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FAQ/Walkthrough by Monistic_Turtle

Updated: 10/10/07

            \         /                                     /
              \     /                                    __
               \   / A |_ K `/ R | E  | ) R () F | |_ E  II:  
                \ /                   |                
                     S | L M E R | A .................................
                       |         |
                       |         |
             \                                              / 
               \                                          /
                     >> Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria <<
                           >> Walkthrough/FAQ <<
                     >> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
                   >> E-mail: Knives72@hellokitty.com <<

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Table of Contents +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

        ~~Intro ...................................................... [COU91]
        ~~Button Layout .............................................. [SAF92]
        ~~Battle Mechanics ........................................... [KGB93]

        ~~FAQ's ...................................................... [GRU94]

<< The Actual Walthrough >> 

                                 > Chapter 1 < 
    \Solde/ .......................................................... [SOL02]
    \Lost Forest/ .................................................... [LOS03]
++ About Einherjar ................................................... [EIN23]
    \Royal Underground Passage/ ...................................... [ROY04]
++ About Skills ...................................................... [SKI24]

                                 > Chapter 2 <
    \Dipan/ .......................................................... [DIP05]
    \Dipan Castle/ ................................................... [DIP06]
++ About Special Attacks ............................................. [SPE25]
    \Kythena Plains/ ................................................. [KTY07]
                                 > Chapter 3 <
    \Coriander/ ...................................................... [COR08]
    \Serdberg Mountain Ruins/ ........................................ [SER09]
++ About Sealstones .................................................. [SEA26]
    \Villnore/ ....................................................... [VIL10]
  ~~\Ancient Forest/ Optional ........................................ [ANC11]
  ~~\Turgen Mine/ Optional ........................................... [TUR12]
    \Audoula Temple on the Lake/ ..................................... [AUD13]
    \Kalstad/ ........................................................ [KAL14]
++ About Releasing Einherjar ......................................... [REL27]
    \Sahma Desert/ ................................................... [SAH15]
    \Surts Volcano Caverns/ .......................................... [SUR16]
    \Crell Monferaigne/ .............................................. [CRE17]
  ~~\Chateau Obsession/ Optional ..................................... [CHA18]
    \Crawsus Forest Ruins/ ........................................... [CRA19]
++ Diversions, Sidequests, and Inventory Suggestions ................. [DIV28]
  ==\The Animal Rings/ ............................................... [ANI29] 
  ==\Power leveling Characters/ ...................................... [POW30]  
    \Dragonscrypt/ ................................................... [DRA20]
    \Palace of the Venerated Dragon/ ................................. [PAL21]
                                 > Chapter 4 <

    \Sukavia Gorge/ .................................................. [SUK22]
    \Return to Solde/ ................................................ [RET23]
  ~~\Turgen Mine Revisited/ Optional ................................. [MIN24]
  ~~\Ancient Forest Revisited/ Optional .............................. [FOR25]
    \Royal Underground Passage Revisited/ ............................ [UND26]
    \Dipan in Disarray/ .............................................. [DIS27]
  ==\Power leveling Characters Part 2/ ............................... [LEV31]
                                 > Chapter 5 <

    \Forest of Spirits/ .............................................. [FOR28]
    \Ravine Caverns/ ................................................. [RAV29]
    \Bifrost/ ........................................................ [BIF30]
    \Asgard/ ......................................................... [ASG31]
    \Yggdrasil/ ...................................................... [YGG32]
    \Hall of Valhalla/ ............................................... [HAL33]

                                 > Chapter 6 <

++ Last Chance Sidequests and Other Points of Interest ............... [LAS31]
    \Tower of Lezard Valeth/ ......................................... [TOW34]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Intro <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< COU91

        Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Valkyrie Profile 2: 
Silmeria. First and foremost, I have a confession to make.  I have never 
played the original Valkyrie Profile for the PSOne.  I know, it's appalling 
isen't it, the sheer tenacity of some people to purchase a game with a 2 
marked on the box that CLEARLY indicates it's a sequel or prequel of some 
sort, when they have never played the first game! Well I did, and it turned 
out to be one of my best PS2 purchases in a long time.  That being said, I 
also have a warning coupled with my confession.  This is only my second FAQ of
any sort. I wrote the secret missions guide for Dirge of Cerberus if you were
wondering.  So read at your own risk. ^.^ And another thing, this game is 
hard.  I'm not talking Super Monkey Ball frustration (oh how I loathe you 
Super Monkey Ball...) but a previous RPG knowledge definitely comes in handy 
with this game.  It seems Tri-Ace/Square Enix had the veteran RPG gamer 
demographic in mind when they concocted this monster.  But that dosen't mean 
it's impossible, just don't expect it to be a breeze through button masher. 
Anyways, on to the guide, finally! >.<

Button Layout........................................................... SAF92

First off we have our button assignments for the field, which are as 
 >>         Field Controls          <<
     [] Button = Photon
     /\ Button = Check your Sealstones
     O Button = Jump and Cancel (for conversations)
     X Button = Talk/Swing Sword/OK button 
   Left Analog = Walk/Run... duh
   Right Analog = N/A 
   D-Pad = Alternative for walking or running

     R1 = Toggle your minimap off or on. 
     R2 = View your overall map. 
     L1 = N/A
     L2 = N/A

   Start Button = Pause
   Select Button = Menu (odd choice for a menu button if you ask me)

Note: You cannot use Photons, check sealstones, or go around swinging your 
sword in towns. Also, minimaps and overall maps are exclusive to the dungeon 


     As for battle controls, things are a little more complex. But at the 
same time it's still simple.  

>>          Battle Controls          <<
     [] Button = Character Attack     
     /\ Button = Character Attack
     O Button = Character Attack
     X Button = Character Attack

   Left Analog = Movement
   Right Analog = Moves the camera
   Up and Down on the D-Pad = Switch group (more on this later)
   Right and Left on the D-Pad = Switchs your active character (Later)
   L1 = Adjusting your camera, a little further explaining is in store for 
this button. When the camera is moved off to the side or front or somewhere 
other then the default position, then just tapping the L1 button will bring 
it back behind your characters. But if you hold down L1, the camera will 
fixate on the nearest enemy and stay locked on to it while you move around.  
But that means moving the camera around with the Right Analog becomes 
   R1 = Dash (incredibly useful)
   L2 = Targeting Mode, Press L2 then use the Right Analog or D-Pad to select 
your enemy of choice.
   R2 = Switch Radar, switches between different radar projections of your 
enemies on a shoddy looking map of sorts displayed in the upper right hand 
   L3 = Charge AP, Fairly useful early on in the game. Pressing L3 once will 
charge your AP 30 points. You can hold it down to charge more if you're so 
inclined. But the problem with this feature is that your enemies get to move 
while you charge and your left standing their defenseless. But granted, it 
does have it's applications. 
   R3 = Switch Camera, Wow, if your intentionally trying to give yourself a 
migraine then by all means keep the camera as it is. For some strange reason 
Tri-Ace has made the default camera for battle stay fixated behind your lead 
character.  That means every time you turn, the camera spins with your 
character, and it's a genuine way to induce headaches in my opinion.  I prefer
to set the camera to Free, and control it manually with the Right Analog, but 
that's just me.

      Start Button = Pause, the pause menu also displays the button layout, 
just in case you forget something. 
      Select Button = Battle Menu, you can use items, magic, and change 
weapons in this menu. 

Battle Mechanics........................................................ KGB93
     Phew, I know you probably don't want to be bored with a lengthy, onerous 
explanation about how the battle system works, so I'll try to condense it for 
you as much as possible. Well, when you enter your first fight, the game will 
provide you with a tutorial as to how the battle system operates.  It's 
useful of course, but there's a few things they could have fleshed out more, 
so if there's some things your unsure of I'll try to elaborate. 


Moving - Moving is pretty self-explanitory, but do note that when the leader 
of the pary moves, your whole party moves with her or him in one mass group.  

AP Points - Acronym for Action Points. Action Points deplete whenever you 
take an action. Such as, attacking, dashing, magic, items.  But, just running 
around fills up your AP bar, and so does pressing the L3 button which the 
tutorial tells you (I personally am not very fond of the L3 charge, but it 
comes in handy occasionally). Keep pressing L3 until your AP bar is at 100 to 
move on with the tutorial.

Attack Range - That glowing yellow ring around Rufus and Alicia is your 
range. Enemies have to be in that circle in order for you to attack them. Run 
up to Skelly there and attack with whatever buttons Alicia and Rufus are set 
to. They also tell you about changing lead characters with the left or 
directional buttons on the D-Pad.  Well, there's not a whole lot of point in 
doing this right now. So just start attacking. 

Attack Mode - The tutorial says to corrdinate your timing, and this is great 
advice.  Because, if you just mash away at the attack buttons your characters 
might miss with an attack because some attacks bounce enemies, some ground 
them, others push them back... you get my drift.  So don't be to hasty with 
your attacks.  Once you get used to what Rufus and Alicia's attacks do, 
you'll figure out a good patern. When you attack you might have noticed how 
Alicia's second sword attack lifted the Skeleton up into the air. These are 
things you need to look out for.  If you time this properly you can shot him 
in the air with Rufus.  Just play around with this and you'll get the hang of 

Break Mode - Okay.... now I'm going to refute what I just told you about 
button mashing.  When you chop off an appendage or knock off some armor or a 
tail or whatever on an enemy, you have the chance of getting an item and also 
you have a chance of entering Break Mode. Break Mode lets your characters 
attack an enemy for a short time without costing you any AP points. So this 
basically translates to, go nuts.  The only time I recommend button mashing 
is in break mode. 

Enemy Attacks - That red glowing range in front of Skelly's feet is his 
attack range.  If you step in it when it's bright red and glowing, you'll be 
attacked. It's as simple as that. But... if you dash in towards an enemy and
press an attack button right away, regardless of whether or not your standing
in the enemies attack range, you should be able to get off your attacks 
without them getting a turn. Of course this dosen't always work, but the 
majority of the time it does. Thus the importance of dashing. And, of course 
when the enemies range is faded, he can't attack. 

Dashing - Dashing is extremely important. Dash can be initiated with the R1 
button. If you want a long dash (which you'll be using most of the time) just 
press and hold R1 while your moving to dash up next to the enemy. Make sure 
you don't dash right into their attack range, aim for somewhere off to the 
side or even behind them if that's possible.  Why attack them from behind? 
Because you'll deal double damage when you attack an enemy from the rear. Oh, 
and if you want a short dash, just tap R1 quickly. For a medium dash you need 
to tap it twice in quick succession, although I've found this hard to do. 

Retreat - Getting slaughtered? Sick of fighting? Tired of the battle music? 
Then just run away. To Retreat, look at your handy little battle map in the 
upper right hand corner. See those yellow zones? Those are the escape points. 
Run or dash over to one of those and you'll have the option to escape. It's 
not 100% foolproof though, ocassionlly you'll get "Trapped" in your attempts 
at escape. This just means the enemy gets a turn to advance on you and may 
get close enough to get in some attacks.  

Victory - Victory! Victory is acheived by winning. The end. Well yeah that's 
the main gist of it, but in order to win a battle you need to bring down the 
"Leader". The leader will have a special gold mark next to his HP box in the 
upper left hand corner. The mark looks like a weird helmet or the end of 
Poseidon's spear. So if your looking for a quick battle, go ahead and use the 
L2 targeting button to find the leader and single him out for a quick win.  
They also explain a little bit about the "Extension Gauge" on the right hand 
corner of the screen. This is basically an experience/magic crystal enhancer. 
See how there's five bars to it? This means that if you end the battle with 
all five bars still lit up you'll get more magic crystals and experience. 
That basically means you have to defeat the enemies fast. And so if you want, 
you can go straight for the leader for a better chance of ending the battle 
with all five bars still lit up. But that's not always the best course of 
action, because enemies have items you can break off of them, and the more 
you kill in a battle the more chances you'll have of obtaining the items... 
obviously. Also, if you win with the bar full, you'll usually get an item 
from the enemy leader. Winning with all the bars is called a "Direct Assualt" 
so you'll see this flash up on the screen when you win. Direct Assualt's net 
you a nice 30 crystals, so if your hurting for crystals, this is the way to 

Advanced Tactics - Dividing your party is great for some boss battles but for 
normal fights, it's not really necessary. To divide your party press the up 
or down directional buttons on the D-Pad. Do this and you'll notice that 
Alicia's little tab with her name and HP on the bottom of the screen will 
turn red. This means she is now seperate from Rufus and can run around by 
herself.  But now Rufus is a sitting duck. So if you want to switch back to 
Rufus you need to press right or left on the D-Pad to switch back to him. 
Again, good for some boss fights, but not practical for your average battle. 

Menu - Press Select to bring up your battle menu.  Note that using an item 
from the menu, like a Warrior's Arcanum or something will then make it 
impossible to use another item right away.  A little icon next to your 
Extension gauge will pop up and it indicates that you cannot use an item 
until it disappears. It goes away after you run around enough. 

Alright that about does it. And if you want to stop that camera from spinning 
like an Irish stereotype, press the R3 button to save yourself from a 

FAQ's .................................................................. GRU94

                                 !COMING SOON!      

         \/ ..................................................... \/
                            ||  THE WALKTHROUGH || 
                  \/ .................................... \/

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 1 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
     I just want to say, I abhore spoilers. So as great as this story is, and 
as much as I'd love to share my opinions about the plot, or make fun of some 
of the more outrageous cutscenes, I'll try to refrain (sorry, I do comment on 
a few scenes, but nothing spoiler worthy). But anyways, after you get through 
the initial scenes you'll get control of Alicia and find out that..... it's a 
sidescroller!? But actually it works really well in my opinion. Anyways, here 
we go.

Solde................................................................... SOL02

~~Items: Burgundy Flask, Warrior's Arcanum    

~~Important: Read the first part of the poem     
      Start off by heading right back into the Waiting Area where the scene 
took place and head to your right to snag a Burgundy Flask. No items to your 
right, but the ship is so very pretty. ^.^ Head to your left and into the next 
area of town.  The first house you see has a Warrior's Arcanum. Head out and 
continue left and you'll pass the armory. Your poor right now, but you could 
afford a couple Sallets and maybe some footgear, and if you really need to you 
can sell the Burgundy Flask for 792 OTH.  But, it's not a huge deal if you 
skip out on this stuff right now.  Also, the lady in the armory gives you a 
lecture on Valued Customer Items, which will be important later on.  But for 
right now, don't worry about it to much. Continue on and when you get the 
option to "head inward", do so. 
       ++ IMPORTANT! ++       
    In the house on the far left here, there is a fragment of a poem on the 
left most wall.  Make sure you read it now.

Anyways, after that's done head out you'll spot a cat further over to your 
right. He wants some seafood, but this is a sidequest you don't have to worry 
about until much later. Ok, so you can continue on into the chapel, but all 
that's in there is a book on theology. But, it is remotely informational if 
you need to brush up on your Norse mythology. Alright, so head back to the 
main street and keep going left and into the Inn. I'd advise you to save, but 
that's up to you. And there's not much else to do here now, so head out of 

[[ Cutscene! ]]
Rufus: Where have you been all this time?
Alicia: Well... where have you been?
Rufus: Ahh! Mind tricks!

Lost Forest............................................................. LOS03

~~Items: 400 OTH, Skull Receptacle, Union Plume 

~~Enemies: Skeleton, Dire Wolf, Bullet Beetle

~~Einherjar: One Mage

    You get a scene here, and are given the opition of viewing the battle 
tutorial, do so. If you want a more thorough explanation of how the battle 
system functions, then check up top in my Battle Mechanics section. Anyways, 
after the fight continue on. 

Photons will be introduced now, your going to be using these alot. And don't 
worry, you have an endless supply of photons. After you get past your first 
enemy you'll be in 3rd section of the map. You'll see an enemy down a small 
decline in front of you. You need to freeze him and use him as a platform to 
jump off of to reach the higher section you can't very well jump to on your 
own. Also, note that you CAN kill an enemy and still use him as a platorm. His 
essence or remnants will be left and you can still crystalize that. Once your 
up on the small hill you should notice a smaller enemy on top of the next 
incline.  You need to freeze him once by holding up on the analog stick and 
firing a photon in his direction (Or jumping and shooting... whatever you 
prefer). Once he's frozen, shoot him again and you'll swap places with him. 
This will be the basis for many upcoming puzzles and the like. Unfortunatly 
;_; Grab the treasure box with the 400 OTH in it and continue.

[[ Cutscence! ]]

>>                              Einherjar                             EIN23 <<

Now you have an Einherjar. So for right now it's just another team member to 
aid you in battle. But if you go to the staus option in your menu and select 
Mithra, you'll see his current level which is 2, and then you should see 
something else that says FreeLV with the number 7 next to it. This means 
that's his Free Level.  Free Level's are the level at which you can get rid of 
your Einherjar in exchange for some items. Each Einherjar requires you to 
level him or her up 5 levels in order for you to "Free their Soul". The Free 
Soul option is found in the Party option in your menu. Once you select Party 
you'll see the Free Soul option right below Configure. Of course you can't do 
this now, nor is it recommended to release Einherjar as soon as you level them 
up 5 levels. I'll expound upon this more later. 

When you have control of your character after the cutscene, turn around and 
head to your left, If you look at your minimap in the upper left hand corner 
you'll see that there's a ledge way up on top of that cliff. Aim a photon up 
there and fire until you hear a "ching" sort of sound. When you hear that 
sound fire another photon from the same location and you'll exchange places 
with some random item. Grab the Skull Receptacle and the Union Plume. And that 
does it for treasure in this area. BTW, if you ever need to check to see how 
much of the map is left to cover, or how much treasure is left in an area, 
open up your map with R2 and look down at the bottom left corner. The first 
icon is a treasure box, thus indicating how much treasure you have found in 
that area, and the icon next to it is how much of the map you have completed. 
A simple feature, but very beneficial. Anyways, save if you want and continue 
on into the Royal Underground Path. 

I applogize for the length of this section. It's just that, there's some 
things that need explaining and I figure I might as will get it out of the way 

Royal Underground Path.................................................. ROY04 

~~Items: 400 OTH, Warrior's Arcanum, Warrior's Arcanum, Gauntlet, Leather 
Boots, 800 OTH, Elixir, 600 OTH, Warrior's Arcanum, Union Plume, Thunder Gem, 
Sallet, Dwarf Tincture, Union Plume, Shamshir
~~Enemies: Skeleton, Dire Wolf, Bullet Beetle, Goblin, Skeleton Soldier 

~~Einherjar: One light swordsmen and one heavy swordsmen    

    Is is just me or is the music in this section just marvelous? Anyways, 
head up past the first enemy and jump on that ledge behind you for 400 OTH. 
Alright, time for another diversion I think, you can skip this section if 
you've already figured out how to use skills. 

>>                                Skills                              SKI24 << 

OK, so by now you should have at least one skull receptacle in your inventory. 
As you have probably figured out, you need to go to your equip option in the 
menu, select a character, go down to one of the Accessory slots and you can 
equip whatever accessories you've picked up so far.  You'll get alot of 
accessories from breaking parts off of enemies, the sheer magnitude of 
accessories you pick up is just overwhelming in my opinion. Just look at the 
Item FAQ, it's 830K! OK sorry, so equip a skull receptacle on Rufus for now. 
Once you've done that you'll notice that the words "Skill Formed!" will flash 
up above your grid to the right. And the words Fortify Physique will appear 
under that. This means you now have a skill set on Rufus for him to learn. So 
your probably thinking, "Where is a list of all the skills I can learn?" Well 
go ahead and press triangle while your in the equip screen, and viola, there's 
the list. You'll notice that you need certain Runes to learn certain 
techniques. And right now the only skill you'll probably be able to use is 
Fortify Physique. You need a blue armor rune, (which Rufus should already have 
equip) and a blue earth rune (via the skull receptacle). So if you want to 
equip this skill on Alicia your going to need to have a blue armor. If you 
really want this skill on her right now, go back to Solde and buy a Leather 
Mail for her. 
And one more thing, when you have learned a skill, go to the skills option in 
the menu and select a character and assign that skill, but this is pretty 
obvious.  Also, don't forget to equip Mithra's Break Up skill on him right 
now. All Einherjar come with a skill already learned, so make sure you equip 
it as soon as possible.
So after you have the 400 OTH, jump down and freeze that enemy below you. Use 
him as a platform to jump up and grab the bag containing a Warrior's Arcanum. 
Next, you'll get a small tutorial on how to jump as soon as you swap places 
with an enemy. So, freeze him, then do a swap but as Alicia is teleporting, 
start holding the circle button right away. If done correctly, you should jump 
as soon as you swap places with the enemy. Once your on the ledge continue on 
to the next area. 

[[ Cutscence! ]]

Once you regain control, head left and into the small alcove. Keep running and
right behind that crate there is a treasure box which is obstructed from view, 
open it for a Warrior's Arcanum. Now jump up on the ledge and open the other 
treasure box, but as soon as you do, jump! There is a trap in this box and like 
many treasure boxes to come, they have traps installed in them. >.< Not fun. 
Anyways grab the Gauntlet from the box and continue on. Don't forget to equip 
that on someone! A little blip about Einherjar is there to read on the bridge, 
it basically tells you what I told you in the Lost Forest section. Continue on 
and check the sword for a new einherjar. You'll get either Richelle, Sylphide, 
or Jessica. Keep going and when you get to a section heading down, take that. 
You should see another einherjar directly to your left now. Release it for 
either Kraad or Roland. Head left for two treasure boxes, one with Leather boot
and another with 800 OTH. Exit here and continue to the right, you'll see a 
small niche up above you on your minimap and a standing enemy up there, run 
past both him and the flying enemy and the tall one will just fall off the 
edge, freeze him and jump off of him to get to the treasure box with an Elixir
in it. Keep going right for another box with 600 OTH. Head out of this area 
and continue to the right in the next section. Keep going and....

[[ Cutscene! ]]

You snag yourself an Antique Pendant and a new ally. Now, go ahead and walk off 
the dilapidated bridge, don't jump off, just walk off the edge. You should land 
right next to a box with a Union Plume. Now you can jump off into the gully, 
and head out. Go left up the incline and you'll see three enemies, in order to 
get up into that little alcove, freeze the flying enemy and do a swap jump. 
You know, hold circle while your swapping with the flying enemy. This should be
enough to get to the ledge with a Thunder Gem. Keep heading up and around and
you'll arrive back at the bridge (sorry, this was just to fill out the map). 
Anyways jump down again and head right this time. Just follow the path until 
you get to a fork, and then head right for a box with a Sallet.  Go left now, 
and I'd advise you to first kill that enemy in front of you, then crystalize 
him. Now you can push it, but wow, that's painfully slow. So just use the 
swap technique to get him over to that box where the Sallet was. Use the 
crystalized enemy to jump up unto the ledge. The room up here has a box with a 
trap on it, get the Dwarf Tincture and exit. Continue on and when you see the 
flying enemy drop down below him and get the Warrior's Arcanum. Now, use him 
as a platform and exit this area. Now you'll be on the other side of the 
bridge, and to your left is a Union Plume. Go right until you get to another 
treasure box and a explanation orb (that's what i call it). It just tells you
about how certain weapons let you preform a different number of attacks then 
just 2. Grab the Shamshir and equip it on someone. Save and continue.

~~Ballistic Rhino
~~HP: 680
~~Race: Giant, Beast
~~Experience: 5000
~~OTH: 870
~~Attribute Resistences: None
~~Status Effect Resistences: +80 Paralyze/Silence , +50 Freeze , Everything 
                             else is +100 

     Well, being your first boss battle, this guys not going to present too 
many problems.  But he has a massive range, so dash in twice to close the gap.
He has a plethora of armor, but with each section you destroy, you have a 
chance to obtain some items. So, first off I'd advise to go for one of his 
sides and hack away at an arm. Of course you'll hit some armor and after your 
string of attacks are finished you'll be left with a marginal amount of AP. 
Thankfully for you this guy is extremely slow so just stay close and run 
around him. But if you see his attack range change from a long line to a more 
fanned out close range then you may want to dash further behind him. Anyways, 
once you get an arm off go for the tail. And from there just head to the next 
arm. He's pretty simple and shouldn't give you much hassle. Although he can 
cause stun which is annoying. But, done right, you shouldn't even get hit at 
all. And if you want to go back and fight him again for some experience points 
or maybe try again for those items, you will have the option of re-fighting 
him by going back to that area again and heading up.  

After the battle, save in the next area if you want, and exit. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 2 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Dipan................................................................... DIP05

~~Items: Union Plume

~~Important: Read the next part of the poem here

   Welcome to Dipan, which in my opinion, is very dreamy and surreal. And the 
music fits perfectly. But ANYWAYS, ^.^ head up into town when you get control 
of Alicia. No items in the Inn or tavern, so head to the armory. They have 
some nice weapons, but they're kind of pricey.  Although, if you got enough 
Amber's from breaking the Bullet Beetle's left and right side of their body, 
then you shouldn't be hard up for cash.  Each one sells for 1200 OTH. Buy 
whatever you think is necessary. 

And you might be wondering how you can buy those rare items at the end, well 
first, to get rid of the question marks, you have to buy a set amount of 
merchandise from the vendor. Once you purchase enough of his wares they will 
become available to buy. Then you have to sell the necessary items to make the 
item. So here we have a Poison Check and a Stun Check. For example.....
    Stun Check requires:                so you'll need to sell these items
    2 Amber                             then buy the Stun Check. But you don't
    2 Broken Amulet                     really need it right now, unless you
    2 Stagnant Water                    just have to have it.

When your done at the Armory head left and into the house at the end. 
       ++ IMPORTANT! ++
    Make sure you read the next poem fragment on the book shelf here, because 
you won't get another opportunity to read it.

Leave the house and head up into the next section of Dipan. The first house 
you come across has a union plume in it. Head out and follow the path into the 
next section. Once you enter, some guards will be talking about how they need 
to change the guards somewhere else (convenient huh?).  So now just head out 
and traipse on back to where you first entered Dipan. Head all the way to the 
right and you should see an opening leading up. From there just head into the 
castle.... the "secret" way. Idiot soldiers ^_^ 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Dipan Castle ........................................................... DIP06

~~Items: Leather Boots, Union Plume, Dwarf Tincture, 700 OTH, Double-check,
1200 OTH, Crest Estoc   

~~Enemies: Skeleton Solider, Goblin, Warning Jewel, Living Armor    

     You never really realize the music's there until... it's not there. Nice
looking castle though. Anyways, when you get to the fork go right, you'll have
to run a ways, but you'll find a treasure containing some Leather Boots at the
end. Head back down the stairs towards the save point. Keep going left past 
the save point for two more items, a Union Plume and a Dwarf Tincture. Head 
back and save. Now go down for a.... 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Skeletons are just misunderstood, but tight fighting space huh? Yeah, the
fights in this area all have that same tight corridor layout, bummer. So, 
head down the stairs after the fight. More stairs, then keep heading all the 
way to the left, there's no items in here, but it's just for the purposes of 
completing the map. Head out and then take the passage down. Break left, and 
you'll notice an enemy above you on your minimap. Crystalize him and swap 
places, head left into the area and the "Open" sign will pop up, inspect for
700 OTH. Another enemy is over head, get on the end of the ledge, jump up and
press up and square to hit him, repeat to exchange places. Head in and grab 
the Crossbow. Now, use that enemy you killed (or passed) and swap him 
into the area next to the treasure box. Run back, and now stand on top of the
treasure box and swap places with him again. Now just jump on top and jump 
again unto the ledge to the far left corner of the screen for a Double-check.
Leave, jump down, and keep going to the right now. You'll come across a red
glowing orb, just slash it with X and continue. Alright, the first enemy you 
see needs to be frozen, use him to jump off of and jump left onto the 
platform. Jump right onto the next one, then exchange places with the enemy 
on the next platform. Open the box for 1200 OTH. Now exchange places with the 
flying enemy above you. See that red orb? DON'T hit it just yet, get on top 
of it and jump to your left for a box with a Flare Gem. Now go ahead and 
destroy the orb. Head into the next area and read the explanation on special
attacks..... our read mine! ^.^

>>                           Special Attacks                          SPE25 <<

Limit Breakers! lol no I can't say that, but these are essentially limit 
breakers that you can execute far more often. All you need to do is have a 
weapon that has the Special Attack function (which you'll get from the 
treasure box right in front of you). Enter a battle with a your new found 
weapon and attack an enemy. Do you see that little crescent shaped meter on 
the lower left hand corner? It fills when you attack an enemy, and the little 
numbers next to it that go up as you attack indicate how much a certain attack
was worth. The goal is to chain a bunch of attacks together to fill that meter
up, or until it reaches 100. So that means you need to attack quickly but don't
mash buttons because then you'll end up missing attacks. So I'd suggest as 
soon as one characters attacks are ending start in with someone else right 
before they finish, in attempts to keep the chain going. Once you fill up the 
bar and you stop attacking, an option for a special attack will pop up, just 
press the button that corresponds with the character who has the special 
attack capability and watch the fireworks.  

Open the box for the Crest Estoc, save and continue on. 

~~Primordial Ooze
~~HP: 1200
~~Race: Giant, Plant, Unholy
~~Experience: 9000
~~OTH: 1260
~~Attribute Resistences: -20 Flame, +80 Thunder/Earth, +20 Darkness
~~Status Effect Resistences: +20 Paralyze, +50 Freeze/Stun, Everything else
                             is +100

     Hmm, skills are nice, but at this point Fortify Physique and maybe Iron
Fist are the only two you'll be likely to have, and that's fine.  Fortify 
Physique helps. So you might want to have that on some characters. But tactics
wise, just head around to his side or back. Yes all of those tentacles can be 
hacked off, and if your lucky you might get some items. So, if your feeling 
brave, attack his tentacles.  He can inflict poison so watch out for that. If 
you have Mithra leveled up to level 5 he'll have Normalize, and that will heal 
poison.  Be warned that he can regenerate his arms and when he does he'll use 
a pretty deadly attack that covers a circular area around him. Don't bother 
spliting up the party because your going to want a full group so you will have 
enough attacks to initiate a special attack with Alicia. Mithra's also good 
here for another reason. His frigid damsel attack can inflict freeze, which 
this boss is quite susceptible to. So, hack off some tentacles, use your 
healing items when needed (mostly Dwarf Tincture's here) and you should breeze
though this boss. 

Continue on for the next

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Dallas: Forgive me Alicia... for going emo. >.< 

Ok so now, just get out of here and on your way out you'll encounter another

[[ Cutscene! ]]

After the scene head back to your right a few steps and pick up the sword 
that was dropped. It's a powerful sword for this point in the game, but it's 
only capable of one attack. Anyways, once you have the sword, just continue 
on and leave the castle. But before you can get out, guess what?

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Old Creepy Guy: Great Odin's Raven! lol (I know Odin is supposed to have a 
raven according to Norse mythology, but come on, it's like saying "Great 
Zeus' beard!")
Is it just me or do the two older mages give off that creepy pedophile 
vibe? O_o 

You'll find yourself back in the Lost Forest and you'll now have a new ally.
Head out and prepare for a... 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

I should probably stop announcing every cutscene huh? Anyways, once it's over 
Kythena Plains will show up on your map. I thought they were just napping, so 
why wasn't their HP restored? !_! Well, just go and nap in Solde and save if 
you want.

