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Mission Walkthrough by Wes Ide

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/06

XBox 360 FFXI Achievements List
Written by Jason L. Hubsch (a.k.a. Wes Ide)
August 7, 2006
Version 1.0

Table of Contents:

1) Copyright Information
2) Distribution Notice
3) Contact Information
4) Introduction
5) Version History
6) Aht Urghan Mission Guide

7) Credits
8) Closing


1) Copyright Information:
(c) 2006 WSP Entertainment.  All rights reserved. No part of this Guide 
may be used or reproduced in any form or by any electronic or 
mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, 
without permission in written form from the author.

2) Distribution Notice:
Please do not post this on your own website.  You may link to it via 
GameFAQs, but posting it on your own website is a violation of the 
copyright herein established.

3) Contact Information:
Email: Jhubsch@gmail.com
AIM: FullSailDM

4) Introduction:
Following Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia comes The
Treasures of Aht Urghan, a new expansion pack for FFXI from Square
Enix.  Released in April, its story and content expands via
episodic content released from Square Enix.
The first portion of Aht Urghan took us up to Mission 8.
With the newest update, Aht Urghan's storyline continues, up
to Mission 18.

5) Version History
1.0 - This is the introductory version.  Feel free to send in ideas.

6) FFXI Aht Urgan Mission Guide

Mission 1: Land of Sacred Serpents

Mission Orders: A land of new adventures lies to the east of 
Mindartia. What splendors and terrors await the curious...?

Starting NPC: Faursel, Lower Jeuno (J-7)

Notice: You may collect the necessary items for this quest, 
before visiting the NPC.

You need to visit Faursel in Lower Jeuno at the Tenshodo HQ. 
You may need to talk to him several times. He will ask you a 
question, and you will have what appears to be two options. 
If you click down twice, there is a third option with no name
that you need to select. After some chat, he will ask another
question of you and attempt the same trick again, so you will
need to select the third option with no name.

He wants you to bring him items... and he gives you a list to
pick from. There are Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner
options. You are allowed to do whichever you want, and there
are five possibilities in all. He also allows you to buy your
way out for a price of 500,000G.

#1: Coffer Key from Davoi, Beadeaux, Castle Oztroja, 
Temple of Uggalepih, Den of Rancor, Quicksand Caves, 
ir Sea Serpent Grotto. Pick only one of these, 
any of them will work. (Advanced)

#2: Testimony used to fight Maat for the level cap quest. 
Any job will work, and you only need one. (Advanced)

#3: Each of the three chips from Pso'Xja. 
You need all three of them. (Advanced)

#4: Jade Cryptex, Silver Engraving, and 
Thirteen-knot Quipus garrison items. 
You need all three of them. (Intermediate)

#5: Damselfly Worm, Magicked Skull, Crab Apron, 
Wild Rabbit Tail, Dhalmel Saliva, and Bloody Robe.
These are the subjob quest items, 
and you will need all six. (Beginner)

No matter which you do, he will promise you your reward
on the next Vana'diel day after you trade him the items. 
You can come back after midnight Vana'diel and claim 
your "Boarding Permit" which allows you to board the 
Al Zahbi Ferry from Mhaura. You will need to zone out 
once between the time you trade your items in, 
and receive your reward. Logging out will not work.

With the "Boarding Permit," you may now reach 
Aht Urhgan from Mhaura's Ferry.

Mission 2: Immortal Sentries

Mission Orders: Deliver a package to one of the 
Immortals found at the staging points and 
Naja will consider you for a mercenary contract.

Starting NPC: Naja Salaheem, Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)

There are a total of five staging points. I will 
explain the easiest path to take to complete this mission, 
leading to the Halvung staging point. 
If you have not already, please purchase maps 
from the local Map Vendor NPC.

Talk to Naja Salaheem and recieve your Supplies Package. 
You will then need to zone into Al Zahbi, 
and walk out of town into Bhaflau Thickets. 
You will be starting outside at J-9. 
You will find a path guarded by trolls at F-9, 
and can enter Halvung from there. Once inside Halvung, 
you should cast Escape. This will place you in 
Mount Zhayolm at some point near L-6. 
You can then walk west into a cave which leads to K-7, 
then turn north and walk to K-6.

You will find a Heavy Iron Gate. 
These gates are the entrance to staging points. 
From here, walk inside the gate and speak to the 
NPC at the tent. Show him the supplies, and you'll be done. 
I recommend using the Runic Portal from here 
to return to town, so that you will 
have fast access to the area later.

From here, return to Naja Salaheem for a final cutscene.

