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Voice Collection FAQ by Quicksilver9448

Version: 0.31 | Updated: 11/12/06

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Voice Collection
Version 0.31 **INCOMPLETE**
Created By - Codie Frink
A.K.A. Quicksilver9448
Created - 10/22/06
E-mail - Quicksilver9448@yahoo.com


This entire document is (C) 2006 Codie Frink. All trademarks are property of
their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
reference to any material contained within.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
at Quicksilver9448@yahoo.com to enquire about gaining permission to use this

Gamefaqs - http://www.Gamefaqs.com/

- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

=Version History=

- Created 10/22/06
- Basis of guide formed.
- Most of Alicia and Rufus added.

- Updated 10/24/06
- Some of Mithra added.
- Most of Lezard amd Dylan added.

- Updated 10/25/06
- Some of Millidia, Jessica added.
- Most of Arngrim added.
- Spelling corrections.

- Updated 10/28/06
- Little of Phyress, Sophalla, and Dyn added.
- More of Dylan & Anrgrim added.
- Some of Leone & Celes added.

- Updated 11/1/06
- More of Mithra, Celes added.
- Kraad, Woltar and Sylphide added. 
- Little of Farant, and Khanon added.

- Updated 11/3/06
- Circe and Adonis added
- Extras added.

- Updated 11/8/06
- Basis changed.
- Spelling corrections.
- Conversations Section added
- Some of Sha-kon and Lylia added.
- More of Woltar, Alicia, and Kraad added.

=Table Of Contents=
- Press Ctrl+F and type in the number of the character you want to see.
**Guide is not yet complete, please do not be mad if the character(s) you are
looking for has not been posted yet.**

000 - Introduction
001 - Breaking It Down
002 - Alicia
003 - Rufus
004 - Dylan
005 - Lezard
007 - Arngrim
008 - Leone
009 - Mithra
010 - Sylphide, Jessica, and Richelle
011 - Kraad & Roland 
012 - Celes & Tyrinth
013 - Alm & Woltar 
014 - Sha-kon & Chrystie
015 - Millidia & Lylia
016 - Khanon
017 - Phyress
020 - Sophalla & Arcana
021 - Psoron & Farant
023 - Adonis & Falx
024 - Circe, Rasheeka, & Fraudir
036 - Conversations
037 - Extras
038 - Special Thanks

000 =Introduction=

Hey, This will be my first FAQ, I hope I do well. Anyways, all this material is
done with my own time, paper, computer, boredom, sanity, with some help of
friends, forums, other people's TV's, ears, ect. I have not used a guide, nor
do I think a guide would help me in this situation. I bought this game,
absolutely loved the first one, and absolutely love this one as well.

However, there are a few things I've noticed that made me a little mad. No
voice collection was one, I'm not quite sure why, but I really liked the voice
collection, maybe because it was a good way to get cool sounding quotes? I
don't know, so I was playing, thinking to myself..."Why don't I make a Voice
Collection" and here I am, a little less sane, a little more crazy, but I feel
good. I hope all you Valkyrie Profile junkies enjoy this FAQ, and I hope I did
a good job listening to what everyone says in the game. If you have anything
you'd like to say about the quotes, corrections, ect, please E-mail me at the
address above. Now that all that's out of the way, ON WITH THE SHOW!

001 =Breaking It Down=

Since there is no actual voice collection list, I must make my own V_V. Well
this is to show how I'm going to break down the guide, where I'll put certain
quotes, and so on. Let's get started.

* = The word with this at the end probably means something you might not know,
so I put a dictionary definition of this word so that you better understand
what the character is saying.

(?) = I'm not 100% that the quote written is the exact words.

"______" = Sometimes I'll know most of the quote, but not a certain part of it,
in that case this will be put in the spot of the word(s) I don't know.

## =Name(s)= (Name of character(s))

Voice Actor/Actress: The actor/actress that did the character's voice. With
list of other voices the actor/actress has done.

Background: Background story the game gave the character sumed up.

Type: What type of fighter the person is. (Light/Heavy Fighter, Archer, Mage)

Personal Thoughts: My thoughts on the character/voice.

Voice Collection: 

-Entering Battle-
What the character says when entering battles.

What the character says when attacking.

-Being Hit-
What the character says when being hit.

What the character says when casting a spell.

-Entering Break Mode-
What the character says when entering Break Mode

-Soul Crush-
What the character says when doing their Soul Crush.

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
What the character says when opponent lives through Soul Crush.

-Defeating Opponent- What the character says when defeating an opponent through
Soul Crush or otherwise.

What the character says when retreating.

What the character says when in a surprise attack.

What the character says when dying.

What the character says when winning.

-Misc- (if any)
Things the character says only at certain times.

Now, on to the good stuff!

002 =Alicia=

Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff 
Michelle Ruff, a.k.a. Georgette Rose (her mother's name) her most notable
voices would have to be Fujiko from Lupin III, Tsukiko Sagi from Paranoia
Agent, Zoe Orimoto from Digimon, Sophia from SO3, Chii from Chobits, and Rukia
Kuchiki & Yuzu Kurosaki from Bleach. She has a nice, well-toned voice,
soothing, calm, great for Alicia.

Background: Daughter of King Barbarossa and Queen Malabeth of Dipan. Cursed
with a dual personality, hwe body serves as a host for the soul of Silmeria, a
valkyrie. Soon after Alicia was born, Silmeria awoke and began to indoctrinate
her. Alicia would repeat what Silmeria had said to her; things of which no
child could ever know.

Her father thought of it just as rambling, but after Alicia began to recount
the tragic tale passed down by Dipan's royalty, he started be suspicious. As
Alicia grew, Silmeria's conciousness started surfacing more and more, and she
began to use her powers. Barbarossa could not conceal her secrets anymore and
declared her dead. Secretly, sending her to a remote location where she was
detained until she began her journey.

