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Hard Mode Walkthrough by mikeburnfire

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/19/06

God Hand Hard mode guide
Created by mikeburnfire

If you want to improve this guide, send an email to 
mikeburnfire@gmail.com with the subject line “God Hand FAQ”

                          01) What’s God Hand?

Only the most underrated game of 2006. It’s dismissed for its low-quality
 graphics and repetitive enemies, but people seem to forget that the gameplay
 is still awesome, the cutscenes are funny, and once you get into it,
 you just can’t stop until you beat it.

                          02) Why play Hard mode?

The main reason for the average person to play Hard mode is to unlock
 one of the four bonus soundtrack discs. It’s also something to brag
 about, ya know? Plus, once you’ve beaten it on hard mode, you’ll
 likely find normal mode to be a cinch. This guide is based on the
 Hard difficulty level, but you may use it for Normal or Easy modes,
 keeping in mind that not all parts are the same.

                          03) What should I expect?

Compared to Normal mode, expect to die a lot more. You are always in
 Level Die mode, so some enemies have the ability to kill you in one
 hit and the ones that don’t can deal a WHOLE lot of damage. There
 are also more enemies to fight in certain places and all enemies
 are more resilient. You should have beaten Normal mode a few times
 before attempting Hard mode. 

                          04) General tips

The best way to get cash is to have 100k and use the chance machine on
 the top floor of the casino. Save if you win big, reload if you lose
 big. Things are expensive to buy in this game.

Try to save in two different slots and alternate which one you save in.
 The reason for this is because you may have just beaten a tough enemy
 and used up all your God Reels and saved, only to encounter a stronger
 and deadlier enemy. Now you're stuck fighting him without and God Reels
 and any chance of success unless you load from an earlier save file.

This maneuver is useful for (A) regaining God Hand power and (B) Luring
 one enemy out of a cluster so that you can beat him alone. [L2]

Running Lunge
While running forward, hit [square] to lunge through a pile of enemies.
 You will be using this move a lot to break up a cluster of enemies

Running Kick
If you have two thugs coming after you, you can use a run and hit
 [triangle] to possibly kick somebody across the playing field,
 leaving the other guy temporarily alone.

This is my abbreviation for ‘Yes Man Kablam’, a very useful technique
 you get before stage 2-1. It increases your God Hand gauge quite a bit,
 but has a slow wind up. The best time to use it is immediately after
 you’ve broken somebody’s guard, or when they are dazed.

P – P – B – D
For general one-on-one battle, this is the most efficient combo:
 [punch]-[punch]-[break guard]-[dodge]
 If you just memorize those four steps then you should be able to beat
 all enemies easily. This should be your basic fighting style. If you
 use my suggested configuration, it’s 
 [square]-[square]-[back+square]-[tap left/right on right analog]

Break guard + Kick
This is useful for when you are fighting two enemies. Go up to a guy,
 break his guard, and then kick him with a move like High Side Kick 1
 to knock him into the distance, allowing you to focus on the other guy.

(When dizzy) YMK – D – YMK – Circle
Basically, this is a very useful technique that you can use after
 Stage 1 is finished. Put the technique Yes Man Kablam to a button
 (I prefer Back+Triangle) and use it to regain your God Hand gauge.
 When an enemy is stunned, hit them with YMK. The moment the hit lands,
 immediately dodge left or right, and hit them with YMK again.
 The moment the hit lands, THEN you hit Circle to use the action command
 to Cobra Twist/ Stinger / Pummel/ etc. This will give you almost an
 entirely full God Hand. Your God Hand is going to be a lifesaver in
 a lot of areas, especially because you never know when a demon is going
 to pop out, so make sure you know how to regain it quickly!

                          05) Walkthrough

Stage 1-1: No name
First, familiarize yourself with your technique configuration:

Square1 = Left Jab
Square2 = Straight 1
Square3 = Left Hook 1
Square4 = Uppercut 1
Triangle = Right Roundhouse 1
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Charged Punch 1
Back + X = Barrel Roll Kick
Roulette Technique (1): God Stomp (140)
Roulette Technique (2): Wild Pitch (280)

Obviously, this isn’t very good. Your moves are weak and Barrel Roll Kick
 takes too long to be efficient for Hard Mode. The moment that you get
 a faster move like Reverse Sweep, replace it. Regardless, this is what
 you start with. You’ve also got 6 techniques in your God Roulette,
 but those are inefficient as well. Your best ones are God Stomp and
 Wild Pitch, which is twice as strong as God Stomp but costs twice as
 much. Diving Smash and La Bomba are decent for Groups of enemies.
 Shockwave is weak and Ball Buster is pretty poor too, despite how
 funny it is to watch.

Fight the two thugs. The blue one is kinda complacent, so hit the
 brown one first. Then take out fatty. Get close or else he’ll
 launch himself into you. Head toward the three thugs that are
 beating up a civilian. If a statue pops up then attack it until
 it breaks because he will have a useful item. Taunt the thugs
 with L2. Run away if you alert all three of them. Remember, the
 key to winning in hard mode is to take enemies out one by one.
 Two enemies at once is a pain, and three is damn near impossible.
 Stand at a far distance and taunt one enemy towards you. Inch
 closer if you are too far away and try again. After you beat two
 of the three then another two guys will come out. Run away until
 they retreat. Then go back and taunt them one by one again.

By now you should have a full God Hand meter so go through the door
 that the two just came out of and beat the thug there. When the
 demon comes out, use your God Hand. He should be dizzy after that,
 so Pummel him. If he’s still alive after then take him done with
 the P-P-Break-Dodge technique. Take care of the other two guys
 in the room and then the two guys that jump down. Shouldn’t be
 too hard if you take it carefully and watch your radar so you don’t
 get double teamed. Then leave the building.


Three thugs come after you. Run away and taunt them again, or
 grab the red barrel and throw it at them. Then enter the door
 they came from and take out the thug standing there. Go right
 and beat the thug with the metal pipe. Go left and beat the
 thug with the sledgehammer pick it up and go towards tubby.
 Three thugs with surround you, so turn around and run back
 the way you came. Take them out one at a time—use the pipe or
 hammer if you want. If you need health, then get it from the
 civilian that tubby was sitting on until you arrived. Then
 beat tubby. Another demon will appear so use God hand. Then
 Pummel him until he dies.

Stage 1-2: My Right Arm the God Hand
Demon attacks will be random from now on, but enemies will
 generally leave you alone while you fight them. P-P-B-D them
 until they die. They deal a lot of damage with one hit, so
 sometimes it’d be better to just restart the level if they appear.

Three thugs. Run away until they leave you alone then beat them one
 by one. Or beat them all at once if you’re confident enough.
 Run across the bridge until two fatties appear. Run away until they
 leave you alone. When they turn around to head back, run forward
 and attack one of them. He will attack you alone. Beat him. Two
 more thugs should arrive on the elevator. Run through them all
 and take their elevator.

Stage 1-3: A Poison Chihuahua!?
Taunt and beat up the two thugs, thought it’ll be difficult because
 they’re so close together. Grab the beam and use it on them if you
 must. Go inside and beat the two guys there. Walk through the door
 and watch the cutscene. Beat the brown thug and then fatty. Two
 more thugs appear, so be careful. Taunting them may take to much
 time, so grab the barrel and hit ‘em.

Go though the door on your immediate right. The green munchkin with
 the antidote is there. Run towards him (past the guy hiding behind
 the door), jump up the ladder and try to catch him. He’ll run left
 and jump down, then run left the way you came and left at the dying
 civilian. He’ll take a right around the building past two purple thugs.
 Just keep running, trying to catch him and beat him for the antidote.
 Running + Square lets you lunge, so use that if you’re having trouble.
 Give the civilian the serum and he’ll give you Dragon Kick, which is
 the strongest technique you have at the moment. Run towards the door
 near fatty and leave.

Stage 1-4: Secret Warehouse Carnival
It’s time for a mini-boss battle, but first you must survive the rounds
 of henchmen.

Wave 1: Two brown thugs.
Wave 2: Two blue thugs
Wave 3: Two fatties
Wave 4: Two purple thugs
Use the [Break guard] + Kick technique if you can—it’ll help for
 this fight. Watch out for the fatties, as they like to use their
 launching attack, which hurts. Try to get one to launch towards you,
 then attack the other one. Throw the boxes at the purple thugs. Once
 all eight are done….
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Gold and Silver
“Hey, Sweetie!”
Difficulty: 3/10 with God Hand gauge full and God Reel.
Difficulty: 6/10 with neither

Alone, they will Butt-ream at you, jump-kick at you, punch and kick.
 If both are alive, one of them will spin around and launch the other
 at you. One might grab you and throw you, and the other will pile
 drive you into the ground. Obviously, you want to get rid of one
 of them fast, as they are deadly when combined. Do you still have
 your two God Reels and full God Hand? Good. Pick one of the two
 freaks—I choose to kill Gold first, but it doesn’t matter. Beat
 him up with God Hand, Pummel him, and use Dragon Kick to finish
 him off. That will leave you with no God Hand, no God Reel, and 
 probably no health. Hopefully he will give you some health, or you
 have some health lying around from the boxes. Then beat up Silver 
 with the P-P-B-D technique. Honestly, the hardest part about this 
 battle is staying alive until the Battle itself, provided you can
 use the God Hand + Dragon Kick combo on one of the freaks.