Mission 3: President Salaheem
Mission Orders: You have become an employee of Salaheem's Sentinals. 
Becoming a mercenary is not quite what you expected...

Starting NPC: Naja Salaheem, Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)

Naja Salaheem will explain Assault, Mog Lockers, etc. 
and then order you to visit the Commisions Agency at K-9 for 
further information. Congratulations I guess... you've become 
an official mercenary of Salaheem's Sentinals. 
This grants you access to Assault, Sanction, Mog Lockets, 
Runic Portals, and such. You are now ranked 
and recognized as a Private Second Class.

You need to go to K-9 and enter the Commisions Agency. S
peak to Rytaal at the counter, and he will explain 
everything you need to know along with some cutscenes. 
Technically, this is the only thing required at this point. 
You now have access to Assault, and Naja Salaheem asks that 
you go out and do Assault Missions... 
but it is not required to continue with future Aht Urhgan Missions.

Notice: Assault and Aht Urhgan are 
listed seperately on your mission list.

From this point, you must wait until 12:00AM Japanese Standard Time 
(11:00AM EST) to start your next mission.

Mission 4: Knight of Gold
Mission Orders: Bring Raillefal back to Salaheem's 
Sentinels and help teach him the proper attitude for a mercenary.

Starting NPC: Naja Salaheem, Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)

You must speak to Naja Salaheem for a cutscene. During this, 
you will be introduced to Raillefal. After some conversation, 
Raillefal leaves the room. Naja Salaheem is furious, 
and sends you after him to keep watch.

Your must go speak to Cacaroon at G-11 in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. 
He will say he has information about this person, 
and will help you for a small fee. He wil accept either 
Imperial curency or 1000 gil. Trade him the Imperial currency
if you want, or the 1000 gil, and a cutscene will follow with 

You will find your next cutscene with Raillefal by entering 
the Walahra Temple at J-8. The cutscene is automatic. 
After this, you will find your final cutscene at the 
Shararat Teahouse at K-12. This cutscene is also automatic.

The true identity of Raillefal will be revealed, in case 
it wasnt already obvious to you, and you will be given 
your next mission by Raillefal himself.

Mission 5: Confessions of Royalty
Mission Orders: Deliver Raillefal's letter to Halver 
in the Chateau d'Oraguille.

Starting NPC: Raillefal, Aht Urhgan Whitegate (K-12)

Raillefal will have given you a letter. You must go to 
San d'Oria and visit Halver inside Chateau d'Oraguille. 
Show him the letter for a cutscene, and you will be done.

Mission 6: Easterly Winds
Mission Orders: An international summit is to be held in Jeuno. 
You have been called upon to speak of what 
you have witnessed in the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

Starting NPC: Halver, Chateau d'Oraguille (I-9)

From this point, you must wait until 12:00AM J
apanese Standard Time (11:00AM EST) to continue with the mission.

You must go to Jeuno. Visit the Palace inside Ru'Lude Gardens, 
and you will get an automatic cutscene when you walk up to it. 
There is a rather long cutscene, followed by a reward. 
You will be given your next mission here.

Mission 7: Westerly Winds
Mission Orders: You have been assigned the task of 
infiltrating the inner political circle of the Empire 
as an agent of the allied forces. Report to Raillefal.

Starting NPC: Prince Pieuje, Ru'Lude Gardens (H-7)

You need to visit the Shararat Teahouse at K-12 for a cutscene 
with Gosshu and Prince Trion. This cutscene is automatic 
upon walking into the area. You will be given a small reward.

Following this, you must report back to Naja Salaheem. 
She will be angry at first, but quickly calms down and 
praises you for your efforts. She will also give you a small 
reward and end your mission.

Mission 8: A Mercenary Life
Mission Orders: President Naja is all fired up and eager to see 
you complete as many missions as you can...

Starting NPC: Naja Salaheem, Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)

Talk to Naja Salaheem, and she will send you off demanding 
you get to work.

Go do some Assault missions.

Mission 9: Undersea Scouting

First thing to do, talk to Naja to get this mission activated


IMPORTANT! - bring with you 1 Imp Silver Piece

Jump on a chocobo in Al Zhabi and head on up to 
Bhaflau Thickets (via Wajaoum Woodlands) then go to the 
North West of the map and you should see an Immortal 
(the guys in BLU AF) standing guard over a cave. 
Trade the Imp Silver Piece to the guard and they will 
let you pass and enter Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. 
Once inside head on through the corridor until you 
come to a door... Cut Scene! Things are getting interesting, eh?

