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    Association Mode FAQ by snowraven101

    Version: .5 | Updated: 11/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --------------------------------Character Test---------------------------------
    Above text should be one line only. If not, check your settings. :D
                         . .......:~77..
                      ..  .:+=N$..  .. .
              . .. ....==7ZN..I.:...OOOZ.. ~OOO OOOOOOOOO?.    7OOOO.
              ......=?$$D8...?..7..?DDDDO..NDNI.DDDDNNDNDN8. .?DDNDD..
          .......~+$$$$O.....?.$$..NDDDDDO NND..DDD::~7DDN...=DDI8DD,.
          ... .+$$$$$Z~......?.....DDD.NDD,DND.NDDDDDDNDDD..DDND ,DDN
          ....=$$$$$OI.. ....IZ.$.=DND .DDDDD$ NDN....ODDN.8DDNDDNNDN
          ..:+$$$$$$8..    ..I~:$.DDN? ..NDDD..DDDDDDDNDD.ODDN....NDDD.. .
          ..+Z$$$$$$=.     ....................... ... ................
          .~$$$$$$$$+..    .:+????7?,...+???8...,+???IO.+????????????8.7..
          .I$$$$$$$$D.....~Z$$Z$Z$$$$$$.I$$$...~$$$D+.=Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$7.D .
          .+$$$$$$$$$D..=IZZOZ....IZ$$8~Z$$D.~Z$$D~............~?$$ZD ID..
          ..7$$$$$$$$$$Z..~7$$$ZDDD?...?$$$$DO$$Z$I.. ....~+$$$D~..,=$N...
          ...~Z$$$$$$$$Z=$$D,.........:Z$$8..,$$$$$:.. .~=$$$$8...~Z$D....
              ..+D$$$$ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.OOOO=....OOOOOO,IOOOOO?I$$$$D ..
              .. ..DZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$I?$?:...........,:+?=7$$$$$$D?.....
                    .. ..     ..:I8DDDD8OOO88DNN8O+..  .. .. .
                               .............      . .
                               .  ...... .......  . .
                                            _       _   _
    	       /\                      (_)     | | (_)
    	      /  \   ___ ___  ___   ___ _  __ _| |_ _  ___  _ __
                 / /\ \ / __/ __|/ _ \ / __| |/ _` | __| |/ _ \| '_ \
                / ____ \\__ \__ \ (_) | (__| | (_| | |_| | (_) | | | |
    	   /_/    \_\___/___/\___/ \___|_|\__,_|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|
                              __  __           _
                             |  \/  |         | |
                             | \  / | ___   __| | ___
                             | |\/| |/ _ \ / _` |/ _ \
                             | |  | | (_) | (_| |  __/
                             |_|  |_|\___/ \__,_|\___|
                                 ______      ____
                                |  ____/\   / __ \
                                | |__ /  \ | |  | |
                                |  __/ /\ \| |  | |
                                | | / ____ \ |__| |
                                |_|/_/    \_\___\_\
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    |NBA 2K7                   |
    |VERSION .5                |
    |COPYRIGHT © AMP 2006-2010 |
    |asoaringraven AT gmail.com|
    |AIM: int0x1cati0n         |
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    I. Boring Info
    Well I see you found yourself here to the NBA 2k7 guide. Aren't you cool?
    Anyway, here's how to navigate this totally awesome FAQ:
    For every section you see one of these things:
    |     TEXT HERE!   |
    |        IV.       |
    In the above example, TEXT HERE! is the name of the section you just came to,
    while IV. is the system you'll be using for quick navigation. If you happen
    to scroll down a bit, you'll come upon the Table of Contents. You'll see
    the QuickNav code on the left, and the name of the section on the right.
    Just hit Ctrl+F(Windows Users) and type in the QuickNav code, and voila!
