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Secrets FAQ by dwarfkicker

Version: Final | Updated: 02/20/06

~The Secrets of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition~
~~~~~~~~Brought to you by DWARFKICKER~~~~~~~~~~~~


Section 1: History
Section 2: Unlockables
Section 3: Special Notes on Unlockables
Section 4: Special Notes on Costume Changes
Section 5: Costume Pics
Section 6: Vergil Move List
Section 7: Nelo Angelo Move List
Section 8: Secret Missions
Section 9: Secrets of the Devil Trigger
Section 10: Copyright Information


Version 0.5, 2/1/06 - FAQ contains Unlockables, Nelo Angelo Move List, 
and Special Notes.

Version 1.0, 2/3/06 - Added Lady Unlockables and Special Notes as well 
as Secret Mission locations, objectives, and solutions for both 

Version 1.5, 2/5/06 - Added Devil Trigger secrets for both characters.

Version 2.0, 2/6/06 - Fixed various typos.

Version 2.5, 2/19/06 - Added costume pics for Dante and Vergil.

Version 3.0, 2/20/06 - Added a section for Vergil since he is a secret.


Bloody Palace and Vergil (two methods):
-Clear game with Dante
-Have a completed DMC3 save file on memory card.

~Easy - die 3 times
~Hard - clear Normal
~Very Hard - clear Hard
~Dante Must Die - clear Hard
~Heaven or Hell - clear DMD

Dante's outfits:
~Coatless Dante - clear Easy or Normal
~DMC1 Dante - clear Normal
~DMC1 Coatless - clear Hard
~Sparda - clear Hard
~Super Dante - clear Very Hard
~Super Sparda - clear DMD

Vergil's outfits:
~Coatless Vergil - clear Easy or Normal
~Nelo Angelo - clear Hard
~Super Vergil - clear Very Hard
~Super Nelo Angelo - clear DMD (VMD)

Lady's outfit:
~Ryder Suit - Lady wears this depending on Dante's or Vergil's outfit. 

-Gallery is unlocked upon the first completion of the game. 
-Content is added to the gallery as you complete each mode. 
-Clear game art is added as you S and SS rank the various difficulties.

Demo Digest:
-Cutscenes are added as they are viewed. 

Game Options:
~Turbo mode and Lock on Cursor - toggled on/off in the options menu.

~~Special Notes on Unlockables~~

Bloody Palace and Vergil
-If you use a completed DMC3 save to unlock these two modes off the 
bat, keep in mind that the save only unlocks these two.  Nothing else 
transfers from DMC3 into DMC3SE. So you'll have to do everything with 
Dante from scratch.

Demo Digest
-Skipping the cutscenes as you play through the game will still unlock 

Super Sparda and Super Nelo Angelo
-Super Sparda and Super Nelo can be earned another way. If you skipped 
over Very Hard Mode, the only way you'll earn these "Super" versions 
on DMD is if you have Bloody Palace cleared. Otherwise, you have to 
have Very Hard cleared before clearing DMD.  Then again, if you skip 
both Very Hard and Bloody Palace you earn Super Dante or Super Vergil 
for clearing DMD.  Doing it this way forces you to clear Bloody Palace 
for Super Sparda and Super Nelo.

Game Options
-Turbo mode and the Lock On toggle is available at the start of the 
game in the options menu.  I included it in here because there are 
those of you who might easily skip over it. 

~~Special Notes on Costume Changes~~

Dante's Outfits:

-This is the regular outfit of the game.  Nothing special.  When using 
this Dante is always coatless for Mission 1, and the coat sleeve isn't 
ripped until Mission 8.

-This is the outfit Dante has for mission 1 when using the Default 
outfit.  You go through the whole game with Dante's "too cool for a 
shirt" attitude.

-This is the outfit Dante has on during the ending when his shop is 
finally open for business.  It's also the outfit he has on during the 
first DMC game.  When using this, Dante's DT is that of Sparda.  His 
Rebellion becomes the Force Edge, however it remains Rebellion in all 
of the menus and has all of Rebellion's moves during gameplay.

Coatless DMC1 
-This is the DMC1 outfit minus a coat, with a visible amulet.  Like the 
DMC1 outfit Dante's DT is that of Sparda, and his Rebellion is replaced 
