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Audio Extraction Guide by prudoff

Version: FINAL | Updated: 09/21/2006

* GAME: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
* SYSTEM: Playstation 2

* TITLE: Audio Extraction Guide
* VERSION: FINAL (9/21/2006)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk


1. Introduction & Special Legal Information
2. System Requirements
3. Radio Station List
4. Dialogue List
5. Extraction Walkthrough
6. Audio Credits
7. Quick Answers
8. Revision History
9. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


   *  This guide will only tell you how to extract the audio for   *
   *  your listening pleasure.  It won't tell you how to rebuild   *
   *    the game with new music, because I don't know how to do    *
   *        that, and I don't care to know how to do that.         *

     #   To do SAN ANDREAS AUDIO EXTRACTION, check out the             #
     # "San Andreas Radio" program listed on my PlayStation            #
     #  page (http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/playstation.htm). #



I am a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.  The quality of the voice acting
and the care that is put into the radio stations is one of the game's biggest
assets.  There are very few other games that are this good when it comes to the

I've written several PlayStation 2 audio/music extraction guides, such as for
Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, and some of the WWF/WWE SmackDown! games.
This guide lists of all of the audio I could find on the game disc, including
audio that most people probably could care less about.

The basic extraction information in this guide is based on Splintax's "Grand
Theft Auto: Vice City Music Hacking Guide" (also available for download at
www.gamefaqs.com).  I owe a great debt of gratitude to him and his guide.
Without it I never would have known how to digitally extract audio from ANY
PlayStation 2 games.


As far as I know, this is perfectly legal.  You are merely making a backup
copy of what you already own and leaving it on a storage device (hard
drive, CD, etc.) for future use.

However, it is ILLEGAL for you to put any of the music you have copied
onto the Internet.  This includes, but is not limited to, placing the
sound files as downloads on your personal homepage or a corporate music
collection or sharing the files on a peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
network such as Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, etc.  You may NOT distribute these
files between you and other acquaintances through any means whatsoever.

Anything you do as a result of this guide is completely your
responsibility, and neither the author nor any other third party will take
responsibility for your actions.



Along with the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories game disc, you will need
the following on/in your computer in order to do the music extraction.

1. A DVD-ROM drive, or any other optical drive that is able to read DVD
   data discs.
2. Microsoft Windows 95 or higher (unconfirmed about 95, but I know it
   works on 98, 2000, and XP)
3. Three gigabytes of free space on your hard drive.  I don't know what's
   the least you could have to do this, but three gigs would give PLENTY
   of room to do everything with space left over.  Otherwise you may have
   to convert files a few at a time.
4. A copy of MFAudio, which you can download from my PlayStation page
5. A copy of my MFAudio batch file for the game, which you can also download
   from my PlayStation page.

You'll also need a program that can handle .zip files.  If you don't have one,
you should be able to find plenty at: http://www.snapfiles.com


* An audio editor. (personal suggestion: Goldwave)
* A CD making program (one probably came with the drive when you
bought it). (personal suggestion: Easy CD Creator)
* An MP3 encoding program. (personal suggestion: MPEG Suite)

Links to the above can be found on either SnapFiles or my Software page:




This section will list all of the files in the \AUDIO\MUSIC\ directory.
Contrary to what you may think, this directory contains more than just the
music/radio stations.  Files from the \MOVIES\ directory are also included,
at the very bottom of this section.

After each title is the track length of the outputted wav files in minutes
and seconds (some include silence at the end) followed by the file size of
the outputted wav file.

A list of the songs contained on each station can be found in the Audio Credits


Double Cleff FM (26:32) (194.41 MB)

Flashback FM (28:57) (212.03 MB)

Head Radio (26:36) (194.9 MB)

K-JAH (28:47) (210.87 MB)

LCFR (50:14) (367.99 MB)

The Liberty Jam (47:35) (348.57 MB)

Lips 106 (27:58) (204.91 MB)

MSX 98 (38:48) (284.17 MB)

Radio Del Mundo (33:36) (246.09 MB)

Police Band (16:29) (120.8 MB)
* Same exact file as Taxi Band?

Rise FM (42:20) (310.05 MB)

Taxi Band (16:29) (120.8 MB)
* Same exact file as Police Band?

-- MISC --

Mission Completion Music (0:05) (625.1 KB)

End Credits Music? (1:34) (11.47 MB)

Grand Theft Auto III - Mission Completion Music (0:07) (952.1 KB)

Grand Theft Auto III - Game Ending Dialogue & Music (8:57) (65.55 MB)
[Maria is voiced by Debi Mazar]
Female Newscaster: Residents in Cedar Grove have been coming to terms with the
     emotional aftermath of a full-blown war that hit the area yesterday.
     Local resident Clive Denver described to police a single gunman that he
     saw fleeing the scene with a dark haired woman.
Maria: Ah, we're gonna have such fun.  Cause you know I love you?
     I, I, I really do... cause you're such a big strong man and that's just
     what I need.  Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh, you know, I forget... but
     you know what it's like, don't you?
Female Newscaster: The sound of explosions shook nearby homes as people ran for
     cover. Several citizens were injured in the panic as gunfire was exchanged
     between ground forces and a helicopter circling the dam.
Man: Yeah, we got a good view from down here in the Gardens.  When the copter
     finally got taken out, better than the fireworks on the fourth of July.
Female Newscaster: With the death toll already over twenty, police are still
     finding bodies. There have been no official denials concerning rumors that
     the dead were members of the Colombian Cartel, and still no leads as to
     the cause of the massacre.
Maria: I broke a nail and my hair is ruined.  I mean, can you believe it?  This
     one cost me fifty dollars... [gun shot]


City Sounds, Wind, etc. (10:00) (73.24 MB)

Sawmill Sounds (1:53) (13.79 MB)

Water & Waves (10:32) (77.14 MB)

There are also four files in the \MOVIES\ directory that you can extract the
audio from.

