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Boss FAQ by crate3333

Version: 0.85 | Updated: 04/03/07

--Character count header. :P

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Boss fight guide
Version 0.5
Written by crate3333


[0.0.0] [section 0: legal stuff]

This document is copyright (c) 2007 crate3333 (William Striegl).

All trademarks and copyrights contained within this document are the property
of their respective owners.

This document is for personal use only.  Under no circumstances can this guide
be sold, awarded as a prize or bonus or used in any promotion without my
permission.  This guide may only be hosted on the sites listed below and cannot
be altered in any way without my permission.

If you would like to use this guide or any part of it, e-mail me at
crate3333@yahoo.com to ask for my permission.

This document is protected by international copyright law.  Any breach or
violation of the above terms may result in legal penalties.

At the current time, this guide may only be hosted by GameFAQs 
(www.gamefaqs.com), its affiliated sites, and Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com).


[0.0.1] Contact information

If you would like to contribute to this guide, to thank me, to critique my
work, to outright flame this guide, or contact me for any other reason, you can
reach me at crate3333@yahoo.com

I also frequent the GameFAQs Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria board, so if you want
my input on something that may or may not pertain to this guide, feel free to
ask there.  I'd advise against posting there to flame me, however, seeing as
that is against the ToU and will get you modded. ;)


[section 1: table of contents]

With that business thankfully out of the way, we can get to the point of this
guide, beginning with the table of contents.  To look for a specific section,
use the numbers in brackets.

Some bosses will be not be named in the table of contents but instead will be
noted by when you fight that boss or a description.  This is to avoid
unnecessary spoilers.
As such, do not read ahead in this guide if you wish to avoid the chance of
getting spoiled.

Minibosses will also be covered in this guide.


[0.0.0]           Legal stuff
 [0.0.1]           Contact information

[2.0.0]           Introduction

[3.0.0]           Bosses and minibosses

 [3.1.0]           Chapter 1
  [3.1.x]            Training Battle
  [3.1.1]           Ballistic Rhino

 [3.2.0]           Chapter 2
  [3.2.x]            Skeletons and Skeleton Soldiers 
  [3.2.1]           Primordial Ooze

 [3.3.0]           Chapter 3
  [3.3.m1]           Crust Golem
  [3.3.1]           Wyvern
  [3.3.om1]          Cybersaurs
  [3.3.o1]          Griffon
  [3.3.o2]          Queen Wasp
  [3.3.2]           Kraken
  [3.3.3]           Evolver
  [3.3.om2]          Greater Demon and Dragon
  [3.3.o3]          Lady Cleo
  [3.3.m2]           Wild Trolls
  [3.3.4]           Hydra
  [3.3.m3]           Muscular Stalkers
  [3.3.5]           Dragon Zombie

 [3.4.0]           Chapter 4
  [3.4.o1]          Kobold King
  [3.4.o2]          Gigantic Wasp
  [3.4.1]           Ull
  [3.4.2]           Two Mages
  [3.4.3]           Halberdier and Swordman

 [3.5.0]           Chapter 5
  [3.5.m1]           Princes of Hel
  [3.5.1]           Arectaris
  [3.5.2]           Aesir Guards
  [3.5.3]           More Aesir Guards
  [3.5.4]           Dimension Beast
  [3.5.5]           Heimdall
  [3.5.m2]           Highlander
  [3.5.m3]           Invasive Arsonist
  [3.5.6]           Odin
  [3.5.m4]           Abyss Dragon
  [3.5.7]           White Dragon

 [3.6.0]           Chapter 6
  [3.6.m1]           Slight Devils
  [3.6.m2]           Gigantic Troll

 [3.7.0]           Seraphic Gate

 [3.8.0]           Notes on higher difficulties

[4.0.0]           Additional Information
 [4.0.1]           Revision History
 [4.0.2]           Credits and Thanks


[2.0.0] [section 2: introduction]
I suppose I should explain my numbering system above first.  At least, how I
determined what's after the last period.  Just a number means it's a mandatory
boss fight.  You WILL be fighting this enemy.  No way around it.  A lower-case
"m" followed by a number denotes a mini-boss.  You might find a way around
these guys.  A lower-case "o" signifies a fight in an optional dungeon.

Seraphic Gate minibosses will not be included.  By the time you get there, they
should not pose much of a threat compared to the bosses.  The only difficulty
involved with SG minibosses is getting items from them, and that is not what
I'm covering here anyway.

And with that, welcome to the prelude to the bulk of this guide.  I'll be
including the stats that Spectacles give me for each enemy.  This will always,
at least in the case of RDM and RST, be slightly wrong, as each part has its
own RDM/RST/elemental resistances.  Nonetheless, it's the best I can get on my
own and it doesn't affect the strategy for the fight in any important way, not
to mention it would clutter up the guide.  If you really want more accurate
data, look at tri-Ace_Fanboy's full walkthrough on GameFAQs.

All data will be taken from the default difficulty.  For information on how
higher difficulties affect enemy stats, look in Kouli's guide on GameFAQs.
I'll also list each enemy's race directly after its name/leader status.

I'll also be including which attacks correspond to each attack radius for each
boss and which attacks are elemental--at least, I plan to do so eventually.
Figuring out which attacks are elemental and which element might take some work

And, obviously, I'll give my recommended sealstone setups, skill setups, and
in-battle strategies for each boss.



[3.0.0] [section 3: bosses and minibosses]

This section will cover every boss in the game and the postgame, as well as
every main-game miniboss.

I might add Seraphic Gate minibosses in the future, but only after I'm
satisfied with the rest of the guide.

Some of the tactics that I recommend might be a bit more complex than some
other tactics that turn out to work just fine.  However, I feel that my way is
usually either safer or more effective.  If you would like to add your own
strategy for a boss, feel free to e-mail it to me and let me know you'd like
it included.

And, as a reminder, some of the statistical information _is_ wrong, as RDM, 
RST, and even elemental resistances can vary from part-to-part on an enemy.
Again, tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide has more complete information if you are
interested.  I'll only mention discrepancies if they change the strategy for
the battle.


[3.1.0] Chapter 1

Only one real boss in this chapter.  I've included the training battle since
you can't run from it, so it should be covered as far as I'm concerned.

Not that either of these fights are particularly hard, of course.


[3.1.x] Training Battle

--Skeleton x1 (leader): Unholy
96 HP, 19 ATK, 3 MAG, 4 HIT, 4 AVD, 0 RDM, 1 RST
-50% fire, +20% ice, +20% earth, -50% holy, +20% darkness


Medium/small sized fan-shaped radius in front
Physical attack dealing about 15 damage. Can hit characters behind the target.

Arm swing--
Small, wide, curved radius in front.  Rarely used.
Looks like it might be fire-elemental, but that hardly matters at this point.
Tends to miss at the edge of its activation range.  Can hit characters beside
the target.  Deals about 10 damage.

Nothing to worry about here.  Just Dash behind him and let loose.  Only a
problem on higher difficulties, and even then it's only because it gets so much

Mirage Pierce, Imperious Act, Absolute Wave, and Three-way Attack can kill it
in one round if you attack from the back and get all the hits in.


[3.1.1] Ballistic Rhino

--Ballistic Rhino (leader): Giant, Beast
816 HP, 30 ATK, 10 MAG, 10 HIT, 2 AVD, 6 RDM, 1 RST
No elemental resistances
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (20%), Silence (20%), Freeze (50%),
              Faint (100%) and Frailty (100%)


Missile shot--
Huge, narrow radius in front, with a minimum range.  Fires off one of its two
missiles (arrowheads).  Deals around 30 damage to one character.  Must have an
arrowhead to use, loses one arrowhead when used. 

Medium range, very narrow radius in front.  Charges forward, hitting everyone
in the way.  Deals around 20 damage.

Medium/short range radius with decent width.  Stomps down, hitting everyone in
the attack radius.  Deals about 20 damage.

Tail swipe--
Medium/short range radius with decent width behind the Rhino.  Swipes its tail,
hitting everyone in the attack radius.  Deals about 20 damage.  Rhino must
have tail to use this.

Violent Purge--
Tiny circular radius centered on the Rhino.  Targets the Rhino.  Deals
significant damage to anyone too close, but usually doesn't hit.  It does,
however, enable the next attack.  Also destroys the Rhino's arm armor.  Used
below half health.

Sealed Missile--
Medium range, almost half-circular radius in front of the Rhino.  Fires off
missiles, hitting everyone in the attack radius for good damage.  Only used
after Violent Purge.  Needs arms to be used.  Try to avoid getting hit by this.


The Rhino might be somewhat dangerous if it could actually hit you.  Ignore
any nonsense the game tells you about splitting into two groups; in all
likelihood that will simply get you hurt more.  Instead, just take advantage
of the Rhino's terribly slow turning and movement speed.  Dash behind it to
attack its tail.  You'll want to use vertical or linear (piercing) attacks
like Mirage Pierce, Sweep Dive, Structural Shot, Smashing Swing, etc. rather
than horizontal attacks like Sideswiper because horizonal attacks will
probably hit the Rhino's armor.

Try to break the tail ASAP to avoid any chance of being hit by the tail swipe.
Even if it does hit you, it's not a big deal.

You can destroy the front tips of his right and left arm armor to prevent the
long range missile shot, but I wouldn't bother since it's easy to avoid getting
hit entirely anyway.


[3.2.0] Chapter 2

Two more fights in this chapter.  One boss, one forced encounter.  Still
nothing too special, but the boss can at least put up a fight this time.


[3.2.x] Skeletons and Skeleton Soldiers

--Skeleton x2: Unholy
80 HP, 19 ATK, 3 MAG, 4 HIT, 4 AVD, 0 RDM, 1 RST
-50% fire, +20% ice, +20% earth, -50% holy, +20% darkness

These are the same skeletons you saw in Chapter 1.  Read the Training Battle
section if you really want to know their attacks.

--Skeleton Soldier x3 (one is Leader): Unholy
95 HP (114 for leader), 24 ATK, 5 MAG, 6 HIT, 6 AVD, 1 RDM, 2 RST
-50% fire, +20% ice, +20% earth, -50% holy, +20% darkness

Same attacks as the Skeletons, just a bit more powerful.  Still not a threat.

Simple.  Either kill the first two skeletons or ignore them completely and
go for the leader.  There's not much to say.  A full party should have no
trouble wiping out any of the enemies in one round.