by his father's Force Edge.  The Force Edge is just the Rebellion with 
a different look.

Sparda (Legendary Dark Knight)
-This is the outfit of Sparda.  When using this, Dante becomes Sparda, 
complete with a demon shadow and his trademark monocle.  Dante's DT is 
once again that of Sparda.  The Rebellion once again is replaced by the 
Force Edge with no other changes other than appearance. Ebony and 
Ivory, Dante's handmade guns are replaced by Luce and Ombra, Sparda's 
handmade guns. Like the sword change, there is nothing different 
between these two sets of guns.  Technically you aren't the Legendary 
Dark Knight as you are still playing as Dante, complete with his 
animations and sounds.  This outfit just merely represents Dante's 

Super Dante
-This outfit is the default outfit with the sleeve already ripped. The 
kicker, it gives Dante the ability of unlimited Devil Trigger.  
However, using DT Flux (DT explosion), Quicksilver, and Doppelganger 
still depletes Dante's DT runes.  Unlike using the DT with other 
outfits, Dante's health doesn't refill while transformed.  It's a 
tradeoff for super speed and power.

Super Sparda (Super LDK)
-This is the Sparda outfit with unlimited DT.  This outfit is the 
equivalent to a God Mode. Dante gains true infinite DT.  This means 
that using DT Flux, Quicksilver, and Doppelganger won't deplete Dante's 
DT runes. And as an added bonus Dante's health constantly refills. It 
refills at such an accelerated rate that sometimes it appears as if you 
aren't taking any damage.  When utilizing this outfit Dante becomes a 
devil slaying nightmare.

Vergil's Outfits:

-This is the regular outfit of the game.  Nothing special.

-You go through the whole game with Vergil's "too cool for a coat" 

Nelo Angelo (Corrupt Vergil)
-This outfit represents Vergil's transformation into Nelo Angelo.  The 
outfit is similar to Dante's Sparda outfit, but it clearly doesn't 
represent Sparda, as evident through Vergil's facial features and lack 
of a demon shadow. Vergil's DT is that of Nelo Angelo from DMC1. 
Vergil's DT is slightly more powerful than Dante's.  When Vergil 
transforms into Nelo his moveset changes. 
(see next section for Nelo's move list)

Super Vergil
-This outfit is the default outfit.  The kicker, it gives Vergil the 
ability of unlimited Devil Trigger.  However, using DT Flux (devil 
trigger explosion) and Spiral Swords still depletes Vergil's DT runes.  
Unlike using the DT with other outfits, Vergil's health doesn't refill 
while transformed.  It's a tradeoff for super speed and power.

Super Nelo Angelo (Super Corrupt Vergil)
-This is the Nelo outfit with unlimited DT.  This outfit gives Vergil a 
bit of a god complex as he gains true unlimited DT.  This means that 
using both DT Flux and Spiral Swords won't deplete Vergil's DT runes. 
Plus there's the added bonus of Vergil's health constantly refilling.  
Like Dante's "Super Sparda" outfit, it fills at such an accelerated 
rate that sometimes it appears as if you aren't taking any damage.  
When utilizing this outfit Vergil becomes a true angel of death.

Lady's Outfits:

-This is the outfit that Lady wears in the cutscenes.

Ryder Suit
-This is an all white body suit.  It only appears on her during the 
boss fight with her and the battle during the credits where she fights 
at your side.  To see this suit in both of those situations you have to 
be wearing the folling outfits:

Dante -
~Coatless DMC1
~Super Sparda

Vergil -
~Nelo Angelo
~Super Nelo Angelo

~~Costume Pics~~

Dante's Outfits:

Default - 

Coatless -

DMC1 -

Coatless DMC1 - 

Sparda (Legendary Dark Knight) -

Super Dante -

Super Sparda (Super LDK) -

Vergil's Outfits:

Default -

Coatless -

Nelo Angelo (Corrupt Vergil) -

Super Vergil - 

Super Nelo Angelo (Super Corrupt Vergil) -

Special Thanks to HeyDenty

~~Vergil Move List~~

Vergil's Style is covered as well as his moves and their prices.

[Style Abilities]

~~~Dark Slayer~~~
A warrior fallen from grace.  The power of darkness gives birth to 
new weapons and skills.

