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Controlled (7777) HP Growth Guide by nemes1s

Updated: 01/04/07

   by : hpsolo (version 05-JAN-2007)

This is a guide on how to obtain 7777 max HP (or any repeating-digit max HP).
There are methods for getting 7777 HP to make use of items like Solomon's
Ring (100% drop rate with 7777 HP), but you have to spend a bit of time going
through Dragonscrypt and the Palace of Venerated Dragon. Plus, you also have
to spend some skill points on Force Field (5000), which uses up 6 of the 12
(max) skill points. Lastly, some people may simply enjoy having characters
with repeating digits.

The key is knowing what the HP growth of each character is. One way is to
hope that the last two  digits of your HP is 77. Then use enough Ambrosias
(+100 to max HP) to raise it to 7,777. Unfortunately, the chances of getting
77 as your last two digits is pretty low if all you do is just level up a
character and hope that things go right. However, it is possible to obtain
7,777 HP through deterministic methods, so long as you know what the HP
growth per levelup is for the character you want to have 7,777 HP.


I would recommend that you only try to get the non-Einharjers to 7777 HP. 
I also recommend that you try to do so without relying on the HP boosting 
items. The reason is that it is nearly impossible to get 7777 HP exactly, 
so we will need to use Ambrosias (permanently increases MHP by 100), and
unless we release Einharjers, there are only a few Ambrosias from all the 
treasure chests. If we use Ambrosias on Einharjers, then they are "wasted"
if we ever release them.

On the other hand, it would not be very difficult to get Einharjers to
have 7777 HP with no Ambrosias. The only thing it would cost is a little
bit of time. So you could get a party of guys with 7777 HP and go farm
drops until you got bored of it, and then just release them for the stat-
boosting items.

Below is the growth table for all the usable characters in the game. Note
that some characters can only be obtained in the Seraphic Gate. Moreover,
it is usually the case that the characters obtained from the Seraphic Gate
are already in the Lvl40+ range.

HP GROWTH TABLE (credit: MeepleLardicle & Niu)

     Level  Level   Level    Level    Level    Level
Type  2-10  11-20   21-30    31-40    41-50    51-99
 1   41~44  90~92  120~121    190      250    510~511
 2   36-39  80~82  115~117  160~161  200~201  447~449
 3   44~49  83~86  110~112  155~156    190    410~411
 4   35~39  77~80  110~113  150~152  170~171  397~398
 5   32~35  70~72  100~103  140~144  170~175  306~310
 6   26~29  66~70   90~95   140~145  170~175  306~310
 7   25~28  61~65   87~90   128~132  160~165  312~316
 8   25~29  61~65   86~90   128~133  157~162  292~297
 9   25~28  63~67   90~95   125~130  150~155  293~297
10   28~32  69~72   95~99   120~123  160~164  289~292
11   21~23  57~60   85~89   110~115  120~125  295~301
12   28~30  67~69   92~94   115~118  155~158  282~289
13   25~29  60~65   86~91   127~132  155~159  273~279
14   23~26  61~63   85~89   125~130  150~155  275~280
15   24~28  59~64   85~91   126~131  150~156  255~260 

Type  1: Kraad, Guilm, Gerald, Brahms
Type  2: Roland, Dyn, Adonis, Ehlen
Type  3: Falx, Dylan
Type  4: Zunde, Arngrim
Type  5: Sha-Kon, Millidia, Lylia
Type  6: Celes, Circe, Fraudia, Valkyrie, Alicia, Hrist
Type  7: Khanon
Type  8: Woltar, Farant, Seluvia, Aegis
Type  9: Richelle, Rasheeka, Lenneth
Type 10: Chrystie, Phyress, Sophalla, Lydia, Rufus, Silmeria
Type 11: Jessica, Crescent, Aron
Type 12: Ehrde, Arcana, Atracia
Type 13: Mithra, Alm, Psoron
Type 14: Sylphide, Tyrith
Type 15: Xehnon, Masato, Lezard


I will provide the details for Lenneth, Freya, Hrist, and Silmeria. They 
are great characters to have at 7777 HP since they are not part of the 
Einharjer list. Moreover, each character has something unique about them 
that makes the 7777 HP even better. Lenneth can equip Demon Sword 
"Levantine" (ATK 500; MAG 1000; Attacks: 3; Special Attack: Yes; Attack 
Type: Fire) for huge damage, as well as Ascalon (guaranteed critical). 
Freya has Heavenly Punishment, and can solo Soul Crush. Hrist can make use 
of Gungnir; with Psychosoma, she can do great damage. Lastly, Silmeria can 
equip Blue Gale (guaranteed critical). Guaranteed criticals and Dismantle 
work well for farming hard drops.

