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FAQ/Walkthrough by bluefairy421

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/08/07

 ___           _                      ___    ___
|  _`\        (_ )                  /'___)  |  _`\
| (_) ) _   _  | |    __        _  | (__    | (_) )   _     ___    __
| ,  / ( ) ( ) | |  /'__`\   /'_`\ | ,__)   | ,  /  /'_`\ /',__) /'__`\
| |\ \ | (_) | | | (  ___/  ( (_) )| |      | |\ \ ( (_) )\__, \(  ___/
(_) (_)`\___/'(___)`\____)  `\___/'(_)      (_) (_)`\___/'(____/`\____)


Copyright 2007 Claire Terry

I have decided to write a walkthrough on this game because of just how
great this game is. I hope you will enjoy it just as I did, and that
this walkthrough will help you complete the game without too much
trouble. :p


This walkthrough is for the American version of the game.

Version 1: Original guide
Version 1.1: Added "who can use this guide" section
Version 1.2: Corrected information and added "thanks to" section.

   Section List

Section 1: Controls
Section 2: Characters
Section 3: Walkthrough
Section 4: Bonus items
Section 6: Costumes
Section 7: FAQ
Section 8: Copyright info and thanks


    Section 1: Controls

* indicates a dog command
$ while holding R1

Direction Button             Game Controls

Circle ------------------ Cancel, Come*/Close Menu/Map
X ----------------------- Confirm, Check, Operate, Talk, Attack$
Triangle ---------------- Go/Find*
Square ------------------ Stay*
L1 ---------------------- Reload (with revolver equipped)
R1 ---------------------- Attack Stance
L2 ---------------------- Change Camera Angle
R2 ---------------------- Change Camera Angle
SELECT ------------------ Open/Close Map
START ------------------- Start Game/Open Menu/Close Menu


   Section 2: Characters

The Timid Girl

The main character of the game. An unlucky, helpless, and timid girl
who's dragged into an alarming world. She's doomed to face unimaginable
hardship with her companion Brown. To find a way out of this nightmare,
she's forced to obey the ridiculous rules of the Aristocrats of the Red

The Loyal Dog

Jennifer's loyal companion. After being rescued by her in the
Airship, he'll obey her every command.

The Proud Leader

Leader of the Aristocrats of the Red Crayon, she's strong-willed,
selfish, and most of all, proud. She absolutely hates grown-ups.

The Intellectual

She holds the second spot in the pecking order. Intelligent,
but inflexible, she considers herself faultless and carries
her notebook with her everywhere. She invented numerous devices
for the airship.

The Quiet One

She is ranked No. 3 in the Aristocrats of the Red Crayon. Nobody
knows what's on her mind, because she's so distant and cold. She
carries a bird cage in anticipation of finding a bird that will
bring her happiness.

The Kindhearted Girl

Though not very healthy, she is a kind and admirable girl who takes
care of the rabbits. She's the only one who's friendly to Jennifer.

The Follower

Until Jennifer showed up, she was the lowest ranked one in the
children's society. She's so happy not to be at the bottom anymore that
she works really hard to fulfill her monthly tribute and maintain her
new rank. Her daily chores include sewing rages with a sewing machine
that has no thread.

The Mysterious Man

He often checks on Jennifer and the other children, but his intentions
are unknown. The children simply think of him as the man who gives them


  Section 3: Walkthrough


1930's England.

Jennifer wanders unknowingly into an upside down world, a society not
governed by rational adults, but misguided children. Innocence can be
the mindspring from which absurd rules and cruel behaviors are born, as
poor Jennifer soon discovers. Having sworn to a pact by the red rose,
the girls stray deeper
and deeper into the realm of the unthinkable.

"Welcome to our society..."

There may be spoilers in this walkthrough. In fact there probably is.
So please don't complain to me about how I ruined the storyline. I will
try to not to give away important details.

The story starts with a girl named Jennifer behind left behind from the

The Little Princess
    March, 1930

You will receive the storybook "The Little Princess" which just happens
to have many blank pages... hmmm...
When you have control of Jennifer head to the right until you see the
path go upwards. Take that path.

<Strange Hill>

Go straight for awhile until you come to a cutscene. Go down the small
path to the right until you get to Strange Hill-East. Go down and into
the Rickety Shed. Pick up the dog collar and the boarding pass.

---Save Point---

Save at the Bucket Knight near the door and exit the shed. Go back up
the Strange Hill-East until you get to Strange Hill, then take the
other path this time.

<Front Gate>

Try to enter the front gate for a disturbing cutscene, then go left and
follow the path around the gate. At the Fence Road, follow along the
path until you get to a gate. Check the box next to it and use the
Boarding Pass. Go to the right and look for a picture of Stray Dog.
Then go through the gate to go back to the Front Gate. Go to the double
doors and enter the one to
the right.


Go straight and follow the boy running up the stairs. Take the door to
the slight right and go down the hallway and enter the only door you
can. In the Filth Room you will see a creepy doll. Go to the back of
the room to find an Old Photo.

---Save Point---

Exit the room and go back the way you came. Follow the running boy
straight and through the door. Keep following him until you get to the
Rear Stairway. Go up the stairs and to the left door.

<Attic Storage>

Go straight and then follow the boy into a candlelit room. He will ask
you to read the story so use it from the menu.

If you dropped the story for some reason, don't worry. Just use it from
your Storybook/Diary.

After the cutscene exit the room and go forward and left. Check the
table and you will see an Orphanage Map. Go behind the table back to
the Rear Staircase.

<Rear Staircase>

Go down the staircase two flights until you see a bluish door that
leads outside. Check the grave and a cutscene will play.
Creepy eh?

