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    FAQ/Walkthrough by arthas4115

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 11/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GTA:Liberty City Stories
    Author: Arthas4114@yahoo.ie
    Completion: 5%
    Time and Date:18:56 06/11/2005
    Hello and welcome to the  guide of GTA:LCS.First things first
    these are the requirements for 100% completion
    *Complete all story mission. 
    *Complete all optional pastimes and races. 
    *Collect all Hidden Packages (100), Unique Jumps (26), and Rampages (20) . 
    *Collect all 16 Cars for the Car-azy Car Giveaway on Staunton Island. 
    I will post the missions as I complete the and I will complete the various 
    extra missions as they best fit into the gameplay.
                              2.Table of contents
    2.Table of Contents
          -On-foot controls
          -In-car controls
                        - Prologue                     
                   - Vincenzo                   
                        - Slacker               
                        - Dealing Revenge                     
                        - Snuff                    
                        - Smash and Grab                    
                        - Hot Wheels                    
                   - JD O'Toole                     
                        - Bone Voyeur!                    
                        - Don in 60 Seconds                    
                        - A Volatile Situation                    
                        - Blow Up 'Dolls'                                       
                   - Ma Cipriani                   
                        - Snappy Dresser                   
                        - Big Rumble in Little China                  
                        - Grease Sucho                   
                        - Dead Meat
                        - No Son of Mine                    
                   - Salvatore Leone                   
                        - The Offer                   
                        - Ho Selecta!                    
                        - Frighteners                 
                        - Rollercoaster Ride
                   - Maria                     
                        - Shop Till you Strop                    
                        - Taken for a Ride                    
                        - Booby Prize                    
                        - Biker Heat                     
                        - Overdose of Trouble
                   - Salvatore Leone (revisited 1)                  
                        - Contra-Banned
                   - JD O'Toole (revisited)
                        - Salvatore's Salvation                    
                        - The Guns of Leone                    
                        - Calm Before the Storm                    
                        - The Made Man
                   - Vincenzo (revisited)
                        - The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
                   - Salvatore Leone (revisited 2)                     
                        - Sindacco Sabotage                    
                        - The Trouble With Triads                     
                        - Driving Mr. Leone 
                   - Salvatore Leone
                        - A Walk in the Park
                        - Making Toni
                   - Donald Love
                        - The Morgue Party Candidate
                        - Steering the vote
    8.Legal Stuff
    9.Version history
     On Foot Controls                                                 
     L Trigger              Look / Fine Aim                                    
     R Trigger              Target                                             
     D-Pad Up               Special Missions                                   
     D-Pad Down             Free Aim                                           
     D-Pad Left             Cycle Weapons / Targets                            
     D-Pad Right            Cycle Weapons / Targets                            
     Analog Nub             Movement                                           
     Triangle               Enter Vehicle                                      
     X                      Run                                                
     Square                 Jump                                             
     Circle                 Attack / Fire Weapon                               
     Start                  Pause                                              
     Select                 Camera Modes                                       
     In-car Controls                                                   
     L Trigger              Look                                               
     R Trigger              Hand Brake                                         
     D-Pad Up               Special Mission                                    
     D-Pad Down             Horn                                               
     D-Pad Left             Radio Cycle                                
     D-Pad Right            Radio Cycle                                
     Analog Stick           Vehicle Control                                    
     Triangle               Exit Vehicle                                       
     X                      Accelerate                                         
     Square                 Brake or Reverse                                   
     Circle                 Attack / Fire Weapon                               
     Start                  Pause                                              
     Select                 Camera Modes                                       
    *This is taken directly from the package of the game*
    the streets of Liberty city are in turmoil. Warring Mafiosi vie for control as
    the town begins to self-destruct under waves of political corruption,organised
    crime, drug trafficking and union strikes. No one can be trusted as Toni tries
    to clean up the mess of the city's chaotic underworld. Deranged hit men,
    morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians and his own mother stand in his
    way as Toni tries to bring the city under Leone control. Forced to fight for 
    his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty city to its foundations, Toni
    must use any means necessary to secure his place in the leadership of the
    Leone family in a town up for grabs
     Toni Cipriani----
     This is you and will be the character you control for the length of the game.
    Toni departed for the city by order of Sal Leone(see below) after hitting some
    in the city. Now you are back with guns blazing in an attempt to take over the
    city and Leone family
     Salvatore Leone----
     Sal is the Don of the Leone family and ordered Toni to leave he city a couple 
    of years. Now that you are back he will be availing of your services as you 
    you climb the ladder in the underworld of Liberty city.
     Is one of Sal's cronies. He is new(that is he wasn’t in GTA3), so nobody 
    knows much about him. You do your first missions for him and he treat Toni
    like crap
     JD O'Toole----
     JD is a sindacco turncoat and wants to get in with the Leone family. He runs
    the local strip club and is a very sick man. You do missions for this guy so
    he can pay you back for a favour you did him.
     Mamma Cipriani----
     Toni's Ma. She wants Toni to be a good son something which she thinks he can
    never do.Ma will give us missions soon.
     Sal's wife, who hits on everyone. She never fails to make me laugh I love her
    She will give us some good missions later on.
     Donald Love----
     On the campaign trail to become Mayor, working for Sal. He as a scary 
    attraction to the dead. We will be helping him to fix the election so he wins
    later on.
