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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gam3rGir1

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     \_ ___   \________________     __
     /  \  \   \__    ___/  _  \   |__|
     \   \__\   \|    | /  /_\  \
      \____     ||    |/    |    \  __
      / ________||____|\____|__  / |__|
      \/                       \/
    .___    .________________________________________________.___.
    |   |   |   \______   \_   _____/______   \__    ___/__  |   |   
    |   |   |   ||    |  _/|    __)_ |       _/ |    |   /   |   |
    |   |___|   ||    |   \|        \|    |   \ |    |   \____   |
    |______ \___||______  /_______  /|____|_  / |____|   / ______| 
           \/           \/        \/        \/           \/
    _________ .__________________.___.
    \_   ___ \|   \__    ___/__  |   |
    /    \  \/|   | |    |   /   |   |
    \     \___|   | |    |   \____   |
     \______  /___| |____|   / ______|
            \/               \/
      ____________________________________.______________ _________
     /   _____/__    ___/_____  \______   \   \_   _____//   _____/
     \_____  \  |    |   /   |   \       _/   ||    __)_ \_____  \
     /        \ |    |  /    |    \   |   \   ||        \/        \
    /_______  / |____|  \_______  /___|_  /___|_______  /_______  /
            \/                  \/      \/            \/        \/
                         W A L K T H R O U G H
                      | BY Gam3rGurl AKA Cheat_Angel |
    1} Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    2} Tips
     - Keep Your Discipline
     - Shooting
     - Escaping From The Police
     - Using A Pay 'N' Spray 
    3} Walkthrough/Mission
    3A} Portland Island
     - Vincenzo Missions
     - JD O'Toole Missions
     - Ma Cipriani Missions
     - Salvatore Missions
     - Maria Missions
    3B} Staunton Island
     - Salvatore Missions
     - Donald Love Missions
     - Mcaffrey Mission
     - Church Missions
    3C} Shoreside Vale
     - Salvatore Missions
     - Donald Love Missions
    3D} Staunton Island Revisted
     - Toshiko Missions
    3E} Back To Shoreside Vale 
     - Donald Love Missions
     - Salvatore Missions
    3F} Portland Island Revisted
     - Salvatore Missions 
    5} Cheats
    6} Thanks
    7} Sites Given Permission
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
    This FAQ is copyright © 2005 Gama. This walkthrough may not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal and was written solely to be
    hosted at www.gamefaqs.com and www.supercheats.com. Any other site can 
    also use this guide as long as they inform me about my guide being used at
    Gamer_Gama@hotmail.com, If not Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    2. Tips
    While it might be a bit of a blind, it's always
    best to save your game at your save house after
    each mission. Just go back, keep a car in the 
    garage , stock up on health/armour and then save.
    The islands aren't huge, so it wont take you too
    long to do. It also saves you loads of money and
    ammo that your'll otherwise lose when 'Wasted' or 
    'Busted'. In the long run it'll save you some time,
    Always keep your distance and try to use the scencery
    for cover. If you rush in on several guys with automatics,
    you're not going to last long. lock on targets from far away
    as you can, then start pumping that trigger. try to get used
    to switching targets with the D-pad - it's much more reliable
    than leaving the game to do it for you. if not, take your finger
    off the target button, then reapply to change targets when first 
    one is down. Oh, yeah and make sure you never stand next to 
    explosive barrels. That's just bloody silly.
    Don't think you can always outrun them, as all it takes is one 
    wrong trun and they'll cripple your car. First pause the game 
    and use the maps to plot your journey - using the quickest and
    most obvious route. Secondly, if there's a Pay 'N' Spray around
    then use it. It may cost you $100, but it will make your life 
    Much easier when you hit the streets.
    Whenever you use a Pay'N' Spray you won't immediately lose your
    wanted rating - it will just flash. What this means is if you 
    commit a felony while it's flashing your wanted rating will 
    immediately return. This is really important in GTA:LCS, because
    it's hard to back out of Pay 'N' Spray shops - you can't control 
    the camrera to look back and steer at the same time. Usually there
    will be a police car who's been pursuing you right outside the Pay
    'N' Spray - If you clip the car slightly they'll be right back after
    you again. So to make sure you keep the right side of the law, wait 
    until the wanted rating has stops flashing and disappears completely.
    then you're free to go about your business as usual.
    3. Walkthrough/missions
    3A. Portland Island
    Incredibly easy. Just drive safely and your'll pass first time.
     Vincenzo Missions 
    Just like the first mission - drive casually to get you and your
    passenger to your destination.
    Still very simple, as all you have to do is beat up the dealers.
    There's a meat cleaver you can pick up on your way through
    chinatown if you want to use it. Other than that, make sure you 
    keep hammering the punch button - especially when the dealer goes
    This introduces toni to JD O'Toole and opens up his frist mission
    thread. First buy a gun - buy a couple of pistols if you want the 
    reassurance of plenty of ammo - then go to the construction site.
    The first to targets have their backs to you, so they shouldn't
    be a promblem. Next go through the red tunnel but slow up before
    you exit so you can lock on to the guy in the distance - now cap
    him. The next guy is immediately to your left as you come out of
    the tunnel, so move quickly to face him before shooting.