Note: You can use Ball Buster on Gold, but not on Silver.
Leave through the door and bust open some boxes, watching out for
 the munchkin in the left barrel. 

Stage 1-5: Sneak into Elvis’s Crib!
This is a pretty difficult level. Save your God Hand for the demon
 you will inevitably fight. Beat up the two thugs (watch out for
 the sledgehammer). Pick up a jar and throw it at the thug down the
 hall. Beat him up. Beat up the thug around the corner too. Now go
 back, pick up the sledgehammer, and enter the door near the beginning.
 Beat up the thug there (using the triangle button for a strong attack,
 of course) and get the first of three rosaries. Leave the room. See
 the statue? Attack it for a book that restores all your God Hand
 Gauge. Of course, you probably have the gauge halfway full already,
 so save it for later. Continue down the hallway. Throw the hammer
 at the purple thug if you still have it, or taunt him if you don’t.
 You should have a full God Hand gauge by now, so enter the door on
 your right that the fatty is looking at. Here comes the hard part.


There is a lot of treasure in here, so get that. If you die (which you
 will), then you can rack up a fortune by getting the same treasure
 over and over.

Wave 1: Blue thug, Brown thug x2 – As tempting as it is to use your
 God Hand or any God Reels, don’t. You will need your God Hand for
 the demon that appears (but if two demons appear… consider yourself
 FUBAR). Just try to beat the thugs one at a time while avoiding the
 others. Yes, it sucks. I know. Launch yourself through a crowd of
 them [Run + Square] or try to separate them [Run + Triangle]

Wave 2: Fatty, Brown thug x2 – Same thing. Watch out for the fatty’s
 launch again, and remember that sometimes it can hurt the other two
 thugs if you’re lucky. As tempting as it is, do not use God Reels yet!

Wave 3: Bomb Munchkin x8 – Reverse Sweep is a perfect against these
 guys. Assign it to your X button. Make sure that you do not get hit
 by their butt-poking move—it hurts!

Wave 4: Purple thug x3 – Most of the time, you will have no God Hand,
 no health, and possibly a God Reel… if you’re lucky. Even then, God
 Stomp will only take away a portion of one thug’s health. These waves
 of enemies killed me about fifty times before I finally lucked out
 and had NO demons (thus conserving my God Hand) and two God Reels.
 You will likely spend an hour or more trying to beat it. There is
 good news however: after doing the battle so much, you’re likely to
 have $50,000 in your inventory by the time you’re finished. Pick up
 the second rosary and leave.


The rest of the stage is pretty mundane by comparison. Beat up fatty
 and the two thugs on the stairs. Pick up the jar and throw it at the
 guy across the hallway. Beat him and pick up the jar. Continue onward
 and throw the jar at one of the purple thugs. Beat him and then enter
 the door on the right, ignoring the other thug. Beat the fatty and
 watch out for the demon that always sprouts. If you’re low on health,
 then run down to where the girls ran (under the stairs) and get health
 from them quick. Regardless, get the third rosary from him and STOP!

Do you have two God Reels? If not, let the last thug kill you and try
 it again from the checkpoint. If you do, beat the thug up for some
 God Hand power and continue. You’ll need it for the boss battle.

Stage 1-6: Who’s the Boss? Elvis!
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Elvis, first of the four Devas.
“I don’t think you realize what you’re getting yourself into…”
Difficulty: 3/10 if you have two God Reels
Difficulty: 7/10 if you have no God Reels.

He has a wide variety of attack. He will launch a blast of energy,
 or launch himself at you like a fatty, or charge towards you with
 energy in his hand, but these are easily avoided by sidestepping.
 If he launches himself at you, you must sidestep twice because he’ll
 come back at you like a boomerang. He may occasionally jump up and
 come crashing down, so backflip away. Sometimes he’ll blow cigar
 smoke in your face, blinding you, so just run away/backflip until
 you can see him. If he grabs you, shake free. His headbutt attack
 will take away half of your health AND probably dizzy you, so dodge
 that. He also has a combo that, if you can’t stop, will kill you
 instantly, so practice dodging. Overall, his attacks do so much
 damage that you can really only survive three hits from him!!

Now that we’ve assessed what a danger he is, let’s discuss how to beat
 him. First of all, make ABSOLUTELY SURE you get the treasure chest
 behind the chair—it contains Yes Man Kablam, which is an ESSENTIAL
 technique for later on in the game!!!!! Grab the jars and throw them
 at him and hope for some good items. If you have a full God Hand gauge,
 use it immediately. If you don’t have a full God Hand gauge, then
 stand at a distance and taunt him (L2) until you do, but always
 watch out for his long-range attacks. A God Hand beatdown + Pummel
 takes leaves him with about 3/5 of his health. Get him down to
 about 2/5 health remaining and proceed to Dragon Kick him which
 will finish him off. That wasn’t too hard, was it? You probably
 won’t have to do this fight more than ten times before you get the
 timing down and win.

You’ve reached the end of the first stage. Congratulations! Not many
 people can get this far. Let’s see here…. You earned about 40k in
 Elvis’s crib…. 70k for playing so long in Hard mode….. Your total
 should be about 120k! ALRIGHT!!! To increase the amount of cash
 you have even more, use the chance machine on the top floor of the
 casino. If you win big then save and play again. If you lose big,
 then reload and retry.

Before we go to Stage 2, let’s head to the shop with our riches.
 Buy Fruit Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, Puppy Pizza, and Gold Plate
 for 42k. Don’t worry about the Roulette move Kung Fu Samba, as it’s
 only slightly better than God Stomp. Buy Left Jab 2 and Straight 2.
 Also, put Yes Man Kablam as one of your moves. This is my suggested

Square1 = Left Jab 2
Square2 = Straight 2
Square3 = Left Jab 1
Square4 = Uppercut 1
Triangle = Reverse Sweep
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Right Roundhouse 1
Roulette Technique (1): God Stomp (140)
Roulette Technique (2): Dragon Kick (400)

Stage 2-1: Demons Playing with Fire
I really hate this area. The flaming boulders they throw at you don’t
 help either. Whatever. Taunt the thug in front of you and beat him.
 Go around the corner and beat the girl. Then the guy. Once you have
 the key, go forward a bit more, then go up the stairs and beat the
 guy on the right so you can break open the boxes for some items.
 Don’t forget to use Yes Man Kablam to increase your God Hand Gauge.

Next, continue towards the barrel. Two Mohawks will come down and
 start fighting you. Take your time with these guys and try to get
 them down to just one. Try to hit them both with the same barrel.
 After you beat them two women will come after you. One of them has
 a whip. Those suck so use the God Hand. I know what you’re thinking...
 “Waste my God Hand on two girls?” Don’t worry; you can regain your
 God Hand easily when you do one-on-one battles. Check the 
 “YMK-D-YMK-circle” technique earlier in the FAQ. In fact, you can 
 refill your God Hand meter by using the technique on the next Mohawk. 
 Hey will have the second key, allowing you to leave this area. Don’t
 worry about the fatty with blades.


Go forward and to the left. Lure the thug down the stairs and take him
 out. Same with the girl. Then go take out the whip girl. Ignore the
 barrel and go up the stairs halfway. Lure the guy down the stairs
 and take him out. Now grab the barrel, go up the stairs and look
 to your right. Throw the barrel at the thug there. Take his him
 out, take his key, and take his bat. Beat the guy holding the
 two chicks hostage. 

Follow the chicks down the stairs and take
 out the thug standing there (with the bat if you still have it).
 Walk forward a little more and take out the thug and girl. 
 If you need health, lure them back a bit, then run past them 
 towards the girls (on the left) and get health from them. The 
 thug has the third key, and if you get him alone then you should
 be able to regain your God Hand Gauge on him. Regardless,
 continue forward.

Stage 2-2: Human Fireworks = PARTY!
You want to Stomp out the lit fuses. First, grab a barrel and throw
 it at the thugs. Try to take them all out fast. You can pick up the
 torches dropped and use them as weapons. Once you’ve taken out fatty
 and his goons, take out the fatty with blades. You can use a torch
 or the leftover barrel from the beginning. You’ll get the key. If
 you saved the dude, then you get the God Reel Daisy Cutter, which
 is weaker than God Stomp. Meh, whatever.


Break open some boxes for some items to the left and right. Go forward
 and take out the two Brown thugs. Then the Purple. Continue.