    Pretty cool, huh? By the way, a line of hyphens(----) means the end of the
    section. We're finished with the boring lecture, you're free to go.
    |      Updates     |
    |        IA.       |
    Woo! First release baby! If you find any bugs or major problems, contact me.
    |   Version Info   |
    |        IB.       |
    Version .5 -- Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
    I added all the development drills, put some tips and fixed some typos
    and other things. I also added scouting, and added stuff to the menu
    Version .25 -- Sunday, November 5th, 2006
    I finished most of the general Association Stuff. V.25 is ready to send to
    Version 0.2 -- Saturday, November 4th, 2006
    I finished a great deal of the basic FAQ today.
    Version 0.15 -- Monday, October 16th, 2006
    Just started the FAQ, finished TOC.
    |   INTRODUCTION   |
    |        IC.       |
    Hi, welcome to the Association Mode FAQ for NBA 2k7. This guide is written for
    the XBOX version of the game, so small things on different consoles may vary.
    As far as I know the games are pretty much the same, but I wouldn't
    be surprised if something isn't a bit differnet. You can call me AMP or Amped.
    I'm known as  snowraven101 on the forums. Yeah, it's lame. I know.
    You can reach me AIM if you REALLY need to contact me immediatly for some
    reason or another. This is the first GameFAQs FAQ I've written/submitted.
    I've written FAQs for my own personal sites before, but this is the first time
    I've written one for this site. There will probably be a few mistakes, and
    I'm sure most of the  other writers out there could whip up a better FAQ than
    this. But guess what? I'm taking the initiatve to do it. SO GET OFF MY BACK.
    lol. You're probably wondering what this whole ordeal is for. This guide is
    coined as a Association Mode/Team Management FAQ. Enjoy it! =D
    Table of Contents
    I. Boring Info
    	IA. Updates
    	IB. Version Info
    	IC. Introduction
    II. Association
    	IIA. Association Options
          IIB. Using the calender
    	IIC. Association Menu
    		IIC1. General Manager
    		IIC2. Franchise Info
    		IIC3. Coaching
    		IIC4. 2k Sports HQ
    		IIC5. Features
    		IIC6. Options
    III. Cool Tricks
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    V. Legal/Disclaimer
    II. The Association.....
    Okay, for those wondering about what Association Mode is:
    Anybody here ever played a recent sports game? You probably have.
    Association Mode is;
    Madden's Franchise
    NCAA Football's Dynasty
    ESPN NFL's Franchise
    All of those modes are all the same basic concept. You take you're favorite
    team and lead them to glory. You control all the moves. You sign players, cut
    them, draft them and coach them. You are the "The Man" of the franchise, and
    everything rests in your hands. Meet expectations and be rewarded, if you
    don't, bad things will happen. *evil laugh*
    |Association Options|
    |        IIA.       |
    Okay, so once you navigate your way to the Association menu, you'll be
    presented with a plethora of options. I'll breakdown what each one means:
    Players(#): For the first time in the 2k series, multiple people can take part
    in the Association Mode. Choose how many here.
    Season Length(#): How many games would you like to play? Select between 29,
    58 or 82 games.
    Preseason(On/Off): Choose if you want a preseason in your league. I like
    to play with it off, but do as you wish.
    Owner Firing(On/Off): As I stated before, if you don't meet expectations
    you can be fired. If you don't want harsh pressure, turn this option off.
    Trade Deadline(On/Off): Usually occurs in the third week or so of
    Febuary. At this point, you can no longer trade with any team until the
    postseason ends. With it off, you can trade whenever you wish.
    Trade Override(On/Off): Allows the player to make any trade a reality.
    Other teams will always accept your trade offers. I highly recommend you
    leave this option to OFF.
    Progressive Fatigue(On/Off): New to 2k7, Progressive Fatigue is an option that
    can affect you alot. Players that get excessive time ingame will go
    down a little bit in ratings and will tire alot quicker.
    Allow CPU Trade(On/Off): If off, CPU teams cannot trade.
    Round 1 Format    |
    Round 2 Format    | -- These four options allow you to select how many games
    Conference Finals | each round has in it. Options are 1 game, 3 games, 5 games
    Finals            | and 7 games. Select how many you want in each round.
