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Einherjar List by Eclesis

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/06/06



 >Version 1.3
 >Created 7/13/2006
 >Last updated 10/6/2006

by Eclesis [eclesis@gmail.com]

VERSION HISTORY----------------------------------------------------------------

-updated 10/6/2006
-added timeline
-corrected conversation list

-updated 9/6/2006
-added release/stat items information
-typos, we love them, yes we do

-updated 9/5/2006
-completed attack properties
-shuffled around some of the descriptions

-updated 8/28/2006
-edited attack properties
-filled in all the levels
-added system notes
-added chance of getting certain characters

-updated 8/9/2006
-fudged transliterations so they make more sense in English
-completed elemental resist/basic info
-added more levels
-added attack properties, which might not be as relevant (I may remove them
 later if it makes the FAQ too bulky)

-updated 7/17/2006
-updated element resist for a number of characters
-added info on the 10th attacks
-updated levels

-updated 7/14/2006
-fixed typos on location/descriptions of some of the characters

-created 7/13/2006


As the Einherjar characters in Silmeria are recruited randomly from 2-3 choices
per relic, this is a list of who appears when and some notes on the comparisons
between characters.

The usual disclaimers apply: I'm fishing romanizations and translations out of 
in-game text and/or the artbook where that applies, but use my own translations
when there aren't any. This guide assumes knowledge of basic Japanese. 

At the time I'm writing this the English version of the game isn't out yet so
I've no idea what the official translations will be (fortunately character
names in combat and places on the overworld map are in English). As I won't be
playing the English version I probably won't be updating the names once that
comes out.

This FAQ contains spoilers in so far as revealing dungeon names for the first
half of the game, some one-line descriptions of the basic character
information, and mention of the bonus dungeon. Read at your own risk.

This FAQ is copyright to myself; you may repost it elsewhere as long as it's
posted unaltered in its entirety and credit is given. The lastest version of
this FAQ will always be posted to GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com). Also, this FAQ
is intended for personal use only, meaning it may not be sold or published as
part of any commercial transaction (this also means that if your site charges
people a fee for registering to read FAQs, you may not host it). All trademarks
mentioned herein are copyright to their respective creators.

TABLE OF CONTENTS--------------------------------------------------------------

0. Version History
1. Introduction
2. Basic Information
 2a. Random Factor
 2b. Release
   > Status Items
   > After Release
 2c. Attacks & Magic
 2d. Combat Conversation
3. Einherjar List
 3a. Lost Forest
 3b. Royal Underground Passage
  >Sylphide, Richelle, Jessica
  >Roland, Kraad
 3c. Serdberg Mountain Ruins
  >Celes, Tylith
  >Alm, Woltar
 3d. Ancient Forest
  >Sha-Kon, Chrystie
 3e. Turgen Mine
  >Lylia, Millidia
 3f. Audoula Temple on the Lake
  >Phyress, Ehrde
 3g. Sahma Desert
  >Aaron, Dyn, Zunde
 3h. Surts Volcano Caverns
  >Arcana, Sophalla
  >Psoron, Farant 
 3i. Chateau Obsession
 3j. Crawsas Forest Ruins
  >Adonis, Falx
  >Fraudir, Circe, Rasheeka
 3k. Dragonscrypt
  >Lydia, Atracia
 3l. Palace of the Dragon
  >Xehnon, Masato
  >Ehlen, Guilm, Gerald
  >Crescent, Lwyn
 3m. Skavia Gorge
4. Attack Properties
 4a. Magic
 4b. Sword
 4c. Greatsword
 4d. Bow
5. Timeline
6. Easter Eggs
7. FAQ
8. Credits


Basic info on how the Einherjar system works this time around. All the
Einherjar are already in spirit form in Silmeria/Alicia, but you have to find
relics to materialize them. You can then release them once they've leveled to
their starting level+5. They'll leave status increasing items when you release
them, but you'll never get them back.

It's quite possible to play through the entire game using just the plot
characters, who usually have superior attacks/magic/special equipment, but
they'll take off for plot reasons every now and then so it's handy to keep a
couple of Einherjar around. If you're just looking to level and release them,
which ones you get probably don't really matter, especially later into the
game where the things they give you after release won't be terribly impressive
anyway (items you receive during release, ie the stat-increasing ones, 
depend on class and equipment rather than individual character).

On the other hand, unlike VP1 nobody's going to come down to deliver divine
wrath upon you if you choose to keep all the Einherjar, so you can just keep
them around as well.

Einherjar join at the around the average level of your top 6 party members,
with a random factor of 10% relative to level.

Einherjar this time around don't really have any background story aside from
what you read in their profiles, though if you talk to them after release or
witness certain battle conversations you'll find that what's in the profiles
is more how history remembers them than what actually happened.

-RANDOM FACTOR-----------------------------------------------------------------

Each relic will randomly materialize one of 2-3 characters (exceptions being
a couple of the mages). Once you get one of them you can't get the others tied
to that particular relic. This selection is random, picked at the time you
investigate the relic, though I've had better luck getting different characters
by touching the relic and selecting "no" once when asked if you want to
materialize the character. The probability of getting each character is 
different depending on the character.

All of the characters tied to the same relic will be of the same class and will
almost always share the same set of generic voice samples (Tri-Ace being lazy).
They will, however, learn different attacks and, in the case of mages, have
different Greater Magic.

If you find every relic, you'll have a total of 4 Heavy Fighters, 4 Light
Fighters, 5 Archers, and 7 Mages at the end.


When you level an Einherjar to release level, you can release them and they'll
go their merry way and be incarnated as normal human beings, populating
some of those empty houses you see in town and sometimes random dungeons.
They'll take off with all their equipment (minus accessories), but will leave
stat increasing items.

The items you get from this depend on the equipment you send them off with.
Theoretically speaking the later you wait to release them the more items you
get, since you'll have better equipment to dump. You can release Einherjar at
any time, but be forewarned that once released, you can't get them back the
way you can get back transferred characters in Seraphic Gate in VP1.


The items that you get from release are:

Scarlet Flame Gem (STR+20, DEX+20)
  Azure Flame Gem (INT+20, CON+20)
Emerald Flame Gem (HP+200, AGL+20)

    Swordsman's Lore (STR+5)
     Magician's Lore (INT+5)
       Archer's Lore (DEX+5)
        Thief's Lore (AGL+5)
Heavy Fighter's Lore (CON+5)
            Ambrosia (HP+100)

The formula for the items goes likes this:

-You get one of the Flame Gems depending on which stat is the highest for the
 character you release: Scarlet for ATK, Azure for MAG, and Emerald for RDM.
-The various Lore items are obtained from the combined stats of the equipment
 the character is released with. The formula is:
     Swordsman: ATK/20
      Magician: MAG/10
        Archer: HIT/5
         Thief: AVD/10
 Heavy Fighter: RST/5
      Ambrosia: RDM/25
 So if the combined attack bonus of all your gear is 200, for example, you'd
 get 200/20 = 10 Swordsman's Lores. The max number of any one item you can get
 at a time is 99.

This means that you're looking for raw stats rather than special properties of
the gear that you send them off with, so the ideal equipment (none-unique,
replaceable gear including Seraphic Gate stuff) would be:

Light Fighter: Terror Sword Helge, Ether Crown, Infinite Admire, Star Guard,
               Mithril Greaves
Heavy Fighter: Tirfing, Ether Crown, Tyrant's Armor, Gauntlets of Thrudge, Red
       Archer: Laser Fortell, Ether Crown, Sylph Red, Star Guard, Mithril
         Mage: Holy Staff Million Terror OR Wand of Apocalypse, Ether Crown,
               Sylph Red, Star Guard, Magic Boots

Several of these require you fight bosses, meaning more trips through SG, so
it's entirely up to you whether you want to expend the effort.


Once released, the Einherjar will hang out somewhere in a town or dungeon
(usually one per dungeon and 2 per town). Sometimes they'll give you additional
stuff if you talk to them a few times. Their conversation changes depending on
your story progression - one before Chapter 4, once from Chapter 5 onwards, and
once just before the end. Some will give you even more stuff if you talk to
them after their conversation has changed.

Following is the list of stuff they give you after release, in order. An
asterix denotes an item that you can't get anywhere else.

