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Game Script by tamashii

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/29/06



Also Sprach Zarathustra

Memory Code Event Viewer/ Script FAQ

(by Christiana Bakarich aka tamashii)

                     T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S

01 ) Table of Contents      | KAP010 | Sections of this guide.
02 ) Legal Information      | KAP020 | Copyright protection/legal info.
03 ) Latest Updates         | KAP030 | What was added in the last update.
04 ) Introduction           | KAP040 | A bit about myself and this guide.
05 ) Searching this Guide   | KAP050 | How to use the search function.
06 ) Event List             | KAP060 | Complete list of scenes and reference #s
07 ) Scene Script           | KAP070 | The dialogue transcription of cutscenes.
08 ) TSSF Summaries         | KAP080 | The Story So Far game summaries.
09 ) Past Revisions         | KAP090 | History of this guide.
10 ) Credits                | KAP100 | All who contributed... Thank you!
11 ) Contact Information    | KAP110 | How to reach me.

                       L E G A L     I N F O R M A T I O N

This document is copyrighted to me, Christiana Bakarich. It is intended for 
private use only. It cannot be used in any form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or
form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, and it can't be given
away with the game. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional
purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in
direct violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective

If you are a webmaster of a site that wishes to post this document, you may
do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If
permission is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document,
and you must leave it in txt format. Under NO circumstances will this guide be
permitted to be hosted at www.CheatCC.com.

As of September, 2006, only the following site(s) may host this guide:


                         L A T E S T     U P D A T E S

Version 1.0 (Friday, September 29, 2006)
  - Basic event dialogue completed.
  - Guide submitted to GameFAQs.

                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

Sad to say, this is the final episode, huh? Wow. Disappointing as that may be,
you can't say Xenosaga isn't going out with a tremendous bang. I'm truly
excited to be working on this script. But instead of boring you with a long
tirade about how much I adore Xenosaga and how underappreciated this series is,
I'll get right to the point of how this works.

Dialogue and action descriptions in this guide will be as complete as possible,
and I will try my best to make them unbiased. That means that if there is a
character, line, or event that I don't like, I won't skip over it or cheese out
on that part, all right? Completion is my goal, here. It is sometimes difficult
to portray the emotions of the characters adequately... but I've tried to do my
best. Please, feel free to contact me if you think I've interpreted something
incorrectly and we can work together on making it as accurate as possible.

I've formatted this guide in a way that I hope is organized, and I've tried to
make it easy on the eyes. After all, if it isn't easy to read through, there
isn't much point in me putting it up, is there? Again, feedback is always nice.
Let me know if you think the formatting is stupid. :)

As I'm technically only half-way completed with this guide - at the moment, I
only have the spoken words up and not yet the actions to let you know what is
happening as everything is being said, so bear with me. I would like to be
certain that the dialogue is correct, and I'm still deciding in a few cases
whether to go by the voiced words or the text, and if I should correct the
errors in the text that is displayed during scenes. Input here would also be
appreciated. In the next update, hopefully I will have this all sorted out, and
I'll also be noting which scenes are viewable with Swimsuit Mode and how that

That said, it must be stated (and emphasized) that this guide is *NOT* SPOILER


Anyway, if you do not mind the plot being spoiled for you or you've already
played the game, then sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy the finale to this
epic series. I know I did. This will be a game I'm replaying years from now, I
can already tell.

So, here we go!

                  S E A R C H I N G     T H I S     G U I D E

If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then
press the F button. This will bring up the 'Find and Replace' box. In it, type
the word or name you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately.
This is much faster than scrolling through the entire guide.

The scenes have been separated as they are in the Memory Code viewer of the
Data section at the main menu of the game. Each scene has its own quick lookup
code, as does each chapter and subchapter if you're just looking for a general
section. I would advise that you don't look too far ahead in the event list,
though, if you have not already unlocked those scenes through the game, as the
title of the scene is, in most cases, a spoiler.

                             E V E N T     L I S T

The "/" symbol at the end of a line indicates a section that has dialogue
finished, and ONLY that at this time. Rest assured, they will all be updated.

The "*" symbol at the end of a line indicates a section that has dialogue
finished and a description of the action finished, as well. It may be tweaked
a bit in the future, but for all intents and purposes it is correct and should
be considered complete.

At the moment, lines that have the "-" symbol by them indicate that I am
missing spoken dialogue. Certain events have many NPCs screaming or an
announcer speaking in the background, and it's difficult to make out these
muted and/or overlapping voices.

Once all sections have been completed, these features will be removed, as they
will then not be necessary, and I don't need them taking up excess kb space.
This baby's big enough as it is.

Event List                                          Search Code
----------                                          -----------

[DISC 1]

 Chapter 1...........................................BELOVED GOSPEL           /
    - Memory of Michtam..............................1MM                      *
         - Kevin's Memory                            1MM-1                    *
    - Land Where Saint Sleeps........................1LS                      *
         - Testament                                 1LS-1                    *
    - S-Line Division................................1SD                      /
         - Dogfight                                  1SD-1                    *
         - Infiltrating the U.M.N.                   1SD-2                    *
         - Vector's Trap                             1SD-3                    *
         - Gnosis                                    1SD-4                    *
         - Escape                                    1SD-5                    *
         - Mission Complete                          1SD-6                    /
         - A Conversation                            1SD-7                    /
    - Pedea Island...................................1PI                      /
         - Mail from Allen                           1PI-1                    /
         - Day She Left Vector                       1PI-2                    /
         - Memories of Days Past                     1PI-3                    /
         - Resolve                                   1PI-4                    /
         - Wilhelm                                   1PI-5                    /
    - Gedalya Space..................................1GS                      /
         - Juli and Canaan                           1GS-1                    /
         - Durandal in Flight                        1GS-2                    /
         - Dispatch Onboard the Durandal             1GS-3                    /
         - Inquisitors                               1GS-4                    /
         - Unknown Floating Landmass                 1GS-5                    /
         - Margulis' Assault                         1GS-6                    /
         - Elsa Vanishes                             1GS-7                    /
         - Elsa Bridge                               1GS-8                    /
         - Search for the Elsa                       1GS-9                    /

 Chapter 2...........................................LIGHTNING WALTZ          /
    - Opening........................................2OP                      /
         - Dinah Takes Flight                        2OP-1                    /
         - Flashback                                 2OP-2                    /
         - Dinah's Arrival                           2OP-3                    /
         - Orbital Elevator                          2OP-4                    /
    - Dmitri Yuriev..................................2DY                      /
         - Dmitri's Memory                           2DY-1                    /
         - Dmitri and Citrine                        2DY-2                    /
         - Sellers's Intention                       2DY-3                    /
    - Fifth Jerusalem................................2FJ                      /
         - Grumbling Togashi                         2FJ-1                    /
         - Reunited with Allen                       2FJ-2                    /
         - Shion, Miyuki and Allen                   2FJ-3                    /
         - Transmission from chaos                   2FJ-4                    /
         - Shion Collapses                           2FJ-5                    /
         - A Mysterious Consciousness                2FJ-6                    /
         - A Promise with Allen                      2FJ-7                    /
         - Meeting in the Lobby                      2FJ-8                    /
    - CAT Testing Ground.............................2CG                      /
         - CAT Testing Ground                        2CG-1                    /
         - Allen's Explanations                      2CG-2                    /
         - T-elos's Demonstration                    2CG-3                    /
         - Roth Mantel                               2CG-4                    /
         - Dmitri's Suspicions                       2CG-5                    /
         - Omega Res Novae                           2CG-6                    /
         - KOS-MOS's Final Check                     2CG-7                    /
         - Juli Monitors                             2CG-8                    /
         - KOS-MOS vs. Omega                         2CG-9                    -
         - Omega Malfunctions                        2CG-10                   /
         - Omega Out of Control                      2CG-11                   -
         - Experiment Halted                         2CG-12                   /
         - Roth Mantel and Shion                     2CG-13                   /
    - Reunited with KOS-MOS..........................2RK                      /
         - Reunited with Juli                        2RK-1                    /
         - Catching up on Events                     2RK-2                    /
         - Mysterious Boy, Abel                      2RK-3                    /
         - Nephilim's Portrait                       2RK-4                    /
         - VX-7000                                   2RK-5                    /
         - Decision to Dispose                       2RK-6                    /
    - Phenomena Begin to Stir........................2PS                      /
         - Nephilim's Warning                        2PS-1                    /
         - Nephilim and chaos                        2PS-2                    /
         - Program Canaan                            2PS-3                    /
         - Heinlein's Words                          2PS-4                    /
         - Wilhelm and Kevin                         2PS-5                    /
         - Juli's Proposal                           2PS-6                    /
         - Information from Doctus                   2PS-7                    /
         - Night in the Park                         2PS-8                    /
         - Canaan and Doctus                         2PS-9                    /
         - Next Day                                  2PS-10                   /
    - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission.......................2KM                      /
         - Old Friends                               2KM-1                    /
         - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission                  2KM-2                    /
         - Shion's Condition                         2KM-3                    /
         - Jin's Kindness                            2KM-4                    /
         - A Creator's Duty                          2KM-5                    /
    - The Infiltration...............................2TI                      /
         - Group Assembles                           2TI-1                    /
         - Rendezvous with Miyuki                    2TI-2                    /
         - Unresponsive Elevator                     2TI-3                    /
         - Elevator in motion                        2TI-4                    /
         - Omega                                     2TI-5                    /
         - Abel's Guide                              2TI-6                    /
         - KOS-MOS                                   2TI-7                    /
         - Escape from the Facility                  2TI-8                    /
         - Shion Collapses Again                     2TI-9                    /
         - U-DO's Inquiry                            2TI-10                   /
         - Shion Awakes                              2TI-11                   /
         - Gnosis Attack                             2TI-12                   /
         - To Gedalya Space                          2TI-13                   /
    - Hypersphere....................................2HE                      /
         - Durandal Launch                           2HE-1                    /
         - Roth Watches the Durandal                 2HE-2                    /

