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Guide and Walkthrough by ipino

Version: 0.30 | Updated: 05/27/2012


Game Name       - Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
                  Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix

Developer       - Rockstar San Diego
Publisher       - Rockstar Games
Platforms       - Xbox, Playstation 2
ESRB Rating     - Everyone 10+

Author          - ipino
E-Mail          - ipino.faq NO&AT#SPAM gmail.com
                  (replace &AT# with a @ symbol, and remove "NO" and "SPAM")

Date Started    - 2005/04/29
Last Update     - 2012/05/27
Version         - 0.30



  This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this
document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and
  may not be used for any commercial uses. This document may not be altered
                    without permission from the author.


               As the original and the Remix edition of the game
                        have the very same Career mode,
                      this FAQ DOES apply to both of them
                            unless otherwise stated,
                 otherwise there'll be a "Remix" or "RMX" tag.


To jump to a specified (sub)section:
a) Highlight the subsection code on the right. Either with or without the
   brackets is the same.
b) Copy it into the clipboard with CTRL+C
c) Open the find window. Usually for Windows programs you need to hit CTRL+F
d) Paste the code into the box with CTRL+V
e) hit the "Find" or similar button to find the first occurrence. To find next
   occurrences hit the F3 key.


  1.  Introduction.....................................................(01INT)
        1A - About me..................................................(01ABT)
        1B - My setup..................................................(01STP)
        1C - My Garage.................................................(01GAR)
  2.  Disclaimer.......................................................(02DIS)
  3.  Revision History.................................................(03HIS)
  4.  Contact Policy...................................................(04CON)
  5.  Game Basics......................................................(05BAS)
        5A - Controls..................................................(05CON)
        5B - Race Types................................................(05RAT)
        5C - Moves, Special Moves And Combos...........................(05MOV)
        5D - Races Nomenclature........................................(05RNA)
        5E - Game Tips.................................................(05GAT)
        5F - Tuning Tips...............................................(05TNT)
        5G - Bikes Tips................................................(05BKT)
        5H - Choppers Tips.............................................(05CPT)
        5I - Racing Tips...............................................(05RCT)
        5J - Weather...................................................(05WTH)
        5K - Game Mechanics............................................(05GME)
        5L - Playing Dirty.............................................(05PDT)
  6.  Vehicle Bestiary.................................................(06VEH)
        6A - Class D...................................................(06VED)
        6B - Class C...................................................(06VEC)
        6C - Class B...................................................(06VEB)
        6D - Class A...................................................(06VEA)
        6E - Vehicle Amount Summary....................................(06VAS)
  6F - Remix Vehicles Summary....................................(06VRM)
  7.  Races List.......................................................(07RLS)
        7A - San Diego Races List......................................(07RSD)
        7B - Atlanta Races List........................................(07RAT)
        7C - Detroit Races List........................................(07RDT)
  7D - Tokyo Races List..........................................(07RTY)
  8.  Races Walkthrough................................................(08RWT)
        8A - San Diego Races Walkthrough...............................(08RSD)
        8B - Atlanta Races Walkthrough.................................(08RAT)
        8C - Detroit Races Walkthrough.................................(08RDT)
  8D - Tokyo Races Walkthrough...................................(08RTY)
  9.  Career Mode Progression..........................................(09CMP)
        9A - San Diego Career Progression..............................(09PSD)
        9B - Atlanta Career Progression................................(09PAT)
        9C - Detroit Career Progression................................(09PDT)
        9D - Tokyo Progression.........................................(09PTY)
        9E - World Wide Club Races.....................................(09PCR)
        9F - U.S. Championship Series..................................(09UCS)
 10.  Unlockables FAQs.................................................(10ULF)
        10A - When are Class <X> cars unlocked ?.......................(10XNX)
              When Level <N> parts for class <X> cars will be available ?
        10B - How do I win the prize cars ?............................(10PRZ)
 11.  Hidden Rockstar Stars............................................(11HRS)
 12.  Miscellaneous Things.............................................(12MSC)
        12A - Cleaned Up Game Maps.....................................(12MAP)
        12B - Revert The Weather Back To Clear.........................(12WTH)
 13.  Music Tracks Listing.............................................(13MTL)
        13A - Hip Hop..................................................(13HIP)
        13B - Rock.....................................................(13ROC)
        13C - Techno...................................................(13TEC)
        13D - Drum'n'Bass..............................................(13DNB)
        13E - Dance Hall...............................................(13DAN)
 13F - Unused / Other Songs.....................................(13UNS)
 14.  Frequently Asked Questions.......................................(14FAQ)
 15.  Contributing Readers.............................................(15CON)
 16.  Thanks...........................................................(16TNX)



1.  Introduction                                                       (01INT)

Yo little shrimp, you may have beaten those fools in Midnight Club 2 but here,
in MC3, we've got some serious competition that will kick your a**.

Midnight Club 2 was (and still is, if you give it a try) a cool racing game
with speed, crazy courses, big cities to drive in, a good amount of cars and
even bikes, and weird characters that even call you "asswipe" for the entire

Granted, it had unlicensed cars, and no customization whatsoever - except for
the car color. Still, it is one of my favourite games.

This sequel takes Midnight Club 2 and give it a nice restyling, in graphic,
game blabla, while keeping some perks like the open city in almost every race
mode, unordered checkpoint races, ton of _licensed_ cars to choose from.

This is my first FAQ, so I know for sure there are errors, mistakes and typos
scattered all over the place. Also my English will be poor, it's not my native
language, so if you see weird grammar or non sense sentences don't hesitate to
let me know so I can correct them.

Some "styles" of this FAQ/Walkthrough have been "borrowed" by my favourite FAQ
writer down there, whose efforts spent in Midnight Club 2 and Vice City
walkthroughs were very helpful for me. I'm talking about Minesweeper. I hope
to return him the favour with this one, and to see (better say "read") him
again in some giant text file ...
Anyway I am not going to copy his faq formatting style, instead I'll try to
create my own.

One side note: I don't own a PS2, so I'll refer to the Xbox version of the
game. They are virtually the same, except for the controls, of course.

Oh, and one more thing. This is a work in progress guide, I'll add things as
I progress through the game.


1A - ABOUT ME                                                          (01ABT)

You know, I'm from Sicily, Italy. Of course I do love pizza, pasta, I like to
play my mandolino, and I'm endorsed in a Mafia-style organisation ... yeah,
whatever. I hope you didn't believed what I said.

Anyway, I'm 27, my favourite game series are (in no particular order): Dead or
Alive (though I'm not a real fan of the genre) Grand Theft Auto, Harvest Moon,
Need for Speed and of course Midnight Club.

My favourite game genres are RPGs, every type of driving game, except pure
arcade games like (just to name one) Outrun, action adventures a-la GTA where
you have a certain "freedom" to explore a huge map (like Mercenaries, Driver4,
Mafia, Psychonauts, and whatnot), FPS (like F.E.A.R., Black, Unreal, Half Life
2), sports games to a certain extent: not football (though is the national
sport here in Italy), but I like playing tennis (in videogames, of course),
for example.

More useless junk added later.


1B - MY SETUP                                                          (01STP)

I own a PC with an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 2.8GHz CPU, 1 GB PC3200 RAM, 
a Crystal Microsoft Xbox console (with crystal controllers of course), a
Nintendo GameCube Platinum with its 8 MB memory card, and an Amiga 1200 which
has got its own accelerator board (Blizzard 1230-IV), its RAM (2+16 MB, if you
know what I'm saying), its hard drive, its cdrw burner, but it hasn't got a
stable place to be left, thus isn't used that much. And the floppy drive
recently left this world.

Previously, Akash Khetan asked me (on IRC) if I actually had a TV... well,
of course I have, and I admit it was a misconfusing sentence.

As of now, I have swapped my ATI Radeon 9550 graphic board (which sports 256MB
of video memory) to my old GeForce 4 Ti4200 (that has only 128 and is AGP 4X).
It has a composite (as well as S-Video) input, and the Xbox is attached to it,
so I can play Xbox games on the PC Monitor and grab screenshots and record
movies with Windows Movie Maker shipped with my copy of Windows XP Pro.

This is to say, I could show you my cars or whatever if you ask, or post funny
screens if I encounter one.
Some days ago I drove straight into a tram and passed through it without not
even a single collision. It was cool but what's the deal, it's a simple glitch
so I didn't even bothered about grabbing it.

One maybe useful thing I did with that was the clean maps. See section 12A.

Anyway, I think I'm getting too far from the boundaries, let's stick to the


1C - MY GARAGE                                                         (01GAR)

I would like to share my owned cars with you, so this is the right place.
These are from my official profile, not one of the other two I use to compare
stuff and take note of the game progression of stuff unlockings. 
They're now grouped by class and then by category instead of the old,
confusing method (well, I bet which one of the two is more confusing is highly

Screenshots don't have the garage graphic because I hold clicked the right
thumbstick down when I took them.

They're also now hosted on ImageShack.us, which I thanks.

Also, they've been re-grabbed (as of 2006/03/26) and have much higher quality
than those previously hosted on my site.

Class D
Luxury Sedans / 300C DUB Edition
      just the plain one you win
Tuners / IS300, Metallic Red color, fully customized

Class C
Tuners / Skyline GTR, Metallic Blue color, lot of money spent on it
      but however it's a class C car so it cannot compete with the Espirit.
      But I love Skylines so this was no big problem, it's still cool to see.
Tuners / Lancer Evolution VIII, Gold color, made while I was horribly bored of
      crashing, thus creating a horrible car !
SUV/Trucks / AMG G55, the prize SUV for its club race. It's ugly and
      I keep it just as a reminder there are things uglier than lame people.

Class B
Tuners / Espirit, Color Shift between two closer cyan shades, with a
      Splash Vinyl, Level 3 cyan neon.
      This is the car I have won the most amount of races with.
Luxury Sedans / SL55 AMG DUB Edition
      again, just the plain one you win
Muscle Cars / '81 Camaro Z28
      I admit I made this car very ugly, I know. It has bad oversteer also.
      I find it very fun to drive when the weather is fine.
SUV/Trucks / RAM SRT10, light grey
Choppers / D'Elegance, the standard one

Class A
Sport Bikes / Mille Factory, arguably the best bike in the game.
Sport Bikes / Ninja ZX 12R
Exotics / ME 412, the one you win from the By Invitation Only club.
Exotics / Cien, another prize car. I like it because it's heavier
      than your average exotic car
Exotics / Murcielago, metallic red (of course), with flashing red
      neon and rims with spinners.
Exotics / '98 Diablo, from the Remix edition
      the first car I bought right after booting the Remix edition.


2.  Disclaimer                                                         (02DIS)

I worked hard on putting up this document. No one, except sites listed below,
can host it in their sites. This is only for private use. You can store it on
your own hard drive, burn it onto your personal cd/dvd backup, give it to your
friend, but you can't get money out of it, nor you can claim it as your.

Allowed sites to display this document, in its original text format, are:


Please ask my permission before putting it on your website, thanks.

Before stealing anything from this faq ask permission or at least credit me.


3.  Revision History                                                   (03HIS)

Things change... and this document does too.

Version 0.00 to 0.03 (2005/04/29-2005/05/04)
  - car list, race list, race types, whatever basic there is
  - added extra info for every races (money reward, opponents) but removed
  - many other things I don't remember

Version 0.04 (2005/05/05)
  - Written the basic faq stuff (intro, disclaimer, revision history)
  - changed indexing method again (no more 1.1, now 1A)
  - changed car list formatting

Version 0.09 (2005/05/06)
  - Added section about me/my setup, added walkthroughs for other San Diego
    races, added FAQ/Credits/Thanks sections

Version 0.12 (2005/05/07)
  - Added other races, and the "my garage" subsection

Version 0.15 (2005/05/09)
  - Added even more races, submitted to GameFAQs

Version 0.16 (2005/05/10)
  - Put online the screenshots of the "My garage" section; added some other
    races, added more stuff to the career progression, corrected bad grammar
    here and there.
  - Made the maps of the three cities. Took about 2 hours to clean them up.
  - Today I've finished 100% NFSU2 for GBA :) Easy enough anyway. Just tape
    the A button and sometimes tap the B button... There are 4 Skylines there,
    and they are have stellar performance stats, not like in MC3 ..
  - Modified the introduction a little

Version 0.17 (2005/05/11)
  - Yesterday night I progressed in my "official" profile so I added several
    stuff in the Detroit career progression and I added names and prices for
    prize cars like the Cien, the ME Four-Twelve and the Detroit Cop Car.
  - I have corrected also some stuff about how performance upgrades are
    unlocked, and several stats for class A cars.
  - Since club races have races in each city, I have put them in their own
    subsection (9E)
  - Not uploaded anywhere

Version 0.18 (2005/05/12)
  - 111kb file size
  - Added some more races
  - Added stats for several cars
  - Added new sections for the US Championship, Club Races, unlockables, and
    progressed farther in the career progression but many non-double-checked
    things have been cut from the official 0.18
  - Changed many things here and there
  - Submitted at Neoseeker

Version 0.19 (2005/05/13)
  - 124kb file size
  - Added many races in San Diego
  - Added stats for many vehicles (except a few because I got bored at some
  - Added the music listing section
Version 0.20 (2005/05/15)
  - 138kb file size
  - In previous revision I forgot to paste the whole "Midway Madness" walkthru
    It's here this time
  - Last night I finished the Big Playas club so I updated its parts unlocking
    and added the stats for the (ugly) prize SUV
  - Added the Choppers tips section
  - Added stats for other vehicles
  - In the evening I become the US Champion, thus I added the stat for the
    Murcielago, and since I also unlocked Level 2 parts for Class A, I added
    all the remaining statistics, except the three yet unlocked vehicles.
  - I completed the bike club races, so I added the stats for the Ninja ZX 12R
  - Added some bike tips
  - Converted all missing tabs into spaces
  - Added more races

Version 0.21 (2005/05/16)
  - 148kb file size
  - Added other San Diego races
  - Added the "Playing Dirty" subsection

Version 0.22 (2005/05/17)
  - 160kb file size
  - Today I've got 100% so now I've added stats for the three missing vehicles
    thus that section is complete!
  - Updated the my garage section to reflect what's really in my garage.
  - Added the "(P)" tag in some prize cars that didn't have it.
  - Added a summary chart in the races list.
  - Of course I added the walkthroughs for more races.

Version 0.23 (2005/05/19)
  - 175kb file size
  - Added some more gaming tips
  - Corrected some bad grammars around
  - I've been busy playing Forza Motorsport, that's the reason for the lack of
  - Added some more races in San Diego and Detroit
  - I've been also busy watching the hires trailer of GTA San Andreas for Xbox
    over and over
  - Added the new section finding method using a different keycode.

Version 0.24 (2005/05/20)
  - file size is 180kb
  - Minor grammar update
  - Added the file size for the various versions
  - Added some more races
  - Added some unlock progressions stuff

Version 0.25 (2005/05/26)
  - File size is 184kb
  - Fixed some minor grammar stuff, like it was Kioski instead of Kioshi, and
    Caesar instead of Ceasar.
  - Corrected some bad informations regarding the Police 1000 thanks to a
  - Added two ordered races in Detroit
  - Added few other career progression stuff in Detroit, read below this row.
  - In these days I've been playing Forza Motorsport (as usual) as well as
    MC3 with other profiles, to double and triple checks the unlock mechanism
    that's a bit nasty to say the least. Seems that club races DO count in the
    unlock count, because once I got Class A cars unlocked after a certain
    race for the Original Riders Club, and I said to my Xbox "WTF ?"
  - Copy/pasting stuff from this faq and posting the resulting file to game
    faqs site won't net you anything but shame.

Version 0.26 (2005/07/09) (never released)
  - File size was ~ 190 kb
  - It has been a looooong time... sorry, I was playing GTA San Andreas...
    I'm still playing it now, but not like in the past weeks.
    But I've kept replying mails. And of course I read notes left on my
    Prior to GTASA I wrote a FAQ for Forza Motorsport, which is incomplete
    of course, and it's around 128kb. I don't think it'll ever be finished.
  - Another guy mailed me telling that police vehicles have sirens in the PS2
    version of the game
  - Added some more races in Detroit
  - Added other career progression stuff in Detroit
  - There are 4 new races walkthrough added, that were written literally
    months ago

Version 0.27 (2006/03/28)
  - File size is 206 KiB
  - FAQ dubbed to the Remix edition of the game.
  - Corrected even more bad sentences that sounded silly.
  - Car list arrangement changed to fit the url of a screenshot taken from the
    "buy car" menu.
    Images uploaded to ImageShack.
  - Added stats for almost every new car in the Remix edition
  - Also uploaded the pictures in the "my garage" section of the faq
  - Added the new songs included in the Remix edition to the track list
  - Added sections for Tokyo races list, progression, races walkthrough

Version 0.28 (2006/03/30)
  - File size is 216 KiB
  - Added more San Diego races
  - Added the section about other songs not in the playlist
  - Pasted missing FAQ' answers that I forgot last time
  - Posted as the first "Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix" at GameFAQs.com.

Version 0.29 (2006/03/31)
  - 222 KiB file size
  - Added walkthroughs for unordered races in Tokyo
  - Added the list of races Tokyo has opened at the beginning of the Remix
  - I forgot *again* to paste part of some FAQ answers that were in my "draft"
  - Corrected the answer to question #8 in the FAQ section, about the number
    of cars allowed in the garage

Version 0.30 (2012/05/27)
  - Updated email address


4.  Contact Policy                                                     (04CON)

You are welcome to contact me at the email address written at the top of this
document. If you do, please put something like "Midnight Club 3 FAQ" or just
"MC3 FAQ" (if you're too lazy to type the whole thing) in the subject, and
then tell me about how cool this faq is (mmm, this is unlikely), how many
errors have you found (well, now something more realistic), alternate routes
for races, general comments, whatever you want. You will get credit of course.
And your email won't be made public unless you ask to.

If you have stat values for car that don't have them (or if you find mistakes)
please mail me them so I can make corrections.

Please cleanly state on your email the nickname you want to appear as, as well
as if you want your email address to appear (the "@" symbol will be replaced,
don't worry). If you won't say anything, I'll assume you don't want your
email to be spread.

You can also mail to ask permission to host this document on your site.

You may also mail me to report broken links (especially for car images).

And of course, you can also mail new strategies for races, as well as
suggestions and anything you think it may be worth to the guide.


5.  Game Basics                                                        (05BAS)

This section provides the omnipresent control chart, and some useful tips to
know, grouped by type.
Please note that most of the tips below can be used in other racing games as

5A - CONTROLS                                                          (05CON)

This is a chart with both PS2 and Xbox controls. I took the Xbox myself from
the in-game control screen, while PS2' ones come from Mike W. FAQ.

XBOX                              FUNCTION                       PLAYSTATION 2
Left Trigger                       Brake                         Square Button
Right Trigger                    Throttle                             X Button
Left Thumbstick                 Steer Vehicle                  Left Thumbstick
A Button                         Handbrake                                  R1
B Button                       Weight Transfer                              L1
X Button                         Use Nitrous                                R2
Y Button                         Look Behind                                L2
D-Pad Left/Right                Prev/Next Song                D-Pad Left/Right
D-Pad Up                        On-Screen Map                         D-Pad Up
D-Pad Down                       Hydraulics                         D-Pad Down
Left Thumbstick Click           Special Move                                L3
White Button                     Headlights                      Circle Button
Black Button                    Change Camera                  Triangle Button
Back                             Nav System                             Select
Start                            Pause Menu                              Start

I strongly recommend Xbox users to swap handbrake and weight transfer buttons,
so you can use nitrous and keep ducking while on a bike easily.

Oh, and while you are in the option menu, go to visual options and set to OFF
all that crap, especially the cinematic camera.


5B - RACE TYPES                                                        (05RAT)

This is a list of all race types you can find in Midnight Club 3. Many of them
are new while others are the common race types you find in every car game and
of course were present in Midnight Club 2.
These modes are what you can find in the Career mode, but you can also play
them in Arcade of course.

Type              - Go from point A to point B
Visible opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - YES
Laps              - NO
Other             - None
Info              - This is the main type of race mode in the game. Beacons
                    form the layout of the course, and it is totally to you
                    getting from one checkpoint to the next one.

Type              - Do laps in a beacon-based circuit
Visible opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - YES
Laps              - YES
Other             - Nitro stock replenish at every lap
Info              - This is just like ordered, where the "A" and "B" point
                    are in the same place.

