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Combat Mechanics Guide by Bukimi

Updated: 10/10/06


ore no, ore no, ore no, ore no, ore no, ore no, ore no, ore no migi te 
ha goddo hando!

<insert oversized, funky looking ascii art here>

Welcome to god hand guide , version: spank-a-liscious
Written by Animerox (gamefaqs username) AKA tera AKA bukimi

God hand is a pretty self-explanatory game, it's linear like a beat-em up 
should be and there's no real reason to write deep play-by-play strategy 
guides. So this guide will focus on other stuff.

*Disclaimer: The contents of this guide are not official, it consists of
many names I've made up myself due to the difficulty of translating from
Japanese and lack of official information. 
DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME when the US version is out about not using proper 

| Contents  (quick navi) |

Start menu
The island town
In the field
Combat mechanics
 -Stages, levels & difficulty levels (basic)
 -Moving, dodging & cancelling (move)
 -Enemy basics & collateral damage (brawl)
 -Techniques & special properties (fight)
 -Juggling & OTG (combo)
 -Critical hits (blam)
 -Finishing moves (spank)
 -Escapes & reversals (judo)
 -Enemy types (grunt)
Making money ($$$)
 -Arena challenges 
Unlockables (secret)
List of techniques (bif)
List of god reels (pow)
God Tracks
Legal crap & credits

| Interface + your status |

Bottom left

HP - yellow bar
When it's almost empty, the bottom corner of your screen with flash red 
When it's empty, you be dead.
Max HP can be increased by purchasing mixed juice, tropical juice & god juice.
recovered by fruit pickups & god reel heals

TP - god bar below HP, color varies
Increases when you land an attack, taunt or get hit.
When it's orange-ish and your arm is glowing, press R2 to unleash the god 
Max TP can be increased by purchasing chiwawa curry or god juice.
recovered when you land an attack, get hit, dodge successfully (R Analogue 
forward) or taunt.

god reel ball - pink balls above your HP 
Press R1 to bring up the god reel where there'll be up to 12 god reel moves of
varying levels to select. 
If they're greyed out you have insufficient god reel balls or you're out of
Max uses can be increased by purchasing gold plates. 
recovered by card pickups.

level - determines how hard the game is & your end of stage reward
Levels 1,2,3,DIE.
Level 1 is the easiest & lowest reward, level DIE (4) is the hardest and 
highest reward.  Occasionally also determines how many enemies appear (usually
only lvl3 & DIE are affected).
Increases when you land an attack, evade (duck mostly) an attack, succeed in 
a reversal or finishing move or taunt.
Decreases when you get hit or when you use god reel move GROVEL, which resets
it back to level 1.

what levels affect
How much damage you take.
How aggressive enemies are.
How long enemies stay in rage mode.
End of stage reward.
How many enemies appear.
And possibly some other crap I haven't noticed.

top right

Gold - yellow/gold numbers followed by G 
How much gold you have, used to buy stuff.

Watching this will save your life.

Thing in the middle with the cone projecting forward is you & shows things 
relative to your perspective.

Yellow dots are regular enemies, even the really tough ones, if they get too 
close, consider evasive action or running.

Cyan dots are civilians, keep them out of harms way, try not to hit them with 
stray attacks / enemies and after you rescue them they'll give you something, 
usually something worthless like 200G.

Hollow grey/white dots are projectiles & weapons.  If you see one moving 
towards you, you may want to dodge, usually a backflip is a good idea.
If you see one that's not moving, it's probably a weapon. pick it up if 
you're having problems in a fight.

Red dots are demons - they can teleport around so watch yourself. You'll 
probably also noticed that the music changes and the whole area turns dark 
when they're around...

Purple dots are bosses - keep an eye on these, because they're the ones most 
likely to be on the giving end of pwninating. Getting a hit from a boss in 
level DIE can occasionally 1 hit kill you regardless of how full/big your 
lifebar is.

| Start menu |
Here you can check your status.
Change the attacks mapped to your buttons.
Change up to 10 moves you have mapped to your god reel (pan drop and grovel 
will always be there, grovel won't be there on hard mode).
View the map, which is utterly pointless.
Go into options (which also contains load game & return to title).

Perving on Olivia
As you go through the game, if you press R1 or L1 in the start menu you'll 
cycle through your status page and miscellaneous pictures of olivia doing 
random crap.
As you progress through the game more will be unlocked, 24 in all

| The island town |


Radio - backstory of god hand.

Jukebox - play discs you get.

Bunnygirl shopkeep
Buy techniques, god reel moves, and power ups.
Sell techniques (not recommended...).

Bartender bookmaker
Chiwawa race bookmaker, appears after stage 5 I think.
Bets : 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.

Outfit change dude
Changes the outfit of Gene & Olivia, appears after you beat the game.
For Gene - Original, karate chaku (outfit), Carnival, Devil Arm.
For Olivia - Original, Bunny Girl.

Power ups

Mixed juice - max hp +20
9000G, 12000G, 15000G, 18000G

Tropical juice - max hp +40
18000G, 240000G, 30000G

God juice - max hp +60, max tp +30

Chiwawa curry - max tp +30
10000G, 15000G, 20000G, 25000G

Gold plate - god reel +1
15000G, 30000G, 30000G

Sushi set - combo input +1
Normal - 5000G
Special - 10000G

Bet limits progressively unlocked (bet more stages to unlock higher bet 

Floor 1
Treasure chests have some unknown crap in them, see floor 2 for more info.
bouncer big dude standing behind the treasure chests, if you hit anyone in 
the casino you'll get into a fight with him, and it's likely he'll kick your 
ass unless you're really good or are up to stage 8.
If you win, nothing happens (you get ejected from the casino & your status is
reset to before the fight).
If you lose, your HP is reduced to sliver and carries into the next 

Video poker
Machine limits: 100, 300, 500, 1000 (bet increments of 100)

Pretty inconsistent & crap, quality of your hand determines payout on bet.
after winning a bet you can play big small:
Whatever card comes up, you have to select if the next card will be bigger or
smaller, IIRC ace is the smallest and suits don't matter.
Win it once and you'll double your payout, win it twice and you'll quadruple
your payout.

Blackjack, possibly rigged, table limits 300, 500, 1000, 2000 (bet increments
of 100)

Not going to explain to you how to gamble, your mom might yell at me. =(
Blackjack (21, ace + 10/J/Q/K) pays 4:1.
Charlie or "fivecard" pays 6:1.

Floor 2
Slot machine + roulette table that you can't use.
100G per line, 3 lines max, only way to get prize tickets for treasure chests
on floor 1.

