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Boss FAQ by 7540

Updated: 10/29/06


---------BOSS FAQ---------------

I'm here to help you out with:



1. His first attack is a simple one where he slashes at you with his blade.
It is advisable to dash away as quickly as possible to prevent damage.

2. His second attack is a slice upwards from the floor where he teleports
through the ground and rises up, slashing anything near. 

3. His third attack is a deadly strike to the head, and this seems to be
his most powerful attack since it does most damage.


There is no pattern or style in defeating him, although you're gonna have to
study his attacks very closely. As I mentioned above, his third attack might
be his most powerful, but also leaves himself vulnerable to attack. When you 
see him raise his blade up in the air, cap him with Ebony & Ivory. He'll take
a heck of a beating at first and will go down for a few seconds, so get up 
close and slash him out with Rebellion. Don't continue shooting at him since it
hardly does damage. Instead, attacking him with Rebellion is the shortest 
and easiest way to kill him, but if you want a long and frustrating battle, 
feel free to use the shooting tactic.


1. His first and main attack is when he throws one of his heads into the air
and brings down a hailstorm of ice on you. Fortunately, this can be dodged 
very easily, even without the dashing.

2. He has another, but more brutal one, where he leaps out to chomp at you. 
This is incredibly difficult to dodge unless you have the Trickster style 
and the ability to jump very high, upon your descent, use Ebony & Ivory to
take out a part of his health.

3. He also has another, where he freezes the ground. If you get caught in it,
you will instantly freeze. Prepare to take a beating afterwards.

4. His fourth and final is a swipe with his paws. This can't do much damage
unless you're up close. He usually does this attack when he is losing, so that
is a good thing.


Cerberus has quite a variety of attacks but I think I've mentioned them above on
how to dodge them. He doesn't have any vulnerable points, since he is 
continuously attacking you. The only best weapon is Ebony & Ivory. Stand back
and cap while you have a chance. Using the Rebellion can be lethal but it also
does pretty much nothing because you'll have to blast open his ice head to
actually do damage. Bring him down on his feet then attack, but still, 
shooting is the best option and if you do this you'll find a pretty average fight
just like I did. You'll get the Cerberus weapon after the battle.


1. He has a deadly blast of lightning bolts that are difficult to dodge on 
an open ground, but luckily you'll be on his back most of the time.

2. This is his only deadly attack which is balls of electric shocks that could
knock you off its back. Dash around for a bit to lose them.


When you enter through the red door, stay there and wait for the Gigapede to
pass the nearest hole. Wait for him to emerge then jump on his back and slash.
You should have Cerberus by now, so use it to deal more damage. Move on to the
broken bridge and wait for him to emerge from the highest. You won't last very 
long on his back, but you'll move on to the next phase. Move to the last steps
to the higher tunnel and wait. He'll come through the one on your top left 
corner of the room. Jump on him, but don't worry of being knocked off. As soon
as he heads towards the first hole he'll make a dramatic U-turn. You should
have enough time to finish off the Gigapede. If not, try and try again.


1. He only has one primary attack where he opens portals that release these 
bouncing balls around the place. They are extremely difficult to dodge, so wait
until they dissappear then continue.


Jester is a freaky little dude, but has a very good pattern of attack. Use
Ebony & Ivory to start off with. He'll start dancing, which is a strange way of
dodging things. When he teleports, you will be capping him like hell! Get up
close then use Cerberus before he teleports again. He will then attack you 
with bouncing balls that deal a lot of damage if touched. He will do this a few
times but then it gets really tough dodging them since they move faster and in
a more thickened pace. Redo this strategy and you should defeat him. But if you
thought this was a challenge, then wait until you face Agni & Rudra. 


1. They're first attack is a slash and dash method they use very often. You 
know when this is going to happen when they return to there spots, then say
something like "Leave now, mortal!" which follows up with a dash then a slash.

2. They're second attacks is the normal sword play with a follow up of deadly,
continuous slashes. This is a freaking hard thing to dodge or even get out of
once you get caught in it.

3. They're last attacks are a jump in the air and slash down to the ground. You
can fortell this pretty easily, but won't have enough time to dodge.


1. All of the attacks are pretty much the same, except that there is two swords
instead of one, so prepare to get your ass handed to you.


