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    Quest List by INoble

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    Version 0.75
    R A NOBLE iain_noble@ntlworld.com
    This only covers about 75% of the vast number of possible quests. Some of them
    repeat over and over e.g. Yach and Shifty Eyes, Eva and the Steaks and Phenyl
    and the Kobold Mages. Fear not, you don't have to do all of them but they do
    help with gaining items and experience points. (Max nos of QP = 9999)
    QUEST NAME: Researchers request
    CLIENT: Ewan, Scripture Library
    OBJECTIVE: Fetch Magic Staff from Valtessa
    REWARD: 100 QP; Nicro cloth x 3
    QUEST NAME: Medicine delivery
    CLIENT: Anna, Guild Reception
    OBJECTIVE: Make 5 Heal Jars and take them to Yach
    REWARD: 200 QP; Adventurers clothing - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Combat exam
    CLIENT: Phenyl, Combat Counter, Guild
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat the enemy in the Watchtower, Posporia
    REWARD: 200 QP; Fishing Pole
    QUEST NAME: Echoes of the Castle
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Go to the second floor of Grimoire and defeat the monster
    REWARD: 200 QP; Gold - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Monster puppeteer
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Check on the strange rumor, Posporia
    REWARD: 200 QP; Nell's clothes - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Reason for war
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Talk to the Kuma first, then cannon to the Fairies
    REWARD: 200 QP; Cloth accessories - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Cleaning the Castle
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Clean cobwebs in 3 rooms in the Library, Grimoire
    REWARD: 200 QP; Cute clothes - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Disorderly time
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Find 2 Lithographs in Ishtar
    REWARD: 200 QP; Holy stone - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Experiment & rescue
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Test the flame thrower and rescue the guy in the freezer in
    REWARD: 100 QP; Gearbox - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Broken crystal
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: See the Chief, make the Breath of Earth, repair the broken crystals
    REWARD: 200 QP; Magic kunai - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Three tasks
    CLIENT: Anna (Noella)
    OBJECTIVE: Make Brilliant stone, talk to the Woofer chief, battle in Posporia
    REWARD: 200 QP; Superior medicine - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Celestial Rookery
    CLIENT: Noella (Guild Master)
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat enemy in Celestial Rookery, Dakascus
    REWARD: 100 QP; Magic stone - recipe
    QUEST NAME: N33d t0 f1x cl0ck
    CLIENT: Anna (K33p3r)
    OBJECTIVE: Make Strange gearbox to repair clock, Ishtar
    REWARD: Splat hammer
    QUEST NAME: Giant exploration
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Investigate the Giant Tree in Posporia. Cannon from Neutral Region
    REWARD: 200 QP; Doll - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Reckless Raiders
    CLIENT: Noella
    OBJECTIVE: Rescue the Raiders in Ishtar, Valtessa, Dakascus (see below)
    REWARD: 250 QP; Magic board - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Squawk Chief
    CLIENT: Noella
    OBJECTIVE: Squawk Village, then Clock Tower in Grimoire
    REWARD:200 QP; Legendary stone - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Sword of Dakascus
    CLIENT: Noella
    OBJECTIVE: Retrieve sword from Dakascus
    REWARD: 300 QP; Heaven's book - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Chiefs meeting 
    CLIENT: Noella
    OBJECTIVE: Deliver letters to all 5 Chiefs
    REWARD: 300 QP; Robe - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Memorable sword
    CLIENT: Noella
    OBJECTIVE: Follow Noella around town, and to Dakascus
    REWARD: 200 QP; Brogius - recipe
    QUEST NAME: An Alterworld map
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: All the exploration you've already done counts (see below)
