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Reviewed: 03/19/07

God of Gamblers

God of War

Story (Spoil Free)
The chapter 2 of God of War series. If you enjoyed the story of GoW1, then you will love this new epic story of Kratos. You will see some familiar faces from the Kratos’ dark past, and some new faces of mythology Greek heroes and gods/goddesses. As you’ve may seen, read, or heard about how the story starts off, Kratos, who is now reigning as the God of War is betrayed by the gods. Turned back into mortal and left for dead, a man like Kratos isn’t going to brush that off, he wants revenge. Many questions will finally be answered in this title. You will learn the identity of the narrator from GoW1, and how she knows so much of Kratos’ past…

Game Play
Everything from puzzles to jumping off platforms is nicely done. Animations of slaughtering enemies are well created. There are more bosses this time, and more useful weapons, unlike that Artemis Blade from the first title…Athena’s Blades can be quickly switched off to a large hammer, which you will later obtain in the game, and performing combos will look much smoother than GoW1 as you switch to the next weapon. Using Athena’s Blades alone, you will be amazed by how much hits you’ll get as you press combinations of buttons. There are new special moves for Athena’s Blades, and there are new grab moves to perform in this game. Magic and Rage mode system has been upgraded. The rage meter builds up faster now and that is not a bad thing. I can remember using it sparingly in a few desperate moments in GoW1, but in GoW2, I use it as soon as I can and I must say it has saved me through many desperate moments. You still got to upgrade your weapons and magic by collecting enough red orbs, and to upgrade your life and magic meter, you have to find the gorgon eyes and feathers hidden throughout the game. There is a lot of exploring to do if you want to find all the chests and urns. The urns in the game will unlock many extra features. Upon beating the game, you will unlock Titan Mode (Hard) and challenges to keep up the replay value.

GoW2 comes in 2 disc. The first disc is the main game with extra contents pertaining to the game, and the second disc is a DVD making of GoW2. The main contains of the DVD has interviews and production videos that shows the process of how they made the game. The “Spoilers” section has artworks, videos of unused levels and bosses, etc. For people who don’t enjoy watching how video games or movies are made, then the second disc may not be for you, but for others you may want to treasure this.

The controls is perfect for this game, and the soundtrack is great, the music really sets the mood of the game. If you find Greek mythology fascinating, you’ll love this game. GoW2 is for mature gamers, it has a lot of violence, blood and gore, strong language and nudity. The game isn’t extremely long, but it’s takes a good few hours to complete. First time through the game, I’d say at least 10 to 15 hours. The graphics is probably the best you’ll ever see on the PS2 in 2007 and beyond. The story mode replay value is probably moderate at best, but then you have a challenge mode to test your skills, and unlocked costumes for Kratos. Each costumes has pros and cons, or just pros that will entertain you as you play through the story mode again and again. The load time is very short. Loading from your previous saved data to where you left off, it takes a few seconds. As you play the game to where you are introduced to a cut scene, it’s like instantaneous.

Comes with a DVD
Short load time

Easy puzzles
Short game, but longer than previous title
I give "God of War 2" a 9 out of 10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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