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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EWaechter

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 06/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Complete Walkthrough for
    Version 2.3
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    As of this date, June 27, 2006, this walkthrough contains all information
    necessary to acheive 100% completion of the game on the PS2.  The only 
    updates from this point forward will be corrections if necessary, a possible
    secrets section and eventually a FAQ, followed by a "Dumb FAQ" that acheived
    great popularity on my walkthrough for The Da Vinci Code.
    “Because we all dream of wiping our ass on quilts, don’t we?”
    “It’s the game that’s just like life!  Just when you think you’ve won, 
    someone blinds you with industrial solvents!”
    “Its not like those other licensed video games, because in this one, you 
    don’t die of boredom, you die of ANTHRAX!”
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    Table of Contents
    I.  Version History
    II.  Introduction
    III.  Storyline Missions
         A. Portland
              1.  Vincenzo Cilli
              2.  Ma Cipriani
              3.  J.D. O'Toole
              4.  Salvatore Leone
              5.  Maria
              6.  Salvatore Leone Part 2
              7.  J.D. O'Toole Part 2
              8.  Vincenzo Cilli Part 2
              9.  Salvatore Leone Part 3
         B. Staunton Island
              1.  Salvatore Leone
              2.  Donald Love
              3.  Salvatore Leone Part 2
              4.  Leon McAffrey
              5.  Church Confessional
              6.  Donald Love Part 2
         C. Shoreside Vale
              1.  Salvatore Leone
              2.  Toshiko Kasen
              3.  Donald Love
              4.  8-Ball
              5.  Donald Love Part 2
              6.  Salvatore Leone Part 2
    IV.  Side Missions
         A.  Portland
              1.  Car Salesman
              2.  Bumps and Grinds
              3.  Slash TV
              4.  Wong Side Of The Tracks
              5.  Noodle Punk
              6.  RC Thrashin'
              7.  Scrapyard Challenge
              8.  Scooter Shooter
              9.  Red Light Racing
              10.  Low Rider Rumble
              11.  9mm Mayhem
              12.  RC Triad Takedown
         B.  Staunton Island
              1.  Go-Go Faggio
              2.  Demios Dash
              3.  Bike Salesman
              4.  Well Snacked Pizza
              5.  Torrington TT
              6.  Car-azy Giveaway
              7.  RC Ragin'
              8.  Karmageddon
         C.  Shoreside Vale
              1.  Wi-Cheetah
              2.  Gangsta GP
              3.  AWOL Angel
              4.  RC Race
              5.  See The Sight Before Your Flight
    V.  Avenging Angel Missions
    VI.  Vehicle Specific Missions
         A.  Vigilante Missions
         B.  Fireman Missions
         C.  Paramedic Missions
         D.  Taxi Missions
         E.  Trash Dash Missions
    VII.  Unique Jumps
         A.  Portland
         B.  Staunton Island
         C.  Shoreside Vale
    VIII.  Hidden Packages
         A.  Portland
         B.  Staunton Island
         C.  Shoreside Vale
    IX.  Rampages
         A.  Portland
         B.  Staunton Island
         C.  Shoreside Vale
    X.  100% Completion
    XI.  Eric's Stats Upon Completion
    XII.  Eric's $2 worth
    XIII.  Cheat Codes
    XIV.  Secrets
    XV.  Contact Information
    I.  Version History
    June 19, 2006 - Version 1.0 Initial draft, complete walkthrough of story-
    line missions only.
    June 23, 2006 - Version 1.1 Completed all Unique Jumps and Hidden Packages
    section.  Began work on Side missions with completed 'Car Salesman' and 
    'Bumps and Grinds' missions.
    June 25, 2006 - Version 1.2 Completed all Rampage missions, Car-azy 
    Giveaway, Paramedic and Vigilante Missions
    June 26, 2006 - Version 1.3 Completed Avenging Angel missions and added
    several more Portland side missions
    June 27, 2006 - Version 2.0 All side missions and vehicle specific missions
    completed.  Small 100% completion note added to end.  Walkthrough now
    contains all info needed to acheive 100% completion.
    June 28, 2006 - Version 2.2 Added Cheat Codes, Secrets, Eric's stats, and
    Eric's $2 Worth
    June 30, 2006 - Version 2.3 Webpage version completed and added
    I realize that many of you are reading this walkthrough as a result of my 
    walkthrough for The Da Vinci Code, so allow me to thank you for coming to 
    this walkthrough as a faithful fan.  For those of you that are new to my 
    walkthroughs, I can promise you this, if you get nothing else out of my 
    walkthroughs, you’ll get a good time.  I try to make the process of 
    reading the walkthrough as much fun as actually playing the game, so if 
    you like to laugh, keep on reading, I promise you will.  I am sarcastic, 
    blunt, and have no problem letting you know what is on my mind.  Sometimes
    I am even insulting, but if it hurts your feelings, its probably because 
    it relates to you and you deserved it anyway.
    I realize that when you go to most walkthrough sites, there are at least 
    a dozen of them written for this game, however they were all written from 
    the PSP version of this game.  While this version is virtually identical, 
    it does still contain some differences as I have noted in looking at some 
    of the other walkthroughs.  So far as I can tell, this is the first 
    walkthrough thus far that is based 100% on the PS2 version of the game.
    I could cheat and use the PSP walkthroughs that are already online, but I 
    believe that no longer makes it “my” walkthrough.  If you are a return 
    walkthrough reader, you are here because you enjoy the way I write, and it 
    would be wrong of me to cheat my way past that.  If you are a new reader 
    (and you made it past the “hurting your feelings” thing above) then you will 
    soon come to find that my walkthroughs are of only the very best quality.  
    I know that you will settle for nothing less, and you have my word that the 
    very best is what I am here to provide.  If you find this walkthrough 
    lacking in ANY way, please contact me at the e mail address at the end of 
    the walkthrough.
    I have not played the PSP version, in fact, I have not even seen the PSP 
    version, so if you write me to tell me that that “is not how it was on 
    the PSP”, BITE ME . . . .I warned you ahead of time.  This walkthrough 
    was written as I played the game with my laptop in front of me, therefore 
    everything in here was done at the time of the writing and was not drawn 
    from memory in the hopes that I remembered it right.  With that said, 
    please enjoy the walkthrough and best of luck to you in the game.
    A.  Portland
    **NOTE**  For the sake of organization, the missions are grouped by 
    character as much as possible.  It is possible to do these missions in 
    other sequences as long as they are available on your map.  Please do not
    write to me and tell me that you don't HAVE to do them in this order for
    cryin' out loud.  (I wouldn't have to say that if it hadn't been done!)
    Intro scene:  Tony gets to Liberty City, makes a phone call and catches a 
    cab to Mr. Leone’s office and is introduced to Vincenzo (Lucky).   You 
    get your first mission assignments from Lucky at Atlantic Quays.
    Your first objective is to drive Vincenzo to your newly acquired Safe 
    House in Saint Marks, where you will change your clothes.  You’ll learn 
    about the garage where you can store your vehicles here and how to save 
    the game.  (You will not be able to save at this point yet.)   You must 
    now get back in the car and take Vincenzo to his warehouse. (**NOTE**  At 
    this time, you can not get a wanted level yet, so have fun on the way if 
    you want!)  Drive into the yellow marker and you’ll get a short cutscene 
    where Vincenzo continues to be a wiseass and then you will be awarded 
    $100 for having to listen to it.  You will then be free to roam and 
    Vincenzo’s missions will now be visible on your map indicated by a blue 
    At this point you can go back to your safe house and save just so you 
    don’t have to go through all that again.  From this point forward, I will 
    not tell you when to save.  If you are playing this game, I’m going to 
    assume you’ve played video games before, and also that you’ve played the
    other games in the GTA series.  You should know when to save and when not 
    to, and that saving after every mission is just good thinking.  Now you 
    may begin the story missions. . . .
    Slacker – 
    You’ll be sent back over to Saint Mark’s to look for Vincenzo’s dealer.  
    A new yellow marker will appear on the map.  Grab a vehicle and head that 
    way.  When you get there, you’ll find the whiny dealer and then your 
    objective will change for you to take him to work, and you’ll get a new 
    marker in Chinatown.  Get back in the vehicle and he will climb in (or on 
    if you have a motorcycle) and off you go.  When you get there, drive into 
    the marker, the dealer will get off and you’ll be awarded $100 for your 
    Dealing Revenge –
    After the rather disqusting cutscene, climb in a car.  I recommend a car 
    for this mission to make it as simple as possible.  Head to the new 
    marker in Chinatown, which just so happens to be where you dropped the 
    dealer off in the last mission.  After the cutscene, follow the instructions
    and beat up the dealer before he beats you up.  You’ll be alerted that 
    there are other Sindacco’s dealing in the area and you should take care 
    of those as well.  The simplest way to handle this is to climb back into 
    the car, drive to each of the red dots on the map, and simply run them 
    all over until they are dead.  When you do, the mission will end and you 
    will get $500.
    Snuff –
    You’ll first be sent to the Ammu-Nation in the Red Light District.  Go 
    there and you’ll be schooled on how to purchase weapons.  You are given 
    your first gun for free, so use the cash to buy some extra ammo and then 
    head to the new marker in Hepburn Heights.  When you enter the marker, 
    you’ll be at the entrance to a construction site, and you’ll be instructed
    to take care of the Sindacco heavy at the rear of the site.  Shoot down 
    the two guards at the entrance to the tunnel.  Go through the tunnel and 
    there will be two more guards on the other side to take care of.  Once 
    they are out of the way, the Sindacco heavy is at the back end of the site
    behind his car.  Kill him and then take his cell phone as proof that the 
    job is finished.  You’ll immediately get a call from J.D. O’Toole and 
    find out that you’ve been watched (Gee Rockstar Guys, feeling nostalgic 
    for Manhunter are we?).  When the phone call is done, climb in the 
    Sindacco’s car (indicated by the painfully obvious blue arrow) and take 
    it to the Pay –N- Spray, which is fortunately on the street right in 
    front of you when you get in the car.  You’ll get a free introductory 
    paint job, $500 for completing the mission, and J.D. O’Toole’s mission 
    marker on the map, indicated by an orange “J”.
    Smash and Grab –
    After the cutscene, you’re instructed to grab a four seater car, and for 
    your gaming convenience, there is one parked right outside.  Get in it 
    and drive to the new marker blue which is very conveniently located at 
    the completely opposite end of town.  (See a cop chase in your future?)
    When you get there, drive into the mayhem and let the four guys with 
    those shiny blue arrows over their heads get in the car.  You’ll now have 
    a 3 star wanted level and you’ll be instructed to lose the cops.  
    Remember that Pay –N- Spray in the last level?  Check your map and pick 
    the quickest route to get there, because the cops will be showing you 
    no mercy on the way.  Get in there, get the car painted and your warning 
    level will disperse.  Your instructions are then to take the gang to 
    Vincenzo’s.  Do that without getting a wanted level again, and you’ll be 
    rewarded with $1000.
    Hot Wheels –
    You need to go get Vincenzo’s car which is nearby in Trenton, and bring 
    it back to him.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?  Oh yeah, he forgot to tell you 
    that the car is wanted by the police.  As soon as you get in this very 
    fast Banshee (this was my favorite car out of all of them from the 
    original GTA III, but kind of a letdown this time), you’re going to get a 
    3 star wanted level and cops are going to appear around you in that magic 
    way that can only happen in a video game.  It’s going to be a bit more of 
    a trick this time, but you’ve got to get the car to that same Pay –N- 
    Spray.  Use the map and plan a direct route.  You can make it.  You’ll 
    then have to take the car to Vinnie’s lockup, which is on the next block 
    from your safehouse to the east.  When you get there, you’ll get a phone 
    call from Vinnie, and you’ll be none too happy.  After exchanging 
    pleansantries, you’ll be instructed to take the car to the car crusher 
    and dispose of it.  Drive to the north end of town, park the car in the 
    marker and get out.  Watch your revenge on Vincenzo with a great big grin 
    and get a grand total of $104 dollars for the scrap value.  Yep, that’s 
    it, $104.  It’s not a typo.  You’ll also get a call from Tony’s 
    mom . . . .thats right, his mom.  She will chew him a new one in typical 
    Italian mom fashion, and now you’ll have yet another mission marker on 
    your map.  I like to call them the “Mommy Missions”, marked by a pink “C” 
    on the map (for Mrs. Cipriani in case you didn’t catch that).  You are 
    done with Vincenzo now.
    Go to Ma’s house (which if you remember GTA III, it was Toni Cipriani's
    house), to begin these missions.
    Snappy Dresser –
    You’re first instruction after the cutscene is to go back to your 
    safehouse and get your camera.  Head just around the block and do that.  
    Once you’ve got it, your next destination is Casa’s Deli in Chinatown, so 
    climb back in the car and head there (That Leone Sentinal isn’t too bad, 
    huh?).  When you drive into the marker, you’ll be told to follow Casa.  
    Do so, but don’t get too close or he’ll get spooked.  This isn’t too hard 
    even though they don’t give you a marker to let you know where he is when 
    you don’t have sight of him, and there is no Spook-o-Meter as in previous 
    GTA releases.  The chase will be brief as you are just going to another 
    part of Chinatown.  When you get there, Casa will pick up a couple of 
    hookers and you’ll have to follow him a little bit more.  Not too far to 
    go this time either, as your just going up to Callahan Point.  When you 
    get there, you’ll get instructions for using the camera, so get out of 
    the car and walk towards Casa’s little perverted gathering, but don’t get 
    too close.  You really don’t have to get all that close anyway because 
    the zoom capabilities of this camera are rather impressive.  Arm the 
    camera, zoom in and take a snapshot of the diapered Casa.  You’ll then be 
    instructed to take the picture back to Ma, so go there.  After you get 
    over that sickening feeling from finding out that your Ma doesn’t find 
    the diaper disturbing, you’ll be rewarded with $100 for finishing the 
    Big Rumble in Little China –
    The trick here is to take out some Triad gang members (remember these 
    guys?!).  One set of gang members is driving around in a delivery truck, 
    which you must follow around and run into until you get it to stop.  At 
    that point, two gang members will get out and come after you on foot.  If 
    your vehicle has enough life left in it, just run them down.  The other 
    set of gang members is in the center of Chinatown in that area that is 
    blocked off to vehicles.  Well, fortunately for us, this isn’t GTA III 
    anymore, and we now have motorcycles at our disposal.  Find one, get on 
    it, slide into that area and just mow them down with the motorcycle (I 
    love it when I don’t have to buy ammo!  If it makes you feel better, I 
    got all 4 of these guys with one shot on the motorcycle and the mission 
    was over.)  I may have blinked too quick, but I don’t believe I got paid 
    anything for completing this mission.
    Grease Sucho –
    Time for a race!  Grab a car (The Leone Sentinal will suit this need very 
    well) and head for the starting line (Sorry, they won’t let you bring a 
    motorcycle.  No bringing guns to knife fights.)  This little pissing 
    contest is being held down in Trenton.  The race while seemingly 
    stressful was relatively easy.  I screwed up a couple of times and missed 
    turns and I still beat them with a fairly wide lead.  When you have one 
    the race, you will be instructed to take out Sucho.  Track him down by 
    following the red blip on the map, and when you catch up to him, ram him 
    until he gets out of the car.  When he does, just run him down.  You’ll 
    be awarded $1000 for completing this mission and the Underground Street 
    Races will be unlocked, and you’ll be informed that you’ll be contacted 
    by challengers.
    Dead Meat –
    You’re instructed to go to Giovanni Casa’s Deli to persuade him to take a 
    ride with you, so grab a car and off to Chinatown we go.  When you get 
    there, you’re going to pick Giovanni up and take him to the sawmill in 
    Trenton.   When you get there, you will pass through a gate and get 
    another yellow marker behind the sawmill.  Once inside, you are now going 
    to have to hack Giovanni up with the axe provided for you.  Whatever you 
    do, don’t chase him.  Wait for him to find a spot and crouch, figure out 
    which way he is facing and then walk up behind him and smack him with the 
    axe (WALK!!  NOT RUN!!)  He goes down pretty quick.  It took me two tries 
    to take him out.  When you do, watch the twisted little cutscene, then 
    climb into the van to take the “Giovanni Sausage” to his deli.  You’ll 
    have a two star wanted level, cops will be lined up outside the gate, and 
    you’ll be driving that big clunky-ass van.  If you know where a couple of 
    wanted level stars are, hit those as fast as you can, otherwise, do what 
    I did and head up the west side of the map to the Pay –N- Spray.  Once 
    you’ve done that, take the van up to Casa’s Deli and receive $500 for 
    your tasty new style of sausage and the end of the mission.
    No Son of Mine –
    Oh crap!  Your own Ma is trying to knock you off!  Grab the shotgun and 
    take care of all of her hitmen.  These guys come in 4 waves of 4.  When 
    one group is gone, the next one comes.  The last two groups are carrying 
    machine guns, so be quick, or be creative.  My health was wearing real 
    thin by the last group, so I ran around the block and grabbed a delivery 
    truck that just happened by.  I saved some more ammo that way and just 
    mowed them down with the truck.  When they are all dead, the mission is 
    over, you earn no money and you can no longer go see your Ma.
    In order to begin these missions, you will need to go back to the safehouse
    and change into your casual clothes.  JD will not acknowledge you while 
    you are dressed in your suit.  You can find these missions at Paulie’s 
    Revue Bar (formerly known as Luigi’s in GTA III).
    Bone Voyeur –
    After this relatively disturbing cutscene, you will climb in a van with 
    JD.  This mission is pretty straightforward and pretty simple.  You just 
    have to drive around the red light district and stop near JD’s hookers to 
    collect the money from them.  You have to collect $700 which you will see 
    on the right side of your screen and this mission is timed as you have to 
    collect all the money before the girls’ shift ends.  It’s really plenty 
    of time, so you don’t have much to worry about.  Basically take off 
    straight ahead from where you get in a van, and drive around the Red 
    Light District in a square pattern, and you’ll see the girls standing on 
    the side of the road with a blue arrow over their heads.  Stop near them 
    and they will come up to you and hand over their cash.  At one point, a 
    pimp will be ripping off one of the girls and you’ll have to stop him.  
    It’s pretty simple, just run him down with the van, get out, grab the 
    money, get back in and carry on.  When you’re all done, you just have to 
    take JD back to the bar.  The mission will end when you get him there, 
    and you’ll get $500 for a job well done.
    Don in 60 Seconds –
    After the cutscene, quickly jump in the car with the blue arrow, as you 
    have a 2 star warning level and the cops are already on the scene and 
    shooting at you.  You’ve got to get Salvatore out of there, and you’ve 
    got to lose the cops.  Pretty easy start, drive right around the block 
    and into the Pay –N- Spray.  It was so easy, in fact, it made me a little 
    suspicious.  Once the car is painted, you are told to take Salvatore home,
    back to the trusty mansion up in Portland Beach, where you first met the 
    sultry Misty a few years ago.  That’s it.  When you get there, you get a 
    brief cutscene, $1000, and a new set of missions from Salvatore.  Micro 
    SMG’s become unlocked at Ammu-Nation as well.
    A Volatile Situation –
    Time to go check out a casino.  I recommend that you show up well armed 
    with a machine gun and a PCJ 600 is the preferred vehicle.  This mission 
    was nothing short of a pain in the ass.  It’s in St. Marks, 3 blocks south
    of your safehouse.  When you get there and walk into the marker, you’ll 
    get a phone call from JD telling you that there are a bunch of Sindacco’s 
    coming after you.  Guess its time to take care of them.  There will be 3 
    waves of Sindacco’s.  The first will arrive in one of those silly white 
    station wagons.  You have a choice here, you can either wait for them to 
    get there and blast them when they get out of the car, or you can go after
    them before they get there on the PCJ and try to blow up their car before 
    they arrive.  The latter takes a LOT of ammo, so be prepared if that is 
    what you decide to do.  I found it easier just to wait on them and blast 
    them when they get there.  It’s riskier on your health, but if you just 
    grab a car and park a little ways up the street facing the front door of 
    the casino, wait for them to get there and then run them down when they 
    get out of their car.  If you let any get too close to the front doors of 
    the casino for too long, they will plant a bomb and it goes off in only 
    3 seconds.  Don’t be standing nearby, and two of them will fail the 
    mission.  The last wave arrives in a Patriot (I like the way they have 
    made them big and beefy and mean now!).  Take care of these guys and you 
    will get a cutscene showing you a box truck headed your way.  The truck 
    has a bomb in it.  Once again, you can take the PCJ and attempt to chase 
    it down before it arrives, or you can wait for it to get there.  The 
    trick here is to make sure there are no cars cluttering the street before 
    it gets there.  When it arrives, it will slam into the corner of the 
    building and the driver will run away.  You now have 22 seconds to get in 
    it and move it a safe distance from the casino.  This distance will be 
    indicated by a blue bar on the right side of the screen, and when it is 
    far enough, you need to get out of the truck and get the hell away from 
    it.  Don’t let me forget to mention that the truck is stuck in first gear 
    and barely moves, so have fun with that.  If you manage to pull it all 
    off, you get $1000 and a chance to save and go get a drink or something.  
    Mostly because that level pissed me off.  I needed a drink after that.
    Blow up ‘Dolls’ –
    This mission, when done the right way, is so easy its scary, which is 
    definitely a nice break from the previous level.  All you have to do is 
    blow up the Sindacco Brothel/Casino.  Capisca?  Ok then, grab a car, any 
    car will do, however if you just want to walk your way through this 
    mission, find one of those silly ass white Sindacco station wagons.  Take 
    it up to 8 balls place.  (You can find it, its been there for 5 years now)
    You will get it equipped with a bomb, because that’s what 8 ball does.  
    He does it here, he did it in Vice City, and he did it in San Andreas.  
    (That guy gets around!)  Now all you have to do is drive it over to the 
    Red Light District and park it in the garage of the brothel/casino.  The 
    guards there will make comments about you as you drive in, but as long as
    you are in the Sindacco car, they won’t mess with you . . . until you get 
    out of course.  When you’ve got it parked, you’ll be prompted to get out 
    of the car.  Get out, and I recommend running (to the right as you are 
    looking OUT of the garage) and jumping over that wall onto the street.  
    Keep running until you are prompted to set off the bomb.  Do so, and 
    you’ll get a pretty cool explosion cutscene and $1500 for completing the 
    I like Salvatore’s house  --  he always has a shiny new PCJ sitting out 
    front for me.
    The Offer –
    This one is fairly simple.  Head down to the docks at Portland Harbor and 
    meet with Jane Hopper.  You’ll have a quick but rude meeting and then it 
    will be your goal to escape the docks.  What can I say.  RUN! There’s a 
    guy or two throwing Maltov Cocktails at you, so avoid them if you can.   
    Run until you get almost to the exit and there will be a Bobcat sitting 
    there.  Climb in it and drive out the gate.  Done.  Mission over. $500
    Ho Selecta!  --
    This one isn’t bad either.  All you have to do is pick up hookers.  (WHAT 
    A JOB!)  Ok, so you have to pick up 6 hookers and get them to the picket 
    line at the entrance to Portland Harbor.  You have about 5 hours to do 
    this in (that’s 5 GTA hours, in reality, 3 or 4 minutes max).  Its 
    actually plenty of time if you work your way south from the first hooker 
    in the parking lot of the gas station at the north end of town.  You have 
    to disrupt her “business transaction”, at which point you’ll have to take 
    out the 4 guys she was  . . .uh . . .transacting.  If you’ve got a gun, 
    this is pretty easy . . . because they don’t.  Continue south to the next 
    girl, who you will also have to disrupt.  Theres only one guy to take 
    care of there, so do so and move on.  Get the third girl a little further 
    down the street.  She’s just hangin’ out, so just pull over and she’ll 
    get in the car.  Now, you’ll have to drop these three girls off at the 
    picket line.  Do so, and turn around and head over toward the 
    Chinatown/Red Light District area.  If you just turn left onto that main 
    road there under the train bridge, you’ll be able to see two more girls 
    right in front of you.  Pick them up, drive about a block further and 
    another will be standing just around the corner.  When you’ve got all 
    three, turn around, drop them off at the picket line, and you are done 
    and $500 richer.
    Frighteners –
    Once again, simple.  Head towards the red markers on the map and you’ll 
    find the Union Bosses just driving around town.  Ram them, shoot their 
    cars, whatever you have to do, just get them to get out of their car, but 
    whatever you do, don’t kill them.  You just want to scare them.  Some 
    will fight back when they get out of their car, but most wont.  Scare 
    enough of them, and $1000 is yours and the mission is over.  The Avenging 
    Angel costume will be unlocked at the safehouse, and it was at this point 
    that I got a phone call from Maria, opening up her missions now as well.
    Rollercoaster Ride –
    You’re starting off here with a short time limit, luckily, you don’t have 
    far to go.  You have to get to the radio station in Harwood before Hopper 
    leaves.   When you get to the radio station, kill the limo driver.  
    You’ll end up in his uniform, at which point, get in the limo.  You’ll 
    get a short cutscene and Hopper will get in the limo and demand to be 
    taken to the Harwood Ferry Station.  You’re not going to do that.  Your 
    job is now to scare the hell out of her.  Drive around real fast, hit 
    stuff, take her over jumps and generally cause mayhem with the limo.  The 
    scare meter on the right side of the screen will soon fill, and you’ll be 
    asked to take her to the ferry station picket line at the north end of 
    town.  Do so.  When you get there, you’ll have to drive through a group 
    of gangsters and drop her off in the yellow marker.  Your mission will be 
    complete at this point, and you’ll get $1000 and the chauffeur outfit at 
    the safehouse.  You’ll be done with Salvatore’s missions at this point.
    5.  MARIA
    Shop Til You Strop –
    Take Maria to the shop as indicated on the map.  I’m not entirely sure 
    why she couldn’t walk her own ass down there since its only 1 block to 
    the south, but oh well, here we go.  Ok, so now we know why she couldn’t 
    walk . . . because running from the cops in that skirt and heels is a 
    BITCH!  When she comes back out of the shop, you’ll have to take off and 
    loose the cops.  Being that it is only a 1 star warning level, this is 
    pretty easy, especially since I decided to take her shopping on a PCJ.  
    When you’ve lost the cops, she wants to go to another shop, so off you 
    go. If you are thinking clearly at this point, make sure when you pull 
    into this yellow marker, you have the car pointed north up the street. 
    Of course, she doesn’t let you down again, and this time she manages to 
    pull off a 3 star warning level.  (My wife wonders why I won’t go shopping
    with her.)  The REALLY funny part at this point, is that you’re not 
    instructed to lose the cops, you’re instructed to take her home.  Yeah 
    right.  If you did as I suggested and parked in front of the last shop 
    facing north, by God, head north and get that car into the Pay –N- Spray.
    THEN take her sorry ass home and collect your miserable $100.
    Taken For A Ride –
    We’re going to take Maria to see her dealer.  (Serious Misty flashbacks 
    now)  You pull in behind one of those silly ass Sindocci station wagons, 
    and Maria climbs in it to make her deal.  Something goes terribly wrong 
    as things often do in drug deals with enemy families, and the Sindocci’s 
    take off with Maria.  You must now ram their car in order to get her 
    back.  When they do stop, you’ll have to kill the two Sindocci idiots 
    that get out.  When you do, Maria will get back in the car with you and 
    now all you have to do is taker her home to collect your $500.  She did 
    mention something about coming up for “coffee”, but you turn her down.  
    Apparently Hillary Clinton and Jack Thompson got to Tony Cipriani, and 
    he’ll be having no “Hot Coffee” in Liberty City.  (Bunch of censorship 
    cowards they are!  Rockstar is my HERO for having done it in San Andreas!
    They shouldn’t have let the government push them around, and the retail 
    stores are WIMPS for taking it off the shelves!  Soapbox completed.)
    Booby Prize –
    We’re going to race again, and this time we have no choice but to find a 
    motorcycle, so grab up a PCJ 600 and let’s go!  If you don’t find one 
    right away, you know you can always find one in front of Salvatore’s 
    house.  Head down and enter the marker to start the race.  It’s a fairly 
    simple race, and if you’re good with the handbrake powerslide, you’ll 
    have no problems winning this 2 lap race.  Of course when the race is 
    over, you earn no money, and Maria still takes off with the other dirtbag,
    however you open up the underground street bike races.
    Biker Heat –
    This one goes by pretty quick.  Head down to Chinatown to meet up with 
    Wayne and his gang.  You’ll exchange a few uncivil words and Wayne will 
    take off on his bike and leave you four goons to deal with.  The best way 
    to do this was to do what I did . . . .ignore the goons, hop on the bike 
    sitting in front of you, and take off after Wayne.  All you’ve got to do 
    is make him be dead.  If you’re still carrying around an automatic weapon 
    compatible with a motorcycle . . . .this is GRAAAAAVY.  Kill him, be done,
    get $1500 and get a phone call from Salvatore telling you he’s got some 
    more stuff for you to do.  If you're thinking about it, grab the PCJ 600
    that Wayne was driving.  It's bulletproof and the only time you will be
    able to get it throughout the entire game.
    Overdose of Trouble –
    Maria has overdosed on a color spectrum of pills, and apparently she 
    needs a “zap” to get over it.  She tells Tony that he’s square because he 
    doesn’t know what a “zap” is.  Apparently, I’m square too.  At any rate, 
    she says she left hers at the diner at Callahan Point.  Of course, she 
    has no idea what in the hell she’s talking about, but we’re going to grab 
    a vehicle and take her there anyway.  You arrive in the empty parking lot 
    of the diner to find nothing but the yellow marker, but as is normal for 
    this game, when you enter the marker 8 or 10 pissed off bikers with guns 
    materialize in the parking lot like they’ve been sitting there since the 
    place was built.  Of course it occurs to Maria that this isn’t where 
    you’re supposed to be (genius that she is) and now off you have to go to 
    Hepburn Heights, with these hairy intellectuals chasing you.   Since I 
    know you’ll be stunned to hear that Hepburn Heights won’t be the right 
    place to be either, Maria will change her drug addled mind once again and 
    decide that the stuff has been at her apartment the whole time (she could 
    have saved us a lot of trouble by coming to that conclusion to begin with,
    but what fun would that be).  Off we go back to the apartment still 
    trailing the unhappy ones.  As seems to be standard procedure, that’s not 
    right either, and now we head to Salvatore’s Mansion.  When you get there 
    and drive into the marker, Maria chews your ass for being such a twit and 
    goes in to the mansion to service Salvatore.  The mission is complete and 
    you get nothing but an ass chewing from a crack whore for your troubles.  
    Thankfully, you’re done with her.  The Goodfella outfit is now unlocked 
    at the safehouse.
    6.  SALVATORE LEONE PART DUE (That’s Italian for “two”, Doofus!)
    “And another thing – I never met a girl with hydraulic underwear . . . .I 
    was looking for a tramp, I married a slut!”  -- Salvatore Leone
    Contra Banned –
    You need a 4 seater car to pick up some backup.  Luckily for you, your at 
    Salvatore’s house and he has a conveniently placed Leone Sentinal parked 
    there for you.  Drive around to the blue markers and pick these guys up.  
    One of them is in the parking lot of Marco’s Bistro made famous in GTA 
    III and after your first and only transcontinental flight in San Andreas. 
    Once you have them all, you’ll have to head down to Portland Docks, so get
    moving.  You’ll have to drive through some angry picketers at the 
    entrance to the harbor, but just blast on through and head to your marker.
