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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jlhorner1974

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      Destroy All Humans! 2:  Make War Not Love
                              by Jason Horner and Carter
      Revision History
    v 1.1   * Renumbered some of the Albion Odd Job missions to reflect the correct
              order in which you receive them
            * Added information for Furotech Cell and Alien Artifact detectors
            * Added information on which missions unlock which others
            * Clarified how to recharge saucer ammo
            * Fixed lots of typos and redundant information
            * New walkthrough for Mission 20
    v 1.0   Initial version   (1/19/2007)
      Table of Contents                                                             
    To jump to a particular section of this guide, search for the text on the right
    hand side, including the brackets.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                                   [FQUEST]
    Controls                                                            [CNTRLS]
    Crypto's Abilities                                                  [CRABIL] 
    Crypto's Equipment                                                  [CREQPT] 
    Personal Weapons                                                    [PERWPN]
    Saucer Weapons/Features                                             [SCRWPN]
    PoxMart                                                             [PXMART]
    Basics & General Tips                                               [BASTIP]
    Mission Types                                                       [MTYPES]
    Main Story Walkthrough                                              [MWALKT]
        Bay City
            Mission 1:   Furon Loathing in Bay City                     [MAIN01]
            Mission 2:   Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?       [MAIN02]
            Mission 3:   They Shoot Hippies, Don't They?                [MAIN03]
            Mission 4:   The Alien Who Probed Me                        [MAIN04]
            Mission 5:   The Guns of Alcatraz                           [MAIN05]
            Mission 6:   No Pox Please - We're British                  [MAIN06]
            Mission 7:   La Femme Natalya                               [MAIN07]
            Mission 8:   From Russia with Guns                          [MAIN08]
            Mission 9:   The Majestic File                              [MAIN09]
            Mission 10:  On Natalya's Secret Service                    [MAIN10]
            Mission 11:  Takoshima Story                                [MAIN11]
            Mission 12:  Revenge of the Ninja                           [MAIN12]
            Mission 13:  Dr. Go!                                        [MAIN13] 
            Mission 14:  Our Man Crypto                                 [MAIN14]
            Mission 15:  You Only Live 137 Times                        [MAIN15]
            Mission 16:  Kojira Kaiju Battle                            [MAIN16]
            Mission 17:  Back in the USSR                               [MAIN17]
            Mission 18:  The Siberian Job                               [MAIN18]
            Mission 19:  A Deadly Reaction                              [MAIN19]
            Mission 20:  The Comrade Who Came in from the Cold          [MAIN20]
            Mission 21:  A Hard Day's Fight                             [MAIN21]
            Mission 22:  The Good, the Bad, and the Furon               [MAIN22]
            Mission 23:  1969: A Space Odyssey                          [MAIN23]
            Mission 24:  Russian Roulette                               [MAIN24]
            Mission 25:  Space: 1969                                    [MAIN25]
            Mission 26:  Destination Moon                               [MAIN26]
            Mission 27:  Dark Side of the Moon                          [MAIN27]
            Mission 28:  Milenkov                                       [MAIN28]
    Odd Jobs
        Bay City
            Odd Job 1:   I Left My Parts In San Fran... Err, Bay City   [ODDJ01]
            Odd Job 2:   Ruin Lives - The Secretary!                    [ODDJ02]
            Odd Job 3:   Ruin Lives - The Draft Dodger                  [ODDJ03]
            Odd Job 4:   Assassination - Private Danza                  [ODDJ04]
            Odd Job 5:   Assassination - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Cop      [ODDJ05]
            Odd Job 6:   Assassination - Outfoxed                       [ODDJ06]
            Odd Job 7:   Assassination - The Equalizer                  [ODDJ07]
            Odd Job 8:   Assassination - Plugging Terry Squire          [ODDJ08]
            Odd Job 9:   Rage of Aquarius                               [ODDJ09]
            Odd Job 10:  Ruin Lives - Take It Like a Man                [ODDJ10]
            Odd Job 11:  Ruin Lives - Algernon's Change of Heart        [ODDJ11]
            Odd Job 12:  Assassination - Luka Out                       [ODDJ12]
            Odd Job 13:  Assassination - Secret Agent, Red Weasel       [ODDJ13]
            Odd Job 14:  Ruin Lives - The Executive                     [ODDJ14]
            Odd Job 15:  Ruin Lives - The Executive: Part 2             [ODDJ15]
            Odd Job 16:  Assassination - Kenji Mojo Called Out          [ODDJ16]
            Odd Job 17:  Assassination - Double-Tap into the Power      [ODDJ17]
            Odd Job 18:  The Ravages of Mohgra                          [ODDJ18]
            Odd Job 19:  Assassination - Red Flush                      [ODDJ19]
            Odd Job 20:  Assassination - Shearing the Llama             [ODDJ20]
            Odd Job 21:  Ruin Lives - What, Me? Subversive?             [ODDJ21]
            Odd Job 22:  Assassination - Food Line in the Sky           [ODDJ22] 
            Odd Job 23:  The Abominable Yeti                            [ODDJ23]
            Odd Job 24:  Assassination - Victor Isn't                   [ODDJ24]
            Odd Job 25:  Assassination - At Least It's Not the Gulag    [ODDJ25]
            Odd Job 26:  Ruin Lives - Bad Luck for Zablitsky            [ODDJ26]
            Odd Job 27:  Lights Out for Lobsters                        [ODDJ27]
    Cult of Arkvoodle    
        Bay City
            Cult of Arkvoodle 1:   Who is Arkvoodle?                    [ARKV01]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 2:   Flip Up the Flyppies                 [ARKV02]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 3:   Yapping Bully                        [ARKV03] 
            Cult of Arkvoodle 4:   Shama Llama slips Up                 [ARKV04]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 5:   Establishing Shots                   [ARKV05]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 6:   Publicity Stunt                      [ARKV06]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 7:   Freakin' Art                         [ARKV07]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 8:   Revelations                          [ARKV08]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 9:   Con Mods                             [ARKV09]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 10:  Like a Drowned Mole                  [ARKV10]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 11:  Alien Overlords: The Reality         [ARKV11]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 12:  Freaky Flyers                        [ARKV12]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 13:  Half-Wits Are Better Than None       [ARKV13]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 14:  Fooling the Black Ninja              [ARKV14]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 15:  Takoshima Rumble                     [ARKV15]
            Cult of Arkvoodle 16:  The Coming of Arkvoodle              [ARKV16]
    Landing Zone Locations                                              [LZONES]
    Furotech Cell Locations                                             [FCELLS]
    Alien Artifact Locations                                            [ARTFCT] 
    Datacore Locations                                                  [DTCORE] 
    Gene Blends                                                         [GBLEND] 
    Credits and Copyright Notice                                        [CRDCPY]
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                                 [FQUEST]
    1.  How do I unlock a particular ability or weapon?
    For weapons, check the Crypto's Abilities, Personal Weapons, or Saucer Weapons
    sections.  At the end of each weapon or ability, it mentions how to get it.
    2.  Help!  I've done all the missions I can, but the game says there are still
    Odd Jobs or Arkvoodle Cult missions not completed.  How do I unlock them?
    There are several points in the game like this -- in these cases, you will need
    to use the Navi-Com and advance to the next city.  Some missions are not 
    unlocked until after the main story missions are complete.  See the section on 
    Mission Types for more information.
    3.  I can't kill Kojira!  Help!!
    See the walkthrough for Mission 16:  Kojira Kaiju Battle.
    4.  In the Gene Blender, some of the information I need is hidden.  Instead of 
    class/nationality/sex information, I only see question marks (?).  What do I 
    need to do?
    In this case, the problem is that you need someone for the gene blend from a 
    city that has not been unlocked yet.  Complete all of the main story missions 
    for a city to unlock the next city.  Arriving at a new city will reveal all of 
    the hidden information for people living in this city. 
    5.  How do I reach some of those Datacores/Artifacts/Furotech Cells that are 
    really high up?
    There are two ways:  One method is to construct crude stairs by PKing objects
    like cars and/or dumpsters and stacking them carefully on top of each other.  
    The other (simpler) way is to purchase the Jetpack upgrades from PoxMart.
    6.  How do I resupply the ammo for my saucer?
    You can Transmog vehicles while in the saucer.  Use the Transmog ability of the
    AbductoBeam.  Move over a vehicle, hold down L1, and tap X to Transmog the
    vehicle into ammo for your saucer waepons.  The Transmog happens much faster if
    the vehicle has already been destroyed.  This leads to a useful combo:  First,
    Drain the vehicle to recharge your shields (hold L1 + tap Circle).  Then, after
    the Drain has destroyed the vehicle (or your shields are fully charged), then
    use Transmog (hold L1 + tap X) to Transmog the husk left behind into ammo.
    7.  What is the superweapon that Shama Llama was talking about?
    It's the Burrow Beast.  You can find details on it in the "Personal Weapons"
    section below.
      Controls                                                           [CNTRLS]
    On Foot (Furon form)
    Left analog stick    Move/Strafe
    Right analog stick   Aim
    Select               Nav map
    Start                Pause / Menus
    X                    Jump / Use jetpack [hold]
    Circle               Mind Flash
    Triangle             Talk to people / Body snatch [tap repeatedly]
    Square               Hold to display weapons menu
    L1                   Lock on to target
    R1                   Fire weapon
    L1 + Triangle        PK
    L1 + Square          Follow / Protect [tap repeatedly]
    L1 + Circle          Free Love  [tap repeatedly]
    L1 + X               Extract (humans) / Transmog (objects) [tap repeatedly]
    During Body Snatch
    Left analog stick    Move/Strafe
    Right analog stick   Aim
    Select               Nav map
    Start                Pause / Menus
    X                    Sprint [tap repeatedly]
    Circle               Mind Flash
    Triangle             Talk to people / Exit host body
    L1                   Lock on to target
    L1 + Triangle        PK
    L1 + Square          Follow / Protect [tap repeatedly]
    L1 + Circle          Free Love  [tap repeatedly]
    L1 + X               Scan (humans) / Transmog (objects) [tap repeatedly]
    While in PK mode
    Square               In (move object closer to Crypto)
    Circle               Out (move object away from Crypto)
    Triangle             Push (violent thrust)
    X		     Extract [tap repeatedly]
    Release L1 	     Exit PK mode
    While in Saucer
    Left analog stick    Move/Strafe
    Right analog stick   Ascend/Descend
    Triangle	     Land Saucer (must be over an activated landing zone)
    Square		     Hold to display weapons menu
    Circle               Navi-Com
    X                    Gene Blender
    L1 + Circle          Drain  [tap repeatedly]
    L1 + Triangle        AbductoBeam
    While on Saucer Landing Zone
    Triangle             Call Saucer / Enter Cockpit
    Square               Pox Mart
    Circle               Navi-Com
    X                    Gene Blender
      Crypto's Abilities                                                [CRABIL] 
    There is no longer a mental concentration bar that governs Crypto's mental 
    powers, as in the first game.  Some abilities can be used whenever you want, 
    and others must recharge after they are used.   You can monitor the progress of
    the recharge as well.  If you target a human and hold L1, instead of the normal
    X / Circle / Triangle / Square button image in the upper right of the screen, 
    you will see a pie graph filling up.  When the pie is full, it changes back to 
    the normal button image, and the ability can be used again.
    PK (Psychokinesis)
    Psychokinesis, or PK for short, lets you levitate and push moveable objects 
    (like dumpsters or people) around.  Target a moveable object by putting your 
    aiming reticule on it.  Press and hold L1, then press Triangle to levitate the 
    object and go into PK mode.  You must continue to hold down L1, or you will 
    drop the object and leave PK mode.  Pressing Triangle again hurls the object 
    away from you with a violent thrust.  Pressing Square or Circle while the 
    object is levitating will bring it closer or farther away from you, 
    respectively.  Since there is no longer a concentration bar, you can levitate
    an object indefinitely.
    In this guide, when I say to "PK an object away", I usually mean for you to use
    the L1 + Triangle + Triangle combination to hurl it away.  
    To get the best possible distance when hurling something, do the following:  
       1) Lift it up  (Hold L1 and press Triangle)
       2) Move the right analog stick up to raise it up in the air
       3) Hold down Circle to move the object farther from you
       4) As the object is moving away from you, press Triangle to thrust it away
    This technique of hurling something far away is helpful at certain points of
    the game.
    Initially, you can PK only light objects like people and dumpsters.  Completing
    Gene Blends allow you to manipulate heavier objects, like cars and tanks.  The
    range on this power is quite good.  Unlike the first game however, this ability
    no longer does big damage to people when you slam them into other objects or 
    the ground.  (Boooooo -- this is one of the things I liked about the first 
    game.)  However, using PK to Push a human into deep water (e.g., the Bay in Bay
    City) is an effective means of killing.  The Push ability (Triangle button 
    while in PK mode) has a short recharge time.  This ability is unlocked during 
    Mission 1.  
    Body Snatch
    This ability allows you to enter a human's body and use it as a disguise.  This
    replaces the HoloBob ability from the previous game, but the way it works has
    changed quite a bit.  To Body Snatch a human, approach your victim, aim your
    target reticule on them, and rapidly press Triangle.  (The range on this power
    is crappy, so you have to be close for it to work.)  You will engage in a 
    "Battle of Wills" as you contest the victim for control of their mind.  The
    tougher the opponent, the longer they will resist.  If you are shot or knocked
    down, you automatically lose the Battle of Wills (but you can retry when you
    If you win, and manage to do it without being seen, a "Clean Snatch" message 
    appears and you can continue on your merry way.  One way to do this easily is 
    use your Free Love power on the humans nearby and then Body Snatch the one you 
    want before the Free Love wears off.  If a human sees you, however, you will 
    get a "They've Seen You!" message.  The alert level will go up, and the edges 
    of the screen will be black.  The witnesses will have an exclamation point over
    their heads, and a count will appear in the upper right that tells you how 
    many witnesses there are.  To cover your tracks, you can either leave the area,
    use Free Love, Send the All Clear from a police box, or remove the witnesses 
    from the area, by killing or PKing them away.  When any of these things are 
    done successfully, you will get an "All Clear" message, and the screen returns 
    to normal.
    While you are disguised, you cannot fire weapons, jump, or use your jetpack.  
    You can still PK, use Free Love, and Mind Flash.  In human form, you gain the 
    Sprint ability, allowing you to run faster by tapping X repeatedly.  A yellow 
    meter appears in place of Crypto's normal green shield meter when he is 
    disguised.  This is the human host's vitality.  This meter slowly empties while
    Crypto is in the host.  When the meter empties, the host will die and you will 
    be forcibly ejected.  You can voluntarily leave earlier than this by pressing 
    Triangle again -- the host will survive in this case.  Also, any damage 
    suffered while disguised is taken by the human host, and not Crypto (this is 
    useful in some cases, but you will lose your disguise even faster by taking 
    damage).  Tougher enemies (like KGB agents and Secret Agents) have more 
    vitality, and so you can stay in these disguises longer.
    Since the meter now represents the host's vitality and not Crypto's 
    concentration, it is NOT possible to recharge this meter using the Scan 
    ability.  Therefore, you must carefully plan your Body Snatches.  If you want 
    to stay in disguise and the your host's vitality is running out, the best thing
    to do is to use Free Love on someone nearby, exit your current host (press 
    Triangle), then walk up to a different human, and quickly Body Snatch them.  If
    you can do all this while Free Love is still active and nobody else enters the 
    area, you will get a Clean Snatch and remain undetected.  
    Also, be careful when you need to talk to people while disguised.  The button to
    talk to someone is Triangle also.  Be sure that the "Talk to" prompt appears 
    before pressing Triangle, or you will pop out of your body prematurely, forcing
    you to start over (and probably blowing your cover).  Many of the Gene Blend 
    upgrades will allow you to body snatch certain kinds of people more quickly.  
    This ability is unlocked during Mission 2.
    Free Love
    To use this power, aim your targeting reticule at a human, hold down L1 and tap
    Circle repeatedly.  If successful, all humans in the immediate area will stop 
    what they are doing and start dancing as multicolored flowers appear around 
    them.  While dancing, humans are distracted.  They are easier to body snatch, 
    they don't react to your actions (they will not catch you body snatching, sound
    alarms, raise the threat level, or attack you).  Humans that enter the area of
    effect after the power is initiated are NOT affected by it, so be careful.  
    This ability has a relatively long recharge time.  The range on this power is
    quite good, so use that to your advantage.  While Free Love is active, you
    can target a human and use L1 + Square to invoke the Forget ability, which
    cancels the effects of Free Love *on that target only*.  Free Love lasts
    approximately 15 seconds.
    At the beginning of the game, this ability does not work directly on certain 
    kinds of enemies, such as KGB agents, secret agents, ninjas, and infected 
    humans -- you cannot target them and use Free Love.  HOWEVER, in an odd quirk,
    even these enemies WILL be affected if you Free Love someone nearby and they 
    are caught in the area of effect.  Later in the game, upgrades can be earned 
    from the Gene Blender to allow Free Love to work on these resistant enemies 
    directly.  This ability is unlocked during Mission 2.
    Follow / Protect
    Use this ability to get a human to follow you somewhere.  To perform this, 
    target the person with your aiming reticule, hold down L1, and repeatedly tap 
    Square.  This ability is helpful for unlocking some of the Arkvoodle landing 
    zones.  If the human is armed (e.g. cop, KGB agent, army soldier), in addition
    to following you around, the human will protect you from your enemies for a 
    short time, even shooting at his/her own kind.  Again, this power has some nice
    range to it.  Upgrades from the Gene Blender allow this ability to be used on 
    tougher enemies that normally resist it.  This ability is unlocked during 
    Mission 2.
    With this power, you can read a human's surface thoughts.  To do this, target a 
    human, hold down L1 and tap X.  Use this power liberally when you don't know
    what to do or where to go next.  The range of this ability seems to be 
    comparable to Free Love.  This ability can be used at will, and is unlocked
    during Mission 2.  Once you obtain the Extract ability, you can only use Scan
    while you are disguised.
    Nav Map
    The nav map shows you the location of important people and objects.  Press the
    Select button to activate it.  This ability is unlocked during Mission 2.
    Transmog (Transmogrify)
    Target an inanimate object with the aiming reticule, then hold down L1 and tap 
    X.  This destroys objects or vehicles, turning them into ammo.  This can also 
    be used while in the Saucer to get ammo for Saucer weapons.  This power has 
    good range also.  Upgrades from the Gene Blender allow you to Transmog larger 
    While it takes a few seconds to completely Transmog large vehicles, even a 
    partial Transmog can be enough to neutralize an enemy vehicle.   This ability 
    is unlocked during Mission 4.
    Mind Flash
    To use this ability, hold down the Circle button.  This potent ability stuns 
    every human on the map for a short period of time.  Humans will stand still, as
    if paralyzed.  When the stun effect ends, the Threat Level is reset to 0.  In 
    order to recharge this ability, you need to collect 4 brain stems (via the Anal
    Probe or Extract ability).  Upgrades from the Gene Blender can reduce the 
    number of brains required (to as few as 2) and increase the duration of the 
    effect.  Once you have both Mind Flash upgrades, you can practically chain 
    Mind Flashes one after the other forever.  To do this, use Mind Flash, then
    while it is active, quickly use Extract on two nearby humans to recharge the
    Mind Flash (you should have more than enough time if you don't actually have
    to go out and hunt down some humans to use).  As soon as the Mind Flash wears 
    off, use it again and repeat the cycle.  See Mission 26 for an example.  This
    ability is unlocked during Mission 9.
    You can only use this ability when NOT disguised (or you will Scan instead).
    First target a human, then hold down L1 and tap X.  Similar to the first game,
    this ability lets you extract brain stems from a human.  This power does work
    if the victim is alive, but the victim will resist (it will take you longer).  
    Extracting brain stems lets you recharge your Mind Flash ability.  Upgrades 
    from the Gene Blender allow this ability to be used on tougher enemies that 
    normally resist it.  This ability is unlocked during Mission 9.
      Crypto's Equipment                                                [CREQPT] 
    Shield:  Crypto is protected by a shield while on foot.  This is the green 
    meter you see in the upper right.  Taking damage from enemies will empty the 
    meter.  When the meter is fully drained, you are vulnerable to dying.  When the
    meter is empty (or nearly so), it will flash red and a warning tone will sound.
    Regardless of the current shield level, the shield will recharge (refilling the
    meter) on its own after about 10-15 seconds, if you can avoid taking damage.  
    Therefore, when your shield is low or empty, it's best to find somewhere to 
    hide to give it time to recharge.  The shield can be upgraded in PoxMart to 
    allow it to absorb more energy before failing.  You begin the game with this.  
    Jetpack:  Crypto has a jetpack that allows him to fly for short distances.  
    To use the Jetpack, hold down X.  Even after you start to fall again, holding 
    down X will cause you to fall more slowly, allowing you to cover more distance
    by gliding.  Fans of the first game will be disappointed to learn that it's 
    lift/boost capability starts off a lot worse than the first game (but it can be
    upgraded at PoxMart to allow you to reach higher areas).  This ability is 
    unlocked during Mission 1.
    Alien Artifact Detector:  This handy gadget will help you pinpoint locations of
    alien artifacts in the current city.  As you get close to an alien artifact, it
    will show up on your mini-map (radar) as a red blip.  The detector is always on
    and does not need to be activated.  It is usable both on foot and in the saucer
    (though the blips are smaller the higher your altitude).  This gadget is
    unlocked upon completion of the final Albion Arkvoodle mission (Cult of 
    Arkvoodle 12).
    Furotech Cell Detector:  This handy gadget will help you pinpoint locations of 
    Furotech cells in the current city.  As you get close to a Furotech cell, it 
    will show up on your radar as a green blip.  The detector is always on and does
    not need to be activated.  It is usable both on foot and in the saucer (though
    the blips are smaller the higher your altitude).  This gadget is unlocked by 
    completing all Arkvoodle cult missions.  The final one is Cult of Arkvoodle 16.
      Personal Weapons                                                  [PERWPN]
    Zap-O-Matic:  Press and hold R1 to zap enemies with a continuous stream of 
    electricity.  Does not use ammo, but the battery that powers it has a low 
    charge capacity.  After each couple of seconds of use, the weapon is unusable 
    for a similar period of time while the battery recharges itself.  Upgrades can 
    be purchased to extend the charge capacity of the battery, do more damage, and 
    chain bolts of electricity to multiple targets.  I use this typically only as
    a backup weapon when my other stuff runs out of ammo, and to drop the shields
    of the large Blisk at the end of the game.  Crypto starts the game with 
    this weapon.
    Dislocator:  Shoots out pink energy discs that pick up objects and hurl them in
    semi-random directions, then return to you.  (It seems that the object is flung
    back at Crypto a disproportionally high amount of the time.)  There is no ammo
    needed for this weapon, as the discs return to you.  However, the discs do fly
    around for a few seconds before returning, so the overall rate of fire tends to
    be poor.  Found on top of a building in Hashbury.  Upgrades increase ammo 
    capacity (3 or 4 discs at once).  I pretty much never use this, as the rate of
    fire is awful.  Retrieving this data core is the final goal for Mission 1.
    Disintegrator Ray:  A gun that shoots out yellow pulses of energy.  A couple 
    rounds are enough to disintegrate most humans.  Tougher enemies like KGB 
    agents, Soldiers, and Ninjas need several more shots.  Capable of destroying 
    vehicles but not buildings.  Ammo looks like oval-shaped yellow containers.
    Upgrades give you multi-shot ability and increase ammo capacity.  Obtained from
    the Datacore found in the center of Coyote Bongwater's lair after he is 
    defeated.  This is probably the most versatile weapon in your arsenal and is my
    weapon of choice in most normal situations.  Unlocked during Mission 4.
    Anal Probe:  Shoots a green glob of energy at a target.  Moving the targeting 
    reticule over a human target will cause a green lock-on circle to appear.  
    Firing at a locked-on human usually causes him/her to run while grabbing 
    his/her ass cheeks, and then die as their brain pops out of his/her head.  This
    weapon is surprisingly useful.  I use it to take out most humans in one shot,
    when I need brains to recharge the Mind Flash ability, or turn infected humans
    mutated by Blisk spores back into normal form.  Unlocked during Mission 6.
    Meteor Strike:  A weapon not for the faint of heart -- whip out this sucker 
    when you need to go for the big guns.  To charge it, hold down R1.  When the 
    aiming reticule turns red, let go of R1 to fire where the aimpoint is.  This 
    causes a giant meteor to fall from the sky and crush everything beneath it, 
    causing major damage.  A great boss killer, it is also effective on buildings.
    Watch out though, as you will be damaged as well if you are in the area of 
    effect.  Upgrades drop more meteors per attack, increase ammo capacity, and 
    decrease charge up time.  I use this anytime I need big damage (especially 
    bosses), to hit enemies widely spaced out, or take out a building on foot.  It 
    also works great as a stealth weapon since the range is really good.  I like to
    get on top of a building or other structure, then look down off the edge and 
    drop a meteor on my intended target(s).  They won't know what hit them.  
    Unlocked during Mission 8.
    Ion Detonator:  An area-effect weapon that is lobbed like a grenade, but is 
    detonated remotely.  To throw, press and hold R1.  The longer you hold R1, the
    farther it goes.  The weapon detonates after 10 seconds, or when you press R1 a
    second time.  Be careful where you place the detonator, as it will damage you 
    as well if you are in the blast radius.  I use this for taking out vehicles or
    several enemies at once while on foot, and it is good for ambushing pursuing
    enemies -- just drop one and keep running!  Unlocked after completing Mission 
    Gastro:   This weapon shoots out a small saucer, looking a bit like Pox's 
    HoloPox unit.  This is Gastro, formerly... the mothership's janitor.   Once he 
    hits the ground, he pops out and starts shooting at nearby enemies.  He's quite
    useful for crowd control -- his base weapon is decent, but his role as a decoy,
    drawing enemy attacks off of you, is quite helpful.  Upgrades allow Gastro to
    start kicking some serious ass, as they let him hover around, strengthen his 
    armor, and do a LOT of damage.  The time to use Gastro is when you are stuck in
    a major battle and you need to get some heat off your back and/or some help 
    thinning out a large swarm of enemies.  After he's maxed out on upgrades, even
    the Blisk don't stand a chance.  Unlocked after completing Mission 13.
    Burrow Beast:  This weapon looks like a lure from a tackle box.  Charge it up 
    to launch it (like the Ion Detonator).  When it touches the ground, a large 
    burrowing creature will move over to it, burst through the ground, and then 
    devour nearby creatures, including the Blisk.  Upgrades increase "ammo" 
    capacity and the speed of the creature.  This weapon is often useful in the 
    same situations as Gastro.  Unlocked during the final Takoshima Cult of 
    Arkvoodle mission, "The Coming of Arkvoodle".
      Saucer Weapons/Features                                           [SCRWPN]
    Cloaking Device:  Hides your ship from view.  Activate it by holding L2.  The
    cloaking device rapidly drains energy while in use, and you cannot fire any 
    weapons while cloaked (except for the AbductoBeam).  Your saucer starts out 
    with this feature installed.  The cloaking device will slowly recharge itself 
    when not in use (and I do mean SLOWLY -- the recharge rate is painfully slow).
    The cloaking device drains energy so quickly that you can't rely on it too 
    much.  Its chief purpose is to give you short bursts of time where you are 
    undetectable, which is useful in several missions.  You can probably get 
    through the game without even using it.
    Shields:  Protects your saucer from enemy weapons.  Each hit drains shield 
    energy, and when the shield energy is drained, another hit will likely destroy 
    your saucer.  In a positive twist from the previous game where you had to grab 
    saucer powerups to recharge the shields, you can now recharge the shields 
    anytime you want with the AbductoBeam (using the Drain ability).  Your saucer 
    starts out with this feature installed.
    Death Ray:  A heat ray that can damage enemies and vehicles.  Does moderate 
    damage, but is prone to overheating.  To fire, hold down the R1 button.  If you
    fire continuously for a few seconds, the weapon will overheat and you will need
    to let it cool down before firing again.  Upgrades can be purchased to increase
    the damage and decrease the cooldown time.  This weapon is extremely effective
    on humans -- just a light tap of the button is enough to fry most humans.  
    While not the best choice for taking down buildings or armored vehicles like 
    tanks, it does still work.  It just may take a while.  Your saucer starts out 
    with this feature installed.