Kythena Plains ......................................................... KYT07

~~Items: None

~~Enemies: Dire Wolf, Goblin, Giant Bat, Warning Jewel, Living Armor, Flying

     Nothing complicated here, just follow the linear path to the end. The 
flying fish do have some items you need for a sidequest and so do the Giant 
Bats, but don't worry about this now. 

And on a sidenote, your remembering to equip new skills when you can right? 
Always check new accessories to see if you can form new skills with them. 
At this point you should at least have access to these skills....

Fists of Iron: Blue Armor Rune (easy enough)
               Blue Soul Flame: Break Warning Jewel's apart (25% chance)

Fortify Physique: Blue Armor Rune 
                  Skull Receptacle: Obtained from Skeleton's, aim for the 
                  head (40% chance)

Mental Boost: Blue Armor Rune
              Fish Scale: Flying Fish, either Direct Assualt one if it's the 
              leader or aim for it's body (50% on the body)

First Aid: Blue Armor Rune
           Beetle Shell: Break the outer wing off of a Bullet Beetle (50% 
           chance) or you can just use the Antique Pendant.
           Pact Chain: Living Armor, take off his right or left arm (30% 
           chance). This is a little difficult to obtain but First Aid is 
           worth it. 

Beast Bludgeon: Blue Sword Rune
                Insect Stinger: Bullet Beetle, go for the head (30% chance)
                Blue Soul Flame: Warning Jewel core (25% chance)

Unholy Purifier: Blue Sword Rune
                 Insect Stinger: Bullet Beetle again.
                 Pact Chain: Living Armor again.

Some of these are extremely useful, such as First Aid and Fists of Iron. And
Mental Boost is good for your mages. Anyways, skills are important in this 
game so make sure you keep tabs on them. 

Alright, so once you get through Kythena Plains, Coriander will show up on 
your map.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 3 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Get prepared for an outlandishly long chapter. The majority of the time spent
on this game will most likely be in Chapter 3. Just an FYI

Coriander............................................................... COR08

~~Items: Insect Stinger, Blue Soul Flame, Earth Gem

   Continue on and talk to the frist two guys you come across. the one on the
left is a merchant who has some great stuff to buy.  And the guy on the right
gives you an Insect Stinger and a Blue Soul Flame and gives you a homily about
skills, but it's not a very good one. Talk to the merchant, and I'd advise you
to buy some of his wares. There are two items in the Rare Items section of 
his merchandise you'll probably want to grab. Those would be the Falchion and
1 or 2 Leather Cloaks. The Leather Cloak won't show up until you make (I 
think) 8,000 OTH worth of purchases. So buy some armor or whatever until you 
have spent enough.  Anyways... here's what you need to make them.  

Falchion: 200 OTH 
          2 Black Crystal: you should have tons of these, obtained from 
          Skeletons, break their waist (80% chance)
          1 Pact Chain: Difficult to procure, obtained from Living Armor, 
          break their left/right arm (30% chance)
          2 Empty Shell: Living Armor again, break his legs (about 50% chance)
          2 Sharp Spearhead: Living Armor, destroy his weapon (80% chance)
So basically, just go out and demolish a bunch of Living Armors, (the merchant
tells you this to) and you should get the necessary items for the Falchion.

Leather Cloak: 3,500 OTH
               1 Beast Pelt: Easy enough, break a Dire Wolf's body apart (75%
               2 Bat Wings: Obtained from Goblins, break their wings off (20%
               chance). Or you can also try for the Giant Bats and aim for 
               their wings (20% chance here as well)
Very nice armor for Rufus, Lezard, or any of your mages. And it cost the same
as the Silver Cloak which pales in comparison. 

Wow, I get sidetracked so easily, sorry. ^_^ After you have bought what you 
want, continue on and head into the first house, go to the right side and
steal an earth gem. lol it's about time someone got pissed that you are just 
wandering into a stranger's house and taking their stuff. Keep going into the
next section of town and you'll spot an inn. 

Keep going and you'll spot a chicken you can feed bonemeal to. This is part 
of a sidequest, but if you have any bonemeal, go ahead and feed it to him.  
But this sidequest can wait for now.   
Well go ahead and head out when your ready.

Serdberg Mountain Ruins ................................................ SER09

[[ Cutscene! ]]

~~Items: Ram's Horn, 2500 OTH, Might Potion, Dwarf Tincture, 3400 OTH, Ice 
Gem, Prime Elixir, Falchion, Dwarf Tincture, Gandeeva, 5000 OTH, 
Metal Buckler, Fireproof Trinket, Metal Greaves, Dwarf Tincture        

~~Enemies: Kobold, Kobold Knight, Giant Hawk, Ghost, Owlbear, Crust Golem,  
Thunder Hawk, Sack Mimic 

~~Einherjar: One light swordsmen and one sorcerer

~~Sealstones: Fog Wrath, Masochist Wrath, Black Anchor Wrath, Sword Blessing   

      My god, that Dragon Orb brings back bad memories... Anyways, time for 
the next dungeon, enemies get just a little harder here so be forewarned. Ok, 
so head in and you'll notice the first two enemies standing there. Defeat 
them to make this easier on yourself. Once that's done, you'll notice a ledge 
on your minimap that's way up there close to the second enemy you encoutered. 
So, go and freeze the left most enemy and swap places so he's fairly close to 
the other enemy. Now freeze the other enemy and jump on top of him. Crouch 
down and swap places with the left most enemy so they stack on top of each 
other. MAKE SURE, when you swap places while your crouched that your 
positioned over on the right most edge of the crystal so when they stack you 
have enough room to jump on the first one and then jump up to the second one.
And do this with haste because the crystals break fast (as you're probably 
aware). Now you have a makeshift ladder of sorts to get up to that ledge. On 
the ledge you'll find a Ram's Horn.        

Continue on all the way to the right. 3 treasures in this room. First box has
2,500 OTH, the other two are a Might Potion and a Dwarf Tincture.  Those two 
boxes have traps on them as well. Head out and go down this time. Go left now
(which is your only option anyways) and you'll get a 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Sealstones. Well, just when you thought they wouldn't throw any new gameplay 
aspects at you. Now we have sealstones, sealstones are great actually, once 
you figure out how to utilize them to your advantage, certain sealstones will 
make some dungeons a breeze. So the game gives you a small tutorial on how to 
use them, but this didn't help me out much on my first playthrough, so I'll 
try to make it a little easier to understand. 

>>                              Sealstones                            SEA26 <<

Actually, the game does a pretty good job of explaining this. Just open up 
your menu, go down to Sealstones, then select Guide. Run through that little 
explanation if your lost. 
But anyways, approach the dias and press X. That tree branch shaped thing 
coming up from the ground is called a dias. When you put a sealstone on a dias
it effects all the ENEMIES. But if you take that sealstone with you, it will 
effect you. The one here is called Fog Wrath. When you press switch and select
it you'll notice a blue arrow next to it pointing down. That means that this 
sealstone is NOT beneficial to your party. So these are the type of sealstones
you want to leave on the dias so they affect your enemies. Later you'll get 
sealstones that have Red arrows pointing up, those are usually positive 
effects, so your going to want to carry those with you. And then you'll get 
sealstones that have a white diamond on them. Those are kind of neutral 
sealstones whose effects can swing both ways.  Alright, so what to do with 
Fog Wrath. All this sealstone does is make is so enemies cannot detect you 
very well. So you should probably just restore this sealstone. Restore is 
right under the Switch option, if you have 200 Magic Crystals then just press
restore and this sealstone will disapear. Well actually it will go to a 
spring. You'll come across a spring later. Springs just keep all the 
sealstones you've restored, and then you can bring them to any dungeon you 
want. And if your worried about spending 200 Crystals, 200 crystals is 
nothing, I had 2110 crystals at this point, but maybe I'm just insane. >.<
There's more stuff, like Divinity Voids, and Linking Effects across areas,
but I'll expound more upon sealstones later. For right now just check the 
guide in your menu if your really lost. 

Ok so, you did something with Fog Wrath right? Just don't carry it around with 
you, because then you won't be able to see enemies on the minimap. Continue on
out of here and use the new enemy as a platform to jump up to the next 
section. (Isen't it annoying how Ghosts can only be hurt by mages and Rufus' 
thunder arrow?) Head down to the next area. You'll see a bunch of platforms up
above you here. Don't even think about jumping up on them yet. First just keep
heading right and you'll get to a large wall. Stand there and hack away at it
with X. After 3 attacks a wall will break away and you'll get 3400 OTH, an Ice
Gem, and the last box has a trap so watch out. That box has a Prime Elixir in 
it. Jump up and free another Einherjar, you'll get either Celes or Tyrith. 
Head back now and jump up to the top platform and you should see a an item 
that looks like a large globe. Freeze it then drop down to the platform to 
your lower left. Turn around, aim up, and swap places with the globe. DO NOT
jump and shoot your photon, because the globe will break into pieces. But, if
this happens, just exit the area and re-enter. Anyways, keep freezing and 
swaping places with the globe on each platform until you get it down to the 
very bottom. See that area on the ground with the small red circle? It's right
below the first platform. You'll want to put the globe right in the middle of 
that red circle, and then some stairs will rise and you can continue on. Save
if you want. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Two new allys join up, jeez, that's quite a large party we have now isn't 
it. Freeze enemy, jump up, and you'll be next to another globe thing. Head 
right a little bit and look at your minimap. See that small corridor area 
underneath the ground? Well that's where you want to be, but there's an area
of cracked flooring that's preventing you from getting down there. So go and 
freeze the globe and swap it down to the next level or floor. Now, jump down 
and onto the cracked floor. Jump up and fire a photon at the globe. Jump up 
again and fire another photon to swap places. The globe will fall and break 
the floor, giving you access to a Falchion and the Masochist Wrath 
Sealstone. Grab the sealstone but DON'T get in a fight when your carrying it.
Carry it up and put it on that dias that's oh so conveniently placed. Now, 
whenever an enemy attacks you, some of the damage he deals on you will be 
inflicted back on him, pretty nice huh?

Head out of here, and in the next section head all the way to the right. 
Stand on the cracked floor and freeze the globe. Now jump up and fire a 
photon down at the globe to swap places with it in the air. And there goes
the floor. Now, you have a sort of sub-boss to deal with. Not really a boss
but just...er... an enemy who's a little harder then average. ^.^ But if you
put Masochist Wrath on the dias back there, it will speed this battle up a 
little. Just make sure you take out those annoying Kobold's first. Then get
off to crabby claws sides and try to take out his claws.

You should get a Karsnaut from the Crust Golem you just defeated, this is a 
great sword for taking out those annoying ghosts. Anyways, take the Black 
Anchor Wrath with you and head down to the end of this passage for a Dwarf 
Tincture and a Gandeeva. Head back and ride the elevator? what the......
Alright, now head inwards. Hidden Treasure directly to your right. It 
contains 5000 OTH. 

Continue on and you'll see one flying enemy and one crawling enemy. And then 
you should see that suspended platform on your minimap way out of reach. Ok 
to get up there you need to first kill these two enemies (makes things 
easier). Then freeze the flying enemy and bring it over with the crawling 
one and position the crawling enemy just a little to the right of the 
platform. Then stand on top of him and jump and swap places with the flying 
enemy, so that the flying enemy is now frozen up in the air, pretty close
to the platform. Now just do a straight jump, swap places with the flying 
enemy in mid air, and as soon as the swaping starts hold circle to jump 
and either land back on top of the flying enemy or jump over to the 
platform. lol I know this sounds hard but it's really easy, I just probably
made this more complicated then it needed to be. Anyways, the box has a 
Metal Buckler inside. Now, head up into a Divinity Void. This area 
basically just negates any sealstones you might have in place and you also 
cannot fire photons. Run through the void and in the next section get the 
sorcerer Einherjar to your left, it will be either Alm or Woltar. So now, 
just head up the stairs, and at the top there will be a dias with the Sword
Blessing sealstone on it. You might still have the Black Anchor Wrath with 
you, so restore that, and since Sword Blessing is only 150 Crystals, go 
ahead and restore that as well. 

In the next section you'll come across a spring. This is where all your 
restored sealstones are going. The game will give you a little info about 
them as well. Save, and continue on. See that large platform above you on 
your minimap? well there's a globe you can freeze and swap with right on 
the edge of the platform. So position yourself in the right place and fire
some photons up there to swap places with it. You'll get a Fireproof 
Trinket and Metal Greaves from the boxes. Jump back down, and head all the 
way to your right for another box with a Dwarf Tincture in it. That should 
be 100% for the treasure. Now, if you head up your going into a boss fight
so I'd strongly advise that you save now. And go ahead and take the Sword 
Blessing sealstone with you into the boss battle. You can go back for 
Masochist Wrath if you want and set it on the dias up here... but it's not
really necessary. 

Wyvern/Upper Lizard 
HP: 1600
Race: Scale
Experience: 10000
OTH: 1750
Attribute Resistances: -20 Ice, +20 Flame
Status Effect Resistances: +20 Paralysis/Poison/Confusion/Stone, +50 Doom 
                           and Faint, +75 Freeze 

Lower Lizard 
HP: 850
Race: Scale
Experience: 6800
OTH: 170
Attribute Resistances: -50 for everything
Status Effect Resistances: +50 Confusion/Faint/Doom, Everything else +100

      Yes I know, there's only one enemy there, not two. But once you 
shave off half of the boss' HP, he'll split and another lesser enemy will 
be spawned from his... tail I guess? Anyways, as for strategies.. never 
stand to close to the edge. Never. If you'll notice when you first get 
into battle, the Wyvern will have a huge attack range. If your caught in 
this attack you'll be shot back quite a distance. And if your standing
next to an edge and get pushed off... your done. So either A. get close 
enough without getting attacked to use some sort of attack magic, if 
there's a sorcerer with you that has some. And if your lucky his attack 
will change. Or B. split one of your party members off from the group and 
send him or her up into his huge range and make sure when he pushes this 
person back they have plenty of ground behind them. Anyways, other then 
that, this is a pretty normal battle. Get up to his side or behind him 
and hack away. Once half his HP are gone he'll asexually reproduce and 
you'll have a smaller enemy to deal with. This guy can poison you, and 
that sucks. So if you get poisoned make sure you finish this battle fast. 
Skill wise.. Fortify Physique and Iron Fist are fine. And don't forget to 
bring in Sword Blessing. Or if his giant wing attack is pushing you off 
the edge alot. Bring in Black Anchor Wrath instead of Sword Blessing. 
Good luck! ^_^       

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Now just head on out. On the way out... 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Arngrim: I've been called a bandit and a pirate, but nobody calls me a
Dylan: Graverobber says what?
Arngrim:...... what?

Before you depart to Villnore, make a stop at Coriander again.  First, talk 
to a chicken... O_o for a Golden Egg. After talking to the chicken, keep 
going and you'll see a man with a fishing pole talking to a woman. Talk to 
them to unlock the optional dungeon, Ancient Forest. Also, find the girl who 
is facing away from you with a dog next to her. Talk to her and choose the 
option "No such luck" for a Royal Jelly. 

And on to Villnore!

Villnore................................................................ VIL10

~~Items: Earthproof Trinket, Tiny Flower, 2000 OTH  

     Right next to the Inn on the adjacent sidewalk, you'll see a dog. He's
part of the same sidequest I keep putting off. He'll want some Meat Chops, so 
feed him some if you have any. The max you have to feed him is 15. But if you 
don't have 15 right now, don't go out of your way to get them. You can do it 
later. Anyways, now go just a little further and talk to the guy who is facing 
away from you. Speaking to him unlocks the next area you need to progress in 
the game. Now, go down the road and go in the first house you get to. There's
a treasure box with an Earthproof Trinket inside. Keep going and talk to the 
girl next to the flowers. She'll sell you a Tiny Flower for 10 OTH, you can 
buy as many as you want. They improve your HP by 10% if you were wondering.  

Next, go listen to the guys in the tavern, this will unlock the Turgen Mines, 
which is an optional dungeon. Then continue on and stop by the armory to 
stock up. Next house you get to has 2000 OTH inside. Leave Villnore.

Alright you should have three choices now, Ancient Forest, Turgen Mines, or 
Audoula Temple on the Lake. Ancient Forest and Turgen Mines are optional 
dungeons. But, if you want some nice items and sealstones then I'd strongly 
suggest you complete both. So you can skip my walkthroughs on Ancient Forest 
and Turgen Mine if you want and just proceed to Audoula Temple. That's up to 

Before you proceed to any of these I'd advise you to buy some new weapons and 
armor at the armory in Villnore because your going to need them. 

Ancient Forest ......................................................... ANC11

~~Items: Screp, Crystal Wand, Dwarf Tincture, Flare Gem, 7200 OTH, Iron Helm   

~~Enemies: Thunder Hawk, Toxic Flower, Owlbear, Sack Mimic, Goat Man, Troll, 
Kobold Knight, Cybersaur

~~Einherjar: One archer 

~~Sealstones: Attack with Poison, No Guarding, Sheathed Power Wrath  

      First off, you'll probably notice that the enemies already have an 
advantage over you. They have the Attack with Poison sealstone in place 
somewhere nearby. Actually, just press R2 and bring up your map and you'll 
see the location of the dias with the sealstone on it. So, that should be 
your first line of business, finding the sealstone and getting it off the 
dias. Unless your just dying to get poisoned every battle. To get there fast 
from the starting location, head up, right, and then down. Either restore the 
sealstone or take it with you. Now head out and in the next section you'll 
notice another sealstone on a "Shell". You can take a sealstone from a Shell,
but you can't restore it there. The sealstone here is No Guarding. Take it 
with you and go restore it at the spring... provided you don't mind using up
400 Crystals. If you don't want to use the 400 crystals right now, then just 
put it on the dias where you found Attack with Poison. 

After you have your desired sealstones in place, head up in the area where 
you found the No Guarding sealstone. Turn left and release a new Einherjar. 
It's an archer and you'll get either Sha-Kon or Chrystie (although you have 
a very low chance of actually getting Chrystie). Now head all the way to your
right for a Screp. Oh yeah, and if you run into any Trolls... well good luck 
with that. They have a constant Regen cast on themselves, so defeating them
may take awhile. Anyways, after you get the Screp, head back and go up this 
time. There's a save point on your right but we want to head left. Run left
and when you get to the point where you have the option of going down or to 
keep going left, go down. In this section there's a box on your right. Watch
out for the trap when you open it, inside is a Crystal Wand.   

Continue left, next section go down and there's a box on your left. You need
to swap places with that pillar item in front of you to get to it. The box
holds a Dwarf Tincture. Go back up, then up again. Now left, and you should 
see a dias. We'll be utilizing this later, but for right now just head all 
the way left for a treasure box with a trap and a Flare Gem inside. OK, now
head out of here then go down, right, up, then left. Although you might 
want to go save right now. Anyways, if you go left you'll encounter a 
sub-boss on the hill.     

Cybersaur x4

You have to go about this battle very defensively. Even if you have great 
armor and great weapons, these guys can destroy you quickly regardless of
what you have. Thankfully for you these guys are morons, if you lure one out
into that big open field, the others will stay in that little area and 
shouldn't bother you. Althouh, after you destroy 2 of them, the leader and 
the remaining Cybersaur will come out together (at least they did for me).
Destroying their swords also helps ease the suffering, and usually their 
attack range is small. So dash in, score a few blows, and try to make sure 
you have at least 15 AP left after your attacks so you can dash away
quickly. Then just run around to charge up your AP again, dash in and 
repeat. And try to get some Soul Crushes in, they always help.  

After this arduous battle is over, grab the sealstone up here. 30,000 
Crystals!? Yeah I know, this is one of those crystals that pretty much just
stays in this area unless you farm crystals like mad. Anyways, take the 
Sheathed Power Wrath, jump off the ledge, go left and put it on the dias. 
Now the Area Effects should be: No Guarding and Sheathed Power Wrath. It's 
very important you have the Sheathed Power Wrath on a dias. Ok, so head 
out, go back and get your Sword Blessing sealstone in case you left it at
the Shell where you got Sheathed Power Wrath. And then head over to that 
save point and save. Head right for the boss fight.

HP: 2800
Race: Giant, Beast
Experience: 47,000
OTH: 6400
Attribute Resistences: -20 Earth, +20 Thunder
Status Effect Resistences: +50 Stun, +75 Petrify, +100 Confuse/Transfer

      I had such a horrendous time with this guy on my first playthrough, 
but I did fail to use Sheathed Power Wrath. If you have that in place this 
guy shouldn't pose any problems. Actually you might not even need that 
sealstone in place because for some reason I went in here and knocked off
80% of his health in one turn. But that's probably because I used Leone, 
Dylan, and Rufus' Soul Crush one after the other. And I had Sword Blessing 
on. You might want to bring in Lezard for his Poison Blow... but eh... this 
guy's pretty much a push over. 

Upon defeating the Griffon, you'll receive a Jade Sealpouch. This lets you 
carry an additional sealstone around with you. And trust me this is a great
thing to have, expecially in the later dungeons. So now go right, and pick 
up the Treasure Blessing Sealstone (another nice one). Keep heading right
for two treasure boxes. One with 7200 OTH and another with an Iron Helm. And 
that should do it, head on out when your ready. 

Now head over to Coriander and talk to the guy with the fishing pole who's
talking to the women. He'll give you a Might Potion. And now you can tackle
Turgen Mine.

Turgen Mine ............................................................ TUR12

~~Items: Prism Gem, Elixir, Crystal Chainmail, Dwarf Tincture, Key to the 
Mines, 5000 OTH, Honeysuckle Dew, Anointed Cloak, Dwarf Tincture, Overdrive, 
Prime Elixir   

~~Enemies: Wasp Nest, Lizard Lord, Giant Snail   

~~Einherjar: One Archer

~~Sealstones: Fetter's Wrath, Brimstone Law, Alarm Blessing, Gold Grubber Law

      First off, take whatever sealstone you want from the spring. I'd advise 
Sword Blessing or maybe Attack with poison. Head down the path and you'll pass
a lever on the ground, flip it. In the next section jump down on the platform 
below you and flip the next switch. Jump off and head to your left for a box
containing a Prism Gem. Now go ahead and head down. Jump on on the conveyer 
belts and flip the switch over in the upper east section. (The switchs are 
just here to provide some much needed light, it's actually not even necessary 
to flip them, it just makes things easier). Jump onto the ground and open the 
two treasure boxes, be wary because they both have traps. They contain an 
Elixir and a Crystal Chainmail. There is also a sack down there containing a
Dwarf Tincture, it's hard to spot, but it's there. Over on the ledge to the 
left is a swarm of Wasp Nest's. These guys aren't fun because they're 
incorporal enemies and your normal light and heavy swordsmen are worthless 
against them. Unless they have ghost buster or a weapon like Kaursat equipped. 
So for these guys you'll want to use mages. And Fire Storm works great against 
them, so bring in Lezard. But these enemies suck so.... have fun! ^.^ Open the 
box after the fight for "Key to the Mines" (obviously you'll need this later) 
Now exit and head to your right this time.

Don't flip that switch, instead, just drop down and fight the Wasp Nest to 
your left. Afterwards, procure the treasure which is 5000 OTH. There's 
another wasp nest above you, but you can bypass this one if you want. Get in 
the lift and continue on. You'll run right into two treasures, one is a 
Honeysuckle Dew, the other a trap box with an Anointed Cloak inside. Fall 
through the gap and head inward. More Wasp Nest's to deal with.. oh joy. 
After that's over, grab the Fetter's Wrath sealstone and if I were you I'd 
take it back to the previous section and put it on the dias underneath the
bridge. Regardless of what you do, keep heading right. In the next section 
just forgo any battles and continue on to the section with the save point. 
Pick up the Brimstone Law Sealstone and take it with you. Now you can fight
those annoying Wasp Nests with everyone. Now, while your here go and open up
the cage door with your key, and either take or restore the Alarm Blessing 
Sealstone. Now, just backtrack to the previous section, jump up on the ledge
with the Wasp Nest. After he's defeated get the Dwarf Tincture and the archer 
Einherjar from the corner. You'll either get Millidia or Lylia. Now, head 
back to the save point, save and get ready for the next boss fight. 

Alright, before you jump into this, make sure you have Brimstone Law set as 
one of your sealstones, for the other... just stick with your trusty Sword

Queen Wasp 
HP: 4400
Race: Giant, Insect 
Experience: 57000
OTH: 5950
Attribute Resistences: -20 Earth and Fire
Status Effect Resistences: +50 Petrify, +80 Stun, +100 Confuse/Transfer 

First thing you'll notice is all the Wasp Nest enemies scattered about. You 
can kill as many as you want, but they'll just keep respawning. In order to 
prevent this you need to find these inanimate objects around the battle 
field called Insect Eggs. The Insect Eggs only take a few hits to destroy so 
take out the first two over to your right. The other three are behind Queen 
Wasp in that little alcove. Try to lure the Queen Wasp out a ways and then 
start dashing until you get in the alcove. Take out the remaining Insect Eggs
and then advert your attention to the actual boss. 

Well, as soon as you start attacking you'll notice that you aren't doing very 
much damage to this behemoth. But the nice thing is, this boss is very slow, 
so you can dash out, fill up your AP and dash back in without getting 
scrached... in theory of course. :p So the battle should proceed pretty 
normally for a bit, but when Queen Wasp raises its wings and arms and a green 
mist forms around it, dash like hell and try to get behind a pillar. Or better 
yet, try to hide in that little alcove place that had the Insect Eggs in it, 
because if you get hit with the full force of this attack you will most likely 
die. Once the attack has stopped, head back in and hack away. But, Queen Wasp 
has an annoying habit of using the green mist attack (or Variation Omega) a 
great deal when it's low on HP so just be patient and don't try to be a hero. 
And don't forget about using your Soul Crushes, your normal attacks probably 
won't be doing much damage but your Soul Crushes are still as effective as 
ever, especially Dylans.  

Afterwards, grab the Overdrive from the first box. Watch out for the trap on 
the next box and take the Prime Elixir from it. Open the bag for 15000 OTH and 
finally get the Gold Grubber Law Sealstone and either restore it or leave it. 
1200 Crystals might be a little pricey at this point but it's up to you. And 
all that's left is to leave. 

Once outside, head back to Villnore and run all the way to the end of the 
town. You should see a guy with his back to you talking to a women. Talk to 
him and he'll reward you with 10000 OTH. And now we leave and head to Audoula
Temple to advance the plot, hurray!

Audoula Temple on the Lake ............................................. AUD13

~~Items: Dwarf Tincture, Strength Bow, Union Plume, Iceproof Tailsman, Crystal
Chainmail, 10000 OTH, Thunder Gem, Evil Eyebrow Ring, Elixir, Anointed Cloak,
Charge Break, Thunder Crystal    

~~Enemies: Skull Fish, Lizard Man, Lizard Lord, Deep One, Giant Crab, Strobila

~~Einherjar: One sorcerer and One archer

~~Sealstones: Chasm Wrath, Ice Blessing, Gold Blessing 

    This dungeon takes a triffle bit more cerebral output on your behalf. I 
mean this in regards to certain treasure boxes littered throughout the level. 
But we'll get to those when they come, for now just follow the path into the 
next section. You'll also notice that the enemies have set a sealstone which 
ups their Ice attack by 150%. This isn't to much to worry about unless a 
Deep One casts Frigid Damsel on you. If that happens you'll most likely find 
yourself with greatly depleted HP bars. But other then that the rest of the 
enemies don't really have ice attacks to speak of, but just be wary of the 
Deep One's until you take that sealstone off its Dias. 

So as I was saying before I got sidetracked... go ahead and continue on and 
in the next section you'll find a trusty spring from which you can take your 
choice of sealstones with you. Up on a ledge you'll probably see another 
sealstone. Ignore if for now and take the south route that's closest to the 
Spring. Go to your left and open the box for a Dwarf Tincture. Ok next, you'll
probably see that ledge on your minimap which is at an extremely high 
altitude. Your going to need the two of the flying enemies to get up there. So 
kill both of them in this area so they don't fly away on you when your trying 
to position them correctly. Alright, once they're both defeated, move both of 
the enemies towards the treasure box you already opened. Just keep swaping 
them until they're over there. Once they are, position the enemies so one 
they're on either side of the treasure box. Now freeze both and jump on the 
one to your right. Jump up and at the top of your jump shoot a photon down at 
the left one and swap places. Now stand where the left most enemy was and jump
up about halfway and shoot a photon down at the enemy still on the ground. 
Jump on top of him and jump towards the enemy in the air and swap places when 
your right next to him and then perform an air jump and land on top of him. 
Now you should be close enough to jump on top of the platform. If not, keep 
playing around with this and remember to keep using your air jumps after a 
swap is done. The box that's closest to you is a trap so watch out, because it 
has a tendency to push you off the edge. That box contains a Strength Bow, and 
the other two have a Union Plume and an Iceproof Tailsman. Now continue on to 
your right. Keep going and flip the switch on your way, in the next section 
there's a treasure box that has a trap on it and a Crystal Chainmail inside.  
Head back this time head up when given the chance. In the next section, you'll
see a platform overhead with a treasure box. There's an enemy nearby so just 
use him as a boost to get up there and open the box for 10000 OTH. Jump over 
the gap to the right for a Thunder Gem. Jump down to the bottom floor and 
proceed all the way to your right for another Einherjar. It's a sorcerer, and 
it will be Khanon.   

Ok, now there is still another treasure in this area, first you'll need to 
kill the crawling enemy. Then situate him in a manner that will allow you to 
fire a photon from the level above and hit it. Now stand underneath the 
section where there is a hole in the floor up above. And you should be able to 
hit the flying enemy from there. Once you swap places with it, you'll be back 
up top. Now aim a photon down at the crawling enemy you destroyed and 
hopefully you can hit it if you positioned it correctly. Now you'll need to 
freeze the flying enemy again in order to get back up. Once your back up top, 
you'll need to wait for the flying enemy to float back up, when he does freeze 
it. Now, make sure the crawling enemy is right on the edge closest to the 
platform your trying to jump to. The flying enemy should be positioned farily 
close as well to your left, obviously. Now freeze the crawling enemy on the 
edge, turn around and jump and fire a photon down at the flying enemy. Now it 
should be up in the air high enough for you to either, use the crawling enemy 
as a boost to jump up on top of it and hopefully you'll be high enough and 
close enough to make it to that ledge. Or you could use the jump and swap in 
midair, then air jump and land back on top of the flying enemy. And that 
treasure box has a trap that will knock you off if you get hit with it, so 
jump as soon as possible when you open it. Inside is an Evil Eyebrow Ring, 
which isen't a deserving reward for all the effort went through to receive it. 
:( Anyways, after that onerous task is over, take either the top most passage 
inwards or take the far left passage inwards. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Leone: She has a certain air about her. I could almost tell she was royalty... 
because she talks like a prepubescent 12 year old on occasion. 
Anyways, after the scene, keep heading left and you'll see a giant stone 
block, push that into the waterway on the left and then head back. When you 
get back to the place with the box that had the Evil Eybrow Ring and the 
complicated puzzle, jump down to the ground floor and take the inwards path. 
Go as far left as you can and you'll come across a box with an Elixir inside. 
See that large enemy sitting on the edge? well the edge is actually broken off 
so you can get closer then you think. So jump up and press up and X to do an 
upward slash to engage it in a fight. After that, aim up and bounce a photon 
off the jagged step shaped stones heading downwards and eventually you'll hit 
that flying enemy and you can swap places with it. Get the archer Einherjar 
which will either be Phyress or Ehrde. Continue left and walk up the small 
incline and you'll see a treasure box half hidden underneath it. It's a trap 
box and it contains an Anointed Cloak. Then jump up to your right for another 
trapped box that holds a Charge Break. Backtrack now to the section with the 
Spring. And get the Chasm Wrath sealstone from the Shell up top. Take this 
with you to the dias on the bottom path. The water canal should be blocked 
now, affording you an easy passage to the dias. The dias has Ice Blessing on 
it, and it's 600 Crystals, so either restore it or something, just don't leave 
it on the dias. Place Chasm Wrath there instead. Go back now, and head south 
immediately after you enter the next section. There's a Thunder Crystal in 
this little section, directly to your left. Continue on and now you should be 
heading towards a Save point. And if the waterway in front of you is still 
coursing with water, you need to go the level up above and flip the switch. 
Anyways, save now and proceed onwards. 

