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FAQ/Walkthrough by Orbius

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 08/16/07

                        Transformers: The Game
                            Began 8/15/07 
                         Finished 8/16/07
                 Created by Snow - TAOSnow2845@aol.com
            Playstation 2 version (Because I'm too cheap for a 360)
                       Guide Version: 2.00
                       Table of Contents

To reach an area quickly, copy it's code and hit Ctrl-F, then put the code in.

1: Introduction --------------------------------- [INTRO]

2: Characters ------------------------------------ [CHAR]

3: Autobots Campaign ----------------------------- [AUTO]
         Level 1: The Suburbs ------------------- [AUTO1]
            Uninvited Guests ------------------ [AUTO1.1]
            Guardian Angel -------------------- [AUTO1.2]
            Protect and Serve ----------------- [AUTO1.3]
            Air Traffic Control --------------- [AUTO1.4]

         Level 2: More Than Meets The Eye ------- [AUTO2]
            Obstruction of Justice ------------ [AUTO2.1]
            A Friend in Need ------------------ [AUTO2.2]
            Flight of the Bumblebee ----------- [AUTO2.3]
            Heavy Weapon ---------------------- [AUTO2.4]

         Level 3: Inside Hoover Dam ------------- [AUTO3]
            Breakout -------------------------- [AUTO3.1]
            Tunnel Vision --------------------- [AUTO3.2]
            Power Drain ----------------------- [AUTO3.3]
            Waking Giant ---------------------- [AUTO3.4]

         Level 4: The Last Stand ---------------- [AUTO4]
            Exterminator ---------------------- [AUTO4.1]
            Unfriendly Skies ------------------ [AUTO4.2]
            For The Fallen -------------------- [AUTO4.3]
            Keep Away ------------------------- [AUTO4.4]

          Level 5: The Ultimate Doom ------------ [AUTO5]

          Level 6: Cybertron: Autobot ----------- [AUTO6]

4: Deceptions Campaign -------------------------- [DECEP]

          Level 1: SOCCENT Military Base ------- [DECEP1]
            Sand Storm ----------------------- [DECEP1.1]
            Communications Breakdown --------- [DECEP1.2]
            Seek and Destroy ----------------- [DECEP1.3]
            Fire In The Sky ------------------ [DECEP1.4]

          Level 2: The Hunt For Sam Witwicky --- [DECEP2]
             Rough Justice ------------------- [DECEP2.1]
             Race For Frenzy ----------------- [DECEP2.2]
             Pursuit ------------------------- [DECEP2.3]
             Plight of the Bumblebee --------- [DECEP2.4]

          Level 3: A Gathering Force ----------- [DECEP3]
             Clearing The Air ---------------- [DECEP3.1]
             Sinister Savior ----------------- [DECEP3.2]
             Fireworks ----------------------- [DECEP3.3]
             Warpath ------------------------- [DECEP3.4]

           Level 4: City of the Machines ------- [DECEP4]
             Nowhere To Run ------------------ [DECEP4.1]
             Energon Overload ---------------- [DECEP4.2]
             The Mighty Will Fall ------------ [DECEP4.3]
             Devastation --------------------- [DECEP4.4]

          Level 5: Day of the Machines --------- [DECEP5]

          Level 6: Cybertron: Decepticon ------- [DECEP6]

5: Autobot Misc --------------------------------- [MISC1]
            The Suburbs ----------------------- [MISC1.1]
            More Than Meets The Eye ----------- [MISC1.2]
            Inside Hoover Dam ----------------- [MISC1.3]
            The Last Stand -------------------- [MISC1.4]
            Skills ---------------------------- [MISC1.5]

6: Decepticon Misc ------------------------------ [MISC2]
            SOCCENT Military Base ------------- [MISC2.1]
            The Hunt for Sam Witwicky --------- [MISC2.2]
            A Gathering Force ----------------- [MISC2.3]
            City of the Machines -------------- [MISC2.4]
            Skills ---------------------------- [MISC2.5]

7: F.A.Q ------------------------------------------ [FAQ]

8: Legal Stuff ---------------------------------- [LEGAL]

9: Credits --------------------------------------- [CRED]

1: Introduction - [INTRO]

This is my first guide, and I hope it's good. Enjoy it. If you have 
anything to add, or any questions, my email's at the top. I'm not above 
people telling me a better way to do something, and all submitted stuff 
will be credited.

But please don't whine to me if one my tactics don't work for you. 
Thanks for reading.

2: Characters - [CHAR]

The characters have no introduction because they need no introduction.
Autobots: 5
Optimus Prime: Playable.
Alternate mode: Peterbuilt Semi.

Bumblebee: Playable.
Alternate mode: '76 Camero, later turned into an '09 Preproduction Camero

Ironhide: Playable.
Alternate mode: GMC Topkick C4500

Jazz: Playable.
Alternate Mode: Pontiac Solstice.

Ratchet: Not Playable, he's not even in the game except for a few cutscenes.
Alternate Mode: H2 Hummer, Search & Rescue custom.
Decepticons: 8
Megatron: Playable.
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet.

Starscream: Playable.
Alternate Mode: F-22 Raptor.

BlackOut: Playable.
Alternate Mode: MH-53M Pave Low IV Helicopter.

