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Enemy/Weapon/Boss FAQ by TheBlackMamba

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 09/07/2007


Created By: LaraCroftRocks
Maker of Game: Crystal Dynamics
Date Started: 8/20/07

Table of Contents
About this Walkthrough
Update History
  Dual Pistols
  Dual 50 Caliber Pistols
  Dual Mini SMGs
  Golden Shotgun
  Silver Mini SMGs
  Cat Mummies
  Flesh Mutants
  Winged Demons
Lara and Her Friends/Adversaries
  Lara Croft
  The Kid
  Pierre DuPont
  Winston Smith
  Jacqueline Natla
  Flesh Doppelganger
  Richard Croft
Boss Battles
  T-Rex (The Lost Valley)
  Centaurs (Tomb of Tihocan)
  Doppelganger (The Great Pyramid)
  Abomination (The Final Conflict)
  Natla (The Final Conflict)


Wow! Ten years of Tomb Raider has passed. And the game is still a beauty. 
Anniversary was obviously inspired by the classic Tomb Raider 1, the whole 
game that got the TR series started. And what do you know? They've made a 
whole new adventure over this story! Sure, you'll still come across most 
of the levels that were in the original, along with some "different" 
enemies and boss battles. All of your favorite memories- Midas' hand, 
Natla's very own mines, and the Peruvian lost valley are back, along with 
many other favorites.

So sit back and enjoy a very good game! I guarantee that you'll be 90% 
satisfied- or more!


First of all, I am trusting that you do not give this walkthrough away to 
any site. GameFAQs is the only site that this walkthrough is allowed to. 
Also, you cannot ask me to allow this walkthrough on another site. I just 
won't do it.

I actually have already posted another in-depth walkthrough on GameFAQs. 
This one is about enemies, weapons, and boss battles, so therefore, it is 
only an in-depth walkthrough, not a full one.


8/20/07: walkthrough started.
8/21/07: walkthrough finished. Sent it to GameFAQs.
8/22/07: fixed some typos, added the bug note on the centaur battle.
8/25/07: fixed some more typos.
9/7/07: did a bit more fixing up.


Locations: Croft Manor, beginning of the game, Natla's Mines
Power: 3/10
Magazine Size: 40 bullets
Ammo Capacity: unlimited
Ammo Type: N/A

  The dual pistols are the default weapons of the game, and the only level 
that you do not start them out with is Natla's Mines. You'll find them in 
Croft Manor, too. Considering that these are the regular weapons of the 
game, they do minimum damage to enemies, but the pistols' range and rate 
of fire are impressive. Reloading time is quick, and accuracy is also 
nice. Use the pistols whenever performing the adrenaline dodge.

Locations: The Lost Valley, Tomb of Qualopec, Natla's Mines
Power: 8/10
Magazine Size: 8 shells
Ammo Capacity: 40 shells
Ammo Type: Shotgun ammo

  The shotgun is a weapon of great power, but the rest of its features are 
rather clumsy. The shotgun has bad accuracy, short range, and slow rate of 
fire. The reload time is also unbearably long. Although the shotgun is 
weak in these sections, you'll find yourself leaning on it in multiple 
battles with lions, gorillas, and panthers. Ammo is plentiful, but grab it 
any time you see some, if there's room available. Also note that the 
shotgun is in a hidden location of the Lost Valley, and you can also 
reclaim it from Larson in Natla's Mines. Also, if you don't get the 
shotgun in the valley, you'll get it in the interactive cut scene at the 
end of Peru.

Locations: The Coliseum, Tomb of Tihocan, Natla's Mines
Power: 6/10
Magazine Size: 30 bullets
Ammo Capacity: 120 bullets
Ammo Type: 50 caliber ammo

  The calibers that you find in the coliseum come in handy for the centaur 
bosses, mummies, and gorillas. Expect to be using them quite a bit. The 
calibers actually feature many of the same things that pistols do, but 
ammo is a lot easier to waste- only 120 bullets are allowed to be stored 
at a time, so grab ammo whenever you can! Also, you'll claim the 50 
calibers from Pierre at the end of the Tomb of Tihocan (before the centaur 
boss battle) if you didn't get them from the coliseum.