Dark Slayer:
-Allows Vergil to avoid enemy attacks using special evasive movements.

Air Trick - circle while grounded or airborne
~~Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly near the enemy.

Trick Up - R1 + forward + circle
~~Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly above where Vergil 
was standing or jumping.

Trick Down - R1 + away + circle
~~Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly below where Vergil
was standing or jumping.

[Move List]

A memento from Vergil's father.  This samurai-esque sword's blade is 
said to cut through anything.

Yamato Combo - triangle, triangle, triangle
~~A slick three hit combo.  The sheathing animation adds points 
to your stylish meter.

Aerial Rave - triangle while airborne
~~An aerial attack that can be used continuously in rapid succession.

Rapid Slash - R1 + forward + triangle
~~Quickly charge towards an enemy, thrusting your sword deep into them.
A trail of flashes follow Vergil damaging all enemies in his path.

Upper Slash - R1 + away + triangle
~~Unsheath your sword then quickly slash an enemy, launching them into 
the air.  Pressing triangle a second time causes Vergil to follow up 
with a downward slash that slaps the airborne enemy back down into the 
ground.  The sheathing animation adds points to your stylish meter.

Judgement Cut - hold triangle to charge, release triangle to attack
~~Unsheath your sword with blinding speed to cut through far away enemies.
Pressing triangle in rapid succession causes Vergil to unsheath his sword
multiple times for up to three times the damage.

Taunt "You shall die" - select
~~This taunt puts Vergil in a ready stance.  If he is low on DT energy and 
is surrounded by enemies a dark aura will emanate from his body that causes 
his DT runes to refil.

Flash gauntlets and greaves.  The set boosts Vergil's attack and speed 
making him a powerhouse.

Beowulf Combo - triangle, triangle, triangle
~~A vicious right-left punch combo followed by a whirlwind kick.

Starfall - triangle while airborne
~~An aerial kick angled downward to damage the enemy from above.

Lunar Phase - R1 + forward + triangle
~~A powerful revolving kick.

Rising Sun - R1 + away + triangle
~~A multi-hit kick attack that launches Vergil upward.

~~Force Edge~~
A sword magically imbued with Sparda's power.  A powerful sword with great 
hidden potential.

Force Edge Combo - triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle
~~A flurry of strikes which links multiple hits from the sword and sheath
into one deadly combo.  The sheathing animation adds points to your 
stylish meter.

Helm Breaker - triangle while airborne
~~A powerful swing that comes crashing down on the enemy's head.

Stinger - R1 + forward + triangle
~~A powerful thrust attack that helps close the distance between you 
and the enemy.

High Time - R1 + away + triangle
~~Vergil launches the enemy into the air.  Holding down triangle enables
Vergil to follow the enemy into the air.

Round Trip - hold triangle to charge, release triangle to attack
~~Hurl the Force Edge at a locked on enemy.  You are limited to Yamato
attacks while Force Edge is out of Vergil's hands.

~~Phantom Swords~~
Summon magically generated swords.

Summoned Swords - square while grounded or airborne
~~Hurl magically generated swords a the enemy.

Spiral Swords - hold square
~~A barrier of Phantom Swords surround and protect Vergil.

Sword Storm - R1 + forward + square during Spiral Swords
~~Phantom Swords surround and attack the locked on enemy.

Blistering Swords - R1 + away + square during Spiral Swords
~~Phantom Swords line up behind Vergil and then rapidly fire upon the 
targeted enemy.

~~Vergil's Taunts~~
When equipped with either Beowulf of Force Edge, pressing the select 
button will cause Vergil to do one of three taunts:

-"Come on!"
-"Hmph, how boring."
-"What's wrong?"