    All that's left is the main hood - he's shown on the radar.
    Approach slowly so you can lock on to him from as far away as 
    possible and rapidly press the trigger. you might have lost some 
    health here, so pick up the heart your'll find on the blue walkway
    to your right as you leave the construction site. now head to the 
    Pay 'N' spray.
    Your'll need a four seater car for this, Which your'll find down
    the side of vincenzo's office. Take it to the garage and be 
    patient when picking up vinny's goons - make sure you got them all.
    Now get out of there quickly. Reverse straight away, because if you
    go too close to the petrol pump it may cause an explosion. check 
    the map to find the quickest way to the Pay 'N' Spray then drive 
    quickly, but sensibly - this is not the time to try a jump and end
    up turning the car over.
    This is another police chase, so use what you've learnt about 
    getting ro and using the Pay 'N' Spray to lose the heat.
    This is a very hard mission, unless you're armed with the right
    equipment, but fortunately you can find it on the way to the 
    mission. Vinny wants to meet you in a nearby freighter. once in
    the freighter, take your first right before you going down to the
    hull to pick up a magnum, then on your way down the flight of 
    stairs look for some body armour. Now you're ready.
    Vinny's men will now rushyou with chainsaws. Don't wait until
    they run on-screen, just look at the mini map and keep on shooting 
    and re-aiming. Don't hesitate, as if they get near you, your'll 
    lose health very quickly indeed. When you can, readjust your 
    position by sprinting to a point where you have time to trun and 
    shoot guys coming from the rear.
    Once the chainsaw thugs are all dead, take a breath and some health
    and prepare yourself for the SMG assault. providing you've got 
    enough health and ammo remaining, this should be a problem, though.
    JD O'Toole Missions
    Bone Voyeur!
    NOTE: Change Out Of Your Leone Suit In Your Safe House Before
    Starting This Mission.
    This is an odd mission. To find the girls, just circle an area 
    about three blocks around JD's club - and do it slowly to make sure
    you can spot them. Then, to kill the pimp, wait until he's sprinting
    away and run over him.
    Don In 60 Seconds
    Another police chase - so get to the Pay 'N' Spray - but rather then 
    trying to do a U-turn when starting off, drive the way you're facing,
    take a first right then do a circuit of the block to get some distance
    between you and the cops. Then use the Pay 'N' Spray.
    Before starting this mission, it's important that you go buy a SMG from
    the Ammu-Nation so you can shoot from bikes.
    Here you have to defend a casino from sindacco attacks. The best way to 
    do this is to interceptthe attacks as early as possible, so get a 
    motobike, check the mapto see where the enemy car is, then go for it. 
    If the cars still make it to the building, take them out by foot - 
    paying close attention to anyone kneeling, as they're the guys who are
    planting the bombs.
    The last attack is a bomb in a van. Don't try and take it out, just wait
    until it's parked outside and hang around it so you can dive in as soon
    as the driver hops out.
    Now you have to get it as far away as you can from the casino - drive it
    in the direction it's facing - as stright as you can - watching the 
    distance display. As soon as the van's distance bar is full, get out 
    quickly and hammer that (X) button to sprint to safety.
    Here you have to deliver a car bomb, so first go to Eight Ball's garage
    and get one fixed to your chosen ride. Next, drive VERY carefully to the 
    target - your in no rush. There's nothing very subtle to the next bit.
    Ignore the guards, park, arm the bomb and then sprint away. Detonate the
    bomb by pressing fire when armed with the remote control. The key to this
    is ignoring the guards - just sprint. You might get hit, but you'll only 
    die if you stand and fight.
    Here you have to protect Salvatore as he goes on a rampage. You're told
    to do this by sniper rifle from a near roof. If you fancy your sharp 
    shooter then go ahead but remember to change position to get the best
    I recomend ditching the sniper rifle, taking the adrrenalin pill on 
    the roof and taking out the sindaccos at street level. The patten of
    attack goes like this: When standing on the roof facing the street,
    three show up in the street to the right and two from the alleyway
    straight ahead. Then some more turn up in vans to the left of the 
    street at the junction. At this junction, two come from the right
    then more from behind. Take out the two cops to end the mission.
    Always try to stay in front of Salvatore in order to draw the fire.
    Here you have to tail a chopper. forget about looking  up at it, 
    just look at the icon on the on-screen map. A bike is the best choice
    of vehicle to do this in. First stop is Hepburn Heights, followed by
    a heli-pad in Chinatown. Now it's time to shoot, So get armed. Go up
    and activate the cut-scene then start capping the Triads. Make sure 
    you take out the Triad in the far right corner, as he has a sniper
    rifle. You can use this to take out the other Triads blocking your
    exit. Other useful items include the Adrenaline Pill.
    Also try to target the triad vans - they use them as cover, but get 
    them to explode and you can take out the gang very quickly.
    As anyone who's seen the goodfellas knows, this was never going to go
    well. On route to the ceremony, take out the Sindacco hit men. Do this
    by keeping your distance and taking them out with a sniper rifle.
    Then after JD gets 'made' drop off your passenger as quick as you can 
    and speed for the river near Vinny's office. Here, race along the jetty
    keeping plenty of jetty on your left, so that when you press (TRI) to 
    exit the car your'll roll to safety and not in the drink.
