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by Mookiethebold

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Guide and Walkthrough by Mookiethebold

Version: Kim | Updated: 01/10/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2008


-> Greetings, folks! Welcome to my walkthrough for Kim Possible: What's the Switch?, a fun 2-D side-scrolling action-platformer. Whether you're a modern gamer of the 21st century, where 3-D games rule, or the classic gaming era of the 80's, when side scrollers were the norm, any fan of Ms. Possible is sure to enjoy this adventure!

Despite the relative simplicity of this game, I felt there are enough places where some very precise jumps are required or some tokens are so well-hidden that someone may be in need of a helping hand to guide them through and find everything that needs to be found. Also, since I like writing game guides, and I enjoy watching Kim's animated adventures on TV, aaaand seeing as how there are no walkthroughs currently posted for KP:WtS, how could I resist!

If you do use this guide while embarking on these missions with Kim and Shego (and Rufus) I hope you find it useful and informative. Feel free to shoot off an email to me and let me know if you liked it or if you felt something was missing or a certain area could benefit from improvements. Praise and criticism are both welcome, so don't be afraid to say what's on your mind.

Let's begin!


This section will tell you everything you need to know about understanding the basic gameplay elements such as controls, actions, items, foes, etc.

Menu Controls

  • Directional Pad up/down: Highlight menu options
  • Left Analog Stick up/down: Highlight menu options
  • X button: Select/confirm option
  • Triangle button: Return to previous screen
    • The remaining buttons serve no function on the main menu

In-Game Controls

  • Directional Pad left/right: Move left and right
  • Left Analog Stick left/right: Move left and right
  • Directional Pad down: Crouch
  • Left Analog Stick down: Crouch
  • X Button: Jump/skip cutscene
  • Square Button: Punch
  • Triangle Button: Kick
  • Circle Button: Use selected gadget/power
  • L1 (top/left shoulder button): Handspring left
  • R1 (top/right shoulder button): Handspring right
  • L2 (bottom/left shoulder button): Cycle left through gadgets/powers
  • R2 (bottom/right shoulder button): Cycle right through gadgets/powers
  • Right Analog Stick left/right: Cycle left/right through gadgets/powers
  • R3 Button (push right analog stick in): Shows interface of currently collected tokens
  • Start Button: Pause menu/skip cutscene
  • Select Button: No function


  • Press Start at the title screen to open the Main Menu.
  • NEW GAME: Select this to begin a new game.
    • Single Player: Select this to play a solo game as Kim and Shego.
    • Tag Team: Select this to take turns with a second player when you lose a life.
  • LOAD GAME: Select this to resume a previously saved game file.
    • Continue Last Level: Select this to resume the game at the beginning of the most recent level you reached.
    • Select Level: Select this to resume the game at the beginning of any level you have already completed.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Complete certain missions in the main game to unlock various multiplayer mini-games.
  • OPTIONS: Select this to open the options menu.
    • Vibration: Use the D-pad or the left analog stick to turn the vibration function of the controller on or off. Press X to confirm and return to the main menu.
    • Music: Use the D-pad or left analog stick to raise or lower the volume of the in-game music. Press X to confirm the desired setting and return to the main menu.
    • SFX: Use the D-pad or left analog stick to raise or lower the volume of the in-game sound effects. Press X to confirm the desired setting and return to the main menu.
    • Autosave: Use the D-pad or left analog stick to turn the autosave function on or off. Press X to confirm and return to the main menu.
    • Credits: Select this to watch the credits of all the folks who helped create this game.
  • EXTRAS: Select this to choose from various bonus materials unlocked by completing tasks within the main game.
    • Concept Art: View concept art used in designing the game.
    • Extra Art: View more art used in designing the game.
    • Ron and Drakken: View images of Ron Stoppable and Dr. Drakken used on the loading screen during the main game.
    • Music: Listen to the music used throughout the game.
    • Preview: Watch the game demo.


  • Run
    • Move the left analog stick right/left or press the D-pad right/left.
  • Handspring
    • Press R1 or L1 to handspring to the right or left. Helpful when trying to evade a hit from a foe.
  • Jump
    • Press X to jump in the air.
  • Double Jump
    • Press X twice to double jump and reach greater heights or leap across bigger gaps.
  • Handspring Jump
    • While executing a handspring press X to spring/jump even further.
  • Wall Jump
    • Jump against a wall, then press X again to spring away in the opposite direction. Do this repeatedly to zig zag up narrow spaces to reach higher ledges that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  • Ledge Pull Up
    • While hanging from a ledge press the D-pad or left analog stick up to pull Kim or Shego up onto the ledge or press X to jump up onto the ledge.
  • Ledge Drop
    • While hanging from a ledge press the D-pad or left analog stick down to let go and drop down off of the ledge.
  • Flagpoles/Pipes
    • Jump toward a horizontal flagpole or pipe to grab on automatically and swing back and forth. Press X to jump off in the direction you're facing.