  MITHRA: Mithra's Holy Water*, -, Mithra's Holy Water*
RICHELLE: Wisdom of Sages, -, -
SYLPHIDE: 50000 OTH, -, -
 JESSICA: -, Ymir's Tears, -
  ROLAND: 50000 OTH, -, -
   KRAAD: Silver Kraad*, -, -
   CELES: -, -, 300000 OTH
  TYLITH: -, Charm of Perfection, -
     ALM: 50000 OTH, -, -
  WOLTAR: Talisman of Perfection, -, -
 SHA-KON: Prism Gem, -, Britannia Garb
CHRYSTIE: 50000 OTH, -, -
   LYLIA: -, Earth Gem, -
MILLIDIA: 50000 OTH, -, -
  KHANON: Noble Elixir, -, -
 PHYRESS: Golden Egg, -, 300000 OTH
   EHRDE: -
   AARON: 50000 OTH, -, -
     DYN: -, Earth Gem, -
   ZUNDE: -, -, Valkyrie's Pendant
  ARCANA: -, 50000 OTH, -
  PSORON: -, Overdrive, -
  FARANT: Overdrive, -, -
 SELUVIA: -, -, Book of Alchemy
  ADONIS: Heavy Fighter's Lore, -, -
    FALX: -, -, Wisdom of Sages
 FRAUDIR: -, 50000 OTH, -
   CIRCE: Kraad Mail*, -, -
RASHEEKA: Elixir of Sages, -, -
   LYDIA: -
 ATRACIA: -, -, Earth Gem
  MASATO: Prime Elixir, -, -
   EHLEN: 50000 OTH, -, -
   GUILM: -, Prism Gem, -
  GERALD: 50000 OTH, -, Goddess Elixir
CRESCENT: -, Noble Elixir, 10 OTH
    LWYN: -, Goddess Elixir, -
   AEGIS: -, Book of Alchemy, -

-ATTACKS & MAGIC---------------------------------------------------------------

Each Einherjar has 9 normal attacks chosen from a pool common to their class.
While there aren't any moves that are extremely overpowered, some are better
than others so there's a bit of variation. Einherjar of the same class all
share the same Finishers, unless they're mages.

Finishers are, by class:

>Wheeling Ripper (Light Fighter)
 12 Hits, Heat+47%

>Soul Evocation (Heavy Fighter)
 4 Hits, Heat+36%

>Crumble Gust (Archer)
 20 Hits, Heat+58%

While each character learns 9 attacks normally, there's a tenth attack for
every class you can get out of treasure chests in Seraphic Gate (you only
need the one item to get all the characters of that class to learn the new
attack). Plot characters other than Dylan and Leone get their own unique
attacks in SG so they won't be using these.

>Second Ruin (Light Fighter)
>Sonic Edge (Heavy Fighter)
>Buster Shoot (Archer)

Greater Magic for mages is set depending on the mage, unless you have Seraphic
Gate weapons equipped. Greater Magics are:

>Grand Trigger
 Fire-element, 5 Hits, Heat+35%

>Tidal Wave
 Water-element, 2 Hits, Heat+68%

>Cloudy Harm
 Earth-element, 2 Hits, Heat+62%

>Precede Gravity
 Lightning-element, 1 Hit, Heat+30%

>Pale Flare (requires Wand of Apocalypse)
 Dark-element, 12 Hits, Heat+42%

>Phantom Distraction (requires Holy Staff Million Terror)
 Light-element, 8 Hits, Heat+64%

Note that Meteor Swarm is a boss-only Greater Magic.

Mages eventually get to learn almost all menu spells and every mage will have
all 6 basic element attack spells (though the levels at which they learn each
will vary). Generally "good" mages will get Prismic Missile before Dark Saber,
and "evil" ones vice versa. Similarly, the bright shiney happy ones will tend
to get Evoke Feather while the dark gloomy ones get Chaotic Rune.

Light Fighters and Archers will be able to learn menu spells, but what spells
they get depends heavily on the individual character.

-COMBAT CONVERSATION-----------------------------------------------------------

If you have two characters who knew each other in life in the active party,
sometimes they'll start chatting at the beginning of combat. This has no 
actual technical effect aside from amusement value.


List of all the Einherjar, where to find them, their abilities/spells/attacks,
and a bit of comparison. Parenthesis behind spell/attack names are the level at
which they learn the ability, (-) denoting a starting ability. This data's 
pretty incomplete as of now as I didn't track the levels the first time
through. "Attack" denotes their normal attacks, be they the standard 6 spells
for the mages or the fighters' normal moves, while "Spells" denote the magic
you use from the Menu. The percentage in parenthesis after the character name
is the probability of getting that character when you touch the relic.

The levels at which character learn new attacks are in parenthesis after the
attack/spell name.

-LOST FOREST-------------------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: Event at small pool just before the entrance to the Underground
 AFTER RELEASE: Same as above

   DESCRIPTION: Former general of Flaregald. Pointy hat.
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire, Ice +20%, Lightning, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (5), Glacial Blizzard (10), Might Reinforce
                (12), Thunderstorm (18), Cure Plums (20), Reduce Power (22)
                Guard Reinforce (25), Evoke Feather (30), Spell Reinforce (32),
                Explosion (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Reduce Guard (38), Earth
                Grave (41), Astral Maze (45), Spiritual Thorn (48), Reflect
                Sorcery (51)
       ATTACKS: Cool Damsel (-), Lightning Bolt (8), Burn Storm (16),
                Poison Blow (28), Prismic Missile (43), Dark Saber (55)

You don't get a choice on this one, but his greater magic is one of the few
things you can use to chain as the 3rd Finisher early on.

-ROYAL UNDERGROUND PASSAGE-----------------------------------------------------

=LIGHT FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: Across the bridge from the info point about Einherjar
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Coriander Village

   DESCRIPTION: Knight captain of Arcdain, one of the 17 Generals of Camille.
STARTING SKILL: Reflex Movement
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy +20%, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (15)
       ATTACKS: Sunset Ruster (-), Double Wind (-), Ray Up Sword (-), Assault
                Step (6), Tri Crusade (14), Magic Lock (23), Over Spin (31),
                Holy Smite (40), Resonate Pain (48)
  CONVERSATION: Khanon, Fraudir

   DESCRIPTION: Retainer to Princess Phyress.
ELEMENT RESIST: (Holy, Dark) +20%, everything else -10%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (7), Cure Plums (15), Spell Reinforce (26),
                Evoke Feather (42)
       ATTACKS: Sunset Ruster (-), Assault Step (-), Double Wind (-), Surprise
                Throw (9), Tri Crusade (17), Magic Lock (26), Holy Smite (34),
                Ray Down Sword (43), Resonate Pain (51)

   DESCRIPTION: Merchant's daughter turned adventurer. Had an unfortunate
                encounter with a dragon.
ELEMENT RESIST: Ice +25%, everything else -5%
        SPELLS: Glacial Blizzard (15), Spell Reinforce (24)
       ATTACKS: Sunset Ruster (-), Assault Step (-), Surprise Throw (-), Double
                Wind (7), Ray Up Sword (16), Resonate Pain (25), Tri Crusade
                (35), Energy Steal (43), Misty Phantom (52)


Richelle has the highest stats and will give you a Wisdom of Sages (exp
crystal) after release, though Sylphide has higher Int and does comparable
damage with Feint; her magic and skills are also very useful early on. Jessica
apparently becomes quite good at very high levels, but she starts with the
lowest stats of the 3.

=HEAVY FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: 2 screens forward from the previous relic
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Villnore

ROLAND (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Knight captain of Arcdain, one of the 17 Generals.
STARTING SKILL: Spirit Control
ELEMENT RESIST: Lightning +20%, Dark -20%
       ATTACKS: Sideswing Cut (-), Structure Shoot (-), Buster Swing (-),
                Blast Kick (8), Over Left (16), Dreaded Radius (24), Bloody
                Cascade (32), Forbid Noise (40), Current Spine (48)
  CONVERSATION: Khanon, Aaron

KRAAD (50%)
  DESCRPIPTION: Founding hero of Villnore. Lives in mortal terror of his wife.
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire, Ice +20%, Lightning, Earth -20%
       ATTACKS: Sideswing Cut (-), Sweep Dive (-), Over Left (-), Iron Bash
                (8), Quick Stab (16), Dreaded Radius (24), Remove Hard (32),
                Blast Kick (40), Bloody Cascade (48)


Kraad gives you a nifty sword after release, while Roland has slightly better
stats. At high levels Kraad has more HP and Roland has higher Strength.

-SERDBERG MOUNTAIN RUINS-------------------------------------------------------

=LIGHT FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: Behind the wall in the room with the save point (break the wall
                by slashing it a few times)
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Solde

CELES (30%)
   DESCRIPTION: Former princess of Dipan, one of the 17 Generals, and later the
                Black Radiance General of Rosetta.
ELEMENT RESIST: +5% across the board
        SPELLS: Might Reinforce (25)
       ATTACKS: Soul Piercing (-), Misty Phantom (-), Ray Down Sword (-),
                Ray Up Sword (7), Surprise Throw (15), Over Spin (23), Double
                Wind (30), Assault Step (38), Energy Steal (45)
  CONVERSATION: Phyress, Guilm, Adonis, Ehlen, Xehnon

TYLITH (70%)
   DESCRIPTION: Self-proclaimed descendant of Celes. Speaks in kansai-ben.
ELEMENT RESIST: Lightning -20%, everything else +5%
        SPELLS: Might Reinforce (15), Reduce Guard (30)
       ATTACKS: Sunset Ruster (-), Ray Up Sword (-), Assault Step (-), Surprise
                Throw (8), Over Spin (16), Soul Piercing (24), Tri Crusade
                (32), Double Wind (40), Holy Smite (48)


In terms of combat ability Celes wins hands down, as her default attack, Soul
Piercing, has a chance to instant-kill things including bosses, and her initial
skill, Body Passage, isn't something you can get yourself until near the end
of the game. Tylith has some unique lines and a whackier personality.


