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FAQ/Walkthrough by sephirosuy

Version: SEP | Updated: 05/24/06

    \   R U L E   O F   R O S E    /
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    /  FAQs & Walkthrough ver SEP  \
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This guide written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph (sephiroth_y@yahoo.com).

You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. Let me know before you want to use it, I would
like to know where would you going to use it.

The latest version will always comes to GameFAQs first.

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===============   Play 1 hour at least have 10 minutes rest   =================
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Guide bases on game Rule Of Rose for Sony PlayStation 2, NTSC/J version,
anything might be different with other versions. The guide didn't explain much
about the scenes in the game, but still contain spoilers.


Press "Ctrl" and "F" keys together and fill in the codes for the topic that
you want to read, then click Find.

  Topic List             Codes
==============         =========
- Version .............. [vrsn]

- Basic Control ........ [bsct]

- Walkthrough .......... [wkth]

- Find List ............ [fdlt]

- Weapon List .......... [wplt]

- Contact .............. [cntt]

- Credit ............... [crdt]

 .============== ______________________________________________________________
=|   Version   []--------------------------------------------------------------
 '==============                                                         [vrsn]

here are the version upgrades since the beginning guide to now.

 0.1 - April 19, 2006 - cover around half of walkthrough.

 0.2 - April 22, 2006 - more walkthroughs, Find List added.

 0.3 - April 26, 2006 - complete walkthrough and Find List.

 0.4 - April 28, 2006 - more details added in Find List.

 SEP -   May 03, 2006 - Weapon List added, some corrections of the walkthrough.
 SEP -   May 25, 2006 - Some more correction, minor upgrade for walkthrough.

 .================== __________________________________________________________
=|  Basic Control  []----------------------------------------------------------
 '==================                                                     [bsct]

Circle   = confirm, attack, examine
Triangle = call dog to find, action
Square   = call dog to wait
X        = cancel, call dog to come
Start    = inventory
Select   = map
D-pad/R3 = move character, select
R1  = ready for attack
R2  = camera change
L1  = -
L2  = camera change

Since the 'find' function is very important, you must know how to find
anything. Whenever the dog, Brown with you, you can set the items, accessories,
files of other key items to the 'find' box, which can be found inside the
'inventory' screen, then call the dog, Brown to find it, it will leads you to
the other places to get what it's found, even the unlockable video and music
were come from the 'find' function. Mostly find the files or key items will
brings you to the next destination; from healing/recovering items can also
get more other healing/recovering items.

 .================== __________________________________________________________
=|   Walkthrough   []----------------------------------------------------------
 '==================                                                     [wkth]

 - March, 1930 -
 < The Little Princess >

First of all, apppear in the three ways area. Move up to central path, then
take the right path from the fork, which leads to East. Enter the cabin there,
pick up the Boarding Pass and Brown Dog Belt. Leave the cabin and back to
previous area will see a boy, follow him to left path from the fork.

After the scene in front of the gate, follow the left path from the gate, until
you reach to the back door, use Boarding Pass on the box beside, you're able
to go inside. Now go to front gate will see a mysterious beg moves into the
house, just follow it.

In the Hall, go forward will see the boy run to upstair. Now you can't enter
left room, inside right door got a save point. Second right door is Meeting
Room, it leads to Headmaster Room and more if you like to explore.

All you need to do is head to upstair, follow the boy to 2F corridor, then turn
to left door. Check the tied toy there, its head will drop down, here can also
find another save point in the corner. Take the photo on the case before leave.
Back to the Hall will see that boy run into other way, follow him to next

When you close to him, he will run away, just follow him. Next area, head to
upstair. At upstair can find the map on the table. Lastly reach to the inner
area with some candles there, use the Book that you have since the beginning
around the candles area, watch a scene.

Now back to bottom level, just go to Central Courtyard since most of the doors
were locked. Examine to tombstone thing there to finish this chapter.


 - April, 1930 -
 < The Unlucky Clover Field >

You been tied up, shack R3 or D-pad for awhile, someone will ask you something,
just choose Yes, but it doesn't matter. Once you free, explore the room before
you leave. Before you can use the save point, you must check to small bin on
the chair. Beside, another Items Bin is allow you to keep items inside. Check
the hole on the wall can see the boy in next room. After all, just leave here.

Outside is Sector 8 M.Passage (Maintenance Passage), follow turn to left way,
go until the end and enter to the door with a paper pointing in. Go upstair
and enter to Aristocrats Society. Inside here, go left can find a room with
save point and Items Bin, right leads to Library, Sick Hay and Sick Room.
Before you can enter to any rooms here, take the middle way to the door, check
the sticky box on the door. Turn back will see two girls cross the junction,
now only you can enter use the save point room. Go to either leff or right
corner will notice you're in an airship.

