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FAQ/Song List by Team Ragnarok

Version: Final | Updated: 08/10/06

-For the Sony PlayStation 2 (NTSC-J)-


by Will Weaver (Team Ragnarok)


For full legal information, see section XII of the FAQ.

This FAQ may not be posted anywhere not on my permissions list without my 
express written consent. If you see this FAQ anywhere else, or if you see it 
with a different name at the top, please contact me at coredesat@outphase.com 
so I may hunt down those responsible and have a nice little chat with them 
about how stealing others' work is bad and all that (read: I stand there and 
go "You idiot! What the hell do you think you're doing?!").


To quickly navigate through the FAQ, press Ctrl+F and type the name and number
or letter (if any) of the section you want, then press Enter.

Short Disclaimer
Table of Contents
This is a Japanese Game!

I. Version History & Contact Information

II. Important Notes About Controllers
	A. Konami Original Controller
	B. Arcade Style Controllers

III. Beatmania IIDX Basics
	A. Gameplay Basics & the Groove Gauge
	B. Beatmania IIDX Grading Systems
	C. The Score Graph & Rivalries

IV. Game Modes
	A. Arcade Mode
	B. Expert Mode
	C. Class (Dan) Mode
	D. Beginner's Mode
	E. Free Mode
	F. Training Mode
	G. Original Course Setting
	H. Records
	I. Options
	J. Save/Load

V. Modifiers
	A. Hi-Speed
	B. Easy/Hard
	C. Random/Mirror (or both?)
	D. Random+/Mirror+
	E. S-Random
	F. Hidden/Sudden (or both?)
	G. Hidden+/Sudden+ (or both?)
	H. 5keys
	I. Autoscratch
	J. Using the Hi-Speed Selector

VI. Song List
	A. New Songs From Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX RED AC
	B. From Previous Beatmania IIDX Games
	C. CS Exclusives

VII. Expert and Class Modes
	A. Expert Mode
	B. Expert Courses
	C. Class Mode
	D. Class Courses

VIII. Internet Ranking
	A. What the Heck is Internet Ranking?
	B. How Do I Join the Fun?

IX. Secrets and Unlockables
	A. Unlockable Charts
	B. Backside Internet Ranking Courses
	C. Custom Interfaces
	D. Extra Stage & One More Extra Stage
	E. VJ Expert Courses
	F. Result Screens

X. Special Thanks

XI. Contact Info - Part Deux

XII. Copyright Information & Disclaimer


Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX RED is a Japanese game. This means you need a system
capable of playing imported games (or a Japanese system) in order to play it. 
I will not discuss modifying consoles or game piracy in this or any FAQ. Do 
not contact me with questions about this - I will not answer.

Katakana and kanji may not display properly in this FAQ. Translations or
transliterations will be provided where necessary. A Unicode version of the
FAQ is available on my website - see section XI for more information.


0.1 - If you're reading this version, then you're either me or you've
	hacked my computer. This is the bare-bones version I made to
	set the stage for future versions of the guide.

0.2 - Again, if you're reading this, you have somehow accessed my
	computer, because this is another unreleased version. It
	includes information about controllers.

0.4 - Yet another unreleased version. Now includes all the info in
	section III of the FAQ.

0.5 - The first released version, but not on GameFAQs. Formatting finalized.

0.6 - Unreleased. Completed section IV of the FAQ and clarified other
	sections. Changed the copyright date in section XIII.

0.65 - Added Rave Discman disclaimer.

0.72 - Added more info in sections III and IV.

0.77 - Changed a few things and added basic Internet Ranking info.

0.79 - Added information on Hi-Speed 4.5 and 5.0, Hidden+/Sudden+, and the
	in-song Hi-Speed selector. Added the CS exclusive songs to the song

0.84 - Added the new, non-CS-exclusive songs to the song list. Added all info
	in section III.C. of the FAQ.

0.88 - Added information on rivalries, the score graph, and Ghost Mode.

0.92 - Added explanation of the Hi-Speed Selector.

0.98 - Added the returning songs. V is not in this game!

0.985 - Added the first eight Expert courses, and the Class courses up to 8-

0.991 - Added Single 9-dan and 10-dan.

0.993 - Added information about unlocking the custom interfaces.

0.997 - Added CS exclusive notecounts.

1.0 - Added Double 9-dan and 10-dan, and all Another ratings. First GameFAQs 

1.5 - Added some unlock information.

1.6 - Added the secret VJ expert courses.

1.65 - Added unlock instructions for eRAseRmOToRpHAntOM after getting tons of
	feedback on the subject.

1.8 - Added info on all the result screens.

1.9 - Added a new controller to the list of recommended controllers. Fixed a
	lot of song rating errors.

1.95 - Added Internet Ranking instructions.

2.0 - Added the rest of the Expert courses, and clarified how to unlock the
	user interface customizations.

2.01 - Corrected some errors.

2.02 - Another error fix edition. Updated for IR Beat #2.

Final - This is the final version, now that HAPPY SKY CS has been announced
	and Internet Ranking is closed.

Contact me at coredesat@outphase.com with any questions, comments, 
additions, or suggestions.


This guide assumes you have the Konami Beatmania IIDX controller (either
the original controller or the arcade-style controller). It is possible
to play the game with a Dual Shock controller (hell, some people have
managed to play it with PS2 DVD remotes and pop'n music controllers, but
this is only for people with superhuman abilities), but this is not 
recommended. You are advised to pick up a Beatmania IIDX controller before

And before anyone asks, no, do not get the Rave Discman. It is a piece of
trash, and is primarily good at shorting out, rusting, and otherwise not 
working properly. Don't let the cheap price tag fool you - it's cheap for 
a reason. You can buy as many as you want and try to make your own working 
controller, but doing so could get you laughed at by many, and it's best 
just to get a regular controller.

A. Konami Original Controller

The Konami Original Controller (or KOC) is the normal Beatmania IIDX
controller. It consists of a turntable and a keyboard that is easily
reversible - just slide it out and flip it around. The controller is
also very easy to maintain.

If you want the original Japanese version of the KOC, then your best
bets are Play-Asia or eBay. Be prepared to pay an arm and a leg (and 
possibly your first-born, depending on who you get a controller from) for 
shipping, however. The Japanese controllers can be found for $60 to $90 
plus shipping. The Japanese controllers have keys with plastic plungers 
that do tend to stick, but careful modification can eliminate the risk 
of that happening.

The US KOC comes with the Beatmania Bundle ($64.99 at your local video 
game store). The US controller has a rounded end and a lower profile, and 
is lighter than the Japanese controller. The US controller's keys are also 
spring-loaded, which means they shouldn't stick. However, the turntable 
is quite tight, and it doesn't spin quite as freely as the Japanese 
controller - some quick work with a screwdriver will fix this. The US 
controller is not currently available outside of the Beatmania Bundle.

The type of controller you get is your personal preference - your mileage
will vary.

B. Arcade Style Controllers (ASCs)

If you've played in the arcade and would like to have a controller similar
to the one on the arcade machine, I highly recommend an arcade style
controller. You have several options here, but be prepared to pay not only
an arm and a leg, but also your first-born and quite possibly your left 

KONAMI ASC - http://www.play-asia.com

First, we have the Konami Arcade Style Controller. This is the official
controller, and it's easy maintenance with a reversible keypad like the
Konami Original Controller (although you need a screwdriver here). The keys
don't stick as often, and are spaced the same way they are on an arcade 
console. The turntable is also much larger than on the KOC. Also, two 
Konami ASCs can be linked together for doubles play. Unfortunately, the 
only way you can get one at the moment is to import it (I recommend 
Play-Asia), and that will run you around 400 bucks plus shipping (and the 
shipping is expensive, as these things weigh a ton compared to the KOC).