 Chapter 3...........................................RED DRAGON               /
    - Rennes-le-Château..............................3RC                      /
         - Penetrating the Hypersphere               3RC-1                    /
         - Durandal Crew Rejoices                    3RC-2                    /
         - Roth Mantel and Virgil                    3RC-3                    /
         - Communication with the Elsa               3RC-4                    /
         - Exploring the Floating Landmass           3RC-5                    /
         - Blue Testament                            3RC-6                    /
         - White Testament                           3RC-7                    /
         - Exploring Deeper                          3RC-8                    /
         - Rennes-le-Château                         3RC-9                    /
         - Tomb with E.S. Names                      3RC-10                   /
         - Recognition                               3RC-11                   /
    - KOS-MOS vs. T-Elos.............................3KT                      /
         - Sudden Attack                             3KT-1                    /
         - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos                        3KT-2                    /

 Chapter 4...........................................D-TENERITAS              /
    - Shion's Feelings...............................4SF                      /
         - On the Terrace at Night                   4SF-1                    /
         - Two Together                              4SF-2                    /
         - U-DO and Shion                            4SF-3                    /
    - An Unknown Forest..............................4AU                      /
         - Unknown Place                             4AU-1                    /
         - Joining Up with Jr.                       4AU-2                    /
         - Unbelievable Sight                        4AU-3                    /
         - Gunshot                                   4AU-4                    /
         - Federation Soldier Under Attack           4AU-5                    /
         - Luis Virgil                               4AU-6                    /
         - Febronia                                  4AU-7                    /
    - Chapel of Memories.............................4CO                      /
         - Church of Memories                        4CO-1                    /
         - Young Shion                               4CO-2                    /
         - Virgil's Operation                        4CO-3                    /
         - Shion and Feb                             4CO-4                    /
    - Dabrye Mine....................................4DM                      /
         - Aizen Magus                               4DM-1                    /
         - Leupold                                   4DM-2                    /
         - Mai Magus                                 4DM-3                    /
         - A Father's Regret                         4DM-4                    /
         - Mai's Feelings                            4DM-5                    /
         - Reunite with the Elsa                     4DM-6                    /
         - KOS-MOS's Eternal Sleep                   4DM-7                    /

 Chapter 5...........................................GOLD CROWN               /
    - Miltia.........................................5MI                      /
         - Yuriev's Activity                         5MI-1                    /
         - Taking a Break                            5MI-2                    /
         - Shion's Dream                             5MI-3                    /
         - Awakening from the Dream                  5MI-4                    /
         - Time Travel                               5MI-5                    /
         - Shion Depressed                           5MI-6                    /
         - Head Out into the City                    5MI-7                    /
         - Shion's Father                            5MI-8                    /
         - Miltian Cityscape                         5MI-9                    /
    - ANT Facility...................................5AN                      /
         - Conversation with a Guard                 5AN-1                    /
         - Purpose of the Facility                   5AN-2                    /
         - Joachim Mizrahi                           5AN-3                    /
         - Kevin's Room                              5AN-4                    /
         - Young Kevin                               5AN-5                    /
         - Isolated Research Ward                    5AN-6                    /
         - Animosity                                 5AN-7                    /
         - Shion and Shion                           5AN-8                    /
         - Injured Soldier                           5AN-9                    /
         - Two Shions                                5AN-10                   /
    - Febronia.......................................5FE                      /
         - Shortcut to the Church                    5FE-1                    /
         - Visiting Virgil                           5FE-2                    /
         - Young Shion's Prayer                      5FE-3                    /
         - U-TIC Organization                        5FE-4                    /

 Chapter 6...........................................MS2                      /
    - KOS-MOS........................................6KS                      /
         - Feb and Virgil                            6KS-1                    /
         - Shion's Flowers and Kevin                 6KS-2                    /
         - Repairing KOS-MOS                         6KS-3                    /
         - Shion Returns to Her Room                 6KS-4                    /
         - Encroaching Shadow                        6KS-5                    /
         - Shower Room                               6KS-6                    /
         - Black Testament                           6KS-7                    /
         - KOS-MOS vs. Voyager                       6KS-8                    /
         - Jan Sauer                                 6KS-9                    /
    - Shore..........................................6SH                      /
         - Joachim Stands on the Shore               6SH-1                    /
         - Girl Surrounded by Cosmos                 6SH-2                    /
    - Labyrinthos....................................6LA                      /
         - Jin Worries about Shion                   6LA-1                    /
         - Stealing the Vessels of Anima             6LA-2                    /
         - Forcing Their Way Through                 6LA-3                    /
         - 13th Gate                                 6LA-4                    /
         - Joachim and Sellers                       6LA-5                    /
         - Joachim and MOMO.                         6LA-6                    /
         - Shion's Father and Kevin                  6LA-7                    /
         - Shion in Shock                            6LA-8                    /
         - Her Father's True Nature                  6LA-9                    /
         - Vessels of Anima                          6LA-10                   /
         - E.S. Asher                                6LA-11                   /
         - Escape from Labyrinthos                   6LA-12                   /
         - First Awakening                           6LA-13                   /
         - Emergency Alert Status                    6LA-14                   /
         - Shion's Mother                            6LA-15                   /
         - Retreat                                   6LA-16                   /
         - Beyond the 13th Gate                      6LA-17                   /
         - Red Testament                             6LA-18                   -

 Chapter 7...........................................INTRUDER                 /
    - Father.........................................7FT                      /
         - Shion Captured                            7FT-1                    /
         - Kevin and Suou                            7FT-2                    /
         - Interrogating Shion                       7FT-3                    /
    - Shion's Rescue.................................7SR                      /
         - Feb Runs to the Elsa                      7SR-1                    /
         - Shion in Danger                           7SR-2                    /
         - Rescuing Shion                            7SR-3                    /
         - URTVs Descend                             7SR-4                    /
         - Federation Soldier Escapes                7SR-5                    /
         - Crushed Flowerbed                         7SR-6                    /
         - Kevin's Resolve                           7SR-7                    /
         - Suou Tries to Stop Margulis               7SR-8                    /
         - Group Infiltrates the Facility            7SR-9                    /
         - Suou Releases Shion                       7SR-10                   /
         - Pellegri                                  7SR-11                   /
         - Jin and Pellegri                          7SR-12                   /
         - Following Young Shion                     7SR-13                   /
    - Third Descent Operation........................7TD                      /
         - E.S. Asher Descends                       7TD-1                    /
         - Song of Nephilim                          7TD-2                    /
    - Luis Virgil....................................7LV                      /
         - A Moment of Peace                         7LV-1                    /
         - Tragedy at the Church                     7LV-2                    /
         - Arriving at the Church                    7LV-3                    /
         - Virgil and Shion                          7LV-4                    /
         - Testament Virgil                          7LV-5                    /
         - Virgil Reproves Shion                     7LV-6                    /
         - Fight with Virgil                         7LV-7                    /
         - A Man and a Realian                       7LV-8                    /
    - To Mother's Side...............................7TS                      /
         - Shion Rises to her Feet                   7TS-1                    /
         - Young Shion's Scream                      7TS-2                    /
         - To Her Mother's Side                      7TS-3                    /
         - Young Shion's Feelings                    7TS-4                    /
         - Sellers Out of Control                    7TS-5                    /
    - Inescapable Reality............................7IR                      /
         - Unalterable Past                          7IR-1                    -
         - Her Mother's Room                         7IR-2                    /
         - Shion's Anger                             7IR-3                    /
         - Zohar Resonates with Both Shions          7IR-4                    /
         - An Unthinkable Past                       7IR-5                    /
         - Kevin Winnicot                            7IR-6                    /
         - Kevin Speaks the Truth                    7IR-7                    /
         - KOS-MOS Escapes                           7IR-8                    /
         - Rendezvous with the Elsa                  7IR-9                    /
         - Truth About Miltia                        7IR-10                   /
         - Joachim's True Intent                     7IR-11                   /
         - Elsa Escapes Miltia                       7IR-12                   /
         - Vessels of Anima                          7IR-13                   /

