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Wizardry is one of the most famous RPGs in the world, and more than 74 titles in all have been released, inheriting the traditional system that has been loved for more than 20 years. This time, following the popular "Wizardry XTH ~ Frontline School ~" released in February 2005, the stage background will appear in "The Orient" as the second School RPG!!

[] 540,000 patterns of character faces that increase your imagination to 200%!
For example, players can be their favorite characters, from class presidents to dropout students. In Wizardry X2 the that range players themselves can fully rotate their imagination and enjoy is greatly expanded.

[] Run on the battlefield with a splendid wardrobe!
It's not just about collecting! A new system to enjoy visuals!
Players will be captivated by the joy and thousands of patterns of item coordination that couldn't be obtained in Wizardry so far.

[] A magical dungeon that won't let players get bored!
A vast and complex dungeon changes its shape with each challenge. The pattern is infinite!
You will also be able to explore fixed maps that are not random floors. On the fixed floor, puzzle-solving elements and events are included, and the dungeon exploration creates an angle that was not in the previous work and entertains the player.
It's a dungeon RPG that you can play for a lifetime.

[] Party skills make battle even more interesting!
During the battle, the morale (power gauge) of the party will be raised, and it will be consumed so that the party characters can use cooperative techniques. All the techniques are powerful, and a new angle is born in battle. In addition, new elements that improve compatibility by repeating cooperation will be included.

[] New alchemy elements and unique items!
Greatly increased play elements that are synthesized and strengthened by alchemy. There will also be unique items with powerful parameters. This will allow the replay element to evolve even further.

[] Wizardry's largest entry ever! Overwhelming volume!!
* There are 10 races and 15 departments (professions).
* Up to 100 player characters can be created
* The labyrinth has more than 100 levels
* Approximately 60,000 combinations of monsters
* Approximately 1200 types of items have been added with synthetic elements added.

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