Locations: Sanctuary of the Scion, Natla's Mines
Power: 3/10
Magazine Size: 50 bullets
Ammo Capacity: 250 bullets
Ammo Type: Mini SMG ammo

  The first time you find the SMGs, they're at the end of Egypt, and you 
won't get much time to use them before loosing your weapons in Natla's 
Mines. You can reclaim them from the Kid there, but whenever you do 
possess of them, use them to defeat foes QUICKLY. The SMGs actually do 
little damage with a single shot, but the SMGs have massive rate of fire, 
and simply holding the shoot button causes bullets to rattle off. This 
also enrages enemies VERY quickly. Note that when using the adrenaline 
dodge with these guns, the targeting reticles are much smaller and move 
more quickly when the screen blurs. SMG ammo is very rare to find: gather 
it up whenever possible!

Golden Shotgun
Locations: N/A- only available through cheat
Power: 10/10 (in other words, 100%)
Magazine Size: 64 shells
Ammo Capacity: unlimited
Ammo Type: N/A

  You actually do not receive this weapon during the game. You instead 
must activate the cheat that you get by defeating all of the Lost City 
time trials. Once you activate it, Lara's shotgun turns to gold. Now, if 
you hit an enemy with a shotgun blast straight on, they'll instantly die. 
It even works for the t-rex in the valley!

Silver Mini SMGs
Locations: N/A- only available through cheat
Power: 6/10
Magazine Size: 400 bullets
Ammo Capacity: unlimited
Ammo Type: N/A

  Like the golden shotgun, it's only available by getting through all 3 
Lost City time trials. However, one press of R1 causes two bullets to 
rattle from the SMGs, so the power doubles. Although this weapon doesn't 
give one shot kills, the SMGs are now like a fast-firing pair of calibers!


Located: Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley, St. Francis'
  Folly, The Coliseum, Midas' Palace
How to Kill: basically, fire a couple of pistol rounds. Don't waste ammo 
from other guns to defeat these small beasts.

Located: Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley, Tomb of
How to Kill: pistols are the best to use, but the shotgun works in big 
packs of them. Note that the wolves have the ability to grab Lara's arm 
and hang on, so wiggle the left analog stick (or the direction keys if 
you're using a different console) from left to right to free you from 
their grip.

Located: Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley
How to Kill: quite a bit tougher than wolves to kill, but they are very 
cumbersome. The shotgun works great (if you have it), but also try the 
adrenaline dodge with pistols. If you need to, get up to higher ground and 
then blast them.

Located: The Lost Valley, Tomb of Qualopec
How to Kill: these are faster than wolves, and more deadly than bears. 
Raptors don't show up that often- in fact, the only time that you'll find 
groups of them is in the lost valley- but each one of this vulnerable to 
the adrenaline dodge. Enraging them isn't that difficult. The shotgun is 
optional, but since you have wide-open spaces in the lost valley, you 
should only need pistols. Throughout Qualopec's tomb, though, you'll 
mysteriously encounter some. This is the best time to bring out the 
shotgun in the closed-in corridors.

Located: St. Francis' Folly, The Coliseum, Midas' Palace
How to Kill: lions take more bullets to defeat than wolves, but have many 
of the same characteristics. The adrenaline dodge is, once again, easy to 
use with the lions. If you want, try to get to higher ground and then 
defeat them. Again, the shotgun is optional, but the shells are best saved 
for the gorillas later on in the section.

Located: St. Francis' Folly, The Coliseum, Tomb of Tihocan, Temple of
  Khamoon, Sanctuary of the Scion, Natla's Mines
How to Kill: actually, they take the same number of bullets that bats do.

Located: The Coliseum, Midas' Palace
How to Kill: the gorillas are a real pain. They're the size of bears, but 
they're very quick, and also agile. They also are temperamental. :) In 
other words, this means that the adrenaline dodge is fully affective on 
them. It's actually best to dive backwards if you're doing the dodge. The 
shotgun is probably the best weapon here, but if you're full on your 
caliber ammo, use this if you'd like. Just don't waste shotgun ammo on the 
adrenaline dodge: enrage them with the shotgun, and then perform the dodge 
with the pistols.

Located: Midas' Palace, Tomb of Tihocan, Temple of Khamoon
How to Kill: the big pain of crocodiles is that they can swim in the 
water, and be faster than ever on dry land. If they're inhabited in the 
waters (such as in the Tihocan cistern), then they're going to be very 
tough to get rid of. You actually have to use Lara as "bait" to get them 
over to where you can shoot, and then quickly climb out of the water and 
draw pistols. You can also try manually aiming. If they're on dry land, 
the shotgun probably works the best. Also, make one huge note: when 
underwater, if a crocodile grasps your arm, it'll hang on. You must 
forcibly break free from them before your oxygen runs out!