After all, back down the Sector 8. Follow the passage where the girl goes
for a green butterfly, which is the way you came. Forward will see that boy
close the door, enter there. Through Sector 9 Turbine Area to Sector 10 Crew
Cabin, take the left way to 3rd Passenger Corridor, then go upstair to
Passenger Hall.

Now talk to thr crying girl, then check the green butterfly. After she leaves,
examine it again to get Dessert Fork and Dead Green Butterfly. Take also the
Bronce Leaf before leave. After all back track to Aristocrats Society, before
to Sector 8 M.Passage, equip the Dessert Fork, ready to face the first enemy.

Reach Aristocrats Society, check the sticky box on the door, choose 4th option
and use Dead Green Butterfly. Turn back will see the girls drop something,
check it for One Clover Key. Exit this room, a man pass the Clover Field to

Return to Sector 8 M.Passage see a boy run out from the room, enter that room,
press the button in the corner to descent the scissors next room. After this,
back to next room and take the scissors. Now return to Sector 9 Turbine Area,
open the gate to central and use the scissors to save the dog. Use Brown Dog
Belt on the dog, start from now, the dog will follows you, it's named Brown.

Back to 3rd Passenger Corridor to see some scene, then go up to Passenger Hall.
Take the Marsa Hat on the floor, then use One Clover Key on One Clover door to
go 2nd Passenger Corridor. Set Bronce Leaf to 'find' and call Brown the find
can get Two Clovers Key behind the boy.

Now back to Passenger Hall, open Two Clovers door with Two Clovers Key to 1st
Passenger Corridor. Enter to Cafeteria in front first, inside can find a save
point and Fruit Knife in the counter. Next, head to No.9 Room through the
corridor, let Brown find the Marsa Hat to get Stink Towel, let Brown find the
Stink Towel can get Three Clovers Key in Sector 11 M.Passage (Maintenance
Passage), return to Passenger Hall and open the Three Clover door with the key.

Now in the other part of 1st Passenger Corridor, just turn to right side and
check the door with some lights, then enter. Talk to the girl, looks like
nothing. Go outside, re-enter this room after she leaves. Take the Butterfly
Box there, let Brown find the Butterfly Box for blue butterfly. Follow the
blue butterfly eventually back to Passenger Hall. Close to the blue butterfly
for some events.

After that, many enemies appear, just take the Blue Butterfly on the floor and
back down to bottom. Move to Aristocrats Society, on the way will encounter lot
of enemies, they're unlimited, so just run pass them. Reach to Aristocrats
Society, check the sticky box on the door and put Blue Butterfly inside, watch


 - May, 1930 -
 < Sir Peter >

Now in the Dirts Room where you been tied up at the beginning of chapter 2.
Firstly, take the letter on the ground, exit here to Sector 8 M.Passage, enter
to the Cargo Bay at the central of the passage to get a Iron Pipe, I guess it
is better than Knife, just equip it. Now let Brown find the letter that you
took in Dirts Room, you will be leading to left way, 3th Engine Road, Sector 7
Cargo Bay, eventually come to a lift, take it to Upper Deck. Climb up the
ladder there for some scenes.

Down to Middle Deck can find a save point. Now back to Lower Deck and head to
Sector 8 M.Passage, open the gate in the corner will see the girl inside, check
the corner for a Lollipop, it's healing item. Back to the passage outside can
find a letter just beside the gate, check it for some events. Later you will
see a rabbit in the central of the passage, follow it to Dirts Room.

Take the Peter's Beg and Sir Peter Note will see the rabbit again, save the
game if you want. Now just follow it the rabbit to outside, or you can call
Brown find for Peter's Beg, it will leads you all the ways, beware the enemies
around the passage. Following place is Sector 9 Turbine Area, enter the central
room will find the rabbit again, take the map on the table before leave.

Next come to Sector 10 Crew Cabin, a Kitchen Knife on the table. Check the
rabbit under the table will be surrounded by enemies, just ignore them, run to
right passage to Sector 11 M.Passage. Here you can also find some healing
items. Continue to the end, enter to Smoking Room which is the second last
room, inside there you have to kill some enemies before you can leave. After,
exit from other door to 3th Passenger Corridor. Here is some enmies also,
one of them with knife, kill him if you want to get a Knife Baron, but you
can't use it, it's use to exchange certain items in the Aristocrats Society.
After all, enter to Male Rest Toilet, check the 2nd door will see the rabbit.