DESKTOP ARCADE ASC - http://www.desktoparcade.com

Closer to home, there's also the Desktop Arcade ASC. This controller is
less expensive than the Konami ASC, but it's just as durable and highly
customizable. You can choose different colors or even artwork to decorate
your controller, and you can even get keys that light up - something that
even the Konami ASC, in all its arcade-style goodness, cannot boast. The
keyboard is not reversible by default, but you can choose to get this as
an option (ASCs must be like cars - there are so many options, but alas
you cannot get air conditioning or power windows). You can also choose
from several different kinds of keys, to suit your play style.

A DASC will run you $225 plus shipping (OR get a special doubles setup 
for $420), and if you want an ASC, this is highly recommended unless the
DASC is for some reason not available or you absolutely want the Konami 

DJDAO ASC - http://www.dj-dao.com

Here's a controller that I was not aware of in earlier versions of the FAQ. 
The DJDAO controller is a Chinese-built controller, and is an excellent 
alternative to the Konami ASC.

Be warned that there are several versions of the controller - be sure the one
you're getting has a key layout that can be used in IIDX. For the purposes of 
this guide, you'll want either the FP7 (same size as the KOC) or the Platinum 
Edition controller (the ASC). The FP7 is not yet available.

The Platinum Edition takes the term "arcade-style controller" to the next
level. It's very arcade-accurate: all the controllers come with light-up 
keys and turntable LEDs at no extra charge! The builder also uses high-
quality Sanwa keys that have about the same profile as the keys on a Konami

If you're pretty sure you're not going to want a Konami ASC, it's a toss-up
between this controller and the DASC. This controller will cost you about
$270 plus $110 shipping. The DJDAO controller isn't easy to get, either -
there is a thread on Bemanistyle's forums (http://www.bemanistyle.com -
registration required) that should help you out.

There are other options in addition to these. You can even build your own
controller if you are so inclined - and you don't even have to humiliate
yourself by using the Rave Discman for parts! For more info, visit your 
local Bemani community today!


A. Gameplay Basics & the Groove Gauge


The concept of Beatmania IIDX is simple enough to explain, but deceptively
hard to actually get up and do. There are eight lanes on the screen, and 
white, black, or red lines (notes) scroll down it as the song plays. At the 
bottom of these lanes is a red line, and a stretched out diagram of your 
controller. The object of the game is to hit the corresponding keys as the 
small lines reach the big red line. When you see a red note, scratch the 
turntable in either direction (it doesn't matter which).

When you hit a note, you'll get judged in one of five ways: Flashing Great
(also known as "Just Great" or "Perfect Great"), Great, Good, Bad, or Poor. 
These have greater meaning, as discussed later in section III.B, but here's 
their basic meaning:

- Flashing Great: Best possible accuracy. You nailed that note.

- Great: You hit the note just a tiny bit too early or too late.

- Good: You hit the note slightly earlier or later.

- Bad: You hit the note way too late or too early. These are fairly hard to get,
	but why would you want to?

- Poor: You hit the note extremely early or late, hit the wrong key, or you
	didn't hit the key at all. You can also get poors by accidentally
	hitting notes twice, but these won't hurt you too much.

The game also keeps track of your current "combo". Both kinds of Greats and
Goods will add to your combo; Bads and Poors will reset your combo to 0. Extra
poors resulting from hitting notes twice will not reset your combo.

You may quit a song at any time by pressing and holding Start and Select at
the same time. This will fail you out of whatever song you were playing.


The key to progressing through the game is the Groove Gauge - that funny-
looking bar at the bottom of the screen. It starts at 22%, and goes up or down 
as you play. Different accuracies increase or decrease your groove gauge at 
different rates. Flashing Greats, Greats, and Goods increase your gauge; Bads 
and Poors decrease it.

To clear the song, you have to get it to 80% or higher. The gauge cannot drop 
below 2% in Arcade, Beginner's, or Free Mode, so don't worry about failing 
out in the middle of the song (but you'd better get it back to 80% before 
the song ends).

If your gauge drops to 0% in Expert or Class Mode, you fail immediately and 
the game ends.

B. Beatmania IIDX Grading Systems

After each song, you're judged on your accuracy and given a score, also known 
as the "money score". I have no idea why this is, as you get no actual money
for clearing songs. Or maybe Konami is trying to tell you that you owe them?

Anyway, the money score is not what is used to determine your grade - your 
EX Score is. Your EX Score is based on the number of Flashing Greats and 
Greats you get. The highest possible EX score is twice the number of notes
in the song.

Flashing Great: 2 points
Great: 1 point
Good, Bad, Poor: 0 points

The grading system is as follows:

AAA - Greater than 8/9 of highest possible EX score
AA - Greater than 7/9 and less than 8/9 of highest possible EX score
A - Greater than 6/9 and less than 7/9 of highest possible EX score
B - Greater than 5/9 and less than 6/9 of highest possible EX score
C - Greater than 4/9 and less than 5/9 of highest possible EX score
D - Greater than 3/9 and less than 4/9 of highest possible EX score
E - Greater than 2/9 and less than 3/9 of highest possible EX score
F - Less than 2/9 of highest possible EX score. You practically have to
	just sit there and do nothing to earn an F.

These bonuses are inclusive, meaning that if you get 8/9 of the highest
possible EX score, you will get an AAA, etc.

In Arcade and Free Modes only, you can earn several bonuses depending on 
how you did. Note that these scores are added to your money score, not 
your EX score:

- Border Bonus: 5730 points. You get this bonus if you finished the song
	with your groove gauge at 80%. 

- Great Bonus: 3110 points.. Awarded if you get all Greats and Flashing 
	Greats on a song. Poors	resulting from extra note hits don't 

- Perfect Bonus: 4620 points. Awarded if you get all Flashing Greats
	on a song. Unless that song is extremely easy, if you get this
	bonus, you are either God or just extremely good at this game.
	Again, extra poors do not count.

- Great+Border Bonus: 11900 points. Awarded by qualifying for both the
	Border Bonus and the Great Bonus. This is possible by getting
	just enough extra poors to reduce your gauge to 80%, without
	breaking your combo or getting a good.

- Perfect+Border Bonus: 19900 points. As you might have guessed, to get this 
	bonus, you must qualify for both the Border Bonus and the Perfect 
	Bonus. If you get this bonus, you truly are God, as it is almost 
	(but not quite) impossible to get, even on the easiest songs.

C. The Score Graph, Rivalries, and Ghost Mode


Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX RED introduces a new feature for tracking your scores:
the score graph. Basically, if you choose to use the arcade layout in single-
player mode (that is, the one that shows both sets of lanes on the screen),
the side you're not using will be replaced with a screen containing three bar

- Blue bar: This is your current EX score.

- Green bar: This represents the pace you were on when you got your highest EX
	score. Obviously, if you've never played the song before, it'll be
	the same as the blue graph.

- Red bar: If you choose to use it, this graph represents the pace your 
	selected rival was on when s/he got his/her highest EX score. There's 
	a greyed out section that goes up to their top score, since they've
	obviously played the song already.

The graphs also have four lines on them - these lines represent the thresholds
for getting grades of A, AA, and AAA respectively. The topmost line is the
highest possible score, and unless you've broken the game somehow, none of the
bars should exceed this.

To turn off the score graph, go to the modifier select menu and use the
turntable to select the option that has fewer katakana (I don't have a
transliteration for this yet).


You can now have DJ battles with your friends without having to write a bunch 
of crap down. Thanks to the new rivalry function in Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX
RED, you can load up to five other players' data onto your memory card.

To do this, choose "Rival Data Management" on the main menu. You'll be taken
to a little menu:

- Rename: Lets you choose a different DJ name. Be sure to change this back if
	you're in the middle of doing some Internet Ranking courses, or else
	you'll end up registering multiple DJ names, and that would be bad.