Beginning Credits Music (aka Intro Track) (1:33) (17.07 MB)

Rockstar Leeds Logo (0:06) (1.1 MB)

Rockstar North Logo (0:06) (1.1 MB)

Rockstar New York Logo (0:05) (1.02 MB)



This section will list all of the files in the \AUDIO\CUTSCENE\ and \AUDIO\NEWS\
directories.  I'm excluding the files in the SET0 through SET6 directories
(sound effects, pedestrian dialogue, and dialogue during missions?) because I
can't figure out how to get them to play properly and, quite frankly, I don't
know if they're even worth extracting.

I'm listing everything (roughly) in the order it appears in the game.  The
written dialogue, mission titles, and general order come from Maggotkill's
GTA:LCS Game Script (also available for download at www.gamefaqs.com) - though
I may have made some corrections.  All of the News Report text was transcribed
by me.

After each title is the track length of the outputted wav files in minutes
and seconds (some include silence at the end) followed by the file size of
the outputted wav file.

Only dialogue heard in cutscenes can be extracted.  All of the dialogue during
missions is excluded.

If you're wondering why it might be useful to extract the dialogue, you could
use certain quotes as system sounds on your computer, or put up a few key
soundbytes on your GTA fan site (as long as you don't use LOTS of soundbytes,
I'm sure Rockstar won't be mad - but don't quote me on that).


News Report A (0:20) (2.51 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Earlier today, an authoritative report was leaked to us
     disclosing a drug scandal amongst some of the nation's leading athletes.
     The president has confirmed, heads will roll.  Tune in later for an
     exclusive report from our award-winning reporter, Ned Burner.

News Report B (0:25) (3.05 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Thieves involved in the Liberty Diamond heist were all killed
     earlier today when they became inbroiled in a shootout at the Rockford
     ferry station.  Police have been left with egg on their faces as the
     whereabouts of the stolen diamonds is still unknown.  For an exclusive
     report, tune in later.  Our award-winning report, Ned Burner, has all the

News Report C (0:27) (3.29 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Fire truck frenzy overcame a Liberty City fireman today when
     he brought mayhem to the streets of Staunton Island.  Fire Chief O'Riley
     says none of his men are guilty, but eyewitnesses say an LCFD fire truck
     was definitely to blame.  YOU be the judge, when Ned Burner, our
     award-winning reporter, brings you the exclusive later on LCN.

News Report D (0:33) (4.02 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: The premiere of the movie 'Fubar' was marred today when its
     three stars, Faith W., Black Lightman, and D.B.P., were slain dramatically
     on the streets of Liberty City.  TV moguls were swift to declare the actors
     really were dead and this wasn't just a cheap publicity stunt for the
     upcoming TV show 'Celebrity Liberty City Survivor.'  Our award-winning
     reporter Ned Burner knows different.  Tune in later for his exclusive

News Report E (0:30) (3.71 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Tonight.  Liberty City mourns the passing of its premiere
     son, Mayor R.C. Hole.  Assassinated while jogging in Belleville Park.
     LCN would like to take this opportunity to extend its most humble and
     sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.  And later on LCN don't
     miss our student fashion spot.  It's too cool for school.

News Report F (0:26) (3.17 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Election fever grips the city, but so far only one candidate
     has stepped forward to replace Mayor R.C. Hole.  Businessman Miles
     O'Donovan has pledged that should he win, his first act would be to bring
     a swift end to the industrial action that plagues the city.  Tune in for
     more, later on LCN.

News Report G (0:30) (3.66 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Alleged mafia don Salvatore Leone has been arrested by
     federal agents today after an extensive citywide manhunt.  The FBI claimed
     Mr. Leone is the head of a crime syndicate spanning several states, and is
     also the mysterious 'Mr. Big' behind every organized crime here in our own
     fair city.  More on this and other stories later on LCN.

News Report H (0:34) (4.26 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: The city continues to be rocked by gang warfare as the power
     struggle between the Sindacco and Forelli mafia families continues
     unabated.  Both have been reported to have lost ground recently to the
     emerging gangs keen to take advantage of this mafia feud.  The FBI is
     laying the blame for current troubles firmly at the feet of a mysterious
     Mr. Big with whom they are eager to talk.  More later, only on LCN.

News Report I (0:32) (3.99 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Liberty City commuters have been dealt a hard blow today,
     when transport workers across the city took industrial action in sympathy
     for beleaguered ferry workers, whose livelyhoods are threatened by the
     construction of the new porter road tunnel.  Neither side in this battle
     seems keen to give any ground.  Union chief, Jane Hopper, said yesterday,
     that she will bring the mayor to his knees before she's licked.
     More later, on LCN.

News Report J (0:29) (3.54 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Gang war erupted last night in Liberty City with the
     destruction of The Dolls House, a gaming establishment owned by the
     mafia-linked Sindacco family.  A member of the similarly-linked Leone
     family is thought to be responsible.  However, the head of the Leone
     family, Salvatore Leone, has denied any knowledge of the event.
     More on LCN, later.

