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Like the previous game, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA is a PS2 version that allowed for online play. Unlike the previous game, however, you were able to select the song you wanted to play in the game's lobby. In fact, you could select from any song in the game from the very beginning, even if you had not unlocked them from normal play.

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This game contained 5 songs that could only be accessed online. "Trim", "Silver Platform -I wanna get into your heart-", "NIJIIRO", "HONEY♂PUNCH", and "Feelings Won't Fade (Extended Trance Mix)" were all included on the game's disc, however were coded in such a way that they could not be accessed or unlocked at any point during offline play. Instead, the songs could only be accessed when playing online, and even then were slowly rolled out by Konami over time, one song each.

Each of these songs were included in the master song list for this game's sequel, SuperNOVA 2. At the moment, these songs can ONLY be played on SuperNOVA 2 game in the US, as the online servers for SuperNOVA shut down after one year.

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