NOTE: You can also trade 3 Mythril Pieces to the NPC for 
a map of Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

Mission 10: Astral Waves

After the cut scene head on over to Naja back at 
the Sentinals HQ and prepare yourself for a long CS, 
but also building on suspense.

Mission 11: Imperial Schemes

Wait until next game day.

After 00:00 has passed talk to Naja again

Mission 12: Royal Puppeteer

(More cut scenes)

At this point head out to Bhaflau Thickets from 
Al Zahbi and start killin malboro type mobs (Ametrats). 
What you are looking for is a Rare/Ex item called "Jody's Acid."
Now, I know the NPC will say it drops in Wajaoum Woodlands
too but trust me on this, the drop rate in Bhaflau is 
much MUCH higher. Be advised these mobs are EP to a level 75 
and they hit quite fast, they can also use Bad Breath and 
a whole host of other nasty things so solo them at your own risk. 
Best to go in 2's or 3's.

Once you have "Jody's Acid" jump on the ship and head to Nashmau.

Mission 13: Lost Kingdom

Once in Nashmau head to the area of the Nomad Moogle, 
downstairs from the moogle under the arch is an NPC called 
Pyopyoroon. Speak to him and you will get a cut scene. 
Pyopyoroon will ask for an item. I will give you 1 guess as 
to what the item is... yup "Jody's Acid." 
Now aren't you glad I told you to get that earlier, 
before you got on the ship?

Pyopyoroon will give you a Key Item once you trade him the Acid.

From Pyopyoroon head to the West exit into Caedavre Mire. 
Basically all you are going to do is follow the track round 
until you get to the grave yard (Careful of imps and undead... 
DON'T go through the grave yard just follow the outside of it).
 On the East side of the grave yard is a targetable point on 
a tomb, clicking this will force a CS.

Watch the cutscene then check the tomb again.

NM fight!

This NM is fairly straight forward, easily duo'd or trio'd 
with a NIN & Mage I think a SMN can solo it too it 
would just take time. Nothing too remarkable about the NM moves... 
AoE Drown, AoE TP Remove, also uses weapon skills like 
Savage Blade but they renamed it 
(it does look the same and takes 2 shadows not one)

Once the NM is down check the tomb again for another CS.

Mission 14: The Dolphin crest

After the cut scene go back to Naja again for another CS

Mission 15: The Black Coffin
The mission is going to be a BCNM so get ready with 
a full party.

First go to Dvucca Isle Staging Point. If you dont know 
how to get there then look it up; I don't have the time 
or willpower to make maps and stuff to guide you to this point.

From Dvucca Isle Staging Point head directly West 
(for the love of God do not forget Sneak & Invis) 
to the zone into Arrapago Reef. From there follow the 
tunnel down and stop when you get to the opening. 
If you now look to your Right Hand Side you will see 
a little boat... thats our destination! Run over to 
the little Sloop and then... CUTSCENE!

Relax! It's just a Cut Scene at the end of it you get 
spat out right where it began so don't worry, it's not the 
BCNM until you click on the point called "Cutter" that the 
BC starts and your whole party is warped to a battlefield 
at once.

Now, the BC itself...

At first you have 5 mobs in front of you, and you have 
to kill them all!

You will notice behind you there are some stairs. What 
one brave soul is gonna do is kite the mobs up and down 
the stairs in a big loop... its really easy. The mobs only 
hit for 30 damage and that's IF they hit. All you have to 
do now is have the tank pick them off one at a time and 
beat them up.

After the mobs are dead 5 more mobs appear and one of them 
is called "Black Coffin Captain" - just have your kiter keep 
the others running round and focus all your damage onto the 
Captain. When the Captain gets to 20% HP he gives up and you win.

Mission 16: Ghosts of the Past

After the Cut Scene you will be spat out in Nashmau. 
Head on back to Naja and we are just about done.

Mission 17: Guests of the empire

Ok When you talk to Naja you get another Cut Scene and 
you find out you are invited to the palace, the catch is;

1) No Weapons!
2) Dress Smart

If you Speak to Naja she will tell you if you look good 
enough to go to the palace so just keep trying different 
armour until she says its ok. Then head on over to the 
palace gates and have another cut scene... orz.

Mission 18: Passing Glory
Go talk to Naja once more, and then wait for more updates 
from SE to continue this cool storyline!


7) Credits

The above Mission walkthru comes from Killing Ifrit.
I recommend the following site in relation:

8) Closing
Good luck with your adventures in the kingdom of Aht Urghan!

My Personal Website 
Wes Ide's World

My LinkShell (Clan of Chaos)

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