* LENNETH LVL 50 (5000 HP)

Let's take a look at Lenneth. When you first obtain Lenneth, her starting 
level is 50, and her starting max HP is 5000. Her HP growth is 293-297 per 
level (since she is Type 9). In order to obtain 7777 HP, we need the last 
two digits to be 7's.

Suppose we level her up 10 times with HP growth 293. This puts her max HP
at 7930, way beyond 7777 HP. So we know that she can only be leveled up
at most 9 times to even have a chance at obtaining 7777 HP. Suppose we
level her up exactly 9 times. Then her HP would lie somewhere between
7637 and 7673. These numbers are calculated as follows:

5000 + 9 x 293 = 7637; 5000 + 9 x 297 = 7673

That is, if she only obtains the minimum HP growth for all 9 levels then
her HP would be 7637; similarly maximal HP growth would give her 7673 HP.
Notice that in the range 7637 and 7673, there is not a single number that
ends with 77. Therefore, we cannot achieve 7777 HP even with Ambrosias
if we level her up 9 times. So let's try 8 times.

5000 + 8 x 293 = 7344; 5000 + 9 x 7376

Again, no good since no number ending in 77 lies between 7344 and 7376.
So how about leveling up 7 times.

5000 + 7 x 293 = 7051; 5000 + 7 x 297 = 7079

Bingo! The value 7077 lies inside this range. And it's only 2 less than
the largest possible number, 7079. This suggests that we level up Lenneth
5 times at 297 HP growth, and 2 times at 296 HP growth. Or you can
vary this and make it say 6 times at 297 growth and 1 time at 295 growth.

5000 + 1 x 295 + 6 x 297 = 7077
5000 + 2 x 296 + 5 x 297 = 7077

So Lenneth can obtain 7777 HP with the addition of 7 Ambrosias, and
her level would be 57. Now, if you are willing to give up one accessory
slot, you can obtain 7777 HP without using ANY Ambrosias. More on that
method below.

* HRIST LVL 45 (3750 HP)

We can do very similar leveling up for Hrist. When you first get Hrist, 
she starts out at level 45, with 3750 HP. Her HP growth is Type 6. So 
for levels 45-49, her HP growth would be 170-75, and 306-310 for levels
50-99. If you do the same analysis as done for Lenneth, you will find
that Hrist can be within 1 Ambrosia from 7777 HP. Leveling Hrist to 61
would force her HP to be higher than 7777 HP even if she only got the
lowest HP growth each levelup. So we then look at leveling her up to
60, and the HP range works out just right.

3750 + 5 x 170 + 10 x 306 = 7660
3750 + 5 x 175 + 10 x 310 = 7725

Since 7660 < 7677 < 7725, we know for sure that we can get Hrist's HP
to be within 1 Ambrosia from 7777 HP. I'll save you the trouble of
figuring out what the HP growths need to be and give one route to
leveling up Hrist:

3750 +  3 x 171 = 4263
4263 +  2 x 172 = 4607
4607 + 10 x 307 = 7677

I will note that this is not the only way to get 7677 HP. If you know
a little more math, I will simply say that you can reduce the number
of times you have to reset and relevel. For example, instead of 
3x171 + 2x172, it's just as good to do 2x170 + 2x172 + 1x173. 

This route means 1 Ambrosia is needed. Hrist's final level would be 60.
I know for sure there are at least 4 Ambrosias in the game. With Gungir, 
Hrist can do considerable damage and would be good to have for farming 

* SILMERIA LVL 47 (4320 HP)

Silmeria requires 18 Ambrosias. Silmeria has HP growth 289-292. You 
obtain her first at level 47 with 4320 HP, and the growth is 160-164 for
levels 40-49. Do the same type of calculations, and you will find that
level 54 is the desired level.

4320 + 3 x 164 = 4812
4812 + 2 x 292 = 5396
5396 + 1 x 291 = 5687
5687 + 1 x 290 = 5977

Then 18 Ambrosias are required, and Silmeria will be at level 54. If
you think 18 Ambrosias is too much, read further below. Like Lenneth,
you can get Silmeria 7777 HP if you don't mind giving up an accessory
slot. Plus, Silmeria's level will be slightly higher.