[3.2.1] Primordial Ooze

--Primordial Ooze (leader): Giant, Plant, Unholy
1440 HP, 40 ATK, 20 MAG, 10 HIT, 18 AVD, 5 RDM, 10 RST
-20% Fire, +80% Lightning, +80% Earth, +20% Darkness
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (80%), Freeze (50%), Faint (50%) and
              Frailty (100%)


Stinking Missile--
Very long, narrow attack radius.  Shoots out four missiles at the target that
each deal rather small damage, but the attack as a whole deals decent damage.
The missiles each hit once, but they may hit different characters if others are
close to the target.  The least dangerous attack in the battle, apart from the
Ooze's "counter."  The Ooze must have at least one tentacle to use this.

Tentacle Swipes--
Medium-sized almost semi-circular attack radius.  Swipes four times at
everything in the attack radius.  Again each hit deals rather low damage, but
the potential total damage from this attack can be pretty high since it can hit
sixteen times (four hits on each party member).  Somewhat dangerous, but it's
easy to minimize the damage.  Obviously, at least one tentacle is needed to use
this attack.

Evasive Maneuvers--
Primordial Ooze's "counter."  Simply backs up and turns to face the attacker.

Targets self.  Regenerates broken tentacles, then slams the ground to deal
high damage to a large radius.  Only used if at least one tentacle is broken.
Try not to trigger this attack.  Definitely the most dangerous attack in the
fight, but the easiest to avoid.  Lightning-elemental.

Targets self.  Does nothing except set up for the next attack.  Only used at
or below half health.

No displayed attack radius.  Has infinite range.  Shoots a poisonous (earth-
elemental?) ball at the target, hitting the target and any surrounding
characters for decent damage and potentially poisoning them too.  Annoying but
should never be fatal, since you have plenty of warning.  Always used
immediately after Lock-On and never used any other time.


I recommend having Alicia in the party to use that new Crest Estoc's Soul
Crush, since it deals pretty good damage.  Plus Mirage Pierce is an excellent
attack as always.

Dash _directly_ behind the Ooze and start attacking.  You should be hitting the
body and _not_ the tentacles with most attacks, since you want to avoid
triggering Regeneration if you can.  Make sure to choose an attack setup that
lets you get 100 Heat and thus allows Alicia's Soul Crush at the end.

If you do end up breaking one of the Ooze's tentacles, I recommend immediately
getting away from the Ooze and then trying to trigger the Regeneration attack.
You can either use items until the Ooze uses Regeneration, or send in one
character in his/her own group to attack until the Ooze uses Regeneration.
You'll take some damage this way, but it's better than potentially losing two
or three characters (or getting a Game Over) to the attack.

After each attack chain you'll probably have to regain AP.  If the Ooze has
the Stinking Missile attack radius, simply run around it, staying inside the
attack's minimum range.  If it's using the tentacle swipe radius, you can try
to just run around the Ooze, but I recommend playing it safe and splitting one
character into his or her own party temporarily and having that character take
the hit while you keep the rest of your party safely away (Dashing helps here).

If you see the Ooze use Lock-On, check your party's HP.  Use a Dwarf Tincture
if you need to.  If you want to minimize the damage you'll take from Washout,
split into two groups of two.

As long as you don't lose multiple party members to Regeneration this is a
pretty simple fight.  Don't be stingy with Dwarf Tinctures if you need them.

On a side note, the pipes at the sides of the battle arena can break.  They
can't be targeted and I don't think breaking them does anything.


[3.3.0] Chapter 3

This chapter is bloody LONG.  With potentially _eight_ bosses in the chapter,
this could take a while.  Not to mention that this is where the real game
starts--as such, the bosses take a significant step up in difficulty.  Without
good strategies, expect healing items to burn a hole in your wallet here.  Of
course, I'm here so you don't have to worry.  Most bosses can be exploited in
one way or another.


[3.3.m1] Crust Golem

--Crust Golem (leader): Giant
1380 HP, 90 ATK, 50 MAG, 25 HIT, 10 AVD, 20 RDM, 12 RST
-50% Lightning, +100% Earth
Vulnerable to Paralysis (50%) and Freeze (50%)

Attacks: (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide; to be rewritten later)

-Double Claw: 2 hit combo with wide range from the front, needs at least 1  
-(Back pincers attack): Medium range from behind, 2 hit attack on the party 
                        for low damage, needs at least 1 back pincer.
-Poison Blow: Medium range on the front. Earth elemental spell, average
              damage on the party, causes poison often. Used when the claws
              are gone.

--Kobold x2:
Stats later.  Same as the ones you've been running into in the rest of

Set the Masochist Wrath on a dais so it affects the area, since that can't
hurt.  Then take out the Kobolds first.  Although they will probably hit you
some, they don't do too much damage.  If you're using Lezard, Fire Storm is a
good way to get around the Kobolds' armor by launching them.

Then just get behind the Crust Golem and start swinging.  It does have an
attack that can hit you, but it needs its tail-things to do it, so if you go
all-out from behind you'll probably break those fast.  At any rate, just keep
your HP at a reasonable level and the fight is a cinch.


[3.3.1] Wyvern

--Wyvern (leader): Giant, Scaled
1920 HP, 95 ATK, 80 MAG, 34 HIT, 28 AVD, 23 RDM, 5 RST
+20% Fire, -20% Ice
Vulnerable to Paralysis (20%), Poison (20%), Doom (50%), Freeze (75%),
              Confusion (20%), Stone (20%) and Faint (50%)


Wing Flapping--
Large, almost semi-circular radius in front.  Flaps wings to send out a gust
that hits everyone in the attack radius and even farther out for low damage,
though it can hit multiple times.  Also has a huge knockback.

Slashing Tail--
Small circular radius.  Hits anyone within the attack radius and even a bit
outside the radius for decent damage.

Tail attack--
Same as Slashing Tail, but a bit weaker.

Spit Fire--
Small fan-shaped radius in front. Spits fire at the ground near the target,
hits everything in a small area.  Deals decent damage.  Fire-elemental I

Narrow, medium-ranged radius.  Spits a fiery breath at the target, hitting
several times for very high total damage.  Fire-elemental?  Misses if you're
close enough to the Wyvern.

Used at half health.  Splits into Upper Lizard (leader) and Lower Lizard.


Upper Lizard (leader)
Same as Wyvern, but without Slashing Tail or tail attack.


Lower Lizard: Scaled
850 HP, 110 ATK, 40 MAG, 25 HIT, 10 AVD, 25 RDM, 5 RST
-50% to all
Vulnerable to all statuses.  50% vulnerability to Doom, Confusion, and Faint.


Poison Tail--
Small fan-shaped radius in front.  Stabs target with its tail, can poison.
Decent damage.

Scale Missile--
Very narrow, long range radius in front.  Shoots off several missiles at the
target.  High total damage.  Needs tail to use.

Heavy Press--
I haven't seen this attack myself yet.  Short range, average damage on party.

(info on Heavy Press from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide)


You really can ignore almost everything I've written up above, unless you want
to make the fight hard on yourself.  You see, this can be one of the harder
fights in the chapter, if you actually try to whittle down the Wyvern's HP.
On the other hand, it's one of the easiest if you just take advantage of a
simple fact--you can Transfer the Wyvern.  Sure, this gives no EXP or OTH, but
you can make up for that easily in a few random battles which are MUCH easier.

So just pick out a Heavy Warrior with an attack that can push back (it'll say
in the description to hold the button to launch the enemy), set that attack as
the first attack, and go into the battle.  Split your Heavy Warrior into his
own group and Dash up to the Wyvern's side.  Hack away until you push it off
the stage.  Simple.

If you insist on doing it the hard way, you'll want to take out the Lower
Lizard ASAP.  It takes a lot more damage than the Upper Lizard.  Also make sure
to get as many SCs in as you can--at least Rufus and Alicia can SC by now if
you got the Gandeeva from behind the Crust Golem.  Also make sure to carry
Sword Blessing into the fight.  I'm not going into more detail than that,
though, since Transfer is really much easier.


[3.3.om1] Cybersaurs

--Cybersaur x4 (one is leader)
Stats to be added later.  Lots of RDM.
Vulnerable to Paralysis (20%), Poison (20%), Freeze (75%), Confusion (100%),
              Stone (20%) and Faint (20%)

Attacks to be added later.

You _definitely_ want Poison Pin Blessing for these guys.  Their crazy RDM
makes it tough to damage them otherwise.  Elemental attacks and spells are also
nice, since they will definitely deal some damage.  Alicia's Mirage Pierce also
works, since it ignores RDM.  Note that only attacks that deal damage can

Make sure you don't get hit, ever.  The Cybersaurs hit absurdly hard.  On the
plus side, they're very easy to dodge indefinitely as long as you only get one
attacking you at a time, since they're pretty slow.  Also, if you get far
enough away from the spot where the Cybersaurs start, they'll just run back to
that area so you can wait and hold L3 to let poison drain their HP.

To win, just poison a Cybersaur, let the poison eat away at its HP, then finish
it off once it gets to 1 HP.  It'll be a long but easy fight.  Go ahead and
add in spells if you want--I was hitting about 100 total with Mithra's Frigid
Damsel at level 5.

Since the chance to poison is calculated per hit, Lightning Bolt is a great
spell to cause poison, and Lezard's Thunder Storm hits seven times and can hit
all of them at once.  These are great attacks for this battle.


[3.3.o1] Griffon

--Griffon (leader): Giant, Beast
3360 HP, 480 ATK, 350 MAG, 54 HIT, 45 AVD, 24 RDM, 15 RST
+20% Lightning, -20% Earth
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Silence (10%), Poison (100%), Freeze (25%),
              Stone (25%), Faint (50%) and Frailty (100%)

(All damage values assume Sheathed Power Wrath is on a dais.  If not, all
attacks deal very high to instantly fatal damage.)

Call Lightning--
Long, narrow radius in front.  Calls down a lightning strike on the target. Can
damage characters near the target.  Lightning-element.  Deals medium damage.

Small, fan-shaped radius in front.  Slashes with one claw, then the other.  Can
hit multiple characters.  Deals medium damage.

Medium range, very narrow radius in front.  Charges forward, hitting everything
in its path.  Deals medium damage.

Malicious Gust--
Large, almost semi-circular radius in front.  Forms a whirlwind that hits
everything in the area.  Deals medium to low damage.