    Home sweet Home----
         After the first cut scene, jump into the car with Vincenzo and follow the 
    map to the yellow blip.The map is displayed in the bottom right corner of the
    screen. when you get to your safehouse hop out of the car and enter the
    building using the yellow blip. Once inside the game informs you about the
    save features and how to change clothes. walk into the clothing icon and then
    go back outside to the car. Now Vincendo (Vin from here on in) wants you to
    drive him to his warehouse at Portland docks. Again follow the blip on the
    map and he will hop out of the car and tell you to come back to get missions
    from him.
    Vin has a dealer in Chinatown who is not bringing in any money we have to 
    sort him out. Hop in a car and drive to the blip on the map and talk to the
    dealer now get in your car and take the dealer to work in Chinatown. when you
    arrive he gets out of the car and you will see a cutscene of him dealing 
    and you pass the mission and receive $100.
    Dealing revenge----
    Someone whacked the dealer you just dropped off so now its payback time. Jack 
    a car and drive to the blip in Chinatown. Go down the alley and press R to
    lock-on to the dealer and press O to punch him. When he is dead two more 
    dealers appear on the map, go and take them out.When they are dead you will
    pass the mission and get $500
    JD O'toole want to run with the Leone family now but there is a sindako 
    threating him we have to take him out. Grad a car and ride to the local
    Ammunation to get a gun. Go inside and walk into the yellow blip. Get the
    pistol(the first one is on Vin).Leave the shop and head to the construction
    site. Kill the first two enemies and pick up the guns they drop and head down
    the tunnel and take out the next two guys and finally kill the target and pick
    up his cell phone.You will get a call from JD and he will tell you to take the
    car and Respray it.So drive to the pay n' spray(marked as a red spray can) and
    drive into the door the door will close and your car will come out a different
    colour (we will be using these allot to evade the cops). Another mission passed
    and another $500 in the bank.
    Smash and grab----
    Some guys have messed up a raid and we have to go rescue their asses. Grab a 
    four seated car and drive over to the blip. Notice the blue bar in the corner
    of the screen this is the Leones health and is like a timer for this mission
    so get to that blip as quick as possible. when you get there try and get to 
    the guys without rolling over and cops to make this mission a little bit easier
    Drive next to the guys and they will jump in now you have a three star wanted 
    level boot it to the nearest P&S to get rid of it.Now you see that the stars
    are flashing that means that if you commit any crime the three stars will come
    back. They will stop flashing after a while. finally drive the guys back to 
    Vins ware house to pass the mission and get $1000.
    Hot wheels----
     Vin wants you to pick up a car full of drugs and bring it to his lock-up Grab
    a car a go to the blip. Get in the car and begin to drive away and the cops 
    will try to stop you, Vin set you up, so bust through the cops and boot it to
    the P&S to get the heat off you.Next Drive to the Lock-up and Toni will jump 
    out of the car and get a call from Vin. Toni tells Vin he quits and decides 
    to teach Vin a lesson. Jump back into the car and drive to the car crusher 
    marked on your map. Stop the car in the marker and let the crusher do its job
    JD O'Toole
    Go back to your safehouse and change out of your Leone suit or JD will not
    talk to you.Now drive to the J on the map to get your first mission from JD.
    Bone Voyeur!----
    After a disturbing video with a man in a Gimp suit. You have to get in JD's 
    van and go around the Red light district collecting money from his girls. Just
    keep driving until JD spots one of his girls and then drive up close to her to
    get the money.Some of the girls will have complications and you will have to
    drive up to the car she is in and honk the horn or chase down a pimp that 
    stole your girls money. You get $500 for passing this mission.
    Don in 60 seconds----
    In this mission we have to escort Salvatore Leone from the strip club. after 
    the cutscene you are in front of the strip club, jump into Leone's car and get
    to the P&S as fast as you can. Then drive to the Leone mansion with Salvatore
    (Sal). You get the chance to work for Sal. Also ammunation now stocks
    A volatile situation----
    After the last mission you unlocked the micro-SMG in ammunation because this 
    is the first mission in the game that you need powerful hardware to beat.So 
    pay a visit to ammunation and pick up a M-SMG, buy two just in case you need
    them. Now drive to the yellow blip. You will see a cut scene where JD will
    warn you about some sindaco goons that you will have to take out. when they
    arrive start shooting them when they are all dead more will come. These will
    try to plant bombs at the casino so stand in front of the casino and if you 
    see a guy bending down make it your priority to kill him first. When you kill
    all three waves of baddie a truck will come jump in a car and chase after the
    truck . Pull up beside it and press L or R depending on what side of the truck
    you are on and fire to do a drive-by or you can wait at the casino and move 
    the truck when they leave it at the casino you only have about 20 seconds to
    get the truck to a safe distance from the casino and it is stuck in a low gear
    so it wont go fast when you get to a safe distance jump out and run like heck
    when the truck blows up you pass the mission a gat $1000.
    Blow up 'dolls'----
    JD wants you to blow up a rival casino and strip club called 'the doll house'.
    so go out side and there should be a white vehicle with three windows parked
    outside the strip club. Take this because it is the only one the sindaco goons
    will accept as it is their gang car. Drive it over to 8 ball's bomb shop 
    marked with a bomb on the map and rig the car with a bomb. careful drive to
    the rival casino and park it in the yellow ring. Get out of the car and jump
    over the wall into the street and detonate the bomb when the game tells you.