Located: Temple of Khamoon
How to Kill: the Egyptian panthers that roam Khamoon's temple are deadly, 
quick, and agile. They can shunt you to the ground, or grab your arm and 
hold on. Break free if this happens. One of the worst features of them is 
that they come in groups of two, and sometimes three. The 50 caliber 
pistols are recommended for these circumstances. The shotgun is best for a 
single one, and the pistols are only recommended if you're at long range 
with a single one, or if you're going to attempt the adrenaline dodge.

Cat Mummies
Located: Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, Sanctuary of the Scion
How to Kill: these undead beasts are probably the toughest enemies (aside 
from boss battles) that you've encountered in the game up to Egypt. 
They're like panthers, but with the ability to throw fireballs! Expect to 
unload some major ammo when facing them. Lara's calibers work very well 
with them. If you're at long range, though, expect them to throw 

Located: Obelisk of Khamoon, Sanctuary of the Scion, The Final Conflict
How to Kill: not like the mystic centaurs from Tihocan's tomb- thankfully- 
but a similar concept. They're quick, and they tend to charge at you, 
considering that they are horse-like. Try to fight them from long range, 
not using the shotgun, and when they go to charge (after becoming 
enraged), use the adrenaline dodge. Centaurs actually aren't that 
difficult to defeat.

Flesh Creature
Located: The Great Pyramid, The Final Conflict
How to Kill: actually, they're a lot like cat mummies. See the cat mummy 
description up above. Make note, though, that they tend to attack in 
groups and hatch from incubators, too.

Winged Demon
Located: Sanctuary of the Scion, The Great Pyramid, The Final Conflict
How to Kill: OK, so they can fly, which means the adrenaline dodge is 
immediately eliminated. They can throw fireballs, which are so annoying 
when scaling the great shaft of the pyramid in Atlantis, because the 
fireballs tend to knock you around. What's even worse? They can grab hold 
of you with their claws and hold on. Don't just let them damage Lara- 
break free immediately! The shotgun is definitely recommended, but the 
SMGs also work. Again, they tend to be freed from incubators, so be on 
your guard.


NOTE: These profiles came from the character bios unlockables in the game.

  Lara Croft is an adventurer, world traveler, and archaeologist who seeks 
out tombs and relics, fuelled by an obsession to uncover the secrets of 
the great, ancient civilizations. She will stop at nothing to get what she 

  A former United States Marine lieutenant with seven years Special Ops 
experience, Larson was given a dishonorable discharge after a violent 
disagreement with his commanding officer- the nature of which was never 
made public. Following his release from military prison, Larson put his 
military experience to good use, forging an admirable reputation with 
private mercenary forces around the world. Recently he has taken a contact 
with Natla Technologies, and that has brought him face to face with an old 
adversary from his past: Lara Croft.

  The Kid was a small-time gang leader in Los Angeles until his crew tried 
to carjack Jacqueline Natla's limousine. Natla's bodyguard, Kin Kade, 
eliminated the entire gang but spared the Kid at his employer's request. 
Natla needed a contact in the West Coast criminal underground and the 
fast-talking Kid fit the job description. The Kid still holds a grudge 
against Kin Kade for the murder of his blood brothers, but he's just smart 
enough not to act on any retaliatory impulses.

  Kin Kade is Jacqueline Natla's bodyguard. It is difficult to know what 
hold she has over him, because he is a brutal and vicious killer, as his 
criminal record shows. Kin Kade spent 15 years in jail after being 
apprehended by police in the middle of a vicious and disturbingly 
elaborate murder. He earned the name "Kold" in prison, where his 
sociopathic behavior and the unexplained deaths of several cellmates 
resulted in him spending most of his term in solitary confinement. Despite 
all this, his tenure lock-up only seems to have refined his innate 
talents. Over fervent protests from the prison psychiatrist, he was 
released on parole into the custody of Jacqueline Natla.

  Pierre is one of Lara's archeological rivals. In the history of the 
field, nobody has chased the spotlight more than him. Publicly, he has 
been credited with several high-profile archaeological discoveries, yet 
like Lara, he has been accused of tampering with the sites before 
informing others of his finds. Though he bills himself as the consummate 
archaeologist, among rich collectors he is known for what he is: a 
treasure hunter who is adept at finding what people want- for the right 
price. Pierre is good at what he does, but in the end he raids tombs for 
profit, not for any real love of the mysteries of the past.