    AbductoBeam:  More of a tool than a weapon, but it can be used for some 
    interesting things.  To use the AbductoBeam, hold down L1, and move the yellow 
    aiming crosshair over top of your target.  To grab a human, press Triangle 
    while the yellow crosshair is over a human.  This picks up the human in a 
    glowing light beam.  Pressing Triangle again will store the human for use in 
    the Gene Blender, while releasing L1 lets them go.  You can also drain the 
    energy from a vehicle to recharge your saucer's shields.  To do this, hold L1, 
    move the cursor over a vehicle, and repeatedly tap Circle.  You also pick up 
    the vehicle while doing this, so you can actually pick up tanks and drop them 
    into water and stuff like that.  If you have unlocked the Transmog ability, you
    can hold down L1 and tap X to Transmog enemy vehicles into ammo for your saucer
    weapons.  The AbductoBeam is very handy, and a significant improvement over the
    first game.  The AbductoBeam never needs ammo.  Your saucer starts out with 
    this feature installed.
    Anti-Gravity Field:  Launches a projectile that levitates humans and vehicles 
    off the ground and usually destroys them.  You can Transmog the blackened husks
    afterward for ammo.   Useful fact:  does not harm buildings.  Upgrades increase
    ammo capacity and duration of the effect.  I found this weapon somewhat helpful
    in the missions where you have to defend buildings or tents, as it will not
    damage them.  This datacore is sitting on top of the arch at the north entrance
    of Hyde Park in Albion.  You can grab it as soon as you get to Albion, but you 
    will either need both Jetpack upgrades from PoxMart, or to spend a lot of time 
    PK'ing cars to create a set of stairs to climb up to reach it.
    Sonic Boom:  A weapon that releases sonic shockwaves at the target.  Wipes out 
    humans and vehicles, and 2 shots will destroy most buildings.  The damage is 
    good, but not as impressive in the previous game.  This weapon represents a
    middle ground between big damage fast and ammo capacity.  Use this when you 
    need to cause bigger damage and the Death Ray is too slow, or when you need to
    take out multiple buildings or tough enemies quickly (such as during the Kojira
    boss fight).  Upgrades increase ammo capacity and damage.   Unlocked during 
    Mission 13.
    Quantum Deconstructor:  A potent weapon that levels buildings and obliterates 
    creatures in a large radius on the ground.  Damage is every bit as impressive 
    as the previous game.  The saucer weapon of choice when you want something dead
    quickly.  Upgrades increase the ammo capacity and blast radius.  The Datacore 
    for this weapon is sitting right out in the open in Tunguska, near the hairpin 
    turn in Tarkovskoye -- you can just go there and pick it up once you reach
      PoxMart                                                           [PXMART]
    There are many different upgrades available for purchase in PoxMart.  PoxMart 
    is unlocked by completing main story mission 2.  Upgrades are purchased with 
    Furotech Cells (those you find plus those you receive as mission completion 
    bonuses).  The cost of the upgrade is listed below in parentheses after the 
    upgrade name.
    Upgrades many not be purchased for an ability that is locked (usually a 
    certain Datacore is needed to unlock it).  The trees shown for each category
    show the dependencies.  For example, the Fluxeon Capacitor cannot be purchased 
    until the Boost Capacitor is purchased.
    Note:  All abilities related to the Blisk are unlocked by finding one 
    particular Datacore, available during Mission 20.
    --+--- Iridium Arc Splitter ------ Electrovolt Crab Cracker
      +--- Boost Capacitor ----------- Fluxeon Capacitor
      +--- Gortan Shock Multiplier --- Electron Volt Magnifier
    Iridium Arc Splitter (11)      -- Chain lightning to additional targets
    Electrovolt Crab Cracker (17)  -- Increase damage vs. Blisk   
    Boost Capacitor (4)            -- Increase the ZapoCel battery charge
    Fluxeon Capacitor (9)          -- Maximize the ZapoCel battery charge 
    Gortan Shock Multiplier (4)    -- Increase electricity damage
    Electron Volt Magnifier (10)   -- Maximum electricity damage 
    ------ Thrust-A-Tron 2000 ------ Thrust King 5000
    Thrust-A-Tron 2000 (18) -- Increased vertical thrust
    Thrust King 5000 (36)   -- Maximum vertical boost
    ------ Grav Disc Trio ------ Grav Disk Quadro
    Grav Disc Trio (10) -- Increase Grav Disc capacity to 3
    Grav Disc Quadro (14) -- Increase Grav Disc capacity to 4
    Death Ray
    --+--- Nuclear Blister Inducer ------ Fusion Scorcher
      +--- Liquid N2 Cooling ------------ Superfluid Heat Exhaust
    Nuclear Blaster Inducer (6) -- Increase Death Ray heat damage
    Fusion Scorcher (12)        -- Maximum Death Ray heat damage
    Liquid N2 Cooling (4)       -- Increase Death ray cooldown speed
    Superfluid Heat Exhaust (8) -- Maximum Death ray cooldown speed
    Disintegrator Ray
    --+--- Twin Fusion Chambers -------- Crab Shell Atomizer
      +--- Magneto Clip --- Neutrino Clip  ----  Proton Clip
    Twin Fusion Chambers (16)  -- Fire two disintegrators at once
    Crab Shell Atomizer (25)   -- Disintegrator Ray effective vs. Blisk
    Magneto Clip (4)           -- Increase capacity to 150
    Neutrino Clip (8)          -- Increase capacity to 200
    Proton Clip (12)           -- Increase capacity to 250
    Anal Probe
    ------ Rectal Packager ------ Butt Pressure Maximizer
    Rectal Packager (10)         -- Increase capacity to 7
    Butt Pressure Maximizer (14) -- Increases capacity to 9
    Anti-Gravity Field
    --+--- Dark Energy Cells ------ Really Dark Energy Cells
      +--- Schrodinger's Clock ---- Schrodinger's Stopwatch
    Dark Energy Cells (6)         -- Increases capacity to 5
    Really Dark Energy Cells (12) -- Increase capacity to 7
    Schrodinger's Clock (6)       -- 15 second duration
    Schrodinger's Stopwatch (14)  -- 30 second duration
    Ion Detonator
    --+--- Ion Destruction Coils --- Crab Radiation Dampener
      +--- Ion Storage Beta --- Ion Storage Gamma --- Ion Storage Thetan
    Ion Destruction Coils (9)     -- Increase damage
    Crab Radiation Dampener (23)  -- Detonator effective vs. Blisk
    Ion Storage Beta (8)          -- Increase capacity to 4
    Ion Storage Gamma (12)        -- Increase capacity to 6
    Ion Storage Thetan (18)       -- Increase capacity to 8
    Sonic Boom
    --+--- Flange Wah-Wah Crossover ------ Volume Control 11
      +--- Eight Track Booms ------------- Bada Booms
    Flange Wah-Wah Crossover (8) -- Increase damage
    Volume Control 11 (8)        -- Maximum Sonic Damage
    Eight Track Booms (8)        -- Increase capacity to 15
    Bada Booms (14)              -- Increase capacity to 20
    Meteor Strike
    --+--- Meteor Shower ---- Meteor Storm ---- Crustacean Orbital Targeting
      +--- Deep Impact Triangulation System --- Armageddon Targeting Sensors
      +--- Meteor! Pack ----- World's Collide Clip
    Meteor Shower (18)                    -- 3 meteors per strike
    Meteor Storm (22)                     -- Small planetoid added to strike
    Crustacean Orbital Targeting (25)     -- Increase effectiveness vs. Blisk
    Deep Impact Triangulation System (6)  -- Decrease meteor targeting time
    Armageddon Targeting Sensors (10)     -- Minimum meteor targeting time
    Meteor! Pack (14)                     -- Increase capacity to 3
    World's Collide Clip (20)             -- Increase capacity to 5
    --+-- Go Go Gastro --- Anti-Everything Launcher --- Gastro's Crustacean Smasher
      +-- Gastro Reflux --- Gastro Enteritis
      +-- Gastro Alloy Armor --- Gastro Nanotech Armor --- Gastro Plasma Shielding
    Go Go Gastro (9)                  -- Can hover around.
    Anti-Everything Launcher (14)     -- Gets a bombard attack
    Gastro's Crustacean Smasher (28)  -- Effective vs. Blisk
    Gastro Reflux (6)                 -- Increase Blaster damage
    Gastro Enteritis (13)             -- Maximum Blaster damage
    Gastro Alloy Armor (4)            -- Increase holopod armor
    Gastro Nanotech Armor (5)         -- Increase holopod armor
    Gastro Plasma Shielding (7)       -- Maximum holopod armor
    Quantum Deconstructor
    --+-- Particle Re-annihilator
      +-- Magneto Storage Compartment --- Repulsor Containment Enhancer
      +-- Gamma Particle Enrichment ----- Neutron Field Fluxuators
    Particle Re-annihilator (6)        -- Increase vs. Blisk
    Magneto Storage Compartment (10)   -- Increase capacity to 4
    Repulsor Containment Enhancer (16) -- Increase capacity to 6
    Gamma Particle Enrichment (7)      -- Increases explosion size
    Neutron Field Fluxuators (13)      -- Maximum explosion size
    Burrow Beast
    --+--- BB Goon Juice ------ BB Boost Juice
      +--- Furon Tackle Box --- The Tackle Master
    BB Goon Juice (8)     -- Increase speed
    BB Boost Juice (13)   -- Maximum speed
    Furon Tackle Box (6)  -- 2 lures
    The Tackle Master (8) -- 3 lures
    Crypto's Shields
    --- Shield Enhancer Pack --- Shield Resonator Plus --- Shield Harmonics Maxima
    Shield Enhancer Pack (16)     -- Increase shield strength
    Shield Resonator Plus (21)    -- Increase shield strength
    Shield Harmonics Maxima (28)  -- Maximum shield strength
    Saucer Shields
    --- Shield Generator Alpha --- Shield Generator Beta --- Shield Generator Omega
    Shield Generator Alpha (13)  -- Increase shield strength
    Shield Generator Beta (17)   -- Increase shield strength 
    Shield Generator Omega (22)  -- Maximum shield strength
      Basics & General Tips                                             [BASTIP]
    Police Boxes
    These short poles have a telephone built into them with a direct line to the 
    police.  The police boxes appear on your radar as a telephone icon.  To use a 
    police box, you must be some member of law enforcement (such as a cop, soldier,
    or Secret Agent).  If you meet that requirement, you have several options 
    available when you approach one.
    Pressing X will cause you to Send the All Clear signal.  This has Crypto call 
    the police and tell them that the perpetrator was found/eliminated.  The net 
    effect is that the alert level is reduced to zero.
    Pressing Circle makes a crank call.
    Pressing Square calls for backup.
    General Tips
    * Upgrade your Jetpack early in the game, as hiding on top of buildings is a 
    good way to take a breather to recharge your shields.  Many enemies cannot hit 
    you when you are standing on higher ground (like on buildings).
    * When you have a choice, using the saucer during a mission is usually easier 
    than going on foot.
    * Do the Gene Blends for each city as soon as you can.  The Bay City ones 
    unlock after Mission 3.  For the other cities, they are unlocked as soon as you
    arrive.  Note that some Gene Blends need to be completed before others are 
    unlocked.  The better gene blends unlock lots of useful abilities, such as 
    being able to PK cars and heavier vehicles, and allowing Free Love to work on 
    KGB agents.
    * Also, check the Gene Blender after each mission you complete.  Some of the
    Gene Blends unlock when missions are complete.
    * Get into the habit of recharging your ammo (use Transmog) before beginning a 
    mission.  Those missions that require a lot of firepower become more difficult 
    than they need to be if you run out of ammo.  
    * When you get low on ammo during a mission, you usually have time to use your 
    Transmog power on nearby objects or vehicles (when on foot), or on vehicles 
    (when in the saucer).  When I say "replenish/restock your ammo", I mean to use 
    the Transmog ability.
    * After blowing up vehicles, you can still Transmog the husk left behind.  You 
    can Transmog vehicles you blow up to replenish some of the ammo you used.  An 
    even more helpful trick is to Drain an enemy vehicle to recharge your shields, 
    and once you've sucked it dry, Transmog it for ammo -- the Transmog will happen
    even faster because the vehicle is already damaged.
    * When the saucer shields are low, quickly find a vehicle nearby and Drain it 
    to recharge your shields.  I have found that it's best to withdraw from the 
    battle, Drain a vehicle to recharge the shield, and then re-engage.  Enemies 
    don't do a very good job of hunting you down if you run away.
    * When on foot and your shield is low, disengage the enemy, then run somewhere 
    and hide.  The tops of buildings work well for this.  Jetpack up into the air 
    if nothing is around (the enemy cannot hit you as well in the air, for some 
    reason).  After a few seconds, your shield will recharge.
    * If the enemy fires homing missiles at you, it is possible to dodge some (but 
    usually not all) of them.  The homing missiles seem to track your lateral
    movements well, but are not quite as good at tracking your altitude.  The best
    way to do this seems to be weaving up and down.  Try holding up on the right 
    analog stick for 2 seconds, then down 2 seconds, then repeat.  This works 
    against the missiles of the ground-based SAM launcher vehicles, but not against
    the missiles fired by Kojira, which seem to be nearly impossible to dodge.
    * If you don't know where to go next when in a mission, use Scan on someone 
    nearby.  They will usually give you a hint where to go.  Try multiple kinds of 
    people if the first one doesn't work.  Also, check your map.  Sometimes a place
    name will be highlighted or flash.  Go visit that area. If you really don't get
    any hints at all, the thing you need to do is most likely close by.  
    * If you have to solve some kind of problem in the game, try using the ability
    or weapon you've most recently unlocked.  It's surprising how often this works.
      Mission Types                                                     [MTYPES]
    There are three types of missions in Destroy All Humans! 2.
    1.  Story Missions:  These missions relate directly to the main plot of the 
    game.  Completing a main story mission always unlocks the next main story 
    mission in sequence.  Completing all story missions in a city unlocks the next 
    city, and completing all story missions in the game shows the end credits (even
    if there are side missions uncompleted).  Represented on the radar view by a
    golden hexagon. 
    2.  Odd Jobs:  Many of these missions involve screwing with people (Ruin Lives 
    missions) or killing specific people (Assassination missions), though there are
    a few others.  Many of these are short and are pretty easy to do.  These are 
    also unlocked by completing certain story missions and certain other Odd Jobs.
    Represented on the radar view by a white hexagon.  
    3.  Arkvoodle Cult Missions:  First unlocked in Bay City, missions continue in 
    Albion, and Takoshima.  These missions revolve around Crypto fulfilling the 
    prophecy of Arkvoodle and becoming the "Son of Arkvoodle, Lord of the Sacred 
    Crotch".  Cult missions involve recruiting (or defending) members for a new 
    Cult that worships Arkvoodle.  Note that there are no Arkvoodle Cult missions 
    in Tunguska or Solaris Moon Base (for reasons that should become obvious after 
    completing the final Arkvoodle mission in Takoshima).  Represented on the radar
    view by a white pair of alien eyes.
    A note about the order in which you do the missions: 
    In this guide all of the missions are ordered by city, roughly in the order you
    receive them in that city.  
    For story missions, this means that you will probably do all the story missions
    in order.  However, you will not be able to do the Odd Job and Arkvoodle Cult 
    missions in the order given here, as some are not unlocked until much later.  
    For example, the final Bay City Cult of Arkvoodle mission is unlocked from 
    Albion, and you have to backtrack to Bay City to actually do it.  Some Odd Jobs
    even require you to complete all the story missions first.  So if you are stuck
    in a city with no more missions to do, you'll have to head on to the next city 
    to progress further.  Completing some missions may also unlock missions in an
    earlier city.
    Update:  At the end of each mission, I list what completing the mission will
    unlock, so you don't have to backtrack as much.
      Main Story Walkthrough                                            [MWALKT]
      Mission 1:   Furon Loathing in Bay City                           [MAIN01]
    Cutscene:  The Russians are having a meeting to discuss the Furon invasion.  
    They reveal how 10 years ago the Furon race invaded the United States.  One 
    alien, Cryptosporidium-137 did most of the damage, but ultimately died.  
    Orthopox-13 was able to create a new clone, Cryptosporidium-138, with pure 
    Furon DNA harvested from human brain stems.  Because of this, 
    Cryptosporidium-138 has genitalia unlike his previous clones (major 
    foreshadowing here).  Cryptosporidium-138 has taken over the White House by 
    (apparently) impersonating the President.  The Russians see this as a threat 
    and launch a missile at the Furon mothership in orbit, where Pox is conducting 
    experiments.  As the mothership blows up, Crypto notices it from Earth, and 
    realizes something bad has happened.  Before he can react, he is face to face 
    with a Russian KGB agent, who pulls a gun out and aims it at him.  Crypto whips
    out his Zap-O-Matic, and the battle is on!
    Note:  Much like the previous title in the series, most of Crypto's abilities 
    are locked, and therefore, unusable at the start of the game.  You begin only 
    with your Zap-O-Matic.  In particular, you cannot use your jetpack or use 
    psychokinesis (PK) yet.
    You will be thrust directly into Mission 1 to begin the game.
    Your first task is to take out the KGB agents who are after you.  Use your 
    Zap-O-Matic.  Just look for the pink blip on your radar to find where they are.
    They all approach from nearby, so you shouldn't have to move very far.  Aim the
    targeting reticule with your right analog stick and fire with the R1 button. 
    (Hold it down to do more damage.)  The KGB agents only come after you one or 
    two at a time, which makes this part very easy.  Beware of falling debris from 
    the exploded mothership, as it can hurt you.  There should be seven KGB agents 
    total.  After you have killed them all, Pox will contact you to tell you that
    the mothership was destroyed and that the Russians are after him.  
    Follow the pink blip on your radar up the hill, to a gate.  There will be two 
    KGB agents up there blocking your way, so take them out with your Zap-O-Matic. 
    When you reach the pink marker by the gate, your PK (Psychokinesis) ability 
    will be unlocked.  Use your new power on one of the dumpsters to smash through 
    the gate.  There will be two more KGB agents on the other side to deal with, if
    you didn't kill them with the dumpster.  Go forward and enter the pink marker 
    to talk to Pox.  
    Cutscene:  Pox tells Crypto that the mothership has been destroyed and he was 
    blown to smithereens, but he was luckily able to download his mind into a Furon
    HoloPox device.  Pox tells Crypto to find an Arkvoodle statue.  The Arkvoodle 
    statues mark the location of ancient Furon landing sites.  By finding the 
    statue, he can call for his saucer ship.  As Crypto walks away, the camera cuts
    to a bomb in the shallow pit were he found Pox.
    The bomb explodes, which has two bad effects on you -- first of all, the alert
    level goes up.  Second, it wipes out most (if not all) your shield.  The game 
    explains about Crypto's Shield feature -- when you take damage, the green 
    shield bar depletes.  When the bar is empty, taking any damage will kill you.
    If you can survive for a few seconds, the shield will recharge.  Fortunately,
    there aren't any enemies in the immediate vicinity, so you shouldn't be in any
    danger.  But wait where you are until your shield recharges.  Fortunately, it 
    only takes a few seconds.
    Follow the pink blip on your radar to the Arkvoodle statue.  Take out any cops 
    or KGB agents that annoy you on the way, or just run past them.  You will come 
    to an alley with more dumpsters in the way.  PK them away and enter the 
    clearing beyond.  There will be a couple of more agents coming after you.  Grab
    the Furotech Cell by the water tower, then approach the Arkvoodle statue and 
    talk to him.  
    The game tells you that to unlock a landing zone at an Arkvoodle statue, you 
    must talk to him and fulfill his demands.  This one wants you to zap his idol 
    with bolts of electricity.  Just use your Zap-O-Matic on the statue to satisfy
    Arkvoodle.  The landing zone is activated.  Enter the center blue area and
    press Triangle to call the saucer.  After you call the saucer, four KGB agents
    will rush in, coming in from the direction you entered from.  Take them out
    with your Zap-O-Matic or PK one of the explosive barrels nearby into them (one
    barrel should nail all four).  Then wait for the saucer to arrive.  
    Go over to the saucer and talk to Pox.  It doesn't matter which options you 
    choose.  Exhaust all the options at each stage of the conversation, and then 
    leave to retrieve the datacores.  Follow the pink blip to find the datacore.  
    On the way, your Jetpack will be unlocked and you can now use it by pressing 
    and holding X.  When you reach the pink blip, you will come to a building.  
    Several KGB agents will start shooting as you approach -- there are several at
    ground level, and a few more on top of the building, where the Datacore is.  I
    suggest you take them out before you try to get up there -- use your 
    Zap-O-Matic or just PK them away.
    The building is too high to reach with your jetpack alone.  Look for a hippie
    bus on the right side of the building.  Use your jetpack to jump onto the bus,
    then the water tower, and then onto the building.    There is another Furotech
    cell on the rooftop to your left, so use your jetpack to fly over there and
    grab it.   The go back to the building where the datacore is.  Pick it up and
    the Dislocator will be unlocked.
    Cutscene:  The Russians, led by Agent Oranchov, are amazed that Crypto is still
    alive, and determine that they need more firepower to finish the job.  Their 
    secret operation will continue as planned.  Oranchov wants as much Revelade as
    quickly as possible, and the citizens of Bay City are in for a bad trip (pun
    Mission Completion Bonus:  Nothing
    Unlocks:  Mission 2, PoxMart
    As you approach the golden hex to begin mission 2, the game informs you that 
    PoxMart is now unlocked.  At PoxMart, you can purchase upgrades in exchange for
    Furotech cells.
      Mission 2:   Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?             [MAIN02]   
    Location:  Get this mission from Pox in the parking lot in Hashbury.
    Cutscene:  Pox wants to know what the KGB were up to.  By scanning the files of
    the local constabulary, he has determined that a hippie named "The Freak" may 
    know what the KGB are up to, so he sends you to find him.  
    A message will pop up saying that your Body Snatch ability is unlocked. 
    Approach the pink blip on your radar to find the hippie chick and Body Snatch 
    her.  You will get another message and your Free Love ability will be unlocked.
    Use the Free Love ability on one of the guys that were talking to the hippie 
    chick (they should have ! marks over their heads).  Once you get the All Clear 
    message, you can continue.
    PK the dumpsters out of your way to exit the fenced in area.  A few seconds 
    later, you will get another message.  Your Scan ability is unlocked.  Approach
    a nearby humans and Scan him or her to learn where The Freak is.  S/he will 
    tell you that the Freak is at the park.  Tap X to sprint and head toward the 
    park (use your nav map if you get lost).  If you fail to reach the park before
    your disguise runs out, find another hippie chick and Body Snatch her.  Now, 
    follow the pink blip on your radar to find The Freak.  As you get close to the
    park, you will get a message to scan some humans nearby for information.  They
    will tell you that The Freak is on the hill.  Follow the pink blip again on 
    your radar to find him.  Approach The Freak and press Triangle to talk to him.
    It doesn't matter which option you choose, but ask for his guidance first for 
    some laughs.
    Cutscene:  The Freak tells you that the leader of the commune, Coyote 
    Bongwater, invited the KGB to the party.  He tells you that the chicks all dig 
    Coyote and he's been handing out this drink in a can called "Revelade".  He 
    doesn't know where Coyote's pad is, but it you find some Revelade, you'll find 
    him soon enough.
    If you walk forward a bit, you will find another Arkvoodle statue (you can 
    unlock it now, if you want).  Just PK the 5 signs nearby out of the way to
    unlock it.
    Run around and scan some women until one tells you about Revelade.  She will 
    tell you that Bongwater is on Hashbury Street (back towards where you started 
    the mission).  Use your Nav Map and head toward Hashbury.  Use your mini map 
    and travel south down the center street in Hashbury.  As you get close to the 
    building, the pink blip will appear on your map and you'll get the next mission
    goal.  While in a hippie disguise, walk around to the back of the building, 
    inside the gated area.  A bunch of KGB agents hanging around will let you know
    you're in the right place.  Enter the building.
    Cutscene:  Bongwater is charming the young hippie chicks, who are no doubt 
    hopped up on Revelade.  When Crypto shows up, he pleads with you to join the 
    commune.  Crypto realizes he has to kill Bongwater because he is bogarting the
    brain stems, but the KGB show up and Bongwater gets away.  Crypto shoots out of
    the window in his jetpack.
    Two KGB agents will appear in front of you and two will be behind you.  All of 
    them are illuminated in pink light beams.  Kill all four of them.  This will 
    cause the alert level to reach 2 (this is unavoidable).  The game will show you
    a message about alert levels.  Next you have to Body Snatch a cop.  This is 
    super easy, because with an alert level of 2, the cops will be coming after you
    already.  Go back out to the front of the building and the cops should pull up.
    Quickly use True Love on someone nearby and then Body Snatch the cop.  
    Once you are in cop form and the witnesses are taken care of, it's time for the
    final objective.  Look for a blue telephone icon on your radar -- there should 
    be one in front of you on the left side of the street.  Before your disguise 
    wears off, run over to it.  This is a police box.  Getting near it while 
    disguised as a cop allows you to use it.  In this case, press X to "Call in All
    Clear".  This will cancel the alert level and complete the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  4 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 3
      Mission 3:   They Shoot Hippies, Don't They?                      [MAIN03]
    Location:  Get this mission from The Freak in Hashbury, just downhill from the
    parking lot where the saucer is.  You must be disguised as a hippie.
    Cutscene:  The Freak fills you in on Bongwater's scheme.  He has purchased a 
    lot of blimps and filled them with Revelade gas, which he plans to release on 
    the unsuspecting populace of Bay City.  
    After starting the mission, you chat with Pox.  He tells that that you can make
    the saucer fly again with the help of some Saucer Repair Pods he's just 
    Head towards the pink blips on your radar which mark the locations of the pods 
    -- they are illuminated by pink beams when you get close.  Of course, all of 
    the pods are guarded by cops and/or soldiers -- this makes things a little 
    tricky.  The best strategy is to get a disguise, sneak up to one of the repair 
    pods, and use Free Love on one of the people guarding it.  This keeps everyone 
    in the area distracted -- just run away before the Free Love wears off.  (You 
    can actually pull this off without being disguised, but it does help to keep 
    the soldiers and cops off your back until the Free Love kicks in.)  Then just 
    lather, rinse, and repeat for the other repair pods.  There are 5 in all that 
    you have to retrieve.  
    Once you pick up the last repair pod, return to the saucer.  It's the pink blip
    on your radar, as usual.  You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the army
    and cops aren't lying in wait around the saucer, so just walk up to it and get 
    in.  You need to fly around without being seen, so follow the instructions you 
    are given to activate your cloak (L2).  Remember, while cloaked, the only 
    weapon you can use is the AbductoBeam.  Then you have to charge your Saucer's 
    shields -- this is fun.  You charge the shields with the Drain ability.  To 
    Drain, hold L1 and move the cursor over top of a vehicle, then tap Circle to 
    drain energy from the vehicle to charge your saucer's shields.  If you move a 
    little to your right, the street there should have some cars there for you to 
    use.  I prefer cop cars. :)  
    Pox calls you and tells you to destroy the balloons with the Revelade.  He is 
    monitoring the Revelade saturation level.  It begins at 0% when this objective 
    is given, and begins slowly counting up.  If it reaches 100%, you fail the 
    mission as all the people in the city are taken over by the Revelade.  Don't 
    worry though, as you should have plenty of time.  Turn toward the pink blips 
    that mark the Revelade Blimps on your radar.  Quickly take each one out with 
    your Death Ray.  The first wave is a group of 3 blimps near the Park.  The 
    second wave is a group of 4 (which spawn behind you on the SW edge of the map).
    The final wave is a squadron of 5 blimps on the S edge of the map.  Time isn't
    really a factor, but the anti-aircraft guns and missiles are.  The best 
    strategy is not to try to stop and shoot out the anti-aircraft weapons.  Just 
    take out the blimps as fast as you can, and you'll be fine.  If your saucer's 
    shields are failing, recharge them using the Drain ability you learned earlier.
    Shooting all 12 blimps completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 4, Odd Job 1, Odd Job 2, Cult of Arkvoodle 1, Gene Blender
    Before Mission 4 begins, you are told about gene blending.  You can do this now
    if you want (it is easy and grants you some nice boosts), or just continue the 
    main-line missions.  You can do 6 gene blends now (see the Gene Blends section
    for details.)
