Kanojo e no Purezento 3)
11. A Present for My Girlfriend - Epilogue (Kanojo e no Purezento Sono Ato)
  [**------- --*]
12. Mr. Saeki - The Meeting (Saekisensei Deaihen)
  [**** **-*]
13. Mr. Saeki - The Impression (Saekisensei Kanmeihen)
  [**** ***]
14. Mr. Saeki - The Fight With Yoshida (Saekisensei Yoshida Funtouhen)
  [**** *****]
15. Tatsu
16. Albatross Akagi's Club (Arubatorosu Akagi no Kurabu)
17. Go Get Me Some Sake! (Sake Kattekoi)
18. Yukiko's Favorite (Yukiko no Konomi)
19. Nosebleed (Hanaji)
20. Hawk the Modifier 1 (Kaikou no Taka 1)
21. Hawk the Modifier 2 (Kaikou no Taka 2)
22. Hawk the Modifier 3 (Kaikou no Taka 3)
23. Vengeance Proxy 1 (Urami Daikou 1)
24. Vengeance Proxy 2 (Urami Daikou 2)
25. Vengeance Proxy 3 (Urami Daikou 3)
26. Vengeance Proxy 4 (Urami Daikou 4)
27. Kanematsu Shigeru - The Meeting (Kanematsu Shigeru Deaihen)
  [** * **-*]
28. Kanematsu Shigeru - The Gamer (Kanematsu Shigeru Ge-ma-hen)
  [** * ----*]
39. Kanematsu Shigeru - Collections (Kanematsu Shigeru Toritatehen)
  [** * *-*-*]
30. Shougi 1 (Shougi 1)
  [** 1]
31. Befriend the Worker at Magutako (Magutako no Ten'in to Kaonajimi)
32. Befriend the Catch at Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Yobikomi to Kaonajimi)
33. Befriend the Guitarist at Soutenbori (Soutenbori no Gitarisuto to Kaonajimi)
34. Jun at Prime (PRIME no Jun)
35. Madoka at Prime (PRIME no Madoka)
36. Aya at Prime (PRIME no Aya)
37. The Legendary Cabaret Club Girl, Nana (Densetsu no Kyabajou Nana)
38. Master White Lotus's Request 1 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 1)
39. Master White Lotus's Request 2 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 2)
40. Master White Lotus's Request 3 (Hakurenshi no Onegai 3)
41. Kobujutsu Shounen

Here is the list of Heat Actions.  This may be the most useful of the lists I'll
provide you with here as the one in the "Complete" section doesn't show how to
get each different action to occur.
  QUICK TIP:  Many of these will need you to get behind an enemy.  You can side-
step (sway) around their attack, or you can stun them with a move such as the
Body Blow (Square, Square, Triangle) and then walk around them.

Front Crush
  Holding an enemy by the front, use Environment Heat Action near a wall.
Wall Crush
  Holding an enemy by the front, use Environment Heat Action near a vending
Back Crush
  Holding an enemy by the back, use Environment Heat Action near a wall.
Electric Wall Crush
  Holding an enemy near the wall in the Lightning Grand Prix tournament, use
  the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Rusty Nail Wall
  Holding an enemy near the wall in the Rusty Nail Grand Prix tournament, use
  the Environment Heat Action.
Head Crush:  Front
  Near various low walls such as the Magutako stand on Soutenbori, hold an enemy
  by the front and use the Environment Heat Action.
Head Crush:  Back
  Near various low walls such as the magutako stand on Soutenbori, hold an enemy
  by the back and use the Environment Heat Action.
Drum & Fire
  Near a burning trash can such as the one in the Third Park, hold an enemy and
  use the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Tailbone-Smashing
  Near the edge of the benches on Soutenbori, hold an enemy and use the Environ-
  ment Heat Action.
Extreme Pole
  Near a telephone pole, hold an enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.
  Hold an enemy by the front alongside one of the benches at Soutenbori and use
  the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Tossing
  Near a second-story balcony, either at Cabaret Grand or one of the fights at
  Stardust, hold an enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Freezing-Cold, Icy Water
  Near the edge of the Soutenbori River along one of its banks, hold an enemy
  and use the Environment Heat Action.
Falling Gracefully into the Blue Skies
  On Iwahashi's edge, near the Soutenbori, hold an enemy and use the Environment
  Heat Action.  "Souten" means "Blue Skies."
Extreme Throwing Out of the Building
  On the second and third floors of the Amano building, near the window, hold an
  enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Chandelier
  On the second floor of the Oumi Group's base, in front of the chandelier, hit
  Circle, then follow the tapping prompts (square, x, square).
Extreme Glass Display Case
  Near a restaurant's display such as the one at the fights south of the coin
  lockers in Osaka, hold an enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Stairs
  Near the stairs in the Amano building, Cabaret Grand, or Oumi Group's base,
  hold an enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Tsukiotoshi
  Near the holes in the floor on the various floors of the Tougenkyou, hold an
  enemy and use the Environment Heat Action.  "Tsukiotoshi" means "thrust and
  drop."  It's a common sumo winning move, but here, it's used quite literally.
Extreme Fire on the Face
  Hold an enemy near the wall in the Burning Grand Prix tournament and use the
  Environment Heat Action.
Extreme Twin Kicks
  In the narrow spaces in the Oumi Alliance's base's corridors, in between the
  darker, pillar-like parts of the walls, hold an enemy and use the Environment
  Heat Action.

Extreme Rope
  Use the Rope's Heat Action (you'll need to get behind the enemy).
Extreme Headlock
  Use a Light-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Brass Knuckles Headlock
  Use a Knuckles-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Umbrella
  Use a "Fine Umbrella"'s Heat Action.  Metal and Fashionable Umbrellas don't
  have this, because they don't have hooks on their ends.
Extreme Dosu
  Use a Knife-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Stungun
  Use a Stungun's or a Broken Stun Gun's Heat Action.
Extreme Strangling With a Stick
  Use a Pipe-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Bat
  Once unlocked, use any baseball bat's Heat Action.
Extreme Lotus-Style Staff Technique
  After unlocking Extreme Lotus-Style Staff Technique, use a Long Staff-type
  weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme True Komaki-Style Sword-Wielding Technique
  Use a katana's Heat Action.
Extreme Polearm
  Use a Long Staff-type weapon's Heat Action.  If you've unlocked Extreme Lotus-
  Style Staff Technique, you'll have to be locked-on and standing away from an
Extreme Komaki-Style Sword-Wielding Technique
  Use any bokutou's Heat Action.
Extreme Komaki-Style Sword-Wielding Technique:  Cheng Lung
  Use any Cheng Lung Dou's Heat Action.
Extreme Tonfa
  Use a Tonfa-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Kali
  Use a Kali-Stick-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Bowling
  Once technique is unlocked, use any bowling ball's Heat Action.  Note that
  this does not cost any endurance from the weapon.
Extreme Heavy Attack
  Use a Heavy-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Covering and Pummeling
  Use a Medium-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Sign
  Use a Sign-type weapon's Heat Action.
Extreme Pliers:  Back
  Use the Pliers' Heat Action.
Extreme Pliers:  Front
  Use the Pliers' Heat Action as a reversal; when an enemy's attack is coming
  towards Kiryuu.
Extreme Iron
  Use the Modified Iron's Heat Action.
Extreme Golf
  Once unlocked, use a Golf Club's Heat Action.  Note that this does not cost
  any endurance from the weapon.
Extreme Portable Stove
  Use a Modified Portable Stove's Heat Action.
Extreme Salt
  Use the Table Salt's Heat Action.  Find the Table Salt in battles at the
  Champion District.
Extreme Acupuncture
  Use the Mysterious Syringe's Heat Action.  Find the Mysterious Syringe in
  battles at the parking lot on Shichifuku.

Extreme Weapon Stomp
  Use the Extreme Pursuit while armed with all weapons but Heavy or Sign-type.
Extreme Compacting
  Use the Extreme Pursuit while armed with a Sign-type weapon.
Extreme Weapon Pursuit
  Use the Extreme Pursuit while armed with a Heavy-type weapon.
Extreme Pursuit:  Front
  Use the Extreme Pursuit near a face-up opponent.
Extreme Pursuit:  Back
  Use the Extreme Pursuit near a face-down opponent.

Extreme Capturing
  Once skill is unlocked, use Extreme Capturing.  This is the "Mounted Punches"
  technique; when health is low, use the Extreme Pursuit on a fallen foe.

Extreme Violent Pursuit
  Do enough damage quickly enough to Gohda Ryuuji in Chapter 3.  When he's
  knocked down, move close, and if prompted, use Special Heat Action.
Extreme Locked Pursuit
  Do enough damage quickly enough to Gohda Ryuuji in Chapter 16 when he has the
  sword equipped.  When he crouches, dizzy, use the Special Heat Action.
Extreme Repeated Beating Pursuit
  Do enough damage quickly enough to the unarmed form of Hayashi Hiroshi.  When
  he crouches, dizzy, use the Special Heat Action.
Extreme Double Attack Pursuit
  In one of the two fights where you fight two, boss-like Jin'gweon Force mem-
  bers (in the fight in Emoto's clinic or the fight in Chapter 16 before enter-
  ing the construction site), damage one of them quickly enough until they
  crouch, dizzy, and do the Special Heat Action.
Extreme True Toraotoshi
  When fighting the two tigers at the end of Chapter 12 or Gekkou in the Beast
  tournament in the Arena, do about half of their total damage and then,
  when they crouch, dizzy, use the Special Heat Action.
Extreme Swordsman Smashing
  When fighting Shindou Kouji near the koi pond, do enough damage to him quickly
  enough so he crouches, dizzy, and use the Special Heat Action.
Extreme Super Pursuit
  When fighting Doujima Daigo, Majima Gorou, Ji Yeongmin, or Kim Taejin, do
  enough damage to them quickly enough to get them to crouch, dizzy, and then
  use the Special Heat Action.

Extreme Extremeness
  Once unlocked, make a foe Stunned by either throwing a chair at them or hit-
  ting them with the Komaki-Style Floating Catch (reversal with Circle), then
  use the Heat Action.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal:  Smashing the Genbu
  Use the Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal against a foe attacking Kiryuu from
  the front.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal:  Dropping the Suzaku
  Use the Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal against a foe attacking Kiryuu from
  the back.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal:  Reversing the Seiryuu
  Use the Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal against a foe attacking Kiryuu from
  the right.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal:  Crushing the Byakko
  Use the Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal against a foe attacking Kiryuu from
  the left.
Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler:  Destroying the Short Firearm
  Use the Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler on a handgun-brandishing foe.  Also
  works on Kim Taejin, who has a mini-sub-machine gun.
Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler:  Sending the Long Firearm Flying
  Use the Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler on a shotgun-brandishing foe.

Extreme Swing
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy.  While standing away from walls or other environ-
  mental hazards, use the Extreme Superhuman Strength.
Cyclops Roll
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy and use the Extreme Superhuman Strength near a rail-
  ing or other medium-height wall.
Devil Swing
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy and use the Extreme Superhuman Strength near a wall.
Heaven Swing
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy and use the Extreme Superhuman Strength near a pole.
Extreme Car Smashing
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy and use the Extreme Superhuman Strength alongside a
  car.  Doesn't work on delivery trucks or "background" cars such as the ones
  in the fight before fighting Gohda Ryuuji in Chapter 3.
Extreme Bar Counter
  Foot Grab a fallen enemy and use the Extreme Superhuman Strength in one of the
  two fights that take place in Bantam, near the bar.  This only works once per
  fight; after that, the Cyclops Roll will come out.

