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Cosmosphere Script by Eleinia

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/08/08

¯¯¯¯¯                                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
_____                                   _______________________________________

    Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

    Cosmosphere Script (Version 1.00)

    transcribed by Eleinia

    August 8, 2008


Ar tonelico is one of my favorite games. So I decided to transcribe some of the
most interesting parts of the game, namely the Cosmosphere. I have finished the
game long ago, but sadly it took me such a long time to get around to do this.
Anyway, if you have already played through the game, I hope this script would
bring you back the memories of the fun playing this game. If you haven't played
this game, I hope this script would interest you to try out this game.

    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
   /  Table of Contents  \/                                             \
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I.    Misha's Cosmosphere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-00
    - Level 1 [Coloring Heart]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-01
    - Level 2 [Dark World]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-02
    - Level 3 [Mission] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-03
    - Level 4 [PP Syndrome] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-04
    - Level 5 [Young Sage]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-05
    - Level 6 [Scarlet Queen] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-06
    - Level 7 [Caged Tiger] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-07
    - Level 8 [Antinomy]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-08
    - Level 9 [Vow] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-09
    - Level E [Kentonis]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-10
    - Level M (Misha's Path)  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-11
    - Level M (Aurica's Path) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MC-12

II.   Aurica's Cosmosphere  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-00
    - Level 1 [Rose Princess] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-01
    - Level 2 [Scar of the Dragon]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-02
    - Level 3 [Healing Hand]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-03
    - Level 4 [The Power to Lose Power] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-04
    - Level 5 [Warped Protector]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-05
    - Level 6 [Beautiful Heart] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-06
    - Level 7 [Holy War]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-07
    - Level 8 [Lamentation of Intent] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-08
    - Level 9 [Vow] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-09
    - Level E [Sigzar]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-10

III.  Shurelia's Cosmosphere  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-00
    - Level 1 [Love Master] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-01
    - Level 2 [Run Into]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-02
    - Level 3 [Solemn Promise]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-03
    - Level 4 [The Two's Feelings]  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-04
    - Level 5 [Heroes of the World] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SC-05

      Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-00

      Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-01

      Legal Info  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-02

    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
   /  I. Misha's Cosmosphere  \/                                     ___\___
__/                            \____________________________________/ MC-00 \__
¯¯                              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯

    Level 1 [Coloring Heart]                                          MC-01

The world was too weird to call a "world." It existed only to show Lyner.
A hollow world plastered with lies, because Misha does not have the courage
to show her true self yet.

* Lyner arrives at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: This is a Cosmosphere...?

* A little girl on an ocarina appears. *

???: ......

Lyner: Whoa! Who are you!? You startled me!

???: What is your name?

Lyner: ...Huh?

???: Your name!?

Lyner: Oh, ah, yeah...I'm Lyner Barsett.

???: Lyner!? Oh, I knew it...

Lyner: Huh? Do you know me?

???: ......

???: ...I knew it. Good thing I didn't expect too much.

Lyner: Hey, that's not nice!

Hama: Ah, never mind. I'm Hama, the [Mind Guardian] of this Cosmosphere.

Lyner: Mind Guardian...?

Hama: Yes. It's my job to stop intruders like you from wandering around.

Lyner: I'm not an intruder! Misha asked me to dive in. That's the only reason
       I'm here...

Hama: Hmph!

* Hama hits Lyner. *

Lyner: Oww! What did you do that for!?

Hama: That's for not taking responsibility for your own actions! I really feel
      sorry for Misha. Hmm, I wonder why she chose you...

Lyner: Well, I'm sorry...

Hama: That's okay. I've already given up on you.

Hama: But, I'll always be with you as long as you're inside this Cosmosphere.
      And I'll be watching your every move.

Lyner: Great. So, what do I do to help Misha craft some Song Magic?

Hama: It's not that difficult. Just look around until you find Misha. Then,
      explore with her.

Hama: If something dramatic happens, she'll craft a Song. But with Misha, she
      might start crafting Songs without all the drama.

Hama: But, to visit different locations, you'll need a good supply of dive

Hama: Significant locations require more dive points. That's because only
      reliable people should enter them.

Hama: To enter those locations, you need to build a reliable relationship with
      Misha in the real world to earn enough dive points.

Lyner: ...Okay.

Hama: Heheheha! The best thing to do is just walk around the world.

* Background moves to the Cosmosphere map. *

Lyner: So, this is the world inside of Misha's mind... What can I say to
       describe it...

Lyner: Well...pictures are worth a thousand words, so...

Hama: Oh! Don't be too quick to judge! There's more to this world than you can
      see from here. You should look around.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: What a nice looking town.

???: Lyner!!

* Misha appears. *

Misha: Lyner! You're here! Thank you for coming!

Lyner: Misha? Why is Misha in her own mind?

Misha: Well it's my world. I can do anything I want.

Lyner: I see... Then, can you use magic?

Misha: Of course! But to craft magic, I need a healthy imagination and a lot of

Misha: So, I need your help. It's a lot harder to craft by myself.

Lyner: Okay. Misha from the real world said she wants Song Magic that shoots a
       lightning bolt...

Misha: Oh yeah, I can do that right away.

Misha: Hmmm... How about this?

* Ground is shaking with the intense sound of electricity. *

Lyner: Whoa! Be careful with that!

Misha: There you go! The real Misha should be able to use it now, too.

Lyner: Wow! Crafting Song Magic is a lot easier than I thought.

Misha: It really depends on the person. I'm really good at this...well, I'm
       better than others.

Lyner: Misha, you're amazing!

Misha: Thank you!

Misha: If you want more Song Magic, you can search this world to find more.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Crafting magic seems so easy.

Hama: That was just a simple one. I'm sure you'll screw up on the higher level

Lyner: Don't say that...


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Hama: What are you doing? I don't want you to wander around inside Misha like

Lyner: I'm sorry. It's my first time going into a Cosmosphere. It's so strange.

Hama: You... Don't tell me Misha is your first dive partner at your age.

Lyner: Well, yeah, she is. When I was in Platina, I was alone, swinging my
       sword and charging around.

Hama: ...I'm amazed.

Lyner: And don't you have to really trust each other when diving?

Lyner: It's not that I didn't have a partner... I just couldn't get that far
       for personal reasons. I'm a little cowardly, ahaha!

Hama: You really are.

Lyner: ...I'm sorry.

Hama: ...

Hama: Well, it seems you care a lot, maybe even too much, for Reyvateils.

Lyner: Of course!

Hama: Treasure those feelings.


* At the Constraint House... *

Misha: Lyner...I think you're moving too fast...

Lyner: Wh, what!?

Misha: You know what I mean. You couldn't just wait a minute?

Lyner: No, wait! You got it all wrong. I wasn't thinking of anything dirty!

Misha: Huh? Dirty thoughts? I was talking about Song Magic.

Lyner: Oh...

Misha: You were thinking something dirty!

Lyner: No, it's not like that!

Misha: Ahahaha! I was just kidding. It's so fun to tease you!

Lyner: Don't make fun of me! I'm serious, you know.

Misha: I'm sorry. I'll craft something new. I know, I'll make it a "Blue Magic"
       this time.

Lyner: Blue Magic? What's that?

Misha: Blue Magic is mainly for "Guarding" and "Healing". To craft it, you have
       to be with someone that you really want to protect.

Misha: So, Blue Magic is like proof of my love for you, Lyner.

Lyner: Sure.

Misha: Here we go! Ya!

* The Thunder Guard appears. *

Lyner: What is this?

Misha: My thoughts of wanting to protect you created this.

Thunder Guard: Misha, Lyner. I'll protect you from thunder with my metal

Misha: Thanks!

* The Thunder Guard disappears. *

Misha: So this is how it works.

Lyner: You really can make anything! I'll just have to dive with you every time
       I need new magic.

Misha: Yeah, you can count on me!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: You're so amazing, Misha...

Hama: Well, she is better than the average Reyvateil.


* Outside the Life Tower... *

Misha: Do you know what this tower is?

Lyner: Tower? It looks more like an energy field.

Misha: We need to get closer to check it out.

* Lyner and Misha arrives at the Tower. *

Lyner: It really is a tower...I wonder if we can get in from here.

Misha: No. It's just a port for the symphonic power lines. People can't go

Lyner: Symphonic power lines...?

Misha: You won't understand now, so I'll have to tell you later.

Misha: Anyway, it's easier to craft powerful Song Magic around here since
       there's an abundance of energy.

Misha: That's why you should craft your Red Magic here to get powerful attacks.

Lyner: I see.

Misha: Okay, we wasted enough time! I'll make something awesome!

Misha: Here we go. Ya!

* A big Dragon appears! *

Lyner: Wow!!!

Misha: I did it!

Dragon: Are you the one who crafted me?

Misha: Yes!

Dragon: You're just a girl...? Do you think you can handle me?

Misha: What?

* The Dragon strikes with its breath attack. *

Misha: Agh!

Lyner: Misha!

Dragon: You fool! You're 10 levels too early to craft me!

Misha: No fair! I created you...

Dragon: You may have the power to craft, but I won't take orders from posers
        like you who are afraid of showing the truth.

Misha: ......

Dragon: Come back later!

* The Dragon disappears. *

Misha: ......

Lyner: Are you all right...? Get a hold of yourself!

Misha: I'm too embarrassed to be with you.

* Misha runs away. *

Lyner: Misha!!

Lyner: ...I have to chase her!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Where did she go!?

Hama: ...I don't know. Find her yourself.

Lyner: You're so cold.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: Misha... Where are you...?

???: Are you looking for someone?

* A mechanical rabbit with a clock appears. *

Lyner: Who are you!?

Watch Mecha Rabbit: I'm a part of Misha's consciousness. I don't know why I was
                    created, but we'll learn soon enough.

Lyner: I'm Lyner. Do you know where Misha is?

Watch Mecha Rabbit: No. I don't have a crystal ball to tell your fortune.

Lyner: Hmmm...do you know what's happening? Or what caused it?

Watch Mecha Rabbit: It's because the dragon is beyond the capacity for this
                    world to contain.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Misha's a girl of great potential. She can craft magic
                    that's greater than her world can handle.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: This time, she messed up. Misha can craft a dragon, but
                    she's not capable of handling it.

Lyner: The Cosmosphere is so complicated. So, when will she be ready to handle

Watch Mecha Rabbit: She has to increase her spiritual level. It's important
                    that she willingly does so.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Unless she feels the need to do so, you can't do anything
                    to help her.

Lyner: ...I got it.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: As her spiritual level increases, she has to reveal her
                    inner secrets to you.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: All the graffiti in this world is a reflection of her
                    unwillingness to reveal her true emotions.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Her true world is underneath all this filth.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Misha is probably afraid to show you her true feelings.
                    And you know why, don't you?

Lyner: ...?

Watch Mecha Rabbit: You're pretty slow... You should go talk to Misha

Watch Mecha Rabbit: I've been here too long. I should get going.

Lyner: Misha's secret world...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: You still haven't found her?

Lyner: Does Misha have something that she doesn't want to show me?

Hama: Huh? Of course. Not just Misha. Most people don't show 95% of their true
      selves. Which means, you are only seeing 5% of that person.

Hama: By diving, you're seeing the private 95% of that person.

Lyner: What!? I'm not here to invade her privacy!

Hama: I know you didn't mean to, but after all, that is what you're doing.

Hama: I know Misha is the one who asked you to dive, but she also regrets
      asking you.

Hama: She wanted you to dive and get to know her more.

Hama: But, at the same time, she doesn't want to show you her ugly side.

Hama: Girls have many inner feelings, you know?

Hama: You need to understand and care for her!

Lyner: I know.


* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: Misha! There you are! I was starting to get worried.

Misha: ...I put your life in danger...

Misha: I was trying to impress you, but all I did was embarrass myself...

Lyner: There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyway, what happened here?

Misha: I guess...this world just isn't strong enough to have a dragon.

Lyner: Yeah...to have something as big as a dragon in here, you'll have to
       improve your spiritual level.

Misha: How do you know that!?

Lyner: Some rabbit-looking creature told me...it lives in here somewhere.

Misha: Really!? I haven't even seen it. So, what did you talk about? Did it say
       something bad? Do you hate me now?

Lyner: Calm down. All I heard was that this world you're showing me isn't real.

Lyner: Misha...why won't you show me your true self?

Misha: Because...I don't want to. But, it's not because I don't like you...

Misha: It's completely the opposite...

Misha: In my true heart...there's a bunch of things I don't want you to see,
       like my past, my true feelings, and embarrassing memories.

Misha: To craft stronger magic, I have to reveal myself, so that you can get
       closer to my deeper feelings...

Misha: So, I have to show you the embarrassing and ugly side of myself...

Lyner: ...Don't worry. Nothing can change how I feel about you. Whatever I see,
       I won't hold it against you.

Misha: ...You mean it?

Lyner: Yes, I do.

Misha: ...Okay. But, don't get your hopes up. Compared to my real Cosmosphere,
       the dragon was nothing...

Lyner: Really...?

Misha: ...Yeah. I heard that you were coming, so I wanted to fix up my
       Soulspace a little just to cover it up.

Misha: I didn't want you to see my real world...

Lyner: ......

Misha: But, I made up my mind. I have to show you the real me.

Misha: I don't know what I was thinking. You must hate me for trying to lie
       to you.

Misha: All I wanted was for us to be together. I'll be honest with you from
       now on.

Lyner: ......

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... and light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: What is this!?

Hama: Oh, that!? That's a Paradigm Shift!

Lyner: A Paradigm...Shift!? What's that? Like another monster or something?

Hama: You idiot! That means that Misha's spiritual level has grown.

Hama: By jumping into the light, Misha's spiritual level will advance by one.

Hama: Hurry, before it disappears! Go to the Stonehenge!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Misha: The Stonehenge is glowing...

Lyner: Misha, if you jump into the light, you'll get one level stronger.

Misha: Over here?

Lyner: Yeah.

Misha: If I gain a level, that horrible world might return...

Misha: I'm afraid to show you the real me...I'm scared that you won't...like
       me anymore...

Lyner: Misha...

Misha: I know I decided to do it earlier, but...now...I'm too nervous...

Lyner: Misha, it'll be alright. Growing stronger can't be bad, can it?

Lyner: I'm s proud of you for being this brave. And, nothing can change
       that now.

Misha: ...You mean it?

Lyner: Yes.

Misha: ...Promise?

Lyner: ...Yes.

Misha: Okay...I'll go.

Misha: Hey, Lyner...will I see you again in the next world?

Lyner: Of course.

Misha: ...Okay!

    Level 2 [Dark World]                                              MC-02

The curtains of lies are swept aside, and now the world is only darkness.
Misha doesn't know the real world, or herself in the real world. Lyner lights
the fire in her heart, one by one, using her emotions as the source of light.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Huh? It's nighttime now?

Lyner: No, something's wrong. I better go check outside.

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Wha-!? It's pitch black!

Hama: You just saw Misha's true world, so you better take responsibility
      for this.

Lyner: Responsibility!? What are you talking about!

Hama: Misha showed you all of her fears, so now you have to calm her down.

Lyner: Well, I always treat her well. So, where did she go?

Hama: Why don't you look for her yourself. Though, you might not find her.

Lyner: What do you mean?

Hama: You'll know what I mean soon enough. It's beyond your imagination
      right now.

* Hama leaves. *

Lyner: Hey...she's gone... I guess I should search around.

Lyner: ...I see some light over there. I guess I better check it out.


* At the Eternal Street... Jack in a strange outfit appears. *

Jack: Yo, hey Lyner.

Lyner: U...m... I'm sorry who are you?

Jack: What are you talking about? It's me, Harmonica.

Lyner: Harmonica...!? I really don't know... But that voice! Are you Jack?

Jack: Who...? Whatever. Either way, I never though I'd meet you in a place
      like this.

Jack: Well, how's it feel to be inside Misha's mind? Pretty nice, huh?

Lyner: I don't really get what you mean by pretty nice but...

Jack: Alright. Well, I don't think it's that dangerous since it's Misha's
      world, but take care on your way.

Jack: And if something's up, tell me. I'll be around to listen and talk to.
      Don't worry on your own.

Lyner: Uh, yeah...

Jack: What's wrong? Is there something that's bothering you? Do you want me to
      go with you?

Lyner: Eh? No, it's okay... You don't have to do that.

Jack: I see. Anyway, if you're in trouble, just come and talk to me, alright?

Lyner: (Wh, what is this Jack!? He's really kind and his name is different and
       his clothes are robes...)

Lyner: (... Oh yeah, this Jack is merely an image of Jack that Misha created)

Lyner: (But... What kind of relationship do they have!?)


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: ...It's really dark in here...I can't see anything.

Lyner: Ouch! I bumped into something.

Lyner: Huh? I can see a light. I better go check it out.

* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: No...I'm back in town. I guess it's too dark to go up the mountain...


* At the Life Tower... *

Hama: You, are you so bored you had to come here?

Lyner: Well, that's not really it. I just felt like someone was here so I was
       a little curious.

Hama: And it was me. Too bad it wasn't Misha.

Lyner: I didn't think it was "too bad."

Hama: ...

Lyner: By the way, I've been a little curious, but why are you holding an

Hama: W, wait... Is that... A serious question? You really don't know!?

Lyner: ...Huh?

Lyner: Uh, I mean... U-m...

Lyner: Oh, I know! You use the ocarina like a balloon to float, right?

Hama: Stupid! No!

Lyner: Uh... Oh, oh yeah! I just thought that was something else then...
       Ahaha... Um, it was...

Hama: Don't force it. I'm super shocked but, it can't be helped...

Lyner: I, I'm sorry...

Hama: But I'm not going to tell you the reason! Either try to remember, or ask
      Misha yourself!

Hama: *meanie*!


* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: Nobody's...here...?

* A grown-up lady appears. *

???: Lyner....

Lyner: Whoa, I'm sorry I didn't knock. Um, how do you know my name?

???: You know, it really hurts when you forget me a second time. Once in the
     real world and now here...

Misha: I'm Misha. This is my true form.

Lyner: What!? You can't fool me that easily.

Misha: I see...you don't believe me. Well, it is understandable.

Misha: It took me a lot of courage to go through the Paradigm Shift. I was
       expecting this from you, but it's still disappointing...

Lyner: Paradigm Shift!? So it's really you, Misha?

Misha: Yes, I told you so!!

Misha: What do you think of this world after the shift? Isn't it wonderful...?

Lyner: Why is it so dark...?

Misha: I don't know. All I know is that I've been living in this darkness since
       I was born. This is my real world.

Lyner: This...is your real world!? It can't be.

Misha: It's true!

Misha: I was locked up in a dark room since I was born. And, I've been living
       in a dark room ever since...

Misha: All I've been doing is singing.

Lyner: ......

Misha: It's okay. But, I guess telling you this doesn't really change anything.
       Say, wanna go for a walk?

Lyner: Sure.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: You sound surprised.

Lyner: A little.

Hama: So, which one do you prefer?

Lyner: Wh, what are you talking about!?

Hama: You aren't any fun. Don't you want to go on a date with the glamorous

Lyner: Yeah...


* Back at the Constraint House... *

Hama: I was wondering who it was...

Lyner: Hey Hama. So, there's something I've always wanted to ask you...

Hama: ...What is it.

Lyner: Why are you wearing an overall apron?

Hama: ...!! Wow, you noticed I was wearing an overall apron!

Lyner: It's well hidden behind the ocarina, so it's hard to see. So, what's up
       with that?

Hama: ... That's a secret! If you get it right, I'll tell you.

Lyner: U-m... Is it this? You actually have a husband and kid... And you are a
       housewife who protects the household...

Hama: Stop saying such stupid things! Wrong! You're way wrong!

Lyner: Aww...

Hama: Too bad! I guess I can't tell you the reason.

Lyner: Seriously...I won't be able to sleep if you don't tell me.

Hama: In your long lifetime, it's a little more fun to have at least one
      unsolved mystery.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: This is even darker than the night... Lights don't even do much good
       at all...

Misha: ...I know. I can't even enjoy shopping. It's no fun.

Lyner: You think so? I kinda like the atmosphere in this town. It's...nice.

Misha: Thanks. I told you that I'll give you a tour. To tell you the truth,
       this is the only place I can show you around.

Lyner: I see...

Misha: The rest of it is too dark to walk. If we enter the darkness, we could
       easily get lost.

Misha: It's really an ugly world...

Lyner: It's not ugly. I think it looks beautiful.

Misha: You really think so...?

Lyner: Yeah. Besides, if you keep complaining, it'll never get better.

Lyner: I think you should learn to like it. That way, you can enjoy it better.

Misha: But it's too dark to enjoy anything...

Lyner: We can improve it by adding more lights. I'll help you make this world
       more suitable.

Misha: Thanks.

???: Hi there you two.

Lyner: Huh? Who is it?

* A small chunk of ice appears. *

???: I'm right here, young man...

Lyner: Wow, a chunk of ice is talking to me!

Misha: Who are you?

Ice Fairy: I'm an Ice Fairy. I want to get back up the mountain, but it's too
           dark for me to get back.

Ice Fairy: If I don't get back soon, I'll melt away. Will you take me back up?

Misha: An Ice Fairy? You mean, the one who was creating all the snow!?

Ice Fairy: Yes! I know I don't look like it, but I used to make it snow all
           the time.

Lyner: Snow...?

Misha: Don't you know what snow is? It's the breath of an Ice Fairy who lives
       high up in the mountains.

Misha: It's beautiful, and the snow helps to brighten up this dark world.

Misha: It used to snow on an icy mountain. But, it stopped snowing and I'm not
       sure when or why.

Ice Fairy: It's because I got lost. But if I get back up the mountain, I can
           make it snow again.

Misha: It brings back some wonderful memories. I want to see the snow fall

Ice Fairy: I'm glad to hear that, and I want to make snow, too! It's been
           so long...

Lyner: That's it! We need snow in this world.

Lyner: Let's take the Ice Fairy back up the mountain.

Misha: Yeah...but it's really dark. We'll get lost.

Lyner: Don't worry, it's your world. We can find our way, even in this

Misha: I guess, but...

Lyner: What happened to the confidence you had in level 1? You said your dreams
       come true in this world.

Misha: You're right. It doesn't do us any good to cry about it. Besides, this
       is my world.

Ice Fairy: So, I can really go back up the mountain!? You saved my life!

Misha: ...I don't know for sure yet, but I'll concentrate on my crafting...

Lyner: ......

Misha: I can see it. I found the route to the mountain!

Lyner: Really!?

Ice Fairy: You did it!!

Misha: Yes! I'm certain. I just spoke with this world and crafted the way to
       find the answer!

Lyner: Does that mean you crafted magic?

Misha: I think so. It's not tangible, but I think I can craft Song Magic.

Misha: I crafted the magic that lets me talk to the world and figure out
       the answer.

Lyner: I see...well, we can climb the mountain now, right?

Misha: Yes, I'm sure of it.

Lyner: Then, let's get climbing!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: It looks like things are going well.

Lyner: Well, it sure seems like it.

Hama: As long as I'm saved, it doesn't matter to me.


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: This is...really dark. Misha, is everything alright?

Misha: ......

Lyner: Misha? Where are you?

Misha: Over here, Lyner!

Lyner: ...I can't see.

Misha: Oh, right. Here, I'll hold your hand...

Lyner: Oh, uh...

Misha: ......

Misha: Here we are! On top of the mountain.

Ice Fairy: Yay! I'm back! Thank you! I'm so happy!

Lyner: What a view...

Misha: Yeah, I know. This is the highest point in my Cosmosphere.

Ice Fairy: Thank you, guys! I'm finally back where I belong!

Misha: So, will you let it snow again?

Ice Fairy: Oh yes, of course! Here goes!

Ice Fairy: ...Huh?

Misha: ...What?

Lyner: Yeah, what's wrong!?

Ice Fairy: My body melted and shrank. I'm not strong enough to make it snow...

Lyner: Are you serious?

Ice Fairy: I'm useless... I can't make it snow with my body like this...

Misha: So...we brought you here, but you still can't make it snow...

Lyner: There's gotta be another way to do this. You can't give up just yet.

Misha: I know...

Misha: Hey, what about this?

Ice Fairy: What is that?

Misha: Ha!

* Misha casts ice magic and the Ice Fairy grows in size. *

Ice Fairy: Ugh! Wh, wh, what are you doing?

Lyner: Hold on! I think you're getting bigger!

Ice Fairy: Oh yes! I am...

Misha: It's working. Let's try it one more time!

* Misha casts another ice magic and the Ice Fairy grows even bigger. *

Ice Fairy: Agh! I'm getting bigger, but it hurts...

Misha: Don't you want to make it snow again? I know I wanna see the snow.
       So, let's work together!

Ice Fairy: ...You're right!

Misha: Okay, now hold on a little longer!

* Misha casts the ice magic again and the Ice Fairy becomes huge. *

Ice Fairy: Agh! I can feel the power!

Misha: Great! So, are you ready?

Ice Fairy: Yes, I think I can make it snow now!

* It snows... *

Lyner: This is...

Misha: Snow! It's snowing!!

Lyner: Misha! You did it!

Misha: Yes, I did. But only because you told me not to give up.

Lyner: But, you did all the work.

Misha: ...I wonder how long it'll take for the snow to stick...

Ice Fairy: It's coming down pretty hard now. It shouldn't take too long.

Misha: You're right! I can't wait to see it!

Misha: Lyner, let's go back to the Inn and watch the snow fall.

Lyner: Alright.


* At the Constraint House... *

Misha: ...Do you think it'll keep snowing?

Lyner: I'm sure it'll snow for as long as you want it to.

Misha: It's going to be beautiful...the roofs, the streets...the whole world
       will be blanketed in white.

Lyner: Wow, you really know a lot about things covered in snow.

Misha: ...Actually, I don't know anything about it. That's why I wanna see it
       so badly.

Lyner: What do you mean?

Misha: Until just recently, I didn't even know what the real world was like.
       I just kept singing in a dark room...

Misha: Because of that, this world isn't like the real world. It's based on
       a book I read. It's all fake...

Misha: I was too embarrassed to show you my world of lies and fakeness.
       Especially because you're so important to me...

Lyner: ...You really think it's that bad? I like this world...

Misha: ...You're just saying that...

Lyner: No, I'm serious. This town is so beautiful. In fact, it's so beautiful,
       there's no way that it could've been based on a real village.

Lyner: Just walking around town makes me want to see everything.

Lyner: There's a lot of wonderful things that I've never seen before.

Misha: Lyner...thank you. I hope you get to see all the different wonders of
       my world...

Misha: I'm still a little nervous. But, thanks to your compliments,
       I'm starting to like this place...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... and light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: That's a Paradigm Shift!?

Hama: That's right! You better hurry to Stonehenge!

Lyner: Alright!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: It's finally time to move on to the next world.

Misha: I didn't get to see everything covered in snow. That's kinda sad.

Misha: I used to think I had no control over my own world.

Misha: But, I was wrong. I always wanted to see the snow, and now I finally
       got the chance...

Misha: I'm starting to like this place.

Lyner: I'm happy to hear that.

Lyner: There's many wonderful things to find here. I'm surprised to see you
       grow so quickly.

Misha: What?

Lyner: I don't know how to say it, but...I'm not used to seeing you like this.
       I was a little nervous, but this is how you're supposed to look, right?

Misha: Yeah...

Lyner: Well, I guess it doesn't really matter...

Misha: ......

Misha: I should get going.

    Level 3 [Mission]                                                 MC-03

Misha doesn't know the real world. The reasons were cruel, and were caused by
a painful destiny: the task to save the world. But until she can fulfill her
destiny, her feelings continue to wander for eternity.

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Wow, everything is covered in snow.

Hama: It's proof that Misha is beginning to like her world.

Lyner: Okay, then she should be fine now.

Hama: It's too early to say. She's more sensitive than you think.

Hama: For instance, this world is dark. Why do you think it's so dark?

Hama: She's still fighting her inner struggles. I need you to understand that.

Lyner: Yeah, you're right.

Hama: Oh, a place called the [Pier] has appeared in this world.

Hama: The Pier is a very important place to Misha. You should visit there

Lyner: Okay. I think I'll go there now.

* At the Pier (Wharf of Endless Calm)... *

Lyner: This is...a strange place. I've never seen anything like this before.
       It's kind of like an airport, but not quite...

???: This is the pier for ships that sail on water.

Lyner: Who are you!?

China Misha: I've been waiting for this ship to arrive. It feels like I've been
             waiting forever...

Lyner: Are you going to board the ship?

China Misha: Yes, I guess...I have to board it to go back to my hometown.

Lyner: I see...

China Misha: It's really boring to just sit here and wait.

Lyner: How long have you been waiting?

China Misha: Well...it's been 4 years.

Lyner: 4 years!? That's such a long time...

China Misha: But it's so important to me that I just had to wait for it...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Why is the pier located out here?

Hama: You need to find that out for yourself.

Lyner: Do you know when the ship will arrive?

Hama: I don't know. I think it's up to you.

Lyner: That doesn't help me very much.


* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Good evening.

Lyner: You're still waiting for the ship?

China Misha: Of course. You never know when it'll come back.

China Misha: But, waiting around here is boring...

China Misha: I know! Why don't you grow a flower with me?

Lyner: ...A flower?

China Misha: Yes, like this one.

* A sprite holding a little sprout appears... *

Flower: ......

Lyner: Huh? This is a flower?

China Misha: Well, what else could it be? I found it the other day in a corner
             of the warehouse. I decided to bring it back.

Lyner: Are you supposed to do that?

China Misha: It's okay. It's supposed to be mine, anyway.

Lyner: What do you want me to do?

China Misha: Come water it every now and then. You'll love this flower, too.

Lyner: O...kay. Sure, I'll come back and water it.

China Misha: Please take good care of it.


* At the Wharf of Endless Calm again... *

Flower: ......

China Misha: Are you here to water the flower?

China Misha: You need 1,000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

* Water the flower. *

* The flower has grown. *

Lyner: Whoa!

China Misha: The flower grew so much!

China Misha: It's fun to take care of this flower with you. My days aren't so
             boring anymore.

Lyner: I'm glad.

China Misha: I'm not good with sports, and I'm scared of heights. So, I didn't
             like to play outside when I was little.

China Misha: But, I like to go out to water flowers. It's exciting to see
             them grow.

Lyner: You must like flowers.

China Misha: Yes, very much. The [Tail of Reminiscence] is my favorite place...

China Misha: It's a monument that's surrounded by flowers.

China Misha: We said goodbye at the [Tail of Reminiscence] when I left for
             Em Pheyna.

China Misha: Do you remember?


* Another visit to the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

Flower: Lyner...

China Misha: The flower remembers you now. Are you here to water it?

China Misha: You need 1,000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

* Water the flower. *

* The flower has grown into a stalk. *

Lyner: Whoa!

China Misha: The flower grew again!

Lyner: Is this a flower? It looks like a stalk to me. It's kinda strange

China Misha: Don't say that!

Lyner: If it was any smaller, I could eat it...

Flower: !!

* The flower is shivering. *

China Misha: Stop! Don't scare the flower!

Lyner: Huh? I've eaten a plant like this before. It's pretty good if you steam
       it with some spices. Do you cook, Misha?

China Misha: No...I don't know how.

Lyner: Really...!?

China Misha: I didn't have time to learn! I've always wanted to, though...

Lyner: Then, we can cook something together. But, I only know how to cook manly
       stuff, though.

China Misha: Manly cooking?

Lyner: Yeah, you know like BBQ ribs, BBQ hot dogs, BBQ burgers... Pretty much
       BBQ anything.

China Misha: ...I don't want you to teach me how to cook.

Lyner: Yeah, I get it...


* One more visit to the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Good evening, Lyner!

China Misha: You and the flower are really close. Are you here to water it?

China Misha: You need 1,000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

* Water the flower. *

* The flower has grown into a big tree. *

Lyner: Whoa!

China Misha: The flower grew again!

Lyner: Is this a flower? Are you really sure about this!?

China Misha: You worry about the minor details too much!

Lyner: I can't help it!

China Misha: You're right. Thanks to your love and care, it's getting bigger
             than I expected.

Lyner: Yeah, the kind of love that's big enough to turn a flower into a tree...

Flower: Lyner, Misha, thank you for taking care of me.

Flower: I've grown enough. It's time for me to repay you for your love.

Flower: Please use me for your magic, Misha. I'll be useful.

China Misha: Really!? Thank you!

Lyner: Good for you.


* One last visit to the Wharf of Endless Calm in a while... *

China Misha: Good evening, Lyner.

China Misha: There's no flower to water any more. I miss it.


* At the Life Tower... *

Hama: So, you really come to the Cosmosphere often. Is the real world alright?

Lyner: Whoa, whoa, I might come in often, but it's not like I dive so often
       that I can't do anything in the real world.

Hama: If you say so. I don't have a relative sense of time of the real world,
      so I don't really know.

Hama: So then, what do you normally do in your real world?

Lyner: What do I do? I accept missions from Lady Shurelia, and look for

Hama: Hmm-, that's the kind of things you do. So is everyday kind of tough
      for you?

Lyner: Not really tough... It's just that I never know what will happen
       everyday. And I confront death often.

Hama: ...

Hama: Then aren't you pretty stressed? Do you relieve it with some hobbies
      or something?

Lyner: It doesn't really cause me stress. I've been doing dangerous jobs since
       I was in Platina.

Lyner: Well, there is one thing, I really miss eating Funbuns! Ahaha!

Hama: Funbuns...? A snack...?

Lyner: ...Huh? What's wrong?

Hama: ... Nothing. I was just about to faint from the super destruction of
      your image.

Lyner: What's that supposed to mean?

Hama: You're such a kid. You're all grown up now, so get a more adult hobby.

Lyner: ...For example?

Hama: Heh!? F, for example...!? Um...

Hama: Having evening drinks...

Lyner: ...Evening drinks...

Lyner: Hama, you're like an old man...

Hama: N, no! I just said that to match you! I don't have that kind of hobby!

Lyner: I, I know. But it's weird for you to come up with "evening drinks" of
       all things.

Hama: I... I didn't want to say it either! I tried to match your image and
      that's what came to me!

Hama: Now! Stop wasting your time here! Just go back to reality and eat
      your Funbuns!

Lyner: Alright, alright...


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: This town is so white...just like she said. Snow made the world

Lyner: It's beautiful and fantastic. It's a little cold, though.

???: Excuse me.

* Aurica in her Skuwat outfit appears. *

Lyner: Whoa! Aurica!? What are you doing here, and why are you dressed
       like that!?

Aurica: I'm...cold...

Lyner: You must be. I mean dressed like that.

???: Lyner!?

* Child Misha in her Magical Shower outfit appears. *

Misha: You're here! I'm so happy! Look, isn't the snow beautiful?

Lyner: W, wait! What happened to you!? You got smaller again...

Aurica: Maybe...are you the Song Fairy? Can you please do me a favor and give
        me something warm to wear? I'm freezing.

Lyner: Song Fairy!?

Misha: Human, are you really cold? Fine, I'll give you something, so go away.

* Misha crafts the Ice Guard. *

Ice Guard: Did you call me?

Misha: Ice Guard, this human is cold. Give her something.

Ice Guard: No problem!

* Aurica changes to her Don Leon outfit. *

Aurica: It's really warm! Thank you so much, Song Fairy!

Lyner: Aurica!?

Misha: Why do I have to do a favor for a girl whom I don't even know...?

Lyner: Misha? What's with this Song Fairy?

Misha: The Song Fairy is the one who sacrifices herself to make other people's
       dreams come true. Right now, I'm the Song Fairy.

Misha: But, I'm sick of doing this. I don't wanna do favors for people that
       I don't even know.

Misha: I just wanna be a regular human...

Lyner: But, you are a human, right?

Misha: What are you talking about? I said I'm the Song Fairy, not a Human.

Misha: A Song Fairy is a machine made to serve Humans.

Lyner: (Why does everything sound so confusing...?)

Misha: I know! Lyner, I have a favor to ask you! Help me become a Human.
       I'm sick of being a Song Fairy!

Lyner: Why are you asking me all of a sudden...? I don't even know what to do
       about it.

Misha: There is only one way for a Song Fairy to transform into a Human.

Misha: I need a special medicine from the [Shaman] who lives in the mountains.

Lyner: Wow, that's some medicine...

Misha: Yeah, so I need to go up into the mountains. Will you come with me?

Lyner: Well, I guess I can.

Misha: Great! Let's do it!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: You did it again.

Lyner: What did I do?

Hama: You hurt her unconsciously. That's why she's small again.

Lyner: I didn't know that.


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Spica: ...Oh, you are...

Lyner: Spica... Even you're here...

Spica: Shush! Don't address me simply by my name!

Lyner: Eh!?

Spica: You must call me, your Lady Queen.

Lyner: L, Lady... Queen?

Spica: Now, hurry!!

Lyner: Y, yes!! M, my Lady Queen!

Spica: Ah...such a beautiful sound. I'm going to melt...

Lyner: ...What? Was Spica this kind of person?

Lyner: (Maybe it's a part of Spica I still don't know about... Which means,
       I wonder if Misha calls her Lady Queen all the time too...)

Spica: Now then, Lyner.

Lyner: ...Huh?

Spica: Your answer is always yes!!

Lyner: Y, yes!!

Spica: Such a good child. ...Ahh, it feels so good...

Lyner: ...

Spica: Well then, I must go get prepared to rule this world, so I leave Misha
       to you.

Lyner: Eh!? What!? Wh, what am I supposed to be left with!?

Spica: You do that part well on you own. Bye-bye.

Lyner: (I, I don't get it... What is wrong with this world...)


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: Wow, it's really cold. Much colder than level 1.

Misha: Of course. An Ice Fairy lived on this mountain.

???: Did someone call me!?

Misha: Ice Fairy! You look fine.

Ice Fairy: Thanks. Oh, it's you...

Lyner: Do you remember me?

Ice Fairy: Of course. You saved me on a previous level. How can I forget you?

Ice Fairy: Oh, I want to pay you back for what you've done for me. I think
           there's enough snow for a while, so I can help you now.

Misha: Are you sure?

Ice Fairy: Yeah. You can call me whenever you need me.

Misha: Really!? Thank you!

Misha: Do you know where the [Shaman] lives?

Ice Fairy: Sure. I can take you to him.

Misha: Great!

Ice Fairy: I usually find him around here. Hey Shaman, where are you?

* A little kid on a floating bottle-like object appears. *

Shaman: Did you call for me?

Ice Fairy: Hello, Shaman.

Lyner: You're the Shaman!?

Misha: I can't believe it.

Shaman: But if you don't, I'll die!

Misha: No! I didn't mean it like that! I have a favor to ask you. I want to be
       a regular Human.

Shaman: You're a Song Fairy, right? I get visitors who ask for that all the
        time. It's no problem, I'll fix something for you.

Shaman: Oh, this is my last one. Don't waste it.

Misha: Wow, thank you. I'm gonna be a Human.

Shaman: Oh, you should go somewhere quiet to take your medicine. An Inn would
        be perfect.

Misha: Alright!

Misha: Now, I can be a Human! I don't have to guard Humans anymore.

Lyner: Hey, Misha. Don't you like to make people's dreams come true?

Misha: I didn't say that. It's just...not fair. Everyone else is having fun,
       but I have to work...

Lyner: ......

Misha: It's not fair that I work hard while everyone else is out having fun!

Misha: I'm just a robot, so I shouldn't complain about work, right?
       But, I'm sick of it!


* At the Constraint House... *

Misha: I can finally become a Human!

Lyner: Yeah, but are you sure you aren't going to miss being a Song Fairy?

Misha: No! I won't have to take care of Humans anymore. I'm gonna be so happy.

Misha: Then...

* Someone knocks on the door. *

Cinna: Someone just collapsed outside! I tried to heal the person, but my power
       isn't strong enough.

Cinna: I saw a Song Fairy go in there. Maybe she can help.

Lyner: Someone collapsed!? C'mon Misha, let's go!

Misha: ...Okay.

* At the Eternal Street... *

Cinna: This way!

Krusche: No...I think I'm gonna die...

Cinna: You'll be fine! A Song Fairy is here!

Krusche: A Song Fairy!? So I'll be okay...?

Misha: W, wait! I never agreed to save you!

Krusche: What?

Misha: I quit being a Song Fairy! So, I don't save humans anymore!

Lyner: Misha! How dare you say that! You don't have to be a Song Fairy to
       want to save people. Humans also try to save people who desperately
       need help!

Misha: Okay! I'll save her if that's what you want! But this is the last time!

Misha: Ha!!

Krusche: Am I...gonna feel better...?

Cinna: ...It doesn't look like it.

Misha: H, huh? It should've worked. What's happening...?

Krusche: No, it's not working.

Krusche: It's okay...thanks anyway. The doctor told me that I won't make it,
         so there's nothing a Song Fairy can do.

Lyner: Hey, what about the Shaman's medicine.

Misha: No! I need it!!

Lyner: Someone is dying right now!

Misha: But if the medicine doesn't work, it'll be a total waste. I'll regret it
       for the rest of my life!

Lyner: But, what if it does work?

Misha: No! You don't understand how I feel!

* Misha runs away. *

Lyner: Misha!!

Lyner: Let's at least take Krusche to the inn!

Cinna: Uh, okay!

* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: She should be okay for now, but she's still in critical condition...

Cinna: I'm worried about Misha, too...

Cinna: Misha doesn't want to sing for complete strangers any more.

Lyner: She doesn't want to sing...

Lyner: Anyway, we have to find Misha.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Do you know where Misha is?

Hama: I don't know. It's not like I know everything.

Lyner: ...Great.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Misha!

Misha: ......

Lyner: There you are! I was worried about you.

Misha: Lyner...what am I living for?

Lyner: Well, that's a tough question...

Misha: I'm not asking you philosophically.

Misha: Ever since I left Platina, I've been singing all alone in one place
       for days on end...

Misha: I didn't know anything about the outside world. I wasn't allowed
       to know.

Misha: I never got to live a normal life, like those I read about in books.

Misha: So, what am I living for? I wish I didn't have any feelings, so that
       I would sing forever and not care about anything else...

Misha: It would be so much easier that way. If I was just a singing doll,
       I wouldn't have to suffer like this...

Lyner: Misha...

Misha: But...I thought it over, and I realized that my selfishness shouldn't
       get in the way of saving Krusche's life.

Misha: Obviously, there's nothing more important than saving someone's life.

Misha: If you die, it's all over. But, as long as you live, you will always
       have a chance...

???: Are you sure?

Misha: ...Huh?

* Shinobi Misha appears. *

Lyner: Who are you!? Are you Misha!?

Shinobi Misha: Of course I'm Misha. But, I come from a world that is still
               unknown to your feeble mind.

Shinobi Misha: You guys can't even touch me now.

Lyner: ......

Shinobi Misha: Misha, are you sure about this? I thought you wanted to be free.

Misha: Free...I...

Shinobi Misha: What do you get out of saving someone you don't even know?
               You should be taking care of yourself before worrying about
               anything else.

Lyner: What!? You can't just barge in here and trick her into doing whatever
       you want her to do.

Shinobi Misha: The same can be said of you.

Shinobi Misha: You're an outsider. Leave her alone. I'm trying to make
               Misha happy.

Shinobi Misha: Misha, take the medicine the shaman gave you. Then, you can
               enjoy the life you deserve.

Lyner: Misha...

Misha: ...I want to save Krusche. My life is important, but her life is just
       as important.

Misha: I don't need the medicine to live. I'll have other chances to be free.

Misha: But if she dies...she'll never get a second chance.

Shinobi Misha: So, that is your answer. You decision will weigh heavily on
               your deeper feelings.

Shinobi Misha: You need to make decisions that are based on your true emotions.
               Otherwise, you will never break the bonds of your heart.
               Keep that in mind.

Misha: Bonds of my heart...

Shinobi Misha: I'll be back when you need me...

Misha: ...She's gone.

Lyner: Let's go back to the Inn. We have to save Krusche. She's in a lot
       of pain.

Misha: You're right...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Maybe I'm dumb, but I just don't understand you sometimes...

Hama: It's not your fault. Misha is just so much smarter than you.

Lyner: ...Leave me alone.

Hama: The problem is, you don't know very much about her. You need to get to
      know her before you can understand her.

Lyner: ...Yeah, well, that really doesn't help me right now.


* At the Constraint House... *

Cinna: Lyner! Misha!

Misha: Sorry I'm late. I'm gonna cure Krusche for real this time.

Misha: But, I can't do it myself, so I have to use this medicine.

Cinna: What!? But, that medicine's for...

Misha: No. It's okay...I'll get another chance. But, if I don't help her now,
       it's over.

Misha: Here goes...

Krusche: ...Uh...ugh? Wha....?

Misha: So, how do you feel?

Krusche: I feel...great. I can't believe how sick I was...

Misha: So, you're okay?

Krusche: I think so! Oh, thank you, mythical Song Fairy! Thank you...thank you
         very much...

Misha: I'm happy for you...

Misha: Lyner, does it always feel this good to save someone?

Misha: I used to think that helping others was a waste of time. But now...
       I have this warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Misha: I did the right thing because you were brave enough to confront my
       true feelings...

* The Shaman suddenly appears. *

Shaman: So, you feel warm and fuzzy inside? That is good news.

Misha: Hey, you're the shaman!

Shaman: When seeing others happy makes you happy, you start to feel a warm
        sensation inside.

Shaman: When your heart is full of this warm sensation, you will want to share
        it with others. And, that leads to helping each other.

Shaman: Until now, Misha, you had never felt such warmth before.

Shaman: That is why you were hesitant to help.

Shaman: But now that you know that the warmth comes from helping others, do you
        think you can begin to enjoy helping others?

Misha: ...I do!

Shaman: That's wonderful! Seeing how vibrant you are makes me want to help
        others, too, Misha.

Shaman: I have the power to [Cleanse]. Please use me whenever the need arises.

Misha: Wait! Does that mean...?

Shaman: You should craft it into Song Magic.

Misha: Okay! I will!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... and light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: There's another Paradigm Shift! Misha, you've grown another level.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Misha: Thank you, Lyner. I'm sorry you have to keep visiting all of my
       strange worlds...

Misha: I don't know what the next one will be like, but I'd love for you to
       come and see it with me.

Lyner: Of course.

Lyner: So, uh, why are you so small again? That's not how you're supposed to
       look, is it?

Misha: ...Well, I don't wanna grow up...

Lyner: Huh?

Misha: Oh, nothing. C'mon, let's go!

Lyner: Hey, wait!

* Outside the Cosmosphere before returning to reality... *

Lyner: She doesn't want to grow up... I wonder if something bad will happen
       if she does...

Lyner: Or, it might be like Hama said. Did I hurt the big Misha...?

    Level 4 [PP Syndrome]                                             MC-04

Her feelings of not wanting to become adult has stopped time in this world.
Is it because of her overwhelming destiny? Or is it because of a careless
remark that was made by someone important to her?

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Whoa, what's this!? Everything's covered with thorns.

Hama: You're finally at level 4. You should've expected something like this.

Lyner: I thought that the higher the level, the more beautiful it gets.

Hama: It's not that easy.

Hama: To grow up, you have to reveal your long hidden secrets and find
      solutions for them.

Hama: There are many unsolved matters and secrets inside the mind.

Hama: Once you grow, you have to reveal them. You can only grow emotionally by
      facing your secrets and finding solutions for them.

Lyner: I...see...

Hama: So as levels advance, Misha's ugly sides will be revealed.

Hama: Supporting Misha won't be easy. But no matter how ugly it gets, you have
      to accept her for who she is and help her.

Lyner: That's...why I'm here...

Hama: If you dived without knowing the magnitude of your role, you should
      leave now.

Hama: ...You still don't remember me?

Lyner: Huh!? Remember...what?

Hama: ...Never mind. I should've known better.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Krusche: ...

Lyner: Huh? Hey, Krusche. I never thought you would be here.

Krusche: You, shut up. I'm making an airship! I can't concentrate on working
         unless you stay quiet.

Lyner: I, I'm sorry...