Lol, wow this next section had me bewildered in regards to obtaining the 
sealstone up there. But once I figured it out I felt like a complete idiot. 
First off, there's a flying enemy way up there on the other side of the bars. 
He's right above the standing enemy. Anyways you'll have to find the correct
position and fire a photon upwards and hit him. The photon you fire should 
just barely make it over the ledge if you do it correctly. Ok fire your second 
photon to switch places but once you fire it, jump. Yeah, jump AFTER you fire 
the photon and hopefully if you time it correctly you'll swap with the enemy 
when your at the top of your jump. Now kill the standing enemy, freeze him, 
and place him as close as possible to the bars. Stand on top of him and wait 
for the flying enemy to start floating back, and once it's pretty close to the 
edge where the photon is, freeze him and swap places. And start holding the 
jump button so you can jump as soon as you swap. God, that was so easy but it 
took me forever to figure it out on my first playthrough :( Oh, and the 
sealstone is Gold Blessing. FYI, combine Gold Blessing with Gold Grubber Law 
and you'll be loaded with OTH before you know it. Anyways, keep heading east 
and you'll enter the next boss battle.

HP: 5000
Race: Giant
Experience: 38000
OTH: 4200
Attribute Resistences: -20 Fire, -50 Lightning, +20 Ice
Status Effect Resistences: +25 Paralyze, Everything else is 100

     Someone on your team will most likely mention something about the gates. 
They're refering to the Floodgates on the adjacent side of the battle field. 
Ok, actually you can do this without destroying the floodgates, but why make 
things harder on yourself. So, dash over and destroy both floodgates before 
you enter the battle with Kraken. He's weak against fire and thunder, so Fire 
Storm and Rufus' Thunder Arrow work nicely here. But other then that, this is 
a pretty straight forward battle. Watch out for his Tidal Wave attack when he 
gets low on HP. And he spins around very quickly so sorry, but you can't just 
run circles around him and let your AP restore, :( but he's easy anyways.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Now you will have the Divine Time Giver. This resourceful item lets you have 
more then one turn per attack sequence. For instance if you use all three of 
Alicia's attacks, normally that would mean she's done for that turn. But with 
the Divine Time Giver, Alicia can attack again but each subsequent attack will 
cost twice the AP. It's a nice item to have because I'm sure there's been 
times when the enemy just had a sliver of HP left and you couldn't attack 
anymore even though you still had AP. Well this item solves that problem.   

Alright, now Kalstad will show up on your map. But for right now, head back to 
Villnore for a sec. and talk to the same guy you talked to in order to gain 
access to Audoula Temple and pick the first option. You'll be bestowed a Prism 
Crystal... that's just great isn't it!? >_< Ok, now you can head to Kalstad. 

Kalstad ................................................................ KAL14

~~Items: 5000 OTH, Burgundy Flask

    You'll probably notice the Inn right away in this town. And our merchant 
is also in the Inn, he has some great wares to but... you'll find out they're 
pretty costly. But if you need money just go to a dungeon area and use your 
Gold Grubber Law and Gold Blessing sealstones to pick up some fast OTH. To 
gain access to the next area make sure you talk to the other two people 
loitering around at the Inn. After you've talked to them, head out and go to 
your right and enter the first house you come across, inside is 5000 OTH. 

Continue on and head left at the next intersection. There's a boy standing 
here, next to a sheep or a goat... or something. Talk to him twice, and the 
second time you talk to him he'll ask you for 10 OTH. If you pay him 10 OTH 
thirty times, he'll give you a nice two-handed sword later in the game. If you 
pay him ten to twenty-nine times he'll give a weaker sword later on. Anyways, 
head into the house next to the boy and get the Burgundy Flask. 

And on a sidenote more then anything, do you or did you have Kraad on your 
team? Well, if you did I'd advise you realease him right now. And.... I might 
as will give a little insight about releasing Einherjar. If you already know
what you need to know about releasing, then skip this.  

>>                           Releasing Einherjar                      REL27 <<

So, you probably have about 9 Einherjar at this point (unless you missed some 
or have already released a few). But Einherjar are not supposed to stay 
permanent members of your party. Instead your supposed to release their soul 
so you can aquire some stat boosting items in return. The items you get are 
dependent on what weapon and armors you have equip on them. But accessories 
are NOT a factor when releasing. So before you do this, unequip all of the 
accessories on the Einherjar you plan to release. Obviously, lower level armor
and weapons produce a lower amount of stat items. And another thing, once you 
release an Einherjar, they are now among the living again. So that means, some
of your Einherjar will return to towns and you can go find them and talk to 
them. And most of them will give you an item when talked to. Personally, I 
like to save my Einherjar and release them way later in the game. Actually I 
beat the game and I ended up with 15 of my 20 Einherjar still with me. Some 
people prefer to release them gradually as they go. Which is probably the 
smart thing to do, but it's up to you.   

Alright, so about Kraad. If you got Roland instead you can skip this part. But
if you still have Kraad, he's one Einherjar I'd suggest releasing now. Make 
sure you have a decent weapon and decent armors equip on him before you 
release. After your done head over to Villnore. Go to the house at the very 
end of the city, and Kraad will be inside. Talk to him and he'll give you the 
Kraadinator. Which is an uber strong heavy sword at this point in the game. 

And that does it for Kalstad, leave and a new area should show up, provided 
you talked to the people at the Inn.  

Sahma Desert ........................................................... SAH15

~~Enemies: Sand Flower, Giant Scarab, Desert Beast

~~Einherjar: One heavy swordsmen 

     Simple enough, just follow the linear path and pick up the Einherjar at 
the end. It will be either Dyn, Aaron, or Zunde. 

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that when you were in Villnore I hope you picked 
up the "Map of the West Lands" because this item lets you go back and forth 
between the sections on your map without you having to cross the Sahma Desert 
section every time you wish to return. Just buy the map for 1000 OTH and then 
press circle on the world map screen then select the area and press X to enter 
it. It's not a necessary item, just one that will save you time in the long 

Surts Volcano Caverns .................................................. SUR16

~~Items: Dwarf Tincture, Union Plume, Pallasch, Overdrive, Ice Crystal, 
15000 OTH, Spider Fighter, Royal Glove, Might Potion

~~Enemies: Giant Scarab, Fire Bat, Red Jewel, Red Lizard, Skeletal Soldier, 
Hell Hound, Wild Lizard  

~~Einherjar: One archer and one sorcerer  

~~Sealstones: Lifeforce Blessing, Barrier Blessing, Cotton Dust Wrath, 
Achromatic Law, Fire Blessing, Iceberg Law 

     Upon entering you'll notice our lovely adversaries have two sealstones in 
place. One that decreases their mass and another that boosts their fire 
attack. The fire increase can be devastating if you get hit with an attack 
like Fire Storm, Explosion, or some other fire based attack. The decreased 
mass just makes the enemies bounce higher or get launched farther when you 
attack with certain attacks. But actually it's kind of fun to watch them go 
soaring 20 feet in the air after an attack. Regardless, watch out for fire 
attacks until you take the fire boost sealstone off its dias.  

Ok, so just head on into the volcano and pretty soon you'll come across a 
floating enemy next to a ledge. Freeze him then jump towards him and swap and 
preform an air jump after the swap to land back on top of it and then jump 
across. The sealstone here is the Lifeforce Blessing sealstone. In my opinion, 
this is one of the best sealstones in the game. Granted, it is a tad bit 
taxing on your crystals.. but it's worth it if you have enough. Grab the two
treasures which are a Dwarf Tincture and a Union Plume and go down. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Lol leave it to Alicia to make the gloomy gloomier.

Ok after the scene, head left (since you can't go right yet anyways) and 
you'll find yourself in a Divinity Void. At the end of the void you'll spot 
another archer Einherjar. Either Sophalla or Arcana will join the team. Is it
just me or does it look like Sophalla is wearing a derby hat? >.< sorry, just 
wondering. Next section the enemies will have a different sealstone in their 
possession. Anyways, just head to the hole in the wall, crouch and fire some 
photons down at the enemy to swap places. Now jump and press up and X to 
slash the enemy you just swapped with. This battle will be more tedious and 
complex then previous battles because any damage you do that is less than 50 
will be canceled out. So your heavy swordsmen will probably be your best bet 
for this fight. After that's over you should now have access to the new 
sealstone, Barrier Blessing. It comes in handy occasionally but most enemies 
now are probably doing more than 50 damage per attack anyways. In the next 
section, ignore the path heading south and continue going right. Use the 
enemies as platforms to get over the lava. Next section, head over to the 
pillar and slash it. Now head on back and take the south path this time. 

Once your in the next area go left. To hit that enemy above you jump and 
shoot a photon at the section of rock that is at an angle. It looks to be at 
about a 45 degree slant. Hit that and your photon will ricochet up then over
to the enemy, hit him again to swap places. Watch out, the box has a poison 
trap which sucks, the box contains a Pallasch. Jump down then swap the enemy 
next to the wall, and use him to jump to the other ledge with two boxes 
(both with traps) that hold an Overdrive and an Ice Crystal. Hey, is it just 
me or do these enemies seem exceedingly more difficult then the last area...

Ok, go to your right now and in the next section you should see a long bridge 
but DO NOT jump on it. just run across it and stop when you get to the break 
in the middle. Pull up your R2 map and you should notice two arrows pointing 
down underneath the bridge. Head over to the second half of the bridge and 
position yourself right over the second arrow pointing down. Keep checking 
your map and make sure your in the right spot. When you are, jump and the 
bridge will come crashing down with you. If done correctly you should land on
a small platform in the next area. Get the two treasures, which are 15000 OTH
and a Spider Fighter. Jump off to your right for another treasure box that 
has a trap and a Royal Glove inside. Ok, now just get out of here, and direct
yourself back to the bridge, of course this time cross it. Just get through
the next section, then the area after that you'll spot a sorcerer Einherjar
to your right, you'll materialize either Farant or Psoron. Keep going and in 
the next area you'll see a dias with Cotton Dust Wrath on it. Restore it if 
you want and continue on. Now, slash the other side of this pillar and it 
should fall, creating a bridge for you to cross. If it dosen't fall then you 
failed to break the debris up on the other side. Cross over the column. 

Head to your right and you'll spot another sealstone. This one is 4000, so 
you should probably just leave it there for now. It's the Achromatic Law
sealstone. Keep going right and open up the bag in the corner for a Might
Potion. Head back to your left and past the save point is the dias that 
holds Fire Blessing. Either restore it or find a shell somewhere you can put 
it, but just don't let the enemies have this advantage anymore. Save if you 
want and continue left. Next you'll see a large... ice flower? wtf? I'll 
make sure next time I carve an ice sculpture I put it in the middle of a 
volcano. Somehow it's still in tact so slash it and the ice crystals will 
magically disperse the lava. ^.^ The sealstone here is Iceberg Law which 
will turn everyone's attack into an ice based attack... but, you lose all 
of your fire resistence. Tough call, since this would be really nice for the 
upcoming boss if it didn't have the side effect of ruining your fire 
resistance. I actually managed to beat the boss with Iceberg Law on me, but 
he was doing massive amounts of damage and I was wondering why. So I put 
Ice Blessing on the dias and took in Sword Blessing and Iceburg Blessing 
with me into battle. I know, that seems like a stupid idea but Ice Blessing 
increases Ice attack and halfs fire based attacks, so all of the bosses fire
attacks were halved and having Iceburg Blessing makes this battle go by 
much faster. Whatever you choose, head up into battle when your ready. 

Evolve (First Form)
HP: 6500
Race: Giant
Experience: 72000
OTH: 0
Attribute Resistence: -50 Ice, +50 Earth, +100 Fire
Status Effect Resistence: Everythings 100 :(

     Alright, so if you read above, I brought in Iceburg Blessing and Sword
Blessing into this one. And I inserted Ice Blessing on the dias. This is a 
triffle bit risky, but if done correctly the boss shouldn't land a blow on 
you. Bring Lezard in and have his Frigid Damsel attack on, this definitely 
helps. Everyone on your party should now have a ice based attack so this 
fight should go by relatively quickly. But if you don't have Ice Blessing on 
the dias, this guy will murder you if he gets off an attack. So just dash to 
either side of him and start pummeling an arm. Make sure you take advantage 
of Soul Crushes, Dylans works wonders here as well. And try to have close to 
15 AP left by the end of your attacks so you can dash away quickly. This guy 
can turn pretty fast but me walks slowly, so dash away after your attacks 
and then run around the edge of the battle field until you restore your AP 
and then jump back in. If he gets an attack off it probably will do some 
impressive damage, so don't be afraid to use your Dwarf Tincture's or Heal 
or any other healing items. But it's very possible to take this guy down in 
three turns. But your not done! ;_; depressing...

Evolve (Final Form)
HP: 7200
Race: Giant
Experience: 72000
OTH: 105000
Attribute Resistence: -80 Ice, +20 Earth, +100 Fire    
Status Effect Resistence:       

     Oh joy he's back, much to our dismay. This time he's put on a few and 
his attacks cover a wider range. Use the same tactics you used against his
first form but he won't go down quite as fast. When you deplete about half 
of his HP bar he might do an attack that covers a huge circumference and 
if your unfortunate enough to be standing in it after an attack, you'll get 
hit obviously. But actually this attack isn't to brutal, it just hits a lot, 
each hit was only doing about 15 to 16 damage to my team. Abuse your Soul 
Crushes, although Lezards Animate Earth special will do nothing so don't 
bother using it. So dash away, run around to restore AP, dash in off to his 
side and attack. Then just rinse and repeat. Oh, and if your out a ways and 
you see he's getting ready for that massive range attack, try to use some 
menu magic or something in hopes he'll change his attack. Best of luck ^_^

[[ Cutscene! ]]

After that's taken care of, head all the way to your right in this area and 
inspect the dragon orb dias for a Charm. And that should do it. Head out.. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Stranger's in the night... 

After that scene is over swing by Kalstad and speak to the first guy you see. 
Talk to him and give him the Charm, in return he'll hand over a Foolproof 
Tailsman. Now go ahead and head on over to Crell Monferaigne.

Crell Monferaigne ...................................................... CRE17

~~Items: Ice Crystal, Busted Staff, Mace Head  

~~Important: Read the last part of the poem

   I like this town for some reason, just keep going and pass up the option to
go further in to the town for now. Eventually you'll see the armory, head in. 
Alright, there is some nice stuff here. Silver Mail's are great at this point 
in the game. But you most likely won't have many of the materials needed for 
item creation. So buy what you need, oh and don't forget to buy the Map of the
East Lands. I love these things, because it saves a lot of running back and
forth between map sections. Anyways, continue to the right and go up into the 
next section. The house here has an Ice Crystal inside. Head out, and on your 
way back go up the stairs in the middle of the town. Go right and enter the 
house. You'll see an old lady over by the fireplace walking away from you. You
need to run to the left as soon as you enter so you can catch her in time to 
talk to her. She gives you a Busted Staff and a Mace Head. Also make sure you 
talk to the old guy here as well, this will open up the Crawsus Forest Ruins. 
Go left now all the way to the house on the end. 

      ++ IMPORTANT! ++
  Make sure you read the last part of the poem in this house. If you read the 
previous 2 parts then you'll get your reward in a later chapter. 

Go to the Inn and talk to the guy next to the Inn keeper, this will open up 
the next optional dungeon. And again you can skip this next area, but I 
strongly advise that you go through this optional dungeon because again, 
you'll get some great items. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

lol what were they laughing at? Did I miss something? 

Chateau Obsession ...................................................... CHA18

~~Items: Dwarf Tincture, Silver Scales, Silver Buckler, Double-check, 
Dwarf Tincture, Claymore, Golden Egg, Tome of Alchemy   

~~Enemies: Will-o'-the-Wisp, Trash Demon, Giant Skeleton, Satyr, Troll Chief 

~~Einherjar: One sorcerer

~~Sealstones: Soul-Carver Wrath, Somber Light Wrath, Shield Blessing, 
Experience Pig Law  

    The first thing you'll see is a spring and a sealstone next to it. The 
sealstone is Soul-Carver Wrath, which basically inflicts the enemy with a mild
form of poison. It's nice for this area, so take with you right now and enter
the next section. There's a dias at the bottom of the stairs, so put 
Soul-Carver Wrath there and return to the spring to grab whatever sealstones 
you need. And head back down the stairs, past the dias. Head left and grab the 
treasure box that's hidden behind a large crate. It has a Dwarf Tincture. Next
you'll encounter your typical "Zelda" puzzle. Just push or swap the large 
stone onto the red section of the floor. Keep going and you'll see another 

Ok, you might have figured this out already, but when you enter a room with a 
new dias, the sealstone effect you might have had in place in a previous 
section will be negated. In this case, probably soul-carver wrath. 
you need to do is link them together by putting a new sealstone on this dias.
Then your sealstone effects will stack, which is tremendous. But you probably 
don't have many negative sealstone effects at your disosal. But if you just 
wait continue on for now, because you'll come across another Spring pretty 

Anyways, in this area, take the first north path you see. There's three levels
here and on the bottom is a box with a trap and Silver Scales inside. Next 
level has a sorcerer Einherjer which will be Seluvia.  Now freeze the flying 
enemy next to you, jump up and fire a photon down at him to swap places in the 
air. Perform a jump after the swap to land back on the platform then do 
another jump, swap, and air jump to get up to the sealstone. The sealstone is 
Somber Light Wrath, which basically has no useful applications at all. Anyways, 
leave the area now. Past the dias you'll spot another "place the object on the 
panel" thing. Ok, over on the small ledge on the the west side of this area is
a stone object you can use on the red panel. Swap that over to the panel and 
bring that enemy next to the dias down on this level with you. Now once you 
have both enemies down here, you'll need to stack them in order to reach the 
box. By now you should probably know how to do this, since you've had to do it 
once before anyways. In the box is a trap and a Silver Buckler. Continue on up. 
Head left and swap places with the floating enemy and open the sack here for a 
Double-check. Go right and swap with the enemy on the other side of the bars 
and get the treasure on the ground level which is another Dwarf Tincture. 
Alright, getting the treasure box on that small ledge above the Dwarf Tincture 
can be a little challenging. 

First off you need to go over and get the flying enemy from the other section.
Bring one of the standing enemies over there so you can get out from behind the
bars and still have the floating enemy with you. Now bring the floating enemy 
over to the bars on the right side. Place him right in front of the bars and 
swap places with the other standing enemy that should still be inside the bars.
Now turn around, jump, and fire a photon down at the flying enemy. Hopefully 
you'll swap when your at the top of your jump. Now turn around again and shoot
another photon at the flying enemy and when you swap to an air jump and you 
should land next to the box. It has a trap by the way... which you'll probably
get hit with, but it's only a confusion trap. Open the box for a Claymore. Now
head inwards. 

There's a ton of enemies here, a spring on your left, and another dias on your 
right. The dias is being protected by an enemy that is definitely overpowered 
at this point in the game. If your curious to see for yourself, I'd advise you 
to first go into the next section because there's a save point there. But it's 
up to you. Anyways, if you want to put something on the dias, get right in 
front of the massive enemy and shoot a photon upwards to hit the floating 
enemy above him. Once you swap places, put something on the dias and then aim 
another photon upwards and it will bounce off the walls and hit the stone item
above you. Now fire another photon down at the floating enemy again and 
hopefully you won't touch the huge enemy when you swap. If you do however, 
just escape from the battle. Or try to fight him.. although it will take 
forever if you want to kill the dragon. Anyways, continue on and in the next 
section go past the save point and fire a photon up towards the sealstone 
you'll see flashing on your minimap. You should hit another stone item and you 
can swap with it. The sealstone is Shield Blessing. Ok, now save and get ready
for the boss of this area.

Lady Cleo       Berserker      Trash Demon x2
HP: 8160
Race: Unholy, Magic
Experience: 44000, (120200 if you kill everything)
OTH: 7200
Attribute Resistences: -50 Lightning, +50 Holy, +50 Earth
Status Effect Resistences: +50 Paralyze and Confuse, +80 Freeze, +100 for 
                           everything else

         Nothing to hard here, make sure you put Soul-Carver Wrath on a dias
because this helps this battle go by much faster. Obviously take out the trash
demons first. Then I'd advert my attention to the Berserker, mainly because 
he has a suprising long range with one of his attacks and this will cause 
problems if you just choose to ignore him. Plus, he has some decent items if 
your fortunate enough to acquire them. Anyways, after he's gone just fight 
Lady Cleo like any other boss, but watch out for her magic. It packs quite a 
punch. And note that she is weak to lightning, so bringing in a sorcerer who 
has lightning bolt will help this progress a little faster. Gravity Control is
a move she'll pull off quite frequently, but thankfully it dosen't do very 
much damage. And having First Aid equip on your characters keeps you from 
healing so often. 

You will acquire another Sealpouch, which is great. Head down the stairs and 
pick up the Experience Pig Law sealstone which is another good one, expecially 
if your good on money and you just want to level up your team quickly. Get the 
two treasures as well which are a Golden Egg and a Tome of Alchemy. Now before 
you venture off to Crawsus, head back to Crell Monferaigne and talk to the guy 
in the Inn. Answer, "Monsters" and you'll get a Sage's Arcanum... although I 
thought it was a ghost. O_o Anyways now your finished. And now it's time for 
the Crawsus Forest Ruins... 

Crawsus Forest Ruins ................................................... CRA19

~~Items: Apothecary's Arcanum, Earthproof Trinket, Silver Helm, Dwarf 
Tincture, Union Plume, Silver Greaves, Foolproof Trinket, Lightningproof 
Trinket, Apothecary's Arcanum, Mirage Robe, Elixir, Silver Mail     

~~Enemies: Vampire Bat, Tear Soul, Electrical Chip, Bolt Dragon, Disgusting 
Shell, Unclean Glob, Vampire, Phantom Lurker       

~~Einherjar: One heavy swordsmen and one light swordsmen 

~~Sealstones: Earth Blessing, Lightning Blessing, Thundercloud Law, Mudbank 

        Upon entering the Ruins you'll notice a conveniently located Spring.
Take whatever sealstones you desire and continue on. In the next section 
you'll come across a pillar with a pattern on it. These pillars absorb 
lightning strikes, but you can knock them over if you want. For me, the 
lightning bolts dissipated after awhile and it didn't matter if I knocked over
the pillars or not. Anyways, you'll see a floating enemy adove a small pool of
water. Use him to get up to that ledge with the Apothecary's Arcanum, and the
Earth Blessing sealstone. Ignore the path leading inwards for now, and 
continue on to your left. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Save if you want and run left a little ways more and head down. Between the 
Tear Souls and the Electrical Chips, this place is worse then a southern 
baptist preacher with a megaphone. Well, not quite that bad, but having two 
enemies that show up quite frequently that possess resistences to physical 
attacks makes some battles taxing on your time. Ghost Hunter is a nice skill 
to counter this, and having at least one sorcerer in your party is almost a 
necessity. And if you can, try to stock up on items you need to create some of 
the nice weapons in Crell Monferaigne, you'll need them for the next dungeon, 
trust me.

Alright, I appologize for that little diversion, but once your in the next 
section, turn to your right and drop down into the small pool of water. 
You'll find a treasure chest with a freeze trap and an Earthproof Trinket.
Continue left all the way into the next section. You should come to a dead end
with a solitary treasure chest, it contains a Silver Helm. Head back out and 
continue right until you see the crawling enemy you passed (or killed) 
earlier. Freeze him this time and jump off of it in order to reach the path 
overhead. Follow this into the next area, once you enter and drop down you 
should spot a bag, which contains a Dwarf Tincture. Head all the way to the 
end of the area for another Einherjar. It's a Heavy Swordsmen and will be 
either Falx or Adonis. Backtrack, and this time you can take the path heading 

To your right you'll find the Lightning Blessing Sealstone. Either take it off
the dias, or restore it, either one will suffice.  Just don't leave it there. 
Ok, now you probably noticed that when you restored or took the sealstone off 
the dias, you got a short scene. It would be beneficial for you to put a 
sealstone on this dias that has a negative effect on the enemies. Such as 
Masochist Wrath or Chasm Wrath, you know... all those sealstones to expensive
right now to afford. So use something like Manacles Wrath or Fog Wrath if you
have them. Just make sure you put either a negative or neutral sealstone on
the diases. If you put something like Earth Blessing or a postive effect 
sealstone on a dias, all the water pools will be poisoned. Anyways, continue
on to your right for a sack containing a Holy Gem. Back to your left, you'll 
notice a huge troll looming over you.  

Shaman Chief x2
Wild Troll

This battle isn't required for completing this dungeon and the sealstone he's
protecting requires 20000 sealstones to restore. There is a treasure chest 
behind him carrying a trap and a Union Plume... but Union Plumes? Need I say 
more? Not really worth it, but with the right preperation this battle can 
be pretty simple. First off, bring either Rufus or an alternate archer in to 
the battle. But make sure they have stone arrow equip as one of their attacks.
Second, bring in a heavy swordsmen like Dylan or Arngrim and equip them with 
the Flamberge sword. This sword has a tendency to cause Fraility on targets, 
and if your a lower level, this will help out immensely on the Troll. Actually
it seems that Argnrim has the innate ability to cause the Fraility status 
regardless of what sword he has equip. Anyways... third, the Magician Slayer 
skill is nice to have for this battle. Hopefully you've taught it to someone, 
or you have a Runeslayer sword which has the ability already immbedded in it. 
And having at least one person on your team with the Break Up skill helps out 
as well. When you get into the battle, take out the Shaman first. These guys 
have have a plethora of parts for you to break off, and that's why you should 
have someone with the Break Up skill. Because if you enter break mode, you 
should probably be able to murder these things in one turn. Once you kill one, 
quickly avert your attention to the other Shaman, because the remaining one 
will have a tendency to resurrect his fallen comrade. After both of the Shaman
are gone, focus on the troll. He's not too difficult, but the constant regen 
is very annoying. That's why you have the Flamberge, so you can inflict the 
Fraility status effect and render his regen antics worthless. Also, he is 
susceptible to the stone effect. So, if your fortunate enough, your archer's 
stone arrow will work and you'll get in some free turns. And DO NOT attack him 
on his right side, he's holding his huge bludgeon on that side, and it seems 
like it has an indefinite amount of HP. So attack from the left side, or from 
the back if possible.    

For your efforts, you get access to the Thundercloud Law sealstone... which 
really has no use in this dungeon. And a treasure chest containing a poison 
trap (watch out for this) and a Union Plume, hurray! >.< Now just backtrack to
the save point. Now head to the spring and make sure you pick up another 
sealstone with a negative effect (if you have any). On your way back to the 
save point, take the path underneath the sealstone shell and the treasure 
chest. Now just run all the way to your left to find a chest with some Silver 
Greaves inside. In the next area, head left and you'll spot another dias. 
Place a sealstone there. Continue on to find another Troll Chief and company, 
that's just wonderful... use the same strategy as you did for the last one to
bring this guy down. Once he's gone you'll have access to the Mudbank Law 
sealstone, and a Foolproof Trinket. Head outwards to the next section. 

Run to your right and you'll notice a crawling enemy protecting a treasure 
chest. Kill him or swap him somewhere else and open the chest which contains 
another trap and a Lightningproof Trinket. Now, all the way to your left is 
a light warrior Einherjar, you'll get either Circe, Fraudir, or Rasheeka. Now
freeze the walking enemy that was in the water and jump off of it to reach the
ledge up above you. You'll obtain an Apothecary's Arcanum and in the large 
chest is a trap and a Mirage Robe. Now, head down and in the next area break 
to your right and across the water is a bag with an Elixir inside. Continue 
on to the left and you'll spot another dias. Place one more sealstone here, 
open the chest which has a trap and a Silver Mail inside and now head back to
the save point. If you successfully placed the proper sealstones on all three
diases then a bridge will lower once you enter the save point area. Now you
have access to the boss of these gloomy ruins. Save and head across the 

HP: 13200
Race: Giant, Scaled
Experience: 160000
OTH: 12600 
Attribute Resistences: +50 Lightning, -50 Ice, Absorbs Earth, +50 Darkness
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Stun, +50 Freeze, Everything else is +100       
       As far as prep work goes, I'd just advise having Descaling Might 
and/or Giant Killer on a few of your members. First Aid always helps, and so 
do your normal Iron Fist, Fortify Physique skills. If you have a sorcerer you 
want to bring with you, equipping Frigid Damsel as their attack is an 
admirable idea. This boss also has a poison attack which can be devestating, 
but I never had any Poison Checks on me when I did this battle... but if your 
really concerned go back and buy some (provided you have the materials). 
Anyways, you'll probably notice that about 60% of the battle field is 
comprised of water. This will undoubtly slow you down, so always remember to 
dash. The Hydra can move a lot faster then you in the water so be prepared 
to take some abuse. Also, Hydra has a massive range on some of his attacks, 
so if you want to dash away and heal, make sure you create a nice gap between
you and him. He also has an attack called External Pain which has a very high 
likelihood to inflict Fraility on your characters. This happened to me and 
every last one of my members was hit with Fraility. Thankfully I only needed
one more turn to beat him. But the goal here is to kill him as hastily as 
possible so you won't have to deal with all these nasty status effects. Oh 
and try to destroy his "tail"... not much of a tail if you ask me but, if you 
break his tail you'll have a chance to obtain a Metabolizer which is one of 
the most important accessories in the game in my opinion. Anyways, good luck 
with this guy. ^_^

After the battle....

[[ Cutscene! ]]
You have my condolences random enemy, one look at Dylans face and I'd make a 
break for the woods to. 

Ok your done now, so just head out. And now I believe it's time for a few 
diversions before you head off to the Dragonscrypt. 

Diversions, Sidequests, and Inventory Suggestions ...................... DIV28

     Lol, otherwise known as, pretentiously long title. Alright, so the 
upcoming area you will be trudging through is the Palace of the Venerated 
Dragon. To be honest, this place is extremely tough. If you've been putting 
off sidequests (like me) or not purchasing the best armors and weapons (also 
like me) now is the time to do it. So first off, lets start with the Animal 
Ring sidequest.