Sudden Descent--
Haven't seen this myself yet.  Short but very wide range, very high damage on
the party, can miss if you're VERY close.

(Sudden Descent info from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide)


This fight is definitely possible without Sheathed Power Wrath (I actually did
it that way on my first run) but there's no reason to fight it that way.  By
setting Sheathed Power Wrath on a dais, you change the Griffon's attacks from
"instant kill" to "medium damage at most."  Thus, you can get hit and survive.

The Griffon is vulnerable to poison, so you should bring Poison Pin Blessing in
with you too.  Then, try to take advantage of Griffon's slow turning speed to
refill AP when you need it.  Set Beast Bludgeon if you have it for a 1.5x
damage boost for that character.  Attack from behind, stay healed (Dwarf
Tinctures do nicely) and this battle is a snap.

If you want, you can keep running circles around Griffon while he's poisoned
as long as you use only a single character who is fast enough.  This is the
simplest method to win without Sheathed Power Wrath--poison the Griffon, split
into two groups of three/one, run the lone character around Griffon as long as
possible, letting the other three die if Griffon attacks them.

But you shouldn't have to worry about that as long as you use Sheathed Power


[3.3.o2] Queen Wasp

--Queen Wasp (leader): Giant, Insect
5280 HP, 198 ATK, 163 MAG, 47 HIT, 36 AVD, 42 RDM, 37 RST
-20% Fire, -20% Earth
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Paralysis (20%), Silence (70%), Freeze (70%),
              Stone (50%), Faint (20%) and Frailty (100%)

--note that some of the Queen's parts actually have much more RDM.

Attacks: (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide, to be updated later)

-(Double attack): Short range on front, 2 hits on all characters for heavy
                  damage. Needs middle arms to use.

-Imitation Eye: Long range on front, hits the party for average damage and
                causes Confusion (not dangerous). Needs wings to use.

-Variation Alpha: Very short range, Earth elemental attack, causes high
                  damage and poison on party.

-(Charging): Targets self, just a preparation for Variation Omega. Used when
             low on health. (Below 50%)

-Variation Omega: Earth elemental. Reaches party anywhere, hits up to 8
                  times for extreme damage and causes poison. Can only be
                  avoided by hiding behind walls.  My strategy avoids
                  triggering this attack.

Wasp Nest x2: Ghost, Insect
1200 HP, 160 ATK, 125 MAG, 33 HIT, 26 AVD, 1 RDM, 1 RST
-100% Fire, +80% Ice, +60% Lightning, +40% Earth, +80% Holy, +80% Darkness


Targets self.  Splits into two Wasp Nests, each with the same current HP as the
original pre-split Wasp.

Regular attack--
Small, fan-shaped radius in front.  Hits target three to four times.  Deals
decent damage.  Can cause poison.


I HIGHLY recommend bringing Lezard and Alicia into this fight, even if they're
both at their starting level.  They are the two best characters in the game for
this fight in my opinion.

In fact, the entire strategy below is much, much less effective with other
characters.  A Heavy Warrior with the Kraadicator can replace Alicia, and
another mage with Fire Storm can replace Lezard, but short of that the strategy
fails unless you use Alicia and Lezard.

Make sure Alicia's first attack is Mirage Pierce.  Give her the weapon with
the highest ATK you have--Hildr's Sword is great since you'll only be using
Mirage Pierce anyway.

Do NOT carry Brimstone Law with you, and do NOT set it on a dais.  Leave it in
the shell where you find it.

First order of business is to kill those Wasp Nests.  There will be one pretty
close by where you start, so split Lezard into his own group and have him start
Fire Storming it.  Once it's dead, another Wasp Nest will spawn from one of the
eggs scattered about the field, but that's okay since it _won't_ be right in
front of you this time.

Well, kinda.  It spawns from the eggs close by, so you'll have to kill that one
too.  However, leave the next Wasp Nest be for the time being.  You'll want to
kill the eggs behind the Queen before they turn into wasps, so just use some
Dashing to get back there.  Kill off the eggs with physical attacks.  Each
egg has 300 HP.

Now leave everyone but Lezard in that little niche behind the Queen.  Send him
out alone to wipe out the two remaining Wasp Nests.  Keep an eye on the Queen
though, since you do NOT want her trapping your team in that niche!  If she
starts to get too close, get everyone out of there and as far away from the
Queen as possible.

Once the Wasp Nests are dead, get Lezard back together with the rest of your
party.  Now split Alicia into her own group.

Get Alicia behind the Queen and use Mirage Pierce.  Then use it again.  And
again.  When you run low on AP, make sure the Queen has a small attack radius,
then start circling her.  She should try to turn to attack Alicia and fail.
Then go straight back to Mirage Pierce.

Make sure you _only_ attack from behind.  Why?  Well, you're actually hitting
a vital part with Mirage Pierce.  And it has less than half the Queen's HP. So
by killing her this way, you completely avoid the most dangerous attack,
Variation Omega!  And you need Mirage Pierce to do this because the Queen has
incredibly high RDM and Mirage Pierce ignores RDM.

You should be hitting a vertical segment of the tail.  This is actually the
Queen's "back" and has 1760 HP.

This strategy makes this an incredibly easy fight--you shouldn't get hit at
all.  It also takes a long time, but that's not too bad since this fight just
takes a long time anyway.

You might want to use a Double-Check.  Even though you won't be getting any
crystals at all with my strategy, you'll still end up with 65,000 EXP or so.
That's a lot of EXP.


[3.3.2] Kraken

--Kraken (leader): Giant
6000 HP, 155 ATK, 130 MAG, 42 HIT, 32 AVD, 40 RDM, 15 RST
-20% Fire, +20% Ice, -50% Lightning
Vulnerable to Paralysis (75%)


Medium/short ranged, circular radius.  Hits the entire area several times.
Good total damage and can cause paralysis.

Double Knuckle--
Medium/short, wide attack radius in front.  Hits the area up to five times for
very high total damage.

Long Hand--
Medium/long range, wide fan-shaped radius (roughly a quarter-circle) in front.
Hits the area multiple times for high total damage.

Frigid Damsel--
Medium/long fan shaped radius in front.  Hits an area three times for high ice
damage.  Can freeze.

Water Lance--
Long, narrow radius in front.  Several ice shards rain down upon the entire
area for medium ice damage.

Tidal Wave--
Medium ranged circular radius.  Great Magic.  Hits the entire party for high
ice-elemental damage.  Only used below half health.


Set Chasm Wrath on the dais and bring in Sword Blessing.  The first thing to do
is to drain the water.  See those chains in the back?  Get to those and hack
away.  They have 800 HP each.  After destroying both, there will be a cutscene
and the fight will begin again, but with no water in the center.

Now the Kraken can leave the center area.  And, as unintuitive as it may sound,
that's exactly what you want.  Get over to the steps, waiting a bit to the side
for Kraken to start ascending them.  You see, it can't turn while climbing up
the steps.  As such, it shouldn't be able to hit you, leaving you free to whack
away until it gets to the top.

Once it does get to the top, start running away.  Get around a corner, and
wait for Kraken.  Just like with the steps, Kraken can't turn while going
around a corner.  It's a bit trickier to take advantage of this since it isn't
actually "stuck" for very long, but if you're careful you should be able to
hit it safely.  Once it rounds one corner, run off to the next, and keep
repeating this until you win.

If you get hit, just use a Dwarf Tincture.  If someone is dying in one attack,
I recommend equipping a Lily (from Villnore) to increase his/her HP.  If that's
not enough, then you might have to use some Union Plumes too.

Note that you should have at least one archer or mage in the party for this so
you can have a larger attack radius.


[3.3.3] Evolver

This is a two-part battle, though the strategy for each part is the same.

--Evolver (leader): Giant
7800 HP, 285 ATK, 185 MAG, 55 HIT, 45 AVD, 50 RDM, 15 RST
+100% Fire, -50% Ice, +50% Earth.
Unaffected by status ailments.


Flame Lance--
Medium range, roughly quarter-circlular radius.  Shoots four fireballs into
the air that rain down for high fire-elemental damage.  Less accurate at longer

Small, wide attack radius.  Leans forward and "hugs" the target area.  Decent
damage.  Fire-elemental if hands are broken.

Big Splash--
Small, wide attack radius.  Smacks the target area with its lava hand for high
fire-elemental damage.  Only used after a hand breaks.


Carry in the Negate Light Damage sealstone--you'll need it for the second half
of the fight.  Lifeforce Blessing and Sword Blessing are also good.  Putting
Ice Blessing on a dias is a good idea if you restored it.  Achromatic Law is
good on a dias if you're not using Ice-element attacks.

Do NOT carry Iceberg Law into the fight.  DO NOT.  It will reduce your damage
AND make you take more damage.

Anyway, for the first part of the fight, there's not much to say other than to
get behind the Evolver and start attacking.  He can't hit behind him, so
there's no danger of getting hit unless you mess up.


Second half of the fight.

--Evolver (leader): Giant
8640 HP, 300 ATK, 200 MAG, 60 HIT, 50 AVD, 45 RDM, 20 RST
Absorbs Fire, -80% Ice, +20% Earth.
Unaffected by status ailments.


Flame Lance--
See above.

Big Splash--
See above.

Medium range, roughly quarter-circular radius behind Evolver.  One hit of
decently powerful fire damage, plus gives self 50% ATK boost.  Used after being
attacked from behind.

Flame Shower--
Medium range circular radius.  Many hits of small fire damage, plus a random
number of hits of large fire damage from the meteors.  With the Negate Light
Damage sealstone, the small hits should be negated.  Without that sealstone,
this attack is almost certainly fatal.  With it, it can still deal very high
damage or low damage, depending on your luck.

Evolver's counterattack.  Short range, good damage, can cause frailty.


Pick out your strongest character.  Make sure he/she has enough HP to survive
Heatwave.  Split that character into his/her own group, and get behind Evolver.
Attack until you run out of AP.  If you get hit by Heatwave afterward, use a
Warrior's Arcanum to heal.  Same for Flame Shower.  If you get killed by Flame
Shower, bring in your other group to revive your dead character and then resume
your attacks.  As long as you keep three of your party members safely out of
range, you shouldn't possibly lose this fight, though it may take a while to


[3.3.om2] Greater Demon and Dragon

--Greater Demon (leader)

Attacks (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide; to be rewritten):
-Reclaim Soul: Targets self, boosts MAG by 50%.
-Cleanse Evil: Long range, used from far away. Moderate damage on party.
               Either Holy or Lightning elemental.
-Deathgrip: Medium range. 2 weak hits on one character, second hit causes
            Doom. Darkness element, quite dangerous.
-Thunder Storm: Circular range. Lightning spell, chance of causing

--Dragon: Dragon, Giant, Scaled
35000 HP, 250 ATK, 200 MAG, 65 HIT, 30 AVD, 80 RDM, 120 RST
+20% to all.

