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Database FAQ by SqueekingOut / DaGrimOne

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/27/06

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 \  /
  /\  ENOSAGA EPISODE III - Also Sprach Zarathustra (DATABASE Guide) v1.00
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Last Updated: October 24, 2006

Copyright (c) 2006 by Diana M. Koivunen (SqueekingOut) and Nicki Holighaus

Legal Information:

Xenosaga (r) Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra is a product of Namco Bandai,
Inc. and is copyrighted 2001-2006 by Namco Bandai Games Inc.

Xenosaga (r) Episode III: Also sprach Zarathrustra was produced and designed by
Monolith Software, Inc. a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Games, Inc.

Xenosaga (r) is a registered trademark of Namco Bandai Games, Inc.

BradyGAMES (r) Xenosaga (r) Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra Official
Strategy Guide, Copyright 2006 is a product of DK Publishing, Inc., BradyGAMES
(r) is a registered trademark of DK Publishing, Inc, a division of Penguin
Group [USA] Inc.

The person writing Part I of this FAQ used this guide to help play this game
the first time. As such, it needs to be attributed as excellent reference

Part II of this guide was taken entirely from the Game Database of the North
American, and Japanese versions of the game, and as such is an as accurate as
possible reproduction of the Xenosaga (r) Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathrustra
end game database.

All actual entry contents taken from the game are copyright Namco Bandai or
Monolith Software, so reproducing any of the text for non-private use is a
violation of copyright law.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Neither of us cares if
it is distributed as long as we are attributed and the FAQ is printed in full.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this FAQ, please feel free to
     Part I:  SqueekingOut: Dimakoi at AOL (dot) COM
     Part II: DaGrimOne xxnickixx17 at YAHOO (dot) COM

     DaGrimOne has agreed to field questions/changes on both sections.
     (If you find a typo or other mistake, please send him an e-mail.)

Each entry in the database comes with a unique number shown as "(DBXXX)," this
code can be used for searching and cross-referencing inside this document.


Part I.   Database Side Quest . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . .     (A001)

1.       Overview .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A010)
1.1      Quest Rewards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A011)
1.2      Database Updates when and where.  . . . . . . . . .     (A012)
1.3      Deducing what you missing . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A013)
         Table 1. Finding the missing Database Updates  . .      (TAB1)

2.       Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A020)
2.1      Prologue: S-Line Division . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A021)
2.1.1    Update File 01  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF01)
2.1.2    End of Prologue Database Stats  . . . . . . . . . .     (A0212)
2.2      Chapter 1: Pedea Island . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A022)
2.3      Chapter 2: Fifth Jerusalem  . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A023)
2.4      Chapter 3: Floating Landmass  . . . . . . . . . . .     (A024)
2.4.1    Pedea Island (Encephalon Dive)  . . . . . . . . . .     (UF02)
2.4.2    Update File 14  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF14)
2.4.3    End of Chapter 3 Database Stats . . . . . . . . . .     (A0243)
2.5      Chapter 4: Forest on Old Miltia   . . . . . . . . .     (A025)
2.5.1    Update File 6   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF06)
2.5.2    Update File 7   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF07)
2.5.3    End of Chapter 4 Database Stats . . . . . . . . . .     (A0253)
2.6      Chapter 5: Exploring Miltia City  . . . . . . . . .     (A026)
2.6.1    Update File 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF08)
2.6.2    Retrieving Federal Reports 1, 2, and 6  . . . . . .     (FedRep1)
2.6.3    Update File 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF09)
2.6.4    End of Chapter 5 Database Stats . . . . . . . . . .     (A0264)
2.7      Chapter 6: Entering Labrynthos  . . . . . . . . . .     (A027)
2.7.1    Update File 10  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF10)
2.7.2    Database Stats  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A0272)
2.8      Chapter 7: Third Descent Operation. . . . . . . . .     (A028)
2.8.1    Update File 03  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF03)
2.8.2    Suou Uzuki's PDA  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (SUPDA)
2.8.3    End of Chapter 7 Database Stats . . . . . . . . . .     (A0283)
2.9      Chapter 8: The Beginning of the End Game  . . . . .     (A029)
2.9.1    Update File 03  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF03)
2.9.1    Update File 12  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF12)
2.9.2    Update File 13  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF13)
2.8.3    Update File 11  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF11)
2.10     Chapter 9: Michtam  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (A210)
2.10.1   Update File 4   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF04)
2.10.2   Update File 5   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (UF05)

3.0      Optional Bosses: Some Strategies  . . . . . . . . .     (A030)
3.1      Omega id  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (OMID)
3.2      Some thoughts on beating Erde Kaiser Sigma  . . . .     (A032)

Part II. Database Entries . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .     (B001)

Introduction & Explanation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B00X)

Entry List (Alphabetical)  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B01A)
 A   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B01A)
 B   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B01B)
 C   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B01C)
 D   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     (B01D)
 E  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01E)
 F  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01F)
 G  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01G)
 H  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01H)
 I  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01I)
 J  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01J)
 K  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01K)
 L  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01L)
 M  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01M)
 N  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01N)
 O  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01O)
 P  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01P)
 Q  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01Q)
 R  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01R)
 S  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01S)
 T  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01T)
 U  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01U)
 V  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01V)
 X  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01X)
 Y  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01Y)
 Z  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B01Z)
 Number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B011)
 Story  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B012)
 Tutorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B013)

Entry List (by category)  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B020)
 Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B021)
 Cultural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B022)
 Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B023)
 Locations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B024)
 Weapons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B025)
 Organizations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B026)
 Unknown. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B027)
 Town Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B028)
 Story  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B029)
 Tutorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B02X)

Database Entries (By category). . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B031)
 Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B031)
 Cultural . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B032)
 Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B033)
 Locations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B034)
 Weapons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B035)
 Organizations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B036)
 Unknown. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B037)
 Town Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B038)
 Story  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B039)
 Tutorial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (B03X)

Changes made to the original Database . . . . . . . . . . .      (B040)

Special Thanks & Credits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      (C001)

Part I .  Database Side Quest (A001)

This walkthrough is as spoiler free as possible, especially since this game
contains some powerful scenes, and we'd really hate to spoil it for anyone.

1.0  Overview  (A010)

The database side quest starts with your first scene and cumulates towards the
end of the game with a prize.

1.1    Quest Rewards (A011)

The database side quest takes you the entire game to complete.  The prize for
completing the database is the Kibisis which gives the wearer 3 boost, 1500 HP
and 300 EP.  It's a nice item, well worth the work it will take to get it.
Unfortunately, it is not available until almost the end of the game, so whether
you go for it then, or during game cleared, is up to you.

1.2    Database Updates, when and were. (A012)

The database is updated continuously during the game and occurs either
automatically at mandatory points of the story, or by accessing certain items
and chests.

- The automatic updates cannot be skipped. We've included in each
  section of the walkthrough on what information is added up to at
  that point.

- The other updates occur when you find certain easily missed items
  and files.  Fortunately, unlike a number of side quests in this
  game, this is another case where the Encephalon, and U.M.N. is your
  friend an you can always go back to get these easily missed chests and

1.3    Deducing what you missing  (A013)

To get 100% completion before the end of the game, you need to fight both at
least one of the optional Bosses, find Suou's Uzuki's PDA, and acquire all the
Database Update Files, which includes retrieving all the Federation Reports on
Miltia.  If you do not have 100% Database completion after fighting your next
to the last battle, check on the following categories see what you have missed.
You can also check the Special items list by pressing the square button while
in the items inventory list. You should only have one set of ??? at this time,
and this should be true as of shortly after your last mandatory E.S. Battle.

The following table shows what categories are updated through each Update file,
PDA and Omega.  You may use it to find the missing data.

Table 1. Finding the missing Database Updates (TAB1)

Category        Update file                            | PDA|Omega|
              | 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9|10|11|12|13|14| P| O|
Characters    |  |  |  | X| X| X| X|  |  |  |  | X|  |  |  |  |
Cultural      | X|  |  | X|  |  |  |  | X|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
Events        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
Locations     |  |  |  | X|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | X|  |  |
Weapons       |  |  |  |  |  |  | X|  |  | X|  |  |  |  |  |  |
Organizations |  |  |  | X|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
Unknown       |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | X|  |  | X|
Town Report   |  | X|  |  |  | X|  | X|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
Story         |  |  | X|  | X|  |  |  |  |  | X|  |  |  | X|  |
Tutorial      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |

Here is where you can find those missing update files and what is updated.
Items in () are for FAQ cross reference.

Update File 01 (UF01) Find any time after Prologue
Update File 02 (UF02) Find on Pedea Island anytime after Chapter 3.
Update File 03 (UF03) Sub quest on Old Miltia involving 8 Federal Reports.
                      Federal Reports 1, 2 and 6 (FedRep1)
                      Federal Reports 3-5, 7 and 8 (FedRep2)
Update File 04 (UF04) Find after Chapter 9 begins.
Update File 05 (UF05) Find near Middle of Chapter 9, near time of Last E.S.
Update File 06 (UF06) Find after you end up on Old Miltia in Chapter 4.
Update File 07 (UF07) Find after you end up on Old Miltia in Chapter 4.
Update File 08 (UF08) Find after you end up on Old Miltia in Chapter 4.
Update File 09 (UF09) Find after you end up on Old Miltia in Chapter 4.
Update File 10 (UF10) Find after you end up on Old Miltia in Chapter 5.
Update File 11 (UF11) Return to Merkabah anytime after Chapter 8
Update File 12 (UF12) Find on Durandal midway through Chapter 8.
Update File 13 (UF13) Find in Abel's Ark in red sphere late in
                      Chapter 8.
Update File 14 (UF14) Find in Ancient Temple level 3 any time after
                      Chapter 3
Suou Uzuki's PDA (SDPDA)  Find in Labyrinthos near an interrogation chamber.
Omega ID (OMID)       Finish fight with Optional Boss. Requires key to Weapons
                      Development Area in CAT Testing Grounds on Fifth
                      Jerusalem. Key acquired late in Chapter 8.

2.     Walkthrough  (A020)

2.1    Prologue: S-Line Division (A021)

The automatic database updates come rapidly in this chapter. They are mostly
dealing with the tutorial part of the game.

2.1.1  Update File 01  (UF01)

Update file 01 is located in S-Line Division Sector 3.

As you come off of the elevator to this section, take the blocks down to the
first data tower.  To your right of your screen is a console.  Access the
panel. A block of green stones will appear.  The Update File is in the chest on
the platform at the end of the path of green stones.

Update File 01 contains the following entries: Database 9%
     Cultural      11%
     (DB125)     Geodesic Structure
     (DB136)     Dive
     (DB139)     Direct Approach
     (DB149)     Transfer System
     (DB152)     Neural Monitoring
     (DB173)     U.M.N. Transfer Column
     (DB174)     U.M.N.Pulse

2.1.2  End of Prologue Database Stats (A0212)

Database  4%
     Characters      4%
     Cultural       11%
     Events         10%
     Locations       2%
     Weapons         0%
     Organizations   2%
     Unknown         4%
     Town Report     0%
     Story          41%
     Tutorial       58%

2.2  Chapter 1: Pedea Island (A022)

There is only one Update File to be had on Pedea Island, and it cannot be
accessed until after Chapter 3.  You do get an automatic database update
though. Wander around the island and take in the sights.

Your database percentages at the end of this section should be:

Database:      33%
       Characters      39%
       Cultural        25%
       Events          40%
       Locations       26%
       Weapons         31%
       Organizations   32%
       Unknown         32%
       Town Report     13%
       Story           41%
       Tutorial        60%

2.3    Chapter 2: Fifth Jerusalem (A023)

There are no Update Files on Fifth Jerusalem, although Miyuke is continuously
sending automatic ones, as she promised in the Prologue. There are a number of
side quests that cannot be reexamined after you leave, so take your time here
to take in the sights before the end of the chapter.

Your statistics before the end of this chapter should be:

Database:      71%
       Characters       70%
       Cultural         84%
       Events           80%
       Locations        70%
       Weapons          85%
       Organizations    76%
       Unknown          61%
       Town Report      18%
       Story            41%
       Tutorial         92%

2.4    Chapter 3: Floating Landmass  (A024)

This chapter takes place on the Floating Landmass.  You acquire the last of
your tutorial points here.  Finally, a category is at 100%. You can go get
Shion's swimsuit from Pedea Island.  But before you do that, go around and talk
to everyone on board the Elsa.

2.4.1  Pedea Island (Encephalon Dive) (UF02)

If you decide to go back for Shion's Swimsuit, and have spoken to the
professor, and he's received a postcard, you get access to one of the optional

Search the Dark Professor's lab, and pay attention to the chair in the corner.
Take the elevator that appears down to the Dark Professor's Basement. You will
find a segment door, a chest and a grave.  You will not be able to enter the
segment door, or read the gravestone until after you have beaten Erde Kaiser
Sigma, but you can open the chest to get Update File 02.

Update File 02, provides 7 items to the Town Report section:

Database      73%
     Town Report      50%
     (DB382)     Erde Kaiser
     (DB383)     Erde Kaiser Sigma
     (DB384)     Erde Kaiser Fury
     (DB387)     Coconut Monkey
     (DB397)     Dark Erde Kaiser
     (DB398)     Dark Professor
     (DB399)     Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory

2.4.2  Update File 14 (UF14)

This is one of the commonly missed Update Files. It is located on the Floating
Landmass in the Ancient Temple.  Search the third floor. It is the second floor
with the movable bridges.  When you come off the elevator, you will see four
crystals floating to above the area to the left of your screen.

You need to move the first bridge up to that platform.  Examine the first
console you see.  This console is located on the same platform as the elevator
to this floor.

This should move the bridge up to the area with the four crystals.  Fight the
Gnosis that appear, and grab the update file.

This file updates the Locations category.

Database  73%
       Locations  70%
      (DB228)     Planet Atalya
      (DB232)     Planet Keltia
      (DB234)     Planet Senir
      (DB235)     Planet Tessedora

2.4.3  End of Chapter Database Stats (A0243)

If you picked up both Update Files, your percentages should be around here.

Database:      73%
       Characters        70%
       Cultural          86%
       Events            80%
       Locations         78%
       Weapons           85%
       Organizations     76%
       Unknown           64%
       Town Report       50%
       Story             41%
       Tutorial         100%

2.5    Chapter 4: Forest On Old Miltia      (A025)

This chapter starts a whole section on Old Miltia.  You find the majority of
the update files in the next few chapters.

2.5.1   Update File 6      (UF06)

This one update is fairly easy to get, just continue on your way on the path.
It is located in chest located right on the path immediately after you rescue a
Federation Soldier.

This Update File includes items in the Characters and Town Reports categories.
If you've been following this walkthrough, you should have the following

Database 75%
     Characters  71%
     (DB095)     Luty

     Town Report 68%
     (DB386)     Other Professor
     (DB388)     Sequencer
     (DB395)     Forbidden Device
     (DB400)     Hosino

2.5.2  Update File 7  (UF07)

This is another easy to find Update File.  It's right outside the Elsa. Look
around the cave before heading on board.

Database      76&
     Characters     75%
      (DB002)     Aizen Magus
      (DB058)     Tethlla Magus
      (DB076)     Mai Magus
      Weapons     85%
      (DB281)     Leupold

2.5.3  End of Chapter 4 Database Stats (A0253)

If you are following the walkthrough, your database percentages should be the

Database:      76%
       Characters        75%
       Cultural          87%
       Events            80%
       Locations         82%
       Weapons           85%
       Organizations     76%
       Unknown           66%
       Town Report       68%
       Story             41%
       Tutorial         100%

2.6    Chapter 5:  Exploring Miltia City (A026)

Once you've gained control of Shion again, wander down to Miltia City. It's
currently under Martial Law.  You can find Update Files 8 and 9 here as well
as Federal Reports 1, 2 and 6.

2.6.1  Update File 8 (UF08)

This update file is fairly easy to find.  It is located in the East Sector
of Miltia City. This is the sector you enter first.

NOTE:  There are a number of side quests here so take time to explore, look
through the binoculars and recognize various sites from Episode I, talk to
people, play with items, etc.  Some of these quests cannot be accessed after
the middle of Chapter 7, so you might want to do them now.

As soon as the street makes a sharp Left, enter the building on your right.
You will need to go up 2 flights of stairs to get to the chest.  There is
another side quest on the roof involving a balloon.  And yes, you should now
have another Database Category at 100%.

Database      79%
     Town Report      100%
      (DB380)     ECCM
      (DB381)     Life-Sized Bunnie Plushy
      (DB385)     Mobile Fortress Elsa Project
      (DB389)     Schrodinger
      (DB390)     Assistant Number 2
      (DB391)     Assistant Number 3
      (DB396)     Frying Pan

2.6.2  Retrieving Federal Reports 1, 2, and 6.      (FedRep1)

If you just retrieve them as you find them, you will retrieve the Federal
reports in this order.

Federal Report 06. Find Federal Report 06, first.  It's on an observation deck
in a trash can in the West area of Miltia City.

NOTE: Looking through the binoculars on the deck, you will see the park
featured in KOS-MOS's Subconscious Domain from Episode 1. You can also start
the Seven Moons side quest here by talking to the young man, Andy, sitting on a
park bench in the area below and to the right of the observation deck.

Federal Report 01. Find Federal Report 01 in a console located on a side area
in the Western block of the city where you talk to Erin and Julia.  You need to
talk to them to do the Seven Moons sidequest.  Enter the door behind them, and
talk to the maintenance worker, Lancaster in the side yard near the stairs.
Destroy the console for him.

Federal Report 02. Find this Federal Report 02 in the Northern Block.  This
time it is behind Bailey.  Destroy both consoles.  One of them hides a chest
with a really nice E.S. item.

NOTE: You can also talk to Lodge here.  Once you do you can go back and talk to
the Andy again. You will probably need to run back and forth a few times
between them and Erin and Julia before the seven moons side quest is almost
complete. It nets you some nice items in Chapter 9, so you might consider doing
this one.

2.6.3  Update File 9 (UF09)

Update File 9 is located in the second room on the fifth floor of the Neurosis
Treatment Facility.  It adds seven items the Cultural category of the database.

Database 81%
     Cultural     96%
      (DB103)     Ethelle
      (DB107)     Comelle
      (DB118)     Connection Gear
      (DB119)     Commercial Model
      (DB128)     Seraphim Sisters
      (DB167)     University of Bormeo
      (DB171)     UNP

2.6.4  End of Chapter 5 Database Stats (A0264)

This is the database checkpoint for Chapter 5.

Database:      79%
       Characters        76%
       Cultural          96%
       Events            80%
       Locations         84%
       Weapons           87%
       Organizations     79%
       Unknown           66%
       Town Report      100%
       Story             45%
       Tutorial         100%

2.7    Chapter 6: Labrynthos   (A027)

This chapter takes place just before the Third Descent Operation.

When KOS-MOS is back in your party, upgrade your equipment, save and head out
into Miltia City.

You will find Update File 10.

2.7.1. Update File 10 (UF10)

Update File 10 is located in Labyrinthos in Margulis's room. Margulis's room is
located on the First Floor, just past the doors in the central hall area with
the Yellow Save and Blue Shop Plates. A chest with Jin's Swimsuit is in the
lower left corner of the room, and the chest with the Update File is in the
Lower right corner.  This Update File adds five items to the weapons category.

Database      83%
     Weapons      97%
      (DB240)     ECM
      (DB253)     Auto-Tech
      (DB258)     Target Drone
      (DB269)     Point Man
      (DB270)     Macrophage

2.7.2 End of Chapter 6 Database Stats (A0272)

If you have been following this walkthrough, another category has been added
towards your database complete.  This occurs near the end of the chapter after
you fix the E.S.'s.

Database:      84%
       Characters        77%
       Cultural          97%
       Events            80%
       Locations         84%
       Weapons          100%
       Organizations     79%
       Unknown           72%
       Town Report      100%
       Story             41%
       Tutorial         100%

2.8    Chapter 7: Third Descent Operation     (A028)

This chapter nets us the often missed Suou Uzuki's PDA, as well as potentially
Update File 03.  Update File 03 requires the input of all 8 Federation Reports
into the computer in the Elsa's Lab, so it is possible you will not be able to
complete it until Chapter 8.

NOTE: This is your last chance to complete any of the various side quests.
Complete them before you enter Labrynthos, as you will not have another chance.

2.8.1  Suou Uzuki's PDA (SUPDA)

This is another of the easily missed database update items.

You look for this one once you are going back into Labyrinthos to rescue Shion.
Retrieve Suou Uzuki's PDA from the staff room after you acquire the Staff room

The Staff Room. The staff room is located near to the Save Plate in Area 13.

To get to this Save Plate, enter Area 13, move right across the screen and down
another corridor to the characters right.  You will enter a hall containing
Segment Address 5 (behind some cabinets), stairs down, and doors to the extreme
left of the screen.  Enter the doors.  This corridor contains a Save Plate, and
the locked Staff Room.  At the end of the corridor is a locked gate.  This gate
can only be opened from the other side.

NOTE:  If you are entering this area using the encephalon, there will not be a
save plate here. Check the door though, as you might have gotten the key

The Staff Room Key. The Staff Room key is located down the corridor on the
other side of the locked gate.

To get to the Staff Room Key, go back out to the hall with Segment Address 5.
Take the stairs down to the next floor.  Follow the corridor around and through
a storage area.  Run up a flight of stairs, and pass by a windowed
interrogation room.  Follow the corridor around until you see the Save Plate on
the far end of the corridor behind a barred gate.  Take the first hall on your
right.  Go around the corner and destroy the boxes.  The Staff Room Key is in a
chest in one of the first boxes you open.

Go back out to the main corridor, and walk towards the Save Plate.  Access the
console next to the barred Gate.  Save. Unlock and enter the Staff Room. Go to
the desk and check out the shining object.  Take the PDA.

Database 84%
     Story        45%
      (DB416)     Suou Uzuki's PDA

2.8.2   Finding Federal Reports 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8     (FedRep2)

You need to find all the Federal Reports for 2 quests.  One is to acquire
Update File 03, the other is showing the reports to Loria who is now on the
second floor of the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility.

You cannot find a majority of the Federal Reports until after the Third Decent
Operation has begun.  If you have been following this walk through, you have
already found Federal Reports 1, 2, and 6.  If not, see section 2.6.3 (FedRep1)
for details.

Again, we will be covering these in order of discovery.  You can start
gathering the rest of these reports as you leave Labrynthos for the Old Church.

Federal Report 04. This report is located under some debris in the West area
near the door to the building where you destroyed a console to get Federal
Report 1.  It is on the left side of the building.

Federal Report 03. Find Federal Report 03 after destroying the U-TIC transport
in West Miltia, near where you found Federal Report 6 in a trashcan.

Federal Report 05. Receive Federal Report 05 from McDowell as he lies dying
under his favorite pillar.

Federal Report 07. This report is located in the burning area outside the
transport gate.   This one is located under burning rubble in the upper left
corner of the section.

To get there, exit the transport gate and run right to the ramp.  At the top of
the ramp, move towards the back, under the Marque.  Take the Ramp down to the
left as far as you can go.  You will see something shining on the ground. Take

Federal Report 08. This report is also located in the area outside the
transport gate.  Go back up to the Marque area, and take the sidewalk to the
right down to the street level. As you enter the street, turn left. Wind around
the rubble to the Lower right hand side of the screen.  You will see something
shining on the ground.  Take it.

You get Update File 03 by finding all the Federal Reports and entering them on
the console in the Robotics Lab on the Elsa.

The story does not allow you to do it much before Chapter 8 though.  You can
take all 8 files to Loria on level 2 of the Acute Treatment Facility for the

2.8.3   End of Chapter 7 Database Stats (A0283)

Here's a checkpoint for the end of Chapter 7.

Database:      84%
       Characters        77%
       Cultural          97%
       Events            80%
       Locations         84%
       Weapons          100%
       Organizations     79%
       Unknown           74%
       Town Report      100%
       Story             45%
       Tutorial         100%

2.9    Chapter 8: Beginning of the End Game (A029)

This chapter is split into two short and one long section.  You can get Update
File 03 right away as soon as you gain access to your characters.  You find
Update File 11 on the Merkabah, but you have to go back to get it at a later
date.  You find Update File 12 on board Durandal either during or after the
battle, and Update File 13 is in Abel's ark, easily accessible. Because of
this, only end of chapter statistics are going to be applied for these three

2.8.1  Update File 03  (UF03)

Now that you have all the Federal Reports, you can finally access the console
in the Laboratory on the Elsa.  Once you have checked in all the Federal

      (DB417)     Federal Report 01
      (DB418)     Federal Report 02
      (DB419)     Federal Report 03
      (DB420)     Federal Report 04
      (DB421)     Federal Report 05
      (DB422)     Federal Report 06
      (DB423)     Federal Report 07
      (DB424)     Federal Report 08

2.8.2  Update File 11 (UF11)

You have to go back to the Merkabah to get this one.  Return to the Merkabah to
the on-foot area of the Core.  Go to the back of the room to access the panel
there. Go back out to your E.S., and go to the Second Floor to access the core
area where the gate once stood.  Take your E.S.'s inside to find two chests.
One holds Update File 11.

2.9.3  Update File 12 (UF12)

You will find Update File 12 outside the door to the Bridge in the Durandal.

      (DB009)     Andrew Cherenkov
      (DB046)     Lieutenant Commander
      (DB070)     Betty
      (DB086)     Captain Moriyama
      (DB092)     Lapis Roman

2.9.4  Update File 13  (UF13)

You will find Update File 13 in the Red Sphere on Abel's Ark.  It is fairly
easy to find.  As you enter the area take the teleporter to the next level. You
will see 4 teleporters of different colors.  The white teleporter will lead you
to the Update File.

      (DB346)     Gnosis Transformation
      (DB348)     Gnosis [Cathedral Ship]
      (DB349)     Gnosis [Porter]

2.9.5      End of Chapter 8 Database Stats (A0295)

This is your last end of chapter checkpoint.  And, it is approximate, because
you can try beating the optional Boss Omega ID any time after you get through
with the last fight on the Durandal.  If you manage to beat it before the end
of this chapter, you will perhaps have an extra percentage point in the
Unknowns category.

Database:      88%
       Characters        82%
       Cultural          97%
       Events            80%
       Locations         84%
       Weapons          100%
       Organizations     79%
       Unknown           80%
       Town Report      100%
       Story             79%
       Tutorial         100%

2.10    Chapter 9: Michtam  (A210)

This is your last set of optional Update Files.  You fill find Update File 4,
and 5 in this Chapter. You should reach Database 100% right after the next to
the last fight.  If you have not, you do have the option at that time of going
back to the Elsa and finding what you have missed.  If you've gotten impatient,
you can also wait to Game Cleared to go back and complete everything.  Use the
table back up in the Overview section of this guide to find out what you have
missed, although if you are following this walkthrough, you are probably going
to be okay.

2.10.1  Update File 4  (UF04)

Update File 04 is located under a statue in front of entrance to the Archon
Cathedral on Michtam.  Destroy the statue.

     (DB088)     Julius XVII
     (DB054)     Sergius XIV
     (DB164) Divide and Rule Measure
     (DB190)     Archon Zone
     (DB209)     Draper
     (DB224)     E.A.P.F. (Educational Artificial Placenta Facility)
     (DB293)     Public Safety Commission
     (DB293)     J.M.I. (Jacob Medical Imprinting)
     (DB305)     C.P.C (Communication Promotion Committee)
     (DB308)     Anti-Patriarch Faction
     (DB315)     Federation Police Academy

2.10.2  Update File 5  (UF05)

Find Update File 5 in the Data Room in the Isolated Research Facility.  This
room is located at the end of the corridor containing both a Save and Shop

Access all the panels in the room to open the hidden door at the top of the
stairs. Enter the room to get the update.

      (DB001)     Ernest Luis
      (DB007)     Alexie Tsiolkovsky
      (DB025)     Klaus Torres
      (DB047)     Sean McCallum
      (DB028)     Kayla
      (DB056)     Zora
      (DB061)     Donald Marquand
      (DB081)     Mikhail Ortman
      (DB084)     Melisse Ortus

      (DB402)     History of Abraxas 01
      (DB403)     History of Abraxas 02
      (DB404)     History of Abraxas 03
      (DB405)     History of Abraxas 04

3.0      Optional Bosses: Some Strategies (A030)

Even though this is not a strategy guide, you have to beat Omega ID to get
database complete before you fight the final boss.  Although there are plenty
of stragegy suggestions out there by now, we've included a few to help out.

3.1    Omega id   (OMID)

Beating Omega id adds one item to the Unknowns in your database.  You can start
trying to beat Omega ID any time after you get the Weapons Development Area key
in Chapter 8.  It helps to beat Omega ID before you try to beat EKS, as you
gain access to the Dark EK ether.

The Brady Games Official Strategy Guide has some good clues on how to do this,
although even with their excellent strategies, I wasn't able to beat it until
Game Cleared during my first pass through the game. I beat it early in Chapter
9 during my second pass.

You probably won't be able to beat him until you get the best possible
equipment near the end of the game, as this fight is tough.  Make sure you have
D-Kill R and D-Kill C installed on any close range attack craft. The E.S.
Reuben comes to mind.  Also, make sure you have at least one Craft with
D-Sensor, and consider or adding D-Revenge, D-Counter and D-Charge accessories
as well.   Any of the D-Frame or D-Half disks are other good accessories to

Guard often and frequently.  Omega

I kept trying to beat Omega ID almost as soon as I got the Key to his area. One
time I almost beat Omega ID with only the E.S. Zebulin left, and all she  did
was Charge every round and Revenge and Counter when attacked. I kept forgetting
to do that with a full quota of E.S's, so I may have beaten Omega sooner.

The key to this fight is to watch Omega's wandering immunities, and then
charge, attack or use recovery items appropriately.  You can set your line up
formation so that your toughest hitter is on top to take advantage of Combo's,
although this tactic isn't always useful due to the wandering immunity problem.

You don't get game over for losing, so keep trying various combinations of
accessories until you get one that works.

Winning fight on Omega ID, gives you:

      (DB339)     Omega ID

3.2 Some thoughts on beating Erde Kaiser Sigma (A032)

This fight is just fun.  You can fight him as early as Chapter 3, but it will
be late in the game before you can beat him.  Too bad his Ether Attack doesn't
have any smart remarks attached.  He doesn't net any database points, so if you
are having problem beating him, wait until really late in the Game or Game
Cleared to try.  You might not be able to beat him until after Game Cleared,
but keep trying.

The winning strategy varies on how you have been developing your characters
skill lines, as well as what accessories are available to your lead characters,
and who you enjoy putting on the front line.

Again, this is a case where the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide is good,
but there are a number of different strategies to beat him.

He gets easier to beat if at least one character has either Best Ally or
Safety, and someone has a sensor to see where his weakest points are.  You
could also use chaos's final special "Beloved Gospel" if he has acquired it.

If you have All 3 EK ethers, just hit Sigma at his weakest point with the
appropriate Ether attack.

If you don't, you can get through his initial shields if your characters have
high enough Ether attacks of the appropriate ethers to get through his weak
points.  However, if you decide to do it that way, you miss the fun comments
that come with the various EK attack ethers though.

You can also have your characters load on the appropriate accessories such as
Heaven's Door, and Nine Stones, if you have them, and use their Final Ethers if
you have them.  He's vulnerable to Ether attacks after he puts up his first set
of shields, so you might want to start out with your heavy hitters and then
bring in the Heavy Ether attack folks once he puts up his shields.  You can
also start with your folks with the strong Ether attacks.


(B00X) Introduction & Explanation

The Database Entries chapter includes an alphabetical and  a "by number/
category" list of all entries, followed by all the Xenosaga Episode III - Also
Sprach Zarathustra Database contents from a 100% complete clear game Database.
Most of the time, Database Updates just add additional text to existing entries
or create new entries. However, there are some occasions where text passages
are changed completely. I will add those replaced parts in an additional
section at a later time.

You will notice that the entries of the tutorial section are only represented
by their titles. I decided to do this as they don't hold any actual story
content. I made some corrections to a few entries, all of which I'll list in a
subsection at the end of the Database entries section.

Each entry comes with a unique number shown as "(DBXXX)," this code can be used
for searching and cross-referencing inside this document.

Of course, all actual entry contents taken from the game are copyright Namco
Bandai or MonilithSoft, so reproducing any of the text for non-private use is a
violation of copyright law.

Now, please enjoy!!!

(B010) Entry List (Alphabetical)

A              (B01A)

-Abel (DB005)
-Abel's Ark (DB320)
-Absolute Coordinates (DB131)
-Absolute Standard Time (DB130)
-Abstract Cognitive Function (DB142)
-Abyss (DB187)
-Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility (DB200)
-AG Series (DB250)
-A.G.W.S. (DB244)
-Aizen Magus (DB002)
-Alby (DB004)
-Albedo Piazzolla (DB006)
-Alexei Tsiolkovski (DB007)
-Allen Ridgeley (DB008)
-Ambassador Lock-Up Incident (DB180)
-Amplifier (DB239)
-A.M.W.S. (DB245)
-A.M.W.S. [Doctus's] (DB247)
-A.M.W.S. [Jin's] (DB246)
-A.M.W.S. Pilum (DB249)
-A.M.W.S. Scutum (DB248)
-Andrew Cherenkov (DB009)
-Android (DB098)
-Anti-Patriarch Faction (DB308)
-Anti-U-DO Shift (DB261)
-Anti-U-DO Waveforms (DB369)
-Aoi Uzuki (DB003)
-Arbiter Code (DB321)
-Archon Cathedral (DB189)
-Archon Spaceport (DB188)
-Archon Zone (DB190)
-Artificial Personality Layer (DB170)
-Assistant Number 2 (DB390)
-Assistant Number 3 (DB391)
-Attract Inhibitor (DB238)
-Auto-Mode (DB127)
-Autonomous State (DB296)
-Auto-Tech (DB253)

B              (B01B)

-Betty (DB070)
-Blood of Abraxas (DB319)
-Boss (DB079)
-Brainjack (DB161)
-Bunnie (DB011)

C              (B01C)

-Cage Partition (DB113)
-Camelle (DB107)
-Canaan (DB021)
-Captain Moriyama (DB086)
-Carnegie Structure Law (DB106)
-Cathe (DB022)
-Catherine (DB020)
-C.A.T. Testing Ground (DB207)
-Cecilia (DB051)
-Cecily (DB052)
-Central Computer Pieta (DB141)
-Central Nervous System Disorder (DB143)
-chaos (DB027)
-Citrine (DB042)
-Coconut Monkey (DB387)
-Commercial Model (DB119)
-Compass of Order and Chaos (DB357)
-Condenser (DB254)
-Connection Gear (DB118)
-Contact Subcommittee (DB300)
-C.P.C. (DB305)
-C.S.R.C. (DB214)
-Curry (DB 108)
-Curry Gruel (DB 109)
-Cybernetic Engineering (DB121)
-Cyborg (DB122)

D              (B01D)

-Dabrye Mine (DB205)
-Dark Erde Kaiser (DB397)
-Dark Professor (DB398)
-Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory (DB399)
-Decoder (DB394)
-Designer Children (DB264)
-Device Activator Syringe (DB133)
-DIG-ß (beta) (DB126)
-Dimension Shift (DB375)
-Direct Approach (DB139)
-Disappearance of Planet Ariadne (DB186)
-Disconnect (DB147)
-Dive (DB136)
-Dive Pod (DB137)
-Dive Unit (DB138)
-Divide and Rule Measure (DB164)
-Diving Device (DB135)
-DME Addiction (DB146)
-Dmitri Yuriev (DB057)
-Dämmerung (DB201)
-Doctus (DB060)
-Donald Marquand (DB061)
-Draper (DB209)
-D.S.S.S. (DB263)
-Dummy Protocol (DB140)
-Durandal (DB206)

E              (B01E)

-E.A.P.F. (DB224)
-ECM (DB240)
-ECCM (DB380)
-Elsa (DB193)
-Encephalon (DB105)
-Enhanced Memory Model (DB110)
-Environmental Bug (DB104)
-Erde Kaiser (DB382)
-Erde Kaiser Fury (DB384)
-Erde Kaiser Sigma (DB383)
-Erich Weber (DB013)
-Ernest Luis (DB001)
-E.S. (DB322)
-E.S. Asher (DB323)
-E.S. Dan (DB328)
-E.S. Dinah (DB329)
-E.S. Gad (DB325)
-E.S. Issachar (DB324)
-E.S. Joseph (DB332)
-E.S. Judah (DB331)
-E.S. Levi (DB334)
-E.S. Naphtali (DB330)
-E.S. Reuben (DB333)
-E.S. Simeon (DB326)
-E.S. Zebulun (DB327)
-Ethelle (DB103)
-Euphrates (DB222)
-Executioner (DB354)
-Executive Committee (DB297)

F              (B01F)

-Febronia (DB068)
-Federation Council (DB317)
-Federation Emergency Powers Act (DB111)
-Federation Fleet (DB312)
-Federation Parliament (DB313)
-Federation Police (DB314)
-Federation Police Academy (DB315)
-Fifth Jerusalem (DB210)
-Floßhilde (DB267)
-Forbidden Device (DB395)
-Frying Pan (DB396)
-F.S.I. (DB316)

G              (B01G)

-Gaignun Kukai (DB019)
-Galaxy Federation (DB299)
-Gate Jump (DB115)
-Gate Out (DB114)
-Gedalya Autonomous State (DB198)
-Generator (DB255)
-Geocrystal (DB124)
-Geodesic Structure (DB125)
-Gnosis (DB345)
-Gnosis [Cathedral Ship] (DB348)
-Gnosis Phenomenon (DB347)
-Gnosis [Porter] (DB349)
-Gnosis Terrorism (DB179)
-Gnosis Transformation (DB346)
-Grimoire Verum (DB026)

H              (B01H)

-Hammer (DB067)
-Heat Death (DB154)
-Heinlein (DB065)
-Helmer (DB071)
-Hermann (DB072)
-Hilbert Effect (DB159)
-Holographic Mail Terminal (DB166)
-Holographic Network (DB165)
-Hoshino (DB400)
-Hyams (DB307)
-Hyperspace (DB155)

I              (B01I)

-Imaginary Pocket (DB100)
-Imaginary Space (DB344)
-Immigrant Fleet (DB284)
-Infected URTV (DB272)
-Inquisitors (DB336)
-Interconnection (DB101)
-Interlink (DB102)
-Isolated Reasearch Facility (DB191)
-Isolation Area (DB195)

J              (B01J)

-Jan Sauer (DB044)
-Jin Uzuki (DB048)
-J.M.I. (DB294)
-Joachim Mizrahi (DB090)
-Joaquin Rozas (DB074)
-Joshua (DB374)
-Jr. (DB045)
-Juli Mizrahi (DB089)
-Julius XVIII (DB088)

K              (B01K)

-Kayla (DB028)
-Kevin's Mother (DB031)
-Kevin Winnicot (DB029)
-Kevin Winnicot [Child] (DB030)
-Kirschwasser (DB024)
-Klaus Torres (DB025)
-Klein Point (DB112)
-KOS-MOS (DB035)
-KOS-MOS [Archetype] (DB032)
-KOS-MOS Archetype Basic Theory (DB350)
-KOS-MOS [Combat Frame] (DB034)
-KOS-MOS [Test Type] (DB033)
-Kukai Foundation (DB292)

L              (B01L)

-Labyrinthos (DB225)
-Lactis (DB091)
-Lake Turkana (DB208)
-Lapis Roman (DB092)
-Lemegeton (DB378)
-Leupold (DB281)
-Level 7 Personality Reconditioning (DB134)
-Lieutenant Commander (DB046)
-Life Recycling Law (DB175)
-Life-Sized Bunnie Plushy (DB381)
-Link Experiment (DB185)
-Link Master (DB376)
-Logical Drive (DB282)
-Logical Drive Pod (DB283)
-Lost Jerusalem (DB227)
-Luis Virgil (DB094)
-Luty (DB095)

M              (B01M)

-Macrophage (DB270)
-Maiden of Mary (DB373)
-Mai Magus (DB076)
-Maintenance Box (DB145)
-Margulis (DB075)
-Mary Godwin (DB083)
-Mary Magdalene (DB080)
-Mass Driver (DB168)
-Masuda (DB078)
-Matthews (DB077)
-Melisse Ortus (DB084)
-Mikhail Ortmann (DB081)
-Miltia (DB215)
-Miltia Charter (DB169)
-Miltian Autonomous State (DB217)
-Miltian Conflict (DB184)
-Miltian Hierocracy (DB216)
-Miltian Space (DB218)
-Miyuki Itsumi (DB082)
-Mobile Dinah Interface (DB262)
-Mobile Fortress Elsa Project (DB385)
-Moby Dick's Café (DB219)
-MOMO (DB085)
-M.W.S. (DB251)

N              (B01N)

-Natus Flamma (DB364)
-Natus Glacies (DB362)
-Natus Lumen (DB365)
-Natus Tellus (DB363)
-Nephilim (DB064)
-Net Preacher (DB366)
-Neural Monitoring (DB152)
-Nexus (DB306)
-Nexus 6 (DB153)
-Nigredo (DB063)
-Nursing Plant Incident (DB177)

O              (B01O)

-Omega Id (DB339)
-Omega Metempsychosis (DB341)
-Omega Res Novae (DB342)
-Omega Universitas (DB340)
-Orbital Elevator (DB196)
-Orbital Station (DB197)
-Orgulla (DB014)
-Original Zohar (DB343)
-Ormus (DB291)
-Ormus Stronghold (DB194)
-Other Professor (DB386)

P              (B01P)

-Paradigm Contamination (DB156)
-Patriarch (DB023)
-Pêche (DB069)
-Pedea Island (DB213)
-Pellegri (DB073)
-Pendant (DB372)
-People of Zohar (DB356)
-Personality Reconditioning Facility (DB202)
-Phase Transfer Cannon (DB257)
-Pilgrimage Fleet (DB353)
-Pilgrimage Meeting (DB352)
-Planet Abraxas (DB229)
-Planet Ariadne (DB230)
-Planet Atalya (DB228)
-Planet Carioca (DB231)
-Planet Keltia (DB232)
-Planet Michtam (DB236)
-Planet Senir (DB234)
-Planet Tessedora (DB235)
-Planet Zavarov (DB233)
-Plan 31 (DB182)
-Plan 401 (DB183)
-Pleroma (DB212)
-Point Man (DB269)
-Postwar Reparations (DB132)
-Primer Walking (DB160)
-Procurator (DB162)
-Prodigium (DB268)
-Professor (DB066)
-Program Canaan (DB370)
-Proprietary (DB163)
-Proto Merkabah (DB360)
-Proto Omega (DB371)
-PT Cartridge (DB265)
-Public Safety Commission (DB293)

R              (B01R)

-Realian (DB176)
-Recycler (DB120)
-Red Dragon (DB377)
-Rennes-le-Château (DB226)
-Revised M.W.S. (DB252)
-Rhine Maiden (DB280)
-Richard (DB093)
-Robot Academy (DB401)
-Roth Mantel (DB097)
-Rubedo (DB096)

S              (B01S)

-Safe House (DB129)
-Sakura Mizrahi (DB036)
-Sakura's House (DB199)
-Salvator (DB123)
-Schrodinger (DB389)
-Scientia (DB298)
-Scott (DB050)
-Sean McCallum (DB047)
-Secondary Weapons System (DB259)
-Second Miltia (DB204)
-Secret Data (DB361)
-Segment Address (DB392)
-Segment File (DB393)
-Sellers (DB053)
-Sequencer (DB388)
-Seraphim Sisters (DB128)
-Sergius XIV (DB054)
-Sergius XVII (DB055)
-Sharon Rozas (DB043)
-Shelley Godwin (DB037)
-Shion Uzuki (DB038)
-Shion Uzuki [Child] (DB039)
-S-Line Division (DB192)
-Song of Nephilim (DB367)
-Space-Time Anomaly (DB178)
-Special Technology Advancement (DB287)
-Species Preservation Act (DB116)
-Standard URTV (DB278)
-Sunken City (DB203)
-Suou Uzuki (DB049)