  • Punch
    • Press Square to throw a single punch at a foe.
  • Double Punch
    • Press Square twice to throw a 1-2 combo at a foe.
  • Triple Punch
    • Press Square three times for a devastating triple punch combo.
  • Uppercut
    • Crouch (D-pad or left stick down), then press Square to land a powerful uppercut.
  • Jump Punch
    • Jump and punch at the same time by pressing X immediately followed by Square.
  • Kick
    • Press Triangle to strike with a single kick.
  • Quick Kick
    • Press Triangle twice for a quick-kick combo.
  • Triple Kick
    • Press Triangle three times for a crushing triple kick attack.
  • Jump Kick
    • Jump in the air and press Triangle for a slightly stronger kick that also stuns your foe. This can also be used to gain more distance when jumping across wide gaps.
  • Sliding Kick
    • Crouch (D-pad or left stick down), then press Triangle to execute a sliding kick to take out your foe's feet and stun him briefly.
  • Drop Strike
    • Jump in the air and press down on the D-pad or left analog stick, then press Square or Triangle for a powerful downward thrust to hit your foe or break a weakspot on the ground.


  • Run/Crawl/Climb
    • Move the D-pad or left analog stick right, left, up and down to make Rufus run along the ground or crawl on walls and ceilings.
  • Jump
    • Press X to make him jump. He will also grab onto any nearby wall or ceiling.
  • Hop/Chew
    • Press the Circle button when on a switch to make Rufus hop on it and turn it off or when near some wires to make him chew through them.


Use the right analog stick or L2/R2 to cycle through the various gadgets and powers of Kim and Shego. Use the selected gadget or power by pressing the Circle button.


  • Bubblegum: Throw a wad of gum at foes to stick them in place, giving you a chance to strike first. Some foes are resistant to the gum, so be careful. Also good for throwing at a wall button or lever to open a doorway or raise/lower a platform.
  • Grappling Hook: Use Kim's grappling hook to swing across wide gaps or over dangerous ground. Press Circle to fire the grapple line at a 45 degree angle and swing like Spider-Man and Tarzan! Press up or down on the D-pad or left analog stick to decrease/increase the length of the grapple line. Press left or right on the D-pad or left stick to continue swinging and press X or Circle again to detach the grapple line.
  • Electro-Magnetic Scrambler (EMS): A special gun that fires a beam which disrupts electronic signals used to cloak foes or sometimes even platforms and walls.


  • Grapple Beam: Works just like Kim's grappling hook, except it shoots a green laser beam instead of a grapple line to swing from. Press up/down on the D-pad/left stick to decrease/increase its length, press left/right on the D-pad/left stick to continue swinging, and press X or Circle to detach the beam.
  • Magne-Go: A strong magnetic power used to pull metallic objects towards her to help progress past certain obstructions or activate doors or platforms. Can also be used to pull foes towards her, usually resulting in a free hit once she gets them up close.
  • Electro-Magnetic Punch: Similar to the EMS that Kim uses, except Shego uses her powers instead of a gun. Used to disrupt electronic signals of invisible machinery or foes. Nearby foes are likely to be stunned as well.

Small Heart

A round token with a small heart design on it. Restores a little bit of health to Kim/Shego.

Large Heart

A round token with a large heart design on it. Restores all health to Kim/Shego.

KP Token

A round orange token with the initials KP on it. Adds an extra life to Kim/Shego.

Kimmunicator Tokens

A blue token with a picture of Kim's communicator on it. In single player mode collect all of them in each level to unlock various extras. In multiplayer mode try to collect more than your opponent.

Club Banana Token

A round token with a picture of a banana on it. Collect three each for Kim and Shego in each level to unlock different outfits. Please note, some levels do not have any CB tokens to collect.

Special Mission Token

Randomly scattered on various levels, these tokens look like transparent cubes floating in the air, sometimes up high in a corner, sometimes hidden in an underground room. Each one unlocks a different special mission.

Spirit Monkey

Ghost monkeys conjured by Monty Fiske (Monkey Fist) which haunt his castle and try to thwart your mission.


Professor Dementor's hired goons. Though they look tough, their lack of intelligence makes them easy to knock out. The standard henchman wears a grey outfit with a red and white helmet.

Bomb Henchman

This pesky foe throws small bombs at you from afar. Wait till he throws one, then quickly move away before it hits. He dresses in a black outfit.

Armored Henchman

Crouch and slide kick to break their defense, then hit 'em with a combo to finish them off. This type wears yellow armor.

Stealth Henchman

Impervious while invisible, use your EMS to decloak them, then go in for the attack. Easy to spot by the crackling electricity that surges around them.

Flying Henchman

This guy likes to make the first strike by zooming at you with the aid of his jet pack, so be ready to spring away and dodge his attack, then move in and KO him. Clad in an orange flight suit.

Robot Monkey Ninja

Tougher than Spirit Monkeys, but still not too great a threat. Easy to defeat with some well placed punches and kicks (or a wad of bubblegum). Outfitted in grey armor.

Armored RMN

A bit tougher than the regular RMN's and wearing red and white armor. Use the same tactics to knock them out as you do against the normal RMN's.

Flying RMN

In their shiny gold-colored armor, these guys swoop in for the first strike, similar to the Flying Henchman. As always, a good triple combo will take 'em out.

Disc-throwing RMN

These guys look like the regular RMN's but have a more pointed head and they throw frisbee-like discs at you. Dodge it before going in for a counter attack.