Type              - Hit all orange checkpoints, and then get to the finish
                    line (red checkpoint)
Visible opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - YES
Laps              - NO
Other             - None
Info              - This is my favourite. There's no predefined path and you
                    have to find the fastest route, which almost always make
                    use of several shortcuts in the city.

Type              - Race in a closed track
Visible Opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - YES
Laps              - YES
Other             - None
Info              - This is like races in Juiced. The track has cement blocks
                    on both sides and you have to do laps.

Type              - Beat the track lap time
Visible Opponents - NO
Nitrous           - NO
Special Moves     - NO
Laps              - NO
Other             - None
Info              - Race setting is like in Track Race, but this time you are
                    alone in the track and you have a set amount of laps to
                    beat a certain lap record. There is a "NO" in laps because
                    the "race" is over as soon as you beat the lap time. If
                    you fail in the allotted number of laps, you will not get
                    the first place.

Type              - Race for points in a championship.
Visible opponents - Depends on the event type
Nitrous           - Depends on the event type
Special Moves     - Depends on the event type
Laps              - Depends on the event type
Other             - You cannot restart the individual race, you have to
                    restart the whole tournament. Also, you get the reward
                    stuff (money and prize car) only at the end of it.
                  - By winning a tournament you usually receive a new car
Info              - This is a tournament in any of the modes above. You gain
                    points depending on your final position. Needless to say,
                    the more you have, the better chances you have to win it.

Type              - Free roam of the city
Visible opponents - NO
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - YES
Laps              - NO
Other             - None
Info              - I bet there's no need to give details about this mode ...

The following race modes can only be played in either Arcade or Multiplayer
mode. I don't play them too much. I've just played with them enough to give
them a description. It's not fun to play them against the CPU in my opinion.

Type              - Pass through checkpoints to "paint" them in your color.
Visible opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - NO
Laps              - NO
Other             - None
Info              - Pass throught already painted checkpoints to turn them in
                    your own color

Type              - Can't describe :)
Visible opponents - NO
Nitrous           - YES (automatically engaged)
Special Moves     - NO
Laps              - YES
Other             - None
Info              - 
This is something mad. You gain points wherever you pass other cars,
when driving cleanly, by reaching checkpoints, completing laps, and so on.
The mad thing is that you can rely only on thrust and handbrake to dominate
your car, while nitro is being engaged randomly when you least expect it.

Type              - Hunters vs Prey
Visible opponents - I bet yes
Nitrous           - I bet yes
Special Moves     - I don't know
Laps              - I guess no
Other             - My crystal ball broke just now
Info              - This is a multiplayer only game and I haven't tried it.

Type              - Grab the flag and bring it to the red flare
Visible opponents - YES
Nitrous           - YES
Special Moves     - NO
Laps              - NO
Other             - Ram the opponent carrying the flag to steal it
Info              - None


5C - MOVES, SPECIAL MOVES AND COMBOS                                   (05MOV)

Like in Midnight Club 2, there are a couple of manouvres you can perform with
your car or bike. This time however you don't have to unlock them, they're
available from the start, even if you get the tutorial movie after a while.

(I didn't noticed before, but you can view tutorial movies right from the Nav
System, just look in the lower left corner of the screen and hit the button
that's written there. On the Xbox, it's the X Button)

What you have to unlock are some special moves, that add even something
tactical to the game. I've found one of them really useful, but let's see
the 'normal moves' first.

These moves are basically what you would have to unlock in Los Angeles in
Midnight Club 2. Except for the two wheel drive, that seems a bit useless, but
cool, abuse them every time you can.

BURNOUT - Hold the handbrake and the throttle together when moving from a
stopped position to quickly gain speed. Always use it at the start of races or
after a crash.
You can also steer your vehicle in the direction you want it to go, while
burning out.

NITRO - Almost every game has this, do I really need to describe it ? Oh yeah
you get a ferocius burst of speed to quickly get ahead of your opponents, and
crash into a wall. Ah, the amount you can have on a car depends on its class.
Oh, one more thing. When you are nitrousing, your car will be heavier than
normal, so colliding with traffic cars will not be a big issue, but you will
of course lose speed. Your steering capabilities, also, will be close to
none, so use it on straight stretches of road.

SLIPSTREAM TURBO - Get behind the air vacuum of someone else to fill your
meter and get a free nitro. Try to stay in the 'stream' you see behind the
opponent' car and also try to stay as close as you can.
Don't pay attention to the meter, focus instead on the 'bi-bi-bi-bip' !
You don't need to have Nitrous installed to use this.
Getting behind bikes or choppers doesn't work like it did in Midnight Club 2.

IN AIR CONTROLS - Allows you to have control of your car while in-air (uh !)
so you can point it to the direction you want it to take, and position it
properly for a soft landing.

TWO WHEEL DRIVE - You can emulate KITT and proceed with your left or right
wheels, by pushing the weight transfer button and left or right on your left
You'll rarely use this, except when you're tired or when in free roam mode. 

ENDO - Get some speed and push hard on the brakes to make the bike stops in
its front wheel. If you use it properly, you can take tight U-turns quicker.

WHEELIE - While accelerating, weight transfer your body backward with the left
stick. Use at the start of the races to jump ahead of your opponents (they do
this manouver too, mind you).

LEANING - While racing, keep your weight to the front wheel, so you lean and
go faster. This lead us to the ...

FAST CORNERS - ... where you can take corners without losing too much speed
while keeping your weight to the front wheel.

WEIGHT TRANSFER - Allows you to balance your car or bike in the air, mainly
to get a soft landing.

NITROUS - Yeah, unlike MC2, here you can equip your two-wheel monster with
Nitrous. Be extreeeeemely cautious to use it when you're sure or you WILL

ROAR - This is a funny and useful move. An unit of this manouver sends a wave
that will knock off every vehicle within the radius of the blast.
You can clean intense traffic junction with only a tip of your finger, and
you can have lot of fun watching your opponents smash into things; but if
they have a heavy vehicle, this move won't affect them as much as they would
be with a light one.
Please note that the wave affects your car as well.
AVAILABLE FOR - Choppers, Muscle Cars

ZONE - I found this move really helpful. When you press the left thumbstick,
time will slow down and you can manouver your car accurately. But mind you,
you still have your momentum, so if you were going to badly wreck into a bus
or tram or whatever, chances are you can't use this manouver to avoid the
Always use this move when approaching tricky part of the course or when you
feel unconfident of the track.
AVAILABLE FOR - Exotics, Tuners, Sport Bikes

AGRO - This move makes your car extremely heavy, and you'll send everyone you
touch airbone. Not as useful as the other two, but funny nonetheless.
AVAILABLE FOR - SUV/Trucks, Luxury Sedans, Cop Cars


5D - RACES NOMENCLATURE                                                (05RNA)

Mmm, yeah, this section is a bit pointless, but I thought this is something
useful to know.
Many race names aren't randomly assigned; instead, they reflect something.
Many times it is just the "shape" of the course, while others is the setup.
These are what I am aware of.

DASH - In dash races there's only one checkpoint, the finish line. It is
usually on the other side of the city, so you have to find the fastest way to
get there before everyone else.

TRACK - Obviously, these are track races.

Other names are references to something. Here's what I know or have found so

"View from Above" was, if you remember correctly, the first race for Parfait
in Paris in Midnight Club 2.
"Capitol Punishment" at least for me sounds like "Capital Punishment", and old
beat'em up game for Amiga.
"Interstate 75" sounds like the old PC game "Interstate '69" and its sequel,
"Interstate '72".
"Majestic" is the name of a car you can find and steal in "Grand Theft Auto:
San Andreas", a game also published by Rockstar Games.
"El Cortez Dash" reminds me Mr. Cortez, a person who gave you missions back in
"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", another game published by Rockstar Games.

Also in Midnight Club 2 there was a race for Angel called "Hollywood Hysteria"
in Los Angeles. It was an unordered checkpoint race. In MC3 we have "Hillcrest
Hysteria" that's a circuit race in San Diego.

There's even a connection with "Grand Theft Auto III": the drum'n bass song
"Spectre" performed by Aquasky was on the soundtrack listing of GTA3 on the
radiostation "MSX FM"


5E - GAME TIPS                                                         (05GAT)

Another tips section, this time a bit more useful.

- When you see the performance bars in the garage screen, the colored line on
the left side of each bar marks what levels the car/bike will reach with every
performance upgrade installed.

- If you ever need money, city races are there for this reason.

- You can't manually save the game, it autosaves at the end of each race and
when you exit from the garage, but only if you changed something.

Conversely, if you DON'T WANT to make the game autosaves, to be on the safe
side, reset BEFORE the end-race menu appears, or before exiting from the
garage. This can be useful if you don't want to get worse statistics.

- For a clean drive without randomly changing cameras, set to OFF the last
three items found in Options > Camera Options.

- When you take blind turns, watch out for gas stations in corners - Atlanta
and Detroit have one in almost every corner. Many races there (especially in
Detroit) have them in the courses and if you cut corners you'll likely crash
into them and BOOM, make your car explode.

- If you stay at a certain distance from the monitor/tv you can have a better
view of what's going on in the game. This doesn't apply only to MC3, but to
every videogame. Try to get used to have a look at informative texts on the
screen, from time to time. The radar on the lower left side of the screen is
very helpful. Knowing your damage may also come handy sometime. The arrow on
the left side may help you too, and so on.


5F - TUNING TIPS                                                       (05TNT)

Just a few quick recommentations when you are in the garage..

- You don't need to buy lower level performance upgrade parts to install level
2 or 3. So if you buy a car and you have already unlocked level 2 parts, you
can install them right away without having to spend money on level 1 first.
I'm pointing this out since in most other racing games you have to go throught
all levels.

- Lowering your car height helps handling a bit. Having a lower center of mass
as you know means less body roll, and helps in cornering, speed, and all about
a better control.
This is especially true with SUVs, that are fairly high from the ground.
You need to have at least Level 1 Suspension installed on your car to be able
to lower it.
To lower the height of your car (for free):
Customize Vehicle > Body Car > Wheels > Dimensions > Ride Height
and set it as low as you can.

- If you are low on money, don't waste them in useless visual parts like rims
bumpers or that cool vinyl with monsters. These won't make your car go faster.
Focus on performance parts, and buy a nitrous as soon as you can, since
slipstreaming and nitrousing are your best friends in races.

- You can use the Auto Update screen in the Performance Shop to check out if
you're missing performance updates.


5G - BIKE TIPS                                                         (05BKT)

- As I said before, always start the race with a burnout and immediately pull
a wheelie to get a speed boost

- After a wheelie, gently pull the front wheel back on the road, otherwise you
may lose up to 40-50 mph when it touches the ground. Remember, do it gently,
especially if you are in the crowd (remember to stay focused on YOUR race)

- Move your weight onward (i.e., on the front wheel) to go faster and take
curves faster

- When you feel you're going to lose control of your bike, remember to slow
down to balance it, no one is pointing a gun at your head yelling to go

- Before entering a turn, move to the opposite side of the road you're on so
you can take it at a higher speed with minimum steering

- If after/during a turn you find yourself about to hit a wall, try to rotate
your bike so you hit it with your rear wheel; this will prevent you from
falling off (hitting a wall with the front wheel almost always means losing
precious time)

You can use this tecnique to balance your bike and regain control when it
starts to go wild. Just gently move to the side of the road and push it hard
into the wall, touch it with the rear wheel, and immediately rotate it to the
right so the front wheel touches it too; this will make your bike go straight
again instead of jerking all the way.
This procedure only takes less than a second. I have used it a lot in my races
for the bike club (how is it called? mmm [wait till I scroll down] oh yes, the
Original Riders Bike Club)

I've also managed to use those damn busses to straighten my bike!


5H - CHOPPERS TIPS                                                     (05CPT)

- Forget ducking like you do in bikes, because it won't work

- Choppers have bad understeering, so use the handbrake and/or slow down when
taking sharp corners

- Also forget wheelies to quickly gather speed - your front wheel will only
leave the ground for some inches, but that's it

- You can't do endos with choppers either (almost all the weight of the bike
is on the rear wheel)


5I - RACING TIPS                                                       (05RCT)

- Conserve your nitrous and use them only when needed. Don't waste them when
you could instead go for a slipstream turbo (remember, this is available from
the beginning even if you don't have nitrous). Don't use nitrous when you see
your opponents using it, instead, use it when they DON'T.

- Always save one (or more) nitrous for the final stretch

- Avoid fighting with other cars. Stay focused on YOUR race instead of trying
to spin other guys out

- Always start each race with a burnout: handbrake+throttle will do the trick,
like you will be told in one of the tutorial movies at the beginning of the
career. Also, use burnout to spin your car around after a crash or during the
countdown to point it to the direction you want to go (useful for unordered

- Try a clean drive. If you approach a nasty curve, or you see some sort of
danger ahead, don't hesitate to release the throttle and even touch the brake

- Don't immediately restart the race or throw your console out of the window
after a crash with that damned bus, instead, get back to the course and keep
racing. Not only you will learn a bit more the rest of the track, but also you
may also be able to win, provided there's enough distance between you and the
finish line.
Update: Today I missed TWO checkpoints in a circuit race in Detroit. I was in
the first lap. I did a burnout and raced the wrong side to snatch them. Then I
kept racing to catch them up. Guess who won at the end.

- When racing on the railroad, absolutely watch out for those pesky trams. As
a general rule DO NOT stay onto the railroad, because when racing at those
ridicolous speed you won't see them until you have actually crashed INTO them,
and the game is sadic enough to throw one at you if the course has a stretch
that runs over the railroads

- Anywhere in the city, watch for ambulances, firetrucks, busses, crossing
traffic in junctions, Fast'N'Furious trucks, road blocks, and whatnot

- Use the special moves of your car wisely, and always have some unit in stock
in case you need it.

- In unordered races, to know a quick route (that may not be the fastest, but
anyway will bring you to the finish checkpoint) follow the leader' car. It has
a cyan arrow over his vehicle and usually knows a better route than the other
guys (marked with a blue arrow).

- When you are not on the lead, watch out for mayhem caused by vehicles ahead
of you.

- Between lanes there's enough room for a car so always drive there

- Avoid hitting all the object in the scenery like dumpbins, trees, poles,
because they slow you down. When an opponent is near you, try instead to make
him hit those things

- Generally when playing intensive videogames that require your full attention
and quick reflexes, don't think to everything else. Just focus on racing.
IGNORE your position, IGNORE how far you are from your opponents, IGNORE that
you would want to go postal on those bastard cops. These are just distractions
for you. You MUST drive the same way regardless of your position and where the
opponents are. I can't stress this enough

- You don't need to use the best car with best handling and with best stats to
beat a certain race, NEVER. You can use any other car in that category within
the same class and have the same amount of chances of winning.
If you look (really) below, at (09UCS), you should notice that I won a race in
the US Championship Series in Detroit with a Camaro Z28, that's not as good as
an Exotic.
Do I need to write in every section that clean driving is the key?


5J - WEATHER                                                           (05WTH)

Like in Midnight Club 2, cities have changing weather. Also, races weather' is
not fixed like it was in MC2, but it's random and each race starts with the
weather you had when you flashed the frontlights in Cruise mode to start the

CLEAR - This is the optimal condition for racing. I think there's not much to
say here. It's the condition you want to race most of the time.

FOG - This is like clear, except there's less visibility of what's ahead of
you. Nothing to be scared of anyway.
Update: Actually, there's actually something to be scared of. In many races,
the flares are really far apart, and with the fog you don't see the smoke
projected in the sky. Of course, you can perform the weather-change trick
(see "Revert The Weather Back To Clear").

RAIN - Now things are a little bit worse. The road is slippery but I'm
confident you won't incour in any problem in mastering how to drive in the
rain. Rain can occour only in San Diego and Atlanta, not Detroit.

SNOW - You can have snowy weather only in Detroit. Also, some roads, freeway
ramps, parks, carparks, shortcuts, etc, are always covered with snow.
Grip with the asphalt will be poor, and you'll experience LOT of understeer
(i.e., you steer, but the front tire(s) do not turn enough) and you're likely
to spin out every two to three seconds you are not careful with the throttle,
especially with most cars which are RWD.
You should better use a FWD vehicle, but the big problem is that there is only
a small amount of them, and there's no Class A front-wheeled vehicle :|
My preferred FWD vehicle is the Skyline, that under the snow performs pretty
decently. You can choose what you like, of course. I'm just giving you an
advice (mmm, I think I've already heard that stuff somewhere...)

UPDATE - Actually I was wrong. It's not the Skyline that handles like a pro
under bad weather, but instead is the Evolution VIII. Also the Skyline is RWD
and not FWD.


5K - GAME MECHANICS                                                    (05GME)

Many things here are not fixed or preset, but change accordingly to what you
do. If you can confirm or if you have found I'm wrong about these, please let
me know.

- Opponents in City Races and Arcade Races depend on the car you choose to
race with. They will have the same class and even category vehicles.

- Money reward for every race also depends on the class/category vehicle you
decide to enter with, and by the upgrades you have installed.
Also seems to depend by how far you have progressed in the game.

- Except for the first race, Career mode opponents have randomly assigned
races, but they keep the race type. For example, Vanessa will have 3 ordered
races no matter what; PCH Sprint being the first one, and the other two are
randomly chosen (I'm refering to the first time you encounter her).

- Tournament events seem to have fixed races (confirmed 60%) in the exact same
order every time.

- The Lap Times you have to beat in Autocross Races depend also on the class.
I noticed roughly about 6 seconds of gap between entering one with Class C
and D vehicles (I've tried with SRT4, Golf, and Evo VIII to be exact, from
two different profiles).

- Prizes money for the second and third place are fraction of the winner
money. If you came third, you'll receive about 1/8 (rounded high) of the win,
if you came second you receive the 30% instead.


5L - PLAYING DIRTY                                                     (05PDT)

Since this is a game, you can do things that you wouldn't normally do in real
life. One is racing at high speeds in cities full of traffic and pedestrians
with very expensive cars. Another one is driving a bike on the freeway going
the wrong way with an endless wheelie. Yet another one is flying with your
vehicle after hitting a ramp in the docks. But the funniest one is make the
IA cars crash or lose control.

The trick is taking advantage of their driving style. They're barely
aggressive, and will try to avoid contact with you if they can. Swap paint
with them happens only if they're going really fast or if is it you that
start the swapping. Otherwise they'll pull their car away from you.
You can exploit their "fear" to make them crash scenery objects to slow them
down, and force them to crash into traffic cars - racing with the leader
side by side with you and force him to crash into a bus is always funny.

However it happens that sometimes when you're going to make an IA car crash
into a wall/car it will instead turn INTO you, and you'll lose control (if you
are lucky) or spin out (if you're not).

Doing the PIT manouver isn't worth so much because depends on the weight of
the two cars. However I haven't researched that much in that compartment -
at almost every attempt of doing one, who endend up spinning around was me.

You can of course push police cars and bikes into stuff. Police cars however
will get behind you in no time, even if you manage to make them crash into a
hard wall.

Speaking of bikes, it's easy to make their riders fall off. Most of the time
they catch up really soon however - their recovery time is less than yours.

You can experience some sort of glitch by making a police cop fall off from
his police bike. You'll keep hearing the "suggestion" to pull over and/or
slow down from the megaphone even if the policeman has just crashed into

You can have fun of course by using the special manouver Roar. Using it when
they're going straight is almost pointless - they lose control for less than
half a second and regain control. With light vehicles they may crash into
things, but even with bikes most of the time they don't get affected when
going straight.
Remember that the closer you are, the more effect they get.

Things change when they're into a turn or generally when their weight is
shifted left or right. Using Roar will make them crash into things and traffic
vehicles crash into them.

With the Agro move the fun is multiplied by ten. Simply put, when you get
really close to them engage the move and crash hard into their vehicles to
get them some air.

Keep in mind that special moves can also be used while in air.

Remember that if you've done something funny you can watch the replay at the
end of the race to extend your laugh!


6.  Vehicle Bestiary                                                   (06VEH)

Can a racing game exists without cars ? Well actually it can, just look at the
MotoGP series ... but whatever.

Unlike some other games, and unlike Midnight Club 2, vehicles are divided into
classes now, and within a class, there are various type of vehicles: bikes,
tuners, muscles, and the like.
Not all classes have all type of rides. Class A is special, because there are
high performance cars under the type 'Exotics'. On with the list !

In this section there's a rundown of all cars and bikes in the game, with some
basic info.

Values for stats are in the form "Acceleration / Top Speed / Handling", like
you see in the game.

