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Einherjar Background FAQ by PulcineAura

Updated: 05/26/08


                Valkyrie Profile 2: Einherjar Background FAQ
                      By: PulcineAura (Matthew Atiemo)
                             April 24, 2008


                             Table of Contents

I) Intro =============================================== [01INT]

II) Updates ============================================ [02UPD]

III) Recorded History ================================== [03REC]

IV) Actual History ===================================== [04ACT]
    The Beginning Years -------------------------------- [04.BEG]
    The Age of Turmoil --------------------------------- [04.TUR]
    The Mists of Nifelheim ----------------------------- [04.NFL]
    The Age of Restoration ----------------------------- [04.RES]

V) Conversations ======================================= [05CNV]

VI) Credits ============================================ [06CRE]



                             I) Intro === [01INT]


When someone mentions the einherjars in the Valkyrie Profile series, many tend 
to think of the einherjars in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, because that was the
first game in the installment and each obtainable einherjar had a little scene
that showed how they died, which were often heartwrenching scenes.  However,
when people mention the einherjars in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, many get
discouraged because they think of them as shallow and vapid characters since
a scene of their death isn't shown.

However, I found that the einherjars in VP2 had a more interesting story
compared to those in it's predescessor.  Through their background story, combat
conversations, and released conversations, I found that the einherjars in VP2 
show much more emotion compared to those of VP1 and had a better, more involved
storyline than them.

It is for this reason that I chose to write this guide.  I want to show that
the einherjars in VP2 are not just mere pawns to be used in battle, but
characters with deep and real emotions that rival those of the einherjars in

Also, if there are any major mistakes in my guide or if you have some of the
missing einherjar conversations, please e-mail me at: auragaea2@yahoo.com.
You may also send some feedback should you wish it.


                           II) Updates === [02UPD]


May 26, 2008
* Completed Recorded History
* Completed Actual History
* Nearly finished with Conversations


                     III) Recorded History === [03REC]


- Aaron - "Stick together and charge!"
Age: 28

Born: 553 C.C

Died: 581

Bio: A captain of the Knights of the Bloodsword, crown defenders of the Arkdain 
Kingdom that once spanned the continent's northwest. Even though he began to 
realize the king was eccentric, he was loyal to his duty as a knight and 
continued to wage war against the king's brother's troops. In 581 C.C., he 
killed a captain of the king's brother's troops, the Knights of the White Lily, 
in one-on-one melee. However, after the war, he refused treatment for his 
wounds and passed away quietly.

- Aegis - "Who the hell do you beasts think you're fighting?"
Age: 28

Born: 390 C.C.

Died: 418 C.C.

Bio: A sorcerer from Solde. Although originally a Dipan soldier, Aegis become 
widely known because of his extraordinary contribution in the battle against 
the Principality of Paltierre, which once existed in the northeast of the 
continent. A master at reading the ocean, it was said he could take on any 
numbers of enemies at sea. However, despite being undefeatable on the water he 
was not so invincible in it, as he couldn't swim. While skirmishing with 
pirates in 418 C.C., he fell into the water and drowned at sea.

- Adonis - "I'll kill you all."
Age: 28

Born: 553 C.C.

Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: Formerly a stray mercenary. Adonis participated in the War of Camille 
Hill, where he became one of the Seventeen Commanders of Camille and earned the 
nickname "Black Blade Adonis". He often did not fight for a particular side, 
but he would often strike a deal with the troops of the area he happened to be 
in. It is said that he once destroyed troops he sided with just two days prior. 
People regarded him as one of the strongest warriors of the time. He sided with 
the Rosetta Dynasty, which once existed in the south of the continent, after 
the War of Camille Hill. He led the Eclipse Troop of the Knights of the Sun. 
He was part of the invading troops during the Lassen Invasion. After a fierce 
duel, he was beheaded by Warrior Princess Celes, another one of the Seventeen 

- Alm - "You sleep now, and never awake..."
Age: 38

Born: 563 C.C.

Died: 601 C.C.

Bio: The second prince of the Principality of Paltierre, which once ruled in 
the northeastern region of the continent. Alm was the son of Dragon Scale 
Sigmund, one of the Seventeen Commanders of Camille. His eyes were like his 
father's- similar to those of a dragon. He was known for his vast knowledge of 
magic. When his brother and father left for the mainland in 581 C.C. for the 
Year-Long War, he stayed to keep the country in order. In the Mist of Nifelheim 
that began in 599 C.C., he commanded a regiment and fought off the undead 
invading the country. During one of the ensuing battles, he was attacked and 
killed by the underworld's dragon king.

- Arcana - "Forward, forward!! Keep pushing forward!!!"
Age: 19

Born: 705 C.C.

Died: 724 C.C.

Bio: Raised in the desert town of Kalstad, Arcana was one of the heroes who 
saved the town from Crell Monferaigne, a kingdom trying to spread its power 
over the continent. With her superior knowledge of weather patterns, she 
managed to avoid battles during the disadvantageous rainy season, and kept the 
Crell Monferaigne troops from taking the town. In 724 C.C. during the Fourth 
Kalstad Invasion, she suffered a deep wound and died in the arms of her 
most-trusted friend. Her death came at a young age, and it is said that even 
the Crell Monferaigne battalion mourned her death.

- Atrasia - "Those who cannot save themselves cannot save others."
Age: 25

Born: 308 C.C.

Died: 333 C.C.

Bio: A member of the Tehm, a small tribe from the north of the continent. The 
tribe excelled in the ability to handle horses. They rode as fast as the wind 
and flew over mountains like birds. Tehm tribal custom calls for a Protector, 
one who is sacrificed for the blessings of the gods. However, the Protector of 
the time broke the laws of purity by bearing a child. Atrasia was this 
Protector. Without a Protector, the tribe was attacked by a group of undead and 
wiped out. Atrasia managed to escape to a nearby town with her child, but died 
of exhaustion and physical injuries.

- Celes - "Smash the silver chains that bind thee to life!!"
Age: 27

Born: 556 C.C

Died: 583 C.C

Bio: Celes led the troops of Dipan in the War of Camille Hill from 573 C.C. to 
576 C.C. Her myriad battle tactics earned her a position as one of the 
Seventeen Commanders of Camille, and also earned her the moniker "Warrior 
Princess Celes." After the war, she married the lord of Lassen and lived a 
peaceful life. However, in 581 C.C., the Rosetta Dynasty, a power existing in 
the south continent, launched an invasion that resulted in her capture while 
her husband was away. This battle, known as the Lassen Invasion, was the cause 
of the Year-Long War, which ended with the whole continent's involvement. Celes 
participated in this war as Eclipse General of the Knights of the Sun. They 
fought against Dipan's navy, which was said to be ten times the size of their 
army. Near the end of the Year-Long War, she was wounded at the Battle of 
Rosetta by her birth sister Phyress, Queen of Dipan. She died two years later 
as a result of the wound.

- Chrystie - "Well, I'm sure we'll be okay. ...maybe."
Age: Unknown

Born: 583 C.C.

Died: Unknown

Bio: The only daughter to King Cyphel of Paltierre. Paltierre once existed in 
the northeast of the continent. In 598 C.C., Chrystie left the country to 
pursue a minstrel who happened to drop by the palace. In 599 C.C., during the 
three year Mist of Nifelheim, she and the minstrel traveled to many lands to 
seal and destroy the undead. However, she never returned to her country even 
after the door to Nifleheim was closed. She merely disappeared, never to be 
seen again.

