PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Asch The Hated (12/16/2007; 282KB) 20 saves leading to various cut-scenes and the true final fight against Zarathustra of the series. Load Save 01 or 02 in "Data" mode to have access to all secrets.

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

  1. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 15KB) File 01 - Cleared data, saved at the Elsa, load to view all cutscenes and all models at title screen, also entire database and hidden sidequests done, no cheats.
  2. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 15KB) File 02 - Saved at the Core of Michtam Underground Ruins just before final boss, have all ultimate equipment, no cheats.
  3. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 13KB) File 03 - Complete clear data, load to obtain the last two special items.
  4. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 13KB) File 04 - End of Prologue, LV8, load to start your first E.S. battle at Rennes-le-Château.
  5. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 13KB) File 05 - End of Chapter 1, LV8, arrive at Fifth Jerusalem space port, go to the hotel to advance the story.
  6. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 14KB) File 06 - End of Chapter 2, LV12, rescue the Elsa and investigate the floating landmass.
  7. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 14KB) File 07 - End of Chapter 3, LV19, start in an unknown forest, head east to meet up with your party and reach a church.
  8. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 14KB) File 08 - End of Chapter 4, LV22, talk to the professor on level B1 of the Elsa, and head for the Urban A District of Miltia.
  9. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 13KB) File 09 - End of Chapter 5, LV21, play the HaKox game in the Elsa bar to advance the story, and after a fight, head to Labyrinthos.
  10. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 14KB) File 10 - End of Chapter 6, LV28, go to Labyrinthos again to rescue Shion, stopping at the Challenge Coupon shop to get a ton of G (money), Allen is a playable character for now!
  11. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 14KB) File 11 - End of Chapter 7, LV35, Disc 2, after a ton of cutscenes, you can complete the optional dungeon in the Floating Mass E.V.S., or continue the story by taking the Elsa to infiltrate Merkabah.
  12. From tumbenhaur (10/07/2006; 15KB) File 12 - End of Chapter 8, LV52, Disc 2, head outside to Michtam to continue the story, nearly all ultimate weapons can be retrieved, and the optional bosses can be fought to obtain the EK Sigma spell.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

  1. From Jayy (09/08/2006; 17KB) Cleared Data. All cutscenes viewable from title screen.
  2. From Unos Hambalos (05/30/2007; 17KB) File 1 LV69 - Saved at Underground Ruins Core (Game Cleared)
  3. From Unos Hambalos (05/30/2007; 17KB) File 3 LV 54 - Saved at the Elsa. Ready to fight Omega Universitas at CAT Testing Grounds Special Weapon Development Division.
  4. From Unos Hambalos (05/30/2007; 17KB) File 4 LV 55 - Saved at the Elsa. Ready to fight Erde Kaiser Sigma at Pedea Island. Everyone with their respective Master Skills.
  5. From Unos Hambalos (05/30/2007; 17KB) File 5 LV 49 - Saved at Abel's Ark Core. Go to the center structure to fight Yuriev.
  6. From Unos Hambalos (05/30/2007; 17KB) File 6 LV64 - Saved at Underground Ruins Outer Shell. Continue for a fight with T-elos.

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

  1. From rojotrece (09/04/2006; 89KB) File 10 - Clear Game Data - use to watch cutscenes

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