Follow the rabbit back to Sector 10, it's in one of the side room here, later
it will goes the Cargo Bay at Sector 8 M.Passage where you get Iron Pipe, the
rabbit is in the box, now it goes 3th Engine Road, follow it. Next, continue
to Sector 7 Cargo Bay to face the boss.

This boss is slow, run around and attack. See the board around the central?
Run around the board can avoid his attack easily, and he looks a bit blur when
he close to the air pipe behind the board. Also don't forgot your dog, Brown
can also helps for this battle.

After defeating the boss, pick up the Sack, then go back to Aristocrats
Society. Give the Sack to the girl kneeling there and follow her to the door
in front, this chapter finish here. Before this, you can let Brown find the
Biscuit if you have, since lot of exchangable items can be found from Sector 8
M.Passage to here. More detail, see "Find List" section.


In the altar room, you will be able to choose any one of three books here for
different chapter. Anyway, you have to go through all chapters, just only a
chance to let you play different chapter earlier of later.

Left is Chapter of Bird Of Happiness, central Chapter of The Goat Sister,
right one is Chapter of Mermaid Princess.


 - July, 1930 -
 < Bird Of Happiness >

Before leave the room, you can find save point and Items Bin. Go outside to
hear the girls chatting, they drop a feather when they leave. Pick up the
Red Feather on the floor, let Brown to find it will go to 3rd Passenger
Corridor, there is lot more red feathers. Go up to Passenger Hall and open One
Clover door. Next area just follow the feathers to Female Rest Toilet, check
the second door will trigger a scene. Next, leave the toilet and talk to the
girls outside.

Now start some password quests until the end of this chapter. For those who
like to solve the password themself, you can skip reading this chapter now.

After this, just turn to left, go until the 2nd last room which is No.26 Room,
enter. Take the Paper Of Kingdom, type 834 to the box in the middle, unlock the
box get a torn paper. Let Brown find the torn paper will bring you to get
second torn paper, with it, you will get Paper of Chart. Back to No.26 Room,
type 124 to the middle box will get another torn paper, call Brown find it will
leads to No.15 Room for second torn paper, but it's not enough yet. Let Brown
find second torn paper will leads you up to Central C Block, on the stairs can
find three Scone at different part. In C Block, beware of the long head enemies
there, just evade them, follow Brown the get third torn paper then back down
to previous area.

With three torn papers, you obtain Paper Of Family. Return to No.26 Room and
type 112 in the middle box. Get torn paper of Couple To Divorce, let Brown
find it will leads you to No.9 Room. Talk to the tied up girl for some info.
Head back to No.26 Room and type 275 to the middle box. Check to box after you
had unlocked it, watch a scene.

After awake, take the paper on the sofa will end this chapter.


 - September, 1930 -
 < The Goat Sister >

First of all, take the Meg's Pencil on the chair. Beside, you can find save,
Items Bin and a Lollipop here. Go up the stair outside can find one more
Lollipop. Now call Brown find the Meg's Pencil, you will get Aristocrats',
Norraynu's and Secret Love's Beeches in Sector 14 Storage, Sector 13 Lift,
and Freezing Room. In the Freezing Room, once you pick up the Secret Love's
Beech, you will be forced to fight with an enemy, also can find Prisoner Ice
Pick weapon here.

Now lets Brown to find any Beech that you have, it will leads to Sector 14
Storage. After some events, take the Meg's Note and speak with the girls, then
call Brown find the paper that you get from the girl here, it will leads to
Aristocrat Cargo, on the way encounter some enemies, can just run over them.

Inside Aristocrat Cargo will be forcing to fight with two enemies here, their
attack range were further then normal enemies, and straight, run in curve to
evade their attacks, don't try to hit combo unless you have group them and hit
them together with your Iron Pipe, if they come separate, hit once and run.

After beating the enemies, examine the clock here to trigger a scene. Next,
just take the paper beside the dead goat to end this chapter.


 - August, 1930 -
 < Mermaid Princess >

Begins in the room with save and Items Bin, beside the save point can find
a Shortbread. Leave here to outside, turn left from the junction to see the
girl in front of the door to Altar. Now head out to the stair, while going down
will see the girls chatting, later go talk to them. After they leave, pick up
the Fish Shell and order Brown to find it. In Sector 8 M.Passage can find

Eventually Brown leads you to the bottom area to get Fish Head, beside got a
Meat Knife. Now call Brown to find Fish Head and follow, you can find a
Lollipop in Sector 1 M.Passage (Maintenance Passage), Stern Observation Room
has Candy, save point and Items Bin.