There's also the Weight meter. Having more weight means you won't lose control
easily when bumping or hitting something, but that would also means there's
crappy acceleration. Conversely, lightly vehicles are really fast, but even
hitting a tree at the wrong angle, may get your car spinning.
Choppers and Bikes have no weight stat.

Weight is calculated hitting stuff with the car when going straight and while
drifting at high speeds. Another test is to purpousely crash into opponents.

Cars that have a (P) next to their names are prize cars.

Cars that have a (REMIX) next to their names are available only in the "Remix"
edition of the game.

The "UNLOCKED" stat tells you when the vehicle is unlocked. If you see "At the
beginning" it is available right from the beginning, of course, but if the
vehicle has also (Remix) next to the name, then it means "The vehicle is
available only in the Remix edition, right after booting from its DVD.". This
is just to be clear.

Also, every car has an image of its basic look so you can get an idea of the
car itself.


6A - CLASS D VEHICLES                                                  (06VED)

Class D cars are basically your initial cars, because once you'll gain access
to something better, you'll immediately sell them.

Level 1 Performance Parts for all categories are available from the beginning.
Level 2 are unlocked once you defeat Vanessa for the second time in San Diego.

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $16,000
  BASE STATS  - 13.6 / 20.7 / 25.7
  MAX STATS   - 23.9 / 49.7 / 51.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/3113/mc3dtuntc7yu.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $21,200
  BASE STATS  - 13.8 / 28.4 / 34.0
  MAX STATS   - 23.2 / 53.2 / 49.7
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/3647/mc3dtuneclipse6ho.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $21,350
  BASE STATS  - 13.6 / 28.4 / 27.4
  MAX STATS   - 22.0 / 51.7 / 45.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/8035/mc3dtunjetta0ma.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $21,450
  BASE STATS  - 14.7 / 35.5 / 39.2
  MAX STATS   - 28.1 / 55.2 / 55.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/7003/mc3dtunsrt40xx.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $21,750
  BASE STATS  - 12.3 / 33.4 / 41.0
  MAX STATS   - 27.7 / 53.9 / 56.7
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/5853/mc3dtungolfr320tl.jpg

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 14.3 / 37.5 / 36.0
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

IS300 (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Win "City Tournament" in San Diego
  PRICE       - $29,980
  BASE STATS  - 15.3 / 37.5 / 40.0
  MAX STATS   - 29.5 / 55.2 / 58.2 
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/8760/mc3dtunis3001pl.jpg

This is arguably the best class D car. Winning it is probably the first thing
you should do.

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $20,750
  BASE STATS  - 10.9 / 27.0 / 20.0
  MAX STATS   - 19.1 / 50.4 / 33.5
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $21,450
  BASE STATS  - 13.5 / 28.4 / 22.2
  MAX STATS   - 23.4 / 53.9 / 37.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/1089/mc3dmus64impala4xd.jpg

'57 BEL AIR (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Win Stage Tournament in SD
  PRICE       - $37,000
  BASE STATS  - 11.2 / 24.9 / 16.7
  MAX STATS   - 22.5 / 57.2 / 35.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/3670/mc3dmus57belair0ou.jpg

This category has only one vehicle, and is totally crap.
Wait to unlock class B or A for some quality SUV, this is a total waste of

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $117,508
  BASE STATS  -  9.0 / 20.0 / 19.2
  MAX STATS   - 13.5 / 37.5 / 28.2 
  NITROUS     - 2
  WEIGHT      - Very heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/421/mc3dsuvh10qk.jpg

As you can see from the stats, this vehicle suxx just a little bit. Has a poor
acceleration and suffers understeering, especially at high ("high" is used
relatively here) speed. I just can't realize why it costs that much.

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 12.8 / 30.6 / 34.0
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

300C (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Win Balboa Park Tournament in SD to win the DUB Edition.
              Once you sell it/rename it, you can get the stock version.
  PRICE       - $32,995
  BASE STATS  - 13.9 / 30.6 / 37.2
  MAX STATS   - 28.4 / 51.7 / 56.7
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - The following is the stock version of the car:
                while this one is the "DUB Edition" you win:

This is another good class D car.

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 20.2 / 39.0 / 36.4
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $48,600
  BASE STATS  - 14.0 / 34.0 / 40.7
  MAX STATS   - 26.2 / 55.2 / 55.5
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/9934/mc3dluxgs4301jq.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $54,495
  BASE STATS  - 15.0 / 39.0 / 45.4
  MAX STATS   - 31.0 / 58.9 / 59.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/3428/mc3dluxctsv0uy.jpg


6B - CLASS C VEHICLES                                                  (06VEC)

Like you'll read in the career progression section, to unlock class C vehicles
you have win 11 races against Street Racers in San Diego.

In the list, I'll refer to this as "Win 11 SR races(SD)" to make it fit in the
field of cars in the right column.

Level 1 Performance Parts are unlocked once you have beaten Vanessa two times
in San Diego.

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 19.9 / 43.2 / 34.5
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $29,999
  BASE STATS  - 19.2 / 41.9 / 40.7
  MAX STATS   - 35.0 / 64.5 / 60.7
  NITROUS     - 3
  PICTURE     - http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/8443/mc3ctunevo80zi.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $34,666
  BASE STATS  - 23.7 / 44.7 / 29.7
  MAX STATS   - 39.0 / 62.4 / 54.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  PICTURE     - http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/5276/mc3ctun350z2bh.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $37,975
  BASE STATS  - 17.5 / 50.4 / 32.0
  MAX STATS   - 32.9 / 68.0 / 58.2
  NITROUS     - 3
  PICTURE     - http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/1790/mc3ctun98supra1qw.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $39,998
  BASE STATS  - 26.0 / 50.4 / 50.5
  MAX STATS   - 43.0 / 64.5 / 68.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  PICTURE     - http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/5740/mc3ctunelise8gr.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win ALL races (they are 13) in the "Unbeatable Street Racers".
  PRICE       - $41,500
  BASE STATS  - 21.4 / 46.0 / 43.9
  MAX STATS   - 42.0 / 68.0 / 65.8
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE    - http://img490.imageshack.us/img490/9012/mc3ctun02skyline1bl.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races in San Diego
  PRICE       - $35,750
  BASE STATS  - 19.5 / 39.0 / 29.4
  MAX STATS   - 33.2 / 58.9 / 45.4
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $37,000
  BASE STATS  - 22.5 / 36.9 / 23.5
  MAX STATS   - 31.7 / 59.5 / 36.4
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/4369/mc3cmus70eldorado8za.jpg

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 20.5 / 36.2 / 18.7
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races in San Diego
  PRICE       - $37,250
  BASE STATS  - 20.5 / 38.4 / 19.2
  MAX STATS   - 31.7 / 63.7 / 34.4
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $39,300
  BASE STATS  - 23.1 / 40.5 / 28.2
  MAX STATS   - 35.5 / 64.5 / 43.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/4790/mc3cmus70chevelle1mj.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $37,450
  BASE STATS  - 19.2 / 40.5 / 27.0
  MAX STATS   - 32.2 / 64.5 / 41.9
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     -

Paint this car in orange and you'll have your own General Lee.

'68 GTO
  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $42,150
  BASE STATS  - 20.6 / 39.7 / 29.0
  MAX STATS   - 34.4 / 63.7 / 46.5
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/3149/mc3cmus68gto8qz.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win "Bad Boyz Tournament" in Detroit
  PRICE       - $42,500
  BASE STATS  - 18.2 / 44.7 / 16.7
  MAX STATS   - 28.9 / 62.4 / 26.2
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - Defeat Phil in San Diego
  PRICE       - $65,000
  BASE STATS  - 40.2 / 41.2 / 46.2
  MAX STATS   - 53.7 / 56.0 / 46.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/5764/mc3cchocuevito9yk.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 races against street racers in San Diego
  PRICE       - $60,000
  BASE STATS  - 46.4 / 42.5 / 52.0
  MAX STATS   - 58.2 / 57.5 / 52.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/2572/mc3cchocfl3tv.jpg

<unknown prize chopper> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 40.2 / 42.5 / 51.2
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 races against street racers in San Diego
  PRICE       - $125,000
  BASE STATS  - 42.0 / 43.2 / 43.0
  MAX STATS   - 55.9 / 58.9 / 43.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $43,180
  BASE STATS  - 16.2 / 33.4 / 28.2
  MAX STATS   - 26.0 / 51.7 / 42.2
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/9285/mc3csuvssr4cs.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $45,450
  BASE STATS  - 11.0 / 34.0 / 32.0
  MAX STATS   - 25.0 / 51.7 / 48.5
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/3043/mc3csuvfx451io.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $51,935
  BASE STATS  -  9.9 / 32.7 / 25.7
  MAX STATS   - 18.5 / 49.7 / 44.2
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     -

<unknown prize suv> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  -  8.0 / 34.0 / 32.0
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - Win "DUB Tournament" in Atlanta
  PRICE       - $53,240
  BASE STATS  -  9.6 / 34.0 / 27.4
  MAX STATS   - 18.4 / 51.7 / 46.2
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $55.535
  BASE STATS  -  9.6 / 34.0 / 28.6
  MAX STATS   - 18.4 / 51.7 / 47.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2691/mc3csuvescalade6kd.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $56,040
  BASE STATS  - 10.1 / 31.2 / 31.2
  MAX STATS   - 19.7 / 49.7 / 46.2
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/850/mc3csuvh23eq.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $76,000
  BASE STATS  - 12.0 / 34.7 / 39.2
  MAX STATS   - 22.0 / 55.2 / 51.7
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/9412/mc3csuvg5003cf.jpg

G55 AMG (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Win "Big Playas Club"
  PRICE       - $114,000
  BASE STATS  - 25.7 / 62.4 / 51.2
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3867/mc3csuvg55amg6pl.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $63,500
  BASE STATS  - 14.9 / 37.5 / 47.7
  MAX STATS   - 26.7 / 57.5 / 59.9
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/6203/mc3cluxsc4303ny.jpg

Unlike other Luxury Sedans, the special manouver of the SC430 is "Zone".

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $75,000
  BASE STATS  - 21.1 / 41.2 / 38.0
  MAX STATS   - 32.9 / 58.2 / 56.0
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/28/mc3clux01super8hemi9uh.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $75,835
  BASE STATS  - 17.5 / 42.5 / 44.2
  MAX STATS   - 33.0 / 61.0 / 58.2
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/326/mc3cluxxlr1tw.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $94,000
  BASE STATS  - 15.6 / 43.2 / 49.0
  MAX STATS   - 32.2 / 64.5 / 59.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - 
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/2820/mc3cluxcl5000rn.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win 11 SR races(SD)
  PRICE       - $97,233
  BASE STATS  - 13.9 / 42.5 / 39.2
  MAX STATS   - 30.6 / 61.7 / 56.0
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/8350/mc3cluxphaeton4ni.jpg

CL55 AMG (P)
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $141,000
  BASE STATS  - 37.9 / 69.5 / 60.4
  MAX STATS   - Can't Upgrade
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/3193/mc3cluxcl55amg4da.jpg


6C - CLASS B VEHICLES                                                  (06VEB)

Level 3 Performance Tires will be available after you defeat Ceasar two times
in Detroit.

<unknown prize car> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 24.7 / 55.2 / 49.0
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $51,925
  BASE STATS  - 27.0 / 57.5 / 57.5
  MAX STATS   - 44.4 / 78.6 / 69.3
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $60,000
  BASE STATS  - 29.6 / 56.7 / 56.0
  MAX STATS   - 44.5 / 75.9 / 67.8
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/9553/mc3btunchargerrt5aq.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $93,225
  BASE STATS  - 26.5 / 61.0 / 65.4
  MAX STATS   - 44.7 / 80.0 / 71.6
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/1967/mc3btunespirit8lz.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $152,000
  BASE STATS  - 40.2 / 68.0 / 51.2
  MAX STATS   - 65.0 / 83.0 / 62.7
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5448/mc3btunvipergtsr7pg.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $174,000
  BASE STATS  - 29.5 / 66.0 / 63.0
  MAX STATS   - 54.4 / 82.3 / 71.3
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Light
  PICTURE     - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/6867/mc3btunsr1rg.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $13,495
  BASE STATS  - 40.0 / 60.2 / 74.9
  MAX STATS   - 70.8 / 76.5 / 74.9
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/7303/mc3bbikmonsters4r0ff.jpg

'04 DUCATI SS1000 (P)
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $12,200
  BASE STATS  - 40.0 / 58.9 / 80.0
  MAX STATS   - 61.5 / 75.1 / 80.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/9826/mc3bbikss10007ah.jpg

<unknown prize bike> (P) (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 46.7 / 59.5 / 81.0
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

'70 GTO
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $48,000
  BASE STATS  - 22.1 / 49.0 / 32.0
  MAX STATS   - 43.0 / 73.0 / 47.4
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/6527/mc3bmus70gto6ru.jpg

'69 CAMARO Z28
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $49,900
  BASE STATS  - 21.7 / 48.2 / 34.0
  MAX STATS   - 44.2 / 70.1 / 51.2
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     -

'81 CAMARO Z28
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $54,000
  BASE STATS  - 23.0 / 49.7 / 36.4
  MAX STATS   - 47.7 / 75.1 / 52.9
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - 

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $55,000
  BASE STATS  - 25.4 / 46.0 / 31.2
  MAX STATS   - 45.4 / 70.9 / 54.7
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/2281/mc3bmus63corvette0wk.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win the "American Royalty Car Club"
  PRICE       - $56,000
  BASE STATS  - 25.6 / 51.7 / 34.0
  MAX STATS   - 48.5 / 76.5 / 57.0
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/909/mc3bmus68corvette7ld.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Win the "Choppers of America Bike Club" races
  PRICE       - $65,000
  BASE STATS  - 46.7 / 58.2 / 60.0
  MAX STATS   - 66.3 / 70.1 / 60.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/7678/mc3bchoskully2od.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $80,000
  BASE STATS  - 46.7 / 58.9 / 54.9
  MAX STATS   - 67.8 / 71.5 / 54.9
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/3922/mc3bchodelegance8fa.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $100,000
  BASE STATS  - 48.0 / 56.7 / 47.4
  MAX STATS   - 67.4 / 70.9 / 47.4
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $125,000
  BASE STATS  - 46.7 / 57.5 / 57.2
  MAX STATS   - 66.3 / 70.9 / 57.2
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5613/mc3bchovlux2xa.jpg

Between the D'Elegance and El Diablo Rigid, the best one is not the one with
a higher price, like you might think.
You save $20,000 with the D'Elegance end up with better final statistics in
almost every voice.

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $40,755
  BASE STATS  - 19.9 / 41.2 / 29.7
  MAX STATS   - 32.0 / 58.9 / 42.2
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $45,850
  BASE STATS  - 20.2 / 44.7 / 32.0
  MAX STATS   - 35.7 / 61.0 / 46.2
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/9102/mc3bsuvramsrt109my.jpg

GT 750 (REMIX)
  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $360,000
  BASE STATS  - 41.5 / 69.5 / 56.7
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/2749/mc3bsuvgt7501yh.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $87,320
  BASE STATS  - 31.1 / 63.0 / 61.0
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 
  PICTURE     - http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3373/mc3bluxcls55amg2bp.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $90,620 
  BASE STATS  - 23.4 / 51.7 / 57.2
  MAX STATS   - 37.4 / 76.5 / 64.5
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/5287/mc3bluxsl5002ot.jpg

This car has "Zone" as special move and is considered a Luxury Sport Coupe.

SL55 AMG (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Win "DUB Tournament"
  PRICE       - $135,000
  BASE STATS  - 43.7 / 80.0 / 69.1
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - This is the regular version:
         this is the DUB edition of the same car, without the garage graphics:

  UNLOCKED    - Get 100% completition (Standard game)
              - Complete the Career mode (around 77%) (Remix)
  PRICE       - $250,000
  BASE STATS  - 38.7 / 66.0 / 37.2
  MAX STATS   - 51.0 / 87.1 / 49.2
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/3135/mc3bluxsixteen4zw.jpg

A disappointing 100% reward, at least for me. Only an average luxury sedan.
Also the most expensive. If you don't like it, sell it for some cash, like I


6D - CLASS A VEHICLES                                                  (06VEA)

To unlock Class A cars I guess you have to win 11 races against street racers
in Detroit instead of defeating Angel like I said in previous versions.
Beat Ceasar two times in Detroit to unlock Level 1 Performance Upgrades.

Level 2 Upgrades are unlocked once you win the 13th race (out of 14) in the
U.S. Championship Series (read the dedicated section to know more about that).

  UNLOCKED    - Win all races in the "Original Riders" club
  PRICE       - 
  BASE STATS  - 60.0 /  85.8 / 87.4
  MAX STATS   - 93.6 / 100.0 / 87.4
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/4305/mc3abikninjazx9tr.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $10,899
  BASE STATS  - 51.7 / 85.0 / 100.0
  MAX STATS   - 90.3 / 99.1 / 100.0
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     -

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $29.995
  BASE STATS  - 48.2 / 84.4 / 97.1
  MAX STATS   - 87.0 / 96.4 / 97.1
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE     - http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/9987/mc3abik999r8wc.jpg

Note that, except for nitrous, there's no performance upgrade for those cars.
The special manouver Zone is unlocked after the third race in the Exotic-only
club race, "By Invitation Only".

  UNLOCKED    - Win City Tournament in Detroit
  PRICE       - $135,000
  BASE STATS  - 62.0 / 88.5 / 69.5
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Heavy
  PICTURE     - http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3653/mc3aexocien8cr.jpg

This car is as tough as a SUV, but has worse statistics than other exotics,
but can still keep up with them.

  UNLOCKED    - At the beginning
  PRICE       - $138,000
  BASE STATS  - 66.0 / 90.6 / 79.3
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     - http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/4838/mc3aexodiablo7es.jpg

  UNLOCKED    -  
  PRICE       - $140,000
  BASE STATS  - 66.1 / 90.6 / 72.6
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - 
  PICTURE     - It may looks like a Porsche 911, but it's a Gemballa...

Gemballa is a "dream factory" set in Germany that tunes and tricks cars made
by Porsche, Ferrari, Audi and Volkswagen. 

  UNLOCKED    - Win all 16 races in the "By Invitation Only" club race
  PRICE       - $240,000
  BASE STATS  - 91.6 / 95.6 / 91.1
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/912/mc3aexome4125xt.jpg

This is a great Exotic car, with good handling, good top speed, good
everything, and it is great-looking too!

  PRICE       - $184,100
  BASE STATS  - 58.5 / 90.6 / 79.3
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Light
  PICTURE     - http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/7599/mc3aexogallardo0cf.jpg

I know this is out of place here, but here's my Gallardo from NFS Most Wanted:

  UNLOCKED    - Win "By Invitation Only" tournament in Tokyo
  PRICE       - ?
  BASE STATS  - 58.5 / 90.6 / 79.3
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

'95 F1 LM
  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $250,000
  BASE STATS  - 99.9 / 97.0 / 89.3
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Very light
  PICTURE     - http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/5827/mc3aexof1lm2hc.jpg

This car has impressive stats, but lacks handling compared to other exotics.
It is also really light and you have to race paying attention to every thing
you touch. Even knocking down a tree may cause you to spin out.

  UNLOCKED    - complete all 14 races in the U.S. Championship Series
  PRICE       - $297,700
  BASE STATS  - 70.1 / 95.0 / 86.9
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Light
  PICTURE     - http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/9237/mc3aexomurcielago5ws.jpg

This powerful piece of car is what may be considered your dream in this game.
It's a bit heavier than the '95 F1 LM. When you win this car, all city races
will have payout prizes much higher than before.
However, the default green color is ugly at best.

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $375,000
  BASE STATS  - 84.5 / 94.3 / 93.3
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Light
  PICTURE     - http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/8996/mc3aexos73kp.jpg

If you have ever played Midnight Club 2, you'll recognise this car as being
the Veloci that Savo drove there; he was the World Champion' car.

  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - ?
  MAX STATS   - ?
  NITROUS     - ?
  PICTURE     - ?

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $725,000
  BASE STATS  - 75.1 / 97.0 / 74.4
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Very light
  PICTURE     - http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/6269/mc3aexoclkgtr0ef.jpg
Like the '95 F1 LM, you need to pay attention on how you drive this car
because its lightness is a handicap when racing at those speeds.

  UNLOCKED    - 
  PRICE       - $452,750
  BASE STATS  - 82.6 / 92.9 / 66.4
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  PICTURE     -

Note you can't use vehicles listed below to play in career mode, as nobody is
gonna race with someone driving a police vehicle !
Like Exotics, there's no performance upgrade parts available, and unlike them,
there's no Nitrous upgrade. You can't change their appearence as well.
I guess the price is $0 because you can't use them in Career mode.

