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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 09/20/06 Kouli 2.4 392K
FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 01/14/17 RealXaenith 1.0 86K
FAQ/Walkthrough 10/10/07 Monistic_Turtle 306K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/08/07 tri-Ace Fanboy 0.9 925K

In-Depth FAQs

Battle Quotes Guide 10/05/07 EmpyreanAbyss 0.8 77K
Boss FAQ 04/03/07 crate3333 0.85 92K
Controlled (7777) HP Growth Guide 01/04/07 nemes1s 27K
Einherjar Background FAQ HTML 04/02/20 dnextreme88 1.0 118K
Einherjar List 10/06/06 Eclesis 1.3 86K
Einherjar Perfect Release FAQ 11/10/06 deng17 1.0 42K
Items Guide 04/27/07 Gundam4fun 2.2 830K
Music Guide 12/04/06 BlackFenril 1.1 24K
Photon Puzzle Solutions 02/16/10 RoslolianGarr 0.93 48K
Voice Collection FAQ 11/12/06 Quicksilver9448 0.31 57K

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