Stealth RMN

Just like the Stealth Henchman, you need to zap this critter with your EMS before you can attack it. Look for an outline of crackiling electricity to spot it.

Mini-Mecha Monkey

Gorilla-like versions of the Robot Monkey Ninja. Still, they're no match for the fighting skills of Kim and Shego. Gum and the Magne-Go will lead to a quick defeat.


Various types of electronic drones try to hinder your progress. Some hover back and forth, some shoot lasers at you. Give them a good swift punch or kick to make short work of 'em.

    • Note - It's a good idea to dispose of all the foes you encounter. Except for the drones, nearly every enemy will leave a Kimmunicator Token behind upon defeat and some of them will give you a small heart, too.


  • The walkthrough is broken down into subsections for each of the eleven levels in the main game.
  • At the beginning of each subsection is a listing of the quantity and type of the various items that can be found in that level as well as which foes you will encounter and how many of each will appear. Kim and Shego (and Rufus) can each find a set number of Kimmunicator tokens when you play a segment as one of them. I've provided the specific number of how many each character can find during their respective segment for your convenience.
  • Since Kimmunicator Tokens are the most common items found throughout the game, I will only refer to them as "tokens" in the walkthrough. All other types of tokens will be listed with their respective name, i.e. KP tokens, Club Banana tokens, etc.
  • Due to the fact that about 90% of the Kimmunicator Tokens are blatantly obvious and right in your face, I'm not going to mention when to pick up every single one. You'll come across almost all of them on your normal path as you progress, so generally I'll only list the ones that are out of the way just to be sure you don't miss them. I say generally because I may list some of the obvious ones when trying to provide a reference to a specific location so that you'll better understand where I'm talking about. Don't forget that nearly every enemy, as well as virtually every box, crate, or small statue that you come across can be destroyed to reveal a Kimmunicator Token.
  • At the end of each subsection is a listing of what extras have been unlocked upon completing that level.
    • Please note, if you do not collect all of the Kimmunicator tokens and Club Banana tokens in each level the extras you unlock may vary from what I have listed.


Kimmunicator Tokens:Kim: 1-39Shego: 40-100
KP Tokens:2
Hearts:Large: 3
Foes:Spirit Monkey: 12

-> The first level is pretty straightforward and acts mostly as a training course. Collect the first three Kimmunicator Tokens and hop up onto the next ledge. The computer will provide a brief tutorial showing you how to climb to the high ledge. After doing so continue along and you'll get another quick lesson, this time teaching you how to perform a vertical wall jump in order to ascend a tall, narrow space. Shortly after that you'll see an example of how to jump to and from a pole. Don't forget to grab the two tokens under the platform! Keep moving and get the tokens on the next ledge before jumping down.

Outside for a brief moment, destroy the monkey statue, then hop to the pole in the next room and jump and swing across the next one, collecting the tokens and landing on the far ledge for another. A short cutscene showing a Spirit Monkey will occur, then you'll learn how to use the grappling hook. Before swinging across to the platform drop down to get a token, then climb back up and swing over the next couple gaps. Destroy the two barrels and the monkey statue for some more tokens and smash through the floor in the next room after "ghost Kim" shows you how.

Crouch and slide past the axe-swinging statues and wall jump up to the next area. Upon reaching the top of the ledge jump to the wall on your left, spring off of it, and grab the pole. Wait till you're facing left again, then jump, getting the tokens and landing in a hidden room behind the purple curtain. Get the KP Token for an extra life, then exit the room the way you came and go through the door to end Kim's sequence of level 1.

Now we're playing as Shego! Head to the left, wall jump up to the ledge on the right and go through the library, collecting tokens along the way. Time to face your first foe! Give that Spirit Monkey a good triple-combo punch and take the token he drops. Wall jump to the lower-right ledge, but before destroying the statue and proceeding on, wall jump to the left to reach the upper-right ledge to find another KP extra life token. Drop down to the previous ledge, get rid of the statue and another Spirit Monkey. Slide past the axe-swinging statue and you'll find yourself trapped in a room with two more foes. Defeat them both to open the door and continue on.

One more tutorial, this time about breaking weak doors. Stay low in the next room to break the statues and gather some tokens, then go back and jump across the poles to reach the next ledge. Slide under the axe, defeat another foe, and slide under another axe. Wall jump up to the ledge and as you head towards the door you'll be locked in the room with four more foes. Once again, defeat them all for the door to open. Collect the tokens, smash through the three floor sections, slide past the axe, and dispose of three more Spirit Monkeys. Make sure you get the third one before wall jumping out of the room so that you get the token he drops. If you're too quick, he may not spawn in time! After climbing up, head out the door to complete the first mission!

You've Unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!New Music!


Foes:Spirit Monkeys: unlimited

-> This is a short mission with just one objective: knock the idol off the tall post in the center of the room. How do you do this? Just like Wade says, defeat a Spirit Monkey whose color matches that of the post. As the post changes color, you'll have to defeat a Spirit Monkey of the new corresponding color. Pretty simple, really. There's no penalty for knocking out a Spirit Monkey of a different color, so don't worry if you need to KO a red monkey to reach a green one. After whacking four of the ghostly glowing critters the idol is yours! (Or is it?) If you take too long though, the color meter of the post will slowly decrease, meaning you'll need to defeat an extra foe or two, so don't dawdle. Get to it!