RELIC LOCATION: By the left-hand entrance at the bottom of the stairs, one
                screen left of the spring.
 AFTER RELEASE: Chateau Obsession

ALM (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: 2nd prince of Paltia.
ELEMENT RESIST: Lightning +20%, Fire -20%
        SPELLS: Reduce Power (-), Thunderstorm (10), Reduce Guard (12),
                Explosion (18), Guard Reinforce (20), Spell Reinforce (22),
                Might Reinforce (25), Ordinary Shape (30), Cure Plums (32), 
                Earth Grave (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Chaotic Rune (38),
                Glacial Blizzard (41), Spiritual Thorn (48), Reflect Sorcery
                (51), Astral Maze (55)
       ATTACKS: Lightning Bolt (-), Cool Damsel (8), Poison Blow (16), Burn
                Storm (28), Dark Saber (43), Prismic Missile (45)
 GREATER MAGIC: Precede Gravity
  CONVERSATION: Phyress, Seluvia, Chrystie

WOLTAR (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Evil (?) alchemist who hung out at Salerno and kidnapped a 
ELEMENT RESIST: Lightning +20%, Fire -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (5), Earth Grave (10), Cure Plums (12),
                Thunderstorm (18), Spell Reinforce (20), Guard Reinforce (22),
                Might Reinforce (25), Evoke Feather (30), Reduce Power (32),
                Explosion (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Reduce Guard (38),
                Glacial Blizzard (41), Astral Maze (43), Reflect Sorcery (51),
                Spiritual Thorn (55)
       ATTACKS: Poison Blow (-), Burn Storm (8), Lightning Bolt (16), Cool
                Damsel (28), Prismic Missile (45), Dark Saber (48)
  CONVERSATION: Lylia, Lydia, Sha-Kon


Alm is one of the few mages who learns Chaotic Rune at a reasonable level, and
his initial spell is Lightning Bolt, which is quite handy for building combo
hits. Woltar's greater magic is Cloudy Harm, so he can be used in place of 
Mithra as 3rd in a Finisher chain. While Alm doesn't get healing spells till
rather late, despite all appearances Woltar falls into the "good" mage
category is handy with the heal/recovery stuff at lower levels.

-ANCIENT FOREST----------------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: Patch of lilies on the left side of the screen forward from
                the save point.
 AFTER RELEASE: Kythena Plains

SHA-KON (90%)
   DESCRIPTION: Hai Lan mechanic. Makes constructs and golems.
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire, Lightning +20%, Ice, Earth -20%
        SPELLS: Prevent Sorcery (20)
       ATTACKS: Dual Task (-), Poison Shoot (-), Restrict Distortion (-), Flare
                Shoot (8), Aiming Wisp (17), Flake Flap (24), Weathering Order
                (31), Flame Shoot (39), Wave Motion (46)
  CONVERSATION: Woltar, Masato, various enemy golems

   DESCRIPTION: Princess of Paltia who ran off chasing spoony bard.
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy, Dark +10%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (14), Cure Plums (23), Evoke Feather (45)
       ATTACKS: Single Shot (-), Dual Task (-), 3-Way (-), Stardust (8), Throat
                Shoot (16), Wave Motion (24), Flame Shoot (32), Rising Wisp
                (40), Restrict Distortion (48)
  CONVERSATION: Phyress, Seluvia, Alm


Not much difference between the two in terms of either stats or attacks, though
Sha-Kon gets Flake Flap fairly early while Chrystie has 3-Way and Stardust as
starting attacks.

-TURGEN MINE-------------------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: One screen left of the save point, on the ledge behind the wasp
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Crell Monferaigne

LYLIA (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Queen of Crell Monferaigne who was kidnapped (?) on her wedding
STARTING SKILL: Vital Adjustment
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy +20%, Fire -20%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (10), Ordinary Shape (23), Astral Maze (44)
       ATTACKS: Single Shot (-), Aiming Wisp (-), Rising Wisp (-), Dual Task
                (8), Flare Shoot (17), Stardust (25), Throat Shoot (33), Wave
                Motion (42), Restrict Distortion (50)
  CONVERSATION: Woltar, Lydia

   DESCRIPTION: Ruler of Gerabellum who came to power through the aid of the
                Thieves' Guild.
ELEMENT RESIST: Everything -5% 
        SPELLS: Spell Reinforce (55), Explosion (65), Glacial Blizzard (85),
                Reduce Guard (86), Reduce Power (88), Thunderstorm (89), Astral
                Maze (90), Prevent Sorcery (91), Reflect Sorcery (92), Guard
                Reinforce (93), Might Reinforce (94), Chaotic Rune (95),
                Ordinary Shape (96), Earth Grave (97), Spiritual Thorn (97),
                Cure Plums (98), Evoke Feather (99)
       ATTACKS: Single Shot (-), Dual Task (-), Poison Shoot (-), Weathering
                Order (9), Throat Shoot (17), Flare Shoot (26), Flake Flap
                (35), Stardust (43), Flame Shoot (52)


Lylia has some handy spells but low stats, particularly her DEX stat which is
lowest of all the archers. She does have both the Wisp attacks and is easy to
use.  Millidia's spell list is not a typo, but you have to level her past 85 or
so to get most of those spells.

-AUDOULLA TEMPLE ON THE LAKE---------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: Eastern end of the map
 AFTER RELEASE: Skavia Gorge

   DESCRIPTION: Almost-Pope of Arcdain but was assassinated at his appointment
                ceremony. Universally detested by all the Einherjar who knew
                him in life.
STARTING SKILL: Solitary Struggle
ELEMENT RESIST: Dark +20%, Earth -20%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (5), Earth Grave (10), Reduce Power (12), 
                Explosion (18), Cure Plums (20), Spell Reinforce (22), Reduce
                Guard (25), Might Reinforce (30), Ordinary Shape (32), Glacial
                Blizzard (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Chaotic Rune (38), 
                Thunderstorm (41), Spiritual Thorn (43), Astral Maze (48),
                Reflect Sorcery (51)
       ATTACKS: Poison Blow (-), Burn Storm (8), Lightning Bolt (16), Cool
                Damsel (28), Dark Saber (45), Prismic Missile (55)
  CONVERSATION: Roland, Richelle, Aaron, Fraudir, Phyress, Ehrde


No choice about this one either. His INT isn't too great but he has relatively
high HP for a mage.


RELIC LOCATION: On the very high ledge one screen left of the watergate block
                gimmick. Kill the large monster and switch places with the
                floating small one to get up to it.
 AFTER RELEASE: Cathedral, Solde

   DESCRIPTION: Princess of Dipan and later queen of Paltia. Was actually 58
                years old but asked to be materialized as 17.
        SPELLS: Explosion (20), Thunderstorm (38), Glacial Blizzard (43), Earth
                Grave (52)
       ATTACKS: Flare Shoot (-), Flame Shoot (-), Flake Flap (-), Poison Shoot
                (7), Weathering Order (15), Throat Shoot (22), Restrict
                Distortion (30), Stardust (37), Aiming Wisp (45)
  CONVERSATION: Celes, Guilm, Dyn, Chrystie, Seluvia, Khanon, Alm

EHRDE (10%)
   DESCRIPTION: Blue Radiance General of Rosetta. Also an assassin. The only
                male Einherjar archer.
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +20%, Dark +20%, Ice -20%
        SPELLS: Reduce Guard (15), Might Reinforce (35), Spiritual Thorn (42),
                Reflect Sorcery (45)
       ATTACKS: Dual Task (-), Poison Shoot (-), Flame Shoot (-), Single Shot
                (8), Throat Shoot (16), Restrict Distortion (24), Weathering
                Order (32), Stardust (40), Rising Wisp (48)
  CONVERSATION: Khanon, Farant, Xehnon, Ehlen


Phyress' starting skill is very good and she has the high INT to back it up,
while Ehrde gets better spells later on.