[DISC 2]

 Chapter 8...........................................CERBERUS                 /
    - Tactical Warship Merkabah......................8TM                      /
         - Elsa Drifts through Space                 8TM-1                    /
         - Appearance of Abel's Ark                  8TM-2                    /
         - Abel's Ark                                8TM-3                    /
         - Past and Present                          8TM-4                    /
         - Abel's Ark Transports                     8TM-5                    /
         - Rendezvous with the Durandal              8TM-6                    /
         - Situation Analysis                        8TM-7                    /
         - Galaxy Federation Fleet                   8TM-8                    /
         - Yuriev Speaks of Abel                     8TM-9                    /
         - Ormus Fleet                               8TM-10                   /
         - Margulis Heads for Michtam                8TM-11                   /
         - Shion's Self-Doubt                        8TM-12                   /
         - Depressed Shion                           8TM-13                   /
         - KOS-MOS and Shion                         8TM-14                   /
         - Shion and Nephilim                        8TM-15                   /
         - Hyperspace                                8TM-16                   /
         - Destination of the Ark                    8TM-17                   /
         - Plan to Infiltrate Merkabah               8TM-18                   /
         - Gating Out into Miltian Space             8TM-19                   /
         - Canaan's Warning                          8TM-20                   /
         - Breaking through the Front Line           8TM-21                   /
         - Storming the Merkabah                     8TM-22                   /
         - Truth Spoken by Sellers                   8TM-23                   /
    - Durandal.......................................8DU                      /
         - Occupation of the Durandal                8DU-1                    -
         - Arbiter Code                              8DU-2                    /
         - Canaan vs. Citrine                        8DU-3                    /
         - Durandal Recovery Mission                 8DU-4                    /
         - Boarding the Durandal                     8DU-5                    /
         - Tragedy                                   8DU-6                    /
         - Mary and Juli's Rescue                    8DU-7                    /
         - Shelley and Canaan's Rescue               8DU-8                    /
         - No. 668                                   8DU-9                    /
         - Rubedo and Citrine                        8DU-10                   /
         - Dmitri Yuriev                             8DU-11                   /
         - Unable to Escape                          8DU-12                   /
         - chaos and KOS-MOS                         8DU-13                   /
         - True Form of the Ark                      8DU-14                   /
    - Abel's Ark.....................................8AA                      /
         - Man Consuming God                         8AA-1                    /
         - Margulis in Doubt                         8AA-2                    /
         - Proposal from Doctus                      8AA-3                    /
         - Canaan and chaos                          8AA-4                    /
         - Boarding Abel's Ark                       8AA-5                    /
    - Zohar Emulators................................8ZE                      /
         - Four Spheres                              8ZE-1                    /
         - Natus Flamma                              8ZE-2                    /
         - Defeating the First Sphere                8ZE-3                    /
         - Natus Glacies                             8ZE-4                    /
         - Defeating the Second Sphere               8ZE-5                    /
         - Natus Lumen                               8ZE-6                    /
         - Defeating the Third Sphere                8ZE-7                    /
         - Natus Tellus                              8ZE-8                    /
         - Defeating the Fourth Sphere               8ZE-9                    /
    URTV.............................................8UR                      /
         - Dmitri's True Intent                      8UR-1                    /
         - Omega Awakened                            8UR-2                    /
         - Dmitri Infected                           8UR-3                    /
         - Dmitri Fuses with Omega                   8UR-4                    /
         - Albedo Piazzolla                          8UR-5                    /
         - Gaignun                                   8UR-6                    /
         - Three URTVs                               8UR-7                    /
         - Nigredo                                   8UR-8                    /
         - Gaignun's Death                           8UR-9                    /
         - All Preparations Complete                 8UR-10                   /
         - Joshua Starts Up                          8UR-11                   /
         - Dämmerung in Panic                        8UR-12                   /

 Chapter 9...........................................X-CANNON                 /
    - Planet Michtam.................................9PM                      /
         - Escape from the Ark                       9PM-1                    /
         - Descent to Planet Michtam                 9PM-2                    /
         - Elsa Attacked                             9PM-3                    /
         - Truth Behind Ormus                        9PM-4                    /
         - Elsa Lands                                9PM-5                    /
         - Noise                                     9PM-6                    /
         - Richard and Hermann                       9PM-7                    /
         - Recovery of the Vessels of Anima          9PM-8                    /
    - Archon Spaceport...............................9AS                      /
         - Ziggy's Memory                            9AS-1                    /
         - Pendant's Light                           9AS-2                    /
         - A Planet's Memory                         9AS-3                    /
         - E.S. Issachar Attacks                     9AS-4                    /
         - People of the Zohar                       9AS-5                    /
         - Pellegri's Feelings                       9AS-6                    /
         - Never to be Together                      9AS-7                    /
    - Voyager........................................9VR                      /
         - Ziggy's Past                              9VR-1                    /
         - A Terrible Place                          9VR-2                    /
         - Voyager                                   9VR-3                    /
         - Showdown with the Past                    9VR-4                    /
         - Ziggy vs. Voyager                         9VR-5                    /
         - Canaan's Betrayal                         9VR-6                    /
         - Canaan's Feelings                         9VR-7                    /
         - Farewell to Canaan                        9VR-8                    /
    - Margulis.......................................9MS                      /
         - Man Who Awaits                            9MS-1                    /
         - Margulis' Obstinacy                       9MS-2                    /
         - A Warrior's Pride                         9MS-3                    /
         - Pendant's Guidance                        9MS-4                    /
         - A Seal Undone                             9MS-5                    /
         - A Voice Calling Shion                     9MS-6                    /
    - Mary...........................................9MY                      /
         - Crystal Room                              9MY-1                    /
         - U-DO = Abel                               9MY-2                    /
         - Conversation with Abel                    9MY-3                    /
         - Nephilim's Guidance                       9MY-4                    /
         - Allen Tries to Stop Shion                 9MY-5                    /
         - Lost Jerusalem                            9MY-6                    /
         - She Who Resembles KOS-MOS                 9MY-7                    /
         - KOS-MOS Awakens                           9MY-8                    /
         - Mary Magdalene and T-elos                 9MY-9                    /
         - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos                        9MY-10                   /
    - Zarathustra....................................9ZA                      /
         - Wilhelm's Plan                            9ZA-1                    /
         - Zarathustra in Motion                     9ZA-2                    /
         - Elsa Crew in Panic                        9ZA-3                    /
         - To Kevin's Side                           9ZA-4                    /
    - Allen..........................................9AN                      /
         - Kevin Awaits Shion                        9AN-1                    /
         - Kevin's Kindness                          9AN-2                    /
         - Eternal Circle                            9AN-3                    /
         - Kevin's Objective                         9AN-4                    /
         - Parting from her Friends                  9AN-5                    /
         - Jin Draws his Blade                       9AN-6                    /
         - Allen Ridgeley                            9AN-7                    /
         - Shion Leaves Kevin                        9AN-8                    /
         - Wilhelm's Voice                           9AN-9                    /
    - Wilhelm........................................9WM                      /
         - Vessels of Anima                          9WM-1                    /
         - Wilhelm Tells All                         9WM-2                    /
         - Resonating Zarathustra                    9WM-3                    /
         - Maiden of Mary                            9WM-4                    /
         - Feelings for Kevin                        9WM-5                    /
         - Love for Shion                            9WM-6                    /
         - KOS-MOS's Rejection                       9WM-7                    /
         - chaos and Wilhelm                         9WM-8                    /
         - Zarathustra Out of Control                9WM-9                    /

 Chapter 10..........................................LOTUS BLADES             /
    - Parting........................................10PT                     /
         - Shion and Kevin's Hearts                  10PT-1                   /
         - chaos's Will                              10PT-2                   /
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         - For Each Their Own Journey                10PT-4                   /

                            G A M E     S C R I P T

 Chapter 1                                                     [BELOVED GOSPEL]

 Chapter 1 - Memory of Michtam                                            [1MM]

 Chapter 1 - Memory of Michtam - Kevin's Memory                         [1MM-1]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

 T.C. 4747 Planet Michtam

 [There is a pillar of light shining brightly into the heavens. It appears to
  be coming from the center of a burning city. Clouds swirl around the beam of
  light while smoke and burning ash drift up into the sky. On the ground, there
  are Gnosis milling about the destruction. There are human corpses strewn
  about the piles of burning debris. Suddenly we see two humans, an adult
  female with short brown hair sheltering her young child, a boy about eight
  years old. They are trying to find a path through the wreckage. The woman is
  wearing a familiar blue pendant on a chain around her neck. She has her arms
  around the boy as they're walking. Both look worried and sad.]