- Edit Rival List: Go here to load your rival data.

Choose "Edit Rival List", and you'll be taken to a menu that has five slots
and an option that says "Load Rival Data". Insert a memory card containing
rival data into Memory Card SLOT 2 (NOT SLOT 1!) and choose that option to 
load the rival data onto the list. Again, you can only load up to five rivals 
at a time. From here, you can delete any rival data you don't need.

Once you've done this, go to the song select screen in either Arcade or Free
Mode and press Start to bring up the modifier menu. Here, you can use the
turntable to select a rival (you can only choose one at a time). Their scores
will appear next to yours on the song select screen, and the game will tell
you how much higher or lower your score is. And if that wasn't enough, two
new song folders will appear: "Higher than Rival" and "Lower than Rival". I
shouldn't have to explain what these folders mean.

As stated earlier, your chosen rival's score will appear on the score graph as
a red bar. This bar will stop increasing once it reaches your rival's score.


Ghost Mode is a neat little function that allows you to compare how you're
currently doing in a song to your best score or your chosen rival's best
score. Basically, next to your note judgments (they look something like "GREAT
573"), there'll be a little number - this is your interval to what you had at
that point in the song when you got your high score (or when your rival got
his/her high score). If it's red, your score is lower than the high score; if
it's white, your score is higher and you're doing just fine.

Ghost Mode doesn't really serve much of a purpose aside from applying a number
to what you're seeing when you look at the score graph. It can be turned off 
on the modifier select menu by pressing Select.


A. Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is basically the core of the game (though you'll probably be
spending most of your time in Free Mode). When you select it on the main
menu, the game will ask you if there are one or two players. In 1P mode,
you're given a choice from Normal, Double, or Double Battle.

- Normal is what it says it is. It's just the regular game mode, with Light7,
7keys, and Another7 difficulties.

- Double requires two controllers, and has special charts (all the difficulty 
numbers will be doubled - Light7 becomes Light14, for instance). 

- Double Battle is like Double, but is only for fun. In Double Battle, both 
sides have the same notecharts. Scores in Double Battle are not saved.

In this mode only, you can get an Extra Stage by meeting certain
requirements. You can't get an Extra Stage on Light7 mode, but on 7keys and
Another modes, you can do the following to get the Extra Stage:

- If your third song is a 6-star or higher, just clear it.
- If your third song is a 5-star, finish it with a full groove gauge.
- If your third song is a 4-star, full combo the song.

You can also get a special Extra Stage by meeting a special requirement:

- To unlock Genocide (and its result screen), AA three Anothers with Hard.
	The last one has to be a 7-star or higher.

You're given the opportunity to choose modifiers and such before you play
Genocide, but if you meet the following requirements, you will unlock the 
One More Extra Stage:

- To unlock Piano Concerto No. 1 - Scorpion Fire (and its special result 
screen), get an A or higher on Genocide Another7 on Hard mode.

You will be thrown right into the OMES without the chance to choose modifiers, 
so take that into consideration before starting Genocide Another7, or else 
you might end up in trouble later, although the in-song Hi-Speed Selector
may save you in the end...

A list of all the songs, their difficulties, and their notecounts, can be
found in section VI of the FAQ.

B. Expert Mode

Expert Mode allows you to play the Expert courses for Internet Ranking
purposes. You can also create your own special nonstop courses for friendly
challenges, and play them right here.

For more info on Expert Mode, jump on over to section VII.A of the FAQ.

C. Class (Dan) Mode

Class Mode is the only mode not spelled out in English on the main menu.
It can be a rather important mode, as it allows you to gauge your skills 
at IIDX and compare them to players around the world in yet more Internet
Ranking. For more information on this mode, check out section VII.C of the

D. Beginner's Mode

Just starting out in IIDX? Go here to learn how to play! Unfortunately,
the tips are in Japanese, but if you've read section III of the FAQ, you
shouldn't need them. 

Basically, you're given a list of three levels, conveniently named Levels
1, 2, and 3. The game then gives you different lessons about the game...
but it's in kana and kanji, so odds are if you're reading this, you won't 
be able to read that. Just press Start to skip it.

Level 1 gives you a short list of simplified charts all ranked 1 star. 
Level 2 adds some 2-stars to the list, and Level 3 adds some 3-stars. You
shouldn't need to come here, but if you feel you need the practice before
tackling Light7, then by all means do so.

E. Free Mode

You'll be spending a lot of time here if you're not interested in Arcade
Mode at all. Free Mode allows you to play for as long as you want without
the downtime of Arcade Mode. You can choose from all the songs (except for
the ones you haven't unlocked yet), and any scores you get here are saved
(unless you use certain no-no modifiers, mentioned in section V of the FAQ).
Yes, you can play Genocide and Piano Concerto No. 1 - Scorpion Fire in
Free Mode without having to do any work to get them. You just won't get
their result screens here.

You can sort the songs in different orders, such as alphabetical, by
difficulty, which songs you haven't cleared, etc. You can also choose to
have the game display your EX score instead of your money score.

Other than that, there's really not much else to say. Go nuts!

Oh, one more thing - if you're feeling lazy, you can choose to have the
game autoplay songs for you (or one or both sides in Double mode).

F. Training Mode

Training Mode allows you to practice some or all of any song that's giving
you trouble. There's no need to worry about clearing, failing, Internet
Ranking, etc here. Training Mode consists mainly of a menu that allows
you to choose a song, your desired modifiers, and two special features:

- You can choose to play a segment of a song by choosing a starting and
	ending measure.

- You can slow the song down if you need to practice certain patterns, or
	if you just feel like screwing around with the songs by slowing
	them down.

After you play whichever part of the song you want to play, the game will
give you an accuracy breakdown and tell you which measures you had trouble
with. You can also save replays, but you can only save one at a time, and
they disappear when you turn off your console. That's it for this mode.

G. Original Course Setting

This mode allows you to create your own 5-song courses. You can combine any
five songs (or even five of the same song, if you are so inclined), and
play them on any difficulty. This is mainly for friendly challenges and such,
but the game will save your highest scores on each original course. You can
create up to six original courses.

H. Records

Records Mode just shows you the top scores for Arcade Mode, Class Mode, and
Expert Mode, and lets you erase the lists if you want.

Note that there are no individual song records here. If you want to see
those, go to Arcade or Free Mode, press Start to bring up the modifiers, then
press Select to make your high score (EX score), max combo, and miss count

I. Options

This mode will let you change game options, like difficulty, screen settings,
sound and video settings, etc. Not much explanation is needed here.

J. Save/Load

You may never have to use this menu. Save/Load allows you to save your data,
load data from the memory card, or turn on Auto Save. Go to this menu when you 
start the game, turn on Auto Save, and forget this menu ever existed. 

On another note, be very careful not to turn off the power, reset, or remove 
the memory card while the game is saving. I am not responsible for any 
instances of controller breakage due to someone not following these 


The game has lots of different modifiers available, allowing you to, er,
modify your gameplay experience in different ways. Some modifiers make the 
game easier, some make it harder, and some will make others think you've
gone totally insane. You can set whatever modifiers you want before each
song, but there are some exceptions.

In Battle mode, both players can select their own Hi-Speed mods if this 
ability is enabled in the options menu.

A. Hi-Speed

Hi-Speed is the most useful modifier in the game. Hi-Speed spreads out and
increases the speed of the notes on the chart, making them easier to read.
This makes the game easier by providing you, the player, with fewer notes to
concentrate on at any given time.

There are eleven different Hi-Speed settings, in increments of 0.5: Hi-Speed 
0, Hi-Speed 0.5, Hi-Speed 1, Hi-Speed 1.5, and so on up to Hi-Speed 5.