Type: Light Fighter

Personal Thoughts: Alicia has that "innocent" thing going for her. Alicia and
Silmeria share the same body, She was orginally suppose to be the human
reancarnation of Silmeria, but a mistake awoke Silmeria while inside Alicia,
now, they are on a quest to fight back against Odin and the higher powers.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: I wish we could avoid these meaningless battles.
2: This sword I wield is no toy!
3: We mustn't let our guard down.
4: Must we fight this battle? 
5: I suppose we don't have any choice.
6: This is the only way left to us now.
7: I do not think I can do this.
8: We have no choice.
9: I am no fighter, but I will do my best.
10: Why has it come to this?
11: Don't worry, I will do my part.
12: Can we really win this?
13: Please, everyone, be careful.
14: We can do it!

1: Die!
2: This is it!
3: Huwa!
4: Strike home! (?) 
5: Yah!
6: Hiyah!

-Being Hit-
1: Eah!
2: Ehaaa!
3: Ah!
4: Eh!

1: Heal!
2: Normalize!
3: This should do it!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: Prepare yourself!
2: It must be now!
3: Take this!
4: I too am strong!

-Soul Crush-
1: Now is the time! Finishing strike...Nibelung Valesti!
2: Gather crushing ice! Finishing strike...Nibelung Valesti!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: ...But it worked in practice!
2: I am not strong enough...
3: What happened?!?
4: My hands are stinging!
5: But how?!?

-Defeating Opponent-
1: I'm sorry...
2: Is it really defeated?
3: My sword grows heavier and heavier!
4: Oh unseen powers, free from this body the breath of life!
5: Forgive me...
6: You shall not withstand the force of my powers.

1: We did it, we managed to escape.
2: Don't follow us!
3: Everyone, stay together!

1: Where were they hiding?
2: I did not see them coming.

1: This is...the end for me?
2: Uwaaaa!!!
3: Why...has it come to this?

1: I want neither to harm nor be harmed.
2: How much longer must we continue to fight these battles?
3: If only they listen to what I say.
4: I wish we could reverse the course of time.
5: I'm sorry... (I've heard it both after Soul Crush and at the end of a 
6: I'm alive...I'm still alive...
7: Do lost souls have a place to call home?
8: That was a fearsome foe...
9: I will never grow used to this body...
10: I cannot go back to what I once was.

First Boss 1: Such armor, but it may be thinner in the back.
First Boss 2: It looks like a full frontal attack won't work, let's find the 
weak point in it's armor.
Primordial Ooze Boss Fight 1: It has tremendous powers of regeneration, we must
be careful.
Wyvern Boss Fight 1: Be careful that we do not fall.
Queen Wasp 1: These things laying about, are they the beasts eggs? (?)
Lady Cleo Boss Fight 1: Look at the ceiling...It looks like the floor of a

003 =Rufus=

Voice Actor: Taliesin Jaffe aka Talis Axelrod 
Former child actor, and is currently a voice actor, writer and director of
anime. He had part producing Hellsing,Hellsing Ultimate, BECK: Mongolian Chop
Squad, Read or  Die, R.O.D the TV, and 3×3 Eyes. Played Danny Slater in "The
Facts of Life", Takeya Ikuhara from DearS, Hatomura  from Paranoia Agent, and
Ryuji Kitayama from R.O.D the TV series. His voice is a good match, good for
his personalitly.

Background: ***SPOILER WARNING!!!*** 
A half-elf like Odin, a vessel of the gods. Half-elves are a rare breed; Rufus 
and Odin are currently the only ones of their race. His purpose is to hold 
Odin's soul if Odin's body were to wither. As Odin's vassel, he is sealed deep 
within the Forest of Spirits by the other elves, but escapes and wander the 
human world.

On his finger, he carries the Ring Of Mylinn, a constant reminder that he is
the vassel of Odin. He hears rumors of Dipan raging a war against the gods, and
sees it as the chance to escape his fate. On the way to Dipan, he meets Alicia
in Solde. 

Type: Archer

Personal Thoughts: Rufus is the coolest dude in this game ^_^. That's what I
think anyways. He doesn't take any crap, he is obdient to anyone, he speaks his
mind, talks alot of smack, how could you not love that? The comic relief

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: This might take some time.
2: Let's clean this up fast.
3: You think there's enough of them?
4: There's nothing to think about, it's only a question of who bites the dust
5: Sorry, but there ain't room in the world for both of us.
6: Stick to the battle plan.
7: Let's just do what we do.
8: We can win...trust me.
9: Sorry, but I don't wanna get too close to these guys.

1: Yah!
2: Now!
3: Die!
4: Take this!
5: Time for this to end!
6: Eh!
7: Think you can dodge this?!?
8: Strike through!
9: Ha!

-Being Hit-
1: Ah...
2: Ah!
3: Eh...
4: What is this?!?

1: Sap Power!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: This is it!
2: Dodge this!
3: Here's something for your next life!

-Soul Crush-
1: Leave the rest to me! Finishing strike...Blinding Blaze!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Damn it! I missed it's weak spot!
2: Damn! Well I ain't quitting till you go down!
3: No way! You gotta be kidding! Not even funny!
4: Ok, now I'm ticked off!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: This one's a bonus, thank me later.
2: This should finish it!
3: I got it! I found it's weak point!
4: Time to die!
5: Hey hey, I was just starting to get serious.
6: Hey, this is what I'm here for.

1: Let's go home.
2: Sorry, have to take a raincheck, maybe next time ok?
3: Know when to fold em right? I wanna live a long time.

1: Damn! They caught us flat footed again!
2: Not bad, took us by surprise.

1: So...this is how it ends? ...Fair enough. (?)
2: I don't wanna die...in vain.
3: Why..can't I move?

1: Just a bunch of nobodies.
2: No big deal.
3: Huh? Is that it?!?
4: This is no place for amateurs.
5: Aim for the head to finish it quicker.
6: Special service, I up my attacks by 20%.
7: You think we won? Looks to me we didn't do much but survive.
8: What's with the long face? (?)
9: Man that was tough. I gotta go lay down.
10: I think i got some dirt on my clothes.
11: Is everyone here? No casualties?