 [There is a large tower that appears to be near the center of the city. It can
  be seen from the deserted spaceport where the boy and the woman stop. There
  is a single escape pod left. The woman places the boy inside. They embrace.
  The woman softly strokes the boy's hair. He looks up at her, worried, and she
  removes the pendant from around her neck and places it in the child's palm.
  He peers down at it, then back up to his mother when she steps back and seals
  the pod. He mouths 'mama' to her through the glass and begins pounding on the
  window. The woman mouths something back. The boy reaches for her. She reaches
  out and places her hand over his, with just the glass separating them.
  Suddenly, the woman's arm begins to glow and transform. The boy screams
  'Mom!' and looks on in horror. The woman, now half-Gnosis, smiles at him.]

 [The pod shoots out of the building through a tube, leaving the boy's mother
  behind. The pod is moving very fast, leaving sparks in its wake.]

 [The pillar of light can be seen extending past the planet's atmosphere and
  off into the distance of space. The pod soars past it, arcing away from the
  destroyed planet. A few spots of light can still be seen, but most of the
  planet has been become a vast, empty brown expanse.]

 Chapter 1 - Land Where Saint Sleeps                                      [1LS]

 Chapter 1 - Land Where Saint Sleeps - Testament                        [1LS-1]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

 [The scene opens with Red Testament standing in a tomb, next to a casket.
  The lid of the casket is slightly open, and whatever's inside of it is
  glowing with a bright white light. There is a cross-shaped rock formation
  behind him. Suddenly, Blue Testament's voice is heard.]

  Blue Testament:   Looks like things are going smoothly.

 [Three figures appear a short distance from the stone casket. They are the
  Blue Testament, the White Testament, and the Black Testament. Red Testament
  remains silent.]

  Blue Testament:   Tch. You're as friendly as ever.

 [Blue Testament walks forward to stand beside the casket, and addresses
  the Red Testament again.]

  Blue Testament:   Well, you sure are pulling out the big guns. Do we really
                     need this thing?

 [It is clear that Blue Testament is referring to whatever lies in the stone
  casket. The Red Testament turns his head to speak to Blue Testament.]

   Red Testament:   The space-time anomaly fifteen years ago took place in an
                     incomplete fashion. We must correct the errors.

 [Blue Testament 'hmph's.]

  Blue Testament:   So, you knew all along, huh? You're one scary guy. I bet
                     you can't wait to see the look on her face when she
                     finally knows everything.

 [Red Testament turns back to peer into the casket again.]

   Red Testament:   ...

 [Blue Testament turns to the casket now.]

  Blue Testament:   So, this is our princess?

 [Blue Testament leans in to sniff at the open crack of the casket, then

  Blue Testament:   She smells good. I've fallen in love already.

 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division                                              [1SD]

 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Dogfight                                 [1SD-1]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

 [The E.S. Dinah is moving over the tops of the buildings in a brightly lit,
  modern-appearing city, dodging explosive shots from interceptor enemy mechs
  with ease. Inside Dinah's cockpit, Shion is piloting. She is dressed from
  neck to toe in a blue-gray flightsuit. She is also wearing an expression of
  mild irritation. Shion glances to the right, and swiftly maneuvers Dinah out
  of the way of an enemy shot.]

           Shion:   Miyuki! You didn't tell me that they had macrophages
                    deployed! What the hell have you been doing?

 [Shion kicks the back of Miyuki's seat. Miyuki is sitting below her,
  acting as Dinah's copilot. Miyuki gasps and rubs the back of her head,
  rushing to explain.]

          Miyuki:   Take it easy! I checked it out the best I could. It's not
                    my fault!

 [Dinah moves through the spaces in a few structures, still dodging enemy fire
  from the interceptors in hot pursuit. Miyuki leans forward.]

          Miyuki:   Look, Shion! Three more interceptors just appeared out of

 [Shion, still clearly annoyed, responds.]

           Shion:   Then concentrate on supporting me instead of making

 [The interceptors appear to be closing in Dinah, but one is suddenly destroyed
  in an impressive explosion. Doctus' A.M.W.S. comes in from the right,
  evidently responsible for the explosion. Doctus chuckles at Shion and Miyuki
  over the communication channel between the two units. Doctus is navigating
  her A.M.W.S. unit. She appears to be a woman with short white hair, pale skin
  and dark red lipstick. Most notably, she has a pair of dark sunglasses on,
  each lens having three small, glowing light blue circles on it. She appears
  to be smirking.]

          Doctus:   You two make a fine pair.

           Shion:   Doctus!

 [Doctus turns her head to the right, noticing more enemy units. She addresses
  her pilot, the Realian Canaan, sitting in the seat below her.]

          Doctus:   Three at seven o'clock. You got it?

          Canaan:   Yeah, I'm on it.

 [Canaan replies, nodding. Doctus's A.M.W.S. slows down to directly confront
  the orange interceptors. One of them is destroying immediately with a beam
  shot. Doctus's A.M.W.S. dodges a direct attack from one of the remaining
  interceptors, and ejects two grenades from compartments on each hip. They
  score a hit on the interceptor that just attacked, leaving the flaming debris
  to fall to the city streets below. Doctus's A.M.W.S. fires shots at the
  interceptors that are still giving chase, blowing up two more. Canaan
  maneuvers the mech into a tight passageway inside one of the massive
  surrounding buildings, following Dinah. Both units are avoiding security
  system traps in the long tunnel. Shion notices an interceptor closing on on
  the Dinah, readying its gun, but Canaan pounces on it and lifts it so that
  it smashes into a support beam inside the tunnel, while Doctus's unit flies
  safely above it. Doctus and Canaan catch up with Shion and Miyuki just as
  they exit the tunnel. They find themselves approaching a large tower with the
  Vector logo above the entrance. There are several smaller towers situated
  around the central tower, each connected to it. Dinah and Doctus's A.M.W.S.
  land by the entrance to the central tower. Miyuki hops out first, then turns
  to wink at Canaan and waves a fist in his direction.]

          Miyuki:   That was incredible, Canaan! The way you maneuvered that
                    A.M.W.S. was unbelievable!

 [Shion drops from Dinah next and walks to Miyuki, scolding her.]

           Shion:   We don't have time for that kind of thing, Miyuki. Has
                    anything come up on the scanner yet?

 [Shion turns and presses a button on a small device in her hand. The E.S.
  Dinah glows brightly for a moment, then disappears. Canaan approaches the
  two women and speaks to Miyuki, who begins to look hurt.]

          Canaan:   I hope you understand, what we're after poses a
                    considerable threat to Vector. I'd appreciate you taking
                    the situation more seriously.

 [Doctus, still inside her A.M.W.S., agrees. She has her arms crossed.]

          Doctus:   Exactly. I don't care if you get yourself killed. Just
                    don't take us down with you.

          Miyuki:   All right, all right, fine! Why's everyone picking on me?


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Infiltrating the U.M.N.                  [1SD-2]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

 [Shion, Miyuki and Canaan are standing at the entrance to the Vector S-Line
  Division tower. Shion and Miyuki are in their flightsuits, and Canaan is
  wearing his dull gray flightsuit, as always.]

           Shion:   Well? Is this it, Miyuki?

          Miyuki:   Confirming coordinates. Yep, perfect! No doubt about it.
                    This is Vector's S-Line Division.

           Shion:   Then the top secret data we want is just ahead.

 [Doctus, still inside her A.M.W.S. unit, speaks to the small group.]

          Doctus:   I'll handle backup. You three, take care of the rest.

          Miyuki:   You're not going to help, Doctus?

           Shion:   Don't depend on others to do everything for you!

          Doctus:   Usus magister est optimus.

 [Doctus lifts her A.M.W.S. off the ground, then quickly departs while the
  two women and the Realian watch. Canaan turns to address the women. Shion
  turns around to look at him.]

          Canaan:   Hurry. I want to be as far from here as possible when our
                    pursuit arrives.

 [Shion nods silently. Miyuki waves her hands in frustration.]

          Miyuki:   I know, I know.


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Vector's Trap                            [1SD-3]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

 [Shion, Miyuki and Canaan proceed into the Main Terminal of Vector S-Line
  Division Sector 5, the sector with the highest level of sensitive
  information. The room housing the Main Terminal is extremely large; there are
  gigantic blue crystal-like monoliths in the room, spread far apart on a
  hexagonal pattern. They appear to be storing the data, though they have an
  odd structure visible inside of them. Miyuki gazes up at one of these
  towering monoliths, while Canaan accesses the small terminal at the end of
  the platform they are standing on. Shion halts in her steps to address

           Shion:   Miyuki, keep watch.