    When you get there, you’re in a familiar scene.  Yet another deal gone 
    bad with dirtbags at the docks.  The cops show up and now you have to 
    waste the drug dealers.  If you manage to survive that ordeal, there is 
    some armor there for you if you didn’t grab it during the gunfight.  
    (This armor is now always here should you need to come get armor again 
    later.)  All you have to kill is the drug dealers, you can leave the FBI 
    agents even though they are shooting at you.  Once the dealers are dead, 
    you have to jump in the Patriot indicated by the blue arrow, then get it 
    out of there and lose the 3 star warning level.  Make a beeline for the 
    Pay –N- Spray.  Once you pull that off, you’ve just got to get the 
    Patriot to Salvatore’s lockup in St. Marks.  Once you get it there, and 
    in the garage, get out and claim your $1000 for completing the mission.  
    You’ll get a phone call from JD, and once again open some more missions 
    from him.  Which is good, because you’re done with Salvatore’s missions 
    7.  J.D. O’TOOLE MISSIONS PART DUE (Yep, its still Italian)
    “Oh God!  I feel like the day the FBI searched my hard drive!”  --JD O’Toole
    Salvatore’s Salvation –
    Salvatore has been kidnapped by the Sindocci’s.  First thing we’re going 
    to have to do is tail one of these guys in a car.  Follow the car without 
    attracting attention.  You’re not going far, so its not too bad.  When 
    you get to the destination, you’ll see that they have Salvatore in the 
    trunk of a car, and they intend to take him to the car crusher.  Now we 
    have to get all superhero on their ass.  Stop the car before it gets to 
    the car crusher.  Ram it, but don’t shoot it, or you’ll kill Salvatore 
    and fail the mission.  Once it stops, two Sindocci’s will get out and 
    start shooting at you.  Slaughter them and then get in the car that has 
    Salvatore in the trunk (big blue arrow in case you are dense).  Drive it 
    to Salvatore’s mansion and into the yellow marker and Salvatore is saved.
    Be happy with your $1500.
    The Guns of Leone –
    Salvatore has lost it.  Must have been the carbon monoxide fumes he 
    inhaled riding around in that trunk.  He’s coming down to kill every 
    Sindacco he can find, and JD has beat feet out of there.  Your job is to 
    get up on the roof across the street and grab the sniper rifle.  You’re 
    going to keep Salvatore from getting capped.  You’ll be able to nail the 
    first 8 or 9 guys from the roof, but after that, you’ll have to head down 
    to the street to help out.  If you were thinking ahead, you grabbed the 
    AK47 from the roof behind the strip club (under the water tower  --  take 
    the stairs in the alley where you knock on the door to meet JD).  The 
    last to show up is the cops, and you’ll have to kill a couple of them as 
    well.  When they’re all gone, Salvatore will run into the alley behind 
    Paulies, and the mission will be over.  A whopping $3000 for completing 
    this mission.
    Calm Before The Storm –
    You’ve got one GTA hour to head up to Salvatore’s mansion.  You’re going 
    to follow a new heavy that Sal’s got that he is suspicious of.  When you 
    get there, enter the yellow marker.  Just to make this interesting, this 
    guy is going to be taking off in a helicopter, and you are going to have 
    to follow it from the ground.  It’s pretty simple as they give you a red 
    marker on the radar, the guy flies REAL slow, and for some dumbass reason,
    the helicopter follows the streets.  You’re not going far the first time.
    He’ll land in the construction site just to the west in Hepburn Heights.  
    A short cutscene there, and he’ll take back off and you’ll have to follow 
    again.  Once again, he’s not going far, and will end up landing on a roof 
    in Chinatown.  When you get there, you’ll have to go into the alley of 
    this building and climb the stairs to the roof for a closer look.  After 
    the cutscene you see that you have been spotted by the Triads.  Time to 
    do some shootin’!  When all the Triads are dead, the mission is over and 
    you’ll be rewarded with $1000 and the removal of whatever wanted level 
    you acquired in the process.
    The Made Man --
    You’ve got to drive JD to his ceremony to be “made”.  Climb in the car.  
    As any formal and important mob ceremony should be, its located at the 
    car crusher in Harwood, so drive there.  Apparently the Sindacco’s aren’t 
    real thrilled about JD’s conversion, so they are going to attempt to take 
    him out on the way to the ceremony.  It’s up to you to get out of the car 
    before they blow it up and shoot them before they accomplish their mission.
    There is one on a motorcycle and three in a car and they all show up 
    together.  It’s easiest to just run down the motorcycle moron, then get 
    out and gun down the other three.  Once they are disposed of, you can 
    continue to the car crusher in relative peace.  When you get there, you 
    find out that the ceremony is so that JD can be “made dead”.  Mickey caps 
    him in the back of the head.   (For you fans of “The Godfather”, this is 
    ironically how the traitor, Salvatore Tessio was disposed of in that 
    movie.  I guess this time Salvatore gets to be the assassinatOR rather 
    than the assassinatED.)  Now that the car you’re in is good and screwed 
    up, you have to run it through the Pay –N- Spray so you can get Mickey 
    home in peace (instead of in pieces).  Even that won’t work for long, and 
    you’ll eventually get spotted by the cops and they’ll chase after you for 
    DWCDG (Driving While Carrying Dead Guy).  Get Mickey to his apartment 
    across from the hospital and he’ll get out.  Now its just you and Dead 
    Guy.  You’ve got to get the car to the river and dump it.  You can try to 
    respray the car again, but it won’t do you much good.  You’ve got to get 
    it over to the Boardwalk that runs up the west side of Portland and get 
    the car into the river.  Jumping out of a moving vehicle works, but it’s 
    a bit picky about doing that.  I just parked it nose first towards the 
    river, got out, ran back over to the street, grabbed a passing vehicle 
    (in this case a patrol car that was chasing me after I offed the cops), 
    and rammed the back end of the car right into the river.  Mission 
    completed, $1500 and no more wanted level.  Oh yeah, apparently there are 
    no more JD missions.  Vincenzo on the other hand, is feeling bad for 
    being a douchebag, so he gives you a call and you once again have Vincezo 
    8.  VINCENZO CILLI MISSIONS PART DOS (Spanish – I’m multi-lingual now.)
    “ . . . .if you pull any of that daddy bullshit, you’re a dead man.”  
    --Tony Cipriani
    Back to Atlantic Quays we go . . . . 
    The Portland Chainsaw Maquerade –
    You get a phone call from Vincenzo when you get there.  He wants you to 
    meet him on the freighter over at Portland Docks, so we’re going to head 
    there.  Use the ramp to get up on the ship and head to the stern (the 
    stern would be the BACK of the boat, most likely the spot indicated by 
    the yellow marker).  I took a PCJ down here, so it made the trip a little 
    quicker.  When you enter the ship, you’re told to enter the Hull, which 
    is pretty vague if you ask me, but they were kind enough to put another 
    marker.  Make sure you are armed and head that way.  There is a magnum in 
    a little hallway to your right on the way down in the event you need some 
    deadly hardware.  When you get down there, you’ll be met by 10 freaks 
    with chainsaws, because when Vincenzo starts kissing your ass, nothing 
    good can come from it.  Work carefully with the magnum you picked up, 
    each freak can be disposed of with one shot.  When they are all gone, you 
    get to wipe out Vincenzo.  He is quite resilient, so it takes quite a few 
    shots to take him out.  It’s going to take whatever you have left in the 
    magnum at a minimum.  When he’s down and dead, you get a little cutscene 
    where you kick him like you would a little dead bird you find in the road 
    and then you are told to head for the exit.  Replenish your health if you 
    need to (I did) and head on out.  (Theres armor in the hallway to your 
    right on the first landing on the way up the stairs too)  When you get to 
    the exit, you’re back outside and the mission is over.  You get $3000 and 
    overalls at your safehouse.  You are told that you can come back here 
    wearing the overalls at night to play Slash TV! (Between 1800 and 0500)  
    You also get a phone call and back to Salvatore’s missions we go.  Oh 
    yeah, no more Vincenzo missions in case you were wondering.
    9.  SALVATORE LEONE MISSIONS PART THREE (I’m getting lazy, that one was 
    in English)
    “What’s that smell?  OH YEAH, Mid-Life Crisis!”  --Maria
    Sindacco Sabotage –
    Sal has left you some armor and weapons in the garage under the house.  
    (If you played the PC version of GTA III, this was a garage you could 
    unlock with a downloadable trainer.)  Grab them if you need them, and 
    head off to the gang war down in Hepburn Heights.  This seems like an 
    impossible fight, but it can be done, at least, I did it the first time 
    through.  I only had two of my own family members left alive, but 
    apparently that was all I needed.  You just get several large waves of 
    Sindocci’s coming at you and you’ve got to kill them all.  There is 
    health and armor laying around if you need it.  I saved it until the 
    fight was over so I would be fresh and new, but the armor was gone after 
    the street war was over, so get it while you can.  When its all said and 
    done, you get $1500.
    The Trouble With Triads –
    You’ve got to head down to the warehouse in Callahan Point.  (Remember 
    taking the picture of “diaper man”?  It’s down there.)  You blew this 
    place up in GTA III.  Apparently its been repaired --- oh wait, never 
    mind, the Triads blow it up again.  Now you’ve got to collect all the 
    cash that’s lying around before it goes up in flames.  You’ve got 4 minutes
    to do so, which is plenty of time, but Triads are trying to shoot you at 
    the same time, so you’ve got to deal with them as well.  Don’t run through
    the flames.  That’s just dumb and will only serve to help the Triads 
    anyway, so just don’t do it.  Once you’ve got all the cash, get out of 
    there quickly and find a ride, because you’ve got to get the cash to 
    Salvatore’s house and Triads will be chasing you.  Unfortunately for 
    them, they are chasing you in their big, slow fish trucks, so getting 
    away from them isn’t that difficult, especially if you manage to happen 
    upon a motorcycle.  Get the cash to Salvatore’s house and the mission 
    ends, awarding you $1500.  (I don’t know if this is the norm, but when I 
    got to the mansion, Salvatore’s banshee was smashed up against a tree in 
    the driveway.  It wouldn’t let me have it.  The doors were locked.
    Driving Mr. Leone –
    When the cutscene ends and Salvatore has decided not to kill you, head 
    down to the PCJ 600 in the driveway and get on.  Salvatore will get on 
    with you and you’ll drive him up to the ferry terminal on the north end 
    of the island.  Enter the yellow marker just outside the gate.  The cops 
    are there, and you are suddenly blessed with a 3 star warning level . . . .
    just for showing up.  Thanks!  Turn around quickly and beat it.  A Pay 
    –N- Spray will only help for a short while, so if you can skip it, head 
    down to the Callahan Bridge.  Drive through the cones blocking the bridge 
    on the right side, lean over the handlebars to get some speed and you 
    will jump over the gap in the bridge.  FINALLY!!  STAUNTON ISLAND!!  When 
    you are over and clear, Salvatore will tell you to go to your new 
    safehouse.  Head to this new safehouse in Newport and enter the marker.  
    You’ll get the cutscene you’ve been playing for HOURS to get.  Your intro 
    and welcome to the now open Staunton Island.  Of course, they do remind 
    you that you still can’t get to Shoreside Vale.  They do that just to rain
    on your parade.  Claim your $4000, park your PCJ in your newly acquired 
    (and quite large!  Imagine my disappointment to find it only fit two cars.
    How damn BIG are the cars on this island anyway?!) garage and save your 
    You will get a phone call from Salvatore telling you to go to the payphone
    outside the courthouse for further instructions, so head there.  Answering
    the phone there will take you to:
    A Walk In The Park –
    This mission is exactly what it says it is.  Drive into the park in the 
    center of the island (right across the street from you) and mow down the 
    mayor.  (Mow Down The Mayor . . . .that would have been a funnier name 
    for this level)  When he’s dead, grab his cell phone and you’ll have to 
    take it to Salvatore, who is very conveniently located back at the 
    safehouse.  Get it there and claim your $1500.  Salvatore’s next mission 
    takes the form of a note on the table at the safe house, so go inside and 
    read it.
    Making Toni –
    You’ve got to drive to the “meeting place”, whatever the hell that is.  
    It’s a yellow marker on the south end of town in Bedford Point.  Get in 
    the car with Mickey and head there.  Drive the car into the marker.  You’re 
    led into an alley where it looks like you’ve been set up for execution.  
    As it turns out, you’ve been “made”.  The cutscene ends, you actually get 
    to be a passenger in a car for once, you get dropped off at the safehouse 
    again and the mission is over.  $2000 for you.  It doesn’t get any easier 
    than that!  You get a phone call on your way into the safehouse.  It’s 
    Sal with a new assignment for you and the Donald Love missions open up on 
    your map indicated by a red “D”.
    The Morgue Party Candidate –
    After a rather bizarre cutscene with your first view of Donald Love in 
    this game, you are chucked back outside and instructed to intercept a 
    hearse.  Ok, whatever keeps them happy.  It is starting out on the north 
    end of town, opposite from where you are, naturally.  Make your way up 
    there.  You’re on a new island now, so take this opportunity to test out 
    some new vehicles.  I found the V8 Ghost to be quite satisfying!  Corner 
    the hearse and steal it.  Upon obtaining it, you get a 3 star warning 
    level, and the cops are abusing you in this rather awkward vehicle.  If 
    you timed it right, you should have caught the hearse very close to your 
    safehouse, which, using some forethought this time, they managed to put 
    in the same alley with the Pay –N- Spray.  How nice of them!  Get the car 
    fixed up and the wanted level gone, and you’re told to take the hearse to 
    Donald’s garage.  Head on up to Bedford Point and drive it into the garage
    under the building there.  Get out of the hearse, exit the garage and 
    claim your $1000.  You get a phone call from your Ma!  She’s all proud of 
    her little boy now, and you no longer have to deal with the intermittent 
    hit men she has sent out to blast you.  (No more free body armor.  Damn!)
    The Antonio outfit opens up at the safehouse.  It also seems that you now 
    have the “Church Confessional” on your map.  You also get a phone call 
    from Sal with a new place for you to meet him.
    Steering The Vote –
    You trade in the lovely V8 Ghost I showed up in for a stinking ugly blue 
    van with speakers on it.  Get in.  Now you have yellow markers all over 
    town that you have to drive through, and you need to drive through at 
    least 5 of them.  Sounds pretty easy, huh?  Ok, after you drive through 
    two of them, your competition puts out TWO vans, and they are trying to 
    reclaim the markers you’ve already taken, and they will!  You can chase
    them down and shoot them and they will blow up, but one at a time, they 
    will put more vans on the street.  You have to find a good balance 
    between blowing up a couple of vans and getting a little breathing room, 
    and learning where the markers are so you can get 5 of them.  The more 
    markers you have when you are done with this level, the more your reward 
    will be.  When you have at least 5 markers, the other vans will stop 
    reclaiming your areas, but now you must get rid of them.  Hunt them down 
    and give them some drive-by action to get them out of the picture.  You’ve
    only got a few GTA hours to get this done, so be as quick as you can, but 
    it does give you plenty of time to at least get your 5 areas.  When you 
    have 5 areas and the opposing vans are destroyed, the mission is over and 
    you can claim your bounty.  With only the minimum 5 areas, I ended up with
    $1500, but I finished once with 6 areas and only had $1550, and there are 
    only 9 areas total, so the extra $200 wasn’t really worth the effort to me.
    Cam-Pain –
    You’ve got to kill the oppositions campaign workers, and you’ve got 4 GTA 
    hours to do it in.  Luckily there are only 3, and they seem to have formed
    themselves in a straight line right up the middle of the island, so lets 
    get to it.  The first group is on top of a building just up the street 
    from where you start.  Head that way and go up FAR too many steps to get 
    up to where they are.  Kill all the weirdos those big glowy red arrows 
    over their heads (I think there’s a shot for that).  Head back down and 
    head further north up the island.  The next group is kind enough to be on 
    ground level.  If you drove a Patriot as I did, these guys can be road 
    pizza in a heatbeat, and then we can move on to the last group.  This 
    little gathering is up on a patio once you go down into the school 
    courtyard area.  Run up there and wipe them out as well, and the $1500 
    prize is yours.
    Friggin’ The Riggin’ –
    You’ve got to head over to Phil Cassidy’s Gun Shop.  Apparently Phil had 
    enough of Vice City and moved back here to Liberty City.  Head to the 
    American Flag on the map, just up the street from where you are.  Go on 
    in (or drive in, I showed up on a PCJ) and walk into the yellow marker.  
    Nothing is available in Phil’s inventory but the flamethrower, and Donald 
    Love was kind enough to pay for that ahead of time.  Get it, and now 
    you’re instructed to go up to the warehouse to burn the Forelli’s ballot 
    papers.  This is up north in Fort Staunton just across from what was a 
    big construction site in GTA III.  When you get up there, you have to 
    enter the warehouse and set fire to the pallets of ballots (now THAT’S 
    funny!) and the printing machines.  Of course its not just as simple as 
    setting them ablaze and grabbing a bag of marshmallows, you’re going to 
    have to intermittently kill people who are try to kill you while you’re 
    trying to accomplish this.  Get them all taken care of and then you’ll 
    have to grab the van that has magically parked itself in the doorway of 
    the warehouse, and chase down the two vans that left when you finished 
    incinerating their crap.  All you’ve got left to do is chase these guys 
    around town and blow them up, much like you did when you chased the 
    campaign vans back in “Steering The Vote”.  Take care of them and the 
    $1500 is yours to keep.
    Love & Bullets –
    This level went kind of quick and easy.  You go for a ride with Donald in 
    his limo and at some point during the trip, you are stopped by multiple 
    shooters gunning for the car.  Because he is a genius or something, Donald
    has a sniper rifle in the trunk for you.  You get out and grab the rifle.
    By the way, just to make this that much easier, everything up to this point
    has been a cutscene.  You get control when you are standing behind the 
    limo with the sniper rifle, and now you have to take out all the guys 
    shooting at the car before it gets destroyed.  There is a handy little 
    limo damage meter on the right side of the screen for you.  There are two 
    shooters in the alley, two on the roof and three on the bridge overhead.  
    Pop all 7 of them and they’re done.  You climb in the limo and now you 
    have to drive Donald back to his building.  More shooters come after you 
    in pickup trucks, but their drivers were incredibly dumb and they were 
    easily lost.  Arrive back at the building and mission is completed. $2000
    Counterfeit Count –
    You’ve got to catch up to and follow the ballot van now, which is a good 
    ways north of you on the map.  I managed to snag an Infernus outside the 
    building and it served the purpose very well (steering is nice and tight 
    and it sticks to the road well . . . not to mention, FAST).  When you 
    catch up to it, the van will pull over and meet with a courier, at which 
    point you have to wait for the exchange.  Once its done, you now have to 
    get the ballots from the courier, and your target changes from a blue 
    arrow to a red one.  Act quickly before the courier gets in his car and 
    you can simply run him over and take his ballots when he’s dead.  If he 
    makes it to the car, you’ll have to chase him down and kill him and that 
    takes time, because you have to continue to follow the van to the next 
    dropoff.  You have to repeat this procedure at each stop, there are 4 
    stops, and you are only allowed to miss one of them, but they all work 
    the same way.  In the Infernus, I found this mission to be fairly easy.  
    When you grab the last batch of ballots, the missions over.  $2500 is 
    yours, and, for now at least, you’re done with Donald Love.
    You’ve got to go all the way to the north end of Staunton Island now, and 
    carefully look over the edge for a short pier.  You’ll see your yellow 
    marker down there.  
    Caught In The Act –
    For the first time in Liberty City Stories, we’re on a boat and we’ve 
    gone to harass the Mayor’s assistant.  When you get control, you are 
    manning a gun sight.  This is one of those run and gun missions where 
    you’ve got to take out everything that comes at you.  There are guys 
    standing on the sides of the water, boats and finally helicopters.  Blast 
    everything you can see before the boat takes too much damage.  Once the 
    final, and only helicopter is taken care of, you will get your finishing 
    cutscene and $2000 for completing the mission.  You’ll also get dropped 
    off on the docks on the south east side of town, so I hope you didn’t 
    leave a vehicle you liked back where you started.  As you head back up to 
    dry land, Sal will call you and give you another location to go to await 
    another of his “landline” phone calls.  You will also be told about someone
    else to meet named McAffrey, and now his missions will show up on the map 
    as a blue “R”.  Thankfully, there is a Banshee parked at the top of the 
    Search And Rescue –
    The Sindacco’s and the Forelli’s are at war with each other and Salvatore 
    has found himself caught in the middle of a hit between the two.  He wants
    you to pick up his bulletproof limo and pick him up.  (I think I see a 
    mission failure in my future, and a bulletproof limo in my garage.)  
    EDIT --  Just tried the hide the limo and die trick. . . . .it doesn’t 
    work.  When you come back, the limo isn’t in your garage anymore.  Once 
    you have the limo, which is in the parking garage right next to your 
    safehouse, you need to drive it up to Fort Staunton to what used to be 
    the big construction site.  When you arrive, you’ll find yourself blocked 
    off by posts similar to the ones in the little area in Chinatown back in 
    Portland, and you’ll have to get out and head in on foot.  This is a 
    serious death trap.  You’ll be getting fired on heavily, and you have to 
    get into an alleyway to get to Salvatore.  The map won’t show you where 
    he is until you’ve killed everybody you see with a red arrow over their 
    heads.  When you do find him, he’s hiding behind a box and two more guys 
    are shooting at him.  Take them out, and go get him.  (You may choose to 
    pick up hidden package #49 here which is behind the dumpster, so you don't
    have to come back for it later, just keep track so you don't come up short
    on your hidden package list later and lose where it was.) Now you have to get 
    him back to the limo, and at this point, I had a 3 star warning level and 
    all of the gang members had rematerialized, so the same battle on the way 
    out, and you have to kill them ALL or Salvatore wont follow you.  For 
    God’s sake, just get to the limo in one piece and get you and Salvatore 
    out of there.  Ordinarily I would say to get to the Pay –N- Spray to lose 
    the wanted level, but the garage you are taking the limo to, and the Pay 
    –N- Spray are in the same alley, so head there and get the car in the 
    garage.  Get out, leave the garage and claim your $2000.  I finished this 
    level with just a HAIR of life left and the bar was blinking at me.  I 
    hated this one.  Sal’s going to call again with his new phone meeting 
    location.  Of course THIS time, its actually important, he says.
    Taking The Peace –
    This mission is a riot!  No weapons necessary.  When you get on the phone, 
    Sal will tell you to get in a van that is parked nearby.  Head for the 
    blue marker and get in.  They’ve rigged up Paulie Sandocci’s car so that 
    you can take control of it by satellite, and Paulie is on his way to make 
    peace with the Ferelli’s.  Instead what is going to happen is that you 
    are going to take control of Paulie’s car and Paulie is going to run down 
    all the Forelli’s and kill them.  Shame on Paulie.  Head for the red marker
    on the radar.  They are all collected together in an alley.  Drive back 
    and forth through there killing them all before they blow up the car.  
    When all the red markers are gone, the missions over, and you’re still 
    sitting in the van with your $2500 laughing your ass off.  You get a 
    phone call from Salvatore letting you know where the next “spot” is.
    Shoot The Messenger  --
    Back in a boat again, but this time you get to drive.  Jump in the boat 
    Sal left you at the pier in Bedford Point.  This one went pretty easy once
    the guy I was chasing decided to follow a straight line.  I just got up 
    beside him and let loose on him with some sub machine gun action until he 
    blowed up.  I said blowed, because my 8 year old came in and saw that 
    happen, and that’s what he said.  All done now.  $3000, and it looks like
    Sal has decided to leave you alone for a while.
    “What – no flowers?!”  --Leon McAffrey
    “I didn’t know it was your funeral.”  --Tony Cipriani
    Head to Leon’s marker at the pier on the west side of the island in 
    Sayonara Sindaccos –
    Get in Leon’s Banshee, he wants you to drive up into Sindacco territory, 
    so head towards the yellow marker now shown on your radar.  When you drive 
    into the marker, Leon is going to do something pretty crappy.  He’s going 
    to drop you off and take off with the car, leaving you standing there with 
    a bunch of Sindacco’s.  Whip out one of your weapons and start relieving 
    these guys of their blood supply.  When they are all dead, Leon will 
    reappear.  Now you’ll be manning a gun again just like you did on the 
    boat, and you’ve got to take care of the pursuing Sindacco’s.  This goes 
    pretty well at the beginning as you barely have to move the target up or 
    down for a while, just swing it left or right and most of these guys will 
    blow up pretty quickly.  At the end of this short (and for some reason, 
    very SLOW) pursuit, you have to take down the helicopter that stays WAY 
    to far away to be effective.  When that is done, the mission is over and 
    Leon gives you $1500 and leaves you standing there with your ass hanging 
    out.  We need to send this guy off to be with Vincenzo.
    The Whole 9 Yardies –
    We get to deal with the Yardies now for the first time since 2001.  You 
    have to go steal a bike from the Forelli’s, and you have to do it without 
    killing any of them.  Head down to the blue marker in Newport.  When you 
    get there, the Forelli’s will start shooting at you, but you can’t shoot 
    back.  Just jump on one of their bikes and start heading north to lead 
    them into the kill zone.  It’s way up at the very north end of town, but 
    fortunately, its just one road that goes all the way up there.  They will 
    be close on your tail, which is where they are supposed to be, but as 
    long as you don’t hit anything, you will be ok.  When you get up there, 
    drive into the yellow marker and you’ll get off the bike and have to help 
    the Yardie’s kill the guys that followed you.  4 dead guys later and you 
    are $2000 richer and the mission is over.
    Crazy ‘69’ –
    Well, you have to kill the 20 specified Forelli’s with a Katana (that’s a 
    very nice sword, and expensive if you get a proper one).  You also have 
    to do it in 4 GTA hours.  All 20 of these guys are collected (and covering)
    Belleville Park in the center of the island.  Fortunately, they brought 
    knives to a sword fight and this goes pretty quickly and smoothly without 
    any problems.  Start at one end of the park and just work your way to the 
    other taking out the “red arrow head” guys on the way.  When all 20 of 
    them are decapitated, mission over, and $2000 for you, Grasshopper.  The 
    Dragon outfit also unlocks at your safehouse.
    Night Of The Livid Dreads –
    Time once again to back up the Yardie’s.  The Sindacco’s are attacking 
    because they want their turf back.  Go to the marker in Newport behind 
    the Ammu-Nation to give some backup.  When you get there, you’ll cap 3 of 
    them and one of the Yardie’s will tell you that he wants to get one of his 
    boys to the hospital and that he is going to get the ambulance.  Protect 
    the rest of his boys until he gets back.  About 5 more dead Sindacco’s 
    later, and you’ll now have to clear a path for the Yardie’s to get to the 
    ambulance.  I had my son count for me on the way out, and he says 19 more 
    dead guys will happen along the way.  One will come at you on a motorcycle 
    to try and run you down, and when you make it far enough, there is some 
    armor in an alcove to your left.  When they are all dead, head to the 
    yellow marker to wait for the ambulance.  I thought I was going to do 
    some ambulance driving, but apparently not.  When the cutscene is over, 
    you are $2000 richer and the mission is over.  You will get a phone call 
    from Leon telling you that he has some news that Salvatore may appreciate, 
    and the next car you get into will interrupt with a commercial explaining 
    something vague about a “Mr. Big”.
    Munitions Dump –
    Now we have to stop some trucks full of guns from getting to Fort Staunton. 
    Grab a vehicle and head towards the red markers on the radar.  Your job 
    here is to chase down two trucks with the weapons on them.  These aren’t 
    the wimpy ass vans you’ve been chasing, these are big 5 ton trucks with 
    gunners on the back and backup shooters in sports cars when you “identify 
    yourself” the first time.  I found a Patriot quite useful for this mission 
    as they are big, quick and sturdy.  One truck goes up the center of the 
    island and he is the furthest ahead, so handle him first.  The other goes 
    up the highway on the east side of the island.  Once they are both taken 
    care of, $2500 for you.  Mission over.  We’re done with McAffrey too.  At 
    some point in a little while, McAffrey will call you to confirm this.  He 
    says Salvatore has been caught and McAffrey wants you to know that “we 
    never met!”
    “Shit, the Devil’s hit pay dirt with you, Antonio.”  --Father Ned
    These missions are in Bedford Point, in front of the Strip Club.  (Don’t 
    be stupid!  In front of the CHURCH!)  
    L.C. Confidential –
    Someone has been leaking unnecessary info about professional athletes and 
    he is bringing it to the FBI.  Your job here is to go to the crime scene 
    in Newport, and drive this newly acquired vehicle to the meeting point in 
    2.5 GTA hours.  Sure, no sweat.  Get to the crime scene as quickly as 
    possible.  The FBI car is indicated by the blue arrow.  If you’ve got the 
    time and the armor, there’s a good amount of cash laying here.  I think I 
    got it all and I ended up with an extra $1500 in my wallet.  Grab the FBI 
    car.  Apparently, those FBI guys are particular about who drives their 
    cars, so you’ll have a 3 star wanted level.  Get over to the meeting 
    place quick, there is no time for Pay –N- Spray and they wouldn’t do a 
    government vehicle anyway, so just get to where you’re going.  When you 
    drive into the new marker, your target will get in the car and soon 
    discover you are not who he was expecting and he will run.  Now you have 
    to chase him down and kill him, and the FBI has you cornered as well.  
    Get past them all and kill the informant and you’ll have to grab his 
    report.  Once you’ve got the report, you’ve now got to get it to Liberty 
    Tree.  If you’ve got the stones, head to the Liberty Tree, if you just 
    want to survive, grab the closest car (I had to run 3 blocks before 
    anyone drove by!) and head to the Pay –N- Spray to lose the wanted 
    level.  The yellow marker is in a big parking area off the main road in 
    Bedford Point (I remember some kind of big gang war here in GTA III).  
    Drive into it and the mission is over.  $1500 more for you, for a total 
    of $3000 if you grabbed all the cash at the crime scene!
    The Passion Of The Heist –
    You’ve got to retrieve a briefcase full of cash and kill all the gang 
    members involved.  All this is going down in Rockford at the very northern 
    tip of the island near the ferry.  You will meet with some resistance 
    when you arrive.  By some, I mean about 10 guys with AK47’s and a 
    helicopter with 4 AK47 guys hanging off of it.  Get close enough to the 
    area, and you can grab the rocket launcher someone has left there for you 
    to take out the helicopter.  Once all those guys are dead, grab the 
    briefcase indicated by the green arrow over by the limousine and beat it 
    out of there.  I was almost dead, so I had to grab the limo because I was 
    closest to it.  Do your best to get to the Pay –N- Spray to lose the 
    wanted level.  (Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, but the limo fits in there.) 
    Once you are squared away, take the briefcase to the Liberty Tree Offices, 
    the same place you went at the end of the last mission.  $1500 for 
    shooting down a helicopter.  We need a raise.
    Karmageddon –
    Cool!  We get to steal a firetruck!  Head up to Belleville Park and grab 
    it.  This is kind of a cool mission.  All you have to do is drive around 
    and smash up cars until the blue meter on the right side of the screen 
    gets full.  You have 4 GTA hours to complete this mission.  Don’t destroy 
    the firetruck or the mission fails, and expect a warning level, ‘cause 
    lifes just like that.  You’d think this would be pretty easy, but I had a 
    hard time keeping the firetruck upright, because the wrecks worth the 
    most points, inevitably are not so much good for the firetruck either.  