Stage 2-3: Giant Enemy Crane
Attack the first column and take out the knifer while avoid the
 OTHER knifer’s knives. Once he’s dead, beat the other one. Get the
 key and continue.


Take out the two thugs. Then take out the two thugs and a munchkin.
 Then attack the thug and knifer. Then attack the two knifers. It’s
 easy if you run up to the crane and pull out a few lampposts. Once
 you’ve beaten them all, focus your attacks on the crane. Destroy
 both arms, and then search the area for barrels and crates to
 restore health. Grab a lamp post and head up the stairs. Destroy
 the facelock there (three strong blows from the lamppost should
 do it) and throw the lamppost at the Mohawk with blades. He does
 a LOT of damage, so keep close and don’t let up on your combo.
 Grab the key, head back down, and exit out the gate.

Stage 2-4: Beware the Arrow Bridge
Take out the Mohawk and girl and hit the switch on the left.
 Jump down and beat up the Mohawk and two girls. Not terribly difficult
 if you keep lunging. Talk to the chick and get one of the best
 God Reels in the game… CHAIN YANKER!

Chain Yanker only does half the power of God Stomp, but it
 automatically dizzies the enemy, giving you a chance to use the
 YMK-D-YMK-O technique on them. Very useful!

Cross the arrow bridge carefully. When the Red thug and Mohawk
 drop down, jump up the left ladder. They will jump back up to you,
 but kick them right before they land (High Side Kick). Grab both
 their keys. Grab the bat and jump down to the next area. Throw the
 bat at one of the girls. They both have whips. Then take out the
 remaining one. You should have at least half of your God Hand meter
 filled and at least two God Reels for the next area.

Stage 2-5: 
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Bruce
“Madam Conchica… he’s got a new arm!”
Difficulty: 2/10

He turns red and charges for you, so sidestep it or else you’ll be
 hurting. Sometimes he’ll smash the ground if you are far away, sending
 a wave of dirt at you. Sidestep that too. When fighting this guy, it’s
 best not to backflip because he has the perfect move to smash you for
 it. Just duck. Just use the P-P-B-D tech until he’s dizzy, then
 YMK-D-YMK-O him. He’s slow and easy to beat. You shouldn’t waste
 any Reels and you should build up your God Hand on him.

---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Felix
“This is the loser we messed up on our walkabout?”
Difficulty: 3/10

His biggest threat is that boomerang blade. Duck continuously if he
 throws it at you. It’s best if you don’t give him that chance, though.
 Sometimes he’ll spit goo in your eyes to blind you, so avoid that
 if possible. He’s also got a sweeping kick that’ll knock you over
 that he’ll use to be a pain. Overall, this guy is more annoying
 than anything else. Don’t waste your God Hand on him, but maybe a
 God Reel if he starts to really bug you. I suggest picking up boxes
 and throwing them at him, but always watch for his boomerang.

---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Conchica
“You… that’s a nice right arm you got there…”
Difficulty: 4/10

Remember the girls with whips? She’s worse. She’ll whip you, she’ll
 lunge at you using her whip like a lance, she’ll walk towards you
 whipping like a machine, she’ll tangle you in her whip and slam you
 around… you get the idea. I suggest God Hand + Spanking. That should
 take her down to half health. A solid Dragon Kick will finish her
 up, but you should be fine with the P-P-B-D technique if you’re out
 of God Reels.

Stage 2-6: The Cliff Ahead
Punch the two boulders into place.


Taunt one of the Mohawks to fight him alone. Then taunt the other one. 
 Then the fatty. Run away if you get more than one, then turn around and
 attack one of them as the return to separate him. When all three are
 beaten, head for the ladder. Taunt and beat a Mohawk there. Then beat
 the other one. Jump up the ladder to fight a girl with a whip. Beat
 her fast because a Mohawk will appear in about ten seconds. Then
 another girl with a whip. Then another Mohawk. When all are beaten,
 jump up the ladder. 

Fight the Knifer. Open the facelock and go flip the switch. Also, grab
 the strawberry in the chest to recover all health. Leave the room and
 taunt the Mohawk to come closer and fight him. Don’t forget to use the
 YMK techniques on him to recover your God Hand Gauge if it isn’t full.
 Do the same to the Mohawk hiding around the corner. I hope you have
 a full God Hand gauge and at least two God Reels.

Stage 2-7: The Return of Fat Elvis
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Elvis again.
“These gravestones aren’t yours…. I want you alive”
Difficulty: 2/10 if you have three God Reels
Difficulty: 7/10 if you have no God Reels.

Begin by beating the knifers, regaining your God Hand gauge
 if it isn’t already full.

Elvis has his usual deadly attacks, plus one more where he launches
 a ring of fire at you, which homes in on you. You must run around
 to avoid it. Please note that you cannot do a running lunge through
 it like a dolphin. I tried it but it does not work.

Using God Hand + Pummel on him will take away about 1/5 of his
 health. Dragon kick does about one fifth as well, but there is a 
 better use for your God Reels. Use Chain Yanker to do a small amount
 of damage to him. Then, when he is dizzy, use the YMK-D-TMK-O move
 to replenish your God Hand Gauge. If that doesn’t completely fill
 up your gauge, then attack him until your Gauge glows orange, 
 allowing you to use God Hand again. After that it’s really simple.
 Use Chain Yanker twice, using the TMK-D-TMK-O technique to refill 
 your gauge and use your God Hand again. He’s dead.
The Chain Yanker and YMK combo make this battle even easier that the
 first time you met him.

You should have about another 40k from beating this level. Let’s go
 spend it. Buy the Fruit Smoothie and Puppy Pizza for 27k. There are
 no notable techniques worth getting, but there are a few more God
 Reel moves. Pass on Zen Revival, as it recovers 30% of health… but
 for TWO orbs! Not worth it at all. Head Slicer is cool, but it’s
 hardly an improvement over God Stomp. You can also get One Inch Punch,
 which is only slightly better than Kung Fu Samba... still not worth
 replacing God Stomp. Instead, buy Typhoon Kick for 9k. It does about
 as much damage as God Stomp, but has a wide Radius for when you are
 fighting multiple baddies. It will come in handy against the Mad
 Midget Five that is coming up.

Square1 = Left Jab 2
Square2 = Straight 2
Square3 = Left Jab 1
Square4 = Uppercut 1
Triangle = Reverse Sweep
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Right Roundhouse 1
Roulette Technique (1): God Stomp (140)
Roulette Technique (2): Dragon Kick (400)
Roulette Technique (1) Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (1) Typhoon Kick (160)

Stage 3-1: An Adult Playground
From now on the demons that sprout at random may have spikes.
 They have a close-range move where they attack you as if they were
 a pincushion, so don’t give them the opportunity

Walk forward to fight a thug and girl with hat. The girl with a hat
 throws her hat like a projectile (like Felix did with his boomerang),
 so take care. Retreat until you can get one alone. Then beat the
 other. Then beat the clown in the building on the left by standing
 in the doorway and luring him outside. Go back inside and beat the
 thug. Leave out the other door. Run out and grab the umbrella, run
 back, and hurl it like a javelin at either the girl or the Knifer.
 Then take out the other one manually. Then take out the Zebra-looking


A thug and a girl appear. Since the girl has a whip, retreat until
 they leave you alone, then go back and beat them one by one.
 Continue onward, grab the umbrella, and chuck it like a javelin
 into either the Knifer or the thug, then finish him off. Then
 take out the one that you did not hit with the umbrella. If you
 hear thugs screaming, it’s because they keep running into the
 spiked poles up ahead. Just ignore them for now. Go through the
 maze. Go straight, follow the path, take a right at the fork,
 follow the path, take a left at the fork and you’re done. Taunt
 and beat the clown, then finish the girl with the whip. Then beat
 the thug in the zebra costume for the key to leave.

Stage 3-2: The Masked Man’s riddle
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Gorilla in a wrestling costume
“Oog Oog Oog!!”
Difficulty: 1/10 if you have a God Reels
Difficulty: 3/10 if you have no God Reels

He jump-kicks at you. Sometimes he’ll extend his arms and swing around,
 but continue to duck until he stops. He may grab you, slam you into
 the ground and jump onto his pedestal. He’s about to belly flop on
 you, so press the button that appears to avoid it. He has a move
 where he grabs you and uses you like a flail. This will take away
 half of your healthbar, so avoid it if possible. It you get caught,
 just break free and put him in a Gorilla Suplex, which does about
 1/8 of damage to him.

If you have it, use your God Hand + Gorilla Suplex to take away
 half of his health. He can be beaten easily with the P-P-G-D
 technique, and Gorilla Suplex is pretty powerful. If choose to use
 your God Reel, use Chain Yanker so you can both increase your God
 Hand gauge and so you can suplex him. Dragon kick only does about
 1/4 damage to him anyway. Don’t forget about the signpost by the
 bench because that can be used as a weapon too, although it won’t
 do much damage.