- Circe - "Might makes right. Think about that."
Age: 24

Born: 634 C.C

Died: 658 C.C

Bio: From the mines in the northwestern region of the continent. Circe was both 
a warrior and a legendary swordsmith. Using the Secret Law of Principles, it 
was said her swords could cut through the hardest of rock, and her armor could 
repel even the sharpest of arrows. One of the founders of Villnore, she died in 
battle at the age of 24 before she could pass on her knowledge of the Secret 

- Crescent - "All set? Weapons ready!?"
Age: Unknown

Born: 562 C.C

Died: Unknown

Bio: An aristocrat from Gerabellum. Crescent was only ten years old when the 
neighboring ciry suddenly attacked in 572 C.C. She managed to escape with the 
help of a Mercenary. This sudden attack began an era of war from what would 
later be called the War of Camille Hill, a battle that lasted four years. 
However, because of her young age, Crescent was merely used as a bargaining 
chip by the kingdom for political purposes. After the war, she returned home, 
only to find her stepmother still holding reign over her father's land. The one 
she once called mother threatened her. She realized the attack itself was her 
stepmother's plot and exacted revenge. Afterwards, she and her heroic mercenary 
traveled the world. In 580 C.C., she enlisted with the Rosetta Dynasty, a 
power that once existed in the south of the continent. She joined the royal 
guard, the Knights of the Sun, and was appointed Meridian General. In 581 C.C., 
she joined the Year-Long War. She vanished after the Battle of Artolia Pass. 
Her body was never found.

- Dyn - "You will never break through our guard of steel!"
Age: Unknown

Born: 582 C.C

Died: Unknown

Bio: A warrior priest for Dipan. Dyn was one of the heroes that became 
legendary for his contribution during the Mist of Nifelheim (Beginning in 599 
C.C.). According to town minstrels, he risked his life to close the passage 
between Nifelheim and Midgard.

- Ehlen - "I shall never retreat, never!!"
Age: 32

Born: 549 C.C.
Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: - Formerly working as a mercenary mainly in the Gerabellum region, Ehlen 
was part of the Gerabellum Army in the War of Camille Hill that began in 572 
C.C. His name was often found at the top of the list of the Seventeen 
Commanders of Camille, which included only the mightiest warriors. He was a 
fighter who never gave up, and had been through much in his lifetime. People 
looked at him with awe and fear. Thus he was given the nickname "Demigod 
Ehlen". He wandered the land after the war, but in 580 C.C., he sided with the 
Rosetta Dynasty, which once existed in the south of the continent. He was 
appointed as Horizon General of the royal guard, Knights of the Sun, and 
participated in the Year-Long War, which began the year after. He demonstrated 
his amazing fighting skills during the war as he held his own against the two 
major powers- Paltierre and Dipan. However, during the battle of Artolia Pass, 
he gave his life to protect his friends from an ambush by the Undead.

- Ehrde - "You didn't want to die? Too bad."
Age: 26

Born: 551 C.C.

Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: Ehrde was appointed the Twilight General of the Knights of the Sun of the 
Rosetta Dynasty during the Year-Long War that began in 581 C.C. It was he who 
captured the feared Warrior Princess Celes during Lassen's Invasions. He stayed 
in Lassen and fought against the Arkdain troops from the northeast of the 
continent. However, after Artolia Pass to the east was overtaken by Paltierre 
forces, his troops became isolated. Although he fought valiantly, he lost his 
life. Ehrde not only achieved fame as a general, but also carried out many 
espionage missions for Rosetta. It is rumored that he was directly involved in 
the assassination of the king of Arkdain.

- Falx - "I'll watch our backs! Now go!"
Age: 25

Born: 350 C.C.

Died: 375 C.C.

Bio: An adventurer from the outskirts of Gerabellum. Blaming the undead for the 
death of his parents, Falx spent his entire life seeking vengeance by defeating 
Brahms, the Lord of the Undead. Falx not only excelled in wielding a sword, but 
also used his knowledge of contraptions and sorcery to his advantage in 
battles. After his extraordinary fighting ability skills finally caught Brahms' 
eye, he soon lost his life.

- Farant - "Teamwork wins it!!"
Age: 27

Born: 554 C.C.

Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: Farant hailed from Lassen, a town in the southwest of the continent. 
Farant created an organization which consisted of the remaining soldiers from 
the troops that participated in the Year-Long War from 581 C.C. The 
organization was formed to resist any powers that might try to assume control 
over Lassen. His troops used guerilla tactics and were victorious with only 100 
soldiers against an army of 5000. Even the generals of the Rosetta Dynasty, 
which ruled over Lassen, feared Farant's power and asked for reinforcements to 
help with this matter. During the Battle of Artolia Pass, near the end of the 
Year-Long War, he commanded a feint operation. Although the plan was a success, 
he was killed by the Meridian General of the Knights of the Sun. He died 
without ever seeing Lassen liberated.

- Fraudir - "We shouldn't waste time. Finish this quickly."
Age: 25

Born: 556 C.C

Died: 581 C.C

Bio: A Captain of the Knights of the White Lily, Count Leon's royal guard. 
Count Leon was the younger sibling of the King of Arkdain. The Arkdain Kingdom 
once existed in the continent's northwest. In 578 C.C., Fraudir accompanied the 
count in revolting against the King and his corrupt ways. In the battles known 
as the Arkdain Uprising that raged until 581 C.C., she fought as Count Leon's 
right-hand guard. After invading central Arkdain, she faced a captain of the 
Knights of the Bloodsword in a duel. She lost her life without the chance to 
unsheathe her sword. However, she died with a content look on her face, knowing 
the count had succeeded in achieving his goal.

- Gerald - "Our will cannot be broken so easily."
Age: 25

Born: 464 C.C.
Died: 489 C.C.

Bio: - A warrior from Nethov, a town vital to the Principality of Paltierre, a 
power that ruled in the northeast of the continent. Gerald was one of the many 
who volunteered to slay a dragon- a menace that often appeared near town. He 
and 99 other volunteers charged into the dragon's den, ready for a fight. As 
his sword plunged into the dragon's chest, a fountain of poisoness blood 
spurted from the wound, killing not only the soldiers in the area, but all 
living creatures in the Nethov region.

- Guilm - "Let's go! I will clear the way!"
Age: 35

Born: 546 C.C.

Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: Guilm participated in the War of Camille Hill to aid Queen Celes, the 
leader of the Dipan Army. He was considered one of the Seventeen Commanders, 
and was given the nickname "Baron Blade Guilm". After the war, he resigned from 
his position as general and served his country as a mere soldier. However, 
during Lassen's Invasions six years later, he participated in the battle 
alongside Queen Celes's sister, Queen Phyress. In 581 C.C., during the Battle 
of Rosetta near the end of the Year- Long War, he laid down his life to recover 
the life of a friend he had lost.

- Jessica - "I am sorry, I am not ready for my journey to end."
Age: 23

Born: 445 C.C

Died: 468 C.C.

Bio: Raised by a merchant family in the Nethov region. A girl of such 
prosperous upbringing should never have been exposed to the brutishness of the 
world, but one day her destiny took a sudden turn. Her father, the wealthiest 
man in town, was ensnared in a trap that cost him his entire fortune- and his 
life. Her fiance broke off their engagement when her house went bankrupt. Faced 
with starvation, Jessica decided to become an adventurer. In 468 C.C., she came 
across an enormous gemstone while adventuring through some ruins. Unaware that 
the stone sealed the spirit of an evil dragon, she removed it from its resting 

- Khanon - "Kill 'em!"
Age: 42

Born: 539 C.C.