T              (B01T)

-Tactical Assault Ship Merkabah (DB256)
-Tactical Sim Lab (DB301)
-Target Drone (DB258)
-T-elos (DB059)
-Tertiary Weapons System (DB260)
-Testament (DB359)
-Testament [Black] (DB017)
-Testament [Blue] (DB015)
-Testament [Red] (DB016)
-Testament [White] (DB018)
-Tethlla Magus (DB058)
-The Old Church (DB211)
-Thirteenth Key (DB351)
-Tony (DB062)
-Trade Column (DB117)
-Transfer System (DB149)
-Transfer Wave (DB148)
-Transgenic Type (DB150)

U              (B01U)

-Überhumans (DB099)
-U-DO (DB337)
-U-DO Simulator (DB338)
-Ultra-Wide Range Hilbert (DB144)
-U.M.N. (DB172)
-U.M.N. Administration Bureau (DB220)
-U.M.N. Control Center (DB221)
-U.M.N. Pulse (DB174)
-U.M.N. Transfer Column (DB173)
-University of Bormeo (DB167)
-UNP (DB171)
-URTV (DB271)
-URTV Unit Number 623 (DB273)
-URTV Unit Number 666 (DB274)
-URTV Unit Number 667 (DB275)
-URTV Unit Number 668 (DB276)
-URTV Unit Number 669 (DB277)
-U-TIC Organization (DB310)

V              (B01V)

-Variant URTV (DB279)
-Vector First R&D Division (DB288)
-Vector Industries (DB286)
-Vector Second R&D Division (DB289)
-Vector Third R&D Division (DB290)
-Vessel of Anima (DB318)
-V.L.V. (DB285)
-Voyager (DB012)
-VX Series (DB266)

W              (B01W)

-Wellgunde (DB241)
-Whitening (DB368)
-Wilhelm (DB010)
-Woglinde (DB242)
-Woglinde II (DB243)

Y              (B01Y)

-Y-Data (DB379)
-Yeshua (DB335)
-Yukihira Togashi (DB087)
-Yuriev Institute (DB223)

Z              (B01Z)

-Zarathustra (DB358)
-Ziggy (DB040)
-Ziggurat 8 (DB041)
-Ziggurat Industries (DB295)
-Zoar Incident (DB181)
-Zohar Emulator (DB355)
-Zohar Project (DB309)
-Zora (DB056)

Number         (B011)

-100-Series Observational Unit  (DB157)
-100-Series Realian (DB158)
-117th Marine Division (DB302)
-1875th Special Ops Command (DB303)
-27-Series Asura (DB237)
-34th Special Transport Troop (DB304)
-474th Spec Ops Fleet (DB311)

Story          (B012)

-History of Abraxas 01 (DB402)
-History of Abraxas 02 (DB403)
-History of Abraxas 03 (DB404)
-History of Abraxas 04 (DB405)
-EPISODE I Summary 01 (DB406)
-EPISODE I Summary 02 (DB407)
-EPISODE I Summary 03 (DB408)
-EPISODE I Summary 04 (DB409)
-EPISODE II Summary 01 (DB410)
-EPISODE II Summary 02 (DB411)
-EPISODE II Summary 03 (DB412)
-EPISODE II Summary 04 (DB413)
-EPISODE II Summary 05 (DB414)
-End of EPISODE II to the present (DB415)
-Suou Uzuki's PDA (DB416)
-Federal Report 01 (DB417)
-Federal Report 02 (DB418)
-Federal Report 03 (DB419)
-Federal Report 04 (DB420)
-Federal Report 05 (DB421)
-Federal Report 06 (DB422)
-Federal Report 07 (DB423)
-Federal Report 08 (DB424)
-Miltian Conflict Report (DB425)

Tutorial       (B013)

-Save Points [Quest] (DB426)
-Destroying Objects [Quest] (DB427)
-Segments [Quest] (DB428)
-Encounters[Quest] (DB429)
-Traps[Quest] (DB430)
-Skill Line [Menu] (DB431)
-Character Battle Commands [Character Battle] (DB432)
-Character Parameters [Character Battle] (DB433)
-Boost [Character Battle] (DB434)
-Character Special Moves [Character Battle] (DB435)
-Break [Character Battle] (DB436)
-Target Control [Character Battle] (DB437)
-Character Characteristics [Character Battle] (DB438)
-Character Types [Character Battle] (DB439)
-E.S. Battle Commands [E.S. Battle] (DB440)
-E.S. Parameters [E.S. Battle] (DB441)
-E.S. Attack Methods [E.S. Battle] (DB442)
-Enemy Count [E.S. Battle] (DB443)
-Anima [E.S. Battle] (DB444)
-E.S. Special Moves [E.S. Battle] (DB445)
-Chains [E.S. Battle] (DB446)
-Team Combos [E.S. Battle] (DB447)
-Enemy Classes and Characteristics [Common] (DB448)
-Elements and Types of Attack [Common] (DB449)
-Status Enhancements [Common] (DB450)
-Status Ailments [Common] (DB451)
-Finish Strike [Common] (DB452)
-Back Attack [Common] (DB453)

(B020) Entry List (by category)

Characters     (B021)

(DB001)-Ernest Luis
(DB002)-Aizen Magus
(DB003)-Aoi Uzuki
(DB006)-Albedo Piazzolla
(DB007)-Alexei Tsiolkovskyi
(DB008)-Allen Ridgeley
(DB009)-Andrew Cherenkov
(DB013)-Erich Weber
(DB015)-Testament (Blue)
(DB016)-Testament (Red)
(DB017)-Testament (Black)
(DB018)-Testament (White)
(DB019)-Gaignun Kukai
(DB025)-Klaus Torres
(DB026)-Grimoire Verum
(DB029)-Kevin Winnicot
(DB030)-Kevin Winnicot [Child]
(DB031)-Kevin's Mother
(DB032)-KOS-MOS (Archetype)
(DB033)-KOS-MOS (Test Type)
(DB034)-KOS-MOS (Combat Frame)
(DB036)-Joachim Mizrahi
(DB037)-Shelley Godwin
(DB038)-Shion Uzuki
(DB039)-Shion Uzuki [Child]
(DB041)-Ziggurat 8
(DB043)-Sharon Rozas
(DB044)-Jan Sauer
(DB046)-Lieutenant Commander
(DB047)-Sean McCallum
(DB048)-Jin Uzuki
(DB049)-Suou Uzuki
(DB054)-Sergius XIV
(DB055)-Sergius XVII
(DB057)-Dimitri Yuriev
(DB058)-Tethlla Magus
(DB061)-Donald Marquand
(DB074)-Joaquin Rozas
(DB076)-Mai Magus
(DB080)-Mary Magdalene
(DB081)-Mikhail Ortmann
(DB082)-Miyuki Itsumi
(DB083)-Mary Godwin
(DB084)-Melisse Ortus
(DB086)-Captain Moriyama
(DB087)-Yukihira Togashi
(DB088)-Julius XVII
(DB089)-Juli Mizrahi
(DB090)-Joachim Mizrahi
(DB092)-Lapis Roman
(DB094)-Luis Virgil
(DB097)-Roth Mantel

Cultural       (B022)

(DB100)-Imaginary Pocket
(DB104)-Environmental Bug
(DB106)-Carnegie Structure Law
(DB109)-Curry Gruel
(DB110)-Enhanced Memory Model
(DB111)-Federation Emergency Powers Act
(DB112)-Klein Point
(DB113)-Cage Partition
(DB114)-Gate Out
(DB115)-Gate Jump
(DB116)-Species Preservation Act
(DB117)-Trade Column
(DB118)-Connection Gear
(DB119)-Commercial Model
(DB121)-Cybernetic Engineering
(DB125)-Geodesic Structure
(DB126)-Dig-ß (Beta)
(DB127)-Auto Mode
(DB128)-Seraphim Sisters
(DB129)-Safe House
(DB130)-Absolute Standard Time
(DB131)-Absolute Coordinates
(DB132)-Postwar Reparations
(DB133)-Device Activator Syringe
(DB134)-Level 7 Personality Reconditioning
(DB135)-Diving Device
(DB137)-Dive Pod
(DB138)-Dive Unit
(DB139)-Direct Approach
(DB140)-Dummy Protocol
(DB141)-Central Computer Pieta
(DB142)-Abstract Cognitive Function
(DB143)-Central Nervous System Disorder
(DB144)-Ultra-Wide Rage Hilbert
(DB145)-Maintenance Box
(DB146)-DME Addiction
(DB148)-Transfer Wave
(DB149)-Transfer System
(DB150)-Transgenic Type
(DB152)-Neural Monitoring
(DB153)-Nexus 6
(DB154)-Heat Death
(DB156)-Paradigm Contamination
(DB157)-100-Series Observational Unit
(DB158)-100-Series Realian
(DB159)-Hilbert Effect
(DB160)-Primer Walking
(DB164)-Divide and Rule Measure
(DB165)-Holographic Network
(DB166)-Holographic Mail Terminal
(DB167)-University of Bormeo
(DB168)-Mass Driver
(DB169)-Miltia Charter
(DB170)-Artificial Personality Layer
(DB173)-U.M.N. Transfer Column
(DB174)-U.M.N. Pulse
(DB175)-Life Recycling Law

Events         (B023)

(DB177)-Nursing Plant Incident
(DB178)-Space-Time Anomaly
(DB179)-Gnosis Terrorism
(DB180)-Ambassador Lock-Up Incident
(DB181)-Zoar Incident
(DB182)-Plan 31
(DB183)-Plan 401
(DB184)-Miltian Conflict
(DB185)-Link Experiment
(DB186)-Disappearance of Planet Ariadne

Locations      (B024)

(DB188)-Archon Spaceport
(DB189)-Archon Cathedral
(DB190)-Archon Zone
(DB191)-Isolated Research Facility
(DB192)-S-Line Division
(DB194)-Ormus Stronghold
(DB195)-Isolation Area
(DB196)-Orbital Elevator
(DB197)-Orbital Station
(DB198)-Gedalya Autonomous State
(DB199)-Sakura's House
(DB200)-Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility
(DB202)-Personality Reconditioning Facility
(DB203)-Sunken City
(DB204)-Second Miltia
(DB205)-Dabrye Mine
(DB207)-C.A.T. Testing Ground
(DB208)-Lake Turkana
(DB210)-Fifth Jerusalem
(DB211)-The Old Church
(DB213)-Pedea Island
(DB216)-Miltian Hierocracy
(DB217)-Miltian Automous State
(DB218)-Miltian Space
(DB219)-Moby Dick's Café
(DB220)-U.M.N. Administration Bureau
(DB221)-U.M.N. Control Center
(DB223)-Yuriev Institute
(DB227)-Lost Jerusalem
(DB228)-Planet Atalya
(DB229)-Planet Abraxas
(DB230)-Planet Ariadne
(DB231)-Planet Carioca
(DB232)-Planet Keltia
(DB233)-Planet Zavarov
(DB234)-Planet Senir
(DB235)-Planet Tessedora
(DB236)-Planet Michtam

Weapons        (B025)

(DB237)-27-Series Asura
(DB238)-Attract Inhibitor
(DB243)-Woglinde II
(DB246)-A.M.W.S. (Jin's)
(DB247)-A.M.W.S. (Doctus's)
(DB248)-A.M.W.S. Scutum
(DB249)-A.M.W.S. Pilum
(DB250)-AG Series
(DB252)-Revised M.W.S.
(DB256)-Tactical Assault Ship Merkabah
(DB257)-Phase Transfer Cannon
(DB258)-Target Drone
(DB259)-Secondary Weapons System
(DB260)-Tertiary Weapons System
(DB261)-Anti-U-DO Shift
(DB262)-Mobile Dinah Interface
(DB264)-Designer Children
(DB265)-PT Cartridge
(DB266)-VX Series
(DB269)-Point Man
(DB272)-Infected URTV
(DB273)-URTV Unit Number 623
(DB274)-URTV Unit Number 666
(DB275)-URTV Unit Number 667
(DB276)-URTV Unit Number 668
(DB277)-URTV Unit Number 669
(DB278)-Standard URTV
(DB279)-Variant URTV
(DB280)-Rhine Maiden
(DB282)-Logical Drive
(DB283)-Logical Drive Pod

Organizations  (B026)

(DB284)-Immigrant Fleet
(DB286)-Vector Industries
(DB287)-Special Technology Advancement
(DB288)-Vector First R&D Division
(DB289)-Vector Second R&D Division
(DB290)-Vector Third R&D Division
(DB292)-Kukai Foundation
(DB293)-Public Safety Commission
(DB295)-Ziggurat Industries
(DB296)-Autonomous State
(DB297)-Executive Committee
(DB299)-Galaxy Federation
(DB300)-Contact Subcommittee
(DB301)-Tactical Sim Lab
(DB302)-117th Marine Division
(DB303)-1875th Special Ops Command
(DB304)-34th Special Transport Troop
(DB308)-Anti-Patriarch Faction
(DB309)-Zohar Project
(DB310)-U-TIC Organization
(DB311)-474th Spec Ops Fleet
(DB312)-Federation Fleet
(DB313)-Federation Parliament
(DB314)-Federation Police
(DB315)-Federation Police Academy
(DB316)-F.S.I. (Federal Special Inspection)
(DB317)-Federation Council

Unknown        (B027)

(DB318)-Vessel of Anima
(DB319)-Blood of Abraxas
(DB320)-Abel's Ark
(DB321)-Arbiter Code
(DB323)-E.S. Asher
(DB324)-E.S. Issachar
(DB325)-E.S. Gad
(DB326)-E.S. Simeon
(DB327)-E.S. Zebulun
(DB328)-E.S. Dan
(DB329)-E.S. Dinah
(DB330)-E.S. Naphthali
(DB331)-E.S. Judah
(DB332)-E.S. Joseph
(DB333)-E.S. Reuben
(DB334)-E.S. Levi
(DB338)-U-DO Simulator
(DB339)-Omega id
(DB340)-Omega Universitas
(DB341)-Omega Metempsychosis
(DB342)-Omega Res Novae
(DB343)-Original Zohar
(DB344)-Imaginary Space
(DB346)-Gnosis Transformation
(DB347)-Gnosis Phenomenon
(DB348)-Gnosis [Cathedral Ship]
(DB349)-Gnosis [Porter]
(DB350)-KOS-MOS Archetype Basic Theory
(DB351)-Thirteenth Key
(DB352)-Pilgrimage Meeting
(DB353)-Pilgrimage Fleet
(DB355)-Zohar Emulator
(DB356)-People of Zohar
(DB357)-Compass of Order and Chaos
(DB360)-Proto Merkabah
(DB361)-Secret Data
(DB362)-Natus Glacies
(DB363)-Natus Tellus
(DB364)-Natus Flamma
(DB365)-Natus Lumen
(DB366)-Net Preacher
(DB367)-Song of Nephilim
(DB369)-Anti-U-UDO Waveforms
(DB370)-Program Canaan
(DB371)-Proto Omega
(DB373)-Maiden of Mary
(DB375)-Dimension Shift
(DB376)-Link Master
(DB377)-Red Dragon

Town Report    (B028)

(DB381)-Life-Sized Bunnie Plushy
(DB382)-Erde Kaiser
(DB383)-Erde Kaiser Sigma
(DB384)-Erde Kaiser Fury
(DB385)-Mobile Fortress Elsa Project
(DB386)-Other Professor
(DB387)-Coconut Monkey
(DB390)-Assistant Number 2
(DB391)-Assistant Number 3
(DB392)-Segment Address
(DB393)-Segment File
(DB395)-Forbidden Device
(DB396)-Frying Pan
(DB397)-Dark Erde Kaiser
(DB398)-Dark Professor
(DB399)-Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory
(DB401)-Robot Academy

Story          (B029)

(DB402)-History of Abraxas 01
(DB403)-History of Abraxas 02
(DB404)-History of Abraxas 03
(DB405)-History of Abraxas 04
(DB406)-EPISODE I Summary 01
(DB407)-EPISODE I Summary 02
(DB408)-EPISODE I Summary 03
(DB409)-EPISODE I Summary 04
(DB410)-EPISODE II Summary 01
(DB411)-EPISODE II Summary 02
(DB412)-EPISODE II Summary 03
(DB413)-EPISODE II Summary 04
(DB414)-EPISODE II Summary 05
(DB415)-End of EPISODE II to the present
(DB416)-Suou Uzuki's PDA
(DB417)-Federal Report 01
(DB418)-Federal Report 02
(DB419)-Federal Report 03
(DB420)-Federal Report 04
(DB421)-Federal Report 05
(DB422)-Federal Report 06
(DB423)-Federal Report 07
(DB424)-Federal Report 08
(DB425)-Miltian Conflict Report

Tutorial       (B02X)

(DB426)-Save Point [Quest]
(DB427)-Destroying Object [Quest]
(DB428)-Segments [Quest]
(DB429)-Encounters [Quest]
(DB430)-Traps [Quest]
(DB431)-Skill Line [Menu]
(DB432)-Character Battle Commands [Character Battle]
(DB433)-Character Parameters [Character Battle]
(DB434)-Boost [Character Battle]
(DB435)-Character Special Moves [Character Battle]
(DB436)-Break [Character Battle]
(DB437)-Target Control  [Character Battle]
(DB438)-Character Characteristics [Character Battle]
(DB439)-Character Types [Character Battle]
(DB440)-E.S. Battle Commands [E.S. Battle]
(DB441)-E.S. Parameters [E.S. Battle]
(DB442)-E.S. Attack Methods [E.S. Battle]
(DB443)-Enemy Count [E.S. Battle]
(DB444)-Anima [E.S. Battle]
(DB445)-E.S. Special Moves  [E.S. Battle]
(DB446)-Chains [E.S. Battles]
(DB447)-Team Combo [E.S. Battles]
(DB448)-Enemy Classes and Characteristics [Common]
(DB449)-Elements and Types of Attacks [Common]
(DB450)-Status Enhancements [Common]
(DB451)-Status Ailments [Common]
(DB452)-Finish Strike [Common]
(DB453)-Back Attack [Common]

(B030) Database Entries (by category)

(B031) Characters

(DB001)-Ernest Luis

The person appointed Chief of the 1875th Special Ops Command in place Chief
Sean McCallum after McCallum's capture, which had been orchestrated by Yuriev.

He follows rules strictly and is absolute in his obedience to a superior's
orders. Upon McCallum's capture, he was given the order to arrest the Abraxas

--Link: Sean McCallum, 1875th Special Ops Command, Dmitri Yuriev

(DB002)-Aizen Magus

An elderly resident of the Dabrye Mine on Miltia. Originally a labor immigrant
from another star system after Miltia became a republic, he worked as a mine
laborer along with his son, Tethlla.

However, the degradation of working conditions that resulted from the transfer
of mining rights from the Miltian government to the U-TIC Organization led to a
increase in anti-U-TIC Organization sentiment. As a result, he became a central
figure to the quasi-resistance organization against the U-TIC Organization.

Though that resistance was later defeated by the U-TIC Organization, Aizen, in
his love for the mine, remains there today with his granddaughter, Mai, hoing
for the mine's revival.

People like Aizen, as immigrant workers not aware of Miltia's transformation
from theocracy to republic, busied themselves with complaints about their own
circumstances, viewing the world with a somewhat narrow-minded perspective.

--Link: Dabrye Mine, Tethlla Magus, Mai Magus

(DB003)-Aoi Uzuki

Shion's mother. Originally from the Basilis system, which, despite its
proximity to the Federation capital, is largely populated by people from the
Immigrant Fleet. Aoi is thought to possess a trait common amongst the People of
Zohar of Abraxas--a compatibility with U-DO--latently within her.

As a result of this latent characteristic, Aoi became the subject of U-DO
observation and ultimately slipped into a coma due to the resulting stress.

--Link: Immigrant Fleet, U-DO, Shion Uzuki


The miniature albino dog that Jr. began to keep on the bridge of the Durandal
after the death of Albedo.

"He's an albino, so he's Alby," is the reason Jr. gave for the name, though it
also suggests lingering thoughts of Albedo.

The dog is very friendly towards Jr. and Shion, but stubbornly continues to
dislike Gaignun.

--Link: Jr., Albedo Piazzolla, Gaignun Kukai


The boy confined within the Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing Ground
where the Zohar Project is being conducted. He is the exclusive pilot of Omega.

Abel is the material (real) form of the higher-dimensional existence U-DO
(which exists without the concept of an individual, and is defined exclusively
in the subjective terms by the observer), whose discarnate (imaginary) form is
the Ark.

He acts in the capacity of the control device for Omega, which uses the Zohar
as its principal energy source. Yuriev used Abel, to wield the power of Omega
to use as a weapon against God.

U-DO first assumed Abel's form during the time of Lost Jerusalem, at the same
time as Nephilim appeared, suggesting some link between the two.

--Link: Nephilim, C.A.T. Testing Ground, Lost Jerusalem, Zohar Project, U-DO,
Dmitri Yuriev, Omega Metempsychosis, Omega Res Novae, Original Zohar

(DB006)-Albedo Piazzolla

Named after the alchemical process of whitening as put forth in C.G. Jung's
"Psychology and Alchemy." URTV unit number 667, is a variant with milky white

A being with recuperative abilities that surpass even nanomachines in
rebuilding speed, he is practically immortal.

Like Jr., he is a survivor of the URTV (U-DO Retro Virus) force that was
artificially created to oppose U-DO. He developed a mental instability as a
result of U-DO waveform contamination during the Miltian Conflict and destroyed
the URTV force to which he belonged.

Born as conjoined twins with Jr., the two strongly felt like they were a part
of each other's body even after they were separated.

His U-DO contamination was the result of the collapse of that psychic bond,
caused when Jr. (Rubedo) shut his mind out in fear of U-DO going out of
control. Albedo consequently felt that he had been betrayed and abandoned by
his other half--his own brother. His obsessive manner when dealing with Jr. was
a result of the psychological shock he had received at that time.

His half-mad personality was the result of U-DO contamination, but even before
that incident he was unable to understand the fear of injury or death
experienced by others due to his immortal condition. Perhaps as a reaction to
this, he developed an acute fear of rejection and solitude, and was
pathologically with forming relationships with others.

After the Miltian Conflict, he was found lying unconscious under the central
shaft of the Song of Nephilim by Sellers, who had attempted to escape from
Miltia by forcing the Song to surface.

At this time, Albedo was half-dead, presumably as a result of being hit by
waveforms which had been released by Nigredo, the URTVs' failsafe and acting

Once he finally recovered from the attack of his would-be executioner, Albedo
turned to the U-TIC Organization and Ormus. He joined forces with Margulis and
Sellers to obtain the Y-Data which Joachim Mizrahi had left, although Albedo's
true objective was a complete link with U-DO (which is the only possible way of
granting his desire for oblivion). Together with Margulis, he doggedly pursued
MOMO, Mizrahi's final creation, in order to revive the Zohar that slept on

His unnatural fixation on MOMO was the result not only of his desire to seize
the Y-Data, but also of the relationship shared between Jr. and the girl on
whom MOMO had been modeled, Sakura Mizrahi.

Sakura and Jr.'s friendly behavior caused Albedo to feel lonely and excluded,
eventually leading him to enviously wonder how he might interact with others in
the same fashion. However, being unable to understand others' pain, and
consequently unable to touch their hearts, he could only express his emotions
in a twisted manner.

His seemingly cruel behavior towards not only MOMO, but the Kirschwassers as
well, was another warped reflection of his envious feelings towards such unity
and emotional communion.

Having obtained the Y-Data, revived Miltia, and finally linked again with U-DO,
Albedo was assimilated into U-DO, becoming one with its waveforms and awaited
oblivion at the hands of Jr.'s anti-waveforms.

While Albedo's true desire was unity with Jr., his choice of death was the only
means of escaping from the impossibility of that reality--motivated by the
thought that, if unity is impossible, oblivion is the next best thing.

He achieved oblivion at Jr.'s hands by accepting U-DO's characteristics into a
part of himself--in his mind, this must have been the best was to get close to
Jr.. His choice to rely on Jr., even though he could have used his URTV ability
to cause a mutual annihilation effect with U-DO on his own, is further proof of
this notion.

While oblivion did grant a portion of his wish, it was also undeniably an
effort to escape the reality he faced.

Wilhelm negotiated with Albedo, proposing to unify him with Jr. Albedo
recognized his true desire and was reborn as a Testament. Albedo initially
attempted to fill his role as a Testament, but instead chose to perish with
Dmitri, who had merged with U-DO through Omega.

He attempted to use the power of the Testament to perish with Dmitri, in order
to protect Jr.; however, Gaignun took his place at the last minute, effectively
fulfilling Albedo's true desire--achieving a true psychic union with Jr..

--Link: Kirschwasser, Sakura Mizrahi, Jr., URTV Unit Number 667

(DB007)-Alexei Tsiolkovskyi

Leader of the anti-U.M.N. organization V.L.V. and an archetypical hot-blooded
male, easily moved by emotion. He exhibits a preternatural genius for

The respect he commands from organization members stems from the decisiveness
he exhibits through his strike force.

--Link: U.M.N., V.L.V.

(DB008)-Allen Ridgeley

Former Vice Chief of Vector Industries' First R&D Division's KOS-MOS Project
Joint Operations Systems Development.

Joined Vector'S First R&D Division in T.C. 4764 after graduating from the
University of Bormeo. While two years older than former Chief Shion Uzuki, he
is one year her junior at Vector.

Acting as Vice-Chief for the duration of Shion's time at Vector, he continually
supported Shion and garnered her trust and that of his subordinates with his
diligent work ethic. The term "simple" and "honest" describe this affable young
man perfectly.

He was appointed R&D Chief after Shion's departure from Vector and was sent to
the Galaxy Federation Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing Ground on Fifth

He cares for Shion, but due to past events concerning Shion and her former love
Kevin Winnicot and his own personal insecurities regarding Kevin, he does not
often express his thoughts and emotions.

His family appears to be quite wealthy, but he prefers to avoid relying on
them. His hobby is fishing.

He matures, albeit gradually, through the time he spends with Shion and the
others, ultimately showing his manhood by excoriating Kevin for using Shion and
KOS-MOS, and brushing away the last doubts in Shion's heart.

Although the distance between his and Shion's hearts has drawn noticeably
closer since the incident on Michtam, his true worth as a man will be measured
from hereon, in how he grows closer still.

--Link: Kevin Winnicot, KOS-MOS, Shion Uzuki, Vector Industries, Vector First
R&D Division

(DB009)-Andrew Cherenkov

His official rank is Galaxy Federation Naval Commander. He was positioned
aboard the cruiser Woglinde as vice-captain in order to investigate the
disappearance of planet Ariadne. His true identity, however, is as a worker for
the U-TIC Organization--Ormus.

Created as a tool of war by the Life Recycling Law a year after the outbreak of
the Zoar Incident, he was
 unable to find meaning in his life even on the battlefield.

Unable to reintegrate into society after the war's end, he became isolated and
eventually began committing heinous crimes. After rejecting his third
personality reconditioning treatment, his feelings of betrayal drove him to
murder his wife, daughter, and countless others, and he was always haunted by
specters of the dead.

However, upon joining the U-TIC Organization after being scouted by Margulis,
he managed a startling transformation. He successfully completed any mission
given to him by Margulis, be it attacking Vector's research facility on planet
Carioca in order to steal KOS-MOS, or directing the string of experiments which
caused the disappearance of planet Ariadne.

Following the Gnosis attack upon the cruiser Woglinde, he joined Shion and the
others as a spy for the U-TIC Organization, until the point when he mutated
into a giant Gnosis within the Cathedral Ship and attacked Shion.

In his final moments, he was ultimately able to reflect upon himself and the
world that had rejected him as his life drew to an end.

--Link: Margulis, Life Recycling Law, Disappearance of Planet Ariadne,
Woglinde, U-TIC Organization, Gnosis


Founder and CEO of interplanetary conglomerate Vector Industries. Having
created the U.M.N., a giant network unifying all of space, and built facilities
for hyperspace navigation, the company has become the de facto nucleus of all
civilization, with a firm grasp of all the latest technology.

Once the Galaxy Federation Executive Committee Director, his origins and
personal history are shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, in addition to his
official role, he command the secret order of cloaked figures known as
Testaments, attempting to meddle with the destinies of Shion, KOS-MOS, and the

The only ones to understand Wilhelm's fixation with Shion and KOS-MOS--his
purpose and motivation--are the Testaments, and even they may not truly
understand his plans.

Supposedly, his office is constantly filled with the music of Wagner.

Calling chaos Yeshua an reading the movements of the Compass of Order and
Chaos, he plots to change the very shape of the world. In trying to bend the
movement of the God-ordained compass towards his own desired conclusion, he
makes himself a traitor unto God.

What he is attempting to accomplish can be inferred from the words he once
spoke to Kevin as a boy: eternal recurrence. Millennia ago, when the will of
humanity resonated with chaos' power of Anima-- the failsafe of the
universe--the universe's destruction was ordained.

Wilhelm chose eternal recurrence through Zarathustra as a means of averting
that destruction--rewinding time to the past and living an eternal cycle.

Vector, Ormus, the Testaments, and finally KOS-MOS and Shion--he waited until
the moment that all the necessary factors were lined up.

It is unsure whether the current cycle is the tenth recurrence, or even the
hundredth, but the distortions created by the repetition gradually changed
people's consciousness. Ultimately, mankind rejected his power, choosing to
progress to the future by their own will.

While his methods differed from Shion's, Wilhelm undoubtedly sought to save the
world just the same. Or perhaps what he truly wanted was a revolution in
mankind's consciousness, brought about by the cyclical recurrence of time.

--Link: chaos, KOS-MOS, U.M.N., Vector Industries, Compass of Order and Chaos,
Zarathustra, Testament, Kevin Winnicot, Shion Uzuki, Vessel of Anima


A caricature of a rabbit, well-known across all regions of the galaxy.

Said to be originally the creation of a children's book author from planet
Tessedora in the T.C. 4630s, but the facts are uncertain. As a result of the
character's ambiguous copyright status, a variety of industries have used its
cuteness to sell merchandise, creating a mass of wealth.

The character is just as popular even now, in the latter half of the T.C.
4700s; toy store franchises like TOYS UNIVERSE have introduced original
variations on the character in addition to selling the original design. Shion
has been a huge fan since childhood, and uses it as the procurator for her
connection gear.

--Link: Connection Gear, Procurator, Shion Uzuki


A follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others several times as
a Testament.

Before becoming a Testament, he was a Federation Police Inspector named Erich
Weber. Erich, formerly a U.M.N. net addict, was struck with fear of the end
that U-DO would bring; ultimately, this contact brought about in him an
unslakable thirst for power.

Assuming the name Voyager, he drived pleasure from assimilating the
consciousness of other people into his network and controlling them, hoping to
eventually ascend to a level of being equal to U-DO. Once he realized his wish
would never be fulfilled while he remained bound by his human shell, he chose
to cast aside his physical body and became a Testament.

Throughout his fight with Ziggy, he takes joy in exploiting the emotions in
Ziggy's heart.

--Link: Wilhelm, Erich Weber, U.M.N., U-DO, Testament, Shion Uzuki

(DB013)-Erich Weber

Originally from planet Abraxas, his prefrontal cortex has been damaged since
early childhood. His compensatory habit of constructing a working memory within
the U.M.N. brought with it the side effect of net addiction.

Though his ID showed him to be 28 years old at the time of T.C. 4667, his true
age is believed to be over 150 years old.

His official occupation was a police officer, and his role was to provide
external support as an operator to members diving into virtual space through
the U.M.N.. Additionally, one of his major responsibilities was to operate
Bugs, the support robot.

--Link: U.M.N., Planet Abraxas


Ormus Patriarch Sergius XVII's personal battle cyborg.

Originally a specialized cyborg used in U.M.N. transfer experiments, an
accident during an experiment led to dissociative identity disorder, yielding
split personalities. After subsequent adjustments, she became a battle cyborg
in the Patriarch's personal guard, a role well suited to her aggressive

Usually, the owner of a calm and obedient personality, her aggressive
personality is forced awake upon entering battle, where she becomes a

--Link: Sergius XVII, Cyborg, Ormus

(DB015)-Testament [Blue]

A blue-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others
several times as a Testament.
Luis Virgil's Testament form.

See Luis Virgil

--Link: Wilhelm, Luis Virgil, Testament

(DB016)-Testament [Red]

A red-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He constantly monitors Shion and KOS-MOS as
a Testament, under Wilhelm's direct orders.

Kevin Winnicot's Testament form. See Kevin Winnicot.

--Link: Wilhelm, Kevin Winnicot, KOS-MOS, Testament, Shion Uzuki

(DB017)-Testament [Black]

A black-cloaked follower of Wilhelm. He appears before Shion and the others
several times as a Testament.
Ziggy called him Voyager, suggesting that the two shared some connection in the
past. Voyager's Testament form.

See Voyager.

--Link: Wilhelm, Voyager, Ziggy, Testament

(DB018)-Testament [White]

A white-cloaked follower of Wilhelm.
He was made a Testament by Wilhelm after the space-time anomaly in Miltian

The details surrounding this are unknown.

Albedo Piazzolla's Testament form. See Albedo Piazzolla.

--Link: Albedo Piazzolla, Wilhelm, Testament

(DB019)-Gaignun Kukai

Representative Trustee of the Galaxy Federation Miltian Autonomous State's
special foundation, the Kukai Foundation. Like Jr., he is a survivor of the
URTV (U-DO Retro Virus) force that was created to combat U-DO.

Named for the alchemical process of blackening as put forth in C.G. Jung's
"Psychology and Alchemy."
URTV Unit Number 669, a variant possessing the name Nigredo (pitch black).

Presently hiding his identity as a URTV, he fills the role of Representative
Trustee for the Kukai Foundation, along with Jr..

Black-haired, with dark green eyes. Calm in personality, he shoulders the trust
and expectations of the Foundation members and holds powerful political
influence. He was lauded for his defense and unification of victims prior to
the enactment of the Species Preservation Act.

He possesses the power to control the thoughts of others and the power of
hypnotic suggestion (interference with a person's consciousness), using his
voice as a medium.

If Jr. is the practical controlling force behind the Kukai Foundation's
activities, it can be said that Gaignun is the political force. It is through
the combined efforts of them both that the Kukai Foundation's continued
existence is made possible; without either, it would fail.

Taken in by Helmer after the Miltian Conflict, Gaignun inherited the name of
Zoze Kukai upon establishment of the Foundation. Incidentally, "Zoze Kukai" is
the name of a fictitious industrialist invented by the Second Miltian
government in order to pool special activities capital.

Unlike the other URTVs, Gaignun was not programmed to react to U-DO waveforms.
His true role was to act as a failsafe in the event that a powerful variant
went berserk--specifically, the elimination of Jr..

Furthermore, Dmitri Yuriev planned to extend his own life by transplanting his
psyche into Gaignun, due to Gaignun's special powers. After his body was taken
over by Dmitri, Gaignun was forced to work towards Dmitri's goals, regardless
of his own will.

This ultimately brought about the military occupation of the Durandal and the
awakening of Abel's Ark.

Although Gaignun was asleep in the far reaches of Dmitri's consciousness, he
was made well aware of Albedo's true desire to be rid of both Gaignun and
Dmitri, and made it a reality by forcing Albedo's consciousness into Jr.'s
body, so he could annihilate himself along with Dmitri.

--Link: Jr., Dmitri Yuriev, URTV, Kukai Foundation, U-DO, Albedo Piazzolla


One of the transgenic type Realians manufactured by Joachim Mizrahi. Addresses
by the nickname Cathe.

Manufactured by the order of Sergius XVII according to concrete data taken from
Febronia that was tuned and used as the core of a system to control U-DO.
Febronia refers to her as he little sister, but Realians possess neither blood
relatives nor the concept of parents or siblings; strictly speaking, she is
actually Febronia's clone.

Febronia asks Shion to release their consciousness from the dual bonds of
humanity and U-DO. She hopes for the release of all Realian consciousness.

--Link: Cathe, Sergius XVII, Febronia, Joachim Mizrahi, Transgenic Type,
Realian, U-DO


A special enhanced memory model Realian on loan from Vector to Second Miltia.

He possesses hand-to-hand battle capabilities superior to those of combat
Realians; in this case, however, those abilities are better suited for use as
an E.S. pilot, rather than in battle.

Canaan was install with Program Canaan, and the recording component
("personality") used was that of Lactis, a subordinate of Ziggy during his
time as a Federation Police officer.

From the fact that Canaan's memories of the Federation Police returned even
after the recording of the Federation Police returned after the recording
component had been reformatted, it was deduced that the memories and
consciousness of Realians exist, like humans', within the realm of the
collective unconscious.

The special characteristics of Program Canaan allowed him to secure a bypass
route to Wilhelm's power. Canaan, cleverly using Voyager's desires, connected
Voyager's consciousness with that power, causing Voyager to overflow, and
destroying him along with Canaan's own body.

--Link: Wilhelm, Voyager, Ziggy, Lactis, Realian, E.S., Program Canaan,
Enhanced Memory Model, Vector Industries


Nickname for Catherine, younger sister of Febronia.
A transgenic type Realian.

See Catherine.

--Link: Catherine, Febronia, Transgenic Type, Realian


The highest authority in the Ormus religious society, and sovereign of the
Immigrant Fleet, his name is Sergius XVII.

Those who hold the position of Patriarch within Ormus--the core of the
Immigrant Fleet--are the protectors of the Zohar; they usually possess the
ability to link with the Zohar and draw out a portion of its power. While this
can be said of all the "people of Zohar" who protected the Zohar during the
evacuation of Earth, due to the thinning of the bloodline over the ages, very
few people retain this ability, even within Ormus.

He planned to monopolize control of the Original Zohar sleeping within Old
Miltia in the hopes of solidifying the Immigrant Fleet's superiority over the
Galaxy Federation. This was likely the result of both the historical background
of the Federation's oppression and exploitation of the Immigrant Fleet as a
minority, and the connection held by Sergius XIV with the Federation's

Sergius controlled the military of the Old Miltian Hierocracy, which was
largely comprised of Fleet Immigrants. He moved the Mizrahi Cerebral Sciences
Research Center, a division of the Federation's Zohar Research Organization,
from planet Michtam to Old Miltia, renaming it the U-TIC Organization and
placing it under Professor Mizrahi's administration. Top-secret anti-Federation
lans were developed behind the scenes there. Wilhelm's actions as Ministry
Cabinet Chair lay behind the fact that the Federation cast a blind eye upon the
establishment of the U-TIC Organization.

He activated Proto Omega on Old Miltia, but it was destroyed by a Testament.

--Link: Sergius XVII, Immigrant Fleet, Ormus, U-TIC Organization, People of
Zohar, Proto Omega, Planet Michtam, Original Zohar


The general term for the observational Realians constructed by Professor
Joachim Mizrahi in order to collect data to use for MOMO's development.
"Kirschwasser" is also the term for cherry brandy.

Broadly interpreted, both MOMO and the Kirschwassers are Realians which
Professor Mizrahi built for the sake of his daughter Sakura; the circumstances
surrounding their construction, however, are visibly quite different.

MOMO is the entity closest to Sakura and was born complete. The Kirschwassers,
on the other hand, were merely tools of the experiment, made so that MOMO could
be completed, and then to be disposed of. To the Kirschwassers, MOMO is the
subject of both admiration and envy.

That is not necessarily to say that many of the Kirschwassers that traveled
with Albedo felt jealous of MOMO.

The reason the Kirschwassers never left Albedo's side, no matter how harshly he
treated them, was because of a strong resonance with the close, yet
untouchable, existence in Albedo's life, and the feelings similar to
unconditional love that it inspired.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Realian, Albedo Piazzolla, Sakura Mizrahi, MOMO

(DB025)-Klaus Torres

The only son of Irene Torres, President of the Torres Foundation, which
primarily deals with the Immigrant Fleet and the spaceport industry on planet

Brainjacked by Voyager while at a summit held to bring the Immigrant Fleet and
Galaxy Federation together, he committed suicide within virtual space.

--Link: Planet Abraxas

(DB026)-Grimoire Verum

The former Chief of Vector's Zohar Research Department. He was the one
responsible for causing the Zohar to go berserk thousands of years ago,
destroying Lost Jerusalem; six months ago, he brought about the Gnosis

He went into hiding within the U.M.N., sending Gnosis under his control to
attack the capital cities of various planets, and ultimately died within the

Though his crimes are officially listed as the work of an individual, he was in
Vector's custody prior to the occurrence. Furthermore, the fact that Grimoire
summoned and controlled Gnosis in an area under special Vector control, the
S-Division, motivated Shion Uzuki to think that Vector and the U.M.N. might be
connected with the Gnosis phenomenon, and to begin her investigation along with

Although many details behind the Gnosis terrorism were lost with Grimoire's
death, such as his motive and goal, one source suggests that he likely shared a
deep connection with the girl known as Nephilim, an that the Gnosis terrorism
was part of a search for her.

Vector has denied any and all connection to Grimoire or the Gnosis terrorism,
and to this day refuses to comment on the events.

--Link: U.M.N., Gnosis Terrorism, S-Line Division, Lost Jerusalem, Gnosis,
Vector Industries, Original Zohar


A slight boy with an expression perpetually brimming with sorrow and a
farsighted and philosophical manner of speech. Distinguished by his transparent
eyes and silver hair.

He is the human incarnation of Anima, a power derived from the collective
unconscious and present since the beginning of the universe in this dimension.
His powers act as a failsafe for all of dimensional space.

As the resolve of his powers would mean the destruction of dimensional space,
his powers were divided up into parts by his antithesis, Mary Magdalene
(Animus) in the distant past.

chaos regained his former powers through KOS-MOS's awakening, and left the
possibility of a future in the hands of Abel-- U-DO that chose to remain in
this lower dimension. chaos unleashed the power of Anima, performing a
dimensional shift with Nephilim, the recipient of Mary's power, leading the
consciousness of mankind to Lost Jerusalem.

He still exists as the universe's failsafe. Because of his fate ordained by
God--or perhaps because people struggling against their own fates desire his
existence--his future form still lies within the chaotic darkness. But chaos
continues to believe. The future will be born illuminated by the radiance of

--Link: Abel, KOS-MOS, Nephilim, Mary Magdalene, Lost Jerusalem, U-DO, Vessel
of Anima


An early-type Realian installed with Program Canaan.

Confidante of Wilhelm and an active server for the data collected by Realians
installed with Program Canaan stationed throughout the galaxy.

--Link: Wilhelm, Realian, Program Canaan

(DB029)-Kevin Winnicot

Central figure to the KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation. Shion's superior and

A man of great brilliance with a bright future ahead of him, until he was
killed protecting Shion during an accident in which the Archetype went out of
control during an activation test. After his death, Shion continued his work,
taking the development of KOS-MOS into her own hands.

Though generally a gentle young man who inspired trust in his subordinates, his
expression was occasionally darkly clouded.

A native of Michtam, he escaped by the hand of his fatally injured mother when
the planet was destroyed as a result of the Zohar going out of control.

Seceral years later, while at the C.S.R.C. during university, Kevin transferred
along with Joachim to the U-TIC Organization, where he completed the initial
planning of KOS-MOS on his own.

After the Miltian Conflict, he took the fundamental theory behind KOS-MOS and
joined Vector.

The surname Winnicot is from his foster parents who took him in after his
escape from Michtam; it is unknown whether Kevin is his true given name or not.
Regardless, it remains true that as a native of Michtam-- inheritor of the
blood of Abraxas, his lineage is steeped in deep connection to the Zohar.