The Unlucky Clover Field
      April 1930

When the cutscene ends, you will end up in a mysterious room. Move the
analog stick a few times to start another cutscene. Keep moving it to
continue the scene. During the cutscene, you will be asked yes or no
questions, it doesn't matter what you pick. After a creepy maniacal
laugh session, scissors will cut you free.

Examine the scissors, wouldn't it be great if you could get those down?
No, not for a weapon silly. Check the headless Bucket Knight, then pick
up the bucket on the chair near the door.

---Save Point---

Examine the other bucket in the corner of the room. This is an item
storage that you can store things in and retrieve later. Exit this room
and go left, through the Cargo Bay, and into the door to the Sector 8
Stairwell. Go up the stairs.

<First Class Guest Sector>

Go straight ahead to a door with a note on it and examine it. Select
"Read the poster" and it will say:


Quit and a cutscene will play. Turn back the way you came and turn
right (toward the poster on the wall). Go all the way down to view
another cutscene. From here, you are welcome to enter any doors you
want and meet the members of the Aristocrat Club.
For now, exit back to the Sector 8 Stairwell and go back the way you
came. When you go into the Cargo Bay you will see a green butterfly.
So, follow it! Go through the door that you see the boy looking
through. Turn right and open the door to the large cage. OMFG! The poor
doggie is all tied up! Well, remember those scissors you looked at?
Maybe soon you can get those down. For now, exit the cage, turn left,
and go through one of the doors that goes to the next room.

<Sector 10 Crew Cabin>

Go to the dining table to see Diana complaining about someone. Go past
her and into the door on the other side with a 10/11 marked next to it.
Go up the stairs into the next area.

<Guest Room Hall>

Ignore the terrible crying and check the shiny thing on the chair. Pick
up the Copper Leaf then examine the green butterfly in front of the
crying girl. Pick up the Dessert Fork and the Green Butterfly and go
back down the stairs. Go through the far door (past the restrooms) and
into the Crew Cabin. Go straight ahead through the next door.

<Sector 9 Turbine Area>

Equip the Dessert Fork and head straight through the other door into
the Cargo Bay. Turn left into the Filth Room.

---Save Point---

Save and exit again. When you go through into the Cargo Bay, you will
encounter your first enemy. Running past it is probably a smart idea so
go through the door to the Sector 8 Stairwell. Listen to the story if
you want, but you will be able to read it anyways. Go through the door
to the Guest Sector and examine the door you looked at earlier. Select
"Make an offering" and use the Green Butterfly. After the scene, turn
around and pick up the One-Leaf Key on the ground near the door where
you came in.

<Sector 8 Stairwell>

You will meet the Mysterious Man and get a storybook called The Clover
Field. Go back through the door past the stairs into the Cargo Bay. Go
straight and turn until you see a boy running out of a room. Enter the
room and check the button on the wall. After pressing it, you will see
the scissors come down from the ceiling. Yay! Exit the room and go
straight, then right until you get into the Filth Room. Pick up the

---Save Point---

Exit the room and turn right and go through the door.

<Sector 9 Turbine Area>

Go into the cage where the dog is and use the scissors. Use the dog
collar for a touching cutscene. Awww...
The next part you do not have to do but it is a good idea if this is
your first time playing the game. Pick up the Biscuit Tin and select it
as your Find Target by highlighting it and pressing X and X again. Exit
the menu and press Triangle to find a Biscuit. Continue to do this and
exit the cage after the tutorial.

I am not going to go through and tell you every item that can be found
in this game. Only the important ones will be listed. You can explore
on your own to find the other items.

Go into the room directly across from the cage and pick up the map on
the table. Exit the room and head across the room to one of the doors.

<Sector 10 Crew Cabin>

Have Brown find the One-Leaf Key and follow him upstairs to in front of
the corresponding door. Before you enter though, pick up Martha's Hat
on the ground. Then use the One Leaf Key on the door.

<2nd Passenger Corridor>

Go straight and talk to the boy. Find the Copper Leaf to find an
incomplete key. After the cutscene, you will now have a Two-Leaf Key.
Turn around and go straight through the door you came through. Use the
key on the Two-Leaf door and enter it. Find Martha's hat and you will
be taken to Room 9. Pick up the Dirty Rag and exit this room. Go across
the hall into the bluish door.

---Save Point---

Go past the tables and behind the counter to find the Paring Knife.
Exit this room. Have Brown Find the Dirty Rag and you will follow Brown
downstairs and into the Crew Cabin.

<Sector 11 Maintenance>

Brown will pull back a curtain and you will find the Three-Leaf Key.
Cool! Now go back to the Three-Leaf door.

If you can't remember how to get there, just set your Find target to
the Three-Leaf Key.

Now, find the Green Butterfly as soon as you get through the Three-Leaf
You will see Amanda looking at a butterfly case.

<Room 11>

Check Amanda and leave again and a cutscene will play. Go back into the
room and pick up the Butterfly Case and set it as your Find Target.
Brown will lead you to a beautiful blue butterfly. So, follow it! After
following Brown, you will see a butterfly. Examine it and a cutscene
will play. Uh oh, time to run. HOWEVER, do not leave without first
picking up the Blue Butterfly!!
After picking it up run downstairs, ignoring the enemies. Go behind the
stairs to the far door and to the next room.

<Sector 10 Crew Cabin>

Just run straight through to the next door. Run straight through the
Turbine Area. Run past the Filth Room and into the door leading to the
stairway. Go upstairs and check the door. Make an offering of the Blue
Butterfly and a long cutscene will play.