    After about my 6th time through this, I finally managed to get the meter 
    full.  The only thing left to do once you’re finished is to destroy the 
    firetruck so you don’t leave any evidence.  Of course now I couldn’t get 
    the damn thing to flip even if I tried, so I just took it to the south 
    end of the island, headed full speed towards the water and jumped out 
    before it got there.  The firetruck plummeted over the edge and into the 
    water.  Mission completed, and $1500 was mine.  
    False Idols –
    Looks like we’re going to whack some famous people.  They are all coming 
    in from different directions and by different modes of travel.  Faith W 
    in a helicopter, DB-P by boat, then bulletproof Patriot, and Black Lightman 
    by limo.  (“One if by land, two if by sea . . . . “)  Your first stop is 
    to Phil Cassidy’s to get a rocket launcher, oh yeah, and Father Ned paid 
    for it already.  Once you’ve got the rocket launcher, there is a quick 
    and easy way to do this.  Right in the center of the island just to the 
    east of Belleville Park, there is a pair of roads that form kind of a 
    lopsided diamond shape.  Stand on the sidewalk at the southern point of 
    this diamond, on the eastern side of the eastern road, and just wait.  
    Black Lightman will soon cruise by slowly for you to take out with the 
    rocket launcher, and shortly after that, DB-P will follow in his 
    bulletproof Patriot.  Fortunately, his Patriot is not rocket-launcher-proof,
    so do away with him as well.  At this point, there is only one left to deal
    with and you most certainly have a wanted level, so hop in the car and 
    head to the road that runs down the west side of the island and head south.
    You should see the helo creeping slowly along this road.  Get ahead of it 
    and stop in the median somewhere and arm the rocket launcher.  The helo 
    moves real slow, so pop it when it gets into your crosshairs, and now 
    Faith W is done too.  You’re not quite done yet.  Hop in the car and head 
    back over to the church so you can tell Father Ned.  Drive into the 
    yellow marker and watch the cutscene.  It seems Father Ned wasn’t 
    actually Father Ned after all, but your mission is done and you still get 
    your $1500, thus closing your Church Confessional missions.  Wait briefly 
    outside the church to get your phone call from Donald Love to open up 
    some more of his missions.
    “Calm down, evidence goes missing every day.  Not to mention judges, 
    witnesses, jurors . . . .”  --Tony Cipriani
    Love On The Rocks –
    Before you go to meet the contact, make sure you have armor, sniper ammo, 
    rockets and AK47 ammo.  This mission stinks and I hated it and I’m going 
    to go ahead and give credit now to ‘Gaseous Snake’ from gamefaqs because 
    I finally had enough and looked at his PSP walkthrough for this game.  
    Head north up the road that runs up the east side of the island to meet 
    Donald’s “man” under the overpass.  It was on this little trip that I 
    first realized the return of the Yakuza Stinger . . . SWEET!  You’ll have 
    to get off of that road about a block ahead of time to go around one 
    block to get completely under the overpass.  When you get there, climb in 
    the car with the contact indicated by the blue arrow.  You find out you 
    have to steal a van containing the evidence which is right up the street 
    from you.  You could simply pull up and grab the van if it weren’t for the
    small army of machine gun carrying fellas that don’t seem to want you 
    there.  Move a little forward toward this entrance way and pull out the 
    sniper rifle.  There are three guards on the ground and one standing up and
    to the right on a wall.  Take them out in relative peace.  Climb up on the 
    wall where the guard was standing and you’ll see another guard in the 
    distance standing behind a small ramp (you’ll see him if you’re using the 
    sniper scope anyway).  Go to the bottom of the ramp right in front of you 
    and look through the sniper rifle again to see two more guards straight 
    ahead of you (one on the ground, the other standing on another ramp).  
    Move slightly forward and look to your left around the blue trailers.  
    There are two more guards over there to take out.  Move forward and out 
    into the parking lot a bit and a car with 4 angry dudes in it will come 
    towards you and stop a fair distance away.  If you were smart and brought 
    the rocket launcher, you can take care of this problem before anyone even 
    gets out of the car to shoot you.  Get behind the trailers to the left and 
    get up on the ramp behind them.  Look over towards the right where the 
    van should be and you should see another guard to take out.  Go a little 
    further, and you should be able to take out the one standing right in 
    front of the van.  There are three more guards in this area, and at this 
    point, you should still have full health and armor, so you can just run in 
    there and take them out with the AK47, or you can squeeze around a little 
    square concrete area with the sniper rifle and eventually you will manage 
    to take them all out.  You may now climb into the van at your leisure.    
    When you do manage to get all the way to the van, there is some health 
    nearby you can grab if you need it, however, if you’ve done it the way 
    I’ve described so far, you shouldn’t have a scratch on you.  Get in the 
    van and you will be instructed to drive to the drop off point, which is 
    at the the southern end of the island.  At this point, Gaseous Snake says 
    you can drive toward the entrance where you killed the first four guys 
    and when the Banshee that wants to stop you pops out, simply back up and 
    use the rocket launcher on the trucks and the Banshee will be no more, 
    HOWEVER, while that may have worked on the PSP, on my PS2 version I was 
    not so fortunate.  When I went to leave here, that part was not completely 
    blocked off anymore (the car that was parked between the trucks had 
    mysteriously disappeared), and on some occasions the Banshee popped out 
    from the right and on other occasions it didn’t, waiting to come out much 
    farther up the road (because, of course, even with Gaseous Snakes 
    walkthrough I ended up doing this level --lets just say numerous—times). 
    In fact on the final time that I finally finished this level, the Banshee
    was waiting for me all the way up at the top level streets.  All I could 
    do at this point was get out of the van so they didn’t blow it up and 
    waste the two guys that came out of the Banshee after me (Their guns are 
    quick and powerful, so do this quickly even if you have full armor or 
    you’re toast and you have to start aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll over again!)  
    Once they are disposed of, you are enemy free to the end of the mission, 
    unless you have a wanted level, in which case, pop on down to the Pay –N—
    Spray and handle that issue since its just up the street.  If you’ve 
    reached this point, you’re pretty much home free unless you drive like a 
    complete idiot and flip the van . . . .because the van flips easy, ya see, 
    so for cryin’ out loud be careful getting this thing to the garage.  When 
    you enter the garage, you’ll get the final cutscene and find out what 
    your reward is for completing this miserable mission . . . . NOTHING!  
    You get NOTHING!  You get an ASS CHEWING FROM DONALD LOVE!!  (You think 
    Donald was pissed!!  -----Hooooo, boy!) You get a phone call on your way 
    out of here, from Sal.  He’s been busted and he needs you to come help 
    him out, and whaddya know?!  He’s in SHORESIDE VALE!!  Ok, so at the very 
    least after that last mission, at least you got THAT going for you.  Head 
    on over there.
    When you get here and walk into the yellow marker at the cop shop, you’re 
    told to go to the new blip on the radar which is a clothing store.  You 
    need some lawyery lookin’ duds.  Head there and get some.  Of course when 
    you do, they also become available at the safehouse . . . .as soon as you 
    get one here.  Head back over to the cop shop and enter the marker.  Now 
    you’ve got your first mission on this island.
    Rough Justice –
    You’ve got to go pick up some buddies and then hunt down some Forelli’s.  
    Head to the blue marker and grab your friends.  Oh yeah, you need a 4 
    seater car, so don’t show up in an Infernus like I did.  Now take your 
    pals over to the red blips and lets bust up some cars.  When you get to a 
    car, just run into it and you’ll start your little gang war.  Take care 
    of the 10 or so Forelli’s that come after you, and then you can move on 
    to the other car.  Repeat the performance over there and you’ll complete 
    the mission and get $2500.  You have a safehouse on the north side of the 
    map here, so go up there and do that.  It’s a big beautiful house this 
    time, and do you know, I was angry as hell the first time I saw it 
    because I thought it didn’t have a garage.
    Dead Reckoning –
    Make sure you start this mission with a rocket launcher in your pocket (or 
    are you just happy to see me?)  You’re going to need it.  We’re going to 
    get Paulie Sindacco.  Take a PCJ 600 for this one too.  This level is 
    quick and easy.  Head to the yellow marker and drive into it and watch 
    the little cutscene.  When its over, take off like a bat out of hell, 
    heading for the bridge over to Staunton Island (I know, this doesn’t 
    sound right, but trust me, it’ll work.  On the curve just before the 
    airport, there is a little path to the left and just to make things 
    helpful, its on your map.  Go down this little path and it ends at a 
    broken bridge that overlooks the river.  You’re simply going to stand out 
    on the edge and wait for Paulie to come by in the boat.  You’ll get a 
    couple of guys that want to run up on you and shoot you, but just whack 
    ‘em with a AK47 or something and watch for Paulie.  It doesn’t take long. 
    When you’ve got him in sight, sight him with the rocket launcher and just 
    start chuckin’ rockets at him.  2 or 3 rockets and one of them is bound 
    to hit.  Ignore it if you’re getting shot at, especially if you’ve got 
    full armor and health, focus on hitting the boat with the rockets.  When 
    you do, Paulie’s dead, missions over, $3000 just for you.  Donald calls 
    you when this mission is over too.  Apparently he is sucking up now and 
    he has some stuff for you to do, and his red “D” now appears just down 
    the road from Salvatore’s.
    Shogun Showdown –
    Time to start island hopping.  Get your assignment from Salvatore, and 
    he’s going to send you back over to Staunton Island to check out the 
    Yakuza compound, so off we go. Pull into the yellow marker you see in 
    Aspatria.  You’ll get there only to find you can’t get in, so we have to 
    be creative.  Take off up the road and look around for a Yakuza Stinger. 
    You shouldn’t have to go far to find one and you should be able to 
    recognize it quickly with its telltale Silver/Red paintjob.  Grab it and 
    head back to the compound, and when you arrive, the gate will open for 
    you like you own the place.  You are told to pull in and look around the 
    compound.  You quickly discover that they have a tank stashed in there, 
    and you want to destroy it.  Well, you would think you have options, but 
    you really don’t.  Don’t bother wasting rockets from the open garage 
    behind it, it doesn’t work, and for some reason, the guards don’t even 
    turn around and look when you start firing them.  I guess we’re going to 
    have to steal the damn thing.  Do that.  Quickest way to do away with it 
    is just to find a cliff and drive it off into the water.  Please jump out 
    before it goes over.  No matter what CJ learned how to do in San Andreas, 
    we still don’t know how to swim in Liberty City.  Once it goes in the 
    water, the mission is over and you are $3000 richer.  Keep in mind, that 
    if you played this mission the same way I did, which would be the “let’s 
    see how much shit I can destroy with this tank before I sink it” method, 
    when the mission ends and you get paid, you will keep whatever wanted 
    level you got in the mission, so you’ll still have to find a way to get 
    rid of it.  Have fun!  Ok, we’re done with Salvatore . . . . again.  
    Sometime shortly after this, you will get a strange phone call from a 
    distinctly oriental woman and a new mission start point will appear on 
    your map as a white “T” in Torrington on Staunton Island.  You’ll soon 
    discover that this is Toshiko Kasen, the sister of the kinky Asuko Kasen 
    from GTA III (She can whip me anytime!)
    More Deadly Than The Male –
    We’re going to go screw with the Yakuza again, and we’re getting paid by 
    the Yakuza to do it.  It seems the Mrs isn’t real happy with her husbands 
    business, and now she is hiring you to take care of it.  You have to start 
    off by stealing an arms shipment from Bedford Point that is well guarded.
    Head to Phil Cassidy’s and load up on some rockets and sniper ammo and 
    let’s get jiggy.  There’s seems to be a large crowd of guards around the 
    boat you are trying to steal, but just take it one step at a time and its 
    pretty easy.  A rocket launcher on the group on the upper street takes 
    that out pretty quick.  Walk over and stand on the edge of the cliff 
    overlooking the pier and you can pick most of the guys off from there.  
    Now just walk down the path and there are a couple more there you can 
    take out with the AK.  From there, it’s just two boats with gunners.  
    They don’t go very far or very fast, so a couple of rockets for them and 
    then its just you and the blue arrow boat.  There is armor, health and 
    some more rockets down here on the pier in case you need some.  Using the 
    procedure outlined above, I never took a scratch, so I didn’t need it.  
    Now just climb in the boat and head north to the very top of the island 
    behind the ferry station.  4 Yakuza boats will show up to chase you.  
    Don’t let them blow you up, which is saying a lot because this boat you 
    are driving is nearly impossible to steer.  This is one of those missions 
    I did 37 times and threw the controller several times because this boat 
    doesn’t do what you tell it to do and you will inevitably be blown up 
    while looking at and driving around the yellow marker you are supposed to 
    get to to end the mission.  I finally had done it enough times that I 
    just crept the boat north until I knew the boats were going to come after 
    me and then I stood up and used the rocket launcher on them.  This works 
    really well as long as you get them on their way to you.  They are moving 
    fast, so give them a good lead and let rip and you should get rid of them 
    before they even get to you.  If they do manage to get close, there is a 
    very high likelihood that they will hit you and knock you into the water, 
    and again, you are not CJ, so you can’t swim.  When you manage to maneuver 
    that piece of crap boat into the marker, you’ll get a cutscene showing 
    you delivering the goods to Phil Cassidy, and the mission will be over 
    with $2000 for you.  You will also see that the mini-gun becomes available 
    at Phil’s shop.
    Cash Clash –
    This mission was a welcome relief from the one before it.  It was over in 
    30 seconds.  You’ve got to burn the man’s cash.  It’s in 3 armored trucks 
    and they have just left the casino right outside where this mission starts, 
    and you have to get them before they reach the Yakuza compound where you 
    found the tank earlier.  All I did was head up the road that Phil’s gun 
    shop is on and got ahead of the armored trucks.  I stood on the sidewalk 
    with a rocket launcher as they headed towards me and rained the fires of 
    hell on them when they got within’ range.  1 – 2 – 3 – DONE!  $3000 for me.
    A Date With Death –
    We’re going to the opera.  When you get control, run around the building 
    to the blue marker, and get the limo.  Drive it up to the door to pick up 
    Toshiko.  You’ve got three GTA hours to get a tux and get to the opera.  
    Once she’s in the car, you’ll get another marker on the south end of the 
    island to head to.  That’s where you’re going to pick up your tux, so do 
    that now.  Don’t screw around because ordinarily this would be plenty of 
    time, but you haven’t seen where they put the opera yet.  It’s in Las 
    Venturas.  I’m kidding, but it might as well be, as its on the northern 
    end of the island, so dust off the limo driving skills and beat feet for 
    the opera house and enter the yellow marker.  When you get there, you’ll 
    get a cutscene and then you’ll be asked to protect Toshiko and kill the 
    Forelli gangsters.  No sweat, because at this point I’m carrying an AK 
    like pocket change, so take out the 4 Forelli’s and then get back in the 
    limo so you can take Toshiko home.  I had a warning level at this point, 
    which only served to double the abuse I was going to take on the way back, 
    because the Forelli’s are coming after you as well, and they will all 
    abuse that limo.  I just headed south to the Pay –N- Spray and took care 
    of the wanted level.  After that, I only saw one Forelli car and I just 
    ignored him and took her home.  When you get there, you’ll drop her off, 
    a Yakuza car will scope you out and the mission will be over and you’ll 
    get $2000 and the tuxedo in your safehouse.
    Cash In Kazuki’s Chips –
    Ok, we’re done toying with this freak.  Time to kill him.  Head to an 
    alleyway one block directly west from your Staunton Island warehouse, and 
    drive into the yellow marker.  You’ll be swiftly attacked by several 
    Yakuza, so whip out the AK and make them not so swift anymore.  When they
    are all ghosts, Kazuki will take off in a helicopter for the casino, so 
    it looks like we’re headed that way.   There are a couple of Yakuza 
    Stingers handy, so grab one and off you go.  A couple of Yakuza Stingers 
    come after you on this little trip as well, but I discovered that they 
    don’t handle going the wrong way down a one way street too well.  When 
    you get to the casino, there will be an army waiting for you.  Killing 
    all of them isn’t necessary, but you do have to somehow make it up to the 
    roof to face off with Kazuki, who calls off his men because he wants to 
    kill you personally.  Of course, his men won’t just stand by, so start 
    running as soon as you have control again and kill the two guards first.  
    There is armor up here if you need it.  When they are gone, it’s just you 
    and Kazuki.  He takes a few more shots than a normal digital human, but 
    once he’s dead, you’ll have his sword, and now you have to take it to 
    Toshiko as proof that he is dead.  As luck would have it, in the last ten 
    minutes you have driven like a complete moron, killed numerous people and 
    just generally caused some major havoc, so you will most likely have a 
    wanted level.  I had only a two star level, but I purposely allowed 
    several cops to continue breathing just so I wouldn’t raise it too much 
    further.   Now you COULD go down to the Pay –N- Spray, but Toshiko’s 
    apartment is one block over and on the way, so you might as well just 
    drive into the marker.   You get the mission ending cutscene in which 
    Toshiko now feels bad about the whole ordeal and she jumps out the window 
    and kills herself.  Oh well, mission is over and you still get your $4000 
    for it, but chances are pretty good that you’re not having any more 
    Toshiko missions.
    3.  DONALD LOVE – Part, uh, Shoreside Vale Part
    Panlantic Land Grab –
    Grab a ride and take Donald to the yellow marker at the airport.  Any 
    ride will do.  When you get there, you soon find out you have to kill 
    good ole’ Avery Carrington, the contractor you did some work for as Tommy 
    Vercetti in Vice City.  You have to kill him and steal his plans.  He is 
    well guarded by a couple of Columbian Cartel trucks with AK47 wielding 
    mean guys.  The best plan is to take out the trucks if you can, but don’t 
    destroy the one Avery is in.  You just want to batter that vehicle until 
    he gets out.  When he does get out, you have to kill him and then take 
    his plans.  Once he’s dead and you have the plans, you now have to get 
    Donald back to his rat hole.  Since you are most likely well onto Staunton 
    Island by now, head for the Pay –N—Spray if you’ve got a wanted level to 
    lose, then head back across the bridge to take this whiner home.  Get him 
    there, and $3000 is yours to keep.
    Stop The Press –
    Apparently some press nerd saw us whack Avery, so now we’ve got to go 
    take care of him.  He’s supposed to be over at the church on Staunton 
    Island, where we did the Confessional Missions, only on the other side of 
    the church.  Go there.  Walk into the marker when you get there and you 
    find yourself having to intimidate the reporter.  (For those of you that 
    have played “The Godfather” game, pretty much the same idea as taking 
    over the shops)  Just aim a gun at him.  You don’t have to fire or 
    anything.  Just aim it at him until the scare meter fills up, and then 
    he’ll tell you that the photos are at his lockup.  Now we have to go 
    there.  It’s just around the block.  Pull into the yellow marker and you 
    will have a brief cutscene in which you will make the flash go off on the 
    reporters camera in your face (moron!) and the reporter will take off 
    running on a Faggio.  Simply chase him down and kill him.  They provide 
    you with another Faggio to chase him with, but I preferred the Cheetah I 
    had driven there so he got a little further away than I would have liked, 
    but of all places, he went into the alley where my safehouse is on 
    Staunton Island, so I cornered him there and killed him.  Mission completed
    and $2000 for me.  
    Morgue Party Resurrection –
    This mission was a little vague the first time I played it.  Apparently 
    we have to chase down the ambulance that Avery is in and steal it, but 
    they put two markers on the map.  One in Shorside Vale and the other in 
    Staunton Island.  The hearse is carrying Ned the reporter you killed, and 
    we need to get his body and get it to the hanger before the guards lock 
    it up.  The ambulance is carrying Avery, and we’ve got to do the same for 
    him.  It’s pretty simple really.  The hearse in Staunton Island is parked, 
    so just jump in it and drive it back over the bridge.  The Ambulance is 
    just kind of cruising around Shoreside Vale, and its just as simple to 
    catch.  Wait for it to stop, or pull in front of it and make it stop, 
    then steal it and bring it to the hanger.  When both dead guys are there, 
    $2000 for you.  Now, Donald’s not on the map anymore, but you do get a 
    phone call from him and he’s sending you over to 8 Balls to get some 
    explosives for your next mission.
    4.  8 – BALL
    No Money, Mo Problems –
    This starts off well.  8 Ball takes your money, says he’ll call you when 
    the hardware is ready and boots you out into the parking lot.  That’s it.
    Bringing The House Down –
    We’re going to take a vanload of explosives over to Staunton Island via 
    the underground tunnels that you can enter over by the airport.  Lets not 
    forget that you can’t damage the van, you will be chased by the Forelli’s 
    and the van drives like a bag of wet puppies.  Good luck with this.  Follow 
    the yellow markers through the tunnels.  Just to keep you from getting 
    bored, you’ll also be driving through sections of the tunnel that are 
    still under construction, so going into the wrong lane to avoid giant piles 
    of dirt that want to flip your van over, will happen.  Once you get into 
    the tunnels, the Forelli dimwits generally blow themselves up once you 
    turn right into the first set of “under construction” tunnels, and you 
    can usually get this far with less than half of the damage meter full, so 
    you should be good to go.  You’ll turn right into a yet another set of 
    “under construction” tunnels, but I had no one following me at that point, 
    so it was pretty smooth sailing.  When you get to the end, two guys will 
    come running out and they are screaming “Let’s get the hell outta here!”  
    Whether they are a danger or not, I don’t know because they run right at 
    you and I just ran them over.  You’ll go into the next yellow marker and 
    get a quick cutscene where you will get out of the van and plant the 
    explosives.  You also get a timer that starts counting down from 3 minutes. 
    All the yellow markers after this, you just have to drive through, you 
    don’t have to get out of the van, but maneuvering the van in some places 
    can be tricky, and not flipping it over can be a challenge.   When you’ve 
    planted the 4th bomb, a guy will come running at you.  Just shoot him, 
    get back in the van and go forward to place the 5th and final bomb.  Now 
    you have to escape the tunnels through the subway entrance, and there is 
    a Bobcat here for your driving pleasure.  It’s not far off, but the 
    Forelli’s have blocked off the exit.  There’s only two of them, so just 
    get out and waste them with the AK.  You have to go out through the other 
    exit, and you need a vehicle to smash through the gate, so either drive 
    your Bobcat through it, or take the Forelli Express that those other two 
    idiots had blocked the first exit with and blast on through the gate.  
    Final cutscene begins and that whole section of town gets blown to pieces, 
    and some pretty funny stuff happens when it does, so watch the mayhem and 
    claim your well earned $5000.  You may now return to Shoreside Vale, and 
    the next set of Donald Love missions which is very conveniently located 
    on the same street as your safehouse over there.
    5.  DONALD LOVE – Again
    You’ll have to get out of the car at the gate to this new house and walk 
    into the yellow marker, after that, you can drive in through the gate and 
    up to the yellow marker at the front door of the house.
    Love On The Run –
    This is VERY much like a mission we had in GTA III, at the same house even. 
    We’ve got to protect Donald from the Columbians and get him out of there. 
    Your best option here is to head to the open garage that is to your right. 
    Stand inside the door and just take out the Columbians as they come towards 
    you.  You should be able to destroy them pretty easily here, even though 
    there are a LOT of them.  If you’ve got some rockets hanging around still, 
    those will help immensely with the trucks of Columbians when they pull in. 
    Otherwise, you can get half of them with the sniper rifle and barely take 
    a scratch.  Just for added buffer, there is armor in the garage, and 
    health right in front of the house.  They almost gave you this one.  When 
    all is said and dead, you’ve got to take Donald to the airport.  Grab 
    whatever vehicle you showed up in, or take one of the Columbian’s trucks 
    . . . .they don’t need it anymore.  I didn’t see any Columbian’s chase me, 
    but the 2 star warning level was a bit of nuisance that was solved by a 
    quick stop at the Pay –N- Spray.  The rest of the trip was uneventful.  
    Drop Donald off at Avery’s hanger and the mission will be over.  Donald 
    will get to do what we don’t get to do in this game . . . . fly.  Oh well, 
    I’ll ease my pain with the $6000 I just got.  It’s looking like we’re 
    done with Donald Love . . . .but everytime I say that they pop back up 
    again, so we’ll just say that’s it for now.  Sal will call when you are 
    done here, because that sonofabitch just won’t die.  Sal’s “S” is now 
    back on your map at the Shoreside Vale cop shop.
    6.  SALVATORE LEONE – The Don that would not die
    The Shoreside Redemption –
    You need a police car.  Having one while not having a wanted level would 
    be a plus here.  Oddly enough, the one that is ALWAYS parked outside here 
    is now gone, just to be annoying.  Walk around behind the building though, 
    and there is one there.  Grab it and pull into the new yellow marker.  
    Don’t worry about which direction to face.  You will be turned the correct 
    way after the cutscene in which they load Salvatore into an armored truck. 
    You now have to escort the convoy to its destination.  You’re only going 
    to get as far as Cochrane Dam, and then you’re going to come under attack 
    from a rocket launcher.  The front patrol car is blown to hell, and now 
    it is up to you to protect the van with Salvatore in it.  (I’m not sure 
    why I’m protecting an armored van with a rolling tin can, but that’s what 
    they want.)  Don’t get too far from the van or you’ll fail the mission.  
    You will have to bash through a total of 4 roadblocks ahead of the van, 
    so it can get through.  Two are on the way to the airport in Shoreside 
    Vale, another is on the bridge over to Staunton Island, and the last is 
    on Staunton Island, as soon as the curve coming off the bridge straightens 
    out.  Don’t play with them, just bash through them, because you are 
    taking more damage than the damn van.  Don’t know why they even bothered 
    to put a damage meter on the van.  When you get to the courthouse, you 
    get a cutscene.  Salvatore is a free man, and you get $4000.  You also 
    get to go all the way back to the house in Portland to get any more 
    missions from him.  
    The Sicilian Gambit –
    Apparently Salvatore has gotten a little cocky, and more than a little 
    stupid.  He’s told the Sicilian’s to “go fuck themselves”, and now he 
    wants you to drive him halfway across the map of this game.  You’ve got 
    to take him from the mansion in Portland Beach, to city hall on Staunton 
    Island, and you have to “watch out” for Sicilian wise guys.  Just keep an 
    eye out though, because there’s still a chance you won’t see any Sicilian 
    wise guys.  (I cannot roll my eyes with enough enthusiasm here)  Actually, 
    I only had one set of wise guys in a Banshee come after me right after I 
    left the mansion.  Never saw another one.  When you get to city hall, you 
    have to get out and kill all the Sicilian mobsters.  There’s only 4 of 
    them so the AK does the job pretty quickly.  When they’re done, you’ve 
    got to head to the pier just below city hall.  Of course there is only 
    one way down there meaning you have to drive all the way up near your 
    safehouse and go down where you did for the “Love On The Rocks” mission, 
    and drive all the way up to the pier.  When you get there, enter the yellow 
    marker.  You have to shoot one Sicilian wiseguy down on the pier, and 
    then you are playing gunner again in a boat.  This time Salvatore has 
    invested in some superior weaponry, and there is no reload.  You’ve got a 
    mini gun with an unlimited supply of ammo and no reload.  This is an 
    effective weapon and does a good job against the nonstop onslaught of 
    boats and one helicopter that comes after you.  When you get to the 
    lighthouse off of Portland Beach, you’ll be standing on semi dry land 
    again, and have to take out the rest of the wiseguys on foot.  (You may want
    to grab hidden package #40 here as long as you are standing next to it,
    so you don't have to find a boat and come back here later.)  There are 
    4 of them on the way up to the lighthouse, and the one straight in front 
    of you is not nearly as dangerous to you as the ones to your side, so 
    move slowly up stairs and you should be able to take out two of them with 
    sniper rifle without getting hit.  Then you can get the one in front of 
    you.  You can get the last one as you climb the stairs to the top with 
    the sniper rifle as well.  When you get all the way up there and into the 
    yellow marker, you’ll get a cutscene and your target soon takes off in a 
    helicopter, which you now have to shoot down.  There is some armor up 
    here for you if you need it, and some ammo for the M16, but I was still 
    carrying the AK as I was rather happy with it.  The rocket launcher 
    probably would have been more effective and quicker to take the helo 
    down, but the AK did a nice job and did it fairly quickly.  When it 
    crashes to the water, you get an extended cutscene, and all things are 
    good in Liberty City again.  Congratulations, you are watching the 
    closing credits for Liberty City Stories and when they are done, you are 
    $500,000 richer and the King outfit is available at the safehouse.  I 
    have no idea what you’re going to spend that money on.
    A.  Portland
    ** 1.  Car Salesman **
    You are told about this job during one of your early missions in Portland.
    When it opens up, you can come to the car dealership (duh) at the northern
    end of Portland right next to 8 Balls shop between 0800 and 1800 to perform
    these missions.  When you do, you will see 4 cars with blue arrows over them
    in front of you in the parking lot.  Your task here is to take these 
    customers on a test drive and impress them so that they buy the car.  To 
    start off, you have 2:30 to complete the first sale.  Time is added to each 
    consecutive sale upon the successful completion of the sale before it.
    There are four types of sales for which you will have to do one of each to
    complete each level successfully.  You must do all 4 sales in one sitting to
    complete each level.  You cannot do one sale, exit out and then come back.
    If you do, you will have to start over.  The types of sales you will have to
    do are (you can do them in any order, but the order I have listed is the
    order I would recommend):
    The Off Road Sale
    The Speed Sale
    The Sunday Driver Sale
    The Vehicular Manslaughter Sale (My own name for it)
    Now let me outline each type for you to simplify matters for you:
    The Off Road Sale --  
    The car you are selling here is always one of 3 types; a Patriot, a BF 
    Injection or a Bobcat.  This customer wants to jump and roll the vehicle 
    over, and the more the better.  The quickest way to accomplish this is to 
    take the vehicle over to the street that your safehouse is on and face 
    downhill.  Run full speed down the hill and jump the large grassy hill at 
    the bottom of it.  Twist the vehicle, hit the hill sideways, do whatever 
    you have to do, but your goal here is to get the vehicle to roll over and 
    land back on its wheels.  I never had to do this more than twice to get the 
    sale meter to fill.  Once it is full, the customer will ask you to take him 
    back to the dealership to close the deal.  Drive back and park in the 
    yellow marker and your job is done with this customer.  This customer will 
    buy the car no matter how much damage it has.
    The Speed Sale --
    The car you are selling here is going to be a performance vehicle.  In almost
    every case, it is a Banshee, Cheetah or Stinger.  This customer wants you 
    to go FAST.  Go too slow for too long and he'll call off the deal and you 
    fail.  Wreck the car too much and the same thing.  There are two fairly 
    convenient places to accomplish this without too much trouble.  You can go 
    two blocks west and just speed up and down this main road until the customer
    is satisfied (Pretty much up to the Ammu-Nation and back does the trick).  
    This method has more traffic, but once the sale is completed, you are very 
    close to the Pay -N- Spray if you dinged the car up a little and need to 
    stop there before you go back to the dealership. The other option is to 
    head up behind 8-Ball's shop and go into the train tunnel.  As long as you 
    don't bounce off the walls, you can speed yourself stupid in there and 
    quickly close this sale.  The only trouble with this one is that in the 
    later levels, it becomes more frequent for the customer to say that he "likes
    the car, but doesn't like the color", and if you're in the train tunnel, the
    Pay -N- Spray is further away.  This sale requires that there be NO damage 
    to the vehicle to complete.
