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Reviewed: 11/14/06

Don't Just Watch It, Live It!

The New WWE Smackdown game is here with all new control superstars, Arenas, controls, and Environmental Hotspots. I've been a WWE fan for many years and I have gotten most of the games and I have to say this is the best Wrestling game on the PS2.


WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007's gameplay engine is pretty much the same as last year except for one big new feature Environmental Hotspots! Environmental hotspots makes the game much more realistic and fun. What it is is basically what is sounds like, hotspots in the environment. A better explanation of this is you drag a superstar to a hotspot such as the turnbuckle, and you can bang your opponents head into the turnbuckle as many times as you want using the analog sticks, or taking you opponent to the ropes and dragging his head on it. Another new feature is the crowd interaction where people can go into the crowd and fight in there and do a number of other things including jumping off a high stage and taking objects and signs from people and using them as weapons. These are just a few of the things that you can do in WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2007.


Graphics are never usually a problem in the Smackdown games and they certainly weren't this year. Superstars look incredibly realistic with some small mess ups here and there for tattoos and attires, the crowd is in full 3-D and it actually looks like a real crowd, and the arenas look exactly like they are in real life. Overall the graphics are great.

SOUND 8/10

The sound is really good in Smackdown VS Raw 2007. Most of the superstars have their correct themes and background music for menus are pretty good with a mix of rap, rock, and hip-hop. The main problem with the sound is the commentating from Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler and Tazz & Michael Cole. Most of the things they say are off and really random like The Rock would hit Shawn Michaels with a chair and King would yell out "Puppies!" But other than that the sound is really good.


The most changed thing about this game is the control scheme which is really hard to get used to and is totally different from previous game. If you can't seem to get the control scheme very well there are 4 different types of controls in the game. Control type D is the most similar to previous games.


There are tons and tons of features and match types in the game. Some of the features include exhibition where you can play numerous match types. The Game Modes section where you can play through season mode as the champion, challenger, or the regular story lines, you can be the general manager and play through GM Mode, or you can create you own PPV in Create a PPV Mode. There is a Locker Room where you can shop, look at statistics, check rankings, and check challenges. There is also an Online Mode where you can fight people online from all over the world.


Once again THQ and Yukes has outdone themselves with matches. There are dozens and dozens of matches including Singles, Tag Team, Triple Treat, Fatal Four Way, Handicapped, and Royal Rumble. Main Events include Elimination Chamber, Buried Alive, Battle Royals, and many many many more.


THQ and Yukes claimed that this years story mode will be longer and less linear than 2006. This years story mode included about 35 different story lines and ten years of season mode. Even thought this seems like a lot it really isn't because the story skips around a lot, like in the beginning of the story you start out a week before Wrestlemania and after that storyline is over it skips all the way to SummerSlam. There are 3 different Versions of story mode, Champion, where you are the champ and you have to defend your title, Challenger, where you try to earn your title, and the regualr storyline.

GM MODE 9/10

GM Mode had a much better improvement from last year which include an authentic and WWE Magazine, a power 25 that ranks the WWE superstars, and you can use heat and velocity to make superstars more popular, so also have more control of your roster


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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