1. Kazuo Ebisawa Art Director
  2. Masaru Kimura Demo Animator
  3. Keiji Kubato Event Scene Programmer
  4. Shigeji Matsuda Film Director
  5. Tenpei Sato Music Composer
  6. Souhei Niikawa Producer
  7. Souhei Shinwaka Producer
  8. Shinichi Ikeda Scene Adviser
  9. Shiloh Strong Voice of Adell
  10. Grant George Voice of Axel
  11. Michelle Ruff Voice of Etna
  12. Kirk Thornton Voice of Fubuki
  13. Stephanie Sheh Voice of Hanako
  14. Barbara Goodson Voice of Laharl
  15. Wendee Lee Voice of Rozalin
  16. Wendee Lee Voice of Taro
  17. Lara Jill Miller Voice of Yukimaru
  18. Lex Lang Voice of Zenon
  19. Nobuyuki Hiyama Voice: Axel (Japanese)

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