>>                           The Animal Rings                         ANI29 <<

Well, it's about time I covered this. If you've already completed this quest 
then obviously you can skip this. First off you need 15 Seafoods, 15 
Bonemeals, and 15 Meat Chops. 

Seafood can be obtained from breaking the rear fins off of the Flying Fish. 
Flying Fish can be found in the Kythena Plains. You can also battle the Gun 
Fish in the Dragonscrypt that just opened up. Break off their rear fins as 
well to obtain the seafood. 

Bonemeal can be obtained from any type of skeleton you encounter. The obvious 
choice is the skeletons back at the Lost Forest and Royal Underground Path. 
You'll find the Skeleton in both the Lost Forest and the Underground Path. 
Also, you'll find the Skeleton Soldier in the Underground Path. You need to 
break off their legs to get your bonemeals. Also, you can fight the Giant 
Skeletons in Chateau Obsession and break their legs as well for more 

Meat Chops can be acquired from Giant Bats or Dire Wolfs. Giant Bats can be 
found in the Kythena Plains and so can the Dire Wolfs. You need to break the
body off of the bats, and hack the tail off of the wolfs. The wolfs can also 
be found back in the Royal Underground Path. But... you can get all your 
seafood and meat chops quite easily just fighting enemies in the Kythena 

Once you have all the necessary components, go and feed the animals. 


The Cat Ring - Head over to Solde and take the north path that's right passed
the Inn at the front of the town. Now, turn and walk to your right just a
little and you should notice a cat hanging out on the street. Talk to him and
feed him 15 Seafoods. In return you'll get 4 accessories, which are basically
useless. Now, go to the armory in Solde and sell all 4 accessories. Now, in 
order for the Cat Ring to appear in the Rare Items category, you need to make
80,000 OTH worth of purchases for it to become available. The problem is, the 
vendor in Solde dosen't have much you'll want to buy right now. Except for 
maybe the Sun Shower sword. But you won't have the necessary materials at this
point anyways. So... you can sell the items and wait until later to spend your
80,000 or you can just buy a bunch of healing and status recovery items like 
I did. Royal Gloves are also pretty nice at this point. So you could buy a 
few of those also. 

The Bird Ring - For the bird ring, go to Coriander and run all the way to the 
second section and just a little ways past the Inn you should see a chicken 
on the path. Feed him 15 bonemeals for 4 more useless accessories. Now, if 
your doing this sidequest now, go over to Kalstad and head into the Inn and 
the traveling merchant will be there. Sell him the 4 accessories, make the 
80,000 OTH worth of purchase (if you haven't already) and buy the Bird Ring.
If your doing this much earlier, the merchant should still be in Coriander.

The Dog Ring - The dog can be found in Villnore. He's a little ways past the
Inn. Feed him the 15 Meat Chops for the 4 accessories. Now, take these 
accessories and travel over to Crell Monferaigne. Sell them at the armory and
making the 80,000 dividend shouldn't be a concern here. This merchant has some
wonderful weapons and armor, some of which you've probably already purchased.
So... purchase the Dog Ring and your done. 


There's one more step to this sidequest, but that won't come until much later
in the game. Your probably wondering if this sidequest is worth it... and to 
that effect I'd say... not really. It's not imperative you do this, nor is it
even a lucrative pursuit but if your an RPG purist like myself, you'll 
probably want to get this out of the way.  


>>                         Power Leveling Characters                  POW30 <<

    Ok, this is completely optional. This is basically for the people who are 
A. RPG purists or B. Having difficulty with the game. My first playthrough I 
was having difficulty with this game, and The Palace of the Venerated Dragon 
pissed me off to the extent that I did the necessary leveling to obtain the 
overpowered weapons and items you can get at the end of Chapter 3. So what is 
this exactly? Allow me to explain.

First, this must be done before chapter 3 is over. Second this only concerns
Arngrim and Leone for now. If you want the very best, immensely overpowered 
weapons at the end of chapter 3 your going to need to level up Arngrim and 
Leone to level 40 or higher. I know that's a lot to ask, but there are ways 
to do it quickly. But first, I'll list what items you get according to what 
level Leone and Arngrim are at the end of chapter 3.

       \\ Arngrim //
-- Level 01-19: Guard Potion
-- Level 20-24: Expert's Experience and a Guard Potion
-- Level 25-27: Expert's Experience x2
-- Level 28-34: Expert's Experience x2 and a Warrior's Wits
-- Level 35-39: Improved Dragon Slayer, Expert's Experience and a Warrior's   
-- Level 40+ : Improved Dragon Slayer, Bahamut Tear, Expert's Experience and 
               a Warrior's Wits   

       \\ Leone //
-- Level 01-19: Might Potion
-- Level 20-24: Expert's Experience and a Might Potion
-- Level 25-27: Expert's Experience x2
-- Level 28-34: Expert's Experience x2 and a Fencer's Familiarity 
-- Level 35-39: Slashing Sword "Farewell", Expert's Experience, and a Fencer's
-- Level 40+ : Slashing Sword "Farewell", Valkyrie Favor, Expert's Experience 
               and a Fencer's Familiarity 

     This is for later but, you can also get more overpowered items and
weapons if you finish chapter 4 with Dylan and Lezard above level 45. But I'll
cover that later. 

So, how should you go about leveling up your characters? Well, the first thing
you should do is go restore the Experience Pig Law sealstone if you haven't 
already. This will double your experience points but you will cease to obtain 
OTH from battles. At first I went into the depths of The Palace of the 
Venerated Dragon and fought loads of enemies there. This works decently, 
provided you have Experience Pig Law with you. But then I tried the Hydra 
method, which I can't take credit for because I got it from tri-Ace Fanboys
guide. Basically what your trying to do is get a Direct Assualt on the Hydra.
With Experience Pig Law and hopefully the skill "Training" on your characters,
you'll rack up a substantial amount ot EXP. Check his guide for more details, 
he goes into depth on what skills to equip and what weapons to have, and 
frankly... I don't have the patience to do that. >_< So either fight Hydra 
over and over again or just level up in the Palace, it's up to you. Oh, and 
one more thing. The boss at the end of the Palace is another good enemy to 
fight repeatedly for experience.   

And remember, these weapons will make things much easier. I personally enjoyed
having these weapons because I was too lazy to remember to unequip runes and 
try new combinations to obtain new skills. But remember, you don't need these, 
it's completely optional.


>>                        Weapons and Armor Suggestions                     <<

   Alright, if you already bought the good stuff from Crell Monferaigne then 
you can skip this part as well. If you still have lackluster weapons and armor
then now is the time to hunt for the materials and get enough OTH to purchase

First off as far as Armor goes, Silver Mails are great. And anyone can use 
them, excluding the sorcerers. As far as head, arm, and leg armor goes. Buy 
what you need, but... if you can afford it purchase some Wind Gloves. These 
can be used by anyone in your party. Here's the materials you need.

Wind Glove: 20,000 OTH
         -- 2 Bat Wing: You should have plenty of these but they can be 
            obtained from Goblins by breaking their wings (20% chance) or by 
            breaking the wings off of Giant Bats (20% chance). You can find 
            bats at the Kythena Plains or in the Surts Volcano Caverns. 
            Goblins are found at the Kythena Plains, Royal Underground 
            Passage, or Chateau Obsession. Also, breaking the wings off of 
            Vampires at the Crawsus Forest Ruins might net you some bat wings.
         -- 1 Bone Mace: You might have a few of these from previous boss 
            fights, but the easiest way to get them now is to either A. break 
            the Unclean Globs upper right/left shoulder (75% chance) or B. 
            head into the Dragonscrypt and fight Green Coral's and aim for 
            their tenacles (80% chance). I prefer going after the Green Corals
            because their tenacles are much easier to get to. 
         -- 1 Ghibli Scale: Obtained from Bolt Dragons by breaking their wings
            (25% chance). Or you can go all the way through the Dragonscrypt, 
            enter the Palace of the Venerated Dragon and find Dragon Bat's and 
            slice off their wings.. but it's also a 25% chance. 

The Magic Glove back in Villnore is also a good buy but I always had a horrid
time obtaining the Unladen Swallow Scales necessary to craft it. Anyways...

Magic Glove: 7,000 OTH
          -- 2 Unladen Swallow Scales: Obtained by breaking the legs off of 
             Lower or Wild Lizards (15% Chance). You can find these guys in 
             either the Serdberg Mountain Ruins or the Surts Volcano Caverns. 
             Finding the Wild Lizards in the Volcano is much easier BTW.
          -- 1 Hot Plate: Obtained by breaking the right or left shield cover
             on the Desert Beasts which are found in the Sahma Desert. 
             Basically just attack their arms on either side (40% chance)

If your adamant on obtaining only the best armors then by all means go right 
ahead, but I basically just bought a bunch of Silver Mails in Crell, a Wind
Glove or two and called it a day. It's the weapons I'd be more concerned 
about if I were you. 

This is just my personal setup so yours will probably differ. As far as 
weapons are concerned, I usually buy what I need just to satisfy my storyline
characters. Meaning, I just give the leftover weapons to my Einherjar and 
don't bother investing OTH into good weapons and armor for them. So basically 
I'll start with the light warriors. Head to Crell's armory and go to the rare 
items section. You'll probably notice the Runeslayer at the top. This is easy 
to obtain and I'd strongly advise you to purchase one right now. 

Runeslayer: 50,000 OTH
         -- 1 Falchion: You should already have at least one of these. If not 
            go find the merchant in the Kalstad Inn and create one.
         -- 3 Black Crystals: You should have a staggering amount of these. 
            Obtained from any type of skeleton by breaking their waist. (80% 
            chance) You can find them in Chateau Obsession or the Underground
            Path. Also, breaking the Living Armors chest will warrent you 
            some, they can be found on the Kythena Plains. Or the Desert 
            Beasts body. Lot's of options here. 
         -- 1 Piercing Imprint: Goat Man found in the Ancient Forest, break 
            the right arm (45% chance). Or the Satyr's in Chateau Obesession,
            right arm as well (60% chance). And also by breaking the weapon 
            on Lizards Lords and Red Lizards. The chances are only about 30%
            for the Lizards though.     

  I just bought one of these for Alicia, because you'll get another decent 
light warrior sword in the Dragon Palace. But as for the Arondight? It's a lot
of work to make so, sorry for not covering it. *_* For the heavy warriors, you
have two options, the Zweihander and the Grand Sting. Both are nice but if you
already have the Kraadinator then you'll be fine with just one of these 
weapons. On my first playthough I didn't have access to the Kraadinator so I 
bought one Zweihander for Arngrim and a Grand Sting for Dylan. Anyways if you 
only need one I'd go with the Grand Sting.... but if money is a factor go with
the Zweihander.

Zweihander: 30,000 OTH
         -- 2 Busted Greatsword: Great skeltons in Chateau Obession. Find 
            these guys and attack their arm that is holding the sword. It's 
            kind of a rare item so good luck (20% chance)
         -- 2 Troll Clay: Fight either the Trolls in the Ancient Forest or 
            the Troll Cheifs in Chateau Obession. Break off either their arms
            or legs for the troll clay (About a 20% chance for both) 
         -- 2 Rotted Bludgeon: Trolls again, but you need to break off that 
            massive bludgeon they are holding. And the trolls in the ancient 
            forest don't have weapons, so your only option is the Troll Chiefs
            in Chateau Obsession (40% chance). 

Grand Sting: 115,000 OTH
          -- 1 Screp: Obtained from a treasure box in the Ancient Forest or 
             you can just buy them in Villnore. 
          -- 5 Charged Tailfeather: Obtained by breaking the tail feathers off
             of Thunderhawks. (15% chance) Thunderhawks can be found in the 
             Serdburg Mountain Ruins or the Ancient Forest. The ones in the 
             Mountain Ruins don't show up until you get almost all the way to 
             the top. So the ones in the Ancient Forest would probably be your
             best bet. And yes they are rare, but actually I had 10 of them by
             the time I first reached Crell, perhaps I just got lucky.  
          -- 2 Lightning Stones: Either the Skeletal Soldiers in the Volcano 
             or the Disgusting Shells in the Crawsus Ruins. Getting them from 
             the Skeletal Soliders is slightly easier. You need to break off 
             their lower body (30% chance). For the Disgusting Shells, attack 
             their head, but to me they just look like a giant head.. to be 
             more precise, aim for the odd looking nose thing in front. (15%

 Regardless of what you purchase you should now buy one of the bows for Rufus.
If you havn't entered the Palace yet, the Greenery Slayer will probably be 
your only option. The Mage Slayer is nice but the Evil Eye Gems are hard to 
acquire. You can get them in the Crawsus Ruins but it's much to difficult. So
just go with the Greenery Slayer now and wait until you get the Evil Eye Gem
from an enemy in the Dragon Palace. 

Greenery Slayer: 25,000 OTH 
         -- 1 Spiral Arrowhead: Obtained from Desert Beasts by breaking off 
            their arrowheads. What are arrowheads you say? If you look at the 
            very tips of the armor plating on the Desert Beasts arms, those 
            would be the arrow heads. Yes they are a quite challenging to 
            obtain but the drop rate is 50% which is decent. The Beasts are in
            the Sahma Desert.
         -- 2 Piercing Imprint: Goat Man found in the Ancient Forest, break 
            the right arm (45% chance). Or the Satyr's in Chateau Obesession, 
            right arm as well (60% chance). And also by breaking the weapon on
            Lizards Lords and Red Lizards. The chances are only about 30% for 
            the Lizards though.    
         -- 2 Nightshade: Either the Toxic Flower or the Sand Flower. These 
            enemies are small, so just hack away at them. (about 30% chance) 
            The Sand Flowers have a slightly higher drop rate percentage then
            the Toxic Flowers do. The Sand Flowers are found in the Sahma 
            Desert and the Toxic Flowers in the Ancient Forest. 

Mage Slayer: 50,000 OTH
          -- 1 Strength Bow: Obtained from a treasure chest at Audoula Temple
             or it's the weapon Sha-Kon comes equip with. (If you got her)
          -- 1 Piercing Imprint: (See either Greenery Slayer or Runeslayer)
          -- 1 Evil Eye Gem: I always have a dreadful time getting these 
             things. You can either try in vain to get an Evil Eye Gem from an
             Unclean Glob's head (30% chance) or you can wait until you get to
             the Palace of the Venerated Dragon and break off a Dyrads upper
             body. (30% chance) The problem with the Unclean Glob is that his 
             head is so high up it's nearly impossible to hit, unless you have
             a party of archers. If you really want this before you head off 
             to the Palace then have fun trying to get this from the Glob. I'd
             advise you to wait and get it from the Dyrads.
          -- 1 Mirror Fragment: I was fortunate enought to get one of these 
             off of Lady Cleo from Ceateau Obesession. But you can also get 
             these from the Phatom Lurkers in the Crawsus Ruins by breaking 
             off their mirrors that encircle them (15% chance) or you can wait
             until you get to the Palace and break the armor off of Spectral 
             Knights (40% chance)

So just go with the Greenery Slayer for now, and if your so inclined, run back
out of the Palace when you have your Evil Eye Gem and/or Mirror Fragment and 
make a Mage Slayer. It's up to you if the Mage Slayer is worth the extra 
travel time. And there's only one Wand available, but it's cheap and easy to 
make so...

Mithril Wand: 20,000 OTH
          -- 2 Busted Staff: You can get one from the old lady at Crell. And 
             can break the weapons off of the Skeletal Soliders in the 
             Surts Volcano (20% chance) or you can break the weapons off of 
             the Trash Demons in Chateau Obsession (40% chance).
          -- 1 Mace Head: Easy, you can get this from the same old lady in 
             Crell, or you can try to break them off of the Green Corals in 
             the Dragonscrypt. Aim for their tentacles (only a 10-15% chance)
          -- Golem Eye: A little harder to get then the other two. You can go 
             back to the Serdburg Ruins and fight the sub-boss, Crust Golem. 
             But he only appears once per run through. So a better choice is 
             to find the Giant Crabs at Audoula Temple. Aim for the heads on 
             these enemies. The Giant Crab has a 20% drop rate and the Crust 
             Golem has a 70%.

   And that's about it for weapons and armor. Sure, there's a few I didn't 
cover but these are about all you should need to handle the Palace. Albeit, 
you can attain some nice weapons and armors in the Palace, so don't feel like 
you need all these weapons and armors to survive. Just buy what you can.  

>>                          Sealstones and Skills                           <<

   This will be a short section, just some recommendations as to what you 
should have by way of Sealstones and Skills. 

          \\ Sealstones //

--Make sure you have Lifeforce Blessing. You should have this sealstone 
restored by now, and it will be great for the upcoming dungeon. It costs 2000 
crystals and it will double the effect of all your healing spells, healing 
items, etc. Imperative for harder areas. 

--Also, if your aiming for the 40+ characters, Experience Pig Law is a must. 

--And if your running low on cash, there is a great sealstone combo that will 
net you insane amounts of OTH. Just make sure you have Gold Blessing (only 500
crystals) and Gold Grubber Law (1200 crystals) carry both with you and enter 
the Palace of the Venerated Dragon. Some of the fights will afford you 
anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 OTH. 

--Chasm Wrath is great... but it costs a hefty 4000 crystals, but if your busy 
leveling up characters for the 40+ weapons then you'll probably reach this 
pretty quickly if your Direct Assualting enemies. 

--I liked Soul-Carver's Wrath when I first got it, but it just dosen't do 
enough damage to the enemies in the Palace to be useful, but it's up to you. 

--Masochist Wrath is good, but it requires your party to get attacked for it 
to have an effect on your enemies. At 3000 crystals I'd probably hold off on 
this one for now. 

  Any other sealstones, you probably already have. These are just some nice 
ones you might want to restore if you haven't already.


           \\ Skills //

Skills.... eh, I probably suck at this game because I don't pay enough 
attention to my skills but there are some essential ones that even I couldn't
do without, such as... 

++ First Aid: First Aid is a tremendous skill. Sure it only kicks in half 
              of the time, but when this is coupled with the Lifeforce 
              Blessing Sealstone you shouldn't have to heal your party very 
              often. Later on, when you get enough Metabolizers, you'll 
              basically be invincible. 
           || Requires a Blue Armor, Healing, and Holy Rune ||
++ All the stat boosting skills like Fists of Iron and Fortify Physique: 
            Ok, if you don't have these by now... how did you get this far?
++ Training: Great for getting up to that 40+ level goal. 
          || Requires a Red Leg, Strengthening, and Weakness Rune || 
++ Psychosoma: I love this skill, it's great for your light warriors and your 
               archers because it combines their Magic stat with the Attack 
               stat and just makes it one collective whole. That means, if 
               your ATK stat with Alicia is 157 and her MAG stat is 42 and you
               equip the Psychosoma skill, her attack is now 199 instead of 
               157. Very nice indeed. 
            || Requires a Red Head, Arm, Activation, and Ice Rune ||

++ Break Up: I like having Break Up on some of my characters, usually my 
             heavy warriors have this one. It's not necessary but if it 
             increases my chances to enter break mode, then that's a plus in 
             my book.
         || Requires a Blue Arm, Weapon, Activation, and Strengthening Rune ||

++ Regenerate Health: This is a nice one, but to be honest I don't even have 
                   this one yet, nor did I ever obtain it during my first 
                   playthrough. But it is beneficial to have basically a regen
                   spell on your characters. 
                || Requires a Red Armor, Earth, and Healing Rune ||
++ Most of the Critical skills are nice, such as Ghost Buster, Giant Killer or
   Descaling Might. These make the boss battles much easier provided you have 
   the correct Critical skill available. And Ghost Buster is nice for those 
   pesky ethereal enemies. 

Anyways, if you find yourself getting murdered in battle, check up on your 
skills and see if you can make some new ones. They're here to make things 
easier on you, provided you remember to equip new skills every now and then.


>>                         Last Chance Opportunities                        <<
      Ok, have you completed Ancient Forest, Turgen Mines, and Chateau 
Obsession? Well, if you haven't, now is your last chance. So make sure you do 
so before beating the Palace of the Venerated Dragon. 
And did you talk to that kid in Kalstad 30 times or more? Better do that now 
if you intend to. 

Did you read all 3 parts of the Poem? Although, if you missed the one in 
Dipan, your out of luck on this small sidequest... sorry ;_; 

If your confident that your ready to progress with the main game, then head 
over to the Dragonscrypt. I apologize that this section was SOOO long. ^.^ 

Dragonscrypt............................................................ DRA20

~~Items: Magic Bangle, Arbalest, Dwarf Tincture, 20000 OTH, Apothecary's
Arcanum, Double-check

~~Enemies: Gun Fish and Green Coral 

~~Einherjar: One archer

        This is one of those four part sections such as the Kythena Plains or 
the Sahma Desert. The only difference is that it actually has a few treasure 
chests in it. Granted, they are in difficult to reach locations but, some of 
the items you get are nice. And you'll also notice that this area only has...
two enemies!? yup, that's it. And to top things off, they're just rehashes of 
enemies you fought earlier. Same enemy model, different color scheme, lol I 
love it. But anyways...

No treasure chests in the first section, so just head down into the caves and 
when you get into the next area you'll notice an enemy above you who's flying 
back and forth. If you'll notice on your minimap, there's a stone platform 
suspended in the air right above you. Your goal is to get on that stone. 
Actually this is really easy, just stand on the ground to the right of the 
stone that's in the air, aim up at the flying enemy and freeze it. Now jump 
and at the top of your jump fire another photon in his direction and you'll 
swap places. As your swaping hold the jump button and then when you do your 
air jump, aim yourself back over to the enemy you just swapped with and 
you should land on top of him, and you should be right next to the stone you 
need to jump on. If your enemy is to close to the ground for you to make the 
jump, then just get off of the frozen enemy and jump up and fire a photon back 
down at it. Then do an air jump and land back on him, this should put you very 
close to the platform your trying to reach. Anyways, once your up there, just 
jump up to the next platform with the treasure on it to acquire a Magic 
Bangle. FYI, the Magic Bangle is a superb item for any of your sorcerers.

Continue on and you should see two enemies now, a crawling and a flying one. 
This is a tough couple of treasure chests to retrieve so try not to get to 
frustrated. First off, kill the crawling enemy. Now, position him over on the
right side on the ground. Just a little ways left of the overhanging rock wall
above you. Now, freeze him and stand on top of him. Ok, to make things easier 
I'd suggest you kill the flying enemy as well. With the grounded enemy in 
position you'll need to have the flying enemy to your left. Jump up off of the 
crawling enemy and fire a photon down at the flying one. Jump up and fire 
another one down at him to swap places and then do the trusty air jump to get
yourself back on top of the flying enemy. Now you should be able to reach the 
ledge. Inside the treasure box is a Arbalest, which is a decent bow for your 
archers. Now, there's also a treasure box further up. If you jump straight up 
from your current position you should see it on a small ledge. *_* insane... 
I know. You might need to drop back down and position your crawling enemy a 
little more to the left, because the goal here is to have your flying enemy 
farther out away from the rock wall so when you get up on the ledge with the 
Arbalest you can crouch down and shoot a photon down and swap places with it.
Ok when you get the flying enemy in the correct position, and your on the
ledge with the Arbalest chest, fire a photon down at it and as soon as you 
swap places, do an air jump back towards the ledge. When your in the air fire
another photon at the flying enemy you just swapped with and you should swap 
again and be back on the ledge with the enemy relatively close now. Honestly, 
this part is tough and may take you a few tries, but it is feasible. Now the 
flying enemy should be right on the edge of the ledge, so just swap with him 
again to get him closer to the treasure box and now stand on the treasure box 
and shoot a photon down at it. Once the enemy is on top of the chest, position 
yourself next to the treasure box and jump up and fire another photon down at 
the enemy to swap places with it yet again. Now it should be in the air. Get 
on top of the treasure box, and use the flying enemy as a stepping stone to 
get up to that meddlesome treasure. And for all your hard work you get a.... 
*drum roll* Dwarf Tincture!! hurray! ;_; I know, it's depressing isn't it?   

Ok, the hard ones are over, so just head into the next area and drop down 
into that gully section you come across. You'll find another archer Einherjar
down here, you'll get either Atrasia or Lydia. Head back up and over to the 
far right. In a small alcove you'll spot another chest, it contains a trap and
20,000 OTH. Keep heading up and into the next section. Now as your running, 
you'll come across a little dip in the ground. There's a bag in this small 
rut that holds an Apothecary's Arcanum. On your way up the dilapidated stairs,
you'll see a flying enemy at the top. Freeze him, then jump up, swap with him, 
and then do an air jump to land back on top of him. This will give you enough 
leverage to reach the box up here which has a trap on it and a Double-check 
inside. And now just continue on and you'll reach the dreaded...

Palace of the Venerated Dragon ......................................... PAL21

~~Items: Sunlight Stone, Eclipse Stone, Tome of Anarchy, Apothecary's Arcanum,
Nectar Potion, Halo Stone, Union Plume, 30000 OTH, Dragonlore, Fairy Tincture,
Charge Break, Spell Potion, Flare Baselard, 25000 OTH, Valor Greaves,  
15000 OTH, Fairy Tincture, Union Plume, Apothecary's Arcanum, Painted Cloud 
Stone, Fairy Tincture, Valor Gauntlet, Might Potion, Dark Moon Stone, Guard 
Potion, Tome of Alchemy, Crystal Garb, Power Bangle, Crimson Flame Stone, 
Union Plume, Elixir, Crystal Garb, Soft Stone, Dragon Armor, Sun and Moon 
Stone, Golden Egg, Ouroboro's Symbol, Expert's Experience x2

~~Enemies: Phantom Guardian, Dragon Bat, Gigantic Claws, Green Jewel, Dyrad,
Iron Golem, Spectral Knight, Necromancer, Muscular Stalker       

~~Einherjar: One sorcerer, one heavy warrior, and one light warrior  

~~Sealstones: Experience Friend Law, Wrath of Forcefulness, Wrath of Bread 
Alone, Stone Hurler Wrath, Powerless Cap Wrath   

       Wow, this place is tough. Not only are the battles unforgiving, but the
music will drive you mad after about half an hour. Not to say I don't like the
music in this game, because I do. It's just this dungeon... *sigh* Anyways, 
there's two battle fields in this dungeon. The light areas (which your in now)
and the dark areas. The light areas have a very confined battle field, one in
which you'll have a troublesome time evading attacks. The dark areas are much
more spread out and accommodating. If your having trouble with the battles in
the light areas, just forgo any battles in them and do your fighting in the
dark areas. That's what I had to do until I was a high enough level to handle
the light areas without much difficulty. But anyways...

When you get to the first section that heads up, ignore it for now and keep 
going right. In this small room, go past all the enemies, (or kill them if you
can) and obtain the Sunlight Stone from the chest. Now, head back and take the
path inwards. I'd strongly advise you save now. Use the Sunlight Stone by the 
statue and you'll be whisked away to another area of the dungeon. Once you 
arrive, open the chest next to you with the Eclipse stone in it. Now, head out
of this area and you'll immediately have 3 enemies moving towards you at a 
slow zombie walk. Head to the left, past the two enemies and open the chest at
the end for a Tome of Anarchy. Head back to your right and in the next section
do a swap and an air jump with the floating enemy to your right to reach the 
chest on the far right ledge which contains an Apothecary's Arcanum. Jump to 
your right onto the middle ledge and open the chest for a trap and a Nectar 
Potion. Now, there's a floating enemy up near the ceiling, find a position on 
the ledge your on where you can hit him with photons and swap places with him.
Fall over to your right and you'll land on a ledge with the Experience Friend 
Law Sealstone. This sealstone can be beneficial but at the same time it's not.
The only reason I didn't use it very much is because if you have one low 
leveled person in your active party of 4, you can learn skills a lot quicker 
then usual. So, the Experience Friend law (while nice) gains experience for 
everyone and will leave you with no low leveled Einherjar. But, it's a 
personal choice. Anyways, once you grab this, freeze one of the enemies below 
you and use them to jump across to the far ledge on the upper left. Exit this
area and you'll come to an interesting little room.   

BTY I despise Phantom Guardians, they are the single largest threat for me. 
Even with Ghost Buster on two of my characters, and a mage in the party they 
still destroy me.. oh well. But, in this new room you'll notice the statues 
facing you when you walk in. If you read the little message on the tablet when
you first walk in it says "Slash behind the statue, but do not be seen..." 
Well that should be pretty obvious, just jump behind the statues and slash 
them from behind. But you can't be seen, which means you can't slash a statue 
from behind if there's another statue behind him who will notice you. So all 
three of those statues on the bottom are off limits. Go towards the last 
statue on the ground floor and jump on top of him. Then jump up to the next 
level. Now, destroy only one of these statues on the middle level. Only 
destroy the one on the left, you'll get the Halo Stone from him. Do not sever 
the other statue in half. Instead, jump on top of him and then jump up to the
broken stairs on your left. Open the treasure chest up here for a trap and a 
Union Plume. Head back down and now destroy that sculpture. Then jump over the
small chasm and slice the other sculpture on the small ledge. He'll give you a
generous 30,000 OTH. Ok, now fall off the ledge and break the little rule in 
this room by slashing one of the three sculptures down on the ground level, 
and you'll be transported to another room. 

All four of your active party members will be nailed with poison as soon as 
you enter this area. Your probably saying "What the hell!? you told me to go 
here!" Well, yes this room sucks, but there are some nice items and an 
Einherjar you need to procure from here, just make sure you don't get into any
fights while your in this room. Once your in here, freeze the flying enemy 
above you. Now get on the middle ledge and swap places with him and preform an
air jump to reach the ledge on the top right. You'll find a sorcerer Einherjar
here, and it will be either Xehnon or Masato. Although, you only have a 10% 
chance of receiving Masato, I've still never obtained him but Xehnon's great 
anyways. Now, you can either wait for the floating enemy you swapped with to 
float back up then freeze him and use him as a stepping stone or you could 
crouch down and swap with him again so your on the middle ledge. Then wait for
him to float back down towards you a little, freeze him then jump straight up 
from the left side of the ledge and swap with him, preform an air jump and 
land on him and continue on up to the upper left platform. Open the box up 
here and watch out for the trap inside. The chest contains a Dragonlore, which
is a superb weapon for your mages. Much better then that Mithril Wand I had 
you waste your money on >.< sorry! Anyways, fall back down on to the middle 
ledge, and then go right and jump over to the ledge on the far right for a 
chest with another trap and a Fairy Tincture inside. Now go ahead and jump 
down to the ground floor and head all the way over to the far left for the 
last treasure box in this section, it holds yet another trap and a Charge 
Break. Ok, now use either your Halo Stone to move on to the next section, or 
use the Eclipse Stone so you can go save real quick before you go any further.
Anyways, use your Halo Stone when your ready for the next section. And make 
sure you cure that dreadful poison ailment that four of your characters have 
been afflicted with. 