Flattening Throw:  Front
  Grab a foe by the front and move near a fallen foe, then use the Flattening
Flattening Throw:  Back
  Grab a foe by the back and move near a fallen foe, then use the Flattening

Double Crush
  With full health, grab a foe from behind, move near another foe, and use the
  Extreme Herculean Strength.
Extreme Crush:  Front
  With full health, grab a foe from the front and use the Extreme Herculean
Extreme Crush:  Back
  With full health, grab a foe from behind and use the Herculean Strength Mas-

Grappled Kick
  Stand near Sayama while she's grappling a foe and use the Team-Up Attack.  You
  may need to be at either the front or the back; I'm not 100% sure what causes
  the difference between the two attacks.
Twin Kicks
  Stand near Sayama while she's grappling a foe and use the Team-Up Attack.  You
  may need to be at either the front or the back; I'm not 100% sure what causes
  the difference between the two attacks.
Combination Grappled Flying Knee
  Stand near Daigo, Date, or Yuuya while they grapple a foe and use the Team-Up

Extreme Gold (-Plated) Necklace
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Catch on Senryou Street,"
  get in a fight near him and hit Triangle when prompted.
Extreme Iron Placard
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Mistress of Atenshi,"
  get in a fight in the southwest corner of the Champion District and hit the
  Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Fetching the Riserva
  After clearing side mission "Yuuya's Help," fight in front of Stardust and hit
  the Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Elongatable Cane
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Drunk at Jidou Park," get
  in a fight at the western end of Shichifuku and hit the Triangle button when
Extreme Menacing Nightstick
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Youth at Theater Square," get in a
  fight near the eastern edge of Theater Square and hit the Triangle button when
Extreme Decorative Jitte
  After clearing side mission "Albatross Akagi's Club," get in a fight near the
  Ebisuya Pawn Shop on Shoufuku and hit Triangle when prompted.
Extreme Straight-Man
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Catch at Soutenbori," get
  in a fight near him and hit the Triangle button when prompted.  In traditional
  comic fashion, a straight-man ("tsukkomi") would usually hit the funny man
  ("boke") with a fan or some other such thing.
Extreme Stinking from Being Held In Storage for 100 Years
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Manager of the Kamuro Ebi-
  suya," get in a fight near the Ebisuya in Kamuro and hit the Triangle button
  when prompted.
Extreme Stinking Worse than the Pain of from Your Fists
  After clearin side mission "Befriend the Kamuro Hills Construction
  Worker," get in a fight near the eastern end of Kouenmae and hit the Triangle
  button when prompted.
Extreme Guitar of One's Soul
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Guitarist of Soutenbori,"
  get in a fight near him and hit the Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Noodles
  After clearing side mission "Befriend the Manager of Kyuushuu Ichi-
  bansei," get in a fight in front of Kyushu Ichibanboshi Ramen and hit the
  Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Super-Spicy Ice Cream
  After clearing the side mission "The Price of a Tooth," get in a fight in
  front of the Gelato Shop and hit the Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Giant, Live Octopus
  After clearing the side mission "Befriend the Worker at Magutako,"
  get in a fight ain front of his stand and hit the Triangle button when prompt-
Extreme Red Dragon
  After clearing side mission "The Shady Video," get in a fight in front of
  Tea Shop Alps and hit the Triangle button when prompted.
Extreme Tai Chi Knitting Needle
  After clearing side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 3," get in a
  fight in the Shinsei parking lot and hit the Triangle Button when prompted.

You may miss your opportunity on a few of them and need to replay the game to
get the bonus discipline.  The most unique are the ones that occur when fighting
certain bosses.  But, if you pay attention to what's going on and do just about
all the side missions, you should be able to complete this list.  It's worth it
to see some of the Heat Actions--actually, they're probably the best thing in
the game.

Lastly, here is a list of the requirements to finish the "Mini-Games" Complet-
ion List.  This is the hardest and most time-consuming thing to do in the game,
and it only nets you 9 1,000G Coins (not really that big of a deal considering
how much you will probably have to spend to complete this thing).

  (Get 20 homeruns in each course)
  Beginner    Medium   Advanced
  Pro         Majors
  (Get 1,000 points in each course)
  Beginner    Medium   Advanced
  3-Frames: get 90  10-Frames: get 300
  Reach 1-kyuu level
  Get 10,000 in total winnings
  Get 50,000 in winnings in one game
  Get 100 dolls
  Practice    Tournament  (clear them both)
  Get 1,000,000 chips in total winnings
  Get 200,000 in total winnings


6a.  Hidden Skills & Power-Ups

I listed these earlier on in the FAQ, but just to have them handy for anyone
looking, I'll list them again in the appendices for your convenience.

Lotus-Style Flashing Energy Palm ("Renge Senkishou")
  Clear the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 1" ("Hakurenshi no
  Onegai 1").
  Charging the Triangle button for longer than the time required to set up the
  Charge Kick technique causes Kiruu to rear back and release a punch (maybe it
  was supposed to be a palm, but the graphics couldn't make him relax his
  fist?) that goes through enemy's defenses.
Komaki-Style Tiger Killer ("Komakiryuu Toraotoshi")
  Undertake the "Adventure Course" at the acupuncturist in Shinsei with Skill
  at level 9 or 10, after performing the special Heat Action against a tiger
  in Chapter 12.
  When "locked on" (while holding down R1), pressing Triangle as an opponent's
  attack is coming towards Kiryuu will result in a quick, fierce, straight
  stomach punch.  This works on most melee and weapon attacks, but Kiryuu must
  be facing th opponent.

Lotus-Style Polearm-Weilding Technique ("Renge Souboujutsu")
  Clear the side mission "Meeting the Master White Lotus" ("Hakurenshi to no
  An improved attack string for polearm weapons.
Bat Swing
  Hit ten or more home runs at the Batting Center in Kamuro's Hotel District.
  An improved attack string for bat weapons.
Golf Swing
  Get 500 or more at any course in the driving range on Soutembori.
  An improved attack string for golf clubs.
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Super Kung Fu Man" video.
  An improved attack string for tonfa.
Kali Sticks
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the
  Philippines!" video ("Kyougaku!  Firipin no Hihou").
  An improved attack string for kali sticks.

Lotus-Style Hard Body Technique ("Renge Koutaijutsu")
  Clear the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 2" ("Hakurenshi no
  Onegai 2").  You need Mind to be at level 10.
  When in Heat Mode, Kiryuu cannot be stunned.  You can still be shocked or
  burned.  It's weird; you'll still see stars flashing around Kiryuu's eyes,
  but he can move around like normal.
Brawling God's Discipline ("Kenkashin no Kokoroe")
  Complete the game having performed all 96 Heat Actions.
  Kiryuu can perform Heat Actions whether he's in Heat Mode or not.  The "Foot
  Grab" and "Finish Hold" techniques are still unavailbe when not in Heat Mode,
  as are status effects that require Heat Mode.
  In other words, without being in Heat Mode, you'll still die if you get hit,
  even though you have the "Spirit and Status of the Blue Dragon" ("Seiryuu no
  Ki'i") discipline.
  On top of that, if you are in Heat Mode and use a Heat Action, Kiryuu will
  still use Heat Energy.
  Still, it makes Kiryuu very, very powerful.

Kawachi-Style Escaping Throw ("Kawachiryuu Tokinage")
  Complete the side mission "The Young Martial Artist" ("Kobujutsu Shounen").
  When grappled and prompted to repeatedly tap X, you can repeatedly tap circle
  instead to make Kiryuu reverse the grapple and throw the opponent.
Komaki-Style Flowing Catch ("Komakiryuu Ukenageshi")
  After defeating Komaki in the Underground Arena, undertake the Adventure
  Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While "locked-on" to an enemy (holding R1), pressing circle as the enemy's
  attack is coming towards Kiryuu will make him step to the side and perform a
  grappling knee to the stomach a' la Muay Thai.

Extreme Golf ("Gorufu no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Albatross Akagi"
  A new Heat Action is available for golf clubs.
Extreme Bat ("Batto no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "American Baseball"
  A new Heat Action is available for bats.
Extreme Bowling ("Bouru no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Bowling"
  A new Heat Action is available for bowling balls.
Extreme Tonfa ("Tonfa- no Kiwami")
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Super Kung Fu Man" video.
  A new Heat Action is available for tonfa.
Extreme Kali ("KALI no Kiwami")
  After clearing the side mission "The Weapons Video Merchant" ("Buki Bideo
  Shounin"), buy and watch the "Shocking!  The Secret Technique from the
  Philippines!" video ("Kyougaku!  Firipin no Hihou").
  A new Heat Action is available for kali sticks.
Extreme Lotus-Style Staff Technique ("Renge Boujutsu no Kiwami")
  Clear the side mission "Meeting the Lotus Master."
  A new Heat Action is available for polearms.
Extreme Flattening Throw ("Nagetsubushi no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Takes Time Off" (Resura-
  When near an enemy lying on the ground, when in Heat Mode and grappling
  another opponent, Kiryuu can throw the held opponent onto the lying one when
  the "Goku" kanji flashes by hitting Triangle.
Extreme Superhuman Strength ("Kairiki no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Eats the World" (Resura- Sekai wo
  Taberu").  You'll need your Mind at level 5.
  When holding a fallen enemy by the foot, hitting Triangle will initiate one
  of six special Heat Action throws (usually giant-swing-like).
Extreme Herculean Strength ("Gouriki no Kiwami")
  Complete the side mission "The Wrestler Drinks the World" (Resura- Sekai wo
  Nomu").  You'll need your Body at level 8.
  When Kiryuu's health is full, grappling an opponent will allow him to execute
  a powerful Heat Action technique while in Heat Mode.  This attack drains a
  lot of Heat energy.
Komaki-Style Unbeatable Reversal ("Komakiryuu Mutegaeshi")
  Train with Komaki in the Champion District of Kamuro.
  While not "locked on" (not holding down R1) and in Heat Mode, hitting Triangle
  as the "Goku" kanji flashes when an enemy attack is coming towards Kiryuu will
  initiate a reversal.  This can be done against an attack from any direction.
  It doesn't work against missile weapons (obviously).
Komaki-Style Harquebus Muffler ("Komakiryuu Hinawafuuji")
  Train with Komaki in the Champion District of Kamuro.
  When Kiryuu is near an opponent brandishing a firearm (even shotguns), hitting
  Triangle when the "Goku" kanji flashes (in Heat Mode, of course) will cause a
  Heat Action against that enemy.
Extreme Extremeness ("Kyuukyoku no Kiwami")
  Defeat the hidden boss Amon Joe.
  When an opponent is standing dazed (either from a weapon such as a bottle, a
  cedar block, etc., or from the Komaki-Style Flowing Catch technique), pressing
  Triangle when the "Goku" kanji flashes (in Heat Mode, of course) will cause a
  Heat Action against that enemy.
  It's simply a right hook that makes the enemy bounce and tumble away.

Cancel Sway
  Watch the video "Space Ninjaman 3" (sold at Beam for 3980 yen).  You'll need
  Body at level 5.
  Kiryuu can cancel any of his unarmed, light attacks into a Sway.  This will
  use Heat energy, but you don't need to be in Heat Mode to perform the action.
Komaki-Style Cat Flip ("Komakiryuu Nekozori")
  After noticing a cat behind the pharmacy in Kamuro, undertake the Adventure
  Course at the acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While flying through the air from being knocked down, pressing X will cause
  Kiryuu to land on his feet.
Komaki-Style Parrying Reversal ("Komakiryuu Hikikaeshi")
  After clearing the side mission "Try and Hit Me!" ("Naguttemiroya") and
  bringing Skill to level 8, undertake the Adventure Course at the
  acupuncturist in Shinsei.
  While "locked on" (holding R1), hitting L1 right as an enemy's attack is
  coming towards Kiryuu will cause him to parry that attack, stopping attack
  strings and knocking enemies down.
Lotus-Style Diamond Wall ("Renge Kongouheki")
  Complete the side mission "Master White Lotus's Request 3" ("Hakurenge no
  Onegai 3").  You'll need Body at level 10.
  Kiryuu's guard is increased as you hold down the L1 button, making it so that
  he can block even bladed weapons.

There are two kinds of attacks you can perform using allies in this game.  One
is to hit the Triangle button while in Heat Mode near an ally on the battle
screen (Date, Daigo, or Sayama) who is holding an enemy and the "Goku" kanji
flashes.  The other one involves making friends about town by completing certain
side missions.   I'll explain more in the "Completion Lists" section, but it's
always the same thing for each of the ones where an ally about town helps you
out:  when you fight near them, they toss you an item at the beginning of the
match and you can hit "circle" to catch it and beat the snot out of one foe.
This requires no Heat energy.

Lastly, you can build up your Heat Gauge now.  You may have seen pictures of a
gauge where there are a bunch of extra little slots on the right-hand side,
whereas in the first game, there was only one little extra area for Heat Mode.
  When these extra areas have Heat in them, you will be in Heat Mode.  Some
Heat Actions take very little Heat, and some a lot.  If you build this up,
you can obviously be in Heat Mode more easily.  If you fill the meter comp-
letely, you can usually do Heat Actions without worrying about needing to
build it up again afterwards so much, since you'll alread still be in Heat
  I'd recommend doing this as soon as the two different areas become available!
  Here are the four things you'll need to do:

--Watch the video "Legend of the First Group Head" ("Shoudai Kumichou
  Densetsu"), found in Soutenbori Coin Locker #22.  The key is near the taxi
  on the western edge of Soutenbori (the northernmost street).
--Watch the video "Samurai," found in Kamuro Coin Locker #10.  The key is at
  the eastern edge of Taihei.
--Beat the Tournament Mode in YF6.
--Complete the Special Course (bottom choice) in the Love In Heart massage
  parlour in Kamuro.

