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Assistant Coach Hiring List by falafalafocus

Version: .75 | Updated: 01/06/07

NFL Head Coach 2006 Coach Guide

By Michael Hirschkowitz

Version 0.75 First Draft

Copywright 2006 Michael Hirschkowitz. This may be not be reproduced under 
any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 

    The goal of this guide is to get you off to a good start by giving you 
the offensive and defensive philosophies of all free agent coaches in the 2006
pre-season. This permits you to know who to avoid wasting interviews on coaches
who are not your philosophy of coaching.

Philosophy Glossary:
    The following is a list of all of the offensive and defensive philosophies
and a short explanation of their focus. Each coach (including your own) has one
offensive philosophy and one defensive philosophy.

Spread - This philosophy focuses on creating holes in a defense by 
flooding it with receivers

Verticle - This philosphy utilizes speed to stretch a defense down a field.

Singleback - This philosophy stresses a balanced attack with the pass or run, 
usually requiring a more powerful halfback and good blocking tightends.

Balanced - This philosphy focuses on a traditional system that uses the run to 
set up the pass.

West Coast - This philosophy focuses on a pass first offense that utilizes
quick timing routes.


Cover 2 - This philosophy emphasizes zone coverage. Avoid most blitzes in this 
philosophy because it creates holes for the opposing quarterback to expoit.

4-3 - This philosophy relies on a strong defensive line and a sold middle
linebacker. This philosophy contemplates fast defensive ends and run stopping
defensive tackles. Defensive backs who are good in man coverage wouldn't hurt

3-4 - This philosophy emphasizes the outside linebacker blitz. You will also
need an extremely capable run stopping line.

4-6 - This philosophy focuses on overloading the offensive line. 

Hybrid - This philosophy is a mixture of the 4-3 and 3-4.

    So that you know, your players seem to improve based on a somewhat 
complex formula. If the player has a good week of practice or a good game, and 
your head coach has a high rating in that position, and your coordinator and 
position coaches have high ratings in that position, have a similar style, and 
high trust levels, then your player will tend to improve. For example, I have 
the Dolphins and use a Balanced Offense/4-3 defense. Based on my offensive 
gameplan, Randy McMichael is making 5-10 receptions for 100+ yards a game and 
at least two touchdowns. He has gone from a 91 overall to a 97 overall in half 
a season. However, he only made those strides because my Offensive Coordinator 
(Nick Saban) and my Tight End Coach (Trey Meeks) both have a balanced style and 
high trust levels).
      I have completed this guide while trying to find coaches for my purposes. 
I have therefore included not only the free agent coaches as well as the 
original Dolphins coaches. I will first list the coaches and their respective 
styles. I will also list the top 5 coaches for each position for the Balanced 
style and 4-3 style. Owing to time, I cannot go further than this. I believe 
that this start will help you if you prefer a different style so that you know 
which coaches to interview.
      Another note. Some coaches naturally prefer offense or defense. If you 
have open positions on each side, your coach may indicate that preference by the
questions asked. Nevertheless, these styles appear to be preset.
      If you have numbers for the other styles, I recommend sending them in, but
that is purely your choice. Remember that you have a total of seven interview 
opportunities in the coach management week before your owner gets upset.