After you use the Halo Stone you'll notice it's not so bright anymore. That 
means the fights in this section will have a much more accommodating battle 
field. So don't be afraid to demolish some enemies here, they give an abundant
amount of experience points so why not? Anyways, when you arrive here you'll 
notice there's a spring to your right... finally! Take what you want and go 
into the next area. On the ground floor in the middle, you'll notice an 
archaic glowing inscription on the wall. It reads, "Sword-crush, Slingshot, or
Vampire... Master the power of one here..." This refers to three sealstones in
this area, but more on that later. For right now jump up on the ledge to your 
left and then freeze the enemy above you, swap with him and continue on to 
your right. Jump over the gap in the broken stairs when you get to it and you
should be at the top most ledge on the right with two treasure chests. They 
contain a Spell Potion and the big box has a trap and a Flare Baselard inside.
Ok, when you go to equip this sword you might think it's weak compared to your
Runeslayer (if you have the Arondight then you don't need this weapon). But, 
this is where the skill Psychosoma comes into play. If you equip this sword on
one of your characters MAKE SURE they have psychosoma equip as a skill. This 
will bring the ATK damage up from 65 to 115 because the psychosoma skill 
combines your ATK and MAG stat as one. If you already knew this then I 
applogize for yet again, wasting your time. @_@ Anyways, there's also a ledge
underneath the one your on. In order to get to that, jump back over the middle
ledge and freeze the crawling enemy. Swap him over to the right most edge, 
then jump down to the ground floor, aim another photon up at him and swap 
places. He should now be down on the ground floor. So just use him as a 
platform to get up to this other ledge. It also has two treasures, the sack 
contains 25,000 OTH and the chest has Valor Greaves inside. Alright, one more 
line of business in this room. Head back over and jump on the left most ledge,
and then use the floating enemy to swap with and get you up to that ledge on 
the top left with the sealstone. The sealstone is Wrath of Forcefullness and 
it's not exactly something you'd want to carry around with you. Leave this one
here for right now and continue on into the next area.

Just a hallway here, go all the way to the left. Now you'll see a crawling 
enemy who appears to have a sealstone on him, according to your minimap. So go
ahead and smite him. It should be two Dyrads and a Gigantic Claws. If your 
looking for that Evil Eye Gem, the Dyrads have them. You can get them if you 
break their bodies, it can be a challenge though. The sealstone you get is 
Wrath of Bread Alone, another one you should probably leave here. Jump over 
to the far left wall and get the heavy warrior Einherjar. You'll get either 
Guilm, Ehlen, or Gerald. Back in the hallway, take the path heading south. 
In this room head to your left first for yet another sealstone, this one is 
the Stone Hurler Wrath sealstone. Ok, so when you head over to the right 
you'll enter a room with a dias. The goal here is to place either the Wrath of
Bread Alone, Wrath of Forcefulness, or the Stone Hurler Wrath on the dias. So 
this is up to you, I personally think the Stone Hurler Wrath is the lesser of 
three evils... but that's me. The Wrath of Forcefulness gives them an insane 
attack and the wrath of bread alone enables them to drain your HP and restore 
theirs everytime they attack you. The Stone Hurler wrath gives them an 
increase in their projectile attacks, not a big deal. Plus it makes them twice
as slow in the battle field. Anyways, you need to place one of these three on 
the dias. Now turn around and in this room you should see a fan over head. 
There's a sack up there on the left side, so swap one of the floating enemies 
over to the left side. Postion him on the ground just left of the fan overhead
and jump up and fire a photon down at him to swap places. Now jump back up and 
fire another one down at him to swap in the air, do an air jump, land on him 
and jump up to claim the 15,000 OTH in the bag. Backtrack to the room with the 
glowing inscription and you'll get a tiny scene as the wall disappears. Head 
through it, save if you want and know that your only about half-way done ;_;
Time for me to take a break and make some Chai Tea... 

Ok, now go ahead and run to your right. In this room you'll find three 
treasure boxes, two on the ground and one on a ledge on the upper right hand 
side. You'll receive a Fariy Tincture, Union Plume, and an Apothecary's 
Arcanum. Head back towards the save point and take the left passage this time.
Inside you'll come face to face with Goro's illegitimate child. Actually it's 
a Muscular Stalker, but go ahead and fight him. They aren't very difficult, 
just fight them like any other enemy. After the battle, open the chest to get
the Painted Cloud Stone. Now head back to the room with the Spring and the 
warp statue and use your new found item.   

In the first hallway of the Painted Cloud Stone area, head to your right but
take it slowly because you'll soon encounter a statue gliding towards your 
position. If you make contact with this statue you will be warped back to that
horrid poison room. You can't destroy these things either, so just jump over 
him and continue to the room on the right. Three treasure chests here, the 
first one contains a Fairy Tincture, but watch out for the second box because
as soon as you open it two enemies will materialize out of nowhere. The box 
holds a Valor Gauntlet, and the third box has a Might Potion. Head up to the 
right and you'll come across the Powerless Cap Wrath sealstone. It lets you 
float down gradually after a jump, but you can't open treasure boxes while you
have it equip. So what's the point you ask? Well it's here because you need it
in order to acquire two treasure boxes in this level. Anyways, go ahead and 
take it with you for now. Exit the room and back down the hallway, and this 
time take the path heading west. There are two gliding statues in this room so
make sure you don't bump into them. Head upwards when you get the chance then
go right, jump over another statue, and proceed into the room with the dias. 
Place your Powerless Cap Wrath sealstone on the dias and go over to the right 
wall for the Dark Moon Stone. Before you leave the room, make sure you use 
the flying enemy to reach the bag that's up on the right side of the fan... or
the object that closely resembles a fan. The item is a Guard Potion. Now go 
ahead and head back to the room that had the two gliding statues. All the way
to the left is a box with a trap and a Tome of Alchemy. Now take the path 
inwards again and go left, in this room you'll find a treasure chest which 
contains a trap and a Crystal Garb. Go back to the dias room, grab the 
Powerless Cap Wrath sealstone and use your Dark Moon stone to advance to the
next area. 

Ok, when you exit the statue warping room you'll be on a ledge. Look at your 
minimap and you should notice a small ledge adjacent to your current location.
If you have the Powerless Cap Wrath, you can float on over to the ledge. 
There's a treasure chest right here, but obviously you can't open it due to 
the side effect of your sealstone. So as soon as you get over to this ledge, 
turn around and freeze the standing enemy that you were next to earlier. Swap
him over to your current location and jump down to the ground floor. Put the 
Powerless Cap Wrath on the dias as quickly as possible. Ok, once your rid of 
the sealstone, run over to your right and stand directly below that ledge 
with the Muscular Stalker on it and fire photons back up at the standing 
enemy. If you do this fast enough you should be transferred back up next to 
the chest. The treasure also has a poison mist trap on it, and item you 
receive is a Power Bangle, which is a nice accessory to boost someones attack
stat. Jump back down to the ground floor and kill the Muscular Stalker. After 
he's disposed of, you can snag the Crimson Flame Stone. Now, take your 
sealstone from the dias and head out. You'll enter a divinity void which sucks
but for now, just take the path heading down in this section, then go right in
the next area. You should end up on another ledge from which you need to jump 
and glide off of to the adjacent ledge on the east wall. Personally, I can 
never get Alicia to glide correctly using the left analog stick. So I find 
using the D-Pad for this purpose much easier. Over here is the last Einherjar
in the Palace, it's a light warrior and you'll get either Crescent or Lwyn. 
Now, drop down and you should probably recognize this area. Head over to the
warp area with the spring and use the Dark Moon Stone again. This is to just
acquire the treasure chests you missed due to the handicap of the Powerless 
Cap Wrath sealstone. There's a Union Plume, Elixir, Crystal Garb, and a Soft
Stone. These are all easy to find, but when you get done collecting those 
then head back to the warp point and use the Crimson Flame Stone. You'll 
arrive next to a dias and a save point, make sure you save.  

Dragon Zombie
HP: 22200
Race: Dragon, Giant, Unholy
Experience: 220,000
OTH: 21,000
Attribute Resistences: -50 Fire, -50 Holy, +50 Ice, +100 Earth, +50 Darkness
Status Effect Resistences: +40 Silence/Petrify/Freeze, +100 Everything else

      First off, if you have either Giant Killer or Unholy Purifier then go 
ahead and equip them before the fight. And if you bring in a sorcerer, make 
sure they have Fire Storm set as their attack. If you bring in Rufus or any
other archer, assign Stone Arrow as one of their attacks. For sealstones, I'd 
go with Lifeforce Blessing and Sword Blessing for two, the other one is up to 
you. If you want to put a negative effect sealstone on the dias by the save 
point before you head in, then by all means, do so. I spent some time saving 
up crystals and restored Chasm Wrath to set here. But you don't need it, it 
just makes things easier. Anyways, for skills, just make sure you have First 
Aid on everyone and Fists of Iron wouldn't hurt either. And if your really 
having problems with this guy, go back and fight the Hydra and break off his 
tail until you get at least four Metabolizers and equip them on your active 
party. If you have the metabolizers, first aid, and the lifeforce blessing 
sealstone, you're set for pretty much anything. 

     As far as strategy goes, once you enter the battle you'll probably notice
a massive symbol on the ground. If you press L2 and enter your targeting mode, 
go ahead and try to target something else then the Dragon. You'll find that 
there are three other targets for you in this battle field. There are two 
walls that are breakable, one on your right and one on your left. Break these 
open at the beginning of the fight and inside you'll find the orbs. Destroy 
the orbs as well. The third orb you need to destroy is right behind the 
dragon, so dash your way over there and abolish it. Now you're free to start 
your assualt on the dragon. Just attack him from behind if you can and go 
about this just the same as you would any other boss battle you've fought up 
to this point. He'll do his soul crush quite frequently though, and you can't
really evade it due to it's massive range. And the fact that he has a habit 
of doing it right after you've finished a series of attacks dosen't help 
circumstances. So this is where First Aid and Lifeforce Blessing come in 
handy. Hopefully they kick in when you need them, if not, don't be afraid to 
use your healing items. 

Once this is over you'll be rewarded with three treasure chests, they contain
a Dragon Armor, the Sun and Moon Stone, and a Golden Egg. Head back and save. 

  If you want to get Leone and Arngrim to the 40+ level goal then now is your
last chance, when you use the Sun and Moon Stone, there's no going back 
(Unless of course you reset your game). If you don't care about this or you 
already have them at the desired levels then use the Sun and Moon Stone at 
the warp statue.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Finally, some good plot advancements! After so many cutscenes about object 
reading and orb banter, it's nice to see some twists in the plot.

Anyways, open the three chests here for a Ouroboros Symbol, and two Expert's
Experience. And any items or weapons you receive from Anrgrim and Leone will 
just appear automatically in your inventory if you were wondering. Head back 
to the warp statue, use your Eclipse Stone and leave this forsaken dungeon. 
And it's finally time for the next chapter! >.< I told you chapter 3 was going
to be long.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 4 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[[ Cutscene! ]]

After such a long arduous chapter, we get a brief reprieve from long dungeons
and the like. But the trade off for this short chapter is the difficult boss 
fights. Granted, if you got the overpowered weapons from Leone and Arngrim you
should breeze through them, but if you didn't grind for those levels then 
you'll just have to rely more on strategy then brute force. Some nice plot 
developments here as well. 

      Ok, now you'll notice the Sukavia Gorge popped up on your world map when
you exited the Dragonscrypt. You can either A. go through the Gorge now or B. 
do the sidequests now. Personally I prefer to go through the Gorge first 
because it's only a small map, basically a Kythena Plains or Dragonscrypt map 
except it has six areas instead of four. But before you go through the Gorge,
make sure you have the Map of the East Lands and Map of the West Lands if you 
don't already. You can buy both at the Crell Monferaigne armory under the item
section. If you don't know how to use these, just go to the world map and 
press circle, then select the section of the map you want and hit X to arrive 
instantly. The last map is in the Solde armory after you pass through the 
Gorge. So, for now I'll just cover the Gorge and do the sidequests afterwards.
Oh yeah, and go ahead and stop in at Crell Monferaigne. Upon departure from 
the town you'll be treated to an optional cutscene. 

Sukavia Gorge .......................................................... SUK22

~~Enemies: Ice Devil, Winter Wolf, Ice Troll

~~Einherjar: One sorcerer   

    Nothing comlicated here, just keep running until you reach the end. In the 
last section you'll stumble upon your final Einherjar. He's a sorcerer and 
your guaranteed to get Aegis. After you obtain him, head on out and set a 
course for Solde. 

Return to Solde ........................................................ RET23

     So basically, sleep at the inn if you need to and check the armory. 
Personally I only found the Rune Greaves to be a worthwhile purchase, but then
I realized equipping them would screw over my skills I was teaching my party 
members. Besides I didn't have any Crimson Scales...*shrug*. Oh, and he has 
the Map of the North Lands for sale, so I'd advise you purchase that. 

    ++ Semi-Important! ++
  Go ahead and head back to the house left of the chapel. Read the poem again 
on the left wall. If the words of the poem have changed then you'll get your 
reward later on. 

Anyways, go to the port and you'll find yourself in the middle of a...

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Alicia trips, confusion ensues 

Now just leave Solde and you can either do two very quick sidequests or just
progress with the main game. I'd advise you do the sidequests, they're 
basically just two boss fights and the rewards are worth it. For the first 
one, head over to Villnore and speak to the man to the right of the Tavern 
who's speaking to an old lady. Also, note that if you bypassed the first two 
sidequests in chapter 3, these won't be available. Anyways, pick the first 
option and head over to the Turgen Mine. Oh, and you can talk to the flower
girl here and she'll be selling Lily's now. But they have the same effect as
all the other flowers, so it's kind of redundant. 

Turgen Mine Revisited .................................................. MIN24

    Well, nothings changed in the mines except there's a new boss at the very 
end. As far as sealstones are concerned I'd take the two obvious ones, 
(Lifeforce Blessing and Sword Blessing) and for the third I took Chasm Wrath, 
but if you don't have that, take some sort of negative effect sealstone if you
have any. Then head on down and save at the save point when you come to it. 
Place your negative effect sealstone on the dias, then continue into the area
where the previous optional boss was and you'll encounter the new boss.

Gigantic Wasp      Meteoric Swarms
HP: 20,000
Race: Giant, Insect
Experience: 72,000
OTH: 12,000
Attribute Resistences: -20 Fire, -20 Earth
Status Effect Resistences: +75 Petrify/Faint/Freeze, +100 Everything else
    As far as prep work goes, well you don't need much. First Aid and 
Metabolizers are obvious choices. If you have Bug Swatter go ahead and equip 
that, and your probably wondering if you should bring Brimstone Law into this 
battle. This is completely optional and personally I find it to be kind of 
unnecessary. The nice thing about Brimstone Law is that the Meteoric Swarms 
will heal you each time they attack. But if you have the Lifeforce Blessing, 
First Aid, Metabolizer combo you should be set for healing purposes anyways. 
And plus, Brimstone Law will negate your attack stat so you'll be doing 
measly amounts of damage. So I just went in with the weapons I had at the time
and it didn't pose much of a threat. Just bypass the Meteoric Swarms and head
straight for the boss. If the Swarms are giving you to much of a hassle, then 
take out the Insect Eggs like you did last time. The actual boss can do a 
decent amount of damage, but it goes down rather quickly. Remember to use 
your Soul Crushes, and try to take out it's wings if you can. This is 
basically the same optional boss you fought here last time, just a different 
color scheme. If it raises it's wings and green mist starts to pour out of 
them, then you know what to do, get behind a pillar or get back into the 
small alcove so you don't get demolished. But other then that this guy 
shouldn't pose much of a problem.     

You'll be rewarded with the Rose Sealpouch, hurray! It's the last sealpouch in
in the game as well, but having four sealstone slots sure beats just having 
one. That's it for this section, head back to Villnore now and talk to the 
same guy next to the Tavern. He'll reward you with a Metabolizer. Now you can 
tackle the alternate boss in the Ancient Forest.

To gain access to the Ancient Forests second boss, go to Coriander and in the 
first section of the village you should notice a guy wearing a green shirt and
sporting a fishing pole and he's actually just walking around. Just talk to
him and that will do it. While your here in Coriander go ahead nad enter the 
first house that you come to. You'll find you now have access to a treasure 
chest with a Core Emerald inside. And now to the Ancient Forest... again.

Ancient Forest Revisited ............................................... FOR25

     Same deal as the Turgen Mine, head to the area where you fought the last
boss and you'll find a new boss to amuse you. But before you go plunging into 
battle, go find the Sheathed Power Wrath sealstone which is in the same place 
it was last time. And make sure you put this on a dias. The reason being is 
that if you don't, the boss of this area will unmercifully rip you apart, 
figuratively speaking of course. Also take Lifeforce Blessing, Sword Blessing,
and any other two sealstones with you before you proceed. Once your ready, 
save and get ready for another boss fight.

Kobold King      Kobold Warrior x5
HP: 16,000
Race: Beast
Experience: 8,000 
OTH: 3,200
Attribute Resistences: -20 Earth
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Confuse/Poison/Petrify, +95 Paralyze, +100 
                           Everything else

     Obviously, take out the Kobold Warriors first. They're very simple and 
one series of attacks per Kobold should suffice for a kill. As far as the 
Kobold King goes, well he's a little more of a challenge. If you don't have 
the Sheathed Power Wrath on a dias then this guy will destroy you if he gets 
an attack off. But just have the normal Lifeforce Blessing/First Aid/
Metabolizer combo and you should be alright. Beast Slayer works nicely here as
well, but other then that, just proceed as normal for this battle. Also, the 
Kobold King has a tendency to heal himself often, so causing Frailty would 
make this battle go by much faster. And if your having problems with the King
then equip the Attack with Poison sealstone or use Poison Blow and let him die

Go back to Coiander and talk to the same guy with the fishing pole and he'll 
give you an Expert's Experience. Now, before you head off to the Underground 
Path, drop by Kalstad and go all the way east when you enter the town. At the
end of the path is a chicken that will bestow you with a Golden Egg when you 
talk to it. And that should be it for diversions, head over to the Royal 
Underground Path when your ready. 

Royal Underground Path Revisited ....................................... UND26

~~Enemies: Lizard Knight, Gigantic Moth, Beast Fort, Flying Killer, Meteoric 

    Same area, different enemies. Just run through it again and at the end 
you'll encounter a boss. And by the way, if your still low on Metabolizers, 
you can break the armor plating off of the Gigantic Moths, and then destroy 
the vile looking brain tissue substance behind the armor plating for the 
Metabolizers. In fact, just take some time to fight the enemies here and stock
up on their drop items. They have some nice green accessories that will help 
you to learn some new skills. Anyways, save at the save point and proceed to 
the boss. 

[[ Cutscene! ]] 

Ull             Aesir (Defenders)
HP: 27000
Race: Divine
Experience: 280,000
OTH: 31,500
Attribute Resistences: -50 Fire, -50 Holy, +50 Ice
Status Effect Resistences: +70 Poison, +90 Stun, +95 Confuse, +100 Everything
        Well to start things off, kill the Aesir as soon as possible. Even 
without the insanely overpowered weapons, you should be able to annihilate him
in one attack series. Once he's through, focus your attention on Ull. You 
won't have any sealstones to help you out on this battle, but Ull has fairly 
weak attacks and you have a nice large battle map to fight in. He's weak to 
fire so put Fire Storm on your mage. He's also a divine enemy but you probably
don't have God Slayer, so just use your normal skills like First Aid, Fists of
Iron, and whatever else tickles your fancy. For accessories, just the normal 
Power Bangles, Great Eagle Hearts, and Metabolizers. Ull shouldn't pose much 
of a threat until he starts using his Soul Crush, which can be devestating.
Thankfully it will only hit one person, but even my level 43 Alicia at full HP
couldn't survive it, so just use a Union Plume if your unfortunate enough to 
get hit with it. And don't forget to use your Soul Crushes, they'll make this 
battle go by much faster.

You'll get the Doublecross bow once Ull is defeated, too bad the bow sucks. 
Anyways, just head to your right and exit to find yourself back in Dipan.

Dipan in Disarray ...................................................... DIS27

~~Items: Expert's Experience x3 (the last two are available after you have 
completed chapter 4).

    Wow, they did a good job making the castle look truly battle ravaged 
didn't they? Well once you enter the castle, talk to the solider siting down
at the very end of the hall to receive an Expert's Experience. Head to the 
left in the next section and run all the way to the end to find the traveling
merchant. In my humble opinion, the only thing he has worthy of purchase was 
the Valor Armor. But you may find some other items worth your OTH. Anyways, 
you'll notice there's a spring in this area. Take the Lifeforce Blessing,
Sword Blessing, and probably the Poison Pin Blessing sealstone. And try to 
find any accessories that will boost your RST. If you have the Bahamut Tear 
and the Valkyrie Favor, now would be a good time to equip them if you haven't
already. And put Magician Slayer on any characters you've taught it to. Save
and get ready for the nastiest boss fight thus far.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

HP: 15000
Race: Magic
Experience: 230,000
OTH: 31,500
Attribute Resistences: +50 Fire, +50 Lightning, +50 Ice
Status Effect Resistences: +50 Poison/Weaken/Confuse, +70 Stun, +80 Freeze, 
                           +90 Paralyze, +100 Everything else  

HP: 17000
Race: Magic
Experience: 250,000 
OTH: 7,000
Attribute Resistences: +20 Earth, +20 Holy, +20 Darkness
Status Effect Resistences: +30 Poison, +50 Stun, +70 Freeze, +90 Paralyze, 
                           +100 Everything else

   These guys hit really hard. I thought I was underleveled at first, but they
actually just have a very high MAG stat. This is why your RST stat is 
important, unfortunatly the accessories you have won't be increasing it by 
enough to cut the impact of their spells all that much. The Lifeforce 
Blessing, First Aid, Metabolizer combo is almost a necessity in this battle if
you hope to survive. Albeit, if you have the overpowered weapons you might 
just get through this unscathed. For your mage, Poison Blow works nicely. 
For skills, equip Magician Slayer, this will speed things up significantly if 
you have it. The fighting arena is extremely small, and these guys have an 
enormous range, so it's hard to get away and charge up your AP. So basically 
if you don't have the overpowered weapons, be prepared to get hit. Don't be 
afraid to use your Fairy Tincture's in this battle. With the Lifeforce 
Blessing, they'll be restoring 6000 HP instead of 3000. And if you brought the 
Poison Pin Blessing into this battle then hopefully you'll afflict them with 
poison. These guys are susceptible to it, and any little advantage is a plus 
in this battle. And if your wondering which one you should attack first, I'd 
suggest Gyne. He's a little weaker and has less HP then Walther so hopefully 
he'll go down quicky. BTW, that music's crazy isn't it?      

[[ Cutscene! ]]

I was so pissed at Arngrim after this scene. Your dead to me Arngrim! >.<

Alright, head to your right and in the next area you'll be treated to a

[[ Cutscene! ]]
     Ok, before you go any further, this is your last opportunity to get two 
overpowered weapons and 2 special accessories from Dylan and Lezard. In order
to get these weapons and accessories you must level up Dylan and Lezard to 
level 45 or higher. Granted, this is again, completely optional just like 
leveling Leone and Arngrim to level 40 or higher. But here's a list of what 
you get at whatever level Dylan and Lezard are at when you complete the next 
boss fight. 

Power leveling characters Part 2 ....................................... LEV31

This is just like the part with Leone and Arngrim. These weapons, items, and 
accessories will appear in your inventory automatically once chapter 4 ends.
They're directly related to the Dylan and Lezards level once you finish the
chapter. So here's the list. 

       \ Dylan /
-- Level 01-24: Charge Break
-- Level 25-29: Expert's Experience and a Charge Break 
-- Level 30-32: Expert's Experience x2
-- Level 33-39: Expert's Experience x2 and a Ambrosia 
-- Level 40-44: Undead Sword, Expert's Experience, and a Ambrosia
-- Level 45+ : Undead Sword, Sword of the Meek, Expert's Experience, and a 

       \ Lezard /
-- Level 01-24: Spell Potion
-- Level 25-29: Expert's Experience and a Spell Potion
-- Level 30-32: Expert's Experience x2
-- Level 33-39: Expert's Experience x2 and a Sorcerer's Savvy 
-- Level 40-44: Philosopher's Pebble, Expert's Experience, and a Sorcerer's 
-- Level 45+ : Philosopher's Pebble, Homunculus Seed, Expert's Experience,
               and a Sorcerer's Savvy

  And that should do it. The Sword of the Meek is significantly overpowered, 
and thus is very nice to obtain. But it's definitely not needed to handle the
rest of the game. The Philosopher's Pebble is also a nice find, but it only 
adds 100 points to someone's MAG stat. The Homunculus Seed however, is always
beneficial to have since it boosts all your attribute resistences by 20%. I 
personally took the time to grind and get the 45+ items, but it's up to you
whether or not you think it's worth the time. 

Back to the game! 

Alright, once you head into the east most section of Dipan Castle you'll get 
yet another...

[[ Cutscene! ]]

HP: 20,000
Race: Divine
Experience: 320,000
OTH: 17,500
Attribute Resistences: +70 Holy, +30 Darkness, +100 Everything else
Status Effect Resistences: Immune to all

HP: 20,000
Race: None
Experience: 270,000
OTH: 10,500
Attribute Resistences: +50 Fire
Status Effect Resistences: +20 Confuse/Faint/Freeze, +50 Poison, +100 
                           Everything else

   These two can be a nuisance. But, provided that you take time for some 
preperation, these two can go down rather quickly. First off, if you have the
Bahamut Tear and the Valkyrie Favor, now's another prime opportunity to 
utilize them. Regardless of the weapons you have, a good RDM is almost 
imperative for this fight. So make sure you have the best armors equip on 
characters and if your looking for an accessory to boost your RDM, I found 
that the Tail Armor accessories are perfect for this. You get them by breaking
the backs off of Goat Men and Satyrs. Anyways, the Lifeforce Blessing, First 
Aid, Metabolizer combo is a must as always. And for your third sealstone you 
might want to replace the Poison Pin Blessing with the Shield Blessing. But if
your confident you already have a good enough RDM then just bring the Poison 
sealstone with you to this battle as well. If you have the toughness skill by
now then use it. I personally didn't have it at this point, so it's not 
required, just gives you another advantage. 

So go about this like any other boss fight, but I'd strongly advise you take 
out Arngrim first. He's brutal and fast and you have another small battle 
field, so getting him out of the way first will make this battle progress 
smoother. He's susceptible to poison so Poison Blow or the Poison Pin 
Blessing are helpful here. Hrist is another heavy hitter, but her attacks have
a tendency to only hit one of your characters (at least to my experience). 
Just keep assailing her with attacks, but watch out when her HP gets down 
below about 35%. She'll start using her Soul Crush, and it hurts... a lot. 
Thankfully it only hits one party memeber. Just try to finish her off fast if 
she starts using it.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

HUGE scene! you'll probably be as confused as Rufus was once it's over. ^.^ 

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 5 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[[ Cutscene! ]]

   Now we move on to chapter 5. A chapter with some grueling dungeons and some
great plot twists. After the scene you'll notice that your down to only two 
storyline characters. If your insane and have already released all of your 
Einherjar, then your just going to have to tough it out by using only Rufus 
and Alicia for a while. But I'm assuming you have at least two Einherjar, so
make sure you put them in your active party. 

Pick up the two Expert's Experience from the chests and head out of the 
castle. And make sure you check your inventory for any items you received from
Dylan and Lezard. On your way out of Dipan you'll get another..

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Then just proceed through the Royal Underground Path and Lost Forest and once 
your out, the Forest of Spirits will show up on your map.   
But first, some quick little diversions. Head over to Coriander and speak to
the chicken in the second section of the town. It's standing next to a lady 
with a green dress on and will give you a Golden Egg. You can also swing by 
Villnore and talk to the flower girl to receive the new variety of flower, the
Weeping Lily. And that's about it, next stop, Forest of Spirits.

Forest of Spirits ...................................................... FOR28

~~Items: Elixir, Elvenbow, Fairy Tincture, Foolproof Talisman, Spell Potion, 
Prime Elixir, Fairy Tincture, Double-check, Elfin Boots, Arondight       

~~Enemies: Kobold Warrior, Mimetic Flower, Elven Hawk, Sky Lizard, Prince of 
Hel, Carnivorous Plant, Life Stealer, Lizard King, Elven Wolf, Kobold Lord,
Sharp Scissors     

~~Sealstones: Hunter Blessing, Confuse Pin Blessing, Sleipnir Blessing  

    Upon entering, you'll find a spring near the entrance. At this point you 
can only take two sealstones, so take whatever you need and continue west 
towards the forest. On your way down you'll see a standing enemy, next to him
right below the drop off you should spot a chest, open it for an Elixir. In 
the next section you should see a floating enemy and a crawling enemy on your 
minimap. But there will also be a third enemy who is running towards you. This
is an elf and you can't fight them, in fact, if you touch them you'll be 
warped back to the entrance. You can freeze them though, so make sure you do 
and avoid getting touched. Anyways, take the path leading down when you get 
the chance. To your right you'll spot a huge enemy lingering about, go ahead 
and fight him. You'll be up against 6 Prince of Hel's, (did they omit the 
other L on purpose?) these guys aren't to tough though so just go about this 
as you would any normal battle. After the battle, you'll have access to a 
tall cylinder shaped object. Keep transferring it until you get it over to 
the left side of this area. Now, once your next too the two moving grassy 
platforms, stand on the right platform and fire a photon down at the object
to swap places. Once the object is on the platform, jump on top of the object
and then jump up to the left platform. Now swap places with the object again 
so it's on the left platform. And make sure it's close to the right side of 
the left platform so you can make the jump back onto the right platform and 
then jump up to the branches. Once your up here, open the large chest and 
watch out for the poison mist that spills out. In the box is the Elvenbow, 
which is actually a resourceful bow. To get up to the next branch with the 
sealstone, stand on top of the opened treasure chest and then jump up. You'll
find the Hunter Blessing sealstone up here. It's only 400 crystals, so either
restore it or take it with you. Head out of here now, turn left and proceed
to the next area. 

Curses! Divinity voids again, and a random maze? How splendid. In actuality, 
this section is fairly simple. Upon entering the divinty void you'll notice a
flying enemy and a walking enemy in front of you, on your way past them you'll
probably notice a path heading upwards. Ignore it and continue on, the next 
path you should notice is a path heading down. Notice all the white flowers 
near this exit point? Well that's what you need to look for in each section, 
and thankfully that alleviates any senseless trial and error methods. Anyways,
go ahead and head down and in the next section turn right and eliminate the 
Carnivorous Plant. Keep heading east and in the next section you'll probably 
notice a platform above you which is well out of reach. Don't bother trying to 
freeze the elf and the crawling enemy and making "stairs" to get up there, it 
dosen't work, so just save this for later. There's another Carnivorous Plant 
in this area, and you don't have much choice but to battle it. Once that's 
over, keep heading right and you'll spot a treasure chest. lol make sure as 
soon as you open it that you either run or jump away, because the chest has a
freeze trap in it and if the elf you crystalized earlier breaks free and comes
after you.... well your pretty much screwed. I wasn't paying attention and it 
just happened to me. >.< Anyways, there's a Fairy Tincture inside the chest. 
After you've obtained that, take the path heading upwards. Alright now just 
turn to your left and run into the next section, easy huh?