--Link: KOS-MOS, C.S.R.C., KOS-MOS [Archetype], Shion Uzuki, Joachim Mizrahi,
Planet Abraxas, Planet Michtam, Vector Industries, Original Zohar

(DB030)-Kevin Winnicot [Child]

T.C. 4747. Following the destruction of planet Michtam, a resource recovery
ship rescued a young boy assumed to have escaped in a pod. Upon hearing of a
survivor, the Federal Accident Investigation Committee attempted to question
him regarding the details of the accident, but the boy was unable to recount
much, due to the shock of the tragedy, and the Committee's efforts ended in

Eventually placed in an orphanage, he was quickly accepted by foster parents,
thanks to his keen intelligence. The surname Winnicot was taken from these
parents; he refused to mention anything except for the name Kevin, and his
original surname is unknown.

Reports from the orphanage confirm that he carried a pendant thought to be a
memento of his mother. His foster parents died in the ensuing Miltian Conflict,
in which Realians across the galaxy went berserk.

--Link: Planet Michtam, Kevin's Mother

(DB031)-Kevin's Mother

A woman who lived on planet Michtam--Abraxas.
Kevin's mother and inheritor of the bloodline of the people of Zohar. She
became a Gnosis at the time of Michtam's destruction.

The pendant passed from Kevin to Shion was originally a possession of his
mother, its composition the same as that of Michtam's underground ruins -
Zarathustra, which leads one to believe that  either she or her husband were
not only descendants of the people of Zohar, but in addition had a deep
connection with the ruins.

--Link: Planet Michtam, People of Zohar, Zarathustra, Pendant, Kevin Winnicot,
Planet Abraxas

(DB032)-KOS-MOS [Archetype]

In Jungian psychology, the archetype is the portion of the mind which is passed
on hereditarily. It is said to be the model upon which the unconscious,
instinctive workings of the mind are structured.

The archetype was designed and constructed for the purpose of monitoring Shion.
All of its functionality was contained within the core unit, which was later
recovered and installed in KOS-MOS.

Kevin, needing to die in front of Shion's eyes, had secretly installed a
program into the archetype causing it to go out of control. the program was
later engaged via the startup key which Kevin had given to Andrew.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Andrew Cherenkov, Kevin Winnicot, Shion Uzuki

(DB033)-KOS-MOS [Test Type]

The frame put together by Shion and the others after transplanting the core
module of the partially-destroyed Archetype into a spare frame. Christened
KOS-MOS Version 1.

Partially in order to shake off memories of the incident when the Archetype
went out of control, the exterior of this model's design was much closer to
that of a human body. Several monitoring sensors were installed inside of the
body to record real-world data.

--Link: KOS-MOS, KOS-MOS [Archetype], Shion Uzuki

(DB034)-KOS-MOS [Combat Frame]

The frame created by the Second R&D Division on Second Miltia during the
KOS-MOS OS tests. Vector staff refer to it as Version 2.

In order to shield her internal organs from shocks delivered to the outer body
during combat, her body was filled with fluorescent blue anti-G gel. The
Hilbert emission device. which had taken the form of a visor in Version 1, was
miniaturized and installed into he forehead. Her body was designed with the
implementation of the Tertiary Weapons System in mind; its resilience was
increased dramatically.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Tertiary Weapons System, Vector Industries, Vector Second R&D


A female-shaped battle android developed by the interplanetary conglomerate
Vector Industries. A being created entirely from mechanical parts,
exceptionally rare in this area of advanced Realian technology.

Prioritizing the three fundamentals of logic, efficiency, and duty, she
protects her creator Shion unconditionally. She is equipped with an "Artificial
Personality OS" in hopes of facilitating smooth communication with others, and
her tone is that of an android subservient to humans. As she is actually just
prioritizing logic and efficiency, however, she can often be difficult to

KOS-MOS is the term applied to the entire anti-Gnosis combat system; it stands
for "Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems."

Why were KOS-MOS's repairs that took place on the Miltia of the past within
Shion's deep memory, a type of imaginary space, reflected in the real world?
One reason is the fact that actions in one portion of the U.M.N., the deep
memory--that is to say, the collective unconscious-- are equivalent to those in
the real world according to one definition, where the difference is strictly
subjective-- brought about by the observer's recognition of it as such.

Though KOS-MOS awakened as Mary Magdalene as a result of T-elos' defeat, Mary's
original memories and characteristics have undergone a transformation, leading
to the creation of an entirely new personality which is both Mary and not Mary
at the same time. This is fundamentally analogous to Sakura's transformation
into MOMO.

--Link: Mary Magdalene, Android, Vector Industries, Shion Uzuki

(DB036)-Sakura Mizrahi

The daughter of Joachim Mizrahi and Juli, upon whom MOMO was modeled.

Suffering from a congenital brain defect, she was unable to speak or
communicate her feelings in the real world. While staying at the Yuriev
Institute for treatment, she met Rubedo, who was in the middle of anti-U-DO

After showing Rubedo and Albedo a meaning to their lives beyond that of weapons
fated to eventually disappear, she entrusted to them her younger sister who
would later be born--a new consciousness named MOMO--and passed away.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Rubedo, Yuriev Institute, Albedo Piazzolla, MOMO, Juli

(DB037)-Shelley Godwin

A mutant born through Life Recycling. Secretary to Gaignun Kukai and the
Durandal's Operator.

She administrates the workings of the ship according to Jr.'s orders. An
intelligent woman with coolheaded and precise judgement. Practically a sister
to Mary, who shares her origins. She is able to communicate telepathically with
Mary via interlink.

Originally an illegal test subject at a pharmaceutical company, she and Mary
now reside with the Kukai Foundation after being taken in by Gaignun.

--Link: Gaignun Kukai, Jr., Überhumans, Interlink, Durandal, Kukai Foundation,
Mary Godwin, Life Recycling Law

(DB038)-Shion Uzuki

Former Chief of Vector First R&D Division's KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation
Systems Development.

She entered Vector Industries's First R&D Division in T.C. 4763 at the age of
18. Though two years younger than Allen, her accelerated pace made her one year
his senior at Vector.

Following the Gnosis terrorism, she left Vector and enlisted the help of
Scientia in pursuit of the truth behind that string of incidents and the hidden
dangers of the U.M.N..

Only a few people know that she has a congenital, unique sense that has allowed
her to see into imaginary space since early childhood--impossible, for most
people. The holographic glasses she wears were a present from Kevin during her
time at Vector; they serve not to correct her vision, but to control this

However, as this sense of hers is not active all the time, and as she "has
gotten used to it," she removes the glasses when they present an inconvenience
to her daily life.

Her consciousness has existed since the time of Lost Jerusalem as the Maiden,
when she enjoyed a close relationship with Mary Magdalene. Her brief vision of
the distant past was not through KOS-MOS's memory, but through her own.

It can be deduced from KOS-MOS's last words that Shion's former self died as a
result of being caught up in some larger occurrence, and that KOS-MOS (Mary)
had been unable to protect her.

After discovering Allen's feelings for her on Michtam, Shion took the first
step towards her independence. Shion, for whom Kevin's existence was so large
that it had occluded Allen's feelings for her until then, might have felt that
Allen, who lived in a world entirely opposite from her own, could better
provide her heart a place of respite than Kevin, whose circumstances mirrored
her own.

A traveler headed to Lost Jerusalem. The end of a journey spanning thousands
upon thousands of years, setting out from a new dawn to rebuild the world. The
intersection of countless consciousnesses, and what awaits them there...

--Link: KOS-MOS, Mary Magdalene, Gnosis Terrorism, Lost Jerusalem, Vector
Industries, Scientia, Allen Ridgeley, Kevin Winnicot, Vector First R&D
Division, Maiden of Mary

(DB039)-Shion Uzuki [Child]

Shion at age eight. Prior to the Miltian Conflict she traveled to the Acute
Neurosis Treatment Facility with her father Suou in order to visit her mother
Aoi. This was the same time during which she met Febronia, and a period that
left her with trauma that influenced her even in adulthood.

--Link: Febronia, Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility, Aoi Uzuki, Shion Uzuki,
Suou Uzuki


After his death in the line of duty in T.C. 4667 at the age of 30, his remains
were donated for body augmentation. He resumed his post two years later as a
battle cyborg. His current posting is Contact Subcommittee member Juli Mizrahi.
His name in life was Jan Sauer.

The final rank he held in life was detachment captain for the 1875th Special
Ops Command. He later worked on tracking the Voyager incident with Melisse
Ortus, founder of Scientia, and Lactis, a Canaan-type Realian in the special
investigation unit.

During his time in the detachment unit, his and Voyager's relationship was that
of superior and subordinate. Voyager sensed the loneliness in Ziggy's heart and
invited him to join the Testaments, but Ziggy decisively rejected Voyager's
temptations by shooting himself in the head.

It is possible that Ziggy's heart knew peace for the first time after Voyager
was sent away after the destruction of Michtam. No one knows how much longer
his brain will survive. However, for as long as he can, he'll do what he was
unable to do before--dedicate his life protecting those he cares about. Such
was his promise to his departed friends.

--Link: Voyager, Jan Sauer, Melisse Ortus, Juli Mizrahi, Lactis, Cyborg,
Contact Subcommittee, 1875th Special Ops Command

(DB041)-Ziggurat 8

The model number of Ziggy's body and the general name for Ziggurat Industries'
Type 8 model battle cyborg.

Different from the consumer models, this body was designed specifically for law
enforcement use and features exceptional nerve impulse reaction speeds,
resilience, and resistance to bullets. Of course, special machinery is required
for its maintenance, and the upkeep costs are considerable.

Though Ziggurat Industries has long since closed their now-obsolete production
lines in this era of the Galaxy Federation's Realian technology, the individual
combat and defense capabilities of cyborgs still trump those of combat
Realians, and Ziggurat Industries supposedly still supplies replacement parts
to official organizations that continue to choose their product.

Ziggurat Type 8 models typically transfer their neural infrastructure from a
Realian base body to they inhabit while off-duty into their cyborg body when
deployed on a mission. Ziggy, however, remains in his Type 8 body at all times
out of personal preference, and does not require a Realian base body.

--Link: Ziggy, Cyborg, Ziggurat Industries


URTV unit number 668. The 668th UTRV created by Dmitri Yuriev.

She was given the ability to function as a failsafe in the event that URTV unit
number 666, Rubedo, went out of control. Genetically XX--that is to say,
female--her physical capabilities are identical to those of her male
counterpart, Nigredo, as a result of Salvator's genetic modification
technology. They differ only in that she does not also function as a host for

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Nigredo, Rubedo, Salvator, URTV, URTV Unit Number 666,
URTV Unit Number 668

(DB043)-Sharon Rozas

A doctor at the Federation Police Hospital. Her husband was an officer, but
died in the line of duty. She lived with her young son Joaquin.

As a result of assisting with the Federation Police special investigations
unit's case regarding Voyager, she remembered that she had once been called one
of the people of Zohar.

Furthermore, her heart connected with the awkward but pure Jan and she
remarried in T.C. 4667. However, shortly after her marriage, she was killed by
the U.M.N. terrorist Voyager.

--Link: Voyager, Jan Sauer, People of Zohar, Joaquin Rozas

(DB044)-Jan Sauer

Ziggy's name in life. Stationed in the Federation Police 1875th Special Ops
Command. He departed for planet Abraxas as captain of the detachment
responsible for the suppression of U.M.N. terrorist Voyager on orders for his

In T.C. 4667, he died in the line of duty while pursuing Voyager. According to
reports, he shot himself in the head as the result of psychological instability
brought on by the pressures of the long-term investigation.

A registered donor, his remains were ultimately collected by Ziggurat

--Link: Voyager, Planet Abraxas, Ziggurat Industries, 1875th Special Ops
Command, Federation Police


A survivor of the URTVs--the special group of people created based on data
collected from U-DO, the discarnate entity that threatened the Galaxy
Federation in the past, in order to be its anti-existence. His official name is
URTV unit number 666, Rubedo.

He was born from the same embryo as URTV unit number 667, Albedo.

He has the ability to activate the special anti-U-DO waveform mode Red Dragon,
which causes mutual destruction upon contact with U-DO. In order to contain
that dual-edged power, Jr. has half-subconsciously halted the development of
his own body. However, as this mutual destruction extends only to Jr. and the
observational terminal part of U-DO, from a cost-benefit perspective, his
powers cannot be called a complete anti-U-DO solution.

It is difficult to think that Dmitri, having personally experienced direct
contact with U-DO, would have created the URTV's without realizing this.
Perhaps it is more likely that Jr. and his kind were created out of a need to
accumulate data before Dmitri could ascend to an existence equivalent to U-DO.

In fact, Dmitri, who had been monitoring Albedo's subconscious through Canaan,
obtained the Y-Data, revived the relic of God, and proceeded to the Ark in
order to become His kin.

Jr. was able to reunite with Albedo through Gaignun's sacrifice. Although
objectively his condition became that of two minds inhabiting a single body,
his relationship with Albedo is like the two sides of a single being.

--Link: Rubedo, URTV, URTV Unit Number 666, URTV Unit Number 667, U-DO,
Anti-U-DO Waveforms, Red Dragon, Albedo Piazzolla, Gaignun Kukai

(DB046)-Lieutenant Commander

A member of the U-TIC Organization and subordinate to Andrew. He went
undercover aboard the Woglinde in order to secure the Zohar.

A short-tempered man, constantly barking at his subordinates, "Quit slacking!"

He boarded the Naglfar Cannon in the Sunken City of Old Miltia and stood in the
way of Shion and the others. He has an estranged older brother.

--Link: Sunken City, U-TIC Organization, Andrew Cherenkov

(DB047)-Sean McCallum

Chief of the Federation Police 1875th Special Ops Command. He displays absolute
obedience to orders given from above. A fundamentally stubborn man, but also
thorough in his consideration for his subordinates.

Especially in regards to Jan Sauer--perhaps, because he once worked under Jan's
father, he displays a level of understanding comparable to an adoptive father.

--Link: Jan Sauer, 1875th Special Ops Command, Federation Police

(DB048)-Jin Uzuki

Former Captain of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Intelligence Bureau. Older
brother of Shion.

While in the military, he was ranked directly under Margulis and was Pellegri's
superior. He and Margulis both learned swordsmanship under Jin's grandfather,
Ouga Uzuki.

After becoming aware of Margulis's treachery during the Miltian Conflict, Jin
received information from his father Suou and began his own secret-information
activities under then-Lieutenant General Helmer. His relationship with chaos
also began during this period.

While he shared a deep connection with Pellegri during his time in the
Federation military, they never walked the same path again, due to the
differences in their relative stations. It is a particularly sad conclusion
considering that his mother Aoi, like Pellegri, had inherited the bloodline of
the Immigrant Fleet, and the same blood clearly ran through Jin.

Though his life was lost defending chaos in the Zarathustra battle, his
spirit--his consciousness-- travels alongside Nephilim to the distant land of
Lost Jerusalem. Perhaps his consciousness, like those of countless others, lies
in sleep eternal, awaiting the appointed day. Until a time when all had

--Link: chaos, Helmer, Pellegri, Margulis, Immigrant Fleet, Aoi Uzuki, Shion
Uzuki, Suou Uzuki

(DB049)-Suou Uzuki

Supervisor for the Federation Special Inspection Office of Advanced Technology
Department of Energy.
Father of Shion and Jin.

Supervisor for the Federation government who was sent to monitor the U-TIC
Organization. Despite officially being a government-established body, the large
concentration of former citizens of the Immigrant Fleet amongst its staff
provoked the fears of the Federation.

Though initially rigorous in his work, after Suou was contacted by Ormus, he
began to issue reports to the Federation government which served the interests
of Ormus--the Immigrant Fleet--in return for medical treatment for his wife
Aoi. The U-TIC Organization's budget was expanded at Suou's recommendation,
leading to increased armament for Miltia's former autonomous military--the
principal force of the U-TIC Organization.

Increasingly stricken by feelings of guilt as a result of this arming of the
U-TIC Organization and Miltia's former government, which had long resented
their incorporation into the Federation, Suou made contact with Jin, then a
member of the Federation Special-Ops, and leaked secret information regarding
the U-TIC Organization--Ormus.

Jin passed that information to Lieutenant General Helmer of the Special-Ops
Command on planet Zavarov, and a troop drop operation onto Miltia was planned.
At the same time, the secret information was also passed to Dmitri at the
Yuriev Institute on Zavarov; responsible for providing technological support
to the Special Ops, he planned to use the URTVs to take over Miltia completely.

--Link: Helmer, Immigrant Fleet, Ormus, U-TIC Organization, Aoi Uzuki, Shion
Uzuki, Jin Uzuki, Galaxy Federation, F.S.I.


A young man originally from planet Brezza.

Originally only visiting the Kukai Foundation out of his interest in Lost
Jerusalem-era antiques, he found it so comfortable there that he stayed on.

Later, finding a kindred spirit in an elderly man at the Iron Man bar, he moved
in the the Robot Academy and now works night and day as the elderly Professor's
assistant, researching giant robots. A huge fan of liquor, despite his reserved

--Link: Professor, Kukai Foundation, Robot Academy, Erde Kaiser


One of the transgenic type Realians manufactured by Joachim Mizrahi. Addressed
by the nickname Cecily.

Manufactured by order of Sergius XVII according to concrete data taken from
Febronia that was tuned and used as the core of a system to control U-DO.
Febronia refers to her as her little sister, but Realians possess neither blood
relatives nor the concept of parents or siblings; strictly speaking, she is
actually Febronia's clone.

Febronia asks Shion to release their consciousness from the dual bonds of
humanity and U-DO. She hopes for the release of all Realian consciousness.

--Link: Cecily, Sergius XVII, Febronia, Joachim Mizrahi, Transgenic Type,
Realian, U-DO


Nickname for Cecilia, younger sister of Febronia.
A transgenic type Realian.

See Cecilia.

--Link: Cecilia, Febronia, Transgenic Type, Realian


A colleague of Joachim who participated alongside him in the U-TIC
Organization's Zohar research.He feels an obsessive sense of rivalry towards

After Joachim's death, Sellers plagiarized his life's work and directed a
series of experiments using an Emulator at the Ormus Department of Sacraments.
He presently works for the Federation on the development of Omega Res Novae
under Dmitri Yuriev.

A man perpetually fixated on surpassing the heights reached by Joachim Mizrahi.

Sellers originally came from the Federation, not the Immigrant Fleet. After
discovering the existence of Ormus, he made contact through a personal
connection. Though he held the position of Assistant Director of the Department
of Sacraments, he had no official rank within Ormus.

Even though, after the collapse of Miltia, Sellers saw the Federation's
advantage and used his connections with Dmitri to join Salvator and the
Federation, his decision was motivated exclusively by self-interest in
achieving his goals, and not through any personal loyalty to the Federation.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Ormus, U-TIC Organization, Omega Res Novae, Joachim

(DB054)-Sergius XIV

The Patriarch of the Immigrant Fleet's radical faction who conspired with
Voyager to assassinate Julius XVIII, a proponent of reconciliation with the
Galaxy Federation.

Despite his plans to directly utilize the energy of the Zohar and to seize
total control of planet Abraxas, the Federation interfered with the political
workings of planet Abraxas as a result of the incident in which the Zohar went
out of control, forcing him to abdicate as Patriarch before his ambitions could
be fulfilled.

--Link: Voyager, Julius XVIII, Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet, Galaxy
Federation, Original Zohar

(DB055)-Sergius XVII

The Ormus Patriarch. Though he overwhelmed Shion and the others on Miltia by
using Proto Omega, his existence was obliterated by the Testaments.

Sergius, like all people of the Zohar, possessed the ability to make contact
with the faint waves put out by the Zohar; but as an Ormus Patriarch, his power
was stronger than normal. It is believed that this is what allowed him to
control Proto Omega remotely. However, his powers were not as fully awakened as
those of the test subjects kept in Labyrinthos, who had made direct contact
with U-DO.

--Link: Patriarch, Labyrinthos, Ormus, U-DO, People of Zohar, Proto Omega,
Original Zohar


Secretary-type android. Government-issue Galaxy Federation-made android
stationed as Dmitri Yuriev's assistant.

An existence like Zora's--an android made entirely of artificial parts--was
hardly a rarity in the T.C. 4600s, before Realian technology became practical.
It is said that they were more highly valued than human workers for the
reliability of their memory and the precision of their work, making them
well-suited to schedule maintenance and other routine work.

Types with a variety of external appearances were made to suit the needs of
various applications. As a secretary-type, Zora was made in a female form,
although that sexist way of thinking was met with more than a few complaints.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Android

(DB057)-Dmitri Yuriev

Former Galaxy Federation Parliament Member and donor of the genes used in URTVs
like Jr. and Gaignun. quite influential during his time in parliament, he
retains many connections within the Federation to this day.

Though said to have died prior to the Miltian Conflict, he stepped back onto
the public stage at the time of the Ormus-caused space-time anomaly in Miltian
space. An ambitious man, and a schemer.

He operates a private research facility, the Yuriev Institute. After his
awakening, he takes control of the Salvator faction in parliament as well as
military forces and moves to secure the Zohar.A test subject in a living matter
transportation experiment conducted in the earliest days of the U.M.N., he made
contact with U-DO during the experiment and was contaminated. Additionally, he
was the Galaxy Federation's first Salvator.

The terror he felt at the time resulted in trauma which later motivated him
to assemble the URTVs in the hope of obliterating U-DO entirely. Using the
special powers he developed as a result of his contact with U-DO, he projected
consciousness into the body of URTV survivor Gaignun Kukai and gripped the
reins of the Zohar Project.

--Link: Jr., Salvator, Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO, Gaignun Kukai, Original

(DB058)-Tethlla Magus

Central figure of the resistance movement organized by mine workers in the
Dabrye Mine to combat the harsh working conditions forced upon them by the
U-TIC Organization.

He was captured by the U-TIC Organization during the mine workers' riots. He
was subsequently held as a connection experiment test subject at Labyrinthos,
where he lost his life.

While his father Aizen Magus is convinced that the U-TIC Organization
murdered Tethlla during the riots, Tethlla's daughter Mai Magus still believes
somewhere in her heart that her father is still alive.

--Link: Aizen Magus, Mai Magus, Dabrye Mine, Labyrinthos, U-TIC Organization


The cutting-edge android built by Kevin to replace KOS-MOS.

T-elos boasts capabilities that far exceed KOS-MOS's in all respects. Kevin
began work on the design during his childhood in Old Miltia, and a portion of
his design data was passed on to Ormus by Sellers, their acting technology

The name "T-elos" is derived from the ancient Greek word for the ultimate
state of being or limitless power.

Over 80% of the body structure is based on the reanimated body of Mary
Magdalene, recovered from Rennes-le-Château, and thus can be rightly described
as flesh and blood.

The reason why T-elos nevertheless vastly surpasses KOS-MOS Version 3 is
because T-elos interfaces directly with the U.M.N., regulating the material
domain data.

Intending to assimilate the consciousness of KOS-MOS, the half of Mary that
exists in imaginary space, and become a single whole, T-elos is instead
defeated by the awakened KOS-MOS.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Sellers, Mary Magdalene, U.M.N., Miltia, Rennes-le-Château,
Ormus, Kevin Winnicot


Agent of the underground organization Scientia, chiefly responsible for
directing infiltration and combat units.

A woman who carries out her missions in a calm and collected manner. She met
Jin Uzuki six months ago during the investigation into Grimoire's Gnosis
terrorism, and subsequently followed Shion when she left Vector to join her
investigating Vector and the U.M.N..

Her body is a remote control-type android, controlled by the real Doctus by
projecting her consciousness into its artificial brain to manipulate the body.
Her real location is top secret information even within the ranks of Scientia,
and is only known by a select few of the higher-ups within the organization.

She frequently speaks in Latin, saying things such as:

Unus magister est optimus.
"Practice makes perfect."

Errare humanum est.
"To err is human."

--Link: Android, Gnosis Terrorism

(DB061)-Donald Marquand

Temporary Representative to the planet Abraxas Archon Zone during the late T.C.

Amidst a climate of reconciliatory policies between the Immigrant Fleet and the
Galaxy Federation, he was suspected of controlling a far right-wing
organization in favor of the Federation. In an effort to wipe away that
scandal, he assembled a group of children who had inherited the bloodline of
the Immigrant Fleet, which was under Abraxas's galactic jurisdiction, to form
the Goodwill Ambassadorship. He held an amnesty summit to bring the Immigrant
Fleet and Galaxy Federation together, but the event was targeted by Voyager.

He resigned as the result of an investigation into his responsibility in the
Ambassador Lock-Up Incident.

--Link: Ambassador Lock-Up Incident, Planet Abraxas, Archon Zone


Helmsman of the Kukai Foundation cilivian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.
While gentlemanly in appearance, his personality visibly shifts to that of a
daredevil once he grips the helm. He is the childhood friend of Hammer, the

Nonetheless, his self-labeled "best in space" piloting technique really is
top-class, and has gotten the Elsa through countless dangerous situations in
the past. Despite his gruff way of speaking and other roguish tendencies, his
good nature and constant consideration for others inspire trust in everyone
around him.

He exhibits a belief in the supernatural by his exaggerated respect for the
dead and his habit of chanting "Our Father, who art in heaven..." when in a

An unrivaled womanizer.

--Link: Hammer, Elsa, Kukai Foundation


URTV unit number 669. Gaignun's name during his time with the URTVs. Named for
the alchemical process of blackening.

See Gaignun.

--Link: URTV, URTV Unit Number 669, Gaignun Kukai


The illusionary girl who repeatedly appears before Shion with the sound of a
chime. She existed as a human during the era of Lost Jerusalem.

At that time, the Zohar was excavated from Lake Turkana and shipped to Toronto,
Canada, where its analysis began. After it had been discovered that the Zohar
produced tremendous energy in response to a specific brainwave wavelength,
everyone had become fixated upon finding a method to extract it. Systems
programmer Grimoire Verum completed the control program Lemegeton based on the
ancient language that had been unearthed from the same ruins as the Zohar.

The system went out of control during a control experiment, and the young girl
participating in the experiment became the first to disappear. The
disappearance phenomenon continued to expand, eventually erasing all of Earth
from dimensional space. The girl who disappeared at this time was none other
than Nephilim.

From the fact that the girl's disappearance coincided with the appearance of
Abel, it can be deduced that the two share a cause-and-effect relationship.

The Song of Nephilim is the result of amplifying the wavelengths created by
Lemegeton through the use of a giant tuning fork. That system was designed and
built by Joachim Mizrahi.

--Link: Abel, Grimoire Verum, Joachim Mizrahi, Lost Jerusalem, Song of
Nephilim, Lemegeton. Shion Uzuki, Original Zohar


Hyams Corporation representative and Ormus cardinal. Responsible for
technological research and development and securing funds, he is the second
most influential member of Ormus, after Sergius XVII. Despite this, he has
never shown himself in public; even Margulis and his men have never seen him

Many, including Margulis, sympathize with Heinlein's wish for a return to Lost
Jerusalem through Ormus, and give him their loyalty. After the death of Sergius
XVII, he assumes control of Ormus and moves to take back Ormus's holy land,

His true identity is Wilhelm, who owned and operated both Vector and Hyams. The
development of a Vector-manufactured E.S. at Labyrinthos was all part of
Wilhelm's plan.

--Link: Wilhelm, Serhius XVII, Margulis, Lost Jerusalem, Ormus, Hyams, Planet
Michtam, Vector Industries


His real name is Haksheen White. Genius scientist who graduated at the top of
his class at the University of Bormeo.

After graduation, he was scouted by Vector and a number of other top-tier
research and development companies. He rejected all of the offers, however, and

He met Shion and the others after establishing the dubious research facility
known as the Robot Academy on the Kukai Foundation. Later, that fateful meeting
became the key to accomplishing his dream of creating an indestructible giant
robot, Erde Kaiser.

--Link: University of Bormeo, Kukai Foundation, Robot Academy, Erde Kaiser


Navigator of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.

A renowned hacker as a teenager, he got cocky and made a move on a certain
criminal organization's database, and became targeted for retribution as a
result. Saved by Matthews, their relationship has continued since then. He is
the childhood friend of Tony, the helmsman.

Even though his navigational skills are top-class and he has the trust of
Matthews and Tony, people often assume that he is just a clown upon first
meeting him, perhaps because of his levity. While his flippant remarks often
incite Matthews's anger, they appear to consider that a part of the bond they

Irrepressibly curious, he actively tries to get involved in everything, though
he's also timid and often has reservations, quick to back out of what he's
gotten himself into.

--Link: Tony, Matthews, Elsa, Kukai Foundation


One of a special transgenic type of Realian designed by Joachim Mizrahi for the
Zohar connection experiments, as part of the U-TIC Organization's Zohar control

Additionally three others, Cecilia, Catherine, and Almadel were created from
her body. They were used in the Zohar connection experiments on Miltia.

She met Shion as a child at the time of the Miltian Conflict, and looked after
her in Shion's hospitalized mother's stead.

Later, she met Luis Virgil, who had been wounded in battle, and transplanted a
portion of her own body tissue in order to save his life. For a brief while
after that, she and the human Virgil rendezvoused frequently, nurturing the
love between them.

However, when the combat Realians went out of control upon the activation of
the Song of Nephilim, she shielded Virgil and Shion, and was brutally killed
before their eyes.

--Link: Catherine, Cecilia, Joachim Mizrahi, Luis Virgil, Transgenic Type,
Realian, U-TIC Organization, Original Zohar, Shion Uzuki [Child]


The French "pêche" translates into English as "peach." Although similar in
spelling, the French "péché" translates into English as "sin."

Albedo's "Ah, ma belle pêche..there's no need to tremble like that. Else you'll
make me feel like a... péché myself..." is a play on the similarity between the
two French words, and is making reference to MOMO's "sin" of being built atop
the corpses of the Kirschwassers.

The English translation for "momo" is "peach." Albedo truly is a cunning

--Link: Kirschwasser, MOMO, Albedo Piazzolla


In most cases, humans who come into contact with Gnosis turn white and shatter;
in rare instances, however, a person will transform into Gnosis themselves.
Betty is the remains of such a case; before the Gnosis transformation, she was
a "girl."

Despite her form, Jr. and the others refuse to see her as a mere object or
number. They call her by this name after finding a monogrammed "B" amongst her
belongings. Her name when she was a human is unknown.

--Link: Jr., Gnosis


Representative of Second Miltia's autonomous government. Friend and sympathizer
to Gaignun Kukai and Jr., he played a principal role in establishing the Kukai
Foundation. A cautious strategist, always sure to make the first move and pull
strings as necessary.

Typically gentle and flexible in demeanor, the depths of his eyes sometimes
show a keen sparkle indicative of his history as a military officer. When the
Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, he swiftly made the necessary
arrangements to help Gaignun and his team.

He has been aware of the dangers of the Zohar and the U-DO system from an early
stage, and has engaged in a variety of activities along with the Kukai
Foundation in an effort to stop trouble before it happens.

Jin's superior during his time in the military, Helmer feared the rise of the
U-TIC Organization and the awakening of U-DO and used Jin to gather

After the Gnosis terrorism incidents, he began independently monitoring Vector
and Dmitri Yuriev under the auspices of the Contact Subcommittee.

--Link: Gaignun Kukai, Jr., Second Miltia, Kukai Foundation, Contact
Subcommittee, Jin Uzuki


Ormus Inquisitor under the command of Chief Inquisitor Margulis. Skilled with a

Formerly a private first-class in the Galaxy Federation Navy and stationed in
Sergeant Matthews' detachment. After the unit was disbanded, he took the role
of CEO of a U-TIC Organization dummy corporation, Hayes Porter Services.

Hermann's family has been in the service of Richard's household since they were
both aboard the Immigrant Fleet. Consequently, Hermann has pledged loyalty to
Richard since he was born.

--Link: Margulis, Matthews, Richard, Immigrant Fleet, Ormus, Galaxy Federation,
U-TIC Organization, Inquisitors


Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Commands the U-TIC Organization and
Ormus's work forces as Margulis's right hand. Though her speech and conduct
give the impression that she is a moderate, she is ruthless in her efforts to
accomplish the Organization's goals.

Born of the people of Zohar from Michtam like Margulis, she gives her all as an
Inquisitor in order to facilitate a return to the holy motherland of Lost

It appears that she had some form of relationship with Jin Uzuki in the past,
and that both of them continue to carry that with them.

--Link: Jin Uzuki, Margulis, Lost Jerusalem, Ormus, U-TIC Organization,
Inquisitors, People of Zohar, Planet Michtam

(DB074)-Joaquin Rozas

Son of Sharon Rozas. The death of his police officer father in his early
childhood made him strongly independent, and he constantly looked after his

Sharon met Jan through her work. Seeing the image of his late father in Jan,
Joaquin considered Jan to be his true father after Sharon and Jan were married.

He was killed by Voyager in T.C. 4667.

--Link: Voyager, Sharon Rozas, Jan Sauer


Chief Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus. Publicly, he holds the title of
commander-in-chief of the U-TIC Organization.

A merciless master of the sword, with exceptional battle prowess and
crystal-clear judgement; the leadership he displays within Ormus beneath his
lofty ideals is absolute.

Muscular in stature, his cheek sports a large scar. That scar was given to him
by Jin Uzuki's sword 15 years earlier, during the Miltian Conflict.

As a youth, both he and Jin Uzuki trained the sword under Jin's grandfather; it
is said that, at the time, Margulis's skill surpassed that of Jin.

Upon becoming Colonel of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops, he received orders
from Heinlein in his capacity as a member of Ormus and began secret
intelligence activities in earnest. The events that occurred during that time
tied Margulis and Jin together with strong bonds of fate.

Born a member of planet Michtam's people of Zohar, he resented the Galaxy
Federation for its destruction of his homeland, and pledged loyalty to Cardinal
Heinlein in hopes of fulfilling the people of Zohar's greatest wish: a return
to the holy motherland of Lost Jerusalem.

--Link: Jin Uzuki, Heinlein, Lost Jerusalem, Ormus, U-TIC Organization,
Inquisitors, People of Zohar, Planet Michtam

(DB076)-Mai Magus

Tethlla Magus's beloved daughter. She lives in the Dabrye Mine along with her
grandfather, Aizen Magus.

After losing her father in the Dabrye Mine rebellion, she customized his
favorite Auto-Tech Leupold for use in battle, and protects the peace of the
Dabrye Mine.

--Link: Tethlla Magus, Dabrye Mine, Leupold


Captain of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.

Formerly a member of the Galaxy Federation government's naval forces, he later
became a so-called recycler, roaming through space collecting, repairing, and
reselling military goods; the last few years, however, have mainly been filled
with work for the Foundation.

A natural leader filled with a sense of social duty, he is quick to step
forward to protect the people he knows when danger threatens. However, the fact
that his actions are currently driven by the need to repay a huge amount of
debt is somewhat pathetic.

A wasteful spender, he is constantly in debt. He is especially deep in debt to
the Kukai Foundation; even his beloved swan-like ship has been put up as

He has a rustic and hearty personality, and is also an unparalleled lush. His
love of liquor is such that he created a bar within his ship. Even in an era of
technology as advanced as the encephalon, his interest run towards the
nostalgic, such as wanting to attend live concerts.

--Link: Elsa, Kukai Foundation, Recycler


The man who oversaw the large scale excavation of Kenya's Lake Turkana under
the sponsorship of Vector Industries and discovered ruins connected to the

Beyond his name and the excavation results, essentially nothing is known about
him. Based on his name, he is assumed to be of Japanese descent. His discovery
of the Zohar brought about a dramatic change in the subsequent sphere of human

The Zohar discovered by Masuda was transferred to Vector's labs, where various
examination experiments were performed.

--Link: Lake Turkana, Vector Industries, Original Zohar


Goatee-sporting owner of Moby Dick's Café who looks every bit the part. His
name is Stubb.

He originally ran a café in another location, but moved to the Second Sector
due to the area's redevelopment.

Jin recommended "Moby Dick" to him because it features a character who shares
his name. He casually began to read this famous novel and got hooked,
eventually buying his own copy from Jin's bookstore. The extent of his
affection for the book can be sen from the name of the café and its decor.

His line of liqueurs are popular, but so is his curry and the rest of his food
menu. He has passed a variety of recipes on to Shion, a regular at his shop.
Whether in earnest or in jest, whenever Jin comes to the café, he tells him, "I
wouldn't mind giving this place up, if it were to Shion."

--Link: Curry, Moby Dick's Café

(DB080)-Mary Magdalene

A black-haired woman who lived long ago in Lost Jerusalem. She divided up and
sealed away chaos's power as Anima.

In the story, she is called the partner of the Messiah, though it is unknown
whether she is actually the historical figure of Mary Magdalene. Judging from
her words to Shion in the story, she likely shared some bond with her in the
past life.

--Link: chaos, Lost Jerusalem, Shion Uzuki, Vessel of Anima

(DB081)-Mikhail Ortmann

Skilled Operator for the Federation Police Special Ops Command. He is
well-versed regarding the U.M.N. and other networks.

Like Erich, he supported the special investigations unit from the outside as
they dove into the virtual space constructed within the U.M.N.. Also, he was
usually the one to set the mood within the team.

He died in the line of duty in T.C. 4667, the victim of brainjacking while in
pursuit of Voyager.

--Link: Voyager, Federation Police, Erich Weber

(DB082)-Miyuki Itsumi

Former Systems Programmer for Vector Industries First R&D Division, Shion's

Her best attribute is her constantly chipper and upbeat personality. Her
ability to maintain her usual brightness even under gave circumstances is not
bravado, but a sign of legitimate toughness. Joining Vector Second R&D Division
was the realization of her longtime wish. Currently, she's immersed in new
weapons development.

Her tendency to rack up expenses at every turn is a perpetual source of
headaches amongst her superiors. In a manner of speaking, she is a woman true
to her own desires. Quite the mechanical whiz, she is always asking Shion and
the others to try out her latest inventions, which include Shion's M.W.S..
Patent applications are something of a hobby for her.

--Link: M.W.S., Shion Uzuki, Vector Industries, Vector First R&D Division,
Vector Second R&D Division

(DB083)-Mary Godwin

A mutant created through Life Recycling. Chief of the Kukai Foundation's First
Strategy Division. Together with Shelley, she assists Jr. and Gaignun and
supports the Foundation.

Originally an illegal test subject at a pharmaceutical company, she now resides
on the Kukai Foundation after being taken in by Jr. and the others. She speaks
with what seems like a strange accent from the outer planets and strives to be
the galaxy's top comedian--supposedly.

Bright and energetic, she keeps the crew and 100-Series aboard the Durandal in
top spirits. She is able to communicate telepathically with Shelley via

--Link: Jr., Überhumans, Interlink, Durandal, Kukai Foundation, Gaignun Kukai,
Shelley Godwin, Life Recycling Law

(DB084)-Melisse Ortus

Female investigator placed in the 1875th Special Ops Command immediately after
graduating from the Federation Police Academy.

A no-nonsense woman with a strong sense of justice; quick to take action.
However, this meant she frequently placed the team in danger by acting on her
own judgement in the name of her sense of justice.

She was arrested by the Federation Police as part of a group of suspects
immediately after Voyager's attack on the Pilgrimage Meeting in T.C. 4667.
However, her culpability was questioned on the grounds of her unsound mental
condition, and she was later acquitted. She was subsequently sent to a
treatment facility, but disappeared after her release.

After T.C. 4669, she was said to be responsible for unifying various
anti-U.M.N. groups from around the galaxy and forming the terrorist group known
as Scientia.

--Link: Voyager, U.M.N., Scientia, 1875th Special Ops Command, Federation
Police, Federation Police Academy, Pilgrimage Meeting


The prototype for the 100-Series-Multi-Observational Realian; officially known
as the "Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus." Developed in order to make
contact with and observe the Gnosis, which are only perceptible via "a certain
special sense."

Developed after the transgenic type and the 99 Kirschwasser test bodies, MOMO
can aptly be called the combined product of all the galaxy's latest technology.

Built by Joachim Mizrahi. Her appearance was modeled on Professor Mizrahi's
late child Sakura Mizrahi.

Though she was given the bodily appearance of a child by Joachim Mizrahi, this
is only a temporary measure until the final adjustments can be made to her
functionalities. She was designed to be transferred from her current body once
its capabilities and central nervous network are completed, allowing her the
possibility of growing into an adult woman in the future.

The transgenic type is a hybrid of human genes and ALC Alcumia--essentially,
the genes of the Realians. Consequently, MOMO, in her finalized form, shares an
affinity with human cells, and would potentially be able to conceive a child.

Regular 100-Series Multi-Observational Realians have only their anti-Gnosis
capabilities in common with MOMO; as products manufactured by the Galaxy
Federation government, their abilities are similar to those of regular
Realians, making MOMO an entirely unique entity.

MOMO, left at the dawn of a new era after the events at Michtam, began to work
with Ziggy, Juli and the others in order to rebuild the world, firm in her
belief that the construction of a new network was one path to saving the world.
She believed that such a network promised a reunion with those who had already

--Link: Kirschwasser, Sakura Mizrahi, Joachim Mizrahi, Transgenic Type, Gnosis,
100-Series Observational Unit

(DB086)-Captain Moriyama

His full name was Kazuichi Moriyama. He held the rank of captain in the Galaxy
Federation Navy, though he was also part of the investigative force following
the disappearance of planet Ariadne as captain of the cruiser Woglinde.

He was well liked for his strong sense of responsibility, warm personality, and
the high degree of understanding he exhibited towards his subordinates.

Despite his bold command during the large-scale Gnosis attack upon the
Woglinde, he lost his life to a Gnosis that smashed directly into the CIC
(Combat Information Center).

--Link: Disappearance of Planet Ariadne, Woglinde, Galaxy Federation

(DB087)-Yukihira Togashi

Researcher at the KOS-MOS Project General Operations Systems Development Lab.
His hobby is judo.

He entered Vector First R&D Division immediately after the incident in which
KOS-MOS went out of control.

Though in love with his co-worker Miyuki, she transferred to the Second R&D
Division before he had made a move; his sensitive soul, at odds with his
appearance, was left holding the pain of unrequited love.

Partially in hopes of distracting himself from his hurt feelings, he makes
teasing Allen, the new Chief, a crucial part of his daily routine.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Allen Ridgeley, Miyuki Itsumi, Vector Industries, Vector First
R&D Division

(DB088)-Julius XVIII

The man who held the position of Immigrant Fleet Patriarch during the middle of
the T.C. 4600s.He was well-known as the moderate Patriarch who proposed a
divide-and-rule system for planet Abraxas with the Galaxy Federation.

His thinking, prioritizing the peaceful use of the Zohar, despite the fact that
planet Abraxas was essentially under the sovereignty of the Immigrant Fleet
nation, led the future Patriarch Sergius XIV to assassinate him immediately
before the Pilgrimage Meeting.

--Link: Sergius XIV, Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet, Galaxy Federation,
Pilgrimage Meeting, Divide and Rule Measure, Original Zohar

(DB089)-Juli Mizrahi

Galaxy Federation government Contact Subcommittee Dedicated Representative.
Wife of the late Joachim Mizrahi. Her maiden name is Niwashiro.

Following the Miltian Conflict, which had been brought about by her husband
Joachim, she proposed the establishment of the Contact Subcommittee out of
concern for the spreading Gnosis phenomenon.

Though initially cold towards MOMO, who had been created in the image of her
beloved daughter, MOMO's earnestness gradually opened her heart.

She is currently acting as an observer from the Contact Subcommittee at the
Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing Ground where the Zohar Project is
taking place.