Lastly, Brown would bring you to Central A Block, take the Human's Foot Shape
there, then let Brown find it will leads you to Central Cargo. On the way to
there, a lot of enemies will jump down at the bridge to central area, better
run faster. Come to the door with Mermaid paper which is Central Cargo, check
it twice to enter. Inside has boss fight. 

Brown could not helps for this battle because the boss always in the air. When
the boss comes down, try don't hit her in front, otherwise she can probably
counterattack, but if you can hit her just right before she does the attack,
her counterattack will be block. The boss will either attack with her own
hands or vomit some poison liquid, don't step on the liquid before it's
disappear. Quite a bore battle because of the boss always goes away after
getting hits, just repeat to attack when she comes down until defeat her.

After ending the battle, watch some scenes, then examine the aquarium to end
this chapter.


 - June, 1930 -
 < The Gingerbread House >

Before start, leave the Altar for some events.

Appear in the garden, go forward will see a man around the path, just follow
the man there you will get to a house. A save point can be found in front of
the entrance. Before enter, go right side for a Scoop weapon, left side for the
map of Okashi's house, which is here. Go in the house and check to door in
front to see some illusions. After, search the inner door to go Under Ground,
then check the door at the bottom for some events.

Now you been locked in the room in Under Ground and you can't get out here. All
you need to do is check on the cabinet in the corner few times until the
Teddybear on top of the cabinet fall down. Take the Teddybear and wait for
awhile, you can see a girl from outside will comes and unlock the door for you.

Back up to Ground Floor, follow the girl all the way. Eventaully will come back
to the beginning area of the chapter. Make sure don't run to other places while
coming back here. Lastly, give the Teddybear to the girl who helps you, watch


 - October, 1930 -
 < Rag Princess Sews >

Begin in the Altar, just go ouside to start this chapter.

In Aristocrats Society, Brown back with you. Now head to Sector 8 M.Passage,
take the Rag Princess note left in front the gate. then open the gate to enter.
Get close to the girl inside, looks like sewing a cloth. After the scene, leave
here will trigger another scene.

Now go to the Sick Room in Aristocrats Society, talk to the injured girl
inside, then return to the sewing girl in Sector 8 M.Passage. But now the girl
has gone, another girl sitting at the sewing-machine. Talk to her, then open
the box in front of her. Something drops down from the box, check it will get
Bear's Tail.

Leave the sewing-machine section, enter the second left door which is 3rd
Engine Road. Continue to next area is Sector 7 Cargo Bay, after some events,
go around left area can find a Glass Case Key, which can open the glass case in
the sewing-machine section, there is Amanda Daily inside.

Now move on to Sector 6 Lift, check the lift, electric power will breakdown.
Just head back to East all the way to check the generator. Reach to Sector 9
Turbine Area will encounter a new enemy, it's fat pig, will knock you down when
it's running, even can knock down Brown as well. Make sure to dodge whenever
it's running to you, attack after dodging it.

After killing the pig enemy, go next room which is Sector 10 Crew Cabin, you
will face much more pig enemies here, but no need to worry much, just run pass
them. Take the right passage to Sector 11 M.Passage. Next, enter to first left
door to Generator Room, notice there's some problem with the first generator.
Inner door to a save point and Item Bin.

Because of a door in Kitchen has been locked, so you have to go through Smoking
Room, 3rd Passager Corridor and Passenger Hallway 2 to Sector 12 M.Passage.
Make sure enter the second door in Passenger Hallway 2, also some enemies are
around. In Sector 12 M.Passage, enter to Pantry from East, that's mean use the
at the other side, also beware of the fat pig enemies here. Inside Pantry can
find the Generator Reiver, take it. Return to Generator Room at Sector 11
M.Passage, use the Generator Reiver to the first generator will restore the

Now all enemies at outside were gone. Return to Sector 6 Lift, take to lift to
Upper Deck and climb up the ladder will trigger a scene. After that, back to
Middle Deck which is Central Stairways, follow the boy there to West, before
that, you can find a save point and Item Bin.

In Central B Block, go to the junction in front will have a battle with three
enemies, you must kill all of them before you can go. The battle is in a small
area, you can't run further since they are blocking other ways, you will get
hit easily. Better you keep hit and run before defeat anyone of them to dodge
their attacks, or you can run around to lure them stay together then hit them
all together if possible. Repeat the steps until anyone of them die, you won't
get trouble anymore because you still have Brown's help.