* FREYA LVL 50 (4320 HP)

Freya is my favorite character, and she has a similar path for 7777 HP. 
She starts out at level 50 with 4320 HP. Her HP growth is unique in
that she is the only one with growth 322-324 in the 50-99 level range.
Since the only HP range that works is

4320 + 7 x 322 = 6574 < 6577 < 6588 = 4320 + 7 x 324

So one method for obtaining 6577 is by leveling as follows:

4320 + 4 x 322 = 5608
5608 + 3 x 323 = 6577

She would then need 12 Ambrosias; her final level would be 57. As with
Lenneth, if you are willing to give up another accessory slot, you
can get Freya to have 7777 HP with a level of 60.

* VALKYRIE LVL 55 (6500 HP)
* BRAHMS LVL 48 (5600 HP)

Given Valkyrie's starting HP and her HP growth, it is impossible to obtain 
7777 HP. The same goes for Brahms.


These characters do not have a set HP at any given level. So there is no 
exact formula since it will be different for each person. However, there 
is a general method for them, so long as you are willing to put in some 
time to do a bit of simple math. More on that below.


There are only a finite number of Ambrosias in the game if you do not 
release any Einharjers. Now, one major purpose of getting 7777 HP is to 
be able to use something like Solomon's ring to speed up farming so we 
could get perfect releases. So we cannot assume we can use Ambrosias from 
the Einharjers since we presumably cannot release any at this point.

If you open every single treasure chest in the game (including those in 
the Seraphic Gate; the Seraphic Gate does not need to be cleared to obtain
all the non-key items in the game), then I think there are about 4 Ambrosias
in total.

Let me make one thing clear: you will very likely have to release one or two
Einharjers in order to get 7777 HP for anyone except Hrist and possibly
Lenneth. If you want 77,777 HP then you CANNOT get a perfect release. But,
since one can obtain an infinite number of Golden Eggs, we can afford to
have non-perfect releases. It is possible to get a perfect release and have
quite a few characters with 7777 HP. In a perfect release, you get the
equivalent of about 243 Ambrosias (this includes the +200 HP gems). If you
want the maximum number of Ambrosias, then you would need to release all
Einharjers with their RDM stat boosted to the max. This gives you somewhere
in the order of 480 Ambrosias (untested).

There are also Expert's Experience which will help out with the leveling-up
of your characters. I believe you can obtain a quite few of these, as 
well (without releasing). Each gives 300,000 experience points (not sure 
if affected by Experience Pig Law sealstone).

Of course, you could just avoid having to deal with Ambrosias if you are
willing to use controlled leveling of the Einharjers, or if you are
willing to use an accessory slot for +HP. If you do not want to give up 
an accessory slot, then you will need to figure out a way to release 
your Einharjers. If you want a perfect release, read further below.


Controlled leveling is essential to getting the desired HP. All you do 
is save your game when you are about to gain a level. This is easily 
monitored since every battle tells you how much experience you gain, and
you can check your current experience level with the SELECT menu. But you
only need to use controlled leveling once they are within a certain
level range. It is quite pointless to do so early in the game since you
cannot obtain any items that allow you to make use of special HP values.

For characters which do not have set HPs such as Rufus and Alicia, you 
would just level them up normally, and then once they are around level
40 (for those with high HP growth) or 45 (for those with low-medium HP
growth), you start to control the growth.

In one of my recent games (actually, in my second and current playthrough),
I had Rufus at 4393 HP at level 47. I did not pay any attention to his HP
growth up to this point. I only decided to pay attention to it since he
was getting close to level 50, when the HP growth range would be fixed
at 289-292. I then did the calculations. With minimal growth, Rufus would
have 4393 + 3 x 160 + 10 x 289 = 7763 HP. This was looking really good,
since maximal growth would likely be much higher than 7763. Lo and behold,
4393 + 3 x 164 + 10 x 292 = 7793 HP. This meant that if I controlled the
HP growth of Rufus up to level 60 (47+3+10), I could get him to have
exactly 7777 HP. And I did.

So how would this be done? Since 7777 HP was only 14 HP away from 7763 HP
I could start with minimal growth per levelup and adjust them to make up
the difference of 14 HP. I leveled up Rufus to 48 and noticed that the
HP growth was 164, 4 more than the minimal. So that meant that I already
had 4 of the 14 HP taken care of. So in the next 12 levelups, I need to
make up the difference of 10 HP. It is pretty easy to figure out what to
do from here, and one could do this with minimal resetting.