  Sir Peter
  May 1930

You will end up in the Filth Room again. Pick up the Floral Letter
lying on the floor. Set your Find Target to the Floral Letter and
follow Brown.

<Engine 3 Maintenance>

Continue to follow Brown until you get to Sector 6 Maintenance.
You will see Amanda going up an elevator. Go in the elevator and pick
the upper floor, climb the ladder, and a cutscene will play. Poor
Amanda's got some issues. ;p

Go back into the elevator and go to the middle floor. Do an item search
here if you want.

---Save Point---

Go back to the elevator and go to the lower floor. Exit the elevator
and go through the door to the next area.

<Sector 7 Cargo Bay>

Go straight across to the Sector 3 Maintenance area and go straight
across again.

<Sector 8 Cargo Bay>

Find the Floral Letter again and you will be led into the Working Class
Luggage where Amanda is. Talk to her, then leave. A note will be thrown
at you, pick it up and read it. Go through the door closet to you into
the stairway. Go upstairs and into the Guest Sector and check the
poster on the door with the gift box.


After this, go back the way you came, down the stairs, and into the
Sector 8 Cargo Bay. Head to the Filth Room, but in the hallway, go into
the door on the left. You will see on the floor a Steel Pipe, which can
be a handy weapon at times.
Leave this room and go down the hall (toward the door to the Turbine
Room) and turn right, into the Filth Room.
You will be surprised by the Mysterious Man who just happens to be
waiting to scare poor Jennifer.

<Filth Room>

In this room you will see a bunch of drawings and a bag on the floor.
Pick this up to get Peter's Droppings. Yuck...
Also, grab the storybook in here about Sir Peter.

Now get ready for a long chase of Sir Peter. Find Peter's Droppings and
follow Brown and he will lead you out of the room. Ignore the enemies
and follow him.

<Sector 10 Crew Cabin>

Follow Brown until you get to the Dining Table. Grab the Kitchen Knife
and check and see what Brown is yapping at. It's Sir Peter! He will run
away and you should too, ignoring the enemies. Unfortunately, Brown
will lead you to the wrong spot- to a door that can't be opened. So, go
back past the dining table and turn left to another door.

<Sector 11 Maintenance>

Go through here, picking up the shiny things along the way. Inside of
an open room is a Minced Pie so don't forget that. Go straight until
you see your first door on the left (without a window) enter the
Generator Room.
It's hard to see but there is another door here that leads to a Sewage
Treatment Room.

---Save Point---

After saving, exit here and the Generator Room. Go to the next door and
into the next room.

<Smoking Room>

Here you will actually have to battle for the first time.
Use the Steel Pipe for range or the Kitchen Knife for strength.
After the battle, enter the door on the other side to be in the 3rd
Passenger Corridor.

If you want to collect all the special weapons, this is where the first
one is. Defeat the only enemy here to get the Baron.

Find target Peter's Droppings here to once again be on the chase.

<Men's Lavatory>

Check the stall that Brown is barking at and open it and Sir Peter will
run out. Continue to follow Brown back to the Corridor, Crew Cabin,
Turbine room, Cargo Bay, and into the next area.

<Middle Class Luggage>

Check the box and follow Brown again.
I recommend that you save at the Filth Room.
Go through the Maintenance area to Sector 7 Cargo Bay.

  Boss Battle 1

First of all, RUN! He will take a swipe at you practically before you
can even move. He is spastic so he will swipe at you almost all the
time. Command Brown to Stay or else you might have to heal him at the
end. Keep running around and when he stops to do a large attack, run
behind him and hit him once or twice. Usually, don't hit him more than
once or you will be guaranteed to be hit. Hopefully you brought some
healing items with you. Also, he will jump on the floor trying to
attack you. Stand behind him to hit him when he gets up.

When the battle ends, pick up the Warm Bag.

Now is a good time to search for items because there are no enemies
Go to the Bonus Items list for more info.

Leave and go back to the Sector 8 Cargo Bay and go through the door
with the yellow poster next to it.

<Sector 8 Stairway>

Go upstairs and talk to Amanda, who is kneeling on the floor. When the
scene is over, go through the open door. A large and just plain gross
cutscene will play and you will be taken to the next chapter.

 Rag Princess Sews

All you are doing so far is just picking a story. I recommend you go
with the one in the middle first, it's easiest. If you pick otherwise,
just skip this section for now and go ahead to whatever chapter you

 The Goat Sisters
  September 1930

---Save Point---

You will end up in a strange room with a couple shiny items. Pick up
the Lollipop and Meg's Pencil. Check the sack, don't you want to know
what's inside? Anyway, Find Meg's Pencil and follow Brown to your next

<Sector 14 Storage>

Pick up the Aristocrat Page and head to the Sector 13 Lift. Find the
Aristocrat Page and continue to follow Brown. You will find the Stray
Dog List so now Find that item. Follow Brown to the next area. Go down
the Maintenance area into the Freezing Compartment. Brown will knock
over a snowman and Voila! You found a letter. Unfortunately, you have a
small battle to face too. After that, grab the Ice Pick and leave the
room. Continue to Find the Stray Dog List.

<Sector 12 Maintenance>

Follow Brown back to the Sector 14 Storage and a cutscene will play.
After that, grab Meg's Notebook and talk to Diana. After receiving the
Torn Letter go to the Sector 13 Lift, having Brown Find the item. Go
through the 2nd Passenger Hallway and into the next room.

<3rd Passenger Corridor>

Follow Brown and ignore any enemies trying to stop you. Eventually you
will get to the Sector 8 Stairwell and enter the Aristocrat Luggage.
You will have to battle here.