    REWARD: 300 QP; Green board - recipe
    QUEST NAME: ***Truth in darkness*** (gets you the True Ending)
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Find the Shadow Gem that flew out of Crowley's body
    REWARD: 200 Cole; Alchemist staff x 1
    QUEST NAME: Find my cat
    CLIENT: Papal, Fountain Area
    OBJECTIVE: Find cat in Valtessa
    REWARD: 100 QP; 8 directional spring x 2
    QUEST NAME: Find me cat food
    CLIENT: Papal
    OBJECTIVE: Catch Tiger Blowfish in Posporia
    REWARD: 150 QP; Kunai - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Follow my cat
    CLIENT: Papal
    OBJECTIVE: Ask around town and find him outside Scripture Library
    REWARD: 150 QP; Joker fish x 2
    QUEST NAME: Kittens need a home
    CLIENT: Papal
    OBJECTIVE: Find homes for the 4 kittens (see below)
    REWARD: 200 QP; Dunkelhite x 2
    UEST NAME: Ghost research
    CLIENT: Winna, Scripture Library
    OBJECTIVE: Escort him to the Library in Grimoire to meet Pamela
    REWARD: 100QP; Mechanical Staff - recipe
    QUEST NAME: First feelings
    CLIENT: Winna
    OBJECTIVE: Make a Healing Necklace
    REWARD: 150 QP; Rose x 1
    QUEST NAME: Love letter
    CLIENT: Winna
    OBJECTIVE: Deliver letter to Pamela
    REWARD: 150 QP; Heart striker x 1
    QUEST NAME: Confession
    CLIENT: Winna
    OBJECTIVE: Make an Engage Ring for him
    REWARD: 200 QP; Alberich x2
    QUEST NAME: A simple quest
    CLIENT: Earl, Tavern
    OBJECTIVE: Give him a Fungushroom from Valtessa
    REWARD: 100 QP; Melty Spring Water x 5
    QUEST NAME: Subcontract work
    CLIENT: Earl
    OBJECTIVE: Altena soul from Ishtar
    REWARD: 100 QP; Goat cheese x 5
    QUEST NAME: Courage, once more
    CLIENT: Earl
    OBJECTIVE: Meet him in Forest Depths in Valtessa
    REWARD: 150 QP; Puni Gummy x 10
    QUEST NAME: Subcontract, again
    CLIENT: Earl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Fallen Lord, Giant Tree, Posporia
    REWARD: 150 QP; Chain of Gleignir x 3
    QUEST NAME: Alterworld visit
    CLIENT: Kuu, Fountain area
    OBJECTIVE: Take him to an Alterworld
    REWARD: 100 QP; Multi-mechsword - recipe
    QUEST NAME: A fishy gift
    CLIENT: Kuu
    OBJECTIVE: Catch a Bonita in Dakascus
    REWARD: 150 QP; Magic battleaxe - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Lost Kuu
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Find in the Forest Depths, Valtessa
    REWARD: 150 QP; Magic bell - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Lying Grandpa
    CLIENT: Gramps, Fountain area
    OBJECTIVE: Give him 10 Beast Fangs
    REWARD: 100 QP; Medium alchemy staff - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Lying Grandpa, again
    CLIENT: Gramps
    OBJECTIVE: Give him 1 Dragon bone
    REWARD: 150 QP; Jawbreaker candy x 7
    QUEST NAME: Soldiers never die
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Find Gramps and the kids in Ishtar
    REWARD: 100 QP; Le Merou cog x 5
    QUEST NAME: They only walk away
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat enemy in the Squawk Treasury
    REWARD: 150 QP; Aroma material - recipe
    QUEST NAME: A flower for you
    CLIENT: Meyna, Memorial Monument
    OBJECTIVE: Give her 1 Bouquet
    REWARD: 100 QP; Magic rapier - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Oblivion
    CLIENT: Meyna
    OBJECTIVE: Make her a Water of Lethe
    REWARD: 100 QP; Magic silver ingot x 5
    QUEST NAME: Left behind
    CLIENT: Meyna
    OBJECTIVE: Escort her to Ishtar
    REWARD: 150 QP; Ladies clothes - recipe
    QUEST NAME: An easy request
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Invitation card to Meyna. Make cake with Concentrated Honey, Long 
    Poochy and Feudal Snackcastle
    REWARD: 200 QP; Odysseus x 1 
    QUEST NAME: Uniting the Beastmen
    CLIENT: Cerber, house in Beastmen Quarter
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 caterpillars in Grimoire
    REWARD: 100 QP; Enhanced mechsword - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Unsatisfied Humans
    CLIENT: Cerber
    OBJECTIVE: Investigate complaints from Ella, Yach and Manna
    REWARD: 150 QP; Curative medicine - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Unsatisfied Beastmen
    CLIENT: Cerber