They both have different health bars and is a pain to do damage. Prepare your
self with Vital Stars and a Blue Orb. You're definitly gonna need it. Equip 
yourself with Cerberus too, since that's Agni's main weakness. The Rebellion 
works fairly well, but doesn't quite catch up. The first thing to do is slash
at them before they attack which is common knowledge to all DMC fans. Always
be fixed on both of them since there is a surprise at the end. When you've 
wasted one, the other will go back to his guard and call upon his brothers
sword for double inferno. Prepare to get kicked like a bucket. 


You must stand guard and make sure that he gets nowhere near his guard tower.
This means laying a flipping hard beating on the remaining brother. Use the
Cerberus to lay more damage. 


This is the toughest part of the battle. He blocks almost the whole way and 
if you flunk, you die. You should reconsider changing to Royal Guard for this
one. Trickster will get you nowhere and jumping around isn't the best option,
Swordmaster is perfect, but think about it, will you be using your sword when he
keeps on blocking it? Gunslinger is also effective, but doesn't do any serious
damage. Keep guard, pull back then attack. Keep that phase in mind.


1. His main attack is moving around with teleportation. Before he usually does
this, a black line appears on his body. He'll attack from behind, so be on your

2. He has a samurai sword which basically does what your sword does, only deals
more damage so that is another thing to worry about.

3. He throws porjectile swords at you that deals almost full damage if not dodged 
correctly. You'll be happy to know that he rarely does this.


Vergil is another story, and he shares many things in common with you, since him
being Dante's brother. He has quite a shallow way of attacking you and his 
tactics are pretty poorly executed. But what you need to do watch out for is his
samurai sword and projectile swords. When he teleports, you'll know he'll be
popping up somewhere around you. Target him when he does and keep target. Jump
when you see him teleport then use Ebony & Ivory when coming down. Agni & Rudra
also make quick work of him if you time his attacks correctly. Always attack
with Agni & Rudra whenever you break his guard. Before you know it, you have
finished him off.



1. His first attack is when his centre heart leaps out, he will open his mouth
and throw up blue cyclinders that, if touched, will deal a great amount of 
damage. Thankfully, the cylinders will be moving slow and you just have to dash
to avoid.

2. The heart's second attack is when he spawn's demons to make things harder. 
These demons aren't even a threat and are very easy to beat.

3. The third attack is when the centre heart shoots a laser beam out of it's
mouth. It's a simple matter of jumping to dodge this one.


You need to focus on the middle heart for this one. There is three, but only one
does sufficient damage. The side hearts are nothing threatening for now. 
You can't immediately attack the centre heart. He has a plate of armour over his
head. Wait until he opens his (deformed) mouth and then target and slash. Don't
use Agni & Rudra for this one, because it has no weakness of ice and fire, but
feel free to use it if you want a long battle. However, equip yourself with 
Level 2 Rebellion as you will need it to deal more damage. Every now and then
the centre heart will rear it's (deformed) mouth to attack. Always attack when
he does this. Try to forget about the demons for now. There is something 
else you need to know. Everytime the centre heart pulls back it will revive it's
other hearts (if you've damaged them). Kill the centre then the other two 
hearts will be vulnerable to attack. 

---------NEVAN---------- DIFFICULTY: HARD


1. Her first is when she says "How's This?!" then unleashes electric cylinders 
at you, very much like Jesters. 

2. A beam of light will shoot out from the ground, but as long as you have the
air hike ability, this should be easy.

3. She will unleash black razors around her body that will deal a great amount
of damage. Stay away from her when this happens.

4. Bats will come in electrical lines, horizontal and vertical, towards you. 
You're bound to get hit, so don't think about trying to dodge.

5. She'll appear out of the ground and attempt to kiss you. If she does, she'll
take away some of your health for hers. This is the key to defeating her.


Like I've mentioned above, all of her attacks are done in a steady pace. But
fortunately, one of her attacks is the key to defeating her. Her fifth attack
is when she warps under the ground and rises up to drain your power. All
you need to do is jump when you see the floor tunr black to avoid the attack, then
she'll stay put on the floor for a while before going back down. Before she 
does, use Cerberus to ice her to the ground and finish off her with Agni &
Rudra. You'll need to do this three of four times, depending on how much damage 
you put on her. 

-----------BEOWULF----------- DIFFICULTY: HARD


1. His first attack is a sweep with the paw. This is essentially easy to 
dodge, all without taking too much of a beating.