  Mini Boss

Don't underestimate these guys. They take a rather large chunk out of
your life bar. Try to dodge and stay behind them, hitting them with the
Steel Pipe because of its range. They have more hit points than the
average goat imps so watch out.

After the battle, Jennifer will find the other half of the letter and
Meg will have a little freak out session. After the cutscene (poor
Jennifer), you will be taken back to Meg's Lab.

---Save Point---

Search for items if you want and go back and grab the piece of paper
next to the goat doll. The chapter ends here.

  Rag Princess

You will end up in the same candlelit room where you need to pick
another story. Pick the one on the left, it's still easier than the
other chapter.

    The Bird
    July 1930

You will find yourself in a beautiful room. Exit into the next area.

<First Class Guest Sector>

Walk to the left for a cutscene. Check the shiny thing on the ground
for a Red Feather. Have Brown Find this and follow him. You will see
red birds drawn on the wall here, continue to follow the path.

<3rd Passenger Corridor>

You will see a TON of feathers here. Follow the feathers and go up the
stairs. Go through the One-Leaf Clover door and into the 2nd passenger
corridor. Go straight, take a left, another left, and another left to
be in the Women's Lavatory. After Meg and Diana's little chat about
Jennifer, exit the Lavatory. Uh oh, busted... After Jennifer gets a
little talking to, follow the feathers until there is a split path.
Take a left and another left directly into Room 26.

<Room 26>

Pick up the Land Sketch and notice the number on it, 834. Check the
large box in the middle and turn the dial to 834 and the box will open.
Pick up the Torn Diet Chart and set that as your new Find Target. You
will end up in the Shower room and will find the rest of the Diet Chart
in the center stall.
Exit this room.

<2nd Passenger Corridor>

Follow the feathers to the split path and back into Room 26 again. Turn
the dial to 124 and pick up the Sketch Piece. Set that as your Find
target and follow Brown to Room 15. After the sketch is combined, Find
it to get your last piece. It would probably be a good idea to save so
follow the feathers back into the Guest Room Hall. Go through the Two-
Leaf Clover door and straight across to the other door.


---Save Point---

Save here, get any health items you need, and go back outside. Go back
into the Guest Room Hall and follow the feathers again. Once again,
have Brown find the sketch and he will lead you upstairs. Pick up the
three scones here, trust me, you'll need them.

<Central Stairway C>

Okay, this part is hard. Dodge all of the pecking birds and follow
Brown to the other side to get the other part of the paper. Now dodge
them AGAIN to get back. Sheesh... Sometimes it's easy and sometimes
it's not. If you got through it, give yourself a big pat on the back
and return downstairs.

<2nd Passenger Corridor>

So, you have a choice here. You can either solve this puzzle yourself
by looking at the colors of the birds on the paper, and adding up the
corresponding numbers on the walls, or you can just type in the number
I'm going to tell you.

If you chose the second one, return to Room 26 by walking away from the
green bird on the wall, and take two lefts. Turn the dial to 112 and
pick up the News Article. Have Brown Find this and you will be lead to
Room 9.

<Room 9>

Uh... okay, well I guess we found Martha... ick. Read the article and
go back to Room 26 by going to the door across from the blocked path.
Careful not to enter Room 13 or you will have to fight one of those
giant birds.

<Room 26>

Turn the dial to 275 and check the box. After the cutscene you will end
up in the same room you started in. What, do they give her chloroform
every time to get her to pass out? A little weird... Check the sofa to
get a slip of paper and to end the chapter.

 Rag Princess

Well, time for the last one. And the hardest... Pick up the last story
to start the last chapter for this section.

Mermaid Princess
  August 1930

---Save Point---

There is a Shortbread in here so pick it up. When you can, exit this
room, turn right and go straight. You can turn left to talk to Olivia
for a small cutscene or turn right to continue on. After turning right,
head to the next area.

<Sector 8 Stairway>

You will see Meg and Eleanor talking. After they are done talk to them
and pick up the Fish Scale. Have Brown Find this and you will be led
through Engine 3 Maintenance, Sector 7 Cargo Bay and into Sector 6
Maintenance. Follow Brown to a new area.

<Sector 2 Maintenance>

You will enter into the Lower Vertical Tail and you will find the Fish
Head and the Meat Cleaver... yuck... Go back out to the Sector 2
Maintenance and have Brown Find the Fish Head.

<Sector 1 Wire Controller>

Follow Brown but instead of going up the stairs leading to Diana, go
straight and into the Stern Observation Room.

---Save Point---

After saving, leave again and go up the stairs I originally told you
not to. Diana will be up there looking for the mermaid. Find the Fish
Head and follow Brown.

<Central Stairway A>

After follow Brown you will find the Doll Legs so Find those next.
Warning: a bunch of enemies will pop out here so have caution.
Check the door and you will see a cutscene. So, enter the door already!

  Boss 2

Prepare for one tough, or at least annoying, boss battle. First, choose
a corner not near a bed that you feel comfortable fighting in. Go to
the OPPOSITE one and command Brown to Stay. He will not help much in
this battle and will most likely just need healing. Go back to the
corner you chose and slowly run around, listening for her yell. The
louder the yell, the closer she will be to you. Stay away from the bed!
It is too hard to fight her there and will just get you in trouble.
When she drops down, run behind her and hit her twice at most. Then
RUN! She will probably try to puke... yes puke, on you, which can do a
moderate amount of damage. Especially if you are caught in the middle
of it. This may be a long battle.

After the battle, you will see a strange cutscene where the teacher
decides to get a little "fresh" with Diana. Perv...

Go to the fish tank and check it to end the chapter.

When Jennifer wakes up, exit the room.