      Mission 4:   The Alien Who Probed Me                              [MAIN04]
    Talk to The Freak to begin this mission.  He is hanging out behind a building 
    near Golden Gate Park.  Be sure to have a hippie disguise up or he won't talk 
    to you.
    Cutscene:  The trail to Coyote Bongwater has gone cold, because Bongwater has 
    gone into hiding.  Crypto checks in with The Freak again, and learns that a
    woman named Prudence would best know where to find Coyote Bongwater.
    Apparently, Prudence Kane is Bongwater's girlfriend (or one of them, at least).
    Get a hippie disguise and start scanning people until you learn that Prudence 
    is at the park.  Dash off to Golden Gate Park.  As you get to the park, 
    continue scanning humans until her pink blip appears on your radar.  You'll 
    find her on the stage.  You must be disguised as a hippie in order to talk to 
    Cutscene:  Prudence is on the stage at the park, talking to the hippies who are
    dancing.  Crypto talks to her.
    You can choose any option you want to continue the mission (as all choices lead
    to the same result) -- but to get a hilarious scene, choose "Threaten the 
    Hippies" and then "Start a Fight".  You'll be forced to "Apologize to 
    Prudence". :D  (I tried finding her tent, but no luck.  You don't seem to be 
    allowed to enter any of the tents.)  After that, you can choose whether you 
    want to heckle Bongwater and/or Revelade, but it doesn't seem to matter (I kept
    choosing the "Insult" options, as they were funnier and it doesn't have any bad
    effect.)  Either way, you learn that Bongwater's new plan is to dump the 
    Revelade into the Bay.
    Next, you have to destroy the Revelade trucks.  You don't have to go far.  They
    are sitting right behind the stage.  The only tough part is they are closely 
    guarded by a plethora of KGB agents.   You cannot use your mind powers on the 
    KGB without a Gene Blender update, but ironically, if you Free Love a hippie 
    nearby, the KGB agents are also affected.  Be careful as you approach the truck
    closest to the stage -- there is a hippie bus parked nearby with a gun turret 
    mounted on top, and it sprays out an impressive number of bullets.  If you have
    alerted the enemy, avoid it or run.
    The easiest way to wipe out the trucks is to PK one of the explosive barrels 
    and push it into the truck.  If you miss on the first try, there are more near
    the second truck.  The big advantage of this approach is you can stay farther 
    away, and the explosion should wipe out most, if not all, of the KGB agents 
    nearby as well.  If you run out of barrels, then use your Zap-O-Matic, but 
    you'll have to dodge the KGB agents as you shoot.  Once you destroy both 
    trucks, you can continue.
    Hightail it out of there and head back into the park.  Start scanning hippies 
    to find where Bongwater's lair is located.  After a few tries, you should learn
    that it is underground, and there is a secret entrance in the underpass beneath
    the hill.  Even with this information, it's not exactly obvious where to go, as
    there are a lot of hills around.  You need to go to the dead end street that 
    circular in shape near the words "Old Fort" on your nav map.  You should see a 
    large tunnel when you get close, guarded by KGB agents (2 at ground level, 1 up
    on the hill).  Make sure you have a hippie disguise on and there is no alert 
    level.  Then just walk into the tunnel and enter the pink marker on the right, 
    then enter the second one that appears.  It's an ambush!
        Boss Fight:  Coyote Bongwater
        Bongwater is initially surrounded by KGB agents, but they soon peel off
        to attack you.   Bongwater uses a nasty weapon that has an effect like
        Free Love on you.  It makes it harder to see and takes a huge chunk of
        energy off your shield.  This makes you a sitting duck for the KGB 
        agents' guns.  The direct approach with the Zap-O-Matic here only seems
        to get you killed.  Instead, the strategy I used was to quickly PK one
        of the explosive barrels on the left side of the room into Bongwater or
        some object close to him.  The explosion should drop him even if he has
        full health.
    Cutscene:  Bongwater contacts Agent Oranchov to report that he failed.  The 
    Russians thank him for his loyalty, and Bongwater realizes he made a big 
    mistake working with them.  Crypto puts him out of his misery.
    After the battle, you'll have to deal with the KGB agents left alive.  Take
    them out quickly with the Zap-O-Matic, using the objects in the room for cover
    when the Zap-O-Matic needs to recharge.  Then go to the center of the room and
    grab the Datacore there.  Now you have the Disintegrator Ray!  Go over to one 
    of the crates or explosive barrels.  Target it, hold L1, and tap X to change it
    into ammo using your new Transmog power.  (Note: doing the same thing to a 
    vehicle while in the saucer recharges your saucer weapons.)  Grab the Furotech
    cell behind one of the pillars if you want, and then shoot the door you came 
    through with your new Disintegrator Ray to end the mission.
    After the mission is over, it is a good time to buy some upgrades at PoxMart,
    if you haven't already (approach your saucer and press Square).  At this point,
    I have a little over 60 Furotech cells, so usually buy the Disintegrator Ray 
    twin shot upgrade, and the first two ammo upgrades. Then I bought the first 
    upgrade for Crypto's shields and the saucer shields.
    Mission completion bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 5, Odd Job 3, Cult of Arkvoodle 5
      Mission 5:   The Guns of Alcatraz                                 [MAIN05]
    Cutscene:  Pox tells Crypto that the KGB agents have a plan to destroy the 
    city, but he doesn't know what it is.  He sends Crypto to do a little recon of 
    the KGB lair on The Rock, the central island in the Bay City map.
    To get to The Rock, you'll need to walk along the Wharf, since your Jetpack 
    won't be able to reach from any other place.  You can do it even without any 
    upgrades.  There's just one problem.  The wharf is CRAWLING with soldiers.  
    There are troop carriers and even a couple of tanks parked there.  
    The easy way is to use Free Love and Body Snatch a soldier.  This lets you walk
    past the soldiers and tanks unmolested.  About halfway across, you will 
    encounter a small sunken area that you cannot get past in human form.  Use Free
    Love on the soldiers in front of you, then exit your host body, quickly use 
    your jetpack to fly over to the other side, and land.  Dash over to one of the 
    dancing soldiers and Body Snatch him.  Then just walk to the far side of the 
    At the end of the wharf, stand near the end on the top level (don't go down to 
    the lower part), and then jetpack across.  Hold down X and forward on the 
    analog stick to fly across the water -- you should just barely make it.  Make 
    your way toward the pink X on your radar, but watch out for a gun emplacement 
    on your left. 
    Cutscene:  Crypto runs into the KGB.  Several agents threaten him while another
    sneaks up from behind.  A beautiful woman shoots the agent from above before he
    can get Crypto from behind.  She disappears, and the KGB let it slip that they
    have placed bombs all around Bay City.  The agent holding the dossier with the
    locations of the bombs takes off running.
    Instead of chasing after the guy with the dossier and getting mauled by a 
    group of KGB agents and gun turrets, there's a quick and easy strategy you can 
    use.  When the cutscene ends, quickly lock on to the KGB agent with the 
    dossier.  PK him, but do not use the Push command.  Instead, use the "In" 
    command (target him, hold L1 and press Triangle, then hold or tap Square).  
    Back up a little until you are out of immediate danger.  Drop the KGB guy on 
    the ground in front of you, then kill him with your Disintegrator Ray.  Grab 
    the dossier.  
    Once you have the dossier, wipe out the nearby KGB agents with your 
    Disintegrator Ray.  Make your way around the island, killing the KGB agents.  
    If you run out of ammo, Transmog a nearby crate or barrel to get more.  Pick up
    the alien artifact you come across, and the Furotech cell on the stairs by the
    gun emplacement.  Once the majority of the KGB agents are cleared out, jet over
    the fenced in area to reach the Arkvoodle statue.  Fire your Disintegrator Ray
    at him to unlock the landing zone, and then call your saucer. 
    You have 4:00 to find the vans carrying the nukes and drop them into the bay.  
    They move around, but the pink blips will appear on your radar because you 
    found the dossier.  Even though the saucer is slow, the vans with the nukes are
    even slower, so you can catch them.  Just use the AbductoBeam to grab them 
    (hold L1 and press Triangle when the target marker is over the van).  Then fly
    over the water and let go of L1 to drop the van in the water.  There are four 
    vans in all.
    After that, it's payback time.  Now you need to destroy all the buildings on 
    The Rock.  This would be extremely easy if it weren't for the plethora of 
    missile launchers and tanks that have been deployed on the island since you 
    left. (Those KGB dudes are fast, aren't they?)  I suggest you clear the island 
    of the tanks and anti-aircraft weapons first.  A good strategy is to use Drain 
    on the tanks to continually recharge your health, and then just drop them in 
    the water when you're done to get rid of them.  When all the tanks and missile 
    launchers are gone, the buildings are defenseless.  Take out the buildings on 
    the base with your Death Ray.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 6, Mission 6, Albion (next area)
    To get the next main story line mission, you need to travel to Albion.
    Note:  This is a good time to visit PoxMart.  This time, I purchased the final
    Disintegrator Ray ammo upgrade, the second update for Crypto's shields, and the
    first Jetpack upgrade.
      Mission 6:   No Pox Please - We're British                        [MAIN06]
    You start out in an empty lot in the Canal Side area, on the east side of 
    Albion.  Pox is nearby.  Talk to him to begin the next mission.  You must be
    Note:  Consider purchasing the twin shot Disintegrator Ray and Crypto's shield
    upgrades at PoxMart before taking on this mission.  If you have the extra 
    Furotech cells, purchasing one or more of the cheap Zap-O-Matic upgrades is a 
    good idea too.  You'll be fighting a lot of KGB agents in the tunnels, and the
    upgrades make it a lot easier.
    Cutscene:  Pox tells you that the Soviet spymaster Agent Oranchov is at large 
    in Albion, in a secret base under the city.  He sends you to find Oranchov and 
    wipe him out.
    Scan the humans nearby for clues.  You'll get a message to check your Nav Map, 
    and Hyde Park will be highlighted, so go there.  Scan a few more humans to get 
    the clue to check the northeast corner of the park.  The tunnel entrance isn't 
    exactly in the grassy park of the park, but fortunately, once you get anywhere 
    close at all, Pox pinpoints the location for you and it is marked with a pink X
    on your radar.  Grab a disguise, and follow the pink X to reach a large tunnel 
    opening with KGB agents guarding it.  Run up to the KGB agents near the 
    entrance while disguised, then pop out, and quickly use Free Love on the human 
    you just popped out of.  The KGB agents will get caught in the area of effect, 
    and you'll be able to slip into the tunnel.
    Once you get in the tunnels, there is no easy way to get by unnoticed, so use 
    PK or your disintegrator ray to take out the KGB agents.  Turn left when you go
    inside and follow the tunnel around.  There is a crate there you can Transmog
    to replenish your Disintegrator Ray ammo.  In this area, patience rules the 
    day.  Slowly and carefully pick off the KGB agents with your Disintegrator Ray 
    or Zap-O-Matic and run back towards the entrance if your shield bar is very 
    low.  As you continue, you get a transmission from Pox that he has detected a 
    Datacore near your location.  He marks it on your map, so head for it.  Grab it
    to unlock the Anal Probe!  (Yes!! :D)  Note that the Anal Probe uses ammo now,
    unlike the original game.  The datacore is unguarded, but watch out for the 
    yellow radiation clouds nearby -- don't get too close, or you'll take damage.
    Follow the signs on the side of the tunnel to the Headquarters. 
    Cutscene:  Crypto finds Agent Oranchov and prepares to open a can of whupass on
    him.  Before he can do that, Oranchov shoots some drums that contain some kind
    of biohazard, releasing a green gaseous substance.  Oranchov walks into the 
    green stuff and mutates into a monster.
        Boss Fight:  Agent Oranchov
        If you fire at Oranchov with your Disintegrator Ray, you'll notice he 
        takes little damage from it.  The game gives you the hint that Oranchov
        might be easier to defeat if you can turn him back into human form. Use
        the Anal Probe on him to do that.  Then use your Disintegrator Ray to
        finish him.  If you've upgraded to dual fire and have good shields, you
        don't even have to dodge his shots -- just waste him.
    Cutscene:  A mysterious British gentleman states his approval of your 
    performance and then tells you to follow him. 
    Ignore the man for a moment, and Transmog the blackboard and tables to restock
    some ammo.  Then head out.  Let him lead the way, as he tends to stop if you go
    too far in front of him.  He is invulnerable to weapon fire in this mission, so
    use him as a shield while you help him take out the KGB agents blocking your 
    escape.  You can't affect him with your own weapons either, so don't worry 
    about collateral damage.  The man has a gun as well, but his aim is pretty 
    awful -- calling it piss-poor would be a compliment.  You will run into several
    clusters of KGB agents and a few lone stragglers to deal with.  Head back 
    toward the tunnel entrance.
    Cutscene:  The man reveals himself as Reginald Ponsonby-Smythe and tells Crypto
    he is a British Intelligence agent.  When Crypto demands to know what is going 
    on, Ponsonby simply notes that they are fighting a common enemy and it would be
    better to join forces.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 7, Cult of Arkvoodle 8, Odd Job 8
      Mission 7:   La Femme Natalya                                     [MAIN07]
    Ponsonby is hanging out in Canal Side.  Talk to him to get the mission.  You 
    must be undisguised.
    Cutscene:  Ponsonby tells you he is worried about a number of British VIPs that
    are attending an art gallery opening hosted by the Russian ambassador.  He 
    wants you to scope out what is going on, incognito.
    Grab a disguise and head toward the pink X on your radar -- this is the art 
    gallery.  Ponsonby will tell you to investigate the sculpture for a closer 
    look.  Approach the sculpture wrapped in the Soviet flag.  
    Cutscene:  The statue explodes, releasing more of the green gaseous substance 
    that mutated Oranchov.  Several humans nearby are affected.  The mysterious 
    woman who saved you from the KGB agents in Mission 5 approaches you and tells
    you that you can shoot the monsters, but that is only treating the symptoms.  
    You must kill the spores to be successful.
    Help the woman fight off the infected humans.  For an easy win, use your Anal 
    Probe on them to reverse the mutation, then disintegrate the green spore clouds
    that are left behind.
    Cutscene:  The woman introduces herself as Natalya, a rogue KGB agent 
    investigating some really strange behavior is going on -- her colleagues 
    mutating into monsters, odd orders coming down from the KGB brass, that kind of
    thing.  She reveals that the green substance is some kind of spore that mutates
    normal humans into horrible monsters.  Natalya checks one of the bodies and 
    finds that the KGB plans to release the spores into the city.  She tells you 
    she will handle the infestation in Soho and directs you to the one in Hyde 
    The infected victims show up as pink Xs on your radar.  Before you head over to
    Hyde Park, make sure to Transmog some nearby objects to replenish your Anal 
    Probe ammo.  Then approach the statue, and wait for the humans to be mutated by
    the spores.  Handle them the same way as before.  After the area is clear, 
    Transmog a nearby bench or other object to restock your Anal Probe ammo.  Since
    you'll be firing weapons, there's not much point in disguising yourself.  Use 
    Free Love and/or a police box to lose some heat if your shield gets low.
    As you go for the group near the southwest area of the park, Pox will radio you
    to report that he's detected a datacore (the Anti-Gravity Beam for the saucer)
    near you -- it's on top of the arch nearby.  You will need to purchase all of 
    the Jetpack updates or PK a bunch of cars and make them into steps to reach it,
    so you may need to come back later (it's not part of the mission goals).  Head 
    toward the South Gate of the park.  Take this group out the same way as the 
    others.  Then get the group heading toward Parliament, and the final one toward
    the Soviet Embassy.  This completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 8, Odd Job 9
      Mission 8:   From Russia with Guns                                [MAIN08]
    Natalya is waiting for you in the Parliament area.  
    Cutscene:  Natalya tells you that another rogue KGB agent named Sergei has some
    vital information for her and she wants you to escort and protect her as she 
    makes the journey on foot to Soho to meet up with Sergei.  
    Ignore Natalya's directive to get a disguise.  It's faster to just wipe out the
    enemies with the Disintegrator Ray and run.  Using PK to push cars away is 
    helpful too.  Natalya's life bar appears in the upper left corner of the 
    screen, and you must not let it drain completely, or you'll fail the mission.  
    There are no real tricky spots, but the enemies will start showing up in 
    clusters later on.  If you get too far away, she'll stop moving, so make sure 
    to stay close to her.  When you run low on ammo, Transmog an object nearby 
    (such as the KGB cars you'll run into).  Don't try to wipe out every enemy you 
    see.  Just get the ones close to her so she can continue running.  Beware, as 
    the EMP mines from the previous game have returned. :(  These mines negate your
    weapons and some of your abilities when you get close, so when you see one, PK 
    it away from a distance.  If you followed my advice and purchased the ammo 
    capacity upgrade and twin shot upgrade for the disintegrator ray, you shouldn't
    have much trouble here.  Just be careful not to blow up any cars while Natalya
    is close by.
    Cutscene:  Okay, so it seems she wasn't completely honest with us.  Sergei is 
    actually in Canal Side, and she wants us to provide air support while she 
    drives there.  
    Call your saucer.  If you have extra Furotech cells you want to spend, you can 
    do it at PoxMart before you enter the cockpit.  Once you enter the cockpit, 
    Natalya will drive off.  This segment is actually quite tricky, as it is fairly
    easy for enemies to chip away at her car.  The best strategy I've found is to 
    stay a bit in front of her and clear a path.  That way you can be wiping out 
    some of the tanks and KGB cars even before they get close to her.
    Occasionally, you might need to turn around and take out a car or tank behind 
    you to keep them from sneaking up on her.  But focus your attention primarily 
    on the front and try to clear out ambushes and roadblocks before her car gets 
    there to keep the enemy vehicles as far away from her as possible.  If a 
    vehicle (destroyed or not) blocks her path, you may need to move it out of the 
    way with the AbductoBeam.  (If you use the Drain ability, you can move the car 
    out of the way and recharge a bit of shield strength all at once.)  Moving 
    things out of the way is a pain and takes some time, so try not to blow up 
    vehicles that aren't KGB limos or tanks.  Amazingly, Natalya seems to make it 
    through all but the worst obstacles herself, given some time.
    When Natalya's car approaches the bridge, take out the KGB cars guarding the 
    entrance, then quickly zoom over to the far side of the bridge and take care of
    the enemies there.  If you wait too long, the enemies will make it onto the 
    bridge and harass her as she crosses.  Due to the bridge structure, it can be 
    awkward moving around underneath the bridge beams, and enemy vehicles can get 
    caught in a place where you can't move them with the AbductoBeam.  If an enemy 
    is "stuck" like this on the bridge, keep firing at it with your Death Ray to 
    jostle it around and hopefully clear a path.
    Once Natalya makes it across the bridge, zoom ahead of her and clear the path 
    ahead of her again.  Drain enemy vehicles while moving them out of the way to 
    keep your shield integrity high and keep Natalya moving as much as possible.  
    Throughout the mission, Natalya is the most vulnerable when her car is forced 
    to stop while you deal with a threat/obstruction.  When Natalya's car reaches 
    the destination in Canal Side, the mission is complete.
    Cutscene:  Hmmm, Crypto looks a bit jealous... and frustrated.  Apparently, 
    Natalya got the information she needed from Sergei and she has to go.  She has 
    arranged for a piece of the missing mothership (i.e., a Datacore) to be 
    delivered nearby.  Natalya tells you she has to take off.  If you head over to
    the Datacore Natalya promised you, you find that it is the Meteor Strike!  Make
    sure to pick it up, we'll need it in a bit.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells, Meteor Strike Datacore
    Unlocks:  Mission 9, Cult of Arkvoodle 10
      Mission 9:   The Majestic File                                    [MAIN09]
    Note:  Before starting this mission, you may find it useful to buy both Meteor 
    Strike damage upgrades (Meteor Shower and Meteor Storm) and possibly one of the
    Meteor Strike targeting time reduction upgrades.  They will be helpful later in
    the mission.
    Head to the yellow hexagon on your map to talk with Ponsonby.  In the 
    conversation, choose any option you like.
    Cutscene:  Ponsonby deftly shoots a burst of noxious purple gas at Crypto, 
    making him fall asleep.  Crypto wakes up inside a sealed room where Ponsonby 
    talks to him from behind glass.  A containment field prevents Crypto from doing
    any harm.
    Ponsonby then has a conversation with you and you have to reply four times.  
    Like most other conversations, what you say doesn't have an effect on the 
    mission -- you just get different dialog.  Some of Crypto's answers are pretty
    hilarious.  I reloaded several times and tried different responses just to hear
    the different dialog.  
    Cutscene:  Warning alarms go off and Ponsonby draws a gun, then leaves with the
    other techs.  Natalya shows up and opens the electronic lock on your door.  She
    tells you that you are in the ABCESS Mental Reconditioning Facility located 
    under the streets of Albion and that you are the only one she can trust.
    After the cutscene, you begin in a tunnel.  Pox tells you that Ponsonby's 
    brainwashing chemicals have damaged some of your equipment.  You are unable to 
    use any of your weapons or Transmog.  You can still PK, and use Protect, Free 
    Love, and your jetpack.  You also learn that they have unlocked a latent Furon
    ability: the Mind Flash.  Also, the Extract ability is unlocked, which extracts
    brain stems, just like in the first game.  The difference though, is that brain
    stems in this game are only used to recharge the Mind Flash.
    The tunnel ahead contains a number of soldiers with rapid-fire guns, as well as
    KGB agents, and you have to get past all of them to escape.  All the soldiers 
    are in groups of two or more, so using the Extract ability is impractical.  
    Move forward and PK the container out of your way, then carefully peek behind 
    the wall on the left until you see a soldier.  The next part requires you to 
    move quickly.  Use PK on all three soldiers behind the wall -- you just want to
    knock them down.  Then run forward through the tunnel and PK any soldiers you 
    run into to knock them down.  If one of them gets up in front of you, just PK 
    him again.  You will get shot at from behind when the soldiers get up, but they
    won't get in more than a shot or two before you are out of range.  Use Free
    Love if you get in trouble. 
    When you near the end of the tunnel, you'll see three mines on the ground.  Try
    to PK them into the large group of guards behind them.  Now use the Mind Flash
    (hold down Circle) to stun all the humans.  Run towards the group of enemies, 
    then turn left to run up the ramp.  When you get to the top, turn left towards
    the pink X marker on your map and use your Jetpack to fly away.  If you did it 
    right, all of the enemies will be stunned until you get away.  You can grab a 
    disguise and use a police box to lower the threat level, if you want.  Head to 
    the pink X in Hyde Park.  It's Pox.  
    Note: Mind Flash is useful in the upcoming boss fight.  Before you talk to Pox,
    use Extract or the Anal Probe on the hippies in the park to gather brain stems
    to recharge the Mind Flash.
    Cutscene:  Pox will fix your weapons for you.  But Ponsonby shows up 
    immediately after.  He demands your surrender.
        Boss Fight:  Ponsonby
        Get ready, because immediately after the cutscene ends, the fight will
        begin.  The Disintegrator Ray works in this fight, but it doesn't hurt
        Ponsonby very much.  First, get out of the vicious crossfire you are 
        in -- use your Jetpack and jet into one of the grassy areas.  Then
        switch to your Meteor Strike.  For a sure hit, use Free Love on one of
        the soldiers nearby, or just bust out a Mind Flash.  Ponsonby will be
        affected too.  Drop a Meteor Strike on him at ground zero while he's 
        distracted, then run like hell to get out of the blast radius.  If you
        have both damage upgrades for the Meteor Strike, the salvo of meteors
        should be an instant kill.  If you don't, Transmog one of the army 
        vehicles nearby to get more Meteor Strike ammo, or just use the 
        Disintegrator Ray to finish him off.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 10, Odd Job 10
      Mission 10:  On Natalya's Secret Service                          [MAIN10]
    Natalya's standing right near the edge of Hyde Park, so you don't have to go 
    far.  Talk to her to begin this final Albion mission.  You need to help Natalya
    break into the Soviet Embassy, but it is protected by cameras and mines.
    This mission is easier if you use the saucer instead of doing it on foot.  
    First, you have to destroy a bunch of security cameras.  You have to deal with 
    the anti-air weapons when in the saucer, but you can always recharge your 
    saucer shields quickly through the Drain ability.  Just fly around and shoot 
    the cameras with the Death Ray.  Follow the pink blips on your radar.  The 
    cameras don't appear until you get close (at least, while you are in the 
    saucer).  Once you've got them all, Natalya will ask you for a diversion so she
    can sneak in. 
    She wants you to destroy the Supply Depot in the northwest corner.  It looks 
    like a bunch of giant vats of Revelade.  Just waste them all with your Death 
    Ray.  It should take ten seconds, tops.  Natalya will ask you to stand by until
    she is finished.  Then she needs your help creating another distraction.  Fight
    KGB agents and blow up KGB cars until the Distract-O-Meter is filled -- again, 
    with the saucer, it shouldn't take very long.  Don't be lazy though, if you
    don't fill up the meter in a reasonable time, Natalya will die (presumably 
    because she was discovered and killed) and the mission will fail.
    Hang around some more, and wait for Natalya to check in.  This time, she wants 
    you to destroy the power grid on the E side of the embassy. Whip out your Death
    Ray again and take out all of the power generators.  Then Natalya tells you to 
    get in your saucer and remove all traces of evidence that you were there.  
    Since we are already in the saucer, :D just destroy the two buildings with the 
    pink markers over them with your Death Ray.  Then, go back to the park, land 
    your saucer, and talk with Natalya to complete the mission.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 11, Odd Job 5, Odd Job 11, Takoshima (next area)
    To get the next main story line mission, you need to travel to Takoshima.  
      Mission 11:  Takoshima Story                                      [MAIN11]
    Get this mission from Natalya, who is standing south of Takoshima City on a 
    hill where the road to Takoshima City ends.
    Cutscene:  Natalya tells you there are KGB agents here in Takoshima City an 
    important package will be exchanged.  You have to locate the KGB agents, 
    disguise yourself as one of them, and infiltrate the exchange.
    Scan someone nearby to get info that the agents are in Takoshima City.  Head 
    there and go toward the center of the city.  Scan a cop near Takoshima Tower 
    in the middle of the city, and the agents' locations should be revealed on your
    radar and mini-map.  If you don't get this at first, keep scanning cops near 
    the center of Takoshima City and you will eventually succeed.  Once the agents'
    locations are revealed, body snatch one.  Natalya radios you and tells you to 
    chat with the KGB courier.  He is then marked on your radar with a pink X -- 
    you can find him in the north-central part of the city.  After talking with 
    him, Crypto will get the package from him.  Now you have to get the package to 
    Natalya at the Zen Temple.  
    Here's what I suggest you do.  Once you make the exchange, stay in disguise and
    run like the wind.  Once you get to the NE edge of Takoshima City and see the 
    shore, head for that and keep running, hugging the shoreline (just don't fall 
    in the water).  The KGB have placed a tracking device on the package, and they
    are waiting to pound you on the roads, but there is nobody guarding the 
    shoreline at all, and if you sprinted the whole way, you should be able to make
    it to the temple gates before your host dies.  When your host gives up the 
    goat, jetpack over the gate and follow the pink X to Natalya.  Enter the pink 
    marker to talk to Natalya to continue.
    Cutscene:  Crypto delivers the package to Natalya.  She tells Crypto there is a
    secret KGB vase nearby but she doesn't know where it is.  (Note:  During the
    conversation with Natalya, the game gives you a clever hint to where the KGB
    base is hidden.  Watch the cutscene carefully just as Natalya says she doesn't
    know where the base is.)  Crypto hits on her again (how many times is that 
    now?), but never gets an answer because the KGB have showed up and are looking
    for payback.
    Now you have to protect Natalya from the KGB.  Follow her and waste the enemies
    to clear a path for her.  The good old Disintegrator Ray works well for this 
    part.  Transmog nearby objects or KGB cars to recharge your ammo, but watch
    that you don't catch Natalya in the explosion when blowing up a KGB car (for
    this reason, Transmog is safer).  When the two of you exit the temple, clear 
    the area of KGB agents and cars, until Natalya hops in her pink car, completing
    the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 12, Odd Job 14
      Mission 12:  Revenge of the Ninja                                 [MAIN12]
    Cutscene:  Pox informs you about *another* pirate radio station, this one 
    operated by the White Ninjas.  This is a standard infiltration type mission.