2. His second, and toughest, is a deadly fist that plumets to the ground and 
unleashes a great boom that will deal quite a lot of damage.

3. His third is the Sparda attack, which is when four tenticles release from
his back. He then begins firing cylinders at you. Note that this is a very,
very hard attack to dodge.

4. His fourth and final is when he runs to one corner of the room and then 
begins throwing pillars at you. This is easy to dodge if you're not in position
to be hit.


There is only one way to defeat Beowulf, that is jumping and slashing at his
face. This will blind him for a few seconds, giving you enough time to slas out
a part of his life. You cannot attack him when he is not blinded, because firstly,
this will cause you to slow down almost entirely to the shock of his attacks and
secondly, he will drain your life, very much like Nevan, only that he doesn't 
use it to boost his health. You'll find that this will be a tough battle and
it will be even tougher always trying to air hike and slash at his face.



1. His first is when he charges at you. A simple matter of jumping can dodge 
this attack.

2. He launches missiles at you which are incredibly difficult to dodge, but as 
long as you have Trickster Level 2, this should be a doozy.

3. He leaves a trial of blood cells that slows down everything for a second, 
leaving him to attack you. Fortunately, he hardly does attack you even if you
have touched the cell.



Your first encounter with Geryon will be on a bridge. He will be continuously
charging at you. What you need to do is jump everytime he charges then gun him
with Ebony & Ivory. It is compulsary that you change from Trickster to 
Gunslinger once Part 2 begins.


The bridge collapses and you fall dead-smack into the centre of a huge arena,
but unfortunately all that space will be used pretty easily. Attack him when
he charges at you. Jump then use Ebony & Ivory to ascend and cap him. You can
only get close once you've dealed about 25% of his life, he will collapse and
10% again. When he is pinned down, take out Cerberus since that's his main 
weakness and slash away before he gets up again. The other 65% will have to be
wasted with Ebony & Ivory, making it a damn long battle.



1. He now has the Beowulf technique. You'll see that he'll be using the 
one attack Beowulf used. (hit, hit then jump and ground slam).

2. He now has Devil Trigger, so it is advisable that you stay away from him
when he does this.

3. His third is when he takes out Yamato. This time, it deals much more damage
than before.

4. His final is the projectile swords. Now, it is the opposite. The further
you are the more damage it does. The swords build up power as it goes and
dodging them can become frustrating.


Vergil, this time round, has made some touchy improvements. A huge one is that
he now has Devil Trigger. The best tactic is to keep your ground and dash the
attacks. Jumping or air hike will only get you into more trouble. However, you
can't use your guns because he is immune to gunfire and can easily use 
Yamato to spin them away. Try to use your Devil Trigger as often as possible.
Trust me, you'll need it. Also, before you start the battle, make sure you
have Nevan and Agni & Rudra prepared, Agni & Rudra level 2 and Trickster 
level 2 with Holy Water.

-----------LADY---------- DIFFICULTY: EASY


1. Her first is when she throws mines everywhere on the ground. Then it explodes
around the perimeter. A simple jump can dodge this.

2. Her second is when she uses her gun, but she hardly uses it and when she does,
it normally happens when jumping from platform to platform.

3. Her last is when she uses her missile launcher. This is extremely difficult
to dodge on the ground, but an air hike will do the trick.


You'll be happy to know that your "deadly" encounter with Lady isn't all that
difficult, but will take a very long time to beat. Since you'll be back in the
library, there is plenty of platforming to do. Also, you might want to keep
target because Lady is a quick mover. What you need to do is get up close and
personal with Rebellion. Ebony & Ivory is great incase you get lost with the
targeting. Stay close to her all the time and jump where ever she jumps. 
Also, equip yourself with Nevan since it also features a longe-range shot very
fimiliar with your guns. As long as you keep up with the chick, this battle 
should go down without you getting hurt.



1. Like the previous, the bouncing balls are still there.

2. He now has another, and rather annoying attack, where he stands on top of
a clown head. The clown head actually deals more damage than Jester himself.


By now you should know Jester's pattern of attacks. He'll dance when you attempt
to shoot him but only gets hit when teleporting. The rest of the battle should
go smoothly until you've dealt with 65% of his health. He'll then summon a 
creepy looking clown head that he stands on, making it difficult for you to do
a melee attack on him. The clown head works the same way as Kalina Ann does.
but only more effective. During the course of the battle you will only be able to
target the clown headand not Jester himself, although it seems like you're 
targeting Jester, you're only doing damage to the clown head which is a good thing
and a bad thing. As long as you avoid the clown heads attacks, then it should
be done and over with. When you get Jester down to 20%, he'll bring another 
clown head, but if you defeat him before he does summon another, then good for you.