004 =Dylan=

Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz 
A voice actor from California, most noteable for his voices in Bleach
as Isshin Kurosaki, Eureka Seven as Charles Beams, Hellsing as Luke Valentine,
Koi Kaze as Koshiro Saeki, Paranoia Agent as Zebra & Manga Hero, and Naruto as
Raido Namiashi. The voice fits pretty well, nice deep and powerful voice for a
very powerful character.

Background: Loyal soldier of Dipan who lives 150 years ago. Accompanied
Silmeria when she was transmigrated by the Sovereign's Rite, thus becoming
within Alicia as well. While the other souls deteriorated, Dylan's remained
strong, as did his body upon materialization. Thus, he was summoned to protect

Type: Heavy Fighter

Personal Thoughts: Would say strong silent type, but he's not that quiet. He's
just the power house of the party, carries a big sword, tall, dark, muscular.
Loyal servant of Dipan, and will do anything for the princess (Alicia). 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: I shall smash the shell of your world!
2: We need no strategy, just drive forward!
3: If they won't retreat, they must die!
4: Do you dare to stand against me?
5: You can stay back if you wish...
6: Just a waist of our time.
7: No more speeches...My sword shall do the talking now!
8: Let me deal with this, I know you must be tired.
9: We cannot expect to win this easily...
10: This will be a worthy foe!
11: Forward my friends hell awaits us!

1: I'll smash you!
2: Ha!
3: Huh!
4: Uahh!!!
5: Suffer retribution!
6: Now!

-Being Hit-
1: Damn!
2: Hum!
3: Eh...
4: Uoh!
5: Dah!
6: Ah!


-Entering Break Mode-
1: I shall extinguish your life!
2: End now!
3: No mercy!
4: Suffer Retribution!
5: Hel is calling for you!

-Soul Crush-
1: I shall cut asunder your earthly bonds! Finishing strike.....Violent Rage!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Still it moves?
2: Damn, you still live?!?
3: It's strong!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: This is your end!
2: You are already dead.
3: I can do no more.
4: No creature can withstand my sword!

1: Come now! Our battle is with the clock!
2: We'd just be wasting our time!
3: It is foolish to take risks without cause!

1: Ah, they hid their intentions well.
2: You think we will give in!?!
3: The foe is sneaky and sly.
4: It is foolish to take risks without cause.

1: Ahhh...
2: Finish it...for me.
3: Ah..this one's good.

1: Victory!
2: You can sleep quietly now.
3: ...And a new battle begins
4: None with the will to fight remain.
5: Lay thy soul to rest.
6: I feel...unprepared, I feel so weak.
7: It was a hard battle.
8: This was not a perfect victory.
9: No excuses? No pleas for forgiveness?
10: You still have much to learn.
11: A battle fought half-heartedly, is a battle lost.
12: A shame for the foe, the battle was close.
13: You still have much to learn.

005 =Lezard Valeth=

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien 
An American voice actor best known for his role as Gaara of the Desert on
Naruto. Other noteable roles include Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII: Advent
Children, Mitsuhiro Maniwa from Paranoia Agent, Sora Inoue from Bleach, and
Dion Landers from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The voice is a pretty good
match, but I believe Addie Blaustein (the voice actor of Lezard from VP: 1)
matched the personality better, but it might just be just because I heard it

Background: A sorcerer who works with the Three Mages, assisting them in
various experiments. Lezard possessed power and knowledge equal to that of the
mages, and they had high expectations for him. However, he began to feel
uncomfortable with the dangerous research they were conducting, and secretly
began working on a plan to disrupt their work. During this time, he heard that
Alicia and her companions entered the castle, seizing the opportunity, he saved
Alicia and friends by teleporting them out of Dipan. He then joined them on the
search for the Dragon Orb, and item necessary to stop the Three Mages'

Type: Mage 

Personal Thoughts: He's cool and all...but he talks to much! It's hard to get
his voice collection because most of his lines are 2-3 sentences long! Man
loves to talk smack, and loves to tell everyone he's better then them, very
full of himself.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Do mind if I take this one?
2: It must be beaten, that is reason enough to fight.
3: You should leave this place and cower in your home, that is the proper
course for one so weak.
4: Sheer impudence, like children frolicking in a perilless swamp.
5: Quite frankly, the existence of mere creatures such as yourself is an
affront*. (*Note: affront - an offense to one's dignity or self-respect.)
6: You pitiful creatures actually think they can stand against me? Hahaha...the
folly*. (*Note: Folly- A lack of good sense)(?)
7: Hahahahaha...these foes are a joke.
8: Rapid analysis, accurate judgment, and superb powers of concentration. That
is all we need.
9: Hmph...
10: They dare look down upon us? Such arrogance!
11: The only thing I seek is PERFECT VICTORY!!!
12: I shall show the enemy who their true master is.

None, casts spells only

-Being Hit-
1: Uwa!
2: I am injured?
3: Uaa....(very low)

1: Fire Storm!
2: Frigid Damsel!
3: Poison Blow!
4: Explosion!
5: Thunder Storm!
6: Guard Reinforce!
7: Now...let us go!
8: Prepare yourself!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: _________ mere preparation for this moment!
2: Breathe deeply the power of my attack!!!
3: Flee while you can! If you are lucky you may still live!
4: WUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kneel down before me!

-Soul Crush-
1: I will teach you not to take me so lightly. In my hand, the creator's sword
that calls eternal sleep! Honor our pact and hear my command! Animate Earth!
2: Do you really think you can withstand my magic? In my hand, the creator's
sword that calls eternal sleep! Honor our pact and hear my command! Animate

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: You still live? I'll have to study the reason for your survival.
2: It will be easier if you do not resist.
3: I channeled too much of my powers
4: Are you still alive? That alone deserves praise.

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Eternal despair strike this heart!
2: Did I strike too hard? It is so difficult to hold back.
3: I used more power then was needed.
4: No matter how strong you grow, my magic is far greater still.

1: We couldn't maintain our front line.
2: Only fools fight battles in which they have nothing to gain.
3: It is important to reduce risk.

1: I was going to pretend that I did not see them.
2: Imbeciles, I do believe they think they have thee advantage.
3: I know you are there...come out and play.