Died: 581 C.C.

Bio: Originally a mere lord of a small region of Gorhla, Khanon began to make 
frequent appearances in Arkdain after several casualties in the War of Camille 
Hill that began in 575 C.C. He eventually gained enough power to make decisions 
concerning state affairs. He created a neutral clerical faction that opposed 
both parties that caused the War of Camille Hill, the king's and his brother's. 
At the same time, he created the Division of the Sacred Cross, a troop with a 
church. This inalienable right gave his clergical faction solid poltical 
ground. In 581 C.C. Khanon was shot in the heart with an arrow while being 
anointed in the lake temple in the southwest region of the Arkdain Kingdom.

- Kraad - "If your interests clash, war is the only answer."
Age: 32

Born: 630 C.C

Died: 662 C.C

Bio: Hailing from a remote village on the north side of the continent, Kraad 
was one of the original founders of Villnore. They say his sword arm sliced 
enemies armor and all, while his steel-like body could repeal speeding arrows. 
It is said that Villnore's first king gave Kraad his own sword and armor after 
gazing upon his battered arms, as repeated battles during the founding had 
taken their toll. Three years after the country was founded, Kraad was struck 
by a poison arrow while putting down a rebellion, ultimately leading to his 

- Lwyn - "Let's put on a show!"
Age: 22

Born: 324 C.C.

Died: 346 C.C.

Bio: A member of Truth, a band of treasure hunters spanning the entire 
continent. A treasure hunter through and through, Lwyn traveled with her 
father from a young age, slaying numerous monsters and discovering countless 
relics and ruins. She was last heard from in 346 C.C., in the desert region to 
the south of Artolia Pass. She disappeared soon after reporting to Truth 
Headquarters regarding her discovery of an ancient dynasty's royal tomb.

- Lydia - "I will strike the target."
Age: 21

Born: 748 C.C.

Died: 769 C.C.

Bio: The daughter of a Queen of Crell Monferaigne. Lydia suffered shame and 
disdain, as she was not the legitimate daughter of the king. To find her 
purpose in life, she trained hard and demonstrated great skill on the 
battlefield from a young age. However, her younger brother-in-law, Prince Cain, 
was jealous of her skills as a warrior and hired a group of thieves to kill 
her. Although she died at a young age, her prowess as an archer was legendary. 
It is said that during one battle, she was able to save an ally by disarming 
an enemy one hundred meters away.

- Lylia - "I will be strong!"
Age: 22

Born: 730 C.C.

Died: 752 C.C.

Bio: The daughter of a lord in Crell Monferaigne, Lylia was a holy child who 
received the blessings of Frei at birth. In 746 C.C., she was about to marry 
into the royal family, but ran out in the middle of the ceremony. Despite a 
thorough search for the new queen, she was nowhere to be found. Time passed, 
and people began to forget she ever existed. However, six years later in 752 
C.C., mayhem broke out when she was spotted in the Salerno region. She returned 
to Crell Monferaigne, but in a fragile mental state. Awhile after her return, 
she threw herself from atop the castle walls in front of the king.

- Masato - "This might be trouble!"
Age: 23

Born: 658 C.C.

Died: 681 C.C.

Bio: Masato hailed from a nameless island far to the southwest of the 
continent. Not only did Masato excel at magic, but he was also able to perform 
the secret art of inscribing runes to create barriers. He devised a plan to 
assassinate the tyrant who ruled at the time, but was betrayed by his best 
friend. He crossed the ocean to flee from his pursuers. After reaching the 
continent, he lived a peaceful life, while chasing away the undead who attacked 
villages. However, his body began to wither as a repercussion of a failed 
spell. He eventually died, his body reduced to a mere skeleton.

- Millidia - "I only wish to be free..."
Age: 29

Born: 773 C.C.

Died: 802 C.C.

Bio: Millidia lived a simple life in Gerabellum with her elder sister. Her 
entire life changed when her sister caught the eye of their lord. From then on, 
she was able to live the life she had only dreamed of- finally, shelter, and 
an abundance of food. However, unaccustomed to luxury, she requested to live in 
a house in the corner of town where she spent her days living a simple life. 
Shortly thereafter, she began to notice changes in her sister. Perhaps because 
her sister was not used to living in luxury, or maybe because she wanted to 
erase her past, her sister began showing disdain towards the poor. With the 
passing of her husband, her sister's attitude towards the poor only became 
worse. She disowned Millidia as her sister and even went as far as to burn the 
poor area of the town they once inhabited. She switched places with her sister 
to stop her from doing such horrible things with some help from the thieves' 
guild. Once she began governing the country, there was nothing but peace in 
Gerabellum. In 802 C.C., for some unknown reason, she set fire to the thieves' 
hideout and she burned herself to death with half the guild. The real cause of 
her death was covered up. The general public was told she died in a fire at the

- Mithra - "Be calm! Do not show weakness..."
Age: 29

Born: 773 C.C.

Died: 802 C.C.

Bio: Led the military of Fraelgard, a country that existed on the island south 
of the continent from 80 C.C. to 234 C.C. It is said Mithra was behind the 
construction of hidden fortresses at key points on the island that fended off 
would-be invaders from the continent. However, a mistake by a subordinate 
raised suspicions of treason against the king during a battle in 145 C.C. 
Mithra was left to die on the battlefield and eventually captured. For the 
entire year he was held captive in a dungeon, Mithra was subjected to 
unspeakable tortures, yet never spoke a word. When his corpse was later 
delivered to Fraelgard without eyes, ears or tongue, the king is said to have 
broken down in tears at his own shameful folly.

- Phyress - "Ta da!!"
Age: 17 (acutally 58)

Born: 564 C.C.

Died: 622 C.C.

Bio: A former queen of Dipan. Phyress participated in the Year-Long War which 
began in 581 C.C., with only two comrads. The was a heroine in the Battle of 
Paltierre, the Arkdain uprising, the Battle of Artolia pass and the Battle of 
Rosetta. Were it not for her the surrounding four powers would have been unable 
to completely contain Rosetta. During the Battle of Rosetta near the end of the 
Year-Long War, she lost her arm and decided to give up her warrior life. She 
married her childhood friend King Cyphel of Paltierre. She supported her 
husband governing the country, but in 622 C.C. she caught an endemic disease 
and passed away. Mourning his wife, the king of Paltierre died five years 
later. Phyress had possessed the skill and knowledge of a great bowyer. She 
also compiled the writings of alchemy scattered throughout the continent to 
create the Tome of Truths.

- Psoron - "Things are getting interesting!"
Age: 27

Born: 423 C.C.

Died: 450 C.C.

Bio: A genius sorcerer from the Principality of Paltierre, which once existed 
in the northeast of the continent. Psoron created Fire Storm, the most widely 
used offensive magic spell, and Guard Reinforce, one of the most basic 
defensive magic spells. He was the court sorcerer for the king of Paltierre. 
After creating these two magic spells to fight the undead, he disappeared. More 
than half the magic spells in existence would not have been, were it not for 
the creation of Psoron's two basic spells.

- Rasheeka - "Fine. If you want to die, come and get it!"
Age: 20

Born: 704 C.C

Died: 724 C.C

Bio: From the desert town of Kalstad. Rasheeka was one of the several heroes 
who protected the town from the spreading forces of the powerful Crell 
Monferaigne. With her knowledge of the land and by controlling the water 
supply, she managed to protect the town from the colossal Crell Monferaigne 
army. In 724 C.C., she received a fatal wound during the Fourth Kalstad 
Invasion and died in the arms of her lover. When the Crell Monferaigne army 
later heard of her demise, they immediately regretted missing the opportunity 
to take Kalstad.