Attacks (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide; to be rewritten later):
-Photon Breath: Long, narrow range. Heavy damage and silence on a straight
-Charge: Medium range. Heavy damage on a long straight line, will most
         likely hit everyone.
-Claw Claw Bite: Short range, 3 hit combo, average damage on party.
-Fire Storm: Fire spell, hits 2 or 3 characters at most for average damage.

Strategy: Bring along a Heavy Warrior.  Give him as much critical-rate-boosting
equipment as you can.  Set Descaling Might if you have it.  If you don't, then
set Magician Slayer.  If you have neither, Giant Killer is still okay.

First thing to do is to hack off the Dragon's tail.  Sweep Dive from behind did
this nicely for me.  Then equip that shiny new Dragon Slayer and find an attack
that hits the Dragon's legs.  Get a critical to make the Dragon fall down,
safely out of comission for the rest of the battle.  From here, feel free to
hack away at it at leisure.

For the Greater Demon, you'll just want to dodge his attacks as much as
possible.  I recommend splitting up, as many of his attacks are area-effect and
dangerously powerful.

Better yet, don't win this fight at all.  Seriously, the Greater Demon hits
hard enough that unless you kill it fast you might be taking some serious
damage.  Getting into the fight and grabbing the Dragon Slayer is enough.


[3.3.o3] Lady Cleo


Trash Demon x2: Demon
1700 HP, 265 ATK, 180 MAG, 38 HIT, 45 AVD, 32 RDM, 12 RST
-50% Holy, +20% Darkness.

Attacks might be added in a future version.

Berserker: Giant
7800 HP, 300 ATK, 50 MAG, 65 HIT, 45 AVD, 35 RDM, 10 RST
Neutral to all elements.
Vulnerable to Curse, Paralysis (50%), Silence (40%), Poison (100%), Doom
              (40%), Freeze (50%), Stone (50%), Faint (20%), Frailty (100%)


Magic Cutter--
Long, narrow radius in front.  Has a minimum range as well as a maximum range.
Sends two energy waves at the party.  Two hits, each for medium damage.  Can

Magic Blade--
Small, roughly quarter-circular radius in front.  Swings a sword with energy
trailing it.  Deals high damage.

Sword Attack--
Small, roughly quarter-circular radius in front.  Does a sword combo on the
party.  High damage.

Lady Cleo (leader): Unholy, Magic
8160 HP, 200 ATK, 280 MAG, 58 HIT, 50 AVD, 10 RDM, 50 RST
-50% Lightning, +100% Earth, +50% Holy.
Spirit (the main body) has -80% Fire/Ice/Lightning, Earth/Darkness -50%,
Holy -100% 
Vulnerable to Paralysis (50%), Freeze (20%) and Confusion (50%)


Sap Power--
Medium/short ranged, very wide attack radius in front.  Casts Sap Power on the

Holy Ray--
Medium/long ranged, very narrow attack radius in front.  Sends out a beam of
Holy-elemental damage.  High damage.

Light Reflector--
Short range, very wide (almost semicircular) radius.  Deals extremely high Holy
damage on the party.

Gravity Control--
Targets self.  Sends entire party into the ceiling for varying damage.  Only
used below half health.

Prismatic Missile--
Medium ranged, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Prismatic Missile.  High damage.


First, note the difference in Cleo's resistances.  The -80% Fire makes
Einherjar archers very good here.  The -80% Lightning/Ice makes Rufus very good
as well.  Lightning Bolt is probably the overall best spell, since it can get
extra damage on any part of Cleo.

Carry Sword Blessing in with you.  If you're using Einherjar archers with Flame
Shot/Flare Blast (Phyress, for example), also carry Fire Blessing.  Shield
Blessing is pretty pointless since Cleo deals much more damage than the

Start off by killing the Trash Demons.  A Heavy Warrior with the Dragon Slayer
or Flamberge will make this pretty easy.  Well, really pretty much anything
makes this easy, but those make it even easier.

Then turn to the Berserker.  Although he's not the main threat, you don't want
to have Magic Cutter sniping you all battle long.  Get behind him to ensure you
don't hit his swords, then swing away.  If he has the Magic Cutter radius, try
to stay as close to him as possible.  For the other two attacks, you can split
up if you think you're going to take a hit.

Make SURE Cleo doesn't hit you while killing the Berserker.  Light Reflector
can be a game over depending on your party's HP.  You'll get the Harpe for
defeating him, but it's worse than the Spider Fighter.

Finally, turn to Cleo.  Hitting the Spirit and not the Projector is a bit
tricky, but worth it for Flame Shot.  You'll want to attack from close to the
front if you think it's safe, but be careful--Light Reflector HURTS.  It's
safer to attack from the side, but harder to hit the Spirit.

If you're not using Flame Shot or similar attacks, just attack from the back;
it's the safest.

Always, always, always keep 15 AP left after an attack string to Dash away.
Otherwise, you may realize you're about to be hit by Light Reflector, with no
way out, and get a Game Over for it.

Gravity Control isn't bad, so don't fret if you see Cleo prepare to use it.
A Dwarf Tincture will almost certainly heal the damage.

Although Cleo can deal massive damage with Light Reflector, you can also deal
lots back because she has very little RDM and those massive weaknesses to
exploit.  If you can manage to avoid Light Reflector, the fight should be
pretty easy.  Avoiding Light Reflector isn't a cakewalk, but it's certainly


[3.3.m2] Wild Trolls


Wild Troll (leader):
Stats to be added later.

Attacks to be added later.

Shaman Chief x2:
Stats to be added later.

Attacks to be added later.


By far the best strategy is to ignore this fight completely.  The Trolls guard
nothing important.  If it really bothers you, come back later to get the items
behind them.

If you do want to fight, make sure you have a way to reliably Silence both
Shamans.  That should be the first thing you do.  Target Throat works well, as
does Dampen Magic.  If you have neither, I strongly recommend ignoring the

Also, Magician Slayer is an incredibly useful skill here, as it makes criticals
instantly break the Shamans.  If you can't silence, this is your next-best bet.

If you have neither Magician Slayer nor silence available to you, seriously,
don't bother.  The Shamans can cast Heal and Invoke Feather, not to mention a
plethora of dangerous attacks.  You can't really kill them both without Silence
or Magician Slayer, and you can't really ignore them either.

The Troll itself is pretty easy, once you get rid of the Shamans.  You'll need
to inflict Frailty to stop its healing--Arngrim's Wild Break attack does that
the easiest, but there are items that can do so as well.  Poison also slows
down the healing process as a last resort.  The Trolls are slow so getting
behind and attacking should be no problem.


[3.3.4] Hydra

--Hydra (leader): Giant, Scaled
13200 HP, 348 ATK, 212 MAG, 64 HIT, 30 AVD, 60 RDM, 56 RST
-50% Ice, +50% Lightning, Absorbs Earth, +50% Darkness
Vulnerable to Freeze (50%) and Faint (20%)


Poison Breath--
Long range, nearly semi-circular radius in front.  Deals light earth-elemental
damage to everyone in the attack range.  Also poisons.

Dark Breath--
Long, narrow attack radius in front.  Deals medium to high earth-elemental
damage to everything in the radius.

Tail smack--
Small, roughly quarter-circular radius in back.  Smacks the ground to hit
everyone nearby for medium physical damage.  Used after being attacked.
Can be done without tail.

Eternal Pain--
Medium/short range circular radius.  Deals medium to low damage to everyone in
range and inflicts Frailty.  Used below 50% HP.

Head combo--
Short range, fan-shaped attack radius in front.  Smacks the target and nearby
characters with its heads.  Damage depends on number of heads remaining.

Targets self, restores one head.  Only used if at least one head has been


Put Lightning Blessing on a dias!  Putting the Turn to Earth sealstone on a
dias isn't a bad idea either, if you can beat the troll to get it.  However,
the trolls are harder than the Hydra anyway, so if you can get Mudbank Law you
should be able to win this easily.

Putting Earth Blessing on a dais isn't a great thing, but it's not too bad
either; I usually end up doing it because I don't have many sealstones
Restored to use in place of it.

Equipping Vegetable Seeds and getting poisoned before the battle is not a bad
idea if you have them.

If possible, stay out of the water.  You move way too slowly there.

On the other hand, it's easy to break multiple parts for a possible Break Mode
when attacking from behind.

Anyway, if you can, try to attack the Hydra from that rock platform that
extends out into the middle of the water.  The Hydra, being poorly-programmed,
will usually just ignore you as you walk out there, trying to go around to
climb up the rock itself.  Take advantage of this to launch an attack from the
side.  Remember to save 15 AP if possible for a Dash away if needed.

As for attacks, don't bother dodging Poison Breath; it's weak and the poison
is not very dangerous anyway.  Do heal the poison if you get a chance, whether
with Honeysuckle Dews or Normalize.

Eternal Pain is the second-least dangerous attack.  It deals rather low damage.
The Frailty can be a major pain or just a minor nuisance, depending on how much
longer the fight will last.  If it's near the end of the fight, there's nothing
to worry about.  If he gets you with it when he's right at about 50% HP, then
you might want to use some Idun's Apples to cure it.

Dodge Dark Breath; it hurts and it's easy to dodge.  Same with the head combo.
Not much you can do about the tail smack other than heal afterward.

When you need to restore AP, try to get the Hydra to start going around the
rock platform in one direction, then go to the other side and get it going that
way.  Repeat this as needed.

As long as you're on dry land, you can outmaneuver the Hydra, especially with
its stupid AI programming.  If you venture into the water, you want to save
45 AP or more to Dash to dry land afterward, so I advise staying out and
letting the Hydra come to you rather than you going after the Hydra.

Dwarf Tinctures should still be sufficient healing if needed, and by this point
you may well have someone with Heal too.  Go ahead and use both liberally.  On
the whole, there's nothing too troublesome about this fight.