Krusche: ...

Lyner: ... ...

Krusche: ... ... ...

Lyner: ... ... ... ...

Lyner: But you're only standing and not doing anything!

Krusche: No, I really want to work but I have no idea how I'm going to plan it.

Lyner: What?

Lyner: (Oh yeah! Even though she may look like Krusche, it's only Misha's

Krusche: Lyner, be careful. Your fortune for today is extremely bad.

Lyner: That doesn't sound good...

Krusche: ...I just wanted to say it.

Lyner: (Something is just really weird. I guess Krusche is mysterious
       to Misha...)


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Hama: I was wondering who it was...

Lyner: Hey Hama. So, there's something I've always wanted to ask you...

Hama: ...What now?

Lyner: Those cat ears and bells... What are they? Or like, do those bells
       even jingle?

Hama: They're just for decoration, so no, they don't jingle.

Lyner: But then there'd be no meaning to the bells.

Hama: Well. Then I guess the drums on Misha's hair have no meaning too.
      Or would you want to beat those drums?

Lyner: If I do that, Misha would kill me...

Hama: My bells are the same. They're just accents. Fashion, you know?

Lyner: (Somehow her sense of fashion is a little off...)

Hama: ...What!?

Lyner: J, just thinking it's so cute! Ahaha!

Hama: ...I wonder.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: It's so hard to walk...ouch...

Lyner: I'm getting sick of these thorns...

Lyner: Maybe I'm just not welcome here...

???: That's not true.

* Child Misha in her Pajamas (Sheep Sweets) outfit appears. *

Misha: I was getting bored! Play with me!

Lyner: W, wait Misha!? Why are you wearing pajamas. Are you gonna play
       in those?

Misha: What's wrong with playing in pajamas? Besides, it's night. You should
       be wearing pajamas, too.

Misha: C'mon, let's play everywhere!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: She's acting really childish. This isn't like her at all...

Hama: Extreme mood swings indicate animosity, so you better watch her

Lyner: Right...


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Hama: I was wondering who was here. It's just you.

Lyner: Oh Hama, it's you.

Hama: I'm sorry it's just me. I know I'm of no merit to you.

Lyner: You're wrong. When I'm with you, I feel kind of relaxed, but I don't
       really know why.

Hama: Wh, what are you talking about? I'm only mean to you. Or are you...
      A masochist?

Lyner: Of course not...

Lyner: But it is true that I feel relaxed when I'm with you. I wonder why...

Hama: ... That's...

Hama: That's probably because... I'm your...

Lyner: I know! Those ears!

Hama: ...Huh?

Lyner: Those cat ears are what makes me feel calm. You see, I actually really
       like cats!

Hama: ...

Lyner: And bells! That bell gives it a nice feel too!

Hama: I was the stupid one when I thought I could trust you for even a moment.

Lyner: Huh? ...Wh, what's wrong all of a sudden!?

Hama: Forget it! Go away!

Lyner: Whaa!!


* At Misha's House... *

Misha: What!? It's bedtime already? No, I want to play some more!

Misha: Let's go somewhere else!


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Misha: Lyner! This way!

Lyner: Whoa...it's freezing...

Misha: You're too sensitive! I know, let's have a snowball fight! It'll warm
       you up!

Lyner: But, my hands'll freeze!

Misha: You're no fun. Let's go somewhere else!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Misha: This ruin is an exciting place! Maybe we can find a secret entrance
       or something!

Misha: Let's play hide and seek!

Lyner: W, wait!

Misha: Okay. I'll hide!

Lyner: ...Alright.

Lyner: Hey, Misha...where are you?

Lyner: I'm getting tired. Will you please come out now?

Misha: You're tired already? Too bad.

Lyner: Where did you come from?

Misha: I was transparent.

Lyner: Hey! That's cheating!

Misha: Uh oh! I better run away before you catch me!

Lyner: *sigh*


* At the Life Tower... *

Misha: I wonder how far this tower goes...

Lyner: Well if you don't know, then I guess no one does.

Misha: I wonder what's on the other side of this door. I know that I can't
       go in, but I'm still curious.

Lyner: I know.


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Misha: You can't enter this forest!!

Lyner: Huh!? Why not...?

Misha: Because I said so! Don't enter this forest!

Misha: I'm getting tired. Let's go home.


* At Misha's House... *

???: Misha! I told you not to stay out so late!

* Shurelia plays Misha's mother. *

Misha: Oh! Mom, I'm sorry!

Mother: I didn't even notice when you left. I was worried about you...

Misha: But...you're always too busy studying. You never play with me...

Mother: You don't have time to play! You have to grow up...

Misha: I don't wanna grow up! You can't make me!

Mother: Misha, stop being such a baby!

Lyner: Excuse me...

Misha: Lyner! Save me from this mean, old lady!

Mother: I'm not a mean old lady! Besides, who are you? Are you trying to
        kidnap her with candy?

Lyner: Hi, Misha's mom. I'm Lyner. I think we've met before...or maybe not...

Mother: What? I don't know you. Well...maybe I do know you...

Mother: Who are you? How do I know you? And, will you go out with me?

Lyner: Wh, what!?

Misha: Mom! Are you outta your mind? Stop trying to seduce my friends!

Mother: I...don't even know what's happening anymore...

Lyner: Huh...?

Mother: You've been playing around too much. As punishment, you'll have to
        grow up now.

Misha: What! N, no! Please don't!

Mother: Ah ah! Let's go to the forest now.

Misha: No! I'm not going to the forest!

* Misha's mother drags Misha away to the forest. *

Misha: Lyner! Help me!

Lyner: Misha...!?

Lyner: ...Forest? Is it the same forest Misha told me not to enter?


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Lyner: This must be the forest Misha used to visit with her mom...

Lyner: So, why does Misha hate this forest...?

???: ...No!

Lyner: What was that voice!? It came from over there!

Mother: Misha! Don't be so selfish!

Misha: No! I don't want to! I don't want to ever grow up!

Lyner: ...Misha?

Misha: Lyner! Don't come any closer!

Mother: Lyner, will you please talk some sense into her? She says she doesn't
        want to grow up...

Lyner: Please calm down, ma'am. She'll have to grow up eventually. She's just
       not ready yet.

Mother: Don't you know anything? She's already grown up. She's just
        masquerading as a child so she can act foolish.

Lyner: What!?

Mother: Come over here and take a closer look!

Misha: No! Stay back!

* A grown up Misha body is seen hanging there... *

Lyner: What!? Misha, you're all grown up!

Mother: Yeah. This is how she's supposed to look...

Misha: No! This isn't the real me!

Misha: I hate this body! Don't make me break it!

* Misha casts attack magic. *

Mother: Agh!

Lyner: Gah!

Mother: Stop that! You can't break your body with that!

Misha: Then, I'll craft a Song strong enough to destroy this body in one blast!

* Misha runs away. *

Lyner: Misha!

Mother: I'm sorry to drag you into this...

Lyner: What happened to her? Why is she acting like that?

Mother: She discarded her grown body so that she could remain a child...

Mother: She always dreaded growing up and losing her freedom.

Mother: She has an important destiny to fulfill...

Mother: She stopped whining recently, and began acting like an adult.

Mother: Then, not so long ago, she decided she had enough of being a grown up
        and discarded her normal, grown up body...

Mother: No one knows why she did it. Perhaps she has a new problem...

Lyner: Could it be...that I'm the reason...?

Mother: Please stop Misha from destroying herself.

Mother: If she succeeds, she may even disappear!

Lyner: What!?

Mother: She looked very determined. She is capable of crafting a Song
        powerful enough...

Mother: You have to stop her before she gets that far. Please...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What did I get myself into...?

Hama: ......

Lyner: What is it now?

Hama: You may not have caused this mess in the first place, but now, you're
      responsible for it.

Lyner: Yeah, yeah, I know... Now, I gotta go find her.


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: Misha!

Misha: I found out how to destroy my grown body.

Lyner: Stop it! You might kill yourself by doing it!

Misha: I'd rather die than be a grown up! See you later!

Lyner: Misha!

Misha: Why are you stopping me?

Lyner: I can't let you die!

Misha: But if I don't do something, I'll grow up. And then you'll hate me!

Lyner: Hate you!?

Misha: So, get outta my way!!

* Misha casts the Gaia Bombard song magic. *

Lyner: Guh!!

Lyner: So powerful...

* Lyner faints. *

Lyner: ...! Damn! Where is she!?

Lyner: She must've returned to the forest. I gotta hurry!


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Lyner: Great! She hasn't done it yet.

Misha: I was waiting for you. I wanted you to see me destroy my grown body.

Misha: Then you'll see that this is the true me, and then we'll be together

Lyner: It doesn't matter to me if you're a child or a grown up. Please, don't
       do anything crazy!

Misha: You're lying! You can't guarantee that you won't change your mind.
       You might not like me if I grow up!

Misha: You might even hate me! So I have to get rid of it!

Lyner: Misha...do you really want to do this?

Misha: Of course. It's too painful not being able to be who you really are...
       And it hurts even more when someone likes the fake parts of you...

Misha: You're nice to the little Misha, but that doesn't mean that you'll be
       nice to the big Misha.

Lyner: That's not true. It doesn't matter if you're big or small.
       You're still Misha.

Misha: How can you prove it? Show me proof that you'll still like big Misha!

Misha: If you can show it to me, I won't destroy my grown body.

Lyner: ...Alright.

* Lyner stands in front of Misha's grown body. *

Misha: Lyner!? What are you doing?

Lyner: Do it. If you want to destroy big Misha, then go ahead.

Misha: You're in the way. I don't wanna hurt you, so move!

Lyner: No. I'm here to protect Misha. Both Mishas, big and little, are
       important to me.

Lyner: If little Misha wants to destroy big Misha, there's only one way I can
       stop her.

Misha: You can't stop me!

Lyner: Then go ahead and do it. Even if you destroy me, it'll still protect
       big Misha!

Misha: No. I can't destroy you...

Misha: You're so great. You're determined to protect me, no matter what.

Misha: I guess I must look pretty pathetic...trying to destroy myself to make
       you like me better...

Misha: Lyner, I'm not going to destroy the grown up me. I want to face you
       head on.

Misha: I'll take a chance. If you don't like the grown up me, oh well. I have
       to accept the fact that your feelings for me aren't strong.

Misha: I made up my mind. I realized that there's something else I need to

Lyner: ...Something else?

Misha: Yes. But to do so, I need to go to the Stonehenge. Will you come
       with me?

Lyner: ...Yes.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: So, what is it that you want to destroy?

Misha: The fake me...

Lyner: The fake Misha...?

Misha: Yes. Just like my mom said, this small Misha... it's not real.

Misha: The real Misha is all grown up. In the real world, I'm really 18.
       So, of course I don't really look like this.

Misha: So I'm going to destroy this body, and the whole fake world that
       I created!

Lyner: Misha! Wait!

Misha: I'm gonna do it!

* Misha casts the Gaia Bombard song magic. *

Lyner: Whoa! It's shaking really hard! This place is gonna collapse!

* The Stonehenge glows. *

Lyner: Is that the Paradigm Shift!?

Misha: Yes! I'm through with this lousy world!

Misha: I'm leaving now! Please don't hate me when I grow up!

* Misha runs and disappears into the light. *

Lyner: Misha!

    Level 5 [Young Sage]                                              MC-05

Her unfinished childhood hides in the shadow of her everyday life and
unconsciously influences herself. Deep within are her impulses and desires
that have been pushed away. The scars of her past could be hindering her
current growth.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: I'm finally at level 5.

Lyner: Some wild stuff happened on the previous level, so I was expecting a
       mess...but this doesn't look too bad.

* Adult Misha in her Sailor Girl outfit appears. *

Misha: L, Lyner? What are you doing here?

Lyner: ...Misha!?

Lyner: What are you doing here...and why are you dressed like that...!?

Misha: ...Huh? This is how all students are supposed to dress...

Lyner: Hmm...I just didn't expect to see you here.

Misha: That's because...I don't want to go home...

Lyner: ...I see...

Lyner: (She's often like that...)

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: All the thorns are gone...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Huh...? What's that building in the middle? It looks like a mirage...

Lyner: But, everything else looks normal. This world is the most realistic
       so far.


* At the Life Tower... *

Hama: Hey, you. Why are you here today?

Lyner: Why... Well you're not really the reason I came here.

Ham: Oh, I'm sorry then.

Lyner: Anyway, you're always around whenever I come here, but do you get enough
       sleep? Don't overwork yourself.

Hama: I'm not overworking, and we mind guardians don't need sleep.

Lyner: I see... That's horrible.

Hama: ...Why!

Lyner: Because, sleeping is one of life's most enjoyable things. If you don't
       do that, it's like wasting away 1/3 of your life.

Hama: Stop thinking on your own level.

Hama: First of all, you can't do anything when you're sleeping, right? It's a
      waste of time. And you say weird things without knowing it.

Lyner: Huh? Weird things...? What do you mean?

Hama: Misha says a lot. Almost everyday.

Hama: Like "Ungh" or "Moheh" or "Ah, no..." or "Lyner, not in here..." or...

Lyner: You mean talking in her sleep!? But those last words kind of caught my

Hama: You don't remember those right? I can't stand to go through such

Lyner: I, I see... But if I said that in my sleep, I would be a little
       embarrassed too.

Hama: If those were your words, it's super embarrassing.


* Outside Misha's House... *

Misha: Are you sure you want to come in?

Lyner: Don't you want me to?

Misha: ...No, it's not that. I'm just a little embarrassed...

Misha: It's kind of extreme...but don't worry about it...

Lyner: Extreme...!?

* Inside Misha's House... *

???: I need more sake! Bring me more sake!

* Lyner's father plays Misha's father. *

Lyner: ...! Wh, what!?

???: Father! Stop it!

* Shurelia plays Misha's sister. *

Misha: This...is normal for us...

Sister: Father, we can't afford to buy you any more...

Dad: ...What did you say!? Can't afford more!? Then sell your clothes and make
     some money!

* Dad hits Sister. *

Sister: Guh!

Lyner: Dad! Stop it! What are you doing!?

Dad: Dad!? Who are you? I don't know you!

Misha: Father, please!

Dad: Misha, you're home. Where've you been? I need sake! Bring me some
     more sake!

Misha: We don't have any sake! Are you drunk again?

Dad: How dare you speak to your father like that!

Misha: You always have your way and say whatever you want! Why don't you ever
       consider other people's feelings?

Dad: You're just a kid! You need to learn to obey your parents!

Misha: No!

* Misha casts magic on Dad. *

Dad: Guh!! You!? You attacked your own father with magic!?

Dad: That's it! You're out of here! And, don't come back till you bring me
     more sake!

* At the Eternal Street... *

Misha: I've had enough. I don't want to ever come back home.

Sister: You can't do that. We're a family. Father will worry about you if you
        don't come home.

Sister: Let's get some sake and come home. I've heard we might be able to find
        imported sake at the pier warehouse. Let's go check it out.

Misha: Big sis is always too nice to father...

Misha: Lyner, I'm sorry that you had to see that. I'm so embarrassed...

Lyner: No, don't worry about it.

Sister: Oh, is he your friend? Good evening, I'm Misha's big sister.

Lyner: Hi.

Sister: ...Is he your boyfriend?

Misha: N, no he's not!

Sister: I see...then, will you go out with me...?

Lyner: Wh, what!?

Misha: No!! You can't do that! Big sis, you can't ask him that! What's wrong
       with you!?

Sister: I...don't even know why I asked...

Lyner: (...I think this happened before...)


* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Good evening. What's up?

Lyner: I heard that you have imported sake here...

China Misha: Yes we do. It's only 10,000 leaf right now.

Misha: 10,000 leaf!? I don't have that kind of money!

China Misha: I guess you wouldn't. Then why don't we have a drinking
             competition. If you win, I'll give you a bottle for free.

Misha: I can't drink sake!

China Misha: It doesn't have to be you. It could be the young man or the lady
             next to you. Or you can bring a friend.

Sister: I can't drink sake. What about you, Lyner?

Lyner: I don't drink at all!

Misha: Then I guess we don't even have a contestant.

Lyner: Don't we know anyone who can drink a lot?

Sister: I don't know anyone...

Lyner: ...Okay, why don't we look around and find someone who can.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Hama can't drink a lot...

Hama: I don't even drink anything!

Lyner: Hmm, what's wrong with this world? I didn't know Misha had a
       dysfunctional family.

Hama: ...You...think this is about Misha's family? It's not that simple.
      It's called [Rewriting].

Lyner: Rewriting...?

Hama: You rewrite past experiences into something more obvious. So he might
      appear to be a drunk here, but the real world problem is something else.

Lyner: I see...so, maybe something happened between my father and Misha...

Hama: Good guess...


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: We have to find someone who can out drink the Misha at the Pier.

Bourd: Hey, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to see you here.

Lyner: It's Bourd! What should we do?

Lyner: Oh, wait... Hey, do you drink a lot?

Bourd: Of course. Nobody has ever out drank me before!

Lyner: Then I'll let you drink a lot of sake. Come with me!

Bourd: ...Huh?

* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Welcome back. Is he your contestant? He looks like he can drink
             a lot.

Bourd: Oh, it's you. You can't beat me.

China Misha: You think so? Then I won't go easy on you.

Bourd: Oh, I'm so scared...

* Bourd is drunk. *

Bourd: ...I can't drink any more...

China Misha: Oh, that's it? I thought you could do better.

Lyner: It didn't work...


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Lyner: We need to find someone who can out drink China Misha...

Jack: Lyner? Misha!? Are you two out on a date?

Lyner: No, no. We're looking for someone. Say Jack, you like to drink right?

Jack: Of course. I like to drink more than just with my three meals a day.

Lyner: I'll let you drink a lot, so come with me.

* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Oh, welcome back. Is he your contestant? He sure looks like he can
             drink a lot.

Jack: I love to drink. I also love beautiful ladies, like yourself.

China Misha: Thanks for the compliment, but I won't go easy on you.

Jack: Well, let's enjoy this evening to the fullest.

* Jack is drunk. *

Jack: Zzzz zzzz zzzz...

China Misha: He fell asleep? He had quite a lot but he still couldn't beat me.

Lyner: It didn't work...


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: We have to find someone who can out drink the Misha at the Pier.

Radolf: Oh, it's you Lyner.

Lyner: Radolf! Good timing. Can you drink a lot of sake?

Radolf: Sake? Sure I can. I can out drink anyone!

Lyner: (...A cardinal shouldn't say that...but, I guess it's okay since we're
       inside Misha's mind...)

Lyner: Then why don't you come with me. You can drink sake for free.

*At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Welcome back. Who's this?

Lyner: He's our contestant for the drinking match.

China Misha: Nice to meet you. But, I won't go easy on you.

Radolf: Alright! Let's begin!

* Radolf is drunk. *

Radolf: I can't...drink...any more...

China Misha: You gave up already. I thought you could do better.

Lyner: It didn't work...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: We need to come up with a better plan.

Lyner: Let's go to the Eternal Town to plan a new strategy.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: I can't think of anyone who can out drink Misha at the Pier. We lost
       every match.

Misha: But, we have to keep looking.

???: You guys are in trouble.

* A mechanical rabbit with a clock appears. *

Lyner: You! I remember you...

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Oh, I'm honored. Please call me Mecha Rabbit.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: By the way, you can't beat China Misha that easily.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: She's a high level Misha, so her feelings are very strong
                    and determined.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: She can't be easily beaten once she's determined to win.

Lyner: So, residents of this world...

Watch Mecha Rabbit: You have to find someone really special to beat her. And if
                    you have any doubt in your contestant, you've already lost.

Misha: Then, we have no chance of winning?

Watch Mecha Rabbit: It's up to you. You're the administrator of this world.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: You have to find someone who can definitely beat Misha.
                    If you can't find anyone, then you have to create someone.
                    Know what I mean?

Misha: Someone who can definitely beat her...

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Yes. It could be anything. You'll win if Misha at the Pier
                    loses a little confidence.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: You have to think carefully. You have to craft something
                    that you know can beat China Misha.

Watch Mecha Rabbit: Oops, I've been here too long. Gotta go.

* Watch Mecha Rabbit disappears. *

Lyner: Misha...how's it going?

Misha: ...Mountain...

Misha: Let's go to the mountains...


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Jack: Yo Lyner. Such a gloomy face as usual.

Lyner: J, Jack...?

Jack: Sharpen up! Misha's growing up, but what's the point if you're not!

Lyner: Oh, yeah...

Jack: But this sure is a strange world. It reminds me of the time when Misha
      first came to Em Pheyna.

Lyner: Her first time in Em Pheyna?

Jack: Yeah. Back then, Misha was still small and she became homesick
      pretty often.

Jack: And so that she won't be so lonely, I became like her big brother and
      always stayed by her side.

Jack: But even when Misha became homesick, she always said she never wanted to
      go back to Platina.

Lyner: ...!?

Jack: She said she didn't want to because there was a demon there.

Lyner: By demon... You mean...

Jack: Yeah, Commander Leard.

Lyner: ...Dad.

Jack: Well, I knew it seemed deep, but I never thought it'd be this far down
      in level. It must have been pretty bad...

Lyner: (Geesh... Dad must have been pretty strict on Misha...)


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: It's awfully cold around here... Can we really find someone here who
       can out drink Misha?

Misha: ...I need to find something that will make the other me think that
       she's gonna lose...

Lyner: Misha...are you ready?

Misha: Don't bother me! I'm thinking!

Lyner: ...Alright.


Misha: Lyner, thank you for waiting. I found the greatest drinker ever.

Lyner: H, hurry u, uupp...I'm fr, freezing...

Misha: I should be able to find a raccoon that can absorb anything around here.

Misha: A raccoon can drink a lot of sake and temporarily expand. Once the sake
       is absorbed, it'll return to its normal size.

Lyner: What are you talking about?

Sister: Let's hear her out.

Misha: An enzyme inside raccoons help them absorb sake quickly, and their
       bodies expand to ferment.

Misha: Once they break down the alcohol, their bodies quickly shrink to their
       normal size. And, the alcohol residue is very nutritious for raccoons!

???: Who's making all that racket!? I can't sleep.

* A small raccoon appears. *

Misha: Is it really...!?

Tanuki: Oh, you were talking about me!

Misha: I did! I want you to drink a lot of sake for me!

Tanuki: Sake! Alright! Where is it?

Misha: Come with us.

* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Welcome back. Oh, what a cute raccoon. Why is he here?

Tanuki: Let me drink sake!

China Misha: What!? He's going to drink? Will he be okay?

Lyner: Of course. He drinks sake for his three meals a day.

China Misha: Okay then, let's have a drinking match.

* Tanuki grows in size. *

Tanuki: It's yummy! I love this sake!

China Misha: He sure can drink a lot... This is gonna be interesting.

* Tanuki grows bigger. *

Tanuki: Good sake! It's a great day to be me.

China Misha: Why is his body getting big? What's going on? Oh well, who cares?
             Let's keep drinking!

* Tanuki grows even bigger. *

Tanuki: I haven't drunk this much sake in a long time. I'm so happy.

China Misha: W, wait...why is he getting so big...?

Tanuki: I think I'm ready.

* Tanuki releases the gas and shrinks back to his original size. *

China Misha: What?

Tanuki: I'm hungry. Will you let me drink some more?

China Misha: What's going on!?

Misha: He has an enzyme taht absorbs alcohol. He's getting big because of the
       fermentation. Once all of the alcohol is absorbed, he shrinks back to
       normal size.

Misha: Once he absorbs the alcohol, he's hungry and ready to drink a lot more.
       So, he's pretty much a bottomless drinker.

China Misha: Then! I can never beat him!

China Misha: Oh no! I think I'm getting drunk. I guess he won. You can take
             the sake...

Misha: Great! We got sake!

Lyner: Alright, we did it! I'm impressed. How did you find the way to beat her?

Misha: I know myself better than anyone. I'm not good with logic.

Misha: I carefully planned out the whole thing. There was a lot of logic that
       I didn't mention.

Misha: I'll tell you about it some other time. It'll probably take a whole day
       to explain it all.

Lyner: No! You don't have to do that...

Tanuki: Can I take one, too?

Misha: Of course. We couldn't win without you!

Tanuki: Great! You're so nice. I want to work for you. Call me whenever you
        need me!


Misha: We have sake, so we are good to go home!

Sister: Yes. Father must be worried about us.

Misha: I don't think he's worried at all...

Lyner: What do you think about your father?

Misha: He's so selfish, and he judges people based on his absurd standards.
       I don't consider him to be my father.

Lyner: (She's right about Dad...)

Lyner: (What happened between them in the real world...?)


* At Misha's House... *

Sister: Father, we're home.

Misha: We brought sake back for you.

Dad: What took you so long!? Where have you been!?

Misha: What's wrong with you? We worked hard to make you happy!

Lyner: Misha, calm down!

Misha: No! I won't let him get away with this! Not today!

Sister: Stop it, both of you!

Misha: No, big sis! I won't deny my feelings any longer! I'm gonna tell him
       how it is!

Dad: How dare you talk to me like that!

* The ground is shaking. *

Misha: You can't hold me up to your ridiculous standards. My singing skills are
       better than you thought!

Lyner: ...Singing skills?

Misha: You locked me up in a dark room. You told me it was perfect for training
       for crafting Songs under extreme situations.

Dad: I did that for you...because I care about you!

Misha: You care about me!? If you really cared about me, you woulda bought that
       kid's meal when I was little!

Misha: You told me to grow up already. You never even let me play...

Misha: Because of you, I don't even have any good childhood memories! Give me
       back my childhood, you monster!

* The place is burning.... *

Lyner: Whoa! Misha...

Dad: You dare shoot at your own teacher!

* Explosion occurs. *

Sister: Lyner, it's too dangerous here! We have to leave now!

Lyner: But, what about Misha?

Sister: She'll be fine. But, we have to go outside!

* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: Why does she hate him so much?

Sister: She was taught by him since she was a little girl.

Lyner: From that guy!?

Sister: Yes. He's a brilliant, but selfish man.

Sister: Misha had unbelievable potential. He put her through extreme tests to
        train her to meet his standards. Misha patiently obeyed all of his

Sister: I guess she finally reached her boiling point.

Lyner: ...I never knew...

Sister: This should get everything off her chest. Just wait until she's done.

Lyner: Okay...

Sister: Once she gets everything out, it'll be easy to make up with her.

Lyner: If you say so...

* Big explosion occurs. *

Sister: ......

Lyner: ......

* Back to Misha's House... *

Misha: *huff* *huff*

Dad: You...stupid little girl...

Misha: I'll let you go...this time...

Lyner: What a mess...

Dad: You're so...powerful...I thought you were...still just a kid...

Misha: *huff* *huff*

Dad: I'm...so proud of you.

Misha: Father...

Misha: ......

Misha: Thank you...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: So, what's Misha's relationship to my father?

Hama: ...You don't remember? Well, that's really not surprising. With your bad
      memory, it's no wonder.

Lyner: Pardon...

Hama: Commander Leard taught Misha how to craft Song Music. He taught her
      everything she needed to know to carry out her mission.

Hama: He was tough on her, and she couldn't take it. That's why her feelings
      about him were buried so deep...

Lyner: He did that to her back then...

Hama: But, now that she let out her feelings, she should feel a lot better.

Lyner: ...Huh?

* Light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Hama: A Paradigm Shift...

Hama: Look!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Misha: You saw a bunch of my most embarrassing moments this time.

Lyner: There's nothing to be embarrassed about. That's all in the past.
       Besides, you were kinda cute when you were angry.

Misha: That better be because I look cute all the time...

Lyner: ......

Misha: This is gonna be my fifth Paradigm Shift. The more times we do this,
       the more of my secrets you'll see.

Misha: ...Next time, you may be disappointed and hate me... Hahaha!

Lyner: Don't worry... I told you, nothing here can change how I feel about you.
       So go right ahead.

Misha: ...Alright. See you there...

    Level 6 [Scarlet Queen]                                           MC-06

When emotion and reality become too different, a heart is broken. Some things
can never happen in the real world, even though she wishes it were so.
This world exists in order to satisfy her wishes.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ..It's getting cold.

Lyner: Maybe it's just me...

Lyner: I should go outside...

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Wow...this world is kind of strange.

Lyner: I wonder what will I find here...


* At the Life Tower... *

Hama: Hey, you... You seem a little tired. Are you becoming aware of the fear
      that comes with higher levels lately?

Lyner: Well, yeah... The way things work are pretty different from level 4.

Hama: Yeah. Once you pass level 5, Reyvateils suddenly reveal their true
      nature. And from there, the real bonding begins.

Hama: Usual partners either become too afraid past level 5, or steadily quit
      before that...

Lyner: Oh yeah, I remember the Dive Shop guy said they usually only go up to
       level 4... I guess that's the reason.

Hama: Yeah. The partner and the Reyvateil herself both need a lot of courage
      to go past level 4 and 5.

Hama: Getting glimpses of a Reyvateil's true thoughts aren't always a positive
      influence on a relationship.

Hama: In reality, there are pairs who fell apart because they saw level 5,
      and allowed them to see it.

Hama: Well, they just weren't really true pairs to begin with.

Lyner: ...I wouldn't... Even if I saw Misha's deep inner thoughts, I wouldn't
       let go of Misha.

Hama: ...

Hama: I'm not worried about that. You're dull and thick-skulled so I know you
      won't take offense to that kind of stuff.

Lyner: I kind of feel like I was bashed on...

Hama: Th, that's not true!

Lyner: Huh?

Hama: ...!! Uh, I mean, y, yeah, that's what I meant!

Lyner: Hama... Lately, I don't understand you.


* At the Constraint House... *

Jack: ...You...

Lyner: Jack! I didn't expect to see you here.

Jack: Shh! You'll wake the tyrant in the castle!

Lyner: ...?

Jack: Aren't you an outsider? You should leave before anyone finds you.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Krusche: You're an outsider.

Lyner: Krusche! What's going on in this world?

Krusche: You should leave this world before the tyrant in the castle
         wakes up...

Lyner: Wh, what do you mean?

Krusche: You can still save yourself. Run away!

Lyner: ...Wh, what is this!?


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Lyner: There's nothing in the forest...

???: Lyner!?

Lyner: Aurica! Where are you?

Aurica: I passed out and woke up in the forest. I've been wandering around
        for days.

Lyner: For days!? Are you alright?

Aurica: I'm fine. I'm so glad you found me. Can you get us out of here?

Lyner: Sure.

???: I can't let you do that!

Aurica: ...!

Lyner: Bourd! What are you doing here!?

Bourd: Lyner Barsett, I have business to take care of.

Bourd: I was told to capture you.

Lyner: What!?

Aurica: Lyner, don't go! I don't want to be alone again!

Bourd: I'm sorry, little girl, but I have to take him away...

Bourd: Sorry, Lyner. Nothing personal.

* Bourd hits Lyner. *

Lyner: What...did you...do to me?

Aurica: Lyner! Don't leave me here!


Lyner: Wh, uh...ugh, ugh...what...?

* At the Life Hall... *

Misha: You're awake...my precious Lyner...

Lyner: Misha! And Bourd!? What's going on here!?

Misha: I found you, Lyner. So, I had Bourd bring you back here.

Bourd: That's right...

Misha: Thanks, Bourd. You can go now.

Lyner: Misha! Why are you doing this!?

Misha: Don't tell me what to do. This is my world...

Lyner: ...Aurica is lost in the woods...

Misha: Oh yeah, I put her there. She'll probably wander around in there

Misha: She's so annoying...I had to punish her somehow.

Lyner: But, what you're doing is wrong...

Misha: This is my world, and I can do whatever I want in here. But, I am happy
       to see you...

Lyner: Well, what happened to your clothes!? Where's your usual outfit?

Misha: My usual outfit...? Oh, I don't really like wearing it. It's so
       uncomfortable and too much work to put on...

Misha: Just wearing this shirt is so much more comfortable. It's so casual...
       I love it.

Misha: Will you come with me?

Lyner: No! I...we can't do this...

Misha: Why not? Do you like someone else? Is that it?

Lyner: No, Misha...I'm saying it for your own good.

Misha: "For my own good?" What the hell does that mean?

Misha: Every time you say that, I never get my way.

Misha: It's really just "for your own good," not mine.

Lyner: ...That's not what I meant.

Misha: I'll tell you one last time. This is my world. If you want to survive,
       you have to listen to me...

Misha: I want you to stay here with me, forever.

Lyner: No! Misha!

Misha: You're a good boy, aren't you?

Misha: But...I don't really need you here anymore...

* The ground starts shaking. *

Lyner: What! Wait!

* Misha casts magic and Lyner ends up at the Frost Mountain. *

Lyner: It's...so cold!

Lyner: Why did she send me to such a dreadful place...?

Bourd: Lyner, you're here, too...?

Lyner: Bourd!? How'd you get that scar?

Bourd: Just...look out for the dragon...

Bourd: Ugh...

Lyner: Bourd!

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: What's wrong with this place? Where'd this dragon come from?

Dragon: Grrrr!

Lyner: We better run!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: I have to find a way outta here...but the Stonehenge might not do me
       any good...

* Explosion occurs. *

Lyner: Whoa! It's here, too!? ...Why won't it just give up?

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: I have to try someplace else...

Dragon: Grrrr!


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Lyner: I think we're safe here...

* Explosion occurs. *

Lyner: No! Is it chasing me...!?

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: I have to run away!

Dragon: Grrrr!


* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: It's probably safe inside the house...

* Explosion occurs. *

Lyner: What!? The dragon can come inside, too...

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: I have no where to go...but I have to keep running!

Dragon: Grrrr!


* At the Eternal Street... *

Lyner: No, the dragon keeps finding me, no matter where I go...

* Explosion occurs. *

Lyner: Why are you chasing me?

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: I can't go anywhere...but there has to be some way to escape...

Dragon: Grrrr!

* The Dragon hits Lyner with its claws. *

Lyner: Agh...he got me with his claws...

Lyner: ...Is it poisonous...?

???: How does home-made dragon poison taste?

Lyner: ...Misha...why?

Dragon: Grrrr!

* Explosion occurs. *

Lyner: Araggh!

Lyner: Losing...consciousness. Am I going to die here...?

Misha: Don't worry. I won't kill you. You're my precious Lyner...

Misha: Don't die...

Dragon: Grrrr!

* Another explosion occurs. *

Lyner: It...hurts...poison...killing me...I can't...think straight...

Misha: Does it hurt? Are you in pain?

Lyner: Why are you doing this to me...?

Misha: Can you really feel the pain? It represents my love for you.
       You betrayed me, so you deserve to suffer...

Lyner: Betrayed you...!?

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: Agh...ungh...

Misha: Yes, you betrayed me. You've always been betraying me.

Lyner: No! I've never betrayed you...

Misha: In your mind, you may have never betrayed Misha...

Misha: But, the Lyner in my mind betrays me everyday. You've killed me
       inside...many times.

Lyner: ...!

Misha: But, it's different today. Today, it was the real Lyner who
       betrayed me...

Lyner: I'm passing out...

Misha: Lyner!? Are you okay? The dragon's poison is really working strong.
       Please don't die...

Misha: You might not survive the dragon's poison... But, I'll at least watch
       you die.

Misha: Is the poison starting to feel good? It usually does by the final stage.

Misha: Don't worry. Even if you die in pain, I won't be disappointed in you...

Misha: Because, you were with me until your death...watching me. You didn't
       leave me. You didn't betray me...

Lyner: No...I can't think...

???: You poor fool. You look miserable.

Misha: ...Who are you?

Misha: ...Huh!? You're me!?

Shinobi Misha: Yes. I'm one of you. How dare you do this to him...

Lyner: ...No...I'm losing consciousness...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: ...This place is...

Shinobi Misha: It's the Stonehenge. Are you alright?

Lyner: You!! You were trying to seduce Misha on a previous level...

Shinobi Misha: I didn't seduce her. How dare you speak to me like that!
               I saved your life.

Lyner: ...Are you an enemy or a friend?

Shinobi Misha: Neither.

Shinobi Misha: I'm the protector of Misha's carefree spirit. I guide her in
               the right direction.

Lyner: ...?

Shinobi Misha: You'll see. You'll understand by the time you reach my level.

Shinobi Misha: You shouldn't stay here any longer. Otherwise, you'll soon
               be dead.

Lyner: But...why does she want to kill me? Does she hate me that much?

Shinobi Misha: No. You're the most important person to her. But, her feelings
               are being distorted.

Lyner: I don't get it. She was trying to kill me.

Shinobi Misha: ......

Shinobi Misha: Look, if you want to return to Misha's Cosmosphere, you need to
               make peace with this world.

Shinobi Misha: To do so, you must defeat that dragon. I will help you.

Lyner: Alright...

Shinobi Misha: Where can we find the dragon...?

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: Lyner! You're safe.

Lyner: Yeah, but I almost died.

Hama: At this level, I can't do much to help you.

Hama: You might have figured it out already, but you're getting closer to
      Misha's deeper feelings.

Hama: Obvious feelings and deeper feelings are often totally opposite,
      even though they're basically the same thing...

Lyner: That's it, I give up... This is all too confusing...

Hama: The real Misha and the Misha of this world behave differently, but their
      feelings are still the same.

Hama: That's why it's difficult. The level above this will also be like that.
      So, your love and hope won't be enough to get you safely through it.

Lyner: I see.

Hama: As the levels of Soulspace advance, it gets scarier. Just don't give up.


* At the Constraint House... *

Jack: Lyner!

Lyner: Jack! Don't you have to run away?

Jack: I'm fine. I won't be killed here.

Jack: But anyway Lyner. This is becoming a terrible world.

Lyner: ... Y, yeah...

Jack: Now that it's this far, Misha's feelings towards you are past amazing,
      and even admirable.

Lyner: No no, now's not the time to admire it.

Jack: You're right. Hey Lyner, do you have a little time? It's safe here.

Lyner: Y, yeah...

Jack: You see, I always took care of Misha in Em Pheyna before she became the
      Star Singer.

Jack: Misha talked to me everyday about you. She always seemed happiest when
      she was talking about it.

Jack: One day, I asked her, "What kind of guy is Lyner?"

Jack: What do you think she said?

Jack: "Lyner is the man who will defeat the Evil King and rescue me from this
      place." She said you said it yourself.

Lyner: ... Me!?

Jack: Is it true?

Lyner: ...W, well... I'm sorry... I don't remember.

Jack: Ah...well, they do say human children have bad memories...

Jack: But Misha still remembers those words. She still believes you will be
      the one that will give her freedom.

Lyner: ... I... will free Misha...!?

Jack: Yeah. Well I know it's impossible to make you remember something you've

Jack: Just know that something like that happened in the past.

Jack: Or else, I'd feel too sorry for Misha.

Lyner: ...Misha...

Jack: Well, if she can fascinate her love for you that badly, I guess this
      world is just normal. I'm starting to think that way.

Lyner: Please give me a break...

Jack: But seriously, you are at fault for the creation of this world.

Lyner: ... Me!?

Jack: You're uneasy, right? You can't decide, huh? Misha is worried because
      she sees that in you.

Lyner: ...I, I see... But...

Jack: I understand you can't decide that quickly. But you know, at least be
      able to accept her.

Jack: And her love for you in this level.

Lyner: ...Okay.


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Shinobi Misha: If we stay here, it will come to us.

???: Grrrr!

Lyner; It's here! So, how can we beat it?

Shinobi Misha: Remember, you wishes come true in the Cosmosphere.

Dragon: I was ordered to kill you by my master...

Shinobi Misha: Master? Does he mean Misha? Even though she dumped him, he still
               calls her master.

Dragon: What...? I was dumped!? What are you talking about?

Shinobi Misha: Unfortunately, you've been dumped ever since you were born.

Shinobi Misha: Actually, it's more like you're made up of feelings that Misha
               has thrown away. It's sad, but true.

Dragon: You lie! I'll get you both!

Dragon: Grrrr!

Lyner: Whoa...he's blowing us away!

Shinobi Misha: Lyner!!

* Shinobi Misha crafts the Wind Guard. *

Wind Guard: I'll help you...

Lyner: Wh, what happened...?

Shinobi Misha: I just crafted because I wanted to save you.

Lyner: Thanks! Now it's my turn to attack!

Dragon: You might be able to avoid my attacks, but you still can't beat me!

Lyner: You don't know that! Uragh!

* Lyner sliced the Dragon. *

Dragon: Grrrr!

Shinobi Misha: I'll get you! Ya!

* Shinobi Misha casts magic on the Dragon. *

Dragon: Araggh!

Lyner: ...Did we beat him?

Shinobi Misha: Yes. The Misha of this world can't hide or run away from us

Lyner: What do you mean?

Shinobi Misha: I think you better ask Misha. Let's go to the Moon Mansion.


* At the Life Hall... *

Shinobi Misha: C'mon, let's go this way.


Misha: You're alive...

Misha: ...You! Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be in your own world?

Shinobi Misha: I'm trying to bring Lyner to my world. He doesn't have time to
               fool around here.

Misha: Fool around...? But, Lyner's not leaving here at all. He'll stay with
       me forever, or he'll just die...

Shinobi Misha: Oh, I'm sorry. We already killed your dragon. So, give him up

Misha: ...!

Misha: No! I won't let him leave me. I can't let Lyner leave! It's for my own

Lyner: Your own protection...?

Misha: My heart will break if you ever leave me for someone else. If you go to
       another world, you'll start to hate me...

Misha: So, I have to lock you up right here. If that doesn't work, I'll have
       to kill you.

Misha: I can't stand the thought of you with someone else... You're all mine!

Lyner: I'm sorry, but I don't belong to you, or anyone else.

Lyner: I don't want to leave you, but I won't be held captive, either.

Lyner: I'm sorry, but you can't control me. If you don't like it, go ahead and
       kill me.

Misha: I can't...do that...

Lyner: You killed all those people, but you can't kill me?

Misha: But, I didn't kill anyone! Not a single one!

Misha: Those were all accidents! There was nothing I coulda done. The dragon
       was so violent...so many suffered...

Lyner: But, the dragon's gone now. If you really wanna kill me, you'll have to
       do it yourself.

Misha: No! Lyner! You can't die!

Lyner: But, I can't live under your conditions.

Misha: Then, I want you to disappear, but not be dead...

Misha: I like you! I like you so much! I need you to stay with me. I'll go
       crazy without you.

Misha: If you're gonna be with someone else, I want you to vanish, but not
       be dead!

Lyner: Misha!?

Misha: I can't kill you! But if I can't control you, I wish I could erase you!

* The ground starts shaking. *

Lyner: ...What?

Shinobi Misha: This is getting dangerous... The Misha of this world is

Misha: Lyner! Don't go! Stay here! Don't care about anything else but me!

Lyner: ...I can't do that.

Misha: Then...I don't want you here! I want someone to kill you!

Shinobi Misha: But, there's no more dragon to kill him accidentally.

Misha: Well, I can't kill him myself... Otherwise, I'll no longer be a drama

Misha: But, I have to be a drama queen, or else Lyner won't care about me

Lyner: Misha!

Misha: No!

Shinobi Misha: Damn! She's caught in a paradox loop!

Shinobi Misha: You have to take Misha to Stonehenge. I'll meet you there!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: Stonehenge...! For a Paradigm Shift!?

Hama: ...I don't think she can pass through the Paradigm Shift...

Hama: You'll have to save her by taking her through it.

Hama: ...It might be a little scary, but you should be okay.

Lyner: Oh...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Shinobi Misha: Lyner! Hurry up!

Lyner: Why is a Paradigm Shift happening now? I thought that only happened
       when Misha matures emotionally.

Shinobi Misha: That's right. And the Misha of this world is definitely growing.

Shinobi Misha: You don't have to be happy to mature.

Shinobi Misha: This time, it was escaping the paradox loop that allowed her
               to grow.

Shinobi Misha: Anyway, the Shift is occurring. But, where's Misha?

Misha: ......

Shinobi Misha: She's just an empty shell... Lyner, will you take Misha through?

Lyner: A, alright...

Shinobi Misha: Lyner...

Shinobi Misha: Deep in her heart, she's afraid of losing you. That's how much
               you mean to her.

Shinobi Misha: We're deep within her heart, so her fears, doubts and emotions
               are amplified. But they're still all true. Remember that.

Lyner: ...I will.

Lyner: You know, the last time I saw you, I just thought you were evil.
       But, I was wrong.

Lyner: You're really nice, and you were so helpful.

Shinobi Misha: I'm not really good or bad. I'm just here to protect Misha's
               carefree spirit.

Lyner: Yeah, well, you save me. Thank you.

    Level 7 [Caged Tiger]                                             MC-07

She is destined to protect the world, but her ego wants to be a normal girl.
These two personas have been repelling since Misha was born. What will be the
outcome of the two who both fight for their just reasons of existence?

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: I'm finally at level 7... I'm getting pretty deep.

Lyner: It's kinda hot in here... And, not summer day hot...more like blazing
       inferno hot...

Lyner: I should go out...

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Whoa! The world is burning!

Lyner: ...What's happening?


* At the Life Tower... *

Hama: By the way, how is Misha doing in the real world lately?

Lyner: Huh? Uh, I don't think there's anything special that's been going on...
       Can't you find out about the real world from here?

Hama: It's not that I can't find out. It's just that I'm not always watching
      Misha's lifestyle.

Hama: Something could have happened while I wasn't watching.

Lyner: I see... But why do you ask that out of nowhere?

Hama: ...Actually, there's something I'm worried about. Have you noticed
      recently that Misha had a bump on her forehead?

Lyner: No, not at all... A bump? What happened?

Hama: ...Look! I'm the one who's asking!

Hama: I didn't notice when she got it. It looks like a painful one so,
      I thought maybe something happened.

Lyner: ...U-m, I don't know... I can't think of anything...

Hama: ...Oh. Well, then it's okay. It might just be something like, she fell
      off the bed half asleep.

Lyner: Whoa, whoa, she does that?

Hama: Oh, you didn't know?

Hama: It's only recently that Misha gets to sleep everyday, so I just found
      out, but...Misha is horrible at waking up.

Hama: Even when she wakes up, she wraps around her blanket and sits for a
      while, and then she wobbles when she walks...

Lyner: S, she's that weak in the morning!?

Hama: There was even this one time when she banged into the wall three times
      just to go wash her face. I wanted her to do something about it.

Lyner: ...She's hard core.

Hama: ...You shouldn't be the one to talk. Probably.

Lyner: Y, you think so...?


* At the Constraint House... *

Hama: Misha has developed a lot. I never would have thought we would reach
      such deep levels.

Lyner: I see...

Hama: On the other hand, you with no improvement.

Lyner: Eek! Wh, what, all of a sudden... I try really hard too...

Hama: Then have you remembered anything about me?

Lyner: ...No.

Hama: Well, I guess it's an impossible request to remember something you have

Hama: But that doesn't change the fact that I'm upset...

Hama: I remember clearly about the time I first saw you. Even though you might
      have forgotten since you were just a child...

Hama: But at that time, you were serious about me. You treated me very
      importantly, and you feelings for me were strong.

Lyner: I see... I've forgotten such an important thing...

Lyner: I know it may be of no use for me to say this, but if there's anything
       I can do, tell me. It's not an excuse for not being able to remember

Hama: ...

Hama: The only redeeming thing about you is that you're too kind.

Hama: Then, there's one thing I want to ask of you...

Lyner: Y, yeah, anything!

Hama: ...

Hama: Like before...

Lyner: ...

Hama: ... ...

Hama: Never mind. It's too late to make me happy, even if you do it!

Lyner: What!? ...I don't get it at all...

Hama: You don't have to get it! Now, go home for today already!

Lyner: Alright, alright...


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Jack: Lyner, it's you...

Lyner: Jack! Why do you sound so disappointed to see me?

Jack: Sorry. I'm looking for Misha.

Lyner: Misha!?

Jack: Yeah, and I'm in a hurry. I have to find her before this world

Jack: Can you help me look for her?

Lyner: Sure.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Krusche: Lyner! Have you seen Misha?

Lyner: Misha? Did she run out on a bet or something?