- Richelle - "I believe in us... In our strength..."
Age: 27

Born: 550 C.C

Died: ???

Bio: A captain of the White Lily, Count Leon's royal guard. The count's domain 
was the western territory of what was once the Arkdain Kingdom, located in the 
northeast of the continent. Richelle was one of Camille's renowned "Seventeen 
Commanders" in the war of Camille Hill, and was later dubbed "Richelle of the 
Simmering Samite." In 574 C.C., under orders from the Count, Richelle fought in
the War of Camille Hill. Her superior swordsmanship saved a defensive line from
the brink of collapse and drove the enemy back into the mountains, resulting in
victory. She commanded the frontline patrols for two years following the war 
and was eventually ordered home in 577 C.C. However, on the way home, the 
entire guard went missing after visiting a town in the Gorlha region.

- Roland - "Foward soldiers, and crush the foe!"
Age: 29

Born: 548 C.C

Died: 577 C.C

Bio: Captain of the Knights of the Bloodsword, crown defenders of the Arkdain 
Kingdom that once spanned the continent's northwest. Roland was one of 
Camille's renowned Seventeen Commanders in the War of Camille Hill, and was 
later dubbed, "Roland of the Thundercry". In 574 C.C., by order of the king of 
Arkdain, Roland fought in the War of Camille Hill. His unparalleled strategic 
command saved a defensive line from the brink of collapse and drone the enemy 
back into the mountains. He commanded the frontline patrols for two years 
following the war and was eventually ordered home in 577 C.C. However, he went 
missing and was last reported seen in the Gorlha region.

- Seluvia - "O gods! Give me courage!!"
Age: Unknown

Born: 573 C.C.

Died: Unknown

Bio: Raised in Rand, a small town along Artolia Pass. During the Year-Long War 
that began in 581 C.C., Rand was attacked by an opposition group. These groups 
had rapidly increased in number due to the decrease of public safety. Seluvia 
was Rand's lone survivor. He was rescued by a woman who later went on to 
become Queen Phyress of the Principality of Paltierre. In 593 C.C., he 
disappeared, fearing that his existence would cause a war to breakout among the 
heirs to the throne. He then became a minstrel and traveled many lands, 
sealing the undead along the way.

- Sha-Kon - "They were good! I'd like to mass-produce them."
Age: 23

Born: 627 C.C.

Died: 650 C.C.

Bio: Hails from a nameless island far to the southwest of the continent. Clever 
with her hands, Sha-Kon was the creator of mechanical dolls with various 
complex components. She traveled alone to the continent in hope of obtaining 
necromancy that enabled one to control a dead soul. Her desire was to fill her 
dolls with these souls, bringing them to life. After a long and painful 
journey, she succeeded in learning the spell. As a result of much 
experimentation, she managed to create a doll with a soul...Or so she thought. 
Her final creation was merely a doll that used the soul as energy for mobility.

- Sophalla - "Stay cool.  We can't afford to throw away victory..."
Age: 24

Born: 772 C.C.

Died: 796 C.C.

Bio: Sophalla grew up in a poor neighborhood of Gerabellum. Sophalla was raised 
as an assassin by a thieves guild, but caught the eye of a local lord and she 
married at 16. Her life changed completely as she became a member of the upper 
class overnight. However, unable to erase her past, she received letters of 
threat and blackmail from the guild. After coming clean about her past to the 
lord, they devised a plan to destroy the guild. However, in 790 C.C., the lord 
was assassinated by a member of the guild. After this incident, Sophalla 
continued to fight the guild on her own. In 792 C.C., she was kidnapped by the 
guild, who crushed her throat and sold her as a slave.

- Sylphide - "We fight battle upon battle, will peace ever come?"
Age: 32

Born: 567 C.C

Died: 599 C.C

Bio: An attendant of Dipan's Queen Phyress for as long as she can remember, 
Sylphide stood by the queen's side unquestioningly and ended up fighting in the
Year-Long War that raged across the continent. Though not suited for war, the 
healing magic she wielded is said to have saved Queen Phyress from myriad 
dangers. Sylphide almost lost her life near the war's end in the Battle of 
Rosetta, but was rescued from the clutches of death by a companion. Upon her 
return, she spent her days quietly in Dipan's chapel, but she was found 
murdered by the undead during the Mist of Nifelheim- the dark ages that began 
in 599 C.C.

- Tyrith - "What the heck happened!?"
Age: 23

Born: 639 C.C

Died: 659 C.C

Bio: Raised in Lassen, a town in the southwest of the continent. Tyrith claimed 
to be the descendent of the Warrior Princess Celes, a heroine who lived more 
than 100 years ago. She sided with Arkdain which once existed in the northwest 
of the continent, and contributed tremendously in the battle against Villnore. 
She became as famous and as strong, if not stronger, than Celes, giving her 
soldiers courage to fight even at their most exhausted. In 658 C.C., during 
the Battle of the Lake Temple, the Villnore army's strategic plans sank the 
temple, killing Tyrith in the process. Although she claimed she was related to 
General Celes, she was actually a mere merchant's daughter.

- Woltar - "Ugly, ugly..."
Age: 28

Born: 724 C.C.

Died: 752 C.C.

Bio: A ruthless alchemist who kidnapped the Queen of Crell Monferaigne in 746 
C.C. Hiding out in the hinterland of Salerno, Woltar was rumored to have spent 
his days and nights engrossed in horrifying experiments. However, in 752 C.C. 
he was found and punished by officers from Crell Monferaigne. A month after the 
queen was rescued from her prison, she took her own life by throwing herself 
from atop the castle wall.

- Xehnon - "Death is no great thing... Just a fleeting pain..."
Age: 24

Born: 562 C.C.

Died: 586 C.C.

Bio: Xehnon was a servant of the Rosetta Dynasty, a dynasty that once existed 
in the south of the continent in 578 C.C. He accidentally got a hold of a 
divine book, The Manuscript of Manifestation, and became possessed by its 
strong, godly powers. Under its spell, he managed to become the court sorcerer 
to get close to the king of Rosetta. Eventually, he was able to persuade the 
king to invade the rest of the continent. Xehnon was possessed for three and a 
half years, until the book was burned by Queen Phyress of Dipan. Once freed, he 
began searching the lands for a means to rectify the state the world was in, 
but in 586 C.C., he was attacked and killed by a group of rioters.

- Zunde - "Showtime!!"
Age: 22

Born: 754 C.C.

Died: 776 C.C.

Bio: An adventurer from Quiryl, a small town near Loahm Hill. Zunde became 
famous for discovering the legendary sword Grand Sting, in an old shrine he 
passed on his journey. Later, as he and his friends traveled through Camille 
Hill, he received a request to slay the monsters in the area. He set out full 
of confidence, never to be heard from again.


                        IV) Actual History === [04ACT]


+ The Beginning Years === [04.BEG]

In the year 80 C.C, the military nation of Fraelgard was erected on an island
to the south of the main continent.  

Thirty two years later in 112 C.C, Mithra was born and became the commander of
the Fraelgard army later in his life.  He was a loyal and powerful leader that
led the construction of hidden fortresses to fend off invaders from Fraelgard. 
A mistake made by one of his subordinates, however, caused Mithra to be 
captured by a rival nation where he was tortured to spill secrets about his 
nation and king.  The king who ordered Mithra's death on the battlefield was in
shock when Mithra's body was delivered to Fraelgard a year later in 146 C.C. 
with no eyes, ears, or tongue.