If you give him the chance, he’ll start to dance and summon a
 munchkin with a banana. Try to get it first because whoever gets
 the banana recovers a portion of health, of course. Don’t get
 discouraged if he gets it. I think he’ll only do this move twice.
Grab the key and continue.

Stage 3-3: Shannon’s Dance School
Grab a present and hurl it at the girl. Beat her. You’ll notice that
 a ROCKET LAUNCHER dropped out of the present, but don’t use it yet
 because there are civilians you can injure. Grab the other present
 and hit one of the brown thugs. Finish him, and then beat the other
 one. The other two brown thugs will come after you, beat them.
 Retreat first if you must. Beat the zebra thug and then the girl.
 Then beat the clown.


A zebra thug and two girls appear. To the right are where the two
 citizens ran, so get health there. Grab the barrel and go back and
 throw it at the two girls. Finish off the white one, and then tackle
 the red one. Grab the rocket launcher from earlier and head towards
 the zebra thug (NOT the doorway where the two girls appeared from!).
 As you near him, a clown and two girls will attack. Shoot the rocket
 at them and use the launcher as a weapon to finish off whoever is
 left alive. Then finish off zebra thug. To open the door here, turn
 left and run down the alleyway. Turn right, pass the clown, and flip
 the switch. Then run back to the door, open the facelock with a few
 punches. When you see the clown and Knifer, run towards them and
 quickly exit out the door behind them.

Stage 3-4: The Not So Fun House
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Mad Midge Five
“Together we are the MAD MIDGET FIVE!!!”
Difficulty: 2/10 with at least two God Reels and Typhoon Kick
Difficulty: 4/10 with no God Reels

They’re really annoying. They jump and pummel you and are just an
 all around nuisance. They occasionally team up and spin at you, but
 that’s easily avoided with a sidestep. Alone they would be easy to
 beat, but because there are five of them it’s a bit more difficult.

Use your God Hand if you got it. Sometimes you can be beating up
 three or five midgets at once with it if you’re lucky. The God Reel
 Typhoon Kick does 1/3 damage, so try to get them in a cluster and
 use it, or you can try La Bomba. The barrels often hold God Reel
 cards or other useful items, so break them open too. If you have
 no God Reels and no God Hand, then you will rely solely on what
 is in the barrels. Hope for some good stuff. Battle isn’t too hard
 once you get a few of them down.


Continue forward, flip the switch, and play Simon Says with the 
 pirate ship.


Beat the thug with the bat. Grab it and break open the boxes and
 barrels. Three of the barrels have claw midgets in them, so kill
 them with the hammer. The God Reel technique 100 Fists is somewhere
 on the ship, and it’s stronger than Dragon Kick, so go ahead and
 replace it. Once you’ve looted the ship, killed the midget and
 gotten the key from the treasure chest you can return. Break the
 boxes on land and continue back to where you were. Two fatties
 with blades will appear, so throw your bat at them if you still
 have it. Use your God Hand if you must. Then exit.

Stage 3-5: Shannon’s Dance School.
Since I told you to run past the two guys here they are probably
 still here. Run away to the right and pass two more enemies and
 exit the level.

Stage 3-6: Puppy Kingdom
Break open all the stuff here. If you don’t get a full God Hand
 gauge and/or Full God Reels then reload and try again.

Stage 3-7: Shannon’s Show
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Shannon, second of the four Devas.
“This should prove to be a wonderful show!”
Difficulty: 1/10 with at least two God Reels
Difficulty: 4/10 with no God Reels.

She has three main attacks. The first one is spin around and damage
 everything within range, but that one is obvious, so you can
 backflip away from that. The second one is to shoot volley of
 energy blasts at you, so side step that. The third is a cheek-
 seeking homing kiss. Sidestep or run away from that or else be 
turned into a Chihuahua for a small amount of time.

The first thing you want to do is use your God Hand if you have it.
 God Hand + Spanking does about one fourth of damage. Once you’ve 
 used that, or if you don’t have any God Hand, enter the cage and
 get the nudity card. Use your God Hand on the girl with the whip
 and recover your God Hand on the zebra thug. Go use your God Hand
 on Shannon.
Now you can use your God Hand techniques. I, of course, recommend
 Chain Yanker so you can reuse your God Hand. You can get the God
 Hand cards and strawberry inside the cage too. If you run out of
 everything, beat her up as if she were a normal girl

Overall, she’s not terribly difficult to beat, and the cards and
 strawberry only make it easier.

I dunno about you, but I just got 20k richer! Let’s go shopping!
 Buy the Tropical Smoothie and Gold Plate for 54k. If you start to
 get low on money, I suggest you go gamble for on the slots or dog
 track. Two more God Reel techniques are available… God Stomp 2 and
 Divine Smash 2! Since Divine Smash 2 does almost as much damage as
 God Stomp 2 and can hit multiple enemies with ease, I suggest
 getting that one for 10k, but don’t think that it’ll replace Chain
 Yanker…. Not by a long shot! I don’t know about you, but I got
 Step Back Kick and assigned it to my [back+ X] button, replacing
 Right Roundhouse 1.

Square1 = Left Jab 2
Square2 = Straight 2
Square3 = Left Jab 1
Square4 = Uppercut 1
Triangle = Reverse Sweep
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Step Back Kick
Roulette Technique (1): Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (2): 100 Fists (500)
Roulette Technique (1): Typhoon Kick (160)
Roulette Technique (1): Divine Smash 2 (230)

Stage 4-1: The Kilo-Crab!
Run towards the elevator regardless of whether you have full God Hand
 gauge or not.

Stage 4-2: Robots on Parade!
Run straight to the exit.

Stage 4-3: Kissing a Hot Chick
Hit the robot who is harassing the chick with a barrel or crate.
 Do this four times. The hot chick will come down and refill your
 lifebar (or give you money if it’s already full). Break all the
 boxes where you are and then all the boxes where she came from.
 Then run to the exit. If you don’t have at least two God Reels,
 retry the stage.

Stage 4-4: Seriously, We Want the God Hand
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Bruce, Felix, Conchica
“Give up the God Hand, NOW!!”
Difficulty: 3/10 with two God Reels
Difficulty: 6/10 with no God Reels

Now you have to fight these jokers two-on-one—sometimes three-on-one.
 Good luck. Bruce and Felix will jump down and do their usual moves.
 Use your God Hand on the annoying Felix (green one) and Cobra Twist
 him down to half health. Conchica will come down and participate
 for awhile, so avoid them until she leaves again. Use 100 fists
 on Felix because the YMK-D-YMK-O technique is difficult to pull
 off with Bruce around. Once Felix is dead, Conchica will replace him.
 If you break open some barrels or barriers you can find God Reel
 cards or nudity cards. Focus your remaining Reels and God Hand on
 Conchica and finish her off. Bruce is easy to beat alone.

Stage 4-5: You. Me. Pattycake.
If you’re like me, you have no God Hand or God Reels left. Refill
 your God Hand Gauge by beating up the robot in front of you. Then
 go around the pile of boxes but avoiding the red robot. There’s
 another blue robot behind the boxes, so taunt and kill him. Beat
 the red robot, flip the switch and jump up the ladder. Destroy
 all the boxes and Crunchers. If you do not have at least two God
 Reels, then start the stage over. If you do, then quickly flip
 all three switches, go through the door, jump down the ladder,
 and exit.

Stage 4-6: Iron Bridge Fashion Show
Go forward, grab the barrel, flip the switch and throw the barrel
 into the three enemies there. Lunge at them to finish them off,
 watching out for the robots which might self destruct. Go back
 and break open the two crates to get a ROCKET LAUNCHER!! Go flip
 the second switch and launch a rocket at the five enemies (try
 to hit the red goon in the center). Throw the launcher into the
 crowd and finish them off with lunges. Five enemies will come out
 the door in a single-file line. Lure them run all the way to the
 other end of the bridge, and then run past them. Break the boxes
 on the right, and then run out the door. If you do not have at
 least three God Reels and a full God Hand meter, restart the level.
 You WILL need them all. Four God Reels is very beneficial.

Stage 4-7: Electric Deathmatch
Run into the middle of the cage and four robots will drop down
 on you. If you time it correctly, you can hit all four of them
 with Typhoon Kick, killing them all at the same time. One of
 them will sprout the toughest enemy in the game, the four-handed
 demon. Use your God Hand on him, Pummel him, and then hit him
 with 100 Fists to finish him off. Four more robots jump down,
 so use your last God Reel for another Typhoon Kick to weaken
 the two Knifers and kill the two robots. If you don’t have a
 fourth God Reel, then break open the boxes and hope for a card.
 Otherwise…. Good luck.

Grab the trident, break some boxes, and keep going.