6b.  Hidden Shops

There are three or four hidden shops in the game, depending on how you look at
it.  Most are in Kantou, but there is one in the Kansai.
  In Kamuro, the video shop, Beam, has a back room where weapons are bought and
sold.  In the first game, you bought the password from a man on the street, but
it's a little more complicated this time.  You can get in by clearing the mis-
sion "The Mystery of Beam" in Chapter 7.  Go meet Morita, the informant who
hangs out at Theater Square near Club SEGA, and ask him about Beam.  He'll
tell you someone who has information hangs out at the strip club, Asia.  Go
there, talk to the guy in the front row on the left (facing the stage), and
buy the information from him.  He'll tell you part of the password, but leave
out the special code, "1989," hinting that it's the year the Berlin Wall came
  Also in Kamuro, there's a strange, fat guy hanging out in that weird little
area across the street from the Third Park.  If you talk to him, he'll just
say "I'm not selling anything!" until Chapter 10.  This weird guy is Kamiyama
Renji, a weapons specialist, and also the guy who's shown Majima some of his
techniques.  You can buy videos (two of which--the last and first ones, I
think?--actually teach you moves) and weapons from him you can't get from any-
one else.
  There's a third secret shop area in Kamuro--the Dragon Palace.  You can pass
the mission with the same name in Chapter 5 to get there.  It's not very well-
hidden, so I don't know if you could even really consider it such a secret.
There, you'll find a bunch of gambling places from the first game (as well as
a shogi room), the black market guy from the first game, and a big wrestler
named Cyclops Ooba who teaches you some moves.
  There's also an arms dealer in the Soutenbori area in Osaka.  In Chapter 10,
find the punk on the southern side of the river, down below Iwabashi (the bridge
on the eastern side), who approaches you and asks you about Tatsu.  Tatsu is a
nickname (or a code name) for a foreign-looking man who sells arms out of his
boat along the Soutenbori River.  Talk to Kurogawa, your informant on Iwahashi's
southern edge, and he'll tell you to meet a man in the White Snake Ramen Shop.
Go and do so, beat the guy up to prove yourself, and he'll tell you how to see
Tatsu.  Go to Iwahashi, go down to the river on the north side, and talk to the
bum who's lying around to bring the boat over.

6c.  Secret Bosses

There are two types of secret bosses in the game:  Encounter Bosses and the
Amon family.


Encounter Bosses (known in Japan as "Encount Bosses") appear on the main maps
for the three town areas (Kamuro, Soutenbori, and Shinsei).  Their appearances
are triggered by your completing a certain number of random fights in the area.
Unique, boss-like characters, they usually have pretty good items to give you
and put up a reasonably hard fight.
  The annoying thing about these guys is that I can't seem to find a way to
force them to appear, so I'm not 100% clear on the conditions.  There are a few
conditions I'm fairly sure of, however.  First, you can't have anyone follow-
ing you around--no Haruka, no Date, no Sayama, and no Daigo.  Secondly, they
seem to only appear at "normal" times--times when it's not raining and you're
not necessarily supposed to be running to the next story moment.  Probably,
it's best to find them at the beginnings of chapters.
  I also believe that they'll only appear once you've reached certain chapters.
In other words, some of the later ones on the list will show up in later chap-
ters, so if they aren't there, just move on with your life and come back
  Each area definitely has its own fight counter, so even if you got in a bunch
of scrapes in one place and fought all the Encounter Bosses there,  you'll
still have to fight a lot in the other areas to get their bosses.  By "area,"
I should clarify, I mean the three main towns--Kamuro, Soutenbori, and Shinsei.
It seems like story battles and Underground Arena battles do count.
  It is possible to fight a whole lot, then just go and encounter these guys
one after another, with no fights in between.  In other words, say one of the
guys needed you to be at 45 fights and the next was at 60.  Well, if you fought
60 times, you could fight the first guy, then just go to the area the next guy
should be at, and he should be there--unless the story's got you bogged down.
  It's confusing, I know, and it'll probably take you a long time to get them
all.  It took me a long time.  To make matters worse, I hear reports of people
getting them in differing orders.  The final ones are always the same, tho'.
  The only really good thing about this?  Well, they're entirely optional.
Pretty much all you are getting out of defeating them is the items or money
they give--and you can strut around like some big boss man and grunt like Tim
the Toolman, or whatever.  If you were in Ryuuga gotoku Reality, maybe you
could drop that you'd beaten them all to pick up women, but in reality this
strategy is ill-advised.
  Here's a list of Encounter Bosses:

Dynamite Mizunoe:  He appears at Kouenmae near the West park.
  You get a 100-pound Bowling Ball for beating him.
Golden Kita:  A big man wearing gold-colored clothes, he appears in the eastern
  edge of the Champion District.
  You get the Acala Belt for beating him.
Sky Gojima:  He wears a blue jersey and prowls the area in front of the Tou-
  genkyou (eastern end of Taihei).
  You get 100,000 yen for beating him.
Murasame Kouji:  He stands a little to the north of Beam.
  You get the Magic Sword Sengetsu for defeating him.
Maishima Wataru:  He appears near the Poppo Mart near Nakamichi.
  You get 300,000 yen for beating him.
Rockabilly Sawada:  This guy really does look ... rockabilly.  He appears in the
  alley running north from Theater Square on the east side (near the old Doujima
  You get some Ogre Knuckles for beating him.
Mysterious Assassin:  He's at the southern end of Pink Street.
  You get High-Tech Leggings for beating him.
Jumbo Dai-chan:  He's in the eastmost alley that runs south from Kouenmae (where
  you fought the "Strong-Armed Man" in the first game).
  You get a Sakaki Bokutou for beating him.
"God" Ezawa:  Dressed in white, you'll see him near the intersection of Taihei
  and Tenkaichi streets.
  You get Lucky Beads for beating him.

Gamorrah Itakura:  I don't know why it's not "Gomorrah," but, whatever.  Maybe
  they meant something else.  He's at the north end of Iwahashi (the eastern
  You get 50,000 yen for beating him.
Bloody Seyama:  You'll find him near the southern edge of Iwahashi.
  You get a Skanda Potion for beating him.
Agawa Kousaku:  He's standing in front of the "Nighttime Fun Dojo."
  You get 150,000 yen for beating him.
Miyoshi of Bishamon Bridge:  He's on Bishamon Bridge (the western bridge).
  You get 300,000 yen for beating him.
Mysterious Assassin:  There's a woman in the southwestern corner in the Shoufuku
  area.  Talk to her, and she'll point this guy (and his cohorts) out.
  You get a Southpaw Bracelet for beating him.
Riders Oozawa:  He's at the northern bank of the Soutenbori River.
  You get the Magic Sword Asura for beating him.
Yun with the Muscles of Ksitigarbha:  He's at the western end of Soutenbori.
  You get Dragon Knuckles for beating him.

Mafia Itabashi:  He appears in the big, central road.
  You get the Sengoku-Era Chain Mail for beating him.


I'm not entirely sure of the etymology of the name "Amon," but I think it's
maybe got to do with them considering themselves a breed apart, or something?
"Amon" means "subphylum," in biology jargon...maybe, they're supposed to be,
like, "I'm a new species of human, muah ha ha!"  Or, it could be that the "A"
is for "Asia."  The Amon Brothers boast that they are the top assassins in all
of Asia.
  These guys are apparently out to test the guy they hear so much about.  In
the first game, Joh considered himself some kind of fighting artist; some kind
of master of assassinry or something.  I guess it's still the same.
  You get to them by completing the side missions.  In fact, you need to do all
of them but the (very few) optional ones for shogi, mahjong, slots, and black-
  That's only five missions you don't need to do, folks, out of 116 (120 if you
count the actual "Amon" missions).
  For more information, check the missions part of this guide.  I've included
all four Amon missions at Chapter 16 of Kantou.
  If you beat Amon Joh, you'll get the most powerful attack in the game, but it
can only be used while enemies are stunned.  Don't forget, though, that you
can't get the Brawling God Discipline without that attack (because you have to
perform all the various Heat Actions).  Getting that discipline will make the
harder modes much easier.

6d.  Unlockables

For beating the game on any difficulty, you unlock the ability to play through
again with all of your records, items, and skills.  This is the "Premium New
Game" option.  You also unlock the ability to watch the movies from the game
("Scenario Review") and the ability to wander around in a world where you can
re-play all the side missions, there's no main story, and Haruka can be led
around at your whim called "Adventure Review."  There's no end to that mode;
you can just play it to test completion.  When selecting "Premium New Game,"
note that Haruka's outfit changes (wow).
  When you beat the game on Normal, you unlock "Hard" difficulty for New Game
and Premium New game.  If you didn't die, you'll get a 3 million yen bonus
(note that getting defeated at the Underground Arena or getting caught while
running around with wounded people don't count as deaths).  If you did die,
you'll get a 1 million yen bonus.
  Beating the game on Hard unlocks "EX Hard."  It also gives you the same
bonuses you'd get on Normal.
  When you beat the game on EX Hard, you get the same bonuses as when you beat
it on Normal, plus you'll also get the Dragon SP gun that Kiryuu used in one
of the first game's Battle Missions.  This gun has unlimited ammo.
  Other than that, there are special rewards for completing the different
things listed in the "Complete" list in the pause menu.  If you complete all of
the missions (with "Complete," not with "Finished" written after them--you have
to complete them successfully), you'll get the Photon RG, which is a light-
sabre-like sword that never breaks.  If you complete the game with 100% of the
opponents on the underground colisseum and all the Encounter Bosses defeated,
you'll get the "Just Dragon Tonfa" ("Ouryuu no Tonfa-"), another weapon with
unlimited use.  For buying all the food at the restaurants and ordering all the
booze from the bars, you get the Dragon Sarashi, the most powerful armor (tho'
it doesn't reduce the damage of bullets like the expensive bulletproof gear).
Should you complete all of the Heat Actions on the Complete List, you'll get
the "Brawling God Discipline," which makes Kiryuu able to perform Heat Actions,
regardless of being in Heat Mode or not.  You get nothing at all for the Coin
Lockers (besides the items in them, of course), and you get a paltry 9 1000G
Gold Coins (worth 4,500,000 yen--but by then, who cares?) for clearing the
ridiculous requirements of the Mini-Games list.
  The best one of those is obviously the Brawling God Discipline, but that one
requires you to do quite a lot, since some of the Heat Actions can only be
obtained from defeating very powerful enemies or accomplishing very difficult
tasks in side games.
  Let me list those again just so you don't have to swim through text:

Dragon SP                    Beat the game on EX Hard
Photon Blade RG              Complete Missions (the right way) and complete the
                             story mode.  This includes the 4 optional missions
                             for shogi, mahjong, and slots.
Just Dragon Tonfa            Defeat all 51 opponents in the Underground Arena
                             and complete the story mode
Dragon Sarashi               Order all the various items offered in the
                             various restaurants and drink all the various
                             drinks from the various bars and beat story mode
Brawling God Discipline      Perform all 96 Heat Actions and beat story mode
9 x 1000G Gold Coin          Fulfill all requirements for all Mini-Games and
                             beat the story mode
3 million yen                Beat the game on Normal, Hard, or EX-Hard without
                             dying (you can't continue on EX-Hard so it's rather
1 million yen                Beat the game on Normal or Hard.  Also given if
                             you beat the game on Easy without dying.
Premium New Game             Beat the game.
Adventure Review             Beat the game.
Scenario Review              Beat the game.
Haruka Costume Change        Start a new game with the Premium New Game option.

  Once you unlock the special items, you'll need to talk to Bob Utsunomiya to
get them.  Who's that, you ask?  Well...he's a...clown-yakuza-...guy.  There's
just no good way to put that.  At the "entrance" to Soutenbori and Kamuro (in
other words, at the southernmost point of Tenkaichi street and the eastern
part of Soutenbori street), you might notice a guy in a white leisure suit
(similar to Kiryuu's, but white) with clown makeup, a clown nose, and a green
wig on.  Before you unlock anything, if you walk by this guy, he just goes,
"Hmmm" and you can't interact with him further.  However, once you unlock stuff,
you'll notice that there's a green arrow over his head.  Talk to him and he'll
say something about how you're the guy who the guy from that time back then.
  He'll then give offer to give you one of the items you've unlocked.

6e.  Bugs

There are two fatal bugs in this game (at least, in the Japanese version).  You
would do well to avoid them!  These don't erase your memory or destroy your PS2
or anything like that, but you won't be able to continue the story.

1.  Hanako
  Once you've initiated the side mission "Managing Marietta" ("Marietta no
  Keiei"), you'll be able to recruit girls around town.
  None of these girls will appear in the Toujou Association's Headquarters, but
  there have been reports of one of them, Hanako, appearing there near the
  parking lot.  Sometimes, people say she's floating in the air, and other
  times, she's stuck, half-way in the ground.
  If you see her here, she is a bug.  Do not attempt to recruit her!  If you do,
  for some reason, returning to Marietta will cause the next story moment's
  mission pointer (the red dot) to vanish and you won't be able to continue with
  the story.
  To avoid this, simply avoid her when she appears there.  If you want to re-
  cruit her, do it somewhere other than the Toujou Association's Headquarters!

2.  The Safe
  When you do the side mission "Vengeance Proxy 4" ("Urami no Daikou 4"),
  you'll find a safe in the building where you fought the third man, Kojima.
  Kiryuu goes in and has the ability to open that safe with the password 57577
  for a very large reward.
  However, in Chapter 10, when you have to pursue Satoshi, Kazebori's assistant,
  as he steals the sketch for the yellow dragon tattoo, the interior of the
  building is the same as the interior for the building from "Vengeance Proxy
  4."  Everything is actually the same--including the safe.
  If you ignore Satoshi and his cohorts and aim for the safe, you can still open
  it (if you haven't done so already in "Vengeance Proxy 4").
  Doing so will give you the reward, but force you back outside of the building.
  Unfortunately, although there is a marker for Satoshi's building, you won't be
  able to get back in, so the story cannot be completed.