Scorponok: Playable.
Alternate Mode: None, he's always a scorpion.

Barricade: Playable.
Alternate Mode: Saleen S281 Patrol Car.

Shockwave: Not Playable. Appears as a Boss.
Alternate Modes: Huge grounded Cannon, and Helicopter for movement.

Brawl: Not Playable. Appears as a Boss.
Alternate Mode: M1 Abrams tank. Note: He was called Devastator in the movie. 
This is due to an error on the movie makers' part.

BoneCrusher: Not Playable. Appears in Two missions.
Alternate Mode: Buffalo Armored Vehicle.
Unlockable Skins: Complete certain tasks to unlock the skins.

G1 Optimus: Collect all the Autobot symbols. 
This is awesome, playing as the original Prime. You get the actual 
Generation 1 Optimus Prime, he's even a cab-over.

G1 Megatron: Collect all the Deception symbols. 
This is the actual Generation 1 Megatron. Personally, I like it more 
than the new Megatron, as Frank Welker's voice fits this one better. He 
doesn't transform into his Walther P-38 mode, but he does fly just like 
his new movie counterpart. 
And yes, it makes sense, as in the originals, the Decepticons could fly 

Robovision Optimus: Beat the Autobots campaign. 
The only difference on this one is the colors are solid, there's no flames. 
I personally don't care for this one.

G1 Jazz Repaint: Complete all of the sub-missions, 
both Autobot and Decepticon. 
Unlike the Optimus and Megatron, this isn't a complete overhaul. 
It just puts Jazz's colors on his new version. Not bad looking.

G1 Starscream Repaint: Complete the Decepticon campaign. 
Same as Jazz, this just has Starscreams original colors on the new version. 
I rather like this as it gives him color, instead of being all silver.

3. Autobots Campaign - [AUTO]
Level 1: The Suburbs - [AUTO1]

First off, before we begin the missions, familiarize yourself with 
Bumblebee. People complain about the controls being difficult, but 
they're not hard once you get used to them. Once you feel you have the 
hang of him, head toward the green arrow and enter the circle.

     Chapter 1: Uninvited Guests - [AUTO1.1]
Decepticons! These guys are drones, so they're easy to destroy. Put 
your reticle on one and hold L1 to lock on. This also tells you their 
health meter. The small, red ones can be shot at, but the bigger blue ones, 
and most of the ones from here on in, block every time you shoot at them. 
So melee until they're all dead. Very simple, and a great spot to raise 
your Heroic skill.
     Chapter 2: Guardian Angel - [AUTO1.2]
More Decepticon drones. This time they're in vehicle mode. The best 
strategy is to stay in vehicle mode and shoot at them with your light 
weapon until they Transform. Once they're in robot mode, they will no 
longer head to the dealership, so make them turn from vehicle first, 
then destroy them. There are 5 in all. If you time it just right, the 
last 3 are easy because you'll be on a single road. Just transform into 
robot mode and when they get near you, shoot at them with your light weapon.
     Chapter 3: Protect and Serve - [AUTO1.3]
Boss: Barricade.
This mission starts off with a fight against Barricade. 
You'll notice he's swinging his arms. At this point, Melee and weapons 
don't work. You must throw an object at him to make him stop. When you do, 
he will charge you. It only takes 3 hits, a normal combo, before the next 
phase begins.

It's a race now, but luckily, it's easy. Transform into vehicle mode, 
and take the first right. Then, take the second left. After that, 
the first right. Then gas it.

Pretty much the same thing, just throw, combo. This time it takes 
two combos to make him run.

Once again, it's a race. But instead of following him, take the first right. 
Then, take the first left. That's the mall. Head to it, with the beacon at 
the top of the minimap. Turn right and cut across the grass, and then drive 
straight to the end, where you'll make a final right turn headed towards 
the green beacon.

Now you're at the power plant. Don't rush barricade and don't pick up a tank. 
Instead, hang back and let him blow up the whole area. Then find a small 
red pipe, and you know the rest. It takes three combos to defeat him. 
A job well done on defeating Barricade.
     Chapter 4: Air Traffic Control - [AUTO1.4]
This is an easy mission. Bumblebee's Heavy weapon is best in this one. 
Just lock onto the targets and fire away. After that, it's a race.

You have only one minute to reach the area. Plenty of time. Just turn 
to face the red arrow and transform into the car. It's fairly straightfoward.

Once you arrive, take out the decepticons first. It's not nessecary, 
but they're annoying. Once again, shoot at the flashing red objects.

Another one minute time race, but it's nothing to sweat.

Now comes the fun. Stand at the edge of the mission area, it's marked by the 
green circle on your minimap. After that, target one group of explosives, and 
fire your light weapon, then watch the fun. After that's cleared, then three 
towers are all that's left. Destroy those, then congratulations! 
Watch the awesome cutscene.

After this, you have free run of the Suburbs level. So play in it as 
much as you want, and collect up to 80 of the Energon cubes for the 
Level 2: More Than Meets The Eye - [AUTO2]

This time you get to play as three different Autobots. It's the same 
map as Suburbs, but at night.
     Chapter 1: Obstruction of Justice - [AUTO2.1]
Autobot: Jazz.
Follow the yellow markers. When you hit your first red one, 
transform and destroy the key target. They're easiest destroyed 
by your Heavy weapon. After that's completed, you'll need to follow the 
yellow markers again. Fairly straightfoward, but Jazz may take time to 
get used to, as he's more erratic than Bumblebee.
     Chapter 2: A Friend In Need - [AUTO2.2]
Autobot: Ironhide.
This time, you're Ironhide. Transform and drive towards Jazz. You'll 
have plenty of time to reach him. Once you're there, destroy the drones 
to initiate the next phase.