Attack the wrestler and girl with the trident. Knock them into
 the wall twice and they’re both toast. If you have no trident,
 then use your God Hand on the Wrestler until he’s dead, and then
 regain your God Hand on the girl. Zebra wrestler will jump down,
 and his moves are very unpredictable until you recognize the
 pattern. You may have to fight him a few times. Use your God
 Hand on him to lower him to half health if you must, but make
 sure to regain it on him before defeating him too.

Stage 4-7: Another God Hand
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Devil Hand
“Now it’s time you danced with the devil.”
Difficulty: 4/10 with two God Reels
Difficulty: 6/10 with no God Reels

It’s difficult to explain how he fights because it’s so different
 from any of the enemies you encounter. He’ll dodge and duck like
 you, but he’ll also block like a thug. This guy uses all your moves
 too, so keep your distance and learn to recognize which one he’s
 going to use. If you get into a button-mashing Pummel match, you
 will always lose, so avoid them.

God Hand + Pummel will take away about one eight of his health,
 so use the Chain Yanker tech if you use a God Reel so you can use
 the restore your God Hand Gauge. Throw the jars at him for damage
 and hope for decent items. Other than that there’s not much else
 I can tell you. This guy is immense fun, but you’ve got to practice
 him a lot so you can read his moves.

Stage 4-8: Fat Bazooka Trap
Taunt the robot Knifer in front of you and beat him. Taunt the
 cannonback to join you at the bottom of the ramp. Then beat him.
 Lure all the girls down when you are done and retreat to try to
 separate one of them. Beat her and restore your God Hand gauge.
 The door will open, so run past the two remaining girls and the
 other cannonback and ride the elevator

Stage 4-9: The Fifth Deva? Dr. Ion
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Dr Ion V2
“Don’t blow a circuit, old man”
Difficulty: 3/10

Not too difficult. He breaks apart and transforms into different
 modes. When he is in HAND mode, you should back away to avoid to
 electric hand attacks (both spinning and punching). Don’t worry
 about his electric foot attack because it can be interrupted by
 a single punch, though you should sidestep if you’re not close
 enough to hit him. When he launches his hand like a rocket,
 repeatedly duck until it passes. When he is in DRILL mode he can
 be more dangerous. Dodge or duck if he prepares to use his drill.
 Your best bet is to stay close and punch him, and watch out because
 sometimes he’ll just spontaneously drill straight forward, knocking
 you over. ROCKET mode is exactly the same as HAND mode for the most
 part. When he uses his rockets, duck repeatedly until all four pass
 exactly like when he launches his hand.

It’s easy to beat this guy. Use God Hand and punch him until he’s
 dazed. After he slumps over and your God Hand is gone, use the
 YMK-D-TMK-O technique to recover most of your God Hand gauge and
 damage him at the same time. Punch him a few more times or use
 Chain Yanker and repeat. Easy, yes? Also, don’t try to use God
 Smash or Ball Buster on him—he’ll just break apart before taking
 any damage.

20k is your reward, so go spend it! Go buy Fruit Smoothie and
 Puppy Pizza for 35k. Shockwave 2 and Face Runner are available,
 but they’re not as good useful as Divine Smash 2. Face Runner
 only hits one enemy, and Shockwave 2 doesn’t have a nice wide
 radius like Divine Smash, although it can go farther. Left Jab
 is available for 10k, so buy that too.

Square1 = Left Jab 3
Square2 = Straight 2
Square3 = Left Jab 2
Square4 = Uppercut 1
Triangle = Reverse Sweep
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Step Back Kick
Roulette Technique (1): Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (2): 100 Fists (500)
Roulette Technique (1): Typhoon Kick (160)
Roulette Technique (1): Divine Smash 2 (230)

Stage 5-1: Oh no! Human Horseshoes
Take out the clown via a taunt, then the two thugs. Break the fruit
 stands for health or items. Continue across the bridge.


Beat the three guys here. Watch out for fatty, as he’ll try to plunge
 into you. You can try to kick the guys into the water for an instant
 kill. When you’re done the civilian will give you the God Reel Home
 Run God, which is stronger than 100 Fists, so replace it and continue.

Stage 5-2: Dangerous Alleyways
Beat up the monk. He’s got a different fighting style than that of
 a thug, but the same moves work on him. Go right at the fork, then
 left. Two monks will jump down, but keep running. Take a left, run
 past the three enemies at the end, and leave.

Stage 5-3: Long Walk. Short Pier.
Grab a crate and throw it at one of the girls. Beat her, and then
 go beat the other. Go back and break open the rest of the crates.
 Punch down the bridge, and then run past the five enemies dancing,
 around the harbor, and onto the ship past two more enemies.

Stage 5-4: Rock Star Tour Boat
Flip the switch and play the minigame. It’s much more difficult
 then on normal, as the ship moves faster and the sight isn’t as
 precise. It’s difficult, so better to just focus your attack on
 the spaceship. I was only able to hit the boat eight times out
 of the necessary fifteen, so they boarded me. Beat the girl that
 appears. After you are done with her, three more enemies will appear.
 One of them will beat up the civilian while the other two wail on you,
 so beat them fast. You can even kick them off the bow of the ship!
 Three more enemies will appear afterwards though, and one of them has
 a bat. Beat those three in the same manner.


---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
“I’d like to thank my fans for coming out today!”
Difficulty: 3/10

This guy reminds me of Dante from Devil May Cry 3 when you get the
 Axe weapon. Well, anyway…. first, beat up the three thugs with your
 God Hand, and then go after the guitarist. He has a lot of long-range
 attacks, so stay close. Duck repeatedly if he swings his guitar.
 You should be able to use the P-P-B-D and YMK combos to reduce him
 to half health. By that time you should be able to use your God Hand
 a second time too, which will finish him off. I recommend not using
 the crates if you can help it.

Stage 5-5: The Floating Bazaar
Loot the rest of the ship if you haven’t already, and then get the
 health from the civilian. If you don’t have two God Reels or more,
 reload and reraid the ship. Continue onward, but two girls will appear
 from under the archway. Run past them to loose them. Take a right at
 the locked door and break open some crates, now run up the stairs,
 run left, pass the two enemies, run down the hallway, enter the room,
 take a left and grab the key. Now run all the way back down, past the
 enemies you already saw and a few new ones, and open the door to leave.

Stage 5-6: Knife Sniper
Beat up the two thugs here one at a time (using YMK to get God Hand
 power) and get health from the civilian. Beat up the facelock, while
 dodging both the arms of the face and the knives being thrown at you
 (you’re going to duck a lot). Go past the two enemies there and leave.

Stage 5-7: Encore?
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Two Guitarists and Drummer
Difficulty: 3/10 with God Hand gauge and two God Reels
Difficulty: 6/10 with no God Reels.

The guitarist will use pretty much the same annoying moves, but that
 drummer can take away half of your health in close range and also
 has the ability to launch long-range energy blasts at you, so beat
 the drummer first. Use your God Hand + Pummel to take away half of
 his health, then hit him with something like Divine Smash 2 or Home
 Run God. If he’s still alive, then throw some plants at him. Then
 attack the guitarist. Break all the plants open and hope for good
 items. Use a Chain Yanker on him and increase your God Hand gauge
 with YMK. Then unleash God Hand on him and finish the battle. Grab
 the key and leave

The second guitarist is optional. To fight him, check out the first
 guitarist’s body, but that’s not recommended if you are low on health.
 He fights almost exactly like the first guitarist and drops about 2k,
 but if you have to waste your God Reels, then it’s not worth it.

Stage 5-8: It’s a Trap!!
Roll the ball up the ramp. I suggest using a running lunge. Give the
 dazed a clown one Yes Man Kablam, but don’t kill him just yet. Go break
 open the boxes to the left and right sides of the building. If you
 don’t have at least two God Reels, then let the clown kill you and
 try again. If you do have two God Reels, then keep dazing the clown
 so that you can use YMK to restore your God Hand gauge on him if it
 isn’t already full. Once you’re done with that, you can continue.
 Again, if you don’t have at least two God Reels, and a full God Hand
 gauge, then reload and retry. You’re going to need it.

Stage 5-9: Elvis’s Grace Land
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Elvis, Demon form
“Get ready…. I’m gonna smoke you. It’s time.”
Difficulty: 2/10 with God Hand and two God Reels
Difficulty: 8/10 with no God Hand or God Reels.

He’ll do a lot of his old moves, but they will be slower and more
 powerful. Most of them can be avoided with a backflip. He’ll still
 jump up and crash down on your head if you don’t backflip away
 from him. He’ll still charge at you like a rocket, but that move
 is almost unavoidable, so don’t give him the chance. The best way
 I can describe to avoid that attack is to turn 90 degrees to your
 side, then backflip as he attacks. He’ll try to stomp you and smash
 and swipe at you too. DON’T underestimate his simple punches, as
 they do the most damage of all. He’ll also try to set you on fire,
 but that attack has a small range and is easily avoided. Don’t
 confuse it with the ball of fire he will launch at you, which you
 should sidestep. He’ll also try to bite you, so backflip away from
 that two or three times as needed.