These numbers are not factors like 1x or 2x; they're just arbitrary numbers 
that pretty much just say which ones are faster and which ones are slower -
Hi-Speed 3 is faster than Hi-Speed 2, for instance. This is good because 
trying to play a song at zero times its normal speed would be quite annoying,
to say the very least.

Note that you can also change Hi-Speed settings just before a song begins or
even during the song. For more information on this, check out section V.J of
the FAQ.

B. Easy/Hard

Easy and Hard change the Groove Gauge in special ways, although Hard doesn't
necessarily make the game harder.

Easy is a staple modifier for beginner players, and causes the gauge to build
up more quickly as you get (flashing) greats and goods. The game will also
help by causing the gauge to drop more slowly if you get bads or poors. This
is a great way to clear songs that are giving you trouble for the purpose of
unlocking things, but be aware that an Easy Clear is the lowest-level clear
you can get, and has less value than a regular clear and a Hard Clear for
the purposes of Internet Ranking (see section VIII), which means that once 
you've gotten the hang of the game, you should waste little time changing 
Easy Clears to normal or Hard Clears. 

Speaking of Hard, Hard modifies the gauge so that it is always red. This
means that you no longer need to get it above 80% to clear the song (in fact,
the gauge will start totally full) - you can clear the song with just 2%

Don't think that this gives you more breathing room, though - the mod
is called "Hard", after all. Any miss (bad or poor) will cause the gauge to
drop twice as fast as normal. A few misses in a row will drop your gauge to
almost zilch. If it's any consolation, the gauge refills at its normal rate.
However, it's possible to stay alive if you have problems by simply getting
more goods and greats than misses in a hard part of the song.

You can't choose Easy or Hard in Class Mode.

C. Random/Mirror (or both?)

Random randomly randomizes the notechart of the song you're playing. This
randomization has no effect on the turntable, however. It also doesn't
scramble up the notes - that would be way too hard. Instead, it just
randomizes each lane. If you're having problems with a particular song, 
Random may very well make it easier. Unfortunately, you're just as likely 
to get a horribly crappy chart, so use Random at your own risk.

Mirror, on the other hand, simply inverts the chart (again ignoring the
turntable) so that it's a mirror image of itself. Mirror can be a big help 
sometimes, but it can also hurt, so again, use it at your own risk.

Random and Mirror can be used together, but this has very little noticeable
effect on the game - the game will just mirror the randomized notechart.

Random and Mirror can't be chosen in Class Mode.

D. Random+/Mirror+

Random+ is an oddball modifier. It's like Random, but different. Random+
randomizes the notechart, but ALSO includes the turntable in this

Mirror+ is a combination of Random+ and Mirror. First, the game will mirror
the song's notechart. Then it will take the turntable and swap its notes
into a random lane. All the notes in that lane will end up being in the
turntable lane.

Random+ and Mirror+ can be used together, but there will be no noticeable
effect on the game. Only do this if you're extremely nit-picky about what
mods you will and won't use on a song.

Random+ and Mirror+ can potentially make playing songs more fun, but it
should only be used for fun. The game will not save scores set with Random+
or Mirror+, and for this reason, Internet Ranking sites will not accept
those scores, either. Sorry, but you'll have to use the other mods.

Random+ and Mirror+ can't be chosen in Class Mode. Choosing this in Expert 
Mode will disqualify you from Internet Ranking.

E. S-Random/S-Random+

Remember how I mentioned that Random only randomizes the lanes and not
individual notes? Well, S-Random (also known as Super Random) randomizes
the notes. This is only recommended for very skilled players, although you
can experiment all you want, because just like Random+ and Mirror+, scores
set with S-Random won't be saved, and IR sites won't accept them, either.

S-Random+ is the same, only it adds the turntable into the randomization.

You can use S-Random with Mirror, but what's the point? Also, there's no
S-Mirror mode, because that would be just as pointless.

You can't choose this in Class Mode. Choosing this in Expert Mode will
disqualify you from Internet Ranking.

F. Hidden/Sudden (or both?)

Hidden doesn't hide the notes entirely (because that would be just plain
evil) - rather, the notes will scroll normally, and then disappear at a
certain point. This isn't extremely useful, however, but some do claim
that it helps on some of those horribly offsync songs (e-motion, I'm
looking in your direction).

Sudden is the opposite of Hidden, and can be much more useful if you know
when to use it. Remember where the notes disappeared when you used Hidden?
Well, that's where the notes will show up if you use Sudden. Now, you'd
think that such a modifier was totally useless, but if you use Sudden on
very slow songs, it will have the same benefit as a Hi-Speed mod - Sudden
will give you fewer notes to concentrate on at a time, which is what the
Hi-Speed mods do. The notes are just compressed in a smaller space, but
can be spread out with a real Hi-Speed mod if needed.

Hidden and Sudden can also be used at the same time, but instead of hiding
the notes entirely, the notes will just blink on screen for less than a
second about halfway down each lane. This modifier is very difficult to use,
and you should be quite proud of yourself if you're able to clear harder
songs with both Hidden and Sudden. Not many people can do this. 

On another note, you can use the benefits of Sudden all the time, even 
when you aren't actually using Sudden! All you have to do is get a towel or
something and drape it over part of the screen and voila - adjustable 
Sudden! However, the game now has a built-in feature that does this, so you
may choose to use it instead. For more info, see the next section.

Hey, guess what! You can't choose this in Class Mode, either!

G. Hidden+/Sudden+ (or both?)

New to console versions of Beatmania IIDX, Hidden+ and Sudden+ will cover up
parts of the screen. However, unlike regular Hidden and Sudden, you choose
what parts of the screen you want to cover up - it's like built-in towel!
Like their older counterparts, Sudden+ is going to be far more useful to you
than Hidden+. Keep in mind that you must choose either mod on the song select
screen if you plan to be using them.

To adjust Hidden+ or Sudden+, hold Start and spin the turntable to move the
large gray box up or down. It's best to do this before the song begins. If
for some reason you need the box gone right now, tap the Start button twice
and it'll go away. If you need it again, just tap Start twice again to bring
it back.

Sudden+ can make notes easier to read, and is great for when you feel that a 
Hi-Speed mod just isn't enough.

H. 5keys

Formerly a game mode like Light7, 5keys will hide lanes 6 and 7. You are not
responsible for anything in those lanes, and those notes will be subtracted
from the overall note count for scoring purposes.

5keys is mainly for training purposes, or if you were raised on the original
Beatmania series and need a leg up into Beatmania IIDX. Scores set with the
5keys mod will not be saved.

This mod can't be chosen outside of Arcade or Free Modes.

I. Autoscratch

Autoscratch can be a useful tool, but at the same time, it can also be very,
very cheap. With Autoscratch, you are no longer responsible for any turntable
scratches - the game does them for you! However, scores set with Autoscratch
will not be saved, so use this only as a training tool.

As for Internet Ranking, however, Autoscratch will disqualify you if you try 
to use it. So don't.

J. Using the Hi-Speed Selector

In Beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD (arcade), an extra option was added that lets
you change Hi-Speed options during gameplay. Well, guess what? Now you can do
it in your very own home, as the Hi-Speed Selector has been ported to IIDX 

To change Hi-Speed options during gameplay, hold down Start and press a white
key to decrease the Hi-Speed by 0.5, or press a black key to increase it by 
0.5. This is extremely useful in Expert Mode, where you can only choose one 
Hi-Speed mod for the entire course. Thanks to this nifty little feature, you 
can now circumvent that at your leisure.


Some of you may be wondering, "well, it's fine and dandy that all these new 
features have been assigned to the Start button, but how are we gonna exit out 
of songs?" It's simple, my friend - as I mentioned back in section III.A of the
FAQ, just press and hold Start and Select, and you'll quit the song.