-SAHMA DESERT------------------------------------------------------------------

=HEAVY FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: By the eastern exit of the desert.
 AFTER RELEASE: Inn, Coriander

AARON (30%)
   DESCRIPTION: Knight captain of Arcdain, take three.
ELEMENT RESIST: Ice +20%, Lightning -20%
       ATTACKS: Sideswing Cut (-), Structure Shoot (-), Quick Stab (-), Buster
                Swing (6), Sweep Dive (14), Iron Bash (23), Dreaded Radius
                (31), Blast Kick (40), Bloody Cascade (48)
  CONVERSATION: Roland, Fraudir, Khanon

DYN (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Hero who ended the Mists of Nibelheim.
STARTING SKILL: Regeneration Heal
ELEMENT RESIST: (Fire, Holy, Dark) +20%, Ice, Earth -20% 
       ATTACKS: Quick Stab (-), Lower Split (-), Bloody Cascade (-), Armed
                Break (6), Iron Bash (14), Buster Swing (23), Sweep Dive (31),
                Current Spine (40), Dreaded Radius (48)
  CONVERSATION: Sylphide, Guilm, Phyress

ZUNDE (20%)
   DESCRIPTION: Adventurer who discovered the Grand Sting sword.
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy +20%, Fire -20%
       ATTACKS: Sweep Dive (-), Over Left (-), Dreaded Radius (-), Blast Kick
                (3), Sideswing Cut (14), Quick Stab (23), Buster Swing (31),
                Structure Shoot (40), Bloody Cascade (48)


They're about on par as far as stats/moves are concerned. Dyn looks like a 
samurai despite there being no Hai Lan yet and has a good resist bonus, while
Zunde has a number of unique lines and is a rare comic relief character. Aaron
isn't bad but doesn't really have anything that makes him particularly stand
out either.

-SURTS VOLCANO CAVERN----------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: In the area of Null Protection.
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Kalstad

ARCANA (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Hero who saved Kalstad from the invading Crell Monferaigne
                hordes at the cost of her life.
ELEMENT RESIST: Ice +20%, Lightning -20%
        SPELLS: Cure Plums (25)
       ATTACKS: Weathering Order (-), Stardust (-), Wave Motion (-), 3-Way (7),
                Flare Shoot (16), Flake Flap (24), Throat Shoot (32), Aiming
                Wisp (40), Restrict Distortion (48)

   DESCRIPTION: Former assassin who married the ruler of Gerabellum.
STARTING SKILL: Cure Condition
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +20, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (25)
       ATTACKS: 3-Way (-), Dual Task (-), Poison Shoot (-), Weathering Order
                (8), Wave Motion (16), Throat Shoot (24), Restrict Distortion
                (32), Aiming Wisp (40), Stardust (48)


Either's fairly good in combat. Arcana's Heroism skill is very useful against
normal mobs.


RELIC LOCATION: Far right end of the map, a couple of screens before the save

PSORON (40%)
   DESCRIPTION: Inventor of the Guard Reinforce and Burn Storm spells. Pointy
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy, Dark -20%, everything else +10%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (-), Explosion (10), Reduce Guard (12), Earth
                Grave (18), Reduce Power (20), Might Reinforce (22), Cure Plums
                (25), Ordinary Shape (30), Spell Reinforce (32), Thunderstorm
                (34), Evoke Feather (38), Prevent Sorcery (40), Glacial
                Blizzard (41), Astral Maze (43), Spiritual Thorn (48), Reflect
                Sorcery (55)
       ATTACKS: Burn Storm (-), Poison Blow (8), Lightning Bolt (16), Cool
                Damsel (28), Dark Saber (45), Prismic Missile (55)
 GREATER MAGIC: Grand Trigger

FARANT (60%)
   DESCRIPTION: Leader of Lassen's underground resistance army during its
                occupation by Rosetta.
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy +20%, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (5), Explosion (10), Guard Reinforce (12),
                Glacial Blizzard (18), Cure Plums (20), Reduce Power (22),
                Reduce Guard (25), Might Reinforce (30), Spell Reinforce (32),
                Earth Grave (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Evoke Feather (38),
                Thunderstorm (41), Astral Maze (43), Reflect Sorcery (51),
                Spiritual Thorn (55)
       ATTACKS: Lightning Bolt (-), Cool Damsel (8), Burn Storm (16), Poison
                Blow (28), Prismic Missile (45), Dark Saber (48)
 GREATER MAGIC: Precede Gravity
  CONVERSATION: Crescent, Ehrde


Neither Grand Trigger nor Precede Gravity are particularly powerful Greater
Magics, so there's not much difference. Psoron resembles Mithra, while Farant
has whacky conversations with the Rosetta crowd and overall superior stats.

-CHATEAU OBSESSION-------------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: On top of the far left ledge in the small cul-de-sac room
 AFTER RELEASE: Audoula Temple on the Lake

   DESCRIPTION: Spoony bard.
ELEMENT RESIST: 0 across the board
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (5), Explosion (10), Cure Plums (12),
                Thunderstorm (18), Guard Reinforce (20), Evoke Feather (22),
                Reduce Power (25), Might Reinforce (30), Spell Reinforce (32),
                Glacial Blizzard (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Reduce Guard
                (38), Earth Grave (41), Astral Maze (43), Spiritual Thorn
                (48), Reflect Sorcery (51)
       ATTACKS: Lightning Bolt (-), Burn Storm (8), Cool Damsel (16), Poison
                Blow (28), Prismic Missile (45), Dark Saber (55)
 GREATER MAGIC: Precede Gravity
  CONVERSATION: Chrystie, Phyress, Alm, Dyn


Ditto no choice, since you can get more mages overall than any other class. His
God Slayer skill is quite useful during the latter half of the game, although
he doesn't have the highest INT.

-CRAWSAS FOREST RUINS----------------------------------------------------------

=HEAVY FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: Several screens left of the save point (jump over the ruins).
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Villnore

ADONIS (60%)
   DESCRIPTION: Mercenary who became one of the 17 Generals and later the Black
                Radiance General of Rosetta.
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy -30%, everything else +10%
       ATTACKS: Armed Break (-), Iron Bash (-), Remove Hard (-), Quick Stab
                (7), Over Left (15), Sweep Dive (23), Iron Bash (31), Bloody
                Cascade (40), Dreaded Radius (48)
  CONVERSATION: Celes, Crescent, Ehlen, Xehnon, Circe, Tylith

FALX (40%)
   DESCRIPTION: Adventurer from Gerabellum who tried to take on Brahms. Tried
                being the operative word.
ELEMENT RESIST: Dark +20%, Ice -20% 
       ATTACKS: Sideswing Cut (-), Lower Split (-), Buster Swing (-), Quick
                Stab (7), Over Left (15), Forbid Noise (23), Dreaded Radius
                (32), Bloody Cascade (40), Current Spine (48)
  CONVERSATION: *spoiler*, Zunde


Adonis has superior stats and his Observation skill is very useful in long boss
fights. Not sure about the advantage of picking Falx.

=LIGHT FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: Behind the Wild Trolls on the left side of the map
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Kalstad

   DESCRIPTION: Yet another knight captain of Arcdain. They seem to go through
                a rather lot of them.
ELEMENT RESIST: Dark +20%, Fire -20%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (22)
       ATTACKS: Sunset Ruster (-), Ray Up Sword (-), Resonate Pain (-), Tri
                Crusade (8), Misty Phantom (16), Shadow Snap (24), Double Wind
                (32), Over Spin (40), Holy Smite (48)
  CONVERSATION: Richelle, Aaron, Khanon

CIRCE (40%)
   DESCRIPTION: Famed weaponsmith who aided in the founding of Villnore.
ELEMENT RESIST: Lightning -20%, everything else +5%
        SPELLS: Guard Reinforce (-), Reduce Power (25)
       ATTACKS: Energy Steal (-), Sunset Ruster (-), Double Wind (-), Assault
                Step (8), Tri-Crusade (16), Ray Down Sword (24), Over Spin
                (32), Soul Piercing (40), Holy Smite (48)
  CONVERSATION: Kraad, Adonis

   DESCRIPTION: Hero of Kalstad who sacrificed her life to drive off the
                invading Crell Monferaigne hordes.
STARTING SKILL: Missile Protection
ELEMENT RESIST: Holy, Dark -10%, everything else +5%
        SPELLS: Explosion (34)
       ATTACKS: Assault Step (-), Over Spin (-), Ray Up Sword (-), Double Wind
                (8), Shadow Snap (16), Tri Crusade (24), Energy Steal (32),
                Misty Phantom (40), Resonate Pain (48)


Fraudir has a number of multi-hitting attack moves. Circe will give you the
Kraad Mail after being released, and starts with a bunch of nifty equipment.
Rasheeka is a decent all-round fighter. None of the three have any particularly
impressive spells.



RELIC LOCATION: At the bottom of the cave floor near the exit.
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Crell Monferaigne

LYDIA (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: Bastard princess of Crell Monferaigne.
ELEMENT RESIST: Ice +20%, Lightning -20%
        SPELLS: Reduce Guard (12), Might Reinforce (35)
       ATTACKS: Dual Task (-), Weathering Order (-), Stardust (-), Wave Motion
                (8), Throat Shoot (16), Flake Flap (23), Rising Wisp (31),
                Restrict Distortion (38), Flame Shoot (46)
  CONVERSATION: Lylia, Woltar

   DESCRIPTION: Guardian of a nomadic grasslands tribe.
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +20, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Prevent Sorcery (13), Reflect Sorcery (45)
       ATTACKS: Dual Task (-), Flare Shoot (-), Flake Flap (-), Weathering
                Order (8), 3-Way (16), Flame Shoot (24), Stardust (32), 
                Rising Wisp (40), Restrict Distortion (48)


Lydia has relatively high stats while Atracia has a bunch of wide-area, easy-
to-use attacks.