 The Gingerbread House
       June 1930

Don't worry, you don't need to equip a weapon here. Exit the rose
garden and you will see a man walking. Turn left and go straight into
the next area.

<Gingerbread House>

---Save Point---

You can turn left before entering the house to enter the Biscuit Shed
but it is pretty pointless. However, continue past the shed into the
Garden and you will find a Shovel. Continue on and enter the house.


Try to go into the door straight ahead for a small cutscene of a
ghostly figure. Turn right, then left into the Little Soldier's
Barracks. Exit out the window and go left into another window. A
cutscene will play and you will be in the room. Explore a bit and check
the newspaper on the ground. You can't do anything else except leave
and enter the other window to the Barracks.

It is sometimes hard to enter the window but keep trying and it will
happen. Might be a glitch or something.

After entering the window, go back into the Hallway. Turn away from the
screen and try to enter another door to the right. After a small
cutscene, go to the room next to it into the Lavatory. You can check
the calendar or bathtub but otherwise this room is pretty pointless.
So, turn left after exiting the room and turn another left into the
next room.


Go down the stairs into the room where a cutscene will play and
Jennifer will be locked in a room. Check the chest next to the door to
read some letters. Interesting... You can check the bed but what you
want to do is check the large dresser three times and pick up the Teddy
Bear that falls down. After Wendy says she will come right down, just
wait and wait. It will seem like an eternity but it really isn't. After
the door is unlocked, exit the room. Go upstairs and leave into the
Hallway. Follow Wendy to the left into the next room.


Talk to her and check the desk.

There is sort of a secret item here. Check the large black box in the
corner of the room to find Greg's Diary. A pretty boring diary if you
ask me.

Exit the room and go all the way back to the entrance, which is the
door with the mat in front of it.

---Save Point---

Save here and follow Wendy.

<Rose Way>

Go down and turn into the rose garden and talk to Wendy. Touching huh?

 Rag Princess Sews
   October 1930

This time you actually get to play this chapter and it is not almost
instantly transferred into another one. Leave this area and into the
Sector 8 Stairwell. Go down the stairs and into the Sector 8 Cargo Bay
and grab the storybook on the ground. Enter into the room in front of

<Working Class Luggage>

Watch out... Amanda's madder than a wet hen. Try to talk to her and
nothing will happen so just leave her. Outside the door, Amanda will
finally talk to you and tell you that Wendy took the bear. Turn to the
closest door and go into the Sector 8 Stairway and upstairs and into
the door. Go into the First Class Guest Sector and take a left. The
Sickroom will be the second door on the right. Talk to Wendy and after
a conversation you will have control again. Leave the room and go back
to the entrance of the Guest Sector. Leave and go downstairs.

<Sector 8 Cargo Bay>

Talk to the two boys if you want but first of all, go through the gated
area into the Working Class Luggage. Diana will be there and wondering
where Amanda ran off to. Check to the right of her and open the box to
receive the Bear's Tail. Set this as your new find target and follow
Brown to the Engine 3 Maintenance. Eventually, you will be lead to the
Sector 7 Cargo Bay and see Amanda dragging something away. Huh?
Continue to follow Brown into the next area.

<Sector 6 Maintenance>

Amanda will go up the elevator and suddenly the power will go out.
*insert creepy music here* Muahahaha! Okay, now check the flashing
light and read what the sign says. This is a long ways away kiddies so
be prepared.
It will be hard to see now, but go around the fence and to the door
back to the Sector 7 Cargo Bay (there is a Glass Case here if you want
to read Amanda's Diary in the Working Class Luggage), through Engine 3
Maintenance, and into the next room.

<Sector 8 Cargo Bay>

Go straight a little and turn left to see a shiny thing on the ground.
Pick it up to receive the Half Biscuit. Go down the Hallway and turn
right into the Filth Room.

---Save Point---

After saving, leave again and turn right into the door. Have Brown Find
the Half Biscuit and enter the next area.

<Sector 9 Turbine Area>

You will have to battle against a pig imp here so watch out. Just let
him run forward and try to slash at him from behind. Continue to follow
Brown to the Crew Cabin. RUN and follow Brown, it is not worth it to
battle here. Continue to the Sector 11 Maintenance and into the next
room where you will see Fatso messing with something. Try to open the
next door and he will charge out.

<Sewage Treatment Room>

---Save Point---

Pick up the other half of the Biscuit and leave to the Generator Room.
Do NOT find the Half Biscuit! Brown will led you to the wrong spot and
you will be stuck in a room full of enemies. Instead, leave the
Generator Room and go to the next door with the window into the Smoking
Room. Go straight through and into the next area.

<3rd Passenger Corridor>

Follow Brown into the 2nd Passenger Hallway and into Sector 12
Maintenance. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM AGAIN! When he tries to get an a door,
pass him and turn left, then another left down a hall. Enter the door
to the left into the Pantry. Have him find the Half Biscuit again to
find the Generator Lever! Yay! Now to get back... -_-
Have Brown Find the Generator Lever to get back a little easier. First
leave the Pantry then find the item. The Kitchen is full of enemies but
they should be easy to run by.

<Sector 11 Maintenance>

Careful, more enemies. Enter the Generator Room and finally use the
lever to turn back on all the lights. Go into the other door to the
Sewage Treatment Room.

---Save Point---

Exit this room and exit the Generator Room. Turn left and go all the
way down to the Sector 7 Cargo Bay, and go straight to the next room.