In this same game, I had cleared all normal dungeons and obtained all the
treasures within 35 hours. All that was left was the Seraphic Gate, and
beating the final boss. This included getting Arngrim, Leone, Lezard,
and Dylan to certain levels. And almost all non-Einharjer had almost all
the useful skills (Toughness, Dismantle, First Aid, Psychosoma, True
Seeing, Iron Fist, Mental Boost, Training, slayer skills) learned. Unless
people really don't know how to do this, I won't bore you with the
details. (And of course, I also had Solomon's Ring and most of the release
items farmed) I never used the Hydra/Zombie Dragon Trick (waste of time).

This is the principle behind getting any character to a certain HP 
level. It is best to do all your level-ups in the Seraphic Gate since 
the enemy groupings are very standardized there (not to mention the huge 
amount of exp per kill).


One major reason for 7,777 HP is to be able to get 100% drop rates 
with, say, Solomon's Ring. We can use at most 3 accessory slots for the 
+HP gear. In the game, there are only three types: HP+3%, HP+5%, and 
HP+10%. Suppose our max HP is 5,000. If we equip one single HP+3% item, 
then our max HP (MHP) would be 

5000 + 5000*0.03 = 5000(1+0.03) = 5000 (1.03) = 5150.

In general, if the accessory boosts HP by P percent, then the adjusted max 
HP (AMHP) is the product of the current MHP and (1+P/100), which I will 
call the multiplier. Thus,

MHP * (1 + P/100) = AMHP

We know all the possible values of P since we can use up to three slots 
for +HP gear, and we also know what AMHP should be -- 7,777. So that 
allows us to figure out all the possible MHP values that we can play with. 
Solving for MHP gives:

MHP = AMHP / (1 + P/100) = 7777 / (1 + P/100).

Keep in mind, however, that the game does NOT round up. Instead, it 
truncates to the nearest integer. So the actual formula is

MHP = ceiling[ 7777 / (1 + P/100) ]

Let's do a quick example. Suppose we wish to obtain 7777 HP by using a 
single accessory (unlinked) that gives, say, HP+3%. Then our max HP 
needs to be:

MHP = ceiling[ 7777 / (1 + 3/100) ] = ceiling[7550.4854...] = 7551

Thus, if our unadjusted max HP is 7551, then equipping an HP+3% 
accessory will change our max HP the adjusted max HP of:

AMHP = 7551 * (1+3/100) = 7777.53

Since the game simpley chops off all decimals, the adjusted HP is 7777. 
Of course, the game allows for linking bonuses. Below is a table of the 
multipliers for linking same-colored runes.

Linking Multiplier Table

 Tiles  Multiplier
   1       1.00
   2       1.50
   3       2.00
   4       2.50
   5       3.00
   6       3.25
   7       3.50
   8       3.75
   9       4.00

The effects are first totaled, and then the multiplier is used. For example,
Lenneth's weapon is always a red rune. If we link two additional red runes
that have +3% HP (two Barakas, for example), then we have a link of 3 tiles,
with the total effect of +6% HP -- without the multiplier. Now, figure in
the multiplier and the final effect is (0.03 + 0.03) x 2 extra HP. Thus
the HP formula is:

New HP = HP + HP x [(0.03 + 0.03) x 2] = HP [1 + 2x(0.06)] = HP x 1.12

I will leave it up to you to figure out the various multipliers with 
combinations of linking and non-linking. There are way too many 
possibilities to write out. Suffice it to say that you have all you need 
right here in this guide.



Now if you look at Freya's HP growth (322-324), the only way we can get 
an HP ending in 77 (without accessories) is to level her up exactly 
seven times. However, if you give up one accessory slot (in addition to 
the one needed for Solomon's Ring or a similar item), then you CAN get
7777HP at a slightly higher level!