-PALACE OF THE DRAGON----------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: Upper right platform of the poisoned room you're warped to
                after touching one of the shield statues.
 AFTER RELEASE: Sahma Desert

XEHNON (90%)
   DESCRIPTION: Court wizard of Rosetta.
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire +20%, Holy -20%
        SPELLS: Cure Plums (5), Explosion (9), Ordinary Shape (12), Earth Grave
                (17), Guard Reinforce (20), Might Reinforce (22), Spell
                Reinforce (25), Evoke Feather (30), Reduce Power (32),
                Thunderstorm (33), Prevent Sorcery (35), Reduce Guard (38),
                Glacial Blizzard (40), Spiritual Thorn (44), Astral Maze (47),
                Reflect Sorcery (50), Chaotic Rune (52)
       ATTACKS: Burn Storm (-), Poison Blow (6), Lightning Bolt (15), Cool
                Damsel (27), Dark Saber (42), Prismic Missile (54)
 GREATER MAGIC: Grand Trigger
  CONVERSATION: Ehlen, Crescent, Ehrde, Adonis, Celes, Phyress

MASATO (10%)
   DESCRIPTION: Hai Lan mage.
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +20, Dark -20%
        SPELLS: Reduce Guard (5), Earth Grave (10), Reduce Power (12), Glacial
                Blizzard (18), Spell Reinforce (20), Cure Plums (22), Ordinary
                Shape (25), Guard Reinforce (30), Might Reinforce (32), 
                Explosion (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Chaotic Rune (38),
                Thunderstorm (41), Spiritual Thorn (43), Reflect Sorcery (51),
                Astral Maze (55)
       ATTACKS: Poison Blow (-), Burn Storm (8), Lightning Bolt (16), Cool
                Damsel (28), Dark Saber (45), Prismic Missile (48)

Xehnon is the only mage in the game who learns every spell, and he has
the highest INT of all the mages but low HP. Masato starts with some pretty 
nifty spells and has a better Greater Magic.

=HEAVY FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: All the way to the left of the Save Point behind the door you
                unlock by placing Runestones, in the Corona section of the
 AFTER RELEASE: Ancient Forest

EHLEN (30%)
   DESCRIPTION: One of the 17 Generals, later the Red Radiance General of
ELEMENT RESIST: +5% across the board
       ATTACKS: Buster Swing (-), Structure Shoot (-), Dreaded Radius (-),
                Sideswing Cut (8), Forbid Noise (16), Blast Kick (24), Current
                Spine (32), Bloody Cascade (40), Sweep Dive (48)
  CONVERSATION: Crescent, Celes, Adonis, Ehrde, Xehnon

GUILM (50%)
   DESCRIPTION: One of the 17 Generals. Celes' second in command.
STARTING SKILL: Toughness, First Aid
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire, Earth -20%, everything else +10%
       ATTACKS: Over Left (-), Dreaded Radius (-), Remove Hard (-), Iron Bash
                (9), Armed Break (17), Buster Swing (26), Blast Kick (34), 
                Quick Stab (42), Sweep Dive (50)
  CONVERSATION: Sylphide, Dyn, Phyress, Celes, Alicia

GERALD (20%)
   DESCRIPTION: Adventurer who killed the dragon in the Nethov swamplands.
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +25%, everything else -5%
       ATTACKS: Quick Stab (-), Lower Split (-), Armed Break (-), Buster Swing
                (8), Iron Bash (16), Sweep Dive (24), Dreaded Radius (32),
                Over Left (40), Bloody Cascade (48)


All 3 start with some pretty useful skills. Guilm has one of the highest CON/HP
of all the characters, while Ehlen has a very useful set of attack moves and
Gerald starts with the Dragonslayer skill which is quite handy around the time
you get him.

=LIGHT FIGHTER=================================================================

RELIC LOCATION: On a high ledge in the Eclipse/Corona section of the palace. Go
                around and use the Cotton Hat runestone to float down to it.
 AFTER RELEASE: Forest of Spirits

   DESCRIPTION: White Radiance General of Rosetta. Stalks Ehlen.
ELEMENT RESIST: Fire +20%, Earth -20%
        SPELLS: Might Reinforce (15), Guard Reinforce (25)
       ATTACKS: Over Spin (-), Shadow Snap (-), Magic Lock (-), Assault Step
                (7), Ray Down Sword (14), Ray Up Sword (22), Tri Crusade (30),
                Soul Piercing (38), Misty Phantom (46)
  CONVERSATION: Ehlen, Xehnon, Adonis, Farant

LWYN (40%)
   DESCRIPTION: Explorer who found an ancient desert tomb.
ELEMENT RESIST: Earth +20%, Holy -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (14), Guard Reinforce (24), Astral Maze (44)
       ATTACKS: Assault Step (-), Over Spin (-), Ray Down Sword (-), Surprise
                Throw (7), Tri Crusade (12), Shadow Snap (17), Misty Phantom
                (22), Energy Steal (30), Soul Piercing (38)


They have mostly the same attacks, and neither has anything particularly 
unusual magic-wise. Crescent has higher stats on average than Lwyn but Lwyn
learns all her attacks earlier.

-SKAVIA GORGE------------------------------------------------------------------


RELIC LOCATION: Near the exit
 AFTER RELEASE: House, Solde

   DESCRIPTION: Accomplished admiral who drowned during a sea battle.
ELEMENT RESIST: Dark +20%, Ice -20%
        SPELLS: Ordinary Shape (5), Thunderstorm (10), Guard Reinforce (12),
                Glacial Blizzard (18), Cure Plums (20), Reduce Power (22), 
                Reduce Guard (25), Spell Reinforce (30), Might Reinforce (32),
                Explosion (34), Prevent Sorcery (36), Evoke Feather (38), Earth
                Grave (41), Astral Maze (43), Reflect Sorcery (51), Spiritual
                Thorn (55)
       ATTACKS: Cool Damsel (-), Poison Blow (8), Lightning Bolt (16), Burn
                Storm (28), Prismic Missile (45), Dark Saber (48)

Blah blah, don't get a choice, blah blah, Greater Magic. Think of him as Mithra
without the pointy hat.


So we've got the list of attacks that each character learns, but what do they
do? I'm not sure this is something appropriate for this FAQ but I'll stick it
here for now and maybe remove it later if it makes the FAQ too bulky.

"Area" means basic area the attack connects with, on a human-sized opponent.
"Special" denotes any special effects the attack causes, like knocking into the
air, status ailments etc.

The attacks listed here only cover the ones used by the Einherjar, this being
an Einherjar FAQ and all. Some of these are also shared with the main
characters, but they're on their own :P


     AP: 18
   HEAT: 25x1 hit 
  NOTES: Blast of fire erupts from under the target. This has a throw effect
         so if you're using it as an opening attack be careful you don't
         knock the enemy too high for you melee people to hit. Otherwise
         nothing special, though it does pack a punch early on.

     AP: 16
   HEAT: 3 hits (8, 7, 9)
  NOTES: Summons ice elementals. The elementals have curved attack paths, so
         it's a bit hard to predict where their hits actually land.

     AP: 17
   HEAT: 4x6 hits 
SPECIAL: Paralyze
  NOTES: Best spell for generating a lot of hits, though it's easy to miss if
         the target's down or you're standing on a hill.

     AP: 17
   HEAT: 28x1 hit 
  NOTES: Poison cloud erupts under the target. Unlike Burn Storm this won't
         actually knock it into the air.

     AP: 21
   HEAT: 5x7 hits 
SPECIAL: Poison, Paralyze, Freeze, Weaken, Petrify, Confuse
  NOTES: A bunch of light projectiles shoot out from behind the caster. This
         has slightly better homing than Lightning Bolt but will still miss
         smaller enemies. Also, since the projecile arc is curved (think 
         Macross missile cluster) they'll miss if the caster's standing too
         close to the target. Nevertheless, one of the most handy spells if
         only for the status effects.

     AP: 21
   HEAT: 3 hits (9, 6, 14)
  NOTES: Several blades appear around the target and go stabbity. Unless you
         suddenly displace the target as it's going off, more or less
         guaranteed to hit.