<Sector 9 Turbine Area>

Have Brown Find the Bear's Tail and follow him to the Sector 8 Cargo
Bay. Keep following him and you will be led to Sector 6 Maintenance. Go
in the elevator and to the upper floor and up the ladder. A cutscene
will play and Amanda will be beating something with a stick. Quick!
Someone call the nearest child therapist! You will be given Joshua the
Bear and after seeing a shocking event, she will faint yet again. Go
down the elevator to the middle floor and you will see a boy running.
Have Brown Find the Bear's Tail and follow the boy.

This part can get a little tough, just a warning. Go straight and you
will be forced into a battle. Just try to stay behind them and slash.
If you Find the Bear's Tail, you will be led to a dead end. So, turn
around and go right to continue to the next area.

<Central Stairway C>

Have Brown Find the Bear's Tail again and you will led to another
battle. Finish this and you will be led to Central Stairway D. Again,
you will have another battle and will be led to the Sector 13 Lift. Go
into the lift and to the lower floor. Follow Brown to the next area.

<2nd Passenger Hallway>

Go straight and follow Brown and eventually you will be in the First
Class Guest Sector. You will finally find Joshua the Bear and see a
small cutscene.

This is the last time you can exchange items at the gift box, so if you
need to, do it now.

Go up to the gift box and put Joshua the Bear into the gift box. Enter
the open door for a creepy cutscene. Poor Jennifer...

   The Funeral
  November 1930

When the cutscene ends, Jennifer will be tied up. Call Brown 3 times
and he will come to your rescue. After you are free, pick up the Red

---Save Point---

Save and leave the room into the Hallway. Go toward the screen to the
next Hallway. From here, head down the stairs and walk forward to see a
The perv teacher wants to see Jennifer in his office. Hmmm...
Now some sappy music will play and enter the door the teacher went
into- the Reception Room. Go to the door away from the screen into the
Headmaster's Room. Talk to the teacher and after calling you names you
can leave. If you enter the Closet there will be a Lollipop you can
pick up. Go back to the Reception Room and leave.


Go straight and try to talk to the two boys. When you walk back a note
will be thrown at you so pick it up. It reads:


Go straight into the next Hallway and turn to the left into the Rear
Stairway. Turn right and under the stairs to go into the Basement. Go
down the stairs and turn left and go into the door.

<Cell of Remorse>

Go straight back and pick up the Lumberjack Axe. There is a surprise in
this room but I will wait until later to tell you. ^_^ Who knows, maybe
you figured it out already. Find the Red Crayon and you will led to the
Cell of Repentance. Pick up the pledge, exit and go back up the stairs
into the Rear Stairway. Do not go up the stairs but go into the next
Hallway in front of the stairs. Enter the door closest to you and into
the Kitchen. Try to talk to the girl and all she will do is cry. Leave
and pass the locked door and you will get another note thrown at you.
It says:


There is another locked door so pass that one too. Go all the way to
the last door back to the original Hallway. Go up the stairs and go
towards the ladder to the door on the end to another Hallway.


Go into the first door you see and Diana will be cleaning up. Try to
talk to her and another note will be thrown at you. It reads:


Exit out the door farthest from Diana into the Hallway again. Continue
down the hallway past the train track drawings on the floor and to the
solitary door to the left.

<Sewing Room>
Try to talk to Amanda and leave to see another note thrown at you. It


Go straight into the door leading to the Library. Try to talk to the
girls and leave when yet another note is thrown at you. It reads:


Leave and go to the door next to you and into the Rear Stairway. Enter
the door to the slight left and into the Play Room and talk to the boy.
Leave to have another note thrown at you. It reads:


Go to the door past the window into the Hallway. Enter the room
straight ahead to the Sick Bay. Talk to the girl and try to leave. A
cutscene will play where the perv teacher will take Clara into a room.
Well, go to the locked room and check it out. Ewwww... this can be
taken sooo wrongly. Leave this room.


Go away from the screen until you get to a solitary door. Go through it
and talk to the Eleanor and leave. Go back the way you came until
another note gets thrown at you. This reads:


Go straight ahead to the door back to the Rear Stairway. Go straight
again to the other Hallway and turn left, left, and straight back to
the main Hallway. Walk down the stairs and you will be shoved down.
Notice this takes a good chunk away from your life... Enter the room
farthest on the right wall.

---Save Point---

Now is a good time to search for items. Some items though may only
appear later in the chapter at night.

Leave this room and pick up the note on the floor. Watch out kiddies,
this isn't going to be fun. After the cutscene, RUN straight ahead to
the Hallway and turn a direct left. Check the door to the left to
receive a clue about what to do. Basically, you have to kill 2 rat
imps, 2 pig imps, and 2 goat imps.

Go straight ahead and through the door. Continue all the way down and
to the door past the bucket hanging on the wall. You will be back in
the main hallway. You will have to battle a pig imp and a goat imp.
Luckily you have a lot of room to battle. Go back into the door you
came through and all the way to the end and go through the door
straight ahead.


You will have to battle a rat imp here but it is the easiest one.

Exit this room and turn directly into the Rear Stairway. Go up a floor
and to the door on your closest right. Go down the hall into the first
door with the train tracks leading to it.


Fortunately, you only need to defeat the rat imp for the door to be
unlocked. After defeating him you can pick up the Lumberjack Axe he
dropped if you want it. Exit out the way you came back into the
Hallway. Turn away from the train tracks into the solitary door on the
left that leads to the Sewing Room. Kill the pig imp and leave. Keep
going the way you were and straight ahead to the Library. Kill the goat
imp and now the door is freed. Leave and turn a direct right.