Perhaps, more than wanting to clear her late husband's name, her true
motivation is trying to uncover, through the results of the grand project tied
to the Y-Data, just what it was Joachim had been trying to accomplish.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, C.A.T. Testing Ground, Galaxy Federation, Contact
Subcommittee, Zohar Project, Y-Data, MOMO

(DB090)-Joachim Mizrahi

Genius scientist who founded the U-TIC Organization and established Hilbert
theory. The results he left the Federation are immeasurable, including D.S.S.S.
and the 100-Series system, the development of high-efficiency nanomachines,
written works on Realian technology, and the fundamental research concerning
the Gnosis phenomenon.

Joachim, who had been born on Abraxas, founded the U-TIC Organization after
being contacted by the secret  society Ormus. He was subsequently engaged in
the reconstruction of the Song of Nephilim, known as the invention of madness,
and the development of Proto Merkabah and the 100-Series Observational Units.

At the time of the Federation'S third descent operation on Miltia, Joachim
forced the Song of Nephilim into overload. He cut the connection between Miltia
and its surroundings and the U.M.N. in order to contain the expansion of the
sudden Gnosis phenomenon and the Zohar, the cause of the conflict, to Miltian

Though he was supposedly a madman, had Joachim not contained things in this
way, the Gnosis phenomenon would have likely spread at an accelerated pace and
have reached all regions of the galaxy much earlier.

--Link: 100-Series Observational Unit, Realian, D.S.S.S., Ormus, U-TIC
Organization, Gnosis, Proto Merkabah, Song of Nephilim


Early-era Realian posted as a test model to the Federation Police 1875th
Special Ops Command.

Built to look like a human youth. He specialized in collecting and analyzing
data for the U.M.N.; his responsibilities as a special forces member focused on
those strengths.

Furthermore, Lactis was one of the early-era Realians that had been installed
with Program Canaan. Although the true purpose of Program Canaan is unknown, it
appears to have been a system thought up by Wilhelm as a way to detect people
with a special "trait" which would allow them to become a Testament.

As a result of Project Canaan's top secret development within Vector, even its
development process is unknown; absolutely no materials remain concerning it.

Because the Program is built into the base system within the brain stem at the
construction phase, even the Realian in question is unaware of its presence.

It can be deduced that Lactis himself was unaware of the fact that he carried
Program Canaan within his body.

--Link: Wilhelm, Realian, 1875th Special Ops Command, Testament, Program
Canaan, Vector Industries

(DB092)-Lapis Roman

Member of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Command Intelligence Bureau. Her
rank is captain. A subordinate of Second Miltian Representative Helmer, she has
been working for several years on an undercover investigation into the
activities of U-TIC Organization operatives within the ranks of the Federation

When Second Miltia and the Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, she offered
her support and cooperation to Shion and the others, not as a Galaxy Federation
captain, but as a loyal subordinate of Helmer.

As Jr. puts it, she's "pretty cool."

--Link: Helmer, Galaxy Federation


Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus under the authority of Chief Inquisitor
Margulis. Master of the rapier.

Member of an old family with roots that can be traced back to the Immigrant
Fleet. His older sister and parents died in an accident in his early childhood;
as a result, he became the young master of the house. Hermann's family has
served his family as personal retainers for generations.

His eccentric, almost split personality seems to have been brought on by
witnessing his sister's death.

--Link: Hermann, Margulis, Immigrant Fleet, Ormus, Inquistiors

(DB094)-Luis Virgil

Former lieutenant in the Galaxy Federation Navy. Following the disappearance of
planet Ariadne, he was a member of the investigative force aboard the cruiser

He was a top-class A.G.W.S. pilot. He was fatally shot by KOS-MOS during the
Gnosis attack on the Woglinde. A vicious-looking man, the skin all over his
body was cracked and splintered as a result of DME addiction.

He showed a prejudicial and cruel attitude towards Realians which bordered on
outright enmity. While it is unknown exactly what brought on this hatred for
Realians, it seems to be the result of an event which took place 15 years ago
when he was a soldier during the second and third Miltian descent operations.

It is thought that he shared some contact at that time with Febronia--the
Realian who sent Shion a message in the encephalon.

He later appeared as a Testament, a member of Wilhelm's vanguard force. His
attempts to contact Shion even after he became a Testament appeared to be
motivated more by his own past than the result of Wilhelm's orders.

--Link: Wilhelm, Febronia, DME Addiction, Realian, Disappearance of Planet
Ariadne, Testament


Girl from Ariadne, which underwent Gnosis transformation and disappeared. She
was the daughter of the CEO of the Green Plant Company, the center of the
artificial plant industry, which was headquartered on Ariadne.

Perhaps due to the content of her father's work, she loved plants; particularly
a company original, the Ariadne Flower.

A space-time anomaly erupted as the result of a string of experiments on the
Zohar that had been secretly conducted at a U-TIC Organization research
facility on planet Ariadne.

Though her life was spared, her father happened to notice the changes affecting
the planet. He then ordered an evacuation of his employees and family. The
shock of the planet's disappearance led her to develop aphasia.

After seeing the Ariadne Flower, grown from the seed Shion and the others
retrieved from the giant Gnosis, she regained her faculty of speech. he is
receiving treatment at a medical facility on Second Miltia.

--Link: Planet Ariadne


URTV unit number 666, Jr.'s name during his time with the URTVs. Named for the
alchemical process of reddening.

The name Rubedo was given to him by Dmitri Yuriev in order to aid his
self-awareness; Rubedo, unlike most URTVs, was a variant with a distinct
personality. Because of this, Jr. hates being addressed by this name.

--Link: Jr., Dmitri Yuriev, URTV, URTV Unit Number 666, Variant URTV

(DB097)-Roth Mantel

He designed and developed T-elos and participated in the Zohar Project, run by
Dmitri Yuriev, as a special technological assistant.

His true identity is the Red Testament; he changed his appearance in order to
monitor Shion and the others. Shion's quitting, the development of T-elos, and
the abandonment of KOS-MOS were all a part of his plan.

--Link: KOS-MOS, T-elos, Zohar Project, Testament [Red]

[B032] Cultural


Androids refer to humanoid robots or artificial humans. The were many
references to them in science fiction novels during the times of Lost

KOS-MOS, developed by Vector Industries, is an anti-Gnosis weapon in the form
of a female and exemplifies an android.

There are some who believe that an android like KOS-MOS is anachronistic in a
time when Realians are the norm.

Although the technology to develop KOS-MOS is ancient, her specs far surpass
those of Realians and both could be considered androids since they are both

--Link: KOS-MOS, Realian


Humans who had artificial modifications made to their bodies and brains during
the heyday of the Life Recycling Law, giving them certain types of special
abilities, as are the offspring of these individuals, are called mutants.
Andrew, Shelley, and Mary are a few mutants. Their outward appearance does not
differ from that of humans in any way.

At present, discrimination against mutants is strictly prohibited by Federation
law. In reality, however, discrimination and prejudice is still rampant in all
corners of the galaxy.

The Kukai Foundation protects victims of the Life Recycling Law and provides
them with a place to live.

--Link: Life Recycling Law, Kukai Foundation, Andrew Cherenkov, Shelley Godwin,
Mary Godwin

(DB100)-Imaginary Pocket

While not quite literally an "imaginary pocket," this term is used here to
refer to the space-time cleft between imaginary space and real space.

It is the location where the Elsa was trapped along with Rennes-le-Château when
they were caught up in a space-time transfer. The pocket gradually grows
smaller, eventually being converted to imaginary space that is immune to
interference from real space.

--Link: Rennes-le-Château, Imaginary Space


This is the technology used to dive into KOS-MOS's main frame and refers to the
establishment of a non-local connection by mutual interaction.

This method frees data transference from the limitations of physics, and allows
an instantaneous exchange of data across distances millions of light-years
apart. Theoretically, the exchange will occur without any lag in time.

--Link: Dive


An implanted control device that allows two individuals to communicate. The
data sent and received is based on memory, but both the superficial and deep
psyche may have an effect.

It is also possible to connect a computer to the implanted jack and store the
data as short term memory and send it to another individual by the interlink.
This allows data that are difficult to carry out to be shared as transferred

It is important to keep in mind that an interlink connects memories and since
memories are relatively easy to change, it is difficult to share long-term
memories with accurate information.

Also, the Species Preservation Act makes it illegal to implant devices and
jacks into human beings. Shelley and Mary are connected by interlinks, but they
are victims of the Life Recycling Act.

--Link: Shelley Godwin, Mary Godwin


Ethelle is a term used for the general public who do not work on any fields
that are related to the government, army or any corporations.

The are unable to receive incentives and qualifications like Camelles with
their employment. Most citizens in the Galaxy Federation are Ethelles.

--Link: Camelle

(DB104)-Environmental Bug

Developed by Professor Joachim Mizrahi, they are nanomachines that purify and
maintain the quality of air in enclosed areas.

They slowly float through the air and congregate in dark areas while emitting
light, giving them the appearance of fireflies.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi


An extremely realistic virtual space that can be created using U.M.N. location
data, the uploaded recorded memories, and activities of individuals stored in
the U.M.N.. The time and the place can be recreated as long as the data is

Encephalon dive is the process of entering the virtual space constructed by the
Encephalon. Unvisited areas within the Encephalon can be explored because the
U.M.N. data supplements information missing from the divers memory.

However, the Encephalon is still and unstable, memory-dependent space. For this
reason, divers' memories that share a time and place have been known to
resonate and unintentionally replay.

The word Encephalon comes from the Greek word "brain."

--Link: U.M.N.

(DB106)-Carnegie Structure Law

Basic theory that systemized the method to construct a virtual space within the
U.M.N.. Conceived by the mathematician Carnegie who was the head of Vector
Industries Administration and Operations at the beginning of 4400 T.C..

After its formulation, all virtual spaces were constructed based on this
structure law except under special cases. Many believe that this theory
advanced the research on virtual space by a century. The structure law was
named after Carnegie to honor his achievement.

However, detail on how he reached this theory were never disclosed. There are
rumors that the theory was completed with help from leaders of Vector, but the
truth is shrouded in mysteries.

--Link: U.M.N., Vector Industries


Camelle is a term used for those who work for Galaxy Federation Government, the
military, and corporations such as Vector Industries and the Kukai Foundation.

Camelles work various jobs and many of the main players in the story, including
Shion, are Camelles. They are able to receive incentives and qualifications
based on the number of years they have contributed to society. These incentives
vary from retirement packages, pensions, an rights to genetic transformations.

Allen's plan was to retire after working eleven years as a Camelle and buy a
lodge in some isolated area and fish everyday for the rest of his life.

--Link: Vector Industries, Kukai Foundation, Galaxy Federation


The four basic curry spices are cumin, coriander, turmeric, and red pepper. One
can create a truly delicious curry dish by adding garam masala--a blend of
cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

Shion's single-minded passion for curry is unique. At one time, it seems that
she preferred to choose only the most essential spices from the plethora
available to create her own blend, as well as to sauté the onion and garlic
well during preparation. These techniques find their roots from the curry at
the Moby Dick's Café, which Shion frequented in her high school days.

Even out of Shion's many original recipes, her mellow, English-style curry,
with fruit added as a secret ingredient, was once her crowning achievement. But
Jin liked his curry spicy and could hardly bear his sister's creation. It's
said that the two argued incessantly whenever curry appeared on the dinner
table at home.

--Link: Moby Dick's Café, Shion Uzuki

(DB109)-Curry Gruel

An easy-to-eat meal prepared by a concerned Allen for Shion when she fell ill.

This rice gruel uses Shion's homemade curry as its soup base and has been
prepared with plenty of Allen's tender affection, but its flavor cannot be

--Link: Curry

(DB110)-Enhanced Memory Model

This type of Realian is enhanced with a thousand times more information
recording devices than a regular model for specialization in memory and storing
recorded data. The amount of space even allows the model to backup its own
memory and recorded data.

It also has enhanced information access speed and protection against loss of
information versus the regular model.

Canaan is this type of Realian. He has undergone further enhancement by Vector
with the addition of E.S. pilot abilities.

--Link: Canaan, Realian

(DB111)-Federation Emergency Powers Act

This charter was established the year after the establishment of the Galaxy
Federation government.
Ordinarily, it is considered a violation of federation law for anyone, even the
Federation Fleet, to engage in military operations within the territory of an
autonomous state, without prior notification and consent of the state

However, this charter allows for exemptions from such laws during certain
states of emergency such as an act of treason by use of military force against
the Galaxy Federation.

Also, if there is a request of relief from the federation government to the
government of outlying autonomous states during a deployment of the fleet while
executing the Federation Emergency Powers Act, the autonomous governments must
comply with the request swiftly.

--Link: Galaxy Federation

(DB112)-Klein Point

The contact point between imaginary space and real space. Gnosis appearances
and attacks take place from these points.

Its estimated location can be confirmed using D.S.S.S.; before the development
of the Hilbert Effect, this was the only part of Gnosis that could be attacked.

In the story, Juli fired KOS-KOS's phase transfer cannon into this contact
point and caused a crack to open into imaginary space in an attempt to rescue
the Elsa.

--Link: D.S.S.S., Imaginary Space, Gnosis

(DB113)-Cage Partition

Various data are stored in the main database of cybernetic media in androids
such as KOS-MOS and the artificial pseudo brains of Realians that define their

Cage partition refers to the storage space where such data reside.

--Link: Android, Realian

(DB114)-Gate Out

Refers to the process of ships and other vehicles moving out of hyperspace to
normal space by using the U.M.N.. The process is usually possible only within
the valid range of the U.M.N. Transfer Column.

--Link: Hyperspace, U.M.N., U.M.N. Transfer Column

(DB115)-Gate Jump

Refers to the process of ships and other vehicles moving into hyperspace from
normal space by using the U.M.N.. The process is usually possible only within
valid range of the U.M.N. Transfer Column. Gnosis and the E.S. Dinah are able
to interact with hyperspace outside the valid range of the column.

--Link: Hyperspace, U.M.N., U.M.N. Transfer Column

(DB116)-Species Preservation Act

With the passage of the Life Recycling Law, people pursued their ideals and
desires. They came to ignore the basic nature of genes: to add diversity in the
various species.

A group consisting only of species that have adapted to only one environment is
a group with the same inherent weakness. Hence they are in danger of extinction
from even the smallest changes in their environment.

The Species Preservation Act was established to counteract the effects of the
Life Recycling Law. It was used to revitalize and correct the track of the
human race, who had become too vulnerable biologically.

The goal of the act is to reexamine the transmission of genes based on the laws
of nature, and to fix the genetic flaws caused by life recycling.

Currently, the Galaxy Species Preservation Act Support Foundation G.P.S., is
headquartered in the Kukai Foundation. They work to abolish genetic
transformation and cloning, which are still prevalent among the upper classes
and support victims of the Life Recycling Law.

--Link: Life Recycling Law, Kukai Foundation

(DB117)-Trade Column

There are various types of columns (entrances and exits to hyperspace),
depending on their usage. Trade columns are mostly used as a route by cargo and
passenger vessels.

It has high flow of traffic and was the main reason Ziggy selected to navigate
through this column when he was escorting MOMO so that he could lose the
tracking system from enemy transports.

--Link: Hyperspace

(DB118)-Connection Gear

A PDA that is also used for communications.

It is a mobile unit regularly used by Shion. When activated, a holographic
monitor and keyboard appear. Its capabilities can be further expanded via
downloads of various plug-ins.

Though it is an excellent machine, it is not wide-spread among the people
because of its cost, usage of the military's dedicated line, and the fact that
its functions far surpass general needs. U.N.P. is more commonly used.

--Link: UNP

(DB119)-Commercial Model

Firearms can be divided into three main categories: commercial models, law
enforcement models, and those developed for the militaries. Although all three
specs are relatively similar, the commercial model is targeted for general
consumers and allows disabling of the full auto switch and has a limited number
of rounds in the cartridge.

One of the operators in the story suspected that Vector intended to create
deployment experiments of the android KOS-MOS in the military and use them as
advertising for a commercial model.

--Link: KOS-MOS


Refers to individuals who collect vessels shipwrecked in space (whether due to
accidents or Gnosis attacks) and illegally dumped objects, and who make a
living selling them to brokers, either as is or after making some repairs.

The law varies according to each autonomous state, but this activity is
basically illegal and carries penalties such as one year of hard labor and a
maximum fine of 300,000G.

The reclamation and black-market sale of military goods in particular is
prohibited by Federation law, and the penalties for doing so are far greater
than those set by any autonomous state. However, Matthews
 has a side job as a recycler in an attempt to pay off his debts.

Still, as such activity does violate the law and being involved in a crime
would harm the reputation of the Foundation, Gaignun has warned Matthews and
his crew to abandon the recycler life.

--Link: Matthews, Autonomous State

(DB121)-Cybernetic Engineering

A generic term for engineering technology that integrates the human body and
mechanical engineering.

Synonymous with cyborg technology.

--Link: Cyborg


An obsolete technology, once popular in the age of the Life Recycling Law.
Bodies of donors were revived and retained as weapons of the Galaxy Federation
Government as Cyborgs. Ziggy was one such human who, as a registered donor, was
revived and turned to a battle Cyborg after his death.

Donors who were affiliated with special forces or the military were assigned to
similar duties after their revival, but donors without such background were at
times assigned to harsh manual labor or dangerous terraforming activities. Some
were even assigned as housekeepers. Many cyborgs were superior to humans in
abilities, but were stripped of their rights and placed in a very low social

Because of these issues, the number of aspiring cyborg donors gradually
decreased, and the Galaxy Federation adopted a negative stance toward cyborg
donation. Presently, the Life Recycling Law has become osolete with the
introduction of Realians, which are far superior to Cyborgs in performance.

Note that individuals who have undergone a cyborg operation to repair and
enhance flesh-and-blood bodies after damage received from accidents or some
functional failure are not the same as donated cyborgs.

--Link: Ziggy


The children of the Messiah--Designer Children. Like Jr. and Dmitri Yuriev,
these are humans who underwent genetic modification during their developmental
phase. Ongoing research and development is part of a measure to prevent the
Immigrant Fleet from using a part of the Zohar's abilities.

The Life Recycling Law passed in T.C. 4591 is said to have been a shield
allowing for the birth of more Salvators. The Yuriev Institute had been
controlling research efforts.

--Link: Jr., Dmitri Yuriev, Life Recycling Law, Yuriev Institute


A naturally occurring crystalline mineral that was abundant in Lost Jerusalem.
Although it is clear and colorless, it emits a glow of rainbow colors.

Even a small amount of the substance, if in its purest form, can be sold for a
small fortune--more than enough to repay all of Matthews's debts.

--Link: Lost Jerusalem

(DB125)-Geodesic Structure

Geodesic construction was invented by American architect Buckminster Fuller. It
is a method of building domes wherein regular icosahedrons approximating
spheres are overlaid with a network of many equilateral triangles.

To visually represent the basic makeup of the super-structure U.M.N., it is
often referred to as a geodesic dome--hence the term.

--Link: U.M.N.

(DB126)-DIG-ß (Beta)

An abbreviation of Digitalis Beta, and read as "Dig-Beta."

A plant of the genus Digitalis which is native to southern Europe. Although its
leaves can be dried and used as a potent cardiotonic, it is also extremely
poisonous. Ingested in quantities above a safe dosage, it can induce a coma.

Lieutenant Commander Andrew ordered his subordinates to inject Dig-Beta during
their escape from the Woglinde while under Gnosis attack. His aim was to induce
the coma effect for a short while in order to hide their life signs from the

--Link: Andrew Cherenkov


Refers to a mode wherein the unit operates autonomously.

Because KOS-MOS is currently running in Auto-Mode, she uses her own judgement
to process and act upon the various data entering the mainframe's sensors.

Ever since the incident when the Archetype went out of control, Auto-Mode was
supposed to have been sealed.

However, when the cruiser Woglinde was attacked by Gnosis, KOS-MOS began to run
in Auto-Mode without the startup code, rescuing the imperiled Shion.

--Link: KOS-MOS, KOS-MOS [Archetype]

(DB128)-Seraphim Sisters

Consisting of Julia and Chloe, both from Keltia, this vocal duo was all the
rage after scoring a sensational galaxy-wide hit in T.C. 4766 with their debut
single, "A Curse of Love."

Their gratuitously high-tension vocals, voluptuous and energetic dancing, and
extreme, scandalous private lives have captivated men everywhere.

Using a U.M.N. channel to attend a Seraphim Sisters concert is a sacrilege
amongst their most devoted fans. Captain Matthews, one of their zealous
devotees, claims the experience has no meaning unless you step into the concert
hall, burn the singing and dancing duo onto your retinas, and feel the
concert's very presence with your own skin.

--Link: Matthews, Planet Keltia

(DB129)-Safe House

Safe houses are rooms or buildings for resistance-type groups to lay low, keep
watch, and bide their time.

In emergencies, they can serve as evacuation shelters. It is for this reason
that they are equipped with a variety of goods suitable for a number of
developing tactics or situations.

Apart from weapons and food supplies, the V.L.V. safe house is fitted with a
machine with space surpassing those of similar devices used by the Federation
government. The resistance is now stepping up its anti-U.M.N. activities,
including hacking unto the Galaxy Federation and Vector's classified domains in
order to wreak havoc on the U.M.N..

Naturally, such acts are performed behind closed doors, and members are always
warned to keep the safe house's location highly confidential.

--Link: U.M.N., V.L.V.

(DB130)-Absolute Standard Time

Standardized time as decreed by the Galaxy Federation and used in the
Federation capital, Fifth Jerusalem. The original standard had been Lost
Jerusalem time, with a day divided into 24 hours.

It is customary to choose a planet similar to Lost Jerusalem to be home to the
Federation capital; consequently, the same concept of time is carried over as

--No Link

(DB131)-Absolute Coordinates

Signifies that any given coordinates remain the same from any perspective.

Absolute coordinates are used when transferring ships to describe the placement
and location of things like planets in areas of the galaxy lacking definitive

In the game, the U-TIC Organization's deception that made it appear that the
Durandal attacked the Woglinde was based on the fact that the Woglinde's
distress coordinates at the time were the same as the Durandal's engagement

In fact, the Durandal, which had come to scan the Woglinde, had been battling
the U-TIC Organization's 474th Special Operations Fleet. As the U-TIC
Organization recorded the skirmish, the image of the fighting Durandal was
combined with that of the sunken Woglinde.

The Woglinde was believed to have had no survivors, with the only proof lying
in its absolute coordinates.

--Link: Durandal, Woglinde, U-TIC Organization, 474th Spec Ops Fleet

(DB132)-Postwar Reparations

A compensation system established after the Miltian Conflict that occurred 15
years ago. After the conflict, autonomous states and regions of space that had
been heavily damaged, including Second Miltia, were given various vested
interests and special extralegal rights.

Thanks to this post-conflict compensation, Second Miltia was able to join
forces with the Kukai Foundation and earned the right to retain the Zohar

However, many regions fell outside the scope of this plan, and rifts have
formed between regions of space and autonomous states over the issue of

--Link: Miltian Conflict, Second Miltia, Kukai Foundation, Autonomous State,
Zohar Emulator

(DB133)-Device Activator Syringe

A syringe is a type of medical device used for administering injections or
cleaning wounds.

in the story, a syringe is used to inject MOMO with a device activator when she
stops functioning. A device activator is a chemical that activates nanomachines
within the body. Since Juli performed cardiac massage immediately after
administering the chemical, it is believed she was attempting to restart MOMO's
cardiopulmonary functions.

--No Link

(DB134)-Level 7 Personality Reconditioning

A treatment given to individuals who have committed a crime as a result of
personality irregularities. Nanomachines are implanted into the patient's
brain, regulating their thoughts and actions.

The treatment has nine levels which run the gamut from comparatively light
control of the brain's neurotransmitter secretions, to complete personality
loss, achieved by overwriting data in the cerebral neocortex, and followed by
the creation of an entirely new personality within the brain.

Rarely, some people's personalities cannot be corrected. In those cases, the
subject will undergo increasingly powerful treatments until personality
correction can be verified.

Andrew, a Life Recycling variant, underwent Level 7 and 8 personality
reconditioning, but neither was effective. His destructive actions toward
anyone who dared oppose him grew steadily worse.

Occasionally, a sort of mark appears on his forehead; this phenomenon occurs
when the implanted nanomachines become activated. In other words, it is a sign
that the nanomachines are working vigorously within Andrew's brain in an
attempt to keep his destructive behavior in check.

In the story, the reconditioning facility staff recommends Andrew for Level 9
treatment, indicating that the commander is a very rare case indeed.

--Link: Andrew Cherenkov, Life Recycling Law

(DB135)-Diving Device

A device that connects a user's consciousness to virtual space constructed
within the U.M.N..

The come in many configurations, from head-mounted type to bed type, for
various applications. Still, all models share the same basic functionality:
mental-state monitoring and connection.

The more compact models are portable, making it possible to dive at any given
moment--provided that one can connect to the U.M.N.. However, monitoring
accuracy can be fairly low, and actions within imaginary space may be limited.

On the other hand, larger models boast high accuracy and a more stable
virtual-space experience. However, the devices themselves are immense--and
their price tags equally so.

--Link: U.M.N.


Describes the act of accessing virtual space or another person's mental world
via the U.M.N..

If entering the Encephalon, the full term is "Encephalon dive," but this is
generally shortened to simply "dive."

--Link: Encephalon, U.M.N.

(DB137)-Dive Pod

Chiefly used to denote a capsule-shaped device used for Encephalon diving via
interconnection. Simple devices such as dive seats and goggle-mounted systems
offer the same capability.

In the story, these are used when conducting URTV link experiments.

--Link: Interconnection, Encephalon

(DB138)-Dive Unit

Equipment used when connecting to the U.M.N.; the type and size vary according
to the connection depth. As most connections are shallow, goggle-type units are
in widespread use.

In the story, Shion and the crew used simple goggle-type devices, but since
they were being used along with the Elsa's commercial-use customized module
acting as a support system, the team was able to access KOS-MOS's dataspace.

This special module had been set up by Matthews to better experience a Seraphim
Sisters concert via the U.M.N.--despite his claims that nothing compares to the
attending a concert in person. Today's audiophiles will pay vast sums of money
for equipment that brings the sound even a shade closer to the real thing.

--Link: U.M.N.

(DB139)-Direct Approach

This describes the act of breaking the link between two parties via Virtual
Seat VR-2000 and directly transferring a consciousness into a target
Encephalon. This is commonly called a dive, for short.

However, directly intruding in another person's consciousness is a high-risk
proposition. The memories of a person with whom a past time and place were
shared may resonate, and there is always the danger that one's sense of
self-versus-other will become lost and that the border between the real world
and the imaginary one will blur.

--Link: Encephalon, Dive

(DB140)-Dummy Protocol

A network protocol used to connect the perspective of KOS-MOS to that of its
operator via the virtual seat VR-2000.

Since KOS-MOS is a standalone unit and does not require external feed, this
protocol is used only while KOS-MOS is inactive.

--Link: KOS-MOS

(DB141)-Central Computer Pieta

The name of the motherframe installed in the Durandal. Jr. has affectionately
nicknamed it "Momma."

"Pieta" refers to any artwork depicting the Virgin Mary mourning over the dead
body of Christ.

--Link: Durandal

(DB142)-Abstract Cognitive Function

This function takes visually received data, processes it through circuits to
"understand" it, then causes it to be reflected in its host's consciousness.

Humanoid Realians and androids are fitted with this function along with
artificial personalities.

This function is included because some recognition tasks cannot be performed
without the capacity for feeling and thought; the function is necessary to
ensue smooth communication with other entities.

--Link: Android, Realian, Artificial Personality Layer

(DB143)-Central Nervous System Disorder

An affliction where the circuitry that perceives the outside world and
demonstrates one's inner feelings is fragmented, making one unable to express
emotions or speak.

Thanks to the prevalence of the U.M.N., memories are now able to be shared as
data; by overreacting to the emotions and memories recorded there, one loses
the ability to express one's own feelings.

Sakura suffered from this disease since birth, but it has also been known to
develop spontaneously following excessive U.M.N. access.

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that the true consciousness of the
victims of this disorder are floating through the cleft between the real world
and imaginary space, that is, within the U.M.N..

-Link: U.M.N., Imaginary Space, Sakura Mizrahi

(DB144)-Ultra-Wide Range Hilbert

KOS-MOS has an effective radius of about 300,000 kilometers within which she
can use the Hilbert Effect. She can also deploy it over a super-wide area,
should the situation call for it.

Normally, even when using a system with an amplifier, the area maxes out at
only a 100 kilometer radius; KOS-MOS, however, can far surpass that limit,
unleashing the Hilbert Effect over a radius of several hundred astronomical

--Link: KOS-MOS, Hilbert Effect

(DB145)-Maintenance Box

A containment device that carries out maintenance on androids, Realians, and
cyborgs, as well as performs operational checks when they fail to start up.

Service modules with nanotherapy functions can be used by humans as well as
cyborgs, and are useful for treating all sorts of maladies and injuries.

KOS-MOS's exclusive service module is elongated and painted black. It features
a restraint (called a "binding") along with movement capability. "Iron Maiden
KOS-MOS" is engraved on its hatch.

--Link: Android, Cyborg, Realian

(DB146)-DME Addiction

When a human consumes Realian tissue (especially that of the central nervous
system), it enters the bloodstream and is conveyed to the brain, altering his
or her neural structure. Outward signs of addiction include keratinization and
hardening of the skin. These symptoms have been observed in Lieutenant Virgil.

The compromising of the central nervous structures alters the addict's mental
and physical states; in some cases, death can occur. After the changes have
been made, the addict must continue to consume Realian tissue to stave off the
withdrawal symptoms, necessitating a pharmacological intervention. At present,
there is no complete cure.

In regions not under Federation control, Realian tissue is being trafficked as
a new kind of narcotic, fetching high prices.

--Link: Realian, Luis Virgil


Refers to the act of physically breaking one's connection to the Encephalon
within the U.M.N. when trouble arises during the session.

Although it depends on the connection system, in most cases the subject will
suffer significant physical damage; in the worst case, his or her brain may
even become impaired. For this reason, disconnects are usually prohibited.

--Link: Encephalon, U.M.N.

(DB148)-Transfer Wave

The U-TIC Organization autonomous fighter units, Auto-TECHs, can gate jump
independently, and their rear containers hold approximately 10 compact battle

By emitting a signal to designate transfer coordinates at the target location,
the Auto-Tech unit can, within a limited area, rapidly transfer battle
terminals one after another.

--Link: Auto-Tech

(DB149)-Transfer System

Transport technology that uses gate jump technology with the U.M.N. to transfer
goods to remote locations.

Because KOS-MOS's weapon system includes this capability, she doesn't need to
lug around oversized weapons--they can simply be transported from the storage
facility as needed.

However, only goods with static data can be directly transferred.
Theoretically, life forms with fluctuating data can be transferred directly,
but it is more or less impossible given the major mental and physical
difficulties that can arise.

To transfer living things, one must use a spaceship equipped with the
appropriate system.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Gate Jump, U.M.N.

(DB150)-Transgenic Type

A next-generation Realian model researched and developed by Joachim Mizrahi,
featuring an even more human-like structure.

First came Febronia; the Cecilia, Catherine, and Almadel, who were built from
Febronia's test data. Research and development of battle models took place, as
well. Joachim Mizrahi also used transgenic-type data when working to create the
100-Series Observational Unit.

Public records indicate that all experimental data was lost during the Miltian

--Link: Catherine, Cecilia, Febronia, Joachim Mizrahi, 100-Series Observational
Unit, Realian


Formally known as NATARAJA, this connection system was designed by Kevin and
implements a direct approach.

In the story, when Shion uses a direct approach for KOS-MOS's mainframe, this
system is booted up.

"Nataraja" is another name for Shiva, one of Hinduism's chief deities. While
worshipped as the lord of dancing, he is also a fearsome god of destruction and
creation. It is unclear why Kevin bestowed this system with one of Shiva's

--Link: Direct Approach, Kevin Winniot

(DB152)-Neural Monitoring

Before a connection can be made with certain areas accessed via the U.M.N., a
user's psyche must by synchronized with the area.

An operator can make a connection if the monitored user's mental wavelengths
are synchronized with the desired area. If the wavelengths are not
synchronized, then the operator can send sympathetic wavelengths to the user in
an attempt to synchronize them.

--Link: U.M.N.

(DB153)-Nexus 6

Ziggy, formerly known as Jan Sauer, sent this synthetic dog to his son Joaquin
soon after becoming his new father.

Nexus is the name of the company that manufactures synthetic animals, and the
dog's serial number is D-PA1279094 NEXUS v.06.

At the time,purebred dogs were prohibitively expensive and could not be easily
purchased, so synthetic versions were more commonplace.

It seems Ziggy named the dog "Nexus 6" after its model number, but since that
sounds like a robot name, Joaquin shortened it to Nex.

--Link: Ziggy, Nexus, Joaquin Rozas

(DB154)-Heat Death

Describes the death of the universe, as drawn from the Second Law of
Thermodynamics and its assertion that as entropy increases, the quantity of
heat reaches zero, and all matter becomes nothing.

In the story, Helmer used this concept to express the idea that, if humans
ceased living as human beings, all that would await them would be the death of
the universe, in which everything becomes nothing.

--No Link


Spaceships pass through hyperspace, which resembles a glittering tube in shape
and aspect, when performing a gate jump.

If matter touches the boundaries of hyperspace (i.e. the tube's inner walls) a
gigantic quantity of heat will be released, and the matter will disintegrate
into subatomic particles. As radioactivity is also abundantly present, it is
dangerous to perform research and analysis within hyperspace itself, and many
mysteries are still left unsolved.

--Link: Gate Jump

(DB156)-Paradigm Contamination

A paradigm is the dominating rule governing how things are viewed and perceived
in a given age and field. When a paradigm changes discontinuously, it is called
a "paradigm shift."

In the story, the term is used to refer to the desperate circumstance when a
computer'S mainframe of OS has been hacked or otherwise invaded.

--No Link

(DB157)-100-Series Observational Unit

Anti-Gnosis observational Realians equipped with the 100-Series system, which
combines D.S.S.S. and the Hilbert Effect.

They are young-looking Realians designed by the late Professor Joachim Mizrahi
and based on the MOMO prototype. They were mass-produced by the Contact
Subcommittee, a governmental institution of the Galaxy Federation.

In the process of developing his MOMO prototype, Professor Mizrahi manufactured
a large number of data-collection test beds called Kirschwasser. MOMO was the
100th model produced.

At present, the 100-Series system requires several dozen tons of system
capacity; theory holds that it cannot be miniaturized to human dimensions. The
100-Series System, as used by the Galaxy Federation Army, consists of the Main
Unit (a mainframe-like device measuring 10 cubic meters) and a production model
100-Series Realian used as a personal device.

Because the 100-Series system has similar specs to those with which KOS-MOS has
been equipped, it is possible there is some sort of connection between them.

As part of the late Professor Joachim Mizrahi's design concept, 100-Series
Observational Units resemble young children completely. It is said that, when
the Contact Subcommittee took over development after Joachim's death, they
carried over the external features to ensure that all of the systems were
working properly. Since it was impossible to reconstruct the systems that had
been tuned for the youthful bodies, it is more likely that they simply went
into mass production as is.

--Link: Kirschwasser, KOS-MOS, MOMO, Joachim Mizrahi, 100-Series Realian,
Hilbert Effect, Realian, D.S.S.S., Galaxy Federation, Contact Subcommittee

(DB158)-100-Series Realian

A 100-Series Observational Realian developed for anti-Gnosis purposes.

See the entry on 100-Series Observational Units

--Link: 100-Series Observational Unit

(DB159)-Hilbert Effect

A limited perception field generation system developed as a method of reaching
out from real space to interact with the Gnosis, which exist in imaginary

It makes interaction by real-world humans possible by translating
imaginary-space pulsations into a "common language" and intentionally expanding
the accessible area of imaginary space (normally Planck-scale sized). This also
allows the use of everyday weapons against Gnosis, who ignore the laws of

Usually, KOS_MOS can create a field of about 300,000 kilometers, but when using
all her power, that field can expand to several million astronomical units.
MOMO and 100-Series Observational Units can create a field with a range up to
100 kilometers using a special large-scale amplifier; without this device ,
however, they are limited to only a few hundred meters.

--Link: KOS-MOS, MOMO, Amplifier, Imaginary Space, Gnosis

(DB160)-Primer Walking

Detecting and capturing the remaining traces of energy being transmitted by the
Zohar, thus extrapolating its position.

Generally used to mean utilizing sequence information taken from DNA and
analyzing the downstream sequences to determine the entire base sequence.

--Link: Original Zohar


Those well versed in the U.M.N. and virtual space can follow the access logs of
someone who has dived into virtual space and tap into his or her brain.

Brainjacking is usually only done by malicious humans, and their victims
generally die from the destruction of their emotional and mental circuits. Even
if they do manage to survive, their brains, emotions, and psyche will bear deep
and lasting scars, making it impossible for them to return to life as usual.

When brainjacking is necessary during a criminal investigation in virtual
space, it can be performed with permission from Federal Police higher-ups.

However, the Galaxy Federation considers such actions to be highly
confidential; not only does the average citizen not know about them, but most
departments within the Federation Police are left in the dark as well.

--Link: Dive, U.M.N.


Describes an A.I. that serves to extract user-requested data from the immense
network known as the U.M.N..

Data is managed by various A.I.s within the U.M.N., and procurators access
these A.I.s on the user's behalf. This allows the user to efficiently retrieve
the information he or she is seeking.

Procurators primarily take voice commands; keyboard commands are required when
more precise settings are called for.

Compact procurators also run on connection gears and other mobile devices.
Shion uses Bunnie, a procurator she made herself.

--Link: Bunnie, Connection Gear, U.M.N.


Refers to technology and information monopolized by a certain company. In the
story, data concerning T-elos's development is under the jurisdiction of the
Federation Army; as it was all monopolized by Roth Mantel, even Vector's
Development Division was unable to gain inside access.

--No Link

(DB164)-Divide and Rule Measure

A plan to subject the planet Abraxas to a divide-and-rule system at the hands
of the Galaxy Federation and the Immigrant Fleet nation.

The Immigrant Fleet appeared in the Michtam system in the T.C. 4500's and
claimed sovereignty over the planet Abraxas, their Holy Land. A protracted
conflict between the two groups started in the Michtam system not long after;
in the T.C. 4600's, the territorial rights went to the Immigrant Fleet.

However, when the moderate Julius XVIII was installed as the Immigrant Fleet's
Patriarch, the Immigrant Fleet began to accept the solution of a
divide-and-rule system for Abraxas.

Even though the difference in their tactical prowess means the Galaxy
Federation should have a formidable advantage, Federation leaders know that
pressure has not gotten them far with the Immigrant Fleet, and thy are
recommending this alternative as well. A movement to convert the planet Abraxas
over to a full divide-and-rule system was first seen at the Pilgrimage Meeting
in T.C. 4667.

--Link: Julius XVIII, Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet, Galaxy Federation,
Planet Michtam

(DB165)-Holographic Network

The neural network that makes it possible to view the data recorded within
Realians and androids as video in the real world.

The analysis of the Y-Data MOMO kept hidden passed through this network.

--Link: Android, Realian

(DB166)-Holographic Mail Terminal

A device that permits the sending and receiving of three-dimensional holograms
over a network.

The terminal's role is to take in the subject's information and voice from the
sender's side then send it to a central computer.

The central computer converts the terminal's data into video and audio, then
passes it on to the recipient's computer.

The terminal's function is simply to send data and to pass along the fact that
the central computer has received the data; data receipt and access occur at
the central computer itself.

--No Link

(DB167)-University of Bormeo

One of the top educational institutions in the Galaxy Federation, the
University of Bormeo has a long history, being, as it is, the first university
constructed by humans in space. Despite this, its academic level and facilities
are the most modern around; many aspire to attend, but it is extremely
difficult to make the rolls.

It has departments in both the humanities and the sciences, but about 70
percent of its curriculum lies in the departments of science and engineering,
which are further divided into even more specialities. Chief disciplines
include material application engineering, planetary science, mechanical systems
engineering, and so on.

With its Gothic architecture, one would never expect this university to be at
the center of science and engineering.

Many Vector employees are University of Bormeo graduates, including Allen and
Kevin. The Professor at the helm of the Robot Academy on the Kukai Foundation,
his friend the Other Professor, and the Professor's rival the Dark Professor
also graduated from this institution.

--Link: Professor, Other Professor, Dark Professor, Allen Ridgeley, Kevin

(DB168)-Mass Driver

A launch system that uses magnetism to accelerate high-mass objects, instead of
relying on propellants. Most often used for turning out large spaceships and
construction of orbital elevators and space colonies.

In the story, a lone boy uses a Mass Driver, at the spaceport on planet
Michtam, to escape.

--Link: Planet Michtam, Archon Spaceport

(DB169)-Miltia Charter

A charter established by the Federation government to prevent incidents like
the Miltian Conflict, which broke out 15 years ago, from ever recurring.

Of note in the Miltian Charter is Article Four, which speaks to the social
standing of Realians, and was enacted because of the outbreak of Realian
violence during the Miltian Conflict.

Because of the outbreak of Realian violence, the number of human victims
declined. The Federation government declared, "Realians also feel stress, which
gave rise to the outbreak of violence," thus stipulating "human" rights to

However, even though their basic rights had been affirmed, Vector, the
Realians' manufacturer, did not remove their control devices, which contain a
self-destruct code. The Charter can therefore also be viewed as written
permission to use said devices.

--Link: Realian, Miltian Conflict, Galaxy Federation

(DB170)-Artificial Personality Layer

A human-like personality created to allow humanoid Realians and androids to
communicate smoothly with humans.

Since simulated personalities are based on the whole spectrum of emotions
experienced by real humans, they are installed to match their host's appearance
and function--whether it be a young female Realian of a medical-use android.

By using both artificial personalities and artificial intelligence, they can be
given more human-like thoughts and emotions, but, normally, one or the other is
suppressed, and the Realian or android is calibrated to be convenient to its

--Link: Android, Realian


UNP stands for "Unus Mundus Network Phone," a general, personal-use telephonic
terminal--in other words, a mobile phone.

Connection gears also sport high-level communication features, but since they
are prohibitively expensive, the UNP is in much more widespread use.

Several hundred companies manufacture UNPs, but the VE series from Vector
Industries is the most popular; the latest VE-U series features a motif
starring the U.M.N. mascot Bunnie and is a favorite of Shion.

Because connection gears use special military channels, UNP channels are more
likely to get through during a military emergency. For this reason, most
technicians with connection gears still tend to keep a UNP as a backup
communication device.

--Link: Bunnie, Connection Gear, U.M.N., Vector Industries


Stands for "Unus Mundus Network."

This is the wide-area information network connecting the entire galaxy; it is
used in spatial hops and faster-than-light communications, taking advantage of
its distinctive non-locality; it uses the EPR paradox to establish connections
without being bound by time or space.

The U.M.N. was developed by Vector after Lost Jerusalem disappeared; its
administration was then handed over to the Galaxy Federation. However, no
records remain from its development period, so there is no way to verify any of
the details.

Lately, a large number of Gnosis encounters have been reported on the U.M.N.
and within the Encephalon.
The mastermind behind Gnosis terrorism, Grimoire Verum, has also used the
U.M.N. for various events, leading some to speculate about a connection between
the U.M.N. and the appearance of Gnosis.

"Unus Mundus" refers to C.G. Jung's theory of the collective unconscious; it
can explain the inconsistencies of synchronicity and the EPR paradox from a
physics standpoint, as well as the mutually complementary connection and
relationship between two minds and between mind and matter.

In the story, it refers to a collective unconscious network where human
consciousness are overlaid with and rendered alongside the network.

--Link: Grimoire Verum, Encephalon, Gnosis Terrorism, Galaxy Federation,
Gnosis, Vector Industries

(DB173)-U.M.N. Transfer Column

One must use the U.M.N. to gate jump; U.M.N. transfer columns are areas that
serve as gate jump portals.