Another race to Jazz. When you reach him, focus on the swinger. Hurl an 
object, trees work well, at him, then run to him and hit him twice, 
then back off. Repeat twice. The red drones respawn.

Yet another race, with some funny dialogue between Ironhide and Optimus.

This time you're up for a real fight. Meleeing and shooting doesn't 
work against this new foe, so grab an object and toss it at him. 
When he's knocked down, pick him up and toss him. This takes about 
three times to dispose of him.
     Chapter 3: Flight of the Bumblebee - [AUTO2.3]
Autobot: Optimus Prime.
Now you play as the big man himself. Just follow Bumblebee in truck 
mode for a good 5 minutes. Not that difficult, but boringly long.

I counted two points where you need to Transform and climb buildings. 
You'll know when you need to, so go ahead, and get back to the ground 
as quick as possible.
     Chapter 4: Heavy Weapon - [AUTO2.4]
Autobot: Optimus Prime.
Boss: Shockwave.
This is one of my favorite fights. Head to Shockwave and grab a tree 
or a pole, and start hitting him with it using the melee button. 
Meleeing and weapons don't do damage while he's a turret. Once he 
transforms, lay into him. After a few hits, he'll transform into a 
Helicopter, so keep on him in Truck mode. No new patterns are introduced, 
this is just a pure Autobot vs. Decepticon.

Congrats! You have free roam of this level. It's the same as Suburbs, but 
at night, and you have Optimus Prime.
Level 3: Inside Hoover Dam - [AUTO3]

You play as Bumblebee throughout the whole level.
     Chapter 1: Breakout! - [AUTO3.1]
This mission is as easy or as hard as you make it. First off, rush the 
blast door and melee it to destroy it. Now a drone will come and try to 
sound an alarm. When you regain control, you'll be automatically a car, 
so start firing your light weapon at the drone. Follow it until a point 
where it turns right and you can go straight. Head straight, transform, 
and then target it. Begin meleeing it and it should be destroyed.

Return to the doors and destroy the turrets before attempting the next door. 
Repeat this about four times. Mission Complete.

If you stay right behind a drone and you're holding down the light weapon 
button, the drone will be destroyed quickly.
     Chapter 2: Tunnel Vision - [AUTO3.2]
After the cutscene, hit the gas and keep firing your light weapon. This 
will clear out any girders you may run into. Once you're out of the tunnel, 
you have to reach the others and destroy their fans. So pick one, rush to it,
and when you reach the fan, Transform and melee it. It takes three hits. 
Then run back aways, Transform into car mode, and hightail it just like 
at the beginning. Repeat until you destroy them all.
     Chapter 3: Power Drain - [AUTO3.3]
Another completely timed mission. Head to the green dots on your minimap, 
transform, and climb the buildings. Once you're at the top, pick up the 
Generator, and toss it away. Immediately after you throw it, jump off and 
head to the next one. Do this five times for a mission complete.
     Chapter 4: Waking Giant - [AUTO3.4]
Begin this mission by destroying the clamps around the All Spark with 
your light weapon. After that, it takes three minutes for the All Spark 
to shrink. Little scorpions will attack, so aim at the ground and just 
shoot with your heavy weapon. Destroying the scorpions will give you 
health, so destroy as many as you can. And constantly move. While you 
still can, get right up to Megatron. Look below for the reason. After 
thirty seconds, Megatron comes back to life and begins to shoot electricity 
at you. This is why you need to move. 

One thing I discovered, if you get near Megatron, there are tanks with 
health bars on them. Destroy them, and he won't shoot at you. But he does 
regenerate. So watch his health meter. I just now discovered this 
(I'm writing this guide as I'm playing through the second time), and 
this will save you a LOT of trouble! This actually turns it from a very 
frustrating mission to a very easy mission.

Congrats! You have free roam of the Dam. Once again, 
collect 80 Energon cubes for the challenges.
Level 4: The Last Stand - [AUTO4]

You're in a city now. As usual, head to the beacon.
     Chapter 1: Exterminator - [AUTO4.1]
Autobot: Ironhide.
No strategy involved at all. Just destroy all 100 Scorpions 
with your light weapon.. Honestly one of the easiest missions in the game.
     Chapter 2: Unfriendly Skies - [AUTO4.2]
Autobot: Jazz.
Boss: Starscream.
Boss: Blackout.
So you go from the easiest mission in the game to the hardest mission 
in the game. There's a surprise in this one. Avoid starscream until he 
transforms. Go toe-to-toe with him until he flees. He then calls an ally 
that looks a lot like the G1 seekers (Skywarp and Thundercracker). This one 
has flamethrowers on him, so throw an object and attack. After you defeat 
him, Blackout will join.

Remember to heal when you need to. The health icons actually respawn, 
so you never run out.