<Rear Stairway>

Go down a floor into the door that was blocked. You will be in the
Inner Court and Wendy will be standing there and you can talk to her.
Look around and check the shiny item on top of the coffin. Read The
Funeral and suddenly Brown (and the imps) will be gone! Leave the area
and go up two flights of stairs where the attic is. It's Brown! Nope,
just Jennifer going crazy I guess. Turn to the right into the next

<Attic Hallway>

Go straight and past the darkish door, turn left, and take another left
to go down a hall. Enter the second door you see and go straight until
you see Brown again. Nope, it's not him either. Go straight and turn
right and check the door with the paper on it.


Enter this door for a sad cutscene.

 Stray Dog and the Lying Princess
         December 1930

When you wake up, check the bed to get Stray Dog. Go straight ahead to
get a Lollipop.

---Save Point---

Exit this room into the Hallway, and exit again.


Talk to the two girls and they will bow to you. Go downstairs and go to
where Amanda is telling you to go. Enter the door and you will be
pushed inside of a room. Talk to the two girls and then head right to
see the rest of the gang curtseying to you. After the cutscene, leave
the room using the closest exit. Turn right and go straight into the
next Hallway. Go through the wide entrance to hear screaming. Your next
boss battle has begun.

   Boss 3

This is an insanely easy boss battle for being the last one. The
mermaid boss was WAY harder, trust me. All you have to do is dodge his
slow attacks and attack him from behind. Heal if you must but it
shouldn't be too necessary. His most dangerous attack is when you are
anywhere near him and he rears up and knocks you back. After he has
taken a significant amount of damage, who will appear but Brown! He
doesn't help you much but it is still nice to have him back anyways. A
few more hits and the boss should be done.

After the battle, go out the double doors to the entrance.

<Front Gate>

I won't count this as a boss battle. Careful, Stray Dog will be pretty
fast here. After receiving Gregory's Gun, DO NOT EQUIP IT!!! You will
not get the good ending if you do. Instead, when he kneels down and
sticks out his hands, USE the gun.

After the cutscene, the chapter will end.

 Once Upon a Time...
   January 1930

You will wake up as a little girl. Could this be little Jennifer?

You cannot equip weapons (nor do you need to).

Pick up the Storybook on the bed and then go straight across and pick
up the letters on the bookshelf. Leave here and exit out into the


This part next is optional but if you want the Octopus Costume then you
need to do this. Also do not drop the ticket! You need to carry it
until the end of the game.

Go downstairs and into the solitary door on the farthest right (the one
Amanda had you go into earlier). Go all the way down the hall into the
door at the very end, into the Rear Stairway. Go behind the stairs into
the door into the Basement. Go downstairs and turn left into the first
door. Now this is weird but trust me, you are reading it right. Walk
through the table, yes THROUGH the table and pick up the October Ticket
on the closest end. Freaky huh? This is the surprise I mentioned
earlier as you can do this with the older Jennifer also.

Exit here and go back into the Basement. Go back up the stairs and
Go back into the door to the farthest right into the Hallway and all
the way to the last door. Now you are back into the main Hallway.

Go to the entrance and through the double doors.

<Front Gate>

Talk to Wendy out in front and leave the courtyard and a cutscene will
play. You can talk to Wendy again if you like but go down into the
Strange Hill. Continue all the way down until there is a path leading
to the far left. Go down it to be in the Strange Hill-East. Go down
into the Rickety Shed and check the puppy on the ground. Awwwww...
Check the Bucket Knight and another cutscene will play.

Congratulations, you have beaten the game! Wasn't it great?


   Section 4: Bonus Items


These are all the locations of the rare/secret items, film cans,
records, and rare weapons. I will tell you the first item to set as
your Find Target but you use the item you find after that to find the


                        ~Film Cans~

You can either use Bacon or Chocolate to find the first film can.
The film cans can be played on a projector in the Cell of Pleasure in
the Basement of the chapter "Once Upon a Time..."

|Film Cans |          Chapter         |      Location                |
|Film 8/14 | The Unlucky Clover Field |First Class Guest Sector      |
|Film 9/14 | The Unlucky Clover Field |Room 11                       |
|Film 10/14| The Unlucky Clover Field |Men's Lavatory (2nd P.C.)     |
|Film 4/14 | The Unlucky Clover Field |Men's Lavatory (3rd P.C.)     |
|Film 5/14 | The Unlucky Clover Field |Smoking Room                  |
|Film 1/14 | The Goat Sisters         |Freezing Compartment          |
|Film 2/14 | The Goat Sisters         |Wheelhouse                    |
|Film 3/14 | Mermaid Princess         |Engine 3 Maintenance          |
|Film 6/14 | Mermaid Princess         |Engine 4 Maintenance          |
|Film 13/14| Mermaid Princess         |Sector 2 Maintenance          |
|Film 14/14| Rag Princess Sews        |Cafeteria                     |
|Film 7/14 | The Funeral              |Reception Room                |
|Film 11/14| The Funeral              |Headmaster's Room             |
|Film 12/14| The Funeral              |Martha's Room (night)         |


You can use a Scone to find the first Record. The Records can be played
in the Reception Room in the chapter "Once Upon a Time..."