1: This is...not in my plans.
2: This is...my limit as a human. (?)
3: Is this body...no more? (?)

1: Against such foes we needn't expend so much effort.
2: They envied the power that I wield, that envy led them to an early end.
3: Fighting battles you cannot hope to win is nothing more then folly. 
4: Did I overdo it again?
5: I will not deny your tried, but crude efforts are no match for true ability.
6: When your forced to play your trump card, the game is already lost.

006 =Arngrim=

Voice Actor: Dameon Clarke
Voice actor from Texas. Voice of Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist.(woot) Another
noteable roles include Cell from Dragon Ball Z, Kazuma Sohma from Fruits
Basket, and Future Gohan from Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. Also played
in movies including The Alamo as Mr. Jones, Hall of Mirrors as Agent Riley,
Secondhand Lions as Animal Truck Driver, and A Scanner Darkly as Mike. He
voice, is ok, once agian I think Addie Blaustein (same guy who did Lezard's
voice also did Arngrim's voice in VP:1) did a better job, maybe because I heard
it first, but I don't know. Nice cocky voice, vocie that tells the people that
hear it "I dont care".

Background: A mercenary traveling with Leone. Arngrim claims to take on any
paying job, but he is dignified and contests any job which he finds no merit.
He has not know Leone very long, but respects her greatly, immiediately
recognizing her strength as a warrior. 

Type: Heavy Knight

Personal Thoughts: Arngrim, like in the first one, is a "tough guy". Doesn't
let anyone talk down on him, doesn't take no crap because he carries a big
sword, and he's not afraid to use it!

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Let's do it! Time enough for regrets in hell!
2: Leave em to me!
3: Let's send these bugs flying!
4: Just keep hittin it until it's dead!
5: This might be kinda fun...
6: Come and get it!
7: I'll take em all on!
8: You just wait over there...I'll handle this.
9: Damn...Let's finish this quickly.
10: Forget training, when it comes to real war, I don't loose!

1: Let's do it!
2: You will die!!!
3: Eya!
4: Let's do it!
5: You fool!
6: Now!

-Being Hit-
1: Damn you!
2: Gwa!
3: I'm not done yet!
4: Ueh!
5: Uahhh...
6: Geh.


-Entering Break Mode-
1: No mercy!
2: It's too late for regrets now!
3: It's about time you DIED!
4: Let's see if you can stop THIS!
5: Hmmm...
6: You're not gonna be standing when I'm done with you!

-Soul Crush-
1: I'm getting tired of you devils! Finishing strike....Final Blast!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Damn, it wasn't enough!
2: What the hell?!?
3: It's like a cockroach!
4: Why is it still alive?!?

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Let's finish this now.
2: I got lots more where this comes from.
3: Well that struck home!
4: Wanna see my trump card?

1: We've got other things to do.
2: I'll cut us a way out, let's go!
3: I've got your backs, now get outta here!!!

1: Don't they know we've too strong for them anyway?
2: Watch it, don't get yourself killed.
3: Draw your weapons.

1: Damn...
2: Uahhhhhhh!
3: Gotta...take a....break...

1: Losers shouldn't gamble.
2: Stay sharp, we ain't outta the woods yet.
3: Let's go, there's nothing for us here.
4: Hmm, must have had a death with trying to take us on.
5: They threw away their lives...but they gave us a reward.
6: Maybe they're sorry, but I dont care.
7: Heh..Must of had a death wish tryin to take us on.
8: It still beats having to take care of spoiled brats in prissy robes...
9: Hmph...they were really weak.
10: You may hold you head high in hell.

007 =Leone=

Voice Actress: Tara O. Platt 

Background: Female warrior traveling with Arngrim.

She puts her fighting skills to use by becoming a treasure hunter in these
times of peace. 

During her travels with Arngrim, she meets Alicia and others and joins them on
their quest to find the Dragon Orb.

Type: Light Fighter

Personal Thoughts: Leone is pretty good, personally, I think she's a pretty
good fighter, only problem is, her starting attacks are kinda garbage. She's
attractive if that helps. But you'll soon find out there's alot more to her
then she is letting out.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Attack it from all sides!
2: I wonder how long this will take.
3: If we fight as we are capable, we will win.
4: There is danger here...
5: This foe has determination, but determination is all it has.
6: This shouldn't take long.
7: I don't mind taking this on by myself.
8: If we fight as we are capable, we will win!
9: Surround and attack!
10: This is a dangerous looking foe...

1: Now!
2: Die!
3: En garde!
4: Ya!
5: Kuh!
6: Now sleep forever!
7: How bout this!?!
8: Hu!
9: Take this!
10: It ends now!
11: I see it!

-Being Hit-
1: Uah!!!
2: But how?!?
3: Damn...
4: No!

None (I think)

-Entering Break Mode-
1: You wanna see me get serious?
2: I could do this all day.

-Soul Crush-
1: The passion of the battle envelops me! Finshsing strike...Sublime Horn!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: This one's tougher then I thought...
2: You're getting on my nerves, DIE ALREADY!
3: You're still alive...what are u made of?!?

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Ashes to ashes...
2: I will take you to Valhalla.
3: It's useless...give it up!

1: Sorry, but I'm not in the mood.
2: We'd just be tiring ourselves out.
3: Let's pass on this...

1: Where did they come from?

1: I cannot move...
2: I cannot allow myself...to be humiliated so...
3: Uhaaaaaaa...

1: Over already? Pathetic...
2: The foe fought hard.
3: Not much of a challenge.
4: The enemy made us earn the victory.
5: Is that it? I thought that would be tougher.
6: The foe fought hard.
7: We did not fight well.
8: A tenacious foe...

008 =Mithra=

Voice Actor: Chris Kent 

Background: Led the Fraelgard military, a country that existed on the island
south of continent from 80 C.C. to 234 C.C.

It's said Mithra was behind the contruction of hidden fortresses on the island
to ward off muaders. However, a mistake by a subordinate raised suspicions of
treason against the king during a battle in 145 C.C. Mithra was left to die on
the battlefield, and eventually captured.