When Blackout is first in the air, hit him with your heavy weapon. 
This actually does damage. Then when he transforms, it's the same strategy. 
He does have an attack where he launches foward, so try to side step this. 
Toe-to-toe with him until he leaves. Then another flamethrower decepticon 
comes. Then comes the fun part. It's your duty as an Autobot to dispose of 
both Starscream and Blackout at the same time.

This is one I've had to repeat atleast 5 times before I got it. Normally we 
don't shoot at the big boys, but use your light cannon on Blackout. This does
no damage, but it does stop him. Then melee Starscream, and wipe him out 
first. It's easier to destroy Starscream first, because Blackout heals 
whenever he transforms. This one does take awhile. If you get cornered, 
Transform and drive away, but try not to get hit. And remember where all 
the health icons are. Like I said, they respawn.

If you decide to run away, as soon as you hit the transform button, 
hold down the accellerate. Even Nitro if you're really dying. Just 
periodically run away and heal up. This fight will take a long time.

It is possible to kill Blackout first, but you have to ignore every 
instinct and just keep wailing on him, even as Starscream wails on you.
     Chapter 3: For The Fallen - [AUTO4.3]
Autobot: Ironhide.
Boss: Brawl.
Brawl killed Jazz! That does it, it's time to show what Ironhide is 
really made of. After you melee him for a bit, he'll flee and drones 
will appear. You know what to do.

After that, drive straight towards him. When you're driving at him, 
he'll fire rockets at you. Just drive straight, hit the nitro, and 
when you reach him, Transform and start pounding on him again.

Once he runs, two drones will appear. One's a swinger, and the other 
is a new type, a Bull Rusher. You know what to do with the swinger, 
but with the Rusher, you can either fire at it or wait for it to stop, 
then hit it with a normal combo then back off. I like to destroy the 
swinger first, because sometimes you get unlucky and the rusher 
knocks you into the swinger.

Chase after Brawl again. This is the last time you fight him. Just 
beat him with melee's. The all spark is almost ours.
     Chapter 4: Keep Away - [AUTO4.4]
Autobot: Bumblebee.
Boss: Barricade.
Nothing is new here. You beat Barricade once, you're going to do it again. 
No new strategies, just plain, old fashioned, beat 'em up.

Another race. But this one is actually quite stupid. He goes in the 
completely opposite direction, so head to the green dot, and another 
fight will break out.

Try not to get into a corner, that's all I can say. After a bit more 
fighting, this'll be complete.

Congrats! You have Free Roam of the city, as Bumblebee. 
Once again, collect 80 Energon cubes for the challenges.
Level 5 - The Ultimate Doom - [AUTO5]

This is it. You are Optimus Prime. Fighting against your brother, Megatron.

Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost.

Megatron will start off by doing two bombing runs. On the third 
strafe, he'll transform. Throw objects at him until his health meter 
appears. Then melee until he Transforms and strafes again.

Once again, two bombing runs, then he Transforms. Again throw objects, 
and Melee until he flees. And again, two bombing runs. Pick up a tree.

This time, he uses flamethrowers. Throw the tree you picked up at him. One 
hit should make him stop, then you can melee again.

This is his last bombing run. When he transforms, you have to keep 
throwing objects at him until he starts using normal attacks. Again, 
it takes a few melee hits to finally bring him down. Then watch the 
beautiful ending cutscene, with the way it should've been in the movie, 
with Optimus finishing Megatron.

Congrats! You just beat the Autobot's campaign.
Level 6: Cybertron: Autobot - [AUTO6]

This pits you against 35 Decepticon drones. Shockwave can be fought here too.

4: Decepticons Campaign - [DECEP]
Level 1: SOCCENT Military Base - [DECEP1]

You are Blackout. Get used to his controls, as aircraft are different than 
the vehicles. Once you got it, head to the beacon.

     Chapter 1: Sand Storm - [DECEP1.1]
Decepticon: Blackout.
Wreak havoc. No strategy, just Transform into helicopter and use your heavy 
weapon to blow up everything.
     Chapter 2: Communication Breakdown - [DECEP1.2]
Decepticon: Scorponok.
Scorponok is really something else. He gets damaged quite easily, so shoot 
down helicopters for health icons.

A single barrage of light weapon should be enough to destroy them. Just hold 
down the button until it's depleted.

I found it easiest to go after the furthest one first, it's to the right. 
Then race back to the others.

Remember: The bigger the arrow, the closer the target.
     Chapter 3: Seek and Destroy - [DECEP1.3]
Decepticon: Blackout.
Just head to each target location, and destroy the buildings in the area 
until you find the flashing green computers. Pick them up, then toss 'em. 
Do this five times. It's easiest to melee the buildings. Remember to shoot 
down helicopters and airplanes for health.    
     Chapter 4: Fire in the Sky - [DECEP1.4]
Decepticon: Blackout
This is a dogfight now. Destroy only the ones that appear as red dots 
on your minimap. Heavy Weapon is the best here. Transform only if you 
need health, you can shoot down a helicopter or two. If you can't find them, 
just stick to the airbase. They're always there.

If you're trailing, hit the accel button for a nitro boost to catch up.

Congrats! You now have free roam of the SOCCENT Military Base as Blackout. 
Collect 80 Energon cubes for the Challenges.