News Report K (0:38) (4.63 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: It's now been confirmed that the wide-scale destruction of
     Fort Staunton was caused by a series of underground explosions.  Rumors
     suggest that the mafia-linked Forelli family were using the derelict subway
     running beneath the area to stockpile an arsenal of mmunitions for their
     gang wars.  It's not known at this time whether this terrible tragedy was
     caused by the weapons cache accidentally being ignited or if foul play was
     involved.  Tune in late for more details on LCN.

News Report L (0:33) (4.02 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Liberty City's long-running mafia feud is finally over after
     the brutal slaying today of Paulie Sindacco, head of the Sindacco family.
     However, crime analysts predict greater trouble lies ahead as this war
     leaves both mafia families in full retreat to emerging gangs.
     In particular, the Yakuza, who are now vying for overall control of
     organized crime in the city.  Stay tuned for more, here on LCN.

News Report M (0:34) (4.26 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: Street crime is on the retreat from today with the
     establishment of an Avenging Angel chapter in our crime-ravaged city.
     The Avenging Angel program takes ex-street punks, reformed gang-bangers,
     or anyone with a grudge, and turns them into respectable crime-fighters.
     Head of the chapter, Jesus Maxsentens, said they were not vigilantes, but
     public-spirited individuals taking the law to the streets.  Stay tuned for
     more, later on LCN.

News Report N (0:47) (5.73 MB)
News ID: Liberty News!
Female Newscaster: There'll be much celebrating tonight as the industrial action
     that brought Liberty City to a stand-still has finally come to a close.
     Normal service has been resumed on all subway and ferry routes, even the
     elevator bridge linking Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale has reopened for
     business.  Militant strikers have finally dropped their placards and taken
     up their usual posts of employment after the freshly inaugurated
     Mayor O'Donovan made them this promise at a local rally.
Mayor: As your mayor, I can guarantee there will always be a ferry service in
     Liberty City.
Female Newscaster: But some may find his promise has a somewhat hollow ring,
     as work on the new porter road tunnel continues unabated.


Toni Arrives In Town (1:00) (7.32 MB)
[instrumental music and sound effects]

Home Sweet Home (1:13) (9.02 MB)
Sal: Hey... So there he is, huh? So listen, Toni, I know you did a good thing
     for us, and I know you've been lying low for a long time, so I want you
     to take it easy for a while, huh?  Vincenzo will look after you. You need
     some money, ask him.  You need a job - Lucky will take care of you. What
     more could a family guy ask for? Even my son don't got it so good.
Toni: But, Mr. Leone, I thought we got history, I mean I've done a lot for this
     family. And now, you're expecting me to take orders from this... this...
     this... Well, it just doesn't seem right.
Sal: Toni,  know what you did, and no one is more grateful than me, honestly,
     but the idea that you walk here and start to question my leadership right
     away is, quite frankly out of order. Capiche?
Toni: I understand, boss.
Sal: So when you need something, give Vincenzo a call down at Atlantic Quay.
     He'll take care of you. Won't you, Lucky?
Vincenzo: Of course, boss. Anything you say. Tell you what; we can go there now.

Hot Wheels (1:08) (8.3 MB)
[Vincenzo is on the phone while receiving a blowjob from his girlfriend]
Vincenzo: Sure, momma. I'll call you later.
Toni: Vincenzo!
Vincenzo: Yeah of course, of course I'm being a good boy. Love you. Hey Cheryl,
     hey sweetheart, give it a rest now.  Here, now get out of here.  A little
     trumpetto for you.  Hey, who loves you, angel?
Cheryl: You do, Vinnie.
Toni: Was that your mother on the phone?
Vincenzo: Sure.
Toni: You're disgusting. Where's your respect?
Vincenzo: Respect? I call it multi-tasking, Antonio.  What?  Don't you like
     getting a hot broad to suck you off?
Toni: What?
Vincenzo: Cause if it's a problem, I can get Ray to help you out.
Toni: Fuck you.
Vincenzo: I'm just busting your balls, relax.  Listen, tough guy - I need you to
     do me a favor.  I got girls crazy for blow; I got a car full of it parked
     in Trenton.  Go pick it up... give me a call.
Toni: What am I, your driver?  Screw you.
Vincenzo: Listen, listen, listen, listen... I'd do it myself, but I'm being
     watched by the feds.  You know I'll look out for you.  Trust me.  Besides,
     remember there's a hierarchy here, Capiche?  Now be a good kid!

Bone Voyeur! (1:36) (11.71 MB)
Toni: Hey! JD get out here! Hey JD, you little sicko, get the fuck out here
     before I come in there and break your legs!
JD: I'm coming... but not like that, ha ha ha! Hey, Toni, que pasa?
     Give us a hug.
Toni: Woah, you're sticky!
JD: Oh, it's the stripper stuff they put all over me, you know. They like it,
     you know. They put it anywhere and uh... so, how you doing?
Toni: What the fuck are you wearing?
JD: What, this? I'm an adventurous lover. You know I like... an experimental
     side, y'know? Nothing wrong with that, huh? You can watch if you like.
Toni: Oh, you're sick. You better shut the fuck up, right now.
JD: Okay, relax Toni.
Toni: Where's my money?
JD: See, that's the problem. We are getting ripped off. Alright, now you
     wait here. I gotta go change out of, uh... this thing, you know.
     Hey Raven - time to put away the double ender. Hey Toni, let's you and me
     go for a drive. We got some things we gotta check out... Okay! Okay!