A. New Songs From Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX RED AC

These are the new songs from the arcade version of Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDX
RED. This list does not include CS exclusives, since they weren't on the 
arcade version. Those can be found in section VI.C. However, this list DOES
include the preview songs that were in Beatmania IIDX 8th Style CS.


AA / D.J. Amuro

Genre: Renaissance
154 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 642 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1386 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1834 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 659 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 997 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1739 notes


Ageha / Ryu*

Genre: Happy Hardcore
180 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 537 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 888 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 948 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 464 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 689 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 903 notes


Andromeda / Sota Fujimori

Genre: Psychedelic Goa Trance
150 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 517 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 973 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1446 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 512 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 1109 notes


Awakening / Akira Yamaoka

Genre: Trance
143 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 553 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 750 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 866 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 546 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 746 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 873 notes


Back to the Dance Floor / DJ Simon

Genre: Tribal Lounge
126 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 371 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 596 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1076 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 371 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 596 notes


Be Quiet / Ryu*

Genre: Hard Dance
150 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 559 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 894 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1114 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 558 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 861 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1055 notes


believe...? / Nao Nakamura

Genre: Happy
135 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 378 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 691 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 909 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 378 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 691 notes


Blocks / Sparker

Genre: Trance 
141 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 417 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 675 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1000 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 417 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 746 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1001 notes


Breath / Sparker

Genre: Rococo Tek
160 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 469 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 663 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 875 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 455 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 700 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 930 notes


Car of Your Dreams / Dave & Nuage

Genre: Super Eurobeat
152 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 502 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 732 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 924 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 500 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 734 notes


Click Again / dj REMO-CON

Genre: Click House 
137 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 462 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 737 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1097 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 462 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 735 notes
Another14: 8 stars, 1039 notes


Close My Eyes for Me / D-crew feat. Dennis Gunn (DJ Yoshitaka 

Genre: America
132-145 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 539 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 755 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 948 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 521 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 751 notes


D.A.N.C.E.! / DJ Yoshitaka feat. Kanako Hoshino

Genre: J-Pop
116 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 299 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 431 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 826 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 298 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 425 notes


Don't Be Afraid Myself / platoniX with ray.D

Genre: J-Pop
165 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 566 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 960 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1155 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 621 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 935 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1094 notes


Earth Scape / dj TAKA

Genre: Piano Ballad
45-94 BPM

Light7: 2 stars, 230 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 530 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 644 notes

Light14: 2 stars, 230 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 507 notes



Genre: Techno 
135 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 434 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 817 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1231 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 434 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 817 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1000 notes


Fake Time / dj REMO-CON

Genre: Hard Rock 
200 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 534 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 916 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1231 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 534 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 879 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1178 notes


Fly Away to India / Baby Weapon feat. KAJIL

Genre: Dance Pop
133 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 344 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 562 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 712 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 344 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 562 notes


Genocide / DJ Killer

Genre: Drum'n'Bass
175 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 587 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1103 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1222 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 588 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1211 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1456 notes

Note: This is the special Extra Stage.


Gigadelic / teranoid feat. MC Natsack

Genre: Nustyle Gabba 
173 BPM

Light7: 7 stars, 771 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1116 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1301 notes

Light14: Flashing 8 stars, 754 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1110 notes


Harmony / Regina

Genre: Super Eurobeat
160 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 417 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 689 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 848 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 406 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 679 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 829 notes


Horizon / Lia

Genre: Happy Hardcore 
171 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 547 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 786 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 990 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 455 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 818 notes
Another14: 8 stars, 1027 notes


Injection of Love / Akira Shintani

Genre: Electric Cabaret
160 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 343 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 532 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 769 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 359 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 553 notes

Note: She says "stroke me", not whatever you may think she says. Such dirty


Kecak / John Robinson

Genre: Trance
139 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 511 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 854 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1234 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 488 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 847 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1319 notes


Key / Colors

Genre: Beat Rock
212 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 573 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 950 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1436 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 573 notes 
14keys: 7 stars, 989 notes

Note: Notice anything about the Light7 notecount?


King of Groove / DJ 19

Genre: Techno 
132 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 459 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 822 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1089 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 459 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 822 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1440 notes



Genre: J-Pop
155 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 379 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 671 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 969 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 379 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 671 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 948 notes


Les filles balancent / Orange Lounge

Genre: France 
180 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 433 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 629 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 828 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 432 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 648 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 805 notes


Listen to Yourself / Tetsuya Uchida

Genre: Erhu Funk
130 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 387 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 629 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 828 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 375 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 626 notes


More Move / T.Hirono feat. Paulinho

Genre: Club Bossa
180 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 498 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 773 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 858 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 498 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 773 notes 
Another14: 7 stars, 858 notes


Move Me / good-cool feat Raj Ramayya

Genre: Africa
93-186 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 358 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 615 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 837 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 432 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 615 notes


Nebula Grasper / L.E.D.

Genre: Psychedelic Trance 
153 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 691 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1029 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1241 notes

Light14: 7 stars, 723 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 1029 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1155 notes


Night Flight to Tokyo / Matt Land

Genre: Super Eurobeat
152 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 607 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 879 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1186 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 602 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 864 notes


On the Tube / Q'HEY

Genre: Minimal
140 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 511 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 938 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1080 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 511 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 938 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1149 notes


Oosanbashi / ucchies

Genre: Japan 
84-168 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 247 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 574 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 937 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 247 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 574 notes


Perfectworld / N.A.R.D. feat. masayo

Genre: Soft Rock
151 BPM

Light7: 2 stars, 309 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 459 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 751 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 298 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 466 notes


-perplexity- / Osamu Kubota

Genre: Asian Crossover 
90 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 350 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 487 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 699 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 347 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 493 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 779 notes


Piano Concerto No. 1 "Scorpion Fire" / Virkato

Genre: Dirge
165-188 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 422 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1111 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1414 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 473 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1031 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1730 notes

Note: This is the special One More Extra Stage.


Raspberry Heart (English Version) / jun feat. Paula Terry 

Genre: Colorful Hardcore 
160 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 531 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 797 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 932 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 524 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 772 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 901 notes


Red Zone / Tatsh & Naoki

Genre: Speed Rave
165 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 567 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 975 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1184 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 611 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 941 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1232 notes

Note: Say speed rave.


Resonate 1794 / Kohta

Genre: Hard Sonata
160 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 469 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 745 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 951 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 469 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 744 notes


Rok Da World / DJ Tomo

Genre: Mixture
145 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 385 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 705 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 971 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 385 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 705 notes


Secret of Love / D.J. Swan

Genre: Drum'n'Bass 
162 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 553 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 747 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1019 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 496 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 767 notes


Speedy Cat / Y&Co.

Genre: Eurobeat
155 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 569 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 861 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1028 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 466 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 884 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 978 notes


Sphere / Tatsh feat. K.Nayuki

Genre: Medieval Choir 
160 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 541 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 996 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1111 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 522 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 897 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1139 notes


Spiral Galaxy / D.J. Setup

Genre: Psychedelic Techno
154 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 545 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1061 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1310 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 564 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 1038 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1139 notes


Taiyo / Naoki feat. Kanako Hoshino

Genre: Cyber J-Euro
155 BPM 

Light7: 4 stars, 419 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 725 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 880 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 419 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 725 notes


Tell Me More... / Togo-chef feat. Aki Asahina

Genre: R&B 
90 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 294 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 530 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 854 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 294 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 530 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 891 notes


Texture / Slake

Genre: Death Disco 
130 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 292 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 494 notes
Another7: 6 stars, 594 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 294 notes
14keys: 4 stars, 430 notes
Another14: 6 stars, 593 notes


The Hope of Tomorrow / Sota Fujimori

Genre: Cyborg Trance 
144 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 536 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 874 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 992 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 535 notes 
14keys: 8 stars, 855 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 989 notes