Level 2: The Hunt For Sam Witwicky - [DECEP2]

You play as Barricade through this whole level. It's the suburbs, but at 
     Chapter 1: Rough Justice - [DECEP2.1]
First you must defeat eight Autobot drones. Afterwards, Transform and 
drive towards the next mission area.

A few more Autobots, including one swinger. If you chose the Decepticon 
campaign first, this would be your first encounter with them. Throw an 
object (Trees and poles are best because you can still run), and when it 
hits them, they stop swinging. That's when you melee them. After this, 
another batch of Autobots will appear. Dispose of them and it's Chapter 
     Chapter 2: Race for Frenzy - [DECEP2.2]
Frenzy's in trouble, and it's up to Barricade to save him. Your first order 
of buisness is to destroy buildings. Heavy weapon works best here. Destroy 
all the ones with health bars on them. After the cutscene, follow the 
vehicle. You do this six times. Just Heavy weapon the buildings and you'll 
get frenzy soon enough.
     Chapter 3: Pursuit - [DECEP2.3]
At the beginning, Nitro and stay close to Bumblebee, using your light 
weapon on him at all times. Once he transforms, do the same. At first 
he'll crouch and you'll hear a sound. When you do, block instantly. (If 
you've ever played Spider-Man 2, it is surprising similar to Shocker's 
attack.) Do that enough times to get close to him, then melee him.

This time it's a get to the action zone race. You know what to do.

Now you must fight off Autobot Drones. They don't stand a chance against 
     Chapter 4: Plight of the Bumblebee - [DECEP2.4]
Boss: Bumblebee.
Same fight as last time. Block, move, Block, Attack. If you knock him down, 
pick him up and throw him. This causes a little extra damage.

Afterwards, head to the green arrow. You don't need to arrive before he 
does, you just need to arrive. It takes 4 times before this mission is 

Congrats! You have free roam as Barricade in the suburbs. Collect 80 
Energon cubes for the challenges.

Level 3: A Gathering Force - [DECEP3]

You play as Starscream throughout this whole level. Personally, 
I think his jet mode is fun, but his jump is too out of control.
     Chapter 1: Clearing the Air - [DECEP3.1]
This mission can be a toughie. It's your job to find radio towers and 
destroy them. All I can tell you is keep as low as you can, and watch your 
radar screen. It'll go clear once you're in range of the towers. 
Starscream's Heavy weapon works best. Do this 5 times for a complete mission.

Set 1: Located at the Aircraft Depot.
Set 2: Near the Aircraft Depot, head inwards towards the middle of the city.
Set 3: Look for three big round oil tanks. They are here.
Set 4: From set 3, move so the open desert is on your left, and the city is 
on the right. Now head straight..
Set 5: In a corner at the Tank Depot.
     Chapter 2: Sinister Saviour - [DECEP3.2]
This is a rescue/escort mission. You must protect Bonecrusher. Starscream's 
heavy Weapon works best. Hit the turrets two times to destroy them. Ignore 
the autobots. It's fairly safe to fly ahead and start destroying the turrets 
before Bonecrusher gets there, as he'll drive within range before the timer 
runs out.
     Chapter 3: Fireworks - [DECEP3.3]
You must destroy 10 jets and then pick up their wreckage. The best way is to 
get a few then pick up their wreckage. If you're lucky enough, you can even 
get a few from the ground.
     Chapter 4: Warpath - [DECEP3.4]
Exactly the same as Sinister Saviour, except you're guarding both 
Bonecrusher AND Brawl. Not very difficult. Just Heavy Weapon all the tanks.

Congrats! You have free roam of the military base as Starscream! Collect 
80 energon cubes for the challenges.

Level 4: City of the Machines - [DECEP4]

You know the drill, get to the beacon.
     Chapter 1: Nowhere to run - [DECEP4.1]
Decepticon: Barricade.
Boss: Jazz.

We cried for him in the Autobots Campaign, but now it's time to feel glee 
as we rip the spark from him.

He rushes in guns blazing, so melee him until he flees.

This is a different type of race. You have to keep up with him, shoot him 
with your light weapons, and hit the checkpoints. 

Once you get him to transform, lay into him again. This time, he won't flee.
    Chapter 2: Energon Overload - [DECEP4.2]
Decepticon: Scorponok.
This battle is quite tough actually. You have to keep destroying Energon 
drones until their count reaches zero. No strategy involved, you just have 
to be quick. Your best bet is to group them and light weapon them into 
    Chapter 3: The Mighty Will Fall - [DECEP4.3]
Decepticon: Blackout.
Boss: Ironhide.

This is absolutely the greatest boss battle I've ever had.

First, destroy the minions. Melee works best on them. Afterwards, 
Ironhide will begin rushing. Just move past him and follow until he stops. 
Then throw a combo on him. After he gets knocked down, I like to throw him 
down the street, so that when he comes back in truck mode, I can shoot at 
him for extra damage.

Remember to shoot down helicopters if you need health. And stay away from 
Ironhide while you're killing his minions. If you catch him in truck mode, 
use your Heavy Weapon to put a hurtin' on him.

The third wave will have Swingers. Dispatch of those last. Afterwards, 
Melee Ironhide again. Wave four will have two swingers now. 

