Review by Millers C

Reviewed: 07/19/06

Good old fashioned arcade fun

The original Outrun is a game which would surely get onto every gamers list of memorable arcade games, a game which has been imitated many times in terms of arcade concept but never really bettered. It was a simple enough game – get behind the wheel of an obscenely fast sports car complete with a beautiful woman strapped in the passenger seat and race across exotic locations – and one that was well worthy of being remade.

Don’t bother expecting anything near a racing sim, that’s just not what Outrun is about. It’s a very simplistic game to get to grips with, the only thing near to technical racing is the slipstream part of racing where you can use air resistance to fly past another car. The real challenge in Outrun as ever is getting to grips with each corner of every track and learning, which can be easy to accomplish thanks to swift loading times, but even so its still difficult to shave off those extra seconds required to beat a track.

Coast to Coast is certainly authentic to its arcade roots, retaining the addictive gameplay of the original. Even the excellent music seems to have been remixed wonderfully in the game – the only thing missing is ‘insert coins’ slapped on the main menu instead of ‘press start’ for the true arcade experience.

Sega have teamed up once more with Ferrari to give you a dozen or so of Italy’s finest motors, including some modern and some classic versions. Each playable vehicle looks sleek and well designed as do the tracks. As you’d no doubt guess, Coast to Coast refers to the United States and the tracks take place in several cities including Las Vegas and San Francisco and as ever the backgrounds vary, look excellent and are detailed -
Not that you will have time to notice it all as the game flies by at great pace.

Very impressive are the wealth of game modes Sega have incorporated in Coast to Coast.
You’ll find yourself playing coast to coast race mode more often than anything, but the novelty sub games including heart attack mode, time trials and of course the original Outrun style of game keep Coast to Coats lifespan at a high level. Extending this even further are the Outrun miles you gain for accomplishing things in the main game. These can be spent on goodies in the options such as new cars and tracks.

Coast to Coast is everything an arcade game should be – fun, engaging, addictive and instantly playable but also has the required depth and challenge to make it an effective game for consoles.

Rating: 9

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