    For passing this you get a sweet $1500
    Ma' Cipriani
    Now you are going to do jobs for your Ma. She thinks that you aren’t a good 
    son. So you decide to prove her wrong.
    Snappy Dresser----
     In this mission we have to shame the guy that your Ma thinks is better than
    you. Grab a car and drive to your place to pick up your camera. Next head to
    the marker and you will see a cut scene with Giovanni in he will then drive
    off and you will have to chase him, but don't get too close or he will suspect
    that you are following him. He stops to pick up some prostitutes. Just keep 
    following him and he will eventually stop and change into more revealing attire
    Ha! The best way to get the photo is to head to the wall and walk against it
    until you see him. You should get a clear shot from here. Now take the photos
    back to Ma and get a $100 award.
    Big Rumble in Little China----
    Your ma heard that you ran away because of the Triads so you have to show her
    that you aren’t afraid of them. Make sure you have guns for this mission.
    there are two gangs for you to take out. One of them is in a Mule van and you
    have to ram them. So get a car and follow the van and ram it (don't bother 
    firing at it as it is bulletproof)until the gang members get out. then hop 
    out of your car and shoot them. The second batch of triads are in Chinatown
    down an alley go in the alley and aim at them from far away and start firing 
    if you are fast enough they will all be dead before they reach you. Mission
    passed the only reward is the money the triads drop.
    Grease Sucho----
      She wants you to win a race this time to prove your affection to her. Head
    to the blip on the map. In this race you race around LC through many
    checkpoints. to get a checkpoint you need to get close to it, you don't actually
    have to pass through it. The checkpoints are in bright yellow and the future 
    ones are in dull yellow. 
     Once you pass the race you have to chase down the guy in the hotrod with 
    flames on the side and ram him until he jumps out, then kill him. You get $1000
    and you can take his cool car.
    Dead Meat----
     Do you remember the guy in the diaper, well this time we are going to kill him
    Now drive your car over to Casa's deli and you will see a cutscene here and 
    Casa will follow you into your car. Drive to the near-by sawmill and park in 
    the yellow marker. There is another cutscene and you will be inside the sawmill
     Chase Casa with the axe. The best way to catch him is to run at him and when
    you get close sprint (tap x) and press circle at the same time. when he is dead
    You are outside. Jump into the vehicle beside you and drive to the P&S to lose
    the heat. Then your next job is to drive back to the deli and give the worker
    boy the new type of meat (aka Giovanni Casa). mission passed $500.
    No Son of Mine----
           This a difficult mission. Ma has sent hitmen to try and take you out 
    here at her house. They come in waves of four the first two use pistols but 
    the third and fourth use sub-machine guns.
     The first thing to do is pick up the shotgun and target the guy on the stairs
    then run down and take out the rest of the guys. then the second wave arrives
    so stand close to the wall to get a little cover and blast them as soon as 
    they get out of their car. For the next wave pick up the sub-machine gun and 
    again stand close to the wall to get some cover any shoot them as they get
    out of the car. The fourth wave have better sub-machine guns that shoot faster
     so now pick up the health so you will have full health for them. Employ the
    same method as for the last three and they should fall in no time. Mission
    Salvatore Leone
    The Offer----
     Sal wants you to go and "have a word" with a union officer who is giving him 
    crap about access to the docks.
    So grab a car and head for the yellow blip. Watch the scene. When its over you
    find yourself being attacked by four of the union officers thugs. The objective
    is to reach the road without being killed. The best way to do this is to just 
    keep running towards the end there are guys with Molotov cocktails so sprint at
    this part and you should be fine. Mission passed $500
    Ho Selecta!----
     As the union boss wouldn't talk with Sal we have to go and talk to her workers
    themselves. And to satisfy them we need hookers. Hay!!!. Grab the car in Sal's
    driveway and drive to the nearest blue marker on the map. One of two things 
    will happen (a) the hooker is wandering the street so just pick her up pr (b)
    the girl will be busy with a guy so ram the car and the guy will hop out. Run
    him down and pick up the girl. The workers need six girls so that’s two trips
    in a ordinary car so try to stay within the time limit. Mission passed $500
     Our job this time is to scare some important union bosses. There are three of 
    them around the city. grab the black car outside Sal's. To scare them first we
    must ram their cars until they get out then we will beat them to an inch of 
    their life and they will apologise. One of them has a pistol so just run him 
    over it is the easiest option. Mission passed $1000
    Rollercoaster Ride----
     The first part of this mission is to get to the radio station before the clock
    reaches a deadline.You have roughly two minutes.Grab the PCJ-600 motorcycle and
    speed over to the station.When you arrive there is limo and we must "remove the
    chauffeur from the equation". So walk up to him and beat the punk to death and
    take his uniform. Jump into the Limo before your deadline.
     Now we must drive around combining speed, crashing and jumps got drive around
    fast making jumps and banging into things, but be careful not to make the car
    catch on fire.When she is scared enough. She will drive ask you to drive her to
    the docks and park in the yellow marker for a cutscene. Mission passed $1000 
    and that was the last Sal mission for a while.