    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Fairy and Kuma Generals, and Bow Won the merchant
    REWARD: 150 QP; Silver cuirass x 1
    QUEST NAME: Complaints exploded
    CLIENT: Cerber
    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Eva, Beastmen and Pengie Chief
    REWARD: 200 QP; Globeball x 5
    QUEST NAME: Your name
    CLIENT: Pukko, Beastmen Quarters
    OBJECTIVE: Talk to Phenyl at the Guild
    REWARD: 100 QP; Flour x 6
    QUEST NAME: For you
    CLIENT: Pukko
    OBJECTIVE: Make a Kunai
    REWARD: 150 QP; Fairy hat x 1
    QUEST NAME: Lost, I'll find
    CLIENT: Pukko
    OBJECTIVE: Find Phenyl's pendant in Forest Depths, Valtessa
    REWARD: 150 QP; Healing necklace x 1
    QUEST NAME: Your love
    CLIENT: Pukko
    OBJECTIVE: Track down the object of Phenyl's affection
    REWARD: 200 QP; Bunny ears x 1
    QUEST NAME: Flowers for the Library
    CLIENT: Pamela
    OBJECTIVE: Give a Huffin blossom, then a Vase (X Jar), then Water
    REWARD: 200 QP; Canone rock x 5
    QUEST NAME: Problematic gifts
    CLIENT: Pamela
    OBJECTIVE: Return gifts to people in town
    REWARD: 100 QP; Black bustier x 1
    QUEST NAME: Pamela's death
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Find out why Pamela died. Go to her grave in the depths of Grimoire
    REWARD: 150 QP; Glasses - recipe 
    QUEST NAME: Want tasty meat
    CLIENT: Reize, Dakascus Oasis
    OBJECTIVE: Take him a Steak
    REWARD: 100 QP; Holy emblem x 5
    QUEST NAME: Want good soup
    CLIENT: Reize
    OBJECTIVE: Make him a Karotte Magasto
    REWARD: 100 QP; Taiyaki x 2
    QUEST NAME: Get me out!
    CLIENT: Reize
    OBJECTIVE: Escort him round Dakascus
    REWARD: 200 QP; Moon prism x 1
    QUEST NAME: Curious treasure
    CLIENT: Reize
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat the enemy in the chest that killed Reize
    REWARD: 200 QP; Junk Borot x 1
    QUEST NAME: Battlefield nurse
    CLIENT: Repre, Neutral Baths
    OBJECTIVE: Take her 5 X-heals
    REWARD: 100 QP; Fragment of Aion x 2
    QUEST NAME: Kidnapped Repre
    CLIENT: Fairy Chief
    OBJECTIVE: Rescue Repre from the Kumas. Need Hot Salad to enter the village
    REWARD: 150 QP; Peacemaker x 1
    QUEST NAME: Battlefield idol
    CLIENT: Repre
    OBJECTIVE: Stop the war. Idol costume needed
    REWARD: 150 QP; Apple of youth x 3
    QUEST NAME: Unseen weep
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Found Rufina in Valtessa
    REWARD: 100 QP; Sharp kunai - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Amnesiac angel
    CLIENT: Rufina, Valtessa
    OBJECTIVE: Make her Refrain Memory
    REWARD: 100 QP; Japanese outfit - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Sad angel
    CLIENT: Anna
    OBJECTIVE: Help Rufina. Pyro Sword needed (so romantic)
    REWARD: 150 QP; Globeball x 3
    QUEST NAME: Puni research
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Punis in Valtessa
    REWARD: 2600 Cole; Glacier stone x 5
    QUEST NAME: Mercenary fight
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 7 Puni Riders in Posporia
    REWARD: 4000 Cole; Fungushroom x 3
    QUEST NAME: Dark wing collection
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 8 Shadowgirls in Grimoire
    REWARD: 3100 Cole; Dragon bone x 7
    QUEST NAME: Kuma infiltration
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Bears near Fairy Village, Posporia
    REWARD: 6000 Cole; Needle candy x 4
    QUEST NAME: Fallen angels
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 7 Fallen Angels, 2nd level terrace, Ishtar
    REWARD: 4200 Cole; Le Merou cog x 5
    QUEST NAME: Nearing darkness
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Dark Powers, 2nd level terrace, Ishtar
    REWARD: 8000 Cole; Worn weapon x 5
    QUEST NAME: Dragon fight
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Necrohydras, Castle Underground, Grimoire
    REWARD: 6000 Cole; Crown of Thorns - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Strong bears
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Bears around the Fairy Village, Posporia
    REWARD: 4000 Cole; Fragment of Aion x 2
    QUEST NAME: Karrotato tragedy
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 4 Golden Pigs in Valtessa