     AP: 7
   HEAT: 2x4 hits
   AREA: Mid/Low
LEARNED: Sylphide (43), Celes (-), Circe (24), Crescent (14), Llwyn (-)
  NOTES: Shield bash then a delayed downwards swipe. As long as the first
         hit connects the rest will too, unless you knock the target out of
         range with another character. Good for getting Flame Stones.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 2x4 hits
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Richelle (-), Jessica (16), Celes (7), Tylith (-), Fraudir (-),
         Rasheeka (-), Crescent (22)
  NOTES: Like Ray Down Sword but knocking the target up at the end of the

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 9x1 hit
   AREA: Mid/High
LEARNED: Richelle (-), Sylphide (-), Jessica (-), Tylith (-), Fraudir (-),
         Circe (-)
  NOTES: Basic downwards slash.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 4x2 hits
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Richelle (-), Sylphide (-), Jessica (7), Celes (30), Tylith (40),
         Fraudir (32), Circe (-), Rasheeka (8)
  NOTES: Two consecutive mid-level slashes.

     AP: 5
   HEAT: 3x2 hits
   AREA: Low
LEARNED: Richelle (6), Sylphide (-), Jessica (-), Celes (38), Tylith (-),
         Circe (8), Rasheeka (-), Crescent (7), Lwyn (-)
  NOTES: Simple stab to the face.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 3x3 hits
   AREA: Mid/High
LEARNED: Richelle (14), Sylphide (17), Jessica (35), Tylith (32), Fraudir (8),
         Circe (16), Rasheeka (24), Crescent (30), Lwyn (12)
  NOTES: Attacker jumps, knocking the target up into the air. You can follow up
         with another move while jumping, but light targets are thrown very
         high, making it hard to connect with anything other than bow attacks
         during the move. Guaranteed knockdown effect.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 13x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Air, Stun (10%)
LEARNED: Richelle (31), Celes (23), Tylith (16), Fraudir (40), Circe (32),
         Rasheeka (-), Crescent (-), Llwyn (-)
  NOTES: Flip kick that knocks the target into the air.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 6x2 hits
   AREA: Low
SPECIAL: Guard break
LEARNED: Sylphide (9), Jessica (-), Celes (15), Tylith (8), Lwyn (7)
  NOTES: Throws three knives at the opponent's feet. The range/area of effect
         isn't too impressive but you can use it to kick off a combo.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 6x2 hits
   AREA: Low
LEARNED: Jessica (43), Celes (45), Circe (-), Rasheeka (32), Llwyn (30)
  NOTES: Same basic move as Surprise Throw but absorbs HP.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 5x2
   AREA: Low
LEARNED: Fraudir (24), Rasheeka (16), Crescent (-), Lwyn (17)
  NOTES: Poor man's version of Surprise Throw.

     AP: 8
   HITS: 8x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Instant death (10%)
LEARNED: Celes (-), Tylith (24), Circe (40), Crescent (38), Lwyn (38)
  NOTES: Slightly long startup animation, but is incredibly broken early on
         as most early monsters/bosses don't have death resistance. Stabbity

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 2x4 hits
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Jessica (52), Celes (-), Fraudir (16), Rasheeka (40), Crescent (46),
         Lwyn (22)
  NOTES: The attacker charges through the target and the actual attack effect
         has a delay of about a second or so. Will not hit small downed
         enemies. While most of the time you return to normal position after
         the attack round, it's possible to charge off a cliff using this,
         so keep an eye out on the terrain behind the target.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 2x4 hits
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Richelle (48), Sylphide (51), Jessica (25), Fraudir (-), Rasheeka (48)
  NOTES: Horizontal stab.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 5x2 hits
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Holy-element (80%)
LEARNED: Richelle (40), Sylphide (34), Tylith (48), Fraudir (48), Circe (48)
  NOTES: Holds the sword out to charge it for a moment, then a horizontal stab.
         Bit of a delay in between pressing the button and the attack actually

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 5x2 hits
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Silence (30%)
LEARNED: Richelle (23), Sylphide (26), Crescent (-)
  NOTES: Horizontal stab that sometimes causes silence.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 2x6 hits
   AREA: Low/Mid/High
LEARNED: Seraphic Gate item
  NOTES: Jumping upper slash like Tri Crusade. A lot of hits.


Most of these aren't quite as fast as the sword moves but increase the Heat
gauge more; there are also fewer moves that do mutliple hits. Some of the moves
automatically have knockback, while for others you can do a knockback version
if you hold the attack button when doing the attack ("knockback" in parenthesis
denotes this option).

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 12x1 hit 
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: (Knockback)
LEARNED: Roland (-), Kraad (-), Aaron (-), Zunde (14), Falx (-), Ehlen (8)
  NOTES: Basic slash attack at about shoulder level.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 14x1 hit
   AREA: Mid/High
LEARNED: Roland (-), Aaron (6), Dyn (23), Zunde (31), Falx (-), Ehlen (-),
         Guilm (26), Gerald (8)
  NOTES: Overhead downwards slash, with a bit of windup time. Sometimes
         connects with downed enemies, sometimes not. Fairly decent area.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 16x1 hit
   AREA: High
LEARNED: Roland (24), Kraad (24), Aaron (31), Dyn (48), Zunde (-), Adonis
         (48), Falx (32), Ehlen (-), Guilm (-), Gerald (32)
  NOTES: Diagonal upwards slash at about head height. Tricky to connect with
         but a fairly good attack to mix into an air combo.

     AP: 13
   HITS: 4x2 hits 
   AREA: Low/Mid/High
LEARNED: Roland (32), Kraad (48), Aaron (48), Dyn (-), Zunde (48), Adonis (40),
         Falx (40), Ehlen (40), Gerald (48)
  NOTES: Two slashes in succession. This has a decent hit area and attack
         strength, but high AP cost; though if your target is throwable and
         your other characters aren't knocking it around too much, you're
         guaranteed to get a Radiant Gem out of this, reducing the effective
         cost to 5.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 15x1 hit
   AREA: Mid/High
SPECIAL: Guard break
LEARNED: Kraad (-), Aaron (14), Dyn (31), Zunde (-), Adonis (23), Ehlen (48), 
         Guilm (50), Gerald (24)
  NOTES: Somersault smack to the head. The windup animation for this is pretty
         long, so it's best used as a starting move. Highly useful for Break

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 11x1 hit
   AREA: Low/Mid/High
LEARNED: Roland (-), Aaron (-), Zunde (40), Ehlen (-)
  NOTES: Upwards slash, covering a ridiculously large area. Will hit downed
         targets. Very little startup/delay.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 9x1 hit
   AREA: Low/Mid/High
LEARNED: Kraad (32), Adonis (-), Guilm (-)
  NOTES: Upwards slash, but will not knock enemies into the air like Structure
         Shoot. Covers more or less the same area.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 5x2 hits
   AREA: Low/Mid/High
LEARNED: Dyn (-), Falx (-), Gerald (-)
  NOTES: Like Remove Hard but doing two less powerful hits instead of one.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 15x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Kraad (16), Aaron (-), Dyn (-), Zunde (23), Adonis (7), Falx (7),
         Guilm (42), Gerald (-)
  NOTES: Exactly what it sounds like.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 3x3 hits
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Roland (48), Dyn (40), Falx (48), Ehlen (32)
  NOTES: Horizontal stabbing motion, 3 hits.  Has a fairly long hit duration.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 14x1 hit 
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Stun (10%), (Knockback)
LEARNED: Roland (16), Kraad (-), Zunde (-), Adonis (15), Falx (15), Guilm (-),
         Gerald (40)
  NOTES: Straightforward punch. Neither range nor damage is impressive but
         it has a fairly low AP cost.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 12x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Knockback
LEARNED: Roland (8), Kraad (40), Aaron (40), Zunde (3), Adonis (-), Ehlen (24),
         Guilm (34)
  NOTES: Exactly what it sounds like. It can get a bit hard to do follow-ups
         with this since the target's kicked backwards about half a screen.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 9x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
LEARNED: Dyn (6), Adonis (-), Guilm (17), Gerald (-)
  NOTES: Plain downwards slash.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 12x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Air, (Knockback)
LEARNED: Kraad (8), Aaron (23), Dyn (14), Adonis (31), Guilm (9), Gerald (16)
  NOTES: Smacks the target with the flat length of the blade. Short reach.

     AP: 7
   HITS: 9x1 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: Silence (30%)
LEARNED: Roland (40), Falx (23), Ehlen (16)
  NOTES: Short range but has a chance to silence target.

     AP: 10
   HITS: 7x2 hit
   AREA: Mid
SPECIAL: (Knockback)
LEARNED: Seraphic Gate item
  NOTES: Charges up energy and executes a diagonal slash like Dreaded Radius.
         You get a pretty good distance on the knockback for this move.


The bow attacks are usually of two types - the ones with a fix attack angle like
Wave Motion, and the ones where the attack angle is adjusted depending on where
the target is at the time of the attack. The second's obviously much easier to
aim. The Wisp-type moves have a limited amount of homing capacity, meaning they
can change their paths a bit in between the attack button being pressed and
the attack actually connecting.