    Shop Till you Strop----
     This is an easy mission from her to start with. She wants to go shopping. So 
    get in a car and drive her to the store marked with a yellow blip. She will go
    in and alarm will go off and now you have to evade a one star wanted level.
    But her shopping spree isn't over drive her to the next store. This time you
    have a three star wanted level. Don't go to the P&S just get to her house as
    fast as possible without being wasted or busted. mission passed for $100
    Taken for a Ride----
     Maria needs a fix a drugs so she wants you to take her to her dealer. Grab a
    car and drive her to the marker. After the cutscene you must chase the car with
    Maria in it. Ram it until two Sindaccos jump out. Run them over and drive Maria 
    home to pass the mission.$500
    Booby Prize----
     Another checkpoint race tihe time, with Maria as first prize ;) First things
    first, we need a motorcycle to partake in this race. Grab a car a car and take
    a trip to Sal's mansion and get the bike there. Drive to the startlione and the
    race begins. This is a two lap race around the city twice. Just be careful not
    to fall off too many times as you will get too far behind the competion. Come 
    first to pass this mission. No $ reward
    Biker Heat----
     Maria's boyfriend isn't being as nice as she thought he was so your job is to
    take him out for her. Drive to Chinatown and there is a scene and Wayne drives
    off on his bike. Grab the sub-machine gun and take care of the two henchmen and
    jump on the nearby bike and pursue Wayne.
     On a bike you can shoot forward as well as left and right so drive after Wayne
    firing your gun but dont lose him. If you don't kill him he will end up back at
    Chinatown where you can easily kill him.Mission passed for $1500
    Overdose of Trouble----
     Maria token and overdose. so in a crazy Pulp-fiction kind of way we must save
    her. She thinks she left her "Zap" in a diner near the park. When you arrive 
    the guys from Wayne's gang see you and they will be chasing you for the rest of
    the mission. She decides that the Zap isn't there. So go to the new location 
    but that’s not it either. It seems that it was in her apartment all tee time. 
    But that is wrong too. So off to Sal’s mansion with us, bikers in tail to
    finally pass this mission.
    Salvatore Leone (revisited 1)
     There is a shipment at that dock. Sal wants you to help. Grab a four seater
    car and go and pick up Sal's thugs marked in blue to help you as you wouldn't
    want to go there on your own. Now make your way to Portland docks. It turns
    out to be a police trap and the guns are blazing turn around and grab the body
    armour and jump in the Patriot and ram your way out of the docks and speed to 
    the P&S and drive to Sal's mansion to finish the mission. $1000 as a reward.
    Now back to JD
    JD O'Toole (revisited)
    Salvatore's Salvation----
     Oh no!! Sal has been kidnapped from JD's club and of course we have to rescue
    him.You will need a sub-machine gun for this mission so pay a trip to ammunation
    before you start the mission.
     Jump in a car and tail the marked car but don't get too close.Anyway, not long
    after the car pulls into a garage and the mission changes.
     Now the car is going to be crushed along with Sal in it. Ram the car hard
    from behind and keep ramming it until the people jump out of the car. Jump out
    and shoot the people and get in the car and drive Sal home for a scene and 
    The Guns of Leone----
     Yay a sniper-rifle I love that weapon. JD wants you to protect Sal from afar.
    He left a sniper rifle on a rooftop across the road. Go around to the alley
    behind the building and up the staircase and pick up the sniper rifle. Go to 
    the marked vantage point.
     When Sal and his gang arrive start taking out all the Sindacco threats. They
    come from everywhere. On foot, from alleys, from cars so beware. When they 
    reach the corner go down on to the ground but keep your distance and pick the 
    enemies off from there. Yes the cops and all. Sal will enter the club. Mission
    passed for $3000
    Calm Before the Storm----
     Make sure to have a lot of micro-SMGs for this mission and some body armour
    would help if you can find any. There is a someone selling us out. We think it
    is Massimo. His chopper is leaving from Sal's mansion in an hour. So make it 
    to Sal's place as fast as you can. Jump out of your vehicle and take the PCJ.
     Follow that chopper where ever it goes. It make two stops along the way. One 
    in an enclosed area and they other on top of a building. When it lands on the 
    building jump off the PCJ and go to the area in the middle of this building and
    listen to what is going on. When you are discovered kill all the Triads on the 
    roof and make your way to the ground floor killing as you go. When all the 
    Triads are dead you will pass the mission. $1000
    The Made Man----
     JD is being made a made man so you have to drive him to the ceremony at the 
    car crusher. On the way some Sindacco thugs attack you ram their car to get
    them out of the car. Now run them over. Simple. Go to the marker at the car
    crusher and a cutscene triggers. After the cutscene you have a want level of
    two stars and you have to drive this new guy to his house. After that  you need
    to find a place to drive the car into the water. There is a beach behind Sal's 
    house that one is good enough. Drive the car into the water jump out at the 
    last second of course. Mission passed for $1500
    Vincenzo (revisited)
    The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade----
             Vin want you to help him on a boat. So grab a vehicle and drive to the 
    location step the marker to trigger a cutscene. After the scene run down
    the corridor and there is a revolver to your right. Continue down the stairs and
    pick up the body armour on the left. Keep on down the stairs and you find
    yourself in a room with guys chasing you with chainsaws. The best way is to run
    to a corner and turn around and shoot some, then run to another corner and 
    shoot some more. Repeat as need. When the guys are dead Vin will come in with
    a sub-machine gun, grab some health if you need it. Then shoot him with the 
    revolver and use the chainsaw on him. Dead finally. Mission passed for $3000
    Salvatore Leone (revisited 2)
    Sindacco Sabotage----
     Make sure you have guns and maybe some body armour before this one, lots of
    killing of course. Grab a vehicle and head to the gang war. Jump out and let
    loose with the sub-machine gun and the Diablos will fall hard and fast. There 
    are health and armour pick-up place all over the place hear so use these.
    when they are all dead you get a call and mission passed $1500.