    REWARD: 9000 Cole; Globeball x 3
    QUEST NAME: Demon subduction
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 
    REWARD: 9000 Cole; Fragment of Aion x 2
    QUEST NAME: Puni Brothers
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Puni Brothers at the Fishing spot in Valtessa
    REWARD: 1000 Cole; Bitter grape x 3
    QUEST NAME: Furry magician
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Kobold Maagician, Central Regian, Posporia (Watchtower?)
    REWARD: 3000 Cole; Healing ankh x 1
    QUEST NAME: Lizard musketeers
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat trio of Lizardmen, Dakascus
    REWARD: 3000 Cole; Glansen ore x 5
    QUEST NAME: Beautiful Queen
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Harpy, Posporian Mountains
    REWARD: 3500 Cole; Ice ring x 1
    QUEST NAME: Green-tail bandits
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Lizard Thieves, East Dakascus
    REWARD: 4000 Cole; Laughing Shroom x 2
    QUEST NAME: Bridgetop duel
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Jagged Bear, bridge in Central Posporia
    REWARD: 7000 Cole; Book of Prophecy - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Puni Brothers 2!
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat them again, Fishing spot in Valressa
    REWARD: 8000 Cole; Puni Gummy x 6
    QUEST NAME: Danger! Pixie trio
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Pixie Trio, 2nd level terrace, Ishtar
    REWARD: 12000 Cole; Expert alchemy staff - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Lizards four
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Lizard Lords, 2nd level terrace, Ishtar
    REWARD: 11000 Cole; Magic armour - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Invisible devils
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Petit Kobold, Fairy Treasury, Posporia (see below)
    REWARD: 11000 Cole; Quickstrike blade x 1
    QUEST NAME: Forest spirit
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Giant Golden Pig in Valtessa
    REWARD: 11000 Cole; Hellfire - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Puni Brothers 3!?
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Them again. Fishing spot in Valtessa
    REWARD: 8000 Cole; Moon prism x 1
    QUEST NAME: Bandits resurrected
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat King of Scales, East Dakascus
    REWARD: 12000 Cole; Shoes - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Shroom out of place
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Wandering Fungo, Grimoire UG
    REWARD: 16000 Cole; Thunder summoner - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Tribal code
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Kobold Fugitive, North Dakascus
    REWARD: 17000 Cole; Stellar rune - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Red haired beast
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Scarlet (very tough Bear) in Voltessa
    REWARD: 18000 Cole; Staff of creation - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Twinshade demon
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Twin Demons, top of Grimoire
    REWARD: 20000 Cole; Nell Lance - recipe
    QUEST NAME: Return of the dragon
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat Hell's Fran Pfeil (watch out for Tera Flame)
    REWARD: 25000 Cole; Dunkelhite x 2
    QUEST NAME: Thief of the Century
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Kobold Kid, Giant Tree, Posporia
    REWARD: 25000 Cole; Globeball x 5
    QUEST NAME: Pranks prohibited
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 7 Kobold Mages, any location (try Posporia)
    REWARD: 39900; Glansen ore x 8
    QUEST NAME: Strange kettle
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 7 Kettle Spirits (try Grimoire or Ishtar)
    REWARD: 4000 Cole; Jawbreaker candy x 10
    QUEST NAME: Angered holy angel
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 5 Power, any location
    REWARD: 4800 Cole; Glittering thread x 14
    QUEST NAME: Festival preparation
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 8 Jin Riders (try Ishtar)
    REWARD: 4400 Cole; Holy emblem x 9
    QUEST NAME: Supreme gem
    CLIENT: Phenyl
    OBJECTIVE: Defeat 9 Orbs (Ishtar?)