  Winston's family has been with the Crofts for generations, and he has 
been the family butler since he was honorably discharged from the military 
in his late-twenties: just as his father before him. He moved into Croft 
Manor to stay as the only live-in staff when his wife died, before Lara 
was born. He tends to all Lara's household needs, going far beyond the 
duties of a traditional butler given Lara's unusual lifestyle and 
pursuits, but he has never disappointed her. His loyalty to Lara, her 
parents, and Croft Manor is beyond question.

  Owner and CEO of Natla Technologies, one of the world's largest 
electronic companies, Natla holds several key computer hardware patents, 
and her research and development department is one of the industry's most 
secretive and prolific innovations. Little is known about Miss Natla's 
private life other than she never gives interviews and rarely makes public 
appearances. Colleagues and business rivals alike say she is 
intimidatingly intelligent and a demanding perfectionist.

  A hideous creature with no skin, the doppelganger mysteriously shares 
the exact same physical characteristics of Lara Croft. Possessing only the 
most basic primal instincts, the creature mimics the actions of its 
adversaries. Lacking conscience, reason, and any kind of soul, the 
doppelganger is both very dangerous and quite vulnerable.

  Lord Richard Croft, Lara's father, was tutored at Eton in anthropology 
and archaeology. With the Croft family's considerable wealth behind him, 
Richard spent his younger years mounting innumerable expeditions to 
historical sites worldwide in an effort to support his unconventional 
hypothesis of a base culture that predated known history. Richard and his 
wife, Lady Amelia DeMornay, had Lara a year after marrying. Nine years 
later, after Amelia disappeared in a plane crash, Richard sank further and 
further into obsession, consumed with discovering what had become of her. 
A few years later, he died while on a dig in Cambodia.


Boss: T-Rex
Located: The Lost Valley
  Ways to Avoid: the t-rex can slam his head at you, swipe you with his 
tail, or chomp on you with his oversized mouth. The easiest way to dodge 
these attacks is by repeatedly moving, jumping, and rolling. When the t-
rex becomes enraged, he will try to charge at you: perform the adrenaline 
dodge to get away.
  How to Kill: when you first start the battle, the t-rex has full health 
and absolutely no rage. Draw pistols and begin to fire rapidly at him. 
Your first objective is to bring his rage meter up, so keep firing until 
it maxes out, and orange shockwaves burst around him. Now get your back to 
a wall of the valley, and wait for the rex to run at you. When the screen 
slightly blurs, and a short sound occurs, roll to the left or right, guns 
still drawn. Don't fire at him yet. Instead, while you're rolling in slow 
motion, wait for the two gray target reticles to overlap on the screen, 
forming a red one (a "beep" sound will also occur). Fire a single pistol 
shot at the red reticle when it appears, and the t-rex will go crashing 
against the wall that you chose to stand in front of. You'll need to once 
again enrage him, and perform the dodge. The amount of health lowered when 
the t-rex hits the wall depends on what surface he is slamming his head 
against: the regular sides of the valley do little damage. The stone 
temple drops quite a bit of the rex's health, but the spiked logs on the 
walls will do the most damage. If you can make the t-rex slam his head 
squarely against all three logs, the battle ends. If he indirectly hits 
one, it won't count for as much damage. You can also end the battle by 
simply firing your pistols until his health goes away, but by then your 
right index finger will be tired of rapidly pressing. :) When you do lower 
his health all the way, an interactive cut scene plays. Press the buttons 
on the screen to survive his attacks.