    Ma Cipriani Missions
    Here you must tail a pervert around town. It's dull, but easy if you use 
    a bike, as they're quick to gain ground but do back off whenever the 
    warning that you're too close appears on screen.
    When taking the pictures, use the zoom so you don't have to get too close,
    but don't look for perfection. just make sure that u get him and the girls
    in the frame together.
    This is a street race, which shouldn't be too testing for you remember 
    the following rules:
    *Look at the arrows in the markers so you know which way to turn next.
    *Keep one eyeon the next markeron the radar so you can anticipate the
    turns that are coming.
    *Don't get too involed in mashing up the other cars - you can out-pace
    them, so don't get involved in a brawl.
    *Do the race at night and there will be less traffic.
    This time you have to kill Casa in a meat factory with a cleaver. He'll
    run around all the time, so the trick is to give him space and he'll
    try to hide by crouching down. When he does this, approach him from 
    behind and be as brutal as you can with the cleaver.
    Next it's another police chase, so get to that Pay 'N' Spray as quickly
    as you can.
    A tough mission, as you've got to see off a series of hitmen. The best 
    thing to do is arm yourself with a shotgun, since, if you aim right, 
    it's a one-shot kill. The key thing here is to be decisive when the 
    gunmen arrive and don't let them settled as you'll just be out-numbered.
    Start taking them out as soon as they're trying to get out of their car,
    then retreat for the next wave.
    Also, don't get all the health too early. Save it for when your health
    drops below half.
    Salvatore Missions
    After the union boss has refused the meeting, Ma Cipriani thugs will 
    will turn on you and you must escape. The trick here is not to make
    your waythrough the docks, as you'll pass dockers armed with molotov
    cocktails. Instead, as soon you get control of Toni, sprint the way 
    he's facing then follow the edge of the dock till you see some large
    containers. Run left on the sea side of these and head for the grassy
    bit of Portland Beach.
    Turn and shoot at your nearest pursuer if you want to get more space 
    between them and you.
    A taxiing mission. Pick up six hookers and take them to the docks 
    within a time limit. use the four-door sentinel at salvatore's 
    house for this one. This means you've two lots of three to take
    over, rather then having to make three runs. When looking for girl's,
    constantly refer to the map so you can find the nearest. If they're
    'occupied', just run the clients over with the car. Lovely.
    Oh, and be careful when dropping them off that you don't run them 
    over when leaving.
    Chase down the union chiefs. If your in a car, just ram them. If 
    you're on a bike, shoot the car until the chief's get out. Make
    sure you get them quickly, just in case they're armed. If they've
    stopped at the lights, drag them out of the car before they can 
    pull away.
    Make your way down to the radio station, and if you approach from 
    the back {East}, you should be able to take out the chauffeur from
    behind with a melee attack. Then get in the limousine.
    Now you must scare the union cheif. Driving fast works really well
    for this, so does doing jumps and sharp handbrake turns. crashing
    into things work as well, but you dont want to wreck your car and
    end up killing both you and your passenger. 
    Once you've done this, crash through the picket line to deliver her
    to the ferry point.
    {joint mission with contra}
    Pick up muscle at St Mark's Bistro, the casino and by the garage.
    Now before you park in the yellow marker at the docks, get out of
    the car and pick up the body armour that's next to it and arm 
    yourself with your best gun. As soon as everythink kicks off, 
    concentrate on shooting the drug dealers - not your own men or the
    cops. The drug dealers have pink arrows over them. Do this by keeping
    calm and flicking through your targets.
    Then get in the drug dealer's car and go to the Pay 'N' Spray - quickly.
    There's a police bribe on the north side of the dock warehouse, so it's
    worth reversing to get that, or do a quick lap of the warehouse.
    A very tough mission, as this one's and all-out gun fight.
    Here's my advice:
    *Make sure you get yourself the body armour.
    *If you're taking a beating, there's body armour a block down from 
    Jd's to pick up and health under the blue walkway opposite the Pay
    'N' Spray.
    *Use a shotgun, it's a reliable one-shot kill.
    *Don't rely on you Al help - there are rubbish. They'll put down the
    odd Sindacco - just by chance - but i recommend taking the responsiblity
    out of there hands.
    *Keep repositioning amd looking to where the next wave of attacks is 
    coming from and make sure you don't get surounded.
    Here you have save a load of money from a burning building. The trick
    here is to prioritise.
    Your main problem id being shot by triads, so give yourself time to
    move around by clearing a path with the SMG. Next it's the fire. It's
    hot and it hurts, so pick your way through the ruins carefully. And
    then there's the money. It's indicated green on the radar - just be
    thorough when you're picking it up.
    When escaping, take the car as the triads will chase you in their
    vans so your'll need the protection. Be careful though, as it will
    likely be very damaged. Be prepared to swap cars on your way back 
    to Salvatore to prevent an untimely explosion.
    Here you have to escape the Island. First go to the ferry prot to
    pick up a three-star wanted level. Now going to the Pay 'N' Spray
    will only put the police off your sent for a short while, but it's
    worth going to repair damage and give you some thinking time.