You've unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!
New Music!A Multiplayer Game!


Kimmunicator Tokens:Kim: 1-39, 98-142Rufus: 40-47Shego: 48-97, 143-150
KP Tokens:5
Club Banana Tokens:Kim: 3Shego: 3
Hearts:Small: 14Large: 3
Foes:Henchman: 37Bomb Henchman: 3Armored Henchman: 4

-> After getting the first couple tokens a short scene will introduce you to the standard Henchman, dressed in gray, with a red and white helmet. Might as well try out the Bubblegum Wade just gave you, eh? Press R2 to select it, then press circle to throw it at the henchman. Run up to him and deliver a single punch to knock him out and get a token! I recommend using the gum against all the upcoming foes for your convenience. Why hit 'em three or four times when one punch or kick can get the job done.

You'll next find an area with some balconies. Jump across to the second and spring off the panel to the left to reach the upper balcony, then jump off one more panel to reach the KP token on the uppermost balcony. Continue on and make sure you wait for the steam to stop blowing out from the floor vents before jumping over them. Gum the enemy and KO him, then stop in front of the open door for a moment. Jump to the wall over the door and spring off it to the left, doing a double jump so you can grab the edge of the nearby structure. Pull yourself up and grab the tokens and your first Club Banana Token! Jump back down and head through the door, KO the henchman, then grapple across the gap. When you come out the other side, jump onto the balcony, jump back to the roof on the left to get the tokens, then turn around and proceed right.

Hopefully you followed my advice and have been using the gum, but if not, the game will show you a short scene about how it works against your foes. Dispose of him and keep moving right. Jump over the vents when it's clear and watch the bit about using gum to make a lever stick. However, before doing so, jump to the ledge over the lever for some tokens and the second Club Banana token. Gum the lever, ride the lift down, gum another lever, and when the lift stops you can get off. Watch out for the vents and KO the enemy.

Time for Rufus to lend a hand! This part is quite simple, so just proceed through the shaft, collecting the tokens along the way and avoiding the steam shooting from the pipes. When you get to the end there'll be a tutorial about how to make Rufus work the lever, but don't miss the KP token right below before jumping on the lever. Good job! Now we switch to Shego!

Whack the henchman, then jump on the car for a neat chase sequence through the city streets. Leap across the vehicles and take out any foes that get in the way (these guys don't drop tokens) and don't miss the tokens hovering in the air. You may need to jump to get a couple of them, so be ready! Also, be prepared to duck under a street sign before the ride ends.

Back on the ground, head right, KO the baddies, and grab your tokens. After passing under a wooden balcony, take the low path to find a hidden room with a Club Banana token and another foe just beyond it. Wall climb up to the next roof and you'll be whisked off to another car chase. Jump, fight, and dodge signs as traffic rolls on, collecting tokens and Small Hearts along the way. Hey, a new foe! This henchman likes to throw little bombs at you, but they're easy to avoid. Stand off to either end of the bus till he throws one, then move to the other side to evade the blast. After a moment or two he'll hop over so you can get rid of him.

Up on the next roof, swing on the pole and jump off to your left to find another KP token, then go smash through the floor you saw below the pole for a Club Banana token. Move on, take out the three henchmen, get on the pole and jump left to wall climb to the top of the structure. Make sure that as you leap off/over the green awning on the right that you get the token hovering in the air. If you miss you can't go back for it, unless you let the next foe KO Shego or you restart the level. Deal with the last three foes to end this segment.

As the lift ascends with Kim on it, KO four henchmen and be on the lookout for the blue window on the right. Smash it open and enter the hidden room to find a lone henchman, a bunch of tokens, a Large Heart, and a KP token, as well as Kim's third Club Banana token at the top of the passage. Head to the left to exit the area and return to the lift. After three more regular foes we meet a new type of henchman. Watch the lesson on how to take him out. Crouch and slide kick to break his defense, then sock him!

On the next roof, KO the enemies, jump to the flagpole, then the balcony, then another pole to reach some out-of-the-way tokens on the far roof. Drop down and continue on. Take out the Armored Henchman like before, smash the floor, drop past the vents when the steam stops, and get on another lift. Just below the steam vent on the left is a window to break leading to a small hidden room with some tokens. Don't miss it! While riding the lift down, avoid steam vents, KO foes, and avoid the bombs being thrown by the henchman. Defeat the foe at the bottom, head right to get on yet another lift, and watch to the left for a token in the air. Jump off to reach it and land in another hidden room. Gum the lever to lower a platform so you can reach the KP token. Hop outside and get back on the lift. Get off at the top of the roof to end this sequence and return to Shego.

Just like the other times in traffic, grab any tokens that fly by, duck or jump when a sign passes by, and knock out any thugs that get in your way. Shortly after defeating the small group of enemies, one of the tokens that zips by is a Club Banana token, and right after that is the end of the level!

You've Unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!More of the Ron & Drakken Story!
Outfit #2 for Kim!Outfit #7 for Shego!New Music!