These columns exist as relay points in each designated area and connect pairs
of transfer gates. Each column has its own range of influence, and it is not
possible to gate jump outside a column's effective range.

Gate jumping also incurs a toll that is collected whenever a column is used.

The toll, charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, varies according to the distance
traveled through hyperspace and ship classification. An average ship like the
Elsa would pay 24.6G per unit of hyperspace traveled.

A special oversized ship, such as the Durandal, would pay about 3.85 times the
toll of an average ship.

--Link: Gate Jump, Hyperspace, U.M.N.

(DB174)-U.M.N. Pulse

Signals indicating transport routes to spaceships, constantly being transmitted
by U.M.N. transfer columns.

When a gate jump is performed, one must receive either the destination pulse
each column emits, or the route pulse each column receives.

--Link: Gate Jump, U.M.N. Transfer Column

(DB175)-Life Recycling Law

Introduced as a proposal in T.C. 4590, this bill was approved and implemented
in '91. Its aim was to recycle the bodies of the dead.

Those who had registered as donors while alive had their bodies transformed
into cyborgs after their deaths, but they were used as mere tools, with no
human rights. Furthermore, the notion of "recycling" was interpreted as
extending to the effective utilization of genes, and the bill was seen as
including human clones and genetic and/or cranial nerve modification. This
brought with it such benefits as broader living spaces and safety.

However, with an increase in the number of mentally-imbalanced individuals,
people like Ziggy becoming Federation government equipment, and humanoid
weapons like URTVs experiencing issues of societal standing, the Act was
repealed in T.C. 4754.

Another reason for repealing the act was that, due to genetic modification,
more and more people could adapt only to certain environments, and the human
race was becoming biologically fragile.

The number-one reason the Life Recycling Act was repealed, though, was that the
victims of genetic modification were fighting over planets with environments
that could support them, resulting in a large number of casualties.

--Link: Ziggy, Cyborg, URTV


Realians are said to be the culmination of molecular bioengineering. Their body
makeup ranges from carbon-based and very similar to that of humans to
constructions based on silicon and even liquid metal. There is a type for every

Legally they were considered equipment, but they possessed intelligence and
emotions--which had been suppressed for their role as servants.

Their basic human rights were acknowledged after the Miltian Conflict, however,
and--apart from some Realians used for special work or in extreme
conditions--their emotions were no longer deactivated. On the other hand their
manufacturers had fitted them with "emergency control codes" for merchandise
control and crisis management purposes.

Many firms are manufacturing Realians, but their critical program--i.e., their
central nervous system-- is generally produced by Vector. It is a veritable
black box, and all maintenance, procedures beyond everyday adjustments, and
alterations can only be carried out at Vector's Third Division.

There was a time when Miltia's U-TIC Organization performed a great deal of
research and development into specialized Realians. It was during this time
that the 100-Series Observational Unit and battle Realians underwent
improvement. It appears that various other Realian research took place as well,
but most of the associated data was lost during the Miltian COnflict, and no
further information is available today.

--Link: 100-Series Observational Unit, U-TIC Organization, Vector Industries,
Vector Third R&D Division

[B033] Events

(DB177)-Nursing Plant Incident

Mass-murder incident at the government VIP Nursing Plant in Draper on Planet
Abraxas in T.C. 4667. Based on conditions at the crime scene, it was assumed to
be the work of Voyager.

While it is unknown why Voyager massacred so many infants, post-crime reports
stated that large quantities of specific information was reported "lost" from
the brains of the deceased children.

--Link: Voyager, Draper, Planet Abraxas, E.A.P.F.

(DB178)-Space-Time Anomaly

Phenomenon in which the border between real space and its opposite, imaginary
space, blurs, and the composition of space itself warps.

Brought about by events such as a Zohar going out of control. The destruction
of Miltia, Ariadne and Lost Jerusalem were all the result of space-time
anomalies. These anomalies can be confirmed by EPR radar.

--Link: Imaginary Space

(DB179)-Gnosis Terrorism

Popular name for the Gnosis attacks that were brought about half a year ago.
Along with several accomplices, the ringleader, a man named Grimoire Verum,
manipulated the Gnosis and attacked the capital cities of several planets.

According to reports from the Contact Subcommittee, which was responsible for
the investigation, Grimoire and his accomplices all died within the U.M.N..
Their goals and the methods by which they controlled the Gnosis are still
unknown, pending further investigation.

Furthermore, Shion and Jin were involved in this incident; after its
resolution, the KOS-MOS Project was halted and Shion decided to leave Vector.

--Link: Grimoire Verum, KOS-MOS, U.M.N., Gnosis, Shion Uzuki, Jin Uzuki, Vector

(DB180)-Ambassador Lock-Up Incident

The incident in T.C. 4667 in which the Galaxy Federation Goodwill Ambassador
were killed by Voyager with in a virtual space constructed within the U.M.N..

The selection of the Goodwill Ambassadors, as well as the preparation of the
venue for the amnesty summit, had been performed by Donald Marquand, Special
Representative to the planet Abraxas Archon Zone.

The amnesty summit was intended to diminish the consciously-maintained distance
between the Immigrant Fleet and the Galaxy Federation before the Pilgrimage
Meeting, where a divide-and-rule system for Abraxas would be decided on;
however, the incident became the grounds for a further worsening of their

Furthermore, according to the records, all of the children who had been
selected as Goodwill Ambassadors had been born on Abraxas.

--Link: Voyager, Donald Marquand, Planet Abraxas, Archon Zone

(DB181)-Zoar Incident

The unannounced attack on a Galaxy Federation planet in Miltian space by
non-Federation planet Zoar is taken to have been the starting point of the

However, as surrounding planets were taken into the space-time anomaly after
the Miltian Conflict, the truth of the matter is still unknown.

One theory is that the radical faction of the former republic of Miltia
rejected the idea of joining the Federation, instead joining forces with their
former-Immigrant Fleet brethren living on Zoar and taking military action.
Another theory states that the Federation Salvators, pretending to be the
radical faction, invaded neighboring areas in the name of preserving the
peace--but actually hoping to place all of Miltian space under their control.

--No Link

(DB182)-Plan 31

The order the U-TIC Organization gave to the 474th Spec Ops Fleet after they
failed to secure the Zohar Emulator aboard the Woglinde.

The U-TIC Organization predicted that, in order to retrieve the Zohar
emulators, the Durandal would appear at the coordinates where the Woglinde had
gone down from a Gnosis attack.

Composite video footage of the Durandal returning fire upon the 474th Spec Ops
Fleet after its ambush, made to look like the Durandal had been responsible for
sinking the Federation ship Woglinde, was leaked throughout space.

The Kukai Foundation, and by extension the Miltian autonomous government,
caught in the trap, were surrounded by the Federation fleet, and those related
to the incident were put under arrest.

--Link: 474th Spec Ops Fleet

(DB183)-Plan 401

The name of the plan enacted in conjunction with Plan 31, employed by the U-TIC
Organization in order to strip the Second Miltian autonomous government of
their vested rights. It entails the use of not the U-TIC Organization's own
fleet, but of Federation forces manipulated through the government.

By disseminating throughout space, composite video footage apparently showing
the Durandal attacking the Woglinde, the Kukai Foundation, and by extension the
Second Miltian government, were framed for treason, resulting in the
mobilization of the Gedalya Region 422nd Fleet.

Later, through operatives within the Federation, the U-TIC Organization
proposed stripping the Second Miltian autonomous government of its vested
rights, attempting once again to get their hands on MOMO, the key to the

It is apparent that Margulis, who directed the operation, considered
temporarily giving up MOMO to be a part of his predicted scenario.

--Link: Plan 31, U-TIC Organization

(DB184)-Miltian Conflict

The final conflict of the Zoar Incident, in which a fierce battle between the
Federation government and the U-TIC Organization unfolded upon Shion's homeland
of Miltia.

The Federation government's military initiated its third descent operation,
this time including the URTV special forces.

According to records, U-TIC Organization founder Joachim Mizrahi caused the
Zohar to go out of control, producing a space-time anomaly.

--Link: Space-Time Anomaly, Zoar Incident, Miltia, URTV, U-TIC Organization,
Galaxy Federation

(DB185)-Link Experiment

Connection experiments related to the Zohar emulators, carried out by the
U-TIC Organization at their facility on planet Ariadne. At that time, Andrew
held the reins of the operation.

It can be deduced that the experiments revolved around linking the Zohar
emulators to another existence; from the use of the word "connection," it is
likely that other existence was U-DO.

However, these experiments ended in failure, with the disappearance of planet
Ariadne in a space-time anomaly and its subsequent transformation into a Gnosis
Cathedral Ship.

--Link: Space-Time Anomaly, Planet Ariadne, U-TIC Organization, U-DO, Gnosis,
Zohar Emulator, Andrew Cherenkov, Gnosis [Cathedral Ship]

(DB186)-Disappearance of Planet Ariadne

In T.C. 4765, the U-TIC Organization was conducting connection experiments with
the Zohar emulators at their facility on planet Ariadne. However, a space-time
anomaly was produced as a result of the Zohar emulators going out of control,
and Ariadne completely disappeared along with 1.5 billion inhabitants.

While it is unknown why Ariadne had been chosen as the location for the
connection experiments, it was on this planet that the experiments' director,
Andrew, had lived in a sham marriage. Here, he had committed murder repeatedly
and had been placed in a personality reconditioning facility; it may be that he
specifically chose Ariadne to be the land of his martyrdom.

There are confirmed reports of fierce winds on the planet's surface immediately
before its disappearance, as well as lights in the sky similar to a
multi-layered aurora.

It is held that only a small number of spaceships managed to escape, including
those owned by the U-TIC Organization; thereafter, Ariadne became a Gnosis
Cathedral Ship, made to wander the far reaches of space.

--Link: Space-Time Anomaly, Link Experiment, Personality Reconditioning
Facility, U-TIC Organization, Gnosis, Zohar Emulator, Andrew Cherenkov, Gnosis
[Cathedral Ship]

[B034] Locations


The term referring to the singularity within the double black hole that
appeared near Old Miltian space, after the space-time anomaly that occurred

It was so named to reflect the special property of black holes; if you ever
come near one, you will never be able to get out.

--Link: Miltia

(DB188)-Archon Spaceport

A port facility constructed in the Archon Zone, the biggest city in Michtam. A
large port equipped with a mass driver, it has been used as the planet's main
spaceport since the planet's name  was changed from Abraxas to Michtam.

--Link: Mass Driver, Archon Zone, Planet Abraxas, Planet Michtam

(DB189)-Archon Cathedral

A cathedral built by the Immigrant Fleet during the Old Abraxas era to worship
the Zohar.

it is said to have its beginnings with the ancestors of the Immigrant Fleet who
first drifted to this planet. Within a giant crack in the earth, they
discovered underground ruins believed to be related to the Zohar; there, they
built a facility to research both the ruins and the Zohar.

The above-ground building is a place for the religious faith of the Immigrant
Fleet populace, but underground lies a Zohar research facility staffed by Ormus
researchers. In the heart of the underground ruins, there exists a room mode of
a crystalline material that only Ormus cardinals are allowed to visit.

Ziggy is closely connected to this place; it was here he was targeted by
Voyager in a terrorist attack and his wife and child were killed. It is also
the place where Ziggy took his own life.

--Link: Voyager, Immigrant Fleet, Planet Abraxas, Original Zohar

(DB190)-Archon Zone

The largest city on planet Abraxas.

Greek for "lord" or "ruler." In Gnosticism, a word referring to evil spirits or
false gods.

--No Link

(DB191)-Isolated Research Facility

A facility built beneath Archon Cathedral where research was conducted by the
Immigrant Fleet on the Original Zohar and underground ruins.

Research was conducted at this facility not only by Ormus researchers, but by
Joachim Mizrahi as well.

After admission to the Galaxy Federation, the facility was taken over by the
Federation government. Research began to be conducted under their lead, which
ultimately led to the Zohar going out of control. Much of the research staff
that escaped from Michtm went on to work at the Mizrahi Cerebral Sciences
Research Center on Miltia.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Archon Cathedral, C.S.R.C., Ormus, Original Zohar,
Planet Michtam

(DB192)-S-Line Division

The S-Line Division, also referred to as S-Line.

This is the term for Vector's data-administration section within the U.M.N.,
categorized into four ranks (S,A,B, and C) based on level of importance.
S-Line, where Vector's classified information is stored, is the highest-ranking
section. Therefore, it cannot be accessed without the CEO's permission.

Grimoire, mastermind behind the Gnosis terrorism, was isolated within
S-Division in a place known as Ars Nova. He controlled the Gnosis from within
S-Division as he attacked cities on multiple planets.

--Link: U.M.N., Wilhelm, Vector Industries


A Lohengrin-class passenger-freighter transport (length: 166 meters, weight:
8400 tons) captained by Matthews.

Originally a high-speed personal space cruiser, it was granted to Matthews by a
certain person as compensation for his services. It was later remodeled by
Matthews, Tony, Hammer, and the rest of the Elsa's crew, who now use it for
retrieving junk and other objects.

The ship is rigged from stem to stern with unauthorized hidden weaponry, a fact
that is unnoticeable from the outside. Its main propulsion engine has been
replaced with the latest model logical drive, heavily tuned. In Tony's words,
it boasts the fastest speed of any space vessel in the universe.

After landing on Second Miltia, it was refurbished to add alterations to the
structure and internal layout of the ship. In particular, the A.G.W.S. hangar
on the bottom of the ship was enlarged to where it could maintain several E.S.s
at once. This remodeling was headed up by the Professor.

Matthews is in love with his swan-like ship, but it is currently put up as
collateral for a loan from the Kukai Foundation.

--Link: Tony, Professor, Hammer, Matthews, Logical Drive, Kukai Foundation

(DB194)-Ormus Strondhold

A free-orbiting fortress over ten kilometers in length, used by Margulis and
the Inquisitors as on of their bases after abandoning Pleroma.

It was set to be deployed in the battle against the Federation fleet inside the
path to Miltia when it opened. However, it wound up being hurriedly pressed
into use as a defense line against the Elsa when it tried to break through the

Despite this, it was destroyed from the inside by E.S. craft piloted by Shion
and the others, and was ultimately swallowed by the Abyss.

--Link: Inquisitors

(DB195)-Isolation Area

A quarantine area in Sector D of the Durandal, where the Zohar emulators were
stored. Also known as the Zohar Room, it was established as a countermeasure to
both the Gnosis and the U-TIC Organization, which is hunting the Zohar.

Inside, twelve Zohar emulators are kept under strict control via an Attract
Inhibitor in a large space which has been divided into thirteen blocks.

Each block has been given the name of one of the Twelve Apostles, the followers
of Christ. The thirteenth black bears the name Marienkind, or "child of Mary";
this is where the Original Zohar is slated to be stored.

--Link: Durandal, Attract Inhibitor, Zohar Emulator

(DB196)-Orbital Elevator

A giant elevator that connects a planet with a space station. It can make
several round trips a day between a space station in geosynchronous satellite
orbit and a platform established near the planet's equator.

This eliminates the need for a crew to land their spaceship on the surface of
the planet. Some planets combine their orbital elevators with mass driver-based
launch systems.

--No Link

(DB197)-Orbital Station

A space station that has been established in satellite orbit above a planet,
primarily intended for the docking of ships. The cylinder extending from an
orbital station is connected several thousand meters below with a facility that
has been built on the planet's surface, near the equator.

An elevator that has been established within the cylinder allows the crews of
ships that have docked at the orbital station to transport themselves or the
goods they brought with them to the surface without having to deal with
atmospheric entry. People or goods on the surface can also be transported to
space in the same manner.

Previously, launching ships via a mass driver was the customary approach;
however, the orbital elevator system has become heavily used in recent years as
a safer, low-cost alternative. A planet's orbital station is seen as the front
door to that planet.

--Link: Mass Driver, Orbital Elevator

(DB198)-Gedalya Autonomous State

An autonomous state that is home to the headquarters of the 422nd Federation
Fleet, which surrounded the Kukai Foundation as Second Miltia fell to the U-TIC

Rumor has it that officials related to the U-TIC Organization have infiltrated
the upper ranks of its government, and that Gedalya's representative in
Parliament has ties to Ormus that date from before the Miltian Conflict. Like
Helmer, the representative has a background as a high-ranking officer in the
Galaxy Federation forces, but much of that history remains unclear.

The state has argued in the Federation Parliament against Second Miltia's right
to the Zohar, as well as against the arming of the Kukai Foundation. Although
Gedalya and Second Miltia are affiliated with the same Federation, one could
say that the two planets corrently see each other as enemies.

--Link: Second Miltia, U-TIC Organization

(DB199)-Sakura's House

The Encephalon created within Sakura's subconscious domain; a visualization of
the warm home in her mind.

It was used as a place to carry out URTV mental link experiments, as well as to
treat Sakura.

Jr. first met Sakura here. For Sakura, it was the first time she had ever met
anyone who could understand her words.

--Link: Jr., Encephalon, URTV, Sakura Mizrahi

(DB200)-Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility

The medical facility where Aoi Uzuki, Shion's mother, was hospitalized in a
vegetative state. Instead of performing normal medical treatments, it used
cutting-edge technology to administer nanomedicine, experimental treatments,
and so forth.

In truth, it was part of the Labyrinthos facility, headquarters of the U-TIC
Organization; it collected subjects who would contact U-DO in order to conduct
link experiments with the Vessels of Anima and the Zohar.

Aoi Uzuki was amongst the test subjects; during her experiments, Febronia was
used as part of the system.

During the Miltian Conflict, an eight-year-old Shion saw her parents killed
before her eyes in one of the facility's hospital rooms. The experience was so
traumatic for her that she later repressed her memories of it.

--Link: Aoi Uzuki, Febronia, Labyrinthos, U-TIC Organization, Vessel Of Anima,
U-DO, Original Zohar


A free-orbiting colony that serves as Vector Industries' main headquarters. It
is so large (1000 kilometers in length) that it is almost like an artificial

The nerve center of the entire group and its affiliated businesses is gathered
on this colony; Shion's living quarters, as well as the First R&D Division
where she was stationed, were also here. The office where Vector CEO Wilhelm
converses with the Testaments is laid out in the upper block of the Dämmerung.

The Dämmerung is categorized as a colony, but its mobility and firepower far
outclasses even the military's large battleships. When the Kukai Foundation was
in danger after being surrounded by Gnosis, it appeared before Shion with three
allied ships. With those ships, it launched the powerful Rhine Maiden, a
particularly noteworthy part of its power.

The music of Wagner is always playing in Wilhelm's office. That combined with
the name "Rhine Maiden," gives one a good idea of his tastes.

--Link: Wilhelm, Rhine Maiden, Vector Industries, Shion Uzuki, Vector First R&D

(DB202)-Personality Reconditioning Facility

A facility established to perform personality reconditioning on serious
criminals with behavioral brain disorders.

Andrew was institutionalized in this facility's building, which is divided into
three departments: a research lab to investigate behavioral brain disorders, a
hospital ward to conduct personality reconditioning surgery, and an
instructional department to re-educate patients, with the goal of returning
them to society.

The re-eduction curriculum is centered around lifestyle guidance and work
training; patients with severe emotional disorders may undergo psychotherapy or
hypnosis therapy.

Once a full re-education curriculum has been completed and a subject has been
acceptably rehabilitated according to baselines set by a court of law, he is
allowed to return to regular society and live a normal life, albeit under the
surveillance of an administrative manager.

--Link: Andrew Cherenkov, Level 7 Personality Reconditioning

(DB203)-Sunken City

After the space-time anomaly, Old Miltia was blocked off from the local U.M.N.,
spatially detached from the rest of the universe. Fourteen years later, it
reappeared, but the city had lost its past liveliness and most of its surface
had flooded. Exactly what happened to this land during this blank interval is

Labyrinthos, where the Original Zohar sleeps, looms in the city center, barely
retaining its original form.

--Link: Labyrinthos, Miltia

(DB204)-Second Miltia

With Old Miltia, the previous capital planet, swallowed up into the space-time
anomaly, the capital was hurriedly relocated to a habitable planet that had
just completed Stage 2 terraforming within the same Tantus Arm.

The planet is still being modified today, but primeval forests still flourish
throughout the land. It is blessed with a great deal of water, making it
reminiscent of Lost Jerusalem.

Helmar, Representative of Second Miltia's autonomous state government, is
currently at the helm. The government contributed to the establishment of the
Kukai Foundation; in practice, the two are deeply connected, working as a
single group or force.

Shion and Jin's house is located in the suburbs of Second Miltia. Immigration
to the planet has been taking place since the tail end of Stage 1 terraforming,
but Shion's grandfather apparently settled there before that time.

The planet is 13,200 kilometers in diameter.
Its gravity is 1.03 times that of Earth.

--Link: Helmer, Lost Jerusalem, Kukai Foundation, Shion Uzuki, Jin Uzuki,

(DB205)-Dabrye Mine

A mine in Miltia, located in the southeast part of Labyrinthos. A relatively
wide range of mineral ores were mined here, including gold, silver, copper,
lead, zinc, and iron.

It was mainly mind for iron and produced the most iron of any Miltian mine,
boasting a yearly output of 9 million tons. According to one report, most of
the mined iron was used in the construction of Labyrinthos.

As the U-TIC Organization armed itself, the mine's crew was forced to work
under increasingly restricted conditions. By the time Miltia disappeared, the
mine had mostly been abandoned.

It is said that the tight restrictions on workers stemmed from a feud between
the old hierocracy and the
 government of the republic, which was a puppet of the Federation.

--Link: Milita, Labyrinthos


A heavily-armed Kukai Foundation ship that extends over 4000 meters in length.
Jr. is normally in command of the ship; otherwise, it is run by the sisters
Mary and Shelley.

Its front end plunges into the center of the Foundation colony to dock with it,
turning the whole ship into a Metropolis. It has now become a tourist
attraction, and is even listed in travel guides.

This specialized design came about as the result of careful thought over the
evacuation of the colony in an emergency. In such a case, citizens could
evacuate directly into the Durandal, which would then take off, abandoning the

The Durandal's activities mainly involve missions from the Second Miltian
government or Contact Subcommittee that must be kept from the public eye. As a
result, the Durandal's movements are not a matter of public record. The U-TIC
Organization has taken advantage of this situation to ensnare the Durandal in
the past.

Currently, its contracted mission is to protect the Zohar emulators and hunt
down the Gnosis.

--Link: Jr., Kukai Foundation, Zohar Emulator, Shelley Godwin, Mary Godwin

(DB207)-C.A.T. Testing Ground

Short for Consolidated Advanced Technology, the C.A.T. Testing Grounds are
contained within a giant facility located on Fifth Jerusalem, capital planet of
the Galaxy Federation. Many kinds of new technology are tested here, including
military technology.

T-elos's evaluation test was held in the Number Four Exercise Area, the largest
section of the base and big enough to hold operational tests for giant mobile

--Link: Fifth Jerusalem

(DB208)-Lake Turkana

The lake whose excavation project was led by Dr. Masuda, funded by Vector
Industries capital.

Excavation on the lakeside revealed the pedestal of the "Compass of Order and
Chaos." When Masuda placed a stone tablet he had with him on the excavated
object, the Zohar appeared from the lake.

The lake is located on the northern edge of Kenya, in Africa. Its surface area
is 7000 square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 73 meters. It is located in
a very hot, semi-arid area, and there is little vegetation in the landscape,
apart from shrubs.

The eastern coastline of Lake Turkana is well known as one of Africa's greatest
sites for fossilized hominids. The region is home to the Sibiloi, Central
Island, and South Island National Parks; a large variety of bird species live
in the area. The lake basin also offers a view of a Quaternary Period desert

As a vital location for historical research, the Lake Turkana National Parks
were registered as a natural heritage World Heritage Site in A.D. 1997.
This registration was expanded in A.D. 2001.

--Link: Masuda, Vector Industries, Compass of Order and Chaos, Original Zohar


A region in the suburbs of Archon, densely packed with the facilities of firms
in the biomedical sector.

It was once used as an agricultural area, taking advantage of its fertile soil,
but the bulk of the land was seized by the Galaxy Federation in the late T.C.
4580s. At that point in time, the Immigrant Fleet had territorial rights to
Abraxas in all but name; while the Federation acquiesced to this ostensible
fact, it demanded the partial transfer of ownership of some of Abraxas's land
to them as compensation. The Federation's semi-forced ownership transfer of the
Draper region is thought to have been a part of these demands.

In T.C. 4591, the Draper region was opened up to private use by Dmitri Yuriev
after a branch of the Yuriev Institute was built there. every private business
in the biotechnology sector set up shop in the area, hoping to enjoy the new
benefits provided by the Life Recycling Act in a region closely linked with

As expected from the above situation, most of the businesses located there were
emerging branches of private industries, but government-owned nursing plants
like J.M.I. also existed there. This was Yuriev's plan from the start; he
ultimately induced all information related to biotechnology to concentrate
itself around J.M.I..

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Life Recycling Law, Yuriev Institute, Archon Zone,

(DB210)-Fifth Jerusalem

The central planet of the Federation, and the center of its legislative,
judical, and federal branches. The Contact Subcommittee, among other groups,
has its headquarters here.

Jerusalem means "city of peace" in Hebrew.

--Link: Contact Subcommittee, Galaxy Federation

(DB211)-The Old Church

An old church in the suburbs of Dasgupta, capital of Miltia. It has been
abandoned for a fairly long time, but is thought to have been an Ormus church
at one point.

--Link: Miltia


A planetoid built by fusing several asteroids together, used as a hiding place
by the U-TIC Organization. Its solemn exterior evokes an air of sanctity.

In the past, it was a place of worship used by Ormus. By the time the U-TIC
Organization reopened it after the Miltian Conflict, it had been abandoned for
several centuries. The name Pleroma was given by the Patriarch; it was named
after the immigrant ship used by Ormus to escape Earth's geosphere.

This is the place where MOMO was captured and held captive by Margulis.

--Link: Patriarch, Ormus, U-TIC Organization

(DB213)-Pedea Island

A small island, approximately two kilometers in circumference, in the Vertex
Archipelago on Second Miltia.

The Vertex Archipelago is famous as a vacation destination; however, now that
most people are concentrating of Fata Morgana Island, which is being fostered
as a tourist spot by the Second Miltian government, almost no tourists visit
these islands, making them a hidden gem for sightseeing.

--Link: Second Miltia


The Cerebral Sciences Research Center is headed by Joachim Mizrahi.

A specialized laboratory, established under Vector sponsorship, that integrated
cerebral neurology and phenomena physics. It was the site of both Original
Zohar analysis and Gnosis research. The unique nature of its research caused it
to be treated as a fringe element by many, but the center's accomplishments
included environmental bugs, the D.S.S.S., and the Hilbert effect.

In order to analyze the Original Zohar, Joachim reconstructed Lemegeton (which
was being stored by Vector) and began design work on the Song of Nephilim and
the U-DO System. He also produced specialized Realians known as transgenic
types for use as body donors during the design process.

Afterwards, a plan was unfurled to use the Zohar as a weapon and energy source.
Jurisdiction was transferred from Vector to the Federation government, and it
became the U-TIC Organization, a group under direct governmental control.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Transgenic Type, Hilbert Effect, D.S.S.S., U-TIC
Organization, U-DO, Original Zohar, Gnosis, Song of Nephilim, Environmental Bug


Shion and Jin's home planet, more often referred to today as "Old Miltia" to
differentiate it from Second Miltia.

Site of the Miltian Conflict and birthplace of many other incidents and
tragedies, it was sealed away for fourteen years when its region of space was
blocked off from the U.M.N..

However, after the Y-Data was leaked, the path to Miltia was unlocked and the
planet once again turned into a battlefield over the Original Zohar resting
within Labyrinthos.

After landing on Miltia, Shion was faced with a painful decision in front of
the Zohar. She also learned the startling truth hidden behind the Miltian

However, despite having destroyed the Zohar control system to stop the
awakening of U-DO, the Omega System sprung into action by Ormus's hand, and
Proto Omega was born, destroying the planet itself in the process. On that day,
Miltia disappeared from space forever.

--Link: Miltian Conflict, Second Miltia, Labyrinthos, Original Zohar, Y-Data,
Shion Uzuki, Jin Uzuki

(DB216)-Miltian Hierocracy

A solar-systemwide state formed on Miltia, the only habitable planet in the
Miltian system, Galaxy 18, Tantus Arm, 4th Finger.

Since most of its citizens originated from the Immigrant Fleet and its
political structure followed Fleet doctrine, the nation was governed
independently, without the input of the Galaxy Federation. Later, it buckled
under Federation pressure and moved to an autonomous state form of government,
with a representative appointed by the Federation government as head of state.

However, this status of essentially being under the control of the Federation
government served to antagonize the public and became one of the causes of the
Miltian Conflict. Much of the later U-TIC Organization's membership was built
from the remnants of the hierocracy government's military.

--Link: Miltian Conflict, Miltia, Immigrant Fleet

(DB217)-Miltian Autonomous State

A solar-systemwide state formed by the Miltian Hierocracy by shifting its
structure after it joined the Galaxy Federation. The idea of a Federation
representative serving as head of state resulted in smoldering discontent,
leading to the outbreak of the Miltian Conflict. (Of course, there were other
circumstances behind the conflict that were not revealed to the public.)

With this conflict, the Miltian star system became isolated from the U.M.N. and
the remaining hierocracy government officials were annihilated. Most of the
citizens who escaped planet Miltia moved to a habitable planet 10 parsecs
(about 36 light years) away in a neighboring star system, where terraforming
had just been completed using Miltian funds.

Later, this star system would inherit the Milita name, and the planet would
come to be called Second Miltia. Lieutenant General Helmer was chosen from the
Immigrant Fleet military to become the new parliamentary Representative, and
the planet has been stable ever since. Its capital is Mitrei.

--Link: Miltian Conflict, Second Miltia, Milita, Miltian Hierocracy

(DB218)-Miltian Space

"Miltian Space" refers to the group of solar systems in Galaxy 18, Tantus Arm,
4th Finger. Second Miltia is a solar system about 36 light years away, in the
3rd Finger.

Miltian space was the site of the most intense fighting in a war that
completely engulfed the Galaxy Federation. That war, the Miltian Conflict, was
named after this area.

--Link: Miltian Conflict, Second Miltia

(DB219)-Moby Dick's Café

A café whose exterior blends in with Second Miltia's modern cityscape, but
whose interior is tinged with a nostalgic tone.

It originally conducted business in Sector 4, but moved away after the sector
became zoned for redevelopment. The white whale on the sign comes from the
famous novel; the interior recreates the atmosphere of the Pequod, the whaling
ship that chased after Moby Dick in the story.

The café mostly serves alcohol an light fare, but the curry it offers as an
off-menu item is the secret delight of its customers. Shion's homemade curry
also has its roots here as she's been a customer of the café since high school.
Jin also stops by frequently.

--Link: Curry, Second Miltia, Shion Uzuki, Jin Uzuki

(DB220)-U.M.N. Administration Bureau

An organization affiliated with the Galaxy Federation that administrates and
manages the U.M.N.. it has branch offices in every star system; one of them,
the one on Second Miltia, was where MOMO conducted the Y-Data analysis.

Normally, it handles the control, administration, and customs duties for U.M.N.
communications and gate jumps. It also investigates and handles any incidents
or accidents that occur within the U.M.N..

The U.M.N. was originally administrated and managed by Vector; when the rights
moved to the Galaxy Federation, the Bureau was formed with Vector's

Since it is essentially in a position where it can take hold of all of the
galaxy's information, its statements carry heavy weight with the central
government. However, it is also true that 98% of their infrastructure,
resources, and technicians are still provided by Vector.

--Link: Gate Jump, U.M.N., Galaxy Federation, Vector Industries

(DB221)-U.M.N. Control Center

The facility that controls the U.M.N. transport gate on Second Miltia.

It was once a transfer-gate control facility owned by Vector Industries. Even
now, Vector provides 98% of the center's infrastructure and resources.

All facilities related to the U.M.N. are essentially under the jurisdiction of
the U.M.N. Administration Bureau. Since they are in a position where they can
hold all of the galaxy's information, their statements carry weight with the
central government.

--Link: U.M.N., Second Miltia, U.M.N. Administration Bureau, Vector Industries


During the attack on the Pilgrimage Meeting in T.C. 4667, Voyager quoted this
word from Chapter 16 of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament while
forging a contract with U-DO. In Revelation, the term is believed to refer to
the Euphrates River.

Why Voyager chose to quote this word is a mystery. One hypothesis is that he
was comparing U-DO to the "king" of Revelation and had attempted "to call forth
Armageddon for the battle of God."

The Euphrates River is an international riverway whose source is in
northeastern Turkey. It crosses Syria before joining the Tigris River in Iraq
and becoming the Shatt-al-Arab, which continues into the Persian Gulf. Its
total length extends 2780 kilometers.

--No Link

(DB223)-Yuriev Institute

An U-DO research organization established by Dmitri Yuriev in the T.C. 4660s.
It unraveled the U-DO phenomenon and developed and raised the URTVs as a

Since its backbone consists of Salvators from political and financial circles
it is assured both assorted government amnesties and abundant funding for its

It possesses a private force the size of the military of an autonomous state.
Although this private force is small in scope, it has absolute command
superiority over the Salvators in the Federation military. As a result, it
could be said that the entire non-Immigrant Fleet portion of the Federation
military is, essentially, under the command of Dmitri's private force.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Salvator, URTV, U-DO


The Educational Artificial Placenta Facility was built to artificially raise
the elite personnel who will become the leaders of the future. The genetic
manipulation of embryos was carried out during the developmental stage in the
nurseries of this facility.

These facilities existed on most of the galaxy's main planets. Records left
from the facilities on Planet Abraxas (particularly the ones in Draper)
indicate that they raised fetuses using the sperm and eggs of natural-born
Abraxas citizens. 18% of the government bureaucracy in the early T.C. 4700s was
staffed by people who had been artificially created in facilities like these.

These facilities are generally described as a byproduct of the Life Recycling
Act, but the original goal of the law is believed to have been the artificial
creation of an elite race with the ultimate mission of linking with the Zohar.

The facilities were completely shut down after the Life Recycling Act was
abolished, but the technology they had cultivated, as well as the massive
amount of data they had recorded, was all seized by the Yuriev Institute.

--Link: Life Recycling Law, Draper, Yuriev Institute, Planet Abraxas, Original


The name of the tower that serves as the U-TIC Organization's central
headquarters. The term is also generally used to refer to all of the
headquarters' buildings.

The Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility (the former C.S.R.C.) and the Song of
Nephilim were a part of its facilities. Top secret research, including that on
the Original Zohar and the Vessels of Anima, was conducted in an underground
experimental facility.

During the Miltian Conflict, the tower was invaded by the Federation URTV
special forces. However, the Song of Nephilim was allowed to launch, escaping
the planet with a one-third of the Organization's staff.

The tower is also the place where Joachim Mizrahi fell to his death.

Afterwards, Labyrinthos was set to be taken over by the Federation military,
but they were unable to stop the space-time anomaly that Joachim had set off.
Most of the tower's research material, including the Original Zohar, was sealed
off along with Miltia.

Rumor has it that a Salvator unit in command of the URTVs took some research
material from Miltia just before it was sealed off. However, the confusion
caused by the space-time anomaly and the Gnosis phenomenon has left us with no
accurate records, so it is unknown whether there is any truth to this rumor.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility, C.S.R.C., U-TIC
Organization, Vessel Of Anima, Original Zohar, Song of Nephilim


The spherical landmass that appears in the story is not a chunk of land from
Lost Jerusalem floating in space. It just appeared that way, after the
Rennes-le-Château part made a direct spatial attachment to the area of space
near Michtam. This happened when Lost Jerusalem, which had been shrunk down to
Planck-scale levels, returned to normal space together with the appearance of
Abel's Ark.

However, as Rennes-le-Château's spatial continuity has been cut off from Lost
Jerusalem, it cannot strictly be defined as a part of Lost Jerusalem. A tomb
lies deep inside; Kevin collected and restored the body of Mary that was
resting within, turning it into T-elos.

As an aside, Rennes-le-Château is the name of a small village in the south of
France. Said to be the home of Mary Magdalene, it is the source of many legends
and traditions, including stories about the bloodline of Jesus and the Holy
Grail. Whether the Rennes-le-Château in the story is the same place as the
real-life Rennes-le-Château is unclear.

--Link: Mary Magdalene, Lost Jerusalem

(DB227)-Lost Jerusalem

Earth, mother planet of the human race. As a result o the space-time anomaly
touched off after the Zohar went out of control several thousand years ago,
currently not even its existence can be confirmed.

The goal of Ormus is to return to Lost Jerusalem; they are attempting to effect
its resurrection through the Zohar.

--Link: Space-Time Anomaly, Ormus, Original Zohar

(DB228)-Planet Atalya

A small planet affiliated with the Galaxy Federation, that serves as a relay
point between planets in all directions.

Its population is not particularly large; since most people going from one
planet to another will pass through Atalya at some point, it has more travelers
than permanent residents. Its good weather makes it a comfortable place to
live, but most of the planet has been zoned off for the resort homes of the
rich and powerful.

There is a lodging section for visitors, but the rates there are astoundingly
high. Most people only visit this planet as a relay point on the U.M.N.
transfer column to their destination.

--Link: U.M.N. Transfer Column, Galaxy Federation

(DB229)-Planet Abraxas

The fourth planet in the Michtam star system. Used as a base of settlement by
groups (believed to be under the influence of Ormus forces) that had managed to
escape the Earth upon its destruction.

The groups formed an independent nation unaffiliated with Federation law, and
thus declared the establishment of the Immigrant Fleet nation. However, it was
later incorporated into the Federation. The planet-state's population is said
to have been over 2.3 billion by the T.C. 4300s; even after joining the
Federation, records show that 67% of its population remained purely descended
from citizens of the Immigrant Fleet.

When the main Immigrant Fleet came to the forefront of history in the T.C.
4500s, it set off a countless string of conflicts with the Galaxy Federation
over the planet's sovereignty. However, after the moderate Julius XVIII
ascended the Patriarchy of the Immigrant Fleet in the mid-T.C. 4600s, the Fleet
advanced a policy of appeasement toward the Federation government. Both sides
would continue to follow a divide-and-rule approach until Sergius XIV assumed
the role of Patriarch.

--Link: Sergius XIV, Julius XVIII, Immigrant Fleet, Divide and Rule Measure,
Galaxy Federation

(DB230)-Planet Ariadne

A medium-sized (population: 1.5 billion) divided into three sections: a zone
filled with greenery, a zone surging with businesses and research facilities,
and a living space for regular citizens.

The business zone housed the headquarters of a company which focused on the
artificial plant industry. The planet's green zone was dominated by the
artificial plants of the business, and new types of flowers, amongst other
items, were sold to the citizens of the main planets. The "Ariadne Flower,"
with its unique blue petals, was an especially popular product.

However, lurking beneath all of this was an experimental facility owned by
Ormus--the U-TIC Organization.

A link experiment with the Zohar emulators, carried out in this facility under
Andrew's command, caused a space-time anomaly that annihilated planet Ariadne,
turning it into a Gnosis.

This event was later referred to as the "disappearance of planet Ariadne," and
the Woglinde was dispatched to investigate it.

--Link: Space-Time Anomaly, Link Experiment, Ormus, U-TIC Organization, Zohar
Emulator, Andrew Cherenkov

(DB231)-Planet Carioca

A planet with a wealth of national-level support programs, making it inviting
to many business and university research facilities.

Vector Industries' First and Third R&D Divisions have constructed several
facilities here. It was in the research room of the Type 1 OS Design Department
(the precursor to the KOS-MOS Project) that the archetype went out-of-control,
leading to tragedy.

--No Link

(DB232)-Planet Keltia

A planet neighboring Fifth Jerusalem. Diameter: approximately 21,500

Planetary development is said to have taken a mind-numbingly long amount of
time, but now it is a rich and varied planet, with six billion people living
their lives in a vast, temperate landscape.

Keltia is the home planet of Julia and Chloe, the Seraphim Sisters for whom
Captain Matthews has fallen head over heels. They're currently on a major tour
celebrating the group's one-year anniversary.

--Link: Seraphim Sisters

(DB233)-Planet Zavarov

A planet that is home to a deep-seated Salvator force. The Yuriev Institute was
opened here.

After the separation from Joachim, Juli Mizrahi lived on this planet with
Sakura. Since it belonged to a solar system near Miltia's, it became the base
of operations for the Galaxy Federation Peacekeeping Detachment Fleet during
the Miltian Conflict.

--Link: Yuriev Institute

(DB234)-Planet Senir

The skies of this planet are always covered in thick clouds; due to this
weather, there are only a few residential zones where citizens live. Since land
prices are low planetwide, it is covered with small-business headquarters,
branch offices, and research buildings.

The U-TIC Organization has been using this planet as a cover for a testing
facility that conducts secret research. This is why Andrew tried to come here
after the Woglinde disaster upon being rescued by the Elsa.

The Galaxy Federation regards the U-TIC Organization as a terrorist group for
the role it allegedly had in causing the Miltian Conflict to break out. It has
gone underground to escape pursuit, but its power has not withered, and it
still has facilities across many planets.

--Link: U-TIC Organization

(DB235)-Planet Tessedora

The capital planet of the autonomous state of Tessedora. Diameter: 12,500
kilometers. Gravity: 1.02 times that of Earth.

The planet is located in the farthest part of space from the Galaxy
Federation'S chief planets, but it has a Federation-affiliated marine force,
the 117th Marine Division.

However, Andrew and other U-TIC Organization agents had infiltrated the
Tessedora's marine division that went with the cruiser Woglinde to investigate
planet Ariadne. From this, there arises the possibility that U-TIC Organization
remnants are strong in Tessedora's government and military.

--Link: Galaxy Federation, 117th Marine Division, U-TIC Organization

(DB236)-Planet Michtam

The current name for planet Abraxas. The real reason why the planet was named
after a celestial body is unknown, but the prevailing theory claims it was due
to the fourth planet in the Michtam system being the only one habitable by

After the appearance of the main Immigrant Fleet, the sovereignty of the planet
was essentially transferred to the Immigrant Fleet nation, and the planet came
to be commonly called Abraxas.

However, after Voyager's attack on the Pilgrimage Meeting in T.C. 4667, the
Galaxy Federation tightened their surveillance of the planet, fearing that the
Zohar would go out of control. This led to Abraxas's sovereignty falling out of
balance; eventually, all domain rights were transferred to the Galaxy
Federation. The planet became recognized as a planet-state under Federation
law; and at the same time, an official declaration decreed that its official
name was now Michtam, taken from the star system.

--Link: Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet

[B035] Weapons

(DB237)-27-Series Asura

A next-generation combat Realian created by Kevin Winnicot, based on data taken
from Febronia, the transgenic type Realian archetype.

Their ability to judge and adapt to situations is greater than previous combat
Realians; they are designed to be able to handle any given situation using
their own judgement. They are difficult to calibrate, however, and are still in
the testing phase.

During the Miltian Conflict, they were placed on the front lines of battle with
insufficient calibration; as a result, they went out of control. During their
rampage, they killed and injured many without distinguishing friend from foe.

--Link: Kevin Winnicot, Febronia, Transgenic Type, Realian, Miltian Conflict

(DB238)-Attract Inhibitor

The Zohar Emulators, created by Professor Joachim Mizrahi, have many varied
functions that utilize the extensive energies of the Zohar.

As with the Original Zohar, however, it has been confirmed that a space-time
anomaly appears when they go out of control.

The attract inhibitor prevents this loss of control and inhibits the activity
of the Zohar Emulators.

In biochemistry, an "inhibitor" is a substance that blocks enzymatic functions.