[God of Time Prices]


Rapid Slash
- 5,000

Rapid Slash: Level 2
- 15,000

Judgement Cut
- 10,000

Judgement Cut: Level 2
- 20,000


Starfall: Level 2
- 7,500

Rising Sun
- 5,000

Lunar Phase: Level 2
- 15,000

~~Force Edge~~

Helm Breaker: Level 2
- 13,000

- 5,000

Stinger: Level 2
- 10,000

Round Trip
- 10,000

~~Phantom Swords~~

Summoned Swords: Level 2
- 7,500

Summoned Swords: Level 3
- 15,000

Spiral Swords
- 20,000

Certain purchases can't be made until Vergil's style level rises.

~~Nelo Angelo Move List~~

When DTed into Nelo Angelo, Vergil's weapons and moves change. 
Beowulf gives him new hand to hand abilities while Yamato gives 
him new sword abilities. In other words, Nelo only has two 
weapons. Vergil's Dark Slayer style is still utilized as Nelo 
as well as all of his Phantom Swords abilities.


Sword Combo - triangle, triangle, triangle
~~Nelo's sword combo unleashes four hits upon the enemy

Hightime - R1 + away + triangle
~~Nelo launches an enemy into the air.  Holding down triangle causes 
Nelo to follow them into the air.

Helm Breaker - triangle while airborne
~~Nelo descends upon an enemy with his sword.

Sweeper (stinger/multi-slash) - R1 + forward + triangle
~~Nelo briefly charges his blade before lunging forward and sweeping 
his sword horizontally.  This move does a nice job with crowd control.  
It hits one time like Dante's Stinger, and clears out enemies like 
Vergil's Multi-Slash.


Hand to Hand Combo - triangle, triangle, triangle
~~Nelo's hand to hand combo.  It strikes only three times.  
The final hit knocks enemies away from Nelo.

Magma Drive - R1 + away + triangle
~~Nelo slides forward a bit and uppercuts an enemy into the air.  
There is no follow up so if you want to reach the airborne enemy use 
Trick Up.

Kick 13 - R1 + forward + triangle
~~Nelo lunges forward a short distance with a kick. 

Starfall - triangle while airborne
~~Nelo descends upon enemies with a kick.

~~Extra move for both weapons~~

Undulating Fist - hold triangle to charge. Release triangle to toss.
~~Nelo's fist glows as he gathers energy for his fireball.  Time button 
presses and he tosses up to three one after the other and blasts back 

~~Nelo Angelo's Taunts~~

Taunt 1 - select
~~Nelo beckons his opponents with a wave of his hand and a deep "Come 
on."  Similar to Dante's "Come on wimp."

Taunt 2 - select
~~Nelo laughs sinisterly as he beckons his opponents with a wave of 
both hands.  Similar to Dante's "Come and get me."

~~Secret Missions~~

This section deals with the Secret Mission locations and how to 
accomplish them with both sons of Sparda.

Secret Mission 1: The Exorcist

Objective - 
Defeat all enemies within the time limit.

Location - 
(Mission 3) On the same side of the street before the Divinity Statue 
and after the dumpster containing a green orb, you'll see a building 
with red orbs along the top.  Examine the doors.   

Dante - 
The clock is against you so power moves are your best friend.  
Rebellion's Stinger puts enemies in their place while the Shotgun packs 
a serious punch at close range.  The Shotgun combined with Charged 
Shots will greatly increase your chances of victory.  Stay offensive 
and don't let up.  Holy Water is for those who just can't handle the 
pressure of a time limit.

Vergil - 
Vergil was made for this challenge.  His wide range Yamato attacks can 
take out multiple foes, while the brute force of Beowulf allows for a 
quick kill on the enemies.  Force Edge is good to use too.  None of 
Vergil's weapons will cause him to waste time.  Lay down a constant 
barrage of Summoned Swords while handing out the melee beat down and 
you'll have this mission cleared in record time.  Devil Trigger if you 
want to accomplish this task even quicker.

Secret Mission 2: Untouchable

Objective - 
Defeat all enemies while taking no damage.

Location - 
(Mission 5) Before activating the massive lift, examine the red glowing 
skull on the wall.