There is a third bug.  It's not fatal, but it prevents you from getting 100%.
In the final side mission in Kansai, called "The Martial Arts Youth" ("Koubu-
jutsu no Shounen"), you must encounter Kawachi's brother and then defeat Kawa-
uchi later at the Underground Arena.  Then, you must return to Soutenbori and
meet his brother again.
  If you start playing a second time, using the Premium New Game option, enemies
no longer stop appearing and you can enter into any of the tournaments in the
Arena, provided you play through the ones you need to play through to unlock
them, regardless of what chapter you're on.
  Because of this, Kawachi will show up as an opponent, even if you haven't
initiated the mission, "The Martial Arts Youth."  If you defeat him in the
colisseum first and then go and encounter his brother to start the mission, it
will be listed as "Complete," strangely enough.  If you defeat him after that in
the colisseum, the "Complete" kanji will disappear and can only be put back by
meeting his brother.
  However, the game considers the mission over, since you've already gotten a
"Complete" mark.  Kawachi's brother won't appear.
  The upshot?  You won't be able to complete all the missions, which will make
the hidden boss not appear.  You won't be able to collect the bonus weapon given
for completing all missions and you won't get a Heat Action, so you won't be
able to get the bonus for performing all 96 Heat Actions.

6f.  Trivia

--Some of the areas in the game exist in reality; some do not.  There is a
 Kamuro District, but it's not in Tokyo; it's in Gifu, way off to the south-
 east.  There is a Shinsei District, but it's not in Osaka; it's way up north
 in the island of Hokkaido.
   This is rather strange because the Tsuutenkaku Tower does exist, and it's
 located in Osaka.  Again, it's not in Shinsei.  It's in East Ebisu, in an
 area called "Shinsekai"--hence, the name that kinda sounds like it, Shinsei.
   The Millennium Tower, however, does not exist.  There were designs to build
 a skyscraper much bigger than anything already out there in Tokyo with this
 name, but they plans were never realised.
   The real-life basis for the Kamuro District is actually the Kabuki District,
 which is famous for its night life and yakuza (though it has reportedly been
 cleaned up).
   The real-life basis for the Soutenbori area is the Doutonbori area of Osaka.

--Many of the stores and brand names are real in Ryuu ga Gotoku.  For instance,
 Suntory really exists, and does put out many of the drinks available in the
 The store Don Quijote is real, too, and apparently really has that theme song
 you hear!  Just for fun, here are the lyrics:

    Don Quijote Boogie Woogie
  Omoidattara itsu datte  Don Kiho-te de machiawase
    "Whenever you think of it, let's meet at Don Quijote"
  Dokan! to afureru yume wo kaimashou
    "and buy some dreams that'll fill us up 'til we burst!"
  Kibun wa takarasagashi da ne
    "It feels just like a treasure hunt!"

  Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Boryu-mu manten, gekiyasu janguru! (Janguru da!)
    "It's a fully stocked, super-cheap jungle!  (It's a jungle!)"
  Don!  Don!  Don!  don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Nandemo sorotte benri na omise, Don Kiho-te!
    "The convenient shop where you can get anything, Don Quijote!"

  (Don!  Don!  Don, Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-!)x2
    "(Don!  Don!  Don Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui!)"x2

  Hayaimono kachi paradaisu  Don Ki meguri wa kuse ni naru
    "It's a paradise where the early bird gets the worm!  It'll become a habit,
      browsing Don Quijote!"
  Shoudouteki demo tokushita ne
    "It may be an impulse buy, but I saved a lot!"
  Kon'ya wa nani ga aru no ka na~?
    "What will we find there tonight...?"

  Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Itsudemo mantan fushigi na janguru!  (Janguru da!)
    "You'll always get your fill at this mysterious jungle!  (It's a jungle!)"
  Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Mayonakasugitemo tanoshii omise, Don Kiho-te!
    "The store that's fun even past midnight, Don Quijote!"

  Hei, doku iku no? --Don Kiho-te iku no!
    "Hey, where're you goin'?  --Why, I'm going to Don Quijote!"
    "I knew it!"

  (Don Kiho-te...!  Don Kiho-te...!  Don Kiho-te...!)
    "(Don Quijote...!  Don Quijote...!  Don Quijote...!)"

  (Un!  Ha!  Un!  Ha!  Un, ha, ha~!)

  Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Boryu-mu manten, gekiyasu janguru! (Janguru da!)
    "It's a fully stocked, super-cheap jungle!  (It's a jungle!)"
  Don!  Don!  Don!  don Ki-, Don Kiho-te!
    "Don!  Don!  Don!  Don Qui-Don Quijote!"
  Nandemo sorotte benri na omise, Don Kiho-te!
    "The convenient shop where you can get anything, Don Quijote!"

 If you think those are silly, you should see the English language version's
 lyrics.  Actually, you can, if you check out my FAQ for Ryuu ga Gotoku 1--
 they used to include four different versions of the song.

--When I saw the spider~ o/~  Where I saw her do it~ o/~
 Oh, sorry.  That would be what it sounds like to me when I hear that Japanese
 guy utterly mangling English sounds in the opening song.  It's OK; don't get
 defensive, Japanophiles.  Japanese people just really love throwing English
 into the mix, and it doesn't always work out too great.
    If you really did want to know the lyrics, here are the official ones (with
 my snide comments in parantheses)

  "As a man,As a brother" <--(this is the actual way it is written in the liner
  When the boys enter the skeleton dome
  It has misstelling this world is gone <--("misstelling," huh?)
  In my basement falling land <--(what's in *your* basement falling land?)
  Its so much better to survive now ! <--(common Japanese spacing mistake)

  Disarray for smile
  xxxx xxx! x xxxx xxx x xxxxx
  x xxxx' xxxx xxxx <--(I guess even the band didn't know what they said?)

  Disable fail-safe
  xxx x xxxx'x xx xx!! xxxxxxx xxx
  xxx xxxxx! xxx xxxx xx

  When I so take my hand  <--(these are the lyrics you'll hear in the opening)
  Whether so hurt to mess
  It's always to me...
  always to me...

 Yeah, that's pretty bad.  I should note, however, that if I wrote a song in
 Japanese, it'd probably come out sounding like that.

--When you help the enka singer, he'll sing a song for you that he thinks will
 sell records again about Kamuro.  It's called something like "The Natural
 Beauty of Kamuro" ("Kamuro Setsugekka").  "Setsugekka" is a term from an 8th-
 century poem by Haku Kyoi that literally means "snow, moon, and flowers,"
 obviously referring to the beautiful sights of nature.

  "Kamuro Setsugekka"

  Nagareyuku / yoru no chou / ayashiku madowasete
  "Butterflies of the night / flying around / sinisterly leading people astray"
  Jouyoku mo / bouryoku mo / junrenka ni / aa / Kamurochou
  "Brimming with desire / violence / and songs of true love / ah! / Kamuro"

  Yasashiku yoru ni idakare / namida / hororihorori...
  "I'm embraced by gentle night / with tears / running down my cheeks"
  Maichiru yuki wa kazaru / hito de yogoreta machi de sae mo
  "Dancing, falling snow decorates / even these streets, sullied by mankind"

  Hana sakitemo / hana chirutomo / mabushii setsugekka
  "Flowers bloom, / flowers fall. / Dazzling beauty of snow, moon, and flowers"

--Ashita no Joe was an extremely popular television and manga series in Japan,
 complete with two movies that summarized the same story, a bunch of video
 games, and a whole mess of references in popular culture.  One of the earlier
 sports serieses, it focuses on an unruly youth who reluctantly undertakes
 boxing, urged by a messy, harsh teacher named Dampei, and learns many life
 lessons.  A tear-jerker, perhaps its greatest moment featured the death of
 Joe's greatest rival, Rikiishi, killed by their competitive nature (and by
 Joe's fist in his face).
   The signature move of this series was the "Cross Counter," a move in which
 you step into your opponent's heavy attack and throw out one of your own,
 pretty much sacrificing yourself and landing a blow at the same time.  The
 theory was that they were coming towards you with such velocity to throw their
 attack that your attack's impact would essentially carry the weight of their
 blow, too--just like a head-on collision.  It also set up the dramatic shot
 where both men have their fists in the others' face and you wondered for a
 moment who would fall!  Really a beautiful convention.
   Anyway, the final blow in the game is this Cross Counter.  Clearly, this was
 an homage to Ashita no Joe.

--If you haven't figured it out by now, the mysterious video handed to you in
 the mission "The Spirit Medium" ("Reibaishi") was an homage to "The Ring."  In
 the film and manga, there is a video circulating that apparently kills people
 one week after they view it.  The video shows a strange-looking, ghastly girl,
 similar to the one portrayed in the video in the mission.

--The final cabaret club girl, Nana, is modeled after (and voiced by) Natsume
 Nana, a moderately famous soft-core porn / glamour photography star.
 I should point out that although there is hard-core porn in Japan, uncensored
 hard-core is still too taboo (some say it's illegal, but I'm fairly certain
 it isn't anymore), so being a soft-core porn star is pretty much just being a
 porn star over there.  At least it usually involves less diseases and other
 such scary things.
 There are two more "adult video" stars in the cabaret club list--bringing the
 number to one porn star per shop.  In Shine, it's Matsushima Kaede, while
 Jewel has Asami Yuma.

--The final entrant you can face in the Underground Arena is Yamaoka Akira.
 Yamaoka Akira is a character in the Grappler Baki series who is some kind of
 yakuza boss and wears a very similar outfit.  However, like all other Grappler
 Baki characters, he's real burly.  The guy in this game is real lanky, almost
 like a Lupin III character.  The guy in the game also curiously has a mustache
 like Kazama Shintarou.

6g.  Trophies

Naturally, these are for the PS3 HD remake.  It's great that lots of sites post
this information, but it's not so great that they list them translated alpha-
betically.  Why?  Because if there are locked ones--especially if they are
secret trophies--you might not be able to tell from the actual Trophies menu on
the PS3 which ones you are missing.
  Anyway, here is my list.  I'll try and explain ones that are a little weird,
and try to give hints for ones that seem difficult.

    - Get all other Trophies.
  DEFEAT BOSS 01 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 1
  DEFEAT BOSS 02 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 3
  DEFEAT BOSS 03 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 5 (in the Arena)
  DEFEAT BOSS 04 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 8 (in the Millennium Tower's basement)
  DEFEAT BOSS 05 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 9 (in the Toujou Headquarters)
  DEFEAT BOSS 06 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss in Chapter 12
  DEFEAT BOSS 07 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the first appearance of the boss in Chapter 16
  DEFEAT BOSS 08 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the boss at the top of Kamuro Hills in Chapter 16
  DEFEAT BOSS 09 (Bronze)
    - Defeat the final bos
    - Beat the game on any difficulty
    - Beat the game on EX-Hard
  4 SUBSTORIES (Bronze)
    - Complete 4 Side Missions
  40 SUBSTORIES (Bronze)
    - Complete 40 Side Missions
  80 SUBSTORIES (Silver)
    - Complete 80 Side Missions
  MR. HOST! (Bronze)
    - Complete the side mission "Host Club Adam"
    - Complete the side mission "Managing the Cabaret Club 'Marietta'"
    - Defeat the Amon clan
    - Clear the tutorial
    - Defeat 100 enemies
    - Defeat 3 enemies with one attack
    - Defeat 25 enemies in a row without getting hit (easiest done when Sayama
      and Kiryuu are trying to get into the Amano building and you have to
      fight 16-Bit in the empty space across from the Millennium Tower.  Save
      and retry if you fail)
    - Defeat an Encounter Boss
    - Win a tournament in the Arena
    - Win all tournaments in the Areana
    - Get Mind, Skill, and Body all to Lv.10
    - Finish battles with Heat Actions 50 times
    - Throw an enemy into the Soutenbori River (Heat Action)
  DESTROYER (Bronze)
    - Destroy 100 weapons (use them up--remember, throwing them takes 1 use off)
    - Learn 20 skills acquired outside of leveling up
    - Learn all Komaki techniques
    - Order at least once in each and every restaurant in Kamuro (including
      bars such as Bantam)
    - Order at least once in each and every restaurant in Soutenbori (including
      the bar, Stijl)
    - Open at least 5 Kantou Coin Lockers
    - Open at least 5 Kansai Coin Lockers
    - Avoid random enemies on the map at least 15 times
    - Have over 10,000,000 yen on you at one time
  BALLGAMER (Bronze)
    - Play Bowling, Baseball, and Bowling 3 times each
    - Play Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Even-Odds (Chouhan) once each
    - Knock 50 people down by running into them
    - Play UFO Catcher and YF6 3 times each
  BRAINY TYPE! (Bronze)
    - Play Shogi and Mahjong once each
  PEEPING TYPE! (Bronze)
    - Visit the sexy dance club, Asia, and use the private video room once
    - Get total winnings at the Casino (using Baccarat, Roulette, and/or
      Blackjack) of 10,000 chips
  PRO GAMER (Bronze)
    - Win the YF6 Tournament and get 20 dolls from the UFO Catcher
    - Get a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Bowling
  HOLE IN ONE! (Bronze)
    - Get a hole-in-one at the Driving Range
    - Complete a Cabaret Club Girl's mission
    - Complete all 10 Cabaret Club Girls' missions
    - Max out your manly attractiveness (wear the Gift Suit, Sexy-Man Bracelet,
      and Charisma Ring all at once)


I know, I know...this is really an appendix and should be in that section, but,
it just seems to fit more at the end.