    Plot your way to Callaghan bridge carefully, remembering that the
    access onto it is further towards the centre of town then you might
    Then, when you're on the bridge, remember that the Americans drive
    on the right and put your foot down.
    Maria Missions 
    Here you have to take Maria on a 'shopping' spree. She will vist two
    shops, the first one won't be a problem as you only get a one-star
    wanted level. The second run is tough, as you get a three-star wanted
    level and the shopkeeper shoots out your tyres. Make sure the car is 
    pointing north when you park, then when escaping, take the first right,
    then your first left - What you're looking for is a Police Bribe that's
    up a raised alleyway by some boxes. Get this to ease some of the pressure,
    then go for the Pay 'N' Spray before taking Maria back home.
    Maria gets kidnapped by her Sindacco drug dealers, so you must ram 
    them until they stop, then shoot them. To make this easier, arm yourself
    before you enter your car and make sure you park in the same direction
    they're facing so you get a quick getaway.
    This is bike race, so good luck. My tip here is to avoid using the (R1)
    brake, as it's easy to lose control - squeeze (SQ) instead. Also this
    raced over two laps, so pay attention on the first lap to the layout
    of the course - it's fairly straightforward, though. Lastly, stay on
    the right side of the road when going through the markers as they can
    often conceal you view.
    BE WARNED: If you try to take out opponents' tyres with a gun, they'll
    just ride away.
    This is a seriously tough mission. You have to confront Maria's 
    boyfriend, who then departs sharpish on a bike. Ignore his mates and
    just concentrate on getting a bike and getting out of the 
    pedestrianised bit of chinatown - watching out for bollards.
    Now chase the biker across town. He's inclined to take shortcuts which
    you can take yourself. Or you could try and anticipate the exit of the 
    shortcut and stick to the main road.
    If you can keep up and shoot him off his bike, then great. If not, wait
    until he does a full circuit and goes on foot in Chinatown. Lock on to
    him with you most powerful gun and take him down.
    Here you have to take Maria to get some zap - but instead it turn into
    a chase across town with a load of bikers on your tail. Make sure you
    choose a fast car, though - i did this mission in a taxi. Then it's 
    just a case of driving quickly, and straight to every location. Keep
    checking the map when necessary, though.
    One of the trips you have to make is to Hepburn Heights which can only
    be accessed from the right-hand side {as you travel north} of the
    If your car is really getting beaten up, then a trip to the Pay 'N'
    Spray will definitely help.
    3B. Staunton Island
    Salvatore Missions
    This is a very hard mission, as you have to assassinate the heavilly
    guarded mayor and retrieve his mobile phone. If you have a sniper
    rifle it is possible to take him out from a distance. Take the first
    entrance on the right side of the park as you come at it from the 
    phone. Go up onto the grassy knoll and cap him as he comes over the 
    bridge. Or you can keep your weapons away, wait unitl he gets close
    and then go all-out, guns blazing.
    If you're rumbled he'll escape in his car, but it's not over if he 
    does. Attack his car by ramming it and doing drive-bys and 
    eventually you'll take him down.
    Once you've got the mobile phone, stay vigilant, as the mayor's 
    bodyguards will still be after you.
    Nothing much to do here - just enjoy yourself.
    This is an on-rails - or rather on-boat - shooter that should be 
    familiar to anyone who has played Vice City here are some 
    general tips:
    *Be careful not to shoot your own boat - sounds obvious, but it
    can happen.
    *When being pursued by boats, aim for the gunmen if you can - it's
    them who are doing the damage, not the actual boats.
    * Try to hit the red barrels when approaching the jetties, but only
    from a decent distance away. You don't want to get caught up in the
    *Again aim for the gunmen when the helicopter first appears. They're
    doing the shooting.
    A very very hard mission. The first bit is easy - get the limo and
    park it in the marker by the alley in which Sal is trapped. Now
    instead of going stright down the alley, enter from the other side.
    Go right round the block. Then creep up to the edge and toss a 
    couple of grenades round the corner to hopefully take the front to
    guys out. the get yourself on the grass on the other side of the 
    road, opposite the alley. From here you should be out of range of
    the goons' rifles, but they should be in range of your sniper rifle.
    If so, clear the whole alley. Then go to the passage where Sal is stuck
    and kill the two guy here.
    Now the challenge is to get Sal and yourself out. Two goons rush in, so
    take them out. The problem now is that the rest of the gang just stand
    and wait. Use this to your advantage. Hug one wall of the alley entrance
    so you can avoid being hit from that direction, then edge near the edge
    of the entrance, constantly hitting the auto-aim so you can lock on and 
    hit your target at the earliest point. Continue doing that, alternating
    each side, and you should be able to squeeze yourself out.
    Once in the limousine, get rid of your two-star wanted level by taking 
    the bribe in the alley oppersite where you parked your ride earlier.
    A very strange mission. You take control of Paul Sindacco's car as he 
    drives to a peace meeting with the Forellis. Press (X) to do this and
    you get a strange, green first-person view - you can use this to mow
    down all the Forellis. They're not expecting this, so make sure your
    first sweep is a devastating one. Turn at the end of the pathway and
    make a sweep of the area by the pillars. Ram the car to make the 
    occupants get out.
