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Reviewed: 09/24/07

10th Anniversary Celebration with Style

First of all I would like to say that this game is pretty good, and it becomes even better if you are a great fan of the Wild Arms series like me.
As you people should know, the Wild Arms series is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, and this game as made especially for this occasion, so you must have in your mind that, if you are a new Wild Arms player, you will find quite a lot a lot of extras related to the other past games, like characters, items, weapons and much more.

Well then, after this short introduction, let's get on to business.

Game Play: 8 / 10

The game play is rather easy, since you are used to RPG Games, so not much news where, except that:

WORLD MAP IS BACK AGAIN!!!!!! (It was sadly removed in 4th Detonator)

This is sure celebrating, since one of the most interesting and creative things to do in this game is exploring at the world map.

Differently of many other titles, you don't only fight monsters at the world map, but you can also discover a hell lot of treasures, items, secret dungeons and more.

And when I say discover it’s a real discovery, since this secret stuffs aren’t originally at the map, so you must use the "Search" command so that a green halo appears around your character and if there's something secret, it will pop on the screen.

Also, when exploring a dungeon you will find a lot of puzzles, that are pretty easy at the first, but can become a serious pain later in the game, what is fantastically perfect since when you play a RPG game you don't need only to know how to defeat a mob of monsters, but you need also to use your brain to save you from certain situations.

One fault in the game play is that you cannot control other character than Dean (protagonist), when in other games of the series (except for the 4th Detonator) all main characters were playable.

The other fault is that this game has no Anime opening like the other ones, even though it has a great opening movie, but can only be seeing once and not at every time you Load a saved game, what is a little disappointing.

Battle System: 9 / 10

The HEX System is back again, so you can expect to use your brain a lot.
This System requires you to think a little before taking actions, at means you cannot go all out, since the support characters are obliterated in 2 or 3 (if you are lucky) bosses attacks at most, so you have to be real careful.

Another good thing about the battle system, is that the battles get more exciting, and can become quite long, mainly when you fight the secret bosses, what is another difference of 4th Detonator, that all battles were pretty quick (the last boss of 4th Detonator can be defeated in no less than 5 turns, and you don't need to be in a high level).

Another good point is that, of the 6 main characters, you can only place 3 in the battle field, and when you are Back Attacked, the battle will start with the characters placed on the reserve. (Pretty creative huh?)

Also, all characters have his\hers own ARMS, weapons that can be long ranged, like in the Wild West, or close range, so you can expect to run out of bullets and reload in the middle of a fight.

Storyline: 8 / 10

Since this is a Spoilers Free review, I'll be as straight as possible.

The Storyline is rather simple, with not much new stuffs, what is really great, since it's with small things that you can make great wonders, right:?

Also, the main characters are very charismatic and have their own story, so that the story will not be only around the main character, what is pretty good.

So, this game tells the story of Dean, a 16 old wanna be Golem Hunter (Golems are something like robots, or mechas), that along with his childhood friend Rebecca and a girl that suffers of Amnesia named Avril starts on a journey to retrieve her memories back, and save the world.

The more interesting part of the whole Storyline is that you will interact with other main characters of the other games of this series, and they are doing things that they would probably do after the game they appear, for example, Ashley (of Wild Arms 2) owns a bakery in one town, and Lilka (WA 2) makes deliveries to him and has problems with her Teleportation, also Clive (of WA 3) is something like a scientist that blow his own house.

The good stuff is that none of them (there are something like 20 cameos of the main characters of the other Wild Arms scattered around the world) are main characters, so you have to explore a little to find them, and they don't have their real names, but you will notice when you find them for sure.

Graphics: 8 / 10

The graphics are pretty much good, mainly the facial and clothes effects, since when you Shoot your ARMS, you can see the character whole body and clothes shake like the real thing.

Also the facial animation is very impressive; you can really see how the character is feeling and stuff like that.

The only fault about the graphics is that when you enter at the world map, since it's full of details, the resolution goes down one bit, since you will notice some colors change (Dean's hair, for example, gets a little darker and also the whole screen as well).

In simple terms, the graphics are pretty decent, and will not disappoint at every moment.

Sound: 9 / 10

Simply amazing and almost perfect, since there aren't many different songs, but they are all of extreme quality, and will remember a lot of the Wild West.

Some songs there are a mix of guitars, pianos, violins and even whistles, what makes a very beautiful, enjoyable and exciting melody.

Also, every main boss have his\her own theme song, that is related with his\her own personality, what gives them a soul.

Anyways, nothing more to say about it, only that it's real GOOD!!! Period.

Replay ability 8 / 10

This game has the so called New Game + so that you can play again the game from the beginning with some of the stats of a cleared saved data.

That way you can review some places you missed, and it’s pretty much easier to fulfill all the extras, since some of then are pretty annoying (like open all treasure chests, for example) and will demand a lot of time to you.

Overall: 8.5 / 10

This game is pretty good and celebrates the first decade anniversary of the Wild Arms series with a lot of action, beautiful graphics, good music and enjoyable story, that will not let you be bored for even a second.

Surely a worth buy, mainly if you are a Wild Arms series fan or players.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Wild ARMs 5 (10th Anniversary Edition) (US, 08/28/07)

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