Floor 3
High-Roller Room.
You need at least 100 000G to enter this room, it only has:
Ultra-rigged slot machine + bunny girl who can't be bashed.
300G per line, 3 lines max, stop the reels manually with square, triangle and

The arena

Left bunnygirl - sparring
Sets up a wooden dummy for you to practice, it can't hurt you and you have 
unlimited god reels. 
Status is reset to pre-sparring if you exit. (NO FREE HEALZ PLZ PLZ 555!)

Right bunnygirl - arena challenges
Challenge with criteria (health/TP amount, level, # of enemies, time limit, 
# of god reel uses, reward).
1 - 40 unlocked progressively (beat stages), 41-50 available on clear game 
Secret 51 unlocked by all beating challenges.
Unlocks new media for theatre mode / TV in the shop.

| In the field |

Beat them up, or else they'll beat you up and game over you up something 

Rescue them, and they'll give you an item for your troubles (see below)
they might even give you something good when muspelheim freezes over.

Break them or throw them at enemies, sometimes have stuff in them.
if you throw an exploding barrel/drum(the red ones), make sure you're clear 
of the explosion of it will hurt you (quite badly too).

Block of wood, plumbing pipe, hammer, spiked club, flaming torchstick, 
scimitar, parasol, bus stand, paper fan, steel bar, eletric rod, katana, 
demon trident, flaming stone torch stand, rocket launcher

Square for weak hit, triangle for power hit, X to throw.
Make sure you're clear of the rocket launcher explosion when you fire the 

Demon faeries
Offer you challenges. there's even car smashing challenges, although it's not 
a sedan like SFII and more of a 4WD or People Mover like SFIII.
Beat the challenge and you get money, lose and nothing happens.
If you win, you return to the stage with whatever status you finished the 
challenge with and it becomes a continue checkpoint.
The level which you complete the challenges determines your reward, if you
ENTER the challenge at level 1, but you defeat the final enemy at level DIE
you will recieve a level DIE reward.

Stone statues
These appear in certain locations in certain areas for a certain amount of 
After which they disappear forever (unless you reload the area).
By bashing them up, they will be destroyed and often contain something good,
like a strawberry, banana, demon card etc. but sometimes contain crappy coins.

Pick ups
whilst on your travels of ass-kicking wonder, items may appear when you:
rescue a civilian, break a box, defeat an enemy or open a treasure chest.
items include: 

Coins & bags of money - increases your gold.

Fruit - restores your health, smallest to largest restore
cherry, orange, banana, strawberry (full restore)

Demon cards - restores your god reel by:
silver 1, gold 2, orange-red...ish, 3

Fire card - Gives your attacks the power of godmode, that is boosted attack
power & special properties & unblockable but you can still be bashed around & 
pick up items.
If you use this in conjunction with godmode, you will do ludicrious, and I 
mean LUDICRIOUS amounts of damage.

Porno - if you lay it on the ground it distracts guards... I MEAN restores your 
TP by about 1.2 uses, that is it restores it enough for 1 godmode, and abit 

Picking up food when HP is full, cards when god reel is full or porno when TP 
is full will result in a monetary reward.

| Combat mechanics |

Stages, levels & enemy states (basic)

The game is divided into stages and stages divided into areas. as you progress
through the game, areas will get longer & enemies will get harder.

The game's difficulty level is dynamic (except in hard mode), as your 
performance rises, the game will become harder as your level rises.
When you start getting hit alot your level will drop and make the game easier.

Levels affect:
How much damage you take.
How aggressive enemies are.
How long enemies stay in rage mode.
End of stage reward.
How many enemies appear.
And possibly some other crap I haven't noticed.

Difficulty modes

Easy "what? you need me to hold your hand or something?"
level will not go above 2, start with 3 god reels instead of 2.

Normal "that's what I expected from you"
level freely moves between 1 - DIE.

Hard "wow, got quite a pair to pick that"
game locked into DIE, grovel removed from god reel movelist.

Moving, dodging & cancelling (move)

Moving & dodging

First off, about moving and dodging.  of course in this game you can move 
around with the left stick and turn 180 with L1. 
You can also dash forward and run by double tapping forward on the left 
Back handspring by pushing back on the right stick. 
sidestep left or right by pushing respectively on the right stick or
duck/weave/sway by pushing forward on the right stick.

When you duck/weave, you stay on the spot and most attacks will pass right 
through you but quite a few will still connect, so you're not completely 
A successful weave will increase your godbar and level slightly.
If you press triangle during a weave, you will perform a right inside 
sweep which will sweep/knockdown most opponents.  

Sidestepping will cause you to move quickly to the side, if you're locked 
onto an enemy you will strafe to their side instead. 
Doing a same direction strafe in the same direction very quickly can get 
you behind an opponent, although this in practice is utterly pointless and
sometimes actually detrimental to your gameplay.

Back handspring / backflip is probably the most recommended form of evasive
During the first part of the animation you're completely invincible, all 
attacks will pass through you and you will flip right through grabs.
This won't stop you from taking damage though as you're still vulnerable
at the end of the animation and there's some attacks which just can't be
backflipped out of.

Finally, you can actually use forward dashing / running as an evasive 
maneuver, although it's really not recommended.
You're actually not invincible at all during a forward dash, but if you 
notice during the dash (before Gene start's running), he'll actually crouch
down slightly.  This will cause some attacks to pass right over his head.

Whilst dashing / running, pressing each of the attack buttons will result in
a different attack.
Triangle will cause you to do a flying kick which knocks back.
Square will cause you to do a forward roll / scissor kick thing which knocks 
X will cause you to do a slide tackle which knocks down.


If you've ever played an action game or fighting game before, I'm sure you're
familiar with the concept of cancelling.
Cancelling is the start of another maneuver before the one currently being
performed has completely finished.
You can cancel offensively or defensively and mastering this technique will
greatly improve your overall gaming ability and reflexes.

Defensive cancelling

Some techniques, especially the ones that have a powerful blowback effect,
have a rather slow start up animation or cool-down animation.
Now if you were to let these completely animate and you knew you were going
to get hit, well, you're a chump.
Most attacks are cancellable and allow you to cancel into a movement or
another technique, make good use of this as it will often prevent your 
lifebar from depleting needlessly.

Some techniques cannot be cancelled at the start, end or at all.
Be wary should you use these techniques, as you're maneuverability will be
greatly inhibited during the course of it's execution.

Offensive cancelling
This is for the skilled, the cocky and the stupid, whichever one you are.

Offensive cancelling involves cancelling one technique into another (mapped 
to a different button of course) or into an evasive maneuver and countering

Cancelling straight into another attack is pretty self explanitory, so I 
won't go into it. 

Cancelling into an evade then countering or continuing your attack is more
complicated and there's a few ways to go about it. you can: 
Dash forward, turn around and then counter attack.
Backflip, then dash forward and counter.
Sidestep or strafe and continue attacking or
Weave and continue attacking.