Notice that if we use a single HP+3% accessory, we would need 7551 max HP
and not 7777 max HP (see calculations above). Now, let's recalculate the 
HP ranges for Freya. Again, if we leveled up Freya so that she gains 
minimal HP every time, then her HP would be:

4320 + (#levelups) x 322 

And if she levels up with maximal HP growth each levelup, then her HP 
would be:

4320 + (#levelups) x 324

Now, if we level her up, say, 10 times, then her HP range would be:

4320 + 10 x 322 = 7540
4320 + 10 x 324 = 7560

How fortunate for us that 7540 < 7551 < 7560! This means that with 
controlled leveling, we can get Freya's HP to be exactly 7551. Then, if 
we equip an HP+3% accessory, her HP would be exactly 7777! All we have 
to do is make sure that Freya earns 7551 - 7540 = 11 HP more than the
minimal growth per levelup. For example, say you level her up three 
times and gain 323, 322, 324 HP respectively. That means in those three 
levelups, you gained 1 + 0 + 2 = 3 HP over the minimal growth. So the 
remaining seven levelups, you must gain exactly 11 - 3 = 8 more HP than 
the minimal growth. This can be done by leveling four times at 324 
growth (since 324-322 = 2; do this four times and you get 8) and then 
the remaining levels at 322 growth. Or six times at 323 growth, and
once at 324 growth. The variations are plenty, so you don't need to have 
some strict growth (this makes the number of times you have to redo a 
levelup much less :-)


I will give a more detailed explanation (one that you can apply to any 
character) for Lenneth. Let's try to get Lenneth 7777 HP with the help 
of a single accessory. The way I am computing the multiplier range below 
is to simply take 7777 and divide by the minimum and maximum HP. For 
example, 7777/5293 is approximately 1.469.

Lvl	HP Range        Multiplier Range
50        5000                N/A
51      5293-5297         1.468-1.469
52      5586-5594         1.390-1.392
53      5879-5891         1.320-1.323
54      6172-6188         1.257-1.260
55      6465-6485         1.199-1.203
56      6758-6782         1.147-1.151
57      7051-7079         1.099-1.103
58      7344-7376         1.054-1.059
59      7637-7673         1.014-1.018
60      7930-7970       ----------------

Notice that by level 60, we have already surpassed the 7777 HP mark. So 
we can level Lenneth up by at most 9 levels if we wish her to still have 
7777 HP. In general, the smaller the multiplier, the fewer the number of 
links needed, and hence fewer +HP accessories required. There is no way
to get a multiplier lower than 1.03 since HP+3% is the smallest HP 
boosting accessory. On the other hand, level 57 looks promising since 
the multiplier 1.10 can be obtained several ways. We can use two 
unlinked HP+5% accessories, a single HP+5% accessory linked with another 
rune of the same color, or just a single HP+10% accessory. Doing the 
math to figure out the max HP without accessories:

MHP = celing[ 7777 / (1 + 10/100) ] = ceiling[ 7070 ] = 7070.

So we need to level up Lenneth 7 times and control the HP growth so that 
she has 7070 HP by the time she hits level 57. (That's 19 more than that 
minimal growth, or 9 less than the maximal growth) So you could level 
her so that her growths are:

5000 + 5 x 296 + 2 x 295 = 7070

Again, this is just one way. With 7070 HP, you would then equip her 
with, say, a Lily (HP+10%, grey rune so no linking is needed). Or, since 
her weapon is a red rune, you could link with an HP+5% (red rune). This 
leaves two more accessory slots for whatever you want. In my current 
game, I have her equipped with a Ham-Star (equivalent to Solomon's Ring 
except you also gain many 100% resistances), a Lily (for 7777 adjusted 
HP), and two Evil Eye of Death (+30% MAG, +30% RST each) along with the 
Levantine weapon. And on the plus side -- no Ambrosias!.

You can use this method to also get 77,777 HP (requires using 3 HP 
boosting accessories and one last slot for the Solomon's Ring, and 
many Ambrosias from releasing).


Now, you may have been thinking:

Wait a minute, suppose I don't want to waste an accessory slot -- 
because that could be used for a +30% ATK item (e.g. Power Bangle) which 
I might need to Direct Assault some tough baddies in the Seraphic Gate. 
It seems like we have a chicken-egg problem here because I cannot get 
enough Ambrosias without releasing -- and I would prefer a perfect 
release. But in order to get a perfect release (and not have it take 
forever), I would need to Direct Assault some baddies (e.g. Tiamat or 
Bahamut). Finally, it seems like most of the known methods for DAing 
these guys suggest using Freya at level 99!