Kimmunicator Tokens:Kim: 1-64, 150Shego: 65-149
KP Tokens:4
Club Banana Tokens:Kim: 3Shego: 3
Special Mission Token:1
Hearts:Small: 7Large: 5
Foes:Henchman: 10Armored Henchman: 12Stealth Henchman: 7

-> Right at the start just after the sandbags, KO the first foe, jump on the crate (don't destroy it for the token yet) and leap up to grab the pole. Swing and jump off to the left, and you'll find the first Club Banana token on the second platform. Drop back down and smash through the lower platform to find some tokens. A little further on you'll need to duck under the wrecking ball that's swinging by, then you'll be introduced to a Stealth Henchman. Watch the lesson about how to make him vulnerable to your attack, switch to Kim's Electro-Magnetic Scrambler (EMS), then zap him and knock him out! Jump across the moving platforms to the next zone and you'll need to use your EMS to make a ledge materialize. In the next room drop to the ground and break through the floor to find a Club Banana token. Back up top, grapple (or jump) across the gaps and be ready for another Stealth Henchman right after the next drop. Once he's out of the way throw some gum at the button on the wall on the left to open the door on the right and make your exit.

Back outside dodge another wrecking ball and zap another invisible foe, collecting tokens along the way. Get on the platform moving up and down and use the EMS to shoot the "missing" platform and hop on it. Grab the KP token just above, too, but be quick because the platform won't remain solid for long. Avoid a series of wrecking balls and look out for the Stealth Henchman just beyond them who drops down from above. After taking out another foe, jump and throw some gum at the button over the door to open it and enter. Inside, KO the enemy and get the KP token, break the floor on the left and KO another enemy, climb out on the right, then stick some gum on the button to your left to open the door and get out. Don't miss the token just outside over the door!

Hey, look - a billboard advertising Dr. Drakken's mind control shampoo. Neat! Ahem. Anyway. Grab the KP token above the two nearby crates before breaking them, then destroy the wood panel right next to them on the right to find Kim's third and final Club Banana token on this level. Pass through the atrium to get more tokens (don't forget the one on the roof), KO a couple more foes, and grab the tokens at the end of the path before getting on the lift moving back and forth, ducking as the ball swings past. Deal with one more foe and move on to Shego!

Grab that token in the air over the car right at the start! Swing from the pole, grab the token, smash the display case, then go through the door and wall climb right away to get to the ledge. Break down the door to enter the room and find a Club Banana token. Returning below, make your way past the gears, KO the Armored Henchman and collect more tokens all the while. From here on you'll occasionally need to get past some rotating gears. They only stop for a second, so quickly crouch and slide by 'em. As you proceed you'll need to jump across some wooden platforms which will shake and crumble apart after a couple seconds, so move fast before you fall. Slide past some more rotating gears, then you'll be in a room with two large cylinders moving up and down. In the air over the second one is the second Club Banana token for Shego. Grab it and jump off to your right to continue.

In the next room, jump to the ledge just before the first cylinder and climb up one more ledge to find a room with a couple tokens in it. On the lower level past the cylinders is a ledge with a KP token on it, too. Make your way across the tops of the cylinders to get to the ledge and continue on. After sliding past a couple more rotating gears you'll be in a room with some very large gears which have small platforms sticking out of them. Get on the platforms and ride around to collect the various tokens and to get to the next ledge so you can proceed, but don't forget to get the tokens and KO the bad guy on the ground level first. Also, some of the large gears have posts sticking out that will hurt you if you don't duck under or jump over them, so be careful.

Same thing in this next area. Dodge the gears with posts, sock the enemies, and grab the tokens, including the one behind the door at the far right, then ride the platforms on these gears to reach the next area to the right. In this area, dispose of the bad guys and head all the way to the far right. Smash the floor and enter the hidden room below and to the left to find a Special Mission Token! Use the wall jump to get out of this hole and be ready to face another foe up top. Head back to the first large gear on the left and ride counter clockwise on the platform to find a Club Banana token in the upper left, at roughly the eleven o'clock position. After that, ride the gears heading to the right, get the token off the shaky platform, jump back to a gear platform, then jump to the ledge on the right. Smash the crate and wall jump to where the heart token is to reach the upper ledge. Dash under the spinning gear, hop over the next few, dash under another, and wall jump again to get up to the next ledge. This next part requires some good timing with your jumping skills. You need to jump to the platform at the center of the gears while avoiding the posts sticking out of the spinning gears, then immediately jump to the next platform before the one you're on breaks apart and you fall down. If you jump when the two posts are in the twelve and six o'clock position you should get by easily. Smash the machinery on the next platform and the gears will all slow down. Jump across one more large one like you just did and then to the final platform and you're done! Well, sorta.

A real short segment with Kim. Use your grappling hook and swing across the same path that you just did as Shego. Use your EMS to take out the lone Stealth Henchman, keep swinging to the right, and that's it!

You've Unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!More of the Ron & Drakken Story!
Outfit #8 for Kim!Outfit #5 for Shego!New Music!Special Mission #5!