1. He only has one primary attack which is a jolt with his sword. Thankfully,
it isn't hard to dodge and won't deal much damage.

2. His second is something you have to worry about. He shoot black orbs at you
that will stun you for a few seconds, leaving him to attack you.

3. This one is another doozy of an attack. He uses the shadow blast to clear
the area of light around him and if you don't jump when this happens, then you'll
have a tremendous amount of damage swiped off you.


The Doppelganger is your shadow and, surprise surprise, knows all of your 
attacks. But in this cae, only what attacks you know with the Rebellion. As long
as you have Agni & Rudra equiped, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
You have six shutters that reflect light, and Doppelganger is darkness. Getting
somewhere? You'll need a few nudges from your weapons to open the shutters,
but none of them is too difficult to open. Make sure Doppelganger is charging
at you before trying to open a shutter. When you do and Doppel' is in your way,
he'll get trapped in the light, giving you enough time to lay a beating on
him before he jumps away. There is a way to pin him, but will take a long time
until you do. Never mind about attacking him when a shutter is opened, instead,
poen every shutter so that the light pins him dead-smack in the centre of 
the room. Now lay damage with A & R.



1. Arkham's attack is when he turns a brownish type thing and then swipes his
tenticles at you. Hard to dodge if your in his path.

2. His second is when he summons fifteen little slugs. Be careful, these slugs
suck health and magic from you to power Arkham's attack and health.

3. His final is when he shoots out his tenticles and spins around the area.
Fortunately, he rarely does this and you might only see it once in the fight.


Arkham is another eye-opener. Although he might be a big blob, he still does
pack quite a wallop! The fact that he's huge and slimy leaves him almost entirely
open for attack. But you won't be seeing him very often because he'll dive
into the ground and summon the slugs. When you've dealt with half of his life,
Vergil will make a scene.


Since Vergil is helping you this doesn't only make the battle much more easier
but it increases how many times Arkham can use his slugs to suck life from
both you and Vergil. When Arkham does rise, it'll only be for about 15 to 20
seconds then he'll vanish beneath the ground again. To defeat the slugs make 
sure you have Nevan equiped with you then zap away. Nevan has a powerful force
field of bats that will form shock waves of attacks, leaving anything around the
area dead. Perfect for defeating the slugs and dealing damage to Arkham.



1. His main attack is when he transforms into Devil Trigger. Avoid him and dash
when this happens.

2. His second is a powerful six-hit combo when he is in Devil Trigger state. He
air hikes you with the sword twice, then comes down with a powerful teleportation
attack four times. Really difficult to dodge.

3. His third is when he uses Yamato. Good news, he only uses it when you've 
dealt with 70% of his health.

4. His fourth is his usual teleportation attack. He'll attack from behind when
he teleports, but by now his attack should be predictable.

5. His fifth is a long-range shot with a large projectile sword. This not only
deals almost five bars of your health, it also removes your Devil Trigger 
completely. Vergil only does this once in the battle.

6. His sixth is the projectile swords. These are possibly the most lethal attacks
in the battle. This time, the swords gang around you and pins you with full force.

7. His final is when a black sphere covers him. He'll then launch a lot of other
spheres towards you. Really difficult to dodge.


Vergil is turning out to be a pain! Prepare yourself with a lot of Vital Stars
because this fight is even tougher than Agni & Rudra. Firstly, Equip yourself
with Cerberus and Agni & Rudra. These weapons produce the fastest range of 
attacks. PLus, it slows down Vergil when he is hit. You can easily cap away about
40% of his health. When dealing with longe ranged shots, equip yourself with an
upgraded Kalina Ann and Ebony & Ivory level 3. Kalina Ann is perfect when jumping
over his head. Just target ans shoot. Ebony & Ivory are essentially good, but
only longe-range. (duh!). Learn his pattern of attacks as mentioned above and
you should be able to finish off Vergil in less than five minutes. After taking
the last slice, The End.


Copyright, Sam A. Knight (2006). 
A KNIGHT production.
"Never try, never fail"

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