Genre: Hyper J-Pop Five 
180 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 480 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 744 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1006 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 451 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 739 notes


Wonder Bullfighter / Twin AmadeuS

Genre: Natural Sound 
126 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 489 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 747 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1062 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 451 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 729 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1086 notes

B. From Previous Beatmania IIDX Games

.59 / dj TAKA

Genre: Chill Out
134 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 360 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 514 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 584 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 444 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 514 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 585 notes


A / D.J. Amuro

Genre: Renaissance
93-191 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 666 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1111 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1260 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 613 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1119 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1343 notes


Aoi Shoudou / NAOKI feat. Yuki

Genre: J-Trance
145 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 468 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 694 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 803 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 524 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 685 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 795 notes


DXY! / TaQ

Genre: Techno
148 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 651 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 968 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1158 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 781 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1332 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1529 notes


ErAseRmoToR maXimUM / L.E.D.-G vs. GUHROOVY

Genre: Hardcore
250 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 574 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 813 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1686 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 688 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 822 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1798 notes

Note: There's a hidden Another chart for this song. It's unlockable
	(see section IX.A. for info), but you can also play it in
	Training Mode - just choose ErAseRmoToR maXimUM Another in
	Training Mode, and you'll get to play eRAseRmOToRpHAntOM,
	whose BPM is 135-270.


Estella / Osamu Kubota

Genre: Spanish Waltz
142 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 382 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 559 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 567 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 799 notes


Five Regrets / Osamu Kubota

Genre: Jazz Argentino
144 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 278 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 573 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 332 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 564 notes


Gambol / Slake

Genre: Big Beat
102 BPM

Light7: 1 star, 137 notes
7keys: 2 stars, 137 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 137 notes

Light14: 1 star, 137 notes
14keys: 2 stars, 137 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 137 notes

Note: The legend returns! The 7keys/14keys charts have timing issues.

Another note: The Anothers have to be unlocked. See section IX.A. for
	more information. If you want to try them anyway, they're
	available in Training Mode.


Giudecca / D.J. Setup

Genre: Psychedelic Trance
155 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 470 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1016 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1381 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 600 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1129 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1392 notes


Golden Horn / Osamu Kubota

Genre: Turkish Piano & Bass
160 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 359 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 646 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 763 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 359 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 646 notes
Another14: 8 stars, 853 notes


I'm For Real / Slake feat. JP Miles

Genre: 2Step
140 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 264 notes
7keys: 4 stars, 310 notes
Another7: 4 stars, 363 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 293 notes
14keys: 4 stars, 344 notes



Genre: Rave
180 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 534 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1029 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1075 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 547 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1014 notes


Love Again Tonight (for Melissa Mix) / NAOKI feat. Paula Terry

Genre: Hyper Eurobeat
150 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 385 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 501 notes
Another7: 6 stars, 561 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 466 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 555 notes


Love is Orange / Orange Lounge

Genre: Hard Chanson
180 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 399 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 519 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 903 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 456 notes
14keys: 5 stars, 570 notes


Lower World / D.J. Setup

Genre: Techno
155 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 706 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 979 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1144 notes

Light14: 7 stars, 705 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 981 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1254 notes


MAX 300 / Omega

Genre: Hardcore Techno
300 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 571 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 982 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 566 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 982 notes


Murmur Twins / yu_tokiwa.djw

Genre: Cuddlecore
174 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 567 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 854 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1207 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 589 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 924 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1188 notes


Nemesis / D.J. Setup

Genre: Techno
160 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 524 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 839 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 973 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 667 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 977 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1367 notes


North / WALL5

Genre: Celtrance
138 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 305 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 466 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 402 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 791 notes


Outer Wall / sampling masters MEGA

Genre: Techno
149 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 474 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 687 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 892 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 474 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 736 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 902 notes


Quickening / dj TAKA

Genre: Psychedelic
150 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 478 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 875 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1062 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 440 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 620 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1044 notes


Rainbow Flyer / dj TAKA

Genre: Trance
148 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 422 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 859 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1081 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 424 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 931 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1167 notes


Red Nikita / Osamu Kubota

Genre: Latin Swing
140 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 350 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 684 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 739 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 350 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 673 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 820 notes


Rislim / ric

Genre: New Romantic
130 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 463 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 625 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 463 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 625 notes


Still My Words / TaQ feat. Meg

Genre: Ambient
136 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 464 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 619 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 437 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 726 notes


Tangerine Stream / dj TAKA

Genre: Piano Ambient
84 BPM

Light7: 1 star, 148 notes
7keys: 2 stars, 198 notes

Light14: 1 star, 181 notes
14keys: 2 stars, 199 notes


The Cube / DJ Suwami

Genre: Drum & Bass
178 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 374 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 644 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 682 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 374 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 645 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1113 notes


The Safari / Lion MUSASHI

Genre: World House
150 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 618 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 900 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 624 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 900 notes


V35 / tiger YAMATO

Genre: Trance
148 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 514 notes
7keys: 6 stars, 746 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 1000 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 512 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 744 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1095 notes

C. CS Exclusives

These are songs that will only be found on this release of Beatmania IIDX.
The list contains two transplants from Beatmania US, but that game is not
considered part of the Japanese Beatmania IIDX series for the purposes of
this FAQ.


Go Berzerk / Scott Brown

Genre: Hardcore
172 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 526 notes
7keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1249 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1396 notes

Light14: 5 stars, 526 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1248 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1972 notes


INORI / dj TAKA feat. HAL

Genre: Millennium Trance
146 BPM

Light7: 3 stars, 701 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1330 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1614 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 699 notes
14keys: 7 stars, 1241 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1730 notes


Love Again... / Tatsh feat. Junko Hirata

Genre: Pops
110 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 293 notes
7keys: 5 stars, 400 notes
Another7: 6 stars, 538 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 396 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 533 notes


Regret / Kanako Hoshino

Genre: Euro Trance
155 BPM

Light7: 5 stars, 666 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 887 notes
Another7: 8 stars, 1223 notes

Light14: 4 stars, 661 notes
14keys: 6 stars, 888 notes


Soliton Beam / L.E.D.

Genre: Techno
152 BPM

Light7: 6 stars, 745 notes
7keys: 8 stars, 1071 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1180 notes

Light14: 6 stars, 710 notes
14keys: Flashing 8 stars, 1157 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1378 notes


Suijou no Teitoku (Short mix from "Genso Suikoden V") / Nekomata Master

Genre: World/Electronica
140 BPM

Light7: 4 stars, 357 notes
7keys: 7 stars, 868 notes
Another7: Flashing 8 stars, 1073 notes

Light14: 3 stars, 357 notes
14keys: 8 stars, 940 notes
Another14: Flashing 8 stars, 1280 notes


Toxic / WaveGroup/Shoichiro Hirata

Genre: Garage Mix
143 BPM

Light7: 2 stars, 260 notes
7keys: 3 stars, 371 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 705 notes

Light14: 2 stars, 260 notes
14keys: 4 stars, 371 notes
Another14: 7 stars, 705 notes


You Really Got Me / WaveGroup/Shoichiro Hirata

Genre: Breakbeats Mix
138 BPM

Light7: 1 stars, 228 notes
7keys: 2 stars, 321 notes
Another7: 7 stars, 799 notes

Light14: 2 stars, 228 notes
14keys: 4 stars, 321 notes
Another14: 8 stars, 799 notes


A. Expert Mode

Expert Mode consists of several nonstop courses used for Internet Ranking
purposes (see section VIII of the FAQ). When I say "nonstop", I don't really
mean it - between songs, there's no time limit before the next song begins,
so feel free to get up and get something to eat, go out with friends, do
whatever before coming back and starting the next song. I have left the game
running on the result screen for an hour to find it still waiting for me to
continue on.