Krusche: No, this is serious! If I don't find Misha, this world might be

Krusche: Lyner, help me look for Misha.

Lyner: Uh, okay...


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Spica: Oh Lyner.

Lyner: Spica! Is it okay for you to be here!?

Spica: Of course. I am the woman who will become the queen of the underworld.

Lyner: What kind of nonsense are you talking about. Stop ranting and let's get
       out of here.

Spica: Oh, I really am okay here. And this world, it's a very beautiful
       world... Hmhmhm.

Lyner: Beautiful...whoa, whoa. That's a messed up idea.

Lyner: (But it does seem she really is trusted... She's alright being here,
       and this calmness...)

Spica: You see, there's a reason for me to be okay in this world. It's because
       I'm a very important person to Misha.

Lyner: Even if it were true, it doesn't sound persuasive at all when you say
       it yourself.

Spica: My my, who do you mean by "yourself"? Remember, this is Misha's

Lyner: Ah...!

Lyner: (That's right... This Spica is Misha's creation... Which means, they are
       Misha's true words...)

Spica: Seems you finally understand.

Spica: When Misha was captured by Tenba, the only outsider she had contact with
       was me.

Spica: When you met Misha, she was already moving about freely, but before,
       it wasn't like that.

Spica: And during that time, we met when I was supplying Grathnode Crystals
       to Tenba.

Spica: Probably because she watched me then, even after she gained her freedom,
       she came to my place often.

Spica: And that's when I heard about Misha's situation and told her about all
       the escape routes and how to disarm locks.

Lyner: What did you say!? Then we were able to disable all those locks in Tenba

Spica: Yes, I taught her how. That's why I am Misha's savior.

Lyner: How could it...

Spica: Oh oh, also, think about this carefully. If I weren't there, you
       wouldn't have been saved either.

Lyner: ... Huh!?

Spica: You were trapped by Tenba. I wonder who unlocked that room.

Lyner: ... Ah...

Spica: See? Are you starting to understand how great I am?

Lyner: ...A little resentful, but I can't argue...

Spica: That·is·why! Misha can't disobey me.

Spica: Misha is my slave for life. And Misha's things are my things!
       Misha's world is my world!

Spica: Ahh... I'm such a sinful woman.

Spica: Unsatisfied with just the underside of the real world, I had to come
       control the world of this cute girl from the shadows.

Lyner: ...Hahaha... Haha... I don't really care anymore...

Lyner: If Misha's okay with it, that's fine...


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Radolf: Did you see her on the way here?

Lyner: No, I didn't.

Radolf: I see...we have to find her quickly...

Radolf: Sorry. Will you help me find Misha? It's critical to the survival of
        this world.

Lyner: Yeah, sure.


* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: You're...Misha's big sister, right?

Sister: Lyner, Misha is gone.

Sister: Please help me find her. Without her, this world will...

Lyner: Alright...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Dad!? What are you doing here?

Leard: Misha disappeared. I have to find her before something awful happens
       to this world...

Leard: You've got good timing. Help me find her.

Lyner: Why me!?

Leard: The world is in danger. Don't complain!


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: Nobody's here...

???: Are you looking for someone?

Lyner: Who's there!?

* A mysterious being appears. *

???: I'm over here.

Lyner: Who're you?

Mystery: You don't need to know my name. Just call me Mystery.

Mystery: Are you looking for Misha?

Lyner: Y, yes...

Mystery: She's over there.

(Shinobi) Misha: Oh!

Lyner: Misha!?

Mystery: The rest is up to you. I have to prepare for...something.

Misha: ...Lyner.

Lyner: What's going on, Misha? Everyone's looking for you. They said that the
       world will disappear without you...

Misha: Lyner...you're telling me that, too...

Lyner: ...Huh?

???: I found her! Hey everyone, I found Misha!

Jack: Misha, where have you been? I was worried.

Misha: ......

Radolf: It's okay. We found her. The world will be saved.

Krusche: I'm so glad we found you. I was worried that the world was going to
         be destroyed.

Leard: Don't scare us like that... Hurry up!

Sister: Please get back to work.

Misha: No!

* Misha casts magic. *

Sister: Ahh!

Jack: Calm down! Stop throwing fire at us...

Radolf: We have to go!

Jack: Stop being selfish!

Lyner: Why are you forcing her to do something!?

Krusche: We can't help it, the world is in danger. It took us a long time to
         find her, so we don't have much time left.

Lyner: So what can Misha do to save the world?

Krusche: She'll be sacrificed to keep the door to the Moon Mansion locked.
         She needs to be there to seal the door.

Krusche: The world will be destroyed if the monster escapes from the mansion.

Lyner: W, wait! No one told me that!

Lyner: ......

Lyner: I have to save her! I can't let her be sacrificed.


* At the Life Hall... *

Lyner: I was here the other day. This sure is an eerie building...

Lyner: Who built this thing and why...

Lyner: Huh?

* Misha is seen tied up. *

Lyner: Misha, why are you here?

Misha: Lyner, are you here to save me?

Lyner: Yes! I'm sorry. I didn't know what they were going to do with you.

Misha: No...it's okay. I knew you were going to save me.

Misha: Can you untie this cloth?

Lyner: Yeah, just a minute...

???: Don't interfere.

* A Misha in Armor appears. *

Lyner: An armored Misha!?

Armor Misha: It is our mission to keep the reaper sealed within the castle.

Armor Misha: If the seal is broken, the world will be flooded with reapers
             and destroyed. Nobody wants that to happen.

Lyner: Then, I'll beat the reaper!

Armor Misha: Beat it!? Sounds like the typical hero story, to me.

Armor Misha: Villagers get scared of a vicious dragon, so a young girl is sent
             to be sacrificed to calm him down. One day, a brave young man
             shows up in the village.

Armor Misha: He beats the dragon and saves the girl. Then, the villagers live
             happily ever after. The end. Is that it?

Armor Misha: But, it's impossible to defeat a reaper. It's not like any
             storybook dragon.

Lyner: How can you say that!? We won't really know until we try!

Armor Misha: Unfortunately, the world can't allow Misha to revolt or try
             something new.

Armor Misha: All we want from her is to seal the reaper within the mansion.

Lyner: So, what about all of her dreams and desires!?

Armor Misha: We are just machines that seal reapers. We have no use for dreams
             or desires.

Lyner: Misha is living being, just like us. You can't just treat her like
       a tool!

Misha: He's right. You can't deny your own potential.

* Armor Misha punches Misha. *

Misha: No!

Lyner: Misha! Why are you hitting her?

Armor Misha: Don't talk back to me. I'm your superior.

Misha: I want to live like a Human. Even though I only have a 1% chance of
       survival, I choose to escape the curse of the reaper and be free!

Armor Misha: Don't tell me you forgot about you mission. You can't ask for
             happiness or freedom.

Misha: How dare you break into my world and lecture me! I want you to leave!

Armor Misha: I can't do that. I can't ignore your threat to my destiny.

Armor Misha: Do I have to tie you down forever...until we both rot and

Lyner: I won't let you do that! Misha is alive, like me. I don't care about
       her destiny, or yours!

Misha: Lyner...

Lyner: I'll sever your bonds! Misha, live your life as you choose!

Lyner: Dyah!

* Lyner cuts the bonds. *

Misha: Ahh!

Armor Misha: What!?

Lyner: Reaper! Come on out so I can destroy you!

Armor Misha: You have made a grave error... You can never destroy a reaper...

* The room turns dark. *

Lyner: What!?

???: ...Stupid human. I didn't expect you to break the seal voluntarily...

* The reaper appears. *

Lyner: You're...a reaper! I'm going to beat you right here!

* Lyner attacks. *

Lyner: Wh, what!?

Death God: You think you can beat me? I don't think so. These girls have
           already given up on beating me.

Misha: We have to run away for now!

Lyner: Why! I'll defeat him here!

Misha: It's not possible! We must leave!

* Misha crafts a mecha rabbit. *

Angel Skanda: Thank you for calling me! We'll go faster! Are you ready young

Misha: Yes, please!

Angel Skanda: Huh!

* Angel Skanda starts spinning the clock. *

Misha: We gotta get outside!

Lyner: Whoa!

* Misha and Lyner escapes. *

Armor Misha: ......

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Whew...this is surprising me. It's getting really messy...

Hama: Misha's two personas are fighting.

Hama: If this escalates, it'll get much worse than just fighting...

Lyner: What!?

Hama: Please don't destroy Misha's Soulspace....

Lyner: Why can't I defeat a reaper!? Why does Misha believe the reaper is

Hama: The viruses sealed inside of the Tower have become reapers in her

Hama: Misha's family line, the [Lune], have to keep singing forever because
      the viruses weren't exterminated.

Hama: That's why Misha has given up on defeating viruses...reapers.
      She couldn't even imagine doing that.

Lyner: But, the Misha of this world wants freedom...

Hama: Yes, the Misha of this world wants revolution and innovation.
      But she'll soon disappear.

Hama: I don't know how long she dreamed of defeating reapers. She'll soon
      realize that she doesn't even know how to defeat them.

Lyner: Then...Misha will never be free?

Hama: That's Misha's destiny. That's her life.

Lyner: That's awful...


* At the Eternal Street... *

Jack: Hey, what've you done!? The reapers are back, and the world will be

Radolf: Jack is right. You helped to destroy our world!

Krusche: I thought you were better than that. I'm really disappointed in you.

Leard: I don't want you to come home. Just leave us alone...


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Misha: Lyner, let's take out the reaper.

Lyner: Are you sure we'll be okay?

Misha: Sure. I just couldn't tell you my real plan at the Moon Mansion because
       that Armor Misha was there.

Misha: This is my world. My feelings shape this land.

Misha: If that Misha from a higher level gets me to think reapers are
       invincible, then that'll come true.

Misha: So, I needed us to be alone.

Misha: With just the two of us, we both know we can defeat the reaper...

Lyner: Oh, hey, that's smart! So, we can beat this reaper now!

???: Humans...you have chosen to make this your burial ground. Very well.

* The reaper appears. *

Lyner: Misha, imagine me winning! You have to believe in me!

Misha: Okay, I got it!

Lyner: Then... Let's go!

* Lyner runs towards the reaper and slashes it. *

Death God: Grrr...

Lyner: I did it!

Misha: ...Yes! You defeated the reaper! Our feelings have changed my destiny!

Lyner: Great! Now, you can be free!

Misha: Yes, I'm free! Nothing can stop me now.

Misha: What!?

* Something is happening to Misha. *

Misha: Ahh!

Lyner: What's wrong?

Armor Misha: You fool! You defeated the reaper!

Lyner: Yeah, so!?

Armor Misha: Because you have defeated the reaper, there is a discrepancy
             between this Misha and the real one.

Armor Misha: A reaper is a type of virus. Defeating one here doesn't help the
             Misha in the real world.

Armor Misha: So, you haven't really freed her at all.

Armor Misha: This Misha won a false sense of freedom. But, she has a place in
             Misha's heart.

Armor Misha: It is creating a paradox inside of her...

Misha: No! I'm free now! The reaper is gone!

* Something is happening to Misha again. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Misha: Ahh!

Armor Misha: No! Misha's heart is going to collapse!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: The Paradigm Shift!

* The light at the Stonehenge is breaking up. *

Hama: Be careful, Lyner...this one is different. The light in unstable.

Lyner: ...You're right.

Hama: This Paradigm Shift is incomplete. Something's interfering with Misha's

Hama: If she passes through there, we have no idea what might happen to Misha
      in the next level.

Hama: A distorted Paradigm Shift can cause a distorted growth...


* At the Stonehenge... the ground is shaking violently. *

Misha: The Paradigm Shift! Hurry up, Lyner!

Armor Misha: Don't go yet! There's no telling what might happen if you do.

Misha: This world won't last much longer. I have to grow.

Armor Misha: Stop! You're not spiritually ready for the Shift, yet.

Armor Misha: The instability of the Shift proves that you're subconsciously
             unsure of your decision.

Misha: No! I made the right decision!

Armor Misha: Don't base your judgements on your emotions. The fate of the world
             rests in your hands...

Misha: That's enough! I don't want to carry the fate of the world around

Misha: I don't wanna sing! I don't want to ever go back to that room!

Misha: The world can go to hell!

Lyner: M...Misha!?

Misha: That's why I need to get stronger. I have to be stronger than you!

Misha: You're like some machine who only cares about fate and responsibility!

Armor Misha: No! You can't go in!

Misha: It's too late! Goodbye...girl of fate!

    Level 8 [Antinomy]                                                MC-08

What is she, what is the world? Without the world, she cannot exist. But she
doesn't want to waste her life. This emotion shatters her world, and begins
to change it. And then, everything was lost.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Level 8...

Lyner: I wonder if Misha completed the Paradigm Shift alright...

Lyner: The atmosphere is really gloomy. Did she fail?

Lyner: No, I don't think so. Let's go outside...

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What's going on!? This ash...is this fog going to disappear?

Hama: I wasn't even expecting this...

Lyner: What's going on!? Is Misha all right!?

Hama: Because of the last Paradigm Shift, the deeper parts of her mind have

Hama: That's what happens when you do a Paradigm Shift without being fully
      prepared. This is all your fault.

Lyner: My fault!?

Hama: If you can't even realize what you did, then don't come back to this

Hama: I won't return till this world is restored...

Hama: Goodbye.

Lyner: Hama!

Lyner: I need to find Misha...


* At the Temple... *

Lyner: Is this a temple? Is anyone here?

* A mechanical rabbit with a clock appears. *

???: ......

Lyner: Whoa! You scared me...

Angel Shura: Welcome to the doomed world. I'm Angel Shura. I govern innovation
             and power.

Lyner: What happened to this world?

Angel Shura: The ruler of this world failed to complete the Paradigm Shift.
             On the previous level, she attempted the shift without fully
             completing the level.

Angel Shura: That mistake is causing her to suffer in this world, thus causing
             this world to be distorted.

Lyner: ...I can't believe this.

Angel Shura: This disastrous world is based on her feelings about failing her

Angel Shura: Deep inside, she didn't truly believe that she could run away from
             her fate.

Angel Shura: That small distortion in her deep thoughts created this disaster.

Lyner: Where is Misha!?

Angel Shura: She's locked up in the Moon Mansion, planning a way to deal with
             this situation.

Angel Shura: We can only wait for her judgement. Only she knows what will
             happen to this world.

* The world shakes and explosion occurs. *

Lyner: It's shaking again!

Angel Shura: This world's fate is about to change. The worst case scenario is
             that this whole world will disappear.

Lyner: What...!? I better hurry to the Moon Mansion!

Angel Shura: Dealing with these circumstances won't be easy, but it's worth

Angel Shura: I'll come with you if you want. I can help you with the small

Lyner: ...Are you sure?

Angel Shura: Yes. I don't want this world to disappear.

Lyner: Great. Thanks.


* At the Life Hall... *

Lyner: Where are you, Misha?

Angel Shura: Well, it doesn't do us any good to rush. Do you know where the
             name Moon Mansion comes from?

Lyner: Well...no.

Angel Shura: Then, let me tell you.

Angel Shura: The mansion was created when Misha was born. And, this place is
             the source of Misha's life.

Angel Shura: Misha's driving forces are the gear, chain, and shaft.

Lyner: Gear and chain...Misha's not a machine.

Angel Shura: But, she is pretty much like a machine. There's a program that
             operates based on certain processes inside of her.

Angel Shura: This castle is vital to her. That's why it lies so deep inside of
             her mind.

Lyner: Then...Misha's feelings and emotions are fake!?

Angel Shura: No. Her feelings and emotions are all real.

Angel Shura: I'm just telling you what lies deep inside her mind.

Angel Shura: Please accept this reality...Misha isn't a Human, she was created.

Angel Shura: But, the emotions and feelings she has are just as real as a

???: That's why unfortunate incidents like this one can occur.

Lyner: ...!? Who are you!?

* Another mechanical rabbit with a clock appears. *

Angel Rishi: Nice to meet you. I'm Angel Rishi. I govern conservation and

Angel Shura: I didn't expect to see you.

Angel Rishi: Me, either. Unfortunately, your ruler must be eliminated.

Angel Rishi: Because her unstable feelings caused the paradox loop that led to
             this collapse...

Angel Rishi: Misha decided to eliminate all of her emotions.

Angel Shura: ...Nice explanation.

Lyner: What's going on!? What's happening to Misha?

Angel Shura: My ruler, the one who governs revolution, will be erased.
             As a result, Misha will lose most of her emotions.

Angel Rishi: She'll become the most effective Reyvateil ever.
             She'll be able to craft Songs at any time.

Angel Shura: And, all at the cost of her emotions.

Angel Shura: Your decision is wrong.

Lyner: I can't let that happen, either. She's a living person.

Angel Rishi: Then we are in disagreement...

Angel Shura: We never agree on things, anyway.

???: Everyone is here.

* The Misha in Armor appears. *

Angel Rishi: Welcome back, Master.

Lyner: It's you, from the other day!

Misha: Yes, I'm the Misha who governs regulations and rationality.
       I'm destined to save this world.

Lyner: Where's the other Misha? What have you done to her?

Misha: She's locked up in the back room. I have to attend to something.

Lyner: Attend to something...?

Misha: Yes. I have to erased you.

Lyner: What!?

* Misha attacks Lyner. *

Lyner: Ugh!

Misha: You've made so many mistakes. I should never have met you.

Lyner: N, no!

Misha: Our purpose is to seal away viruses, the threat to this world.
       Everything was going as planned.

Misha: But, everything's changed since you showed up! Her emotions started to
       grow and she refused to sing...

* Misha continues to hit Lyner. *

Lyner: Argh!

Misha: Because of you, this world is in great danger!

Misha: If I can get rid of you...Misha...I will...

???: ...Stop!

* Misha is attacked from behind. *

Misha: Uh...

Shinobi Misha: Don't hurt Lyner...

Misha: You...!? How did you get out of "that room!" It can't be!

Shinobi Misha: You didn't realize that what you're trying to do now is also
               creating a Paradox.

Misha: ...What!?

Shinobi Misha: You tried to destroy another emotion...feelings for Lyner.
               Those feelings lie as deep as what you call our "purpose."

Shinobi Misha: Lyner...come with me. Hurry!

* Shinobi Misha and Lyner escapes. *

Shinobi Misha: That was close...

Lyner: Are you all right, Misha?

Shinobi Misha: I'm fine. Let's go to the Sleeping Forest. There's a healing
               fountain there.


* At the Sleeping Forest... *

Shinobi Misha: Come this way.

Lyner: Alright...


Shinobi Misha: Can you keep up?

Lyner: Yeah...

Shinobi Misha: This way...


Lyner: Huh? Misha?

Misha: This way, hurry!

Lyner: She's over there...


Lyner: Misha!? Where are you!!

Misha: Lyner, this way...

Lyner: Wait a second!


Lyner: Misha! Misha!

Lyner: This is really strange...something might pop out.

* A howl is heard. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Dragon: Ugh!!

* The dragon attacks Lyner. *

Lyner: Huh? What are you doing here?

Dragon: I'm here to kill you.

Lyner: I'd better run!


Lyner: I think I lost him...

Aurica: Lyner, I'm glad to see you...

Lyner: Aurica!? Are you lost, too? I'm so glad to see you.
       I was wanting company...

Aurica: I wanted to kill you so badly...and now, I finally found you!

* Aurica attacks. *

Lyner: Aghh! Aurica! Stop!

Aurica: Lyner...you're so red. What would you like me to do next?

Lyner: Whoa!


Lyner: *Huff* *huff*

Lyner: What's going on here? Where's Misha?

Lyner: I can't think straight...Misha...Mish...

Misha: ...Lyner?

(Armor) Misha: Here you are. I have to erase you from this world...

Lyner: *Huff* *huff*

Misha: You're so pathetic. You're even too scared to scream...

* Misha attacks. *

Lyner: Agh!

Misha: I won't kill you that quickly.

Lyner: Aghh!

Misha: I'll take my sweet time...

Misha: ...Your...life...

???: ...yner...Lyner...


* Lyner faints. When he wakes up, Shinobi Misha is there. *

Lyner: Ha!!

Shinobi Misha: Are you okay?

Lyner: M, Misha...?

Shinobi Misha: I'm sorry that you suffered because I lost you.

Lyner: Misha, I was so scared...

Shinobi Misha: You'll be fine. I'm with you now. Don't worry about a thing.

Lyner: I'm glad that you're with me...I was all alone and scared...

Shinobi Misha: I'm sorry. I'll never leave you again.

Lyner: Really!? Will you be with me forever...?

Shinobi Misha: Of course. Don't you trust me?

Lyner: No...that's not what I meant. I just don't want to be alone...

Shinobi Misha: You're right. We have to make sure that we'll never get

* Shinobi Misha and Lyner suddenly appears in a luxurious room. *

Shinobi Misha: This place is safe. There's nothing outside of this room.
               We can never go outside again.

Lyner: Really? Then, you and I...

Shinobi Misha: Yes. We're stuck in this room forever.

Lyner: Great! Misha, thanks! Now we can be together forever...

Shinobi Misha: ...Yes.

Shinobi Misha: We don't care about the fate of the world. I know how to
               survive, even if the continent collapses or is blown away
               in a storm...

Shinobi Misha: As long as you and I survive, that's all that matters, right?

Lyner: Right...

Shinobi Misha: I knew you were going to say that. Lyner, I have a plan.

Shinobi Misha: You and I will be locked up in this room and we'll never
               wake up. You and I can stay here together forever.

Lyner: ...Just two of us...forever.

* After some rumbling, the room disappears, and Shinobi Misha and Lyner
  appears in the forest again. *

Shinobi Misha: Ahh!

???: I can't believe you're trying to create a restricted area in your
     own mind...

Misha: Don't you know what happens if a barricade is created in your own mind?

Misha: How dare you! You stripped Lyner down spiritually to the point where he
       has no choice but to depend on you.

Shinobi Misha: You made me do this! You denied all of my qualities except for
               my fate. Maybe it's better if you disappeared.

* The world is rumbling. *

Misha: This world won't last long. Maybe it's time we faced off.

Shinobi Misha: I agree. We're too different. Two personas can't unite again.

Misha: So, the only solution is...

Shinobi Misha: To destroy one of our personas...

* Both Mishas disappear. *

Lyner: Misha! Don't leave me alone...

Hama: Lyner! Get a hold of yourself! Can you hear me?

Lyner: Hama? Is that you? You said you weren't coming back...

Hama: I had no choice. You desperately need me.

Hama: Misha seduced you... I'm ashamed to see my father like this...

Lyner: ...Father?

Hama: N, never mind! Clear you head.

Hama: Something awful is happening inside Misha's mind.
      Her identity has completely split in two.

Hama: She has two personas that are completely different.

Hama: They aren't going to appear in the real world for now, but if we don't
      fix this soon, Misha will destroy herself.

Lyner: What!? Misha's in danger?

Hama: Two of her personas are about to fight on the icy mountain.
      No matter who wins, Misha will disappear.

Hama: She needs both of her personas. We must stop the fight!

Lyner: Hama...I'm on my way...

Lyner: Ouch...

Hama: Don't be too hard on yourself... If you die, I can't...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Hama: Oh, nothing!


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Lyner: Where are they?

Hama: I see them! They're over there!

Armor Misha: The time has finally come...

Shinobi Misha: My deep feelings have been revealed. And, that has created an
               image of myself.

Armor Misha: So, the hidden anomaly shows itself at last...

Shinobi Misha: There are now two personalities within Misha.

Armor Misha: But, two personas can't share the same body.

Shinobi Misha: So...so we are straining her mind...

Armor Misha: We have to fight before the strain becomes too great.

Shinobi Misha: So, only one persona will survive.

Armor Misha: Are you ready?

Shinobi Misha: Whenever you are.

Lyner: Stop! You can't fight yourself! It doesn't make any sense!

Armor Misha: We have no choice. It's the only way one of us can survive.

Shinobi Misha: I'm sorry. Please wait for me to win this battle.

Armor Misha: Ha! Looks like some of us have high hopes. Try not to be too
             disappointed when you lose.

Shinobi Misha: Let's go!

Armor Misha: ...Just bring it!

* The two Mishas start fighting. *

Armor Misha: If it wasn't for you, I would have kept singing and the world
             would've stayed peaceful!

Shinobi Misha: But, there's no meaning to that life!

Armor Misha: There's nothing for you to live for!

* They continues fighting and the ground is shaking. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Hama: We have to do something! This world is being destroyed!

Armor Misha: You must be punished for dereliction of your duty to save
             the world!

Shinobi Misha: I didn't abandon my mission!

Armor Misha: Oh, no? Then why didn't you attempt to resist when Bourd took you
             away? You willingly left with him!

Lyner: What!?

* The world is shaking violently. *

Shinobi Misha: You wanted to be free! You could have stopped him if you didn't
               want to leave...

Shinobi Misha: Which means, Misha desired freedom more than anything else!

Hama: Ahh! The world is breaking apart!

Hama: We can't save her! Lyner, save yourself! You have to go, now!

Lyner: I can't! I have to save Misha!

Hama: No! You can't interfere...

Lyner: Misha! Stop!

Misha: ......

Armor Misha: Stopping the fight will only destroy Misha faster.

Shinobi Misha: If you're gonna act like this, we have to eliminate you now!

Lyner: Why!?

Hama: ...Huh?

Armor Misha: Because this is my body...

Shinobi Misha: And, I have to protect it...

Shinobi Misha: If you force me to destroy me own body, we'll create another

Armor Misha: One which will erase you. And this time, you'll never be able to
             return to the real world. Do you understand?

Shinobi Misha: We can never let you come back.

* The Mishas attacks Lyner with magic. *

Lyner: Argh!!

* Hama blocks the attacks with her body. *

Lyner: ...Hama!?

Hama: You're stupid all the way to the bitter end...!

Misha: Hama, why are you here?

Hama: Why!? Did you forget my relationship with this dumbass?

Hama: Just as you're protecting yourself, I'm protecting him!

Misha: Why are you doing that? You're my Mind Guardian, not his.

Hama: ......

Hama: I can't just let my daddy get erased...

Lyner: ...Daddy? Me!? What are you talking about!?

Hama: You can't remember me, can you?

Hama: I'm an ocarina. You made me...

Lyner: ...!

Hama: And then you gave me to Misha when she was leaving for Em Pheyna.

Hama: I know that you put so much into making me. That's how I was able to
      become Misha's Mind Guardian.

Misha: ......

Hama: But, that's it!

Hama: I will not protect your world anymore. Denying Lyner is the same as
      denying me.

Hama: You won't have me to be your Mind Guardian anymore... Hmph!

Hama: I'm sorry, Lyner. I couldn't convey Misha's feelings to you very well...

Hama: Goodbye, daddy. You never even remembered me...

Hama: I love you...

* Hama disappears. *

Misha: ......

Misha: ...Hama!

Misha: Where did you go? You can't leave me!

Lyner: ......

Misha: No! This wasn't supposed to happen...

* The world is crumbling. *

Lyner: Misha...

Misha: No! This isn't my world!

* The world is shaking even more violently. *

Lyner: Misha, calm down.

Misha: Give me back my world!

Lyner: Misha!

* Misha crafts magic to destroy the world. *


* In a flashback... *

(Child) Lyner: Misha!

(Child) Misha: Lyner? You're here? I'm so happy!

Lyner: Just in time! Here you go.

Misha: What is this?

Lyner: I made it for you. It took me a long time, though...

Misha: !!

Misha: Lyner! It's...!

Lyner: It's an instrument. It makes a beautiful sound when you blow in it...


* Back from the flashback... now in a black empty world. *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ...Where am I? Was I dreaming?

???: Lyner...

Lyner: ...?

???: Lyner...

Misha: Lyner!

* Misha in her standard outfit appears. *

Lyner: Misha!? But, which Misha are you?

Misha: There's only one Misha, now. And, I'm it.

Lyner: So, your personality isn't split anymore?

Misha: That's right.

Lyner: Uh, where am I?

Misha: In my Cosmosphere.

Lyner: Hmm... So, I'm still in your mind...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Wait! Your Cosmosphere! It's empty!

Misha: Yeah...I sorta destroyed all my worlds...

Lyner: ......

Misha: But, there's something left. That's the only reason I can still
       stay here.

Misha: If not for that, I never woulda woken up.

Lyner: What is it you have left?

Misha: ......

Misha: You, silly.

Lyner: ...Me?

Misha: I went through many paradoxes, and I even hated my worlds.
       But in the end, I gave it all up...

Misha: But, you're still here. I still exist because you stayed with me.

Lyner: ......

Misha: You saved me.

Misha: When all of my worlds were destroyed, I still remembered all the things
       you did for me.

Misha: I was so caught up in my own feelings that I didn't notice yours.

Misha: I lost every burden in this world, but I finally realized...

Misha: I'm still here, because I believe that I can craft for my own freedom,
       and world peace, as long as I'm with you.

Lyner: ...I see, I don't know if I'll be able to meet all of your
       expectations, but...

Lyner: I'm going to fight the viruses for your freedom.

Misha: And that's good enough for me. We're both trying to change the world...

Lyner: ......

Misha: I'm sorry. You saved my life, but there's nothing I can do to repay you.
       My world is empty.

Misha: I don't even know how to take you back to the real world.

Lyner: Misha, your doubt led to the destruction of your worlds, right?

Lyner: So, why don't you try to create a new one?

Misha: A...new one?

Lyner: Yeah. Just be honest with yourself, and try to create a world that has
       whatever you want.

Lyner: Your feelings can control your world, right?

Misha: I...

Misha: I guess you're right. First, I gotta decide what kind of world I'll
       really enjoy...

Lyner: What kind of world is that?

Misha: Well...it's gotta have a lot of lights...

Misha: I don't want it to have any darkness. I just want to enjoy the

* Misha crafts Paradise Cinna. *

Lyner: Huh...?

Paradise Cinna: Did you call for me?

Misha: ...Yep. I wanna rebuild my world. Will you help me, please?

Paradise Cinna: Sure. What are you trying to build here?

Misha: I want a world where everything has proper lighting. Where everyone is
       happy and free.

* They start creating a new world. *


Lyner: It's...wonderful.

Misha: It's so beautiful... This is the kind of world I've always wanted.

Lyner: Misha, you did it!

Misha: I know.

Misha: Lyner...it's time to say goodbye. Please come back some time.

Misha: The Misha of level 9 is waiting to give you a warm welcome.

Lyner: Alright. Thank you...for everything.

Misha: You're welcome. Goodbye.

    Level 9 [Vow]                                                     MC-09

Regrowing from darkness was a world filled with light and hope. A world that
faced reality. A world where she can wish for her own happiness, and happiness
with Lyner. Misha's story now comes to a conclusion.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Finally, level 9...

Lyner: I should go look for Misha.


* At the Stonehenge again... *

Shaman: Lyner, how have you been?

Lyner: Oh, hello Shaman. Long time, no see.

Shaman: It's been busy around here. I finally felt that it was time to
        celebrate with Misha.


* At the Frost Mountain... *

Ice Fairy: Long time no see! How have you been!?

Lyner: I'm good, thanks to you.

Ice Fairy: What a wonderful day today, thanks to you.

Ice Fairy: By the way, where's Misha?


* At the Frost Mountain again... *

Krusche: Lyner!

Lyner: Hey, Krusche.

Krusche: Lyner, we meet again. I'm so happy to be able to see you...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Krusche: Hey, Lyner... Do you... Like me?

Lyner: Wait, what are you talking about? You're weird!?

Krusche: Please, answer me! Do you, like me...? If you don't say you like me,
         I'm going to die...

Lyner: Eh... Th, that's no good. Um, I, I like you. (as a friend...)

Krusche: Really!? I'm happy... Then... Kiss me...

Lyner: W, wait a minute! Even though you're Misha's image, this is just weird!?

Krusche: Hm? ...No it's not... I've actually been interested in you for a long
         time now.

Krusche: But I can't say that kind of stuff in front of Misha.

Krusche: That's why... I was holding it in... For a long time...

Lyner: (What is this, Misha's prank!? Or is something happening that I don't
       know about?)

Krusche: ...Lyner...

Lyner: Y, yah...

Krusche: How am I... Am I unattractive...?

Lyner: N, no, don't worry. Y, you're attractive.

Lyner: (Ahhh... I don't get it so it's just scary!)


* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

Flower: Lyner. I heard that it's a special day for Misha.

Flower: I brought this flower for her.

Lyner: Everyone's here.

Flower: Of course. We should all be celebrating.


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: You...

Mystery: You're too early. Go visit some other places for a while.

Lyner: ...?


* At the Temple... *

Paradise Cinna: Isn't this world beautiful?

Lyner: Yes, thanks to you. By the way, what are you doing here?

Paradise Cinna: I'm preparing for a ceremony. Don't you know about today's

Paradise Cinna: I'm really busy, so I'll talk to you later.


* At the Eternal Street... *

Angel Shura: Long time no see.

Lyner: You're here, too?

Angel Shura: Of course. It's a special day for Misha.

Angel Shura: So, of course I'm here.


* At the Eternal Street again... *

Jack: Lyner.

Lyner: Jack!? This is a pretty deep place for you to be...

Jack: Hehe. I'm surprised myself. Well, I am honored and flattered to be that
      strong of an influence for Misha.

Jack: But I'm surprised you were able to get this far too. Well, either way,
      it's a good thing.

Jack: I'm proud of Misha for developing this far. She really is something.

Lyner: ...

Jack: But, my biggest relief right now is that Misha got her body back.
      At one point, I was just so worried...

Lyner: Yeah, seriously... I'm really glad we got the song back.

Jack: You... Have always been too earnest. What I'm glad about is that body.

Lyner: ...What?

Jack: That nice body, that's gonna be a hard one to find. The only one that
      might come close is Miss Claire.

Jack: Lyner, don't worry. Even if you dump Misha, I'll take care of her for
      the rest of her life.

Lyner: Wha! I'm not going to dump Misha.

Jack: Damn. Well, I do know how strongly Misha feels towards you even before
      I met you.

Jack: So I'm sure Misha won't be satisfied if it's not you anyway.
      Well, just make her the happiest you can.

Lyner: Yeah, of course.


* At the Constraint House... *

Lyner: ...Nobody's here?

Lyner: Misha, where are you? She's not waiting for me.

???: Who's there?

Misha: Lyner...!?

Lyner: Misha! I didn't break in...

Misha: Lyner! Thank you for coming!

Lyner: Misha?

Misha: Was it hard getting here?

Lyner: Yeah, kind of. I ran into some friends, but...

Misha: I'm sorry. I was storing up a bunch of things in my mind, so...

Misha: Are you okay? Did someone try to kill you?

Lyner: Well, let's just say I had some good exercise!

Misha: I see.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Well, it's a "special day" for you, right? What are we celebrating?

Misha: About that...I need to ask you a favor. Will you join me at the temple
       for a ceremony?

Lyner: Me?

Misha: I heard the ceremony is used to get more power from this world.

Misha: You led me to this world, so now I want you to attend the ceremony.

Lyner: I see. Of course I'll be there.

Misha: Really? Thanks! I have to go change. I'll be right back.

Lyner: A ceremony...

Lyner: ......

* Misha appears in a White Kimono. *

Misha: Thank you for waiting.

Lyner: Misha!? What are you wearing...?

Misha: How do I look?

Lyner: You look beautiful.

Misha: Thank you. I'm so happy.

Misha: Let's go to the temple.


* At the Temple... *

Mystery: Welcome to the Temple of Light. I'm Mystery, who governs Misha's
         mysterious side.

Mystery: It's finally time for Misha's mind to connect with the Tower.

Misha: Wait! Hama's not here...

Lyner: Hama...?

Misha: Hama was always there for me...I can't do the ceremony without her.

Lyner: But, Hama...

Misha: I know what happened on the previous level.

Misha: I need you to go back to the real world and make another Hama...

Lyner: How do I do that!?

Misha: The real Misha has a recipe card to make Hama.

Misha: She wants to give it to you and tell you a secret, but she doesn't have
       the courage.

Misha: So, please return to the real world and ask Misha about the ocarina.
       Get the recipe card and make Hama. Please?

Lyner: Alright, I'll do it...


* Lyner makes the Ocarina and gives it to Misha in real life. *


* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: What is it?

Lyner: Hama! You're alive again!

Hama: I didn't die... Don't forget, I live in Misha's mind.

Hama: As long as Misha wants me, I'll always be there.

Hama: I guess I could come back this time for you. I owe you one, so thanks.


* At the Constraint House... *

Hama: ...

Lyner: What's wrong? Are you still hurt from before?

Hama: You... You really let people down in the way you're expected to.

Lyner: I get that sometimes... A lot.

Hama: Whatever the case is, I owe you my gratitude. Thank you for reviving me
      as Misha's mind guardian.

Lyner: No problem. Misha wanted it.

Lyner: And I was the one who brought you to life, right?
       I can't just let it go...

Hama: ...Hmph. You didn't even remember.

Lyner: W, well... That's true too but...

Hama: Anyway, level 9, huh? Misha must really trust you.

Hama: It gives me mixed feelings...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Hama: N, nothing!! Stupid dad!


* At the Constraint House again... *

Hama: There's nothing more in this world. So what are you doing diving again?
      What do you want?

Lyner: Well-...I thought maybe there might be something more... Ahaha!

Hama: ...You're amazing. There really isn't anything else.

Lyner: Aww...

Hama: ...

Hama: By the way, how far have you gone with Misha?

Lyner: ... Wh, what do you mean... how far?

Hama: You're so thick skulled! Have you kissed yet?

Lyner: What!? No! Misha and I aren't in that kind of relationship...

Hama: In other words, you haven't. *sigh*...

Lyner: What do you mean, *sigh*...

Hama: ...!! N, nothing!! You sometimes comment on the sharpest things so you
      scare me...

Lyner: ...Do I?

Hama: Well, that's that. And you haven't kissed Misha yet, right?
      You're so slow.

Lyner: I'm telling you, I feel Misha is important to me but it's not that kind
       of lovey dovey feeling... It's more... Grand...

Hama: But if you're going to continue to stay with her, it might happen.
      Misha can be pretty bold, and she might approach you.

Lyner: ...!! Y, you think so...?

Hama: What are you being so nervous about? You really have no tolerance for
      this kind of stuff.

Lyner: K, kinda...

Hama: ...Do you want to practice?

Lyner: Huh? ...W, what?

Hama: Kissing!

Lyner: How?

Hama: ...W... With me.

Lyner: Huh? What are you saying!? Wait a minute!

Hama: W, why are you blushing!? You're so stupid!!

Hama: You and I have like... Kissed so many times... Why all of a sudden now...

Lyner: Eh? Seriously!?

Hama: Like the other day. You tested it out after you completed it.

Lyner: Are you talking about the ocarina? But, that's the ocarina.

Hama: I, it's only the shape that changed. That's all... And you're all

Hama: You get nervous around me. Are you...a pedophile? ...You're so stupid.

Lyner: N, no! That's not it! But, I just can't...

Hama: ...

Hama: Now I know why Misha was crying before. You take so long to get to the
      point that you let girls down.

Hama: Well, I'll stop "joking" with you for now...

Lyner: It was a joke!?

Hama: S, shut up! ...Of course it was!

Hama: Anyway! I don't think you would ever cheat on Misha and make her cry,
      but be careful not to make her cry by being too hard-to-get.

Hama: ...See you later!


* At the Temple... *

Misha: Lyner, you made me an ocarina! Thank you...

Hama: Misha, I can't believe you've grown this much. Congratulations.

Misha: Hama! Thank you. I missed you.

Misha: I'm so happy Lyner made you again. That was my last regret.

Hama: I was always in your heart, even after you broke me.
      Who else could've motivated Lyner?

Lyner: Great...

Hama: Oh, don't be sad if your new ocarina breaks, 'cause I'll always be
      with you.

Misha: ...Thank you.

Hama: But, if you do break it again, you can always ask this chump to make you
      a new one.

Lyner: Chump?

Misha: You're so right. Hahaha!

Mystery: Are we ready?

Misha: ...Yes.

Mystery: Misha is here today because she has overcome many obstacles,
         and traveled through many Paradigm Shifts.

Mystery: She finally reached her deepest point, the access point to the Tower,
         Ar Tonelico...

Lyner: Access point to the Tower?

Mystery: Yes. Didn't you know that a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere is connected to
         the Tower's Binary Field?

Mystery: They're connected right here on level 9.

Mystery: By connecting her to the Tower directly, she can boost her power

Mystery: Now, she can access the Tower directly. It's their greatest power!

Lyner: ......

Misha: ......

Mystery: Now, let's begin the ceremony.

Mystery: *ahem*

Mystery: Misha Arsellec Lune...

Misha: Yes.

Mystery: Do you promise to love and support Lyner, and stay by his side

Misha: ...What!?

Lyner: ......

Misha: ...I...I do.

Mystery: Lyner Barsett...

Lyner: So, now it's my turn to make promises?

Mystery: Lyner, you've helped Misha down her path of development.
         Do you promise to support her emotionally, so as to maintain peace
         in the Cosmosphere?

Lyner: ...Sure, why not?

Misha: ......

Mystery: Good. Now, hug Misha to solidify your vow.

Lyner: Do I really have to hug her?

Mystery: Yes. It is of utmost importance.

Mystery: The Cosmosphere is very delicate. It'll leave a huge scar on her
         psyche if you don't.

Mystery: Misha needs to maintain a strong, healthy connection with the person
         who helped her develop.

Mystery: Where a man and woman help, support, and improve each other...

Mystery: That is the kind of relationship you and Misha must create.

Misha: ...Lyner?

Lyner: Yes?

* Lyner and Misha hug. *

Misha: I still can't believe this. I finally showed you my true self...

Lyner: You did?

Misha: Yes. We're in the deepest point of my Cosmosphere. Which means...
       you've seen every part of me.

Lyner: Wow...

Misha: I want everything to stay like this forever...

Misha: I feel so safe when I'm with you...like I'm in a cradle.
       I know you'll always protect me...

Misha: Please...stay with me...forever.


Mystery: Now that you've exchanged vows, let's go get the power.

Lyner: You mean, she hasn't gotten it yet?

Mystery: No. First, she must touch the Tower. Come on.

* At the Tower... *

Mystery: Here we are.

Lyner: Are we inside...

Mystery: Yes. This tower acts like an umbilical cord, connecting Reyvateils to
         Ar Tonelico. The Binary Field is just around the corner.

Lyner: Really? I thought the Tower has always been here...

Mystery: You may have seen it on a lower level, but you couldn't access it

Mystery: It may have seemed close, but you couldn't reach it. But not any more.

Mystery: By touching the Tower, Misha can access her greatest power.

Mystery: She'll be able to access the Tower directly.

Misha: ...Access directly?

Mystery: Yes. She used to absorb power from the Tower to turn into Song Magic.
         But, she couldn't affect the Tower.

Mystery: But, that's all about to change. She'll be able to affect the Tower
         by crafting her feelings.

Lyner: ...Cool.

Mystery: Now, Misha, go touch the Tower.

Misha: ...Okay.

* Misha touches the Tower. *

Misha: I'm connecting with the Tower! I've never felt anything like this

Lyner: Congratulations, Misha.

Misha: Thank you for staying all the way to the end.

Lyner: But, this isn't the end. It's just a new beginning.

Misha: Yeah, you're right.

Misha: I can go on forever.

    Level E [Kentonis]                                                MC-10

* At the Stonehenge... *

Mystery: I'll tell you something interesting.

Mystery: Misha is finally connected with the Tower, right? Now she's capable of
         creating any world she wants.

Lyner: Any world? What do you mean by that?

Mystery: I mean like a playful world that has nothing to do with her mind.

Lyner: I see.

Mystery: So I want to create a gate to that world using this Stonehenge.
         We have no use for it now, so...what do you think?

Lyner: It sounds interesting.

Mystery: I knew you were going to say that.

Mystery: It's no fun to just create the door, so let's play a game.

Mystery: I'll create some challenges for you to clear. And if you successfully
         clear them...

Mystery: I'll become one of Misha's Songs.

Lyner: You're a Song, too!?

Mystery: Not quite. To be precise, I'm the one who governs Misha's mysterious

Mystery: But, that's not important right now. Let's open the gate.

Mystery: Ha!

* Stonehenge is glowing. *

Mystery: You can get to that virtual world by jumping in here. You can come
         back to this side at any time...

Mystery: Whenever you like.


* At the virtual world... *

Lyner: The world has changed a little... No, it's obviously changed...

Lyner: I should take a walk around.


* At Elie's Workshop... *

* Explosion is heard. *

Lyner: Whoa! You scared me!

* Misha plays Elie. *

Misha: I failed again...

Misha: Huh? I have a guest?

Lyner: Misha!? Why are you dressed like that?

Misha: I'm Elfir, not Misha. I go to the academy of alchemists.

Misha: Call me Elie.

Lyner: What was that explosion? Are you all right?

Misha: I tried to make a Meteor, but I failed.

Lyner: A bomb!? Why are you making that!?

Misha: To meet someone I admire...

Lyner: Do you want me to help you with anything?

Misha: Really? Can you do me one favor?

Misha: I have a friend named [Eizel] at the academy. I want you to ask my
       friend why I can't make a Meteor.

Lyner: Me!?

Misha: I wish I could go, but I can't leave now...please?

Lyner: Okay, fine.

Misha: Yes! Thank you!


* At the Academy... *

Lyner: Excuse me, do you know how to get to the academy?

Eizel: Who are you? You aren't a student, are you?

Lyner: No. I'm looking for someone named Eizel...

Eizel: You're looking for me!? What do you want?

Lyner: Oh, great, I found you!

Eizel: So...how can I help you?

Lyner: Well....Misha, I mean Elie asked me to...

Eizel: Elfir!?

Lyner: She wants to make a bomb called a Meteor, but she keeps failing.

Lyner: She asked me to hand you this memo.

Eizel: She's making a Meteor!? She wants to beat a dragon or something.
       Let me take a look.


Eizel: She doesn't have all the necessary materials...

Eizel: I'll write a recipe for her, so wait here okay?


Lyner: (It looks like a girl's room... I'm getting a little nervous...)

Eizel: Here you go. I can't believe she forgot such an important item.

Eizel: She's missing the most important material, the Star Piece.

Eizel: I don't think she has one. You might want to find it for her.

Lyner: But, I don't know where to find one...

Eizel: You don't? It's a shooting star that falls on the [Eastern Lands].

Lyner: How can I get there?

Eizel: ......

Lyner: Heh heh...sorry...

Eizel: It's okay. I'll take you there.

Lyner: No, that's too much to ask...

Eizel: You'll probably pick the totally wrong stone. I'd better come along.

Lyner: Thanks for your help.

Eizel: I'm not doing it for you!

Lyner: ...Huh?

Eizel: ......

Eizel: Anyway, let's go. The [Eastern Lands] are far away. I want to hire a
       bodyguard to come along.

Eizel: The Hishotei Bar...and I can probably find someone at the castle gate.

Lyner: ...Sure, whatever.


* At the Bar... *

Eizel: I don't like this place. Let's find him quickly and get out of here.

Lyner: But, this place is really crowded...

Eizel: Ah, there he is.

Ruwen: Do you need a bodyguard?

Lyner: Yeah, I guess...

Ruwen: Thanks for picking me. My name is Ruwen.

Eizel: It's been a while. Do you remember me?

Ruwen: You're always with Elie...

Eizel: But, you can't remember my name...it's Eizel.

Ruwen: So? Where are you guys going?

Eizel: The [Eastern Lands].

Ruwen: That's pretty far. It'll be an exciting adventure.
       Let's leave right away.


* At the Eastern Plateau... *

Ruwen: Here we are. What do you need, some materials for alchemy?

Eizel: Kind of.

Lyner: Elie needs a [Star Piece]. But, she doesn't know that she needs it,

Ruwen: So, you guys are looking for a material to give to Elie?

Lyner: Yes.

Eizel: Then, let's find it before the sun sets.


Ruwen: I got it! Is this it?

Eizel: Did you find it?

Ruwen: Is this it?