Salvatore's Salvation (1:12) (8.78 MB)
Toni: JD!
JD: Toni. Thank god you're here. I'm sweating like my uncle in a school
     yard. My minds going crazy. What are we gonna do?
Toni: About what?
JD: Oh God, I can't believe it, he is gonna cut my balls off. He's gonna put
     them in a vice! Not necessarily in that order. Oh God! I feel like the day
     the FBI searched my hard drive! Oh, my heart's racing. Have you got any
     valium? Or rohibinol? What about... No, no... See I got too many of
Toni: What's going on?
JD: Oh God I can't believe this... Why am I to blame?! It's not my fault.
     But you know Salvatore, he's gonna get the vice squad on my ass. Oh my God,
     it's gonna be like those statutory rape charges. Have you ever been in
     prison on statutory rape charges, man? They come in at you at the showers!
     Oh God, and she was 18! Oh my God! This is gonna be worse!
Toni: Listen you babbling cock sucker. What in god's name is wrong?
JD: It's Salvatore. He was kidnapped while leaving the club.
Toni: Well why didn't you say so instead of making me listen to that crap?
     Come on.

Biker Heat (1:08) (8.3 MB)
[Toni sees Maria on her bed, crying]
Toni: What have you taken now?
Maria: Nothing.
Toni: What was it this time, huh? Smack? Downers? Ludes? A little too much
     trumpet? Not enough Dicipam? A little too much sideways, not enough up?
Maria: Shut up Toni!
Toni: Who did this to you?
Maria: No one.
Toni: Who was it?
Maria: This guy I'm seeing, Wayne.
Toni: Some guy you're seeing, you're my boss' girl!
Maria: C'mon Toni, don't be so square. Besides, he gets me this great speed,
     you know? A girl needs a lift. Plus it makes you really wild in bed.
Toni: Shut up. Why'd he do this to you, this dead prick Wayne?
Maria: I told him I was in love with somebody else. I told him about me and you,
     Toni. And then he hit me!
Toni: There is no you and me! Christ, you're killing me! Where is this Wayne?
Maria: He deals at a bar down in Chinatown. I love you, Toni Cipriani.

Overdose Of Trouble (1:11) (8.75 MB)
[Maria is tripping]
Maria: Oh hey baby... Oh I thought you'd never make it.
Toni: What is wrong with you?
Maria: Oops! Nothing, baby it's all good.
Toni: Get up you crazy bitch. What have you taken now?
Maria: Taken now? Nothing much. You know, a couple of, a couple of greens,
     a couple of heavy reds. Oh and these great pills I'm getting from Holland
     now. Pure as hell! I feel great. No, I don't. I need a zap, and I'll be
     fine! They're here somewhere.
Toni: What's a zap?
Maria: A zap? You don't know what a zap is? Ah, Toni, you are so square!
     Toni, I love you.
Toni: Come on, make sense.
Maria: I need a zap Toni! I'm gonna die! I felt like this before, I've OD'd.
     Get me a zap, Toni! I left them at the diner at Callahan Point.
Toni: Don't just sit there then, come on!

The Offer (1:37) (11.92 MB)
Toni: Hey, boss, you okay?
Sal: Do I look okay?
Toni: No.
Sal: Then what are you? A fuckin' moron? You're always saying the obvious.
     I can't believe I'm surrounded by people like you.
Toni: Sorry.
Sal: Listen, I'm sorry. Toni, you're one of my most trusted allies. After what
     you did, you're like a son to me - better than my son, better than any son.
     Your mother's a lucky woman.
Toni: So I hear.
Sal: Anthony, it's over for guys like us. We're dinosaurs. Or dodos. Or dildos.
     Or something. I tell you, even in my own family I feel like Jesus
     surrounded by twelve Judases. I mean, listen to this; I got a union
     boss - a broad no less - that I need to do me a favor, and she asks me for
     money? All I wanted was 24 hours access to the docks, while the strike was
     going on, strikes that I helped organize, so my boys could offload some
     drugs, and now I get this horse shit! I mean these are people that I
     personally fought for, people I've killed for, honest people. And this is
     how they repay me?
Toni: It's insulting.
Sal: It's a disgrace. We're finished, men of honor like you and me. Listen,
     Toni, I want you to take something to her.
Toni: You're gonna take this crap off a broad?
Sal: For now what choice do I have? Look, go down there, pay her off - and tell
     her I'd like to have a word with her. Go.

Contra-Banned (1:51) (13.54 MB)
[Sal is quarelling with Maria]
Sal: Shut up, you ungrateful bitch. I'll knock you into next week if I hear
     another word from you.
Maria: Oh, that's right, big dick. What are you gonna do? Hit me?
Sal: Why I outta...
Maria: That's the only time you touch me these days.
Sal: Why the fuck would I wanna touch you? I don't like used goods.
     You revolt me.
Maria: Me? Revolt you? What?
Sal: Yeah! Revolt!
Maria: Oh please. You know what? My daddy was right when he said you were
     nothing but a fat slob...
Sal: Yeah yeah yeah yeah...
[Toni comes in]
Maria: Hi, Toni... I want my money, old man!
Sal: Get outta here, you tramp. Hey, Anthony, you're an angel of mercy.
     Women, what are you gonna do about them, huh? Luckily, I can trust someone
     in my life - you, Toni. You're very important to me. Did I ever tell you
Maria: You can't even get it up you old bastard.
Sal: Not for you. I don't like using public toilets, you slut! Very important.
     So listen - it's you and me now. We're in charge. We got those fools on
     the run.
Maria: How would you know? You're more interested in hanging out with men!
Sal: And you're only happy when you've got your drawers around your ankles and
     your back against the wall! Christ - I've met rabbits who like to fuck less
     than you! So listen, this is important...
Maria: Fuck you, Salvatore Leone, you no dick bullying wife beating piece of
     Italian shit.
Sal: Fuck me? Fuck you? In fact, everyone has! Anyway, I got a shipment of you
     know what coming in. This is going to put us - you and me - on the map
     big time. Everything should run smooth. I just need someone - someone
     I trust - to take care of things for me. Alright Toni, I'll talk to you
     later. And another thing - I never met a girl with hydraulic underwear.
     It amazes me! Christ! Why did I marry her? I was looking for a tramp,
     I married a slut! I must have really pissed someone off in my past life,
     I'll tell you that much.

