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Game Script by Riou_McDohl

Version: Takaya | Updated: 11/16/07

                                PERSONA 3 SCRIPT

Table of Contents

*Important Dates
*Main Script
*Optional/NPC Dialog
*Elizabeth's Requests
*Bad Ending
*Optional Boss
*Second Trailer Quotes
*Tanaka's Amazing Commodities
*Legal Stuff



*This script contains all the mandatory conversations in the game, as well as
 all of the optional/NPC dialog based on when it changes. At present, I am
 missing a very small amount of the main game's dialog (from missing a couple
 of choice outcomes) and it may be possible that I missed some of the NPC
 dialog as well.

*There will be spoilers. If you're reading this and haven't beaten the game,
 I suggest you avoid reading ahead.

*There were a few minor edits of this text from the actual game text. Mostly
 this entails fixing typos and deleting excessive ellipses from the same


[These are actions taking place in the scene.]

{These show the choices that Main can select.}

(These are used to point out things, like when the person being addressed has
 changed or when the speaker is using an alternate method of communication
 besides talking.)

<These indicate when anime scenes begin or end.>

Concerning NPCs

*Almost all of the NPCs have very generic names. I have given many of them
 alternate names here so that you can easily know who is talking.

*Most of The Lost do not have any lines besides various groans; therefore, they
 are not listed.

*NPC dialog is listed by the first day it changes.

Important Dates

*Since every day is covered in the script, listing each date would not be
 efficient. Therefore, below are the major dates that impact the plot.

*To quickly find a certain date, use the Find function (Crtl+F) and search for
 a date using the format "*MM/DD/YY*" for the main script and "+MM/DD/YY+" for
 the optional dialog.

4/6/09.............................................................The Contract
4/7/09......................................................First Day of School
4/8/09..........................................................The Velvet Room
4/9/09.......................................................Attack on the Dorm
4/17/09...........................................................Main Recovers
4/19/09............................................................Junpei Joins
4/20/09..................................................First Trip to Tartarus
4/21/09........................................................Officer Kurosawa

5/1/09.........................................................Meeting Shinjiro
5/9/09.........................................................Priestess Shadow
5/18/09...................................................1st Semester Midterms
5/25/09............................................................Exam Results
5/29/09.......................................................Natsuki the Bully

6/1/09.............................................Junpei's Believe it or Don't
6/5/09.................................................Notes on the Ghost Story
6/6/09.................................................Back Alley Investigation
6/8/09................................................Empress & Emperor Shadows
6/11/09.............................................................Fuuka Joins
6/12/09.......................................................Fuuka and Natsuki
6/20/09..........................................................The 12 Shadows
6/22/09............................................................Enter Strega
6/23/09..........................................................Shinji and Aki
6/29/09........................................................Fuuka's Research

7/7/09..............................................Hierophant & Lovers Shadows
7/11/09............................................................The Incident
7/12/09....................................................The Past, The Future
7/13/09..........................................................Vacation Plans
7/14/09.....................................................1st Semester Finals
7/18/09.............................................................Meeting Ken
7/20/09.................................................Revelation at Yakushima
7/21/09.....................................................Operation Babe Hunt
7/22/09.............................................................Aigis Joins
7/23/09.......................................................Shinji and Strega

8/2/09......................................................Regional Tournament
8/6/09................................................Chariot & Justice Shadows
8/8/09...........................................................Koromaru Joins
8/10/09....................................................Summer School Begins
8/16/09.........................................................Summer Festival
8/20/09.........................................................Mysterious Girl
8/24/09........................................................Painful Memories
8/28/09...............................................................Ken Joins
8/29/09......................................................Mysterious Girl II

9/1/09........................................................Aigis The Student
9/2/09.............................................................Shinji Joins
9/4/09.......................................................Junpei and Chidori
9/5/09............................................................Hermit Shadow
9/6/09....................................................Interrogating Chidori
9/8/09.................................................Interrogating Chidori II
9/10/09..........................................................Shinji's Pills
9/12/09...................................................Junpei Visits Chidori
9/18/09.............................................................The Typhoon

10/4/09..............................................Strength & Fortune Shadows
10/5/09....................................................Akihiko's Resolution
10/6/09........................................................Ken's Resolution
10/13/09..................................................2nd Semester Midterms
10/18/09.......................................................Midterms Results
10/20/09.....................................................Fuuka's Resolution
10/24/09...................................................Reasons for Fighting

11/2/09..................................................Thoughts on the Battle
11/3/09............................................Strega and Hanged Man Shadow
11/4/09................................................Celebration and Betrayal
11/5/09.....................................................Yukari's Resolution
11/6/09.....................................................Chidori's Rejection
11/9/09...........................................................Meeting Ryoji
11/14/09.......................................................Mitsuru's Sorrow
11/17/09..........................................................Trip to Kyoto
11/18/09...................................................Mitsuru's Resolution
11/19/09............................................................Hot Springs
11/21/09........................................................Strega Reunited
11/22/09....................................................Junpei's Resolution
11/28/09...................................................Chidori's Sketchbook
11/30/09...........................................................Aigis's Plan

12/2/09...............................................................The Truth
12/3/09...........................................................Ryoji's Offer
12/14/09....................................................2nd Semester Finals
12/20/09.....................................................Yukari and Mitsuru
12/23/09........................................................Akihiko and Ken
12/24/09..........................................................Christmas Eve
12/27/09.......................................................Junpei and Fuuka
12/30/09.....................................................Aigis's Resolution
12/31/09...........................................................The Decision

1/1/10...........................................................New Year's Day
1/8/10..........................................................Main and Junpei
1/12/10.......................................................The Cult's Leader
1/25/10.......................................................Career Counseling
1/31/10........................................................The Promised Day




[A blue butterfly appears for a few seconds before some text appears.]

Time never waits.
	It delivers all equally to the same end.

You, who wish to safeguard the future,
	however limited it may be...

You will be given one year;

go forth without falter,
	with your heart as your guide...

<anime cutscene>

[A young man is shown walking across town. Meanwhile, a young woman is sitting
 in a bathroom with the sink water running. She lifts a gun to her forehead as
 though to shoot herself, and hesitatingly puts her thumb on the trigger, but
 drops the gun. The boy rides a train through town and gets off at the station
 just as the clock reaches midnight. At midnight, the power on everything goes
 out, the sky and the moon turn shades of green and everyone else turn into
 coffins. Unfazed, the boy walks through town to the dorm he is looking for and
 enters. A strange-looking boy appears inside and addresses the older boy.]

Mysterious Boy: You're late. I've been waiting a long time for you.

[The boy snaps. A red notebook suddenly appears on the desk.]

Mysterious Boy: Now if you want to proceed, please sign your name there. It's a
                contract. Don't worry, all it says is that you'll accept full
                responsibility for your actions. You know, the usual stuff.

[The player is prompted to enter a last and first name for the main character.]

Mysterious Boy: No one can escape time. It delivers us all to the same end. You
                can't plug your ears and cover your eyes.

[The boy takes the contract and it disappears into thin air.]

Mysterious Boy: And so it begins.

[The boy disappears as well.]

Female Voice: Who's there?

[The girl from earlier enters the room and spots Main. She begins to go for her

Older Female Voice: Takeba, wait!

[An older girl enters the room. As they stand around, the power goes back on
 and everything seems to return to normal.]

<end anime cutscene>

[The older girl approaches Main.]

Redhead: I didn't think you'd arrive so late. My name is Mitsuru Kirijo. I'm
         one of the students who live in this dorm.

Brunette: ...Who's he?

Mitsuru Kirijo: He's a transfer student. It was a last minute decision to
                assign him here. He'll eventually be moved to a room in the
                boys' dorm.

Brunette: ...Is it okay for him to be here?

Mitsuru Kirijo: I guess we'll see... (to Main) This is Yukari Takeba. She'll be
                a junior this spring, just like you.

Yukari Takeba: ...Hey.

Main: {Nice to meet you.}

        Yukari Takeba: Uh, y-yeah... Nice to meet you too...

      {Why do you have a gun?}

        Yukari Takeba: Huh? Um, well, it's sorta like a hobby... Well, not a
                       hobby, but...

        Mitsuru Kirijo: You know how it is these days... It's for self-defense.
                        It's not a real gun, of course.

      {Is this the girls' dorm?}

        Yukari Takeba: No, it's not, but... Umm, how should I explain it...?

        Mitsuru Kirijo: Unlike the other buildings, this one's co-ed. It's not
                        your typical dorm, though. I'll explain it to you later
                        when I get a chance.

Mitsuru Kirijo: It's getting late, so you should get some rest. Your room is on
                the second floor, at the end of the hallway. Your things should
                already be there.

Yukari Takeba: Oh... I'll show you the way. Follow me.

[Main and Yukari go to the second floor hallway. They walk to the room at the
 end of the hall.]

Yukari Takeba: This is it... Pretty easy to remember, huh? ...Since it's right
               at the end of the hall. Oh yeah, make sure you don't lose your
               key, or you'll never hear the end of it... So, any questions?

Main: {What's that contract for?}

        Yukari: Huh? ...What contract?

      {Does that kid live here too?}

        Yukari: What kid? What are you talking about? ...C'mon, it's not funny.

> Yukari doesn't seem to know what you're talking about.

Yukari: Um... Can I ask you something? On your way here from the station, was
        everything okay?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Yukari: I see... Never mind, then.

      {What do you mean?}

        Yukari: You know what I-- ...Never mind. It seems like you're alright.

Yukari: Well, I better get going...

[She starts to walk away, then stops.]

Yukari: Um... I'm sure you still have other questions, but let's save them for
        later, okay? Good night.

[Yukari leaves. Main enters his room.]


/Early Morning\

[Main is standing in his room. There's a knock at the door.]

Yukari: It's Yukari. Are you awake?

Main: {Open the door.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Ignore her.}

        Yukari: Hello! Please answer the door, or I'll get in trouble!

        > You decide you had better not ignore her.

[Main opens the door and Yukari enters.]

Yukari: Good morning. Did you sleep okay? Mitsuru-senpai asked me to take you
        to school. It's getting late, so... Are you ready to go?

Main: {Yeah, I'm ready.}

        Yukari: Okay. Then, let's go.

      {I can find it myself.}

        Yukari: Oh, really? But, you don't wanna risk being late the first day,
                do you? Just hurry up and get ready!

<anime cutscene>

[Main and Yukari are riding the train to school.]

Yukari: So, that's it. See? There it is.

[The school can be seen outside. Later, the pair are walking up the steps to
 the school. They stop at the front gate.]

Yukari: Well, this is it. We're here. Welcome to Gekkoukan High School. Hope
        you like it.

<end anime cutscene>

[Inside, Main and Yukari are at the shoe lockers.]

Yukari: You're okay from here, right? You should go see your homeroom teacher
        first. The Faculty Office is right there to the left. ...And that
        concludes the tour. Do you have any questions before I go?

Main: {Which class are you in?}

        Yukari: Me? I dunno... I haven't looked at the classroom assignments

      {No, not really.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: Hey... About last night... Don't tell anyone what you saw, okay? ...See
        ya later.

[Yukari leaves.]

> There are many people standing in front of the bulletin board.

[Main enters the office hall and goes into the Faculty Office. A teacher inside
 notices him.]

Teacher: Oh, are you the new student?

[Main nods.]

Teacher: (First Name) (Last Name)... 11th grade, correct? Wow, you've lived in
         a lot of different places... Let's see... In 1999... That was what,
         ten years ago? Your parents-- *gasp* I'm sorry... I've been so busy,
         I didn't have time to read this beforehand. I'm Ms. Toriumi. I teach
         Composition. Welcome to ourschool.

Main: {Oh...Thanks.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Nice to meet you!}

        Ms. Toriumi: Wow, such enthusiasm!

Ms. Toriumi: Have you seen the classroom assignments? You're in 2-F; that's my
             class. But first, we need to go to the auditorium. The Welcoming
             Ceremony will be starting soon. Follow me.

[The scene changes to the auditorium. The Principal is at the podium on stage.]

Principal: As you begin the new school year, I'd like each of you to remember
           the proverb, "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well." When
           applied to student life, this means...

> The Principal continues with his speech...

[The focus changes to where Main is sitting.]

Classmate: Psst... Hey...

> The student behind you is trying to get your attention.

Classmate: You came to school with Yukari this morning, right? I saw you two
           walking together. Hey, I have a question. Do you know if she has a

Main: {She does.}

        Classmate: Man, I knew it... I mean, why wouldn't she? ...Wait, how
                   well do you know her?

      {She doesn't.}

        Classmate: Really? ...Oh, you asked her? Wow, I'm surprised... So, how
                   well do you know her?

      {I don't know.}

        Classmate: I see. I thought you might know, but... I guess not. ...So,
                   how well do you know her?

Teacher from Another class: I hear talking. I believe it's someone in Ms.
                            Toriumi's class...

Ms. Toriumi: Shhh! Be quiet! You're going to get me in trouble!

> You hear lots of people talking...

/After School\

[Scene changes to Main sitting in his homeroom. As he gets up to leave, another
 student approaches him.]

Student: S'up, dude? How's it goin'?

Main: {Who are you?}

        Student: Me?

      {What do you want?}

        Student: Oh, come on. Let me introduce myself, at least.

Student: I'm Junpei Iori. Nice to meet ya. I transferred here when I was in
         eighth grade. I know how tough it is bein' the new kid... So I wanted
         to say, "hey." ...See what a nice guy I am!

[Yukari enters and approaches Main and Junpei.]

Junpei: Hey, it's Yuka-tan! I didn't think we'd be in the same class again.

Yukari: *sigh* At it again, huh? I swear, you'll talk to anyone if they'll
        listen. Did you ever think you might be bothering someone?

Junpei: What? But, I was just bein' friendly.

Yukari: If you say so. (to Main) Anyway, looks like we're in the same

Main: {Yeah, I know.}

        Yukari: Funny, huh?

      {It's just a coincidence.}

        Yukari: I know, but still... I was a little surprised.

      {It must be fate.}

        Yukari: Fate? Yeah, right. *chuckle* Still, I'm a little surprised.

Junpei: Um, hello? Are you forgetting that I'm in this class too? By the way, I
        heard you two came to school together this morning. What's up with
        that? C'mon, gimme the dirt!

Yukari: Wh-What are you talking about!? We live in the same dorm. There's
        nothing going on, okay? Why are people even talking about it!?
        Now you have me worried... (to Main) Hey... You didn't say anything to
        anyone about.. you know what, did you?

Main: {Uh uh.}

        Yukari: Okay, good.

      {You know what?}

        Yukari: Don't tell me you forgot already!

Yukari: Seriously... Don't say anything about last night, alright?

Junpei: ...

Yukari: Wh-What?

Junpei: L-Last night...?

Yukari: W-Wait a minute! Don't get the wrong idea! Listen! I just met him
        yesterday, and there's absolutely nothing between us! Geez... I've
        gotta go. I've got something to take care of for the archery team.
        But, you better not start any rumors!

[Yukari leaves.]

Junpei: Ah, who cares? No one takes rumors seriously, anyway. She's so
        paranoid... But, hey! It's your first day here, and people are already
        talkin' about you! Believe it or not, she's actually pretty popular.
        You da man! Heheh, this is gonna be a fun year. I can feel it!


[Scene changes to the dorm.]

> There's a sign-in sheet on the counter...


Mitsuru: Welcome back.

[Main goes to his room.]

> You feel tired. You should get some rest...

[Later, Mitsuru is reading on the couch. Another student approaches her.]

Confident-looking Student: I'm going out for a bit.

Mitsuru: ...Hm?

Confident-looking Student: Didn't you see the newspaper? There's a lot going

Mitsuru: ...I know. People who had no problems before are suddenly developing
         acute cases of Apathy Syndrome... I've seen it in the news quite
         often lately. They say it's due to stress, but...

Confident-looking Student: Yeah, right. It has to be THEM. Otherwise, it's not
                           worth my time...

Mitsuru: You have a one-track mind... Will you be okay on your own? The
         Chairman will be here for the next few days, but after that, I can...

Confident-looking Student: Don't worry. I'm just getting a little practice.

[The male student leaves.]

Mitsuru: *sigh* This isn't a game, Akihiko...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Did you hear the rumor...?

Listening Student: Oh, um... something about... a bathroom?

Gossiping Student: N-No! Not that one! I mean the one about the first-year
                   student! Not only did she stop coming to school, she does
                   nothing but sit and stare at the walls all day. If her
                   mother tries to talk to her, she only mutters to herself,
                   "It's coming... It's coming...!"

Listening Student: Huh. How about that.

Gossiping Student: You don't believe me...?

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: Hakushu Kitahara is great, but I think I prefer Fuyuhiko
             Yoshimura. His works aren't as famous, but that's what I like
             about him. My personal favorite is "Mangekyo." Why isn't it ever
             in textbooks...? I'll bring it next time so you can write an essay
             on it. ...Hey, Junpei! Were you listening? Who did I say was my
             favorite author?

Junpei: H-Huh? U-Ummm... (to Main) Psst! Who does she like?

Main: {Hakushu Kitahara.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Wrong! Why won't you pay attention to my lectures!? You'll
                     make me cry if you keep this up! Listen next time!

        Junpei: U-Um, I-I... I'm sorry! You're gonna pay for this, Main...!

      {Fuyuhiko Yoshimura.}

        Ms. Toriumi: That's right! So you were listening to me after all!

        Junpei: Eheheh... Well, you know how I like to pay attention! Man, you
                saved my bacon, Main!

        > You hear your classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main gave him the answer... He must pay attention in class!

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.

      {Junpei Iori.}

        (Same as first option.)


[Main returns to the dorm. Yukari is sitting down, talking to an older man in
 the other chair.]

Yukari: Oh, he's back.

Sophisticated Gentleman: So, this is our new guest...

[Yukari and the man stand up.]

Sophisticated Gentleman: Good evening. My name is Shuji Ikutsuki. I'm the
                         Chairman of the Board for your school. "Ikutsuki"...
                         Hard to say, isn't it? That's why I don't like
                         introducing myself. Even I get tongue-tied sometimes...
                         Please, have a seat.

[The three of them sit down.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: I apologize about the confusion regarding your accomodations.
                However, it may take a while longer before you receive a proper
                room assignment. Is there anything you'd like to ask?

Main: {Why are you here?}

        Shuji Ikutsuki: To welcome you, of course. Well, to be honest, I do
                        have other business here. Speaking of which... where's
                        Mitsuru, Yukari?

        Yukari: She's upstairs.

        Shuji Ijutsuki: As diligent as always. Although, it doesn't hurt to
                        come down and say hello... Is there anything else?

      {Who else lives here?}

        Shuji Ikutsuki: There are only four students in this dorm: you, Yukari
                        here, Mitsuru, and a senior named Akihiko Sanada. I
                        hope you all get along. Any other questions?

      {The other night, I saw...}

        Shuji Ikutsuki: You saw something strange? ...Like what?

        Yukari: ...

        Shuji Ikutsuki: You were probably just tired. I wouldn't worry about

        > Something doesn't seem right...

        Shuji Ikutsuki: Do you have another question?

      {No, I'm good.}

        Shuji Iktsuki: Then, I hope you have a successful school year. Now, if
                       you'll excuse me...

[Ikutsuki gets up.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: You must be tired from all the excitement. You should go to bed
                early. As they say, "The early bird catches the bookworm!"
                ...Please forgive the bad pun. *chuckle*

[Ikutsuki leaves.]

Yukari: ...You'll get used to his lame jokes.

[The scene ends and Main is shown asleep in his bed. The scene changes to show
 Mitsuru, Yukari, and Ikutsuki, who are all standing in a control room of some
 sort. Mitsuru and Yukari are sitting in front of the monitors.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Working hard? So, how's he doing?

[Mitsuru and Yukari stand up.]

Mitsuru: He went to bed a little while ago. He's asleep now. Mr. Chairman, do
         you think he's...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, let's wait and see for now. ...The Dark Hour is

/Dark Hour\

<anime cutscene>

[Several young people are shown sitting in an alleyway. One of them checks his
 phone and stands up just as it turns to midnight. The sky turns green and
 everyone else turn into coffins again. The student drops his phone and holds
 his hands to his head. Black fluid seems to flow out of his head and he yells
 before collapsing onto the ground.]

<end anime cutscene>

[The focus is back on Mitsuru, Yukari, and Ikutsuki.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm... He's still sleeping. The Dark Hour occurs every day at
                12 midnight; you could say it's the "hidden" hour. During this
                time, an ordinary person Transmogrifies into a coffin, and is
                oblivious to all that occurs.

Yukari: Then, he must be...

Shuji Ikutsuki: As you can see, he's retained his human form. He's asleep, but
                he's definately experiencing the Dark Hour. The only question
                that remains is whether or not he has the potential. Although,
                he must. ...If he didn't, they would've preyed on him by now.

Yukari: Scary...

Shuji Ikutsuki: In any case, we should continue to monitor him for a few more

Mitsuru: Yes, Sir.

Yukari: I feel kinda bad, though, spying on him like this...

<anime cutscene>

[The camera zooms in on a mysterious door, which opens to reveal a huge room
 covered in blue. The back wall is chain-link, displaying that the room seems
 to be moving upward like an elevator, and has a large clock whose hands are
 constinuously spinning. Main is seatted in a chair, and across the table from
 him are a plain-looking woman and an old man with a long nose.]

Man with a Long Nose: Welcome to the Velvet Room, my dear young man.

<end anime cutscene>

Man with a Long Nose: My name is Igor. ...I am delighted to make your
                      acquaintance. This is Elizabeth. She's a resident here,
                      like myself.

Elizabeth: Pleased to meet you.

Igor: This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter... It's been
      years since we've had a guest.

[Igor waves his hand and the red notebook from the opening movie appears on the

> It's the document you signed at the dorm.

Igor: Only those who have signed the contract can enter this place...
      Henceforth, you shall be welcome here in the Velvet Room. You are
      destined to hone your unique ability, and you will require my help to do
      so. I only ask one thing in return... that you abide by the contract,
      and assume responsibility for the choices that you make.

Main: {I understand.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I don't understand.}

        Igor: ...That is fine, for now.

      {Is this a dream?}

        Igor: Precisely... You are fast asleep in the real world as we speak.
              This visit of yours is merely a dream. However, you will come
              here of your own accord, sooner or later.

Igor: Hold on to this...

> Obtained Velvet Key.

Igor: 'Til we meet again...

[The scene fades out.]


/Early Morning\

[Main is standing in his room.]

> It feels like you had a strange dream... However, it's time to go to school.

[Later, Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: What's up!? Man, today is the perfect day! The sky is blue... We're
        young... What more could we ask for!?

Main: {You're full of energy.}

        Junpei: Of course! Dude, listen to this... Oh, wait! I'm not supposed
                to say anything! Sorry, man. *chuckle*

      {I think you need rest.}

        Junpei: Dude, I'm not sick! Forget the ol' Junpei...! This is the REAL
                me! You should cheer up, too. After all, you've got ME as a

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr. Ekoda: Ahem... I'm Mr. Ekoda. I'll be teaching you Classic Literature. I'll
           be teaching you about good old Japan all year. Some people say
           Classic Lit isn't relevant to everyday life, but oh, how they're
           wrong! Hey... Are you all listening to me?

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ekoda: Let's begin. Open your textbooks, class. First on our
                   syllabus is "Ise Monogatari," the origin of Japanese
                   literature. It's a very interesting story. You youngsters
                   might call it, "da bomb." Anyway...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      [Doze off]

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!

/Dark Hour\

[Main is asleep in his bed. Mitsuru, Yukari, and Ikutsuki are in the control
 room again.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...How is he?

Mitsuru: ...The same as last night.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm... Very interesting. Even those who have the potential
                tend to be unstable at first... Memory loss... disorientation...
                But, this subject is rather unique. He hasn't exhibited any of
                the common symptoms.

Yukari: But... we're treating him like a guinea pig.

Shuji Ikutsuki: I understand your concern, but it's imperative that we recruit
                new members. I heard he's your classmate... Wouldn't you be
                more comfortable working with someone from the same grade?

Yukari: Yeah, I guess. But, still...

[There is a beep on the panal.]

Mitsuru: Command room. ...Is that you, Akihiko?

Akihiko Sanada: (on transceiver) You're not gonna believe this...! This thing
                is huge! Unfortunately, I don't have time to talk... It's
                chasing me... I wanted to let you guys know. I'm almost there.

Yukari: Does that mean... he's bringing that thing here!?

Mitsuru: Mr. Chairman! Let's suspend our observation for now. We'll prepare for

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...R-Right! Be careful!

[Scene changes to the front door. Akihiko enters and slumps down. Mitsuru,
 Yukari, and Ikutsuki arrive from the control room.]

Mitsuru: Akihiko!

Akihiko: Agh...!

Yukari: Senpai!?

Akihiko: I'm alright. Get ready to be surprised... It'll be here any second.

Mitsuru: This is no time to joke around!

Shuji Ikutsuki: It's one of them, Akihiko?

Akihiko: Yes, but not an ordinary one--

[The ground suddenly shakes.]

Yukari: Ahh!! What the...!? ...You've gotta be kidding me!

[Mitsuru pulls out a gun.]

Mitsuru: Mr. Chairman, please head for the command room! Takeba, go upstairs
         and wake him up! Then, escape out the back.

Yukari: But, what about you two?

Mitsuru: We'll stop it here. You led it to us, Akihiko, so I'm afraid you'll
         have to fight.

Akihiko: Like I had a choice! What are you waiting for, Yukari? Go!

Yukari: I-I'm going!

[Scene changes to Main's room.]

> You are awoken by a loud noise... You hear a commotion down the hall. You
  decide to go take a look.

[Main has just gotten out of bed. Yukari knocks on the door.]

Yukari: Wake up!! Sorry, I'm coming in!

[Yukari unlocks the door and enters.]

Yukari: I don't have time to explain. We have to get out of here, now!

Main: {What's going on?}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

[The ground shakes again.]

Yukari: Hurry! Downstairs! We'll leave through the back door!

(Next 3 lines are omitted if on New Game +.)

        Yukari: Wait! ...Take this, just in case.

        > Yukari handed you a short sword.

        Yukari: ...Okay, let's go!

[Main and Yukari run downstairs to the back door.]

Yukari: Alright, we should be safe now--

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Takeba, do you read me!?

Yukari: Y-Yes! I hear you!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Be careful! There's more than one enemy! The one
         we're fighting isn't the one Akihiko saw!

Yukari: What!?

[There are several loud knocks on the back door.]

Yukari: *gasp* L-Let's pull back!

[Main and Yukari move towards the stairs.]

Yukari: What are we going to do...? They're downstairs! Do we have any choice
        but to go further up?

[Main and Yukari move to the second floor.]

Yukari: W-Whoa, whoa! What are we going to do!?

[Main and Yukari keep going up to the fourth floor. The ground shakes again and
 they hear the sound of something breaking.]

Yukari: What was that!?

[The ground continues to shake.]

Yukari: It's getting closer! K-Keep moving! Hurry!!

[Main and Yukari continue to the fifth floor.]

Yukari: O-Oh yeah! If we go out through here--!

[Main and Yukari leave through the rooftop exit, and Yukari locks the door
 behind her.]

Yukari: *sigh* I think we're okay for now...

[The ground shakes again.]

Yukari: ...!?

<anime cutscene>

[Main and Yukari turn around. A large, multi-limbed creature holding a mask
 climbs onto the roof. It spots them, and pulls out a few blades and moves to
 attack them.]

Yukari: Those monsters... We call them Shadows!

[Yukari takes out the gun she had earlier, puts the gun to her head and pulls
 the trigger. Several energy columns begin to spring up. However, the Shadow
 strikes the gun with one of its blades and she drops it as she falls to the
 ground. The gun lands at Main's feet. A vision of the young boy from the
 opening appears.]

Mysterious Boy: Go on...

[Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Ikutsuki are back in the control room and they spot Main
 and Yukari on the monitors.]

Akihiko: There!

[Akihiko and Mitsuru begin to leave.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Wait.

[Main picks up the gun, recalls what Yukari did with it, and lifts it to his
 temple. He hesitates at first, but then calms down and pulls the trigger.]

Main: Persona.

[Beads of energy start to stream around Main, and an odd looking being appears
 above him. Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Ikutsuki look on from the monitors.]

Orpheus: Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I cometh. I am
         Orpheus, master of strings...

Mitsuru: As we suspected...

[Suddenly Orpheus begins to convulse, until he is ripped apart from the inside
 as a larger Persona bursts from within him. The huge new Persona lunges at the
 Shadow, and cuts its mask in half with a swipe of its blade. As the Shadow
 begins to split apart, the Persona grabs a tendril of it and squeezes it into
 nothingness. It then floats into the air and reverts back to Orpheus.]

<end anime cutscene>

[Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Ikutsuki are still in the control room.]

Mitsuru: ...!!

Akihiko: What on earth is that!?

Ikutsuki: ......

[The scene changes back to the roof. Orpheus is floating in the air above

> The sudden swell of power has subsided... Orpheus regained its original form.
  You have obtained a new Persona!

[Orpheus disappears.]

Yukari: Is it over...? ...!

[Several small shadows creep over to Main, and he manages to defeat them, but
 then collapses. Yukari runs over to him.]

Yukari: *gasp* Are you okay!? Come on...! Say something!

[Mitsuru and Akihiko arrive.]

Akihiko: Are you alright!?

Yukari: Can you hear me!? Please...! Answer me!

[The cutscene where Main enters the door to the Velvet Room replays.]

Igor: It's so nice to see you again. You became unconscious after awakening to
      your "power." ...It's nothing to worry about, though. So, just relax. By
      the way... I see that it was Orpheus that heeded your calling. That power
      is called a Persona... It is a manifestation of your psyche.

Main: {Persona?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {My psyche?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I don't understand.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Igor: It may take some time to fully comprehend. A Persona is a facet of your
      personality that surfaces as you react to external stimuli... You can
      think of it as a mask that protects you as you brave many hardships. That
      being said, your power is still weak...

Main: {Whaddya mean 'weak'?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {You lost me.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Igor: When you use your Persona ability, you must channel your inner strength.
      The ability evolves as you develop your Social Links--your emotional ties
      with others. The stronger your Social Links, the more powerful your
      Persona ability. Please remember that. Now, then... Time marches on in
      your world. I shouldn't keep you here any longer. Next time we meet, you
      will come here of your own accord. Until then... Farewell.

[The scene fades out.]


/After School\

> ...Your mind is getting clearer. You wonder how long you've been asleep.
  You feel someone's presence beside you.

[Main wakes up in a hospital bed. Yukari is sitting next to the bed.]

Yukari: You're awake...! Um, how do you feel?

Main: {Where am I...?}

        (See below.)

      {Why are you here?}

        (See below.)

Yukari: Thank goodness. You finally came to... *sigh* How much sleep do you
        need!? It's been a whole week! ...I was so worried about you...

(If you picked "Where am I?")

        Yukari: ...Oh yeah, this is Tatsumi Memorial Hospital. It's just a
                short walk from the station.

(If you picked "Why are you here?")

        Yukari: You saved my life, you know... so I couldn't just leave you

Yukari: The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with you. He said you were
        just exhausted... But, you kept sleeping and sleeping. You know how
        worried I was? Um... I'm sorry I couldn't do anything... Even though I
        was supposed to protect you, I... But, your power... It was amazing.

Main: {What were those things?}

        Yukari: You mean the Shadows? They're what we're fighting against. And
                the power you used... We call it "Persona."

      {What'd I do...?}

        Yukari: The power you used... We call it "Persona." And those creatures
                you defeated are Shadows--our enemy.

Yukari: We'll explain everything later. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before...
        I, uh... I wanted to tell you that... I'm sorta like you.

Main: {What do you mean?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Why're you telling me this?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: My dad died in an accident when I was little... And my mom and I aren't
        exactly on good terms... You're all alone too, right? To be honest, I
        already know about your past... But, it didn't seem fair, so I wanted
        you to know about mine... It was back in '99... There was a big
        explosion in the area. Supposedly, my dad died in the blast, but nobody
        really knows what happened... He was working in a lab run by the Kirijo
        Group. So, I'm hoping that if I stick around long enough, I'll find out
        something. That's why I'm going to Gekkoukan High, and why I was there
        when this happened to you. ...Of course, I panicked and wasn't much
        help... It was my first time fighting them, too. I'm sorry... You
        wouldn't have to go through all thisif I wasn't such a coward...

Main: {It's not your fault.}

        Yukari: Thanks... but still...

      {I was scared, too.}

        Yukari: Really...? But still...

Yukari: And here I am telling you all this the minute you wake up. While I was
        waiting, I thought to myself, "I've been hiding so many things from
        him... As soon as he wakes up, I'll tell him the truth." So, thanks for
        listening. I've been wanting to share that story with someone for a
        long time. ...Alright, I'm gonna get going. I'll let the others know
        you woke up. Take it easy, okay? Be a good patient! And don't hesitate
        to call the nurse. I'm sure she'll take good care of you.

[Yukari begins to leave.]

Yukari: ...Bye.

[She leaves.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. You seem to be doin' pretty well.

Main: {Yeah, I'm alright.}

        Yukari: That's good.

      {Not really.}

        Yukari: Wow, even after all that rest... Is it difficult to walk?

Yukari: Hey, sorry to add this to your worries, but... Ikutsuki-san wants to
        talk to you today. Come to the 4th floor of the dorm after school,
        okay? Don't forget.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: So, the Stone Age can be summarized as mankind's struggle against the
         mammoths. Aaaaand that's enough about the Stone Age. I'm sick of it.
         I'd rather talk about the Sengoku era! Japanese history's not that
         exciting until then. Though I'm paid to do this, so I've gotta... It's
         tough being an adult. Okay, can anyone answer a question about the
         Stone Age? Hmm... Junpei, how about you? The Stone Age is divided into
         the Paleolithic and the Neolithic eras. What's the difference between

Junpei: Uhh... How am I supposed to know about something way back then? Tell
        me, Main! What's the answer?

Main: {How the tools were made.}

        Mr. Ono: Corrrect. Paleolithic tools were chipped stone, while
                 Neolithic tools were ground stone. Though either way, they
                 used stone tools. Ugh... I wanna get to the age of katanas.
                 Everything else is so dull...

        Junpei: Hey...! I answered right, and I don't get any credit? Tch...
                Oh well. Thanks, Main.

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main told Junpei the answer. He's really smart!

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.

      {Who used the tools.}

        Mr. Ono: No... I guess you guys care even less about the Stone Age than
                 I do. Well, it'll all be fine once we hit the age of katanas...

        Junpei: Whoa, that's all I get for the wrong answer? He really doesn't

        > The answer you gave him was wrong...

      {The patterns on the tools.}

        (Same as second option.)

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. There seems to be something important going on at
  the dorm...


[Main returns to the dorm.]

> There is no one in the lounge... You were told to go to the 4th floor.

[Main goes up to the fourth floor. Yukari is waiting there for him.]

Yukari: Oh! There you are!

[Main and Yukari enter the control room. Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Ikutsuki are
 already seated inside. There's a briefcase on the table.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Ah, there you are. I'm glad that you're okay. The reason I
                asked you here is because I needed to talk to you. Please, have
                a seat.

[Main and Yukari sit down.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Oh, before that. I believe I mentioned him earlier, but this is

Akihiko: How ya doin'?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Okay, let me start off by asking you this... Would you believe
                me if I said that a day consists of more than 24 hours?

Main: {No.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {...Excuse me?}

        Mitsuru: *chuckle* I'm not surprised by your reaction. However, you've
                 already experienced this truth firsthand.

Mitsuru: Do you remember the night you came here? You had to have noticed the
         signs... The streetlights went out... Nothing was working... There
         were coffins everywhere... Didn't it feel like you were in a different
         time...? That's the Dark Hour--a time period hidden between one day
         and the next.

Main: {Hidden?}

        Shuji Ikutsuki: I guess it's more like something people aren't aware
                        of. But, the Dark Hour does exist. It occurs each
                        night, at midnight.


        Shuji Ikutsuki: It occurs each night, as the clock strikes twelve.

      {I don't get it.}

        Shuji Ikutsuji: I know how you feel. Who would believe such a story?
                        But, the Dark Hour occurs each night, right at

Shuji Ikutsuki: It'll happen tonight, and every night to come.

Akihiko: Normal people don't realize it, since they're all sleeping inside
         their coffins. But, that's not what makes the Dark Hour so
         interesting. ...You saw those creatures. We call them "Shadows." They
         only appear during the Dark Hour, and attack anyone not in a coffin.
         It's our job to defeat them. ...Sounds exciting, huh?

Mitsuru: Akihiko! Why are you always like that? You just got hurt the other

Shuji Ikutsuki: Now, now. He does his work well. (to Main) Long story short,
                we're the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad--SEES for
                short. On paper, we're classified as a school club. But in
                reality, this group is dedicated to defeating the Shadows.
                Mitsuru is the leader. I'm the club advisor.

Mitsuru: A Shadow feeds on the mind of its prey; the victim becomes a living
         corpse. They're responsible for most of the incidents on the news, if
         not all of them.

Main: {How do you fight them?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {What about the police?}

        Mitsuru: Unfortunately, the police can't do anything during the Dark

Shuji Ikutsuki: Although rare, there are those who can function during the
                Dark Hour. Some may even awaken to a power that enables them to
                fight the Shadows. That's "Persona"--the power you used the
                other night. The Shadows can only be defeated by Persona-users.
                Which means, it's all up to you guys.

Main: {I see.}

        Shuji Ikutsuki: I'm glad you're quick to understand.


        (No extra dialog.)

[Mitsuru gets up and opens the briefcase on the table. Inside is a gun like
 the one Yukari had.]

Mitsuru: What he's trying to say is, we want you to join us. We've prepared an
         Evoker for you. We'd like you to lend us your strength.

Main: {Alright.}

        Yukari: *sigh* I was afraid you'd say no... Welcome aboard!

      {I'm not sure I'm ready.}

        Akihiko: Don't think too much. Just hang out with us for a while.

        Mitsuru: Please, we need your help.

        Yukari: Wait, you can't ask him like that! Who could say no...? I mean,
                it'd be nice if he joined, but...

        Main: {...Alright.}

                Mitsuru: Thank you. If you have any questions, feel free to

              {Okay, for now.}

                (Same as first choice.)

              {I don't mind.}

                Yukari: Does that mean you accept? *sigh* I was afraid you'd
                        say no... I feel much better now.

                Mitsuru: I really appreciate it. If you have any questions,
                         feel free to ask.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Thank you so much. I'm really glad. Oh, I almost forgot...
                About your room assignment... Why don't you just stay here, in
                your current room? I don't know what the holdup is, but I guess
                it worked out in the end. *chuckle*

Yukari: Holdup? But, wasn't that-- Oh, never mind... It doesn't matter

> ...!? A mysterious voice rings in your head...

[The Fool Card appears.]

Arcana: Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of
        the Fool Arcana...

> You have established a new Social Link! You feel your inner strength
  growing... You recall what Igor said about the power of Social Links.

/Dark Hour\

Mysterious Boy: Hi, how are you?

[Main is in his bed. The boy is sitting on the edge of the bed.]

Mysterious Boy: *chuckle*

Main: {And you are...?}

        Mysterious Boy: We've met before.

      {How'd you get in here?}

        Mysterious Boy: I'm always with you...

Mysterious Boy: Soon, the end will come. I remembered, so I thought I should
                tell you.

Main: {The end?}

        Mysterious Boy: The end of everything. ...But to be honest, I don't
                        really know what it is.

      {I don't care.}

        Mysterious Boy: Really? ...If you say so. To be honest, I can't tell
                        you much about it yet.

Mysterious Boy: Oh, looks like you've awakened to your power...and an unusual
                power it is. A power that takes many forms, yet is bound by
                none... It may prove to be your salvation, depending on where
                you end up.

[The boy disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Mysterious Boy: Do you remember when we first met? I expect you to honor your
                commitment. I'll be watching you, even if you forget about
                me... Okay then, see you later.

[He vanishes.]

> The boy has disappeared...



> You hear something... It sounds like someone is calling your name from

Yukari: Hey, it's me. Can you come down here?

[Sometime later, Main, Yukari, and Akihiko are at the front door.]

Yukari: ...Okay, he's here now. So, what's this all about?

Akihiko: There's someone I want to introduce. (to the door) ...Hey, hurry up.

Voice from Outside: Hold your horses... This is freakin' heavy.

[The door opens and Junpei enters with some suitcases.]

Yukari: J-Junpei!? ...Why is HE here!? Wait, don't tell me--

Akihiko: This is Junpei Iori from Class 2-F. He'll be staying here as of today.

Junpei: *chuckle* Wazzup?

Yukari: He's staying HERE!? You've gotta be kidding me!

Akihiko: I bumped into him the other night. He has the potential, but he just
         awakened to it recently... I told him about us, and he agreed to help.

Yukari: You have the potential!? For real!?

Junpei: He found me cryin' like a baby at the convenience store, surrounded by
        a bunch of coffins. I don't remember much, but... man, that's
        embarrassing! He said that's, ya know, completely normal... in the
        beginning. Like, bein' confused and not remembering anything. Did ya
        guys know that?

Main: {Uh huh.}

        Junpei: Oh... that's good. You should, since you're a Persona-user.


        Junpei: Didn't he tell ya? Man, every Persona-user should know THAT.

      {Didn't happen to me.}

        Junpei: Big deal. It happens to everyone else.

Junpei: ...But man, I was shocked to find out about you guys. I had no idea.
        I'm glad I'm not the only one. It could get kinda lonely, ya know.
        I bet you're stoked too, right!? Havin' me join...

Yukari: Huh? Uh, y-yeah...

Akihiko: Well, enough with the introductions. I think we're about ready...

Junpei: Ooh, we're gonna go do something? Sweetness!

Akihiko: With this many people, we can start exploring that place.

Yukari: You mean... Tartarus...?

Junpei: Tartarus...? What's that? ...Sounds like toothpaste.

Akihiko: We believe we can find the reason for the Dark Hour there.

Yukari: I hope so...

Akihiko: The Chairman will give us the details tomorrow night, so be ready.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Good morning. I'm always so drowsy on Monday mornings...

Listening Student: Yeah, me too. The only thing you can do is to sleep through
                   first period. Wait... tomorrow is when we have morning

Gossiping Student: Ughhh... I'm too lazy for that. I'll just pretend I didn't

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Main and Junpei are talking to each other in their homeroom. Yukari stands

Yukari: *yawn* I thought I was gonna fall asleep in there...

[Mitsuru enters the room and walks over to the group.]

Mitsuru: Can I have a minute? Come to the lounge when you get back to the dorm.
         I have something to tell everyone.

Junpei: Oh, are we having that talk?

Mitsuru: I'll save the details for later. See you there.

[Mitsuru leaves.]

Junpei: Wow, she didn't waste any time leaving...

Yukari: She's probably busy with things like Student Council, unlike us.

Junpei: Whoa, Yuka-tan! Do I sense some hostility?

Yukari: Well, it's not that I don't like her... She's just...

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. You've been asked to return to the dorm early


[Main returns to the dorm. Everyone meets in the room on the fourth floor.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Okay, everybody's here. I'd like your undivided attention. For
                a long time, Mitsuru and Akihiko were the only Persona-users we
                had. But, that number recently jumped to five. Therefore...
                Starting tonight at 12:00AM, I'd like to commence the
                exploration of Tartarus.

Junpei: Sorry... I asked this yesterday, but what's this Tartarus thing again?

Yukari: You haven't seen it, Junpei?

Junpei: Hm...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: It's no surprise...since it only appears during the Dark Hour.

Junpei: The Dark Hour...?

Akihiko: Just like the Shadows... Interesting, huh? And it's the perfect place
         for us to train. You can think of it as a Shadow nest.

Junpei: Whoa... Their nest, huh...?

Yukari: But, Senpai... what about your injury?

Mitsuru: Since Akihiko hasn't fully recovered yet, he'll only come as far as
         the entrance.

Akihiko: ...Yeah, I know.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, I'm sure he won't complain, as long as you don't go too
                far in. Since we're dealing with Shadows, Tartarus isn't
                something we can avoid.

Junpei: Relax, I've got your backs.

Yukari: I'm not so sure about this...

Mitsuru: What about you, Mr. Chairman?

Shuji Ikutsuki: I'll stay here. As you know, I can't summon a Persona...

/Late Night\

[The scene changes to the school gate, where all the students have gathered.]

Junpei: This is is? THIS is the place? Why HERE?

Akihiko: Just wait a few minutes... It's almost midnight.

<anime cutscene>

[Akihiko's watch reaches midnight and the Dark Hour arrives. A huge,
 impossibly-constructed tower arises from the school grounds and stretches up
 towards the sky.]

<end anime cutscene>

/Dark Hour\

Mitsuru: This is Tartarus--the labyrinth that reveals itself during the Dark

Junpei: Labyrinth...? What are you talking about!? What happened to our

Mitsuru: Once the Dark Hour passes, everything returns to normal.

Junpei: (to Akihiko) This is the "nest" you were talking about!? But, why!?
        Why'd our school turn into a giant tower!?

Mitsuru: ......

Junpei: You don't know, either?

Mitsuru: ...No.

Yukari: I'm sure it's complicated. Who cares anyway? It's not like it would
        change our minds about fighting.

Akihiko: Well, maybe now we'll find out. Mitsuru and I have only gone in to
         take a peek; this will be our first time exploring it. Exciting, isn't
         it? There has to be some sort of clue in here about the Dark Hour...

Mitsuru: Akihiko. I respect your enthusiasm, but you won't be accompanying us

Akihiko: I know... You don't have to remind me.

[Everyone enters Tartarus to find a large staircase leading up.]

Junpei: Whoa... It's just as cool on the inside...

Yukari: But, it sure is creepy...

Mitsuru: This is only the entrance. The labyrinth lies beyond the doorway at
         the top of the stairs.

Akihiko: First, we'll have you three get a feel for this place. Why don't you
         go have a look around?

Yukari: What!? By ourselves!?

Mitsuru: We're not asking you to go very far, and I'll be feeding you
         information from here.

Junpei: So, you two didn't plan on coming in the first place?

Akihiko: That's right. We're also going to appoint a leader to make any
         necessary decisions.

Junpei: For real? ...One of us? Oh! Oh! Me me me! Pick me!

Akihiko: (to Main)...You're in charge.

Junpei: W-Wait! Why him!? He doesn't look like a leader!

Yukari: But, he HAS fought them before...

Junpei: Seriously?

Akihiko: That's true, but there's another reason. You two...

[Yukari and Junpei face Akihiko. He pulls out his Evoker and puts it to his

Akihiko: Can you summon your Persona without any difficulties, like he can?

Junpei: Y-Yeah, of course I can!

Yukari: I think so.

[Akihiko brings the Evoker back down to his side.]

Akihiko: These are Shadows we're talking about here. Without your Persona,
         you're screwed.

Yukari: I'm aware of that.

[EVeryone moves towards the stairs, but Main hears a sound and stops to look
 to his left.]

> You see a strange door...

[A freestanding doorway is off to the side. Main walks over to it.]

> You used the Velvet Key.

[The door opens, and Main appears in the Velvet Room. He stands in front of the

Igor: I've been waiting for you. The time has come for you to wield your power.
      The tower that you are about to venture into... How did it come to be?
      For what purpose does it exist? Regrettably, you are not yet capable of
      answering these questions. That is why you must be made aware of the
      nature of your power.

Main: {The nature of my power...?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {About that door...}

        Igor: It leads here, although no one but you can see it.

      {I don't want to know.}

        Igor: Please, you must understand... It is of the utmost importance.
              Besides, this shall be the last time I beckon you here...

Igor: Your power is unique. It's like the number zero... It's empty, but at the
      same time holds infinite possibilities. You, my boy, are able to possess
      multiple Personas, and summon them as needed. And when you have defeated
      your enemies, you will see the faces of possibility before you. There may
      be times when they are difficult to grasp... But, do not fear. Seize what
      you have earned. Your power will grow accordingly... Be sure to keep that
      in mind. My spare time will soon be scarce. But, please come again of
      your own accord. I'll tell you then about my true role... the manner in
      which I can best assist you. Until then... Farewell.

[Main returns to the lobby in Tartarus, in front of the door he entered. Yukari
 and Junpei walk over to him.]

Yukari: Hey, are you alright?

Junpei: Yeah, what's up? You look like a zombie.

Main: {Nothing.}

        Junpei: Don't tell me you just dozed off! You're like that coach who
                fell asleep during the championship game! Come on, man. You're
                s'posed to be our leader.

        Yukari: Cut him some slack. If nothing's wrong, then let's get going.

      {I opened this door, and...}

        Yukari: Huh? What door...?

        Junpei: Man, are you loco?

        > They don't seem to see the door.

        Yukari: Have you been nodding off? You seem kinda out of it.

        Junpei: Dude, you're s'posed to be our leader. Get your head in the

        Yukari: Come on, let's go.


[Main, Yukari, and Junpei enter the door at the top of the stairs.]

Junpei: So, this is it, huh...?

Yukari: I hope I don't get lost...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Can you all hear me?

Junpei: Whoa! Is that you, Senpai?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I'll be providing audio backup from here on out.

Junpei: Wait... Ya mean, you can see inside here?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) It's my Persona's ability. I'd like to join you, but
         the structure of Tartarus changes from day to day. That's why outside
         support is imperative.

Yukari: Well, THAT makes me feel a whole lot better...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Now, based on your current location, you can expect
         to encounter enemies at any minute. They shouldn't be too tough, but
         proceed with caution. Practice makes perfect.

Junpei: Right!

Yukari: Got it. (to herself) Why is she always like that...?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Let's begin. Keep in mind, these are real battles
         you'll be engaging in. Now, see if you can eliminate all the Shadows
         wandering around on this floor.

[The party moves forward. They spot a Shadow a bit further in.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Watch out! I detect a Shadow in front of you! Move
         in and hit it before it attacks you!


[Main runs up and strikes the enemy, which begins a battle.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Takeba has informed me about your power, but
         nevertheless you have minimal combat experience. Would you like me to
         explain the basics of battle?

Main: {Yes, please.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) The primary offensive abilities available to
                 you in battle are "Attack" and "Skill." "Attack" corresponds
                 to the weapon you have equipped, while "Skill" relates to your
                 Persona's abilities. Though skills consume either stamina or
                 spiritual power, they tend to have a greater effect. Use
                 whichever option best suits the situation. Keep attacking
                 until you've defeated the enemy, but pay careful attention to
                 your stamina. That's it for now. Did you get all that?

        Main: {Uh huh.}

                (Goes to Mitsuru's next line)

              {Sorry, no...}

                (Repeats battle instructions, returns to questions prompt)

      {No thanks.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Okay, then I want you to defeat the enemy before you.
         Try using both the "Skill" and "Attack" options.

[The party defeats the Shadow and moves on. They notice a staircase in a
 corner room.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) There should be a staircase nearby. Do you see it? A
         staircase is the only way to proceed to the next floor. I can't allow
         you to go any higher today, but please remember about it next time.

[The party continues on, and sees another Shadow.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) There's another Shadow ahead of you! You'll be at a
         disadvantage if the enemy gets the first hit in, so try to surprise
         your opponents and strike first.


[Main strike the enemy and begins another battle.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Now's a good time for me to explain about attack
         properties, which are important to consider during battle. Do you want
         to know more?

Main: {Yes, please.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Nearly every type of attack is associated
                 with a particular property. For example, swords can be used to
                 do "Slash" attacks, while bows are used to do "Pierce"
                 attacks. Skills, on the other hand, have different properties.
                 "Bufu," for instance, indicates an "Ice" attack. Now, most
                 enemies are vulnerable to certain types of attacks. In other
                 words, they have weaknesses. A Fire skill will deal greater
                 damage to an enemy that's weak against Fire. With my power, I
                 can analyze an enemy to determine its weaknesses and
                 strengths. That falls under "Tactics."

              ISSUE THIS REQUEST.

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Do you follow?

        Main: {Yes.}

                (Goes to Mitsuru's next line.)

              {Not quite...}

                (Repeats properties instructions, returns to questions prompt.)

      {That's alright.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) The enemies you're facing have a weakness that you
         can exploit. Why don't you give it a try?

[The party defeats the enemies. They continue on, reaching an intersection.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) There seems to be a Shadow just around the corner.
         Approach carefully to avoid being spotted. The map will prove to be
         quite useful as you explore, so use it often.

[The party rounds the corner and Main strikes the enemy to begin another

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Were you able to exploit the enemy's weakness in the
         last battle? If you didn't already notice, doing so will also grant
         you an additional attack. Would you like more details?

Main: {Yes, please.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) An enemy will lose its balance if you exploit
                 its weakness or land a critical hit. This will give you the
                 opportunity to perform an additional action. In other words,
                 you'll get to do "1 MORE" thing. You can keep attacking the
                 same enemy, or if you'd prefer, attack a different target. And
                 if you succeed in knocking another enemy off balance, then you
                 can act yet again. Which means, you can remain on the
                 offensive for as long as you can keep this up. This strategy
                 is essential to securing victory. However, remember this: an
                 enemy that's already lost its balance cannot be knocked off
                 balance again. You can't knock down someone who's lying on the
                 ground, right? It's the same idea. Now, to knock an enemy off
                 balance, you need to know its weaknesses. So, don't hesitate
                 to ask me for an analysis. I'll be sure to share the results
                 with the others as well. Got it?

        Main: {Yup.}

                (Goes to Mitsuru's next line.)

              {Um...not really.}

                (Repeats balance instructions, returns to questions prompt.)

      {That's not necessary.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Then, proceed with the battle. Use what you've
         learned to quickly dispose of the enemy.

[The party defeats the enemies. Suddenly the words "Shuffle Time" appear and
 some cards are displayed.]

> Mysterious cards have appeared in your mind! You wonder if this is what Igor
  was talking about.


[The cards shuffle and Main selects one. The party then proceeds further. They
 see another Shadow.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I detect a Shadow up ahead... How are you feeling?
         If you or another party member is in bad shape, then use healing items
         prior to engaging the enemy. If you don't have anything on hand, then
         ask Takeba to heal you. You should make a habit of checking your
         status before entering into a battle.


[Main strikes the Shadow to start yet another battle.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) There is a better way to defeat all of your enemies
         in battle than to attack them individually... You can perform an
         "All-Out Attack." Would you care to hear more about this?

Main: {Yes, I would.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) When enemies are thrown off balance, they
                 become vulnerable. An All-Out Attack will allow your entire
                 team to attack simultaneously. Your enemies will be unable to
                 defend against it; it's a very reliable method of attack.
                 Whether or not you want to perform an All-Out Attack is up to
                 you. But remember, you cannot perform it when you're alone.
                 So if you want to have it in your arsenal, make sure your team
                 comprises at least two members. That's all you need to know
                 about All-Out Attacks. Do you understand what I've just
                 explained to you?

        Main: {Yes.}

                (Goes to Mitsuru's next line.)

              {Not really...}

                (Repeats All-Out Attack instructions, returns to questions

      {No, thanks.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Then, that concludes the basics of battle. But,
         there's one last thing I need to tell you... Shadows become stronger
         the further you advance. If you don't think you can win a battle,
         retreat at once. There may be times, however, when an escape will be
         impossible. ...This battle is one of those times. Good luck.

[The party defeats the enemies and move ahead to another intersection.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) ...That's odd. Usually, there are more Shadows on
         the prowl. ...Well, at least you gained some experience in battle.
         Let's go back to the dorm for today. There should be an Access Point
         somewhere on that floor. You can use it to return to the entrance.
         Since there aren't any enemies to worry about, why don't you split up
         and search individually? Just tell the other party members what you'd
         like them to do.


[The party decides to split up.]

      ON THEIR HP.

[One of the party members finds the Access Point. The party decides to return
 to the first floor. They appear in front of the warp device, and walk over to
 where Mitsuru and Akihiko are standing.]

Mitsuru: Welcome back. So, how was it?

Main: {No problem.}

        Mitsuru: I see. Well if you gained confidence, that's the best thing
                 you could have achieved.

      {I don't know about this...}

        Mitsuru: Don't get discouraged. You completed your task, and that's
                 something to be proud of.

      {I'm exhausted.}

        Mitsuru: It must've hit you all at once. Don't worry, you'll get used
                 to it.

Junpei: Wow... I never knew I had that kind of power! We kicked some ass! But
        damn, I'm beat...

Yukari: That's cuz you were bouncin' around like a little kid.

Junpei: You look pretty tired yourself, Yuka-tan.

Yukari: I'm still trying to catch my breath, actually...

Mitsuru: That's the effect of the Dark Hour; you'll become fatigued more
         easily. Don't worry, though, you'll adapt. But, I'm surprised... You
         all did much better than I expected. At this rate, they'll catch up to
         you in no time, Akihiko.

Akihiko: Heh, we'll see about that.

> ...!? A mysterious voice rings in your head...

[The Fool Card appears.]

Arcana: Thou art I... And I am thou... Thou shalt have our blessing when thou
        choosest to make a Persona of the Fool Arcana...

> The SEES Social Link has reached level 2! Your power to create Personas of
  the Fool Arcana has grown!

[Main heads for the exit.]

> The Dark Hour will soon be over.


[Main leaves Tartarus and the day ends.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He is greeted by another student.]

Friendly Student: Hey, you're Main, right?

Main: {Yeah, why?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Who are you?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Friendly Student: Man, I knew it. I heard from Junpei that you're pretty close
                  with Yukari-san. ...What's up with that? Well, I guess it
                  doesn't matter. I'm looking for someone with a little more
                  experience anyway. By the way... I'm Kenji Tomochika. There's
                  a morning assembly, so we better hurry.

[Main and Kenji enter the school. The scene changes to the auditorium. Mitsuru
 and another student are on stage; the student is at the podium.]

Student: ...That concludes the main portion of today's assembly. Next, we'll
         hear a word from the Student Council. Please welcome the new
         President, Mitsuru Kirijo, from Class 3-D.

Mitsuru: Thank you.

[The student steps aside and Mitsuru walks to the podium. Focus shifts to Main,
 Yukari, and Junpei in the seats.]

Yukari: So, she did get elected. Well... I guess she IS the most popular girl
        in school.

Junpei: You can say that again! There's like some kinda aura around her...
        Besides, this school's owned by the Kirijo Group, right?

Yukari: Yeah, I try not to think about that.

[Focus shifts back to the stage.]

Mitsuru: As I begin my term as Student Council President, I'd like to share
         with you my vision for this coming year. It is my firm belief that
         each of us must accept the responsibility of bettering our school.
         However, change cannot occur without sustained effort and an
         unprecedented level of commitment. That is why we must restructure our
         daily lives to accomodate this lofty goal. I'd like each of you to dig
         deeply into your well of motivation, and re-evaluate your
         convictions... To imagine a bold new future without losing sight of
         the realities around you. That is the key. I am certain that many of
         you have your own visions of the future... For us to reap the full
         benefits of our education, your participation, ideas, and enthusiasm
         are essential. Thank you.

[Mitsuru steps back from the podium as the audience applauses. Focus shifts
 back to Main, Yukari, and Junpei.]

Junpei: Dang... That was freaking amazing... So... Do you have any idea what
        she just said?

Main: {Sort of.}

        Junpei: Sure didn't sound like somethin' a high-schooler would say...
                If it was anyone else, we'd be laughin' our asses off.

      {Not a clue.}

        Junpei: Me neither... We live in the same dorm, but it's like we're on
                different planets... Man, if she asks for my opinion, I don't
                know what I'll say...

      {I wasn't listening.}

        Junpei: Dude... You're such a rebel...


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: All right, today we'll be going over Meiji-era literature. Open
             your textbooks to page 12. Oh... Hmm, I don't really like this
             author. Okay, never mind. I've got a great poem we can cover
             instead. Close your textbooks, everyone, and listen... "Beyond
             the seas, high above in the skies..."

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: All right, Kenji, you'd better not be sleeping back there!
                     You should be ashamed of yourself, taking a nap while I
                     pour my heart into reading this poem! For that, you get
                     another essay along with your regular assignment tonight!
                     I'll expect a slice of cake when you turn it in, too!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!

/After School\

> Class has ended for today.


[Main leaves the school and stands near the front gate. Akihiko exits the
 school building and is immediately surrounded by fangirls.]

Akihiko Fan: Look, it's Akihiko-senpai!

Giddy Schoolgirl: Where!? ...Oh, there he is!

Akihiko: ......

[Junpei walks in and stands next to Main.]

Junpei: Have you noticed how popular Akihiko-san is with the ladies? Man, take
        a look at that...I didn't use to talk to him much, but now I've got a
        good excuse. I know he's the captain of the boxing team, but... Who
        woulda thought he'd be such a chick magnet!? I mean, come on! You
        don't even see girls flock like that on TV! I wonder where they're

[Akihiko starts to move forward again; the girls follow him.]

Akihiko Fan: Senpai!

Giddy Schoolgirl: Wait for us!

Akihiko: (to Main and Junpei) Hey, are you guys free this afternoon?

Junpei: Hell yeah! Whatcha got in mind!?

Akihiko: I want the two of you to meet me at Paulownia Mall. You know where it
         is, right? I'll be at the police station. See ya there.

Junpei: Th-The police station? You mean, we're not hangin' out with your

Akihiko: Who, these girls? I don't even know their names. They talk so much
         they give me a headache. Anyway, I'm gonna head out. ...Don't keep me

[Akihiko leaves.]

Akihiko Fan: Awww... Why can't he be more friendly? *sigh*

Admirer: But, that's what makes him so cool!

[The girls run off after Akihiko.]

Junpei: Man, how can he not know their names!? I mean, seriously! Just look at
        them! ...Oh well, let's go.

> Akihiko asked you to meet him at the Paulownia Mall police station... You
  decide to head over there...

[Main and Junpei go to Paulownia and enter the Police Station. Akihiko is
 talking to a cop behind the counter.]

Akihiko: Thank you, Sir. Oh, these are the guys I was talking about earlier.

Officer Kurosawa: ......

Akihiko: I was waiting for you guys. This is Officer Kurosawa. He helps keep
         our squad well-equipped. And, this is from Ikutsuki-san...

Junpei: R-Really!? Sweet!

> You and Junpei each received 5,000 yen.

Akihiko: You can't fight something empty-handed, so find something you like.
         Officer Kurosawa has connections... But, these things still cost

Officer Kurosawa: Of course they do. Nothing in life is free.

Akihiko: I realize that. Well, I'll see you later. Thanks again.

[Akihiko leaves.]

Officer Kurosawa: I've been informed about you two. My job is to maintain
                  peace in this city, regardless of the circumstances. I'm just
                  an ordinary police officer, but it doesn't take a genius to
                  know something strange is going on here. I'm only doing what
                  I think is right.

[After shopping, Main and Junpei exit the police station.]

Junpei: Pshh, only 5,000 yen... I'm gonna take off, since I'm in a bad mood
        now... Later.

> Junpei has left.

[After exploring the town, Main returns to the dorm.]


Mitsuru: Welcome back. Perfect timing... I'd like to speak to you for a moment.
         Regarding our exploration of Tartarus... Akihiko is still on the mend,
         so for now, I'd like you to lead the team. You never know when a
         powerful enemy might appear, like the one you faced the other day.
         It's best to be prepared, or else you may find yourself in a difficult
         situation. So, whenever you'd like to explore Tartarus, just let me
         know, and I'll gather everyone there. Also, since I'm sure there are
         other things you will need to take care of, you may go out at night if
         you need to. Well, that's it. Keep up the good work.


/Dark Hour\

(First time you go to Tartarus:)

        Mitsuru: As we explore Tartarus, this will be our temporary base of
                 operations. I'm counting on you.


(Check the door to the second floor and confirm:)

        Mitsuru: By the way, I found out something about Tartarus. A few
                 floors up, there's a barricade preventing you from going any
                 higher. The tower seems to have a number of these interspersed
                 amongst its floors. I know I told you that the layout changes
                 each day, but these barriers seem to be in fixed locations.
                 Therefore, I'd like you to try and reach the first barricade.
                 I'm counting on you.

/Velvet Room\

(If this is your first visit:)

        Igor: Ah, there you are. Welcome to the Velvet Room. Well... I suppose
              it's time for me to explain what I really do here. It is my job
              to create new Personas. But in order to do so, I must fuse your
              Persona cards together... In other words, I shall merge them into
              a single Persona. Futhermore, if you've established a Social
              Link, you may be able to create an even stronger Persona. So, as
              you accumulate cards, please bring them to me.

        Elizabeth: How may I help you?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Kenji there.]

Kenji Tomochika: What's up, Main? Huh...? You're all by yourself? Dude, I
thought the rumor about you and Yukari-san was true...

Main: {It's still early.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {It is what it is.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Kenji Tomochika: ...Oh yeah? Well, it's not like I care or anything. But,
      you've sure had some bad luck since you transferred here. ...You know,
      dude, all the weird stuff that's been happening... How everyone's been
      saying they're hearing strange voices... Well, I guess since you're
      always listening to your headphones, you probably haven't heard anything.

[Main and Kenji enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main is sitting at his desk.]

> There is someone standing in front of your desk... It's the classmate you
  were talking to earlier this morning...

Kenji Tomochika: Hey, man, I'm gonna get some ramen after school. You wanna

Main: {Why are you asking me?}

        (No effect on dialog.)

      {Why do you want to eat?}

        (No effect on dialog.)

Kenji Tomochika: No reason, really. I just don't have anything to do later...
                 and I thought we could finish our conversation from this
                 morning. So whaddya say, man? Let's get some ramen and talk.

> You accepted your classmate's offer. According to Igor, the strength of the
  Social Link is the strength of the Persona. You have decided to go with him.

[The scene changes to the ramen shop. Main and Kenji are eating.]

> Iwatodai strip mall, ramen shop "Hagakure"...

Kenji: *slurp* *slurp* *glug* *glug* ...Whew! Now that's what I'm talkin'
       about! ...Well, was I right, or was I right? This ramen tastes great,
       doesn't it? I bet they put a special ingredient in it--something no
       other ramen shop uses. It's probably some sort of secret spice... Oh,
       sorry. My bad. I get all geeked up when I eat here.

Main: {I agree with you.}

        Kenji: You do? Really? I mean, you can appreciate the subtle yet
               disctinct flavor of the soup? ...Wow, you don't look like the
               type of guy I'd normally hang around with... But I guess looks
               aren't everything.

      {Shut up and eat.}

        Kenji: Yeah, man, you're right. If we talk too much, the noodles will
               get soggy. ...It's just that by the way you're savoring your
               soup, it seems like you really appreciate its flavor.

Kenji: ...By the way, man, I hear you and Yukari are close. Damn, boy, you
       move fast! I mean, you just transferred here. ...I can't blame you,
       though. A man's gotta be aggressive nowadays. Hey, let's hang out after
       school again sometime. We'll get some food and I'll tell you about my
       secret plan... Wait 'til you hear it, dude. You're gonna flip!

> Kenji seems to like you... You have become friends with Kenji. ...!? A
  mysterious voice rings in your head...

[The Magician Card appears.]

Arcana: Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of
        the Magician Arcana...

> You have established a new Social Link!


> It's getting dark out...

Kenji: What, it's already nighttime? ...Damn, I missed my favorite TV show!
       Man, you're one serious dude... Oh well, let's get going.

> You decided to return to the dorm.


Mitsuru: Welcome back. (Last Name), have you been monitoring your condition?
         Exploring Tartarus can be exhausting, especially since you must do so
         late at night. You may find that you need a great deal of rest to
         recuperate. The others' conditions will vary as well, so make sure you
         take that into consideration before you begin exploring. If you want
         my evalutaion of everyone's condition, don't hesitate to ask.



/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Is it just me, or have there been more weird people around

Listening Student: You're talking about the Apathy Syndrome, right? My neighbor
                   has that... He grosses me out. Sometimes I think I might
                   have it too, and it depresses me.

Gossiping Student: Maybe you just need some exercise. Hey, the athletic teams
                   are accepting new members. Maybe I should join!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]

/After School\

> Class has ended for the day. It seems that certain athletic groups are still
  recruiting. If you can find the appropriate room, you might be able to join.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Hey, I hear you're friends with Kenji now... He said
        you're a pretty cool guy...

Main: {Of course.}

        Junpei: Don't get too cocky, man... But yeah, I'm sure you two will
                get along just fine.

      {Are you two friends too?}

        Junpei: Well, sort of... I've known him for a long time, even though
                we don't usually hang out. He's a good guy... and, man, he has
                no fear when it comes to the ladies...

Junpei: By the way, let's go to Tartarus tonight... I hear the Lost are
        increasing, so we better kick some Shadow ass.



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Hey, Main-kun. Have you joined any clubs?

Main: {Yep.}

        Yukari: Oh, yeah? That's cool. ...You seem pretty talented, so I'm not


        Yukari: Well, don't wait too long, cuz they fill up quickly.

Yukari: Oh, by the way, maybe we should go to Tartarus tonight... With all The
        Lost, I think we should do anything we can to help... Plus, I didn't
        have practice today, so I could use the exercise...

Mitsuru: Just don't take it lightly, okay? It's dangerous there.

Yukari: I'm aware of that.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Listening Student: Oh hey, you know the bookstore at the strip mall? Isn't
                   their grand reopening today?

Gossiping Student: Huh? A bookstore?

Listening Student: Yeah, leave Iwatodai Station, go straight for a while, and
                   it's after you cross the crosswalk. We've been at this
                   school for a while... You should explore more often!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. Apparently, the bookstore at the stripmall is
  reopening today.


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? ...Ya know, you better be training while I'm
         out. If anything happens, it'll be you guys who have to deal with it.


/Early Morning\

> There's no school today.

[If you've made plans with a friend, you will automatically leave to hang out
 with them.]


(Try to leave the dorm:)



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Morning... Ugh, I'm so drowsy on Mondays...

Listening Student: Didn't you say the same thing last week? Is that special
                   morning assembly today? How come we're having one? We just
                   had one last week...

Gossiping Student: Remember how great Kirijo-senpai's speech was last week?

Listening Student: Oh yeah, that speech was awesome! Although, I didn't
                   understand most of it...

Gossiping Student: What I heard was, the principal got jealous, so he scheduled
                   his own speech to compete with her.

Listening Student: Seriously!? What's up with that? Why do we have to suffer
                   because of his ego!?

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school. The scene changes to the auditorium. The
 principal and a teacher are on stage.]

Teacher: We'll now begin this morning's assembly. First, our principal has some
         words he'd like to share with you. Please give him a warm welcome.

Principal: ...Thank you.

[The teacher leaves the podium and the principal walks over to it. Focus shifts
 to Main, Yukari, and Junpei in the seats.]

Yukari: What's the deal with the assembly? ...You think it's about the recent

Junpei: Who cares? The Principal doesn't know anything about the Shadows,
        anyway. I just hope this doesn't take too long...

Yukari: I know. His speeches always drag.

[The focus shifts back to the principal on stage.]

Principal: Ahem. Today, I'd like to tell you about my, um, vision for this
           school year. As you are aware, strange incidents have been reported
           on the news lately. It is my firm belief that none of you are
           involved. However, if we want to better our school, then we all need
           to accept responsibility for change. Dig deep down inside, and tap
           into your imaginations. ...But don't lose touch with reality. As
           they say, "There's no use crying over spilt milk." This is the key
           to reaping all the rewards that school has to offer...

> The Principal continues with his speech...

[Focus shifts back to Main, Yukari, and Junpei.]

Yukari: Wait a minute... Doesn't this remind you of Mitsuru-senpai's speech?

Junpei: Yeah, you're right... What's up with that!?


[Main is sitting at his desk. Mitsuru approaches him.]

Mitsuru: (Last Name)... I'm sorry, but I need to talk to you after school. I
         have a special request for you.

Main: {Why me?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {A special request...?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: I apologize for being in a rush, but I don't feel comfortable asking
         anyone else. I'll tell you more about it after school, okay?
         Au revoir.


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching Math.]

Ms. Miyahara: ...Then round up, so... The answer is X=1. Hmm? It isn't? Oh, I
              see, this becomes 11, so... I'm sorry, you're right. X=2. Wait...
              is that right? Okay, uh, your assignment is to figure this one
              out. Anyway... Wasn't that incredible? Even with a difficult
              problem like this one, once you solve it, X still equals 1. Or
              maybe 2. What I'm getting at is, math is fun! Don't you think so?
              All right. Today is the 27th, so that works out to... your turn,

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Miyahara: What's 1+1?

Main: {2.}

        Ms. Miyahara: You're right. It's a simple question, so the fundamentals
                      are obvious. No matter what, 1 plus 1 is 2. It doesn't
                      matter what you're counting. Atoms, students, if one
                      joins another, there's 2 of them. That's math for you.
                      Isn't it amazing?

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {It could be 3, or even 4.}

        Ms. Miyahara: You still don't seem to understand the principles of
                      mathematics. Did you think such a simple question must be
                      a trick? That's not a very mathematical way of thinking.
                      You have to think mathematically. That's all I ask of
                      you. By the way, as a number, "one" is...

        > Her talk goes on and on... Your answer was incorrect..


        (Same as second option.)

/After School\

[Main is sitting at his desk. Mitsuru approaches him.]

Mitsuru: I apologize for making you wait. To make a long story short, I want
         you to join Student Council.

Main: {I'm too lazy...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      [Why all of a sudden...?]

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: Well, it's not like you have to participate in every activity. Just
         come to the Student Council Room when you have the time.

Main: {That's it?}

        Mitsuru: Yes, that's it. I just want you to join.

      {Why me?}

        Mitsuru: ...Because of your leadership ability.

Mitsuru: Being President is very time consuming. I'd like to have additional
         help available in the event of an emergency. You understand my
         situation... I'm asking you since you know what it's like to be a

Main: {Alright.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: I knew I could count on you. ...I've already made an appointment for
         you with the faculty advisor. But, you'll have to go to the Faculty
         Office on your own.

> In order to join Student Council, you must speak to Ms. Toriumi. Just tell
  her that you are interested.

Mitsuru: I'm sorry I made the arrangements without your permission, but I hope
         you understand the position I'm in. Please go to the Faculty Office,
         (Last Name). I'll be waiting for you in the Student Council Room.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Yo! I heard Mitsuru-senpai asked you to join Student
        Council! Senpai, are you sure you wanna let this slacker in?

Mitsuru: I simply asked for his assistance. I don't intend to burden him with
         too many responsibilities. Why, are you interested in helping too,

Junpei: Oh, uhhh... I'll pass. But, thanks for the offer.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. ...Have you acclimated to our school yet?

Main: {Sure have.}

        Mitsuru: I see. Your ability to adapt to new situations and
                 environments is very impressive.

      {No, not yet.}

        Mitsuru: Well, that's understandable. So much seems to be happening
                 these days.

Mitsuru: By the way, there's something I forgot to tell you... Most times you
         can find me in the lounge. However, I won't be there if there is
         something I must attend to. So, if I'm not in the lounge, we will
         explore Tartarus the following day.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


Mitsuru: Welcome back. For your information... The internet line which was
         ripped apart by the Shadow will be fixed tomorrow. If you have a
         computer in your room, you should be able to connect. ...Well, that
         takes care of everything that was damaged... except, of course,
         Akihiko's rib cage.

Junpei: Speaking of the internet... You play any online games, dude?

Main: {Online games?}

        Junpei: You know, those games you play with a buncha people ya never
                met before. I was totally addicted to this one game, but then I
                got burned out... Here, you can have it... It's called
                "Innocent Sin Online."


        Junpei: Nice. Dude, you gotta check this one out... It's called
                "Innocent Sin Online." I was totally addicted to it, but then
                I got burned out... Give it a try.

> Obtained "Innocent Sin Online."


/Early Morning\

> Today is Showa Day. There's no school. The Internet line should be fixed.


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: Let's see... Today we'll discuss shell middens. Shell middens are a
         bunch of shells in heaps. That's all you need to know. I can't wait
         until we get to the Sengoku era... It's so exciting! Speaking of the
         Sengoku era, there was a general who was called "the war hawk of the

> The teacher kept talking about the Sengoku era... You feel tired... Close
  your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: ...And that's how the period came to be known as the Sengoku
                 era. Huh? You want to hear more about shell middens? Well,
                 let's save that for next week.

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Please come to the Velvet Room. There is a matter we need to
           discuss. You may use the alternate entrance located in Paulownia
           Mall. All you must do is find the door. ...I'll see you soon.

> The phone call has ended.

(Below text only if you have not gone to Tartarus at all.)

Mitsuru: Welcome back. (Last Name]... I'd like to speak to you for a moment.
         It's been 10 days since you first entered Tartarus, and you haven't
         done a thing. Who do you think you are? At first, I thought you had a
         plan, but now I can see that you've just been slacking off. If you
         recall, I told you that you would have a difficult time later if you
         don't adequately train. Was it a mistake to appoint you the leader?
         We are going to Tartarus tonight. Understood? Don't disappoint me.

Main: {All right.}

        (Forced to go to Tartarus.)

      {Hold on.}

        Mitsuru: I don't want to hear any excuses. You've had plenty of time.
                 We're going tonight, whether you like it or not. ...Now, go
                 get ready. (returns to questions prompt.)

(Otherwise, standard greeting from a party member.)

/Dark Hour\

(If you were forced to go to Tartarus, then:)

        Mitsuru: You've been slacking off lately... If you don't train
                 regularly, then you'll be putting your own life and the lives
                 of your allies in jeopardy. ...Just remember that. ...I'll
                 briefly explain about Tartarus once more. As we explore
                 Tartarus, this will be our temporary base of operations. I'm
                 counting on you.


(If you then try to leave without going to the next floor:)

        Mitsuru: Stop. I'm not letting you go today.

/Velvet Room\

Elizabeth: I am truly sorry to bother you, but... I have a big favor to ask.
           I have been looking for someone with exceptional strength. It's been
           quite some time since we've had a visitor worthy of our attention.
           If you don't mind, will you accept my requests? Of course, once each
           request is completed, I will have a reward for you. I anxiously
           await your cooperation.

> You are now able to accept Elizabeth's requests!


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. It's getting warmer, huh? Well, it IS May already... It's
        amazing how time flies...

Main: {True.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I guess.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: So much has been happening... Ya know, it doesn't seem like the number
        of Apathy Syndrome cases has been decreasing lately... We're the only
        ones who can fight the Shadows, so... I guess we should train more, so
        that we're ready if anything like THAT comes up again. ...Me
        especially. I don't wanna be a burden on everyone else.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main and Junpei are talking in their homeroom.]

Junpei: FYI, Akihiko-san's at the hospital getting a checkup. He called me
        earlier, and asked me to bring him something. Yup, he knows who to
        count on.

[Yukari walks over.]

Yukari: He only asked you cuz you don't have anything else to do after school.

Junpei: H-Hey, I resent that.

Yukari: *giggle* I'm just kidding. So, what'd he want you to bring?

Junpei: The class roster for 2-E.

Yukari: What's he want that for? ...Well, I don't have practice today, so I'll
        go with you. (to Main) You're coming too, right?

Main: {Sure.}

        Yukari: Cool.

        Junpei: W-Wait a minute...

        Yukari: What? Is there a problem?

        Junpei: Well, it was ME he asked...

      {I'll pass.}

        Yukari: Come on, now. I'm sure he wants us there too... It sounds
                important, doesn't it?

        Junpei: He asked ME, ya know...

        Yukari: If it's important, we should all go together. Right?

[Scene changes to Akihiko's room in the hospital. Akihiko's not there, but a
 shifty-looking guy is sitting in a chair. The group enters.]

Junpei: Umm... Is... Akihiko-senpai...?

Vistor: ......

Junpei: ...in this room? By any chance?

[Akihiko enters behind them.]

Akihiko: What are all of you guys doing here?

Yukari: We came to see you! But... it doesn't look like anything's wrong with

Akihiko: I'm just here for a checkup.

[The visitor stands up.]

Visitor: Is that it, Aki?

Akihiko: Yeah, thanks.

Visitor: Tch... I don't have time for this shit.

[The visitor gets up to leave, and Junpei moves out of his way as he exits.]

Junpei: Wh-Who was that?

Akihiko: A friend from school... sort of. You know how the number of Apathy
         Syndrome cases have been increasing? Well, he knows a few people who
         are suffering from it, so I was asking him about it. Hey Junpei, did
         you bring what I asked?

Junpei: Of course, Senpai.

[Akihiko nods and tests his arm with a punch to the air.]

Junpei: Uh, you shouldn't move your arm...

Akihiko: It's nothing. I've wasted enough time already. I need to get back to
         my training.

Junpei: Yeah! Gekkoukan's golden boy! He was born to be in the ring!

Akihiko: Sometimes, I really don't get you.

Yukari: By the way, Senpai, why boxing?

Akihiko: You mean, why did I choose that sport? Well... It's not the sport
         itself I like; I just wanted to learn how to fight. I know what it's
         like to feel powerless... and I don't want to feel that way again.
         Besides, I'm curious to see how strong I can get. It's like a game,
         only I'm competing against myself.

Junpei: That's an interesting way of looking at it. Ya know, I'm into games

Yukari: Yeah, VIDEO games.

Junpei: Hey, they're good for hand-eye coordination!


Mitsuru: Welcome back. A long weekend is coming up, so I suggest we go to
         Tartarus. It may take some time for Akihiko to fully heal, and I don't
         want anything like that to happen again. Besides, the number of
         victims seems to have been increasing. ...I have a bad feeling about
         that. We had best muster as much strength as we can.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

Gossiping Student: Golden Week starts tomorrow. Have you got any plans?

Listening Student: Ehh... Not really. But I'm not gonna miss tomorrow's show!

Gossiping Student: Oh, yeah! You mean Tanaka's show, right? When I hear that
                   jingle, I can't resist buying something... I never miss it
                   when it's on Sunday afternoons. I'm about to go broke!

> The first bell had rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Three-day weekend starting tomorrow! I asked some peeps
        if they wanted to hang out, but the only ones interested were guys...
        Man, I don't want no sausage fest...

Mitsuru: I don't mean to interrupt, but need I remind you that midterms are
         quickly approaching? You had best use your time wisely.

Yukari: *sigh* You HAD to remind me...

/Dark Hour\

Mysterious Boy: Hi, how've you been?

[Main is in his bed. The boy is sitting on the edge.]

Mysterious Boy: *chuckle*

Main: {You again?}

        Mysterious Boy: It's been a while. Are you well?

      {How did you get in?}

        Mysterious Boy: What kind of welcome is that? Besides, I'm always with

Mysterious Boy: One week from now, there will be a full moon... Be careful.
                A new ordeal awaits you...

Main: {A full moon, huh...?}

        Mysterious Boy: Yes, on such days you will face your greatest

      {What kind of ordeal?}

        Mysterious Boy: You will encounter one of THEM.

Mysterious Boy: You must prepare for the ordeal, but time is of the essence...
                I'm sure you're aware of that, of course.

[The boy disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Mysterious Boy: I'll come see you again when it's over. Goodbye for now.

> The boy has disappeared...


/Early Morning\

> Today is Constitution Day... It's the beginning of Golden Week. You recall
  that a home-shopping program is on TV during lunchtime.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is Greenery Day... It's the second day of Golden Week.


/Early Morning\

> Today is Children's Day... It's the last day of Golden Week.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Listening Student: *sigh*... Golden Week is over. I'm pretty sad... You know,
                   rabbits can die from sadness.

Gossiping Student: Okay... First, you're not a rabbit. And second, that's just
                   a rumor.

Listening Student: What? No way! I thought it was scientific fact... But
                   speaking of being sad... I saw an elementary school kid at
                   Naganaki Shrine the last time I visited. She looked so sad
                   playing all by herself. I felt sorry for her...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Ounishi is teaching Chemistry.]

Ms. Ounishi: *sigh* I don't feel like teaching today... I was watching TV last
             night, and there was a special on weight loss. "The more you
             drink, the thinner you get!" Yeah, right! What about the osmotic
             pressure, huh? It's misinformation, but people believe what they
             see on TV... You remember that craze about the soap that makes you
             thinner? That was more bull. Soap is nothing but fatty acid salt.
             You know how soap works, right? You look like you know the answer,
             Main... Surprise me.

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Ounishi: Is soap acidic, basic, or neutral?

Main: {Acidic.}

        Ms. Ounishi: Wrong! Soaps are basic. Human skin is slightly acidic, so
                     rubbing a base on it can irritate your skin. You know
                     those pH-balanced "soaps"? They're most likely synthetic
                     detergents, since soaps are basic. Don't believe
                     everything you see on TV, kids! All right, moving on...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        (Same as first option.)


        Ms. Ounishi: You got it. I guess you're smarter than you look. Human
                     skin is slightly acidic, so rubbing a base on it can
                     irritate your skin. You know those pH-balanced "soaps"?
                     They're most likely synthetic detergents, since soaps are
                     basic. Don't believe everything you see on TV, kids! All
                     right, moving on...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Main-kun, let's go to Tartarus tonight... I'm getting
        worried since nothing's happened since that one day... Is it just me,
        or are more people getting Apathy Syndrome lately? I have a feeling
        something bad is going to happen. ...Or, am I just being paranoid?



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Hey, have you noticed how many of those freaks there are
        in town lately...? Other than that, nothin's been going on... Man, talk
        about boring... Let's go to Tartarus for a little action.

Akihiko: Maybe I should come along... I'm dying of boredom, too.

Mitsuru: ...Akihiko, are you trying to make me angry?



Mitsuru: Welcome back. ...It's odd, really, how quiet it's been.

Akihiko: You're referring to the Shadows, I take it?

Mitsuru: It's been a month since the last attack, yet I'm certain that won't
         be the last time they appear outside of Tartarus.

Akihiko: True... Lately, it seems like The Lost are everywhere. So, something
         must be going on...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Akihiko there.]

Akihiko: Hey, Main. How's it going? Have you been training in Tartarus?

Main: {Yeah, a lot.}

        Akihiko: Great, keep it up.

      {Not at all.}

        Akihiko: Well, don't take it too easy.

Akihiko: It never hurts to train while you have the chance. My wounds will heal
         in no time, and then I'll be able to join you on the front line. But,
         don't just rely on me.

/After School\

> There will be a full moon tonight. It is the day you were forewarned about.
  You wonder if something will happen. You should probably head back to the
  dorm just to be on the safe side.

/Dark Hour\

[Mitsuru is sitting in the meeting room, listening to frequencies on a radio.
 Akihiko enters.]

Mitsuru: *sigh*

Akihiko: You're still at it?

Mitsuru: Yeah. You never know when the enemy might appear.

Akihiko: But, I thought you couldn't scan outside of Tartarus?

Mitsuru: To be honest, I lack the power... Maybe this is the best Penthesilea
         can do in terms of data gathering. Although, the power of Persona
         seems to be much broader than I thought. We've even got someone who
         can switch Personas in the middle of battle. There's something special
         about his ability. It hasn't been that long since his awakening,

Akihiko: I have to admit, I was surprised too. But in the end, it's up to him
         whether or not he can reach his full potential.

[Mitsuru continues to listen in with the radio.]

Mitsuru: Huh...? It's a Shadow!

Akihiko: What!? You actually found one!?

Mitsuru: Wait, something's not right. The reading is too big. We've never
         encountered anything like--

Akihiko: You mean, it's one of those!?

Mitsuru: ...It must be.

Akihiko: Well then, this is gonna be fun. I'll wake up the others.

[Mitsuru nods and Akihiko presses a switch on the panel that turns on an alarm.
 A few minutes later, the others arrive in the meeting room.]

Yukari: We're here!

Junpei: Where is it!? I'll rip it a new one!

Mitsuru: We've detected a Shadow outside of Tartarus. We don't know for sure,
         but we think it's another big one. We have to defeat any of them we
         find, as quickly as possible. Most people don't know the Dark Hour
         exists. But, if half the city is destroyed, there will be panic. That
         must be avoided at all costs.

Junpei: In other words, we need to kick some ass, right? Well, count me in!

Yukari: *sigh* Junpei...

Mitsuru: Akihiko, you stay here and wait for the Chairman.

Akihiko: Wha--!? Are you kidding!? I'm going!

Mitsuru: You still need to recover. You'll just be a hindrance.

Akihiko: Tch!

Mitsuru: They'll fare better than you, in your current state. Have faith in
         them, Akihiko... They're ready. You'll get your chance. But for now,
         wait for the Chairman.

Akihiko: ...... Dammit...

Junpei: Relax! I've got it covered!

Akihiko: (to Main) I guess I've got no choice... You're in charge.

Junpei: Him again...?

Mitsuru: (to Main) We're counting on you...

Main: {I'll do my best.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I can't...}

        Mitsuru: Yes, you can. You've done fine until now, right?

      {Why me?}

        Junpei: Who cares? They chose you, didn't they? Same as always.

Junpei: Heh, looks like you're stuck playin' leader again... Sucks to be you.

Akihiko: (to Mitsuru) You should let the three of them go first. If you're
         providing backup out there, you'll need time to get ready, right?

Mitsuru: Wait for me in front of the station. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Yukari: Got it. Alright, let's go!

[Later, Main, Yukari, and Junpei are waiting on the steps of the monorail

Yukari: Where is she?

[Junpei takes a drink from a bottle.]

Junpei: She'll be here soon.

Yukari: There's a full moon tonight... But, it looks even creepier during the
        Dark Hour...

Junpei: ...Huh? What the!?

[Mitsuru arrives on her motorcycle and takes off her helmet.]

Mitsuru: Sorry to keep you waiting. Listen carefully. Tonight, I'll be
         providing support from here. Everything else is the same. The Shadow
         is currently located inside a monorail, not far from the station.
         To get there, you'll have to walk on the tracks.

Junpei: Are you serious!? Isn't that dangerous...?

Mitsuru: Don't worry, no electronic equipment is operable during the Dark Hour,
         including the monorails.

Junpei: But, your bike...

Mitsuru: It's special. Now, if circumstances change, I'll notify you

[Mitsuru's transceiver beeps.]

Mitsuru: Let's get started.

Yukari: Okay.

Junpei: L-Let's do this!

[The scene changes and the party is now out on the tracks. Tartarus can be
 seen in the background.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) There's a monorail about 200 meters ahead. You have
         to stop the Shadows before they harm the passengers. Hurry!

[The party follows the tracks until they find a stopped monorail.]

Yukari: This is it...right?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Can you all hear me?

Yukari: Yes, I can hear you clearly. We just got here, but I don't see anything
        out of the ordinary...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) The readings are definately coming from that
         monorail. Proceed with caution, and stay together.

Yukari: Got it.

Junpei: Heheh, my Persona's just beggin' to be used!

[The party moves over to a ladder on the side of the monorail. Yukari begins
 to climb up, then turns around and holds her hand over her skirt.]

Yukari: ...Don't look up.

[The others enter the monorail and move into the rear car. A coffin is standing
 up on one side; Junpei walks over to it.]

Junpei: This poor stiff must be a passenger... He's been Transmogged, huh...
        Creepy. So... guys like him don't remember a thing, right? It's
        probably better that way.

Yukari: Huh...? Wait a minute. We're not at a station, but the doors are wide--

[One of the doors suddenly closes.]

Yukari: !?

[Junpei runs to the next door to hold it open but it closes on him.]

Junpei: Damn, it won't open! Ow, my fingers! Will ya look at them! They're all
        jacked up!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) What's wrong? What happened!?

Yukari: It looks like we're trapped inside...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) It must be the Shadow... It knows you're there. Be
         ready for anything! Proceed with extreme caution!

Yukari: R-Roger!

[The party moves ahead to the next car.]

Junpei: What the heck? I don't see any Shadows...

[The party moves further through the car.]

Yukari: It's so quiet it's creepy...

[The party approaches the door to the next car when a Shadow drops down from

Yukari: *gasp*

Junpei: There it is!

[The Shadow opens the door to the next car and leaves. Junpei begins to follow

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Wait! Something's not right... The enemy is acting

Junpei: But, if we don't go after it, we're gonna lose it!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Main, you're in charge over there. What do you think?