Kimmunicator Tokens:Shego: 1-26, 68-86, 134-150Kim: 27-67, 87-133
KP Tokens:4
Club Banana Tokens:Kim: 3Shego: 3
Special Mission Token:1
Hearts:Small: 14Large: 8
Foes:Henchman: 18Armored Henchman: 14Stealth Henchman: 6
Flying Henchman: 5Bomb Henchman: 1Helicopter: 1

-> Right at the start you'll have your first encounter with a Flying Henchman. KO him and his pal, then watch out for the small gun turret in the background as you wait for the exhaust port to clear so you can jump past it. Here comes trouble: a helicopter is going to keep pace with you and shoot missiles while you continue running across the deck of the airship, fighting henchman, avoiding obstacles, and collecting items. It won't be there all the time, but be ready for it to swoop back in for an attack at any moment. Swing across the pole to avoid the gas fumes and leap over the exhaust vent. Just ahead you'll be trapped by some barriers and you'll need to fight off a bunch of foes in order to move on. Slide kicks and triple combos are very helpful here. Once free, continue to the right, dodge the gun fire and the vent, and feel free to bust up the small turret that pops up right in front of you. After that you'll need to swing and jump across some poles. Be sure to grab the Club Banana token as you double jump off the last pole. Beat up the thugs and ride the lift down to switch to Kim.

Ride another small lift down and bust open the door on the left to wall jump up to a box with a token inside, then go down and proceed to the right. After you deal with the thug that comes down the chute, wall climb up the next section and go to your left first to find a box and statue to break open for some tokens. From the platform where the Club Banana costume change icon is, leap across the gap to the next platform on the right and KO the Armored Henchman. Jump up to grab the token (you'll need to double jump and press square for a little extra height), then jump the gap to the next platform on the right. Hop on the box to get the KP token, then grapple back to the left to get the other token and make your way back to where the Club Banana costume change icon is. Look down and to your right for a statue of Professor Dementor. From where you're standing, jump and press triangle for a leaping dash-kick. You'll bust the statue and land right next to a Club Banana token. Drop down on your left to the bottom level, KO the henchmen, bust down the door to the left for a token and small heart, go right and break the crate before wall jumping up past the vents to return to the ledge where the KP token was so you can get the other token from the crate. Whew! Moving on...

When you jump to the next platform be ready for an ambush from a Henchman and a Stealth Henchman, then drop down the shaft on the right. Punch out two more goons and drop down before swinging across the poles. Bop the thug and destroy the statues at the right and left ends for some tokens, then ride the elevator (on the left) back up. Now jump and swing across the poles to the ledge. Wall climb when the steam clears, head left at the top, knock down the door, KO the foe, and grab the KP token on the lower left ledge. Resume heading right. Destroy the statue against the far right wall *before* you deal with the two Stealth Henchmen, then hop down the shaft that just opened.

Thanks to Wade's ingenuity Shego can now use her powers to make a grappling beam, just like Kim uses. Start out by going left to get the tokens and wall climb for a couple more, then proceed to the right. Avoid the missiles from that pesky helicopter, use your new grapple beam to swing over the laser beams, and wall climb to the ledge just above for a large heart and some tokens hiding in the crates. Drop down into the next area and head left to destroy some gun turrets, some crates, and to find another Club Banana token at the far left wall. Get the token and large heart to the right before riding the elevator back up and go just a little further to the right to finish this segment.

Playing as Kim again, go left, KO the gun and the foe, then climb up the ledge to get a KP token. Continue on to the right and you'll come to an area where the ground is covered with noxious fumes and some platforms are moving up and down. Be sure to thoroughly search this area high and low for tokens, as well as enemies who will drop them, too. Ride the first platform on the left up to the ledge on the left, KO the foe, then wall jump to reach another small ledge above the pipe. Grapple and swing across the room to the right and collect the tokens and defeat the foes along the way. At the far right end you'll find the next Club Banana token. Go ahead and break the door, but don't go through it. Instead, drop down and make your way onto the far right platform. Wait for it to start moving down, then quickly use your grapple gun to grab the underside of the nearby ledge on the right. Swing and detach, grapple, swing, detach again a few times to find the next Special Mission token hiding way over in the corner. Talk about a sneaky hiding spot! Get back to the moving platform and get off at the next upper ledge on the right. Continue past the steam pipes, head into the room to beat up the henchman and grab the tokens and go back outside and wall climb up to the next area.

Grapple and swing across the next couple platforms, but take a moment to drop down for some tokens. Ride the lift back up and grapple over to the right some more till you see a pole just before some gas. Jump and grapple onto the ledge just to the right of the pole, then jump to your left to grab it. Swing and jump to the left and grapple across the platforms collecting the tokens and breaking the statue at the left end. Head back towards the pole and grapple to the ledge above it to swing over to the right. Use the EMS to expose another ledge and head across it while avoiding laser fire from the guns. Double jump at the end of it to reach a small ledge with a token on it, jump over to the next for another, and finally once more to get Kim's third Club Banana token for this level. Drop down just below here to KO a couple Armored Henchmen, then go down the shaft and take out the Stealth Henchman to lower a nearby bridge.