Strafing and weaving are obviously the fastest of the available, but 
weaving is definitely the fastest and least safe.
If there's a particular technique that has a poor cooldown that you want
to repeatedly hit an enemy with, you'll probably want to strafe or weave
right after it's connected to maximize the amount of times you connect it.
One move in particular comes to mind, shachou punch. while completely 
cancellable, it has an absolutely horrible start up AND cooldown period.
While there's nothing you can do about the start up, you CAN cancel the 
cooldown with a weave, which will allow you to hit a stunned enemy with this
several more times with shachou punch that normal, which will GREATLY 
increase your godbar.

Enemy basics (brawl)


Basic attack
All enemies have some basic attacks, whether they be punches, kicks or stabs.

Most enemies have some kind of combination attack, usually it's only 1 so
after you've seen it a few times it's a great idea to memorize it's sequence
so you can score some counter hits.

Enemies do come armed, there's 2 different times, ones you can disarm and ones
you can't.
Unfortunately the latter is much more common which is too bad because the game
becomes infinitely easier when you're armed.

Special move / projectile
In addition to their combos, some enemies have special moves, although usually
only a handful.
Special moves often involve some kind of really distinct start-up animation 
and often are either hard to avoid, very damaging can do collateral damage 
(hurts other enemies) or several/all of the above.

Most enemies have some ability to grab you in some way. 
While you CAN escape or even reverse most of these throws if you don't escape 
or it can't be escaped, you'll often find grapples do ALOT of damage to you, 
and you'll want to avoid it at all costs.


Tough enemies are just buff, attacks often won't have their full effect on
That is launchers won't launch, knockbacks won't knockback etc.

Sometimes an enemy can endure attacks, that is they'll get hit and take the
damage but they won't flinch at all and continue their attack animation.
This is an utter pain when playing in level DIE / hard mode because it 
pretty much guarantees they damage you.

Enemies like you can take evasive action, they can backstep, sidestep and 
sway just like you can.
If they sway they'll likely to counter and if you don't have good reflexes 
you're likely going to eat uppercut.
In addition they can roll to the side when on the ground, however unlike you
they don't have a wake-up move.

Unlike you, enemies can block, during which ALL attacks (except unblockables)
are negated. 
Keep attacking them and they'll parry your attack usually followed by a 
After you've been parried you're completely open and the only thing you can do
is take evasive action.
However if you use a guardbreak move on a guarding enemy, this leaves them 
completely open, and when they're in guardbreak-state they will take critical 
damage from all attacks, 
Learn to guardbreak well, it will make all the difference in later stages.

Rage mode

After an enemy has been hit enough, or if you taunt them, they will enter rage
mode, indicated by their faces turning red & steam coming out of their heads.
Whilst in rage mode enemies will be infinitely more aggressive, they move & 
attack faster, attack more often and do more damage.
It will expire with time or if they are defeated.
It also appears enemies take slightly more damage whilst in rage mode
but keep in mind that at level DIE, an enraged regular enemy can cut down a 
max & full lifebar in just 2 hits

When enemies are low on health, they'll sometimes grovel.
The males will act like they're choking and females will sit down and cry
this is actually IT'S A TRAP! and if you get too close too slowly they will 
do a rather nasty counter attack on you.
However if you're JUST out of reach of their counter or get close enough before 
they're completely groveling, you can perform a finishing move on them, very 
handy indeed.
As you progress through the game, this will happen less often.

Collateral damage

There's a reason you should always try to use knockback & blowback attacks
when enemies hit objects or walls they take extra damage.
The only time they don't is if you're fighting in a ring, in which there is 
no wall thus no wall damage, although you can still hit them into the corner 

Enemies that have been knockbacked if they come into contact with other 
enemies, they will take damage. something I wish wesker's thrust punch 
would do in RE4...
Even though the damage is pretty small, but it will also briefly stun them and
thus stop them from charging up to you and beating you up.

Explosions also have an area of effect (somewhat small though) so you may
want to think about maximizing the effect of an exploding barrel or rocket
or maybe just use it on the toughest enemy.

Some enemy's special moves can damage other enemies if they happen
to get in the way.
Make good use of this as almost always results in a brief stun as well as
free damage.

Lastly, it's possible to instantly defeat an enemy in some areas by knocking 
them out of the stage. This usually involves a launcher and then the juggle 
blowback kick.
The other way to do it is to push an enemy off a ledge, if the otherside
is a bottomless pit, instant defeat, if there's usuable ground below they will
take extra fall damage.
The downside to doing this is that because they're out of the stage, they 
can't drop goodies for you.

| Techniques & special properties (fight) |

You have 9 - 11 buttons and up to 116 moves to distribute between them, do 
whatever's comfortable.
But I highly suggest you make square some quick & damaging combo that you can 
just repeatedly mash during godmode and leave the other buttons for other uses.

Special properties

Some techniques have special properties, they are:

Guard crush 
Usually a weak & slow attack, if you hit a guarding opponent their guard will 
be broken and will enter a state of guardbreak

If you hold the button down, the attack's damage will increase, if charged 
it to max it will become unblockable.

Knockback / blowback
Enemies may be hit back far by this attack, if it's a large/tough enemy they 
may not, when enemies are knocked into walls they take extra damage.
A knockback will only arc the enemy away, while a blowback will send them
flying backwards, guaranteeing wall damage.

Float / juggle 
Enemies may be launched into the air where further punishment can be dished 
Anyway the reason why I differentiate between a juggle and a float (who you 
callin' a tekken junkie?!) is that a float only makes an enemy slightly 
airborne while a juggle have the high up and allows for juggle exclusive 

Sway (psuedo invincible)
I don't know what else to call this, some attacks (usually sweeps) make you 
impervious to most attacks when you execute them. 
This is incredibly useful as it's an easy way to score counter hits.
attacks that will still hit you are usually low hits, and some others...

Attack cannot be blocked by enemies (why the hell can they block and you 

Tension up

Increases your godbar .


Increases chances of stunning opponent.

Juggling & OTG (combo)
Please note you can be hit out of all of the following attacks.


When an enemy is in a state of juggle (you SHOULD be able to tell by how high 
up they are), there are 2 attacks you can do only on juggled enemies.
Back + triangle - shoryuke.... I mean a leaping uppercut, will further juggle 
The enemy, theoretically possible to do this infinitely...
Forward + triangle - leaping reverse roundhouse, ALL enemies hit by this will 
be blown back, also has slow-mo effect on start up.


When an enemy is on the lying ground, there's some moves which can only be 
performed on down opponents.
Forward + triangle - axe kick, chargeable
will float the opponent, when fully charged may juggle but almost always 
floats, even on toughest enemies.
Forward + triangle... again - high front kick
done after axe kick, will USUALLY (not always) juggle opponents.