    First, grab a disguise and head to the pink marker on your radar to find a 
    radio.  Listen to the radio broadcast to get clues about the White Ninjas' 
    plans.  There are three stations you can listen to -- try them until you find 
    the White Ninja station (for me, it was the one associated with the Circle 
    button -- 2032.5 AM).  Pox will mark the location of a second radio, and then 
    a third radio on your map.  Listen to the same frequency you did previously to 
    get more clues.  Be careful, as the third radio is directly inside of the
    Takoshimese army barracks -- you will definitely want to grab an Army disguise
    before attempting that one.  
    Once you've listened to the third one, you will learn that the White Ninja base
    is behind the Zen Temple.  Fly to the Zen Temple using your Jetpack and talk to
    the White Leader.  To prove that you really are a Furon, you must answer his 
    trivia questions correctly.  If you do not get three correct, the White Ninjas 
    will kill you.  This time, the game isn't kidding -- trust me, you do not have 
    a chance, as ninjas will surround you and will kill you before you can even 
    act.  So you have to get the questions right.  Unless you've been cheating, you
    should already know them, but here are all of the correct answers:
    Question 1:  Who was spiritual leader of hippies in Bay City?
    Answer:      Guru Coyote Bongwater
    Question 2:  Which of following NOT in Bay City?
    Answer:      Stonewall Bar
    Question 3:  Secret KGB base in Bay City.  Where hidden?
    Answer:      On The Rock
    Question 4:  Where Agent Oranchov hiding out in Albion?
    Answer:      An abandoned tunnel network
    Question 5:  What happened to hipsters who came to the Happening?
    Answer:      All of the above
    Question 6:  What organization Ponsonby really in charge of?
    Answer:      Majestic Command, 16th sector
    Once you pass, the White Ninjas swear their allegiance to you and bring out a 
    Datacore for you -- but the Black Ninjas attack before you can pick it up.  
    There are 15 Black Ninja invaders, and you must kill them all while protecting
    the White Ninja Leader (if his health meter is emptied, the mission fails).  
    Ninjas have low life, but are good at dodging shots fired at them when they are
    unengaged.  An easy way to wipe out the Black Ninjas is to PK them into the 
    ground or a building to stun them, then let 'em have it with the Disintegrator 
    Ray.  Or you can just PK them into the water nearby.  There are boulders and 
    other objects nearby that you can use to recharge your ammo, if necessary.  
    Once you kill the last Black Ninja, the mission is complete.  The datacore is
    for the Ion Detonator!
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells, Ion Detonator Datacore
    Unlocks:  Mission 13, Cult of Arkvoodle 13
      Mission 13:  Dr. Go!                                              [MAIN13]
    Cutscene:  Crypto talks with Natalya who informs him that Dr. Go! is being held
    as a prisoner in Kuro Castle.  She tells you to go there and bring him back, as
    he can tell you where the secret KGB base is located.
    Head for Castle Kuro along the village road.  On the way, the Sonic Boom 
    datacore will appear in front of you!  Make sure to grab it, then work your way
    toward Castle Kuro.  There are a crapload of Black Ninjas on the way, but the 
    easiest thing to do is just use your jetpack and buzz past them.  If your 
    shield gets depleted, fly up and land on one of the nearby guard towers -- the
    ninjas can't seem to get you up there.
    Eventually, once you climb the mountain, you will see Dr. Go! in the pink 
    marker.  However, you can't talk to him while under fire.  The most effective 
    approach I found was to Mind Flash, quickly wipe out the nearby ninjas with the
    Disintegrator Ray, and then talk to Dr. Go! the instant Mind Flash wore off.
    So now you need to escort Dr. Go! down the mountain and keep him safe from the 
    KGB.  This could be tough, if you are not able to use Free Love on the ninjas 
    yet.  Of course, the KGB agents are not so lucky.  Don't wipe out the KGB 
    willy-nilly;  use Free Love on them, and the ninjas will be affected also.  Use
    the time they are distracted to wipe out the ninjas or recharge ammo.  For 
    small groups of enemies, use PK and the Disintegrator Ray.  For larger groups, 
    use an Ion Detonator.  When you get to the entrance, White Ninjas will appear 
    and teleport Dr. Go! away.
    Now you need to destroy Castle Kuro.  Run to the landing zone nearby and call 
    the saucer.  Upgrade your weapons at PoxMart first, if you want.  To deal with 
    the tanks, you can Drain them, Transmog them, or just use the Anti-Gravity 
    Field on them.  To level the castle, use the Sonic Boom, then switch over to 
    the Death Ray if you run out of ammo.  Destroying all the castle buildings 
    completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells, Gastro Datacore
    Unlocks:  Mission 14, Cult of Arkvoodle 15, Odd Job 15
      Mission 14:  Our Man Crypto                                       [MAIN14]
    Cutscene:  Crypto chats with Dr. Go! in Takoshima City.  He tells Crypto that 
    the secret KGB base is in the volcano but he needs three codes to access it.  
    One code is locked in Dr. Go!'s briefcase, but the Black Ninjas stole it.  The 
    other is in the hands of "enigmatically beautiful professor" Yuki.  The last is
    possessed by KGB Agent Sascha Soysorski.
    First, you have to retrieve Dr. Go!'s code.  If you've unlocked the landing 
    zones, you already know where the Black Ninja base is.  If not, scan some 
    humans to find out it is on the island north of Takoshima City.  When you get 
    there, you have to destroy 20 Black Ninjas before the code appears.  White 
    Ninjas will appear to help you if you have completed some of the Arkvoodle Cult
    missions in Takoshima.  The black ninjas are dangerous in large numbers, and 
    fighting a fair fight can be tough.  So I suggest you cheat a little -- run 
    down into the valley where the buildings are, and use your jetpack to get on
    top of one of them.  The ninjas seem to be unable to get to you up there, so 
    you can waste them with little resistance.  To kill the ninjas, use the 
    Disintegrator Ray, Ion Detonators, Gastro, or the Anal Probe -- if you are not 
    going with the Ion Detonators, it helps to stun the ninjas with by PKing them 
    into something first.  If you need to recharge ammo, Transmog one of the nearby
    objects, hop down and collect the ammo, then get back up on one of the 
    buildings.  Once the requisite 20 ninjas are killed, grab the code.  You are 
    warped back to Dr. Go automatically.
    The next code is possessed by Professor Yuki, who happens to be Dr. Go!'s old 
    flame.  She hangs out in the Rock Garden by the Zen Temple.  You can hoof it 
    over there, or get in your saucer and land in the zone east of the Zen Temple.
    Black Ninjas are fighting the White Ninjas there, but just ignore them and use 
    your jetpack to fly over the gate.  You should see the pink X marking Professor
    Yuki's location.  First, grab a White Ninja disguise, then talk to her.  She 
    tells you the code word is hidden under a rock in the Rock Garden.  I found it 
    in the room right next to where Yuki was.  After you finish talking to Yuki, 
    turn left and go through that opening.  Try to PK the rocks here.  If you don't
    find it, keep trying until it turns up.
    Finally, you have to destroy the KGB building in Takoshima city.  Head over to 
    it, then drop a Meteor onto it -- this should wipe it out in one shot.  Then 
    you will have to kill Agent Soysorski.  Just drop another meteor on him while
    he busts into his little diatribe.  If you followed my earlier advice for the
    Ponsonby fight and bought all the Meteor Strike damage upgrades, he should be
    out for the count.  Once he's dead, the mission is complete.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 15, Odd Job 16
      Mission 15:  You Only Live 137 Times                              [MAIN15]
    Get this mission from Natalya in Sashimi village.
    Special:  Make sure to have both Jetpack upgrades before attempting this 
    mission.  It makes the final part much, much easier.
    Cutscene:  After some touching small talk, Crypto and Natalya head off to the 
    secret KGB base.
    You have to escort Natalya to the terminals on the way up to the summit.  This 
    part is pretty easy.  Deal with the ninjas like you have before.  The PK + 
    Disintegrator Ray combo works well again here.  There are explosive barrels 
    around too, so make good use of them.  PK them into your enemies, especially 
    the KGB cars.  Another fun way to take out the enemies is to PK them and launch
    them right off the mountain -- if you are surrounded by enemies, use Mind Flash
    and then use your weapon of choice.  You can recharge your ammo from the KGB
    cars, explosive barrels, and rocks sitting around.  Continue up the mountain.
    At the second terminal, you'll have to clear away some rubble so Natalya can 
    enter the code.  The third and final terminal is at the summit.  First, you 
    have to take out the guns that are there.  I just chose to drop a meteor on it
    -- one hit wipes out all the guns and enemies nearby.  Alas, the terminal is 
    broken and Natalya needs a few moments to fix it.  Guard her while she repairs 
    the terminal and enters the code.  There should only be a few agents, so just 
    hurl them off the mountain (it's a loooong way down! :D ).  Once Natalya enters
    the third code, you'll descend into the mountain.
    Cutscene:  Soviet Premier Milenkov speaks to you remotely, showing you a video 
    of an experiment where a Japanese schoolgirl intern is turned into a hideous 
    monster.  During the video, a creepy tentacle like object is peeking out from 
    behind Milenkov's chair.  Foreshadowing, perhaps?  Aw, crap.  The base's self-
    destruct system is activated.  Natalya heads off to grab the tapes while you 
    After the cutscene, get ready to move, as you have to hurry.  You have 1:00 to
    get out.  Quickly grab the Alien Artifact behind you, in the center of the 
    large room, while you have the chance.  Then turn around and start running for
    the pink X on your radar.  This part is a pain in the ass, pardon my French.  
    You have to negotiate a series of narrow catwalks suspended above water to 
    reach the evacuation point.  Here's how I did it:  go forward, then up the ramp
    that lowers down.  Waste the KGB dude in front of you.  Instead of turning left
    and going down the obvious path, go right instead -- run to the end of the 
    catwalk, then jetpack forward off of the edge.  Jet up to the high catwalk in
    front of you and land on it.  Go forward, then follow the catwalk as it makes
    a right turn.  Go a little farther, then you'll make a quick right turn, then a
    quick left.   Kill the enemies here and keep going forward toward the pink X on
    your radar.  Stay toward the left side of the tunnel.  As the platforms start
    to collapse in front of you and the catwalks turn into long straight sections,
    jet up and over to the long catwalk on the left side of the area.  Walk the 
    whole way down it and then hop off onto the area with the evacuation point 
    (pink marker).  
    If you miss a catwalk and are falling into the water, don't give up -- it may 
    be possible to save yourself.  Try to maneuver so you are against a wall of the
    cave, and fire your jetpack as soon as you touch the water.  With a little 
    luck, you will fly back up into the air.  You have to time it right though, as
    staying in contact with the water for more than a second or two will cause you
    to sink and die.  Note:  I have actually done this successfully *once*, so I 
    cannot guarantee it will work in your case, and if you land in open water with
    no solid ground nearby, it may not work.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 16
      Mission 16:  Kojira Kaiju Battle                                  [MAIN16]
    Get this mission from Pox near Mt. Seiyuki.  
    Special:  This mission will be easier if you max out the Sonic Boom damage and 
    ammo capacity.
    Cutscene:  It's time to destroy the Kojira monster you saw in the video!  Pox 
    tells you to get in your saucer and hunt it down -- but the saucer's weapons 
    are ineffective underwater.  You need to get it to surface first.
    Unlike what Pox was suggesting, there's really nothing you can do to Kojira 
    when she's under the water, so just follow her and she will surface.  Note: If
    you have all 6 of the Meteor Strike upgrades available at this point in the
    game, use the alternate strategy below. 
        Boss Fight:  Kojira
        When she surfaces, ignore Kojira and make a beeline for downtown
        Takoshima City.  She will walk along the beach and some other buildings
        first, but she will eventually get to Takoshima city and stay there 
        after that.  Work on destroying all of the buildings in the city as 
        fast as you can.  Kojira's health regenerates anytime she destroys a 
        building, so wiping them all out first will prevent her from 
        regenerating.  While working on the buildings, Kojira may attack you 
        with a salvo of green homing missiles.  If this happens, dash to the
        nearest vehicle (tanks and troop transports will be filling the 
        streets), and quickly Drain it to regain your saucer shield strength.
        You can use Transmog on vehicles to replenish your ammo too.  A useful
        tip:  Drain the vehicle first to regain health, then Transmog the 
        blackened husk for ammo (the Transmog will happen faster if the vehicle
        is already destroyed).  Once the buildings are gone, just start 
        launching Sonic Booms at Kojira until she dies.  There's no need to get
        in close -- stay back and let Kojira pound on the army vehicles 
        whenever you can.  Kojira has a LOT of health, and it won't look like 
        you are hurting her, but be patient.  It WILL work, eventually.  
        Alternate Strategy:  At the beginning of the mission, make sure to 
        restock your Meteor Strike ammo.  Then follow the first part of the 
        mission strategy above:  destroy all the buildings in Takoshima City
        with the saucer's Sonic Boom.  Then land your saucer and look for 
        Kojira.  Head over to her and charge up a Meteor Strike, then let it
        fly as soon as she stops.  With some luck, you will nail her with all
        three meteorites plus the planetoid as well.  Then just repeat, 
        charging up a Meteor Strike and dropping it as soon as she stops to
        punish the army vehicles.  Make sure you get out of range of the 
        meteors you are dropping.  A direct hit drains about 1/4 of Kojira's
        energy.  You will need about 4 to 6 shots to kill her, depending on 
        how true your aim is.    
    Cutscene:  Kojira transforms back into a normal girl, and is apparently still 
    alive.  At Natalya's urging, Crypto throws a few dollars at her to help cover 
    her therapy bills.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 17, Odd Job 12, Odd Job 13, Tunguska (next area)
      Mission 17:  Back in the USSR                                     [MAIN17]
    Get this mission from Natalya in northern Science Town.
    Cutscene:  Natalya gets information with Sergei about project Solaris.  It 
    appears that it's connected with the Strange Base on the SW side of the map.  
    There are some kind of large pumps spewing out the radioactive gas that 
    surrounds the Strange Base, but it is possible to get in through the tunnels.
    Sergei tells Natalya that there are plans for the base in the KGB building.  
    Natalya tells you to create a diversion while she steals the plans.  You need 
    to fill up the Destruction meter so that Natalya can grab the plans.  Just 
    start destroying things -- cars, tanks, buildings, whatever is convenient.  
    Using Meteor Strike on buildings and Ion Detonators on cars and vehicles seems 
    to work well.  
    Once Natalya grabs the plans, she is surrounded and needs your help in getting 
    out of the KGB Base.  Run to the saucer and head over to the base.  Land 
    outside, then jetpack in to the center of the base -- you should see her there.
    Follow her, and escort her to the safe house.  Wipe out the soldiers and 
    vehicles that come near her using whatever ammo you have.  Use Transmog on the 
    cars and crates nearby to recharge, as usual.  This isn't too hard, but take 
    out the enemies as quickly as possible, so Natalya doesn't take more damage 
    than necessary.  Once Natalya reaches the safe house, the mission ends.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 18, Odd Job 18, Odd Job 19, Odd Job 21
      Mission 18:  The Siberian Job                                     [MAIN18]
    Get this mission from Natalya in Science Town.
    Cutscene:  Natalya has learned that the pumps mentioned previously are mini 
    bionuclear reactors and are highly unstable.  Placing a fuel rod in one would 
    cause a meltdown.
    Do the obligatory scans to learn that an Icebreaker has arrived in Tunguska 
    carrying fuel rods.  If you check your nav map, you'll see Frozen Lake 
    highlighted, so head there.  Go toward the landing zone there, and you should 
    get a message from Pox detecting high levels of radiation.  The location of the
    ship with the fuel rod containers will be marked on your radar as a pink X.  
    There are three containers in all, and you have to bring them to Sergei's 
    truck, marked nearby.
    You can do this on foot (as I described in the previous version of this FAQ),
    but it is MUCH, MUCH easier to do in the saucer.  Just fly over the fuel rods
    (there are pink beams marking them) and snatch them up with your AbductoBeam.
    Then just drop them off in the blue circle.  It's really a piece of cake.  By
    using your cloaking device as you swoop in, you can grab the rod unmolested and
    get away before the troops and gun batteries near the ship can get you.  
    Once all three containers are delivered, Sergei spots a roadblock up ahead.  He
    asks you to take out the trucks while he loads the last container.  There are 
    two of them, and they both have pink markers above them for easy 
    identification.  Use either Ion Detonators or a Meteor to take them out.  
    Now you have to escort Sergei's truck to the safehouse.  You can do this part
    on foot, or in the saucer.  Either way works fine, but I find that going on 
    foot is a bit easier, as you don't have to contend with the SAM launchers that
    If you stay in the saucer, avoid blowing up enemy vehicles near Sergei's truck
    or it will take a lot of damage.  Using Transmog on them instead -- it is a lot
    safer and recharges your ammo.  Go ahead and use your weapons on trucks farther
    away, and use Drain to keep your shields up.  Stay close to Sergei's truck and
    don't let it sit in an area where the army and KGB can get shots at it.
    If you elect to go on foot, fly in front of Sergei's truck as much as possible,
    clearing a path for him.  Be careful, as he will run you over if you get in his
    way (so much for gratitude).  Groups of KGB agents with cars, troop carriers, 
    and even tanks will block your way -- keep using Ion Detonators, your
    Disintegrator Ray, and Meteors to clear a path for Sergei's truck.  The truck
    has a health meter, and if it is depleted, you will fail the mission.  With a
    lot of troops and even some tanks around, try to kill the enemies quickly, so 
    the truck takes as little damage as possible.  The enemy vehicles are high 
    priority, but don't ignore the soldiers and agents on foot -- some of them 
    carry grenades.  Also, don't forget Free Love and Mind Flash.  When the enemies
    are all frozen, wipe them all out.  Once Sergei reaches the safehouse, land the
    saucer and approach Natalya to complete the mission.  Poor Crypto is left out 
    in the cold again (literally).
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 19, Odd Job 22
      Mission 19:  A Deadly Reaction                                    [MAIN19]
    Get this mission from Natalya in Patryukha.  
    Cutscene:  Natalya and Sergei were unable to shut down the pumps because 
    security was beefed up after the theft of the fuel rods.  So she sends you 
    instead.  She and Sergei have hidden containers of fuel roads near each tunnel,
    and you have to retrieve them, take them into the tunnel, and put them in the 
    reactors to overload the gas pumping machines.
    Approach the pink diamond on your radar.  This is where the fuel rods are 
    stored for the nearby tunnel.  Clear out the enemies surrounding the tunnel and
    inside of it.  A good way to do this is to use Free Love, and wipe out the 
    enemies before it wears off.  This seems to prevent them from calling for 
    backup and increasing the alert level.  Once the enemies are mostly clear, go 
    back to the pink diamond and use PK to pick up a fuel rod.  Be careful with it,
    as they seem to have very low durability, for some reason.  If you do destroy a
    fuel rod, head back to the pink diamond and grab another.  
    PK the fuel rod carefully into the tunnel until you see the reactor.  Walk 
    around to the back side of the reactor and look at it.  You will see a hole, 
    which you need to shove the fuel rod into.  The easiest way to do this is to 
    line up the fuel rod with the opening, then use the Out command (Circle button)
    until it pops into place.  Once you get it in, you get a message from Pox that
    the reactor is going to blow.  Just use your jetpack and fly over the reactor 
    to the tunnel entrance.  As long as you are out of the reactor room when the 
    reactor blows, you should be fine.
    Lather, rinse, and repeat for the other two tunnels.  Next, Pox will ask you to
    check out the base to see if the gas cloud has been disabled.  It has -- but 
    you see some weird alien creatures approaching you.  Pox recognizes them -- 
    they are the BLISK!!  The Blisk are mortal enemies of the Furons that were 
    supposedly wiped out during the Martian wars...  However, they seem to be alive
    and well here.  You will need to take out the Blisk patrol.  The Disintegrator 
    Ray and Zap-O-Matic will work, but the most effective method is to just drop a 
    meteor on them.  You can Transmog the weird pod-like objects lying on the 
    ground to recharge ammo, and you tend to get a lot of meteors from them, making
    this task easy.  With the Blisk patrol done in, head back to Pox and talk with 
    him.  This completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 20, Mission 21, Odd Job 23, Odd Job 24
      Mission 20:  The Comrade Who Came in from the Cold                [MAIN20]
    Get this mission from Agent Sergei at the KGB base.  
    Cutscene:  Sergei has information on Dr. Orlov, who is the organic weapons 
    manager for Project Solaris.  He offers the lead to Crypto so he can check up 
    on it.
    You need to find out where Dr. Orlov is, so it's Scannin' time again.  This 
    time you should get a lead pointing you to Frozen Lake.  As you get closer, 
    another scan on the locals should cough up his location NW of Frozen Lake.  It 
    happens to be almost due west of the northernmost landing zone by Frozen Lake.
    Head over there, and you'll see the cabin -- it will have a pink marker above 
    Uh oh, the KGB have shown up.  They are trying to destroy the cabin so that 
    Orlov can't spill the beans.  You have to defend the cabin and destroy the KGB
    agents.  There are two parts to this task:  A health meter showing the 
    integrity of the cabin, plus a percentage count of KGB agents defeated.  The 
    goal is simple:  defeat 100% of the attacking KGB agent force before the 
    cabin's health meter is reduced to 0 from the enemy fire.  Use your radar and 
    note the location of the pink diamonds -- these are the locations of the agents
    attacking the house.  For wiping out the attackers, the Disintegrator Ray works
    well enough for small groups.  For bunches of 3 or more enemies, try Ion 
    Disintegrators.  Avoid using Meteors, as they can damage the cabin.  Once you 
    repel the KGB agents, you can talk with Dr. Orlov.
    Cutscene:  Dr. Orlov tells you that he thinks the agents want him for two 
    reasons -- first, he knows about the Blisk, and second, he found an alien 
    artifact that fell from the sky that may have information on how to negate the 
    Blisk's resistance to conventional/Furon weapons.  The agents have already 
    taken the artifact to Science Town for study.  Head towards the X -- the 
    artifact is in the area next to the cooling tower, so grab a soldier or 
    scientist disguise to move around unnoticed.  
    Walk around the enclosed area by the cooling tower until you find the open 
    entrance, flanked by two guards.  You can scan the scientist nearby to find out
    that the artifact is in a metal box.  Head around behind the tower and walk 
    left into the large open area with crates.  Look around in this area, and you 
    should find the metal box tuck up against the back of the tower.  You'll know
    it's the right box if you can't lift it with your PK.  
    Use your Disintegrator Ray to blast open the metal box, and retrieve the 
    datacore inside to complete the mission.  Pox contacts you and tells you the 
    datacore has vital information on Blisk weaknesses.  Now you can purchase 
    upgrades to most of your weapons so that they will be effective or do more 
    damage against the Blisk.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  4 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Odd Job 6, Odd Job 25
      Mission 21:  A Hard Day's Fight                                   [MAIN21]
    Get this mission from Pox in a forest near the Blisk Base.  
    Cutscene:  Pox wants you to destroy the Blisk Warship nearby, but the hull is 
    impenetrable to your saucer weapons.  You need to find the nexus crystals the 
    Blisk scattered, use them to open the armored hatch, and then blow up the ship.
    There are three nexus crystals you need.  You will be forced to do at least 
    some of this mission on foot.  There will be large and small Blisk pursuing 
    you on foot.  For the small Blisk, use the Anal Probe to extract the spores
    and restore the creature to human form -- this is by far the fastest way.  For
    the large Blisk that fires the lasers at you, I suggest you use the Zap-O-Matic
    on them first to drop their shields (they will glow when this happens), and
    then finish them off with the Disintegrator Ray, Ion Detonators, and/or Meteor
    Strikes.  If you have a large group assembled, toss out Gastro if you've
    upgraded him.  With all his upgrades, Gastro is a force to be reckoned with,
    and can really do some damage, taking out enemies with ease.  While Gastro is 
    engaging the enemy, toss Ion Detonators or Meteor Strikes from afar to give him
    some air cover and take advantage of the enemies' tendency to converge on him.
    While Gastro is kicking some ass, give him some air cover with a meteor or two,
    and then mop up the stragglers with the techniques mentioned above.  
    The first one is on top of one of the three tall spires at the center of the 
    Blisk base (the warship).  Walk around the base until you see small platforms 
    on the side of one of the spires.  Use your jetpack to boost up to them, then 
    turn toward the middle and boost again to the center platform.  Keep boosting 
    up to the higher platforms until you reach the top.  As you jet from platform 
    to platform, pull down on your left analog stick so that you can see Crypto 
    from overhead;  this makes it easy to see where you wil land and not miss the 
    next platform up.  Of the two platforms at the top, one will be empty and the 
    other will have the nexus crystal.  
    Then, jump off the tower and head southwest of the base.  The second crystal is
    there in a structure on the ground.  
    The third crystal is being carried by a Blisk Warrior SE of the base.  You can
    either hop in your saucer to waste him, or you can just kill him on foot.  
    Using the saucer is much easier, but it involves some backtracking.  Unless you
    are out of ammo, it's easy enough to kill him on foot.  Watch out for the anti-
    air laser structures if you opt for the saucer route.  You can blow up the
    laser structures with the Death Ray, Sonic Boom, or Quantum Deconstructor.
    Once you have all three crystals, you will need to put them in their holders, 
    which are the small colored stands around the perimeter of the round central
    spire that you probably tried to blow up earlier.  I suggest that you clear out
    the Blisk around the perimeter of the warship, if you haven't already, as there
    are a bunch of them patrolling around it and placing the crystals causes you to
    stop for a couple seconds, giving them a chance to catch you.  Place each 
    crystal in the matching colored stand to unlock the hatch where the thruster 
    Once open, Pox tells you to hop in your saucer and blow up the warship.  Only
    hits on the thruster portion (with the pink beam above it) will cause damage.
    Even with this restriction, it's amazingly easy.  To say it's a cakewalk would
    be a compliment.  I blew it up in only a few seconds -- there wasn't even a 
    counterattack.   The Death Ray and Sonic Booms both work fine, but the Quantum
    Deconstructor knocks a huge chunk off the energy bar if it's at max power --
    it looked like about half.  Destroying the warship completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 22
      Mission 22:  The Good, the Bad, and the Furon                     [MAIN22]
    Get this mission from Pox in Science Town.  
    Cutscene:  Pox wants you to track down Natalya, as she is the only one that 
    might have a lead as to where Milenkov is.
    Scan people until you get the clue that someone was recently taken to the KGB 
    base.  Head there and scan again.  Uh oh, looks like they transferred her to 
    the Blisk base -- that can't be good.  Dash over there.  
    Before you land the saucer, fly over toward the SW edge of the map, and you 
    should see an area where three tubes spread out along the ground from a central
    source; it will be marked on your radar.  This is where the next part of the 
    mission takes place. You have to approach this area on foot to trigger the 
    cutscene that allows you to continue, but don't do that just yet.  At this 
    point, you've probably run into the Blisk anti-aircraft laser towers, and 
    there's a good chance that one of them is firing at you.  Take the time to blow
    up the ones near the tubes.  The Death Ray does too little damage to be 
    effective, so stick with the Quantum Deconstructor and Sonic Booms.  You can 
    Transmog the weird pod-like things lying on the ground for more ammo if you run
    out.  If the lasers are kicking your ass, go back near the saucer landing zone
    by the Blisk base and advance slowly to the SW edge of the map, taking out the
    towers as you find them.  Your saucer weapons seem to have a slightly longer 
    range than the laser towers do, so if you approach the towers slowly, you 
    should be able to find a spot where you can take them out without being fired 
    upon.  Once the laser towers near the tube area are out of commission, land 
    your saucer and walk back to the tube area to trigger the cutscene.
    Cutscene:  Milenkov tells you that the destruction of the warship was 
    insignificant, and the Solaris base on the moon will be ready as they speak.  
    He then takes off in a rocket.  Natalya calls to him from some clear 
    dome-shaped cage connected to three tubes.  She tells Crypto to leave her and 
    go after Milenkov, but he stays behind to help her.
    The three tubes are pumping toxic gas into the cage, which is slowly killing 
    Natalya.  The three pumps are marked with Xs on your radar, and by pink beams 
    in the main view.  Any pump that has a pink beam above it is operational and 
    pumping gas into the cage.  Shooting at the pumps stops them from working.  