 [Miyuki runs over to stand near Canaan and pulls out a small device. A
  holographic screen and keyboard pop up, and she begins working. Shion
  approaches the two.]

           Shion:   Canaan, please start the data backup.

          Canaan:   I'm already on it. Don't screw up, now that we've made it
                    this far.

          Miyuki:   I know, I know! But will this really expose Vector's

           Shion:   Miyuki, do you really understand what this U.M.N. really

 [Miyuki turns away from her device, and the holographic screen and keyboard
  disappear. She turns to face Shion.]

          Miyuki:   Uh, it's a wide-area network system or something, right?

          Canaan:   A wide-area information network system with non-local

 [Canaan turns to talk to Shion and Miyuki.]

          Canaan:   Its characteristics enable warp travel and light speed

           Shion:   An exemplary answer. But do you think that's really all
                    there is to it?

          Canaan:   What do you mean?

           Shion:   A wide-area network that connects our star cluster. But
                    who built it, and when? Who established the gate jump
                    columns? For that matter, what division of Vector even
                    handles the base theory development?

          Miyuki:   It's, um...

           Shion:   Exactly. No one knows, because no one established it or
                    built it. It was already there. We just use it as if we
                    invented it.

          Canaan:   That's nothing more than your own conjecture. I'll give you
                    credit for your vivid imagination, but you have no proof.

          Miyuki:   He's right. Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions?

 [Miyuki and Canaan resume their break-in activities.]

           Shion:   I hope so. If I'm wrong, everyone can live in peace. But we
                    need to make sure. We need to know what they intend to
                    accomplish with the U.M.N. What their ultimate goal is.

          Miyuki:   Huh? Shion, there's something weird.

           Shion:   "Something"? I've told you time and again to make precise

          Miyuki:   Well, there's a strange fluctuation in the particle flow.
                    It started about 300 seconds ago. Looks like a fractal
                    pattern. I think someone or something's trying to interfere
                    with us.

           Shion:   Is it a pursuit craft, or the cyber surveillance system?

          Canaan:   No. There hasn't been any physical contact from
                    macrophages-- And there's no sign that the jamming of the
                    surveillance network has been broken. It's like someone's
                    watching, no, studying us.

 [Shion crosses her arms, deep in thought.]

           Shion:   Studying us? Who? Why?

          Miyuki:   There's no way for me to tell.

           Shion:   How's that data coming?

          Canaan:   Just a little more.

           Shion:   Hurry. It's dangerous to stay here much longer.

 [Suddenly, the blue monolith nearest the group begins glowing red.]


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Gnosis                                   [1SD-4]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

 [Something has triggered an alarm in the system. Miyuki looks up at the
  glowing red monolith. Canaan and Shion pause and look up as Miyuki starts to
  warn them.]

          Miyuki:   Sh-Shion! I think it's a little too late for that now.

 [Shion, Canaan and Miyuki watch as a Gnosis materializes in the monolith and
  flies out of it. The large purple winged Gnosis circles the platform once,
  then lands forcefully on the isolated platform the group is standing on. It
  throws back its head and roars.]


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Escape                                   [1SD-5]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

 [Miyuki, Canaan and Shion stand watching as the Gnosis falls off the platform,
  a large cloud of dust or debris marking its landing. Shion has one hand up to
  her mouth in thought, and Miyuki has both hands to her mouth in worry. They
  look up the high ceiling of the Main Terminal room, where dozens of Azazel
  and Gremlin Gnosis begin shifting through. Canaan makes a dash for the exit.
  Miyuki screams and runs to grab Shion, who had been just standing there in

          Miyuki:   Shion!

 [Shion and Miyuki, running from the edge of the platform, are just missed by
  a Goblin Gnosis as it lands. An Azazel Gnosis bears down on them from above.
  Suddenly the Gnosis explodes. Doctus's A.M.W.S. pulls up alongside the
  group as they run.]

          Doctus:   Shion, we're getting out of here. Realian, you're with me!

 [Doctus turns and fires a shot off at another Gnosis. Shion pulls out the
  same device she used earlier, as she runs. She pushes a button on it. E.S.
  Dinah is summoned.]

           Shion:   Transfer E.S.!

 [Canaan climbs into the A.M.W.S. and settles into the bottom seat, looking
  mildly annoyed.]

          Canaan:   My name's Canaan! You should remember that by now.

 [Doctus, in the top seat, smirks.]

          Doctus:   Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I don't waste
                    brainpower on trivial things.

 [Doctus's A.M.W.S. launches off the platform. Miyuki awkwardly tries to climb
  into the bottom seat of Dinah. Shion, already strapped into the top seat,
  starts lifting off before Miyuki is in completely. Miyuki makes a small noise
  of worry.]

           Shion:   This is gonna be a little bumpy. Hold on tight!]

          Miyuki:   Wait. What? Shion!

 [Miyuki is slow to get into the seat properly. Shion doesn't waste time
  waiting when the Gnosis are so close, so as she takes off, Miyuki falls head
  first into the seat. The hatch closes around her. Her legs are flailing
  where her head would normally be. She screams. Dinah soars gracefully
  through the air, pulling ahead of Doctus's A.M.W.S. and leading the way
  through a tunnel. Doctus turns slightly to look at the Gremlin Gnosis giving
  chase. Doctus's A.M.W.S. fires shots backwards from its hip at the Gnosis,
  hitting one and then the other. The tunnel starts twisting and turning.
  Doctus's A.M.W.S. catches up to Dinah. Shion gasps suddenly. Before her is a
  vision of a young boy with golden eyes and brown hair, tied back. He is
  wearing a white uniform. Far ahead of the group, a gate begins to close.
  Shion grits her teeth and narrows her eyes. She hears a voice in her mind
  that sounds... suspiciously like Nephilim. She gasps.]

           Voice:   (No. Don't shoot.)

 [The closing gates slow considerably with a jerking motion, then begin to open

           Shion:   Miyuki! Hurry up, disconnect now!

 [Both units pass through the gate, then the screen turns fuzzy, ripples, and
  fades out.]


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - Mission Complete                         [1SD-6]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

           Shion:   That one was a little too close for comfort.

          Miyuki:   Are you all right, Shion? Whoa, you look pretty sexy!

           Shion:   Miyuki... you're starting to sound like a dirty old man.


 Chapter 1 - S-Line Division - A Conversation                           [1SD-7]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

          Miyuki:   Well, we completed our mission.

           Shion:   Although someone made it more complicated than it should've

          Miyuki:   Oh, come on, Shion. I promise it won't happen again.

           Shion:   Anyway, how's the data? Don't tell me we lost it in the

          Canaan:   It's fine. The backup completed with .002 nanoseconds to

           Shion:   Good.

          Doctus:   Not bad, former Chief of Vector's First Division. You and
                    your brother are both good.

           Shion:   The translation method was sloppy and a bit lagging, but
                    thanks to you, we made it.

          Doctus:   I'm going to start analyzing the backed up data. I'll let
                    you know if I find anything -- along with that other thing
                    you asked.

           Shion:   Thanks.

          Doctus:   Start the data transfer, Realian.

          Canaan:   It's Canaan. You seem to have a defect in your memory.

          Doctus:   Errare humanum est.

          Miyuki:   Um, uh, Shion, you aren't mad, are you?

           Shion:   No. Everything turned out all right. I don't make a habit
                    of fussing over details.

          Miyuki:   Oh, good!

           Shion:   No, it's not good. I'm sending you text on basic structure
                    later and I want you to answer them.

          Miyuki:   Aww, again?

           Shion:   Your method is unable to adapt to the language because you
                    skipped the basics during assembly.

          Miyuki:   Yes, ma'am. Shion, is what we are doing really okay?

           Shion:   You're asking me now? You're the one who demanded we let
                    you help.

          Miyuki:   I mean, well, what we're doing is a crime.

           Shion:   Yes, but that was before the Gnosis terrorism. We know that
                    the Gnosis phenomenon is symbiotically linked to the U.M.N.
                    So the U.M.N. as it stands now is dangerous. Just like
                    Doctus said, Gnosis may not have been called by Professor
                    Mizrahi, and the U-TIC Organization or even the Immigrant
                    Fleet, but rather Vector, the constructor of the U.M.N. If
                    that's true, there may be an ulterior motive in KOS-MOS's
                    development as well.

          Miyuki:   Is that why you're having Scientia investigate the Miltian
                    Conflict? Because your father might have been involved?

           Shion:   I don't know for certain... but I think someone has to do
                    something. And I don't want KOS-MOS to suffer.

          Miyuki:   Shion, you still can't forget about her?

           Shion:   ...

          Miyuki:   You quit the company without any hesitation, so I thought
                    you'd be over it by now.

           Shion:   It takes a lot of courage to renounce everything you've
                    worked for.