Main: {We should be careful.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I agree. It would be foolish to blindly
                 chase after it.

      {We should go after it.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) But, why did it retreat after revealing
                 itself? It doesn't make sense.

      {I don't know.}

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I can't give you any more information,
                 either. Be careful.

Junpei: (to Main) Who needs your advice!? We can beat that thing no problem!
        Hell, I'll do it myself!

[Junpei runs to the next car.]

Yukari: Junpei! Wait!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Watch out! Behind you!

[Two Shadows drop down behind Main and Yukari. They manage to defeat the

Yukari: *sigh* This is just what the enemy wanted...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) We have no choice. You have to go after him, or
         you'll be picked off, one by one.

Yukari: Dammit, Stupei! What are you thinking!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) From what I can tell, he's only a few cars ahead.

Yukari: Okay, we'll catch up to--

[Two more Shadows enter from the next car.]

Yukari: Gah! Get out of our way!!

[Another Shadow drops from the ceiling. Main and Yukari defeat the Shadows and
 move on to the next car.]

Yukari: Junpei's not in this car, either. *sigh* He should know it's too
        dangerous to go alone... Don't you think he's acting weird? Did you say
        something to upset him, Main-kun? Well, we can ask him once we've
        caught up to him!

[Main and Yukari move on ahead through the cars. They spot Junpei fighting
 Shadows in the fourth car.]

Yukari: There he is! Shoot! He's surrounded!? We've gotta help him!

[They run closer to Junpei.]

Yukari: Junpei!

Junpei: ...I've got it under control! Take this, you freak of nature!

[Main and Yukari help Junpei fight off the Shadows.]

Yukari: See! That's what happens when you don't listen! ...So, are you alright?

Junpei: O-Of course I am... I was doin' just fine...

Yukari: Excuse me!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Be careful, you three! I don't detect any movement,
         but stay alert!

[The party looks around. The monorail rumbles and begins moving forward along
 the tracks.]

Junpei: Whoa, what the!? ...Why're we moving!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) It seems the monorail is under the enemy's control...

Yukari: Whaddya mean, "it seems"!?

[The monorail speeds up.]

Junpei: Uh... This doesn't look good.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) ...If we can't stop that thing, it'll crash into
         another train!

Yukari: WHAT!? Oh, God! What are we gonna do!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Calm down and listen. I sense a strong presence in
         the front car. That must be the one we're after. You'll have to defeat
         it to stop the train!

[More Shadows drop down in front of the party.]

Junpei: What kind of messed-up ride is this!?

[The party defeats the Shadows.]

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) You don't have much time! Run!

[The party moves ahead to the second car. The monorail begins going even

Yukari: H-Hey!? We're gaining speed!

[The party makes it to the front car.]

Junpei: There it is...!

[A massive Shadow that looks like a large female is blocking the way to the
 engine controls.]

Junpei: What the hell!? ...Is this the friggin' boss?

Yukari: We're in the front car; it's gotta be!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Hurry!

[After a hard battle, the party manages to kill the Shadow.]

Junpei: Did we make it in time?

[Junpei looks out the windows.]

Junpei: ...Hey! Why're we still moving!?

Yukari: We're going too fast! We have to put on the brakes or else...!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) What are you waiting for!? There's a train up ahead!

Junpei: Dammit! I don't know how to stop this thing!

Yukari: Kyaaah!

[Main runs to the controls and manages to apply the brakes in time.]

Junpei: D-Did we stop...?

Yukari: I-I think so...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Is everybody alright!?

Yukari: Uh, y-yeah, we're okay. Ha, haa... My knees are shaking...

Junpei: Dude... I'm like drenched in sweat...

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) *sigh* I'm so glad you're safe... I'm sorry I
         couldn't do more on my end. I don't detect any more Shadows. You guys
         did a great job, so come on home.

Yukari: (to Main) But, how did you know which one was the brake?

Main: {I trusted my instincts.}

        Yukari: You saved me again. ...Thanks.

      {It was a lucky guess.}

        Junpei: Are you shittin' me!? Ah, whatever. Wanna grab a bite to eat?
                I'm freakin' hungry!

[Fool Arcana to rank 3. The scene fades out.]

> Your team won a difficult battle. It seems the level of trust between you
  all has grown. You learned a new tactic! You can now use "Conserve SP"!

[The scene changes to the meeting room back at the dorm, where Akihiko and
 Ikutsuki are. There's a beep on the control panel.]

Akihiko: Akihiko here.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) This is Mitsuru. We've successfully completed the
         operation. The monorail didn't sustain any noticeable damage.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Thank you, Mitsuru. When I'd heard they hijacked a monorail,
                I feared the worst. Well done. Now, I don't have to worry about
                tomorrow's headlines.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) The team did a great job. They're learning quickly.

Akihiko: But, what are the Shadows up to? Taking over a monorail... This is
         getting out of hand.

Shuji Ikutsuki: I'll be looking into the matter.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Does this mean... it's begun?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmmm... Let's not jump to any conclusions. For now, we should
                study their behavior for patterns or clues. We cannot afford to
                always wait for them to make the first move.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) If I had more power, things wouldn't be so difficult
         for the others.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing fine. More
                importantly... Do you have anything to drink, Akihiko?

Akihiko: Huh...? Why do you look so tired, Ikutsuki-san? Wait... Don't tell me
         that bicycle outside is yours!

Shuji Ikutsuki: Boy, am I gonna be sore tomorrow!

[The scene fades out.]

> You recall the boy from your dreams who warned you of an "ordeal"... It
  seems as if the prediction came true. You wonder what it means... ...... You
  are too exhausted to make any sense of it right now. You decide to rest as
  soon as you get back to the dorm...


/Early Morning\

[Main is sitting on his bed watching TV. His phone begins ringing.]

> Your cell phone is ringing...

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.


(Greeting from random party member.)

/Velvet Room\

Elizabeth: Welcome to the Velvet Room. I have something important to tell you
           today. I've been asked to inform you about the Persona Compendium.
           You may register any of your Personas in this book, and for a fee,
           you can withdraw them at any time. Please speak with me to view the

> You are now able to use the Persona Compendium!


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Wazzup? Today is just an ordinary day, huh? That was crazy though, the
        day before yesterday. I've never had that kinda thrill in all my
        life... Don't you think it's been getting more exciting lately?

Main: (Yeah.)

        Junpei: Totally. ...We won the battle and saved the city... How sweet
                is that!?

      (Not really.)

        Junpei: Dude, are you crazy!? We've got the power of Persona! Plus,
                we won the battle and saved the city... How sweet is that!?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr Ekoda: I'm sure you all remember that midterm exams start next Monday. If
          you paid attention during class and studied diligently at home, you
          should have no problems. Of course, the best way to prepare for a
          difficult exam is to sleep through class, like Junpei here. Hmph...
          If you choose to neglect your duty as a student and waste your life
          in idleness, then be my guest...

> His talk continues... You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ekoda: In my day, society was nowhere near as rich and abundant as
                   it is today...! That's why we worked so long and hard; to
                   better our lives. Can you young people say the same? Hmm?
                   Our society's material wealth has come at the cost of its
                   spiritual wealth... In "Ise Monogatari," on the contrary...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. You hear the news...? There've been fewer new cases of Apathy
        Syndrome the last few days. Senpai said it's probably because we beat
        that Shadow. Wouldn't that be great if it was true?

Main: {Our efforts paid off.}

        Yukari: I think so, too. It was dangerous, but I'm glad we did it. We
                shouldn't get carried away, though, cuz we have midterms next
                week. Let's just hope nothing like that happens again until
                midterms are over.

      {It's just a coincidence.}

        Yukari: ...Yeah, I wondered about that. But, I hope it's not. We should
                take it easy for a while, since we have midterms next week.
                Let's just hope nothing like that happens again until midterms
                are over.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. I was just about to go borrow my friend's notes. Midterms
        are coming up, you know... So, I'll have to pass today. ...Sorry.

> Yukari has left.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Did you hear the latest? Someone on the staff was
                   hospitalized with some bad injuries. I heard the road
                   suddenly collapsed, and the guy's car fel 30 feet straight

Listening Student: Wow, I've never heard of anything like that before... Is
                   this school haunted?

Gossiping Student: I know, right!? I think I just felt a chill go down my
                   spine... I should go to the nurse's office.

Listening Student: Th-The nurse's office!? The same place that staffer is
                   resting? Are you kidding me? He'll give you that weird
                   medicine. You might end up feeling even worse!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Takenozuka is teaching Physics.]

Mr. Takenozuka: Okay, next I'll talk a little bit about Newton. He's known for
                his apple, universal gravitation, Kepler's laws, and the
                inverse square rule. This will all be covered on the exam next
                week, so write it down! Moving on... Next, we'll cover
                Einstein. Let's see... Hmm... Main?

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Takenozuka: What was Einstein's famous theory? Quick!

Main: {Chaos theory.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: Nope, that's not it at all. Okay, enough of Einstein.
                        Turn to the next page...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {Superstring theory.}

        (Same as first option.)

      {General relativity theory.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: You, sir, are correct. I guess that takes care of
                        Einstein. Turn to the next page...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? *sigh* I'm tired of studying. Let's go to Tartarus, bro.

Main: {I'll think about it.}

        Junpei: Sweet! I knew I could count on you, man! You're comin' too,
                right Yuka-tan?

      {Hit the books.}

        Junpei: Are you serious, bro!? Isn't saving the world more important?
                C'mon... Yuka-tan wants to go...

Yukari: We DO have exams next week... But, what the hell... I'll go.

Junpei: Yeaaah! Now, we're talkin'!



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Hey, let's go to Tartarus. You can study anytime. We
        need to get stronger ASAP. Me n' Hermes will take down the next big
        Shadow ourselves!

Main: {You seem confident.}

        Junpei: Why shouldn't I be?

      {Go hit the books.}

        Junpei: C'mon, gimme a break, man...

Mitsuru: How are your grades, Iori?

Junpei: How are yours-- Never mind. I already know.

Mitsuru: I'm currently studying college-level material, for your information.

Junpei: Man, now I don't feel like doing anything at all...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. Exams begin next week. Are you prepared?

Main: {Of course.}

        Mitsuru: Ah, just as I suspected. I'll be looking forward to seeing
                 your grades...

      {No, not at all...}

        Mitsuru: I see... A talented hawk hides its talons, hm? Well, I'll be
                 looking forward to seeing your grades...

Mitsuru: If they're good, I'll give you something. ...Consider it a reward.
         To be honest, I'm not as well prepared as I should be. I'm still
         preoccupied with monitoring Shadows. At any rate, the number of
         incidents have decreased since our last mission. If we can continue to
         defeat them, we may be able to rid the public of their fear...
         However, every time a new Shadow appears, it seems to be more powerful
         than the last. And even after Akihiko returns to battle, we still
         won't be at full strength...

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


[Mrs. Terauchi is teaching English.]

Mrs. Terauchi: ...Let's translate the passage on page 26 into English. The
               bell's going to ring soon, so make this quick! In this section,
               the red Special Guard grabs Kaya by her wrist, and she says,
               "Hanashite!" Today's the 15th, so I'll pick... Main.

[Main stands up.]

Mrs. Terauchi: When used this way, what does "hanashite" mean?

Main: {"Tell me!"}

        Mrs. Terauchi: Nope. Good try, though! This will be on the next exam,
                       so figure out the answer by then! Hmm, we're out of
                       time... We'll continue this passage next time.

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {"Let go!"}

        Mrs. Terauchi: Good job! After this, the Special Guard knocks Kaya out
                       and carries her away. Remember this, because it'll be on
                       the next exam! We've still got a couple minutes left...
                       Oh, in today's newspaper...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {"Wear the flower!"}

        (Same as first option.)


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Akihiko there.]

Akihiko: *huff* *huff* H-Hey.

Main: {Running late?}

        Akihiko: *huff* No...

      {Not feeling well?}

        Akihiko: *huff* The opposite, actually.

Akihiko: The doctor said I'm almost fully healed, so... I couldn't wait to get
         some exercise. I'll be ready for battle after midterms. But, that
         means I've got to start training now.

[Main and Akihiko enter the school.]


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching Math.]

Ms. Miyahara: If you apply this formula to a problem, it works out to 3...
              Wait, is that right? Ummm.... No, that's right. It's 3. By the
              way, take a good look at this formula. Isn't it fascinating?

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Miyahara: Huh? The exam...? Oh, right, the exams start next Monday.
                      It'll cover up to page 34. This formula won't be on it.
                      It's so beautiful, though... Maybe I should put it on the
                      exam, too. Kidding! Kidding! Don't give me that look...!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Mitsuru: Welcome back.


/Early Morning\

> 1st semester midterm exams begin today and last for 6 days...

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Listening Student: Oh, no! The test is today! I didn't study at all yesterday,
                   cause... I fell asleep!

Gossiping Student: Come on... You don't need to lie about it every time. By the
                   way, did you hear? Our PE teacher was hospitalized. I heard
                   a signboard fell on top of him.

Listening Student: Whoa... Wait. Who cares about our PE teacher? C'mon, we've
                   got 5 minutes! We can memorize 10 vocab words!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


> It's the first day of exams...

(If your Academic score is high enough:)

        > The questions are just too easy. ...... Your pen won't stop moving!



> This question seems familiar...

Composition Q.5: Which of the following was written by Fuyuhiko Yoshimura?

Main: {Omoidasu Koto Nado}

        > ...... You're not very confident about your answer.


        > ...... You feel confident about your answer.

      {Yume Juuya}

        (Same as first option.)


        (Same as first option.)



> This question seems familiar...

Physics Q.2: Which of these is not related to the others?

Main: {Universal gravitation}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Kepler's laws}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Inverse square law}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Chaos theory}

        (Correct answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Chemistry Q.2: Based on its pH, soap is considered which of the following?

Main: {Acidic}

        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Japanese History Q.1: What is the difference between the Paleolithic era and
                      the Neolithic era?

Main: {How tools were made}

        (Correct answer response)

      {Who used the tools}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {The patterns on the tools}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {The crafters' enthusiasm}

        (Incorrect answer response)


/Early Morning\

> Today is the last day of the midterm exams.

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Akihiko there.]

Akihiko: Hey, Main. Today is the last day of midterms, huh. If the doctor gives
         me the O.K., I'll be able to fight with you guys again... finally.
         By the way, I have a favor to ask. You've been doing a great job
         leading the team in Tartarus... Would you mind continuing after I come
         back? That way, I can concentrate on building my strength.

Main: {I don't mind.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        Akihiko: ...You'll be fine. Just keep doing what you've been doing.

Akihiko: I already talked to Mitsuru, and she was okay with it too. Good luck.

[Main and Akihiko enter the school.]


> It's the last day of exams...

(If your Academic score is high enough:)

        > The questions are just too easy. ...... Your pen won't stop moving!

/After School\

> Today's exams have ended.


[Main, Yukari, Junpei, and Akihiko are at the table in the dorm lounge.]

Yukari: Senpai, I hear you're fully healed!

Junpei: Congrats, man!

Akihiko: I need to catch up on my training. I've slacked off for a whole month.

Yukari: Shouldn't you take it easy, though? You don't wanna reinjure your arm.

Akihiko: I've already wasted precious time. Besides, we found another

Junpei: We did!? Sweet! Is it a girl...?

Akihiko: Actually, it is. She's a junior who goes to our school. Fuuka
         Yamagishi... Do you guys know her?

Yukari: Yamagishi...? Oh, that girl in 2-E... She gets sick a lot, from what I
        heard... I don't see her at school very often.

Akihiko: She was at the same hospital as me. That's how we found out about her.
         But, maybe she's not cut out for battle. I had an Evoker made for her,

Junpei: What!? We're giving up on her already!? I was gonna offer her some
        private lessons...

Yukari: ......

Junpei: Wh-Why're you lookin' at me like that? ...... C'mon... I'm a guy.
        Whaddya expect!?



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Exam results will be posted today...

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. You're as punctual as always, Main-kun. Junpei looks like the
        world is about to end.

Main: {Really?}

        Yukari: Yeah, really. Exam scores will be posted today, so... that
                explains it.

      {What happend?}

        Yukari: Well, exam scores will be posted today, so...

Yukari: He said he's gonna beg for a higher score... Like that's gonna work.
        Oh, by the way... You remember how Akihiko-senpai was talking about
        that girl Fuuka...? I hear she's kinda weak... but that's just a rumor.
        I wonder what she's really like. Either way, having another
        Persona-user can't be a bad thing!

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Student: Hey, the results are posted!

> You decide to go look at the exam results.

(If you scored the highest:)

        > You scored the highest in your class! Everyone is looking at you with
          respect! Your Charm has increased. You suddenly remember something.
          Mitsuru promised to give you a gift if you scored the highest.

> Lunchtime is almost over. You decide to go back to your classroom.


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: All right class, settle down. You can show your scores to one
             another later. Let's go over the test now. The first part was the
             kanji dictation section... This passage had some very easy kanji.
             I'm embarrassed that some of you got them wrong... The next
             portion was the short essay, reacting to a passage about bullying
             in schools. This one was a gimme. As long as you wrote something
             down, I gave you credit for it... You could have complained about
             the bullying at Gekkoukan, right? ...I'm kidding, of course.
             There's no bullying here... None whatsoever. I'm not getting into

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: Okay, on to the next section. Many of you got this part
                     wrong. Now, pay attention. You were asked to write the
                     correct conjunction in each case... But the answer to
                     every single one was "and." Do you understand?

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)


[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'uuup, dude? Hey, how'd you do on the exams...?

Main: {I'm satisfied.}

        Junpei: Seriously...?

      {I'm not too happy.}

        Junpei: Seriously? But, your scores have to be higher than mine...

Junpei: Man, I'm a laughing stock... After the results were posted, I heard
        these two cute girls talking... They were sayin' I have a one-track
        mind... Well, I won't let it get to me! We might be getting another
        girl on our team anyways!

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Hey, let's go to Tartarus later. I need to get
         back into the swing of things. I can't leave all the fun to you guys.



(This event will happen if you haven't joined a sports team yet:)

[Main is sitting in class. Ms. Toriumi approaches him.]

Ms. Toriumi: Main, I have a big favor to ask of you... It's about our athletic
             teams... Participation is down. The coach says he needs more
             people... Since you're not on any team, Main, you must have time
             on your hands, right? Between track, kendo, and swimming, there's
             got to be one that interests you, right? Please! Join something!

> Ms. Toriumi is begging you... It doesn't seem like she'll let you leave
  without saying yes.

Main: {Join the Track Team}

        Ms. Toriumi: Really!? You'll do it!? Thank you! Yes! A free lunch!
                     ...Oh, um, disregard that last part. Then, can you go see
                     the team after school and tell them you want to join?

        > You decided to join the Track team... Since you have no choice, you
          head for the practice field.

      {Join the Kendo Team}

        Ms. Toriumi: Really!? You'll do it!? Thank you! Yes! A free lunch!
                     ...Oh, um, disregard that last part. Then, can you go see
                     the team after school and tell them you want to join?

        > You decided to join the Kendo team... Since you have no choice, you
          head for the gym.

      {Join the Swim Team}

        Ms. Toriumi: Really!? You'll do it!? Thank you! Yes! A free lunch!
                     ...Oh, um, disregard that last part. Then, can you go see
                     the team after school and tell them you want to join?

        > You decided to join the Swim team... Since you have no choice, you
          head for the pool.

      {Join the couch potatoes}

        Ms. Toriumi: I'm sorry, what were you saying...? (back to questions)

/After School\

(If you were forced to join a sports team, you'll see the Rank 1 Scene of the
 Chariot Arcana now.)


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'up, dude? So, whaddya think...?

Main: {About what?}

        Junpei: About Fuuka Yamagishi, of course. I haven't given up hope that
                she'll join our team. Dude, her face looks so familiar.

      {Calm down.}

        Junpei: How can I be calm when another chick might be coming to our
                dorm!? Fuuka Yamagishi... I know I've seen her before.

Junpei: She does look kinda weak, but it only makes me wanna protect her,
        ya know?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


[Mr. Edogawa is teaching Miscellaneous.]

Mr. Edogawa: I'm Edogawa, in charge of integrative learning. Eeeheehee... In
             this class, I'll ease all your worries. It's psychotherapy through
             magic! All right, everyone, be very, very quiet. No talking...
             Silence! Were you surprised to hear me bring up magic? It's a
             recent proposal, so it's not well-known yet... Here it is: Those
             who believe will be saved. Study hard, and I can beat your weak
             minds into shape! Eeeheehee... Now then! Let's get on with our
             first lecture, on the basics of magic. Who can use magic, and who
             cannot? That'll be our starting point. Some of you might think
             that magic lets you do absolutely anything... Pulling pranks on
             people, hurting your enemies... If that's what you think, then
             you'll never learn magic. It's true of both eastern and western
             sorcery... Those with wicked hearts will either be powerless, or
             will be driven to ruin. There's one more thing that can't be
             forgotten when learning magic. That is... a "master." You should
             aspire to become as good as your predecessors, especially if
             you're studying difficult magic. If you don't have a master,
             learning the black arts will be impossible. When you begin your
             training, you'll have to live in two worlds at once: the real
             world, and the dark realm. If you can't distinguish between the
             two, you're headed for certain disaster. That's why the presence
             of a master is of the utmost importance! With that in mind, I'll
             move on to meditation, a standard practice in magical training.
             I've got some prints for you...

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Edogawa: ...Now then, it looks like it's time. If you're interested
                     in the subject, try meditating before going to bed. Slowly
                     recall the events of the day... It's like traveling back
                     through time. If you can do that flawlessly, you may just
                     make a good magician. Eeeheehee... That's all for today!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Mitsuru: Welcome back. Hm, that's strange... The number of victims seems to be
         on the rise again... Apparently, the decline was only temporary.

Yukari: Huh? Does that mean that no matter how many Shadows we defeat, more
        will just keep coming? If that's the case, then what's the point of

Mitsuru: If we do nothing, then everyone will eventually join The Lost. Our
         efforts have prevented the crisis from escalating.

Yukari: I guess you're right. ...Ya know, it's kinda creepy when you think
        about it... If we couldn't use our Personas, then the whole city would
        be crawling with zombies...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Listening Student: I heard from a younger guy in my club yesterday that the
                   10th-graders are teasing someone.

Gossiping Student: What, like bullying him? Poor kid... What's his name?

Listening Student: I don't know... All I heard is that it's really a problem.
                   I thought our school was peaceful, too, but I guess it's
                   not so much.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]

/After School\

[Yukari is walking through the school when she overhears two girls laughing.]

Female Voices: Hahahahaha!

Brunette: So, I pretended to take a picture with my cell phone.

Brunette's Friend: And?

Brunette: She freaked out and started crying. ...Like it was the end of the
          world. You should've seen the look on her face... It was priceless.

Brunette's Friend: Oh my gawd!

Brunette: I've never laughed so hard in all my life!

Gossiping Girls: Hahahahaha!

Yukari: They're making fun of someone...? Don't they have anything better to

[Yukari begins to walk away, but the girls resume talking.]

Brunette's Friend: Huh...? Where's that voice coming from...?

Brunette: What voice? I don't hear anything.

Brunette's Friend: ......

Brunette: What's wrong, Maki? Maki!

Brunette's Friend: ......Huh?

Brunette: Are you okay!?

Brunette's Friend: Sorry... What were we talking about?

Yukari: I can't stand girls like that...

[Yukari walks off.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, did you hear? That 11th-grader...

Listening Student: Oh, yeah! The one who was lying on the ground this morning,
                   right? I hope she just ran away from home... But I feel like
                   this is the start of something big.

Gossiping Student: Yeah... There might be reporters and camera crews and stuff.
                   *sigh* I don't want to deal with it.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Main and Junpei are in homeroom. Some girls nearby are talking.]

Student: Did you hear? About that girl in 2-E...?

Classmate: Yeah, they haven't got a clue...

Student: Isn't that bizarre!?

> Everyone is talking about a rumor.

Junpei: Man, can you believe these people...? So, did you hear the details?

Main: {Uh uh.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'm not interested.}

        Junpei: Stop acting like you don't care. You really should hear this...

Junpei: Well, a girl from 2-E went missing last night. This morning, they found
        her lying on the ground in front of the school gate! Nobody knows what
        happened, and supposedly, she's still unconscious.

[Yukari walks over to Main and Junpei.]

Junpei: Yo, Yuka-tan. This is a tough case, even for Junpei Iori, Ace

Yukari: Ace Detective? ...Are you stupid or something? ...... More more like
        Stupei, Ace Defective.

Junpei: Hey! I resent that. Anyway, where've you been?

Yukari: I was talking to the teacher. That girl they found... I saw her
        yesterday, on my way back from practice. She seemed okay then...

Junpei: Whoa... Now, that's really strange.


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Did you hear the rumor going around school? People can be
        so immature, sometimes. I mean, it's just a ghost story. Anyway, I'm
        not feeling very well, so I won't be able to go to Tartarus tonight.
        ...Sorry. I'l prolly just watch a little TV and then go to bed early.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. ...There seems to be a sense of restlessness in the air.

Main: {Really? I didn't notice.}

        Mitsuru: You don't feel it...? Well, I just hope it doesn't have
                 anything to do with Shadows.

      {Yeah, I agree...}

        Mitsuru: Well, I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with Shadows.

Mitsuru: Akihiko said we may be receiving a new member, but we don't know when
         we'll be attacked... So remain alert at all times.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


[Everyone is gathered around the table in the dorm lounge.]

Junpei: Hey Yuka-tan, have you seen the posts on the student message board?
        You know how last week, that girl was found by the front gate? Well,
        there's this rumor that it was an angry spirit from this one ghost

Yukari: H-Hey! C'mon... Nobody believes that stuff!? ...R-Right?

Mitsuru: So, what is this ghost story about?

Yukari: Wha--!? It-It's probably made-up... so why bother!?

Akihiko: I'm interested. Go ahead and tell us.

Yukari: Uh...

> Junpei leaned forward and spoke in a mysterious voice...

[The camera zooms in a little on Junpei, the lights go out and Junpei holds a
 flashlight up to his face.]

Junpei: Good evening. Welcome to "Junpei's Believe It, or Don't." ...There are
        many strange things in this world... According to one story... if you
        get caught at school late at night, you'll be devoured by a maniacal
        ghost that roams the halls! The other day, this friend of mine--let's
        call him Shu... He said to me, "Junpei, I saw something strange." He
        sounded serious, so I asked him what he'd seen. He said it was about
        the girl in 2-E... He claims he saw her go into the school on the night
        of the incident. I couldn't believe it. She's not the kind of girl to
        be out at night... But Shu was as white as a sheet. He insisted it was
        true... Then, it hit me... That ghost must've tried to make her its
        dinner! And that's why they found her lying on the ground by the gate!
        I felt a chill run down my spine, and I broke into a cold sweat... Yes,
        there are strange things in this world... Believe it... or don't.

[The lights come back on and Junpei puts away the flashlight.]

Mitsuru: ...What do you think, Akihiko?

Akihiko: I think it's worth investigating.

Junpei: Wow, I didn't know you were afraid of ghosts, Yuka-tan. That's kinda

Yukari: Hey, watch it! ...F-Fine, then let's investigate. We'll each ask around
        for the rest of the week. I'll prove to you that this ghost story is
        just an urban legend!

Mitsuru: I appreciate that. The story is a bit unnerving.

Akihiko: Then, I'll let you guys handle it. Just make sure you sleep with one
         eye open...

/Dark Hour\

Mysterious Boy: Good evening.

[Main is in his bed; the boy is sitting on the edge.]

Mysterious Boy: I came to see you again, as I promised. How are you?

Main: {It's you...}

        Mysterious Boy: I'm glad you remembered me.

      {Get out of here.}

        Mysterious Boy: That isn't very nice; show a little courtesy.

Mysterious Boy: Now... In another week, the moon will be full again. And the
                next ordeal will be upon you. So, be careful.

[The boy disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Mysterious Boy: ...I'll come again.

> The boy has disappeared...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. Ya know what...? From this day forward, I'm gonna do my best!

Main: {At?}

        Yukari: Duh! The ghost story! Did you already forget what we talked
                about last night?

      {Good luck.}

        Yukari: Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Yukari: ...You're hopeless. You better find out as much as you can, too...
        Remember, you only have until Friday! I'm counting on you, Main-kun.

[Main and Yukari enter the School.]


[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr. Ekoda: Ah... This phrase "mono susamajiku" also occurs in "Ugetsu
           Monogatari." Of the "Ugetsu Monogatari" stories, I'm particularly
           fond of the one about the ghostly wife. Such an eerie, yet poignant
           story... Speaking of which, I know a good ghost story. Would you
           like to hear?

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ekoda: ...Then his friend, who entered the tunnel with him,
                   suddenly began to scream... "There's a girl right behind
                   you!" Frightened, they ran back home. But he started to hear
                   scratching noises each night... And a faint voice, saying...
                   "Let me in... Let me in..." But as far as he knew, the room
                   adjacent to his was vacant. One night, he decided to knock
                   on the wall where the sounds were emanating. Hmhmhm...
                   Right next to his ear, the voice came loud and clear...
                   "I'm here!" That's how he got a new family member, and they
                   lived happily ever after. That's all for today!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Yo, let's go to Tartarus tonight, man. The Lost are
        everywhere, and it seems like it's only getting worse... Plus, there's
        those freakin' rumors goin' around school... We need to let off some


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'up, dude? Hey, are you looking into that ghost story?

Main: {Of course.}

        Junpei: Seriously? Shouldn't we just leave that to Yuka-tan? I've got
                better things to do...

      {A little...}

        Junpei: I know you're lying, man. As for me, I've got better things to
                do... I say just leave it to Yuka-tan.

Junpei: Besides, I have plenty of scary stories up my sleeve. I bet you pissed
        your pants when you heard that story the other night. They say it's
        true, though.

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'... *yawn* This sucks... I spent so much time thinking about
        ghost stories that now I'm having nightmares...

Main: {How's it going?}

        Yukari: Mm... It's going.

      {Don't overdo it.}

        Yukari: Don't worry. I'm fine.

Yukari: But, there's so many stupid rumors going around that it's tough to put
        them all together.I did get some useful information, though. I'm gonna
        look into it more today.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Hey, remember what we talked about on Monday? ...The ghost story? Let's
        talk about it some more tonight...

Main: {Sounds fun.}

        Yukari: Yep, I heard some interesting stories... Don't forget, okay?

      {I don't feel like it.}

        Yukari: Hey! No ditching! I heard some interesting stories, so make
                sure you're there, okay?

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are in their homeroom.]

Yukari: ...Well, today's Friday. Did you two ask around, like we said?

Junpei: Huh? We had something planned for today?

[Yukari glares at him.]

Junpei: I know, I know! I'm just kidding! Man, you have such a short temper...

Yukari: Then, we'll meet in the lounge after school. Don't forget!

Junpei: Yes, Ma'am...


[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are in the dorm lounge.]

Yukari: Okay, as we agreed on Monday, we'll now hold a meeting to discuss what
        we learned.

Junpei: Wow, you're really into this.

Yukari: Of course. I got lots of good info. It turns out no angry ghost was

Junpei: Oh, so that's what's important, huh?

Yukari: Hmph. First off, let's talk about how this rumor got started... Since
        the girl was found on school grounds, there's at least one similarity
        to the ghost story. But, why did the rumor spread so fast, if this was
        the first time anything happened?

Main: {There were three victims.}

        Yukari: Correct!

      {Her dying message.}

        Yukari: Dying message? Um, the victim isn't dead...

      {The ghost did it.}

        Yukari: Please... Let it go.

Yukari: But yeah, I was surprised when I found out the reason... Over the next
        few days, there were two more similar incidents. All three victims had
        to be hospitalized. No wonder people were talking. Next. The victims
        are in different classes, and they don't seem to be connected. However,
        they did have one thing in common. What was it?

Junpei: What is this, a quiz show? (to Main) Do YOU know?

Main: {They ate out a lot.}

        Yukari: Ate out a lot...? Are you crazy? What's that got to do with

        Junpei: Well, some families never eat out.

        Yukari: You be quiet! They hung out together, not ate out a lot!

      {They hung out together.}

        Yukari: Yup, that's right!

      {They went to our school.}

        Yukari: *sigh* HELLO... we already KNOW that. They hung out together,

Yukari: Not just once or twice, either. They got in with a bad crowd, and were
        always out late. It can't be just a coincidence... So, to find out what
        happened, we're gonna do some field research.

Junpei: Field research? Are you kidding?

Yukari: Yeah, there's this one place where the three victims were regulars.

Junpei: Wait, you're not talkin' about that place behind Port Island Station,
        are you...?

Yukari: Oh, you're familiar with it?

Junpei: You can't go there! I've heard some nasty rumors about that place!

Yukari: Is that so? Well then, we should all go together. (to Main) You'll
        come, right?

Main: {Of course.}

        Yukari: Thanks!

      {Sorry, count me out.}

        Yukari: Aw, come on! Junpei's just exaggerating.

      {I don't mind.}

       Yukari: I'll take that as a yes.

Junpei: Forget it... That place is bad news. I mean, don't you think we're
        getting in over our heads?

Yukari: Up until now, all we've done is take orders. Does that feel right to

Junpei: I know what you mean, but... Man, did you have to say it like that?
        I guess I don't have a choice, do I?

Yukari: Okay, we'll go tomorrow night, then.

> You agreed to go to the hangout tomorrow night.


/Early Morning\

> It occurs to you that you have plans tonight...


[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are about to leave the dorm.]

Yukari: ...Alright, let's get going.

Junpei: What's your hurry? ...I still think this is a bad idea. How could you
        be afraid of ghosts, but not be scared of this...?

Yukari: It's easy to get freaked out by something you can't see, don'tcha

Junpei: Actually, I'm more worried about things I CAN see... like bats and

Yukari: *sigh* Big deal, so it's a little "dangerous"... Come on, it'll be
        an adventure!

[Yukari opens the doors and walks out.]

Junpei: More like a suicide mission.

[Main and Junpei follow her out. Later the three of them enter the area behind
 Port Island Station. A group of thugs is hanging out there.]

Punk: ...The hell?

Punk's Buddy: Check out those rags... They're from Gekko High.

Junpei: Oh man, this is worse than I thought...

[The party approaches the two punks.]

Punk: Hey, you, I think you're in the wrong place.

Junpei: Uh... Well, I...

Punk: You don't belong here... Get it? Beat it, Goatee...

Junpei: G-Goatee? Oh, y-you mean me...

Yukari: We don't need your permission to be here.

Junpei: H-Hey! Are you nuts!? Take a look around you!

Yukari: I'm not blind, ya know. Come on, don't be intimidated by these scum!

Punk: What was that?

Tough Chick: She just called us "scum."

Tough Chick's Friend: Let's get 'em. Who cares where they're from!?

Tough Chick: We'll post some pictures that will make her daddy cry! She'll wish
             she was never born!

Girls: Hahahahaha! Oh, that's so clever! Hahahahahahaha!!

Yukari: These guys are the worst...

Punk: You oughta learn to shut that trap of yours. Man, I feel sorry for you,
      Goatee. This bitch is a pain in the ass... huh!!

[The punk punches Junpei in the stomach and he crouches down in pain.]

Junpei: Ugh!

Yukari: Junpei...!

[The other punks close in on the party.]

Punk: Hey, pretty boy! I don't like your face either... Got anything to say
      before I beat it to a bloody pulp!?

[The punks begin laughing.]

Familiar Voice: That's enough.

[The guy from Akihiko's hospital room walks in.]

Guy from the Other Day: They didn't know what they were getting into. I'll make
                        sure they leave. Alright?

Punk: Who do you think you are, dumbass? You want some too!?

Guy from the Other Day: *sigh* Do I have a choice?

Punk: That's it, you're goin' down!!

[The punk charges at the guy, but he headbutts the punk and he falls down.]

Punk: *gasp* Shit...

Punk's Buddy: Damn you, Shinjiro... That's right... You're from Gekko High too,
              aren't ya!? I thought you were one of us...

Shinjiro Aragaki: What gave you that idea? I don't remember swearing a blood

[The punk gets back up.]

Punk: You son of a bitch! You just crossed the line! You think you're going
      home alive!?

Shinjiro Aragaki: Sure do. ...Wanna give it a try?

Punk: Uh... S-Screw this...

Girls: Hahahahaha! What a loser!

Punk's Buddy: You better grow eyes in the back of your head!

[All the thugs leave and Junpei stands back up.]

Junpei: Oh man, Senpai, that was awesome!

Shinjiro Aragaki: You idiots! Get outta here. This place isn't for you.

[Shinjiro begins to walk away.]

Yukari: Wait! We came here for a reason!

Shinjiro Aragaki: You guys... You were at the hospital.

[He walks over to them.]

Shinjiro Aragaki: Did Aki tell you to come here?

Main: {Yeah, sort of.}

        Shinjiro Aragaki: Stupid move...

      {No, he didn't.}

        Shinjiro Aragaki: ...Hmph.

Shinjiro Aragaki: What do you wanna know? About that ghost story?

Yukari: Um, yeah... How'd you know?

[They move over to the stairs and Shinjiro sits down.]

Shinjiro Aragaki: It's a rumor. Those girls who wound up in the hospital were
                  here talkin' shit every night... about all the things they'd
                  done to some girl named Fuuka.

Junpei: Fuuka...? You mean Fuuka Yamagishi, from 2-E? They were picking on her?

Shinjiro Aragaki: That's why people are saying it's Fuuka's spirit that did it.
                  I hear it's all over the net, too.

Yukari: Fuuka's spirit...? Wait, what do you mean by that!?

Shinjiro Aragaki: You guys don't know? This Fuuka girl might be dead. She
                  hasn't been home in over a week. Don't you guys go to
                  school!? How do you not know this?

Junpei: Are you serious!? I thought she was out sick... But, she's missing!?

Yukari: So much for the ghost story. Mr. Ekoda is the homeroom teacher for 2-E,
        right? Does he know about this...?

[Shinjiro stands up.]

Shinjiro Aragaki: I get it, Aki... Still trying to make up for the past. It's
                  you who can't let go...

[The party looks confused.]

Shinjiro Aragaki: Nothing... That's all I know... Satisfied?

[Junpei gives him a bow.]

Junpei: Y-Yeah! Thanks, Senpai! (to Main) ...C'mon, show some appreciation.

[Main and Yukari bow too.]

Yukari: Thanks! You totally helped us out! ...You're very kind.

Shinjiro Aragaki: Huh?

Yukari: I, um... Never mind.

Shinjiro Aragaki: Tch... Don't come here again.

[He walks off. The party returns to the dorm.]



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> You recall the story you heard at the outskirts of the station. You decide to
  ask the teacher about the missing girl, Fuuka Yamagishi, today...


[Main, Yukari, and Junpei enter the Faculty office. Mitsuru, Mr. Ekoda, and one
 of the bullies that Yukari saw before are already there.]

Yukari: Oh, Mitsuru-senpai. Why are you here?

Mitsuru: Same reason as you. Mr. Ekoda, I'm here to ask you about a student
         named Fuuka Yamagishi...

Brunette: No!! I-I never thought it'd turn out like this... Fuuka...

Yukari: Wait... You're that girl...

Mitsuru: What did you do to Yamagishi?

Mr. Ekoda: Hold on, Mitsuru... This isn't an interrogation. Natsuki, you don't
           have to say anything if you don't want to. You wouldn't want to give
           her the wrong idea.

Natsuki Moriyama: Fuuka... She... She always looked so frazzled whenever I gave
                  her a hard time... Then, I realized... She's an honor
                  student, but deep inside, she's the same as us. I knew
                  exactly which buttons to push. We were just messin' with her
                  that day, too! May 29th... We took Fuuka to the gym... and
                  locked the door from the outside...

Junpei: What!? You locked her in!?

Natsuki Moriyama: That night, Maki returned to school alone. She was afraid
                  we'd get in trouble if Fuuka committed suicide. But, she
                  never came back... and the next morning...

Yukari: ...she was found lying on the ground by the gate.

Natsuki Moriyama: I went to the gym to let Fuuka out, but the door was still
                  locked... So, I opened it and went inside, but she wasn't
                  there... We all freaked out. Starting that night, we all went
                  looking for her. But every night, another one of us went
                  missing... and they each ended up like Maki!

Mitsuru: I see... By the way, Mr. Ekoda... All this time, you've attributed
         Yamagishi's absences to "illness." But in reality, she was missing.
         You must have been aware of that... What was your intention?

Mr. Ekoda: I was thinking of the students, of course. You children may not
           understand, but we have to consider the future of everyone affected.

Mitsuru: You mean, you chose not to report this to the police for the "good of
         the class."

Mr. Ekoda: It, it was in her best interest. I wouldn't want her records to be
           stained by something like this. Her parents agree!

Mitsuru: So to protect your career, you ignored your responsibility as a
         teacher... How despicable...!

Mr. Ekoda: *gasp* I-I didn't... I was just...

Mitsuru: (to Natsuki) About your friends... Did you notice anything unusual
         before the incidents? ...Anything at all.

Natsuki Moriyama: ...... They all heard a voice... A creepy voice. ...Right
                  before each of them went missing. They said it was calling
                  their name.

Junpei: Oh, man...

Yukari: Senpai, could it be...!?

[Mitsuru moves over to the party.]

Mitsuru: It's them... no doubt about it. Until now, there was no way of knowing
         how or why some people are conscious during the Dark Hour... But, it's
         the voice; it draws them in. It's not a random phenomenon. This whole
         thing has made me realize... They're clearly targeting humans. Shadows
         are the enemy of mankind. (to Natsuki) Stay at our dorm tonight; it's
         the safest place.

[Natsuki nods.]

Mitsuru: If you hear the voice, tell us immediately. And don't leave the room,
         no matter what. If you can do that much, you should be okay. ...Don't
         worry, Yamagishi should be alright as well. (to the party) We'll meet
         after school in the Student Council Room to discuss tonight's

Junpei: T-Tonight!?

Mitsuru: We're going to rescue Yamagishi. If my guess is right, she's still
         inside the school.

/After School\

[Everyone is in the Student Council Room. Yukari locks the door.]

Yukari: All set.

Mitsuru: Tonight, we will infiltrate the campus. Our objective is to rescue
         Fuuka Yamagishi.

Junpei: Um, I don't get it... Is Fuuka inside the school somewhere?

Yukari: And why at night? At midnight, this place turns into--

Mitsuru: Exactly. That's how Yamagishi wandered into Tartarus.

Yukari: Then, ever since Fuuka got locked in the gym, she's been stuck

[Mitsuru nods.]

Junpei: But, that was ten days ago! That means...

Akihiko: Not necessarily. We can't jump to conclusions. Tartarus only appears
         during the Dark Hour. So, what about the rest of the day?

Yukari: Now that you mention it...

Akihiko: This is only a theory, but I think time may function differently with
         respect to Tartarus. So, even though it's been ten days for us,
         perhaps only ten hours have passed for her. It's possible she's still

Junpei: Wow, ya think so!? Uh, but the Dark Hour is pretty brutal... We can
        barely handle an hour; how's she gonna last ten!?

Yukari: That's true... And, even if she's still alive, we might not be able to
        get to her...

Akihiko: Are you just gonna let her die, then!? ...I have an idea. Let's try to
         enter Tartarus exactly how Fuuka did. We'll go to the gym, and wait
         for midnight. That's the quickest way.

Yukari: Is that really gonna work...?

Mitsuru: Honestly, I have reservations. If something goes wrong, you could all
         end up lost in Tartarus too. But...

Akihiko: I won't stand by and do nothing if there's a chance we can save her...
         I'd never forgive myself. If you guys don't want to go, then I'll go
         by myself.

Yukari: Senpai...?

Mitsuru: ...Alright. We're aware of the risks, but we can't just leave her

Yukari: I agree. And we won't know until we try.

Junpei: Cool, we get to sneak into the school! Heheh... In that case, I know
        just what to do...


[Everyone has gathered in the meeting room at the dorm.]

Mitsuru: Hmm...

Akihiko: What's wrong?

Mitsuru: I can't get a hold of the Chairman.

Yukari: I guess we can handle it ourselves.

Mitsuru: There's one problem, though. Without the Chairman's help, I'm not sure
         how we can get inside the school...

Junpei: No need to worry. I've got it all set to go.

Mitsuru: Set to go...? An explosive? *chuckle* Alright, I'll let you handle

Akihiko: We don't have time to waste. Let's go.

[Mitsuru and Akihiko leave.]

Yukari: ...An explosive? For real?

Junpei: ...Nah... All I did was unlock a door...

[Later, the group is inside a hallway in the school.]

Junpei: See? We got in no problem. Man, I'm a genius!

Yukari: Is that really something to brag about?

Mitsuru: So, you unlocked it earlier... Tres bien!

Akihiko: No time for compliments. Let's go.

[Mitsuru and Akihiko walk off.]

Yukari: What's the big deal, anyway...?

Junpei: Tray Ben...? What's that mean? That's not English, is it?

[The group moves to one of the classrooms.]

Yukari: Can we turn on the lights...?

Junpei: Aww, you scared?

Yukari: No! ...Stupei.

Junpei: Stop callin' me that!

Akihiko: Quiet. It's better if we leave 'em off. They cut the power at night

Yukari: I don't like sneaking around...

Mitsuru: First, we have to find the key to the gym. Akihiko and I will check
         the janitor's room. You three check the Faculty Office. After that,
         we'll meet in the main hallway. Got it?

Junpei: The Faculty Office, huh...? Hey, maybe we'll find some test questions!

Akihiko: Maybe I should go to the Faculty Office, too... It sounds interesting.

Mitsuru: Are you planning something unscrupulous under my supervision? If so,
         then expect to be severely punished...

Junpei: It-It was a joke! I'd never do something like that! Ha, haha...

Akihiko: Come on, Mitsuru... Lighten up a little.

Mitsuru: Fine. Let's head over to the janitor's room. Iori, you're coming with

[Mitsuru leaves; Akihiko and Junpei hesitate before following her out.]

Yukari: Alright, let's get this over with.

[Main and Yukari exit the classroom and go downstairs to the lobby. They hear
 what sounds like footsteps.]

Yukari: Do you hear that?

> The footsteps are getting closer...

Yukari: Th-There's someone else here...?

[Main and Yukari hide behind a pillar. A flashlight beam scans the area they
 were standing earlier for a few seconds before turning away.]

> The footsteps faded away...

Yukari: *sigh* It's just a security guard...

Main: {Let's hurry.}

        Yukari: I know...

      {You're freaking out.}

        Yukari: No, I'm not! I'm just a little nervous, that's all! Do you
                blame me? I mean, we did break into the school in the middle of
                the night. Wait a minute... That could've been one of the
                others. Haha, there's nothing to be afraid of, right? Hahaha...
                Why am I laughing?

      {Do you believe in ghosts?}

        Yukari: Um, of course not. We already know it's not a ghost. And
                besides, I'm not THAT afraid of--

[Yukari's cell phone ringer goes off.]

Yukari: Ahhh! M-My cell phone!? Why now!?

[She checks her phone.]

Yukari: Figures... It's spam. *sigh* Sorry about that. It took me by surprise!

Main: {Me too.}

        Yukari: See?

      {You get scared so easily.}

        Yukari: ...... Whatever.

      {You were so cute.}

        Yukari: H-Huh!? ...It's not funny.

[Main and Yukari continue on to the Faculty Office. Yukari tries to check the

Yukari: No... No... It's so dark, I can barely read these.

[She holds up a key to Main.]

Yukari: What does it say on this one?

Main: {Gym.}

        Yukari: Really? Let me see! ...Yeah, this is it! Mind if we borrow


        Yukari: Are you sure? It looks shorter than that. ...Hey, it says
                "Gym"! Mind if we borrow this...?


        Yukari: What, are you trying to scare me or something? ...Trust me,
                you'll pay for that. Wait a minute... This is the key for the

> Obtained Gym Key.

Yukari: Okay, let's go. We're supposed to meet them in the main hallway.

[The party regroups in the lobby.]

Mitsuru: Did you find the key?

Yukari: Sure did.

Junpei: Ya know, I heard a scream that sounded kinda familiar...

[Yukari blushes and looks away.]

Junpei: What, you actually did? I was just kidding...

Yukari: You wanna make somethin' of it!?

Akihiko: Keep it down.

Mitsuru: We'll divide into teams again. Three of you will enter Tartarus, and
         one of you will remain outside with me. Once the Dark Hour has begun,
         I'll determine Yamagishi's position.

Akihiko: I'll go. (to Main) You should come, too. You can take the lead, like

Yukari: Um, then, I'll be the third--

Junpei: Wait a second...! Remember how I accidentally screwed up on the
        monorail? Gimme a chance to make up for that!

Yukari: Oh, come on! It's not always about YOU! Besides, you didn't
        "accidentally" screw up.

Akihiko: Alright, Junpei, we'll give you another shot.

Junpei: Sweet! Thanks!

Akihiko: What's wrong, Yukari? You don't want to stay behind with Mitsuru?

Yukari: Um, n-no, it's fine.

Mitsuru: It's almost time.

/Dark Hour\

[Natsuki is sitting on a bed back at the dorm.]

Natsuki Moriyama: I... *sigh* ...I'm all alone, after all... Fuuka... Hm...?

[Natsuki puts her hands to her ears.]

Natsuki Moriyama: No... No! I don't wanna hear this!

[She suddenly looks up.]

Natsuki Moriyama: ...calling me...

[She stands up.]

Natsuki Moriyama: I... I have to go... tell her I'm sorry... Fuuka...

[Meanwhile, Mitsuru and Yukari are in the Tartarus lobby. Mitsuru is messing
 with a device on her bike.]

Yukari: Umm...

Mitsuru: We still haven't heard back from them... The transceiver's sensitivity
         is set to high, too...

Yukari: ...O-Oh yeah, that girl, Natsuki... I hope she's okay at the dorm...

Mitsuru: Unfortunately, no place is completely safe in the Dark Hour. But, we
         couldn't possibly bring her here, and one of us staying behind was out
         of the question.

Yukari: Yeah... I guess so...

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: ...But, we're all here for Fuuka's sake--

Akihiko: (on transceiver) Mitsuru, can you hear me?

Mitsuru: This is Mitsuru. I've confirmed your position. You're higher up than
         I expected... You're barely in communication range. Is everyone

Akihiko: (on transceiver) ...don't know... got separ...

Mitsuru: Akihiko! Come in, Akihiko!

Yukari: ...Is he out of range? I'm starting to get worried...

[Somewhere in Tartarus, Main gets up from the floor.]

> You open your eyes... Your mind feels fuzzy. You wonder where you are...

Mysterious Boy: Are you awake?

[The Mysterious Boy appears behind Main.]

Mysterious Boy: This is the first time we've spoken outside of your room.

Main: {Where are the others?}

        Mysterious Boy: Don't worry, you'll see them soon.

      {Why are you here?}

        Mysterious Boy: *chuckle* I told you, remember? I'm always with you.

Mysterious Boy: But, we don't have much time to talk. Tonight, there is more
                than one ordeal you must face... You should hurry... She's
                waiting for you. You guys will need her. Okay, then... I hope
                we can speak again.

[He vanishes.]

> Communication is breaking up.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Are... you... alri--? ...distance... too far.
         ...can't provi-- ...back up. ...... You got s-- ...from Akihi-- ......

> Communication has been lost.

[Main moves towards the stairs.]

> Communication is breaking up.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) ...Akihiko and... aren't... this floor...

Mysterious Voice: Who's there...? ...Are you human?

> Communication has been lost.

[Main moves on to the next floor.]

> Communication is breaking up.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) What's y-- ...current loca-- ...Reply immed--

Mysterious Voice: Where am I...? Why am I here...? Please answer me...

> Communication has been lost.

[Main moves towards the stairs.]

> Communication is breaking up.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Can y-- ...hear me? ...Please ans--

Mysterious Voice: Is someone there...? Please answer me...

> Communication has been lost.

[Main goes up another floor and find Junpei and Akihiko.]

Junpei: Hey, here he is! Man, we were worried about you.

Akihiko: I don't think we should enter Tartarus this way again...

Junpei: Oh yeah! Did you hear a voice while you were in here? Uh, kinda like--

Mysterious Voice: Who is this...? Are you human?

Junpei: Th-That's it! That's the voice! It sounded like it came from behind

[They look behind them. A young girl pops her head out from behind the corner.]

Akihiko: Are you Fuuka Yamagishi?

[The girl runs over to them.]

Junpei: Wow, you're alive! That's awesome! Never fear, Junpei's here!

Akihiko: I'm glad you're okay... Come with us.

Fuuka Yamagishi: Thank you so much... I...

Akihiko: Looks like we made the right decision. I'll see if I can contact

Fuuka Yamagishi: Where are we...? I was at school, and then...

Junpei: Well... It's a long story. I'll explain after we get outta here.

[Akihiko tries to use his transceiver.]

Akihiko: Mitsuru, can you hear me? ...... No good. All I hear is static.

Junpei: Oh yeah, are ya hurt? Have you run into any monsters?

Fuuka: So, there ARE strange creatures in here, then... I've managed to avoid
       them so far...

Akihiko: Are you serious!? How's that possible!?

Fuuka: Umm, it's hard to describe, but... I can sort of tell where they are...

Junpei: Whaddya mean? Are you psychic?

Akihiko: She has the same power as Mitsuru... Maybe even stronger... since
         Mitsuru's Persona is more battle-oriented. (to Fuuka) Hang on to this.

[Akihiko gives her an Evoker.]

Fuuka: *gasp* B-But, this is...!

Akihiko: Think of it as a lucky charm. It's not really a gun. Alright, let's
         get outta here!

[The group begins looking for an exit. As they pass a window, Junpei stops.]

Junpei: Whoa, check out the moon! ...I've never seen it so bright.

Akihiko: Some research indicates that the Shadows are affected by the phases
         of the moon. Of course, the same can be said for humans.

Junpei: That would explain Yuka-tan's mood swings. Hey, wasn't it a full moon
        the night we went to the monorail?

Akihiko: Was it?

Junpei: I think so... Why?

Akihiko: (to Main) Hey, did you see the moon on the night the dorm was
          attacked, back in April?

Main: {It was full.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I didn't notice.}

        Akihiko: Today is the 8th... The monorail incident happened last month
                 around the same time... and the assault on the dorm was a
                 month before that! ...They were all during a full moon!

[Akihiko tries to use the transciever again.]

Akihiko: Mitsuru, are you there!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Akihiko...? ...Shadows--

Akihiko: Hey, can you hear me? Mitsuru, come in!

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) ...Be careful...

Akihiko: Mitsuru!? Mitsuru!!

Fuuka: ...What is this thing...? It's much bigger than the others... and it's
       attacking someone...

Akihiko: Dammit!!

Junpei: Wh-What's going on!?

Akihiko: It's one of THEM! If my guess is right, they come every full moon!
         ...We have to hurry!

[Everyone but Junpei runs off.]

Junpei: H-Hey! Wait for me!

[The party returns to the lobby. Yukari is on the ground and Mitsuru's bike
 has been damaged.]

Fuuka: What in the world...!?

[Two large Shadows are standing across the lobby; one is holding Mitsuru.]

Akihiko: There's TWO of em!? Mitsuru!

Mitsuru: Ugh... uh...

Yukari: What's going on!? Nothing's working!

[The Shadows seem to notice the party.]

Junpei: Oh shit! They look pissed!

[Natsuki suddenly enters.]

Junpei: Hey! Isn't that...!?

Akihiko: Why the hell is SHE here!?

Natsuki: F-Fuuka...

[She falls to her knees.]

Fuuka: ...Moriyama-san?

[Fuuka runs over to Natsuki.]

Akihiko: Wait! What are you doing!?

Fuuka: Please, get out of here! It's dangerous!!

Natsuki: I... I wanted to tell you... I'm sorry...

[One of the Shadows moves towards Fuuka.]

Fuuka: ...!

[Fuuka faces it and pulls out the Evoker.]

Akihiko: Wait! That's not a weapon!

Fuuka: I know...!

Akihiko: ...!?

<anime cutscene>

[The Shadows reels back to strike Fuuka. Fuuka puts the gun to her head and
 shoots it, summoning her Persona, which appears around her and Natsuki. The
 Shadow's strike bounces off the Persona's womb-like shield, causing the
 Shadow to topple backwards. Mitsuru is dropped to the ground.]

<end anime cutscene>

[Akihiko runs over to Mitsuru and Main runs over to Yukari.]

Akihiko: Mitsuru!

Mitsuru: ...I'm alright. Be careful... Normal attacks won't work on these
         Shadows. And all of our instruments have been destroyed...

Akihiko: Just stay still! Besides...

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...I can see...

Mitsuru: Is that the voice...!?

Fuuka: (telepathically) I... I can sense these monsters' weaknesses, somehow...

Junpei: For real!?

Akihiko: ...Just as I thought. Mitsuru, let her take your place.

Mitsuru: ...I get it now. Yamagishi, can you assist the others?

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'll do my best!

Akihiko: Stay back, Mitsuru! We'll take care of this!

[Main, Junpei, and Akihiko begin attacking the Shadows.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'll try and find out the enemy's weakness. Just let me
       know when.

[After another long battle, the group manages to defeat the Shadows. Fuuka's
 Persona disappears.]

Fuuka: Are there more of them...?

Akihiko: Don't worry, it's over.

Natsuki: Fuuka... You...

Fuuka: A-Are you alright...?

Natsuki: Yeah...

Fuuka: Thank goodness...

[Fuuka collapses.]

Natsuki: Fuuka!?

Mitsuru: It's alright. She's just exhausted.

Natsuki: Fuuka... Fuuka, I...

Akihiko: (to Mitsuru) Where did these two Shadows come from?

Mitsuru: From somewhere outside of Tartarus, just like before...

Akihiko: I see...

Yukari: Um, what are we gonna do about Natsuki? She saw the Dark Hour, and the

Akihiko: Don't worry, she's not like us, so she won't remember any of it. The
         good news is, she didn't fall victim to the Shadows, even though she
         obviously heard their call. She should be safe from now on.

Yukari: But, that means she'll forget Fuuka saved her life, right? That doesn't
        seem fair...

Mitsuru: Actually, I don't think it'll matter.

Natsuki: I'm sorry, Fuuka... I'm so sorry...

Mitsuru: I think she's learned her lesson.

Natsuki: I'm sorry... *sob*

[The scene fades out.]

> It wasn't easy, but you managed to rescue Fuuka. Your team survived another
  dangerous fight. It seems like the trust between you all has grown... You
  learned a new tactic! You can now use "Knock Down"! You wonder about the
  mysterious boy who appeared again... His warnings seem to be more than just
  dreams... ...... You are too exhausted to make any sense of it right now. You
  decide to rest as soon as you get back to the dorm...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Hey, I was thinking... Do you think Mitsuru-senpai saved Fuuka because
        it was the right thing to do? Or was it just because she's a
        Persona-user and we need her...?

Main: {For the right reasons.}

        Yukari: I-I guess so.


        Yukari: So, you think so too?

Yukari: ...Well, whether or not she joins us is up to her... Sorry to bring
        this up out of the blue.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai are going to the
        hospital to see Fuuka today. I wonder how she's doing...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. ...You might like to know that Yamagishi and
         Moriyama are healing up well.

Main: {That's good.}

        Mitsuru: Yes.

      {So, what's next?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: We'll need to invite Yamagishi to the dorm and explain what
         happened. We could definately use her help.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: Are we talking about the Kamakura era today? I guess not... What,
         we haven't covered Heian yet? Well, let's get through it real quick,
         then. First, the Taika Reforms. They happened in the year 645. Just
         remember that.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: Huh? What were they about? Oh, nothing important, really.
                 Argh... I don't care about any of this! I wanna get to the
                 Sengoku era! It's calling out to me!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? They're at the hospital again, visiting Fuuka... So, I
        guess we're not going anywhere tonight. Man, I wonder when she'll be
        ready to come along...

Yukari: Hey, don't just assume that she'll be joining us... I hope they're not
        trying to push her into it...


/After School\

[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are talking in their homeroom. Main's phone rings.]

> You received a text message. It's from Akihiko.

Text Message: > "Fuuka is being released from the hospital. We'll talk to her
              this evening. Come to the command room as soon as you get back."


[Ikutsuki, Fuuka, and everyone else are sitting in the dorm meeting room.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: You're Fuuka Yamagishi, right?

[Fuuka quickly stands up.]

Fuuka: Y-Yes.

Shuji Ikutsuki: *chuckle* Relax, there's no need to be nervous. Why don't you
                have a seat?

[She bows and sits back down.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Everyone, you did an excellent job uncovering the truth.
                I also wanted to let you know... The three girls have all
                regained consciousness.

Fuuka: What a relief...

Shuji Ikutsuki: From what I understand, they each came to school around
                midnight and waited for the security guard to leave. They were
                attacked by Shadows near the gate, as the Dark Hour began...
                However, the facts became twisted because of rumors concerning
                a ghost story.

Yukari: I knew right from the beginning that it wasn't a ghost.

Fuuka: It's all my fault.

Yukari: ...Are you kidding!? You were the victim!

Fuuka: But, I made so many people worry...

Yukari: Hey, don't think like that...

[Mitsuru gets up and stands next to Fuuka.]

Mitsuru: We could have lost that fight if you weren't there. You saved our
         lives. You should feel good about yourself. You have a special power
         that you can use to help others.

Fuuka: A special power...?

Mitsuru: We call it "Persona." You could be a tremendous help to us. Will you
         lend us your strength?

Fuuka: Are you asking me to join you...?

[Mitsuru nods.]

Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai...

[Fuuka looks over at Akihiko and he nods too.]

Yukari: You know, we're not trying to pressure you, so if you need some time
        to think about it...

[Fuuka shakes her head and stands up.]

Fuuka: I'll do it. ...I'll help you!

Yukari: A-Are you sure!? If you join, you'll have to live here...

Fuuka: That's fine. I'd rather live here than at home anyway...

Mitsuru: We really appreciate this. We'll have the school talk to your
         parents, to resolve any issues.

Fuuka: Thank you.

Yukari: ...Wait a minute. Aren't we dragging her into this a bit fast?

Fuuka: Um, it's okay, really...

Shuji Ikutsuki: Now, then... Those special Shadows showed up again. We still
                don't know where they're coming from. But, Akihiko is right
                about one thing... Their appearances seem to coincide with the
                full moon. We'll take that into consideration from now on.

Junpei: So, they're kinda like werewolves then, huh?

Akihiko: It's a big advantage for us to know when to expect them. Now, on the
         day of the fight, we'll be ready to get in the ring.

Yukari: ......

[The scene fades out.]

> You have discovered a pattern in the appearance of the special Shadows...
  You wonder if this is what the boy was trying to tell you... It seems that
  you should start paying attention to the moon's phases...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. Hey, Main-kun... What do you think about Fuuka?

Main: {She's cute.}

        Yukari: That's not what I meant.  Doesn't it seem like... she was
                kind of forced into joining us?

      {She's very helpful.}

        Yukari: You think so? I mean, yeah, her Persona ability is great
                n' all, but... Doesn't it kinda seem like she was forced into
                joining us?

Yukari: I hope she'll be okay...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Some girls in class 2-E are talking.]

Nosy Girl: Hey, did ya hear? Ekoda's in hot water!

Gossip-Lover: Really? What'd he do?

Nosy Girl: I don't know, but it must be serious. ...Sexual harrassment, maybe?

Gossip-Lover: Hahaha, I can totally see that!

[Fuuka enters the classroom.]

Nosy Girl: Hey, look... It's the ghost girl.

Gossip-Lover: Quiet, she can hear you!

Fuuka: Um...

[Natsuki enters the classroom through the same door.]

Natsuki: Fuuka, you in here?

Fuuka: Moriyama-san...?

Natsuki: I heard you started living in the dorms.

Fuuka: Y-Yeah...

Natsuki: You seem so depressed... Let me know if you need someone to talk to.
         You could probably use a friend, huh?

Fuuka: Moriyama-san...

Natsuki: Oh, come on. ...Just call me Natsuki.

Fuuka: ...Thank you...


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? They're getting Fuuka's room ready on the 3rd floor.
        But, no guys allowed... It's cool, though. I'm just glad she's coming.
        She'll be here tomorrow, you know.

/Dark Hour\

Mysterious Boy: You've prevailed yet again.

[Main is in his bed; the boy is sitting on the edge.]

Mysterious Boy: But, it's funny... It doesn't seem so certain, considering the
                vast potential within you. As a matter of fact, your power
                seems to have changed quite a bit. Hey, if you don't mind, can
                I be your friend? I'm very curious about you... Is that okay?

Main: {Fine with me.}

        Mysterious Boy: Then, from now on, we'll be friends.

      {Sure, what's your name?}

        Mysterious Boy: Name...? Oh, I see. I need a name.

      {Yeah, whatever.}

        Mysterious Boy: *chuckle* I see your point. You haven't had much say
                        in the matter.

Mysterious Boy: My name is... Pharos. You may call me that if you wish.

[Death Social Link is established. The boy disappears and reappears at the
 foot of the bed.]

Pharos: It's getting late, so I'll go now. I'm already looking forward to our
        next meeting.

[He vanishes.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning, (Last Name). Yamagishi will be living in the dorm with
         us. And starting tonight, she'll be providing us with support during
         battle. So, now I can rejoin the front line.

Main: {Great. You're reliable.}

        Mitsuru: Yes, you can depend on me.

      {But, you're unreliable.}

        Mitsuru: ...You'll regret saying that.

Mitsuru: Even though I'm a bit out of practice, I will soon return to my prior

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.

Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Um, since I'll be substituting for Mitsuru-
       senpai from now on... just tell me if you want to go to Tartarus. I'll
       do my best.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. So, I guess it's true that fewer cases of Apathy Syndrome
        occur after each of our missions. But then, that changes again as we
        get closer to the next full moon. ...By the way, Main-kun, what do you
        think about Mitsuru-senpai?

Main: {Uh...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Not really my type.}

        Yukari: That's not what I meant.

Yukari: Don't you think she sort of pushed Fuuka into joining? I know it's nice
        to have her around, especially in battle, but... It just feels wrong...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: Our language can be very complex... Now then... Junpei's looking
             shifty, so how about you, Main?

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Toriumi: Which punctuation goes in the blank? "I like these fruits___
             apples, oranges, and grapes."

Main: {A period.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Tsk! If you made a mistake like that on a test, I'd fail
                     you on the spot. Listen up, all of you. You're giving a
                     list of the types of fruits you like... So you can't use
                     anything but a colon! If you do, the sentence will be

                     > Your answer was incorrect...

      {A colon.}

        Ms. Toriumi: That's absolutely correct! You'd make a great composition
                     teacher someday, Main. Because you're about to give a
                     list, you'd use a colon there.

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {A semicolon.}

        (Same as first option.)


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Let's go to Tartarus tonight. I know the next
         full moon is still a ways away, but the Shadows are getting stronger.
         Besides, I need to train Polydeucues. So, whaddya say?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Oh, (Last Name), I have something to tell you... From now on, you'll
         be able to go to Tartarus without me.

Main: {Why?}

        Mitsuru: Because Yamagishi can provide support. If she's present, you
                 can go to Tartarus. But, if neither Akihiko nor myself is
                 present, I told her not to let you go.


Mitsuru: I'm worried something may happen... So, please keep that in mind.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, did you hear there's a few openings in the Culture

Listening Girl: Really? I guess some students transferred out... But it sounds
                interesting. I'm tired of going straight home with no

Gossiping Student: Let's go check out the Art, Music, and Photography Clubs
                   after school.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Edogawa is teaching Miscellaneous.]

Mr. Edogawa: All right, let's get started. Pallas aron azinomas... We all need
             to start somewhere. Rome wasn't built in a day! The same goes for
             magic. It's important to learn the basics. So today, I'll tell
             you about the origins of magic. Long, long ago, at the dawn of
             civilization, man created primitive religions. Animism, totemism,
             and shamanism all fall into this category. You learned them in
             world history, right? That last one, shamanism, is important to
             the origins of magic. Shamans would fall into a trance state and
             act as the intermediary between the worlds, but... It counts as
             "magic," where humans can have the power of gods and spirits in
             their own hands. This shaman-style magical tradition would later
             be embraced by witches. Take the common European witch, as an
             example. People today think that witches derived their power from
             contracts with the devil... But that's just the image that
             Christianity imposed on them. The witches' predecessors were more
             like maidens serving the gods. It was through prayer to those gods
             that they earned their powers. They learned to control their magic
             without losing consciousness during their trance states. That's
             how they originally awoke to magic. Originally, Europe was full
             of religions that worshipped a slew of various gods. They were
             generically called "paganism." And for your information, the
             celebrations of Christmas and Halloween have pagan backgrounds.
             ...Are you all still listening? No trance states, now...
             Eeeheehee. I'll give you a little test to see if you're paying
             attention. Get it wrong, and your afterlife won't be pleasant.
             Pallas aron azinomas... Who should I pick...? All right, Main,
             I ask thee.

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: What formed the origins of magic?

Main: {Totemism.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong. Enjoy your next life as a chupacabra. Now then,
                     paganism and Christianity have a tighter connection to one
                     another than you'd think. As the Roman Empire grew
                     stronger, so did the population of Christians in the
                     empire. At first, each religion carried on its own worship
                     separately, but...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        (Same as first option.)


        Mr. Edogawa: Very good... You'll be born into your next life as a
                     human again. Now then, paganism and Christianity have a
                     tighter connection to one another than you'd think. As
                     the Roman Empire grew stronger, so did the population of
                     Christians in the empire. At first, each religion carried
                     on its own worship separately, but...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. It seems that certain clubs are still recruiting.
  If you can find the appropriate room, you might be able to join.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of boys are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: The Kirijo Company was in the news again yesterday.

Listening Student: Kirijo...? The Student Council President? You know, the
                   Kirijo Company built this whole school.

Gossiping Student: I wonder how a company that big was contracted to build a

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the boys enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Sorry, bro... I'm on my way to the store.

> Junpei has left.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of boys are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Oh, my teacher told me about Mitsuru Kirijo, the Student
                   Council President. She's going overseas after she graduates.
                   Probably so she can run the Kirijo Company later...

Listening Student: Wow, that's crazy. She's so different from us...

Gossiping Student: The funny thing is, I hear she still lives in the dorms.
                   I wonder why... Maybe her parents were strict when she was
                   growing up.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the boys enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main, Junpei, and Yukari are in their homeroom. Mitsuru suddenly enters and
 walks over to them.]

Mitsuru: Mind if I interrupt? I was just told by the Chairman that he'll be
         stopping by this evening. When you get back, come to the 4th floor
         meeting room.

Yukari: Oh, um... okay.

Mitsuru: I'll see you all later.

[Later, Main arrives at the dorm. Yukari and Fuuka are outside talking to a

Fuuka: Koro-chan, give me your paw!

[The dog sticks his paw out.]

Yukari: Oooh, good dog!

> Yukari and Fuuka are playing with a dog.

[They notice Main.]

Fuuka: Oh, hi.

Yukari: Hey, you're back!

Main: {What's with the dog?}

        Yukari: He was just walking down the street.

      {Can I pet him?}

        Fuuka: Sure.

Fuuka: Koro-chan, go say hi!

[The dog walks over to Main.]

(If you picked "Can I pet him?" above:)

        > The dog seems very intelligent.

Fuuka: His name's Koromaru. I've seen him sitting by the steps of the shrine.

[Another dog suddenly runs over and barks at the girls. A woman follows after
 the dog.]

Passerby: Oh... This dog still goes on walks all by himself?

Yukari: ...? Whaddya mean?

Passerby: He used to belong to the priest at Naganaki Shrine. Every afternoon,
          the two of them went this way for a walk.

Fuuka: That explains it...

Passerby: Well, until the priest passed away.

Fuuka: He passed away...?

Passerby: Oh, you haven't heard the story? It was about six months ago... The
          priest was hit by a car while walking his dog. He didn't survive.
          Ever since then, that dog sits patiently by the site of the accident.
          And he goes for a walk every day, just like when his owner was still

> The woman seems to be very talkative...

Passerby: ...Oh shoot, I have to get going! My son will be back soon!

[The woman and the other dog leave in the other direction.]

Yukari: Aww, you're such a loyal dog! Good boy!

Fuuka: ...Huh?

Yukari: What's wrong?

[Koromaru wanders off.]

Fuuka: ...Oh, nothing... Sorry. Wait, isn't the Chairman coming today? Then,
       we should go get ready.


[The group is in the fourth floor meeting room. Ikutsuki enters.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hello, everyone. I wanted to let you know how my research has
                been going. This concerns those Shadows that have been
                appearing during full moons. I want you to listen closely; it
                might be hard to follow. Shadows can be divided into 12
                categories, according to their characteristics. This, we've
                known for a while. It's like their class or order. ...Now, I've
                classified the special Shadows we've seen so far, and... It's
                simply fascinating!

[Ikutsuki seems to become lost in thought.]

Yukari: And...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Oh, sorry. ...Ahem.

[He sits down.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Those four Shadows belong to categories I through IV, in order
                of their appearance! They may have looked different than the
                more common ones, but the classification scheme still applies.

Junpei: Is that something we should be excited about?

Fuuka: Oh, I get it... There's 12 in all... Eight we haven't seen yet.

Shuji Ikutsuki: That's exactly right, Fuuka! You're quite sharp.

Junpei: Oh, uh, okay... But, what are they after?

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...That's a good question, and that's what we haven't figured
                out yet: their motive. They don't kill their prey; they feed on
                their minds. It can be considered predation, but is it really?
                Is there an underlying intent behind their behavior? The
                purpose of the Shadows as a whole... That's what we need to

Akihiko: ...This is interesting. But, no matter what, we still have to beat the
         rest of 'em.

Mitsuru: ...I agree. That's about all we can do at this point.

Yukari: Eight more, huh? Lucky us.

Fuuka: According to the data, each one has been stronger than the last, so we
       better start training harder...

Akihiko: We'll manage. We've got plenty of time.

Yukari: What about Tartarus? Why does it even exist...?

Mitsuru: ......

[The scene fades out.]

> The pieces are falling into place, one by one. But, the Shadows that appear
  when the moon is full... You wonder what their purpose is... Eight of them
  remain... You still have a long road ahead of you.


(Nothing mandatory happens on this date.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun... I was thinking... The night before last... The 12
        Shadows... Tartarus... Isn't there just too much we don't understand?

Main: {Really?}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: It's starting to get to me...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Ms. Terauchi is teaching English.]

Ms. Terauchi: Japanese is gaining popularity in other countries, but it doesn't
              compare to English. Now, here's a question for... Junpei. Which
              language sees the most use worldwide?

Junpei: H-How am I supposed to know!? I've never been outside Japan! Hey Main,
        what do I say?

Main: {Chinese.}

        Ms. Terauchi: Good job, Junpei! It's because of China's sheer
                      population size. Second is English, which many people
                      learn as a second language.

        Junpei: Hahah! Just common sense, Mrs. T! Thanks, Main! I almost looked
                like an idiot...

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main helped him out. He's really dependable.

        > You become slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.


        Ms. Terauchi: Come on, Junpei! Just think about it a little, and the
                      answer should be clear. You know how many people live in
                      China, don't you?

        Junpei: Who cares... I'll just stay in Japan for the rest of my life.

        > The answer you gave him was wrong...


        (Same as second option.)


(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

[A single teenager is standing in the alley behind Port Island Station.]

Teenager: ...Huh...?

[He looks around.]

Teenager: How the heck did I--

[He notices the coffins around him.]

Teenager: Wh-What the hell is this!?

Cold Voice: Good evening...

[The teenager looks behind him. Two men and a woman enter the area. One of the
 men addresses the teenager.]

Pale Young Man: Are you surprised? Truth be told, we all visit this world every

Teenager: Wh-What are you saying? Who the hell are you?

[The other man steps forward, holding out a paper to the teenager.]

Smart-looking Guy: Didn't Mommy teach you any manners? You haven't introduced
                   yourself... Take a look. Name, age, address, etc... This
                   is you, right?

Teenager: Wha--!? Where did you get this!?

[The second man puts away the paper.]

Smart-looking Guy: Somebody's got a grudge against you, and they asked us to
                   get revenge.

Teenager: Revenge!? What kinda bullshit is this!? Who put you up to this!?

Smart-looking Guy: Can't tell ya. We're professionals.

Teenager: "Professionals"...? Oh shit... You mean, the rumors on the net are

[The second man steps back; the first man pulls out a revolver and moves
 towards the teenager.]

Teenager: Hey... W-Wait... I haven't done anything! Why me!? What'd I do!?

Pale Young Man: That is not our concern. Your notion of right and wrong is
                irrelevant. My client's wishes are all that matter. People hear
                what they choose to hear, and believe what they want to

[He raises his gun to shoot.]

Teenager: N-No... Stay away... Get away from me!

[The teenager runs off in the other direction.]

Pale Young Man: You squeal most magnificently! Such raw emotion!

[The man fires and the sound of the body dropping is heard. The woman steps

Girl in a Dress: He's not dead...

Smart-looking Guy: Doesn't matter... We've held up our end of the bargain.
                   Besides, tomorrow this will just seem like some random

Pale Young Man: If there's nothing else... I'm feeling rather tired.

[The three of them walk away as the scene fades out.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Have you heard of this revenge request website?

Listening Student: Revenge request...? What's that?

Gossiping Student: You can write the person's name you want to get revenge on,
                   and bam! Mission accomplished. They say it's guaranteed
                   successful, and completely anonymous.

Listening Student: Seriously!? Give me the URL! Quick!

Gossiping Student: Well... It's just a rumor... I mean, I don't know the
                   details... Why are you so desperate...!?

Listening Student: Huh? I'm not... I'm not thinking about revenge at all.

Gossiping Student: ......

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Shinjiro is eating at the ramen shop.]

Server: Hi, how are you today? Just one?

[Akihiko walks in and sits next to Shinjiro.]

Akihiko: I'll have what he's having.

Server: Coming right up! One house special!

[The server walks off.]

Akihiko: ...How can you eat the same thing all the time, without getting sick
         of it?

Shinjiro: Shut up. You always eat that protein shit.

Akihiko: Hmph...

[The server comes back with Akihiko's meal.]

Server: Here you go, one house special! Be careful, it's hot!

[Akihiko takes his meal.]

Akihiko: ...You still haven't made up your mind?

Shinjiro: ...Is that what this is about?

Akihiko: We've got four new members. Things have changed quite a bit since you
         left. We're more aggressive now.

Shinjiro: I'm not interested.

Akihiko: Think about it, Shinji. Don't let your power go to waste.

Shinjiro: My power ain't worth shit.

Akihiko: Shinji!

Shinjiro: I made up my mind a long time ago. I ain't going back.

Akihiko: You have to let the past go. What's done is done. It's time you moved

Shinjiro: Hmph... You should talk.

Akihiko: What?

[Shinjiro gets up.]

Shinjiro: Face it... You're no different than me.

[He walks out. Meanwhile, Main arrives at the dorm.]

Mitsuru: Welcome back. We have 2 weeks until the moon is full again. Try to
         increase your strength as much as possible before then.

Junpei: Two weeks, huh. I wonder what it'll look like this time... I have to
        admit, the suspense is killing me...

Mitsuru: You're starting to sound like Akihiko. Just remember, this is not a
         joke. That reminds me... Why is he not back yet?

Junpei: He's prolly eating or somethin'.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Yo! ...Hey, is it just me, or has Yuka-tan been acting weird lately?

Main: {Really?}

        Junpei: Dude, where have you been? We live in the same building!

      {...Sort of.}

        Junpei: Oh, you noticed it too?

Junpei: She's been thinking way too hard about Tartarus n' stuff. I mean, who
        cares!? Right?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



(Greeting from random party member.)



Akihiko: ...Where have you been? I'm gonna go out for a bit. See ya later.

> Akihiko has left.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, did you hear about all those people who were found
                   unconscious recently? I guess they were all in pairs.

Listening Student: What, like they were attempting a double suicide?

Gossiping Student: I don't know. But if I could pass out with someone I liked,
                   I wouldn't mind being unconscious!

Listening Student: I would mind!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


(Nothing mandatory happens on this date.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'... Ya know, in about a week, there'll be another mission...

Main: {Yeah, I know.}

        Yukari: I wonder what it'll be like this time...

      {I didn't realize that.}

        Yukari: Sheesh! How can you be so calm about it!?

Yukari: I guess we'll keep fighting until we defeat all 8 that are left. But,
        what are we gonna do after that? I've been thinking about this for a
        while. I wonder if Mitsuru-senpai is hiding something from us...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Mr. Takenozuka is teaching Physics.]

Mr. Takenozuka: Everyone understand the Lorentz force and the left-hand rule?
                Then I'm erasing the board! Oh, I've already erased it now, but
                it might be on the exam we're having in two weeks. Got it?
                Good. Let's move on to free electron density. I was originally
                thinking of doing an experiment... but let's go over some
                questions instead. Open to page eight. We just covered the
                first question, so skip it. Oh, but first... You look sleepy,
                Junpei. Let's see if you can answer this. Contact lenses work
                according to a certain physical law. Who discovered that

Junpei: W-What? Uhhh... I dunno... I don't wear contact lenses... Hey Main,
        do you know?

Main: {Einstein.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: Wrong again. Okay, let's talk about the second

        Junpei: Wait, what? So what the hell's the right answer, then?

        > The answer you gave him was wrong...

      {Leonardo da Vinci.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: That's right. Next question...

        Junpei: Dude... That's it? I got the question right! Don't I deserve
                some credit here?

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main told Junpei the answer. He's really smart!

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.


        (Same as first option.)


[Yukari and Fuuka are in the meeting room.]

Yukari: Sorry to bother you, Fuuka...

Fuuka: It's okay... What's on your mind?

Yukari: Well, um... I was hoping you could do me a favor, with your skill...
        I was doing some research on our school, and I came across something
        strange... Ten years ago, a lot of students missed school for some
        reason. They were reported as absent, but I found some records that
        suggest it was something serious. Do you know anything about it, Fuuka?

Fuuka: Me? Um, not really...

Yukari: I know it was a long time ago, but... doesn't it seem suspicious to
        you? From what I've heard, this isn't the first time Shadows have

Fuuka: Wait, are you saying...?

Yukari: I don't know. But, I wonder... And I'm not trying to make trouble,
        but... Mitsuru-senpai asks kinda weird whenever someone asks questions
        about Tartarus.

Fuuka: Does she...?

Yukari: I just wanna know what happened back then. If it doesn't have anything
        to do with the Shadows, then fine.

Fuuka: ...I understand. Okay, I'll see what I can do.



(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Hi.

[Main is in his bedroom with Pharos again.]

Pharos: ...Can you guess what I'm going to tell you?

Main: {I think so.}

        Pharos: *chuckle* You're used to it by now, huh?

      {I don't have a clue.}

        Pharos: It's the same thing as always...

Pharos: ...The next full moon will be in one week. Are you prepared...? Be
        careful, okay?

[He disappers and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: I'll come again.

> Pharos has disapperead...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. The full moon is almost upon us... Are you prepared?

Main: {Of course.}

        Mitsuru: Good. I'm counting on you.

      {Not really.}

        Mitsuru: That is unacceptable... This is not a game. Don't forget what
                 you're fighting for...

Mitsuru: According to the cycle, it should appear on July 7th at midnight, six
         days from now. And remember, incidents increase when a full moon is
         near, so remain alert at all times.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Did you hear? The next operation will be on
         July 7th. That means it's going to be a Star Festival special bout.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, listen to this. Last time I was out with my boyfriend,
                   he was heading to Shirakawa Boulevard!

Listening Student: Whoa, Shirakawa Boulevard? Ewww... I know what was on his

Gossping Student: We've just started dating, but I'm already kind of disgusted.
                  He's got such a dirty mind... Maybe I should dump him. I
                  don't want to be the subject of one of those rumors that
                  goes, "A couple was found unconscious..."

Listening Student: Hahah! That'd be great!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr. Ekoda: As you should all know, there are many theories about the author,
           Murasaki Shikibu. That the "Genji Monogatari" had a different
           author... That "Murasaki Shikibu" was a shared pen name... Some have
           even suggested that Murasaki Shikibu was an alien from outer space.
           An intriguing theory... Now, here's a simple question. Which
           currency has a picture of Murasaki Shikibu on it? Tell me... Junpei.

Junpei: Huh? Me? Wh-What's the answer, Main? I don't carry paper bills with me
        much, so I dunno...

Main: {The 10,000 yen bill.}

        Mr. Ekoda: That's... not it. Pockets full of small change, eh Junpei?

        Junpei: Grrr... Stupid Ekoda... This is your fault, Main! Now
                everyone's gonna think I'm poor...

      {The 5,000 yen bill.}

        (Same as first option.)

      {The 2,000 yen bill.}

        Mr. Ekoda: Correct. Too easy, was it? Next...

        Junpei: Phew, you saved me... Thanks, Main.

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main helped Junpei out! He's a really nice guy.

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. You know, soon it'll be a full moon. Are you nervous?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Yukari: I'm glad I'm not the only one... But still, we have to do this
                no matter what...


        Yukari: ...Seriously? How can you be so calm, Main-kun...? I guess we
                have to do this no matter what...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? You probably already know this, but the next
       full moon will be on Tuesday of next week. I'm sure some kind of Shadow
       will show up. Please be ready.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Yo, what's up? Tomorrow's the big day.

Main: {Yeah.}

        Junpei: Dude, I'm totally stoked... like right before a tournament or
                somethin', ya know?

      {What's tomorrow?}

        Junpei: Hellooooooo!? It's a full moon!! And here I am getting all
                nervous... Dude, I've got butterflies in my stomach... like
                right before a big tournament... Ya know?

Junpei: Now, I know how Akihiko-senpai feels before he gets in the ring...

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Tomorrow's the day, bro. If we lose, then pretty soon
        the city will be full of The Lost. ...Just thinking about it gives me
        the willies. We better win, man... It's all on our shoulders... Dude,
        I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight... If you wanna go to
        Tartarus, count me in.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning, Main-kun. How are you feeling today?

Main: {Better than ever.}

        Fuuka: Wow, you're amazing! We're going to have a quick meeting tonight
               about the operation. So, please return to the dorm immediately
               after school.

      {...Not so great.}

        Fuuka: O-Oh no...! You should rest! By the way, we're going to have a
               quick meeting tonight about the operation. Don't forget, now.
               We'll meet at the dorm after school.

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]

/After School\

> There will be a full moon tonight. A powerful Shadow may appear. You should
  return to the dorm and prepare yourself.

/Dark Hour\

[Everyone is in the dorm meeting room. Fuuka has summoned Lucia and is using
 her to scan for Shadows.]

Akihiko: Any luck, Fuuka?

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...Just a moment... I found it! I sense a strong

Junpei: Hey, we were right!

Shuji Ikustuki: Or so it would seem.

Fuuka: (telepathically) It's located in Iwatodai... inside a building on
       Shirakawa Boulevard.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm, Shirakawa Boulevard... They've been finding The Lost in
                pairs lately... Now I understand why.

Mitsuru: In pairs... ...Oh, I get it.

[Lucia disappears.]

Fuuka: Why, what's on Shirakawa Boulevard? I'm not familiar with that area...

Yukari: I've heard about it, but...

Junpei: That's where all THOSE hotels are. That explains a lot! You've heard
        about 'em, right Fuuka? Where people go to... you know...

[Fuuka blushes.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Nonsense... They're no different from ordinary hotels. The
                rooms are a bit fancier, that's all.

Junpei: Aw man, that's it?

Yukari: I don't know about this... Maybe I shouldn't go...

Junpei: You're just like a little kid, Yuka-tan...

Yukari: Wh-Whatever! Fine. Let's go. But this time, I want a piece of the
        action! So, who's gonna take the lead?

Mitsuru: I don't see any reason to change leaders now. And Yamagishi, I want
         you to handle support during the operation.

Fuka: I'll do my best!

Akihiko: (to Main) Alright, then I'll let you decide on the rest of the team.
         Let's do this.

[Main selects the other two members and the group heads over to the love

Fuuka: (telepathically) I sense a powerful Shadow on the 3rd floor! Please head
       there immediately!

[The party moves to the 3rd floor and finds the right room. Another large
 Shadow is inside.]

Yukari: Why here, of all places...? Well, let's get this over with!

[The party manages to defeat the Hierophant Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Good job. You succeeded once again. I'll be waiting
       outside for you.

[Main tries to leave through the door.]

> The door won't budge. A strong force seems to be holding it shut.

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...! ...Huh!? I still sense a Shadow in that room!
       It's not the same one you defeated! But... Where is it hiding?

[Main examines a large mirror on the wall.]

> It's a large mirror.

Yukari: Hm? Is it just me, or is there something strange about this mirror?

[Everything gets bright. Yukari is suddenly shown taking a shower, and only
 after a few seconds seems to realize where she is. Meanwhile, Main is
 sitting on a bed.]

> Your head feels foggy...

[Mains looks around.]

> You hear the shower running in the bathroom... You don't remember why you
  are here...

Main: {(Where was I?)}

        > It feels like you had something important to do...

      {(Doesn't matter...)}

        (No extra dialog.)

[There is a flash and Main puts a hand to his head.]

Voice Inside Your Head: Embrace your desire...

> A strange voice rings inside your head...

Voice Inside Your Head: I am the voice of your inner self... Enjoy the
                        moment... That which cannot be felt is merely a
                        dream... The present is all we have.

Main: {(That's right.)}

        (See below.)

      {(That's not true...)}

        (See below.)

      {(Who cares...?)}

        (See below.)

Voice Inside Your Head: The future is but a fantasy, memory a fabrication...
                        Let your desire free you from your shackles... Such is
                        my wish...

Main: {(I can't give in...)}

        (See below.)

      {(It's so tempting...)}

        (See below.)

      {(I'm confused...)}

        (See below)

Voice Inside Your Head: Pleasure is what you truly want. You stand before the
                        doorway to bliss. You cannot deny you instincts...
                        Embrace your desire...

Main: {(I don't know...)}

        (See below.)


        (See below.)

      {(Now's not the time...)}

        (See below.)

(If you did not pick the second, first, and then third options:)

        > Your mind is fraught with temptation...

        Voice Inside Your Head: Why do you resist...? Do not avert your eyes
                                from the truth...

        (returns to first question)


[Main stands up.]

> Your mind is getting clearer. You have regained control of your thoughts...
  The shower in the bathroom has been turned off.

[Main walks towards the bathroom door. Yukari emerges from the bathroom in a

Yukari: ...Uh... What was I...?

[She realizes she is wearing next to nothing in front of Main.]

Yukari: *gasp* *scream*

[She slaps Main, runs back into the bathroom and closes the door.]

> It seems Yukari's thoughts were being manipulated as well...

Fuuka: (telepathically) Oh, I can finally reach you! Can you two hear me?

Main: {I hear you.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {What's going on?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'm sorry I couldn't contact you sooner... The Shadow
       was interfering with your thoughts... And you all got seperated... The
       enemy is still in the same room. Please regroup and hurry there. ...Did
       you hear that, Yukari?

Yukari: (from the bathroom) ...Uh, sorry... Yeah... I heard you.

Fuuka: (telepathically) Um... Did something happen?

Yukari: (from the bathroom) No! Nothing!

[Yukari comes out of the bathroom in her normal clothes.]

Yukari: Come on! Let's go! If you tell anyone... I won't ever speak to you

[She leaves the room. Main follows her out.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'm sorry... I never expected there to be another
       Shadow. Its power is blanketing the whole building. I'm pretty sure it's
       in that one room you were in before... But, it somehow sealed the door,
       so I don't think you'll be able to get in. I'll try to find out if
       there's a way to break the seal... Please join the others. They're on
       the floor above you.

[Main and Yukari head to the second floor, where they meet the others.]

(Junpei says the next line; if he isn't in the party, Akihiko says it.)

        Junpei: There you are! I didn't know there was another Shadow...
                Anyway, you okay?

        Akihiko: So, you guys were on the first floor, huh? I'm surprised there
                 was another Shadow... Anyway, are you alright?