    The Trouble With Triads----
     My advise is to bring a sub-machine gun to this mission. Sal wants you to
    collect his money. So head over to the Triad warehouse and stop in the yellow
    marker. After the scene let loose the guns on the Triads and grab the due
    money. Kill the first ten or so enemies and make you way into the burning 
    warehouse to pick up the money killing as you go. When you have the cash get 
    back to Sal's to pass the mission. $1500
    Driving Mr. Leone----
     Sal wants you to get him out of Portland. So he asks you to drive him to the
    ferry to Staunton Island. When you arrive at the yellow marker you will get a
    three star wanted level and Sal will tell you to get to the bridge on the other
    side of the island. So get there and make sure you are going fast when you 
    reach the bridge go along the bridge and up the ramp to clear the gap and get
    to Staunton Island. Drive Sal to your new safehouse to pass the mission for 
    Salvatore Leone
     Sal is now giving you missions from a phone booth.
    A Walk in the Park----
     The target is R.C. Hole the mayor of Staunton. He takes a daily run in the
    park and this is when you will kill him. The place is crawling with police, so 
    you will have to go in not holding a gun(just press left until you get to the 
    hands) now find the mayor and take him out. When you do grab his cell phone and
    get out of the park police in tail and back to Sal to pass the mission for 1500
    dollars and the sweats outfit in your safehouse.
    Making Toni----
     This is the easiest mission of the whole game. Toni is becoming a made man.
    There will be a car there for you. Hop in and drive to the yellow marker and 
    watch the scene to pass the mission and receive $2000.Now we can do jobs for
    Donald Love (D). 
    Donald Love
    The Morgue Party Candidate----
      In this mission Donald wants you to steal a hearse before it reaches its 
    destination. The easy thing about this mission is that the hearse will not 
    speed up when you ram it. So, grab a car and ram the Hearse until the driver
    bails. Jump in it and you get a three star wanted level. So drive to the P&S
    marked on your map to lose the heat. Then drive the hearse to Donald's garage
    to pass the mission for $1000.
    Steering the vote----
     After the cutscene there is a van waiting for you outside. Drive to the 
    yellow marker to make an announcement. There will be rival vans dispatched.
     You must reach five spots before the timer runs out, but there is a catch
    the rival van can reclaim spots. When you eventually pass it you will have to
    destroy the other two vans. When this is done you pass the mission to receive
    I do not think cheating in GTA is a good idea as it may corrupt your save file
    and I accept no responsibility for the effects of these cheats.
    Code Effect 
    SQUARE, SQUARE, R, X, X, L, CIRCLE, CIRCLE                  Aggressive Drivers 
    TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, R, SQUARE, SQUARE, L, X, X                All Green Lights 
    TRIANGLE, R, L, DOWN, DOWN, R, R, TRIANGLE          All Vehicles Chrome Plated 
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, L, R                    Bobble Head World 
    CIRCLE, X, DOWN, CIRCLE, X, UP, L, L                       Cars Drive On Water 
    CIRCLE, RIGHT, X, UP, RIGHT, X, L, SQUARE                Change Bike Tire Size 
    UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, UP, DOWN, SQUARE, L, R                         Clear Weather 
    L, DOWN, LEFT, R, X, CIRCLE, UP, TRIANGLE                       Commit Suicide 
    L, L, LEFT, L, L, RIGHT, X, SQUARE                            Destroy All Cars 
    L, R, L, R, UP, DOWN, L, R1                               Display Game Credits 
    L, L, LEFT, L, L, RIGHT, CIRCLE, X                                Faster Clock 
    R, R, L, R, R, L, DOWN, X                                      Faster Gameplay 
    UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, X, L, R                            Foggy Weather 
    L, R, CIRCLE, L, R, X, L, R                                         Full Armour 
    L, R, X, L, R, SQUARE, L, R                                        Full Health
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, L, R       Have Girls Follow You 
    L, R, TRIANGLE, L, R, CIRCLE, L, R                      Money Cheat ($250,000) 
    L, L, TRIANGLE, R, R, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE                           Never Wanted 
    UP, DOWN, X, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, L, R                         Overcast Weather 
    L, L, R, L, L, R, UP, TRIANGLE                                 Peds Attack You 
    R, R, L, R, R, L, RIGHT, CIRCLE                              Peds Have Weapons 
    L, L, R, L, L, R, LEFT, SQUARE                                       Peds Riot 
    L, UP, LEFT, R, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, X                     Perfect Handling 
    UP, DOWN, SQUARE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, L, R                         Rainy Weather 
    L, UP, RIGHT, R, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN, X               Raise Media Attention 
    L, R, SQUARE, L, R, TRIANGLE, L, R                          Raise Wanted Level 
    L, L, LEFT, L, L, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE             Wear A Random Ped Outfit 
    R, TRIANGLE, X, R, SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT                 Slower Gameplay 
    L, L, LEFT, L, L, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE                          Spawn Rhino 
    TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, UP, L, L           Spawn Trashmaster 
    L, L, CIRCLE, R, R, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, X                      Sunny Weather 
    DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X, X, SQUARE, R, L                    Upside Down Gameplay 
    Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L, R                    Upside Up 
    UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT             Weapon set 1 
    UP, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, RIGHT             Weapon set 2 
    UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHT                                 Weapon set 3 
    X, X, R, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE                    White Cars 
    Vehicle missions
    Taxi:  Push up on the D-pad inside a taxi to access this mission.  