--Link: Zohar Emulator


A device used to amplify the Hilbert Effect generated by the anti-Gnosis
scanning Realians known as 100-Series Observational Units. The radius of
maximum coverage is about 100 kilometers.

All Federation military warships built after T.C. 4766 have them installed as
part of their standard equipment. However, since the weight of the device runs
anywhere from ten to several hundred tons, only large vessels are able to have
them on board.

KOS-MOS is an exception, however; even without the use of an amplifier, she can
cause Gnosis within several hundred astronomical units to take physical form.

--Link: 100-Series Observational Unit, Hilbert Effect, Gnosis


Short for "Electronic Countermeasures." A system designed to interfere with an
enemy fleet's electronic devices.

an ECM sends out electromagnetic waves that jam enemy radars and other
electronic devices, lowering their ability to function or rendering them

--No Link


A newly-constructed Vector ship with the Rhine Maiden on board. The third ship
in the line of Woglinde-class cruisers.

--Link: Rhine Maiden, Vector Industries


A battleship assigned to the Galaxy Federation 117th Marine Division. Built by
Vector and loaned to the Federation Marine Corps as the first anti-Gnosis
battleship. The hull is about 1000 meters long from stem to stern.

It was developed rapidly for a public test run, so only the command block and
propulsion unit have been equipped; 80% of its components have yet to be

Since this is a test run, the emblems and insignia of Federation Marine Corps
are not present; only the Vector Industries logo has been stenciled onto the
side of the ship.

Its unique structure is split into a top and bottom section. The top section is
the command block, and the bottom section was hastily assembled from generic
materials for the test run of the new logical drive.

--Link: Vector Industries

(DB243)-Woglinde II

A newly-constructed Vector ship with the Rhine Maiden on board. The second ship
in the line of Woglinde-class cruisers.

--Link: Rhine Maiden, Vector Industries


Short for "Anti-Gnosis Weapon System." Pronounced like "eggs."

A piloted vehicle, not necessarily limited to humanoid form. In order to combat
the intangible Gnosis, A.G.W.S.s designed for many different combat situations
are being developed.

The main engine is a transfer generator; all energy is directly transferred
from the mothership or mother unit. For this reason, each unit can operate for
an unlimited amount of time.

The model currently being mass-produced for the army and the U-TIC Organization
is the AG Series from Hyams Heavy Industries; however, the specs of Vector
Industries' VX Series not only exceed those of the AG Series, but the craft are
also aimed toward the consumer market, and are currently being tested within
governmental special forces and limited parts of the Army.

--Link: AG Series, Generator, VX Series, Vector Industries, Gnosis, Hyams


Short for "Assault Maneuver Weapon System." Pronounced like "aims." A term used
for all humanoid assault weapons that work in conjunction with a mothership or
escort craft.

Due to a lack of anti-Gnosis equipment, A.M.W.S.s are superior to A.G.W.S.s in
both cost-effectiveness and general purpose functionality, and are widely used
by the Federation government, autonomous states, the Immigrant Fleet, and other

Within the U-TIC Organization, Richard's Pilum and Hermann's Scutum are both
A.M.W.S.s. The unit Jin was piloting during the Miltian Conflict was also an

--Link: A.G.W.S., A.M.W.S. Scutum, A.M.W.S. Pilum

(DB246)-A.M.W.S. [Jin's]

An A.M.W.S. based on Hyams' VRA-1800B model and specially tuned for the Federal
Intelligence Bureau. Piloted by Jin Uzuki during the Miltian descent operation.

At Captain Uzuki's request, a custom sword had been equipped as a close-combat

--Link: Jin Uzuki, A.M.W.S., Hyams

(DB247)-A.M.W.S. [Doctus's]

An A.M.W.S. customized by Scientia for Doctus. Its codename is "Astraea."

However, its design concept is closer to that of an E.S. than that of an
A.M.W.S.. How Scientia learned the design data of E.S. craft is unknown.

--Link: Doctus, A.M.W.S., Scientia, E.S.

(DB248)-A.M.W.S. Scutum

An A.M.W.S. made by Hyams Heavy Industries. The name "Scutum" means "shield" in
Latin. It has been specially tuned for the use of Ormus Inquisitors, and is
piloted by Hermann.

It was destroyed in the battle with Shion's party at the Ormus Stronghold.

--Link: Hermann, Ormus Stronghold, A.M.W.S., Ormus, Hyams, Inquisitors

(DB249)-A.M.W.S. Pilum

An A.M.W.S. made by Hyams Heavy Industries. The name "Pilum" means "javelin" in
Latin. It has been specially tuned for the use of Ormus Inquisitors, and is
piloted by Richard.

At the Ormus Stronghold, the Pilum displayed its power by transferring the main
cannons of the Naglfar and destroying the inner walls of the stronghold, but it
was destroyed by the E.S. craft piloted by Shion's party.

--Link: Richard, Ormus Stronghold, A.M.W.S., Ormus, Hyams, Inquisitors

(DB250)-AG Series

A.G.W.S.s manufactured by Hyams. Though these are provided to the Federation
Army, the base frame structures, transmitters, condensers, drivers, and control
processors are mostly the same parts found in the A.G.W.S.s  used by Ormus. Its
design permits modules to be swapped in order to adapt to various types of

--Link: A.G.W.S., Hyams


Short for "Multiple Weapons System."

A multifunctional portable weapons system designed and built by Shion's junior
colleague, Miyuki. Various types of weapons--such as anti-Gnosis beam
launchers, knuckles, taser rods, and more--are contained within.

It also has a built-in shield that utilizes spacial phase shifting, and thus
provides a high level of defensive capability in addition to its offensive

It also has a built-in provisional logical drive to cancel its own weight and
increase the impact of its attacks; with this design, even female users can
easily use the weapon.

--Link: Logical Drive, Shion Uzuki, Miyuki Itsumi

(DB252)-Revised M.W.S.

This is the revised model of the multifunctional portable weapons systems
designed and built by Miyuki. She took the original M.W.S. which Shion was
using and further customized it. Its defensive capabilities have been
especially enhanced; the output of its phase-space shield is triple that of the
previous model.

Instead of the bulky design of the previous M.W.S., it has been redesigned to
be smart, slim, and compact, in order to fit Shion's style of martial-arts

--Link: M.W.S., Shion Uzuki, Miyuki Itsumi


The generic term for an autonomous mobile combat weapon that does not require a
pilot. Because its unmanned, it is not limited by G-force constraints, and its
mobility and speed are greater than that of a manned unit. Its combat patterns
are very simple, however, and its actions are easily predictable, making it no
great threat to a manned unit under the control of a seasoned pilot.

--No Link


In physics, a condenser is a device that charges a conductor through
electrostatic induction. Here, "condenser" refers to the device used to store
the energy necessary to power KOS-MOS.

The are two types of condenser: the test-type and the combat model. The latter
is being developed by Vector Industries Second R&D Division on Second Miltia.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Vector Industries, Vector Second R&D Division


Literally, this means a device that creates power and electricity; here,
however, it refers to the main engine or power generator of ships such as the
Elsa or the Woglinde.

--Link: Elsa, Woglinde

(DB256)-Tactical Assault Ship Merkabah

An artifact of God, written of in the Y-Data and resurrected by Dmitri Yuriev
as the mothership for Omega, a weapon created to combat Ormus.

Its length exceeds 100 kilometers, and its destructive power could easily
destroy an entire planet. All of its active weaponry utilizes the excess energy
generated from Merkabah's operation; from this we can conclude it was most
likely originally designed as a "support device," and not as a solitary weapon.

Proto Merkabah, this ship's prototype, was used by Joachim Mizrahi as the plant
for MOMO's creation.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Proto Merkabah, Y-Data, Omega Res Novae

(DB257)-Phase Transfer Cannon

A weapon that destroys everything in the vicinity by creating a phase transfer.
It can potentially even destroy a star.

Normally, the bulk of the cannon has been reduced to Planck scale, but by
receiving a phase transfer system activation key from a PT cartridge, the bulk
of the cannon can materialize into real space.

What appears to be a handgun is actually part of the phase transfer cannon;
once the system has been activated, it serves as both a trigger and laser
locking device. Because KOS-MOS fired the weapon while limiting the phase
transfer mass, the spatial anomaly increased in size, causing the Song of
Nephilim to appear.

--Link: KOS-MOS, PT Cartridge

(DB258)-Target Drone

Unmanned craft treated as enemy units within combat simulations. Nowadays, it
is rare to train using actual physical combat; mock combat in a combat
simulation program running within the U.M.N. is more common. Targets emulating
enemy units within these programs are called target drones.

--Link: A.M.W.S.

(DB259)-Secondary Weapons System

KOS-MOS's main combat equipment; this refers to her current armament, frame
material, and substitute armor materials.

The Secondary Weapons System made experimental use of a PT cartridge-type phase
transfer cannon; the limited unit size, however, meant that the places and
situations in which it could be used were restricted. For this reason, the
Tertiary Weapons System, with a phase transfer unit installed as standard
equipment, was produced on Second Miltia.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Phase Transfer Cannon, Tertiary Weapons System, PT Cartridge

(DB260)-Tertiary Weapons System

KOS-MOS's optional weaponry, consisting of two phase transfer cannons, one on
each shoulder. It was designed by Kavin while he was still alive and built at
Vector Second R&D Division on Second Miltia.

Because the phase transfer cannon units are made to be as compact as possible,
the recoil when the are fired is very high; the Version 2 KOS-MOS [Combat
Frame] is required to ire these weapons.

The PT cartridge-type phase transfer cannon used by KOS-MOS when the Song of
Nephilim appeared had been created as a testbed for these cannons. When the
cannons are fired, a cooling field in the shape of glowing wings is created
behind the unit.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Phase Transfer Cannon, PT Cartridge, Kevin Winnicot, KOS-MOS
[Combat Frame], Vector Second R&D Division

(DB261)-Anti-U-DO Shift

Even among the UTRVs created to counter U-DO, Jr.'s anti-U-DO waveforms are
especially strong.

Once Jr. awakens as an anti-U-DO entity, he transforms into what's known as Red
Dragon mode. This destructive impulse comes from Jr. losing self-control out of
sheer anger; once he transforms into this mode, he cannot restrain his power.
Jr. fears this power, as it could possibly destroy all that he holds dear.

The details of the other URTVs' anti-U_DO shifts are still unrevealed. Gaignun
and Citrine have a power which is closely related to Red Dragon mode, but the
facts behind the situation are unknown.

--Link: Citrine, Jr., URTV, U-DO, Anti-U-DO Waveforms, Red Dragon, Gaignun

(DB262)-Mobile Dinah Interface

An optional weapon designed to improve KOS-MOS's mobility. On the outside, it
looks like a monobike, but it's actually a versatile mobile device capable of
air and space flight, as well as transfer flight.

It also doubles as a simple maintenance box and functions as a main processor
and weapons module for the E.S. Dinah.

--Link: KOS-MOS, E.S. Dinah


Short for "Double-Slit Sensory System."

A sensory system developed by Vector Industries that can detect the Gnosis;
also known as an imaginary space detection system.

Fundamentally, its workings are similar to the double-slit photon experiment, a
common example found in quantum physics. For that reason, its structure is
composed of two slit-shaped camera surfaces. This system is equipped on KOS-MOS
and A.G.W.S.s, as well as the sensory parts of some weapons.

--Link: KOS-MOS, A.G.W.S., Vector Industries, Gnosis

(DB264)-Designer Children

Humans who have been genetically enhanced during the early stages of the

They are referred to as Salvator (Savior), and their appearance, intelligence,
and physical attributes have all been enhanced. Their widespread creation was
designed to counter the Immigrant Fleet, which is able to use a part of the
Zohar's abilities.

The Life Recycling Law, approved in T.C. 4591, was actually created in order to
mask this process. The first Salvator, Dmitri Yuriev, was behind this action.

In a broader sense of the term, Jr., Mary, Shelley, and Andrew could also be
categorized as "designer children."

--Link: Jr., Dmitri Yuriev, Salvator, Life Recycling Law, Andrew Cherenkov,
Shelley Godwin, Mary Godwin

(DB265)-PT Cartridge

A cartridge that acts as a key to activate a phase transfer cannon.

A substance that activates the primary phase shift and releases the latent heat
energy into a vacuum is normally used for the PT cartridge

--Link: Phase Transfer Cannon

(DB266)-VX Series

A.G.W.S.s manufactured by Vector. Though a consumer-level product, its specs
exceed those of the military-use AG Series. There are several VX Series units
deployed on the Elsa, as well.

--Link: A.G.W.S., AG Series, Vector Industries


A newly-constructed Vector ship with the Rhine Maiden on board. The fourth ship
in the line of Woglinde-class cruisers.

--Link: Rhine Maiden, Vector Industries


An Ormus mobile battleship more than 8000 meters in length. The flagship of the
Inquisitor fleet.

The word "prodigium" means "miracle."

--Link: Ormus

(DB269)-Point Man

When an incident or accident occurs within virtual space, this group leads the
investigation by gathering information regarding conditions within virtual
space or the enemy's situation.

They work efficiently to solve the case by finding the enemy as quick as
possible and relaying information regarding the enemy's position to primary
allied forces.

--No Link


A program that recognizes trespassers automatically and expels them from
virtual space.

Destruction by this program implies that the invader's mind is being destroyed
as well; it has been confirmed that the real-world mental failure of the
trespasser occurs when this takes place.

The program's name is taken from the macrophage cell that ingests bacteria
which have entered a human body.

--No Link


An acronym for "U-DO Retro Virus." Weapons equipped with anti-U-DO waveforms
and designed to annihilate U-DO.

They are organic weapons (designer children) based on the genetic information
of Dmitri Yuriev, who planned the project. In order to create an anti-U-DO
waveform, multiple URTVs must link up with the link master.

A total of 669 units were created, each holding a serial number from 001 to
669. During the third descent operation of the Miltian Conflict, serial numbers
in the 500s and 600s were sent in.

According to records, both male and female URTVs existed; however, the female
URTVs were more unstable than the male ones, and most were disposed of during

Intended for deployment as weapons, URTVs were designed to be well-balanced,
both emotionally and in their ability. However, the existence of several
high-spec individuals far exceeding standard parameters has been confirmed.
These are called variant URTVs, and they are likely to have different mission
assignments than standard URTVs.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Designer Children, U-DO, Link Master, Standard URTV,
Variant URTV

(DB272)-Infected URTV

A standard URTV which has come into contact with U-DO and suffered a mental

Because its mind has been destroyed, it cannot make decisions normally and
simply attacks repeatedly and reflexively.

--Link: URTV, U-DO, Standard URTV

(DB273)-URTV Unit Number 623

Standard URTV number 623 was assigned with Rubedo and the others on the mission
to dive into Sakura's subconscious domain through the U.M.N. in order to cure
her sensory impairment congenital disorder.

However, the visualization of Sakura's fear as U-DO waveforms caused many
standard URTVs to be transformed into infected URTVs.

Number 623 managed to avoid the worst-case scenario, but he received a
near-death injury from an enraged Albedo in retaliation for the other infected
standard URTVs having attacked and injured Rubedo.

--Link: URTV, Infected URTV, Standard URTV

(DB274)-URTV Unit Number 666

The 666th variant URTV to be born at the Yuriev Institute. Because he was born
with red hair, he was named Rubedo, a name taken from C.G. Jung's "Psychology
and Alchemy," in which "rubedo"refers to the process of a substance turning
red. He was born a conjoined twin, his back attached to unit number 667,

Rubedo was the first variant URTV to be born at the Institute and possessed a
much stronger anti-U-DO waveform than standard-URTVs. He united the URTVs as a
leader figure.

As children, his younger brother Albedo never left his side. Rubedo watched
over him with kindness at times and discipline at others. however, their
relationship turned disastrous when the URTV force faced U-DO, and Rubedo
foresaw Miltia and the URTVs' future.

Understanding everything, Rubedo cut off the mental link between the URTVs,
fearful that his existence would be erased. As a result, the standard URTVs and
Albedo became infected by U-DO. To this day, Rubedo is tormented by guilt for
having cut off the mental link.

--Link: Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO, Albedo Piazzolla, Standard URTV, Variant

(DB275)-URTV Unit Number 667

The 667th variant URTV to be born at the Yuriev Institute. Because he was born
with white hair, he was named Albedo, a name taken from C.G. Jung's "Psychology
and Alchemy," in which "albedo"refers to the process of a substance turning

He was born attached at the back of unit number 666, Rubedo. These type of
twins are called conjoined twins, but conjoined twins created by artificial
insemination are extremely rare. When they were separated, their abilities were
shifted in opposite direction, but Rubedo and Albedo's ability to stop or
accelerate cell replication are fundamentally the same.

Rubedo was born with the ability to stop the cell aging process, but he was not
immortal. Albedo was born with the ability to accelerate cell replication to
amazing speeds; even if his head or heart were completely destroyed, it would
always be regenerated. Albedo was not aware, that Rubedo and Nigredo did, of
course, not share this ability. When he found out, he was greatly shocked to
learn he was the only one to have an immortal existence.

This special ability is activated not by control of the cells of one's own
body, but by accessing the structure of the U.M.N. itself.

Albedo's mental state has been unstable from the start, but it has been even
more unstable ever since the day he learned the he could not die. To Albedo,
this world was nothing but a painful prison in which he would have to continue
living even if his loved ones were to die. His greatest fear was losing his
other self, Rubedo.

And when Rubedo released his hand, cutting off the mental link, Albedo came
into contact with U-DO, and finally stepped past the point of no return.

--Link: Rubedo, Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO, Variant URTV

(DB276)-URTV Unit Number 668

The 668th variant URTV to be born at the Yuriev Institute. Citrine's URTV
identification number.

--Link: Citrine, Yuriev Institute, URTV, Variant URTV

(DB277)-URTV Unit Number 669

The 669th variant URTV to be born at the Yuriev Institute. Because he was born
with black hair, he was named Nigredo, a name taken from C.G. Jung's
"Psychology and Alchemy," in which "nigredo" refers to the process of a
substance turning black. He was the last of the 669 URTV units to be created,
and possesses far stronger mental waves and mind-control ability than standard
URTVs, as well as the ability to repel U-DO waveforms.

Even as a child, he was calm and mature. He often spent time with Albedo and
Rubedo; however, because of their strong connection, he sometimes felt left

Nigredo was assigned two special missions. One was to prevent the Red Dragon
from going out of control and to bring it down if necessary. This mission was
also assigned to URTV unit number 668 Citrine. The other was a secret mission
closely related to his father, Yuriev.

However, Nigredo abandoned this mission and shot Yuriev to death. The details
of this incident are still unknown.

--Link: Citrine, Rubedo, Yuriev Institute, URTV, URTV Number 668, U-DO, Red
Dragon, Albedo Piazzolla, Dmitri Yuriev, Standard URTV

(DB278)-Standard URTV

Of the 669 URTV units created at the Yuriev Institute, units number 001 to 665
are considered standard URTV units.

Since the URTVs are based on Dmitri Yuriev's genetic information, the standard
units all have the same hair color, face and body type as Yuriev. They almost
completely lack a sense of self and individuality, unlike variant URTVs. Also,
the possess weak anti-U-DO waveforms and are easily affected by it.

The phenomenon of URTVs transforming into infected URTVs was confirmed within
Sakura's subconscious domain. the visualization of Sakura's fear as U-DO
waveforms caused standard URTVs to unexpectedly become infected, but Rubedo and
the other variant URTVs were unaffected.

Many standard URTVs look with envy and malice upon the variant URTVs, who were
born with strong anti-U-DO waveforms and special abilities and receive special

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO, Anti-U-DO Waveforms,
Variant URTV

(DB279)-Variant URTV

Of the URTVs created at the Yuriev Institute, the four surviving units--URTV
unit number 666, URTV unit number 667, URTV unit number 668, and URTV unit
number 669--are known as variant URTVs.

Due to induced mutations, they were born with special abilities; they have
exponentially more powerful U-DO anti-existence waveforms and mental waves.

The hair color of each is unique, as well, and they were named after these
colors. Their names were taken from C.G. Jung's psychological terms for the
"reddening," "whitening," "yellowing," and "blackening" processes.

Other URTVs are called standard URTVs. They lack individuality and possess much
weaker anti-U-DO waveforms.

--Link: Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO, Anti-U-DO Waveforms, URTV Unit Number
666, URTV Unit Number 667, URTV Unit Number 668, URTV Unit Number 669, Standard

(DB280)-Rhine Maiden

A Vector-developed specialized anti-Gnosis weapon installed on board the
Dämmerung, as well as the three Woglinde-class cruisers, Wellgunde, Floßhilde,
and the Wuglinde II. When these ships attack in unison, the power of the weapon
is showcased to its fullest.

The ship Woglinde was most likely loaned to the Federation Army in order to
collect data regarding the Rhine Maiden.

--Link: Dämmerung, Wellgunde, Woglinde, Woglinde II, Floßhilde, Gnosis, Vector


A labor Auto-Tech that was specially tuned by Tethlla Magus for mining in the
Dabrye Mine.

After Tethlla's death, his daughter Mai re-tuned the Auto-Tech so that it could
equip firearms. After being tuned, Leupold no longer resembles a labor
Auto-Tech, and its weaponry exceeds even that of military-use heavy A.M.W.S.s.

--Link: Tethlla Magus, Dabrye Mine, A.M.W.S., Auto-Tech, Mai Magus

(DB282)-Logical Drive

A new type of spaceship propulsion that replaces the traditional system of
reactionary repulsion by reconfiguring the spacial phase around the direction
of travel.

It takes substantial energy to operate, but since the device itself is
relatively easy to miniaturize, the system is used by manned units equipped
with transfer-type generators, such as A.G.W.S.s.

--Link: A.G.W.S.

(DB283)-Logical Drive Pod

The name of an expansion drive used mainly by small mobile weapons without
independent flight capability or by small spaceships to perform a gate jump.

There is no uniform standard; instead, there are various types suited for
different uses and situations, such as the one used by the E.S. Asher during
the Miltian descent operation, and the E.S. Dinah's flight unit.

--Link: Gate Jump

[B036] Organizations

(DB284)-Immigrant Fleet

One of the space fleets that escaped Earth when Lost Jerusalem disappeared.
During an extended period of nomadic existence, the fleet's scope expanded and
split apart, and each splinter fleet emigrated to a newly discovered settlement

At the start of the T.C. 4000s, it reunited with another fleet that had escaped
from Earth--a group that had already formed a united organization of nations in
the form of the Galaxy Federation. The two groups began mutual exchanges, but
their backgrounds and cultural disparities were too much to bridge. Most
importantly of all, the Immigrant Fleet was in possession of the Zohar. This
led to a history of wars and truces that has repeated itself countless times.

In the story, the Immigrant Fleet is mostly perceived as identical to Ormus,
but this is not always true. The influence of Ormus doctrine has been diluted
amongst some Immigrant Fleet splinter groups, and many have begun their own
form of self-rule. These groups have advanced a policy of reconciliation with
the Federation, and they would later join the Federation organization. It would
appear that the Immigrant Fleet does not consist entirely of pious worshipers
swearing allegiance to Ormus.

--Link: Lost Jerusalem, Ormus, Original Zohar


An illegal anti-U.M.N. organization that operated from a base on planet
Abraxas. its name is short for "Veritas Liberabit Vos," which directly
translates as "The Truth Shall Set You Free."

The name is thought to have been intended as a jab at the human race, which had
lost sight of the truth after placing excessive amounts of faith in too much
technology, starting with the U.M.N.. Along with Melisse Ortus, the group would
later become central to he formation of Scientia, an anti-U.M.N. group spanning
the entire Galaxy Federation.

--Link: Melisse Ortus, U.M.N., Planet Abraxas, Scientia

(DB286)-Vector Industries

The largest corporate entity in the Federation, involved with the production
and distribution of nearly every item related to culture and civilization, from
food and pharmaceuticals to software, hardware, and even weapons and
communications. It is divided into many departments, with the First R&D
Division, Second R&D Division, and Thrid R&D Division forming its core.

Wilhelm is the company's Chief Executive Officer; its base is the Dämmerung, a
free orbiting colony whose length extends 1000 kilometers.

It has total control over communications and military affairs, from U.M.N.
construction and Realian development to the production of A.G.W.S.s and
KOS-MOS. Wilhelm, its CEO, used to work as Executive Committee Director, giving
him major clout with both the Federation government and the governments of the
assorted autonomous states.

Vector's long history can be traced all the was back to the ancient age of Lost
Jerusalem. The excavation of the Zohar in Lake Turkana was carried out under
Vector sponsorship, and Vector also handled the later analysis of the Original
Zohar. The name Wilhelm is listed as the company's leader from that time, but
it is unclear what connection this person may have with the current CEO.

--Link: Wilhelm, KOS-MOS, U.M.N., Realian, Dämmerung, Lost Jerusalem, A.G.W.S.,
Vector First R&D Division, Vector Second R&D Division, Vector Third R&D

(DB287)-Special Technology Advancement

Vector's Special Technology Advancement Division, managed in partnership with
the government. It researched the structure of a space-wide network and
developed the foundations of the U.M.N.. After handing over U.M.N.
administration and management to the Federation government, it was supposedly
eliminated, with U.M.N. support delegated to other departments.

However, during the Gnosis terrorism, there was evidence that someone acting in
the name of the department had carried out administration in S-Division, where
Grimoire was hiding, and deliberately intervened to help Grimoire.

Actually, someone is even now administrating parts of S-Division, an act with
the tacit approval of Vector's top officials.

--Link: U.M.N., S-Line Division, Vector Industries, Galaxy Federation

(DB288)-Vector First R&D Division

The department devoted to the research and development of many types of
software, from KOS-MOS (a project headed by Shion's group) to the IT software
that is KOS-MOS's control program. Commonly referred to as First Division.

Originally, it was involved with U.M.N. administration as a joint
government-private sector business; the Structure Law devised by Carnegie, its
supervisor at the time, led to the further grow of the U.M.N..

Since the U.M.N. administration bureau was transferred to the government, its
primary tasks have become the development of industrial-use super-AIs, computer
chips, and the software that comes with them.

--Link: KOS-MOS, U.M.N., Shion Uzuki

(DB289)-Vector Second R&D Division

The department devoted to the development and production of ships and A.G.W.S.s
for the Federation Fleet. Commonly referred to as Second Division.

It also handles the job of taking weaponry in the testing phase from the
Tactical Sim Lab and fitting them onto experimental units and ships.

After arriving at Second Miltia, Shion had KOS-MOS transferred to Second
Division in order to apply her Tertiary Weapons System, which had already been
in development for a long time.

--Link: A.G.W.S., Tertiary Weapons System, Tactical Sim Lab

(DB290)-Vector Third R&D Division

The department devoted to the development, production, education, and sale of
Realians. Commonly referred to as Thrid Division.

Even after being sold, Realians are obligated to visit on a regular basis for
counseling and maintenance.

--Link: Realian


The general term for the religious order that unites the Immigrant Fleet. It
has an organizational structure resembling the Vatican of the Middle Ages.

It was established long ago, during the Lost Jerusalem era, and already existed
as a group by approximately A.D. 40. Its main goal was to protect the sacred
relics and the words of God that had been left by the Messiah; it holds
different doctrines, taken from the world religions that would later break off
from it, and carries out its own set of sacraments.

--Link: Lost Jerusalem, Immigrant Fleet

(DB292)-Kukai Foundation

A special foundation organized 13 years ago, with the Second Miltian autonomous
state leading the effort. Based on a giant, non-orbital colony, most of its
membership is composed of victims of the Life Recycling Law. Its Representative
Trustees are Gaignun Kukai and Gaignun Jr..

It was established after the Miltian Conflict with the goal of putting down the
U-TIC Organization, with the Second Miltian government leading in its creation.
Afterwards, it was disarmed and made into a foundation, receiving a huge
capital injection from Vector in the process.

Its achievements in rescuing Life Recycling Law victims and offering them
livelihoods were recognized, and soon the Foundation had earned itself a
positive reputation in society. Ever since a part of it was commercialized, its
main business has been in the entertainment and travel industries, but it has a
hidden face--amongst other things, it accepted a request from the Second
Miltian government and Contact Subcommittee to recover and manage the Zohar

--Link: Gaignun Kukai, Life Recycling Law, Second Miltia, Zohar Emulator, Jr.,
Vector Industries

(DB293)-Public Safety Commission

A subgroup of the Federation Parliament. It is organized under a council
system, borrowed from similar groups that existed during the Lost Jerusalem
era, in order to democratically maintain police administrations.

While also functioning as the superior body of the regional police forces
established in every planetary nation, its main duties include investigating
crimes that impact the entire galaxy, conducting autonomous Galaxy Federation
probes, training investigators, and all other police work that requires unified
execution across the entire galaxy.

As a rule, it does not directly commend or oversee police activity, but instead
governs police administrations through the Federation Police organization. the
C.P.C. would later split off from the Public Safety Commission, in order to
intensify the investigation of U.M.N.-related crimes.

--Link: U.M.N., Galaxy Federation, C.P.C., Federation Parliament, Federation


An artificial placenta facility in the Draper section of planet Abraxas. Short
for "Jacob Medical Imprinting."

This facility was shut down when the Life Recycling Law was abolished following
the slaughter of a huge number of fetuses by Voyager. All information that had
been gathered by the facility was confiscated by the Yuriev Institute and is
said to have later formed the cornerstone of raising the URTVs.

--Link: Voyager, Draper, Yuriev Institute, Planet Abraxas, URTV

(DB295)-Ziggurat Industries

A company that developed its business by specializing in the fields of
cybernetics and biotechnology.

Its leading products were the cyborgs known as the Ziggurat Series. However
with a dwindling pool of cyborg body donors, the abolishment of the Life
Recycling Law, and the replacement of lost tissue in accident victims and other
critical patients being taken over by procedures incorporating Realian
technology (formerly covered by cyborg surgery), the company decided to
eliminate its cybernetics section. Ziggy is the final version cyborg in the
Ziggurat series.

Currently it has started work in the field of nanotechnology, with a special
commitment to nanomaterials research.

It has made major contributions to science and health care, including the
refinement of highly conductive, durable materials and the development of
medicines that suppress the proliferation of dangerous viruses.

--Link: Ziggy, Cyborg, Life Recycling Law

(DB296)-Autonomous State

Every star system has an autonomous state government, each with its own
administration and legislature based on the Federation central government.
These tens of thousands of autonomous states come together to form the Galaxy

--No Link

(DB297)-Executive Committee

The inner core and highest decision-making body of the Federation central
government, which is, in turn, formed of representatives from hundreds of
thousands of autonomous states. Decision-making is handled by an Executive
Committee assembly of 24 Senior Representatives. Its current director is Dmitri

Wilhelm, CEO of Vector Industries, once served as Executive Committee Director;
even now, he continues to have a large influence on the assembly.

--Link: Wilhelm, Dmitri Yuriev, Autonomous State


An underground organization formed by a person named Melisse Ortus in T.C. 4669
as a coalition of the anti-U.M.N. groups that had been established across the

Even as an underground group, its scope is large; it uses proprietary network
technology located throughout the Galaxy Federation to interact with the U.M.N.
and to search for the truth behind it and Vector.

--Link: Melisse Ortus, U.M.N., Vector Industries

(DB299)-Galaxy Federation

A gigantic federal state, established by mankind upon leaving Earth, composed
of approximately 500,000 autonomous state star systems, its capital planet is
Fifth Jerusalem.

It is formed of about 500,000 planetary nations.the presence of the U.M.N.,
which made possible huge reductions in physical and temporal constraints
compared to earlier modes of transport and communication, was an enormous
influence in the formation of such a large-scale, far-reaching federation.

The Executive Committee is its highest decision-making body.

--Link: Fifth Jerusalem, Autonomous State, Executive Committee

(DB300)-Contact Subcommittee

A research committee established by the Federation government in T.C. 4754 to
respond the Gnosis phenomenon.

Seven expert members, including Representative Juli Mizrahi, serve as the
group's central core. Together with the other committee members, the so-called
"subcommittee" numbers over 2000 people.

The implementation of the Zohar Project, the recovery of the Original Zohar,
and the analysis of the Y-Data were all advanced by the Contact Subcommittee,
which was at the center of each project.

Once Dmitri Yuriev returned to the Federation Parliament, implementation work
on the Zohar Project was transferred to the military, and the Subcommittee
participated in the project as a supporting player.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Juli Mizrahi, Zohar Project, Gnosis

(DB301)-Tactical Sim Lab

A department within Vector, its role is to conduct tactical-level operational
tests and assessment examination on the arms and weaponry that have been
developed. Its official title is the Vector Tactical Simulations Laboratory.

Its mission is not only to test, but, depending on the situation, also to
conduct research and development into new technology. Within Vector, it is
classified as a regular development section.

--Link: Vector Industries

(DB302)-117th Marine Division

The Federation Marine division with which the Woglinde was affiliated as it set
off to investigate the disappearance of planet Ariadne.

Marine headquarters are on planet Tessedora, located in the most remote region
of space from the Galaxy Federation's capital planet. As a result, the
deployment of anti-Gnosis 100-Series Observational Units was delayed, and the
Woglinde was made to meet a disastrous end.

Marine headquarters are far removed from the Federation's strategic zone,
making it difficult for the Federation to execute proper oversight. The 117th
Marine Division had been infiltrated by many people from the U-TIC

--Link: Woglinde

(DB303)-1875th Special Ops Command

The unit in the Federation Police whose mission was to track down and arrest
U.M.N. terrorist Voyager. The Abraxas detachment was a strike force sent to
neutralize Voyager.

The Federation Police organization, existing a a subgroup of the Federation
Public Safety Commission, is composed of the Administrative Director's Office
(Section 1), the General Safety Section (Section 2), the First Security Section
(Section 4), the Traffic Control Section (Section 4), the Second Security
Section (Section 5), and the Information and Communications Section (Section6),
along with other affiliated organizations and regional police forces. Special
Ops Command Headquarters belongs to Section 6; it is said that the total number
of special ops commands across the galaxy numbers into the thousands.

--Link: Voyager, Public Safety Commission, Federation Police

(DB304)-34th Special Transport Troop

A special transport force affiliated with the U-TIC Organization. As it was
transporting combat Realians into Labyrinthos, it fell under attack by a
Federation drop unit and was destroyed.

The combat Realians that this force had been transporting had been recalibrated
on Proto Merkabah to go out of control. The U-Tic Organization used these
Realians to set of the Miltian Conflict.

--Link: U-TIC Organization


The C.P.C., or the Communication Promotion Committee, is a subgroup of the
Federation Parliament. Dedicated to the administration and the promotion of the
U.M.N. and the communications industry.

Originally, it was part of the Public Safety Commission. However, Dmitri
Yuriev, who would later serve as the new committee's Representative, proposed
that it be split off.

Yuriev used his authority to form the fictitious Descendants of Nestorius
terrorist group and to place assorted pressures on forces within the Federation
Parliament that opposed his power. The Communication Promotion Committee also
held close connections with the Federation Police Information and
Communications Section; the verbal clout wielded by its Representative had a
major influence on the structure of the police themselves. This fact was likely
aided by the committee's history as a splinter group from the Public Safety

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, U.M.N., Public Safety Commission, Federation Parliament,
Federation Police


A company that developed its business around the production and sale of
synthetic animals, the Nexus Series.

The bodily structure of a synthetic animal is largely composed of the same
materials as a Realian, s synthetic human. However, Nexus does not produce any
humanoid Realians.

As loss-of-control accidents and human-rights issues piled up around humanoid
Realians after the Miltian Conflict, the production and sale of synthetic
animals and expansion of the pet industry became a far lower-risk approach to
stable profits.

What's more, since a sharp decline in fertility has led to purebred animals
being bought and sold at high prices, the family-friendly price structure of
Nexus's synthetic animals is now part of the reason that the series has been
continually popular for several centuries.

--Link: Realian


A gigantic conglomerate that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Vector.
Originally a corporate entity affiliated with the Immigrant Fleet, it changed
its name to "Hyams Heavy Industries" after being admitted to the Federation.

Its Representative is Heinlein, a man with a seat as an Ormus Cardinal.

--Link: Heinlein, Immigrant Fleet, Ormus, Vector Industries

(DB308)-Anti-Patriarch Faction

A term used to refer to people who took a negative opinion of the policies of
Julius XVIII.

In the latter half of the T.C. 4600s, Immigrant Fleet Patriarch Julius XVIII
proposed that planet Abraxas, which was in possession of the Zohar, should be
split with the Galaxy Federation and governed by both entities. However, at the
time, the Immigrant Fleet and Galaxy Federation were waging a continued
internal power struggle over the Zohar, and not many agreed with Patriarch
Julius's decision to press forward with his policy of appeasement.

--Link: Julius XVIII

(DB309)-Zohar Project

A major anti-Gnosis project implemented by the Galaxy Federation government and
affiliated organizations.

It originally began with research into using the Original Zohar as an energy
generator, but the project's coverage was partially altered in order to deal
with the Gnosis phenomenon and its rapidly accelerating expansion. Currently,
the Contact Subcommittee is playing the central role in its implementation.

As the name suggests, the Original Zohar is at the center of the project;
salvaging it has become urgent business.

The 100-Series system, the KOS-MOS Project, and the U-DO system that the U-TIC
Organization has been researching are all part of the achievements of the Zohar

Once Dmitri Vuriev's survival had been confirmed after the space-time anomaly
in Miltian space, he took command of the project and pressed Salvator-faction
Representatives to transfer project leadership from the Contact Subcommittee to
the military. The content of the project soon took a strikingly different
direction, leading to the development of Merkabah, Omega Res Novae, and the

--Link: KOS-MOS, Dmitri Yuriev, Galaxy Federation, Contact Subcommittee, U-DO,
Omega Res Novae, Original Zohar, Gnosis, 100-Series Observational Unit.
Tactical Assault Ship Merkabah

(DB310)-U-TIC Organization

Official name: The Unknown Territory Intervening and Creation Organization. Its
previous incarnation, the Cerebral Sciences Research Center, was founded by
Joachim Mizrahi; it was Joachim who proposed it be restructured into the U-TIC

After becoming the U-TIC Organization, the group continued its research into
the Original Zohar as an energy generator and weapon, as well as performed the
development of 100-Series Observational Units, the Hilbert Effect, and combat

Aiming to rule the galaxy through command of the Zohar, the group then rebelled
against the Federation government and set off the Miltian Conflict. However,
Labyrinthos was overrun by the Galaxy Federation descent operations, and the
organization's mastermind, Joachim Mizrahi, fell to his death.

After the Miltian Conflict, it vanished from the center stage of history, but
the group itself survived, setting up base on the planetoid Pleroma. Gathering
information and building up its military power in secret, it leapt back onto
the center stage in order to obtain the Y-Data that had been sealed within the
100-Series Observational Unit prototype, MOMO.

Ostensibly, the organization was founded by Joachim Mizrahi, but in truth,
everything was under the direction of the Ormus Patriarch.

As it was reconstructed into the U-TIC Organization, the group expelled nearly
all Federation government officials and researchers, who had been stationed
there as inspectors for the Cerebral Sciences Research Center. It cemented its
internal staff with members of Ormus and the Old Miltia hierocracy; Hyams (a
business affiliated with Ormus) joined the group, taking Vector's place in
weapons development and sponsorship.

At that time, even Federation Colonel Margulis, U-TIC's supreme commander, was
already a member of Ormus. From this, one can see that a sizable number of
Ormus members had been embedded within the Federation'S government and

--Link: Margulis, Joachim Mizrahi, Miltian Conflict, C.S.R.C., Labyrinthos,
Ormus, Hyams, Original Zohar, MOMO, Vector Industries

(DB311)-474th Spec Ops Fleet

A fleet under the command of the U-TIC Organization's Margulis that primarily
takes on special missions. It is made up of several Spec Ops ships and vessels.

The fleet was mobilized to retrieve the Zohar emulators stored on the Woglinde,
but failed to arrive before the emulators had been taken by the Gnosis.

However, the fleet was placed on standby in the area on the orders of Margulis,
who had surmised that the Kukai Foundation would move to investigate the
destroyed Woglinde. It would later engage the Durandal there.

Margulis did not issue a standby order to the 474th Spec Ops Fleet in order to
have them defeat the Durandal. He called for the standby to create a situation
wherein the Durandal would engage "something" in that region--an engagement he
could them record.

The U-TIC Organization would later fabricate an image of the Durandal and the
destroyed Woglinde, throwing the Kukai Foundation and the Miltian autonomous
government into its trap. The 474th Spec Ops Fleet took some damage during its
engagement with the Durandal, but still successfully completed its mission.

--Link: Margulis, U-TIC Organization

(DB312)-Federation Fleet

The fleet of the Galaxy Federation military, established to maintain peace and
stability across all space.

it destroys the enemy fleets by deploying multiple squadrons and Spec Ops ships
around a central flagship. These destroyer fleets, grouped together with
convoys built to escort groups of ships, supply fleets that handle procurement,
and other vessels, are termed the Federation Fleet.

Many of the ships that make up the Fleet were built by Vector and Hyams.

Once divided into naval and space fleets, these were integrated together as the
Federation Space Force. Even though the naval and space fleets are now under
the command of the Federation Space Force, they both still retain their own
manners and customs.

--Link: Galaxy Federation, Hyams, Vector Industries

(DB313)-Federation Parliament

An assembly where representatives from each autonomous state gather to
establish governmental, planetary, and other policies. Its central assembly
hall is located on the capital planet, Fifth Jerusalem.

There is also a space built within the U.M.N. that is modeled after the central
hall and linked with the real-life assembly. Therefore, only a very few
representatives visit the Parliament on Fifth Jerusalem; most representatives
participate through the U.M.N..

Different assemblies are opened depending on the issues to be discussed. The
assembly on how to deal with Miltia was the same as the normal Federation
Parliament, with all autonomous state representatives in assembly.

There are also special assemblies (hastily summoned during emergencies) and
administrative auditing assemblies that have the role of secretly investigating
Galaxy Federation internal affairs and preventing corruption. In addition,
there is the Executive Committee Assembly, which decides important matters of
Federation law.

--Link: U.M.N., Fifth Jerusalem, Autonomous State, Galaxy Federation

(DB314)-Federation Police

As its official name (the Galaxy Federation Police) suggests, it is a
law-enforcement agency under Galaxy Federation jurisdiction that operates in
Federation-affiliated planets and regions of space.

Its base is the Federation Police headquarters; it is further divided into
precincts in each autonomous state. Each department and its role is fully

However, there are also departments in the main headquarters that can go over
the jurisdiction of the precincts in each autonomous state and conduct their
own investigations. These departments handle crimes outside of regional space
as well as U.M.N. crimes; one of them, the Special Ops Command Precinct Force,
used to have Ziggy in its ranks.

The Federation Police's mission is to cooperate with autonomous states and
their precincts to maintain law and order and to protect innocent people from
crime, accidents, disasters, drugs, and so forth.

--Link: Ziggy, U.M.N., Autonomous State, Galaxy Federation

(DB315)-Federation Police Academy

A group established by the Public Safety Commission with the goal of training
police officers. It divides its training process into two programs, Class A and
Class B.

Class A is the so-called career-policeman training academy; its goal is to
train officers for work with the Federation Police organization. It handles the
training of police officers, technical administrators, and research staffers.
Class B academies belong to star-system precincts and mainly handle the
training of regional police officers.

As a rule, the Class A program appoints police academy students to lieutenant
positions upon graduation, immediately giving them missions and projects to
command from the field. Jan Sauer graduated from the Fifth Jerusalem Class A
Police Academy with top honors.

--Link: Jan Sauer, Public Safety Commission


F.S.I. is short for Federation Special Inspection, and is the Office inside the
Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Agency. Shion's father, Suou Uzuki,
is a member of F.S.I..