Critical hits (blam)
Critical hits are vital to beating some tougher opponents.
Some normal moves have special properties when landed on a counter hit (e.g. 
right side-front kick will knockback on critical hit) and almost always 
critical hits will have their special properties function at full effect 
(juggle instead of float, hard knockback etc.).
There are 3 ways to land a critical hit:

Counter hit
Basically, try to hit an enemy just before they hit you. easiest to do with 
moves that are quick, have long reach and/or have pseudo-invincible property
*NOTE - unlike the next 2, counter hits only critical ON the counter hit, 
subsequent hits do regular damage & have no special properties.

Basically if you wail on an enemy enough (and they don't die), stars will 
circle their head and you'll heard bird chirps, that's when they're stunned 
and you can land some criticals. 
Although it's probably a better idea to use a finishing move before they 
More on that later.
Once you get used to how long it takes for an enemy to recover from a state 
of stun, it's a great idea to wail on them abit before using your finishing 
move.  it's a great way to do extra damage and recharge your godbar, if you 
have shachou punch technique, now's a GREAT time to use it 1 - 3 times.

Guard crushed
This IMHO, is key to beating some of the tougher opponents, you should always 
have a guard crush mapped to one of your non-combo buttons.
When an enemy is in a state of guard crush, you can wail on them for full 
critical damage which will often lead to them getting dazed, for MORE 
critical damage or better yet, a FINISHING MOVE.

*NOTE: it also appears that enemies take SLIGHTLY more damage when in rage 
mode, whether or not it's worth the risk is up to you.

These can only be performed on a stunned enemy (and a handful of other 
situations) they do quite alot of damage, greatly increase your TP.
They are separated into 2 categories: automatic & button-mashing and they do 
a great deal more damage if in godmode.

Automatic finishing move 
Usually in the form of a suplex of some sort, press CIRCLE once when prompted 
to and the rest will execute automatically.
They include: german suplex, double-arm-lock suplex, mega axe kick & death 
touch "todome".

Button-mashing finishing move 
Pressing circle once will start the sequence in which you must mash the face 
buttons (triangle, square, circle, X) to cause more damage. 
Some are exclusive to boss fights.

The most common ones are:
hyper punch, hyper kick (yes, the azel fights ARE cool), knee bash, stomping, 
spanking & back-breaker/octopus hold.
Others include: 
Whirly punch, hammer punch & hyper-butt-punching.

*note1: with exception to stomping a downed opponent, you are completely
 invincible from the moment you press circle until the end of the animation.

*note2: with exception to spanking & knee bash, any wayward enemy who gets 
caught in the way of your finishing move will take the damage as well.

*note3: with exception to stomping, all button-mashing finishing moves end 
with some sort of finishing blow.

*note4: (thanks to akumsa42 for this), while stomping, holding the analogue
stick in a certain direction will change the sort of attack he does, from a
stomp to a grind to a kick.

Escapes & reversals (judo)
From time to time, when an enemy grabs you or you're in a precarious 
situation a button prompt will appear on the screen a-la RE4, these are 
seperated into stick-wiggle & single-input.

Stick wiggle
Usually (not always) after you've been grabbed, wiggle the stuck and you'll 
either escape unharmed, greatly minimize the damage or reverse the attack
The result depends on the type of enemy who grabbed you.
This is also how you recover from being stunned.

Single input
When you're neck-deep in sh... *ehem*, a button prompt will appear on the 
screen to press circle.
By doing so you will perform an incredibly damaging reversal on your would-be 
assailant, if you fail to do so in time, you will either receive HORRIFIC 
damage but you can still try to take evasive action.

Enemy types  (grunt)


Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, suplex

Fodder, tough fodder, magic mohawk

Most common enemy, tough version harder to kill & launch and whatnot.
some of them have a energy mohawk they can throw as a projectile.

Robot fodder, tough robot fodder

Same as regular fodder, only robotic.
Tough robot fodder has a move where he flies into you, among other damaging & 
annoying moves.

Female fodder

Available finishing moves: spanking

Female fodder, tough female fodder

Fairly common, uses kicks and slaps mostly, every female in the game is 
wearing high heels, so try to avoid being stepped on. I can tell you from 
personal experience that being on the gravitational end of some stiletto 
footwear is not a pleasant experience.
Spank them good.

Whip user

Both regular & tough females can wield whips, this can be immensely annoying 
due to the range and damage, good idea to dispose of them quickly.

Blade wielder

Kind of uncommon, same as female fodder but wields a blade or 2 blades.

Circus queen

Same as tough female fodder, but has a spiky hat which can be thrown as a 
returning projectile.
Can also wield whips. BDSM maniac's dream come true, very tall female in 
risque, tight clothing with a whip and a dangerous hat... but hey, whatever 
floats your boat...

Female robot

Same as regular female fodder, but robotic.


Available finishing moves: knee bash into reverse bulldog


Hard to launch, easy to knock down (by sweeps especially).
has special move shoulder barge and headbutt charge a-la
Honda from Street Fighter, both specials do collateral damage.

Circus clown

Same moveset as fatty but has a 3 bounce rolling attack instead
of flying headbutt.
Also does collateral damage.

Blade wielder, ninja fatty

Fatty with 2 blades, uses them instead of slaps.
Has an flying spinning blade saucer attack instead of flying headbutt.
Also does collateral damage.

Cannon back

Fatty with a energy cannon on his back, has unlimited ammo.
Shots do collateral damage, he will stop shooting if you get too 
far away.
*NOTE: unlike other fatties, cannon fatty won't get tired from 
running too much.

Tough fatty

Looks like a mongolian warrior or something, this guy can really put
the hurt on you, has a really big lifebar to boot.
Be careful when fighting him.


Available finishing moves: spanking

Barbarian, mega barbarian

Yes, they have blades on their nipples, strange.
Wield two axes, attacks are pretty easy to read .
Mega barbarian has a charge up move which dashes forward and 
slices with both axes rather quickly, does alot of damage.
Watch out for them.

Armed thugs

Available finishing moves: backbreaker / octopus hold

Blade arm

Has 2 blades coming out of his arms, very agile.
Has slide attacks and sweep attacks in addition to blade 
Easy once you get the hang of it.

Dagger thug, robot dagger thug

Wields two daggers instead of 2 blade arms. 
Can throw the daggers in a variety of ways, otherwise pretty much the
same as blade arm guys.
Some of them drop scimitars when defeated, nifty!


Available finishing moves: mega axe kick

Bomb midget

Have the ability to tunnel underground and have an unlimited
supply of bombs. Bombs do collateral damage.
Are alot easier to defeat than most enemies due to their
easily depleted lifebars.
Oh yes, and they DO kanchou you, utter humiliation.