    You must find a fare, and deliver him to a location somewhere on the island that
    you are on.  You earn money based on how much of the Tip meter is filled by the 
    time you reach the destination. 
    Vigilante:  Grab a cop car, (they're everywhere) and attempt to stop the 
    criminal threat within the time limit.  Grab a bunch of Uzi ammo's, and shoot
    the enemy cars into oblivion.  Tanks work extremely well in this mission as 
    well, but I'm still at Portland, no tanks yet.
    Ambulance:  Go to the hospital, (dying is a common way of doing this), and grab
    the Ambulance.  Hit up on the D-pad and start saving peds rather than 
    killing them!  Basically, you collect peds that are already bleeding.  
    For each one you collect, you get time added.  Start ramming into too many 
    cars and buildings,  and the ped will die, resulting in a mission fail.  Also,
    each level you pass adds one ped the next time.  Example:  Lv 1 is one ped, 
    Lv2 is 2 peds, and so on and so forth.
    Fire Truck:  Enter the fire truck, (either by starting a fire or by going 
    to the fire station near Capital Auto's).  A car will be on fire, go to 
    the fire and put it out with the Circle button.  The more fires you put out,
    the more fires you'll have to put out for the next level.
    Car Salesman:  Enter the Capital Auto's marker.  4 cars will appear, with a
    customer next to each.  Each customer will want to be driven around in a 
    different way.  The object is to fill the sales meter, and get the customer
    back to the Auto place before the timer runs out.
    Toyz:  Scattered across Liberty City are Toyz vans.  Basically, Rc style 
    missions, like races.  I've only found one so far, but I'm sure there's more.
    Name:  Thrashin' R.C.
    Location: Hepburn Heights Construction Site.
    Reward: lv1 $1000
    An Rc race.  Drive through all the checkpoints, trying to get in first place.  
    All the checkpoints are around the construction site, and to make it even 
    easier, they have arrows pointing to the next one.  
    Punk Noodles:  Kind of like the Pizza Boy Missions in Vice City and San Andreas,
    you're goal is to deliver Noodles to people all around Liberty.  It's found 
    outside Punk Noodles in Chinatown, right where the first cut-scene is.  
    You deliver said noodles via drive-by.  You have to get all the customer's 
    their delivery of noodles before the time limit, or it's mission failed for 
    9MM Mayhem:  In front of Paulie's Revue bar, there's 2 alleys.  
    One of them has a freeway parked underneath some stairs.  That triggers
    this mission.  You're on the back of a bike being driven by some other
    random guy.  Your goal is to beat the high score.  You do this by shooting at 
    the targets as they are assigned.  The first 2 are on Bikes, but the rest are in
    cars.  With unlimited ammo, and limited health (for the bike that is), you have
    3 and a half minutes to kill as many targets as possible.  You get a small cash
    reward for each target you kill, and the reward gets bigger for each kill.
    The mission ends when the timer runs out, the health gets completely depleted,
    or you shoot the driver in the head for kicks... yes I know that last one 
    from experience.
    Trash N' Dash:  Enter a Trashmaster and push up on D-pad. In this mission, you
    use the Trashmaster to pick up all of the green garbage cans around the City 
    before the timer runs out.  Each garbage nets you some more time on the clock.
    In Portland it adds 30 seconds, in Staunton Island it adds 40.
    Hidden packages
    Portland Packages:
    #1  Behind Vincenzo's contact point, behind the fence, at the dock.  Either 
        bust through the fence, or walk around it.
    #2  In a field patch near the old school hall, next to the Callahan Bridge.
    #3  In a busted-up car, next to Capital Auto's.  OR, behind 8 Ball's place.
    #4  Between 2 green dumpsters, on the east side of the most eastern building 
        next to Vincenzo's.
    #5  Around the Corner in the alley, after you kill the first drug dealer in 
        "Dealing Revenge".
    #6  Behind the Ammunation.
    #7  In between the last 2 trailers at the end of Portland harbour.  (GTA III 
        Vets,this is where one of the unique stunt jumps was.
    #8  At the C for Toni's Mom's missions, go up the street a bit until you see
        some ramps.  Go down the ramps, and underneath one is this Package.  (when
        looking at the mini-map, it's not too far behind the C)
    #9  On the last silver railing between the two halves of the Callahan bridge, 
        Portland side.
    #10  On the left hand side of Mean Street Taxi's near Portland Harbour, there's 
         a foresty area.  Look around there for this package.
    #11  Drive over the edge onto a titanic colored ship in Portland harbour.  
         Around the bend on the bend is this package.