    The Sunday Driver Sale --
    This is the easiest of the bunch.  This sale is usually a Perennial or a 
    Manana.  Simply take this customer out of the parking lot and just tap "X" 
    around the block and drive slowly without hitting anything.  If you took a 
    right out of the parking lot, the deal is usually done around the time you 
    get to the firehouse.  Get the car back without hitting anything and this 
    deal is usually done in about 30 seconds. This sale also requires that there
    be NO damage to the vehicle.
    The Vehicular Manslaughter Sale --
    I saved this one for last because this one has a tendency to give you a 
    wanted level (which would be why I didn't name this one the Sunday Driver 
    Sale).  This sale is usually a Stallion or and Esperanto.  This customer 
    wants mayhem.  The quickest way to make this sale is to drive around the 
    block to the firehouse if there is a firetruck there and just drive-by the 
    fire truck until it explodes.  This will fill the meter almost completely up.
    You can fill it up the rest of the way by heading back towards the dealership
    and just mowing down pedestrians until the deal is sealed.  This customer 
    will buy the car no matter how much damage it has, just like the Off Road 
    Completing a round of 4 sales as outlined above constitutes the completion
    of 1 level.  You can continue on to the next level, or you may exit out at
    this point.  When you return to the Car Salesman missions, you will start
    from the next level that you have NOT completed.  A couple of things will
    happen as you progress through the levels:
    Completing Level 4 spawns a Hellenbach GT in the showroom from this point
    Completing Level 6 means that the company now pays you protection up to
    $4000.  Come and get it often to keep your cash flow up.  Level 6 is also 
    required to achieve 100% completion of the game.
    Completing Level 9 (This is verified on the PSP version only!!) should give
    you the effect of snow in Liberty City.  As far as I have seen, this does
    NOT happen in the PS2 version, and I have done this mission up to level 11.
    If you know otherwise, feel free to write me and I will correct this and
    give you credit for it.
    ** 2.  Bumps and Grinds **
    You can find this task on the northwestern corner of Portland.  The easiest
    way to find it is to go north on the boardwalk that runs up the west side
    of the island.  When the boardwalk turns to the left just a little bit and 
    you have passed under the train tracks, look for a Sanchez parked against 
    a tree on your right next to the dirt track.  Get on the Sanchez to trigger
    this course.
    I will not tell you step by step, how to complete each course because you
    are given big stinkin' yellow markers every 20 feet to lead you through
    the course.  I will tell you to be fast, cut corners when possible, brakes
    are for wimps and there is absolutely no room for error.  If you wreck and
    fall off the bike, get used to the idea that you did not pass the course and
    will have to start over again.  All courses are 3 laps.  The race times you 
    have to beat for each race are:
    Course 1:  0:58
    Course 2:  1:15
    Course 3:  1:14
    Course 4:  1:13
    Course 5:  1:30
    Course 6:  1:32
    Course 7:  1:30
    Course 8:  1:51
    Course 9:  1:23
    Course 10:  1:19
    Complete all 10 courses and you get $2500 and the Manchez will be unlocked
    there at the dirt track.
    ** 3.  Slash TV **
    This little event takes place on the southern end of the island on the same
    ship and in the same place you did the 'Portland Chainsaw Masquerade' 
    mission when Vincenzo tried to wipe you out.  In fact, its the same mission
    only more vicious than before.  You need to show up wearing the overalls you
    recieved for completing 'Portland Chainsaw Masquerade' and the mission is
    only available at night between 2100 and 0600.  You also want to show up 
    with a whole lot of ammo for the Colt and full armor.  I also recommend 
    already having completed the vigilante missions and the paramedic missions
    so that you have extra armor and unlimited sprint capabilities.  Go to the 
    lower part of the ship as you did before, and you will have to push R3 to 
    start Slash TV.  You will only have one camera angle here, but for the most
    part, it works for you.  Psychos will come after you from the right and the
    left with chainsaws and you have to make them be dead psychos.  The Colt 
    works very well for this part as it is a one shot, one kill weapon for this
    particular group.  When the first wave of guys is dead, you have completed
    level 1 and you will move on to the next level.  There is a total of 5
    levels to complete with each level having more psychos to eliminate.  You 
    will receive a cash reward for completing each level as such:
    Level 1 - $100
    Level 2 - $300
    Level 3 - $500
    Level 4 - $700
    Level 5 - $1500
    Now while this seems like a small amount of money for the task you have to
    complete, all the psychos drop a boatload of cash when you kill them, and 
    you make more money off of that than you do from completing the mission.
    Completing level 5 does not make you a winner though.  For some reason 
    Rockstar has decided that you need to do this mission twice in order to earn
    100% completion of the game, and as is par for the course, it is even harder
    the second time.  The second time around you will earn the same prizes for 
    completing each level, but the psychos are now wearing chicken suits and 
    they take no less than 2 shots from the Colt to die.  Fortunately for you,
    the chicken psychos are incredibly dumb.  If you run around and manage to 
    get a set of boxes between you and the chicken guys, they tend to get 
    stuck behind the boxes and stand there running in place like idiots while
    you blast them.  When you manage to squeeze your way through the 5 levels
    again, your job here is done.
    When you finish the first 5 levels, you get more Colt ammo.
    When you finish the second 5 levels, you get a mini-gun and you get the 
    Cox Mascot Suit delivered to your safehouse (The chicken suit).
    ** 4. Wong Side Of The Tracks **
    You can find this mission in St. Marks at the train station across the 
    street from Marco's Bistro.  Get up on the platform and climb on the Sanchez
    parked in the corner.  What you are presented with is a race around Portland
    up on the raised train tracks.  You have 3 opponents and as long as you get
    the jump on them from the beginning of the race, they are incredibly 
    uncoordinated and have a very difficult time keeping up with you.  Take this
    race carefully.  Going full speed will not accomplish anything for you 
    except surely falling off the tracks which will fail the mission for you.
    Keep a medium, but steady speed, watch for oncoming trains and be careful
    around the turns so you don't fall off the tracks.  They aren't terribly
    generous with the time given between each checkpoint, but as long as you
    don't get turned around and stay consistant, you should have no problem
    getting to the checkpoints in time.  When you get all the way back around
    to where you started, the race is done and the mission is complete. $1500
    for you.
    ** 5.  Noodle Punk **
    From the entrance to the Callahan Bridge, head straight north and just 
    before the street comes to an end, look to your left and you will see the
    Noodle Punk restaurant and the bright red Noodle Punk Faggio sitting out
    front.  Climb on the Faggio to start the mission.  Your job here is simply 
    to deliver noodles to odd little people that just seem to be standing on the
    sidewalks around town wanting noodles.  The concept is simple, you drive to 
    the odd little person, use R2 or L2 to look towards them and throw noodles 
    at them with the circle button.  You have 4 minutes and 20 seconds to do 
    this and get back to the restaurant.  Sounds pretty easy doesn't it?  Well,
    of course it isn't!  It starts off pretty easy, for each level of this 
    mission, you are given one more customer.  Therefore you have 1 customer in
    level one, 2 customers in level 2, 3 customers in level 3 and so on.  You
    must complete level 10 to finish this mission.  By the way, you can only 
    carry 6 boxes of noodles at a time, so above level 6, you will be returning
    to the restaurant to refill.  Just to keep things interesting, you will get
    4 minutes and 20 seconds for every level, whether you are delivering 1 box
    or 10.  You will never get any more time than that, so in the later levels
    this is going to get tight.  (You want to know PISSED, the first time I did
    this mission I got all the way to level 10, delivered the last box of 
    noodles and headed back to the restaurant and ran out of time before I got
    there . . . and I could SEE the damn yellow marker in front of me!)  The 
    best strategy to get through this once you get in the later levels is to
    go to your start menu map as soon as your customers appear and plan the most
    efficient route possible.  Generally what this will entail is delivering 
    to the customers furthest north first as they are going to be the furthest
    away and then the ones to the south last.  Trying to get customers all in
    such a way that they are on a direct path works in your best interest as 
    well.  Watch your noodle count so you don't run out, don't miss hitting the 
    customer with the delivery although they aren't real particular about 
    picking their stuff up off the ground either, and for cryin' out loud try 
    not to fall off of this whining piece of crap.  Level 8 is going to be 
    tight, level 9 is going to be DAMN tight and level 10 is going to be white
    knuckle until you pull back into the restaurant.  Complete this mission and
    Noodle Punk will now pay you protection money just like the car dealership
    here in Portland and the bike shop in Staunton.  Your health bar will also
    be 25% longer from now on, so thats a bonus for you as well.
    ** 6.  Thrashin' RC **
    The jackass that came up with these missions needs to be publicly tortured
    and I want to be the guy that does it.  There is a van parked in the 
    construction site in Hepburn Heights (White van that says "Toyz in the Hood"
    on the side).  Get in the van to trigger the mission.  You are going to 
    race little RC trucks around the construction site.  The RC trucks are so
    incredibly difficult to control its rediculous.  They tend to go where they
    want to go instead of where you tell them to go.  They roll over and bounce
    uncontrollably if someone sneezes.  When they do flip over, the will NEVER
    end up facing in the direction that you want them to and to make matters 
    worse, the RC trucks you are racing against very much DO know how to drive
    and they will wreck you at every opportunity.  The ONLY advice I can give 
    you for this is to use the directional pad to steer rather than the 
    joystick, take it easy around the corners and do your best not to even LOOK
    like you are going to hit anything.  I'm not even going to bother to 
    describe the course for you, because you're going to do this a dozen times
    at a minimum so you'll know it soon enough.  I will say to use the back 
    stretch where you go up the street to your advantage, because that is the 
    ONLY time during the course of this race you're going to make any headway
    against your opponents.  For 100% completion of the game, you're going
    to have to go through 3 levels of this.  The course itself doesn't change
    from level to level, only the number of laps.  1 lap in level 1, 2 laps in
    level 2, and finally 3 very painful laps in number 3.  Two or three days 
    from now when you finally complete this level and have had to buy 2 new 
    controllers from having thrown them, you can enjoy the fact that now you can
    mark this mission off your list.  I don't know when Rockstar hired Satan 
    himself to be on the design team, but he's not in the least bit funny.
    You get $1500 for beating the first level, $2000 for beating the second, and
    $2500 for the third.  You get an additional $500 per level for winning the
    race with the best lap time.
    **  7.  Scrapyard Challenge **
    This mission is indeed a challenge.  Go down to the car crusher and behind
    the brown building just to the south of it, there will be a Snachez leaned
    up against the wall of the building.  Get on it and you will trigger this 
    mission.  You now have a grand total of 2 minutes to collect 21 points or
    more by driving through the colored rings.  A green ring is 1 point, a 
    yellow ring is 2 points and a red ring is 3 points.  Since chances are, you 
    will probably do this mission several times before you finally pass it, I'll
    only give you a general idea of what I did to get through it, but the method
    you use may be different and be based on your abilities to navigate this
    I started off by going up the hill at the north end of the scrapyard and up
    onto the seawall.  Then heading slightly east and south again, you can 
    drive off the seawall onto the trailer below to get the red ring off the
    roof.  Whether or not you fall off the bike at this point is dependant on
    the speed you chose and if the Perennial decided to spawn on the other side
    of the trailer.  From there I went slightly east then turned to go west 
    again so I could go up and over the school bus to get the yellow ring and
    green ring in the grass after you come off of it.  From there I snatched 
    the green ring off the bottom of the large ramp a little bit to the north on
    the other side of the car crusher itself.  I attempted the large ramp 
    several times to try to get the red ring in the air above it, but never once
    did I get up enough speed to get high enough to reach it, and just to be 
    doubly annoying, that ramp is not there when you are not in the mission, so
    you don't even get the opportunity to practice.  At this point, I went to 
    the southwestern side of the scrapyard, up and over a low pile of rocks
    for a green ring, then up a hill to the sidewalk where I turned back to the
    north up and over a hill to grab a yellow ring on a narrow ledge.  You can
    stay on this narrow ledge and it will do a 180 degree turn back to the south
    where there will be a green ring at the turn.  Follow the narrow ledge 
    further and it will lead to another yellow ring, then to a ramp that will 
    require a short burst of speed to get the ring in the air above it.  This 
    will put you back down in the street with about 16 points under your belt.
    Head back down below street level and go to the east and aim yourself right
    and you can get up the narrow board to the yellow ring on top of the stack
    of crushed cars right behind the building you got the Sanchez from.  Turn 
    around 180 degrees from there and you should see a long dirt ramp that goes
    up to the west, and above it, a red ring.  Pull that jump off in time and
    you've earned your 21 points.
    For completing this mission, you will now be paid 4 times what you were paid
    for scrapping cars before.
    **  8.  Scooter Shooter **
    Go south up the main road on the west side of the island and not long
    before the curve in the road, watch your radar for a building on your left
    with an "L" shaped alleyway in it.  Go into this alleyway and climb on the
    Faggio you will find parked there to trigger this mission.  You will now be
    the passenger on the bike and you will have control of a machine gun site.
    Your job is going to be to take out assigned targets around town, 9 or more
    targets to be precise.  You will also have 3 adrenaline pills available to 
    you to slow things down a bit to help you out.  I recommend you save them
    for your last couple of targets.  Your first two targets will be pretty easy
    since they are nothing more than big clunky Mr. Whoopie trucks.  Your 
    biggest challenge for these two  will be to NOT shoot your driver in the
    back of the head (although the way he drives, there will be times when you
    wish you could).  The next two targets will be a convertible Stinger with
    a guy in the passenger seat shooting back at you.  Pop the tires and try 
    to take out the shooter so you can blow up the car worry free.  The next 
    three targets will be the blue Cartel Cruisers (the ONLY time you will ever
    see these vehicles in Portland) and they too will have a guy in the back
    shooting back at you.  Use the same strategy as before.  The last two 
    targets will appear to be a relief as they are Landstalkers with no visible
    shooter to harass you.  You will quickly find this to be an error when you
    pull up behind it and the rear door flies open to reveal an angry guy with
    a machine gun firing back at you.  Use your adrenaline pills for these
    vehicles, and you'll find it pretty easy to empty a couple hundred rounds
    into the dark gaping back end of the Landstalker and kill the angry machine
    gun guy.  Then you can feel free to blow up the truck at your leisure.  You
    can continue and destroy more targets after this if your Faggio has any life
    left in it, or you can shoot your driver in the back of the head like you've
    been wanting to do, your choice.  You have destroyed the 9 targets 
    necessary to get 100% completion.
    You'll get paid for each target thusly:
    First - $5
    Second - $20
    Third - $45
    Fourth - $80
    Fifth - $125
    Sixth - $180
    Seventh - $245
    Eighth - $320
    Ninth - $405
    **  9.  Red Light Racing **
    You can find this race by going to the yellow marker at the payphone at the
    southern end of the main road on the west side of the island.  After you 
    have triggered the mission, find a Sanchez if you didn't already have one,
    or I grabbed the Manchez I aquired from completing the 'Bumps and Grinds'
    mission.  If you planned on bringing a PCJ to this freakshow, also plan on
    getting your ass kicked.  This is a 3 lap race through the Red Light 
    District.  The route is very plainly marked by gigantic yellow markers that
    obscure your view of oncoming traffic so that you wreck frequently, 
    particularly when going downhill in front of the Pay -N- Spray.  Enjoy that.
    Do your best to stick to the center of the road to at least make an attempt
    to avoid this.  Complete the race in first place to earn $1500 and check
    off another box on your 100% completion list.  I'd say this was a difficult
    race, but I had just finished the RC race in the construction site, so this
    was gravy compared to that.
    **  10.  Low Rider Rumble **
    Find this race by going to the payphone with the yellow marker down in the
    little sideways figure "8" road near Portland Harbor.  After you have 
    triggered the mission, find a suitable car and head for the starting line
    of this race.  I have heard suggested to use a patrol car and someone else
    used a Thunder Rodd.  Personally I used the Hellenbach GT found in the 
    showroom of the car dealership (assuming you have passed level 4 of the 
    'Car Salesman' missions) and I won this race the first time through, so it
    must have done the job.  As it turned out, everyone else was in a Hellenbach
    as well, so I fit right in.  The other drivers are going to do everything 
    they can to get you to wreck . . .and they're pretty damn good at it, just
    apparently not as good as I was at getting away from them.  Get ahead of
    them and there is a pretty good chance you are going to stay ahead of them
    for the remainder of the race assuming you don't do something incredibly 
    stupid.  Keep an eye on your radar so you are looking ahead for the markers
    as some of them twist around in some nasty 180 degree action and it can be
    easy to miss and take off down the wrong road.  This is a two lap race that
    runs almost the entire length of the island, but its really not a bad race
    at all.  Complete the race in first place and you'll earn $1500 and another
    check mark on your 100% completion checklist.
    **  11.  9mm Mayhem **
    Go south up the hill from the Pay -N- Spray and turn left down the road
    behind it.  Turn immediately right into the alleyway and you should find
    a Freeway in there.  Climb on the Freeway and the mission begins.  You are
    now the passenger on the bike and you have control of a machine gun site.
    You have to eliminate 11 targets in 3 and a half minutes.  The timer only
    runs when you are close to a target.  When a target is eliminated, the timer
    will stop until you are once again close to another target.  You are also 
    given 3 adrenaline pills which you can use at any time during the mission
    by pushing R1 to slow down the action a bit to get a better shot, but I 
    recommend not using them until the last two targets.  In every case, the 
    first thing I did when we got to a target was pop the tires.  This slows
    the vehicle down and makes it easier for you to put rounds into the proper
    place to effectively take out the vehicle.  The first two targets are on 
    PCJ 600's and they go down pretty quickly.  The next two targets are Idaho's
    and once you get the tires popped, they go down pretty quick too.  Don't 
    sweat a wanted level too much . . . .besides the occasional need to slam
    into one of your targets occasionally, your driver has mad skills and gets 
    you around really well.  The next two targets are a convertible Stinger and
    there is a guy in the passenger seat who is shooting back at you.  Pop the
    tires and take out the passenger as quickly as you can so he doesn't do too
    much damage to your bike.  The next three targets are Bobcats and they have
    a guy in the back of the truck who is also shooting at you.  Again, pop the
    tires and do the best you can to take out the guy in the back of the truck.
    Finally, the next two targets will be a Patriot with a guy in the back
    shooting a machine gun that will damage your bike in a big fat hurry if you
    don't take him out.  Pop the tires and make use of those adrenaline pills
    now to help you get the guy in the back of the Patriot.  Take out two of the
    Patriots and you have the required 11 targets to pass the mission, although
    the mission will continue if you feel so inclined.  You will get a reward
    for each target as listed:
    First - $5
    Second - $20
    Third - $45
    Fourth - $80
    Fifth - $125
    Sixth - $180
    Seventh - $245
    Eighth - $320
    Ninth - $405
    Tenth - $500
    Eleventh - $605
    ** 12.  RC Triad Takedown **
    Go directly south from the Ammu-Nation and straight through the alley in
    front of you until you are on the road heading towards Callahan Bridge.  
    Look to your right and within a block you should see a white van parked 
    under a covered parking area.  Get in the van to trigger this mission.
    You will be driving RC monster trucks that explode when you push the circle
    button, and your task here is to take out 21 Triads or more.  Head off and 
    start looking for groups of Triads (bright blue jumpsuits), drive into the 
    middle of the group and hit the circle button to blow up the RC car and the 
    Triads.  You will respawn with a new RC car back by the van so you can go
    find some more Triads to blow up.  Don't get too far away from the van or 
    the mission will fail, and don't run out of time.  Sometimes the game is 
    pretty generous with the Triads making this mission pretty easy, other times
    its kind of cheap with the Triads and it can get pretty easy to run out of
    time.  One other thing . . . .don't blow up the RC car next to the van you
    are in.  That's bad.
    Complete the mission and get $1000.
    **  1.  Go-go Faggio **
    This little mission is similar to the 'Scrapyard Challenge' except that you
    are on a Faggio instead and instead of collecting points, you have to 
    collect 25 checkpoints in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  You trigger this 
    mission by climbing on the Faggio parked right outside the entrance to the
    docks on the east side of Staunton Island where you did that miserable 'Love
    On The Rocks' mission.  The trick here is that there are not 30 or 40 
    checkpoints and you have to get 25 of them . . . there are 25 of them and 
    you have to get all of them.  This mission goes pretty well up until the 
    23rd checkpoint.  After that, you'll want to pull your hair out.  Start off
    by heading south into the docks and as soon as you can, pull a 180 degree
    turn back up the ramp beside the building back to the north.  Depending on
    how you have your television set for contrast, these checkpoints can be 
    difficult to see as they are a very faded yellow.  Try not to do this 
    mission at a time of day when the sun is low on the horizon, or you'll be
    blinded and you won't be able to see the checkpoints.  Head north up the
    ramp and you'll get 3 checkpoints on the way, with the 3rd one being at the 
    very top of a final ramp.  DO NOT JUMP THE RAMP!  Instead, do another 180
    degree turn at the checkpoint and head back down the ramp, staying to the
    right side, where you will jump another ramp onto the overhang of the 
    building.  There is a checkpoint at the south end of the overhang, at which
    point you will have to hug the building and drive out onto a VERY narrow
    ledge to get a 5th checkpoint.  From here, you can drop off the ledge and
    continue south.  Jump the small concrete ramp in front of you to get on top
    of the red shipping container where there is a 6th checkpoint.  Drop slowly
    off the container to pick up a 7th, and it gets a bit easier from here on
    until the last 3.  Follow the checkpoints to the south, then go left around
    the back side of the big concrete pillar to collect more checkpoints.  Go
    all the way around the pillar collecting checkpoints until you are facing
    trailers again.  Go to the north end of the trailers you see in front of you
    and now you have to weave up and down between ALL of the trailers as there
    is a checkpoint between each one.  When you are done with those, you should
    be facing north again.  Go out and around, pick up the checkpoint on the way
    and head back toward the red shipping container that you jumped up on 
    earlier and take a right when you get near it to go to the east side of the
    docks and behind another set of shipping containers.  Now head north along
    the small ramps and collect the string of checkpoints you see in front of
    you.  When you get to the last one on the ground, you should have 23 
    checkpoints to your credit.  Now here is the tough part . . . .because your
    timer is probably wearing real thin now, you've got to do this quickly, but
    very carefully.  Just in front of you to the right will be a single board
    leaned up against a shipping container with a checkpoint on top.  Carefully
    go up the board so you don't fall off and grab the checkpoint and get your
    scooter turned so it is facing east.  There are two boards this time going
    to the next container to the east.  Cross that and get your scooter turned
    to the south, and again, there will be a single board over to the next 
    container and the last checkpoint.  If you fall off of any of these boards,
    go ahead back to the entrance to the docks, because you'll be starting over
    again.  The timing of this mission is quite unforgiving and there is very 
    little room for error.  Get to the last checkpoint and you can take your 
    $1000 reward and leave this mission behind you.
    **  2.  Deimos Dash  **
    This is a car race that can be accessed by going to the yellow marker by the
    payphone on the west side of the Liberty University Campus near the Stadium.
    When you are done on the phone, you'll be told to grab a car and head for
    starting line which is now indicated by a yellow marker.  Your choice of 
    vehicle for this race is entirely up to you as long as its not a motorcycle.
    By this point, you have probably developed your own set of skills for 
    different vehicles and you know how well you can handle them.  If you are 
    one for abusing a vehicle, get one that is fairly sturdy because you will
    get abused in this race, both by the horrible driving skills of the citizens
    of Liberty City and by your competitors who want to see to it that you do
    not win this race.  I've heard that the Deimos is the best suited car to 
    this race, but I neither liked the car, nor felt comfortable in it.  I won
    this race twice, once in a Yakuza Stinger and once in a Banshee.  Your skill
    should determine your choice here.  The course will be clearly marked with
    those wonderful big yellow markers that do not allow you to see oncoming 
    traffic, just be sure to keep an eye on your radar and look ahead a marker
    so you know what turns are coming.  This is a 1 lap race, and it runs most
    of the length of the island.  Get a lead on your competitors, and barring 
    any catastrophic event, you'll probably keep the lead.  Complete the race
    and you can mark off one more item on your 100% completion checklist and
    claim $1500.
    **  3.  Bike Salesman **
    This can be found at the 'Hogs and Cogs' Motorcycle Shop on Staunton Island
    right next door to the fire department directly to the south of the stadium.
    It is available from 0800 to 1800 every day
    This side mission is similar to the Car Salesman mission you did in 
    Portland.  Here you will have to sell bikes instead of cars, but the method
    used will be the same.  The only other difference is that you will not be
    restricted to 'levels' to complete the Bike Salesman mission; instead you 
    have to sell 10 of each of the 4 types of bikes:  The Faggio, The Freeway,
    The PCJ 600 and The Sanchez.  You can choose to sell all 10 of one type of 
    bike at once, or you may alternate between bikes, it doesn't matter, but you
    must sell 10 of each one.  When you have sold 10 of any particular bike, it
    will no longer appear as a sales option.  When you have made all 40 sales,
    you have successfully completed this mission to get 100% completion, and the
    shop will now generate cash for you as the car dealership does.  The bike 
    sales and their easiest method breaks down like this:
    The Sunday Driver --
    This sale is always done on a Faggio and is the simplest of the group. 
    Simply get on the bike with your customer, and drive up the road in either
    direction, slowly and carefully by tapping "X".  Don't hit anything or get 
    crazy, and the sale meter will fill quickly and you can return to the bike
    shop to close the sale.
    The Speed Demon --
    This sale is always done on a PCJ 600 and is every bit as simple as the 
    Sunday Driver, only its the polar opposite.  Get on the bike with your 
    customer and head up the street as fast as you can.  (I recommend going 
    north up the road as this seems to be the path of least resistance.  Take 
    the sidewalk if it helps you.)  Generally by the time you get to the north
    end of the stadium, the deal is done and you can return to the shop to close
    the deal.  Don't hit stuff, they hate that.
    The Off Road --
    This sale is always done on a Sanchez.  For this sale, head straight out of
    the parking lot of the bike shop and over the hill straight in front of you.
    Head north up the path and jump everything you can find.  5 or 6 good jumps
    and this sale is a done deal as well and you can head back to the shop. 
    This customer doesn't care if you hit stuff, but don't make them fall off.
    The Nut Job --
    This sale is always done on a Freeway.  Just like the Vehicular Manslaughter
    customer from the car dealership, this guy wants to wreck stuff.  Just
    to make things simple for you, the bike shop is located right next door to 
    the fire department, and there are always two firetrucks parked there.  
    Drive the customer next door, drive-by and blow up both trucks and you're
    done with this guy too.  Too easy!
    **  4.  Well Snacked Pizza  **
    Some folks have had a hard time finding this place, but I'm not sure why. 
    If you are standing INSIDE Phil Cassidy's gun shop, walk straight out the
    door to the west.  Walk straight across the street and then south and you'll
    walk right into the green Faggio parked out front.  Climb on it to trigger
    the mission.
    This mission is exactly like 'Noodle Punk' over in Portland, only this time
    you're delivering pizza and your piece of crap Faggio is green instead of 
    red.  You are given 6 minutes per level this time and you still have to do
    10 levels to complete this mission.  The first 6 levels will go pretty easy 
    as long as you don't waste any pizzas, but as with the Noodles, these people
    aren't real particular about whether or not their pizza hits the ground, but
    nothing is funnier than an old lady diving to the ground to catch her pizza.
    Given the spaciousness of the roads in Staunton Island, lean forward over 
    the handlebars of the Faggio for extra speed whenever possible, and you'll 
    find that your 6 minutes is more than enough to accomplish all 10 levels of
    this mission.  Just like in Portland, use your start menu map, plan your
    route, count your pizza/customer ratio in the later levels, and deliver the
    pizzas to the north first, saving the closer ones for the last part of the 
    level.  Slow down just enough so that you can get a good R1 or R2 view of 
    your customer and hit the circle button to deliver the pizza to its mark.
    Don't wait for a "thank you" or a complaint . . . hit the accelerator and 
    head off to your next delivery.  Complete level 10 and you will get $1500,
    and the pizza place will now pay you protection money of up to $3000.
    **  5.  Torrington TT  **
    This is a motorcycle race that is triggered by answering the phone in the 
    yellow marker on the very southern end of the island on the southwestern 
    corner of the building that you put the Hearse in the garage for Donald 
    Love.  When you are done with the call, grab a PCJ 600.  You can use any
    bike you want, but grab the PCJ if you intend to win.  Head to the start
    line of this race which is right in front of the "Big Shot Casino".  If 
    you've already completed all the story missions of the game, you might get 
    lucky and the Yakuza won't shoot out your tires before you start the race.
    This is a 2 lap race and its pretty easy once you manage to get past your 
    competitors.  They really don't want you to win and will try to knock you 
    off your bike, but once you get past them, if you have any skills at all on 
    the PCJ, you will surely keep the lead unless the fine citizens of Liberty
    City manage to screw you over as they often do.  Complete the race and you
    can again mark your 100% completion checklist and take home your $1500.
    **  6.  Car-azy Giveaway **
    I was glad to see this mission, as its just like the import/export garages
    of all of the previous GTA releases, which I loved!  (Although I was a bit
    disappointed with the way they set it up for San Andreas)  You can find this
    garage on the south end of Staunton Island, but it can be a bit tricky, so
    I'll tell you how.  From the front door of Donald Love's office, head south
    on this street (you'll be going AGAINST traffic).  Turn right at the end,
    then turn right again at the second street you come to (you'll be heading
    north now).  Drive slowly up the street and look to your right (east) and
    before you get to the first intersection, you'll see a brick structure with
    a short driveway that leads down.  That is the garage door and the sign with
    the vehicle list is on the wall next to it.  Here's what you need:
    Phobos VT               Hellenbach GT
    Manana                  Infernus
    Banshee                 Landstalker
    BF Injection            Patriot
    Deimos SP               PCJ 600
    Faggio                  Sentinal
    Freeway                 Thunder Rodd
    Hearse                  V8 Ghost
    Here's how to get them and what they're worth to you:
    Phobos VT -- $5000
    The easiest way to get one of these is to wait until you've got Shoreside 
    Vale open.  Once you do, turn left out of your Shoreside Vale safehouse and
    go to the end of the street.  Look across to the odd little parking lot that
    has no purpose and there is usually one parked in there.
    Manana -- $1000
    This little piece of garbage is all over the place, and you generally can't
    swing a dead cat without hitting one of these things.  They are slow, small
    cars that can either be convertibles, or if the top is up, the roof is black
    no matter what color the car is.  Very rarely will the driver fight back 
    when you steal this car . . . .they're glad to be rid of the thing.  If you 
    have a wanted level of 2 stars or more, you're safer on foot than in this
    Banshee -- $4000
    This was my favorite car in GTA III, and its still pretty good here, but it
    doesn't hold the top spot this time around.  It's easily identifiable as it
    is always in its convertible form with the top down, and has a wide rally
    stripe down the middle of the car.  It comes in many color schemes, my 
    favorite being the yellow with the black stripe.  You'll find these pretty
    easily if you just drive around Staunton Island in a sports car.
    BF Injection -- $3000
    A Dune Buggy of the greatest kind, You'll almost never see this thing 
    driving around anywhere in Liberty City, but you can always get your hands
    on one in Portland.  Go down to the beach on the east side of the island
    behind Salvatore's mansion and there is almost always one parked down there
    for your beach hopping pleasure.  You can also get one by doing the car 
    salesman missions and abandoning the mission while you're driving one of
    these.  The sound of the engine for the BF Injection makes me proud to be
    a man!
