Beast (Voice)Gregg Berger
Cyclops (Voice)James Arnold Taylor
Iceman (Voice)Shawn Ashmore
Logan/Wolverine (Voice)Hugh Jackman
Magneto (Voice)Dwight Schultz
Nightcrawler (Voice)Alan Cumming
ProducerTrevor Jalowitz
Proffesor Charles Xavier (Voice)Patrick Stewart
Sabretooth (Voice)Tyler Mane
Storm (Voice)Debra Wilson
Voice of ColossusBrad Abrell
Voice of Jason StrykerSteven Jay Blum
Voice of Jean GreyKatherine Morgan
Voice of Lady DeathstrikeVyan Pham
Voice of Multiple ManEric Dane
Voice of PyroSteve Van Womer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Menji, Alec86, and LordAndrew.

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