    Fantasy Draft Roster(On/Off): Clears all team rosters and allows you to draft
    players in a 15 round "Fantasy Draft".
    Customize League(On/Off): Allows you to switch teams around in the various
    Team Chemistry(On/Off): With this on, team chemistry comes into play in each
    game. Teams with new players or lots of young players will have a lower
    chemistry than teams that have starters that have been together for years.
    Import Draft Class(On/Off): This option allows you to import a draft class
    from 2k Sport's College Hoops 2k7 at the beginning of the season.
    VIP Playback(On/Off): Allows you to assign a VIP Profile to a CPU team.
    Quarter Length(#): Set the length for each quarter. There are 4 quarters.
    Simulation Quarter Length(#): A great feature that allows you to change
    the amount of minutes that the CPU will play in simulation. Perfect
    for those who play shorter games, but want to be able to keep up in stats.
    Once you have selected your preferred settings, press start and go to the
    next menu. Here you can select your team. This menu displays owner name,
    owner personality, team's 2005 W/L record, and cap room. You can also
    see your team's rating. Owner personality will determine your goals.
    Goals are what the owner expects you to do in your contract time.
    If you keep him happy, he will resign you, fail him and be fired.
    (NOTE: You can only be fired if you have Owner Firing turned on)
    On the next screen, you can create your GM. You can choose what you want him
    to look like, but truly it doesn't matter. Hit start, and you'll see a
    calender appear.
    |Using the Calender |
    |        IIB.       |
    You're probably wondering where the options are. Don't fret.
    Flick the Right Analog Stick to bring up your option sidebar.
    Back to the calender though. You can hit the A button on a day in which
    you have games, it will bring up the option to simulate the game, or play it.
    You can use the L and R triggers to switch months, and use the white and black
    buttons to switch between teams, if you have more than one of course.
    Not much you can do on the calender, except simulate the whole season if you
    wish. Oh, and a quick note: when using Advance through Date, it can be a bit
    confusing. Say you wish to go to November 31st, you'd have to hit Advance
    Through Date on November 30th. It's caused me some frustration, so I thought
    I'd mention it. :)
    | Association Menu  |
    |        IIC.       |
    If you flick the right stick, you'll be greeted with a "Quick Menu" of sorts.
    I'll break down what each and every menu does...*sigh*
    IIC1. General Manager
    In the general manager submenu, we have Roster, Personnel, Free Agents, Trades,
    and Team Needs.
    | << Roster >> |
    In the roster menu, you'll see a list of all your players. You can use the L
    and R buttons to switch between positions, and if you feel like you need to
    check another team out, use the black and white buttons. If you press A on a
    player some options come up.
    Waive Player allows you to waive this player into the free agency. However,
    you still have to pay this player his contract, so watch out.
    Begin Trade allows you to begin a two team trade involving this player.
    View Contract will show you this player's contract.
    Edit Player means you can edit this guy's clothing, shoes, and tendencies.
    You CANNOT edit his attributes. Do not email me about this.
    If you click the R Analog, last season's stats will be shown.
    | << Personell >> |
    Alright, upon entering this screen you'll see a list of 6 slots.
    The first two are for the Head Coach, and the Assistant Coach.
    The next three are for your scouts. You can have one, two, or three.
    The last slot is for your trainer.
    Each person has ratings in their paticular category, ranging from Poor,
    Average, Good or Master. The coaches have ratings in Offense, Defense,
    and Teacher. The scouts and trainer have one rating; Level. The better the
    personnel, the bigger the paycheck.
    | << Scouting >> |
    Okay, pretty important menu here.
    Prospect List - Here you can see every single player in the draft.
    It shows ratings from ?(Unknown) to A.
    It also shows your Number of Evaluations.
    Here are the Categories:
    Inside Game
    Outside Game
    Playmaker Ability
    Inside Defense
    Man Defense
    Hit A use a scout, hit Y to sort columns, and click R analog to view
    his card. It shows his draft stock, NBA comparison, and his strengths +
    The Big Board - A mock draft of sorts. Shows each players rank(1-30).