          Miyuki:   Anyway, if there's any developments over here, I'll let you

           Shion:   Right. But be careful. You're in more danger than the rest
                    of us since you are where you are.

          Miyuki:   Oh, Shion, stop trying to scare me.

           Shion:   Nephilim, you're still--

           Shion:   That's happening a lot lately. I wonder if I'm just worn

 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island                                                 [1PI]

 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island - Mail from Allen                             [1PI-1]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Allen:   Ah, um, uh, I guess it's been a while, Chief. Um, actually,
                    this is pretty difficult to tell you, but... at a staff
                    meeting a few days ago, they officially decided to
                    cancel... First Division's KOS-MOS development project.
                    Actually, it's being transferred to the military, so the
                    project itself isn't going away, but the military is going
                    to oversee the development of a new model, so the KOS-MOS
                    unit development will come to a close at the end of this
                    month. Togashi and I have the misfortune of being
                    transferred to the military along with it. The decision was
                    sudden, so we're all scrambling to organize the data we've
                    accumulated. Though, all of us are pretty down since you've
                    left. So, now I'm on Fifth Jerusalem, where the project is
                    being transferred to. Would you like to come and visit us?
                    Everyone misses you. I'm sure even KOS-MOS-- Well, she's
                    anti-social as usual, so I don't know what she thinks, but
                    I bet she misses you, too. I'll await your answer. I hope
                    to see you soon, Chief, our Flower of First Division.

           Shion:   Well, he's certainly learned how to talk smoothly. I can't
                    believe it's been six months already.


 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island - Day She Left Vector                         [1PI-2]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

           Allen:   Chief! Wait, calm down! Please, tell me why--

           Shion:   Weren't you listening to what I just said?

           Allen:   I was listening. I heard what you said, but what do you
                    mean, you're quitting? Upper management has yet to make a

           Shion:   I can't just stay on as Chief like nothing happened after
                    causing an incident like that.

           Allen:   You mean the Gnosis terrorism, right? It was that Grimoire
                    guy who caused it. There's no reason for you to take
                    responsibility for it. You haven't been accused of anything
                    yet. You don't have to resign.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS will be sealed and placed under observation and I'm
                    responsible for it. It may be irresponsible to leave in the
                    middle of development, but I can't stay at Vector.

           Allen:   She's only being sealed temporarily, and-- Wait, Chief!

           Shion:   Allen, please take care of KOS-MOS and everyone.

           Allen:   Please, give it a second thought!

           Shion:   I'm sorry.

           Allen:   Chief...


 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island - Memories of Days Past                       [1PI-3]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

           Shion:   A female form?

           Kevin:   Yes. Since ancient times women always healed people's
                    hearts and granted them hope.

           Shion:   But there've been a lot of men who were healers, too.

           Kevin:   Historical records have always been compiled from a male
                    point of view. And besides, men are creatures capable of
                    nothing but destruction and conquest. It's important to
                    choose a female form when it's going to be a creator or

           Shion:   Heh heh heh.

           Kevin:   Did I say something strange?

           Shion:   No, it's just funny to see you with a gentle expression
                    while you lecture with such intensity.

           Kevin:   Really?

           Shion:   Why did you decide to make KOS-MOS, Kevin? Is it to protect

           Kevin:   Well... it's true that Gnosis are a grave threat to
                    mankind's existence. So wanting to protect people from that
                    threat is part of it. But more than that, there's something
                    much stronger inside me.

           Shion:   Stronger?

           Kevin:   Everything exists for a reason. If the Gnosis represents a
                    truth we haven't known before, then I want to know what
                    that is.

           Shion:   The truth about Gnosis.

           Kevin:   I think that may actually be the shortcut to saving this

           Shion:   I know you can do it, Kevin. You'll build KOS-MOS and
                    you'll find that meaning.


 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island - Resolve                                     [1PI-4]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

           Shion:   So, they've canceled the project. It's my fault. Kevin
                    would be sad. Everything is unfinished. I'm sure even
                    KOS-MOS won't be satisfied. No, I'm the one who's not
                    satisfied. I can't go on leaving things unfinished like
                    this. I have to go see KOS-MOS.


 Chapter 1 - Pedea Island - Wilhelm                                     [1PI-5]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

   Red Testament:   It appears part of the S-Line Division data leaked.

         Wilhelm:   It's her handiwork. It seems she's working very hard.

   Red Testament:   The leak includes information about that program.

         Wilhelm:   It doesn't matter. They have little power. Actually, it's
                    all rather endearing. They think their cage is the entire
                    world, and they believe they can change it. Let's just
                    watch over them for a while. But enough of that. How did
                    things go at Rennes-le-Château? Is everything ready?

   Red Testament:   Everything is proceeding as planned. The transport to Fifth
                    Jerusalem is complete. We're ready for the Zohar Project
                    demonstration. Do you intend to leave that location as is?

         Wilhelm:   Yes. Ormus needs a sign that they can see with their own
                    eyes. As long as they have their proof, they will continue
                    to sacrifice themselves to protect their idol. For that is
                    the source of their hope. There isn't much time left for
                    her, as well. Contact with KOS-MOS has taken its toll on
                    her. You must succeed this time.

   Red Testament:   I understand. I will tend to her myself.

         Wilhelm:   She emits good wavelength, just as you said.

   Red Testament:   Thank you.

 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space                                                [1GS]

 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Juli and Canaan                            [1GS-1]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

            Juli:   This is awful.

          Helmer:   Yes. This battle resulted in the destruction of the 87th
                    Division fleet. Now the Michtam system has, for all
                    practical purposes, fallen under Ormus control.

            Juli:   And so history repeats itself. It's the exact same
                    situation as one hundred years ago.

          Helmer:   As long as people have self-preservation instincts, there
                    will always be conflicts. The consciousness that makes us
                    who we are is an inseparable part of life. Only death
                    awaits people who abandon their human nature.

            Juli:   So everything is dictated by the laws of nature? That does
                    sound like you, Helmer. But even that is in danger of being
                    destroyed by the Gnosis. If things continue on like this--

          Helmer:   That's what the Zohar Project is for. I hear that the
                    Tactical Warship Merkabah is already complete.

            Juli:   According to the remaining fragments of the Y-Data, the
                    Merkabah, just like the Proto Merkabah, is a device that
                    existed since ancient times. And Dmitri decided to turn it
                    into a weapon. When Albedo obtained the Y-Data from MOMO's
                    subconscious domain, Dmitri obtained it as well by some
                    unknown method.

          Helmer:   That bastard Dmitri! Who would've thought he would use
                    Joachim's dark relics? This must be hard on you.

            Juli:   I'm more worried about how MOMO would feel if she learned
                    about this. I can't bear to see her sad.

          Helmer:   You're a good mother.

            Juli:   Well, I'm trying.

          Helmer:   I'm sorry, but I will need you to keep an eye on Dmitri a
                    little while longer.

            Juli:   Isn't this sort of job your specialty?

          Helmer:   Perhaps in the past. Now, I'm the Miltian Representative. I
                    can't make any moves out in the open. Just restraining the
                    Salvator faction in Parliament keeps my hands full.

            Juli:   You have my sympathy. Farewell.

          Canaan:   Are you busy?

            Juli:   Canaan. No, it's fine. Have you found any information about
                    the object?

          Canaan:   This is what it looks like under the U.M.N. resonating
                    telescope at maximum magnification. According to the
                    information we obtained unofficially from Vector, this
                    object is called Rennes-le-Château. There's no way to prove
                    this, but apparently, it's a landmass that belonged to Lost

            Juli:   Even if, as you say, this is in fact a relic of Lost
                    Jerusalem, why has it appeared now?

          Canaan:   There is also a record of an unusual number of Gnosis
                    appearing in that region of space. Ormus appears interested
                    in it as well. There's likely to be some connection. The
                    only way to obtain more data on it is to make direct
                    contact with the target. What do you propose about
                    assembling an expedition team?

            Juli:   I've already commissioned the Kukai Foundation. This isn't
                    public due to the number of Ormus members in the military
                    and Parliament.

          Canaan:   A wise decision.

            Juli:   Was Shion doing well?

          Canaan:   Yes, she seemed fine. Though I am not sure if I approve of
                    her new associates.

            Juli:   Ah, Scientia. Their technical skills are impressive. Vector
                    has been acting suspiciously since the Gnosis terrorism.
                    We'll use anything we can in order to find the truth. Even
                    outlaws. Please continue your investigation on the U.M.N.
                    It must be difficult for you since you were born at Vector,
                    but there's no one else I can ask.

          Canaan:   I'm currently under the jurisdiction of the Miltian
                    government. And I've also received orders from
                    Representative Helmer to cooperate with you. Do not worry
                    about me.

            Juli:   Thank you.


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Durandal in Flight                         [1GS-2]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------



 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Dispath Onboard the Durandal               [1GS-3]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

         Gaignun:   The Parliament and the military both have their hands full
                    dealing with Ormus. And we can't ignore a request from
                    Committee Member Mizrahi.