Main: {Uh... We're fine.}

        Yukari: Yeah, NOTHING weird happened to us or anything...

      {How about you guys?}

        (If Mitsuru is in your party:)

          Mitsuru: W-We're fine! Nothing happened!

        (If others are Akihiko and Junpei:)

          Akihiko: ...Huh? Of course we're okay!

Fuuka: (telepathically) I got it! It's the mirrors! They're giving off the same
       energy as the Shadow! Maybe the seal will vanish if you break the

Yukari: I remember this one mirror we saw on the 3rd floor was different from
        the others... When I stood in front of it, I felt kinda strange...

[The party enters a room and breaks one of the mirrors.]

> Your mind feels fuzzy...

Fuuka: (telepathically) Main-kun! Wake up!

[Main and Yukari are back in the room they were in before.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Are you okay? I don't think randomly breaking mirrors
       is the right approach... But, some of them are definately giving off the
       same energy as the Shadow... I'll try to narrow it down, but hopefully,
       you'll notice something too. Please be careful if you're going to break
       any more mirrors.

[Main and Yukari head back up to the next floor. They enter another room and
 break the mirror inside.]

> Your mind feels fuzzy...

Fuuka: (telepathically) Main-kun! Wake up!

[Main and Yukari are back in the room they were in before.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Are you okay? Listen carefully... You need to find the
       mirrors that show no reflection of you... Break those mirrors!

[The party enters another room and finds a mirror with no reflection of them.
 They break it and black energy appears to seep out.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) You weakened the seal! But, there seems to be another
       mirror on the floor above you. Please find it...

[The party goes up to the third floor, finds the right room, and breaks the

Fuuka: (telepathically) You've broken the seal on the door! You should be able
       to fight the Shadow now.

[The party returns to the large room where the previous Shadow was. A new
 large Shadow is inside.]

Yukari: Because of you... I had to come to this disgusting place! Now, you're
        gonna pay!

[The party manages to defeat the Lovers Shadow. They come back to the exit,
 where Fuuka is waiting.]

Fuuka: I'm glad you're all safe.

Mitsuru: Thanks for your help. The enemy was sly, but you did well.

Fuuka: I did what I could.

Mitsuru: (to Main) And you too, for withstanding the enemy's mental assault.

Akihiko: Alright, let's call it a night.

[Mitsuru and Akihiko walk off. Fuuka begins to walk away, but turns back.]

Fuuka: Oh, Yukari. About that thing you mentioned the other day...

Yukari: You found out something?

[Fuuka nods.]

Yukari: Cool, tell me later. Alright! We should head back, too.

[Junpei ignores her.]

Yukari: Come on, Junpei. What are you doing?

Junpei: (to Main) So, you're the hero again, huh?

Main: {It was just luck.}

        Junpei: Yeah, right... You know it's not.

      {I didn't do much, really.}

        Junpei: Yeah, whatever... Who cares, anyway...?

Yukari: Hey, why do you have to be like that? Don't tell me you're jealous.

Junpei: Shut up!

[He walks away.]

Yukari: What's up HIS butt?

[Yukari and Fuuka leave. Fool Arcana to rank 4.]

> Your team survived another dangerous fight. It seems like the trust between
  you all has grown... You learned a new tactic! You can now use "Full

[Main walks off. The camera pulls back to reveal that the three people from the
 scene behind Port Island Station were watching the party from atop a nearby
 building. The pale man claps his hands.]

Pale Young Man: ...Faster than I expected. That was quite a show. They've been
                rather busy these last few months, including their frequent
                forays into the tower. Their fighting style is positively
                fascinating... And it seems they've gained new recruits, too.

[He turns to the other man.]

Pale Young Man: Well, Jin? Are they our enemy?

Smart-looking Guy: Why don't we ask our "buddy"? We'll be seeing him soon.

Pale Young Man: Yes... That's an excellent idea. Considering that he shares
                our fate, it would be prudent to seek his opinion. We don't
                have much time left...

[The scene fades out.]

> ......You succeeded in defeating the Shadows this month, too. You expect that
  there will be fewer victims for a while. But, you are too exhausted to think
  about it now. You decide to rest as soon as you get back to the dorm...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: It's almost summer break. Let's go somewhere for vacation!

Listening Student: Sounds cool to me! I wanna go to the sea, the mountains,
                   everywhere! But, before that... we've got finals starting
                   on Tuesday.

Gossiping Student: Ugh, I'd forgotten about that. But that means a break is
                   after the exams! And summer vacation is just around the

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: Let's see here... Finals will start next Tuesday. Geez, we just
             had an exam. What a pain... Well, maybe "pain" wasn't the word I'm
             looking for. English phrases are pretty tricky... Speaking of
             English, there are a lot of English terms that are hard to
             pronounce. Okay, Main!

{Main stands up.}

Ms. Toriumi: Here's a question for you... Dun dun dunnn! How do you pronounce,

Main: {O-no-may-to-pee-ah.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Bzzzzt! Was that a little too hard? It's
                     "O-no-ma-to-pee-ah." It's a Greek word, which is why it's
                     pronounced so strangely. It means "name-making." And
                     Japanese has some of the most extensive onomatopoeia...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        Ms. Toriumi: Whoa! I didn't think you'd get it! Good for you!
                     Onomatopoeia is a Greek word that means "name-making,"
                     which is why it's pronounced so strangely. Japanese, you
                     know, has some of the most extensive onomatopoeia...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


        (Same as first option.)


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Sorry, I need to talk to Fuuka...

Main: {About what?}

        Yukari: Oh, um, there's something I have to clear up.

      {Want to go to Tartarus?}

        Yukari: Um... I'm feelin' kinda tired today, so I'd rather not.

Fuuka: Everyone must be tired after the mission... Please get a good night's


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A boy and a girl are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: The morning sunrise is so refreshing! The sunlight
                   reflecting off the windows is beautiful!

Listening Student: It's because the building wasn't built that long ago, so
                   everything is still gleaming. You know, I heard from my
                   parents there was an explosion here 10 years ago. They
                   replaced the building after that, but... There's more to
                   it, too. Around that time, a lot of students stopped coming
                   to school. Maybe that's why they put up the new building...
                   To start with a clean slate...

Gossiping Student: An explosion!? Did someone screw up in chem lab or
                   something? That must have been a dangerous lecture...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the students enter the school.]


[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: Umm, today we're scheduled to talk about the Nara era. Let's just
         cover the basics, okay? I might put this section on the exam next
         week... I'm feeling lazy. Heizei-kyo became the capital in the year
         710. Main!

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Ono: What happened in 794?

Main: {Discovery of America.}

        Mr. Ono: You can do better than that! You're descended from the
                 samurai! The capital was moved from Nagaoka-kyo to Heian-kyo
                 in 794. And in 894, the Kentoushi--the embassy to China--was

        > Your answer was incorrect.

      {Heian-kyo became capital.}

        Mr. Ono: That's right. The capital was moved from Nagaoka-kyo to
                 Heian-kyo. And in 894, the Kentoushi--the embassy to China--
                 was abolished.

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {Daibatsu was dedicated.}

        (Same as first option.)


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.

Mitsuru: Welcome back. With each full moon, the Shadows are getting stronger.
         They are employing more dangerous attacks, as well... So even though
         we have a lot of time until the next full moon, we had best use that
         time wisely.



[Mr. Edogawa is teaching Miscellaneous.]

Mr. Edogawa: Silence! Class is beginning. Sebna uru quah... I plan on using the
             word "magic" in a very general sense. But today, we'll talk about
             the single most magical place and time. Today's topic is the magic
             of medieval Europe. There are a lot of materials pertaining to
             western magic, from books to folklore. We'll cover all of it,
             including the changes it's gone through. As I mentioned last
             time, European magic has its origins in paganism. Starting with
             Christianity, though, it's been influenced by the influx of
             various cultures. Some well-known examples are... Kabbalah, the
             study of the mystical aspects of Jewish texts. Gnosticism, a
             Christian sect founded by Simon Magus, the Sorcerer. Greece's
             philosophy and natural sciences were the fruits of magical
             researchers... The same was true of Islam's scientific advances,
             which surpassed Europe's at the time. Now, as for the
             circumstances of magic in this age... It was an era where the rule
             of Christianity and the insight of the natural sciences collided.
             Magicians bravely reached up for a connection with the gods...
             Are you all awake? You're not daydreaming, right? Eeeheehee.
             A little test, to see if you were listening... Get it wrong, and
             you'll get a scary guardian angel. Sebna uru quah... Who should
             I choose...? All right, Main, I ask thee.

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: What is the mystical study of Jewish texts?

Main: {Lemegeton.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! You get a fallen samurai from Okehazama for your
                     guardian angel. Now then, the magicians of the age
                     achieved great things... Particularly the famous
                     "grimoires." Grimoires are collections of a wide range of
                     magical texts, and...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        (Same as first option.)


        Mr. Edogawa: Very good. The magicians of the age achieved great
                     things... Particularly the famous "grimoires." Grimoires
                     are collections of a wide range of magical texts, and...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Uh... I better go study, since exams are coming up.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Hey, what's up...? ...... Uh, exams are pretty soon... Have you been

Main: {Yeah.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Junpei: ...Seriously? Like I care...

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: Here we go... The Kamakura era! The samurai finally enter the stage of
         history! Main... You don't look anything like a samurai, but let's see
         if you know this one.

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Ono: This isn't from the Kamakura era, but... The foreigners who came to
         Japan were scared of the samurai's appearance. What scared them?

Main: {Their katanas.}

        Mr. Ono: Good guess, but the correct answer is their hairdos. This'll
                 be on the exam next week, so listen well! The foreigners back
                 then thought the samurai's topknot shot out bullets like a
                 gun. What a ridiculous thing to think... Samurai are cooler
                 than that! All right, back to the Kamakura era... The samurai
                 originated from...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {Their clothing.}

        (Same as first choice.)

      {Their hairdos.}

        Mr. Ono: Correct! This will be on the exam next week, so listen well!
                 The foreigners back then thought the samurai's topknot shot
                 out bullets like a gun. What a ridiculous thing to think...
                 Samurai are cooler than that! All right, back to the Kamakura
                 era... The samurai originated from...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

/After School\

[Main and Yukari are talking in their homeroom. Main's phone rings.]

> You received a text message. It's from Akihiko.

Text Message: > "Ikutsuki-san is coming tonight. He has something to tell us.
                 We'll meet on the 4th floor as soon as everyone is back."


[Everyone is sitting in the meeting room.]

Mitsuru: ...So, that's what happened on the night of the 7th. It was a
         difficult operation.

Shuji Ikutsuki: I see. They're getting tougher... But, it's not all bad news.
                I called today's meeting because--

Yukari: I'm sorry. Before we go on, I'd like to ask Mitsuru-senpai something.

Mitsuru: Me...?

Yukari: Since I joined, so many things have happened... I went along with it,
        without really understanding what was going on... But now, I need to
        know. I'm gonna ask you straight out... You've been hiding something
        from us, haven't you, Senpai? You act like you don't know anything
        about the Dark Hour and Tartarus... but they're related to that
        accident ten years ago, aren't they?

Junpei: What accident...?

Yukari: There was an explosion near our school, and a lot of people died...
        It must've been big news back then. You know about it, don't you?

Mitsuru: ...Yes.

Yukari: Luckily, no students were injured. But... around the same time, a large
        number of students were recorded as absent. ...Seems like more than
        just a coincidence.

Mitsuru: What do you mean?

Yukari: I dug up some old school records, and found something interesting. The
        students who were absent... They all collapsed suddenly, and had to be
        hospitalized. Sound familiar? You know, like the girls who bullied

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: There has to be an explanation! What really happened on the day of that
        accident? The Kirijo Group built our school, so you must know
        something! Tell me the truth!

Mitsuru: ...I wasn't trying to hide anything to you. It just never seemed
         relevant. But...

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...It's okay. It's not your fault.

Mitsuru: ...Alright. I'll tell you the whole story... The Shadows have many
         mysterious abilities. Some research indicates that they can even
         affect time and space. We think of them as our enemies, but what if we
         could somehow use them to our advantage? They would be a source of
         unimaginable power, wouldn't they?

Yukari: What...?

Mitsuru: Fourteen years ago, one man pursued that line of thinking... He was
         the former leader of the Kirijo Group, Kouetsu Kirijo... My

<anime cutscene>

[During the dialog, images of Mitsuru's story about her grandfather are shown.]

Mitsuru: My grandfather was obsessed with Shadows. He wanted to harness their
         power, and create something extraordinary.

Fuuka: Harness their power?

Mitsuru: He assembled a team of scientists, and over several years collected a
         significant number of Shadows.

Junpei: He what!? Damn, that's freaking crazy!

Mitsuru: However... Ten years ago, during the final stages of the experiment,
         they lost control of the Shadows' power. Consequently, the nature of
         the world was altered.

Fuuka: You mean...

Mitsuru: Yes... Tartarus and the Dark Hour...

<end anime cutscene>

Mitsuru: By their account, the mass of Shadows they collected split into
         several large ones that then dispersed. These are the Shadows we've
         been encountering on nights when the moon is full.

Fuuka: Is that why they've appeared in different places?

Yukari: Wait a minute... If what you said is true, then why did our school turn
        into Tartarus? *gasp* ...Don't tell me... That's where they conducted
        the experiment!?

Mitsuru: ...Yes.

Yukari: Then... those students who were hospitalized...

Mitsuru: I'm afraid it's just as you're thinking. Port Island must have been an
         ideal location for them. It was a highly-populated area, and the
         Kirijo Group had influence there. They could do as they pleased...
         As you guessed, the experiment ten years ago was conducted at
         Gekkoukan High School.

Yukari: ......Does that mean... all we've been doing is cleaning up their
        mess!? ...You lied to us?

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: (to Akihiko) You knew too, didn't you, Senpai!? They've just been using
        us! Or, do you not care as long as you get to fight?

Akihiko: That's not true. I have my reasons...

Mitsuru: Think what you'd like... It was my decision not to share that
         information. ...I'm sorry. I never intended to deceive you. Convincing
         you to join SEES was my highest priority. As absurd as it may seem,
         only we--with our Personas--can fight the Shadows.

Yukari: How could you...!?

Mitsuru: Besides... some of us were never given a choice. I...

Akihiko: Mitsuru... Don't.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Yukari... It's those in the past who are to blame. And they
                lost their lives as a result of what they did... We're all in
                the same boat, here; none of us deserve the burden that's been
                thrust upon us.

Yukari: But... ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: It's been ten years since that incident... No one knows why
                those Shadows suddenly returned. But, since they're active,
                at least we can find and destroy them... Do you realize what
                this means?

[Everyone looks at him.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: What if I told you that those twelve Shadows are the cause of

Akihiko: Then, if we defeat them all, Tartarus and the Dark Hour will

Shuji Ikutsuki: Exactly! That's what I was going to tell you earlier. See, it's
                good news, isn't it?

Fuuka: Is that true!?

[He nods.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: There's evidence to support it. Now, our true battle begins.

Yukari: ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: Regardless of what's happened in the past, we must fight to
                protect the people. The Shadows are gaining strength. We can't
                afford to just wait for them. And there are many mysteries
                still surrounding Tartarus. Why did such a gigantic structure
                appear in the first place? The answer must lie within it.



[Shinjiro is at the area behind Port Island Station. Akihiko approaches him.]

Akihiko: Nothing to do as usual, huh?

Shinjiro: Hm...? Hmph... Why're you here? If you came here to try and convince
          me, then forget it.

Akihiko: ...It's nothing like that. I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Shinjiro: Huh?

[Akihiko sits down.]

Akihiko: We've known each other for a long time... It's been almost 14 years
         since we met at the orphanage... You, me, and Miki... We used to run
         around here until the sun went down. Back then, it seemed like we had
         all the time in the world.

Shinjiro: Heh... You haven't changed one bit. If you wanna get all sappy, go do
          it with your other friends.

[Akihiko stands back up.]

Akihiko: ...What was that!?

Shinjiro: It's rare for you to think about the past. Usually, you just charge
          ahead like a damn fool. So obviously, there's something on your mind.

Akihiko: ......I do reminisce sometimes... But, what's the point? ...Anyway, we
         finally know how to get rid of Tartarus and the Dark Hour.

Shinjiro: No shit?

[Akihiko nods.]

Akihiko: To be honest, all I've been thinking about lately is getting stronger.
         But yesterday, someone made me question my reason for fighting...

Shinjiro: Your reason for fighting, huh... That's different for every person.
          But, if you don't have a good one, you can always quit... like I did.

Akihiko: ...I'm not like you. ...Man, I can't believe I'm the one getting
         lectured here.

Shinjiro: ......

Akihiko: Well, see ya around.

[He walks away.]

Shinjiro: Tch... You haven't changed at all...

[Meanwhile, Fuuka is in her room at the dorm. Someone knocks on the door.]

Fuuka: Yes?

Mitsuru: ...Can I talk to you for a moment?

Fuuka: Senpai... Oh, please come in.

[Mitsuru enters and they both sit down.]

Mitsuru: Not only do you excel at providing support during battle, but also at
         obtaining information.

Fuuka: Oh, I-I'm sorry for doing that without permission...

Mitsuru: Don't worry, you're not in trouble. But, I do have a special favor to
         ask of you. I want you to find out as much as you can about that
         incident ten years ago.

Fuuka: But, very little was made public...

Mitsuru: That's why I want you to access the Kirijo Group's database.

Fuuka: You mean, hack into their system? That's illegal.

Mitsuru: I'll give you my ID and password. You'll be free from accountability.
         I want to know the truth, in detail.

Fuuka: Senpai...

Mitsuru: Of course, I'll understand if you refuse.

Fuuka: Okay. I'll see what I can do.

Mitsuru: Are you sure? ...I appreciate it.

[She gets up and walks towards the door, then stops.]

Mitsuru: Yamagishi... Aren't you resentful? After all, despite my good
         intentions, I did drag you into this without fully explaining.
         Certainly, you must be a little angry with me...

Fuuka: Not really. You see, my parents have an inferiority complex because all
       my relatives are doctors... That's why they're so tough on me... It's
       really hard for me to be at home... But here, I feel important, and I
       can help you and the others... So, why should I be angry?

Mitsuru: You're right, Yamagishi. We do need you. No one can take your place.

Fuuka: U-Um...

Mitsuru: Thank you... I'll see you later.

[Mitsuru leaves. Meanwhile, Junpei is sitting outside the theater at Port
 Island Station.]

Junpei: So, Tartarus and the Dark Hour will be gone, huh... Tch!

[He stands up.]

Junpei: That's good... That's what we've been fighting for... So, why am I so

[A couple of students exit the theater.]

Student: Gosh, it's hot... Even for July.

Student's Friend: Seriously. But, at least we're seniors now... We won't be
                  wearing these stupid uniforms much longer.

Student: Yeah, I've had enough of this. I just wanna get accepted to college
         and start having some fun.

Student's Friend: That's IF you get accepted, don't forget.

[They walk away.]

Junpei: Haha, I know why... I'M the reason... I was like, "Fighting is my
        duty." But hell, it's all I'm good for. If it weren't for that...
        I'd be worthless. Haha, my duty...? What a buncha bullshit. I can't
        fight worth shit, anyway... Not compared to HIM, at least. Dammit!
        Nothing I do is good enough! *sigh*

[Meanwhile, Yukari is in her room looking at some papers.]

Yukari: ...... Seems like my worst fears keep coming true... Am I stupid to
        believe in things like trust and friendship...? Dad... This old letter
        of yours... I must've read it a thousand times since it came last

Letter: "March 6th, 2000. To my family,
         Tomorrow, I'll bring this letter to the opening ceremony for the
         Moonlight Bridge. It'll be stored in a time capsule, and sent to you
         ten years from now. Yukari... You're so small right now, but in ten
         years, you'll be sixteen. You'll be in high school."

Yukari: ......

[She flips to the next page.]

Letter: "I know you've been sad because I have to work so late, but you still
         always greet me with a smile. I'm really proud of myself. Kirijo-san
         appointed me Head Researcher. I'll be starting on a big project soon,
         and I'm happy to be receiving so much recognition for my work... But,
         I swear to you that nothing is more important to me than you and your

[She flips to the third page.]

Letter: "Yukari... Are you remembering to enjoy life? Are you still bright-eyed
         and hopeful, like you are now? No matter what happens in the next ten
         years, I hope you are happy. ...Well, I hope this letter brings a
         smile to your face.
         Love, Dad"

Yukari: ......

[She folds the letter and stands up.]

Yukari: I can't lose hope... for his sake. I won't turn my back. I won't be
        like Mom. Not ever...

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: It's good to see you again.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room again.]

Pharos: How long has it been since we first met? Time passes so quickly. So,
        how's life as a Persona-user?

Main: {Fulfilling.}

        Pharos: Oh, that's good to hear.

      {Something's missing.}

        Pharos: I wonder what... I hope you find it soon.

      {Nothing's changed.}

        Pharos: *chuckle* Well, the choice is yours.

Pharos: I remembered something else about the coming of the end... It all goes
        back to an occurance that took place many years ago... Ten years ago,
        if I remember correctly. Hey... Didn't your parents pass away about ten
        years ago?

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: A Persona is like a mirror. Which means, a Persona-user can never
        escape from his true self. Regardless, I will stay with you... because
        we're friends.

[He vanishes. Death Arcana to rank 3.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: *sigh* Finals start tomorrow... I feel like we just finished
                   exams a little while ago.

Listening Student: What am I going to do if I fail again? I wish the school
                   wouldn't post our names...

Gossiping Student: Yeah, that's the worst part. You get a bad grade, and
                   everyone looks at you like your dog just died...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Terauchi is teaching English.]

Ms. Terauchi: Exams will start tomorrow...Are you all ready? Summer vacation
              is just ahead, so study hard! Speaking of summer vacation...
              Did you know the school year is different in America? There, the
              school year ends in June, while the Japanese school year ends in

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Terauchi: ...So, those are the main differences between the
                      Japanese and American school systems. If you ever get a
                      chance to study abroad, I think you'd get a lot out of
                      it. The difference between learning about a foreign
                      culture and living in one is night and day!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


[The party is gathered around the table in the lounge.]

Yukari: ......

Mitsuru: ......

> An awkward silence fills the room...

Fuuka: Um... Y-You know, it's almost summer break. Do you have any plans?

Junpei: I wish I could go to the beach. Hot sand, cool breeze... Babes in
        bikinis... Man, it sure would be nice! Somewhere in the south, where
        the water is crystal clear! But first, we have exams to worry about...
        Ugh, what a drag...

Fuuka: Now, now. You'll be fine. But yeah, I'd love to go somewhere famous for
       its beautiful beaches, like Okinawa.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, it's not Okinawa, but how about Yakushima?

[Ikutsuki enters.]

Mitsuru: Mr. Chairman... I didn't realize you were here.

Shuji Ikutsuki: I happened to be in the area, so I thought I'd drop by and tell
                you my schedule for next week. Mitsuru, your father will be
                vacationing in Yakushima during the break.

Mitsuru: He will...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: You'll all have some time off after exams, right? Why don't you
                go and pay him a suprise visit?

Junpei: Seriously!? We're gonna go on a trip!? YES! Beach babes, here I come!

Yukari: *sigh* Men.

Shuji Ikutsuki: How about it, Mitsuru?

Mitsuru: But... my father is a busy man; I don't want to ruin his vacation.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Haha, don't worry... No father would be upset with a daughter
                who came all that way to see him. You've all done a great job.
                You deserve to relax for a while. We already know when the next
                operation will be, so it should be fine.

Mitsuru: ...... Alright. I guess everyone needs a break now and then. Let's do

Junpei: Woohoo!

Akihiko: Hmm, the beach... I should design a special training regimen.

> Everyone seems excited about the trip...

(Below lines spoken only:)

        Junpei: Dude, I'm stoked!

        Fuuka: I have to go buy a swim suit.

        Junpei: Hey, don't worry, I've got an extra pair you can borrow.

        Akihiko: Nice try, man.

        Fuuka: Are you going to swim too, Ikutsuki-san?

        Ikutsuki: I'm afraid I--

[Mitsuru walks off; Yukari follows her to the base of the stairs.]

Yukari: Um, Senpai! Uh... Sorry about the other day... I got a little carried

Mitsuru: ...Don't worry about it. In a way, it's only logical that we go to
         Yakushima. The Chairman said that no one who was responsible for the
         accident is still alive, but... in reality, there is one witness who

Yukari: There is?

Mitsuru: My father.

[She walks away up the stairs.]

Yukari: Senpai...


/Early Morning\

> 1st semester final exams begin today and last for 5 days...


> This questions seems familiar...

Miscellaneous Q.1: Kaballah is the mystical study of which texts?

Main: {Hindu}

        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This questions seems familiar...

Classic Literature Q.4: Whose portrait is on the 2,000 yen bill?

Main: {Hideyo Noguchi}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Murasaki Shikibu}

        (Correct answer response)

      {Shoutoku Taishi}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Ichiyou Higuchi}

        (Incorrect answer response)



> This questions seems familiar...

Japanese History Q.5: What did foreigners think of samurai's hairstyle?

Main: {Looked like a rope knot}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Bold and fashionable}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Looked like a toupee}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {The topknot fired bullets}

        (Correct answer response)



> This questions seems familiar...

Physics Q.3: Who discovered the principle behind contact lenses?

Main: {Einstein}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Leonardo da Vinci}

        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Yo, what's up? ...... Thank god today's the last day of exams...

Main: {Yeah.}

        Junpei: Dude, I can't wait to let off some steam... Don't you just love

      {How've you been doing?}

        Junpei: Don't ask. I can't wait to let off some steam... Dude, don't
                you just love summer?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


> It's the last day of exams...

(If your Academics is high enough:)

        > The questions are just too easy. ...... Your pen won't stop moving!

/After School\

[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are sitting at their desks. Junpei stands up.]

Junpei: I'm done, baaaby!! The dark days of testing are finally over! The sun
        is shinin' bright!

[Yukari gets up.]

Yukari: So, how'd you do?

Junpei: Hey, check it out! I aced P.E.!

Yukari: Well, that pretty much answers the question.

Junpei: Psh, a real man doesn't dwell on the past... I'm thinking ahead to

Yukari: Oh yeah, that's coming up soon, isn't it...? (to Main) Are ya ready?

Main: {Yup.}

        Yukari: ...I guess I should start getting ready, too.


        Yukari: *giggle* Why am I not surprised? If it makes you feel any
                better, I'm not ready either.

      {How 'bout you?}

        Yukari: Me? Um, not really...

Yukari: I guess I should be more enthusiastic, huh? Hey, I don't have practice
        today, so do you wanna do something?

Junpei: Sounds good! Where we goin'? If you need to buy a swimsuit, I'd be
        happy to help!

Yukari: As if. Alright, gimme a sec. I'm gonna go grab my stuff from the locker
        room. ...Oh, I'll invite Fuuka too.

[She leaves.]

Junpei: Hey... I know I've been kind of a dick lately... but we're still cool,

Main: {Don't worry about it.}

        Junpei: Thanks, dude.

      {Yeah, I'm used to it.}

        Junpei: Dude! I'm tryin' to be serious, here.


        Junpei: ...Dude, nothin' seems to faze you. You're definately one-of-

Junpei: Anyway, that's all history... It's you and me now, bro. Alright, let's
        get going.

[The scene changes to in front of the school. Main, Yukari, Junpei, Fuuka, and
 Akihiko walk outside.]

Junpei: Woohoooooo! Freedom at last! What should I do now!?

Fuuka: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll think of something.

Junpei: Hell yeah, I will! ...Hey, what're you doing here, Akihiko-san?

Akihiko: Ikutsuki-san called me. I think he wants to talk about a new

Yukari: Does that mean another person is going to join?

Akihiko: Maybe...

Natsuki: Fuuka!

[Natsuki enters from the school building.]

Fuuka: What's wrong, Natsuki-chan?

Natsuki: Do you think you can stay after school with me for a mandatory study
         session? There's, like, no one-- Oh, you're going back to your "home"
         home today, huh? Okay, then never mind.

[She starts back towards the school.]

Fuuka: Hey, wait. It's alright. Let's go. (to the party) Sorry, I'll see you
       all later back at the dorm.

[Fuuka and Natsuki go back inside the school.]

Junpei: I'm really surprised at how much she's changed.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Ah, friendship... How beautiful! Adolescence is such a
                wonderful thing! So full of vibrancy!

[Ikutsuki walks in from the other direction.]

Yukari: Mr. Chairman...!

Shuji Ikutsuki: Oh, hello. I just stopped by to pick someone up. I might as
                well introduce you to him now.

[Ikutsuki calls to someone offscreen; Ken enters and stands next to him.]

Ken: Hello.

Yukari: Oh, hi, Ken-kun. What's up?

Akihiko: You know him...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: He doesn't leave during the break because of his...

Yukari: Oh, I heard about that... Something about his parents...

Ken: It was only me and my mom, but she got in an accident, and she... she
     died. It happened two years ago.

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...Right now, one of his distant relatives is paying for his
                school expenses. But, staying at the elementary school dorm all
                by himself isn't proper for a child his age. So, I decided to
                move him to your dorm for the summer.

Yukari: To OUR dorm!? Do you really think that's a good idea!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Why, of course. He has the potential.

Akihiko: Then, he's the new candidate...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes... But, as you can see, he's still just an elementary
                school student. So, it is merely a possibility for now.

Akihiko: ......

Ken: Are you... Sanada-senpai?

Akihiko: Um... yeah.

Ken: I've heard a lot about you... You haven't lost a boxing match yet.

Akihiko: Yeah, well... It's nice to meet you. ......


Junpei: Finally, some time off. Yakushima, here we come! I can't wait for
        Monday! And then, one week of school 'til summer break! Frickin'
        awesome, dude!

Yukari: Aren't you getting a little carried away? I mean, the trip is only for
        a few days, and we'll still have to fight Shadows over summer break.
        In other words, we can't afford to stop training in Tartarus...

Junpei: I know, I know! But, my energy level is so high during summer, no one
        can stop me! Anyway, tomorrow I'm gonna start packing, so if we're
        going to Tartarus, then let's do it today.


/Early Morning\

> Your post-exam break begins today...


/Early Morning\

> Your trip to Yakushima begins today and lasts for 4 days, 3 nights. It's time
  for you to get ready...

<anime cutscene>

[Everyone is on the ferry to Yakushima. Junpei leans against the railing.]

Junpei: Hahaaaa! Awesome! There it is... Yakushima!

[He looks back at the others.]

<end anime cutscene>


[The party enters a mansion of some sort.]

Fuuka: Wow...

Junpei: It's like we're in an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Fabulous...

[A couple of maids approach.]

Maids: Welcome back, Milady.

Maid: And you must be her schoolmates, correct? Welcome to the Kirijo vacation
      home. Please follow me.

Yukari: Um, is this the right place?

Junpei: Dude, real-life maids...

Fuuka: I knew she was from an important family, but this definitely confirms

[The party begins following the maids. An older man walks in from the other

Impressive-looking Gentleman: ......

[He begins to walk by the party; he stops next to Mitsuru.]

Mitsuru: It's good to see you.

[He takes a brief glance at her before leaving.]

Fuuka: Was that...?

Yukari: ...her father?

Junpei: Dude, talk about scary! He's not gonna make us walk the plank, is he?

Akihiko: Don't be stupid...

Mitsuru: *chuckle* We won't be here long, but make yourself at home.

Junpei: Sweet! This is gonna rock! Hey, wanna go to the beach? It's right
        there. Dude, this place rules! Come on, let's go!

Yukari: What, already? I mean, sure, but let me get changed first!

Junpei: Then, I'll see ya there. I'm not gonna waste a single minute!

[Later, Main, Junpei, and Akihiko arrive at the beach.]

Junpei: Ahh... Got my sandals on... Givin' my feet a chance to breathe... Yup!
        Summer's here!

Akihiko: Darn... There's nothing out there I can use as a marker... Too bad.
         I was hoping for a good swim.

Junpei: You must be joking... We come all the way to the beach and you're gonna

Akihiko: What's wrong with that? You got a better idea?

Junpei: Damn right, I do! It's summertime at the beach! I've got the perfect

[He moves over to where Yukari is entering from.]

Yukari: ...What?

[Junpei begins talking as she walks over.]

Junpei: Say hello to contestant No. 1, Yukari Takeba! As you can see, she's
        chosen a bold design--quite unexpected! It takes a lot of confidence
        to pull off a swimsuit like that!

[Yukari looks at him and he plays innocent. Fuuka enters.]

Fuuka: Is that umbrella taken?

Junpei: Next up is Contestant No. 2, Fuuka Yamagishi! ...Wow, Fuuka, I had no
        idea you were so... I mean, you should wear a swimsuit more often!

Fuuka: Huh...? *gasp*

[She hides behind Yukari.]

Junpei: Oh come on, there's nothing to be embarrassed about! Heheh.

Yukari: Stop that creepy laugh, you perv!

Junpei: And here's our final contestant...

[Mitsuru enters and looks around.]

Mitsuru: ...Hm? Is something wrong?

Fuuka: Wow... Mitsuru-senpai, you're beautiful...

Yukari: Yeah, your skin is flawless! Did you already put on sunscreen?

Mitsuru: N-No, not yet...

[Yukari and Fuuka crowd around Mitsuru; Junpei walks back over to Main.]

Junpei: So... Which one's your type?

Main: {Yukari.}

        Junpei: Aha! Just as I thought.


        Junpei: Oh, reeeally? Very interesting.


        Junpei: Whoa, seriously!? You got balls, man!

      {I'm not interested.}

        Junpei: Yeah, like I believe that.

Junpei: Man, this is great! I'm in heaven! How 'bout a swim!? Buh buh buh bump
        ba baaa! Charge!

[Junpei and Akihiko walk out into the water. Main begins to follow them, but
 stops and looks around.]

> You feel uneasy... as if someone is watching you.

Junpei: Whoa, it's cold!! Hahahahaha!!

> The uneasy feeling went away...

[Main runs into the water.]


[Mitsuru is waiting in the hallway. Her father walks in.]

Mitsuru: It's been a while. I'm glad that you're in good health...

Takeharu Kirijo: Our guests are residents of the dorm, I presume.

Mitsuru: I'm sorry for bringing such a crowd...

Takeharu Kirijo: ...I heard you told them about the incident. Why did you hide
                 it so long?

Mitsuru: ...I wasn't hiding it...

Takeharu Kirijo: I've told you time and again; none of the blame is yours.

Mitsuru: But...

Takeharu Kirijo: "Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection." That has been
                 our guiding principle since the Kirijo Family seperated from
                 the Nanjo Group. You must learn to trust in others, Mitsuru.
                 There are things in this world that cannot be accomplished
                 alone, no matter how many sacrifices you make.

Mitsuru: ...Yes, Father.

Takeharu Kirijo: You accessed our database, didn't you? That's another thing...
                 Why didn't you ask me directly, instead of using this trip as
                 an excuse?

Mitsuru: I'm... I'm sorry.

[Takeharu takes a few steps towards his office.]

Takeharu Kirijo: Bring them here. All of them. I had no intention of concealing
                 the truth from them. I've made prepartions to disclose
                 everything. There's a girl named Takeba in your group,
                 correct? For her to awaken to her power... It must be fate...

Mitsuru: Father...?

[He walks into his office. Later, everyone is sitting inside the office.]

Takeharu Kirijo: From what I understand, Mitsuru has already given you the
                 short version.

[Yukari nods.]

Takeharu Kirijo: Well, it's true... We adults are to blame. If I could've
                 atoned for it with my life, I would have done so... Now, I
                 have no choice but to rely on you. What my father wanted to
                 create with those monsters' power... was a time manipulation

Mitsuru: That's what he was trying to do?

Takeharu Kirijo: Imagine if you could control the flow of time... eliminate
                 unwanted events before they occur. With such a device, you
                 could shape the future to your liking.

Junpei: Damn, that's insane...

Takeharu Kirijo: However, under my father's direction, the research began to
                 stray from its original goal. ...In his later years, my father
                 seemed to have only nihilism in his heart. Now that I think
                 about it, his madness may have resulted from his struggle to
                 break free from that... It's only natural that you want to
                 know the truth... and it's my duty to tell you.

[A video recording suddenly turns on.]

Akihiko: What's this...?

Takeharu Kirijo: This is the only exisiting footage of the accident, recorded
                 by a scientist who was at the scene.

Scientist: I pray that this recording reaches safe hands...

Yukari: That voice...!?

Scientist: My employer has become obsessed with a loathsome idea. This
           experiment should have never even been conceived... I'm afraid what
           I've done will result in an unprecedented disaster... But if I
           hadn't, the entire world may have paid the price...

Fuuka: The entire world?

Scientist: Please, listen carefully... The Shadows that were amassed here have
           been dispersed as a result of the explosion. To end this nightmare,
           you must eliminate all of them! I am to blame for this. I knew the
           risks, but I was blinded by the promise of success... And so, I
           didn't raise any objections... It is all my fault...

Yukari: ...!?

[She stands up.]

Yukari: ...Dad...

Fuuka: You mean... that was...?

Yukari: ......

[The video recording ends.]

Mitsuru: Father...

Takeharu Kirijo: His name was Eiichiro Takeba... He was the head researcher at
                 the time, and a very talented man. But, we are the ones who
                 are responsible. We pushed him to continue the research. The
                 Kirijo Group is to blame for his death.

Mitsuru: I... I can't believe it...

Yukari: So, that means... my dad caused it all...? The Dark Hour, Tartarus...
        The people who died in that incident... It was all his fault...?

Akihiko: Y-You okay?

Yukari: So, that's why you were hiding this...? Because you felt sorry for me?
        Is that it!?

Mitsuru: No, Takeba, I...

Yukari: I don't want your pity!!

[She runs out.]

Fuuka: Um... Shouldn't someone go after her?

Mitsuru: ...... (to Main) Will you go...?

Main: {...Sure.}

        Mitsuru: ...Thank you.

      {Why me?}

        Mitsuru: I doubt she'll listen to me...

      {Just let her be...}

        Mitsuru: Please...

[Main follows after Yukari.]

/Late Night\

[Yukari is standing on the beach; Main walks over to her.]

Yukari: I believed in him for so long... This is too much... Remember what I
        told you at the hospital...? How my dad died when I was little...? You
        understand now, right...? He died in that incident. Nobody knew the
        truth, so there were all sorts of rumors... Because he was in charge of
        the research team, people were really mean to me and my mom... We even
        had to move a few times.

Main: {I see...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {That must've been tough.}

        Yukari: ...Yeah.

      {What did they do?}

        Yukari: Sorry, I'd rather not talk about it...

Yukari: But all this time, I kept telling myself it wasn't his fault. I loved
        him a lot, and I believed he'd never do anything wrong. I received a
        letter back in the spring. It was from him, written ten years ago...
        It cracked me up cuz, even though it said "To my family," it was pretty
        much all about me. That only made me believe in him more... When I
        found out I had a special power, I thought it was fate. I was scared,
        but I thought if I cooperated with the Kirijo Group, I might find out
        what really happened. That's why I agreed to fight using my Persona.
        But, it turns out... all of that was for nothing...

Main: {That's not true.}

        Yukari: Haha, you're just trying to make me feel better.

      {I guess so...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Come on, cheer up.}

        Yukari: ...Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

Yukari: Why does reality have to be so harsh...? I tried so hard to fight my
        fear, and this is what I get... Maybe I'm just jealous of Mitsuru-
        senpai. I mean, why my father and not hers...? Haha... I'm a horrible
        person, aren't I?

Main: [No, you're not...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't blame yourself.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {That's how people are.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: Hmph. Well, you're just Mr. Perfect. Nothing ever fazes you. And now,
        you've got the nerve to try and tell me how to feel!? You think you
        know me!? You don't know anything!

[She pauses for a while.]

Yukari: I'm sorry... My head's a mess... I'm so afraid... I don't know what to
        do anymore... I'm totally lost... Tell me... What should I do...?

Main: {Don't lose hope.}

        Yukari: You mean, keep believing...?

      {It's okay not to know.}

        Yukari: Huh...?

      {Stay with us and fight.}

        Yukari: Huh...?

Yukari: Ya know, you really are one-of-a-kind. ...I'm sorry for acting like
        this. You've lost your parents, too. But, I'm alright now... I'm
        used to dealing with stressful situations. Anyway, thanks for
        listening. Lemme guess... Senpai asked you to bring me back, right?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Yukari: *chuckle* I knew it. But, still... Thanks.

      {I came cuz I wanted to.}

        Yukari: Oooh, you're such a gentleman... *giggle* ...Thanks.

Main: {Give her a hug}

        [Main hugs her.]

        Yukari: ......

      {Don't do anything}

        Yukari: Ha...haha... This is kinda awkward, isn't it?

Junpei: Hey!!

[Junpei runs in. If Main and Yukari were hugging, they quickly pull apart.]

Junpei: *gasp* Sheesh... What's taking you so long...? Everybody's...
        waiting... It's almost... *gasp* the Dark Hour, so you should get back.

Yukari: Huh? Oh, yeah, that's right...

Junpei: ...Hm? Um... Did I miss something...?

Yukari: I-I almost forgot... It doesn't matter where you are when the Dark Hour

Junpei: Well, duh.

Yukari: You know, I've been thinking lately... Once you awaken to the power of
        Persona, you remember everything that happens during the Dark Hour...
        It's like trading away your innocence... In exchange for power, you can
        no longer look away from the things you don't want to see. So, I guess
        I'm stuck with you guys, huh?

Junpei: Yup. Now that that's settled, let's get back!

[Junpei and Yukari walk off. Main starts to follow them, but stops and looks

> You feel as if you are being watched...



> Second day in Yakushima, morning...

[Yukari, Mitsuru, and Fuuka are walking along a forest trail.]

Fuuka: Ah, the air is so fresh... I never thought a walk in the woods could be
       so enjoyable. You can't do this in Iwatodai.

[The other girls don't respond, so they continue walking. Fuuka stops again a
 little further on.]

Fuuka: Oh, so listen to this... Junpei was acting like such a pervert
       yesterday, and I didn't know how to react... It's probably a good thing
       we came out here by ourselves...

Yukari: Huh? ...Oh, yeah.

[Mitsuru's transceiver rings, so she answers it.]

Mitsuru: Mitsuru speaking...

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) Uh, Mitsuru... We have a slight problem.

Mitsuru: Please continue.

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) Well, I'm at the lab here on the island... And
                a machine that was considered inoperable suddenly left the
                facility on its own...

Yukari: A machine...?

Fuuka: What kind of machine is it? I need detailed information to locate
       anything other than Shadows...

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) It's a combat vehicle--an anti-Shadow weapon,
                to be precise.

Yukari: A combat vehicle...? You mean like a tank!?

Mitsuru: We're not currently with the others, so it might take some time for us
         all to assemble.

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) I see... Well, regardless, I want you to
                handle this as soon as possible. I'm on my way there now.

Mitsuru: If the target cannot be captured, do we have permission to destroy it?

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) *laugh* I highly doubt you'll be able to
                destroy it.

Fuuka: What...? Then how are we supposed to stop it...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: (on transceiver) Just do your best. I'll call you again later.

[Yukari tries to use her cell phone.]

Yukari: ...Great, no one's answering.

Mitsuru: Don't worry about it. Let's go back and get our equipment. Then we can
         have Yamagishi's Persona scan the area. Although, this island is quite

Yukari: Geez! Where could they be!?

[Meanwhile, the boys are on the beach. Junpei is looking at a note.]

Junpei: This says, "We've gone to see the Jyomon-Ceder Tree."

Akihiko: It looks like Fuuka's handwriting...

Junpei: Aw man! We're at an island resort in the middle of summer! Why don't
        they go to the beach!? That's just not right!!

Akihiko: Well, it is your fault.

Junpei: Whaddya mean? I-I just wanted to lighten up the mood...

Akihiko: I don't want to hear it.

Junpei: Well, it doesn't matter, anyway... We're on our own now, just the guys!
        If you're outta ammo, you pick it up on the battlefield! That's one of
        the most basic military tactics! We'll call this Operation Babe Hunt!

Akihiko: "Babe Hunt"? You mean, like, pick up girls...?

Junpei: Whaddya think, Akihiko-san? With you on the squad, we're guaranteed to

> Akihiko is clearly hesitant...

Akihiko: (to Main) What do you think about this?

Main: {Let's begin the operation.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Sounds like a hassle.}

        Akihiko: You're right, it does sound like a hassle...

        Junpei: Then, what're we gonna do the rest of the day? Come on, guys!
                It'll be fun!

      {I don't care.}

        Junpei: You two want to let this opportunity to enjoy our summer
                vacation go to waste? Come on, guys! It'll be fun!

Akihiko: Then I'm appointing him our leader, as usual.

Junpei: What!? WHY!?

Akihiko: You said yourself this is an operation.

Junpei: Aw, man, that's bullshit!

[Akihiko walks away.]

Junpei: You better take this seriously... It's an important operation.

[Main and Junpei follow Akihiko. They move along the beach and spot a couple of
 girls under an umbrella.]

Junpei: Oooh! We found some senoritas! Let's go hit on 'em!

[They move closer.]

Junpei: Beep... Beep... BEEP! Target confirmed! Let's move in for the kill!
        This is my area of expertise, so listen up... First off, think of
        something to talk about--something they might be interested in. Give
        them an easy question to get the ball rollin'. That's the golden rule.
        Somethin' like, "Where're you from?" or "Havin' fun?" Pretty soon,
        you'll be tossin' questions and answers back and forth like you're
        playin' catch. I'll start things off, and you can ask the questions,
        alright? ...Here we go.

[They walk over to the girls.]

Junpei: Hey, ladies!

Main: {Where you from?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Havin' fun?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Girl in Green: ...None of your business.

Junpei: Hey, no need to be shy... We don't bite.

Girl in Yellow: Why should we tell you?

Junpei: Come on, cut us some slack... We just wanna talk.

Akihiko: I thought you said you were an expert...

Junpei: Hold your horses... I'm just getting warmed up. Watch and learn...
        So, ladies, are you in college?

Girl in Orange: Umm... Don't tell me you guys are still in high school...

Main: {That's right.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      [Nope. Not us.]

        Girl in Green: ...Seriously? You sure look like high schoolers from

        Junpei: *cough* S-Sorry, that's a lie.

        Girl in Green: Oh, really?

Girl in Green: High school kids vacationing in Yakushima? That kind of pisses
               me off.

Akihiko: Well, we were invited to our friend's vacation home... Pretty cool,

Girl in Orange: Good for your friend. We, on the other hand, have to pay for
                our vacation with our hard-earned money.

Junpei: I guess we're just lucky...

Girl in Yellow: Yeah, lucky you. ...Whaddya want, anyway?

Main: {Nothing.}

        Girl in Green: Then, take a hike.

      {We came to hit on you.}

        Girl in Green: Huh? Hahaha, you're pretty bold...

        Girl in Orange: Hey, stop giving them compliments and just ignore

        Junpei: W-Wait, don't do that! How can you blame us for wanting to talk
                to such beautiful women?

        Girl in Yellow: *sigh* These guys are full of shit.

        Girl in Green: Yeah, let's get outta here.

        Main: {Wait...}

                Junpei: Come on, give us a chance... How 'bout a walk on the

                Girl in Orange: You're annoying.

                Girl in Yellow: See ya, boys.


                (No extra dialog.)

[They leave.]

Akihiko: ...So much for your "expertise."

Junpei: Hey, I did my best! What about you, Senpai!? You think you can do any
        better? Come on, show us what you got.

Akihiko: Wh-Why should I?

Junpei: Well, you're supposed to be a tactical master, right? And, isn't it our
        duty to help each other succeed?

Akihiko: ...... I guess you have a point there. Fine. I'll give it a shot. I'm
         sure I'll do better than you. Can you give me a hand, Main? I'll set
         the pace, of course.

[They walk back left and find more girls at another umbrella.]

Junpei: Men, we've located a new target!

Akihiko: ......

Junpei: What are you waiting for, Akihiko-san? Show us how it's done.

Akihiko: ...Just keep your mouth shut.

Girl in Black: Hey, Nobuko. Are they staring at us?

Nobuko: Yeah, I think so. Wow, Yoshie, you can see from there?

Akihiko: ...That's my cue.

[They walk over to the girls.]

Akihiko: H-Hi. S-Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you something...

Yoshie: ...Yes?

Akihiko: Um... Are you here alone?

Nobuko: *giggle* Are you hitting on us?

Akihiko: N-No, not at all... We just thought that if you're bored, you might
         wanna talk... We could get to know each other better.

Yoshie: Um, that's what it means to hit on someone. Don't you know...? It's so
        lame to hit on girls at the beach...

Nobuko: We were bored anyway, so why don't we just play along? Hey, you guys
        are kinda cute.

Yoshie: Nobuko!

Nobuko: Hey, how old do you think we are?

Main: {About the same as us?}

        Yoshie: Are you blind? Do we look that immature!?

        Nobuko: It's okay. They were just trying to be nice. It's been a while
                since we graduated from high school...

      {Around 20?}

        Nobuko: Seriously? We look that young? Wow, you made my day... even
                though I know you're just trying to flatter us. To tell you the
                truth, we're older than that...

Akihiko: Oh, really? That's too ba--

Junpei: Dude, wait! Don't you know that older women are more experienced!?
        They're like fine wines!

Yoshie: You're a pretty smooth talker for someone so young. How old are you
        guys, anyway?

Junpei: We're in high school.

Akihiko: I'll be graduating next year.

Nobuko: That's a bummer... We're not astrologically compatible...

Yoshie: Look, it isn't gonna happen, so just give it up. You don't even seem
        like you're having fun talking to us.

Main: {Yes we are.}

        Nobuko: ...Or so you say. We don't even have anything to talk about...
                except work... and that's just complaints.

        Akihiko: Well, that might be interesting...

        Yoshie: You're not very good at lying, are you? You don't have to
                pretend to be interested.

        Nobuko: Come on, Yoshie, give him a break... He said he's interested,

      {Right, it's boring.}

        Yoshie: What!? Boring!? *sigh* I can't believe you said that...

        Nobuko: I'm sure he was just joking.

        Yoshie: Why are you being so nice to them, Nobuko!?

        Nobuko: Are you kidding? When was the last time we were hit on?

Yoshie: Hey, let's head back... They're waiting for us.

Junpei: Th-They? ...You mean, you have boyfriends?

Nobuko: Oh, yeah, sorry. Did we forget to mention that? Well, gotta go. We're
        having a barbeque at the villa. You can come if you want.

Akihiko: ...Uh, n-no thanks.

Yoshie: See ya.

[They leave.]

Junpei: Senpai! What the heck just happened!? Man, we looked like a bunch of

Akihiko: ......

Junpei: (to Main) Dude, you were his wing man! Where was the support? You let
        them slip through our fingers! Seriously! Get your act together, man!
        Next time, I want results!

[The guys walk back across the beach, and spot a woman sitting by herself.]

Akihiko: She's all alone, huh... Kind of strange, don't you think?

Junpei: Well, what are we waiting for?

[They move over to her.]

Junpei: Excuse me, miss...

Beautiful Lady: Yes?

Main: {Are you busy?}

        Beautiful Lady: ...Busy? Not at all. In fact, I could use some company.

      {Are you alone?}

        Beautiful Lady: ...Yes, I'm completely alone. By "alone" I mean

Beautiful Lady: Incidentally, I saw you hitting on those girls. How'd it go?

Main: {We were close.}

        Beautiful Lady: Oh, really? Don't give up, boys. You have to be

      {It was an utter failure.}

        Beautiful Lady: Oh, really? That's a shame. Have you considered any...
                        alternative approaches?

Junpei: We tried to be heroes, but ended up zeroes.

Akihiko: Do you have to say it like that?

Beautiful Lady: Hahahahaha! That's so stupid it's funny!

Junpei: H-Hey, that's not my "A" material...

Beautiful Lady: How do you expect to get a girl with that kind of attitude?
                You boys have no balls.

Main: {Balls?}

        Beautiful Lady: Yes, don't be shy. Embrace the unknown...

      {Excuse me?}

        Beautiful Lady: You heard me. Don't be shy. Embrace the unknown...

Beautiful Lady: Be open to the possibilities... Especially you, you cute young

Junpei: M-Me?

Beautiful Lady: Yes, you. I can tell you lack experience. (to Akihiko) And
                you... You're a handsome fella... but even more timid.

Akihiko: H-How'd you know?

Beautiful Lady: Well, if you'd like... I'd be happy to show you a thing or

Junpei: S-Seriously!?

Beautiful Lady: I'll teach you how to treat a lady right... Tee-hee.

Junpei: I'm in!

Beautiful Lady: But... I don't know if I can handle all three of you, so...
                Who will it be?

Main: {Me!}

        Junpei: Hey! This was my idea in the first place! Why do you get to
                have all the fun!? (to BL) Forget him! Pick me! I'll show you
                I've got balls!

        Beautiful Lady: Tee-hee, just what I'm looking for in a man...

        Junpei: Y-Yeah! ...I'm the one! Sorry, Senpai!

        Akihiko: Hey, wait...

        Junpei: Whaaaat!? Are you trying to ruin my summer of love!?

        Akihiko: (to BL) Uh, isn't that hair on your chin?

      {Junpei can go.}

        Junpei: That's right. I'm the only one who's worthy! I'll show you that
                I've got balls!

        Beautiful Lady: Tee-hee, then I'm sure we'll have fun.

        Akihiko: Hey, wait...

        Junpei: Whaaaat!? Are you trying to ruin my summer of love!?

        Akihiko: (to BL) Uh, isn't that hair on your chin?

      {Akihiko can go.}

        Akihiko: M-Me...? B-but... ...... There's something I need to ask...

        Beautiful Lady: Yes, darling?

        Akihiko: Uh, isn't that hair on your chin?

Beautiful Lady: ...!? I-I missed a spot!?

Akihiko: Uh... Are you a...?

Beautiful Lady?: *sigh* There goes my chance... I was so close to snagging
                 myself a little boy-toy.

Junpei: ...Y-Ya mean, SHE's a HE!?

Beautiful Lady?: I guess you fellas aren't quite ready for a woman like me...
                 If you decide you want to try something a little spicier, then
                 you know where to find me. Tee-hee.

[A few minutes later, the guys are alone on the beach.]

Junpei: This sucks... We're 0 for 3...

Akihiko: *sigh*

Junpei: What's wrong? I thought you weren't interested in picking up chicks.

Akihiko: If I'm in a match, I want to win. I know what our problem is... You
         can't control yourself.

Junpei: What!? Don't blame this on me!

Akihiko: I'm just stating the obvious.

Junpei: B-But, you haven't scored either!

Akihiko: What did you just say...?

> Junpei and Akihiko continue to bicker...

Akihiko: (to Main) Enough already! Leader, whose fault do you think it is?

Main: {It's Junpei's fault.}

        Akihiko: Hmph, just as I thought...

        Junpei: Traitor! Anyways, what the hell do you... know... about...

      {It's your fault.}

        Akihiko: That's ridiculous!

        Junpei: Yes! You're absolutely right! The leader has spoken...

      {It's both your fault.}

        Akihiko: I won't accept a stalemate! It's either him or me!

        Junpei: Yeah! This is serious... now, tell us... who's...

Akihiko: What's the matter? ...You see something?

[Everyone turns to look.]

<anime cutscene>

[A strange-looking girl in a blue dress is standing on the dock.]

<end anime cutscene>

[The guys are hiding behind some rocks, looking at the girl.]

Junpei: Whoa... Talk about saving the best for last...! Now that's what I'm
        talkin' about! Man, she's cute...

Akihiko: I agree...

Junpei: This is our last chance to make up for failures... But this time we
        should try one-by-one instead of all together. We'll have a better shot
        that way.

Akihiko: Sounds like a good plan.

Junpei: Alright, then let's decide the order! We'll go clockwise, starting with
        the winner. Ready...? Rock, paper, scissors!

Main: {Rock}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

> You lost...

Junpei: Yeah, I win! Okay, I'll go first, Akihiko-san will go second, and
        you'll go last. I'm up! Wish me luck!

[Junpei slowly walks over to the girl on the dock.]

Junpei: H-Hey, h-how's it going? I noticed you've been, uh, staring at the
        ocean. So, um... do you come here often? My name's Ju-Ju-Junpei.

Mysterious Girl: ...Ju-Ju-Junpei?

Junpei: Don't worry, I-I just want to talk. I mean, it's more fun than standing
        here all by yourself, isn't it?

Mysterious Girl: ...I am looking for a human.

[Junpei looks around.]

Junpei: O-Oh yeah...?

Mysterious Girl: You are not the one.

Akihiko: Wow, he got shot down faster than I expected...

[Junpei moves back over to the other guys.]

Junpei: Sh-She's a tough one, Senpai...

Akihiko: Heh... Don't worry about me.

[Akihiko walks over to the girl.]

Akihiko: Well, hello there. Say, do you like the ocean?

Mysterious Girl: Is your question directed at me?

Akihiko: Oh, um, yeah, I like the ocean, too. Hey, I heard that triathletes who
         train at the beach perform better than those who practice indoors.
         Makes sense, doesn't it?

Junpei: Wow, he's actually having a conversation with her! Although,
        something's not right...

Mysterious Girl: That type of information is irrelevant to me.

[Akihiko walks back to the guys.]

Akihiko: Heh, I won... I talked to her longer than you did.

Junpei: It doesn't matter how long you talked to her! ...... *sigh* This
        sucks... *sob*

Akihiko: Hey, stop crying! You're making me feel bad...

Junpei: (to Main) ...So, that's our status. If you can't pull this off, I'm
        gonna be traumatized for the rest of my life.

Akihiko: We're on the ropes, but it's not over yet... It's all up to you now.

[Main hesitates, but Junpei and Akihiko egg him on and he moves over to the

> What will you say to her?

Main: {Good afternoon.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Can I talk to you?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {The tide is high...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Hey, baby.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mysterious Girl: ......

Junpei: I couldn't hear what he said... But she looks surprised... We should go
        over there.

Mysterious Girl: You are...

[Junpei and Akihiko come out from behind the rocks.]

Mysterious Girl: Initiating evasive maneuver. Confirmation must be made at a
                 secure location...

[She steps around Main and flees into the forest.]

Junpei: Hey, what did you say to make her run away like that? Well, what're you
        waiting for? Go after her!

Main: {Yeah, I probably should.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {But, it wasn't my fault.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Who cares about her?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Junpei: Go tell her you're sorry! If you don't, we'll all be in trouble! Go on,
        man. You can catch her if you hurry!

[Main follows her into the forest. He pursues her until she hides behind a sign
 at a large tree.]

> It feels as if someone is watching you...

[She sticks her head out.]

> You see the mysterious girl... She must be the one who has been watching you.

Main: {Approach her}

        Mysterious Girl: I was correct... I have found you.

      {Wait and see what happens}

        Mysterious Girl: Now I am certain... I have found you.

[She runs over to him.]

Mysterious Girl: I have been searching for you. My highest priority is to be
                 with you!

[Junpei and Akihiko finally catch up.]

Junpei: WHAT!? I can't believe this!

Akihiko: What's going on...!? He didn't even say anything to her!

[The girls enter.]

Yukari: There you guys are! What are you doing here!? We've been looking all
        over for you!

Fuuka: Um... What're you doing in the middle of the woods, in your

Yukari: You have no idea what we've-- Huh!?

[She notices the mysterious girl.]

Yukari: Who's this?

Mitsuru: Listen, we've encountered a problem. I'm sorry to interrupt your
         vacation, but I need you all to go back to the house and prepare for

Shuji Ikutsuki: That won't be necessary... We've found what we were looking

[Ikutsuki enters.]

Yukari: What do you mean?

[He walks over to the mysterious girl.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: *sigh* You had me worried. You don't have permission to leave
                the lab on your own, Aigis.


[Everyone is back at the house.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: I apologize for all the trouble. Everything is under control

Fuuka: So, what happened to capturing the tank?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Oh, that's been taken care of. Come here, Aigis.

[The mysterious girl, now clearly shown to be a robot, walks in.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: This is Aigis. As you can see, she's a "mechanical maiden."

Aigis: I am Aigis. My mission is to destroy Shadows. I have been assigned to
       SEES, effective immediately.

Yukari: No way... It's like she's... alive.

Akihiko: This is unbelievable...

Junpei: She's so cute, but... she's a robot...

Shuji Ikutsuki: Anti-Shadow weapons were created ten years ago to combat
                uncontrollable Shadows. Aigis was the last to be made... and
                she's the only one that still remains today.

Mitsuru: An Anti-Shadow weapon... Does that mean she...?

Aigis: Yes, I am capable of operating the Persona "Palladion."

Shuji Ikutsuki: She suffered major damage in combat and has remained in the lab
                ever since. It's still unclear as to why she suddenly
                reactivated herself this morning... Well, I hope you will all
                get along.

Fuuka: An Anti-Shadow weapon with a will of her own... This is amazing!

Yukari: Um... By the way... When I saw you earlier, it seemed like you knew

Aigis: Yes, it is very important for me to be by his side.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm... Perhaps her identification system is malfunctioning...
                Or maybe she's still half-asleep... This is quite
                interesting... Hmm... Well, I can ponder this later. Oh, I
                forgot to tell you all... You can participate in a wide range
                of recreational activities here. There's a tennis court, a
                pool table... even a karaoke machine. Would you care to hear
                me sing?



[The guys are on the beach again.]

Junpei: Man, it's already the third day of our trip. It's too bad we have to go
        home tomorrow... I'd totally stay longer if I could. But, I can't
        complain... A lot of cool things happened while we were here.

[He looks around and runs off somewhere.]

Akihiko: ...How can he be so full of energy? We were all up so late last

[Junpei comes back while Aigis and the girls enter. Aigis walks over to

Aigis: Do we have a mission at the beach today?

Junpei: Nah, it's nothing like that. We just came here to have some fun.

Fuuka: Do you understand what it means to "have fun," Aigis?

Aigis: Of course. Recreation is the refreshment of one's mind and body.

Junpei: Exactly! Wow, you sure know a lot about us humans. Alright, let's take
        one last dip before we leave!

[Junpei goes into the water and Aigis follows after him.]

Fuuka: Uh, hold on, Junpei-kun... Is it okay for Aigis to go in the ocean?

Yukari: Oh, I'm sure she's water-proof.

[Aigis comes back onto the beach.]

Fuuka: What's wrong, Aigis?

Aigis: It is best that we all engage in this activity together. An activity in
       which only one person derives enjoyment is not the optimal method to
       "have fun."

Yukari: Ugh, do we have to...?

[Yukari and Aigis head into the water.]

Fuuka: We should join them.

Mitsuru: Okay.

[Fuuka and Mitsuru enter the water as well. Ikutsuki arrives and walks over to
 Main and Akihiko under the umbrella.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Are you enjoying yourself? We've been quite busy during our
                time here, but it looks as if we can relax a bit today.

Junpei: Hey, Akihiko-san, c'mon! It's your turn!

Akihiko: My turn...? What are they doing?

Shuji Ikutsuki: *laugh* I'm glad to see everyone is having so much fun. I've
                already told you what time the ship will be arriving tomorrow,
                yes? I'll most likely head over to the port early, so don't be

Akihiko: Okay, I'll let everyone know.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Until then, enjoy the last day of your vacation.

[Fool Arcana to rank 5.]



[Shinjiro and the punks are hanging out behind Port Island Station.]

Punk: Oh shit, it's them...

Tough Chick: You mean those three? Wow, they're freaky!

Punk: Shut up! Let's go!

[All the punks leave as the group that attacked the teenager before arrives.]

Shinjiro: Hey.

Pale Young Man: Why do they always run and hide when I approach? They're like
                back alley rats.

Shinjiro: ...Beats me.

Pale Young Man: Jin... Give him the capsules.

[The other man takes something from his pocket and gives it to Shinjiro.]

Shinjiro: ...Thanks.

[Shinjiro gets up and begins to walk away.]

Shinjiro: I'll pay you the same as--

Smart-looking guy: Hold up.

Pale Young Man: This time, information will suffice. Your acquaintances have
                been busy lately. I'm referring to their activites on nights
                when the moon is full. They've spent a great deal of time in
                the tower as well. Why did they take this burden upon

Shinjiro: ......

Pale Young Man: You do know, don't you? ...But, you don't wish to say? Is it
                because they are your friends?

Shinjiro: No! I've got nothing to do with them.

Pale Young Man: Then, tell us.

Shinjiro: Tch... I don't know the details, but... Supposedly, if you destroy
          all those creatures... then the tower will disapear, and with it, the
          Dark Hour.

Pale Young Man: You mean... they intend to eliminate the Dark Hour?

Shinjiro: Y-Yeah... Why?

Pale Young Man: Why would they do such a thing!? With the power they have...
                They wish to destroy the Tower of Demise as well!?

Shinjiro: Tower of Demise...? ...Who wouldn't wanna take out that damn tower?

Smart-looking Guy: Easy, Takaya...

Pale Young Man: ...Yes, yes.

[The three of them leave.]

Shinjiro: Hmph... I can't go back... Not after what happened.

[Meanwhile, the party is back at the dorm.]

Junpei: *sigh* Man, I'm beat... It seemed to take forever to get back...

Fuuka: Yeah, it was a tiring trip. Please rest up so you're ready for the next

Junpei: Yeah, yeah. I don't have any plans for summer break, so I can fight
        Shadows all you want.

Yukari: ...Wow, you must really be bored.

Junpei: ...Sh-Shut up, Yuka-tan.

Yukari: Whatever. We just have to defeat those last six, and it'll be all over.
        The Lost will get better, and everything will be back to normal, right?
        That's why we have to try our hardest.


/Early Morning\

Aigis: Good morning! Please wake up.

[Main wakes up to find Aigis standing next to his bed.]

Aigis: Mission accomplished.

Main: {Why are you here?}

        Aigis: My highest priority is to be by your side.

      {Mission accomplished?}

        Aigis: The paper on the wall says, "Do things five minutes early."
               Therefore, I woke you up five minutes prior to the triggering of
               your alarm clock.

      {My alarm clock...}

        Aigis: It has not triggered yet. The paper on the wall says, "Do things
               five minutes early." Therefore, I woke you up five minutes in

[There's a knock at the door.]

Yukari: Hey, are you awake? That girl disappeared, and we can't find her
        anywhere. Think you can help us out? She might've gone out on her own,
        like she did in Yakushima...

Aigis: I am not a girl... I am Aigis, and I am here.

Yukari: Huh...?

[Aigis opens the door.]

Yukari: Aigis!? How did you--

Aigis: He was asleep, so I unlocked the door.

Yukari: That's unlawful entry! Didn't we tell you to stay in the command room
        at night!?

Aigis: I propose to be on standby in this room from now on. Is this acceptable?

Yukari: What!? N-No, it's not acceptable!

Aigis: If there is a problem, then I will address it promptly.

Yukari: Uh, the problem is it's against dorm regulations... (to Main) Well,
        don't just sit there! Tell her!

Main: {You can't stay here.}

        Yukari: See? He agrees.

        Aigis: ...I will do as told.

      {You can stay here.}

        Yukari: H-Hey, don't say that! You know she can't stay with you!

      {I don't care.}

        Yukari: Well, you should care! It's just not acceptable!

Yukari: Tch... Alright, I'll have a room prepared for you on the third floor.
        You can stay there. Oh, and don't leave the dorm by yourself, okay?

Aigis: I will do as commanded.

Yukari: *sigh* I'm tired... I have practice this morning, so I gotta go...

[Yukari leaves.]

Aigis: ...Everyone goes to a place called school in the morning. I comprehend.

[Aigis leaves as well.]

> Exam results will be posted today...

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'up. ...Hey, I was thinkin'... After we defeat all the Shadows and the
        Dark Hour disappears, what's gonna happen then?

Main: {Who knows?}

        Junpei: Well, regular people don't even know about the Dark Hour,

      {There will be peace.}

        Junpei: Well, yeah, but... Regular people don't even know about the
                Dark Hour, right?

Junpei: That means no one will ever know about anything we've done... That
        kinda sucks, don't ya think?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


Student: Hey, the results are posted!

> You decide to go look at the exam results.

(If your Academics was high enough:)

        > You scored the highest in your class! Everyone is looking at you with
          respect! Your Charm has increased. You suddenly remember something.
          Mitsuru promised to give you a gift if you scored the highest.

> Lunchtime is almost over. You decide to go back to your classroom.


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? So, how did you do on your exams?

Main: {Not bad.}

        Fuuka: That's great! I'm happy for you.

      {Not good.}

        Fuuka: I see... Well, it's only the first term, so you still have time
               to improve.

Fuuka: Did you see Mitsuru-senpai's score? Wow, she's amazing.

Aigis: ...In two weeks, the moon will be full again.

Junpei: Dude, those freaks with Apathy Syndrome will be everywhere... Wait, I
        mean "The Lost." I prolly shouldn't complain about 'em, since it's not
        their fault. It's those damn Shadows...

Aigis: It is possible to end this... Six Shadows remain. If we can eliminate
       them, the Dark Hour will vanish.

Junpei: Yeah, that's true... So, what you're trying to say, Aigis, is that
        fighting is more important that studying, right? ...I agree 100%!


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Dude, summer break starts tomorrow! It's time to meet some cuties at
        the beach! Ya know, if you think about it, we're pretty lucky to be
        living in the dorm... Mitsuru-senpai, Yuka-tan, and Fuuka... They're
        all hotties, don't ya think?

Main: {Definately.}

        Junpei: Yeah, but it'd be tough to be more than just friends with any
                of 'em...

      {I guess.}

        Junpei: Hey, c'mon, dude! Be honest! This is guy talk! But ya know,
                it'd be tough to be more than friends with any of 'em...

Junpei: Senpai is the smartest girl in school and the President of Student
        Council... I bet she only dates uber-nerds. Yuka-tan is pretty damn
        popular, so she could prolly get any guy she wants... And that just
        leaves Fuuka... But, she's super shy... You'd have to be really
        careful... Hey, don't tell any of them I was talking about this,

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main is in his homeroom. The coach enters and approaches him.]

Coach: Hey, Main. You got a minute? Since you're a transfer student, you
       probably don't know about the upcoming competition, right? Well, on
       August 2nd, there's a big tournament. I want you to compete, so start
       training! You'll be going up against a monster named Hayase, but you can
       handle it. This year, we won't lose so easily! Make sure you come to
       school from July 27th to August 1st, alright? I'm gonna make you work
       like you've never worked before, so be ready!

> You have decided to participate in the competition on August 2nd.

[The coach leaves.]

> Today marks the end of the 1st term. Summer break begins tomorrow.


[Shinjiro and the punks are in the back alley again. The punks run off as the
 group from the other night returns.]

Takaya: Good evening. I'm glad to see that you're well.

[Jin gives Shinjiro more pills.]

Takaya: Incidentally, I see that they've again added a new ally to their ranks.
        ...Well, I suppose it's more of a pet than an ally.

Shinjiro: Makes no difference to me.

Takaya: It seems that what you told us before about their intentions was true.
        How lamentable... Now, we have no choice but to intervene. It is up to
        each individual how he will use the strength granted him... But, to
        erase the Dark Hour would be denying the very power they possess. We
        cannot tolerate that.

Shinjiro: Do whatever you want...

[Shinjiro starts to walk away.]

Jin: Hold it. ...What're you gonna do? I know they asked you to come back.

Shinjiro: You're startin' to piss me off.

Jin: They're goin' down, ya hear me? And if you're on their side, then you're
     going down too.

Shinjiro: Like I said before... it doesn't concern me.

[He walks off. Meanwhile, Main is at the dorm.]

Ken: ...Hello! My name is Ken Amada. I'll be staying here for a while. I'll try
     to stay out of everyone's way, so don't mind me.


/Early Morning\

> Summer vacation begins today...


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> The special training for the Track/Kendo/Swim Team begins today... You better
  get going...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd.

Yuko: Hey! No slacking off! You won't win a point off of Mamoru Hayase like


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? So, how was practice, bro?

Main: {No sweat.}

        Junpei: ...Oh, yeah? You're tougher than I thought.

      {I'm kinda tired.}

        Junpei: Dude, don't push yourself too hard.

Junpei: ...If you think you can handle it, let's go to Tartarus tonight. We
        have less than two weeks to get ready, and I'm sure the next Shadow
        will be stronger than the last one...


/Early Morning\

> The special training for the Track/Kendo/Swim Team continues... You better
  get going...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd. Your body feels light... but you're having trouble winning a


Mitsuru: Welcome back. ...Apathy Syndrome is on the rise again, huh? People
         seem to have calmed down a bit, despite the media... But, there will
         be serious problems if we don't end this. We must defeat the last six
         Shadows, beginning with the one we anticipate on the next full moon.
         If the number of The Lost continues to increase, this city will fall
         into chaos. I don't even want to imagine what that might be like...

Junpei: Y-You're just exaggerating, right? ...Then again, maybe not.


/Early Morning\

> The special training for the Track/Kendo/Swim Team continues... You better
  get going...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd.

Yuko: Okay, this is your last chance! Show me what you've got! You gotta beat
      Mamoru! This is our year!


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Mitsuru-senpai is not back yet... She said
       she'd be here by midnight. ...Maybe we shouldn't go to Tartarus tonight.

/Dark Hour\

[Main is asleep in his bed.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Sorry to wake you! I detect a Shadow! Please hurry to
       the 4th floor!

[Everyone gathers in the control room.]

Junpei: What's going on!?

Mitsuru: There's a Shadow in the city. Yamagishi found it by chance.

Yukari: But... the moon isn't full yet...

Fuuka: Actually, it seems to be just a normal Shadow. However, it IS outside
       of Tartarus...

Mitsuru: It's near Naganaki Shrine. Akihiko went ahead since he was in the
         vicinity. I'm sure he can handle it alone, but let's get ready just
         in case.

Junpei: Gotcha!

[The console beeps.]

Fuuka: Yes, this is Fuuka.

Akihiko: (on transceiver) I'm here. Sorry, but I think you guys better come,
         right away.

Mitsuru: What's wrong? Is it a powerful one!?

Akihiko: (on transceiver) No, the Shadow's been defeated. In fact, it was
         already defeated when I got here.

Mitsuru: What happened?

Akihiko: (on transceiver) The little fella's been injured... I wanna save him
         if we can.

Yukari: "Little fella"? Who's he talking about?

Junpei: Beats me.

Mitsuru: At any rate, let's go.

[They all head over to the shrine. Akihiko is there, and the dog Koromaru is
 lying on the ground in a pool of blood.]

Fuuka: Koro-chan! Are you okay, Koro-chan!?

Mitsuru: You know this dog?

Yukari: Yeah, everyone around here does... We have to help him!

Mitsuru: First, we must stop the bleeding.

Akihiko: Man... He's one tough fighter. He defeated that Shadow all by himself.

Junpei: Wait, does that mean... this dog's a Persona-user!?

Aigis: He says, "This is a place of peace, so I protected it."

[Everyone notices some flowers leaning next to the gate.]

Fuuka: Those flowers... They must be for the priest who died in the accident.

Yukari: So, he really was guarding this place...

Junpei: Uh, Aigis? Don't tell me you can translate dog language too...

Aigis: Canines do not have their own language. However, speech is not the only
       means of communication.

Akihiko: This fella really is a rare breed.

Aigis: Confirmed.

Junpei: ...He's not the only one.

Mitsuru: Alright, let's report to the Chairman, so we can conclude this
         mission. As for a vet... It may be midnight, but I believe I can
         arrange for one.

Yukari: Good job, boy. You're one amazing dog...


/Early Morning\

> The special training for the Track/Kendo/Swim Team continues... You better
  get going...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd.

Yuko: Great hit, Main-kun! Keep it up! You can do it!

> Only 3 days left until the tournament...


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? One more week until the moon is full again...
       Unfortunately, the number of victims has been increasing lately. Let's
       do our best to stop it!

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Good evening.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room again.]

Pharos: It's becoming quite lively around you. So, how are you getting along
        with the others?

Main: {Not bad.}

        Pharos: I'm glad to hear that.

      {Who cares about them?}

        Pharos: They put their lives in your hands, and you in theirs. You
                should have more respect for them.

Pharos: ...It is one week until the next full moon. Are you prepared...? To be
        honest, I'm not too worried about you... However, you should still
        remain cautious.

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: I'll come to see you again.

> Pharos has disappeared...


/Early Morning\

> The special training for the Track/Kendo/Swim Team continues... You better
  get going...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd. You got a clean hit! Your confidence is soaring! The
  tournament is the day after tomorrow...


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Have you looked around lately? The Lost are everywhere...
        My friends get scared when they see them. People don't even feel safe
        walking around town. We have to do something about it.


/Early Morning\

> Today is the last day of special training...


> Gekkoukan High School, gym... You are training really hard for the tournament
  on August 2nd.

Yuko: Stay focused! The tournament is tomorrow! You're doing great, Main-kun!
      You've beaten everyone on the team! I'll be rooting for you! Good luck!


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? I hear you'll be competing in the tournament
         tomorrow... Well, you better win. ...Watch out for Mamoru, though.
         He's a tough competitor.

Junpei: Hey, I've heard that name before... He's pretty famous, bro. I saw him
        in a sports magazine. Dude, guys like him are insane... You're gonna
        get your ass handed to you on a platter, so what's the point? Well, I
        guess the full moon is coming up soon, so you can think of it as


/Early Morning\

> Today is the Regional Tournament for Track/Kendo/Swim Team... You better get


[Main, Kazushi, and Yuko are in the stands at the stadium.]

> The 18th Annual High School Track/Kendo/Swim Team Competition... The opening
  ceremony has begun.

Athlete: We pledge... to compete fairly and uphold the ideals of good

> The opening ceremony has concluded, and the tournament has begun. The roar
  of the crowd fills the air, as the participants put their hearts into
  competing. Soon, it will be your turn.

Kazushi: Hey, you're almost up, Main! You ready to do this!?

Main: {Definately.}

        Kazushi: That's what I like to hear! Now, since this is your first
                 time, let me give you some advice...

      {I'm a little nervous.}

        Kazushi: Yeah, I thought you might be. But don't worry, man! Everyone's
                 like that in the beginning. Let me give you some advice, since
                 this is your first time...

      {Root for me, Yuko.}

        Yuko: Okay! Leave the cheering to me! Oh, yeah... Here, take this,
              Main-kun. It's my Special Drink. If you use it, you won't be
              tired anymore.

        > Obtained Special Drink.

        Kazushi: Since this is your first big event, let me give you some

Kazushi: Just give it everything you've got! It takes guts to win! Don't give
         in to fear!

> Kazushi has given you some advice.

[Main gets up and walks off to get ready.]

Kazushi: Alright, dude! Go for it!!

[Main is now participating in the competition.]

Yuko: *squeal* Wow, he's good! Keep it up, Main-kun!!

Kazushi: Whoa! Dude!

> Your body feels light as a feather because you worked so hard during sumer

[The screen fades out.]

> The competion has ended.

[Main is back in the stands with Kazushi and Yuko.]

Yuko: Main-kun! You did it!

Kazushi: You did great, dude! Looks like all your hard work paid off.

Yuko: But... It's too bad HE won again.

Kazushi: They say Hayase annihilates his opponents. I thought people were just
         exaggerating, but man, he's insane! We could sure use someone like him
         on our team... Aghhhh! Next time, we won't lose!

[Another athlete approaches the trio.]

Yuko: Hey, isn't that him?

Mamoru Hayase: Hey, what's up? Dude... you were good.

Main: {I've been practicing.}

        Mamoru Hayase: Yeah, I can tell.

      {Not really.}

        Mamoru Hayase: ...You put up a good fight.

Mamoru Hayase: Hey, I was thinking... Maybe we could hang out sometime...

Main: {Sure, I don't mind.}

        Mamoru Hayase: Cool. You still need to work on your technique, but if
                       you keep at it, you could be really great. I think you
                       might help push me to test my limits.


        Mamoru Hayase: You still need to work on your technique, but if you
                       keep at it, you could be really great. I think you might
                       help push me to test my limits. That's why.

Mamoru Hayase: I usually grab a bite to eat at the strip mall in Iwatodai after
               school... Stop by sometime if you feel like it. My name's
               Mamoru... Nice to meet you.

> You've met Mamoru Hayase, a rival from another school.

Mamoru Hayase: See ya around.

[He walks away.]

Yuko: Wow, Main-kun! He must really be impressed with you!

Kazushi: Hmph! If you see him again... tell him this... Next time, I'll kick
         his ass!

Yuko: Calm down, Kaz. Good job today, Main-kun!

Kazushi: Let's get outta here.

> You decide to leave with your teammates.


Mitsuru: Welcome back. I heard from Akihiko that you did well in the

Main: {It's no big deal.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Too bad I didn't win.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Mitsuru: It's quite impressive, considering you've also had the Shadows to
         contend with.

Yukari: That's great, Main-kun! Not like SOMEONE I know, who doesn't
        participate in any activities...

Junpei: Blah, blah, blah... Here we go again... Anyway, we have more important
        things to worry about... It'll be a full moon soon, right?

Akihiko: Yeah, next Thursday, the 6th. Make sure you're ready.


/Early Morning\

> Summer vacation continues...


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? This Thursday, the 6th, there will be a full
       moon. I'm sure a Shadow will appear as well. Please be ready.



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? The day after tomorrow is the big day, huh? Let's kick
        some ass, man!



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Tomorrow is the day... Are you ready?

Main: {Yep.}

        Yukari: Me too. Let's do our best!

      {Not really.}

        Yukari: Well, you don't seem nervous. By the way, if you wanna go to
                Tartarus, I'll come along.


/Early Morning\

> Tonight, the moon will be full... A powerful Shadow will appear... You decide
  to stay home today and conserve your strength.

/Dark Hour\

[Everyone is in the meeting room.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, it's a full moon once again.

Mitsuru: Any luck, Yamagishi?

Fuuka: Yes, I've located it... and this time, it's not just an ordinary one.

Akihiko: Now, that's more like it.

Fuuka: It's by the deserted houses in the northern part of Iwatodai. But, there
       is one thing that's strange... It seems like it's underground... almost
       10 meters.

Yukari: It must be in some kind of basement...

Aigis: According to my records, there is no structure in the area that matches
       those criteria. However, in the past there was an underground facility
       that was used by the military.

Yukari: The military? ...Is that true?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, the architectural and geographic data for the area were
                uploaded into her memory bank. Then again, the information
                hasn't been updated in a decade.

Aigis: That is correct.

Junpei: Uh, wouldn't that be a good idea?

Akihiko: So, how should we interpret this?

Fuuka: There's no way of knowing without actually going there...

Mitsuru: It seems war's scars may be deeper than we think... The situation is
         still unclear at this time. Therefore, we will wait until we arrive to
         determine who should be deployed.

Akihiko: Agreed.

Aigis: Understood.

Mitsuru: Then, let's go.

[The scene fades out.]

> Iwatodai northern harbor, underground facility entrance...

[The group enters the facility through a large gate.]

Fuuka: The target should be around here...

[Everyone looks around.]

Takaya: Well done...

[The group turns around. Takaya and Jin enter through the gate.]

Takaya: This is the first time we've met in person.

Fuuka: Who are these guys!? Lucia didn't sense a thing 'til now!

Takaya: My name is Takaya. This is Jin. We are known to some as Strega. We've
        been keeping an eye on you... From what we hear, you've undertaken a
        "righteous" battle to save the world. But, we've come here tonight to
        put an end to that dream. You've gained new allies, yet this land
        still crawls with sin. Tartarus is towering as beautifully as always...

Junpei: But, why the hell would you wanna stop us!?

Jin: Simple... If the Shadows and the Dark Hour disappear, then so will our
     power. ...And we can't let that happen, now can we?

Mitsuru: Power...? Don't tell me you're Persona-users as well!

Takaya: Why don't you use that pretty little head of yours for a change? Only
        a select few wield the power of a Persona... And the Dark Hour is a
        frontier that is ours alone to explore... just like the Tower of

Yukari: THAT's your reason!? ...Are you crazy!? There's no telling what will
        happen if we don't do something about the Shadows!

Takaya: What difference does it make...? There will always be disasters,
        whether they are caused by Shadows or arise from human folly. No one
        can predict the future, anyway. But, that is all beside the point...
        Surely you will acknowledge the sense of significance the Dark Hour has
        given you.

Yukari: You think I like this!?

Takaya: Is it not so? How about the rest of you...? Do you also wish to return
        to your pathetic, ordinary lives?

Junpei: ...Huh?

Akihiko: ......

Fuuka: I don't enjoy this one single bit.

Jin: You've each got your own reason for fighting. "Justice" is only an
     excuse... And that makes you all hypocrites! So I say, to hell with you!

[Takaya and Jin walk back out; Jin kicks a switch.]

Jin: Have fun in there.

[The gate closes on the party; Akihiko bangs on the doors.]

Akihiko: Dammit!

Aigis: We will be all right. Rather then wasting our energy, I suggest we deal
       with the Shadow first.

Yukari: You're right. If we lose our cool, then they win.

Fuuka: The Shadow's moving! I think it's noticed us!

Mitsuru: Alright, let's concentrate on our original goal. We can look for a way
         out after we've won. Everyone, prepare for battle.

[Main selects the other party members and heads deeper into the base.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I sense the target two blocks ahead of you! It's
       moving slowly downward. Chase after it!

[They move to the next area. Tread marks are on the ground here.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Whoa... This place seems to have been some kind of
       weapons depot. I've never seen so many weapons before... All designed to
       kill... But, I guess that's the reality of war... It's hard to believe
       that a time like that actually existed...

[They move to the next area. The tread marks continue into the tunnel.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) The target is gaining speed! It's continuing down the
       tunnel. Chase after it!

[They move to the next area.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) The target has stopped! It's waiting in the next
       area! Be careful!

[They reach the last area to find a large tank-like Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) This explains the tread marks... It's using the tank as

[The group begins fighting the Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Its Arcana is Justice... Wait, it's Chariot? What the--
       Why am I sensing two entities...? It doesn't make sense!

[After a while, the Shadow splits to reveal the turret and the tank are
 seperate Shadows. The party manages to defeat both of them. Meanwhile,
 Ikutsuki is sitting in the control room. The panel beeps.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) This is Mitsuru. We've neutralized the target.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Good work. You may return.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Wait. There's more... Our mission was interrupted by
         an uninvited guest. ...He's most likely a Persona-user.

Shuji Ikutsuki: A Persona-user!?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) ...And he wasn't alone. They appeared quietly during
         the Dark Hour and seemed to be aware of our activities.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm... Did they say anything that might give us a clue?

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Come to think of it... They said they're called

Shuji Ikutsuki: Strega...? ...... I'll see what I can find out.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) Thank you. I have one final thing to report... I
         regret to inform you that we fell right into Strega's trap, and now
         we're locked inside here.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Ah, I see. Since the threat has been eliminated, I'll send
                someone over as soon as I can.

Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I'm sorry... We'll be waiting.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Other Persona-users, huh...? ......

[The scene fades out.]

> Your team survived yet another difficult battle. It seems like the trust
  between you all has grown... You learned a new tactic! You can now use "Same
  Target!" ...... An unexpected enemy has emerged... They seem to be
  Persona-users, as well. ...... In any case, you succeeded in defeating the
  Shadow this month, too. You expect that there will be fewer vicitms for a
  while. You are exhausted, so you're eager to get some rest...



Ken: ...Hello!

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Hi, how are you?

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: I remembered something else... The end won't be brought about by anyone
        in particular... It's coming because there are many people who wish for
        it... as if it was destined from the start. But, doesn't that seem like
        a strange thing to wish for?

Main: {Not really.}

        Pharos: I see... Well, I suppose some people would choose death over
                suffering. Otherwise, one might end up hating everything in
                this world...

      {No one wants that.}

        Pharos: Are you certain? What about those who hope for an end to their
                suffering, who wish to find peace?

      {Who cares?}

        Pharos: Yeah, I guess there's no sense worrying about it at this point.
                After all, even I don't fully understand the coming of the end.

Pharos: Well, enough about that for now. There's something else I wanted to
        tell you today... Soon, the poisonous flowers will bloom... One in
        your own garden, and three in the garden opposite yours. I don't know
        whether or not this has anything to do with the end, but you should be

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: I'll come again if I find out anything useful. That's what friends are
        for, right?

[He vanishes. Death Arcana to rank 5.]


/Early Morning\

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.


[Main is in his room. There's a knock at the door.]

Mitsuru: It's me. I'm sorry to bother you while you're resting, but can I have
         a word with you?

Main: {Coming...}

        [Main opens the door.]

        Mitsuru: Good morning. There's something I need to tell everyone... but
                 I think it would be best if you saw it for yourself. Come to
                 the 4th floor meeting room when you get home tonight, okay?
                 I'll see you then.

        [She leaves.]

      {Just a minute.}

        Mitsuru: That's okay. Just listen through the door. There's something I
                 need to tell everyone, so come to the 4th floor meeting room
                 tonight, okay? That's it. Well, see you later.

        > It seems Mitsuru has left.


[Junpei and Aigis enter the meeting room.]

Aigis: Does this mean we have a new mission?

Junpei: I dunno. But, the alarm's not ringin'...

[Yukari, Main, and Fuuka enter.]

Yukari: Huh!?

Fuuka: Koro-chan!?

[They all run over to the table, where Koromaru, Mitsuru, and Akihiko are
 standing. Koromaru has a collar on him.]

Koromaru: Woof!

Fuuka: Are you okay!? ...Where'd you get this collar?

Mitsuru: That collar is designed to help control his Persona. In other words,
         it's an Evoker for dogs.

Yukari: Wait... Does that mean he'll be going into battle?

Mitsuru: It was a surprise for me as well. But according to the tests, it's
         quite possible. In fact, it was the Chairman's suggestion. ...We'll be
         looking after him here in the dorm.

Fuuka: Is that okay with you, Koro-chan?

Koromaru: Woof!

Aigis: He says, "I'll return the favor."

Yukari: Man, you're one loyal dog.

Koromaru: Woof!!

Junpei: Hey, make yourself at home... The more the merrier, right? Who cares if
        you're a dog? Alright, I'll take him for a walk. It's summer break
        after all!

Mitsuru: Yes, it is. Enjoy your vacation while you can; summer classes start
         next week. I'll see to it that you graduate.

Junpei: H-Hey... Good one, Senpai. You almost had me there.

Mitsuru: Oh, it's no joke. We'll be taking intensive courses. I've already
         applied for all of us. I know how difficult its's been balancing
         school and our late night excursions. You haven't had much time to
         study. I apologize for that. That's why the Chairman agrees that this
         is a good idea. ...I thought I told Takeba and Yamagishi.

Junpei: Are you serious!? This is the first I've heard of it!

Fuuka: Um, sorry... I forgot to mention it.

Junpei: Aw, man!!

Yukari: Hey, with your grades, you should be thanking her!

Junpei: Yeah, right. (to Main) *Sigh* This sucks. Don't you think?

Main: {Totally.}

        (No change in dialog.)

      {Who cares?}

        (No change in dialog.)


        (No change in dialog.)

Fuuka: W-Well, it's only for a few weeks, so let's make the most of it...



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Summer school begins today... You better get going...


> It's the 1st day of summer school... Despite the heat, the lecture
  continues... Your Academics has increased.



> It's the 2nd day of summer school...

Mr. Edogawa: I know it's hot, everyone, but let's just try and get through
             class. Focus pocus! You must all be very curious students to be
             taking this course over the summer. ...I'm not really sure what to
             make of that. Eeeheehee... Well, let's talk about something
             interesting today. All you future magicians will want to pay close
             attention... Eeeheehee... Today's subject is Tarot. That's right,
             those cards often used in fortune-telling. Originating in 15th
             century Europe as normal playing cards, tarot cards evolved into
             tools of divination. A variety of different versions of tarot card
             decks exist, including the Marseille and Rider decks... But today,
             in respect of the great magician Crowley, we will be using the
             Thoth deck. First, let's talk about the composition of the deck...
             The modern 78-card tarot deck is divided into two parts. There are
             22 Major Arcana--the face cards--and 56 Minor Arcana, or number
             cards... The Minor Arcana are also sometimes called pips. The
             Major Arcana feature a variety of illustrations on their faces.
             Beginning with "The Fool" and ending with "The World"... they tell
             a story in numerical order that is a metaphor of an individual's
             journey through life. Each Major Arcana represents a stage on that
             journey... an experience that the individual must incorporate to
             realize his oneness. They are all important, so let's take a look
             at each of the 22 cards, one by one.