PLEASE REMEMBER that all shops (Detail, Body, Color, Performance) for these
vehicles will be ALWAYS unavailable, so don't bother waiting for 100%
completition to unlock them or doing strange voodoo tricks.

While on police vehicles you can use the headlights button (the White button
in the Xbox) to make the blue-red lights flash. Daniel Stubbs told me that in
the PS2 version of the game you can hit R3 to activate the siren. I have tried
everything but seems there's no siren in the Xbox. I can't find a good reason
why Rockstar didn't put it in the Xbox.

POLICE 1000 (P)
  UNLOCKED    - Complete the Choppers of America Bike Club races
  PRICE       - $0
  BASE STATS  - 58.2 / 99.1 / 87.4
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 2
  PICTURE   - http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/1107/mc3specpolice10001qb.jpg

The police bike (or maybe it is better to say police chopper) does not have
special manouvers.

Instead, the special manouver of the police cars is Agro, as the base car is a
Muscle Car, the '96 Impala SS.

  UNLOCKED    - Defeat Vanessa two times in San Diego
  PRICE       - $0
  BASE STATS  - 32.0 / 63.7 / 48.2
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 2
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE    - http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3637/mc3specsandiegocop4ur.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Defeat Roy two times in Atlanta
  PRICE       - $0
  BASE STATS  - 37.7 / 70.1 / 54.9
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 3
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE     - http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/9960/mc3specatlantacop8se.jpg

  UNLOCKED    - Defeat Ceasar two times in Detroit
  PRICE       - $0
  BASE STATS  - 44.7 / 76.5 / 67.4
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - 4
  WEIGHT      - Medium
  PICTURE   - http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/2936/mc3specdetroitcop1ym.jpg

TOKYO COP (P) (Remix)
  UNLOCKED    - ?
  PRICE       - $0
  MAX STATS   - Can't upgrade
  NITROUS     - ?
  WEIGHT      - ?
  PICTURE     - I haven't unlocked it yet...


6E - VEHICLE AMOUNT SUMMARY                                            (06VAS)

I made this wonderful chart with the amount of cars in each class for every
category. I did this because today I thought "ehy how many tuners are there?
I think they're at least 12". Well, I was wrong as you can see.

               Cat.    |  Class   A     B     C     D  | tot
               --------+-----------------------------  + ---
               Choppers           -     3     3     -  |   6
               Exotics            9     -     -     -  |   9
               Luxury Sedans      -     3     4     3  |  10
               Muscle Cars        -     4     5     3  |  12
               Tuners             -     5     5     5  |  15
               Speciality         4     -     -     -  |   4
               Sport Bikes        3     2     -     -  |   5
               SUV/Trucks         -     2     5     1  |   8
               --------------------------------------- + ---
                    total        16    19    22    12  |  69
                     total number of vehicles in the game |


7.  Races List                                                         (07RLS)

This section list all races available in each category for each city. I though
this was kind of useful.
They are written in the same order they scroll in the track selection screen
in arcade mode.

There are 181 courses total, and there's a chart that servers as a summary of
what I have done so far. Of course it's "number of races covered in the
walkthrough section / total number of courses".

         \  Unordered   Ordered    Circuit   Tracks  Perc
San Diego |   0/0     |  41/50   |   2/11  |   4/4    70%
  Atlanta |   1/1     |   3/38   |   2/19  |   0/4    10%
  Detroit |   2/2     |   8/36   |   1/12  |   0/4    20%
    Tokyo |   2/2     |   0/10   |   0/ 4  |   0/4    12% **

I have removed the star next to the course name to tell if it's available.

** Of course these aren't the total number of races in Tokyo,
   I still have to progress in the Tokyo Challenge mode.


7A - SAN DIEGO RACES LIST                                              (07RSD)

Rites Of Passage
PCH Sprint
Freeway Haul
Coastal Chaos
Stage 1
Stage 3
Final Stage
Balboa Drag
El Cortez Dash
Downtown Drive
Alley Assault
Rev Limit
Guts To Glory
The Finest City
Horton Hijinx
Split Decision
Midway Madness
Ocean Beach Dash
Sunset Cliffs
Coaster Rides
Up and Down
Crystal Pier
Hide and Seek
Beach Bash
Urban Sprawl
High Speed Hills
Bay Bridges
Double Cross
Jumps Galore
On and Off
Downtown Hash
Oh Ship
View from Above
Twists on the Prado
East Side
Trail Blazer
Emerald Vistas

Gaslamp Quarter
Downtown Decisions
Mission Bay Bridges
Trolley Race 1
Stage 2
Hillcrest Hysteria
Star of India
Cliff Drift
Trolley Race 2
Belmont Circuit
City Loop

Downtown Race
Beachcross Race
Balboa Race
Oceans Race

Beach Track
Gaslamp Track
Balboa Track
Base Track


7B - ATLANTA RACES LIST                                                (07RAT)


Welcome to Atlanta
Around the Block
Old School
Take 'er Easy
There and Back
The Vortex
On The Edge
Lube Job
Capitol Punishment
Park and Ride
Find Your Way
4 to the Straight
Crosstown Dash
Mega Kitty
Muscle & Might
Peaches and Cream
Cemetery Gates
Cut Thru
Piedmont Pursuit
Crazy Cowboys
Into the City
Through the City

Top and Bottom
Cemetery Circuit
Dirty Birds
West End
Freeway Loop
Centennial Circuit
Buckhead and Back
South Side
East Side
Five Point Station
Five to Five
Dirty Dirty
Big Air
Hearth of the City

Tight Turns
Uptown Race

Downtown Track
Twister Track
Tight Turns Track
Midtown Track


7C - DETROIT RACES LIST                                                (07RDT)

Around The City

River Rouge Drag
Figure 8 Freeway
Hook & Dagger
The Chase is On
Muscle Drift
Train Jump
End to End
River Dash
Hockey Town
Thru and Cutback
Half Circles
Motor City
Turned Out
Belly of the Beast
The Cold War
No Way Out
Over The River
Spiral Out
Ravaged Ruins
Tiger Stripes
Slumin' It
Inner City

Interstate 75
Railyard Circuit
Freeway Circuit
City Circuit
Ghetto Daze
Around and Back
All In
Rock City

Tough Turns
Highland Park

Downtown Track
Tough Turns Track
Highland Track
Projects Track


7D - TOKYO RACES LIST                                                  (07RTY)

Alleyway Rush

Ginza Dash
Tokyo Tour
Shibuya Tour
Asakusa Tour
Train Race
Narrow Paths
Ginza Tracks

Bridges Blitz
Crazy Town
East Garden Circuit
Shinjuku Circuit




8.  Races Walkthrough                                                  (08RWT)

The big deal of this whole document. A guide for each and every race in the
game. Well, maybe not in these earlier versions, but at the end, EVERY track
will be covered here.

Please note, not all tracks have a checkpoint-by-checkpoint walkthrough if
they are easy or obvious, but I thought that including walkthroughs for all
unordered checkpoint races I have unlocked would be an added bonus, so they'll
have a higher priority.


8A - SAN DIEGO RACES WALKTHROUGH                                       (08RSD)

NAME - Rites Of Passage
TYPE - Ordered

This is an easy and straightforward race, being the very first one you'll
encounter in career mode.
Just keep the throttle all the way down and you'll win.

There's only a semi-hard right turn after that big square with parked cars,
and the tram crossing the street at the two-to-finish checkpoint: stay on the
right lane to take the ramp and get some air. The ramp is slightly angled to
the left.

If racing with a high performance car (class B or higher), trees at the center
of the road may destabilise your vehicle due to the light weight it has. Stay
on either side and you'll be fine.


NAME - PCH Sprint
TYPE - Ordered

This is another easy but tricky race.
Take the onramp when you see it, and when you see the red lights on the ground
stay on the left unless you want to fly, but that may screw you up. After that
I suggest you to stay on the main road, which has only gentle turns to reach
the final checkpoint, instead of trying to race in narrow alleyways.


NAME - Freeway Haul
TYPE - Ordered

As the name says, you're gonna racing on the freeway.
At the start, zoom to the freeway and keep going, and dodging traffic cars.
Soon you'll see an arc wall and a checkpoint after it: you may cut into the
grass but be careful of the divider so you better stick to the freeway and
take a wide right turn.
Keep going and obviously take the two left turns.
Stay on the right side and do not pass under the arc thing because
there are a couple of trucks that would block your way. A little bit after
the right wall stops, there'll be a truck parked on your way go under it,
cross some asphalt-grass-squared square and get back to the freeway.

Keep going dodging traffic and so on, but when you hear a police siren and
see several cars stopped, move to the third lane and be ready for a nice
jump or simply pass it from either the left or right side of it - there's
another truck parked into the freeway you need to avoid (those damn Fast'N'
Furious trucks ... they're everywhere in this game !).

Once you're done with it, keep going and watch for a big pillar. Avoid it and
keep following the road to the finish beacon, in the northeasternmost corner
of San Diego.


NAME - Coastal Chaos
TYPE - Ordered

This course could be fine, but I hate the final part of the course.

Zoom straight after the start, and be ready for a nice wide right U-turn
drifting. After the small bump, there's another nice wide U-turn, this time to
the left. Keep going and get to the alleyways, moderating your speed since
there are some nasty turns there.
Also, there's a garbage truck on the left side at the beginning of the second
alleyway, so stay on the right.

You'll arrive at a Luna Park. Stay in the middle-left, and when you see the
circular rotating thing with horses, watch for some flashing yellow lights
under the rollercoaster. Go throught them and fly over the parking lot. Use
weight balance to land properly and in the direction of the beacon.

There should be a police vehicle nearby, but don't pay attention, you need to
pass throught those cylindrical containers and to an arc alleyway.
This is the worst part of the city because there are trees and traffic that
blocks your sight, so stay on the left, near the wall, instead of cutting
throught everything because most likely you will crash into something, like
that damn small truck.

You can reach the finish beacon in two ways. Most cars will stay on the right
after the long stretch onto the ocean, but I think staying on the left and
keep following this walkway is faster, because after the wide left turn at the
end,it's a straight like to the finish line throught some indeed tight alleys.


NAME - Stage 1
TYPE - Ordered

This race is an easy one. Just go straight, avoid traffic and the bus near the
last checkpoint. Use all nitrous you have since it's almost a straight run to
the finish line.


NAME - Stage 3
TYPE - Ordered

At the start, race to the first checkpoint and take the right turn. Grab the
next checkpoint and watch out for a parked firetruck in the middle of the
street. There's a handy ramp under the overpass building for you to take, if
you wish. Stay in the yellow double-line in the middle of the street to take

Anyway, grab the next checkpoint and turn left. Keep racing like a mad and
after the small bridge powerslide all the way to the left. Use nitrous if you
want and collect all the remaining flares to get to the finish line, but watch
out for the final quick left-right turns if you are nitrousing.


NAME - Final Stage
TYPE - Ordered

Brrrr, final stage... what's next, a global blow up ?
Anyway, this is your average Midnight Club race.
Zoom to the first checkpoint and collect the next obvious ones on this road.
Then turn left and take the first left again, where the checkpoint is. Try to
stay on the sidewalk on the left side of the street to avoid most of the
traffic. Then again turn left to circle again the multi storey parking.

Turn left again, this time the road is smaller, so beware.
Turn left yet another time and another time. Then snatch the next checkpoint
and powerslide to the left. Race through this road and a bit after the gentle
right turn be prepared for a hard right, so stay on the left.

Keep going and turn right, grab the next two checkpoints and turn left.
Collect the next few checkpoints, and when you reach the last one, stay on the
left so you can take the gentle right turn properly. Then the finish line will
be only a few meters away.


NAME - Balboa Drag
TYPE - Ordered

This is a V-shaped course that starts at one of the mission bridges.
Once the countdown reaches 0, zoom on ahead and race like a mad catching all
the next obvious checkpoints. It's pretty easy because it's almost straight.
Watch for the U-turn after the small underpassage you see on the right. If
you take it properly with a powerslide you should be able to lose only a small
amount of speed.
Then again, it's almost a straight line.


NAME - El Cortez Dash
TYPE - Ordered

Cortez, mmm ... this name sounds familiar. Anyway, like any other dash, you
only have the final checkpoint, so there are infinite possibilities.
There is more than one fast path you may take, but I prefer this one, even if
it isn't the most obvious.

At the start, go right but be ready for a hard left and a soft right.
You'll come to a small bridge, and slow down for a hard left in a small alley,
its entrance is right after a lamps.
You'll soon merge the open road, keep following this road straight, use nitros
if you have them, and you will get to the finish beacon before anyone else.


NAME - Downtown Drive
TYPE - Ordered

Grab all the obvious checkpoints on this road. I bet you won't get to the left
turn at the docks without at least a crash. Anyway, once you have turned left,
keep your foot down and make a hard left turn to take the next one.
The next 3 checkpoints will be plain obvious, and after them there's a right
turn into the railroad. After a bit of bumping onto the railroad, turn right
and then grab the checkpoint in the slanted road.

Take a wide turn and powerslide to the next checkpoint. Then either take the
road or crash through the glass windows (depending on your speed, reflexes,
"Zone" availability, timing ...) to reach the next flare. Follow the alley,
turn right at the end and follow the beacons placed in a straightforward
pattern to collect the red one.


NAME - Alley Assault
TYPE - Ordered

From the start, take all the obvious checkpoints on this road. Zip into the
small alley and take the left path the fork.
Once you see the next checkpoint and the arrow pointing right, make a right
(of course) but watch out because you may crash into a building.
Once you have cleared this threat, gas it to the beach. Stay on the walkway,
making a not too wide right turn at the end or you may fall down. Once done,
go straight through one of the small alleys (but you may stick to the road as
well), to take the next checkpoint. There, either take the overpass or cut
through the highway. Once you have cleared the first overpass you'll see an
onramp, but you'll be going in the wrong way so it's not advisable. I suggest
you to stay on the ground level to reach the finish red flare.


NAME - Rev Limit
TYPE - Ordered

Zoom straight and take the left freeway onramp leading to Balboa Park. Enter
the freeway and when the road starts to blend to the left, position yourself
to the left lane, because you need to take the entrance for vehicles coming
from the wrong lane. Board the elevated road (watch for incoming cars), crash
through the barrier right after the left soft turn, and head to the Downtown
area. There'll be the obviuos firetruck parked in the middle of the street,
with the obvious ramp marked by small red flares. Take it or avoid it by
staying on the right. Avoid the tram and gas it to the next checkpoint. Stay
on the railroad to avoid traffic and pass to the small shortcut to the right
of the Convention Center. Turn left onto the grass and circle the small fenced
dock. Cut throught the glass windows, turn right and stay on the railroad to
take the next checkpoint.

Go in the wrong lane (don't forget this), take the next checkpoints there and
board the exit to the left. Go through the alleyway that should be clearly in
your sight to reach the end.


NAME - Menace
TYPE - Ordered

Go down the road and after the second checkpoint pass the building to the
right and keep looking to your right for a strangely shaped hotel building
with a blue sign on the left and a pink sign on the right. Take the alleyway
that's on its right, go down the Kidwell's carpark and take the exit that'll
be right in front of you. Stay on the left and aim right so you can get closer
to the next checkpoint on the right of the grassy area. After this checkpoint
you'll need to turn right. There'll be a road block up ahead, but it's easily
avoidable. DO NOT board the ramp, DO NOT EVER think about taking it. Either
pass on the left or right side. The right side is easier because there's no
traffic because it's a sidewalk. There'll be a hard right, hard like the wall
you'll certainly smack.

Go up the hill and let's have a ride in the Balboa Park. Enter it, turn left,
turn right and cut through the grass to reach the other checkpoint. Slow down
because it's a nasty curve to the right. Pass the bridge, and take the alley
on the left. You'll meet the freeway (oh, Hi! How you doin' ?).
Take the small opening between the Petco Park and the building, and keep going
into the two tall cylindrical buildings with a strange top.
Pass the carpark next to the Petco Park and crash through the window glasses
the right to grab the finish flare.


NAME - Guts To Glory
TYPE - Ordered

The course is nothing than a normal Midnight Club path, watch out for those
pesky trams that pull in your way from nowhere.
There are also some shortcuts you can take, like the one in the monastery
thing, but it is not necessary to take it to win. Just take it easy.


NAME - The Finest City
TYPE - Ordered

This is really a very very very easy race. Just follow the beacons that are
almost always close to each other, watch for the tram, and take the LAST left
turn to reach the finish flare, to win.


NAME - Curbdogs
TYPE - Ordered

Keep your foot down until you zip between the houses in the small road. Take
care of your landing onto the freeway and take the entrance at the other side
to get out of it.
Circle the buildings there and stay on the left to take the shortcut. Take the
other shortcut alleyway on the left side of the "FLiP" - David's Cleaners (?),
point to the next checkpoint and powerslide to take the other one on the left.
Race there, take the other one and turn left. Point to the other checkpoint,
and pass between the two building that you should see. 
Turn right, avoid hitting with columns, avoid the police road block and follow
the obvious checkpoints on the main road to reach the finish.
Stay on the railway is better, and avoiding the oncoming trams is even better.


NAME - Gaslamp
TYPE - Ordered

Take the obvious checkpoints at the start, and get onto the alleyway. Head to
the Balboa Park and try to avoid traffic. Keep following obvious flares until
you arrive at the mall/carpark. There, take the entrance to the underground
parking lot, exit from the entrance in front of you, zip into the small alley
(align yourself properly in the underground parking) and follow again the
After the bridge, remember to take the road to the left.

Go uphill and point to flare: stay on the left and pass where the two arched
things are. Well, now just follow again the flares. The left turn at the end
of the bridge is a bastard one - take great care.
Now put your foot down, but release the gas as you see the next flare because
you need to crash to the glass on the building on the right and at the end of
it turn left.
Now just follow the road but take the road on the left side of the checkpoint
before the red one - missing it would mean a GREAT amount of time wasted
reaching the finish.

Once you have turned left at the checkpoint, just go straight. When you see
the stadium, fly over the ramp that's right under the sign you see, and grab
the finish at the other end.


NAME - Horton Hijinx
TYPE - Ordered

Go straight, when you see the front of the ship start turning left right after
collecting the checkpoint look on the left for a shortcut you can take. Zip in
there and pass through the alleyway, collect the next checkpoint and head to
the set of stairs you see ahead of you. There's a medium-left soon at the top
of them, so take them with the right angle, especially with a high performance

Keep going straight, crash through the glass windows ahead and you'll be in a
alleyway, slow down because you risk to blow yourself up in the gas station
ahead. The next checkpoint is on the right side so go there and collect the
next checkpoint that will tell you to go to the right: it's a wide turn on a
grassy area, use your best powerslide there.
After a little straight, turn right again and pass the bridge. Right after it
there's a checkpoint: aim to the left because there's a handy shortcut for you
to take. There's also a garbage truck on the right side, so be prepared.

Anyway, grab the next obvious checkpoints and turn left after the hotel with
purple signs.
Take the next few checkpoints and turn left when you see a pink building in
front of you with lights, blocking your way.
Turn left again and again. Do you see the parking building on the corner up
ahead? There should be a bus parked diagonally to block access to the ramp,
so take the entrance to the underground parking and once inside take the exit
to the right to fly straight to the finish line.


NAME - Split Decisions
TYPE - Ordered

At the start, get onto the bridge and at the end of it, go on the left side of
the building, snatch the flare and fly to the next checkpoint (slow down with
a high performance car/bike or you'll hit the guardrail' invisile wall), reach
the next one and DO NOT EVER THINK about boarding the overpass road. Take the
small alleyway on the right, between the purple sign and the red-yellow one.
If you passed on the left side of the overpass, then you'll need to go under
it. You should see the flare in the sky so just go straight.

When you see the big boat, go inside of it and take the ramp on the right for
some fun riding on it. Then jump back on the road, grab the other flare,circle
the fenced-thing, and reach the other one by staying on the right of the

You'll be on the freeway, stay on the wrong lanes because the next checkpoint
is at an exit on the left.

Zoom ahead and take the alleyway on the left you see in the diagonal building.
Then it's only a matter of going straight and turning left when you see the
pink building and turn right again to reach the end.


NAME - Shotgun
TYPE - Ordered

Reach the first checkpoint. It's on the freeway. Reach the other one on the
freeway as well. The other are pretty obvious as well, but after the gentle
right turn close to the big building, you need to take a small ramp in the
building itself so get it with a wide angle.