    Scientists will dash in to the area to try to repair the pumps (which they can 
    do very quickly).  The idea is to knock out all the pumps, then kill the 
    scientists so they can't repair them.  When the pumps are all offline, the gas 
    level decreases.  To free Natalya, you need to disrupt the flow of the gas 
    pumps so that the gas level is reduced to nothing.  This frees Natalya 
    automatically.  Also, a bunch of Blisk will be chasing you the whole time.  
    So what do you do?  Yup, you guessed it -- quickly run over to the saucer and 
    hop in, clearing the landing zone of enemies, if necessary.  Fly back over to 
    Natalya and simply use the Death Ray to take out all three pumps.  Then, 
    whenever the scientists appear (marked by pink diamonds on the radar), just fry
    them with the Death Ray.  For this part, I fly all the way to the SW edge of 
    the map and then turn toward the (former) Blisk warship.  You should be able to
    see all three pumps pretty easily, and all of the scientists will approach from
    the front where you can see them from a mile away and roast them before they 
    even get close to the pumps.  With the anti-air lasers out of commission, this
    mission is another cakewalk.  The Blisk on the ground can't hurt you much, so
    just ignore them.  Once Natalya is freed, park the saucer back at the landing
    zone, and then talk to her to complete the mission.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 23, Odd Job 20, Odd Job 26, Solaris (next area)
      Mission 23:  1969: A Space Odyssey                                [MAIN23]
    Get this mission from Natalya, south of the landing zone you arrive at on 
    Cutscene:  Natalya tells you that the Blisk spores thrive on radioactivity so 
    you have to cut off the Russian's supply of radioactive materials to try to 
    keep the spores in check.  The Russians mine radioactive materials in mines NW 
    of your location.
    First, you need to follow the lunar rover to the mining site. This part is 
    easy.  The rover is marked with a green diamond on your radar and map.  Stay 
    off the road itself, where all the enemies are.  Instead, climb up one of the 
    hills on either side of the road and follow the rover from a safe distance.
    When the rover stops, approach it to get your next objective.  You have to 
    destroy the three miner vehicles (called Ursa Miners, as a bad pun) outside the
    mining site.  If you drop a meteor in the center of the three miners, it will 
    wipe out all of them in one shot.
    Now Pox tells you to go in the mine and get the other 7 Ursa Miners.  This part
    is very easy.  Grab a disguise from a passer-by and head for one of the miners 
    (should be marked with pink diamonds on your radar) -- you'll enter the mine
    tunnels.  Then travel around through the tunnels until you find one of the 
    miners.  Then look around for the nearest create with red edges -- this is an 
    explosive crate.  Just PK the explosive crate into the miner to blow it up.  
    The enemy will rarely get very suspicious from this, especially if you don't
    approach the cosmonauts too closely.  If the humans do catch on, use Free Love
    or Mind Flash to settle things down.  Repeat the same strategy for the other 6
    miners to take them out as well.  Use Free Love whenever you need to grab a new
    Once the miners are all gone, Pox informs you that three trucks are getting 
    away with radioactive ore.  You have run back to the mine entrance and go 
    outside to see them.  Then you need to blow those up too.  There are several
    ways to destroy the truck.  Dropping a meteor on one is an instant kill.  
    Remember, you have to lead them a bit because they are moving.  (Instead of 
    aiming right at the ore trucks, move your aiming reticule farther down the 
    path the trucks are traveling in, so the trucks drive right into the 
    explosion.)  Another effective way is to approach the trucks on foot and just
    Transmog them.  Easy as pie.  Once all three trucks are destroyed, the mission
    is complete.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 24
      Mission 24:  Russian Roulette                                     [MAIN24]
    Get this mission from Pox, south of the Cosmonaut Base.  
    Cutscene:  Pox tells Crypto that the Blisk are using the cosmonauts as pawns in
    their plans, and that the cosmonauts would be none too happy to find out.  
    Together they stumble into the idea of setting the factions against one another
    to destroy the Blisk/Cosmonaut alliance.
    Head over to the Cosmonaut Base, toward the pink X on your radar -- and pick up
    a cosmonaut disguise along the way.  The pink X will be located in one of the 
    smaller side domes.  Use the terminal nearby to open the door.  Get on the 
    stage, stand in the blue circle and address the crowd.  They tell you to shove 
    off, but that reveal that they are waiting for some dude Leonid to address 
    This mistake on their part causes Leonid's location to be revealed on your 
    radar (green diamond).  Go over there and body snatch him, then dash back to 
    the stage area before his vitality runs out (his life bar is short).  Address 
    the crowd again.  They start complaining about being worked too hard and being 
    away from their families.  I kept blaming the Blisk and Milenkov for 
    everything, and it seemed to work.  You successfully encourage the cosmonauts 
    to revolt against the Blisk, and the dome breaks out into chaos as the 
    cosmonauts and Blisk start battling it out everywhere in the dome.  
    You need to escape the dome at the pink X to complete the mission.  Actually
    though, this is a great time to pick up all of the Furotech Cells and Alien
    Artifacts in the dome, since both the cosmonauts and Blisk are busy fighting
    each other to care much about you.  There's really no need for a disguise.  You
    won't be able to take the short way though.  You have to go north first, and 
    then counterclockwise around and back down to the X.  Just keep walking and 
    don't engage the cosmonauts or Blisk (neither does you any good at this point).
    As you are about to escape, be careful, as an emplacement of three guns have 
    been cleverly installed by the exit specifically to ruin your day.  I got 
    caught by them on my first try, so don't let them get you.  Just PK the nearby
    explosive crates into them, and exit the dome to complete the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 25
      Mission 25:  Space: 1969                                          [MAIN25]
    Get this mission from Pox, near the Radar Array.  
    Cutscene:  Crypto and Pox agree that it is finally time to take the fight to 
    the Blisk directly...  but an alarm begins to sound.  Apparently the Blisk have
    just launched weapons at earth!  After freaking out for a bit, Pox thinks that 
    your only chance to save earth is to foul up the weapons' laser guidance system 
    by overloading the radar dishes.
    The location of the guidance system is shown on your radar, but you can't get 
    to it because an energy door is blocking your path.  You have to take down the
    door.  See how there are some thick power cables leading from the energy door 
    to a group of solar panels nearby?  This is what is powering the door.  Hop in 
    the saucer and blow up the solar collectors.  Then three pink Xs will appear on
    your radar.  These three stations also supply power to the door, and you have 
    to destroy all four sets of panels to bring down the door.  Then you can go 
    inside to overload the radar dishes.
    Once inside, wipe out the enemies and guns first to clear the room for the next
    task.  You have to overload the radar dishes by aiming them towards each other.
    Walk up to one of the terminals in the blue circles, then press X to rotate the
    dish.  Just turn all of the dishes toward the center of the room to overload the
    guidance system.  On your way out, you will be accosted by Milenkov.  
    Cutscene:  After Crypto gets in some zingers, Crypto is forced to ask Milenkov
    about the "Evil Master Plan" -- the Blisk want to irradiate the earth with 
    massive amounts of radioactivity so it is a perfect homeworld for the Blisk.  
    This of course, means that all humans will be wiped out (and the Furon DNA they
    are carrying to be lost).  Also, Milenkov says to you that all of the Soviet 
    leaders since the revolution are actually Blisk!  This is the reason for the
    Cold War and the buildup of nuclear arms -- the Blisk want there to be a global 
    nuclear war to accomplish their goals!
    Mission Completion Bonus:  9 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 26
      Mission 26:  Destination Moon                                     [MAIN26]
    Get this mission from Pox, near the Comms Array.  
    Cutscene:  Crypto reminds Pox to tell him about their ace in the hole.  Pox 
    replies that he created a virus to infect the Blisk and enlisted the North 
    American Shipping Association (NASA) to get it to the moon. (*grin* -- 
    obviously, this is a satire of the first moon landing in 1969).  The shuttle 
    refuses to deliver the cargo, as it is awaiting orders from someone named 
    "Houston". :)  And you're going to provide those orders.
    Just outside are three terminals again, in blue circles.  Run over to each one 
    and switch it on.  Then, you need to protect them from the scientists, who are
    trying to turn them off again.  Sorry, fellow saucer cheaters: you have to do
    this on foot, because the landing zone is too far away.  By the time you get
    the saucer and come back, the humans will have disabled one or more of the
    But actually this part is really, really easy.  You have all the Gene Blender
    upgrades now, right?  If you don't, abort the mission and go get 'em!  Now,
    have you tried Mind Flash lately?  It lasts a freakin' eternity now!  After
    you activate the terminals, get ready.  When the first few scientists 
    approach to deactivate the terminals, whip out a Mind Flash to stop 'em cold.
    Since the Mind Flash needs only 2 brains to recharge now, you have more than
    enough time to use Extract on the humans nearby to collect the 2 you need
    before the Mind Flash wears off.  If the Mind Flash is still up, wipe out any
    scientists nearby with pink markers over their head.  When the Mind Flash
    wears off, just use it again right away and collect more brains to repeat the
    process.  With this strategy, the scientists don't have a chance, and the
    message will go through to NASA.
    Cutscene:  The space shuttle swings by and the lunar lander starts descending 
    to the lunar surface.
    Protecting the shuttle is easier in the saucer, and in the first version of 
    this FAQ, I recommended that you go back to get it.  But on my second 
    playthrough, the mission kept failing for me right after the cutscene below.
    The failure message talked about the comm message not getting through, so I
    admit I was confused about this.  Maybe the cosmonauts blew up/stole the virus
    The way to avoid this problem is to do the mission on foot.  After the cutscene
    completes, run over to the pink marker showing where the shuttle is.  Now stay
    close to the shuttle.  Now you need to protect the shuttle until it lands.  
    Cosmonauts and tanks will assault the shuttle.  I've found the best way to deal
    with the humans is Free Love and Mind Flash, and to deal with the tanks, just
    Transmog them (it's much faster than blowing them up with weapons fire).  Plus,
    it's better not to risk damaging the shuttle.  And I hope you have Gastro fully
    loaded, because he is a BIG help here.  Basically you will want to summon
    Gastro almost continuously.  His rapid fire plasma rifle can mow down the
    humans and tanks with ease.   Launch him, then Transmog a nearby vehicle (or 
    what's left of it) to get more Gastro ammo.  Once you have your Gastro ammo 
    back, turn your attention back to the humans.  If any vehicles or humans are 
    firing on the saucer, make it your top priority to kill them first.  When 
    Gastro goes away, resummon him.  Stay close to the shuttle, and keep fighting
    until the cutscene kicks in.
    Cutscene:  The NASA astronauts arrive, we get our famous line from the landing,
    and after some bickering, they leave to go home, but not before dropping off 
    the viral strain. :)
    Now just pick up the viral strain (pink diamond) to end the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 27
      Mission 27:  Dark Side of the Moon                                [MAIN27]
    Get this mission from Natalya, near the Blisk base.  
    Cutscene:  Crypto and Natalya agree it is time to wipe out the Blisk base.  
    Natalya will deliver the virus if you protect her.  The two of you press on 
    into the Blisk base.
    First, some general information and tips.  Throughout this mission, you will be
    assaulted by the large Blisk and the smaller infected humans.  The infected 
    humans are best dealt with using the Anal Probe.  For larger groups of enemies
    or the big Blisk, use Gastro and then switch to the Disintegrator Ray or Ion 
    Detonators.  Stay out of Gastro's way, or you may take some friendly fire.  The
    Burrow Beast is also useful here for taking out the large Blisk.  Its rate of
    fire is slow though, so just use it on the big Blisk.  Also, be careful not to
    fire an explosive weapon too close to Natalya.  As you make your way through 
    the base, try to avoid the yellow clouds, as they are radioactive.  As you go,
    keep your weapons recharged by using Transmog on the pod-like objects on the 
    ground.  Stay close to Natalya for the entire mission.
    Anyway, start by heading over the bridge.  Use Gastro here.  Then run into the
    base and take out the Blisk to help keep them away from Natalya.  Transmog the
    large podlike objects to recharge your ammo (the same kind of objects you saw
    lying on the ground outside the Blisk base in Tunguska). 
    The next room has a bunch for infected humans and a large Blisk in it.  Summon
    Gastro, then switch over to the Anal Probe to help with the infected humans.
    Gastro can get the big guy by himself.  Natalya will comment that the three 
    tentacle like things are blocking your way.  Natalya will stop, and you have to
    destroy the tentacle-like things to proceed.  Stop and recharge your ammo 
    first, while the room is empty.  The tentacle things will have pink light beams
    above them, and their tops are colored red, blue, and yellow.  These correspond
    to your weapons -- use an Ion Detonator on the red one, the Zap-O-Matic on the
    blue one, and the Disintegrator Ray on the yellow one.
    For those perverts in the audience, you can enjoy Natalya's reaction -- she 
    gets more and more aroused with each tentacle you kill.   Okaaaaaay, moving on.
    Fight your way through another large room and across the bridge to the other
    half of the base, where the Blisk hive is.
    In the next room, you will protect Natalya and help her destroy a column that
    is helping to support the base.  Focus your attention on the enemies to wipe
    them out quick to protect Natalya -- let her focus on the column.  There will
    be more infected humans and several large Blisk here.  Use Gastro and the 
    Burrow Beast on the big guys.  Keep the Blisk away from her as much as 
    possible, but don't freak out, as her life bar is impressive for this mission.
    Eventually you will come to a large radioactive area with a handful of large
    Blisk in it.  Use the Burrow Beast, or just switch to your Disintegrator Ray
    to help Natalya kill them.  In this area, you need to stay on the narrow strip
    of clear space or suffer the consequences -- the radioactive gas is terribly
    painful even with fully upgraded shields.  When the path is blocked by the 
    radioactive rocks, PK or Transmog them to make a path.  
    You will come out of the radioactive area into a safe clearing.  Take out the
    nearby enemies (I used Gastro again), and then recharge your weapons using the
    pods, while Natalya destroys the second column. 
    After that's done, continue forward into another radioactive area.  Stay on
    the path again if you don't want to die.  Soon you will encounter radioactive
    gas jets that block Natalya's way.  You need to turn these off.  Don't walk
    through them -- jet over them to avoid taking damage.  Head forward a bit and
    you'll come to a pillar that the path circles around.  Check your radar -- 
    there are nexus crystals nearby, marked as pink diamonds on your radar.  They
    look like small rocks, and sit in a pile of three.  PK one and walk forward on 
    the path with it (be careful, it is fragile).  Just brave the gas jets this
    time -- we don't want to set the crystal down, or it could be damaged, and they
    are destroyed very easily by rough handling.  Continue up ahead to the pillar,
    walk around the back of it, and PK the nexus crystal in there, just like you
    did with the fuel rods in Tunguska.  This will shut off the gas jets so Natalya
    can proceed.  Head back to Natalya to get her to move on, but then head back to
    the nexus crystals and Transmog them to recharge your ammo.  They respawn very
    quickly, so I suggest you completely restock all your weapons here.
    Continue forward on the path and through the open passage to reach the Blisk 
    hive.  It's in the center of the room and looks roughly pillar shaped.  There
    are a number of Blisk and infected humans here, so take them out to protect
    Natalya.  You can help her destory the hive if you want, but she does a good
    job of it herself, and it seems to work best if you take out the large Blisk
    for her.  Quickly recharge your weapons and continue forward to the next room.
    Cutscene:  With the destruction of the hive, the Blisk base starts to collapse.
    Crypto grabs Natalya and zooms her up to safety, then sets her back down on the
    ground.  The two celebrate that the Blisk base is destroyed and the earth is 
    safe.  Crypto and Natalya are about to kiss, when she is shot in the back!  
    Milenkov is back for revenge!  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech Cells
    Unlocks:  Mission 28, which begins immediately 
      Mission 28:  Milenkov                                             [MAIN28]
    You are thrust directly into this mission after the cutscene that ends mission 
        Boss Fight:  Milenkov
        Milenkov is a gigantic armored Blisk.  He shoots green energy balls at
        you, and his armor regenerates the damage he takes.  Try to avoid the 
        energy balls he shoots out, as they can really hurt.  A hit and run 
        strategy is nearly useless here, as he regenerates damage too quickly
        for that to work well.  The best strategy is to use a weapon with 
        decent damage and a fast rate of fire to overload his regeneration 
        First, summon Gastro and let him take some heat off of you, while
        getting in some damage of his own.  While Gastro is busy doing his 
        thing, equip your Disintegrator Ray, target Milenkov, and let him have
        it as you strafe around in circles while keeping him in your sights.
        Don't even bother with other weapons.  Use the podlike things to 
        recharge if you need to, but one full stock of Disintegrator Ray ammo
        should probably be enough.  If your shield runs low, run and hide 
        behind a pillar until it regenerates.
    Cutscene:  Pox congratulates Crypto, who is sipping wine in his saucer.  Pox is
    surprised to learn that Crypto is doing a little science experiment.  Pox is
    pleased, but then he detects residual heat in the cloning labs.  Crypto has
    cloned Natalya -- and apparently made a few changes, as she is no longer 
    resisting his advances...  (And for you pervs out there, no, the game doesn't 
    show anything interesting.)
    Congratulations, you have beaten the story missions for Destroy All Humans 2!
    Completing the mission also allows you to unlock the last landing zone (which
    is good, because you'll need it to get out of the base).
    Mission Completion Bonus:  Odd Job 27, Endgame credits
      Odd Jobs - Bay City
      Odd Job 1:   I Left My Parts In San Fran... Err, Bay City         [ODDJ01]
    Get this mission from Pox in an alley in Ginsberg Heights.  You must be 
    Cutscene:  Pox wants to "phone home" -- that is, try to send a message back to 
    Furon to request assistance and a ride off of Earth.
    First, you have to collect the four parts of the antenna and drop all four 
    into a round blue glowing area on the ground near the saucer site in Hashbury.
    Rather than doing this the hard way, get in your saucer and drag them there 
    with the AbductoBeam.  One is right next to the blue glowing area, and another 
    looks like it is on top of the roof of the fenced in area, but it is actually 
    at ground level facing the street.  IF you PK the dumpsters out of your way and
    exit the fenced in area, just turn right to find the second piece, which is 
    guarded by a number of soldiers.  Use True Love on them and take the piece.  
    The other two are nearby and not hard to find.  Bring them all to the glowing 
    blue circle and drop them inside.  
    The next task is to lug the antenna over to Coit Tower.  This part is simple.  
    Hop in your saucer, if you weren't already.  Use your AbductoBeam to drag it to
    the top of Coit Tower.  ...Now comes the hard part.  Pox will begin 
    transmitting the signal, but he needs you to defend the tower until the VERY 
    long distance call is completed.  Tanks will start approaching the tower and 
    shooting at it.  The tower has a damage gauge near the bottom left side of the 
    screen.  If the gauge empties, the mission is failed immediately.  The tanks 
    will only approach a few at a time at first, but near the end of the 
    transmission, you'll have to deal with a dozen at once!  The tanks you need to
    kill are the ones with the pink markers over them -- those are the ones firing 
    at the tower (and not you).  Use your radar to find where the tanks are and 
    blow them up with your Death Ray.  It is possible to compete this mission 
    without upgrading your Death Ray at all, though purchasing any of the Death Ray
    upgrades beforehand does make it a little easier.  Don't forget that you can 
    use the Drain ability on the tanks if you need a saucer shield recharge.  Once 
    Pox completes his transmission and finishes talking to Crypto, the mission will
    end automatically.
    Alternate Strategy from Carter:  When Pox starts the call, dash to the saucer 
    landing area and land.  Grab a Cop or Army disguise and dash to a Police Box.  
    Call in the All clear, and watch as the enemies retreat from the tower!  As 
    soon as the wave of enemies retreats, a new wave will be sent out.  Just stay
    where you are and use the Police Box to call in the All Clear again.  Repeat
    this until the mission is over.
    Also, if you have at least one (preferably both) of the Mind Flash upgrades, 
    you can use the strategy from Mission 26 above:  just use the Mind Flash over
    and over until the mission ends.  While the Mind Flash is in effect, use 
    Extract to get the brains you need to recharge the Mind Flash.  If you use 
    this strategy, you will want to keep moving toward humans to use your Extract
    ability.  You do not want to get stuck without enough brains to use the Mind
    Flash and be in an area with few humans around.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells 
      Odd Job 2:   Ruin Lives - The Secretary!                          [ODDJ02]
    Location:  Get this mission in front of a house in southern Ginsberg Heights.  
    Special:  In order to get the mission, you must be disguised as something 
    *other than* a hippie. 
    Use the Scan power on Verity to learn her secret.  Seems she got a little 
    plastered at the office party and gave her boss a lap dance.  Oooooops.  Now 
    you need to take Verity to a hippie gathering.  Get her to follow you using the
    Follow ability.  Then, lead her to northern Ginsberg Heights, towards the road 
    overlooking The Rock.  A pink X should appear on your radar to show you where 
    the hippies are gathering in a small open grassy area.  Take her there and 
    lead her to into the circle to trigger the next objective.
    Now you need to make Verity dance with the hippies.  Just use the Free Love 
    power on her to get her to dance.  A newspaper appears on your screen:  
    "Secretary turns public park into filthy pleasure den."   The mission is 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 3:   Ruin Lives - The Draft Dodger                        [ODDJ03]
    Location:  The army depot in the northeast edge of the Wharf district, near the
    pier leading out into the bay.
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a soldier.
    Cutscene:  Sergeant Fauxhall is pissed off at the hippies who shirk their 
    civic duty.  He is particularly steamed by an AWOL hippie by the name of 
    Clayton Cartwell Jr.  
    You have to find Clayton and return him to the blue circle by the Army Depot.
    Start out by scanning the nearby humans to learn where Clayton is.  You should 
    learn that there is a bunch of draft dodgers gathering near Coit Tower.  Head 
    over there, toward the small rectangular loop is in the road on the north side
    of the tower -- it overlooks a cliff.  Once you get close, a pink X will 
    show you where he is.  Once you get there, you'll encounter a problem.  A bunch
    of hippies have gathered around Clayton and have guns.  (Weren't the hippies 
    and draft dodgers supposed to be pacifists??)  Anyway, whenever you try to 
    return Clayton, the armed hippies will follow and shoot at the cops along the 
    way, drawing all kinds of attention to yourself. 
    I chose to use Free Love on the gathering of hippies, and then quickly 
    disengaged my disguise and started wasting all the armed hippies nearby with 
    the Disintegrator Ray.  This helped, but didn't solve the problem, as the cops 
    will still shoot at you.  Get disguised again and use your Follow power on 
    Clayton.   The just walk to the wharf.  If a bunch of cops or soldiers show up,
    use Free Love on them, then target Clayton again and use the Forget power, then
    Follow again.  This will get him moving faster than letting Free Love wear off.
    If you're desperate, you can also use PK on him and just drag him along, but 
    it's rather slow.  Watch out for hippie vans with machine gun turrets on the
    top, as they will come after you and really ruin your day with a barrage of
    rapid-fire shots.  If you see one, take it out quickly with your Disintegrator
    Ray, or run!  Staying off the main roads as much as possible will help avoid
    By taking care of the initial batch of hippies, it makes the journey much 
    easier. When you get close to the Wharf again, Body Snatch a Soldier (because 
    you're entering a restricted area) and lead Clayton into the blue glowing 
    circle.  Mission Complete.
    A newspaper appears and shows how Clayton was recaptured and sent to the 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Odd Job 4
      Odd Job 4:   Assassination - Private Danza                        [ODDJ04]
    Location:  Behind the army depot in the northeast edge of the Wharf district, 
    near the pier leading out into the bay.  In order to get this mission, you must
    be disguised as a soldier.
    Cutscene:  Sergeant Fauxhall wants you to take care of another thorn in his 
    side -- a soldier named Private Danza that has some dirt on him.
    Private Danza is hiding on top of the large hill northeast of the Wharf, near 
    the Arkvoodle statue (or Landing Zone, if you've unlocked it).  You can use 
    your Jetpack to boost yourself up the steep sides of the mountain, but you'll 
    soon find out approaching on foot is virtually suicide -- the hill is packed 
    with land mines, bunches of soldiers, and gun turrets.  
    A better strategy is to run to the landing zone south of the wharf, and then 
    call the saucer (the landing zone NE of The Wharf is probably crawling with
    soldiers).  Fly up over the hill and waste the dude with your Death Ray.  It 
    should take five seconds, max.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 5:   Assassination - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Cop            [ODDJ05]
    Get this mission from Officer Rudolph who's standing near the shore between 
    Hashbury and Ginsberg Heights.
    Rudy is steamed about the botched raid on the hippies at the park.  He's 
    catching heat from his supervisors because he and the other cops used excessive
    force during the raid -- not that Rudy understands what "excessive force"
    means, mind you.  He wants the hippie snitch dead, and Crypto agrees to help.
    Rudy tells you that the hippie is being held in a safe house between Ginsberg
    Heights and Coit Tower, and the hippie will be heavily guarded.
    Start walking toward Ginsberg Heights.  You should come across an alley with 
    some cop cars in it.  Grab a cop disguise here.  Go forward past the cop car 
    and a pink X should appear on your radar.  Try not to do anything to arouse 
    suspicion and just wait until the hippie snitch arrives.  When he does and you
    get the message to kill the snitch, just use Mind Flash and then waste the 
    hippie while everyone is stunned for an easy win.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 6:   Assassination - Outfoxed                             [ODDJ06]
    Get this mission from the KGB Agent in the parking lot south of The Wharf.  
    You must be disguised as a Male Hippie.
    Cutscene:  The KGB Agent wants Sgt. Fauxhall dead.  He tells you that Sgt. 
    Fauxhall is at The Wharf by the dock near the crates, and you cannot harm the 
    crates.  The agent refuses to say anything else.
    The first part is pretty easy, if you use the saucer.  Run back to the saucer
    and fly over to the docks.  Once you get in range of the wharf and the dock, 
    activate your cloaking shield.  To kill Sgt. Fauxhaul, you can grab him with 
    the AbductoBeam and shove him in the water, or simply abduct him and suck him
    up into the saucer. :)
    Now you have to transport the crates carrying bazookas to the safe point on the
    other dock nearby (marked with a pink X).  Before you grab the crates, wipe out
    the two missile launchers that are stationed near your drop point.  You can
    lose a lot of shield energy quickly with them both pumping missiles into you.
    Just pick up the crates one by one and carry them to the drop zone at the end 
    of the dock.  You can use your cloaking shield to good effect here.  Fly over 
    to the wharf area to pick up a crate.  Just as the vehicles on the dock come
    into your view, quickly activate your cloaking shield, and they shouldn't see
    you.  Just fly the crate to the other dock and drop it off.  Lather, rinse, and
    repeat.  If your cloaking shield runs out, fly toward the landing zone N of the
    wharf.  You can just hover for a while or land the saucer for a minute or so if
    you need to let it recharge.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Odd Job 7
      Odd Job 7:   Assassination - The Equalizer                        [ODDJ07]
    Get this mission from Pox near the Coit Tower.
    Cutscene:  Pox has learned that the KGB have set up an arms smuggling 
    operation in Bay City (yes, he knows you helped).  He's sick of the bickering 
    and wants you to end the operation by any means necessary -- and torture some 
    hippies while you're at it.
    Start by scanning someone to get a hint.  Apparently, the KGB are still hanging
    out on The Rock.  Go there and land your saucer.  Take out any KGB agents 
    bugging you and fly over the fence toward the water.  Use Free Love on one of 
    the KGB agents and grab a disguise.  You should see a pink diamond appear on 
    your radar that marks the location of the KGB leader.  Scan him to learn the 
    location of the KGB safe houses -- Hashbury and Ginsberg Heights.  
    Now you will need to wipe out the KGB agents on the island (pink diamonds on 
    your map/radar).  You can do this on foot or in the saucer.  If you're on foot,
    you need to worry about KGB agents and gun batteries shooting at you.  In the 
    air, you have to do with some missile launchers.  Either way works fine, 
    though.  (I used the saucer.)  The KGB agents are no tougher here than they 
    were before.  Just wipe them all out.  Then head back to the mainland and 
    toward the two safe houses.
    Fly towards Hashbury first.  Just fly toward the landing zone.  When you get 
    close, pink diamonds will appear on your radar, marking the location of the KGB
    agents.   The safe house is the big rainbow colored house just down the hill 
    from the landing zone.  Do the building in with the Quantum Deconstructor or 
    Sonic Booms, then kill the agents on the ground using whatever weapon you like.