             The first card, numbered 0, is The Fool. It represents the
             beginning and suggests infinite possibilities.

             The next card, The Magician, represents action and initiative...
             but also immaturity.

             The Priestess represents contemplation and inner knowledge.

             The Empress represents motherhood and the life it brings forth.

             The Emperor is an opposing card. It represents fathering and
             relates to leadership and decision-making skills.

             The Hierophant represents formality and knowledge, and stands for

             The Lovers card represents choice. Here, the individual's
             consciousness has finally surfaced.

             The Chariot represents victory for the individual, but only a
             momentary one.

             Justice represents the knowledge of what is right, and what is

             The Hermit represents the individual's search for answers by
             looking inward, deep inside his heart.

             Fortune represents fate, and the opportunities that come with it.

             Strength represents both passion and self-control. It is depicted
             as power with reason.

             The Hanged Man reflects the individual's inability to take action.

             Spiritual death awaits the individual with the 13th card, which is
             aptly named Death. Death is considered a transitional card... The
             old ends, and the new begins. Now, let us continue along the path,
             following the transition.

             Temperance is the balancing of opposites. Opening his eyes to the
             world allows the individual to grow...

             And as the Devil represents, he then faces temptation...

             At The Tower, his values collapse on him. It seems as if he no
             longer has anything to believe in, but...

             ...he then finds a glimmer of hope, represented by The Star; and
             he is suffused with a serene calm.

             This bliss makes him vulnerable to the illusions of The Moon.
             Fears arise, and he follows the dim path in his heart with

             But he is rewarded with a bright future, represented by The Sun,
             which signifies true achievement.

             Judgement awaits the individual at the end of his journey, as he
             looks back on the path he has traveled.

             The final card is The World, which represents the individual's
             full awareness of his place in the world.

             That is the growth of an individual as explained by the tarot
             cards. ...Perhaps all this talk about life doesn't hit home with
             you young folks just yet, hm? Eeeheehee... Now, you can use all 78
             cards to divine the future in detail... but most people only use
             the 22 Major Arcana. Okay. Next, let's talk about how to tell
             fortunes using the Major Arcana. First, you will need to shuffle
             the cards. If a card is reversed, its meaning will change, so it's

> The class continues... Despite the heat, the lecture continues... Your
  Academics has increased.



> It's the 3rd day of summer school... Despite the heat, the lecture
  continues... Your Academics has increased.



> It's the 4th day of summer school... Despite the heat, the lecture
  continues... Your Academics has increased.



> It's the 5th day of summer school...

Mr. Edogawa: Now, let's begin. Yod-he-vav-he... How are you all handling the
             heat? ...I could brew you some of my special tea if you'd like.
             Eeeheehee... Now, let's continue with our special summer study--
             The Truth Behind Magic. I'll be talking about "Kabbalah." I
             assume all of you have at least heard of Kabbalah, yes? It is
             known as the mystical study of the Hebrew scriptures, but... as I
             have mentioned before, it has had a great impact on western
             sorcery. It has been said that to learn the secrets of magic,
             first you must truly understand Kabbalah. So, who was the person
             who formed this incredible ideology known as Kabbalah? Well,
             according to legend, it was Moses. Yes, THAT Moses. The Moses who
             gave us the Ten Commandments and split the Red Sea. But in
             reality, it was formulated by a group of rabbis long, long ago.
             However, because it consists of such a complicated coded system...
             Kabbalah did not become known to the western world until much
             later. Now, it is important to note that there are many different
             ancient methods of deciphering Kabbalah. For example, there is
             "Gematria," the interpretatioin of text by replacing letters with
             the numbers they represent. There is "Notarikon," where you take a
             letter from each word to form another sentence or thought. There
             is also "Temurah," a method where letters of words are replaced,
             thereby giving the sentence a new meaning. All these different
             methods make it difficult to fully comprehend Kabbalah. Now, one
             of the most important ideas of Kabbalah is the Tree of Life,
             formed of the ten Sefirot. Most illustrations depict it as a chart
             shaped like a tree. The 10 stages represented by the Sefirot...
             and the 22 paths connecting them represent the stages of Creation
             God formed from his own self, as well as the direction in which
             humanity should evolve. Where did we come from? Where are we
             going? These answers lie in the Sefirot. When training your magic,
             it's important to picture the Sefirot every so often. And when you
             are meditating, you should focus on the Sefirot as well. If life
             was a test, the Sefirot would be the basic questions. All aspiring
             magicians should know them. So, if you're looking for inspiration,
             try your hand at the Sefirot. Eeeheehee... By the way, did you
             all notice that I said there were 22 paths? Yes, that's right.
             The same number as the Major Arcana I spoke about earlier.
             Eeeheehee... Now, continuing on, according to the Sefirot, the
             world is broken up into four stages...

> The class continues... Despite the heat, the lecture continues... Your
  Academics has increased.



> It's the last day of summer school... Despite the heat, the lecture
  continues... Your Academics has increased.



(You will get a phone call from the girl you have a highest a social link. In
 case of a tie, the preference is Yukari > Fuuka > Yuko > Chihiro. If you
 accept, you will take that girl to the Summer Festival. If not, you may go by


(If you went to the festival by yourself:)

> The shrine is full of people enjoying the festival. You are alone and feeling

[Main walks forward a few steps and stops near the mask stall.]

> You hear a familiar voice.

Aigis: What is that?

Mitsuru: It's called a "mask." You wear it over your face to have fun.

Aigis: Hiding your face is fun?

Mitsuru: The purpose is not to hide your face. Rather, you wear it to have a
         different face. Hmm... It's difficult to explain...

Aigis: You try to be someone else by wearing a different face...?

Mitsuru: Yes, exactly. ...Your degree of comprehension is simply amazing. At
         this rate, after a few more tests the Chairman may give you permission
         to go out.

Aigis: I am looking forward to that.

> They continue to talk...

Main: {Say hi}

        [Main puts his arm up in greeting; Mitsuru and Aigis don't respond.]

        > They didn't seem to hear you...

        [They walk off; Main puts his arm back down.]

      {Remain quiet}

        [Mitsuru and Aigis walk away.]

> Mitsuru and Aigis left... After looking around the festival for a short
  while, you decided to go back to the dorm.



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. It's sooo hot... I hate this weather... Don't you agree?

Main: {I don't mind it.}

        Yukari: Seriously? How can you not be hot?

      {It's brutal.}

        Yukari: It's always like this during this time of year.

Yukari: Anyway, there won't be another full moon until September, right after
        summer break ends. ...It's like planning for exams, huh? Well, at least
        there are only four Shadows left... We have to hang in there.


/Early Morning\

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

Kenji: Hey, dude, this is Kenji. You wanna go to the movies? I heard they're
       having a horror flick marathon. Sounds pretty cool, huh? So whaddya
       say? Let's go, man.

(If you accept:)

        Kenji: You serious? Nice! See you later then!

        > Kenji seems excited... You have decided to go to the movies with

(If you decline:)

        Kenji: Aw, that sucks. Guess I'll call someone else, then. Later...

        > Kenji seems disappointed.


(If you went to the movies with Kenji:)

> Port Island Station, movie theater... The theater is crowded because of the
  movie marathon. There's a new theme each day. Today, they're showing horror

Kenji: Alright, dude. Let's get some seats in the front.

[The screen fades out.]

> ... ...... .........

[The screen fades back in. Kenji and Main exit the theater.]

> You feel more courageous after watching the heroes in the movies survive...
  Your Courage has increased.

Kenji: Three movies in a row is just too much, dude. Let's get outta here.

> After saying goodbye to Kenji, you decided to go back to the dorm.


Mitsuru: Welcome back. We have less then two weeks until school resumes...
         Fighting the Shadows is our priority, but you should still study some
         during the daytime.


/Early Morning\

(If you are friends with Bebe:)

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

Bebe: Hello, moshi moshi... Zis is Bebe. Would you like to go to ze movies
      today? You are in luck! Zey are showing French films! It eez ze perfect
      opportunity for you to learn French! Ne?

(If you accept:)

        Bebe: You can go!? Yatta! Zat eez great!

        > Bebe seems happy... You have decided to go to the movies with Bebe.

(If you decline:)

        Bebe: Zat eez too bad... Maybe some ozer time...

        > Bebe seems disappointed.


(If you went to the movies with Bebe:)

> Port Island Station, movies theater... The theater is crowded because of the
  movie marathon. There's a new theme each day. Today, they're showing French

Bebe: Let's go find our seats, Main-sama.

[The screen fades out.]

> ... ...... .........

[The screen fades in; Main and Bebe exit the theater.]

> You had fun watching the movie and learning some common French phrases. Your
  Academics has increased.

Bebe: Zat was fun. I 'aven't 'eard my 'ome language in a long time. We should
      do it again! Next time, samurai films!

> You decide to go back to the dorm.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Damn, it's hot... I'm sweatin' like a pig.

Mitsuru: It's all in your head... The heat will onlt affect you if you allow it
         to. ...... ...Of course, there are limits to that theory.

Junpei: Ugh...


/Early Morning\

> Summer vacation will be over soon...


[Junpei is at Port Island Station.]

Junpei: Man, it's scorching hot out here.

[He checks his phone.]

Junpei: Shoot, it's already the 20th. Summer break's almost over... Too bad
        there's nothin' to do. *sigh* This place is so boring.

[He looks over and sees the girl from Strega drawing in a sketchbook. Not
 knowing who she is, he walks over to her.]

Girl in a White Dress: Get out of my way. I can't see... Move.

[He steps to one side.]

Junpei: Uh... Sorry.

Girl in a White Dress: What do you want?

Junpei: Uh, nothing. ...My bad.

[He walks out of earshot.]

Junpei: Dude, what's with that outfit...? And, what the hell is she drawing...?
        Man, I'll never understand art. Oh, well...

[Junpei leaves.]


Aigis: ...Greetings. The next full moon will appear on the 5th of September. We
       will have two weeks to prepare for the Shadow.

Junpeu: Hey, Ai-chan... you wanna go get some ice cream?

Aigis: That will not help us prepare. Moreover, ice cream rots away human
       teeth... Does it not?

Junpei: ...Nah, ice cream's one of the four basic food groups.



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Only 10 days left of summer break... You look really bored,

Junpei: What's wrong with that? It takes a lot of maturity to fully appreciate

Yukari: Yeah, you're REAL mature...

Junpei: Look who's talkin', Yuka-tan! You're the one who's afraid of ghosts...

Yukari: Sh-Shut up, Stupei!



Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Isn't this around the time when more cases of
         "Apathy Syndrome" start occuring? I guess it just seems different
         because we're on break.



Aigis: ...Greetings. ...I have a question. Why is school temporarily closed
       during the summer?

Main: {Because it's hot.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {It's customary.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: Interesting... Then, school resumes the following month. ...I



[Ken exits the manga shop at Iwatodai Station when he hears some voices.]

Shinriro: Dammit, I'm tired of your nagging.

Akihiko: I'm sorry, but I won't take no for an answer.

[Ken moves to the ledge and sees Shinjiro and Akihiko on the floor below him.]

Shinjiro: Well, the answer's still the same: I'm not coming back.

Akihiko: You know, another new Persona-user joined us... and he's not human.

Shinjiro: ...What?

Akihiko: It's a dog. He lost his master six months ago because of the Shadows.
         He's incredibly loyal... Up 'til now, he's been guarding the spot
         where his master was killed... despite the bad memories.

Shinjiro: ......

Akihiko: We saw someone die right before our eyes, too... But, it's been two
         years since then...

Shinjiro: ......

Akihiko: How long do you plan to beat yourself up over it? You're always at
         that spot behind the station, even though you don't hang out with the
         crowd there.

Shinjiro: It doesn't matter. It was my fault, and it can't be erased. What
          difference does it make if I come to terms with it? It won't change
          anything. This isn't the same as what happened to Miki.

Akihiko: Shinji...

Shinjiro: That's enough, already. I just want to forget it ever happened.

[Shinjiro walks away. The camera pans back up to Ken.]

Ken: Two years ago... ...... It can't be... ...... So his name is Shinji,


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? *sigh* I'm bored outta my mind... There must be
        something I can do to pass the time...

Main: {Sleep.}

        Junpei: Great idea! ...... Too bad I'm not sleepy.


        Junpei: *chuckle* Good one.



Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? ...It's really hot out these days. Please be
       careful that you don't get heat exhaustion.


/Early Morning\

(If you are friends with Yuko:)

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

Yuko: Hi, it's Yuko. Do you wanna go to the movies if you're free today?
      There's a sports movie marathon at the strip mall in Iwatodai today.
      Maybe we'll learn a new way to inspire the team. Whaddya think? Wanna go?

(If you accept:)

        Yuko: Alright, it's a date! See ya soon.

        > Yuko seems excited. You have decided to go to the movies with Yuko.

(If you decline:)

        Yuko: Oh... Well, talk to ya later, then.

        > Yuko seems disappointed.


(If you went to the movies with Yuko:)

> Port Island Station, movie theater... The theater is crowded because of the
  movie marathon. There's a new theme every day. Today, they're showing sports

Yuko: Oooh, I can't wait! Let's go find our seats!

[The sceen fades out.]

> ... ...... .........

[The screen fades back in; Main and Yuko exit the theather.]

> You feel inspired by the athletes in the movies you watched. Your Courage has

Yuko: Wow, that was amazing! I'm so glad we went. Let's head home since it's
      getting late.

> After saying goodbye to Yuko, you decide to go back to the dorm.


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? It's hard to train when it's hot, but it's
         easier to stay loose. So if you're going to Tartarus, count me in.


/Early Morning\

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

Kazushi: S'up. It's me, Kaz. Wanna go to the movies? They're showing a war
         movie marathon today... Sweet, huh!? So, are you in?

(If you accept:)

        Kazushi: Yeah, dawg... It's gonna be awesome! I'll see ya later.

        > Kazushi seems excited. You have decided to go to the movies with

(If you decline:)

        Kazushi: Dude, you call yourself a man!? *sigh* I guess I'll go by

        > Kazushi seems disappointed.


(If you went to the movies with Kazushi:)

> Port Island Station, movie theater... The theater is crowded because of the
  movie marathon. There's a new theme every day. Today, they're showing war

Kazushi: Dude, you ready for this? Let's go find some good seats!

[The sceen fades out.]

> ... ...... .........

[The screen fades back in; Main and Kazushi exit the theather.]

> You feel more courageous after watching the brave soldiers in the films...
  Your Courage has increased.

Kazushi: Dude, that was insane! War is hell, man. ...Gotta run. Later, bro.

> You decide to go back to the dorm.


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Main is in his room. There's a knock on the door.]

Mitsuru: It's me. I apologize for the interruption, but do you have a moment?

Main: {Coming...}

        [Main opens the door.]

        Mitsuru: Good morning. The Chairman will be here tonight. We'll meet on
                 the 4th floor as usual. That's all.

        [She leaves.]

      {Just a minute.}

        Mitsuru: Then, I'll talk through the door. The Chairman will be here
                 tonight. We'll meet on the 4th floor as usual. That's all.

        > She seems to have left.


[Everyone is in the meeting room.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Good, you're all here. Please come in.

[Ken enters.]

Ken: Sorry to interrupt.

Akihiko: You must be kidding...

Shuji Ikutsuki: After running several tests, we've learned that he has more
                then adequate potential. I called this meeting so that I could
                introduce him, since he'll be joining our squad.

Mitsuru: B-But Mr. Chairman, he's still in elementary school. Besides...

Shuji Ikutsuki: Besides... what? His ability is quite promising. With the
                proper training, he could be a big help.

Akihiko: But, is HE okay with it?

Ken: Actually, I asked to join. I believe I can be of some assistance... Now,
     I finally know why I was given this power.

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...So, as you can see, it was his own decision.

Ken: Nice to meet you all. I'll try not to get in anyone's way.

Aigis: Nice to meet you, too.

Akihiko: ......

Junpei: Hey, don't worry, kid. We got your back. It may be hard at times, but
        stick with it.

Ken: Yes, got it!



[Junpei is at Port Island Station.]

Junpei: *sigh* Man, this year's going fast. It's already second semester. Next
        year, I'll be a senior... Huh? That girl...

[He spots the girl from Strega, and walks over to her.]

Girl in a White Dress: ...You again?

Junpei: Uh, w-well... I mean, I'm surprised you remember me.

Girl in a White Dress: Same here...

Junpei: Well, you kinda stand out in that dress...

[She ignores him and continues drawing.]

Junpei: So... What are you drawing?

Girl in a White Dress: Nothing. Why?

Junpei: Uhh, no reason... I was just thinking, it must be nice to have
        something you're really into.

Girl in a White Dress: It's no big deal... I only draw because I like to.

Junpei: Oh, yeah?

[He starts to walk away.]

Junpei: ...Still, I'd like to see it when you're done, okay?

[Junpei leaves.]

Girl in a White Dress: ......


Aigis: ...Greetings. One week remains until the next full moon will appear. As
       expected, The Lost are increasing in number.

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Hello.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: I thought I'd remind you... The next full moon will be in one week. Are
        you ready...? Only a few trials remain... So, be careful.

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: I look forward to seeing you again.

> Pharos disappeared...


/Early Morning\

(If you are friends with Chihiro:)

[Main is watching TV in his room when his phone rings.]

Chihiro: Hello? This is Chihiro... I was wondering... Would you like to go to
         the movies with me today? They're having a tear-jerker marathon... I
         just love movies like that... So, will you come with me?

(If you accept:)

        Chihiro: Y-You will? That's wonderful. Thank you! I can't wait!

        > Chihiro seems excited. You have decided to go to the movies with

(If you decline:)

        Chihiro: Oh... I-I understand... Goodbye.

        > Chihiro seems disappointed.


(If you went to the movies with Chihiro:)

> Port Island Station, movie theater... The theater is crowded because of the
  movie marathon. There's a new theme every day. Today, they're showing tear-

Chihiro: I know I'm going to cry, so I brought a handkerchief with me. Are you
         ready? Let's go get seated.

[The sceen fades out.]

> ... ...... .........

[The screen fades back in; Main and Kazushi exit the theather.]

> You have learned some romantic one-liners from the movie... Your Charm has

Chihiro: Those movies were all so sad... I was crying the whole time... Thanks
         for coming with me. We should probably get going, though.

> After saying goodbye to Chihiro, you decide to go back to the dorm.


Ken: ...Hello! Have you noticed? Those people--"The Lost"... They've been
     increasing... I wish there was something I could do.


/Early Morning\

> Today is the last day of summer vacation...


[Junpei meets the girl at Port Island Station again.]

Junpei: So, we meet again, huh?

Girl in a White Dress: That's because you keep coming back.

Junpei: I'm Junpei. What's your name? You live around here?

[She ignores him and finishes drawing. After closing her sketchbook, she gets
 up to leave.]

Junpei: Hey, wait! Your hand...

[She begins to walk away.]

Junpei: I said, "Wait"! You're hurt!

Girl in a White Dress: What is it with you!? Why don't you mind your own

Junpei: But, you're bleeding, for cryin' out loud!

[He grabs her hand.]

Junpei: C'mon, show me your hand. You need to put some pressure on it.

Girl in a White Dress: Why are you in such a panic?

Junpei: Are you crazy? Anyone would freak out over this. You need to see a
        doctor. ...You want me to go with you?

Girl in a White Dress: ...... ...You're weird.

[She starts to leave again, but stops.]

Girl in a White Dress: Chidori.

Junpei: Huh?

Chidori: That's my name. You asked, right, Junpei? ...I'm almost done with the
         picture. I doubt you'll understand it, but if you want to see it, then
         you know where to find me.

[She leaves.]


Mitsuru: Welcome back. Soon, the moon will be full again... I think this goes
         without saying, but please make sure you're prepared.


/Early Morning\

> The second semester begins today...

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls is talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Good morning... Summer vacation is over...

Listening Student: Yeah... I'm in no mood to be here. I just want to turn
                   around and head back to bed...

Gossiping Student: Heh, you might come down with that Apathy Syndrome... Then
                   you wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Listening Student: Noooo! Are you kidding me!? Although, come to think of it,
                   it doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I'll try it.

Gossiping Student: Hahah! Are you serious?

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Takenozuka is teaching Physics.]

Mr. Takenozuka: Quiet down! Summer vacation's over! You're back in school now,
                so act accordingly! All right, let's start with a question...

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Takenozuka: What happens when the coefficient of friction is zero?

Main: {You slide like crazy.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: Exactly. Been studying, I see. If you apply that to
                        your summer vacation... It's gone down the hill with a
                        coefficient of zero. Hey, that sounded pretty cool.
                        Want me to write it on the board?

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {Nothing will move.}

        Mr. Takenozuka: ...Is your head still on vacation? Zero friction means
                        you slide around, and won't be able to get back to your
                        feet. If you apply that to your summer vacation... It's
                        gone down the hill with a coefficient of zero. Hey,
                        that sounded pretty cool. Want me to write it on the

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {I don't know.}

        (Same as second option.)


[Yukari, Junpei, Ken, and Koromaru are in the lounge. Main arrives.]

Yukari: ...Oh, you're back. Perfect timing. Hey, Fuuka, is Aigis ready?

[Fuuka and Aigis enter; Aigis is wearing a Gekkoukan student's uniform.]

Junpei: Ready for what?

Yukari: She said she wanted to go to school, so I said something to Mitsuru-
        senpai as a joke... But, the Chairman overheard and thought it was a
        good idea. So as of tomorrow, she'll be a junior.

Junpei: Seriously!? He's down with that?

Fuuka: Her said something about studying her behavior in a social

Junpei: Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's a great idea... Just look at how
        cute she is in that uniform!

Aigis: The camouflage Fuuka-san has provided me with seems to be the
       appropriate size.

Ken: It looks very natural on you; no one will suspect a thing. But, why does
     he want you to go to school? It's not like there's anything special about

Aigis: With the commencement of the second semester, I intend to synchronize my
       schedule with the other members'. If I were to remain here on standby,
       it could delay our deployment. Therefore, I request to accompany our
       squad leader.

Yukari: Delay our deployment? Won't you going to school create more problems?

Aigis: I will make any necessary adjustments as problems arise.

Koromaru: Woof, woof!

Aigis: He said, "I want to go to school, too."

Yukari: Sorry, Koro-chan... You have to stay here.

Koromaru: *whimper*


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Aigis there.]

Aigis: I see. This must be Tartarus during the daytime.

Main: {That's right.}

        Aigis: Currently, I detect no Shadows in the vicinity. However, we must
               remain cautious at all times.

      {It's a school.}

        Aigis: I see. I shall record that in my memory bank.


[Main's homeroom is in session. Aigis is standing up front.]

Ms. Toriumi: Class, we have a new student who will be joining us. She just
             transferred here. ...Please introduce yourself.

Aigis: My name is Aigis. I am pleased to meet you all.

Ms. Toriumi: Aigis... What a strange name... I wonder if she was born overseas.
             Let's see... Anything else I should know...? (checking folder)
             Hm? ...Humanoid tactical weapon? What on Earth...? ...Clearly,
             that's a mistake. It just goes to show, you can't believe
             everything you read. You can sit... right over there, in that
             empty seat.

Junpei: Um, Ms. Toriumi, that spot's already taken. He's just playin' hookey.

Ms. Toriumi: ...Which means he's not here. So, it's free to be used, right?

[Aigis nods and takes her seat next to Main.]

Aigis: This spot will be perfect... Because I wish to always be by his side.

[Yukari stands up.]

Yukari: Aigis!

Aigis: Is there a problem?

Classmate: ...Um, Yukari, why're you standing up?

Ms. Toriumi: My, aren't we just full of drama today? Do me a favor and save the
             antics for after school.


[Main, Junpei, Yukari, and Aigis are talking in their homeroom. Main's phone

> You received a text message. It's from Akihiko.

Text Message: > "I have something important to take care of after school. I
              want you to come. I'll be waiting by the gate. Meet me there."

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. You received an instant message from Akihiko
  asking you meet him after school. You should head to the designated meeting

[Main goes to the gate where Akihiko is waiting.]

Akihiko: ...There you are. There's something I have to do, and I want you to
         come with me.

Main: {Alright.}

        [Main nods.]

      {Where are we going?}

        Akihiko: We're going to get someone. ...An old member.

      {I'm busy.}

        Akihiko: Well, this is more important.

[Main goes with Akihiko to the ramen shop at Iwatodai. Shinjiro exits the ramen
 shop and notices them.]

Shinjiro: You're getting on my nerves!

Akihiko: The situation has changed. Sorry, but this time, I'm not asking.

Shinjiro: What?

[Akihiko holds up the briefcase he's been carrying.]

Akihiko: This belongs to you. We have a new enemy. They're Persona-users, like

Shinjiro: Yeah, so what?

[He starts to walk away.]

Akihiko: There's more. Ken Amada has joined our team.

Shinjiro: What the hell are you talking about!?

Akihiko: He has the potential, and Ikutsuki-san has okayed it. He's now a

Shinjiro: You've gotta be kidding me. ...... Let me ask you one thing... Was it
          his decision to join SEES?

Akihiko: Yeah. He volunteered.

Shinjiro: ...I see. ...... Then, count me in. (to Main) So, you're the one
          leading the operations now, huh? If you don't mind me asking, what
          exactly are you fighting for?

Main: {To protect someone.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {For my own sake.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I don't know.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Shinjiro: Is that so? Well, you do your thing; I'll do mine.

[Shinjiro walks back to Akihiko and takes the briefcase.]

Shinjiro: Is my room still vacant?

[Akihiko nods and they all walk off.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. ...You may have already heard this on the news, but...
         The number of incidents have increased compared to those during the
         last full moon...

Main: {Really...?}

        Mitsuru: Something must be done... I don't know the reason for the
                 increase. We'll just have to remain alert at all times...

      {Why's that?}

        Mitsuru: I do not know... We will just have to remain alert at all


Shinjiro: ...Hey. ...I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm Shinjiro Aragaki.
          Don't worry... I got your back.

Fuuka: Um... There will be a full moon the day after tomorrow. I'm sure another
       Shadow will appear, so... please be ready.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'up, dude!? There's a full moon tomorrow! ...You remember? But, this
        time will be tougher than the last...

Main: {I heard.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        Junpei: So? Dude, how can you be so calm?

Junpei: There's only 4 Shadows left... Maybe they're gettin' nervous. ...Or,
        maybe the next one is just insanely strong! Oops. Haha, I shouldn't
        jinx it. Well, we can handle it!

/After School\

[Junpei meets Chidori at Port Island Station again.]

Junpei: Yo, Chidori. How's your hand?

[She shows it to him.]

Junpei: Huh? I don't see anything... not even a scar... Did it heal that

Chidori: Hey, Junpei... What do you do to make yourself feel alive?

Junpei: Uh, I dunno... Breathing, I guess? *chuckle* Y'know, I never really
        thought about it before. How 'bout you, Chidori? Is that why you draw?

Chidori: Maybe... But, most of these are just scribbles... I don't understand
         myself very well.

Junpei: I see. Mind if I sit here?

[He takes a seat.]

Junpei: To tell ya the truth, there is one thing that makes me feel alive...
        When I get to play hero.

[Chidori looks confused.]

Junpei: In the darkest hour, unknown to all but a few, the chosen ones stand
        against the forces of evil! Our hero, Junpei, fights to protect the
        world from these terrifying monsters!

[He stands back up.]

Junpei: Heheh... Well, you get the idea. That's when I feel most alive!

Chidori: ......

Junpei: Umm... You're s'posed to laugh.

Chidori: So... Do you fight all alone...?

Junpei: H-Hey, I was just kiddin' around...

Chidori: You fight during a time that no one knows about, right? So then, no
         one knows what you've been doing, either. That means you'll never
         receive any recognition... I'm impressed. I didn't know you're that
         kind of guy.

Junpei: ...For real? You actually believe me?

Chidori: Tell me more...

Junpei: You really wanna know? Okay, but don't tell anyone, alright? Ya see,
        there's this special power called "Persona," and only those who have it
        can defeat the monsters. That's what I meant by "the chosen ones." My
        friends are fighting too... And ever since I joined 'em, we've been
        kicking some serious ass!

Chidori: Sounds like fun. Are you the leader? Because it sounds like you're
         pretty strong.

Junpei: Y-Yeah... I-I guess you could say that. I mean, without me, things
        would just fall apart. Someone's gotta be in charge, after all. It's
        pretty tough being a leader.

Chidori: ......

[Chidori closes her sketch book and gets up to leave.]

Chidori: Thank you, Junpei... I had fun today.

Junpei: Y-You did?

Chidori: It's time for me to go. I'll see you tomorrow, right?

[She leaves.]

Junpei: Heheh... Tomorrow, huh? ...All right!!


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Tomorrow is finally the day. I'll make sure we
         win, no matter what...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning! ...There's a full moon tonight.

Main: {We'll be fine.}

        Fuuka: That's nice to hear... I was getting worried because it's so
               soon after summer vacation.

      {I'm worried.}

        Fuuka: No...! Don't let your guard down because summer vacation was
               too long, okay!?

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]

/After School\

> There will be a full moon tonight. A powerful Shadow may appear. You should
  return to the dorm and prepare yourself.


[Junpei arrives outside the dorm.]

Junpei: Man, she wasn't at the station today... Maybe I should check again...
        Nah, on second thought, I better stay put... The operation's tonight.
        Now that I think about it... we're fighting to protect her too. Dude,
        that so rocks... Maybe we really are, like, heroes... Yeeaahh!!

[He moves toward the door.]

Female Voice: Don't move!

[Junpei stops and looks around.]

Junpei: Huh?

/Dark Hour\

[Everyone except Junpei and Ken is in the meeting room. Fuuka has Lucia

Shuji Ikutsuki: Tonight marks the 6th full moon... Do you detect a Shadow?

Fuuka: (telepathically) Yes... It's near Paulownia Mall... I think.

Mitsuru: You think...?

Fuuka: (telepathically) For some reason, I can't quite pinpoint its
       location... But, I'm trying to narrow it down...

Akihiko: Is that its power?

Fuuka: (telepathically) I don't know.

Shinjiro: We have enough to go on...

[Ken runs in.]

Mitsuru: Did you find Iori?

Ken: I can't find him anywhere. His backpack isn't here, so I don't think he's
     been home yet.

Yukari: That idiot... He knows tonight's the night!

Fuuka: (telepathically) I don't sense him anywhere nearby... Should I take
       more time to look for him, just in case?

Shuji Ikutsuki: No, it's okay. You're all young; sometimes you just get in one
                of those moods. Anyway, we should focus on the task at hand.

Shinjiro: ......

Mitsuru: We can't afford to waste any more time. Let's go.

[Lucia disappears and everyone starts to leave. Shinjiro stops Main on his way

Shinjiro: Wait... Did he say anything earlier?

Main: {Not that I remember.}

        Shinjiro: Alright.

      {Maybe he needs a break.}

        Shinjiro: Yeah, maybe...

      {Why, are you worried?}

        Shinjiro: Whatever...

[They walk out. Later, everyone is at Paulownia Mall. Fuuka summons Lucia

Mitsuru: Detect anything?

Fuuka: (telepathically) Only a faint presence. It seems so close, but...

Mitsuru: Alright, let's split up and search for it. There's no time to lose;

[Some of them start to walk off.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Wait! Please, give me a moment! This is my

> Fuuka seems to be concentrating intently...

Fuuka: (telepathically) Tell me, Lucia... What is this thing that deceives
       me...? Hear the wind's answer in your ear... Touch the earth's answer
       with your fingertips... Taste the water's answer on your lips...

Akihiko: Hey, is she okay...?

Mitsuru: Don't break her concentration.

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...Right beneath our feet... Some kind of...

Aigis: Perhaps it has something to do with the old power cables underground.
       They were just left there when the island's construction was completed.

Mitsuru: Power cables...?

Aigis: Yes, they run underground in many directions, like a web.

Akihiko: And they're interfering with her ability?

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...Thank you, Aigis. I understand now. Intereference
       isn't the problem... The cables themselves have been possessed by the

Yukari: They what...!? So... it's underneath this whole area!?

Akihiko: ...Now it all makes sense.

Ken: H-How are we supposed to beat something like that!?

Shinjiro: Tch...

[The scene changes to the dorm roof. The door opens and Junpei is tossed out.
 His arms are tied behind him.]

Junpei: Ugh...

Familiar Voice: I can't believe how easy it was to sneak up on you. Are the
                others here just as oblivious?

Junpei: Dammit... I can't use my power...

[He manages to get to his knees and faces the door.]

Junpei: This isn't funny... Chidori.

[Chidori walks out of the door.]

Chidori: I want you to do something for me. I have new orders for you to give
         to your friends... Surely you have the capacity to communicate with

Junpei: Me? Give orders?

Chidori: If you do as I say... you won't be harmed. ...All you have to do is
         call off the mission. Easy, right? And not just the one tonight...
         All of them.

Junpei: You want me to cancel the mission? You're not one of "them," are you?

Chidori: Quit wasting time.

Junpei: ......

[The scene changes back to the mall.]

Mitsuru: This is a problem... We have no means of attacking it.

Fuuka: (telepathically) In your notes from previous battles, it said there was
       a Shadow that took control of the monorail. Just like that one, this
       Shadow must have its own body. Let me see if I can find it...

Akihiko: Even if we know where it is, we might not be able to get to it...

Aigis: There may still be a way to reach the structure the buried cables feed

Shinjiro: We'll see...

Yukari: Fuuka...

Fuuka: (telepathically) *gasp* *gasp* ...I found it. It's close by... in this

Yukari: In here!?

Fuuka: (telepathically) It's inside a small chamber underground. ...It's
       rectangular, so I assume it's man-made.

Ken: Is it some sort of room...?

Shinjiro: Wait a minute... I overheard the manager of Escapade... He was
          saying that the power's been acting up lately...

Yukari: That's no surprise...

Shinjiro: He said the control panel is located beneath the club. Maybe we
          should take a look...

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...That's it!

Mitsuru: Good job, Yamagishi. Alright. Once we're ready, we'll make our move!

[Main picks the party members and enters the club. They find a large Shadow
 drawing energy from the cables crossing the floor.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) That's the source! It's connected to all those
       cables... so be careful you don't get shocked!

[They begin fighting the Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) The Shadow has a lot of electricity charged up...
       Please be careful!

[The Shadow unleashes a strong attack.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Apparently, it has to charge up before using that one
       attack. Please be careful whenever you see the enemy charging!

[The party manages to defeat the Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Congratulations. I no longer sense its presence.

[They start to leave.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Oh, and also... I think I've found Junpei. He's back
       at the dorm, but something seems strange... The Chairman's there too,
       so he should be okay. But, let's hurry back just in case.

[The scene switches back to the dorm rooftop.]

Chidori: ...It seems they've completed their mission.

Junpei: What!? ...You can tell!?

Chidori: Yes... Through Medea's eyes.

Junpei: Medea?

Chidori: ...My friend.

Junpei: Chidori...

Chidori: That's not important... Why didn't you call off the mission? Is it
         worth your life? Dying is what people fear most... isn't it?

Junpei: Well... I've never actually given anyone orders before... They
        wouldn't listen to me anyway... Ya see... I'm not really the one in

Chidori: So you were lying earlier? Why...? ...I don't understand.

Junpei: Hey... Answer me this: was it all just an act? ...Us meeting, your
        wound, the picture... Were you just setting me up? Now that I think
        about it, that cut healed pretty quickly... Haha... I see how it is...

Chidori: That was...

[The rooftop door bursts open and the party emerges.]

Yukari: Junpei!?

Chidori: Tch. They're back already!?

[Chidori pulls out an Evoker.]

Mitsuru: *gasp* She's a Persona-user!?

[Chidori points the gun to her head.]

Chidori: Medea, come...

[Junpei manages to slip out of the rope binding him. He shoves Chidori to the
 floor, making her drop the Evoker.]

Junpei: Chidori, stop!

Chidori: No! Give it back!!

[Ikutsuki and the rest of the group arrive.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hm!? When did she...!?

[Akihiko picks up the Evoker.]

Akihiko: Sorry, but we can't let you use this.

Chidori: Medea!!

Fuuka: I... I didn't sense her up until this very moment... This is my only
       power and yet...

Shuji Ikutsuki: If even Fuuka couldn't sense her, then she must have some sort
                of power to conceal her presence... I didn't have the
                slightest clue she was here...

[Aigis walks over to Chidori; Junpei lets go of her and Aigis binds her

Mitsuru: Are you a member of the group that goes by the name Strega? I have a
         number of questions for you.

Chidori: ...I'm not... afraid... of dying...

Junpei: Ch-Chidori...!?

Chidori: ...M-Medea... I'm... ......

Mitsuru: Clearly, she's emotionally unstable. We'll let her rest, and save
         our questions for later.

Junpei: Chidori...

[The scene fades out.]

> Your team survived another dangerous fight. It seems like the trust between
  you all has grown... You learned a new tactic! You can now use "Attack
  Fallen"! You succeeded in defeating the Shadow this month, too. You expect
  that there will be fewer victims for a while. But now, a new adversary has
  emerged... You wonder what will happen... ...... You are exhausted, so you
  decide to rest.



[Chidori is in the hospital, drawing in her sketchbook. Mitsuru and Akihiko
 are visiting her.]

Mitsuru: I'll ask you once more... Is Chidori your real name? What kind of
         organization is Strega? Are there others besides you three?

[Chidori ignores her.]

Mitsuru: *sigh*

Yukari: Hey wait, Junpei! You're not supposed to be here, remember!?

[Junpei runs into the room.]

Junpei: Chidori...!

[Yukari runs in after him.]

Yukari: Junpei! Uh... Sorry. He wouldn't stop bugging me about this place...

Junpei: How are you feeling? ...Seems like you've calmed down.

Mitsuru: She certainly has. In fact, she won't say a word. ...Maybe we should
         confiscate her sketchbook, too.

Junpei: Hey, come on... What good would that do!? That won't make her talk!

Mitsuru: I'm not so sure about that. She was quite upset when we took her
         Evoker. Speaking of which... Where did you get that?

Chidori: Medea... Give it back to me! I want her back!!

Akihiko: Hey, I told you not to bring that up, didn't I!?

Mitsuru: Then, what am I supposed to do!? *sigh* I'll have someone else try
         next time.

Akihiko: ...Yukari, call a nurse. We're done for today. I'll inform Ikutsuki-
         san of the difficulties we're having.

Chidori: Why...? Why did you take it from me...? Medea...

Yukari: C'mon, Junpei, let's go.

Junpei: Chidori... What happened to you...?


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. It doesn't seem like Chidori is gonna talk, does it? Junpei
        is really worried about her... I wonder what happened...

Main: {That's Junpei.}

        Yukari: Yeah, you're right. But still, I'm a little worried.

      {I don't know.}

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? ...Our senpai are at the hospital and won't be
       back 'til later. From what I hear, that girl Chidori won't say
       anything... Maybe we should wait to go to Tartarus until things are
       under control...


/After School\

[Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Fuuka are visiting Chidori in the hospital.]

Mitsuru: So, Yamagishi... Do you sense anything?

[Fuuka shakes her head.]

Chidori: ......

Mitsuru: By refusing to speak, you're only hurting yourself. We aren't keeping
         you here because we hate you; we just want to avoid unnecessary

[Junpei runs in.]

Junpei: ...How's Chidori?

Akihiko: Again? What's your obsession, Junpei?

Junpei: Did she say anything?

[Mitsuru shakes her head.]

Junpei: Can I just talk to her?

Mitsuru: Iori... It seems like you're letting your emotions get the best of
         you. Is everything ok?

Junpei: Well... Not exactly... I know she attacked me, but... I can't stop
        thinking about her!

Fuuka: Junpei-kun...

[Fuuka gets up and Junpei takes her seat next to Chidori.]

Junpei: ...You okay? I'm glad they let you keep your sketchbook... You really
        do like to draw, huh...?

Chidori: ...... It doesn't matter.

Fuuka: She spoke...

Chidori: ...No one else but me can understand my pictures...

Junpei: Chidori...!?

[He grabs her hand.]

Akihiko: Tch... Again!?

Junpei: Why are you bleeding!?

Akihiko: She does it to herself. *sigh* I thought I had removed all the sharp
         objects in here.

Mitsuru: ...Apparently, we can't leave her unattended for even one moment. But
         fortunately, she heals at an astounding rate...

Chidori: Let go of me!

[She shakes him off.]

Junpei: Then, at the station... you did that to yourself!?

Chidori: ...I never asked for your help. You were the one who misunderstood.

Junpei: Well, I want you to stop. You can't be doing that... It's not right...
        And I won't let you...

Mitsuru: The doctor will be here soon. You two should go now.

Fuuka: Alright. Let's go, Junpei-kun.

[Fuuka and Junpei leave.]

Mitsuru: ...So, you seem to have found your voice.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: S'up, Main. Sorry I haven't been around... But, you know, I can't just
        leave her alone... Don't ask me why...

Main: {Good luck.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Take care of yourself.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Junpei: Yeah... Thanks, man.

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


Shinjiro: ...Hey. How long have we been holding that Chidori girl...?

Main: {I forget.}

        Shinjiro: Oh, yeah? ...Never mind, then.

      {About four days.}

        Shinjiro: ...Oh, yeah?



[Mrs. Terauchi is teaching English.]

Mrs. Terauchi: Sometimes, common gestures in Japan mean different things in
               other countries. Let's go over some of those today. With your
               palm facing down, move your fingers together up and down. In
               America, you use this gesture to shoo someone away. What does it
               mean in Japan? Junpei, you should know this.

Junpei: Huh...? Me? H-Hey, Main, what was the question?

Main: {Help!}

        Mrs. Terauchi: Junpei... Don't tell me you were asleep! You ought to
                       know it means "come here" in Japan. Anyway, here's
                       another one...

        Junpei: ...I won't forget this, Main!

        > The answer you gave him was wrong...

      {Come here.}

        Mrs. Terauchi: That's right! See? It means the exact opposite over
                       there. Here's another one...

        Junpei: Phew... Thanks, Main.

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main told Junpei the answer. He's such a nice guy!

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.

      {I don't have any money.}

        (Same as first option.)

/After School\

[Mitsuru and Akihiko are in the hospital with Chidori. Junpei enters holding
 something under his arm.]

Junpei: Yo, Chidorita!

Chidori: ...Don't call me that.

Junpei: C'mon, cheer up... I brought you a new sketchbook. I thought your old
        one might be getting full.

Chidori: That wasn't necessary, Junpei.

[Junpei sets it next to her.]

Junpei: Heheh, you said my name... I was worried I'd never hear that again.

[Shinjiro enters.]

Shinjiro: ...Any luck?

Mitsuru: She finally started talking. But, nothing useful yet.

Akihiko: Well, that's a start. So... Why are YOU here?

[Chidori suddenly begins choking and puts her hands to her throat.]

Chidori: Ugh...!!

Junpei: Chidori!? Wh-What's wrong!?

Chidori: Ugh... Agh...

[An image of a Persona flashes above her; it's choking her.]

Mitsuru: A Persona!

Shinjiro: Tch!

[Shinjiro moves over to her and feeds her something. Chidori recovers.]

Chidori: *gasp* *gasp*

Junpei: Chidori!

Shinjiro: Relax... It happens. They're not like us. They can't fully control
          their Personas. That's why they need to take supressants... to keep
          their Personas from killing them...

Mitsuru: Supressants...? ...You know about Strega?

Shinjiro: You'd be surprised what you can learn on the streets. I'll give the
          doc the right pills. ...The rest is up to you.

[He walks out.]

Akihiko: Shinji, wait! Hey!!

[Akihiko runs out after him.]

Chidori: I... I... ...Junpei?

Junpei: Th-Thank God...! I thought you might be...

Chidori: Why do you look so scared? Death is nothing to be afraid of...

Junpei: What are you saying...?

Chidori: Dying just means you don't wake up anymore... that's all.

Junpei: Wh-What!? You don't really mean that, do you? I-I don't want you to
        die, Chidori!

Chidori: Junpei...

Junpei: Just because you're not afraid doesn't mean no one else is... Did you
        ever think about how I might feel!?

[Mitsuru walks off.]

Chidori: Haha... You're so weird, Junpei...

Junpei: Ha... Look who's talkin'...

[Meanwhile, Akihiko catches up to Shinjiro at Port Island Station.]

Akihiko: Hey, wait! Shinji!! What the hell's going on...? Why did you have
         those pills!? I've heard about those... They're taken to supress a
         Persona when the user can't control it. But, the side-effects...
         You're not taking them, are you?

Shinjiro: ......

Akihiko: Answer me!

Shinjiro: I don't owe you anything.

Akihiko: Tch. The same as always...

Shinjiro: Save it. I've heard it all before. You think I'm wasting my power...
          but you're just too thick-headed. I'm tired of your damn preaching.

[Akihiko punches him and the people standing nearby walk away.]

Akihiko: Don't you get it? You know the reason... 10 years ago. My sister. The
         fire. I wasn't strong enough to save her. They held me back, while

Shinjiro: ......

Akihiko: That's why I try so hard... We promised, remember? To become strong
         enough to do what we think is right... So, why the drugs? Why didn't
         you come talk to me...?

Shinjiro: I'm back in the fight now... So let it go.

Akihiko: *sigh* ...... ...And the side effects?

Shinjiro: ...... There's something I need to take care of. It's something only
          I can do.

Akihiko: ...Like what?

Shinjiro: Listen, don't worry about me. Just do what you think is right.

[He walks away.]


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.

Mitsuru: Welcome back. ...I will allow Iori to take care of that girl for the
         time being. It's not the right time to be bombarding her with
         quesitons. Besides, we still have three Shadows to contend with. We
         should be able to accomplish that within the next few months, unless
         the situation changes. Don't let your guard down until the very end.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'. Hey, Main-kun... I wonder why Shinjiro-senpai came back so

Main: {Don't know.}

        Yukari: He's kinda scary, if you ask me... But, it doesn't seem like
                he's rejoining SEES just cuz he likes to fight.

      {He has a lot of power.}

        Yukari: Yeah, I guess. He's kinda scary, if you ask me... But, it
                doesn't seem like he's rejoining SEES just cuz he likes to

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Mr. Edogawa is teaching Miscellaneous.]

Mr. Edogawa: Hello, class. Bagahi Laca Bachabe... Are you ready? Then, let's
             begin. Today, we'll discuss the magic of the Renaissance. The
             Renaissance was a time when the arts and the sciences enjoyed a
             resurgence in Europe. Naturally, this had a profound influence on
             magic. It might be more accurate to say the two studies helped
             improve one another... As to why the Renaissance helped to further
             magic... They had found a way to escape the rule of the church. By
             studying the teachings of previously forbidden sects, the
             knowledge of magic spread greatly. The Renaissance also brought
             about the revival of ancient Greek and Roman literature. Magical
             texts, such as the Hermetica, received new translations and study.
             Philosophy, natural history, alchemy, astrology... The book was
             filled with a wide range of subjects, and could be called the
             bible of magic. Just as science and astronomy have made strides in
             the modern day... So, too, has the art of magic. You can see this
             in the emergence of a great magician, who applied the knowledge of
             the Renaissance. John Dee was a professor who advised the Queen of
             England, but... with the magical knowledge he obtained, he was
             able to talk to angels. Then there was Hohenheim, a doctor who
             traveled across Europe... He became known as Paracelsus, a
             renowned physician and alchemist. Of course, a magician's life
             wasn't an easy one. Both men lived lives riddled with persecution.
             ...Are you all listening? Keep your minds down to Earth!
             Eeeheehee. Here's a test to see if you were paying attention. Get
             it wrong, and your house will become irrevocably haunted. Bagahi
             Laca Bachabe... Now... Who should be my victim? Main, I ask thee.

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: Which book helped further the art of magic during the Renaissance?

Main: {The Book of Enoch.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! Now you'll be seeing a woman's face in the
                     ceiling... Magic at the time had a great influence on the
                     church-ruled society. Several magicians were involved with
                     the central part of the Renaissance, the religious

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {The Book of Thoth.}

       (Same as first option.)

      {The Hermetica.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Correct. Back to your peaceful life. Magic at the time had
                     a great influence on the church-ruled society. Several
                     magicians were involved with the central part of the
                     Renaissance, the religious revolution...

       > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Ono is teaching class.]

Mr. Ono: The next chapter discusses the problems of the Kamakura shogunate...
         Kamakura is cool and all, but it can't beat the Sengoku era! Have we
         covered enough of this yet? I can skip over to the Sengoku era, yeah?
         All right, let's take a closer look at the Sengoku era, from the
         beginning. As you all know, it's generally agreed that the era began
         with the Coup of Meiou. In the year 1493...

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: ...Wow, is time up already? I can't believe that went by so
                 fast! We're only up to 1494, but there's still a lot to
                 cover... I guess it can't be helped. We'll pick up here next

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!

/After School\

[Junpei is visiting Chidori at the hospital.]

Junpei: No one else is coming today. ...But, they said we can't give you back
        your Evoker.

Chidroi: ...I wasn't expecting them to. That's why they started watching me in
         the first place.

Junpei: ...Oh, how's that cut doin'? ...Prolly already healed, huh. ...So, how
        come you're not drawing today...?

Chidori: ...Does it matter?

Junpei: Well, uh, not really...

[Junpei notices some flowers on the bedside table.]

Junpei: Hey, they're all dried up... I guess it's been pretty hot lately.

[Chidori looks over and extends her hand.]

Junpei: It's okay. I'll take care of it...

[There's a flash and the flowers suddenly appear full of life.]

Junpei: Whoa... What was that!?

Chidori: ...I made them healthy again.

Junpei: You can do that!? That's incredible, Chidori!

Chidori: It's nothing special. You have powers too, don't you?

Junpei: Well, yeah, I guess... but... That's about all I've got going for me.
        Without that... I'd be a nobody. I just talk a big game... pretendin'
        like I'm some kinda hero. But in reality... I don't know what the hell
        I'm fighting for... or why I'm here at all...

Chidori: Why... Why we are here...?

Junpei: When I was a kid, I had this crazy dream...

Chidori: ...What kind of dream?

Junpei: That one day, I'd grow up to be a pro baseball player... Pretty stupid,
        huh? I guess that's part of bein' a kid.

Chidori: Is that so...? I don't remember much from my childhood. All I remember
         is... being surrounded by white.

Junpei: Huh?

Chidori: I hate hospitals...

Junpei: Yeah, me too... ...... I'm sorry...

Chidori: But, I don't mind that much this time... since you come to see me so

Junpei: Chidori... I... I understand. I won't let you down.


(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Hi... It's been a while.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: Three seasons have passed since we met... Time goes by so quickly, and
        many things change. Yet, some things will always remain the same...
        Don't you agree?

Main: {That's true.}

        Pharos: Yes... If you say so, then it must be.

      {Everything changes.}

        Pharos: Hmmmm... If you say so, then perhaps I was mistaken.

      {I don't know.}

        Pharos: *chuckle* I understand completely. No matter how hard we try,
                there is no way to unravel the future's mysteries...

Pharos: Talking with you has stirred up certain memories... That tower, for
        instance. I've been thinking about it lately... I wonder... Will our
        relationship stay the same...? Or, will it evolve...?

[Pharos disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: No matter what the future holds, you and I will be friends. ...That is
        for certain.

[Pharos disappears. Death Arcana to rank 6.]



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: What is your class gonna do for the Culture Festival?

Listening Student: A haunted house. I bet I'll be stuck playing the ghost.

Gossiping Student: Being a ghost isn't so bad. You can just show up and put on
                   the costume. I have to do a magic show... By the way, did
                   you hear a typhoon is on its way? I hear it's a big one...
                   The school will be empty.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching Math.]

Ms. Miyahara: Listen carefully, everyone. Some of you think too hard about
              simple questions. Now, 4 divided by 2 is 2, right? Okay, so...
              Today's the 14th, which means... Main!

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Miyahara: What's 6 divided by 0?

Main: {0.}

        Ms. Miyahara: Well... If you think mathematically, it's an easy
                      problem. This is an equation that cannot be defined.
                      It'll take a while to explain why, but you all want to
                      know, right? First off, the study of mathematics is...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        (Same as first option.)

      {It's indeterminate.}

        Ms. Miyahara: Precisely! It's an equation that cannot be defined.
                      It'll take a while to explain why, but you all want to
                      know, right? First off, the study of mathematics is...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Akihiko there.]

Akihiko: Hey, Main. Three left, huh? And the next one won't come for another
         three weeks. Man, why can't they just come all at once?

Main: {I see your point.}

        Akihiko: Then again, what would we look forward to afterwards?

      {That would be tough.}

        Akihiko: Haha. That's true.

Akihiko: But, with more people now, it should be easier to defeat them. I can't
         wait for the next full moon.

[Main and Akihiko enter the school.]


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? I heard that Chidori-san is starting to open up
       a little... However, she's still uncomfortable talking about Personas...
       It might take a while before she's ready.

Akihiko: Oh well. We still have three Shadows to worry about, so I'll
         concentrate on that. They'll be sorry they ever set foot into this


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of boys are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, did you hear!? Yukari is going to dress up as a maid
                   for a cafe in the Culture Festival!

Listening Student: Wait, are you serious!? Why? What happened?

Gossiping Student: She drew the short straw in the Archery Club! She's gonna be
                   pissed, but that's all the more reason to check out the

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the boys enter the school.]


Mitsuru: Welcome back. There are over two weeks until the moon is full again,
         and already The Lost are increasing in number... We have to stop the
         Shadows at any cost.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of boys are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossping Student: I heard there's a nasty typhoon on the way. You think we'll
                  still have the Culture Festival on Saturday?

Listening Student: Nah, I don't think so. The way they're talking, the
                   typhoon's going to be way too destructive.

Gossiping Student: That's not good. I hope Japan doesn't become an undersea

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the boys enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)


/After School\

> Class has ended for today. The clouds look ominous... You should head back to
  the dorm.


[Main runs into the dorm and closes the door.]

> You are drenched from the rain. Your body is shivering...

Junpei: You weren't quick enough, huh?

[Main walks over to the couches where everyone else is gathered.]

Fuuka: According to the news, a typhoon just hit. Supposedly, it's the biggest
       one on record. It's moving slowly, too, so it'll be around for a

Junpei: Yeah, thanks to that, the school festival got canned. ...Well, setting
        all that stuff up is a pain, so I don't mind. But, it sucks that we'll
        be stuck indoors... So, how are you gonna spend your break?

Main: {I have plans.}

      {Nothing special.}

      {I forgot we had one.}

        Junpei: Seriously? Dude, you're killin' me...

Junpei: What about you, Fuuka?

Fuuka: Me? The only thing I plan to do is go to the movies...

Junpei: Ooh, a movie? Is it a date...?

Fuuka: It-It's not like that. I'm going with Natsuki-chan. She absolutely loves
       movies... But with this typhoon, I don't know if we'll be able to go.

Junpei: How 'bout you, Yuka-tan? Will ya still have practice?

Yukari: ...I doubt it. The archery range is outside, so it's most likely
        canceled until the storm blows over.

Akihiko: Same here. This stupid typhoon is gonna mess up my training.

Junpei: What about you, Senpai?

Mitsuru: ...I haven't decided. Besides, what business is it of yours, Iori?

Junpei: Me? Well, I'd be happy to tell you about my plans...

Aigis: I suspect that you will be visiting Chidori-san. Although she has
       stabilized, we cannot release her.

Junpei: Man, Ai-chan, you must be psychic. And ya know what? She WANTS me to
        come! ...Not to brag or anything... I, um... just thought I should
        check up on her... Ya know, with the storm and all.

Akihiko: ...What's up with him?

Fuuka: Umm... Well... Oh, yeah! Ken-kun. What are you going to do during the

Ken: Oh, nothing in particular...

Junpei: Come on, you have to be doing something.

Ken: Well, I'll probably go visit the shrine.

Junpei: Dude, you're a kid, not an old man.

Ken: But, that's where I always go. I guess you could say I made a vow...
     Anyway, I'm going back to my room. I have a lot of homework to do...

Junpei: Oh, okay. Call me if you get stuck.

[Ken leaves.]

Akihiko: ......

Shinjiro: ......

/Late Night\

> Your body is cold all over, as if you've come down with an illness. You are
  incredibly sleepy... You fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

/Dark Hour\

[The "entering the Velvet Room" anime replays.]

Igor: I have been waiting for you. I last summoned you in your dreams quite
      some time ago. Several seasons have come and gone since I first offered
      my assistance... Now, then... Your special power--Persona... Have you
      been using it wisely?

Main: {Of course.}

        Igor: Hmmm... So, you haven't given it much thought?

      {Not really.}

        Igor: I see... Well, at least your candor is a sign of maturity.


        (No extra dialog.)

Igor: To be perfectly honest, I sense a great catastrophe in your future. But,
      it would be a pity to lose one such as yourself unnecessarily...
      Therefore, please allow me to provide you with a new form of assistance.
      Henceforth, you shall be able to fuse four or more Personas. I am certain
      that this will be of great benefit to you.

> New fusions are possible!

Igor: But now, you must be tired. Please, rest easy... Until we meet again...


/Early Morning\

> You seem to have slept for a long time... The typhoon has completely passed.
  Through the window, the sky looks clear. You feel refreshed. Today is Respect
  for the Aged Day. The holiday lasts until the 23rd...


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is a national holiday. There's no school.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is the Autumnal Equinox. There's no school.


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning! ...It feels like fall since the typhoon passed, doesn't
       it? *sigh* I hope the fighting ends before winter comes...

Main: {I'm sure it will.}

        Fuuka: ...I hope so...

      {Who knows?}

        Fuuka: ...True.

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]


[Ms. Ounishi is teaching Chemistry.]

Ms. Ounishi: ...Therefore, love is a motivational system that stimulates the
             urge to procreate. One theory states that love between humans
             lasts no longer than two years.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Ounishi: So, it's not my fault if I get tired of him after two
                     years! It's only natural! How can he blame me for it!?
                     It's simple biology!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Ken: ...Hello! ...Are we going to Tartarus today? The Lost are increasing, and
     I wanna get stronger... So if you're going, please take me.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Those incidents with the unconscious people... Is it me, or
                   do they seem to be getting worse?

Listening Student: No, it's not just you... They're definitely on the rise.

Gossping Student: It's all over the news, too. The whole thing makes me

Listening Student: What if it started happening all over the world...?

Gossping Student: H-Hey, don't say stuff like that...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? The next full moon's coming up... And since Chidori's
        getting better, I think I should start training again. Besides, those
        Apathy freaks are popping up everywhere.



(Greeting from random party member.)



(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Good evening.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but... there's only one more
        week until the full moon. ...I hope nothing serious happens. But, who
        knows what the future will bring... so be careful.

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: Remember, I'm always watching you. ...We'll meet again.

> Pharos disappeared...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: The latest person to pass out was right around my

Listening Student: There've been a few around my neighborhood, too. I'm

Gossiping Student: They said on TV that it's not contagious, but I feel like
                   it's a sign of the end of the world...

Listening Student: Wh-What...? Don't say that!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching Math.]

Ms. Miyahara: Look at the figure 8... Isn't it cute? Almost as charming as the
              curly tail on the 9... And the number 2! Not many people
              appreciate it, but 2 is awesome! Numbers are so adorable!

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Miyahara: On the other hand, things like the square root sign, or
                      the sigma, have a more mature feel. Put them together
                      with numbers, and you can express anything in the world.
                      Heart, mind, emotions... It all boils down to synapses
                      firing in the brain. Which means they can be expressed by
                      numbers! Isn't it amazing what those cute numbers can do?

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Shinjiro: ...Hey. Just one more week...



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Hey, how's it going?

Main: {Pretty good.}

        Junpei: Haha, that's great! Same here!

      {Not so good.}

        Junpei: Oh, yeah? Well, I feel great!

Junpei: Let's OWN that next Shadow and make the world a better place, huh!?

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Next Sunday is most likely the day... It's
         nothing to worry about, though. I'm sure we'll be fine.

Junpei: Well, you can count on me!

Mitsuru: Wait a minute... Is it just me, or does Iori actually sound serious
         for a change?

Junpei: Hey, what's that s'posed to mean!?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: We have to wear winter wear from now on... It's so heavy, my
                   shoulders hurt. But I looked in the pocket, and I found a
                   lost possession!

Listening Student: My shoulders hurt too... Plus, I hear weird voices... And
                   I've got a headache...

Gossiping Student: ...P-Possession...!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: I'll finally get to tell you about Masamune Date today! I couldn't
         sleep a wink last night, I was so excited! Let's get started! We'll
         begin with Date's early life. In 1567, at Yonezawa Castle...

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: ...And at age 15, Masamune Date emerged victorious on his very
                 first battle! Thus began his rise to power... Huh? We're out
                 of time? ...What's your next class? Composition? It's okay,
                 don't worry about it. I'll talk to Ms. Toriumi when she comes.
                 Let's continue...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. There will be a full moon the day after tomorrow. Only
        three Shadows left... We're almost done.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Aigis there.]

Aigis: The Lost seem to be growing in number.

Main: {I didn't notice.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {How come?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: I cannot explain why, but our highest priority should be eliminating the
       remaining Shadows. The moon will be full tomorrow. I shall accompany
       you in battle.

[Main and Aigis enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: I hope you guys haven't forgotten that exams start in 10 days, two
             weeks from Tuesday. If this class doesn't do well, it'll be my
             fault, so you'd all better study hard! All right, now let's resume
             the reading from page 120. "Excuse me, but your fly is down." "I
             know. It needed some fresh air."

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: I'm sure I don't need to point out what a superb passage
                     this is. The quick wit displayed in an awkward
                     situation... He's using humor to avoid humiliation. It's a
                     simple conversation, but it reflects the human condition
                     very accurately.

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Tomorrow, the moon will be full. I'm sure a
       Shadow will appear, so please be ready.


/Early Morning\

> Tonight, the moon will be full... A powerful Shadow will appear... You decide
  to stay home today and conserve your strength.

/Dark Hour\

[Everyone except Ken and Shinjiro is gathered in the meeting room. Fuuka has
 Lucia summoned.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I've located the target... It's in the plaza in front
       of Iwatodai Station!

Shuji Ikutsuki: This will be the 10th... Only a few left, but let's worry about
                them one at a time.

Yukari: ...Assuming they come one at a time. *giggle* Just kidding.

Fuuka: (telepathically) ...Yukari-chan, how did you know!? I sense two of them!

Yukari: Are you serious!? Me and my big mouth...

[Akihiko looks around.]

Akihiko: ...Where's Shinji?

Fuuka: (telepathically) He just notified me that he'll meet up with you later.
       I didn't ask any questions.

Akihiko: ...Figures. He's always played by his own rules.

Junpei: It's okay. At least he's coming, right?

Yukari: Yeah. Not like someone I know who missed last time.

Junpei: Hello? I was tied up, remember!? Sheesh, give a guy a break.

Yukari: Wait, Ken-kun isn't here, either... Hey Junpei, go get him. That'll be
        your punishment for last time.

Junpei: Punishment...? What is this, kindergarten? *sigh* That little shit is
        more trouble than he's worth.

[Junpei walks off.]

Mitsuru: All right, let's move out. This time, there are two enemies. We'll
         determine our formation once we arrive.

[Everyone nods. Later, the party arrives at Iwatodai Station.]

Yukari: There they are! This is the way we go to school! We've gotta protect
        this place...

Fuuka: It seems like they've been waiting for us.

Mitsuru: ...Where's Amada?

Junpei: He wasn't in his room, so who knows...

Akihiko: Dammit, Shinji... Where are you?

Fuuka: Um, I think we should hurry... They look like they're about to make
       their move.

Mitsuru: Alright, let's decide on a team and engage the enemy!

[After selecting a team, the party moves to the Shadows.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'll keep you informed! Please be careful!

[The Strength Shadow casts a spell and some flower petals surround the Fortune

Fuuka: (telepathically) I don't detect the Fortune one anymore! The Strength
       one must have done something! You can't attack it right now...
       Concentrate on the one whose Arcana is Strength!

[The Fortune Shadow drops down a roulette table.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) That wheel's effects depend on where it stops. Red is
       bad luck... I hope it doesn't come up.

[The party manages to kill the Strength Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Um, I detect Fortune again! So you can attack that one

[The party defeats the Fortune Shadow as well.]

Fuuka: Good job, everyone.

Junpei: *sigh* Man, talk about exhausting.

Aigis: This time, those two who call themselves Strega did not interfere.

Yukari: It must be because we have Chidori. Anyway, I'm glad everything went
        well. But, what happened to Shinjiro and Ken?

Akihiko: ......

Fuuka: The Chairman doesn't seem to be too concerned, so he went home.

Mitsuru: Yamagishi, where are those two?

Fuuka: I'm sorry, I haven't been able to locate them yet.

Mitsuru: Let's return to the dorm, and then go from there.

Akihiko: ......

Mitsuru: ...Akihiko, are you listening?

Akihiko: Today is... October 4th, huh... Just go back without me. I'm gonna go
         look for them for a while.

[Akihiko runs off.]

Yukari: Senpai...? ...What's wrong?

Mitsuru: Akihiko...?

[Meanwhile, Ken is behind Port Island station. He has his spear out. Shinjiro

Ken: You came...

Shinjiro: ......

Ken: I'm surprised you abandoned the operation. ...Do you know why I asked you
     to meet me here? Two years ago today... October 4th. That was the day my
     mom died here. They called it an accident... but it wasn't. I saw the
     whole thing... You murdered her!!

Shinjiro: ......

Ken: ...Since then, it's been one bad thing after another... And all I get from
     people is sympathy, no matter where I go. What's the point in living...?
     I even thought about killing myself... but Mom wouldn't have wanted that.
     ...That's why I decided that I had to find her killer--YOU! You said once
     that you wanted to forget what happened on that day... So, when I found
     out it was a full moon today, I knew I had to confront you. ...Today, Mom
     is watching over me. I'll make you remember what you did to her! I'm gonna
     kill you!!

[He readies his spear.]

Shinjiro: ...... Do it.

[The party returns to the dorm's meeting room.]

Yukari: Huh? No one's here...

Junpei: Anyway, why was Akihiko-san acting so weird? What's so special about
        October 4th?

Mitsuru: October the 4th... *gasp* That's right! I was so caught up in the
         operation that I didn't realize it... This is the day Amada's mother
         was killed!

Junpei: You serious!?

Mitsuru: Yamagishi, I need you to find the two of them immediately. There's a
         good chance that they're together. Akihiko must have already realized

Fuuka: I-I understand.

[Fuuka summons Lucia.]

Yukari: Umm... What's going on?

Mitsuru: Although her death was officially listed as an accident... we're the
         ones who killed Amada's mother. It was two years ago, when we were
         pursuing an unusual Shadow that had escaped into the city... We were
         in a residential area, but the Shadow was all we were thinking
         about... Aragaki was still new, and he momentarily lost control of his
         power... Unfortunately, there was a casualty: Amada's mother.

Junpei: No way... Are you shittin' me!?

Yukari: Then, to Ken-kun, Senpai is...

Mitsuru: Amada volunteered to join us. But, now that I think about it...

Fuuka: (telepathically) I found them! They're together, and another Persona-
       user is nearby...

Mitsuru: Akihiko?

Fuuka: (telepathically) No... it's... It's a member of Strega!

Junpei: That's not good.

Mitsuru: Ugh... It's an absolute nightmare!

[She runs out.]

Yukari: Senpai!! C'mon!!

[The party goes after her. The scene switches back to Ken and Shinjiro.]

Shinjiro: ...Do it. I won't stop you. You're right... I wanted to forget.
          That's why I left the group, and tried to suppress my power... But,
          nothing I did could erase the memory... And now, I find myself here--
          the last place I want to be.

Ken: ......

Shinjiro: It's my fault... This is what I deserve. But... let me give you one

Ken: Warning...?

Shinjiro: If you decide to take my life, you'll end up like me. Just remember

Ken: Is that supposed to change my mind...?

Shinjiro: Even if all you have now is hatred, one day you'll regret it.

Ken: Shut up! That's a load of crap!!

Takaya: ...He is correct.

[Takaya enters from the other direction.]

Takaya: There is no reason for him to feel regret... That is the nature of
        revenge. Is it not permissible to kill those who are themselves

Shinjiro: ...You.

Takaya: The loss of Chidori has posed a bit of a challenge for us... But, we
        cannot simply ignore your meddling.

[He pulls out his revolver.]

Takaya: Do not fear. This life is but a stepping stone. Salvation shall be

[Shinjiro moves forward.]

Shinjiro: What!?

Takaya: You cannot defy fate... You shall die... whether or not it is at the
        hand of this boy.

Shinjiro: ......

Takaya: You've been taking those pills for some time now... You don't have
        much longer.

Ken: What's he talking about!?

Shinjiro: That's bullshit!

Takaya: Listen to your body... You know it to be true.

Ken: What does he mean...? You're going to die...? ...No matter what I do?
     That's not fair!! All this time! I've been waiting for this!!

Takaya: The cause of death is not of importance. Besides, the breath of life
        is faint in you as well, child. ...After killing him, you were planning
        to join him, were you not?

Ken: ......

Takaya: Since you are both destined to perish, allow me to do the honors... A
        slight change in timing shouldn't matter too much.

Shinjiro: Go to hell!

[Shinjiro rushes at him; Takaya shoots him in the chest.]

Shinjiro: Ugh...! Agh...!

Ken: N-No...

[Takaya aims his revolver at Shinjiro's head.]

Takaya: Now then... With what life you have left, answer me this... There is
        one like Chidori among you, is there not? This has enabled you to
        locate and defeat those we wish to protect. Now tell me... Which one of
        you is it?

Shinjiro: Ugh... ah...

Ken: *gasp* ......

Takaya: ...What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Shinjiro: Th-There's... no one...

Ken: Wait! It-It's me!

Takaya: Is that true?

Ken: ...Yes. That's the only reason they let me join.

Shinjiro: Ken... no...!

[Takaya kicks him over.]

Shinjiro: Agh!!

Takaya: ...Quiet. You had your chance.

Ken: It doesn't matter anymore... I'll never have my revenge. ...I have no
     reason to live...

Takaya: ...I see. So, you have achieved resolution.

[He points his revolver at Ken.]

Takaya: How enviable... Then, you shall be first. Rest peacefully...

<anime cutscene.>

[Takaya fires his revolver at Ken. Shinjiro manages to get up in time and block
 the shot with his body.]

Takaya: What is the meaning of this? Why would you risk your life to save this

[Shinjiro turns to look at him as the rest of the party arrives.]

Akihiko: Shinji!

Takaya: How very disappointing...

[He runs off as the party gathers around Shinjiro.]

Shinjiro: (to Ken) What's with the long face... Isn't this what you wanted?

Fuuka: No! Senpai!

[Fuuka tries to help Shinjiro but he shrugs her off.]

Shinjiro: It's alright... Give yourself time, make your anger your
          strength... Come on, Ken, you're just a kid. You've got your whole
          life ahead of you, so don't waste it. Make it your own, okay?

Ken: But... I... I...

Shinjiro: Aki... Take care of him...

Akihiko: I will...

[Shinjiro manages to get to his feet.]

Shinjiro: This is how it should be...

[He takes a few steps away before collapsing onto the ground. Ken drops to his
 knees and pounds the ground as he cries.]

Ken: Noooo!!

<end anime cutscene>

[The scene fades out.]

> ...After many hard-fought battles, your squad suffered its first casualty.
  The loss of your comrade was certainly unexpected. That night, no one spoke
  a word. And, the next day...


/Early Morning\

> Yesterday was a terrible tragedy. However, you must still go to school today.


[The student body is gathered in the auditorium. A memorial service is being
 held for Shinjiro.]

Principal: No words can express the sense of loss we feel as a result of this
           terrible tragedy. He had a lifetime of opportunity ahead of him...
           As educators, we are to blame for ignoring his silent calls for
           help. We lost him to violence before we had a chance to help him
           realize his true potential... Forgive us... Forgive us for our

> The principal continues with his eulogy...

[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are shown in the seats.]

Yukari: ......

Junpei: .....

> You can hear people talking in front of you.

Senior in Front: Will this speech ever end...? I don't even know who this
                 Aragaki guy was...

Senior to the Side: I heard he never came to school. ...Prolly just some punk.
                    Anyway, I gotta get home... I have to study for my mock-

> The seniors turn to you.

Senior in Front: Hey, you guys know who Aragaki is? Wait, you're not seniors,
                 so how would you know? Anyway, can you believe this? Scary,

Main: {I guess.}

        Senior in Front: Yeah, seems like he was a no-name. Man, when is this
                         gonna end? I don't have time for this.


        Senior in Front: ...Huh? ...Dang, I was just asking...

      {Shut up.}

        Senior in Front: Damn... What's your problem?

[Junpei stands up.]

Junpei: Shut up... ......

Senior in Front: Huh? ...What're you doing?

Junpei: I said shut up!!

Ms. Toriumi: Iori, sit down! *sigh* I'll never hear the end of this...

Junpei: Tch...

[He sits back down.]

Yukari: Just ignore them, Junpei... (to Main) Hey... Have you seen Akihiko-
        senpai today?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Yukari: ...Besides at the dorm.


        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: He was absent this morning... I wonder if he'll show up at all. I hope
        he's okay...


[Main, Yukari, and Junpei are in their homeroom. Mitsuru enters and walks over
 to them.]

Mitsuru: Can I talk to you for a moment? When you get back today, please meet
         me in the lounge. You know what it's regarding.

Yukari: Yeah...

Mitsuru: I don't expect you to have collected your thoughts. In fact, I am
         still at a loss myself... I'll see you then.

[She leaves.]

Junpei: It's about Ken, huh... *sigh* This'll be a fun meeting...

/After School\

[Akihiko enters the auditorium and climbs the stage. He addresses the picture
 of Shinjiro.]

Akihiko: Yo. I had the usual for lunch... Ramen tastes a lot better when you're
         cutting class. ...Make sure you invite me next time.

[He turns his back.]

Akihiko: Say something, will ya...? Why are you always like that? You're so
         stubborn. Put yourself in my shoes for a change...

[He turns back around and leans on the table.]

Akihiko: ...You think it's the other way around, huh? I guess you're right...
         I was too obsessed with power... Ever since I lost Miki, that's all
         I've cared about... I thought that if I was strong enough, I could
         protect anyone... But, I was wrong... And now, you're gone too...
         I'm such an idiot.

[He hangs his head and pounds the table a few times in frustration.]

Akihiko: In battle, there's always a chance of dying... I knew that! But...
         I was so focused on fighting that I didn't notice anything else! It
         didn't matter how tough I was! Look what happened!

[He drops down to his knees.]

Akihiko: Ahhhhhhhhh...

[He looks back up at the picture.]

Akihiko: ...Yeah, I know... Crying won't change anything, will it...?

[He stands back up.]

Akihiko: Alright, Shinji... You watch from there with Miki. I still have things
         to do, right?

> The resolution in Akihiko's heart has awakened a new Persona...

[Polydeuces appears above Akihiko, and then changes into another Persona.]

> Polydeuces has given rise to Caesar!

[Caesar disappears.]

Akihiko: I know that much. I can't carry this guilt forever... I'm getting
         tired of it.


[Main arrives at the dorm and sits down; everyone else is already in the

Mitsuru: You all know the reason we're gathered here. We need to discuss how to
         deal with Amada... I've already consulted the Chairman. Aigis, bring
         Amada here.

Aigis: Understood.

[Aigis leaves.]

Fuuka: It's my fault... When Shinjiro-senpai told me he'd be late, I thought it
       was strange, but I said nothing. If only I'd listened to my intuition...

Yukari: Don't be so hard on yourself, Fuuka.

Mitsuru: It's not your fault. If anyone should have realized it, it should have
         been me.

Junpei: I knew this wasn't a game... But, I never thought it'd end up like

Akihiko: There's no point dwelling on the past. Shinji's last words were
         "This is how it should be." He was a hell of a guy... He even faced
         death head on. ...That's why, from this day forward, I'll face things
         head on, too.

Junpei: That's cool, man...

Yukari: Senpai...

Mitsuru: ......

[Aigis runs back in.]

Aigis: Allow me to report! Amada-san is not in his room!

Yukari: He's not!?

Aigis: There are indications that the window has been pried open.

Fuuka: Ken-kun...!

[Fuuka starts for the door.]

Yukari: Wait, Fuuka! Do you know where he is?

Fuuka: Well... no... but we can't just let him go off on his own, right!?

Yukari: So, where do you plan on looking?

Fuuka: I don't know, but we have to find him! He must feel so alone...

Yukari: Fuuka...

Fuuka: You of all people should understand!

[She pauses.]

Fuuka: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

Akihiko: Let Ken do what he wants. Bringing him back won't change anything...
         and we can't keep treating him like a kid.

Mitsuru: Akihiko...

Akihiko: It's his choice. He's the only one who can decide how he's going to
         live his life. ...The same goes for all of us.



[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.

[The scene changes to Ken, who is at the spot behind Port Island Station.]

Ken: ......

[Akihiko walks in.]

Akihiko: You look half dead. What are you doing here?

Ken: When Mom died protecting me, no one would believe the real reason for her
     death... To this day, it's still on file as an unexplained accident.
     That's why I wanted to make it clear... I thought that's what she would
     have wanted... Maybe then she'd finally be at peace... They said he died
     by some violent crime, right? No one knows the truth. ...Just like with
     Mom. And once again, I'll be left behind...

Akihiko: The dead are never coming back. You have to accept that. ...You're on
         your own now.

Ken: ......

Akihiko: I'm not here to drag you back... You can stay in this place until you
         die, if that's what you want. ...But, if you still have the will to
         fight, then come back and stand on your own two feet.

[Akihiko walks away.]

Ken: He's right...

[Ken turns around and hits the wall.]

Ken: I've known it all along; I've just been lying to myself... I was consumed
     by hatred... I couldn't face the thought of being alone... But... that's
     exactly what happened...

[He hits the wall a couple more times.]

Ken: All this time, I've just been running away... ...... I've made up my
     mind... Shinjiro-san... I'll see it through to the end.

> The resolution in Ken's heart has awakened a new Persona...

[Nemesis appears above Ken, and changes into another Persona.]

> Nemesis has given rise to Kala-Nemi!

[Kala-Nemi disappears.]

Ken: I'll be okay now, Mom... Goodbye...

[The scene shifts to the dorm lounge, where everyone else is gathered.]

Yukari: It's already been a day...

Mitsuru: ...Yes, it has.

Junpei: So, where's Akihiko-san?

Fuuka: He said to leave Ken-kun alone, but I don't know... Maybe we should look
       for him...

Mitsuru: (to Main) What's your opinion?

Main: {Let's start looking.}

        Yukari: You think so, too...? He IS still a kid...

      {Let him be.}

        Mitsuru: So, you agree with Akihiko then...

      {I'm not sure what to do.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Fuuka: ...I can't wait any longer! I'm going right now to--

Koromaru: Woof, woof!

[Koromaru runs over to the door; Ken enters.]

Yukari: Ken-kun!?

[Yukari and Fuuka run over to Ken.]

Ken: ......

Fuuka: Thank goodness... I was so worried...

Ken: You were?

[Everyone else moves over to Ken.]

Mitsuru: Amada... Are you able to fight?

Ken: Yes. ...I won't run off again.

Junpei: You sure?

Ken: I'm positive.

Fuuka: It's alright... We can trust him...

Yukari: ...Geez, don't make us worry like that, okay?

Mitsuru: ...Alright. I'll talk to the Chairman. ...Get some rest.

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Hello.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: ...It's cold tonight. Can you believe it's already autumn? It'll be
        winter before you know it. You seem tired. ...Did something happen?

Main: {No.}

        Pharos: ...I see. If you say so...

      {I lost a friend.}

        Pharos: ...Is that so?

      {Not to me...}

        Pharos: ...I see. You are fortunate it wasn't you.

Pharos: In this world, people die every day. Until recently, this was the same
        to me as the blowing of the wind. But now, I see things differently...
        For the first time, I have a friend. Lately, I've become more certain
        of something... You know the end I've spoken of? Some people refer to
        it as "the Fall," but regardless... It's drawing nearer. Don't you
        sense it...? We are kindred spirits, you and I, so why is it that only
        I can remember? ...This is a heartrending matter. Is my existance
        something you are unable to accept?

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: Forgive me if I have said anything peculiar today. ...Perhaps it is the
        change of seasons. Of course, our friendship remains steadfast. Well...
        I shall bid you farewell for now. Good night.

[Pharos disappears. Death Arcana to rank 8.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Midterms start next Tuesday. Math is killing me...
                   Sine! Cosine! Tangent!

Listening Student: Megido! Megidola! Megidolaon!

Gossping Student: Sine! Cosine! Tangenton!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Ounishi is teaching Chemistry.]

Ms. Ounishi: Exams start next tuesday... I'd rather spend the time doing
             experiments. The precise moment when two agents come into
             contact... It's so exciting! All right, Main, it's your turn to
             answer my question today.

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Ounishi: It's Japanese tradition to place some salt next to the entrance of
             a bar or restaurant. Why do you think that is?

Main: {To drive away bad luck.}

        Ms. Ounishi: Haha! What fun would teaching be if students knew
                     anything? It was originally done to stop ox-drawn
                     carriages. There's a famous story about it, but it only
                     makes sense if you understand an ox's physiology.
                     Herbivores tend to be lacking in sodium, so if you place
                     salt at the door, the ox stops to lick at it... Meaning
                     whoever's riding in the carriage would come to your shop.
                     More people, better business. See?

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {To drive away evil spirits.}

        (Same as first choice.)

      {To bring in business.}

        Ms. Ounishi: Oh... You knew? Well, that's correct. It was originally
                     done to stop ox-drawn carriages. There's a famous story
                     about it, but it only makes sense if you understand an
                     ox's physiology. Herbivores tend to be lacking in sodium,
                     so if you place salt at the door, the ox stops to lick at
                     it... Meaning whoever's riding in the carriage would come
                     to your shop. More people, better business. See?

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


(Greeting from random party member.)



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. ...Finally, only one Shadow left. Well, we still have a
        whole month, so there's no need to get all stressed out. And... before
        that, we have exams... So, have you been studying?

Main: {Um, when's the exams?}

        Yukari: What!? You didn't even know that? ...Well, I guess I
                understand. The exams start next Tuesday. Don't forget.

      {Of course I have.}

        Yukari: Really...? Now I feel like I'm falling behind...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning... Have you noticed, (Last Name)? Whenever we complete an
         operation, the number of Apathy Syndrome cases usually decreases...
         Not this time, however; it's actually increasing... There's only one
         Shadow left; it must be apprehensive.

Main: {Yeah, it must be.}

        Mitsuru: ...I hope so.

      {Who knows...}

        Mitsuru: Yes... There are so many things we don't know...

Mitsuru: In any event, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here... So, thank


[Mr. Takenozuka is teaching Physics.]

Mr. Takenozuka: Did you write that down? You'd better write this down, I'm
                gonna erase it! Still writing? Hurry up! What are you doing,
                texting each other or something? Exams start next Tuesday! We
                don't have much time to waste! Let's move on to the next sample

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Takenozuka: Alright, I'm erasing the board now! All gone! Oh, and
                        I heard someone is counting how many times I say "Did
                        you write this down?" Pay attention instead!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: So Masamune Date decided to follow Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and headed for
         Odawara... Can you feel Masamune Date's heart-rending sorrow as he
         made his decision!? *sob* I wish I had lived in that era! I could have
         gone with Masamune Date! ...Huh? What's going to be on the exam next
         week? Who cares!?

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: The Sengoku era... the days when men were in their full
                 glory! This modern age is terrible! Are there no true
                 samurai left!? Now, let's review what we've learned about the
                 Sengoku era. First: no era was ever as good. Second...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Monday's a holiday, so we have the next two
         days off. There's only one Shadow left... I have to admit that makes
         me a little nervous... But we've come too far to lose, so make sure
         you're prepared. Let's do it for him...



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is Health and Sports Day. There's no school.


Aigis: ...Greetings. The exams start tomorrow... It looks like you are all
       serious about doing well on them. But as for me, I am more serious about
       what comes after the exams... the final battle. I will fight with all
       my strength. ...We cannot lose.


/Early Morning\

> 2nd semester midterm exams begin today and last for 5 days...


> This question seems familiar...

Chemistry Q.5: According to research, up to how many years can love last?

Main: {2}

        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Miscellaneous Q.1: Who is famous for delivering the Ten Commandments?

Main: {Moses}

        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Physics Q.10: Fill in the blank: "Your ___ went down the hill with a friction
              coefficient of zero."

Main: {grade}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {summer vacation}

        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Japanese History Q.1: How old was Masamune Date at the time of his first

Main: {Five}

        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> It's the last day of exams...

(If your Academics are high enough:)

        > The questions are just too easy. ...... Your pen won't stop moving!

/After School\

> Today's exams have ended.


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Phew! It's finally over... Dude, wanna go to Tartarus

Main: {Alright.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'll think about it.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Junpei: Awesome! I don't even wanna think about school anymore!



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Exam results will be posted today...


Student: Hey, the results are posted!

> You decide to go look at the exam results.

(If you did well enough:)

        > You scored the highest in your class! Everyone is looking at you with
          respect! Your Charm has increased. You suddenly remember something.
          Mitsuru promised to give you a gift if you score the highest.

> Lunchtime is almost over. You decide to go back to your classroom.


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching Math.]

Ms. Miyahara: Okay everyone, come get your tests, so we can go over them. On
              question 1, you had to use the formula we spent several days on
              to solve it. Remember? Question 2 was the one about Friday the
              13th. You all know that Friday the 13th is considered bad luck,
              right? Well, how do you know that? I'll pick a student
              mathematically. Let's see... Main.

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Miyahara: What day of the week does the 13th fall on most often?

Main: {Friday.}

        Ms. Miyahara: Correct! Well done! It's too bad for those who believe
                      in the superstition, but the 13th falls on a Friday quite
                      often. In the last four hundred years...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


        Ms. Miyahara: No... You need to think about these things more
                      elengently. It's too bad for those who believe in the
                      superstition, but the 13th falls on a Friday quite
                      often. In the last four hundred years...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        (Same as second option.)


Ken: ...Hello! Your exams are over, right? Well, I'm ready to go to Tartarus
     when you are. I promise to do my best until the very end... I'll be
     fighting for him, too...!



[Fuuka is in Class 2-E.]

Mr. Ekoda: Uhhh, okay, class... I know you've been busy lately, but you all
           remembered to do your homework, right? Just because you're not
           taking a literature class next year doesn't mean you can blow
           off Classic Lit. Hey, are you listening to me?

Natsuki: What's wrong, Fuuka? You look kinda down.

Fuuka: Huh...?

Natsuki: Talk to me. Tell me what's bothering you.

Fuuka: ...It's about Aragaki-senpai...

Natsuki: Oh... Pretty shocking, huh...? I've never seen him at school,
         but I've seen him around town... I wonder if he really did get
         caught up in some kind of crime...

Fuuka: Some things you can never get back... I know that, from all the
       things that have happened with my parents. I've sort of been
       avoiding the question... but is it okay for me to go on like this?

Natsuki: Parents, huh...? I can relate to that. But, you'll be okay, right?

Mr. Ekoda: Natsuki, what are you waiting for? Come on up.

Natsuki: Yeah, yeah.

Mr. Ekoda: *sigh* Don't you want to give your classmates a proper goodbye?

[Natsuki walks up to the front.]

Fuuka: Huh? What's going on?

Natsuki: Uhhh, hello, everyone. I know it hasn't been that long, but I feel
         like I've made some good friends. I'll remember each and every
         one of you, even after I transfer. Thank you. ...How's that?

Fuuka: Transfer...? WHAT!?


[Fuuka and Natsuki are sitting on the rooftop.]

Natsuki: You're a weird one, y'know? The biggest bitch in the school is
         leaving, and you feel sorry for her.

Fuuka: You're transferring... and you didn't say anything...?

Natsuki: It's not like telling you would've changed anything. Why make us
         both depressed? Anyway, my dad's pretty sick... And they say it'll
         take some time for him to recover... We don't really have that
         much money, so we can't afford to stsy here. Y'know, I still think
         you're crazy for being friends with someone like me... But, like I
         said before... we're both in the same boat. My parents act like I
         don't exist. ...I hate living at home. That's why I was so jealous
         when you moved into the dorm.

Fuuka: Natsuki-chan...

Natsuki: But, Fuuka... Your house is nearby and your parents are pretty
         normal. So, why'd you move?

Fuuka: Huh...? Well... um...

Natsuki: If you don't want to tell me, that's okay. ...But if it's
         something that you and your folks can work out, then do it while
         you have a chance. It'll be a while before my dad's in any
         condition for us to have a heart to heart.

Fuuka: ......

Natsuki: Haha, what am I doing? This isn't what I wanted to talk about.
         Y'know, Fuuka... I used to think that every day was just the same.
         And I'm only saying this because it's you... But, you don't get
         any second chances in life. If you accept the way things are, then
         they'll never change... This is the last time I'll see this view,
         huh... I won't be in school next week 'cause I'll be packing,
         so... I guess this is goodbye...

Fuuka: No!!

Natsuki: Haha. It's okay. Everything will be alright. C'mon, don't gimme
         that look.

Fuuka: But...

Natsuki: Hey, I'm not helpless, y'know. I've changed a lot since I met you.
         I'm gonna try and figure out what I really want now. ...So, I hope
         you do the same.

Fuuka: What I really want...? I used to try and please everyone... I was
       afraid of not being liked, so I did my best to fit in. But, I never
       really thought about what I wanted.

Natsuki: Hahaha. That is so like you, Fuuka. Well I say, if they don't
         accept you for who you are, then screw 'em. ...But I like you...
         even if you don't like yourself.

Fuuka: Natsuki-chan...

Natsuki: Well... I better get going.

[She walks away. Fuuka starts after her, but stops. Fuuka's phone rings
 and she checks it.]

Fuuka: Natsuki-chan!

Text Message: > "Even if we're apart, we'll still be connected. We can
                 always talk, right? Thanks for everything."

Fuuka: Natsuki-chan...

[She puts her phone away.]

Fuuka: "Even if we're apart, we'll still be connected." ...... It all makes
       sense now... I've always been so worried about how others are
       feeling... That's why my power allows me to stay connected with
       them... I guess there is something I want after all... It makes me
       happy to see everyone else happy too. So, I want us all to remain
       friends. The power to connect people, even when they're apart...
       My Persona has given me this amazing gift.

> The resolution in Fuuka's heart has awakened a new Persona...

[Lucia appears around Fuuka and changes into another Persona.]

> Lucia has given rise to Juno!

[Juno disappears.]

Yukari: There you are.

[Yukari, Main, Junpei, and Aigis arrive.]

Fuuka: ...Why, did something happen?

Aigis: It is surprising to find you on the rooftop.

Junpei: Nah, we were just wondering what you were up to...

Fuuka: Everything's okay now. ...I've made up my mind. I'll do as much as
       I can with my power. ...For my sake, as well as the sake of others.

Yukari: Okaaayyy...

Fuuka: *giggle* Sorry. I guess that was sort of random, wasn't it?

Junpei: Uh, are you sure you're alright?


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning! ...Well, we're almost done. It feels like it went so
       fast. ...So many things happened, but... I'm glad that I was able to
       become friends with everyone. ...What about you?

Main: {Same here.}

        Fuuka: ...I'm glad to hear that. I will do my best until the very

      {I'm glad I met you, Fuuka.}

        Fuuka: ...Huh? Oh, um, thank you very much... I didn't mean it like
               that, but... Thank you.