For the entire year he was a captive in a dungeon, Mithra was subject to
unspeakable torture, yet never spoke one word. Mithra's corpse was later sent
to Fraelgard with no eyes, ears or tongue, this sight was said to have made the
king break out into tears.

Type: Mage

Personal Thoughts: Mithra's a cool mage, got the pointy hat...you can't beat
the pointy hat. His face reminds me of a face you can select on Final Fantasy
XI. I think there is a FFXI parody hidden in there somewhere, since the fact
that his face looks EXACTLY like a face for a male hume on FFXI, and the fact
that "Mithra" is a race on FFXI of catgirls, and most Mithra players are men, I
think there's a joke somewhere in there.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: You shall know my power.
2: Kill em!
3: The stakes we play for is life itself, tread carefully friends.
4: Stay behind me...you can cover my back...
5: Be calm...do not show your weakness.

None, casts spells only

-Being Hit-
1: Aaah...
2: Uwa!
3: Damn you...

1: Frigid Damsel!
2: How's this?
3: Prepare yourself!
4: Normalize!
5: Lightning Bolt!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: This is our chance, attack!
2: Come...It ends now!
3: Attack!
4: Destroy it!

-Soul Crush-

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-

-Defeating Opponent-

1: Retreat!
2: No point in throwing our lives away, there's always tomorrow.
3: We have nothing more to gain here.
4: Let's go, I will clear the way...

1: We're surrounded!
2: They face us on all four sides.

1: Is this to be the end of me?
2: Ahuaaa...
3: This has happened before...I'm used to it now...
4: ___________...we cannot loose...

1: The light shines brighter the closer to death we dance.
2: Your soul is rotten, that was the cause of your downfall.
3: What is left of your life now that you are dead?
4: Our will cannot be broken so easily.
5: The strong deserve our respect.
6: I hope this new life is spent side by side with you till the very end.

010 =Sylphide, Jessica, and Richelle=

Voice Actress: Kirsty Pape

Queen Phyress's personal attendant for as long as she can remember.
She stood by the Queen's side, no questions asked anf ended up fighting in the
year-long war.
Though not suited for war, her healing magic was very helpful to the Queen.
Sylphide almost lost her life in the Battle of Rosetta, a companion rescued
Upon her return, she spent her days quietly in Dipan's chapel, but was later
found murdered by the undead during the "Mist of Nifleheim"-the dark ages that
began in 599 C.C.

Raised by a merchant family in the Nethov region.

A girl that should have never been exposed to the brutishness of the world.
But, one day, her destiny took a turn for the worst. Her father, the wealthiest
man in town, was ensnared in a trap, costing him his entire fortune-and life.

Her fiance broke off their engagment after she became bankrupt. Faced with
starvation, she became an adventurer.

In 468 C.C. she came across an enormous gemstone. Unaware that the stone sealed
a spirit of an evil dragon, she removed it from it's resting place.

Type: Light Fighters

Personal Thoughts: 
She's a pretty good fighter...but I don't like her hat.

Her starting attacks are kinda garbage V_V. She looks cool, her armor KINDA
looks like Beastmaster AF from Final Fantasy XI, if you haveplayed you should
know what I'm talking about.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: We fight battle upon battle...will peace ever come?
2: Can't we avoid this battle?
3: I believe in us...In our strength.
4: Choose the path of survival!
5: Return thee to the black abyss.
6: In such a battle casualties are inevitable.
7: Only the righteous will win in the end, this much I know...

1: This'll do it!
2: Eh!
3: Eyah!
4: Ah...
5: Take this!
6: Ha.
7: Now die!

-Being Hit-
1: No!!!
2: Ahhhh!


-Entering Break Mode-
1: It must be now!

-Soul Crush-
1: Everybody stay back! Finishing strike...Whirling Ripper!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: That didn't look good...
2: My hands tremble!
3: But...how?!?
4: How embarrassing...

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Tell me...do you feel the pain?
2: No life without sacrifice!
3: I didn't expect that...
4: May thy flame of life be extinguished!

1: And so we say farewell!
2: Let us end this!
3: For peace!

1: It's alright, we fight as we always fight!
2: How did they get so close?!?

1: Help me!
2: Gaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
3: The virtues of war...

1: I bid you fair thee well.
2: We must part now, to the next turn of the wheel.
3: War and death walk hand in hand, this time it is you that walks alone. (?)

011 =Kraad & Roland=

Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Background: From a remote village on the north side of the continent, he was
one of the original founders of Villnore. It was said his sword slashed threw
flesh and armor, and his body repeled speeding arrows.

It's said that Villnore's first king gave Kraad his own sword and armor after
gazing upon his battered arms.

Three years after the country was founded, Kraad was struck by a poison arrow
while putting down a rebellion, ultimately leading to his death.

Type: Heavy Fighters

Personal Thoughts: 
He's got the voice of Vash the Stampede...you can't beat
that. He's really good, nice stats, looks cool, but its hard not to send him.
If sent, he gives you an amazing sword in Villnore. So, it's either have a good
fighter, or an amazing sword, pick whichever you like.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Right, what'd we do?
2: Life is short. No use dwelling in the past.
3: This is it.
4: We can do it!
5: We won't have time to get bored.
6: You wanna see a crazy way to fight with a greatsword?!?!? (w00t)
7: Oh gods...give me courage!
8: This might be trouble...
9: Can we win?

1: Die!
2: Now die!
3: Eyah!
4: This'll do it!
5: An opening!

-Being Hit-
1: Damn you...
2: Eaaa...
3: Damn this fiend!


-Entering Break Mode-
1: I'll slice you to bits!
2: Time to get serious!
3: This fight ends now!!!

-Soul Crush-
1: Your future's no more! Finishing strike...Soul Evocation!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Gah...what can I do?!?
2: I was so close!
3: This can't be right...
4: Give me another chance!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: I'm not holding back anymore!
2: I'll take it from here!
3: It's too late for you to flee now!
4: You are strong, but I am stronger!!!

1: We have more important things to do.
2: Let's pull back, it's time to regroup.
3: I can run as fast as any beast!

1: Damn them!
2: Will we loose?!?

1: Eaaa...slay the monster...
2: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
3: Have I lost?