    If you fly low to the ground, you can waste pretty much everything with the
    Quantum Destructor.
    Then fly towards the tunnel at SE of Ginsberg Heights near Coit Tower.  The 
    pink diamonds should show up again, so waste the KGB agents there too to 
    complete the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  11 Furotech cells
      Odd Jobs - Albion
      Odd Job 8:  Rage of Aquarius                                     [ODDJ08]
    Location:  Get this mission from Pox in Soho.
    Pox is rather distraught about the fact that all of the humans are hopped up on
    Revelade and wants you to persuade them to stop, to save those precious 
    brainstems for yourselves.  He sends you off with an LP to take to a pirate 
    radio station, inviting the kids to a party where you can lecture them about 
    the evils of Revelade.
    The Pirate DJ is in southeastern Soho, near the letter H in Soho on your Nav 
    Map.  Once you get close, the pink X will appear as usual.  Approach the DJ 
    disguised as a hippie and you will drop your disguise and play Pox's LP 
    automatically.  A timer will appear on the screen.  You must defend the 
    turntable from the cops until the LP has finished playing Pox's message.  Just 
    whip out your Disintegrator Ray and blast the cops.  If a bunch show up at 
    once, use Free Love or Mind Flash (if you've got it) and waste the whole lot of
    'em.  There are a couple of trash bins in this vacant lot that you can Transmog
    to recharge your ammo.  The cops don't have much more life than a normal human,
    so taking care of them should be easy.  Stay close to the turntable and let the
    cops come to you so none sneak by you.
    Once the recording has finished, you need to go to the "Happening" and convince
    the humans to stop taking Revelade.  You can try all of the dialog options for 
    laughs, but the way to proceed is to choose the first and then the second 
    options, and then keep choosing the new option once it appears.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 9
      Odd Job 9:   Assassination - Plugging Terry Squire                [ODDJ09]
    Location:  Outside the gates of the Soviet Embassy
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a KGB agent
    Apparently, the KGB have learned that a dude named Terry Squire has discovered
    some of their plots.  The agent wants you to wipe him out.  Scan some humans (I 
    had the best luck with female hippies) until you find out that Terry is hiding 
    north of the canal.  Go to Canal Side, where the river approaches the buildings
    on the northeastern part of Canal Side.  You should start seeing secret agents 
    all around, and a gun battle going on.  Watch out for a couple of gun batteries
    located nearby.
    Body Snatch a KGB agent and follow the mayhem to a large open area, where Terry
    Squire will be crouching among some crates.  The easiest thing to do is 
    Disintegrate him, but it blows your cover.  I suggest you PK him into the 
    canal.  Lift him up and walk towards the canal, then shove him in when you get
    close.  Watch out though -- when you kill him, it maxes out the alert level.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 10:   Ruin Lives - Take It Like a Man                      [ODDJ10]
    Location:  Just outside the gates of SW Hyde Park
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a female 
    Grab a female hippie disguise in Hyde Park and talk to Eddie.  He starts 
    blabbing on about his wife's friend Liz who had a sex change operation and now 
    calls himself Liam.  The game prompts you to discover his secret desires, so 
    scan him.  Well well, it seems Eddie has more than a passing interest in sex 
    change operations and secretly fancies one himself.  Now you have to disguise 
    yourself as Eddie and call his wife Reeny (Irene) on the phone.  Quickly use 
    Free Love and Body Snatch Eddie during the distraction.  
    Special Note from Carter:  Unlike most humans, Eddie's health is reset to full
    capacity when you exit his body.  So if he is about to die, pop out and Body
    Snatch him again.  Thus, there is no hurry to completing this mission.
    Look across the street and you'll see two red phone booths with blue circles
    around them.  Approach one and press Triangle to call Reeny.  You'll have an 
    amusing conversation, then she will tell you to meet her outside the house in 
    North Parliament.  Bring up your nav map, and head for the northern end of the
    dead-end street in Parliament on the west side of the map.  Once you get close,
    a pink X should appear on your radar.  Approach it and talk to Reeny to get an
    earful, and complete the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 11:  Ruin Lives - Algernon's Change of Heart              [ODDJ11]
    Location:  In parliament, on the north side of the building enclosed in the 
    loop of roadway
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a Secret Agent
    This time the MI6 are having trouble with a Rogue agent named Algernon who was 
    their expert on Soviet relations.  He's cowering in the soviet sector and the 
    MI6 want him back alive.  Head on over to the Soviet Embassy and grab a KGB 
    disguise.  Algernon is hiding northwest of the embassy.  Head just northwest of
    the area where the Revelade storage area was, and a green blip will appear on 
    your radar (not sure why it isn't pink).  
    Get in the saucer and fly toward the NW edge of the embassy, by the river.  You
    should see a tan colored car with a light roof parked on the riverbank.  
    Algnernon is in this car.  Fly over that area and Transmog the car just enough
    to shake out the occupants.  Algernon will be revealed.  Pick him up with the 
    AbductoBeam and fly back toward Parliament.  Drag him into the blue circle to
    complete the mission.  Piece of cake.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 12:  Assassination - Luka Out                             [ODDJ12]
    Get this mission from Pox to the N of Parliament.
    Cutscene:  Pox tells you that one of the KGB agents, Luka, has some new, 
    advanced spores and is planning to deploy them in drums around the city.  Pox 
    wants you to deal with the threat.  He tells you that Luka is at the Soviet 
    Head over to the eastern side of the embassy, and a pink diamond should appear 
    that marks Luka's location for you.  But don't kill him yet -- you need to know
    where the spore drums are first.  Scan him to learn the locations of the drums,
    then kill him and the drums.  Their locations show up as pink diamonds now 
    Destroying the drums is really easy in the saucer, so hop in.  The pink light 
    beams over the drums should be visible a long distance away (even with the 
    fog), so you can launch a sonic boom from a long distance and still wipe it 
    out.  With this strategy, you won't have to move around as much.  Nearly all
    the drums are in locations easy to target from the saucer.  One is between two
    buildings, but you can still get it with a well-placed shot.  Or you can sonic
    boom the buildings near it. :D   Once Luka is dead and the spore drums are 
    destroyed, the mission is complete.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  15 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 13:  Assassination - Secret Agent, Red Weasel             [ODDJ13]
    Get this mission from a Secret Agent S of Parliament.  You must be disguised as
    a Secret Agent also.  Talk to the Agent, but to get the mission, you first have
    to give the M-16 password.  The correct response is "Try Something From a Spy 
    Cutscene:  The agent tells you that one of the government ministers is secretly
    in collusion with the Soviets, and you have to take him out.  
    First, you have to answer the phone call from the M-16 agent.  Head toward the
    phone booth marked by the pink X on your radar.  You have to reach it and
    answer the call within 1:00.
    Next, you have to kill the minister, but you have to wait until he has reached
    the Soviet embassy.  You are NOT allowed to kill him before then.  Once you get
    the message that he is at the embassy, head over there and grab your saucer
    along the way.  Then use the Sonic Boom or Death Ray to wipe out the embassy.
    This completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  15 Furotech cells
      Odd Jobs - Takoshima
      Odd Job 14:  Ruin Lives - The Executive                           [ODDJ14]
    Location:  On a street corner in Takoshima City
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a man
    Cutscene:  Crypto talks with a young Japanese executive for Toymart who has 
    just received a new car along with a promotion, and laments about how much 
    shame and dishonor it would bring if something happened to New Car-san on the 
    first day he had it.
    First, scan the executive to learn the whole story.  The executive gets worried
    about New Car-san and dashes off to check on him.  He has an "Executive 
    Paranoia" meter that measures how paranoid the executive is.  The meter fills 
    as you get closer to him and drains as you get farther away.  The object is to 
    tail him without getting too close.  If the meter fills up, the executive stops
    and the meter changes color.  If the meter fills up when it is orange, it turns
    red and you fail the mission.  You're doing it right if the meter stays at only
    a tiny fraction filled.
    You may need to change disguises along the way.  Just use Free Love on the 
    executive and snatch another body while he's dancing.  While the executive is 
    under the influence of Free Love, the meter empties and cannot fill, no matter 
    how close you get to him.
    Once you've reached his car, you have to destroy the car without killing the 
    executive to complete the mission.  I just used the Disintegrator Ray.  The 
    poor guy gets a year probation, thanks to you.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  6 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 15:  Ruin Lives - The Executive: Part 2                   [ODDJ15]
    Location:  On a street corner in Takoshima City
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as an East Yakuza
    thug (they wear white suits, sunglasses, and wield shotguns).  I found one 
    guarding a storefront down the hill from the mission start point.
    Cutscene:  Crypto talks with a Yakuza member about the Toymart executive's car.
    Apparently after his last car was destroyed in a "freak accident", the young 
    executive bought another with the insurance money.
    It's time to wreck this dude's car again.  Like last time, you must destroy the
    car without killing the executive.  This time, New Car-san is more heavily 
    guarded than before.  It is in a sealed area peppered with Yakuza, mines, and
    gun batteries.  For goodness sake, make sure you enter the area in your Yakuza
    disguise so the enemies don't slaughter you on first sight.  
    Then, sneak around to the side of the area and PK one of the dumpsters out of 
    your way. I used PK on it, then used the In command (Square) to just pull it 
    out a bit so I could squeeze through.  Then, infiltrate the guarded area, and 
    head over to New Car-san, which should be marked in pink.  Use PK on the car 
    and lift it gently up and over the wall to the north -- this should shake the 
    executive loose from the car and dump him on the ground safely.  Then head over
    there (PK a dumpster to get it out of your way).  Watch out, as there may be 
    mines nearby.  To destroy the car, use the Disintegrator Ray on it or PK some 
    mines into it, like I did.
    After losing two new cars to mysterious circumstances, the executive gets 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 16:  Assassination - Kenji Mojo Called Out                [ODDJ16]
    Location:  On a street corner in Takoshima City
    Special:  In order to get this mission from Hiroto-san, leader of the West 
    Panthers Yakuza, you must be disguised as a West Yakuza thug (they wear black 
    suits and sunglasses).  Just approach Hiroto-san, use Free Love on one of the 
    Yakuza and body snatch one of them.
    Cutscene:  Hiroto-san is steamed because Kenji told him that Kenji's wife is 
    prettier than Hiroto-san's.  He wants you to lure Kenji into a trap and 
    eliminate him.
    First, locate some East Yakuza (the ones with white suits, sunglasses, and 
    guns).  Scan them to get Kenji Moto's phone number.  In my game, it was 
    1-800-262.  Then head to a phone booth and call the number you just got (look 
    for a normal phone booth, not one of the police boxes).  Kenji tells you he 
    already knows you are trying to lead him into a trap.  East Yakuza will pop up
    all around you.  It's easiest just to run.  Head toward the West Yakuza 
    hideout, marked in pink on your radar.  When you get there, grab a West Yakuza
    disguise from one of the Yakuza there.  Then talk to Hiroto.  
    Cutscene:  Hiroto is steamed that there is a traitor in their midst who is 
    spying on them and giving information back to Kenji Moto and the East Yakuza.
    Crypto offers to find the traitor who tipped off Kenji Moto.
    Hiroto-san and the West Yakuza know that there is a traitor in their midst, 
    disguised as one of them, but they don't know who it is.  The West Yakuza are 
    all looking for someone dressed like them that is acting suspiciously.  This 
    creates a problem for you, as you are disguised as a West Yakuza too.  
    You will need to Scan the other West Yakuza to read the traitor's thoughts to 
    be sure you've got the right guy.  You have to get close enough to the traitor 
    to Scan him, but you can't get too close to him or any of the other Yakuza, or 
    your disguise will be blown (this automatically causes the mission to fail, and
    puts you in a bad position where all the surrounding Yakuza start shooting at 
    After you talk to Hiroto-san, head S then W towards the open lot there.  Do not
    get close to the other Yakuza, or your disguise will be blown, and you will 
    fail this mission.  The traitor is near the W edge of the map, in the westmost
    block of Takoshima City.  The lot there is bordered by a number of buildings, 
    and roads to your north and the west.  And there will be Yakuza walking around
    there too.  If you followed my directions, face due W and look toward the
    street corner, which is in front of you and a little to your left.  Near the 
    corner, there will be a small grassy area with a single tree in it.  The 
    traitor is underneath the tree.  When you scan his thoughts, the guy will 
    reveal that he is the traitor.
    Once you find him, you have to kill him without blowing your cover.  Creep 
    forward until you can lock onto the traitor with PK.  Then lift him up (L1 + 
    Triangle, move left Analog stick up), use the Out command (Circle) to move him
    away from you, and do a Push (Triangle) to heave him over the guard rail and 
    into the water.  Splish, splash, he's takin' a bath.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Odd Job 17
      Odd Job 17:  Assassination - Double-Tap into the Power            [ODDJ17]
    Location:  From a KGB agent on the west outskirts of Takoshima City.
    Special:  In order to get this mission, you must be disguised as a KGB agent.
    Cutscene:  The KGB agent is irked that the Yakuza are fighting each other.  He 
    orders you to wipe out both Hiroto-san and Moto-san to teach the Yakuza some 
    The mission itself is simple enough.  You just have to kill Hiroto-san and 
    Kenji Moto.  You already know where they are from doing the previous odd job 
    mission in Takoshima;  their locations remain the same.  When you get close, a 
    pink diamond will show up on your radar, indicating the exact position of your 
    mark.  They are both well-guarded, but you should be used to that by now.  You 
    can kill them by any means you want -- use Extract, the Disintegrator Ray, Ion 
    Detonator, PK them into the bay, drop a meteor on them from the top of a 
    Hiroto is closer to the mission starting point, so I went after him first.  
    Once you kill him, the little "gotcha" of this mission is revealed.  Kenji 
    Moto's spies will be sure to inform him of Hiroto-san's death.  Once you kill 
    Hiroto-san, a 2:00 timer will begin, and to complete the mission, you must find
    and kill Kenji Moto within the time limit, or he will leave town and escape.
    I suggest once you kill Hiroto, drop the disguise and jetpack over to the east 
    side of town, and then quickly kill Kenji Moto using whatever means necessary.
    Once he is dead, the mission is complete. 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 18:  The Ravages of Mohgra                                [ODDJ18]
    Get this mission from Professor Yuki in Sashimi Village.  You must be wearing 
    a KGB disguise (I found one on the road to Mt. Seiyuki.)
    Cutscene:  Yuki tells you that three eggs of the giant sea monster Mohgra just 
    washed up on the Takoshima beaches.  The eggs cannot be allowed to hatch or the
    hatchlings will destroy the city.  So, you just have to blow 'em up, right?  
    Wrong.  Mohgra is telepathically linked to her eggs.  If she detects anyone 
    folding, spindling, mutilating, or otherwise mishandling her eggs (bumping them
    into things, blowing them up, etc), she will fly into a rage and Takoshima 
    would be devastated.  Destroying an egg by dropping it in water, blowing it up,
    etc. results in an automatic mission failure.
    Yuki tells you to pick up the eggs with your flying saucer using the 
    AbductoBeam, then drop them into the volcano which will shield the eggs from 
    Mohgra's telepathic link.  There's really not much to this mission.  Just fly 
    to an egg, pick it up with the AbductoBeam, and then carefully drop it into the
    hole in the volcano.   Use a light touch and take your time lining things up. 
    Don't jostle it around too much or Mohgra will be pissed and the mission will 
    be failed.  After all three eggs are disposed of, the mission is completed.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  13 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 19:  Assassination - Red Flush                            [ODDJ19]
    Get this mission from Pox near Gouka Road.
    Cutscene:  Pox tells you that the KGB agents in town are harassing his Yakuza 
    poker buddies (no, I'm not kidding).  He wants you to take them out.
    I hop into the saucer for this one, but you can also do it on foot easily
    enough.  The KGB with the pink beams over them are sitting ducks, as you can
    practically see them a mile away in the saucer.  Some of the KGB agents did not
    have pink beams over them when I was in the saucer, so just fry anything 
    dressed in black with your Death Ray.  If you are on foot, the Disintegrator 
    Ray and the Anal Probe work well on single enemies, and Ion Detonators and 
    Meteors on larger groups.  Gastro can help draw fire and thin out the crowd if
    you've got a bunch of KGB, cops, and/or Yakuza shooting at you.
    You need to kill 40 KGB agents total.  Two pink Xs will show up on your map.  
    They mark the location of the Yakuza bases (east side and west side) in 
    Takoshima City.  The Xs only mark the general locations -- you will have to 
    wander around the street blocks that surround the Xs to find the KGB agents you
    need to kill.  They all seem to spawn close to the Xs -- I found them all 
    within a city block or two of the Xs.  Just keep patrolling around the When
    the agents spawn (or you get close enough), their locations are usually 
    revealed as pink diamonds on your radar.
    There should be 20 agents around each X.  If you've cleared out a bunch of 
    agents around one of the Xs and a trip around the X reveals no new agents, try
    going to the other X and get the ones there.  Just keep patrolling around the 
    Xs until you get them all.  The mission is complete when 40 KGB agents are 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  15 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 20:  Assassination - Shearing the Llama                   [ODDJ20]
    Get this mission from the Black Ninja leader in the Black Ninja village on 
    Shinobi Island.
    Cutscene:  The Black Ninja leader wants revenge on the Cult of Arkvoodle.  
    Crypto does a double-take until the leader explains that he wants Shama Llama 
    Head over to the landing zone NW of Castle Kuro, but be sure to stock up on 
    ammo first.  Yup, Shama Llama got too big of a head and now he thinks he's in 
    charge.  The battle is on!
        Boss Fight:  Shama Llama
        Shama Llama himself is completely harmless.  He teleports around the 
        area near the landing zone, and he is protected by a swarm of white 
        ninjas, who can make your life very painful indeed, so stay away from 
        them.  The best thing to do is stand on one of the huts, the broken 
        lighthouse nearby, or on your saucer to avoid the ninjas, and just 
        fire at Shama Llama.  Use whatever weapon is convenient.  Since he 
        teleports, the Meteor Strike is less effective for this battle.  Try
        the Disintegrator Ray or Ion Detonators.  This is an EXCELLENT place 
        to use Gastro due to the large concentration of enemies.  Gastro is 
        very effective against the white ninjas.
        Once you get him down to zero health, that's when the dirty little 
        secret twist is revealed.  Arkvoodle gives Shama Llama a number of
        extra lives equal to the number of times you have died.  When I first
        fought him, I was trying to finish this guide faster, so I just 
        continued instead of reloading -- Shama Llama had 21 freakin' lives :(
        At this point don't bother whipping out anything bigger than a 
        Disintegrator Ray for Shama Llama, as his life is so low, it isn't 
        worth it.  Just get to an elevated spot so the ninjas can't swarm you, 
        then let Shama Llama have it with the Disintegrator Ray.  Even if Shama
        Llama has a lot of lives, the battle won't be too bad, due to his low 
        If you have not died yet at this point in the game, Shama Llama gets no
        extra lives and just dies when you drain his stamina bar.  Sadly, you
        get no additional recognition or messages by doing this, which is a
        real bummer as I made this a goal for my second playthrough.
    Once you actually kill Shama Llama for the last time, Arkvoodle states that 
    Shama Llama pushed his luck too far.  Killing Shama (for good) completes the 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  20 Furotech cells
      Odd Jobs - Tunguska
      Odd Job 21:  Ruin Lives - What, Me? Subversive?                   [ODDJ21]
    Get this mission from Blazitsky, outside the KGB base.  You must be disguised 
    as a KGB agent.
    Cutscene:  Blazitsky tells you it's too bad, but things have been too quiet 
    lately and he hasn't had any subversives (traitors) lately to deal with -- 
    either they already caught all the dumb ones or the rest are too smart.  Crypto
    says he can deliver one, but Blazitsky wants a REAL traitor, delivered 
    As with all other missions that don't tell you what to do, start Scanning.  
    Someone should give you the tip to focus on Patryuka, just to the SE.  Follow 
    the road to Patryuka -- it is a small area off the road on the right.  Start 
    scanning people to look for a guilty suspect.  For me, it was a woman on the 
    left talking to a man.  When I scanned her, she was thinking about Dr. Orlov 
    and that "no one would be noticing her".  You'll know that you've got the right
    person if a pink marker appears over her head.  Then, you just have to body 
    snatch her and head back to Blazitsky while disguised as the traitor.  You can
    stay on the road, but it is faster just to walk up and down the hills heading 
    directly for Blazitsky as the crow flies.
    Go through the conversation options.  I picked myself as the greatest Soviet 
    criminal, and I had to answer more questions.  Here are the answers:
    Question 1:  How were KGB planning to destroy Bay City?
    Answer:  Nuclear Bombs  [Note: Revelade was only to control the hippies, not 
    destroy the city.]
    Question 2:  What is the nameski of the female KGB agent who is defecting in 
    Answer:  Natalya
    Question 3:  How were we planning to infect people of Albion?
    Answer:  Spores
    Successfully answering all three questions completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 22:  Assassination - Food Line in the Sky                 [ODDJ22]
    Get this mission from the Undercover Agent near the Safe house.
    Cutscene:  When you talk to the undercover agent, he will ask you to tell him 
    which drink caused problems in Bay City, America recently.  Tell him Revelade,
    of course, and he'll spill the beans.  He wants revenge against a snitch that 
    got a friend of his arrested.  He tells you to wipe out the informant, who'll 
    be waiting in the food lines.
    What the agent doesn't tell you though, is that you cannot kill innocent people
    waiting in line, or you will fail the mission.  So much for just dropping a
    meteor on him...
    Well, we don't know where the food lines are, so guess what that means?  Yup, 
    scan some poor saps nearby, and you should find out that the food lines are in 
    Science Town.  Specifically, you want the western edge of Science town, just a 
    little NE of the landing zone there.  This should bring up a pink X on your 
    radar, marking the location of the snitch.  You'll need to do some more 
    Scanning, so grab a disguise if you don't have one.
    The informant will NOT be standing in the food line with the other peasants.  
    Instead, he should be standing near a corner of the building that's closest to
    the X on your radar -- he's not right up against the road, but in a little 
    alcove-like area next to the building.  If you still can't find him, go up to 
    the building nearest the pink X on your radar and start walking around the 
    perimeter.  Look for someone that is standing still in a small, alcove like 
    area.  Scan the people that are standing up against the building until you find
    him. Then take him out how you like.  The easy and cheap way is to Free Love or
    Mind Flash, then just waste him.  Extract works well too.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 23:  The Abominable Yeti                                  [ODDJ23]
    Get this mission from the old man on the road between the KGB base and 
    Cutscene:  According to the old man, there have been strange things happening 
    and the locals are blaming it on a Yeti.  The old man is convinced it is a 
    mutant from a nearby research facility causing the trouble.  He wants you to 
    kill the thing and bring its carcass back to his house so he can report it and 
    maybe even win a medal.
    Follow the old man into the pink marker to begin.  The yeti is next to a cabin 
    that is nearly directly in front of you as you look down the hill into the 
    forest.  You have to be careful what you use to kill the Yeti, as you need to 
    leave a corpse -- this rules out disintegration.  
    Now, you could soften the Yeti up with Meteors (it will take several) and then 
    finish him off with the Zap-O-Matic, but why on earth would you do that when 
    the game constantly rewards you for cheating?   That's right, it's time for the
    big guns again.  Backtrack to your saucer and hop in.  Then fly over to where 
    the Yeti is (near a cabin on the extreme W edge of Tunguska).  A bright pink
    beam over his head conveniently points him out for you.  Use the Death Ray on 
    him -- watch his health drop like a stone!
    Be careful as his health empties and when it's almost gone, just use quick taps
    on the fire button, pausing between each one.  Note that there is a small delay
    between when you fire the Death Ray and when the damage registers on the Yeti.
    Make sure to just barely kill him -- don't fry him to a crisp.  This should 
    wipe him out in seconds and still leave behind a corpse.  If you have any of 
    the Death Ray damage upgrades, be careful, as his health will go down really
    (Correction from previous version)  I was unable to lift the Yeti's corpse with
    the AbductoBeam, so I could not use the saucer for the next part, as I stated
    in the previous version.  Sorry, but it looks like you have to have to return 
    the Yeti corpse on foot using PK.
    Go back and park the saucer, then return to the cabin where the corpse is.  PK
    the corpse, then use the Out + Push commands to launch the Yeti toward the old
    man (pink X on your radar).  This lets you deal with the infected humans on the
    ground that are sure to get in your way.  So use your Anal Probe to them back
    into humans, and save a lot of time.  If you run out of Anal Probe ammo, switch
    to something else.  Ion Detonators will kill any infected humans in the blast
    Just keep working your way back to the old man, and simply shove the body into
    the circle with PK, and the mission is complete.  The old man, for reporting 
    the corpse, gets convicted of crimes against the Motherland and sent to a Gulag
    for his trouble.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  15 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 24:  Assassination - Victor Isn't                         [ODDJ24]
    Get this mission from Gregoriy in Science Town.
    Cutscene:  Gregoriy has been promoted and is now in charge of keeping order in
    town.  But the Russian Mafia has been going too far lately.  Viktor Tanayev, a 
    mafia leader has murdered Nikita Dumchov and stolen his car.  He wants you to 
    destroy Viktor.
    Do the obligatory scan on the nearby people to learn that Viktor is hiding out
    in Kikhbakskiy.  Go there and scan some more, and you learn from one of his 
    guards what his car looks like.  In my most recent playthrough, it was red, and
    was parked next to a cabin N of Kikhbakskiy.  A Furotech Cell and Alien 
    Artifact are located near the correct cabin, which should help you find it.  As
    you get close, the car will begin moving, and a pink marker will appear over 
    the one holding Viktor.  Destroy it by any means you wish, but be aware that he
    has a lot of guards and they fire automatic rifles at you.  
    There are two good ways I found to take out the car.  The simplest is to just
    Transmog it (with Viktor still inside).  The other is to drop a meteor on him.
    If you can't get him to stay still, PK a car in his way to create a roadblock,
    then rub him out.  Killing Viktor completes the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 25:  Assassination - At Least It's Not the Gulag          [ODDJ25]
    Get this mission from Blazitsky in the KGB base.  
    Cutscene:  Apparently, as the KGB were hauling off the subversive spy you body
    snatched and turned in earlier, she mentioned something about an undercover 
    American spy.  (Remember the dude that gave you the mission to assassinate the 
    snitch near the food line in Science Town?  That's him.)
    Anyway, some compulsory Scanning reveals the traitor is in Science Town.  Go 
    there and start Scanning people (try scientists) until you find out there is a
    new scientist at the Cooling Tower that nobody knows.  
    Head there and walk around to the back of the cooling tower on the walkway --
    there should be a group of three scientists talking there, and he is one of 
    them.  Kill him to complete the mission.
    Of course, since you are reading this FAQ, you can do it the easy way.  Just
    head to Science Town in your saucer when the mission starts, and drop a couple
    of Quantum Destructors on the Cooling Tower.  Problem solved.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Odd Job 26:  Ruin Lives - Bad Luck for Zablitsky                  [ODDJ26]
    Get this mission from Grigoriy in Science Town.  
    Cutscene:  Grigoriy is unhappy because he is getting orders that are not quite 
    ... Soviet.  He wants you to ruin his superior officer, Zablitsky, so that he 
    can get promoted and make big changes, for the good of the Soviet Union.
    He knows that Dr. Orlov is located at the KGB base -- Zablitsky is there also. 
    First, you have to pick up either an officer or KGB Agent disguise to talk to 
    Zablitsky.  He is in the courtyard and his a pink marker above his head, which
    you can see from a mile away.  Approach Zablitsky in proper disguise and talk 
    to him.  Exhaust the conversation options (you'll finish with the "Bamboozle 
    him with lies" option) to trick Zablitsky into telling you where Dr. Orlov is 
    The next part is really easy if you use the saucer.  Just go and get it and fly
    back.  Dr. Orlov is located in a fenced-in area nearby -- he is the green 
    diamond on your radar.  Scope the place out and you will see a pile of boxes
    right where the green diamond marker is -- this is where they are hiding Orlov.
    Here's what you do.  When you get to the fenced-in area where Dr. Orlov is, 
    activate your cloaking shield.  Then quickly pick up one of the boxes with 
    your AbductoBeam and carefully move it out of the way.  Keep moving boxes out
    of your way until you can grab Dr. Orlov, who is hiding in the very center --
    you'll need to move about four or so to expose Dr. Orlov.