    Deimos SP --  $5000
    This one is, not impossible, but difficult to find on Staunton Island.  Best
    bet here is to wait until Shoreside Vale is open and get one then.  If you
    are driving fast and looking for one, they are also hard to spot due to 
    their similarity to the V8 Ghost, and if you just plain can't find one, go
    to your safehouse in Shoreside Vale, take a right out of the driveway, go
    to the end of the road and take another right, go around the curve and the
    first driveway you come to on your right (that doesn't have a gate) almost
    always has one in the driveway.
    Faggio -- $500
    Another dead cat swinger here.  The two wheeled equivalent to the Manana, 
    these noisy little scooters are everywhere.  Thats just what they are, 
    scooters.  Stupid little angry bee sounding scooters.  Thats it.  Just find
    one and turn it in and get it over with.
    Freeway -- $2000
    The motorcycle only a real man would ride -- it's fast, it's heavy, it 
    steers like a bag of mad puppies.  If you're riding a two wheeled vehicle
    of any kind, you'll pass many of these on the streets, so you won't have
    any trouble finding one of these.
    Hearse -- $500
    The Perennial for dead guys, you won't find one driving around town, but if
    you go west from the hospital, then north, then east and look to your right,
    you'll find one of these parked behind the hospital in a little parking 
    area off the road.  (Remember this spot if you haven't done the Rampage
    missions yet, you'll need it.)
    Hellenbach GT -- $3000
    This one is good ole V8 power.  Not the greatest escape vehicle because of
    its handling, but fun to drive nonetheless.  It can be hard to find,
    especially if you're looking for one (of course if you aren't looking for
    one, there's 12 of them within spitting distance).  If you were thinking 
    ahead, you stashed one of these in your Portland safehouse when you finished
    the mission 'Snuff' at the beginning of the game.  If you weren't thinking 
    ahead, one of these spawns in the showroom of the car dealership in Portland
    after you've completed level 4 of the car salesman missions.
    Infernus -- $5000
    You'll either love this car, or hate it.  I'm in the latter for this one.  I
    do love its speed, and the fact that the steering is nice and tight, but it
    is about as sturdy as a paper airplane.  If you can drive really fast and 
    not hit anything, its perfect.  Good luck with that.  You can pick one of 
    these rides up pretty easy by driving around Staunton Island or Shoreside 
    Vale in any sports car.  One of these will pop up pretty soon.
    Landstalker -- $3000
    This is just a good old SUV.  The kind that 1 out of every 10,000 people who
    buys one, actually takes off road.  Drive around Belleville Park for a 
    couple minutes and these things will start showing up by the dozen.
    Patriot -- $4000
    The GTA version of the Hummer, these are pretty easy to find in Staunton.  
    Rockstar greatly improved the performance and stability of this car in 
    Liberty City Stories and made it a hell of a lot more fun to have around 
    this time.  Go up and down the road between your safehouse and the Ammu-
    Nation on Staunton Island, and these too will show up by the dozen.
    PCJ 600 -- $3000
    The single best piece of transportation in this game, you can find this bike
    just about anywhere by riding any other kind of bike around.  If, for some
    reason, you can't seem to find one, Salvatore always has one of these crotch
    rockets parked in the driveway of his mansion in Portland.
    Sentinal -- $4000
    Getting this car for this mission was the one and only time I drove one of 
    these things the entire game, and for everyone that said this car was easy 
    to find, this is the one I had the most trouble finding.  I think I drove 
    around in a Leone Sentinal for half an hour before I finally came across a
    Sentinal on Staunton Island and it was the same disappointment its always 
    been.  It was a piece of shit in GTA III, it was a piece of shit in Vice 
    City, it was a piece of shit in San Andreas . . . and its STILL a piece of
    shit in Liberty City Stories.
    Thunder Rodd -- $4000
    Without a doubt the coolest looking car in the game.  You ran across this
    car one time during the story missions in the 'Grease Sucho' mission you did
    for Ma Cipriani back in Portland.  It was the car you were racing against.
    Never again will you see this car driving around town unless you are very
    lucky, but fear not, it has a spawning point.  Take the bridge from Staunton
    Island to Portland.  As soon as you hit solid ground in Portland, take a
    left.  About 1 block up on the left is a parking lot surrounded by shrubs.
    (You had to deliver hookers to the policeman's ball in this parking lot in
    GTA III)  The Thunder Rodd and an Esperanto spawn there on a regular basis.
    If you don't see one there, drive around the block and come back and there 
    will probably be one there.
    V8 Ghost -- $5000
    This car is pretty easy to find on Staunton Island.  Driving any sports car
    around will usually spawn them for you.  I feel either way about this car, 
    as its not great, but its not bad either.  Not so fast, but not so slow,
    controllable, but its not on rails by any means.  It gets the job done, but
    doesn't go over and above by any means.  Most easily recognized by those of
    you that know what Dodge Daytona looks like.
    Deliver all of these vehicles to the garage and not only are you $52,000
    richer, but from this point forward, you will always have a V8 Ghost and a
    PCJ 600 parked in the shelter outside your Staunton Island safehouse. 
    Awesome for me because I probably took that PCJ 200 times during this game.
    Thats it, you're done with this mission.
    **  7.  RC Ragin'  **
    That sick bastard that invented the RC races strikes again and now we find
    ourselves reluctantly looking for the white "Toyz in the Hood" van in 
    Belleville Park next to the house at the north end with the pond.  Climb
    in the van if you dare to trigger this mission.  Just like the RC race from
    Portland, you will have 3 levels of races, each with an additional lap for
    your enjoyment.  The race starts and ends on the basketball court and twists
    and turns virtually the entire length of the park, up and down the little 
    hills, around the hairpin walkways, over the narrow little bridge, and lets 
    not forget that the pedestrian traffic in here during this race will 
    resemble the Mall in Washington DC on Veteran's Day, so if you thought the
    Portland race was a pain in the ass, think again.  The only advice I have is
    to take it easy during the first half of the lap, try not to flip the truck,
    avoid your competitors at all costs because they will do anything necessary
    to wreck you and they always recover well from those incidents.  Your saving
    grace for this race is that your competitors can get stuck in stupid places
    just as easily as you, and your final stretch around the pond gives you some
    relief from the twists turns and hills of the rest of the course and at 
    least a small area to gain an advantage.  I won the last lap of the last 
    race because the car ahead of me got stuck on the fence entering back into
    the basketball court, at which point I hit the red marker in first place
    and then took a nap to settle my nerves.
    You get $1500 for beating the first level, $2000 for beating the second, and
    $2500 for the third.  You get an additional $500 per level for winning the
    race with the best lap time.
    **  8.  Karmageddon  **
    This is a repeat of the mission you did during the Church Confession strand.
    Go to the fire department on the west side of the island and climb in the 
    northernmost firetruck to trigger the mission.  Once again, drive around 
    destroying cars, knocking people off of motorcycles and flattening 
    pedestrians to make the damage meter rise before your 4 minute time limit is
    up.  Although I didn't do it the first time around, I discovered this time
    that if you stay right there in front of the fire department and flip cars
    upside down or push them over the edge into the water, you get the most
    progress in the damage meter.  In fact, once you get a warning level and the
    cops start showing up, I did nothing more than start shoving all the patrol 
    cars into the river and the meter filled up in no time.  During the original
    mission I finished with 31 seconds to spare, but using this method the 
    second time, I finished with 117 seconds to spare.  This mission must be
    done the second time to accomplish 100% completion of the game.  $1750 was
    my prize for completing this mission this time.
    C.  Shoreside Vale
    **  1.  Wi-Cheetah Run  **
    This is a car race and is triggered by answering the payphone with the 
    yellow marker down in Wichita Gardens.  If you are having trouble finding 
    it, take the "S" curve road down into Wichita and when you get to the end 
    of it, take a left.  Go to the end of that road and take a right and the 
    phone will be immediately to your right.
    Like the other car races, grab a vehicle you are skilled with and that can
    handle a decent amount of damage.  Head down to the starting line which is
    way down in Wichita Gardens.  Your competitors, as the name of the race 
    would indicate, are all in Cheetahs.  They are fast, they are quite good, 
    and they are quite vicious when it comes to knocking you out of the way. 
    The course is 2 laps and leads up the winding roads to the tunnel, through
    the tunnel, down past the mansions and finally back down the "S" curves 
    back down into Wichita Gardens and around to where you started.  Your 
    advantage here is going to be in the tunnel, and down in front of the 
    mansions.  If you can manage to pick the time of day you do this race, make
    sure it is not in the morning when the sun is low on the horizon or you'll
    find yourself often blinded (the damn yellow markers already do that enough)
    and try not to do it if it is foggy, because when it is foggy in the tunnel,
    it's like driving through a black hole.  Mostly likely you'll do this race
    a couple of times to get used to the course and the unfriendliness of your
    competitors.  Complete both laps in the lead, and you are finished with this
    race and you can claim your $1500.
    **  2.  Gangsta GP  **
    This is a motorcycle race and is easily the hardest one of the game.  The
    race is triggered by answering the phone with the yellow marker in Pike 
    Creek.  To find it easily, come north up the main road from the airport and 
    go straight into Pike Creek.  Look to your left and you will see the the 
    yellow marker within a couple of blocks.  Trigger this race, and of course 
    you'll find that the start line is back up near the entrance to the top of 
    Cochrane Dam.
    A PCJ is going to be the only way to go for this race, and your ability to
    lean forward over the handlebars to gain speed is going to be crucial to 
    winning this race.  Your competitors are very quick, very good and very 
    annoying.  (It was for the first time during this race that I discovered you
    weren't allowed to kill your competitors, which kinda sucked.  Knock them
    off their bike, you can do, but shooting them is a no no.)
    This is a very twisted tour of Pike Creek, with frequent turns, those damned
    guardrails on the sidewalks to contend with and probably the dumbest drivers
    in all of Liberty City.  It consists of 3 laps and a wrong move can land 
    you in an inconvenient corner of a warehouse, or lying on your face down in
    the lower part of Cochrane Dam, neither of which will be helpful towards
    your success in this race.  I won't describe the course for you except to 
    say that if there is a road in Pike Creek, you will be on it at some point,
    and those helpful view blocking yellow markers will be there at every turn
    to help you see the way and crash into oncoming traffic.  When you have a
    millisecond to take your eyes off the road, keep an eye on your radar so
    you know what the next turn will be.  At one point you will go about 3 
    blocks through the center of Pike Creek and this is a fantastic time to 
    lean over those handlebars and gain some ground, as long as you can make 
    the left turn at the end without smashing into the stone wall.  With 
    patience and a fair amount of determination, you'll get through this race, 
    claim your $1500 and be done with all your Liberty City bike races.
    **  3.  AWOL Angel  **
    This is another rehash of the 'Scooter Shooter' and '9mm Mayhem' missions
    from Portland.  You can find this mission by going to the end of the dead
    end road down in Wichita Gardens.  There will be a red, white and blue 
    Freeway leaning against the wall of the apartment building at the end of the
    road.  Trigger the mission by getting on the Freeway.
    You will find yourself on the back of the Freeway manning a machine gun 
    sight again.  Different from the other two missions like this, your driver
    for this mission is a complete moron.  I can't even begin to tell you how
    many times I ended up looking at the sky, falling off a cliff, or not
    hitting my target because he was dodging imaginary traffic while on straight
    roads.  Again you will have 3 minutes to take out 11 or more targets, and 
    you will again be provided with 3 adrenaline pills to help slow things down
    for you a bit when it gets hairy.  As always, your technique for this 
    mission is to pop the tires, take out the shooter in the back (from level
    3 on) and then destroy the vehicle.  The first two are easy.  No shooter and
    they are armored "Gruppe Sechs" vans (That has made me laugh ever since GTA
    III, which is probably why its been in every GTA game thus far).  For 
    armored vehicles, they blow up terribly easy.  The next two vehicles will be
    Bobcats with a shooter in the back.  Again, tires, shooter, truck, done. 
    The two vehicles you will experience after that will be the innocuous 
    looking Landstalker again, that upon approach, the rear hatch will open 
    revealing a machine gun weilding bad dude.  Tires, shooter, truck.  The next
    3 vehicles will be Patriots with 2 shooters in the back.  Tires, shoo . . . 
    never mind, you have it by now.  The tenth and eleventh vehicle will be new
    ones for you.  The will be the big Barracks OL military trucks and they will
    have 3 machine gun toting soldiers in the back.  Now would be a good time to
    whip out those adrenaline pills.  The truck is pretty slow, so you can skip
    the tires on this one.  Focus your attention to the 3 highly accurate 
    individuals in the back of the truck.  They usually only shoot one at a 
    time, but occasionally, two will stand up.  When they aren't shooting, they
    are squatting in the back of the truck so you can't hit them, but they stand
    up to shoot.  This is when you have to quickly take them out, making those
    adrenaline pills invaluable to you.  Once they are gone, just blow up the 
    truck worry free.  After the second truck like this, you have completed the
    requirements for this mission.  I went on and got the 12th target 
    successfully, but then I shot my driver in the back of the head.  On 
    purpose.  He was too dumb to live.
    You are awarded money for the targets as follows:
    First - $7
    Second - $28
    Third - $63
    Fourth - $112
    Fifth - $173
    Sixth - $252
    Seventh - $343
    Eighth - $448
    Ninth - $567
    Tenth - $700
    Eleventh - $848
    Twelth - $1008
    Mark this off your 100% checklist when you're done.
    **  4.  Chasin' RC  **
    Satan apparently took a vacation for this mission and let someone much more
    merciful put together this RC race.  You can find this "Toyz in the Hood"
    van by going to the airport, going down past the airport fire station and
    going through the barrier to the western part of the airport.  Drive all the
    way around the terminal buildings to the south end of the main terminal.
    You'll be at the south end of the main road that goes in front of the main
    terminal, but you'll be on the other side of the fence from it.  You'll see 
    the van parked there.  Get in it to trigger the race.  As always, you will
    have three races, each one adding a lap.  The biggest and BEST difference is
    that this RC race is at the airport runways.  No traffic, no pedestrians, no
    hills, no water, no walls.  Your biggest obstacle here is going to be your
    competition and some mild irritation from a couple of jumps.  You have a lot
    of room to maneuver here, so getting around your competition isn't too bad,
    but they will go out of their way to chase you down to try to make you 
    wreck.  Get in front of them and you have a pretty good chance of staying
    in front of them.  My best advice for you beyond that is to take the jumps
    up the mobile stairs with just enough speed to get you over the other side
    and land on your wheels.  You may feel this will slow you down, but not 
    nearly as much as tumbling endlessly will if you go too fast.  Do those
    jumps with ease and the rest of the race will be a cake walk.  Complete all 
    three levels and the Liberty City RC nightmare is over.
    You get $1500 for beating the first level, $2000 for beating the second, and
    $2500 for the third.  You get an additional $500 per level for winning the
    race with the best lap time.
    **  5.  See The Sights Before Your Flight  **
    For the last side mission I did for this game, I thought this one was a hell
    of a lot of fun.  It will put your knowledge of Liberty City to the test and
    make sure you learned all the best shortcuts, as this mission spans all 3
    islands and it is timed.  The time given is pretty generous and in most
    cases, you should finish with plenty of time left over.  For some reason,
    two levels that I cut it the closest was the first level and the last.  The
    only reason I cut the first one so close was that I screwed up and went to 
    the wrong place.  You must do twelve of these levels to finish this mission
    successfully.  The object here is to pick up a tourist from the airport. 
    The marker you need for this mission is at the south end of the road that
    runs in front of the main terminals of the airport, up at the top of the 
    large set of stairs.  You will see a tourist booth up there with the yellow
    marker next to it.  Your job is now to take the tourist to a certain spot
    in Liberty City, take 3 pictures of them at the desired location, and drive
    them back to the airport within the allotted time limit.  As I said, the 
    time limit for each one is pretty generous, and either I got REALLY lucky,
    or they disable the drawbridge during these missions so you don't have to
    wait on it.  I recommend a PCJ for these as its the easiest to get around
    on.  When you arrive at the selected location, you will have to get off the
    bike, follow the tourist to the desired spot and you will automatically be
    given their camera.  You must then stand right in front of them for the 
    best picture to include the tourist and the location, snap 3 pictures, then
    climb back on the bike and head back to the airport.  I will list for you
    the 12 locations I went to in the order I went.  They may or may not be the
    same for you, but it seems to be consistant, so it should be the same.
    This is what I got:
    Tourist #1 -- The lower part of Cochrane Dam (where you went to meet Paulie
    at the boat to blow him up).  The tourist will stand on the edge of the
    water with the dam in the background.  I was awarded a total of $450 for 
    this one because I got him back to the airport with only 1 second to spare
    because I didn't pay attention to my map and went to the upper part of the
    dam first.
    Tourist #2 -- The southern end of the Stadium on Staunton Island.  The 
    tourist will go to the base of the stairs with the stadium behind her.  I
    was awarded a total of $700 for completing this level.
    Tourist #3 -- Chinatown, near the area that is blocked off to 4 wheel 
    traffic by concrete barriers in Portland.  The tourist will stand in front
    of the barriers with the hanging banners behind him.  (Get the hell out of
    there quickly as I was being beaten by Triads while I was taking the 
    pictures)  I was awarded a total of $1200 for completing this level.
    Toursit #4 -- The Cathedral on Staunton Island.  You'll go to the large
    main entrance on the south side of the Cathedral.  You'll park in the street
    and the tourist will run up by the front door of the church with the church
    behind him for greatest effect.  I was awarded a total of $700 for 
    completing this level.
    Tourist #5  --  This tourist wants to see Callahan Bridge . . .from the 
    Portland side, of course.  You'll go all the way to Portland, and around
    to the boardwalk on the west side of the island.  The tourist will stand on 
    the edge of the boardwalk with the bridge in the background behind her 
    across the river.  I was awarded a total of $1200 for this level.
    Tourist #6  --  This old war dog wants to pay homage to his buddies at the
    war memorial in Bellville Park on Staunton Island.  Take him there and he
    will go up the stairs and stand in front of the memorial.  I was awarded a
    total of $700 for this level.
    Tourist #7 --  This guys buddies are making fun of him because he's a big
    wuss, and he wants to show them that he is a real man by being seen in 
    front of Paulie's strip club in the Red Light District.  Take him there and
    he'll stand so you can snap a picture of him in front of the purple neon
    den of iniquity.  I was awarded a total of $1200 for this level.
    Tourist #8 --  This tourist wants to see the Liberty City Museum on Staunton
    Island.  In case you had trouble remembering it like I did, it's just south
    of the entrance to the Callahan Bridge and we brought Salvatore here when
    we were hunting down the mayor in the final story mission of the game.  The
    tourist will go and stand at the top of the stairs with the museum behind
    her.  I was awarded a total of $700 for this mission.
    Tourist #9 --  We're going to the "Big Shot Casino" on the southeast side
    of Staunton Island where the tourist will go stand in front of the big
    entranceway where you can drive through the building.  Snap the pictures
    and get the hell out of here too, as the Yakuza around here are still pretty
    mad.  I was awarded a total of $700 for this mission, probably because the 
    return trip to the airport was on a flat tire.  (Damn Yakuza!)
    Tourist #10 --  Black Lightman's mansion, up near your safehouse in 
    Shoreside Vale.  Head along that main road that runs parallel with the 
    majority of the tunnel to the south and you'll see the marker about halfway
    up the road.  This obese lady with the obnoxious belly button hangin' out
    will stand in front of the house to lock that image in your brain for the 
    rest of your life.  I was awarded a lousy $750 for this level because the 
    previous sight temporarily blinded me and I wrecked three times on the way
    back to the airport.
    Toursit #11 -- City Hall on Staunton Island, where we met up with Salvatore
    after he was released from jail.  Pretty easy this one is since all we have 
    to do is cross the drawbridge, hang a left two streets down and we're there.
    The guy will stand on the steps of the building to get his mugshot taken.  I
    was awarded a total of $700 for this level.
    Tourist #12 -- Keeping things consistant, this will be the most challenging
    of all.  This tourist wants the lighthouse on the east side of Portland in 
    her picture, and you have to get her to the beach behind Salvatore's house.
    (Consider yourself lucky you didn't have to find a boat.)  The quickest way
    is to just go behind the grocery store in Portland View and out onto the
    beach.  The PCJ doesn't drive well on the beach, but you don't have to go
    far, so get there, get the pictures and head back the way you came.  I was
    awarded a total of $1200 for completing this level despite the fact that I
    got her back to the airport with 3 seconds to spare and couldn't see for the
    smoke rising from my PCJ due to the numerous wrecks on the way back.
    You will be awarded a bonus of $2500 for completing all 12 levels and in 
    addition, will be rewarded with an armored Landstalker parked near the
    stairs of your Shoreside safehouse.  If you want it, go get it and stick it
    in the garage, because like the Avenger you got from completing the 
    "Avenging Angel" Missions, it will only spawn the ONE and only time and 
    you'll never see it again after that.
    Your Shoreside Vale side missions are complete!
    I had originally planned just to stick these in with the regular side
    missions, but I felt like they warranted their own section, so here it goes.
    In order to trigger these missions, you must be wearing the Avenging Angel
    outfit you recieved when you completed the 'Frighteners' mission and you
    have to find another Avenging Angel to talk to to start the mission.
    We'll start in:
    Portland --
    Put on your outfit, grab a PCJ 600 and head over to the boardwalk on the 
    west side of the island.  Go up to the stairs to the train station platform
    (this is the stairway you will use or have used to get hidden package #18).
    Look around in here and you will soon find another Avenging Angel.  Walk up
    to him and push R3 to start the Avenging Angel Missions.  You will now get a
    red target on your map to go wipe out.  Hop on your PCJ and the other 
    Avenging Angel will hop on with you.  Head for the marker on your radar.
    From this point on, the missions are kind of miscellaneous, however what you
    will always end up doing is finding a small group of gangsters and killing
    them.  Sometimes they will be on motorcycles, sometimes they will just be
    hanging out in an alley or an apartment complex.  It changes from level to 
    level and could pop up just about anywhere on the island.  You start with a 
    time limit that isn't so great, but completing each level adds time to your 
    limit and they are pretty generous with it.  Each group of guys you wipe out
    completes a level for you and most of the time you can wipe them out by just
    doing drive-bys on the PCJ.  On occasion I had to get off the bike to take 
    care of one or two guys, but largely I got all of them while on the bike.
    Keep the Avenging Angel with you, because when you complete each level, you 
    will have to find another Avenging Angel to get your next mission assignment
    and if you don't already have the guy with you, it will just waste more of 
    your time even though the Avenging Angels are more frequently spread out 
    around town during these missions.  
    Apparently the PSP version of this game has a major glitch where if the 
    Avenging Angel you have with you dies, you will not be able to talk to 
    another Avenging Angel to get your next mission, and therefore fail because
    you won't be able to continue.  This glitch was apparently FIXED on the PS2
    release and is no longer an issue.  I did have an Angel with me that was 
    killed in the line of duty and I was still able to talk to another Angel so 
    I could continue.  I have seen it myself, have done it, and it is verified,
    so you need not concern yourself with this glitch in the PS2 release.
    Complete 15 levels on Portland and you will have done what is necessary here
    for this part of the missions.  You will be rewarded with the Avenger, which
    is a bulletproof Freeway with a special Avenging Angel paint job.  It will 
    spawn at your safehouse here in Portland, and if you want it, you better go 
    get it and put it in the garage as this only spawns the ONE time and it will
    never come back again, so claim it if you want it.
    Staunton Island --
    Once again, we'll go with the PCJ 600, and we're going to find out Staunton
    Angel wandering around the north end of Bellville Park behind the little
    house near the basketball courts.  Sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not,
    so just drive in circles around the house if you need to and he'll pop up
    eventually.  Hit the R3 when you find him and begin the Stuanton Angel 
    missions.  You are going to be doing the same thing here that you did in
    Portland and its pretty much just as easy, although a couple of times the
    gangs we were going after were in subway tunnels I didn't even know were
    there, so if you show up standing right on top of your target and you don't
    see anything around you, look around for some stairs down to a subway 
    tunnel . . . they're down there.  Also get used to the idea that the next 
    level you do is going to be at the complete opposite end of the island.  
    You'll be doing that a lot.  The time you are given is still pretty generous
    and I even had plenty of time to hit the Pay -N- Spray a couple of times
    when I needed to to lose a wanted level.  Complete level 15 on Staunton and 
    you've done what is necessary for the Angels on Staunton, and as a reward,
    you will no longer be fined when you are arrested.  Lets go finish this
    Shoreside Vale --
    Now, since I came straight over here from finishing the Staunton Angel 
    missions, I had to stand here at my safehouse and let the timer run down
    from the previous missions.  I had to stand there for 10 freakin' minutes.
    When you are ready to go, once again, grab a PCJ and head down to the 
    apartments down in Wichita Gardens.  On the sidewalks around the apartments
    you should find a Avenging Angel to make contact with.  The concept is 
    exactly the same here as it was on the other islands, the only difference
    being that Shoreside Vale can be a bitch to get around especially when they
    put the next set of gangsters on the other side of the island.  Make sure
    you know a good way to get anywhere from anywhere over here before
    attempting this set of Angel missions.  The time given is still pretty 
    generous but because of the layout of the island, you may not have time
    for a Pay -N- Spray stop if you need one.  It can be done, but you better
    have a route planned out ahead of time.  Complete level 15 on Shoreside
    Vale and you will receive the Hero costume -- a lovely red and gold ensemble
    with a big gold "T" for Toni on the front.  Wear it with pride on your 
    bulletproof Avenger and you will be the talk of the town!
    Complete up to level 15 on all three islands and you will have what is 
    required for 100% completion.
    These missions will trigger by pushing R3 when you are in one of the 
    vehicles relative to the mission at hand.  They can be done at any time, in
    any order on any island, but to help make your life a little easier, I will
    tell you in each one, the easiest island to do each mission.  These missions
    can be long and boring and repetetive, but are required for 100% completion
    of the game.
    **  A.  Vigilante Missions **
    (In order to reach level 12 in these missions, they must be done in one
    sitting.  If you fail, get out of the vehicle or destroy the vehicle you
    are in before you have attained this level, you will have to start over 
    again from level 1)
    In order to start these missions, you must be in some kind of a police
    vehicle.  Getting into a police car, FBI truck, FBI car, or a Rhino will 
    give you a message on the screen to push R3 to begin the mission.  In order
    to save yourself a lot of trouble with this mission, you're going to have to
    cause a lot of trouble first.  The best vehicle for this mission is the
    Rhino, and pretty much the only way to get one prior to having 100% of the
    game already done, is to have them come after you by getting a 6 star wanted
    level.  The only other way to get one is to stash the one you have to steal
    in the 'Shogun Showdown' mission in your garage and then get wasted or 
    busted to fail the mission.  I didn't think about it during the earlier 
    mission, so I went with the 6 star warning level method.  I found the 
    easiest and most pain free way to do this was to get up on top of the Big
    Shot Casino (where you had the final battle with Kazuki Kasen) with a 
    rocket launcher and just start blasting stuff down on the street.  (I 
    recommend that you already have room in your Staunton Island garage for 
    the tank before you start)  It shouldn't take you long to get a 2 star 
    warning level this way, and when you do, you can start blasting patrol cars
    to make the level go up even higher until you start getting helicopters 
    after you, then you can blast those until you're up to 6 stars.  When you're
    there, the Rhino's will start appearing in the street below and you can 
    haul ass down there and grab one and take off for your garage.  Get the tank
    in the garage, grab whatever else you've got handy in that alley and take it
    into the Pay -N- Spray to get rid of the wanted level.  Congrats, the Rhino
    is yours.  Now you can head out in your shiny new tank and bust some bad 
    guys.  Get in the tank and press R3 to begin the Vigilante Mission.  You 
    will be given a target bad guy who is driving around the island.  It is 
    indicated on your radar by a red blip and when you are close to it, it has
    a red arrow over the car.  The object here is to catch up to it and destroy
    the criminals inside, before the timer runs out.  Since you are in the Rhino,
    all you have to do is run into the vehicle and it blows up and you will 
    advance to the next level. As the mission levels progress, there will be 
    more vehicles to chase after, and sometimes they will not all be together, 
    but your Rhino will make all this much easier as once you have caught up to 
    them since destroying the target is so terribly simple this way.  Completing
    level 12 is required to acheive 100% completion, and when you get it, your
    armor will now be another 50% stronger than it was before.  Oh yeah, and
    when you do manage to get to level 12, you'll probably have a 6 star wanted
    level again . . . .just so ya know.
    **  B.  Fireman Missions **
    (In order to reach level 12 in these missions, they must be done in one
    sitting.  If you fail, get out of the vehicle or destroy the vehicle you
    are in before you have attained this level, you will have to start over 
    again from level 1)
    This mission is triggered by stealing a firetruck and pushing R3 once in
    the drivers seat.  While Portland is the smaller island, and some of you may
    have an easier time accomplishing these missions there, I found that 
    Staunton Island worked better for me because of the wide streets.  Your job 
    here is to quite simply, put out fires.  Again, you must manage to reach
    level 12 and each fire (level) gets progressively more difficult.  You have 
    a time limit to reach the fire based on its distance from your current
    location.  The other reason I like Staunton better for this mission is that
    you don't have to keep returning to a central location such as the hospital
    like you do in the Paramedic missions (next section), so you have a bit more
    freedom here.  When you get to the fire, you will use the right analog stick
    to turn the hose on top of the truck, and also to raise and lower it.  You
    make the hose spray by pushing the circle button.  You start off with level
    1 by putting out a single car fire.  As the levels progress, you will never
    have more than 3 cars to put out, however, the number of passengers that
    exit the vehicle once it is extinguished increases with each level.  Those
    passengers are also on fire, and to make matters difficult, they run around
    like idiots making it hard for you to hit them with the hose.  In many cases
    they will even run AWAY from you making sure you have to chase them down to 
    put them out.  You are awarded small cash payouts for extinguishing each set
    of fires, but you'll find them to be relatively unimportant (in fact, I'm
    not sure why there even is a monetary system in this game with the exception
    of buying weapons, and once you grab the hidden packages, money becomes
    comletely useless to you), what you may find helpful to you depending on how
    early in the game you decide to do this mission, is that completing it to 
    level 12 makes you fireproof.  You must also reach level 12 to acheive 100%
    completion of the game.  I have no real stategy for these missions except 
    to give yourself a little distance from the fires to put them out, put the
    cars out first, then use the firetruck to push the burned out vehicles out
    of the way if you need to to get to the burning vicitms.
    **  C.  Paramedic Missions **
    (In order to reach level 12 in these missions, they must be done in one
    sitting.  If you fail, get out of the vehicle or destroy the vehicle you
    are in before you have attained this level, you will have to start over 
    again from level 1)
    This mission is triggered by stealing an ambulance and pushing R3 once in 
    the drivers seat.  I recommend doing the Paramedic Missions on Portland, as
    it is the smaller of the islands and is the easiest to maneuver based on the
    location of the hospital, although the traffic can be more difficult here 
    than on Staunton Island.  The object here is to pick up the injured people
    that you are given on the map, and take them back to the hospital.  The 
    number of people you have to pick up is directly related to the level you 
    are on.  Level 1 will have you picking up 1 patient, Level 4 - 4 patients, 
    and so on.  You are timed, of course.  Each patient you pick up gives you 
    a little extra time (although in the later levels I started getting ripped
    off and every once in a while it wouldn't give me the extra time), and you
    will get extra time for getting patients to the hospital during mid level.