The next checkpoint will be far ahead, nitrous to it and race to the other
one to enter the freeway again.
The next is placed on an offramp on the left side of the freeway so go there.
Then use all your nitrous to reach the finish flare clearly visible.


NAME - Midway Madness
TYPE - Ordered

You'll hit a wide amount of big jumps here.
You start in an alleyway, keep following the next ones in front of you, soon
there'll be a left turn near the beach.
Go straight and pass in the grass to reach the other alleyway; you'll arrive
at the luna park so take the jump under the rollercoaster (when you see the
circular rotating thing with horses, watch for some flashing yellow lights).
Get a decent landing and prepare for some slalom between the large silos.

Get into the building with the opening near the checkpoint, and pass under the
big missile to propel your car in the air - align your car properly parallel
to this jump, so you can smash trough the glass walls. If you are fast enough,
you'll fly over the building itself.

Follow the next set of checkpoints on the main roads that are pretty obvious.
Once you will get in an alleyway, you'll soon arrive at a big glass wall in
front of you - smash in the entrance to the far right side for a big jump,
gas it all the way up to the next checkpoint - there turn near the checkpoint
there is a bit difficult at high speed if you don't know that you need to
brake, because there's a sharp right turn to get in the bay bridges.

Take the next right and then nitrous it at maximum speed. When you reach the
ship, take the right entrance to propel yourself again in the air, and then
it's an easy flying to the finish flare.


NAME - Ocean Beach Dash
TYPE - Ordered

Like almost all dashes, this race has only the finish flare.
My route is almost free from traffic and has many road to use your nitrous.

At the start, spin your car/bike around using burnout and angle it a little
left, so you crash through the glass wall that would be on your left at the
start. Turn right and right again and coast the long building.

When it ends, steer slightly to the right so you can get into the gate that
leads to the boat. Take the right entrance and at the exit go straight into
the alleyway. You should arrive at one of the bay bridges. Take it and the
next one, go straight, and when you see the red building in front of you,
turn left, and of course turn right to grab the red flare.


NAME - Sunset Cliffs
TYPE - Ordered

This is a very easy race; checkpoints are placed really close that even
thinking of writing a walkthrough seems pointless.
Anyhow, the only difficult part is the one at the end, with those tricky silos
you need to navigate to reach the final alleyway, but overall, is very easy.


NAME - Chicane
TYPE - Ordered

Go straight, circle the block and jump in the bay bridge. Turn right at the
end (please note the parked truck to prevent you from entering the alleyway),
go straight and turn right, then left. Watch for the tram, it should be there.
Follow the checkpoints through the alleyway and cut through the glass so you
get a better line.
Keep following the obvious checkpoints and when you see the police cars on the
road there will be a right turn: you need to take the left ramp, so position
yourself accordingly.
You'll be on the freeway, when the left turn approaches, go to the other side
where traffic flows in the opposite way, take the exit and pass on the left
side of the ramp there. Take the small road and let the checkpoints guide you
to the end.


NAME - Renegade
TYPE - Ordered

This is a tough race through most part of San Diego.
After the start, zoom ahead and board the freeway. Do not flip your car over
on the ramp. Stay after the left turn on the highway, get to the other lane.
You'll find yourself into those tight alleyways. Navigate through some wooden
shortcuts (flares are cleanly visibile) and circle the silos area.
Turn right at the end of the long straightway and then at the end of this one,
zig-zag to get to the walkway near the beach. Do the right turn carefully (or
you may fall in to the beach trough the breakable wall), use the alleyway
ahead (there should be a garbage truck on the right side) and reach the next
flare. Slow down for this turn, though.

Pass on the LEFT side of the overpass to board the freeway, and follow the
next checkpoints that lays there. After a small right turn you are forced to
leave the freeway through an exit with a sloped grass cliff.
Use the alleyway on the left, and prepare your traffic-dodging skills because
you'll be in the city to take the next flares.
When you get onto the railway you can use all your nitrous to reach the end.


NAME - Coaster Rides
TYPE - Ordered

This is a boring race, with all the things you find in San Diego races: you
will first get into bay bridges, then you will take a detour at the beach to
improve your tanning (you can use the jump to avoid the first part of the
beach trip), get into the tight alleyways, get some big air with the jump
under the rollercoaster, circle the silos, and head back again to the walkway
near the beach.

This is the only tricky part, I restarted this race many times at my first
attempts because of this section.

When you see the checkpoint on the right, turn right so you head to the roller
coaster. There's a ramp slightly to the left (look for yellow blinking lights)
so use it.
It should then be easy to finish this race.


NAME - Ballistic
TYPE - Ordered

One of the many twisty races with ton of traffic to crash into.

Zoom ahead and make a right where the gas station is, though it isn't a danger
this time. Zip into the small road, there should be a parked tram there, then
turn right and then left again.
Take the long wide right turn, go right and take a left again, and look on the
right for a small alleyway you can cut. Then you'll pass near the silos area.

You'll stay there for a while, and then after a left turn there's a very long
stretch of road to the finish, but there'll be a lot of traffic.


NAME - Up and Down
TYPE - Ordered

Gas it at the start and head to the opening in the middle of the freeway ramps
but angle a bittle to the right because you'll need to take a small sloped
road on the opposite side of the freeway.

After the jump, you are gonna circling the Balboa Park, take the short road by
circling a little farther so you take the slanted road straight to the next
checkpoint and not the curved one. There should be a police car near this
checkpoint and a bus coming from the coming from the wrong line near the end
of the bridge.

Take all the next obvious checkpoints and after you pass the railroad (where
there should be a tram crossing the road), take the shortcut alleyway leading
to the next checkpoint and enter the underground parking. Once you exit you
can either continue almost straight and crash through the glass window of the
building ahead, or turn right right now.

Either way, after the grass area, you'll circle a little the waterfront area
and several other checkpoints are placed in the underground carparks and road
that connects them.

You'll soon get back to the open road; at the end of this straight (it's the
same you began the race), there'll be a Fast'N'Furious truck, so zip under it
and take the right ramp, to get to the freeway.
You won't see the ramp so it's better either slow down or use a special move.
Immediately after you board the freeway, go to the other side of it because
you need to take the small uphill to get out of it.
You are now back in the Balboa Park.

Cut through the grassy area and, circle it another backwards. After the hard
left turn, race all the way down to the finish line.
It's almost a straight line and there should be no problem getting there,
even though you'll face some traffic and need to take a jump to get to the
rooftops near the finish line, but that should be easy.


NAME - Crystal Pier
TYPE - Ordered

Just a look at the map of this course will tell you how easy it is. I think
however that you need some sort of advice.

The second checkpoint is on a ramp on the left side of the freeway, and the
third is right at the next ramp, but on the right. For the next one you have
to stay on the right lane. Then it's just a rush to the finish flare.
For flare under the overpass, don't pass under the far left or far right arc
or it won't count.
At the end the road gets a bit narrower, so pay attention.

Note that checkpoints on the ramps can be taken without boarding them, just
stay on the far left/right side of the freeway to make them register.


NAME - Hide And Seek
TYPE - Ordered

A normal MC race, with some tricky checkpoints, but mostly straight forward.
Ok, at the start, zoom on ahead but stay away from the railroad because there
are trams there.

A little bit after the overpass building, look on your left for some glass
doors you can crash through to short your way to the next checkpoint. You'll
be back in the street and there should be busses around you need to watch for.
Take the obviuous left turn, and keep racing throught traffic. When you arrive
at the checkpoint near the multi storey car park, where you see the arrow
pointing left, don't immediately turn left, but instead take the next road.
Then grab all the other obvious checkpoints on this road.

You'll soon arrive at a freeway overpass. A bit after the lamppost take this
road to shorten your way.

Cut throught the park (stay on the brick walkway to maintain your top speed
and don't have to care about traffic) and zip throught the small alley (try
not to crash into those big columns), and use a freeway offramp and onramp to
get back to the city, where there's a nasty junction you need to watch for for
crossing vehicles.

Anyway, try to cut throught the opening in the corner building, grabbing the
checkpoint, so you are now back to the railway. Take the next obvious path,
and when you see the last checkpoint appear on your radar, don't try to cut
through anything, stick to the road: slow down when you see the wall with
black-yellow stripes, and take the left slanted road you see in the radar to
get to the finish line.


NAME - Beach Bash
TYPE - Ordered

The race starts at the Cliffs area, near the beach. Basically it's a touch-
and-go. At the start you must descend to the beach through the sandy passage,
passing in the tunnel where lays a Silver Rockstar Star (of course it's not
there in the race as Stars appear only in Cruise mode).
Remember to make a hard left after the bridge in the beach.

The flare that brings you back to street level is placed in the walkway and
there's a wall so pay caution.

Then basically follow the easy-placed flares bordering the Military Area,
drifting on the grass and heading back to the place where you started.


NAME - Urban Sprawl
TYPE - Ordered

Obviously go straight and powerslide to the left. Then to the right and enter
the freeway.
Follow the beacons and do not pass under the arched building. Stay on the
left and when you see the flare next to them, prepare to HARD turn right. If
you are not prepared then it's guarranteed you'll smack into something.

There'll be a straightaway and then a hard left, a gentle right and another
right (not that gentle). After a while following obvious beacons there'll be
a U-turn that can be taken using a well-placed drift (of course), and after
that it's a long rush to the finish so avoid traffic (that should not be that
much, though), and use all nitrous you have.


NAME - High Speed Hills
TYPE - Ordered

This course may seem easy, but has many place where you can screw up by taking
the wrong path if you're not careful.

Anyway at the start, push hard on the throttle. After the downhill prepare for
a very hard left; maybe it's a good idea to let off the gas for half a second.
After that you'll have to to immediately turn left. Stay on the left because
you need to pass under the overpass and take the road on the right side. Take
it so you end up near the right wall; this way you'll be in position to board
the onramp to the freeway.
But you're not going to race there yet, so you need to take the immediately
following exit. There should be a police cruiser there, but that won't be a

Follow this road, turn right and turn right again, cutting the corner passing
through the opening in the building, if you can.
Then don't let the next flare fool you - take the RAMP on the left. You'll be
on the freeway, but soon you'll exit it. Roads will have some police cars and
some roadblocks up ahead. Also remember there's a gas station on the last
gentle right turn before the finish flare so don't stay too close to that side
of the road if you don't want to ruin your race some meters before the finish.


NAME - Bay Bridges
TYPE - Ordered

This race will let you familiarize with almost all bay bridges in San Diego.
It's also very fun, in my opinion.

At the start you should take either the middle or left path, since at the end
of the bridge there's a hard left. You'll get onto another bridge. At the end
turn right and dodge the columns. Cut through the carpark and turn right. Go
straight and prepare for a tight right-left chicane and another left. Follow
the road and do the left turn at the end - don't take it too wide or you'll
smack into the wall. Then turn right and at the end of this bridge, turn left.
Cut through the carpark and snatch the flares touching their left side. The
flare under the overpass has a tight left turn so slow down if you don't want
to smack into a column or a building.
Then use several nitrous to get to the finish.


NAME - Double Cross
TYPE - Ordered

Once the race starts, go down to the freeway; be careful because the second
checkpoint is on a dirt path on the other side of the road and needs a
particular angle to maintain full speed.

My suggestion is to stay on the right side. After snatching the first flare,
and while the road curves to the right, try to move to the right.
As you see the middle divider ends, steer to the left to have an (almost)
perfect angle to hit the next checkpoint and entering the park (or whatever it

While you are navigating the park, move to the left as there's a nasty right
curve to take up ahead.

Then obviously go straight, enter the small alley and jump onto the freeway,
but only to exit from an offramp right in front of you.
Steer left trying not to move to the far right (or you'll lose an invaluable
amount of time while recovering), and prepare for a hard left. Be careful of
not staying too much to the right or you'll likely hit the guard rail or jump
down to the beach.

Go down this hill and look for an alleyway on the left side: when you see the
last building on the left, steer on the left and you're likely to hit this
street (as opposing of hitting the building itself).
You may also stay on the road and turn right at the flare, but be careful of
that turn, ok? I prefer the alley-path.

Now, either way you have to go through the bay bridges and then turn left.
Go straight to the next flare in front of you and as you approach it, steer
left. Dodge the columns and the oncoming traffic as best as you can, curve
right as the street does and prepare for a right turn onto the freeway again.

After the right turn, prepare to enter the park again: this one has an easy
"entrance" so there's nothing to worry about.

Navigate the park as best as you can (there are only gentle curves) and once
you get out, prepare for a tricky shortcut to take.

After the hill, look for a glass wall on a side of a building. It's right on
the right side of the flare. Smash through the glass and be careful of not
hitting the wall on the other side of it: depending on the angle you entered
it at, you might want to steer to the right a little bit as you enter this

This is the final stretch of the course, so hit your nitrous here and reach
the red flare.

Note that you most likely race onto the railroad tracks, but in my tests no
trams passed by.

Also, several times there were cops around but they weren't a problem. They
didn't even show up, most of the time.


NAME - Jumps Galore
TYPE - Ordered

As the name suggests, you're gonna hitting some jumps. To be exact, they're 2,
and the first one is the one that requires speed and aiming to be performed
well, while the latter is a "normal" jump.

Start by heading to the alleyway in front of you, picking a choice between
left or right at the fork. After you merge to the other side of the fork, it's
an almost straight path to the next flare, so you might want to hit a nitrous
or slipstream your opponents.
Steer to the left there and, like in "Double Cross" (written above), you'll
need to dodge oncoming traffic and columns.
You'll enter the freeway, and right after the curve to the right, go straight
and enter the Balboa Park.

Aim at the flare behind the building so you can find the shortcut. Be careful
of a hard turn to the right at the end of the tunnel.
You'll be heading to the first jump. Hit a nitrous as you approach it and try
not to swerve your car.

If you're too slow, you'll fall into the freeway, like it happens when you try
this race with slow cars like Class D tuners without upgrades and without any

Now, if you did the jump right you're ok, but what if you falled into the
freeway ? Take the offramp to the left and just follow the road.

This is a good straightaway to hit a nitrous, but be careful of the right turn
around the carpark ahead. There'll be another one shortly after,and then, near
the next flare, prepare for a zig-zag right-left to enter a narrow alley.

Accelerate here (there'll be a tram crossing the road at the first
intersection you come to), and take the ramp on the left. Go down this one and
board the other one.

You'll enter the Balboa Park again. Take the right turn and circle around the
buildings here.
Prepare for a hard right ahead and go down the hill to enter the freeway. Once
there, the next flare is placed at the entrance of an offramp, so stay on the
right if you ever want to take it.

This is the final stretch: hit your nitrous, and prepare for the second jump
which will bring you to some rooftops.
Go down at the end of them to reach the finish line.


NAME - On and Off
TYPE - Ordered

On and Off of the freeway, of course, as you'll be exiting and returning it a
few times.

Zoom forward and enter the freeway. Be sure not to hit the median, though.
After the curve to the left, the go to the left side of the road because you
are going to hit a checkpoint there and then, after the right curve ahead,exit
through an offramp.

It is almost straight here, so use a nitrous or tail the other guys to do a
slipstream. Watch out as you'll need to turn left near the railroad bridge.
That alley is narrower than the road you come from, so pay attention.

At the end of this stretch of road, as you approach the entrance to a carpark,
turn right and turn right again; try to aim for the glassy wall of the
building. This may need some retries.

Exit and stay on the left to pass under the ramp and take that hilly road.

You are heading toward the Balboa Park.
You'll however only scratch its boundaries in that curvy road and soon return
to the freeway.

After the freeway curves to the right, there'll be a flare on a road on the
right side of the freeway itself, so use that grassy are to reach it.

This is the final run to the finish line, so, as always, hit all your nitrous
you have saved so far, dodge traffic cars as best as you can and win!


NAME - Cliffhanger
TYPE - Ordered

Another twisty course in San Diego, with lot of narrow passages and tricky
turns. Police presence is heavy and they're very aggressive.

The beginning part is plain obvious that's not worth mentioning. You'll get
to the Cliffs, and of course do not board the elevated road.
After a while there'll be a left turn, take the alleyway on the right side of
the red "FLiP" sign, and after the first bay bridge, use the one (alleyway) on
the right.
After a while you'll be back at the Cliffs, to do a U turn to the right.
Then there'll be a left to take yet another shortcut, and head to the finish.


NAME - Twists on the Prado
TYPE - Ordered

The Balboa Park won't be an unknown place for you after this race. There are
a lot of tight U-turns and several tricky parts.

After the first checkpoint you can cut through an alleyway, there should be
a police car nearby. The next checkpoint is in the park, then you'll head to
the city for a wide U-turn.
Remember to take the left road after the bridge when heading back to the park.
Avoid the statue inside the Balboa Park Building (?), and head down the road
for that left turn.
Prepare for another U-turn, and you'll be back again in the park. The flare in
the park can be taken without taking the curved road, so you waste less time.
Stay on the park and descend through the road you took earlier when leaving
the city using the bridge.
You'll soon make yet another U-turn and you'll be back again in the park.
After the uphill, aim for the small alleyway you took earlier at the start,
then circle the big building and aim for the leftmost arc of the bridge so you
get a better line to the finish flare.


NAME - East Side
TYPE - Ordered

At the start, go straight and make the obvious right turn. Race there but soon
there's a sharp left turn so stay on the right if you don't want to crash.
Make it, go down the road and at the end use your best aim to enter a small
alley. Crash through the windows glasses and turn right crashing to those as
well. Follow the next arrows on the main road and at the end you'll enter the
freeway where you can of course dodge the traffic or blow them away with the
delicious "Roar" move. Follow the road, cut through the Stadium's back, and go
behind the carpark to make the jump - or just pass under the arched thing.

After some more checkpoints on the bricked pavement, you'll enter another
alleyway. When you see the stars in front of you, turn right and then left
again, keep racing avoiding hitting stuff on the side of the road, the various
cars, the busses. The usual routine so. You'll return back to the bricked
pavement area and circle the fenced dock. Remember to stay on the bricked road
and not the grass or you'll crash into a wall. Take the big jump (the arc with
the sign is not solid so you'll pass through it) and turn a little to the
left to get the red flare.


NAME - Converge
TYPE - Ordered

Start by going straight and then take a wide turn to get onto the bay bridge
on the right. Take the next one and head to the cliff. Now you need to take
a checkpoint and head back again.

Go straight, take the alleway and make a left at the fork, then point to the
checkpoint and use the main road to return back onto the bay bridge you came
Take the next one and turn left. Stay on the main road dodging traffic (it
should be low however, and use your drifting skills to do the U-turn to the
right. The actual racing line is a bit closer than the checkpoint so start
turning right before you normally would.
Take another right and race the tram (?), go straight, pass through the tram
station, follow the checkpoints, (use the alleyway on the right if you want)
pass on the right side of the silo, take the right turn and finish the race.

NAME - Trail Blazer
TYPE - Ordered

This is an easy race. There's a bad slalom in the silos area and in Downtown
you can crash through the glass walls on the left near the end of the course,
however overall this is easy.


NAME - Emerald Vistas
TYPE - Ordered

Grab the checkpoints that are fairly obvious. Take the road on the left of
the garage and when this road ends and you are supposed to go right, pay
attention to the gas station on the right. The Balboa Park will be there.

Circle it, snatch the checkpoints and go down on the grass.
Take the first road on the right to take the next checkpoint, but immediately
go left where the horse statue is for a shortcut. Go down the grassy passage
and enter the freeway.

The next checkpooints just plot a straight line so it's easy. At the end there
is a left turn and slow down because it's a nasty one and you'll hit the house
instead. Again, another straight line, circle the rollercoaster and cut on the
left side of the house in the corner to grab the checkpoint.
Enter the military area and circle the nasty silos the best way you can.
Take the left turn and the next one, and board the bay bridge. Turn right and
propel your car to the finish.
Stay on the left or you'll hit the (invisible) wall ahead because of the hilly


NAME - Savant
TYPE - Ordered

Zoom straight and turn left right where the checkpoint is. Pass the squared
clay-grass carpark, and board the freeway - the checkpoint you see is in the
right lane, so go there.
When the freeway will start to turn left, be ready to take the first exit
where the next checkpoint is. Take the alleyway on the left, dodge the tram,
and turn left and then right. Race on the railtracks, turn right and then
turn left and right again to reach the next flare.

Crash through the glass walls in the corner of the building, and navigate
the bricked park (try to pass on the right side of them instead of circling
them) to get to the ships area. Take the right route and pay extremely caution
for a green truck on the right side.