    Each week the rank can change. You can scout from here and view every
    players card as well.
    Scout Status - Shows your scout(s). It has their level, availablity,
    and how long left on their current scouting trip.
    | << Free Agents >> |
    In the free agents screen, you can do two things:
    Negotiate Contract, which simply allows you to sign the player based on
    different terms.
    Or, you can Edit the Player. Same as before, equipment, shoes, tendencies,
    but NOT attributes.
    | << Trades >> |
    The trade submenu, is a submenu in itself. lol. Anyway..
    Trades - Your basic 2 team trade. Just to note, it can get pretty confusing.
    If a team you are attempting to trade with is over the cap, they can't get
    125% plus 100k in value of the player you'd be getting. It's complicated, yes,
    but you'll get the hang of it. Oh yeah, a team has to keep 12 guys at all
    times too.
    3 Team Trade - Woo. New in 2k7, they decide to make trading 5000x more
    complicated. This follows the same rules as a two team trade. Here's how to
    work this:
    At first, you're team is at the top. Put the players you want to get rid of
    The bottom two are for other teams, so pick players for them.
    After this, it'll be pretty confusing. A random team will be at the top now,
    and it may not be the player you want. So hit A on the team you want to get a
    player from. They should be at the top now. Now hit L or R to get your team's
    Icon in the middle of their player. Now let's hope everything works out, lol..
    Trading Block - Simple. Put the players/picks you want to get rid off, and add
    a guideline. Easy enough? If a team wants your player/pick, they'll send an
    offer in time.
    | << Team Needs >> |
    This is easy enough. This screen shows you all your players at different
    positions, and which spots you should have another player at. You need atleast
    2 PGs, 2 SGs, 2 SFs, 2 PFs, and 2 Cs. 2 of everything :D.
    IIC2. Franchise Info
    | << Job Status >> |
    Another submenu.
    Owner Status shows your owner, his focus and such and some other things. He has
    a mood, and if you have owner firing turned on, this IS your screen. Keep him
    happy, and he'll keep YOU. He has a blurb about what he thinks of you too.
    Career Profile - Hey, there's you! Screen shows you the teams you've worked for,
    and your W/L record, playoff amount, and championship amount. Win percentage,
    and total profit is here too.
    | << Team Budget >> |
    Taken straight from the game:
    Values shown are projections for the current season. Changes to your roster
    will change these projections.
    Tickets - Ticket sales are generated by two main factors, how well your team is
    playing and the quality of the players on your roster.
    Merchandise - Every player has a marketability factor that helps to determine
    how much merchandise, specifically jerseys, that your team will sell.
    Leagye Income - Encompasses all areas of revenue that the NBA generates and
    distributes to its teams.
    Salaries - Total of all existing payments on your roster plus any waived
    contracts you are still paying on.
    Luxury Tax - Penalty that imposes dollar-for-dollar tax for every dollar that
    you are over the salary threshold.
    | << Resign Position >> |
    Basically, you hit A on yes and you get to select between a few of the NBA's
    worst franchises. Not very complicated.
    IIC3. Coaching....
    Herrrrrrreee we go...
    | << Gameplan >> |
    Lineup - Adjust your lineup, and yes bench order DOES matter. The sixth man
    will get more minutes than the rest of your bench players.
    Strategy - Adjust your strategy here, from tempo to fitness. The development
    stats are all connected, and putting one up, will decrease another.
    This is actually pretty important.
    Plays - Adjust your offense and defense playbooks. Set them to a button.
    To use them, press the Right Dpad button to bring up the menu ingame.
    Press the respective button.
    | << Development >> |
    Okay, this is pretty cool.