    Then comes the easy part.  Pick up Dr. Orlov with the AbductoBeam and just fly
    him to the pink X at the dock near the Frozen Lake.  Fly him into the blue
    circle when you get there to complete the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  20 Furotech cells
      Odd Jobs - Solaris
      Odd Job 27:  Lights Out for Lobsters                              [ODDJ27]
    Get this mission from the cosmonaut in the cosmonaut base.  To get in there,
    Body Snatch a Cosmonaut and then use one of the terminals around the perimeter
    of the base (highlighted in blue circles).
    Cutscene:  The Russians want to be sure the Blisk are really gone.
    Sure enough, they are not.  They are sending an emergency transmission for 
    After the transmission is over, head to the Radar Zone and wipe out the 18 
    surviving Blisk there -- you need to do this on foot, as they disappear when 
    you are in the saucer.  I've found the best way to stick it to the Blisk is to
    use Gastro or the Burrow Beast.  Either one can kill multiple Blisk per "shot".
    If you are out of ammo for those two weapons, whip out your good old 
    Zap-O-Matic to drain their shields, then fire Disintegrator Ray shots to finish
    them off.  There are some inside the dome, and others outside, with a 
    bunch of annoying EMP mines around to disable your weapons.  Just Transmog the
    mines and exterminate the Blisk.  Then head inside to disable the Blisk 
    distress signal and change it to a new one.  
    The next task is to investigate the mines.  You'll find that there are 39 more
    Blisk remaining in the mines.  Take your time and wipe them out using the 
    same strategy for the ones near the radar base.  This will wipe out the 
    remaining Blisk on Solaris and complete the mission.
      Cult of Arkvoodle - Bay City
      Cult of Arkvoodle 1:   Who is Arkvoodle?                          [ARKV01]
    Location:  In an empty lot in the middle of Ginsberg Heights.
    Cutscene:  While talking with Pox about Arkvoodle, Pox suddenly realizes that 
    Crypto may be the one mentioned in the Prophecy, destined to bring about the 
    second coming of Arkvoodle on Earth.  Pox tells Crypto that he needs to get the
    blessing of Arkvoodle and then recruit humans for a new cult of Arkvoodle 
    Follow the pink blip on your radar to the Arkvoodle statue.  This Arkvoodle 
    statue is not visible until you begin this mission.  Now you have to kill 
    enough things in order to bring the threat level up to orange (four bars).  The
    easiest way to do this is to get in your saucer and start blowing up buildings 
    with your Death Ray -- it shouldn't take long.  This unlocks the landing zone 
    and completes the mission. 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  5 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 2
      Cult of Arkvoodle 2:   Flip Up the Flyppies                       [ARKV02]
    This mission has you convince the "Flyppies" hippie gang to join the cult of 
    Arkvoodle.  To get this mission, go to the northwest area of Hashbury and find 
    the hippie gathering there.  Get a human disguise, walk up to the hippie with a
    blue circle around him and talk to him.  
    Cutscene:  It seems he's obsessed with Rainbow Honeysuckle, one of the female 
    hippies nearby.  After you talk to him, a pink marker appears above her.  Use 
    Free Love on one of the hippies near her, then body snatch her.  
    Go back to the hippie you talked to before and talk to him again.  This time, 
    a new conversation option "Talk about Free Love and Arkvoodle" appears.  Choose
    it.  Now you'll have to convince them to join your cult.  To succeed, choose 
    "Spout some new age dribble" and then "Act cool".  As usual, some of the other 
    lines produce some funny results.
    A newspaper headline is shown:  "New cult in town!  Flyppies: No to orgies, Yes
    to Arkvoodle!" :)
    Mission Completion Bonus:  4 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 3
      Cult of Arkvoodle 3:   Yapping Bully                              [ARKV03]
    Now it's time to convince the Yappies gang to join you.  This mission is near 
    the underpass in Old Fort.  Follow the icon on your radar and approach the 
    leader in the blue marker.  He basically tells you to buzz off.   A pink marker
    will appear over the head of a hippie nearby.  Body snatch him and talk to the 
    leader again to get a new "Get updated on the Yappies' activities" option.  
    Choose it.  To get the mission, you can say whatever you want.  I chose to say 
    "Arkvoodle is about sticking it to the man" and then "Arkvoodle is anti-war".
    This is probably the most annoying mission I've come across yet.  You have to 
    use your saucer to pick up hippie vans and drop them onto blue circles on the 
    rooftops of 10 buildings around town.  Each of the 10 rooftops has a blue 
    circle, and you have to get the van to stay at rest inside the circle.  If it 
    rolls out, you lose credit for that van and have to move the van (or another
    one) back into the circle.  Also, the cloaking shield does not last long enough
    to be helpful, which means you'll probably raise the threat level to the point
    where not much traffic shows up on the roads, AND the area will be infested
    with tanks gunning for you.  You MUST put hippie vans up on the rooftops -- no
    other type of vehicle will count.
    To get through this, take it slow and steady.  When you see a hippie van 
    driving down the street or sitting in a parking lot (either one is fine), clear
    the immediate area of tanks and grab it with the AbductoBeam.  Activate your 
    cloaking shield if you have it charged, then go over to a rooftop wih a blue
    circle on it, and carefully lower the van into the circle.  To do this, 
    position yourself directly over the blue circle and come to a full stop to keep
    the AbductoBeam stationary.  Then lower your saucer until the van touches the 
    building -- make sure the van is touching the circle, and then let go of L1 to
    stop the AbductoBeam.  Try not to take too long, as the tanks can blow up the 
    van before you get it in place, and destroyed vans don't count.  Use your Drain
    ability to recharge your saucer shields often.  
    Hippie vans will periodically spawn around the area, but you can get off to a 
    head start by scrounging around the parking lots nearby, as you can easily 
    scoop up a few there.  If you aren't having any luck finding a van, try hopping
    out of the saucer to reset the threat level with a Police Box -- it can get the
    authorities off your back and buy you some time.   
    A newspaper headline proclaims: "Look up!  It's my car!  Yappies claim 
    responsibility for daring rooftop car stunt".  Perhaps the biggest reward of 
    all is that this mission is finally over.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells  (it should have been at least 
    triple that, if you ask me)
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 4
      Cult of Arkvoodle 4:   Shama Llama slips Up                       [ARKV04]
    NOTE:  This mission is much easier if you have completed Mission 4 first and
    obtained the Transmog ability.
    Get this mission in Ginsberg Heights, in the same area where you got the first 
    cult mission.  You must be undisguised.
    The Slippies are next.  They want to join you, but they need their leader, 
    Shama Llama to give the OK.  Unfortunately, he's in jail and you have to bust 
    him out.  You need to talk to The Freak to find out where Shama Llama is.  The 
    freak is close by.  Head over to the pink blip in the empty lot to talk to The 
    Next, you need to stop the police convoy and force the cops to let Shama Llama 
    out of the car.  You can do both of these at the same time.  Don't shoot at the
    car containing Shama.  If you blow up the car, the mission is automatically 
    failed.  Instead, just attempt to Transmog the cop car carrying Shama (but stop
    quickly so you don't hurt him). If you don't have Transmog, use your Dislocator
    to try to flip the car and shake the cops loose (it may take you several tries
    to do it just right if you are using the Dislocator).
    Once he's free from the car, use Follow on Shama Llama and get him to follow 
    you to the safe zone in Golden Gate Park, which is marked on your radar.  This
    is a great time to grab a cop disguise as you will run into bunches of cops on
    your way to the safe zone.  Just PK any cops out of your way, over the guard
    rail and into the lake.  When you get to the safe zone, get Shama Llama to step
    in the blue circle there, and the mission is complete.
    A newspaper headline is shown:  "Cops lose Llama!  Witnesses claim mysterious 
    midget liberates maligned Llama!"
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 5:   Establishing Shots                         [ARKV05]
    Get this mission from Shama Llama at the edge of Golden Gate Park.  You must be
    Cutscene:  Shama Llama tells you that the cops have been harassing the fledging
    cult members and he needs you to take care of them.
    Here, the objective is to defend the hippie tents from the cops, who are trying
    to destroy them.  If all of the tents are destroyed, you fail the mission.
    This mission is tough to do on foot, as you tend to run out of Disintegrator 
    Ray ammo, and there aren't really enough objects around to Transmog anyway.
    Instead, as soon as the mission starts, quickly turn around and run to your 
    saucer.  Stay in the saucer low to the ground and barbeque any cop that 
    approaches with your Death Ray.  Don't worry if you roast a few of your own 
    cult members.  But be careful, you can destroy your own tents with the Death 
    Ray.  The secret is to use short, quick blasts of the Death Ray.  There is no 
    need to hold down the button, as any contact with the Death Ray is lethal to 
    the cops.
    Most of the cops will come from the intersection nearby, but a few approach 
    from the opposite direction later on.  Nail the cop cars immediately, as it 
    (obviously) wipes out the cops inside, too.  Once you've protected the tents 
    for a while, a timer will appear.  If at least one tent has survived when the 
    timer expires, the mission succeeds.
    Newspaper headline: "Cult survives police brutality!  Botched hippie raid turns
    into slaughter!"
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 6:   Publicity Stunt                            [ARKV06]
    Get this mission in Golden Gate Park.
    Cutscene:  Shama Llama tells you that the cult needs to advertise in a big way 
    -- by flying a cult member around through the streets.
    Run to your saucer and hop in.  You can buy upgrades from PoxMart before 
    entering the cockpit, if you like.  The timer is set for 5:00 and begins as 
    soon as you enter the cockpit.  Quickly pick up the cult member with the pink 
    marker over his head.  The object of the mission is to recruit 100 people for 
    your new cult (an indicator on the lower left part of the screen shows your 
    The trick here is to fly to one of the hippie gatherings (marked by pink Xs on 
    your radar.  When you get close to the area, a blue circle will appear on the 
    ground.  Fly into the blue circle and then stop and hover there.  Don't move. 
    You will see new recruits run over to you and the number of recruits will start
    counting up.  Stay still.  After picking up 10~20 or so new recruits, a message
    will say that people are starting to get tired of your advertising.  This is 
    your cue to fly to another gathering and hover there.  
    There are some *big* twists though.  Tanks and other enemies will be shooting 
    at you, and you cannot return fire, as per Shama Llama's instructions.  Second,
    your number of recruits slowly counts down over time, so it's best to not waste
    time when flying from blue marker to blue marker.  As soon as the recruit count
    reaches 100, the mission ends immediately (and is successful).  You should have
    plenty of time to complete the mission.  If your saucer keeps getting blown up
    before you finish the mission, use the saucer's cloaking device and/or buy 
    upgrades for your saucer's shields at PoxMart.
    The route you take is important too.  Start out with the marker in Golden Gate 
    park (which is completely unguarded), then go forward.  There are some tanks 
    sitting near the spot on the road by the bay, so ignore that one and move 
    toward the right and forward, as those have far fewer enemies nearby.  Try not 
    to get too close to Coit Tower, as there are a number of nasty tanks and 
    missile launchers there.  It's okay if your saucer takes some hits, but don't 
    overdo it.  The cult member dangling from your saucer can be killed and if that
    happens, you have to fly all the way back to the starting area and pick up a 
    new one.
    Newspaper headline:  "Arkvoodle Cult Flys High:  Aerial advertising stunt draws
    crowds, converts"
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 7:   Freakin' Art                               [ARKV07]
    Note:  In order to unlock this mission, complete Cult of Arkvoodle 11 in Albion
    and talk to Shama Llama in Hyde Park.  After you talk with him, this mission is
    Back in Bay City, locate The Freak in Hashbury -- just follow the Cult of 
    Arkvoodle icon, grab a hippie disguise, and talk to him. 
    Cutscene:  The Freak tells you that he's bummed because people hate his 
    artwork.  Crypto counters by telling him that if people really hated his art 
    they'd paint over it or pee on it or something... :D  The Freak tells you to 
    follow him and he will show you.
    The first part of the mission is really easy.  While disguised, follow The 
    Freak as he shows you some of his art.  Each time he stops at a poster, you 
    will need to make the nearby hippies "groove" to his art by using Free Love on 
    them.  Don't do it too early, as you need to wait for the hippies to gather 
    around it first.  Wait until you get a message from the game to "Make people
    groove to The Freak's Art".  Then use Free Love.  When The Freak runs off,
    follow him to the next poster and do it again.
    Each time you do this, it fills up some of The Freak's "Confidence Meter".  To
    fill it completely, you'll need to repeat the sequence three times in all.  If
    your host's life is getting low, pop out and snatch another body while one of 
    the Free Loves is in effect.  After the third poster, you'll follow The Freak 
    into the clearing in Hashbury where the saucer landing zone is.  
    Cutscene:  With The Freak's confidence restored, he agrees to paint you a 
    poster, but he needs to get his art supplies back. 
    Unfortunately, his art supplies are guarded by cops and KGB agents (don't they
    have anything better to do than guard art supplies???).  You can do this part 
    on foot using PK, but take the hint that you start the next part in the saucer
    landing zone, and hop in your saucer instead.  Fly to one of the green diamonds
    on your radar, pick up the crate of art supplies there with your AdbuctoBeam, 
    and drag it into the safe zone (pink X on your radar), dropping it in the blue
    circle on the ground.  Repeat for the other two crates and you will pass the 
    Mission Completion Bonus:  7 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Allows you to continue Cult of Arkvoodle 12 (in Albion)
      Cult of Arkvoodle - Albion 
      Cult of Arkvoodle 8:   Revelations                                [ARKV08]
    Get this mission in a small vacant lot in Soho.  You must be disguised.
    Talk to the hippie in the blue circle, but you won't learn very much.  One of 
    the hippies in the lot will be highlighted in a pink marker.  Body Snatch him 
    and talk to the hippie again to get the full story.  The Stoned Poseurs are 
    addicted to Revelade and need help getting off of it.  But first, they need to 
    get home to sleep off the effects.
    This mission is extremely easy.  All you have to do is take the hippies "home".
    There will be 4 hippies and 4 pink markers indicating their homes.  Just use 
    your Follow power on each hippie in turn, and lead each one to one of the 
    "homes" -- it doesn't matter which one.  Once the hippie steps in the glowing 
    circle, he or she will lie down and go to sleep, and then you can go and get 
    the next hippie.  The mission will be over before you know it.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 9:   Con Mods                                   [ARKV09]
    Get this mission near the landing zone in Canal Side.
    Talk to the man in the blue circle -- he'll tell you about the leader, Lionel, 
    who's nearby.  Body Snatch Lionel (Free Love doesn't work on him, so use it on
    one of the people nearby, then snatch him) and talk to the man in the blue 
    circle again, which will eventually lead to you calling a gathering of the Mod 
    Mob.  You'll have to go through some conversation options. (Personally, I chose
    "Blind Willie Syphilis" as the hip Soul artist they've never heard of...  Oh, 
    you mean the BLIND Willie Syphilis... :D)
    The Mod Mob members will demand to hear some of Blind Willie Syphilis' tunes,
    and you need help to get some.  Follow the pink marker to talk to Pox, who's 
    hanging out nearby.  
    Cutscene:  Crypto tells Pox that he needs some Furon soul music to sway the Mod
    Mobbers to the Arkvoodle cult.  Pox remembers that Gastro, the mothership's 
    janitor had a large collection of Furon soul music and it was ejected from the
    mothership in a "music datacore".  After hearing some strange new music from 
    yet another pirate DJ nearby, he concludes that the DJ found the datacore you
    Now you need to find the Pirate DJ who has your "Music Datacore." (Furon Blues 
    recordings by Blind Willie Syphilis!)  Head to Soho in your saucer and land at
    the southernmost landing zone in Albion.  The pirate DJ is just east of the 
    landing zone.  Grab the datacore and kill him to complete the mission.  He is
    just a normal human and is unguarded, so use whatever weapon you want.  The
    Disintegrator Ray is fine.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  10 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 10:  Like a Drowned Mole                        [ARKV10]
    Get this mission near the center of Hyde Park.  Shama Llama is waiting for you 
    Cutscene:  Crypto asks how things are going, but Shama tells him that there is
    a government mole in their midst and he needs Crypto to handle it discreetly. 
    Not only that, the hippies' nerves are frayed from the Revelade withdrawal, so 
    you cannot upset them.  Crypto grumbles as he realizes this is another stealth 
    Grab a hippie disguise and follow the pink Xs on your map.  Scan the people 
    located at the Xs (there will be no pink beam of light illuminating them from 
    the sky like usual, so try to make sure you've got the right person).  You can
    scan people until you find the one that thinks about needing to report back to
    MI6 on the Arkvoodle cult, but it always seems to be the same one.  He is at
    the farthest away of the two Xs, on the NW side of Hyde Park, sitting cross
    legged at the base of the tree.  Grab a disguise and scan him to confirm that 
    he is indeed the mole!  
    Next you are told to drown him in the river.  Contrary to normal strategy, I 
    suggest you do this one on foot, as getting in the saucer attracts a large
    amount of attention, and weapon fire from the tanks and missile launchers can
    kill the mole.  I just stay in disguise, use Follow on the mole, and lure him
    to the river at the north edge of the map.  When he gets close, use PK to shove
    him in the river.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 11
      Cult of Arkvoodle 11:  Alien Overlords: The Reality               [ARKV11]
    Get this mission from Shama Llama in SE Canal Side.  If you have done Mission 9
    already and obtained the Mind Flash, this mission will be much easier.
    However, it is still possible to win without it.
    Cutscene:  Apparently there is a new radio show that will be devoted to 
    exploring aliens and UFOs.  Crypto realizes he needs to deal with this show to 
    avoid drawing more attention to himself.  Shama will go on the show to help 
    him, but Crypto has to "disrupt" the call-in listeners who will call in to the 
    show on public phones, before they reveal any incriminating information.  
    There will be three callers you have to disrupt.  They are located in Soho, 
    Parliament, and Hyde Park.  Don't bother heading for your saucer, because it 
    won't work this time (you will not be allowed to enter the cockpit).  Well, so
    much for cheating.
    If you do not have the Mind Flash...
    You have to hurry to get to the callers in time.  As soon as you get control of 
    Crypto, run toward to the bridge and head for Soho as fast as you can; don't
    wait for the actual call to begin, just go!  I tend to avoid taking a disguise
    and use the Jetpack to glide.  It's fast and lets you avoid some cops and 
    soldiers on the ground.  When you get close, the caller's location will show up
    on your radar.  Quickly make your way over there and either kill or PK the 
    caller away.  As soon as the caller is done for, speed over to the other bridge
    towards Parliament, and the second caller should show up on your radar.  Take
    him out as well.  Then head towards the NE section of Hyde Park.
    If you have the Mind Flash...
    This mission will be ridiculously easy.  As soon as the cutscene ends, head 
    towards Hyde Park.  When you get there, or when the Incrimination meter for the
    call gets to the 2/3 mark or over, use Mind Flash.  This will disrupt the call
    (it stuns the caller).  Then quickly collect some more brains from the hippies
    in the park.  When the second call begins and the meter appears, Mind Flash
    again to interrupt the second call.  Then head for the NE section of the park.  
    Either way, it doesn't seem to matter if you get the third caller in time.  You
    will find out that the caller is luring unsuspecting victims to mutagen spore
    canisters that have been set in NE Hyde Park.  Pink markers show you their 
    locations when you get close enough.  Wipe them out to complete the mission --
    the Disintegrator Ray works fine, or you can drop a meteor in the center of the
    cluster of them.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 12
      Cult of Arkvoodle 12:  Freaky Flyers                              [ARKV12]
    Get this mission from Shama Llama in Hyde Park.
    Cutscene:  Crypto suggests that the Arkvoodle Cult needs more slav... devotees.
    Shama tells you that you should advertise again... something groovy.  He tells 
    you to go back to Bay City and enlist the help of the Freak to make some 
    posters, because he's got some groovy art skills.
    At this point, you cannot continue the rest of this mission yet -- you need the
    flyers first.  By talking to Shama Llama however, you have unlocked Cult of 
    Arkvoodle 7 (the final Cult of Arkvoodle mission in Bay City).  Go to Bay City
    and complete that mission, then return to Albion and talk to Shama Llama again.
    Now, you can continue.
    Cutscene:  Shama confirms that he got the posters from The Freak and they look 
    groovy.  Now you just have to distribute them by tossing them out of the 
    saucer.  Crypto rightly guesses that the cops will be after him (again) and 
    that he cannot fire back (again).
    This mission is a lot like Bay City Arkvoodle Cult Mission 6 (Publicity Stunt).
    However, this one is a lot less annoying.  The idea here is to recruit 150 
    followers.  You have a total of 6:00 to do this, which is way more than enough 
    All of the pink diamonds on your map are crates of flyers.  Go to one and pick 
    it up with your AbductoBeam.  Then the radar display changes to show you the 
    places where hippie crowds have gathered (pink Xs).  Fly the crate to the pink 
    X and drop it in the blue circle you see on the ground.  Once you drop off a 
    crate, the radar display switches back to the pink diamonds.  Quickly pick up 
    another crate and repeat the process, being careful not to reuse the same blue 
    circle a second time.  You want to move fast, as you gradually lose followers 
    as the mission goes on.  Each crate you deliver should net you about 15-20 
    recruits, so it shouldn't take long.  As soon as you reach 150 recruits or 
    more, you pass the mission immediately.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  13 Furotech cells, Alien Artifact Detector
      Cult of Arkvoodle - Takoshima
      Cult of Arkvoodle 13:  Half-Wits Are Better Than None             [ARKV13]
    Get this mission in the White Ninja base beside the Zen Temple. 
    This is the easiest mission ever.  Talk to the White Ninja in the blue circle 
    and convince him to worship Arkvoodle.  Exhaust all of the conversation 
    options, then give up in disgust to complete the mission.  It's over before you
    realize it's begun.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  8 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 14
      Cult of Arkvoodle 14:  Fooling the Black Ninja                    [ARKV14]
    Get this mission from the Black Ninja leader on the road near Sashimi Village.
    It really helps if you have completed the Free Love Mastery gene blend because
     the black ninjas will be harassing you and prevent you from starting the 
    mission.  If you can't Free Love ninjas, try to Free Love a normal person 
    nearby and catch the ninjas in the radius.
    You talk to the Black Ninjas, but they want to sacrifice you since you are a 
    White Ninja sympathizer.  
    NOTE:  This is one of the few times in the game where what you say matters.  
    You need to convince them that Arkvoodle (who they mishear as Darkvoodle) is 
    evil.  DO NOT make any choice that alludes to light or brightness.  The black 
    ninjas HATE that -- you will fail the mission and the black ninjas will 
    surround you and try to kill you.  Instead, choose the other options 
    (exaggerate, and teach them the ultimate secret of stealth).  They are 
    intrigued, but they demand that you defeat them in "honorable combat".
    After the conversation is over, the goal is to destroy all the ninjas.  There 
    are several rules to the challenge.  First, you cannot use your weapons.  
    Second, you cannot leave the circle.  Third, you cannot let any of the Black 
    Ninjas enter the blue circle, or you lose.  
    The challenge is easy to win.  Fortunately, Arkvoodle seems to have "upgraded"
    your PK power a bit -- attempting to use PK on any Black Ninja during the 
    challenge blows them up instantly.  When a pink blip appears on your radar, it 
    means that one of the ninjas is charging you and you are in danger.  Simply 
    spin around to face the blip and PK the ninja with the pink marker over his 
    head.  The ninjas will come from the front and behind you, as well as over the 
    small cliff to the side.  At times, you will have multiple ninjas charging you 
    from different sides at once, but they are far enough away that you can still 
    get them, if you're quick.  Deal with the closest threat first, then the next 
    closest, and so on.  Just stay cool and lock on to each ninja and PK him as 
    quickly as possible.  When you get down to the last few, it should be easier.  
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
      Cult of Arkvoodle 15:  Takoshima Rumble                           [ARKV15]
    Get this mission from Shama Llama.  He is near the landing zone south of 
    Takoshima City.  Before you start the mission, call the saucer to the landing 
    zone here.
    With Crypto's recent meddling, now everyone is pissed at the cult.  The KGB, 
    the ninjas, the cops, you name it.  This is another "protect the tents 
    mission", but it is MUCH harder.  There are more tents than last time, and they
    are more spread out.
    I suggest you get in the saucer again, like last time.  Because you have a 
    larger area to protect, the enemies will get a bunch of your tents early on.  I
    had the most luck focusing on a small cluster of tents to try to protect.  The 
    small cluster nearest Takoshima City worked best for me, as the enemies seem to
    try to get those ones first and leave the others alone more.  Stay close to the
    few you are trying to save.  Fly as low in the saucer as you can, and roast 
    anything that moves with the Death Ray.  Most of the enemies come from the road
    side, but some will some from the other directions (not the water side).  Use a
    light touch with the Death Ray, so you can kill the enemies while hurting the 
    tents as little as possible.
    There are no anti-saucer weapons near you, so you can focus exclusively on the 
    enemies on foot.  You will need to kill the cops, army, black ninjas, and the
    KGB.  Hold out until the timer appears.  Once it does, protect the final 
    tent(s) for the 1:00 countdown.  As before, if any tent has survived when the 
    countdown is up, you succeed the mission.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  12 Furotech cells
    Unlocks:  Cult of Arkvoodle 16
      Cult of Arkvoodle 16:  The Coming of Arkvoodle                    [ARKV16]
    Get this mission from Shama Llama, near the landing zone NW of Castle Kuro.
    Special: You need 30 Alien Artifacts before you can begin this mission.  Even
    though you can unlock this mission earlier, the soonest you can do it (without
    cheating) is after Mission 15, where you can pick up the last Alien Artifact 
    from inside the volcano (that one is not accessible until Mission 15). 
    Note:  It is not necessary to find all the Alien Artifacts in Bay City, Albion,
    and Takoshima -- that's just the earliest point in the game where this mission
    can be done.  If you can't find all of those artifacts, you can always continue
    the main story line, grab some more Alien Artifacts in Tunguska, and then come
    back to Takoshima to do this mission.
    Once you have 30 artifacts or more, talk to Shama Llama to begin.
    Cutscene:  Shama Llama vows he will give you the super weapon after you 
    broadcast a special message to the humans from your saucer that will help land 
    more recruits for his...er, your cult.  Hmmm.  Foreshadowing perhaps?  
    First, you have to hop in the saucer.  Once you do, a timer begins.  This part 
    of the mission is much like the mission in Bay City where you recruited members
    by flying the cult member around Bay City with your AbductoBeam.  And much like
    that mission in Bay City, you must not fire back at the army.
    This time, you will fly the saucer around Takoshima City.  You have 7:00 to 
    gain 200 recruits.  The strategy is the same as last time.  Fly to one of the 
    pink Xs on your radar and hover over the blue circle.  Then wait.  Once you get
    the message that the people there are tired of your advertising and to come 
    back later -- that is your sign to move on to the next X.  There's no set path 
    you have to take, and you can revisit the same spots after some time passes, so
    you can just make laps around Takoshima City, if you want.  
    This part is still pretty easy -- the only hard part is that the tanks and SAM 
    launchers will be shooting shells and salvos of missiles at you.  While you 
    cannot return fire, using Drain to recharge your shields is legal, even if you
    kill the enemy vehicle.  If you see a vehicle nearby on your route, grab it 
    with the AbductoBeam and use Drain on it as you move to the next circle, or as
    you hover over the circle waiting for the recruits to hear the message.  As 
    long as you can keep your saucer shield integrity up, you'll get the 200 
    recruits in plenty of time.  The instant you reach 200 recruits, this part of
    the mission is complete.  
    Next, you get a message that another group of potential group of converts is 
    gathering at the Zen Temple, so head off there.  A pink X will show up on your 
    radar, so head towards it.  Shama Llama is waiting near the landing zone SW of 
    the Zen Temple, so land your saucer, hop out, and run over to talk to him.
    Cutscene:  Apparently, the KGB have nothing better to do since you stopped them
    from picking on the Yakuza, so now they've planted spores amongst your newly 
    recruited cult members, turning them into zombies.  Shama pleads with you to 
    return them to normal.  
    You have to find a total of 15 infected cult members and return them to normal.
    As you would expect, this is a job for the Anal Probe.  The infected members 
    are all pretty clustered around the Rock Garden, so they should be easy to 
    find.  Use Free Love and Mind Flash to keep the KGB off your back for a bit, as
    they will be gunning for you.  To recharge your Anal Probe, Transmog the rocks
    in the Rock Garden.  