Dante - 
Dante's Trickster Dash ability comes in big handy when it comes to 
evading the arrows that Enigmas launch.  You can play it safe and stay 
far back laying down fire from Ebony & Ivory while avoiding the arrows.  
Or you can be brave and take the fight to the demons with your melee 
skills all while avoiding the arrows. Finally, you can play it cheap by 
running right into the middle of the group and unleashing a Holy Water 
on them.  It's your call, just don't get hit.

Vergil - 
Vergil's got it easier than Dante with his Air Trick.  Avoid the first 
volley of arrows, Air Trick in, beat the Enigmas down.  Utilize 
Summoned Swords while laying into the enemies for faster kills.  DTing 
won't hurt either.  Of course, there's the all mighty Holy Water option 
as well.

Secret Mission 3: Death from Above

Objective -
Stay in the air for 20 seconds or more.

Location - 
(Mission 7) Before heading through the doors, wall jump to the alcove 
above and examine the glowing red object.

Dante - 
Depending on how you play it, this may or may not be a royal pain.  
Make sure you are using Swordmaster and have Rebellion equipped.  
Aerial Rave is a must.  Pick a corner, any corner, and wait for all 
four of the enemies to swarm you.  Air Hike or wall jump as high as you 
can.  Jump on the heads of the leaping enemies.  As you rebound off of 
one or two heads unleash Aerial Rave to keep yourself at the highest 
point.  Only do it once.  Resume jumping when the move finishes, 
rebounding off the enemies' heads.  Rinse and repeat.

Vergil - 
You automatically enter this challenge with what you need.  Make sure 
you are using Yamato as you will need Aerial Rave.  Get the enemies 
to chase you into any corner and wall jump to the highest point you 
can.  Constantly switch between a leap off a head and Aerial Rave.  

Secret Mission 4: Devil's Teeter-totter

Objective - 
Ride the elevator to the top

Location - 
(Mission 8) The wreckage of an ancient ship is behind the school bus.
Smash through the boards covering a hole in the hull and examine the 
blue inscribed stone inside.

Dante -
The enemies are DTed so they can take a pounding without moving much.  
Your best bet is to utilize Stinger attacks combined with charged 
shotgun blasts.  Also make use of your Devil Trigger.  The elevator can 
only hold 5 people, you and four enemies.  If you don't kill the 
enemies before more than that limit show up, the elevator drops and you 
have to do it again.  If you find the above method lacking, utilize the 
DT Flux.  It should handle the enemies nicely.  If you don't care about 
rank, the DT Flux with a generous amount of Devil Stars will easily 
accomplish the job. 

Vergil - 
Vergil has good wide range attacks that hit more than one enemy at a 
time with his Yamato, though the Force Edge has the needed Stinger.  
Make use of the Spiral Swords formation for added damage and just 
stinger away.  Your Devil Trigger adds a needed power boost.  If you 
don't care about rank, make use of the DT Flux and refill the runes 
with Devil Stars.

Secret Mission 5: Destroyer

Objective -
Destroy every destructible background object within the time limit.

Location -
(Mission 9) Across from the cavern entry point is a cave branch high up 
on the wall.  Jump up to the hole and follow this branch to a pair of 
glowing red crystals.  Examine them. 

Dante - 
Agni & Rudra are a good weapon to utilize here because it's Combo 1 
covers a good amount of ground.  Aerial Cross is also a good attack to 
use on the objects behind the bar.  It might be a good idea to DT with 
Dante for the added speed.  DT Flux packs an added punch behind the bar 
as well.

Vergil - 
This is easily accomplished while using the Yamato.  It has such a wide 
range that it clears out a larger area of objects with a single strike.  
Aerial Rave is perfect for all the items behind the bar.  Devil 
Triggering isn't necessary but if you feel you need the added speed 
then feel free.  Vergil should be fine without it.  Even though he 
doesn't need it, DT Flux clears out the back of the bar nicely.

Secret Mission 6: Flight of the Demon

Objective -
Collect every red orb within the time limit.