    REWARD: 5300 Cole; Holy emblem x 8
    QUEST NAME: Everyone's dream
    CLIENT: Eva (Tavern)
    OBJECTIVE: Take 3 Wild Meat
    REWARD: 100 Cole; Worthless stones x 10
    QUEST NAME: Wanting attention
    CLIENT: Yach (General store)
    OBJECTIVE: Take 3 Shifty eyes
    REWARD: 1200 Cole; Puppy paw bonbon x6
    QUEST NAME: Rain rain come again
    CLIENT: Manna (Grocery store)
    OBJECTIVE: Catch 1 Boot
    REWARD: Fairy stick x 1; Puppy paw bonbon x 5
    QUEST NAME: Sorrow, oh lake fish
    CLIENT: Funan (Westbridge, just near the boat landing)
    OBJECTIVE: Catch 5 Lake fish
    REWARD: Thunder stone x 5; Wild meat x 3
    QUEST NAME: The Age of ...!
    CLIENT: Yach
    OBJECTIVE: Take 5 Monster bones
    REWARD: 4000 Cole; Glansen ore x 5
    QUEST NAME: Something furry
    CLIENT: Hagel (Weapon shop)
    OBJECTIVE: Take 7 Tufts
    REWARD: Metal hauberk x 1; Alchemic metal x 5
    QUEST NAME: Lets talk
    CLIENT: Manna
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Chatter flower (rare. Reward from Demon squid backlash
    REWARD: Bread bikini - recipe; Misty curtain x 3
    QUEST NAME: Flaming joker fish
    CLIENT: Funan
    OBJECTIVE: Catch 4 Joker fish (Squawk Village fishing spot)
    REWARD: Joker fish x 2; Dragon bone x 5
    QUEST NAME: Happy greeting
    CLIENT: Yach
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Laughing Shroom
    REWARD: 7000 Cole; Black liquid x 1
    QUEST NAME: Demon squid backlash
    CLIENT: Funan
    OBJECTIVE: Catch 2 Demon squid (Dakascus Oasis ?)