Do your best to stay in Robot mode. If you transform, you'll be a lot 
more susceptible to damage. The first time I was a helicopter in this 
mission, I was killed in three shots. Luckily, it works both ways, 
that's why it's best to throw Ironhide and then see if he turns into 
the truck.

After the fourth wave, he should be nearing death.

The fifth wave features Swingers and rushers. Destroy the rushers first, 
then the swingers are no problem, all the while keeping away from Ironhide. 
While you're fighting the drones, Ironhide won't move. So this is a great 
opportunity to get health. If you knock a rusher down, use your heavy weapon 
on him to inflict major damage.

That's the last wave. Continue your reign of terror on Ironhide until he's 
but scrap. The All Spark is almost ours.
     Chapter 4: Devastation - [DECEP4.4]
Decepticon: Megatron.

You play the big toasty himself. And you're doing what he does best. 
Levelling the city. Keep a constant barrage of heavy fire on everything 
in sight, and nothing will be left standing. I find it a lot easier to be 
in jet mode and use the heavy weapon to inflict maximum damage.

When you get to the wave of enemies, destroy them all until there is one 
charger and two red ones left. Ignore the reds and destroy the charger. 
Then back to destroying the city.

After the second wave, you'll be ordered to head to the last point. 
But when you land, it's not there? You must climb that huge building 
from it's back, as that's the only climable area. You'll have plenty 
of time. When you reach the top, a cutscene initiates.

Congrats! You can now free roam the city as Megatron. Collect 80 Energon 
cubes for the challenges.

Level 5: Day of the Machines - [DECEP5]

Boss: Optimus Prime.

Before you begin this level, play the previous one in freeroam to get a 
feel for the city. You'll need it in this battle.

Melee Optimus Prime. Keep an eye on your minimap, and watch the glowing 
red dot that runs across the road. I just discovered this, and this will 
be very helpful in locating Prime. After he flees, dispatch the Autobots 
and head to his next area. 

He's at the following:

Area 2: Head to the park and turn left, then go straight. 
He'll be waiting there.

Area 3: Turn back to the park, take it straight, then at the very end, 
turn left. He's there in the corner.

Area 4: Standing in the corner facing the street, take the road to the 
left towards the construction site. Take the first left past the 
construction site, and there Optimus will be.

Area 5: Facing away from where you entered, fly down the long stretch of 
road. Turn right on the road just before the curve. If you got the 
right road, Optimus will be standing there. This is his final resting place.

I'm going to be as evil as Megatron and not give any strategy on beating him.
Do it your own way. And his Autobots are ones you've faced already. 
The All Spark is yours.

Level 6: Cybertron: Decepticon - [DECEP6]

The same as Autobots cybertron. It's fun to keep your skill up or to 
just bash some drones.

5: Autobot Misc - [MISC1]

This is the fun stuff to do after you've completed the game.
The Suburbs - [MISC1.1]


Did you collect 80 Energon cubes yet? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Hunt. 
Located to the left of where you start. Just run to your left past the trees.
Strategy: I've read about people saying to melee and shoot the 
vehicles, but I have an even easier way. Learn the vehicle's pattern, 
then wait for it, for atmost 10 seconds, to come to you. 
Then target it in robot mode, kick it over, pick it up, and throw it. 
It's destroyed instantly!! Saves a LOT of time. This works for all the 
hunts too.

Challenge 2: Race. 
From beacon 1 at the Construction yard, head straight with the yard on 
your left. Once you reach the gas station, transform and turn around, 
It's sitting right next to a building.

Challenge 3: Scavanger.
Again from Beacon one, head in the opposite direction of Challenge 2. 
You'll see it. Just find the cogs.

Challenge 4: Sumo.
From challenge 3, have your back to the Power Plant, and drive straight. 
When in sumo, just jump, and then hit melee for a ground-pound attack. 
It works best on everything except swingers and rushers.


1: Face the Hunt Challenge with the houses to your right. You'll see a big 
building with a billboard on it. Climb that building, the symbol is right 
behind it.

2: From symbol 1, move the camera so the circular area is at the top. That's
the mall. Go to it. The symbol is on the roof.

3: From symbol 2, move from the mall heading in the direction of Beacon 3.
The symbol is on the roof of the highschool.

4: Jump off the high school from Symbol 3 and 
head opposite beacon 4. Facing his car lot, it's behind the left building 
in the back.

5: From the car lot, get back on the road and turn left. At the power plant, 
go to the scavanger challenge. From the Scavanger challenge, look away from 
the ramp.

More Than Meets The Eye - [MISC1.2]


Did you collect all 80 Energon cubes? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Attack.
Right infront of Beacon 1, sitting infront of the mall.

Challenge 2: Scavanger.
From Beacon 3, maneuver so the beacon and the school are on your left. Now
drive straight to the end of the street, and turn right. Then take your first
left. It's right there.

Challenge 3: Race.
Do the exact same thing as the last challenge, except after you turn right,
keep straight and follow the curve You'll see it.

Challenge 4: Sumo.
This one is right at Beacon 2, on top of a small gray building.

1: Go to the race challenge, and turn until you see a building with a hotdog
and crossed baseball bats. The symbol is in the parking lot behind this 

2: Back at the race challenge, turn so the challenge is on your left, 
with the tip of the grass area facing foward. Now look up and you should
see it.