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? The number of The Lost has been increasing lately...
        But, there's only one Shadow left. Once we destroy 'im, it'll be all
        over. We need to save this town, man.

Main: {Leave it up to me.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'll think about it.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Junpei: ...Gotcha. Let's put a smile on everyone's face!



[Mrs. Terauchi is teaching English.]

Mrs. Terauchi: Okay everyone, listen up. You all know that many English words
               are used in Japanese culture, right? However, some of them mean
               completely different things than in the United States. These are
               known as pseudo-Anglicisms. Now... Main.

[Main stands up.]

Mrs. Terauchi: Which of the following is an example of a pseudo-Anglicism in

Main: {Supermarkert.}

        Mrs. Terauchi: No! That means the same thing in America. The correct
                       answer is "mansion." In Japan, a mansion means an
                       apartment or condominium. Hmm, we have three minutes
                       left. Here are some other examples...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        Mrs. Terauchi: Correct! In Japan, a "mansion" means an apartment of
                       condominium. Hmm, we have three minutes left. Here are
                       some other examples...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


        (Same as first option.)


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Edogawa is teaching.]

Mr. Edogawa: Let's begin, class. Ahah Adonai Tetragrammaton... We've covered
             the times of magical growth, and now we've just about reached the
             modern age. Every art or science branches off into sub-studies as
             it progresses... Magic, too, was subdivided around the 18th
             century. Some people preached about morals, some focused on
             communicating with spirits, and so on. There was even a man who
             founded modern psychology through his research on hypnosis. This,
             too, is magic: the ability to see into the human mind. As a
             result of the flourishing magical research, witch hunts became
             more common... To avoid this, magic began to progress in "secret
             societies." I'm sure many of you have heard the names of these
             organizations... The Rosicrucian Order, the Freemasons, the
             Illuminati, the Golden Dawn... Many of these societies are still
             with us today. The forefathers of modern magic are too numerous
             to count. For instance, there's Eliphas Levi, the man who
             attempted to combine modern and ancient systems of magic. His
             literature, which took a scientific approach, is still published
             today. Madam Blavatsky was the biggest magician of the 19th
             century, and a renowned Theosophist. Many magical societies have
             stemmed from the Theosophical Society that she founded. Mesmer
             opened the path to psychology in his studies on life energy.
             Rudolf Steiner helped spread the knowledge of anthroposophy. There
             was Aleister Crowley, of course, the 20th century's grand
             magician... And Gurdjieff, a mystic who taught his many students
             the Fourth Way. All of them had incredible stores of knowledge.
             ...Are you all listening? You're not frozen with fear, I trust?
             Eeeheehee. I'll test you, to see how well you've been paying
             attention. Get it wrong, and your zodiac sign will change. Ahah
             Adonai Tetragrammaton... Who to choose...? Ah, Main, I ask thee...

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: Who was the founder of Theosophy, which gave rise to many magical

Main: {Eliphas Levi.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! Your sign is now the Cat--your year will never
                     come! Now then, the magical arts progressed even further
                     with practial use. With the knowledge spread by the people
                     we've discussed today...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {Madam Blavatsky.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Very good. Remember to be purified on your unlucky
                     years... Now then, the magical arts progressed even
                     further with practial use. With the knowledge spread by
                     the people we've discussed today...

        > Your gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {Aleister Crowley.}

        (Same as first option.)


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. The Lost are increasing, huh... That makes me think that a
        Shadow is coming... But this will be the last one, right? ...So let's
        do our best!


/After School\

[Yukari is in the Student Council room working on a report. Mitsuru walks in.]

Yukari: Oh, sorry. No one was here, so I figured it'd be okay.

Mitsuru: It's rare for you to be here. ...Is it for Archery Club?

Yukari: Yes. The teacher asked for a report...

Mitsuru: I see... Then, you must be busy.

Yukari: Um, not really. At least not compared to you... Um... I wanted to ask
        you something.

Mitsuru: Yes...?

Yukari: Senpai... Why did you decide to fight?

Mitsuru: Well, I... I guess you could say it's my way of atoning for the past.

Yukari: I see. Well, in my case, I don't really have a reason anymore, if I'm
        being honest. I know the whole story about my father now. But, I was
        thinking maybe I could erase the mistakes he left behind...

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: ...I guess I should have though about this earlier, huh... Why didn't
        I question myself sooner?

Mitsuru: ...What's done is done.

Yukari: But, it seems like everyone has their own reason for fighting... In the
        end, defeating the Shadows is all that really matters, isn't it?

Mitsuru: ...What are you trying to say?

Yukari: ...I'm not exactly sure. It'll all be over after the next full moon...
        but I'll probably still be trying to figure it all out.

Mitsuru: ...Maybe so. But, at least then we'll be able to return to a normal
         school life. The Student Council members will be here soon. If you
         want to talk later, let me know.

Yukari: No, that's okay. Thanks for listening.

[Yukari bows and walks out.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



Aigis: ...Greetings. The full moon will be here soon... I'm prepared to go to
       Tartarus at any time.

Koromaru: Arf! Arf!

Aigis: Koromaru-san seems to be ready as well.



[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: ...Kenji! Hey, Kenji! Geez, he's completely out of it. He should
             start drinking coffee before he comes to class... How about you,

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Toriumi: Coffee is a common commodity these days, but where do you think
             the word "coffee" originates?

Main: {It's Portuguese.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Wrong! The correct answer is Arabic. That's not all.
                     Common words like "lemon" and "mocha" are actually Arabic,
                     too. I guess British people really like Arabia. I like
                     the food, myself...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {It's Arabic.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Bingo! You hit the jackpot. That's not all. Common words
                     like "lemon" and "mocha" are actually Arabic, too. I
                     guess British people really like Arabia. I like the food,

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {It's French.}

        (Same as first option.)


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: They're popping up all over, aren't they?

Listening Student: The people with Apathy Syndrome? Yeah, they are. My friend's
                   brother's friend is one too.

Gossiping Student: It's starting to be a serious problem. It's on the news
                   every day now. Oh, and did you see the special program they
                   ran? Nostradamus actually predicted all of this!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

Pharos: Good evening.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: It'll be a full moon again in just another week. At last, the 12th
        one. ...Are you ready?

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: Regardless of how long it's been, a lot has happened, hasn't it? But,
        it's a bit soon to be reminiscing. How about I come see you once it's
        over? ...Be careful now.

> Pharos disappeared...



(Greeting from random party member.)



[Ms. Ounishi is teaching Chemistry.]

Ms. Ounishi: The next chapter is on food. Since we're studying chemistry, we've
             gotta cover food additives. Most of the food we eat regularly
             contains some variety of additive. When you hear that, you think
             of those long, complicated names, right? Sodium sulfite...
             Glycerol esters of fatty acids... Did you ever wonder what they're
             for? Let's see if you can tell the class, Main...

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Ounishi: Magnesium chloride is used in a very common Japanese food. Do you
             know which one?

Main: {Miso.}

        Ms. Ounishi: Sorry, that's wrong. The answer is tofu. In Japan,
                     magnesium chloride is called "nigari," which means "bitter
                     juice." As the name suggests, it's bitter, and it isn't
                     good for you if you ingest too much of it. But in small
                     doses, it makes delicious tofu. Now that's a tasty tidbit
                     of knowledge! Let's discuss other ways that chemistry has
                     improved our lives...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {Buckwheat noodles.}

        (Same as first option.)


        Ms. Ounishi: Yep, you got it. In Japan, magnesium chloride is called
                     "nigari," which means "bitter juice." As the name
                     suggests, it's bitter, and it isn't good for you if you
                     ingest too much of it. But in small doses, it makes
                     delicious tofu. Now that's a tasty tidbit of knowledge!
                     Let's discuss other ways that chemistry has improved our

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


Ken: ...Hello! The next full moon will be on November 3rd. That gives us five
     more days...



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: The moon will be full soon... We're almost done. Let's give it
        everything we've got.

Main: {Of course.}

        Yukari: ...After all this is over, let's celebrate.

      {I guess so...}

        Yukari: Argh! Have faith! Let's celebrate when this is all over, okay?

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? We have three days left... I can go to
         Tartarus whenever you're ready...



Mitsuru: Welcome back. The day after tomorrow is the day... It's been a long
         journey, but we're finally here. We're the only ones who can defeat
         it, so don't let your guard down until the very end.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning! Well, tomorrow's the day.

Main: {I'm ready.}

        Fuuka: Good. I'll be counting on you!

      {...What's tomorrow?}

        Fuuka: ...Hey! Don't joke around!

Fuuka: I'm positive a Shadow will appear tomorrow. Strega may be up to
       something as well... Anyway, please make sure you're prepared!

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]


[Everyone is gathered in the dorm lounge.]

Fuuka: ...Well, tomorrow will be our last operation.

Yukari: Yeah... We've been through a lot this last six months... Don't ya

Main: {It went by quickly.}

        Yukari: ...Yeah, huh.

      {Yeah, it was rough.}

        Yukari: Haha, it sure was.

      {Haven't thought about it.}

        Yukari: Oh, really...

Junpei: It was a lot better than doing nothing, right? Besides, we made some
        new friends.

Ken: ...Yeah, I guess.

Akihiko: Well, it's all been worth it, if you ask me. It's been two and a half
         years since I got this power... and you don't hear me complaining.

Ken: Sanada-san...

Koromaru: Woof!

Fuuka: Two and a half years is a long time. Oh, wait... For Aigis, it's been
      even longer, huh?

Aigis: I was asleep for much of the time, so I have not been in operation for
       very long.

Junpei: How 'bout you, Mitsuru-senpai? You started before Akihiko-san, right?

Mitsuru: ...Me? ...Yes, it was just me at first. Of course, back then, SEES
         didn't exist, and this was just a regular dorm.

Yukari: Did the Chairman recruit you?

Mitsuru: No... I've been aware of the Dark Hour since I was a child... One
         time, my father's research team was attacked by Shadows. That's when
         I awakened to my Persona... when I witnessed the incident.

Yukari: That's what happened...?

Mitsuru: ...It seems I was the first. ...If that had never happened, perhaps
         none of you would have to bear this terrible burden.

Fuuka: Senpai...

Akihiko: It would've happened to someone eventually. ...Besides, the enemy
         can't just be ignored.

Mitsuru: ...... I suppose that's true.

[Fool Arcana to rank 6.]


/Early Morning\

> Tonight, the moon will be full... A powerful Shadow will appear... The final
  battle is nearly upon you... You decide to stay home today and conserve your

/Dark Hour\

[Ikutsuki and the party are in the meeting room; Fuuka has Juno summoned.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I found it. It's currently at the south end of the
       Moonlight Bridge. The 12th and final Shadow.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmmm. This is it...

Fuuka: (telepathically) And as we expected, there are two Persona-users
       nearby... Strega.

Mitsuru: They know this is their last chance. Even though we were expecting
         this, we should still be careful.

Ken: Those bastards...

Akihiko: Hmph. Saves us the trouble of looking for them.

Mitsuru: You've all done a fine job up to this point. This will be our last
         operation. Let's all come back safely.

> The final battle is here... The last Shadow and Strega await you. Strategy
  weighs heavily on your mind as you prepare to select your allies...

[Main selects his party members.]

Mitsuru: Well, then... We should be going.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Okay... Be careful.

Mitsuru: ...Let's go!

[The party moves out.]

> The final battle has arrived at last... But first, there are two powerful
  adversaries you must contend with. Moonlight Bridge, south end...

[The party arrives at the bridge to find Takaya and Jin.]

Takaya: You know the significance of today, do you not? You claim you hunt the
        Shadows to prevent the disaster they bring... Yet, countless lives are
        lost each day without their intervention... The power we wield is not
        itself evil... You cannot deny that. So why don't you just admit it?
        You do not wish to eliminate the Dark Hour... You are merely deceiving

Main: {That's not true.}

        Takaya: Look within yourselves and you shall see.

      {Maybe so.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Who cares?}

        Takaya: Who cares? Refusing to answer is the same as turning your back.

Takaya: You are indeed foolish children... Erasing the Dark Hour is the same as
        erasing yourselves. Tch. Is even that beyond your comprehension? As I
        believed, our goals are irreconcilable.

[Takaya pulls out his revolver.]

Takaya: Jin...

Jin: Forget these maggots.

Takaya: Fate shall decide who will prevail. ...Come.

[The party begins fighting them.]

Takaya: Now, you shall be judged.

Jin: There's no cure for stupidity.

[Takaya takes some damage.]

Takaya: It appears you have more than just luck on your side! So be it!

[Takaya takes a lot of damage.]

Takaya: I never imagine that your power would rival ours... Astonishing...
        Perhaps I misjudged your strength.

[Takaya reaches critical condition.]

Takaya: Ugh... So, this is the power of those whose Persona awakened

[Jin takes some damage.]

Jin: Play time's over, kids. It's time for the real deal!

[Jin takes a lot of damage.]

Jin: Oh, you're gonna pay for this!

[Jin reaches critical condition.]

Jin: Shit... These guys are tougher than I thought!

[The party defeats both of them.]

Jin: Dammit... Is their power THAT different than ours...?

Mitsuru: Different?

Jin: For us, it's not that simple... It has to be forced out. Didn't your pal
     tell you?

Akihiko: So it was you who was giving Shinji those pills.

Jin: You guys don't have the slightest clue what will happen if the Dark Hour
     disappears, do you? It won't matter for normal people, since they don't
     remember anything anyway... But for us--

Takaya: That's enough. Now, then... Ordinarily, we'd withdraw... but not

[Takaya pulls out his revolver.]

Takaya: This body, as ephemeral as it is... It is worthless without my power.

[He puts the gun to his head.]

Takaya: Therefore, only one choice remains... I shall prove my existance here
        and now!

[Jin moves forward and pulls Takaya's arm away.]

Takaya: What are you doing!?

Jin: Don't be so reckless!

Takaya: Jin!?

Jin: ...Sorry. But... those are your words, not mine. (to the party) You win...
     Looks like you'll get your wish... Go do what you came for.

[The two of them back up to the railing.]

Junpei: Wait!!

Jin: I'd rather die than surrender to you! Take a good look! This is how we

[Both of them lean back and fall off the bridge.]

> Jin and Takaya disappeared into the blood-red sea below...

Yukari: They jumped...

Junpei: What the hell were they thinking!?

Akihiko: They chose their own fate. Don't let it faze you.

Mitsuru: ...The operation has only begun. Our true adversary is waiting...
         Focus on that, alright?

[They can see the Shadow in the sky up ahead.]

Fuuka: The Shadow up ahead is not moving at the moment. It'll be all over if
       you can defeat it.

[Main can reform his party; after doing so, they move ahead to the Shadow. It
 drops down to hover just above them.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) This is it... I'll do everything in my power to help
       you. Just promise me that you'll be careful!

[They begin the battle.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I think that floating thing is your main target, but...
       It's out of your attack range... Give me a minute... I'll see what I
       can find out.

[The party manages to kill some of the statues below the Shadow.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) For some reason, those statues feel similar to that
       floating Shadow. They must be related somehow.

[The party destroys the statues and then defeats the Shadow.]

Yukari: ......

Junpei: ...Is it over?

Aigis: Operation completed. Or should I say, "Mission complete."

Mitsuru: Yes... It's finally over...

Aigis: I believe a celebration is in order. What will be our victory cheer?

Main: {Hip hip hooray!}

        Aigis: 1... 2... 3... Hip hip hooray!

      {Can we go home now?}

        Aigis: 1... 2... 3... Can we go home now!?

[Everyone laughs.]

Yukari: Haha! What was that?

Junpei: So, um, Senpai... You're gonna throw us a party tomorrow, right?

Mitsuru: *sigh* You don't waste any time, do you? Well, I suppose I could
         arrange for it.

Junpei: Ooh! In that case, how 'bout sushi!?

Akihiko: Sushi, huh... It's been a while... Well, I've got dibs on the halibut
         and sea urchin!

Yukari: Oh, then I call the fatty tuna.

Fuuka: Um, we're divvying it up already? In that case, save me the salmon roe.

Junpei: Hey, wait a minute... You can't do that!

Aigis: I reserve the shrimp, squid, scallops, and sea eel.

Junpei: Hey! That's not fair! You don't even eat!

Ken: You should all be ashamed of yourselves, fighting over sushi. Senpai,
     please order tamago for me. They say you can tell a chef's skill by how
     he prepares eggs.

Yukari: Um, how old are you again?

Mitsuru: Okay, okay. I'll have the very best delivered tomorrow.

Junpei: For real!? Aw man, it's great to be alive!

Yukari: Don't get too excited, Junpei. You're getting the leftovers.

Junpei: What!? But, it was my idea in the first place!

[Everyone laughs again. Mitsuru turns to look up at the full moon.]

Mitsuru: ...I guess it's time to say goodbye to the Dark Hour. Even though it
         seemed like a curse, for some reason I'm reluctant to let it go.

[Everyone else turns to look at the moon.]

Akihiko: Yeah...

Yukari: We really did it, didn't we...?

Mitsuru: Yes... We saved the world, even if no ones knows it.

[The scene fades out.]

> ...... The battle is over. The Dark Hour has come to an end...


/Early Morning\

Pharos: Good morning. This is the first time we've talked during the daytime.

[Main and Pharos are in Main's room.]

Pharos: Nice weather, isn't it? This is indeed a new day. ...For both of us.
        All the fragments of my memory... They've finally come together. I now
        know my role clearly. The time has come. As difficult as it may be, I
        must tell you something. I am afraid this is goodbye. I want you to
        know... For me, our friendship was a miracle. But, miracles don't last
        forever. ...If only they did.

Main: {...Yeah.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {There is no forever.}

        Pharos: ...Maybe you're right. Even if there was a thing as eternity,
                how would we ever know? It would be the same as if it didn't

      {It doesn't matter.}

        Pharos: ...You're right. What's important is that it happened.

Pharos: I shall treasure our conversations always. Even if today is the end,
        the bond between us can never be severed. ...Remember that.

[He disappears and reappears at the foot of the bed.]

Pharos: It was fun while it lasted. ...Farewell.

[He disappears. Death Arcana is maxed out. Later, Main arrives at the school
 gate. He meets Junpei there.]

Junpei: Yo, Main! Is your stomach ready!? Tonight's the big celebration! I'm
        gonna eat like there's no tomorrow!

Main: {Yeah, I'm ready.}

        Junpei: Mee too! I haven't eaten anything since yesterday!

      {It's just sushi...}

        Junpei: Yeah, but this is Mitsuru-senpai we're talkin' about... Maybe
                we'll get the good stuff!

Junpei: You better come back right after school, man! I'll be waiting.

[Main and Junpei enter the school.]

/After School\

> Class has ended for today. There's going to be a celebration at the dorm. You
  should head back.


[Most of the party members are at the dorm lounge. The sushi is laid out on the

Junpei: Whoa... Nice spread.

Yukari: The slices are huge!

JUnpei: Man, I'm starving... Can we eat?

Ken: Hey, where are Aigis-san and Ikutsuki-san?

Akihiko: He took her to the lab for a tune-up or something. He said they'd join
         us later.

Fuuka: *giggle* The Chairman just can't stay away from the lab, can he?

[The sounds of a car stopping and doors opening are heard outside.]

Mitsuru: That must be my father.

[They all walk over to the door. Takeharu and two Kirijo officials enter.]

Mitsuru: We've been waiting for you.

Takeharu Kirijo: So, it's over at last, huh...

Mitsuru: Yes.

Takeharu Kirijo: Congratulations, everyone. You've done well. There are no
                 words to express my gratitude. Though you will never receive
                 the recognition you deserve, it is undoubtedly a
                 monumental achievement.

Akihiko: Thank you.

[Takeharu walks over to Yukari and takes her hand.]

Takeharu Kirijo: To you, I owe a special thanks... For lending us your power
                 until the very end.

Yukari: Oh, it's... it's no big deal.

[Takeharu walks back to where he was standing.]

Takeharu Kirijo: The 12 Shadows that were the cause of all our troubles have
                 been destroyed, thanks to your efforts. You needn't bear this
                 burden any longer. You deserve a chance to experience the joys
                 of youth. The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad will
                 be dissolved as of midnight tonight. No longer must you put
                 your lives on the line in battle. Tomorrow, you can
                 triumphantly return to a normal school life.

[The party looks around at each other.]

Takeharu Kirijo: ...Is something the matter?

Akihiko: Oh, it's nothing...

Mitsuru: Alright, everyone... It's time to celebrate. Your feast awaits you.
         There's no need to hold back; eat as much as you'd like.

Junpei: Sweet! I've been waiting for you to say that!

[Everyone moves over to the table. Fool Arcana to rank 7. Later, most of the
 food has been eaten.]

Junpei: Listen up, everyone... I have an idea... How 'bout we all take a

[He pulls out a camera.]

Junpei: Actually, I tried to take one last night... but I forgot it wouldn't
        work during the Dark Hour.

Akihiko: You mean... you brought a camera with you into battle?

Junpei: Well, it was our LAST battle, after all.

[Junpei walks over to one of the Kirijo officials.]

Junpei: Hey, could ya take our picture?

Yukari: *sigh* I feel like such a tourist. But, I have to admit... I kinda want
        a picture, too.

[The man takes the camera and walks away.]

Junpei: Oh, wait... Ikutsuki-san and Aigis aren't here. ...I guess we'll have
        to take another one later. Alright, everyone get together.

[Takeharu and the party members gather in front of the door.]

Man in Black: Is everyone ready?

Junpei: You bet!

AKihiko: Knock it off.

Junpei: Awwww.

<anime cutscene>

[The man is trying to take the picture. Junpei has his hand out in a bunny-ears

Fuuka: C'mon, quit fooling around, Junpei.

Akihiko: Knock it off, will ya?

[Junpei suddenly trips backwards and the picture is taken of the others looking
 at him tumble.]

<end anime cutscene>

[Everyone is back at the table. Only Junpei is still eating.]

Junpei: H-Hey, how come nobody's eating? Don't tell me you're full already!

Yukari: Are you kidding? I'm stuffed.

Fuuka: Me too... I couldn't eat another bite.

Junpei: How 'bout you, Senpai...?

Akihiko: I'm good for now.

Junpei: Alright.

[Koromaru walks over to Junpei.]

Junpei: Oh... Hungry, boy?

Yukari: Don't give the dog raw fish! You'll make him sick!

Koromaru: *whimper*

Junpei: I wonder what's taking those two so long...

[Junpei pulls out his phone to check the time.]

Junpei: It's almost midnight... ......

/Dark Hour\

[The Dark Hour suddenly begins. The two officals are now in coffins.]

Junpei: The hell...!?

Koromaru: Woof! Woof!

Junpei: I thought we ended the Dark Hour! Senpai, what's going on...!?

Mitsuru: I don't know.

Akihiko: Apparently, I was right to have my doubts.

Ken: Yeah, something didn't feel right. ......

[A bell begins ringing somewhere in the distance.]

Junpei: No way...

Yukari: Hey... Do you hear that? It sounds like a bell, but... Where's it
        coming from?

Takeharu Kirijo: Where's Ikutsuki? ...Well!? Why is he late!? He's got Aigis
                 with him, doesn't he!?

Mitsuru: ......

Akihiko: ...Mitsuru.

Mitsuru: Everyone... Prepare for battle. We're heading for Tartarus.

Fuuka: Um... To do what?

Mitsuru: I don't know... But, that's where the sound is coming from. We have
         to find out what's going on.

[The party heads to the entrance of Tartarus. Ikutsuki and Aigis are already

Akihiko: Ikutsuki-san!

Yukari: Aigis? Why are you here...?

Aigis: ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: She is here merely to fulfill her role--as a weapon.

Yukari: Huh...?

Junpei: Ikutsuki-san, what's this all about!?

Akihiko: You said the Dark Hour and Tartarus would disappear if we defeated the
         12 Shadows. That's why we fought so hard! But, now--

Mitsuru: ...What is your intention? It was all a lie, wasn't it? You knew from
         the beginning that the Dark Hour wouldn't disappear.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Excellent deduction, Mitsuru. Unfortunately, your realization
                has come too late.

Yukari: No...

Ken: ...You tricked us!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Everything is as I planned... It is not unexpected that the
                Dark Hour and Tartarus remain. In fact, I never intended for
                you to rid the world of them. Quite the opposite, actually.

Fuuka: What do you mean?

Shuji IKutsuki: The 12 Shadows were parts of a whole... They were destined to
                be reunited. ...And that was accomplished in no small part,
                thanks to your efforts. Soon, Death, the almighty, shall arise
                and bring fourth the Fall...

Ken: ...Death?

Akihiko: What are you talking about!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: The end of all shall come and free this world from despair...
                The death of everything... but also the beginning.

Yukari: Wh-What is he saying...? Is he out of his mind...?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Ten years ago... I, too, was a scientist for the project we've
                spoken of. The experiment went awry, but that is not why the
                Dark Hour and Tartarus were born. They manifested as a result
                of harvesting the Shadows' power--just as the experiment was
                designed to do. That is why your grandfather gathered so many
                Shadows... To bring about the Fall.

Mitsuru: That can't be.

Shuji Ikutsuki: People have filled the world, yet turned it into a void! The
                only hope of salvation lies in ruin! According to the
                prophecy... The Fall will be orchestrated by "the Prince."
                And once the Prince has delivered us all, he shall rule the new
                world as King! The man who tried it ten years ago failed. But
                I will not; I shall succeed!

Junpei: Man, he's totally lost it...

Shuji Ikutsuki: I apologize for deceiving you, but this was for your sake as
                well. If you follow me for just a little while longer, you,
                too, will find salvation.

Fuuka: You call that salvation!?

Yukari: ...I have a question for you.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes?

Yukari: In the video from my father... He said to defeat the Shadows... Was
        that a lie, too?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Ah... He did record that himself. ...Of course, I had to make
                some modifications.

Mitsuru: ...You doctored it!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: I corrected it. Your father was a superb scientist... He may
                not have known it, but I truly respected him. While others
                focused on the Shadows' abilities, he explored much more
                important things... But unfortunately, he could not comprehend
                the magnificent potential of the Fall...

Yukari: What...?

Mitsuru: He left that recording at the expense of his life.

Shuji Ikutsuki: It would seem so. ...But, it did prove rather useful, so I'm
                sure he's happy.

Yukari: So you were behind it all!? You used both me and my father!

Shuji Ikutsuki: "Used" is such an ugly word... It was for the sake of the
                world, so how could it be wrong?

Mitsuru: Our role is to correct the mistakes of the past... and we intend to do
         just that.

[Yukari pulls out her Evoker.]

Junpei: Hey, w-wait...

Shuji Ikutsuki: *sigh* ...How disappointing. I had hoped you would see the
                light. But, you are just children, after all. I suppose it
                can't be helped. Aigis! The time has come for you to fulfill
                your role. Capture them, and prepare them to be sacrificed!

[Ikutsuki pulls out a remote and presses something on it.]

Aigis: ...Understood.

[She leaps at the party as the scene fades out.]

<anime cutscene>

[The camera pans up Tartarus and reveals the party members have been bound
 on crosses made from steel girders.]

<end anime cutscene>

> Gekkoukan High School, Observatory rooftop...

Takeharu Kirijo: What is going on here!?

[The party wakes up.]

Junpei: What the hell!?

Yukari: What is this!?

Fuuka: *gasp*

Mitsuru: Father!!

[Takeharu is standing in front of them, held by Aigis.]

Takeharu Kirijo: Ikutsuki... What is the meaning of this!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: It is just as it appears... They are to be sacrifices--
                harbingers of the Fall. The arrangements are complete; the
                prophecy shall be fulfilled.

Akihiko: What!

JUnpei: You son of a bitch! I'm gonna rip your head off!

[Aigis raises one of her arms to Takeharu and cocks the gun.]

Mitsuru: ...!?

Takeharu Kirijo: You traitor! Are you insane!?

Shuji Ikutsuki: Of course not. ...You know, your father was an unlucky man.
                Even you, his son, after all this time, do not understand his

Takeharu Kirijo: My father was wrong. Death as deliverance... That is not an
                 ideology anyone should ever embrace!

Shuji Ikutsuki: Fool...! You are but a nuisance now. ...Aigis!

[Aigis cocks her gun again.]

Mitsuru: Wait! Please, Aigis! Nooo!!

Aigis: ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: What are you doing, Aigis!?

[Aigis drops her arm.]

Aigis: I... am...

[Ikutsuki pulls out a gun and points it at Takeharu.]

Shujki Ikutsuki: *grunt* Ten years... I've wasted ten long years! I'm not like
                 your father... I won't make any exceptions!

<anime cutscene>

[Ikutsuki aims at Takeharu. Takeharu mananges to break out of Aigis's grasp and
 pull out a gun. Quickly aiming, both of them fire. After a few seconds,
 Takeharu slumps to the floor.]

Mitsuru: Father... Father!!

[Ikutsuki holds his side where Takeharu shot him.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Aigis... we'll end this. Execute the sacrifices, now!

[Aigis turns around and aims her arm guns at Main.]

Fuuka: Aigis!

Junpei: Dammit, snap out of it!

Shuji Ikutsuki: Finish them, Aigis!

[She starts firing as though she is shooting them, but the bonds holding them
 up drop down and the party drops to the ground.]

Akihiko: What the...

Shuji Ikutsuki: Dammit, you... you defective machine!

[He pulls out the remote.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: I'll do it myself!

[Suddenly Koromaru jumps out and grabs the remote from him.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: What the-- waah!

Ken: Koromaru!

[Ikutsuki backs up a little.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hahah... You don't get it, do you? This useless, pathetic world
                will gradually fester over time! Only it's destruction can
                bring about its salvation!

[He points the gun at them.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: Heh, and then, at long last... I will rule over the new world!

[He drops the gun back down to his side.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: I was so close...

[Taking a few steps backwards, he tumbles off the edge of Tartarus.]

<end anime cutscene>

Yukari: How did it come to this...?

[They turn and walk over to Mitsuru, who is crouched next to Takeharu.]

Mitsuru: One time, my father made a promise. He swore that he would atone for
         endangering our generation, even if it cost him his life... But, I...
         I wanted him to live... I... I became a Persona-user to protect him...
         *sob* *sob*

> Everyone was at a loss for words...

[The scene fades out.]

> All you could do was rest... So, you decided to return to the dorm and sleep.


/Early Morning\

> Yesterday was a shocking turn of events... You wonder if Mitsuru-senpai is
  alright... ...... You wonder what else the future holds...

[Later, Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Did you hear...?

Listening Student: About the Student Council President? I heard her dad passed
                   away from his illness... I bet it's tough to live without
                   your parents...

Gossiping Student: Yeah, I know... I think I'll help my mom cook dinner when I
                   go back home...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]

/After School\

[Main, Yukari, Junpei, and Aigis are in their homeroom. Main's phone rings.]

> You received a text message. It's from Akihiko.

Text Message: > "I need to talk to you all. Meet me in the command room when
                 you get home."


[Everyone except Mitsuru and Aigis is gathered in the meeting room.]

Fuuka: The Chairman's room has been cleared out...

Akihiko: Well, that's no surprise, considering what he did.

Yukari: *sigh* I just can't believe all this...

Ken: It's in the papers, too... "Sudden Death of Kirijo Group's CEO." They
     blame it on illness, though.

Akihiko: Yeah... It's never the truth.

Junpei: Mitsuru-senpai's not here, huh...?

AKihiko: She's an only child, so there's a lot of matters to be settled,
         including the funeral and the family business. I'm sure she'll be busy
         for at least a week.

Yukari: That sounds rough... I hope she'll be okay...

Junpei: So, what're we supposed to do now...? ...... What'll happen to Chidori?

Akihiko: No word yet. They're probably too busy to be thinking about that. In
         fact, the entire Kirijo Group must be in a state of shock.

Fuuka: I hope Aigis is alright...

Junpei: What the hell...? Am I just supposed to wait for them to get their act

Akihiko: Mitsuru is meeting with the Board of Directors. That might explain the

Yukari: I see... But still, what are we going to do? We have no idea how to get
        rid of the Dark Hour... We don't even know what we're fighting against.

Ken: What was that he said about "the Fall"? What would've happened if we had
     been sacrificed?

Fuuka: There are so many unanswered questions.

Junpei: Yeah, but standin' around here won't solve anything, right?

Akihiko: ...True. But, there is one thing we know... Tartarus is still around,
         and there's a bunch of Shadows inside it. We should train, so we're
         ready for whatever it is we might have to face.

[Everyone begins walking out. Fuuka stops Yukari.]

Fuuka: Yukari-chan... Umm... There were traces of a video on the Chairman's
       hard drive... Most of it was deleted, but I was able to restore some of
       it. I thought you might like to see it.

[Fuuka gives Yukari a CD.]

Yukari: Thanks, Fuuka... I'll watch it later.

/Late Night\

[Yukari is in her room. She puts the CD in her laptop and the video recording

Eiichiro Takeba: I pray that this recording reaches safe hands...

Yukari: ...That video!?

Eiichiro Takeba: My employer has become obsessed with a loathsome idea. This
                 experiment should have never even been conceived... That's why
                 I had to interrupt it. However, in doing so, I set free a
                 number of Shadows that are certain to torment future
                 generations. But if I hadn't, the entire world may have paid
                 the price... Please, listen carefully... I cannot stress this
                 enough... You must not hunt the Shadows that have dispersed!

Yukari: Huh...? This part's...

Eiichiro Takeba: I wasn't able to stop this madness... He won't listen, no
                 matter what I say... He's under the devil's spell... Now, the
                 Shadows are trying to eat one another... But if they're
                 reunited, then we are all doomed! I'll say this once more...
                 Leave the Shadows be!

Yukari: This is the original video... before Ikutsuki changed it. Dad tried to
        stop the experiment.

Eiichiro Takeba: There's not much hope for me now. I have just one favor to
                 ask... Whoever finds this... Please... Give my daughter Yukari
                 this message... I know I promised I'd be home soon... and I'm
                 sorry to break that promise... But, I want you to know...
                 Daddy was the happiest man on earth when he was with you.
                 ...I love you, Yukari. Please take care of yourself...

Yukari: ...Dad...

[The video's sound goes into static and then shuts off.]

Yukari: Dad!? Daddy!! *sob* *sob* I know one thing for sure now... I was right
        to believe in him.

[Yukari looks up toward the ceiling.]

Yukari: Are you listening, Dad? ...I'm doing okay. It took awhile, but I
        finally got your message.

> The resolution in Yukari's heart has awakened a new Persona...

[Io appears above Yukari and transforms into another Persona.]

> Io has given rise to Isis!

[Isis disappears.]

Yukari: I'll fight for what I believe in... That's what you would have
        wanted... Right, Dad?

/Dark Hour\

[The "Entering the Velvet Room" animation replays.]

Igor: Welcome. As I'm sure you are aware, you are currently in a dream. Now,
      then... There has been a change in you recently. Have you noticed? And I
      am not referring to your change in circumstances. I am referring to the
      change in your mentality. That is why I have summoned you here tonight.
      Going forward, there is one thing you mustn't forget.

[Igor swipes his hand and the contract from the opening appears on the table.]

> It is the contract you signed.

Igor: I see you recognize it... Shall I remind you of your commitment?
      "I chooseth this fate of mine own free will." There is no need to
      worry... Whichever path you choose, I shall respect your decision.
      However, only you will bear the responsibilty for your actions... no
      matter what end they may bring about. Please remember that. Well then,
      I bid you farewell.


/After School\

[Chidori is in her hospital room.]

Junpei: Yo, Chidori.

[Junpei walks in.]

Junpei: Sorry 'bout not being able to come lately... A lot's been goin' on

Chidori: ......

Junpei: Hey, what's wrong? ...So, you heard about Takaya and Jin, huh? I was
        planning on telling you... They were your friends, after all.

[Chidori shakes her head.]

Junpei: ...What, that's not it?

Chidori: I'm scared. ...It hurts. Junpei... What will you be doing in two

Junpei: Two years? I dunno. I really haven't though about it... Why do you ask?
        Hey, um... I noticed you stopped... Y'know, hurting yourself.

Chidori: Oh... I guess...

[Junpei takes her hand.]

Junpei: That's good. I mean, you have such beautiful hands...

Chidori: ...!!

[She pulls her hand away.]

Chidori: Don't touch me!

Junpei: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to...

Chidori: This is too painful... It used to be fun when you came to visit...
         But... it's different now.

Junpei: Huh!?

Chidori: It hurts inside... I can't breath... I... I can't take this anymore!

Junpei: Wh-Whaddya mean!? I don't understand! Did I do something wrong? Tell
        me what it is!

Chidori: Junpei... Don't come here anymore!

Junpei: But... Chidori...


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.

Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Looks like Mitsuru won't be coming back for a
         while... I'd like to think that she'll be okay, but... I'm not so
         sure this time.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Geez... They found someone with Apathy Syndrome at my cram
                   school, too. They're all over the place.

Listening Student: You know, I hear the problem isn't just limited to this
                   city. It's happening everywhere.

Gossiping Student: I wonder what's going to happen to this country...

Listening Student: D-Don't say "this country"...!

> The first bell has rung.


(Greeting from random party member.)



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, good news! Wanna hear it? I know you do! I heard the
                   boy who's transferring here today is a stud!

Listening Student: Really? Are you just messing with me?

Gossiping Student: No! I heard it from someone who saw him filling out the

Listening Student: Which class!?

Gossiping Student: 11th grade, Classroom F.

Listening Student: Oh... Well, that's disappointing. But I'll go check him out

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.


[In Main's homeroom, a student with a long scarf is standing up front with Ms.

Ms. Toriumi: Alright everyone, today we have yet another transfer student...
             As you all know, this is our 3rd. That makes it a hat trick.

> The class seems unamused.

Ms. Toriumi: ...... Please introduce yourself.

Ryoji Mochizuki: My name is Ryoji Mochizuki. I would be grateful if you could
                 show me the ropes.

Female Student: ...Hey, he's kinda cute.

Student's Friend: I was thinking the same thing.

Female Student: Not so loud...

> You can hear the girls whispering.

Ryoji Mochizuki: ...Nice to meet you.

> He seems to be looking in your direction...

Ms. Toriumi: Ryoji lived overseas for a long time because of his parents' work,
             so he may not be used to all of our customs. Be sure to explain
             them to him. Now then, you need a seat. Let's see... That one's
             open. Second from the left, in the front.

Yukari: Um... Ms. Toriumi? Technically, that seat's taken...

Ms. Toriumi: You must be present to be a member of this class, so as far as I'm
             concerned, that seat is available. Life is nothing but a game of
             musical chairs. The rest of you should be careful, too.

[Ryoji walks towards his seat, but stops next to Aigis.]

Ryoji Mochizuki: Good morning. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name...

Aigis: ...You are dangerous.

Ryoji Mochizuki: Dangerous? I haven't even asked you out on a date yet...

Aigis: A date...? ...... ...?

Yukari: Aigis, what's wrong with you?

Ryoji Mochizuki: Haha... Rejected from the start. You're an interesting girl...

Yukari: *sigh*

Ms. Toriumi: Your teacher understands, Aigis... You haven't had very long to be
             the "new student," and already you have to share the spotlight.
             *sigh* I wish your classmates would pay attention to me for a
             change... Hey, are any of you any listening?


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: Quiet down, everyone! Just because we have a transfer student
             doesn't give you a license to misbehave! Anyone who doesn't settle
             down will be left out of the school trip next week, got it?
             Good... Now, let's begin on today's lecture. Where did we leave
             off last time...? Oh, forget it. I'm not using the textbook.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: "No man understands their birth until they begin to
                     understand..." ...I'm not going to say it again: be
                     quiet! The students who want to pay attention can't hear!
                     If you must gossip about Ryoji, you can wait until the
                     break, or ask him then yourself!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Whaddya think about that Ryoji kid? He's goin' around
        askin' out every girl he sees! Damn... I wish I had his guts...

Yukari: ...... *sigh* Not another one...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: ...Mornin'. I heard Mitsuru-senpai is coming back today.

Main: {How is she?}

        Yukari: I don't know... But, I'm sure she's feeling kinda down. I don't
                blame her, of course.

      {That's good.}

        Yukari: I guess so... I'm sure she's feeling kinda down. I don't blame
                her, of course.

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


Aigis: ...Greetings. Mitsuru-san has just returned to the dorm. She looked
       really tired. She went straight to her room, without saying a word...

Main: {She'll be fine.}

        Aigis: I hope so...

      {Are you worried about her?}

        Aigis: Worried...? No, not exactly. How should I say this...? I feel...
               I feel responsible for what happened. ......


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, have you seen the transfer student in Class 2-F? Isn't
                   he handsome?

Listening Student: Oh yeah, I did! Ryoji, right? He's kind, handsome, AND rich!
                   I'm going for him for real this time!

Gossiping Student: Th-That's not fair! I called dibs!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Edogawa is teaching Miscellaneous.]

Mr. Edogawa: We begin! Om vajra-ratna Om... Today, we'll be examining regional
             forms of magic. First up is India, one of the birthplaces of
             magics. You may not think of India as an especially magical
             place, but... It's precisely the opposite. If you think about it,
             esoteric Buddhist magic came from India... It was a definite
             influence on Gnosticism, and a foundation of modern-day theosophy.
             It's said that the Upanishads, part of the Vedas, are the original
             books of magic. Many ancient Indians were passionate in their
             search for magic. These Indian magicians emerged in similar
             circumstances as other places around the world. In India, it's
             traditional to lead a pious life... But eventually, some people
             claimed to have gained immense power through Tapasya. At first,
             their claims were rejected, but they slowly gained power and
             numbers... Eventually, they were accepted into common practice.
             They are the asceticists mentioned in the Upanishads. However, a
             normal human wouldn't be able to mimic their skills. The tapasvins
             have surpassed the limitations of humanity. Do you think you could
             fast and pray for months at a time, without eating or sleeping?
             You'd die before attaining any powers! So, it's understandable
             that the Buddha rejected such extreme asceticism. Of course, the
             Upanishads aren't all about such wild practices. They contain very
             practical methods, too. Yoga, for instance, was also introduced
             in these scriptures. ...Are you all listening? No out-of-body
             projections, now! Eeeheehee. Perhaps a test is in order, to see if
             you were listening... Get it wrong, and I'll pile on some extra
             bad karma. Om vajra-ratna Om... Who should I call on? How about
             you, Main? I ask thee...

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: What is the ancient Indian magical text I mentioned today?

Main: {The Upanishads.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Correct! Remember to live an honest life. Moving
                     forward... Yoga is full of variations. Some asanas
                     are for health, while others are for prayer and worship.
                     One important system is Hatha yoga, the type of yoga
                     people are most familiar with today. In this case, one
                     cultivates a healthy body to attain purity of mind...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

      {The Mahabharata.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! You get a year's worth of the Principal's karma!
                     Moving forward... Yoga is full of variations. Some asanas
                     are for health, while others are for prayer and worship.
                     One important system is Hatha yoga, the type of yoga
                     people are most familiar with today. In this case, one
                     cultivates a healthy body to attain purity of mind...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {The Ramayana.}

        (Same as second option.)


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: The Kyoto trip is almost here. I don't care much about
                   shrines, but I'm still excited about it!

Listening Student: Me too! I want to see deers, deers, and deers!

Gossiping Student: Just deers, eh...? Wait, you're thinking of Nara...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


Ken: ...Hello! Junpei-san doesn't seem like his usual self... So I wonder why
     he's going to see Chidori-san... Hmm... Maybe her Persona went out of


/After School\

[Mitsuru is on the rooftop looking away. Yukari enters, spots Mitsuru, and
 walks over to her.]

Yukari: There you are... I've been looking for you. It's rare for you to miss
        a Student Council meeting.

Mitsuru: I take it someone asked you to find me?

Yukari: Well, yeah, even though I'm not a member.

Mitsuru: ...Sorry about that.

Yukari: They seem pretty busy, with the class trip and all. I bet you have your
        hands full, since it's both for juniors and seniors...

Mitsuru: Hmph... The class trip, huh... Even if I went, I'd only spoil the

Yukari: You're not thinking of skipping the trip, are you?

Mitsusu: ......

Yukari: You can't do that!

[Mitsuru turns around.]

Yukari: ...Ya know, I've been meaning to talk to you...

Mitsuru: Is that so...?

Yukari: To tell you the truth, you're not the easiest person to relate to. But,
        I know what it's like to lose a father...

Mitsuru: Takeba...

Yukari: I decided that I should be more up front with you from now on...

Mitsuru: ......

[Ryoji enters and spots Yukari and Mitsuru.]

Ryoji: Ah, there she is... Hey there, ladies!

[He walks over to them.]

Ryoji: I've been looking everywhere for you.

Yukari: Ryoji-kun... *sigh* Why are you here...?

Ryoji: Huh...? Same as you, I was trying to find Mitsuru-senpai. Some girl I've
       never met before asked me to look for her...

Yukari: What?

Ryoji: I wasn't the only one she asked, either. She said if we don't find her,
       the class trip might get canceled...

Yukari: Seems like the Vice President has the whole school looking for you...

Ryoji: But, I'm the lucky one who found you, Mitsuru Kirijo... You're quite
       stunning, if I may say so. Would you like to go out sometime? I know
       this one restaurant: it's on the top floor of a 3-star hotel... The view
       at night is almost as breathtaking as you.

Mitsuru: ...Huh?

Yukari: Senpai! You better get back to the meeting!

Mitsuru: I-I suppose so. Takeba... Thank you for your concern. ...For now, I
         will attend to my duties.

[Mitsuru goes back inside.]

Ryoji: Hey, she didn't answer my question...

Yukari: ..."For now," huh. I don't like the sound of that...

Ryoji: Um, Yukari-san... How 'bout you? Would you like to join me for dinner?
       I know this place on Shirakawa Boulevard...

[Yukari walks over and stomps on his foot.]

Ryoji: Ow!


Mitsuru: Welcome back. I will join you at Tartarus tonight. ...I apologize for
         worrying everyone. Our only priority now is to do something about
         Tartarus. ...I will do my best. Well, the school trip is next week, so
         that should be fun. ...But unfortunately, Amada and Koromaru will have
         to stay here.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Tomorrow's the school trip! Have you packed your things?

Listening Student: Of course! Yukata, bathing suit, flashlight, snacks...
                   A-And my checkerboard.

Gossiping Student: ...You don't travel light, do you?

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr. Ekoda: Ahem... Tomorrow, you leave on your field trip. Ah, Kyoto, home of
           my heart... Some teachers believe you should visit foreign
           countries... But, I steadfastly oppose them each year! It's
           shameful, the way we've lost our passion for our homeland... Even
           our marvelous language of Japanese has changed, as time passes...
           Some prefer to use English terms instead of the Japanese
           equivalents. It's absolutely preposterous! By the end of the year,
           I'll show you that Classic Lit isn't archaic--it's beautiful!

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ekoda: The vocabulary, the sentence structure... even the
                   pronunciation! In those days, the H was pronounced with the
                   F sound. For example, the line "Hisakatano hikarino dokeki
                   haruno hini" would be... "Fisakatano fikarino dokeki..."
                   etc. Mmm... Exquisite, isn't it...?

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Tomorrow's the school trip, dude! I'm so psyched!
        ...It kinda sucks that we're only going to Kyoto, though.

Ken: Hm, Junpei-san seems to have his energy back. I guess there was no reason
     to worry about him.

Junpei: Huh? What're ya talkin' about? I'm always energetic! By the way, you
        better behave while we're gone. Don't go throwin' any parties, got it?

Ken: I won't. Oh, and please don't worry about bringing me back a souvenir.

Junpei: ...Hey, are ya tryin' to use reverse psychosis on me or somethin'?

Ken: No, of course not. ...It's just that Kyoto has a lot of great tasting


/Early Morning\

> Today, you leave on the class field trip. The train is scheduled to arrive
  in Kyoto in the afternoon. You hope it will be a memorable experience...

<anime cutscene>

[The train arrives at the Kyoto Station and the students get off.]

Junpei: Kyoto, huh? Talk about boring...

Ryoji: You don't like it? Personally, I think it's one of the most beautiful
       places in the world!

Junpei: Whatever...

[Yukari looks back and smiles.]

<end anime cutscene>


> You transferred to a tour bus after arriving at Kyoto Station. The sun has
  already set...

[The juniors reach the inn.]

> Higashiyama-Sanjo, Godaigo Inn...

Junpei: We're finally here! Whoa, nice place!

Yukari: It IS an expensive area, after all.

[Ryoji spots a large umbrella nearby.]

Ryoji: Hey, what's that umbrella for?

Main: {It's for decoration.}

        Ryoji: ...I see. So, that's the style here in Kyoto, huh? ...So, which
               way to the geishas?

      {Maybe the roof leaks.}

        Ryoji: Huh? But this is the 1st floor! ...This building would have to
               be pretty old. ...So, which way to the geishas?

      {Who knows?}

        Ryoji: ...Maybe it's for good luck. Speaking of which... Where can I
               find a geisha?

Junpei: That's right, I forgot about that! Count me in!

Yukari: Keep dreamin', Junpei.

[Everyone walks forward to a window, where they can see a small pool.]

Aigis: The stone area outside is filled with water... Is this one of the
       open-air hot springs I have heard about?

Fuuka: No, it's just a courtyard... It's not meant for bathing.

Junpei: So, where were you guys gonna go at your old school, Ryoji?
        ...Somewhere interesting, I bet. Kyoto's so typical, don't ya think?

Ryoji: Hmm... I don't really remember.

Yukari: ...Are you serious? That's the highlight of the year!

[Ms. Toriumi walks over to them.]

Ms. Toriumi: Come on, you can talk later. You're blocking the hallway. Girls,
             your rooms are that way. Why don't you go get unpacked?

[She leaves and some other girls walk off in the direction she indicated.]

Junpei: ...You heard her.

Fuuka: We'll see you later, then.

[Yukari and Fuuka begin to walk off, and Junpei tries to follow them.]

Yukari: Hey, knock it off, Junpei. Back over there!

[He walks back.]

Yukari: ...Aigis, get with the program.

[Aigis follows Yukari and Fuuka out of the lobby.]



> School excursion, day two... Today's itinerary: Visiting historical sites

[A quick anime scene plays of snapshots of shrines the party visits.]

> You went sightseeing around Kyoto aboard a tour bus... Visiting the places in
  person was much more exciting than seeing them in photographs. In the
  afternoon, everyone went their seperate ways at the Kamogawa near the hotel.
  The river bank of the Kamogawa, near Sanjo Bridge, nighttime...

[Mitsuru is standing on the river bank. Yukari approaches her.]

Yukari: We should probably head back. We don't want to miss curfew.

[Mitsuru gives her a quick glance. Yukari walks down to where Mitsuru is

Yukari: The later it gets, the more crowded the Shijou becomes.

Mitsuru: Why are you still concerned about me? Our days of fighting together
         are over. We have no common goal to fight for, no enemies to defeat...
         no reason to be friends.

Yukari: ...That's not true...

Mitsuru: We've reached our conclusion... Why should we continue on? Everything
         I believed in was a lie. And in the end, I failed to...

Yukari: You failed to what? To protect the most important person in your life?
        Is that what you're trying to say? You said you were atoning for what
        the Kirijo Group did in the past, but that's not true. You were only
        fighting to protect your father.

Mitsuru: That's right! I fought to protect him, and look what happened! My
         trust for the Chairman blinded me, and I fell right into his trap!
         There was nothing I could do! My father placed the onus of
         responsibility all upon himself. And ever since the incident, he
         looked as if he was dead inside. I fought so that he could release the
         shame and guilt that burdened him so!

Yukari: ......

Mitsuru: But my efforts were futile... and now my life is without meaning.

[Yukari slaps her.]

Yukari: I'm sorry. But, we don't know that for sure yet.

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: Hey, did you know that I used to live around here? After my dad died,
        my mom spent all her time throwing herself at random men... I couldn't
        stand seeing her acting like that, so I used to come out here to the
        river bank to get away.

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: My belief in my dad was all I had...

Mitsuru: Your father was only doing what he thought was best...

Yukari: Yes, but it was still wrong. So he fought to the end to try and make it
        right again. He never gave up. He believed Shadows were dangerous, and
        they needed to be stopped, even if it meant losing his life... That's
        why I fight. I want to eliminate the Dark Hour and fulfill my dad's
        final wish.

Mitsuru: Fulfill his final wish...

Yukari: That's all I--no, we, can do. ...Right, Senpai?

Mitsuru: Yes... Yes, I agree, Takeba. It's not over yet. Nothing had been
         decided. We must put an end to this. For the sake of my father... and

Yukari: Senpai...

Mitsuru: Yukari, will you stand with me until the end?

[Yukari bows and then runs back up the bank.]

Yukari: Well, I guess we should go and take a bath together now.

Mitsuru: T-Take a bath together?

Yukari: Yeah, in the outdoor hot spring back at the hotel. It's really nice.
        Now that we have everything out in the open, there's nothing left for
        us to hide!

Mitsuru: ...Nothing?

Yukari: H-Hey, stop blushing! I didn't mean it like that! Anyways, we should
        really get going. It's already past curfew.

[Yukari runs off. Mitsuru looks up.]

Mitsuru: There is no need to worry, Father... I am not alone. ...And I'll never
         look back again.

> The resolution in Mitsuru's heart has awakened a new Persona...

[Penthesilea appears above Mitsuru and changes into another Persona.]

> Penthesilea has given rise to Artemisia!

[Artemisia disappears.]

Mitsuru: ...Please watch over me.


> You have changed into your bathrobe. You have some free time before you go to



> School excursion, day three... Today's itinerary: Walking tour of Kyoto

[Another quick anime scene plays showing snapshots of the walking tour.]

> Mitsuru-senpai seems to have cheered up... She's being friendly with her
  classmates, and Yukari. Something must have happened.


[Main goes downstairs and talks to Junpei.]

Junpei: S'up, Main. Wanna check out the outdoor hot spring?

[Main agrees to go.]

Junpei: Yeah, dawg! I'll go get Akihiko-senpai and Ryoji, while you go back to
        your room and get ready.

[Main goes back to his room. Later, the guys are in the hot springs.]

Ryoji: Did you know that this hot spring is open to guys at certain times and
       girls at others?

Junpei: No way, really? Then, there's a chance it could change to girls only
        while we're still bathing. But if that happens, there's nothing we can
        do about it. I mean, we're already here, right?

Ryoji: That's true. We couldn't be blamed if something like that were to
       happen. Don't you agree?

Main: {Yeah.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'm not so sure.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't ask me.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Ryoji: Well, it's really just a hypothetical question.

Junpei: ...Hey, isn't it getting kinda hot in here?

> Junpei and Ryoji seem to be acting strange...

Akihiko: So, Junpei, at what time does this hot-spring change from guys only
         to girls only?

Junpei: Uh, I'm not sure. I didn't bother to check. ...Right, Ryoji-kun?

Ryoji: Right. But it could happen at any moment, couldn't it, Junpei-kun?

Akihiko: So that's why we came at this strange time? ...You two are such

Junpei: *laugh* Calm down, man. We're just joking! Although you're right about
        it being a weird time to be here. But, don't worry. It's pretty late.
        I doubt any girls would--

[They suddenly hear the sound of moving water.]

Junpei: ...Shit! Someone's here! What're we gonna do...?

Akihiko: ...It's probably just a guy.

Ryoji: Don't worry. This is simply a misunderstanding. We'll just act like we
       didn't know.

Yukari: (offscreen) Wow! This hot spring is huge!

Fuuka: (offscreen) Oh, you're right... It's the size of a swimming pool.

Aigis: (offscreen) So, this is an outdoor hotspring. Unfortunately, its
       therapeutic healing benefits will not help me.

Junpei: Dammit, it's them... What're they doing here this late...?

Ryoji: Yes! Both Yukari-san AND Fuuka-san! This is my lucky ni--ngh!

[Ryoji stands up to get a look and Junpei pulls him down, dunking his head
 under the water.]

Junpei: Shut up, you idiot! They'll hear you.

[Junpei lets him up.]

Yukari: (offscreen) ...Who's that!? Is someone there!?

Mitsuu: (offscreen) ...What's the matter, Yukari? Did you hear something?

Akihiko: M-Mitsuru's here, too!? Oh, man. There's no way she'll consider this
         just a "misunderstanding"!

Junpei: Yeah, but it's not like we could get expelled for this, right? I mean,
        it was men only when we got here. So, it's actually kinda funny, if
        you think about it.

Akihiko: This is Mitsuru we're talking about. If she finds us, she'll... *gulp*

Junpei: What? She'll what?

Akihiko: She'll execute us...!

Ryoji: E-Execute us!?

Yukari: (offscreen) ...Yeah, I think I heard something. Fuuka, could you check
        over there? I-It could be a ghost...

Fuuka: (offscreen) Um... but... I, uh... Okay...

[The hot springs minigame begins.]

Fuuka: I'm scared to look around by myself... Yukari-chan, will you look with

Yukari: *sigh* Okay, fine... Let's start on the right side.


(The following scene plays if the guys are caught:)

        [The guys are standing in front of the girls.]

        Junpei: Uh, we, uh, um...

        Akihiko: W-Wait! Th-This is just a misunderstanding...!

        Mitsuru: Silence! I'm going to execute you all!

        Aigis: It was nice knowing you.

(The following scene plays if the guys manage to avoid detection:)

        [Yukari walks back to the other girls.]

        Yukari: ...There's nothing there. Sorry, it must have been my

        Fuuka: Doesn't the water seem a little hot? I'm beginning to feel

        Mitsuru: *laugh* It appears that Yamagishi's ability is ineffective
                 when she's without clothing...

        Fuuka: W-Well, of course it is!

        Aigis: To be honest, I am rather surprised by the difference between
               human bodies. More specifically...

        Yukari: Okay, that's enough, Aigis. Let's go. I'l treat you to some
                ice cream.

        Aigis: Ice cream would be quite useful. I require some cooling down.

        [The girls leave.]

        Akihiko: ...Okay, they're gone. Whew, that was close... We never
                 would've survived Mitsuru's "execution." ...Huh?

        [The camera pans back to the guys. Junpei and Ryoji have become so
         steamed that their skin has turned red and they're floating in the
         water unconsciously.]

        Akihiko: ...Looks like they passed out. Well, I guess that's what they



> School excursion, last day... You'll be leaving Kyoto by bullet train in the
  afternoon. You are free until then.

[The guys are sitting in the inn lobby. Ms. Toriumi walks by.]

Ms. Toriumi: Everyone remembers what time we're meeting at Kyoto Station, yes?
             Then, please be on time. If any of you are late, I'm the one who
             will be blamed.

[She walks off.]

(The following dialog plays if you were caught in the hot springs:)

        Junpei: I'll never forget Kyoto... How could I after last night...?

        Akihiko: ......

        Ryoji: That truly was an "execution"...

        Akihiko: ...Just try to forget about it.

        [Yukari, Fuuka, and Aigis walk by. They stop to look at the guys.]

        Yukari: ......

        Fuuka: ......

        [The girls walk away.]

        Junpei: Looks like they're still pissed...

        [Mitsuru walks by without stopping.]

        > Mitsuru walked past you without looking in your direction.

(The following dialog plays if you were not caught in the hot springs.)

        Junpei: I thought Kyoto was gonna blow, but it really wasn't that
                bad... I guess it's mostly because of last night.

        Akihiko: ......

        Ryoji: You know, in the hot spring...

        Akihiko: Shhh! Yeah, I know. Now, keep your voice down...

        [Yukari, Fuuka, and Aigis walk by. They stop to look at the guys.]

        Fuuka: Hm? What's going on, guys?

        Junpei: U-Um, we're just having a, um... a reflection meeting.

        Yukari: ...Oh yeah? What're you reflecting on?

        Junpei: Huh? O-Oh, nothing...

        Fuuka: Okay...

        Yukari: Whatever...

        [The girls walk away.]

        Junpei: This is our secret... You guys better take it to the grave.


Ken: ...Hello! Wow, that was fast... How was Kyoto?

Junpei: Aw, man... I'm so tired. ...But, it was a lotta fun. I brought you back
        some "souvenir stories," so I'll tell ya them later.

Ken: ...Oh, okay. I can't wait to hear them...

Junpei: We can't go to Tartarus tonight; we're all too tired. Let's go tomorrow
        night... even though we don't have anything to fight for anymore...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of boys are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: *sigh* After the day off on Monday, we've got Career
                   Experience starting on Tuesday... Where have they got you

Listening Student: Tuesday and Wednesday, I've got a construction job. And on
                   Thurday and Friday, I'm at a gas station...

Gossiping Student: That's just as bad as mine... I'll be picking up empty cans.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the boys enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: So, did everyone enjoy the school trip? I didn't. I couldn't care
             less about shrines and temples... Career Week starts next
             Tuesday. Just think of it as another boring field trip, for
             social studies. Going out into the real world is pretty tough.
             By the end of the week, you'll understand. Myself, I'm glad for
             the chance to relax... Anyway, today, we'll go through some famous
             pieces that are set in Kyoto.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: ...The stone pagoda on this page is the Adashi no Nenbutsu
                     Temple. I'm not crazy about stone temples like this, but
                     I take it that some of you went there.

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? ...Ryoji-kun was just here. He came to hang out
       with Junpei-kun. It's not often that we get visitors here.

Yukari: Yeah... Do you think it's okay? I'm actually surprised that he's not
        with a girl. ...Hey, where's Aigis?

Ken: I saw her on the 2nd floor.

Yukari: Really...? Hmm... Maybe she's with Koromaru... It's not like them to
        be gone.

/Late Night\

[Chidori is in her hospital room with her sketchbook.]

Chidori: What am I drawing...?

[The lights go out.]

Chidori: What the...?

[She hears the sound of breaking glass, and the alarm goes off. The door to her
 room open.]

Takaya: It has been a while...

Chidori: That voice...

[Takaya and Jin enter the room.]

Takaya: I am glad to see you once again... Jin, the instruments, if you would.

[Jin walks over to the bed, opens his suitcase, and puts some tools on the

Takaya: I trust you do not need to be restrained?

Chidori: Takaya...

Takaya: Surely you understand... There is nowhere for you to go... You must
        come with us. Death is not to be feared. You need only fear--

Chidori: Yes, I know.

Takaya: ...Excellent.

[Takaya and Jin leave the room. After a couple minutes, Chidori is back in
 her old costume.]

Chidori: It's all his fault... Since the day I met him, I've experienced
         nothing but pain... And I've become afraid of dying...

Jin: (offscreen) Hey, hurry up, Chidori.

[She walks out, leaving her sketchbook on the bed.]



(Greeting from random party member.)

/Dark Hour\

[Main is asleep in his room.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I'm sorry to wake you up... Um, I'm not sure how to
       say this, but... You need to go to the 4th floor... and please hurry!

[Fuuka is in the meeting room with Juno summoned. Mitsuru and Akihiko are
 already there. The other party members arrive.]

Yukari: What's going on!?

Mitsuru: Yamagishi sensed something! ...Other Persona-users. They're outside

Ken: Other Persona-users...? Don't tell me it's...

Akihiko: ...Strega. They're still alive.

Yukari: First, the Dark Hour won't go away, and now Strega is back!? What's

Akihiko: How many are there, Yamagishi?

Fuuka: (telepathically) There's only one, but... I thought she was in the

[There's a flash. Fuuka holds her hands to her head.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) No... she's... she's inside... *shriek*

Mitsuru: What's wrong!?

Chidori: (telepathically) ...Long time no see.

Junpei: Chidori!?

Mitsuru: She's speaking through Yamagishi!?

Chidori: (telepathically) I can't stand the sight of you all anymore... So,
         I've decided to do something about it. Come to me...

[Fuuka seems to regain control.]

Yukari: What the heck...!? I thought she was... Junpei, do you know what's
        going on!? Junpei!

Junpei: No, dammit! I have no idea! Just leave me the hell alone!

[He runs out of the room.]

Yukari: J-Junpei? Junpei, wait!

Mitsuru: This is most likely a trap. But, we're dealing with Strega, so we
         must pursue this. ...And if we confront them, we may gain some insight
         into our current situation.

Fuuka: (telepathically) Please be careful. I sensed one person, but the other
       two may be nearby.

Mitsuru: We have no idea what they're planning, so choose your allies wisely.
         We'll go after Iori once you've made your decision.

[Main selects a party. Later, Junpei and Chidori are outside Tartarus.]

Junpei: Chidori! What's going on!? Why are you doing this!?

Chidori: ......

Junpei: It doesn't make any sense! I mean, I know I'm not that smart, and I've
        done a lot of stupid stuff... But, we shouldn't be fighting like this!

[She starts to approch her.]

Fuuka: (offscreen) Junpei-kun! Look out!

[Chidori swings her weapon at him but Junpei manages to dodge in time.]

Junpei: Whoa...!

Chidori: Tch...

[The other party members run up to the scene.]

Junpei: Chidori...! Why!?

Akihiko: Get back, Junpei! It's useless trying to reason with her!

Fuuka: No! It's too dangerous! ...I know how you feel, Junpei-kun! But please,
       just back up!

[The party begins battle with Chidori.]

Chidori: I don't belong here... I... I've always known that!

[Chidori takes some damage.]

Chidori: Takaya was right... You're a nuisance!

[Chidori reaches critical condition.]

Chidori: Why!? Why won't you leave me alone!? I just don't get it, Junpei...

[The party defeats Chidori. She drops to her knees and Junpei runs over to

Junpei: Chidori!

Chidori: I told you... Don't touch me...

Junpei: Chidori, please... Tell me why you're doing this...

Chidori: What I fear most isn't death. What I fear most is... attachment. Once
         I become attacked to something, I fear that I will lose it. That's
         why we only live for the moment... But you... you brought me pain...
         Pain that I didn't want... Pain that I never asked for...

Junpei: Huh...?

Chidori: When I'm with you, Junpei, I fear everything... I fear loss... I fear
         death... I fear that my time with you will end... That's why I...

Junpei: Chidori...?

Fuuka: I'm sensing...

Mitsuru: What? What is it?

[Takaya and Jin suddenly appear in front of the doors to Tartarus.]

Ken: So then...

Akihiko: There you are, you sons of bitches!

Takaya: *sigh* Chidori... I see that it is too late. You've been poisoned by

Junpei: What the hell does that mean, you figgin' ghost!?

Takaya: *laugh* I am no ghost... Fate permitted me to live, even though I
        wasn't attached to life... You might say I was... chosen.

Junpei: You bastard... I've made up my mind! I won't let you do this to her
        anymore! I'll protect Chidori with my life! Chidori, don't stay with
        them! Come with me!

[Takaya pulls out his revolver.]

Takaya: *laugh*

Akihiko: Look out, Junpei!!

[Junpei stands up and Takaya shoots him.]

Junpei: Huh...?

[Junpei puts a hand to his chest before dropping to the ground. Chidori turns
 to look at him.]

Chidori: Jun...pei...

Fuuka: Nooooooooo!!

[The scene fades out and changes into another scene. Junpei is lying in a
 hospital bed and Chidori is sitting in a chair next to him.]

Junpei: ...!?

Chidori: I'm so happy you're awake...

[Junpei sits up.]

Junpei: Chidori...? Huh...? I-I thought I was...

[Chidori takes his hand.]

Chidori: I... I was wrong... I was scared... and I blamed you for my heartache.
         I never felt that way before I met you, Junpei... And for the first
         time in my life, I... I realized what I wanted...

Junpei: And, what is that?

Chidori: I... I want to be with you, Junpei. Forever.

Junpei: I, um, I... I want to be with you, too...

Chidori: But, it could never last... I'm different from you... Since the
         moment I gained my power, I've known the day I was going to die.

Junpei: What...!?

Chidori: Knowing that scared me... because I had never really thought about
         dying... And it made me realize that I wouldn't be with you anymore...

[She takes his other hand.]

Junpei: Chidori...

Chidori: That's why this is how it should be... You can't die here, Junpei.

Junpei: Die...?

[There's a flash.]

Junpei: Huh!?

[The vision fades back to reality. Chidori uses Medea on Junpei.]

Junpei: ...Ah!

Fuuka: Junpei-kun!

Yukari: Junpei!

Junpei: I...

Chidori: It worked...

Akihiko: She revived him... I can't believe it.

Fuuka: Her power is the opposite of mine. Her Persona doesn't sense life; it
       emits life... But, in order to revive a person, she must...

[Chidori suddenly falls into Junpei's lap.]

Junpei: Chidori!

Chidori: I can hear the life pulsing through you... *chuckle*

Junpei: Huh...?

Chidori: Now I will live inside you, and we'll be together... forever.

Junpei: Wh-What're you saying...!? Chidori... Chidori!

Chidori: I'll protect you, Junpei... always...

Junpei: I-I'll protect you too! Please... don't go!

[She holds her hand up and Junpei takes it.]

Chidori: It feels so nice to be with you...

Junpei: Chidori...!

Chidori: Thank you... Jun...pei... I love you...

[Her hand goes limp and drops to the floor.]

Junpei: ...!? This can't be happening... Chidori... Chidori, answer me...
        Chidori...! Aaaaaaaah!!

Takaya: What a pity... Such a meaningless death...

Junpei: Meaningless...!?

[Junpei sets Chidori on the ground and turns around.]

Takaya: Hm?

Junpei: Aaaah...!

[Junpei uses his Evoker and summones Hermes.]

> The resolution in Junpei's heart has awakened a new Persona...

Jin: ...!?

[Hermes changes into another Persona.]

Takaya: What!?

> Hermes has given rise to Trismegistus!

Junpei: Aaaaaaaaaargggggh!!

[Jin runs forward and gets hit with a blast of fire, knocking him back.]

Jin: Gah!

Junpei: *gasp* *gasp* I refuse to... ugh...

[Junpei drops to his knees. The rest of the party runs forward.]

Akihiko: Junpei!

Takaya: My... That was quite a specticle. Now, allow me to reciprocate.

[Takaya pulls out his revoler, but Jin grabs his other arm.]

Jin: Takaya, don't!

Takaya: ...Wh-What is the meaning of this!? *grunt* Release me!

Jin: Don't forget about your mission! This is just a waste of energy!

Takaya: (to the party) I have something much greater to accomplish... And since
        you have no means of destroying the Dark Hour, I will let you be...
        for now.

[Takaya makes a gesture with his revolver.]

Takaya: ...But know that the day I shall finish this is soon approaching.

[Jin throws out a smoke bomb and they escape.]

Junpei: Wait!

Akihiko: Stop!

Junpei: Let go! I...!

Akihiko: She entrusted you with this life! Don't waste it.

Junpei: ......

[Junpei turns back around to face Chidori.]

Junpei: Chidori... Chidori, I... I... This is so hard... But... It's not just
        my life anymore...

Yukari: Junpei...

[The scene fades out.]

> ...... Everyone was silent as you walked back to the dorm together. No one
  can find the right words to say to Junpei... ......


/Early Morning\

> Today is Labor Day. There's no school.


Ken: ...Hello! ...Junpei-san's still in his room... It's hard to lose someone
     you're close to... ...... I'm worried about him...


/Early Morning\

> The next four days are Career Experience days... Day after day, you carried
  the cardboard boxes...



Ken: ...Hello! Junpei-san's still not feeling well... I'm getting really
     worried now...

Yukari: After all he's been through... I can understand why he's feeling
        down... He got really lucky this week, though... No one realized he
        took some days off because everyone was at Career Experience. Well,
        I hope he's feeling a little better now...

Ken: ...I'm going to defeat those Strega guys. I can't take this anymore...!

Yukari: ...I know how you feel. But, you don't have to do it all by yourself.

Ken: ...I know.



[The party members are gathered around the table in the dorm lounge. Junpei
 walks in.]

Akihiko: Cheer up, Junpei...

Junpei: Yeah... So, whaddya want?

[Mitsuru slides a sketchbook over to him.]

Mitsuru: This came for you. It's from the hospital.

Junpei: That's...

Mitsuru: They were going through her items when they found that.

Junpei: I know I have to snap out of this, but it's just so hard...

Main: {Hang in there, Junpei.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {You should look at it.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: Hey, Junpei, can I take a look?

Junpei: You wouldn't be able to understand her drawings anyway...

[Yukari opens the cover to reveal the top picture.]

Yukari: Wait, is this...?

Fuuka: Wow, it's really good...

Yukari: This is amazing... Who wouldn't be able to understand it?

[Junpei turns to take a closer look at the picture.]

Junpei: Huh? Is this...!?

Aigis: ...It's a detailed portrait of Junpei-san.

[Junpei drops to his knees and puts his head down on the picture.]

Junpei: Chidori... *sob*

Akihiko: Junpei...

[Ken and Koromaru walk over.]

Koromaru: *whimper*

[Junpei stands back up.]

Junpei: It's like she's telling me to stop moping around...

Fuuka: She must be looking out for you...

Koromaru: Arf!

[Junpei turns to Main and puts his hand out.]

Junpei: I promise to fight to get rid of the Dark Hour. And, I'm sorry for all
        the times I snapped at you... It still bothers me a little... But, I
        want you to know that I'm counting on your abilities.

Main: {I understand.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'm counting on you, too.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't count on me.}

        Junpei: *laugh* Always joking around, huh?

[Main takes Junpei's hand and shakes it.]

Yukari: Junpei...

Aigis: ......

[Fool Arcana to rank 9.]



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. The full moon's almost here. No Shadows have appeared yet,
        but I'm still worried. ...Oh, that reminds me... Ryoji-kun's here
        again. He's visiting Junpei. Junpei's still pretty down... so I'm
        glad he has a good friend like Ryoji-kun.



[Mr. Ekoda is teaching Classic Literature.]

Mr. Ekoda: Oh, how sublimely the heroine Murasakino-ue is portrayed in this
           passage! She was written to be the ideal woman of the Heian
           period... The quintessetinal Heian beauty. Speaking of Heian
           beauty... Here's a question for you, Main.

[Main stands up.]

Mr Ekoda: In both past and present, fair-skinned women are considered
          beautiful, but... Women of the Heian period would put white makeup
          on their faces. Do you know the reason why?

Main: {Everyone did it.}

        Mr. Ekoda: Hmph... Wrong. See how much we lose, as civilization
                   "advances"... It was difficult to see people's faces at
                   night, when all they had were candles. It was very important
                   to women that their faces be visible in the dark. Now, the
                   kanji character for "beauty"...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {For good luck.}

        (Same as first option.)

      {So they stood out.}

        Mr. Ekoda: Hmph... I suppose it was an easy question. It was difficult
                   to see people's faces at night, when all they had were
                   candles. It was very important to women that their faces be
                   visible in the dark. Now, the kanji character for

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


[Ryoji and the party members are in the dorm lounge.]

Junpei: See ya later, Ryoji! And hey, stop freaking out about your exams. I
        didn't study either.

Yukari: *sigh* But then again, you never do...

[Main enters the dorm and walks over.]

Ryoji: Oh, hi. What's up? Studying? You know, I'm here a lot, but I hardly ever
       run into you. Strange, huh? Oh well, I'm outta here. See ya later.

[Ryoji leaves the dorm. Aigis walks over to the group.]

Aigis: ...Was that Ryoji-san?

Yukari: Yeah, he said he was going home.

Aigis: What was he doing here?

Yukari: He's been coming here a lot, ever since he started hanging around with

Aigis: But, visitors aren't allowed here...

Junpei: Yeah, but Mitsuru-senpai said that it's okay during the day.

Fuuka: I don't think we need to worry about Ryoji-kun.

Aigis: He's... dangerous...

Fuuka: Who? Ryoji-kun?

Yukari: Come to think of it, he WAS hitting on Mitsuru-senpai the first time he
        met her.

Akihiko: He was...?

Fuuka: ...But, having him around has really cheered up Junpei-kun.

Junpei: Well, it's not like moping around's gonna bring her back...

Aigis: That's true... I envy you, Junpei... I'm a machine, so I cannot
       understand how it feels to "live".

Junpei: ...But, you don't seem that different.

Aigis: However, it is more accurate to say that I am "functioning" as opposed
       to living. There are times when I malfunction, but I can always be

Junpei: So if we were all like you... we wouldn't have to worry about dying...
        Uh, sorry... Hey, I don't have time to talk. I seriously gotta go
        study... Hey, shouldn't you guys be studying too? I heard math's gonna
        be a killer.

Yukari: ...You wait until NOW to tell us that!? Well, I guess we should call it
        a night then...

[Most of the party members walk off. Main starts to leave too, but stops when
 Aigis starts talking.]

Aigis: I should not possess the gift of "life"... A "living" weapon is
       difficult to operate... However, I believe I understand the concept of
       loss... Should you ever be harmed, I...

Main: {Don't worry about me.}

        Aigis: ...I'll try not to.

      {You're overanalyzing.}

        Aigis: I'm sorry. I'm just... concerned.

Aigis: You are very special to me... I do not know why, but I always want to be
       by your side... I want to protect you... I apologize for interrupting
       you... I will leave you to your studies. ...Good night.

[Aigis walks over towards the stairs.]

Aigis: Ryoji Mochizuki is dangerous... What is this uneasiness...? I am a
       machine... I cannot die, so they won't have to grieve for me. I must
       do something... I don't want them to suffer anymore...



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Tomorrow's the full moon... But, we don't have any
        Shadows to kill. Man, this sucks... I heard Ryoji's not feeling good.
        Maybe he's been studying too much... Haha! Nah, that can't be it.


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Aigis there.]

Aigis: Good morning. ...I intend to do my best to protect everyone.

Main: {Is something wrong?}

        Aigis: No, please do not worry. I just wanted to share my feelings.

      {I'm counting on you.}

        Aigis: ...Understood.

[Main and Aigis enter the school.]


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Tonight is the full moon... but we won't be
       conducting an operation. Maybe I should summon Juno, though, just in
       case... By the way, have you seen Aigis?

Main: {No, I haven't.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Isn't she in her room?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Fuuka: Aigis has been returning late these days. She never used to... I wonder
       what happened.

/Dark Hour\

[Ryoji is standing on the Moonlight Bridge looking at the moon. Aigis comes up
 behind him.]

Aigis: I've been looking for you.

Ryoji: You... You're...

Aigis: What are you doing here?

Ryoji: ...Oh, that's right. You don't really like me, do you? Well, to answer
       your question, I ended up here when I came to my senses. It's strange...
       The sky and the ground look so weird, and there's no one here...
       Something terrible has happened here, and yet I feel at peace.

Aigis: ...Have you forgotten?

Ryoji: Forgotten what?

Aigis: The Dark Hour--a time period few people are active during. But you,
       you've somehow adapted to it... Too well for a human, in fact.

Ryoji: ......

Aigis: Yes... It's all so clear. Now I understand the reason behind this
       feeling I sense when you're around. You are not good. You are...
       my enemy.

Ryoji: Your enemy...?

[Ryoji pauses to think for a second.]

Ryoji: That's right... On a night like tonight... the moon was full... It was
       long ago...

Aigis: Yes... We met once before... as adversaries.

Ryoji: Who... Who am I? Who are you...?

Aigis: I am Aigis. The last remaining Anti-Shadow Emergency Control Weapon.
       A machine created to destroy Shadows.

Ryoji: Created to... destroy Shadows...

Aigis: And you... your true name is "Death"... You are the Shadow I sealed away
       ten years ago!

[She moves into a battle stance.]

Ryoji: !?

<anime cutscene>

[Aigis leaps forward towards Ryoji.]

Ryoji: Yes... Ten years ago, the night I was born into this world... I set foot
       on this very bridge.

[A flashback starts as Aigis and Ryoji converse.]

Aigis: The sole purpose of my existance is to destroy Shadows. For that reason
       I was given a personality... and a Persona.

[The past version of Aigis is standing on the Moonlight Bridge.]

Ryoji: They said I was Death, the 13th Arcana that was never meant to be...
       and I wasn't in this world for long before parts of my body escaped me,
       leaving me incomplete... as I was when I met you.

[The Death Shadow is floating next to a crashed car. The past Aigis begins
 attacking it.]

Aigis: Even so, your strength was far greater than I anticipated. The only
       possible alternative was to seal you away... And as circumstance would
       have it, a suitable vessel was available: a human child standing

[A younger version of Main is next to the crashed car.]

Aigis: ...So I did what was necessary.

Ryoji: I see, so I was confined within him, and I lead him to my twelve missing
       pieces without realizing it. And then... I remember! I remember
       everything! It all makes sense now... Who, and what, I am.

[The flashback ends and Aigis is standing in front of Ryoji.]

Aigis: Palladion!

[Aigis summons her Persona and tries to attack Ryoji.]

Ryoji: Stop, don't be foolish, Aigis. There's no way you can win. I'm different
       than before.

Aigis: A machine is created for a purpose. Mine is to defeat you. I exist for
       nothing else.

Ryoji: It doesn't have to be that way...

[Aigis uses her Persona against Ryoji, but after a few seconds she falters and
 her Persona disappears.]

Aigis: I am sorry... I have failed. A machine is worthless if it cannot fulfill
       its purpose.

[She looks back up at Ryoji, and a series of images flash by: Ryoji, a young
 Main, and the Shadow called Death.]

Aigis: I'm sorry... I'm... afraid.

<end anime cutscene>

[Meanwhile, Mitsuru and Fuuka are in the meeting room. Fuuka has Juno summoned.
 Yukari enters.]

Yukari: Hey... Don't scare me like that.

Mitsuru: Is something wrong?

Yukari: Well, it's a full moon tonight... You noticed it too, didn't you,
        Senpai? Geez, I'm starting to feel like a workaholic! Oh no... Did

Mitsuru: We don't know anything for sure... However, we can't find Aigis.

Yukari: Huh? Where would she have gone?

Fuuka: (telepathically) I sensed a Persona, but it quickly disappeared. And
       soon after that, I couldn't detect Aigis's presence.

Yukari: Could it have been Strega...?

Mitsuru: Well, she hasn't sensed any of their members, but we can't be

Fuuka: (telepathically) I've confirmed Aigis's location. She's on the Moonlight

Mitsuru: Alright, call the others. Let's see what's going on there.

[Koromaru arrives at the bridge and runs over to Aigis, who is obviously

Koromaru: *bark* *bark*

Yukari: Aigis!?

[The rest of the party runs in.]

Aigis: I'm sorry... I... I... remember everything... Who I am... Who "he" is...

[Aigis points toward Main, and he crouches down next to her and takes her

Aigis: I know why I wanted to be by your side... I'm sorry... I failed...

Main: {What happened?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {It's going to be okay.}

        Aigis: I'm... sorry...

      {Save your energy.}

        Aigis: I'm... sorry...

Familiar Voice: There's no need for you to apologize...

[Ryoji walks over to the group.]

Junpei: You...!?

Yukari: Ryoji-kun...? Wait, what're you doing here!?

[Aigis's hand drops.]

Fuuka: Aigis!

> Aigis doesn't seem to be functioning properly.

Akihiko: What's going on...?

Ryoji: It's all my fault...

[Akihiko steps forward.]

Mitsuru: Akihiko, wait. He's not showing any signs of aggression. Tell us...
         Who are you? ...WHAT are you?

Ryoji: I'm the same as the beings you call Shadows.

Junpei: You're a Shadow!?

Ryoji: I'm the embodiment of all Shadows... The Appriser, born from the union
       of the 12 Arcana.

Yukari: The Appriser...?

Ryoji: I remember everything now... The frightening truth about myself... and
       Shadows... It's all so hard to believe...

[He drops to his knees.]

Mitsuru: ...You know the "truth" about Shadows?

Ryoji: Yes. Shadows are here to facilitate the rebirth of the maternal being.
       She will begin to awaken as she is drawn to me... The Appriser.

Mitsuru: You? You're The Appriser?

[Ryoji nods.]

Fuuka: What is this "maternal being"...?

Ryoji: She is a great entity... There is no comparable word in your language
       for her. Ten years ago, a man collected a great number of Shadows and
       contained them in a laboratory... That's where I was born. ...But the
       unification was interrupted, and I awoke in an incomplete state. Not
       long after, I fell to Aigis... as she did to me.

Junpei: Aigis...!? Is that true!? ...Ryoji?

Ryoji: She knew she could not defeat me... So in an act of desperation, she
       sealed me within a child who happened to be standing nearby. That child
       grew up, carrying me inside him. And by a twist of fate, he later
       returned here... as a transfer student.

Yukari: You mean...

Ryoji: Yes... I lived inside him. His special Persona awakened... as did the
       12 Shadows, all in order to become one with me.

Junpei: Ryoji, you're The Appriser? A-And you were inside HIM!? None of this
        makes sense!

Ryoji: It's all my fault... I'm sorry. There's more I need... to tell you...

[He passes out on the ground.]

Fuuka: Ryoji-kun!

> Ryoji is unconscious...

Mitsuru: He appears to be exhausted... Let's let him rest... We have Aigis to
         attend to as well. We'll continue our talk later.

[The scene fades out.]

> ...... You are in shock at what you've just heard... Ryoji lived inside you
  for ten years, waiting to make contact with the 12 Shadows... And the boy
  named Pharos was actually Ryoji... ...... So many questions remain
  unanswered. However, Ryoji is unconscious... So you have no choice but to
  return to the dorm and rest...


/After School\

[Main and Junpei are sitting in their homeroom. Mitsuru enters and walks over.]

Mitsuru: ...He's awake now. Let's meet tonight on the 4th floor.

Junpei: ...Okay.

Mitsuru: Alright, then. I'll see you later.

[She leaves.]

Junpei: Damn that Ryoji...


[Ryoji and the party members are in the meeting room.]

Mitsuru: Is everyone present?

Fuuka: Are you okay, Ryoji-kun?

Ryoji: Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks. Besides, there's more I have to tell you guys.

Yukari: Ryoji-kun...

Mitsuru: Yes, there are many questions we need answered. To begin with, you
         said Shadows were here to faciliate the rebirth of the maternal
         being... Please elaborate on this.

Ryoji: The maternal being is called Nyx.

Junpei: Who the hell's Nyx...?

Ryoji: Nyx is the mother of Shadows. In ancient times, she bestowed "Death" to
       this world. If she is awakened, darkness will once again cover the land,
       and all life will vanish.

Akihiko: You mean, everyone will die!?

Mitsuru: All life will vanish...? Th-Then, that must mean...!

> ...Everyone seems to be coming to the same conclusion. Every human being will
  become like The Lost... leading to the extinxtion of mankind, and the end of
  the world.

Mitsuru: The Fall...

Yukari: But, it's still possible to keep it from happening, right?

Ryoji: ......

Yukari: Wh-What...? There's no way to prevent it...?

Ryoji: ...I'm sorry...

Yukari: Wait, what're you apologizing for!? Are you saying it's for certain!?

Ryoji: Yes... You heard the bell... I'm The Appriser... The Appriser of
       Death... My existence is the affirmation of the Fall.

> Everyone is at a loss for words... It is inevitable... The entire human race
  will become members of The Lost. Ryoji's existance confirms the impending
  extinction of mankind. ......

Akihiko: When!? When will it happen!?

Ryoji: I'm afraid you will not live to see spring...

Junpei: But, that's not too far away!

[Junpei looks around, but no one says anything.]

Junpei: *laugh* Wh-What're you guys freaking out about? All we have to do is
        defeat this Nyx! And that won't be a problem cuz we've never lost!

Ryoji: Defeating Nyx is... impossible. It has nothing to do with strength,
       ability, or power. Just as all living things die... and the flow of time
       is continuous... Nyx cannot be defeated.

Junpei: What...? That's bullshit!

Ken: This is all so sudden...

> The others are unable to hide their fear...

Ryoji: I was born from a collection of Shadows. But now, I have a human form...
       So I can talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you... All gifts I
       received because I was inside him. So... I can give you a choice.

Yukari: A choice...?

Ryoji: Nyx's coming cannot be avoided. But, it is possible to live in peace
       until she arrives. You'll have to... kill me. If I were to disappear,
       all memories of the Dark Hour would disappear with me, as would any
       recollection of the fate that awaits you. You won't remember anything.
       The coming of the Fall will be instantaneous... and you will not suffer.

Mitsuru: We'll forget everything?

Ryoji: You'll be able to return to your normal lives. And in doing so, the time
       until the Fall will be slightly delayed. In essence, I am the same as
       Nyx and cannot be killed. But thanks to him, there's a part of me that's
       "human". So, if death comes from his hands, I think it may be possible.

Fuuka: Ryoji-kun...

Ryoji: If you don't kill me, you will suffer more than you could ever imagine.
       With no hope for salvation, you will live every day paralyzed by the
       fear of your impending death. And I... I don't want you to have to
       endure such pain.

Yukari: ...I don't want my memories to be erased. ...To forget everything would
        be like hiding from the truth!

Ryoji: Would that really be such a bad thing? All that awaits you now is
       despair. You don't know the terror of absolute death...! Please, don't
       make your decision without at least thinking about what I've said.

Yukari: ......

Ken: Why is this happening!?

Ryoji: You don't have to decide right now. You have until December 31st, New
       Year's Eve, to think about it. After that, I'll dissolve into the
       blackness of the Dark Hour and become intangible.

Junpei: Ryoji...?

Ryoji: I will disappear with the coming of Nyx anyways... So, don't worry about
       me. I'll be back on New Year's Eve...

[Ryoji takes one last look around before leaving the room.]

Junpei: H-Hey, Ryoji, wait!

[The door closes. Junpei starts to go after him.]

Fuuka: Wait! I can't sense him anymore. Ryoji-kun's no longer here...

Akihiko: Are you sure?

Fuuka: Yes...

Ken: ......

Yukari: Ryoji-kun...

Mitsuru: We will see him again, on New Year's Eve.

[The scene fades out.]

> ...... A devastating realization... The world will soon perish... The destiny
  of mankind is extinction... A difficult decision lies before you... Death is
  inevitable... The Appriser waits for you. ...... You cannot think clearly.
  How does a person choose the way he will die?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: I heard some people saying that Apathy Syndrome is nothing
                   to worry about.

Listening Student: I heard the same thing. It puts people at ease, right?

Gossiping Student: Yeah... It certainly does for me. You think it's some new

Listening Student: What, are you taking this seriously?

Gossiping Student: O-Of course not!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


Junpei: ...... Oh, you're back... My bad. Could last night just have been a
        dream or something...? ...... No, probably not, huh...?


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Did you hear about Ryoji in Class 2-F?

Listening Student: No, I didn't! What happened to him?

Gossiping Student: His parents got transferred again, so he won't be around

Listening Student: So that's why I didn't see him... I wasn't expecting that!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


Mitsuru: ...? Oh, it's you. (Last Name)... ...... Never mind. There's no point
         in asking someone else...

Main: {No, there isn't.}

        Mitsuru: Sorry... Please forget I even said anything.

      {Are you scared?}

        Mitsuru: No, I'm not really scared. I just can't seem to comprehend all
                 that has happened. I thought I would grow stronger after my
                 father died, but I haven't...



Akihiko: ...... Oh, it's you. Sorry, I was just daydreaming. I was thinking
         about what Shinji would say if I met him in Heaven.

Main: {What would he say?}

        Akihiko: He probably won't say anything... He'll just punch me in the
                 face. He's got a strong right hook, so I'm sure it's gonna

      {Are you scared of death?}

        Akihiko: No, not really... It takes a long time for me to register
                 fear... But, even though I've experienced losing someone
                 before, that always hurts...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Yukari there.]

Yukari: Mornin'... Things have been pretty crazy lately, huh... No one's in the
        mood to talk, either.

Main: {Cheer up.}

        Yukari: Right... I suppose that's best.


        Yukari: Yeah, I know how you feel... But, we have to cheer up sooner
                or later...

[Main and Yukari enter the school.]


[Ms. Ounishi is teaching Chemistry.]

Ms. Ounishi: It's already December... The year's almost over! But that doesn't
             mean you can slack off! That's right! Exams start next Monday!
             Though... didn't we just have them not too long ago? Anyway, take
             notes, because I'm about to tell you what'll be on the chemistry

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Ounishi: Make sure you study the graph of reversible reactions over
                     time. Next... *yawwwn* Oof, I'm tired. We're wrapping up
                     the development of a new medicine right now. I'm not gonna
                     lose to Mr. Edogawa...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? ...... U-Um... Try to cheer up.