Centuries later in 308 C.C, Atrasia was born in the village of Tehm, which laid
to the north of the main continent of Midgard.  The tribe of Tehm could live in
peace as long as they sacrificed a Protector to receive blessings from the
gods, as per their customs.

In 324 C.C, Lwyn was born in Kalstad and joined the treasure hunting guild 
called Truth, alongside her father.  Together, the two of them slayed many 
monsters and discovered many artifacts as well.

The custom of Tehm called for a pure Protector to be sacrificed, but Atrasia, 
the Protector at the time, gave birth to a child. Her child died and a saddened 
Atrasia ventured to Nifelhiem to retrieve her child's soul.  She was successful
but she broke the laws that Tehm and the gods had agreed upon.  Odin, angered 
by this action, allowed a group of undead to attack and destroy the village.  
Atrasia was able to escape to a nearby town with her child, but died from 
exhaustion and severe wounds in 333 C.C.

Thirteen years later, in 346 C.C, Lwyn died after she told Truth about finding 
a royal tomb in the Sahma Desert.

Four years passed and Falx was born on the outskirts of Gerabellum in 350 C.C. 
When he was young, the undead killed his parents and Falx vowed to have revenge 
against them.  He practiced his swordplay as well as his magic skills to be
able to fight against the undead.  This, combined with his intelligence, made
Falx one of the most dangerous undead hunters in history.  In 375 C.C., Falx
found Brahms' Castle and met with the Lord of the Undead.  He challenged
Brahms to a fight to the death, but lost.

In 390 C.C., Aegis was born in Solde and became a revered naval commander
throughout the lands due to his ability to read the ocean.  Sometime before he 
became a naval commander, Aegis sacrificed his ability to swim in exchange for
the ability to read the water to some water nymphs.  In a battle against some
pirates that were pillaging Solde, Aegis was knocked into the water and
drowned in 418 C.C.

Five years later, in 423 C.C., Psoron was born in Paltierre and became a
scholar that invented the magic spells Fire Storm and Guard Reinforce to
combat the undead.  Because of this feat, Psoron became the court sorceror for
the king of Paltierre.

In 445 C.C., Jessica was born in Nethov to an aristocratic family.  

Five years later in 450 C.C, Psoron died due to unknown reasons.

Jessica led a great life with her father's wealth.  Once she became of age, she
was engaged to be married, but her father lost all the family's money and his
life.  Her fiance called off the wedding and Jessica was left all alone.  At
this time, it is presumed that Jessica was with her fiance's child, whom would
grow to be Gerald.  She gave birth to Gerald in 464 C.C.  With sword in hand, 
Jessica became an adventurer to take care of herself and Gerald.  In 468 c.C., 
Odin placed the sealed location of an ancient dragon in some ruins and 
dispersed a rumor regarding an enormous gemstone in said ruins.  Jessica heard 
of the rumor and went after it.  Unfortunately, when she came into contact with 
the gemstone, the dragon emerged from the seal and killed Jessica.

Once released from its resting place, the evil dragon tortured the town of
Nethov for years and years.  Gerald, a concerned town citizen and Jessica's
son, gathered a group of 99 warriors and headed for the ruins, which had now
become the dragon's den.  In the brutal fight, Gerald was able to strike the
dragon in its chest, but unbeknownst to him, the dragon had poisonous blood.
The blood spewed from its body and killed Gerald, the warriors, and decayed all
the living things in the Nethov region.  Thus, the town of Nethov was turned
into a swamp in the year 489 C.C.

+ The Age of Turmoil === [04.TUR]

Fifty years later, many of the more famous einherjar we know were born,
starting with...

Khanon was born in 539 C.C. in Gorhla.

Guilm was born in 546 C.C. in Dipan (presumambly).

Roland was born in 548 C.C. in Arkdain.

Ehlen was born in 549 C.C. in Gerabellum (presumambly).

Richelle was born in 550 C.C. in Arkdain.

Adonis was born in 553 C.C., as well as Aaron, who was born in Arkdain.

Farant was born in 554 C.C. in Lassen.

Ehrde was born in 555 C.C. in an unknown region.

Celes was born in 556 C.C in the Royal Castle of Dipan as a princess and
Fraudir was born in Arkdain.

Xehnon was born in 562 C.C. in Rosetta and Crescent is born in Gerabellum.
Crescent is born into an aristocratic family, but her mother dies and her
father remarries.

Alm was born in 563 C.C. in the Pincipality of Paltierre as a prince.

Phyress was born in 564 C.C. in the Royal Castle of Dipan as a princess.

Sylphide was born in 567 C.C. in Dipan and became Phyress' attendant at a young

In 572 C.C., when Crescent was 10 years old, a nearby nation sought to overtake
Gerabellum.  To appease this nation, Crescent's stepmother used Crescent and
her family as a bargaining chip.  Along the way to the nation, Crescent's
family was killed by bandits, but Gerald stepped in and saved Crescent.  For
saving her life and with no one else to turn to, Crescent followed Ehlen and
learns how to fight from him.  Due to the overtaking of Gerabellum, the War of
Camille Hill begins to take root.

Gerabellum's own army kept the invading country from taking over, with Ehlen
being the most prominent member of the Gerabellan army, earning him the title
Demigod Ehlen.  Adonis also participated in the war as a stray mercenary and 
became known as Black Blade Adonis.

The first nation to join with Gerabellum is Paltierre, led by Dragon Scale
Sigmund, the king of Paltierre.

The second nation to join is Dipan.  In 573 C.C., Celes and Guilm, serving as 
Celes' second in command, join the war with the army of Dipan.  Celes becomes
known as Warrior Princess Celes and Guilm is known as Baron Blade Guilm.  
Seluvia is born in the town of Rand as well during this year.

A year later in 574 C.C., Arkdain joins up and the king of Arkdain sends Roland 
and the army of Arkdain, the Knights of the Bloodsword, to participate in the 
war.  Richelle is also sent by Count Leon, the younger brother of the king of 
Arkdain, to join the war along with his royal guard, the White Lily .  Both 
Roland of the Thundercry and Richelle of the Simmering Sanmite aided in the 
protection of an important defensive line in the war with their expert 
swordsmanship, gaining them a spot as two of the Seventeen Commanders.

Sometime during the war, Lassen also joins the war.  It is presumed that the
lord of Lassen joins the war as a commander and becomes close to Celes.

In 575 C.C., the War of Camille Hill begins. The Kingdom of Dipan, the 
Principality of Paltierre, the Arkdain Kingdom, and Lassen fight together.

In 576, Celes retreats from the war and goes home, as well as the lord of
Lassen.  Celes marries the lord and retires from fighting.

One year later in 577 C.C., the king of Arkdain and Count Leon call back
Roland and Richelle from the frontlines.  On their way back, they passed
through the Gorhla region, where they were killed.  Khanon, the lord of Gorhla
at the time, denied partaking in this incident.  Childhood friends Aaron and
Fraudir were called in by both brothers to take over Roland's and Richelle's
position, respectively.

Khanon, the ruler of Gorhla started to vist the king of Arkdain more often due
to the casualties from the war.  Eventually, he had enough power to decide on 
stately affairs.