Several of these attacks have elements associated with them, which may or may
not be a good thing depending on what you're shooting at; those and the Wisp
attacks will let you hit incorporeal enemies without having to have special
skills/equipment though. If an attack has an element attached to it, it means
that in addition to the normal attack, you get, say, 20% of the attack power
in additional Fire damage or whatever.

     AP: 4
   HEAT: 7x1 hit 
   AREA: Variable
LEARNED: Chrystie (-), Lylia (-), Millidia (-), Ehrde (-) 
  NOTES: Plain old shot to the front. Use until you get something better, or if
         you're really trying to conserve AP.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 6x2 hits 
   AREA: Variable
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (-), Chrystie (-), Lylia (8), Millidia (-), Phyress (-), Ehrde
         (-) Arcana, Sophalla (-), Lydia (-), Atracia (-)
  NOTES: Like Single Shot but slightly better area. Nothing special.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 5x3 hits 
   AREA: Variable
LEARNED: Chrystie (-), Arcana (7), Sophalla (-), Atracia (16)
  NOTES: Shoots a fan of 3 shots, angle adjustable for low/mid/high depending
         on where the target is. You may not connect with all three if the
         target is too small.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 3x4 hits
   AREA: Variable
LEARNED: Chrystie (8), Lylia (25), Millidia (43), Phyress (37), Ehrde (40),
         Arcana (-), Sophalla (48), Lydia (-), Atracia (32)
  NOTES: Shoots 4 waves of energy at the target. The bread-and-butter bow
         attack, Stardust has a very wide area, is variable angle, and does
         multiple hits.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 3xn Hits
   AREA: Fixed
SPECIAL: Paralysis
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (-), Chrystie (48), Lylia (50), Phyress (30), Ehrde (24),
         Arcana (48), Sophalla (32), Lydia (38), Atracia (48)
  NOTES: Shoots a ball of purple energy horizontally across the screen. It's a
         bit hard to get this to connect properly unless you're doing a low
         air juggle as the area is small, but if you use it against a mid to
         large sized enemy you can get a pretty good number of hits in. It's 
         not quite Raiding Thorn but has the same properties.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 9x2 hits 
   AREA: Fixed, Mid
LEARNED: Chrystie (24), Lylia (42), Arcana (-), Sophalla (16), Lydia (8)
  NOTES: Two energy waves do a horizontal helix across the screen. It's kind of
         like Rufus' Absolute Wave, ie not terribly impressive, but works
         decently against large sized opponents.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 4x3 hits 
   AREA: Homing, Mid
SPECIAL: Holy-element (20%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (17), Lylia (-), Phyress (45), Arcana (40), Sophalla (40),
         Lydia, Atracia
  NOTES: Releases 3 sparkly homing shots. The homing mechanism's not perfect -
         you can still miss depending on how fast the enemy's being juggled,
         but it's a decently reliable move.

     AP: 8
   HEAT: 7x2 hits 
   AREA: Homing, Low
SPECIAL: Air, Holy-element (40%)
LEARNED: Chrystie (40), Lylia (-), Ehrde (48), Lydia (31), Atracia (40)
  NOTES: The low version of Aiming Wisp, which knocks the target into the air
         a bit. It'll home in on the target but always hit the lower part.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 10x1 hit 
   AREA: Variable/Aimed
SPECIAL: Silence (30%)
LEARNED: Chrystie (16), Lylia (33), Millidia (17), Phyress (22), Ehrde (16),
         Arcana (32), Sophalla (24), Lydia (16)
  NOTES: Single hit to the head. This can be kind of useful for Break purposes,
         or if you're fighting a lot of mage type monsters.

     AP: 6
   HEAT: 9x1 hit 
   AREA: Variable
SPECIAL: Poison (30%), Earth-element (80%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (-), Millidia (-), Phyress (7), Ehrde (-), Sophalla (-)
  NOTES: A surprising number of bosses aren't immune to poison, so if you
         you're really having trouble you can hit them with this and run around
         until their HP drains. Not quite as useful in normal fights since the
         AP system means you want to try to kill things in one attack phase.

     AP: 7
   HEAT: 9x1 hit 
   AREA: Variable
SPECIAL: Petrify (30%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (31), Millidia (9), Phyress (15), Ehrde (32), Arcana (8),
         Lydia (-), Atracia (8)
  NOTES: The Petrify effect doesn't work all the time but it's very useful when
         it does.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 10x1
   AREA: Variable
SPECIAL: Fire-element (80%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (8), Lylia (17), Millidia (26), Phyress (-), Arcana (16),
         Atracia (-)
  NOTES: Poor man's version of Flame Shoot.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 16x1
   AREA: Variable
SPECIAL: Air, Fire (150%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (39), Chrystie (32), Millidia (52), Phyress (-), Ehrde (-),
         Lydia (46), Atracia (24)
  NOTES: Shot that explodes when it connects, knocking the target into the air.
         This had one of the highest damage modifiers of any move but may be
         affected by the target's Fire resistance. While there's a bit of a
         delay between pressing the button and the attack going off, the angle
         it's aimed at adjusts itself to the target's position when it's fired
         rather than when you pressed the button.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 3x8 hits
   AREA: Variable, spread
SPECIAL: Fire-element (20%)
LEARNED: Sha-Kon (24), Millidia (35), Phyress (-), Arcana (24), Lydia (23),
         Atracia (-)
  NOTES: Shoots a fan of small scattershot. All the hits will only connect if
         your target is large - most will miss if it's small, down on the
         ground, or too far away.

     AP: 9
   HEAT: 18x1 hit
   AREA: Variable
SPECIAL: Stun (10%)
LEARNED: Seraphic Gate item.
  NOTES: Fires one large shot at the enemy.


Timeline of Midgard as related to the Einherjar and their histories; some of it
differs from the profiles because if you talk to the Einherjar after release
or listen to them in combat, you'll get the real version of what happened
rather than the historical record. Contains massive spoilers for all the
Einherjar profiles, so read at your own risk.

I've tried to put things in chronological order when they occur during really
busy years. Items in parenthesis are implied but not stated.



 145     Mithra betrayed by his king and captured

 146     Mithra tortured to death
 234     Kingdom of Flaregald falls to ruin
 333     Atracia of the Tem Tribe attempts to resurrect her child by entering
         Nibelheim, breaking the pact between the tribe's Guardians and
         Valhalla. Odin destroys the tribe as a result
 346     Llwyn discovers the ruins of an ancient empire in the desert and
         disappears shortly thereafter
 375     Falx challenges Brahms and it fails to work out somehow

 418     Aegis, a notable admiral, drowns during a sea battle, having given up
         his ability to swim in exchange for a pact with water elementals

 450     Psoron dies, having invented the Burn Storm and Guard Reinforce spells
         sometime during his lifetime
 468     Jessica is tricked by Odin into releasing the dragon inhabiting the
         Nesov area
 489     100 men go to slay the dragon at Nesov, including Jessica's son
         Gerald. Gerald successfully avenges his mother, but the poison leaked
         from the dying dragon's heart wiped all living things from the Nesov

 572     Crescent, daughter of a noble of Jerabellum, survives a bandit
         attack that killed her family, and comes under the protection of
         the mercenary Ehlen