1: Death is no great thing...just a fleeting pain...
2: And that was your life...
3: How about takin a break? We've done enough running today.
4: You have to try harder than that if you wanna live.

012 =Celes & Tyrinth=

Voice Actress: Gina Grad

Leader in Dipan's troops in the War of Camille Hill from 573 C.C.
to 576 C.C. Earned the position as one of the Seventeen Commanders of Camille
for her brilliant battle tactics. She also earned the title "Warrior Princess

After the war, she was married to the Lord of Lassen. She was captured in 581
C.C. during an invasion from the south of the continent while her husband was

This battle, known as the Lassen Invasion, was the cuase of the Year-Long War,
which ended with the whole continent involvement, Celes particapted in the war
as Eclipse General of the Knights of the Sun. She fought against Dipan's navy,
which was ten times their army's size.

Near the end of the war, she was wounded at the Battle of Rosetta by her own
sister, Phyress, Queen of Dipan. She died two years later as a result of the

Type: Light Fighters

Personal Thoughts: 
In my eyes, one of the best light fighters in the game, you
(can) get her early in the game, and she starts with an attack that can give
Doom!!! O_O Her armor looks nice, and her voice has a lot of passion in it. 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: I hope this ends well...
2: Can we stop it?
3: Be ready to retreat if needed.
4: Everyone...forward!
5: Everyone ready?!?
6: Stay cool, we can't afford to throw away victory.
7: Sometimes, it is our own pride that leads us to death.
8: Stay in formation, we must stand together.
9: Can we stop it?

1: Smash the silver chains that binds thee to light! (Celes only)
2: This will finish it.
3: I will not miss!

-Being Hit-
1: No...
2: Ahh!...


-Entering Break Mode-
1: My attacks will break his furry limbs off! (?)
2: This will end it!
3: This is all down to our own strength now!

-Soul Crush-
The glory shall be mine! Finishing Strike...Whirling Ripper!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Is this beast a mirage?
2: Next time, I won't miss.
3: I was just practicing...
4: I don't believe it!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: It ends as I decree!
2: This one is finished...
3: It is released from its suffering...
4: You missed you're opportunity...the opportunity to live.

1: Fine by me, we don't need to fight these.
2: Farewell...
3: Retreat! We have to cut our loses. 

1: I hope this ends well...
2: Focus on the weak ones first, then we can break out.

1: Please...Don't leave me alone...
2: If I could only move I would fight the god of death himself...
3: Aaahhhh...

1: Don't pursue them.
2: We should be more careful.
3: The one who loses must pay a great price...a great price indeed.
4: In the end, victory goes to the wise!

013 = Alm & Woltar=

Voice Actor: Travis Willingham

Ruthless alchemist who kidnapped the Queen of Crell Monferagine in
746 C.C.

Hiding out in hinterland of Salerno, Woltar was rumored to have spent his days
and nights doing horrifying experiments.

However, in 752 C.C., he was found and punished for his crimes by officers from
Crell Monferagine. A month after the queen's rescue, she took her own life by
throwing herself from atop the castle wall.

Type: Mages

Personal Thoughts: 
Nice looking armor, and starts off with Fire Storm and
Poison Blow O_O! However his stats arn't all that amazing, Seluvia's better.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: You won't stop us.
2: Don't let your guard down!
3: A marvelous opportunity to end your suffering.
4: I'll kill you all.
5: Don't screw up, lives are at stake.
6: Damn this might be trouble...
7: I can beat anyone!
8: One or two of us may not survive this...

None, only casts spells

-Being Hit-

1: Fire Storm!
2: Poison Blow!
3: Cursed devils!
4: Normalize!
5: Oh unseen powers, free from this body the breath of life!
6: Earth Grave!
7: I'll have it's head!
8: Right!
9: Heal!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: Take this!

-Soul Crush-

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-

-Defeating Opponent-

1: We don't have time to mess around with you.
2: I'll watch our backs, now go!

1: You'll soon find out that ambuses are no guarantee of victory.
2: Well how should we deal with this?
3: You think you've won? I'll teach you otherwise.

1: Ahhhhhh!!!
2: What...have I been beaten?
3: You're skilled...my honors... (?)

1: You sleep now...and never awake.
2: Someone make sure it's REALLY dead...
3: Ugly ugly...
4: They weren't bad, but that's all, nothing to write home about.
5: Hard work...
6: Damn, nothing went right that time...

014 =Sha-kon & Chrystie=

Voice Actress: Hunter MacKenzie Austin



Type: Archers

Personal Thoughts:


Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Let's put on a show!
2: I'll take half of them, youtake the rest.
3: All set, weapons ready!?!
4: Ok, let's do it!
5: Oh boy, this should be fun.
6: I don't know about this.
7: I'm not ready for this kinda fight!
8: Well, I'm sure we'll be okay...maybe...
9: I'll fight it if you want me to...

1: Ha!
2: Haaaaaa!!!
3: Get ready!
4: Die!
5: Go!
6: Now die!
7: Eha...
8: Eh...

-Being Hit-
1: Damn it!


-Entering Break Mode-
1: I gotcha!

-Soul Crush-
1: See you in ths after life! Finishing strike...Pulverizing Storm!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Huh?!? What the hell happened?!?
2: No way! This isn't happeneing!
3: Your still alive?!?
4: Damn it! It's like granite!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Tada!
2: What does pain feel like?
3: Don't ever try to get in my way!

1: Just call it a draw
2: I'm leaving!
3: Enough already!

1: Well, lookie here...
2: They're in front of us...they're behind us!!!
3: Hey people, this is serious!


1: Heh heh, tell me how great I am later...
2: Easy!
3: That went okay.
4: What's wrong with you?
5: Easy as pie.
6: Uhhh...finally!
7: I'm beat.
8: What was it trying to do? I don't get it!

015 =Millidia & Lylia=

Voice Actress: Kirsty Pape

Lived the simple life in Gerabellum with her elder sister Sophalla
till her sister caught the eye of their lord. From then on, she lived the life
she only dreamed of, plently of shelter and food. However, she still wanted a
simple life, so she requested to live in a house in the corner of their town. 

