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Reviewed: 04/03/06 | Updated: 02/12/07

This game will suit both newcomers to the series and OutRun fans.

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is the first OutRun game I have ever played. Just by playing this game I am amazed at how well it performs. I'm sure this game will be ideal for all you OutRun fans but even people who have never played the games on the Xbox or at the arcades should be impressed too.

The game is online and you have a six player race (including yourself). When trying it out online it was so quick and easy. There wasn't that much loading from the Internet involved and registering takes only about a minute. When I was online there were about ten players online (which I am sure will expand when it is released in North America) and I had a few races. It's not bad but isn't perfect. Sometimes you will get lag which can become a little annoying - especially when you think you are winning but all it is is the lag. The best part about the online though is that you remain signed in even if you are not racing someone. So, if you added someone to your friends list and it is pending approval by them you will be notified when they have accepted you. This could be in a single player game when you think you are not online. I have only got this game on PlayStation 2. I only realised that you could connect it up to the PSP (just like WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006) and merge your points. Plus there is bonus unlockable stuff if you have the PSP version. I'll eventually get it on PSP when I have the money since I can be earning more points whilst in bed or out of the house. So, if you want to unlock that cool car but need more points and have to go out, get the PSP version and earn points on it and then merge them together when you get back. Neat. Also, they are both online which I think is quite cool as well.

The gameplay is really fun. I am addicted to drifting around in the races and impressing my girlfriend (in the game!). I have played Ridge Racer on PSP before and if you like that you'll like games in the OutRun series. I like it when you switch environments when racing. So you could be on the busy roads and then be travelling past the canyons. Very cool concept there. There are several difficulty modes. I recommend trying Easy or Medium to start off as the Very Easy (I think it's called that) is just by its name too easy.

The skies in this game are awesome as it switches from day to night to even a milky way environment whilst racing. The cars are very well done. Nothing in the wrong places here. The main roads look realistic and so do the backdrops. Take the canyons for example, they look just like the real thing.

Music has the arcade feel to it (no surprise there) and you'll get some classics from the previous games as well. You can also unlock new music (such as remixes) with your points. The car engines don't sound too impressive but I'm sure when racing in the game you'll be enjoying the soundtrack.

In Europe, for around 30 GBP when it was released I think it is worth it. This is one of those games you can keep playing and with its online capabilities you'll probably keep playing for months. I didn't even rent this because I knew that this was a game that can be enjoyed by OutRun fans and newcomers to the series.

Rating: 8

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