    The timer will start new at the beginning of each level.  Once you get into
    the higher levels, keep in mind that your ambulance will not hold more than
    3 people at once, and once it is full, you will have to take them to the 
    hospital to empty out before you can go get more.  Use your start menu map
    to plan your route.  Get the patients that are the furthest away first and
    collect them in groups of three whenever possible.  Since I did this in 
    Portland, I found the easiest method for me was to split the map into "north
    of the hospital" and "south of the hospital".  I would usually get the 
    patients to the north done first as that has the most distance to it, then
    get the ones to the south since they are pretty close and easier to get to
    than the ones up north.  Have patience, be careful and don't abuse your 
    ambulance, plan well, and you can get through this.  Getting out of the 
    ambulance, destroying your ambulance or running out of time will fail this 
    mission for you.  Reach and complete level 12, which is required for 100%,
    and you will now also be able to sprint without getting tired.
    **  D.  Taxi Missions **
    This is probably the longest and most monotonous mission of the game.  In
    fact I saved this for last just from my previous experiences with it in 
    other games in the GTA series.  This mission is triggered by climbing into
    any taxicab and pushing the R3 button once you're in the drivers seat.  This
    mission does NOT need to be done in one sitting, however, if you are so 
    inclined, there is a bonus in increments of $125 for every five fares you do
    in a row.  The idea here is simple - grab up a fare indicated by a blue
    arrow somewhere near your location.  Simply pull up next to them and they 
    will climb into the car.  They will give you a destination and your job is
    just to get them there in a timely manner.  There is a tip meter that will 
    appear on the right side of the screen that will decrease the longer it
    takes you to get to the destination and will decrease even more for damage
    you sustain to the taxi during the course of the trip.  You are timed based 
    on the distance you have to go to reach the destination, which is usually 
    not too far away, however after doing 10 or more in a row, don't be 
    surprised if your trip spans more than one island.  The fares you receive
    vary depending on the amount of time you have left when you arrive and the 
    condition of your tip meter, but for the most part they are pretty 
    insignifigant.  Bonus awards are given for arriving with a considerable
    amount of time left, and if you wreck too often during the course of the 
    trip, it is entirely possible for your fare to abandon the taxi and leave
    you sitting there looking for another fare.  If your taxi becomes too 
    damaged, then you will be given the message "Your vehicle is trashed, get it
    repaired" and then you will be given a time limit to get to the nearest Pay
    -N- Spray.  Once repaired, you will again be given time to look for more 
    fares.  In order to acheive 100% completion of the game, you must deliver
    100 fares successfully to their destination.  In an attempt to do all 100
    fares in a row, I screwed up and went the wrong direction because I was 
    getting bored and not paying attention to what I was doing, and missed out
    on getting 100 in a row on fare #73.  So if there is an additional bonus
    for doing 100 fares in a rown, I'd appreciate someone letting me know.  On
    this note, I did notice that during the last 20 - 25 fares or so, they 
    started getting a bit demanding and in a couple of cases, I was forced to 
    RE-perform some really risky unique jumps just to get my fares to their
    destination in the limited time that they gave me, and as a bonus, when I 
    picked up the 100th fare that I needed to complete this mission that I had
    been working on for 3 hours, I was yanked from my car by a thug and my taxi
    was stolen, in fact the same taxi I had used for all 99 previous fares.  At
    that point, it was 4 in the morning (in real life, not in the game) and I 
    just didn't care anymore.  I grabbed another cab, took care of my last fare
    and since I had saved this for last, I also got my 100% game completion 
    message.  Your best bet to make this boring mission as simple as possible -
    do it in Portland before you have opened any of the other islands.  I wish
    I had done that.  Delivering fares in Shoreside Vale is just a bitch.
    The reward for completing all 100 fares is . . . .
    A crappy car!!  The Bickle '76!  A red taxi with the same body style as the
    more modern of the two taxi styles driving around Liberty City.  The engine
    is supposedly cooler because it also has a blower that sticks out of the
    hood.  It may be a little bit faster than the normal taxi, but for handling,
    it sticks to corners like glue, and having had it earlier, I might have 
    given it a shot for a couple of the street races, which I may go try with
    it later.  I'll let you know how it works out.
    **  E.  Trash Dash Missions **
    This mission is triggered by entering a Trashmaster and pushing the R3
    button once you are in the drivers seat.  There are three sets of these 
    missions, one on each island, however, they all end at the same place - 
    at the scrapyard at the north end of Portland, so wherever you are, make
    sure you have a good way to get there when you get done.  You do not have 
    to do all three islands in one sitting.
    You can grab any Trashmaster you can find, but in the event you are having 
    trouble locating one, there is one in the scrapyard in Portland, in the 
    parking lot of the hospital on Staunton Island, and in the parking lot just
    to the north of the airport.
    The strategy for each island is essentially the same.  When the mission 
    begins, you will be given a series of green markers around the island.  The
    markers are dumpsters at various locations and you have to collect each one.
    When you have the markers on your map, go to your start menu map and plan a
    route to each one that will put you in a relatively straight line.  For 
    example, on Portland, start with the dumpster in the alley on the northwest
    side of the island - the same alley that was your safehouse in the original
    GTA III.  The timer begins counting down from 30 seconds when you touch the
    first dumpster in the series.  All you have to do is touch the dumpster
    with the truck.  It doesn't matter what part of the truck you touch it with,
    back, front, side, whatever, so if it makes for a better getaway for the
    next dumpster for you, don't hesitate to back into one.  Starting from that
    dumpster in that alley on Portland, if you follow the dumpsters around the 
    island down to the south, across to the east and then back to the north,
    that will put you close to the scrapyard when you have collected the last
    dumpster.  Each dumpster you collect will add 30 seconds to your timer, and
    then a final time limit will be given for you to reach the scrapyard when 
    all are collected.
    Follow the same strategy for all the islands, except when you are done with
    Staunton Island, make sure you finish near the Callahan Bridge so you can 
    quickly get back to Portland, and on Shoreside Vale, finish with the two 
    dumpsters at the airport, so you have quick access to the drawbridge when
    you are done.  I am unsure if the drawbridge is deactivated for this mission
    because I didn't have to wait on it, but I was still given plenty of time
    even if I had had to wait on it.
    For completing each island you will receive:
    $2000 for Portland
    $3000 for Staunton Island
    $4000 for Shoreside Vale
    You must complete all three islands to acheive 100% completion of the game.
    Unique jumps are scattered around Liberty City and there are 26 of them in
    total.  Here are their locations and requirements by island:
    ** A.  Portland - 13 Total **
    I will do my best to work my way around the island in somewhat of an orderly
    fashion . . . . unless otherwise noted, all jumps were done (by me, anyway)
    on a PCJ 600 . . . .
    1.  Head west to east on the northern most road in Portland, up at the ferry
    station.  When you get to the corner, you should see a boat lying on its
    side with a ramp on it.  Wait for traffic to clear and shoot down that 
    street to the ramp.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when
    you land on the pier on the other side of the water.
    2.  On the road parallel to jump #1 and one block south, you should see two 
    billboards on the northern side of the road, and a large grassy ramp on the
    southern side of the road.  To complete this jump, head north up the board-
    walk on the west side of the island beside the dirt track and hit that ramp
    as fast as you can.  You successfully complete the jump and earn your $250
    when you fly between the billboards and land in the parking lot behind them.
    3.  On the dirt track in the northwestern corner of the island, there is 
    a grassy ramp that leads right up to the overhead train tracks.  Go to the 
    most southern spot on the track that will lead you up the ramp in a straight
    line and shoot up the ramp as fast as you can, and as much to the left side 
    of the ramp as you can.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250
    when you clear the train tracks and land back down on the dirt track in
    one piece.
    4.  As you come out of the driveway of Salvatore's mansion, turn left and
    head south down this road.  When you get to the corner where Marco's Bistro
    is, you will see a grassy hill straight in front of you with a police bribe
    star floating above it.  Hit this ramp as fast as you can (without hitting
    any traffic in the process).  You successfully complete the jump and earn 
    $250 when you land in the parking lot behind the grocery store in Portland
    5.  Go to the Ammu-Nation and go north up the road to the 'Blow Up Dolls'
    establishment that you destroyed in the mission of the same name.  Look to
    your left and you will see a piece of concrete lying there in a suspiciously
    ramp-like manner.  Zoom north up the street from the Ammu-Nation and hit
    that ramp with as much speed as possible.  You successfully complete the 
    jump and earn $250 when you land on the ROOF of the construction site across
    the street.  Before you jump off of here, you might want to grab hidden
    package #13 so you don't have to do this jump a second time.  See the hidden
    package section of this guide before you jump off of this building.
    6.  Go to the road in front of the grocery store in Portland View, and face
    west towards the back of the Police Department.  You should see a grassy
    hill between the Police Department and the hospital.  Starting from the wall
    in front of the grocery store, hit that hill as fast as possible.  You 
    successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you CLEAR THE PARKING LOT
    and land on the street in front of the Police Department.
    7.  Go the wrong way on the one way street in Callahan Point past the diner.
    Just after the diner and the road is now going north, to your left is a
    cave entrance to a pier headed back towards the south.  Enter this cave and
    face north coming out of it.  Go straight up the grass in front of you and
    there is a ramp at the top of this hill just before the raised train tracks.
    You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you clear the train
    tracks and survive the landing on the other side.
    8.  Now go the correct way on the same street as jump #7.  When you pass the
    diner, look for an opening in the concrete wall on your left and enter it.
    Scope the area out and look for a grassy hill that leads to the big donut
    sign of the diner.  Get some distance so you can build up enough speed and 
    hit this ramp towards the sign.  You successfully complete the jump and earn 
    $250 when you pass through the hole of the donut and land safely in the 
    parking lot of the diner.
    9.  I recommend a car for this jump.  A Leone Sentinal worked very nicely for
    me here.  Go to the warehouse where you got Vincenzo's missions from.  Go 
    behind it, then to the west.  Follow this concrete pier to the end and look 
    for the dirt ramp at the end of it and slightly to the right.  Head back to 
    the warehouse to build up some speed and head for this ramp. You 
    successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you land on the pier on
    the other side of the water here.  As long as you land on the pier, you will
    earn the jump, even if you fall off the other side and drown, so don't be
    worried if this happens.
    10.  Go to the roads that form a sideways "8" in Trenton, and head southeast
    on the most easterly road of the "8".  When you get to the corner, you will
    see a wooden ramp.  Back away from this ramp all the way over to the Police
    Department to get up enough speed.  If you manage to not hit any traffic
    and actually hit the ramp, you will pass over one roof and be heading toward
    a second one.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you 
    land on the second roof.  It looks like all you have to do is get a wheel
    on the second roof.  I got almost all the way on the other roof, and just
    got the front wheel of my bike on it, at which point I tumbled backwards
    and fell off the bike into the alley below ---  I still got credit for the
    11.  These last three jumps are all in Portland Harbor.  There are 6 
    buildings side by side on the northern end of portland harbor.  In the 
    second building from the west, there is a wooden ramp.  Back all the way 
    up to the brick building directly behind it and hit the ramp at full
    speed.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you land
    safely on the beach across the water.
    12.  On the southern end of Portland Harbor, there is a big warehouse with
    a set of stairs on the southern end of the building.  Drive your PCJ up the
    stairs and up and around onto the roof of the building.  On the western
    end of the roof of this building, there are two ramps.  You want the ramp
    on the NORTHERN side of the roof.  Back all the way up to the east end of 
    the roof and head full blast to the ramp.  You successfully complete the 
    jump and earn $250 when you land safely in the street outside the concrete
    wall surrounding Portland Harbor.
    13.  As you are standing and looking up the stairs to jump #12, there is a
    flat freighter just to the south of you.  Jump over onto the ship (I could
    NOT find a ramp or walkway or anything onto this ship, so just get up a 
    little speed and you'll clear the gap between the pier and the ship).  At
    the bow of the ship (westernmost end) there is a ramp.  Back as far as you
    can from it directly behind it and hit the ramp as fast as you can.  You 
    successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you clear all of the 
    trailers and land safely beyond them.
    That's it for Portland folks!
    ** B.  Staunton Island -- 6 Total **
    14.  Coming straight off the Callahan Bridge, go all the way to the end
    and take a right.  Just after you take that right, look to your left against
    the concrete wall and you will see a wooden ramp.  Head south down the road
    to get up a little speed (you don't need a whole lot of speed here), and
    turn around and head north going the wrong way in this lane towards the
    ramp.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you land on
    the lower road just beneath this spot.
    15.  Turn around and head south from the spot you landed in jump #14.  When
    you get to the top of the hill you will see a grassy ramp to your right just
    off of the sidewalk.  The PCJ doesn't seem to want to make this jump and 
    Gaseous Snake recommends the Yakuza Stinger for this jump, however, after
    putting about 6 Yakuza Stingers in the drink, I pulled this jump off with a
    Banshee.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you land on
    the flat concrete area at the top of the pier (Where the rocket launcher 
    ammo was when you did the 'More Deadly Than The Male' mission for Toshiko
    16.  Go straight out of the entrance to the casino in Torrington headed west.
    Take the first left you come to and head straight ahead into the grass in 
    front of you.  Go almost all the way to the cliff and look to your left and
    you will see a small grass ramp.  Get far enough back from this ramp to get
    some speed.  The PCJ can do this jump, but seems to have to stretch a bit.
    I used the Yakuza Stinger as Gaseous Snake suggested in his PSP walkthrough
    and completed this jump quite nicely.  You successfully complete the jump 
    and earn $250 when you land safely in the parking lot in back of the casino.
    17.  Head down to the docks where you did the 'Love On The Rocks' mission
    that we'll never forget because it was such a pain in the ass.  This is a 
    grass ramp at the very southernmost part of the dock (this area was blocked
    by a bus during the mission).  Get as far back as you can get without 
    turning this into an obstacle course and hit the ramp so that you come off
    the top right edge.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when
    you clear the billboards and land on the street behind them.  I did this
    jump successfully with a Banshee.
    18.  This ramp is in Fort Staunton at the northeastern corner of the large
    building that was destroyed when you set off the underground charges in the
    'Bringing The House Down' mission.  (The road comes to a point.  On your
    map, it is just to the southeast of the dead end curved road in Rockford)
    Head north on the road that leads to that point and look to the right for 
    a grassy ramp just as you get to that point.  Back up to get enough speed
    and launch off the ramp pointed just slightly to the right.  You 
    successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you clear the water and 
    land safely in the street below.
    19.  Go to the road on the western side of the stadum and head north around
    the curve.  As you are travelling up this road heading in a northeasterly
    direction, look off the road to the left for a dirt trail that leads to 
    a grassy ramp at the end.  Back up as far as you can to get speed and still
    be in a straight line from the ramp.  Hit the ramp as fast and as straight
    as you can.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 when you land 
    on the sidewalk down below.
    You're done with Staunton Island now too.  One more island to go!
    **  C.  Shoreside Vale -- 7 Total **
    20.  The first jump I did here is in Wichita Gardens.  Head down the "S"
    curved road and when you reach the end, take a right, then another right
    and look for construction cones at the northern corner of this section
    of road.  There is a little wooden ramp that leads to another concrete
    kind of ramp right in front of it.  Back up so you can get enough speed to 
    launch off of this ramp.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 
    when you land INSIDE the tunnel below.
    21.  Coming up the main road from the airport, take the second right you come
    to when you enter Pike Creek.  Straight ahead of you at the corner, you will
    see a pretty obvious ramp there.  Back up with enough room to launch off of 
    this ramp, being careful of the seemingly endless stream of traffic that 
    comes around this corner.  Gaseous Snake suggests a Yakuza Stinger here, but
    I destroyed three of those trying to weave through the traffic to get to the
    ramp.  A Freeway, on the other hand, got through very nicely and completed
    the jump on the first try.  You successfully complete the jump and earn $250 
    when you land safely on the road on the other side of the river.
    22.  Heading south on the road in front of the Police Department and 
    hospital, take the left at the end of the road so you are now heading east.
    Go down to the parking lot of the warehouse on your left as you head down
    this way (The sign on the building says "Scopers Haulage").  At the eastern
    end of this area is a wooden ramp.  Back up to get some speed at this ramp,
    and launch off ever so slightly to the right.  You successfully complete the 
    jump and earn $250 when you pass the corner of the building (The building
    Donald Love was in when you first got to Shoreside Vale) across the street.
    You may land either in the parking lot of this building, or in the street
    here.  It doesn't seem to matter.
    23.  Coming up the main road from the airport, pass just through the first
    intersection when you get to Pike Creek and turn right into the parking lot
    of the warehouse.  (The sign on the warehouse says "KLAUT")  On the south
    side of this warehouse, on the eastern end is a stairwell that leads to the
    roof of the building.  Get up there on the roof and there will be a ramp
    on the western end of the roof pointed to the northwest.  It's a little
    tricky to hit right and you will probably do this a few times, but the PCJ
    will do this jump for you.  Hit this ramp just right, headed toward the 
    raised parking lot of the warehouse to the northwest.  I did this jump what
    I thought was successfully 8 or 10 times and it never gave it to me and I 
    couldn't figure out why.  I looked at two different PSP walkthroughs and one
    said I had to land in the street and the other said I had to land in the 
    raised parking lot.  Turns out both were wrong.  You have to land ON THE
    SIDEWALK.  I had done this jump so many times, the PCJ I was using burst 
    into flames as soon as I hit the ground.  I jumped off and the bike
    exploded, but thankfully, I got the credit for the jump.
    24.  Head north up the road in front of the Police Department and hospital.
    One block up from the Police Department, turn right into the parking lot 
    of the warehouse.  Go past the large fuel tanks and turn left into the open
    garage at the end of the warehouse and there you will find a wooden ramp
    that leads up to a window.  Back up so you have some speed when you hit this
    ramp and fly out the window.  You successfully complete the jump and earn 
    $250 when you land safely in the grass way down below in the area where you
    began the 'Dead Reckoning' mission.
    25.  Head east down the road between the Police Station and the hospital.
    Just as you pass through the first traffic light, turn left into the parking
    lot of the warehouse.  (The sign says "Liberty Pharmaceuticals")  At the 
    eastern end of this parking lot is a ramp.  You kind of have to weave around
    two dumpsters to get to it, but stay to the left of them and hit the ramp
    like that and you will be fine.  You successfully complete the jump and earn 
    $250 when you clear the billboards and land safely in the grass behind them.
    One more jump to go and we're done!
    26.  Head north up the road in front of the Police Department and turn right 
    into the same parking lot you did for jump #24, but this time, take another 
    immediate right in front of the large fuel tanks so you are facing south
    now, but behind the concrete wall.  Straight in front of you you will see
    a ramp that points to the Police Department.  For the final unique jump, 
    this one was incredibly simple.  Just get up enough speed toward this ramp
    to clear the road and make it to the Police Department.  I'm not sure if
    landing in the parking lot just to the west of the building will give you 
    the jump, but apparently smacking into the wall of the building does give
    you credit for the jump, not to mention a whopping headache.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!  All your unique jumps are done, and you get a bonus
    prize of $10,000 for having done so.
    There are a total of 100 hidden "packages" scattered around Liberty City. 
    They are easily recognizable as a charm of a hand with the pointer and pinky
    fingers raised ("Devil Horns" for the Heavy Metal fans among you).  The 
    charm is surrounded by a ghostly white glow, just like the colored glow
    weapon pick ups you find around the game.  Every 10 hidden packages you find
    will unlock another weapon pickup outside of your safehouses as listed
     10 Packages - Pistol
     20 Packages - Shotgun
     30 Packages - Body Armor
     40 Packages - SMG
     50 Packages - .357
     60 Packages - M4
     70 Packages - Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle
     80 Packages - Flamethrower
     90 Packages - Rocket Launcher
    100 Packages - $50,000 (You get this ONCE . . .it will not be respawning 
         outside your safehouse like a weapon!
    To the best of my ability, I will try to group these so they are close 
    together so if you are just trying to pick them all up at once, I don't
    have you running all over the place.
    ** A.  Portland -- 40 Packages Total **
    We'll start on the northwest corner of Portland at the Ferry Station:
    1.  On the most northern road in Portland, at the Ferry station.  At the 
    west end of the road there are two toll booths.  The package is in the 
    northern booth.
    2.  In between the two pipes behind the car crusher.
    3.  Under the train tracks in the dirt bike track for the 'Bumps and Grinds'
    course.  It is behind the ramp for unique jump #3 as listed in this guide.
    4.  On the roof of the gas station across the street from the fire depart-
    ment.  This one causes a lot of headaches, both in the game and for you.  I 
    found 3 or 4 different methods for getting this package, but I only found 1
    that worked on a regular basis.  Get a PCJ 600 and go into the parking lot
    of the car dealership and back all the way up to the fence, pointed towards
    the gas station.  Shoot across the parking lot and across the street as fast
    as you can go and just slam into the wall of the gas station.  When done 
    correctly, you should be thrown onto the roof where the package is when you
    are tossed from the bike.
    5.  Go to 8 Balls shop and go to the right around the garage.  Look to the
    back of this area to see a crushed white car.  The package is there in the
    6.  Get on the seawall on the north end of the island (there is a ramp in
    the car crusher area where you can drive up there.  Go east on the seawall
    until the concrete ends.  When it does, jump off the wall into the grass
    and the package will be there where the grass, concrete and water all meet.
    7.  Go to Salvatore's mansion and enter the driveway, but instead of
    following it around, walk straight through into the grass and down the hill
    to the other side.  The package will be right there.
    8.  Go up to Salvatore's mansion this time and walk up to the area where 
    the yellow marker was to start his missions.  Walk behind the planted trees
    straight ahead of you and over the wall.  Keep walking east, then angle 
    southeast and just walk straight down the middle of the rock outcropping.
    The package will be at the very end.
    9.  Head straight out of Salvatore's driveway and down the hill directly in
    front of you.  About halfway down the hill, look to your left and there is
    an area between the buildings you can enter.  Turn into the area, up the 
    little ramp, turn around 180 degrees onto the raised platform and follow it
    around the north side of the building and at the end of it you will find
    another narrow alleyway heading to the south.  In this alleyway, there is 
    a recessed area with a ramp leading down into it.  Go down the ramp and 
    grab the package down there.
    10.  Grab an ambulance for this one, and head to your safehouse.  There is
    a little shedlike structure just to the right of the yellow marker to enter 
    your safehouse.  Back the ambulance up to the shed and get out.  Jump up 
    onto the hood of the ambulance, then the roof, then jump onto the roof of 
    the shed.  There's your package!
    11.  Turn left out of the driveway of the house where you got the 'Ma 
    Cipriani' missions.  About half a block up on the right, there is a little
    grassy ramp that leads up into the alley of these buildings.  (There is a
    police bribe star up here)  The package is between two dumpsters.
    12.  There is an alley just to the right of the Ammu-Nation.  Enter the 
    alley and turn almost immediately to the left and go into this little area.
    The package is in there behind the wall.  (You learned how to shoot your
    gun here in GTA III)
    (You must have completed the 'Blow Up Dolls' mission to get packages 13 and
    13.  In order to get this one, you also have to successfully complete
    unique jump #5 as listed in this guide.  You probably saw this package when
    you did the mission 'Snuff' for Vincenzo, and said to yourself, "How in the
    hell am I gonna get that?!"  Well, now ya know.  Shoot down the street in
    front of Ammu-Nation headed north and turn left into the building you blew 
    up in the 'Blow Up Dolls' mission.  Hit the concrete ramp quickly enough
    and straight enough to jump over the train tracks and land on the roof of
    the construction site across the street.  Once you are up here, there is a
    square area on the southwest side of the building and a narrow opening
    where you can look down and see the package.  Jump down through the opening
    and claim the package.
    14.  Go back to the 'Blow Up Dolls' building where you just jumped from.  
    Right around the area where you parked the car to blow up the building, 
    there is a little piece of wall still standing with three support braces
    on the top of it.  The package is behind that wall.
    15.  In the construction area, just to the north of the building you landed
    on for package #13, there are two construction buildings sitting 
    perpendicular to each other.  Go into that corner that they form to find
    this package.
    16.  Go north up the road next to the Pay -N- Spray and take the first left.
    At the end of that road, take another left and almost immediately take 
    another left into an alley.  (This was your safehouse in GTA III)  There are
    two dumpsters in the corner and the package is in between them.  Just jump
    over the dumpsters and claim it.
    17.  Turn left out of the alley for package #16 and go south up this road
    until you get to the first concrete planter box in the median that you come 
    to.  The package is up in the planter box at the northern end of the box.
    18.  Get over on the boardwalk on the west side of the island and go to the 
    southern end of it.  Now turn around and head north up the boardwalk (on a 
    PCJ or a Sanchez).  Run the bike up the first set of stairs that you come to
    and you'll most likely be thrown off at the top and onto the roof of this
    train stop, which is a good thing, because that is where the package is.
    19.  As you come down the stairs from package #18, turn directly to your
    left at the bottom of the stairs and head east down the street straight in
    front of you.  In that first block, there is a "T" shaped alleyway to your
    right.  The package is in there (as well as a rampage marker).
    20.  Go to the hospital, and walk as though you are coming out the front 
    doors of the hospital.  There is an alleyway directly across the street from
    you.  The package is in this alley, stashed in behind a parked car.  (It was
    and Esperanto in my game, and going back there a second time while double
    checking this walkthrough, it was still an Esperanto.)
    21.  Go up to Marco's Bistro, on the southeast corner of St. Marks. 
    (Opposite corner from Salvatore's mansion to the south)  Go up the stairs
    to the second floor of the restaurant and the package is up here behind the
    22.  On the opposite side of the road from Marco's Bistro, and to the south,
    there is a train station.  Underneath the tracks there is a set of stairs
    that leads down to the back of the grocery store to the south.  Go down the 
    stairs just far enough so that you are under the tracks and look to your 
    left, up the little grassy area.  The package is up there, under the tracks
    up against the train platform where you would wait for the train.
    23.  Go to the parking lot of the Police Department and go around to the 
    back of the building.  Jump over the short wall and up the grassy hill going
    towards the back of the hospital.  When you get to the top, there is a 
    concrete ledge that runs along the back of the hospital (This is also the 
    launch point for unique jump #6).  The package is at the far north end of
    the ledge.
    24.  This package is simply sitting in the middle of the wooded area just
    to the southeast of the Police Department.  (Between the Police Department
    and Portland Harbor)
    25.  Get up onto the train tracks.  You can get on them anywhere, but I got
    on at the train station where we found package #22.  Head to the south on 
    the tracks until you get over the area where the streets form a sideways 
    figure 8, and over the warehouse where you killed Giovanni Casa with an axe
    in the 'Dead Meat' mission.  It's hard to miss with a big red and yellow
    sign on the roof that says "Don Kiddick's Sausage Factory".  (There's 
    nothing suggestive about the picture on that sign is there?)  Hop on over
    to the roof and the package is in between the signs by the chimney.
    26.  Come out of the gate for the warehouse for package #25 and turn right,
    then left at the next intersection.  Turn almost immediately right into a 
    small parking area with a construction trailer.  (The sign there should say
    "AM Petroleum Company")  You'll need an ambulance here, so if you don't
    have one, just run up the road and get one from the hospital.  Back the 
    ambulance up to the trailer.  Climb the ambulance up to the roof of the 
    trailer, then up to the roof of the warehouse and claim this package.
    27.  Continue southeast down the road from package #26.  Go through the
    next intersection, and as the road curves around to the right look for the
    entrance to the bus terminal on your right.  Enter the bus terminal, turn 
    immediately right and head for the building.  The package is on the right 
    side of the building, between the building and the wall.
    28.  Starting from the entrance to the Callahan Bridge, head north up the
    main road and look for a parking lot on your left about a block up.  (This
    is where the Thunder-Rodd spawns, and you had to deliver hookers to the 
    policeman's ball in this parking lot in GTA III)  The package is in the 
    flower bed in the middle of the parking lot.
    29.  For this package you will need an ambulance again.  Grab one and head
    ONTO the Callahan bridge.  As you go up, not far past the cones that block
    the road, look to the area between the roads, and the package is sitting on 
    a beam that connects the two sides of the bridge.  Back the ambulance up
    to the wall to climb on and step carefully down to get the package.
    30.  This package can be challenging, but I found through trial and error
    that a Freeway works best here.  You want to be on the main road on the west
    side of the island heading south.  There is a ramp on the right just as the
    road goes downhill to go under the bridge.  This is actually the back side
    of the ramp for unique jump #7, you're just going to jump it going the other
    direction.  The package is up on a beam beneath the Callahan Bridge.  It is
    unlikely you'll get the bike up there and parked on the beam (if you do, 
    you're my hero), but most likely what will happen is that you will crash 
    into it and fall over the handlebars onto the beam.  When you do manage to 
    pull this off, grab your package.  (Get your hand out of your pants!)
    31.  Go to the spot in front of the warehouse where you started the Vincenzo
    missions.  Head east along this street and at the end of the last warehouse,
    there is a vacant area surrounded by a concrete wall to your right.  Enter 
    this area and the package is between two dumpsters against the wall of the
    32.  Looking at the warehouse where you did the Vincenzo missions, go
    directly south down the right side of the building.  Keep heading south
    straight out onto a wooden pier.  The package is at the end of the pier.
    (The next 5 packages are all in Portland Harbor)
    33.  At the north end of Portland Harbor, there are 6 warehouses all in a
    row going from west to east.  There is a ramp on the western end of these
    warehouses that will allow you to jump a PCJ, Sanchez or a Freeway onto the
    roof of the first warehouse.  Manage to get up there and you can run and
    jump from roof to roof to the last warehouse all the way to the east.  The
    package is on that last roof.
    34.  Just to the south of package #33, there is a set of multi-colored
    shipping containers.  Grab an ambulance and back it up to the southern end
    of this set of containers and climb up onto them.  The package is up here on
    the eastern side of the containers.
    35.  This package is on the roof of the warehouse in Portland Harbor.  The 
    same roof you jumped off of for unique jump #12.  Drive around to the south
    side of the warehouse and go up the stairs to the roof.  The package is
    behind one of the ramps at the west end of the roof.
    36.  Just to the south of the bottom of the stairs for package #35, there is
    a flatbed ship.  Hop over the gap to get onto the ship and go to the east
    end of the ship to find a set of stairs.  Go up the stairs and around to the
    south side of this little balcony to find this package.
    37.  At the very southern end of Portland Harbor, there is a row of tractor
    trailers (just the trailer part) side by side.  This last landlocked package
    is between the two southernmost trailers.
    The last 3 packages for Portland require that you go to Staunton Island and
    go to the docks on the east side of the island near your safehouse and grab
    a boat.  Do that and I will lead you to these packages starting from those
    38.  Starting from the docks, head north up the river between Staunton
    Island and Portland.  Go up around the Ferry Station and head to the east
    across the northern part of Portland, staying close to land and look to 
    your right after you pass the docks.  When the land starts to curve down
    to the southeast, look for a gravel pit type area.  The package is in 
    there near the edge of the water.  Beach the boat so you can safely get out
    without drowning, but not so much that you can't get it back into the water
    when you're done.  Get out of the boat, grab the package and get back in 
    the boat.
    39.  From the spot where you got package #38, head towards the large rock 
    out in the water to the northeast.  There is a ramplike area at the base of 
    this rock to beach the boat on and get out.  This ramplike area is a path 
    that leads in a spiral around the rock.  Follow the path and you will soon 
    run into the package that you seek.  Grab it and get back in the boat.