|Records          |      Chapter      |      Location                 |
| Aries           | Sir Peter         | Port Livestock Room           |
| Taurus          | The Goat Sisters  | Pantry                        |
| Gemini          | The Goat Sisters  | Sickroom                      |
| Cancer          | Rag Princess Sews | Upper floor Sector 6 Mainten. |
| Leo             | Rag Princess Sews | Broom Closet                  |
| Virgo           | Rag Princess Sews | First Class Guest Sector      |
| Libra           | Rag Princess Sews | Library                       |
| Scorpio         | Rag Princess Sews | Central Stairway B            |
| Sagittarius     | Rag Princess Sews | Central Stairway D            |
| Capricorn       | Rag Princess Sews | Port Livestock Room           |
| Aquarius        | Rag Princess Sews | Sewage Treatment Room         |
| Pisces          | Rag Princess Sews | VIP Room                      |
| Sunday          | The Funeral       | Closet Room                   |
| Monday          | The Funeral       | Cafeteria (night)             |
| Tuesday         | The Funeral       | Classroom (night)             |
| Wednesday       | The Funeral       | Dormitory (night)             |
| Thursday        | The Funeral       | Sick Bay (night)              |
| Friday          | The Funeral       | Play Area (night)             |
| Saturday        | The Funeral       | Sewing Room (night)           |

                    ~Other Rare Items~

Use Candy as your Find Target to get the Coin King.
Use Chocolate as your Find Target to get all the Broken Robots.
Use Candy as your Find Target to find the first Perfume.

|  Rare Items     |     Chapter       |       Location                |
|Coin King        | Rag Princess Sews | Upper floor Sector 13 Lift    |
|Coin Queen       | Rag Princess Sews | Middle Class Luggage          |
|Broken Robot (1) | Rag Princess Sews | Central Stairway B            |
|Broken Robot (2) | Rag Princess Sews | Central Stairway C            |
|Broken Robot (3) | Rag Princess Sews | Central Stairway D            |
|Broken Robot (4) | Rag Princess Sews | Sector 13 Lift                |
|Perfume (Spring) | Sir Peter         | Working Class Luggage         |
|Perfume (Summer) | Sir Peter         | VIP Room                      |
|Perfume (Fall)   | Sir Peter         | Library                       |
|Perfume (Winter) | Rag Princess Sews | Dressing Room                 |


  Section 5: Rare Weapons

To get the first five weapons listed, you must kill the imp wielding
the knife.

Note: The knives in the chapters The Bird, Mermaid Princess, and The Goat
Sisters can be obtained in any order you want. Thanks to sheldonbunny for this

|  Rare Weapons   |      Chapter      |      Location                 |
|Baron            | Sir Peter         |3rd Passenger Corridor         |
|Viscount         | The Goat Sisters  |Wheelhouse                     |
|Earl             | The Bird          |1st Passenger Corridor         |
|Marquis          | Mermaid Princess  |Central Stairway A             |
|Duke             | Rag Princess Sews |Sector 7 Cargo Bay (lights out)|
|Rusty Sword      | Rag Princess Sews |Put Five Knives into gift box  |
|Knight Rapier    | Rag Princess Sews |Put Rusty Sword into gift box$ |
|Stick of Justice | Rag Princess Sews |Put Coins into gift box        |
|Revolver         | Rag Princess Sews |Use Secret Room Key*           |

*Put all four Perfumes into the gift box, then use the Secret Room Key
on the secret door in the First Class Guest Sector.

$This happens only if you replay the game on a completed save file.
It is carried over and you can get it as early as the Unlucky Clover Field.
Also thanks to sheldonbunny for this info.


  Section 6: Costumes

These will be my personal descriptions of all the costumes in the game.
I will also include how to find them and what weapon they give you.

Gothic Lolita with Maid Brown

Description: A pretty black dress with white lace.
How to unlock: Get good ending
Weapon included: Master Umbrella

Tennis Instructor

Description: A bright costume with a skirt.
How to unlock: Get good ending
Weapon included: Master Racket


Description: A cute white nurse outfit
How to unlock: Get good ending
Weapon included: Master Syringe

Rag Doll with Stuffed Brown

Description: A freaky costume that looks like a stick figure.
How to unlock: Find four Broken Robots in the Rag Princess Sews
Weapon included: Master Sword

Octopus with Crab Brown

Description: A scary looking octopus with a cute crab partner. ^0^
How to unlock: Find the October Ticket in the Once Upon a Time...
Weapon included: Master Tuna

Brown as a Chair

Description: Pretty self-explanatory.
How to unlock: Check the chair in the Four Leaf Clover room.
Weapon included: N/A


   Section 7: FAQ

Here are some general questions.

Q: What happens if I equip the gun and kill Stray Dog rather than using

A: You will hear a little boy laughing and the screen will say
something that says that Jennifer couldn't keep her promise. What a
pitiful, unlucky girl...   Or something like that. Plus you won't get
any extra "good ending only" costumes.

Q: Are there any mistakes in the game?

A: The only big one I saw is that if you have, let's say, the Gothic
Lolita costume on, Jennifer's shadow will not change. She will still
have her hair up in a bun even though she doesn't have it in a costume.

Q: What is the last song in the credits called?

A: A Love Suicide

Q: Are there any other games like this?

A: Haunting Ground would probably be the closest.

Q: Why was this banned in some countries?

A: Because of the supposed theme of "underage lesbianism" and "violence
involving children." I personally think that is just plain crappy
because the game itself is so beautiful. It has no more violence than
Resident Evil or Silent Hill but it still got banned anyway. There is
no graphic depictions of any sexual content so I don't see why the game
was banned for sexuality either. The countries that the game got banned
from will be missing one heck of a game.


  Section 8: Copyright info and thanks

This walkthrough may NOT be used on any sites except gamefaqs.com
unless they ask my permission! 'nuf said.

These sites have my permission to use this guide:

You are welcome to contact me any time through email with any questions
or comments about my walkthrough or the game. My email address is:


Please use proper grammar so I can understand you.

Thank you for everyone who reads my guide! Cheers!


Thanks to:

sephirosuy - for writing a walkthrough that I used when I first played the game.
sheldonbunny - for all the info she provided for me after my guide was finished.

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