    In development, you have a total of 10 hours to setup practices for indivudual
    players. Each drill costs "hour points" and you only have 10 to spend. If you
    cancel a practice, you get those hours back. Likewise, if the practice
    fails, you don't get the hours back either. If you don't do the practice, you
    don't get to rollover the hours either. This is obviously geared toward
    rookies and younger players. Don't expect someone like Jason Kidd to get a big
    as boost, if any compared to someone like Adam Morrison. Hit start once you've
    allocated all your points. Improvement in your players are pretty noticeable.
    In my first Association, I didn't do this and my rookies turned out to be
    very very terrible. So use this, and even abuse it.
    I was actually pretty confused about this my first time ever using it. I
    didn't know you actually played the drills, and I think this may confuse some
    people. You actually play the drills, folks. I'm gonna provide tips and hints
    for every single drill.
    Dribble And Shoot
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Hours Required: 3
    Helps: Ball Handle, 3PT Shot, MidRange Shot, Close Shot
    Pretty simple, really. You have to run inside the orange blob(it should turn
    green now), square up for the J, and shoot. You get points for Perfect
    Position or Good Position(means you were close or halfway in the blob),
    Squared Up-J, Midrange(If it is a midrange shot), and It's Good if you make
    it. If you don't make it, all the possible points are taken away for that
    shot. This is a pretty good drill if you need to work on your shot.
    Jumpshot Timing
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Hours Required: 4
    Helps: 3PT Shot, Midrange Shot, Close Shot
    This is a pretty sweet drill. It's similar to Dribble and Shoot. You run into
    the blobs until they turn green, then you shoot. You can get points for:
    Perfect Release, Midrange, Bomber(Long Shot), Heating Up(Circle under you
    starts flashing red), Sharpshooter(5 in a row?), On Fire!(Circle is solid
    red), Stayin' Hot!(Means you are sinking your shots after you hit On Fire!)
    It's really fun to play this one IMO.
    Keep Away Pass
    Difficulty: 4-6/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: Offensive Awareness, Passing
    I cannot stand this drill. You have to pass it with either A or B. If you use
    A you are just ASKING to get picked off. Use lead pass. The drill is not hard
    but the following things make it hard; CPU and the defender. Taller defenders
    grab alot of the high ones, and the CPU tends to hold on to it for a while.
    Meh. You get 1 point for a Good Pass, and 1 for Two in a Row.
    Attack Basket
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Hours Required: 4
    Helps: Dunk, Layup, Offensive Awareness, Close Shot
    Pretty easy. You take your player and try to either lay it up, or dunk.
    You get points for Laying it Up, Dunking, and making the shot. If you get the
    basket, the points count. If it misses, possible points don't count.
    Monkey in the Middle
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Hours Required: 2
    The defensive version of Keep Away Pass. You use the R analog to pick off
    passes. You get +3 if steal it and get a Good Hands! Can be tough, or can be
    easy depending on your timing.
    Post Offense
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: Low Post Offense, Close Shot, Offensive Awareness
    Can be hard, can be easy. You basically make shots in the post to score
    points. The thing is, the game doesn't check to see if you're actually making
    the shot in the post. You can lay it up, dunk it and what not. You don't have
    to do a Jumper everytime. Hell, if you have a good enough 3 point shooter,
    feel free to take it back to the three point line. You get 1 point for every
    shot made.
    Post Defense
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: Low Post Defense, Defensive Awareness, Block
    Opposite of Post Offense, obviously. Just try to play good defense. The
    simple way to win this is stand in front of the player and pick it off when
    he throws it in. It's +3 for Quick Hands, so it should make short work of the
    Full Court Iso
    Difficulty: 10/10 EDIT: 5/10?
    Hours Required: 3
    Helps: Ball Handling, Layup, Dunk, Offensive Awareness
    I find this VERY hard. You have to fake out 3 defenders and do a layup or do
    a dunk. You have to score alot of points, and it's only 1 point for a good
    shot, and 1 for each nice crossover. It's pretty hard, but not impossible.
    You can get the benefits of this drill in the other drills, with less than
    half the effort. Try those instead. Although, 3 hours for all these benefits
    is pretty sweet.