             Jr.:   Nah, don't worry about it. We're getting bored anyway.
                    It'll be a nice change of pace. Right?

            Mary:   That's right!

         Shelley:   It's unofficial, but we have information that an Ormus
                    fleet is headed there as well.

             Jr.:   Either there's something there that Ormus needs, or maybe--

         Gaignun:   Just because we don't know what it is, doesn't mean they

             Jr.:   Either way, if we make direct contact, we're sure to find
                    out something. Right?

         Gaignun:   I envy your attitude. But I wish you'd think a little more
                    about my position.

            Mary:   Oh, well, that's the Little Master for you.

         Gaignun:   The matter is surrounded by sensitive political issues. If
                    I could, I'd go with you, but I can't leave Fifth Jerusalem
                    for a while. Take care of the place while I'm gone, you
                    two. If he gives you any trouble, don't hesitate to scold

            Mary:   You got it!

         Shelley:   Understood.

             Jr.:   Like he really envies me. He's dumped all the hard stuff on
                    us. I'm going to make him write all the reports when this
                    is done.

            Mary:   Little Master, are you really going to be okay with just
                    the Elsa? Wouldn't it be a good idea for us to go, too?

             Jr.:   Don't worry. It's just gonna be reconnaissance, so Elsa's
                    small size is better suited. Just keep the Durandal in the
                    back for support. Anyway, we've got E.S.s. There's nothing
                    to worry about.

         Shelley:   Little Master, I don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm, but
                    large scale Gnosis appearances have been detected in that
                    region of space. Please take appropriate caution.

             Jr.:   I know. We're almost there. I'll contact you later.


 Chaper 1 - Gedalya Space - Inquisitors                                 [1GS-4]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

        Pellegri:   Margulis, I've put Richard and Hermann in charge of dealing
                    with the Federation fleet moving towards Rennes-le-Château.

        Margulis:   They seem to be highly compatible with the Vessels of

        Pellegri:   Yes. The Federation will be unable to offer any real
                    resistance against E.S. craft. This should keep them quiet
                    for a while.

        Margulis:   Hmm.

        Pellegri:   What's wrong? You're not yourself. Are you feeling
                    sentimental after returning to our homeland?

        Margulis:   Pellegri, what do you see before you? Michtam, the
                    mummified world that spreads before our eyes. This is what
                    is left of the birthplace of Ormus.

        Pellegri:   A world destroyed eighteen years ago, by Federation
                    barbarians who foolishly unleashed the Zohar.

        Margulis:   Yes. It is our homeland, wiped from the records, in order
                    to cover up the Federation's mistakes.

        Pellegri:   But why are we here now? What lies on this world ruled by
                    death and Gnosis? Isn't our goal to return to Lost

        Margulis:   Everything is the will of Lord Heinlein. It is not for us
                    to know. He has stated that this world will rise again.
                    Then it must mean that it will. Already, Rennes-le-Château
                    has returned.

        Pellegri:   The holy land of Rennes-le-Château. Our cradle, which once
                    existed on Lost Jerusalem, where our blessed Saint sleeps.

        Margulis:   If the reappearance of the tomb heralds the revival of our
                    homeland, then we must protect our holy land at all costs.

   Ormus Soldier:   Reporting, sir! A Kukai Foundation vessel is approaching
                    the region in question. It appears to be a Lohengrin-class

        Margulis:   Hm, Helmer's dogs. Perhaps I'll meet him again. Prepare the
                    Prodigium for launch! We're going to Rennes-le-Château!


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Unknown Floating Landmass                  [1GS-5]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

             Jr.:   This thing is pretty big!

           chaos:   More like an asteroid than a rock formation.

          Hammer:   It's 70 kilometers in diameter. Unable to determine mass
                    due to abnormal gravitational fields.

        Matthews:   Still, these values seem to be rather unusual. I didn't
                    think anything this size could cause such a gravitational

             Jin:   Gravity roughly 1G around the object. But that seems rather
                    strange. Wait. W-What is this?

             Jr.:   Whoa! It looks like a large portion of land from somewhere.

           Ziggy:   It could even be the remains of a destructed planet.

             Jin:   No. The shape of the underside looks too uniform for that.
                    It appears to have been artificially cut away from its
                    original mass.

            MOMO:   Multiple unidentified craft are approaching!

        Matthews:   Tony!

            Tony:   Damn it!

             Jr.:   Is that Ormus?! It's nice of them to greet us! Captain,
                    continue your approach to the island and collect data! We
                    can handle these guys ourselves.

        Matthews:   Little Master! Now wait just a second!

          Hammer:   Is he telling us to go there by ourselves?!

            Tony:   No way in hell! We don't get any hazard pay!

             Jr.:   I'll give you guys a damn escort! Now go do what you're
                    paid to do!


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Margulis's Assault                         [1GS-6]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

             Jr.:   How's the Elsa?

            MOMO:   It's safe. It's gathering data at coordinates KZ255, Y724.

             Jr.:   Okay. MOMO and Jin, you go guard the Elsa.

            MOMO:   Right!

             Jin:   Roger!

           chaos:   Jr., enemy reinforcements!

             Jr.:   They don't know when to give up! How many are there this

           chaos:   Just one. And it's after... the Elsa!

        Margulis:   You're in the way!

           Ziggy:   What?!

        Margulis:   Be gone! Well, well. Your inexperience... is beginning to

             Jr.:   Is that a new model?! MOMO, stay back. I'll take him down!

             Jin:   A black E.S. Its agility...

        Margulis:   This swordsmanship... Uzuki!

             Jin:   I thought that was you, Colonel. This location must mean a
                    great deal, due to the fact that you've come all this way
                    here to join us.

        Margulis:   And what if it does? It's not a phenomenon you can handle
                    and you'll never understand its meaning. I'm going to send
                    you and your E.S.s right to your graves!


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Elsa Vanishes                              [1GS-7]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

             Jin:   Colonel, what is Ormus so concerned about? What lies asleep
                    in this place?

        Margulis:   I have nothing else to say to you. You should be ashamed of
                    your ignorance! Now it's time for you to die!!

             Jin:   What's this?

        Margulis:   What?

           Ziggy:   MOMO, what's happening?

            MOMO:   It's a space-time transfer. An anomaly has manifested
                    around the landmass. Imaginary number values increasing!
                    The phenomenon's surface is rotating in reverse phase!

           chaos:   Jin, you have to get out of here now!

        Margulis:   You won't get away from me that easily, Uzuki! Do not

             Jin:   Captain!

             Jr.:   Hurry, you must escape!

        Margulis:   They headed for the Holy Land! How dare they!

        Heinlein:   Let them go, Margulis.

        Margulis:   But, I... Your Eminence! How can you say that? The blessed
                    Saint sleeps in that land.

        Heinlein:   She is already in our possession. Even if they were able to
                    reach the place, there would be nothing for them to find

        Margulis:   What was that?! Don't tell me you've already acted?

        Heinlein:   Yes. I have a new task for you! Return at once. Do you

        Margulis:   Yes, Your Eminence.

             Jr.:   Come back here, you bastard!

        Margulis:   Uzuki! Unfortunately, we'll have to settle this later. In
                    the meantime I want you to concentrate on saving your
                    friends. You have got to think of something to help them
                    out at this point. That is, if there is a way to help save
                    their poor souls.

             Jin:   But, Colonel.


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Elsa Bridge                                [1GS-8]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

       Professor:   Hurry up and reverse the thrusters! That border surface is
                    nasty! It'll grind this ship to dust!

        Matthews:   Tony!

            Tony:   Aaaaaaah!

    Hammer/Scott:   This ain't happening, this ain't happening.

            Tony:   Damn it! The logical drive is shot! We don't have any
                    power! It's no good. It won't hold. We're gonna crash!
                    Brace yourselves!


 Chapter 1 - Gedalya Space - Search for the Elsa                        [1GS-9]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

             Jr.:   Mary, can you locate the Elsa's position?!

            Mary:   We're on it. Wait a sec. How are we? Did you trace it?

      100-Series:   IFF lost! Unable to determine the Elsa's location!

         Shelley:   Were they shot down?!

            Mary:   No way! Besides, we didn't detect any explosions.

         Shelley:   Regardless of what happened, we won't be able to learn any
                    more from here. Let's hurry to Little Master's location.

            Mary:   Yeah. Hear that, Little Master? Wait just a little bit.

             Jr.:   Yeah, gotcha. Please hurry. Jin! How's it look over there?

             Jin:   I'm afraid the Reuben's sensors won't be able to show us
                    any more. We'll have to wait for the Durandal's arrival.

             Jr.:   Dammit. Just be okay, guys.