Anyway, I digress. Expert Mode has a special groove gauge that is always
red, and starts at 100%. The gauge drops a little more slowly than the
regular gauge, but it also builds back up much more slowly. Whenever it
hits 0, you immediately fail the course. The gauge doesn't refill between
songs, and there are five songs in each course. 

In Expert Mode, you can use all the modifiers, although, as mentioned in 
section V of the FAQ, some of them will disqualify you from Internet
Ranking. Keep in mind that the mods you choose will be in effect for the
entire course, so don't choose, say, Hi-Speed 4 if you know there'll be
a 190 BPM song in the course unless you can read that fast.

All the courses have Light7, 7keys, and Another7 (double for Double mode)

B. Expert Courses

Only the first eight courses are initially available - the rest must
be unlocked. See section IX.B. of the FAQ for more info.


Oosanbashi				D.A.N.C.E.!
Perfectworld				Texture
~T-A-I-Y-O~				Back to the Dance Floor
KI-SE-KI (IIDX RED Edit)		Fly Away to India
Don't Be Afraid Myself			Listen to Yourself


Click Again				Harmony
King of Groove				Car of Your Dreams
EVO66					Speedy Cat
Kecak					Night Flight to Tokyo
On the Tube				Red Zone


Breath					Injection of Love
Horizon					Secret of Love	
Raspberry Heart (English version)	Resonate 1794
Spiral Galaxy				Sphere
Be Quiet				AA


-perplexity-				Blocks
Move Me					Awakening
Les filles balancent			The Hope of Tomorrow
Close My Eyes For Me			Andromeda
More Move				Nebula Grasper


Don't Be Afraid Myself			Tell Me More...
Horizon					believe...?
Ageha					Wonder Bullfighter
ULTiMATE				Rok Da World
Key					Earth Scape


Quickening				Love is Orange
Spiral Galaxy				V35
Giudecca				Murmur Twins
Nemesis					Rainbow Flyer
Lower World				LAB


-perplexity-				I'm For Real
Golden Horn				Texture
Estella					Breath
Five Regrets				Blocks
Red Nikita				Gambol


Speedy Cat				Love Again...
Be Quiet				Regret
Red Zone				Inori
Resonate 1794				Suijou no Teitoku
Go Berzerk				Soliton Beam

CORE COURSE (unlocked after you clear all the backside courses)

Fake Time
Piano Concerto No. 1 "Scorpion Fire"

C. Class Mode

Class courses consist of four songs and are nonstop courses just like
Expert courses. However, you cannot choose just any modifiers - you
can only choose Hi-Speed mods. However, you can choose what Hi-Speed
mod you want for each song in the course, so if you know each song's BPM, 
you can adjust the course to fit your play style. The game will also
save these settings, in case you want to retry the course later.

Class Mode also has a rather quirky groove gauge that's always red, but
it seems to increase and decrease just as much as the normal gauge. Keep
it above 0% to stay alive.

Class Mode has 17 courses, arranged in order of increasing difficulty.
Initially, all of the kyu courses (7-kyu through 1-kyu) and 1-dan are
available. To unlock the higher dan courses, clear the highest one you've
unlocked. If you do well enough, you may unlock the next two dan courses,
but you'll usually unlock just the next one.

In Double mode, the courses only have three songs each, and they start
at 5-kyu.

There's another important note about Class Courses in section VIII.B of the 

D. Single Class Courses

KEY: L7 - Light7, 7 - 7keys, A - Another

7-KYU					6-KYU

Gambol L7				Perfectworld L7
Tangerine Stream L7			Oosanbashi L7
You Really Got Me L7			Fly Away to India L7
Earth Scape L7				I'm for Real L7

5-KYU					4-KYU

Texture L7				Harmony L7
Toxic 7					Five Regrets L7
D.A.N.C.E.! L7				Love Again... 7
Tell Me More... L7			Speedy Cat L7

3-KYU					2-KYU

Love Again Tonight 7			Resonate 1794 L7
Back to the Dance Floor L7		-perplexity- 7
D.A.N.C.E.! 7				Night Flight to Tokyo L7
More Move L7				North 7

1-KYU					1-DAN

Fly Away to India 7			.59 7
Tell Me More... 7			Injection of Love 7
Rok Da World 7				Rislim 7
V35 7					KI-SE-KI (IIDX RED Edit) 7

2-DAN					3-DAN

Outer Wall 7				EVO66 7
Still My Words 7			Kecak 7
Les filles balancent 7			Blocks 7
Car of Your Dreams 7			Raspberry Heart (English version) 7

4-DAN					5-DAN

Listen to Yourself 7			Spiral Galaxy 7
Key 7					Suijou no Teitoku 7
Andromeda 7				Golden Horn 7
Speedy Cat 7				Night Flight to Tokyo 7

6-DAN					7-DAN

Sphere 7				Soliton Beam 7
Rainbow Flyer 7				Resonate 1794 7
DXY! 7					On the Tube A
Red Zone 7				The Safari 7

8-DAN					9-DAN

MAX 300 7				Andromeda A
AA 7					Go Berzerk A
Wonder Bullfighter A			Blocks A
Gigadelic 7				Genocide A


A A (A another)
Fake Time A
Piano Concerto No. 1 - "Scorpion Fire" A
AA A (AA another)

E. Double Class Courses

KEY: L14 - Light14, 14 - 14keys, A - Another

5-KYU					4-KYU

Gambol L14				Tell Me More... L14
Toxic L14				Oosanbashi L14
Earth Scape L14				D.A.N.C.E.! L14

3-KYU					2-KYU

Texture L14				I'm for Real 14
KI-SE-KI (IIDX RED Edit) L14		EVO66 L14
~T-A-I-Y-O~ L14				Secret of Love L14

1-KYU					1-DAN

Speedy Cat L14				Back to the Dance Floor 14
D.A.N.C.E.! 14				Love is Orange 14
Love Again Tonight 14			.59 14

2-DAN					3-DAN

The Cube 14				Click Again 14
Car of Your Dreams 14			DXY! L14
Rok Da World 14				Horizon 14

4-DAN					5-DAN

Don't Be Afraid Myself L14		EVO66 14
Harmony 14				Kecak 14

6-DAN					7-DAN

North 14				Suijou no Teitoku 14
Speedy Cat 14				Red Zone 14
Key 14					Click Again A

8-DAN					9-DAN

Estella 14				On the Tube A
Wonder Bullfighter A			Kecak A
Soliton Beam 14				Andromeda A


The Cube A
Go Berzerk A


A. What the Heck is Internet Ranking?

Internet Ranking allows to pit yourself against IIDX players from around
the world on the default Expert Courses. No, you can't use that "Roman 5"
course you made for Internet Ranking purposes.

The official Internet Ranking site is located at:


Unfortunately, if you're reading the guide right now, Internet Ranking is
done and over. I highly recommend heading over to VJ Army for all your IIDX 
ranking needs.

VJ Army can be found at http://www.vjarmy.com/iidx/.

B. How Do I Join the Fun?

Internet Ranking is closed, but this section will stay, as the info should
be valid for any future IIDX games.

You can submit scores for as many Expert courses as you want, but you may only
post one Class course score at a time - your most recent score takes 
precedence over any others. Remember that Class Mode exists to gauge your IIDX
ability, so it wouldn't make sense for you to have to post ALL your Class Mode

Anyway, to get involved in Internet Ranking, simply do the following:

1. Go to the official site (listed above). If you're entering an EXPERT MODE
	password, click "Internet Ranking". If you're entering a CLASS MODE
	password, click "Class".

2. Click the top link (make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled), and a
	window with several entry fields will appear.

3. Enter your information. The fields are as follows:

	- DJ Name: The DJ name you used to get your password. It must be the

	- Mail: Your e-mail address. These won't be visible on the
		ranking page.