    Be methodical and shouldn't take too much effort, as you don't have 
    to hit the targets at too much of a pace.
    This is a boat mission and there are three ways for you to shoot
    the messenger:
    1. Get a rocket launcher, press (TRI) to come off the boat controls,
    and hit the boat when it first passes.
    2. Do a drive/sail-by, but be careful that you don't approach directly
    from behind, as the on-board gunner will destroy your boat before you
    get level. Take a very wide birth before you finally draw alongside.
    3. Or track the boat, wait until the messenger docks and shoot him
    when his on foot.
    Donald Love Missions
    All you have to do is steal hearse. sounds easy but it isn't. Don't 
    waste time, as the further up town you get, the nearer you'll be to
    the Pay 'N' Spray. You'll be glad for this as you'll get a three-star
    wanted rating once you get behind the wheel.
    To make the driver get out, keep raming the hearse, but before you get
    behind the wheel, remove any obstacles that will prevent a quick 
    getaway. Plot your way to the paint shop, remembering to take the same
    alley that you use for your safe house, and the Pay 'N' Spray is up the
    ramp. Good luck.
    To claim five markers quickly, just concentrate on the five nearest.
    Keep circling them and reclaiming them whenever O'Donavan's men take
    them over. Once you've done that, do drive-byse vans to get them out
    of the way. They detonate very easily.
    There are three clusters of campaigners to take out - the first is on
    a rooftop heli-pad and the other two are easy to find. To make this 
    mission even easier, go to Ammu-Nation and stock up on decent weapons
    and body armour. As body armour is now available to buy, get some after
    every mission before you save.
    The AK-47 is expensive, but what eles do you want money for? And it 
    really kicks ass, too. As the campaigners stand in groups, a couple of 
    well-placed grenades can really help.
    The key to this mission is preparation. Make sure you have full body 
    armour, a lot of SMG ammo and a bike you're comfortable with. First 
    get the flamethrower from Fully Cocked then go to the print works.
    Don't approach the place armed with the flamethrower, though. Use a
    regular gun to first clear the place of gangsters and start methodically
    torching the palettes. Be patient and make sure that they are fully alight.
    As more hoods come to take you out, keep switching to your normal gun to 
    take them out effectively and quickly.
    Once you've destroyed the print works you must go after two vans. So get
    on the bike you came on and chase, shooting at them with (O) when you're
    directly behind. Don't waste any time, as you'll fail the mission if
    they get too far away.
    This is easy if you've treated yourself to an AK-47. Use the AK to take
    out the hitmen on the roof and down the alley, then switch to the
    sinper rifle to take out the three on the bridge.
    It's not over though, as just when you get back in the limo, a truck
    with another hitman on the back hurtles in. You can try to outrun
    it, but the limo has already taken such a battering it's going to
    take some amazing driving. What i did was immediately get out the 
    limo, shoot the gunmanon the back of the truck to force the driver
    out so that i could cap him.
    This is simple if you do it quickly.
    You have to intercept three exchanges that follow this pattern:
    1. The van stops and then a guy gets out of a station wagon and into
    a the van.
    2. Then the same guy gets out of the van and starts to go back to the
    station wagon - it's at this point that you should shoot the guy and 
    pick up the parcel. Get a quick bike, remain armed and keep up.
    To save Donald's reputaion you must nick a van with evidence from an
    enemy stronghold. I chose to do this slowly and with a sniper rifle.
    First take down the guards by the blockade and then enter very slowly.
    The idea is to gradually edge forward, scan the area and take out the 
    guards before they can get you in rangeto hurt you.
    The only time you have to retreat is when you see a car hurling forward.
    When this happens, retreat to the street side of the blockade and take it
    out with the sniper rifle. 
    Then get back into the stronghold and move the car that's blocking the 
    entrance. Continue edge forward and clearing until you take out the last
    few guards with an assault rifle. Then drive the van to safety.
    Mcaffrey Missions
    This is a shooting mission that starts you off on foot, which is quite
    easy as you're given an assault rifle. This gives you a far greater
    range, so keep your distance. Next it turns into an on-rails shooter.
    Remember to focus on who is doing the damage - It's the gunmen. 
    Shooting the cars and choppers is a great way of blowing up multiple
    targets, but don't ignore the guys shooting at you - they go quicker
    than a whole car
    Here you have to lure the forellis into a yardie trap. To do this you
    must nick a bike. Make sure you have armour so you can take a few hit
    on your run and then, once you've got your ride, check your route to 
    the ambush. Next go as fast as possible - don't worry about the 
    pursuers keeping up, they will - and use the (O) brake to slow for
    Once you get the two gangs togever, jog to one side of the firefight
    and then shoot the forellis.
    CRAZY '69'
    Daft mission. You must kill 20 gangsters with only a samuri sword.
    Trouble is, there's a time limit, so don't waste a second. Run up
    the hill in front of you and get yourself to the park. Don't work
    methodically, as the gangsters soon will overrun you. Just head to
    the biggest cluster of targets and get slicing.
    The trick to a clean kill is timing. Lock on to the target with
    [R1], then press (O) just when they're a sword's length away to lop
    their heads off. Be sure to look out for Bribes and Health if you
    find yourself begining to get into trouble.