         Beginning of the War of Camille. Known participants at this point
         include Ehlen (Jerabellum Liberation Forces), Adonis (mercenary), and
         Sigmund (King of Paltia)
 573     Princess Celes of Dipan enters the war with Guilm as her second in
 574     Knight captains Roland and Richelle of Arcdain join the war at the
         respective behests of the king of Arcdain and his younger brother,
         Count Leon. They succeed in reorganizing the defensive lines and push
         the enemy forces back beyond the mountains
 575     End of the War of Camille. It's uncertain as who was on the losing
         side, but it can be assumed that Paltia, Lassen, Dipan, and Arcdain
         won in some fashion
         Celes marries the ruler of Lassen and retires from fighting
         Crescent discovers that her stepmother was behind her family's murder
         and returns to exact vengeance
 577     Roland and Richelle's forces are recalled from the front lines, but
         their companies are ambushed and destroyed as they were passing
         through the Gorhia province, then under the jurisdiction of Khanon.
         Nothing was ever proven that pointed to Khanon. Aaron and Fraudir
         assume command of the knight orders
 578     Xehnon, a scholar of the Rosetta Empire, is posssessed by the Tome of
         the Eye, a relic left to stir up trouble in Midgard by Odin. Using the
         power of the Tome, Xehnon quickly rises to the position of Court
         Wizard of Rosetta and begins to instigate a war
 579     Beginnings of the Arcdain Rebellion, as Khanon starts to influence
         the king of Arcdain; Count Leon rebells, and Khanon play the two off
         against each other in order to set up a supposedly neutral Papal
         faction under his own control
 580     Ehlen and Crescent join the Rosetta Empire as Red and White Radiance
         Generals, respectively
 581     Princess Phyress of Dipan starts travelling with her retainers Guilm
         and Sylphide, and winds up getting involved in almost all the major
         wars during this period
         Beginning of the One Year War
         Rosetta sends Blue Radiance General Ehrde and Black Radiance General
         Adonis to attack the city of Lassen while its ruler is absent. Celes,
         formerly princess of Dipan, kills Adonis in a duel but is captured
         by Ehrde
         End of the Arcdain Rebellion. Baron Leon's forces capture the
         capital. The knight captain Fraudir allows Aaron to kill her in a
         final duel; Aaron refuses treatment of his wounds and dies shortly
         Khanon is assassinated by Ehrde during his appointment ceremony as
         Pope at Audoula Temple On The Lake
         As Ehlen begins the offensive against Paltia, Celes develops sympathy
         for Xehnon's cause of ridding Midgard of the interfering gods and
         defects to Rosetta. She is appointed Black Radiance General replacing
         In Lassen, a wizard named Farant organizes the remaining resistance
         fighters and fights a guerilla war against Ehrde's occupying forces.
         Farant manages to confound a force of 5000 men with 100, forcing
         Ehrde to send for reinforcements
         Reinforcements arrive in the form of the other generals, and Farant
         is killed by Crescent at the Artolia Road. However, this was actually
         a decoy strategy allowing forces from Paltia and Arcdain to liberate
         Undead appear at Artolia and Ehlen is killed defending his comrades.
         Crescent disappears shortly afterwards
         Arcdain's forces advance on Lassen while Paltia occupies the eastern
         Artolia Road. Cut off from friendly territory, Ehrde dies defending
         Lassen. Liberation of Lassen
         Seluvia, a boy living in the village of Rand near Artolia, becomes
         the sole survivor when the village is attacked by bandits, and is
         adopted by Phyress
         Battle of Rosetta. Phyress crafts an alliance to surround Rosetta
         Phyress and Celes encounter each other during the battle. Phyress
         loses an arm to Celes' sword, while Celes takes an arrow wound from
         her sister that would eventually lead to her death
         Sylphide is killed during the fighting, and Guilm sacrifices his life
         to resurrect her (she is at this point pregnant with Dyn)
         Phyress successfully frees Xehnon from the Tome, ending the war.
         Xehnon begins travelling around the world to heal the ravagas of
         the war in atonement
         Phyress marries Prince Sifel of Paltia
 583     Celes dies from the arrow wound she received at the end of the war
 586     Xehnon is killed by bandits
 593     Fearing contest over the succession, Phyress' adopted son Seluvia
         leaves the court of Paltia and becomes a bard, sealing various undead
         creatures around the world
 598     Phyress' daughter Chrystie runs away from home to chase after Seluvia
 599     Beginning of the Mists of Nibelheim
         Sylphide is killed by undead; her son Dyn was away at the time and
         unable to save her
 601     Prince Alm of Paltia dies defending his country from the forces of
 602     End of the Mists of Nibelheim. Dyn, Seluvia, and Chrystie
         successfully seal the gateway to Nibelheim, although Dyn is left on
         the other side and tormented by Hel until rescued by Silmeria
         Seluvia sings ballads of Dyn's heroism and continues his journey
         with Chrystie to seal the undead. Neither ever returned to Paltia
 622     Phyress, queen of Paltia, dies of sickness
 627     Without Phyress or a successor to the throne, Paltia falls to ruin
 650     The artificer Sha-Kon creates a golem infused with a human soul
         through necromancy (and was executed after creating the Clockwork
 658     Circe, a famed smith, aids in the founding of Villnore but dies in
 659     Tylith, a merchant's daughter, claims to be a descendant of Celes
         and leads the army of Arcdain to several notable victories. However,
         she runs afoul of a trap set by the forces of Villnore and dies when
         the entire Audoulla Temple is sunk
         Founding of Villnore. Kraad, Circe's husband, is given the king's
         armor and weapons when his own fell apart.
         (Arcdain conquered by Villnore?)

 662     Kraad dies of a poisoned arrow when subjugating a local rebellion
 681     The mage Masato attempts to topple a corrupt ruler but is betrayed
         by his friend. Masato flees across the ocean from pre-Hailan and
         begins to fight the undead on the main continent. He eventually
         wastes away due to a miscast curse
 724     Arcana, Rasheeka, and an unnamed hero defend the town of Kalstad
         from Crell Monferaigne. They are eventually killed during the 4th
         Invasion of Kalstad, but had garnered such reputation among the
         enemy that their forces halted in respect
 746     The king of Crell Monferaigne (age 60) arranges to marry Lylia (age
         16). Lylia elopes with her lover Woltar during the wedding ceremony
 752     Woltar and Lylia are tracked to the Salerno area, where Woltar is
         killed by the king's soldiers and Lylia and her daughter brought
         back to Crell Monferaigne. Lylia commits suicide one month later
 769     Lylia's bastard daughter Lydia is murdered by her step-brother Kain,
         who was jealous of her archery prowess. Kain dies of sickness
         sometime later
 776     The adventurer Zunde marches off to defeat undead in some cave and
         is never heard from again
 789     Sophalla, an assassin of the Thieves' Guild in Jerabellum, marries
         the ruler of Jerabellum. The Thieves' Guild continues to attempt
         extortion, and Sophalla decides to fight them alongside her new
 790     Sophalla's husband is assassinated by the Thieves' Guild
 792     Sophalla's sister Millidia is approached by the Thieves' Guild to
         replace her sister. Not knowing the truth behind the events, Millidia
         agrees. Sophalla is kidnapped and sold into slavery, and Millidia
         takes her place as ruler of Jerabellum
 796     Sophalla dies in slavery
 802     Millidia discovers the truth behind the Thieves' Guild and sets fire
         to the guildhouse, killing herself and most of the guild members


-the 17 Generals of Camille were famous for their exploits during the War of
 Camille. Known Generals are: Celes, Guilm, Ehlen, Roland, Richelle, Adonis,
 and Sigmund (Alm's father & Phyress' father-in-law)
-the generals of Rosetta were Red Radiance General Ehlen, Blue Radiance General
 Ehrde, White Radiance General Crescent, and Black Radiance General Adonis.
 Adonis was replaced by Celes after she killed him during the One Year War.
 All followed Xehnon's plan to challenge the gods, even if said plan was a 
 trick by Odin
-Odin is ultimately responsible for an awful lot of "real" history that
 differs from the profiles. Oh and he kicks puppies
-despite the fact that Psoron invented Burn Storm and Guard Reinforce, the
 mages who lived before his time seem to have no trouble using those spells


Some of the locations or items that appeared in VP1 are related to various of
the Einherjar. There aren't quite as many towns/dungeons in 2, but they are

The majority of the Einherjar hail from around the mid-500 to 600 years by the
VP calendar, during which there were a number of rather messy wars. There's a
number of other people from all sorts of different eras between 100 and 1000,
but they tend to either cluster or just have nobody else to talk to.


 The kingdom doesn't exist yet, but the Artolia Road was the site of a number
 of major battles around the 500-ish era

 Camille Hills was the site of the Battle of Camille and subsequently how a
 fair number of the Einherjar received their claims to fame (any of the 17
 Generals). Zunde's discovery of the Grand Sting sword probably also occurred
 in the Oddrock Caves near the village.

>Audoula Temple on the Lake
 Is in the same general location as the Sunken Temple in 1. Apparently the
 entire thing simply sank.

>Arcdain Ruins
 A number of the Einherjar were originally from this kingdom, which apparently
 already fell to ruin by Silmeria's time. We're not sure why Liselia's there.

>Salerno Laboratory Ruins
 Was apparently Woltar's hideout.

>Clockwork Mansion
 Was probably built by Sha-Kon, as she's a mechanic and the mansion has a
 distinctively Eastern (Hai Lan) design.

>Gorhia Cult HQ
 Gorhia was the name of the region/province Khanon ruled until he tried to
 become Pope.

>Amenti Tomb
 Was probably the thing that Lwyn discovered before she went missing.

>Nethov Swamplands
 Dragon originally released by Jessica (sort of), killed by Gerald, but the
 poison that seeped from its heart destroyed all living things around the area.


>Mithra's Holy Water
 Was, in fact, created by Mithra, as he gives you one after you release him.

>Atracia's Harp
 Doesn't appear to be in evidence on her person.

>Moon Falx
 The sword also exists in VP2, but we're not sure just what its connection
 is to Falx.

>Azure Blade Grand Sting
 Was originally found by Zunde.

>Lwyn's (Ruin) Fate
 Japanese pronunciation (spelling) is the same as the character name.




>VP Silmeria Official Complete Guide


>NCS (www.ncsx.com), import crack vendor

>various 2-chan Anonymous people

>developers of Notepad 2 (www.flos-freeware.ch), without which it used to be
 a royal pain formatting these FAQs.
>OneUpMushroom, for bringing to my attention that Phyress and Sylphide don't
 actually talk to each other

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