Continue to Central C Block through Southern bridge, turn left to the central
will have a battle again, this time with four enemies, some of them with
weapon. Just do the same tactic as previous battle you shouldn't have any
problems. After the battle, just follow the way to Central D Block. Reach to
the central junction for another battle, this time got five enemies, one of
them is the fat pig which can knock you and Brown down, pay attention to its
move, finish off the pig first if possible, also always run around after one or
two hits just like previous battle. Beside, you can get a Kitchen Knife here.

Lastly come to Sector 13 Lift, back down to Lower Deck, then head to
Aristocrats Society, you can also let Brown find the Bear's Tail that you get
from early of the chapter.

Reach to Aristocrats Society, pick up the Teddy Bear on the floor, then put it
into the box at door to Altar, enter the Altar to watch the ending scene of the


 - November, 1930 -
 < The Funeral >

Begin, call Brown few times to help untied yourself. Before leave, take the
Red Crayon on the floor, save point and Item Bin also here. Now let Brown find
the Red Crayon will leads you to the Hall for some scenes, then Underground
Warehouse for the Rule Of Aristocrats, just take it.

Before leave the Under Ground, search inside the Western most Warehouse can
a new weapon, Mr. Kigori's Axe, this could be useful for next battle. Now back
to Ground Floor and go to Headmaster Room around East, talk to headmaster.

Return to where you back from Under Ground, follow the stair up to First Floor.
Enter the Gaming Room just beside the staircase, talk to the boy inside. Before
leave, you can find Mince Pie, Lollipop and Sparerib/Meat (healing item for
Brown). Outside room throw by crumpled paper, just check the crumpled paper.

At this point, you can explore this building to find the girls around, speak
with whoever you see for some events, you will get more crumpled papers. That
are more than one way to get to your current objective. Below is one of the
ways to get your next objective, you can actually find other ways as long as
you get enough crumpled papers in the building.

Same in First Floor, head to Sewing Room at West, talk to the girl inside.
Ouside throw by crumpled paper, check it up. Next, go to Library at North-West,
speak with the girls inside. When leaving, throw by crumpled paper, check the
crumpled paper also. Now go North to Balcony and talk to the girl there. Return
to previous area move to South will throw by crumpled paper in front of the
Treatment Room, check the paper. Enter Treatment room and talk to the girl
inside then leave. Head to South Bedroom Section, talk to the girl there, throw
by crumpled paper, check it also.

After that, back down to Ground Floor from Hall area, someone will push you at
the stair. Now go around the central and check the crumpled paper on the floor,
suddenly turns to night time, see some events.

Now lot of enemies spawn, but no need to kill them all, all you need to do is
kill two of each goat, mouse and pig enemies to unlock the door to Central
Courtyard. In North-West of Ground Floor can find a mouse enemy. To First Floor
Bedroom Section, one mouse enemy and lot of rabbit enemies, you can just kill
the mouse to unlock the door, the mouse will drops Mr. Kigori's Axe. Next, move
on to West, kill the pig enemy in Sewing Room. Then go North-West to Library,
kill a goat enemy inside. After, back down to Hall, defeat one goat and pig

Lastly unlock all seals, now move on to Central Courtyard. Left corner of
courtyard get Animal's Bone, go to right front and take The Funeral note. After
that, Brown and all enemies were gone. Now go upper floor to Attic, enter left
door, then go into Altar at East side for ending chapter scene.


 - December, 1930 -
 < Stray Dog And The Lying Princess >

First take the Stray Dog And The Lying Princess note on the bed, take also the
Lollipop on the cupboard if you want. Before leave the room, you can also save
your game and manage your inventory with the Item Bin.

Go outside to Hall, speak with the girls there, then down to bottom and enter
to the door beside the girl, you will be pushing into Classroom. Speak with
the girls in front then the girls in another corner, you can also find a
Lollipop on the table. After the scene, return to Hall and go around the main
entrance for boss battle.

This boss is more stronger, without Brown helps in the beginning, run around
to dodge him all the time. You can wait him in a distance, once he comes to
you, run away to evade his attack, then hit him once or twice, for safety just
hit once then run, he will probably counterattack. Since his turning speed is
slow, you can also run around him in a circle, once he done an attack, hit him
again, for safety, better hit him from his side. Halfway battle, Brown will
back for helps.

After defeating the boss, exit from the main entrance. You will be given
Gregory's Gun during the scene. Now the boss that you fought just now will
come back again, if you kill him again will straightaway get BAD ENDING, it's
really bad, not much different with game over. If you don't want this ending,
don't kill the boss, run around to avoid his attack, pay attention when he goes
kneel and say "I'm sorry...", now get close to him and USE the Gregory's Gun
that you get just now, remember it is NOT EQUIP the gun. If you do so, you will
be bought to a special chapter.