She soon began to notice a change in her sister, Sophalla began showing disdain
towards the poor. With the passing of her husband, her sister's attitude
towards the poor only became worse. She disowned Millidia as her sister and
even burnt down the poor areas of the town they once inhabited. 

With help from the theives' guild, she switched places with her sister to stop
her from doing horrible things, peace was finally established. However, in 802
C.C. for unknown reasons*, she set fire to the theives guild and burnt herself
to death with half of the guild. Her death was covered by saying she died in a
fire at the theater.

*Note: The reason she set fire to the guild is because they took Sophalla,
crushed her throat and sold her as a slave.


Type: Archers

Personal Thoughts: 
Millidia is a pretty good archer, she has a sad story of
life. Her voice is nice a peaceful, very nice for a "simple girl".


Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: You should not attempt the impossible.
2: These beasts are too lowly.
3: Is this really thee enemy?
4: I'm not scared!
5: If you are ready, then we shall begin.
6: I bid you fare thee well.
7: You are nothing more then a caged stormbird.(?) (not sure if its "stormbird
but its _____bird.")
8: I fight to protect what I stand for.

1: Hiya!
2: Eh..
3: Ah!
4: This'll do it!
5: Now die!
6: Ha...
7: Eha!
8: Take this!

-Being Hit-
1: Ah!
2: Stop it!
3: No!
4: Ahhhhh...


1: Guard Reinforce!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: Accompany me everyone!
2: Now's our chance!
3: Come play with me! (?) (Accompany me?)

-Soul Crush-
1: Everybody stay back! Finishing strike...Pulverizing Storm!
2: Have a taste of my rage! Finishing strike...Pulverizing Storm!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: How embarrassing...
2: But how?!?
3: My hands tremble!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Tell me, do you feel the pain?
2: May thy flame of life be extinguished!
3: No life without sacrifice!
4: I didn't expect that.

1: For peace!
2: Let us end this!

1: It's alright, we fight as we always fight!
2: How did they get so close?!?
3: Beware, the enemy is here!

1: There's blood in my eyes! What's happening?!?

1: Sleep now.
2: The next world is not all sadness.
3: We would bury you, but time waits for no one.
4: We must part now to the next turn of the wheel.

016 =Khanon=

Voice Actor: Chris Kent


Type: Mage

Personal Thoughts: 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-

None, magic only

-Being Hit-


-Entering Break Mode-

-Soul Crush-
1:Follow the path to destruction! In the abyss the triden of hell's lore
dances,dripping crimson truth lights the one true path. Maleficent Harm! 

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: No earthly creature should be able to survive such power...

-Defeating Opponent-
1: No more mercy for you...

1: Let's go, I'll clear the way.



1: This was a victoy fought dearly in blood.

017 =Phyress=

Voice Actress: Hunter MacKenzie Austin


Type: Archer

Personal Thoughts: 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: I don't mind taking this on myself.
2: Let's put on a show.
3: I'll take half of them, you have the rest.
4: I'm gonna shut you up!
5: You were always destined to die...Today's the day!
6: Well, I'm sure we'll be okay...maybe...
7: Okay, let's do it!

1: Die beast!
2: Now die!
3: Get ready!

-Being Hit-


-Entering Break Mode-
1: I gotcha!

-Soul Crush-
1: See you in the after life! Finishing Strike...Pulverizing Storm!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Huh!? What the hell happened!?

-Defeating Opponent-




1: Heh heh..Tell me how great I am later.
2: Easy...
3: All bark and no bite...Losers!
4: Easy as pie!

020 =Sophalla & Arcana=

Voice Actress: Gina Grad


Type: Archer

Personal Thoughts: 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Everyone ready?
2: Do not fear failure! Push on forward!
3: They don't have a prayer...

1: I will not miss!

-Being Hit-


-Entering Break Mode-
1: What we need now is not rightiousness, but madness!

-Soul Crush-
1: The glory shall be mine! Finishing strike...Pulverizing storm!
-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Is this beast a mirage?
2: Next time, I won't miss.
3: I don't believe it...
4: I was just practicing...

-Defeating Opponent-



1: If I could only move, I'd fight ________.
2: Between life and hel...I would choose hel...


021 =Psoron & Farant=

Voice Actor: Kyle Hebert 


Hailed from Lassen.

Farant created an organization which consisted of the remaining soldiers from
the Year-Long War from 581 C.C.

The organization was forced to resist any powers that might try to control
Lassen. His troops used guerilla tactics and was victorious with only 100
soldiers against an army of 5000. Even the generals of the Rosetta Dynasty
feared him.

During the Battle of Artolia Pass, he commanded a fient operation. Although the
plan succeded, he was killed by the Mericlian General of the Knights of the

He died without hever seeing Lasson liberated.

Type: Mages

Personal Thoughts: 

Don't like the voice actor. Not a mage type. Altho his armor looks really cool,
and he himself looks cool, but to me the voice just doesn't match. He gets some
nice spells, and even gets Normalize and Heal early on, not a bad choice, but I
still think Seluvia is better.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: Come on, lets do this!
2: Stick together and charge!!!
3: Showtime!

None, magic only

-Being Hit-
1: Damn beast got me!
2: Uahhh...
3: Curse them...


1: Now go!
2: Frigid Damsel!
3: Guard Reinforce!
4: Explosion!
5: Glacial Blizzard!
6: Normalize!
7: Aha!

-Entering Break Mode-
1: Time to decide this!

-Soul Crush-
1: I'm gonna put everything into this! In my hand, the creator's sword
that calls eternal sleep! Honor our pact and hear my command! Animate Earth!

1: I'm gonna put everything into this! Oh blackness without beginning nor
end...One eyed god imprisioned there now hark unto my call! Gravity Blessing!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: What the...how did that happen?!?
2: Damn it! It's still standing!
3: Gotta calm down...
4: We havn't lost just yet!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Damned maggot felt that one!
2: I've struck home!!!
3: Ok, one down, who's next?

1: No one can run as fast as me!
2: We'll be back later, your wait right here!
3: We ain't putting on a show, time to leave!