Location - 
(Mission 10) After obtaining the Neo-Generator, examine the object on 
the north side of the statue.

Dante - 
You must use Nevan's Air Raid ability.  As soon as the challenge starts 
leap up and DT.  Fly around and gather up all of the red orbs.  Pick up 
the white orbs as your runes deplete.  When finished, unDT and drop 
down to the level below where you started.  Leap up and DT.  Activate 
Air Raid and collect the next batch of red orbs. 

Vergil - 
Vergil lacks the Air Raid ability for any of his DT forms.  Due to 
this, the layout of the mission is different.  You have to race to 
collect all the red orbs.  If you screw up near the end with the jumps, 
you won't make it.  Even if you have no mistakes you'll reach the end 
with little time to spare.  Too make this challenge less frustrating, 
Devil Trigger and blaze through it.

Secret Mission 7: Hang 10

Objective -
Obtain the blue orb fragment within the time limit.

Location - 
(Mission 11) Close to the exit of the starting room is a raised 
platform, it contains a flashing item if you didn't pick it up already.  
From the platform, jump out to the pillar.  From the pillar, wall jump 
backward on to the balcony.  Examine the churning red gear.

Dante - 
As soon as the mission starts Devil Trigger and start moving.  If you 
have ten runes you won't have to worry about DTing a second time to 
make it in time.  If you have a low amount of runes you'll probably 
have to use a Devil Star.

Vergil - 
Devil Trigger immediately and get moving.  Having a full set of runes 
will make sure that you easily accomplish this challenge.  But if not 
use a Devil Star to get the job done.

Secret Mission 8: Tough Guys

Objective -
Destroy every enemy.

Location - 
(Mission 13) As you descend the spiraling stairs, notice that one of 
the wall lights is red.  Examine it.

Dante - 
Arachnes and Hell Vanguards will be your opponents for this challenge.  
Beat them down to win.  Utilize the Devil Trigger for added power and 
defense.  The DT Flux comes in handy.  If you find this mission to be 
too overwhelming feel free to unleash the power of a Holy Water.

Vergil - 
Yet another Secret Mission that Vergil seems to have been made for.  
Beowulf is the weapon of choice here.  DT to pack an extra punch.  DT 
Flux can get you out of a bind.  If you still can't handle it, fall 
back on a Holy Water or two.  The hardest part of this challenge will 
be dealing with two Hell Vanguards.

Secret Mission 9: Target Practice

Objective -
Do not let a single enemy escape.

Location - 
(Mission 13) In the section where you acquired the Orichalcon, leap 
into the alcove in the wall.  Examine the skull with glowing eyes.

Dante - 
As soon as the mission starts, hold down the lock on button and start 
firing with Ebony & Ivory.  Having charged shots to back you up might 
be a good idea.  Also DTing for added power wouldn't hurt.  Utilize DT 
Flux for cars that you find forcing you to restart the mission.  If all 
else fails, bust out a Holy Water to take out all the enemies on the 
faster cars.

Vergil - 
Vergil's Summon Swords, when maxed, are fast, though they may not be 
fast enough. Utilize the DT for extra power.  The different Spiral 
Sword formations might give you that extra push you need to pull 
through.  The last couple of cars go fast.  Utilize the DT Flux or Holy 
Waters to get the job done if need be.

Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light

Objective -
Solve the crystal puzzle.

Location - 
(Mission 16) After revealing the hidden location of the Golden Sun, 
examine the glowing wall panel to the right side of the key item's 

Dante - 
The solution to this Secret Mission is randomly generated.  If you mess 
up connecting the light stream, just run to the back of the chamber and 
beat on the switch to reset the puzzle.  If the design is too much for 
you, exit the Secret Mission and then start over.  The puzzle layout 
will be different.

Vergil - 
Random puzzle design with a random solution.  The only way you'll solve 
it is through trial and error.  You actually have to use your head in a 
DMC game.

Secret Mission 11: On Pins and Needles

Objective -
Avoid the spikes and obtain the blue orb.

Location - 
(Mission 17) In the area known as "Pitch Black Void" you have to jump 
up to the arches in the archway.  Examine the shinning goddess statue.  
She'll be on the lower, middle arch.