As an agency of the Department of energy, its role is to govern and regulate
the dangers involved with advanced technology. Due to the group's nature, it
often deals in matters with major enterprises involving huge sums of money;
people frequently point out cases where F.S.I. has collided with the political
or financial arenas.

--Link: Suou Uzuki, Shion Uzuki

(DB317)-Federation Council

The legislative body, made up of tens of thousands of representatives. The
high-level assembly held by the legislature's senior representatives is called
the Galaxy Federation Executive Committee Assembly.

--Link: Executive Committee, Galaxy Federation

[B037] Unknown

(DB318)-Vessel of Anima

The Vessel of Anima is, so to speak, half of chaos's body; chaos himself is
something like a failsafe device for the universe. In other words, when the
consciousness of space begins to go out of control, chaos has the ability to
expunge it, along with space itself. The Anima is the expression of that power.

Long ago, half of chaos's body (the Anima) was decoupled from chaos by Mary and
made into the Vessels of Anima. This saved the world from destruction, but also
caused half of Mary's body (the Animus) to be dispersed across the area of the
collective unconscious--in other words the U.M.N..

--Link: chaos, Mary Magdalene

(DB319)-Blood of Abraxas

Planet Abraxas was a planetary nation formed by people who had descended from
the Immigrant Fleet, so this term is used to refer to people who carry the
blood of the Immigrant Fleet.

Ormus Patriarchs like Julius XVIII, Sergius XIV, and Sergius XVII, have also
inherited the blood of Abraxas.

--Link: Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet, Sergius XIV, Sergius XVII, Julius

(DB320)-Abel's Ark

A perceptual phenomenon that is the lower-dimensional, tangible form of the
(imaginary-space) consciousness of the higher-dimensional being U-DO (Abel). It
is a perceptual phenomenon in the same way that the Gnosis are, but it is also
a completely different form of existence.

Abel's Ark (U-DO) observed Albedo's consciousness during the fall of Old
Miltia. It later took in the Zohar as a connection point in order to more
steadily observe the lower dimension.

After Shion's awakening, the Ark's imaginary-space transformation accelerated,
reflecting the consciousness of mankind. Detecting the operation of
Zarathustra, an anti-higher-dimensional system constructed ages ago, it took
the planet Michtam into itself.

This action was not taken in an attempt to destroy Zarathustra; it was purely
trying to "observe" the changes in the consciousness of the lower dimension.

--Link: Abel, U-DO, Zarathustra, Planet Michtam, Original Zohar

(DB321)-Arbiter Code

The code to release the seals on the Zohar emulators, set by Miltian
Representative Helmer in order to avoid the danger of loss-of-control accidents
of terrorism. Upon recovery, Zohar emulators are sealed into cages; the release
codes have been implanted into the consciousness of the Godwin sisters.

Without both of their release codes, not even Gaignun of Jr. can start up the

--Link: Helmer, Zohar Emulator, Shelley Godwin, Mary Godwin


The general term for humanoid mobile weapons loaded with a Vessel of Anima.

Their cockpits can be either single- or two-seat, depending on wether or not
firing control needs to be divided between a pilot and a co-pilot. Most units
equipped with a large amount of weaponry are two-seat; due to their specialized
functionality, Ormus units are single-seat.

The size of an E.S. is not greatly different from that of a standard A.M.W.S.,
but its fighting ability can be an order of magnitude greater. With the right
combination of weaponry and pilot, an E.S. can hold enough combat power to be a
match for a whole division of A.M.W.S. units.

The chief reason given for this is the complete difference in the quality of
the energy it uses for its operation, as well as the method by which that
energy is supplied. A.M.W.S.s, like A.G.W.S.s, operate via pulse energy
transferred from heir mother ship, making them highly reliant on their U.M.N.
connection status and the condition of the mothership. This leads to the amount
of energy that can be supplied in a given amount of time to be necessarily

This holds especially true when the mothership has been destroyed in battle; in
such a case, basically the only recourse for a unit is to operate using its
internal condenser and auxiliary co-generator. However, since the firearms and
logical drive installed in each unit were designed under the assumption they
would be receiving a large supply of pulse energy from a mothership, it becomes
impossible to operate everything at full spec.

On the other hand, since E.S. units operate on energy supplied by the Zohar via
the Vessel of Anima interface, their supply of energy is inherently limitless.
they are not reliant on the status or location of a mother ship, which makes
their operating radius and weaponry they can use in battle practically
unlimited. (Of course, it is rarly the case that they use weaponry so overly
enormous that it severely reduces their mass balance and mobility.)

The only disadvantage is that an unqualified pilot is unable to link the Vessel
of Anima with the Zohar and therefore cannot even start up the unit. There are
only a very few qualified pilots in the entire galaxy; as a result, E.S.
operation seems to be naturally limited to tactical-level operations.

--Link: Vessel of Anima, Original Zohar

(DB323)-E.S. Asher

chaos and Jr.'s unit. Customized for Jr.'s use. A versatile unit capable of
handling both ground and air combat, it is prepared with weaponry that can
handle all aspects of battle.

It is equipped with the Erde Kaiser's generator as an auxiliary unit. Though
auxiliary, the generator--originally fully tuned to operate the Erde
Kaiser--outputs a ludicrous amount of power; enough to operate all weaponry
trouble-free at full spec without a Vessel of Anima.

As it escaped from Zarathustra, the Asher restarted itself through this
generator--despite having lost its Vessel of Anima. The generator is also
outfitted with a self-destruct device to keep its secrets protected.

--Link: chaos, Jr., Erde Kaiser

(DB324)-E.S. Issachar

Pellegri's unit. It was primarily built for multiple simultaneous
multi-directional Ether attacks, making it one of the most air-combat capable
Ormus units. The Ether connection base can also be operated as a flexible
shield. It is equipped with a spear for close-range defense.

--Link: Pellegri

(DB325)-E.S. Gad

Richard's unit. Its frail exterior is a mismatch for its gun combat
specialization; it is equipped with a large high-powered firearm. Its light
armor is offset by its mobility.

--Link: Richard

(DB326)-E.S. Simeon

Albedo's unit. Equipped with a long tail stabilizer which functions as a
logical drive, its forte is high-mobility combat. Its ability to deal with any
battle situation, short or long-range, makes it an almighty unit.

It was built as a military factory in Labyrinthos on Miltia.

After becoming a Testament, Albedo switched his Vessel of Anima over for use in
a new unit, but its name and basic specs remain the same.

--Link: Vessel of Anima, Albedo Piazzolla

(DB327)-E.S. Zebulun

Ziggy and MOMO's unit. Customized for MOMO's use. It specializes in long-range
gun combat and has been installed with a great deal of firepower.

Its mobility lags behind other E.S. units, but it covers for this drawback with
its multi-directional Ether attacks. Even with its two-seat structure, the
enormous amount of weaponry installed would be completely impossible for a
normal co-pilot to handle- It is safe to say that this task could only be
managed by MOMO, a 100-Series Observational Unit.

--Link: Ziggy, E.S., MOMO

(DB328)-E.S. Dan

Voyager's unit. Equipped with a giant transformable shield, its defensive
capabilities--when coupled with Voyager's special distortion abilities--are
immense. When in its cruising configuration with the shield folded, its
mobility rivals that of the Simeon.

--Link: Voyager

(DB329)-E.S. Dinah

It was built by Kevin as a supplementary weapon for KOS-MOS, but never
officially registered. Shion accompanies KOS-MOS in the E.S. Dinah. Within
Vector, it was never treated as anything more than a piece of equipment with
which to gather data for the KOS-MOS Project. Its value as a machine has
already depreciated in full.

As a result, Shion as been allowed to operate it on her own authority; however
it is still an E.S., Wilhelm later officially requested it be loaned to the
Kukai Foundation.

The unit's characteristics include its long travel range (on the level of a
space cruiser) and its high speed and mobility in battle. It also has an ample
array of firepower; the X-Buster, made available when the unit is operated in
conjunction with KOS-MOS, is especially worth noting.

Although it has a two-seat cockpit, when not docked with KOS-MOS, Shion handles
everything from unit control to firearms herself, apparently having made the
lower seat into a simple navigational station. The unit's head contains a
docking connector for a mobile Dinah interface.

--Link: Wilhelm, KOS-MOS, E.S., Kevin Winnicot, Shion Uzuki, Vector Industries

(DB330)-E.S. Naphtali

Virgil's unit. Specialized for gun combat. It lags slightly behind other E.S.
units in its mobility, but the attacks unleashed by its innumerable weapon
stores make up the difference. It has a transforming mechanism that lets it go
into a cruising configuration.

--Link: E.S., Luis Virgil

(DB331)-E.S. Judah

Kevin's unit. Its forte is close-range mobile combat.

It is equipped with two knives that can directly access the U.M.N.'s physical
phenomena structure in order to cut any material presence in two, making it
practically impossible to defend against. The only countermeasure is to access
the U.M.N. structure in the same way as Kevin and to block it "over there,"
However, that is only possible for those limited few with that ability; in
other words, those qualified to pilot E.S. units.

Consequently, one can see battles between E.S.'s less as involving direct
combat between physical phenomena (the material world) and more as essentially
attacking and defending in the world of consciousness.

--Link: E.S., Kevin Winnicot

(DB332)-E.S. Joseph

Hermann's unit. Its forte is close-range combat using its giant club.

It always works alongside Richard's Gad as a two-man cell, taking the role of
defensive shield for the Gad's light armor.

--Link: Hermann

(DB333)-E.S. Reuben

Jin's unit. Customized for Jin's use. Specially made for close-range combat, it
is equipped with two real swords. Its design emphasizes higher-dimensional
battle mobility; as a result, its armor is light and it has no shield
equipment. However, this is covered by Jin's unique battle style, which
combines offense and defense using his swords.

--Link: Jin Uzuki

(DB334)-E.S. Levi

Margulis's unit. It was designed to be a versatile unit capable of waging
battle at both short and long ranges, but all long-range weaponry was removed
at Margulis's request; instead it was equipped with a long sword. It has also
been equipped with two intimidation weapons: a throwing weapon similar to a
kunai, and a small throwable high explosive.

The large, unfolding logical drive can also be used as a claw for hand-to-hand

--Link: Margulis


The term Wilhelm uses to refer to chaos.

--Link: Wilhelm, chaos


A group aligned with the Special Missions Office of the Ormus Department of
Absolutions. Despite being part of a department, the group is practically
independent from the Curia. It handles the guarding of holy relics (like the
Zohar and Vessels of Anima) and the judgement of heretics; by the T.C. 4600s,
it had grown to a group with military power practically equivalent to a Galaxy
Federation fleet.

It naturally holds a singular position within the religious organization, and
the Cardinal that leads it is said to have verbal clout and influence that
rivals the Patriarch.

It retains two sets of hierarchical ranks: one for its activities as a military
group, and another for within Ormus. Special ranks within Ormus include Chief
Inquisitor, Chief Soldier-Priest, and High Priest. It holds close ties with the
Department of Sacraments, which carries out research on relics.

--Link: Patriarch, Ormus


The Unus Mundus Drive Operation System. said to be a control AI originally
created as a U.M.N. navigational device, it was refitted by Joachim Mizrahi as
a Zohar command device.

According to Vector records, the history of link experiments with U-DO extends
back to the Lost Jerusalem era; apparently, it has been recognized as a wave
based existence since far before the development of the U.M.N..

Even today, details on U-DO have not been revealed. It is thought to be a
consciousness that exists in a different dimension from our own, and deeply
intertwined with the space-time anomaly,touched off by the Zohar and its going
out of control.

The U-TIC Organization, knowing that certain people are able to make contact
with this wave existence, gathered test subjects with this contact ability and
conducted Zohar operational experiments.

They tried to use them to complete a so-called "U-DO system," but in the end,
it merely led to the Zohar going out of control.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, U.M.N., Lost Jerusalem, U-TIC Organization, Vector
Industries, Original Zohar

(DB338)-U-DO Simulator

A system built by the Yuriev Institute, mainly used for URTV link experiments,
that creates artificial U-DO waves within the Encephalon. This simulator was
also used to conduct adjustment of the URTV's anti-waveforms.

Although the U-DO waves this system produces are purely artificial, there have
been several accidents during Encephalon drills that have caused standard URTVs
to become infected.

The U-DO waveform sample on which this system was based was provided by Dmitri
Yuriev, the person in charge of the facility. It has not been revealed when he
procured this sample.

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Link Experiment, Yuriev Institute, URTV, U-DO

(DB339)-Omega Id

When Omega Universitas' generator power rises, the unit automatically
transforms into this configuration to increase its durability.

This rise in generator power is executed by reading the pilot's nerve impulses.

--Link: Omega Universitas

(DB340)-Omega Universitas

An Omega-type test unit of an interstellar strategic integrated weapon system,
independently developed from a concept procured by the Galaxy Federation
government from the Immigrant Fleet nation. The freshly rolled-out unit was
seized during the Miltian Conflict by the U-TIC Organization from a weapons
plant under Federation jurisdiction.

Although the unit's miniaturized body successfully lengthened its continuous
operational time, the maximum power of its installed generator far exceeds its
endurance rating. As a result, it was completed with a continuous operational
time lower than what had been assumed at the start of development.

In order to ameliorate its fragility, the unit is installed with a system that
will transform itself into a configuration that can withstand the power of its
generator as it rises. This revolutionary system reads the pilot's nerve
impulses and automatically executes the transformation as his reaction speed to
the unit increases.

Unfortunately, the potential of this unit rests entirely on the mental state of
the pilot. Faced with the danger of it going out of control if the pilot's
nerve impulses become unbalanced, it is currently in the custody of the Special
Weapons Development Sector of the Consolidated Advanced Technology Testing
Ground as an unmanned unit, with an imitation personality installed as its

--Link: Immigrant Fleet, Galaxy Federation, Omega Res Novae

(DB341)-Omega Metempsychosis

The ultimate Omega configuration, a mutation that resulted from taking in the
Zohar and completely reconstructing the Y-Data information. One of the relics
of God.

The external transformation that occurred when it took in the Zohar stemmed
from the self-transforming mechanism in the Omega waking up from its long
sleep. It is thought that the Omega existed in a form similar to this
configuration during the Lost Jerusalem era.

Abel has been built into the control device in the unit's core, due to the need
for the higher-dimensional "power" flowing directly through the Zohar to be
stabilized for dimensional space.

"[Omega] metempsychosis" can be translated as "Omega spirit transmigration."

--Link: Abel, Lost Jerusalem, Y-Data, Omega Res Novae, Original Zohar

(DB342)-Omega Res Novae

A unit based off Proto Omega, which was recovered during the fall of Miltia.
Recreated and partially upgraded by Dmitri Yuriev as an anti-Immigrant Fleet

Although it does not house the Original Zohar itself, it uses Abel as its core
module and an emulator as an auxiliary, making its power far greater than the
original Proto Omega. The exterior itself is not greatly different. However
since an emulator is being used in place of the Zohar at the core,
functionality is unstable and at a lower power output.

"[Omega] Res Novae" can be translated as "Omega Revolution"

--Link: Dmitri Yuriev, Original Zohar, Proto Omega, Zohar Emulator

(DB343)-Original Zohar

Suddenly appearing during the excavation of ruins in Kenya in the 21th century,
it was soon recovered by Vector, where research on it continued. Grimoire
Verum, one of the researchers, conducted a link experiment on it that failed,
touching off a space-time anomaly that resulted in the annihilation of Lost

Research would later be picked up anew by Joachim Mizrahi; as the research wore
on, assorted other people would be involved.

It remained sealed away in Old Miltia for 15 years, but reappeared once more
after the Y-Data was leaked and fell into the hands of Ormus Patriarch Sergius.
However, it was soon caught in the subsequent space-time anomaly and swallowed
up by the giant Gnosis known as Abel's Ark; its current whereabouts are

-Link: Grimoire Verum, Joachim Mizrahi, Link Experiment, Lost Jerusalem, Ormus,
Abel's Ark, Y-Data, Vector Industries

(DB344)-Imaginary Space

There is a theory that the space we live in is composed of two realities (and
nothingness): normal space, which we are actually able to perceive, and
imaginary space, which proceeds along an imaginary temporal axis we cannot

The concept of imaginary time itself is a theory devised by Hawking to explain
the birth of the universe without the use of singularities--without relying on
the existence of God. With it, one can picture a universe without any
"beginning" (the Big Bang singularity) or "end" (the Big Crunch singularity),
but instead simply composed of a multi-dimensional hyperspherical surface.

In this story, the Gnosis exist along this imaginary temporal axis and
intervene in normal space.

--Link: Gnosis


Non-physical beings that exist in another dimension, perceived as aliens from
the viewpoint of mankind. Ordinarily, they have not materialized, so physical
attacks do not affect them. When they have materialized, their constituent
matter seems to consist of things like water and sodium hydroxide; why such
matter would hold hostility against the human race is unclear. They have many
types of external appearances; for the sake of convenience, they have been
named after mythological creatures.

Since they exist in "imaginary space," cut apart from normal phenomena, all
attacks on them using current weaponry based on the laws of physics are
ineffective. When a Gnosis attack, however, it brings the part of it attacking
into local normal space. The D.S.S.S. system was developed to take advantage of
this and predict the area of normal space that would be created, but its
performance has been below expectations.

Later, the Hilbert Effect and 100-Series Observational Units were developed by
Joachim Mizrahi, making it possible for people in normal space to interact with

Space in this world is made up of normal space and imaginary space, placed on
top of each other. If you picture normal space as matter, or the body, then
imaginary space can be seen as consciousness, or the mind. The word "Gnosis"
refers to all forms of existence in imaginary space.

All things, not just humans, have an imaginary space component, so things like
the "Gnosis planet" which appears in the story also exist. In imaginary space,
all consciousness is in a state of full awareness, allowing things like
"another person's animosity," for example, to be directly experienced.

If a human comes into contact with the fear held by imaginary space and chooses
to escape or reject it, he or she is Gnosified.

At first, it would appear that they act in groups, but each one moves with its
own consciousness of rejection, dissipation, and proliferation; they could be
seen as wandering in search of a kind of salvation. One could say that this
consciousness of rejection and dissipation is putting all of space in peril.

Wilhelm is attempting to concentrate all of this--the negative consciousness of
man--into Zarathustra, and to awaken the eternal recurrence in order to return
once again to the world mankind hoped for.

--Link: Wilhelm, Joachim Mizrahi, 100-Series Observational Unit, Hilbert
Effect, D.S.S.S., Zarahustra

(DB346)-Gnosis Transformation

A term referring to the form of a person that has come into contact with the
Gnosis. Most people that come into contact with the Gnosis suffer white
crystallization and destruction, but cases of partial Gnosification have been

--Link: Gnosis, Whitening

(DB347)-Gnosis Phenomenon

The phenomenon of people, things and planets suddenly Gnosifying. Not only the
result of direct contact with the Gnosis, this can also occur in a
chain-reaction fashion from a great distance. As a result, urgent research is
underway in search of a link to the cause.

--Link: Gnosis

(DB348)-Gnosis [Cathedral Ship]

A planet-sized piece of matter that has turned into a Gnosis. It received its
name from the many shrine-like objects on its exterior and the countless Gnosis
that accompany it.

--Link: Gnosis

(DB349)-Gnosis [Porter]

A type of Gnosis that appeared on the Woglinde. It swallowed the Zohar and took
it away inside of its body.

Some types of Gnosis have roles apart from engaging in battle. For the sake of
convenience, this one is referred to as a "porter" type.

--Link: Gnosis, Original Zohar

(DB350)-KOS-MOS Archetype Basic Theory

The basic theory behind a humanoid fighting system, researched by Kevin
Winnicot. Shion repaired the black box that is KOS-MOS's core based on this
data. 15 years ago, Kevin had already built the foundation behind the theory.

Since the data was originally meant for Archetype use, it is not compatible
with KOS-MOS Version 3; Shion and Allen were forced to redesign her framework.
This is why KOS-MOS's appearance has been changed for a configuration closer to
her original form.

--Link: Kevin Winnicot, KOS-MOS, KOS-MOS (Archetype)

(DB351)-Thirteenth Key

The words T-elos uttered to KOS-MOS. It is believed she used the words in
reference to a key that is indispensable to Wilhelm's mission--the Thirteenth
Key, related to the awakening of the twelve Vessels of Anima and the final
stage of Mary's revival.

--Link: Wilhelm, Mary Magdalene, Vessel of Anima

(DB352)-Pilgrimage Meeting

A conference with the goal of opening the door to Lost Jerusalem with the

It has been held since the main Immigrant Fleet claimed sovereignty over planet
Abraxas, but fewer and fewer people have known its meaning as time went by;
by the T.C. 4600s, it had come to be regarded only as a simple antiquated
religious ceremony.

As a general rule, the conference is managed by the Immigrant Fleet nation, but
the presence of the Galaxy Federation government is also seen as necessary. The
reason for this is thought to be to display the current Patriarch's power--his
affinity to the Zohar--the the populace and the Federation government.

--Link: Lost Jerusalem, Planet Abraxas, Immigrant Fleet, Original Zohar

(DB353)-Pilgrimage Fleet

Another term for the Gnosis. See the Gnosis heading.

--Link: Gnosis


A term referring to URTV unit number 669, Nigredo.

Nigredo is called this by Albedo since he is imbued with the ability to
obliterate URTV unit number 666, Rubedo--also known as Red Dragon.

--Link: Nigredo, Rubedo, URTV Unit Number 666, URTV Unit Number 669, Red
Dragon, Albedo Piazzolla

(DB355)-Zohar Emulator

An emulator is something that simulates the operations of one computer system
on a different set of hardware and software. In this story, it refers to the
Original Zohar emulators created by the late Joachim Mizrahi.

They were used by the U-TIC Organization as auxiliary Originals for the link
experiments on planet Ariadne and elsewhere; however, their original role was
to act as an ignition "key" to operate the Original. A total of twelve were
created by Joachim, each on inscribed with the name of one of the Twelve

They went missing after the Miltian Conflict, but all twelve were recovered by
the Kukai Foundation, which currently manages them.

During the drill on Fifth Jerusalem, the Omega Res Novae was using an imitation
emulator as its core that had been constructed by Dr. Sellers from surplus
parts. It was used despite its unstable power output control, nearly causing
the Omega to go out of control.

--Link: Joachim Mizrahi, Link Experiment, Planet Ariadne, Kukai Foundation,
Original Zohar

(DB356)-People of Zohar

A term referring to people who trace their genes directly back to the Immigrant

In the past, the People of Zohar comprised the majority of the population of
Michtam and Miltia.

--Link: Miltia, Immigrant Fleet, Planet Michtam

(DB357)-Compass of Order and Chaos

A compass placed in Wilhelm's office that reacted to KOS-MOS's awakening.

It uses a plate modeled after the Zohar discovered at Lake Turkana, set in a
stone tablet on top of a base.

The Compass of Order and Chaos has the ability to display the flow of
consciousness in the entire universe through Zarathustra acting as the terminal
point on Michtam. Wilhelm used the Compass of Order and Chaos to transmit the
data collected by Program Canaan to Zarathustra.

--Link: Wilhelm, KOS-MOS, Zarathustra, Program Canaan, Planet Michtam


A device created by people in ancient times. The giant compass-like object is
something like a control terminal; the main body is actually the crystalline
structures that spread out beneath the surface of Michtam; Shion's pendant,
which has the same structure, is its control key.

It was originally created with the goal of invading the world of God, but
Wilhelm, who has the role of "protector of lower-dimensional space" (bringing
lower-dimensional space to its conclusion), added its functionality as an
eternal recurrence device.

In order to set off eternal recurrence, one must have control over the power of
God (the power of chaos). The awakening of each Anima, as well as the guidance
of Mary, who shares an emotional bond with chaos, has all been for this

As observation terminals for God, Abel and the Ark (i.e. U-DO), need to be
sealed in lower-dimensional space. Consequently, the ability to induce them
toward Zarathustra has also been added.

--Link: Abel, Wilhelm, chaos, Mary Magdalene, U-DO, Pendant, Shion Uzuki,
Planet Michtam, Vessel of Anima, Abel's Ark


Wilhelm's aides; each wears a different color of cloak. They are the post-death
form of Kevin and the others; however, they are not reincarnations, but beings
that have slipped the bonds of normal space--their bodies. They can exert their
abilities by accessing normal space from imaginary space (their consciousness)
and controlling its physical phenomena at will.

By controlling physical phenomena, they also act directly upon the perception
of those in normal space; you could see them as if they actually were there,
even though your retinas would not be receiving any photons. Since they act
directly upon the perception of their target, they will not appear in
photographs or videos that rely on the action of photons (though they can act
on these devices to appear in them).

Once, long ago, a group of people that reacted purely to chaos' Anima power
(whether these were previous incarnations of Jin, Virgil, and Voyager or the
consciousness of other people entirely is unknown) guided the world to

To form an anti-existence to these people who reacted purely to the power of
Anima--the fail-safe of the universe--the consciousness of people were
controlled and made to enter opposed-phase, resulting in the birth of the

Wilhelm does not need to shift everyone into opposed-phase in order to achieve
his goal. once the mass had reached a certain critical mass, everything else
will have their phases shifted in a chain reaction. The current Testaments are
that certain critical mass.

Wilhelm has forged a certain pact with the Testaments. This serves not just to
have them do whatever he wishes, but also to supplement Wilhelm's temporal
recurrence ability. (Just as the failsafe needs the power of Anima to work,
Wilhelm needs the power of the opposed-phase Anima. Mary will serve as the fuse
to ignite that power.)

The rendezvous which Virgil shared with Febronia was everything to his
existence. He wanted to feel that moment forever; he is who he is today thanks
to Febronia's death--this is what h believed. Wilhelm presented Virgil with
that eternal time.

He also presented Albedo with the ability to make his original wish come true.
On the surface, Albedo appeared to act only on the desire to destroy, but this
was a form of separation anxiety; essentially, his real desire was to integrate
with Jr..

Jr.'s destiny was to be used as a pawn to Dmitri's elimination of U-DO; one
wonders if Albedo knew that all along. Albedo's desire to unite with Jr. was a
form of protective consciousness in action--with the power of a Testament, he
could face off against Dmitri to protect Jr. and ultimately realize his
original goal of sharing  consciousness with Jr. and gaining eternal rest. This
is what Wilhelm presented to him, and that is what made him act.

--Link: Wilhelm, Voyager, Albedo Piazzolla, Testament (Blue), Testament (Red),
Testament (Black), Testament (White), Kevin Winnicot, Luis Virgil, Vessel of

(DB360)-Proto Merkabah

A giant research plant created by Joachim Mizrahi where research was conducted
on 100-Series Observational Unit prototypes and the Hilbert Effect, as well as
on specialized types of Realians.

Originally, it was planned to serve as the mothership of Proto Omega alongside
the Song of Nephilim; after losing Sakura, however, Joachim used it as a plant
to create MOMO.

After the Miltian Conflict, it was taken over by the Federation government and
was sealed inside the Abyss, from which it was resurrected by Albedo Piazolla.

It can take in Gnosis, convert them to energy, and use that energy as a weapon.
If it were ever actually used, it has enough power to wipe out a combined fleet

Joachim actually used this ability not as a weapon, but to resurrect his
daughter's consciousness within MOMO.

--Link: Albedo Piazzolla, Joachim Mizrahi, 100-Series Observational Unit,
Hilbert Effect, Realian, Gnosis, Song of Nephilim, Proto Omega, MOMO

(DB361)-Secret Data

Privileged Vector data that is placed inside S-Line Division within the
U.M.N.. Non-public informational records, mainly concerning the U.M.N. and
backroom deals that have been conducted in the past, are recorded here.

Shion cooperated with Scientia to collect this information and find out the
truth behind Vector. Data on Lemegeton and Grimoire Verum, and Project Canaan
came from this classified information.

--Link: Grimoire Verum, U.M.N., S-Line Division, Program Canaan, Lemegeton,
Vector Industries

(DB362)-Natus Glacies

A giant lifeform born after the Gnosis which had gathered around the Zohar
emulators suddenly mutated within the environment inside Abel's Ark.

Its slender bluish-green body seems frail at first glance, but it has both the
power to swing its main weapon, a large sword, around easily, and the grace to
be in complete control of even the smallest movements.

The name Natus Glacies means "one awoken from the ice."

--Link: Abel's Ark, Gnosis, Zohar Emulator

(DB363)-Natus Tellus

A giant lifeform born after the Gnosis which had gathered around the Zohar
emulators suddenly mutated within the environment inside Abel's Ark.

Its dark-green and orange body, the picture of stability boasts an overwhelming
advantage in extreme close combat. The transformable drill mechanism installed
on its left arm has enough power to pulverize anything instantly.

The name Natus Tellus means "one sprung forth from the earth."

--Link: Abel's Ark, Gnosis, Zohar Emulator

(DB364)-Natus Flamma

A giant lifeform born after the Gnosis which had gathered around the Zohar
emulators suddenly mutated within the environment inside Abel's Ark.

Its burning red body, sleek as a wild animal, holds whips in both hands that
move like giant, self-aware snakes. They boost enough attack power to easily
rip apart the thick armor plating of an E.S..

The name Natus Flamma means "one born from the flames."

--Link: Abel's Ark, Gnosis, Zohar Emulator

(DB365)-Natus Lumen

A giant lifeform born after the Gnosis which had gathered around the Zohar
emulators suddenly mutated within the environment inside Abel's Ark.

Its dark-blue body, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean, is adapted purely
for projectile attacks. The beam cannons on both arms are specialized for
lightning-speed firing.

The name Natus Lumen means "one emerged from the light."

--Link: Abel's Ark, Gnosis, Zohar Emulator

(DB366)-Net Preacher

A term used by people in the V.L.V. to refer to Voyager.

People in the anti-U.M.N. group, which had obtained fragmentary information
related to Voyager, thought that he confined the consciousness of the victims
he killed inside a virtual space he had constructed within the U.M.N..

In fact, Voyager's victims see him as having provided the world for which they
had hoped; the have no victim mentality. This ingenious approach earned Voyager
this name comparing him to a street preacher.

--Link: Voyager, V.L.V.

(DB367)-Song of Nephilim

One of the devices made by the late Joachim Mizrahi to control the Zohar. It is
shaped like a giant inverted pyramid.

It was once stored within Labyrinthos, headquarters of the U-TIC Organization.
Shion saw its shape from he mother's hospital room.

As the name implies, the Song of Nephilim plays a song (a wavelength) which
cannot be heard by normal human ears. The song is said to attract the Gnosis.

The Song of Nephilim are the words of God that were recorded in the Y-Data--one
of the relics. A man named Grimoire Verum analyzed these words to create the
program known as Lemegeton.

Joachim reconstructed fragmented version of this program as part of the U-DO
system. The wavelength it emitted included the word "Nephilim" in its
human-audible range, so he named the system the Song of Nephilim.

The Song of Nephilim was used in the Miltian Conflict 15 years ago; however, as
it had not been tuned by Joachim, its power was insufficient to bring the Zohar
into operation.

The Song itself does not have the power to summon the Gnosis. The Gnosis appear
simply because a door has been opened onto imaginary space as the result of
U-DO activating in response to the people who have made fragmentary contact
with it through the Song. In fact, the Gnosis that appeared around Miltia were
actually caused by a fearful and isolated young Shion linking with U-DO and
bringing the Zohar into operation.

--Link: Grimoire Verum, Joachim Mizrahi, Labyrinthos, U-TIC Organization, U-DO,
Gnosis, Y-Data, Original Zohar


In most cases, people who come into contact with the Gnosis experience a
phenomenon where their body turns white and shatters into pieces. Cases of
people mutating into Gnosis after whitening, while rare, have been confirmed.

During the Gnosis attack on the Woglinde, Shion and Andrew were attacked by a
Gnosis and subjected to this whitening phenomenon for a short period of time.
Both escaped with their lives, but Andrew would later mutate into a Gnosis.

Despite the fact that everyone who has whitened will eventually Gnosify, Shion
has continued to avoid this disaster even to this day. Whether or not there is
a reason for this is unclear.

--Link: Gnosis, Andrew Cherenkov, Shion Uzuki

(DB369)-Anti-U-DO Waveform

The ability to generate waves opposite to the waves generated by U-DO. These
waves could be described as canceling waves. URTVs are equipped with this

--Link: URTV, U-DO

(DB370)-Program Canaan

The general term for a group of systems that searches for people with the
special "factors" necessary to become a Testament, suitable for a Vessel of
Anima. Its basic outline was devised by Vector.

During the dawn of Realian development, it was installed in a very small number
of units and integrated into their basic brain-stem systems. Regardless of
their own will, Realians who have been installed with this program have the
role of judging suitable people and helping them awaken their abilities.

Although these Realians are few in number, that is simply relative to the total
number of Realians that have been produced, especially taking into
consideration that they were meant to be deployed across the entire galaxy.
Development was conducted under top secret conditions within Vector; only a
limited number of top executives knew of its existence.

Realians with Program Canaan implants are recovered by Vector after they have
fulfilled their given role. By the mid-T.C. 4700s, over 99% of them had
completed their given task; however, "Canaan," who has another role, is
reportedly still deployed somewhere in the galaxy.

The data collected by one Canaan is immediately uploaded to Vector's database
and automatically distributed to other Canaans. Certain types of data, however,
have a barrier placed on them controlling their distribution.

--Link: Realian, Vessel of Anima, Testament, Vector Industries

(DB371)-Proto Omega

One of the relics of God, constructed and operated by the U-TIC Organization
during the Miltian Conflict. It was originally built on Abraxas (Michtam), but
was smuggled onto Miltia upon the destruction of Michtam.

Afterwards, it was subjected to repeated linkage-operational tests with the
Original Zohar, the deployed to intercept Federation forces during the first
and second Miltian descent operations. It was set to be deployed in the third
descent operation as well, but once the Gnosis appeared, it was left at the
hangar in the confusion.

After that, it was once again operated by Sergius XVII upon his landing on
Miltia. It was recovered by Dmitri Yuriev after Miltia's destruction and
underwent final refurbishment based on the Y-Data.

--Link: Sergius XVII, Dmitri Yuriev, Original Zohar


A crystal pendant worn by Shion. Originally a memento of Kevin's mother, who
died when he was young. It was given to Shion by Kevin.

It appears to have a pink object buried inside of it, making it no ordinary
crystal. This object is a petal from a flower Kevin raised together with Shion
as a child; he sealed it into his mother's memento as a cherished memory of his
time with Shion. One can sense the strength of Kevin's feelings for Shion from

--Link: Kevin's Mother, Kevin Winnicot, Shion Uzuki

(DB373)-Maiden of Mary

A past life of Shion. From the term' nuances, it can be guessed that she played
some kind of supporting role in the abilities of Mary.

It is thought that Shion's affinity with the Zohar doesn't originate from the
blood she inherited from her mother Aoi, so much as it is a peculiarity of
Shion herself, from the emotional bond she shared with Mary during the Lost
Jerusalem era.

--Link: Mary Magdalene, Lost Jerusalem, Aoi Uzuki, Shion Uzuki, Original Zohar


A unit owned by Wilhelm. At first glance it looks like an E.S., but it is a
fundamentally different mobile weapon--it is not installed with a Vessel of
Anima, but instead operates on an energy received directly from Wilhelm.

Though its a mobile weapon, it is also the main reactor of the Dämmerung, and
it functions as the core of Zarathustra's control system.

While other E.S.'s were constructed based upon data from the relics of God, the
Joshua is a brand-new craft, constructed by Wilhielm himself.

The Joshua can therefore be called half of Wilhelm's body. When operating as a
mobile weapon, its combat powers far exceeds that of an E.S., but it also
carries a weak point: when operating as Zarathustra's control system, its
functionality and combat power are greatly restricted.

--Link: Wilhelm, Dämmerung, Vessel of Anima, E.S., Zarathustra

(DB375)-Dimension Shift

The act of transferring space itself to another space in a different location
and phase, a phenomenon that deviates from all laws of physics. Things that
supposedly exist are made to disappear as if the had never been anything at

Lost Jerusalem is thought to have been shrunk to Planck-scale size and erased
from existence by a dimension shift caused by the Zohar going out of control.

--No Link

(DB376)-Link Master

URTVs deploy a mental link in order to emit waves that destroy U-DO. The "link
master" is the person who directs this deployment. This role was held by
Rubedo, who possess strong anti-U-DO waveforms.

URTVs have been conditioned to be able to form a consciousness wave that acts
against U-DO. The link master sets this wave, and the other URTVs adjust their
own waves to match.

--Link: Rubedo, URTV, U-DO, Anti-U-DO Waveforms

(DB377)-Red Dragon

A term referring to the generation mode for the final anti-U-DO-waveform

Jr.'s assigned role was to use this ability to amplify waves sent by other URTV
units and have them converge to annihilate U-DO's waves. Jr. can also emit this
wave himself, although its power is limited.

--Link: Jr., URTV, U-DO, Anti-U-DO Waveforms


A Zohar control program that can create certain specified wavelengths,
constructed by Vector programmer Grimoire Verum during the Lost Jerusalem era.

These wavelengths affect not just Zohar operation, but also apparently the
appearance of Gnosis. Grimoire used the wavelengths to control the Gnosis and
set off Gnosis terrorism incidents.

Lemegeton was fragmented into pieces during the Miltian Conflict and was later
scattered across the U.M.N. Half a year ago, Grimoire collected all the
fragments and put them back together, but it was once again lost upon his death
after the Gnosis terrorism.

Joachim created two Zohar control systems, the U-DO System and the Song of
Nephilim, based on Lemegeton.

In fact, Lemegeton is part of the ancient words that were left behind by a
certain man--words that Grimoire analyzed and made into a program. The man who
left behind these words several thousand years ago is chaos.

--Link: Grimoire Verum, chaos, Gnosis Terrorism, Lost Jerusalem, U-DO, Gnosis,
Song of Nephilim, Joachim Mizrahi, Vector Industries, Original Zohar


Said to be research data related to the Zohar, left behind by the late Joachim
Mizrahi. Joachim sealed it into MOMO's subconscious domain during the Miltian

In actuality, the data is a record of the words of God as inscribed by a person
in ancient times; Joachim's analysis of these words was what enabled him to
produce a multitude of research findings.

Part of the recorded data includes U.M.N. transport code for Old Miltia, closed
off 15 years ago, is recorded inside the data. Someone who obtained this code
would not only be able to gate-jump to Old Miltia again, but would also be able
to obtain the Original Zohar sleeping on Old Miltia.

Consequently, a vicious battle unfolded between the U-TIC Organization and the
Federation government over this Y-Data, with efforts on all sides concentrated
on securing MOMO.

After MOMO had been brought into the custody of the Contact Subcommittee, an
attempt to remove the protection from the Y-Data and salvage it was undertaken
at the U.M.N. administration center on Second Miltia; thanks to Albedo
Piazzolla's plot, however, the analysis failed. That resulted in the data being
leaked to outside sources, setting off the space-time anomaly in Miltian space.

--Link: Albedo Piazzolla, Joachim Mizrahi, U-TIC Organization, MOMO, Miltia,
Galaxy Federation, Original Zohar

[B038] Town Report


"Electronic Counter Countermeasures"--in other words anti-ECM.

ECM stands for "electronic countermeasures," a weapon that interferes with
electronic equipment. In contrast, ECCM attempts to nullify that interference
and restore functionality.

--Link: ECM

(DB381)-Life-Sized Bunnie Plushy

A Bunnie doll that Jr. bought for MOMO as a present. Apparently, she'd wanted
it when they had been sent out shopping together on the Foundation.

As a side note, Sakura Mizrahi also had this same doll, and MOMO's attachment
to it may be because of her connection with Sakura's consciousness.

--Link: Bunnie

(DB382)-Erde Kaiser

A giant robot built by the genius scientist, the Professor. The very first
model in the Erde Kaiser series. Now that Erde Kaiser has become a series, it
would perhaps be appropriate to respectfully refer to it as the original Erde

According to the Professor, its design concept is "love, courage, friendship,
justice, and everything else...," a heretofore unheard of ambition, and one
unlikely to be heard of again. But despite its absurd appearance at first
glance, it's actually a phenomenal machine. It's built obsessively tough, and
its power is, without exaggeration, unmatched and unstoppable.

Its most notable feature is its "combining" design, in which four
parts--Fighter, Dragon, Tank, and Cutter--join together to form Erde Kaiser.
(This is likely the true main concept as a machine.)

Its majestic orange body shines like the sun, and its greatest attack, the
"True Ultimate Lightning Sword," boasts destructive power so great it could
shatter the moon.

--Link: Professor

(DB383)-Erde Kaiser Sigma

The greatest Erde Kaiser ever and the most powerful robot in the universe,
created by the Professor's archrival, the Dark Professor. The name [Sigma]
contains the Dark Professor's fiery passion that this is a machine that
encompasses all that is Erde Kaiser--the ultimate Erde Kaiser.

[Sigma]'s most notable characteristic is the fact that it has a will. It can
converse with its enemies and not only threaten or persuade them, but also show
pride and insult them. Dark Erde Kaiser was viewed as an imitation and was
never able to shake its reputation as being a copy of Erde Kaiser Fury. But
[Sigma] is completely original, the embodiment of its creator's will. The above
description is that given by the creator himself, the Dark Professor.

But unbeknownst to many is the fact that, at the Professor's Robot Academy,
back when it was located on the Kukai Foundation, amongst the rows of test
machines lay a unit called Element DX which looked extremely similar to Dark
Erde Kaiser [Sigma].

Putting aside gossip, what truly deserves description is [Sigma]'s
capabilities. With all of its capabilities three times Fury's, and its attack
power a startling five times as high, it is a dramatic evolution in

Its robust body is decorated with a tricolor design on an orange base, and it
appears more than worthy to ascend the Erde Kaiser throne. From that sturdy
frame, it unleashes its ultimate attack, "Supreme Emperor," with the power to
rend space-time itself.

--Link: Professor, Dark Erde Kaiser, Dark Professor, Robot Academy

(DB384)-Erde Kaiser Fury

The second unit in the Erde Kaiser series developed by the Professor. The
next-generation Erde Kaiser, widely heralded as his greatest masterpiece.

Its advanced capabilities instantly made the first generation Erde Kaiser
obsolete, and it is surely no exaggeration to proclaim that it made real the
Professor's slogan:"Ultimate power. Absolute justice."

The Fury's development concept was for it to be customizable, and by exchanging
parts in individual modules it can take on a variety of very different roles
such as close-range sword fighting (Sword Custom), special drill attacks (Drill
Custom), and long-range projectile combat (Cannon Custom).

This ridiculous imagination and the skill to actually bring it to life are the
hallmarks of the Professor, undeniably the greatest mad scientist in the

As appropriate for a machine that would inherit the name Erde Kaiser--"absolute
ruler"--its steel body is swathed in orange and its most powerful attack, the
"True Ultimate Ice Sword," has the power to destroy even the stars themselves.

--Link: Professor, Erde Kaiser

(DB385)-Mobile Fortress Elsa Project

A large-scale plan proposed by the Professor to make the Elsa into a mobile
fortress, something every giant robot needs.

In other words, he wanted to construct a laboratory to maintain giant robots
inside of the Elsa. However, the plan the Professor came up was the crazy idea
to directly transfer his existing laboratory from the Kuai Foundation into the

Things didn't go exactly according to plan, but the incident did lead
eventually to moving the Professor's laboratory, the Robot Academy, onboard the

--Link: Professor, Elsa, Kukai Foundation, Robot Academy

(DB386)-Other Professor

A friend the Professor has known since college.

He used to be an engineer involved with the U.M.N. transfer experiments.
Currently, he lives quietly on Second Miltia working to prevent Forbidden
Devices from falling into the hands of ordinary citizens.

--Link: Professor, U.M.N., Forbidden Device

(DB387)-Coconut Monkey

The Dark Professor's cherished pet.