ACALA:  This is a Buddhist deity, sometimes called the ruler of fire.  He pro-
  tects the world from demons, principally, and is usually shown looking very
  fierce and holding a sword and a rope.
  In Japan, he is known as "Fudou," because "Fudou" means something like "un-
  bending; obsinate; lit. 'not moving'."  That's a close translation from the
  He is most often called by his title, "Myou'ou," which literally means some-
  thing like "king of clarity," but is used to mean something like "Divine
  Coincidentally, that "Myou" is also read "Akira," and can be a person's name.
  One of the most popular anime/manga serieses from Japan was called Devilman
  and featured a man named Fudou Akira, who is killed and/or possessed (the
  story has been 'reconned' and changed a few times) by the demon Amon.
  Could Nagoshi be a Devilman fan...?
  Yeah; I'm pretty sure he is.
ANIKI:  A term used by younger males to older ones who they esteem and whom
  they consider a mentor or protector.  Literally, it means something like
  "older brother whom I hold in high esteem," or something else hard to
  translate.  Yakuza typically use this term in movies and such.  In very
  familiar circles, they'll also just say "Niisan" or "Niichan," a term also
  used by children to older males, but it isn't as respectful as "Aniki."
AVALOKITESVARA:  This is the Bodhisattva of Compassion in Buddhism.  His name
  literally means "He who observes the sounds of the world."  In other words,
  this is the one to pray to when you're desperate or sad.
  Avalokitesvara is most often worshipped as a female diety outside India,
  known in China as "Guan Yin" (short for "Guan Shih Yin"), Kannon (short for
  "Kanseon") in Japan, and Guaneum or Guanse'eum in Korean.
  The origin of th female Avalokitesvara is a little fuzzy, but most point to a
  legend about a princess whose wicked father was mean to her and tried to force
  her to marry.  She later had to give up her eyes to save her father when he
  was very ill, and so he regretted being so mean to someone who would give so
  much to him.  Other accounts have her being whisked away by tigers and by
  Ksitagarbha to become a goddess-like figure in the heavens.
BAI LING:  This is a mushroom from China, with the Cantonese name "Baak Ling"
  and the Japanese names "Bairingu," "Hakureitake," and "Agitake."  It report-
  edly has many medicinal purposes, and is supposed to taste good, but I can't
  verify.  I believe it's fairly expensive.  Coincidentally, the fighting in-
  structor for the Se Waa, a Chinese triad operating in Kamuro in the game, is
  Master Bai Ling--or, Master White Lotus.  You'll meet that colorful character
  if you do the side mission "Meet Master White Lotus."
BENTOU:  A Japanese-style boxed lunch.  They were sold at railway stations, so
  that travelers could just take them quickly and go.
BILLIKEN:  This is a character revered in Japan, especially in Osaka, as some
  sort of "good luck god."  In the early 20th century, an American company
  copyrighted the image of a character designed by a woman who supposedly saw
  him in a dream.  This character had a tuft of hair on his head, big feet,
  and sported a great smile.
  The idea was that you should just smile and not let the world make you worry.
  There was a self-help-like movement in the United States at that time that
  emphasized the power of positive thought.
  In Japan, statues of this "Billiken" character showed up here and there, even
  making their way into shrines.  Apparently, the idea then was to Westernize
  as much as possible, and so Billiken's care-free attitude was thought to bring
  good luck.
  This practice was banned at one time, but Billiken remained strong in Osaka.
  The one in the Tsuutenkaku is particularly famous.  It's said that if you go
  and pray to him or rub his giant feet, your wishes will come true.
BOKUTOU:  From the Sino-Japanese ("on'youmi") readings of the words "wood" and
  "sword," this word refers to a wooden practice sword.
BULGOGI:  Also spelled "purgogi," this means "beef" in Korean, but refers
  most often to a special, marinated, thinly-sliced beef that is barbecued.
CHAA SIU:  Chinese barbequed pork, usually a bit sweet and succulent.
  -->  CHAA SIU MIN:  Ramen with Chinese barbequed pork inside (yum).
CABARET CLUB:  Called "Kyabakura" for short (from "kyabare kurabu"), these are
  mostly adult-entertainment-themed bars where guests can be sat with a young
  woman employed by the bar for company.  These aren't whorehouses; the women
  working these places are usually there to provide a similar service to that
  geisha provided in a more traditional sense; they make conversation and
  generally make the customer comfortable so that he'll order more food and
  (especially) more drinks.
  Just like escort services, while the guest is with the employee, there isn't
  to be sex going on.  There are many stories of guests getting together with
  the employees after business hours or forming relationships with them; this
  isn't entirely out of the question.  However, just like with most in the sex
  entertainment trade, it's just business and not anything really serious.
  --> CABARET CLUB GIRL ("Kyabakurajou")  A hostess employed by a cabaret club.
CHENG LUNG (or "Qing Long" or "Shouryuu" or "Seiryuu"):  One of the four
  divine beasts (each guards a direction).  This is the Blue Dragon, who
  protects the East.
  --> CHENG LUNG DOU (or "Qing Long Dao" or "Shouryuutou" or "Seiryuutou"):  a
  sword bearing the Cheng Lung name.
CHOUHAN:  An old gambling game in Japan, where a dealer rolls two dice and the
  players bet on whether it will be "chou" (even) or "han" (odd).  You'll see
  this in many samurai flicks such as the Zatou'ichi films starring Katsu
DESHI:  Pupil; apprentice; disciple; etc.  Basically, a student, taken under
  the wing of a mentor.
DHARMA:  A monk said to have entered China and given groundwork for "Chan" or
  "Zen" Buddhism.  There are many strange tales of his life, including the one
  where he was meditating so much that his arms and legs fell off, and then was
  found in his cave by two men.  These men are said to have struck and killed
  the monk, who fell down and said, "Thank you!" before he died--because that
  action "awakened" him; made him attain Nirvana; what-have-you.
  -->  DHARMA STATUE:  This is a common item in Japan.  The idea is that you
  buy one for your business and paint one of his eyes on, then the other when
  you have some great luck happen.  Basically, it's there to wish prosperity
  upon your business.  It's round, red, and has the Dharma's face painted on
DOSU:  This is a Japanese word, referring to specifically one of those knives
  used primarily by sushi chefs that look like thin French vegetable knives and
  are usually quite sharp and expensive.  The word also more broadly can be
  used to just mean "knife."
ENCOUNTER BOSSES:  Called "Encount Bosses" in Japan, these are certain hidden,
  boss-like characters who appear after a certain number of random encounters
  (hence the name) have been fought in a certain area.
ENKA:  This is a type of music in Japan.  Literally, the word means "performance
  song."  These are very similar to easy listening or pop vocal ballads, and
  aren't popular with the young crowd these days.  I like them, but all Japanese
  people have always said I'm like an old man.
FUDOU or FUDOU MYOU'OU --> see "Acala"
FUGU:  A pufferfish.  A particular variety is famously eaten in Japan, although
  people reportedly die every now and then from its venom.  The trick is to
  slice the fish so that none of the bile of the liver is released (and to
  discard said liver).  A tiny amount of the venomous body part is often added
  to the meat to provide a "buzz."
FUNDOSHI:  Sometimes called a "Japanese loincloth," this is a piece of cloth
  that is wrapped around the hips and groin, worn as underwear.  Though still
  very popular in the '40s and '50s, this garment has its roots way back in
  the days of the Heian aristocracy, perhaps earlier.  A favorite of the
  warrior class, this is a very manly, "tough guy" thing to wear.  In fact,
  the Chinese character used (tho' it holds a different meaning in Chinese,
  actually) has the symbol for "clothes" on the left and the symbol for "army"
  on the right.
GOKU:  This is a Chinese character (pronounced "gik" or "ji" in Chinese) that
  means "extreme."  In Japanese, it can also be read "kiwameru" and means "to
  master."  In the game, the kanji will flash in red with the word "Special"
  attached to it to tell you when you can perform a Heat Action.
  --> "GOKU" ATTACK:  Because of the "goku" kanji, I sometimes call the Heat
  Action moves "Goku" attacks. (see "Heat Action")  The "goku" in this instance
  probably stands for "Gokudou," a poetic word for "yakuza."
GOKUDOU:  A more poetic word for "yakuza."  It literally means "the extreme
GUAN YIN:  --> see "Avalokitesvara"
GUMBAI:  Literally "army fan," this is a traditional object used by strategists
  and commanders to lead armies around.  Usually fine, lacquered wood, they
  sport a guitar-like "pear" shape, are flat, and bear symbols and insignias for
  their particular lord.
  These are also wielded by gyouji, judges of sumo tournaments.
HARITI:  A Buddhist deity called upon to protect children.  In the game, she is
  refered to by the name "Kishimojin."  This is the translation of her name into
  Sino-Japanese, meaning something like "Ogre-Child Mother Goddess."
HEAT ACTION:  A special attack you can perform when in "Heat Mode" (when your
  Heat Gauge is full).  The official name seems to be "Heat Action" sometimes,
  but the word "Special" appears in the upper right-hand corner with the kanji
  "goku" when you can perform the action, so there seem to be different names
  that can be associated with these moves.
HEAT GAUGE:  This is thin, light blue gauge that appears below your Life Gauge
  and tells you when you can enter Heat Mode and perform Heat Actions.
HEAT MODE:  Your Heat Gauge is divided into two segments, at first.  When it
  builds up to or beyond the break between the segments, you have entered Heat
  Mode.  In this mode, Heat Actions will be available and any conditions that
  have been gained through character build-up will apply such as resistance to
  being knocked down, extra damage, and improved guard.
  Each time you improve your Heat Gauge, you will add one more segment to the
  end.  Once the meter falls below that second segment and back to that long,
  first part, you are no longer in Heat Mode.
HORUMON-YAKI or HORMONE-YAKI or HOURUMON-YAKI:  There were some poor times in
  Japan, especially during World War II.  During that time, a kind of food
  became popular in the Kinki region involving grilling the parts of an animal,
  typically beef, that would normally be discarded.
  In Kinki dialect, the part of a butchered animal that was thrown away was
  called "hourumon."  The Kinki dialect also has a tendency to shorten long
  vowels, so it was sometimes pronounced "horumon."
  The parts are generally the animal's organs, and eating them was said to
  increase one's endurance.  Because of this, the name "horumon-yaki" actually
  became a pun with the word "hormone" (pronounced "horumon" in Japanese).
  Many visitors to the Kinki area have the same reaction to this food as the
  girl in Shinsei standing to the northwest of the acupuncturist.  It's just
  one of those regional cuisines most people have to have been familiar with
  as they grew up to enjoy.
HOST CLUB:  This is the companion to the Cabaret Clubs; a place, usually ass-
  ociated with "adult," sexual entertainment, where men are employed to show
  guests a good time by keeping conversation moving--and encouraging them to
  buy more liquor and food, of course.
  --> HOST:  In this instance, an employee of a host club.
IEMON:  A brand of tea put out by Suntory in Japan.
JAPCHAE:  A thin noodle in Korean cuisine that's served most often chilled,
  fried and mixed with vegetables and soy sauce.  Sometimes, you'll find it
  spelled "chapchae" or "chapche," but I'd romanize it "japchae."
JIZOU:  --> see "Ksitigarbha"
KALBI:  Also spelled "karbi" or "garbi," this is Korean barbecued, marinated
  spare ribs.  Usually, they're beef, but there are also other varieties (most
  notably pork).  I'd romanize the word "galbi."
KANJI:  The Japanese had no writing system early on, and in the 600s or so,
  along with Buddhism and such things, the Chinese writings were imported to
  the islands.  Like nearly all other East Asian countries, Chinese was the
  only way to write for a long time.  This was in the Han dynasty, so the
  characters used are called "hanzi" in Mandarin Chinese, meaning "characters
  from the Han era."  In Japanese, the characters "han" and "zi" are pro-
  nounced "kan" and "ji" (hence the word "kanji").
  Unfortunately, the Japanese language actually is nothing like Chinese; it
  belongs to a family more like Mongolian and Korean and Turkish.  So, the
  Japanese had to adopt ways of reading the Chinese script in their own
  language, called "kanbun" ("literature in Han-era characters") and "kundoku"
  ("practical reading").  The text was annotated with markers and with certain
  "helper" characters to know how to pronounce the characters and conjugate
  the nouns, based largely on shorthand versions of the characters themselves.
  This is a pretty much where the syllabaries for the Japanese writing system
  (katakana and hiragana) came from, too.
  There are two ways to pronounce these characters:  one that mimics the Han-
  era pronounciation from China, for phonetic purposes, and one that gives the
  Japanese word that corresponds to the meaning of the character.  These are
  called "on'yomi" ("sound reading") and "kun'yomi" ("practical reading")
  This is what most Westerners find frustrating about learning Japanese, but I
  think it's one of the most interesting things about the language, to be
KANNON:  --> see "Avalokitesvara"
KANSAI:  This means "the western checkpoint" or "west of the gate" or "west of
  the divide," literally.  In the days before the samurai were the ruling class
  of Japan (eras like the Heian; before the warring states periods or the
  shogunate), the emperor was the most powerful person, and so were his court-
  These people resided primarily in Kyoto (also spelled "Kyouto").  The "Kyou"
  in both "Kyouto" and "Toukyou" (Tokyo) means "capital."
  When the shogunate rose to power, the center of power was really found in Edo,
  which is now Tokyo.
  So, these two major seats of power are often portrayed as competing with each
  other.  The culture of the western area of Kyoto and the like is considered
  very different from that of the eastern area (Tokyo).  These two areas and
  their cultures are most often referred to as "Kansai" and "Kantou," respec-
KANTOU:  --> see "Kansai"
KASHIRA:  Literally "head."  In this game, it's used as the head of a group,
  such as yakuza.
KATANA:  The sword wielded in Edo and Heian period Japan, supposed preferred
  weapon of the warrior ("samurai") class (tho it was really the spear).  This
  word also is used in a more broad sense to simply mean "sword."
KIMCHEE:  Also sometimes spelled "kimchi" or "gimchi," this is a spicy, pickled
  side dish in Korean cooking that is quite essential and used mostly
  as seasoning.  It's usually cabbage, but sometimes, there are a few other
  things in there.  I can verify first-hand that Koreans really do eat this a
  lot; my fiance'e actually feels kinda bad if she doesn't have this and rice
  at least once a day.  I'd romanize the word "gimchi."
KISHIMOJIN:  see "Hariti."
KODACHI:  Often called the "Japanese short sword," this is the smaller,
  companion piece to the katana.
KOGAL:  A female Japanese High School girl ("koukousei" means "high school
  student;" "gal" is "gal"--written "gyaru" in Japanese transliteration).
  This is a fairly derogatory term meaning a girl obsessed with fashion and a
  flashy, bratty lifestyle.  Many of the kogal engage in taking money from
  (usually) older guys to go out with them.  It's often quite innocent; the man
  will just pay for a high-school aged girl to hang out and talk with, but, as
  you could imagine, it's pretty much for sexual services.  Saya, Date's
  daughter, seems to be doing this sort of thing--and some downright porno-
  graphic stuff, too.
KOI:  Usually called a Japanese carp, this is a big fish that has many different
  color variations and can be quite expensive.  It's usually used in decorative
  ponds.  Don't confuse this term with "koi" (different Chinese character, of
  course) meaning "(sexual) love" or the other common one, "koi" (another
  character), the command form of "kuru" ("to come").
KSITIGARBHA:  One of the Buddhist deities imported to Japan from India (via
  China), Ksitigarbha is the faithful defender of the sutras and of Buddhism.
  In some legends, he is said to have been a faithful companion to the princess
  now revered as Guan Yin or Kan'non or Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of
  compassion.  He knew he was not as pure as this woman, but yet he devoted
  himself to her and now appears as a deity to protect her (and Buddhism in
  In Japan, he is known as Jizou, and is usually depicted as a monk.  He is the
  protector of the Buddhist faith and also of children and of travelers, because
  it is said that he finds children who have not yet heard the sutras in the
  Sanzu Riverbed and hides them in his clothes so that he can read the sutras
  to them and guide them secretly across to salvation.
KUMI:  Literally, a group.  This can be used as divisions of organizations--
  for instance, in the Toujoukai yakuza alliance in the game.
KUMICHOU:  The head of a group ("kumi") of yakuza.
KYABAKURA --> see "cabaret club."
LEMON SQUASH:  Lemonade with soda water and sweetener.
LIFE GAUGE:  When this runs out, you're dead.  This is the big orange bar in
  the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  When it gets low, it'll start to
  flash red and will change the gameplay slightly depending on how you've built
  up your main character.
LOVE HOTEL:  The Japanese coined this term, meaning specifically a hotel where
  the rooms are rented by the hour and generally have "romantic" themes.
MAHJONG:  Sometimes spelled "Mah Jongg," this is a game involving tiles that
  was brought to Japan from China.  In Mandarin, it's called "maxiang," and in
  Cantonese, it's called "maajeung."
MAKUNO'UCHI:  The highest "tier" of sumo wrestling.
ODEN:  A soup in a light broth with bonito flavoring, containing warm and
  rather bland materials such as boiled eggs and fish cake.
ONI:  A warlike, thick-headed, thick-skinned creature of Japanese lore, often
  translated as "ogre" or "devil" or "demon."  The kanji used for "oni" means
  something like "an evil ghost," so it's often used as "demon," but I shy away
  from this translation as it evokes a Christian feeling.
ONIGIRI:  Rice balls; "sticky" or "sushi" rice and vinegar are formed around
  a filling (usually meat), topped sometimes with roasted sesame seeds and
OYABUN --> see "oyakata"
OYAKATA:  "Oya" means "parent."  "Kata" is a polite word for "person."  This
  term can specifically mean someone who has taken you in and mentored you or
  someone who is the boss of your organization (such as the yakuza).
PACHINKO SLOT:  Slot machines.  These dispense medals which can be redeemed for
  items (rather than money to avoid being technically called "gambling").  It's
  rumored that many parlors that sell goods this way also have areas nearby
  where one can sell these (like pawn shops) under their thumbs, so it's simply
  a formality and it really is gambling.  This, of course, is illegal.
PATCHINKO SLOT --> see "Pachinko slot" (alternate, u.k. spelling)
RAMEN:  Noodles prepared by pulling the dough over and over into thin ropes.
  The Chinese name is "laai min" in Cantonese and "la mian" in Mandarin.
SAI NO KAWARA:  This is the river bed where the Sanzukawa is located, a sort of
  limbo area where souls try to cross into the next world from this one.
SAKE:  Japanese rice wine--it's "sah-keh," not "sah-kee."
SALARYMAN:  As you might expect, a man who collects a salary.  An oft-used
  word in Japan that means simply a businessman.
SANZUKAWA or SANZU RIVER:  This is a river in some Japanese Buddhist teachings
  that people must cross to get to the other world when they die.  You must
  divest yourself of your worldly attachments, called karma, to pass the
  various creatures that stand guard there.  In a traditional Japanese Buddhist
  funeral, six coins are placed on your coffin to pay your fare, much like how
  in old Greek circles obuli (small coins) were placed on the dead's eyes so
  they could pay the ferryman, Charon, to cross the River Styx.  It's slightly
  different from the River Styx, but has similar connotations.
SARASHI:  A bolt of cloth (almost always white) that was used as a sort of sash
  in the Edo period by men, worn around their waist beneath the coat of their
  kimono.  Yakuza and other tough guys are often shown wearing this as it makes
  one look very manly.
SHIFT MOTION:  Holding down R1, you can keep Kiryuu looking in the same
  direction and locking onto the nearest enemy (unless said enemy sidesteps and
  gets away from you).
SHOGI:  Actually "shougi," but commonly written "shogi," this is a form of
  chess brought to Japan from China.  Chess is said to have originated in
  India, and inspired many forms.  Hence, Shogi is sometimes called "Japanese
SNACK:  Though it means, of course, a small bit of food to eat to English
  speakers, the Japanese use this word exclusively to describe snack bars, which
  are smaller bars with a food counter.
SOAPLAND:  This is a form of brothel.  Supposedly a bath-house, like a Turkish
  Bath, there are employees of the establishment who generally will get naked
  and bathe the customers--usually with their own bodies.  Always semi-legal,
  there is almost always actual sexual activity in these places and the workers
  (almost always women) are pretty much prostitutes.  Apparently, law in Japan
  has always had trouble defining what sex acts are illegal to accept payment
  for, and so, suffice it to say, there are naughty things afoot here and the
  soaplands are always controversial.
SUPER ATTACK or SUPER MOVE or SUPER:  see "Heat Action."
SWAY:  In this instance, swaying means to dodge out of the way of attacks.
  You do this by hitting "X" while moving around in "Shift Motion."
TSUUTENKAKU:  Sometimes romanized "Tsutenkaku," this is a famous tower in Osaka
  that has been called "the Japanese Eiffel Tower."  Its name means "tower
  piercing into Heaven," an obvious reference to the Tower of Babel.
WAN TAN:  From the Cantonese meaning "cloud puffs," these are dumplings with
  thin skins usually filled with pork and vegetables, usually boiled in soup
  but also fried.
  -->  WAN TAN MIN:  Ramen with wan tan.
YAKISOBA:  Stir-fried soba (buckwheat noodles), usually in a thick, dark sauce
  of black beans and soy, usually with thinly-sliced vegetables.
YAKUZA:  Gangsters of Japan with a long-established history, which ranged from
  like an underground gang of people protecting villagers during the feudal
  era to their current state--mostly just thugs who demand protection money and
  such.  They have their hands in a lot of businesses in Japan.
  The name comes from a losing roll of dice in their 3-die games like "Chinchi-
  rorin" (sometimes called "Cee-lo" in the U.S. because of a Chinese version).
  8-9-3 is a losing hand that's basically crap (like in craps!).  They were
  kinda seen as wasted lives--in fact, this term used to be used to refer to
  them in the older days because they were known to just be sitting around,
  gambling all the time.  Just turns out that a way to read "8" is "ya," a way
  to read "9" is "ku," and a way to read "3" is "za" (really a corrupted form
  of "san").
  However, the image of the yakuza is greatly romanticised, just like cowboys,
  pirates, samurai, knights, and mafia men.  In reality, most yakuza groups are
  now more involved in legitimate activities than anything else, and the ones
  you'll find running shakedowns and such are probably more like a common thief
  than anything else.
  This game takes place in a reality that is just basically the silver-screen
  yakuza, which is, of course, pretty romantic and manly.