Claw midget

Same as bomb midget, but has claws on each arm as well as 
gas mask. the goggles, they do nothing!
Instead of bomb summoning skills, they have a few leaping 
attacks that hit multiple times.
They also have a spinning lariat move which is immensely hard
to dodge and does ALOT of damage (can kill you outright in DIE)
but if you DO manage to dodge it, they're left dazed in which
you can finishing move them, usually resulting in 100% damage.

Kung-fu users

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, suplex

Kung fu, tough kung-fu in red clothes

You may just come to hate these guys.
Their attack sequence is rather long and if you get surrounded
it's very likely you'll die.
Although the good thing about long attack sequences is easy 
opportunities to score counter hits.
and their grab is very annoying... DING! unescapable too!

Other tough enemies

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, suplex

Ultra slow tall mask

This guy is pointless, his attacks are very slow and easy to 
read he has a massive lifebar like the rest of these guys
will probably eat up alot of your time.
His grab is unescapable but only does moderate damage... 
If you find him hard,  you may want to consider giving up 


Big buff dude, huge lifebar, strong but slow attacks, 
spinning lariat (SWEEP HIM!) and throws. 
Not that hard once you know his attacks.


The penultimate achievement of years of being fodder. 
Beat him without getting hit first time I encountered him, subsequent 
encounters had him kicking my ass.
He's like a combination between tough fodder & wrestler.
IMHO he's pretty fun to fight.


Same as wrestler, but ALOT stronger and his lariat is alot shorter.
also has a MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE lifebar.


This guy is tough!, kicks you like the badguy in Jui Kuen II (jackie 
chan movie, 1994).
Also has kung-fu moves and alot of swaying punches & 
drunken-fist-esque moves.


The original god hands, prepare to die alot.


Hardest enemy of all, can kill you instantly by running you over.
Luckily the keys are nowhere to be found.
Beat it up from both sides, front and back to win, make sure to file false 
insurance claim afterwards for extra gold.


Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, death touch


All demons have teleport movement.
Base demon form, first hard opponent you fight IMHO, pretty
fun once you get used to them.
Watch out for his fury swipes, grab and projectiles.

Blade arm demon

Pretty much the same as regular demon but he's got annoying 
blade arm which is pretty damaging & extra range.
Has 3 different damaging charging moves instead of projectiles.

Spike demon

Same as regular demon, but can project spikes from his body a-la iron maiden 
Just watch out for his charge attack, it's annoyingly fast and hurty.

Ultimate demon with trident

This guy is tough and completely different to the three previous demons 
luckily you'll rarely encounter him.
It's pretty hard to make him drop his trident, which is a pretty good weapon.


Speaks Wapanese, annoyingly long range, attacks that are often difficult to 
dodge and high damage, luckily he taunts alot. 
When defeated, drops his katana.
You can even have a katana duel!, although your katana is perishable...


Gold & Silver

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, suplex

Probably abit steep for a first boss fight, will give DMC1 Phantom a run
for his money.
Fight just like fodder except have a butt ram, groin punch, flying kick and
team attack where they throw each other.

Gorilla mask

Available finishing moves: dual arm lock suplex

Pretty fun boss IMHO. After you lower his HP enough he'll summon bananas (up 
to twice I think).
Whoever gets to the banana first gets a large heal.
If you make him chase (running, or whatever gorillas do to get around fast) 
he'll randomly trip over or get tired after running too long.
If you hide behind the podium and make him run around it he'll trip on it.

Evil trio Conchita (whip) Felix (boomerang) Bruce (bull)

Available finishing moves: knee bash (bruce), backbreaker / octopus hold 
(felix), spanking (conchita)

Bull guy is pretty easy, but also has the largest health bar. 
His charge attack does friendly damage too.
The boomerang guy's projectile attack is REALLY annoying (much more 
than the circus queens) and he can spit acid goo that blocks your screen.
The whip demon is pretty annoying, has a really difficult to dodge
lunge attack (possibly unavoidable, as I've never managed to dodge it) along 
with standard vicious whip attacks.

Gorilla tiger mask

Available finishing moves: dual arm lock suplex

Like gorilla mask, only alot harder... 
Has a few new moves, namely an immensely hard to dodge reverse moon-press 
somersault, lunging punch, steel pipe from nowhere and a combination 
attack (which can kill you outright).
Has no banana summon.
He also won't trip over his podium, but he still randomly trips and 
still runs out of breath.

Mad midget five

Available finishing moves: mega axe kick

I'm sure most people will find these guys supremely annoying, thankfully
they die easily so if you want you can just run around using your dash
moves continuously.
A critical hit dragon kick (GR2, 400) will actually do 100% damage to 
these guys.
Immensely easy when it becomes 1v1 instead of 5v1.

Rocker Ravel & hip-hop drummer butler Debussy

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick (Ravel), Knee bash 

Both have annoying projectiles, which thankfully can hurt each other.
If one gets hit by by the other's projectile, the one who got hit will
instantly go into rage mode.
Additionally, should you knock one of them into the other with a knockback or
blowback attack, this will also cause them to instantly go into rage mode.
Rocker melee attacks are similar to weapon attacks; high damage & stun
but horrifically slow so it's easy to counter hit him.

Psychic midget

Available finishing moves: mega axe kick

The only boss that spends as much time running from you as you spend
running from him.
This encounter can be pretty annoying due to the minions constantly
chasing you around, luckily there's weapons around and the wizard
himself isn't too hard.

Samurai master

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick

IMHO, the hardest and most annoying boss in the game. Attacks have huge
range, do alot of damage, hard to dodge and can stun you easily.
On top of that he has a massive lifebar and can create annoying clones,
which thankfully can be defeated rather easily.

Blade fatty ninja "Fattest Ninja in Japan"

Available finishing moves: knee bash

Like regular blade fatties, only tougher.
Well, actually that's a lie, this guy is incredibly easy but incredibly 
unfair. He can kill you in 3 hits, on level 1, and that's IF your lifebar is
completely maxed out, otherwise you're gone in two hits.
Considering that nothing else in the game can do this sort of damage and also
considering how many times you have to hit him to kill him compared to his 
2 - 3, you may just come to loathe this boss.


Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, suplex

Fights like tough kung-fu user, only more annoying.
His escorts don't make this fight any more fun either.


Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick, mad hooks into 
hammer punch

Finally, a boss fight.
nothing much to say here, he's pretty self explanatory.
Watch out when he tries to eat you on DIE, it seriously hurts.

Dr. ion

Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick

If you take out his battery he dies straight away. 
switches between 4 modes hand mode, drill arm mode, rocket arm mode & 
broken / reassembling.
Hit him enough or hard enough and he'll shatter, not much extra damage though.
If you kinteki (groin kick) him, he will shatter, so don't, it's a waste of 
god reel.