Exit the alleyway and board the bay bridge. Take the next checkpoint but don't
board the next bridge - use the shortcut on the left.
This checkpoint has a large tolerance radious so it should be no problem.

The next part is extremely easy. After the right turn an the Cliffs area,
prepare to take another shortcut/alleyway on the right - look for the red FLiP
Navigate the short alleyway and take the left path at the fork. Turn right on
the main road and then left again.
Gas it to the next checkpoint and slowdown near the buildings because there's
a small elevation that'll make you loose control when going to take the left

After a long stretch of road you'll arrive at the silos area. Make a right
after the third one (you'll see the checkpoint only when it's too late), and
of course enter the building on the right for either a jump (left side) or a
small shortcut (right side).

Crash through the windows, enter the alleyway and after it, go to the left
side of the next building. Pass under the arc, follow the next four flares
and right after the bridge take the left road to quickly reach the end.


NAME - Go!
TYPE - Ordered

Snatch the first checkpoint and then turn left. Speed through the traffic and
the many parked car and after the multi-storey car park on the left, either
avoid or use the ramp that's between the first and the second lane from the
Then turn right and head to the Balboa Park. Stay away from the road there if
you can so you don't risk to crash into traffic cars. You'll return to the
city, checkpoints are obvious and roads are wide so just use common sense to
get to the small alley, make a left at the fork, and reach the military Area.
Slalom to the houses, pass under the arc and under the rollercoaster.
Pass through the silos on the left and at the next left turn enter the
building in front of you. You can either use the ramp under the big missile or
take the right path to stay on the road. Either way, after crashing into some
glass walls, turn left, speed onto the railway tracks, dodge the station, and
continue racing in the Balboa Park, in the opposite direction you did before.
Take the alleyway on the left after the bridge leaving the park, and slow down
for the next left turn (stay on the right!). You'll be on the railway again.
Watch for trams because they're there.
After the right turn, the red flare will be visible so just use the nitrous
you saved to reach it.


NAME - Mission Bay Bridges
TYPE - Circuit Race

Whoa, the first time I did this race it was extremely tough, but know that I
have so much knowledge of the game and cars, it's a easy one.

I suggest you to stay on the left lane, where cars go in your same direction,
so you can avoid them easily. Then turn left and keep going throught some
intense traffic. There are some 90-degree left turn where you may powerslide
to take them at full speed.

Anyway, after the downhill, take the soft left, cutting throught the parking
lot but try to stay on the right because there's a tricky left turn onto the
highway with dividers and you'll most likely crash there or into the wall if
you aren't ready. If you take the mid-lanes path, note there's a jump and you
may fall into the water if you haven't enough speed.

The police (on a bike) may be on your tail but ignore him since they won't
get to you if you don't crash or stop.


NAME - Trolley Race 2
TYPE - Circuit Race

This is an easy circuit course. The only threat are those trams.
At the start, zoom to the long stretch of road and absolutely watch out for
the tram. Powerslide on the left turn and keep going, always watching out for
trams and big crap.

To reach the next checkpoint you can take more than one path, but I suggest
you to just stick to the railroad paying extreme caution for incoming trams of
death. Take wider turns and you'll win with ease.


NAME - Downtown Race
TYPE - Autocross

This is an easy course, the road is wide and there's a limited amount of turns
so basically you should have no problem. Remember to BRAKE especially in the
90-degrees corners around the second split time, but for the rest of the track
just powerslide and/or provoke a slight oversteer to have some fun.


NAME - Beachcross Race
TYPE - Autocross

The first turn seems easy at first, but if you don't want to touch the outer
wall, release the throttle just a bit.
After the second split time, you must memorize that there's NO right turn,
and the arrows are just fooling you. Memorize also that there's a ramp so you
need proper positioning of your vehicle. To get a cleaner line, and avoid the
wall, brake a little before going airbone.
The winding part at the end needs proper initial caution to position the car
to take the last left turn.


NAME - Balboa Race
TYPE - Autocross

This is a long, fast, twisting course in the.. yeah, in the Balboa Park. But
not only there.

Go straight and don't even thing about hitting the nitrous button.
Take the left turn trought the grass, and go for the next one that's sharper.
Then turn right, and move to the left so you can take this right-left chicane
properly. Go up to the Balboa Park/Zoo area, turn right, take the easy right
(no need to slow down), the next one (where instead you should), and then gas
it because there'll be only easy turns. 
At the end there's a sharp right turn, you can cut through the grass sure,
but you may slow down a little to get better acceleration for the next easy

When you go up the ramp, slow down to take the next right turn (it's sharper
than the ones before), and the next one is even sharper, so slow down!! Go
right again and you will be at the finish line.


NAME - Oceans Race
TYPE - Autocross

After the first right turn, pump your foot on the throttle.
When you see the split time appear, SLOW DOWN because there's a left turn.
Turn right and prepare for the squared turns on your map - left right, left
right, left right. They don't seem to get to an end. At the end (luckily there
is an end), use a nitrous .. well, you don't have nitrous in autocross, but
you will in track races.. anyway, take the left turn and then cut straight in
the next chicane, to get to the green/red flare.


8B - ATLANTA RACES WALKTHROUGH                                         (08RAT)

NAME - Scavenger
TYPE - Unordered

This will be the first unordered race in your career, and if you don't know
some fast Atlanta shortcuts you are likely to get lost in the streets while
your opponents will fly to the finish line.

Anyway, I'll give you the path that I consider easier to follow and that will
allow some long straightaways to use your nitrous on.
This is also a path that noone of the opponents take.

Before the start of the race, do a burnout and spin your car to the left and
point it to the street the Currington Place is in. After the second building
you see, take a right but be careful because there's a gas station in the
corner. Grab the first checkpoint and take the first small alley on your left.

You'll arrive at an intersection where you have to take the uphill road.
Follow this road until you clear the freeway overpass. There, you have to make
a gentle left and pass under the small red arc of the red car dealer building
and go straight to take the small alley between the big building with yellow
lights on the ground level, and the small one on the left.

After that alleyway and the carpark next to it, take the road at the left side
of the building ahead so you can grab the checkpoint laying there. Turn right
where the flare is and zoom forward. After the downhill, take the shortcut on
the left side of the red house and continue going straight to grab the last
checkpoint near one of the cemetery entrance.

Turn right at the checkpoint and take a right turn at the second intersection
and use your last nitrous to reach the final checkpoint.


NAME - Marathon
TYPE - Ordered

Yes, follow the checkpoints on the main road. Soon you'll enter a narrow alley
on the left and after a while, you have to dodge a house in front of you and
take the left path to the next flare.
After another straightaway you'll enter the freeway. After the checkpoint in
the walled road, look on the left for a gravel space where you can cut your
way to the next flare, but be ready to take the alley on the left side of it.
Go straight and pass the grassy area, and then take the alleyway that's right
You'll be on the road, keep staying on the road on the right and don't turn
left. There should be a parked Fast'n'Furious truck on the left, and another
moving onto the road shortly after. Avoid it by staying on the sidewalk on the
right and take the slanted alleyway on the left marked in your radar to reach
the next checkpoint. Then turn left and go straight into the mall or whatever
it is. It doesn't matter if you take the sloped opening or the other one.

Then you can either stay on the road or race on the large grassy area at the
next flare, just jump onto the freeway. Then follow the checkpoints, cut
through the park (avoid hitting the big trees as they are like walls),
powerslide in the next corners, and reach the finish line that's after a wide
left turn.


NAME - Crazy Cowboys
TYPE - Ordered

This is a nasty race. Flares are spread apart and I had big troubles reaching
the finish in a position higher than 6. So let's start.

Start and stay on the right. Pass through the park and go to the left side of
the building. Pass slightly on the left side of the first see you see on the
right so you avoid bumping in the puddle. Then steer left and take the road.

Taking the opening in the building will only have the effect to make your
route longer, though there are some funny jumps and no traffic.

Follow this road till you see the RED car dealer building on the right - it
has the red-arched thing parallel to the road.
Then after the bridge take the alleyway on the left, on the left side where
there's an "Italian Food" restaurant! Order a pizza or something while you
are at it.

When you're done, consider taking this alleyway. Make a right after the small
grassy area (stay on the right) and snatch the checkpoint there. Then prepare
for a funny U-Turn - there's a gas station in the corner so be alerted.
Pass the Atlanta Mover (note the two trucks parked in front of the garages),
and after the second building on the right cut through this park. Take the
road on the right side where the sign with the "( > X )" logo is. Stay on the
right. Now on the left there should be two entrances - take either one. The
one on the right is more clear of obstacles while on the left route there are
some walls to dodge.

Go straight there and you should see the orange smoke. Turn right on the road
or on the grass if you miss it. Mark this point as POINT A.

Now, jump on the freeway. Take the exit on the right, and then the road
slightly to the right of it - you should be near the Apone Team Racing garage.

Now, if you are really good at driving, you could use the bar shortcut near
the garage, on top of this hilly carpark. Then you must turn immediately left
and keep racing this road to snatch the checkpoint.
This is not easy, and with anything that's not a zone-capable vehicle, will
net you some great amount of crashes.
If you miss the bar shortcut then you will go straight on the road where the
garage is in, and is 100% that on the zig-zag road at the end you'll smack
on the door of the building in the corner. It won't be easy to snatch the
checkpoint from this position without losing a great amount of time circling
the houses, so this course is impossibile.

POINT B is the checkpoint we were aiming for.

Let's get back to POINT A, the previous one, and instead of jumping on the
freeway, you just cross the bridge and enter the cemetery. Then take the exit
on the left that's just on the road where the next flare (point B) is on, so
this is THE route to take!
Watch for the soft zig-zag road near the end, but don't worry is not as
tough as the other one we saw previously.

Go right at the checkpoint, follow the road and when you see the police road
block, DON'T make the big jump over the freeway.
Instead take the left road, and after the building, turn right under the red
thing of the car dealer we passed earlier.

Take the EXACT alleyway we were on before (you can visit again the Italian
restaurant if you want), turn right after the small grassy area in the corner,
and follow the road straight to the finish flare that's in the middle of the
left curve.

There will be two fast'n'furious trucks, staying on the mid-left side of the
road will make their attempt to knock you off fail.


NAME - Circles
TYPE - Ordered

This is not a hard race, checkpoints are placed on the main roads and there
are only few tricky parts. I'll highlight them, leaving the navigation up to

A bit after the second checkpoint (at the end of the long straightaway) you
can cut through the park, or use the alley at the end of the main road. Then
there's a hard right, especially if you took the park shortcut.

After a right turn, when you see the parking lot pink neons and with the "PAR
KING" (nice pun), you can take the alleyway that's right on its right side.
Then swerve to the right to be on the main road, and prepare for a left turn.

After the straightaway that starts at one of the cemetery entrances, there's
the nasty zig zag of the road. At the end of it, there is the largest amount
of police cars I have ever seen in this game.

Then follow the road and take the / road you see on your radar, but you'll
need to cross the parking on the inner right side to reach the finish.


NAME - Freeway Loop
TYPE - Circuit Race
LAPS - 2

This couldn't be easier: a counter-clockwise circuit race on the freeway. Stay
on the right lane because most of the checkpoints are there and keep the foot
all the way down. Tap the nitrous button from time to time, too.
The only place where you could have trouble is at the exit placed (on the map)
in the lower right; there's a handy ramp in the rightmost lane (NOT on the
emergency lane) that'll pull you over the overpass. Or you could just avoid it
by taking the right stretch of road. Either way, it's an easy and funny race.


NAME - Centennial Circuit
TYPE - Circuit Race
LAPS - 4

Aaargh, the first time I did this race it was a pain because it was raining
and I didn't haved figured out yet the weather change trick. I had the Espirit
that's not so much user friendly when it comes to racing under bad weather. As
an added malus, CPU cars had better cars than mine.

However, time for walkthrough. From the start there are two gentle right turn
that may seem easy at first, but if you don't want to smack into the left wall
then you'll need to powerslide, especially if you are using nitrous.
There is a very hard right at the end, so if you have the Zone manouver it's
the best time to use it. If you don't, slow down and powerslide.

Cut through the grassy park (avoid the columns) and prepare for another hard
right. Take this turn as wide as possible but not too much wide. There is a
small ramp on the sidewalk on the left that you can have some fun with.

I was able to do a barrel roll with the Evolution while I was writing this.
I'll upload the video on my site maybe.

Anyway once your thirsty for fun is over, use a nitrous if you have one and do
the gentle right turn. Prepare for yet another hard right, that can be easily
taken with a wide arc.
Stay on the middle-right side of this road to begin a new lap.


8C - DETROIT RACES WALKTHROUGH                                         (08RDT)

NAME - Cloak
TYPE - Unordered

This is yet another 3-checkpoints-unordered race thing. I'll provide you with
a nice path where you'll have at least 3 straightaways to use your nitrous on.

During the countdown, spin your car 180 degrees around using burnout. Once the
race starts, race through this road, cut through the ghetto houses right after
the bridge, take the second right and snatch the first checkpoint.

Take the first road to the right and race all the way down until you come to a
large carpark, where you have to take the road to the right. Then gas it and
grab the second checkpoint: take it with a wide angle 'cause you have to take
the road to your right (from where you come) right where the checkpoint is.

You'll pass under the arc with "Valet Parking" written on it, and then crash
through some glass walls. At the exit of this handy shortcut, take the road to
the left to grab the third checkpoint.

Again take a wide turn here because you'll need to take the road that points
north from the checkpoint you took, so you have to turn right.
You'll soon see the red flare in the sky, follow it (avoid the fountain) and
reach it with your last nitrous.


NAME - Around the City
TYPE - Unordered

Actually it's more like an ordered race. Most checkpoints are on the freeway
so the only unordered thing you can do is to choose whether collect them
clockwise or counter-clockwise.  I prefer clockwise because almost always I
use tuners or exotics, which have "Zone" as special manouver as you know.

Remember to watch out, on the freeway, for opponents racing in the wrong way.
Also, being a freeway-spree race, the more nitrous you have, the better. But
remember to save one for the finish stretch.

At the start, go for the checkpoint in front of you and turn right onto the
highway ramp. Follow the freeway for a quick detour in the Downtown district.
There should be a police car coming from the wrong way that may crash INTO you

You'll soon reboard the freeway.
Stay on the right line and grab the checkpoint after the tunnel.
Now move to the far right because the next two are placed on the next offramp
& onramp. Stabilize your car with in-air controls for a decent landing and
continue racing on the freeway. The next three checkpoints are pretty obvious.

To reach the finish line, take the right exit at the next fork of the freeway,
and then IMMEDIATELY move to the far left side and board the snowy offramp. Be
extremely calm there because you have to make a left right after the left wall
ends. Stay near the big tall building on the right so you can spot the small
alley. Take it, make the right turn and after a while there'll be a diagonal
opening in the building where you can cut some road off. Then gas it to the
finish line.

I know this last part is awful but with a Zone-capable vehicle it's far easy,
because while on the freeway you'll fill up all 5 units of Zone to use later
(pull to the left after the fork, make the left turn after the offramp, make
the right turn after the alleyway, take the diagonal opening, align to the
finish line).

Of course you can also approach this race going counter-clockwise, which is
far easier than the other way.

This time, at the start, after the first checkpoint, turn left and race on
this road until you see the freeway underpass. Just look for the bright white
road marked on your radar. There, crash through the barrier and land onto the
freeway. Do not crash too soon, but at the middle or later. Anyway, now race
on the wrong way to reach the first flare, and stay on the freeway to reach
the other two (you might want to return to the right lane for an easy going).

After you grab this checkpoint, pull to the far left side of the freeway
because there are those two flares placed onto the boarding ramps. Stick to
the freeway and soon you'll arrive in the Downtown area; the police car should
not be there but stay alerted for sirens.

Stay on the main road and you'll be again on the freeway for the last flare,
once you take it, look on the left for a snowy sloped exit. Take it and turn
left, and race there until there'll be the elevated rail tracks. Zip to the
right to under them and nitrous it to the finish flare.
Watch for columns, walls and the like there, but don't worry this part is
less trickier than the other way around.

Update: I've found another easier finish part for the counter-clockwise path.
After you hit the jump, look for the multi storey carpark for an entrance with
glass walls that looks on the highway, it's beneath the "P Parking" vertical
sign. From there, the finish is just a straight line without the need to take
dangerous shortcuts.


NAME - Hook & Dagger
TYPE - Ordered

Just to let you know, I did this race under the snow with the Lancer Evolution
VIII when I was writing the walkthrough. I repeat it has excellent handling.

Like a telegraph this time however.
Go straight.
When you see the road fading to the right, prepare for a hard right.
Follow the next checkpoints into some alleyways.
There will be a square to cut through, and after a bit a very hard right.
You'll pass near Vince's garage - smile at him and/or flash your headlights.
After the bridge, there's a chicane look-a-like to the right.
Then cut through the houses.
Prepare for yet another hard right turn.
Push your car at its maximum on this road.
Powerslide to the left.
Stay on the left.
Prepare for another hard right turn.
Use your last bunch of nitrous to hit the finish.


NAME - The Chase Is On
TYPE - Ordered

Zoom on this curved road but prepare for a hard left into a narrow road. Take
the alleyway in front of you, turn right and keep following the beacons. After
a while you can cut on the right side of the sharp building, passing near the
rail tracks. Then go left, cut through the big carpark and use the opening in
the building to save some time reaching the next flare. Stay on the left so
you can spot the other opening in the same building, on the right side.

Do the obvious chicane between the buildings ahead, and decide the path to get
to the finish.
You can either pass on the left or the right side of the enormous building
marked on your radar in grey that has "Detroit Atrium" written. I think that
the right is faster but harder to take especially if you are at high speed.
Just keep in mind to start turning a bit after the church that's after the
plaza. At the end of the stretch there's a zig-zag with a column on the center
of the road and a little further, near the finish flare, there's a circle

The left path is safer when it comes to obstacles. Go down the sloped road and
get back close to the building. Follow the road and when you see the sloped
road on the left and you enter the underground road, steer right to find a
path (an exit/entrance to this underground place) that will lead you straight
to the finish.


NAME - Blaze
TYPE - Ordered

At the start, take the alleyway on the left, then there's an easy going on
easy placed flares. Road are wide so it should be no problem.


NAME - Train Jump
TYPE - Ordered

The first checkpoints are plain obvious. Then you'll board the freeway. Pay
attention to the right turn on the freeway, it's like a hairpin. Then steer
to the right and use the shortcut through some houses to snatch the flare.
Go straight and crash through the glass wall and when you see some columns,
steer left and return on the road destroying another glass wall.

Then you can stay on the left for a nice jump. Try to do this fun thing I
did right now.

    <fun thing>
    If you take this ramp properly you can land your vehicle ON the train. You
    will have to work with your reverse and the brake to remain on it, because
    you'll be pushed forward.
    </fun thing>

Of course you can ignore the ramp by staying on the far right side.
Cross the park and zoom forward. The right turn at the end needs to be taken
with a wide angle because you'll board the freeway and it have walls.
Follow the freeway. Pay EXTREME caution when you see the checkpoint on the
offramp. Slow down because you'll need to take the road on the right so make
sure you don't smack into the wall.
Steer right and slightly right again to propel your car to the finish with
two-three nitrous.


NAME - End to End
TYPE - Ordered

A one-only checkpoint race in Detroit. Don't be scared, this is an easy race.
You'll spend more time reading the walkthrough below than doing the actual

At the start, put the gas down. When you see the elevated rail tracks, you
should also see a big tall building ahead of you. Go on the right side of it,
pass under the Valet Parking arc, crash through the glass doors and take the
diagonal road right after those ones. You should be pointing right at the red
flare. The problem is that there's the river between you and it.
Keep going straight and soon you way will be blocked - go left and take the
freeway overpass, but stay on the left (slow down if needed) because you need
to take the road that is parallel to the freeway, right after the overpass.
Stay on the right, near the wall.
Do you see the small dark green building on the left ? On the left side of it
there's a small ramp, use take a good aim and fly to the red beacon. Depending
on the car/bike you might need a nitrous to do the jump.


NAME - River Dash
TYPE - Ordered

Of course at the start, zoom ahead. That's obvious. After the gentle zig zag
there's a gentle left turn. Then gas it down this road and at the end drift to
the left. Then be alerted for a gas station in the corner you're gonna cut
through, so aim your car properly. Take the next right turn onto the abandoned
rail tracks and when you see the flare stay on the right for a wide drift to
the left (you have plenty of space to do it without losing too much speed).

