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Reviewed: 07/12/19

OutOfTime 24/7: Clock 2 Clock

As the name suggests, this was a 2006 release. It was developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sega. This game released on Xbox, PS2, PSP, and PC. Once upon a time I had the Xbox version, but I must have sold it many years ago. The PS2 version runs and looks good though, albeit with a little slowdown here and there. That's the version I played for this review anyway.

Outrun 2006 follows the series tradition of being an arcade racer. This stuff isn't realistic at all. The gameplay focuses on drifting around corners, and catching slipstreams off other cars for speed boosts. This version of Outrun has a campaign mode, but I chose the arcade mode, because frankly it's funner. Outrun 2006 is a re-imagining of the first game in the series, but obviously with a new game engine and 3D graphics. Don't worry, your passenger seated girlfriend will still berate and beat on you if you race badly.

This game is split into two parts: a port of OutRun 2 SP (the arcade mode which itself includes the OutRun 2 levels) and Coast 2 Coast, which is a campaign of single-player races and challenges. There's also support for local network and internet multiplayer. (I imagine the LAN stuff would still be fun even today.) OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast features 15 different cars, the most ever seen in any OutRun game. In addition to the ten vehicles from OutRun 2 SP, new models include the 550 Barchetta, F355 Spider, Superamerica, 328 GTS and the Ferrari F430.

What's interesting about OutRun's arcade mode, is you're not racing for first place. Rather you're racing to beat a clock. Every time you reach a new area, you hit a checkpoint, and get a little more time added to the (ever running out) clock. Ultimately you're all but guaranteed to run out of time just seconds before you reach the final goal line. This becomes increasingly more infuriating each and every time it happens. As you race though, you are given diversion paths that lead to different areas (tracks). Some areas are harder than others. This malleable race track format gives the game some decent replayability. Which is appreciated, give how many times you'll have to restart to ever finish an actual course. Even the easiest tracks require near perfect racing the entire way through, in order to not run out of time. If you're looking for a tough arcade racer, take Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast for a spin.

The whole "you almost made it that time" aspect becomes addictive in its own sadistic way though. So it's easy to keep on trying, due to the breezy nature of the whole affair. Blasting past palm tree addled beaches in a convertible Ferrari, with your blonde girlfriend by your side, as the radio rocks Caribbean tunes, does invoke a certain sense of summer fun.

Rating: 7

Product Release: OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (US, 04/25/06)

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