[3.3.m3] Muscular Stalkers


--Muscular Stalker x2 or 3 (1 is leader): Giant
5300 HP (leader has 6360), 550 ATK, 180 MAG, 65 HIT, 45 AVD, 73 RDM, 23 RST
No elemental resistances

--Other enemy x0 or 2


To be added later.  Muscular Stalkers are very similar to the Berserker in the
Lady Cleo fight but without the ranged attack.  If there are two of them they
will be accompanied by 2x of one other enemy that can appear in the Palace.

This is really a very simple fight, each of the times you do it.  If you can,
set Stone Hurler Wrath on a dais to make it even more of a cinch.  Then get to
the back of the room, on the steps.  Lead the enemies around this in a square,
attacking when you have full AP, then running when you don't.  They won't
catch you unless you mess up.


[3.3.5] Dragon Zombie

--Dragon Zombie (leader): Dragon, Giant, Unholy
22200 HP, 495 ATK, 362 MAG, 82 HIT, 44 AVD, 57 RDM, 39 RST
-50% Fire, +50% Ice, +100% Earth, -50% Holy, +50% Darkness
Vulnerable to Silence (60%), Freeze (60%) and Stone (60%)


Insanity Eye--
Medium, fan-shaped radius in front.  Deals medium damage and causes confusion.

Dark Displacement--
Long, narrow radius in front.  Shoots out a beam that deals darkness-element
damage and causes poison.

Foul Stench--
Medium circular radius.  Causes a gas to damage everyone in range.  Deals
medium Earth-elemental damage and causes Frailty.

Short, almost semi-circular attack range in front.  Smacks the ground to deal
medium damage to everyone in range.

Maleficient Harm--
Large circular range.  Great Magic.  Deals high earth-elemental damage to
the entire party.  Only used below 50% HP.


Fire attacks are VERY good here, so bring along Fire Blessing if you have it.
The Dragon Slayer is a great weapon for Heavy Warriors, and put any Bloody
Patches you have to use by equipping them to your most-damaging characters.

Try to give everyone a critical skill if you can.  With three choices, it
shouldn't be too hard to do that.

Before you can deal much damage to the Dragon, you have to break three orbs.
They are located in a triangular formation around the room, one to your right,
one to your left, and one behind the Dragon.  The ones to your right and left
are hidden behind walls.  The walls have 500 HP, the orbs twice that.  Just
get the ones to your sides, then Dash behind the Dragon to get the third.

Try to lure the Zombie to the middle of the room before you Dash behind him.
It makes it easier to get there safely.

Now, just let loose on the Dragon Zombie from behind.  Foul Stench will often
miss characters behind him, so only Maleficient Harm is a threat.  It may well
kill you if you're not careful, but by dealing lots of damage fast, you can
avoid seeing it at all.

When you need to restore AP, run around the Dragon.  If you have someone fast
enough, the Dragon won't be able to keep up.  This works best when he has the
Dark Displacement or Insanity Eye attack radii.

With all the damage you can dish out in this fight, don't expect it to last
long.  It's much easier than several fights you've done already as long as you
keep Maleficient Harm from triggering.

In fact, I killed the Dragon Zombie in two attack rounds at level 16 or so as
I was writing this strategy.


[3.4.0] Chapter 4

The hardest chapter in the game, as far as I'm concerned.  Until you know how
to abuse the AI in the first fight that one is really hard (long ranged attacks
coupled with lots of power and quick turning speed).  The second fight would be
one of the hardest in the game, if not for one simple trick.  And the final
boss fight in the chapter is the hardest fight in the game, since it's two very
powerful enemies.  As such, you can't abuse party-splitting as much as in other

They're also great fun, and among my favorite fights in the game.

First, though, two uninspiring optional bosses.


[3.4.o1] Kobold King


--Kobold King (leader): Beast
19200 HP, 3200 ATK, 2400 MAG, 85 HIT, 75 AVD, 115 RDM, 30 RST
-20% Earth
Vulnerable to Paralysis (5%), Poison (20%), Confusion (20%), Stone (20%) and
              Frailty (100%)

Attacks (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide, to be updated later):
-Howl: Targets self, boosts ATK.
-Throw: Long thin range, does high damage to one character.
-(Smack): Very small range, hits one character with weapon. Average damage.
-Sap Power: Wide frontal range, reduces ATK of targets.
-Fire Storm: Long wide range, fire spell. Very high damage on three, maybe
             all characters. Dangerous
-Heal: Targets self, heals 80% HP. Used when under 30% HP.


--Kobold Warrior x5: Beast
4000 HP, 434 ATK, 289 MAG, 78 HIT, 48 AVD, 72 RDM, 22 RST
-20% Earth
No status ailment resistances

Attacks (from tri-Ace_Fanboy's guide, to be updated later):
-Howl: Targets self, boosts ATK.
-Flee: Targets self. Runs from battle when low on HP.
-(Smack): Very small range, hits one character with weapon. Average damage.


This fight is easy.  Go ahead and put Sheathed Power Wrath on a dias, and be
sure to carry Poison Pin blessing in with you.  It's the key to winning easily.

First take out the Kobold Warriors.  With decent equipment, you should be able
to take out one per round no problem, especially with Beast Bludgeon.  If not,
go ahead and take a hit or two since they won't deal much damage.  Just stay
out of the King's range.

Once all the Warriors are down, it's time to poison the King.  First get
everyone safely on the other side of the field.  The King won't follow you

Then send in one or two characters, preferably with at least one archer or mage
for the attack range boost, and hit him till you either poison him or get to
15 AP.  Then Dash away.  Refill AP if needed.  If you didn't poison him,
repeat until you do.  Then simply stand on the other side of the field and hold
L3 until the King's health hits 1.  Dash back over, attack, win the fight.

There really isn't a better way to do this unless you feel like inflicting
Frailty to stop the King from healing.  But then you could actually get hurt,
so I wouldn't bother.


[3.4.o2] Gigantic Wasp


--Gigantic Wasp (leader): Giant, Insect
24000 HP, 1200 ATK, 1000 MAG, 100 HIT, 120 AVD, 132 RDM, 70 RST
-20% Fire, -20% Earth
Vulnerable to Freeze (25%), Stone (25%), Faint (25%) and Frailty (100%)

--Meteoric Swarm x2: Ghost, Insect
2350 HP, 450 ATK, 430 MAG, 72 HIT, 60 AVD, 0 RDM, 0 RST
Absorb fire, -50% Ice, +50% Holy, +50% Darkness
Vulnerable to Paralysis, Poison, Doom, Frailty and Transfer (all 100%)

Again, the attacks don't really matter.  I'll add them eventually.


This is both similar and dissimilar to the first fight here.  The Wasps have
been replaced with Meteoric Swarms.  As you notice, they absorb Fire.  However,
their main attack is fire-elemental.  As such, grab that Brimstone Law
sealstone and carry it in with you.  Fire Blessing is also great.

Just ignore the Swarms.  Seriously.  They can hurt you, but they don't do that
attack all that often, and their other attack heals you.  In any case, they're
annoying to kill anyway, since Ice-elemental spells don't do as much damage as
Fire-elemental ones, especially if you carry Fire Blessing.

Leave two or three characters at the starting position (to ensure the Meteoric
Swarms don't kill your attackers), then send your other two to attack the
Gigantic Wasp.

So just get behind the Gigantic Wasp, as before.  I recommend using an archer
or light warrior with as much MAG as possible, and Mental Boost.  Then just
unload with attacks that hit the same vital part you killed in the Queen Wasp
fight, like Wave Motion or Mirage Pierce.  You're doing this the same way.
You might need to attack from a bit to the side instead of from the back
directly, depending on the attack.

Mirage Pierce is again a GREAT choice for this, since the Gigantic Wasp does
have lots of RST.  If you're using Alicia, I highly recommend using Mirage

Once you break that part, you win.

For whatever reason, this fight is a good bit more finicky than the first
fight.  I've had cases where for no apparent reason, after a Meteoric Swarm
attack, the Gigantic Wasp gets an attack in.  Presumably this is because the
Wasp can change attack ranges at that time.  So be careful about that.


[3.4.1] Ull


--Ull (leader): Divine
32400 HP, 700 ATK, 600 MAG, 100 HIT, 75 AVD, 40 RDM, 25 RST
-50% Fire, +50% Ice, -50% Holy
Vulnerable to Silence (100%), Poison (30%) and Faint (10%)


Dual Tusks--
Very long, narrow radius in front.  Hits one character twice for high damage

Long, narrow radius in front.  Hits anything in a line for medium-high fire
damage.  Goes through walls.

Aiming Wisp--
Medium range, somewhat narrow attack radius in front.  Several hits of very
high holy-elemental damage.  Goes through walls.

Moon Burst--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  One hit of very high lightning damage on
everything in its path.  Goes through walls.

Targets self, heals 80% HP.  Used once only, when Ull drops below 30% HP.

Feather Guard--
Targets self, creates a barrier around himself that blocks all attacks until it
breaks.  The barrier has about 2000 HP.

Desperate Horror--
Extremely long range, narrow attack radius.  Ull's Soul Crush.  Kills one party
member.  Only used under 30% HP.

--Aesir (Defenders): Divine
4600 HP, 825 ATK, 450 MAG, 65 HIT, 50 AVD, 92 RDM, 15 RST
+50% Holy
Vulnerable to Paralysis (10%), Silence (15%), Poison (20%), Doom (5%),
              Freeze (30%), Confusion (50%), Stone (10%) and Faint (20%)


I think all attacks have a small, wide radius in front.  Attacks deal about 400
damage per hit or so.  I'll check this later, it's not really important.


First, be sure you have a way to inflict Silence, whether it's Dampen Magic,
Target Throat, a Holy Gem, or something else.  Ull's Heal is a major pain
otherwise, since it almost doubles the length of the battle.  And with how hard
Ull hits, that's twice as much time to make a single, fatal mistake.

Missile Protection is a great skill in this fight, since it will block all of
Ull's attacks except his Soul Crush.  If you have it, set it.  Otherwise, just
set damage-increasing skills: defense is pretty worthless in this fight.

Once in the battle, get behind Ull's Aesir buddy and start comboing.  One or at
most two rounds should finish him off.  If you run out of AP, go ahead and let
the Aesir hit you.  Just be _sure_ that Ull does not hit you.