God Hand + YMK + Pummel should be how you initially start the battle.
 You should be able to do this twice because your God Hand gauge is
 so big now. This should take him down to half life and leave you
 will a completely empty God Hand gauge. Home Run God takes him down
 another fifth, but two Chain Yanker + YMK + Pummel allow you do the
 same amount of damage AND regain your God Hand gauge, so I suggest
 the latter. Your God Hand gauge probably isn’t completely full yet,
 so put some distance between yourselves and taunt him until it is. 
 Then Use God Hand + YMK + Pummel again. This should leave him with
 about one eight of health. Just pick up the ten crates lying around
 and throw them at him. If he’s still alive, he won’t be after a few

Hmmn. I only got 11k for beating this stage. If you are running low
 on funds, then I suggest using the casino to rack up cash, or selling
 all the moves you don’t use. Buy the Tropical Smoothie for 30k. The
 God Reel Discombobulator is available now, and it’s pretty strong,
 but the strongest single-reel move is going to be available soon, so
 it’s up to you if you want to buy this one now. Straight 3 is available
 for 10k, so buy that.

Square1 = Left Jab 3
Square2 = Straight 3
Square3 = Left Jab 2
Square4 = Straight 2
Triangle = Reverse Sweep
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Step Back Kick
Roulette Technique (1): Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (2): Home Run God (700)
Roulette Technique (1): Typhoon Kick (160)
Roulette Technique (1): Divine Smash 2 (230)

Stage 6-1: A Night on Bald Mountain
You’ll immediately get the God Reel La Bomba 2, which is does four
 times as much damage as the first La Bomba. It does more damage
 than two Typhoon Kicks for the same cost, so add it to your list.

Continue forward, jump down, cross the bridge, and taunt and kill
 the two Mohawks there. Take note that on this level it is VERY easy
 to kick somebody off the edge. Just break their guard and kick them
 with a move like High Side Kick (which I have mapped to my X button)
 to never see them again. You won’t get any items from them, but the
 battles will be short, so decide what is in your best interests.
 Two girls will appear afterward, so lunge jump, lunge kick, or just
 kick them off the edge. Two more girls are in the cave, and one of
 them has a whip, so grab the barrel and throw it to lure them out
 and beat them one at a time. Get the reward from the civilians, then
 go back and continue down the cliff. Jump down and wait. 


The Mohawk at the end of the area will sit there until provoked,
 so don’t provoke him yet. Instead, beat the goon who jumps down
 and do it before you get double teamed. Then beat the annoying
 claw midget, followed by the good with a beam, then a girl with
 a whip. Pick up the beam and hit the Mohawk at the end with it,
 then finish him manually. When the samurai appears, immediately
 use your God Hand + Pummel to kill him before he kills you. Grab
 the sword if you please.


You can get the item in the chest, but you likely won’t use it.
 Go for the door, and try to open it, only to be attacked by six enemies,
 most of them Mohawks. After beating five of them, four more enemies will
 appear. OY VEY! Pick up the exploding barrels and throw them at the
 groups of enemies, and pull out the fireposts and use them as weapons
 too. Try to knock them off the edge, but use your God Hand if you must.
 You can continue now.

Stage 6-2: Visiting Tiger Joe
The civilian will give you health. Continue onward and take a left
 because the door on the right is currently locked. Pull out the pole
 and go forward. A Mohawk and girl are waiting for you, so move to
 the right so that you can see the Mohawk but not the girl. Then taunt
 him and beat him with the pole. Get rid of the pole if you still have
 it and go restore your God Hand gauge on the girl. Grab the barrel at
 the end of the cave, turn left, and hit the goon who has the hammer.
 Beat him, and then beat the other Mohawk. Leave the hammer and barrel
 alone, as you will come back for them. Jump down the ladder and use
 grab a crate on the left and throw it at one of the Amazons. When
 she’s dead, beat the other one. Grab the key.

Rescuing the three civilians is optional, but you’re a good Samaritan,
 aren’t you? Pull out the pole and walk towards them. Three enemies
 will jump down, so run back out so as not to hit the civilians.
 Beat them with the pole and finish them off with a few punches.
 Get the items from the civilians and break all the crates and barrels
 looking for goodies.

Jump back up the ladder. Tiger Joe is waiting for you. Of course, you
 can just run past him, but if you want to pick a fight you can use
 the hammer and beam left behind from earlier enemies.


Beat the Mohawk here, but don’t kick him off the edge because you
 can use his bat. If you do, no worries. Jump up and throw the barrels
 and crates at the two girls. Lunge dive at them if the get too close
 and knock one of them off. Jump down and run past the dude with
 blades on his arms and leave.

Stage 6-3: Revered by Demons
Don’t attack the monk to your right just yet. First beat the Mohawk
 with the torch that will appear in a few seconds. Then beat the
 second one. Now beat up the two monks that are dancing around here,
 regaining your God Hand gauge if it’s not already full. Jump up the
 ladder, break the two crates, and throw the barrel at the monk
 leader. He reminds me of Cyan from Final Fantasy 6. Beat him,
 and then jump back down the ladder. Grab a torch and light the two
 monuments down here. Then jump back up and light the third. A wave
 of enemies will charge you, so run as fast as you can past them all
 through the door and out the area.

Stage 6-4: Shannon’s Pet
Open the facelock and jump across all the floating islands. Grab the
 bones and throw them to the dog, throwing them closer and closer to
 the fatty near the switch. Once fatty accidentally flips the switch,
 run across the bridge and past the four fatties and leave.

Stage 6-5: A Killer Hand!?
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Mad Midget Five
“I’ve got a killer hand!”
Difficulty: 1/10 with at least two God Reels and God Hand
Difficulty: 5/10 with no God Reels

They’re just as annoying as ever, but now they have lightsabers,
 shoot laserbeams, and create a spinning totem pole. The lightsaber
 attack takes down half of your health, so avoid that if possible.
 The laserbeams can be avoided by sidestepping unless they do it as
 a team. If they use the totem pole move, then throw a barrel into
 the lot of them, or wait until they are done spinning and go stomp
 the one who is dazed.

Get them clustered into a group, then use La Bomba to take them all
 down to half health. Then use your God Hand and just start punching.
 You should be able to finish off at least one midget, but chances
 are that you’ll have a good two or three down. Then just lunge at
 the rest with [running + square]. You can also throw the crates at
 them, but watch out for the laserbeam attacks.
Collect the spoils and open the crates for other goodies once you are
 done. Get the key and ‘open’ the door to move on.

Stage 6-6: Whip It!
Run forward and two enemies will come towards you. Beat them
 carefully, and then beat the Mohawk who follows. Two girls will
 appear immediately after that. Throw the barrel and crate at them
 and then finish them off with lunges. Immediately after you beat
 THOSE two enemies, two MORE enemies will appear, and one of them
 has a beam in his hand (you just can’t get a break, can you?).
 Anyway, one of the crates had a hammer in it, so beat up one of
 the goons with it or just throw it at ‘em. Finish the other one off
 and grab the beam. Now you may continue. 

Jump down the cliff. Two Mohawks and a girl will appear, so beat them
 with the beam. After you have beaten two of them, another girl,
 Mohawk with a bat, and knifer with blades for arms will join in the
 fray, so use your God Hand. After two of THEM have been beaten,
 three MORE enemies will attack: an Amazon, a girl with a whip,
 so use some God Reels like Home Run God, Chain Yanker, or La Bomba
 to thin the herd. Try to keep at least one God Reel, though.
 When you’re done you can grab the stuff and move on.


Watch for boulders in this area. First, beat the girl on the right.
 Then beat the Mohawk on the left. Immediately after a boulder passes,
 make a break for the door. A boulder should drop right behind you
 and smash the two enemies that try to chase you. Get the spoils if
 you wish, then continue. If you don’t have two God Reels, I suggest
 you get crushed to death by a boulder and retry.

Stage 6-7: Stop Before You Hurt Yourself!
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Psychic Midget
“Try this rock upside your head!”
Difficulty: 3/10 with two God Reels
Difficulty: 5/10 with no God Reels

He’s going to launch boulders at you, so just keep running until he
 stops. He’ll fly around with a tractor beam, so avoid that with
 backflips or sidesteps or risk taking massive damage. The best way
 to avoid his attacks is to run around the area in a figure-eight.
 When he gets tired and starts to lower, it will be your chance to

This battle wouldn’t be so difficult, if it wasn’t for the two thugs
 he whistles for. The first thing you should do is break open all
 the crates and hope for some God Reels. When you get the beam and
 pipe, throw and break them at the midget immediately, as they will
 be your biggest threat if the thugs get a hold of them. Throwing
 the boxes at the midget may knock him off his rock, but he’ll just
 get back on before you can hurt him. God Hand will take away a
 good portion of the midget’s health IF HE WOULD JUST STOP MOVING
 DAMMIT. Chain Yanker is difficult to pull off whilst dodging the
 thugs, so I suggest Home Run God if you have two reels, or
 Discomboulator/Divine Smash 2 if you only have one. Your best bet
 is to employ a strict hit-and-run tactic of lunging at him and
 punching him in-between dodging the thugs.