Driving Mr. Leone (0:50) (6.1 MB)
[Sal points his weapon to Toni]
Sal: Well?
Toni: Well what?
Sal: Don't play dumb with me, kid. I was playing dumb when your mother was still
     turning tricks.
Toni: What's your problem?
Sal: I know what you've been saying about me. You think I'm an idiot? Huh?
     Is that what you think?
Toni: Boss, I ain't been saying nothin' about you.
Sal: What the fuck. I don't know what's happening to me. Jesus. I'm getting
     paranoid Toni. Really fucking paranoid. Just because I think everyone hates
     me doesn't mean they don't, know what I mean? Someone is out to get me.
     It's that fucking mayor! He's gonna blame me for all the shit that's been
     going down in the neighboorhood. All of it! Not just the crap that I did,
     but all of it. Come on, let's go take care of this.


The Morgue Party Candidate (0:34) (4.26 MB)
Donald: 2-2-3, 3-2-3, 4-2-3, 5,2,3-... Antonio! How wonderful to see you!
Toni: What's going on?
Donald: We're having a party, dear boy, a party. Yes, a morgue party!
     The first of the season!
Toni: Woah, woah, woah, woah... What the fuck you talking about, a morgue party?
Donald: We're gonna have quite a night tonight. But first, we need to go and
     pick up the guests... Come, before our guests get bored to death. No pun
     intended! 'Cuz they're dead, you know... Our guest of honor is taking a
     little trip to the pathology labs. Let's not keep him waiting.

Cam-Pain (1:31) (11.1 MB)
Donald: Antonio! Que pasa, amigo?
Toni: You do know I'm Italian, don't you, Don, not Spanish.
Donald: Of course, how silly of me - I just love all the romance languages.
     My God, this is good. It tastes just like chicken, but some how, more,
     err, sentient. You want some?
Toni: I already ate, thanks.
Donald: Too bad. It's fantastic. I have some more delicacies about to be
     served... the liberals would have a field day, of course, but how little
     they know of life's real pleasures! Sophistication and democracy have
     always been such uneasy badfellows.
Toni: Listen, Don, we need to win this election, okay? We need to make sure
     that there's no skeletons in the closet, if you know what I mean...
Donald: Right.
Toni: What I mean is... how do we take care of this O'Donovan guy who is
     covering for... standing in for the Forelli's?
Donald: The guy has a lot of people canvassing for him, all kinds of deluded
     'people' people, if you know what I mean. I think we have to have their
     faith in democracy shaken, if you understand me.
Toni: What you mean is that I gotta go beat the crap out of them?
Donald: Oh, your passion, Antonio it's it's... magnificent. It's so um...um...
     um... Wagnerian! You know?! Arriverdici, amigo. Humphries, bring out the

Love On The Rocks (1:17) (9.46 MB)
Toni: Hey Don - I took care of that mess for you. Everything should be cool now.
Donald: Really.
Toni: You got no more links to organized crime. You're whiter than white. You
     could be the pope.
Donald: The Pope! Watch this.
TV: Although no links can be proved between Love and Liberty City's origanized
     crime, it seems his friendship with mobsters, including Toni Cipriani, have
     counted heavily against him in voters' eyes. The past few hours have seen
     his popularity plummet. He is deemed, it seems, unfit for office.
Donald: Unfit! Because of you... Yeah. And it's all your fault.
Toni: My fault?
Donald: Oh yeah.
Toni: My fault?
Donald: I can't beleve the sacrifices I've made for this town, and do you know
     what my weakness has been the entire time...? Humility! And now I'm ruined.
     Bankrupt! $2O million in the hole. Gone... bankrupt... done... Arriverdici!

Sayonara Sindaccos (1:11) (8.75 MB)
Leon: So you're the pain in the neck, huh?
Toni: Excuse me?
Leon: Got all kinds of important people very pissed off at you. Leon McAffrey,
Toni: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm in the restaurant business.
Leon: Whatever you say tough guy. You greaseballs wanna put holes in each other,
     I don't give a shit. All I care about is my cut.
Toni: Oh, I love a man of principle.
Leon: Well me too. I go to all their memorial services in fast cars with hot
     broads. My cut! Where is it?
Toni: Up your ass, buddy. Don't make me laugh. You keep fucking with me, I'll
     put you, your friends, your friend's families, your whole fucking home town
     under the sword.
Leon: Okay. Relax. Go get laid or something. This is business, a partnership,
     equals. I keep the law off your back - the feds, Rico - and you keep me in
     the shit that I like.
Toni: Well how do I know I ain't about to be shaken down by every dirty cop from
     here to Vice City?
Leon: I'm gonna help you take over this town. In return I want some cash and a
     few favors. Now c'mon, Toni, take a drive with me... we're gonna meet your
     old friends, the Sindaccos.