    EDIT: After I wrote this, I practiced with this drill quite a bit.
    This can become MUCH easier if you have someone who has a decent ball control
    already. You can get SPEEDY DELIVERY(means you made the shot fairly fast, and
    got by the 3 guys fast as well), which boosts your score TREMENSELY. Try it,
    you'll get the hang of it.
    Contest Shot
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: Steal, Block
    Basically just play defense. You get 2 points if you tip the shot, you get 1
    for playing good D(contesting the shot), and you get 3 if you steal it. Very
    easy IMHO.
    Triple Threat
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Hours Required: 3
    Helps: Ball Handling, Layup, Dunk, Offensive Awareness
    Pretty hard. You have to explode from the Triple Threat and score. This drill
    gives you all the benefits of the Full Court Iso, and is slightly easier.
    Can be fairly easy with a good scorer though. You get points for monster jams
    (dunking), making the shot, crossover, and speedy delivery.
    Offensive Rebound
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: Offensive Rebound(duh!)
    Well, the hardest part about this drill is MISSING the jumpshot. Try holding
    down X until it automatically releases, that works sometimes. This can be
    hard if you have a slow person(aka a center), but it's still not to hard.
    You can also get points if the other person tips it, and you scoop it up.
    2 points for every clean rebound(clean rebound also comes up after you scoop
    it back up)
    Defensive Rebound
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Hours Required: 2
    Helps: (Defensive) Rebound
    This one is surprisingly hard. Rebounds in this game favor the CPU heavily,
    so it can be tough. You're usually going against a center, so teams with
    a great center have more to cry about. A person outside the 3 will shoot it
    and you just have to rebound it. It can also make it frustrating when you're
    shooter IS a 3 point shooter. (Basically, I was doing it with the Suns w/
    Marion. Stoudamire was the center, and Bell was draining threes.)
    Free Throw
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Hours Required: 1
    Helps: Free Throw
    Simple. Pull back R and get a good release. +1 point if it goes in. Eazzzzy.
    IIC4. 2k Sports HQ
    Stat central. This is your place for Stats, messaging, and standings.
    Stats are - Rookie Watch, League Leaders, and Player stats.
    Rookie watch allows you to check out the league's rookies.
    League Leaders allows you to see who leads the league in the different
    Injury Report - Shows each player that is injured, and how long he is out.
    Player stats is like League Leaders but on a team-by-team basis.
    Goto messaging to check out your messages.
    Before the All Star Game(Febuary), you can check out who leads the All-Star
    votes. After the game, you can see the Awards Races, like MVP, Sixth Man of the
    Year, etc.
    IIC5. Features
    Here you can setup your Arena Music, and Manage your VIP.
    IIC6. Options
    In this menu, you can setup your gameplay options, team sliders, game sliders,
    even presentation and controller options. You can save here too, make sure
    to do it often, because there is NO AUTO SAVING.
    And then, you have Quit. This brings you to the Main Menu.
    III. Cool Tricks
    This section will include any glitches, bugs, or some general cool stuff.
    The 5 million dollar contract
    If a big name player is still on the free agency list at the start of preseason,
    he'll usually sign for 5 million dollars(1 year) to your team. This is NOT a
    glitch, it's simply because the player wants to play some games this season,
    even if its for 5 million dollars only.
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    Right now, I have one. This section will be updated every time I get some
    questions that people seem to ask alot.
    Q: Can I edit a player's attributes in my Association?
    A: As far as I know, no. Only email me with a glitch or something, but not
    to ask me this.
    Q: What about physical appearence?
    A: Nope. Sorry to say, but you cannot edit a players physical appearence.
    The only exception being created players, in the Create A Player screen.
    V. Legal/Disclaimer
    This FAQ © AMP 2006-2007. Please don't put this on your site without asking.
    You're allowed to print this, but please don't claim this as your own, or make
    any changes and then put it somewhere. Just ask me before you do anything
    sketchy. It's all I ask.
    You're still reading? Are you serious? Go PLAY!

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