• New Game+

    Once you complete the game with any normal ending or the true good ending, after the epilouge scene, you will be prompted to save. Save to a new slot, this will be data to start a New Game+.

    Load the data and Flight & Plan will be in Kaito's room with a whiteboard. View the board to select options like (not in order):

    -Bring over all Sage Stones.
    -Bring over all collected Demon data.
    -Bring over character levels.
    -Bring over each character's accumulated Code.
    -Bring over total Experience pool.
    -Bring over Free Battle levels unlocked.
    -Increase difficulty.
    -Enable all allied characters as playable from the start. *
    -Enable all enemy characters as playable from the start. *
    -Bring over Alchemist atelier data.

    *Relevant character data must be bought from the Alchemist atelier in the game. Data appears after you have defeated and/or encountered the character in battle before, whether ally or enemy.

    Contributed By: Silverwolf_X.

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  • Conditions For Endings in 1 Playthrough

    Dragon Shadow Spell has multiple endings depending on your actions as Kaito in the game, it is actually possible to view almsot all the endings in 1 playthrough. You must:

    1. Watch all B events before going to main events (M) every chapter.
    2. Succeed in all Judgement Battles.
    3. Complete the Masked Runner game and get all masks.
    4. Buy all character data from Alchemist Atelier in Rosencratz.
    5. Make sure to NOT miss any character private Talk events. Check after every mission, if you don't see a character in their room, find them! Try the deck of the Phantom Ship or check in town!
    6. Do not miss any external character Private Talk events! Visit towns after every mission and check to see if the npc characters trigger events. Most important one is your first trip to Veneszuela, visit the Church!
    7. Once you get filthy rich, get Alchemist atelier at Rosencratz to L9.

    Once you do all that, everything should be unlockable for New Game+. next:

    Normal Ending - Immediately after the Final Chapter free Movement begins, choose to talk to your fave comrade. Next go to the mission log and select the final mission.

    Miriam (True) Ending - As Final Chapter Free Movement begins, go to the Church in Veneszuela and talk to the NPc there. You will get a very important item back. Return to Phantom Ship and select final mission.

    VERY DUMB ENDING - Get Alchemist ateleier at rosencratz to L9, buy the 90K item, weep.

    Contributed By: Silverwolf_X.

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