Stage 6-8: Elvis’s Wish
Grab a barrel from the left and throw it at an Amazon—it’s always got
 a gold reel card in it! Refill your God Hand gauge on her, then her
 friend and grab the card. Go past the lamp post and break the barrel
 to find a sword. Walk forward a little bit. When you hear somebody
 speak, turn around and run toward the lampposts. When the samurai
 appears within range, throw the sword at him like a javelin. Then
 throw the two lampposts. Then run past him and throw the two barrels.
 Go left to get the health, and then go right, grabbing the samurai’s
 sword as you continue.

Hit the facelock four times to open the lighter, and then flip the
 switch across from it. Jump up the ladder and you’ll be faced with
 two thugs while three more enemies come from behind. Chop them all
 up with the sword and get the items, then jump up the second ladder.
 While the girl with the whip is taunting you, flip the second switch
 and run across the bridge that just appeared. At the end of the
 bridge is Tiger Joe, but, like before, you can avoid fighting him.
 Turn left and run up the stairs and down the blue hallway and exit.
 Just to be sure… you DO still have a full God Hand gauge and at
 least two God Reels, right? If not, restart.

Stage 6-9: Shannon Revealed
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Shannon, demon form
“You are sooo amazing….”
Difficulty: 2/10 with two God Reels and a God Hand
Difficulty: 7/10 with no God Reels

It looks like she’s riding something out of Resident Evil. Anyway,
 she has a few moves. She’ll jump up and stomp to throw sand at you,
 sorta like your God Reel Shockwave, so sidestep that. She’ll still
 launch a volley of energy at you like before, but now it’ll be slower
 and harder to avoid. The beast that she’s riding will attempt to bite
 you, stomp you, and smash you with its face, so backflip or dodge
 those attacks. Also, watch out because he’ll charge at you in a very
 annoying fashion that is difficult to avoid. One of the worst moves
 she’ll do is to have the beast scoop you up and throw you into the
 air, where she’ll smack you around with her wand for a few times.

Sometime the AVOID command will pop up. Hit circle to slide under the
 beast and attack a few time from behind, but watch out because the
 beast will turn around and attack after about eight punches.

I suggest starting with God Hand + YMK + Pummel. Follow that with a
 Chain Yanker + YMK + D + YMK + Pummel. This will regain your gauge,
 so God Hand + YMK + Pummel again. This will leave here with half of
 her health. Throw all the jars at her and hope for something good.
 I usually get a strawberry and two God Reel cards. Then continue with
 the above strategy with your God Reels. Home Run God only takes away
 about one fifth of her health bar, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

I get 33k? I’ll take it! Time to go shopping. Fruit Smoothie and
 Puppy Pizza will set me back about 43k. The God Reel Crescent Kick
 is available for 10k and is better than Home Run God (it’s as strong
 as 100 Fists and Dragon Kick combined!) , but the main attraction
 here is the God Reel Shaolin Blast, whish is stronger that two Home
 Run Gods. The only problem with it is that it takes three God Reel
 orbs and costs 30k. Still, this is an IMPORTANT move to get, so make
 sure you do. Also, one of the best attacks in the game is available:
 Half Moon Kick. It costs a whopping 90k, but it’s a vast improvement 
over Reverse Sweep. Like I said, play the casino so you can buy this 
stuff because it really helps. Your bank account will be about 130k 

You do have Shaolin Blast, right? It’s stronger than six Divine
 Smash 2s! It’s stronger than five Wild Pitches! You no longer need
 La Bomba 2, Divine Smash, or Typhoon Kick because THIS is the
 long-range, wide radius, unstoppable, multi-targeting attack of your

Square1 = Left Jab 3
Square2 = Straight 3
Square3 = Left Jab 2
Square4 = Straight 2
Triangle = Half Moon Kick
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Step Back Kick
Roulette Technique (1): Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (2): Crescent Kick (900)
Roulette Technique (3): Shaolin Blast (1500)

Stage 7-1: The Tower Mirage
Run around until you find the pillar that does not disappear. Once
 you destroy it a boss battle with Dr. Ion will begin, so make sure
 that your God Hand gauge is full.


---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Dr Ion V2
“Took a trip to the shop, huh?”
Difficulty: 5/10

Not much has changed about his attacks since his last visit,
 but he has a claw now that you may sometimes need to break free of.

In all honesty, you shouldn’t even waste a God Reel on this guy.
 You’ll beat him after a few tries.


After beating him, go waste some knifers or munchkins to fill your
 God Hand gauge—you will need it. If you need a few more God Reels,
 then get those too. The next area’s a pain. Anyway, find the second
 pillar that does not disappear and destroy it. Enter the light.

Stage 7-2: Flying Pyramid
Fight the waves of enemies:

Wave 1: Mohawk, Amazon, Cannonback.
Use your Godhand to take out the Mohawk, then the Amazon.
 Regain your Godhand on the Cannonback.

Wave 2: Knifer, Amazon, Mohawk with Sledgehammer.
Use your Godhand on the Knifer, then the Mohawk. Regain your
 Godhand on the remaining one.

Wave 3: Knifer, Mohawk x2, Amazon, Ruffian
With so many enemies, it’s going to be hard to pick and
 choose. Use your Godhand, then pick up the sword that
 the previous Knifer left behind and do some damage. Pick up
 barrels and throw them. Use a God Reel if you must. Just
 remember to say the last enemy so you can regain your Godhand.

Wave 4: Samurai
You did regain your Godhand, right? Use that. It’ll reduce him
 to very little health. Pick up barrels or any swords on the
 ground and throw them at him or take your chances with fighting
 him to finish him off. Get the stuff and leave. Make sure that
 you only use the Godhand once. I assure you. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE

Stage 7-3: Great Sensei’s Revenge.
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Great Sensei
“Prepare to experience my secret technique”
Difficulty: 2/10 with three God Reels
Difficulty: 10/10 with no God Reels

If you kept the three God Reels like I told you, then you’re good.
 If not, you’re boned. Start the battle by picking up barrels or
 busting them for items. Wait for the Sensei to use his split-form
 technique. Run around a bit until you have them clustered. Then
 use Shaolin Blast God Reel technique to kill him instantly. If
 you miss then die and try again. Fighting him any other way is a
 pain, as he’ll chop you up without hesitation.

Stage 7-4: The Mirage Town
You’re going to encounter a great deal of enemies here, but first
 you’re going to be attacked. Do not go looking for battles until
 you stop the waves of enemies

Wave 1: Ruffians x2 (Beat them normally)

Wave 2: Ruffian, Knifer (Throw jars at them. If you have to use
 your God Hand, remember to refill the gauge before the next wave)

Wave 3: Munchkin x2 (Throw the Knifer’s dropped knife at one, finish
 the other)

Wave 4: Ruffian, Amazon (Jars/rocket launcher in jar on left)

Wave 5: Munchkin, Amazon, Ruffian (God hand on the Amazon and
 Munchkin, regenerate with leftover ruffian)

Use what you have to beat them. Remember to use and regenerate
 your Godhand.

After that is done, you must find the three rosaries.

Go right and save the citizen from the knifer and ruffian for the
 first one. Go to the northeast building and fight the two Amazons
 (Use Godhand on one, rejuvenate with the other) to get the second.
 The ruffian in front of the rosary door has the third. The northwest
 building is optional.
If you have decent God Reels and Godhand, then continue. If not,
 then try again.

Stage 7-4 The Four Devas Leader.
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Belze
“Your death will be just compensation for the crime you have committed…”
Difficulty: 5/10 with two God Reels and full God Hand
Difficulty: 8/10 with no God Reels

Throw the jars at him and hope for some good stuff. Then attack him.
 If he raises his arm, then backflip away before he hits you. If he
 raises his left arm, then he might use a three-hit combo, so put some
 distance between you.  If his mouth starts to foam goo then sidestep
 or backflip because he’s going to smear your vision. He might glow
 pink and charge forward at you. Turn to your side and run/backflip
 to avoid.

Halfway through the battle he will transform and begin to fly. This
 is where he really becomes a challenge. He’ll barrel towards you in
 a manner that is difficult to avoid. He’ll launch missiles at you.
 He’ll attempt to suck your life out, which pretty much kills you in
 one hit. 

Stick to Godhand as much as you can; use God Reel if you have extras
 or really need them. Shaolin blast only takes away one half of his
 lifebar, so you can see that it’s really not very efficient in this
 battle. Godhand is much more efficient, so if you do use your Reels,
 use CHAIN YANKER to restore your charge bar.