 - January, 1930 -
 < One Once Upon A Time >

This chapter is completely different, recommend save your file in the different
slot, and this chapter has no enemy.

Take the Once Upon A Time note on the bed, Item Bin also in the room. Inside
Ground Floor Meeting Room, check the record player can listen the Record
that you have collected. Under Ground Warehouses, through the projector can
watch back scenes of the Films that you have collected. More details of Record
and Film, see the 'Film Can' and 'Record' under "Find List" section.

Western Warehouse where you got Mr. Kigori's Axe can find October Ticket, it's
at the leftern side, you have to cross in the cases and table to take it. Keep
this ticket to end the game only you can have the Octopus costume in the next

After all, leave this building. Outside will see a girl. Exit from the gate and
follow the path back to where you come in the beginning of the game. Next area,
move to left path and enter the cabin there. Examine the puppy inside, then
check the thing like save point in the left corner to end the game.

Now you have beaten the game with GOOD ENDING. You can save a new game file
with Four Clovers Key, with the key you can open the Four Clovers door at the
Guest/Passenger Hall, inside that room can find extra costumes.

 .================ ____________________________________________________________
=|   Find List   []------------------------------------------------------------
 '================                                                       [fdlt]

After you have saved the dog, Brown, you can order it to find something. If the
around your current area got the matching items, Brown will leads you there.
From the items that you call Brown to find, you can get other items or rare
accessories in certain locations. If the things that you call Brown to find is
the key item of the story, it probably will leads you to your next destination.

To find anything that you have, first choose the item from your inventory and
select "Find", then press "Triangle" button to call Brown start finding.
Sometimes Brown might search the same objects that you order to find.


 < Item/Accessory >

Below are the item/accessory list, sort by name. * mark as 'Rare Find' item or
accessory (not includes key items):

|  Item/Accessory  |   Find Target                                      |
| - Beckon         | - Film Can 8/14                                    |
| - Bee Jade       | - Shortbread, Sock, White Chocolate                |
| - Biscuit        | - Beckon, Ribbon, Spoiled Robot.                   |
| - Candy          | - Bee Jade, *Coin King, *Perfume [Spring].         |
| - Chocolate      | - Spoiled Robot, Film Can 8/14.                    |
| - Clip           | - Candy, Bee Jade, Sparerib/Meat.                  |
| - Coin King      | - *Coin Queen.                                     |
| - Gun/Magnum     | - Bullet.                                          |
| - Knife Baron    | - *Knife Viscount.                                 |
| - Knife Viscount | - *Knife Baron.                                    |
| - Mince Pie      | - Ribbon.                                          |
| - Ribbon         | - Sock, Chocolate.                                 |
| - Scone          | - Clip, Record Aries.                              |
| - Shortbread     | - Sock, *Knife Duke.                               |
| - Snack Case     | - Biscuit.                                         |
| - Sock           | - Scone, Clip.                                     |
| - Spoiled Robot  | - Mince Pie.                                       |


 < Rare Find >

Some things that only can be found in the appointed chapter, after that you
can't search it anymore.

Below are the Rare Find list, sort by name.

|   Item/Accessory   |   How to get                    |   Chapter         |
| - Coin King        | - Find Candy                    | Rag Princess Sews |
| - Coin Queen       | - Find Coin King                | Rag Princess Sews |
| - Knife Baron      | - Kill enemy with golden knife  | Sir Peter         |
| - Knife Duke       | - Kill enemy with golden knife  | Rag Princess Sews |
| - Knife Marquis    | - Kill enemy with golden knife  | Mermaid Princess  |
| - Knife Earl       | - Kill enemy with golden knife  | The Goat Sister   |
| - Knife Viscount   | - Kill enemy with golden knife  | Bird Of Happiness |
| - Perfume [Autumn] | - Find Perfume [Summer]         | Sir Peter         |
| - Perfume [Spring] | - Find Candy                    | Sir Peter         |
| - Perfume [Summer] | - Find Perfume [Spring]         | Sir Peter         |
| - Perfume [Winter] | - Find Perfume [Autumn]         | Rag Princess Sews |


 < Film Can >

If you get to the chapter of 'One Once Upon A Time', you can find a projector
in one of the Under Ground Warehouse, with these Film Cans, you can view back
the scenes in the game. Same as Record, the Film Cans can only be found in
certain chapter, make sure search it in the chapter if you don't want to miss

Begin to collect all films, first you must have Film Can 8/14 which can find
from items Chocolate or Beckon, in chapter of The Unlucky Clover Field.
With Film Can 8/14 only you can find the other film and so on.