    Once you've disinfected all 15 cult members, talk to Shama Llama in the Temple 
    courtyard.  He informs you that you have to do some kind of lame chant to 
    summon Arkvoodle.  Once you're finished, talk to him, and he will tell you to 
    retrieve the Burrow Beast Datacore.  It will be shown on your map, so go and 
    get it.
    Mission Completion Bonus:  20 Furotech cells, Furotech Cell Detector, 
    Zen Temple Courtyard landing zone unlocked
      Landing Zone Locations                                            [LZONES]
    Landing zones are listed approximately clockwise from northeast.  The letters 
    after the location names indicate the approximate compass direction the landing
    zone lies from that location (when there are several nearby).  Some zones are 
    automatically active; others require completing tasks.  The default landing 
    zone in a level is marked with an asterisk.
    * For those zones saying "Use <weapon name>", fire that weapon at the idol to 
      unlock the zone.  
    * For those that say to "bring <person>," use Follow or PK on the person to 
      bring/lure them close to the Arkvoodle statue.
    Bay City
    1. The Wharf N		- Destroy 10 humans
    2. Coit Tower E		- Automatically activates after defeating Bongwater
    3. Coit Tower		- Bring 3 humans
    4. Ginsberg Heights	- Complete the first Arkvoodle Cult mission
    5. Hashbury*		- Use Zap-O-Matic
    6. Golden Gate Park	- Destroy nearby signs
    7. Old Fort		- Bring 3 women
    8. The Rock		- Use Disintegrator Ray
    1. Canal Side*		- Open
    2. Soho			- Destroy 3 vehicles
    3. Soho / Trafalgar	- Open
    4. Trafalgar		- Anal Probe 3 people
    5. Parliament		- Open
    6. Hyde Park SW		- Kill 6 hipsters
    7. Hyde Park NE		- Open
    8. Soviet Embassy E	- Destroy trash
    1. Zen Temple NE	- Bring 1 White Ninja
    2. Zen Temple		- Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission
    3. Zen Temple SW	- Open
    4. Mt. Seiyuki		- Open
    5. Castle Kuro		- Use Zap-O-Matic
    6. Castle Kuro NW	- Destroy the lighthouse
    7. Takoshima City SE*	- Open
    8. Shinobi Island	- Use Anal Probe
    1. Science Town N* 	- Open
    2. Kikhbakskiy 		- Open
    3. Patryukha 		- Open
    4. Blisk Base           - Use Disintegrator Ray
    5. KGB Base 		- Bring 1 KGB Agent
    6. Safe House 		- Open
    7. Science Town W 	- Destroy the Soviet statue in the square to the SE
    8. Tarkovskoye 		- Destroy crates
    9. Frozen Lake 		- Destroy barrels
    1. Solar Array* 	- Open
    2. Radar Array    	- Destroy rock drills
    3. Comms Zone E		- Destroy spore pods
    4. Comms Zone S		- Use Ion Detonator
    5. Blisk Base S		- Use Disintegrator Ray
    6. Cosmonaut Base	- Destroy soldiers
    7. Mining Site		- Use Zap-O-Matic
    8. Blisk Base Ruins	- Use Disintegrator Ray (after Mission 28)
      Furotech Cell Locations                                           [FCELLS]
    Bay City
    1    W of the Old Fort on a hillside overlooking the western road
    2    Behind a column in the Old Fort tunnel alcove
    3    E tip of the Old Fort, by the water
    4    On top of the tower W of the stage in Golden Gate Park
    5    Rooftop in NE Hashbury near the bay
    6    Under the water tower by the Hashbury landing zone
    7    On the rooftop overlooking the Hashbury landing zone
    8    On rooftop overlooking the billboard in W Hashbury
    9    On the wall in SW Hashbury S of the billboard
    10   Against the wall in SW Hashbury (E of #9)
    11   Top of the rainbow colored building by the Hashbury landing zone
    12   Top of the building due E of the rainbow colored building in Hashbury
    13   In a crater in the park between Ginsberg Heights and Hashbury
    14   In the bushes near a tree in the small block of Ginsberg Heights
    15   By the wall and car in the L-shaped block of Ginsberg Heights
    16   Top of step-shaped building overlooking Ginsberg Heights landing zone
    17   Second floor balcony on house N of middle road in Ginsberg Heights
    18   Behind the billboard S of bay road near Ginsberg Heights
    19   On the middle rooftop of the houses W of Coit Tower (N of #20)
    20   Between the three houses W of Coit Tower
    21   By the W side of the Ginsberg Heights / Coit Tower tunnel
    22   Along the ridge E of the Coit Tower landing zone
    23   Top of Coit Tower, SE corner
    24   Roof of building on small block N of Coit Tower
    25   Behind billboard in SW corner of the lot between The Wharf and Coit Tower
    26   On top of the small room on top of Fisherman's Grotto
    27   Between the warehouse and wall S of NE hill
    28   Flat area W of NE hill (N of the military pier)
    29   At the end of the pier E of NE hill
    30   On the roof of the first warehouse S of NE hill
    31   Behind a tree E of the NE road corner
    32   Top of the step-shaped building in SE The Wharf
    33   Top of the step-shaped building N of the NE Coit Tower landing zone
    34   In the alcove W of the landing zone on The Rock
    1    In the woods S of Parliament
    2    By the L-corner of the Parliament building W of the Trafalgar bridge
    3    In a yard N of Parliament and W of Hyde Park
    4    On roof of a brownstone row house near NW corner of the map (W of #5)
    5    In a garden SW of the Soviet Embassy
    6    On a lion statue in W Hyde Park
    7    On archway entrance to S Hyde Park
    8    On a rooftop W of the Soviet Embassy
    9    On top of the yellow building across from the SE corner of Hyde Park
    10   On archway entrance to E Hyde Park
    11   By the underground entrance E of Hyde Park
    12   On the E side of the fence E of the Hyde Park underground entrance
    13   Against the wall N of the S footbridge in Canal Side
    14   By a building W of the E footbridge in Canal Side
    15   In the abandoned lot E of the E footbridge in Canal Side (N of #16)
    16   By bushes in a walled area behind houses in E Canal Side N of small block
    17   In a L-corner by the S side of some brownstone row houses (#18)
    18   On top of the house due E from the N end of the Soho bridge
    19   On the S walkway of the Soho bridge
    20   On the wall by the river W of the S end of the Soho bridge
    21   Between the two- and four-story building in NE Soho
    22   On a rooftop between the Soho and S Trafalgar landing zones
    23   By the L-corner of a building in an alley SW of the Soho landing zone
    24   On a rooftop next to the Trafalgar / Soho landing zone
    25   On the ground in a L-corner by a building SW of the Trafalgar landing zone
    26   On a rooftop N of the Trafalgar / Soho landing zone
    27   On a fountain by the Trafalgar obelisk
    28   On the rooftop of a building W of the Trafalgar obelisk
    29   At the base of a building E of the S end of the Trafalgar bridge
    30   In the bushes just N of the Trafalgar landing zone
    31   At the base of a tree S of the Trafalgar landing zone
    32   In the walled yard behind buildings S of the Trafalgar landing zone
    1    On the sandy beach in SW Shinobi Island
    2    Along the middle N shore of Shinobi Island
    3    On the tallest building in the W most block of Takoshima City
    4    By the signs due S of the bridge leading to Shinobi Island
    5    Small rooftop halfway up building in Takoshima City S and E of NW corner
    6    On a rooftop in SW Takoshima City (S of #5)
    7    At the base of a building in SW Takoshima City (near #6)
    8    Under the SE corner of the red tower in Takoshima City
    9    By a house near the water N of the NW Castle Kuro landing zone
    10   At the end of the middle pier W of Castle Kuro
    11   On top of the tall building N of the Takoshima City landing zone
    12   On the tall building in the small block of NE Takoshima City
    13   By a tree in white Yakuza square, NE block of Takoshima City (NE of #14)
    14   On a tall building NE of the Takoshima City landing zone (E of #11)
    15   On a large rock S of Gouka Road and N of Castle Kuro
    16   Along water in NW corner of the bay and NE of first gate to Castle Kuro
    17   On a point of land SW of Castle Kuro
    18   On the grounds of Castle Kuro W of the main building
    19   On the sandy peninsula N of the paved road by the water (N of #20)
    20   In the yard of a house N of the paved road and NW of the military camp
    21   By a house next to the SW corner of the paved road's S bend
    22   At the end of the N pier W of Sashimi Village
    23   On the NW tower in the military camp NE of Gouka Road
    24   On the hill overlooking the military camp NE of Gouka Road
    25   Next to the dirt road to Sashimi Village just S of the paved road
    26   On the tall hill by the SE corner of the paved road's S bend
    27   By a house in N Sashimi Village W of the dirt road
    28   By a house in S Sashimi Village W of the dirt road
    29   Along the path around Mt. Seiyuki NE of the large concrete opening
    30   Atop the crater ridge on Mt. Seiyuki
    31   On top of the concrete opening SW of Mt. Seiyuki
    32   Atop the rocky protrusion E of the Mt. Seiyuki landing zone
    33   Along the waterside cliffs E of Mt. Seiyuki (SE of #F)
    34   On the SW ledges around the Zen Temple compound
    35   Inside the E wall of the Zen Temple compound
    36   Inside the small building N of the Zen Temple compound
    37   By the statue in NW Zen Temple
    38   By the tree N of the Zen Temple parking area
    39   On a hillside E of the paved road leading to the Zen Temple
    40   In the middle of the paved road on the N bend leading to the Zen Temple
    1    Near a house W of the road between Blisk Base and Tarkovskoye
    2    On the tall hill W of the pond S of Tarkovskoye
    3    On the tower SE of the hairpin turn at Tarkovskoye
    4    Near the E road inside the hairpin turn at Tarkovskoye
    5    On a large rock by a house N of the medium-sized lake in Frozen Lake
    6    On the control tower of the ship docked at Frozen Lake
    7    Between to large storage NW of the Tarkovskoye landing zone
    8    On top of a warehouse S of the Tarkovskoye landing zone
    9    S of the bridge across the pond S of Tarkovskoye
    10   By the house next to the Safe House landing zone
    11   Behind some rocks S of the Tarkovskoye landing zone
    12   On dock without water between Tarkovskoye and Frozen Lake landing zones
    13   By a house near the water E of the Tarkovskoye landing zone
    14   On tower overlooking the crossroads between Tarkovskoye and Science Town
    15   On roof of the apartment building SE of the Science Town W landing zone
    16   On the large pipeline S of the cooling tower in Science Town
    17   On top of the cooling tower in Science Town
    18   Under roof overhang of the warehouse NW of cooling tower in Science Town
    19   Under a roof by the woods just outside the fence of NE Science Town
    20   In the woods SW of the Science Town N landing zone
    21   By crates outside the fence of NE Science Town
    22   By a house in N Kikhbakskiy
    23   In the woods N of the fenced house between Patryukha and Kikhbakskiy
    24   On the tower in the military outpost NE of Patryukha
    25   In the woods by two houses near Patryukha village W of the landing zone
    26   On the tower by the S entrance to KGB Base
    27   N of the opening inside the stronghold wall in KGB Base
    28   On top of the radio tower in KGB Base
    29   On the E tower by the NW entrance to KGB Base
    30   By an abandoned car N of Blisk Base and W of KGB Base
    31   Near the Blisk Base to the E of the landing zone
    32   NE side of Blisk Base tower (*available after Mission 19)
    1    Due W of Mining Site landing zone
    2    In front of the outpost by the W entrance to Mining Site
    3    Underground in the N spur of Mining Site
    4    Between the outpost and pods in front of Mining Site
    5    By pods on the hillside overlooking the SW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    6    On a small hill S of the SE Mining Site intersection (E of #5)
    7    By the pipes and cranes in the Solar Array construction area
    8    By the outpost SE of Solar Array
    9    Inside the igloo NW of the Radar Array landing zone
    10   Inside S igloo connected to Radar Dome (*available during Mission 25)
    11   On the NE platform of guarded solar panels near the Radar Array
    12   By an outpost S of the road between Cosmonaut Base and Radar Array
    13   By crates near the SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    14   By pipes NE of the SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    15   By some pipes W of the road SW of the Solar Array landing zone
    16   On floor in middle of some pipes in the NE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    17   Between the NE and NW small domes in Cosmonaut Base
    18   In the flower beds in the NW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    19   Outside the passage to the NW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    20   On large crates inside big dome near the entrance to the NE small dome
    21   Outside the NE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    22   Inside the SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    23   On a large tank inside SE big dome in Cosmonaut Base
    24   In the air between two large tanks inside NE big dome in Cosmonaut Base
    25   On top of the structure inside the middle of big dome in Cosmonaut Base
    26   On a large tank inside NW big dome in Cosmonaut Base
    27   On a large crate NW of the S entrance inside big dome in Cosmonaut Base
    28   By the pods just N of the E end of the Cosmonaut Base tunnel
    29   By the W side of the T-intersection S of Cosmonaut Base
    30   By the igloo E of the T-intersection S of Cosmonaut Base
    31   At the base of an outpost at the NW corner of the Comms Zone road
    32   By the crates and phone N of the Comms Zone T-intersection
    33   Near the bridge in the ravine just N of the Comms Zone E landing zone
    34   Next to a crane E of Comms Zone E landing zone
    35   Inside the lone recreation building in the SE corner
    36   On the bridge just S of the Comms Zone E landing zone
    37   Next to the pods W of the Comms Zone E landing zone
    38   By the phone at the SW corner of Comms Zone road
    39   In front of the pods NW of the Comms Zone S landing zone
    40   SE of the Comms Zone S landing zone
      Alien Artifact Locations                                          [ARTFCT]
    Bay City
    A    By a tree N of the warehouses near The Wharf N landing zone
    B    Hilltop overlooking The Wharf N landing zone
    C    W side of Coit Tower
    D    Top of step-shaped building N of Ginsberg Heights / Coit Tower tunnel
    E    Downhill from the wall in SW Hashbury (#9)
    F    Behind the wall at the bottom of the hill in NE Hashbury
    G    Behind the stage in Golden Gate Park
    H    NE corner of Golden Gate Park by the hedges and phone booth
    I    E side of the road N of Old Fort tunnel
    J    SW corner of The Rock
    A    By the NW entrance to the underground tunnels
    B    By the sandbags W of the Soviet Embassy
    C    On the fountain at the center of Hyde Park
    D    In the underground tunnels in an alcove near the radiation leaks
    E    Power plant E of the Soviet Embassy
    F    Under the W footbridge in Canal Side
    G    W end of the thin alley on the small block in S Canal Side
    H    On the N walkway of the Soho bridge
    I    In a telephone box in S Soho
    J    On the top of the Trafalgar obelisk base
    A    On the large rock E of the bridge on Shinobi Island
    B    On top of the SW tower on the grounds of Castle Kuro
    C    In house compound near Gouka Road N of bay and W of paved road's S bend
    D    On the NE tower in the military camp NE of Gouka Road
    E    By a house in N Sashimi Village E of the dirt road
    F    On the E tower of the first security gate going up Mt. Seiyuki
    G    On porch of house by the turn in the paved road leading to the Zen Temple
    H    On top of rock by landing zone between Sashimi Village and the Zen Temple
    I    By the E edge of the SW building in the Zen Temple compound
    J    *Middle of the base inside the volcano (*available during Mission 15)
    NOTE: Blisk Base is originally known as Strange Base, Safe House is not 
    labeled at first.
    A    On the E edge of the map behind houses E of the road
    B    On roof of the apartment building SE of the cooling tower in Science Town
    C    By a house W of the road overlooking Kikhbakskiy
    D    On a pipeline S of Science Town E of the road to KGB Base
    E    On a hill in the hairpin turn in the road in W Patryukha
    F    N of the bridge across the pond S of Tarkovskoye
    G    By the rocks at the N end of the pond S of Tarkovskoye
    H    Behind a house E of the Tarkovskoye hairpin
    I    In a grove of trees W of the ship docked at Frozen Lake
    J    On a small island E of the ship docked at Frozen Lake
    Note:  Radar Array on the map is called Radar Dome on foot
    A    On the bridge in S Blisk Base
    B    On the platform between two bridges in S Blisk Base (N of #A)
    C    Underground in the W spur of Mining Site
    D    Inside the igloo N of Mining Site
    E    On the hillside E of the E entrance to Mining Site
    F    Behind some rocks and pods N of the NE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    G    Atop the large dome in Cosmonaut Base
    H    On NE structure with solar panels inside SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    I    Inside the igloo attached to the NW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
    J    On hillside between Radar Array and Comms Zone overlooking Cosmonaut Base
      Datacore Locations                                                [DTCORE] 
    1   Dislocator		
        Bay City	
        On a rooftop W of the Hashbury landing zone (during Mission 1)
    2   Saucer Repair	
        Bay City	
        SW Ginsberg Heights near the water (during Mission 3)
    3   Saucer Repair	
        Bay City	
        N Ginsberg Heights near the bay (during Mission 3)
    4   Saucer Repair	
        Bay City	
        NW corner of the 4-way intersection in Ginsberg Heights (during Mission 3)
    5   Saucer Repair	
        Bay City	
        SE corner of the 4-way intersection in Ginsberg Heights (during Mission 3)
    6   Saucer Repair	
        Bay City	
        On the hill over the Ginsberg Heights/Coit Tower tunnel (during Mission 3)
    7   Disintegrator Ray	
        Bay City	
        In the underground alcove after defeating Bongwater (Mission 4)
    8   Anti-Gravity Field	
        On the N arch of Hyde Park
    9   Anal Probe		
        In the underground tunnels beneath SE Hyde Park
    10  Meteor Strike	
        SE Canal Side (after Mission 8)
    11  Sonic Boom		
        N of Gouka Road and SE of Takoshima City (near the K in Gouka Road)
    12  Ion Detonator	
        In the white Ninja compound (after Mission 12)
    13  Gastro		
        In the ruins of Castle Kuro (after Mission 13)
    14  Burrow Beast	
        Zen Temple during final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Takoshima
    15  Quantum Deconstructor	
        In the hairpin turn in Tarkovskoye W.  It is located in a clump of trees
        inside of the hairpin turn,  up on a hill.  It's just south of the first
        "O" in Tarkovskoye on your Navi-Map.
    16  Blisk Weakness Data	
        In a metal crate by the cooling tower (during Mission 20)
    * You start the game with the Zap-O-Matic, Jetpack, and Crypto's Shields 
    already in place.
    ** An extra Data Core (Gastro's Music Data Core) is found during the Albion 
    Cult of Arkvoodle: Con Mods side mission, but it doesn't count towards the 
    collected Data Core total.
      Gene Blends                                                       [GBLEND]
    Gene Blends require you to abduct certain combinations of humans using your 
    AbductoBeam.  Then, by going into Gene Blender mode, you can unlock special 
    abilities, some of which are extremely useful.  Since they tend to require 
    little or no effort, it's a good idea to do them as soon as possible, as the 
    upgrades they provide give you a nice boost and make some missions much easier.
    The Gene Blends specific to a city are available as soon as you visit that 
    city, except for the Bay City ones which are unlocked immediately after the
    Gene Blender itself is unlocked.  The city-specific blends are the ones that 
    let you snatch a particular type of human from that city twice as fast.)  Doing
    the city-specific blends will unlock other city-specific blends for that city,
    and sometimes they will unlock a generic blend that will upgrade one of your 
    mental abilities.  
    Note:  Some general blends are unlocked by completing certain (usually main 
    line story) missions.  So, check the Gene Blender after you complete any main
    line mission to see if anything new has opened up.
    To complete a recipe, you must match the list of humans shown for that blend in
    the Gene Blender.  A human must match exactly in nationality, sex, and 
    occupation/social group.  Note, though that some occupations have only male 
    members (e.g., Cops, Army, KGB, Secret Agents, Ninjas, and Cosmonauts).  In the
    entries below, assume the following:
    US = America (Bay City)
    UK = British (Albion)
    JP = Japanese (Takoshima) 
    RU = Russian (Tunguska)
    SO = Solaris (Moon Base)
    Bay City
    Hippies and Urbans are easy to find walking the streets, though there are a lot
    of hippies at the Park.  Army soldiers can be found near The Wharf, and KGB
    agents around the perimeter of The Rock.  Cops are easy to find if you get the
    warning level to 2, as they will chase you.  Then quickly hop in your saucer
    and grab 'em.
    1. Merry Pranksters!
    Requires:  US Male Hippie (x4)
    Effect:    Can body snatch Bay City hippie dudes at twice the normal rate
    2. Fool the Flower Child!
    Requires:  US Female Hippie (x5)
    Effect:    Can body snatch female hippies at twice the normal rate
    3. Squaresville!
    Requires:  US Male Urban (x4)
    Effect:    Can body snatch Bay City squares at twice the normal rate
    4. Hey Mrs. Robinson!
    Requires:  US Female Urban (x5)
    Effect:    Can body snatch Bay City female sophisticates at twice the normal 
    5. It's The Fuzz!
    Requires:  US Male Cop (x4)
    Effect:    Can body snatch Bay City Cops at twice the normal rate
    6. G.I. Switcheroo!
    Requires:  US Male Army (x4)
    Effect:    Can body snatch Bay City soldiers at twice the normal rate
    1. Carnaby Shuffle!
    Requires:  UK Male Hippie (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Albion's Mods and Hipsters at twice the normal rate
    2. The Profumo Affair!
    Requires:  UK Female Hippie (x5)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Albion's Mods and Hipster chicks at twice the normal 
    3. Simpler Super, What?
    Requires:  UK Male Urban (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Albion's upper class Twats at twice the normal rate
    4. Faster Moneypence Kill
    Requires:  UK Female Urban (x5)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Albion's Pompous Bodies at twice the normal rate
    5. 'Ello! 'Ello! 'Ello!
    Requires:  UK Male Cop (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Albion's Bobbies at twice the normal rate
    6. Gorblimey!
    Requires:  UK Male Army (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Her Majesty's Soldiers at twice the normal rate
    7. Shhh! Secret Snatch!
    Requires:  UK Male Secret Agent (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Her Majesty's Finest at twice the normal rate
    1. Trap of Silent Deceptions
    Requires:  JP Male Black Ninja (x5), JP Male White Ninja (x5)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Ninjas at twice the normal rate
    2. Kampai, Mr. Salaryman!
    Requires:  JP Male Urban (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Takoshiman Salarymen at twice the normal rate
    3. Madame Bodysnatch
    Requires:  JP Female Urban (x5)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Takoshiman Office Ladies and Co Eds at twice the normal 
    4. Koban Kraziness!
    Requires:  JP Male Cop (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Takoshiman Police at twice the normal rate
    5. Banzai Kamikaze!
    Requires:  JP Male Army (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Takoshiman Military at twice the normal rate
    1. Where's the Vodka?
    Requires:  RU Male Urban (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Tunguskan men at twice the normal rate
    2. Where's the Potatoes?
    Requires:  RU Female Urban (x5)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Dvotchkas at twice the normal rate
    3. Milenkov Goose Step!
    Requires:  RU Male Army (x4)
    Effect:    Body Snatch Red Soldiers at twice the normal rate
    1. Out of Yuri
    Requires:  SO Male Cosmonaut (x4)
    Effect:    Body snatch Cosmonauts at twice the normal rate
    1. Kremlin Hoodwink
    Required:  US KGB, UK KGB, JP KGB, RU KGB
    Effect:    Can body snatch KGB agents at twice the normal rate
    2. Protect Augmentation
    Required:  UK Male Hippie, UK Male Urban, UK KGB, UK Secret Agent, UK Army
    Effect:    Can use Protect on KGB and Secret Agents
    3. Protect Mastery
    Required:  US Army, JP Cop, JP Female Urban, JP Army, JP Black Ninja
    Effect:    Can use Protect on infected humans and ninja 
    4. Free Love Augmentation
    Required:  US Female Hippie, US Male Hippie, UK Female Hippie, UK Male Hippie,
               UK Secret Agent
    Effect:    Can use Free Love on KGB and Secret Agents
    5. Free Love Mastery
    Required:  US Female Urban, UK Male Hippie, UK Army, JP Female Urban, US KGB, 
               JP KGB
    Effect:    Can use Free Love on infected humans and ninja
    6. Extract Augmentation
    Required:  US Army, JP Army, UK Secret Agent, UK KGB, JP KGB
    Effect:    Can use Extract on KGB and Secret Agents
    7. Extract Mastery
    Required:  US Cop, US Army (x2), US KGB (x2)
    Effect:    Can use Extract on infected humans and ninja
    8. PK Augmentation
    Required:  US Cop, US Army (x2), US KGB (x2)
    Effect:    Can PK cars and vans
    9. PK Mastery
    Required:  US KGB (x2), UK Army (x2), JP Army, UK Secret Agent (x2), 
               JP White Ninja, JP Black Ninja (x2)
    Effect:    Can use PK on tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and SAM launchers
    10. Transmog Augmentation
    Required:  UK Secret Agent (x2), UK Army (x2), US KGB, UK KGB
    Effect:    Can Transmog tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and SAM launchers
    11. Transmog Mastery
    Required:  UK Secret Agent, JP White Ninja, JP Female Urban, RU Male Urban, 
               RU Female Urban, JP Cop, JP Army, RU Army (x2), US KGB, UK KGB
    Effect:    Master of Transmog
    12. Mind Flash Augmentation
    Required:  UK Secret Agent, UK Female Hippie, JP Cop (x2), JP KGB (x2)
    Effect:    Increased duration of Mind Flash
    13. Mind Flash Mastery
    Required:  US Female Hippie, RU Female Urban, RU Male Urban (x2), RU Army (x2)
               RU KGB (X4)
    Effect:    Only 2 brains needed to recharge Mind Flash
    14. Crypto Is Back!
    Required:  US Female Hippie, US Female urban, UK Female Hippie, 
               UK Female Urban
    Effect:    Unlocks Crypto Art Gallery in the archives
    15. The Swinging Sixties!
    Required:  US Female Hippie, US Male Hippie, UK Female Hippie, UK Male Hippie
    Effect:    Unlocks the sixties art gallery in the archives
    16. Natalya's Secrets
    Required:  US Female Urban, UK Female Urban (x2), JP Female Urban (x2)
    Effect:    Unlocks the Natalya art gallery in the archives
    17. Furons A Go-Go!
    Required:  UK Male Urban, JP Male Urban, US Cop, JP Cop
    Effect:    Unlocks the Furon concept art gallery in the archives
    18. Oh the Humanity!
    Required:  JP Female Urban, JP Male Urban, JP White Ninja, RU Female Urban
               RU Male Urban
    Effect:    Unlocks the Oh the Humanity! art gallery in the archives
    19. Popular Mechanics
    Required:  UK Secret Agent, UK Female Urban, JP White Ninja, RU Army (x2)
    Effect:    Unlocks the Popular Mechanics art gallery in the archives
    20. The Blisk Files
    Required:  RU KGB (x2), SO Cop (x3)
    Effect:    Unlocks the Blisk art gallery in the archives
      Credits and Contributions                                         [CREDIT]
     * Controls, Crypto's abilities, Weapon descriptions, Walkthroughs, 
       Formatting and Layout by Jason
     * Alien Artifact, Furotech Cell, Datacore, Landing Zone locations by Carter
     * Misc. Strategies and Tips, PoxMart, and Gene Blends by Jason and Carter
    If you have any information that would be helpful to this guide, please submit
    it to Jason at JLHORNER1974@YAHOO.COM, and mention Destroy All Humans! 2 in 
    the title of the message.  If I feel the information useful, I will add it to 
    the guide and give you credit.  Hate mail or other harassing e-mails may be 
    referred to your ISP. 
     * Thanks to Patrick (Patricio GarcĂ­a Damiano) for the easier strategy for
       Odd Job 26.
     * Thanks to Zack Rouse for some information on the Burrow Beast and Gastro.
     * Thanks to Smith John (Indra) for information on how to destroy the tentacle-
       like objects in the Blisk base (Mission 27).
     * Thanks to Jason Marsoobian for his suggestion of using Gastro on Milenkov
       (Mission 28).
     * Thanks to Trey for his strategy of attacking Kojira on foot using the Meteor
       Swarm (Mission 16).
      Copyright Notice                                                  [CPYWRT]
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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