Main: {I'm not down.}

        Fuuka: O-Oh, okay then. U-Um... Sorry, Main-kun, I know you're


        Fuuka: Oh, you're welcome... ...... Sorry, I guess I'm the one who's
               the most confused...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Fuuka there.]

Fuuka: Good morning... So, Main-kun, have you decided what you're going to

Main: {No, I haven't.}

        Fuuka: I'm scared...

      {Yes, I have.}

        Fuuka: You're so brave, Main-kun. But, I'm scared...

Fuuka: Even Ken-kun is down... What are we going to do...?

[Main and Fuuka enter the school.]


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Akihiko there.]

Akihiko: Hey, Main... Don't you think it's funny...? We have so much to worry
         about, but we're still going to school as if nothing's changed...

Main: {True.}

        Akihiko: But, we'll have to make up our minds sooner or later.
                 Otherwise, it'll be too late.

      {You decide yet?}

        Akihiko: No... But I'm not ignoring it, either.

[Main and Akihiko enter the school.]


[Mr. Takenozuka is teaching Physics.]

Mr. Takenozuka: Exams start next Monday. We're a little ahead of schedule, so
                let's review the material. We'll start with the basics:
                gravity. What's gravity? A big, heavy object draws a smaller
                object to it. That's gravity.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Takenozuka: When your eraser falls to the ground, that's also
                        gravity. But when your grades fall in the toilet,
                        that's not gravity! That's your own damn fault! Write
                        this down, 'cause I'm about to erase it! Come on!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. It's been a week since Ryoji-kun was here... I couldn't
        sleep for three days after that. Do you think it's weird for me to be
        this scared?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Yukari: Well, I've some to realize something... You don't really know
                how much you take your life for granted... until there's a
                possibility you might lose it.

      {Nah, everyone's scared.}

        Yukari: ...Yeah, I guess you're right. You don't really know how much
                you take your life for granted... until there's a possibility
                you might lose it. It's difficult to explain...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. He meets Mitsuru there.]

Mitsuru: Good morning. Did you talk to the others?

Main: {Yeah.}

        Mitsuru: I see... Well, I feel the same as the others. We can't
                 continue on like this... We should talk with everyone tonight.


        Mitsuru: But, we can't continue on like this... We should talk with
                 everyone tonight.

[Main and Mitsuru enter the school.]


[Main enters the dorm to find the others gathered around the table.]

Yukari: Well, it's been a week. What're we going to do? ...You okay, Fuuka?

Fuuka: You just seem so calm...

Yukari: We have to make a decision... I mean, it's been such a drag around here
        lately, and no one will go to Tartarus...

Mitsuru: ...You're right. We humans are quite resilient. We can adapt to any
         situation, given enough time. So, how about it, everyone? Why don't we
         talk about it?

Junpei: ......

Ken: ...Have you made your decision, Sanada-san?

Akihiko: No... But, I don't plan on running away.

Mitsuru: So you're going to fight Nyx?

Akihiko: ...I don't know. I mean, it's supposedly undefeatable. What about you?
         What are your thoughts on it?

Mitsuru: Honestly, this is the first time I've ever really contemplated my own
         death... It's quite a sobering thought. I don't want to suffer... and
         I don't want to kill Ryoji. But either way, we still die. So, there is
         no simple answer.

Fuuka: Then, do we all agree that we don't want to hurt Ryoji-kun?

Akihiko: Is that how you feel?

Fuuka: Well, I, um...

Yukari: It's okay, Fuuka. I mean, it's not natural to choose how you're going
        to die... What about you, Junpei? Have you decided?

Junpei: No...

Yukari: What's the matter? Scared?

Junpei: ...What the hell do you mean by that? You think this is a joke?

Yukari: Junpei, I...

Junpei: We're going to die! Of course I'm scared! You all need to wake up! This
        is death we're talking about here!

Mitsuru: Then, what do you want to do? Do you want to kill him?

Junpei: There's nothing I can do... He's the only one who can kill him. Come to
        think of it, it's all your fault... (to Main) You had that thing inside
        you and didn't even know it... You raised it, dammit! This is all your
        fault! So you should do something about it! You're supposed to be
        "special," right!?

Main: {This isn't my fault.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I can't do anything.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I won't run away.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'm scared too.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Yukari: Stop it, Junpei! It's not his fault... And the only reason we've even
        been given a choice is because he carried it!

Junpei: I know that, dammit! But...

Yukari: I'm sorry I teased you, Junpei. I was just trying to lighten up the
        situation. Personally, I don't want to forget everything. I've learned
        so much since coming here.

Junpei: I've never really talked about this before, but... My old man was an
        alcoholic. He started drinking after he was tricked into investing his
        life savings in some telemarketing scam. He drank until he passed out,
        so he didn't have to face reality... And I hated him for it... Now, I
        understand how he felt. Everything seems hopeless... I'm so scared!

Fuuka: I know how you feel, Junpei-kun. I'm scared too.

Akihiko: Yeah, we're all scared.

Mitsuru: Yes... I... I can't stop shaking.

Yukari: Me either...

Junpei: Yuka-tan...

Mitsuru: Alright, I don't think we're prepared to make a decision just yet.
         Ryoji said he'll be back on New Year's Eve, so we still have some time
         to think about it. ...So until then, let's just try to live our lives
         as normally as possible.

[Everyone nods.]



[Ms. Toriumi is teaching Composition.]

Ms. Toriumi: Exams will begin on Monday. Have you guys studied? It's my fault
             if you don't get good scores, you know. Let's consult our
             textbooks for today's lesson. Let's see... Ah, yes. Antonyms.
             Antonyms are rather difficult, since words can be interpreted in
             many different ways. One antonym of "hard" is "soft." But "easy"
             could also be an antonym of "hard." You seem confused, Junpei.
             Tell me, what's the antonym of "hard," as in "Why are you being so
             hard on me?"

Junpei: ...Huh? Me? Ughh... I wasn't listening at all... Did you hear what she
        said, Main? Do you know the answer?

Main: {Nice.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Oh, so you were listening. You've got a funny way of
                     showing it, though...

        Junpei: F-Funny way... Yeah, I guess so. ...Thanks, Main.

        > You hear classmates whispering...

        Classmate: Main helped Junpei out! He's a real nice guy.

        > You became slightly more popular. Your Charm has increased.


        Ms. Toriumi: That's completely wrong! Stop daydreaming and listen up!

        Junpei: Daydreaming...? I-I guess so. Wait, that goes for you too...

        > The answer you gave him was wrong...


        (Same as second option.)


Mitsuru: Welcome back. Exams begin next week. I know it will be difficult to
         study for them, but... If you run away now, you'll just be giving up
         on life. Oh, and please let me know when you'll be going to Tartarus.

Akihiko: Yeah, let me know too. I need to get some exercise... so I'll explore
         with you. I'm not leaving the ring without a win.



[Mr. Ono is teaching Japanese History.]

Mr. Ono: Exams start next Monday, so let's go over some historically
         significant years. 901: Michizane Sugawara is demoted. 1016: Michinaga
         Fujiwara becomes regent. 1156: The Hoden Rebellion. 1159: The Heiji

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: 1185: Battle of Dan-no-ura. 1192: The Kamakura shogunate is
                 established. Ooh, we're getting close to the age of the

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Exams start tomorrow, huh...? Ha! This is the first time
        an exam's taken my mind off of something else. Usually it's the other
        way around!


/Early Morning\

> 2nd semester final exams begin today and last for 6 days...


> This question seems familiar...

Japanese History Q.3: In what year did the Hogen Rebellion take place?

Main: {901}

        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Chemistry Q.3: Which of the following is used to make tofu?

Main: {Sodium carbonate}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Magnesium carbonate}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Sodium chloride}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {Magnesium chloride}

        (Correct answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Japanese Q.7: Which of the following is an example of a pseudo-Anglicism in

Main: {Mansion}

        (Correct answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Classic Literature Q.3: Why did women of the Heian period put white makeup on
                        their faces?

Main: {Everyone did it}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {White was hot}

        (Incorrect answer response)

      {So they stood out}

        (Correct answer response)

      {For good luck}

        (Incorrect answer response)



> This question seems familiar...

Composition Q.4: Which of the following words is not of Arabic origin?

Main: {Coffee}

        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Incorrect answer response)


        (Correct answer response)



> It's the last day of exams...

(If your Academics are high enough:)

       > The questions are just too easy. ...... Your pen won't stop moving!

/After School\

> Today's exams have ended.


Mitsuru: Welcome back. After exams were finished... I went for a walk around
         town... The number of The Lost is increasing. I saw them everywhere
         I looked. Perhaps that has to do with the Fall.

Main: {Maybe.}

        Mitsuru: I haven't thought much about it lately... but we're the only
                 ones who can save the world. It's all up to us.

      {We have to do something.}

        Mitsuru: Yes, I agree. We must continue going to Tartarus until the
                 very end. Whether our opponent is a Shadow, or whether it is
                 fate, we will need to be strong to win.



[Yukari is in her room. There's a knock at the door.]

Yukari: Yes? Who is it?

Mitsuru: It's me.

Yukari: Oh...

[Mitsuru enters the room.]

Yukari: You don't stop by very often, Senpai... Is something wrong?

Mitsuru: No, I just wanted to talk.

Yukari: Awww... Are you feeling lonely?

Mitsuru: Hey... Are you teasing me?

Yukari: No. ...Well, maybe just a little. *giggle*

Mitsuru: *laugh*

Yukari: ...I wonder what this Nyx is like. Hey, do you think it's inside

Mitsuru: I have no idea...

Yukari: Oh, by the way, I've made my decision... I want to fight to the end.
        It's better than doing nothing. That's why you're here, isn't it,
        Senpai? To talk about our decision?

Mitsuru: I... I guess it is.

Yukari; *giggle* You're so easy to read.

Mitsuru: I've made my decision as well. Kirijo is making great strides to turn
         itself around. After I graduate, I plan to assume leadership of the
         Group and continue where my father left off. I cannot turn back now,
         even if I wanted to.

Yukari: But, what if you die?

Mitsuru: If I die defeating Nyx, then the Kirijo Group will have to continue on
         without me. But I am confident they would fulfill my wishes.

Yukari: Ryoji said Nyx can't be defeated... but I kinda wonder about that. I
        don't think our special member can be killed, either.

Mitsuru: I agree... Death dwelled within him, amplifying his abilities, though
         he was exceptional to begin with.

Yukari: He's an interesting guy, huh?

Mitsuru: ...Yes, he is.

Yukari: You know, if things don't work out, I think I'll still be okay, as long
        as I'm with everyone. Honestly, it doesn't matter whether or not we
        die. All that matters is that we're proud of how we lived. And I'd be
        proud if we decided to fight Nyx.

Mitsuru: Does your decision have anything to do with your father?

Yukari: ...A little. But, it's more about me and how I feel.

Mitsuru: I understand.

Yukari: Senpai, when we were in Kyoto, you asked me to stand by your side...
        Do you remember?

Mitsuru: ...Yes, I remember. We will fight together, Yukari.

Yukari: ...Together.


(Greeting from random party member.)


> Exam results will be posted today...


[Main is sitting in his homeroom.]

Student: Hey, the results are posted!

> You decide to go look at the exam results.

(If you did well enough:)

        > You scored the highest in your class! Everyone is looking at you with
          respect! Your Charm has increased. You suddenly remember something.
          Mitsuru promised to give you a gift if you scored the highest.

> Lunchtime is almost over. You decide to go back to your classroom.


[Mr. Edogawa is teaching.]

Mr. Edogawa: Right, let's begin. Tohokami emitama... Today, we'll finally talk
             about magic right here in Japan. Though I'm sure you think you're
             familiar with it already, you probably aren't. The view that magic
             is a dubious subculture is becoming more common... But what is
             swept into the corners of society today was once central to Japan.
             It could even be said that magic was invented in Japan. After all,
             Himiko of Yama-taikoku was a shaman. She reportedly used magic
             called "Kido" to control the country. Sadly, we have no way of
             knowing what kind of sorcery that was... The same is true for
             Prince Shotoku, who established a centralized government. He
             practiced Onmyodo, so in a sense, he was also a shaman. With
             origins like this, magic was naturally woven into the very fabric
             of Japan. In the Heian period, for example... The Bereau of Onmyo
             was established, for Onmyouji to expel evil spirits and give
             spiritual advice. You may be familiar with that from the legend of
             Abe no Seimei. Even in the age of the samurai, magicians played
             their part. Many generals who studied divination and military
             tactics could be considered magicians. Are you all listening?
             Don't become mesmerized, now... Eeeheehee. I'll test you to see
             how closely you've been paying attention. Get it wrong, and you'll
             hear more taboo phrases. Tohokami emitama... Who to call on...
             Ah, Main. I ask thee...

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: What sorcery was Himiko said to have used?

Main: {Onmyodo.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! From today on, the word "petite" will be taboo.
                     The trend of tying magic to the people continued to the
                     Edo period, but... The new government formed during the
                     Meiji Reformation stamped it out. Tsuchimikado Shinto,
                     which had been revived during the Edo period, faded

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        Mr. Edogawa: Very good. Thank your kotodama for that one. The trend of
                     tying magic to the people continued to the Edo period,
                     but... The new government formed during the Meiji
                     Reformation stamped it out. Tsuchimikado Shinto, which had
                     been revived during the Edo period, faded away...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


        (Same as first option.)


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Today is December 21st. There are less than ten days until
        New Year's Eve. But, for some reason, I'm not scared at all. Well,
        maybe I'm scared a little... But, I'm still gonna fight. Win or lose,
        I'm gonna give it my all.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is the Emperor's Birthday. There's no school.


[Ken is standing at the place behind Port Island Station. Akihiko enters and
 walks over to him.]

Akihiko: I thought you were gonna go visit your mother's grave...

Ken: Oh, hi, Sanada-san...

Akihiko: Is this where you should be?

Ken: Well, I was planning to... But when I thought about what I was gonna say
     to her, it just didn't feel right. There are things I still need to do
     before I talk to her again.

Akihiko: Yeah, same here. I don't have anything I need to tell Shinji right
         now. ...I have my own stuff to deal with.

Ken: An undefeatable enemy, huh? Gosh, I wonder what it's like.

Akihiko: ...You got me. But, it doesn't matter... because I've made up my mind.
         I'm gonna look it straight in the eyes.

Ken: ...Straight in the eyes... I like the sound of that. You can count me in,


Ken: ...Hello! There are eight more days until New Year's Eve... Have you made
     up your mind yet, Main-san? Well, I have. I'm going to fight. When I
     thought about it, I realized that there really wasn't a choice to be made.
     I don't want to have to tell my mom and Shinjiro-san that we failed.



[Mrs. Terauchi is teaching.]

Mrs. Terauchi: Today is December 24th... Christmas Eve. It's an important day
               in Europe and America. Although unlike in Japan, December 25th--
               Christmas Day--is even more important. Do you all know why we
               celebrate Christmas in the first place? In Japan, Christmas Eve
               is just a day for couples to spend time together and give

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mrs. Terauchi: It's interesting that a day whih is celebrated worldwide
                       is observed differently from country to country. Another
                       example is Valentine's Day. Try looking it up online, if
                       you're interested.

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(If you have one of the girlfriend S. Links at 4+, whichever girl you have
 highest will call you here to ask you to spend Christmas Eve with them. You
 can accept or reject the offer.)

/After School\

(If you chose to spend Christmas with a girl, she'll come get you now for your
 date. It will take up both After School and Evening.)


(Greeting from random party member.)



Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Hey, did you know that today is December 25th?
         Tch... Fate... Death... What a terrible Christmas. Christmas will be
         better next year. That's right, next year. We're not gonna let the
         world end.


/Early Morning\

> Today is the last day of the 2nd semester. You think about all that has
  happened... However, you must still go to school.

[Later, Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Morning! It's cold today, but it's worth it for winter
                   vacation tomorrow! What are you getting with your New Year's

Listening Student: We haven't got ours yet! But I want to get a luck bag! I'm
                   aiming for that purse...

Gossiping Student: Ooh, me too! Hey, do you want to start waiting in line
                   today? We could bring a kotatsu..

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching.]

Ms. Toriumi: Winter break starts tomorrow, though I'm sure most of you are just
             going to sleep in during New Year's. You'd better stop relying on
             your parents so much. For heaven's sake, at least peel your own
             oranges. Speaking of oranges, I'm reminded of a famous story:
             "...He left it there as if it were a terrible bomb..." Oh, wait...
             that was a lemon.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: All right, that's enough out of you! Oranges and lemons
                     are both citrus fruits, aren't they!? Teachers make
                     mistakes too! Anyway, you should be focusing on the
                     reasons for Kajii's depiction of the lemon as a bomb!

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Mitsuru: Welcome back. The second term has finally ended... There are only five
         days left until New Year's Eve. My fear and anxiety still remain...
         but I'm no longer confused. I will fight until the end... I've made up
         my mind.


/Early Morning\

> Winter vacation begins today.


[Junpei is sitting in Port Island Station looking at Chidori's sketchbook.]

Fuuka: Huh...? Junpei-kun?

[Fuuka walks over to him.]

Junpei: Oh, hey, Fuuka.

Fuuka: What are you doing here?

Junpei: Nothing, really... I come here when I'm feeling down...

Fuuka: Is that Chidori's sketchbook...?

[Junpei closes the sketchbook.]

Junpei: Yeah. This was where I first met her... What're you doing here, Fuuka?

Fuuka: Oh, I went home for a bit. I've been going back there a lot lately.

Junpei: I see. You know, you've really changed, Fuuka. You're totally different
        from when you first came to the dorm.

Fuuka: Really...?

Junpei: Yeah. You were so timid back then, but now you're so... strong.

Fuuka: You've changed too, Junpei-kun.

Junpei: Yuka-tan said the same thing. But I don't think so. I mean, just the
        other day I got all freaked out about being scared... I'm such a
        wuss... *laugh*

Fuuka: That's not true.

Junpei: But, I really was scared. Actually... I'm still scared. ...But after
        thinking about it, I realized that I don't want to lose my memory. If
        I forget everything, that means I'll forget Chidori, too. ...And I
        wouldn't even be alive right now if it wasn't for her, ya know? ...So
        I say "f" that.

Fuuka: You're scared because you're not running away... That's nothing to be
       ashamed of.

Junpei: Fuuka...

Fuuka: That's why I want to protect everyone... Think about it. The Dark Hour
       is really scary too, isn't it? But our Personas awakened, and we're here
       today... The future hasn't been decided yet... And I want to be true to

Junpei: True to yourself... You're really something, Fuuka. We should fight.

Fuuka: I agree.


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Four more days until New Year's Eve... I've
       been thinking about what I'm going to do on the 31st... I was afraid I
       might go crazy from fear... But, I was wrong. I feel strong... because
       everyone is with me.



Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? There are three more days until New Year's Eve.
       Have you decided what you're going to say to Ryoji-kun?



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? The day's almost here... I've made up my mind; I'm gonna
        fight with all I've got. And I know we're gonna win. I got so confused
        thinking about it, but then I figured it out... Whatever Nyx is, all
        we have to do is kill it!


/Early Morning\

[Main is in his room. There's a knock at the door.]

Yukari: Hey, it's me. Can I talk to you?

Main: {I'll be right there.}

        [Main opens the door.]

        Yukari: Hey, I have good news... Aigis is coming back today! Misuru-
                senpai said her wounds have finally healed. We're meeting in
                the lounge tonight. Don't forget, okay? See ya!

        [She leaves.]

      {Give me a second.}

        Yukari: Oh, it's okay. I just wanted to tell you the good news. Aigis
                is coming back today! Mitsuru-senpai said her wounds have
                finally healed. We're meeting in the lounge tonight. Don't
                forget, okay? See ya!

        > Yukari has left.


[Everyone is gathered in the lounge.]

Aigis: I'm back, everyone. Sorry to have worried you all.

Junpei: Man, I'm glad to see you. I was getting nervous.

Fuuka: Me too. I was fearing the worst...

Aigis: I'm a machine, so I can always be rebuilt. Even if I was completely
       destroyed, the programming data necessary to recreate me would still

Yukari: Hey... Don't talk about yourself like that.

Mitsuru: They said another week would be required for a complete recovery, but
         I had the process expedited. ...Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

Aigis: I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused... Mitsuru-san visited me at
       the lab and told me everything... That must have been difficult for you
       all to hear. (to Main) Have you been well...? I mean, considering the

Main: {Not really...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I've been okay.}

        Aigis: If that's true, then I'm relieved.

      {I was worried about you.}

        Aigis: I'm sorry. It's because I wasn't strong enough...

Aigis: Ten years ago, I... What I did to you was... ......

Main: {It was the only way.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {You had no choice.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {You did the right thing.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: But... If I hadn't done that to you, you wouldn't be suffering like
       this... Ryoji has presented you with a difficult choice... Have you
       made your decision?

Main: {Yes, I have.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {No, not yet.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: ...I have a favor to ask of you. Tomorrow, when Ryoji comes, please...
       Please kill him...! I can't bear to see everyone hurting like this!
       Please choose to have your memories erased...! Even if... Even if it
       means forgetting everything... and everyone...

Yukari: A-Aigis, what're you talking about!?

Junpei: Yeah, this isn't like you.

Aigis: ......

Mitsuru: What's wrong, Aigis?

Aigis: Why...? Why did I come back here? My mission is to protect humanity from
       Shadows. But now, I know that I can't defeat them! So then... why am
       I here? I'm useless! I cannot even shed a tear for you all...!

Fuuka: Oh, Aigis...

Aigis: Why fight, when you know that you can't win!? What is the purpose of
       that!? Why are you wasting your lives!?

Akihiko: We're not wasting our lives. We're just planning for the future.
         Right, Ken?

Ken: Right.

Aigis: I... I don't understand. *sigh* It must be because I don't possess a

Junpei: *laugh* This has nothing to do with having a life.

Aigis: I'm a machine, a machine that was created to protect humans from
       Shadows. But, I can't fulfill that mission with the powers I was
       given... So then, what is my purpose now? Could someone please tell me?

[Aigis drops to her knees.]

Junpei: We don't know the answer, Aigis... The only one who can tell you what
        your purpose is, is you. That's why we're having such a hard time
        making our decision. There's just no easy answer. Bu as long as we're
        alive, we have to do something... When we see others hurting, we want
        to help them. So that's our purpose.

Aigis: Can finding one's purpose really be so simple...?

[Fuuka crouches down next to Aigis.]

Fuuka: When I saw you collapse, I realized something... I want to protect
       you... I don't want to forget about you.

Aigis: Fuuka-san...

Mitsuru: There are times when you will lose sight of your goal, and you will
         have to search for it. But if you can't find it again, then you must
         set your heart on a new goal. To truly live, you will need to make
         changes sometimes.

Aigis: Do you think I can do that? Do you think I can change?

Mitsuru: Yes. I mean, you've changed so much already. ...Haven't you noticed?
         In fact, you're changing even as we speak.

[Aigis looks at Fuuka, who nods. They both stand up.]

Aigis: I know what my purpose is... I'm a machine, a machine who is here to
       "live." And the one who has given me this new purpose is... me.

Yukari: Aigis...

Aigis: This is the promise I've made to myself. I don't know how I'll do it...
       but I guess that is a part of living, too. Will you allow me to join
       with you all?

Junpei: Of course! You've always been one of us.

Aigis: ...Thank you! I will be with you all... no matter what happens...!

> The resolution in Aigis's heart has awakened a new Persona.

[Palladion appears above Aigis and changes into another Persona.]

> Palladion has given rise to Athena!

[Athena disappears.]


/Early Morning\

> Today is New Year's Eve...


> As promised, Ryoji has returned... You will have to make your decision now.

[Ryoji and the party members are gathered in the lounge.]

Ryoji: Hey, long time no see... Midnight's just around the corner... At
       midnight, I will change from this form into something unrecognizable.
       So, have you reached a decision? Okay, I'll be waiting in his room until
       midnight. Come see me when you have your answer.

[Ryoji starts to walk away.]

Fuuka: Ryoji-kun...

Ryoji: Oh, and one more thing. Don't let the fact that you'll have to kill me
       influence your decision. As I said before, I'm going to disappear
       anyways. I won't feel any pain by "dying". So, there's no need to worry
       about me.

Junpei: ......

Ryoji: I'll be waiting...

[Ryoji walks off.]

Mitsuru: (to Main) Have you made your decision?

Main: {Yes.}

        Mitsuru: ...I see.


        Mitsuru: I understand. You don't need to say anything.

Mitsuru: Have the rest of you made your decision?

Akihiko: No need to ask me.

Yukari: You know how I feel.

Junpei: I wouldn't be here if I wasn't on board.

Fuuka: I'm with the rest of you.

Ken: I'm in, too.

Aigis: I have made my decision as well.

Mitsuru: Then, we're all in agreement, yes?

Akihiko: Better let him know, then. ...Okay?

[Main nods and goes up to his room. Ryoji is sitting on the bed.]

Ryoji: Hey. It's been a long time since we talked like this in your room.
       Although back then, I didn't appear in this form, and wasn't known by
       this name.

[Main doesn't say anything.]

Ryoji: Don't tell me you've all decided to let me live... You're all going to
       risk your lives on a battle you can't win. But, you're the only one here
       right now, so... I'll say this one more time. If you kill me, Tartarus,
       the Dark Hour, and your memories of the battles will all disappear.
       Tomorrow, you'll wake up a normal high-school student. You'll be able
       to live in peace until the moment of the Fall. But if you let me live,
       you'll spend every waking moment until that day in fear of your
       inevitable death. Nyx cannot be defeated... It's useless to fight her.

[Ryoji stands up.]

Ryoji: ...Are you still thinking? Or, have you already made up your mind?

> This is a very important decision. You must choose wisely.

Main: {Let Ryoji live}

        (Goes to next line)

      {Kill Ryoji}

        (See: Bad Ending)

Ryoji: I guess my words didn't change your mind... There's still some time
       until midnight. I didn't want to have to show you this... but I have no

[Ryoji transforms into Thanatos.]

Ryoji's New Form: See...? I'm not human. I will bring death to this world until
                  I am finally satiated. Do not hesitate to kill me. ...I
                  want you to think about this carefully. Is facing Nyx really
                  the best decision...? Right now, you are all confused by the
                  truth. But some things in this world cannot be changed. You
                  do not understand this yet. Memories are ambiguous... Old
                  ones can be replaced with new ones, creating a new reality.
                  Don't you want to end all your friends' pain and suffering?
                  ...It's up to you. You're the only one who can make this
                  decision. Now, this is your last chance. Tell me your

Main: {Let Ryoji live}

        (Goes to next line)

      {Kill Ryoji}

        (See: Bad Ending)

[Ryoji changes back to normal.]

Ryoji: ...... ...... I understand. It's regrettable, but it's your life... You
       can do what you want with it. I will respect your decision. Let's go
       back to the lounge. I need to tell you guys how to confront Nyx.

[Main and Ryoji return to the lounge.]

Junpei: Yo! What's up, Ryoji?

Ryoji: *sigh* It's an unfortunate decision... but it is yours to make.

Yukari: That's right.

Ryoji: But you can't defeat Nyx... It's impossible.

Mitsuru: But we must still try.

Akihiko: Personally, I don't care if it is impossible.

Ryoji: ...I understand. It's almost midnight, so I'll keep this brief. I'll
       tell you where to find Nyx. ...She'll be at Tartarus. You must reach the
       top of the tower before the promised day.

Yukari: When's the promised day...?

Ryoji: Exactly one month from tomorrow... January 31st, 2010. Nyx will descend
       to Tartarus... and the world will end. If you go to the top of Tartarus
       on that day, you'll be able to face her. The tower exists for the
       purpose of Nyx's coming. As The Appriser, I usher Nyx into this world...
       and Tartarus welcomes her arrival.

Akihiko: The tower exists for the purpose of Nyx's coming... That's why it's
         called the "Tower of Demise." So if we reach the top, we can fight

Ryoji: Yes, but remember... From today, you will fight against eternal despair.
       Like I've said so many times before, Nyx cannot be defeated. When you
       face her, you will finally understand this truth. And then, you will
       realize what it is you are trying to stand against.

Mitsuru: ...We understand. There's no need to keep telling us. January 31st...
         We won't forget that date.

Ryoji: Well, I'll be going on ahead of you, then. I want to leave you while I'm
       still in this form.

Fuuka: Ryoji-kun...

Junpei: ......

[Ryoji starts for the door as everyone stands up. He stops.]

Ryoji: Aigis... I'm sorry for all the pain and suffering I put you through.

Aigis: I won't forget that you were my enemy... and my friend.

Yukari: Aigis...

Ryoji: Thank you. This will probably be the last time I see you all like this.
       But... I'll always be watching over you. ...Well, goodbye.

[Ryoji walks to the door and opens it, then looks back.]

Ryoji: Best wishes in the coming year. That's what you say on New Year's Eve,
       right? See ya!

[Ryoji leaves.]

Junpei: Heh, that Ryoji...

[Fool Arcana to rank 10.]

> You've made an important decision with your comrades. Your relationship with
  them has grown stronger, and reached a new level of closeness...

[Judgement Social Link is established. The scene fades out.]

> A new year is about to begin... In one month, on Januray 31st, you will be
  able to face Nyx. You must reach the top of Tartarus by that day. This is the
  decision you have all made. ...... 2009 is quietly drawing to a close; it was
  a year filled with many memories...


/Early Morning\

[Main, Akihiko, and Koromaru are at the lounge table. Ken peeks in before

Ken: Happy New Year, Senpai!

Main: {Happy New Year!}

        Ken: Let's make this the best year ever!

      {Are you alone?}

        Ken: Uh, yes.

      {Were you able to sleep?}

        Ken: Uh, yes.

Ken: It's New Years, but there's nothing really special to do.

Akihiko: Well, you can always wish people a New Year's greeting... Like, "Have
         a great year!"

Ken: Yeah.

[Ken crouches down and pets Koromaru.]

Ken: Happy New Year to you too, Koro.

Koromaru: Arf!

[Junpei walks in.]

Junpei: Oh man... I completely overslept. Why'd I stay up all night watching
        that stupid movie...? Did you guys see it? It had these giant Amazon
        women running around in the jungle...

Akihiko: Why would I watch that?

Ken: Um, is anyone gonna visit the shrine?

Akihiko: No. I don't believe in superstitions.

Junpei: Me either...

Ken: Oh, that's too bad. Yukari-san and the others are already there. They're
     all wearing kimonos.

Junpei: ...Kimonos, huh?

[Junpei starts to walk off.]

Junpei: ...Um, I'm gonna run to--

Akihiko: Hold it right there, Junpei.

Junpei: ...Uh, what?

Akihiko: You're going to the shrine, aren't you?

Junpei: N-No, I'm not... I'm just going for a walk...

Akihiko: ...Oh yeah? Well, I'm going with you, then. I'm bored.

Ken: ...Oh, I'll go too!

Junpei: Alright then, let's go. (to Main) You coming?

Akihiko: ...Anyone know where it is?

Ken: ...Yeah, the girls told me the directions.

Junpei: ...Sweet!


[The guys arrive at the shrine. The girls walk over to them.]

Yukari: Happy New Year! Let's all do our very best this year! Hey, you guys are
        late. We were just about to leave.

Junpei: Y-Yuka-tan...

Yukari: Wh-What?

[Junpei looks at Mitsuru.]

Mitsuru: Happy New Year! ...Hm? What's the matter, Iori?

Junpei: Mitsuru-senpai... You look hot... I, um... heh... I mean...

Mitsuru: S-Stop staring at me...

Fuuka: Um, I've never word a kimono before... Does my sash look okay?

Junpei: Fuuka... You look... Wow!

Fuuka: G-Geez...

Aigis: This traditional clothing is quite interesting. However, it's quite
       difficult to move in...

> The girls seem to be embarrassed about their clothing.

Junpei: Ah... I'm so glad I came... New Year's kicks ass! Yah!

Aigis: Junpei-san, why are you acting so strange?

Junpei: Man, we got to see some great stuff today. Right, Akihiko-senpai?

Akihiko: Uh... I-I guess so.

Ken: Hey, aren't you guys cold?

Yukari: A little, but I love this time of year...

Ken: Um, that's not what I meant... Junpei-san said that you guys aren't
     wearing anything underneath your kimonos.

Fuuka: He said WHAT...?

[Yukari stomps on Junpei's foot.]

Junpei: OW!

[Later, everyone is about to leave.]

Yukari: What did you wish for, Fuuka?

Fuuka: I... I wished for a great year. It's a bit generic, but that's what I
       really want.

Mitsuru: That's what I want as well.

Yukari: How funny... We all wished for the same thing.

Mitsuru: But, it wasn't a plea for help. I know that we'll be victorious.

Fuuka: We should get going.

[The party returns to the dorm.]


[Main has just arrived at the dorm when his phone rings.]

> Your cell phone is ringing.

Voice on the Phone: Hello? This is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I'm calling to inform you of a change in Tartarus... I believe a
           path that was blocked is now open... I thought you might like to
           know. ...I wish you a safe journey.

> The phone call has ended.



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Hey, let's go to Tartarus. We can't just sit around here
        and do nothing, you know.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Winter vacation will be over soon...


Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Have you noticed those weird symbols and posters all over
        town? They really creep me out. Nyx must be affecting everyone's mind.
        We should go to Tartarus. A month's gonna totally fly by, ya know.



(Greeting from random party member.)



Mitsuru: Welcome back. We should go to Tartarus tonight, (Last Name). Our goal
         now is to reach the top of Tartarus. We cannot falter... We have to
         do all that we can.


/Early Morning\

> Today is the last day of winter vacation...


(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> It's the beginning of the 3rd semester...

[Later, Main arrives at the school gate. A boy and a girl are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Hey, have you heard of this cult?

Listening Student: Hey, don't call it that if you don't know anything about it.
                   The Fall is coming; it's already decided.

Gossiping Student: Oh... Well, if it's already decided, then it can't be
                   helped. By the way, about the homework for second period...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the student enter the school.]


[Ms. Toriumi is teaching.]

Ms. Toriumi: Happy New Year, everyone. Winter break is over now. No more
             booze... Oh, you guys are underage. Wow, I feel sorry for you.
             Well! Let's get right down to business. It's a new year, so we'll
             start with the basics. This is composition class, right? Well
             then, Main.

[Main stands up.]

Ms. Toriumi: Tell me which is correct: "He isn't," or "He's not."

Main: {He isn't.}

        Ms. Toriumi: Bzzzzt! They're actually both correct. It was a trick
                     question. Man, I can just imagine what your fortune will
                     be like this year... Anyway, they're both contractions for
                     "He is not." Now, according to most scholars...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {He's not.}

        (Same as first option.)

      {They're both correct...?}

        Ms. Toriumi: That's absolutely right. In the end, they're both
                     contractions for "He is not." Now, according to

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

/After School\

[The juniors are in their homeroom. Yukari leaves, and Junpei walks over to

Junpei: Hey, you busy? Could you come with me for a sec?

Main: {Okay.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Maybe later.}

        Junpei: Whoa, rejected! Come on, man. It'll just take a few minutes.

      {What do you want?}

        Junpei: Oh, it's no big deal... Come on, man. It'll just take a few

Junpei: Let's go to the rooftop.

[They go up to the rooftop and look out on the city.]

Junpei: Hey, we've never really had a chance to talk, have we? It's almost
        Coming of Age Day, ya know. I used to just think of it as a day off...
        But now, I wonder if I'm even gonna live long enough to celebrate it...

Main: {Yeah, me too.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {You worry too much.}

        Junpei: *laugh* Yeah, I guess you're right.

Junpei: It's been pretty weird around here lately... People have been passing
        out, others have gone missing... Dude, it's crazy. Senpai said it's
        because there are too many Shadow victims and the memory revision can't
        keep up. ...It's all gotta be because of this Nyx. Oh, and have you
        heard about that doomsday cult? They've been running around town
        telling everyone they see that the end of the world is coming... Man,
        we need to do something, and quick.

Main: {I agree.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {People are just scared.}

        Junpei: Yeah, I guess they can somehow sense what's going to happen.

Junpei: But, it's not just Nyx, ya know... Two members of Strega are still
        alive. They haven't done anything yet, but I know they've gotta be
        planning something. And we need to take care of them, too. Wow...
        Becoming such good friends that I'd trust you with my life... *laugh*
        I never would've imagined that happening last spring. But then again,
        I never thought it would come to this. Ya know, I don't think it's
        completely hit me yet... It's just all so hard to believe... But, that
        doesn't mean we should just sit around and wait for it to happen.
        You're pretty cool, man. That thing was inside you for ten years, and
        you harnessed its power and made it your own... I'm glad I met you.
        It's embarrassing to say it, but... that's really how I feel. We'll
        always be friends, right? I mean, even after this is all over?

Main: {Of course.}

        [Main and Junpei both nod.]


        Junpei: Heh... You're a punk.

      {Together to the end.}

        Junpei: Cool.


Akihiko: ...Where have you been? This term seems like any other term. I don't
         care about what's going to happen to the world... All I'm going to do
         is keep moving forward... So, let me know when you want to go to



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Only three more weeks 'til X-Day. But, it's weird... I
        was pissin' my pants all last month. But, since I decided that I was
        gonna fight, I'm not scared anymore. ...Hey, let's go to Tartarus, man.
        We gotta do what we can do, right?



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

> Today is Coming of Age Day. There's no school.


Ken: ...Hello! Today is Coming of Age Day. I don't want my life to end before
     I become an adult. Hey, let's go to Tartarus tonight. I don't want to see
     the world end...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Lately, even the late-night comedy shows have been talking
                   about the end of the world... It feels creepy.

Listening Student: Are you still talking about that? By the way... I wanted to
                   show you this magazine that hit the stands today.

Gossiping Student: Magazine...? Don't tell me it's about cults.

Listening Student: Well, just read it for yourself. You'll see how true it
                   really is.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Ms. Ounishi is teaching.]

Ms. Ounishi: Whew, it's cold. Do you all know why you get goosebumps in cold
             weather? The pores on your skin contract to prevent body heat from
             escaping. The human body is amazing... The stars shine beautifully
             at this time of year, through the crisp, clean air...

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Ounishi: ...Stars produce light via nuclear fusion, and visible
                     planets reflect the stars' light. That's not to say that
                     one's superior to the other... They both have their own
                     purposes. Life is the same way, though it might be hard
                     for you kids to understand that now. Have you heard the
                     news that's going around now? The media makes it sound
                     supernatural... But, don't listen to them. That kind of
                     rumor spreads every now and then, like a drop of dye on a
                     specimen. It'll die down soon.

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


[Main arrives at the dorm; Junpei meets him at the door.]

Junpei: Oh, there you are. We're all going to Hagakure. Wanna come?

Main: {Sure.}

        Junpei: Wow, that was easy.

      {I'm not hungry.}

        Junpei: What're you on a diet or something?

      {I don't like ramen.}

        Junpei: ...You're joking, right?

Junpei: ...Akihiko-san's buying. You remember that bet we made in Yakushima?
        Oh, you probably forgot all about it by now. Well, you won in the
        end... even if it was Aigis. But whatever, Akihiko-san still lost,
        right? It took me like six months to make him accept that fact... So
        c'mon, everyone else already left. We gotta hurry!

[They leave and go to Hagakure. Yukari, Akihiko, and Aigis are already there.]

Yukari: Is the special okay for everyone?

Main: {Sounds good to me.}

        Yukari: Okay, five specials, please!

      {I don't care.}

        Yukari: Okay, five specials, please!

      {I'll have the regular.}

        Yukari: Okay, four specials and one regular, please!

[The cook begins making the meals.]

Junpei: Man, this is awesome! Akihiko-san's NEVER treated us all to ramen

Akihiko: Hey, why do I have to treat everyone?

Junpei: Tch, not this again... Come on, Akihiko-san, a bet's a bet. Pay up!

Akihiko: Alright, alright! I never said I wouldn't.

[Akihiko picks up a magazine. He and Aigis look at it.]

Aigis: This article looks quite disturbing... "Emergence of a Messiah: The
       Charismatic One Speaks"

Yukari: It must be about that doomsday cult. They're all over the Internet,

[Akihiko turns the page.]

Akihiko: Wh-What the...!?

Aigis: There's a picture of their leader...

[EVeryone crowds around to see the article.]

Yukari: Hey... that's...

Junpei: I-Is that Takaya!?

Akihiko: ...I thought something was up. So, Strega's behind that cult... Tch,
         I've lost my appetite.

Aigis: Listen to what he says... "Mankind is currently imprisoned by the sins
       of hate and anger. But soon, a savior will descend upon this world to
       break the chains that bind us, and lift us to new heights. This great
       being is Nyx. I have beheld her glory, and she has blessed me with power
       beyond belief. In Nyx there is no pain... no suffering..."

Junpei: How the hell does he know about Nyx!?

Yukari: Wait, he's saying that Nyx will save the world!? That's not true!

Akihiko: I don't think he really means what he's saying. This is all just a
         game to him.

Junpei: That son of a bitch...

Aigis: "But, there are those who do not understand this truth, even though they
       have also been blessed by her. They have acquired the same power as I;
       yet they abuse it, using it for their own personal gain. These
       miscreants are the ones to blame for the recent tragedies that have been
       plaguing our streets."

Junpei: Wait, is he talking about us!?

Yukari: Shhh! Not so loud!

Junpei: Oh, sorry. Hey, what's up with them calling him the "charismatic one"?
        How'd he get so popular all of a sudden!?

Akihiko: Well, Jin's pretty well-known on the Internet... He's probably pretty
         good at stirring up trouble.

Yukari: Yeah, I bet he orchestrated Takaya's rise to fame... Ugh, those two
        make me sick...

Aigis: "Brothers and sisters, I shall go forth to make preparations for Nyx's
       arrival... But, do not fear those evildoers who desecrate their gifts.
       Nyx shall right their wrongs. May your hearts be filled with peace as
       you await your salvation. Blessed are those who take joy in the coming
       of Nyx. The revolution is here!"

Junpei: "Revolution"!? People can't seriously be buying this crap, can they?

Aigis: Throughout history, those who have changed the future have often been
       highly charismatic... That's the end of the article. It appears that
       after the interview, Jin and Takaya disappeared again.

Akihiko: Well, there's only one place they could've gone--Tartarus. They
         must've been planning this all along.

Aigis: Takaya's words have changed the mood of the entire city. Even though
       they won't admit it, they are all afraid...

Yukari: Yeah... I mean, why else would people believe this nonsense Takaya's

Akihiko: I guess people just need something to believe in.

Junpei: Well, no wonder there's a sense of doom in the air... We're all gonna

Aigis: But, is that so surprising? The fact that all life ends one day has
       nothing to do with Nyx. Death is a natural occurrence in the cycle of
       life. Don't all humans realize this?

Yukari: I guess...

Junpei: To tell you the truth, I never even would've thought about my own death
        if none of this had happened. But since we've made up our minds, why
        don't we just leave it at that? Our objective is Nyx. If Strega gets in
        our way, we'll just have to deal with them too.

Akihiko: I agree. We'll probably run into them at Tartarus anyways... However
         you look at it, we're the obstacle standing in their way.

Yukari: The promised day will soon be here...

Junpei: ...Yeah.

Akihiko: We need to do all we can until then.

Junpei: Yeah, and we're gonna need lots of energy! So let's eat!
        (to cook) Excuse me! I'd like to order a Hagakure Bowl! You don't mind,
        do you, Akihiko-san?

Yukari: Junpei, don't forget you're having half of Aigis's food too.

Junpei: Oh, don't worry. I'm starving.

Akihiko: ...You just better eat it all.



Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? It's already the middle of January. Since today
       is the 13th, we only have 18 more days. Let's go to Tartarus today. Even
       though I might be overdoing it, I still want to do as much as I can
       right now...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: I got a flyer at Paulownia Mall when I went last time. It's
                   the same one that's plastered all over the city.

Listening Student: The one with the NYX logog?

Gossiping Student: Oh, so that's how it's pronouned... I just like the logo's
                   design. The stuff written here is kinda interesting, too.
                   Maybe I should ask them about it next time...

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Ono is teaching.]

Mr Ono: *sob* Finally, on September 24th, the Satsuma Rebellion ended... This
        marked the end... *sniff* The end of the age... of the samurai...!
        ...We're going to skip the next chapter and go back to the Sengoku
        era. There's much more to cover... Hm? Modern history? Who gives a damn
        about modern history!? People keep talking about the strange illnesses,
        and the end of the world... But, mankind has made it this far. I'm sure
        we'll make it through this, too.

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Mr. Ono: So, back to the Kamakura era. Now, how did the Kamakura
                 shogunate come about? Well, I'll tell you...

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Aigis: ...Greetings. Um... Let's go to Tartarus tonight. ...It's been a while
       since I've suggested we go. Ever since I was at the lab, I've been so
       confused... But, I'm not confused anymore. I want to fight... with you.



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Um... Did you know that Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai
        went to take their entrance exams today? I can't believe they can
        concentrate with all that's going on.

Akihiko: It's no big deal. I'm not going to give up.

Mitsuru: I suppose we are going against fate... But, I want to do as much as I
         can right now. ...I don't want to give up on the future.

Akihiko: By the way, if you're going to Tartarus, I'll go with you. There are
         two more weeks until the last battle. I can't forget that because of
         an exam.

Yukari: W-Wow... That makes me wanna do my best too...



(Greeting from random party member.)



[Mr. Edogawa is teaching.]

Mr. Edogawa: Let's get started. Xilka, Xilka, Besa, Besa... Lately, there's
             been a lot going on in the world... But, you shouldn't let it get
             to you. Common people are too susceptible to occult knowledge. The
             worst thing a magician can do is lose control. Always do what must
             be done, and you'll be fine. Anyway... Today's lecture is on the
             magic of Greece. Greece is known as the birthplace of Western
             philosophy and rationality, but... The art of curses advanced
             right alongside them. Philosophers such as Socrates, Thales, and
             Plato were Greek, but... It was also the home to legendary
             enchantresses. For example, there was Medea, the passionate
             sorceress of Colchis. She was a withc who didn't hesitate to kill
             her brother, or even her own children. Then there was Circe,
             daughter of Helios, who was an expert in both poison and medicine.
             Without Hermes' help, the legendary Odysseus would have been
             changed into a pig. ...These may have only been myths, but reading
             between the lines, you can see Greek's views on magic. Greek magic
             began to take shape around the 8th century B.C. It was around the
             same time that the poleis, or city-states, were developing. Like
             many ancient civilizations, they worshipped protector gods. There
             were temples that priestesses tended; these women would double as
             oracles. Gradually, however, these ceremonies were performed in
             secret rather than in public. The reason for this was the people's
             desire to monopolize the power of the gods. They copied the
             barbaric practices of legend; sacrifices, drinking, orgiastic
             festivals... Dangerous acts such as these became widespread.
             Apollo, Dionysus, Orpheus... These were the gods they invoked when
             performing the rituals. ...Are you all listening? Don't cross the
             river Styx, now... Eeeheehee. I'll test to see if you were
             listening or not. Get it wrong, and your aura will shift... Xilka,
             Xilka, Besa, Besa... Now, who should I pick? I choose thee...

[Main stands up.]

Mr. Edogawa: I mentioned two Greek sorceresses. One was Medea; who was the

Main: {Polis.}

        Mr. Edogawa: Wrong! Your aura is now as cloudy as chocolate mints. It
                     was secrecy like that which turned priestesses into
                     sorceresses. Teachings originally meant to bring salvation
                     to the body and soul fell into mere drunken orgies...
                     luring people to the hideous path of immorality.
                     Necrophilia, using babies for potion ingredients... This
                     is where the abominable "black arts" began...

        > Your answer was incorrect...


        Mr. Edogawa: Very good! Your aura is as clear as a mountain spring. It
                     was secrecy like that which turned priestesses into
                     sorceresses. Teachings originally meant to bring salvation
                     to the body and soul fell into mere drunken orgies...
                     luring people to the hideous path of immorality.
                     Necrophilia, using babies for potion ingredients... This
                     is where the abominable "black arts" began...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.


        (Same as first option.)


Koromaru: ..Arf arf!

Aigis: He's saying that he wants to go to Tartarus tonight...

Fuuka: Koro-chan...

Yukari: You really are our ally...


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: *sigh* It's getting cold... I hate to even get out from
                   under the covers these days. Apathy Syndrome doesn't sound
                   so bad, if you really think about it...

Listening Student: I know, right? I could sleep all day, and people would get
                   all concerned for me!

Gossiping Student: I know! Maybe I'll try becoming one... Just for a while.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


(Greeting from random party member.)



Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Hey man, let's go to Tartarus tonight! Only eleven days
        left! We gotta do this!



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A boy and a girl are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: Our Career Counseling is next week, right? Are you planning
                   to go to a university, Yumi?

Listening Student: Yup! I'm going to school overseas!

Gossiping Student: Overs...? This is the first I've heard about this...! I-I'm
                   your boyfriend...! You have to tell me this stuff!

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the students enter the school.]


[Ms. Miyahara is teaching.]

Ms. Miyahara: It's been restless out there lately. Have you seen all those
              flyers at the station? But none of that stuff has any
              credibility. There's no certainty in what they say. That's
              right... It's a matter of probability! Hey, don't give me those
              looks. The end of the world... Let's discuss this with respect to

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Miyahara: ...So as you can see, you can't prove the end of the
                      world is nigh. Which means you shouldn't worry about it.
                      Instead, take a good look at the elegance of this

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


(Greeting from random party member.)



Akihiko: ...Where have you been? One week until the 31st, huh... I think you
         already know this, but... Once you go into Tartarus on the 31st, you
         won't be able to leave until the battle is over. If we lose, there
         won't be a tomorrow... and we won't get a chance at a rematch. You
         should spend this week getting prepared for the fight.



(Greeting from random party member.)


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at the school gate. A pair of girls are talking.]

> You overhear a conversation.

Gossiping Student: I've heard a lot of talk lately about salvation, and the
                   world becoming renewed. If the Apathy Syndrome is becoming
                   widespread, maybe that's a good thing...

Listening Student: Yeah, I'm always hearing people talk about it on TV. I
                   thought it was a cult at first, but maybe it isn't...

Gossiping Student: I mean, if the whole world believes in it, I'd feel pretty
                   stupid to be the only one denying it.

> The first bell has rung.

[Main and the girls enter the school.]


[Mrs. Terauchi is teaching.]

Mrs. Terauchi: We've come to the last chapter in the textbook. You've all been
              such good students this year... My class is almost over! I'll be
              moving to India with my husband in the spring. He's a
              sociology professor who specializes in Indian culture, so he
              wants to spend some time there. Plus... Well, I love Japan, but
              there have been so many strange incidents lately. ...But back to
              the lesson. Here's a question for you, Main.

[Main stands up.]

Mrs. Terauchi: What's the best way to say farewell to a teacher?

Main: {Sensei, ikanaide!}

        Mrs. Terauchi: You don't want me to go...? Do you guys miss me so much
                       that you're telling me in Japanese? I'm so proud of each
                       and every one of you...

        > Your answer was incorrect...

      {Mou aenaino desuka?}

        (Same as first option.)

      {Arigatou gozaimashita!}

        Mrs. Terauchi: Yes! First and foremost, you should express your
                       gratitude. I'm so proud of each and every one of you...

        > You gave the correct answer! Your Charm has increased.

/After School\

[Main is meeting with Ms. Toriumi for Career Counseling.]

Ms. Toriumi: Let's begin, shall we? I don't have much to say, though. In the
             end, it's your decision. Alright, first question... Are you
             planning on going to college after you graduate, or entering the

Main: {Go to college}

        Ms. Toriumi: ...I see. Well, if you've given serious thought to your
                     decision, then I believe that is what you should do.

      {Get a job}

        Ms. Toriumi: ...I see. Well, if you've given serious thought to your
                     decision, then I believe that is what you should do.


        Ms. Toriumi: Well, you still have another year until you graduate...
                     It's okay if you still haven't decided. Just don't put off
                     for too long.

Ms. Toriumi: Now, it's important to keep in mind that this decision is yours,
             and yours alone. If someone else makes it for you, you'll regret
             it later. And then you'll have to live with the consequences,
             whatever they may be. But, to be honest, I'm quite confident in
             you. You've really matured over this last year. I'm sure you're
             aware of it as well. ...What do you think has helped to bring
             about this change the most?

Main: {Working hard}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Meeting people}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Losing a friend}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Ms. Toriumi: ...I see. Well, whatever the reason, you should be proud of the
             young man you've become. That's all for now. I hope you have a
             successful senior year. Let's see, uh... who's next? ...Ah,
             Aigis-san. Would you mind letting her know?

[Main nods.]

Ms. Toriumi: Thank you.

[Main goes up to the rooftop, where he finds Aigis.]

> Aigis seems to be lost in thought.

Main: {Can I talk to you?}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Oh, there you are.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Something on your mind?}

        (See below.)

Aigis: ...? I'm sorry I went off on my own...

(If you picked the third option above:)

        Aigis: ...It's nothing, really. I just needed some time to think...

> ...She seems to have something important to talk about.

[Main walks over to her.]

Aigis: When I finally calmed down after New Year's, I realized something...
       When I fought Ryoji... I got really scared when my consciousness began
       to fade. But, that wasn't all... I was also confused and embarrassed
       when I realized I couldn't defeat him... But, I couldn't defeat him ten
       years ago either, and I didn't have those feelings then... I... I really
       have changed...

Main: {Yes, you have.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't worry about it.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I like you better now.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: I've been thinking a lot about this change that's occurred in me. You
       know, in the past if I didn't understand something, I would just ask
       someone to explain it to me. But since I've decided to "live," no one's
       been able to answer the questions I have been facing... However, there
       is one thing I've come to understand. The reason why I wanted to be
       close to you was so I could monitor "Death"... But...

Main: {What is it?}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: Even though "Death" is gone now, I... I still want to be by your side...

[There is a long pause.]

Aigis: I still don't know what it means to "live" yet. But, I want to learn the
       answer. And I think I can, if I'm with you... So, please! Please take me
       with you! I may not be strong enough... but I'll fight with you to the
       end! Please...

Main: {Alright.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I need you with me.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't let me down.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: ......! Thank you...!

[The scene fades out.]

> ...You suddenly remembered that Ms. Toriumi is waiting to meet with Aigis.
  You leave the rooftop with Aigis.


Fuuka: ...Hi, how was your day? Today might be our "last" Monday... If we don't
       win, there won't be another.

Aigis: We'll be fine.

Fuuka: Aigis...?

Aigis: We'll win. ...We have no other choice.

Yukari: You're right, Aigis... We have to win...



Yukari: ...Oh, hey. Only fives days until the promised day. Well, we're going
        to break that "promise." ...Hey, do you wanna go to Tartarus tonight?
        ...I want to be ready.



Akihiko: ...Where have you been? Four more days... I'm up for going to Tartarus
         whenever you want. We've come so far... Nothing's more important than



[Ms. Toriumi is teaching.]

Ms. Toriumi: Let's see... today is the last composition class for January. As
             they say, January walks, and February runs... It'll be another new
             year in a flash. But before that, we've got our final exams, so
             don't get too relaxed! Anyway, just look at me--I manage to come
             to school every day, so you can too. Even though if I had the
             choice, I'd have slept in at home... Lots of scary people in town

> You feel tired... Close your eyes for a few minutes?

Main: {Stay awake}

        Ms. Toriumi: Those Apathy Syndrome rumors have been all over TV lately.
                     Same with those cult members... How did things end up this
                     way? Well, this is what they said about it on TV
                     yesterday... It's a "disease" born from modern society,
                     where the darkness in their hearts completely takes over.
                     They say it's inevitable in a hopeless society like ours,
                     and that its victims are victims of society. But I think
                     that's wrong. Everyone has darkness in their hearts, but
                     they fight against it, right? It's true that hope isn't
                     something you come across so easily in our society... But
                     that hardly gives them license to give up! They should be
                     able to stand on their own two feet! ...Anyway, that's
                     what I thought. I hope you were paying attention, class.
                     Something profound like that is bound to be on the final

        > You stayed up and listened to the lecture... Your Academics has

      {Doze off}

        [Main puts his head down.]

        (75% chance:) > Your consciousness drifts away as you close your
                        eyes... You start to feel better... Your condition is
                        now "Great"!


Junpei: ...S'up, dude? Three more days, man. I believe in you. We should go to
        Tartarus. ...We gotta be ready.



Mitsuru: Welcome back. The weather's still cold. ...How are you feeling? There
         are only two days left, so you should rest if you need to. You don't
         want to get sick now. ...Spring will soon be here.



Aigis: ...Greetings. Tomorrow... The promised day... It's been ten years since
       "Death" has awakened... Once we enter Tartarus tomorrow, we won't be
       able to leave. ...Are you ready?


/Early Morning\

> Today is the promised day... At last, you can confront Nyx at the top of
  Tartarus. You suspect that once you enter Tartarus tonight, you won't be
  able to leave until the battle is over.


[The party is gathered in the meeting room.]

Mitsuru: Alright... This will probably be the last time we meet like this.
         ...Is everyone ready?

Yukari: ...U-Um, can I say something?

[She stands up.]

Yukari: I know that we have to defeat Nyx... But if you think about it, that
        means we'll be getting rid of the Dark Hour... So our memories may
        disappear... But, even if that happens... I want you all to know, I
        won't forget you! Even if it robs us of all of our memories together...
        I will still remember you all!

Junpei: *laugh* We know you will, Yuka-tan!

Fuuka: I won't forget you, either!

Ken: Neither will I!

Aigis: I will not forget you, Yukari-san.

Mitsuru: Don't worry, even if you do forget about us, I'll remind you.

Akihiko: ...Yeah, so don't worry about it.

Yukari: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that...

[Junpei stands up too.]

Junpei: Okay! Then, after the battle, no matter what happens, let's promise to
        meet each other again!

Ken: Good idea! But, where should we meet?

Fuuka: I don't think it should be the dorm... We'll come back here anyways if
       all goes well... Hey, shouldn't we also decide on when we'll meet?

Akihiko: Yeah, it should be a special day...

Yukari: What about Graduation Day? When the Dark Hour vanishes, our memories
        might not disappear right away. So we shouldn't plan to meet too soon
        after the battle. And there's no day that will have more significance
        to us all.

Ken: Wow... You're really smart, Yukari-san! Graduation Day...! Yes, that will
     be easy to remember.

Junpei: Yeah, that's probably our best bet... Graduation Day it is! Now, where
        should we meet?

Mitsuru: It should be somewhere where it's easy to recogniza that peace has
         returned to the city. And when we meet again... we should remember how
         we're feeling right now... That no matter what may happen, we will
         never look back...

Yukari: ...I agree.

[Everyone nods.]

Koromaru: Arf!

Mitsuru: *laugh* Sorry, but you'll just have to wait! Alright then, let's get

Main: {I'm with you.}

      {You can count on me.}

      {Let's do this like always.}

[Main stands up.]

Yukari: Yeah...

Fuuka: ...Together.

Aigis: ...I will do my best.

Junpei: Good, cuz I'm counting on ya!

Akihiko: ...This is going to be easy.

Mitsuru: ...Yes it is.

/Dark Hour - Jin\

[The party reaches the 258th floor, where they encounter Jin.]

Jin: So, you came after all...

Akihiko: You...!? Where's your partner?

Jin: Takaya went on ahead of me. He's destined for greater things. So, it looks
     like you're serious about fighting Nyx.

Fuuka: How do you know about Nyx...?

Jin: I pieced together the information Ikutsuki left behind. But, not all of it
     made sense... He was a real nut job.

Yukari: Did you know Ikutsuki?

Jin: We were surprised to find out he was your boss. We really only knew his
     name... He was just one of the researchers who created us.

Mitsuru: He "created" you!?

Fuuka: Who are you!?

Jin: Heh... There's no use in telling you... The end is near.

Mitsuru: We don't have time for this... Get out of our way.

Jin: Can't do that, little lady... There's no way you'll be able to stop Nyx...
     But, I can't let you interfere with Takaya's wish.

Yukari: Do you even understand what you're saying!? If Nyx isn't stopped, all
        life will be destroyed!

Jin: Exactly. We won't live much longer... and we want to see the end before
     we die. That is Takaya's wish... so I'm not backing down. Enough talk.
     Let's do this.

[The party begins fighting Jin.]

Jin: This is it... I ain't holdin' back!

Jin: I've improved since our last fight! You can't hide your weaknesses from

[Jin takes some damage.]

Jin: Tch, you think you're tough? I won't lose this time!

[Jin takes a lot of damage.]

Jin: No... I ain't finished yet! Come on!

[Jin reaches critical condition.]

Jin: Dammit...!

[The party defeats Jin.]

Jin: Ugh... I failed... Ngh...

[He drops to his knees.]

Jin: What're you waiting for...? Finish me off! I would do anything for

Akihiko: Why are you so loyal to him?

Jin: Heh... You wouldn't understand... Takaya showed me the light when I was in
     the darkness...

[Jin sits down.]

Jin: It was a long time ago... In order to better understand the Dark Hour...
     Kirijo rounded up kids that were living on the streets, and gave them
     special powers... so they could investigate Tartarus.

Mitsuru: What...?

Jin: But, when that power doesn't emerge naturally, it's difficult to control.
     So the kids had to take experimental medication so their powers wouldn't
     kill them. Only three kids out of the original hundred survived, and after
     6 months, the experiment was cancelled.

Fuuka: Then, those three were...

Mitsuru: You all suffered at the hands of Kirijo...

Jin: Takaya saved me from it all... He said, "Don't let the past control you,
     and don't look to the future; simply live in the moment..." To be honest,
     I don't even care about Kirijo anymore. But, Takaya's wish... must be...

Yukari: You..

[Suddenly, several Shadows appear around the area.]

Akihiko: Tch! We were here too long!

Mitsuru: We're running out of time! We have to go! Now!

Junpei: But... We can't...

Jin: You idiots! I don't want your pity...!

[Mitsuru turns to look at him before running ahead; the rest of the party
 follows behind her. The Shadows begin to converge around Jin.]

Jin: Heh... I won't let you eat me... I believe in you, Takaya... Fulfill your
     wish... I will hold on the freedom you gave me to the very end...!

[As the Shadows close in, Jin pulls out a grenade and throws it onto the
 ground. The party feels the explosion from the stairs.]

Junpei: Hey... was that...? Did he...!?

Mitsuru: ...... Let's go.

/Dark Hour - Takaya\

[The party reaches the 262nd floor, where Takaya is sitting off to one side.]

Akihiko: Is the top of Tartarus past here?

Takaya: Indeed.

Akihiko: Then, let us through.

Takaya: I am not standing in your way.

[Takaya stands up.]

Takaya: I take it you have defeated Jin... You are quite troublesome. What is
        it that you seek? These are your final moments... The end is nigh.

Akihiko: Sorry... But, we're not gonna let that happen!

Takaya: You are merely wasting your energy... Why not celebrate this wonderful
        moment? What better way could you spend your final moments together?

Yukari: Will you shut up already!?

Takaya: My life was stolen from me... And in its place, I was given a power I
        never asked for... And so, I learned that the future is only a
        delusion. Only by striving to live every moment to its fullest can the
        soul be truly satisfied. That is why we welcome this glorious
        revelation, to shine a light upon this darkened world!

Junpei: You're so full of shit! I'm not dying so you can have a friggin'

Takaya: This is not merely my desire. There are many who have also gathered to
        rejoice in her arrival.

Fuuka: That's just because all these weird things have been happening...!

Takata: That is untrue... Who is responsible for reviving Nyx? Can a single
        person boast of this great accomplishment? You all worked tirelessly to
        prevent it, and yet in doing so, you unwittingly aided in her coming...
        So you see, this is not just my will; it is the will of all people.
        Man cannot face death without first finding meaning in life... But the
        world has realized that any meaning in life was lost long ago... Nyx
        has come because humanity has cried out for her salvation!

Fuuka: That can't be...!

Ken: I-I don't believe you!

Aigis: And yet, there is truth in what he says...

Yukari: Aigis...

Aigis: But, now we know that it was a mistake... And that's why we're here.
       It's not a matter of whether it is possible or not... It's a matter of
       believing in ourselves. That's what it means to "live".

Mitsuru: The world isn't so simple that one person can decide whether we all
         live or we all die... So, even if there is no hope, we won't give up.

Takaya: ......

[Takaya walks out in front of them.]

Takaya: Hmph. What do you know of this world? No matter how long you search or
        how hard you pray, eventually you will realize that there is no truth.
        Just as death is eternal, a truth that has been lost can never be found
        again. Are you really so desperate to die that you will stand before
        the almighty Nyx!? Such foolishness is what I am trying to rid this
        world of.

[He pulls out his revolver.]

Takaya: If you insist on asserting your way of living, then I shall do the
        same! The coming of Nyx is but moments away! *laugh* Ahahahahahahahah!!

[The party begins fighting Takaya.]

Takaya: You needn't hurry. The moment we await is predestined. It's only a
        matter of time.

Fuka: (telepathically) Please be careful! I sense even greater power than

[Takaya takes some damage.]

Takaya: Even as I speak, I can feel it. The end of everything... I pity those
        who cannot see it for what it truly is... a blessing.

[Takaya takes a lot of damage.]

Takaya: We are mere mortals; we cannot change our fate. You would be foolish
        to deny it...

[Takaya reaches critical condition.]

Takaya: Ha... Hahaha... It seems we are destined to be in opposition... How can
        you summon such power... even in the face of death...?

[The party defeat Takaya. He lies weakly on the floor.]

Takaya: I have failed... haven't I...?

Akihiko: ......

Takaya: There is nothing more I can do... Now... kill me.

Aigis: ...Are you scared?

Takaya: ...What a peculiar question. You know nothing of death, if you think
        that it is something to fear...

Aigis: What do you mean?

Takaya: You fear it because you do not understand it... I will not explain to
        you any further.

Mitsuru: There's no honor in taking the life of someone who can't move. You
         will live to see if what you wished for comes true or not.

Junpei: Yeah, lie there and repent for what you've done.

Takaya: *laugh* You are all so odd...

> Takaya slowly closes his eyes...

Mitsuru: We're finally here... Up ahead is the top of Tartarus... The promised
         place Ryoji spoke of. ...Let's regroup for the final battle.

/Dark Hour - Nyx Avatar\

[The party emerges onto the roof of Tartarus. Dark clouds are billowing all

Mitsuru: We finally reached the top.

Yukari: Hey, look at the sky!

[EVeryone looks up.]

Fuuka: Something's coming!

Akihiko: Is it Nyx!?

Fuuka: I can sense it even without my Persona. This is the first time that's
       ever happened...

<anime cutscene>

[A large winged creature descends to the tower. Upon getting close, they can
 see that it's face resembles Ryoji.]

<end anime cutscene>

Aigis: You are...

Yukari: Ryoji-kun...!?

Nyx Avatar: That was my name for a time... I didn't mind it.

Mitsuru: ...What's going on? Wait, are you...?

Nyx Avatar: I am merely a harbinger of the Fall... Although, Nyx and myself are
            now one in the same.

Akihiko: Is that so...? Well regardless, I don't regret my decision. I'll
         defeat you, no matter what you are!

Nyx Avatar: I see... Then, you must already know. What people fear most...
            What they try to ignore... That is what I am.

Ken: We know that already.

Akihiko: Yeah. ...Everyone does.

Mitsuru: You are what awaits all living things from the moment they are born...

Nyx Avatar: Then, you also understand that it's pointless to resist... So, why
            do you? ...There must be fear in your hearts.

Junpei: Yeah, of course I'm scared... But, it's no use carrying on about it!
        I wanna live!

Yukari: ...I'm tired of running! Living means looking death square in the
        face... So, I won't back down... not even from you!

Aigis: I will stop you, even if it costs me my life. That is my own decision!

Nyx Avatar: ...I see.

Fuuka: Everyone, get ready! Nyx is preparing to attack!

[Fuuka turns around.]

Fuuka: I'm sensing Shadows approaching from below, too!

Mitsuru: Everyone who's not fighting Nyx should try to keep them at bay! This
         is our last chance... We can't afford to lose!

[The party begins fighting Nyx Avatar. They deal a significant amount of

Nyx Avatar: The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his
            fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim
            hope. Yes, the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Attaining one's dream requires a stern will and unfailing

[Nyx Avatar summons an image of the Fool Card that quickly changes to the
 Magician card.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) Nyx's Arcana changed to the Magician!? Be careful!
       Its properties have changed!

[As the party fights him, Nyx Avatar continues to shuffle through the Arcana.]

Nyx Avatar: (Priestess) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound

Fuuka: (telepathically) It changed properties again. If you need me to analyze
       it, just say the word.

Nyx Avatar: (Empress) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Celebrate life's grandeur... its brilliance... its magnificence...

Nyx Avatar: (Emperor) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Only courage in the face of doubt can lead one to the answer...

Nyx Avatar: (Hierophant) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guide

Nyx Avatar: (Lovers) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            There is both joy and wonder in coming to understand another...

Nyx Avatar: (Chariot) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            One of life's greatest blessings is the freedom to pursue one's

Nyx Avatar: (Justice) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            To find the one true path, one must seek guidance amidst

Nyx Avatar: (Hermit) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge
            one's own path...

Nyx Avatar: (Fortune) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Alongside time exists fate, the bearer of cruelty.

Nyx Avatar: (Strength) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment.

Nyx Avatar: (Hanged Man) The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            In the face of disaster lies opportunity for renewal.

[Eventually, the party manages to defeat all the Arcana through Hanged Man.]

Nyx Avatar: The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his
            fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim
            hope. Yet, the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
            Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who
            you are... Death awaits you.

[Nyx Avatar shifts his Aracana to Death.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) I sense... Death! Nyx's true Arcana is Death!

[The party deals some damage to this last form.]

Nyx Avatar: You cannot avoid death. To live is to die; they are one in the

[Nyx Avatar casts the Moonless Gown spell, causing a barrier to appear in front
 of him.]

Fuuka: (telepathically) W-Wait! Something's strange about Nyx... I have a bad
       feeling about this... It's definitely up to something! Have everyone
       hold their attacks! It's too dangerous right now!

[After a while, the barrier disappears. The party deals more damage to Nyx

Nyx Avatar: Let us finish this. It is the path of your choosing.

[Nyx Avatar uses the Night Queen spell. Even so, after a long battle, the party
 manages to defeat him and he slumps to the ground.]

/Dark Hour - Nyx\

[Nyx AVatar is motionless.]

Mitsuru: ...Did we do it!?

[Suddenly Nyx Avatar stirs, and slowly begins to levitate back up into the

Nyx Avatar: Such a pity... You understand fate, yet you still fight against it
            with all of your will... If more people were like you, then perhaps
            the Fall could have been prevented... but it's too late now.

<anime cutscene>

[As Nyx Avatar continues to rise, the moon opens up to reveal a large entity

Fuuka: The moon!

Yukari: what is that!?

[Nyx Avatar sends a beam up into the moon.]

Akihiko: This... This can't be real!

Aigis: Soon... Soon it will descend upon us... upon us all...

[The coffins across the city disappear and the population begins to panic.]

Man: Huh, what the...? I was...

Man: What the hell is going on here!?

[A cultist looks up at the moon.]

Cultist: Look at the moon, it's glorious! The end of the world, it's really
         here, everything they said was true!

[Suddenly his head shatters into goo. The scene shifts back to the party.]

<end anime cutscene>

[As the party continues to gaze up in awe, Takaya stumbles in behind them.]

Takaya: At last...

[He drops to the floor on his back.]

Takaya: Ha... Hahaha... Hahahahaha!

Ken: You...!

Takaya: *chuckle* Vexing, isn't it? The look on your face is priceless!

Akihiko: Shut up...!

Yukari: But, what're we gonna do!?

Fuuka: ...!? Something's coming!

<anime cutscene>

[The moon shoots out a wave of energy that hits the party, and they struggle
 to remain standing.]

Ken: What is this...?

Yukari: This is... nothing...

Takaya: How ridiculous... Are you out of your mind?

Junpei: Look who's talking!

Takaya: Death is imminent... Surely you know this... What do you hope to
        accomplish now? I wanted to see the end wth my own eyes... Jin...

[He passes out.]

Aigis: I will never give up! Never!

[Nyx Avatar is continuing to feed the beam into the moon.]

Nyx Avatar: Why resist that which is inevitable? You will only suffer...

Junpei: Dammit, I won't back down!

Yukari: I've made up my mind... I'll fight to the end!

Junpei: Aaahhh!

[Everyone manages to get back to their feet. The moon sends out another wave.
 Ken falls back down.]

Akihiko: Ken!

[Aigis and Junpei collapse as well.]

Junpei: Son of a...!

Mitsuru: We've come this far! I will not submit!

[Akihiko and Mitsuru also fall. Main closes his eyes.]

<end anime cutscene>

[Many of the friends the party has met are shown at Naganaki Shrine. Natsuki
 runs into the area.]

Natsuki: Okay, gotta stay calm... just like Fuuka was when she saved me... I'm
         the one who said we'll always be connected... That's how I know
         you're still hanging in there, Fuuka. I'm scared as hell right now...
         but I won't give up! Right, Fuuka!?

[The scene for entering the Velvet Room replays.]

Igor: There's no need to worry. This isn't the afterlife... You're still
      alive. Do you remember what I once told you...? ...How the strength of
      your Social Links will determine your potential?

[Igor holds a hand to his ear.]

Igor: Listen... Can you hear the many voices? Each one's power is limited...
      Yet, they all reach out to you... Can you feel them?

Main: {Yes, I sense them...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {I'm not sure.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Igor: Close your eyes and listen carefully... Their voices may be faint, but
      certainly you hear them...

[Igor holds up his arms and summons a large mass of enerygy.]

> A mysterious mass of energy is gathering.. The powerful emotions of your
  friends and loved ones are flowing into your heart...

(If you have a Social Link maxed, the respective person will have a line to
 say here. Note that Maya's picture is a sillouette of Ms. Toriumi.)

        Kenji: I'll always have your back, Main. All I can do right now is
               pray... But, whatever it is, man... I know you can do it.

        Bunkichi: Something frightful's going on... but we won't give up.

        Mitsuko: That's right, dear... Main-chan wouldn't want us to lose

        Kazushi: Something crazy's going on here... but I know you're out there
                 doing all you can, Main... So, I won't lose my cool, either.
                 You taught me that.

        Maya: Oh god, this can't be happening! I wish I could talk to him, and
              calm myself down... I don't even know what he looks like, but I
              hope he's okay... He has to be... I can feel it.

        Keisuke: Main-kun... I know you're trying to stay focused... You were
                 there when I needed you... I hope I can do the same...

        Maiko: Everyone else is scared, but not me... You showed me how to be
               tough! I won't give up.

        Bebe: Main-sama... 'ow are you doing? I 'ope you are okay... I am 'ere
              for you... like you were zere for me!

        President Tanaka: What on earth made me think of you at a time like
                          this...? Well, I suppose you did teach me a thing or
                          two about loyalty...

        Mutatsu: You must be fightin' the good fight right about now... Well,
                 you taught me that runnin' away never solves nothin'... so I'm
                 here for ya, kid.

        Mamoru: I'll take on any challenge that comes my way, without
                complaining about it... You taught me that, Main... I bet
                you're fighting right now too, huh...

        Nozomi: You saved me, Main... I was so blind before... I'm sure you've
                got things under control, right? You always do.

        Akinari: I know I'm not the only one who's suffered... You've endured
                 a lot, too... But, you can't just give up... You taught me

Igor: Can you hear them? These are the voices of hope that wish to help you...
      Seperately, they are weak... But together, they will bring about a great
      change in you. Now is the time to draw on the true strength of the bonds
      you have forged!

[The energy mass transforms into a card that descends down to the table.]

Igor: I never dreamed of seeing that card with my own eyes... This is indeed a
      surprise... Behold the last power you and I shall unveil... It is the
      power to bring about a new beginning, or the ultimate end. It may be
      possible now, with this newfound power... You may be able to defeat the
      one who cannot be defeated. What you have in your hands is the power of
      the Universe... Nothing is outside the realm of possibility for you now.

[The card vanishes.]

Elizabeth: We will soon reach your destination.

Igor: It seems that, in addition to Death, fate has also dealt you the wild
      card. ...You must accept your destiny. Our contract has been fulfilled...
      I have completed my role as well. ...You were truly a remarkable guest.

<anime cutscene>

[The room suddenly reaches the top floor, and the back wall opens up. Main
 wakes up back in reality and easily stands up. He then begins to float upwards
 toward the entity in the moon.]

Akihiko: What the!?

Aigis: No, don't go!

[The others try to stop him but cannot manage to stand up.]

Yukari: What is he doing?

Junpei: Dammit, why the hell can't I stand up?

Yukari: Why, after all we've been through... Stop, don't do this! Come back!!

[Upon entering the moon, Main finds an egg-like object, which is the real Nyx.
 He begins fighting it. It uses Death on him, which should kill him, but he
 manages to live through it. Main hears the voices of his friends.]

Ken: There's nothing we can do!?

Akihiko: Don't give up! We have to believe in him!

Mitsuru: Give him strength! Take my life if you must!

[Energy appears and restores some of Main's health. Nyx uses Death on Main
 again, but this time it misses.]

Yukari: Yeah, I'm willing to risk mine too!

Fuuka: He's going to face it all by himelf!

Junpei: No, he's not alone! I won't let him die!

[More energy appears and heals Main. Nyx tries to use Death again; this time it
 has no effect on Main.]

Koromaru: *bark* *bark*

Aigis: I won't allow this world to be destroyed!

Shinjiro: (voice only, no text) Alright, let's do this...

[Even more energy appears, restoring Main's health to full. He uses the Great
 Seal ability on Nyx, releasing a bright light. The scene shifts to the rest of
 the party, who appear to be standing in space.]

Yukari: Where are we...?

Mitsuru: Did Nyx create this place? ...Or, was it him?

Akihiko: Is he alright, Fuuka!? What happened!?

Fuuka: Everything was engulfed by a bright light... I don't sense him.

Ken: Don't tell me he...

Junpei: No! That can't be! Try again! He can't be the only one...!

[Fuuka shakes her head.]

Junpei: You gotta be kidding me...

Akihiko: Dammit... Not again...!

Mitsuru: We all decided to put our lives on the line... In fact, we came here
         knowing we would most likely die.

Aigis: How could I be so powerless...? This is what I was trying to prevent!

Yukari: You're there, aren't you!? I know you are! I refuse to believe that
        you're gone! Answer me! I know you can hear me!

Aigis: We're here! Please let us hear your voice!

> Everyone is desperately calling out to you.

Main: {It's alright...}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {What happened...?}

        (No extra dialog.)

[Everyone looks up.]

Aigis: ...?!

Yukari: ...!?

Familiar Voice: ...Don't worry.

[The voice sound like Ryoji.]

Akihiko: That voice...!?

Familiar Voice: I will sleep once again. Normal days will return to this
                universe, for you... and for him.

Yukari: ...!

Familiar Voice: He's found the answer to life's greatest question. It just
                happened a bit sooner than it will for the rest of you.

Aigis: Life's greatest question...

Familiar Voice: Aigis... You'll find the answer one day as well. You, too, are
                a precious living thing... You just need to realize how the
                bonds of friendship have changed you... The Dark Hour will soon
                vanish from this world... All will truly be reliquished from
                its dominion, and the legacy of life will continue.
                Congratulations, you have the miracle you sought. We shall meet
                again some day...

<anime cutscene>

[The party reappears at the foot of Tartarus. The tower suddenly breaks apart
 and disintigrates into the night. Main appears before them, and Aigis begins
 crying. The sky returns to normal, with the Dark Hour gone forever.]

<end anime cutscene>

> The battle has ended. Tartarus and the Dark Hour have disappeared. By an
  unexpected miracle, the world was saved from the Fall. Peace was restored,
  and people resumed their busy lives. No one remembered anything about the
  extraordinary turn of events. And so, the season changed... ...... One month


/Early Morning\

[Main arrives at school. Junpei runs up behind him.]

Junpei: Yo! Damn, it's cold. But of course, you never miss a day of school.
        Man, can ya believe this year's already over? We're practically seniors
        now. Just one more year... Ya think anything interesting will happen?

Main: {Definitely.}

        Junpei: I hope you're right. But, seeing the current seniors makes me

      {You never know.}

        Junpei: Well, seeing the current seniors makes me wonder...

Junpei: Seems like all they frickin' do is study. Talk about boring. Is that
        gonna be us next year? ...Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

[Junpei shakes his head and they walk forward. They spot Aigis next to a tree.]

Junpei: Hey, is that girl looking at us? Dude, she's pretty cute! How come I
        never noticed her before?

[Yukari walks up to them from behind.]

Yukari: What are you talking about? She lives in the same dorm as us.

Junpei: Seriously!? Uh... What's her name, then?

Yukari: I dunno.

Junpei: So then, why're you giving me a hard time? Anyway, it's always crazy in
        the dorms this time of year, with so many people coming and going. Oh
        yeah, did ya hear? Akihiko-senpai's movin' out. Ya know, the Captain of
        the boxing team?

Yukari: I know who he is, but I haven't really talked to him. Of course, all
        the graduates are leaving, even Kirijo-senpai.

Junpei: Ms. Student Council President... She's in our dorm too, huh?

[They turn to look back at Aigis. Yukari waves.]

Yukari: Hey, there! Are you looking at us? Is something wrong?

Strange Girl: Um... It's nothing.

[Aigis runs away.]

Junpei: She looks kinda depressed, doesn't she? ...Wait, do ya think she might
        be interested in one of us!?

Yukari: Haha, I doubt it.

Junpei: ...Ouch. That hurts.

[They continue to walk forward. Junpei stops again.]

Junpei: By the way, Yuka-tan... Uh... Never mind. Forget it.

Yukari: Aw, come on now... Don't gimme that.

Junpei: Um, well... Do you remember how we became friends? I mean, don't take
        it the wrong way. I was just thinking...

Yukari: Well, it's not like we're best friends or anything, so I guess it just
        kinda happened.

Junpei: Yeah, I guess so.

Yukari: ...It IS kinda weird, actually, now that I think about it. But, I can't
        really explain why. Anyway, that girl--

[The first bell rings.]

Junpei: Oh crap!

[The three of them run to class.]


> ...All is quiet. It doesn't seem like the others have returned yet. They all
  must be enjoying the peaceful evening... ...... Even though you've just
  returned from school... you are feeling very tired. You should go to sleep
  early tonight.



> ...... You are feeling tired. You can't keep your eyes open... You should
  rest... Tomorrow is Senior Graduation Day.


/Early Morning\

[Main is in his room sitting at his deak. There's a knock at the door.]

Aigis: It's me, Aigis. May I please come in?

Main: {Open the door}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't open the door}

        Aigis: But... I...!

        > It sounds like she's upset... You decide to let her in.

[Main opens the door and Aigis walks in.]

Aigis: Thank goodness. I'm so happy to see you again... I'm sorry to show up so
       suddenly... But... I really needed to talk to you.

Main: {No problem.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {What's on your mind?}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: ...I remember everything. Everyone seems to have forgotton, but I
       remember... That day, we...

Main: {You're right.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {Don't cry.}

        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: I'm sorry... It's just that, when I remembered... I was afraid you might
       go somewhere far away, like you did at the last battle...

Main: {That won't happen.}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: Graduation's today, isn't it? I'm sorry... The ceremony's already
       begun... Such nice weather outside... Do you remember? ...The promise
       we all made? Why don't we go there and wait for the others...? We can
       enjoy the view of this peaceful city...


[The Graduation Ceremony is taking place in the auditorium.]

Class Representative: ...The time to part has finally come. Though this is our
                      last day together, we want the senior class to know that
                      you've truly earned our respect. We wish each of you good
                      health, happiness, and prosperity. On this auspicious
                      occasion, I bid you all a fond farewell on behalf of the
                      student body.

[The student bows and walks offstage.]

Teacher: Next, a word from the valedictorian... From Class D, Mitsuru Kirijo.

Mitsuru: Thank you.

[Mitsuru walks onstage to the podium.]

Mitsuru: This last year, I accepted an important responsibility as Student
         Council President. When I first addressed you from this podium, I
         spoke to you all about seizing opportunity while you had the chance...
         Well, it must have been fate that intervened and gave me an important
         reminder of this... As many of you may know, my father unexpectedly...

[She pauses for a moment.]

Mitsuru: He unexpectedly passed away, due to sudden illness...

[She pauses again, and holds a hand to her head.]

Mitsuru: Sudden illness...?

Graduating Senior: Wow, that's rare. I've never heard her stumble in a speech

Graduating Senior's Friend: It's a big day... It must be tough thinking about
                            her father.

<anime cutscene>

[Mitsuru slowly resumes her speech.]

Mitsuru: I remember... Yes... With my father's death, I lost my purpose in

Yukari: Hang on, wasn't I supposed to...?

[Akihiko gets up behind Junpei and pulls him to his feet.]

Junpei: Akihiko-senpai, what's up?

[Fuuka and Yukari get up too.]

Mitsuru: But now I have something to live for. No longer will I run from the
         future! I will face it head on, carrying out my father's will! I am
         resolved and without reservation.

[The others begin to gather in the aisle.]

Junpei: The promise!

[They begin walking toward the stage.]

Mitsuru: I owe it all to my invaluable friends... And we have promised to never
         lose hope, no matter what tomorrow may bring.

[Mitsuru leaps from the stage, knocking over the microphone and raising an
 uproar in the crowd.]

Yukari: Senpai, we made a promise. Let's find him, and Aigis too!

Mitsuru: Yes, I can hardly wait. Everyone, let's go!

[They all run out the door.]

<end anime cutscene>

[Main and Aigis are on the rooftop. Main's head is lying in Aigis's lap.]

Aigis: The wind feels so nice... This is my first time experiencing spring.
       But, this season will eventually pass... After fighting alongside you,
       and facing the world's end... I finally began to understand... what it
       means to live... Thinking for yourself... Not running away... Accepting
       the inevitable... All things eventually come to an end... Every living
       thing will one day disappear... Only by accepting this can one discover
       what they truly want... What the meaning of their life will be... I
       understand now why I was so tormented by my lack of strength. Protecting
       others became more than just an order I had to obey. I wanted to do it
       for my own reasons... I realized this once I decided to try and prevent
       the Fall. When I thought I might never see you again, something else
       became clear to me--what I wanted most. And so, I made up my mind. I
       decided that I would continue to protect you. I want to be your
       strength. I know I'm not the only one who can do this... but that's
       okay. My life will be worth living if it's for this reason... Thank

Main: {Don't cry.}

        (No extra dialog.)

      {It'll be okay.}

        (No extra dialog.)

[Main raises a hand to Aigis's face, and she takes it.]

Aigis: You're right. What am I doing? I understand now, so I should be happy...

Junpei: Heyyy!!

> You hear voices calling out to you...

Aigis: Everyone... I realize now that I have friends as well. You don't have
       to save the world to find meaning in life... Sometimes, all you need is
       something simple, like someone to take care of. I'll keep on living no
       matter what, so that I can protect you...

> The gentle spring sunlight warms your body. You feel a little sleepy...

Aigis: Thank you for everything... You must be tired... Please get some rest...
       I'll stay right here with you...

> The sounds of footsteps and familiar voices are getting closer...

Aigis: Soon, all your friends will be here by your side...

> You're getting sleepier... Your eyes feel heavy...

Main: {Close your eyes}

        (No extra dialog.)


        (No extra dialog.)

<anime cutscene>

[The butterfly from the opening flutters by as Main falls asleep on Aigis's
 lap. Aigis doens't have her earpiece on on, and her eyes are watery.]

Aigis: Don't worry. I will always be by your side, protecting you...

[The scene fades to white.]

<end anime cutscene>

[The credits roll as a montage of anime scenes flash by. Afterwards, the others
 arrive on the rooftop to find Main and Aigis, and Aigis smiles at them. The
 word Fin appears in the corner before the picture fades out. The player is
 prompted to save for a new game cycle, and then the game goes back to the
 title screen.]


 Optional/NPC dialog


/School Lobby\

Female Student: Huh? The Faculty Office? Um... I think it's that way. Actually,
                I'm new here, so you should probably ask someone else.

Female Student: Oh, great... I have the worst teacher ever...

Male Studet: There's no need for them to post the names of the kids who are
             gonna be in our class... I mean, we'll never see them again after
             we graduate anyways.

Male Student: Whaaaaaat? I don't see my name... What should I do...? What
              should I do...?

Vendor: Hm? You seem interested in what we've got on sale... You must be a new
        student! I don't have enough bread for everyone, so if you want some,
        come early. I don't have any customers once school's out, so I can't
        sell that much.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: You really shouldn't be outside on your own at night. It's too
         dangerous. Anyway, you must be tired. You should get a good night's

Yukari (1st time): Oh, hi. What're you doing?

        Main: {Nothing.}

                Yukari: ...Oh.

              {Just looking around.}

                Yukari: Well, there's not much to see...

              {What are you doing?}

                Yukari: Just killing time, doing nothing...

        Yukari: You're probably pretty tired, huh? Maybe you should go to bed
                early tonight.

Yukari (after 1st time):You're probably pretty tired, huh? Maybe you should go
                        to bed early tonight.


        Newscaster: --it's a trend that just might spread all over town. Our
                    next story is about the cherry blossoms. It's springtime,
                    and they're all over town now. The blossoms this year were
                    a little late compared to other years, but they'll be at
                    their peak this week.

(Try to leave:)

        Mitsuru: We cannot allow you to go out after dark. Sorry, but rules are

/Dorm, Second Floor\

[Inspect the door at the end of the hall on the left:]

        > The nameplate says "Akihiko." There's someone inside...

        Main: {Knock}

                (1st time:)

                    Male Voice: Is that Mitsuru? I'm busy right now. Sorry, but
                                could you come back later?

                (after 1st time:)

                    Male Voice: All right, that's enough. I said, come back

              {Don't knock}

                (Nothing happens.)


/Dorm 2nd Floor, Dark Hour\

Yukari: What should I do?

(Try to go downstairs:)

          Yukari: Y-You can't go down there! I'm sure they have it under

(Check drink machines or first door on right:)

        Yukari: This isn't a training exercise, you know... If we don't get
                out of here, we're going to die!

(Check drink machines or second door on right:)

        Yukari: Let's get out of here... Please...!

(Head towards Main's room:)

        [The ground shakes again.]

        Yukari: I-It doesn't seem like it's going to be over soon...
                Downstairs... They're fine, right?

(Check first door on left or Main's room:)

        Yukari: We could hide in this room... N-No... That wouldn't work after

(Check second door on left:)

        Yukari: Mm, this won't work... If we stay here, we'll...

/Dorm 3rd Floor, Dark Hour\

(Try to go downstairs:)

        Yukari: I don't want to go downstairs! I-I mean... We can't...

(Check drink machines:)

        Yukari: This isn't a training exercise, you know... If we don't get
                out of here, we're going to die!


/Dorm Lounge\


        Newscaster: --and all the tourist families have had a wonderful spring.
                    The attraction will continue in operation until May 5th.

        > The building is shaking...

        Newscaster: ...Ahh, there seems to have just been an earthquake. I
                    repeat, there has just been an earthquake. We have no
                    further information at this time, but we urge our viewers
                    to be watchful for tsunamis. I repeat: there has just been
                    an earthquake. We have no further information at this time.
                    Please continue checking the weather warnings for possible
                    tsunami updates.

(Attempt to leave:)

        > You aren't allowed to go outside at nighttime.

/Dorm, Second Floor\

(Try to enter your room:)

        > You were told to come to the 4th floor today...


/Tartarus Lobby, 1st visit\

Mitsuru: Don't worry. I won't push you too hard. You'll be just fine.

Akihiko: Since Yukari and Junpei have no real experiance in battle, make sure
         you back them up.

Yukari: So, this is Tartarus...