Eizel: It sure is. Good job.

Ruwen: I don't mind doing this for Elie.

Lyner: Heh, seems like everyone likes her, huh?

Eizel: No, I don't!!

Ruwen: Well, I like her.

Eizel: ...!

Ruwen: She's always working hard for others. I like that.

Ruwen: It's encouraging to watch her work so hard.

Ruwen: I enjoy being with her. It's just good company.

Eizel: ......

Ruwen: You know what I'm saying, right? I mean, you're always with her...

Ruwen: Besides, you are trying to help her.

Eizel: ......

Eizel: If you say so.

Lyner: ......

Eizel: You should go. Elfir is waiting.

Lyner: Thanks for everything.

Ruwen: Don't mention it. I did it for Elie.

Eizel: Make sure to give this to her. Don't lose it.

Lyner: ...Okay.


* At Elie's Workshop... *

Misha: Welcome back! What took you so long?

Lyner: You were missing this stone. It's called a [Star Piece].

Misha: Star Piece...

Misha: Oh!! You're right! I forgot all about that one.

Misha: Did Eizel give this to me?

Lyner: I went with Eizel to look for it.

Misha: What!?

Lyner: She helped me find it for you.

Misha: It's nice to have friends...

Lyner: ......

Misha: I'll do my best!


Misha: I did it!

Lyner: You did! That was great!

Misha: I can finally cross the ocean!

Lyner: ...Ocean?

Misha: I heard that a person I admire is in a city called [Kentonis].
       It's on the other side of the ocean...

Misha: But because of a dragon, all ships were canceled...

Lyner: ...A dragon!?

Misha: Yes. So I'll beat that dragon using the Meteor.

Lyner: I see...

Misha: Lyner, will you come with me to beat the dragon?

Lyner: Me!?

Misha: Yes! I'm counting on you! Let's go to the port city, Castagne.


* At Castagne... *

Misha: Here we are! This is the port city, Castagne.

Misha: This town is famous for its delicious fish. They have herring, snapper,
       mackerel, yellowtail, and shark!

Lyner: Shark!? What is that?

Misha: You've never heard of shark?

Lyner: No. I've never seen the ocean before. What a terrible flood.

Misha: Flood?! No, it's the ocean. And if I go across the ocean, I can finally
       see Marlone...

Lyner: Marlone...?

Yurika: Not you again. You'll never win. You don't stand a chance.

Misha: No, Yurika! I'll beat it this time. I have a special bomb...

Yurika: A bomb?

Misha: Yes, I made it with alchemy. It's an item for creating a meteor shower.

Yurika: A meteor shower!? Sounds scary, but you just might be able to win
        this time.

Yurika: Alright! I'll give you one more ship!

Misha: Great!

Lyner: Who are you?

Yurika: Huh? You should introduce yourself first!

Misha: Oh, sorry. This is my partner for this adventure, Lyner!

Misha: This is Yurika. She's a fisherman. I'll need to use her ship to beat
       the dragon! She's my only hope!

Yurika: Nice to meet you, Lyner. You're an unlucky man to go on an adventure
        with this reckless girl.

Lyner: You're right, but so are you.

Yurika: I guess. I'll get ready to set sail, so wait for me here okay?

Misha: It's finally time, I'm starting to get nervous...

Lyner: Hey, Elie...why are you dying to see Marlone?

Misha: He saved my life. He used alchemy to save my life when I was dying from
       a high fever. I was just a child then...

Misha: He was a traveler, so he left my village shortly after.
       So I didn't even know how to find him.

Misha: Later on, I found out that my life was saved by alchemy.
       That's why I joined the academy.

Misha: I want to help people with alchemy, just like him...

Misha: I became an alchemist because I admire him. It's been my dream to
       meet him.

Lyner: I see.

Yurika: I'm ready.

Misha: We're ready, too! Let's go!

Lyner: Yes!

* They set sail and finally meet the dragon... *

Dragon: It's you again, little girl! You can never defeat me!

Misha: Too bad! This time is different!

Dragon: What confidence! Soon you'll regret that you came!

Misha: I won't let you! Meteor!

* Misha calls the Meteor. *

Dragon: Wh, what!?

Misha: Meteor shower!

* A tub falls on the head of the dragon... *

Lyner: ...Huh?

Dragon: Aragh!

Misha: Huh? Did I get him!?

Lyner: You beat the dragon with a tub...

Misha: I did, Lyner!

Lyner: What the hell is this!

* They arrive at Kentonis. *

Misha: We finally arrived at Kentonis!!

Lyner: So you can find Marlone here?

Misha: Yes, he should still be here. Let's check out the academy of alchemists.


Misha: I can finally meet him. I wonder what he's like. I'm getting nervous.

Misha: He's probably a good looking, intelligent man, who all women admire.

Lyner: I don't think you should expect too much...

???: Huh? You're...

* Aurica plays Marlone. *

Aurica: It's been a while. You got better.

Misha: What? ...You?

Aurica: You're here...oh, you entered the academy! How's Professor Ingrid?

Misha: H, hey...!

Aurica: What?

Misha: Aurica! Why are you ruining this special and touching moment!?

Aurica: I'm not Aurica. My name is Marlone! Marie!

Misha: I can't believe this! I came all this way just to meet you!

Aurica: Well, how rude...

Misha: You can't just show up in my world like this, you know?

Misha: You always draw Lyner's attention by looking so down! How dare you show
       up in my world like this!

Lyner: Excuse me...

Aurica: You're so bossy. You're always bossing Lyner around. Poor, poor Lyner.

Misha: Excuse me!? I'm not bossy! If you keep talking to me like that,
       I'll throw a Meteor at you!

Aurica: Then, I'll throw a Mega Flame at you!

Lyner: Wait!

Misha: Yah!!

Aurica: Yahh!!

* Misha and Aurica are attacking each other. *

Lyner: Whoa! The building's gonna collapse!

Misha: Lyner! We've got to go!

Aurica: No, he's coming with me!

Misha: No way! He's coming with me!

Lyner: I don't care! We've got to go!

Misha: Let's go to the Stonehenge. You have to leave this world!

Lyner: ...Alright.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: That was some experience.

Misha: I had fun, though!


* They return to the regular Cosmosphere. *

Mystery: Welcome back.

Misha: I'm still wearing this outfit!

Mystery: It's my gift to you. Enjoy.

* Misha changes back to her Kimono outfit. *

Misha: ...Now I'm back to normal.

Mystery: How was the virtual world? Did you enjoy it?

Lyner: I don't even know what happened there.

Mystery: That's great. Since you did so well, I'll give you a gift.

Mystery: Please accept me as a gift and craft me as your Song.

Misha: Huh?

Mystery: I govern the mysterious side of Misha. It's time for me to unite
         with Misha.

Mystery: So long, till we meet again...

* Mystery disappears. *

Misha: ......

Lyner: It's gone.

Misha: It feels like the end...

Lyner: Is it?

Misha: I've shown you everything. I'm not hiding anything.

Misha: I like that.

Lyner: Me, too.

    Level M (Misha's Path)                                            MC-11

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Hama: Lyner, a ship has arrived at the pier!

Lyner: Huh? Oh, I get it. The ship was her lost Song Magic.

Hama: Come on! Let's go!

* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

China Misha: Here comes the ship!

Lyner: Great! You've been looking for four years, but your hard work is finally
       paying off!

China Misha: Now I can go back home whenever I want.

Lyner: Are you leaving us?

China Misha: No. I'll always be here. My home is inside the ship.

China Misha: But, I don't always have to stay there. I can go out and help you.

Lyner: You mean...

China Misha: Please, let me help you.


China Misha: After four years, I'll finally be whole again.

China Misha: Thank you, Lyner.

China Misha: Let's continue to help one another...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Hama: Oh you! I have some interesting information.

Lyner: Interesting information? What is it?

Hama: Remember how that ship returned to the pier because Misha got her
      Hymn back?

Hama: You can go inside the ship. You should try it sometime.


* At the Chronical... *

Lyner: It's pretty luxurious inside the ship.

China Misha: Yes. This ship represents the most radiant part of my mind.

Lyner: Radiant part?

China Misha: Yes, it's singing. This ship is the [Chronicle Key] itself.
             You know, the Song I sing to save the world...

Lyner: Whoa, your Songs are even materialized in your mind.

China Misha: ...Only the Chronicle Key is because it's extra special.
             This Song is my life, my everything...

Lyner: ...Huh?

China Misha: Oh, never mind. I'm not good at explaining that kind of stuff,
             so ask another Misha.

China Misha: My job is to care for and love this ship, the Chronicle Key.
             My job is to wish for world peace...

China Misha: There's a crew on the ship that can convey that feelings.

* Arcadic Cinna appears. *

???: Did you call me?

China Misha: That's Fairy Potion. Her job is to deliver messages to and from
             the ship.

Arcadic Cinna: I'm finally back at this Pier after 4 long years. I missed you
               so much...

Arcadic Cinna: It's nice to meet you! I'll be with her forever!

Lyner: It's nice to meet you, too.

    Level M (Aurica's Path)                                           MC-12

* At the Stonehenge... *

Hama: It's been a while.

Lyner: You're right. I haven't seen Misha in a while.

Hama: That's why Misha's so down lately...

Lyner: What?

Hama: Oh, nothing.

Hama: Since you wandered off, something big happened to Misha.

Lyner: Like what!? Did Misha grow?

Hama: Yes she did. As a result, her ship arrived at the Pier in her

Lyner: Really!? But, what does it have to do with her growing up?

Hama: I'm not telling. It's your fault for not being there when she grew.

Lyner: Well, I want to go to the Pier. Is that alright?

Hama: Do whatever you want.

* At the Wharf of Endless Calm... *

Misha: Lyner, you're here! It's been a while. I thought you'd never come back.

Lyner: I'm sorry that I was gone so long. So, your ship arrived?

Misha: Yes, thanks to you. I can finally go back to my home town.

Lyner: So are you leaving?

Misha: No. I'll stay here forever. My hometown is inside the ship.

Misha: But, I'm not stuck here any more, so I can help you out now.

Lyner: You mean...

Misha: Do you need my help? I'll be helpful.


Lyner: So when did the real Misha grow up?

Misha: When she got the [Chronicle Key] back.

Misha: My body got smaller because I was separated from my Hymn Crystal at
       Tenba's research facility...

Misha: I told you that I was looking for something when we were trying to
       escape from Tenba. I was looking for My Song, and to restore my body.

Lyner: I didn't know...I'm sorry. I wanted to be with you when you got your
       Song back.

Misha: It's okay, I'm fine now. I got my body back.

Misha: Ayano, the President of Tenba, apologized to me about the whole thing.

Lyner: She did!? But, why...?

Misha: She didn't know what Bourd was up to. He was doing it all on his own.

Lyner: I didn't know...

Misha: Anyway, don't worry about this. I'm happy I got to see you again.


Lyner: She got her body back, as well as her Song.

Hama: Yes.

Hama: Now that the ship has arrived, you can go inside. You should try it


* At the Chronical... *

Lyner: It's pretty luxurious inside the ship.

China Misha: Yes. This ship represents the most radiant part of my mind.

Lyner: Radiant part?

China Misha: Yes, it's singing. This ship is the [Chronicle Key] itself.
             You know, the Song I sing to save the world...

Lyner: Whoa, your Songs are even materialized in your mind.

China Misha: ...Only the Chronicle Key is because it's extra special.
             This Song is my life, my everything...

Lyner: ...Huh?

China Misha: Oh, never mind. I'm not good at explaining that kind of stuff,
             so ask another Misha.

China Misha: My job is to care for and love this ship, the Chronicle Key.
             My job is to wish for world peace...

China Misha: There's a crew on the ship that can convey that feelings.

* Arcadic Cinna appears. *

???: Did you call me?

China Misha: That's Fairy Potion. Her job is to deliver messages to and from
             the ship.

Arcadic Cinna: I'm finally back at this Pier after 4 long years. I missed you
               so much...

Arcadic Cinna: It's nice to meet you! I'll be with her forever!

Lyner: It's nice to meet you, too.

    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
   /  II. Aurica's Cosmosphere  \/                                   ___\___
__/                              \__________________________________/ AC-00 \__
¯¯                                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯

    Level 1 [Rose Princess]                                           AC-01

The world begins in a land covered in thorns. In this world, Aurica has denied
her own powers. By encouraging her, she begins to learn how to control her own

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: This is Aurica's Soulspace? It looks peaceful enough...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: But, I don't feel very welcome here. Maybe it's just me...

* Lyner is hit from behind. *

Lyner: Hey! Oww!

* A bear-like creature with a pot on its head appears. *

???: Scoundrel! Who do you think you are, barging in here without permission?
     Identify yourself!

Lyner: Wait, who're you? Oww!

* Lyner is hit again. *

???: Scoundrel! How rude! You should give your name before requesting mine!

Lyner: Okay, okay. I'm Lyner Barsett.

???: And, I am Don Leon, the royal knight of her mind.

Lyner: Knight? So, you're the Mind Guardian?

Don Leon: Si. I am here to protect Aurica. You'll have no funny business,
          so long as I am here.

Lyner: That's fine. I'm not here to screw around. Hey...what kind of name is
       Don Leon...?

* Don Leon hits Lyner again! *

Don Leon: How dare you! Aurica gave me my name! I demand satisfaction...
          or an apology...

Lyner: Okay, I admit I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Don Leon: I shall forgive you this once. So, what business do you have in
          Aurica's world?

Lyner: I'm here for Song Magic.

Don Leon: Song Magic, you say? Aurica would never craft Song Magic with a
          weirdo like you!

Don Leon: But, you have come all this way. Know that I do not trust you...

Don Leon: I shall be keeping a close eye on you. That, you must never forget!

Lyner: Alright, I get it, sheesh...

Don Leon: (This one...will not be fun...)

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What's with this world!? It's filled with thorns...

Don Leon: She made this barricade to keep strangers like you from entering.

Don Leon: She can live peacefully because of this thorn wall. She was living
          in peace before you showed up!

Lyner: That's enough...I get your point. By the way, are there any towns in
       Aurica's world?

Don Leon: You should see for yourself!


* Back at the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: Aurica isn't here. Or are you going home already?

Lyner: That's not it... I was a little curious when I came here but, what are
       these ruins?

Don Leon: This ruin is called the Stonehenge. It's a very important facility
          for Aurica's development!

Lyner: I, I see...

Don Leon: Indeed. When Aurica advances from this world, she borrows the powers
          from this Stonehenge.

Don Leon: You will understand when the time comes, if you're able to support
          Aurica and cause the Paradigm Shift to occur.


* At the Cave Inn... *

Jack: Hey, you're...

Lyner: You're Jack! I didn't think you'd be here.

Jack: Keh... Who cares, what is this world. I ain't here 'cause I want to be!

Lyner: Oh? Then, why are you here?

Jack: That's my own business! Why the hell do I have to tell you? Huh? Why?

Lyner: Uh, I don't need to know that badly! Hahaha...

Lyner: (Jack is really scary today!)

Lyner: (...Oh yeah. This Jack is the image of how Aurica sees him.
       So, Jack is a scary person to Aurica, I guess...)

Jack: I mean, why the hell do I have to be in the world of this little girl.

Jack: Ugh...I'd rather be in the Cosmosphere of a gorgeous lady, like Miss
      Claire. Staying here is lame!

Lyner: (Aurica... Were you listening to our whole conversation at the Inn
       in Nemo...)


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Lyner: This village is deserted. Nobody's here...

Lyner: I should look around some more...


Lyner: Radolf?

Radolf: And, who might you be?

Lyner: R, Radolf...? No, he talks a little strange. It's too formal to be

Radolf: I sincerely doubt that you are in any position to judge me like that.
        I don't even know you. It's only proper for me to be polite to people.

Lyner: Okay, fine...whatever. So, does anyone else live in this village?

Radolf: The Sick Lady, the Songless Princess, and I are the only residents of
        this village. It is only the three of us.

Radolf: However, this village is facing a crisis.

Lyner: ...A crisis?

Radolf: The Songless Princess is perpetually trying to burn down the village.
        And, it falls upon me to save this village every time.

Lyner: I see.

Radolf: Therefore, I must be on my way. I'm on my patrol as we speak.


Lyner: ...Radolf sounded strange. But, it's also not normal for someone to
       want to burn down a village.

Lyner: I don't know what's going on. I'll just have to investigate some more...
       Where is Aurica?


* At the Cave Inn... *

Aurica: Y, you!?

Lyner: I'm Lyner Barsett. I came here so that you can craft a Song.

Aurica: ...A Song? I can't craft a Song. I'm not powerful enough...

Lyner: I don't think so... Besides, this is your world. You should be able to
       create anything you want.

Aurica: It's not that easy for me. I can't even save my own village...

Aurica: This village has been destroyed many times by the Fire Demon. Radolf,
        who lives in this village, thinks I'm summoning the Fire Demon.

Lyner: Wh, what? Why would he think that?

Aurica: Unfortunately, he's probably right. This village has been burned down
        many times in the past, because of me.

Aurica: Radolf always rebuilds the village. He isn't friendly, but he's got a
        big heart.

Lyner: Huh? That sounds strange... Isn't this your world? Why can't you restore
       the village?

Lyner: You should be able to do anything...including stopping that demon...

Aurica: I can't do that! I would only destroy this village.

Lyner: (Sounds like she has post-traumatic stress...)

Lyner: Let's defeat this Fire Demon first. This is your world, so you know how
       to defeat him, right?

Aurica: ......

Lyner: You don't know? Then how did you create it?

Aurica: I don't know. The demon always appears out of nowhere, destroys things,
        and then leaves...

Lyner: This is gonna be tough... I guess we have no choice but to defeat it.
       Can you craft Song Magic to defeat it?

Aurica: No. I don't want to make anything. People always laugh at my

Lyner: ...Laugh? Why?

Aurica: It's because I'm stupid. I can only create strange things, and I'm so

Lyner: Can you give it a shot? Please?

Aurica: ...I'm really weak, though.

Lyner: I don't care.

Aurica: You'll laugh at me.

Lyner: No, I won't.

Aurica: We can't beat that Fire Demon...

Lyner: Don't worry about a thing! Just trust me and make something!

Aurica: Okay...

Aurica: I'll do it...

Aurica: Huh!!

* Aurica crafts a fireball-like creature. *

Lyner: You did it!

Aurica: I'm sorry. I can only make useless things...

Fireball: Excuse you! You crafted me! You can't call me useless!

Aurica: It talks!?

Fireball: Why are you surprised? You crafted me, thinking it would be cute if
          I could talk.

Aurica: I did...but I didn't expect it to really happen.

Lyner: Great! See, you can craft properly. I can't do this. You need to be more

Lyner: This is your world. You can craft anything if you believe in yourself.

Aurica: ...Y, yes. But, I can only craft silly magic.

Fireball: Don't call me "Silly Magic!" I decided to do my best to help you,
          since you did craft me.

Lyner: That fire ball is right. I think he'll be useful.

Lyner: We can grill meat with this thing. Powerful isn't always a good thing,
       right? We can't grill meat with a bomb.

Aurica: You're right.

Fireball: Wait a minute! I'm only good for grilling meat!? What an insult...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Aurica, you crafted magic!

Don Leon: What!? What did you do to Aurica?

Lyner: I didn't do anything. Why are you so upset? What, you don't want her to
       craft magic or something?

Don Leon: That is not it! It is just...she hasn't crafted magic in the past
          few years.

Lyner: I see...


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Radolf: Emergency! The Fire Demon has struck again! We have to stop it as best
        as we can.

Lyner: What!? Aurica...

Aurica: No, I can't...I can't win.

Radolf: I have to do something. The village will be destroyed...I'm going to

Lyner: Radolf!!

Aurica: He knows that he can't win, so why does he fight...?

Lyner: Because he's determined to save this world.

Lyner: While you blame yourself for being incompetent, many people are
       supporting you.

Aurica: I never asked them to do anything...

Lyner: Aurica!

Lyner: You know why Radolf is saving you, right?

Aurica: No, I don't...

Lyner: That's not true.

Lyner: This is your world. Radolf is saving you because you want him to.
       Am I right?

Aurica: Well...

Lyner: You don't have to do it for Radolf. But, I want you to save your
       village and world on your own.

Aurica: ......

Aurica: ...Okay.

* The village is burning. *

Lyner: What!?

Aurica: It's really hot. The demon is here to burn down the village...

* A giant fireball appears. *

Flamia: Burning...burning...everyone is burning...

Lyner: I won't let you!

Lyner: Aurica! Protect the village. You're the only one who can save
       this world!

Aurica: But, I don't even know how!

* The fireball appears. *

Fireball: I have a plan! He attacks us by blowing fire, so we can protect
          ourselves by building a firewall.

Lyner: But, what should I make it out of?

Fireball: Your job is to figure that out!

Lyner: Why, you...

Aurica: It's okay. I'll try it, but it might not work...

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: I can't let everyone else do all the work. I can do this...

Aurica: ...Just don't laugh at me, alright?

Lyner: I won't laugh.

Aurica: I see. I'll do it...

Aurica: Huh!

* Aurica starts crafting. *

Aurica: Please! Appear!

* A weird creature with a single eye and a three feathered wings appears. *

???: %@$#!...&#@!

Lyner: Wh, what is this!?

Aurica: I thought that I could blow away fire with wind...so I made this...

Flamia: I'll burn it all...!

Aurica: It's not working...I wasn't good enough...

Lyner: No, don't give up! Think harder! Imagine yourself beating the demon in
       your head!

Aurica: I'll try. I hope this works...

Lyner: It will, trust me. Believe in your power.

Aurica: Yes, I can feel the energy. Nobody ever encouraged me like this before.

Aurica: You're right. It's worth trying!

Aurica: Fire Guard...please protect us all!

* The weird creature starts spinning. *

Fire Guard: %@$#!...&#@!

Lyner: Th, this is...!

* The burning fire is extinguished. *

Flamia: Whewwww!

* Flamia is blown away. *

Lyner: The fire's being blown away!?

Aurica: Did I do it?

Lyner: Yes, you did! Aurica, you saved the village!

Aurica: I can't believe I did it...

Fireball: It's too early to celebrate. He's still alive. He'll soon be back.

Lyner: Then next time, you have to beat it.

Aurica: ...But, I...

Lyner: Don't worry. You can do it as long as you believe in yourself.

Aurica: You're right...I hope I can do it.

Lyner: ......

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Don Leon: You got her to craft some magic, but don't flatter yourself just yet!

Lyner: Yeah, yeah...but, why is Aurica's mind always burning down her own

Don Leon: You should ask her yourself. It is not my place to tell you.


* At the Cave Inn... *

Aurica: Why are we here? What are you going to do to me?

Lyner: Huh? I'm not going to do anything...

Aurica: ...Oh, that's good.

Lyner: What happened in your past?

Aurica: Nothing happened...really.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

* Lyner is hit. *

Don Leon: Scoundrel! What are you doing to Aurica? Do not lay your filthy
          hands upon her!

Lyner: No, you don't understand...

Lyner: (She doesn't trust me... She doesn't trust people. She must've had some
       bitter experiences...)


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Radolf: Mr. Lyner, you're safe. I'm sorry that I couldn't stop the Fire Demon,
        earlier. The village was attacked.

Lyner: That's okay. Aurica got rid of him.

Radolf: What!? The Songless Princess did that? I'm surprised...

Lyner: Wait, Aurica is the Songless Princess...?

Radolf: But, we could never defeat that demon before. He always returned to
        his lair and restored his energy.

Lyner: Where is his lair?

Radolf: I'm not sure about the exact location, but I've heard that it's in a
        strange and deserted land.

Lyner: Deserted...and strange...?


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: This is the thorn covered tower...?

Lyner: There's a door. I hope it opens...

Aurica: This is the door that can never be opened. It leads to the strong
        energies of the outside world...

Lyner: Strong energies? Where does it go?

Aurica: I don't know.

* The fireball appears. *

Fireball: Whoa! Look out! I sense something... I think it's...

Lyner: A fire demon!?

* The ground starts shaking. *

Fireball: ...Here it comes!

Lyner: So, is this his base?

* Flamia appears. *

Flamia: Burning...burning...everyone is burning...

Lyner: Damn! We have to take it down this time!

Lyner: Let me handle this!

Flamia: You can't get me!

Lyner: (What do I do? This is Aurica's world...)

Lyner: ...That's it! This is Aurica's world!

Lyner: Can you make those feathery things again?

Aurica: You mean, the Fire Guard? Yes, I can make some more...

Lyner: Great! Okay, seal his fire with one of those. I'll take him down while
       you guard me!

Aurica: But...you'll...

Lyner: Don't worry about me. I'm invincible, remember? Or, don't you trust me

Aurica: ......

Aurica: No, you're right. You are invincible. I believe you'll defeat that
        fire demon...

Lyner: Alright! Here it comes! Aurica, don't worry. Have faith in me!

Aurica: I do.

Aurica: Huh!?

* Aurica crafts the Fire Guard. *

Fire Guard: %@$#!...&#@!

* The Fire Guard starts spinning and extinguishes the fire. *

Lyner: Okay! Here goes!

Lyner: Urah!

* Lyner strikes Flamia. *

Flamia: Ugh!

Aurica: ...Did you get it?

Lyner: Of course I did. That was easy!

Aurica: That's because you're so talented.

Lyner: No, it was because of you, Aurica. You are talented.

Aurica: ...Me?

Lyner: I was only able to beat it because you believed that I could.

Lyner: This is your world. Whatever you wish for will come true.

Aurica: ...Are you sure?

* Flamia is still there... *

Lyner: What!? You're still alive?

Flamia: Don't worry. I won't attack anymore.

Lyner: ...Huh?

Flamia: I decided to protect this land.

Lyner: Protect this land...? Aurica, did you...?

Aurica: Yes. Now I know that I can change this world.

Aurica: I used to blame myself for being weak.

Aurica: But, you made me realize I was wrong.

Lyner: Well, this world should be peaceful from now on.

Aurica: Yes, it will.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Don Leon: It is the Paradigm Shift.

Don Leon: Now, we must hurry to Stonehenge!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: This is...

Fireball: Hey, I see someone in the light!

* Aurica in an Angel outfit appears. *

Lyner: ...Aurica?

Aurica: I...I see myself...

Angel Aurica: Did you pass through the Paradigm Shift?

Lyner: Huh? What's going on? Are you Aurica?

Angel Aurica: I am Aurica. But, you haven't met me before.

Lyner: ...?

Angel Aurica: Aurica, jump is there. It's a step toward spiritual growth.

Aurica: Spiritual growth...?

Angel Aurica: Yes. This Stonehenge is an altar for growing spiritually.

Angel Aurica: You need to grow. Every time you step into this light, you'll be
              a step closer to enlightenment.

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: Yes.

Aurica: Thank you, for everything.

Lyner: Don't mention it.

Aurica: Will I see you again?

Lyner: Of course.

Aurica: Then, I'm going...

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Don Leon: I cannot believe that you were able to bring Aurica to the
          Paradigm Shift...

Lyner: What is that supposed to mean?

Don Leon: Never mind. I wish to thank you for helping Aurica to grow stronger.

Don Leon: Adios. I will see you again...if Aurica allows you to visit her in
          level 2.

    Level 2 [Scar of the Dragon]                                      AC-02

A dragon assaults the village. It can't be defeated no matter how many times
you fight it. This is a world created by Aurica's deep scars from her past.
The assault in Skuwat from her childhood days still conquers a part of her

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: So this is level 2...looks like it has less thorns.

Don Leon: Yes. Which means Aurica has opened up her mind a little.

Lyner: So, it's gotten a little more peaceful?


* At the Stonehenge... *

Radolf: You're still here? If you stay in this world, you'll become prey to
        Aurica's mind, too.

Lyner: Radolf...you don't have to be that mean...

Radolf: Then how mean should I be to warn you. You should listen to your
        experienced elders.

Lyner: Yeah...but I want to do something for Aurica. You want to, too, right?

Lyner: Isn't that why you're here?

Radolf: That's nonsense. I'm only here because our Bishop assigned me to take
        care of the burden named Aurica.

Radolf: Why would anyone choose to be in this dangerous world?

Lyner: ...What did you say!? Radolf! Are you serious!?

Radolf: Of course. I mean, I can't say this in front of Aurica.
        But I'm sure I'm usually thinking so.

Lyner: ...You're sure you're thinking so? Hey hey, you use those words when
       you talk about other people, not when you're talking about yourself...

Radolf: I know I think she's a nuisance. Look, even now, she's giving me so
        much trouble.

Lyner: I get it! This is inside Aurica's Soulspace, so people act however she
       thinks they do.

Lyner: At any rate...I guess Aurica thinks Radolf is unwillingly staying
       with her.

Lyner: I guess that's Aurica... My my.


* At the Life Tower... *

Don Leon: No one's here. I think you should try somewhere else.

Lyner: I see... Hey, Don Leon.

Don Leon: ...Yes?

Lyner: I've been curious for a while, but what are you?

Don Leon: You should know by now! I told you I am the guardian of Aurica's

Lyner: No, that's not what I meant... How should I say this? You don't look
       like a normal living animal.

Don Leon: ...*gasp*!!

Lyner: Uh, I mean, did I hurt you? I'm sorry, that's not what I meant.
       You look like a stuffed animal or doll you know...

Don Leon: ...Hmph. I am indeed a stuffed animal. I am Aurica's most important
          stuffed animal.

Lyner: So, I was right! But, why is her mind guardian a stuffed animal?

Don Leon: Solve that on your own time. All I will say is that I am important
          to Aurica.

Don Leon: At least a lot more than you!

Lyner: ...


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Lyner: It doesn't look very different even though the level advanced.

Don Leon: Don't judge everything by its appearance.

* The ground is shaking and the sky turns red. *

Lyner: Ahh! Oh, it's you again...

* The place is burning. *

Dragon: Grrrr...

Lyner: He looks worse than the one on the previous level!

Aurica: Lyner!

* Aurica appears in her Skuwat outfit. *

Lyner: Aurica! What happened to your clothes?

Aurica: There's no time to talk about it now. We have to run!

* Aurica and Lyner escapes to the Inn... *

Aurica: That was close.

Lyner: What's going on?

Aurica: Huh? What are you talking about?

Lyner: I thought your world was supposed to be peaceful after defeating Flamia
       on the previous level.

Aurica: No, it's not peaceful at all. My village is destined to be threatened
        by danger at any time...

Lyner: Destined...?

Lyner: (I don't know why she talks like that...)

Lyner: Then, how can we make this world peaceful?

Aurica: This village will never be peaceful...

Lyner: Why do you say that?

Aurica: Sooner or later, this village is going to burn to the ground.

Lyner: Don't give up on yourself. I told you that on the previous level,

Aurica: I know. But this time, I haven't given up on my ability.

Aurica: It's just fate. There's nothing that I can do about it.

Lyner: (This is pretty bad...I should go around and talk to people.)

Lyner: Hey, Don Leon...was Aurica traumatized by a fire?

Don Leon: ...What makes you think so?

Lyner: She was threatened by fire in both levels. I'm worried about her...

Don Leon: She is afraid of fire, but she and fire are a good match.

Don Leon: That is why fire appears a lot in her world.

Lyner: I see...


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Lyner: Nobody's here. Everyone's been evacuated because of the dragon.

Radolf: What are you doing here? It's too dangerous. Evacuate immediately!

Lyner: Radolf! Isn't this world safe now?

Radolf: Safe? This world will never be safe. We're destined to fight this
        dragon forever.

Radolf: The Dragon has strong wings, so you'll be blown away if it finds you.

Radolf: And if you're blown away, you'll go past the end of the world.
        You better watch out.

Lyner: Is it really that strong!? Hmm, I don't like this...


* At the Disappointment Mountain... *

Krusche: Oh, hey, there.

Lyner: Oh, Krusche. What's wrong?

Krusche: I just heard that there's a dragon on a rampage, but is it true?

Lyner: As if that's new... You're so carefree. It's dangerous, so you better
       be careful.

Krusche: Dangerous? Don't worry. With my mech, anything is just one fell swoop.

Lyner: ... Mech? You mean Grathmeld?

Krusche: Grathmeld? What's that? It's a mech. You know, a mech.

Lyner: (I get it! Since this Krusche is how Aurica sees her...I wonder if
       Aurica doesn't know the word Grathmeld...)

Krusche: You see, usually it's thought that those dragon-like things have such
         hard scales, normal attacks don't work, but that's not true.

Krusche: Burn through the scale with the Megaton Bomber, and then crush the
         weak spot with Cutey Spiral, and for insurance, toss in a Death Bomb!

Krusche: The finishing move would be the Super Ultra Wonderful Maximum
         Eccentric Grande Hyper Wonderful Sweet Time Service Mighty Bomb!

Lyner: ... And, can you make that?

Krusche: ...I dunno. I thought I should tell you the theory. I leave the rest
         to you.

Lyner: (So in Aurica, Krusche has this kind of image...weird...)


* At the Cave Inn... *

Lyner: Nobody's here...

???: Young man...

Lyner: Huh? Who is it!?

* A rabbit on a watch appears. *

???: Over here.

Lyner: Oh, hi...who are you?

???: I'm a life form created by Aurica's mind. You may call me, Watch Rabbit.

Lyner: ...Watch Rabbit. What part of Aurica are you?

Watch Rabbit: I don't know. I just know that I'm part of Aurica.

Watch Rabbit: Let's get down to business. Attacks on the village have been
              traumatizing Aurica.

Lyner: I knew it. That's why the village keeps burning.

Watch Rabbit: It's caused by the fact that the village where she was born
              burned down in the war.

Watch Rabbit: So, I need to ask a favor from you. I want you to break her

Lyner: Curse...? How can I do that?

Watch Rabbit: You need to defeat the dragon.

Lyner: Dragon!? Sounds like this is gonna be difficult...

Watch Rabbit: You don't know that. After all, it's really up to Aurica.

Watch Rabbit: But, it is also up to you.

Lyner: Wait, wait, wait! You're not making any sense!

Watch Rabbit: Aurica has a strong influence over this world. But...

Watch Rabbit: How much Aurica trusts you depends on your behavior.

Watch Rabbit: Your destiny here depends on how well you behave on a regular
              basis. Remember that. Bye bye.

Lyner: H, hey!

Lyner: He's gone. It depends on how much Aurica trusts me...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Hey Don Leon, how much does Aurica trust me?

Don Leon: She doesn't trust you at all! Haha!

Lyner: Why do you have to sound so mean...?

Don Leon: ...Eh heh...


* At the Cave Inn again... *

Claire: Oh, Lyner. Hello.

Lyner: Oh, Miss Claire. So you were here. It is Aurica's world, so I guess you
       have to be here.

Claire: True. I'm happy I'm allowed to be here too.

Claire: But, I heard that something terrible is going on.

Lyner: You mean about the dragon?

Claire: Yes, the dragon. I think the dragon is an existence that she believes
        she will never be able to defeat.

Claire: Which means, peace will never come to this world, it seems.

Lyner: I don't think so. I'm sure Aurica will defeat that dragon.

Claire: Really. I think it might be kind of impossible with her talent.

Lyner: M, Miss Claire!?

Claire: Well she is a Class-D, right? It's impossible for her to stand against
        a dragon. Don't you think so?

Lyner: Miss Claire, why would you say such things...

Lyner: (... Oh yeah, this Miss Claire is an image of Aurica's. I guess Aurica
       has a complex towards Miss Claire too.)

Lyner: Miss Claire, don't worry. Aurica will surely defeat the dragon.

Lyner: Then, I'm sure your thoughts will change too.

Claire: I hope so. Well, good luck.


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Aurica: Lyner!? Are you still here? It's too dangerous for you.

Lyner: Aurica, let's defeat the dragon together.

Aurica: Lyner? Are you serious?

Lyner: Of course. I know you can defeat anything as long as you believe in

Aurica: That's easy for you to say. I can't have everything go my way.
        There are some things that even I can't control.

Aurica: If what you said was true, I would've saved my mom and dad...and my

Lyner: Are you talking about your home town being burned down?

Aurica: ......

Aurica: My home, Skuwat Village, was destroyed in a sudden attack.

Aurica: I'm a Reyvateil, but my power was too weak to save anyone.
        If I was stronger, I could've saved my parents...

Lyner: But, it's different this time. Together, we can save your village!

Aurica: No, I can't.

???: The Dragon is attacking again!

Radolf: You two, evacuate now! The dragon is attacking again!

Lyner: Radolf!?

Radolf: Hurry! You'll be blown away by the blast!

Aurica: No! We have to run!

Lyner: I'm not leaving. I told you, I'm gonna defeat that dragon.

Aurica: No! You don't stand a chance!

Lyner: Do you really believe that I can't win?

Aurica: What?

Bourd: Hey, you guys! I didn't expect to find anyone in this village.

Lyner: Bourd! What are you doing here?

Aurica: What are you talking about? He's the dragon!

Lyner: Huh?

Bourd: Bourd? Who is that? I'm the dragon who always destroys this village.

Bourd: But before I get to that, I'll blow you both away with my mighty wings.

* Bourd turns to the dragon. *

Dragon: Just like I blew away your house during the war!

Aurica: ...!

* The dragon starts to blow Lyner and Aurica away. *

Lyner: We're gonna be blown away!

Dragon: Get blown away in the wind, just like your family!

Aurica: No...! I can't take this any more!

* Aurica crafts the Wind Guard. *

Aurica: Y, you're!

???: %@$#!...&#@!

Lyner: What!? I'm okay...?

Dragon: What!? I'll blow you all away!

* The dragon tries harder to blow them away. *

Aurica: I...blocked it!?

Lyner: You did it Aurica! I told you we could win!

Aurica: You were right...

Dragon: Damn! I've had enough for today! But next time, I'll blow you to the
        end of the world!

* The dragon flies away. *

Aurica: He's gone! I can't believe it...

Lyner: Aww...he got away.

Aurica: I started feeling like I could defeat the dragon.

Aurica: I can't do it by myself, but I think I can do it with you...

Lyner: Really!?

Aurica: Yes. Let's find the dragon, defeat him, and bring peace to this world!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Don Leon: Aurica crafted Blue Magic for you.

Lyner: Yes, she did.

Don Leon: I don't like it, but she has started to open her mind to you.

Don Leon: Blue Magic can only be crafted when a Reyvateil truly wishes to
          protect someone.

Don Leon: She crafted Fire Guard to protect herself...but this time,
          she obviously crafted it for you!

Lyner: I see! Aurica, let's defeat that dragon this time.

Don Leon: ......


* At the Disappointment Mountain... *

Lyner: If I was a dragon, I'd live around here somewhere.

???: Would you really? Then I made a good choice. Ha ha!

Lyner: Bourd!? No, you're the dragon!? So, I finally found you!

Lyner: Aurica! Use the Wind Guard!

Aurica: ...Okay. Are you ready?

Aurica: Huh!

* Aurica crafts the Wind Guard. *

Aurica: Please appear...

Wind Guard: %@$#!...&#@!

Bourd: You're doing that again? Do you really think you can beat me twice with
       the same move?

Aurica: I...

Lyner: Aurica, don't let him get to you! Just believe in yourself, and don't
       worry about anything!

Aurica: I...

Bourd: You can't defeat me!

Lyner: Trust me!

Aurica: I'll beat him. After all, I'm the one who will bring peace to this

Bourd: You dare take me lightly! I'll make you regret that!

* Bourd turns to the dragon and starts blowing. *

Aurica: You only have one way of attacking us!

Dragon: What!?

Aurica: I'm not afraid of your blast! I couldn't protect my family way back
        then, but I can do it this time!

Dragon: You!

Aurica: Here goes!

* Aurica attacks the dragon. *

Dragon: Argh! N, n, noooo!

Aurica: I won't let you do whatever you want in this world!

* Aurica attacks again. *

Dragon: Argh!

Aurica: Lyner, I...

Lyner: Well, I'm impressed! You took that dragon down all by yourself!

Aurica: I saved the world...? I still don't believe it...

Aurica: Thank you. I don't feel like a burden anymore...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Don Leon: Look...the Paradigm Shift. She must have overcome the dragon!

Lyner: Oh, yeah. And, she defeated that dragon all by herself.

Don Leon: ...The dragon...all by herself? I don't believe it...

Lyner: So, why did the dragon look like Bourd?

Don Leon: That is because...Bourd destroyed her village.

Don Leon: Bourd stole the [Treasure] of the Teru Tribe. On his way back,
          he stopped by her village. When the Teru Tribe caught up,
          they fought right there.

Don Leon: Bourd used the villagers as shields, and managed to escape with the

Lyner: ...No!

Don Leon: Tenba, under the leadership of Bourd, forced Aurica's parents to
          fight against the Teru. They were killed by Teru's Magic.

Lyner: ...Man, I hate that guy.

Don Leon: ......

Don Leon: I have said too much. You must go to Stonehenge!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Aurica, you overcame this level, too...

Aurica: Yes...I never dreamed I'd defeat the dragon.

Lyner: ......

Aurica: ......

Aurica: I have to go. I can't wait to see the next world...

Lyner: I'll see you there.

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Don Leon: The Paradigm Shift looks safe.

Lyner: She looks steady.

Don Leon: ...It will get harder, my friend.

Lyner: ...Really?

Don Leon: Si. As she advances, the worlds will get more difficult.
          Her feelings will get stronger.

Don Leon: Don't underestimate the deeper parts of her mind.

Lyner: I...I won't...

    Level 3 [Healing Hand]                                            AC-03

An important figure, Claire. The only one who saw Aurica as an individual.
But Claire is sick, and for some reason, Aurica can't help her. Even in this
world where nothing is impossible if you hope strong enough...

* At the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: What's wrong?

Lyner: So...how long have you been Aurica's mind guardian?

Don Leon: Let's see... I'd guess about 10 years now...

Lyner: That's pretty long... Aurica is 17 right now... Which means, since she
       was 7 years old.

Don Leon: That sounds right... Wait a minute! You seem to know a lot about
          Aurica! Are you a stalker?

Lyner: W, wait a minute! Just because I know her age doesn't mean much.
       That kind of subject matter would come up in any normal conversation.

Don Leon: ...Hmph. Very well. Aurica was only 7 years old when I first met her.

Don Leon: Since then, I've been Aurica's mind guardian.

Lyner: Wow. Becoming her mind guardian so quickly is amazing. You need a lot of
       emotional input to become a guardian, right?

Don Leon: Of course! That is how much Aurica cares for me.

Don Leon: But, I won't tell you why. You'll have to ask Aurica yourself.


* At the Disappointment Mountain... *

Don Leon: You again. You've been accessing Aurica a lot recently.
          Is the real world okay?

Don Leon: I hope you're not becoming the kid with withdrawal issues at the
          Dive Shop.

Lyner: Withdrawal issues? Of course not.

Don Leon: Hmph, who knows. You never know when people become asocial all of a
          sudden. Even Aurica was like that for a while.

Lyner: R, really?

Don Leon: It was a really long time ago. She liked this guy, but he rejected
          her so horribly...she wouldn't even leave her room.

Lyner: Rejected!? Aurica? ... I see.

Don Leon: He was a tall and strong adventurer. But to him, Aurica was just
          another fling. He never had any trouble with girls.

Don Leon: But Aurica was deeply in love. When she was rejected, I was nervous.
          I thought she might do something bad.

Don Leon: I mean, he flat out told her, "There's no way I'd ever fall in love
          with a lame, country bumpkin like you!" right to her face!

Lyner: What!? Damn him! If I was there, I would've beaten him up!

Don Leon: Of course! If I could move, I wouldn't have left him standing!

Lyner: Hey, we agree on something today.

Don Leon: Yes we do!

Don Leon: I me-an!! No no! Being friendly is prohibited!!

Lyner: Aww...


* At the Church *

Claire: Who are you?

Lyner: Miss Claire!? What are you doing in this church?

Claire: I got sick...so I came here to get cured...

Claire: I have a serious illness, so I don't have much time to live.

Lyner: Oh, no...where's Aurica? She should be able to cure you!

Claire: I think Aurica went to the Cave Inn.


* At the Cave Inn, Aurica appears in the Holy Maiden outfit. *

Aurica: No! Who is it!?

Lyner: Aurica?

Aurica: Lyner?

Lyner: Why are you dressed like that?

Aurica: Huh? Do I look funny? I'm a healing priestess...but, I'm no good
        at it...

Lyner: Don't say that. What happened to you this time?

Aurica: Claire has a serious illness, but I can't cure her...

Lyner: You like Claire, right? You should be able to cure her if you really
       want to. This is your world.

Aurica: I know that, but I haven't been able to cure her, no matter how hard
        I try...

Lyner: Let's try one more time. I'll go with you this time.

Aurica: ...Okay.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What's her struggle about this time? Is it still her lack of confidence?

Don Leon: I do not know for sure. You must listen to people's stories again.


* At the Cave Inn again... *

Radolf: So I've heard Miss Claire is sick. How is her condition?

Lyner: I can't say it's good... But I'm sure Aurica will be able to take care
       of it.

Radolf: H-m... It's Aurica though. I'm very worried. She has little talent...
        She can't even do anything without my support.

Lyner: (Hm...Aurica's image of Radolf is pretty strict...)

Lyner: Th, there there. Just watch. I'm sure Aurica will solve this.

Radolf: No, it's impossible. It's pointless to make Aurica do anything.

Lyner: Radolf...that's a little too harsh...

Lyner: (But, it's pointless to tell this Radolf anything...)

Radolf: Anyway, to lose an extraordinarily beautiful, highly skilled, and
        glamorous bodied Reyvateil like Miss Claire would be a grave matter.

Radolf: I'm worried to leave it to Aurica alone. Lyner, support her to the end.

Lyner: Me!?

Radolf: The future of a high-spec Reyvateil is in your hands.
        I leave it to you!

Lyner: Alright alright, I understand.

Lyner: Either way, this Radolf is seriously distorted. Aurica has a pretty bad
       inferiority complex...


* At the Church... *

Claire: Aurica, why are you here today?

Lyner: We came to cure you.

Aurica: Can I try to heal you one more time?

Claire: Of course. Thank you for trying.

Aurica: Okay, are you ready? Ha!

* Aurica crafts the magic Life Warmth. *

Aurica: Please, Life Warmth. Help me cure Claire.

Life Warmth: Do you still want to try? I don't think this'll work out.

Lyner: You don't know that. Don't listen to him. Keep believing in yourself,
       and you can cure Miss Claire.

Aurica: ...Alright.

Life Warmth: I'll try...

* Life Warmth starts playing the harp. *

Claire: I'm not getting any better.

Lyner: Aurica, do you really wish that Miss Claire will get better?

Aurica: Of course! How can you ask me that? I love Claire. I really want her
        to get better...

Life Warmth: Please don't blame Aurica! It's my fault. My healing power isn't
             strong enough.

Lyner: I don't think that's it...

Life Warmth: No, it's true! I'm useless. I'm always getting in peoples way...

Lyner: I don't think it's your fault. I've seen her Cosmosphere.
       There must be another reason.

Life Warmth: Really?

Lyner: Yes. Anyway, let's find the way to cure her.


* At the Disappointment Mountain... *

Lyner: I don't think we'll find any clues here.

Aurica: Wait! Maybe we can find an herb that can cure her up in the mountains.

Lyner: Let's look around.


Lyner: ...Nothing. Maybe the altitude is too high for herbs to grow.

Aurica: I found it!

Lyner: Really!?

???: Hmm, what an interesting choice. That's a poisonous weed.

Aurica: What?

Lyner: Who are you!?

* An Aurica in the Demon outfit appears. *

Demon Aurica: How do you do? I'm an Aurica who you haven't met before.

Lyner: She looks like a demon...

Demon Aurica: You picked a poisonous weed. I think you know yourself better
              than you think.

Aurica: What do you mean?

Demon Aurica: Oh, you are sadistic. Do you really want to hear the horrific

Demon Aurica: Okay, I'll tell you. You hate Claire, right? So why don't you
              kill her already?

Lyner: What are you saying!? Aurica, is she telling the truth?