    40.  From package #39, head east then south around to the east side of 
    Portland.  When you are east of Salvatore's mansion, you will see the 
    island with the lighthouse that you did the final storyline mission of the
    game, 'The Sicilian Gambit', on.  This package is on your left as you just
    start to climb the stairs after you get out of the boat.
    This is all of the hidden packages for Portland, and you should now have a
    pistol, shotgun, body armor and an SMG at all of your safehouses.
    ** B.  Staunton Island -- 30 Packages Total **
    We'll start in the northwest corner of the island . . . 
    41.  Heading north up the main road on the west side of the stadium, as the
    road angles to the northeast, look to your left for a grassy ramp as you 
    approach the curve to the east.  This is also the ramp for unique jump #19.
    Look on the left side of the ramp as you approach it and you will see the 
    package there.
    42.  Continue east on the main road from package #41.  Just before the road
    starts to curve back down to the south, look to your right for a 
    construction entrance.  This was one of the tunnels that got destroyed in 
    the 'Bringing The House Down' mission.  Go down to where the tunnel entrance
    used to be and the package is sitting there on your left.
    43.  Once again, continue on the main road heading east, but instead of
    following the curve around to the south, drive straight ahead and into the
    grass until you get to the waters edge.  Now follow the coastline of the
    island south and in the vicinity of a rocky beachlike area, you will find
    this package near the edge of the water.
    44.  Now you can head south down the main road from package #43, until you
    get to a metal bridge a little further down.  Before you cross the bridge,
    get out or off of your vehicle and go to the right side of the bridge (the
    western side), and look down to where the arch of the bridge meets the 
    ground.  The package is there.  Carefully step down to get it.
    (Just to make things clear, when I say "front of the hospital" or "entrance
    to the hospital", I consider this to be the top of the stairwell you go up
    to get to the road if you are ever "wasted" on Staunton Island.)
    45.  Now go over to the front of the hospital, and follow the "J" hook road 
    around to where it enters the hospital parking lot.  Just before you go 
    into the parking lot, however, there is a planter box with some bushes in
    it to your left just outside the parking lot entrance.  The package is in 
    46.  As you leave to go back from package #45, look to your left and you 
    will see a stone wall with what looks like a dirt driveway where you can
    turn in behind it.  You can.  There is a package back there.  If you pass 
    the stone stairwell with the black/green banner on it on your left, you've
    gone too far.
    47.  From the top of the hospital stairwell, head to the left and go to the
    traffic light.  Look on the corner to your right, and you will see stairs
    lead down into the subway tunnel.  Go down to the second landing where the
    bathrooms are and the package is tucked in the corner next to the "Likipi"
    48.  Heading north on the main road from your safehouse, turn right onto the
    road that angles up to the northeast.  This road is barricaded if you've
    completed the 'Bringing Down The House' mission.  (You'll need an ambulance 
    for this one)  Before you get to the corner, the Fort Staunton Museum will
    be on your left, and there will be a little wine shop on your right.  The
    sign says "Bottiglia".  Back the ambulance up to the overhang of the wine 
    shop and use it to climb up.  The package is behind the sign.
    49.  Go southwest back down the street, but turn left at the first 
    intersection you come to and head about halfway down this block and you'll
    see the alleyway that you had to drive Salvatore's bulletproof limo to when
    you had to rescue him in the 'Search And Rescue' mission.  The package is in
    the back corner of the alley that you found Salvatore cowering in, behind
    the dumpster.
    50.  Continue south down the road you went into the alley from, and when 
    you get to the corner, turn right and you'll be on a street with a big hole
    in the middle.  Look to your right and there will be a big concrete slab 
    leaning against a destroyed building that leads up to the second floor.
    Walk up the slab into the building and go a couple of rooms over and you'll
    find another package there.
    51.  If you are heading northeast on the double road on the east side of the
    island, turn left when the double road ends, and then turn right at the next
    intersection.  As soon as you make the right turn, look to your left for the
    "Staunton Cafe".  You will need both a Trashmaster and an ambulance to get 
    this one.  Park the Trashmaster up against the front of the cafe, then the
    back the ambulance up to the Trashmaster.  Use the ambulance to climb onto
    the Trashmaster, and the Trashmaster to get up onto the roof of the cafe. 
    The package is up here behind the sign.
    52.  There is a big parking lot just to the north of the fire department, 
    between the fire department and the stadium.  In the median in the middle of
    this parking lot is the next package you are looking for.
    53.  At the pier on the west side of the island, where you went to meet with
    Leon McAffrey for his missions, there is a little drainage pipe structure
    there.  This package is right there on the west side of that structure.
    54.  I forgot one up north, so lets go get it before we get too far out of 
    the way.  Go up to the ferry station at the very top of the island.  As you
    come around the curve to the ferry station, enter the parking lot on your 
    right.  There is a package there between the little building and the trailer
    parked next to it.
    55.  This one is kind of a pain, but its not the worst.  Grab a Landstalker
    and head for the drawbridge over to Shoreside Vale.  Go the wrong way up the
    bridge (drive into oncoming traffic) and stop just before where the bridge 
    raises up.  Look to your left, and you should see a little gap where you can
    back the Landstalker up to it and climb up on the wall of the bridge.  Get
    up there and look down for a metal walkway that leads back to the east along
    the outside of the bridge.  Jump down there and follow the walkway all the
    way to the end and you'll see the package there on the little platform.
    Jump carefully over the railing to retrieve the package.  Jumping to far
    will cause you to jump over it and then over the edge and you'll have to 
    start all over again.
    56.  This one is pretty simple.  Go into Belleville Park and in the center
    of the park there is a big war memorial.  (Nothing phallic about that at
    ALL!)  Go up the stairs to the memorial and you'll find the package behind 
    57.  Head south from Belleville Park now and turn left to head up the 
    Callahan Bridge.  In the last planter in the median before you actually get
    on the bridge is the next package.
    58.  Now go up onto Callahan Bridge and head back toward Portland, but 
    instead of jumping the ramp, at full speed, just go over it fast enough to 
    simply make it over, and then turn around and look back at the ramp from 
    the other side.  Whaddya know . . .theres a package there.
    59.  Head on down to the Big Shot Casino at the southeast end of the island
    and go through the alleyway that runs through the middle of it (where you 
    had to climb up the stairs for your final fight with Kazuki Kasen).  Just
    as you come out the other side of the building, look to your left and you
    will see a spotlight up against the building with the package tucked in 
    behind it.
    60.  Go to the front of the building where you went to start Donald Love's
    missions when you first met up with him.  Go a little further south down the
    street from that door and you will see an alleyway to your left between the
    buildings.  (There is a police bribe star in there)  Go into that alley, and
    the package is in a doorway on your right.
    61.  Go up to Phil Cassidy's Gun Shop.  Enter the shop and take the stairs 
    up to the second floor.  You'll jump over a little piece of wall up there
    and walk around some boxes and you'll find the package up there.  (You can 
    see it from the street on the east side of the store if you look up to the
    62.  Now head south up the street on the west side of Phil's store and take 
    the second right you come to.  You'll find yourself in front of a big white
    building with columns on the front.  Go up the steps and behind the columns
    and you'll see the package there in front of the door.
    63.  If you come straight out of the Big Shot Casino again heading west,
    take the first right onto the double road, but instead of going up the road,
    go up the grassy median in the middle.  You'll find this package up there 
    between a couple of trees.
    64.  Go to the southwest side of the island and face north where you can 
    either go to the left and take the lower road, or go to the right and take
    the road to the drawbridge.  Take the road to the drawbridge, but as soon
    as you pass the first intersection, there will be a fenced in graveyard on
    your right.  Go up to the church there, and take a right into this area.
    You will find the package in the southwestern corner of this graveyard.
    65.  You'll need an ambulance for this one as well.  From the Ammu-Nation,
    head west and then take the first left.  On your radar you will see what 
    appears to be a double alleyway on your left as you head down this street.
    Go slowly and look carefully and you'll see a small stairway that leads down
    to the lower part of a building.  (The ambulance WILL fit, I swear)  Drive 
    down the stairs and you'll see a doorway right in front of you with a glass
    overhang.  Back the ambulance up under the overhang and climb up onto it
    where you will find this package.
    66.  Ok, this one is kind of scary, but still pretty simple.  You want to
    be on the double road that runs diagonally on the east side of the island,
    and you want to be heading southwest on it.  When you can, you need to get
    up onto the median between these roads and follow it down until it comes
    to a big grass ramp.  Go all the way up to the top of the ramp and then
    turn around and look back to the northeast.  You'll see the package at the
    top of the wall in front of you.  Here, you just have to get up on the wall
    and VERY CAREFULLY walk around the edge of it to get to the package.  Move
    your joystick ever so slightly and keep your camera angle straight and you
    should do this just fine.
    67.  Now for some relief, we'll make this one easy.  Go to your safehouse,
    and then go up the ramp to the Pay -N- Spray.  Go past the Pay -N- Spray 
    and all the way to the end of this alley.  There is a package there between
    two dumpsters.
    68.  Go back and come down off of this area and immediately turn left at 
    the bottom of the ramp to go down this lower alley below where you just 
    came from.  Turn left at the end and you'll see you are heading down toward
    the docks, but straight in front of you is a support beam for the diagonal
    bridge overhead.  Go into the grass over there and find a package at the 
    base of the beam closest to the water.
    69.  Now head on into the docks where you did that damndable 'Love On The
    Rocks' mission.  Head straight in and just before you run slam into a wall,
    there is a small ramp and a red shipping container on your right.  The 
    package is neatly tucked in between them.
    Just as I did for Portland, I saved this package for last because you need
    a boat, so pick one of the piers since you are already here and grab one.
    70.  Get in the boat and head north between Portland and Staunton Island.
    Just a short way up, you'll see two big rocks in the water.  The smaller
    rock on the right has the final Staunton Island package you are looking for.
    (Yes, I COULD have told you about this package when you got the boat for the
    Portland packages, but I'm trying to keep things organized here.)
    You now have all the Staunton Island packages and should now have, in 
    addition to what you got before, a .357, an M4 and a Laser Sighted Sniper
    Rifle outside all of your safehouses.  One more island and 30 packages to
    go, so lets hit it.
    ** C.  Shoreside Vale -- 30 Packages Total **
    71.  Starting from your safehouse, take a left out of the driveway, then a
    right at the bottom of the street.  Go straight north into the tunnel that
    was closed in GTA III.  About 1/3 of the way through the tunnel there will
    be a road to your left that is blocked off.  The package is there by the
    72.  Take a left out of your safehouse driveway, then a left at the end of
    the street.  Go around the curve to the right, then immediately right into 
    the road that goes to the lower part of Cochrane Dam.  As soon as you enter
    the dam area, there is a wooden ramp in front of you that leans against some
    shipping containers.  The package is on the south side of the containers,
    between the containers and the fence.
    73.  Head down to the lower area of the damn where the power station is in
    the kidney shaped road.  (This is where you went to meet up with Paulie to 
    kill him in your second mission in Shorside Vale.)  Go up to the building
    and follow the walkway around it to the eastern side and the package will be
    74.  On your way out of the area for package #73, when the loop meets back
    up to a single road, there is a package behind the rocks on your right.
    75.  Head out of the area for packages #73 and 74 using the road and when 
    you get to the end of it, take a left.  You should be looking at the ramp
    for unique jump #21.  Instead of taking the jump, follow the road around to 
    the right just a bit and when the guardrail ends, head over to the cliffs.
    Follow the cliffs around to the southwest and you'll see the package just
    sitting on a cliff.
    76.  Head straight west from the front door of the police department over to
    the cliffs on the edge of the island.  Head north up along the edge of the 
    island and you should see a package eventually near the waters edge in a
    rocky area.
    77.  Head north from in front of the police department and about a block 
    up, turn right into the parking area of a warehouse with big fuel tanks in 
    there.  (unique jumps #24 and 26 were in here)  There is a package tucked 
    away behind the fuel tanks.
    78.  In the parking lot of the police department, go around to the back of
    the building and there is a ramp that leads down to a lower area with a
    bunch of garages.  There is a package in garage #2.
    79.  Go into the area where the Pay -N- Spray is, and go down the ramp on
    the north side of this lot.  At the bottom, to your right is a fenced in 
    area.  Go through the gap in the fence and there is a pacakge in here behind
    some big brown crates.
    80.  Take the road between the police department and the hospital and head
    east.  Just as you pass through the first intersection, there is a set of
    stairs and a tree on your right.  Head down the stairs and you'll see the 
    package in the little patch of grass that the tree is in.
    81.  Go into the area behind the warehouse where you met Donald Love for his
    first missions in Shoreside Vale.  There is a usually a Perennial that 
    spawns in this area, and there is a package here as well, next to a 
    82.  Go to the hospital parking lot and grab an ambulance, but don't leave
    the hospital parking lot.  Instead, drive around to the back of the hospital
    and back the ambulance up to the wall.  Jump up onto the ambulance and onto
    the wall and jump over onto the roof of the warehouse behind the hospital.
    The package is on the southeast corner of the roof.
    83.  Coming north up the main road from the airport, go through the first
    intersection as soon as you get to Pike Creek and immediately turn right 
    the parking lot of the "KLAUT" warehouse.  On the south side of the 
    building, take the stairs up to the roof.  The package is on the west end of
    the roof, next to the ramp you used for unique jump #23.
    84.  From your safehouse, take a right out of the driveway and go to the 
    last driveway on your right on this street.  The package is on the east side
    of this house.
    85.  South of your safehouse, head down the "S" curve road that leads to
    Wichita Gardens.  On your way down, stop at the first 180 degree turn and
    jump over the small concrete wall.  Follow this cliff directly to the east
    and you should stumble upon the package about halfway across.
    86.  Continue down the "S" curve road down to the next 180 degree turn and
    stop once again.  Go around behind the barrier and there is a package 
    behind the billboard for "The Third Leg".  (That picture on the billboard is
    just WRONG!!)
    87.  Take the "S" curve road the rest of the way down into Wichita Gardens, 
    and when you get to the end, take a left.  When you get to the end again,
    take a right.  On your left as you head down this road, there will be a 
    rock formation on the edge of the water just past a set of billboards.
    There is a package there behind the rock formation near the waters edge.
    88.  Take the road to the west, directly across from the billboards next to
    package #87, and turn right into the apartments here.  The package is in 
    the doorway of the apartments in the southwest.
    89.  Head back to the billboards by package #87 and take the road heading
    north.  When you get to the corner, instead of following it around to the
    left, turn right past the last billboard and follow this dirt path all
    the way around to a dirt parking area.  When you enter the parking area,
    go straight ahead to the southeast corner and look down near the water in
    that vicinity.  You should see the package sitting there on the ground.
    90.  From the front of the hospital, go straight south on that road and when
    you get to the corner, follow it just far enough to get around the guard 
    rail and then continue to head south through the grass and trees.  There is
    a pacakge laying on the ground here in the midst of the grass and trees
    about midway between the road you just left and the airport.
    91.  Heading south on the main road from Pike Creek to the airport, look
    for a billboard on your left for "Kronos" (it's black with white lettering).
    There is a package on the ground behind the billboard.
    92.  Continue down the road toward the drawbridge, but turn to enter the 
    tunnel on the right (west side), but don't go in the tunnel.  Jump over the 
    little wall between the tunnel and the bridge and walk around UNDER the
    bridge.  The package is directly under the center of the bridge.
    93.  Now head into the airport and go up the road that runs along the north
    side of the airport.  (Right by the "Love Fist" billboard) Just as you pass
    airport fire department, there is a little gap in the concrete wall.  Enter
    the gap and go to the left around the round structure.  You will soon come
    upon a set of stairs that you can use as a ramp.  Jump this ramp with a PCJ
    and you will hopefully end up in an area where you are confined on all sides
    by shipping containers.  The package is in here on the ground.  Grab it and
    there is a ramp in there so you can get back out.
    94.  Go back to where you came into this area, but this time, go to the 
    right around the round structure.  (Go between two yellow shipping 
    containers) You will see another set of stairs to use as a ramp.  Get you 
    and your bike up onto the platform on the other side of it.  Turn to the
    left and you will see another wooden ramp ahead of you.  Jump that ramp as 
    well (you don't need to be real fast for that one) and you'll be on the 
    opposite end of the platform.  The package should be straight in front of
    95.  Now head back out of this area with the round structure and head west
    further into the airport.  Go through the barrier into the main airport area
    and turn to the south around the back of the terminal.  You will see an 
    entrance with a sign over it for "Liberty International Airport".  At the 
    south end of the entrance, there will be yet another set of stairs for you
    to use as a ramp to jump up onto the overhang for that entrance.  The 
    package is up there behind the sign.
    96.  Head all the way around to the southeastern corner of the larger main
    terminal building.  There will be a wooden ramp in this area that will allow
    you to jump up on top of the terminal building (You will be looking down at 
    the street in front of the main terminal).  The package is behind the sign
    that is furthest to the north on the front of the building.
    97.  Go back to the entranceway where you found package #95 and turn to
    face the west.  You will be looking at the back of an airplane with another
    set of stairs next to it.  Go around to the front of this airplane and there
    will be yet another set of stairs facing the other way.  Get just a short 
    burst of speed to get you up on the wing of the plane, and the package is
    98.  Now go over to Avery's hanger, where you dropped off Donald Love and 
    his dead body collection.  There is a package on the ground behind this 
    99.  Go to the two runways that run parallel to each other.  At the very 
    center of the shorter runway, there is a building on the north side of it
    with the yellow and white ramplike barriers to the west of the building.
    The package is in between the first and second barriers as you are looking
    at it.
    100.  The moment you've all been waiting for . . .the last package.  Head 
    all the way out to the end of the diagonal runway to its furthest southeast
    point and there will be a ramp on the right side of the runway that leads
    down to the water.  Go down the ramp and around to the very tip of the 
    runway and the package will be there waiting for you.
    Now that you have all the hidden packages, you have added a Flamethrower and
    a Rocketlauncher to your inventory outside all of your safehouses, and you
    also have an extra $50,000 in your pocket.
    The Rampage missions are exactly what they say they are;  a chance for you
    to go on a rampage and kill or destroy stuff with as much abandon as 
    possible.  For each one, you are given specific targets, and they must be
    killed or destroyed with a specific weapon.  You will not be able to change
    weapons during a rampage mission, but you will be given unlimited ammo for 
    the weapon you are provided.  When the rampage is complete, your weapon
    inventory will return to what it was before you began.  I have the rampages
    numbered for purposes of this guide, but they can be done in any order at
    any time.  At a very minimum, I recommend that you have completed the 
    vigilante and the paramedic missions prior to doing these rampages to make
    your life a bit easier.  You will receive $50 for completing the first 
    rampage and the amount will go up $50 for each consectutive rampage, so when
    you get to the 20th (and final) rampage, you will recieve $1000.  It's not 
    a lot of cash, but when all 20 rampages are complete, you will also receive
    the M60 machine gun outside all of your safehouses . . . .and THAT makes it
    all worth the effort!
    A.  Portland
    Rampage 1 -- 
    Go to the parking lot of the radio station.  (This is the building just to 
    the north and west of the fire department, across the main road and facing 
    the other direction)  Standing there and looking west, there is another 
    building just in front of you to the left.  Go to the east wall of that 
    building down a little alleyway, and the rampage marker will be in there.  
    Walk into the marker to start the rampage, and you will be instructed to 
    Burn 25 Diablos in 2 minutes and you'll be provided with a Flamethrower.  
    Head out to the corner between the radio station and the fire department 
    and just start setting the guys in red jackets on fire.  They don't fight 
    back, but rather they run away.  You can usually set fire to groups of 3 or 
    4 of them pretty easily.  Just go back and forth across the street and 
    Diablos will just keep spawning.  Keep going until you reach the 25 mark 
    and the rampage will end successfully.
    Rampage 2 --
    In Harwood, there is a gas station directly between the fire department
    and the car dealership.  Directly to the south of the gas station, across
    the street, there is a little enclosed patio area in front of that building.
    The rampage marker is in that patio area.  Walk into the marker and you will
    be instructed to burn 7 vehicles in 2 minutes and you will be provided with
    Maltov Cocktails.  Your best and quickest option here is simply to jack 7
    cars before you begin the rampage and pile them up in the road in front of
    the patio.  Grab whatever comes by . . .cars, motorcycles, trucks, whatever.
    That way, when the rampage begins, you just exit the patio and start 
    chucking Maltov Cocktails into the pile.  It won't be long and all the 
    vehicles will blow and you'll be done.  If for some reason they don't all
    go up, fear not because a firetruck will show up soon after the fires start
    and you can blast that too.
    Rampage 3 --
    Go to the end of the driveway for Salvatore's mansion in St. Marks and face
    west.  Turn left down the road and on the right just past the second road
    there is a narrow alleyway that leads from the road you are on all the way 
    down to the parallel road down below.  Enter this alleyway, and in the 
    enclosed area immediately to your right, you will find this rampage marker.
    You will be instructed to kill 25 Leone's in 2 minutes and you will be 
    provided with a Shotgun.  Start the rampage and run back up to the east into
    the street.  The shotgun is nice in that it will take down 2 or 3 guys with
    one shot, however a second shot may sometimes be necessary.  The Leone's are
    all wearing black suits to make them easy to identify.  Another thing that 
    makes them easy to identify is that they are not great big chicken shit's 
    like the Diablos and they will be shooting back.  The more of these guys you
    kill, the more that will spawn, and you can quickly find yourself surrounded
    on all sides.  If at all possible, draw them back into the narrow alleyway
    so they only have one way to come at you and shoot them down as they funnel
    in to you.  You should have plenty of time to get all 25 of them and finish 
    the rampage successfully.
    Rampage 4 --
    Go south down the main road from Rampage 3 and around the corner past 
    Marco's Bistro.  On your left you will pass the train station and underneath
    the tracks here there is a set of stairs that leads down to the back of the
    grocery store in Portland View.  Just go down a few steps from the road and 
    look to your right and you will see the rampage marker tucked in the back 
    corner of a building.  Walk into that marker and trigger the rampage and you
    will be instructed to run over 30 people in 2 minutes.  Run to the street 
    and grab the first vehicle you can get your hands on that is going downhill.
    Get the vehicle up on the sidewalk and just start mowing down pedestrians.
    Keep where you can stay at a good speed and not get bounced around too much
    and just keep flying down the sidewalks.  It doesn't matter where in
    Portland you go as long as you are killing pedestrians.  It's best not to
    backtrack too much as pedestrians tend not to respawn in a big hurry.  You
    shouldn't have much trouble reaching your goal this way.
    Rampage 5 --
    From the Pay -N- Spray, head south down the street and take a right when 
    you get to the end.  When you get to the end of this road, look to your
    right and you will see a little enclosed area on the corner of the building.
    The rampage marker is in there.  Enter the marker and you will be instructed
    to blow up 10 cars in 2 minutes and you will be privided with a rocket 
    launcher.  Run out to the street, give yourself a little distance from the
    intersection and start blasting cars as they pull up to the light.  Usually
    you will get a wanted level pretty quick, which in this case is good for you
    because a wanted level means police cars, and police cars means more shit
    to blow up, which means you will complete this rampage pretty easy.  Of 
    course once the rampage is done, you keep the wanted level as a bonus prize,
    so get the hell out of there and take care of that.
    Rampage 6 --
    Go 3 streets south of rampage 5 and take a left.  On your right will be a
    "T" shaped alleyway.  Go in to the middle of the alleyway and the rampage
    marker is there.  Walk into it and you will be instructed to kill 30 Triads
    in 2 minutes and you will be provided with an AK47.  After the rampage 
    starts, head out to the street and look for the groups of guys in the bright
    blue jumpsuits.  Try to draw the groups to you into the alley way as these
    guys are shooting back too, but be careful as they can sometimes sneak up 
    on you from the other end of the alley.  If you are lucky enough to draw 
    them into the center of the alleyway, then you can back yourself in a
    corner and just shoot them as they funnel in to you, but most likely you'll
    find that you will end having to go back out to the street to draw in some
    more.  This rampage is made difficult due to the crappy reload time of the
    AK, but be deliberate and careful and you will be successful.
    So ends the rampages for Portland.
    B.  Staunton Island
    Rampage 7 --
    From the top of the stairs of the hospital entrance, head west to the next
    intersection.  (I recommend bringing a PCJ 600 with you)  At that 
    intersection, turn right then IMMEDIATELY turn right again and you will see
    the rampage marker sitting right there on a little concrete platform. 
    Before walking into the marker, park the PCJ on the street right in front of
    the marker facing north.  Walk into the marker and you will be instructed to
    kill 30 Forelli's in 2 minutes and you will be provided with an M4.  
    Immediately jump on the PCJ and head north, then take a right at the first
    road you come to, then look for a parking area on your right where you can 
    usually find a Hearse.  Go into the back corner of this area and turn around
    and face the street.  (If you don't do this and choose instead to just go
    out into the street near the marker and shoot, you will quickly find your-
    self surrounded and shortly thereafter, dead.)  Once you are in this spot,
    Forelli's will start funneling in to the parking area and you can pick them
    off as they run at you.  It's like fish in a barrel now and you should 
    quickly reach your goal from this point.
    Rampage 8 --
    Go to the north end of Belleville Park and look for the little pond.  In
    the center of the pond is a little island and up on the island is the
    rampage marker you seek.  Walk into the marker and you will be instructed to
    kill 30 pedestrians in 2 minutes and you will be provided with a shotgun.
    Other walkthrough authors have suggested that it is easier to go back out
    onto the street to accomplish this rampage, but I found the park to have 
    plenty of targets to complete this mission.  I just started running south
    through the park, shooting innocent victims as I went.  I had easily amassed
    25 victims by the time I reached the south end of the park and finding the
    remaining 5 was easy since at that point I just stood in place and turned
    until I had picked off 5 more.
    Rampage 9 --
    Directly east of the marker for rampage 8 there is a glass covered footpath/
    strip mall area that leads east to the large parking garage next to your 
    safehouse.  In a doorway on the south side of that footpath is a rampage
    marker.  Go to this marker with some kind of a 4 wheeled vehicle.  Go into
    the marker and you will be instructed to blow up 10 cars in 2 minutes and 
    you will be provided with grenades.  Jump in the car and drive it out to 
    the street (to the east or west, it really doesn't matter) and block
    traffic with it.  Let 2 or 3 cars line up behind your vehicle and back away
    from the scene far enough so you don't get blown up.  Start throwing the
    grenades at your car and pretty soon cars will start blowing up.  The more
    cars that stack up in the traffic jam, the more your count goes up.  Just 
    keep chucking grenades at cars and you will soon accomplish this mission.
    Rampage 10 --
    This rampage marker is on the steps of the courthouse, just across the 
    street from the south end of Belleville Park.  Walk into this marker and you
    will be instructed to massacre 25 pedestrians in 2 minutes and you'll be 
    provided with a chainsaw.  This can be difficult, particularly if this is 
    the first time you have used a chainsaw in this game.  In fact for me, this
    was the ONLY time I used a chainsaw in this game with the exception of the 
    other rampage mission you will get to in Shoreside Vale.  Killing a single 
    person is easiest done by targeting the individual with the R1 button, but
    they can be easily missed if they are running away.  If you are lucky 
    enough to catch a group of people, you can walk into the middle of it and
    just push the circle button to take out the whole lot of them.  You might
    have to do this one a couple of times, but once you get the hang of the 
    chainsaw, you'll soon reach your goal.
    Rampage 11 --
    Walk out of Phil Cassidy's gun shop to the east and turn left.  Just before
    you get to the next intersection, there is a set of stairs to your right
    that leads down to a little area below street level.  Behind a big concrete
    block in the middle there is the rampage marker.  Walk into the marker and 
    you will be instructed to burn 25 Yakuza in 2 minutes and you will be 
    provided with a Flamethrower.  Run back up to the street and start blazing
    the guys in the grey suits.  They appear in groups and some of them run
    scared, while others try to shoot you.  A blast of fire in the face tends to
    stop the shooting pretty quickly.  Run back and forth across the street and
    the groups spawn pretty quickly.  You should have no problem completing 
    this rampage in the alloted time.
    Rampage 12 --
    Take the road at the southern end of Belleville Park straight south and go
    all the way to where it meets the southernmost road on the island.  When you
    get to that intersection look to your left.  You'll be looking at the 
    corner of the building where Donald Love's garage was where you had to 
    deliver his dead bodies to him.  Go up onto that corner of the building and
    look in the flowers on the inside of that corner, and you should see the 
    rampage marker.  Have something with good speed with you.  I took a Banshee
    and it did very nicely, but I could see the benefits of a Yakuza Stinger
    here as well.  Walk into the marker and you will be instructed to run over
    40 pedestrians in 2 minutes.  Jump into your car and take off to the west ON
    THE SIDEWALK.  Stay on the sidewalks, stay on the UPPER level of the island
    (don't go down under the lower highway as there's almost NO pedestrians down
    there) and do not go back over areas where you have already been.  Just keep
    going down the sidewalks as fast as you can, keep the car in one piece and
    you can mow down 40 souls with plenty of time to spare in this rampage.
    Rampage 13 --
    Continue west from rampage 12 and around the corner to begin heading north.
    Just before the first intersection you come to, look to your right and you 
    will see the rampage marker down a short alleyway.  Walk into the marker and
    you will be instructed to kill 30 Yakuza in 2 minutes and you will be 
    provided with a Sawn Off Shotgun.  This weapon is pretty awesome in that it
    takes down 4 and 5 targets at a time.  Running back and forth across the 
    street, you will quickly get your 30 targets, but be aware that these guys
    are shooting back and they are not showing any mercy.  Be quick, be 
    deliberate and be like me! (kidding) and you will have this wrapped up in 
    a jiffy.
    C.  Shoreside Vale
    Rampage 14 --
    Head to the western observation platform on Cochrane Dam and you will quite
    easily find this rampage marker.  Walk into this marker and you will be
    instructed to massacre 35 pedestrians in 2 minutes and you will once again
    be provided with a chainsaw.  Oddly enough, even though you have 10 more
    vicitims than last time, this one is much easier.  Just keep running around
    platform and pedestrians just keep on spawning.  No need to go out on the
    dam, or even out onto the walkway to the dam.  Just stay there running 
    around in circles and you'll get all 35 victims quickly and efficiently.
    Generally, they run into the fence and then just stand there running in 
    place, making them easy pickin's.
    Rampage 15 --
    Take a right out of the driveway of your safehouse.  Go to the end of the 
    street and take another right.  Go around the curve and turn right into the
    first driveway you come to that doesn't have a gate over it.  There should
    be a Deimos SP parked there.  Walk around the east side of the house and you
    will find this rampage marker behind the house.  Walk into the marker and 
    you will be instructed to run over 30 Cartel in 2 minutes.  You can run to 
    the Deimos that is parked in the driveway, or in my case, I had driven a
    Yakuza Stinger to this freakshow, either way, get in a car and head back 
    into the street.  These guys collect in large clumps on the sidewalk on the
    northern side of the street, so just go up and down this sidewalk from the 
    bridge to the eastern corner mowing these guys down.  Don't slow down if
    at all possible because they see you coming and are pumping some serious 
    ammo into your car and being too slow means getting blown up.  For God's 
    sake don't stop the car either, as these guys will haul you out and beat the
    crap out of you and you don't have a prayer of getting into another car
    alive.  If for some reason it quits spawning Cartel members, go around the
    corner and up the hill to the north and you can usually find more of them 
    on the sidewalk on the western side of the street, although I didn't like
    this area because it could often be difficult to build up enough speed to 
    get uphill fast enough to do any damage to them and it was also easy to 
    end up stopped.  Most likely you won't need to go up that way, and as long
    as you maintain speed and keep your car from exploding, you should finish
    this pretty quick.