Junpei: Alright, let's do this! I'll prove that I should be in charge...

(Examine the motorcycle:)

        Mitsuru: Do you mind not touching that? I use it to transport delicate
                 equipment necessary for gathering information.

(Examine the warp device:)

        > It's some kind of device you've never seen before. It doesn't seem to
          be functioning right now.

(Try to leave:)

        Junpei: Dude, that's the wrong way...

(Try to enter the Velvet Room:)

        Yukari: What are you doing? There's nothing over there. C'mon, let's

/Tartarus, 2nd Floor\

(Try to go up the stairs:)

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to leave
                 this floor today. It's important that you gain experience in
                 battle, first. Now, see if you can eliminate all the Shadows
                 wandering around on this floor.

(Try to skip a battle:)

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) The goal today is to gain experience in
                 battle! Running away is not an option. Return immediately and
                 eliminate the Shadows!

(When asked to split up, try to move ahead without splitting up:)

        Mitsuru: (on transceiver) You're in charge... what are you waiting for?
                 Issue the order to split up.


(Examine the Access Point:)

        Mitsuru: Good, you found the Access Point. Please return to the

/Tartarus Lobby, Return Visit\

Mitsuru: From now on, you'll select your party here, before you enter Tartarus.
         I'll explain the details some other time. Tres bien! You did well
         today. Now, let's head back to the dorm.

Akihiko: You guys did a great job, but you won't have to shoulder the burden
         forever... Tch! If only I hadn't gotten injured...

Junpei: Dude, I can't take it anymore... I'm starving...

Yukari: I'm feeling tired... Let's go back...

(Try to go to the next floor:)

        Mitsuru: That's enough for today. You have plenty of fighting ahead of
                 you. Let's return to the dorm.




        Junpei: He said Paulownia Mall, right? I wonder what's up...

(Other responses:)

        Junpei: Dude, is Akihiko-senpai blind, or just plain dumb? Those chicks
                were all over him! Man, I'm so jealous...

        Junpei: The police station...? There aren't any ladies there! *sigh*
                Whatever. Let's just get it over with.

/School Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... We're going to Hagakure.

Curious Student: Every school has a strange building that no one knows what
                 it's used for. There's one here, you know... I'll tell you
                 about it later...

Stalker Girl: *sigh* *sigh*

        > The Female Student continues to sigh...

Stalked Boy: ...I have this strange feeling that someone's watching me.

(Try to go back inside school before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: ...Hey! We've gotta get to the Police Station!

/Office Hall\

Teacher: (to Male Student) There's a saying, "He who hunts two hares at once
         will catch neither." That means a student like you who's always trying
         to do two things at once will...

        > The teacher continues to scold the student...

Male Student: He sounds like he knows what he's saying, doesn't he? Well,
              listen to this... Last year, he was dating two women at the same
              time. But, the thing is, they worked together! And when they
              found out, they both dumped him!

/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: There are lots of classrooms here... But you knew that.

Cell-phone Student: What do you want? I'm using my cell now. Talk to me later,


Female Student: That tree seems special for some reason... I wonder why it's
                there... Does it commemorate something?

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: School's barely started, and there's already been a student who
                quit. She only had two years left... What'll she do if she
                doesn't graduate from high school?

Female Student: She said she's going to quit being a high-schooler. Well, it's
                her life, not mine.

Mitsuru Admirer: When you were absent, there was an election for Student
                 Council President. Mitsuru-senpai's speech was sooo cool! I
                 voted for her! Everyone else looks so small compared to
                 Mitsuru-senpai. *sigh* Mitsuru-senpai...

Complaining Girl: My parents always nag me to like, study for exams and stuff.
                  They're so annoying! I just became a junior--I'm supposed to
                  be having fun! They just came into some money, so they're
                  getting all strict about my future and junk.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Dude, Mitsuru-senpai's speech this morning was crazy. I heard no one
        was even close to her in the election. Considering her background, I
        don't know why they bothered. Let's face it, we're all just plain
        ordinary compared to her, man.

Female Student: Do you tend to get lost in school?

        Main: {Yes.}

                Female Student: Where are you headed?

                Main: {The athletic department.}

                        Female Student: Leave this room and go down the stairs
                                        to the right. Then, go through the
                                        double doors on your right-hand side
                                        and head straight.

                      {Art Club, Music Club, etc.}

                        Female Student: Leave this room and go down the stairs
                                        to the right. The Art Room, Music Room,
                                        and Science Room will be right there.

                      {The Student Council Room.}

                        Female Student: It's located right across the hall from
                                        this room.

                      {The office.}

                        Female Student: Leave this room and go down the stairs
                                        to the left. While facing the shoe
                                        cupboard, go right to enter the hallway
                                        where the Office is located.


                (Nothing happens)

Fat Student: It must suck to transfer to a new school. You have to relearn the
             whole system.

Male Student: Hey, new guy... Whaddya think of the girls here compared to your
              old school?

        Main: {They're better here.}

                Male Student: I knew it. Our school has tons of hot chicks.

              {They're about the same.}

                Male Student: So, your old school had lots of hot chicks too?

              {My old school was better.}

                Male Student: Are you serious!? Is that even possible!?

Male Student: I hear that, starting on the 23rd, some new athletic teams will
              be recruiting new members... Just the Track Team, Kendo Team, and
              Swim Team, though. The others are full. If you're interested in
              joining, why don't you go check it out? Go down the stairs to the
              right and you'll eventually find it.

Student in Warm-up Suit: Dude, another gorgeous day! I should go for a jog
                         before practice!

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: Oh my! How did I forget to buy shampoo!?

        Housewife with Braids: No rush. Just wait for the sale. Isn't Saturday
                               the sale day of Aohige Pharmacy?

Snoopy Reporter: Hello, young man. Say... Have you heard anything about this
                 business of ordinary, healthy people changing overnight?

        Main: {Yeah, I know about it.}

                Snoopy Reporter: Well, obviously. It's all over TV.


                Snoopy Reporter: Hey! You don't sound concerned at all! How can
                                 you not know about this? You live here!

Old Man: Everywhere you look, you see young couples. So what're you waiting
         for? Go after someone! You're still young. You've got no excuse not to
         be together with some girl.

Gamer Student: This is my first time coming to an arcade by myself. Hmm...
               What should I play...?

Be Blue V Saleswoman: Heheheh. Our accessories are great! People who use them
                      say they feel more powerful, and lighter on their feet.

Officer Kurosawa: I usually patrol at night, so I won't be here during that
                  time. You should come here after school or on the weekend.

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: The competition between different pharmacies is heating
                     up. I've got to make my stock more unique, or I'll be
                     sunk. I'm starting by making Saturday a regular sale day.
                     Come out this weekend and support my store!

(Try to enter Escapade before meeting Akihiko:)

        > It's not open yet...

        Junpei: Dude, this place doesn't open until later...

(Try to enter Chagall Cafe before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: You wanna have a cup of tea? Well, too bad! We gotta go to the
                police station!

(Try to enter Be Blue V before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: Dude! The police station's next door!

(Try to enter the alleyway before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: Dude, you passed the police station! Turn left!

(Try to enter Mandragora before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: Dude, we can check it out AFTER we go to the police station.
                But, there's no way I'm doing a duet with you!

(Try to enter Shinshoudo Antiques before meeting Akihiko:)

        > It's an antique store. However, it seems to be closed. The sign says
          it will reopen on June 9th.

        Junpei: Oh, it's not open, huh... Wait a minute! This isn't the police

(Try to enter Aohige Pharmacy before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: Let's go to the police station first, man...

(Try to enter Power Records before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: We can come back later, right? Let's go to the police station

(Try to enter Game Panic before meeting Akihiko:)

        Junpei: Alright, alright! But, after the police station, okay!?

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendent: The best part of this station is its size, and how close it
                   is to the ocean. We're proud of it. I personally like it a
                   lot... What about you?

        Main: {I love it.}

                Station Attendent: Wonderful! I'm glad you like it.

              {It's nothing special.}

                Station Attendent: Well, the more often you come here, the more
                                   it'll grow on you.

              {I'm not a fan.}

                Station Attendent: I see... I'm a little disappointed to hear
                                   you don't grasp the beauty of this station.

Movie-Loving Man: Do you like movies?

        Main: [I love movies.]

                Movie-Loving Man: Me, too! Movies kick ass! I love them because
                                  they're like a microcosm of real life.

              [I don't like movies.]

                Movie-Loving Man: Man, that's sad... You're going to regret not
                                  seeing lots of movies, later in life.

Lazy Student: Man, school has started... I'm so lazy. Why? Listen, I don't need
              a reason to be lazy. Besides, everyone gets like this after days
              off. It's the truth, man.

Nervous Man: Th-The weather is nice today...

Patient Woman: Yeah. It is, isn't it?

(Try to go to the movie theater before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Dude, that's NOT the police station...

(Try to go to the Mah-jong Club or the Bar before meeting Akihiko at

        > Cigarette smoke and a nervous tension fill the air.

        Junpei: Dude, if you go in there, you might end up at the police
                station in handcuffs! ...Man, I'd never go down there if I
                could help it.

(Try to enter the Bar's back door before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        > It's the back entrance.

        Junpei: What if there are gangsters in there, man!? Let's get outta
                here before we get shot!

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: I have a new teacher, but... He's, um... We're already a little
             into the first term, and it still feels weird to be in the same
             room with him.

        Main: {Why?}

                Mature Girl: It's like, he doesn't talk at all, even during

              {What's he like?}

                Mature Girl: How should I know? We never talk. When I say
                             hello, he just smiles.

        Mature Girl: I'm a sixth grader! I'll be moving on next year, and I'm
                     stuck with a teacher like this... *sigh*

Taxi Driver: I envy you students. It's a new term, for you guys. But for
             cabbies like me... it's the same thing, year in, year out.

        Main: {The same thing?}

                Taxi Driver: Yeah... Every season, I pick up the guys who miss
                             the last train. My fares are kids twice as young
                             as me, and then... spring is over.

              {Are you okay?}

                Taxi Driver: I'm not feeling bad or nothin', just... I feel
                             like I've done it all before, you know? Every

Salaryman: As you can see, I'm just a salaryman. I'm not just skipping work.

Cat-Obsessed Boy: My friend has a cat, and it's sooo cute! I want one too, but
                  my mom hates animals...

(Try to enter Bookworms Used Books before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        > Bookworms Used Books... "Closed for termite extermination. We will
          reopen on 4/25."

        Junpei: You know this is not the Police Station, right? We're supposed
                to go to Paulownia Mall! Not here!

(Try to buy some takoyaki before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Damn, that smells good. I wanna go buy some, right now! ...But
                I'm not falling for it! Not even delicious takoyaki can stop us
                from getting to the police station!

(Try to enter Wild-duck Burger before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Dude, this place is so bad for you, but sometimes I just get a
                craving. ...Hey, what about Paulownia Mall?

(Try to enter Wakatsu Restaurant before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Oh yeah, we better eat before we go to the police station,
                huh... Wait a minute! That's not as important!

(Try to enter Hagakure before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: I heard the ramen here kicks ass. Wanna try it? ...Hang on.
                We gotta get to Paulownia Mall since Akihiko-senpai is waiting.

(Try to enter the Sweet Shop before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Dude, guys going to the sweet shop together? Are you kidding
                me? ...Wait a minute, we need to go to Paulownia Mall! Not

(Try to enter Beef Bowl Shop before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Are you dumb or what? How many times do I have to tell you...?

(Try to enter Book On before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: Dude, what manga is so amazing that you have to buy it right
                now? Forget it. We have to get to the police station.

/Front of Dorm\

(Try to enter before meeting Akihiko at Paulownia:)

        Junpei: You didn't forget about going to the Police Station, right?

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: You did very well for your first night in Tartarus. Tell me,
                what did you think about it?

        Main: {It was tiring.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes, I understand. It is difficult to avoid
                                the fatigue one experiences during the Dark
                                Hour. And battling enemies while you explore
                                the tower can be quite tiresome. However, in
                                time, I think you will be able to adapt to its

              {It was eerie.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes, I agree. That tends to be one's first
                                impression when experiencing the mysterious

              {It was a piece of cake.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Why, that's absolutely remarkable! Would you
                                like to apply to become the next chairman?

Akihiko: Officer Kurosawa doesn't have the potential to enter the Dark Hour;
         he's just an ordinary policeman. But, he knows about us and helps us
         out when he can.

        Main: {Why does he help us?}

                Akihiko: To be honest, I don't really know. But, he's a police
                         officer, so he's dedicated his life to helping people.
                         Plus, he's a pretty cool guy.

              {Does everyone go there?}

                Akihiko: You bet. The police station is the only place we can
                         buy equipment.

              {Anything else I should know?}

                Akihiko: Well, Kurosawa-san usually patrols at night... so you
                         won't be able to buy equipment during those times.

              {How did you meet him?}

                Akihiko: He helped me out a while ago. He's someone you can
                         count on.

Mitsuru: Those who are unable to experience the Dark Hour are Transmogrified
         during that time... They appear as coffins. Shadows are quite
         enigmatic... They only attack those who have not been Transmogrified.
         Shadows feed on the minds of their victims, leaving them unable to
         speak. We call this Apathy Syndrome. And those who suffer from this
         incapacitating affliction are known as... The Lost.

Yukari: I get pretty tired after we go to Tartarus. I feel like I spent all
        day hiking up Mount Fuji. What about you, Main-kun?

        Main: {I feel tired too.}

                Yukari: Yeah, I think we just have to get used to it.

              {I feel fine.}

                Yukari: Really? You don't look like you have that much

Junpei: Hey, ya know that thing we use to summon our Personas... the Evoker?
        Well, I was thinking, why does it have to look like a gun? I mean, you
        gotta be a little nutty to point a gun at your head and pull the
        trigger, ya know?


        Newscaster: --there has been no further information. Investigators are
                    facing a difficult case, since there were no witnesses.
                    This is the 12th instance of the mysterious incident. A
                    team of investigators is working hard to track down any

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller (1st time): Hmm... I feel a strange aura around you... In my
                           mind, I see visions... People's past, present, and
                           future... For most people, I see clearly, and far
                           ahead... But you are different... Your future is
                           filled with both blinding light and stagnant
                           shadow... I can see but a small portion... What lies
                           beyond that is shrouded in mystery... What a
                           peculiar fate you carry... Now, young man... Bearer
                           of light and shadow... If you wish to know more
                           about the near future... come and talk to me... I
                           will share my limited visions with you... Now, tell
                           me... Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... You have pulled fate's trigger...
                                The bullet passes through many, heading
                                directly to it's target... What target that may
                                be, however, is unknown to me... You must find
                                that out for yourself... Farewell, then... May
                                your future be bright...

              [No thanks.]

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...

Fortune Teller: (after 1st time) Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... You have pulled fate's trigger...
                                The bullet passes through many, heading
                                directly to it's target... What target that may
                                be, however, is unknown to me... You must find
                                that out for yourself... Farewell, then... May
                                your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...

Woman: Hmmm? Hey, you're pretty cute for a newcomer. This club is pretty nice,
       huh? I come here sometimes, too.

Man: Nothing's happening nowadays... I guess that's what peace means. How about
     you? Anything happening in your life?

        Main: {Yeah...}

                Man: I see... Sounds tough. Well, good luck with whatever it


                Man: Didn't I say so? See, nothing really is happening...

Fortune-loving Girl: Do you believe in fortune-telling?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Fortune-loving Girl: So you do too? I don't mean to say it
                                     comes true all the time, but sometimes...


                Fortune-loving Girl: Hmm...


                Fortune-loving Girl: You should take it more seriously. I don't
                                     mean to say it comes true all the time,
                                     but sometimes...

Girl's Friend: I've known that girl since we were in elementary school
               together. She loves fortune-telling stuff. She used to pull out
               these weird props from her bag... She claimed they were her
               lucky charms. *sigh*


/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: If an enemy dodges when you attack with a close-range weapon such as
         a sword, there is a possibilty you may falter. However, continuous
         attacks with a sword will inflict a great amount of damage.
         Contrarily, there is no danger of stumbling when you use a far-range
         weapon such as a bow. However, a bow is nowhere near as powerful as a
         sword. I see that you can use both types of weapons. It is important
         to think about these advantages and disadvantages when choosing
         between the two.

Akihiko: If you get knocked down when you're tired, it'll be hard to get back
         up. And if you don't get up fast enough, you'll become the enemy's
         main target.

Yukari: My Persona seems to be good at healing, using skills like Dia. I'm not
        wearing a nurse's uniform, but you can come to me if ya need healing!

        Junpei: Yeah, right... A nurse's uniform... *laugh*

        Yukari: What, is that funny?

        Junpei: You need to be hot to pull off a nurse's uniform, and you're

        Yukari: Why you little--!

Junpei: Damn, dude... You can use so many different types of weapons. Everyone
        else can only use one type of weapon. For me, it's the two-handed
        sword. That's because real men fight with katanas! With a katana you
        can sometimes hit an enemy over and over... and it's super strong!
        Consider me the main attacker of the team! I'm one baaad mutha!
        Although, sometimes I fall down when an enemy dodges my attack... but
        don't worry about that.


        Newscaster: --who was then immediately sent to the hospital. The man
                    has regained consciousness, but due to his condition, has
                    been unable to speak. Police are awaiting the man's
                    recovery before questioning him. And that's the news for


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: By the way, the sign on the door to home economics looks
                like it was written in another language. It's hard to read...
                It doesn't look like English... And if you listen close, you
                can hear mysterious voices inside... It's one awfully
                mysterious home economics class, let me tell you.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: This may sound like a weird question, but do you think it's possible to
        do well in Tartarus AND in school?

        Main: {I can do it.}

                Junpei: Wow, you're pretty confident. Why don't you prove

              {I doubt it.}

                Junpei: Well, at least we agree on one thing.

              {Can you do it?}

                Junpei: Me!? I think you know the answer to that...

Student with Glassess: Greetings and salutations... How can I be of assistance?
                       Since you're a transfer student, you're probably
                       unfamiliar with the Bay Area.


        Student with Glasses: Would you like to know what popular desinations
                              are in the Bay Area?

        Main: {Yeah, please.}

                (Brings up the map selection screen.)

              {Not now.}

                 (Nothing happens.)

/Paulownia Mall\

Woman: Uh... Uhh... Uhhhhhh... Uh...

        > It's one of The Lost--victim of the Apathy Syndrome that's causing
          such a stir. You cannot get a meaningful response out of this person.

Gamer Student: Hey... Those weird people... That's those, what do they call
               them...? The mysterious victims. They're so creepy...

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: That girl sitting next to the vending machine... She looks
                  so sad, doesn't she? I get sad, too, after I've paid for a
                  crappy movie, but... Not like that. They're just nuts. Is
                  this what people keep talking about? That Apathy Syndrome...?

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: I'm so bored after school because I can't do any training. By the way,
         have you joined any clubs?

        Main: {Sure have.}

                Akihiko: Good, I hope you enjoy it. It's tough to attend all
                         the time, but you'll really get a lot out of it if
                         you do.

              {Nah, not yet.}

                Akihiko: There may be some clubs you can't join until you meet
                         their qualifications. There aren't that many clubs
                         here, so you should try to check them all out.

Mitsuru: When exploring Tartarus, it is important to monitor the status of your
         teammates, as well as your own. Teammates who are sick or tired should
         not be permitted to explore the tower.

Junpei: Your Persona is like a part of you... That's why mine only learns
        physical skills ...Because dudes are supposed to fight with their
        fists! Mano a mano! Oh, that's right... I use a sword.

Yukari: Well, I prefer a bow and arrow, probably because I'm in the archery
        club. What's great about a bow is you don't fall down if an enemy
        dodges one of your arrows. Although... a bow doesn't do very much
        damage, and it misses a lot... But, you can always balance those
        negatives with your Persona. So, no worries.


        Newscaster: --the customers sure were excited to see her like that. Our
                    next story is about the release of the spring carp. Over
                    10,000 were released into the river this year. The next
                    carp-release ceremony will be held in June.


/School Lobby\

Stalker Girl: *sigh* He's sooo hot... Um, why am I telling you this? Well,
              whatever... You have to admit, he IS a hottie...

Stalked Boy: Dude... I think that chick's checking me out... Oh yeah, dude,
             she's DEFINATELY checking me out...

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard that student who quit school stays at home all the
                time now. If she'd at least kept her name in the school roster,
                she might have been able to graduate, but...

Female Student: I wonder if she's become a shut-in this year because she had
                to go through a lot as a first-year? Well, it's her life. I
                don't care.

Complaining Girl: Uniforms are so boring. I wish someone would make, like,
                  casual uniforms. Yeah, like that'll happen...

/Class 2-F\

Kenji (1 time only): Hey, Main... Yukari-san's pretty hot. I bet she has really
                     high standards... She probably won't even look at a guy
                     unless he's really good-looking. ...Well, it doesn't
                     matter to me, anyway. I'm not really interested in her.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: You know the coffee shop, right? That fancy looking one, Chagall.
         The shop next door is going to be opening this month. I've got a bad
         feeling about that place, but if you want someone to talk to, maybe
         you should go.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: Hmmm... The conversation ended so soon...

Patient Woman: He looks like an interesting guy, but he's a really bad
               conversationalist. I'm a little worried about him, since this
               is the time of year to make new friends.

/Iwatodai Station\

Salaryman: Ahh, I love the outdoors. Breathing the fresh air, walking around
           on foot... It's healthy. You can even get a bite to eat at the cafe,
           or the burger place. I love coming here... Even if it means skipping

Snoopy Reporter: A perfectly healthy person becoming mentally ill overnight...
                 There's no family history of it, and they haven't been in any
                 terrible accidents. There wasn't even any similarity to the
                 last victims. It was a different time, in a different place.
                 This is one tough mystery, you know that? But I'm gonna solve
                 it. I WILL solve it.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: If you're around people who are sick, you might get infected by them.
         Hmm... I wonder why you don't notice you've been infected until after
         the battle... Must be because you're concentrating so hard on
         fighting... Well, anyway, just don't come near me if you get sick.

Junpei: Yo, some weapons and pieces of armor have special effects. Equipping
        one of them will affect your status, dude! I think only Persona-users
        can use them, though.

Yukari: Shadows have weaknesses, but so do we. Let me rephrase that...
        WE don't have weaknesses, our Personas do. My Persona seems to be weak
        against electricity, but strong against wind. *sigh* She'll probably
        never learn any electricity skills...


        Newscaster: --despite this, they were able to safely finish the
                    concert. Our next story is about a strange animal from
                    overseas. It's called... the platypus. The platypus, an
                    animal native to Australia, is an egg-laying mammal. And
                    behind the male platypus' feet are poisonous spurs! What a
                    strange animal!


/Class 2-F\

Fat Student: When you go to a new school, you have to worry about where you'll
             sit, too. It would suck if you ended up in the front row.

Student with Glasses: (1st time only) Hey, have you become accustomed to the
                      Bay Area yet? There are many interesting places to go,
                      with or without friends. I love the aroma of coffee at
                      Paulownia Mall... and if you're feeling brave, you can
                      try the mystery burger at the local strip mall. The movie
                      theather changes flicks every month. I often go there
                      alone... Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't have
                      any friends. Anyway, are you interested in popular
                      destinations in the Bay Area?

        Main: {Yeah, please.}

                [Brings up the map selection screen.]

              {Not now.}

                 (Nothing happens.)

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: Oh my! How did I forget to buy shampoo!?

        Housewife with Braids: Aohige Pharmicy has sales on Saturday, right?
                               Today's Saturday... We should stop by there

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: I couldn't hack it at my last job, since I'm kinda anti-social,
             so I became a taxi driver. But... When my fares start a
             conversation with me, I never know what to say to 'em.

Kenji: Hey, Main. I was just about to head home, but I don't really feel like
       walking... Hey, that doesn't mean I'm looking for an unlocked bicycle,

Cat-Obsessed Boy: I played with my friend's cat at his house again. *sigh* I
                  want a cat, too... I know my mom hates animals, but maybe I
                  should ask her...

Lazy Student: Everyone's making friends these days... I dunno. It seems like a
              lot of work. I know there's an upside to having friends, but...
              If I could just figure out a way to do it without all that
              "bonding" stuff, y'know?

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: Sending everyone out on their own is a good way to explore a floor in
         Tartarus. But, if you stumble across an enemy, you might have to fight
         it by yourself. That can be pretty dangerous... But if you're strong
         enough, the enemy will be afraid of you, so you won't have to worry.


        Newscaster: --with many people choosing to go overseas during the long
                    vacation. It's a popular vacation choice this year, it
                    seems. Airports are filled with air travelers... According
                    to a population survey, the most popular destination is
                    once again Hawaii.

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Yukari:  Mitsuru-senpai should be in the meeting room. She said she was gonna
         do some training. Oh, but if you want to go to Tartarus, she said it
         was alright.

Junpei: I'm too young to be this tired. It sucks even more when you get tired
        in battle... When you're tired, you don't hit as hard, so it takes
        longer to beat an enemy. Plus, you get hit more easily. "You youngin's
        don't know what's good fer ya... Back in my day, we knew when ta rest!"

        Yukari: I understand your point, but what's with the corny

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room\

Mitsuru: I'm training to enhance my ability to detect the enemy. It's the only
         way we'll achieve our objective in Tartarus.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Akihiko: What's up? Are you going out?

        Main: {Yeah, I'm outta here.}

                Akihiko: Yeah, go out and have some fun.

              {Nah, I'm staying in.}

                Akihiko: Hitting the books, huh?

              {Are you?}

                Akihiko: I'm staying in today. I don't have anything I need to
                         do. Plus, I'm still injured.

Mitsuru: Generally speaking, you may do whatever you like on your days off.
         You can study or go out. It's up to you.

        Main: {Cool.}

                Mitsuru: Just be careful not to get injured.

              {What do you do?}

                Mitsuru: Oh, I prefer to stay in and read.

/Paulownia Mall\

Yukari: What a coincidence... Did you come here to shop too, Main-kun?

        Main: {That's right.}

                Yukari: This mall is pretty convenient. You can buy almost
                        anything here.

              {I'm just wandering around.}

                Yukari: You don't know this place? You should explore the city
                        some more.

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: This station plaza has a modern design, and space for many
                   different stores. Please abide by the station rules, and
                   refrain from littering. I'm the one who has to clean it...

/Iwatodai Station\

Junpei: Hey, Main! What's up?

        Main: {Just wandering around.}

                Junpei: Oh, okay. Well, you just got to this town, so...
                        Wandering around is good! You'll get to know the place

              {Nothing. What's up?}

                Junpei: I just ate, man. All that exercise in Tartarus makes me

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Mitsuru: Distressing an enemy without using skills is quite simple. All you
         need to do is perform a surprise attack on it. However, if the enemy's
         ability level is equal to yours, there is a lesser chance it will
         become distressed.

Akihiko: A piece of equipment's attack and defensive properties are important,
         but its special effect may be more important. Even if two pieces of
         equipment are the same, if their special effects are different, then
         their uses will be different as well. So if the properties on a piece
         of equipment aren't very good, it might still be useful, depending on
         what its special effect is.

Yukari: For the tactic Heal/Support, all I have to do is heal and support,
        right? Okay, then when you get hurt, I'll heal you with either an item
        or a skill. But, there may be times when I won't be able to heal you.
        So don't get mad at me if that happens.

Junpei: My Persona is strong against fire, man! It'll probably learn fire
        abilities, too... I'm en fuego, baby! But, it's weak against wind...
        *sigh* I guess my flames get blown out by the breeze, huh...


        Narrator: Next time, on Phoenix Ranger Featherman R! Episode 10:
                  Instant Ramen Smorgasbord: Feather Swan!

        Newscaster: And now, the news. Our first story is about the many
                    youngsters with only part-time employment...


/School Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... We're going to the arcade today.
            He's totally awesome at video games.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Are you forgetful?

        Main: {Maybe.}

                Junpei: Then, make sure you don't forget to stock up.
                        Especially from Officer Kurosawa... I heard from
                        Akihiko-san that you can't buy anything from him at
                        night. If you wanna go on a school day, then go right
                        after school.

              {I don't think so.}

                Junpei: Then, I won't nag you.

Male Student: Dude, there are some seriously hot chicks at this school...
              Unfortunately, that means there will be fierce competition for
              them. You better make your move early if you want a shot at one.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: As President of Student Council, I'm really quite busy. In fact, I
         don't even have time to rest. I would be grateful if you could help
         out sometime. Just stop by the Student Council Room when you have the

Junpei: Student Council, huh... Well, as exciting as THAT sounds... I think
        I'll pass.

Akihiko: So, I heard Mitsuru asked you to join Student Council. Sorry if it
         felt like you were forced to join... But any help you could give her
         would be appreciated...

Yukari: I don't really have time for Student Council. Every minute is either
        spent studying, attending club, or fighting Shadows. Speaking of which,
        you know about Mitsuru-senpai's-- Oh, never mind. Forget I said


        Newscaster: --today's exchange rate. The shifting economy has
                    strengthened the dollar against the yen. The current
                    exchange rate is 1 USD to 115 yen. The change marks the
                    yen's 1.4 percent weakening from yesterday.


/Office Hall\

Mitsuru: (Last Name)... Are you heading home now?

        Main: {Yeah. Want to join me?}

                Mitsuru: ...Sorry, I'm busy. I'm going to study for a while
                         before I go back. Make sure you don't neglect your own
                         studies. I know you have other things to worry about,
                         but studying should be a student's number one

              {Yeah. See ya later.}

                Mitsuru: Goodbye.

/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: I heard you were invited to the student council. Mitsuru-
                 senpai said so... *sigh* I'm so jealous of you... I wish I
                 could get invited. You think I should talk to her or

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: How are your explorations of Tartarus proceeding?

        Main: {Really good.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Excellent. Then, continue the good work.

              {Not so great...}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, don't worry yourself about it. Just aim
                                to continuously improve your skills.

Akihiko: If you use the tactic Stand By, then we'll stand by, no matter what.
         You should probably use it when you're waiting for an analysis or when
         you want to defeat an enemy. It's a pretty boring tactic, though, if
         you ask me...

Mitsuru: There are three advantages to knocking an enemy down. First, if all
         your enemies have been knocked down, you can perform an All-Out Attack
         on them. Second, an enemy that has been knocked down will be unable to
         dodge an attack. Third, you can alter the attack order of an enemy
         that is down. Remember: in addition to attacking an enemy's weakness,
         you should also know your next course of action.

Junpei: I heard a lot of gamers love Innocent Sin Online. Since tomorrow is a
        holiday... You should play it, dude.

Yukari: You know, it's pretty hard to heal you when you get sick... For
        example, Dia is only half as effective on you. So try not to get sick,


        Newscaster: --many of you are eagerly anticipating tomorrow. Due to
                    the Golden Week holiday, the highways are expected to be
                    jammed bumper-to-bumper. Traffic conditions are expected to
                    worsen from tomorrow until May 3. Officials expect the
                    roads to be cleared by May 4th. From all of us at Action
                    News, have a happy Golden Week!


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Akihiko: A battle is a lot like a boxing match... Speed is crucial. Whether
         you want to attack an enemy or dodge an enemy's attack, you'll need to
         be quick.

Mitsuru: The higher we advance up Tartarus, the stronger our enemies will
         become. Are you well equipped?

        Main: {I'm good to go.}

                Mitsuru: That's good to hear. Just don't get careless.

              {Not really...}

                Mitsuru: Officer Kurosawa sells equipment. You should go see
                         him when you have the time.


        Newscaster: --accident at the intersection. Over 6 miles of traffic is
                    backed up. Coming up next, more traffic reports. There
                    seems to be no problem at this section, but... the highway
                    in the other direction seems to be packed. Officials are
                    hoping the congestion will be relieved by May 4th.

/Paulownia Mall, Daytime\

Junpei: I came to check out the weapons here. Man, don't they look great?
        They've got that new weapon smell.

Gamer Student: All right, I've made up my mind! I'm playing this crane game!
               Now... Where do I start...?

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: My teacher doesn't assign us homework. We're moving on to junior
             high next year... I'm worried...

        Main: {It sounds okay.}

                Mature Girl: Really? You didn't get much homework when you were
                             in middle school? Maybe they're trying to relax
                             the students...? I hope I can at least graduate
                             from college...

              {It doesn't sound good.}

                Mature Girl: Yeah, there's a difference between taking it easy,
                             and goofing off. If he wants to be popular with
                             the students, he should just talk to them more

              {Go with the flow.}

                Mature Girl: Is that how it goes? So I should wait until the
                             teacher changes his attitude...? That could take

Yukari: It's almost May, but it's still chilly. Make sure you don't catch cold.
        If you feel sick, or if you're tired, take a break.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Junpei: No one's back yet, and we have school in the morning. We probably
        shouldn't go to Tartarus tonight.

        Main: {Yeah, you're right.}

                Junpei: Okay, then I'm gonna hit the sack.

              {No, we're going.}

                Junpei: Listen to me, man. We shouldn't go tonight. Besides,
                        it would be just you and me there. You know, like,
                        Brokeback Tartarus. ...So just forget about it.

/Paulownia Mall, Evening\

Akihiko: You'll see for yourself if you go to the police station, but
         Kurosawa-san isn't there at night. So you can't buy weapons after
         dark. I knew, but it slipped my mind, and I came out here to see if I
         could check out the weapons anyway... So don't make the same mistake.


/Office Hall\

Stalker Girl: The first thing I do when I get to school is look for him... Just
              seeing him makes me smile. *sigh* What should I do...? How should
              I express my feelings for him...?

Stalked Boy: Do you see that girl over there? I think she's following me
             around. Hmm... How should I deal with this?

/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: There's a science teacher who brews his coffee in the test
                tubes... Never mind the taste, shouldn't he be worried about
                the side effects?

Cell-phone Student: Whaddya want? What, you've never seen a cell phone?

        Main: {Are you kidding?}

                Cell-phone Student: I thought so.


                Cell-phone Student: I've never seen anyone who didn't know
                                    what a cell phone was before.

        Cell-phone Student: Well, I'm busy, so maybe I can explain it next

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun... Are you heading home? I thought you might want to
        know, some of the athletic teams are recruiting new members... I think
        it was the Kendo Team, Swim Team, and Track Team.


Fat Student: Everyone I know is in a club, but... I just can't be bothered to
             join one. They all say I'll make a lot of friends and all that,
             but... I say whatever. I'm gonna do what I wanna do.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: Should I talk about the club...? No, that's no good... I already
             did that...

Patient Woman: My boyfriend plays soccer at his college. I guess my taste in
                 men is pretty standard... He's not that good at soccer,
                 though. He's still a third-stringer. Don't you go to
                 Gekkoukan? Are you in any clubs?

        Main: {Yeah, I'm in a club.}

                Patient Woman: Good luck, then.

              {No, I haven't joined any.}

                Patient Woman: Well, it all depends on your personal taste.
                               You get to meet more people, though, if you
                               join a club.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: When all enemies have been knocked down, you can perform an All-Out
         Attack. But, you can only do that when you're able to move. If you've
         been knocked down, or have an ailment, you won't be able to do an
         All-Out Attack. And remember, we can't do anything if our leader isn't

Mitsuru: The tactic that requires the most amount of strategic planning is
         Assign Target. When you use it, you will need to assign a team member
         to attack a particular enemy. By efficiently allocating the strength
         of each member, you can fully utilize the collective power of the
         team. If a targeted enemy has been defeated, the team member will
         revert to his or her normal fighting style.

Junpei: In order to attack an enemy's weakness, we need to know what it is,
        dude. And remember, if an enemy's been analyzed before, then we already
        have its information. So, make sure you analyze our enemies so we can
        kick their asses!

Yukari: Even when my Persona grows, she doesn't seem to get physically
        stronger. But, her skills seem to get more powerful... So just keep
        that in mind.


        Newscaster: --cherry blossoms blooming near Aomori Castle. We here at
                    Action News recommend getting some fresh air and exercise
                    during Golden Week.


/Paulownia Mall\

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: People don't seem to get it... You can't become healthy
                     just by visiting the pharmacy all the time. You have to
                     eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. That's more
                     important than coming here. Kids tend to skip breakfast,
                     but if they do, they'll pay the price down the line.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Akihiko is still having some tests done. He should be back tomorrow,

Junpei: The tactic Act Freely lets us do whatever we want! So, don't worry.
        Heal, support, attack... Whatever you need, we got your back! Huh?
        Which enemy would we attack first? ...The one that's about to die, of
        course! Listen, if you don't know what to do, just choose Act Freely.

Yukari: Do you think that person who was in Akihiko-senpai's room is his

        Main: {Yeah, I think so.}

                Yukari: Akihiko-senpai said that guy goes to our school, but
                        I've never seen him there before...

              {No, I don't think so.}

                Yukari: Oh no? Then, I wonder how they know each other...
                        Akihiko-senpai said that guy goes to our school, but
                        I've never seen him there before...

              {You shouldn't pry.}

                Yukari: Yeah, you're right. It's really none of my business,


        Male Reporter: --man on the street interviews. Tell us, how are you
                       spending your Golden Week this year?

        Backpacker: Um... Ahhh...

        Male Reporter: A-And that's the latest word from the man on the street.
                       Now, back to the studio for more news...


/School Lobby\

Vendor: Every day I put out a few new things. If I just sold the same thing
        day in, day out, you guys would get bored of it, right?

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard Akihiko-senpai was hospitalized... Did he get in a
                fight? If someone comes here saying Akihiko-senpai hurt him,
                would he be suspended?

Female Student: Akihiko-senpai... His wounds must be from a fight, right?
                Right? I wish I could've seen it! I'd love to watch a real
                boxing match!

Complaining Girl: My parents are bugging me to choose a college. Who decides
                  that stuff in their junior year? I just started! They say the
                  best way to make God laugh is to make a plan... I bet my
                  parents have made him die laughing.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: Those youngsters look like their souls have been taken... They better
         stop lounging around like that. They should go out, make some friends,
         enjoy life!

Be Blue V Saleswoman: With accessories, you have to choose where and how to
                      wear them.

Officer Kurosawa: ...Sorry I can't help you guys out.

/Port Island Station\

Snoopy Reporter: Asking around is the basic technique to gathering information,
                 no matter how creepy the story is. So, how about it? Got any
                 info on the mysterious accident?

        Main: {I don't know anything.}

                Snoopy Reporter: I see... How disappointing. You've got a
                                 mysterious aura about you, so I thought you
                                 might know something about all this.

              {Who are you...?}

                Snoopy Reporter: Can't you tell by looking at me? I'm a lady
                                 journalist. I'm trying to bust this incident
                                 wide open for the public.

              {...Please leave me alone.}

                Snoopy Reporter: ......

                > The woman smiles tightly...

Station Attendent: There are lots of weird people out there now... I heard it's
                   the Apathy Syndrome victims, but... They keep walking in
                   front of the trains, and stop them from moving. I'd hate to
                   see one of them jump in front of a moving train...

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: The station workers always remind me to tell my customers to keep
             the station clean. Seems like there's a lot of littering going on
             these days... Eh, I shouldn't be saying anything.

        Main: {Is something wrong?}

                Taxi Driver: Nah, I ain't about to lecture my fares. If I did,
                             no one would wanna ride in my cab. And the
                             customer is always right, y'know? The station
                             people don't care about us either...

              {Oh well.}

                Taxi Driver: Yeah. What can you do, y'know? It's the rule from
                             the top... A regular cabbie's just gotta lump it.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: The amount of experience you gain will differ according to the number
         of members who are in the battle. Therefore, fighting an enemy by
         yourself will gain you the most experience. The more experience you
         gain from fighting, the stronger you and your Persona will become.

Akihiko: The damage you do will be different, depending on which Persona you
         use. Some Personas have skills, other Personas have physical
         abilities. Remember, it's important to use a Persona that suits your

Junpei: Hey, ya know how sometimes you feel great? Well, those are the best
        times to go to Tartarus, dude. You'll definitely kick a lot of ass!

Yukari: Hey, Golden Week starts tomorrow, so we'll have the next three days
        off. But, then we have our midterms right after that, so...


        Newscaster: --today is the Hachiju Hachiya. The Hachiju Hachiya means
                    "88th Night." It marks the beginning of the late dew
                    season. It's widely known that this time of year is when
                    the best tea leaves are picked. The weather has been clear
                    with no fog, and the tea's flavor is excellent. There were
                    many tea parties thrown around town in celebration.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: Akihiko's injuries will take longer to fully heal. Will you be able to
         fight with only three members until he returns?

        Main: {Of course.}

                Mitsuru: C'est magnifique! Then, I'll be counting on you.

              {I-I don't think so.}

                Mitsuru: You should have more confidence in yourself. I know
                         you can do it.

Akihiko: Pay attention to the size of a Shadow. The bigger it is, the more
         enemies there are inside it. And watch out for those red Shadows.
         They're very powerful, so don't underestimate them. Know what you're
         getting into before you attack one.

Junpei: What's up? You doing anything today?

        Main: {Nope.}

                Junpei: I'm sooo bored, dude. I can't believe that I don't
                        have anything to do during Golden Week.

              {Sure am.}

                Junpei: Damn you, you backstabber! Well, go ahead then. The
                        door's right there. Don't worry 'bout me. I'll just be
                        here, doing nothing.

/Port Island Station\

Yukari: I'm gonna go see a movie with my friend later. Although she's late...
        Hmm. I wonder where she is...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Do you have any idea what a chairman does? I'm so busy I don't
                have much time for my research. That's why I'm going to
                dedicate this entire weekend to analyzing data. My only
                companion will be a robot. Hmm... Perhaps I'll turn into a
                robot too! Hahaha!

Yukari: Oh yeah, about weapons... Different weapons have different uses. For
        example... A one-handed sword isn't too hard to swing and it has decent

Junpei: You know we can carry items, right? We use them when things get
        dangerous. But once we use them all up, that's it, they're gone. So
        don't get mad at me if I don't want to use an item, okay?


        Narrator: Next time, on Phoenix Ranger Featherman R! Episode 11:
                  A Dangerous Game! You're flying too much, Feathermen!

        Newscaster: And now, the news... Today we'll look at the epidemic of
                    youth depression, including an interview with the leader of


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: When you have all the team members dispersed, you will be alone.
         During these times, you may encounter an enemy. So if you think you're
         in danger, use Request Help immediately. When you do, I will contact
         the others and request that they assist you.

Akihiko: > He seems to be asleep... You shouldn't wake him up.


        Female Reporter: Hi, I'm Trish, with today's installment of "Who's
                         Who." Today's subject is a 20-year-old girl with
                         bright blond hair. They say her sister used to be a
                         famous idol! I wonder what it's like to have a
                         relative like that! ...Next is news. Pain, pain, go

/Paulownia Mall\

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun, are you here by yourself? Me too. Hanging out with
        friends is nice, but it's important to get some alone time too.

/Port Island Station\

Junpei: I came to catch a movie with my bud, but he said he couldn't make it...
        So, that's today down the drain. We're gonna try again tomorrow. I
        always have the worst luck on my days off...

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Junpei: Don't you sometimes wish you could know the order of action during a
        battle? Well, lucky for you, I have an awesome way of finding this out.


        Junpei: ...Tch, you already knew?

        Yukari: Knowing the order of action is key to winning a battle.

        Akihiko: Yeah, a good example is when both sides are exhausted. If we
                 have the first attack and can expect to do a lot of damage,
                 then we should go on the offensive... If not, then it's
                 smarter not to attack and just focus on healing. Always
                 thinking two steps ahead when planning your battle strategy
                 will lead to victory.

Akihiko: Mitsuru? She's in the meeting room sharpening her special abilities.
         But, if you want to go to Tartarus, you can go and tell her.

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room\

Mitsuru: I'm training to enhance my ability to detect the enemy. There's no
         excuse for being unprepared. We can't afford to let ourselves be


/Port Island Station\

Junpei: I came to catch a movie with my bud. But dude, no one's showed up yet.
        Maybe I'm just early, but...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Junpei: Senpai isn't back yet, so we can't go to Tartarus today... Yuka-tan
        said she's gonna study... But not me, man. I'm gonna find something fun
        to do.


        Newscaster: --today is Children's Day. The Minister of Public
                    Management has reported the number of children under 15
                    years of age. According to the report, 9.8% of the
                    population is aged 15 years or younger. The report marks
                    the first time Japan's child population has been under 10%.
                    The aging population is slowly becoming a problem in some
                    areas... The government has called for more data regarding
                    the situation, and ordered a study into the matter.

/Dorm 3rd Floor, Evening\

Yukari: (from inside her room) Oh, sorry. I didn't study at all over the
        weekend, so I'm getting it done now. Maybe next time?


/School Gate\

Curious Student: Do you know about the observatory?

        Main: {Yes, I do.}

                Curious Student: Impressive. You know the school well.

              {No, I don't.}

                Curious Student: It's on the very edge of the school grounds...
                                 That's probably why no one seems to know about

/Class 2-F\

Fat Student: It sucks trying to make new friends when you transfer... You have
             to remember everybody's name, and you can't really say no to their

Junpei: Goodbye, Golden Week... Hello, school... Bummer, huh?

        Main: {Not really.}

                Junpei: Dude, how can you adapt so easily? Man, life must be a
                        piece of cake for you.


                Junpei: I wonder how many days it is until summer vacation...

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: The greatest advantage of a two-handed sword is its destructive
         capability. However, you can't wield it very fast, so there is a high
         risk of the enemy launching a preemptive attack. Therefore, when using
         a two-handed sword, you must stand a good distance away from your
         enemy, and pay close attention to the timing of your strike.

Akihiko: I get the urge to go to club when I'm at school. Should I just start
         going to club when I feel like it, Main?

        Main: {No!}

                Akihiko: Ha! Calm down. I was just kidding. Even if you said I
                         should, Mitsuru would never let me.


                Akihiko: Hey, I was just kidding. Even if I wanted to, Mitsuru
                         would never let me.

Yukari: Using a bow has its drawbacks... It has great range, but its attack
        speed is slow. If a Shadow gets in too close... I'm done for. I need to
        fight from a distance.

Junpei: You know that Tartarus is seperated into different areas, right?
        ...This is a perfect setup for me. "Now, who wants to reach the top,
        hmmm?" "Oh, me! Me! I wanna go to the top! I wanna go to the top!"
        Well? Whaddya think?

        Yukari: *sigh* Ignore him. He's just trying to do his impressions


        Newscaster: --virus, around 4,500 people's personal information has
                    been leaked onto the Internet. The employee involved in
                    creating the malicious code has already been terminated...
                    But company officials have yet to determine the true extent
                    of the information leak.


/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: Man, the spammers these days annoy the crap out of me.
                    Whatever assholes send this junk to everyone... I hope they
                    send them to prison.

/Paulownia Mall\

Salaryman: I was in a meeting, and I heard someone talk about those Apathy
           Syndrome guys... They say there are more and more of them. A guy
           could be totally healthy, and then bam! He's got Apathy Syndrome.
           Personally, I think they're just overworking themselves, but...

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: I just realized that it's been a month since you moved into the
         dormitory. How do you like living here?

        Main: {It's great.}

                Mitsuru: C'est fantastique!

              {It's really... exciting.}

                Mitsuru: That's very true. I don't think you'll find a
                         dormitory like this anywhere else in the world.

              {It tires me out.}

                Mitsuru: That's an honest answer. But, I agree. This dormitory
                         can be quite tiring at times... However, we have a
                         very important task to accomplish. We will need you to
                         remain strong.

Akihiko: You can sell items, weapons, and armor. ...But that doesn't mean
         anyone will want to buy anything from you. But, I guess there's
         nothing you can do about that.

Junpei: Only Persona-users can see the special effect on a weapon or a piece of
        armor. Officer Kurosawa must be selling them to us without realizing


        Newscaster: --for all you Tauruses out there, your lucky color is blue.
                    For even better luck, try skipping and frolicking around!


/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: Yeah, that's right. There's a fortune-teller in this club.
                     Everyone calls her "Den Mother" or "Mama," but... I heard
                     if she tells your fortune, there's no getting a second
                     opinion. What she tells you will come true. Why don't you
                     visit her?

Girl's Friend: I didn't know she was a fortune-teller. I guess she does look
               weird, sitting there all by herself... A fortune-teller, huh...?

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: My classes are so boring... My teacher is okay, but... My cousin
             always has way better stories of her classroom.

/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: If you think you can win a battle, you should use Rush. During Rush,
        everyone on the team will attack the same enemy. It's an easy way to
        finish a battle quickly. But, be careful if you use it on a strong
        enemy, because you can't heal during Rush. So don't get us all killed,


        Reporter: --Apathy Syndrome victims are increasing, and no cause for
                  the epidemic has been found. Anxiety is spreading near Port
                  Island, where many of the victims are from. This is Kaede
                  Kuroki, reporting from Tatsumi Memorial Hospital.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: I wasn't strong enough last time, which resulted in a difficult
         situation. I apologize for that.

        Main: {No need to apologize.}

                Mitsuru: That's very kind of you. But, even if you forgive me,
                         I don't think I can forgive myself. I promise to be
                         stronger if there is a next time.

              {There's always next time.}

                Mitsuru: I'm glad you said that. I promise to be stronger next

Akihiko: I can't wait to fight again. When I'm in a battle, it doesn't last
         long. At least, no one gets hurt.

Yukari: I can't believe I'm still alive... If you weren't there, we'd all be
        dead... I guess I should thank you.

Junpei: Whew... I thought I was gonna die, man. But you saved us by pulling
        the brake! I'm so glad you were there, dude! Life is wonderful, isn't


        Newscaster: --near-miss when the monorail overshot its mark. The last
                    train, Anehazuru, failed to stop at the red light and went
                    beyond its stopping point. Police and the monorail
                    management are still trying to determine what caused the
                    incident. Though the train overshot its mark by over 2,000
                    feet, no one was injured. Monorail management are
                    suspecting the train driver, and are holding him for
                    questioning. In the meantime, they are promising to make
                    every effort to reduce the monorail accident rate. For now,
                    service on the Anehazuru car will continue as normal.

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: My eldest is starting to be fashionable... I was
                        cleaning him room and found a ring. What I wonder is,
                        how'd he buy that on his allowance...?

        Houswife with Braids: He must have got it from Be Blue V. It's the
                              accessory shop next to the police station. My son
                              was telling me they have regular sales every

Old Man: This kind of place takes me back... Dance halls... We used to call
         'em speakeasies! Those halls were packed with people... That's where I
         stole my wife's heart--at the dance hall! I was one hep cat then...

Officer Kurosawa: Some people with Apathy Syndrome have suddenly returned to
                  normal. I don't know how it happened, but it must've been
                  something you guys did. Thanks. I appreciate your hard work.

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: Even I don't understand what's going on here. Right at the
                   stroke of midnight, that train appeared right behind the
                   other one. Huh? You're glad there wasn't an accident? You
                   kids are so naive, I'm jealous... Because of this incident,
                   the company's stock went way down... And my salary went down
                   with it. If I ever find the culprit, I'm going to throw him
                   from the train into the ocean!

Movie-loving Man: All these new movies were released during Golden Week, but...
                  They all sucked! I'm sure everyone else who wasted their
                  money on those tukeys is saying the same thing.

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: I saw the news... That monorail, huh? Coulda been bad... I'm in
             the same line of work, or near enough, so I got goosebumps as I
             watched the TV...

Cat-obsessed Boy: I asked my mom for a cat, and she said no. No, no, no...
                  That's all she ever says. *sigh* I want a cat...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: What a difficult mission! I cannot believe what happened to
                you all. Luckily, no one was hurt. Oh, and by the way, I heard
                there was some trouble on the monorail last night. But that's a
                separate matter now, isn't it? Ahahaha...

Akihiko: Last night's battle must've been tiring. You should rest. Well, if you
         want to go to Tartarus, then I'm not going to stop you. But if you do
         go, just treat it as a light warm up.

/Club Escapade\

Bartender: Hey, what'll ya ha-- Uh, aren't you a little too young to be in
           here? ...Well, I guess you can stay. Just don't cause any trouble,

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... A long rail under the empty sky...
                                On it stands youth in disarray... You seem to
                                live a tumultuous life... What do you see at
                                the end of the rail...? Farewell, then... May
                                your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...


/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: Are you involved in the Student Council?

        Main: {Yes, I am.}

                Mitsuru Admirer: *sigh* I'm so jealous...

              {No, I'm not in it.}

                Mitsuru Admirer: Huh? How could you waste such an opportunity!?
                                 You'd get to work with Mitsuru-senpai! Why
                                 wouldn't you join the Student COuncil!?

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Dude, I was wondering what was up, but then I realized there's only
        one week until exams. That's why everyone's been so quiet.

Yukari: What's up, Main-kun? ...This morning, before I got on the monorail,
        I took a look around. When I did, I realized how dangerous that night

Female Student: Oh, you must be that new kid... Let me give you some advice...
                Make sure you study hard for exams, since there will be some
                tricky questions.

Male Student: I bet midterms will be easy. But, I'm gonna study just to be on
              the safe side.

Student with Glasses: Hey, exams are coming up... I'm so excited. Why? Because
                      it gives me a chance to flaunt my knowledge. This time,
                      I'm gonna get the highest score in the entire 11th grade,
                      and impress Mitsuru-senpai... Um, please disregard that
                      last comment.

/Paulownia Mall\

Gamer Student: Arcade games only start when you put in a coin, not like the
               home consoles where you turn them on. I didn't realize how they
               worked until my friend told me. What about you? You got any
               friends who help you out like that?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Gamer Student: That's cool. Be nice to them.

              {I don't need friends.}

                Game Student: You sure, man? I mean, what if you come up
                              against a problem you can't solve on your own?
                              No one's perfect... You should have friends who
                              can help, in case you get into a jam.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: The general public considers the monorail incident an accident caused
         by human error. This could be quite damaging to the reputation of the
         monorail company. Even though it was a Shadow that caused all the
         trouble, I still feel sorry for them.

Akihiko: An enemy may be able to affect your status during a battle. So be
         careful. If you get distressed, you won't be able to dodge, and your
         defenses will go down. You'll also suffer a lot of damage. When this
         happens, don't mistake it for an ailment.

Yukari: The people on the monorail must've been pretty scared... It was so far
        off course after the Dark Hour happened. I bet they had no idea what
        happened to them.

Junpei: Shadows will come right at you when they see you. But, if you're
        stronger than they are, they'll run away. And remember, even if you
        don't have the first attack, you can still knock the enemy off balance.
        ...Did I just have a really evil look on my face? Sorry, I didn't mean
        to scare ya.


        Newscaster: --mysterious Apathy Syndrome, but its victims are showing
                    signs of recovery. Family and friends are overjoyed that
                    they are returning to normal. That's all the news today.
                    Tune in next time, for Action News.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend. We're going to the library to study.
            ...Hey, why am I waiting for him out here then?

/School Lobby\

Kenji: What's up, Main? You headin' home now? The exams aren't too far away, so
       I'm goin' straight home today. Studying at the library is just too
       boring... At home I can watch TV while I study.

/Office Hall\

Mitsuru: (Last Name)... Exams are right around the corner... Have you been
         studying? Remember, there's no shortcut to success... Persistance is
         the key. Even if you study everyday, it takes time to see results.
         You won't learn anything by cramming at the last minute. Why don't you
         study at the library when you have the time?

/Clubs Hall\

Stalker Girl: I know I can't go on without talking to him, but... I think I
              would be satisfied just to stare at him from afar... *sigh* What
              should I do...?

Stalked Boy: You see that chick back there? I don't know what to do with her...
             So I'll just leave her hanging.

/Class 2-F\

Female Student: I heard from some people who study in the library that they
                don't get tired as easily. At home, there are more
                distractions. The library is really quiet, so it's probably
                easier to concentrate. Maybe you should give it a try. As for
                me, my concentration is greater than anyone's, so I don't get
                tired no matter where I study.

Male Student: If you can't concentrate at home, try going to the library. It's
              right across from the office, and it's open most of the time.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: You need an extrememly high amount of concentration in order to summon
         a Persona. So, if an enemy distresses you in battle, you won't be able
         to use your Persona. Most intelligent enemies will try to use this
         tactic... so please be aware of it.

Junpei: Yuka-tan went to borrow a notebook, huh? She must be serious about
        studying for the exams... I guess I should study too... starting


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.


/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard there was a drive-by around here... They say the victim
                didn't die, but it's still pretty scary.

Female Student: Did you hear about the girl who was kidnapped? She was just
                walking home in broad daylight, and they got her! She must have
                done something...

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun, don't forget it's almost time for exams... Our senpai
        are really smart, so we better get good scores, or they'll laugh at us.
        Hm... Maybe I should study in the library. I get so tired when I study
        late at night...

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: Have you ever been enraged before? Well, there's a skill that can make
         someone become enraged. It's a status ailment; anyone can go berserk.
         Both your attack power and your attack speed will increase, but...
         you won't be able to defend yourself, so you can get really messed up.
         So if you become enraged, be careful...

Junpei: Weapons and armor can have special effects that will help you out in
        battle. There are weapons that will increase your attack power, and
        armor that will strengthen your defense. You can cover all kinds of
        weaknesses this way. Just be sure you don't equip any weak weapons or
        pieces or armor. It's all about the balance, man. Balance.

Yukari: Some enemies can charm you. When you're charmed you will attack your
        team members and heal your enemies. I wonder if I've ever been charmed
        before. A person who's been charmed doesn't remember it happening...


        Newscaster: --who evidently left some gauze inside his patient's
                    stomach. The hospital settled with the patient for over
                    1 million yen. Next up, the summer weather forecast...


/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: I heard "Escapade" means "mischief." If I had to guess based on this
         place, I'd say it means "Stay up all night and make lots of noise."

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: H-How's your club going?

Patient Woman: Eh, not bad.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: In battle, an enemy may cause you to become extremely frightened. This
         ailment is known as fear. Fear may immobilize you, or make you flee
         from battle. When you are in this state, you will be unable to control
         your own mind.

Junpei: What're you doin'? Studying?

        Main: {Yep.}

                Junpei: Man, you're a good student. I'm not... I never study.


                Junpei: Hey, don't lie. It's a proven fact that people who say
                        they don't study, secretly study their asses off.


        Newscaster: --today's exchange rate. The dollar is now valued at 114.9
                    yen, a slight increase from before.


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Shit, I just had a dream about the monorail... My exams were posted all
        over the windows! They were all like 40% or 30%... Actually, that part
        of the dream is realistic. Man, I can't escape exams even in my dreams.

/Iwatodai Station\

Snoopy Reporter: Asking around is the basic method of gathering information,
                 but it's not going so well this time. So what about you? Do
                 you know anything about these incidents? If you have any
                 information, I can reward you for it.

        Main: {I don't know anything.}

                Snoopy Reporter: Ah... Bummer. You've got kind of a mysterious
                                 aura, so I thought you might know something

              {Who are you...?}

                Snoopy Reporter: Can't you tell? I'm a reporter. I'm doing an
                                 investigative report on the mysterious
                                 incidents here.

              [Who is this old woman?]

                Snoopy Reporter: Hmmm? Old woman? That's strange... I don't see
                                 any old women around here... Just one
                                 beautiful reporter, bravely investigating the
                                 mysterious incidents here in town.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: Hey, don't try to do everything all in one day. To do good in a
         competition or on an exam, you need to practice or study a little
         every single day.


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.


/2F Hallway\

Complaining Girl: I'm going shopping soon. It's been a while.

        Main: {What are you shopping for?}

                Complaining Girl: I need new clothes. The summer fashions are
                                  almost here.

              {I see.}

                Complaining Girl: You don't seem very interested...

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: Last week was my 15th wedding anniversary. But my
                        lousy husband didn't give me anything! He didn't even
                        remember it was our anniversary!

        Housewife with Braids: Seriously? Japanese men are so clueless when it
                               comes to these things. Even a single flower from
                               Rafflesia would make us happy.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: This is a bit sudden, but do you want to go to Tartarus tonight?

        Main: {Yes, I do.}

                Mitsuru: I'm sorry, but I must ask you not to go tonight or
                         tomorrow night. The others are busy studying for their
                         exams, and do not have time to go. You should also be
                          using this time to study.

              {No, I don't.}

                Mitsuru: Very well. Spend tonight and tomorrow night studying
                         for the exam.


        Newscaster: --the most popular bakery in town. It's so popular that the
                    50 sweet rolls, one to a customer, were sold out within the
                    first five minutes...

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Akihiko: Every time I come out here to take a break from studying, I see
         Junpei. Is that just coincidence, or is he that big of a slacker?

Junpei: I-I was studying... and I just came out here for a quick break. Okay,
        so maybe that's not true. I started out fine, but then I got lazy. I
        don't know how everyone can study so much...

/Club Escapade\

Man: Hey, how's it going?

        Main: {Groovy.}

                Man: I see... I envy you.

              {Not groovy.}

                Man: To be honest, man, me too. I can't seem to get into a
                     groove... I thought I could if I came here, but I guess

Woman: Don't just stand there! Everyone must be dancing to stay inside! Dancing
       is a great stress reliever! Everything bad just melts away!


/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Junpei: (from his room) What the hell is with this problem!? What language is
        this written in!?

        > You can hear Junpei complaining loudly about his homework...

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room, Daytime\

Mitsuru: I'm training my Persona to search for enemies. This is the perfect
         time to train. It's so quiet... except for Iori's screaming, that is.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: It's so quiet around here. Perhaps I shouldn't have come today.
                I'm happy everyone is studying for their exams, but I'm feeling
                a little lonely. By the way, I hear someone yelling every now
                and then... Who is that?


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 13: Maze of Love! A comforting kiss leads to... a
                  slap in the face!?

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend. We're going to watch a movie at the
            theater by the train station.

/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: The other day, I had a dream about Mitsuru-senpai. She drove
                 me around on her motorcycle, and we cruised around town at
                 midnight. It was so cool! I wish I could ride with her like
                 that for real! I would be happy just to be run over by
                 Mitsuru-senpai! Bring on her burning hot wheels!

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Yay! We're done with exams! They were sooo hard! Oh, man! All I wanna
        do now is relax!

Junpei: Whew, how does it feel to be free!? This is what matters about exams!
        Not those little numbers they put in the corner! But man, I'll be
        depressed once I see my scores...

Female Student: Only time will tell... I'm not gonna worry about my score.

Male Student: Well, I guess it went okay... Let's wait for the scores to be

/Paulownia Mall\

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: My pharmacy's best business comes from my neighbors, so I
                     have to be ready to help them anytime. If you have a
                     horrible pain in the night, don't hesitate! Come to my
                     store at once!

Officer Kurosawa: ...Sorry I can't help you guys out.

Be Blue V Saleswoman: We have a sale every Sunday. Our prices go down a little,
                      so buy all you like!

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: Gekkoukan students are so well-mannered. I never heard good
                   things about the other schools these days... With some
                   exceptions, of course.

/Iwatodai Station\

Cat-obsessed Boy: I tried to convince my dad to get a cat. He said no, too.
                  Cats cost a lot, and their food and stuff cost a lot too...
                  So we can't afford one.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: We were very lucky to find another Persona-user... However, it can't
         be helped if she's weak and unable to fully participate.

Junpei: Dude, aren't you bummed?

        Main: {Totally.}

                Junpei: I know, right!? That's a normal reaction, right!?

              {Not really.}

                Junpei: Are you serious? You're such a strange guy.

Akihiko: It's disappointing that Fuuka can't join us. But don't worry, I'll be
         back in no time. Or, did you want her to join instead of me?

        Main: {Don't be crazy!}

                Akihiko: Really...? Oh, that's good. Junpei said he wanted
                         Fuuka to join instead of me.


                Akihiko: Sorry, that's a tough question to answer. Just forget
                         I said anything.

              {If I'm being honest, yes.}

                Akihiko: *laugh* I like your honesty. I understand how you

Yukari: Junpei's acting stupid again. He doesn't care about who she is, as long
        as she's a girl.

        Main: {I feel the same way.}

                Yukari: Well, I guess it would be nice to have another girl in
                        the dorm.

              {He's just happy.}

                Yukari: Yeah, you're right. He got this big smile on his face
                        after he heard that a girl was coming. Well, I guess it
                        would be nice to have another girl in the dorm.


        Newscaster: --arrested a 22-year-old man who was selling illegal copies
                    of a popular PC game. The man's computer was also seized in
                    the raid.


/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Akihiko: There are times when an enemy will poison you... Every time you move
         during battle, your stamina will decrease, and you'll remain poisoned
         after the battle ends... So you should always have Dis-Poison on hand.

Mitsuru: Ice and Electric skills don't only inflict damage... they can also
         cause status ailments such as Freeze and Shock. If an enemy is weak
         against either skill, it will have a greater chance of being stricken
         with an ailment. Now, I don't think you'll ever use Zio to shock an
         enemy, but I just thought you'd like to know.

Yukari: The tactic Conserve SP means we shouldn't use SP during the battle,
        right? Well, I guess I can still use my attack... and my physical
        abilities... To heal, I could use items... Wow, you're really tying my
        hands here, aren't you?


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 14: Love Bomb! Sometimes the only strategy for
                  victory--is an abject apology!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.


/Office Hall\

Male Student: As long as you pass your exams, you'll be fine. I never study
              for mine cuz I'm so lazy.

/Class 2-F\

Female Student: I'm neither happy nor disappointed with my score, since it's
                about average. How'd you do, new guy?

Male Student: Just like I thought--my score wasn't too bad. I guess it's a
              good starting point.

(If you scored the highest:)

Yukari: I saw your test results, Main-kun. I can't believe you came out
                top! Mitsuru-senpai seemed really impressed. Maybe she'll give
                you some kind of reward...

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: The monorail was nearly in a big accident the other day. I
                  heard it was just a few feet away. It's just like one of
                  those action thrillers, you know? Whoever stopped that train
                  is a real-life hero!

/Dorm Lounge\

Yukari: My grades were pretty good... I'm glad the exams were easy... Going to
        Tartarus really tires me out, so I can't focus on my studies like I
        used to.

Akihiko: Hm, looks like my grades went up. Well, I guess that makes sense,
         since I've been spending all my time studying. Oh, by the way, Mitsuru
         won't be back until later... so we won't be going to Tartarus today.

Junpei: Yeah, my grades were... Well, you know... Aw, just leave me alone,


        Newscaster: --a 92-year-old woman with a surprising hobby: playing
                    online games. When we spoke to her, she said her favorite
                    thing about the game was being able to talk to the kids.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: You know that fortune-teller? The one they call "Den
                     Mother" or "Mama"? She's got a very weird presence...
                     It's like she's in another world. I want her to tell my
                     fortune, but I don't have the courage to talk to her...

Girl's Friend: That girl's been shy all her life. Though I guess that fortune-
               teller does look scary... She's got a weird aura.


/Office Hall\

(If you got the highest exam score:)

Mitsuru: (Last Name)... I saw your exam results... Good work. Here, this is
         from the Chairman... It's a reward for effectively balancing school
         and battle...

      > Obtained Page Card Set.

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: My classes are so boring... My teacher is ok, but... I'm so
             jealous of the classroom next door. I always hear laughter coming
             from it.

Salaryman: This is definitely the best place to skip work. The station's right
           there, and there's a bunch of resteraunts here too. The only thing
           you have to be careful is getting caught by your co-workers. I think
           I'll stay here a little while longer!

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Whenever I look up at Tartarus, I'm always amazed at how many floors
         are in it. The tower reaches to the skies... *sigh* It's going to be
         a long and arduous journey.

Akihiko: MY weapon? Heh, I've got two... My left and my right fists. I can get
         in close to attack, so I hardly ever miss. But, my attack power isn't
         that high. I mean, I'm strong... But there's no way I can do more
         damage than a sword.

Yukari: That's too bad... Her name is Fuuka Yamagishi, right? It would be nice
        if a girl who's in the same grade as me joined...


        Newscaster: --the economic results for April. The economy seems to be
                    on the rise again... Though a touch of inflation has led
                    some consumers to complain.

/Dorm, 2nd Floor\

Junpei: (from his room) Argh! What am I doing!? Dammit!

        > You hear Junpei yelling and shouting.


/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: I am a little disappointed about Fuuka-kun as well. It is quite
                difficult to find someone who has the potential. Would you feel
                more assured if you had more team members?

        Main: {Yes, I would.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Thankfully, Akihiko-kun has rejoined the team.

              {I'm okay with who we have.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: But, if any of you became ill, the strength of
                                the team will drastically decrease. Depending
                                on so few members puts us in a very precarious

Junpei: Dude, my Persona's getting stronger! It's really good at physical
        attacks. But, its skills don't really change that much... Is that why
        my grades are so low...?

        Yukari: Hey... I didn't know you had skills too...

        Junpei: Haha... I was just joking... *sigh* Now I'm depressed...

Akihiko: Other then electricity skills, it seems like my Persona can only learn
         status lowering skills... Status lowering skills are very useful.
         Power isn't the only thing that wins battles... Heh... I can't believe
         my Persona is actually teaching me something.


        Newscaster: --his assist, the team pulled through. In seasonal news,
                    the tourism industry in Okinawa is gearing up for another
                    year. Though the weather is colder this year, many tourists
                    are still enjoying the early island summer.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... I feel another change... A strong
                                wind blows across the world, sending a blue
                                flower's petals into the air... How will you
                                interpret this wind...? As a weak and frail
                                breeze, or a brave and might gust...? Farewell,
                                then... May your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: When I think of art, I think of landscapes, or still lifes, or
                things like that. But it seems like most of the guys just think
                of nude figure drawing. Those idiots...

Cell-phone Student: This might sound weird, but... Isn't it a pain to reply to
                    messages from people you don't care about?

        Main: {Yeah, it's a pain.}

                Cell-phone Student: I know, right?

              {No, not really.}

                Cell-phone Student: Sheesh, you're a patient one.


Stalker Girl: Did you see that? He just threw a rock at a bird resting on that
              branch! That's so cruel...

Stalked Boy: Damn, she's so persistant. She must have some kind of iron will to
             follow me around this much. She'll probably be a detective or
             something when she grows up.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard Akihiko-senpai's been released from the hospital.
                I wonder how he got his wounds, anyway... No one knows.

Female Student: Do you think his wounds were just to get attention? Nah... It
                couldn't be. He's already surrounded by girls all the time.

/Class 2-F\

Fat Student: Exams suck, don't they? You have to study so much and your score
             gets posted... And if you do bad, everyone will laugh at you.

Male Student: You seem to know Mitsuru-san, but... you're not going after her,
              are you?

        Main: {I sure am.}

                Male Student: I don't think that's a good idea, since she lives
                              in a totally different world than the rest of us.
                              I have a feeling that if a guy tries something
                              funny, her bodyguards will break his neck.

              {No way.}

                Male Student: That's what I thought. You can't be that stupid.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: I know this guy from when I was your age. He's a grave-digger. He told
         me "When you die, I'll dig you a fine, big grave." It was nice of him.
         Good friends are a blessing, they really are.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: D-Do you think I could become a first-stringer...?

Patient Woman: Sure. If you work hard, I think you can make it.

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: Usually cabbies work night shifts. If I don't sleep during the
             day, when am I supposed to sleep? My wife gets steamed, saying we
             never talk anymore. She's got no idea what I'm going through!

/Dorm Lounge\


        Newscaster: A 40-year-old man was sent to the hospital last night.
                    According to his doctors, he was a victim of Apathy

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Junpei: We're saving the city, right Senpai?

        Akihiko: Of course. Why would you ask such an obvious question?

        Junpei: Well, y'know... I was just thinking it might be kind of nice
                to get some kind of thank you... From the ladies, at least...

Akihiko: Well, I wouldn't count on getting any appreciation from anyone, since
         no one knows what we're doing. I know that makes things harder. But,
         if we don't fight, then more people will become victims of the
         Shadows, like The Lost. We ARE making a difference, though. We're
         making the city more peaceful. Just remember that.


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: When I think of home economics, I think about cooking,
                experiments, and that kind of thing. I hear that some people
                burn their textbooks by accident by setting them too close to
                the stove.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: I can fight an enemy who uses electricity with my eyes closed. I don't
         suffer much damage from electricity. But, ice is a different story...
         Wait a minute... Isn't Mitsuru's Persona strong with ice? If my
         Persona is another side of me... and ice is my weakness... Is it just
         me or does there seem to be a connection there?

Yukari: Don't you just hate bullying?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Yukari: I get so mad when I hear about someone getting bullied.

              {I don't really care.}

                Yukari: Be careful... Not caring is a form of bullying.


        Newscaster: --water leaking from the nuclear power plant's cooling
                    towers. The water was tested and found to be radioactive,
                    but fortunately, it did not leave the plant.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend. I'm scared about all the stuff that's
            been happening lately, so he's going to walk me home.

/School Lobby\

Female Student: I never expected anything like this to happen to someone from
                this school...

Female Student: My sister goes here, too. It's a good thing she's not the kind
                of girl who stays out all night...

/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: Oh yeah, that girl who passed out? I heard she was by
                    herself. Seems mysterious, doesn't it?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Cell-phone Student: I know, right? I don't really care about
                                    other people, but when it comes to
                                    mysteries like this, I get pumped. Like I
                                    can't rest until I get to the bottom of


                Cell-phone Student: Oh, okay.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard a girl fainted in classroom E. She had Apathy Syndrome,
                right? I'm glad she wasn't from my class...

Female Student: It must have been because she'd stay out so late, right? She
                just happened to faint at the school gates. Apathy Syndrome is
                so exaggerated, I bet she'll wake up soon.

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: *sigh* Ya know, those rumors... It is a little creepy.

Junpei: I pity the foo' who don't know when to quit! Mr. J. says to throw in
        the towel, boy!

        Main: {Alright, alright.}

                Junpei: But seriously, more and more people are becoming
                        victims... I'm a little worried.

              {No way, you idiot.}

                Junpei: Don't call me an idiot, y-you... idiot!


                Junpei: Dude, what the hell? You're just gonna ignore me?
                        ...That's not cool.

Fat Student: Rumors suck, man. That one about the girl who collapsed is already
             all over the school. I hope no one spreads any rumors about me.

/Paulownia Mall\

Snoopy Reporter: Another victim of those mysterious incidents was found at
                 Gekkoukan. Since the victim was at the front gate, that must
                 be the scene of the crime. After all, if the victim had been
                 elsewhere, and then carried to the front gate... Why would the
                 culprit do such a thing? The reasoning doesn't add up. Anyway,
                 there's a high probability that Gekkoukan itself is involved
                 in all this somehow...

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmmm... It seems Yukari has a sixth sense when it comes to
                Shadows. Actually, that's quite common. Dealing with Shadows
                has a tendancy to enhance other... senses.

Akihiko: We're not going to Tartarus today. Mitsuru is training and Yukari has
         a "weird" feeling... Tch, I wonder what that means...


      Newscaster: --if you're an Aquarius, then your lucky color is red. For
                  extra luck, try sticking your thumbs up all day long!

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Yukari: Oh my god, Stupei! I can't sleep like this!

        Junpei: I'd be happy to sleep with you, if it helps...

        Yukari: *sigh* Maybe I should call the police, or better yet,

        Junpei: Please... Anything but that!

Junpei: Yuka-tan's freakin' out, for no reason! All I said to her was that
        someone might be in her room... or under her bed... or in her closet.
        I mean, come on, that's nothing to get all worked up about, right?

        Main: {Right.}

                Junpei: Maybe Yuka-tan's just easily scared.

              {What? You scared her!}

                Junpei: Yeah, I guess you're right. All she'll probably see is
                        one of those big-ass cockroaches. ...Well, I guess that
                        would be pretty scary too.

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room\

Mitsuru: I'm sorry, but I'm in the middle of training my Persona to search for
         enemies. The others appear to be busy as well... so let's postpone
         going to Tartarus tonight.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Akihiko: You know about the computer behind the counter, right? The school
         makes us send them updates on how things are going at the dorm. See,
         that's what Mitsuru's doing right now.

Mitsuru: This incident is quite bothersome. As President of Student Council,
         I need to do something. It just isn't normal, but I have no idea
         what's going on...

Yukari: The victim was that girl who was bullying... It may just be a
        coincidence, but something doesn't seem right about it. What do you
        think, Main-kun?

        Main: {It's just a coincidence.}

                Yukari: Yeah, that's what I thought.

              {Yeah, something's not right.}

                Yukari: Hey... Don't scare me like that...

              {Throw in the towel.}

                Yukari: *sigh* Sounds like Junpei brainwashed you... Tch,
                         he's such an idiot.

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: Did you hear? That uh, what was it, the Apathy
                        Syndrome? There was a victim at Gekkoukan. He was
                        friends with my son's senpai.

        Housewife with Braids: A victim in your own neighborhood? Oh my...
                               I guess we can't say it's none of our business
                               now. My son's teacher's relative's son's
                               calligraphy master caught Apathy Syndrome too.

/Iwatodai Station\

Junpei: Those two old ladies were talking about that case. Some people got
        hurt, so you know word is gonna get out all over town about this one.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Junpei: Damn, rumors spread fast, especially this one. Everyone at school knows
        about it... and soon everyone in town will too.


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 15: High School Combat! Sing your heart out!
                  Feather Swan!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.


/School Lobby\

Vendor: Did you hear that one of the students fainted? Is she all right?
        Hmmm... There's a lot of weird stuff going on out there. Watch out.

/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: Three days in a row, we've had students at this school
                    passing out. It's a hell of a mystery. I'm itching to know
                    more... I should try looking into it.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: They say a girl in classroom C fainted too... Apathy Syndrome
                again, right? Phew... I'm glad it wasn't someone in my class...

Female Student: I told you! She just happened to faint in front of the gate!
                Apathy Syndrome is so over-exaggerated! They'll get better if
                you give them some time.

Mitsuru Admirer: Everyone's talking about ghosts and whatnot... I guess they're
                 all really scared. I'm fine, though! If a ghost gave me
                 trouble, Mitsuru-senpai would cut it right in half! To see her
                 fight with a sword... I don't know if I could take it!

Complaining Girl: Everyone's talking about the ghost, and that kind of stuff...
                  I hate those kinds of jokes. Like how they say the ghost will
                  get you if you stay at school for too long... Um, I better
                  get going! See ya!

/Class 2-F\

Male Student: Ghosts can be creepy, but they don't have to be, right? If there
              was a ghost that looked like a cute girl, I wouldn't mind being
              haunted by it. ...As long as she doesn't devour my soul or

/Paulownia Mall\

Gamer Student: Let's see... To start game, insert one coin... Control it using
               the two buttons, and... What are you looking at? I'm not just
               reading the directions, I'm carefully planning my moves.

Officer Kurosawa: The number of people with Apathy Syndrome is increasing
                  again. I thought it would decrease, but I guess that was just
                  wishful thinking... The battle may be long and hard, but you
                  must continue to fight.

/Dorm Lounge\

Yukari: I'm busy researching the ghost story online. So I'm going to pass on
        Tartarus today.

Mitsuru: Well, if Yukari isn't going, perhaps we shouldn't either. However,
         there may be ghosts haunting the school...

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hmm... This isn't good. So many inquires from parents and
                reporters alike...

Akihiko: Yukari seems serious. Why? Well, just go check out what she's doing,
         and you'll know right away.


        Narrator: The sky is covered in dark clouds... For those who are
                  fighting, the light has not yet broken through.

        Newscaster: That was our special report. Coming up next, the news.

/Club Escapade\

Man: I heard a buncha stuff is happening out there. How about it? Is anything
     happening out there with you?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Man: Oh, cool. Well, not here.


                Man: Me neither, man. I keep hearing about this stuff, but I
                     never get to see it. Is it all just a joke?


/Front Gate\

Curious Student: Hey, I read those ghost stories that were being spread around
                 school on the Internet. You know, the ones about those
                 students who died, became ghosts and ate humans... Wait, how
                 would anybody know they ate humans? There wouldn't be any


Stalker Girl: Did you see that? He just threw a rock at a bird resting on that
              branch! If he keeps that up, he might get possessed by evil
              spirits... Though that's just a rumor, so maybe not.

/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: Did you hear?

        Main: {Yeah, I heard.}

                Mitsuru Admirer: Ah... Of course you would have heard. Any man
                                 who hopes to get Mitsuru-senpai would have to
                                 be as intelligent as she is.

              {No, I haven't.}

                Mitsuru Admirer: Mitsuru-senpai would want a man who likes to
                                 study. Maybe I should study more... If I
                                 became the smartest in my class, she might
                                 accept me, even though I'm a girl...

              {I don't want to know.}

                Mitsuru Admirer: Whatever! A man like you has absolutely no
                                 chance of getting together with Mitsuru-

Female Student: I heard Fuuka-san fainted again, and she's taking days off from
                school... I wonder if she's okay... She doesn't look very

/Paulownia Mall\

Gamer Student: There are more of those people every day... They're so creepy.
               Maybe I should go on home...

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: You know those incidents where people turn into Apathy
                  Syndrome victims, right? Those guys look so weird... They're
                  all over town. If it was a sci-fi movie, they'd be zombies,
                  and if it was a suspense movie, it might be a virus... But
                  it's real life, and I have no idea what's happening.

/Iwatodai Station\

Salaryman: Gosh... Look at all those Apathy Syndrome guys... They're skipping
           school and work, right? I wish I had Apathy Syndrome... Then I could
           sit here all day long, just like them...

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: It is difficult for me to believe that the incident was caused by
         ghosts... However, there is still no explanation for it. So I believe
         it's worth researching. Please let me know what you find out.

Junpei: I thought those stories were fake... But, she seems to be doing
        research on them. Is it the power of the Junpei Zone?

        Yukari: Huh!? What did you just say!?

        Junpei: Oh shit... I pissed her off...

Yukari: Ugh... I wonder why I said that... Yeah, it's Junpei's fault...!
        Everything's his fault...! The Junpei Zone!? Psh! You really are dumber
        than you look!

Akihiko: Well, good luck. Even if we don't learn anything from it, it still
         seems like fun research. I'll be looking forward to the results.


        Newscaster: A scandal sent an unfortunate company's stock prices
                    plummeting today... At the close of trading today, the
                    price per share had gone as low as 4,242 yen.


/School Lobby\

Female Student: That girl who collapsed is in my class... I heard she would run
                away from home and spend the entire night outside. That's
                probably why she ended up like that...

Female Student: One of the students who collapsed was in my sister's class
                too... I guess she was running away from home as well. I heard
                she always hung around the thugs at that "place"... Something
                must've happened there.

/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: I thought I could turn up some info, but I didn't find
                    anything at all. All three passed out, but they were in
                    different grades, and different classes. Different clubs,
                    too. So my investigation isn't going very well. Partly
                    because all their friends were those thugs... And I
                    obviously don't want to deal with them.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: Y-You know how horror stories are popular now? I-I'm too afraid
                to listen to them...

Female Student: ...If you're the last one left in the school buildings, you'll
                hear a creepy PA announcement... A sobbing grandmother's voice
                can be heard from the speakers... And if you don't leave the
                school within 42 seconds... They'll find your corpse covered
                in bright red blood!

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Well, I guess we should do some digging. I wonder what people will
        say... It's a ghost story, after all.

Yukari: Oh, hi, Main-kun. Did you find out anything about the ghost story? I'm
        gonna prove to everyone that it was just a rumor. ...And I'm not
        scared, alright!?


Fat Student: I can't understand why people are freaking out over those ghost
             stories... I mean, running around school screaming and spreading
             rumors... They all need to just grow up.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: My teacher told me this old saying: It's deafening when three women
         are together. It's so true... These girls came up to me and started
         talking about those rumors and... I got such a headache. Ugh, I can't
         wait until those rumors go away.

Yukari: Hey, did you do any research on that ghost story, Main-kun?

        Main: {Yes, I did.}

                Yukari: I've heard so many different stories... I don't know
                        what's true and what's not. Maybe it's all a lie...

              {No, I didn't.}

                 Yukari: That's what I thought. You seem like you're too busy
                         to be bothered with ghost stories.

Junpei: Dude, there are rumors all over school. Don't people have anything
        better to talk about? They're all just wasting their time.


        Newscaster: --rainy season is supposed to begin on the 10th. However,
                    experts predict that there won't be as much rain, leading
                    to water shortages in the summer. For our next story...
                    We'll take another look at the Apathy Syndrome. There are
                    now over 70 cases, and...


/Front Gate\

Curious Student: I heard that those students who were sent to the hospital were
                 bulliying other students... Maybe it was their victims who did
                 that to them.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: Fuuka-san is absent today, too.

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: My teacher told me there's been a lot of kidnappings these days.
             ...But I already heard the same thing from him yesterday... and
             the day before that, too.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: How is your research progressing?

        Main: {Really good.}

                Mitsuru: C'est magnifique! Please keep up the good work.

              {Not so great.}

                Mitsuru: Well, I can see why it would be difficult to ascertain
                         the truth. But, don't give up just yet.

Akihiko: Aren't you sick of hearing all those rumors?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Akihiko: That's what I thought. Well, good luck with your

              {They don't bother me.}

                Akihiko: You're pretty patient. Well, good luck with your


        Female Reporter: Hi, I'm Trish, with today's installment of "Who's
                         Who." Today's subject is a 20-year-old lady, with a
                         beauty mark near her mouth. She's said to be an
                         excellent therapist... I wish I could schedule a
                         session! ...Next is news. Pain, pain, go away!


/Front Gate\

Curious Student: You remember that ghost story about the angry spirit? Well,
                 I guess there's another version that's different from the one
                 I told you. Did ya know that?

        Main: {No, I didn't.}

                Curious Student: Well, I'd love to tell you it myself, but I'm
                                 kinda shaky on the details. You know those
                                 three girls that are always gossiping in the
                                 hallway on the second floor...? I'm sure they
                                 know the story inside and out.

              {I'm aware of it.}

                Curious Student: I heard it's based on a real incident from 10
                                 years ago... and they never figured out what
                                 happened. Don't you think that makes the story
                                 so much creepier?

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: Hey... If that story were true... Wouldn't someone have to die
                every day? I mean, someone's got to be the last one left,

Female Student: S-Stop... I don't want to hear any of that stuff!

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: I'm impressed that you've been able to gather so much information in
         such a short amount of time.

Akihiko: I don't know what you guys are planning to do, but just don't overdo

Junpei: I heard that there are meetings at that place a couple times a month...
        All these thugs get together... It looks like a reunion for
        ex-convicts. Hey, aren't we planning to go there tomorrow...? Shit...
        We're in serious doo doo.

Yukari: Alright, enough's enough. Tomorrow, I'm going to put a stop to that
        stupid Junpei Zone thing. I hope you're not too freaked out, Main-kun.

        Main: {I'm fine.}

                Yukari: Good. I knew I could count on you.

              {I'm a little freaked out.}

                Yukari: Oh, put your purse down, Sally. I'm counting on you.

              {Junpei's really freaked out.}

                Yukari: Oh, don't worry about that. He's always freaked out.


        Newscaster: --popular item that's flying off retail shelves these days:
                    a Geiger counter for home use. Fears related to the recent
                    nuclear power plant accident have led to record sales for
                    the devices...


/Front Gate\

Curious Student: Hey, have you ever heard about that creepy place located on
                 the outskirts of Port Island Station? Well, I accidentally
                 ended up there once. Dude, I was so scared I almost pissed
                 myself. It was full of all these scary-looking guys... From
                 what I heard, they meet there a few times every month on
                 Saturday night. But, be careful if you go there, dude... That
                 place is dangerous. Real dangerous.

/Class 2-F\

Kazushi: Since I have my warm-up suit on... maybe I should try and race the

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun, don't forget about today, okay?

Junpei: Duuuuude, Yuka-tan is taking this WAY too seriously. Why did I open
        my big mouth?

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Yamagishi has disappeared... It began with a ghost story, and has
         developed into a serious situation. We have to do something...

Junpei: I told you it wasn't a good idea to go there, dude. If Shinjiro-san
        hadn't helped us, we'd be... Shit! I'm never going there again!

Akihiko: *sigh* Are you out of your mind...? Tch, going to a place like that.
         I mean, I'm proud of you guys for trying to gather information, but be
         a little more careful next time.

Yukari: That guy looked kinda scary, but he was actually really nice, don'tcha

        Main: {Yeah, I agree.}

                Yukari: But, I wonder what such a nice guy was doing in a place
                        like that...

              {Um, I'm not so sure.}

                Yukari: But, he wouldn't have saved us if he wasn't a nice guy,
                        right? I just don't know why he's trying to act so


        Newscaster: --today's exchange rate. The yen is now 115.2 to the
                    dollar, down from last time by 0.11 yen.


/Naganaki Shrine\

(For first scene, talk to anyone, one time only.)

Yukari: Main-kun, this is Ken-kun, the boy I was talking about earlier.

        Ken: Nice to meet you. My name is Ken Amada. Are you friends with
             Yukari-san and Junpei-san?

        Junpei: Yep, you got it. He lives in the same dorm as me and Yuka-tan.

        Ken: Really? I didn't know boys and girls could live in the same dorm.

        Yukari: Umm, uhh, well... It's like...

        Junpei: We're exceptions! We've got good reasons for sticking close...

Yukari: I talk to Ken-kun here a lot. He's a lot more reliable than Stupei.

Junpei: Geez, Yuka-tan, you're so mean... Besides, I'm way more mature than
        Ken. Don't you think?

        Main: {You're more mature.}

                Junpei: See!? You hear that, Yuka-tan? Even Main thinks I'm
                        more mature than that kid!

              {Ken's more mature.}

                Junpei: S-Serious!? Why you guys always gotta be harshin' the

Ken: Yukari-san and Junpei-san often give me help. Especially Yukari-san! Her
     advice is very useful.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Akihiko: If you equip gloves when you fight with your fists, your attack power
         will increase. So even if a Shadow finds you first, you can still get
         the first strike. But even though your speed is fast, your range will
         be short, so be careful.


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 16: Confusion in the Presses! A photo of food is not
                  the real thing! Feather Hawk!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Dude, I can't tell you... It's a surprise. Just wait until tonight!

/Paulownia Mall\

Be Blue V Saleswoman: Did you know the antique store had its grand reopening?
                      The environment in there is fabulous, but... The owner is
                      a little antisocial.

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: Gosh, it's getting hot. I didn't sell that much Aojiru
                     Sorbet last year, but I'm thinking of trying it again
                     anyway... Even if the kids would only eat it on a dare,
                     I like its bitterness.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... We're going to Wild-duck Burger.

Curious Student: Hey, you want to hear something weird about the observatory?
                 No one's ever been there. In fact, no one even knows HOW to
                 get there. It's like no one was meant to go there... ever.

/School Lobby\

Vendor: I guess the heat doesn't bother you guys when you're weaing your summer
        clothes. As for me... There's no air conditioner in here, and it gets
        so hot!

/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: I'm getting bored of text messaging. I guess it's good to
                    be in touch with so many people, but pretty soon I'm gonna
                    get totally bored of it. Once you lose interest in this
                    kind of thing, you can't get it back.

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard those people who fainted woke up. So... I guess that
                means they didn't have Apathy Syndrome...?

Female Student: Remember what I told you? They just fainted because they were
                out all night. That's not exactly Apathy Syndrome.

Complaing Girl: I had a super-successful shopping trip the other day! I went a
                little overboard, but I got some awesome-looking stuff! Too bad
                I can't wear it at school...

/Class 2-F\

Male Student: Well, I've checked out all the girls... and, man, there are some
              hotties at this school.

/Paulownia Mall\

Antiques Owner (greeting): ...Welcome. Officer Kurosawa told me about you and
                           your friends... I used to research Personas, so I'll
                           do what I can for you.

Antiques Onwer (talk): You don't have any jewels? You should really try to find
                       as many as you can. I may not be the only shop owner who
                       accepts jewels... However, I have the ability to detect
                       the true power of a jewel. Even if others consider one
                       of your jewels a useless rock, I may still need it for
                       its power. So, bring the jewels you find to me so we can
                       trade for the items you need.

Officer Kurosawa: Those girls from your school who had Apathy Syndrome seem to
                  have regained your senses. ...Thanks to you and your friends
                  no doubt.