Available finishing moves: spanking, crazy face hooks

Pretty annoying boss, powerful projectile spamming & can transform you into
a chiwawa, has invincible dance things to boot.
May want to think about swaying her projectiles instead of dodging them, 
especially on higher difficulty levels.


Available finishing moves: whirly punch

Yeah this is a pretty dodgy fight, he can spit goo at you which blocks your 
screen, not to mention he's got annoying modes. Don't let him get too close
when he starts flying, has a really annoying move which is impossible to 
dodge if you're too close, and if you're close it also does alot of damage.


Available finishing moves: hyper punch, hyper kick

I love these fights... especially the finishing move duels. 
anyway he's kinda hard and in addition to his unlimited devil reels he has 
devilmode, like your god mode which makes him ultra fast, powerful & invincible 
and he uses it a helluva lot more often than you can.


Available finishing moves: ultra mega hyper fist special deluxe premium 5000, 
only 3 easy payments $49.95 + postage & handling

Ultra jumbo deluxe boss of doom, surprisingly easy, especially compared with 
what you have to go through to get to him.
Punch his face & arm when it's planted, has a double lifebar.

| Making money ($$$) |
*disclaimer: from the feedback I've recieved, this section isn't very good,
use at your own risk or better yet, find your own way to farm monetary funds!

Even though you have the power of god, there's no denying in, in this game, 
money is EVERYTHING.
It's very likely you'll rack up ALOT of continues and not alot of level 
DIE kills which will severely lower your end of stage pay-out.
However clover probably realized that some people would be eternally screwed 
cause they're not god-like gamers like those DMC DMD fresh dante SSSC or 
ninja gaiden hard mode players.

Fear not, there's ways to get some extra cash between stages & areas:

Arena battles 
Probably the most fun but inefficient way to make money, self 

Video poker
Personally, I would avoid this, it's immensely fickle, although 
the payouts are potentially huge (150,000G for 1000G machine royal flush + 2x 

Probably a good, consistent way to make money early one, easy to understand but 
the payouts are small.

Slot machines
Yeah you should probably avoid this, especially the one on the 3rd floor,
unless you're going after the prize tickets for the treasures. 
Not going into this...

Chiwawa race
IMHO the greatest way to make extra money, but it isn't available until 
Basically there's 5 chiwawas and you bet which one will win and recieve a 
payout indicated by the odds.
While this DOES seem like a 1 in 5 chance, it's much less fickle than that 
and you can pretty much narrow it down to 1 in 3 or even 1 in 2.

Chiwawa racing tips
*If you talk to the bartender, exit then talk to him again, it will be a 
different race with different odds.
*Chiwawas with odds over 10 ALMOST NEVER.
*Chiwawas with odds over 8 VERY RARELY.
*Chiwawas with odds over 6 occasionally win.
*The chiwawa with the lowest odds only wins SOMETIMES.
*During the race, chiwawas randomly trip causing them to stop and lose alot 
of speed, seems to happen to chiwawas going fast alot more often than chiwawas 
going slow.

Having known those points, you can cycle through races until you get one 
where 2 chiwawas have odds over 10, which narrows down your choice to 1 in 3.
Then the bet is up to you, I usually bet on the one with the 2nd highest odds 
but hey, whatever floats your boat.

SAVE OFTEN if you go bust or end up losing more money than gained, reload.
You may also want to set yourself goals, i.e. save after every 10,000G.

HD - health down
HL - health low
HE - health empty
TE - god bar empty
TF - god bar full
#GR - # god reel uses

Challenge # <space> level <space> reward <space> special status <space> 
time limit (if applicable)

01 2 3  1000
02 2 4  1000
03 2 3  1000
04 2 5  1500  1:00
05 2 2  2000  HD
06 3 2  3000  2GR
07 2 3  2000  0:50
08 2 3  1500  HD
09 2 3  1500  1GR
10 2 8  2000  1:25 TE
11 3 2  2000  1GR
12 3 3  3000  2GR
13 2 3  1500  1GR
14 3 8  2500  TE 2:45
15 D 3  2500  HE,TE 0:15
16 2 6  4000  2GR
17 2 50 3500  HD 2:00
18 3 1  4000  1GR
19 2 5  4500  2GR
20 3 3  3500
21 2 2  2500  HD
22 2 8  2500  1:30
23 2 3  2000
24 3 1  3500
25 3 1  4000  1GR
26 2 3  2500  1GR
27 2 8  3000  2:00
28 2 3  3000  1:45
29 3 1  3500  HE
30 3 3  5000  2GR
31 2 2  4000  1GR
32 2 3  3000  1GR 1:00
33 3 1  10000 1GR
34 3 5  5000  2GR
35 3 4  4000  1GR 1:00
36 3 8  3500  TE 1:25
37 3 2  4000  0:50
38 3 1  5000  1GR
39 3 1  15000 1GR
40 2 30 20000 3GR TF
41 2 3  10000 2GR
42 D 4  10000 2GR
43 D 1  10000 2GR
44 D 1  10000 2GR
45 D 1  11000 2GR
46 D 1  12000 2GR
47 D 1  13000 3GR
48 D 1  14000 3GR
49 D 1  15000 3GR
50 D 1  50000 4GR

| Unlockables (secret) |

Arena fights 41 - 50 - available on clear game save.
Arena fight 51 - defeat all challenges.
Costume / character model change - beat the game.
Hard mode - clear game on normal difficulty.
Jukebox discs - disc A from clear game.
New techniques - available on clear game save.
New god reels - available on clear game save.
Theatre mode - beat the game.

Cleargame +
all money worth double except fairy challenges & end of stage

| Full list of techniques (bif) |

CH: on critical hit - special properties only on critical hit
KD - knockdown - hits them to the ground
KB/BB - knockback / blowback - difference being knockback arcs them away 
whilst blowback sends them flying straight backwards guaranteeing wall damage
GB - guard crush 
F/J - float / juggle - float being a small airborne whilst juggle being an 
airborne large enough to use juggle exclusive moves
C - chargable 
UB - unblockable 
S - sway - the pseudo-invincible thing
TU - tension up, increases godbar
Piyori - greatly increases chance of stunning enemy