7b.  How to Pronounce Japanese

I know many people take Japanese now, and are used to hearing it from their
subtitled DVDs and such, but when I was growing up in America, there were many
people who couldn't say anything right ever.  "Ryuu" (the character from "Street
Fighter") became "RYE-you," and his famous "Shouryuuken" move became all sorts
of things--the "All You Can" is my favorite.
Anyway, enough ranting.  Japanese is a fairly monotone language filled with
polysyllabic words.  Here's how to pronounce the consonants:

"k" = "k" as in "kite."  The "k" sound is harshly aspirated in Japanese and
  sometimes sounds like a "t" to English speakers because of that.  In other
  words, a strong puff of air comes from the lungs when saying this often.
"g" = "g" as in "good."  This is a voiced "k."  Also,
    = "ng" as in "fang" when it comes in the middle of a word quite often,
  especially in the Tokyo area.
"s" = "s" as in "lapse."  The "s" in Japanese is a rather "hard" "s".  It's
  actually with the tongue pressed up closer to the roof of the mouth than in
    = "sh" as in "shape."  This occurs before the "i" and "y" sounds.
"z" = "dz" as in "gadzooks!"  The "d" is slight, so often it will sound just
  like an English "z;" a voiced "s."
    = "j" as in "jam."  This occurs before the "i" and "y" sounds.
"t" = "t" as in "top."  Actually, this "t" is not heavily aspirated, so it
  may sometimes sound like a "k" or a "d" to some English speakers.
    = "ch" as in "chopper."  Again, not seriously aspirated, this appears only
  before the "i" and "y" sounds.
    = "ts" as in "lets" before a "u."
"d" = "d" as in "don't."  A voiced "t."
"n" = ... This is difficult.  There are two different sounds written "n" in
  Romanised Japanese.
  "n" at the beginning of a syllable = "n" as in "not."
  "n" by itself is its own syllable; no vowel is needed.  This is a different
     "letter" in the Japanese writing system, and is similar to the French
     "n."  In other words, the tongue doesn't touch the roof of the mouth and
     a nasal sound is produced.
     Before "p," "b," and "m," the lips close and this sound comes out like
     an "m."
"h" = "h" as in "hat."  This is actually a "hard h;" the tongue is, again,
  raised up agains the roof of the mouth (farther back than the "s") and the
  air almost hisses out.
    = "f" as in....  Well, our "f" is just an approximation.  When the lips
  are pursed for "u," the air puffs out and sounds like an "f."  The lip should
  not touch the teeth, generally.  This occurs only before the "u" sound.
"b" = "b" as in "boy."
"p" = "p" as in "pad."
"m" = "m" as in "map."
"y" = "y" as in "you."  Not that this comes right after other consonants
  frequently and should be pronounced the same but with the other consonant
  attached to its front; NOT AS ANOTHER SYLLABLE.  For example, "kyuu" is
  not "KYE-you" or something like that; it's more like "Q" as in "the letter
"r" = ...  Well, unfortunately, this one's a bit tricky.  The tongue generally
  flaps against the raised ridge behind the front teeth on the roof of the mouth
  and sounds like the "tt" in "butter" in the middle of words, and comes fully
  in contact with them at the beginning of words to make more of a conventional
  "l" sound.
"w" = "w" as in "wane."