Then, after the bridge, take the entrance of the underground carpark of the
Convention Center, right where the flare is, and take the other one so you can
exit from it. Cut through this wide road and take the next left.

If your reflexes are fast enough, or if you've zone, there's a shortcut you
can take on the building on the left side of the flare: there's a passageway
with glass walls that will bring you straight to the next flare, but remember
to take the left road at the end.
If you prefer the road (or if you're too fast), just circle that building.

Reach the next checkpoint and go down the snowy area, turn right, stay on the
road for a better control of your vehicle, and reach the next flare at the
entrance of one of the snowed canals (that's how I call them). Follow this
path and after a while you'll take some air, try to aim for the opening so you
will be ready for the U-turn.

Then after another bit of time on the rail tracks, turn right (you should see
a Fast'n'Furious truck parked in front of you) and right again and follow the
main road. The bridge will be raised for an added fun. Then just follow this
road and remember to take the shortcut road that'll be on the building between
you and the finish flare.


NAME - Combustion
TYPE - Ordered

At the start, cut throught the carpark and aim at the middle of the gas pumps.
Stay on the right so you can take the small shortcut in the building on the
left. There should be a police vehicle nearby, maybe a little earlier than the
The next checkpoint is easy, for the other one you might want to cut to the
right but don't cut too much or you'll crash into the small house.
Then go straight and stay on the right for a narrow alleyway but be ready to
steer left. You can also stay on the main road for a nice tight chicane.

Take the hard right. This is a good place for a nitrous, as the CPU cars don't
use it. When you see the tall building with the "HOTEL" sign, take the slanted
road to the right and the next left one. You might have to use your brake to
take it, especially if you kicked in the nitrous.

However do the right turn where the checkpoint lays, and prepare to enter the
freeway for the final part.
Stay on the right side because there are some checkpoints there, and because
you'll soon need to take an exit that's on the right.

As I said, you'll need to take the Highland Park exit. There should be some
firetrucks that will try to slow you down. Take the main road on the right 
right, and follow it. After crossing the bridge and a gentle fading to the
right and another to the left, you'll be at the carpark that you crossed at
the start of the race. Cross it again avoiding the many parked busses.
Take the road on the far right, where the blue signs read "TOP".
Take the road on the left side of the tall building you should see. Follow it
and the finish awaits you on the next road to the left.


NAME - Resurrection
TYPE - Ordered

During the countdown, you'll hear a police siren and a police car approaching
on the left. But soon a snowplow will crash hard into the police vehicle. This
is a really fun thing. If that does not happen, restart the race until you
hear the siren.

However there's still a race to do, so take the road on the left of the flare
is. Follow this road and either cut through the houses on the block to the
left or just use the left turn at the end.
Cut through the carpark and follow this road until the right turn. Do it and
follow the next checkpoints but slow down before the one that leads left
because there's a downhill that will make you lose control.

I suggest you to stay on the road (thus passing in the tunnel) as the snow is
not the best when it comes to grip.
Do the left turn but try to remain in control so you can take the passage on
the left, between the two buildings. Do the left turn, the zigzag, and crash
through the glasses near the Valet Parking arc. While in the building with the
glass walls you should point your vehicle to the left if you don't want to
meet the wall in front of you.
Race there and avoid the crossing ambulance that can come from either side.
Then turn right when prompted. At the next checkpoint you can cut in the
passage near the elevated railtrack. Then cross the huge carpark, turn right
and get ready for a tricky part.

Stay on the left and take the alleyway where the railtracks goes. Turn right,
and keep staying close to the railtracks so you can pass on the left side of
the building. Go down the hill and prepare for the right turn with a police
car built in (??). Follow this road when it turns first on the right and then
on the left and then push it hard on this straightaway. Do you see the tall
building in front of you? Good, there's a big ramp inside so use it to fly to
the other side of the river, and then navigate the tight alley to reach the
finish flare over the freeway.


NAME - Weave
TYPE - Circuit Race
LAPS - 2

This is a twisty circuit with sharp turns and many bridge crossing where you
risk to fall on the freeway, thus losing a lot of time.
Most of the intersections have traffic cars stopped at the traffic lights.
There will be some police cars will be in the second half of the course.

Coast the elevated railtrack and prepare to make a soft left and another left.
Pass these alleyways to reach again the main road. Prepare for a right turn
that's less harder than you can imagine. Remember to pass on the left side of
the small house there.

Race on this road and when the road fades to the right, position yourself on
the left side so you can take the next right turn properly. Keep staying on
the left side because the next right turn is sharper and the road is smaller
than the one you are going to leave.

Take the first left where the "Parking" writing is in, and follow this road.
What's next ? Well, you guessed it, yet another sharp right turn. Don't take
it too wide, though, or you'll hit the wall that's on the left.
Go ahead on this road and take the small alleyway on the right. Then, DO NOT
immediately turn to the left or you'll crash into a gas pump.
You can stick to the road and avoid the gas station of course.

However there'll be a VERY HARD left turn with the added risk of falling on
the freeway so YOUR SLOW RIDE DOWN, got it ? Ok.

Cut through the carpark and slowly turn left. There'll be the start/finish
flare, be sure not to crash when turning right at the beginning of a new lap.


8D - TOKYO RACES WALKTHROUGH                                           (08RTY)

The Remix edition features Tokyo as a new city, full of any sorts of new races
to speed in.

I hope that the "Enigma" unordered race that was in MC2 has been "ported" over
because it was tough but very fun.


NAME - Alleyway Rush
TYPE - Unordered

The first time I did this race it was tough to pick a decent route. Now, I've
made a pretty fast and good route that should give you the edge over your
competitors, allowing for the fastest and longest final straightaway.

During the middle part of the course, be careful of not hitting opponents
navigating the wrong way.

Start by watching the gas tank truck sweving in front of you, then once the
race actually starts, zoom ahead.

Slipstream if you want to, but be careful because you'll need to enter a tight
and diagonal alleyway on your right that's BEFORE the flare on the road you're
currently on.
It's right after the first building on the right side.
Take that alley, snatch the flare, slightly turn left to straighten your car
and follow this road, collecting two more flares.

After the second checkpoint there, prepare to turn left and quickly prepare
again to a right turn. Turn right again at the next intersection, cutting
throught the opening in the building at the corner of that street.
Turn left at the end of this street and follow it as it goes West.
When this street ends, turn left and follow the curve this street has to the

After the flare, take the onramp on the left side of the road, that will bring
you to a street that runs parallel to this one, and another flare.

From there, it's a very long straight line to the finish line, so hit as much
nitrous as you have saved so far to end the race.


NAME - Doshiyo
TYPE - Unordered

This race somehow reminds me a race in MC2, but I can't remember its name.
However, you'll start in the Imperial Palace district, go around the city, and
then eventually return here. It's somehow like "Around the City" in Detroit,
where you can choose between collecting them going clockwise or counter-

The course first has a part onto the freeway, then it descends to street level
and then returns back to the freeway. Also the beginning freeway part has you
racing the wrong way, and you racing the right way when you return. So there's
no tactical advantage in this; the difference is how you board the highway in
each direction, which I think it's harder when racing clockwise.

For that reason, I prefer to go counter-clockwise, meaning that at the start
of the race I enter the right ramp, the one without any sign over it.

Anyway, as you might have understood, start by taking the right entrance (or
maybe it's better to say the right exit) and race the wrong way as the road
curves to the left.
Then take the offramp on the right (which is actually an onramp) to exit the

Once you exit you need to go to the road that runs parallel on the left to the
one you exited onto.
You can go there by a) picking the ramp over the bus station, b) going through
the small opening under that ramps (in case you miss the ramp), or c) turning
left at the next intersection up ahead. Pick a choice.

Assuming you have reached that road, you should see a flare projecting up in
the sky in front of you. When you reach it, follow the road you are on as it
curves to the left and keep following that road as it turns to the right.
There'll be another left curving and after that you'll pass onto a bridge with
rather elliptical girders.
After those there'll be a right turn and prepare to board the freeway again
using the ramp on the left.

Stay on the left so you can take the left path, and keep racing there.
As you see the next flare placed on the right, prepare to take the last turn
to exit the freeway and propel yourself to the red flare.

Be careful though, as an incorrect exit from that tunnel may lead you to crash
into one of the side buildings.


9.  Career Mode Progression                                            (09CMP)

At the beginning of the game you'll need to create a profile, that will keep
track of your advancement in the game, and is where the game autosaves your

Selecting Career, you'll be prompted to buy a new vehicle.

The owner of the Six-One-Nine Customs in San Diego will greet you after he's
finished with a phone call.. then you'll see a tutorial on how to use the
garage to trick your ride and buy stuff, change color/spoiler/rims/yadayada..

Then you are finally brought into the game, with $22,000 and some cars to
choose from. I bet you'll pick one of the Tuners, and that's what you should
do because they have better stats than Muscle Cars, so choose one of them.
The best choice would be the Golf R32 or SRT4, but note that the Golf R32 has
higher maximum-performance-bars, so in the long run it will perform better
than a full-tricked SRT4.
Of course you can do whatever you wish, infact in my first time through, I
chose the Eclipse.

In the Remix edition, there's another car you can choose, the Scion tC, which
for some reason has WORSE stats than the other cars available! I suggest you
don't buy it as your first car.

Anyway after you buy your car it's a good idea to spend some money on it, so
go to the performance shop and buy what you like the most.
Note that if you chose the Golf R32, you'll be left with only $250 and there
is NOTHING you can buy, not a single piece !

You can of course change visual parts of you car, and when you're ready, exit
the garage (just repeately push the B/Circle button (Xbox/PS2)) and confirm.

You'll get the tutorial for Ordered type races, and the first race will begin:
"Rites of Passage".

After you win the race and earn your first money, the game will tell you about
the Nav System, and you'll find yourself in the streets of San Diego on your
car. It would be wise to go back to the garage and buy some new parts before
attempting to challenge someone.


9A - SAN DIEGO CAREER PROGRESSION                                      (09PSD)

VEHICLE     - Lexus GS430
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Trolley Race 2
     After race 3 of 3
       - You can now race in the Luxury Rollers Car Club
       - Flame Vinyls are now available
       - New car rims available
       - You are invited to race in the Balboa Park Tournament (you'll get
         notification as soon as you return to Cruise mode)

VEHICLE     - '78 Monte Carlo
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Freeway Haul
     After race 3 of 3
       - You are invited to race in the American Royalty Car Club
       - Stage Tournament is now open (notification as soon as you return to
         Cruise mode)

VEHICLE     - Eclipse
RACES       - 3
     After race 3 of 3
       - You are invited to race in the Unbeatable Street Racers
       - Manufacturer Vinyls available
       - New car rims available
       - You can now race in the City Tournament (you'll be notified when you
         return in Cruise mode)

After you have beaten two of the racers above, you'll get a movie where you
are told that Phil is looking for a challenger, but he won't appear on the map
yet. You'll get the notification after you drive for a bit in cruise mode, and
then you'll finally see him marked on the nav system.

VEHICLE     - Hotmatch Cuevito
RACES       - 4
FIRST RACE  - Horton Hijinx
     After race 4 of 4
       - You win the Hotmatch Cuevito from Phil
       - You are invited to race in the Choppers of America Bike Club

You unlock Class C vehicles you have to win the first 11 races against street

If you have cleared all the Round 1 Street Racers, once you win one of the
club races or tournament below you'll get the notification in Cruise mode
(after a minute or less) that Vanessa is looking again for a challenger.

It is a good idea to beat her another time as soon as you can so you unlock
useful performance upgrades for your class D and C wheelbarrows to make your
life a little easier on the club races and tournaments.

TYPE         - Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - After defeating Bishop in San Diego
PRIZE MONEY  - $4,500
PRIZE CAR    - 300C "DUB Edition"
RACES        - 3
TRACKS LIST  - Twists on the Road
               Balboa Drag
               Hillcrest Hysteria

TYPE         - Autocross Races Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - After you defeat Vanessa the first time
PRIZE MONEY  - $5,000
PRIZE CAR    - Lexus IS300
RACES        - 3
TRACKS LIST  - Downtown Race
               Beachcross Race
               Oceans Race

TYPE         - Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Carlos in San Diego
PRIZE MONEY  - $5,000
PRIZE CAR    - '57 Bel Air
RACES        - 4
TRACKS LIST  - Stage 1
               Stage 2
               Stage 3
               Final Stage

TYPE         - Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeat Leo in Detroit
PRIZE MONEY  - $12,000
PRIZE CAR    - Mercedes SL55 AMG
RACES        - 3
               Trail Blazer
               Emerald Vistas

VEHICLE     - Eclipse
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Gaslamp
     After race 2 of 3
       - Level 2 Performance Parts for Class D vehicles are now available
     After race 3 of 3
       - You can now buy (for free) the San Diego Police Car
       - Level 1 Performance Parts for Class C vehicles are now available
       - Pearlescent Paint now available
       - Atlanta is now open
       You are told about the following stuff once you are in Cruise mode:
       - You can now race in the DUB Tournament in Atlanta
       - Dre is looking for some competition in Atlanta
       - Roy is looking for a challenger in Atlanta
       - Vito is looking for someone that can beat him in Atlanta


9B - ATLANTA CAREER PROGRESSION                                        (09PAT)

You unlock Level 3 Performance Tires for Class D vehicles in your first races
against the street racers.

Seems that you'll get notified of Naomi after you defeat the three initial
racers (Dre, Vito, Roy) plus Cheng.

VEHICLE     - Cadillac Escalade
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Take'er Easy
     After race 3 of 3
       - You are invited to race in the Big Playas Club races
       - New Tribal Vinyls available
       - New car rims available
     After a while you have returned to Cruise mode
       - Cheng is looking for a fool to race against

VEHICLE     - '69 Dodge Charger
RACES       - 4
FIRST RACE  - Old School
     After race 4 of 4
       - Color Shift Paint is now available
     After a while you have returned to Cruise mode
       - Lamont is looking for a challenger

VEHICLE     - Ducati Monster S4R
RACES       - 3
     After race 3 of 3
       - Original Riders challenge you
       - New Sport Bikes rims available
       - Vito available as Rider
     As soon as you return to cruise mode
       - Hotlanta Tournament is now open

VEHICLE     - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Buckhead and Back
     After race 3 of 3
       - New Wild Vinyls available

VEHICLE     - Chevy Silverado SS
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - (random)
     - Nothing !!
     Once you return to cruise mode
       - If you have beaten Roy before, you'll get      <- this is still NOT
         the notification that he's looking for revenge <- 100% confirmed

VEHICLE     - Hotmatch Skully
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - (random)
     After race 3 of 3
        - New Chopper rims available
        - Naomi available as Rider

VEHICLE     - Dodge Charger R/T
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - (random)
     After race 3 of 3
       - Atlanta Cop Car unlocked
       - New Graphix Vinyls available
       - New Car Rims available
     After the movie, in cruise mode
       - You can now access Detroit
       - Bad Boyz Tournament open (in Detroit)
       - Roy wants to lose for a third time against you (in Detroit)
       - A Detroit street racer, Spider, is looking for someone that can make
         him cry (in Detroit)
       - Leo is another guy that will soon loose his reputation against you
         (in Detroit)

TYPE         - Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - Opening Atlanta (by defeating Vanessa two times in San Diego)
PRIZE MONEY  - $9,000
PRIZE CAR    - Cadillac Escalade EXT "DUB Edition"
RACES        - 4
TRACKS LIST  - Welcome to Atlanta
               Top and Bottom
               Five Point Station

TYPE         - Autocross Races Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Vito in Atlanta
PRIZE MONEY  - $10,000
PRIZE BIKE   - '04 Ducati SS1000
RACES        - 3
TRACKS LIST  - Downtown
               Tight Turns


9C - DETROIT CAREER PROGRESSION                                        (09PDT)

VEHICLE     - Dodge Viper GTS-R
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Figure 8 Freeway
     After race 3 of 3
       - New car rims available

Please note how Roy's car resembles the Jersey XS that Dice drove
in Midnight Club 2.

VEHICLE     - Hotmatch D'Elegance
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Railyard Circuit
     After race 3 of 3
       - New chopper rims available
       - Spider available as rider

VEHICLE     - '81 Camaro Z28
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - The Chase is On
     After race 3 of 3
       - New splash vinyls

The following racers will be available as you race with the previous three.

CEASAR Round #1
VEHICLE     - Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Hook & Dagger

CEASAR Round #2
VEHICLE     - Gallardo
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - No Way Out
     After race 3 of 3
       - You are invited to race in the "By Invitation Only" event
       - New rims are now available

VEHICLE     - Mille Factory
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Maybe random?
     After race 3 of 3
       - New Sport Bikes Vinyls
       - Kioshi available as Rider
       - You can now race Ceasar (again) and Angel

VEHICLE     - Saleen S7
RACES       - 3
FIRST RACE  - Ravaged Ruins
     After race 3 of 3
       - New car rims available

TYPE         - Tournament
UNLOCKED BY  - Opening Detroit (by defeating Roy two times in Atlanta)
PRIZE MONEY  - $20,000
PRIZE CAR    - '49 Fleetline
RACES        - 4
TRACKS LIST  - River Rouge Track
               Rock City


9D - TOKYO PROGRESSION                                                 (09PTY)

Of course this subsection refers to what you can find in Tokyo in the Remix
version of the game.
This is highly under construction however; I don't even know if there are
street racers or something there. Besides, it ain't even "Career Progression"
as you can see, as Tokyo is separate from the main career in the game.
So separate that it has its own percentage of completition (you can see it in
the Nav System screen).

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Exotics only
PRIZE CAR    - 1998 Gemballa F355
PRIZE        - $25,000
RACES        - 5


9E - WORLD WIDE CLUB RACES                                             (09PCR)

I thought that separating club races from city-related stuff would be a good
idea. Why you ask? Well, they're like city racers, but with at least 13 and at
most 16 races. The fact is that races are spread through all cities, with 3 to
5 in each one. At the end of each one you win some sort of cool vehicle, tied
to the category restriction of each club race.

You can do them in whatever order you like (like the first in Detroit, the
second one in Atlanta, the third in Detroit again, the fourth in San Diego).
Once you clear a certain city there won't be the yellow stars in the Nav
System anymore. Also seems that the number of stars DO NOT reflect the number
of races left on that city, because once I had 3 stars on Atlanta even though
I only had one left there. Maybe it was only giving me the choice from three
different venues.

From my tests, you'll always unlock stuff in the order you see in Unlockables,
even if you do one race there and two here like in the example above.
Remember: Prize vehicles are ALWAYS awarded once you win ALL races in a club.

They are listed in the same order as in the career stats. Note that when I say
"defeat X in <city>" I mean "the first time you defeat X in <city>".