Once he's gone, Silence Ull however you please.  I use a Holy Gem myself since
there's one in Crawsus and it's pretty reliable.  I think you can also buy them
somewhere--either Solde or Crell would be my guess--but I'm not sure on that.

Now, remember how your party was oriented at the start of the fight?
Remember that closest pillar on the right-hand side from that orientation?
(There's a torch right in front of it.)  Ok, good.  Now go to that pillar. Ull
should chase you to it, and then, because of the way his AI is programmed, he
should chase you around the pillar as you circle it, never quite turning fast
enough to attack your party.

Now, you can just run around this pillar forever to regain AP.  When you want
to attack Ull, just switch to the party member in the back, carefully approach
Ull, attack, then keep running to regain more AP.

Be wary though--if Ull does an attack, he'll then turn in place until he can
move again.  So if he does an attack--such as Feather Guard--and then switches
to any attack other than Dual Tusks, just back away for a while.

If you get hit by his Soul Crush, just use a Union Plume.

Unless you mess up, this should be a relatively easy fight.  Thing is, one
mistake can lead to a game over, so be careful.


[3.4.2] Two Mages: Walther and Gyne


--Walther: Magic
17000 HP, 500 ATK, 820 MAG, 92 HIT, 65 AVD, 50 RDM, 80 RST
+20% Earth/Holy/Darkness
Vulnerable to Curse (50%), Paralysis (10%), Poison (70%), Freeze (30%),
              Faint (50%) and Frailty (100%)


Very small attack radius.  Deals small physical damage.

Chaotic Rune--
Large circular radius.  Decreases all stats os characters in the area of
effect by 20%.

Thunder Storm--
Medium/large circular radius.  Deals high lightning damage to an area.  Can

Dark Savior--
Medium range, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Dark Savior for high darkness damage to
an area.

Fire Storm--
Medium range, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Fire Storm for high fire damage to an

--Gyne: Magic
15000 HP, 550 ATK, 780 MAG, 82 HIT, 55 AVD, 40 RDM, 85 RST
+50% Fire/Ice/Lightning
Vulnerable to Paralysis (10%), Silence (100%), Poison (50%), Freeze (20%),
              Confusion (50%), Faint (30%) and Frailty (50%)


Very small attack radius.  Deals small physical damage.  Can be used while

Spell Reinforce--
Targets self, increases MAG by 50%

Targets self or Gyne, heals 80% HP.

Lightning Bolt--
Medium range, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Lightning Bolt for high lightning
damage to the entire range.  Can paralyze.

Poison Blow--
Medium range, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Poison Blow for high earth damage to
an area.  Can cause poison.

Earth Grave--
Medium range, circular radius.  Casts Earth Grave for high earth damage to an

Animate Earth--
Gyne's Great Magic.  Can be used while silenced.  Deals high fire damage to the
entire party.  Used below half heatlh.


First thing to do is to, again, be sure you have a way to cause silence.  The
merchant right outside the fight can help you out by selling Holy Gems, which
work nicely and cause a bit of damage as a bonus.  You can buy an Earth Gem too
if you want, to try to Poison Walther.

Toughness is a great skill here, better than Reduce Magic for two reasons.
First, it's less CP for--essentially--the same effect.  Second, it doesn't make
Heal less useful.  On the other hand, Fairy Tinctures will do less with
Toughness set than with Reduce Magic set.  It's your choice.

Other than that, load up with offensive skills and sealstones.  Lifeforce
Blessing is the only worthwhile defensive sealstone.

Make sure at least one character can survive Gyne's Animate Earth.

Now, for the fight itself.  Start off by Silencing Gyne immediately.  Now, just
ignore Gyne until Walther is dead.

Since avoiding Walther's attacks altogether is nearly impossible, I advise
instead splitting one character off into his/her own group to take the hit,
then healing up and advancing to deal some damage.  Repeat this until Walther
falls.  Gyne will speed up the process by trying to cast spells and failing,
which will restore your AP.

When Walther dies, you might as well equip the staff he drops on a mage if
you're using one.

Now the only thing to watch for while killing Gyne is his Great Magic.  If you
see it coming, use an item or cast a menu spell to try to get him to switch
attacks.  Otherwise, you'll just have to heal up after it hits.  He can't do
anything else dangerous though, so this should be easy once Walther dies.


[3.4.3] Hrist and Arngrim


Hrist (leader): Divine
24000 HP, 850 ATK, 600 MAG, 95 HIT, 75 AVD, 80 RDM, 50 RST
+50% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth, +70% Holy, +30% Darkness
Immune to all status ailments


Small, roughly quarter-circular radius in front.  A horizontal slash for
average damage at everything in range.

Small, rougly quarter-circular radius in front.  Two hits on one character, the
second pulling him/her toward Hrist.  Deals average damage.

Hurricane Bolt--
Small radius, shaped like half of a ring.  A single upward strike that deals
average damage.

Trial of Existence--
Small, narrow radius in front.  Three strikes at the target.  Deals high

Downward Split--
Extremely small, narrow radius in front (smaller than Trial of Existence).  A
downward slice at the target, deals high damage.

Furious Advance--
Medium/small, fan-shaped radius.  A charge for very high damage (about 1600) at
anything in the area.

Nibelung Valesti--
Large circular radius.  Hrist's Soul Crush.  Kills one party member.  Only used
at low HP (30%?).

Arngrim: None
21000 HP, 1000 ATK, 250 MAG, 85 HIT, 70 AVD, 40 RDM, 25 RST
+50% Fire
Vulnerable to Curse (100%), Silence (100%), Poison (50%), Freeze (20%),
              Confusion (20%), Faint (20%) and Frailty (100%)


High Wind--
Small, roughly quarter-circular radius in front.  An overhead swing.  Deals
high damage (about 1000) to everyone it hits.

Storm Edge--
Very small, rougly quarter-circular radius in front.  Two hits for a total of
very high damage (about 1400) to everyone it hits.

Dead End--
Small, wide attack radius in front.  A single horizontal swing for extremely
high damage (about 2000) on everyone it hits.

Final Blast--
Very large, very wide attack radius in front.  Arngrim's Soul Crush.  Kills one
character.  Only used when low on HP (30%?).


This is going to be a very hard battle.  Since Hrist and Arngrim have so much
ATK, it's not worth trying to minimize the damage they deal.  Instead, look at
the attack descriptions above--there are *many* one-hit attacks.  One hit
attacks are non-fatal if you use Survival.  And you _should_ use Survival in
this fight.  Without Toughness, Dead End and possibly Furious Advance might
well one-hit-kill party members otherwise.  And even with Toughness, 2000
damage is an awful lot.

I actually don't advise using Toughness unless you have Lifeforce Blessing.  As
long as you have about 1000-1500 HP per character, it's not necessary.  The 5
CP could be better spent buffing your damage, since Fairy Tinctures can cover
the healing for this battle.

Make sure you have plenty of Fairy Tinctures and Union Plumes.  They might come
in handy.

Now, you can either ignore Arngrim and just kill Hrist, or kill off Arngrim
first and then Hrist.  If you have good setups for dealing tons of damage, the
first option might be better (although riskier).  I recommend having a Bloody
Patch on everyone if you want to try it, and using Mithra's Holy Water to
knock off almost half of Hrist's HP in one shot is nice.

The fight plays out mostly the same this way, except you will probably be
taking more damage.

It's probably safer to kill off Arngrim first.  Poisoning him is a nice bit of
extra damage, so go ahead and toss an Earth Gem at him or use Poison Blow if
you can.  Then it's just a matter of healing up after every attack.  Only Dead
End should deal more than 1500 damage, so Fairy Tinctures work great.

The problem is that you still have to deal with Hrist as you kill off Arngrim.
To be honest, there's no sure-fire way to do that.  There are some things to
try though.

First, abuse the scenery, especially those two broken pillars near where you
started. Hrist and Arngrim are faster than your party, but they're not smart.
Try to use this to regain AP.

Second, attacks like Dreaded Radius can launch Hrist or Arngrim back a long
way, often far enough to give you time to regroup.

Third, you can always just take a hit and heal to regain AP.  With Survival,
not much short of a Soul Crush or getting hit by both Hrist and Arngrim at once
should kill you.  Take advantage of that.

Under NO circumstances should you run up the steps in the back of the
battlefield, unless you want to die.  You'll just be trapped by Hrist and
Arngrim up there.

Once Arngrim is down, he drops the Grand Sting.  Unless you already have one or
are using the Kraadicator, it's probably your best Heavy Warrior weapon for
now, so equip it immediately if it helps.

Hrist alone is still far from easy, but she doesn't deal as much damage as
Arngrim, so you can abuse Fairy Tinctures in even more safety.  If someone gets
Soul Crushed, just use a Union Plume and keep that character in the back so
Hrist's multi-hit attacks don't reach.  Then a Fairy Tincture should get you
back to normal.

Also, make sure you attack Hrist from behind.  She has a nasty habit of
blocking almost everything but magic from the front, and the damage boost means
less time for you to mess up and lose.


[3.5.0] Chapter 5

A long chapter, and a letdown after the excellent Chapter 4.  The bosses in
particular are uninspiring.  They're also generally easier than the Chapter 4

On the other hand, I do enjoy all but the last dungeon in the chapter.  The
second-last is especially fun, with nice music and lots of photon-swapping
goodness. :)


[3.5.m1] Princes of Hel


--Prince of Hel x5 (one is leader): Demon
4560 HP (leader has 5472), 432 ATK, 324 MAG, 100 HIT, 70 AVD, 45 RDM, 30 RST
-50% Holy, +100% Darkness

Attacks to be added later.

Strategy: It's really no harder than a random battle.  Just get behind them,
hack away, kill it.  Repeat up to four more times.

You can get an easy DA here to farm Silence Checks if you're interested.
Figured I'd throw that in to give this section some importance.


[3.5.1] Arectaris


--Arectaris (leader): Giant, Plant
30000 HP, 489 ATK, 440 MAG, 80 HIT, 15 AVD, 100 RDM, 50 RST
+50% Lightning
Vulnerable to Confusion (20%)


Very long, narrow attack radius.  Launches a thunderball toward the target.
Deals medium lightning damage to everything it hits.

Thunder Storm--
Medium/small circular radius.  Casts Thunder Storm for low lightning damage
to an area.

Fire Storm--
Medium range, fan-shaped radius.  Casts Fire Storm for medium/low fire
damage to an area.