There are five vowels in Japanese writing:

"a" = "a" as in "father."
"i" = "ee" as in "feet."  After a "voiceless" consonant (p, k, etc), the "i"
  sound is muted; almost whispered with no voice.  To many, it sounds like it
  vanishes, but it doesn't completely.
"u" = "oo" as in "loop."  Just like "i," after voiceless consonants the "u"
  sound seems to vanish, but just gets quite muted and becomes almost voiceless.
"e" = "ay" as in "say," sorta.  It's kind of between there and the "e" in "bet."
"o" = "oh" as in "oh, man!"

Vowels are read each after the other (without the gutteral break in "uh-oh!").
This makes pseudo-diphthongs as such:

"ai" = "ah + ee."  Sounds similar to "eye."
"au" = "ah + ooh."  Sounds similar to "ow" as in "cow."
"ae" = "ah + eh."  No equivalent.
"ao" = "ah + oh."  No equivalent.

Also, vowels can be lengthened.  This means you say the vowel twice (again
without a break); making it last longer.  It doesn't mean there's some weird
other sound (such as the difference between long and short vowels in English).

Here is a list of the ways I will lengthen the vowels:

"aa" or "a-"
"ii" or "i-"
"uu" or "u-"
"ei" or "e-" or "ee"  Note that "ei" is sometimes pronounced as two "e" sounds
  and sometimes as an "e" + "i."  The difference is negligable and most Japanese
  people wouldn't distinguish it.
"ou" or "o-" or "oh" or "oo"  Again, "ou" is sometimes pronounced as two "o"
  sounds and someitmes as as "o" + "u."  The difference, again, is negligable.
  The reason for "oo" to show up is because of the way the word would be written
  in Japanese script, usually using the word "big" ("ookii" or "ooi" [rare, but
  used as a prefix often].)

In other words, it's not "GOW-key."  It's not "GOO-key."  It's "GO-key." (the
"Street Fighter" character Gouki, that is.)

Consonants can be lengthened, too.  This makes it sound like the word has
stopped and paused for a split second.  Hold your mouth in the position of
the consonant.  Sometimes it makes it sound a bit more stressed; like the
muscles were more tense than usual in the mouth.  This takes a bit of practice
sometimes.  Most consonants can do this, and they will be written twice.

Here is a listing of all the syllables that occur in modern Japanese:

a  ka  sa  ta  na  ha  ma  ya  ra  wa    ga  za  da  ba  pa  n(or "m")
i  ki  shi chi ni  hi  mi      ri        gi  ji  ji  bi  pi
u  ku  su  tsu nu  fu  mu  yu  ru        gu  zu  zu  bu  pu
e  ke  se  te  ne  he  me      re        ge  ze  de  be  pe
o  ko  so  to  no  ho  mo  yo  ro  wo*   go  zo  do  bo  po

   kya sha cha nya hya mya     rya       gya ja  ja  bya pya
   kyu shu chu nyu hyu myu     ryu       gyu ju  ju  byu pyu
   kyo sho cho nyo hyo myo     ryo       gyo jo  jo  byo pyo

*--This is really pronounced the same as "o" except by some pre-WWII people.
   It's listed here because it's usually used as a "particle word."

"Stressing" syllables should usually only occur with elongated vowels and
syllables starting with a stopped (doubled) consonant.  There are some words
that have clear "stress," but many words have none at all.

Lastly, note that I will use an apostrophe to separate sounds that I feel
need to be separated so you can pronounce them correctly.  This will probably
only occur with "n" sounds in the middle of words (that's the nasal, solitary
"n" that is its own syllable) and long vowel patterns.  For example, "Ma'ou"
should be pronounced "ma + oh (long)"--tho' I'll probably forget the apostrophe
sometimes in this instance.  "In'e" should be pronounced "i + n + e;" not "i +

7c.  How to Pronounce Korean

Korean is a bit harder to pronounce for most Westerners than Japanese is.  For
starters, most words aren't fairly monotonous like they are in Japanese--in
other words, they have accented syllables in Korean, while in Japanese, most
words seem to have a fairly flat tone.  As with most languages, the only way
to know how to accent words correctly is to hear someone say it properly.
  Korean is one of the first (if not the first) Asian countries to have a true
alphabet, said to have been invented by the Great King Sejong (Sejong Daewang).
The alphabet (usually called "han'geul" by Koreans, but also sometimes
"joseon'geul") is, like Japanese, written in syllables, but each syllable is
comprised of symbols that denote certain sounds (a consonant, a vowel, and
sometimes, a third consonant).  Hanja (the Korean name for Chinese characters
from the Han dynasty, called "kanji" in Japanese) are rarely used, so it's much
easier for Westerners to learn Korean script than Japanes.
  Here is how to pronounce the different consonants in Korean:

"g" = This is a little difficult for some.  At the beginning of a word or
  phrase, the "g" is actually a "k" sound, without aspiration (that "h" puff of
  air that comes out when an English speaker says a "k").  The muscles of the
  throat, tongue, and palet should remain fairly relaxed when pronouncing it.
  In the middle of a word, it's a voiced "k" just like in English.
"n" = Very similar to the "n" in English.
"d" = This is another sound some find difficult.  At the beginning of a word or
  phrase, this is actually a "t" sound, without the aspiration (that "h" puff of
  air that comes out when an English speaker says a "t").  The muscles of the
  throat, tongue, and palet should remain fairly relaxed when pronouncing it.
  In the middle of a word, this should be a voiced "t" just like in English.
"r" = This sound never really sounds too much like an "r" from English.  In the
  middle of words, between vowels, this sound isn't too unlike the Japanese
  "r;" a flap of the tongue against the roof of the mouth near that ridge
  behind the front teeth.
"l" = Although written with the same jamo (character) as "r," this is the sound
  that comes at the end of a word or a syllable before a consonant.  Sometimes,
  it sounds to an English speaker more like an "l," and sometimes, it sounds
  more like an "r."  The tongue typically doesn't touch the roof of the mouth,
  and slips farther back some than the "r" sound.  It's close to where the
  "y" sound comes from, which is why it's sometimes even written as "l(y)."
"m" = Very similar to the "m" in English.
"b" = This is another difficult sound for some.  At the beginning of a word or
  phrase, it's actually a "p" without the aspiration (that "h" puff of air that
  comes out when an English speaker says a "p").  The muscles of the throat,
  tongue, and palet should remain fairly relaxed when pronouncing it.
  In the middle of a word, this should be a voiced "p" like in English.
"s" = A "soft" "s" sound, this sometimes sounds like a "z" to some people, and
  sometimes comes with a soft aspiration (that "h" puff of sound that comes out
  when English speakers say a "p" sound).  In other words, don't "hiss" out the
"sh" = This only occurs before the "i" and "y" sounds.  It's technically the
  same "sh" that occurs in Japanese (or, at least, very similar); it's actually
  on the pallet.  I won't get into too much detail about that here.
"ng" = Though many English speakers think of this as two sounds or a cluster,
  it is, in fact, one sound.  It's the same as the "ng" in "rang" or "doing."
"j" = This is another difficult sound for some.  At the beginning of a word or
  phrase, this is actually a "ch" sound minus the aspiration (that puff of air
  that comes out when an English speaker says "ch").  In the middle of a word,
  it's a voiced "ch" like in English.  The muscles of the throat and palet and
  tongue should remain fairly relaxed when pronouncing it.
"ch" = Though the muscles of the tongue and palet and throat should remain
  relaxed, a puff of air should follow this the same as it does in English.
"k" = Before a vowel, this sound should be a "k" followed by that puff of air
  found in English, but the muscles of the throat, palet, and tongue should be
  fairly relaxed.  At the end of a word or before a consonant, this is a
  "stopped" sound.  In other words, a "k" is said, but air is not released,
  like the second "c" in "cactus."
"t" = Before a vowel, this sound should be a "t" followed by that puff of air
  found in English, but the muscles of the throat, palet, and tongue should be
  fairly relaxed.  At the end of a word or before a consonant, this is a
  "stopped" sound.  In other words, a "t" is said, but air is not released,
  like the "t" in "patsy."
"p" = Before a vowel, this sound should be a "p" followed by that puff of air
  found in English, but the muscles of the throat, palet, and tongue should be
  fairly relaxed.  At the end of a word or before a consonant, this is a
  "stopped" sound.  In other words, a "p" is said, but air is not released,
  like the "p" in "knapsack."
"h" = Very similar to the "h" in Japanese, this is a "hard" "h" sound, found
  usually in the back of the throat.  Before an "i" sound, the "meat" of the
  tongue pushes up towards the front and top of the palet with the tip of the
  tongue lowering somewhat, and before the "o" or "u" sounds, the lips purse
  to give a whistled puff of air almost like an "f" sound.

Here are your typical vowels:

"a" = Almost like "aw" or the "ough" in "ought," this is your typical "ah"
  sound most other languages have for "a."
"oe" = This sound is difficult for non-native speakers.  Usually, you can get
  by with saying an "uh" like in "uh-oh."  It's actually said with a more open
  mouth and noted with a schwa oftentimes, and sometimes will sound almost like
  an "o" to English speakers.
"o" = "oh" as in "Oh!"  Actually, the lips are quite pursed to say this, almost
  like an "o" with an umlaut, if you know German.  Some speakers almost bring
  the lips completely closed and up against their teeth at times.
"u" = "oo" like "Ooh!"  Actually, the lips are quite pursed to say this, almost
  like an "u" with an unmplaut, if you know German.  Some speakers almost bring
  the lips completely closed and up against their teeth at times.
"eu" = This is another difficult sound for non-native speakers.  The tongue is
  placed forward in the mouth, almost near the front teeth, and the lips are
  held spread open.  Sometimes, people say you should do that "ewww" thing that
  Lucille Ball did in "I Love Lucy" to make this sound.  Some others suggest
  that it's close to the "i" in "it."
"i" = "ee" like in "Eek!"
"ae" = This is yet another hard vowel for most non-native speakers.  The tongue
  usually lies quite flat and rests near the bottom front of the mouth, and
  the sound that results is sometimes like the "e" in "pet" and sometimes a
  a little more like the "a" in "pat."  Actually, many Koreans can't hear the
  difference between these two sounds in English too well.
"e" = Like the "ay" in "pay," but perhaps a little more back in the mouth.

Here are the diphthongs:

"ya" = "y" + "a."
"yeo" = "y" + "eo."
"yo" = "y" + "o."
"yu" = "y" + "u."
"yae" = This is almost never used.  "y" + "ae."  Usually, when this character
  is written, a "ye" is read.
"ye" = "y" + "e."
"wa" = "w" + "a" (actually, "o" + "a", but we're splitting hairs)
"wae" = "w" + "ae" (actually, "o" + "ae")  Some native speakers pronounce this
  the same as "ae."
"weo" = "w" + "eo." (actually, "u" + "eo")
"we" = "w" + "e."  (actually, "u" + "e")
"wi" = "w" + "i"
"eui" = "eu" + "i."  This is written, but pronounced as "e" when it's used as
  a "particle" word that marks possessives or can be translated as "of."

There's another diphthong I'm leaving out that is "o" + "i" but pronounced
the same as "wae" by most speakers.  An older reading that is falling out of
practice is the same as "oe" in "Goethe."

Now, there's something about this language that makes English speakers a little
confused at times--the doubling of consonants.  You may have already noticed
that I said for most consonants that you want to relax the muscles in your
mouth to say it and leave your throat open.  This can actually produce the
so-called "raspy" or "throaty" voice Korean seems to have.
  But, there are also instances in which the first jamo of a syllable is
doubled, making the syllable "stressed."  Although it does convey the same
idea as stressing a syllable in traditional English grammar, a doubled
consonant is pronounced much more firmly with the muscles of the mouth and the
vowel of said syllable is usually said with a bit more closed of a throat.
  There are a few ways to say this for people who want to practice.  Usually,
they say to make the sound after an "s;" "gg" is a the "k" in "skirt," for
instance.  Another is to pretend like someone asked if the sound was different
and you were clarifying ("Did you say 'moe?'  --"No, I said *doe!*")
  These are not voiced sounds, and they lack aspiration.  They're just...said
more firmly.  Here is a list of the sounds that occur in modern Korean:


These doubled sounds and their syllables actually occur after a "stop" sound in
the middle of a word (not after a vowel or "nasal" sounds "m," "n," or "ng.")
In other words, "haksaeng" is actually pronounced "hakssaeng," but I won't
make that distinction, so you should remember it!
  Also, note that "ssi" is pronounced "si" by most Koreans; it doesn't become
"sh" like the "unstressed" version.  Having said that, I should note that there
are some Koreans who do pronounce it as a hard "sh" sound in that instance.
  There are actually more rules about how to pronounce certain sounds before
certain other sounds, such as "k" becoming "ng" before a nasal sound, but I'll
leave that out for now because it deals mostly with the actual han'geul itself.
It's useful to know what sounds can come where in a word, so it might do to
look up how to pronounce written Korean someday if you're interested.
  One final thing I should note is that I will write an apostrophe (') between
the "n" and a "g," if one should follow, to prevent confusion with the "ng"
sound.  I'll write one after the "ng" sound, should a vowel follow it.
  For example:  "han'geul" = "han" + "geul," not "hang" + "eul."
  "jung'ang" = "jung" + "ang," not "jun" + "gang."