A type of monkey that lives on Pedea Island. It has a knob on its head that
resembles a palm tree. They possess greater intelligence than chimpanzees and
are said to be as smart as elementary school-age human children. There's one
living in the Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory, but its true nature is...

--Link: Pedea Island, Dark Professor, Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory


The device activation keys required to use Forbidden Devices to dive into
virtual space.

A Forbidden Device and its sequencer form a pair, and a Device cannot be
activated without its corresponding sequencer.

--Link: Dive, Forbidden Device


The name of a remote control system for KOS-MOS developed by the Professor.

Via a remote control module attached to KOS-MOS's head, it takes over KOS-MOS's
artificial emotion program and controls her according to the operator's will.
But a problem with the system caused KOS-MOS to go out of control and
obliterate the Elsa's lower blocks.

--Link: Professor

(DB390)-Assistant Number 2

The name given to Allen Ridgeley by the Professor. Generally, the Professor
calls him this when making him help with work at the Robot Academy.

Every time he's called by this name, he gets dragged into some sort of trouble,
so he doesn't think very fondly of it.

--Link: Allen Ridgeley, Professor, Robot Academy

(DB391)-Assistant Number 3

The name given to KOS-MOS by the Professor. When the professor was trying to
control KOS-MOS remotely, this is what he called her.

According to the Professor, it's an appropriate name for an assistant
possessing both power and technique.

--Link: KOS-MOS, Professor

(DB392)-Segment Address

A corridor-shaped area created by bugs in construction nanomachines.

Normally, they can be identified by their locked, red doors. In recent years,
segments with gold doors have also been sighted. However, due to the scarcity
of reports, much is still unknown about segments.

Additionally, the Cunningham Company--the largest manufacturer of construction
nanomachines in the star cluster--completely denies that its nanomachines are
creating segments.

An item known as a "segment file" exists which can record the locations of
discovered segment addresses, a list of obtained decoders, and other

--No Link

(DB393)-Segment File

Segment files can record a variety of data, including the locations of
discovered addresses, obtained decoders, and information about the treasures
inside of segments.

It's said that there are now hundreds of segment hunter hobbyists throughout
the star cluster. For these people segment files are indispensable items.

It's widely held that the segment file was invented by a soldier on Michtam
named Neil Swaine.

--Link: Decoder, Segment Address


A repair device for unlocking segment addresses.

Segment addresses are created by construction nanomachines. Decoders distribute
repair nanomachines that release the locks on the door-like structures that
mark segment addresses.

An item known as a "segment file" exists which can display a convenient list of
how many decoders have been obtained.

--Link: Segment Address, Segment File

(DB395)-Forbidden Device

An illegal encephalon dive device developed by private enterprise, based on
U.M.N. architecture data that leaked from Vector.

Even after living body transfer experiments were banned, private enterprises
conducted transfer experiments using this encephalon. But, just as with the
normal encephalon, the effect on the test subjects after the experiments was
horrific. Currently, there are a few of these devices left abandoned in various
locations across the star cluster.

--Link: Encephalon, U.M.N., Vector Industries

(DB396)-Frying Pan

A frying pan with a drawing of Bunnie on it, sold at a store on the Foundation

MOMO asked chaos to buy it for her so she could learn cooking from Shion, and
it's one of MOMO's favorite possessions.

--Link: Bunnie

(DB397)-Dark Erde Kaiser

A jet-black Erde Kaiser made by the Dark Professor that closely resembles Erde
Kaiser Fury.

"Closely resembles" is a nice way of putting it. Actually, it's a direct copy
and completely the same type of machine. The Professor has publicly protested
this point, but the Dark Professor still hasn't acknowledged it.

But regardless of its origin, its capabilities are undeniable. In line with the
Dark Professor's beliefs, every element of the machine has been tuned for
output, sacrificing stability for maximum power. Its pure attack power exceeds
even that of Fury.

Its body is shrouded in the aura of a dark hero, and from that body explodes
its most powerful attack: the "True Ultimate Fire Sword," with the power to
obliterate even black holes.

By the way, the Dark Professor's motto, "Powered by Darkness," is a somewhat
old-fashioned way of thinking about combat robots which emphasizes maximum
power output above all else. In contrast, the Professor's motto, "Maximize
everything!," actually results in balanced designs.

--Link: Erde Kaiser Fury, Dark Professor

(DB398)-Dark Professor

The Professor's rival, ever since their time together at the University of
Bormeo. He possesses a sharp mind that kept him neck-and-neck with the
Professor for head-of-the-class.

But after they graduated, the Dark Professor suddenly went into hiding. Upon
hearing rumors that the Professor had succeeded in completing their dream of
creating an invincible giant robot, the Dark Professor also created his own
robot, Dark Erde Kaiser, and challenged the Professor. But victory in that
contest would go to the Professor.

After the battle, the Dark Professor once again vanished, and is now biding his
time somewhere, waiting for another chance to challenge the Professor...

--Link: Professor, Universtiy of Bormeo, Dark Erde Kaiser, Erde Kaiser

(DB399)-Dark Professor's Secret Laboratory

A secret research facility on Pedea Island, Second Miltia.

A laboratory the Dark Professor built for new development of the ultimate giant
robot after his Dark Erde Kaiser was defeated by the Professor. Here, the Dark
Professor devotes day and night to research, together with his pet monkey,
Coconut Monkey.

--Link: Professor, Second Miltia, Pedea Island, Coconut Monkey, Dark Erde
Kaiser, Dark Professor, Erde Kaiser Sigma


A dog that took up residence at the fishing lab on the Kukai Foundation.

Despite being a dog, his favorite food is fish.

--Link: Kukai Foundation

(DB401)-Robot Academy

A laboratory where the scientist Haksheen White--otherwise known as the
Professor--and his assistant Scott develop and maintain Erde Kaiser.

It was originally set up on the Kukai Foundation, but the Mobile Fortress Elsa
Project resulted un it being moved onboard the Elsa.

Since the move, more and more of the space inside the Elsa is slowly being
occupied by the Robot Academy, but the crew has yet to notice.

--Link: Scott, Professor, Elsa, Erde Kaiser, Mobile Fortress Elsa Project

[B039] Story

(DB402)-History of Abraxas 01

In T.C. 4667, on the planet Abraxas in the demilitarized zone, a meeting was
held in order to improve relations between the Galaxy Federation and the
Immigrant Fleet. And there, in that place of discussion inside virtual space,
an incident occurred in which the goodwill ambassador and diplomats were

The Galaxy Federation Police 875th Special Ops Command dispatched a special
investigation unit to the planet Abraxas with Jan Sauer as its captain.

The name that came up as a suspect was Voyager. Besides that codename, nothing
about him was known at all. He was a mass-murderer who had committed one
heinous crime after another, targeting women and children.

When Jan arrived at the scene of the crime, he initiated a dive into the
virtual space and hurried to the location where the ambassador was being held.

Near where the diplomats were being held, they came under attack by
macrophages. That attack resulted in the deletion of one of Jan's comrades,
Erich Weber.

Being deleted in virtual space means death means death in the real world as

At great cost, Jan's group arrived at the diplomats' location. But what they saw
there was a group of young children performing self-deletion and ending their
own lives.

(DB403)-History of Abraxas 02

After the incident, the special investigation unit rejoiced when Erich
miraculously came back to life. But the doctor who visited them--Sharon
Rozas--declared that Erich's recovery was unthinkable under normal

Without finding even a single clue toward solving the ambassador kidnapping
incident, a new mass-murder incident occurred. The target this time was the
designer children known as Salvator's Children. The children had been
embryos in a nursing plant, genetically modified and intended to be raised for
important positions in government. Voyager was once again suspected, but the
special investigation unit was unable to confirm it.

Not long after the incident at the nursing plant, a party sponsored by the
Torres Foundation was planned to be held inside the U.M.N.. even the head of
the Immigrant Fleet, Patriarch Julius himself, was to be invited to this
large-scale party.

Wary of terrorism by Voyager, the members of the special investigation unit
stood guard. Suddenly, Irene Torres, the president of the Torres Foundation,
suffered a seizure. She spoke a series of mysterious words and then collapsed.

Certain that this incident was Voyager's work, the special investigation unit
moved to catch the perpetrator in a trap.

Jan's team caught up to the suspect, Klaus, but he killed himself before their
very eyes.

(DB404)-History of Abraxas 03

To obtain information about the incident, Jan pushed aside Sharon's objections
and performed a dive into Klaus' brain.

Gazing into Klaus' memory, Jan's group learned that Klaus had been collecting
something called endorphin programs and had been doing so in preparation for
meeting someone.

Jan once again visited Sharon's residence to hear the results of her
investigation. Sharon told him that the endorphins he had obtained had the
effect of stimulating activity in a certain part of the brain.

Sharon also told him that both the diplomats and those who had provided DNA to
the nursing plant had been pure-blooded Abraxas natives.
The people of Abraxas, and all descendants of the Immigrant Fleet, are born
with that part of their brain developed.

Sharon, too, had the blood of the Immigrant Fleet in her veins. She told Jan
that the citizens of Abraxas had once been called the People of Zohar.

(DB405)-History of Abraxas 04

At the end of numerous difficult battles, the special investigation unit
finally discovered Voyager's identity. However, the person they found was not
the hideous monster they had expected, but someone they had never even

Voyager said that he had the power of the Zohar, and that to fulfill his
contract with U-DO he must gather large amounts of endorphins.

Jan was certain from Voyager's words that his next target was the Pilgrimage
Meeting, where large numbers of Abraxas citizens would gather.

Sharon and Joaquin, too, were participating at the cathedral where the
Pilgrimage Meeting was taking place.

The Zohar began to glow, as if responding to the prayers of the participants.
The space around it turned to crystal, and the participants disappeared, one
after another.

Voyager and Jan faced off before the awakening Zohar.

To fulfill his contract with U-DO, Voyager ended the lives of his final
targets--Sharon and Joaquin.

For the first time, Jan saw Voyager's crime with his own eyes. The bodies of
Sharon and Joaquin lay before him. His world overcome with despair, his fight
with Voyager entered its final stage.

But Jan stood no chance against Voyager the Testament. As his only method of
resisting Voyager's will, Jan ended his own life.

(DB406)-EPISODE I Summary 01

20XX A.D.
A mysterious plate-like object was found at an archaeological dig around Lake
Turkana, located in northern Kenya. The object, named Zohar, was responsible
for the disappearance of Lost Jerusalem, forcing mankind to escape into outer

4000 years later - T.C.4767

The 117th Marine Division of the Galaxy Federation Army, with the space cruiser
Woglinde as its flagship, was on a mission to investigate the disappearance of
planet Ariadne.

The anti-Gnosis android KOS-MOS was developed on the Woglinde in case of an
attack by the mysterious enemy Gnosis. Shion Uzuki, the chief of Vector's First
R&D Division, and development members were also on board for KOS-MOS's startup

KOS-MOS's startup experiment was conducted repeatedly while the fleet continued
their investigation, but the experiments were not going smoothly, and the unit
was not ready for combat.

Though frustrated with the failed experiments, Shion also felt resistance to
KOS-MOS, left to her by her dead lover Kevin, waking up as a weapon.

Assistant Chief Allen Ridgeley, who is in love with Shion, could only watch her

While investigating the area where the disappearance occurred, the Woglinde
found an object thought to be the Zohar and stored it.

Finished with the investigation, the fleet left the area.

With the mission safely accomplished, the crew breathed a sigh of relief.

Shion was attacked by the Gnosis that had infiltrated the ship. As she lost
consciousness she saw an image of a mysterious girl that called herself

Shion was helpless and knew she would die, but KOS-MOS self activated and saved

She rendezvoused with Allen and Virgil after being saved by KOS-MOS and
attempted to escape from the Woglinde.

KOS-MOS defeated numerous Gnosis that attacked them, but during the battle
KOS-MOS shot and killed Captain Virgil along with the Gnosis in order to save

KOS-MOS felt no remorse for killing Virgil and told Shion, who was appalled at
her actions, that she is a weapon.

Shion was unable to accept what KOS-MOS declared and escaped from the Woglinde
with Allen in the escape pod.

(DB407)-EPISODE I Summary 02

Shion was rescued by a space cargo vessel, the Elsa, and met a boy named chaos,
who possessed strange powers.

In front of Shion, chaos disintegrated a Gnosis just by touching it. She was
surprised by his power while chaos silently smiled at her.

The captain of the ship, Matthews, accepted KOS-MOS's high-handed request and
headed for Second Miltia with Shion and Allen.

Meanwhile, the cyborg Ziggy was on a lone mission on the asteroid Pleroma by
the request of the Galaxy Federation's Contact Subcommittee to retrieve the
kidnapped 100-Series Prototype Realian MOMO from the U-TIC Organization.

MOMO was targeted by the U-TIC commander Margulis due to the secret document
known as the Y-Data that was imbedded into her subconscious domain by Joachim

Ziggy was able to safely rescue her and escape Pleroma with a small vessel, but
was pursued.

While on their way to Second Miltia, the Elsa detected Zggy and MOMO, who were
under attack. They destroyed the U-TIC Organization's Auto-Tech and saved them.

After conferring with Juli Mizraki, Ziggy and MOMO stayed on board the Elsa to
go to Second Miltia.

Later, the elsa rendezvoused with the heavily armed ship, the Durandal, that
was investigating the U-TIC Organization. Shion and the others met a boy named
Jr., who was a member of the board of directors of the special foundation known
as the Kukai Foundation.

Jr., with ties to the Second Miltia government, understood the situation
surrounding MOMO and invited them to stay at the Kukai Foundation.

They get a little respite at the colony owned by the Kukai Foundation courtesy
of the representative director, Gaignun Kukai.

Margulis, who had been watching them, created a trap for the Foundation in
order to obtain the Y-Data that lay dormant in MOMO.

By Margulis's scheme,the Foundation was surrounded by a Federation fleet on
grounds of treason against the Federation. They were arrested and detained by
the army, but they proved their innocence with the battle data recorded on

(DB408)-EPISODE I Summary 03

They were safely released from the army, but Margulis had already ordered
possession of MOMO.

The man in charge, Albedo Piazzolla, was a URTV, a bio-weapon created during
the Miltian Conflict fifteen years ago, and a man obsessed with Jr., another
URTV like him.

Albedo accepted Margulis's request and powered the Song of Nephilim, an
invention of madness by Joachim Mizrahi, in Miltian space.

Second Miltia and the Kukai Foundation were in danger from the swarm of Gnosis
that appeared in Miltian space from the Song.

MOMO was kidnapped by Albedo and taken to the Song of Nephilim when she stayed
behind to treat the injured.

Jr. was enraged when he found out that MOMO had been taken. Shion used
KOS-MOS's phase transfer cannon to force the Song of Nephilim to appear in real

They successfully entered it and saved MOMO while cornering Albedo. However,
Albedo managed to escape when a mysterious cloaked individual known as
Testament suddenly appeared before them.

Albedo had gone mad and brought the massive factory, Proto Merkabah, into
existence using the Y-Data fragments he acquired from MOMO.

(DB409)-EPISODE I Summary 04

Albedo tried to destroy Second Miltia with Proto Merkabah, which was powerful
enough to take on the Gnosis.

Shion and the others attempted to destroy Proto Merkabah from the inside to
stop its attack. They successfully destroyed the main reactor at its center,
which had fused with a Gnosis, but after losing its power source, Proto
Merkabah started to slowly fall to Second Miltia.

Albedo laughed at Jr. and left.

KOS-MOS attempted to dismantle Proto Merkabah from the inside to stop it from
devastating Second Miltia. She was successfully able to dismantle it, and Proto
Merkabah disintegrated into numerous fragments.

However, unable to get out of Second Miltia's gravitational field, the Elsa
started to fall out of control as well.

The Elsa was engulfed in the high temperature of the atmospheric plasma.

In order to save the Elsa, KOS-MOS exited the vessel to deploy her protective
shield around the ship. Shion tried to stop her, but communication with her was
cut off.

Although her body was burned by the frictional heat, KOS-MOS deployed the

As if responding to her powers, chaos' fists started to glow. The two powers
surrounded the Elsa as white wings.

The Elsa emerged in the sunrise, and from the bridge, Shion saw KOS-MOS
standing on the ship.

(DB410)-Episode II Summary 01

T.C. 4753. The Conflict that had broken out on Milia had already spread its
flames of war across the entire planet. To destroy the source of the
conflict--the U-TIC Organization--and to capture the Organization's founder,
Joachim Mizrahi, the Galaxy Federation executed its Third Descent operation
against the U-TIC headquarters of Labyrinthos.

Also sent in to neutralize the Zohar Control System was the Federation's trump
card, the URTVs - a special forces unit.

Lieutenant General Helmer of the Galaxy Federation Special Operation Forces
felt there was a danger in allowing contact between the URTV bio-weapons and
the Zohar control device. He independently put into action asecret plan to
protect the URTVs.

With the cooperation of Vector's CEO, Wilhelm, Helmer sent in a new model
mobile weapon, the E.S. Asher, and entrusted its two pilots, chaos and Canaan,
with the task of reaching Labyrinthos.

The E.S. Asher made it through the fighting and descended to the city streets,
but at that same time the U-TIC Organization, pushed to desperation, activated
the Song of Nephilim.

The Song sent the streets of Miltia into complete pandemonium. Canaan and chaos
found themselves under overwhelming attack from Realians and Federation
soldiers that had lost their minds. A single Federation A.M.W.S. came to their
rescue. Its pilot was none other than Shion Uzuki's older brother, Captain Jin
Uzuki of the Special Operations Military Intelligence Unit.

Via a certain method, Jin had obtained information regarding the Miltian
conflict and had been heading for Labyrinthos in order to analyze it. Learning
that his objective was the same as Canaan and chaos', they traveled together to
the Labyrinthos main terminal.

Commander Margulis of the U-TIC Organization appeared before them. To settle
the matters of the past that bound them deeply together, Jin and Margulis
crossed swords.

Jin barely managed to fight off Margulis, but was badly wounded himself.
Judging that he could not continue his mission, he entrusted the data he had
obtained into Canaan's memory and bid them farewell.

(DB411)-EPISODE II Summary 02

Later, the berserk Zohar brought about a space-time anomaly that pulled Miltia
into the Abyss.

Miltia was lost. Flashing forward 15 years from that event brings us to the

T.C. 4767. After stopping the fall of Proto Merkabah, the Elsa landed safely on
Second Miltia. Shion, Jr., and the others temporarily split up to attend to
their respective tasks.

Shion headed to Vector's Second R&D Division to turn over KOS-MOS. Jr. and the
others headed for the U.M.N. Control Center to analyze the Y-Data that slept
within MOMO.

Finally free from their previous danger, Jr. and the others relaxed. But the
mobile weapon team led by Pellegri attacked MOMO once more. To protect MOMO,
the group ran into the city, but the enemy forces attacked them without
hesitation and their escape routes were cut off one-by-one. They were saved
from their predicament by Canaan in the E.S. Asher.

Meanwhile, Shion finished handing over KOS-MOS and was reunited with her
brother in the city. Shion felt a mix of emotions upon unexpectedly seeing her
brother again, and was unable to be honest about her feelings. The events of
the Miltian Conflict 15 years earlier had built a wall between them.

The next day, with the cooperation of the Durandal crew, the analysis of the
Y-Data began. As the representative of the Contact Subcommittee, Juli arrived
at the Control Center in order to be present at MOMO's analysis procedure.

MOMO rejoiced at seeing Juli again, but Juli held a complex mix of emotions
regarding MOMO, who had been constructed in the image of her late daughter.
Juli welcomed the arrival of Jr.'s group, but she was unable to hide her
troubled feelings toward MOMO, the Realian girl who viewed Juli as her mother.

The analysis procedure was expected to go smoothly, but a trap set by Albedo
was triggered, and the Y-Data began to leak out.

Juli and the others tried to prevent the exposure of the data, but their
desperate efforts proved futile, and the Y-Data continued to leak out.
Observing the situation from the depths of her own consciousness, MOMO
shattered her own mind to sever the external link, stop the data flow, and
protect Juli and Joachim's legacy. But her action had a great cost, and all of
MOMO's functions shut down.

Juli's desperate treatment barely managed to prevent MOMO's complete shutdown,
but her mind had been shattered, and her consciousness would not return.

(DB412)-EPISODE II Summary 03

Shion and Allen were at the Second R&D Division when they received a message
from Jr. telling them MOMO's dire situation. They hurried to the Control

Shion joined up with Jr. and the others, and together they attempted a dive
into MOMO's subconscious domain to recover her mind. The world into which they
dove turned out to be memories of Sakura, the daughter of Joachim and Juli
after whom MOMO had been modeled.

In the world of MOMO's subconscious domain, Jr. re-experienced his memories of
when he had been part of the URTV forces. His first meeting with Sakura, the
days of training with Albedo and Nigredo...a flood of memories drove Jr.'s
heart into greater and greater disarray.

Finally, Albedo appeared before Jr. and tormented him over his betrayal of his
comrades. Jr. exploded with anger towards Albedo for hurting MOMO and was
unable to control his Red Dragon power.

Seeing the two brothers, Jr. and Albedo, fighting each other--their own flesh
and blood--MOMO began to resonate with Sakura's consciousness, which had been
sleeping within MOMO's subconscious domain, and finally awoke. But the, in
fact, had been Albedo's true objective.

With the awakening of MOMO's consciousness, the Y-Data leaked out and Albedo
finally obtained what he had sought for so long. With the Y-Data in hand,
Albedo restored the passage to Old Miltia, unlocking the sealed away planet to
accomplish his personal objective.

(DB413)-EPISODE II Summary 04

Upon learning of the disturbance in Miltian space and the restoration of Old
Miltia, the Immigrant Fleet, as well as the Galaxy Federation Government began
invasion operations to recover the Original Zohar that lay on Miltia.

Miltian space was in disarray, filled with a multitude of hopes and ambitions.
To quell the chaos, Second Miltian Government Representative Helmer
commissioned the Kukai Foundation to guard the Zohar.

Jr. and the others accepted Helmar's request and, together with Jin and Canaan,
put into action a plan to reach Old Miltia in the Elsa.

Meanwhile, with the declaration of a stat of emergency in Miltian space, Shion
was called back to Vector's headquarters, the Dämmerung. Nephilim appeared
before her once again. To fulfill her promise to Febronia, Shion stole the
spacecraft Dinah from the Dämmerung's hangar and headed for Miltia with Allen.

On their way to Miltia, Shion and Allen were suddenly attacked by unidentified
mobile weapons and found themselves in a hopeless situation against their
overwhelming power.

To save Shion, KOS-MOS once again started up under her own will. With the power
of KOS-MOS and the Dinah, Shion and Allen escaped their predicament and met up
with the Elsa on its mission. The two groups joined forces.

After landing on Miltia, the party fought off the U-TIC Organization's
persistent attack and headed straight for Labyrinthos. When they arrived at its
core, they saw the Original Zohar before them, as well as U-DO, its control
system--with Febronia's sisters attached inside.

The twisted forms of Cecily and Cathe were being kept alive as a mere part of
the system. Shion reacted with shock at the sight.

The leader of the Immigrant Fleet, Patriarch Sergius, appeared before them and
declared that all of this was for the sake of Ormus' rule. He then used the
system to activate the Zohar.

There was no way to stop the Zohar besides destroying the system. But that
meant the death of Febronia's sisters. As Shion was overwhelmed with despair,
the image of Febronia once again spoke gently to her.

Shion understood Febronia's words and ordered KOS-MOS to destroy the system to
free Febronia's sisters from their curse. But even destroying the system did
not stop the Zohar, and the Patriarch brought about the revival of the Proto

(DB414)-EPISODE II Summary 05

The Omega system appeared, destroying Miltia. The Galaxy Federation fleet was
wiped out, completely helpless against Omega's overwhelming destructive power.

To destroy this giant system, Shion and the others penetrated the Omega using
the Elsa.

The party faced off against the Patriarch in the center of Omega. Then, Albedo
appeared before them. Albedo tried to take the Zohar from the Patriarch, but he
was defeated by Proto Omega's overwhelming power and faded away into

Jr. was filled with rage at seeing his other half killed before his eyes, but,
faced with the fearsome power that the Patriarch had obtained, could do nothing
but watch.

The Patriarch laughed at them, calling them nothing more than insects, and
moved to destroy Second Miltia to demonstrate his god-like power.

Suddenly, however, Proto Omega shut down. The Testaments appeared before the
bewildered Patriarch.

To retrieve the Zohar from the Patriarch, the Testaments destroyed him along
with Proto Omega. Shion's group was confused as to the Testaments' intent.

The Testaments ignored the party completely and revived Albedo, allowing him to
finally fulfill his wish of contacting U-DO.

The space-time anomaly brought about by the contact of Albedo and U-DO
swallowed up Miltian space and began to slowly spread out through the cosmos.

To settle things with Albedo, Jr. set out alone into the space-time anomaly.
The sad conflict between brothers was resolved with the destruction of Albedo.

The Kirschwassers gently nestled up to Albedo's lingering consciousness as it
gradually dissipated. With his cherished desire fulfilled, Albedo faded away in
satisfaction. Though it had only been for a brief moment, Jr. had been able to
touch his heart. He quietly looked on as Albedo, his other half, passed on.

The space-time anomaly receded. The Original Zohar that drifted  at its center
was swallowed by a giant Gnosis--Abel's Ark--and was once again lost.

In his office onboard the Dämmerung, Wilhelm watched over the events.

chaos quietly but firmly made his intentions clear to wilhelm. Hearing his
words, Wilhelm merely smiled.

(DB415)-End of EPISODE II to the present

T.C. 4767. Half a year since the destruction of the planet Miltia was brought
bout by the Ormus Patriarch, Sergius.

The Gnosis phenomenon, occurring in the star systems throughout the Galaxy
Federation, was accelerating its rate of expansion, and more than 30% of all
solar systems had suffered devastating damage. The Galaxy Federation government
and autonomous states viewed the situation as critical and made advancement of
the grand anti-Gnosis Zohar Project their highest priority. The Contact
Subcommittee, too, were frantically dealing with the situation. It was at this
time that an incident occurred in which planets' major cities were attacked by

Localized Gnosis phenomena had been observed numerous times before this point,
but this incident differed in a significant way. The damage was always centered
around a specific urban area, almost as if an intelligent factor were at work.
These events would later come to be called Gnosis terrorism.

Juli Mizrahi of the Contact Subcommittee commissioned the Kukai Foundation to
investigate. The mission would be undertaken by Jr., Jin, and company.

Jin visitd the site of an attack, where he encountered a girl calling herself
Nephilim. Shortly thereafter, their path was blocked by Doctus, an agent of the
mysterious Scientia organization.

Believing the girl to be involved in the incident in some way, Jin drove off
Doctus and turned over the girl to the custody of the Subcommittee.

The Contact Subcommittee's examination revealed that the girl was a special
type of Realian. In addition, they detected in her brainwaves the same wave
pattern data as that given of by Lemegeton. It was a program created to analyze
the Zohar during the era when Lost Jerusalem existed.

That program, however, had fragmented during the Miltian Conflict. It was
scattered through the U.M.N. in the form of Lemegeton Fragments.

As Jin's group continued their investigation of the girl and Lemegeton, they
discovered that he series of attacks was being caused by a man named Grimoire.

But the Gnosis under Grimoire's control attacked the Contact Subcommittee lab
where the girl was being protected.

Juli and the girl were trapped in the occupied lab. Juli sent a message to
Shion Uzuki, Chief of Vector's First R&D Division, requesting rescue. Shion
accepted Juli's request and, together with KOS-MOS, stormed the lab.

Shion's group succeeded in suppressing the Gnosis rescuing Juli, but the girl
was captured by Grimoire.

Working together with Doctus, who had been searching for Grimoire, Jin and
Shion finally discovered Grimoire's location. But Shion learned there that the
U.M.N., Vector, and her own father had been involved in the incident.

To uncover Grimoire's true nature and to rescue the captured girl, Shon
resolved to break into a region of the U.M.N. that was under special Vector

With the help of Scientia, Jin's group, and the girl herself, the incident
finally drew to a close.

But learning of Vecor and her father's involvement in the incident weighed
heavily on Shion's heart. Unable to endure her emotions any longer, she finally
left Vector.

(DB416)-Suou Uzuki's PDA

Observations on Combat Realians

Combat Realians: they're the same model of combat Realians used by the Galaxy
Federation military, but they've been modified for U-TIC Organization use,
increasing their resistance to heat, electricity, and flammability, allowing
them to fight under more extreme conditions. In addition, their increased
endurance means they can carry more powerful armaments.
U-TIC equips its Realians with specialized Realian weapons, notably ones with
high output and high electromagnetic force. To deal with them, we will likely
need equipment with stronger heat and electricity resistance.

27-Series Asura: at the present time, there are no known weaknesses in the
27-Series Asura. Their capabilities far exceed those of other combat Realians
in every respect. Their combat pattern is set so that they first render the
target immobile (Break status) and then confirm the target's complete
destruction. This set way of thinking can be called their only weakness, and if
they can be immobilized (forced into Break status) first, it may be possible to
destroy them. But their minds are not simple and getting the better of them is
not likely to be easy.

(DB417)-Federal Report 01

T.C. 4753 The Federation's first descent operation has started. The objective
is to control the U-TIC Organization. Due to another mission, I was unable to
join the descent. My real objective is to acquire Professor Mizrahi's research
document, the Y-Data. My mission will commence as the descent operation
progresses. The day I and the Federation acquire the Y-Data will be the day the
U-TIC Organization leaves Miltia. However, it will be difficult to approach
Professor Mizrahi.

Any carelessness on my part may result in sabotaging my father's function at
Labyrinthos. It is probably best to gather information at a city in Miltia.

(DB418)-Federal Report 02

The attitude towards the Galaxy Federation in Mitlia seems to be warped due to
the propaganda widely distributed by the U-TIC Organization. There is a large
shadow looming, but citizens seem to be hiding from it. The descent operation
is divided into three phases so that it does not incite disorder among the
residents of the theocratic Government of Miltia, but continuation of the
operation may result in completely alienating the Galaxy Federation from the
population, causing the citizens to view us as their enemy.

However, there are also some among the population who feel animosity towards
the violent acts by the U-TIC Organization. The elderly gentleman that I spoke
to in the city described himself as a true Miltian.
He is probably a descendant of the Immigrant Fleet. Whether one is from the
Immigrant Fleet or part of the Galaxy Federation, there is no difference in the
voice wanting peace.

The day of the Second Descent Operation is fast approaching.

(DB419)-Federal Report 03

It has become apparent that there are largely two groups among the citizens of
the Theocratic Government of Miltia and those affiliated with the U-TIC
Organization: those who support and those who have doubts. I describe them as
"those who have doubts," because although they may question the action of the
organization, the citizens are not allowed to do anything more. At first glance
Miltia may seem like a democracy, but the planet is completely controlled by
the U-TIC Organization. Since current law stipulates the rejection of a fascist
regime as a condition to enter the Galaxy Federation, it can be said that the
Theocratic Government of Miltia is no longer part of the Galaxy Federation.

I just hope that we will be able to give some hope to the people on this planet
with the descent operation that we are currently planning.

(DB420)-Federal Report 04

Second descent operation has begun. Miltia is now completely a war zone. The
Federation has successfully laid down the ground work for the third descent
operation. However, there are several points of which I a not convinced. The
number of troops deployed is far below what is necessary. Dmitri Yuriev's
influence can be seen in the execution of this operation. He is planning on
deploying a new weapon for the next operation, but how effective they would be
is yet to be seen. There have also been rumors that the U-TIC Organization is
preparing a new weapon for the next operation as well.

It is a mobile weapon craft utilizing the same Vessel of Anima that Lieutenant
General Helmer is secretly preparing for the Federation. Both the U-TIC
Organization and the Federation will be deploying weapons utilizing the same
architecture. It is highly doubtful that this is a coincidence. I would not be
surprised if there is another force that is secretly playing a part in the
current situation.

(DB421)-Federal Report 05

I was able to acquire an ID for the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility. The plan
is to gather intel necessary to acquire the Y-Data. According to those within
the facility, Professor Mizrahi's research regarding U-DO is in its final
Professor Mizrahi is apparently mass-producing Realians with special
enhancements that allows them to function as an inter-connector between humans
and U-DO at Proto Merkabah. As for the human test subjects, it seems they are
having problems locating suitable subjects.

The U-TIC Organization is also putting massive efforts into locating human
beings that have an affinity with Realians that are able to link with U-DO. My
mother, Aoi Uzuki, was taken in by this facility  as a suitable subject. I do
not want my sister to know the truth. This must be very hard on my father. I
will refuse to contemplate this since it may interfere with my current mission.
First, I must locate where the Y-Data is stored.

(DB422)-Federal Report 06

There is a person of interest within the staff of Labyrinthos. His name is
Kevin Winnicot and he seems to be Professor Mizrahi's assistant, but his
research subject, "Basic theory of a strategically multiple operations
system that obeys the rules of order," is rather questionable.
It seems to be an operation system for an anti-Gnosis weapon, but the Gnosis
phenomenon has only been observed locally, and there are still many unknown
factors. Why is there a need to perform a large-scale research on anti-Gnosis
weapons at this facility?
Why are they performing the research on U-DO at another facility?

According to Realians re-calibrated at Proto Merkabah, a new model of Realian,
aside from the current re-calibrations, is being developed there. This new
model of Realians, known as the 100-Series, is said to come equipped with a
function known as the Hilbert Effect. According to leaked information, this
Hilbert Effect is used to wipe out the Gnosis.

I don't know what is exactly going on in Miltia.

(DB423)-Federal Report 07

I have descended on Miltia again under Lieutenant General Helmer's orders. I
was notified that the Federation's trump card was a bio-weapon only after they,
the URTVs, were sent down on the planet.
The U-TIC Organization seemed to have been using the Zohar as a generator for
their mobile weapon craft. The URTVs were sent in order to disconnect that
life-line because they are the antithesis of the U-DO system.

what bothers me is the term "Song," that I heard in Labyrinthos. It seems to be
some type of a code, but I am unable to even guess what it is. With Realians,
URTVs, Gnosis, U-DO, Zohar. and humans all converging on the planet with their
own agenda, it is doubtful that planet Miltia will be able to avoid heavy

(DB424)-Federal Report 08

Apparently the U-TIC Organization was successful in developing their new mobile
weapon craft. According to troops that have already landed, it has surpassed
the A.M.W.S. on all levels. The question is who is going to pilot such a craft.
It is doubtful that even I would be able to control such a craft. The identity
of this pilot bothers me.

I was unable to acquire the Y-Data, but this data that was given to me by my
father...This would not be easy. It is probably time for me to fight that man

(DB425)-Miltian Conflict Report

[Before the Outbreak of the Miltian Conflict]
The Miltian solar system was one unified nation governed by the Miltian
republic. It was comprised of the capital planet, Miltia (the fifth planet in
the system), and an artificial city orbiting the system's companion star
(Miltia is a binary star system).

The Miltia system itself belongs to the 4th Finger of the 18th Galactic Tantus
Arm. Within the same arm, 10 parsecs (about 33 light years) away, was a system
with a habitable planet that had just been terraformed. Immigration from the
Miltia system to this new world was underway, and it later came to be knwon as
Second Miltia.

Approximately 80 percent of the population of the Miltian Republic was composed
of Immigrant Fleet descendants. Before it became a republic and a member of the
Federation, the nation was an autonomous government. Upon joining the Galaxy
Federation, a Federation-assigned parliament member took office as head of the
Miltian government. But this situation, in which the planet was effectively
under Federation control, led to discontent among the citizenry. This
contributed to the difficulty of disbanding the former government and the
military of the autonomous government (this military would later become the
U-TIC Organization's main force).

After the destruction of planet Michtam, the Zohar research facilities were
moved to Miltia, due to the existence of numerous facilities left on Miltia
from early Immigrant Fleet visits. A senior researcher on the project at the
time, Joachim Mizrahi, resided on Abraxas (Federation name: Michtam). Being of
the People of Zohar himself, he established the U-TIC Organization in secret
from the Federation government with the aid of the former government (Ormus),
and proceeded with connection experiments involving the Zohar and its control
system, U-DO (it is said parliamentary manipulation by then-chairman Wilhelm
was behind the Federation overlooking the development of U-TIC). The Song of
Nephilim was born as a byproduct of that research.

After that, Mizrahi and newly-assigned U-TIC research staff member, Juli
Niwashiro, produced a child, Sakura. Due partly to Sakura's unusual illness,
their married life did not last long. After they separated, Mizrahi devoted
himself to Realian research in an effort to cure his daughter Sakura, who was
living with Juli. There are signs that he actually used the former government
to support this project.

[Outbreak of the Miltian Conflict]
An experiment at the Yuriev Institute resulted in the death of Joachim
Mizrahi's daughter. Yuriev informed Joachim of this matter personally.
Mizrahi's reasearch objective now changed from treating Sakura to reviving
her--the creation of a new Sakura.

Burying himself in even more extreme research, Joachim retreated underground,
and, under the wing of the former government (Ormus), proceeded with the Zohar
and Song connection experiments. With the achievement of a certain degree of
success from the Zohar research (temporary activation via emulator unit and the
completion of Proto Omega), the former government military, under the name of
the U-TIC Organization, organized a coup d'état in support of Mizrahi.

It is said that behind Mizrahi's support lay not merely his position as a Zohar
researcher, but his high status on Abraxas--in other words, his status inside
of Ormus.

For some time, the Federation government had viewed the monopolization of the
Zohar by the former government faction as dangerous and had been conducting
their own internal investigation. They requested that the coup d'ètat
government turn over Joachim to the Federation. At this same time, the
Federation Special Operations force, under the command of Commander Helmer, was
stationed on the planet Zavarov. It was there that Helmer became acquainted
with Dmitri and Juli.

In addition, within that same force was the intelligence bureau's special
missions unit,formerly headed by Colonel Margulis. Captain Jin Uzuki had once
been assigned to it, as well (at this point in time, Margulis and Pellegri had
already disappeared from the military).

Eventually, due to the Miltian Republic's refusal to turn over Joachim, the
Galaxy Fedration declared war. The Special Operations force, together with the
Marine Corps' land operations division, began descent operations on the planet
Miltia. Contact was lost with the first and second descent operation forces,
and the were presumed eliminated (by the outbreak of Realian violence and the
mobile weapon force containing Proto Omega as well as the Zohar defense
system). Lieutenant Virgil was one of the soldiers who participated in this
second descent operation.

Additionally, one of the causes of the descent operation failures is thought to
have been that units which had been under Colonel Margulis's influence were in
communication with the Republic government (Ormus). The leaking of Ormus
secrets by Suou Uzuki also took place during this time.

Several weeks after the second descent operation, the third operation began,
and the U.R.T.V. soldiers began their infiltration.

The operation ended with the activation of the Zohar, the appearance of the
Gnosis, and the sealing away of the region of space around the planet Miltia.

At this time, at Juli's suggestion, Proto Merkabah was sealed into the depths
of the abyss--but that is merely what the records show. The truth would be
hidden by Ormus-affiliated Parliament members and members of the military.

[After the Miltian Conflict]
With the destruction of Miltia, the U-TIC Organization effectively perished.
To Ormus, that meant nothing more than that they had lost one of their
scapegoats; however, due to a need to continue manipulating the Federation
government, U-TIC was not entirely erased. It was reformed by Margulis and went
into a long period of dormancy.

The citizens who evacuated the planet Miltia emigrated to Second Miltia, and in
place of the defeated Miltian Republic was born the Miltian Autonomous State.
Lieutenant General Helmer of the Federation military became Miltia's
parliamentary representative, and with that, Helmer retired from Military

Dmitri had died during the Miltian Conflict, but the post-war proceedings were
largely directed by the Salvator faction, and the Kukai Foundation was
established as an enforcement organization. While feeling a need to defend
against Ormus, Helmer nevertheless wanted to keep his distance from the
Salvator and kept his link to Gaignun Kukai a secret.

Learning from the failures of the Republic, Ormus assigned all of their illegal
activities to the U-TIC Organization and concentrated on legal activities
(manipulating the Parliament), centered around Sergius.

[B03X] Tutorial

(DB426)-Save Points [Quest]

(DB427)-Destroying Objects [Quest]

(DB428)-Segments [Quest]



(DB431)-Skill Line [Menu]

(DB432)-Character Battle Commands [Character Battle]

(DB433)-Character Parameters [Character Battle]

(DB434)-Boost [Character Battle]

(DB435)-Character Special Moves [Character Battle]

(DB436)-Break [Character Battle]

(DB437)-Target Control [Character Battle]

(DB438)-Character Characteristics [Character Battle]

(DB439)-Character Types [Character Battle]

(DB440)-E.S. Battle Commands [E.S. Battle]

(DB441)-E.S. Parameters [E.S. Battle]

(DB442)-E.S. Attack Methods [E.S. Battle]

(DB443)-Enemy Count [E.S. Battle]

(DB444)-Anima [E.S. Battle]

(DB445)-E.S. Special Moves [E.S. Battle]

(DB446)-Chains [E.S. Battle]

(DB447)-Team Combos [E.S. Battle]

(DB448)-Enemy Classes and Characteristics [Common]

(DB449)-Elements and Types of Attack [Common]

(DB450)-Status Enhancements [Common]

(DB451)-Status Ailments [Common]

(DB452)-Finish Strike [Common]

(DB453)-Back Attack [Common]

(B040) Changes made to the original Database

Doing this transcript I found some errors in a few entries, which I attemted to
correct to the best of my knowledge. Some of this was only possible through the
kind help of richard_99_uk who checked and translated it from the japanese
edition of the game for me.
I'll list all of those, except for the very few spelling errors I found, here:


I deleted a paragraph reading: "The name "T-elos" is derived from the ancient
Greek word for the ultimate state of being or limitless power." from the end of
the entry, because it already appears in the middle of it.

(DB191)-[Isolated Research Facility]

The second paragraph reads: "Research was conducted in this facility by not
only Ormus resea..." in the US version, the rest of the paragraph is illegible.
The paragraph was completed in cross-reference with the JAP version.

(DB235)-[Planet Tessedora]

The diameter given is 12,500 meters, this was changed to kilometers after
checking in the JAP version.


The 1st sentence of the third paragraph reads: "Part of the recorded data
includes U.M.N. transport code for Old Miltia, closed off 15 years ago, is
recorded inside the data." in the US Database. I changed this to: "Part of the
recorded data includes the U.M.N. transport code for Old Miltia, closed off 15
years ago."

(B050) Passages replaced throughout the game

---Those will be added at a later time.---

(C001) Special Thanks & Credits

The Database side quest section was created and written down by SqueekingOut
(Diana M. Koivunen), the Database entries chapter has was transcribed,
corrected and re-formatted by DaGrimOne(Nicki Holighaus).

Our thanks go out to:

Everyone at Monolith Software for creating one of the greatest series of gaming
history. And completing it despite bad sales.

Namco Bandai for publishing Xenosaga and bringing it to the US, making it
available for all the people unable to understand japanese.

SqueekingOut(Diana M. Koivunen) thanks:

Nicki for suggesting we work together. We came at this problem from two
different angles and met in the middle, it was really great.

The GameStop employee who suggested Xenosaga to me in February when I was
looking for games to play on the PS2 I'd bought to replace my aging DreamCast.
I never caught his name, but this would have never happened without his

My friends for putting up with me this year while I raved about this great
series I'd discovered. Now, if I could just get them to play console
based RPGs, they might understand what I was raving about.

DaGrimOne(Nicki Holighaus) thanks:

Joanna for just being who she is, without you I wouldn't be who I am. And for
her encouraging words. (What the hell do you do this for! You only do it
because you'd be bored otherwise!)

Diana for being a great partner to work with, it was fun, really!

richard_99_uk(Richard Hughes) for helping with the mistakes I found, looking
them up in and translating them from the japanese version. You were a great

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