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Sport Bikes only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeat Vito in Atlanta
PRIZE BIKE   - Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R
RACES        - 14 total; 5 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 4 in Detroit
     (I need to redo races 1-7)
     After race 8 of 14
       - New Rider outfits available

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Choppers only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Phil in San Diego
PRIZE BIKE   - Hotmatch Skully
RACES        - 15 total; 5 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 5 in Detroit
     After race 1 of 5
       - New rider outfits available
     After race 3 of 5
       - "Roar" special move available for Choppers
     After race 12 of 15
       - New Chopper Vinyls available

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Muscle Cars only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Carlos in San Diego
PRIZE CAR    - '68 Chevy Corvette
RACES        - 15 total; 5 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 5 in Detroit
     After race 11 of 15
       - new Muscle Car rear bumpers
     After race 13 of 15
       - new Muscle Car hoods

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Luxury Sedans only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Bishop in San Diego
PRIZE CAR    - CL55 AMG "DUB Edition"
RACES        - 14 total; 5 in San Diego
     After race 1 of 14
       - New Luxury Sedans Exhausts available
     After race 3 of 14
       - "Agro" move available for Luxury Sedans except SL500 and SC430.
         "Zone" available for Luxury Sport Coupes (that is, SL500 and SC430)
     After race 5 of 14
       - New Luxury Sedans front bumpers are now available

TYPE         - Club races
RESTRICTIONS - Exotics only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeat Ceasar in Detroit
PRIZE CAR    - ME Four-Twelve
RACES        - 16 total; 7 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 4 in Detroit
     After race 3 of 16
       - "Zone" move for Exotics
     After race 16 of 16
       - Chrysler ME Four-Twelve (the one you win here will be named "ME 412"
         in the garage, but it's still the same car as the one you can buy and
         has no advantage over the regular one)

TYPE         - Club races
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeat Dre in Atlanta
PRIZE CAR    - Mercedes Benz G55 AMG
RACES        - 15 total; 5 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 5 in Detroit
     After Race 1 of 15:
       - New exhausts for SUV/Trucks available
     After Race 2 of 15:
       - New taillights for SUV/Trucks available
     After Race 3 of 15:
       - Agro move unlocked for SUV/Trucks
     After Race 5 of 15:
       - New front bumpers for SUV/Trucks available 
     After Race 6 of 15
       - New side upgrades for SUV/Trucks
     After Race 7 of 15
       - New rear bumpers for SUV/Trucks
     After race 10 of 15
       - New hoods for SUV/Trucks
     After race 11 of 15
       - New rear upgrades for SUV/Trucks
     After race 12 of 15
       - New front grills for SUV/Trucks

TYPE         - Club Races
RESTRICTIONS - Tuners only
UNLOCKED BY  - Defeating Vanessa in San Diego
PRIZE CAR    - '02 Nissan Skyline
RACES        - 13 total; 5 in San Diego, 5 in Atlanta, 3 in Detroit
     After race 1 of 13
       - New Tuner Exhausts available
     After race 2 of 13
       - New Tuner Taillights available
     After race 3 of 13
       - "Zone" move available for Tuners
     After race 6 of 13
       - New Tuner front bumpers available
     After race 7 of 13
       - New Tuner side upgrades available
     After race 8 of 13
       - New Tuner rear bumpers available
     After race 9 of 13
       - New Tuner hoods available
     After race 10 of 13
       - New Tuner spoilers available


9F - U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES                                          (09UCS)

So, here we are, the ultimate series !!
Once you have cleared the second round of street racers in Detroit, and there
will be NO blue arrows in the Nav System on any city, you will see the movie
about the U.S. Championship Series. Once in Cruise mode you'll be paged
that several racers are looking for a challenger (you'll be noticed 7 times,
one for each racer).
There are 3 in Detroit (Kioshi, Ceasar, Roy), 2 in Atlanta (Lamont, Angel),
2 in San Diego (Vanessa, Spider). If I've got it correctly, you'll be told
that the prize is in the hands of Vanessa, the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Each racer has 2 of the 14 races that made up the Series. Here's a rundown.
Since I like to add useless stuff, I added the "My vehicle" row, to tell you
what car I used to beat each racer.
I also added what races I did for each racer, if you had other ones, mail me.

                        VANESSA                    SPIDER
   VEHICLE -    Lamborghini Murcielago        Hotmatch Skully
MY VEHICLE -        ME Four-Twelve            ME Four-Twelve
  1st RACE -           East Side                     Go!
  2nd RACE -         Jumps Galore                City Loop

                      ATLANTA U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES
                        ANGEL                  LAMONT
   VEHICLE -        Cadillac Cien        Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR
MY VEHICLE -        ME Four-Twelve              Cien
  1st RACE -      Heart of the City            Resurgens
  2nd RACE -      Throught the City         Into The City

                      DETROIT U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES
                 KIOSHI                CEASAR                    ROY
   VEHICLE -   Ninja ZX12      Chrysler ME Four-Twelve       McLaren F1 LM
MY VEHICLE - '81 Camaro Z28             Cien             '81 Camaro Z28 + Cien
  1st RACE -      Open                Behemoth                Starstruck
  2nd RACE -     All In               Converge                   Core

Usually they have veeery long races you've never done before.
There will be a lot of police on the streets but most of the time they just
sit in their cop cars (eating donuts ?) ignoring you or the other racers.

What you need to beat them is:

- a vehicle you are familiar with.
- the ability to manouver it more than properly
- since you have gotten so far, you for sure have understood how to play this
game (that means dodging traffic, drifting/powersliding, making use of the
handbrake to take tight turns, slipstreaming, weight balancing and controlling
your vehicle while in-air, wise use of the nitrous, good use of the special
manouvers, and so on)
- a lot of patience
- a good knowledge of the city you're racing on
- luck

Once you have gathered those things, beating the 14 races will be a cakewalk.

When you complete the 13th race (the order doesn't matter) you'll unlock Level
2 Performance Upgrades for Class A vehicles.
After you win the championship and your Lamborghini, ALL city races will have
a higher payout than before - I have seen some races in Detroit with a prize
of over $25,000, and if you keep doing them the prize will raise even higher.


10.  Unlockables                                                       (10ULF)

To prevent mail asking the same thing, I'll answer here what to do to unlock
what you are looking for.

But first, here's how you open cities.

SAN DIEGO - Always open
ATLANTA   - Defeat Vanessa two times in San Diego
DETROIT   - Defeat Roy two times in Atlanta
TOKYO     - Always open in the Remix version

Here's a bit of stuff about the unlock mechanism

To unlock              you need to
------------------     ------------------------
Class <X> cars         read the subsection below
Performance Parts      race against street racers, read below
Level 3 Tires          race against street racers, read below
Cop Cars               see below
Cars                   win Tournaments or Club Races, beat the game
Body parts             race in Club Races
Special Manouvers      win the third race in club races
Atlanta or Detroit     Wake up. It's written above.
Carbon fiber parts     I don't know exactly, but keep checking the
                       Body Upgrades \Hoods \Material menu in the garage. It
                       will unlock eventually.


10A - WHEN ARE CLASS <X> CARS UNLOCKED ?                               (10XNX)

Remember that street racers are those guys marked on your map with a blue
arrow (or triangle).
It's an incomplete section by now because I need to triple-check every stuff
AGAIN in Atlanta - luckily I made a backup of the profile.

I'll put there things only when I'm 100% sure that they're true.

Class D vehicles are available just by starting the game
Level 1 Parts - from the beginning
Level 2 Parts - after the second race for Vanessa in San Diego the second time
                you race against her
Level 3 Tires - somewhere after a couple of races against street racers in

Vehicles unlocked by winning 11 races against street racers in San Diego
Level 1 Parts - defeating Vanessa two times in San Diego
Level 3 Tires - defeat Ceasar two times in Detroit

Vehicles unlocked by winning 11 races against street racers in Atlanta
Level 1 Parts - defeat every racer in Atlanta or open Detroit (it's the same) 

Vehicles unlocked by winning 11 races against street racers in Detroit
Level 2 Parts - Win 13 races (out of 14) in the U.S. Championship Series


10B - HOW DO I WIN THE PRIZE CARS ?                                    (10PRZ)

There are 21 prize cars in the game, and I'm gonna tell you what you have to
make them do crazy things with your pad. Or steering wheel.
Please note that there are some vehicles missing, if you know how to get them
drop me a note.

You win the ..             by doing this ..
------------------------   -------------------------------------------------
IS300                      win City Tournament in San Diego
'57 Bel Air                win Stage Tournament in San Diego
300C DUB Edition           win Balboa Park Tournament in San Diego
'02 Skyline                win the Unbeatable Street Racers car club
'49 Fleetline              win Bad Boyz Tournament in Atlanta
Escalade EXT DUB Edition   win DUB Tournament in Atlanta
CL55 AMG DUB Edition       win Luxury Rollers Car Club
Mercedes Benz G55 AMG      win Big Playas Club
'04 SS1000                 win Hotlanta Tournament in Atlanta
'68 Stingray               win American Royalty Car Club
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R      win Original Riders club
Hotmatch Skully            win Chopper of America Bike Club
'69 Chevy Corvette         win American Royalty Car Club
Cien                       win City Tournament in Detroit
ME Four-Twelve             win all 16 races in By Invitation Only club
Murcielago                 become the U.S. Championship Series
San Diego Cop              defeat Vanessa two times in San Diego
Atlanta Cop                defeat Roy two times in Atlanta
Detroit Cop                defeat Ceasar two times in Detroit
Police Motorcycle          get 100% completition
Cadillac Sixteen           get 100% completition


11.  Hidden Silver Rockstar Stars                                      (11HRS)

Scattered through each city, there are 12 hidden rotating silver stars
resembling the Rockstar logo. Once you collect a certain number of stars,
you unlock something

- 12 stars: Flag vinyls

- 24 stars: Rockstar license plates

- 36 stars: Race Starters as Riders for Sportbikes and Choppers


12.  Miscellaneous Things                                              (12MSC)

This section will hold various type of thing, maybe.


12A - CLEANED UP GAME MAPS                                             (12MAP)

After a bit of work, that I could have spent on writing new races walktroughs
or something else though, I managed to finally retrieve maps of the three
cities in the game.
They are of course "grabbed" from the Nav System. They have plenty of space
to write your stuff on, and have only movers and garages icons.
You can use them for whatever you wish, provided you give credit (I put a
nice slanted watermark that shouldn't bother you that much).
Quality is not 100% but they're usable.

I thought it was pointless to post them on GameFAQs or some other site about
game hints since they do nothing, so I put them on my site. Their URLS are:


Resolution for all maps is 485x475 pixels.


12B - REVERT THE WEATHER BACK TO CLEAR                                 (12WTH)

THE STORY - In my tests through the game I had several races that were under
the rain (or the snow in Detroit). I told "ehy I want clear weather !! stop
with that thing!!!". So I did several things to change it, like changing car,
exiting the cruise mode, go in the menus, changing city. Nothing. Switching
profile didn't solved this - the new selected profile will inherit the weather
the previously used profile had. I was really pissed off. Then I was bored and
I did something I didn't think at first.

THE SOLUTION - Just start a city race and WIN. The problem is that it'll be
under the rain/snow, but just choose an easy race you're familiar with, on
the city you like the most. Chances are that once you hit the Continue Career,
it'll be a clear day. It should work most of the time though.

UPDATE - If you switch city while in Detroit is snowing and go to Atlanta or
San Diego, then it'll rain there. The same applies backwards, since Detroit
has no rain and the other two have no snow.


13.  Music Tracks Listing                                              (13MTL)

You can change the genre of songs you wanna hear from the audio options found
in the pause menu.

There are 88 songs in the original game. 21 more songs have been added with
the Remix edition, bringing the total to 109.

The instrumental version of "Mannie Fresh - Real Big" can only be heard in
the game menu.


13A - HIP HOP                                                          (13HIP)

24 songs in this category.

Apathy - Drive It Like I Stole It
Baby A.K.A. Birdman feat. Lil' Wayne - Shyne On
Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On
Big Tymers feat. Lac, Stone and Mikkey - Put That S**T Up
Bump J - On The Run
Fabolous - Gangsta
Fabolous feat. Thara - Ghetto
Fabolous - Keepin' It Gangsta
Fabolous - Real Talk (123)
Fat Joe - Safe 2 Day (The Incredible)
Lil' Wayne - Go D.J.
Mannie Fresh - Real Big
Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek
Pitbull feat. Piccallo - Dammit Man
Roy Jones, Jr. feat. Magic & Choppa - Body Head Anthem
Slim Thug - Like A Boss
T.I. - U Don't Know Me
Trick Daddy feat. Khia & Thampa Tony - Jump On It
Twista feat. T.I. & Liffy Stokes - Like A 24 
Twista - Overnight Celebrity
Twista feat. Anthony Hamilton - Sunshine
Ying Yang Twins - Hank!
The Game feat. 50 Cent - How We Do

+2 songs in the Remix version:

Crisis - You Like My Style
The Game - Higher


13B - ROCK                                                             (13ROC)

Only 13 rock songs.

Ash - Meltdown
Hundred Reasons - Stories With Unhappy Endings
Idlewind - A Modern Way Of Letting Go
Jimmy Eat World - Pain
Kasabian - Club Foot
Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead
Mash Out Posse - Robbin' Hoods
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
Peaches feat. Iggy Pop - Kick It
Pilot To Gunner - Barrio Superstarrio
Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister
The Explosion - No Revolution
Unwritten Law - F.I.G.H.T.

+5 songs in the Remix version:

Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)
Morningwood - Jetsetter
Nine Black Alps - Not Everyone
Stereophonics - Brother
Stereophonics - Doorman


13C - TECHNO                                                           (13TEC)

21 songs in this category, and many of them are dance/trance/whatever.

Aztec Mystic - Aguila
B. Calloway - Direct Maniac
Dark Energy - Sunshine
Fix - Bite Before You Bark
Fix - Flash
Knights of the Jaguar - Jaguar
Los Hermanos - Quetzal
The Maritan - Lost Transmission
The Maritan - Sex In Zero Gravity
The Maritan - Share Your Feelings
The Maritan - Stardancer
M.I.A. - Denang
Mr De' - The Zoo
Mr De' - Throw
Suburban Knight - Night Strike
Suburban Knight - Nocturbulous
Suburban Knight - The Warning
Tek Brothers - Funktion
Underground Resistance - Amazon
Underground Resistance - Hi-Tech Jazz
Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz

+5 songs in the Remix version:

Drumattic Twins - Twister
Lee Combs - Shiver (Plump DJ's Mix)
Plump DJs - Soul Vibrates
Plump DJs - The Rub Off
Soul Of Man - Foxy Moron


13D - DRUM'N BASS                                                      (13DNB)

19 songs here.

Aquasky - Spectre
Calyx - Are You Ready
Calyx - Chasing Shadows
Calyx - Collision Course
Calyx - Get Myself To You
Calyx - Illusions
Calyx - Just You
Calyx - The Leader
Calyx & ill.skillz - Thru Your Eyes
Culture Shock - Vega
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune
Dom & Keaton - Archaeon
Dom & Roland - Imagination VIP
Dom & Roland - Suondwall VIP
E-ssassin - Interface
Future Prophecies - Final Fantasy
Noisia - Believe
Noisia - Cold Veins
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares

+5 songs in the Remix version:

Blame - Artificial Intelligence
Logistics - Release The Pressure
Logistics - Static
Nemesis - Alter Ego
Sunchase - As We Look (Instrumental)


13E - DANCE HALL                                                       (13DAN)

Only 11 songs! Pooh!

Bennie Man - King of the Dancehall
Bennie Man feat. Ms. Thing - Dude
Bennie Man - Miss L.A.P.
Bennie Man feat. So Solid Crew - Yagga Yo
Lady Saw - Strip Tease
M.I.A. - Fire Fire
Mr. Vegas (feat. Wayne Anthony) - Pull Up
Sean Paul - Like Glue
Two Culture Clash feat. General Degree - ... And Dance
Two Culture Clash feat. Ward 21 - This Anuh Rampin'
Uptight Sound System - Righteous Dub

+4 songs in the Remix version:

Damian Marley - Hey Girl
Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock
Lady Sovereign - Random
Smith & Mighty - B Line Fi Blow


3F - UNUSED / OTHER SONGS                                              (13UNS)

I finally managed to code a nice tool to extract all the songs of the game.

Because, as you might not be aware of, since Midnight Club 2, all songs in the
Midnight Club series have been placed inside a single big file.

This file has 4 parts: the first is of course a "preamble" that tells, yes,
this is the correct music file, and then how many songs are inside of it.
Then there's the section that tells at which position, within the file, each
song starts and how big it is, in bytes of course.
Then there's the list of all song names; not their REAL name (what is shown in
the game, like "Twista feat. Anthony Hamilton - Sunshine"), instead there's a
compressed name, like "Twista_Sunshine" or "MFresh_RealBig".
Then what follows are the actual songs, one followed by another.

They're stored in WMA format. They were in MP3 in Midnight Club 2 for PC. I
coded a similar program for MC2 too, back in the days, that's why I know about
how MC2 had songs. I have never played the first MC so I absolutely have no
idea about it.

Anyway, I sorted the extracted songs by genre (as of they're in-game and like
the list above), and found that there are 12 songs not included in the game'
tracklist. Several of them are music for menu, garage, end race, but others
are never played!

Here's the list:

Title screen music:
  Mannie Fresh - Frontend
  (this is actually the instrumental version of "Real Big", shorter than the
  vocal version)

Garage songs & End race songs (all instrumental):
  Disco 2001 - Cornbread
  The Ratt Pakk - Deep South
  The Ratt Pakk - Flight Deck
  The Ratt Pakk - Spaced Out
  Jean Grae - Going Crazy (also at the end of a race)
  Super Natural feat. Wildchild of the Lootpack - Victory (idem)
  Buddy Klein - Let's Go (this one too)

Unknown songs with speech:
  Paul Wall - Sittin' Sideways
  Sean Paul - Breakout
  Slim Thug - Playa You Don't Know
  Stat Quo - Like Dat

If you know more about that please email me.


14.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        (14FAQ)

This section will host questions asked by you. So contribute NOW by sending a
mail to mystical NO&AT#SPAM operamail.com (of course replace &#AT with a @ and
remove "NO" "SPAM") and put something like "MC3 FAQ" or something like it in
the subject.

#1  Q: I hate the click glitch in the garage, or the engine sound loop glitch
       in the nav system map, or the nitrous alert glitch, how do I get rid
       of it ?

    A: Mute the volume or shut down the amplifier right away.


#2  Q: When are Class B cars unlocked? (submitted by akash khetan)

    A: Win 11 races against blue-arrowed street racers in Atlanta


#3  Q: Do the city races ever end? (submitted by ed ender)

    A: Nope, they'll keep cycling to help you earn money


#4  Q: Are Rockstar Logos required for 100% ? Where are they ? (submitted
       by Idrees Khan, sorry if I didn't reply you)

    A: Rockstar logos aren't required for 100%. They unlock vinyls and rims,
       not cars.
       You can use acommoncrook's maps available at gamefaqs.com to find them.
       They also have tips on how to get the stars.


#5  Q: Are custom soundtracks supported on the Xbox version ? How do I get
       them to play in-game ? (submitted by RogerWazup007)

    A: Of course they're supported! 
       Each tracklist you have created through the Xbox dashboard will be a
       different "group" like the built-in "Rock", "Raggae", "Hip-Hop" of the
       game you can cycle in the Audio Options submenu of the pause screen.
       Note that if you select "All" as group, your songs won't be played.


#6  Q: How do I install hydraulics on my car ? (submitted by hansookim_90)

    A: Not every car can have hydraulics. If a car can be upgraded with
       better springs then it may fit hydraulics, but it is not a rule. SUVs
       (at least those that can be upgraded) CAN be equipped with them, but
       vehicles like Exotics cannot. Similarly, most tuners can while others

       Hydraulics can be bought from the Performance Shop, then "Chassis" and
       then of course "Hydraulics".
       It seems there's no pre-requisite to buy them

       To enter the "hydraulics" mode and make the car jump, hit Down on the
       D-PAD. Then use (on the Xbox at least) L-Trigger, R-Trigger, White and
       Black buttons to make the car jump.

       There's a tutorial about that where you'll be told the keys to push.


#7  Q: Ehy I unlocked something in a way far different than you say in your
       faq!! What the hell do you write ? You suck !! (submitted by ... me!)

    A: Ehy, first of all, chill the f**k out !! If you found a different way
       then email me how/what you did it to unlock it instead of offending!


#8  Q: How many cars can be saved/stored in the garage? (submitted by
       Scott Sheppard)

    A: In previous versions of the FAQ and in the reply I gave to Scott
       himself, I was terribly wrong.
       You can store only 30 cars with either the original or the Remix
       edition; when you try to buy the 31st car you'll get a notice to
       free up space in the garage if you want to buy a new vehicle.
       Sorry for the wrong answer!


15.  Contributing Readers                                              (15CON)

The most recent email sender is at the top of the list.

- Scott Sheppard

- hansookim_90 NO&AT#SPAM #######.### (email hidden because I can't read
  anything than English, and it name was in Kanji or something similar) 

- jordanballenger for telling me names of some missing vehicles, and later
  about the Ninja ZX12

- AngryBannana7 (needed some clarifications about how to unlock visual
  upgrades and stuff)

- Simen Haldorsen Solholm, Clayton Sands for other unlocking patterns.
  And confirming the weird pattern the game realise to unlock stuff. Oh I
  really would like to know how it works.

- Ed Ender for contributing some unlockings and FAQ #3, and telling me about
  that the Police 1000 is unlocked upon completition of all races in the
  Choppers of America Club.

- Daniel Stubbs for pointing out that police vehicles DO HAVE siren in the
  PS2 version.

- Akash Khetan for question #2 and for being such a good pal.


16.  Thanks                                                            (16TNX)

- To everybody that had the patience to read through here
- Mike W. for the PS2 controls and a couple of grammar corrections
- To Rockstar Games for producing the Midnight Club series as well as the
Grand Theft Auto series
- To every contributor listed above
- To everyone that asked a question in FAQ section
- To all those who sent me a note through my website
- To everyone mailing me, sorry if I didn't reply :(
- To the deekey for a some English questions
- To the many trance djs for producing the hours of music I listened to while
writing all this text
- ImageShack.us for hosting the images

################################# the ## end ######################### V0.29 #

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