    Rampage 16 --
    From the area you did rampage 15 in, take the "S" curve road down into 
    Wichita Gardens.  When you get to the end of the road, take a left.  Go to
    the end of that road and take a right, then another right at the next road.
    Turn right into the apartments here and look in between the two buildings 
    in front of you.  (Go in between the buildings and look, it will be tucked
    up against a building)  When you find the rampage marker, walk into it and
    you will be instructed to destroy 10 vehicles in 2 minutes and you will be 
    provided with a Sawn Off Shotgun.  Run out to the street and block traffic
    at the traffic light nearby.  Use your body, use a car, whatever, just let 
    a few cars stack up at the light.  Take aim at the first car and pump 3
    rounds into it and it will be on fire.  The occupants have probably 
    abandoned the car at this point, which is probably what you ought to do as
    well.  If you pump a 4th round into it, it will simply blow up without the
    delay, so make sure you aren't standing near it if you decide to do that.
    If you let enough cars stack up, you will probably set off a chain reaction
    and get a large majority of the cars you need done.  If you don't have them 
    all, you most likely have at least a 2 star wanted level, which will bring
    you more cars by default because the cops start showing up.  Blow their shit
    up too.  I found the manual aim (R1 then L3) to be quite handy for this 
    Rampage 17 --
    Go around to the northwestern side of the apartment complex that you were in
    for rampage 16, and you'll find this rampage marker in the doorway of 
    westernmost building.  You'll be instructed to burn 40 people in 2 minutes
    and you'll be given Maltov Cocktails.  This rampage goes really quickly.  
    Run out to the street and throw the cocktails at the first group of people
    you see on the sidewalk.  The great thing about this one is that burning 
    people will start running, and in the process, catch other people on fire.
    You'll notice that your body count rises very quickly in this rampage.  It
    is possible to take 7 to 10 pedestrians with 1 Maltov Cocktail.  Just stand
    in the road and turn right and left and keep chucking Maltov's.  This
    rampage will be over in no time.
    Rampage 18 --
    Take the road that runs between the hospital and the police department and
    head to the east.  As soon as you pass through the first intersection, turn
    left into the parking lot of the warehouse and you should see the rampage 
    marker in a corner in a recessed area of the building.  Walk into the marker
    and you will be instructed to blow away 25 Columbian gangsters in 2 minutes
    and you will be provided with a Sawn Off Shotgun.  As a bonus, there is a 
    Valium marker as well here on your way back out to the street.  Walk into
    it and everything will slow down, giving you time to take out groups of 
    gangsters quicker than they realize you are even there, and since you have
    the Sawn Off, you can take out 3 or 4 at a time.  Just go up and down the 
    sidewalk on the northern side of the street and the Columbians will just 
    keep spawning in little groups.  The Valium won't last the entire rampage,
    but by the time it wears off, you'll be pretty close to done anyway.
    Rampage 19 --
    We're down to the last two rampages of the game, and in my opinion, the most
    fun two rampages of the game.  From the hospital, head south, then east and
    look to your right as you go down this road.  Shortly before you get to the 
    first intersection, you should see the rampage icon on a little hill in the
    grass between you and the airport.  Walk into the marker and you will be 
    instructed to snipe 25 pedestrians in 2 minutes.  This one couldn't get 
    much easier.  Turn and face the northwest and zoom in on the sidewalk.  You
    should easily get your first couple of targets, but whats great about this
    is that instead of running away, a group of concerned citizens will form 
    around your now dead target giving you . . . more targets!  Just stand here
    and snipe away at the ever growing crowds and this mission is quickly 
    Rampage 20 --
    Here we are, the last rampage.  Head east down the same road from rampage 19
    and just as you pass through the intersection that leads to the airport,
    turn left into the parking lot of the warehouse  (Sign says "KLAUT").  Turn
    to the east when you are in the parking lot and you will see the rampage 
    marker on the overhang of the building in the back of the lot.  Use the
    stairs on the south side of the KLAUT warehouse as a ramp to get up on the 
    overhang and walk into the marker.  You will be instructed to destroy 10 
    vehicles in 2 minutes, and you will be provided with a rocket launcher.  You
    don't even have to get off the roof.  Look to the street to the south and
    pop off a few rounds into the passing traffic and you should stack up a few
    cars.  If you run out, run to the north end of the roof and abuse the street
    on that end.  Either way, this goes quick and painless and I didn't even get
    a wanted level from this one.
    Thats it!  Rampages are DONE!!
    X.  100% COMPLETION
    Now, you may be asking yourself what the reward is for having completely 
    wasted the last 24 to 100 hours of your life that you'll never get back.
    Here's your answer:
    A free Rhino that spawns in Fort Staunton.  Go into the alley where you had
    to go reclaim Salvatore with his bulletproof limo.  On the south side of
    that alley, there is a tunnel that goes into an area of Fort Staunton that 
    is now nothing more than a pile of rubble (as most of Fort Staunton is at 
    this point).  In there, with a soldier walking around just kind of guarding
    stuff, is parked the Rhino.  I'm not sure what he's guarding, because he 
    really could care less if you take the Rhino.
    Thats it.  A fucking Rhino.  
    Often when I've read the work of other peoples walkthroughs, I'm curious to
    see exactly how the author did when he played the game.  Since the GTA 
    series of games is kind enough to provide each and every one of us with a 
    stats screen in the start menu, I figured I would share with you what mine
    said immediately after completing the game 100%.  These are not here for any
    kind of bragging rights as I don't believe there is much of anything here
    to brag about.  It's just to satisfy your own curiosity since I have shared
    just about everything else about this game as I played it with you, 
    including my often harsh but honest opinions.  The only stat in this list
    that is probably highly exagerated is the total playing time, because I have
    no idea how many total hours I left Toni standing quietly in a safehouse 
    while I put the controller down to type, so I have no accurate depiction of
    how long I spent actually playing the game.  Please enjoy!
    Criminal rating                                     HITMAN (5589)
    Percentage Completed                                100%
    Mission Attempts                                    236
    Current Playing Time                                0:21
    Total Playing Time                                  62:22
    Days Passed in Game                                 211
    Number of Saves                                     195
    Rampages Passed                                     20 Out of 20
    Hidden Packages Found                               100 Out of 100
    People you've wasted                                3539
    People wasted by others                             740
    Cars exploded                                       636
    Boats destroyed                                     56
    Helicopters destroyed                               10
    Tires popped with gunfire                           553
    Total # of wanted stars attained                    444
    Total # of wanted stars evaded                      384
    Times busted                                        3
    Hospital visits                                     21
    Number of headshots                                 49
    Daily police spending                               $41,381
    Least favorite gang                                 Yakuza
    Gang Members wasted                                 592
    Criminals wasted                                    484
    Hitmen wasted                                       20
    Kgs of explosives used                              148
    Bullets fired                                       28,108
    Bullets that hit                                    11,527
    Accuracy                                            41%
    Cars crushed                                        3
    Dist. travelled on foot (miles)                     72.16
    Dist. travelled by car (miles)                      578.44
    Dist. travelled by bike (miles)                     598.17
    Dist. travelled by boat (miles)                     6.23
    Total distance travelled (miles)                    1254.99
    Max. insane jump dist. (m)                          107.00
    Max. insane jump height (m)                         12.00
    Max. insane jump flips (m)                          2
    Max. insane jump rotation                           737 degrees
    Best insane stunt so far:                           Perfect insane stunt
    Unique jumps completed                              26 out of 26
    Longest wheelie time (secs)                         3
    Longest wheelie distance (m)                        124.82
    Longest stoppie time (secs)                         0
    Longest stoppie distance (m)                        0.00
    Longest face plant distance (m)                     42.95
    Longest 2 wheels time (secs)                        0
    Longest 2 wheels distance (m)                       0.00
    Criminals killed on vigilante mission               106
    Highest 'vigilante' level                           14
    Passengers dropped off                              100
    Cash made in taxi                                   $5757.00
    People saved in an ambulance                        141
    Highest 'Paramedic' level                           12
    Total fires extinguished                            103
    Highest 'Firefighter' level                         12
    Cars sold                                           59
    Cash made selling cars                              $27,169.00
    Bikes sold                                          40
    Cash made selling bikes                             $47,011.00
    Cars found for 'Love Media'                         16 out of 16
    Highest 'Slash TV' level                            5
    Total cash made on 'Slash TV'                       $13,662.00
    Opponents killed in 'Slash TV'                      150
    Cash made collecting trash                          $9000
    Number of 'Avenging Angel' missions passed          45
    Total 'Avenging Angel' justice dished out           268
    Highest 'Avenging Angel' level
         Portland                                       16
         Staunton Island                                16
         Shoreside Vale                                 16
    Most time left on 'Wong Side of the Track'          0:04
    Outfit changes                                      19
    RC Races
      Thrashin' RC
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    0:33
      Ragin' RC
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:03
    Chasin' RC
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:22
    'Low Rider Rumble'
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:23
         Fastest time                                   3:08
    'Deimos Dash' 
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:49
         Fastest time                                   1:49
    'Wi-Cheetah Run' 
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:50
         Fastest time                                   3:43
    'Red Light Racing' 
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    0:34
         Fastest time                                   1:59
    'Torrington TT'
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:10
         Fastest time                                   2:25
    'Gangsta GP'
         Best position                                  1
         Fastest Lap                                    1:02
         Fastest time                                   3:18
    'Bumps & Grinds'
      Course 1
         Fastest lap                                    0:16
         Fastest time                                   0:52
      Course 2
         Fastest lap                                    0:22
         Fastest time                                   1:09
      Course 3
         Fastest lap                                    0:22
         Fastest time                                   1:11
      Course 4 
         Fastest lap                                    0:21
         Fastest time                                   1:09
      Course 5
         Fastest lap                                    0:27
         Fastest time                                   1:25
      Course 6
         Fastest lap                                    0:29
         Fastest time                                   1:28
      Course 7
         Fastest lap                                    0:27
         Fastest time                                   1:25
      Course 8
         Fastest lap                                    0:35
         Fastest time                                   1:49
      Course 9
         Fastest lap                                    0:26
         Fastest time                                   1:22
      Course 10
         Fastest lap                                    0:25
         Fastest time                                   1:18
      Most air acheived (m)                             13
    Best time for 'Go-Go Faggio'                        1:41
    Photos taken                                        37
    Pizzas delivered                                    55
    Noodles delivered                                   110
    Cash made from tourists                             $10,200
    Tourists taken to tourist spots                     12
    Highest score in 'Scrapyard Challenge'              21
    Highest score in '9mm Mayhem'                       11
    Highest score in 'Scooter Shooter'                  9
    Highest score in 'AWOL Angel'                       12
    Most time left in 'Karmageddon'                     1:57
    Most kills in 'RC Triad Takedown'                   21
    Fish fed                                            13
    Seagulls sniped                                     2
    Most favorite radio station                         LCFR
    Least favorite radio station                        DOUBLE CLEF FM
    Sprayings                                           108
    Weapon budget                                       $298,880.00
    Auto repair and painting budget                     $9,800.00
    Property destroyed                                  $3,354,274.00
    Highest media attention                             International crisis
    Unlocked Costumes
         Avenging Angel's fatigues
         Chauffer's clothes
         Lawyer's suit
         Cox Mascot suit
         Hero garb
         'Dragon' jumpsuit
    For those of you children who feel the need to write to me with your "My 
    score is better than your score" e mails, let me save you some trouble right
    now.  Go get laid please, because I just don't care.  I didn't post my stats
    to start a pissing contest and I refuse to get in one, so you won't get a
    response from me.
    This section contains nothing more than my thoughts and opinions on the game
    and its called my "$2 worth" because I have a high self esteem . . . .and if
    you should decide to donate to me, $2 is a hell of a lot better than 2 
    cents.  ($200 would be better, but I'm not pushing my luck.  Donations can
    be made to me via PayPal at tonycipriani@northsearesearch.com, by the way.  
    Your donations keep me well stocked with pot and hookers, so  . . . thanks!)
    First off, let me start by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed every
    single game in the GTA series and in fact I have not yet been let down by
    any game I have played that was produced by Rockstar.  Manhunt was pure 
    twisted genius, the Max Payne games were awesome, Red Dead Revolver rocked,
    the Warriors was a great tribute, and while I really like the Need For Speed
    series of games, they could learn a lot from Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition.
    I anxiously await the release of Bully, because any game that angers the 
    mothers of America before its even been released has GOT to be good!
    The game itself --
    Liberty City Stories was a treat for me especially after having been 
    introduced to the GTA series with GTA III.  Coming back to Liberty City
    after having been away for almost 5 years was kind of like going back to
    the old neighborhood you used to hang out in as a teenager.  The storyline
    is great and it was nice to play a character that actually has a name this
    time.  The addition of motorcycles was a most welcome benefit, but I felt a
    little let down by the inability to fly.  I would really like to see the 
    arial view of Liberty City like we could in Vice City and San Andreas.  The
    return of some old characters was fun and seeing some of the old 
    construction areas from GTA III was really cool (at least until we blew them
    up again).  The addition of the Ferry Station was interesting and kind of 
    neat, but so terribly inconvenient and slow, I never used it except for once
    just to say I did, and even then I still skipped the cutscene.
    One of the biggest attractions to the GTA games has always been the radio 
    stations you could tune in to while driving around the city, but I think 
    Rockstar really dropped the ball in this release.  Their only saving grace
    this time around was LCFR which was absolutely hysterical the first 30 or
    40 times.  While I appreciate the irony of arabian music whenever I enter
    a cab, or reggae upon stealing a car from a Yardie, it was just that, 
    humorous irony and nothing more.  I sure didn't want to listen to it beyond
    that, so I usually opted for the soothing (not) southern drawl of Nurse Bob
    on LCFR telling me that I should beat my kids, denounce sex and that a 6 
    year old making a speculum out of household products is wrong.
    All in all, the game had almost all the components that we've all come to 
    love (and expect) from the GTA series.  Rockstar seems to thrive on its 
    ability to generate controversy, and as a result have made themselves a
    force to be reckoned with in the video game industry.  They push the limits
    of common decency and very often step over it in such a way that only the 
    most observant of players even sees it and this game is no exception to 
    that trend.  Even the worldwide debate over the "Hot Coffee Mod" that put
    GTA: San Andreas forever on the map wasn't off limits in this game, because
    if you were quick enough to catch it, at the end of one of Maria's missions
    on Portland, she invited Toni in "for coffee".  Hillary Clinton is going to 
    wish she'd kept her mouth shut.  That said:
    Rockstar, Censorship, Political Correctness and the death of the 1st
    Amendment --
    If you've read this far, then its very likely you fall into one of two 
    categories:  1) You agree with me or 2) You are so disturbed and offended by
    what I've said, you're still reading just to see what I'll spit out next.
    For those of you in group one . . . stand strong my brothers and sisters. 
    For those of you in group two . . . hold onto your chairs.  Odds are that 
    MOST of you are in group one, otherwise you wouldn't be playing this game or
    reading this walkthrough at all.
    There have long been critics claiming that television, video games, movies,
    hell, even radio shows are responsible for children and teenagers becoming
    violent and anti-social and drug abusers.  Jack Thompson, a Florida 
    attorney, claims that a Grand Theft Auto game made an 18 year old shoot 
    and kill 3 police officers in 2003.  "Rockstar made me do it" as a defense??
    I guess the Devil doesn't get his credit anymore.  Maybe the man has a 
    mental disorder, which if true, existed long before the game was written. 
    Maybe he came from a broken home or his parents were addicted to drugs and
    he got his education on the streets.  Maybe the police officers didn't have
    all the information necessary and the man had to shoot them in order to 
    protect himself.  Maybe he was just a bad kid and was bound to kill someone
    at some point.  A video game made him do it???  I don't think so.  David 
    Berkowitz, aka "Son of Sam" claimed the dog that lived next door to him told
    him to kill those people, but nobody tried to outlaw the fucking dog!  Lets
    get serious.
    The "Hot Coffee Mod" in GTA: San Andreas caught Hillary Clinton's attention
    enough that she gathered together with Senators Joe Lieberman (D-CT), Sam
    Brownback (R-KS), and Rick Santorum (R-PA) to cosponsor legislation seeking
    $90 million over 5 years for research into how viewing different types of 
    media, television, video games and the internet in particular, affects
    children's development.  Remember when our soldiers in Vietnam could write
    to their Senators when they had issues while they were overseas?  Not 
    anymore, folks.  Be sure to write to your sons, daughters, brothers,
    sisters, husbands and wives over in Iraq and tell them to enjoy themselves
    over there.  Our senators over here are too busy screwing around in OUR 
    living rooms instead of working on getting our soldiers home to theirs.  An
    animated sex act that requires advanced computer knowledge to gain access to
    has taken precedence over international terrorism, so get used to the desert
    until they pop their head out of their ass.
    The last time I checked, the 1st Amendment was still valid, which protected
    our right to say and write whatever we felt necessary.  You can agree or 
    disagree with whatever I have to say, it doesn't matter.  I won't stop you 
    from voicing your opinion on it, because doing so would go against exactly
    what I am standing up for here.
    Now please, don't feel that I am against a rating system for the games, 
    because I am not.  The rating system should be just that, a gauge to 
    indicate the level of mature content, which should then provide us with the
    information we need to make a decision on whether or not we want to read,
    play or watch something.  It seems, however, that the system is being used
    as a "ban meter".  "Cross this line and we'll BAN YOU!" our government
    seems to be saying, but no, they can't say that because that would be
    unconstitutional.  Instead they put pressure on the retail chains so that
    they are given no choice but to pull the product off the shelves.  You don't
    think so?  Let me demonstrate.  When the "Hot Coffee Mod" was discovered,
    the ratings commission was pushed to the point that they had to change the
    rating of San Andreas to "AO" for Adults Only, regardless of the contortions
    necessary to access the adult content.  In changing the rating, most major
    retail chains, who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are, and a 
    whole handful of video game chains were then pressured to remove the "AO"
    rated game from the shelves to maintain their "family friendly, politically
    correct" status instead of leaving the choice in OUR hands as it should have
    been in the first place.  Rockstar then had no choice but to recode the game
    in order to release it again within a rating that the stores would sell it,
    effectively "banning" the game in its original state as it was intended to 
    be released, without actually using the term "ban".  Essentially, we had no
    choice, because the choice that the government decided was unacceptable was
    removed as one of our options.  So if you would like to tell me that the 
    game was never at any point "banned", you are right, it wasn't, but our
    freedom to choose was.
    If you don't want your kids to see these games, movies, books, tv shows,
    etcetera, then don't let them.  I've got three kids living in my house and
    none of them plays these games.  I won't even consider it at this stage of 
    their development.  (They are 8, 11 and 11)  I will let them watch me if I
    am doing something like a race or something equally innocuous, but beyond 
    that, no, they don't see it.  It's called parenting.  I still don't believe
    that even if I did let them see more than that, that they would grow up to 
    become cop killers or car thieves or mobsters, because I have taken the time
    to teach them the difference between make believe and reality.
    Q:  "But why, Eric, why can't we all just get along and live in a clean, 
    Christian, crime free world?"
    A:  Because Osam Bin Laden said so.  But we can all just get along. . .
    you leave my stuff alone, and I'll leave your stuff alone and ship all 
    politicians off and confine them to an environmentally controlled bubble
    on the moon.
    End of soapbox.
    Send your hate mail to:
    Jack B. Thompson, attorney at Law: jackpeace@comcast.net
    or use the following link:
    The cheat codes listed below are all the same cheat codes listed for the PSP
    version of the game, so I was skeptical at first.  I sat down this afternoon
    and tried every one of them on the PS2 and verified that they work.  If you 
    see one for the PSP that is not listed here, it is because it does not work
    on the PS2.
    I recommend using these codes with caution.  In some cases, once the code is
    activated, it is impossible to DEactivate it, especially when you have saved
    the game after having activated the code.  I take no responsibility for what
    happens to your game or your sanity as a result of using these cheat codes.
    Aggressive Drivers.........square,square,R1,X,X,L1,circle,circle
    All Green Lights...........triangle,triangle,R1,square,square,L1,X,X
    Chrome Vehicles............triangle,R1,L1,down,down,R1,R1,triangle
    Black Cars.................circle,circle,triangle,triangle,L1,square,square
    Bobble Heads...............down,down,down,circle,circle,X,L1,R1
    Ped gets in your car.......X,square,down,X,square,up,R1,R1
    Drive on water (car only)..circle,X,down,circle,X,up,L1,L1
    Bike tire size.............circle,right,X,up,right,X,L1,square
    Clear Weather..............up,down,circle,up,down,square,L1,R1
    Commit Suicide.............L1,down,left,R1,X,circle,up,triangle
    Destroy All Cars...........L1,L1,left,L1,L1,right,X,square
    Show Game Credits..........L1,R1,L1,R1,up,down,L1,R1
    Faster Clock...............L1,L1,left,L1,L1,right,circle,X
    Faster Gameplay............R1,R1,L1,R1,R1,L1,down,X
    Foggy Weather..............up,down,triangle,up,down,X,L1,R1
    Full Armor.................L1,R1,circle,L1,R1,X,L1,R1
    Full Health................L1,R1,X,L1,R1,square,L1,R1
    People Follow You..........down,down,down,triangle,triangle,circle,L1,R1
    Never Wanted...............L1,L1,triangle,R1,R1,X,square,circle
    Overcast Weather...........up,down,X,up,down,triangle,L1,R1
    Peds Attack You............L1,L1,R1,L1,L1,R1,up,triangle
    Peds Have Weapons..........R1,R1,L1,R1,R1,L1,right,circle
    Peds Riot..................L1,L1,R1,L1,L1,R1,left,square
    Perfect Traction...........L1,up,left,R1,triangle,circle,down,X
    Rainy Weather..............up,down,square,up,down,circle,L1,R1
    Raise Media Attention......L1,up,right,R1,triangle,square,down,X
    Raise Wanted Level.........L1,R1,square,L1,R1,triangle,L1,R1
    Slower Gameplay............R1,triangle,X,R1,square,circle,left,right
    Spawn Rhino................L1,L1,left,L1,L1,right,triangle,circle
    Spawn Trashmaster..........triangle,circle,down,triangle,circle,up,L1,L1
    Sunny Weather..............L1,L1,circle,R1,R1,square,triangle,X
    Weapon Set 1...............up,square,square,down,left,square,square,right
    Weapon Set 2...............up,circle,circle,down,left,circle,circle,right
    Weapon Set 3...............up,X,X,down,left,X,X,right
    White Cars.................X,X,R1,circle,circle,L1,triangle,triangle
    Liberty City Stories, as with all the games in the GTA series, is riddled
    with vague references to previous releases, other games, political events, 
    stuff coders added when they got bored and just some downright perverted
    stuff.  Sometimes they are hard to find, and other times they are quite
    blatant, but they go by so fast you don't even realize they are there.  This
    list seems to grow almost daily as I think the guys at Rockstar spend more 
    time on this stuff than actually creating the game, one of the reasons they 
    will never release a game that I will NOt buy.
    Shoot for the moon!  --
    As with all the GTA games since GTA III, if you shoot the moon with a sniper
    rifle, it changes the size of the moon.
    Just can't get enough of this alley --
    If you go behind the Liberty Tree Offices (a lot of sites claim this to be
    the back of the Liberty Tree Bank, however, there is no Liberty Tree Bank), 
    there is a big parking lot.  This is the same parking lot where you took the
    reporter to go get the pictures he took of you killing Avery.  Go into that
    parking lot with an ambulance and climb over the wall to the south.  Look 
    around in that alley.  In GTA III, there was a sign back there that said 
    "You aren't supposed to be here".  Now there is a sign there that says "You
    just can't get enough of this alley, can you?"
    Madd Dogg reference --
    If you are standing in the alley of your Portland safehouse and look up and
    over your garage, you are looking at the back of a billboard.  Go around the
    block to read the billboard and it is an advertisement for Madd Dogg's 
    latest album.  Madd Dogg, for those of you that live under a rock, is the 
    rap start that CJ befriended and saved from jumping to his death in GTA:
    San Andreas.
    Penis billboard --
    There are a few places this sign appears, however the most prominent will be
    as you are heading south down the road that leads to the Callahan Bridge. 
    It is on the wall in front of you as you turn right to enter the bridge.  It
    is a big white sign that advertises "The Third Leg" and has a rather crude 
    drawing of a man's legs with a tremendous penis.
    Candy Suxx is still doing porn --
    Candy Suxx, the busty porn star from Vice City makes an appearance on a 
    billboard (well, her cleavage does, anyway) here in Liberty City.  Coming
    straight off the Callahan Bridge go straight across the island to the road
    that leads to the bridge to Shoreside Vale.  Take a right onto that road and
    about a block down on the left, look for the big picture of Candy's cleavage
    in a black bra advertising her latest movie "Let Me Bounce".
    Coming soon to a PS2 near you --
    On the outside wall on the north side of the hospital in Shoreside Vale, 
    you will see the word "Bully" spraypainted in red on the wall.  Bully is the
    much anticipated, and already controversial upcoming release from Rockstar
    Rockstar is everywhere --
    At many places throughout Liberty City, the famous Rockstar logo is spray-
    painted on various walls.  Sometimes its in color, sometimes just a crude 
    black drawing.
    CJ shooting hoops --
    Just as you come down off the bridge into Shoreside Vale, there is a 
    billboard on your right with a picture of someone dunking a basketball.
    The person is CJ from San Andreas, and it is a piece of a screenshot from
    the San Andreas game itself.
    Old movies --
    Upon completing the taxi missions in the game, you receive the Bickle '76
    as a prize at the "Mean Streets Taxi" depot in Portland.  The name comes 
    from a 1976 movie directed by Martin Scorsese called "Taxi Driver" in which
    Robert De Niro plays a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran named Travis
    Bickle that works as a nighttime taxi driver.
    Honoring the dead --
    Go to the graveyard on the west side of the church on Staunton Island after
    you have completed all of the storyline missions.  Use a camera or a sniper
    rifle to read the headstones and you'll find several people that you 
    killed during the game, with little sayings under them.  They are:
    Roger C. Hole (Liberty City Mayor) - "Running for office in heaven"
    Dan Sucho - "Dead an' what not"
    Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay (Maria's Biker Boyfriend) - just "RIP"
    Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping with Angels
    Vincenzo Cilli - "Not so lucky after all"
    Giovanni Casa - "Gone . . ."
    Paulie Sindacco - "Viva Las Venturas, Baby"
         (Also a reference to Las Venturas from GTA: San Andreas)
    Bet you missed THIS one! --
    Particularly on radio station LCFR, you will frequently hear an ad in which
    a group is trying to get rid of the internet.  The group is known as 
    'Citizens United Negating Technology' and their motto is "Citizens United
    Negating Technology For Life and People's Safety".  In case you missed the 
    innuendo there, the group is also known as C.U.N.T.  Using the same acronym
    for their motto, you end up with C.U.N.T.L.I.P.S. or C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S.
    Rockstar has also made this a real website which you can find at:
    At one time the website apparently had an e mail address which was:
    JT@citizensunitednegatingtechnology.org in which the "JT" was thought to 
    stand for Jack Thompson, the Florida attorney who has become such an 
    outspoken "Anti-video game violence" activist, that other anti-videogame
    violence activists don't even want to be associated with him.  Jack (I will
    not refer to him as "Mr. Thompson" because that implies respect, and I have
    none for him) is also responsible for launching a wrongful death lawsuit 
    against Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games because he claimed that 18
    year old Devin Moore shot three police officers in 2003 as a direct result 
    of playing the Grand Theft Auto games (Because no one EVER shot a police
    officer BEFORE GTA came out . . . .PLEASE!)
    There was also at one time an audio advertisement on the website that 
    allegedly made reference to a "bisexual pedophile Jack Thompson"
    Apparently both the e mail address and the audio advertisement have been 
    removed from the site, I assume to avoid any further litigation with this
    nut job.  However, I have $5 via PayPal for the first person to get me an
    MP3 of the audio ad that was removed from the website.
    Thats all the secrets that I've found worthy of posting here.  Feel free
    to send in others, and if I feel they warrant recognition, I will add them
    to the list and give you credit for having done so.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sundar Subramaniam for his
    Secrets FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com.  While his FAQ was written for the PSP, 
    much of its contents was also applicable to the PS2 version.
    My name is Eric Waechter.  If you have any questions, comments, submissions 
    or anything else constructive to say, please send me an e mail to:
    (E mail address has been moved to bottom of this section.  You need to 
    read ALL of this before you send me an e mail!)
    I will answer you as quickly as possible unless you are sending flaming 
    e mails, in which case I will be ignoring you, telling your mom and sending
    your e mail address to gay and bisexual porn sites.
    ****BEFORE YOU WRITE TO ME!!!****
    I do not mind answering questions, in fact I have enjoyed hearing from 
    folks all over the world already and have met some really great people, 
    but I would ask this:  Please don't write with a question until you have 
    CAREFULLY checked the walkthrough to be sure the answer isn't there.  I 
    have been receiving a LOTof e mail and I'm the type of person who has to 
    answer EVERY SINGLE ONE (it is just the kinda guy I am and I wouldn't 
    sleep if I didn't answer one - not that I sleep anyway).  Far too many of 
    the questions have been things that were answered in the walkthrough, and 
    either because the individual read too quickly or they had not read far 
    enough, they didn't find the answer they needed. Please help me by making 
    absolutely sure the answer isn't in the walkthrough already.  Due to the 
    overwhelming number of repetitive questions I have received from previous 
    walkthroughs, I am no longer answering your e mail if the answer to your 
    question is in the walkthrough.  If you don’t get an answer from me, read 
    more carefully.
    I am a writer. I write in english and I appreciate those that respond to 
    me in english, do it correctly. I do not respond to "internet shorthand". 
    Do not write "r" instead of "are". Do not write "4" instead of "for". Do 
    not write "2" instead of "to" and for God's sake, don't write "knoe" 
    instead of "know". I took the time to write using proper english, you 
    will take the time to respond to me in proper english. I believe 
    "internet shorthand" is an abomination of the language and simply goes to 
    demonstrate INCREDIBLE laziness. I also used capital letters, punctuation 
    and sentence structure. I expect you to do so as well. The idea here is 
    that if you can read it correctly, then you ought to be able to write it 
    correctly too. This is a major pet peeve of mine and I will not bend on 
    it. Any e mail sent to me like this will simply get this paragraph, 
    copied and pasted, in return.
    DO NOT write to me and ask for game saves!  Let me repeat, DO NOT write 
    to me and ask me for game saves!  I have spent a lot of time playing the 
    game, writing the walkthrough, answering e mails, and updating the 
    walkthrough.  I have done everything but take the controller from your 
    hands and played the game FOR you, and I am not going to do that too by 
    sending you game saves.  If you don't actually want to PLAY the game, don't 
    rent or buy it.  That’s just dumb.  If you want to waste $50 that way, send 
    it to me instead.  I have PayPal.
    tonycipriani (at) northsearesearch (dot) com
    (Yes, I realize that Toni is spelled with an "i", but by the time I realized
    the error, I had recieved far too many e mails to change it)

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