God Smoothie is now available for 70k, so get that. Kung Fu Tango,
 the strongest single-orb God Reel, is now available for 15k, but
 it’s not worth it, as Crescent Kick is as strong as two of them.
 One of my personal favorite techniques, Palm Smash, is available
 for 32k, so I’m going to purchase that. Forearm Smash 2 is almost
 as strong, so you can use that if you want.

Square1 = Left Jab 3
Square2 = Straight 3
Square3 = Left Jab 2
Square4 = Straight 2
Triangle = Half Moon Kick
X = High Side Kick 1
Back + Square = Guard Breaker 1
Back + Triangle = Yes Man Kablam
Back + X = Palm Smash
Roulette Technique (1): Chain Yanker (80)
Roulette Technique (2): Crescent Kick (900)
Roulette Technique (3): Shaolin Blast (1500)

Stage 8-1: Death Shudder
Immediately head left and pick up the barrel. Go left some more,
 then throw the barrel at the red thug hiding behind the pole.
 Restore your God Hand gauge on him. Once beaten, three more guys
 will rush out. Use your God Hand twice. Now go to the right and
 throw the barrel there at the other thug hiding there. Restore your
 God Hand on him, and then do the same with the two monks and the
 head monk. Open all the crates and continue. You should have at
 least three God Reels.


This is the most enemies that you're likely to fight at once. You
 will fight three Amazons, three Red thugs, Tiger Joe, and the zebra
 thug. Actually, there’s a quick end to this fight. Get them all
 lined up in a row and use Shaolin Blast to take all eight of them out.
 If a four-armed demon appears, use your God Hand twice to finish him
 off. Get all the items here and then head for the door. When you reach
 the door, get the items to the left and right before going in. You
 should have at least three God Reels and hopefully a full God Hand

Stage 8-2: Tribulation: The Three Trials.
Run up the stairs on your right.

Stage 8-3: Give it Up for the Champ
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Gorilla in a wrestling outfit
Difficulty: 4/10 with full God Hand gauge
Difficulty: 6/10 without full God Hand gauge.

He’s got his old moves, but now they’re stronger. He’s also got a
 slide tackle you should dodge left or right to avoid. He also picks
 a pipe out of nowhere and hits you with it.

Use your God Hand + YMK + Gorilla Suplex to take him down a third.
 Do it again to take him down another third. Then just take him
 down the rest manually.
Continue once he is beaten. Break the jars and hope for good items.

Stage 8-4: Japan’s Elite Obese Ninja
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: A really fat ninja with blades for arms.
Difficulty: 3/10 with full God Hand gauge
Difficulty: 6/10 without full God Hand gauge.

Ninja fatty and hit two fat friends are here to make life difficult
 for you. He fights a lot like them. Watch out for the thrusting
 rocket attack they do.

Use your God Hand to take out the two smaller fatties, and then
 focus your offense on the ninja. If you don’t have a God Hand,
 then use lunge dives or a God Reel. Once the other two are out
 of the way, the ninja fights like a regular fatty with blades,
 only stronger and with a longer combo. Easy after a few tries.
Continue once he is beaten. Break the jars and hope for good items.

Stage 8-5: Afro Fist
---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Guy with Afro
Difficulty: 3/10 with full God Hand gauge
Difficulty: 6/10 without full God Hand gauge.

The two girls pose the biggest threat to you, as one of them
 has a whip. Once you beat one of the girls, then the Afro will
 join the attack.

Hey, wait… isn’t that Conchica? Didn’t she die earlier? Whatever.
 Use your God Hand on her twice to beat her. Then use your God Hand
 again to finish off Conchica and beat the other girl.

Watch out for Afro, as he has two combo strings that ends with you
 being hit in the balls. In fact, one of those combos is nothing
 but him going to town on your family jewels and can kill you in
 one hit! His regular attacks can knock you down to having no
 health pretty fast as well. You don’t NEED to use any reels on
 this guy, but Chain Yanker or Dragon Kick if you must. Honestly
 though, you can beat him like any other thug out there. Just watch
 out for his slapping and ball-grabbing combos.
Continue once he is beaten. Enter the elevator. There’s nothing
 new at the shop.

Final Stage: The Last Crusade
You’re almost done. Are you feeling excited? Break all the jars
 and hope for good items. Then run up the stairs.

---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Devil Hand
“I want to complete myself with the power within it”
Difficulty: 3/10 with four God Reels
Difficulty: 6/10 with no God Reels

Shockwave, Divine Smash, Headslicer, Kung Fu Tango…. he uses them
 all. He seems to hardly ever use Typhoon Kick or La Bomba, but I’ve
 seen him do it a few times.

He does the exact same moves as before, AND he uses YOUR Shaolin
 Blast! When he starts to summon it, just start running around the
 circumference of the arena to dodge it, OR you can get right up
 in his face and sidestep with precise timing, leaving him wide open
 for a counterattack, but this is tricky to perform. After you finish
 this battle your health, reels, and God Hand will be completely
 restored, so don’t worry about conserving them.

Halfway through the fight he’ll begin to use his Devil Hand, at which
 point he is nearly invincible. Run around the arena until you see a
 flash of red, which means that he’s stopped. Using your God Hand at
 this point would be a waste, as he’ll dodge every hit.

Obviously, the first thing to do is to throw all the jars at him and
 hope for the best items. Crescent Kick takes away about one-eight
 of his health, so that’s not much help to you. Even Shaolin Blast
 only does about one-fourth damage to him. God Hand + YMK + Pummel
 is still your best bet. Use Chain Yanker to refill your gauge if
 you get low. If you get desperate, you can always taunt him with
 L2 to restore your gauge, just remember to watch out for his
 long-range Shockwave, Headslicer, and Shaolin Blast techniques. 

---------------BOSS BATTLE----------------------
Boss: Angra
“Fool. Do you realize how powerful I am?”
Difficulty: 5/10

You’ll immediately being the battle with Double Shaolin replacing
 Shaolin Blast. Also, your Reels, God Hand, and health are fully
 restored. Angra has a second energy bar after the first. He uses
 a few attacks when you are at long range. He’ll shoot laser beams
 at you out of his eyes. These are faster than the ones in Normal
 mode, so you’ll have to relearn the timing. He will launch a move
 that looks like four Shockwaves at once, but they can be avoided
 with a single sidestep. He launches hit spikes at you, so sidestep
 those a few times as they come towards you.  If he ever says “This
 becomes you…” and starts to charge energy in his mouth, hit circle
 to counter his attack, or risk being blasted.

When at close range, he will swipe at you with the hand on your left,
 but that can be avoided with an aptly-timed backflip. He’ll use the
 same hand to try to flick you like a booger, but using Half Moon Kick
 will dodge that easily. If you were too cheap for that move, then
 Reverse Sweep or backflipping away are your best shots. He’ll lift
 up the same arm to try to crush you, but that is easy to predict
 and backflip away from, at which point you can hit his arm a few

Sometimes he’ll launch a few demon enemies from his mouth. Use your
 God Hand if you must, but a single Palm Smash can take one down to
 an inch from death. They usually hold a God Reel card, or health.

Unfortunately, Chain Yanker and Taunts CANNOT be used on this guy,
 so make your God Hands count. God Hand and Pummel will take him down
 about one-eighth of his total health. Crescent Kick does about the
 same amount, but Double Shaolin takes him down almost one fourth! 

The best way to beat him is to get close and punch him whilst avoiding
 his attacks until he is dazed, then hit him with YMK twice and then
 Pummeling him. This should charge your God Hand gauge pretty well.

That’s it! After almost 200 continues and 750 points in Level Die mode,
 you’re done! Congrats! You can play it again, with stronger and more
 expensive techniques available. You can also buy all your God Reels
 whenever you want, including a two new ones called Spirit of God
 and God Change, which charge up your God Hand gauge. They’re not
 very efficient, though. :( 

                          06) I’m way better at this game then you!

I know that there are a lot of other players out there who are much
 more insane than I. They do Hard Mode runs without using God Reels
 or God Hands for fun (called the Kick Me Challenge). Check YouTube
 if you don’t believe me. This guide is not for those people. This
 guide is for people who want to beat the game on Hard so that they
 can brag about it once, or so they can unlock the last music disc.

                          07) About the author

I may not be the best author for this walkthrough, but I’ve got some
 gaming skills. I’ve beaten Metal Gear Solid 2 with the Big Boss
 ranking with 100% VR completion and Metal Gear Solid 3 with the
 Fox Hound ranking. I have Guitar God status on Guitar Hero and
 Guitar Hero 2’s Hard modes. I’ve beaten Zone of the Enders 2 on
 Hard mode and beat the VR 100%. I’ve done a pistol-only playthrough
 of Resident Evil 4. 

Now I can also say that I beat God Hand on Hard mode, and so can you.

 COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 by mikeburnfire
 All Right Reserved

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