Below are Film Can list, sort by name.

|     Film Can       |     Find Target    |    Chapter               |
| - Film Can 1/14    | - Film Can 2/14    | The Goat Sister          |
| - Film Can 2/14    | - Film Can 3/14    | Mermaid Princess         |
| - Film Can 3/14    | - Film Can 6/14    | Mermaid Princess         |
| - Film Can 4/14    | - Film Can 5/14    | The Unlucky Clover Field |
| - Film Can 5/14    | - Film Can 1/14    | The Goat Sister          |
| - Film Can 6/14    | - Film Can 13/14   | Mermaid Princess         |
| - Film Can 7/14    | - Film Can 11/14   | The Funeral              |
| - Film Can 8/14    | - Film Can 9/14    | The Unlucky Clover Field |
| - Film Can 9/14    | - Film Can 10/14   | The Unlucky Clover Field |
| - Film Can 10/14   | - Film Can 4/14    | The Unlucky Clover Field |
| - Film Can 11/14   | - Film Can 12/14   | The Funeral              |
| - Film Can 13/14   | - Film Can 14/14   | Rag Princess Sews        |
| - Film Can 14/14   | - Film Can 7/14    | The Funeral              |

Below is the Film Can list under chapter, is to make sure the total Film Can in
each chapter easily.

= The Unlucky Clover Field  # total Film Can: 5
  - Film Can 8/14
  - Film Can 9/14
  - Film Can 10/14
  - Film Can 4/14
  - Film Can 5/14

= The Goat Sister # total Film Can: 2
  - Film Can 1/14
  - Film Can 2/14

= Mermaid Princess # total Film Can: 3
  - Film Can 3/14
  - Film Can 6/14
  - Film Can 13/14

= Rag Princess Sews # total Film Can: 1
  - Film Can 14/14

= The Funeral # total Film Can: 3
  - Film Can 7/14
  - Film Can 11/14
  - Film Can 12/14


 < Record >

If you get to the chapter of 'One Once Upon A Time', go to the Meeting Room
at the Ground Floor and you can find a Recorder there, with these Records, you
can listen back to the BGM in the game. Same as Film Can, the Record can only
be found in certain chapter, make sure search it in the chapter if you don't
want to miss anyone.

Begin to collect all Records, first you must have Record Aries which can find
from item Scone, in chapter of Sir Peter. With Record Aries only you can find
the other Record and so on.

Below are Record List, sort by type.

|       Record         |   Find Target         |   Chapter          |
| - Record Aquarius    | - Record Pisces       | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Aries       | - Record Taurus       | The Goat Sister    |
| - Record Cancer      | - Record Leo          | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Capricorn   | - Record Aquarius     | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Gemini      | - Record Cancer       | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Leo         | - Record Virgo        | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Libra       | - Record Scopion      | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Pisces      | - Record Sunday       | The Funeral        |
| - Record Sagittarius | - Record Capricorn    | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Scopion     | - Record Sagittarius  | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Taurus      | - Record Gemini       | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Virgo       | - Record Libra        | Rag Princess Sews  |
| - Record Sunday      | - Record Monday       | The Funeral        |
| - Record Monday      | - Record Tuesday      | The Funeral        |
| - Record Tuesday     | - Record Wednesday    | The Funeral        |
| - Record Wednesday   | - Record Thursday     | The Funeral        |
| - Record Thursday    | - Record Friday       | The Funeral        |
| - Record Friday      | - Record Saturday     | The Funeral        |

Below is the Film Can list under chapter, is to make sure the total Film Can in
each chapter easily.

= Sir Peter # total Record: 1
  - Record Aries

= The Goat Sister # total Record: 1
  - Record Taurus

= Rag Princess Sews # total Record: 10
  - Record Gemini
  - Record Cancer
  - Record Leo
  - Record Virgo
  - Record Libra
  - Record Scopion
  - Record Sagittarius
  - Record Capricon
  - Record Aquarius
  - Record Pisces

= The Funeral # total Record: 7
  - Record Sunday
  - Record Monday
  - Record Tuesday
  - Record Wednesday
  - Record Thursday
  - Record Friday
  - Record Saturday


 < Exchange >

In the Aristocrats Society, you can exchange the items or accesories that you
have with other things. Beside, you can even unlock some secrets in the game.
Just put in the items/accssories into the box at the door to Altar.