Name                    Offense         Defense
Shaun Jackson (HC)      Balanced        4-6
Ian Kay                 Balanced        Cover 2
Nick Saban              Balanced        4-3
Darren Taylor           Balanced        3-4
Lavar West              Balanced        4-6
Terry Inman             Balanced        Cover 2	
Trey Meeks              Balanced        3-4
Chuck Bekins            Balanced        4-3
R. Burrell              Balanced        4-3
Isaac Marley            Balanced        4-3
Hudson Houck            Balanced        4-6
Quentin White           Balanced        4-3
T. Sherman              Balanced        4-6
Freddy Tillman          Balanced        3-4
Bobby Williams          Balanced        4-3
Frank Prescott          Balanced        4-6
Tim Terrell             Balanced        Cover 2
Todd Anderson           Balanced        Cover 2
Xavier Gold             Balanced        Cover 2	
Mark O'Deal             Balanced        Cover 2
Joe Chapman             Balanced        4-6
Ian Meyer               Balanced        4-3
J.J. Cecil              Balanced        4-3
E. Vincent              Balanced        Cover 2	
Mel Phillips            Balanced        3-4
Chris Smith             Balanced        4-3
Bennie Graddy           Balanced        4-3
Larry Vernon            Single Back     4-6
Tre Markee              Single Back     4-6
Barry Bacon             Single Back     3-4
Derek Dooley            Single Back     Cover 2
C. McFarland            Single Back     4-3
Dom Capers              Single Back     Cover 2
Pete Campbell           Single Back     4-6	
Frank Robinson          Single Back     Cover 2
Jacob Johnson           Single Back     4-3
Emmitt Lee              Single Back     4-6
Mike Mularky            Spread          4-3
Richard Kyle            Spread          4-6
Timmy O'Leary           Spread          4-6
Brad Miles              Spread          Cover 2
C. Sefcik               Spread          Hybrid
Justin Hudson           Spread          Cover 2
Dan Quinn               Spread          4-6
Cody Smith              Verticle        Cover 2
Quincy Price            Verticle        Cover 2
Jay Fredrick            Verticle        3-4
Ricky Riley             Verticle        4-6
Junior Gazaway          Verticle        3-4
Kenny Doyle (HC)        Verticle        4-3
C. Baggett              Verticle        3-4
L. Henderson            Verticle        3-4
Winston Hajj            Verticle        4-6
Alex Sidney (OL)        Verticle        4-3
Dan Hayes (OL)          Verticle        3-4
Nikolai Stone           Verticle        4-3
Yohan Faulks            Verticle        Cover 2
Jerrell Clancy          Verticle        Cover 2
Marc Bates              Verticle        Cover 2
W. Thazhmon             Verticle        Cover 2
Rob Collins             Verticle        4-3
David Barber            Verticle        Cover 2
Chuck Chandler          Verticle        3-4
Bobby Simon             Verticle        Cover 2
Kirk Williams (SP)      Verticle        Hybrid
K. Armstrong            Verticle        Cover 2
Ro Rider                Verticle        3-4
Karl Banks              Verticle        Cover 2
Zeus Shields            Verticle        Cover 2
Greg Michaels           Verticle        Cover 2
Huey Miller             Verticle        Cover 2
Jason Garrett           Verticle        Cover 2
Willis Jones            Verticle        Cover 2
Kenny Doyle (OL)        Verticle        4-6
Oscar Manson            Verticle        4-6
Ted Baker               Verticle        Cover 2
Shaun Jackson (DL)      Verticle        Cover 2
Vic Adams               Verticle        Cover 2
Mike Martinez           Verticle        3-4
Geoff Light             Verticle        4-6
Huey Mack               Verticle        3-4
Werley Crow             Verticle        3-4
Curtis Knoll            Verticle        Hybrid
George Edwards          Verticle        4-3
Curtis Shaw             Verticle        4-6
X. Remington            Verticle        3-4
Zachary Green           Verticle        4-6
Dan Hayes (GM)          Verticle        4-6
Jay Ross                Verticle        3-4
J. Stillwater           Verticle        Cover 2
Tom Gordon              Verticle        Cover 2
M. Russell              Verticle        4-3
Rodger Lothe            Verticle        3-4
Kyle Prince             Verticle        Cover 2
Chris Roman             Verticle        Cover 2
Curtis Lindsay          West Coast      3-4	
Saul Giles              West Coast      Cover 2
Marv Olive              West Coast      Cover 2
Eric Irvin              West Coast      Cover 2
Willis London           West Coast      Cover 2
T. Marbury              West Coast      Cover 2
Nate Jenkins            West Coast      4-6
Luke Clarke             West Coast      Cover 2
Mike Leclair            West Coast      4-3
Rob Copper              West Coast      Cover 2
Joel Smith              West Coast      Cover 2
Steve Miller            West Coast      3-4
David Brown             West Coast      Cover 2	
Howard King             West Coast      Cover 2
J. Staymates            West Coast      Cover 2
Mike Carter             West Coast      Cover 2
Mike Fields             West Coast      4-3
George Dobson           West Coast      4-3
Zachary Howard          West Coast      Cover 2
Ernie Black             West Coast      Cover 2
Jason McDaniel          West Coast      Cover 2
J. Cummings             West Coast      Cover 2
Anthony Bailey          West Coast      Cover 2
B. Bronson              West Coast      Cover 2
Alex Sidney (GM)        West Coast      4-6
Marv Strauser           West Coast      Hybrid
Kirk Williams (GM)      West Coast      Cover 2
Otis Marshall           West Coast      3-4
T. Emmanuel             West Coast      Cover 2

Offensive Coordinator: Balanced
Shaun Jackson (HC)     76
Ian Kay                71
Nick Saban             68
Darren Taylor          66
Lavar West             65

QB Coach: Balanced
Darren Taylor          72
Freddy Tillman         72
R Burrell              67
T. Sherman             63
Chuck Bekins           61

RB Coach: Balanced
Todd Anderson          76
Shaun Jackson (HC)     67
Bobby Williams         61
Frank Prescott         61
Nick Saban             56

WR Coach: Balanced
Shaun Jackson (HC)     85
Ian Kay                72
Quentin White          72
Lavar West             70
Freddy Tillman         70

TE Coach: Balanced
Trey Meeks             70
Isaac Marley           58
Darren Taylor          54
Terry Inman            49
Freddy Tillman         47

OL Coach: Balanced
Terry Inman            63
Ian Kay                61
Lavar West             61
Nick Saban             58
Hudson Houck           58

Defensive Coordinator: 4-3
Rob Collins            76
Mike Leclair           57
Chris Smith            57
George Dobson          54
J.J. Cecil             52

DL Coach: 4-3
Rob Collins            77
Mike Leclair           68
Mike Fields            67
George Dobson          67
Chris Smith            67

LB Coach: 4-3
Rob Collins            77
J.J. Cecil             74
Mike Leclair           59
George Edwards         58
C. McFarland           57

DB Coach: 4-3
Ian Meyer              70
Rob Collins            67
Bennie Graddy          61
George Dobson          49
Chris Smith            45

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