3: Head to Beacon 2, and drive down the street with the sumo challenge to 
your back. Take your first right into the police station. The symbol is 
behind the buildings in the back.

4: Go straight out of the police station, heading past the first two turn, and 
immediately you'll see an opening where you can turn into. The symbol is 

5: From Beacon 4, go foward with the car dealership on your left. Move 
foward near a wooded area, and find the health icon. Search for the Symbol 
in this area.

Inside Hoover Dam - [MISC1.3]


Did you collect all 80 Energon cubes? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Race.
From your starting location, turn around. It's right there.

Challenge 2: Sumo.
From Challenge 1, move so that the tunnel is on your left. Then go straight, 
turn to the right when you have to, then turn left at the 4 way. It's on the 
left hand side.

Challenge 3: Scavanger.
Go to Beacon 1, and face the doors that you're supposed to destroy. Now go 
left, and keep going. You'll see it.

Challenge 4: Hunt.
Right infront of the area that Megatron's in.

1: From where you start, drive foward and stop just before the tunnel. 
Climb the building to your left. It's on there.

2: Directly infront of Megatron.

3: Start at Beacon 3, head opposite the Sumo challenge, turn right, and 
stop just before you enter the small tunnel. Transform, and move past the 

4: Once again, start at beacon 3, but this time head straight. Go slow, 
and once you pass an outward wall on your left, turn immediately to find a 
health icon and the Autobot Symbol.

5: This one is in the Control Room.

The Last Stand - [MISC1.4]


Did you collect all 80 Energon cubes? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Sumo.
From where you start, just walk straight.

Challenge 2: Scavanger.
From Beacon 3, get on the road so the beacon is on your left. Then head 

Challenge 3: Attack.
Go to Beacon 2. On the road, move so the beacon is on your right. Now drive
down the street, pass the first turn, and you see small concrete barriers.
The challenge is here.

Challenge 4: Race.
From Challenge 3, get on the road so the construction site is on your right. 
Then take the first left, and follow this stretch of road to the end, 
it's sitting in that corner.

1: From where you start in the level, turn around and run towards the 
bird statue. It's there.

2: Walk back aways and stand on the hill, facing the same bird statue. 
Move the camera to look left, the symbol will be on a building.

3: Go to Beacon 4, and start climbing the tall tan building. It's at the 
very top.

4: Starting at the Scavanger challenge, climb the buildings next to the 
resturant. Get to the leftmost one, then head straight. The symbol is on 
the next set directly in front of you.

5: At Beacon 3, climb the huge building next to the coffee shop. 
This is the final Autobot symbol. See your reward in G1 Character section.


Skills - [MISC1.5]

Jump: In every level except The Last Stand, there are ramps you can use. 
Just find the ramp, get a good ways back, then nitro up to full speed 
In The Last Stand, climb a particularly tall building, get to an edge, 
turn around so you're facing the middle of the building, start running, 
hit Transform, and immedately afterwards, hit Nitro. A good high building 
will get you a full meter.

Speed: Find a nice long open stretch of road, and just hit accel. Nitro is 
not needed. Try not to slow down or hit anything.

Slide: I have found the easiest way to do this skill! A lot of people will 
say to get a good run, then handbrake (L2) and turn to the left. But that 
doesn't always work.

Instead, find a nice stretch of open road like you were doing speed, hit 
Nitro, wait for it to get to full speed (125mph), then hold the Handbrake 
down, and let go of accel and Nitro. You'll slide foward, and get this skill 
filled up a LOT easier.

Throw: Pick up an object, preferrably a tree. Run to an open area, aim it 
high, and throw it. This one may take a while to get on the Inside Hoover 
Dam mission, as there's not much space there.

Heroic: Easy or hard, depending on the situation. Try to get surrounded by 
enemies, and just unleash on them. If done right, this will build up quickly.

6: Decepticon Misc - [MISC2]

SOCCENT Military Base - [MISC2.1]


Did you collect all 80 Energon cubes? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Destruction.
Starting at Beacon 2, head diagnol across the base.

Challenge 2: Scavanger.
Starting at Beacon 1, face towards the base, then go right, following the 
curve and eventually the straight road.

Challenge 3: Sumo.
From Challenge 1, have your back to the base. Now go foward.

Challenge 4: Attack.
Starting at Challenge 3, face the tanks. Now become a helicopter and just fly

1: Easiest found while doing the third Chapter. It's near one of the 
buildings you have to destroy. Just keep looking.

2: Beginning at Beacon 1, face the two diagnol roads small. Go 
to the buildings infront of you, it's beside the nearest one.

3: Beginning from where you picked up Symbol 2, transform and follow the 
edge road until the next curve, past the Scavanger challenge. You'll 
see a building sticking from the rest of the base. The symbol hides behind 
this building.

4: Again from Beacon 1, face the large jets. Now just fly straight until you
see the village. It's in the center of the village.

5: Taking the exact same route as last time, go straight a little past 
the village, then turn right. It's in the center between 
the tanks and the barracks.

The Hunt For Sam Witwicky - [MISC2.2]


Did you collect all 80 Energon cubes yet? You'll need them.

Challenge 1: Hunt.
From where you begin, Transform and turn left. Then, take the next right. 
It's down the street.