	- Password: Your Internet Ranking password. For some odd
		reason, the game hyphenates Expert Mode passwords - remove 
		it, or the password won't work.

	- Districts: If you live in Japan, choose what city or
		prefecture you live in. If you don't (which is more likely if
		you're reading this), just pick one at random. Remember which
		one you picked, because you'll need to use the same one each

	- Comment: Enter a comment about the course. Abusive comments
		will be deleted.

4. Click the left link (NOT the right one!), and you're done!

If you'd like to see the rankings for each course (or overall), click the
third link on the main Internet Ranking page and choose the course and
difficulty you'd like to see. The little "SP 7keys/SP Light7/etc." boxes
will take you to some lists of rankings, sorted by prefecture.

For Class Mode, click the third link from the top - this will take you to
a list of the Class Courses. The top one is 10-dan, and the bottom one is


A. Unlockable Charts


To unlock Gambol Another7/Another14 in Free Mode, clear the Slake Course on
Another. The Slake Course is a backside course, so you'll have to clear the
initially-available Expert courses to get it to show up.

If you have to, set the game's difficulty to 1 and play the course on Easy.
Don't forget to change it back when you're done.


To unlock eRAseRmOToRpHAntOM, go to Arcade Mode, and make sure you're in the
All Music folder. Switch the difficulty to Another, and head for those weird
little question marks (which give you a random song when chosen). Qualify for
an Extra Stage, and your Extra Stage shall be eRAseRmOToRpHAntOM Another.
Whether you pass or fail it, it's permanently unlocked in Free Mode.

Note that you don't have to use Hard Mode. In fact, you can set the game to
Level 1 and play with 5keys and Easy enabled, and you can still get it.

B. Backside Internet Ranking Courses

To unlock the backside Internet Ranking courses, simply qualify for Internet
Ranking in the first set of courses (get to at least the third stage). You'll
unlock one backside course for each initially-available course you get an IR
password for.

C. Custom Interfaces

A few customizations are initially available - one of the frames and one of
	the note bursts, for instance. The rest need to be unlocked.

To unlock components of the custom interfaces, do the following:

- Frames: A new frame will unlock every 15 times you play an Expert course. 
	For the more impatient among you, you can accomplish this by failing
	or exiting out of the courses.

- Turntables: Different turntable designs will unlock at 500 and 1000
	DJ points. DJ points are earned by playing songs - the higher your
	grade, the more DJ points you get.

- Note Bursts: The two note bursts will unlock when you clear 1-dan and 8-
	dan respectively. Whether you play on Single or Double doesn't

- Song Progress Bar: That little thing on the left that scrolls down as the
	song plays. Play an Expert course for one of them, and play a Class
	course for the other.

- Dancing Mascots: To unlock cute little dancing mascots that will appear
	in front of the music video or score graph, clear 3-kyu, 1-dan,
	3-dan, 6-dan, and 8-dan. It doesn't matter if you play on Single
	or Double.

And before anyone asks, no, you do not have to do everything in those lists
before everything appears. So one mascot will appear if you pass 3-kyu, and
another will appear when you pass 1-dan, and so on.

Note that when you've unlocked all the different options for each part of
the interface (except the frame), a "random" option will appear. Selecting
this option will randomize that particular design - for example, selecting
it for the turntable will make a randomly-selected turntable design appear
each time you play a song.

Also, if you unlock all the different note bursts, a "S-Random" option
will appear. Those brave enough to activate it will notice that every note
you hit will use a different, randomized note burst graphic.

D. Extra Stage & One More Extra Stage

As a reminder for those playing Arcade Mode:

- To get Genocide as your Extra Stage, AA three songs on Another with Hard. 
	The last one has to be a 7-star or higher.

- To get the One More Extra Stage, get Genocide as your Extra Stage, then 
	get an A on it on Another with Hard.

E. Special Expert Courses

In Original Course Setting mode, if you enter any of the following names:


...you'll get a secret course, made up of songs containing videos done by
each VJ listed. These aren't Internet Ranking courses, though - they still
count as original courses.

Course listing:

- HES course: Outer Wall, Spiral Galaxy, Andromeda, Resonate 1794, Earth Scape
- F-FLY course: Texture, Oosanbashi, Move Me, Les filles balancent, Close 
	Your Eyes for Me
- GYO course: Speedy Cat, Car of Your Dreams, Taiyo, Key, Red Zone
- GOLI course: Fly Away to India, Fake Time, MAX 300, Gigadelic, A
- MAYA course: Love Again..., Horizon, Ageha, Secret of Love, Genocide

F. Result Screens

Gallery Mode (which I did not mention earlier because it has little gameplay
significanc) is a special mode where you can gaze in awe at all the result
screens you've earned (or at all the pretty blank spaces if you haven't
earned any). Here's how you earn all 59 result screens:

1-3: Get an AAA on any song.
4-5: Get an AA on any song.
6-7: Get an A on any song.
8-21: Daily Expert course result screens. You can get two pictures each day.
22: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 100%.
23: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 98-80%.
24: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 78-60%.
25: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 58-40%.
26: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 38-20%.
27: Clear any stage in an Expert course (but not the last one) with 18% or
28: Genocide Mode. Get Genocide as your Extra Stage in Arcade Mode.
29: Scorpion Fire. Reach the One More Extra Stage in Arcade Mode.
30-36: Single Class course result screens for 7-kyu through 1-kyu.
37-41: Double Class course result screens for 5-kyu through 1-kyu.
42-51: Class course result screens for 1-dan through 10-dan (it doesn't matter
	whether you play Single or Double).
52: Fail any Expert course on Single.
53: Fail any Expert course on Double.
54: Qualify for Internet Ranking on an initially-available Expert course.
55: Qualify for Internet Ranking on a backside Expert course.
56: Qualify for Internet Ranking on the Core Course.
57: Qualify for Internet Ranking in a Class course.
58: Get screens 54-57.
59: Get 1000 DJ points. The higher your clear is on any given song, the more
	DJ points you'll get.


Special Thanks To:

Konami - for creating the awesome Beatmania and Beatmania IIDX series.

CJayC and GameFAQs, for hosting my guide.

Chad Steele (BTB), whose hilarious FAQs inspired me to write my own. I'm not
	as funny as he is, but I try.

Hibroad & VJ Army - Notecounts, difficulties, & BPMs.

KAuthor - Informed me about the VJ Expert courses.

k//eternal, brak2000, and others - eRAseRmOToRpHAntOM unlock instructions.

xybur - Result screen information.

Arimasen - Informed me about the DJDAO controller. That's one good-looking

Neo Conker, VJ Army, Bemanistyle - Clarified the UI customizations.

I'd also like to thank Gene Dreyband, Sergio Rueda, and Ari Davalos for some
miscellaneous additions/corrections to the FAQ.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this FAQ as big as it is!


Contact me at coredesat@outphase.com with any questions, comments, or 
suggestions. This is the final version of the FAQ, so I cannot guarantee
that your suggestion will be added.

DO NOT contact me with questions about console modification or video game
piracy, because I will not answer. Console modification may void your PS2
warranty, and piracy is illegal.

There is a Unicode version of this FAQ (with correctly-displaying katakana
and kanji) located at:



This guide is copyright (c) 2006 William Weaver.

Beatmania and Beatmania IIDX are registered trademarks of Konami Computer 
Entertainment Japan.


This guide may NOT be posted without my permission anywhere other than the 
sites listed on my permissions list.

This list may be found at the following link:


You may not modify my FAQ and present it as your own work, and you may not
profit from my FAQ - if I allow you to post my FAQ, it must go in a free
section of your website, because profiting from others' work without their
consent is just plain wrong.

If you find that this FAQ is on a site not on the above list, do not
hesitate to contact me at coredesat@outphase.com so I can yell at those

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