*Note, if there is an S infront of a F/J or KB/BB it means the move has 
strong special properties, and will almost always have it's full effect
regardless of how tough / large an opponent is

move # <space> move name <space> | damage <space> special properties

001 jab 1                 | 3
002 jab 2                 | 6
003 jab 3                 | 10
004 left hook 1           | 4
005 left hook 2           | 9
006 left hook 3           | 15
007 left upper 1          | 6
008 left upper 2          | 12
009 left upper 3          | 20
010 left chop 1           | 9
011 left chop 2           | 18
012 straight 1            | 4
013 straight 2            | 8
014 straight 3            | 15
015 power straight 1      | 8
016 power straight 2      | 16
017 power straight 3      | 24
018 right hook 1          | 5
019 right hook 2          | 9
020 right hook 3          | 14
021 right upper 1         | 5
022 right upper 2         | 10
023 right upper 3         | 15
024 right chop 1          | 10
025 right chop 2          | 20
026 elbow                 | 10
027 double elbow 1        | 4,4
028 double elbow 2        | 8,8
029 double elbow 3        | 12,12
030 right spin elbow      | 4 GB
031 left backhand 1       | 8
032 left backhand 2       | 16
033 one-two punch         | 3,4
034 punch rush a          | 4,4,6
035 punch rush b          | 5,5,7
036 punch rush c          | 6,6,10
037 punch rush d          | 8,8,10
038 SP straight           | 16 C
039 maha jab 1            | 3,3,3,3,3
040 maha jab 2            | 6,6,6,6,6
041 beat knuckle 1        | 18 GB
042 beat knuckle 2        | 35 KB
043 1 inch punch          | 25 SBB
044 SP 1 inch punch       | 50 SBB
045 W hammer punch        | 14,24 F,BB
046 triple elbow          | 6,6,10
047 dual palm strike      | 60 UB SBB
048 low kick 1            | 6
049 low kick 2            | 12
050 right roundhouse 1    | 12 CH:KD
051 right roundhouse 2    | 20 CH:KD
052 right roundhouse 3    | 28 CH:KD
053 left roundhouse       | 18
054 left side kick 1      | 10 CH:KB
055 left side kick 2      | 20 CH:KB
056 left side kick 3      | 30 CH:KB
057 right side kick       | 16
058 left knee             | 9
059 right knee            | 10 GB
060 jumping knee          | 28 F
061 sweep                 | 6 S KD
062 reverse roundhouse    | 36
063 spinning mid kick     | 30 KB
064 sobat                 | 12 GB
065 dash sobat            | 20 SKB
066 right hook kick       | 28
067 leaping arc heel      | 18 GB
068 leaping spin mid kick | 26 KB
069 step knuckle 1        | 9
070 step knuckle 2        | 18
071 duck knuckle          | 8 S
072 step fist             | 8 GB
073 reverse fist 18       | S
074 step hammer punch     | 22
075 step overhead 19      | F
076 step upper            | 23 F/J
077 right sway straight   | 15 S
078 left sway straight    | 12 S
079 triple sweep          | 10,10,10 S
080 backfall kick         | 25 S KB
081 handplant kick        | 20 F
082 can-can kicks         | 5,10 F/J
083 leaping axe kick      | 35 KB
084 special axe kick      | 25 F
085 sweep into roundhouse | 10,15 S, F\J
086 somersault            |  14 F/J
087 slap kick             | 5,5,5
088 three side kick       | 6,6,6
089 leaping triple kick   | 8,8,8
090 backstep mid kick 25  | KB
091 kangaroo kick         | 15 F/J
092 acrobat kick          | 20,20 GB, KB
093 hiromori kick 25      | KB
094 guard break 1         | 2 GB
095 guard break 2         | 5 GB
096 charge upper 1        | 6 C F/J
097 charge upper 2        | 8 C F/J
098 charge upper 3        | 12 C F/J
099 charge upper 4        | 16 C F/J
100 legendary chop        | 10 Piyori
101 shachou punch         | 10 TU
102 god jab               | 20
103 god straight          | 25
104 god hook              | 30
105 god upper             | 35
106 god left chop         | 28 GB
107 god right chop        | 30 KB
108 god elbow             | 20 GB
109 god low kick          | 20
110 god beat knuckle      | 50 UB SBB
111 god guard break       | 25 GB
112 god charge upper      | 30 C F/J
113 god power straight    | 40 C KB
114 god power punch       | 100 UB C VSBB endure

Dash + triangle - flying kick | KB
Dash + square - forward roll  | KB
Dash + X - slide / leg tackle | KD

Sway + triangle - right inward sweep | KD


Densetsu no chop (100) is pretty damn useful, 2 hits is enough to 
stun most normal enemies and 4 hits will stun most bosses.
hard part is landing it...

Shachou punch (101) (shachou means president) despite looking kinda silly and 
having a built-in taunt, landing it will GREATLY charge your godbar, about the
same amount as about two taunts or suplexes.
however, unlike taunting, there won't be a huge increase to your level which
is likely to result in getting you killed.
it doesn't even need to connect, if the enemy blocks it or even dodges it 
(sway, not move completely out of the way) you will still get the godbar 

IMHO, god beat knuckle (110) is the greatest technique in the game.
no other move is unblockable and has such a strong blowback ability with the 
same range or speed of god beat knuckle.
it's only 50 000G too!

113, I really don't understand this move. for a whopping 600 000G, the most
expensive move in the game, the only thing it has going for it is the fact it 
has the longest range, only because it slides you forward.
and unlike 114, it's only unblockable if you charge it to max.

114 is the last technique for a reason. 
It'simmensely powerful is the only technique that has endure, it's also 
unblockable, chargable and blowbacks EVERYTHING (with 2 exceptions).
however the downsides are:
the cost (400 000G).
unlike most other power moves, you can't take evasive action during the 
start-up time.
you still take full damage and can die despite having the endure effect.

| God Reel (pow) |

level 0

Pan drop - damages you slightly, no god reel cost *see notes

level 1

Kinteki/groin kick - 50 stuns enemy
Psychic hunt - 80
Shockwave - 80 projectile
God impact - 90 area
Barge - 100 
Fireworks punch - 130
God stomp - 140
Hurricane chop - 140 projectile
Typhoon kick - 160 area
Acrobat combo - 180
1 inch punch - 200
Barge 2 - 200
Shockwave 2 - 200 projectile
God stomp 2 - 240
Mad kicks - 280
Bicycle kick - 320
Sky dance - 400
God charge - tension up
Grovel - reset level to 1

level 2

Wild pitch - 280 projectile
Dragon kick - 400
God impact 2 - 400 area
Hyper fist - 500
God bat - 700
Death kicks - 900
God recovery - hp recovered by 30%
God charge - tension up

level 3

God hand - 1500 projectile
God recovery - hp fully restored
W god hand - 

* pan drop notes:
It has recently come to my attention (thanks to the regulars @ gamefaqs boards) 
that some people are using this particular god reel as a defensive maneuver.  
the theory is that if you think you're about to eat some badass-ly damaging 
attack, use this god reel.
It works in the sense that until you've recovered from the pan, you're 
completely invincible during the whole animation (which is fairly long).