In the next area you'll encounter another Carnivorous Plant wandering around
and after him you should spot a walking enemy. There should be a bag next to 
this enemy, open it for a Foolproof Talisman. Afterwards, head north. You 
will probably notice the two platforms overhead in this area. Thus meaning,
more puzzles! ^.^ Well, this one's easy anyways. Evade the waking enemy for
now and head over to the grassy platform that is apparently pressure 
sensitive. Jump off of that and freeze the flying enemy. Now, while your 
standing on the moving platform, jump up a little and fire a photon at the 
frozen flying enemy to swap places. It should be in the air now, just a little
bit above the moving platform (Also, this is much easier to do if you've 
defeated both enemies here). Ok so now jump down to the ground level and 
freeze the walking enemy and position it just a little ways to the right of 
the ledge overhead with the dias on it. Jump off of him and fire a photon at 
the flying enemy, and now the flying enemy will act as a stepping stone over 
to the dias. The dias holds the Confuse Pin Blessing sealstone, which is...
beneficial in theory. But if your like me, you'll rarely use it. Anyways, 
restore it or at least take it with you, because if you leave it here you'll 
only be hurting yourself. And there's nothing on the other ledge to your left,
sorry. >.< Continue on and on your way to the next section you'll stumble 
across two more treasure chests, one with a trap and a Spell Potion and the 
other with a Prime Elixir inside. Now just head out.    
When you enter this next section, you'll see three branches you can jump onto, 
there shouldn't be any problem here, just swap places with the flying enemy 
or freeze the elf in this area and jump off of him to get up on the branhces.
You'll find two chests up here, the one on the right has an explosive trap and
a Fairy Tincture inside. The large left most chest holds another trap and a 
Double-check inside. And watch out for that elf, he's sneaky. +_+ And now just
proceed to the next section. Hurray, more grassy elevators that only move in 
one direction. Well, at the end of this area is a branch with a dias on it, 
and getting to this dias is suprisingly easy. There are four grassy elevators, 
and what you want to do is to swap the cyrstalized enemy onto the moving 
platform that's the furthest to your left. So if we numbered these platforms 
from 1 to 4 going left to right, then you want the enemy on the number 1 
platform. Once that's taken care of, just run back towards the dias and you'll
be able to jump up there easily. The dias holds the Sleipnir Blessing, which 
just increases your evasion. If 1500 crystals isn't an issue then restore it, 
but I thankfully had an empty slot so I just took it with me. Anyways, next to
the sealstone is a treasure chest with a pair of Elfin Boots inside. Jump down 
and continue on. 

There's a save point and a spring here, and you know what that means. @_@ So, 
go ahead and save, use the spring if you need to exchange some sealstones for 
others, and once you take a few paces past the save point you'll be treated to 
the next boss fight.

HP: 25,000
Race: Giant, Plant 
Experience: 420,000
OTH: 54,600
Attribute Resistences: +50 Lightning
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Confuse, +100 Everything else  

     Arg! I'm confined to a puddle of water! Poor thing, he can't even chase 
after you. But he is impeding your progress, so I guess he has to go. First 
off, your going to want the usual First Aid, Metabolizer, Lifeforce Blessing 
combo. And any other useful skills you've been using up to this point. 
Although, if you have Einherjar on your team, they might not have these skills
primarily because you might not use them (like me). But it's not a big deal, 
this boss is fairly simple anyways. 

First off, swivel the camera around and you'll notice four crystals behind 
you. These enhance the bosses stats and provide it with various elemental 
magic attacks. So the crystals need to go. They only have 1500 HP each, so 
this should go fast. Once that's done, focus your attention on the boss. 
Again, he can't move which makes this incredibly simple. If you start getting
low on HP just dash away and heal. But his attacks don't hit very hard, so 
just whittle down his HP like you would any other enemy, and use your Soul 
Crushes if they're available. If you have the overpowered weapons, (expecially
the Sword of the Meek) then this battle is kind of sad really.     

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Ok, so... now you have elfs chasing you? Well where are they? But nevertheless
I suppose you should run, just in case you know. ^_^ So head back out of the 
forest and on your way out you'll enter a...

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Wow, Rufus has a way with words dosen't he? And Alicia has a way with 
proventing potential fan service. :P

Oh yeah, one other thing, before you head off to Dipan, go get the treasure 
chest you forgo earlier in this area. To do this quickly, from your starting 
point after the cutscene, enter the Divinity Void and take the first path you 
see heading down. This will put you in the section you need to be in. And now 
instead of an elf patrolling around, you'll have a flying enemy in his place. 
Freeze the crawling enemy first and postion him just a little ways to the 
right of the platform overhead (It will help if you kill both of these 
enemies before doing this). Ok, jump on top of the grounded enemy and freeze 
the flying one. Swap places with it, so it's over by the platform. Now stand 
on top of the crawling one, jump up and fire a photon down on the flying enemy
and do a swap jump to land back on top of the flying enemy. You should be 
close enough to jump to the branch which contains a treasure chest. When you 
open the treasure chest, try to jump quickly because the explosive trap inside
will knock you back to the ground. Anyways, inside is a Arondight, which is a 
decent sword unless you have the Slashing Sword "Farewell" or the Valkyrie 


After this, it's time to go to... Dipan, hurray! At its core, this is just a
little diversion to tack on some time. Couldn't we have a fade out or maybe 
even a montage of Alicia and Rufus' trip to the Dipan labratory? Nope, you 
have to treck back there by yourself. Well, I don't need to explain this part,
so just head back to the labratory in Dipan and grab the Ghoul Powder. I'm 
sorry, there are new enemies here, but they're pushovers. New enemies in 
Dipan are the Capricorn, Gentleman, Capricorn Leader, and Holy Order. Two 
things to watch out for are one, the Gentleman. Their Fire Storm magic can be
potentially threatening depending on your level, equipment, etc. And two, 
don't cast magic on the Holy Order enemies, you'll just get it reflected back
onto your party. Other then that, you just have a lot of running to do. >.< 
Once you enter the lab at the end of this little journey, you'll be treated to
[[ Cutscene! ]] 

A two word cutscene, woo! 

Now for a lengthy jog back to the Forest of Spirits... the things you put us 
through Square Enix. >_< Once you reach the forest and treck back to the area
where you fought Arectaris earlier, try to enter the Ravine Caverns.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

  and.... a boss fight? well not really these are just normal enemies you'll
encounter later in the next dungeon, so just finish them off as you would any
normal enemy. And wow, that music sounds like a track you'd hear on a prog 
rock album from the 80's, but that's fine. At least we get some diversity with
the music in this game. After the battle you get to finish up your 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

An arrow to the forehead? priceless.

And now, it's time for the Ravine Caverns. 

Ravine Caverns ......................................................... RAV29

~~Items: Fairy Tincture, Fairy Tincture, Sorcerer's Savvy, Theif's Thoughts,
Blue Gale, Fairy Tincture, Fencer's Familiarity, Apothecary's Arcanum, 
Overdrive, Warrior's Wits, Ambrosia, Nectar Potion, Archer's Aptitude          

~~Enemies: Capricorn Leader, Life Stealer, Aesir (Patrol), Aesir (Archers),   
Persistent Pursuer, Sharp Scissors, Gentleman, Tyrannosaurus Rex

~~Sealstones: Chaos Law, Secluded Valley Law, Lawbreaker's Law, Silent Pin 
Blessing, Burst Light Blessing, Dark Night Law, Elusive Air Law     

     There's one obvious discrepancy with this dungeon you'll notice right 
away upon entering, you have an 8 minute timer. Yes, that means you have to 
run like mad through the caverns and find the exit in eight minutes or less. 
Yes, there are quite a few treasure chests in this area, but having a time 
limit makes acquiring them rather risky right now. What I did, was skip most
of the treasures (unless I just happened to run into them) and just spent my 
time trying to find a way out. Once you get to the other side you can head 
back in and the timer will reset, giving you time to collect items. But, you 
can come back to this area in chapter six and you won't have to fret about a 
time limit. That's what I did, but if you have the patience to run in and out 
of this area because you just have to get all the items now... then go for it.

Alright, just a few quick notes about this place. First off, the timer does
stop when you enter a battle (thank the gods). And second, there are purple 
crystals on the battle fields, these crystals will emit a cloud of poison gas
if you destroy them. The battle fields are quite small as well, so sometimes 
it can be hard to avoid hitting the crystals. One more thing, if you get to 
the end of the Ravine and then head back in attempts to aquire any items you 
missed, then be aware that if you run all the way back to the entrance from 
the Forest of Spirits you won't be able to get out. So just keep that in mind
if you're running around trying to find items. Anyways, for those of you who 
just want a quick path through this labyrinth, here it is...

  The super quick route

   The super quick route means you'll be forgoing any of the treasures right 
now. But, if you just want to get through this quickly and you plan on either
coming back in chapter six, or getting to the end, saving, and then going back
in with the timer to pick up treasures and sealstones, then go with this 
route. First off, go up, right, right, and then you'll find yourself in an 
area with a spring. Take the Powerless Cap Wrath sealstone with you, get on 
top of the rock behind you and jump and float across the chasm. Put the 
sealstone on the Shell in front of you and if you stand on the very corner of 
the area you are on, you should see an enemy on your mini-map in the upper 
right hand corner. Freeze and swap with him to bring him down to your 
location. Now, just keep swapping him over to the other side on the left of 
the Spring. It should be easy now to use him as a stepping stone to get up to
the platform overhead. The chest up here contains a enemy spawning trap and an
Ambrosia, drop down and continue on. 

Note: If you don't have Powerless Cap Wrath, then from the area with the 
spring, head back out to your left. Now go up, right, right, and down and 
you'll end up where you want to be.

OK,in the next area, keep heading right and then you'll enter a divinity void.
Keep heading east through the divinity void and then you'll enter an area that
has two diverging paths. Take the path heading upwards and you'll see a large 
treasure box in front of you, (sorry I lied, there are three chests you can 
open while taking this route) go ahead and open it for a trap and a Sorcerer's
Savvy. Now go ahead and fire two photons at the enemy on the other side of the
bars to swap places. Continue on and once you fall off of the ledge, turn 
around and go backwards down the lower path. You'll find another treasure box 
containing another trap and a Thief's Thoughts. Head out and in the next 
section take the path going down, and then head left. Now in this area you 
should see a dias on a suspended platform in front of you. Just do a swap with
the enemy on the first platform and jump over to the dias. You'll find the 
Secluded Valley Law sealstone on the dias. This one costs a hefty 20000 
crystals, so just take it with you, unless your insane and have that many 
crystals to spare. Oh yeah, and you can drop down from to your left from the 
dias platform and you should land on a small peice of land with a treasure 
chest on it. The chest contains a trap and a Archer's Aptitude. And if you 
want, you can head to your left and in the next section, run all the way to 
the end and there's another chest hidden behind a rock pillar. You'll find a 
Nectar Potion inside. Backtrack by heading right then up, and now go right in 
this area and you'll find a large rock wall with a Persistent Pursuer on top.
Freeze the warping floating enemy and use it as a stepping stone to get up on
the ledge. And there's no choice but to fight here. If you didn't bother 
getting the Secluded Valley Law sealstone from the dias, this battle can be 
quite onerous (Even with my level 48 characters >.<). After that's done, go
all the way to the right until it dead ends and open the chest for a Fairy 
Tincture. After that head up and then just keep heading right for three more 
sections and your done. ^_^ 


Alright, I'll put in another route that should still get you there in time, 
and hopefully snag you as many treasure chests that are reasonable within the
time frame. 

  The slower but more gratifying route

   Er... well this won't net you every item in the caverns, but it should 
warrent you the majority of them. Alright, so from your starting position
head up, right, and then up again. Break to your left and open the chest there
for a Fairy Tincture, turn around and exit to your right. In this section head
up, and in the next turn to your left and run over to the dias that is holding
the Chas Law sealstone. It's only 400 crystals and it can occasionally give 
your enemies an unwanted stat boost... so you might want to restore it. 
Regardless of your choice, head out to the right. In this area you'll 
encounter trenches full of poison, oh joy. Jump down from where you are and 
fire two photons across the first gap to swap places with an enemy. Open the 
chest for a confusion trap and a Fairy Tincture inside. You should see a 
floating enemy to your right on the mini map, so swap places with him and make
sure you do a swap jump while your transporting in order to bypass the poison. 

Now, there is a sealstone you might have noticed on the mini map while you 
where passing through this area. If you feel comfortable with relinquishing a
little bit of your time limit in order to get this sealstone then head out of 
this area to your right and then re-enter. Jump over to the second floating 
platform, turn around so your facing to the right, crouch, and fire a photon
down at the floating enemy. Once you hit him, swap places and then quickly 
return to the platform you were on. Push the frozen enemy over to the right
side of platform and then jump off and try to land on the small area where 
the walking enemy is located. You'll probably land right on top of him, and 
that's fine. Once the battle is over, freeze the remnant of the enemy you 
just killed and you'll have to wait until the floating enemy floats off of 
the platform you put him on. Hopefully this shouldn't take to long, but once
he does, jump off of the standing enemy and freeze the floating enemy again, 
and swap places with it. Do an air jump to land back on one of the platforms
and then head to the area where both enemies should be. Jump down onto the 
small area again and then jump up from where you're standing and fire a 
photon down at the floating enemy and then preform an air jump to land back 
on top of it. From there just jump over to obtain the Lawbreaker's Law 
sealstone. Sadly, it's 10000 crystals, but take it with you because you'll 
need it for later. Exit to the right again.  

Divinity Void here, just keeping running to the right and in the next area 
head down and you'll find yourself in another divinity void. Go right now, and
you'll find a dias, place the Lawbreaker's Law there, and head out. Ok, if 
you have some extra time head all the way to your left through the divinity 
void. In the next area, jump across the poison and you'll encounter a Pursuer.
Kill him and you'll have access to the Dark Night Law sealstone (Not that you 
need it, or can afford it). Well that's all, head back out to the right, and 
then go up. And now that you have the Lawbreaker's Law sealstone on a dias, 
you can continue on to the right and you don't have to worry about getting 
murdered by the Pursuers. ^_^ In the next area, jump up onto the ledges to 
face yet another Pursuer. After the battle, you'll have access to another 
sealstone; the Silent Pin Blessing. Go ahead and take it with you if you have
room. Ok, jump down off the ledge and you'll have the option of going up. You
won't have time for this now, so just skip it. This path will lead to a dragon
and a few nice items, but you can come back in after you've cleared this area 
and take care of that. Anyways, just keep heading right. In the next area, 
take the path heading down to face... suprise, another pursuer, I despise you 
pursuers. >.< Open the chest down here for a Blue Gale. Take the upper path 
now and swap places with the floating enemy on the other side of the bars to 
proceed and exit to the right. Head all the way to the right until it dead 
ends and you'll find yet another sealstone. It's the Burst Light Blessing 
sealstone,and to this day I have yet to find a purpose for it. Sure, it's cool
to fire three photons at once, but... they have random trajectories, so what's
the point? Well whatever, take it with you if you want and take the downwards 
path to exit. Alright, since you probably have two sealstones in your 
inventory you have yet to restore, you need to head left two sections and 
you'll find a spring. Restore them and before you leave, fire a photon up at 
the floating enemy above you, but make sure he's close to the overhead ledge 
when you freeze him. Swap places and do an air jump to land on the ledge. Now
just fight yet another pursuer and reep the rewards, which consist of a 
Fencer's Familiarity, Apothecary's Arcanum, and an Overdrive. Now, just turn
around and keep heading right until you reach the exit. Phew, that took 
awhile. *_*


  Slaying the Dragon

  Alright, there's one more line of business you can take care of now just 
in case you can't restrain yourself until chapter 6. Anyways, this little 
section will focus on an optional sub-boss lurking in the caverns. I'll 
provide directions assuming your coming from the Exit that leads to the 
Bifrost. First, head back into the Ravine Caverns and go left 3 areas until 
you end up where a spring and a dias are located. Grab the Powerless Cap Wrath
from the Spring, jump back on top of the rock behind you and float over the 
gap. Don't bother placing the Cap Wrath on the dias, just continue on. In the 
next section go up and then left twice. Now you should be in a poison floor 
room with floating platforms overhead. You need to get the Lawbreaker's 
Sealstone from the shell on the platform furthest from you. If you don't know
how to do this then read the middle paragraph in the "slower but more
gratifying route" right about this. Once you have the sealstone, place the 
Powerless Cap Wrath in it's place and head back to the area with the dias and 
the spring you were at earlier and place the Lawbreaker's Law sealstone on the
dias. Now from the dias, head out to your left (your only option anyways) then
go up, left, up, and then left again. Now just run all the way to the end of 
this area and you'll encounter a massive dragon looming over you. All that's 
left is to kill it. 

You'll be up against an inaccurate depiction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in this 
battle. Having Poison Blow on your mage helps (if your using a mage). And 
having First Aid and Metabolizers helps as well since this dragon is capable 
of some massive damage. But thankfully for you his HP deteriorates rather 
quickly so just use Soul Crushes and try to attack from behind if your having 
problems. After the battle you can claim the Elusive Air Law sealstone, which 
you can obviously see, has it's benefits. But at 2500 crystals and provided 
that you can always just freeze enemies to bypass them... this sealstone isn't
really worth the price in my opinion. But if you have crystals to spare, it is
a nice addition to your sealstone library. Now on your way back head to your 
right for three sections and in the third area you get to, run all the way to 
the dead end and you'll find another chest with a trap and Warrior's Wits 
inside. Now just head out. 


Ok, there are some chests I failed to mention in these walkthroughs, but most
of the remaning ones are easily obtained, except for maybe one which I give a 
brief tutorial on how to get it in the sidequest section in chapter 6. But 
anyways, regardless of which route you took, when you reach the end of the 
caverns you'll be treated to a short 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Bifrost ................................................................ BIF30

   This place seems a little trippy to me, it was like going through the last 
hour or so with naked Raiden on MGS2 on very little sleep, ultimately strange.
Anyways, all there is to do in the Bifrost is run forward. You'll have three 
battles and then a boss battle. Your first encounter is a group of Aesir 
soliders. Take care of them like you would any normal battle. Next up is an 
enemy called Dimension Beast. This guys a little tougher but still, he's not
much of a threat, dash around to his side or back and hack away. He's also 
incredibly slow in case you need to run away to heal up. After the Dimension 
Beast falls and you proceed a little further, you'll stumble upon a...

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Heimdall            Aesir (Defenders) x2
HP: 25,000
Race: Divine
Experience: 600,000 (780,000 with Aesirs)
OTH: 16,100
Attribute Resistences: +30 Fire/Lightning/Earth, +50 Darkness, +80 Holy
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Silence, +85 Stun, +90 Freeze, +95 Poison, and
                           +100 Everything else

      Useful skills to take into this battle would probably be your normal 
First Aid and stat boosting skills. But Heroism is also a nice for this battle
primarily because your attack gets a boost from murdering the two Aesirs if 
you have it equip. But again, it's not necessary, it just helps the battle 
progress a little smoother. Heimdall has varying resistences to all of the 
elements except for ice. So equiping Frigid Damsel on your sorcerer wouldn't 
be a bad idea. Other then that, proceed with this battle like you would any 
other boss battle up to this point. Dash in and score some attacks and dash 
back out if you need to. Yes, Heimdall does have floating... cards? 
surrounding him. So attacks from the back will usually end up being negated by
the cards. But... it is possible to go around to his back and break the cards 
and enter break mode. This is wonderful if your fortunate enough that it 
happens to you. You don't have access to sealstones during this fight either, 
so no lifeforce blessing ;_; but at least make sure you have metabolizers and 
first aid on your characters. His attacks hit relatively hard though so make 
sure you heal when it's necessary. And watch out for Grim Malice when he's 
low on HP, as it will probably annihilate one of your characters. But 
thankfully it only targets a solitary person, so just revive them if this 

Heimdall doesn't even get a death scene, ;_; depressing. Anyways, keep heading
right and exit the Bifrost. 

Asgard ................................................................. ASG31

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Odin: Yes, I can feel it. I can feel the cosmos.

   Alright, all that's here is.... a merchant. Check out his wares, as he has 
some decent items (provided you the money to purchase them). Magic Boots and 
Holy Gauntlets are great for easy purchases that don't require item synthesis.
The Thrud's Gauntlet is a very nice peice of armor as well, but the steep 
500,000 OTH price tag is a little excessive. And one other point of interest 
here, You'll notice down at the bottom of the Rare Items list is the Solomon's 
Ring (it will only pop up if you make enough purchases). This is the item you 
can buy for your efforts in the Animal Ring sidequest. Yeah, I was a little 
disappointed too that this was all I got for my efforts, but if you can meet 
the extreme sum of 900,000 OTH and don't mind spending it on the ring, go 
ahead. But.. you might want to come back for this. 

Anyways, take the path heading inwards that's next to the merchant, run for 
awhile to your right, and then enter Yggdrasil when prompted. 

Yggdrasil .............................................................. YGG32

~~Items: Prime Elixir, Valiant Greaves, Fairy Tincture, Charge Break, Witch's
Arcanum, Flame Mist, Valiant Helm, Foolproof Talisman, Sword of Silvans, 
Valiant Armor, Elixir, Fairy Tincture, Power Bangle, Tome of Alchemy, Fairy 
Tincture, Overdrive, Noble Elixir, Holy Gauntlet, Noble Elixir, 120000 OTH, 
Tome of Godspeed, Expert's Experience, 100000 OTH, Foolproof Tailsman, Prime 
Elixir, Foolproof Tailsman, Unicorn's Horn, Union Plume, 80000 OTH  

~~Enemies: Armor Beetle, Aesir (Security), Fatal Vermin, Hresvelgr, Giant 
Troll, Black Jewel, Human Sacrifice, Strayer, Wild Wolf, Highlander, Idisi,
King Slug, Gluttonous Bug, Roper, Invasive Arsonist, Abyss Dragon  

~~Sealstones: Dancing Light Blessing, Magical Light Blessing, Paper Tiger 
Blessing, Great Shield Law, Sharp Sword Law, Darkness Blessing     

        This place is time consuming... it's a huge area and you'll probably 
be here for awhile. It's a tad bit onerous but thankfully Yggdrasil is quite 
varied in terms of dungeon layout. But anyways, settle in and get prepared to 
sink some hours in here. 

Ok, upon entering you'll find yourself right next to a spring. Take whatever 
you desire, but I'd advise you take Lifeforce Blessing and Sword Blessing as 
two of your choices. And I'd actually advise you leave the other two slots 
blank, you'll see why later. In the next area, head to your right and jump up 
and you'll probably get a fireball hurled in your direction. Dodge it, and you
should see a chest in the little niche below the red crystal shooting the 
fireballs. Open the chest for a Prime Elixir. Now, these red crystals can be 
destroyed via your sword, so jump up and slash it once to render it 
ineffectual. Jump over to your left and destroy another red crystal, turn to 
your right and keep jumping on the platforms towards a floating enemy. Kill 
him if you want, and stand over on the right most ledge, jump up and fire two
photons at the enemy you can see on your mini-map who's standing on the large
platform in the middle. Once you've swaped over there, open the treasure chest
for a pair of Valiant Greaves. Now, run towards the left of the platform and 
take a big running jump off the edge. You should land on another ledge that 
has an exit heading left, take it. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

omg! Rufus' hands are huge! (either that or Alicia's are really tiny)

   After that awkward scene, keep heading left and you'll notice a purple 
crystal above you, jump and slash it. Further up you'll find an enemy confined
to a small hole, kill it or freeze it and grab the treasure that's in there 
with him, it's a Fairy Tincture. In the next section, drop down and destroy 
the red crystal, fall down in the small gap behind the crystal and watch out 
for an incoming fireball. Kill the enemy, destroy the other red crystal, and 
then open the treasure chest for a Charge Break. Now go ahead and head back to
the gap and this time jump up and head left. There's platforms heading off to 
your right, but ignore them for now, just jump over to the leftmost ledge and 
enter. You'll find a walking enemy and a yellow crystal in front of you. 
Destroy the yellow crystal as soon as you get the chance, reason being, it 
spawns enemies. Anyways, freeze the walking enemy, jump up on top of him and 
then jump up on top of the crystal and open the chest to obtain a Witch's 
Arcanum. Jump down and grab the Dancing Light Blessing sealstone. Note: your
going to need this later so you might as well take it with you. Also, you 
might want to backtrack to the spring and restore it now, because in a little
bit you'll come across another sealstone you can't restore on location.  

Anyways, head out of here when your ready. Alright, jump over onto the 
floating chunk of earth you were on ealier and drop down a ways and freeze the
floating enemy below you. Swap him over onto the peice of land your on and 
then get up your frozen enemy and fire another photon down at him to swap 
places again. He should now be close to the top of the landform your on. Just 
have him close enough to the small platform to your right that you can stand 
on top of him and make the jump. Once you land on the small platform you'll 
notice a dark blue crystal with wind blowing upwards around it. Just out of 
your view is a treasure chest on that same platform with the crystal. So what
you want to do is just WALK off the edge off the platform your on and keep 
holding right and start slashing immeditely after the wind starts pushing you
upwards. Hopefully you'll break the crystal and the wind will cease, giving 
you access to a chest with a Flame Mist inside. Don't be fooled by the 
increase in RDM and RST this peice of armor will give you, it will 
subsequently drop all your elemental stats by 100% except for Fire. But the 
choice is yours. Ok, now just jump up further to the right and take the 
eastern exit. Now, just turn around and head back in from where you came from.
Reason being, the air surge from the crystal will reanimate itself, so just 
jump to your left and ride the wind over to the platform in the middle, take 
the passage heading inwards. You'll enter a divinity void, don't bother with 
the enemy on the left, as there is nothing over there. Just head right and 
destroy the two crystals. The next area you'll have to fight a Highlander, 
you've fought these things before, nothing new here. After he's finished run 
over and claim the Magical Light Blessing sealstone. This sealstone is only 
utilized in Yggdrasil, but it does have it's benefits, being able to break 
those pesky crystals with your photons is nice, trust me. Regardless of what 
you do with it, head back to the crystal with the air pocket, ride the wind 
back over the chasm and enter the next area. 

An Aesir soldier will sprint over to you as soon as you enter. Do what you 
want with him, and then either jump over the small gap and slash the yellow 
crystal or if you have Magical Light Blessing, fire a photon at it. Do this 
before it spawns an enemy. Now... ok I'm sorry if you went down and restored
the Dancing Light Blessing, well you need it now, so if you don't have it 
backtrack to the spring and get it. Once you have it and your back in this 
location again, stand on the ledge on the left of the gap. Crouch down and 
fire a photon down into the gap. This may take a few tries, but when you do 
it correctly, your photon will bounce 4 times and end up freezing the enemy 
down there. Fire another one to swap with him and start holding left when you 
swap, because you might end up falling off the edge it you don't. Anyways 
open the chest down here for a Valiant Helm. Drop off one of the edges and 
backtrack to this area for perhaps a third time. Ok, now just continue on up 
the incline and grab the treasure chest in one of the shallow holes on the 
way, the chest holds a Foolproof Talisman. In the next area, jump over to your
right and head towards the dias. You'll find the Paper Tiger Blessing here, 
which... is actually pretty nice, expecially if you hardly get hit in battles
and your always at max HP. Restore it or take it with you, just don't let the
enemies have it. Now drop down off the ledge next to the dias and you'll 
either land on top of or fall down next to a blue crystal, destroy it and open
the chest that's underneath the crystal for a trap and the Sword of Silvans.
Now, freeze the walking enemy and swap him over to the leftmost corner. Get on
top and you might be able to make the jump, if not, you just have more 
backtracking to do. Anyways, once your back up near the dias, jump up to your 
left onto the small platform, destroy the yellow crystal above you and take 
the left path. Two crystals to destroy here, then just use them as to jump on 
and get you over to the chest with a Valiant Armor inside. Head back out to 
the previous section. Ok, if you don't have the Magical Light Blessing.. then 
you have yet more backtracking to do, fall down one of the holes in this area 
and grab the sealstone from the spring and head back up. If your fortunate 
enough to have the Magical Light Blessing with you, then preform a running 
jump over to the yellow crystal and then jump again over to the landmass on 
your right. Now, fire a photon down at the crystal that's producing the wind 
and you should destroy it, jump down and take the path heading inwards. Ok, 
now just kill the floating enemy to your left and jump over to open the chest
which contains a trap and an Elixir. Fall down and you'll find yourself next 
to two red crystals, destroy them and continue on. Finally, a save point and 
a spring. Save here and is it just me or does it seem kind of redundant to 
have that perticular combination of sealstones in place? If you look at the
area effect now, it's: RDM +200%, ATK 3/4 and ATK +150%, RDM 1/2... don't they
kind of cancel one another out? @.@ Anyways... once you've saved and 
rearranged any sealstones, head up.

    Well, we get a change of scenery here, and Yggdrasil is looking less and 
less like a tree, but eh... it still looks cool. Ok, from your starting 
location, jump up onto the narrow ledge behind you to the left, jump up again
and destroy the red crystal. Now, you should see a flying enemy over to your
right, when it's close to the two platforms adjacent from your location, 
freeze him, swap, and preform an air jump. Even if your a little short there's
a wind crystal here that will carry you up. Ride the wind over to the left and
you should fall on another land mass. To get up even further, you'll need to 
stand on the left edge and jump and fire a photon upwards at the top of your 
jump. The goal is to bounce a photon off the rock above you and hopefully it 
will hit the walking enemy that's up there. He doesn't stand in one place, so 
you might have to wait until he gets in the proper location. Anyways, once 
you've swaped places, jump up and you'll see a path heading to the right. 
Don't take that just yet, instead, jump over to your left and destroy the wind
crystal. This is easily accomplished if you have Magical Light Blessing, but 
if you don't, just run towards it and start slashing as soon as the wind picks 
you up. Head over to the dias to find the Great Shield Law. At 2000 crystals, 
you might want to pass this up. But if you want to take at least one of the 
two area effects off their diases, think about it like this; Would you rather 
the enemies and bosses have less attack and more defense, or more attack and 
less defense. The choice is more or less dependent upon your fighting style, 
but if 2000 crystals is to much, or you just don't really care about these 
area effects, then just leave this sealstone here and continue on. Oh yeah, 
one more thing, see that ledge way up there above the dias here? There's a 
treasure chest with a Power Bangle inside, but it's very difficult to get to. 
I would explain how to do it, but it's very involved and Tri-ace fanboy's 
guide does a good job of telling you how to get there. In other words, I'm 
lazy. ^.^ 

    In the next area, destroy the dark blue ice crystal and then jump up 
towards the wind crystal and ride the wind to your right and drop down on the
ledge beneath you. If you don't have the Magical Crystal Blessing, then your 
going to need it to acquire this treasure box. Once you have the sealstone, 
fire a photon down at the wind crystal when your on the ledge to destroy it.
Open the chest for a Fairy Tincture and continue on. As soon as you get into 
the next room, fire a crystal breaking photon to your left and to your right, 
as this will destroy two of the crystals in this room. There's nothing to your
left except a green crystal which you don't need to bother with, so go right, 
destroy another red crystal and exit. Tremendous, more crystals to contend 
with. Fire a photon to your right when you enter then run fowards and destroy 
the two more crystals, and continue on. The ice crystal overhead can be a real
pain so you might end up taking a few hits. In the next area, you'll see a 
walking enemy on the ground and a floating enemy next to the platform 
overhead. Ignore the walking enemy and freeze the floating enemy when he's 
close to the ledge above you. Freeze, swap, and air jump to the ledge to 
acquire a Tome of Alchemy. Continue on and you'll find yourself in a much 
larger section.