In 578 C.C., Xehnon, a scholar of Rosetta came into contact with an ancient
tome called the Manuscript of Manifestation.  This tome took control over
Xehnon, but imparted him with great intelligence.  Eventually, he became the
court sorcerer to the king of Rosetta and gained control over him akin to

The Manuscript of Manifestation, although powerful, was left behind by Odin to
wreak havoc upon the land of Midgard.

After 4 long years of fighting, the War of Camille comes to an end in 579 C.C.,
and every nation went their seperate ways.  At this time, Crescent also returns
home to her house in Gerabellum, only to learn that it was her stepmother that 
initiated the attack against her and her family.  Her stepmother gave the
bandits that murdered her family the route by which they were traveling to the
rival nation.  She kills her stepmother and she and Ehlen take leave of 

Peace, although gained, was lost in this same year as well in the Arkdain
Kingdom.  Khanon had finally gained the king's trust and influenced him to
fight against his little brother, Count Leon.  The Knights of the Bloosword
and the White Lilies were once again thrust into a war, although not against a
common enemy, but against each other.  This civil war was known as the Arkdain
Uprising.  Using this war to his advantage, Khanon was able to create his own
neutral clerical faction that opposed both the king and his brother.  With an
army, the Division of the Sacred Cross, Khanon now had a nation of his own in
the making, soon to be complete...

In 580 C.C., Crescent and Ehlen both joined the army of the ever growing nation
of Rosetta, the Knights of the Sun.  Xehnon recruited them along their travels 
with his lofty ideals and both were made into generals of the army.  Ehlen 
became the Horizon General and Crescent becomes the Meridian General.  Adonis
and Ehrde also become the Eclipse General and Twilight General, respectively.

Perhaps the most important year in the history of Midgard before Alicia's time
would have to have been 581 C.C.  A major event called the Year Long War took
place at this time, and Phyress, the Princess of Dipan, becomes the most
prominent member of this war.

In the beginning of the year, Princess Phyress of Dipan, Sylphide, and Guilm 
begin traveling throughout the world.  Although it doesn't state the time in 
any sources, these three characters were involved in a battle called the Battle 
of Paltierre.  Later, they were pulled into the Arkdain Uprising, although
there are no sources that say which army they fought for.

For Khanon, things were about to end very soon.  Once he got corronated as Pope
of his clerical faction, he'd be on equal grounds, politcally, to a kingdom.
In Audoula Lake Temple, as Khanon was being annointed as a Pope, Twilight
General Ehrde shot a poisoned arrow through his heart and Khanon died without
realizing his dreams.

Back in Arkdain, the forces of the king of Arkdain and Count Leon come into
contact in central Arkdain.  The Arkdain Uprising ends with Count Leon's forces
seizing the capital.  Still loyal to his king, Aaron, captain of the Knights of
Bloodsword, challenged Fraudir, captain of the White Lily, to a duel.  After a 
long match, an exhausted Fraudir sheathed her sword and allowed Aaron to kill 
her.  The war had been won and she had no reason to kill her childhood friend,
so Fraudir accepted death.  To respect Fraudir's wishes, Aaron didn't receive 
treatment for his wounds and he died a few days later.

Xehnon, still under the Manuscript's control, ignites the flames of war by
having the king of Rosetta send Adonis and Ehrde to capture Celes while the
lord of Lassen is away.

In her stately home in Lassen, Queen Celes is confronted by Adonis and Ehrde.
A duel commences between Adonis and Celes, with Celes being the victor by
decapitating Adonis' head.  Tired from the fight, Queen Celes is kidnapped by 
Ehrde and he flees to Rosetta.  This action, called the Lassen Invasion, began 
the dreaded Year Long War.

In the same fashion that he used to recruit Crescent and Ehlen, Xehnon
explained his goal of the war to Celes.  His goal was to unite the continent
together to fight against the oppressive rule of the gods in Asgard.  Believing
in him, Celes joins the Knights of the Sun and takes over Adonis' title and
position as Eclipse General.

The generals are now scattered throughout the land.  Ehlen and his brigade head
to Paltierre, Ehrde remains in Lassen to defend it from being seized, Crescent 
stays in Rosetta to act as backup to any of the generals that need it, and 
Celes heads off towards her hometown of Dipan via sea, fighting its navy along
the way.

Phyress, still traveling with Sylphide and Guilm, decides to take care of the
brewing problem.  She calls a meeting with Paltierre, the resistance forces in
Lassen, and Arkdain, uniting them to fight against Rosetta.  They develop a
strategy that utilizes the resistance forces of Lassen as a decoy and the other
nations as interceptors.

The leader of the resistance in Lassen, Farant, uses guerilla tactics with a
band of 100 troops to defeat much of Ehrde's 5,000 soldiers.  Ehrde calls for
backup and Crescent replies, as well as Ehlen.  When Crescent arrives, Farant
leads her troops to Artolia Pass and the turning point of the war occurs here.
Crescent challenges Farant to a duel and ends up killing him.

However, this battle was part of Phyress' plan to overtake Lassen.  With
Crescent's troops in Artolia Pass, Paltierre and Arkdain invade the captured
Lassen and defeat Ehrde and his remaining soldiers.  Ehlen, who comes to
Artolia Pass to save Crescent's troops is confronted and killed by the undead.
Shortly after, Crescent disappears.

Rand, a small town near the Artolian Pass, was taken and destroyed by the
opposing force, with Seluvia being the only survivor.  Phyress finds Seluvia
and adopts him.

Now, all that was left to do was to defeat Rosetta to put an end to the war.
The 4 nations of Dipan, Paltierre, Arkdain, and Lassen, still united, head off
to Rosetta to put an end to the madness.  The nations surround Rosetta and
a the Battle of Rosetta takes place.

In the midst of the battle, Sylphide is killed by enemy troops, pregnant with
a child at the time.  Guilm, saddened by this, sacrifices his life to bring 
Sylphide back to life.

The two sisters, Celes and Phyress, encounter each other again, although this
time not as sisters, but as enemies.  A dreaded duel ensues with Phyress losing
an arm to Celes' sword and Celes taking an incurable wound from Phyress' arrow.

With Celes severely injured, Phyress takes off into the castle of Rosetta.  In
the depths of its halls, Phyress encounters Xehnon and notices the Manuscript
of Manifestation Xehnon holds.  She burns the tome, resulting in Xehnon's
release from the dreaded curse.  Thus, the Year Long War comes to an end.  All
nations return back home and Phyress marries King Cyphel of Paltierre.

+ The Mists of Nifelheim === [04.NFL]

A year later in 582 C.C., Sylphide gives birth to Dyn in Dipan, and another
year later in 583 C.C., Phyress gives birth to Chrystie.  During this year,
Celes also dies from the wound she sustained from her sister.

In 586 C.C., Xehnon, who was in the midst of restoring the ravaged nation, was
killed by bandits.

Nine years pass and Seluvia leaves the Principality of Paltierre and becomes a
bard.  As a possible heir to the throne, Seluvia gets scared of a fight
breaking out between the other heirs, so he leaves to avoid such a problem.
Chrystie follows after him 5 years later, also leaving as a bard.

In 599 C.C., Hel, the Queen of the Underworld, seeks to torment the humans on
Midgard and releases a slew of undead and demons out of her domain.  For three
years the world is covered in a darkness that becomes known as the Mists of
Nifelheim.  Sylphide is killed by the undead while Dyn is away.  When Dyn
learns of her death, he seeks revenge for Sylphide and sets out to find and
seal the portal to the underworld.  