Personally I think it's a horrible idea and it's abit too fickle/unreliable
for my liking. During the entire time it takes to get into god reel stance and
actually select pan drop, you're completely vulnerable (can't even take 
evasive action).
But if you're having trouble with the game or are bored or whatever, consider
trying it out.

original romaji & description thanks to aizret

Tosshin- Hits through enemies in front of you.
Uchiage Hanabi - Goes through the enemies and strikes a pose, making the 
enemies explode.
God Jidanda - Stomps on the enemy 4 times.
Piyo Hand - Pulls any enemy infront of you at any distance and stuns him/her.
Butou Shinken - Two acrobatic kicks followed by a double fist.
1 Inch Punch - Fatal 1 Inch attack.
Keri Arashi - Rapid kick attack.
Ryuuga Kyaku - Rapid bicycle kick attack.
Tenma Ranbu - Multi Punch-Kick attack(Forgot).
God Impact - Slams the ground launching the enemies upwards.
Typhoon Kick - a 360ยบ jumping roundhouse kick.
Youdanha - A vertical slash projectile.
Hurricane Chop - Horizontal version of Youdanha.
Tosshin 2 - More powerful version of Tosshin.
God Jidanda 2 - More powerful version of God Jidanda.
Youdanha 2 - More powerful version of Youdanha.
God Charge - Fills up Tension Bar.

Dragon Kick - A powerful sidestep Kick.
Senden Te - Rapid Punching ending with a fierce Hook.
God Impact 2 - More powerful version of God Impact.
Shiren Kyaku- 4 mid-air spinning kicks.
Wild Pitch - Throws a huge baseball.
God Honruida - Slams the enemy with a metal bat.
God Meisou - Heals 30% HP.
Shin God Charge - Fills up Tension Bar.

God Hand - Throws a huge palm projectile.
Shin God Meisou - Heals 100% HP.

|   FAQ    |

Q1: What's a good combo  or button set-up?

A1: Well, it'd be wrong of be to try and dictate how you play the game, but 
overall I'd suggest you use something that's comfortable.
I'd SUGGEST you always map a guard block and a knockback/blowback attack
and make your square combo something quick & damaging.
I use:
triangle: god beat knuckle (#110)
X: shachou punch (#101)
back + triangle: charge upper (#96-#99) or any launcher
back + X: sweep (#061)
back + square: god elbow #108 (or guard break 1/2, #94-#95) 
primary combo: jab3, punch rush c, step knuckle 2, triple elbow (#003, 
#036, #070, #046)

Although having said that, it's generally a good idea NOT TO USE multi-
hitting techniques.  So before you go setting up a 40 hit string/combo
with 2 maha jabs and all the other 3 hitters hear me out:
On later stages/difficulties, enemies will guard alot more and they will
parry you after far fewer hits.  Enemies in stage 1 will parry you after
you've hit them about 5 times when they're blocking, enemies in stage 7
will parry you instantly (save guardbreaks & unblockables). Since enemies can
start blocking in the middle of any of these multi-hit techniques, you've 
essentially screwed yourself out of a guardbreak opportunity.

In addition to that, there also appears to be a locking combo you can do 
which well, locks all enemies attacked by it.  Might wanna use it if you're
having trouble with the game but it's abit too broken for my liking.
anyway here's a demonstration, thanks to MasterJimmeh for this:

Q2: I can't get past <stage # / area / boss>, HELP!

A2: eerrr yeah, I'm not very good at this sort of thing, you should check out
some videos at " the hand vs eye " or ask around on the message boards

Q3: Do you get anything for beating the game with 0 continues?

A3: No. I tried it and you get nothing except the 50 000G reward at the end
of each stage.

Q4: Why can't I access techniques 102 - 114?

A4: First you need to beat the game, then save the clear game file and load 
it. They will be available at the shop as soon as you get there.
If you're wondering why the shop list only goes up to #101, then you could 
be really impatient or unobservant. The first 9 techniques you start with
plus a few other techniques CANNOT be bought, so they're not listed in the 
Long story short, shop technique # != actual technique #.

Q5: What do you personally think of this game?

A5: Well this is a guide not a review, all in all I'd say this game is very 
enjoyable and feels like it's a new twist on those old school beat-em ups 
that people used to go to arcades and pump their money into every weekend.
The only gripes I have with God Hand are:
Poor lock-on
Camera dodgy sometimes
Inconsistent difficulty
Not enough unlockables
Not enough techniques, especially in the kicks department
Needs stage select
The controls, while highly functionally, could've been better IMHO

Q6: This game sucks, how could you like it enough to write this thing?

A6: Go away, don't you have better things to do with your time than preach 
your sovereignty to people? If you don't like it, you're perfectly entitled
to your opinion, don't go around persuading people other people not to like 

Q7: Hey man, this FAQ sucks <insert rant / reason here>

A7: Well hey, I wrote this 4 days after it came out in Japan, 1 day after I 
finished it.  If you think you could do better in exactly the same 
circumstances, then maybe you should put your money where your mouth is and 
write your own instead of picking a bone with me.

| God Tracks |

01 Gene's rock-a-bye
02 Smoking roll
03 Nippy dog
04 It's a smile world
05 Rainy rose
06 Top of the humans
07 Yet... oh see mind  *(my favourite)
08 Devil may sly
09 Old hand
10 The gang of venice
11 Bald mountain
12 Battery : size AA
13 Floating fort
14 Unnavigable sea
15 Sunset heroes
16 Battery : size D
17 Please mr. sensei
18 Too hot!!!
19 Forgotten song
20 Higher than heaven
21 Anthem of SATAN
22 Handsome dynamite (RX-Vers. S.P.L.)

| Legal Crap & Credits |

This document is for exclusive use @ GameFAQS.com.
This document is copyright (c) tera @ fenrir, 2006.
It is the intellectual property of it's author, or somecrap.
while there's nothing stopping you from mis-using it (except for the rotting 
of your eternal soul) it would be nice if you didn't, I'm sure if you were in
the same situation you would feel the same.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I'm available on the GameFAQS 
message boards.
I don't have an email address cause I never pay the rent on time and get 
evicted consistantly.

I'd like to thank:
Clover Studios & CAPCOM for all their efforts.
the educated userbase @ GameFAQs message boards, in particular kouli, alex &
and all the GameFAQs admin who keep the site running.

I'd also like to thank the producer, the director, my agent, my mom & dad
my darling wife, my adoring husband, my 48 children, my PS2 hardware for not
breaking down as often as I'd expect it to.
Almira for being a continuing source of inspiration, as well as Tony Taka,
Range Murata, Ito Noizi, Saigando Publishing, Shunya Yamashita,
Shiwasu no Okin, Oh! Great, Kisaragi Gunma, Ugetsu Hakua, Naruko Hanaharu,
Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisashi, Michiru Yamane, Nomura Tetsuya,
Hayao Miyazaki, Shigeru Miyamoto, Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi and any one I
might have missed, I apologize but I dearly love you all.
the music is playing now so I have to get off the stage...

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