    Ok, this may look difficult but it's very simple to get to the top. First,
drop down and head over to the wind crystal that's over head. Jump into the 
air surge and ride it up and drop off to your left. Now, your going to need to
jump and fire a photon up at the floating enemy to your upper left and swap 
places with it. Now get a running start from the platform you landed when you 
swaped and jump over to the small platform in the middle. Now, jump straight
up and fire a photon at the floating enemy in the small alcove to your right. 
Swap places with it and destroy the green crystal here. Open the chest as well
for another Fairy Tincture. Alright, if the enemy is still frozen, he should 
be in the ideal location. Jump on top of the frozen enemy and then jump over 
to your right. If your close enough, another wind gust will ease you over to 
the exit. If not, then just get him more towards the middle so you can make 
the jump. In the next area, you'll notice all the peices of land that form 
a set of improvised stairs. If you have the Dancing Light Blessing then you 
can get an item right now, but I'm assuming you don't and you can just get it
from the spring in the next area. So, climb the "stairs" and in the next 
section, just destroy the two crystals and to clear that gap, I'd advise you 
jump the top crystal, you can just make the jump from the ground below, but 
it's a little riskier. Anyways, grab the Dancing Light Blessing sealstone from
the spring and head back to the previous area. Ok, about halfway down the 
stairs you'll notice a yellow crystal suspended in the air. Destroy it and 
then jump on top of it. From there, face right, jump up and fire a photon 
skywards. The goal is to let it bounce through the small crevice and freeze 
the enemy in the upper right corner. Once you freeze him, do it again to swap
places. Now, just go up the stairs here and collect the Overdrive and the 
Noble Elixir. Head back to the right and drop down, now... from where you 
landed, you can crouch and fire a photon through a gap in the stairs and it 
should hit another floating enemy below you, fire another photon to swap. 
Now, you'll have no choice but to fight the large enemy in front of you. 
You'll be up against Invasive Arsonist, and he's... a little bit of a 
challange, just make sure you stay to his sides or back. And don't forget to
utilize your soul crushes. After that's finished, you can claim the sealstone
on the dias, which will be the Sharp Sword Law. Well it's another 2000 
crystals sealstone but again this is personal preference if you want to 
restore it or not. No choice but to throw yourself over the edge now. Your 
just going to have to backtrack up to the spring and save point. Once your 
there, there's one more point of interest to take care of before you proceed 
past the save point. 

   If you bring up your map and look at the area your in, you should notice a
ledge beneath the gap that you jumped over earlier. It took me a little while 
to figure out how to get down there, but what you need is the Powerless Cap 
Wrath sealstone. If you haven't restored this yet, then getting this treasure
chest will just have to wait. Anyways, grab Powerless Cap Wrath from the 
spring and go stand next to the gap. Jump and start holding up so you float, 
now just gently float down the gap and stick to the right so that you'll 
saftely land on the ledge down here. Place the Cap Wrath on the shell and open
up the chest for a Holy Gauntlet. Now, your just going to have to take a 
plunge off the edge. Alright, new section, from where you land, head to your
right and drop down. You can destroy the green crystal in front of you, but it 
will just get restored by another green crystal anyways, so don't bother. Jump 
down to the small platform just under the half-T looking thing. Now, make a 
leap over to the left and you should get caught in a wind gust that will take 
you up next to a ledge with a large chest on it. In order to get over there, 
fire two photons over at the flying enemy to your right (Yes, you'll be going 
this while your riding on the wind). Once you swap with him, preform an air
jump to get back to your location. Land on your frozen enemy and jump over to 
the ledge to obtain a Noble Elixir from the chest. Ok, there's another small 
chest on the ledge right next to the wind crystal, this is easily obtained if
you have the Magical Crystal Blessing, but if you don't there's still a way. 
>.< This is going to be hard to explain but I'll try. From the ledge with the
large treasure chest, jump down into the wind gust, and inch your way over to 
the edge of the gust. Drop off the edge of it, and then pull back to your left
a little and hopefully you'll land on a small platform below the crystal. Now,
jump up back into the gust and hold left. Hopefully the flying enemy you froze
ealier will still be at the top of the gust. If not, that's where he needs to 
be. Once he is, swap with him so he's in that little area your stuck in. Now, 
you should be at the top of the wind gust again, drop off to your right and 
land on the platform below the crystal again. Now, jump up and break the wind
crystal. Next, jump up and fire a photon towards the flying enemy in the 
small crevice you placed him in. You should swap places and be able to land 
on the ledge here, open the chest for 120,000 OTH. Well, that does it as far
as treasures are concerned for this area, proceed to the ground floor of this 
section and jump into the narrow gap. Wow, you'll pretty much be dropped down 
into a battle. There's a crystal here to destroy, but no treasure chests, so 
just drop down and take the path heading down. Alright, I know there's a path 
heading left, but you don't need to do that right now, you can't if you want, 
but you'll be through there later. Ok, now you just have a lot of backtracking
to do. Head back to the Spring and save point at the top, save and continue 
on to your left.         

[[ Cutscene! ]]

HP: 30,000
Race: Divine, Magic
Experience: 750,000
OTH: 840 
Atrribute Resistences: +20 Earth, +50 Fire/Darkness, +80 Lightning/Holy 
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Poison/Stun, +50 Freeze, +100 Everything else

     Alright, first of all, there is a decent amount of prep work you can do 
for this battle that will end up making things slightly easier. First of all 
check your sealstones, Lifeforce Blessing, Sword Blessing, and Poison Pin 
Blessing are highly recommended. For the 4th sealstone... it doesn't matter, I
used Paper Tiger Blessing, but that only increases your attack if your at full 
HP. Anyways, as far as skills go, equip Magician Slayer or God Destroyer on 
anyone who has them. For anyone on your party that dosen't have one of those 
two, I'd advise you equip Toughness instead. This double your HP, and Odin can 
dish out some nasty damage, so it's a godsend (pun not intended). The skills I
had on my character were as follows...

 Alicia               Rufus               Guilm               Aegis
--------             -------             -------             -------
First Aid            First Aid           First Aid           First Aid
Fists of Iron        Fists of Iron       Fists of Iron       Mental Boost
Psychosoma           Psychosoma          Toughness           Toughness
Magician Slayer      Magician Slayer

This worked pretty well for me, except you might want to opt out Psychosoma 
and some other skill so you can have Toughness on all your characters. Ok, 
as far as equipment, just make sure you have Metabolizers. And use Poison Blow
for your sorcerer (if your using one). Make sure everyone is at full HP before
you enter the battle and head in. 

As far as strategy is concerned, well Odin is vicious but he is also very slow
for a god. So the good news is, you can get some attacks off and then dash 
away to heal and restore AP, without having to worry about Odin being a 
threat. The bad news is, Odin stays pretty much inside the center of the 
battle field, and there are columns and pillars all around him which makes 
dashing in next to him nearly impossible. Breaking your team into two groups 
is helpful sometimes, but I wouldn't advise it, unless you let your two guys 
with toughness on take the brunt of the damage and split up Alicia and Rufus 
to act as your offense, that's up to you. Another thing, Odin is susceptible 
to poison, so having Poison Pin Blessing helps you inflict this ailment rather
easily. If your really having problems with Odin, poison him, dash away, and 
let the status effect wither him down. lol that's so cheap! for a God to be 
killed off by a lowly status ailment. Anyways, after you've inflicted enough 
damage, Odin will use Spiritual Lancer which will kill someone on your team. 
And then, in the midst of battle, you'll get a...

[[ Cutscene! ]]

That was touching ^.^

Ok, you have another member on your party now, and go ahead and check out his 
stats before you enter battle just for fun. I want his weapon and armor! !_! 
Anyways, Odin hasn't really changed here, just use the same tactics you were 
using earlier and you should be fine. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Whoa, I did NOT see that coming. (well on my first playthrough I didn't) But
it was a great twist in my opinion. 

Ok, well... you have to use Alicia and three Einherjar now. I know I know, it 
sucks, but what other choice do you have? (unless for some reason you want to 
use a team of strictly Einherjar) Anyways, your not done with Yggrasil yet, 
you have to go and find Rufus' ring now. 

            Yggdrasil part 2 

    First off, grab the Tome of Godspeed and the Expert's Experience from the
chests in front of you. You might want to head back and save, but regardless 
of what you do, just jump off the edge next to the treasures to continue. 
You'll land on a small platform, so you want to jump over to the platforms to
your right and drop down between the small gap there. You should land next to 
a red crystal and a treasure box, open the box for 100,000 OTH. Ok, now head
to the small platform inbetween the two landmasses, drop off of the right side
and you should land on another small landform. See those very narrow stepping 
stone rocks hanging in the air to your left? You probably think there's a 
treasure chest in the little alcove they're next to, well there's not. It just
screams "there's a treasure chest over here!" dosen't it. >.< Anyways, just 
drop down to the ground level, jump over the gap that takes you to the next    
area, and jump up to the ledge on the bottom left for a chest containing a 
Foolproof Talisman. Ok, now proceed to the next area. You'll land right next
to a chest, open it for a Prime Elixir. Drop down and continue on. Alright, in
this room you'll see a red crystal adjacent from your position, so destroy it. 
You'll notice you can't go any further thanks to a wind crystal beneath you, 
so either fire some Magical Crystal Blessing powered photons below you, or 
freeze the enemy down there and swap places. If the enemy is to close to the 
wind gust, just exit and re-enter and make sure you do it quickly. And, into 
the next room.

   Alright, there's one treasure chest in here that requires a little effort 
on your behalf to obtain. From your starting position jump down onto the 
landform that looks kind of like this..... (I appologize for the poor 
depiction ^_^) 

               # | X
          |  |

Anyways, see the # sign? that's where you want one of the standing enemies 
below you to be. So first, head to the little alcove on the left side, the one
that's right next to the land mass thing I tried to depict up above. Crouch 
and fire a photon down at that enemy. swap with him and then jump up to where 
he now is. Jump over to where the # is and swap him up there (Make sure you 
kill him to). Ok, now freeze this enemy and jump up on top of the land mass. 
Run to the edge and jump towards that alcove to the right. Don't press the 
jump button as hard as you can, just make sure your holding the analog stick 
right the whole time. Once you land in there, grab the Foolproof Talisman from
the box. Now, drop down onto that small platform right below you. Once your 
there, crouch and fire two photons at the remaining enemy to swap places. Now, 
go ahead and head back to the # enemy and use him again to get back up top, 
retrace your steps and make it back to alcove with the opened treasure chest. 
Re-freeze the enemy below you by crouching in the alcove and banking a shot 
off of lower edge of the land mass thing in the middle. Jump down on top of 
the frozen enemy and now you can easily make the jump to the X marked on my 
little map. ^.^ And once you open it, either jump off to the small platform 
again or just plant yourself against the innermost wall because the chest has
an explosive trap on it. Anyways, open the box for a Unicorn's Horn, which is 
a great weapon for your sorcerer's. Phew! well at least that's done, from 
there, drop down onto the small platform and fall off to your left. Then just
jump over to your right for another treasure chest containing a Union Plume.
Drop down to the ground floor and destroy the two red crystals if your so 
inclined. And now, take the path that goes left. All that's in here is a 
little mini-boss of sorts, the Abyss Dragon. He's not all that challenging, 
if your having problems, try using either Dragon, Unholy, or Giant killer 
skills to boost your attacks. For your efforts you'll have access to the 
Darkness Blessing sealstone. If 1000 crystals isn't a concern, I'd advise you
take it with you. Now, get out of here and in the previous section head down
this time. You'll land next to a save point here, but before you save, run 
to your right, jump over the gap, and claim the treasure chest up here on the
ledge. You'll receive 80,000 OTH (not bad). Ok, save and before you enter the
next area, equip Fire Storm on any mages in your party. Ok, now take the path
inwards and you'll be greeted with a...

White Dragon
HP: 20,000
Race: Dragon, Giant, Scaled
Experience: 400,000
OTH: 10,500
Attribute Resistences: -50 Fire, Absorb Ice
Status Effect Resistences: +30 Stun, +50 Paralyze, +80 Poison, +100 
                            Everything else

        Yeah, this guy is pretty easy, just make sure if you have a sorcerer
you equip him with Fire Storm. And if anyone on your team has Giant, Dragon, 
or Scaled slayer, equip them with that as well. But other then that, this guy
is pretty much a push over. If you have your Lifeforce Blessing/Metabolizer/
First Aid combo in effect, then this will makes things even easier. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

And all that's left is to leave. Once you make your way back to the area with
the merchant and the save point, head all the way to your right and enter 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Arngrim: Your off to save Odin right? Well I don't give a damn. 
lol I love the sheer lack of respect and concern, but he does make a sound 
point concerning Odin though >_<

Hall of Valhalla ....................................................... HAL33

~~Items: Witch's Arcanum, Witch's Arcanum, Spirit Tincture, Noble Elixir, 
Icrproof Talisman, Witch's Arcanum, Overdrive, Mithril Gauntlet, Tome of 
Alchemy, 200000 OTH, Flare Crystal, Noble Elixir, Double-check, Earth Crystal,
Fireproof Talisman, Guard Potion, Power Bangle, Union Plume, Golden Egg, 
Might Potion, Holy Crystal, Union Plume, Lightningproof Talisman, Gram, 
Union Plume, Spirit Tincture, Ether Scepter, Noble Elixir, Spirit Tincture, 
Foolproof Talisman, Magic Bangle, Shadow Crystal, Nectar Potion, Charge Break,
Spell Potion, Sage's Arcanum, Earthproof Talisman, Nectar Potion, Noble 
Elixir, Misteltein,Expert's Experience, Union Plume, Holy Crystal, Silver 
Plate, Double-check, Foolproof Talisman, Noble Elixir, Fencer's Familiarity, 
Archer's Aptitude, Sorcerer's Savvy, Thief's Thoughts, Ambrosia, Warrior's 

~~Enemies: Deathdog, Aesir (Commander), Aesir (Guards), Red Dragon, Divine 
Slave, Guardian Diva, Magic Mirror, Sacred Sack, Silver Dragon   

~~Sealstones: Gem Blessing, Holy Light Law, Ore Blessing, Law of Consistency,   
Strongman Blessing, Holy Blessing 
      This is another strenuous, long area but most of the treasures are easy 
to obtain unlike those in Yggdrasil. Actually, Valhalla's layout is pretty 
monotonous, but that dosen't mean it will be short. So get prepared for 
another long haul. First off, you can save if you wish but that's all that's 
in this first room. In the next area, take whatever you want from the spring.
If you restored Darkness Blessing at Yggdrasil I'd advise you at least take 
that with you. Walk up the stairs in the next area and you should see some 
giant crab resembling urns? or chairs? they're just indiscriminate enough to 
make me not want to figure this out. Anyways, jump on the floating one and 
stay on it until it descends onto the ground. After that, take the route 
heading down. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

It's about time! 

So, you've got another character now. Filter him into your team if you wish 
and continue on. Alright, there are some very nice enemy drops in this area, 
and I'd advise you at least attempt to procure some of these.   

>>                       Things to look out for                             <<

--Rune Crown: Green Head Rune
              MAG: 20 
              RDM: 15
              Resistences: None
              Added Effects: Silence +30%

    The Rune Crown can be obtained from Aesir (Commander) by breaking her hat
off. An easy way to do this is to use Rufus' Thunder Fall attack. Anyone can 
use the Rune Crowns as well, so try to pick a few up. 

--Phoenix Garb: Blue Body Rune
                RDM: 80
                Resistances: Fire +50%, Ice -20%
                Added Effects: Regenerate Health skill, (AKA Regen)
    This is a nice one as well for your archers or sorcerers. The Regnerate 
Heatlh skill that is imdued in the armor is tremendous. You can find this 
armor on the same enemy you got the Rune Crown from. You need to break off the
Aesir (Commander) or Aesir (Guard)'s body. Yeah... their body dosen't really 
"break" but just attack them and eventually they should drop them. The -20% 
Ice and lack of any other stat boosts are the only downsides to this armor.

--Mithril Plate: Green Body Rune
                 RDM: 90
                 RST: 40
                 Resistences: Fire +20%, Ice +20%, Lightning +20%, Earth +20%,
                              Holy +50% 
                 Added Effects: None
    Yeah, this armor is just as good as it sounds. Between having high RDM and
RST values and having at least some resistence to every element besides 
Darkness this will be one of your best armors for awhile. The problem is, 
getting it can be quite a challenge. You need to break the bodies of Guardian
Divas, and this can be quite the arduous task. First off the drop is rare, so 
even if you to manage to turn every part of a Diva to scrap metal that dosen't
mean your going to get one. And second, equip Break Up on at least one of your
characters. This will help immensely, because you can get in a lot of free 
attacks while in break mode. Anyways, just keep trying and eventually you'll 
get a few. 

--Orichalcum: Green Holy Rune
              Effect: Extra 5% of holy damage is inflicted when attacking. 
    Ok, your not getting this for the 5% of holy damage of course. But this is
an easily acquired item that you can use to make Force Field (1000) for your 
characters. Just break the armored plates that make up the Guardian Diva's 
"arms". And to make Force Field (1000) you need a Green Body, Head, Healing,
and Holy Runes. 

Well, there are many more nice enemy drops in Valhalla but, these are just the
main ones to look out for. 


     Sorry about that but at least you can get some nice armor without having 
to pay for it. ^.^ Anyways, once you get control of Alicia after the cutscene,
head down into the room your standing right next to. 

NOTE: The map layout in Valhalla looks almost exactly the same for most of the
      areas, so I'll probably just end up saying, "treasure chests here and 
      here" because this is nothing like Yggdrasil. Although there are a few 
      items that can be hard to locate, so of course I'll expound upon those,
      but for the most part, this area is just a lot of busy work. 

Ok, head down into the room and open the 4 treasure chests for a two Witch's
Arcanums, a Spirit Tincture, and a chest with a poison dart trap and a Noble 
Elixir. Head out, go left and in the next room down the hallway you'll find 
the Gem Blessing sealstone (I still haven't found a good use for this) and a 
box with a trap that spawns random enemies and a Iceproof Tailsman inside.  
Proceed to the next area. Notice how there's two paths that branch off to the
south? It's just like the previous room, and much of the level is set up just
like this. So in the first room you'll find a Witch's Arcanum and an 
Overdrive. In the next room there's a chest with a trap and a Mithril Gauntlet
inside. Head out and directly to your left is another set the strange objects
you need to place next to one another. There should be a flying enemy right 
around your location so, freeze him while your standing on the bottom urn and 
swap him over to your location so you can make the jump to the high urn. Ride
it down and when both urn things start glowing move on and take the path 
heading inwards twice. Turn to your left and just push the large urn as far as
it will go to the left. The first room here contains a chest that is kind of 
out of view on the far right hand side, it holds a trap and a Tome of Alchemy. 
There's also a free dias here, so if you want to go and grab a negative effect
sealstone and place it here, feel free to. The next room to your right 
has a sack up on top of the bookshelf on your left. To get up there, just swap
one of the enemies over and jump up to obtain 200,000 OTH. Head into the next 
area and the first room has two chests, both with traps, containing a Flare 
Crystal and a Noble Elixir. The next room over has a Double-check, and after 
you've grabbed that, just take the path heading down and you'll end up back in
the section where you saw the first set of urn things. Now the impediment that
was preventing you from going any further is gone, so contiune east. 

   The first thing you'll notice here is the Holy Light Law right in front of
you. You more then likely can't restore it, but the only place you can put it
right now is on the shell where the Gem Blessing was if your Gem Blessing or 
have it with you. So it's either, leave Holy Light Law here for now, or take
it back to that shell and put it there. Anyways, there's four rooms branching 
off of the main hallway here, the first room on the south side contains a 
chest that is to your far left, out of view, but it's there. Open it for a 
freeze trap and an Earth Crystal. The first room on the north side holds a 
Fireproof Tailsman, the second room on the south side contains a Guard Potion
and the last room on the north has an enemy spawning trap and a Power Bangle 
inside. There's also a Union Plume in a chest to the left in this room that is
out of view. After all the treasures are aquired, continue on into the next 

   This area has a very well hidden treasure chest, but don't concern yourself
with it just yet. First off, just keep running to your right on the ground 
floor to the next area. We have more branching off rooms here, so the first 
south room has a sack directly to your right on top of a table, it holds a 
Golden Egg, the other two chests here have a Might Potion and a Holy Crystal.
The first room to the north has two chests, one with a Union Plume, the other
with a Lightningproof Talisman. The second room on the south side has a large
chest on top of the bookshelf to your left. To get up there, you'll have to 
freeze the floating enemy that is transporting around, get him by the 
bookshelf and jump up, fire a photon down at him and then air jump back on top
and then over to the treasure. The chest contains a Gram, which is a nice 
sword at this point unless you have the Valkyrie Favor from the power leveling
sidequest. Actually the element that is embued on the weapon is darkness, so 
it works perfectly for Valhallha. Anyways, there's nothing else in this room, 
so go into the second northmost room and you'll fine the Ore Blessing. This 
sealstone (to me) seems pointless, but then again I never have a problem with
not getting enough attacks per turn, but at 4000 crystals it's not worth it 
anyways. The treasure on your left contains a trap and a Union Plume, and the 
box on the right holds a another trap and a Spirit Tincture. Well, that's it 
for here, head back to the previous area with the flying enemies overhead.

  Alright, this place can be a little tricky so first off, freeze the lowest 
enemy overhead. Jump up next to him and fire a photon at him again to swap, 
immeditely preform an air jump and lang back on top of him. The second flying
enemy needs to frozen and swapped with as well, but you need to make sure he's
close to the left ledge before you do so. When he is, swap with him and 
preform another air jump and you should land on that small ledge. Just jump up
over the railing and you'll be next to a spring and a chest containing a trap 
and an Ether Scepter. Ok, see that little ledge above you on your mini-map?
It's over on the left wall. There's a treasure chest up there, so in order to 
get it you'll need a flying enemy. The highest flying enemy comes flies in a 
line, so once he gets as close as possible to your location, freeze him and 
swap, then preform an air jump back to your ledge. Now, just do the same thing
you always do, get him in the air close to the chest then, jump up, swap, air
jump back on top of him and then jump up to the chest to obtain a Noble 
Elixir. Drop down and now stand on the railing. When eiter the middle flying 
enemy or the high flying enemy is close to the railing adjacent from your 
position, freeze, swap, and air jump over there and continue on. 

   Another 4 room deal, the first room on the south has a save point and a 
Spirit Tincture. The first room to the north has a chest with a poison trap 
and a Foolproof Talisman inside. And also you'll find the Law of Consistency
sealstone and a box with a enemy spawning trap and a Magic Bangle inside. The 
Law of Consistency sounds like it has its uses... but it's just too expensive.
The next room on the south side has a Shadow Crystal, and the second room on 
the north side has a Nectar Potion, Charge Break, and a Spell Potion. Exit and
in the next large area, ignore the stoll thing and proceed right. There's a 
nice gazebo roof in this area that is possible to get on top of.. but there's 
nothing up there... hmmm. >.< All the way to your right you'll see another 
technicolor barrier so that means more crab stolls to put in place, joy. Take 
the path heading down first, and enter the first room you see and you'll find 
the first set of crab stolls. Your going to want to kill this crawling enemy 
first because he tends to be very bothersome when your trying to put the 
stolls in their proper place. God I hate Deathdogs, does every one of them 
feel the need to do Call to Arms at least twice? >_< Anyways, for the stolls, 
jump up on the right one and then hop up to the left one. Ride it down to the
bottom and then stand on either the left corner or right corner of the stoll,
crouch, and fire a photon down and hopefully you'll freeze the stoll your on. 
Now, just jump up to the right one and ride it down. Exit and head into the 
next room for a Sage's Arcanum. Head out and continue left into the next 
section. Wow, that's a huge enemy. You'll find yourself face to face with a 
very large dragon in this hallway, so just go ahead and start the battle. 
You'll be up against the Silver Dragon, which is just a normal dragon with a 
different color scheme... and higher attack, HP, defense, etc. ^.^ Having 
Descaling Might, Giant Killer, or Dragon Slayer can make this battle go by a 
little quicker and don't put Fire Storm on your sorcerer. Other then that, 
proceed with this battle like you would any dragon, but you might need to heal
a little more frequently here. Anyways, after he's gone you'll find the 
Strongman Blessing nearby. This sealstone just negates criticals so.. it's not
all that great, but at only 400 crystals I'd advise you restore it when you 
get the chance. Anyways, go into the first room here and turn left for a sack 
that's on a table, it holds an Earthproof Talisman. Open the other chest to 
the right for a Nectar Potion. Now head all the way to your left until it dead
ends and you'll find a large chest with a Noble Elixir. Now, proceed into the 
other room in this area for a box with a trap and a Misteltein inside. Also, 
you'll find the Holy Blessing here. It's up to you whether you want to restore
it or not. Anyways, head out and take the path going inwards in the next area.
Now, you should be on a small area with railing on either sides of you. Run 
over to your left and you'll see another crab stoll suspended in the air, Jump
on top of it, ride it down to the floor below and freeze it. Now, quickly jump 
off and start pushing the other stoll to your left. It is possible to push it 
all the way there in time, but it's rather difficult, if you need to, 
re-freeze the other stoll on your way over so it dosen't take off on you. Once
that's done go back to your right and up the stairs, but this time go north 
instead of south.

   Go into the first room here and you'll find the last set of stolls. Just do
the same thing here that you did with the ones prior to this. Stand on the
floating stoll, ride it down, crouch on a corner of it, and freeze it. Then, 
jump over to the left of the other one and push it towards the frozen stoll 
and viola! Head out and in the other room you'll find a box with a enemy 
spawning trap and an Expert's Experience inside. Continue to your left and 
we'll be up against yet another Silver Dragon. The same battle tactics apply 
here. After that's over, proceed into the first room for three chests, each 
with a freeze trap inside. They contain a Union Plume, Holy Crystal, and a 
Silver Plate. The next room has a sack high atop the bookshelf to your right.
Use the flying enemy to make your way up and grab the Double-check. Head out 
and run the rest of the way to the left and you'll find a large chest at the
dead end. It contains a trap and a Foolproof Talisman. Now just run all the 
way back to where the barrier was and continue on. Save here and you should 
probably be clued in as to what awaits you. 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

HP: 36,000 HP
Race: Divine
Experience: N/A
Attribute Resistences: 
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Stun, +0 Frailty, +100 Everything else

        What seems like a daunting, there's no way in hell I'm going to win 
battle, turns out to be quite sad really. You'll be fighting Freya on some 
stairs... which is interesting, but depending on where you engage her on the 
stairs, some of your attacks might end up missing. So either stay parallel 
from her on the stairs, or get above her. As far as skills and sealstones and
whatnot, it honestly isn't a big deal what sealstones and skills you have on.
But I'd suggest the normal Lifeforce Blessing/First Aid/Metabolizer combo and
I'd also advise you to put the Toughness skill on your characters. Freya won't
last too long in this battle, but her attacks are brutal. So doubling your HP
can help you survive her onslaught. If anyone has God Destroyer you might want
to equip that as well, but it's not necessary. Besides having Lifeforce 
Blessing as one of your sealstone choices, I'd just take Sword Blessing and 
perhaps Darkness Blessing, but these are ones you should have on anyways. So
just get to her back or side and start attacking, and remember your Soul 
Crushes. You want to take Freya out quickly because you don't want to sustain 
to many attacks from her. But don't worry, once you knock off about half of 
her HP bar she'll use her Soul Crush; Ether Strike and the battle will end. 
Kind of anticlimactic no? 

[[ Cutscene! ]]


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 6 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Brahms: Is my deep baritone voice pleasing to your ears? 

After the scene, you'll obtain the Dragon Orb, Water Mirror, and two new 
characters. And I don't think I could have asked for better characters then 
the ones they give you. Well anyways... this is the start of the final 
chapter. It's not long, but if your an RPG purist like me and you want to 
tackle the remaining sidequests, then this is your last chance. 

If you want to finish up the sidequests, and tie up any loose ends, then read
on. But if you don't care about sidequests and just want to finish the game, 
skip this next section and scroll down to the Tower of Lezard Valeth section.

Oh wait, sorry... before you head off to do these sidequests, run over to your
left in the Tower of Lezard and head up for a 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

You either like this plot twist, just accept it, or throw down your controller
in frustration.  

And you'll obtain another new character. Wow, it seems we're assembling a 
small army. After you have your new character, head out of the Tower.

Last Chance Sidequests and Other Points of Interest .................... LAS31

    First off, let's backtrack to some areas and pick up any items that were 
previously inaccessible. First off is...

      Hall of Valhalla Revisited

    Head back to Valhalla and run all the way to the end (the area where you
fought Freya). You will have access to six treasure chests here, they are as
follows: Fencer's Familiarity, Archer's Aptitude, Sorcerer's Savvy, Thief's
Thoughts, Ambrosia, and a Warrior's Wits. 

    Ravine Caverns Revisited... maybe

    I say maybe because this is dependent upon whether or not you took the 
time to run in and out of the Caverns to procure all the treasures prior to 
this. If you were like me, and didn't want to put forth the effort of getting
them while under the shadow of a time limit, then head back there and pick up
any remaining chests. 

   The Conclusion to the Poem Sidequest        

    Well, if you've read all three verses of the poem then now is your chance
to collect your prize. Go to Solde and head back to where you read the first 
part of the poem, which would be the house to the left of the Chapel. Once you
enter the house, inspect the same area over on the left and it should read 
"From erstwhile friends come divine blessings." Now, head over to the right 
side of the house and press X when prompted. You will find the tri-Emblem just
laying on the floor. ^.^ The emblem's stats are...

Performance: AVD +30% RDM +50%, RST +30%
Resistance: Fire +90%
Effect: None

As you can see, this was well worth the effort of reading a few poems. The 
boost to your AVD, RDM, and RST is significant but the Fire +90% is going to 
be a godsend for later. Anyways, if you missed it, I'm sorry ;_; but don't 
worry about it too much, the Fire +90% effect can be achieved in other ways. 

          The Kid in Kalstad

    Alright, back in chapter 3 you had an opportunity to pay a kid who lived 
in Kalstad 10 OTH to fuel his aspiration of becoming a blacksmith. If you 
kept paying him up to 30 times or more, you will now have access to a decent 
heavy sword. If you paid him anywhere from 100 to 290 OTH you'll get the Sun 
Shower sword, which isn't all that great. But if you gave him 300 or more OTH 
then you'll receive the Claiomh Solaris. If you didn't bother with the 
overpowered weapons, then this weapon will be the strongest heavy sword in 
your inventory for awhile. 