In 601 C.C., the undead dragon lord of the underworld terrorizes Paltierre.
Prince Alm attempts to destroy it, but ends up getting killed.

On his journey, Dyn meets up with Seluvia and Chrystie.  Together, the three of
them travel Midgard, slaying the undead and looking for the portal to the 
underworld.  A year later in 602 C.C., they locate the portal and successfully
seal it.  Unfortunately, Dyn gets stuck on the other side with Hel and her
minions.  She tortures Dyn until he dies, while Seluvia and Chrystie sing
praises about him throughout Midgard.  The two of them disappear from the
annals of history after this incident...

Twenty years pass and Phyress dies to an illness.  Five years after her death,
Cyphel also passes away, and Paltierre falls without a prince or princess to
succeed to the throne.  During this year, 627 C.C., Sha-Kon is born on an
island to the southwest of the main continent.

+ The Age of Restoration === [04.RES]

Three years later in 630 C.C., Kraad is born, followed by Circe four years
later.  In 639 C.C., Tyrith is born in Lassen.

As an only child, Sha-Kon grew up lonely.  Using her magnificent intelligence,
Sha-Kon started creating golems to keep her company.  Still, the golems she
created were but mindless beings, so all of her work resulted to nothing.
Sha-Kon started getting interested in affixing souls to golems in order to make
them lifelike, but when she did go through with the research, she discovered
something new: golems could use souls as a source of energy too.  The golem she
created with the soul disappointed her, but she didn't have a chance to fix her
mistakes, for the people in her town accused her of practicing witchcraft and
she was executed in 650 C.C.

In 658 C.C., Kraad and Circe helped in the founding of Villnore.  However, a
rebellion led by Tyrith, a warrior claiming to be a descendant of Celes, caused
major problems for them.  Circe, who was a famed blacksmith, created powerful
weapons and sturdy armors for Kraad, her husband, to fight against the
rebellion.  Tyrith, leading the army of Arkdain, fought against Villnore and
Circe was killed in battle in 658 C.C.  Masato was also born at this time.  
Using strategic tactics, Kraad led the Villnorian army against the rebellion 
led by Tyrith to Audoula Lake Temple and destroyed the main portion. Tyrith and 
most of her troops died in 659 C.C.  Even after Tyrith's death, a portion of 
the rebellion remained and in 662 C.C., Kraad was shot by a poisoned arrow.

Years went by and Masato became a powerful sorceror.  However, during his time,
a corrupt tyrant ruled over his homeland and Masato joined the rebellion to
defeat the government.  He was betrayed by his friend during the war and he
fled from his homeland to the main continent.  On the main continent, he was
rescued by villagers from a nearby village, and repaid their kindness by
fighting against the undeads that plagued them.  During one of his fights, he
accidently struck himself with one of his own spells.  Shortly after, Masato
withered away in 681 C.C.

Twenty three years afterwards, Rasheeka was born in Kalstad.  A year later,
Arcana was born.  Both of the girls became good friends and powerful warriors.
Throughout their lifetimes, their hometown of Kalstad was victim of 4 attacks
by the Crell Monferaigne army.  However, Rasheeka, Arcana, and another hero
from Kalstad managed to stop all 4 attacks.  With Arcana's knowledge of weather 
patterns and Rasheeka's knowledge of the land and water, both girls were able 
to stay the Crell Monferaigne army.  In the Fourth Invasion of Kalstad in 624 
C.C., both of them were killed, but were revered by the Crell Monferaigne army 
for their efforts.  Thus, a truce was created between the 2 nations.  Woltar
was also born in the Salerno region at this time.

In 730 C.C., Lylia was born into an aristocratic family.  When she turned 16
years old, Lylia captured the eye of the king of Crell Monferaigne and was
about to marry into the royal family.  However, she was already in love with
Woltar, so during the wedding ceremony, Woltar created chaos by appearing in
the ceremony and snatching Lylia.  The two fled to Woltar's hideout in the 
Salerno region and both were happy together.  They had a daughter, Lydia, in 
748 C.C., and lived together with her until 752 C.C.  When Lydia was 4 years 
old, Lylia was spotted in the Salerno region by a Crellian and her location was 
given to the Crell Monferaigne royal family.  Taking immediate action, the 
royal family dispatched soldiers to retrieve her.  When the soldiers found her,
they killed Woltar and dragged Lylia and Lydia back to Crell Monferaigne.

After witnessing that tragic event, Lylia turned mad.  She was no longer of a
sane mental position.  A month later, atop the rooftop of the castle walls,
Lylia jumped from the rooftop in front of the king.  Two years later in 754
C.C., Zunde was born in a town called Quiryl, near the Loahm Hill.

Lydia, who was now fatherless, motherless, and not of the royal family's blood,
was subjected to shame and ridicule from her peers and subjects alike.  To
prove herself worthy, Lydia trained hard with the bow and arrow, becoming one
of the most reknowed archers in the history of Midgard.  But her jealous
brother-in-law, Cain, hired bandits to kill her in 769 C.C.  His jealously 
stemmed from the fact that the king of Crell Monferainge was planning to make 
her the next ruler, even though she was a bastard child, due to Cain's 
ineptitude as a prince.  He was shortly killed afterwards for this action.

Sophalla was born three years later in 772 C.C. in Gerabellum, with her younger
sister, Millidia, borne a year later in 773 C.C.

Three years later, Zunde and his friends were travelling through Camille Hill,
when they received a request to dispatch some monsters in the area.  The
adventurers set forth and were never heard from again...

After Sophalla's and Millidia's parents died, Sophalla had to take care of her
sister.  She joined the Thieves' GUild, a guild that specialized in stealing
and assassinations, and was trained as an assassin.  Sophalla used the money
she earned to take care of both her sister and the underprivillage kids, though
none knew how she was making money.

When Sophalla turned 16, she caught the lord of Gerabellum's eye and shortly
after, they married.  Sophalla went from rags to riches in the blink of an eye
and she invited Millidia to the royal family.  Unaccustomed to such a
lifestyle, Millidia returned back to the slums.  Due to her sudden increase in
status, the Thieves' Guild started sending blackmail to Sophalla.  Unable to 
hide her past anymore, she came clean to her husband, and together, both fought
against the Thieves' Guild.

Angered by her actions, the Thieves' Guild managed to kill the lord of 
Gerabellum, leaving a frustrated and angry Sophalla to destroy the Thieves'
Guild members, disguised as regular houses in the slums of Gerabellum.  She
even disowned Millidia as her sister in order to protect her.

In Millidia's eyes, however, this sudden action looked like Sophalla being
consumed by power and wanting to erase her past by attacking the poor, harmless
people of the slums.  Using her naivete, the Thieves' Guild devised a plan to
swap Sophalla with Millidia to stop her from attacking the slums.  Millidia
agreed and the plan went into effect shortly after.

The Thieves' Guild captured Sophalla, crushed her throat, and sold her to 
slavery.  Millidia was then thrusted into Sophalla's position as ruler of 
Gerabellum.  In 796 C.C., Sophalla died, still in the clutches of slavery.

Six long years passed until Millidia finally figured out the truth.  Surprised
and ashamed, Millidia gathered the leaders of the guild together in their
hideout to have a meeting.  She then proceeded to set the hideout on fire,
killing the leaders, some of its members, and herself.  This event was
disguised as a theatre fire.


                         V) Conversations === [05CNV]


+ Falx & Brahms
Falx: Brahms!
Brahms: Hmm... You're the rat I caught in my castle. Do you wish to challenge
me again?
Falx: You say that again, and I'll make you regret it!