Boss: Centaurs
Located: Tomb of Tihocan
  Ways to Avoid: Tihocan's centaurs possess four main attacks. At long 
range, the centaurs throw fireballs at great distances. These can knock 
you off of the ground: quickly jump back up if one hits you. To avoid 
them, though, just keep running, and if one is coming toward you, move 
away from it. The centaurs can also run over you if you get too close. 
Simply avoid this by staying away from them. Also, don't try to escape by 
leaping into the water and swimming down. The centaurs have massive 
bombing tactics, even while Lara is underwater, and they do damage VERY 
quickly. When you enrage either of the centaurs for the first time, they 
fire a green ray. If you don't stop firing or holster you weapons, then 
the gaze hits Lara directly, and she becomes a body of stone (similar to 
the Greek Medusa's powerful gaze). Quickly waggle the left analog stick- 
or the movement keys if you're using a different console- left to right, 
until Lara shakes off the stone. If you fail to do so quickly, then one of 
the centaurs will come up to you and execute a hind-leg attack, which can 
damage health if you're above 50%, but any lower than that and the centaur 
will not only kick you hardly, but shatter you to stone pieces, ending the 
fight! The centaurs can also alternately charge at you when they are 
enraged. Perform the adrenaline dodge (preferably backwards) to evade 
their charge.
  How to Kill: enrage one of the centaurs with your pistols. The shotgun 
and calibers should be saved for now. Once it's enraged, it should execute 
a stone gaze attack the first time. Holster your pistols immediately to 
avoid the beam, and then draw them again and fire at the same centaur that 
you enraged the first time. This time, however, it will charge at you. 
Wait for the screen to slightly blur, and then roll backwards, guns still 
drawn. Fire a single pistol shot when the red target reticle appears, and 
the centaur will be temporarily stunned, but furthermore, the ring on the 
back of its shield should be facing you! Quickly grapple the shield from 
the centaur, and once you do, the centaur will have no defense! You now 
have two options. You can repeat the same method for the other centaur, or 
you can enrage either of them, pick up the shield dropped on the ground, 
and deflect the petrification beam back at the centaur! By dropping the 
other one's shield first, however, you will have two shields to choose 
from, and if one's closer than the other, you can run to it. You must 
still perform the deflection of the beam, though. If you deflect the stone 
beam back at the centaur, it will turn to stone itself. You probably won't 
be able to defeat the centaur the first time, but once it has been 
petrified itself, pull out your shotgun or 50 calibers and quickly fire an 
array of shells/bullets at it! You may have to repeat the process to lower 
the rest of its health, but if you lower its health all of the way while 
it has been petrified, it'll shatter to stone bits! Good work! Now all you 
need to do is repeat the process with the other centaur. Good luck!
  Bug Note: I have experienced a bug with the centaur boss battle where 
Lara will not grapple the ring on the shield. If this happens, I found it 
easier just to restart the battle by finding a way to kill Lara, and then 
retry the grappling.

Boss: Flesh Doppelganger
Location: The Great Pyramid
  Initial Idea: actually, the doppelganger isn't a boss, but it's an 
enemy, so why not consider how to defeat it? When you arrive in the 
doppelganger's chamber, three flesh creatures will be around. Carefully 
defeat each of them, but watch out- you don't want to attack the 
doppelganger, or it'll throw fireballs of its own right back at you! Once 
all three mutants have been destroyed, grab the wheel and turn it around 
to the right. This causes two platforms to extend from the walls, below 
two ladders. If you look upward, the ladder goes to the top, and at the 
top, a steam vent is located to the right. You can jump to the steam vent- 
that will spew steam, so be quick- and then jump backwards to the end of 
the walkway, onto a hatch lid. By leaping onto one of these, the exit 
doors close. There will be a large medipack on both of these walkways, and 
at the end, a flying mutant will burst from one of the two incubation sacs 
in the chamber. Also, at the end of both of these walkways will be a 
larger platform, and on both of them are different ammo types. You can 
gather these up. Furthermore, a switch is located on both of these 
platforms. One is straight at the end, while the other is on the left 
wall. The one at the end of the walkway releases the exit doors: don't 
attempt to reach this one until you get rid of your doppelganger. The 
switch on the left wall at the other walkway's end causes a hatch lid to 
open on the same walkway, with a lava pool below. Hmmm.
  How to Kill: now for how to get rid of your flesh doppelganger. Down at 
the central wheel, rotate it around to the right. This causes the two 
platforms to extend from the walls, as usual. They are on timer, however. 
Run over to the platform that leads up to the long walkway with the closed 
doors at the end- not the other walkway. Once up on this walkway, gather 
the goodies, kill the flying beast, and then throw the switch on the left 
wall. This causes the hatch lid on the same walkway to slide open. 
However, it is on timer, so be very quick: leap off of the platform to the 
floor of the room, rotate the central wheel to the right, and when the 
small platforms extend, run to the one that leads up to the walkway with 
the switch at the very end. Leap onto the walkway, and a cut scene 
initiates, showing your doppelganger falling into the lava! Good work! 
However, if you picked the wrong walkway to jump to, Lara will instead, 
leap into the lava vat herself! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Also, if you 
aren't quick enough in doing this, you'll land on the hatch lid, and 
nothing will happen to your doppelganger! If this happens, go retry it. 
Once you watch the scene of your doppelganger dying, all you need to do 
now is exit this room.