1: You will never break through our guard of steel!
2: Don't think you've won anything, the real fighting starts now!
3: Damn them...cowardly rats!
4: What the devil!?! Sneaks and cowards have surrounded us! (?)

1: Why can't I stand...why can't I move!?!
2: Uahhh!!!

1: Next time, try harder!!!
2: Enjoy the taste of my steel? (what?!?!?!? Keep in mind he's a mage V_V)
3: Victory!

023 =Adonis & Falx=

Voice Actor: Travis Willingham

Background: Formerly a stray mercenary.

Adonis participated in the War of Camille Hill, where he became one of the
Seventeen Commanders of Camille and earned the nickname "Black Blade Adonis"

He often did not choose sides, but would often strike deals with troops of the
area he was currently in. It's said that once he destroyed troops he sided with
just two days prior.

He sided with the Rosetta Dynasty after the War of Camille Hill. He led the
Eclipse Troop of the Kinghts of the Sun. He was also part of the invading
troops during the Lassen Invasion.

After a fierce dual, he was beheaded by Celes.

Type: Heavy Fighters

Personal Thoughts: Just looking at this guys and hearing his name reminds me of
Mid-Boss from Disgea, aka "The Dark Adonis" <insert violin music> Anyways, he
looks cools, got a nice big sword, and has some nice attakcs, not a bad choice. 

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: I'll kill you all!
2: You won't stop us!
3: A marvelous opportunity to end your suffering.
4: Ehhhh... (sighing)
5: Maggots...
6: Haha, are you so eager to die?

1: Ha!
2: Huh..
3: Yahhh!!!
4: I'll have it's head!

-Being Hit-
1: Eh...
2: That was careless... (?)


-Entering Break Mode-
1: Take THIS!

-Soul Crush-
1: You'll pay with your life! Finishing strike...Soul Evocation!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Still it lives? This one clings to life...
2: I missed...

-Defeating Opponent-
1: Your fate was sealed the moment you stood against me!
2: I think I overdid it!

1: We don't have time to mess around with you!
2: Run, if they follow they die!
3: I'll watch our backs, now go!

1: Do you think you've won?!? I'll teach you otherwise!
2: You'll soon find out that ambuses are no guarantee of victory.

1: You are skilled...I loose... (?)
2: Ahhhhhh!!!
2: What...have I been beaten?

1: These idiots are FAR too easy!
2: Just like we planned it.
3: You didn't wanna die? Too bad!
4: Ugly ugly...
5: They weren't bad, but that's all, nothing to write home about.

024 =Circe, Rasheeka, & Fraudir=

Voice Actress: Erika Weinstein


From the mines of the northwest region. Circe was a warrior and
legendary blacksmith.

It was said her swords could cut threw the hardest of rock, and her armor could
repel the sharpest of arrows.

One of the founders of Villnore, she died in battle at the age of 24, before
she could pass on her knowledge of the Secret Smithing Laws.

Type: Light Fighters

Personal Thoughts: 

Female blacksmith? Talks smack to Adonis? Not bad, not bad
at all. Even starts off with a HP draining attack and Guard Reinforce, good
addition to the team. But releasing her does get you a some good armor.

Voice Collection:

-Entering Battle-
1: What's wrong, are you scared?
2: Kill them!
3: No problem at all...
4: Let's skip the introductions!
5: Brave and stupid, they were no match for us!

1: Now die!
2: Hiya!
3: Yah!
4: Take this!!!
5: Oh unseen powers, free from this body the breath of life!
6: Yawh!
7: This is it!
8: Haaaaa!

-Being Hit-
1: But how?!?
2: Eh...
3: Ahhh!

1: Guard Reinforce!

-Entering Break Mode-

-Soul Crush-
1: I shall light your way to hell! Finishing strike...Whirling Ripper!

-Survives Thru Soul Crush-
1: Next time I won't miss!
2: Well, did it hurt?
3: You're not bad!
4: Impossible!
5: The fun is just beginning!

-Defeating Opponent-
1: The only thing you can take with you is your fate!
2: Death comes to us all...but you go first.
3: At least you didn't bore me!

1: This is my second chance, this time I choose when to die.
2: Death is the easy choice, we dare to survive!
3: Those who cannot save themselves...cannot save others.

1: Counterattack!
2: Fine! If you wanna die come and get it!

1: Damn their souls, I am cursed! (?)
2: Uhhhh!!!
3: It's like the last time I died...

1: They had to be taught their own limits!
2: Sorry, but I don't feel like dieing again!
3: Will this end?
4: Fight for what we believe in!

036 =Conversations=

=Woltar to Sha-kon=
Woltar: You are that trickster that seals human souls inside the bodies of
dolls. You do not seem the type.
Sha-kon: Those who have power are the same where ever you go, perhaps you and I
are no different.

=Lylia to Woltar=
Lylia: I prayed a thousand times that one day we would be reunited!
Woltar: I too my love, we should thank the fickleness of fate.

=Phyress to Celes=
Phyress: Hey sister!
Celes: No words of reproach*? You havn't changed.
Phyress: At the time it was kind of a pain, but look at me, and thanks to you
I get to be reborn young.
(*Note: Reproach -  to find fault with (a person, group, etc.); blame;

=Millidia to Sophalla=
Millidia: My sister...I'm sorry (crying) I'm so sorry!
Sophalla: Silly child...

=Phyress to Dyn=
Phyress: If you are his son, it must have happened when we traveled together on
that journey, but when?

=Adonis to Circe=
Adonis: Why don't you forge ME a sword? Only I could use it as it should.
Circe: Nothing has changed, I forge weapons for only one warrior. None other
has the strength to wield them.

037 =Extras= *INCPOMPLETE*

=The Seventeen Commanders of Camille=
1: Warrior Princess Celes
2: Black Blade Adonis

038 =Special Thanks=

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-My bestfriend Jamaal Foxworth-
Who has sat with me and played this game with me to make sure I'm writing down
the right stuff and let me use his save file to get other characters.

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-High School-
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For distracting me and keeping me from playing video games!

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