    Here you must help the yardies out. there's no real secret to success
    in this mission, but here are a few pointers:
    *Use the assault rifle, as it's good close up and great from long 
    distance away.
    *Look for the body armour on the left in the long alley where the 
    bike hurls itself at you.
    *Always watch the radar to see where the threat is coming from.
    You've time to slash out before you start this mission, so go and
    get yourself a rocket launcher. You wont reget it. In fact, you'll
    need to take out two huge ammunition trucks. From the start point,
    arm the rocket launcher, get on the sanchez and go after the truck
    that's going south. Try to use your speed to get in front of the
    truck. This will give you the space to get yourself composed for 
    the rocket attack.
    Once one truck is down, get back on the bike. This should be 
    quick enough to keep you from the armed support - get in front of
    the second truck and let fly with the rockets. It's messy, but very
    Chruch Missions
    The first part of this missionid against the clock, So don't hang around.
    Use a quick bike to get to the bridge and collect the FED car. To get
    away with the car cleanly, you have to do some smart reversing. Get in 
    the car but don't touch the analogue stick, just reverse stright back 
    until you hit the lamp post, then swing it round the large van by 
    steering to the right.
    Switch off the alarm for your own sanity by pressing (Down) on the 
    D-pad and then race down a pick up the informat. He will get wise and 
    run out, so chase him and shoot - pick up the report and sprint/drive
    out there quick. 
    This mission is all about pace.
    The sinper rifle is the key to this mission. Drive up to where th trade
    is being made but don't go stright in, as there's too much firepower.
    Go into the park on the left and then set your self up with a sniper
    rifle. Use [L1] and the analogue stick for precise aiming and go 
    directly for the guy with the briefcase. Guards will run at you once
    he's shot, so switch to an assault rifle to take them out. Then use 
    the sniper rifle to take the helicopter down - It's very effective.
    Once all the jewel thieves are dead, rush in to collect the briefcase.
    Now you have to worry about a three-star wanted level, so don't faff
    around looking for a car - sprint. Once you've got some time, get into
    a car and go to the Pay 'N' Spray.
    This is loads of fun - you've just got to go around smashing up traffic,
    so make sure you head downtown to find lots of it. 
    You get points for the following:
    *Cars rolled
    *Cars destroyed {BIG POINTS}
    *360 spins
    *180 spins
    *Riders dismounted
    *Pedestrians splattered
    Remember not to roll the fire truck. Hold (SQ) and use the analogue
    stick to correct yourself. Don't worry if police get invloved, as it
    all adds to the fun. Just keep your speed high and keep smashing. 
    Then the best way to get rid of the fire truck is roll it into the 
    Your told to go and buy a rocket launcher at the start of this mission,
    but as it's a race against time, it's worth buying one before you
    start - providing you've got the money, naturally.
    You have to prevent three celebrities getting to the radio stations in
    the southwest corner of the island. The ones coming from the north and
    east are relatively easy, as they're in cars. Intercept their paths, 
    get ahead of them and blow them up.
    The one coming from the west id harder, as this celebrity is in a 
    helicopter. Track the chopper's path, get right underneath it and then
    speed slightly ahead to set yourself up for the rocket attack. Once you
    have it in your sights, be liberal with the shots to make sure it goes
    3C. Shoreside Vale
    Fist job is to find your save house and save, So you've got a base.
    And you'll be pleased to know there's some armour you can pick up down
    the side the neighbouring house.
    Salvatore Missions
    Get the lawyer's suit by folowing the icon. Also take note where the 
    Pay 'N' Spray is. Then collect the hoods in in a four-steater car
    and attack the cars highlighted. there's no real trick to do this - 
    just don't rely on your AI help as they are useless. A shotgun is a 
    good choice for fighting up-close.
    This is actually realy easy if you have a rocket launcher. Track 
    Paulie Sindacco's boat on the shore, get slightly ahead of it and
    prepare to fire. Even if you don't have a rocket launcher a decent
    assault rifle will cause a lot of damage.
    This mission takes you back to Staunton Island. you must get assess
    to the Yakuza compand. To do this safely, stand a decent distance
    away, directly opposite the gates ans use the sniper rifle to shoot
    the guard. A car will be sent out followed by all the Yakuza - in 
    one big line. Hold your ground and use an assault rifle to take out
    the rest.
    Run inside the compound to discover a tank. Get in it and make your 
    way to 8 Ball's car bomb shop which is righ next to the Pay 'N' Spray.
    pay for a bomb, arm it - get a safe distance away and detonate.
    Donald Love Missions
    For this mission you have to kill Avery Carrington. Shame. But you 
    can't do it by blowing up his car and he's got two heavily armed
    vehicles guarding him.
    This is how i did it. First get ahead of the convoy on the bridge to
    Staunton Island. Then turn and attack the first car. As soon as you
    do, Avery will leave the convoy and make a run for it, so get back
    in your car.
    The best way to separate Avery from his car is to ram it against
    the concrete central reservation giving you chance to jack his car.
    Once he's on foot you can run him over or shoot him. Then collect
    the plans.