Shortly after resuming control of Shego you'll be barred from proceeding till you defeat a small group of Henchmen. Once done, you'll need to navigate past various vents and gun turrets while beating up the foes and avoiding the missiles from the helicopter. After a couple of double-vents you'll come upon a pair of gun turrets. Hop on them, double jump and press square to reach the Club Banana token overhead, but watch out for those missiles! Keep moving to the right, defeat one more Flying Henchman and jump off the ledge, grabbing the last few tokens along the way. Time to deal with the helicopter!


-> When the copter moves in low and close, jump and punch or kick the nose to damage it. After a couple hits it will pull away and shoot some missiles that you'll need to dodge, then move back in close for you to strike it again. Crouch to avoid its laser fire from the small gun under the nose and continue the process of hitting the cockpit, then evading more missles. After five successful hits the copter will go down in a fiery wreck. Congrats! You just destroyed a helicopter with your bare hands!

You've Unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!More of the Ron & Drakken Story!
Outfit #4 for Kim!Outfit #6 for Shego!New Music!Special Mission #6!


Kimmunicator Tokens:Rufus: 1-15, 165-176Kim: 16-73, 148-164, 232-250Shego: 74-147, 177-231
KP Tokens:4
Club Banana Tokens:Kim: 3Shego: 3
Special Mission Token:1
Hearts:Small: 8Large: 7
Foes:Armored Henchman: 17Flying Henchman: 3Bomb Henchman: 7
Drones: 5Robot Monkey Ninja: 21Armored RMN: 12

-> This mission starts you out as Rufus. Crawl along the walls and ceiling, collecting tokens along the way, avoiding the gears and steampipes. When you get up top chew through the wire as shown to lower the gate on the left. Head over there and continue through the duct, still avoiding gears and steam. Chew the next wire and climb up above that spot for some tokens before going through the next gate. Go past all the gears and pipes to find a lever at the far right end to jump on.

Back to Kim! Swing across the bars and over the laser beams and get to the upper roof to take out the Armored Henchman. Drop down on the right and kick open the door for another foe and some tokens, then head back out and leap over the lasers. Wait for the giant clamp to open before running or sliding past it and wall climb after the turret, turning to your left to go back for the tokens. In the next car get on the turret to grapple over the beams and break open the door. Just outside this car you'll notice a crack on the surface of the car. Do a drop strike to smash it and find a hidden area. Shoot the EMS at the platform, run across and grab the tokens, break the door and KO the Armored Henchman, then head back to where you first broke the roof by wall jumping up. Continue across the roofs of the train cars and KO the two foes. Hop down when you reach the right end and use the EMS on the currently invisible platform, then run across quickly while avoiding the bombs from the Bomb Henchman. Toss some gum at the lever to connect to the next set of train cars and head back to the right.

Wall jump to reach the roof and dispose of the goon, then head past the gun turrets and drop down at the end of the roof. Jump to the lower platform in front of the clamp, then jump and press triangle to zip past it and grab the edge of the next platform. Jump to the next platform and you'll see a Drone hover near. A swift punch or kick will destroy it. Grab the KP token and jump to the pole on the left, swing and jump to the next pole on the right, and keep going till you jump off in front of another giant clamp. Scoot past all three clamps and jump to the roof of the next car. Destroy the drone and try not to fall down the hatch. If you do, just go left and wall jump back up to the roof. Take out the other Drone and pick up the Club Banana token at the end before jumping and smashing through the broken section of roof. Do another jump/slide kick to get past the low wall and shoot your EMS at the cloaked platform after the clamp so you can jump to it. Deal with the foe, climb the ledge and grapple to your left for some tokens before proceeding right. Take out the Flyers and drop down at the end again, head left, fire the EMS, dodge the lasers and gum the lever to pull up to the next set of train cars. Hop on and run across to end this part.

As Shego starts, head right over the first "bump" and jump to the wall hanging down on the right. Spring off it to the left and immediately grapple to the ceiling, leap off and grab the pole, leap off that and wall climb up the narrow shaft to the upper ledge. Get your tokens and a KP token on these upper platforms. Drop down from here and learn about your new Magne-Go power. Use this power often, as it helps make short work of your foes! Head right KO'ing foes, leaping over the platforms while avoiding the steam and jump off the pole to the ledge. Down in the next area use your Magne-Go to pull the metal crate onto the floor panel to open the door on the left, then go in and flip the switch for the door on the far right.

Wall jump to the left, then right, to reach the platform on the right. Head across to get the tokens, then return to the left and drop down to find a cave with more tokens. Don't forget to slug the Robot Monkey Ninja that are now popping up. Magne-Go works wonders on them, too! Continue over the lower platforms, smash the trash can at the end, get the token on the upper roof by the gun turret, hop back down and grapple over the fumes for more tokens. Punch the log at the entrance to the mine shaft for a token and then when you enter go in till you see a mine cart, jump on it, jump to the upper platform on the left and swing across the pole to the far left ledge to find a Club Banana token. Go back and destroy that mine cart so you can pull the nearby metal box onto the floor panel and lower an elevator. Wait for the two foes first so you can get their tokens. Ride the lift and jump to the pole on the left and swing to the platform for a KP token and small heart.