Boss: Abomination
Located: The Final Conflict
  Ways to Avoid: the huge, hideous creature can do many things to kill 
you. For one thing, it can swipe its arm at Lara, not only inflicting 
damage, but also occasionally knocking you over the edge of the platform, 
if you're close enough! Secondly, the abomination can execute a "butt 
slam," if you're behind it. Two words: STAY AWAY. It can also grab you 
with its hand, shove you in its mouth, and swallow you into its internals! 
If this happens, press R1 rapidly to fire your guns and shoot the 
abomination's insides. It should vomit you back up! Make note that if Lara 
is swiped to the edge of the platform, it's possible to grab hold of the 
edge if you don't have your guns drawn. And if you do.
  How to Kill: immediately when the battle starts, draw pistols and fire 
rapidly at the beast. Eventually, it becomes enraged. Just remember to 
stay in that spot and keep firing. Once it is enraged, it'll charge at 
you: perform the adrenaline dodge to the left or right, like you have done 
countless times in the game. The big beast will fly over the edge, 
grasping the platform with its hands. Quickly produce the shotgun after 
the scene occurs and fire a quick, single shot at one of its hands. You 
won't have time to get anything else in, though. It'll leap back up onto 
the platform, ready to body slam Lara! Move out of the way immediately! 
You should now circle around the platform, firing your pistols rapidly. 
When the abomination becomes enraged again, make sure that he becomes 
enraged when Lara's back is to the edge of the platform. If you do the 
dodge, it'll go over the edge, again. But if you do it anywhere else, the 
beast will get his hand "stuck," and then you can use the shotgun to 
quickly blast his hand off, if you're quick enough. This is a good thing, 
but the easiest way is to get him on the edge of the platform and then 
blast his hand. This is the part where I'm a bit confused: when the 
abomination goes over the edge, you must destroy his hand, but in some 
cases, he'll be able to clamber back up. But sometimes he can also fall 
into the lava far below, ending the battle. How should you do it? Just try 
to take out one of his hands, and if you don't get him over the edge yet, 
perform the dodge again, blast his other hand, and the cut scene should 
occur. There are several items scattered around the platform during the 
battle, so grab these if you need them.

Boss: Natla
Location: The Final Conflict
  Ways to Avoid- Round #1: in the first round of Natla's battle, she 
swoops around the room, firing mystic energy balls. These are difficult to 
avoid: keep moving and shooting, and note that Natla can fly to any 
location VERY quickly.
  How to Damage- Round #1: Natla has wings on her, and your objective is 
to destroy these two wings. This is a bit difficult, considering that Lara 
always wants to target her main body. If you fire at her wings, though, 
she'll gradually loose health. To get your aim on either of her wings, 
maneuver the camera around, and the target reticles should switch. Now 
quickly begin firing. Natla will swoop to another location, unfortunately, 
and you'll need to repeat the stupid procedure again. After downing quite 
a bit of her health, though, a cut scene occurs.
  Ways to Avoid- Round #2: after the scene shows, Natla will still be 
alive, but only on her feet this time. She can still fire an array of 
fireballs and run around very quickly, though. Because you need to get 
close to her in order to enrage her, you'll need to dodge these fireballs 
by leaping through the air. This is difficult, and you'll probably loose 
some damage trying to avoid them.
  How to Damage- Round #2: draw the mini SMGs and begin firing. These will 
enrage her VERY quickly. You'll need to get close to her, however, which 
is difficult because of the fireballs that she launches. You can also use 
the pistols or calibers, but if you're decent with SMG ammo, these are the 
best guns to use. Save the shotgun for in a moment. Once Natla becomes 
enraged, she'll stop firing fireballs, and instead charge at you. When she 
does, run TOWARD her. I know this sounds odd, but when the screen slightly 
blurs, roll forward so Lara actually leaps OVER her. Rolling backwards 
also works, but if you noticed in the cut scene, Natla has a glowing green 
spot on her back. The only way to damage her is by firing at this green 
spot. If you leap over her, it's guaranteed that the green spot will be 
within your reach. Just remember that you still must fire when the target 
reticles overlap, and the same goes with rolling backwards. If you try 
dodging left or right, Natla usually slices you with one of her tendrils, 
and then the dodge doesn't work. Repeat the adrenaline dodge this way 
repeatedly, take quick shots at her back, and you should eventually 
deplete her health. Note that if her rage meter drops, you must fill it 
up. And when firing at the glowing green spot, try using the shotgun. Once 
her health depletes, survive through the interactive cut scene, and then 
watch the ending cut scene. Congratulations! You have completed the game! 


Thank you for reading my short guide! I also want to thank Crystal 
Dynamics for creating this amazing game! Raid on, Lara- you have many 
years of raiding to come!

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