    It's back over to Staunton Island. Here you have to beat up Ned
    Burner, then kill him. He'll try to protect himself by driving off
    on a scooter. Try to keep up with him on the back lanes and then 
    catch up and shoot on the strights. push the analogue stick slightly
    forward so Toni creates a more aerodynamic shape, in order to get 
    extra speed.
    In this mission you must retrieve Ned's Burns' and Avery Carrington's
    bodies. Ick.
    Go for Burns first which is by the church on Staunton Island. When 
    you enter the hearse you'll get a two-star Wanted level so you'll
    NEED a bribe. Your'll find one if you drive in the direction the 
    hearse is facing to the end of the road. It's in a cluster of trees
    on the right. Take Burns to the hanger in the Airport.
    Avery Carrington's body is in the an ambulance by the hospital in 
    Shoreside Vale. This is easier to get, but don't waste any time,
    as you have precious little of it to spare.
    Go see 8 Ball and hope you've got enough money you'll need at least
    Once you've got the van from 8 Ball you have to enter the Liberty
    City tunnel system. The nearest entrance is to the right of the 
    bridge that takes you to Staunton so head there.
    Unfortunately the forellis are on to you and your van can only 
    take so much damage - so plot your journey and drive striaght and
    fast. The cars will follow you into the tunnel where they'll
    probably drive so aggressively they'll blow up.
    Once you're on your own - TAKE YOUR TIME through the various 
    obstacles. There are witnesses to cap, so get out and shoot them 
    to make sure they don't get away.
    After planting the first bomb the mission becomes timmed. Don't
    panic, it should be more then enough, just remember - don't try
    and turn in the tunnels as it will cause unnescessary damage. If 
    the marker is behind you, reverse into it .
    Once the two other bombs have set, run to the exit and use the 
    Forelli car to burst out of the gates.
    3D. Staunton Island Revisted
    Toshiko Missions
    It's another munitions raid which is possible to do without losing 
    any life - providing you use your sinper rifle.
    Start by taking out the first guard at the top of the winding road,
    then switch to an assault rifle and make your way down. Then at 
    the first turning, switch back to the sniper rifle and clear the 
    jetty area. All the Yakuza are clearly marked with big arrows on 
    their heads so you've no excuse in missing them.
    Snipe the Yakuza in the boats as well - both the gunmen and the 
    driver. Once you've done all this from distance you can scroll up
    {look for a rocket launcher} and take the boat with the blue 
    arrow over it. Other Yakuza boats show up but if you keep in a
    straight line you should have enough momentum to get past them
    Watch the steering on the boat though, it's really sluggish.
    To complete this mission you'll need some serious hardware as 
    you need to blow up three armed vans.
    You should have picked up a rocket launcher in the last Toshiko
    mission. If you didn't, go buy one pronto.
    Useally I would recommend you  intercept the convoy early, but
    if you do the vehicles split up, making it much harder to track
    each one down.
    What i suggest you do is create a road block near the destination
     - just park some cars around the road. Then when the convoy nears,
    let rip with the rockets. Direct hits and damage from the exploding
    cars should be enough to take them out.
    You have to take Toshiko to the opera, but you don't have very long
    at all to do this, so follow the instructions and drive very 
    On the way out of the performance you have to fight off a load of
    gangsters. The first wave is easy as they all have melee weapons.
    Now it's a chase in the cars. Fortunately what the limo lacks in
    speed it makes up for in durability, so take the bumbs abd keep
    going, choosing the quickest path possible. At the start of the 
    drive back it's worth driving off in the direction you're parked,
    rather than trying a dangerous reversing move.
    You have to assassinate Kazuki, so go to his place - arm yourself
    with the shotgun at first as the fighting is at close quarters.
    When he takes off in the chopper take one of the Yakuza's 
    Stingers to get to the casino. This will outrun the Yakuza's Cars.
    At the casino, don't hang around. Arm yourself with your best 
    weapon and blast a path to the roof. If your running low on 
    health - sprint to the yellow marker, to set off the cut-scene.
    Now you must face off against Kaziki who's coming at you with a
    samurai sword, which is deadly. Unfortunately, whatever weapon
    you had armed before the cut-scene, it's now a pistol, so 
    instead of shooting - RUN!
    Get down the stairs and go to the walkway opposite. Kazuki wont
    follow so now you can shoot him from a relative safety.
    3E. Back To Shoreside Vale  
    Donald Love Mission
    Here you have to protect Donald from an army of Colombians.
    Sounds scary but it's actually quite easy. When leaving his house
    make sure you're armed with an assault rifle. First focus your
    shot on the actual gunmen, but when you've got some breathing
    space target the gang's cars. The explosive chain reaction
    this will cause should take out some of the Colombians, plus
    the burning wrecks create a blockade so your remaining
    assailants can't get too close to you.
    Then drive to the airport. It's quite simple as long as you
    have a half decent car. The Pay 'N' Spray is handily placed
    along the route if you want to get the cops off your back.
    Salvatore Mission
    This is an escort mission with you in a police car protecting
    Sal's prison van. Get the police car round the back of the 
    station and then for the first part of the mission just
    follow slowly behind the van. As soon as the first police
    car gets blown up in the mission changes. Your role here is
    to keep close to the rear of the van for two reasons:
    1. To protect it from being rammed into oblivion
    2. So you can quickly nip in front of the van and take out
    the roadblocks that'll appear.