Below are the list.

|     Reward         |    Require                                |
| - Animal's Bone    | - Sparerib/Meat                           |
| - Mince Pie        | - Ribbon x4                               |
|                    | - Spoiled Robot x3                        |
| - Shortbread       | - Bee Jade x12                            |
|                    | - Clip x8                                 |
| - White Chocolate  | - Sock x6                                 |
| - Justice Club     | - Coin King, Coin Queen                   |
| - Bronze Sword     | - Knife Baron, Knife Duke, Knife Marquis, |
|                    |   Knife Ur, Knife Viscount                |
| - Knight Sword     | - Bronze Sword (after using)              |
| - Secret Room Key  | - Perfume [Spring], Perfume [Summer],     |
|                    | - Perfume [Autumn], Perfume [Winter]      |

** Secret Room **
The Secret Room is located at the left area of Aristocrats Society. You can get
Secret Room Key by exchanging all four different Perfume. Inside this room can
find Gun/Magnum.

 .================== __________________________________________________________
=|   Weapon List   []----------------------------------------------------------
 '==================                                                     [wplt]

(sort according chapter)

- Dessert Fork
  - the first weapon you get, short attack range and deals weak damage.
  - Chapter  : The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Passenger Hall, impossible will miss.

- Fruit Knife
  - short attack range and deals weak damage.
  - Chapter  : The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Cafeteria, in the counter.

- Kitchen Knife
  - same as Fruit Knife but slightly powerful.
  - Chapter  : Sir Peter (also in Rag Princess Sews)
  - Location : Sector 10 Crew Cabin, on the table at central.

- Iron Pipe
  - long attack range, deals medium damage but attack speed is low.
  - Chapter  : Sir Peter
  - Location : Sector 8 M.Passage, inside the Cargo Bay at the central.

- Prisoner Ice Pick
  - short attack range, deals medium damage with higher speed attack.
  - Chapter  : The Goat Sister
  - Location : Freezing Room

- Meat Knife
  - same as Prisoner Ice Pick but slightly powerful.
  - Chapter  : Mermaid Princess (also in The Funeral)
  - Location : Bottom of Sector 2 M.Passage, beside the Fish Head key item.

- Scoop
  - long attack range, slightly stronger than Iron Pipe.
  - Chapter  : The Gingerbread House
  - Location : Outside the house, at the right area garden.

- Justice Club
  - medium attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Rag Princess Sews
  - Location : Aristocrats Society, exchange with Coin King and Coin Queen to
               the box at Altar door.

- Bronze Sword
  - long attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Rag Princess Sews
  - Location : Aristocrats Society, exchange with Knife Baron, Knife Duke,
               Knife Marquis, Knife Earl and Knife Viscount to the box at Altar

- Knight Sword
  - long attack range, other than gun, it deals the largest damage.
  - Chapter  : Rag Princess Sews
  - Location : Aristocrats Society, after using the Bronze Sword, exchange it
               to the box at Altar door to get this weapon.

- Gun/Magnum
  - the most powerful weapon, but only can shoot once before you reload.
  - Chapter  : Rag Princess Sews
  - Location : Aristocrats Society, in the Secret Room at left side. Exchange
               with all four different Perfume to the box at Altar door for
               Secret Room Key.

- Mr. Kigori's Axe
  - same as Scoop but slightly powerful.
  - Chapter  : The Funeral
  - Location : Under Ground, inside right side Warehouse from the stair. Also
               can get after beating the mouse enemy in Bedroom Section.

- Gregory's Gun
  - the last weapon in the story, considering a key item to get the ending.
  - Chapter  : Stray Dog And The Lying Princess
  - Location : Outside Entrance, impossible will miss.

- Insta-Kill Frozen Tuna
  - long attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Second round, The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Four Clovers Room, must get Good Ending for the first round only
               can get the Four Clovers Key to unlock this room. Change to
               Octopus costume will get this weapon.

- Insta-Kill Needle
  - long attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Second round, The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Four Clovers Room, must get Good Ending for the first round only
               can get the Four Clovers Key to unlock this room. Change to
               Nurse costume will get this weapon.

- Insta-Kill Racket
  - long attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Second round, The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Four Clovers Room, must get Good Ending for the first round only
               can get the Four Clovers Key to unlock this room. Change to
               Tennis Shirt costume will get this weapon.

- Insta-Kill Umbrella
  - long attack range and deals large damage.
  - Chapter  : Second round, The Unlucky Clover Field
  - Location : Four Clovers Room, must get Good Ending for the first round only
               can get the Four Clovers Key to unlock this room. Change to
               Gothic Lotila costume will get this weapon.

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- ShenDeYiYuan
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- ZhiMu
  most of the Find List infomations.

- grayson das
  inform the actual name of Gothic Lotila extra costume.

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