Crazy '69' (0:49) (6.07 MB)
Leon: I don't know what I did wrong in my past life to deserve you. Ray, you're
     40 years old, and you have no idea what's really going on. I don't know how
     you've gotten this far. I don't know how somebody hasn't put a bullet in
     your Mother Theresa head yet.
Ray: Hey watch your mouth, Leon. I can't believe we're having this fucking
Leon: What, are you gonna run to mommy? Are you gonna jump on daddy's knee?
     Ask for a wet kiss?
[Toni comes in]
Leon: Hey Toni!
Ray: Freeze, asshole.
Leon: WOAH! Woah! Woah! Easy! Meet my new partner. Mr. Hip! He's gonna make sure
     I do everything by the book! Toni Cipriani, Ray Machowski. He's with us.
     Hey we're gonna go fight organized crime now. You run along to the
     precinct, fill out a report. You're a good kid... Let's go, Toni.
Ray: You piece of shit, Leon.


Rough Justice (1:19) (9.64 MB)
[Toni comes in dressed as a lawyer]
Cop: Here's your lawyer, Mr. Leone.
Sal: I know who the hell he is, pal... Come on, gimme a break here. Go on, kid,
     run along, and say hello to your mother for me, capiche?
Cop: Ahh... You got five minutes.
Sal: Listen, uh, Lionel, you're looking good. Look at me! A fine member of the
     community, and suddenly I'm banged up. It really challenges my
     philanthropic nature!
Toni: Of course, Mr. Leone, we're doing everything we can to get you out of here
     and uh... back to helping your community as soon as possible.
Sal: Of course. I hope we can sue someone for this outrage. Those cunts the
     Sindaccos, or those cocksuckers, the Forellis - who was it? Who ratted me
     out? Let's hit 'em both hard. Way I see it, they both could use a good
     beating for this outrage. Motherfuckers.
Toni: It will be my pleasure.
Sal: Thank you - Toni - you really mean a lot to me, - you know that. Listen,
     you might need some back up. Use the hoods. Okay?
Toni: Whatever you think is best, Mr. Leone.
Sal: Alright... Get outta here... Lionel.

More Deadly Than The Male (1:59) (14.6 MB)
Toshiko: So, this is the big tough gangster? You don't look so tough.
Toni: Thanks.
Toshiko: Do you know what it is to live without love, Mr. Toni? It is to live
     with hate...
Toni: I'll take your word for it.
Toshiko: It is my earnest wish to destroy a man, Mr. Cipriani. Destroy... not
     merely kill. I want him, and his whole organization, weakened and
     humiliated before he dies. I want him to suffer.
Toni: Okay.
Toshiko: This man I want you to destroy is my husband: Kazuki Kasen. Don't
     worry. For your services you will be handsomely rewarded. Well what if I
     say no? You won't... because while I merely want him dead, you need him
     dead. In truth, you have already dealt him a severe blow, Mr. Cipriani.
     However, he is taking delivery of more munitions today. I want you to steal
     those weapons from right under his ignorant nose. Good. Goodbye.

Cash In Kazuki's Chips (1:42) (12.45 MB)
[Toni returns to Toshiko's house]
Toni: So, uh... Toshiko. It's over now.
Toshiko: Yes, yes, I knew that... Hello, Mister Toni.
Toni: Hey. So, uuuh... you won. You got what you wanted. Everything worked out
Toshiko: Great, yes, great. Really great.
Toni: So... its payment time sweetheart.
Toshiko: We're both of us, fools and killers, Mister Toni.
Toni: I guess we are.
Toshiko: The world takes such a terrible toll on your spirit. Wouldn't you
     agree, Mister Toni?
Toni: I guess. But you're free now. I mean you can go to Costa Rica, or Aruba,
     or some-shit. Start over new, that's what you always wanted.
Toshiko: I don't think I'm ready for a beach holiday, Mister Toni. I've lost
     everything, and I have done so deliberately. I've been granted everything
     I asked for. Now, I just ask to be truly free. Goodbye, Toni-san.
[Toshiko jumps off window]

Panlantic Land Grab (1:27) (10.62 MB)
[Toni enters Donald's flophouse and finds him lying on the bed]
Donald: I know what you're thinking, Toni - how the mighty have fallen, but
     this is just a temporary blip, my man.
Toni: Okay.
[Donald gets up from the bed]
Donald: Oh, don't be all touchy. I know I said some nasty things about this
     being your fault and all, but hubris is a nasty, nasty badfellow - almost
     as nasty as termites. And trust me I've tried both recently. Wait, you and
     me... are on our way back!
Toni: I never went away...
Donald: We're in this together, amigo.
Toni: No, we're not.
Donald: Please!
Toni: Please... please - forget about it, buddy. 'It's all your fault.'
Donald: 10%?
Toni: 10% of what? This? Oh you're too kind.
Donald: Not of this... of something really big. Come - I'll tell you about it
     on the drive. I hope you have your car. Mine's in the, errm shop... Yeah!