Aurica: No, she isn't! I love Claire...she's my...

Demon Aurica: "She's my best friend." Are you sure about that?

Aurica: ...What?

Demon Aurica: Think about it. How much hardship have we gone through because
              of Claire?

Demon Aurica: Claire is smart, beautiful, and an excellent Reyvateil.
              I was always in her shadow. Nobody ever noticed me.

Demon Aurica: I was always hiding behind cheerful and active Claire, but I
              didn't like hiding behind her back. I wanted to be out in front
              and be noticed.

Demon Aurica: If Claire wasn't there, I would've been the center of attention.
              The beauty pageant at our village festival is a prime example.

Demon Aurica: Tenba only scouted Claire. They didn't even notice me.

Aurica: Stop it...

Demon Aurica: I was always in Claire's shadow. Now is our chance to change

Aurica: No! Claire is...

Demon Aurica: My precious Aurica, you need to be more courageous.
              You can create a brand-new world...

Lyner: Wait a minute! That's no way to create a new world!

Demon Aurica: Stay out of this. You're just an outsider. You don't understand
              what it's like to be humiliated, to live in Claire's shadow.

Demon Aurica: Aurica, you've suffered, right? Now is the time to say goodbye
              to the past.

Demon Aurica: By giving this poisonous weed to Claire, you can erase your sad
              past. You can start over!

Aurica: You're right. I'll be cleansed of these ugly feelings that I have
        toward Claire. All I have to do is to give her this poisonous weed...

Lyner: Aurica!?

Aurica: You don't understand. I was always compared to Claire.
        I was discriminated against because of her.

Aurica: People used to tell me that I'm "no good" compared to Claire, who is
        smart, athletic, and an excellent Reyvateil!

Aurica: I want to say goodbye to that forever!

* Aurica runs away. *

Lyner: Aurica! Damn, I have to chase her!

Demon Aurica: It's too late. She's realized her true feelings.

Lyner: You tricked her!

Demon Aurica: No, I didn't. I'm also Aurica. I'm just telling you my true
              feelings. But, shouldn't you be chasing her?

Lyner: I gotta hurry!


* At the Church... *

Life Warmth: Emergency! Aurica is...!

Lyner: No!

Aurica: Take this medicine. It'll make you feel better.

Claire: Really? Thank you!

Lyner: Don't take that medicine!

Aurica: Lyner, it's too late. This is going to change my life.

Lyner: Is that how you want your life to be?

Aurica: I'll be the best from now on. I won't have to cry in Claire's shadow.

???: Wait!

* Angel Aurica appears. *

Angel Aurica: Are you sure about this? Did you forget how much Miss Claire has
              helped you? She was always there for you.

Lyner: You...!

Aurica: ...!

Angel Aurica: I'm only here today because of Miss Claire. She protected me
              from bullies.

Angel Aurica: I wasn't good at making friends. She was my only one, my best
              friend. Are you sure you want to kill someone as special as her?

Aurica: I...

Angel Aurica: It's not too late...

Aurica: But Claire was...always...

Aurica: That's enough! ...I don't know what to do!

* Aurica runs away again. *

Lyner: Aurica!

Lyner: She's gone...what's happening to her...

Angel Aurica: Aurica is fighting with herself. She has some negative feelings
              toward Miss Claire.

Angel Aurica: Miss Claire helped her out, but we were also living in her

Angel Aurica: There's a conflict inside her. That's why Aurica can't cure her.

Lyner: ...I see.

Angel Aurica: Please save the Aurica of this level. Please don't listen to that
              devilish girl.

* Angel Aurica is gone. *

Lyner: Miss Claire is Aurica's best friend. But at the same time, she's also
       her worst enemy.

Life Warmth: Will Aurica be okay?

Lyner: I have to go find her!


* At the Town of Dusk... *

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: There you are!

Aurica: I don't know what to do. I almost killed Claire...

Aurica: Part of me wants to kill her...but, she's my best friend.
        I don't want her to die.

Lyner: Both of your emotions are true. You know, it's not unusual to have mixed
       feelings about someone.

Lyner: And, it's perfectly normal to get mad at someone you love and wish they
       were gone. You just can't help it.

Aurica: You've...felt like this before?

Lyner: Everybody does. But, it's important to distinguish your true desires
       from your emotional ones.

Lyner: You have to look beyond your negative feelings. Then, you'll see what
       you really want.

Aurica: I...want to stay with Claire. I just want to go shopping with her.

Aurica: I also want us to make a music box together. We both love music

Lyner: See, you know what you want. Now, just try to make it happen.

Aurica: Okay! I have to imagine what I want my life to be like.
        Hmm, everything is much more clear.

Aurica: I think I can make the right decisions.

Demon Aurica: Are you sure about that, honey?

Aurica: Yes. I made up my mind. Lyner helped me realize what I really what.

Aurica: Claire was always better than me. I hate having to be compared
        with her.

Aurica: But, that wasn't her fault. Claire has always been there for me,
        and I want her to always be a part of my life.

Demon Aurica: ...But, then people will compare you to her. They'll humiliate
              you and you'll always feel discriminated.

Demon Aurica: You will always have cruel humans trying to make you two
              split up.

Aurica: I don't care! I want to live with Claire. You can't trick me into
        changing my mind.

Aurica: Claire has always been my friend. It's the other people who make me

Aurica: Claire's never done anything to hurt me, but I tried to kill her for
        my selfishness.

Demon Aurica: Okay...have it your way. Just remember that I know what we really
              feel better than you do.

Demon Aurica: You have to accept that I am a deeper part of you.

* Demon Aurica disappears. *

Lyner: She's gone...

Aurica: That devil finally left. I won't change my mind. I'll be okay.

Lyner: Glad to hear it. Let's go see Claire.


* At the Church... *

Claire: Oh, hi you guys. I'm feeling a little better today. I hope the pain
        will go away, soon.

Aurica: Oh, it will. You won't have to suffer anymore.

Aurica: I'm sorry. I was jealous. You're smart...and kind...

Aurica: But, I made up my mind. I want us to be friends, Claire.

Aurica: I can't help being jealous of you sometimes, but I want to get past
        that. I'll make sure you get better.

Claire: ...Alright. Then, please make me feel better.

Aurica: Okay. Are you ready?

* Aurica crafts Life Warmth. *

Aurica: Please work, I want Claire to be well again.

Life Warmth: You're trying that again? I don't think it'll work...

Aurica: No, it will. This time, I'm wishing for it to cure her.

Life Warmth: Okay, let's see.

* Life Warmth starts playing the harp. *

Life Warmth: What is this?

* Life Warmth turns to Life Refresh with a much bigger harp. *

Life Refresh: Wow! Did I get a lot better?

Lyner: Aurica's wish made you a better healer.

Life Refresh: Ah, yes...I think it'll work this time. No, wait, I know it'll

* Life Refresh plays the harp. *

Claire: I feel so much better. I'm really comfortable now.

Aurica: Does it really feel better?

Claire: Yes, thanks to you.

Aurica: Really!? I'm so happy!

Aurica: Please be my friend, Claire...forever and ever!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Don Leon: The Paradigm Shift is open! It is time to go to Stonehenge!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Aurica, let's go to the next level.

Aurica: ......

Lyner: ...Aurica? What's wrong?

Aurica: I'm too scared to go to the next level. I almost killed Claire.
        What do you think I'll do next time?

Aurica: I don't want to meet anymore unknown sides of my personality...

Lyner: Don't worry, I'll be with you. I'll protect you, no matter what we face.

Aurica: ...Really? Okay...

Aurica: Will you hold my hand during the Paradigm Shift?

Lyner: Sure...

Aurica: Thank you. Oh, your hand is so warm.

Lyner: Really?

Aurica: I feel really calm now. I'll see you on the next level.

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Don Leon: Do you know how hard it is to open a Paradigm Shift?

Don Leon: It can be very dangerous to step through when you are filled with
          strong passions.

Don Leon: The senorita doesn't have full control of her world, yet.

Don Leon: Her inner thoughts may betray her feelings.

Lyner: ...Sounds complicated.

Don Leon: Actually, it is very similar to your own thoughts and emotions,
          but you don't have a Cosmosphere to dive into.

Don Leon: But alas, it is time to wake up.

Don Leon: Adios, amigo.

    Level 4 [The Power to Lose Power]                                 AC-04

The power to think "I am powerless." It can even make a talented person lose
all their powers. Pointing fingers, cold stares. Can she wipe away these false
images with her own hands?

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: What kind of world is this?

???: I'm late!!

Lyner: What is that..!?

* Someone bumped into Lyner. *

???: Ouch!

Lyner: Ouch..!

* Aurica is in a school uniform. *

Aurica: Don't bump into me! ...Lyner!?

Lyner: Aurica...your clothes are getting more and more extreme...

Aurica: I don't understand what you're talking about, but you better hurry!
        We'll be late.

Lyner: Wait! Where are we going?

Aurica: To the school, of course! See you later!

Aurica: I can't be late. This'll be my third tardy in a row...

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: This is some world...but at least it looks more fun than the other

Don Leon: You never learn, do you? You need to consider the reasons behind
          these worlds.


* Back to the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: You! You have stayed in Aurica's Cosmosphere for quite a while now.

Lyner: Eh!? Is there something wrong that happens when I stay for too long?
       Will Aurica become tired or...

Don Leon: ...No.

Lyner: Then, don't scare me like that.

Don Leon: But you sure dive into Aurica's mind a lot. Why do you do it so much?

Lyner: ...Huh?

Don Leon: I am asking you, why do you dive into her so often!

Lyner: That's because... I decided I would protect Aurica.

Don Leon: ...!!

Lyner: So I will become stronger, and I'll support Aurica so that she can
       craft stronger Songs.

Don Leon: ...Hmph. Don't expect Aurica to like you just for that!

Lyner: It's not like I'm doing it to make her like me...

Don Leon: Whatever. ...At least try your best.


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: ...That looked like a cat riding a vacuum cleaner. How strange...


* At the Campus... *

???: Aurica, are you tardy again? This makes three days in a row!

Aurica: But, I can explain. I bumped into this stupid guy on my way to school.
        And then I fell...

Lyner: ...I'm a stupid guy?

Aurica: Oh! It was this guy!

???: Stop making excuses. And you're late too, Lyner. You two are always late.

Lyner: I'm late...? Hey, who are you anyway?

???: How could you forget!? I'm Misha, the student body president.

Aurica: Lyner, are you all right? Did you hit your head when we bumped into
        each other?

Lyner: No, I didn't hit my head!

Misha: I won't let you slide next time. Aurica, you're failing anyway!

Aurica: ...I know.

Misha: The test results are displayed on the wall. We're being assigned to
       different classrooms, based on our performance per grade.
       Be sure to check it out.

Aurica: Alright. Come on, Lyner, let's go check it out.

* In the school building... *

Aurica: I don't think I did very well on the last test. I'll probably be
        assigned to the D-class...

Lyner: D-class...!?

Aurica: Yes. There are five classes, S, A, B, C, and D. S is the highest and
        D is the lowest. I'm always in the D-class...

Lyner: You don't know that yet. You can't give up.

Aurica: I'll go look.

Lyner: D-class...Class-D... Can it be...but...

Aurica: ......

Lyner: How was it...? Do I even have to ask?

Aurica: How dare you say that! But...you're right.

???: Good morning, Aurica.

Aurica: Good morning, Rei...

Rei-chan (Shurelia): Aurica, how was your test? Did you advance to the C-class?

Aurica: Are you being sarcastic? I didn't make it! I'm still stuck in D.
        Did you make S again?

Rei-chan: No matter what I do, I always get in S...I don't know what to do.

Aurica: I know she doesn't mean to, but she really gets on my nerves...

Rei-chan: Aurica, it's not too late. Why don't you study with me?

Aurica: ...No matter how much I study, I never get any smarter. I give up.

Lyner: It's too early to give up. Why don't you at least try it?

Rei-chan: Who are you? Have I met you before? Are you Aurica's boyfriend?

Aurica: I would never date him!

Rei-chan: Then, he isn't? Will you go out with me...?

Aurica: No! Why are you asking him all of a sudden!?

Rei-chan: I don't even know...

Lyner: Well...

Rei-chan: By the way, I got some wonderful information about studying.

Rei-chan: There are some magic books in the old building to the east.
          One of the books talks about how to bring out your full potential.

Lyner: Hmm, sounds suspicious...

Aurica: Really!? Can you tell me some more? I wanna know all about it!

Lyner: ...Aurica!?

Aurica: Well, it'll make me smarter, right? I should go check it out.

Rei-chan: Everyone's supposed to have hidden talents inside them.
          All you need to do is figure out how to unleash it.

Rei-chan: And this book tells you exactly how to do just that.

Aurica: Great! Come on, Lyner, let's go!

Lyner: Seriously...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Don Leon: It sounds interesting.

Lyner: ...Leave me alone.


* At the Campus... *

Krusche: Hey, Lyner.

Lyner: Krusche! I didn't expect you to be here...

Krusche: I'm kind of confused right now, Lyner, can you help me?

Lyner: Uh, yeah. I don't mind...

Krusche: Let's see... 49 Dokkoi Sets, 501 Kitty Candies, 20 Megamilks,
         28 bottles of Karimantan Juice, 72 Mondakababoo, and...

Lyner: (It's strangely different...but I guess this is Aurica's image of
       Krusche. I guess I can't really help if these are Aurica's memories...)

Krusche: I forgot, but a lot more! What should I do to be able to eat all that?

Lyner: Huh!? ...I, I have no idea.

Krusche: I need to figure out a way to eat it, or else Misha is going to add
         10 Bibimpa Bowls! If she adds that, I'm gonna die!

Lyner: Even if she adds those, just don't eat it then.

Krusche: ... But... Misha is scary.

Lyner: (I see... To Aurica, I guess Misha is a scary existence. Her skills and
       her actions...)

Lyner: W, well... Just think of that on your own. Later!

Krusche: Hey! Wait! Lyner! Meanie-!


* At the Wasted Mansion... *

Aurica: This is the building where that book is supposed to be?
        ...It looks haunted.

Lyner: I told you, let's go back.

Aurica: No! Finding the book and getting smart is the only way for me to

Aurica: Let's go!

Lyner: Aw, man. I have to follow her...


Aurica: Doesn't this look like a library? Let's look around.

Lyner: I doubt such a book really exists...

Aurica: Of course it does. Look! I found it!

Aurica: [Bringing Out Your True Potential: The Three Minute Training]!

Lyner: It looks suspicious...

Aurica: Let's take a look together. It's too difficult for me to read alone...

Lyner: ...Alright, let me see.

Lyner: Let's see...[You aren't even aware of your true potential.]

Lyner: [By utilizing your hidden talents, you can increase your power tenfold.]

Lyner: [Once you develop these talents, you'll get perfect scores on tests,
       be good at sports, and won't be tardy three days in a row.]

Aurica: That's awfully specific...

Lyner: I know why it's specific. But, let me go on.

Lyner: [To develop your true potential, you need to be energized directly by
       the tower in the center of the world.]

Lyner: [The Central Tower works like a pipeline that supplies energy directly
       to your true potential.]

Lyner: [But, that energy is being blocked by several factors.]

Lyner: [So, all you have to do is to get the energy directly from the tower.
       It's a form of cheating, but it works.]

Lyner: ...This is some book.

Aurica: So we need to go to the tower.

Lyner: That's what it says. Do you want to go now?

Aurica: Will you come with me?

Lyner: Yes, of course. I can't let you go alone. You never know what'll happen

Aurica: Thank you. You're so kind.

Aurica: If you could read me books all the time, I'm sure I can learn

Lyner: Really? Usually, people learn more by reading on their own.

Aurica: That's not what I meant...I just want to study with you.

???: I don't mean to interrupt, but can I talk to you for a second?

Aurica: Who is it!?

Lyner: It's coming from the corridor!

* A joker-like being appears. *

???: I didn't mean to surprise you. My name is ???. Nice to meet you.

Lyner: Do you own this building?

???: No, I'm just her guide.

Aurica: My guide?

???: Yes. I'm here with an important message. It's not a good idea to get
     energy directly from the tower.

???: I have a better suggestion. You should get rid of the cat in front.

Aurica: Cat!? There's a cat in front of the tower...?

???: ...Yes. It's a strange cat that steals your magic.

???: That's why you don't do well in school. But, you can craft strong magic.

Aurica: What!? How did that happen!?

???: You did it. You set a [limit] on yourself.

???: But, I've said too much. I should get going...

* ??? disappears. *

Aurica: A cat? I set a [limit]...?

Lyner: We should go to the tower.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: It bothers me. Hey, have you seen a strange man who wears a gown with
       eyes on it?

Don Leon: I dare you to make less sense.

Don Leon: The only thing I know is that Aurica crafted him. You will find out
          why soon enough.


* At the Life Tower... *

Aurica: I found it! This is the cat!

Lyner: So, this cat steals power cells from the Tower...

Aurica: But, did I create this? I don't remember doing that...

Lyner: (This must be one of those subconscious things I was told about...)

Aurica: How can we beat it?

Lyner: I don't know. He didn't really tell us.

Aurica: What? I thought you already knew...

Lyner: How was I supposed to know?

???: You two make a terrible couple.

Aurica: Huh!? Misha, the student body president!?

Misha: I knew it. You created this stupid looking cat. You better get rid of it
       before it causes any trouble.

Lyner: (What? The real Misha doesn't talk like this...)

Aurica: Why do you always have to run your mouth?

???: You're right. She does run her mouth.

Lyner: Who are you?

* The Demon Aurica appears. *

Misha: What!? Why are you dressed like that? You have the worst taste in
       clothes. I can't let you walk around like that.

Demon Aurica: How dare you speak to me like that. Aurica, let me show you
              something interesting.

Demon Aurica: This cat has been stealing power, right? What happens if we point
              this cat at that snobby little girl?

* The cat starts to suck on Misha. *

Misha: No! Stop! The cat...it's sucking something out of me...

Demon Aurica: See, this cat is useful after all. Isn't is great? The cat is
              sucking up Misha's power instead of yours.

Aurica: No, stop it! I don't want to gain power through such horrible means.

Demon Aurica: Are you sure? I know you're the same as me, but you're getting
              on my nerves.

Demon Aurica: Deep down, you want to do this. That's the whole reason why the
              cat can do this to her.

Aurica: That's a lie!

Demon Aurica: This is your Soulspace. Everything in here was created for a

Demon Aurica: You want all of this to happen.

Aurica: No, I don't! Let Misha go!

Demon Aurica: If you really wanted me to let her go, you would've made it
              happen by now.

Demon Aurica: She bothers you a lot in the real world, doesn't she?

Demon Aurica: I don't blame you. She's always with Lyner...

Demon Aurica: She attracts everyone's attention with her good ideas and
              experience. Let's face it, she's a natural born heroine.
              Our total opposite.

Aurica: ...No!

Demon Aurica: She's way better than we could ever hope to be.
              We only get to see her from the back.
              All we can do is hope that she will fail...

Aurica: No! Stop saying all this in front of Lyner!

Demon Aurica: Oh, you're trying to hide our true self from Lyner. Why bother?
              Sooner or later, you won't be able to hide anything from him.

Aurica: No! Lyner, don't listen to her! Don't listen to me! Don't even look
        at me!

Demon Aurica: Lyner has every right to hate us. It's kind of interesting that
              he hasn't left us already.

Lyner: I'll never hate you, Aurica. In fact, I'm glad I'm hearing your true

Demon Aurica: Stop lying!

Lyner: I was always worried about how quiet you were. You never showed any

Lyner: But, now that I know how you feel, I feel like we're getting closer.

Aurica: But, I have so many ugly feelings inside... How can you still...

Lyner: It's not a big deal. We all do sometimes. We just don't usually say them
       out loud.

Lyner: I like seeing your emotional side...

Aurica: Thank you...I'm glad you feel that way.

Demon Aurica: There. I've taken enough energy. Here, why don't you take it?

Aurica: ...I don't want it.

Demon Aurica: ...Are you sure?

Aurica: I don't need you to give me more power. I can get stronger on my own!

* Something is appearing. *

Lyner: That's...!

* The Watch Rabbit appears. *

Watch Rabbit: Oh, hi. It's nice to see you again.

Lyner: I've seen you before!

Watch Rabbit: Yes, you have. But this time, I'm playing a different role.
              I'm working for Aurica!

Watch Rabbit: My job is to be innovative. To create things beyond the normal
              scope. You know, Aurica really wants to make some drastic

Watch Rabbit: And, I can multiply her power from within.

Aurica: Really? I created you?

Watch Rabbit: That's right! But be careful, I'm very delicate. Once you start
              to feel uncertain, I disappear.

Watch Rabbit: I can only show up when you're confident about your power.
              So, keep that in mind.

Aurica: ...Okay.

Demon Aurica: I didn't expect you to make something like that.

Aurica: You might be me from a higher level, but we do think differently!
        Now, I want you to leave.

Demon Aurica: You changed your attitude, just because you made one little

Demon Aurica: You may not understand it yet, but you're wrong about us thinking
              differently. You'll see, soon enough.

Demon Aurica: But, I'll leave you with this cat for now. You can do whatever
              you want with it.

Misha: No...losing...power...

Lyner: Misha!

Aurica: What should I do?

Lyner: We have to get the cat to give her back her power.

Vacuum Cat: ...Full power! I'm done!

* The cat escapes. *

Aurica: Oh no, the cat!

Lyner: We have to catch it!

Aurica: Misha, I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I'll get your power back.
        Just, hold on!


* At the School... *

Don Leon: So the culprit who was taking in all the magic powers was shaped like
          a cat... How ironic.

Lyner: ...Hm? What do you mean.

Don Leon: Well, it's not that important. Since Aurica is a big cat-lover,
          I thought it was weird.

Don Leon: The entity that was stealing her own powers is in the shape of a cat,
          so maybe she had a bad experience with one.

Lyner: Did Aurica like cats that much? Now that you mention it, she was playing
       with a cat at the Inn.

Don Leon: It's not on the level of just plain like. Aurica was a cat fanatic.
          She can even speak the cat language.

Lyner: C, cat language!?

Don Leon: Well, I don't know if they really understand her. But when she's
          talking to cats, Aurica seems so happy...

Don Leon: She sits in front of the cat and begins meowing to begin her

Lyner: I see. But that seems like something a normal person who likes cats
       would do...

Don Leon: You think so? But no! Aurica's feline-o-philia comes to its full
          strength when no one is watching!

Lyner: Full strength? What in the world does she do?

Don Leon: Well let's see, she'll roll around with the cat, and ball up together
          and fall asleep, and be like that normally while she's with a cat.

Lyner: Oh!? ...R, really... I can't really imagine from the usually quiet

Don Leon: Well, she probably won't be doing it in front of other people.
          Too bad, but you'll never get to see it.


* At the School Dormitory... *

Rei-chan: Aurica! There's a cat in my room. I believe it has strong draining

Lyner: You found it!

Aurica: Let's work together to catch it. Let's go, rabbit!

Watch Rabbit: You're doing great. Let's take it down.

Vacuum Cat: You think you can take me on? I sucked all of Misha's power.

Vacuum Cat: I'm not a failure like you. Thank you for creating me, but I can't
            let you win.

Aurica: Oh no...

Lyner: Aurica! Don't listen to it! You found out the true identity of this cat!

Lyner: Unused power, due to your lack of confidence created it!

Lyner: This cat sucks up the power you deny yourself. So, stop denying your

Aurica: I...

Aurica: I'll be okay. I won't deny myself anymore. Now, you can't suck up my
        power ever again!

Watch Rabbit: I'm proud of you for saying that! Let's get to it!

* Watch Rabbit puts a key into the watch and starts turning. *

Aurica: This power...it's so much...

Vacuum Cat: ...This is not good...

Aurica: Ha!!

* Explosion occurs. *

Vacuum Cat: Wow!!

Lyner: You did it!

Aurica: I got rid of the cat...

* Something is happening. *

Lyner: What?

* Some particles of light are flowing out. *

Aurica: This is...

Watch Rabbit: All the power that she had denied herself has been released.

Aurica: So, Misha...?

Misha: I'm here.

Misha: I didn't really like getting caught up in all of this...

Aurica: Misha! I'm so glad you're okay.

Misha: Wait! Get off of me!

Aurica: Sorry.

Misha: Well, now I suppose you can escape the lowest class.

Aurica: I sure hope so...

Misha: Don't just hope for it! You have to believe that you're not a failure.

Rei-chan: It will take some time for her to get used to it.

Aurica: Rei!

Rei-chan: There's no need to hurry. I will wait for you to climb up.

Aurica: That sounds nice, but I always get the feeling that you're looking
        down on me.

Rei-chan: That simply isn't true. You're just imagining it.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: It's a Paradigm Shift!

Don Leon: This time, you have made an extreme change to Aurica's mind,
          I must say.

Lyner: Oh, did I do something wrong?

Don Leon: No, no. Everything is magnifico.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Aurica: Thank you for helping me again. You always come through for me.

Lyner: Well, I really didn't do much to help you on this level.

Aurica: Do you really believe that? You encouraged me so that I could overcome
        my obstacles.

Lyner: But, you did everything yourself. You need to remember what you did on
       your own.

Aurica: I guess you're right...

Aurica: I should get going.

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Lyner: Next up is level 5. I wonder what it's like...

Don Leon: Are you getting scared?

Lyner: Are you kidding?

Don Leon: When you return, I expect you to do your best.

    Level 5 [Warped Protector]                                        AC-05

Don Leon was so important to Aurica, that he became her Mind Guardian.
What is Don Leon to Aurica? And what is this dependency of her mind?
Will her feelings ever get across to whoever gave him to her?

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: This world is really nostalgic...

Lyner: The city changed back to normal...it's not a school any more.
       I wonder what it is this time.

Don Leon: Senor...are you sure you want to walk around this level?

Lyner: Yeah. Why are you asking now?

Don Leon: No reason. But whatever happens, try not to act surprised.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: Hmph, you'll never learn to give up will you? And, you've even
          leveled up so high.

Lyner: Th, that sounded like I was doing something bad... Was it just me?

Don Leon: Well, no matter how hard you try, there's no way Aurica will ever be
          drawn to you.

Lyner: You seem pretty confident...

Don Leon: Of course, I am Aurica's mind guardian! And, of course, I know the
          reason, too.

Lyner: Wh, what is it? This reason. I'm curious...

Don Leon: Hmph, then I will tell you. The reason Aurica will never look at you
          is because...

Lyner: ...

Don Leon: Aurica likes MEN!

Lyner: ...

Don Leon: How's that! Aren't you shocked!? Fuhahaha, scream!

Lyner: Oh-, that's it? I was worried for nothing.

Don Leon: ...*gasp*!! Wh, why! Why aren't you shocked!

Lyner: Well, for a second there, I thought I did something wrong to Aurica so
       I got worried, but I'm relieved it wasn't.

Don Leon: ...You... Are no fun to mess around with. You'll lose friends.

Lyner: R, really?

Don Leon: But, you aren't a bad guy...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Don Leon: N, nothing! End of story! Hurry and go away!

Lyner: ...Alright, alright.


* At Aurica's Town... *

Young Aurica: ......

Lyner: Have we met somewhere before...?

Young Aurica: I'm Aurica. Who are you?

Lyner: Hello Aurica...I'm Lyner. It's nice to meet you!

Young Aurica: ......

* Young Aurica runs away. *

Lyner: ...I guess she's always been a shy girl...

Aurica: Aurica!? Where are you?

* Aurica appears in the Don Leon outfit... *

Lyner: Huh!? Aurica!?

Aurica: No. I am Don Leon.

Lyner: Why are you dressed like that?

Aurica: What do you mean? I have always dressed like this.

Lyner: Well, it's no use talking to her...

Aurica: Perdon, but have you seen Aurica?

Lyner: I just talked to her. She went that way.

Aurica: Ah, yes. Thank you.

* Aurica leaves. *

Aurica: Aurica! Where are you?

Lyner: ...What was that all about?

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: ......

Don Leon: Do you find something comical about this new situation!?

Lyner: ...Well, no. But Don Leon, who are you really?

Don Leon: Patience. You will find out for yourself soon enough.


* At the Wasted Mansion... *

Bourd: Hey little girl, don't you know it's dangerous to wander around by

Bourd: Bad guys might kidnap you and you'll never see your family again.

Lyner: Bourd!

Young Aurica: Who are you?

Bourd: I'm not a bad guy, I'm just a little hungry. I'm a hungry good guy.

Bourd: But you see, I'm really hungry. Will you lend me some money?

Young Aurica: I don't have any money...

Bourd: ...What did you say? Don't lie to me! Do I have to hurt you until you
       start telling the truth!?

Lyner: Looks like I gotta save her!

Young Aurica: Don Leon! Help me!

Aurica: Are you alright?

Young Aurica: That bad guy was threatening me...

Aurica: So, you like scaring little girls? I won't let you get away with this!

Bourd: Who are you!? If you don't get out of my way, I'll just have to get rid
       of you!

Aurica: I accept your challenge! I won't let you hurt Aurica!

* Aurica crafts the Watch Rabbit. *

Bourd: Here we go! Hyaa!


Bourd: What is this!? A magic wall?

Aurica: Is that all you've got!? Now, it is my turn!

* Aurica attacks and defeats Bourd. *

Bourd: Wow!!

Lyner: Whoa...she's powerful...

Aurica: Aurica, are you alright?

Young Aurica: Yes, Don Leon. Thank you for saving me again.

Aurica: It was my pleasure! Call me if you need me again.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: She really depends on you, doesn't she?

Don Leon: ...Quiete.

Lyner: I guess this world is safe, thanks to Don Leon...

Don Leon: ......


* At the Life Tower... *

Don Leon: Compadre...it has been a long while since I've been with you.
          I'm impressed at how often you come in.

Lyner: Hehe, yeah. It's for Aurica.

Don Leon: ...It might be weird for me to say this but... Aurica's emotional
          scars are deeper than other Reyvateils'.

Don Leon: Doesn't that make it harder to craft stronger Songs?

Lyner: Really? I never thought about it that way. But, Aurica can craft pretty
       strong Songs.

Don Leon: ...Is that so?

Don Leon: ...Do you dive into other Reyvateils, too?

Lyner: Huh!? ...Oh, uhh... Yeah...

Don Leon: Hmph, you're unfaithful. If you think Miss Aurica is going to blindly
          follow you, you've made a big mistake!

Lyner: I'm telling you, that isn't the reason why I dive. Don't you think you
       doubt too much?

Don Leon: No way! I protect Aurica's mind! Even if it's just one little bug,
          it is my job to get rid of it, with everything I've got!

Lyner: O, okay... But even then, I think you need to have a more flexible mind.


* At the Church... *

Young Aurica: Bishop! I want to hear the Legend of Elemia again, please!

Falss: Of course.

Lyner: Bishop Falss...? Have her childhood memories gotten mixed up with

Falss: A long time ago, there were three Goddesses who brought peace to the
       world through Songs.

Falss: Their names were Eoria, Tyria, and Frelia. They held absolute power
       over the world.

Falss: Soon, the Humans attempted to unite the world by taking the Goddesses'

Lyner: ...Huh?

Falss: Then the [Crisis] struck, and the land and the sky were lost.

Falss: Since then, the Goddesses ruled the world. The Humans found peace by
       obeying the Goddesses.

Young Aurica: ...No. That's not how the Legend of Elemia goes.

Falss: Ah, but that is how the real Legend of Elemia should be.

Young Aurica: No! You're wrong!

Falss: That's enough! I'll punish you if you don't behave!

Young Aurica: No! Stay away! ...Don Leon, help!

Lyner: ...Don Leon?

Aurica: Are you alright?

Young Aurica: The Bishop said that he was going to punish me...

Aurica: So, you like scaring little girls? I won't let you get away with this!

Falss: What are you talking about? I just...

Aurica: Do not make excuses! I will turn you to ice!

* Aurica uses magic on Falss. *

Falss: ......

Lyner: You've gone too far...

Aurica: Aurica, are you alright?

Young Aurica: Yes. Thank you for saving me, Don Leon!

Aurica: It was my pleasure! Call me if you need me again.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: But...you attacked him for such a pointless reason. It's a good thing
       we aren't in the real world...

Lyner: Don Leon, you...

Don Leon: That is how Aurica wants me to be. I don't actually want to be like

Lyner: I see. I don't even know who you are, so I'm not sure what's going on.


* At Aurica's House... *

Young Aurica: Don Leon! I'm hungry!

Aurica: Sientete, mija. I'm going to cook for you.

Lyner: Is this Aurica's house...?

Young Aurica: Is dinner ready yet?

Aurica: Almost. Be patient!

Young Aurica: Don Leon! I need to go to the bathroom!

Aurica: Okay. I'll take you.

Lyner: What's going on? Don Leon's...?

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Are you Aurica's nanny?

Don Leon: No!

Lyner: Her bodyguard?

Don Leon: No!

Lyner: Then, what are you? I can't think of anything else.

Don Leon: ......


* At the Cave Inn... *

Lyner: Oh, Miss Claire! Excuse me.

Claire: Oh, that's okay. It's good timing, actually. I need to talk to you
        about Aurica and Don Leon.

Lyner: What's going on? And, what is his significance to Aurica?

Claire: He's a stuffed animal that I gave to Aurica before I left our village.

Lyner: A stuffed animal!? Hmm...so why is he called Don Leon?

Claire: She named him that.

Lyner: Huh? I guess it does sound like something she'd come up with.

Claire: I gave him to Aurica and told her to treat him as if he was me.

Claire: She really took good care of him. It's an honor to have him as her
        Mind Guardian.

Claire: So, I should be really happy, but something's bothering me...

Young Aurica: Claire!

Claire: Aurica, what's going on?

Young Aurica: I wanted to thank you for giving me Don Leon!

Claire: Well, you're welcome.

Young Aurica: He's the greatest! He beats up anybody who's mean to me.

Claire: I didn't give him to you so he could beat people up.

Young Aurica: ...Huh?

Claire: I gave him to you so you wouldn't be lonely...

Claire: Besides, if he fights all your battles for you, how are you ever going
        to grow up?

Young Aurica: ...Why are you being so mean? Don Leon! Claire's being mean
              to me!

Claire: Huh? Stop it!

Lyner: ...What the hell!?

Aurica: Claire's being mean to you? I'll take care of this!

Lyner: Aurica, wait! Miss Claire was just worried about you. She wasn't being

Aurica: ......

Aurica: I must obey Aurica, no matter what...

Lyner: Wait!

Aurica: I'm sorry you guys, but I have to...

Aurica: Ha haa!

Lyner: Stop!

Aurica: What are you doing? If you try to stop me, I'll have to punish you

Lyner: Who told you that you always have to listen to Aurica?

Lyner: Besides, just saying that doesn't justify what you're doing!

Aurica: ......

Aurica: I don't want Don Leon to disappear...

Lyner: What!?

Young Aurica: If I stop asking him to help me, he'll go away.

Aurica: And, I don't want that. I want to be with Don Leon forever!

Young Aurica: He's my own personal knight. His duty is to protect me.

Aurica: But, if he doesn't have to protect me anymore, he'll disappear.

Young Aurica: I don't want to grow up if Don Leon isn't here with me!

Aurica: I want to live in a world where Don Leon is always with me.

???: Wait a minute!

Aurica: Who are you!?

Aurica: Don Leon!?

Don Leon: What is the meaning of this?

Don Leon: I am here to protect Aurica.

Don Leon: But, Aurica pretending to be me is not really protecting anybody...

Don Leon: If that is her way of protecting herself, then I cannot stay here
          any longer...

Don Leon: Goodbye...

Aurica: Don Leon!!

Young Aurica: He's gone... What do I do now?

Lyner: We could chase him.

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Where is he?


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: There he is!

Don Leon: ......

Aurica: Please don't go!

Don Leon: Aurica, do you remember the day we first met?

Don Leon: Do you remember what Claire told you when she gave me to you?

Aurica: Think of this stuffed animal as if it was me. It will cheer you up when
        you're feeling down.

Don Leon: Yes. Claire wanted me to comfort and support you when you were
          feeling down.

Don Leon: I will always support you, but you should not depend on me for

Don Leon: Claire and I...we both feel that you must not become dependent on me
          for everything.

Don Leon: It is our hope that you can one day live happily on your own.

Aurica: But, if I do become an independent woman, you'll leave me forever...

Don Leon: I won't leave you. You just told yourself that to scare yourself.
          I will never leave you...

Don Leon: No matter how independent you become, I will always be right here in
          your heart. You can't get rid of me that easily.

Aurica: I'm sorry. Thank you...

Aurica: I went too far. I relied on you for everything...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: The Paradigm Shift!

Don Leon: She has grown. She doesn't need me for everything anymore.

Lyner: ...Do you miss that?

Don Leon: No, actually, it feels quite good. And, I will always be here
          for her.

Don Leon: And, I still have to protect her from strangers like you.
          That is my real job.

Lyner: Oh, right.


* At the Stonehenge... *

Aurica: I wonder how many times I have to go through Paradigm Shifts.

Lyner: I don't know. Probably as long as you want to keep growing.

Aurica: Am I really growing every time there is a Paradigm Shift?

Lyner: Of course. You've grown more than you can ever know. Even your facial
       expressions have changed since level 1.

Aurica: Hmmm...

Aurica: I better get going.

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Lyner: ......

Don Leon: Finally, level 6...

Lyner: What happens at level 6?

Don Leon: You will begin to enter her deep subconscious.

Don Leon: It won't be easy any more. Come back, when you think you can
          handle it.

    Level 6 [Beautiful Heart]                                         AC-06

She thought Lyner was the most important person. But then she finds more
emotions. Desire and greed that lurks in everybody. She hurts Lyner because
of her strong feelings for him, but can she escape this negative loop?

* At the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: You're finally in level 6.

Don Leon: I cannot guarantee your safety from this point on.

Lyner: What!? I've already been through a lot. I was blown away by that

Don Leon: It won't be that simple... You'll know what I mean soon enough.

Don Leon: From now on, you can't rely on common sense.

Don Leon: It is not always good to encourage her or give her advice. Do not
          forget that.

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What is this!? Some kind of fantasy world...?

Lyner: And, it's a school again. I wonder if Aurica advanced to the higher


* At the Life Tower... *

Don Leon: You're still here. You've been here for too long! Go home already!

Lyner: Don Leon... I've been thinking lately, you haven't changed much since
       level 1...

Don Leon: ...*gasp*!!

Lyner: We've known each other for a while now, so isn't it time you trusted me?

Don Leon: Kah!! Closeness is prohibited!! Who would trust in you! If you trust
          in someone, it'll only hurt you in the end!

Lyner: (So I guess Aurica's way of thinking shows in Don Leon too...
       But I think Aurica is a little more rounded now.)

Lyner: (Could it be...Don Leon is preventing Aurica from revealing herself...)


* At the School Dormitory... *

Don Leon: Hey, you! Good timing for you to come!

Lyner: Huh!? Wh, what is it, I have a bad feeling...

Don Leon: Did you know Aurica is having trouble sleeping lately?

Lyner: Oh? R, really?

Don Leon: Aha! I get it! You're not looking after Aurica in the real world,
          are you?

Lyner: N, no I do! But, I wonder why...

Don Leon: Hmph, you don't even notice this, and you say you're going to protect
          her. I have a pretty good idea of what it is.

Lyner: Y, you do!? So, what is it?

Don Leon: Since Aurica has been traveling with you, it's not often she gets to
          sleep with nice blankets.

Lyner: Y, yeah you're right... I mean, for camps, there are no blankets at

Don Leon: I knew it! That's it!

Lyner: Huh? Wh, what's that...??

Don Leon: Aurica can't sleep unless she hugs a blanket between her legs!

Don Leon: So if she doesn't have blankets, she has trouble falling asleep!

Lyner: ...Wha?

Don Leon: ...

Lyner: Seriously?

Don Leon: Oops! My tongue slipped! Forget what I just said! Forget it!

Lyner: ...

Don Leon: Alright! Pretend you just didn't hear anything! Get it!?

Lyner: Uh, yeah....


* At the Campus... *

Lyner: Where's Aurica?

Aurica: Lyner!

Lyner: Oh, hey! Have your grades gotten better?

Aurica: I don't want to talk about it.

Lyner: Huh?

Aurica: Ha!

* Aurica knocks out Lyner with magic. *

Lyner: Wuh!

* Lyner wakes up in a bedroom. *

Lyner: Huh? What is this place?

Lyner: Where am I? I better get up and walk around a bit...

Lyner: What's with this chain? Wh, why am I chained to a bed?

Aurica: ...Lyner.

* Aurica appears wearing only bath towels. *

Lyner: Whoa! Heh, Au, Aurica! What happened to your clothes!?

Aurica: Do I look beautiful...?

Lyner: What are you doing!? Please unchain me!

Aurica: Oh? Am I so beautiful that you can't wait anymore? Well, I'm sorry,
        but I'm just not ready yet...

Lyner: What are you talking about? I just want you to take off the chains.

Aurica: I'm sorry, but you're a popular guy. It's the only way I can keep you

Lyner: That's not true!

Aurica: Oh, I've heard that before... Today, you're mine...no one else's...

* Two options are presented... *

< Option 1 >

Lyner: I only have eyes for you, Aurica.

Aurica: Really!? Do you mean it?

* Aurica unchains Lyner. *

Lyner: (She unchained me! Now's my chance!)

Lyner: Woo woo woo!

Aurica: You were just trying to escape...

Lyner: No, no, no.

Aurica: You're lying. You were just trying to escape.

Aurica: Next time you try to escape...it'll be a lot worse than chains...

Aurica: How about this?

* Aurica uses electricity magic on Lyner. *

Lyner: Whoa...I'm getting numb...

Aurica: You really like it that much? Let me do it some more, then.

Lyner: No, no! That's enough! I won't try to escape again!

Lyner: What happened to you? When did you get so...aggressive?

Aurica: I want to be with you forever... I want us to grow old together...
        I even want us to die together...

Aurica: So, I can't let you go...no matter what...

Lyner: I gotta get back to the real world. Aurica can't wake up if I don't
       get back...

< End Option 1, Continue from End of Option 2 >

< Option 2 >

Lyner: We don't have that kind of relationship...

Aurica: So, Lyner...

Lyner: ...Uh, yes...?

Aurica: I don't care what you do to me...

Aurica: Just thinking about us...together...makes me feel numb...

* Aurica uses electricity magic on Lyner. *

Lyner: Whoa...I'm getting numb...

Aurica: But, you feel the same... I'm so happy...

Aurica: Lyner, I made a decision.

Lyner: About what?

Aurica: I'm going to keep you tied down like this. That way, you'll always be

Aurica: And, you'll always be thinking about me...

Lyner: No, you can't!

Lyner: If you don't let me go, I'll never be able to return to the real world..

< End Option 2 >

Aurica: But, you don't have to go back to the real world. I don't even have to
        wake up.

Aurica: If I do wake up, then I can't be with you all the time. And, reality is
        too harsh, don't you think...?

Aurica: As long as we're together in this world, I never want to wake up...

Lyner: Are you serious?


Lyner: Where am I... Oh, right, I was captured by Aurica...
       How can I get out...?

Lyner: ...Is this what Don Leon meant by "real danger?"

Lyner: I'm chained up again...and I'm getting hungry.

???: You look terrible.

Lyner: Aurica!? Is that you?

Angel Aurica: Yes, but I'm not the Aurica from this world.

Angel Aurica: I came from a world that you haven't visited yet.

Angel Aurica: But, enough chatting. We need to get you out of here, quick!

* Angel Aurica unchained Lyner. *

Lyner: Thank you. Those chains were starting to chafe. So, how do we get out
       of here?

Angel Aurica: Follow me!


* At the Campus... *

Claire: Oh, it's you Lyner. Hello.

Lyner: Hey, Miss Claire! Thank god, Aurica is...

Claire: I understand. The Aurica in this world feels that you are very
        important to her. But it came out in a negative way.

Claire: She's afraid that someone else might take you away from her.
        But that is an emotion that anyone would feel..

Lyner: What should I...

Claire: Accept Aurica in.

Claire: She's come this far being supported by you. She's really happy for
        that, but on the other hand, she realized the shock if you disappeared.

Claire: So I think you need to let her know that you won't go anywhere.

Lyner: Thank you, Miss Claire. You really are a grown up.

Claire: Oh my, thank you. But don't forget. I am a Claire from Aurica's
        imagination. Aurica is the one that is speaking these words.

Lyner: ... Oh, yeah...

Claire: Somewhere in Aurica, not in this level, but somewhere else, she made
        this image of me.

Lyner: Miss Claire. I'm relieved. I think I'll accept Aurica in.

Claire: You have to go at her seriously. Good luck.


* At the School Dormitory... *

Angel Aurica: We managed to escape from Aurica.

Lyner: I didn't expect her to chain me down like that...

Angel Aurica: That is one of my deeper feelings for you.

Lyner: But as long as we're still here, we can't really say we escaped, right?

Angel Aurica: You're right...

Lyner: So, how can we escape completely?

Angel Aurica: The easy way is if you never return to Aurica's Cosmosphere...

Angel Aurica: The only other way is to complete the Paradigm Shift.

Lyner: Which means, I have to talk to the Aurica of this world...

Angel Aurica: Yes. Do you know what the Paradigm Shift represents?

Lyner: ...Represents?

Angel Aurica: It only occurs when we free ourselves from all of our attachments
              or scars in this world.

Angel Aurica: By getting rid of the anxiety from this world, our spirit becomes
              blank. Then, you gain access to a deeper level.

Angel Aurica: So, you need to find the problem of this world and the solution
              for it.

Lyner: Find the problem? But, I don't know anything about it...

Angel Aurica: Well, you need to talk to her. If something bad happens again,
              I'll come back to save you.

Lyner: Why did you come all this way to save me?

Angel Aurica: Because, I want you to visit my world. So hurry up already...

* Angel Aurica is gone. *

Lyner: Your world...? I wonder where that is.

Lyner: But, I have to leave this world first...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Isn't that right, Don Leon?

Don Leon: Aha! How did you break Aurica's chain!

Lyner: Someone helped me...

Lyner: By the way, what's wrong with this world?

Don Leon: I don't know.

Lyner: Oh, right...I have to figure it out myself...

Don Leon: ......

Don Leon: Lyner...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Don Leon: ...Good luck.

Lyner: Thanks...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Stonehenge...

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: Aurica? What are you doing here? What are you wearing!?

Aurica: Please don't go...

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: I can't let you leave this world.

Lyner: But, you have to let me go.

Aurica: No! If I let you go, you'll leave me forever!

Lyner: No, I won't!

Aurica: I want to be with you all the time.

Aurica: I'm scared to be apart from you...

Lyner: Aurica, trust me. I will protect you. I'm not going to leave you...

Aurica: Okay...I believe you.

Lyner: Good...

Aurica: So, come to my house... We can live there together...

Lyner: I don't think you get it...

Aurica: You just told me you weren't going to leave me. Was that just a lie?

Lyner: No, I didn't lie. But, well, come on!

???: You have to go through the circle.

Aurica: Who are you!?

Angel Aurica: I'm an another Aurica. You don't know me yet.

Aurica: ...What do you want?

Angel Aurica: You're jealous of another persona? I'm ashamed of myself...

Angel Aurica: What you're doing is creating a paradox loop. I'm sorry,
              but I have to stop you, you know.

Aurica: What are you doing!?

Angel Aurica: It's time for you to wake up.

Angel Aurica: Ha!

* Angel Aurica crafts a water sprite. *

Aurica: What is this!

Undine: That's enough! You have to wake up!

* Undine pours water on Aurica. *

Aurica: What!? It's so cold!

* Light glows at the Stonehenge altar. *

Angel Aurica: It's the Paradigm Shift! Lyner, hurry and take Aurica through it!

Lyner: Wait! Can we force her to do this? Isn't that, sorta bad?

Angel Aurica: Yes, but it is necessary. We have no choice but to pass this

Aurica: No! I don't want to go through the Paradigm Shift!

Angel Aurica: Hurry!