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can have all your party members be 
around leve 60 and still Direct Assault Tiamat. You can also farm Ether 
Crowns fairly easily, too. There is one small caveat. In order to get a 
perfect release, you will have to level up at least one character beyond 
level 60 (because we need Sylvan Robes, and it helps to Direct Assault 
Odin for those). But, on the way there, you can keep all your characters 
at 7777 HP until you are ready to move on and finish up your perfect 
release. Here's how I did it:

In several save files, kept Freya at level 57. This gives her Smackdown, 
Flank Attack, and Victory Sword. These three attacks, along with a few 
releases, are enough to farm Ether Crowns, and Direct Assault the 
Ethereal Queen (first Seraphic Gate run).

You get a few Ambrosia from releasing the anyone that is not a heavy 
warrior. However, since the heavy warriors do not require anything from 
the Seraphic Gate bosses, you may as well release them early on. The 
game gives you 4 Ambrosias from just opening treasure chests. Get Hrist 
to 7777 and use her to farm a few items needed for the heavy warriors. I 
had Rufus at 7777 HP and used him to farm all the materials for all the 
Einharjers. It took no more than an hour to get all the materials (and 
extra for non-Einharjers). Now, to Direct Assualt Tiamat, I used Freya, 
Hrist, Rufus, and Lenneth. The Sealstones I used were:

Carried: Gold Grubber, Yggdrasil, Sharp Sword, Sword Blessing
On Dais: Fetter's, Rust, Chasm (only the bottom three floors)

Skills:  Iron Fist, Mental Boost, Psychosoma, Spirit Control or Heat
         Up (two of each), True Seeing
Accs:    Power Bangles, Magic Bangles, Moon Pearls... anything boosting 
         ATK or MAG where appropriate

Freya:   Flank Attack, Smackdown, Crisis Point
Others:  don't remember their attacks, didn't care really but I made
         sure to use the most powerful attacks

Just go in, use a Might Potion on Freya, and make sure that you get
a Soul Crush. The order should be Lenneth -> Hrist -> Rufus -> Freya
for best damage. Two rounds should do it.

This allows you to release the heavy warriors and boost one of your 
character's STR by a helluva-lot. You get one Ether Crown from Freya, 
and another via a chest. That's two heavy warriors you can release now.
I used Freya. Now, time to farm the Ether Crowns. Same Sealstones setup. 
Encounter Gyne and Walther.

Party Setup: Freya (57) + Lenneth (60) + two dead folks

Freya's skills: Ghost Buster, Fists of Iron, Solitary Struggle, Heroism
Freya's equips: Power Bangle x 3 and anything else boosting ATK
Lenneth's skills: Toughness, Free Item, First Aid, Magic Resist
Lenneth's equips: Ham-Star (stat-protection), Metabolizer, Tri-Emblem,
      Homonculus (all resist +20%)

Freya's attacks: Flank Attack -> Smackdown -> Victory Sword

Lenneth's duty is to keep Freya alive/raised/buffed (Might Reinforce).
Separate the two so that Lenneth is away from the two mages but close 
enough to support Freya. Have Freya attack Gyne; use Smackdown only as 
Gyne is getting up or you will miss! Manage your damage so that Gyne 
does not use his heal (only when his HP is about 1/3 remaining). If you 
have trouble, switch out Sword Blessing for Silence Pin (sealstone).
Just kill Gyne and have Walther raise him. Every time you kill Gyne, 
your stats go up via Heroism so that later kills go by much more 

Now release the remaining heavy warriors. To Direct Assault Bahamut, use 
the same setup as with Tiamat. With Freya boosted with the release of 
four heavy warriors, you should be able to Direct Assault Bahamut 
easily. Just make sure that Freya does most of the attacking and that 
you soul crush with everyone. Spirit Control will give you plenty of AP 
to burn to reduce Bahamut's HP before you soul crush. You may want to 
have Freya use Fists of Iron, Spirit Control, and Dragon Slayer as her 

Now, you can release all four light warriors and get the needed 

Then just run around with a party of four 7777 HP characters with 
Ham-Stars and farm whatever you want. Once I got tired of this, I then 
control-leveled Freya to have 20133 HP. Then, I Direct Assaulted the 
Ethereal Queen and released two mages, which then gave me enough 
Ambrosias to get Freya to 33,333 HP at level 99 (I burned a few on Hrist 
and Lezard getting them 7777 HP; otherwise just the light warriors would 
have been enough, along with the 4 in-game Ambrosias).

Of course, you could just get Freya up to level 99 with a repeating HP 
and just be happy with the other characters at 7777 HP. This would save 
you a lot of trouble :-)

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