Love On The Run (1:15) (9.24 MB)
Donald: Caterpillars... cater... cater... cater... cat... No that's no good.
     Ohmmmmmmmm. Dammit. It's just so... Oh, shit if I just had something cold
     to cuddle up to, It'd be so easy.
Toni: What's going on, D?
Donald: Antonio! Oh, I'm just seeking spiritual enlightenment, if you must ask,
     but not today. Maybe tomorrow.
Toni: Your message seemed kinda anxious.
Donald: Anxious? I'm meditating. Anxious, moi? I'm at one with the universe.
     That's just impossible. Oh, shit, that's right. Um, there is a load of
     Colombians coming up here to potentially kill me if I don't keep my mouth
     shut and pay them all off.
Toni: Oh! I guess that would explain all the Colombians hovering around outside.
Donald: Oh shit! Please, Antonio, you have to get me out of here! I don't want
     to... Please! I don't wanna die! I don't...
Toni: So much for bring at one with the universe, huh?
Donald: Thank you, Toni! I'll make it... I'll make it worth your while,
     I promise.

The Sicilian Gambit - File #1 (0:38) (4.75 MB)
Sal: No, I'll talk to you later.
[Sal hangs up]
Sal: Hey Toni!
Toni: Sal! You're back where you belong.
Sal: Hey we're both back. You and me! We did it, huh?
Toni: You know it.
Sal: We cleaned it up with the Forellis. The Sindaccos we sent into the fucking
     sea. Now, I got the Sicilians on the phone wanting peace. We all want
     peace! But my peace, not their fucking peace. I'm the big man now. No chump
     from the old country is gonna tell me what to do. I told them to go fuck
Toni: You did? Was that wise?
Sal: Hey, I'm the boss now. ME! Now let's go see the mayor about getting my
     charges dropped.

The Sicilian Gambit - File #2 (0:47) (5.79 MB)
[at Sal's residence]
Sal: Hey! Mr. Mayor! We just saved you from a bunch of crazed Sicilians.
Mayor: Yeah, thanks.
Sal: And that means...
Mayor: Uh... The city is grateful to you?
Toni: Try again.
Sal: That you work for me, right?
Mayor: Oh yeah, that I work for you.
Sal: Good. Now don't call us. We'll call you. Get outta here, prick.
Mayor: Thank you, Mr. Leone.
Sal: Toni! We did it! We run things now. You and me. We're a team, huh? Now I
     just need you to do one small thing for me; I got some problems that I've
     been dealing with...

The Sicilian Gambit - File #3 (1:49) (13.3 MB)
[at Ma Cipriani's restaurant]
Sal: Hey, Uncle! How you doin', ah? You look good.
Uncle: Ahhhh, Salvatore. All we really wanted was clarity.
Sal: Yes, uncle. I appreciate that.
Uncle: So, we are at peace now - you and the old country?
Sal: Of course. Me and all my people.
Uncle: Good. Very good.
Sal: Sneaky little bastard. I wouldn't trust him a fucking inch.
Uncle: Every dog has his day...
Toni: Yeah, but we did it.
Sal: Yeah, we cleaned up. You did good Toni, you did real good. I always
     knew you was a good kid. You saved my ass a few times. And I appreciate
     that kind of loyalty.
Toni: Thank you.
Sal: A good worker. I like that. Respectful. So I got you that half million I
     promised you.
Toni: Half? Woah! I thought you, uh, said a couple.
Sal: I said one million dollars. But what? You can put a price on friendship?
     The kind of frienship you and me have? Shame on you! Come here. You're a
     good kid, but shame on you.




This walkthrough assumes that you have a decent knowledge of how to use a
computer.  You don't need to be an expert, though.  I certainly am not :-)

This walkthrough is written expressly to be used with my MFAudio batch file for
the game, so as to make the extraction process easy and automated.  Without my
batch file, you'd have to open up and convert each file one by one.  This
walkthrough assumes that you want to copy and convert ALL audio files.

1. Create an empty folder/directory on your hard drive (name it whatever you
like), preferably in a spot that's easy to get to.  In this directory, create
two subdirectories named "music" and "dialogue" (it makes life easier if you
use these names).

2. Extract a copy of MFAUDIO.EXE to each of these two subdirectories.

3. From the game disc, copy everything in \MOVIES\ to the Music directory
on your hard drive.

4. From the game disc, copy everything in \AUDIO\MUSIC\ to the Music directory
on your hard drive.

5. From the game disc, copy all of the files from \AUDIO\CUTSCENE\ and
\AUDIO\NEWS\ to the Dialogue directory on your hard drive.

6. Open my batch file in your .zip program.  Extract GTALCS_MUSIC.BAT to the
Music directory and GTALCS_DIALOGUE.BAT to the Dialogue directory.

7. Close all of the programs you have running.  This will free up as much
resources on your computer as possible.

8. Run each of the two .bat files.  Each file will open and close MFAudio,
extracting the audio from each of the files you copied from the game disc.
This process will take a few minutes to complete.  How fast it takes will
depend on the speed of your computer's processor.  It *should* be done in
well under 10 minutes, but I make no guarantees about that.

9. You can now delete all of the .vb and .pss files you have in both directories
on your hard drive.  These are the files you copied off of the game disc, and
they are no longer needed at this point.  You can even delete both copies of
MFAUDIO.EXE in each directory.  All that should be left are the .wav files.
This will ensure that you have as much free space as possible for the next
steps, and to prevent you from getting confused by having too many files to work

10. Now that you have all of these large wav files on your hard drive, you
can do lots of things with them (wav is a very common format).  First you
may want to maximize or normalize the volume and/or remove any silence
from the ends of the wav files.  You'll need an audio editor like Goldwave,
though any decent one will do.