Medium circular radius.  Smacks the ground, causing low physical damage to
everything in the area.

Angel Raid--
Targets self.  Causes a rain to start falling.  This rain deals very low
damage at intervals (similar to poison) and also causes Frailty.

Gravity Blessing--
Large, half-ring-shaped radius.  Arectaris's Great Magic.  Casts Gravity
Blessing for high lightning damage to the party.


The first thing to note is that Arectaris cannot move.  This makes avoiding
attacks that much easier.

The second thing to note is that there are four crystals at the edges of the
arena.  As with the Dragon Zombie, you'll have to break those to cause any
decent damage to Arectaris.  The crystals have 1500 HP each.

The third thing to note is Angel Rain, the only challenging thing about this
fight.  You'll want Frailty protection of some sort in case Arectaris does use
it.  You can get that from items (some easy-to-get items give 40% Frailty
protection and improve with linking) or from Nectar Potions.  Your choice.

For the fight itself, there's not much to say.  If you can figure out which
party member Arectaris likes to target the most, you can use that character as
a decoy and attack with your other three from another direction.

If at any time you don't see an attack radius around Arectaris, I recommend
using an item or casting a menu spell immediately.  If Angel Rain isn't used,
the fight is a cinch due to Arectaris's low HP and damage output.

So just break the crystals then swing away.  Heal up if you need to, but try
not to use items or menu spells unless you have to, so you can try to prevent
Angel Rain from happening.

One other thing to say: since Gravity Blessing is only one hit, Survival works
wonders in stopping it from killing your party.


[3.5.2] Aesir Guards


--Aesir (Patrol) (one is leader) x4: Divine
4300 HP (leader has 5160), 800 ATK, 420 MAG, 62 HIT, 45 AVD, 90 RDM, 10 RST
+50% Holy
Unknown vulnerability to status ailments (for now).


Small, wide attack radius.  A single horizontal swing for low damage.

Stone Shiner--
Small, narrow attack radius.  A vertical slash for medium/low damage.


This is seriously more of a joke fight than anything else on the default
difficulty or the next few steps up.  Just Dash behind each of the Aesir and
kill them in one turn, then move to the next.  I don't need to say anything
more than that, really.


[3.5.3] More Aesir Guards


--Aesir (Rescuers) (leader): Divine
3900 HP, 725 ATK, 600 MAG, 62 HIT, 45 AVD, 65 RDM, 10 RST
+50% Holy
Unknown status vulnerability.


Targets self or ally, heals 80% HP.

Flame Shot--
Medium range, very narrow attack radius.  Uses Flame Shot for medium fire

Dual Tusks--
Long, narrow attack radius.  Uses Dual Tusks for low physical damage.

--Aesir (Defenders) x3: Divine
4600 HP, 825 ATK, 450 MAG, 65 HIT, 50 AVD, 92 RDM, 15 RST
+50% Holy
Vulnerable to Paralysis (10%), Silence (15%), Poison (20%), Doom (5%),
              Freeze (30%), Confusion (50%), Stone (10%) and Faint (20%)


Same as Aesir (Patrol) above, as far as I know.  Can use Lightning Bolt when


Look, another joke fight.  Just kill off any of the Defenders in your way, then
off the Rescuers in one round.  3900 HP is ridiculously low for this part of
the game.


[3.5.4] Dimension Beast


--Dimension Beast (leader): Giant
20400 HP, 935 ATK, 750 MAG, 90 HIT, 50 AVD, 80 RDM, 40 RST
-20% Fire, +20% Ice, -50% Lightning, +50% Holy
Unknown status vulnerability.


Medium/short ranged, circular radius.  Hits the entire area several times.
Good total damage and can cause paralysis.  Only used at low health.

Double Knuckle--
Medium/short, wide attack radius in front.  Hits the area up to five times for
high total damage.

Water Lance--
Long, narrow radius in front.  Several ice shards rain down upon the entire
area for low ice damage.

Dark Savior--
Medium range, narrow radius in front.  Casts Dark Savior for high
darkness damage.


Another easy fight, mainly since the Dimension Beast (a palette-swap of the
Kraken) dies so fast.  Just get behind it and swing away.  Only Rumble can
hit you there, and Rumble shouldn't be too bad--just use a Fairy Tincture if
needed.  There's nothing really dangerous about the fight at all.

If needed, you can also abuse the Beast's slow turning radius, or use party-
splitting to ensure only one character gets hit at a time, but it's not needed
and might just make the fight longer.


[3.5.5] Heimdall


--Heimdall (leader): Divine
30000 HP, 925 ATK, 815 MAG, 100 HIT, 100 AVD, 100 RDM, 25 RST
+30% Fire/Lightning/Earth, +80% Holy, +50% Darkness
Vulnerable to Curse (10%), Silence (20%), Poison (5%), Freeze (10%),
              Faint (15%), Frailty (100%)


Stream Attack Rune--
Medium/short, wide attack radius.  A horizontal strike across the attack radius
that deals multiple hits for medium to high total damage.  Causes Faint.

Infinity Rune--
Medium/short circular attack radius.  A horizontal strike dealing multiple hits
for medium to high total damage.

Helical Rune--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  A stabbing strike dealing multiple hits
for medium to high total damage.

Grim Malice--
Short range, wide attack radius.  Heimdall's Soul Crush.  Probably kills one
character.  Only used when low on HP (30-40% or lower, I think).

--Aesir (Defenders) x2

--See above for stats on Aesir (Defenders).  Section [3.5.3]--


Well, this could be an interesting battle.  For one thing, you have no
sealstones at your disposal.  For another, Heimdall's attacks all hit rather
large areas, except his Soul Crush (and Infinity Rune hits a _larger_ area
than the attack radius implies).

In any case, you want to take out the Aesir first.  This should be easy, and
you should be used to killing them by now, so do so.

Now, onto Heimdall.  There are a few ways to handle him.  The most foolproof
one is to ensure you have a sufficient supply of Union Plumes, and then simply
make sure to stay spread out so he can't kill more than one character at a
time.  You'll pretty much be soloing him this way, but Heavy Warriors can deal
major damage to Heimdall so that's not a problem.

You can also heal up after every attack he does.  Only Grim Malice deals more
than 1500 damage, so Fairy Tinctures work fine here.  On the default
difficulty, this is almost certainly the best method.

Or you can try to run around to restore AP when needed.  This is risky, but
Heimdall is rather slow, so it's doable.  Using pushback attacks helps out
here.  Just stay healed so Infinity Rune doesn't kill you.

Among those options, you should find one that works pretty well.


[3.5.m2] Highlander


Highlander (leader): Giant
6000 HP, 1200 ATK, 1200 MAG, 60 HIT, 45 AVD, 90 RDM, 40 RST
No elemental resistances/weaknesses

Wild Wolf x3: Beast
4200 HP, 1000 ATK, 1000 MAG, 90 HIT, 60 AVD, 50 RDM, 40 RST
-50% Earth


The enemies have absurdly low HP totals.  You can probably take out any of the
enemies in this fight in one round.  Just kill any of the Wolves in your way,
then get behind the Highlander and kill it.  No problem.


[3.5.m3] Invasive Arsonist


--Invasive Arsonist (leader): Giant
20400 HP, 1600 ATK, 1000 MAG, 120 HIT, 80 AVD, 100 RDM, 70 RST
+100% Fire, -50% Ice, +50% Earth

Attacks to be added later.


This is a pallete-swap of the first form of the Evolver.  Attacking from behind
should be pretty safe, and then you can abuse the Arsonist's slow speed to
regain AP.  No problem.  Just be VERY careful of its Explosion--it hits hard
and all around the Arsonist.  Body Heat can also hit the back, but it's much
weaker, not really anything to worry about.

Of course, if you equip the Flame Mist from earlier in the dungeon on someone,
its +100% Fire protection should make it almost impossible to lose this fight.


[3.5.6] Odin


--Odin (leader): Divine, Magic
36000 HP, 1600 ATK, 1400 MAG, 130 HIT, 100 AVD, 80 RDM, 80 RST
+50% Fire, +80% Lightning, +20% Earth, +80% Holy, +50% Darkness
Vulnerable to Poison (20%), Freeze (50%), Faint (20%), and Frailty (100%)


Rebellious Trail--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  Odin charges along the attack radius,
dealing medium physical damage to anyone in his path.

Freezing Spear--
Medium/long range, wide attack radius.  Odin fires several ice daggers at the
target for medium ice damage.  Can freeze.

Absolute Reign (1)--
Small, wide attack radius.  Odin fires off a slow-moving energy wave for
low physical and holy (?) damage.  The wave continues moving far past the
attack radius, so watch out for that.

Absolute Reign (2)--
Very long, narrow attack radius.  Odin warps to the target, then uses Absolute
Reign as above.

Capitol Punishment (1)--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  Odin fires a beam at the target area,
dealing high physical and elemental damage.  The most dangerous attack in the

Capitol Punishment (2)--
Very long, narrow attack radius.  Odin warps to the target, then uses Capitol
Punishment as above.

Thunder Storm--
Small circular attack radius.  Casts Thunder Storm for high lightning damage to
an area.

Spell Reinforce--
Targets self.  Raises MAG by 50%.

Spiritual Lancer--
Extremely large circular radius.  Odin's Soul Crush.  Kills one character.
Only used below 50% HP.


This is a two-part fight; you'll be fighting Odin twice in a row.  The battle
is the same both times though.

For the first part, you just need to get Odin to use his Soul Crush, which will
then end the fight immediately.  In the second battle, you have to defeat him
like any other boss.

Leave Great Shield Law on a dias and carry in Sharp Sword Law.  On the whole
you'll be taking less damage and dealing more with this setup.  Slayer skills
are good as always, and again go for more damage output rather than trying to
be defensive.

The fight itself is rather simple.  Odin is extraordinarily slow and the
battlefield gives you plenty of opportunities to mess up Odin's AI.  So simply
Dash to Odin's back, let loose an attack chain (saving 15 AP!) and then Dash
away to regain AP.  Repeat this as necessary.  If you get hit, feel free to
just run around far away from Odin and cast Heal repeatedly.

Alternatively, you can poison him and win that way, but that takes too long to
be worthwhile.  On the other hand, the poison adds in some nice damage, so if
you're using an archer, go ahead and use Poison Shot.

You'll have a new party member for the second battle.  It doesn't really matter
whether you use him or not, since physical attacks deal more damage than any
spell does to Odin.