    #12  2'nd floor of Marco's Bistro
    #13  On the northern part of the bus station, behind one of the buildings.
         (it's near Portland Harbour)
    #14  Down the rocks on the pathway leading to Salvatore's Mansion
    #15  In the Red Light District, along the main road (farthest left on the
         map) there's a grassy, raised median, and a Hidden Package.
    #16  Behind the crusher in Harwood, just past Capital Auto's.
    Staunton Packages:
    #1  As soon as you enter Staunton via bridge, the first grassy median going
        straight ahead holds this package.
    #2  Leaving Staunton via bridge, underneath the little jump.
    #3  At the far corner of the graveyard in Bedford Point
    #4  Facing away from the casino (it was Kenji's contact point in GTA III), go
        down one street.  Look at the medium on the right and you'll find this
        near a tree.
    #5  In Belleville Park, behind a giant statue overlooking the bathroom stalls.
    #6  At the very end of the raised pathway that has a Pay N' Spray and 8 Ball's,
        Between 2 garbages.
    #7  Behind Asuka's old place, behind a pillar holding up a bridge in Newport
    #8  Climb the stairs to Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop.  Hop over the
        barricade and follow the path.
    #9  In the mission "Search and Rescue", behind the garbage can that Salvatore
        Is hiding in front of.
    #10  Facing the hospital, turn right.  There's a road that curves, and a grey
         building.  Behind the furthest wall is this package.
    #11  On some grey rocks at the construction site behind the hospital.
    Generate a Pistol at Safehouse Find 10 Packages 
    Generate a shotgun at all safe houses 20 Packages 
    Generate a armour at all safe houses 30 Packages
    Generate a MP5 at all safe houses 40 Packages
    Generate a python at all safe houses 50 Packages
    Generate a M4 at all safe houses 60 Packages
    Generate a sniper rifle at all safe houses 70 Packages
    Generate a flamethrower at all safe houses 80 Packages
    Generate a rocketlauncher at all safe houses 90 Packages
    Gives you $50,000 100 Packages
    Radio stations
    DJ: Many
    Heartland Values with Nurse Bob
    Electron Zone
    Breathing World
    DJ: Mike Hunt
    This One For Me 
    Take The Pain 
    Free Yourself 
    Welcome To The Real World 
    Keep Dreaming
    LIPS 106
    DJs: Cliff and Andee
    Funk In Time
    Love Is The Feeling
    Mine Until Monday
    Get Down
    Into Something (C'mon Get Down)
    DJ: Sergio Boccino
    Il Travatore: Anvil Chorus
    Il Travatore: Tacea La Notte Placida
    Nabucco: Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves
    Cosi Fan Tutte: E Amore Un Ladroncello
    Marriage Of Figaro: Overture
    I Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba
    DJ: Boy Sanchez
    Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)
    I Believe
    House Music
    Feel What You Want
    Hideaway (Deep Dish Vocal Remix)
    Spin Spin Suger (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)
    Plastic Dreams
    Altered States
    There Will Come A Day (Half Tub Dub)
    Positive Education
    Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)
    Higher State Of Consciousness
    DJ: Panjit Gavaskar
    Raghupati (Folk Tune)
    Dum Maro Dum
    Neeve Nanna (Only You Were Mine)
    Hebeena Hebeena
    Aini Bet Ref
    Im Nin'Alu
    Ballaa Tsoubou Hal Kahwa
    DJ: Natalie Walsh Davis
    Pick A Sound
    What A Wonderful Feeling
    Watch How The People Dancing
    Lean Boot
    Ready For The Dancehall Tonight
    You Ha Fe Cool
    Ring My Number
    Run Come Call Me
    DJ: DJ Clue
    All I Need
    Shook Ones Pt. II
    Incarcerated Scarfaces
    Shut 'Em Down (Remix)
    Twinz (Deep Cover '98)
    Get At Me Dog
    Ruff Ryders Anthem (Remix)
    Do What You Fell
    Chain Gang Freestyle
    Chest2chest Freestyle
    MSX 98
    DJ: Codebreaker
    Renegade Snares
    Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)
    Living For The Future (FBD Project Remix)
    Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)
    Disturbance (Tango Remix)
    Cold Fresh Air
    Living For The Future
    Thru The Vibe (2 on 1 Mix)
    The Helicopter Tune
    Dred Bass
    DJ: Reni Wassulmaier
    First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love
    I Wanna Rock You
    I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
    From Here To Eternity
    Ballot Van     
    Barracks OL
    BF Injection
    Bickle '76      
    Campaign Van
    Cartel Cruiser
    Diablo Stallion
    F550 Deimos     
    FBI Cruiser
    Forelli Lexcess
    Hellenbach GT    
    Rumpo XL
    Infernus Kuruma    
    Leone Sentinel
    Mr Whoopee     
    Mr Wong's Van
    Noodle Boy 
    PanLantic Van      
    PCJ 600 
    Pizza Boy      
    RC Bandit     
    Sindacco Argento 
    Triad Fish Van     
    V8 Ghost 
    Yakuza Stinger
    Melee Weapons 
    The Chisel wouldn't look out of place in a Pan-Lantic Construction worker's
    toolbox. Easily concealed, it's popular as it's not as offensive looking as a
    Rating:****(one of my favourite weapons. Swish Swish Dead)
    Popular among oriental warriors. Great for slicing meat, especially humans.