Now, chances are, you'll want to do one of two things with the wav files: put
them on an audio CD so that you can listen to them on an audio CD player or
convert them to MP3 format for listening on your computer or a portable
MP3 player.

AUDIO CD - You'll need a CD-RW drive (or "CD burner" as it's sometimes
called) and a CD making program (one probably came with the drive when you
bought it).  Just follow the directions in the program and you shouldn't
have a problem.  If you have any problems, contact the folks who made the
program you're using, not me.

If you wish to split the radio station files into separate files, so you can
make individual tracks when you burn them to CDs, you can use Goldwave's
"Cue Points" feature to set the spots where you want the files to be splitted
(read the program documentation to learn how to use it), then burn all of the
resulting files in order without any pause/silence inbetween (the pause/silence
is usually associated to the file it is placed BEFORE).  This is how I did it
with a few different CDs I've made.

MP3 - You'll need an encoding program.  Most should be able to convert all of
your wav files to mp3 files in one go.

Once your files are successfully burned to an audio CD or encoded into MP3
files, you can safely delete all of the wavs.  You might want to keep a copy of
MFAudio somewhere on your hard drive because you never know when you'll have a
use for it.

These files should NOT be shared with friends, uploaded to the Internet or
shared on peer-to-peer networks.  Everything I've told you in this guide


For those people who wish to convert the files on the game disc one by one,
here's the manual information you'll need.  You'll still need to copy all of
the files you want to convert from the game disc to your hard drive.

1. In MFAudio, click "Options" at the bottom left and set as follows:
   Sony ADPCM - Use Extended Flagging? YES (DEFAULT)
   PSS - Scan whole file for streams? NO (DEFAULT)
   PSS - Scan up to ? MB? 8 (DEFAULT)
   VAG - VAG version number? 0x3 (DEFAULT)
   RAW - Default PCM frequency? 32000 (48000 default)
   RAW - Default ADPCM frequency? 32000 (44100 default)
   Set as default player for? None of the options. (DEFAULT)

Setting these options like so will make it faster for you to convert the files.

2. Click "Open" at the top right, and navigate to your hard drive (where you
copied all of the files).  Find the first file you wish to convert, select it,
and press Open.

3. The "Input Audio File" values should be set as follows:
   File Format: RAW - Raw Sound Data - Compressed ADPCM
   Frequency: 32000 Hz
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: 2000
   Offset: 0 Bytes
   Stream: [greyed out]

* For the four movie .PSS files, the settings should be:
   File Format: PSS - PS2 Movie Audio Stream - Compressed ADPCM
   Frequency: 48000 Hz
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: 200
   Offset: [greyed out]
   Stream: 00

Click Play, and if the audio sounds right, click Stop.  If it sounds
wrong, click Stop and review your settings - you've done something wrong.

4. Now, fill in the values in the "Output Audio File" section:
   File Format: WAV - Microsoft RIFF - Uncompressed PCM
   Frequency: [32000 or 48000 depending on input]
   Samples: 16 bits
   Channels: 2
   Interleave: [greyed out]

5. Click "Save As" and navigate to any folder on your hard drive where you
wish to keep your files.  Type in a filename for the file, then click Save.

6. Finally, click "Process."  When the blue bar reaches the end, your file
conversion is complete.  This time varies greatly depending on your
computer's specs and the length of the track you are copying.

You will need to repeats steps 2 through 6 for EACH file you want to



These are the credits as written in the game's manual.


DJ Banter, Talk Radio, Commercials and Imaging written by: Dan Houser and Lazlow

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Heartland Values With Nurse Bob
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"The Heist"
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Attic | Courtesy of Bugz In The Attic | www.bugzintheattic.co.uk



* No, you may not put this document on your website.  I have decided not to
allow websites other than GameFaqs to host my documents/files.  Please don't
ask, because I will not grant permission.  In order to make sure that my work
is always available in it's most up-to-date form, it is necessary for me to
limit it's distribution to just one site.  I just don't have the time to give
updates to multiple sites. If anyone sees this document on any site other than
GameFaqs, please let me know and I will take care of the situation.  Thanks.

* Everything I know about audio extraction is in this document.  I can't
provide you with any technical support if you run into any problems because, to
reiterate, everything I know is already in this document.  Maybe someone on the
GameFaqs message boards can help you.

* Do not e-mail me asking if I will share any audio files with you.  It is
illegal to do, plus I don't have any files to share.  Everything I extracted
to make the guide has long been deleted.

* I can't make an audio extraction guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
because it uses a completely different audio format than GTA 3, VC, and LCS.

* I can't help you with audio extraction for any games I did not make guides
for.  If the files on the game disc look similar to the ones used in the games
that my guides cover, then you can try the techniques found in my guides.
Otherwise you're out of luck.  Sorry.

* I don't know how to extract audio from non-Playstation 2 versions of this
game (or any other games).  My knowledge only covers the Playstation 2 system,
and only the games I've written audio extraction guides for (though some of that
info can be applied to other games that use the same audio formats).



Ver. 1.0 (6/17/2006)
The very first version of this guide.

Ver. FINAL (9/21/2006)
Added some information about San Andreas audio extraction to the top of the
Introduction section.



This document is copyright 2006 by Paul Rudoff.  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
Stories is copyright 2006 by Rockstar Games Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two
Interactive Software.  This document is not associated with or endorsed by
Rockstar Games Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software, or anyone else involved in
the making of the game.

This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
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This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
time without notice to you.

Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.


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