    REWARD: Fish sword - recipe; Chatter flower x 3
    QUEST NAME: New type sweets
    CLIENT: Ella (Rio Book store)
    OBJECTIVE: Take 5 Puni Gummy (from Nell's Trick or Treat on Punis)
    REWARD: Strange slab x 4; Bucket Cookie x 1
    QUEST NAME: Mushroom stew
    CLIENT: Manna
    OBJECTIVE: Take 2 Fungushroom
    REWARD: Rainbow feather x 2; Pendelock x 6
    QUEST NAME: Yum yum candy
    CLIENT: Manna
    OBJECTIVE: Take 6 Chaos Candy (from Nell's Trick or Treat)
    REWARD: Glittering thread x 5; Blue pearl x 5
    QUEST NAME: Prince of the sea
    CLIENT: Funan
    OBJECTIVE: Catch 1 King Tuna (Ishtar fishing spot. Turn Lithograph to Past)
    REWARD: Merdoll - recipe; Thunder rod x 3
    QUEST NAME: Noella's Dinner
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Take 2 Golden Meat (from Golden Pigs in Voltessa)
    REWARD: Dunkelhite x 2; Silmarillion x 3
    QUEST NAME: Proof of alchemy
    CLIENT: Ella
    OBJECTIVE: Take 4 Philosophers Ash
    REWARD: 1200 Cole; Poison shroom x 10
    QUEST NAME: Correct knowledge
    CLIENT: Ella
    OBJECTIVE: Take 7 Medicine X
    REWARD: Glacier stone x 5; Chrome crystal x 5
    QUEST NAME: Jumbo steak
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Steak
    REWARD: Puppy paw bonbon x 7; Thunder stone x 8
    QUEST NAME: Life's friend
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Take 10 Nectars
    REWARD: Glansen ore x 5; Monster bone x 5
    QUEST NAME: Helping make dinner
    CLIENT: Manna
    OBJECTIVE: Take 2 Broiled fish
    REWARD: Devil's panties x 2; Long poochy x 7
    QUEST NAME: Beautiful roses
    CLIENT: Eva
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Rose Thorn
    REWARD: Angel's slip x 1; Black hat x 2
    QUEST NAME: Tailor made
    CLIENT: Gregor (Ishtar, 2nd level South)
    OBJECTIVE: Take 2 Black Fairy clothes
    REWARD: 3000 Cole; Le Merou cog x 7
    QUEST NAME: Grow, dear youth
    CLIENT: Hagel
    OBJECTIVE: Take 10 Shroom Juice
    REWARD: Dragoneer x 1; Silmarillion x 1
    QUEST NAME: The Holy Knight
    CLIENT: Gregor
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Gauntlet of Artorius
    REWARD: 9000 Cole; Formal fabric x 5
    QUEST NAME: Magical amulet
    CLIENT: Gregor
    OBJECTIVE: Take 4 Amulets
    REWARD: Glittering threads x 9; Dragon bone x 6
    QUEST NAME: Dragon slashing
    CLIENT: Hagel
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Draken
    REWARD: Star prism x 1; Magic silver ingot x 5
    QUEST NAME: New menu pudding
    CLIENT: Ella
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Unipudding
    REWARD: Le Merou cog x 6; Blue pearl x 9
    QUEST NAME: Youth, and its end
    CLIENT: Hagel
    OBJECTIVE: Take 30 Shroom Juice
    REWARD: Shining grail x 1; Alberich x 3
    QUEST NAME: Memory calls
    CLIENT: Gregor
    OBJECTIVE: Take 9 Refrain Memory
    REWARD: Elixir x 1; Crown breastplate x 1
    QUEST NAME: Dressing up
    CLIENT: Manna
    OBJECTIVE: Take 4 Silmarillion (these are not accessories)
    REWARD: Holy emblem x 5; Chaos candy x 5
    QUEST NAME: Making a castle
    CLIENT: Ella
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Feudal Snackcastle
    REWARD: Fragment of Aion x 3; Dragon tongue x 3
    QUEST NAME: In memory
    CLIENT: Hagel
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Brogius
    REWARD: Moon prism x 1; Holy emblem x 8
    QUEST NAME: Happy wedding
    CLIENT: Yach
    OBJECTIVE: Take Wedding Dress
    REWARD: 11000 Cole; Alberich x 2
    QUEST NAME: Fool's treasure
    CLIENT: Gregor
    OBJECTIVE: Take 1 Gold
    REWARD: Super nectar x 5; Borot - recipe
    Note 1: Reckless Raiders
    BEWARE of the Shadow Stalker just North of the Raider in Ishtar.
    Note 2: Invisible devils
    You can only get into the Treasury when the guard goes to lunch. So wait 
    until there are 3 circles on the time bar. Then go out of the area, return 
    and the entrance will be unguarded.
    Note 3: An Alterworld map
    You need to get into the Kuma treasury. Use your Flame Thrower tool to explode
    all the barrels in a nearby room. The guard outside the Treasury will hear the
    noise and leave his post to investigate. Then you can slip into the Treasury.
    I had a massive problem with Ishtar (which I hate anyway) until I found the
    secret path and the mine ruins on the 3rd Terrace.

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