    You won't get far from attention carrying this around, though. 
    Hockey Stick
    The Hockey Stick is new to GTA, and offers a nice long range beating
    opportunity, without all the attention that comes with carrying a big
    sword around. 
    Stronger than your regular knife, but a lot more dangerous looking. Easily
    concealed in one of Toni's many outfits.
    Used to take pictures. Duh...
    Rating:***(messy but fun)
    A 3D Grand Theft Auto classic, the chainsaw returns for yet more bloodshed in
    Liberty City Stories. 
    Liberty City Stories' most basic firearm is the Pistol. Pretty popular among
    low ranking gang members across Portland and also a Police favourite.
    Stronger than the average pistol, the .357 is useful for capping Triads in the
    head and running off. 
    Sub-Machine Guns 
    Micro SMG 
    The Micro SMG is a pretty bland looking weapon, but also includes a bonus
    drive-by shooting ability. 
    The Tec-9 is a lot more flexible than it looks. It's a sub-machine gun,
    boasting an impressive firing rate, and it can also be used in drive-by
    Shotguns and Rifles 
    The Shotgun is an insanely popular shiny gun. Firing from two barrels at the
    same time, it sure does pack a punch, and you will take most enemies down with
    one shot.
    Sawnoff Shotgun
    Everything about the shotgun is here, but with the added bonus of being able
    to load more rounds and fire them in quick succession. The word "unstoppable"
    comes to mind.
    Sniper Rifle 
    Taking out enemies from a distance has never been so easy. Just zoom in, land
    the crosshair on their head and fire. If you're lucky, they won't see you and
    you'll disappear into the city with no repercussions. 
    Fully Automatic Weapons 
    The AK47 is no unfamiliar sight to GTA players, and it has the brilliant
    advantage of being fully automatic, spraying bullets everywhere. Great for
    taking down a few enemies at a time. 
    The M4 seems to be a more modern looking automatic rifle, with an all black
    finish. Capable of firing 700-1000 rounds per minute, it's perfect for taking
    down groups of enemies. 
    The minigun features electrically rotating barrels, meaning it fires bullets
    incredibly fast. This sort of equipment does carry a high price, both in the
    money and in weight - it's not something that you can run with.
    The flamethrower definitely is an intimidating weapon. Firing a cloud of fire
    several feet in front of you, it's also dangerous to anyone who chooses to
    fire it. It will do a good job of creating a carpet of death in crowds of
    Sold in packs of eight at Ammunation, the grenade is a high explosive bomb.
    Pull the pin, throw away and enjoy the fireworks.
    If the grenade isn't accurate enough for you, take the rocket propelled grenade
    launcher. It'll allow you to point it straight at an enemy and vaporize them
    with one button press. 
    Unlockable                                                 How to Unlock 
    -'King' Jumpsuit Costume                         Finish all story mode missions
    -150 Max Armour Points                  Complete Level 12 In Vigilante Missions
    -Bickle '76                                Drop off 100 Passengers in the Taxi
    -Bullet Proof PCJ 600                   Take Waynes Bike in Biker Heat Mission
    -Cluckin' Bell Outfit                                     Beat SlashTV 3 times
    -Extra 25 Max Health Points      Complete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions
    -Extra 25 Max Health Points      Complete Level 10 in Pizza Delivery Missions
    -Fireproof Toni Complete                      Level 12 In Firefighter Missions
    -Generate $4000 at Capital Autos                  Beat Level 6 of Car Salesman
    -Generate 4x the cash for cars in the Scrapyard  Complete the Scrapyard 'cycle 
    -Generate cash from "Hogs & Cogs"      Sell 40 motorcycles in Belleville Park,
                                                                   Staunton Island 
    -Getting Busted Won't Cost Money           Completing Avenging Angels missions
                                                                in Staunton Island
    -Hellenbach GT                             Beat level four of the car salesman
    -Hero Costume                             Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels
                                                        missions in Shoreside Vale
    -Infinite Ammo                                             Beat the game 100%
    -Infinite Sprint                             Beat Ambulance Missions Level 12 
    -M60 machine gun                                            Beat all rampages
    -Multiplayer                          Complete the "Driving Mr Leone" mission 
    -PCJ                                                      Complete Love Media
    -Rhino Tank in Ft. Staunton                            Complete the game 100% 
    -Spirit E and PJC Generated at Staunton Safehouse       Deliver all 16 listed
                                                            makes of vehicle to a
                                                  garage at Love Media in Bedford
    -Super Angel Bike (Bulletproof) at Portland        Completing Avenging Angels
                                                             missions in Portland
    -Super Land Stalker (Bulletproof) at Shoreside Vale        Completing Tourism
    -Underwear costume                                     Complete 1 Unique Jump
    -Upgraded Sanchez               Complete all ten courses in the Bump & Grinds
                                              at the dirt bike course in Portland
    -V8 Ghost                                                 Complete Love Media 
                              8.Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2005 by Daniel Galvin
    This guide is only to be used with permission from me the author E-mail me and
    I will be glad to give you permission.
                              9.Version history
    6/11/05:Got the game and started the guide
    7/11/05:submitted to GamesFAQs
    Thanks to GamesFAQs for hosting this guide
    Thanks to nobodys savior for all his help thanks man

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