+ Zunde & Falx
Zunde: Right! Now why don't you leave this to me?
Falx: You damned fool! Don't you know your own strength!?

+ Jessica & Gerald
Jessica: How you've grown!
Gerald: By the gods, you look just like your mother!

+ Ehlen & Crescent
Ehlen: What will you do? Will we fight together again?
Crescent: I will stand by you till death divides us again!

+ Adonis & Crescent
Adonis: Hey princess! Aren't you going to hide behind Ehlen like you always do?
Crescent: Go to hell!

+ Farant & Crescent
Farant: General Crescent. The blow you struck that time caused much pain. Don't
look at me like that, I accuse you of nothing, I assure you.

+ Xehnon & Crescent
Xehnon: Crescent, you paid me many great services in our old life.
Crescent: Not at all, I only followed Ehlen.

+ Xehnon & Ehlen
Xehnon: Ehlen, you paid me many great services in our old life.
Ehlen: You do not need to thank me. I fought for the same thing you did.

+ Ehlen & Adonis
Ehlen: It's been a long time Adonis. You can think what you will, but I never
hated you.
Adonis: The sight of you makes me sick! Stay out of my face!

+ Ehlen & Celes
Ehlen: I do not beleive that I had the honor of meeting you in our former
Celes: It wasn't until the war began that I joined you and your allies.

+ Adonis & Celes
Adonis: It's you... I made a mistake last time... Never again!
Celes: I beat you because of the fortunes(?) of fate. Who knows what would've
happened if you won?

+ Adonis & Ehrde
Adonis: Ah, Ehrde! Together we will be strong!
Ehrde: Don't talk to me!
Adonis: You haven't changed!

+ Adonis & Xehnon
Xehnon: It's been a long time, Adonis.
Adonis: What a fool I was! To think I served someone who was so weak!

+ Adonis & Circe
Adonis: Why don't you forge *me* a sword? Only I could use it as it should.
Circe: Nothing has changed. I forge weapons for only one warrior. None other
has the strength to wield them.

+ Adonis & Tyrith
Adonis: An imposter!? Damn you too!

+ Ehrde & Farant
Ehrde: You!? You're one of the einherjar!? When it came to fleeing, you were
always the fastest.
Farant: It is indeed true that we never once beat you, but remember, we never
lost either.

+ Xehnon & Ehrde
Xehnon: Assassination's bad for the soul...
Ehrde: Maybe I should start with you!!

+ Khanon & Ehrde
Khanon: You! It was you who destroyed all of my plans!!
Ehrde: It was a real shame... What was it like to be struck down at your moment
of glory?

+ Richelle & Khanon
Richelle: Is that you!? How dare you show your face before me!?
Khanon: I think, Lady Richelle, that there has been some misunderstanding. Do
you have proof that I was involved in that incident?

+ Khanon & Roland
Khanon: Ah, general Roland! If not for your magnificent death, the kingdom of
Arkdain would not have fallen into chaos. 'Twas inevitable...
Roland: Yes. And thanks to that chaos, you managed to claw your way up to the
throne of the high priest! You vicious dog!

+ Fraudir & Khanon
Fraudir: Khanon, you devil! You fooled the king, you brought suffering to the
people and chaos to the kingdom! I shall never forgive you!
Khanon: 'Twas you who rebelled, Fraudir, yet you dare accuse me of bringing
suffering to the people!? Don't make me laugh!!

+ Aaron & Khanon
Aaron: Khanon! Answer me! What did you do to our king!?
Khanon: Such a long time ago. I assure you I did nothing! That poor, sad king
just went mad all on his own.

+ Aaron & Roland
Aaron: Please forgive me! I could not save the king...
Roland: Aaron, shame is not yours... You fought hard.

+ Aaron & Fraudir
Aaron: I'm sorry Fraudir. I have no right to show my face to you...
Fraudir: Not at all. You were always stubborn, even as a child. But this time,
we wil be together till the end!

+ Guilm & Celes
Guilm: This is just like the old days!
Celes: Yes! With you in our party, I know my back is covered!

+ Sylphide & Guilm
Sylphide: I promise I will not be a burden to you this time, so please let me
stay by your side!
Guilm: I told you not to worry about that! I only did what I wanted to do.

+ Guilm & Sylphide
Guilm: So, we have been blessed with a son. I'm glad.
Sylphide: Yes, he has grown into a fine young man. Just like his father.

+ Dyn & Sylphide
Dyn: Forgive me my mother, if only I had come back in time...
Sylphide: Compared to the whole world, my life is of little value. You did the
right thing. I'm proud of you.

+ Dyn & Guilm
Dyn: Warrior Guilm... Had it not been for you, my mother would've died. I would
never have been. I thank thee.
Guilm: You have grown strong! You remind me of when I was young!

+ Dyn & Sylphide
Dyn: Mother, I'm sorry but I cannot think of that man as father.
Sylphide: I am sorry Dyn. I do not want to be any more of a burden to "that

+ Dyn & Chrystie
Dyn: You again... It seems we have been cursed to meet again and again.
Chrystie: Oh shut it! You think I want to be fighting next to you!?

+ Seluvia & Chrystie
Seluvia: Hmm? Chrystie?
Chrystie: Lord Seluvia! We're together again!

+ Phyress & Chrystie
Phyress: What made you so cruel? You just left without warning!
Chrystie: Mother!? So it *is* you!

+ Phyress & Dyn
Phyress: Phyress: If you are his son, it must have happened when we traveled 
together on that journey, but when?

+ Guilm & Phyress
Guilm: My lady, my queen, my princess... what should I call you?
Phyress: It's all ancient history, now. Call me whatever you like.

+ Phyress & Celes
Phyress: Hey sister!
Celes: No words of reproach? You haven't changed.
Phyress: At the time it was kind of a pain, but look at me... And thanks to you
I get to be reborn young.

+ Phyress & Khanon
Khanon: Hmph. If it isn't Dipan's own tomboy...
Phyress: Well, everyone in my family was the same. Must be in our blood.

+ Woltar & Sha-Kon
Woltar: You are the trickster who seals human souls inside the bodies of
dolls... You do not seem the type.
Sha-Kon: Those who have power are the same wherever you go. Perhaps you and I
are no different.

+ Arcana & Rasheeka
Arcana: Hey, we're together again, just like the old days!
Rasheeka: Yes... like the old days!

+ Lylia & Woltar
Lylia: I prayed a thousand times that we might one day be reunited.
Woltar: I too, my love. We must thank the fickleness of fate.

+ Lydia & Lylia
Lydia: Father and I were victims of your selfishness. You just did as you
pleased. I shall never, ever forgive you.
Lylia: Lydia...

+ Woltar & Lydia
Woltar: Is that Lydia? You've grown mighty. I'm sorry I did not protect you
from everything that you've suffered.
Lydia: Father...

+ Millidia & Sophalla
Millidia: My sister...I'm sorry...(sob) I'm so sorry!
Sophalla: Silly child...


                          VI) Credits === [06CRE]


Thanks to...

- tri-Ace: For creating such a wonderful game with wonderful characters.

- Einherjar List by Eclesis: Which helped me discern the einherjar's real past
along with...

- Wikipedia (List of Valkyrie Profile characters): Which contained the japanese
version of the characters' pasts (AKA: real version).

- Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria Shrine: Had a great timeline that guided my

- Message board readers: For encouraging me to write this guide.

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