Aurica: Lyner! Nooooo!

* The world starts shaking. *

Lyner: This looks bad!

Angel Aurica: The entire world is distorted because of the paradox. You have to
              hurry! The Aurica of this world is in danger!

Aurica: Lyner! Stop!

* After exiting the Cosmosphere but before returning to the reality. *

Don Leon: ...You made a mess.

Lyner: It's not my fault!

Don Leon: I guess you're right...this time. But, this distortion hasn't been
          fixed completely.

Lyner: What?

Don Leon: You advance in this world by healing the scars in her mind.
          The incident earlier...

Don Leon: It made a new scar instead of healing one.

Lyner: ......

Don Leon: I hope the distortion doesn't explode in the later worlds...

    Level 7 [Holy War]                                                AC-07

There is no order in this world. Aurica's feelings of distrust and apathy
towards the real world affects her own world. Is it possible for the power
of reason to suppress instinct?

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Her world is back to normal...

Lyner: But, the mountain erupted. I better stay away from it.

Don Leon: Lyner, how far are you trying to go? I'm getting scared...

Lyner: Why? Isn't this your world?

Don Leon: Yes. But from now on, I cannot control this world. I don't know what
          might happen.

Don Leon: So, no matter what happens, I can't help you. And, my own life is
          in danger...

Lyner: I see...then I better stay alert...


* At the Stonehenge... *

Don Leon: Hey, you! Give Aurica's Cosmosphere a break already! Are you planning
          on living in her mind?

Lyner: Why do I need a break? Does Aurica want one? If so, I can wait.

Don Leon: Hmph! You've raised the level so high, a little carelessness could
          cause a complete breakdown! Then, I won't have any power to help you.

Don Leon: And if that happens, will you take responsibility for Aurica's mind?

Lyner: I...thought I was from the start. I know high level Cosmospheres are
       dangerous. But, I still want to craft Songs with Aurica.

Don Leon: ... Hmph, I can't trust those words!

Lyner: Don Leon...will you ever trust me? I mean, I know it's important to
       protect Aurica's mind, but...

Don Leon: What do you know about me? The mind guardian must always guard
          the mind!

Don Leon: Indeed... I cannot let what happened in the past happen again...

Lyner: Past...!?

Don Leon: You don't need to know! It was because of my...cowardice that
          Aurica's mind was scarred.

Don Leon: It I was better, her mind wouldn't have been scarred when her village
          burned down, or when she was denied to be a Holy Maiden!

Don Leon: But...they both left huge scars on her mind. Aurica and I both took
          some things too seriously.

Don Leon: So I've stopped accepting things. I'm sorry, no matter how much of a
          good guy you are, this and that are different.

Don Leon: I cannot allow myself to accept you!

Lyner: ...Don Leon.

Lyner: You, yourself, have a big scar on your mind, too...

Don Leon: ...


* At the Orthodox Church... *

Lyner: Nobody's here...

Lyner: Someone collapsed!

(Angel) Aurica: You...?

Lyner: Are you alright? What happened?

Aurica: Lyner...you're finally here...

Aurica: This is level 7. It's located pretty deep in Aurica's Soulspace.

Lyner: What happened to you!?

Aurica: Aurica's mind is slowly moving in a negative direction.
        My power is weakening.

Lyner: Negative direction...?

Aurica: There are opposite forces in every Reyvateil's Soulspace, the positive
        side and the negative side...a masked world and a shadowy world.

Aurica: Humans have feelings and memories that combine to make two separate

Aurica: Right now, the real Aurica sees herself only as a cause of failure
        and disaster.

Aurica: So, her negative feelings have started to occupy her deep subconscious.

Lyner: Hmm...but, none of this was in the previous worlds...

Aurica: That's not true. There were some signs. I believe you saw the devilish
        Aurica several times.

Aurica: Although, Aurica herself can't even tell whether her mind is leaning
        to the positive of negative sides.

Aurica: Now, the truth is finally being revealed on this level of the

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Lyner, the real Aurica isn't even aware of this world.
        It's created unconsciously.

Aurica: I forced the Paradigm Shift to happen.

Aurica: I trusted you. That's why we're here in a world that I don't even
        know about...

Lyner: So, what can I do?

Aurica: Fight with me. I have to fight the king of the negative world...

Lyner: Who is the king of negative world...!?

Aurica: An assassin sent by the devilish Aurica to turn this world negative.

Lyner: ...Okay. I'll do my best to help you.

Aurica: Thank you.

Aurica: The negative king lives in Monster Castle. Let's go there first.


* At Aurica's Town... *

Radolf: Lyner! You've been able to come this deeply into Aurica, huh?
        I'm surprised.

Lyner: Radolf!?

Radolf: But Aurica has developed a lot. I never would've thought a Class-D
        could ever become this strong.

Lyner: Well, th, that might be, but I don't think this is the time to be
       talking about this...

Radolf: There there, calm down. Aurica can probably solve this.

Lyner: ...Eh? Y, you're a lot different compared to the first times...

Radolf: Well, you should slow down and relax and leave it to her. Hahaha!

Lyner: This situation and you carefree attitude isn't right!!

Lyner: Well, this Radolf is only what Aurica thinks of him. It's only Aurica's

Lyner: Thinking about it like that, this is how much Aurica opened up to
       Radolf, I guess.


* At the Overlord Castle... *

Lyner: Is this where the king of the negative world lives?

Aurica: ...Yes.

Lyner: Why is there something as dangerous as this in here?

Aurica: Till recently, it was somewhere else. But, this castle was created to
        change my world...

Lyner: Change your world?

Aurica: Yes.

Aurica: As I told you before, Aurica's Soulspace is gradually shifting in a
        negative direction.

Aurica: Level 7 is generally known as the [Final Conscience]. If this level is
        destroyed, she'll become irrational.

Lyner: That's...not good.

Aurica: No, it isn't. That's why I needed you to come to my world.

Lyner: I see. But, I still haven't gotten over that Paradigm Shift from the
       other day.

Aurica: Ah, yes. But, I always come up with the most efficient and practical
        ways to deal with my problems.

Aurica: But, that doesn't mean my actions are always right.

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Sorry, that wasn't very efficient of me. Let's go.


* The King of the Negative World appears. *

K.o.t.N.W: What brings you to my castle?

Aurica: I'm here to rid you from this world!

K.o.t.N.W: Rid me from this world? Don't make me laugh. Do you really think
           you can defeat the one who created me...?

Lyner: Who are you talking about?

Aurica: The devilish Aurica. She's one level above us. Although, she used to
        be one level below...

K.o.t.N.W: You are correct. You used to be above her. But, don't feel bad.
           The real Aurica made the change.

K.o.t.N.W: I suppose you only have Aurica's heart to blame for that! Haahahaha!

Aurica: Enough talk! I'll turn you into pieces!

Aurica: Ha!!

* Aurica tries to cast magic. *

Aurica: Wh, what!?

K.o.t.N.W: What's the matter? Losing your power, [Symbol of Rationality]?

K.o.t.N.W: It's such a shame it's already time to say goodbye.

K.o.t.N.W: Take this! Sword Slash!

* The King of the Negative World attacks. *

Aurica: Ahhh!

* Don Leon jumps in to save Aurica. *

Don Leon: Aurica, you must run away. Quickly!

Aurica: D, Don Leon!? What are you doing here?

Don Leon: I promised to protect you!

Don Leon: From any obstacle or danger! I will always protect you!

K.o.t.N.W: Hey! Let go of my sword! If you don't, I'll have to kill you, too!

Don Leon: I am prepared to die! But Lyner, it is your turn now.
          Run for your life.

Lyner: Got it! Let's go!

* Lyner charges and strikes the King of the Negative World. *

Lyner: Urgh.

K.o.t.N.W: Argh.

* The King of the Negative World is defeated. *

Lyner: I did it...

Don Leon: Good job, Lyner!

Lyner: Don Leon! Are you alright?

Don Leon: Lyner, you have grown so much. Honestly, I did not expect Aurica to
          let you reach this level.

Don Leon: I was suspicious of you. But, I guess I was wrong about you.
          You are a nice young man...

Lyner: Stop, you're embarrassing me.

Don Leon: Please take care of Aurica until the very end...

Aurica: Don Leon! Come on! I can't lose you!

Don Leon: Do not worry. I shall never leave your heart...

Don Leon: I am so happy...that I got to save you...

Aurica: No! This is all my fault!

Lyner: Let's get him to an inn. He can get some rest there.

Aurica: Okay...


* At the Cave Inn... *

Lyner: Don Leon needs to lie down!

Aurica: You're right!


Lyner: How is he?

Aurica: He's sleeping well. I think he'll be okay.

Lyner: I'm glad to hear that.

Aurica: But, he needs bed rest. I'll find a suitable place for him.

Lyner: That's a good idea.

Lyner: I thought he was dying... I'm glad he's gonna be alright.

Aurica: ......

Lyner: But, when Don Leon was dying, you were getting irrational.

Aurica: ...What?

Lyner: I thought that you were always calm and collected. I'm surprised to see
       you so emotional.

Aurica: What!? That doesn't happen very often...

Lyner: I liked seeing you like that.

Aurica: Really...?

Lyner: Yeah. You're more vibrant...

Aurica: ......

Aurica: I have a favor to ask you.

Aurica: Will you make a Don Leon stuffed animal for Aurica when you return to
        the real world?

Lyner: ...Why are you asking me to do that?

Aurica: In the real world, Don Leon is still in the ruins of Skuwat Village.

Aurica: The real Aurica left him there to leave the memory of him behind...
        but I miss him.

Aurica: So, I want you to make a Don Leon that's filled with your thoughts and
        memories to give to Aurica.

Aurica: ...Please?

Lyner: Alright. But, you have to teach me how to make it.

Aurica: Claire has the recipe. You should ask her. Please...?


* Lyner makes a Don Leon stuffed animal and gives it to Aurica in real life. *


* At the Cave Inn... *

Aurica: Lyner, you made a Don Leon for me! Thank you...

Aurica: It had a positive effect on this world. This world and the devilish
        Aurica's world are changing.

Lyner: Really?

Aurica: Which means, her conscience is growing. Her positive side is getting

Lyner: That's great.

Aurica: Let's go to the Stonehenge. It might be time for the Paradigm Shift.

Lyner: Really!?

Aurica: I couldn't believe the real Aurica.

Aurica: Since this rational world swayed to the side of the devilish Aurica,
        she might've thought that she didn't need a conscience...

Aurica: But by creating Don Leon, you gave Aurica hope.

Aurica: I realized how stupid I was. It's so pathetic that I couldn't even
        trust myself.

Aurica: The real Aurica gave me hope. She made me feel like she still needs me.

Aurica: So, Paradigm Shift might happen soon.

Lyner: I see...you're aware of your own shifts. I'm impressed.

Aurica: At this deep level, I'm aware of a lot of things.

Aurica: So, let's go!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *

Lyner: Whoa! Something's happening!


* At the Stonehenge... *

Aurica: I'm glad a Paradigm Shift happened in this world.

Aurica: The next level is where the devilish Aurica is waiting. Be Careful.

Lyner: I will...

* Explosion occurs and the light at the Stonehenge goes out. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Aurica: What is that?

Aurica: What's going on!?

???: I won't let you get to my level that easily.

Lyner: You!

Demon Aurica: I'm still Aurica. Why aren't you nice to me?

Lyner: ..!

Demon Aurica: Or, are we so close that we no longer have to be polite? Hahaha!

Aurica: Enough! I can't believe you destroyed the Paradigm Shift...

Demon Aurica: Well, you're one to talk. Is it any worse than forcing the
              previous Aurica to enter the Shift?

Aurica: That was unavoidable!

Demon Aurica: Anyway, I won't let you come here that easily.

Demon Aurica: If you can fix the Stonehenge and the Paradigm Shift, then you
              can come to my world.

Demon Aurica: Lyner...I'll be waiting...

* Demon Aurica disappears. *

Aurica: ......

Lyner: Can we fix it?

Aurica: Yes, but I don't want to fix it...

Lyner: Why not?

Aurica: You might not be able to survive the next level. It's too dangerous.
        Look, she broke the Stonehenge...

Lyner: I know...

Aurica: Are you sure? It's going to be really tough.

Lyner: I'm ready for it.

Aurica: Well, then I'll try it, too.

Aurica: Ha!

* Aurica crafts a sprite with a harp.*

Aurica: Please fix this Stonehenge...

Life Shower: Okay, I'll try.

* Life Shower plays the harp and the Paradigm Shift returns. *

Lyner: We did it!

Aurica: ...Great.

Life Shower: That problem is solved. I must get going.

* Life Shower leaves. *

Lyner: Alright, let's try this one more time...

Aurica: Yes. And you already know what I'll be like in the next level.
        Please don't give up on me...

Lyner: ...Then, don't hurt me too badly.

Aurica: Since I met you, I think I've gotten softer...

Aurica: I should go...

    Level 8 [Lamentation of Intent]                                   AC-08

Instincts rule this world. In this world that even Aurica cannot control,
what will Lyner see and think of her? Reality hurts because of love.
And because of love, there is crime and atonement.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: I'm finally down to level 8...

Lyner: It seems pretty gloomy around here...

Lyner: I better get going...

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: Whoa! What is this!? Something horrible is happening...

Lyner: Who did this!? Oh, right...the devilish Aurica...


* At the Life Tower... *

Don Leon: ...Oh, it's you...

Lyner : Don Leon. I'm really glad you're back. Aurica is happy too.

Don Leon: Let me ask you this. Why did you revive me?

Lyner: ...Huh?

Don Leon: I have tried to eliminate you all this time. You could have done
          whatever you wanted to Aurica if I were gone.

Lyner: That's not the issue. If you're gone, Aurica will be sad.
       That's the only reason.

Don Leon: ...

Don Leon: I do appreciate it. ... Thank you.

Lyner: ...No problem.


* At the Overlord Castle... *

Lyner: Where's Aurica?

???: Over here!

(Devil) Aurica: Welcome to level 8!

Aurica: Isn't it beautiful? The whole world is covered with them!
        Don't you like it?

Lyner: But, doesn't that make it hard to walk? I have to watch every step.

Aurica: That's kinda the idea. Let's see you escape me now.

Lyner: Again!

Aurica: Huh? You're supposed to stay here forever.

Aurica: I won't let you go.

Lyner: Didn't we go through this before?

Aurica: We did. In the world where Aurica was wearing a towel.

Aurica: Unfortunately, level 6 wasn't complete. So the problem hasn't been

Aurica: A Paradigm Shift should only occur when all anxiety in the world
        is gone.

Aurica: We still have to resolve those issues.

Aurica: When problems aren't fixed, they only get bigger as the world evolves.

Aurica: And, it's erupted here.

Lyner: This is just a mess...

Aurica: Lyner...

* Aurica electrocutes Lyner with magic. *

Lyner: Ugh! I think I'm dying!

Aurica: Do you really like it that much? Doesn't it feel much better than

Aurica: That was the gift from the Aurica of level 6. Remember, she said the
        next time you try to escape, it'll be much worse than the chains.

Lyner: Ugh...

Aurica: I won't chain you down like before. That just isn't any fun.

Aurica: I know! Let's play hide-and-seek! You're it, and I get to hide!

Lyner: Huh?

Aurica: I'll give you a surprise if you can find me! This is going to be so
        much fun!

Lyner: Wait!

Aurica: I'm off to hide! No peeking!

* Aurica is gone. *

Lyner: Well...

Lyner: I guess I can start looking...


* At the Volcano *

Lyner: Whoa...magma!

Lyner: I don't think she's here...


* At the Orthodox Church... *

Lyner: No one's here.

Lyner: The church looks so empty...

???: Hello...hello...

* The Watch Rabbit appears. *

Lyner: Aren't you...?

Watch Rabbit: Yes, we've met several times. Please call me Watch Rabbit.

Lyner: But, you're a different color now...

Watch Rabbit: That's because I'm a different type. I'm called a [Slasher].

Watch Rabbit: How did you come this deep?

Lyner: It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that.

Watch Rabbit: Oh, of course. You helped Aurica build her confidence.

Watch Rabbit: I'm here to thank you. I want to help you, if I can.

Watch Rabbit: Will you let me come along? I'll be a big help to a swordsman.

Lyner: Really!?

Watch Rabbit: Yes. I'll see you in the real world.


* At the Volcano again... *

Lyner: Aurica's not here...

* Lyner is attacked. *

Lyner: Whoa!

* Lyner falls to the ground. *

Lyner: Wow!

Lyner: Is this a chain?

???: How did it feel to be chained down?

Lyner: Aurica!

Aurica: You found me. Looks like you won!

Lyner: What are you doing here? There's magma everywhere!

Aurica: I'm preparing your surprise.

Aurica: You see, I'm the surprise! You get to keep me!

Aurica: We'll be going into the magma together. Then, we'll be united
        as one...forever!

Lyner: Why do you want to do that!?

Aurica: I want to be with you, silly.

Lyner: We don't have to do this! I'll always be there for you!

Aurica: What are you talking about? I'm doing this because you aren't even
        looking at me.

Aurica: Don't you know how patient I've been?

Aurica: You told me that you'd protect me...that you'd care for me...

Aurica: But, that's not enough... Aurica isn't satisfied! That's why I'm here.

Aurica: You said you'd protect me, but you're never there when I need someone
        to cheer me up.

Aurica: And, you didn't even take care of me when I had that fever.
        You were too busy talking to Claire...

Lyner: I'm sorry, but that's not what happened. I was worried about you,
       so I asked her what I should do...

* Aurica hits Lyner. *

Lyner: Argh...

Aurica: If you were so worried, why didn't you stay with me?

Aurica: Was it really so difficult that you had to ask other people what to do?

Aurica: You make me so mad every time I find you talking to Misha...

Aurica: I hope she gets captured by Tenba, again. I hope she never comes back..

Aurica: That's why I chained you down...so that you'll stay with me.

Lyner: But, what you're doing...do you really think the Aurica from the real
       world will be happy with this!?

* Aurica hits Lyner again. *

Lyner: Argh...

Aurica: It doesn't matter! I'm not planning on ever waking up. I don't even
        like the Aurica from the real world.

Aurica: She's so slow and clumsy. She's always worried about the consequences.

Aurica: I don't want to be that kind of Aurica. I want to unite with you,
        right here!

Lyner: You're crazy...

Aurica: You're too late. You're in level 8...the world driven by instincts
        and desires.

Aurica: In this world, these feelings are the only "law" and "order" to be had.

Aurica: I'm surprised at how good it feels to know I own you.

Aurica: It feels good, just thinking of how we'll be together forever...

Aurica: Lyner...I love you.

Aurica: I love you so much! I love you enough to die for you! I love you so
        much I'd kill for you. I love you so much, I can't even express it
        to you...

Aurica: We'll go into the magma...and then we'll melt together. We'll know
        we're going to be together forever.

Aurica: We'll make our own wonderful world together.

???: Wait!

Angel Aurica: You don't belong this far down. And now, the dark era of Aurica
              is over.

Aurica: How did you get here!? I thought I was the only Aurica left inside...

Angel Aurica: You were, until just now. The Aurica of the real world made a
              complete structural overhaul.

Angel Aurica: I'm here because of the Don Leon stuffed animal you made
              for Aurica.

Angel Aurica: Though she didn't say anything, I could see how happy it
              made her.

Angel Aurica: That's when I realized just how much I want to protect him...

Angel Aurica: I looked past my own jealousy...

Angel Aurica: I wasn't wishing for happiness. I was only trying to satisfy

Angel Aurica: When I realized that, my conscience and hope returned to me.

Angel Aurica: And then I could access level 8...

Aurica: So, you're here... What can you do? What do you want to do in
        this world?

Angel Aurica: For starters, I should be able to craft a Song to cleanse
              this place!

Aurica: Cleanse...?

Angel Aurica: But, I need your help, Lyner!

Lyner: What do I do?

Angel Aurica: Keep believing that I can cleanse this world! Have faith in me!

Lyner: I can do that. I've always had faith in you.

Angel Aurica: Thank, Lyner. You know, I love you.

* Angel Aurica crafts the Seraphim Flyer to cleanse the world. *

Lyner: Whoa! What an earthquake!

Aurica: What are you doing!?

Angel Aurica: I'm destroying this world so that I can build a new one.

Angel Aurica: When the Paradigm Shift occurs, you have to jump inside it
              right away!

Angel Aurica: If you don't, you'll wander around the remnants of this world

* Back to the Cosmosphere map, light glows at the Stonehenge. *


* At the Stonehenge... *

* The world is shaking. *

Angel Aurica: Jump into the light!

Lyner: Wait, the other Aurica's still here!

Angel Aurica: You don't have a lot of time. You might not survive if you wait
              too long to jump.

Lyner: What should I do?

Lyner: I have to go check on her!

Angel Aurica: Lyner!

* Back to the Volcano... *

Lyner: Aurica!

Lyner: Aurica!

Aurica: ......

Lyner: I found her! What are you doing? We have to go!

Aurica: Leave me alone! If this world is being destroyed, I want to go with it.

Lyner: How can you say that?

Aurica: By destroying this world, Aurica's saying she doesn't need me anymore.

Aurica: Even if I pass through the Paradigm Shift, I'll still just disappear.

Lyner: You don't know that!

Aurica: You don't need me anyway!

Lyner: I never said that. You're an important piece of Aurica.

Aurica: What?

Lyner: You're not really nice, but you're one of Aurica's motivating forces.

Lyner: You'll always be a part of Aurica.

Lyner: I promised to protect and take care of her.

Lyner: Which means, I have to care for every single piece of her, including
       her devilish side.

Lyner: I have to accept you as an important part of her.

Aurica: ...Lyner.

Lyner: Let's go...

Aurica: Alright...

* At the Stonehenge... *

Angel Aurica: Lyner, hurry!

Lyner: We made it!

Angel Aurica: Just barely!

Lyner: Let's go!

* Lyner jumps into the light. *

Aurica: ......

Angel Aurica: You have to hurry, too!

Aurica: ......


* The world is black and empty. *

Lyner: What is this place?

Angel Aurica: This is Aurica's Cosmosphere.

Lyner: But, it's empty...

Angel Aurica: Yes, it is...now.

Lyner: But, I thought a new world was going to be created...

Angel Aurica: I guess her will wasn't strong enough...or maybe it was just
              too late...

Demon Aurica: ...We can restore it.

Lyner: Huh?

Demon Aurica: We can shape the Cosmosphere with our feelings and desires.
              If we put enough feeling into it, we can restore the world.

Demon Aurica: It's good thing I'm made entirely of passion. My desires are the
              strongest in our Soulspace.

Angel Aurica: I can craft strong, pure feelings.

Demon Aurica: But being pure isn't as strong as being passionate.

Angel Aurica: Yeah, but how do we know what kind of world you'll make for us?

Demon Aurica: Well, excuse me. I don't want to live in some boring soap opera
              world that you'd create.

Lyner: Stop it!

Angel Aurica: I don't want to live in some suspenseful world that you'd create!

Lyner: Wait! Now isn't the time to argue!

Demon Aurica: ...But!

Angel Aurica: ...But!

Lyner: You need to work together to create the best world for Aurica.
       I'll try to help, too.

Angel Aurica: You're right...

Demon Aurica: Okay...

Angel Aurica: We're all here together.

Demon Aurica: And what's the point of being together if we don't help each
              other out?

Angel Aurica: Let's do it.

Demon Aurica: Together...

Lyner: To create a new world...

* A little girl sitting on a box is crafted. *

Lyner: Huh?

???: Did you call for me?

Lyner: Who are you?

Chronicle: My name is Chronicle! I can pretty much fix anything in a jiffy.

Angel Aurica: ...Can we trust her?

Demon Aurica: You made another fantasy like creature, didn't you?

Angel Aurica: No, it wasn't me!

Lyner: I don't care as long as we can fix the world.

Chronicle: Sure! It'll be a piece of cake!

Chronicle: Just let me do it!

* A new world is created. *

Lyner: Is this level 9?

Angel Aurica: It's beautiful...

Demon Aurica: Hmmm...it's not bad.

Lyner: This is great.

Angel Aurica: I have to say goodbye for now, but please come back again soon.

Demon Aurica: An Aurica will be waiting for you on level 9.

Angel Aurica: But, we have to say goodbye from here...

Demon Aurica: Stop by anytime. We'll be here for you.

    Level 9 [Vow]                                                     AC-09

Everything is lost, and everything is born. The world has been purified,
and Aurica has gained paranormal powers. Her feelings for Lyner, the love
for this world; Aurica's story ends here.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: Level 9...

Lyner: Aurica is waiting for me...somewhere.


* At the Hope Mountain... *

Flamia: Oh, long time no see!

Lyner: Flamia? What are you doing here?

Flamia: Today is a special day for Aurica. I just had to be here!

Lyner: So, where is she?

Flamia: I don't know...


* At the Hope Mountain again... *

Jack: Hey, it's you Lyner.

Lyner: Jack.

Jack: So I notice Aurica's all grown up now. Well, compared to before, she's
      much easier to talk to.

Jack: It must mean she's finally becoming an independent lady. It only makes me
      happier. Heh heh.

Lyner: What's that supposed to mean?

Jack: Ohh, Lyner. If you don't make your move, I'll just take Aurica.

Jack: I'm very fond of ladies. And I also have confidence in my tenderness
      as well.

Lyner: What are you talking about?

Jack: Well, you don't have to worry. I have Misha. It's a shame, but I won't
      lay a finger on Aurica.

Jack: So, that's it. Become as happy as you can.

Lyner: (Jack is becoming a good guy in Aurica... I guess it's proof that Aurica
       is beginning to trust in people... That's good.)


* At the Life Tower... *

Lyner: Y...you...

???: You're too early. Go visit some other places for a while.

Lyner: ...?


* At Aurica's Town... *

Watch Rabbit: Oh, nice to see you again. How are you?

Lyner: I'm all right... What are you doing here?

Watch Rabbit: I'm here to celebrate with Aurica. This world is very busy now.

Lyner: So, where is Aurica?

Watch Rabbit: I think she's preparing for the ceremony at home.


* At Aurica's Town again... *

Radolf: Lyner! You've finally made it to level 9, where no man has ever
        made it. Congratulations!

Lyner: Radolf! Thanks to you, too. Even though so much happened.

Radolf: You did well!! Ah-, it's joyous! Oh very joyous!

Lyner: (Such high tension...)

Radolf: But yeah! Now that we're here, I think Aurica is the Church's...no,
        the world's strongest Reyvateil!

Lyner: What!? ...Isn't that a little too much...

Radolf: No it's not!

Radolf: For example, she can just blow Misha away with just a snort, you know?

Lyner: A snort...you say...

Radolf: Aurica, the divine child! Hurray! Level 9 graduate! Hurray!

Lyner: (A, Aurica-! You're getting way too carried away-!)


* At the Cave Inn... *

Chronicle: Oh, it's you, young man. This world is quite nice. It's perfect for
           my needs.

Lyner: Wow, everyone's here...

Chronicle: Of course. It's a special day for Aurica.

Lyner: So where is she?

Chronicle: Why don't you look for her yourself?


* At the Cave Inn again... *

Don Leon: ...By the way, while the installation was going on the other day,
          you touched her neck!

Lyner: Huh? ...Uh, yeah... Now that you mention it, I guess so.

Lyner: I think, when I touched her, Aurica was so surprised she screamed a
       voiceless scream... And it scared me too.

Don Leon: That's it! Don't touch Aurica's neck like that! Or her collarbone!

Lyner: Huh? Why?

Don Leon: It's her weakness!

Lyner: ... Weakness? What do you mean...

Don Leon: ...

Don Leon: If you don't know, forget it. Just remember, don't touch her neck
          and collarbone! Get it!?

Lyner: ...??


* At the Orthodox Church... *

Life Shower: Hi, are you alone young man?

Lyner: Yes. So, Aurica's not here?

Life Shower: No. She's not here yet.

Lyner: Not here yet...? So she'll be here?

Life Shower: Yes. There will be a ceremony here. We have a lot to celebrate.


* At Aurica's House... *

Lyner: I entered without permission...I hope that's ok. She's not here either..

Lyner: What is that...? What are you doing with that white dress?

* A little girl with wings is there. *

???: ......

Lyner: Who are you?

???: ...!

* The little girl is gone. *

Lyner: ...Gone.

???: That felt nice!

* Aurica appears in a bath towel. *

Lyner: Huh!

Aurica: ...What?

Aurica: Lyner...?

Lyner: I didn't mean to sneak in. It was an accident...

Aurica: Lyner, you're here! I'm so happy!

Lyner: I'm not a p...huh!?

Aurica: I didn't expect you to come this deep. I'm so glad you're here!

Lyner: Well, I've been through a lot. I'm amazed that I'm still alive...

Aurica: ...You're right. My selfish side was pretty strong...

Lyner: ......

Aurica: I wanted to ask you for a favor. I'm going to attend a ceremony.

Aurica: And, I want you to come with me...

Lyner: Me...?

Aurica: Yes. The ceremony is used to get more power from this world.

Aurica: Lyner, you led me to this world...so, I want you to be there with me.

Lyner: Alright, I'll be there.

Aurica: Really!? Thanks!

Lyner: So, are you going to get dressed?

Aurica: Yes! My dress should be here. ...Huh!?

Aurica: I can't find my white dress!

Lyner: White dress!? I saw a feathered, little girl take it earlier!

Aurica: No! I can't attend the ceremony without it!

Lyner: She couldn't have gotten far! Let's look for her!


* At the Hope Mountain... *

Aurica: This is it...

Lyner: I see her by the cliff!

Aurica: You...?

Sylph: I'm Sylph, a free roaming traveler.

Aurica: Give me my dress back, Sylph!

Sylph: No. If I do, the ceremony will begin.

Sylph: And then Aurica will be bound to Lyner.

Aurica: What are you talking about?

Sylph: The ceremony is for the two of you to exchange vows.

Sylph: Aurica, if you attend the ceremony, you won't be able to live your life
       freely anymore.

Lyner: What!? That's what the ceremony is all about?

Aurica: ...Is it?

Sylph: Aurica, you've lived your entire life alone. You might find it difficult
       to live with someone for the rest of your life.

Sylph: You won't be able to make your own decisions... You just won't be free.

Sylph: You might not even be able to be alone whenever you want to.

Sylph: Do you want to throw away your freedom, just to go through with this?

Aurica: Well...

Aurica: I still want to have the ceremony with Lyner.

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: I may not be free, but I can still do things that I like.

Aurica: Plus, I can do other things that I couldn't do with him before.

Sylph: So, you've made up your mind. Then, I won't say anything.

Sylph: I'll give your dress back.

Sylph: But, I still have one more thing to say. You still miss your freedom.

Sylph: Lyner, when she starts to feel that way, please let her be free for
       a while.

Lyner: Sure, of course.

Sylph: Aurica, don't be afraid to be honest with him, and tell him when you
       want to be alone.

Aurica: I will. I promise.

Sylph: It feels great to let out all of my emotions. Now I feel much better.
       Good luck, you two.

Aurica: My dress...

Lyner: Great. Now you can go back to your room and change.

Aurica: Alright.

* Back to Aurica's House... *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......

Lyner: She sure is taking a long time...

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Thank you for waiting.

Aurica: So, how do I look?

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Do I look funny?

Lyner: No, you look...beautiful.

Aurica: Really? Thank you...

Aurica: Come on, let's go to the Church for our ceremony.

Lyner: ...Yes, dear.


* At the Orthodox Church... *

(??? is the joker-like guy that appeared in level 4.)

???: Welcome, Aurica. Please come this way.

Aurica: ......

???: The time has finally come.

???: Aurica has been through plenty of hardships and Paradigm Shifts,
     but she's finally made it here.

???: She finally reached her deepest point, the access point to the Tower,
     Ar Tonelico...

Lyner: Access point to the Tower?

???: Yes. Didn't you know that a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere is connected to the
     Tower's Binary Field?

???: They're connected right here on level 9.

???: By connecting her to the Tower directly, she can boost her power

???: Now, she can access the Tower directly. It's their greatest power!

Lyner: ......

Aurica: ......

???: Now, let's begin the ceremony.

???: *cough*

???: Aurica Nestmile...

Aurica: Yes.

???: Do you promise to love and support Lyner, and to stay by his side forever?

Aurica: ...What!?

Lyner: ......

Aurica: ...I...I do.

???: Lyner Barsett...

Lyner: So, now it's my turn to make promises?

???: Lyner, you've helped Aurica down her path of development. Do you promise
     to support her emotionally, so as to maintain peace in the Cosmosphere?

Lyner: ...Sure, why not?

Aurica: ......

???: Good. Now, hug Aurica to solidify your vow.

Lyner: Do I really have to hug her?

???: Yes. It is of utmost importance.

???: The Cosmosphere is very delicate. It'll leave a huge scar on her psyche
     if you don't.

???: Aurica needs to maintain a strong, healthy connection with the person who
     helped her develop.

???: Where a man and woman help, support, and improve each other...

???: That's the kind of relationship you and Aurica must create.

Aurica: ...Lyner?

Lyner: Yes?

* Lyner and Aurica hug. *

Aurica: ......

Lyner: ......

Aurica: I'm getting nervous.

Lyner: ...Me, too.

Aurica: Thank you for everything. I never knew I possessed so much hidden

Aurica: I was only able to discover it because you believed in me, and always
        stayed by my side.

Lyner: ......

Aurica: I want to be with you, forever...

???: Now that you've exchanged vows, let's go get the power.

Lyner: You mean, she hasn't gotten it yet?

???: No. First, she must touch the Tower. Come on.

* At the Tower... *

???: Here we are.

Lyner: Are we inside...

???: Yes. This tower acts like an umbilical cord, connecting Reyvateils to
     Ar Tonelico. The Binary Field is just around the corner.

Lyner: Really? I thought the Tower has always been here...

???: You may have seen it on a lower level, but you couldn't access it before.

???: It may have seemed close, but you couldn't reach it. Not any more.

???: By touching the Tower, Aurica can access her greatest power.

???: She'll be able to access the Tower directly.

Aurica: ...Access directly?

???: Yes. She used to absorb power from the Tower to turn into Song Magic.
     But, she couldn't affect the Tower.

???: But, that's all about to change. She'll be able to affect the Tower by
     crafting her feelings.

Lyner: ...Cool.

???: Now, Aurica, go touch the Tower.

Aurica: ...Okay.

* Aurica touches the Tower. *

Aurica: Ooh...it feels like the Tower's inside me...like, having a huge Hymn
        Crystal inside me.

???: You're right...


Aurica: Thank you for staying all the way to the end.

Lyner: But, this isn't the end. It's just a new beginning.

Aurica: Yeah, you're right.

Aurica: I can go on forever.

    Level E [Sigzar]                                                  AC-10

* At the Stonehenge... *

???: I'll tell you something interesting.

???: Aurica is finally connected with the Tower, right? Now she's capable of
     creating any world she wants.

Lyner: Any world? What do you mean by that?

???: I mean like a playful world that has nothing to do with her mind.

Lyner: I see.

???: So I want to create a gate to that world using this Stonehenge.
     We have no use for it now, so...what do you think?

Lyner: It sounds interesting.

???: I knew you were going to say that.

???: It's no fun to just create the door, so let's play a game.

???: I'll create some challenges for you to clear. And if you successfully
     clear them...

???: I'll become one of Aurica's Songs.

Lyner: You're a Song, too!?

???: Not quite. To be precise, I'm the one who governs Aurica's mysterious

???: But, that's not important right now. Let's open the gate.

???: Ha!

* Stonehenge is glowing. *

???: You can get to that virtual world by jumping in here. You can come back
     to this side at any time...

???: Whenever you like.


* At the virtual world... *

Lyner: This world seems strange...

Lyner: I should take a walk around.


* At Marie's Workshop... *

* Explosion occurs as Lyner enters. *

Lyner: Whoa! You surprised me!

Aurica: Oh no...I failed again...

* Aurica plays Marie. *

Aurica: Oh, a customer!

Lyner: Aurica!? Why are you dressed like that?

Aurica: Aurica? Who's that? My name is Marlone, but you can call me Marie.

Lyner: What?

Aurica: So what do you want? I'm busy.

Lyner: Why are you in such a hurry?

Aurica: I'm working on my graduation thesis! Since I'm failing my classes,
        I have to turn in an additional project...

Aurica: I guess I always fail my classes no matter where I am.

Lyner: Oh...

Aurica: Hey, why don't you help me! Can you go get some materials for me?
        I really need them...

Lyner: Sure, I don't mind...

Aurica: Great! Then I'll tell you what I need.

Aurica: [Essence of Baldness], [Foul Mouth], and [Teacher's Tears]...
        and one more...

Aurica: Oh yeah! [Don Leon's Toothache]. I need those four items.

Lyner: What?

Aurica: You can get [Essence of Baldness] at the weapon shop.

Aurica: You can get [Foul Mouth] from a smart student at the academy, and
        [Teacher's Tears] from a teacher at the academy.

Aurica: And, [Don Leon's Toothache] can be found in the castle on the
        eastern hill!

Aurica: Thanks!


* At the Weapon Shop... *

* Weapon Shop Old Man, a bald muscle man, appears. *

Weapon Shop Old Man: Welcome to my store! You're new in town, aren't you?
                     Where are you from?

Lyner: ...The Soulspace...

Weapon Shop Old Man: Soulspace!? Never heard of it, but it sounds so...spooky.

Weapon Shop Old Man: So, what do you need?

Lyner: Do you have the [Essence of Baldness]...?

Weapon Shop Old Man: ......

Weapon Shop Old Man: What!?

Lyner: Uh...the Essence of Baldness...?

Weapon Shop Old Man: Oh, I get it...

Weapon Shop Old Man: You're talking about my head!!

Lyner: No! It's the name of an item! I swear!

Weapon Shop Old Man: In all my 40 years, I've never been insulted by a kid

Weapon Shop Old Man: Great!

Weapon Shop Old Man: You got guts, kid!

Lyner: I don't even know what's going on...

Weapon Shop Old Man: I can't let you get away with insulting me. So, let's have
                     s singing contest!

Lyner: A singing contest!?

Weapon Shop Old Man: Yes! I can sing really well. So if you sing better than
                     me, I'll give you the Essence of Baldness.

Lyner: Bring it on!

Weapon Shop Old Man: Great. I'll sing first!

Weapon Shop Old Man: My beautiful singing might make you faint, so watch out!

Weapon Shop Old Man: Whoa! My love, my darling~

* The building is shaking and explosions occur as he sings. *

Lyner: What is this!? ...I think I'm dying! Did Aurica create him, too...!?


Lyner: ...Wh, where am I...?

Weapon Shop Old Man: Whew...I'm done. I don't know anymore songs...

Lyner: You're done...?

Weapon Shop Old Man: You're a nice guy. You let me sing for a straight six
                     hours. You want to sing, too, right?

Lyner: Six hours!? I fainted for that long...?

Weapon Shop Old Man: You're the first person who took my singing seriously.

Weapon Shop Old Man: Your eyes were wide open...I could tell that you were
                     totally into my singing. I'm glad I finally got to sing
                     in front of such an enthusiastic audience!

Lyner: Ha ha ha...glad to hear it...

Weapon Shop Old Man: Alright, you win! I'll give you the [Essence of Baldness].

Lyner: Thanks...

Weapon Shop Old Man: Come back anytime!

Lyner: A, alright...

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: What a guy...I wonder if he's a part of Aurica, as well. Does that mean
       Aurica is an awful singer...?

Lyner: But, she isn't. So...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Well, I better look for the next item.


* At the Academy... *

Lyner: Well, this is the academy...

Chris: I've never seen you around here. Are you in the special class...

Lyner: No...I'm Lyner. Who are you?

Chris: My name is Chris. I've made the honor roll every semester.

Chris: I have to share a workshop with this girl who fails her classes every
       year. We're total opposites.

Lyner: Are you talking about Aurica...I mean Marie?

Chris: You know her!?

Lyner: Kind of...

Chris: So, how do you know Marlone?

Lyner: She's...very important to me.

Chris: No way! I didn't think any guy would find her attractive.
       She's so lazy and rude...

Lyner: Well, she asked me to get a [Foul Mouth] from you.

Chris: How dare you say that to me!

Chris: I can't believe how insulting an idiot like you can be.
       Besides, you're asking me to give you my tongue!

Chris: But, you and Marlone are in a special relationship. For the sake of
       being an honor roll student at the Academy of Alchemists in Salburg...

Chris: I have to tell you something! I can't believe Marlone asked you to get
       a Foul Mouth!

Chris: If she needs a tongue, she should just use her own. How dare she ask
       someone to get my tongue.

Chris: But, I suppose she's always like that. I'm so upset!

Lyner: Thank, I've heard enough already...

Chris: Hey, I'm not done talking to you!

Lyner: Do you like Marie or something?

Chris: Are you serious!? You think I'm in love with the biggest failure in the
       entire history of the academy!?

Chris: Is that what you think!?

Lyner: ...No.

Chris: I'm glad that you're catching on so quickly. By the way...

Chris: How is Marlone doing lately? Please tell her that she can come to me if
       she needs help.

Chris: I'll teach her the basics of alchemy, one step at a time.

Lyner: (So, this guy does worry about her...but he'll never admit it.
       I should just leave.)

Lyner: Bye.

Chris: Hey, wait! I'm still talking to you...


* Outside Belzenburg Castle... *

Lyner: What a strange castle...I wonder if Don Leon lives here. I hope I can
       find [Don Leon's Toothache].

* Inside the castle... *

Don Leon: Lyner! Aiyaiyai...

Lyner: Whoa! You're really here? Did you get permission to live in this castle?

Don Leon: N, no! That's not what happened. Ooh...

Lyner: Why are you in pain?

Don Leon: That is ridiculous. I am fine.

Lyner: Alright.

Lyner: Aurica...I mean Marie needs [Don Leon's Toothache].
       Do you know anything about it?

Don Leon: I do not. Aihai...

Lyner: Do your teeth hurt, or something?

Don Leon: How did you know?

Don Leon: I have eaten too many sweets...

Lyner: Well, I'm sorry to hear that...

Lyner: Wait?

Don Leon: What is it?

Lyner: That's it! I found [Don Leon's Toothache]!

Don Leon: What are you going to do with my teeth!?

Lyner: I have to bring them back!

Don Leon: No! Stop it, idiota!

Lyner: I found it! I found it!

Don Leon: No! Aihaiiiii!

Lyner: Sorry, Don Leon, but I'm doing this for Aurica!

* Back to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: I have three items so far. But, I still haven't found any [Teacher's

Lyner: I should go back to the workshop.


* At Marie's Workshop... *

Aurica: Welcome back! Did you find them?

Lyner: I couldn't find [Teacher's Tears]. I haven't even seen a teacher.

Aurica: What!? The teacher wasn't there? There's always a teacher at the

* Someone knocks on the door. *

???: Marlone! Marlone!

Aurica: Oh no! I still haven't finished my thesis!

???: Marlone! I know you're in there! Open up!

Aurica: I have to pretend that I'm not here, so will you open the door?

Lyner: Me!?


Ingrid: Marlone! Oh...?

Lyner: Hello...

Ingrid: Who are you? Are you her friend?

Lyner: Yeah, sort of...

Ingrid: So, where is she?

Lyner: She went to gather some items...

Ingrid: That's too bad. I came to check on her. I wonder if she's doing her

Lyner: Does she really do that bad in school?

Ingrid: Yes, of course! She's the worst student in the entire history of the
        academy, and she just happens to be my student...

Ingrid: She's a real headache. On top of that, she's supposed to complete her
        thesis within five years. It's already been 4 years and 364 days.

Ingrid: She hasn't turned in any work yet! If she doesn't turn anything in
        by tomorrow...

Lyner: (She's so intimidating...)

Ingrid: I feel sorry for you, being friends with such a troublesome girl...

Ingrid: Oh no, now I'm crying...

Lyner: Yes! I got your tears!

Ingrid: ......

Lyner: Hahaha...

Ingrid: Do you think this is some kind of game? Please remind Marlone.

Ingrid: If she doesn't turn anything in by tomorrow...well, she should know
        what will happen.

* Ingrid leaves. *

Aurica: *sigh*

Lyner: What a teacher...

Aurica: She's the scariest teacher in the academy!

Lyner: Oh, by the way, I got some [Teacher's Tears].

Aurica: Really! Good job!

Aurica: Great! Now I have all the materials! All I have to do is to synthesize

Aurica: I can do this!

* Aurica crafts something. *

Aurica: I did it!

Lyner: What did you make?

Aurica: This!

* A thing that resembles a child drawing appears... *

Aurica: I call it Aurica No. 1.

Lyner: Aurica No. 1?

Aurica: Let's activate it!

* Aurica No. 1 flies around the room and destroys everything. *

Lyner: Wow!

Aurica: Oh no! Mrs. Ingrid is gonna be so mad...I better go!

Ingrid: Marlone! What are you doing? I heard you all the way at the academy!

Ingrid: Huh? Where is she!?

Lyner: She went to gather materials! I think I better go, too!

Ingrid: Wait!

* The world is about to be destroyed. *

Aurica: Let's go to the Stonehenge. You have to leave this world!

Lyner: ...Alright.

* At the Stonehenge... *

Lyner: That was some experience.

Aurica: I had fun, though!


* They return to the regular Cosmosphere. *

???: Welcome back.

Aurica: I'm still wearing this outfit!

???: It's my gift to you. Enjoy.

* Aurica changes back to her white Ceremony dress. *

Aurica: ...I'm back.

???: How was the virtual world? Did you enjoy it?

Lyner: I don't even know what happened there.

???: That's great. Since you did good, I'll give you a gift.

???: Please accept me as a gift and craft me as your Song.

Aurica: Huh?

???: I govern the mysterious side of Aurica. It's time for me to unite
     with Aurica.

???: So long, till we meet again...

* ??? disappears. *

Aurica: ......

Lyner: It's gone.

Aurica: It feels like the end...

Lyner: Is it?

Aurica: I've shown you everything. I'm not hiding anything.

Aurica: I like that.

Lyner: Me, too.

    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
   /  III. Shurelia's Cosmosphere  \/                                ___\___
__/                                 \_______________________________/ SC-00 \__
¯¯                                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯

* At the Binary Field... *

Lyner: This is Lady Shurelia's Cosmosphere...?

Lyner: It's totally different from the other two.

Shurelia: Lyner.

Lyner: So, this is your Cosmosphere. It's pretty empty.

Shurelia: I know. I don't even know if this even qualifies as a Cosmosphere.

Shurelia: A Cosmosphere is supposed to be a Reyvateil's bare spirit.

Shurelia: But, I don't have a bare spirit, so technically this world is more
          like the Binary Field.

Lyner: The Binary Field? You mean that information world where viruses always
       escape to!?

Shurelia: Yes.

Shurelia: You already know that every Cosmosphere has a door that connects to
          the tower. This is beyond that door.

Lyner: So, what you're saying is...

Shurelia: There is only a fine line between the Cosmosphere and the Binary
          Field. That's why the viruses can dive easily.

Lyner: I see.

Shurelia: I'm sorry. I wish this world was a little more interesting...
          Are you disappointed?

Lyner: No...I'm glad to be here.

Shurelia: I'm...glad.

Lyner: Let's go back...

Shurelia: Alright.

* Back to the real world... then in the inn at night... *

Lyner: Lady Shurelia, may I speak with you?

Shurelia: Yes, come in.

Lyner: You told me that people of ancient times used to do something like
       diving, right?

Lyner: So, did ancient people used to dive to craft Songs?

Shurelia: No. Reyvateils from that era used to craft Songs in a much more
          sophisticated way. They didn't need partners to craft.

Shurelia: They could purchase things that are equivalent to Hymn Crystals.
          They used to pour it in, using an ancient style of dive machine.

Lyner: ...Sounds convenient. But it's too business-like. I prefer the current
       way, where you craft with a partner.

Shurelia: I agree. I guess you can connect with a Reyvateil better...but it's
          also dangerous.

Lyner: Well...you're right. Hahaha!