            Back to Dipan

    This is quite the hike if you intend to grab this item, but in all honesty
it's not worth it. But if you must have everything then head into the lost 
forest and make your way to Dipan. Once in Dipan, head back to the area where
Alicia's father was guillotined, and you should see some idiot solider who
somehow and for some reason beyond comprehension has been laying here, still 
kicking for the past 3 chapters. Talk to him and in his final breath he'll 
give you the Hauteclaire, which is another heavy sword but the attack is only 
250. It is embued with lightning, but that's sort of inconsequential. Well, 
that's it... ^.^ all that leg work for nothing huh?  

       Hrist's Spear "Basilisk" 

    Hrist comes with a realatively weak spear, but if you go talk to the 
merchant in Coriander and check out his Rare Items list, you'll find another
weapon for Hirst for purchase. The price is a little steep at 700,000 OTH 
but thankfully it's an easy spear to make. You'll need...

Spear "Basilisk": 700,000 OTH
               -- 1 Saint's Halberd: It's Hirst's initial weapon she comes 
                  equip with, so just remove it.
               -- 1 Tome of Alchemy: You should have a few of these, there 
                  were at least 4 treasure chests up to this point that 
                  carried these. 
               -- 3 Piercing Imprints: Obained from destroying the right arm 
                  of Goat Men (Ancient Forest) or Satyr's (Chateau Obession).
                  Or you could destroy the weapons from Lizard Lords (Turgen 
                  Mine and Audola Temple on the Lake) or Red Lizards (Surts 
                  Volcano Caverns). Despite which enemy you choose, these are
                  pretty easy to obtain. Although, I had a hard time getting 
                  them from the Satry's in Chateau Obession.

And btw, you need to make quite a large sum of purchases before the Basilisk 
will show up in the Rare Items list. 

           Brahms' Bloody Claw

   Brahms comes with a weak weapon as well, so if you want you can purchase 
the Bloody Claw for him which can be found at the shop in Crell Monferaigne.
This one is a little harder to make then the Basilisk, but it's worth the 
effort in my opinion. The Bloody Claw is in the Rare Items list at the shop, 
but you probably already knew that. ^-^

Bloody Claw: 600,000 OTH
          -- 2 Raptor's Talons: These can be obtained from the Giant Hawk's in 
             the Serdberg Mountain Ruins. You need to destroy their wings for 
             the Raptor Talons. (Kind of rare, only about a 15% chance)
          -- 2 Insect Claws: You probably have quite a few of these. You can 
             get these from destroying the pincers on Giant Scarabs which can 
             be found in either the Sahma Desert or the Surts Volcano Caverns.
             Or you can also destroy the pincers on the Armor Beetles at 
             Yggdrasil for your Insect Claws. (About a 30% chance for both) 
          -- 2 Vampire Claws: Wow, I must have spent at least an hour trying 
             to obtain just two Vampire Claws. Find the Vampires in the 
             Crawsus Forest Ruins and hack off thier arms to obtain these. The
             "arms" are not those bat like wings coming out of their backs, 
             you have to aim for their arms that are folded across their 
             chest. The easiest way to do this is to attack from the side and
             take out a wing and then your next target will be an arm. Still, 
             this took me forever to get these. Hopefully you'll have better 
             luck. (About a 20% chance) Oh, and you can also get these from 
             Elder Vampires at the Tower of Lezard, but you don't find them 
             until your a ways into the dungeon. 
          -- 1 Demon's Right Arm: Ok, for this one you do have to go the Tower
             of Lezard. But the nice thing is, you can get these from Rotting 
             Demons quite easily. And Rotting Demons can be found as soon as 
             you enter the tower. Just aim for their left or right arm (20% 
             chance). Or you can find the Type 44 Demon and hack off his arms
             as well, but you don't find them until much further up the tower.

This is Brahms strongest main game weapon, so I'd advise you grab it, but 
you'll find another weapon for Brahms in the tower that's almost as good as 
the Bloody Claw. For those of you who don't quite have the patience to acquire
the necessary items for the Bloody Claw, then you'll just have to settle for 
the weaker weapon you'll find in the tower. 

           Miscellaneous Stuff

    Here are just some small things to get or check before you head off to the
Tower of Lezard. First off, if you go to Coriander and head into the house 
right next to the merchant, you'll find 10 OTH next to a post in the house on 
the left hand side. Hurray, just what I always wanted! And if you go talk to 
the flower girl in Villnore, she's selling a different type of flower now, the 
Gladiolus. For some reason I just thought that obtaining every variety of 
flower from the flower girl was some sort of obscure sidequest. But no, it 
dosen't serve a purpose beyond filling up your inventory with more useless 
garbage. ^.^ 

Armor, Weapon, and Sealstone Checks

    Before you head off to the tower, make sure your content with your weapons
and armor. The store in Crell Monferaigne has the Conquerer's Armor on sale 
for 800,000 OTH. Yeah, it's fiscally draining on your OTH savings but... it 
does boost every single stat possible. And only your brute force guys like 
Arngrim and Brahms can equip it. But at 800,000 your not going to be buying 
too many of these anyways. The items you need to make it can be a bother to 
get though, here's what you need and where to get it... 

Conquerer's Armor: 800,000 OTH
                -- 1 Silver Mail: You should have a few of these in your 
                   inventory, if not, you can just buy them right here at the
                   shop in Crell Monferaigne in the normal armor section.
                -- 1 Firemouse Fur: Obtain these from breaking either the Fire
                   Bat or Elder Bat's body. You can find these guys in either
                   the Surts Volcano Caverns or the Tower of Lezard. (40% chance
                   for both)
                -- 1 Sage Quartz: Ok, you won't see this on the list of 
                   materials necessary to make the Armor. But, when you select 
                   the armor press triangle and you'll see the Quartz. Get 
                   these from either the Persistent Pursuer or the Highlander
                   by breaking their upper left sword. You can find these guys
                   in either the Ravine Caverns or Yggdrasil. (About a 60% 
                   chance for both enemies)
                -- 1 Windswept Tailfeather: Get these from either the Elven 
                   Hawk or Hresvelgr's tailfeather. Just run around to their
                   back and start attacking. You can find them in either The 
                   Forest of Spirits or Yggdrasil. (It's kind of rare though,
                   since the drop rate is only about 15%) ;_;
                -- 1 Deep Doom: You can get these from the Divine Slave at the
                   Hall of Valhalla by breaking their upper right hand weapon.
                   (60% chance) Or... you can go to the Tower of Lezard and 
                   break the bodies off of Rotting Demons (About a 40% chance)
                   I personally enjoy the method of getting these from the 
                   Rotting Demons because they're much more common enemies and 
                   they're easy to break. And, you can get the Firemouse Fur 
                   in the same area, so it's just less time running around.

The armor is expensive and it does drop all your elemental resistences by 20%
but if you got the Homunculus Seed you can negate these side effects anyways.
You do get a boost to every stat and a +80% boost to Doom, Frailty, and 
Transfer effects. So in my opinion, it's certainly worth it. 

Another vendor that's selling some pretty useful stuff is the merchant in
Asgard. Go to his Rare Item's section and you'll see the Oreichalkos Staff, 
Thurd's Gauntlet, and the Miracle Guard right at the top. The Staff is the 
best staff you can obtain in the main game and the Thurd's Gauntlet is a great
peice of armor that anyone except your sorcerer's can equip. The Miracle Guard
is sort of a little secret item that is very hard to obtain. Due in part to 
the rarity of the items that you need to craft it. Well, I'll start at the top
with the Oreichalkos Staff.

Oreichalkos Staff: 600,000 OTH
                -- 1 Lotus Wand: You should have at least one of these, if 
                   not, just go buy one in Crell Monferaigne. 
                -- 1 Dark Amulet: You can knock these off of the Undead 
                   Masters in the Tower of Lezard. You'll need to attack the
                   back two mantles. Mantles being the strange sheet like 
                   things that cover the Undead Masters body. So just dash 
                   around to his back and start knocking off the back mantles.
                   (About a 20% chance)
                -- Evil Eye Gem: If you bothered with the Mage Slayer back in
                   chapter 3, you'll know where to get these. The easiest way
                   to get these is to go after either the Dyrads back in the
                   Palace of the Venerated Dragon, or, find the Nymph's in the
                   Tower of Lezard. You need to aim for their upper bodies to 
                   acquire the Evil Eye Gems. (30% chance for both)
                -- Steelwing: Either the Life Stealers which can be found in 
                   both the Forest of Spirits and the Ravine Caverns. Or the 
                   Prince of Hel's which can be found in the Forest of Spirits
                   as well. You need to break off their wings, which aren't 
                   really wings... but more like spiny appendages. (30% chance 
                   for both enemies)

This weapon isn't really worth the time in my opinion. But if you actively use
a mage in your party then you might want to take some time and get this.

Thrud's Gauntlet: 500,000 OTH
               -- 2 Damascus Ores: There's a few different enemies you can 
                  procure this from but the easiest and closest enemy would be
                  the Guardian Diva in the Hall of Valhalla. Just break off 
                  their many shields that make up their arms. (Even though
                  there's only about a 15% chance of getting these, they'll 
                  come faster then you think)
               -- 3 Obsidian Claws: Get these buy breaking off the legs of 
                  either the Winter Wolf (Sukavia Gorge) or the Wild Wolf 
                  (Yggdrasil). (It's only about a 15% drop rate as well so
                  this might take awhile to get three of these)
               -- 1 Bloody Patch: You can get these by breaking the left side
                  of either the Muscular Stalker or Highlanders body. Yeah, I
                  don't know why it has to be the left side of their body, but
                  it does. You can find them in either the Palace of the 
                  Venerated Dragon or Yggdrasil. (40% chance)

Well the items can be a pain to get and the price is a little steep, but it 
does give nice boosts to your RDM, HIT, and AVD. So, if you have the patience
and the OTH for the Thrud's Gauntlet, then go for it. 

Ok, remember all those little mimics that you've probably been seeing 
throughout the game? Well, there's three different types of these guys, and 
each one has a special item on them that is very hard to obtain. And on top of
the items having only about a 15% drop rate, the mimics are also rare enemies
that don't show up very often. So, if you really want this item your probably
going to sink in a lot of time on this.
Miracle Guard: 1 OTH
            -- Brilliant Peacemaker: Break the Sack Mimics body apart for this 
               item. They can be found in the Serberg Mountain Ruins. (15% 
            -- Trade Card: Break the Gentlemen's body, they can be found in 
               either Dipan Castle or the Ravine Caverns. (15% chance)
            -- Sacred O Part: Break the Sacred Sack's body, you can find them
               at the Hall of Valhalla. (Again, only a 15% chance)

As you can see, this is a very difficult item to get, and the RDM is only +1.
So why go through the bother then? Well, the Miracle Guard comes equip with a
+80% Block rate which means 80% of the time you'll block attacks instead of 
just standing there and taking it. And that's a big plus. Personally, I think
it's too much work to obtain, but I'll leave that decision up to you. 

Other then that, there's really not much else in terms of armor you should 
need. And for weapons, here's what my storyline characters had.

Gram: Obtained from a chest in the Hall of Valhalla.

Misteltein: Also obtained from a chest in Valhalla.

Claiomh Solaris: Obtained from the kid in Kalstad sidequest.

Spear "Basilisk": Obtained from the merchant in Coriander

Bloody Claw: Obtained from the shop in Crell Monferaigne

 Character you might or might not have 
The initial weapon the character comes equip with

   Again, I had the Sword of the Meek, Bahamut Tear, and the Valkyrie Favor 
but they were making things a little too easy so I just decided to go with the
next best weapon available. 

You can always go grab some sealstones you might have been putting off, but 
if your confident with your team and your sealstone library, then it's time to
head off to The Tower of Lezard Valeth. @_@

Tower of Lezard Valeth ................................................. TOW34

~~Items: Ether Shield, Bloody Nails, Supreme Crown, Sage's Arcanum, Lunar 
Bardiche, Robe of Bryttain, Double-check, Goddess Tincture, Claiomh Solaris,
Magic Bangle, Reflect Armor, Foolproof Talisman, Noble Elixir, Elhana's 

~~Enemies: Gigantic Dragon, Rotting Demon, Prism Jewel, Elder Bat, Slight 
Demon, Undead Master, Gigantic Troll, Baphomet, Nymph, EMETH, Slop, Lord Bat,
Vampire Lord, Paragriffon, Elder Vampire, Type 44 Demon,        

~~Sealstones: Desperate Soldier Law, Unprepared Castle Law, Six Elements 

      Upon entering you'll probably notice all of the sealstone area effects
that are in place. Thankfully the diases that hold the sealstones responsible 
for this are relatively close by. From your starting location head left and 
grab any sealstones you want from the spring. Head in and you'll get a 
cutscene and a new character if you haven't already done this. From here 
you should see an empty shell next to you on your left. Head right and in the
next section go down. You should see a large enemy hovering nearby, enter the 
battle and you'll be up against 4 Slight Demons. These guys are pretty simple,
but be careful with them because they have an attack called Dark Savior that 
can be devestating, expecially if your at a lower level. Try not to let them 
gang up on you and you should be alright. After the fight run over to the dias
and you'll find the Desperate Soldier Law. This sealstone is giving your 
enemies an attack boost so that has to go. Take it with you and head back to 
the shell in the previous area, and place the Desperate Soldier Law there (or
your could restore it if you feel the need). I'd also advise you take some 
sort of negative effect sealstone from the spring with you and place it on the
empty dias. Chasm Wrath is a good one for right now if you have it. Anyways, 
after this is all done, continue east up the small incline and open the chest 
at the top for a poison trap and an Ether Shield inside. After you have that, 
take the path going inwards. 

   Just keep heading left and you'll end up next to a Gigantic Troll impeding 
your progress. Enter the battle and you'll be up against two Elder Bats, two
Rotting Demons, and the Gigantic Troll. Just take out the lesser enemies first
and the Troll is just like any other Troll you've fought up to this point. If
his Regen spell is restoring to much then bring in a sorcerer and cast poison 
on him. And make sure to use your Soul Crushes on him to speed things up. 
After the battle, head all the way to the left to pick up two treasures. One
chest has a confusion trap and the Bloody Nails, which are almost as good as 
the Bloody Claw. The other chest has a trap and a Supreme Crown inside. After
you've acquired those nice items take the path heading inwards.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

    After that short scene you'll find yourself in what looks like the middle
of central Africa. Head to your east first and once you enter the first forest
area you'll find a chest at the far left that contains a a trap and a Sage's 
Arcanum. After you've claimed the item, head down and in the next area go 
right and you'll find another "mini-boss" protecting a dias. Engage him and 
you'll find yourself up against a Slop. This guys not to hard, just make sure
you use your Soul Crushes and finish this as quickly as possible. After the 
battle you'll have access to the Unprepared Castle Law, you can either take 
this with you or restore it, just don't leave it on the dias. Now, head out 
and backtrack to the first grasslands area. Just go left this time and then 
down. In the new area jump over to your right and you'll find a chest with a 
trap and the Lunar Bardiche. Which is sadly better then the "Basilisk" lol,
sorry. >_< Anyways, after you get that, head left and over by the tree on the
far left is a shell. So if you're carrying around the Unprepared Castle Law, 
you can place it here. Proceed south and then run to the right, at the end of
the path is a chest with a poison needle trap and a Robe of Bryttain inside.
Which is a great peice of armor for Rufus or any other sorcerer or archer 
Einherjar you might be using. Head up now. You'll find a save point and a 
spring here, so reconfigure your sealstones if necessary and save. And one 
other thing, if you have some decent negative effect sealstones like Chasm 
Wrath or Masochist Wrath then take one with you and backtrack to the dias in 
this area and place it there. Once your ready, go past the save point and 
you'll have another "mini-boss" fight. This time you'll be up against two Lord
Bats and a Vampire Lord. Nothing difficult here, just make sure you take out 
the Lord Bats first. They have very low HP but they get in the way if you 
leave them alone. After this is over head up.

     You'll find yourself in a new area that resembles... what the moon would
look like if it was colonized by Dr. Seuss. From your starting point you 
should see a crawling enemy to your right. Freeze him and swap him over to the
far left corner, jump on top of him and then jump up to the small platform 
overhead with a chest. The chest up here contains an explosion trap and a 
Double-check. Bypass the path heading north and continue to your right and 
take the path heading down when you get to it. In the next area, turn to your 
right and you'll find a chest with a trap and a Goddess Tincture inside. Turn 
around and run all the way left until you hit the next area. Keep running left
through this area as well, and when you get to the first path heading north, 
take it. In the next section keep heading left and take the path heading 
inward when prompted. Head all the way to your right in this section and when
you enter the next area you'll find another mini-boss protecting a dias, enter
the battle. You'll be up against two Castle Cannons which in all honesty can 
be quite a challenge due to the confined battle map and the large amount of HP
each Castle Cannon has. Also, many of your attacks might end up hitting the 
Castle Cannon's armor instead of actually inflicting any damage. If this 
happens, just make sure you get enough attacks in to preform your Soul 
Crushes. I'd advise you try to get around to the back of the enemies, but this
is nearly impossible due to the small battle field. Well anyways, good luck 
with this. ^_^ After the fight you'll have access to the Six Elements Blessing
sealstone. This is a nice sealstone, expecially for later, so I'd suggest that
you restore it. And at 2000 crystals it's not unresonable. Run all the way to 
the right and you'll find a chest containing a poison needle trap and a 
Claiomh Solaris. So, if you missed out on getting this weapon from the kid in
Kalstad then no worries. ^.^ After this, either go left or right (yeah it's 
just a big circle) and head back to the lower left hand area that has two 
"doors" (just bring up your map). Once there, take the path in the left 

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Homunculus Silmeria 
HP: 36,000 
Race: Divine, Unholy
Experience: 400,000
OTH: 3,500
Attribute Resistences: -20% Fire, +20% Earth, +50% Everything else
Status Effect Resistences: +0% Paralysis, Poison, Silence, Freeze, Frailty
                           +50% Stun

Homunculus Lezard
HP: 72,000
Race: Magic
Experience: 700,000
OTH: 17,500
Attribute Resistences: -20% Fire, +50% Lighting/Ice/Darkness, + 80% Earth
Status Effect Resistences: +80 Paralysis/Stone, +50 Faint/Freeze

   They're not hard, but Homunculus Silmeria's instant healing was driving me
insane! Neither Lezard nor Silmeria are quick and they can't inflict very much
damage, but Silmeria will fully heal herself after every series of attacks. 
Even with the overpowered weapons, it's hard to kill her in one turn. So your
going to need to equip Arngrims Wild Break attack or equip a Flamberge on 
either Arngrim or a heavy swordsmen to inflict Frailty so she can't heal 
herself every freakin' turn! !_! Anyways, if all else fails you can just push 
them off the edge lol. Yeah, this does work, but you won't get any experience 
points. Just make sure either Lezard or Silmeria are next to an edge where
it's possible to fall off, position yourself so that your attacks push them 
closer to the edge, and attack away. If done correctly they'll just fall off
and get transfered. ^.^ How do you like me now Homunculus Silmeria! You and 
your blasted instant healing! Oh and Lezard? There's nothing special about 
him, just fight him like you would any other enemy. Actually Homounculus 
Lezard is an idiot, he'll just walk away from you even when your standing 
right next to him, so have fun >.<

[[ Cutscene! ]]

After the scene you'll obtain a new character. Although at this point in the 
game it's a little late to be acquiring new characters. But anyways, you'll 
find yourself in a new area and right next to you will be a save point. After
you've saved, continue on into the next section. Here you'll see a path 
leading to the north, take it. All you can do here for now is run to your left
and open up the chest that contains a poison needle trap and a Magic Bangle. 
After you've acquired that, head out and continue to your right. Once you 
enter the next area, just keep heading east and then take the path north. 
You'll find a spring here, so if you've been carrying around the Six Elements
Blessing sealstone then go ahead and restore it here. Keep heading left and 
you'll find another save point, I'd advise you utilize it. When your ready, 
take the path inwards.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Lezard Valeth
HP: 72,000
Race: Magic
Experience: 1,000,000
OTH: 17,500
Attribute Resistences: +20 Holy, +80 Everything else
Status Effect Resistences: +50 Freeze/Stun +100 Everything else

       Even though your probably antcipating the worst from this battle, this
is a suprisingly easy fight. Lezard banks on his magic spells and that's 
primarily what he'll use. So, make sure to have the Six Elements Blessing 
sealstone on you when you enter this battle because any little boost to your
elemental resistences helps. If anyone on your team has the Magician Slayer 
skill then make sure you equip it on them before you enter the battle. Other
then that I'd advise you use the Lifeforce Blessing/First Aid/Metabolizer 
combo as usual and make sure you chain as many Soul Crushes in one turn as you
can. If your getting hit by status effects due to Poison Blow or Prismatic 
Missle then throw a Nectar Potion out to prevent this. Most of his magic won't
hit very hard, but make sure you keep your characters HP at max and if your 
getting wasted in only a few turns then try equipping the Toughness skill. 
Good luck! ^.^

[[ Cutscene! ]]

And yours! And yours! ^_^ Lezards just so intense sometimes, I have to smile

Anyways, you'll notice your down a few characters yet again. Wow, we had 
Silmeria for a whole 15 minutes? That's neat. Well, ok now we have a little 
bit more to cover before the final showdown so go ahead and save if you want 
and head to your left. In the next area head up this time to the section where
you acquired the Magic Bangle earlier. To your right you'll see a walking 
enemy so crystalize him and warp him over to the left side of the area. Jump 
up to the platform here and open the chest to find a poison gas trap and a 
Reflect Armor inside. Now, jump down and run over to the broken large broken
disk thing that the walking enemy was standing on earlier. Swap him up here 
and jump up to the platform overhead. Up here you'll probably notice the two
flying enemies above you on your mini-map. When the closest one to you is next
to the left most ledge, freeze him, swap, and air jump to the ledge on the 
left. Make sure you don't kill either of these flying enemies either. Anyways,
once your on the next ledge, just freeze the other flying enemy when he's at 
the top of his linear route. Then just swap and air jump over to the platform
on the right. You should see the treasure box over here, it contains another 
trap and a Foolproof Talisman. Now, from your current location, just run off
the ledge to your right, trust me. You'll find two more treasure chests down 
here and both have traps in them. The chest on the right holds a Noble Elixir
and the one on the right has the Elhana's Fingertips inside. The Elhana's 
Fingertips is a nice bow for Rufus, or any other archer, but if your using the
Misteltein and you have Psychosoma on, then the Fingertips bow is actually 50
ATK points weaker. But it does have 3 attacks and an innate Giant Killer skill
attached to it, so it's up to you. Well, that should take care of all the 
treasure for this area, so just get back up to the top of this structure and 
proceed inwards. And I'd STRONGLY advise you to save now.

\\ ....................... Final Boss Preperation ......................... //

  Alright, you should be aware that you are now approaching the final boss. 
So, in attempts to help you prepare before you head in, I'll list a few things
that I'd advise you have before you tackle the final fight. 

First off, for sealstones I'd advise you bring Lifeforce Blessing as your 
first obvious choice and the Six Elements Blessing as another. The other two 
can be up to your discretion, but I'd say Sword Blessing and Holy Blessing for
are good choices. 

And have you been putting any negative effect sealstones on the diases on your
way up the tower? Well if you haven't, it's not a huge deal but if you put 
Chasm Wrath or Masochist Wrath on any of the diases then that's a plus. But
don't worry, it's not going to make or break you if you don't have any in 
place, they just help. 

For skills your still going to want First Aid and Fists of Iron on everybody.
I'm assuming your using Alicia, Brahms, Arngrim, and Rufus for the final 
battle, so I'm going to assign skills accordingly. Although this setup is 
applicable to any Einherjar you might be using as well. For Alicia, I'd advise
you put Psychosoma and Magician Slayer for her other two skills. And for your
remaining three, put Toughness and probably Resist Magic on them (You'll find
out why later).      

Accessories... Metabolizers, your going to want a metabolizer or Ring of 
Healing on everyone. And I always have either a Power Bangle or a Great Eagle
Heart on my characters as well. For the other two accessory slots, just put in
whatever you feel is necessary. Actually, for at least one of your slots, try 
to find something that will increase your fire resistence. Stun Checks are 
nice to have here because they come with a +30% for your fire resistence. But,
if your like me and didn't bother to buy any, then you'll just have to find 
something else. Like Firemouse Furs give a +10% and if you have the Homunculus
Seed, then that's a +20% to all your elements. Also, increasing your darkness
resistence is advisable as well. This is a little easier to do because you'll 
probably find quite a few items in your inventory that increase darkness...
but not to many that increase fire. ;_; Ok, and one last thing, if you have 
the tri-Emblem, put it on Alicia. 

Mithril Plates are actually very handy for the fights up ahead because they 
come with a +20% to Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth, and a +50% to Holy. Sorry, no
darkness resistence. :( And if you have any Conquerer's Armor, you might want
to exclude that. I know it's nice, but it also drops all your elemental 
resistences by 20%, and we can't have that. And the Pheonix Garb will work 
good for Rufus, due to the +50 to fire it has embued on it. Other then that, 
that's up to you, but try to keep your RST relatively high. 

If you feel your ready, then head in for the finale.

[[ Cutscene! ]]

Transcendental Being
HP: 90,000
Race: Magic
Experience: N/A
Attribute Resistences: +20 Holy, +80 Everything else 
Status Effect Resistences: Immune to everything :( 

   This battle may seem daunting, but once you figure out what it is your
supposed to be going, this goes quite smoothly. First off, you'll notice 
Lezard is nearly invincible. But the goal here isn't to actually destroy 
Lezard anyways. Your aim here is to destroy the crystal that Lenneth is 
imprisoned in. To do that, you must first attack Lezard and knock off at least
1000 HP from him. That means, you shouldn't need to attack with everyone, just
make sure you try to keep track of how much each blow has landed. When that 
tally reaches over 1000, stop your assualt right away. If you've hit him 
enough, Lezard will fall to the ground stunned. This is your opportunity to 
assualt the crystal. But first, I'd advise you to refrain from using an L3 
charge because Lezard seems to recover before you can get an L3 charge off.
Instead, just run around a little bit before you attack the crystal in order 
to build up a little extra AP. 

The key to this battle is to take some chances, as in, try to restore as much
AP as possible before you attack the crystal, but don't overdue it or else 
Lezard will come to his senses and the barrier will reappear around the 
crystal. Anyways, the crystal has about 50,000 HP so this will take a little 
while. Lezard himself can dish out some heavy damage, so the lifeforce 
blessing/first aid/metabolizer combo will prove to be valuable in this fight.
If your getting slaughtered, make sure you check up above in the final boss 
preperation section for some extra help. After you break the crystal, sit back
and watch.  

[[ Cutscene! ]]

I think we were all wondering what Brahms would have looked like after being 
fused with the Valkyrie spirits. A gorilla in drag perhaps? 

Lol and I love Lezards expression when Alicia merges with the Valkyries. I can
just see him saying "oooo.... hell"

Anarchic Entity
HP: 100,000
Race: Magic 
Experience: N/A
Attribute Resistences: +80 to everything 
Status Effect Resistences: Immune to everything 

   Ok, hold on. Before you head full force into this battle, be forewarned 
that this battle is nothing like any boss battle prior to this. Well, in terms
of difficulty at least. I was having a pretty easy time with the bosses in 
this game until I got to this one. This battle is pure chaos if your not 
prepared, so when your menu pops up before the battle, make sure you take the
time to double check everything. First off, you have a new character, and 
she's as badass as she looks. But she's the only member on your team who will
be able to do any sort of significant damage to Lezard. So, if you have any 
Einherjar left, equip them with the best leftover weapons and free their 
souls. Take all the stat boosting items you get and give them to Valkyrie. Ok,
now make sure you re-equip Valkyrie's skills. I'd say the same ones that I 
told you to have on Alicia earlier in the Final Boss Preperation section. And
make sure you give her the tri-Emblem if you have it, a metabolizer, a power 
bangle, and probably an accessory that boosts her HP by 10%... like a flower
you got from the flower girl in Villnore. Also, you don't need to use every 
single Einherjar, I used about 7 of them and got by just fine. And don't 
worry, you won't lose them for good. Since this is the end of the game, you 
can go nuts and you'll still have them for the bonus dungeon if you choose to
do that. This setup might take awhile, but it'll be worth it. When your ready,
start the battle.

   This guy hits hard. And he has some nice, cheap attacks at his disposal. I
hardly ever use items in battle, but I definitely made an exception here. 
Throw a Nectar Potion out when you get the chance because Lezard has a nasty
tendency to cast a doom spell which is not fun. Other then that, this is 
similar to the fight before this one. As in, Lezard will take minuet amounts
of damage from all your characters EXCEPT for Valkyrie. That's why all the 
stat boosts need to go to her. But, the other characters do have a role in 
this fight, they are there to provide you with enough attacks to enter Soul 
Crush mode. Just use Valkyries Soul Crush because anyone elses will do a very 
marginal amount of damage. If things get dicey, split the team so that 
Valkyrie is by herself, and just go after Lezard with her. If Lezard starts
wasting Valkyrie, then just dash off to a corner with her and hopefully he 
will go after your 3 person team. That's why I had you equip them with 
Toughness, so that they can take some massive damage and still survive it.   
Lezard does have a Soul Crush of his own, and he always seems to attack 
Valkyrie with it. But if you have the tri-Emblem on, you won't sustain any 
damage at all, because Lezards Soul Crush is flame based. ^.^ Yes I know,
Lezards massive range and teleporting get old very quickly. But, just stick
with it and don't feel like you need to get off a Soul Crush every time you 
go in for a series of attacks, just make sure you get off at least a few
attacks with Valkyrie each time. 

Oh, and one more nice little trick you can use. If Lezard has a circular range
in which you can't get close enough to attack, break off someone with high HP 
from your party and send them into the circle. Once they take the damage, link
him or her back up with the party and that way not everyone has to get hit 
with the attack. But you probably already knew this. :P Well, anyways good 
luck, your going to need it. ^_^  

[[ Cutscene! ]]

And after the credits role....

[[ Cutscene! ]]

You made it! And I can't say I was expecting that ending... but it might have
made a little more sense if I had played the first Valkyrie Profile. Well...
maybe I'll buy the PSP port sometime. Anyways I hoped you enjoyed it, but if 
your craving just a little more VP2, there's now an optional dungeon you can 
access on the world map called the Seraphic Gate. Just go into your file, head
out of the tower, and you'll see it. 

          \\                                                       //
................   The End (of the main game walkthrough) ....................


                        Update coming.... soon? 

Well, all that's left is the Seraphic Gate. This place is huge, but I'll 
hopefully have a detailed walkthrough up for it within the next few weeks. And
perhaps a character list, sealstone list, enemy drop list, etc. if I'm feeling
ambitious. Anyways, fell free to send me an e-mail with any questions, advice, 
suggestions, or whatever. My e-mail is Knives72@hellokitty.com   

And don't worry, I'll include you in the credits if I use your advice or 
something else of a significant nature.

Also, you need to contact me for permission to use this guide on your site, 
but at this point I doubt you actually want it. When it's finished this will
be a little more pertinent.

Copyright 2007, Monistic_Turtle
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