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: If you go down the side street, you'll come to a spot where
                   gangs gather. They always leave garbage behind, and spray
                   grafitti all over the walls. And every time, I'm the one who
                   has to clean it up. I'm going to catch those gangs someday
                   and make them clean it up themselves...

Salaryman: I heard about the disaster from someone I know who works at Gekkoukan

        Main: {Yeah?}

                Salaryman: I think it's awful the way those students are
                           falling victim to Apathy Syndrome. It's probably
                           because of all the excess studying. Why would they
                           study so hard...? I hope they don't have delusions
                           of going to a famous university, and getting a
                           high-powered job...

              {What disaster?}

               Salaryman: Wow, I admire your bravery. That's the spirit!
                          Whatever happens around you, just don't give a damn
                          about it. An attitude like that will come in handy
                          once you enter adult society.

/Iwatodai Station\

Cat-obsessed Boy: I asked my friend if his cat was really expensive. You know
                  what? He said it was free! He said his mom got the cat from
                  the animal shelter. I didn't know you could do that. I
                  thought you could only get cats from pet stores.

/Dorm Lounge\

Yukari: Oh, I heard that the antique shop at Paulownia Mall is reopening.
        Ikutsuki-san said the owner would help us out.

        Junpei: How the hell can an antique shop owner help us out? Unless she
                has this amazing item created a million years ago that can
                annihilate Shadows...

        Yukari: Yeah, I'm sure that's what it is... Just ignore him... But
                yeah, you should really check it out. Don't forget, it's
                located inside Paulownia Mall.

Junpei: Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai are both at the hospital checking up
        on Fuuka... so we won't be going to Tartarus tonight.


        Narrator: You have to be prepared, and carry an umbrella during the
                  rainy season. The fight between those with umbrellas and the
                  driving wind is still being waged today...

        Newscaster: That was our special report. Next, the news, followed by a
                    look at everyone in recovery from the Apathy Syndrome.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: I had Mama tell my fortune, but it's true what they say...
                     Her fortunes aren't like the others. Everything that came
                     out of her mouth was so abstract... She never said
                     anything like, "Be careful of this," or, "This will bring
                     good fortune."

Girl's Friend: Her fortunes are abstract, but she's not trying to confuse you.
               You're meant to interpret them, and decide how to act from


/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Supposedly, Fuuka-san is still asleep. I'm so worried...

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: Times have changed, but some things, like school ghost stories,
         never die. I used to sneak into the school grounds at night... The
         teachers would give me holy hell for it.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: Gotta find something to talk about... But what...?

Patient Woman: He's really overthinking this. He looks suave, but he worries
               what other people think too much. I mean, I love that he cares
               about my opinion, but... I think I'd prefer it if he didn't feel
               so nervous in front of me.

/Dorm Lounge\


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.


/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Oh, Main-kun. Good news: Fuuka-san will be discharged from the
        hospital soon... I was so relieved to hear that.

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: At my job, they gave out this book, called "Talking for Morons."
             They said I'd better shape up, conversation-wise, if I want more

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: We achieved new powers, and learned new information about
                Shadows. Today was a great day for all of us. Hm? Oh, I asked
                Mitsuru and Akihiko to walk Fuuka home. She shouldn't be
                walking home alone.

Yukari: It seems like Fuuka was forced to join us... Even though in the end it
        was her choice... I don't feel good about this...

Junpei: Dude, she's the exact opposite of Yuka-tan... Smart... Nice... Hey,
        Main, whaddya think of her?

        Main: {Not bad.}

                Junpei: Yeah, you got that right... There are some things
                        about school even I like... meaning girls!

              {Not good.}

                Junpei: Are you kidding me!? What planet are you from!?

              {That all you think about?}

                Junpei: Dude, you need to lighten up. This is what being in
                        high school's all about...


        Newscaster: It seems that there will be fewer June brides this year.
                    According to wedding planners, the number of June brides is
                    steadily decreasing... The month is less popular with
                    married couples in their 20s and 30s.


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Is Ekoda Fuuka's teacher? I just saw him, and man, he looks like the
        the world is about to end. Did something happen?

Fat Student: It must suck to be a bully... You have to pretend to be nice so
             no one gets suspicious. And if someone finds out, you'd have to be
             even nicer to them.

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: I'm getting hungry... Should we stop somewhere and
                        grab a bite to eat?

        Housewife with Braids: Ooh, let's get some of Octopia's takoyaki! But
                               it's at the Iwatodai strip mall... We'll have to
                               take the monorail.

/Iwatodai Station\

Lazy Student: Man, I'm so lazy these days. Think I've got that Apathy Syndrome

        Main: {I don't think so.}

                Lazy Student: Yeah, I guess it's just garden-variety laziness.


                Lazy Student: D-Dude, I was just kidding. Don't take it so
                              seriously, man.


                Lazy Student: Calm down, dude! I-I was just kidding...

/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: I heard Fuuka's teacher, Mr. Ekoda, got in a lot of trouble. It
        must've been because of Mitsuru-senpai... Scary, huh? Beware the power
        of Kirijo!

Akihiko: Mitsuru and Yukari are on the 3rd floor, getting Fuuka's room ready
         for her. They're cleaning it up. You know, dusting and mopping... They
         said they'd call us if there are any cockroaches that need to be


        Newscaster: Going into the rainy season, we've got an unusual clip to
                    show. What you're seeing is a prototype of an artificial
                    rain generator. For a country like this, where water is
                    becoming scarce...

/Dorm 3rd Floor\

Mitsuru: I apologize for not being able to go to Tartarus two days in a row.
         But, preparing for Yamagishi's move has taken longer than I expected.
         So, that's that... As you can see, the girls' rooms are on this floor.
         Males are not permitted.

Yukari: That room is filthy, even though no one's living in there. Please
        don't let there be any cockroaches...


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: I heard that on the 17th, the Culture Clubs are going to have
                openings for new members. There's three clubs: music, art, and
                photography. You can observe any of them before joining.
                They've got a different feel than the sports clubs, so think
                hard before joining one. Like I just said, they start
                recruiting on the 17th. Until then, you can beg all you want,
                but they won't let you in.

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: I'm glad there won't be a full moon for a while... But, still...
        I can't help thinking about it.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Oh, Mr. Ekoda's punishment...? Well, there are some things in life
         you don't want to know about... This is one of them.

Fuuka: Um, it's nice to see you again. They said I could move in on Sunday,
       but I decided to come a little earlier. I wanted to begin helping you
       all as soon as possible... But I didn't even have time to pack, so I
       don't have anything with me.

Akihiko: Fuuka wasn't supposed to come here until Sunday afternoon, but she
         really wanted to join us. I'm glad she wants to be part of the team.
         I'm looking forward to the next mission.

Yukari: I guess all that talk about Fuuka being sick wasn't true. At first,
        people were saying that she was absent because she was being bullied...
        But, then they started saying she was really sick. Strange, huh? She
        seems pretty healthy to me.


        Female Reporter: Hi, I'm Trish, with today's installment of "Who's
                         Who." Today's subject is a man in his 30s, with
                         sunglasses and long hair that reaches to his back.
                         When I asked what he did for a living he became upset.
                         Hmm... Why might that be...? ...Next is news. Pain,
                         pain, go away!


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: During Knock Down, we will focus on upending our enemies. We'll
         concentrate on those enemies that are still standing and attempt to
         exploit their weaknesses. If there are no enemies to fight, or if
         there is no way to attack them, then we will stand by. We will be
         unable to heal or support during this time. Please consider these
         factors when you contemplate using Knock Down.

Fuuka: I finally moved all my things in. It's all my old stuff, but once I had
       it all in my room, I felt revitalized. I'm still struggling a bit with
       the layout, though...

/Iwatodai Station\

Snoopy Reporter: I heard the victims from Gekkoukan are better now. But, I
                 still believe the culprit is somehow related to Gekkoukan.
                 That school is tied to all of this, I just know it. The key
                 is Gekkoukan's front gate. There must be something lurking
                 within Gekkoukan High...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Fuuka is surprisingly adept at using technological devices.
                And she is a very nice girl, always considering the feelings of
                those around her. Her name suits her perfectly. "Fuu" means
                wind, and "ka" means flower. She's like a flower gently blowing
                in the-- U-Um, never mind... I-I'll stop talking now.

Akihiko: Our enemies seem to be getting stronger and stronger. You need to
         train every day to keep pace with them.

Junpei: Fuuka will be supporting us... *sigh* She has the voice of an angel.
        Don't get me wrong, Mitsuru-senpai has a nice voice too. It's just that
        Fuuka's is just so calm and soothing.


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 17: The Priestess' Revival! It's bad times when the
                  fiend returns!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... It seems you have made another
                                friend... A late-night affair, unseen by all...
                                A bond made in the darkness, where the shadows
                                lurk... The result of this bond is too distant
                                to be seen... The only way to know how it will
                                end is to see for yourself... Farewell, then...
                                May your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...


/Sports Hall\

Stalker Girl: Did you notice...?

Stalked Boy: Hmm... This must be...

        Main: {Worried about something?}

                (No extra dialog.)

              {What's wrong?}

                 (No extra dialog.)

        Stalked Boy: To tell you the truth... Oh, forget it. It's private.

/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: I wonder if Mitsuru-senpai is fluent in French... It would be
                 so cool if she is, with the way she looks and all... Just
                 imagining it gives me goosebumps! Or, as Mitsuru-senpai would
                 say, "la chair de poule."

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Are you psyched, now that Fuuka joined the team?

        Main: {Definitely.}

                Junpei: Yeah, man, I'm totally stoked!

              {Not really.}

                Junpei: Dude, why do you gotta take the fun out of everything?
                        You're gonna have a tough life if you keep this up.

/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: My Persona is called Lucia. She cannot enter into battle... Her job is
       to support everyone on the front line with her ability to detect enemies
       and provide enemy information. As for Lucia's attributes, her strength
       and endurance are both low. She doesn't have any resistances, but she
       doesn't have any weaknesses either. Well, that's all I can think of
       for now. I look forward to fighting Shadows with you.

Mitsuru: My weapon of choice is the one-handed sword. As you may be aware,
         its attack power and accuracy level are only adequate... However, I
         think it is tres magnifique! A one-handed sword is a refined,
         sophisticated weapon. You should consider wielding one.

Yukari: Mitsuru-senpai has moved from supporting us to fighting with us...
        She can do anything... I'm so jealous...


        Weather Man: This week's forecast is sun all the way! There's only a
                     10-20% chance of rain. But be careful of dehydration, even
                     during the rainy season. It's going to be a scorcher!
                     Let's join our field reporter in the stadium now.

        Newscaster: Next on Action News: All the action in the world of sports!


/2F Hallway\

Complaining Girl: I have a question for you... You don't look like the type to
                  care, but are you particular about the style of clothes you

        Main: {I am, actually.}

                Complaining Girl: Huh... I didn't expect that from you.

              {Not really.}

                Complaining Girl: I thought not...

/Paulownia Mall\

Gamer Student: All right, here we go! First: Use button 1 to go sideways!
               Mmm... That's not quite far enough. Let me to a little more...
               H-Huh...!? Button 1 stopped working!? You mean, if I let go of
               button 1, that's all I get!? NOOOOOOO!

/Dorm Lounge\


        Newscaster: --new auto-control system in cars is implemented... Experts
                    predict less skidding on rainy days.


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: The Culture Clubs' recruitment drive seems to have started.
                There's three clubs: music, art, and photography. You can
                observe any of them before joining. They've got a different
                feel then the sports clubs, so think hard before joining one.

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: Did ya hear, Main-kun? Photography Club, Art Club, and Music Club are
        recruiting new members. ...I heard Fuuka is in one of them, but...
        which one was it?

Male Student: You know Fuuka from the class next door? She's so cute, man.
              Thank god she's back. She's like a piece of fine art. She should
              always be on display, right?

/Club Escapade\

Man: Hey, how are things?

        Main: {Groovy.}

                Man: Yeah... You've gotta be groovy to come to a place like
                     this, huh?

              {Not groovy.}

                Man: I ain't that groovy... Maybe it's because I don't usually
                     come here...

Woman: I'm a Gekkoukan student, but... Remember those rumors that were going
       around the other day? I hate hearing rumors like that. How about you?

        Main: {I don't mind.}

                Woman: Oh, really? I'm jealous...

              {I can't handle it.}

                Woman: You too? I can't stand hearing those conversations...
                       But when I'm here, it's all okay. I don't have to worry
                       about a thing.

/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: Junpei-kun said you're playing an online video game. Is that true,

        Main: {Yes, it is.}

                Fuuka: Oh, so you can play with people from all over the
                       country, right? You can only do that with an online

              {No, it's not.}

                Fuuka: But, Junpei-kun gave it to you, right? It'll just go to
                       waste if you don't play it. Besides, you might have a
                       lot of fun.

Mitsuru: Let me tell you about my Persona... It's strong against ice... but
         it's weak against fire. As you know, nothing is perfect. Just keep
         that in your mind.

Akihiko: Balance is very important in battle. You need power, stamina, skill,
         speed, and luck. Of course, my Persona is developing along those

Junpei: Do you think The Lost will ever be cured?

        Main: {Yeah, I think so.}

                Junpei: Yeah, maybe if we defeat a Shadow, the spirits it ate
                        will return to their owners. But then again, they
                        might just get digested.

              {No, I don't think so.}

                Junpei: If that's true, then... Whoa, dude... I'm starting to
                        freak out just thinking about it.


        Feather Hawk: Come to Paulownia Mall to see us! We won't be there,

        Narrator: Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, every Sunday! Don't miss it!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.


/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard there was a baseball player who got kicked off the team
                for hitting the coach. After that, I heard he hit an old man!
                I'm surprised there's a guy like that at our school...

Female Student: He probably just has a short temper, right? Or maybe he's
                stressed out, since he couldn't release it in the club.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Fuuka seems to be doin' alright. I was worried some people might give
        her a hard time, since she was out for a while. I wouldn't let them get
        away with that, man.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: So, (Last Name), have you been monitoring your physical condition?

        Main: {I sure have.}

                Mitsuru: Good. Your health is very important.

              {Not really...}

                Mitsuru: If you get sick or tired, you'll become extremely
                         weak in battle. You may also pass your illness on to
                         the other members, so... please pay closer attention
                         to your health.

Yukari: I thought Mitsuru-senpai forced Fuuka into this... But, she's doing
        her best. So I have to do my best too!


        Newscaster: --rain festivals long ago. Especially this year, when
                    forecasters are expecting little rain, the festival is
                    called for...


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend. We're going to the accessory shop at
            Paulownia Mall.

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: I'm a graduate of Gekkoukan High, and I hear there's some
                  ghost stories over there now. The stories have this really
                  original flavor to them... It's that perfect Japanese style
                  of horror, you know? That's what I think, anyway.

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: My teacher uses special stationary, but... It's so childish. We're
             sixth-graders, and he treats us like little kids.

        Main: {What kind of paper?}

                Mature Girl: Oh, there's pictures of Mr. Fox and Mr. Raccoon,
                             and stupid jokes... He never talks, but he doodles
                             on this paper all day...


                Mature Girl: Like, Mr. Bear and Mr. Frog are on it, and they're
                             rapping... It's weird. He's so quiet, I didn't
                             imagine he was thinking of that.
/Dorm Lounge\


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.

/Paulownia Mall, Evening\

Junpei: You know how I use two-handed swords, right? Someday, I'm gonna find
        it... The LEGENDARY SWORD!

        Main: {There's no need...}

                Junpei: How can you deny a man's passion like that!? That's
                        cold, bro! C'mon, you've gotta dream big!

              {Good luck.}

                Junpei: Thanks! I'm gonna do my best.

              {Find me one too.}

                Junpei: Sure thing, right? Let's hope we can find it.


/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Is it an individual problem, or a collective problem...? In
                essance, does a group of Shadows target a single human and
                ravage his mind... or do Shadows individually devour human
                minds so they can survive...? This is what we must discern.

Mitsuru: ...I'm thinking right now... If you're looking for someone to talk to,
         you've got the wrong person...

Akihiko: Don't worry about Shadows getting stronger... We'll continue to
         progress up Tartarus. We have to do our best... If we do, we'll win.
         If we don't, we'll lose. Heh, it's as simple as that.

Fuuka: I've estimated the strength of the remaining Shadows... It'll be tough
       to defeat them, but not impossible. If you train consistantly, we can
       win. So, keep up the hard work.

Junpei: All we have to do is defeat the remaining eight, right? Then let's do
        it, man!

Yukari: Tartarus is filled with mysteries... Why did it appear...? How long has
        it been there...? Do you think we'll ever know the answers?


        Newscaster: Our topic today is the rising divorce rate among June
                    brides. Lately, divorce is becomming more common, sometimes
                    happening immediately after the honeymoon. What causes
                    this? We'll report, right after these messages.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Fuuka: Wow, no one's here... Everyone must have left... Hm? Don't I go out?
       Well, if there's a computer around, I usually stay inside. Why don't you
       go ahead, Main-kun? I'll be fine by myself.

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: Every year during the rainy season, a lot of umbrellas are
                   left in the lost and found. The lost and found box is full
                   almost instantly, and I have to take care of it, and...
                   Rainy days are depressing.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 18: Death of a Condor! Get your hankies ready, kids!

        Newscasters: ...And now, the news.

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Yukari: Koromaru is such a loyal dog... And he's cute, too.

        Junpei: I wish I was a dog, so I could get girls' attention...

        Fuuka: Don't you think Akihiko-senpai would look good with a dog? Not
               an unusual one, just an ordinary, playful dog...

        Yukari: Yeah, that's true. I could see them running on the beach

Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai are not here today, so we can't go to

Junpei: Koromaru is really one of a kind, huh...

        Fuuka: What kind of dog do you think would be good for Mitsuru-senpai?

        Yukari: Hmmm... I can't see her with a dog...

        Junpei: She'd probably have a doberman. And she'd feed it filet

        Fuuka: Junpei-kun... I think you've been reading too much manga...

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: I don't really have any friends... But I'm trying to make
                     some. So I asked Mama how I could meet more people. Her
                     answer was still pretty abstract, but at least it was an
                     answer! I'll try doing it next time...

Girl's Friend: Well, normally, meeting new friends is something that just
               happens. In this case, I guess you might rely on fortune-
               telling, but... It's not my style. I'd rather look for friends
               on my own.


/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: I'm thinking about downloading games to my cell, but
                    I don't know... They say it's cheap, but it all adds up.
                    Got any recommendations?

        Main: {Try a puzzle game.}

                Cell-phone Student: Hmm... I'll keep that in mind.

              {Try a card game.}

                Cell-phone Student: Hmm... I'll keep that in mind.

              {Try an RPG.}

                Cell-phone Student: Hmm... I'll keep that in mind.

              {No idea.}

                Cell-phone Student: Oh... Well, whatever.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Eight left, huh? Well, you can count on me, bro! I'll defeat every one
        of 'em and save the city!

Yukari: *sigh* It's still not clear to me... My head hurts from thinking about

/Iwatodai Station\

Cat-obessed Boy: I talked to my dad about getting a cat again. I told him cats
                 from the animal shelter are free... But he still said no. Even
                 though he's okay with it, if my mom says no, he has to say no
                 too. So only my mom can decide... My dad sucks.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: My Persona's skills are advancing rapidly. It is also growing stronger
         and faster. It is similar to Takeba's Persona, however mine is more
         offensive-minded as opposed to support-oriented.

Fuuka: I found some interesting information online the other day... Apparently,
       there was an unexplained explosion near our school ten years ago... At
       the same time, a large number of students refused to go to school...
       The news reports stated that the incidents were somehow related. Isn't
       that fascinating...?

Junpei: Hey, when normal people Transmogrify during the Dark Hour... why do
        they turn into coffins...? Are they pretending to be dead? I heard that
        works if a bear is about to attack you... Actually, I just made that


        Newscaster: --has burned down, causing the neighbor's home to burn down
                    as well. Police are investigating the possibility of arson.
                    For our next story... A dead body was found behind Port
                    Island Station last night. The victim seems to have been a
                    student at the nearby high school. The police are currently
                    searching for any evidence relating to the incident.


/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: Say, what kinda dance is popular nowadays in the clubs? Reggae? That
         "rap" junk? In my day, it was the tango, or the jitterbug. You danced
         with your girl, not to show off. I fell in love at first sight with
         my wife at one of those dance halls...

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... Shadows within shadows... Many
                                shadows crawl admist the immense shadow...
                                Twelve shadows, feasting upon the heart of
                                man... Monstrous, yet dignified... They gather
                                around you... Beware... Farewell, then...
                                May your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...

/Naganaki Shrine\

Salaryman: My project lead is so loud and obnoxious. He gives me these crazy
           lectures as fast as he can, at the top of his lungs, and they don't
           make sense. He keeps spitting on my face when he does it, too...
           That's why I need this time to myself.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: I wonder where Akihiko is... If he's going to be late, he should at
         least have the courtesy to call me.

Junpei: There's a bunch of different Shadows, and they all have different
        Arcana. You can tell them apart by looking at their masks.

Yukari: Our Personas' abilities are amazing, aren't they? Secret powers that
        only we have... It's too bad we can't tell anyone about them.


        Newscaster: A girl was found standing motionless in the middle of the
                    street, halting traffic for several minutes. The
                    expressionless girl has since been led away by police. A
                    number of these cases have been cropping up, causing extra
                    problems for the police force...


/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: You seem to be able to do anything... You don't really dwell on the
         past, do you? I wonder how that feels...


        Newscaster: --tourists flocking to the aquarium to see the sea hares.
                    A warning for tourists, though; Be careful of the dry
                    weather and guard against heat stroke. Next, a report on
                    more people standing in the road, blocking traffic...


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: I just saw Akihiko-san... He had a weird look on his face... Maybe his
        training isn't going so well? Psh... Yeah, right.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: My Persona is resistant to ice attacks, and it also has ice skills.
         With them, not only can I inflict damage upon our enemies, but I can
         also freeze them. So, do not hesitate to ask me to go to Tartarus.


        Narrator: --wedding planners working hard to bring about eternal
                  love... But the divorce rate is still on the rise. Studies
                  show that one out of every five newlyweds will divorce within
                  the year.

        Newscaster: That concludes our special report. Now, back to the news.


/Clubs Hall\

Female Student: You know how you use rubbing alcohol for science experiments?
                Well, I heard there's a teacher who drinks it, saying it's as
                good as regular alcohol... But that can't be good for you! I
                wouldn't try it if I were you. Believe me, it's not worth it.


Stalker Girl: Eww! Did you see that!? That guy over there just picked his nose.

Stalked Boy: Dude, that girl keeps following me around. She's actually pretty
             cute, huh?

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: I get tired of coming up with new things to put into my
                        son's lunch. I wish his school had a Student Shop like

        Housewife with Braids: I heard Gekkoukan's Student Shop offers a few
                               different types of bread. But I also heard
                               there's a limit to how much they sell. I hope
                               some kids don't end up going hungry...

/Port Island Station\

Lazy Student: I heard some guy made friends with the workers, but isn't that a
              waste of time? I'm comfortable being the guy's customer. I don't
              need to be his friend, too, you know? I mean, I'm sure there's an
              upside to it, but... I'll pass anyway. Too much trouble...

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: I been reading that "Talking for Morons" book. I tried starting a
             conversation with a fare... And he comes back with "Don't talk to
             me, I'm tired." That's what I get for opening my mouth...

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: The mood around here has been so serious lately, I thought I
                would lighten things up. So, today I will be performing my top
                ten jokes for everyone...

Junpei: Dude... What did he come here for...?

Fuuka: I know that Ikutsuki-san just wants to entertain us, but his jokes are
       really silly. What should I do, Main-kun?

        Main: {Just laugh at his jokes.}

                Fuuka: O-Okay... Like this? "Oh, Ikutsuki-san, that's so funny!
                       Ahahaha... ha... ha..."

              {Be true to yourself.}

                Fuuka: O-Okay... Then I'll just say, "I'm sorry, but I don't
                       find your jokes funny..."

              {Just act normal.}

                Fuuka: O-Okay... I'll try that.

              {Try to ignore him.}

                Fuuka: O-Okay... I'll try that.

Mitsuru: That's one of the few indulgences the Chairman has. Please, just
         ignore him. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you about my
         Persona... It is resistant to ice attacks, and it also has ice skills.
         With them, not only can I inflict damage upon our enemies, but I can
         also freeze them. So, do not hesitate to ask me to go to Tartarus.

Yukari: Well, I understand how he feels... But, it's just so lame...


        Newscaster: Everyone slows down as they get older, but some people are
                    getting fed up with it. We spoke to local youth, who have
                    a message for irresponsible adults.

        Female Teenager: Before you tell me to stop talking on the phone, maybe
                         you could stop stealing people's seats, you know? God,
                         you guys totally have no right to get on our case like

        Newscaster: Next, more vacation news...


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... A lot of weird stuff's been
            happening to people lately... But, come to think of it, it's only
            been happening to couples... Hmmm... Maybe I should walk home

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: I heard some students from this school relapsed into Apathy
                Syndrome. This time, it was just males and females who were
                together... It's so weird. I hope we're okay.

Female Student: But... It's not that weird for a guy and a girl to faint
                together, is it? ...Or is it? It's like... They fainted
                together... Wow.

/Class 2-F\

Female Student: Did you hear about the two recent victims found unconscious?
                I bet fewer people will be cheating on their significant others
                from now on. After all, one of them was a man and the other a
                woman. Those are pretty incriminating circumstances, if you
                ask me.

Male Student: You hear about that couple they found together? Part of me is
              glad it wasn't me... and the other part is jealous, since I've
              never had a girlfriend.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: That mysterious Apathy Syndrome affecting couple is on the rise... Do
         you have a girlfriend? Men have to fight for their women, even if you
         know you can't win. I'm proud to say I've done the same thing in my

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: I-It's getting hot outside, huh?

Patient Woman: Yeah. Summer's almost here.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Do you know about Shinshoudo?

        Main: {Yep.}

                Mitsuru: That's good. I recommend you make use of what it has
                         to offer.


                Mitsuru: Then, allow me to explain... Shinshoudo is located in
                         Paulownia Mall, and it will be reopening on 9th of
                         next month. The Chairman said you should visit it when
                         you have a chance.

Fuuka: I heard at school that the latest victims of the Shadows are all
       couples. There must be some reason why... Maybe it's part of the
       Shadows' plan. Well, whatever it is, we should be ready for anything.

Akihiko: Everyone at school's talking about The Lost. It seems Shadows have
         started to attack again. If things keep going like this, a Shadow will
         appear during the full moon... just like Ikutsuki-san said.

Yukari: I heard that couples are becoming the victims of Shadows now. I'm not
        going to say what they were doing when it happened, but... Do you think
        that means the next Shadow is starting to wake up?


        Newscaster: --say the chances of the dam drying up are greater than
                    50%. If the dry weather continues this summer, it could
                    turn into a serious problem...


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Fuuka: No one's here today, either...

/Port Island Station\

Snoopy Reporter: The victims of Apathy Syndrome can never get their normal
                 lives back... Is that true or not?

        Main: {That's true.}

                Snoopy Reporter: That's what a lot of people think, but it's
                                 not true. The symptoms of the syndrome vary
                                 from person to person, according to my hard-
                                 won information. Unconsciousness, loss of
                                 vitality, aphasia, mental decline... However,
                                 some only have minor symptoms, and are back to
                                 a normal life already.

              {That's BS.}

                Snoopy Reporter: You got it! The symptoms of the syndrome vary
                                 from person to person, according to my hard-
                                 won information. Unconsciousness, loss of
                                 vitality, aphasia, mental decline... However,
                                 some only have minor symptoms, and are back to
                                 a normal life already.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 19: Believe in Yourself! There's nothing you can't
                  do! Feather Swan!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news. The number of Apathy Syndrome victims
                    is increasing every day, all over the city...

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai are not here today, so we can't go to

Junpei: Ahem. Junpei the Wise has come up with the ultimate hypothesis!
        ...There is no top to Tartarus!

        Yukari: Whoa, he's finally snapped... I guess his brain has reached its
                expiration date.

        Fuuka: Actually, that's an interesting idea... But, wouldn't that
               create a big problem for us?

        Junpei: Uh, y-yeah, I guess so... Um, maybe I was wrong.

Yukari: I wonder what's at the top...

        Fuuka: If this was an adventure novel, there'd probably be some kind of

        Junpei: I know! There's a giant pinata! And when you break it... candy
                pours out, and a huge banner appears, saying, "Congratulations!
                You've beaten Tartarus!"

        Yukari: That MUST be it, Stupei. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a
                control panel we could smash and destroy the whole place?


/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: This will be called... The "Pretend Like I Was Just Walking
                 And When Mitsuru-senpai Comes Out I'll Get Close To Her"
                 strategy! That's my plan... But I'm all nervous now... I know
                 I'm overthinking this...

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: It's the time of the year for horror movies, but there's a
                  difference between American and Japanese films. American
                  horror flicks try to shock you. You jump in your seat, your
                  heart starts to pound, you know? Japanese horror won't make
                  you jump, but it'll get into your dreams at night. You'll
                  wake up sweating. Everyone's got their own preference,

/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: What's up with Yuka-tan? She has daggers in her eyes whenever she looks
        at Mitsuru-senpai.

        Main: {Yeah, what's up with that?}

                Junpei: I wonder what happened... Maybe Senpai ate Yuka-tan's
                        last bon bon.

              {It's just your imagination.}

                Junpei: Yeah, maybe you're right.


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room\

Fuuka: Um... It's just an ordinary conversation, really... So, don't worry.

Yukari: Relax, we're just chit-chatting. What's with that look...? Don't you
        trust me?

        Main: {No, I don't.}

                Yukari: I told you. We're just talking. Ask Fuuka if you
                        don't believe me... It's nothing, right Fuuka?

              {I trust you.}

                Yukari: You better. Like I said, we were just talking.

              {Let me join in.}

                Yukari: Wh-What!? It's girl talk! Sorry, no boys... Now, go


/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: Whaddya want? I'm playing a puzzle game on my cell, so buzz

/Paulownia Mall\

Officer Kurosawa: The recent cases of Apathy Syndrome have been affecting
                  couples. Sorry, but that's all I know.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: There will be a full moon in a week. Do you understand what that

        Main: {Yes.}

                Mitsuru: Good, then I expect you to be preprared.


                Mitsuru: A powerful Shadow appears on the night of a full moon.
                         That means you have one week to prepare.

Akihiko: I think Mitsuru already told you this, but there's going to be a full
         moon in a week. But, don't think too much about it, or else you'll get
         more nervous as the day gets closer.

Yukari: It's easier to plan our strategy if we know what day the operaton will
        be in advance. So, have you been creating a plan?

        Main: {You betcha.}

                Yukari: Wow, you're a great leader!

              {Kinda sorta.}

                Yukari: That's good, I guess. We need to be prepared for the
                        next operation.


                Yukari: Well, you better get started! We're all counting on


/School Lobby\

Vendor: It's almost summer vacation. The shop will be closed for the durarion,
        so... I guess that means I don't get paid. Argh, this month is going to
        be tight...

/2F Hallway\

Complaining Girl: My mom got pissed at me the other day when I was trying on
                  clothes. She said if I was going to buy them, I'd have to
                  spend more time studying. They were ugly anyway...

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: One week until the next full moon... When I was little, I used to count
        the days before important events. Did you do that too?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Junpei: So, are you ready for this big event? It's not the same
                        as when we were kids, is it?

              {Not even once.}

                Junpei: Man, you must've been one cool kid. Come on, let's blow
                        off some steam.

/Paulownia Mall\

Antiques Owner: Bring any jewels you find to me. I will exchange them for cards
                that can be used to customize your Personas. You can offset
                their weak points or strengthen their strong points even more.

/Port Island Station\

Lazy Student: Dude, check this out. There's lazy people all over. What's going
              through their minds? Nothing, I guess... I'm so jealous, man.
              I wanna be just like them. I'm already naturally lazy, so I've
              got a head start on achieving total blankness of mind!

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Before Yamagishi joined SEES, I was handling support... so I was
         worried my sword skills might have deteriorated... However, I seem to
         have maintained my ability level.

Akihiko: Don't get nervous when a Shadow attacks. Because if you do, you won't
         be able to move. Try to stay relaxed at all times.


        Newscaster: --leaving people wondering when they'll be able to use
                    their umbrellas. As a result, umbrella sales have plummeted
                    this year. Compared to last year's rainy season, vendors
                    are reporting a 70% dropoff in revenue.


/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: Have you been checking your calendar, Main-kun?

        Main: {Sure have.}

                Fuuka: Oh, then I guess I don't have to remind you. You're very

              {Not really.}

                Fuuka: Well, you really should. Your calendar will list events
                       as well as when a full moon will appear.

Yukari: Mitsuru-senpai only tells us things we absolutely need to know. I think
        she should include us more.

        Main: {I agree.}

                Yukari: It's hard to know what's going on when she makes all
                        the decisions. And that kind of behavior can lead to

              {I disagree.}

                Yukari: Well... I know it's hard to imagine Senpai confiding in
                        us, but... there must be something we can do.


        Fitness Expert: Today's Cantonese word is "Lei Ho"! Swing your arm--
                        "Lei!" Lift those legs--"Ho!" "Lei Ho" means, "Hello"!
                        That's all for this week! Back to the news!


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: I heard a rumor that there have been more cases of Apathy Syndrome
        lately. What a pain in the ass.

Fat Student: It must suck to be unconscious... I mean, you don't even know if
             you'll wake up or not.

/Club Escapade\

Woman: Huh? Are you hitting on me? I'm afraid I'll have to pass... A guy like
       you must already have a girlfriend, and I'd hate to get in her way!

Man: Dude, that rumor is just getting started! This time I hear it's about
     couples! The culprit must be a single guy... He's jealous of couples,
     see? But man, if I had that kind of power, I'd get myself a woman!

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: The first term is finally over. It never felt this long when I was
             in fifth grade, but this one seemed to go on forever...

        Main: {Why?}

                Mature Girl: Because my teacher is so boring! Everyone in my
                             class wishes we had a different teacher.

              {It's all in your mind.}

                Mature Girl: It's not just me! The other kids in my class think
                             so too! The class next door gets to go out and
                             and play with their teacher, but ours just stares
                             out the window...

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: If my hypothesis is correct, the next full moon will be...
                on the 7th, during the Dark Hour, when the next Shadow will
                appear. This next operation is very important to my research.
                Please prepare yourself for the next full moon.

Mitsuru: It appears that the number of The Lost is increasing again. However,
         it seems the new cases involve couples. Perhaps the time of year
         dictates which type of victim Shadows target.

Junpei: Hey, Main, have you heard? Shadows are attacking couples now. I bet
        they're all just jealous.


        Newscaster: --text message that said "I'll be a little late" before
                    disappearing. After she didn't return home the next day,
                    her worried parents contacted the police. Eyewitnesses have
                    placed the girl with several of her friends in town around
                    midnight. The police investigation is still underway.


/Front Gate\

Curious Student: I can't stop thinking about the observatory... I mean, we have
                 an observatory, but we don't even have an astronomy club.
                 Isn't that weird?

/Class 2-F\

Yukari: ...I thought about everything, Main-kun... and I don't think we have a
        choice. We have to do this no matter what.

/Dorm Lounge\

Akihiko: There's a full moon coming up. I can't wait to see what the next
         Shadow looks like.


        Newscaster: --didn't come home, the parents contacted the police, who
                    began a search for the missing girl. Witnesses spotted the
                    girl last night with a friend, but the other girl is
                    missing as well. This is the sixth such mysterious
                    disappearance this month. Police are still searching for
                    any leads in the case...


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Fuuka: A Shadow is going to appear the day after tomorrow... I have no idea
       what kind of Shadow it will be, so make sure you're ready for anything.
       As the saying goes, "If you're prepared, you won't have any regrets."

Mitsuru: I don't mind if you go out, but remember that we'll be facing a Shadow
         soon. Take care not to get sick.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: Hey, listen to this! I did what Mama told me, and I made
                     a real friend! This is so great! Maybe I should have my
                     fortune told next time I'm in trouble...

Girl's Friend: Amazing! Her fortune came true... She seems pretty caught up
               in the moment, though... Is she going to be alright?

/Naganaki Shrine\

Yukari: Hey, Main-kun. Are you here to see Ken-kun too?

        Main: {That's right.}

                Yukari: Glad to hear it. It's good to see Ken-kun making more

              {I'm here to see you.}

                Yukari: Really...? Why? We see each other every day at the

Junpei: Awww, the little guy looked sad, being here all alone. So I talked to
        him... Not on purpose, I mean.

Ken: Hello.

        Main: {Why do you come here?}

                Ken: No specific reason... I can just relax when I come here.

              {How'd you three meet?}

                Ken: Junpei-san came up to me first, actually. After that,
                     Yukari-san came, and I'd sometimes talk to her too.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Yukari: I wonder what the next Shadow will look like...


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 20: Married Life! The feath--

        Newscaster: We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement.
                    The missing elementary school girl has been found.
                    However, his slack expression indicates that she may
                    have fallen victim to Apathy Syndrome.

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Junpei: Even though we've been getting stronger... the Shadows have been
        getting stronger too. How long can we keep this up? What happens if we
        reach our limit and then totally get our asses kicked? Man, that would

Akihiko: Reaching your limit means you can't get any stronger... and that only
         applies to someone who's a master. Most people use it as an excuse.
         They say they've reached their limit, but in reality, they've just
         given up. You can start by forgetting about reaching your limit.
         That's the frst step to getting stronger.


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Don't you get kinda anxious before a full moon? I can't stop thinking
        about it... Luckily, that makes class go by a lot faster.

/Paulownia Mall\

Salaryman: Want to know something cool? You know this place is called the
           Paulownia Mall, right? Well, you know how it got that name?

        Main: {Yeah, I know.}

                Salaryman: Wow, you're not some average student. Kids like you
                           give me hope for the future.

              {No, tell me.}

                Salaryman: A paulownia is a type of plant. The "Kiri" in its
                           Japanese name is the same one as in "Kirijo." Since
                           this place is under the ownership of the Kirijo
                           Group... Get it? I may look like a slacker
                           salaryman, but I know some surprising things.

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Tomorrow, we will test my hypothesis... A Shadow will appear
                during the full moon... That is very exciting for a
                researcher, such as myself.

Mitsuru: If his hypothesis is correct... the next Shadow will appear tomorrow.

Fuuka: I haven't sensed any Shadows yet... so we have no choice but to wait
       until tomorrow.

Junpei: The battle with the Shadow is tomorrow...! I'm so psyched! Duuuuude,
        I'm not gonna sleep a wink tonight!


        Newscaster: --Tanabata, or the Star Festival tomorrow. Many of the
                    wishes hung up are requests that Apathy Syndrome be
                    finally eliminated.


/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room, Dark Hour\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Everything will be just fine. I have confidence in you all.
                But, please be careful.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... We're going for a walk so we can
            take a break from studying.

Stalker Girl: He's different than I imagined... And, from what I can tell, he
              has no personality.

Stalked Boy: Dude, I'm so used to her stalking me now... I don't even realize
             she's around anymore.

/Clubs Hall\

Cell-phone Student: I was trying out that puzzle game for cell phones, but I
                    didn't get into it that much. I couldn't get the hang of
                    the combo system. Oh well... I'll try something else.

Female Student: When I think of artists, I think of those people who squint and
                hold a pencil up to their subject. Artists who do that,
                especially the guys, just want to look the part...

/2F Hallway\

Female Student: The couples-only Apathy Syndrome that's been going around...
                I heard it was the work of ghosts. They say that a couple
                committed double suicide a long time ago... and now they're
                infecting couples with Apathy Syndrome.

Female Student: I don't know or care about that ghost stuff, but I wish I could
                ask them why they're spreading that. I mean, they're dead! They
                shouldn't bother living couples.

/Class 2-F\

Female Student: Finals are a lot harder than midterms, you know... But, that
                doesn't mean I'll study harder. We'll see. Sometimes the extra
                effort pays off.

Male Student: It's almost time for exams again. But this time, it'll be a lot
              tougher. You better go to the library and study, otherwise you'll
              be screwed.

/Paulownia Mall\

Gamer Student: I didn't understand the game before, so I lost. You should
               research this one bfore you start playing, or you might lose
               too... It's harder than it looks.

Officer Kurosawa: The cases of Apathy Syndrome that were affecting couples seem
                  to have stopped all of a sudden. And those who were suffering
                  from it have regained their senses, thanks to you and your
                  friends I'm sure.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: The conversation died again... I keep sweating... Is it because
             of the heat, or is this a cold sweat...?

Patient Woman: He's sweating a lot now, but he's usually not like that. That
               type of guy is pretty popular with the older ladies who work
               here. Everyone remembers his face. I was surprised, to be
               honest. It's amazing how many people say hello to him at

Movie-loving Man: A movie's theme song is very important. The quality of the
                  movie is greatly affected by whether its theme song is any
                  good or not. Which reminds me... Long ago, I heard there was
                  going to be a Gekkoukan theme song. I think it was called,
                  "Gekkoukan Boogie," or something like that. I heard it was
                  nearly done. I want to hear how it turned out, but I wouldn't
                  want a traditional song for a theme...

Station Attendant: This station is near the high school, so I often spot
                   Gekkoukan students and their friends. You seem to be alone a
                   lot... Do you have any friends?

        Main: {I have plenty.}

                Station Attendant: Great! I... I wish I'd had some friends when
                                   I was in school.

              {I wish I did, but...}

                Station Attendant: I suggest you make friends now. The longer
                                   you wait in life, the harder it'll be.

              {I don't need friends.}

                Station Attendant: Well, that's depressing. Do what you want,
                                   I suppose...

/Iwatodai Station\

Food Girl: If you swirl seafood ramen around, six times clockwise and six times
           the other way, without spilling... If you do that with Hagakure's
           ramen, I heard you can hook up with the person you like!

Cat-obsessed Boy: My friend at school said there was a stray cat around here.
                  I'm waiting here until he comes out. I'm not gonna catch him
                  or anything, I just want to see him. I wonder what kind of
                  cat he is...

/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: Do you have an order for me, Boss? Tch... Whatever...

Akihiko: Mitsuru isn't here, so we're going to Tartarus tomorrow night. Just
         take it easy for now.


        Newscaster: And now, the news... Mysterious vandalism has occured at
                    the hotel Champs de Fleurs. Mirrors in the hotel rooms were
                    shattered. Though the hotel had many guests, none of them
                    saw the culprit. Some guests have also reported theft in
                    their rooms. Police are currently investigating the

/Dorm 4th Floor Meeting Room\

Yukari: Um, I wanted to apologize for hitting you yesterday... I wanted to say
        something earlier, but I didn't want everyone else to hear. So,

Fuuka: Huh? What were we talking about? Um... Oh, I heard you did a great job
       last night, Main-kun! Keep it up! ......


/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Huh? Whaddya want? Don't bug me if it's not important. I'm heading
        home now.


Fat Student: It's almost summer vacation... I used to love summer vacacation
             when I was a kid... But, not it's like, whatever. I just don't
             get excited about it anymore.

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: I got a complaint from a fare. The guy called me "reticent,
             unsociable, and moody." But when I try to talk, they tell me to
             shut up! This job, I tell you...

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: It's okay to relect on your victory... But, there are exams next week,
         so you should focus on them.

Akihiko: If you choose Full Assault, we will all attack. So, we won't heal or
         support... You'll have to do that, Main. Do your part.


        Newscaster: Next, some good news... Natto has become surprisingly
                    popular overseas. Called "Miracle Beans" in foreign
                    countries, they sell five times what they do in Japan.
                    A well-known natto producer said, "Good thing I kept making

/Dorm 3rd Floor\

Yukari: You know, I think Mitsuru-senpai spends too much time thinking about
        all this... She would probably do just about anything to annihilate the
        Shadows. But, don't you think that's a little obsessive?

        Fuuka: Yeah, maybe. There are a lot of old sayings about maintaining
               balance in your life... They also warn against being too

Fuuka: It's good to do your best all the time... But, it's not good if everyone
       is out of step because they're all trying too hard...


/Dorm Lounge\


        Newscaster: Our next story concerns a very rare event... A miraculous
                    flower which only grows once every 100 years has bloomed.
                    It seems to be responding to the other strange events in


/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: I get tired of coming up with new things to put into my
                        son's lunch. My family always complains when I give
                        them the same dish, so I'm always looking for something

        Housewife with Braids: My friend told me about her kid at Gekkoukan,
                               who ordered a Porkchop Sandwich from the
                               Student Shop... He complained about the porkchop
                               in it, of all things, so she got angry at him.
                               She told him, "If you don't like the meat, order
                               some sweet pastries or Tricolor Cakebread from
                               now on!"

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: I am very sorry about everything. If there is anything you'd
                like to know about, please ask.

        Main: {12 Shadows?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Yes. Ten years ago, a substantial number of
                                Shadows were consolidated into a single entity.
                                Its power was immense, far greater than any of
                                the Shadows currently inside Tartarus.
                                Experiments were performed on it, and an
                                unfortunate accident took place, dividing the
                                entity into 12 Shadows. These Shadows only
                                appear during a full moon.

              {How did the public react?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: In the end, over 50 people were injured in the
                                accident... and the media placed full blame on
                                the Kirijo Group for the tragedy. They singled
                                out one researcher in particular, declaring him
                                the main culprit behind it all. Whether this
                                was actually true or not was not the issue...
                                The public was looking for someone to vent
                                their hurt and anger on. So they chose him,
                                even though he was a victim himself. Their
                                wrath was unparalled. The darker side of
                                humanity was most certainly on display during
                                that time.

              {About Mitsuru-senpai...}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Under the pretense that she was assisting the
                                Group, she was subjected to the experiment for
                                many years. So, Mitsuru wasn't born with the
                                ability to summon a Persona; she was forced to
                                learn how.

              {About Akihiko-senpai...}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: I've known him and Mitsuru for a very long
                                time. In fact, Akihiko joined us when he was
                                only in middle school. At that time, we had a
                                third member as well. ...But, I digress.

Junpei: You seem so calm, dude. Must be because you can do anything... No
        matter what happens, you can always protect yourself, right? *sigh*
        You're always so confident... I wish I could be like that.

        Fuuka: Junpei-kun... The only thing anyone knows about Tartarus is that
               it creates Shadows... Other than that, we're all in the dark...

Fuuka: I don't think I need to tell you this, but we can't go to Tartarus
       today... Hm? Us? Oh, since Junpei-kun doesn't understand what's going
       on, I'm going to review it with him.

        Junpei: But, if we defeat all 12 Shadows... then I won't have any more
                use for my Persona. Man, it's such an amazing power... I can't
                let it go to waste...


        Female Reporter: Hi, I'm Trish, with today's installment of "Who's
                         Who." Today's subject is a man in his 20s with a
                         yellow cap. He's studying arts overseas, so we were
                         very fortunate to run into him today! ...Next is news.
                         Pain, pain, go away!

/Dorm 3rd Floor\

Mitsuru: (from her room) I've caused trouble for you... We shouldn't see each
         other for some time. Perhaps you should study. I'm about to review my
         notes now. Studying actually helps to take your mind off things.

Yukari: (from her room) Sorry... I just don't feel like talking to anyone right
        now... Anyway... I have homework, so...

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... Guns scattered in the billowing
                                Shadow... Arms reach in to grasp them... Their
                                muzzles pointed at different shadows; their
                                triggers pulled on different occasions...
                                Where do you point your gun? What will occur
                                as a result of its firing...? Can you collect
                                all the guns that have been scattered...?
                                Farewell, then... May your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...


/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: I don't think we can go to Tartarus today... Everyone seems to be
       studying... I mean, I haven't seen anyone around, so they must be
       studying, right?

        Main: {Right.}

                Fuuka: Okay, good. So then, when the exams are over, everything
                       will go back to normal.

              {I'm not sure...}

                Fuuka: Yeah, neither am I. Maybe they're not just studying...


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 21: Trash Monster On The Move! Don't litter, kids!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Junpei: (from his room) Dude, don't bother me. I'm studying here, man. I don't
        get good grades as easily as you do, man. Laters.

/Dorm 3rd Floor\

Mitsuru: (from her room) I didn't mean to hide it. I told you what you needed
         to know, and omitted the unnecessary details... I should stop this...
         Hiding behind this door, and claiming I'm not hiding anything...
         I was. I was hiding it...

Yukari: (from her room) Can I ask you a question? Is there something you
        believe in, Main-kun? Something that, even when everything is terrible,
        and you've been betrayed by everyone... Is there something you can
        still believe in?

        Main: {Of course.}

                Yukari: You're very strong... I wish I was like you.

              {There isn't.}

                Yukari: Yeah... It's a hard thing to find.

              {I don't know.}

                Yukari: Haha, sorry... There's no way you could answer a
                        question like that, huh?


/2F Hallway\

Mitsuru Admirer: I guess I couldn't get close to Mitsuru-senpai this term...
                 But I won't give up! This summer, I'll make a perfect plan to
                 bring the two of us together in 2nd term! Mitsuru-senpai!
                 Please wait for me!

Complaining Girl: My parents get on my nerves with all that "You better study!"
                  crap. I wanna go out for summer vacation, but I don't know if
                  they'll let me. This sucks...

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Aw, man... How am I supposed to study for exams at a time like this...?
        This sucks... There's no way I can get a good score.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: Whan I was a tot running around in the river, I had this friend. He's
         a florist now. He asked me the other day, "When you die, what kind of
         flowers do you want on your grave?" It was nice of him. He's a
         scoundrel, that one, but he's still a good friend.

/Iwatodai Station\

Food Girl: If you drink a whole bowl of Hagakure's soup, you can see the word
           "WIN" at the bottom... If you trace those letters with your
           chopsticks, I hear it makes you stronger in fights!

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, that is all regarding Yakushima. Now, you will all need
                to concentrate on your final exams...

Akihiko: I never thought I'd be talking with you like this. You're always
         cracking jokes.

        Shuji Ikutsuki: Hahaha... This is no time for humor. But, I'm happy to
                        see everyone has a smile on their face.


        Newscaster: --sign is Cancer, then your lucky color is green. For extra
                    luck, try wearing your shoes on the wrong feet!

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Junpei: I'm excited about Yakushima, but that's another story... Right now, I
        have to concentrate. How do you stay so calm all the time? It seems
        like all you do is wander around and talk to people.

/Dorm 3rd Floor\

Mitsuru: (from her room) I'm sure you have a lot on your mind, but concentrate
         on the exams in front of you.

Yukari: (from her room) I apologized, but... I'm not sure my point got across.
        It seems like... There's this wall between us. Am I making any
        sense...? Well, I'm going to go study now...


/Paulownia Mall\

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: My pharmacy's detoxifier is famous! It sucks the poison
                     out of your body like a healing vacuum cleaner.
                     Girlfriend's pimples, wive's sharp tongues... It can cure
                     anything! Try it on your mom next time she nags you!

/Club Escapade\

Man: Yo, how are things?

        Main: {Groovy.}

                Man: It's almost summer... I'm bummed out, cause I can't get
                     into the groove...

              {Not groovy.}

                Man: I can't seem to get into the groove. It's heinous, man.
                     Maybe I've got that Apathy Syndrome thing...

Woman: I'm a Gekkoukan student. I bet you knew already, but... What I'm trying
       to say is, we're having our periodic exams, and... Well, do you wanna

/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Don't worry about the tickets to Yakushima. I've taken care of
                them. Although, I was a little disappointed about the price...
                It turns out the fare for the ferry wasn't very fair. But, when
                I told the lady selling the tickets that, she just ignored me.
                *sigh* I was a little hurt after that.

Mitsuru: Are you prepared to go to Yakushima?

        Main: {Heck yeah!}

                Mitsuru: Impressive. You seems to have a lot of free time to
                         spare, even though you had finals. I hope you did well
                         on them.

              {Not really...}

                Mitsuru: Well, we're leaving the day after tomorrow, early in
                         the morning. Take tomorrow to pack your things.

Fuuka: I almost forgot that we're all going to Yakushima together... I'm
       getting so excited now!

Junpei: We should really take this time to forget about all the bad things that
        have been happening, and have some fun!

        Main: {You said it, brother.}

                Junpei: Yeah! We're gonna have an awesome time!

              {I don't feel like it...}

                Junpei: Tch, tch, tch... I'm very disappointed in you... Do I
                        have to force you to have fun?

Yukari: Ken-kun seems very mature. I can't believe he's only in elementary
        school. I wish "someone" would learn from his example. I wonder why
        he's like that...

Akihiko: Ken's going to live here... with us.


        Newscaster: An emergency planning session was called today... It's
                    dealing with the many cases of Apathy Syndrome over the
                    last few months. Cultural anthropologists are investigating
                    the causes, and...


/Paulownia Mall\

Junpei: I came to pick some swimwear to bring to Yakushima, but I dunno which
        one to get. I asked Akihiko-san, but he doesn't give a rip about
        fashion. So it's up to you, dude! Tell me what I should bring!

        Main: {Boxers.}

                Junpei: The basic style, huh? I dunno, is that the style I
                        should go for?


                Junpei: That's not really my thing... I don't have the body for
                        it, y'know?

              {A one-piece bathing suit.}

                Junpei: I thought of that once. It'll get a laugh, at least!

              {A red loincloth.}

                Junpei: Hell yeah! This is a REAL Japanese man's swimwear!
                        S-So I can't wear it! Wear it yourself!

Gamer Student: Hmm... I don't know why, but I can't seem to get the hang of
               it... I've got the coordination down, but the crane still drops
               the prize every time. I don't get it...

Be Blue V Saleswoman: You've heard of the Apathy Syndrome that's going around,
                      right? Wear our accessories and you won't have to worry
                      about a thing!

/Port Island Station\

Yukari: I came to pick out a new bathing suit, but there's nothing that
        interests me. Although, I don't think it's this shop's selection...
        It could just be that I'm not up for a new swimsuit at all.

Fuuka: I came to look at bathing suits with Yukari-chan. I've never bought a
       bathing suit besides the school one. But I don't think Yukari-chan is
       really up for this...

/Iwatodai Station\

Snoopy Reporter: I finally got a good, solid lead. He was one of the victims in
                 this mysterious incident... I thought I could ask him about
                 it, but I guess not. Turns out, his memory of that time is a
                 total blank. Back to square one...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Newscaster: --solar eclipse on the 22nd, said to be the longest solar
                    eclipse in history. Viewers will only be able to see 25%
                    of the sun from Tokyo, and 18% from Osaka. As a result of
                    the eclipse, the temperature will drop slightly.

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Junpei: Dude, I'm so ready for this! Look out, ladies, here I come!

        Fuuka: *sigh* Is that all you think about, Junpei-kun...?

        Yukari: You sure know how to leave your trouble behind... I wish I
                could forget my worries as easily as you do.

        Fuuka: ......

        Junpei: You gotta get the most outta life!

        Yukari: I know you're right, but still... ......

Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai and Akihiko-senpai are not here today, so we can't go to
       Tartarus. Besides, we're leaving for Yakushima soon. That reminds me...
       I wonder how Yukari-chan is doing... She didn't seem very enthusiastic
       about buying a bathing suit.

Yukari: *sigh* Well, it's not that I don't like Yakushima... Usually, I love
        being out in the sun and swimming in the ocean... I'm just not really
        up for it this time.


/Yakushima Beach\

Akihiko: Everyone seems to be having fun... That's a good thing, I suppose.
         Our operations during the Dark Hour pu a lot of stress on us. You
         should relax a little, and rest up.

Mitsuru: Isn't this place nice...? I came here oftem when I was young, but I
         don't remember it looking quite like this.

Junpei: Th-Thank you, Mitsuru-senpai! Thank you SO MUCH! I could die now with
        no regrets!

Fuuka: Main-saaan! Help! Junpei-kun is--Eeeek!

        Junpei: (splasing water) Heheheh! You like it? You like that, huh?
                No one can resist splashing girls at the beach! Heheh, I'm
                gonna splash more water on youuuu!

        Yukari: You--! H-Hey, you're gonna pay for that! Take this!

Yukari: Argh... This is such a nice place... Why does Stupei have to be here
        and spoil it all?


/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Hm? Is there something you'd like to know about Aigis?

        Main: {Where are the others?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: I assume you are referring to the other anti-
                                Shadow weapons... Well, there were many
                                created. You could say they were Aigis's
                                sisters. However, they were all destroyed ten
                                years ago in the incident. Aigis has been quite
                                lonely since then.

              {Why is she in human form?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Personas are created for human minds. So the
                                plan was to place a human mind inside an
                                anti-Shadow weapon... The only real issue was
                                the form the weapon would take... If the form
                                of the weapon was a tank, for instance, the
                                weapon's mind would recognize itself as a
                                tank... However, a tank is not a living entity.
                                This is crucial, you see, because the mind of a
                                non-living entity will not process human
                                thoughts correctly... so it will not function
                                properly, and it will soon become corrupted.
                                However, a mind placed inside a form that
                                closely resembles a human body will recognize
                                itself as a human being... Thus allowing it to
                                easily adapt to human thoughts. Therefore,
                                Aigis and her sisters were built in the form of
                                human beings.

              {How come she knows me?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: I do not know. Perhaps it is simply a glitch in
                                her human recognition programming...
                                Regardless, it is nothing to concern yourself

              {No, not really...}

                (No extra dialog.)

Aigis: These are your lodging quarters? Very well, I shall be by your side at
       all times.

Mitsuru: Hm, an anti-Shadow weapon... That will be a most welcome addition.
         Most souvenirs are worthless... Snow globes, key chains, postcards...
         However, this is one souvenir from Yakushima that is tres bien.

Fuuka: Everyone seems so tired... Maybe we should skip going to Tartarus
       tonight and just rest.

Akihiko: A lot of people are joining the team now... It's so much different
         than before.

Yukari: Do you think anyone will be able to tell that she's a robot? I don't.
        I mean, you'd really have to be looking for a robot to figure that out.
        As long as she acts normal, no one will suspect a thing.

Junpei: She's cute, huh? Super cute... I don't think I've ever met a machine
        that was so cute before.


        Newscaster: --today's exchange rate. There are now 115.12 yen to the
                    dollar, an increase from last time of 0.15 yen.


/Front Gate\

Girlfriend: I'm waiting for my boyfriend... We're going to the flower shop near
            the train station.

/Class 2-F\

Junpei: Starting next week, it's summer vacation! *sigh* Too bad our exam
        scores have to be posted... Man, why can't they wait until AFTER we've
        enjoyed our freedom?

Male Student: Dude, I was scopin' for chicks the other day at the station, and
              I couldn't find any. Is it possible that this is the only school
              with hot chicks?

Female Student: It seems like the average score went down this time... I guess
                that's not a bad thing. But, to tell you the truth, I'm a
                little disappointed, since I could've scored about 20 points
                higher. I'll have to study harder during vacation.

Male Student: Hmm, I guess I did okay again... But, I better do some studying
              over summer vacation.

Fat Student: Summer sucks, man. I sweat so much my shirt gets drenched. It's
             worse for me, since I'm so fat.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... I see a girl... She stands between
                                light and dark, life and simulacrum... She
                                falters... As if not knowing on which side she
                                belongs... Hm...? She is trying to tell you
                                something... Can you hear her words...?
                                Farewell, then... May your future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...

/Port Island Station\

Station Attendant: This couple started a fight the other day with a bouquet of
                   flowers... Just like in the movies, the girl was whacking
                   the guy over and over with the bouquet. Now I get nervous
                   every time I see someone buy a bouquet down there, and then
                   walk over here...

/Iwatodai Station\

Girl: Our teacher didn't give us any homework over the summer break. The other
      classes were jealous, but... I'm gonna be in middle school starting next

Cat-obsessed Boy: You know how this mall has lots of food stalls? That stray
                  cat gets leftovers from the owners. I asked them what time
                  the cat usually comes, and they told me... I'm gonna see that
                  cat no matter what!

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: How did you do on your finals? If you did poorly, you may have to
         attend summer school...

        Main: {I did fine.}

                Mitsuru: That's very good. Well, let's see how the others did.

              {I didn't do so good.}

                Mitsuru: I see... Well, let's just wait and see how the others

Akihiko: Well, the exam scores have been posted, so now we can enjoy our summer
         vacation. Just don't forget to train.

Yukari: How did you do? Well, don't worry if your grades weren't that good.
        With everything that's be going on, I'm sure you did the best you

Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai is amazing... With all that happened, she still managed
       to do great on her exams. She can filter out distractions and focus on
       the task at hand. *sigh* I wish I could do that.

Junpei: Exam scores!? Dude, I don't care about that! Defeating Shadows is more
        important than getting good grades! Any time spent studying could be
        used to go to Tartarus and--

        Mitsuru: Don't get carried away... You should still study. You can
                 learn from a defeat... But sometimes that is the hardest

Aigis: Main-san, I have a question. How would you classify the facility known
       as "school"?

        Main: {Entertaining.}

                Aigis: Roger that. I will categorize "school" as entertaining.


                Aigis: I must disagree with that assessment. Analyzing your
                       facial expression, categorizing "school" as boring is


                Aigis: I am sorry. It is inaccurate to categorize "school" as
                       nothing. Perhaps you should reevaluate your personal
                       classification system.


        Newscaster: In children's news today-- Ah, we've just received this
                    bulletin. More Apathy Syndrome patients have been sighted.
                    They seem to be relapses of the same patients from the
                    previous months...


/Office Hall\

Mitsuru: (Last Name)... I saw your exam results... Good work. Here, this is
         from the Chairman... It's a reward for effectively balancing school
         and battle...

        > Obtained Knight Card Set.

/Iwatodai Station\

Salaryman: I was talking to someone from the Kirijo Group the other day, and we
           got to talking about that girl. You know, the owner's daughter,
           Mitsuru-san. I heard she goes to your school. Did you know that?

        Main: {I knew that.}

                Salaryman: I guess you guys know more than me, then.

              {I didn't know that.}

                Salaryman: Well, even if you did know, it's useless knowledge.
                           She's way above us lower classes.

              {I know her.}

                Salaryman: What!? I've never known anyone as lucky as you, kid.
                           I'm so jealous... I skip work too often to meet
                           anyone as high-class as that.

/Dorm Lounge\

Aigis: The data regarding the newest resident, Ken-A-ma-da-san, has been
       recorded. I am able to communicate with him at any time. Please permit
       me to do so.

Mitsuru: He moved into the dorm, but he's not a member of SEES yet. Don't talk
         to him about anything regarding Shadows.

Akihiko: It won't be that bad... Just try to get along with him, okay, Main?

Fuuka: Don't you think Ken-kun's cute?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Fuuka: He reminds me of a little brother. I just want to take
                       care of him.


                Fuuka: Oh... Well, I guess men and women have different

              {I think he's precocious.}

                Fuuka: He is, but that's what makes him cute.

Ken: Uh, Main-san... My name is Ken Amada. I'm pleased to meet you. I just
     moved into the dorm. I'll be staying here for the summer.

Junpei: Ken, huh...? Hmm... Ken... I don't know what it is, but there's
        something about him... Maybe it's that he's more mature than I am...
        What do you think?

Yukari: Hey, I hope Ken-kun won't be involved in this...

        Main: {He won't.}

                Yukari: Oh, I'm so relieved... Thank you.


                Yukari: ......

              {He might be.}

                Yukari: That's true... Ikutsuki-san did say that he has the


        Newscaster: Next up, news from overseas. A recent fashion show in Milan
                    had an unusual them: "Life in Space." Those attending
                    watched supermodels wear space suits down the runway, and
                    ate delicious space food.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: He moved into the dorm, but he's not a member of SEES yet. So be very
         careful what you say around him. And don't talk with him about
         anything regarding Shadows.

Ken: Everybody's so much older than me... I'm a little nervous about living

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: Our kids are off on their summer vacation. I'm
                        exhausted from making their meals every day.

        Housewife with Braids: One of the women in my neighborhood says she
                               precooks massive amounts of udon. Then she
                               rotates between sesame dressing, ponzu, and
                               shredded daikon so it always tastes differently.
                               I figure we housewives need summer vacation,
                               too, so I decided to copy her method.

/Iwatodai Station\

Junpei: Ken, huh? Hmm... I dunno what it is about that guy, but my "Junpei-
        sense" is going crazy around him. Either he's a little punk, or he's
        WAY more mature than I am... I dunno, man is it just me?

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 23: Here Comes A New Challenger! Ninja Locust
                  arrives! And before the news begins, Feather Condor has a
                  message for you all!

        Feather Condor: Hey, guys! There are some grim-looking folks out there,
                        but you viewers are okay, right? After all, you've got
                        me looking out for you! So don't worry! We'll meet
                        again next week!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Yukari: I've been thinking... If the number of The Lost keeps growing, then
        won't the country eventually collapse? There's so much riding on our
        shoulders. *sigh*

Junpei: Damn, I never thought of that! If that happens, how will I shop at the
        convenience store?

        Yukari: *sigh* I guess the concept is too big for your brain to
                comprehend. You're an idiot, ya know that?

Fuuka: If this country falls apart, what will happen then...? Will Japan be
       taken over by another nation, or... No, I shouldn't think like that...
       We have to stay positive, right?

Aigis: I have conducted a simulation to predict the outcome. First of all, The
       Lost are a strain on society, since they drain resources but are unable
       to contribute anything. But, that is only the beginning. These
       individuals also require care, which means many people will quit their
       jobs in order to attend to them. Fewer and fewer people will be
       working, so society's productivity will plummet. Eventually, this
       country will no longer be able to sustain itself, and chaos will result.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: I lost a ring in my room, and the other fortune-teller
                     couldn't find it. But when I asked Mama, she told me where
                     it was on the first try! It's like a dream...

Girl's Friend: Amazing... I've got a few things I'd like to find, too. Maybe
               I should ask her...


/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: Ken respects Akihiko-san so much. But, I can totally understand how he
        feels. I mean, Akihiko-san's won his last 16 boxing matches. Every
        little kid should look up to him. He's like a hero, don'tcha think?

        Main: {Totally.}

                Junpei: *sigh* I wish I was a hero.

              {Not really.}

                Junpei: Tch, you just don't get it, man.

Ken: Sanada-senpai, you always wear those gloves when you fight, right? I heard
     you're undefeated with them on.

        Akihiko: Yeah... It's no big deal, really...

Akihiko: I'm used to girls staring at me... But it's kind of weird when a
         little kid is doing it...

Aigis: I will use a gun during battle. I am not heavily equipped, and my damage
       output and accuracy rating are both average. Because a gun is a long-
       range weapon, I will not fall during an attack. A gun is best suited to
       those who require stability in their weapon.


        Female Reporter: Hi, I'm Trish, with today's installment of "Who's
                         Who." Today's subject is Trish's type of guy! He's
                         smoking hot, and still in his 20s! It seems he wants
                         to be a policeman, just like his brother. ...Next is
                         news. Pain, pain, go away!


/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: If the incident occured because the Kirijo Group was perforiming
       experiments on Shadows... Then that means... Shadows existed before
       Tartarus and the Dark Hour ever appeared. So then, how long have Shadows
       been around...?

Mitsuru: We've been very busy this month... And we haven't been to Tartarus
         very often. So please prepare yourself for the next full moon.

Yukari: Akihiko-senpai acts differently when Ken-kun's around. Have you

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Yukari: I wonder why... Maybe he just doesn't get along with
                        kids. I mean, Senpai IS kinda awkward in social


                Yukari: You're kinda slow, huh? Maybe you should pay better
                        attention to social interactions.


        > There's nothing interesting on the news.


/Dorm Lounge\

Aigis: I want you to know my strengths and weaknesses. I am weak against
       electricity, but incredibly strong against piercing attacks. Yukari-san
       is also weak against electricity. We have many similarities.

Fuuka: As I said earlier, we shouldn't go to Tartarus today. I know you want to
       go because there's going to be a full moon soon, but... please forgive


        Newscaster: There's been a slight change of plans: today, we'll tell
                    you about the Apathy Syndrome cases. It's a very mysterious
                    illness that affects those with unstable minds or
                    psychological problems. Its victims can only graon, and
                    they don't eat or talk normally. Researchers still don't
                    know what causes it, but we do know that people can recover
                    from it...


/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: The veterinarian told me that Koromaru is in stable condition. The
         wound was severe, but fortunately there wasn't any damage to his
         internal organs.

Aigis: I do not understand the canine language, but I have scanned the image he
       was sending. I am able to receive similar images from all living things.
       They are weaker versions of the voice communication human beings use.

Fuuka: I heard Koro-chan is fine now... Do you think the priest who passed away
       saved him?

        Main: {I think so.}

                Fuuka: The bond between a human and a pet is so beautiful.

              {Probably not...}

                Fuuka: No, it definately was.

Yukari: Koromaru is an alpha dog. He must be a pure breed.

Junpei: Dude, everything's so messed up. First, a robot can use a Persona, and
        now a dog can? What's next, a monkey?

Akihiko: Koromaru did great. He protected what he was supposed to protect. He's
         a good dog...

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

> Ken seems to be in his room, but he isn't responding.


/Dorm Lounge\

Shuji Ikutsuki: I heard that there is a dog that can use a Persona. I've been
                researching the possibility for a long time, but I never
                thought it was true. I mean, can you imagine? A dog using a
                Persona! A dog! I'm...

        Main: {Pet-rified.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Oh! You read my mind! Hmm, I didn't know you
                                were so funny.

              {But, how can a dog...?}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Well, it's nothing to be concerned about...
                                Worrying at such a young age will only lead to
                                a loss of hair follicles...

Ken: You all stay up so late. I try to stay up as late as you guys, but I'm
     always the first one to fall asleep. What do you guys do when you're up so

        Main: {Study.}

                Ken: Wow... High school must be really hard.

              {Goof off.}

                Ken: Are you sure you should be doing that? If you stay up late
                     goofing off, you're going to fall asleep during class.

              {Adult activities.}

                Ken: So, what are you saying, that I'm just a kid? Well, you're
                     not that much older than me, you know.


        Newscaster: --the heat, the number of heatstroke incidents is on the
                    rise. The problem particularly affects Apathy Syndrome
                    victims, since they are unable to move...


/Paulownia Mall\

Antiques Owner: Personas are interesting, aren't they? Summoning them must be
                quite easy for you and your friends... Unfortunately, no matter
                how hard I try, I can't summon them. Which is a shame because
                it would've made my research so much easier... Although, I
                understand that being able to summon a Persona has its own set
                of difficulties. ...Well, good luck.

/Dorm Lounge\

Mitsuru: Hm? Are you worried about how Koromaru is doing?

        Main: {Yes, very.}

                Mitsuru: I understand how you feel, but Koromaru has a
                         professional veterinarian tending to him, so he'll be
                         fine. You should be focusing your attention on the
                         full moon that is coming up.

              {No, not really.}

                Mitsuru: Oh. Well, I just wanted you to know that he's doing
                         fine at the moment.

Aigis: My Persona can be likened to a shield and a halberd... It will learn
       both support skills and physical abilities. I will be a valuable ally on
       the front line in battle.

Yukari: Do you remember that Shadow from the other day? You know, the one
        Koro-chan defeated? Well, for some reason it reminded me of something
        Mitsuru-senpai was talking about. Normal Shadows don't appear outside
        Tartarus... But, there are irregular ones that do. Only our senpai have
        seen them.

Ken: Huh? Oh, I'm drinking coffee. How do you drink your coffee, Main-san?

        Main: {Black.}

                Ken: I thought you would. Putting milk and sugar in your coffee
                     is childish. See? I drink my coffee black, just like you.

              {With milk and sugar.}

                Ken: Hm, that's not bad either, but I prefer mine black.

              {With hot sauce.}

                Ken: Huh? H-Hot sauce? You mean, like hot sauce used to make
                     your food spicy? You're just kidding, right? I mean, no
                     one would put hot sauce in their coffee... would they?


        Weather Man: It's blazing hot today! It's been over 86 degrees out for
                     days! Make sure you have enough water, and keep your
                     energy up! Now let's join our regular reporters back in
                     the studio.

        Newscaster: Apathy Syndrome has claimed more heat exhaustion victims.
                    If they hadn't been found in time, they could have died, so
                    be careful out there...

/Club Escapade\

Man: I heard it's almost time for the summer festival. Dammit... I don't have
     anyone to go with. Oh well... I'll find someone.


/Dorm Lounge\

Fuuka: The last Shadow that appeared during the full moon gave me a hard time;
       the operation didn't go as I expected. So, to avoid any similar mistakes
       in the future... I'm going to do visualization training so I can react
       to any situation. I will do my best to support you all.

Junpei: C'mon, we can't let Koromaru beat us! Let's go to Tartarus, man!

Akihiko: Junpei's afraid of Koromaru making him look bad. Well, he does have a
         point there. I don't know how comfortable I am with a dog getting all
         the credit, either. Alright, make sure you get me when you go to


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 24: The Giant Robot March! Icarus! Garuda! Combine!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news. More Apathy Syndrome victims
                    succumbed to heatstroke today...


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Aigis: My Persona's endurance level is very high. This is sure to increase as
       I progress. A high level of endurance is crucial in battle.

/Paulownia Mall\

Junpei: We've gotta stop letting Koromaru take all our kills! Let's go to
        Tartarus and level up, man!

Long-haired Housewife: Don't those kids look strange? That one near the
                       clubhouse... Is he from Gekkoukan? They look sort of
                       slack, and unmoving... Is he being lazy since it's
                       summer vacation?

        Short-haired Housewife: One of the women in my neighborhood has a kid
                                who goes to Gekkoukan... But she's energetic
                                and sweet, very different from those kids.

Stalker Girl: Did you just see that!? Look at that guy by the fountain! I was
              wondering what he'd do with his gum once he's done... And he spat
              it into the fountain! So disgusting... What is he thinking!?

Stalked Boy: Sometimes, that girl over there who's stalking me loses my trail.
             Then what...? I don't know why, but I get anxious when that
             happens. Wait a sec... Am I obsessed with her, too...?

Officer Kurosawa: The number of people infected with Apathy Syndrome seems to
                  be increasing... The entire city is in a panic... But, as a
                  policeman, all I can do is try to calm their fears.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: Th-There are a lot of weirdos... It's creepy, huh...?

Patient Woman: Yeah, it's creepy.

/Iwatodai Station\

Taxi Driver: Now that it's summer, I get a lot of younger fares around
             midnight. I've got a daughter who's about that age... I wonder how
             she's doing...

Salaryman: Everyone thinks those ghost stories and Apathy Syndrome is so bad,
           but... Personally, they make me jealous. In today's society, the
           weak just get fired, and then they die from hunger. It's much easier
           to give up like them, and die slowly while doing nothing. Heh,
           someday you'll have jobs like mine and reach the same conclusion.

/Naganaki Shrine\

Snoopy Reporter: I've got a scoop! These incidents all started with that god in
                 the shrine's curse! ...Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

        Main: {Umm... Well...}

                Snoopy Reporter: Our rag mainly covers these incidents. We're
                                 just a 3rd-rate "yellow" publication, but...
                                 One day, I'll get a scoop that'll take us to
                                 number one! My boss tells me not to waste my
                                 time, though... He think's it's impossible.

              {Not at all.}

                Snoopy Reporter: You don't have to be so humble.

              {Tell me more.}

                Snoopy Reporter: You're funny. But that's very open-minded of
                                 you... I'm impressed.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Newscaster: Next on Vacation Corner, we'll show a world-famous beach!
                    You may have already heard of it, southern Miami, in the
                    USA! Let's see what they have to say!

        Foreign Correspondent: Hi, and welcome to Miami, which is filled with
                               tourists this time of year!


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Yukari: Ugh! It's so hot outside... I don't want to get heat exhuastion, so I'm
        gonna stay in here.

Mitsuru: Hm? Are you still concerned about Koromaru?

        Main: {Yes, I am.}

                Mitsuru: Well, there's no need to worry. He's doing fine. You
                         should return your focus to Shadows.

              {No, not really.}

                Mitsuru: That's what I thought. Well, just so you know, he's
                         been getting better.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Akihiko: I've been jogging during lunch time. I want to get into better shape.
         How's your training going?

        Main: {Good.}

                Akihiko: Well, keep it up. The Shadows are getting stronger.

              {Not so great.}

                Akihiko: There are times when things won't go the way you want
                         them to, but you can't get impatient. Just take it

Yukari: We're gonna fight Shadows in this heat...? This mission's gonna be


        Newscaster: --Libra's lucky color is black. For extra luck, get
                    yourself stuck in the train doors on purpose!


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Fuuka: For Koro-chan's sake, we can't lose this battle. Let's do our best.

Aigis: The population of The Lost increases before a full moon. This
       illustrates that we are society's only hope.

/Iwatodai Station\

Mature Girl: I saw my teacher at the mall. He seemed really tired. I tried to
             talk to him, but he just smiled. He's so boring! He's exactly the
             same out of class as in it!

Junpei: Damn, dude, The Lost are everywhere these days. It's like we should
        have our own theme song, y'know? "Who you gonna call? Shadowbusters!"

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: You did a great job on the last operation.

        Main: {Thanks.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Good luck on the next one as well. I'll be
                                counting on you.

              {Enough already.}

                Shuji Ikutsuki: Hahaha... I understand. You must be tired of
                                hearing that. In any case, good luck on your
                                next mission as well. I'll be counting on you.

        Newscaster: --has begun today. This time, the pledge leader was a
                    student from another winning school...


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Ken: I heard that some people who were suffering from Apathy Syndrome have
     suddenly gotten better. Isn't that odd? How could they all get better at
     exactly the same time? ......

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: Don't stay indoors with the A.C. on just because it's hot. Summer is
         the best season of the year to meet people! Get out of the house, or
         you'll regret it!

Gamer Student: The crane game has its own little quirks here and there.
               Understanding those is thekey to doing it right. It seems like
               it has more depth than I thought...

Officer Kurosawa: Even though the number of peope with Apathy Syndrome is
                  decreasing, the media is scaring the public. It's so
                  frustrating... There's nothing I can do to help.

/Port Island Station\

Nervous Man: The beach... She's asking me to go to the beach...? How did this
             happen? Am I really allowed to go...?

Patient Woman: He's a sweet guy, but he seems to be holding back. It's like he
               won't allow himself to enjoy life. Even after his friend and I
               offered to take him to the beach. He just keeps turning us down,
               over and over... He'll never have fun that way. But I won't
               leave him. Don't get me wrong.

Lazy Student: You sure see a lot of couples during summer vacation, huh? Maybe
              I should get a girlfriend... It's a lot of trouble, though. Women
              are such a pain. They're all touchy-feely, you know? I don't have
              a problem with them, really, but I'm too lazy...

Movie-loving Man: When you hear locust sound effects on a show or a movie,
                  doesn't it remind you of summer? Did you know they usually
                  cut the locust sounds out when exporting movies or TV to
                  other countries? In places with no locusts, when they hear
                  that sound, they think it's just static or white noise.

Station Attendant: During summer vacation, this place is so quiet, since there
                   aren't any students rushing onto the train. I like the

/Iwatodai Station\

Food Girl: At Hagakure, try ordering cold ramen by saying "Cobra men" to the
           waiter... If he understood what you said, I heard you won't get

Cat: Meow.

        > The cat is very friendly.

Cat-obsessed Boy: What kind of cat do you think this is?

        Main: {Hmm... I don't know.}

                Cat-obsessed Boy: Okay! Then I'll tell you! It's a stray cat!
                                  But he's my friend. The first time I met him,
                                  he didn't even run away. He came up to my
                                  hand. So that means he's my "soulmate",

              {A stray cat.}

                Cat-obsessed Boy: Tch... You could tell, huh? It's a stray cat!
                                  But he's my friend. The first time I met him,
                                  he didn't even run away. He came up to my
                                  hand. So that means he's my "soulmate",

              {I don't care.}

                Cat-obsessed Boy: You're so mean! But I'll tell you the answer
                                  anyway... It's a stray cat! But he's my
                                  friend. The first time I met him, he didn't
                                  even run away. He came up to my hand. So that
                                  means he's my "soulmate", right?

/Naganaki Shrine\

Salaryman: This place calms me down... My office is nothing but trouble and
           drama these days. I never thought it would be like this when I was
           young, but... These days, everything is catching up to me, and
           stressing me out. I know just worrying about the problem won't solve
           it, though...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\


        Newscaster: --last Tanabata. At the time, many people wrote wishes for
                    them to recover... And as of today, the number of Apathy
                    Syndrome victims has been decreasing. It looks like the
                    wishes came true, however belatedly.

/Dorm 2nd Floor\

Fuuka: Everyone seems thoroughly exhausted... Since Mitsuru-senpai and
       Akihiko-senpai are not here, let's not go to Tartarus today.

Yukari: Let me get this straight... If the Dark Hour disappears, then our
        Personas will disappear too? That's basically what those Strega people
        were saying, right...?

Junpei: Dude, our missions are always so tiring. But, last night was even
        worse, since we ran into those Strega guys. Man, they really piss me

Aigis: There are four Shadows remaining. Let us do our best next time, too.
       However, the members of Strega also appear to be our enemies. So, please
       be careful.


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Mitsuru: I never thought there would be Persona-users other than us. We don't
         know much about them, but... we do know that they are definitely our
         enemies. And they're filled with malice and hostility.

Fuuka: Lucia wasn't able to detect those people who call themselves Strega...
       They must be very powerful to be able to slip through her "net." Who are

Akihiko: Those guys are up to something... I'm just not sure what. It seems
         that their goal and our goal have intersected. But, next time they get
         in our way, I'm going to beat them down. That's all there is to it.

Aigis: There are four Shadows left to fight. But, we should not forget about
       the danger Strega poses to us, either. We must remain on guard at all

Yukari: Summer school, huh...? Well, it's not that I don't like to study...
        I just don't think we should have to study during summer vacation.

Junpei: I get so tired after an operation... Especially this time with those
        Strega dudes there. They really piss me off.

/Paulownia Mall\

Old Man: It's summer vacation, isn't it? You young folk are supposed to go
         around and have the time of your lives. Ask a girl out! Even if she
         slaps you across the face... That can be a great summer memory, too.

/Iwatodai Station\

Food Girl: Order ice cream at the Sweet Shop, and eat it without stopping, even
           if you get a brain freeze. If you do that three times in a row...
           You'll get a stomachache. I mean, duh...

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: Dogs can be very reliable, you know. Why, there are rescue
                dogs, seeying eye dogs, narcotic detection dogs... Let's put
                our trust in Koromaru.

Mitsuru: Don't forget that you are a student, and students are supposed to
         study. Use this time to increase your Academics.

Fuuka: By the way, how are we going to feed Koro-chan? Are we going to buy dog
       food, or cook homemade meals for him?

Akihiko: Just like in sports... No matter how strong you are, if you don't
         study your opponent, you can't win. It's the same with school... If
         you don't study, you can't pass your test.

Aigis: Koromaru-san equips a knife in his mouth and performs an acrobatic move
       to attack. He is close to his enemy when he attacks, so he is very
       accurate. On the other hand, he does not inflict a great deal of damage.
       That completes the analysis of Koromaru-san's battle style.

Koromaru: Arf!

Ken: We're going to take care of Koromaru here at the dorm... It'll be a lot of
     fun having him around.

Junpei: Dude, this sucks. Summer school is so lame. Don't you agree?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Junpei: *sigh* I feel like I'm gonna become one of The Lost...

              {Not really.}

                Junpei: Acting nonchalant as usual, huh? Man, I wish I could be
                        that way.

              {I can't wait to study!}

                Junpei: What!? You're messed up, man!


        Newscaster: --the Obon festival coming up, the highways are expected to
                    be jammed. Southbound traffic will be packed until the
                    15th... While northbound traffic will be congested from the
                    20th to the 21st.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune Teller: Would you like to know your fortune?

        Main: {Yes, please.}

                Fortune Teller: Very well... Three blades close in on you,
                                tearing the shadow apart... A brave howl
                                confronts them... Things seem to be sirring
                                around you once again... There is more... In
                                the depths of the abyss, another blade watches
                                you closely... Farewell, then... May your
                                future be bright...

              {No thanks.}

                Fortune Teller: Come back any time...


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Aigis: I will explain Koromaru-san's Persona to you. Its name is Cerberus. It
       is proficient in fire and darkness skills... Very fitting for the
       guardian of Hades.

/Paulownia Mall\

Yukari: Summer school starts tomorrow... I'm going to use what little time I've
        got left for fun!

/Port Island Station\

Junpei: Check out the town, man. There's no Lost or anything, and it's so
        clean... Feels good, huh? My brain, on the other hand, is all junky and
        dirty, and it feels bad. Stupid summer school... I can't believe

Man: There's a bar by the gang spot with the best cocktails around. But now
     they're looking into making non-alcoholic cocktails. It used to be a bar
     where adults could drink in peace... Now it'll be swarming with kids.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Shuji Ikutsuki: I don't want to hear that your grades have fallen because you
                are spending too much time at Tartarus... There will be nothing
                I can do to help you. So, study hard and do your best in summer


        Narrator: On the nest episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 25: The Shadow's Half-Smile! Has a Shadow lost its
                  mind after seeing the light!?

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.

/Dorm 2nd Floor, Evening\

Yukari: Summer school, huh... What a pain.

        Junpei: Damn right... I'm jealous of Koromaru, since he doesn't have to
                do any studying.www

Fuuka: Everyone hates summer school, but I think it's necessary. After we
       defeat the rest of the Shadows, we'll become ordinary high school
       students again... And if we fall behind in our studies, we'll be in big
       trouble later.

Junpei: That's it! Junpei the Wise has another brilliant idea! All I have to do
        is become a dog! Then, I won't have to go to summer school either!

        Koromaru: Woof! woof! *pant* *pant*

        Fuuka: Koro-chan is trying to say something...

        Junpei: I bet he's complimenting me for being so smart.

        Yukari: I bet he's laughing at you, saying how stupid you are...

Koromaru: Woof!


/Paulownia Mall\

Pharmacy Shopkeeper: You visit here pretty often, and I'm grateful, but don't
                     rely too much on medicine. Taking too many drugs can be
                     bad for your health. It's best if you can avoid having to
                     take them at all. Don't forget to always read the label
                     especialy on drugs you're never taken before.

/Club Escapade\

Fortune-loving Girl: I saw this outfit at the clothing department that comes in
                     two colors. They both looked great... But I know that
                     colors can affect your luck, so I couldn't decide. I'm
                     here to ask Mama which color I should buy.

Girl's Friend: I know there's such a thing as luckly colors... But we're
               talking about clothes, right? I think it's okay to just choose
               the clothes you like best...

/Dorm Lounge\

Junpei: There's gonna be a Summer Festival at the shrine tomorrow. You goin'?

        Main: {Definitely.}

                Junpei: Really? Well, I probably won't go. I'm in a bit of a
                        financial crisis. Plus, I don't have anyone to go with.

              {Not sure yet.}

                Junpei: You should go. It's gonna be fun.


                Junpei: Yeah, I probably won't go either.

Aigis: I have learned the meaning of the Summer Festival. It seems like a very
       interesting event. I am looking forward to wearing the special item of
       clothing called a yukata. This will be a new experience for me.

Yukari: Huh? Our senpai went out again? Where do they get the energy? I'm so
        tired... I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight...

Fuuka: Our senpai aren't here, so we can't go to Tartarus. But, don't worry.
       We'll be able to go soon.


        Newscaster: --up, a report on the Festival. The man riding on the
                    portable shrine was knocked off. He was uninjured, but
                    three of the shrine bearers underneath him were
                    hospitalized. The inebriated man said "If you're pissed
                    off, try being the one on top."


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Akihiko: I don't really like festivals... so you guys just go ahead.

Yukari: Hm? The Summer Festival? Oh, I already made plans with my friends.

Aigis: The Summer Festival is occuring tonight at Naganaki Shrine. I will
       consider this a special security assignment and escort Mitsuru-san

        Mitsuru: As you can see, (Last Name), no matter what I say, she
                 doesn't listen. Please help me out here.

        Aigis: Negative. Operation Summer Festival cannot be aborted.

        Mitsuru: *sigh* She really wants to go... Well, I guess I've got no
                 choice in the matter...

Mitsuru: You should attend the Summer Festival at the shrine. Hm? Me? Oh, thank
         you for asking, but... I don't like crowded venues.

        Aigis: Negative. We must deploy together.

        Mitsuru: ......

Fuuka: The Summer Festival at the shrine? Oh, um... I already made plans...

Ken: I don't really like festivals. Does that make me weird?

        Main: {Yeah.}

                Ken: That's what everyone says. They say I should act more like
                     a kid. But, I don't care what people say. I just don't
                     like festivals.


                Ken: Oh... I'm a little surprised to hear that because everyone
                     always says I'm weird. But, you're different, Main-san...

/Paulownia Mall\

Short-haired Housewife: My son became nocturnal over summer vacation. He wakes
                        up in the afternoon and leaves at night, and usually
                        doesn't come back until sunrise.

        Housewife with Braids: Where do they go that late at night...? That
                               Escapade club? The security is too lax at those
                               kinds of places. I heard high school kids just
                               need uniforms to get in.

Gamer Student: This machine has some peculiar quirks... The crane's claw is
               close to the player, so the opening and closing motions are

        Main: {How'd you learn that?}

                Gamer Student: One of the employees secretly told me. It seems
                               they already consider me a regular. Maybe you
                               should get to know the guys here. You might
                               learn something.

              {I see.}

                Gamer Student: I guess I can't force people to care...

Be Blue V Saleswoman: Even if you equip a great-looking accessory, it won't
                      necessarily make you look better. Accessories have some
                      power, but in the end, it depends on the wearer.

/Dorm Lounge, Evening\

Akihiko: Mitsuru? Oh, Aigis kidnapped her and took her to the festival. Aigis
         is amazing... Getting Mitsuru to go... I wonder what they're up to...
         Well, that's what's going on, so we can't go to Tartarus today.


        Narrator: On the next episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!
                  Episode 26: Caveman Love! Romance knows no boundaries--not
                              even between different eras!

        Newscaster: ...And now, the news.

/Club Escapade\

Man: I heard there's a summer festival going on at the Shrine. Dammit... I
     don't have anyone to go with. Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be that much fun


/Dorm Lounge, Daytime\

Akihiko: I feed Koromari leftovers.. Usually beef bowl. ...Don't worry, I know
         what I'm doing.

Aigis: Mitsuru-san took me to the Summer Festival. It was a great cultural

Mitsuru: Hm? Koromaru's food? Well, he usually eats vitamin-enhanced dog
         food... but sometimes we feed him our leftovers. It's important that
         he eats a balanced and nutritious diet.

/Paulownia Mall\

Junpei: There aren't any Lost around now, so it's all good, but... Pretty soon,
        man, they're gonna start coming outta nowhere. I'm sick of doing the
        same thing over and over... Let's kill all the Shadows and finish this.

/Port Island Station\

Movie-loving Man: Here's a question for you! Why do you think I'm so reluctant
                  to catch movies at the theater duing the summer?

        Main: {It's cold inside.}

                Movie-loving Man: Got it in one shot! They blast the air
                                  conditioner all day in there! I have to wear
                                  extra layers, even in hot summers like this.

              {Summer blockbusters suck.}

                Movie-loving Man: Well, that's true sometimes, but it doesn't
                                  really have to do with summertime.

              {Profits are receding.}

                Movie-loving Man: How would I know!? That's a terrible joke...
                                  If this place goes out of business, I don't
                                  have anywhere else to go!

              {The owner's going bald.}

                Movie-loving Man: Who cares...? And who is this manager!? I'm
                                  here all the time, but I've never seen him

/Iwatodai Station\

Yukari: It's getting so hot outside. You could get heatstroke just sitting
        outside--at night! I'd better hurry up and finish my shopping, so I can
        get home.

Fuuka: It's convenient for a shopping mall to be near the dorm, isn't it? On
       hot days, you don't have to spend as much time walking out in the sun.

Stalker Girl: Is this... disillusionment? I didn't realize he was that kind of
              guy. I'm gon