Shurelia: ...Did something happen in Aurica's or Misha's world?

Shurelia: ...Oh, you don't have to tell me. That's too private.

Lyner: Okay...

Lyner: But then, why did ancient people dive?

Shurelia: For recreation, for fun. They created virtual worlds and played
          inside them. It was like playing a game.

Lyner: Whoa...but I'm satisfied with this world...

Shurelia: There are some positive sides to a virtual world. First, it's not
          life threatening. Also, you can experience many unrealistic things.

Shurelia: You can even enter the story of a book.

Lyner: Really? But I don't read...

Shurelia: I think some of the programs are still in the Tower.

Shurelia: You could probably access the data through me.

Lyner: Wow...that's great.

Shurelia: Huh!? Why are you so impressed? It's nothing special.

Lyner: ......

Shurelia: ......

Shurelia: Well...

Shurelia: You want to play, don't you?

Lyner: What? Can I!?

Shurelia: ...If you insist, we can try it out.

Lyner: Alright...

Lyner: (I think Lady Shurelia is the one who wants to play...)

    Level 1 [Love Master]                                             SC-01

Lyner Harasett, an average highschool student, meets Leila Togasaki who
works at a cafe. Destiny plays tricks as Leila transforms into Singing Angel
Shurelia, protector of the world!

* At the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: Lyner, come this way.

Lyner: Lady Shurelia, are you sure?

Shurelia: Yes. I searched some databases and discovered that there are still
          some programs left.

Lyner: What kind of programs?

Shurelia: Well, there's fantasy, teen drama, and horror...

Shurelia: Which one would you like?

Lyner: Do you know any more details about them?

Shurelia: No. I've never played them before...

Lyner: Then, please pick whichever one you want. I don't care.

Shurelia: Okay, but you might think it's boring...

Lyner: I doubt it...

Shurelia: I want to try one about common, everyday life...

Shurelia: I want to experience how normal people live. I've always been the
          administrator of the tower...

Lyner: Alright. Let's play that kind.

Shurelia: Thank you.

Shurelia: I'll try to access it. This area should be good...

* The background switches to a world... *

Shurelia: So this is the world... Oh, there's writing. Let me read it...

Shurelia: First...I have to warn you that this game is not an RPG. This is an
          adventure with a story.

Shurelia: If you play thinking that this is some kind of RPG, you might get
          hurt. So please be careful.

Shurelia: Also, each story is very long. If you start to feel sluggish,
          please consult your physician.

Shurelia: If you feel nausea, headaches or chills during play, please leave the
          Binary Field at once and return to the real world.

Shurelia: This program is just a bonus. You should not feel like you have to
          play through it to clear the game.

Shurelia: Do you want to play?

Lyner: Yes.

Shurelia: Okay! Are you ready? This is kind of exciting!


                       She was just a typical girl.

                    She went to school during the day,
         and worked at a cafe on the weekends. Just a normal girl.

         But, she also had a secret that she couldn't tell anyone.

                           Yes, a big secret...

            She was Singing Angel Shurelia, defender of peace,
                      and destroyer of evil viruses.


* Inside a dirty room... *

Lyner: ...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......... !

Lyner: Ha!

Lyner: I was...dreaming...

Lyner: That was a strange dream. Something about a Binary Field...?
       I'm starting to forget it already.

Lyner: It's Sunday. I've got nothing to do. I don't have a girlfriend to hang
       out with...I'm so bored...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Maybe I'll go watch a movie or something.

* At the Cosmosphere virtual world... *

    I live in Ciel. It's a small, country town of only about 20,000 people.

    I like living here. The water tastes good and the air is fresh!

    But enough about that, let me introduce myself.

    My name is Lyner Harasett. I'm 16 years old and I'm in the tenth grade.

    I don't have a girlfriend, but I'm determined to get one this year. Too bad
    it's not as easy as flipping a switch. Girlfriend on, girlfriend off.

    And, sadly, I've got nothing to do today. I'll just walk around town to
    kill some time.

* At the South Market Street... *

Lyner: Hmm, maybe I should catch a movie... Let's see what they're showing...

Lyner: Hmmm...? [The Wives of Lune Lane: Adultery/Jealousy/Murder]?

Lyner: Ech! What a horrible title... I'm not watching this!

???: Huh? Lyner?

* Aurica appears in school uniform. *

Lyner: Oh, Aurica!

    Her name is Aurica Motomiya. We grew up together. Oddly enough, we had the
    exact same class schedule for five years in a row...

    She always liked to watch after me. She used to come over every morning to
    wake me up. I wish she just left me alone.

Aurica: Oh, are you planning on watching the movie?

Aurica: It sounds so interesting! I've been waiting to watch it!

    She always had poor taste. Especially when it came to naming things.

Aurica: Come on! Let's go!

Lyner: Where?

Aurica: Don't you want to watch this movie?

Lyner: No! It's...just not my kind of movie. But, why don't you go see it?
       It's not that far.

Aurica: You're so mean! I was just trying to be nice. I was feeling sorry for
        you since you don't have a girlfriend.

Lyner: Well, I don't want you to pity me. You don't have a boyfriend.
       Besides, you're the one who wants to go alone to the movie theater on
       the weekend.

Aurica: Leave me alone! I don't want a boyfriend...

Aurica: Look, if you're not going to the movie, let's go shopping. They always
        have good deals at [Dollar-Rama]...

Lyner: I'll pass. You always take forever to buy anything.

Aurica: Fine. I don't need you to come with me. Have fun doing nothing!

* Aurica leaves. *

Lyner: That was close... It's usually not that easy to get rid of her.

Lyner: Hmm...There's gotta be something I can do. Maybe I'll go to a tea house
       or something.


* Inside a cafe... *

Lyner: Huh? I didn't know there was a cafe over here. I wonder if it's new...

Lyner: I didn't expect to find such a fashionable cafe in this town.
       It's really improving.

* Shurelia appears in a waitress outfit. *

Waitress: Welcome! What can I get you?

Lyner: (Wow, she's just my type...)

Lyner: Uh, I'd like a [Dokkoi Set], please...

Waitress: One Dokkoi Set coming up.

* The waitress walks away and brings the order to the kitchen. *

Waitress: One Dokkoi Set, please!

Waitress: Oh!?

* A glass is broken. *

???: You again!

Waitress: Excuse me?

Lyner: ...I hope she's alright.


Waitress: Thank you for waiting! One Dokkoi Set.

Lyner: Thanks.

Waitress: Please allow me to pour your tea.

Lyner: (Wow, nice service...)

* The waitress is pouring the tea. *

Lyner: (Oh no...I'm about to sneeze...)

Lyner: Ah...ahchoo!

Waitress: Oops!

Lyner: Hot hot hot! Tea on my leg!

Waitress: Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you alright?

???: ...You again...

* Ayano plays the shop owner. *

Waitress: But, ma'am, it wasn't my fault. A customer sneezed and it
          startled me!

Shop Owner: How dare you blame our customers!

Shop Owner: I'm sorry our waitress poured scalding liquids on you.

Lyner: (Whoa! The manager looks scary! I better not complain...)

Lyner: No, it's okay. Really...

Shop Owner: No. She must be held responsible.

Shop Owner: You! Take our customer out and buy him a new pair of pants!

Waitress: Why me!?

Shop Owner: You're the one who spilled tea on him! It's the least you can do.

Shop Owner: Take him out and buy him a pair of pants that he likes.

Waitress: ...Yes, ma'am.

Lyner: That's really not necessary...

Shop Owner: Please, don't feel bad for her. It was her fault. She should be
            held responsible for what she's done.

Waitress: Please come with me.

* At the street... *

Waitress: ......

Waitress: Oh, no!

Lyner: What is it?

Waitress: It was all your fault for sneezing!

Lyner: Hey, I couldn't help it. Besides, I don't really want you to come
       with me...

Waitress: I have no choice. My manager told me to.

Waitress: My Sunday is ruined. First, I had to come in to work, and now I have
          to go shopping with a loser like you...

Lyner: Excuse me!

Waitress: Oh, what a lousy day.

Lyner: ......

Waitress: Why don't we go to [UNI-Q]? We can find something cheap over there.

Lyner: Look, I don't really care...

Lyner: What a strange cafe... That manager looks scary...

Waitress: Oh, she is. Did she surprise you? I only started working there
          because the pay is good and the uniform is cute. But, my manager is
          really strict.

Waitress: Maybe I should quit...

Waitress: Say, what's your name?

Lyner: Me? I'm Lyner Harasett.

Leila: I'm Leila Togasaki. Do you live around here?

Lyner: Yeah. But, I don't come into town very often. I usually just hangout
       at home.

Leila: I see... Do you have any hobbies? Or, how 'bout a girlfriend?

Lyner: No, neither.

Leila: Hm. Yeah, I didn't think you'd have a girlfriend, but I thought you'd
       have a hobby.

Leila: You really should have a goal in life.

Leila: You only live once, you know. If you waste all your time, it'll be over
       before you know it.

Lyner: How 'bout you, Togasaki? Do you have a boyfriend?

Leila: Oh, no...I'm too busy with my mission...

Lyner: Mission?

* An explosion occurs. *

Leila: Oh!

Lyner: What's that?

Leila: It's the cafe where I work. We better go!

Lyner: Okay!


Lyner: What's going on? Why is everyone on the floor?

Leila: It could be...

Lyner: Huh!?

Leila: Sorry. I have to go 'round back.

* Leila runs away. *

Lyner: Togasaki!?

???: Lyner!

Aurica: It's an emergency! A robot appeared out of nowhere and is rampaging
        through the city!

Aurica: And, some people got hit by the beam that collapsed!

Lyner: What!

Aurica: I don't know what's going on! We better get out of here like
        everyone else!

* A giant robot appears. *

A.B.R.: ... ... ... ... ...

* The giant robot goes on rampage. *

Aurica: Ahh!

Lyner: Whoa! It ran into the building... Isn't that the cafe!?

Aurica: Huh!?

Lyner: Aurica, I'm sorry, but you have to get out of here without me!
       I have to check on the cafe!

Aurica: But, it's too dangerous!

* Inside the cafe... *

Lyner: Luckily, the first floor seems fine. The robot is floating, so...
       Crap, the second floor's all but totally trashed...

Leila: Harasett!?

Lyner: Togasaki, you're okay! I'm so glad!

Leila: What are you doing here?

Lyner: I saw the robot come inside the shop, so I was worried about you.

Leila: You were worried about me? Why!? Shouldn't you be worried about

Lyner: Let's get out of here together!

Leila: I can't.

Lyner: Why not?

Leila: Don't worry about me! Just go!

* Something breaks through the walls. *

Leila: Ugh!

Lyner: Whoa!

A.B.R.: ............... Shurelia detected. Initiate termination protocols...

Lyner: Damn! We can't get out anymore...

Leila: You're an idiot! You should've escaped when you had the chance...

Lyner: But, I couldn't. It's like leaving my friend in a fire.
       I just can't do that.

Leila: You're too nice.

A.B.R.: Alignment...set.

Leila: Will you promise me something?

Lyner: What is it?

A.B.R.: Sonic scrambler...energizing...

Leila: Don't tell anyone what's about to happen.

Lyner: ...About to happen?

A.B.R.: Harmonic Power Absorber...set.

Leila: Do you promise? It has to stay a secret!

Lyner: Okay, okay!

A.B.R.: Standing by...

Leila: Hold my hand...

Lyner: Huh? But we just met...

Leila: You idiot! I don't mean it like that! Just grab it!

Lyner: Okay!

A.B.R.: Fire...

* Leila transforms. *

Shurelia: ....

Lyner: What happened to my clothes? What's going on?

Shurelia: I'll tell you later! We have to destroy the robot first!
          Are you ready?

Lyner: Ready!? I have to fight, too?

Shurelia: Of course. You're stuck with me now. Let's go!

* Lyner and Shurelia fight and defeat the robot. *

* Back to the cafe after the fight... *

Leila: ......

Lyner: What's going on?

Leila: Do you promise not to laugh?

Lyner: Yeah....

Leila: This planet is being threatened by viruses.

Leila: These viruses absorb Harmonics, the source of all human energy,
       and turn it into their own energy. They're strong.

Leila: There's a group called Team Mir. They're trying to manipulate the
       viruses to take over the world.

Leila: I've been fighting them all by myself.

Lyner: ......

Leila: You don't get it, do you? I never should've told you...

Leila: But, you can't tell anyone about this...

Lyner: Can I still help you?

Leila: Huh?

Lyner: I've seen too much that I have no choice but to believe you...

Lyner: And, you can't take them all on alone. I can help you.

Leila: ...Do you know what you're asking? It could cost you your life.

Lyner: I know.

Lyner: But, I can't just ignore what's happening.

Leila: ......

Leila: Fine...Do whatever you want.


Shop Owner: Have you finished cleaning? Then, come over here! I've got more
            work for you!

Leila: Alright. I'll be right there...

Leila: Why do I have to fix up the store...?

Lyner: It's not so bad.

Leila: You think so? What are you doing here anyway? You're just a customer!

Lyner: ...Well, I just happened to be passing by.

Leila: You're too nice.

Lyner: Hahaha...


* At the street... *

Lyner: We're finally done! It took so long, I feel like I actually work here.

Leila: You didn't have to stay the whole time.

Lyner: I can't stop something once I'm in the middle of it.

Lyner: It's like trying to stop eating a snack after I already opened it,
       you know.

Leila: What? I don't get it. But, you are pretty funny!

Lyner: Me, funny? Why, did I say something strange?

Leila: No, not that kind of funny. You just make me laugh. Hahaha!

Lyner: Okay, I guess I don't get it. But, I better get going.
       Where do you live?

Leila: The totally opposite direction.

Lyner: Oh well, I'm sorry about today.

Leila: Me, too. I didn't mean to get you involved...

Lyner: That's alright. I'll come by the cafe sometime to see you.

Leila: I'll be looking forward to it!

Leila: See you around.

Lyner: ......


* At Lyner's House... *

Lyner: I'm so exhausted. But, I still can't believe what I saw...
       Was I just dreaming it all?

Lyner: I can't believe I was attacked by a cartoon-looking robot.

Lyner: And...she transformed...and so did I...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: I should stop by the cafe after school tomorrow...

Lyner: Boy am I sleepy. That was some good exercise...

Lyner: Zzzzz...zzzz...zzz...


* The morning comes. *

Aurica: Wake up! Wanna be late for school?

Lyner: Uhh...wait...

Aurica: Wake up sleepy head!

Lyner: Oww! What are you doing here!

Aurica: You're gonna be late!

Lyner: Oh, no! I have to hurry!

Aurica: ...Well...


Lyner: Don't you get tired of waking me up every morning?

Aurica: You should be thanking me. Without me, you'd be late for
        school everyday.

Lyner: I would?

Aurica: Yes. Everyday.

Lyner: I wouldn't be late everyday. More like every other day.

Lyner: But, we better hurry!


* At the Under Tower School campus... *

Aurica: I was surprised to see a robot like that yesterday.
        I've never seen anything like it before.

Lyner: Yeah...

Aurica: I wonder who stopped it. It happened pretty quick, didn't it?

Lyner: Yeah! I wonder what happened to it...hahaha!

Aurica: ...?

* In the school building... *

Aurica: Did you do your math homework? It was the basic section on p.23.

Lyner: Homework? Damn, I forgot to do it. Will you help me?

Aurica: Again!? I'm not your tutor, you know?

* Leila appears in a school uniform. *

Leila: ...Hm...

Lyner: You're...!?

Leila: Oh, are you a student here?

... continue

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: ...What happened?

Shurelia: I guess that was the first episode.

Lyner: What!? That's kind of weird...

Shurelia: I know, but it used to be normal.

Lyner: Whatever. I'm just curious about the rest of the story.

Shurelia: Next time, we'll continue where we left off.

Shurelia: Oh, I linked the data for A.B.R.

Shurelia: You can now use A.B.R. as Red Magic.

Lyner: I can? I didn't know that.

    Level 2 [Run Into]                                                SC-02

Leila Togasaki was a little jealous of Lyner's childhood friend, Aurica.
While talking it over, there is another virus attack. Lost in despair,
Leila runs away. Lyner runs after her but...

* At the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: Do you want to continue the story from the other day?

Lyner: Yes.

Shurelia: Alright. You can continue where you left off.

* At the Cosmosphere virtual world... *

    My name's Lyner Harasett. I'm 16 years old, and I'm a sophomore.

    Due to a bizarre incident, I ended up being friends with a girl named Leila
    Togasaki. Ever since then, my life started to get exciting.

    I have quite an ordeal to face today. I have to deal with an assassin from
    the evil Team Mir.

    So, who do I have to fight this time...? I'm too depressed to care.

* In the school building... *

Leila: ...Hm...

Lyner: You're...!?

Leila: Oh, are you a student here?

Aurica: Who is this girl? Judging by her uniform, she's a freshman...

Lyner: I met her during that crazy incident yesterday. I saved her, and she
       saved me...

Leila: ......

Aurica: Wow, I'm sorry you were caught up in all that mayhem yesterday!
        Hi, I'm Aurica. It's nice to meet you.

Leila: Nice to meet you, too.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Are you alright? I'm so sore from yesterday, you know...hahaha...

Leila: ...I'm fine.

Aurica: Let's go! You still want to copy my math homework, right?

Lyner: Oh, yeah! We better go!

Aurica: I'll let you copy my homework, but then you have to go shopping with
        me, okay?

Lyner: Are you serious?

Leila: ......

Leila: Thank you for yesterday. I'm going to be late. I have to go.

* Leila leaves. *

Lyner: Hey, wait...

Aurica: ......

* In the classroom... Leard plays the teacher.*

Teacher: Listen to me. If you don't get better in math, you're going to end up
         with the filth out on the street!

Teacher: You better master Fourier Transformation by graduation! And you better
         pass Integrals or you'll die trying!

Lyner: (Man...how many times does he have to give me this lecture...)

Teacher: Alright...turn in your homework. It was the basic section on p.23.

Lyner: (Damn, I didn't even have time to copy Aurica's...)

Teacher: If you forgot to do your homework, come to the front and beg for
         your life!

Lyner: (The teacher is pretty scary, as always. I should be okay for now...)


* At the school playground... *

Lyner: I'm not good at math. But, it's not like I'm trying to be a rocket
       scientist or anything. But, I've always aced P.E.

Lyner: Huh? Volleyball?

???: Excuse me! Oops!

* Someone bumps into Lyner. *

Lyner: Sorry...

* Leila appears in school gym clothes. *

Leila: Harasett...

Lyner: Togasaki...

Leila: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class?

Lyner: I'm ditching. I'm not very good at math.

Leila: I see...

Lyner: ......

Leila: Do you...mind if I sit next to you?

Lyner: Go right ahead. But, aren't you supposed to be in P.E.?

Leila: I'm not good at it...

Lyner: I'm surprised to see you here. You're a freshman, right?

Leila: Yeah, I'm surprised, too.

Lyner: ......

Leila: Who was that girl you were with this morning?

Lyner: Oh, her? We grew up together! That's all.

Leila: Oh...I thought she was your girlfriend. It caught me by surprise.

Lyner: Huh?

Leila: Well, you told me that you didn't have a girlfriend. I thought you lied
       to me.

Lyner: Oh, no! I didn't lie. We just grew up together. That's all.

Lyner: But, I'm a little surprised that you aren't good at P.E.

Leila: Why are you surprised? I wish I was better at sports...but, I really
       can't help it.

Lyner: You do fall down pretty often, for no apparent reason. That just might
       be your talent.

Leila: Don't make fun of me.

Leila: I can handle volleyball...but, I don't like summer sports...

Lyner: Summer sports?

Leila: Yeah...I can't swim...

Lyner: Hmmm...so you can fight all kinds of hideous monsters, but you can't
       play sports...

Leila: It's different. You helped power me up. Besides, I just chant.

Lyner: You're right. I'm just surprised how you transform.

Leila: Why is that?

Lyner: You transformed when I held your hand. I could barely even think while
       holding yours.

Leila: Huh? So, do you want to hold my hand now?

Lyner: No...that's not what I meant. I just feel sorry for your boyfriend.
       If you have one, that is...

Leila: My boyfriend...I see...

Leila: Don't worry, I only transform when I want to.

Leila: ...Do you want to hold my hand to find out?

Lyner: Why do you want to hold my hand?

Leila: I'm only kidding...

Teacher: You're taking too long! Bring the ball back already!

Leila: Oops...I better go back...

* Leila leaves. *

Lyner: And there she goes again.

Lyner: I should probably get back to class, too...

* In the school building... *

Lyner: Huh? Why is it so noisy? I've got a bad feeling about this...

* In the classroom... *

Lyner: Everyone's on the floor, again?

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: Aurica! Are you alright? What happened?

Aurica: We started feeling dizzy during math class...and then we all

Lyner: Aurica! Are you okay? Aurica?

???: Give it up.

Lyner: Huh!? Who are you?

* Misha in school uniform appears. *

Misha: I'm Misha. I want you to come with me!

Lyner: What?

Misha: Lyner! Hurry up!

* In the school building hallway... *

Lyner: What's going on?

Misha: It's an attack from Team Mir. Mir took over the school. You know what
       I'm talking about, right?

Lyner: Team Mir...you mean, the ones who steal Harmonics...

Misha: Yeah, they're an evil organization, plotting to take over the world
       with viruses.

Lyner: I can't believe it...

Misha: Go get Leila right now! We have to fight!

Lyner: I'm on it. But, who are you? How do you know all about this?

Misha: I'm just a friend of hers. Go find her already!

* At the school playground... *

Lyner: Togasaki! Togasaki!

Leila: Stop yelling my name out loud. It's embarrassing...

Lyner: The school's been taken over by Team Mir. Everyone in the classroom are
       out cold...

Leila: What!? Ok, let's go!

* Back to the classroom... *

Aurica: I may not...survive...much longer...

Leila: She's in critical condition. She lost almost all of her Harmonic

???: Is this room done? You guys are excellent students...

* The teacher and a lady (Claire) appear. *

Lyner: Teacher...huh? Who're you?

Teacher: Look, there's one student left.

???: The poor kid. Why don't we save this one, too, Leard?

Lyner: Who are you...?

???: Mmm, you're so full of energy. I love it! I bet his Harmonic power is
     especially delicious.

Leila: Harmonic power!? Are you a virus?

???: Do you really want to know? I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.
     It's a secret.

Leila: ......

???: Young children's Harmonic power is especially sweet and addicting.

Leila: Who do you think you are?

???: Why, I'm the future queen. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm collecting
     Harmonic power to reawaken Mir.

Misha: She's Claire, the leader of Team Mir. And, those are the viruses!

Claire: You...Misha!? What are you doing?

Leila: The leader of Team Mir? So, you're...!

Misha: Are you ready?

Leila: ...Yes.

Lyner: ......

Misha: Let's do our best!

Teacher: Oh, I get it. You're the Singing Angel... This is interesting.
         I've been wanting to fight you for some time now.

Claire: Leard, take them out quickly.

Teacher: ...Fine.

Leila: Lyner! Please lend me your power...

Lyner: Okay.

* Leila transforms. *

Leila: Defend the feeble and defeat the evil. My happy Song heralds the
       villain's demise when Singing Angel Shurelia arrives!

Leila: In the name of right, you will feel our might!

Lyner: (I'm not going to say anything ridiculous like that...it's like
       insulting yourself...)

Teacher: Ha ha! I'll suck all of your Harmonic power dry! Every last drop!

* Lyner and Shurelia fight and defeat the teacher. *

Lyner: Did we do it?

Leila: The Harmonic power is being released back into everyone...

Claire: Nooo! All the Harmonics power...it's gone!

Leila: We'll get you this time! Is everyone ready?

Claire: Sorry, but you can't beat me that easily.

Claire: We'll meet again! And next time, your sweet Harmonic power will
        be mine!

* Claire disappears in bright light. *

Claire: Haa ha ha ha!

Leila: No!

Leila: ......

Misha: She got away...

Lyner: Who was that?

Misha: She is the infamous, evil queen Claire, the leader of Team Mir.

Lyner: The leader of Team Mir...

Lyner: So, how do you know so much? Who are you really?

Misha: I told you, I'm Leila's friend...

Leila: This could be my fault...

Misha: What?

Leila: I think the school was attacked because I was here.

Leila: It's my fault that both the school and the cafe were attacked...

Misha: It has to be a coincidence.

Lyner: Yeah, it's the opposite. Everyone was saved because of you.

Leila: But, everywhere I go, Team Mir shows up and attacks...

Leila: This all has to stop, now!

* Leila runs away. *

Lyner: Togasaki!

Misha: It's just too much for her right now...fighting Mir, saving the world...
       Did you know she's only 15?

Lyner: ......

Misha: ......

Misha: ...Shouldn't you go chase her?

Lyner: Huh?

Misha: You know, chase after her, talk to her, the whole routine.
       You are her partner, right?

Lyner: Well, yeah...I guess.

* Lyner chases after Leila. *

Misha: ......

Misha: If she discovers the relationship between Mir and herself, she may not
       be able to recover from it...

Misha: Lyner, you're the only person who can help Leila. Don't let me
       down now...

Aurica: What was I doing?

Misha: Oh, you're conscious. That's good...

Aurica: Who are you? Is Lyner okay?

Misha: ......


* At the Park Overlooking the Sea... *

Lyner: She isn't here, either...

Lyner: Oh, wait, there she is! Togasaki!

Leila: Harasett...what are you doing here?

Lyner: I've been looking for you. You left pretty abruptly...

Leila: I'm sorry. I just got a little scared...

Leila: About myself...everything around me...Team Mir...

Lyner: ......

Leila: There's a lot of stuff I don't know about myself. There are some large
       gaps in my memory. I don't even know how I became the Singing Angel...

Leila: I don't even know why I'm fighting.

Lyner: Just calm down. You may not have the answers now, but there's plenty of
       time to find them.

Lyner: Not to mention, I can help you with that...

Leila: ......

Lyner: Well, that is, of course, if you let me...

Leila: You're too nice...

Lyner: What?

Leila: Why are you so nice to me? I put your life in danger several times now.

Lyner: Well, I don't really know. But, I couldn't just leave you alone...

Leila: ......

Lyner: I can't explain it in a way that makes any sense. I'm just not that
       smart and junk. I guess, I just like to see you smile.

Leila: ......

Leila: That's not a very good reason.

Lyner: Well, that was my best shot.

Leila: I can never marry anyone because I don't even know who I really am.

Leila: You shouldn't hang out with me too much. Your friend might get jealous.

Lyner: ......

Leila: I'm sorry for everything that happened today. I feel so much better
       after talking to you.

Leila: But, I should get going...

Lyner: Let me walk with you. You never know what might happen...

Leila: No, that's okay...

Lyner: C'mon, I need to go that way anyway.

* At the downtown street... *

Lyner: Your house is over that way, right? Well, see you...

Leila: Hey, how far away is your house?

Lyner: Huh? Oh, it's not that far. It's about a five minute walk...

Leila: I see...

Lyner: ...?

Leila: Well...

Leila: ......

Leila: Can I stop by for a while?

Lyner: Really!? Well, I...

Leila: That's okay. That girl you grew up with might be there... I'm sorry...

Lyner: Huh? No, she won't be there. It's just that...

Lyner: It's really messy! You'll faint...or run away...or just hate me...

Leila: ......

Leila: You're so funny! It's supposed to be messy. You're a boy.

Lyner: No, I mean, it's worse than anything you'd ever expect. And, it's also
       really small.

Leila: It's big enough for one extra person, right?

Lyner: ...Well, yeah, I guess...

* At Lyner's house... *

Leila: This is your room...? It's a lot dirtier than I expected.

Lyner: See, I told you! That's why I didn't want you to come over...

Leila: No, it's okay. This is how a boy's room is supposed to look.
       And, it's not like you have a girlfriend to help you clean it.

Lyner: Did you have to bring that up?

Leila: Can I cook for you?

Lyner: No, no, it's okay. You must be tired by now...

Leila: I'm fine, don't worry. I just really feel like cooking.
       Especially since I haven't cooked anything in a while.


Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......

Lyner: There aren't any ingredients or spices to use, are there?

Leila: That's okay. I don't expect you to have any. I saw something worse

Lyner: Huh? What is it?

Leila: I don't even want to say it. Don't worry, I took care of it already.

Lyner: ...This is going to bother me until I know what it was...

Leila: It's going to be summer soon. You need to watch out for bio hazards...

Lyner: What? Is it all the bugs? I thought it was just because it's
       summer time...

Lyner: Ah, forget it.


Leila: Thank you for waiting.

Lyner: Whoa! That's one fancy meal. I've never eaten anything like this before!

Leila: Really? I just made it from whatever I could find. It's just stir fry
       and a casserole. What do you usually eat?

Lyner: Uh, whatever they have at the convenience store.

Leila: You know, it's not very healthy to eat out all the time.

Lyner: But, it's convenient.

Leila: *sigh*

Leila: It's really bad for your health to do that. Do you want me to cook for
       you every now and then?

Lyner: Are you serious?

Leila: What? You don't want me to?

Lyner: No, no, no! I just don't want you to have to go through all this trouble
       just for me.

Leila: Oh? Well, that's no problem...

Leila: It's getting hot in the evenings now, too. Summer is coming.
       Sometimes, I just feel blue...

Lyner: ...What about swimming?

Leila: I can't swim at all.

Lyner: Well, I can teach you how to swim. There's a new swimming pool at that
       park that's overlooking the sea. We can go there.

Leila: But...

Lyner: Don't worry. I'm a really good swimmer. Once you get the hang of it,
       swimming is really easy.

Leila: Alright. Please teach me.

Lyner: Great! Let's go on the day of the summer festival. Then we can see the
       fireworks at night!

Leila: Fireworks! Oh, I'd love to see them! I've never seen real fireworks

Leila: Do you promise? I'm going to be looking forward to it!

* Someone opens the door and comes in. *

Aurica: Lyner? Are you okay?

Leila: ...!

Lyner: Aurica!?

Aurica: Oh, you have company...

... continue

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: ...What happened?

Shurelia: I think that was the end of that episode.

Lyner: That was it?

Shurelia: Just try to ignore it. People thought differently in the past...

Lyner: Are you kidding me!?

Shurelia: Next time, we'll continue where we left off.

Shurelia: I linked the data for the Apostle of Mir.

Shurelia: You can now use Apostle of Mir as Red Magic.

    Level 3 [Solemn Promise]                                          SC-03

Finally, Lyner is able to get a date with Leila. But because of Aurica, there
is an uneasy feeling. And now a huge trial stands in their way. They can't
trust each other. Will their feelings ever come together!?

* At the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: We're up to the third episode. Would you like to continue where we
          stopped the last time?

Lyner: Yes.

Shurelia: Alright. Let's continue.

* At the Cosmosphere virtual world... *

    My name's Lyner Harasett. I'm 16 years old, and I'm a sophomore.

    Due to a bizarre incident, I ended up being friends with a girl named Leila
    Togasaki. Ever since then, my life started to get exciting.

    We stopped an attack by Team Mir, and we've been in a good mood ever since.

    But, things have been getting worse around here. I wonder where I'll
    end up...

* At Lyner's house... *

Lyner: Aurica!?

Aurica: Oh, you have company...

Aurica: Since you saved me, I was going to cook you something nice.
        But, I guess I was a little late.

Aurica: I made your favorite again, meatloaf! Too bad you already ate.

Lyner: Wait a minute! What do you mean, "Again!?" When did you ever cook
       for me?

Aurica: Excuse me! I cook for you all the time! Like, last year...

Leila: ......

Aurica: Since I wake you up every morning, do you want me to make you
        breakfast, too!?

Lyner: Aurica!!!! (If only I could scream at her out loud!)

Leila: ......

Leila: I, I'm sorry...this is all my fault...

Lyner: W, wait!

Leila: You don't have to worry about me. Of course you'd prefer a normal girl.
       I'm just a strange girl who doesn't even know her own past.

Lyner: But...

Leila: You have such a cute girl right here. Why don't you date her?
       You should be more confident.

Lyner: No...it's just...

Leila: It's getting late. I should go.

* Leila leaves. *

Lyner: Then, I'll walk you home...

Leila: No, I'll be fine! You better stay with her.

Aurica: ......

Lyner: Aurica...can't you read between the lines? Besides, you're acting so
       weird today. What's wrong?

Aurica: I'm doing it on purpose...

Lyner: What!?

Aurica: Do you like her...?

Lyner: ...What!?

Aurica: It's been bothering me since this morning. You like that girl,
        don't you?

Lyner: It's none of your business!

Aurica: But, it is my business! Because...because...

Aurica: Lyner...I like you...

Lyner: Aurica? Why didn't you tell me before?

Aurica: You really didn't notice!? I never told you, but I thought my actions
        made it perfectly clear.

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Lyner...am I not good enough for you...?

Aurica: I've been watching you. I was always there for you, but your feelings
        were always somewhere else.

Aurica: I'm not pretty enough...

Lyner: ...Aurica...

* Two options are presented... *

< Option 2: Go out with Aurica >

Lyner: Aurica, I didn't know how you felt about me. I'm not good at figuring
       that stuff out.

Lyner: It's strange...we've been friends for over ten years, but I still want
       to be with you...

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: Thank you for telling me how you feel.

Lyner: I like you too, Aurica. I want to be with you forever.

Aurica: ...Are you sure!?

Lyner: Well, there are some things I don't like about you. You take way too
       long to shop, and you're terrible at naming things...

Aurica: ......

Lyner: But, I like those faults. We'll be together forever...

Aurica: I...I...am so happy...!

Aurica: I've been hiding my feelings for the past five years, but I finally
        told you how I felt. I've never been happier in my life!

Lyner: ......

Aurica: Let's keep crafting together...


* At the church... Aurica is in a white wedding dress. *

Aurica: I want to live a long and happy life with you.

Aurica: I want to raise a happy family with you...

    This is our happy ending.

    I worried about Togasaki for a while, but she eventually faded out of my

    As for us...

* In Lyner's house, Aurica appears in her Towel outfit. *

Aurica: I'm done with my bath. Now, it's your turn.

Lyner: Oh, thanks.

Aurica: So, did you think of a name? Let me hear it.

Lyner: I haven't really thought about it much yet...

Aurica: What about "Don Leon" if it's a boy? I think it's pretty cool.

Lyner: Uh, uh, no way!

    Lyner's suffering continued...

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: Huh...?

Shurelia: Well, I guess that's the end.

Lyner: That's it!?

Shurelia: Yes. But, I didn't like that ending.

Lyner: ...Huh?

Shurelia: Well, if you didn't like it, we can go back and play it again from
          the middle.

Lyner: ...Okay...

Shurelia: But, only if you want to! I don't want to pressure you or anything.
          But, I strongly recommend it.

Lyner: W, well...

* Back to the real world... *

< End Option 2 >

< Option 1: Aurica is just a friend >

Lyner: I'm sorry. It's just...we've been friends too long. It's not that you
       aren't cute...

Lyner: I just don't know what to think...

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: I'm sorry...

Aurica: It's okay... I feel better now that I told you how I feel.
        Thank you for being honest.

Aurica: I've had a crush on you for a long time, but this is what's best
        for us.

Lyner: What?

Aurica: This way, we can be friends forever, right? If we ever dated, we might
        break up and never talk to each other again. But, friends are forever.

Aurica: I want to be close to you forever. So staying friends is probably best.

Lyner: ...Aurica...

Aurica: I'd better go home, too. Sorry for ruining your night. I hope you're
        not too mad.

Lyner: ...You...

Aurica: Actually, I think I helped you. She needs to know you have options.

Aurica: Besides, I can tell that she still likes you.

Lyner: Really!?

Aurica: It won't be easy, but everything'll work out fine.

Aurica: I'll see you tomorrow at school.

* Aurica opens the door and leaves. *

Lyner: That's easy for you to say...

Lyner: I didn't know how Aurica felt about me...but to me, she's just a

    It's been a few days since that dinner. Aurica hasn't come to wake me up
    since then.

    Now, I'm often late for school. Nothing else has really changed.

    I see Aurica at school and I still go shopping with her, but I think I made
    the right decision.

    I haven't spoken to Togasaki since then, either. I just don't know what to
    do with her..

    The day of the summer festival has finally arrived.

* At Lyner's house... *

Lyner: Ah...I guess today's the day of the summer festival...

Lyner: I wonder if she's gonna come. Should I call her?
       Do I have the courage...?

Lyner: Maybe I should go to Main St. and see if she's working...
       If she's not there, oh well...


* At the South Market Street... *

Lyner: I still have 15 minutes. I think I'll go to a bookstore to kill time...

Leila: ......

Lyner: Togasaki!?

Leila: ...Hello.

Lyner: You're early.

Leila: I don't like being late.

Lyner: I see...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: (I don't know what to say to her...I have to say something...)

Leila: So, where are we going? You'll have to lead the way.

Lyner: Alright, let's go. The pool's new and clean.

Leila: ...I see.


* On the way to the Public Pool... *

Leila: Forest?

Lyner: There's a shortcut through the forest to get to the park.

Leila: Okay...

Lyner: Well...

Leila: What is it?

Lyner: Are you still upset about what happened the other day?

Leila: Huh? The other day?

Lyner: You know, when my friend Aurica showed up...

Leila: ...No, I'm not upset. It's not like we're dating or anything.
       There's nothing to get upset about.

Lyner: I guess you're right.

Leila: ......

Lyner: I can't wait to get to the pool! Hahaha!

Leila: I'm not so thrilled.

Lyner: Well, you'll love it once you learn how to swim.

Leila: If I'll be able to swim.

Lyner: Of course you'll be able to. I'll teach you!

Leila: ...Okay.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: *sigh*

* At the Public Pool... *

Lyner: Alright! We're here!

Leila: I'm going to change.


* Leila comes back in a black swimming suit. *

Leila: Thank you for waiting.

Lyner: No problem.

Leila: ...What's wrong?

Lyner: Nothing...you look cute...

Leila: Huh?

Leila: I don't think I look that good. Please don't stare...

Lyner: Oh, sure. I'm sorry. So, read to try it out?

Leila: ...Okay.

Lyner: Alright, let's start with what you already know.

Leila: I'm...embarrassed.

Lyner: But, I need to know what you can already do so I know where to start.

Leila: I know that, but...well, okay...

* Leila tries to swim. *

Leila: *cough* *cough* *cough*

Lyner: Are you okay?

Leila: Yes. I told you that I can't swim at all. I'm so embarrassed...

Lyner: You're scared of putting your head under water. But, when you lift your
       head, your legs sink, which causes your whole body to sink.

Lyner: I know you're scared, but you have to keep your chin tucked. Try to look
       at the bottom of the pool. Then, you'll just float.

Leila: ...Really?

Lyner: What? Don't you trust me? Here, I'll show you.

Leila: Wow, you can swim fast...

Lyner: Did you see how I kept my head down? Your kicks and strokes aren't bad.
       You just have to keep your head down.

Leila: ...Okay, I'll try it.

Leila: ...I'm floating!

Lyner: Good job! See, you really can swim!


Leila: I can't believe it! I can swim! You're a really great teacher.

Lyner: No, I just gave you a tip. You really have a talent for this.

Leila: You think so? I think I like swimming now.

Lyner: That's great! Now you have one more thing to enjoy in life.

Leila: ...Huh?

Lyner: Don't you remember? You told me that it's important to have things in
       life that you can enjoy.

Leila: I guess I did. I know it wasn't that long ago, but it feels like

Lyner: We've had stuff go down, but a lot of things have changed since then...

Leila: ...I guess so. Like, how I feel about you...

Lyner: Huh?

Leila: Oh, nothing. I'm just a little tired.

Lyner: Well, let's take a rest. Do you want some ice cream?

Leila: Oh, yes!

Lyner: Okay, I'll go get us some. Wait right here, okay?


Lyra: Welcome to Lyra's Ice Cream Shop!

Lyner: Two popsicles, please.

Lyra: That's 400 leaf for two!

Lyner: Whoa...expensive...

Lyra: Actually, it's pretty cheap. After all, this is touristy area...

Lyner: Fine, here you go...

Lyra: Thank you!

Lyner: I better hurry back before they melt...

Lyra: Excuse me...

Lyner: What? Didn't I pay you enough?

Lyra: Yes. But this isn't about our transaction. I thought you should know

Lyner: What is it?

Lyra: It's about that girl you're with. Another customer told me that she
      always comes down here with different guys.

Lyner: ...That can't be right. They must've mistaken her for someone else.

Lyra: I don't think so...I heard she can't live without holding onto a
      guys hand.

Lyra: But, she gets bored with guys pretty fast, and she breaks up with them.

Lyner: What? Holding hands?

Lyra: The guy that told me is one of her ex-boyfriends. He's worried about her.
      You might want to leave her before she breaks your heart.

Lyra: Well, that's all I had to say.

Lyner: ......


Lyner: I'm back.

Leila: Thank you. I love eating popsicles on hot summer days.

Lyner: (She switches guys all the time? Well, she's cute enough for that to
       be true...)

Leila: Why do ice cream shops always have to ring bells to get people's

Lyner: (Her ex-boyfriend could just be jealous...)

Leila: Harasett...?

Lyner: (Wait a minute...she's been the Singing Angel for a while now.
       She probably had to hold hands with a bunch of different guys...)

Leila: What's wrong? You look so serious...

Lyner: Oh, nothing's wrong...

Leila: Your popsicle's melting.

* A sudden explosion occurs. *

Leila: Ahh!

Lyner: What?

Young Man: It's a lion! But, not just an ordinary lion... It's a robot lion!

* Another explosion occurs. *

Young Woman: Agh! It's blowing fire!

Leila: Could it be...?

Lyner: Yes, that has to be a virus!

Leila: Let's go!


ELMA-DS 2: Grrr...

Leila: I need your help, Harasett!

Lyner: ...!

* Lyner remembers what Lyra told him... *

Lyner: ......

Leila: What's wrong? Hold my hand!

Lyner: ......

ELMA-DS 2: Grrr...

* ELMA-DS 2 attacks. *

Leila: No!

Lyner: Togasaki!

* Both ELMA-DS 2 and Leila disappear. *

Lyner: Is it gone? Where's Togasaki?

Claire: Long time no see. I'm so jealous. You guys get to have so much fun
        while I slave away at new schemes. I'm even working today.

Lyra: We're working, too.

Lyner: ...You, from the ice cream shop!

Lyra: Haha, yes! I never thought it would be so easy to fool you!

Lyner: So, everything you told me earlier?

Lyra: It was just a lie! I made it all up!

Lyner: Damn! How stupid can I be?

Claire: You're so innocent, I like you even more, now.

Claire: Too bad we can never be together...

Lyner: What did you do to Togasaki!?

Claire: I don't know. You'll have to ask ELMA.

???: I'm tired of hearing you talk. I'll just seal your lips closed.

Lyner: Huh!? Misha!?

Misha: You took her back to headquarters so you could restore her original
       personality, right?

Lyner: What are you talking about?

Claire: Don't say any more or I'll kill you myself...

Misha: Is that so? Wanna try me?

Claire: You ran away during our last fight. So, you have no right to talk to
        me like that!

Misha: I didn't run away. I was hiding so I could destroy you.

Claire: It's too late now. Shurelia's personality is already back to normal...

Claire: She's a lethal weapon again...

Misha: ...!

* Claire disappears in bright light. *

Misha: She got away again...

Lyner: Misha, what's going on? I have no clue what just happened...

Misha: It's your fault! Why didn't you power up her Harmonics earlier?
       You just had to hold her hand!

Lyner: ......

Misha: ...Damn.

Misha: I have to go to Team Mir's headquarters to get Leila back...

Lyner: I'm going with you!

Misha: You doubted her, but now you want to come? You want to save a girl you
       can't even trust?

Lyner: I'm sorry! I was stupid. But, it won't do any good to apologize
       to you...

Lyner: That's why I have to help you save her...

Misha: ......

Lyner: Please...!

Misha: Alright. Their headquarters is right below the Park Overlooking the Sea.
       There's an entrance through the forest.

Lyner: Alright, let's go!


* On the way to the Park Overlooking the Sea... *

Lyner: Hey, Misha! I want to ask you something before we go.

Misha: ...What is it?

Lyner: What did Claire mean by "original personality?" Is she really a
       different person?

Misha: Why do you want to know?

Lyner: Well...

Misha: What will you do if what I tell you is worse than anything you ever

Misha: Will you dump her and run away?

Lyner: No, I won't!

Misha: Really? Because, it'll definitely shock you.

Lyner: ...It's alright. No story can change my feelings for her anymore.

Misha: I'm glad to hear that.

Lyner: ......

Misha: Leila Togasaki is a virus.

Lyner: A virus!? No way...

Misha: Yes way. Just like the A.B.R., teacher, and that ELMA beast.
       Leila was supposed to be Team Mir's ultimate weapon.

Lyner: No, she can't be a virus...

Misha: I rescued her, erased her memory, and rewrote her programming.
       I gave her a new mission.

Misha: Leila Togasaki's true identity is a virus named Shurelia.

Lyner: You rescued her...? Wait, who are you?

Misha: ...I used to be a high ranking member of Team Mir. I was a virus
       programmer, working directly under Claire. My full name is Misha
       Arsellec Lune.

Lyner: You used to work for Team Mir!?

Misha: Do you want to attack me? Go ahead, I won't resist. You can do whatever
       you want.

Misha: But if you do that, you'll have to save Leila all by yourself.

Lyner: ......

Misha: If you hate me, then you judge people by their title, and not by their

Lyner: ......

Misha: Was I too hard on you?

Misha: But, you have to be mature enough to deal with the truth.
       Otherwise, you might change your mind after rescuing Leila.

Misha: ...If you do that...you'll keep making the same mistake.

Lyner: ...Thanks for the concern, Misha. I'll be fine.

Lyner: Thank you for being honest. I trust you, Misha.

Misha: We better hurry. We're running out of time...


* At Team Mir's headquarters... *

Lyner: What's going on?

Misha: This is where they store all of the viruses' programs. It's the greatest
       system I've ever created, but it's also the worst...

Lyner: You made this machine?

Misha: ...Yes. Most of the viruses we developed are stored here.

Lyner: ...So, Togasaki...

Misha: Yes. This is where she was born.

Lyner: ......

Leila: ......

Misha: Leila!

Lyner: Togasaki...

Claire: What took you so long? I've already restored Shurelia.

Misha: ...We're too late!?

Claire: Hahaha! I won! It's Game Over.

Misha: ......

Claire: I know, I'll have Shurelia take care of you traitors.

Lyner: What!?

Misha: ...Ahh!

Leila: ...I will attack.

* Lyner and Misha enters battle. *

Misha: Lyner! Leila hasn't been completely brainwashed yet!

Lyner: Are you sure!?

Misha: Yes. She's been temporarily brainwashed by those three balls in front
       of her.

Lyner: Then if we destroy the three balls...?

Misha: Yes...we can break her curse.

* Lyner and Misha destroy the three balls. *

Leila: ...Lyner...? Misha!?

Lyner: Togasaki! I'm glad that you're back to normal!

Misha: It's too early to celebrate.

Claire: How dare you? I guess I was going too easy on you...

Claire: Argh...that's it! I'll burn down the entire town, and you with it!

Claire: Let's go ELMA!

ELMA-DS 2: Grrrr!!

* Claire and ELMA escape. *

Misha: No! It's going to destroy the city!

Leila: Let's hurry!

Misha: Wait! I can destroy their system now!

Misha: Ha!!!

* The virus system is destroyed. *

Misha: This should be the end of Team Mir.

Leila: ...Yes.

Leila: Harasett...

Lyner: ...Togasaki...I'm sorry about earlier. I was stupid and didn't
       trust you...

Misha: We don't have time to talk now!

Leila: You're right, let's go.

Lyner: Alright!


* At the South Market Street... *

ELMA-DS 2: Grrrr!!

* ELMA is attacking the town. *

Misha: We have to hurry!

Claire: ...Here you are. I'll burn you into ashes.

Claire: Go! ELMA!

ELMA-DS 2: Grrrr!!