I chose not to include these in the "Story Walkthrough" as there is an awful
lot involved to them, and as they are only part of the actual walkthrough.
  These cinemas can be viewed as many times as you'd like once you've cleared
the game from the Main Menu, under "Story Review."  All translations are mine,
so they will not match the official English translations--and they may be a bit

Yes, being gangsters and people shooting each other to death and such, there is
some swearing.  I removed swearing for the rest of the guide, but I feel the
only way to do the actual translations properly is to include it.  DO NOT READ
ANY FURTHER IF THIS OFFENDS YOU!  All apologies in advance.

Titles:  I will usually translate titles, but a few I will leave in context
  at times:
  - "-san" is often translated "Mr." or "Ms." or "Miss" or "Mrs." or what-have-
   you, but I will sometimes leave it as "-san."  It's a "neutral" form of
   addressing people that does not really put yourself below them.
  - "-chan" is a diminuitive way of addressing people, but not necessarily an
   insult; it can often be kind of affectionate.
  - "-oyassan" means "father."  Kiryuu uses this to address Kazama Shintarou,
   and it's an affectionate term for a father figure.
Swearing:  As I mentioned before, I will include swear words where I felt it
  appropriate.  At times, students of Japanese have complained to me that the
  official English translations inappropriately use these as they do not see an
  actual "dirty word" appear.  This is because "foul language" works differently
  in Japanese, and is often communicated through syntax.  Using language too
  familiar for the situation can often only be related through curse words, for
Dialect:  Dialect is very hard to convey as the parameters of the different
  cultural subsets that use dialects are different for different cultures,
  naturally.  For instance, many people translate Osakan dialect with either
  Southern United States dialect or with the Bronx or Brooklyn dialects of New
  York.  This is not entirely inappropriate, but it does carry with it some
  cultural context that is not a direct parallel.  The Osakan area is tradition-
  ally more "old school" or rural in sound at times, because that area of Japan
  was less "modernized" than metropolitan Tokyo.  Thus, it contains older lan-
  guage that can sound more "genteel" than some Tokyoite language.  However, it
  is not really so "rural."  The stereotype in Japanese culture is that the
  Tokyoite culture is more standoffish, and the Osakan area is more "friendly"
  and merchant-minded.  I'll probably not really do much with the dialects,
Character names:  I will usually list dialogue with the character's family name
  when available, though some characters call each other by their personal
  names.  This may look a bit awkward because when Sayama calls Kiryuu "Kazuma,"
  I'll still be listing his name as "KIRYUU:" for his lines.  Some characters,
  I will use their personal name such as Sayama Tamiyo (I'll just call her
  "TAMIYO:").  I will also change names as true identities are revealed.  For
  Korean names, I will use their personal names.  For instance, Murai is really
  Bak Hwejong, so I will use the name "HWEJONG:" for his dialogue.  I will make
  a note when names change.
"Gokudou" vs. "Yakuza":  These two words can be used to refer to the same type
  of Japanese organized crime syndicate member, but some characters seem to
  prefer one or the other and they carry different meanings.  "Gokudou" is a
  prouder, more romanticized word that means "one who follows the path of ex-
  tremes" (hence, all the "Extreme" move names and such).  "Yakuza" is a losing
  hand in a dice game; "craps" in the game craps.  It therefore carries negative
Korean language:  Simply put, this game was not written by people who speak
  Korean.  However, with the heavy involvement of the Jin'gweon Force in the
  plot, there are scenes with dialogue in Korean.  The audio of the dialogue is
  generally OK (though they say a few odd things people don't normally say), but
  the "Korean" subtitles provided in the game for those scenes are rife with
  errors--to the point of them often being meaningless gibberish.  I'll do my
  best to interpret, but...we'll see.

I will make translation notes in parentheses after the dialogue in question,
and I may use asterisks.

8a.  Chapter 1

8a-I.  Twenty-Some Years Ago...  A Winter's Day

Interior--a disco.  People dance.

Caption:  1980, the Kamuro District, Tokyo

KAWARA Jirou walks through club, out door, down alley, into door with gun drawn.

8a-II.  The First Gunshot

Kawara walks down hallway, hears gunshot, turns with gun drawn.  More shots.
He hides behind a pillar.

Enter man and KAZAMA Shintarou.  Kazama looks to Kawara, who hides, then fires
at the man, crawling on the ground.

MAN (in Korean):  Even if I die, my organization will stand...you can be sure of
(Korean subtitles:  ...so, you were mocking me.*  Even if I die, my organization
  will stand...you can be sure of it!)
(Japanese Subtitles:  ...you tricked us, huh?*  Know this:  even if I die, my
  organization will not be destroyed!)

(* NOTE:  Although the first part is in both Korean and Japanese subtitles, he
does not actually say this line.)

Exit Kazama.

MAN (gesturing):  S...save my...child....

Kawara runs upstairs.

8a-III.  Lives Saved

Kawara enters burning hallway, looks in doors until he finds a woman and child.

KAWARA (dropping gun):  Relax!  I'm not with them!

The woman shakes her head.

KAWARA:  Let's get out of here!  Give me the child!
WOMAN (in Korean):  We're going--don't come any closer!  This child's man is
(Korean and Japanese subtitles:  Don't come any closer!  I won't let you have
  this child!)

(NOTE:  The subtitles do not match the actual audio dialogue)

KAWARA:  Stop!!

WOMAN (in Korean):  Out of the way!  Let us die this way!
(Korean and Japanese subtitles:  Let go!  This is how we'll die!)

(NOTE:  The subtitles do not match the actual audio dialogue)

Kawara slaps her.

KAWARA:  I can't let that innocent child die!

She gives him the child and falls to the ground.

8a-IV.  An Older Man...  Hidden Feelings

Kawara sits in a room with records, checking his gun.

KAWARA:  "So, it's been twenty years since then...."

MAN (in Korean):  Even if I die, my organization will stand...you can be sure of
(Korean subtitles:  ...so, you were mocking me.*  Even if I die, my organization
  will stand...you can be sure of it!)
(Japanese Subtitles:  ...you tricked us, huh?*  Know this:  even if I die, my
  organization will not be destroyed!)

(* NOTE:  Although the first part is in both Korean and Japanese subtitles, he
does not actually say this line.)

Kawara pulls the trigger on his unloaded gun.

8a-V.  The Kamuro District--December, 2006

Sweeping crane shot of Tenkaichi in Kamuro, ending at Stardust.  YUUYA kicks a
man out the front door.

YUUYA:  ...come in here with your big mouths, causing all this ruckus....  Are
  we supposed to be scared by all that, huh?

Yuuya starts to walk away.

MAN (in Chinese accent):  Wait!

Yuuya turns to face them as the man's underling whispers in his ear.

YUUYA:  It's you guys, huh?  You're the Chinese punks going around, roughing up
  the neighbors' shops!
MAN:  Oh you know about us, huh?  Well then, there shouldn't be much discussion.
  Your shop's money--give it all to us.
YUUYA:  We got no money to just "give" to you.  If you wanna come take it by
  force, well, you'll have to get through me first!!
MAN:  What a brave Japanese man!

He attacks with a knife, but Yuuya sends him and his cohorts packing.

YUUYA:  I won't let you outsiders do as you please to my town!
HOST:  Way to go, boss!  That was great!

Yuuya picks up the man's knife.

YUUYA:  It's getting pretty dangerous these days....
HOST:  I got the feeling something big--like what happened last year--is coming,
  don't you?
YUUYA:  Boy, I sure hope not....  If only Kiryuu were here....

8a-VI.  An Unsettling Feeling Begins to Drift in the Air

Millennium Tower's office.  A man sits at a desk.  Behind him is a framed work
of calligraphy that reads:  "JIN'GI" ("Honor and Humanity").

Caption:  2nd-Generation Group Head of the Toujou Association's Secondary
  Division, the Kazama Group

A yakuza enters.

YAKUZA:  Boss!  There was reportedly a struggle in front of "Stardust."
KASHIWAGI:  Was it against people from the Kansai Region?
YAKUZA:  No--apparently, some foreign jerks.
YAKUZA:  Shall get some of our junior members to go check it out?
KASHIWAGI:  Leave it alone.
YAKUZA:  But, lately, there have been a lot of people coming around for some
  unknown reason--!
KASHIWAGI:  --I said, "leave it!"
YAKUZA:  ....  Yes, sir.
KASHIWAGI:  We don't know what could ignite the flames of this war we're on the
  edge of....
YAKUZA:  Are the Kansai guys really planning to advance on Kantou...?
KASHIWAGI:  One of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of the Oumi, Terada, has become
  our boss.  I'm sure the other side isn't taking it lightly.
    We're at the point where if we do any slight thing out of turn, they could
  use it as an excuse to have a war between East and West.  Tell the kiddies
  that they are strictly not to just screw around as they please.
YAKUZA:  Yes, sir!

The yakuza leaves and Kashiwagi walks to look out the window, smoking.

KASHIWAGI:  So should we just sit here waiting, or should we make our move...?
  Kiryuu...what would you do?

Pan down a few floors to another window.  A mysterious man is talking on the

MYSTERY MAN:  It's been over twenty years....  We've been waiting for this
VOICE ON PHONE:  I don't care about your past.  Let off those fireworks you
  set up with a great big "kaboom!" already.
MYSTERY MAN:  Hold your horses.  This is the hatred of our comrades killed in
  secrecy some twenty years ago....  We've been waiting.  We've waitd for this
  one moment for revenge all this time.
VOICE ON PHONE:  I don't care about that crap.  You talk too much.  Won't it be
  a mess if someone's listening in on us?
MYSTERY MAN:  Hmph.  No problem there.  I'm this town's pro at this stuff.  Even
  if someone listens in, they won't be able to touch us.
VOICE ON PHONE:  Whatever.  Let me tell you somethin':  I ain't one of your
  comrades.  Just turn the Kamuro District into a sea of fire.  We just share
  that one objective.  Once this is over, I don't know you from Adam, you got
MYSTERY MAN:  Yeah.  Well, you just wait and see.

He hangs up the phone.

MYSTERY MAN:  It won't be enough to turn the Kamuro District into a sea of fire.
  That alone won't put the souls of our comrades killed meaninglessly to

8a-VII.  Nightmares and Peace

KAZAMA:  Forgive me...Kazuma..the man who killed your real parents...it was
YUMI:  For just one night--for just one glance--I wanted to meet you again,
  Kazuma.  That dream...came true...
NISHIKIYAMA:  Think I'm gonna just let this ass do as he pleases...?  This
  last battle between us--I'm gonna settle things this time!
KIRYUU:  Stop!!  Nishiki, stop--!!  NISHIKI!!

Kiryuu wakes up, in bed.

KIRYUU:  Just a dream....

Haruka stands at his room's door with flowers.

HARUKA:  What's wrong?  Why are you making that scary face?
KIRYUU:  What--Haruka?  Where've you been?  What's with the flowers?
HARUKA:  You said we'd go visit their graves today, remember?
KIRYUU:  Ohh, that's right!
HARUKA:  Are you hungry, ojisan?*  I'll go make breakfast!
KIRYUU:  Alright, I'll come help you!
HARUKA:  No, it's OK--I've grown up a lot in this one year!
KIRYUU:  Heh.  Yeah, that's right!

(* NOTE:  Haruka always calls Kiryuu "ojisan," which is an affectionate term for
an older guy, like "Uncle" or something)

8a-VIII.  Crisis for the Toujou Association

A graveyard.  Black cars pull up, yakuza get out.  The last holds the door for
their boss.

Caption:  The Fifth Generation Chairman of the Toujou Association
  TERADA Yukio

TERADA:  I should go alone from here.
YAKUZA 1:  But, boss--!  What if those Kansai guys are hiding out to attack!
TERADA:  This is a place where souls rest in peace.  I'm sure they wouldn't do
  such an underhanded thing as spill blood here.
YAKUZA 1:  But--Boss Kashiwagi told us to protect you, and not let you out of
  our sight!
TERADA:  I'll go alone.  There's a guy I gotta have a one-on-one talk with here.

Terada leaves.

YAKUZA 1:  You guys--!  Get the usual "tools" ready in case!
YAKUZA 2, et al.:  Yes, sir!

They draw their knives and such.

Haruka kneels at her mother's grave.  Kiryuu is at Kazama's grave.

HARUKA:  Mother....  I've been doing the shopping and cooking...I've been living
  a fun life with Kiryuu, so don't worry!
KIRYUU:  Oyassan....  Why was I