    When taking out the roadblocks try to run over the guys with
    the guns - they do a lot of damage.
    The police car is very durable so realy get involved, but not
    to the extent that you leave the back of the prison van to 
    have a crash match with an attacking car.
    3F. Portland Revisted
    Salvatore Mission
    This mission is a bit of an epic, which is fitting as it's the
    last one. There are several stages to it:
    Use Salvatore's Sentinel parked by his house and it will be 
    quick enough to outrun the Silians. Remember to double check
    where the Callaghan bridge starts and when crossing it, use
    the right-hand lane.
    Salvatore takes care of himself, so quickly despatch the
    sicilians on the stairs and then wait to take Salvatore 
    to the pier. Once there, stay armed and pump the auto-aim
    to spot potential threats.
    This is an on-rail/boats shooting section that's loads of
    fun. Hold down fire permanently, as the mounted mini-gun
    can take it. Instead of aiming at the gunmen, this time 
    aim at the actual boats. The gun is so powerful they'll
    explode in seconds.
    Be very care full here as the guards are all heavily armed
    and are awkwardly positioned. On the whole, moving up 
    gradually and using the auto-aim will work, but if the 
    guards are crouching behind cover you'll have to think
    differently. Eather rush them and use a shotgun to put them
    down or toss a few grenades their way.
    You're not in one - you've just shooting at one. By now you
    will have picked up an assault rifle and plenty of ammo, so
    trust the auto-aim to lock onto the chopper and keep firing
     - it's as simple as that. Just watch out for the change of
    angle of attack by the chopper and make good use of the 
    spare body amour.
    Once the Sicilian threat has been taken out you're now alloud
    to enjoy the cut-scene - a bliss montage of organised crime 
    and how to get away with it. It also neatly sets the scene for
    when GTA next vists Liberty City, In GTA 3. And that my dear
    friends is Liberty City Stories rinsed! Well Done.
    5. Cheats
    Stuck? Skint? Dying? Well these cheats will save you.
    Enter these codes while playing:
    Full Armour: L1, R1, O, L1, R1, X, L1, R1.
    Full Health: L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQ, L1, R1.
    Get $250,000: L1, R1, TRI, L1, R1, O, L1, R1.
    Weapons {Light}: UP, SQ, SQ, D, L, SQ, SQ, R.
    Weapons {Medium}: UP, O, O, D, L, O, O, R.
    Weapons {Heavy}: UP, X, X, D, L, X, X, L.
    Disable Wanted Level: L1,L1, TRI, R1, R1, X, SQ, O.
    Reset Wanted Level: L1, L1, SQ, R1, R1, X, SQ, O.
    Raise Media Attention: L1, U, R, R1, TRI, SQ, D, X.
    Cars Drive On Water: O, X, D, O, X, UP, L1,L1.
    People Follow You: D, D, D, TRI, TRI, O, L1, R1.
    Perfect Grip In Cars: L1, UP, L, R1, TRI, O, D, X.
    Spawn A Tank: L1, L1, R, L1, L1, R, TRI, O.
    Spawn A Dumper Tuck: TRI, O, D, TRI, O, UP, L1, L1.
    Clear Weather: UP, D, O, UP, D, SQ, L1, R1.
    Foggy Weather: UP, D, TRI, UP, D, X, L1, R1.
    Sunny Weather: L1, L1, O, R1, R1, SQ, TRI, X.
    Overcast Weather: UP, D, X, Up, D, TRI, L1, R1.
    Rainy Weather: UP, D, SQ, UP, D, O, L1, R1.
    Slower Gameplay: R1, TRI, X, R1, SQ, O, L, R.
    Faster Gameplay: R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, D, X.
    Faster Clock: L1, L1, L, L1, L1, R, O, X.
    Divers Are Aggressive: SQ, SQ, R1, X, X, L1, O, O.
    Pedestrians Attacks {Cannot Be Turned Off}: L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, UP, TRI.
    Pedestrians With Weapons: R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, R, O.
    Pedestrians Riot: L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L, SQ.
    All Cars Are White: X, X, R1, O, O, L1, TRI, TRI.
    All Cars Are Black: O, O, R1, TRI, TRI, L1, SQ, SQ.
    All Cars Are Chrome: TRI, R1, L1, D, D, R1, R1, TRI.
    Upside Down World: D, D, D, X, X, SQ, L1, R1.
    Rightside Up World: X, X, X, D, D, R, L1, R1.
    Change Bike Tyre Size: O, R, X, UP, R, X, L1, SQ.
    All Lights Are Green: TRI, TRI, R1, SQ, SQ, L1, X, X.
    Big Heads: D, D, D, O, O, X, L1, R1.
    Destroy All Cars: L1, L1, L, L1, L1, R, X, SQ.
    Display Credits: L1, R1, L1, R1, UP, D, L1, R1.
    Commit Suicide: L1, D, L, R1, X, O, UP, TRI. 
    6. Thanks
    I would like to thank the people at Gamesfaqs.com and 
    Supercheats.com for posting my walkthrough. I would Also
    like to thanks to Will “Phoenix” Duckan for the cheats 
    you truly are the cheat master and also to everyone who
    use's this walkthrough.
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