[3.5.m4] Abyss Dragon


--Abyss Dragon (leader): Dragon, Giant, Unholy
21600 HP, 1000 ATK, 800 MAG, 82 HIT, 44 AVD, 45 RDM, 80 RST
-50% Fire, +50% Ice, +100% Earth, -50% Holy, +50% Darkness

Attacks to be added later.


A palette-swap of the Dragon Zombie, but without the annoying orbs to kill.  It
still turns just as slowly as ever and still takes ridiculous amounts of
damage, especially from behind.  Just get behind it and attack, then run in
circles to regain AP if you need.  Should be easy.

A Direct Assault nets a Double-Check, which is worth mentioning since it's easy
and one of few (the only?) ways to get an infinite supply.  Of course, getting
to the fight takes a long time, so....


[3.5.7] White Dragon


--White Dragon (leader): Dragon, Giant, Scaled
24000 HP, 1400 ATK, 950 MAG, 115 HIT, 90 AVD, 110 RDM, 45 RST
-50% Fire, absorbs Ice


Cold Breath--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  An ice breath attack that hits a line in
front of the dragon several times for medium ice damage total.

Wing Flapping--
Medium range, wide attack radius.  The Dragon flaps its wings to deal low
physical damage and knock back everyone in front.

Tail Swipe--
Short range, wide attack radius.  A tail swipe at the area, deals low physical

There may be more at low health, but I killed the Dragon in one round, so I'll
have to check that later.


This is a simple fight.  The Dragon deals pitiful damage compared to Odin, it
moves and turns somewhat slowly (Dashing around it and then running, then
Dashing again, etc. can restore AP), and it has low health.  I killed it in one
attack round at about level 30 easily.  Just get behind it and swing away.


[3.5.m5] Silver Dragon


--Silver Dragon (leader): Dragon, Giant, Scaled
22800 HP, 1500 ATK, 1200 MAG, 100 HIT, 92 AVD, 150 RDM, 55 RST
+80% Fire, +20% to all other elements

Attacks to be added later.


Just Dash behind it and attack.  It can counterattack with a weak physical
attack, but that doesn't matter--in the worst case, just use a Fairy Tincture.
Another easy fight.


[3.5.8] Freya


--Freya (leader): Divine
43200 HP, 1450 ATK, 2000 MAG, 120 HIT, 120 AVD, 135 RDM, 150 RST
+50% Ice, +50% Lightning, +20% Earth, +80% Holy, +20% Darkness
Vulnerable to Faint (20%) and Frailty (100%)


Victory Sword--
Long, narrow attack radius.  Attacks the target and a small area around with
energy blasts for high physical damage.

Thunder Sword--
Medium range, wide attack radius.  Fires a bolt of lightning at the target for
very high lightning-elemental damage.

Burst Shot--
Medium range, very wide attack radius.  Fires two explosive blasts at the
target for high fire-elemental damage.

Earth Grave--
Small circular radius.  Casts Earth Grave at the target to deal medium earth
damage to an area.

Frigid Damsel--
Medium range, narrow attack radius.  Casts Frigid Damsel on the target for
medium ice-elemental damage.

Exact Emotion--
Targets self.  Raises all stats by 20%.

Targets self.  Moves to another location.  Freya can attack again almost
immediately after using this attack.

Ether Strike--
Large circular radius.  Freya's Soul Crush.  Kills one character and ends the
battle.  Used below 50% HP.


First, sealstones.  Put Holy Light Law either on a faraway dais so it doesn't
affect the battle, or in a shell.  You do NOT want to carry it, since Freya
has 80% Holy resistance, and leaving it on the dais will likely make Freya hit

However, if you have lots of ways to get Holy resistance, like an abundance of
Silence Checks or something, then it might be best to leave it on the dais and
just get lots of Holy protection.

Also carry in Ore Blessing and leave Gem Blessing in a shell or on a dais.

Now, like the first Odin fight, you don't have to win this fight.  You just
have to get Freya to use her Soul Crush.  As a matter of fact, you don't even
get anything different for killing Freya instead.

Anyway, the actual battle strategy--

The Flame Mist can come in very handy here, as Victory Sword has an easy-to-
recognize attack range and it's purely physical.  So you can use the Flame Mist
to take no damage from that attack.  Every other attack is elemental, though,
so try to keep your Flame Mist-wearer away from those.

Most likely you can just get behind her, swing away, regain AP however you
want, which can be getting hit (or using a Charge Break or something), then
get behind her again and in those two rounds of attacks you can wipe out half
her HP, as long as you use the best attacks your characters have.

If the battle is taking longer than that, you can use party-splitting to
minimize damage.  If you just keep one character split away from the rest of
your party, that character can act as insurance against everyone else dying.
Then you can Dash in and use a Union Plume on one of the dead characters if

If you have someone with Sweep Dive, you can actually just use that repeatedly
from behind Freya for 1 AP a pop, and unless she uses Earth Grave or Teleport
you can just keep swinging.  Easy and damaging, something to consider.

The terrain can mess with your attacks, so keep that in mind.

Once she gets to half HP, the battle is over since she'll instantly Ether
Strike someone.


[3.6.0] Chapter 6

The final chapter in the game.  The entire chapter is just one large dungeon.
Feel free to exit to the world map to stock up at any time, and enjoy trying
out your new party members.

You won't be seeing anything special until the last boss, but that fight can be
a doozy if you don't know what to do.


[3.6.m1] Slight Devils


--Slight Devil x4: Demon
15000 HP, 1300 ATK, 950 MAG, 135 HIT, 120 AVD, 135 RDM, 20 RST
+100% Fire, +70% Ice/Earth/Darkness


Hm.  These guys are actually somewhat dangerous, for a change.  They hit pretty
hard, they dodge often, and their weapons get in the way of attacks from the
back.  Not to mention their annoying elemental resistances.

You'll want Toughness on as many people as possible, and First Aid doesn't go
amiss either, since you _will_ get hit in this fight.  Having Free Item for
0-AP Charge Breaks, Fairy Tinctures, and Might Potions is nice too.  Once you
have that, go ahead and get in the fight.

Even with good equipment it might take two rounds to kill each of the Devils,
so make sure you heal up after you kill each one.  If you do that, you should
be able to get through the fight without too much trouble.

If you need to, you can always split one character off to take the hit from
nearby Devils when attacking one of them.  It can come in handy, but it's hard
to do.


[3.6.m2] Gigantic Troll


--Gigantic Troll (leader): Giant
48000 HP, 1650 ATK, 700 MAG, 100 HIT, 70 AVD, 70 RDM, 10 RST
-80% Fire, -50% Earth

--Elder Bat x2: Beast
6850 HP, 1200 ATK, 750 MAG, 100 HIT, 120 AVD, 70 RDM, 40 RST
-50% Fire, -20% Ice/Lightning/Earth/Holy

--Rotting Demon x2: Demon, Unholy
7200 HP, 1150 ATK, 680 MAG, 100 HIT, 90 AVD, 80 RDM, 20 RST
-50% Fire/Holy, +20% Ice/Earth/Darkness


Well, fire attacks are obviously very good here, so if you're using an archer
set Flame Shot and Flare Blast if you can (Shrapnel Scatter is also great
against the troll, though too erratic for killing the other enemies).

The Bats and Rotting Demons are easy, they're the same as the ones in the
random battles in this area.  Just kill them off, then heal up if you need to.
The Troll is really slow, so he won't get to you before you can do that.

To attack the Troll, use menu magic or items until he switches to a small
attack range, then move in to the edge of the attack range and attack from
there.  This way you most likely won't get counterattacked.  You can just Dash
away to refill AP.  A pretty easy fight as long as you're dealing decent

If the Troll's HP regeneration is bothering you, either leave Desperate Soldier
Law on the dais where it started or inflict Frailty.  But the HP regeneration
should not be a problem.



[4.0.0] [section 4: additional information]

Hopefully you found this guide helpful and enjoyed using it as much as I
enjoyed writing it.  It was a demanding guide to write, but the end result
(should be, as this guide isn't yet finished) worth it.

Again, feedback of all sorts is welcome at crate3333@yahoo.com


[4.0.1] Revision History

Guide written up through Ancient Forest.  Decided to ignore miniboss
attacks and some stats for now, since I can go back later and get those, plus
that's the most time-consuming part of writing this guide.

Chapter 3 finished, first two sidequests in Chapter 4 finished.

-v0.6 (not submitted)
Chapter 4 finished.  Chapter 5 started.  No real excuse for how late this
update is.  Oh well, it happens.  Now that I'm back into the game I should get
more done in less time.  Hopefully.

More progress in Chapter 5.  There are now only two major bosses in Chapter 5
and a few in Chapter 6, plus some minibosses, until the main game is complete.

Finished Chapter 5, started Chapter 6.  I had spring break between this update
and the last, which is why it took so long, since I left my PS2 at school for
the week.  I should be done with the main game soon now.


[4.0.2] Credits and Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people/entities.  Without their existence and
contributions, this guide would not exist as it does today.

-tri-Ace, for creating Valkyrie Profile 2.  Probably my favorite RPG ever by

-Square-Enix, for publishing VP2.

-CJayC, Sailor Bacon, and CNet, for everything they've done for GameFAQs.

-triAce_Fanboy, for his excellent guide, for providing bosses' resistances to
status ailments, for more accurate RDM/RST/elemental resistance information
than Spectacles can give, and for providing information on bosses' attacks.
Also for a few other details and ideas.

All the enemy status ailment resistances in this guide are taken directly from
triAce_Fanboy's guide, with his permission.  Some of the attack descriptions
are taken from his guide, with his permission.  If I used his attack
descriptions I noted this in the guide.

-Kouli, for (currently) the only complete VP2 walkthrough which includes some
handy information including bosses' resistances to status ailments.

-Everyone in the Damage Calculations topic, including Marty81, madsharkk,
HeWhoYerfs, triAce_Fanboy and others, for figuring out the math behind damage
formulae and specifically for figuring out how the Elemental Law sealstones

-Gundam4Fun for the excellent Item Guide, which helped me find many, many items
used in my various playthroughs, including the one during which I wrote this

-Everyone on the GameFAQs VP2 board, for keeping it a rather welcoming, helpful
and informative place to be.

-Phantombabies.net, for being absolutely awesome.

-You, for reading this guide.

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