Dante - 
Dante's Trickster abilities make this challenge extremely easy.  The 
spikes move faster but Dante's dashes and Sky Star ability will keep 
you out of harms way.  Devil Trigger if you are still having trouble 
with the speed of the spikes for a speed boost of your own.

Vergil - 
Vergil is cursed with one style.  Good thing Dark Slayer is a glorified 
Trickster.  Make good use of Vergil's Trick Up and Trick Down 
techniques.  Mastery of these skills will get you through unscratched.  
Add in a DT for the added speed boost and you'll have no problem with 
this seemingly sick mission.

Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension

Objective -
Obtain the blue orb fragment.

Location - 
(Mission 18) Move to the left side of the statue of the giant foot.  
Examine the stone tablet at the ankle of the foot.

Dante - 
You must utilize Nevan here.  To accomplish this seemingly frustrating 
challenge, you must do the following:

-Move to the block against the wall and leap up onto the block hovering 
back and forth above it.
-Wall jump and DT, utilize your Air Raid ability and fly toward the 
center of the room where another block rises and falls.  Take that 
block up to a stationary platform.
-From the platform, leap onto the block sliding in and out of the wall, 
and the leap up onto the block passing by above.
-From the moving block, leap up and DT to utilize Air Raid.  Fly to the 
left rotating block.
-From there you'll want to be careful not to fall off as the block 
travels upward.  Air Hike to the second stationary platform and claim 
your prize.

Vergil -
Vergil is missing out on the Air Raid ability, but he makes up for it 
with Dark Slayer.  This doesn't make the Secret Mission any easier, as 
it can be extremely frustrating with Vergil's abilities.  You must 
utilize Beowulf and Yamato to get through this.  To accomplish this 
patience-testing challenge, you must do the following:

-Move to the block against the wall and leap up onto the block hovering 
back and forth above it.
-Wall jump and use the Yamato's Aerial Rave to face the block sliding 
out of the wall.  Trick Up to get on top.
-As the block slides into the wall, wall jump and unleash Aerial Rave 
to stay up until the block pops back out.
-Leap out along the wall and wall jump over to the block sliding in and 
out by the first stationary platform.  Utilize Aerial Rave to stay 
airborne and correct your direction, followed by a Starfall with 
Beowulf to land on the platform.
-Leap up onto the sliding block and up onto the block passing by above.
-From the top of the moving block you will see two rising blocks.  The 
left one goes the highest.  Utilize Beowulf's Starfall to land on the 
right block.  You may have to utilize Yamato's Aerial Rave if you don't 
make it the first time.  Keep moving to keep from falling off.  Leap to 
the left spinning block.  Keep moving to stay on.
-At the peak of the block's rise, leap up, Trick Up, Starfall and claim 
your prize.  

If you find these to be way too challenging because you lack the skill 
and you don't want to resort to using any items, I suggest you come 
back with the Super versions of the characters as the infinite DT will 
make many of the timed challenges easier.  Playing some of the Secret 
Missions on Heaven or Hell will also help take the pain away.


The Devil Trigger forms harbor secrets of their own that aren't too 



Glide - Hold down R1 + cross during a jump to glide.


Speed Boost - Cerberus gives Dante quicker attack speed.

Agni + Rudra:

Elemental Boost - A&R give Dante added elemental damage to his attacks.


Regeneration Boost - Nevan greatly increases the rate at which Dante 


Defensive Boost - Beowulf strengthens Dante's defensive parameters.



Elemental Boost - Yamato has an added darkness boost to his attacks.


Defensive Boost - Beowulf strengthens Vergil's defensive parameters.

Force Edge:

Speed Boost - FE grants Vergil quicker attack speed. 


Sparda is balanced in the DT benefits department.  His DT offensive and 
defensive perks are slightly higher than Dante's.  Sparda also utilizes 
the boosts presented by the specific weapon equipped as well.

[Nelo Angelo]

Nelo Angelo is balanced in the DT benefits department.  He has high 
defense and offensive perks.

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