Leila: Harasett! Please lend me your power...

Lyner: I'll give you everything I have!

* Leila transforms. *

Leila: To kill the scent of your devilish flower, I'll clear your yard like
       chemical power!

Leila: Like weed spray will take all of your evil plants down, Team Mir will be
       defeated when Singing Angel Shurelia hits town!

Lyner: (I'd be too embarrassed to say that...)

* Lyner and Shurelia fight and defeat ELMA. *

Claire: ...How dare you try to stop me!

Claire: I'll release every virus into the town!

Claire: Ha!

Claire: ......

Claire: What!? Why didn't anything come out?

Misha: ...Give it up. I destroyed your entire storage of viruses.

Claire: Wh, wh, wh, what did you say!?

Claire: My...my viruses!

Claire: Noooo!!!

* Claire disappears in bright light. *

Misha: ......

Leila: ......

Lyner: Togasaki...I'm sorry that I didn't trust you...

Leila: ...Harasett...

Lyner: That's why I couldn't hold your hand when ELMA first appeared...

Leila: No...I'm the one who should apologize...

Lyner: Why?

Leila: I doubted you up until now. I used to think that I meant nothing
       to you...

Leila: I thought that you were in love with Aurica, and that I had no place in
       your heart...

Leila: I thought you asked me to go swimming because you felt sorry for me.
       That's why I wasn't that excited about it.

Lyner: No! I was really looking forward to that. But, I was worried that you
       were still upset about Aurica.

Leila: I'm glad to hear that. I'm so relieved...

Lyner: ......

Misha: I don't mean to interrupt your moment, but you guys are still wearing
       bathing suits.

Leila: ...Huh!?

Lyner: Oh! Heh...I forgot about that.

Leila: No! I'm so embarrassed...

* At Lyner's house... *

Leila: I was so embarrassed earlier. People were staring at us...

Lyner: They probably couldn't help it.

Leila: You idiot! Why didn't you tell me sooner!?

Lyner: Now it's my fault!?

Leila: Hmph!

Lyner: Okay, okay...I'm sorry.

Leila: You better be!

Lyner: It's just, nobody can resist you.

Leila: ......

Leila: I have a favor to ask you...

Leila: I want you to call me by my first name.

Lyner: ...What?

Lyner: Are you serious?

Leila: Yes, so call me.

Lyner: ......

Leila: Now!

Lyner: Le, Leila...

Leila: Hahaha! You sound so funny! Are you really nervous?

Lyner: Shut up! Leave me alone...

Leila: I'm sorry.

Leila: Can I call you Lyner?

Lyner: Y, yes. I'll allow it.

Leila: ...You sound like an old man or something.

Lyner: Hahaha!!

Leila: ...Hahaha!

* Fireworks can be heard from outside. *

Leila: Oh no! The Fireworks have already started!

Lyner: You're right! We better hurry!

Leila: I'll go home to change. I'll see you at the Park Overlooking the Sea.


* At the Park Overlooking the Sea... *

Lyner: Whoa... There's a lot of small shops... Who knew fireworks were such a
       big deal...

Leila: Lyner, thank you for waiting!

Lyner: Oh, you're wearing a Yukata. That's perfect for the fireworks!

Leila: Really? I'm glad you think so.

Lyner: I haven't been to a summer festival since I was little...

Leila: Really? This is the first time I've ever been to a festival like this.

Lyner: Let's go see the fireworks. We should get there before it gets too


Leila: Oh! It's so loud! It rattles you inside.

Lyner: Isn't it great? The next one's even better. It's a mushroom firework.

Leila: Mushroom?

Lyner: Yeah, it'll make a mushroom shape in the sky.

Leila: Ohh! Mushroom mushroom!

Lyner: The next one is Saturn.

Leila: Really? How do they make it do that?

Lyner: I guess it takes a skilled craftsman.

Leila: Wow...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: So, this is the first time you ever saw fireworks?

Leila: ...Yes. I'm glad I got to watch the fireworks with you.
       I'll remember this moment forever.

Lyner: ......

Leila: Lyner, there's one thing I need to tell you.

Lyner: ...?

Leila: I...

Leila: I'm...not human.

Lyner: ......

Leila: I'm a programmed life form. I'm a virus...

Leila: I'm a virus, just like the ones we hate and destroy.

Lyner: ......

Leila: I'm sorry to tell you this. I know it's a shock.

Leila: But, I couldn't tell you before. I thought you'd leave me if I
       told you...

Leila: I wanted to be with you forever, Lyner. But, I realized how selfish
       I was being.

Leila: You want to date a normal girl and do normal things. You want to laugh
       and cry with her. And, sometimes even argue with her.

Lyner: Leila...

Leila: No! I don't want to hear it.

Leila: If you don't think you can stand to be with me anymore...

Leila: Just tell me when we say goodbye tonight. Then, I won't ever bother
       you again.

Leila: Please, spend at least one more day with me. I want to be completely
       happy, if only for a day...

Lyner: Yes...of course.

Leila: ...Thank you.

Leila: Let's go to those small shops over there!

Lyner: Small shops?

Leila: Yes. I've never seen them before.

Lyner: Alright. Let's check them out.

Leila: Really!?


Leila: Wow, look at all the different kinds of shops in here.
       There's a bunch of things I've never seen before.

Leila: Look! It's a cloud!

Lyner: It's called cotton candy. It's very sweet and delicious.

Leila: Oh! I wanna try it! Can I? Can I?


Leila: It looks good! Ooh, it's sweet!

Lyner: I haven't had any since I was little...but, I still think it tastes
       good. I like the way it melts in your mouth.

Leila: Hey, Lyner! It's dipping for goldfish!

Night Market Man (Bourd): Hello! Do you wanna try it?

Leila: Oh, Lyner! Can I try it?

Lyner: Sure. You've never gone dipping for goldfish, either?

Leila: Never...

Lyner: Oh yeah, you've never been to a festival before.
       Why don't you give it a try?

Leila: Okay!

Leila: It looks so easy. I just need to catch a goldfish, right? Hahaha!

Leila: ...Huh? It made a hole... Hey, this one's broken!

Night Market Man: No, no! That's how it's supposed to be.

Leila: What!? This game's rigged!?

Lyner: No, no. This game is about how many goldfish you can catch with this
       super thin paper...

Leila: Oh...why didn't you tell me before? That changes everything!

Leila: Let me try it again.

Lyner: ......


Leila: There!

Night Market Man: Sorry. It broke again.

Leila: Okay, one more try!

Lyner: Leila, you tried it 28 times already and you haven't caught any
       fish yet...

Leila: I know, I know. Shut up, Lyner!

Leila: Ha...

Leila: Brrr! It's cold and I'm soaking wet...

Lyner: Are you okay?

Night Market Man: I feel sorry for you, so have one on me.

Leila: Hm?

Lyner: I've never seen anyone as bad as you before. Your hand-eye coordination
       is awful.

Leila: You don't have to tell me that. I know that my reflexes are slow.


Leila: It was fun! But, I wish I did better.

Lyner: You can practice. We do have time for that right now, right?

Leila: ...Yes. I've only lived in this world for a year.
       I still have a lot to learn...

Lyner: ......

Leila: I had fun! A lot happened, and I'll never forget this day!

Leila: It's getting late. We should go back home.

Lyner: Yeah, you're right.


Leila: We have to say goodbye when we're out of the forest.
       So, will you tell me now?

Leila: Tell me your answer.

Lyner: I...

Leila: ......

Lyner: I knew it all along. I knew it, and I stayed with you.

Leila: What!? How!?

Lyner: Misha told me when you were captured. Misha told me everything.

Lyner: My feelings haven't changed at all. I want to be with you forever.

Leila: You have to think hard about it! It's not that simple!

Lyner: I did think hard about it.

Leila: It's not just one day. Forever is a long time. Are you sure you can
       handle it?

Lyner: Why do you say that?

Leila: I don't know anything about this world.

Leila: I'm programmed with basic common sense, but I didn't know anything
       about festivals.

Leila: ...So, you might not have fun with me...

Lyner: I don't think that's right. It doesn't bother me that you don't know a
       lot of things. I'm always having fun with you.

Lyner: Actually, I can have more fun with you, since everything is new to you.

Leila: ...Huh?

Lyner: You'll get to experience more things. It'll be really exciting for you.

Lyner: You'll discover new things and will always feel excited. I envy you a
       little. In some ways, you're the luckiest girl in the world.

Leila: ...Lyner.

Lyner: And, I'm lucky too.

Leila: You're lying! I don't know anything. I can't do anything for you...

Lyner: That's not true.

Lyner: Leila, you're new to this world. Everything about it makes you happier
       than I could ever get.

Lyner: My joy comes from seeing you laugh, holding hands with you, and the joy
       you get when you discover new things.

Lyner: I'm a lucky guy because I get to watch you enjoying your life to
       the fullest.

Leila: ......

Lyner: I want to show you what I like, my favorite places, and stuff
       like that...

Lyner: I want to plan my life with you by my side. I want to see you being
       happy everyday.

Lyner: And, I want to make you happy.

Leila: ......

Leila: You're an idiot. You're the biggest idiot ever.

Leila: Yes, you might feel this way now, but you can't go back on your word
       later, even if you change your mind!

Leila: If you choose to stay with me, I can never leave you.

Lyner: I'm planning to stay with you for the rest of my life.

Leila: Lyner, are you...

Leila: Are you sure about this? Am I good enough for you? I'm not even a human.

Lyner: I know that.

Leila: I don't even know how long I can live.

Lyner: I don't care.

Leila: I may even turn back into an evil virus...

Lyner: If that happens, I'll go back and save you again and again...

Leila: I...

Lyner: As long as you need me, I'll always be there for you.

Lyner: So, let's be happy together...

Leila: Lyner...

Leila: Thank you. It's time to go live our happy lives...

... continue

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: ...What happened?

Shurelia: I think that was the end of that episode.

Lyner: That was the only one that felt like a full episode so far.

Shurelia: The next episode will be the end of the series.

Lyner: The end...?

Shurelia: Next time, we'll continue where we left off.

Shurelia: I linked the data for ELMA-DS.

Shurelia: You can now use ELMA-DS as Red Magic.

    Level 4 [The Two's Feelings]                                      SC-04

Leila and Lyner find out their lives are soon to end. Lyner desperately tries
to find a way to make Leila live longer. But his hopes are soon crushed.
Lyner listens to Leila's one last wish. Her wish is...

* At the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: This is the final episode. Do you want to play the rest?

Lyner: Yes.

Shurelia: Alright. Let's continue.

* At the Cosmosphere virtual world... *

    My name is Lyner Harasett.

    I met a girl name Leila Togasaki, and my life has turned completely around.

    We defeated an evil organization called Team Mir. And the relationship
    between us is going great. Nothing can slow us down.

    It's been a week since the incident. Today's gonna be a day I'll never

* At Lyner's house... *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......

???: Lyner, wake up...

Lyner: ......

???: Lyner... Wake up!

Lyner: ...Huh?

Leila: Good morning, sleepy head. You're finally awake.

Lyner: Sorry...I need to sleep...a little longer...

Leila: Wake up! You'll be late for school!

Lyner: Huh...?

Lyner: Oh no! I'll be late!

Leila: How can you oversleep everyday?

Lyner: I'm not doing it on purpose!


Lyner: Okay, I'm ready! Let's go, Leila!

Leila: Alright.


* At the school campus... *

Leila: We barely made it. That's twice I've saved you.

Lyner: *huff* *huff* I don't mind the running, but catching you when you fall
       isn't so easy...

Leila: I'm sorry, but we're almost there. We ran the whole way.
       I don't want to be late now...

Leila: All our effort will be...wasted...

* Leila passes out and collapses. *

Lyner: Leila...!? Leila! Hey, are you okay!?


* In a resting room... *

Leila: ......

Misha: Leila!?

Misha: Is she okay? What happened to her?

Lyner: We were running because we were late for school.
       As soon as we arrived, Leila...

Misha: I see...I hope it's nothing serious. Maybe she just got dizzy...

Lyner: Does she even get dizzy? She's a program, right?

Misha: It's just a simulation. If that's the case, it's nothing serious.

Leila: ...Uhh...

Lyner: Leila!? Are you okay? Wake up!

Leila: ...Lyner? ...Did I pass out?

Lyner: You collapsed. How do you feel? Do you feel alright?

Leila: Yes, I'm fine...

Misha: You should take it easy for the rest of the day.

Leila: You're right. I better take a break.

Lyner: ......

Misha: Lyner, you'd better get to class. You can't afford to skip anymore
       of them.

Lyner: Yeah, yeah. ...See you, Leila. I'll be back soon.

Leila: ...Okay.


* In the school building... *

Misha: ......

Lyner: What's wrong? Why do you look so serious?

Misha: ...No reason...

Lyner: ...?

Misha: I need to check up on something. I'll be back.

Lyner: Then I...

Misha: You don't need to come! You better study!

Lyner: ...Why is she yelling at me?


Lyner: Finally, all of my classes are over. Now I can go see Leila.

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: Aurica, what's up?

Aurica: I heard that Leila collapsed. I just want to see how she's doing...

Lyner: You're worried about her?

Aurica: Of course. I'm worried about you, too.

Lyner: ...Me!?

Aurica: You looked upset all day long. It was like your mind wasn't even there.
        Did you pay attention to anything?

Lyner: ...No...

Aurica: Tell Leila that I hope she gets better soon. See you.

Lyner: Huh? Aren't you going to see her?

Aurica: I don't wanna be a third wheel. You better just stay with her, okay?

Lyner: Aurica...thank you for worrying about her.


* In the resting room... *

Lyner: Leila! Are you alright? Do you feel better now?

Leila: Yes, much better. I'm sorry I made you worry.

Lyner: That's great. I was so worried. I don't know what I'd do if anything
       happened to you.

Leila: Is that why you weren't paying attention in class?

Lyner: Don't joke about this! I was really worried about you...

Leila: Hehehe! I'm just kidding. I'll help you study later.

Lyner: I don't know whether I should be happy or not...

Leila: Well, I should get more rest. I'll see you later.

Lyner: Alright. Take it easy today, okay?

Leila: Okay.


* Back to the school building hallway... *

Lyner: I'm so glad Leila is alright.

Misha: Lyner!

Lyner: Misha! What's wrong? You don't look so good.

Misha: There's something important that I really need to tell you...

* At the school playground... *

Lyner: What is it?

Misha: Lyner...I'm sorry...I...I made a fatal mistake...

Lyner: What is it? You're scaring me. Is this about Leila?

Misha: ...Yes.

Lyner: What is it!?

Misha: ......

Lyner: Please tell me!

Misha: ...Alright...

Misha: Remember when we broke into Team Mir's headquarters and saved Leila...?

Lyner: Yeah. What does that have to do with anything?

Misha: And, when I destroyed their storage of viruses...?

Lyner: Yeah. And thanks to you, there haven't been any virus attacks
       since then.

Misha: ......

Lyner: ...What?

Misha: ......

Lyner: ...Is there a connection between that and Leila's collapse?

Misha: In the storage, a weekly process called "refreshing" is conducted on
       every virus.

Misha: The process defragments viruses. Viruses need it to survive...

Lyner: Wait a minute...

Misha: Otherwise, they'll eventually run out of power and disappear.

Lyner: ...Are you serious!? I thought you made that machine!
       Why didn't you know about that!?

Misha: It's not my fault! ...I can't believe that I didn't even know about
       something as important as that until now!

Misha: If I knew about it, I never would've destroyed it.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Misha...is there anything we can do!? You have to do something...
       You always know what to do.

Misha: I'm sorry...I can't help you this time. I don't know anything about the
       actual process...

Lyner: ...Leila!!


* In the resting room... *

Lyner: She's gone! Did she go home already?

Lyner: ...Or.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ...No!

* At the hallway... *

Lyner: Did she disappear? I can't believe it...

* In the classroom... *

Lyner: Leila disappeared...and I couldn't do anything to help her...

Lyner: Nothing...


* At the South Market Street... *

Lyner: This is where I met Leila for the first time...

* In the cafe... *

Leila: Welcome!

Lyner: Leila!?

* Leila disappears... It's just Lyner's imagination... *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Leila...are you really going away?


* At the Park Overlooking the Sea... *

Lyner: This is where we promised to stay together forever...

Leila: I don't even know how long I have to live.

* Leila disappears... It's only Lyner's imagination again... *

Lyner: ...!

Lyner: ......


* At the Public Pool... *

Lyner: See, you can swim well...

Leila: What are you doing? Let's go swimming!

* It's just yet another of Lyner's imaginations... *

Lyner: Leila!

Lyner: ......


* At Lyner's House... *

Lyner: No, I'm under a tremendous amount of pressure...

Lyner: Leila, are you really going away?

Lyner: Are you really going to disappear soon?

Lyner: Leila...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ...I know! I should go to the old Team Mir headquarters.
       I may be able to find some clues.


* At Team Mir's headquarters... *

Lyner: Damn...everything is gone. Can I find a way to keep her in this

Lyner: It was a huge organization. They should have other ways of bringing
       viruses back.


Lyner: ...No. I don't know what to do...

Lyner: ......


Lyner: ......

Leila: Lyner, you shouldn't sleep here. You'll catch a cold.

Lyner: Leila! What are you doing here...?

Leila: I don't know. I just felt like coming here. I thought it might make
       me feel better.

Leila: But, of course it didn't work.

Lyner: Leila...

* Lyner hugs with Leila. *

Leila: What's wrong?

Lyner: I'm sorry. I can't stand being away from you.

Leila: I know. Don't worry.

Leila: I don't know why...but, I don't want to say goodbye to you today.
       I don't want to leave you ever again...

Lyner: ......

Leila: We're connected.

Lyner: ......

Leila: ......

Leila: I just wish that time would stop.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Leila...did Misha tell you anything?

Leila: No, she didn't tell me anything. But, somehow, I could tell.
       It's my body.

Leila: I'm sorry... I didn't know it would all end this soon.

Lyner: ......

Leila: Lyner, will you hold my hand?

Lyner: Of course.

Leila: Your hand is warm.

Leila: It saved me many times, when we were fighting viruses.

Lyner: ......

Leila: I want to be with you forever... I don't want to leave you...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Leila... Can you tell me how long you can hang in there?

Leila: I don't know...but I can still walk and talk well enough.
       But, doing those things wears me out.

Lyner: I'll make one of those dreams come true. I'll do anything. Just tell me.

Lyner: Do you want to go somewhere? Do you want to eat something?

Leila: I...

Lyner: What is it? Just tell me!

Leila: I want to be your bride.

Lyner: What?

Leila: I want to be your bride. Even if it's only for one day...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Okay. I'll make your dream come true.

Leila: Really?

Lyner: Yes.


* At Lyner's house... *

Aurica: Lyner! Lyner! Wake up!

Lyner: ...Wait?

Aurica: Today's your special day. Don't tell me you forgot.

Lyner: Oh no! I better hurry up and get ready!

Aurica: Oh boy...

Lyner: Why are you wearing that?

Aurica: To trick you into thinking it's just another school day.
        Then, you'd wake up right away.

Aurica: I better go back and get ready myself. Don't be late.

Aurica: Go to the chapel!

* Aurica leaves. *

Lyner: Yes. Today is a special day for Leila and I. I better hurry to
       the chapel...


* At the Chapel... *

Misha (China Dress): Lyner.

Lyner: Misha! What are you wearing?

Misha: What do you think? Do you like it?

Lyner: Yes. You look very nice.

Misha: Thanks. Now remember to tell that to Leila.

???: Lyner!

Aurica (Holy Maiden Dress): I'm impressed! You're not late! Unbelievable!

Lyner: What's with your costume?

Aurica: Huh? I'm dressed formally.

Lyner: You look weird.

Aurica: What? But Misha isn't dressed any better.

Lyner: No, she looks nice...

Misha: I know it's just supposed to be the ceremony, but everything looks
       so real.

Lyner: Of course it does, because it is. I even begged the priest of this

Lyner: This is going to be the biggest day of my life...whether it's "real"
       or "just the ceremony."

Misha: ...I'm sorry. I just...

Lyner: It's okay. You didn't know, so it shouldn't be a big deal.


Falss: I'm so happy. Today is going to be a new beginning for the two of you.

Falss: Now, it's time for the bride to enter.

* Leila appears in a wedding dress. *

Lyner: ...Leila.

Leila: How do I look?

Lyner: You look beautiful.

Leila: ...Thank you.

Falss: Let's continue with the ceremony.

Falss: Lyner Harasett, do you promise to love, honor and cherish Leila Togasaki
       for as long as you both shall live?

Lyner: ...I do.

Falss: Leila Togasaki, do you promise to love, honor and cherish Lyner Harasett
       for as long as you both shall live?

Leila: I do.

Falss: Great. Now I want to tell you both something.

Falss: Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.

Falss: And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.

Lyner: ......

Falss: You never know what can trigger those feelings. You may suddenly feel
       the urge to abuse someone for no reason at all.

Leila: You're not a real priest!

Falss: Of course I am. I'm simply not a human. Just like you, Shurelia!

Leila: You're...a virus!?

Lyner: What's going on?

???: Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.

Claire: And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.

Claire: Hello, Leila and Lyner... Sorry for ruining your special day.

Lyner: Claire! How dare you show up here! I won't let you get away with this!

Claire: And I won't let you get away with destroying my headquarters, stealing
        Shurelia, and ruining my life.

Claire: I'll never forgive you... That's why I chose this day to get my
        revenge...the happiest day of your life.

Claire: Leila...You're going to die.

Leila: ...!

Lyner: Claire! You...

Claire: You'll die because of Lyner and Misha!

Leila: I already know that...

Claire: I see...but I won't let you go that easily. I want to defeat
        you myself.

Leila: I feel the same way... Lyner, give me some power.

Lyner: Leila! I can't let you waste your power!

Leila: I'll be fine. If I transform, I won't need to use my own power.
       I'll use your Harmonics instead.

Lyner: ...Are you sure?

Leila: Trust me...

Lyner: Alright...

* Leila transforms. *

Leila: As long as demons are in this world, we'll never enjoy true happiness.

Leila: When I destroy the devil, I'll fall apart gracefully!
       Singing Angel Shurelia is here!

Lyner: (She did it again...)

Claire: It's time, Falss...time to unleash the greatest virus of all!

Falss: Yes... Uhhhh!!!

* Lyner and Shurelia enter battle with a transformed Falss. *

Lyner: What is this guy!?

Leila: What an ugly virus... Lyner, are you ready?

Falss: Kill them all... Die...

* Lyner and Shurelia defeat Falss. *

Claire: The monster...too... Why!?

Leila: Because my desire to save the world is stronger than yours is to
       destroy it!

Claire: You are just a virus. You can't feel anything. You're a heartless

Leila: I was created by someone, but I truly want to save Lyner, and the

Leila: I don't care what you say about programs and feelings...

Leila: Because I know that this feeling is real.

Leila: My desires and feelings are all real!

* Leila starts to attack Claire. *

Claire: Ahh! Let go! Unhand me! What are you doing!?

Leila: You're half human and half virus, so no human can defeat you.
       But, that won't save you from me!

Claire: No...! If you do that, you won't survive either!

Leila: Let me show you how strong my feelings are. Then, you'll understand
       how badly I want to save this world.

* Leila continues to attack Claire. *

Claire: Ahh! This can't be happening! You're just a stupid program.
        You have no feelings...

Lyner: Leila! Enough! Don't waste your power!

Claire: Are you insane!? You'll die if you keep doing this!

Leila: It doesn't matter. I'm already going to disappear anyway. Right?

Claire: Agh...

Leila: What is the most important thing to you? It's yourself, right...?

Leila: You'll never understand how I feel.

Leila: I have something that's more important than my own life...
       and I'll do anything to protect it.

* Leila attacks again. *

Lyner: Stop!!

Leila: Lyner...it was a short time, but thank you. Before I met you,
       I felt hopeless. My life had no purpose.

Leila: But...you changed my life...

Leila: I still don't know much about you. I didn't get to spend much time
       with you. It's too soon to say good bye...

Leila: So I want to give you this world. It's the least I could do.

Leila: I want to give you blue skies and green pastures...the things we
       should never destroy, precious Mother Earth...

Leila: I'm destined to disappear anyway. I want to do something for you
       before I go.

Lyner: I never asked for you to do that!

Lyner: I just want to have one more minute, one more second with you...
       That's all I want!

Leila: I'm so happy to hear that... I'm glad I met you...

Leila: I feel the same...Lyner...

Leila: So...

Leila: ...So...Good bye...

* Leila sacrifices herself to take down Claire with a big explosion... *

Claire: Ahhhh...

Lyner: Leilaaaaaaaaa...

Leila: ...Lyner, thank you...

Leila: Thank you for sharing your feelings with me...

    When the overwhelming light had faded, Leila was gone.

    It ended suddenly. I couldn't do anything. I just stood there, alone.

    It felt like a dream. Almost as if Leila had never even existed...

    No matter how hard I looked, I never found anything that proves she

    But I kept looking. I didn't stop to eat or drink... I just kept going...

* At the cafe... *

Lyner: Excuse me. Have you seen Leila recently?

Ayano: No, she hasn't shown up since that incident. I hope nothing's wrong
       with her...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: I see...


* At the Public Pool... *

Lyner: She wasn't there either... I looked everywhere I could think of...

Lyner: Excuse me! Have you seen a girl with light blue hair?

Woman: Huh? I don't know. There's a lot of blue-haired girls.

Lyner: ...Y, yeah...sorry...


* At the downtown street... *

Lyner: It's not easy looking for her. There are too many people...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Damn! I was desperate!

Lyner: Leila!!

Lyner: ...Leila!

Woman: Are you looking for someone?

Lyner: ...No. I'm sorry I bothered you...


* At the school campus... *

Lyner: I skipped school again...

Aurica: Lyner! I'm glad you're safe...I was so worried about you.

Lyner: I'm sorry.

Aurica: You look ever worse than the last time. What do you eat?
        Are you getting enough sleep?

Lyner: I don't have that kind of time to waste! I need to find Leila!

Aurica: Lyner, you have to face reality! Leila doesn't exist any more!

Aurica: You can't live in the past. Please stop punishing yourself...

Aurica: I'm worried about you... Please, take care of yourself...

Lyner: Aurica...I'm sorry. I didn't know you worried about me so much...

Aurica: If you die, I...I...

Lyner: I'm sorry I made you worry.

Lyner: You're right. If I die, you'll be as sad as I am. I don't want anyone
       else to suffer like me.

Lyner: I'll start taking care of myself, for your sake.

Aurica: Lyner...

    Time had passed...

    I still hadn't found Leila...but I started to return to normal.
    I wasn't killing myself looking for her anymore.

    My daily routine gradually returned to how it was before I met Leila...


* At the pier... *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: ...Misha...

Misha: Long time no see. How have you been?

Lyner: Thanks for asking. I'm much calmer now.

Misha: I'm glad to hear that. I wanna give you something. Here you go...

Lyner: ...This is...a memorial pendant?

Misha: It contains Leila's program. You can have it.

Lyner: Is this...a back-up?

Misha: Yeah.

Lyner: ...I see.

Lyner: I'm sorry, but I can't take it.

Misha: Huh?

Lyner: This isn't the Leila I knew.

Lyner: Even if it's an exact replica, it's still not her. It doesn't have her
       feelings, does it?

Misha: ......

Misha: ...You're right.

* Lyner thinks of Leila in the cafe. *

Lyner: I'll be fine. I have Leila's memory in my heart.

* Lyner thinks of Leila in the pool. *

Lyner: I have everything, the happy times, the sad times...all of it.

* Lyner thinks of the hug with Leila. *

Lyner: My body memorizes every inch of her. From the moment we met till the
       second we parted.

Lyner: So...I don't need this.

Lyner: Thank you, Leila. It was a short period of time, but I'll treasure
       every second we spent together. I'll never forget any of it.

Lyner: And, Leila's always inside me.

Lyner: She doesn't fade away. She'll always be the warmth of my heart...

Leila: Lyner!

* Leila's image appears and fades away... *

... end    * Credits roll. *

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: That was it?

Shurelia: I guess so.

Lyner: ...I'm a little surprised by that ending.

Shurelia: Me, too...but that was the final episode. There aren't any more.

Lyner: ......

Shurelia: I linked the data for Shadow.

Shurelia: You can now use Shadow as Red Magic.

    Level 5 [Heroes of the World]                                     SC-05

All of this was fake. Someone had been controlling everything by hacking from
the outside. Lyner finds out about this and puts all his effort into turning
this world back to normal. What will become of this world? And what about

* At the Binary Field... *

Lyner: Lady Shurelia! I'm not satisfied with that ending.

Shurelia: What are you talking about now?

Lyner: That virtual world. It wasn't right!

Shurelia: Y, yes, well...

Lyner: Lady Shurelia, can't we do something to fix it? It's been bothering me
       so much that I can't even sleep at night.

Shurelia: I see... What do you think we should do?

Lyner: Well...

Shurelia: You don't like tragedies, do you? It was a sad ending, but the
          story was beautiful.

Lyner: The real world is full of tragedy. That's why I want a happy ending
       in the virtual world.

Shurelia: ...That's a good point. Let's see, maybe I can tweak it a little.

Lyner: ...Tweak?

Shurelia: All of your actions have been stored in the server. I'll try to
          pull it out and modify it a little.

Lyner: You can do that!?

Shurelia: I'm not sure if it'll work, but it's not like I'm changing the
          whole story...

Shurelia: You'll be able to continue the story right before the ending.

Shurelia: If you're ready, we can start right now... So, what do you say?

Lyner: Yes.

Shurelia: Are you ready? Just to warn you, it'll start in the middle of
          the story.

* At the virtual world cafe... *

Lyner: ...!

Lyner: ...Is this the cafe?

Lyner: This time, I'm aware of the real world! That's probably because
       Lady Shurelia rewrote the program.

Ayano: Oh, you were here the other day. How may I help you?
       Leila hasn't showed up yet...

Lyner: Leila...? Oh, right! Leila!

* The background switches to the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: I have to save Leila...but what should I do?

Lyner: I was still home at this time.

Lyner: I should probably go home.


* On the way to Lyner's House... *

Lyner: ...Misha!?

Misha (China Dress): Lyner!

Lyner: What are you doing here? Today should be the day of the big ceremony...

Misha: ...Oh, don't worry about it. Everything's fine.

Lyner: Something's not right. Isn't there something you want to tell me?

Misha: Yes...it's about Leila.

Lyner: ...Leila!?

Misha: But it's okay. Today's your special day, so you must be busy...
       I'll just come back tomorrow.

Lyner: No! Tell me now!

Misha: What's wrong with you!?

Lyner: It's about Leila, right!? Tomorrow will be too late. I need to know now!

Misha: Huh? Do you know something?

Lyner: Look, we shouldn't talk about it out here. Come to my house.

* At Lyner's House... *

Misha: What is this place...? You better clean up.

Lyner: Shut up! Today's abnormally messy. It's usually much cleaner!

Misha: Really!? Somehow, I doubt that.

Lyner: So, what about Leila!?

Misha: Oh yes. Actually...

Misha: Something strange is going on in this world...

Lyner: Strange?

Misha: Yes. Leila was created by Team Mir...well, more specifically, by me.

Misha: So, she shouldn't need to be refreshed every week to survive.

Misha: I don't remember programming her to be that way! That's not even in
       my specs!

Lyner: Well...I don't know what to tell you.

Misha: I think this world might be threatened by forces from out of this world.

Lyner: Out of this world...? You mean, like aliens?

Misha: No, not aliens. I don't mean out of this planet, I mean out of this

Misha: If my hunch is right, there's a larger world outside of this one.
       And, this Outer World is controlling ours.

Lyner: So, you think that our world is secretly being manipulated by some
       Outer World?

Misha: ...Yes.

Lyner: Outer World... Are you talking about something outside the Cosmosphere?

Misha: Cosmosphere...?

Lyner: Never mind.

Misha: If only I could see this Outer World...

Lyner: ......

Misha: I think that this world is about to drastically change.

Misha: Let's go to town and look for clues.


* At the South Market Street... *

Aurica (Holy Maiden Dress): Lyner, Misha!

Lyner: Aurica! You're walking around town dressed like that...!

Misha: I can't believe her taste. We can't help it.

Aurica: Excuse me! I made this formal costume just for you, Lyner!
        I don't normally wear things like this, you know!

Lyner: I didn't mean to insult you...

Aurica: By the way, Lyner. The ceremony will start soon.
        Don't you need to change?

Lyner: Don't worry about me. Have you noticed anything unusual lately?

Lyner: For instance, anything that used to be unusual, but has started to
       happen regularly. That sort of thing...

Aurica: What are you talking about? Well...

Aurica: I guess something happened in my dream...

Lyner: Dream!?

Aurica: Everyday, I dream of a lion...and not just any ordinary lion, but one
        who wears a pan on his head...

Aurica: He knows my name. He calls me Aurica...

Misha: Oh, I have the same kind of dream everyday, too.

Lyner: Can it be...?

Misha: But, in my case it's a little girl who holds an ocarina in her hands.
       Maybe we're possessed...

Lyner: I knew it...

Misha: ...Lyner!? Do you know something?

Lyner: Well...sort of...

Lyner: Hey you guys, when did these dreams start?

Aurica: Well...I think it started...when I confessed my love for you,
        and you turned me down.

Misha: He turned you down! You poor girl! Lyner is so mean!

Lyner: That doesn't matter, now. I think I found a clue.

Misha: ...What is it?

Lyner: I might be able to view this world from the outside.

Aurica: What are you talking about?

Misha: I'll explain it to Aurica. Hurry up and find the truth!

Lyner: Okay.

Aurica: What is it!? Are you two keeping secrets or something?

* At the Cosmosphere map... *

Lyner: If Don Leon and Hama show up...then I might be able to find some clues
       by accessing their Cosmospheres.

Lyner: I better try them both...

* Lyner returns to the real world. *


* At the Stonehenge of Aurica's Cosmosphere... *

Lyner: I better tell Don Leon about Lady Shurelia's virtual world.

Lyner: Hey, Don Leon! Don Leon!

Don Leon: What is it! Quiet down! What is wrong this time!

Lyner: Hey, do you ever show up in Lady Shurelia's virtual world as a guest?

Don Leon: No way, Jose! I am Aurica's mind guardian! Why would I ever leave
          Aurica's mind!?

Lyner: ...I see...I guess it's not so simple...

Don Leon: What is going on? If you want my help, you had better 'splain

Lyner: Well...actually...


Don Leon: Okay, okay...I get the big picture. I suppose it is possible for me
          to visit Lady Shurelia's virtual world.

Lyner: Really!?

Don Leon: But, it is just a theory.

Don Leon: Through the [Tower of Life], every Cosmosphere is connected to all
          the others. They're also connected to Ar Tonelico.

Don Leon: Since I am a product of [thought], I can access Ar Tonelico through
          the [Tower of Life].

Lyner: Right...

Don Leon: It doesn't feel nice to know that I exist somewhere else, and I
          didn't even know about it! I should look around the [Tower of Life].

* At the Tower of Life... *

Lyner: Can you pass through this door?

Don Leon: I can, but you cannot.

Don Leon: I will enter Ar Tonelico and search for the fake me.
          Please wait here for a little while.

* Don Leon enters the Tower. *

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Oh, I get it. Only thoughts can go back and forth into the Tower...

Lyner: Every Reyvateil is connected to Ar Tonelico...

* Don Leon is back. *

Don Leon: Lyner! It's an emergency!

Lyner: What's wrong...?

Don Leon: I found my copies. The viruses are making copies of me!

Lyner: ...Viruses!? What do you mean!

Don Leon: As you know, there is a virus that lives inside Ar Tonelico.

Don Leon: They can easily make copies of [thoughts].

Lyner: Which means, the Don Leon who appeared in Lady Shurelia's virtual
       world is...

Don Leon: ...A virus.

Lyner: What!? Then a virus is in the virtual world!?

Don Leon: That's right.

Don Leon: Lady Shurelia's virtual world isn't inside the Cosmosphere, right?

Lyner: No, it's not. She said she doesn't have her own Cosmosphere.

Don Leon: Then it must be in Ar Tonelico. Which means, viruses can invade
          there much easier than in a Cosmosphere.

Lyner: ...Damn.

Don Leon: That world must be contaminated!

Lyner: Don Leon...you're more knowledgeable than I expected.

Don Leon: Do not underestimate me! I am a mind guardian. It's important for me
          to know about viruses!

Lyner: I see. Anyway, thanks for helping.

Lyner: I better hurry up.

Don Leon: Wait!

Lyner: ...Huh? What is it?

Don Leon: ...Take this with you.

Lyner: A ring!?

Don Leon: Yes. It's called the [Mamorimino Ring]. With it, you can tell how
          badly the virtual world is contaminated by viruses.

Lyner: Really!? Great!

Don Leon: I appreciate you for helping Aurica. Just take it and leave.

Lyner: Thanks!!

* Back to the real world... *


* At the Stonehenge of Misha's Cosmosphere... *

Lyner: I better tell Hama about Lady's Shurelia's virtual world.

Lyner: Hey, Hama! Hama!

Hama: What is it!? Why are you yelling so loud?

Lyner: Hey, do you ever show up in Lady Shurelia's virtual world as a guest?

Hama: No. A mind guardian isn't allowed to leave the mind of the person
      they're guarding.

Lyner: I see...I guess it wasn't you...

Hama: So, what's up?

Lyner: Well...actually...


Hama: So, I appeared in Lady Shurelia's virtual world?

Hama: In theory, it's possible, but I've never left here, not even once.

Lyner: Man, I came all this way, but I still don't have a clue...

Hama: ......

Hama: There is one thing I might be able to help you with. I can go and check
      inside of the [Tower of Life].

Lyner: [Tower of Life]!?

Hama: Yes. Through that tower lies the binary field of Ar Tonelico.

Hama: If a fake me exists, I should be able to find a clue in that field.

Lyner: Great! Let's do it!

* At the Tower of Life... *

Lyner: I didn't know there was any meaning to this tower.

Hama: Only someone like me, a product of [thought], can go through the tower.
      Sorry Lyner, but you can't.

Hama: So, I'll go search inside by myself. Wait here, okay?

* Hama enters the Tower. *

Lyner: She's gone...

Lyner: I hope Hama's okay.

Lyner: ......

* Hama is back. *

Hama: Lyner! I have horrible news!

Hama: Viruses are making copies of me!

Lyner: What!?

Hama: So the one who was in Lady Shurelia's virtual world must be a virus.

Lyner: A virus...?

Hama: Viruses can easily make copies of someone like me, who was made
      by [thought].

Lyner: Then...Lady Shurelia's virtual world is...

Hama: Contaminated with viruses...

Lyner: No...I have to hurry! Hama, thank you for helping!

Hama: Wait a second!

Lyner: What!?

Hama: Take this with you.

Lyner: A ring!?

Hama: Yes. It's called the [Hasaiyano Ring]. With it, you can erase all the
      viruses that have contaminated an area.

Lyner: What!? Then...

Hama: Yes. You can change the virtual world back to the way she rewrote it.

Lyner: Great! Thanks! You were a big help!

Hama: I didn't do much. Do your best at exterminating the viruses.

* Back to the real world... *


* At the Under Tower School of Shurelia's virtual world... *

Lyner: Aurica! Misha! I got it! I know what's wrong with this world!

Misha: Really!?

Aurica: So, what is it!?

Lyner: Misha was right. This world is being threatened by forces from out of
       this world.

Misha: I knew it!

Lyner: Actually, this world is being contaminated with viruses.
       And, those viruses are distorting the world's order.

Misha: ...Viruses? You mean, like the ones we used to fight all the time?

Lyner: No, these are different. I'm talking about ones that are from out of
       this world.

Aurica: What? I don't get it. Do you mean like the flu or something?

Lyner: ...No.

Lyner: Anyway, it all makes sense now...including Leila's life.

Lyner: If these viruses did rewrite this world, Misha had no way of knowing it.

Misha: ...But, I did start to notice it.

Aurica: What!? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Are we all going
        to die of the flu or something?

Misha: Just ignore Aurica and let's hurry and save Leila.

Lyner: Alright!

Misha: Don't forget! It's a special day for you guys. You better go change!

Lyner: Oh, right! I'll go home and change.


* At Lyner's house... *

Lyner: I wonder if what I told them is really true...

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Damn! I better get ready quick!


Lyner: That's it, I'm ready! Now, I better hurry to the chapel!


* At the Chapel... *

Aurica: Lyner! You made it!

Misha: Just barely...

Lyner: Sorry, I took so long.

Misha: If there's anything I can do, just let me know.

Aurica: Me too. I'll do anything.

Lyner: Thanks, you two... For now, just pretend that you don't know anything.

Misha: But...

Lyner: Don't worry. I know what happens next.

Aurica: ...? How?

Lyner: Because, I'm the real hero who can save this world!

Aurica: ...Are you serious?

Lyner: Of course! Are we ready! Let's go!


Falss: I'm so happy. Today is going to be a new beginning for the two of you.

Falss: Now, it's time for the bride to enter.

Lyner: ...Leila.

Leila: How do I look?

Lyner: You look beautiful.

Leila: ...Thank you.

Falss: Let's continue with the ceremony.

Falss: Lyner Harasett, do you promise to love, honor and cherish Leila Togasaki
       for as long as you both shall live?

Lyner: ...I do.

Falss: Leila Togasaki, do you promise to love, honor and cherish Lyner Harasett
       for as long as you both shall live?

Leila: I do.

Falss: Great. Now I want to tell you both something.

Falss: Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.

Falss: And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.

Lyner: ......

Falss: You never know what can trigger those feelings. You may suddenly feel
       the urge to abuse someone for no reason at all.

Leila: You're not a real priest!

Falss: Of course I am. I'm simply not a human. Just like you, Shurelia!

Leila: You're...a virus!?

Lyner: What's going on?

???: Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.

Claire: And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.

Claire: Hello, Leila and Lyner... Sorry for ruining your special day.

Lyner: Claire! How dare you show up here! I won't let you get away with this!

Claire: And I won't let you get away with destroying my headquarters, stealing
        Shurelia, and ruining my life.

Claire: I'll never forgive you... That's why I chose this day to get my
        revenge...the happiest day of your life.

Claire: Leila...You're going to die.

Leila: ...!

Lyner: No she won't die. Leila's gonna live for a long time.

Claire: ...What!?

Leila: ...Lyner?

Lyner: Leila, I'll save you. You're not supposed to disappear like this.

Lyner: Come on out, virus!

Falss: You had a good hunch! You're right. I am...

Lyner: I'm not talking about you! I've known you were a virus for a long time.

Falss: What did you say!?

Claire: W, what?

Lyner: Someone's been hiding in here!

Lyner: ......

Claire: Are you alright?

Leila: Ah!

Lyner: ...Leila!?

Leila: ...Lyner...I feel pain...! Something's inside of me...

Lyner: What!? Could it be another virus...? Dammit...we need a plan...

Lyner: I know! I'll use the [Guardian Ring] I got from Don Leon!

* Lyner uses the ring. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Lyner: Leila! What happened to you?

???: ...I...I am the guardian of Reyvateil...

Lyner: ...Are you...Mir? What are you doing here!?

Mir: This is what you get for acting foolish next to my prison...

* Mir attacks. *

Lyner: Whoa!

Aurica: Lyner! Are you okay?

Misha: Leila...!! What are you doing? Are you being manipulated by Team Mir
       again!? No! It can't be...

Lyner: (I finally saw the truth...)

Lyner: You two, back me up! Try to get Leila's attention, long enough so I can
       contact her!

Misha: Got it!

Aurica: Okay!

Lyner: (I have to find a way to put the [Hasaiyano Ring] on Leila...)

Misha: Leila! What's wrong? Don't you recognize us? Did Claire do something
       to you again?

Aurica: Please go back to normal!

Lyner: They won't hold her attention for long... I better get closer...

Claire: ...I didn't do anything this time. What's going on?
        Bishop, did you do something?

Falss: N, no! I didn't do anything...

Claire: Then...

Misha: Leila...what's wrong with you?

Mir: I'm not Leila... I'm here to destroy your world...

Mir: Take this...

* Mir is casting a huge magic ball... *

Misha: No! Not that!

Mir: Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Soon, this world will be gone...

Misha: ...What!?

Lyner: ...I gotta do it now!

Lyner: Ha!!

Mir: Ugh!

Mir: What are you doing!?

Lyner: I'm exterminating you from this world! You ruined this world!

Mir: Exterminate me? You can't do that!

Lyner: Sure I can! As long as I have...this!

Mir: Th, that ring! N, no...stop!

Lyner: This is it!

Mir: Noooo!!


Leila: ...Lyner...I...

Lyner: Leila! You're back to normal! ...I'm so glad!

Leila: Back to normal...?

Leila: Claire!

Claire: What? What did I do? I don't even know why I'm here...

Leila: ...Claire? What do you mean...what about Team Mir? And the virus?

Claire: Huh? Team Mir? What are you talking about...?

Leila: Wh, what...?

Lyner: ...Team Mir was created by Mir...

Leila: Lyner...?


* At the pier... *

Leila: ...I see. That's what happened.

Lyner: Did you get it?

Leila: Yes. But I still can't believe it.

Lyner: But!

Leila: I know you're telling the truth. You look too serious to be lying.

Lyner: ......

Leila: Hey...will you hold my hand?

Lyner: Y, yes.

Leila: ......

Leila: I can't transform any more. I guess my transformation was also
       controlled by the other virus.

Lyner: So, that means...

Leila: Lyner, what's wrong?

Lyner: ...You've been holding my hand for a while...

Leila: Huh! I'm sorry!

Lyner: No...it's not that I don't want you to...well actually...

Leila: ......

Leila: Do you want to keep holding hands?

Lyner: Y, yeah...

Leila: You're so shy...it's cute.

Lyner: Ha! Your face is all red...

Leila: No it's not...

Lyner: ......

Leila: ......

Leila: Hey...am I a human now?

Lyner: I think so. You can't transform any more... And you aren't tired...

Leila: No, I'm not. I feel totally different...

Leila: Thank you for saving this world...

Lyner: ...What?

Leila: And for saving my life...

Leila: You're the real hero, not me...

Lyner: ...Leila.

Leila: I'm so happy. I can't even find the words to express how I feel...

Leila: I can stay with you forever.

Lyner: Yes. We'll be together forever...

Leila: ...Lyner.

Leila: I love you...

... end    * Credits roll. *

* Back to the Binary Field... *

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: Lady Shurelia.

Shurelia: ......

Lyner: Well, Lady Shurelia?

Shurelia: Yes!

Lyner: Are you alright?

Shurelia: Yes, of course. It was a nice story.

Lyner: But...that world was contaminated by Mir...

Shurelia: ...Yes, it was. And, I didn't even know it.

Lyner: Right...

Shurelia: But, it was still a good story, so it's okay.

Lyner: (...I had to go through a lot to get there, though.)

Shurelia: Oh, since Mir hacked in, I found a way to get to the Silver Horn.

Shurelia: From now on, you can use the power of the Silver Horn as Red Magic.

Shurelia: So, that's the end, for real? It was a nice, long story.

Lyner: ...Yes. It wasn't life threatening, but it was still very thrilling.

Lyner: I kinda see why the people of the past were into it.

Shurelia: That's great.

Lyner: Whoa, I better get going.

Shurelia: Okay...

Shurelia: ......

Shurelia: Lyner?

Lyner: ...Yeah?

Shurelia: I...

Shurelia: I want to stay with you...forever.

Lyner: ......

Lyner: Okay. We'll always be together.

Shurelia: ......

    /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
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Version 0.40    July 7, 2008
  - Completed transcription of Misha's Cosmosphere.

Version 0.80    July 15, 2008
  - Completed transcription of Aurica's Cosmosphere.
  - Fixed some typos.

Version 1.00    August 8, 2008
  - Completed transcription of Shurelia's Cosmosphere.

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Script was transcribed from Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

Thank you:

Gust for developing such amazing game.

NIS America for localizing and publishing this game in the United States.

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