Get back to the elevator and go right at the top this time, run past the gun turrets and swing across the poles on the bridge before the wooden planks give way. Armored Robot Monkey Ninja now make an introduction. As always, hit 'em with your Magne-Go for a quick KO! Since you can't go through the doorway yet, leap to the small platform on the left and grapple all the way back to the left to reach the small upper platform with another Club Banana token. Staying up high, head back to the right and over the roof of the structure to find a lever to pull and a RMN to KO. Head right, destroy the cart and pull the first box into the hole in the ground, being sure to avoid the bombs from the Henchman, then pull the second box to the floor panel on the left. Once the elevator is lowered get on it and collect the tokens and the KP token scattered around the upper platforms, then head to the right where you'll need to defeat some RMN's to open the next door.

This next sequence as Kim can be somewhat difficult, especially if you're trying to get all the tokens along the way (you are, aren't you?). A giant snowplow will be attempting to grind you into kibble with the blades on the front of it as you make your way from left to right. Never stop and do your best not to miss any button presses when jumping or climbing. To start, jump over the fallen logs and use the slide kick to gain a little extra distance (X followed by triangle). When you come to the broken bridge you're going to have to grapple across roughly half way, then quickly wall jump to get on top of the platforms for more tokens as you continue across the bridge. Between grapples it's best to use a single jump rather than a double jump, otherwise you're likely to overshoot the next grapple point. So as you come to the broken bridge your actions should go something like this:

Double jump - grapple/swing/release - grapple/swing/release - grapple/swing/release - grapple/swing/release - double jump to reach the far ledge - grapple/swing/release - double jump to plant Kim on the right wall - wall jump left - wall jump right onto the platform! That's the tough part! From here just continue to run and double jump, swing off the pole and keep moving along, collecting the tokens, KP token and the Club Banana token as you go. Another grapple/swing/release or two is necessary, too, so pay attention. Thankfully, we've now reached the end! Don't be discouraged if this part takes a few (or a lot) of attempts. Patience and quick thinking will get you through it!

In control of Rufus once more, head right and jump on the button. Use the cylinder it activates in conjunction with the pipes to climb up and get past the steam while collecting tokens. Drop down to find another button and turn on two more cylinders, using them to avoid the steam as you make your way upwards and to the right. Another button, another cylinder. Go up and right a bit more to find a wire to chew on and end this segment and return to Shego.

Jump across the bridge and use the poles to reach an upper ledge on the right, while avoiding cannon fire from the snowplow and getting the KP token and Kimmunicator tokens. Drop down and enter the mine, fighting off some RMN's of both the normal and Armored types. Head to the far right, wall climb all the way up, leap to the ledge with the trash can, just after the one with the metal box. Use Magne-Go to pull the box so it falls to the platform below, then grapple to the left past another metal box, land, and pull it off like you did with the other. The left crate should land on its mark, so climb up on the right again and give one more tug to that box, which will place it on the floor switch, causing a door on the floor in the center of the room to open. You may enter when ready.

Grapple over the toxic gas, but be sure to wait for the steam pipes to stop. Wall climb, zonk the robo monkey, zonk a few more Armored RMN's and wall climb at the far right of the room to the platform over the one with the metal box. Jump to the lower platform on the left so that you can use the Magne-Go on the box to the right. Drop down and give it a little extra tug to get it on the floor switch and activate a lift. Get back on the ledge you were just on and jump onto the lift to the left. Get on the left edge of the lift and look further left to see a ceiling to grapple to. Quickly jump off and grapple over to reach a secret ledge with some tokens and a Club Banana token. Get back on the lift again, ride it up, KO the foe on the right, grapple over the gap and when you land, fight off all the RMN's. Before moving on we need to get another Special Mission token. Head right just a bit so you can grapple to the ceiling, then turn around and go left. Get the tokens and continue grappling left all the way into the far corner to find the SM token. Once you've got it you can go back to where you fought the monkey's and exit through the door.

Get on the large lift and prepare for a ride, collecting tokens, fighting Henchmen and dodging lasers at the same time. Don't forget you can destroy the flying laser-shooting drones with a good swift punch or kick. When you get off there will be a couple more Armored monkeys waiting for you. Oh joy, the snowplow is after Shego now. *grumble grumble* Thankfully it's much easier this time than it was when it was after Kim. Basic jumps and grapples will carry you across the broken bridge to safety and the end of Shego's turn.

Sneak past the giant clamps, wall jump to a ledge with another, jump to the poles and swing over by another clamp, scamper past it and a second one, wall climb up, dodge some more clamps and some laser fire from the gun turrets and break the grey casing on the roof of the train car to get inside. KO the thugs and stick some gum on the lever to move some floor panels over, then head into the next car, ignoring the invisible wall, and smash the gun turret. Past the clamps, use the EMS on this wall to wall climb up above for a bunch of tokens. Drop down, head right, drop down again, head left and jump over the lasers to get a token and go a bit further for a Club Banana token. Resume your course right, shoot the EMS at the platform, hop up and climb to safety and run across the last car to reach the end of this very long level!

You've Unlocked:New Concept Art!New Extra Art!More of the Ron & Drakken Story!
Outfit #6 for Kim!Outfit #2 for Shego!New Music!Special Mission #1!