Challenge 2: Sumo.
Back at where you began (infront of the police station), turn around and head 
down the road to your first left. Turn left here and drive down until you 
hit your first right. It should be right there.

Challenge 3: Scavanger.
From the Hunt challenge, go on the road opposite it. Pass the first turn, 
then the highschool, and the scavanger challenge will be in the wooded area.

Challenge 4: Destruction.
Starting from Challenge 3, head directly diagnol heading away from the Mall 
towards the power plant.

1: From where you begin, turn around and drive down the street. Turn at the 
first left you come to, drive down the street a bit, then when you're 
parallel with the road that ends, cut across the grass and onto that road. 
With your back to the grass, the icon is between the second and third houses 
on the right.

2: Go to the Scavanger challenge, and find the tree that sits between two 
sidewalk that look like a y. The symbol is on the right side, if you stand 
on the y part.

3: Head to Beacon 3, at Sam's House. Position yourself so that the body of 
water is on your left when looking at the minimap. Then find a brown house 
in the middle of the white houses. The symbol sits behind here.

4: From symbol 3, head down the street opposite the highway until you reach 
your first left turn. Turn here, and then head to the left again, 
then turn left on this street. Drive up aways, and the symbol is down 
in the tunnel to your right.

5: Return the way you came, and follow the circle path to the right. 
Pass the first turn, and you'll notice a small area you can drive into. 
The symbol is here.

A Gathering Force - [MISC2.3]

Challenge 1: Destruction.
At Beacon 2, facing away from Beacon 4, fly straight. You'll see a square
patch of green on your minimp. It's on the lower right corner.

Challenge 2: Scavanger.
Located in the airfield next to a parked carrier jet and an F-22.

Challenge 3: Attack.
From Challenge 2, head to the buildings that the carrier jets are facing. 
It's between two of the buildings.

Challenge 4: Sumo.
From challenge 3, follow the row of hangers to the end. This challenge is 
right infront of you and slightly to your left.

1: From Beacons 2 and 4, stand in the middle of them so Beacon 2 is on your 
left. Now fly straight toward the houses.

2: Starting at the Scavanger challenge, turn around so the three F-22s are 
on your right, and the huge carrier jet is on your left. If you see a long, 
rectangular building infront of you, you're in the right position. 
The symbol is behind the rectangular building, by a smaller depot.

3: From symbol 2, face the big oil tank. Head straight and look down.

4: From symbol 3, turn so you're facing away from the oil tank. Then fly 
straight until you see two baseball fields. Land, and maneuver so you're 
facing the base. Then move to the left field, and the symbol is behind two 
buildings infront of you.

5: Head to the Tank Depot. It's where Beacons 2 and 4 are. Move to the corner 
and maneuver so one street goes straight and the other goes right. Move up 
on the straight one, and it's between the first two buildings on your right.

City of the Machines - [MISC2.4]

Challenge 1: Hunt.
From where you begin, turn around and face the bird statue. It's 
behind the statue.

Challenge 2: Scavanger.
From Challenge 1, turn so the bird statue is on your right. Now go 
straight and take the second left. The challenge awaits here.

Challenge 3: Sumo.
From Beacon 4, head down either of the two roads leading to the curved area. 
The beacon is in the curved area.

Challenge 4: Destruction.
It's right next to Beacon 1, behind the fast food resturant.

1: Starting at the bird statue, face it, and look left and up.

2: Back at the bird statue, face it, except look right and up this time.

3: From symbol 2, look around. The symbol is on a neighboring building.

4: Again from the statue. Face it, and look right. You'll see a tall 
building right next to a small one. The symbol sits on this building.

5: Drive around until you find an area with picnic tables. It's a corner 
area, so drive on the edge of the map. The symbol is in this area.

Congrats! You have all the Decepticon symbols. Check the G1 Characters
characters section in Bonus Features for you reward.

Skills - [MISC2.5]

Most of the usual ones are present here. Speed, Jump, Throw, and Slide. 
There're only two different ones.

Evil: Just like Autobots Heroic, attack autobots to raise this one.

Destruction: Just destroy buildings.

A tip on Jump: The Last Stand and City of the Machines is the same map. 
So read the Autobot skills for a tip on how to get Jump there.

7: Frequently Asked Questions - [FAQ]

Will be posted if people send me questions.

8: Legal stuff - [LEGAL]

This guide may not be reproduced or reprinted for any kind of profit gain, 
only for personal, private use. You may not post it on your website unless 
asking me for permission first. You may not change anything in this guide. 
If you wish to use a portion of this guide on your own, ask me first and 
give proper credits, as I would you.

This Walkthrough is: Copyright 2007 Michael Kuhrmeier.

9: Credits - [CRED]

Peter Cullen - For being Optimus Prime in the first place, and for 
personifing a hero that has kept many people, including me, straight and true 
from birth to death.

Frank Welker - For being Megatron. Without Megatron, Optimus wouldn't be 
what he is.

My Bro - For introducing me to the original Transformers.

My girl - For tolerating my Transformers obsession, and loving the new 
movie almost as much as I did.

Hasbro - For creating the diaclone Transformers and spawning a revolution 
in the way toys were played with. Without the toys, the cartoons would've 
never been made.

You - For choosing this guide.
Transform and roll out!

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