 Chapter 2                                                    [LIGHTNING WALTZ]

 Chapter 2 - Opening                                                      [2OP]

 Chapter 2 - Opening - Dinah Takes Flight                               [2OP-1]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------



 Chapter 2 - Opening - Flashback                                        [2OP-2]
 -------------------------------                                        -------

 Shion Narrative:   One year has now passed since the battle in Old Miltian
                    space. Ever since the Zohar was swallowed up by the giant
                    Gnosis, the Gnosis phenomenon has increased in frequency,
                    and the people are now constantly exposed to its threat.
                    Yet, despite the large number of star systems that have
                    been destroyed by the Gnosis, people continue to resist,
                    refusing to cooperate with each other, and engaging in one
                    pointless conflict after another. I found myself full of
                    questions. I wanted to know more about the Immigrant
                    Fleet-- the organization that was behind the Miltian
                    Conflict-- as well as the words that were spoken by the
                    Patriarch Sergius. He said that the Ormus are the rightful
                    possessors of the Zohar, so I began to investigate. I
                    wanted to know more about the relationship between the
                    Miltian Conflict and the Zohar on my own. Six months ago, I
                    encountered a group of people called Scientia. I was able
                    to obtain their aid as I found myself becoming more and
                    more involved in an incident that revolved around a
                    mysterious program called Lemegeton. It turned out to be a
                    Zohar control program which was developed during the Lost
                    Jerusalem era. Its creator, Grimoire, continued to wander
                    the U.M.N. as a mental entity in search of a being. He was
                    searching for Nephilim, the girl in the white dress that
                    has appeared before me countless times. The existence of an
                    organization controlling Grimoire from the shadows came to
                    light: Vector's Special Technology Advancement Division.
                    This department, jointly managed by the government and
                    private industry, had been wiped from the records, but
                    there was no doubt it had been created by the Organization
                    I worked for. Vector also had contact with the U-TIC
                    Organization, and the U-TIC Organization was connected with
                    Ormus. But the evidence was concealed, and the truth had
                    been buried away into the darkness. Everything except for
                    one fact. I found out the name of the individual who was in
                    a lead position at that time in the management office. When
                    I saw the name, Suou Uzuki-- I felt nothing. No surprise,
                    no sadness, and no anger. To be honest, I felt nothing at
                    all. Somewhere in my heart, I think that I must have
                    expected it. All I could feel was a sense of resignation,
                    knowing that the inevitable had finally come to pass. And,
                    I decided to quit my job at Vector. The friends I made
                    there, and KOS-MOS... were the only bonds I had linking me
                    to Kevin, but I couldn't stand being there any longer.
                    Maybe I did it to atone for all of the victims. Maybe it
                    was to strike back at my late father, who had abandoned my
                    mother. No, it wasn't for either of those reasons. It was
                    probably that I--


 Chapter 2 - Opening - Dinah's Arrival                                  [2OP-3]
 -------------------------------------                                  -------

           Shion:   Let's see. I'm supposed to meet him at the hotel. There's
                    still some time. I think I'll look around the city.


 Chapter 2 - Opening - Orbital Elevator                                 [2OP-4]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------


 Chapter 2 - Dmitri Yuriev                                                [2DY]

 Chapter 2 - Dmitri Yuriev - Dmitri's Memory                            [2DY-1]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

         Gaignun:   Where am I? What? G-get away! Stop! Stay back! Stop! Stop
                    it! Stop it! Don't touch me! Stop it! Don't talk to me! I
                    refuse to acknowledge you! Stop talking to me! Stop it! I
                    won't do what you want! I-I... U...U-DO


 Chapter 2 - Dmitri Yuriev - Dmitri and Citrine                         [2DY-2]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

         Citrine:   ...Yuriev. Dr. Yuriev?

          Dmitri:   Hmm?

         Citrine:   Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well?

          Dmitri:   I'm just having some trouble getting along with my son. I'm
                    fine. Please continue.

         Citrine:   Yes, sir. Currently, the operational experiments are
                    underway in the research ward. And the Doctor wishes to
                    give you a report.

          Dmitri:   I see. Accompany me, Citrine.

         Citrine:   Yes, sir.


 Chapter 2 - Dmitri Yuriev - Sellers's Intention                        [2DY-3]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

         Sellers:   So, you've finally decided to come listen to me, Dmitri

          Dmitri:   I see you're as unfriendly as ever, Sellers. I don't have
                    much time. Just tell me the results.

         Sellers:   You're as bad as Margulis. You "commanders" are so
                    inflexible. Anyway, the start-up experiment has already
                    succeeded. The problem is--

          Dmitri:   What?

         Sellers:   Look at these values.

         Citrine:   The pulse from the temporal lobe is unstable. Perhaps
                    there's a problem in the link with the pilot.

         Sellers:   This is based on the prototype recovered from the ruins of
                    Miltia. It was originally calibrated for an Ormus priest.
                    So these results are unsurprising. Same as the power
                    supply. It was designed to match the Original Zohar.
                    Currently, we're operating it using the spare emulator unit
                    I constructed, but because of it, the output is unstable,
                    and the link with the pilot is poor.

          Dmitri:   Are you saying it won't run?

         Sellers:   Exactly the opposite. It generates too much power, and
                    we're unable to stop it. Federation's technicians are no
                    fools, but Ormus is much more experienced in regards to
                    this. If we at least had Vector participating, the outcome
                    might have been a little different. Why did you remove them
                    from the project?

          Dmitri:   The Lemegeton incident. I'm sure you're aware they were
                    involved in it. I don't know what he's scheming, but I
                    can't allow him to gain top secret information.

         Sellers:   What about the alternative you're using in place of
                    KOS-MOS? Have you determined its origin? It may be another
                    Vector plot.

          Dmitri:   I have people working on that now. Even if it was, it's
                    still just an anti-Gnosis weapon. We'll just use it for our
                    own purpose. Now, give me an update on the Merkabah.

         Sellers:   No visible problems with that thing. We've already
                    completed the final calibration. Thanks to the Y-Data you

          Dmitri:   Did I hurt your pride?

         Sellers:   Take that how you like. But I hope you appreciate my work.
                    I painfully reconsctructed it by putting the fragments
                    together. It would almost have been faster to build it from
                    scratch. Of course, with the core in this condition, I
                    can't guarantee its safety.

          Dmitri:   There's not much time left before the demonstration. I
                    trust you'll have it ready by then.

         Sellers:   Of course. Otherwise, there'd be no point of me being here.
                    By the way, have you found an opponent? You're going to
                    need something impressive to fight this thing.

         Citrine:   Don't worry. That's already been arranged.

         Sellers:   Oh?

          Dmitri:   It's the perfect opponent to silence the fools that support

 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem                                              [2FJ]

 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Grumbling Togashi                        [2FJ-1]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

         Togashi:   Big news! Big news! Hey, where's the new Chief?

VectorResearcher:   If you're looking for Chief Ridgeley, he went out to the
                    city. He said he was meeting someone.

         Togashi:   A meeting? Oh, he must have gone to see Chief Uzuki. What
                    does he think he's doing at a time like this? He should
                    just tell her he's in love with her. He needs to make up
                    his mind and act.

VectorResearcher:   By Uzuki, you mean Shion Uzuki, the former Chief? She took
                    responsibility for the Gnosis terrorist and resigned,
                    right? Was she Chief Ridgeley's girlfriend?

         Togashi:   What? If she were, he would be delirious. But reality is

VectorResearcher:   So, what's the big news? Did something happen?

         Togashi:   Oh, yeah. KOS-MOS is going to be the opponent for the new
                    weapon in the demonstration.

VectorResearcher:   New weapon? You mean that--

         Togashi:   Yeah, that crazy thing. I guess they want to acquire real-
                    world combat data along with the activation test. But
                    they've sure got a lot of confidence to pick KOS-MOS as the

VectorResearcher:   Yeah, they may have removed her from the project, but she's
                    still ready for combat. Do they think they can win over
                    support if it defeats KOS-MOS?

         Togashi:   Yeah, I hear there's a lot of Vector-friendly Parliament
                    members in the government. It's probably a move to take
                    some wind out of that faction. I can't believe they're
                    using the product of our stress and caffeine as a political
                    tool. They'll learn not to mess with the Princess of First
                    Division. We're gonna send them packing. Dammit, we need to
                    get started on the calibration work right away! What the
                    hell is the new Chief doing at a time like this?!


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Reunited with Allen                      [2FJ-2]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

           Allen:   Ch-Chief! It's good to see you again.

           Shion:   Allen! You're looking well.

           Allen:   Actually, I could use some sleep, but I got more energy
                    than others. You're looking well, too, Chief.

           Shion:   Hey, could you stop using "Chief"? I'm no longer part of
                    Vector. You can call me Shion.

           Allen:   What? Oh, um, Shi-Shi-Shi- Chief... It's hard to change
                    what I call you after all this time.

           Shion:   Really? Seems easy enough to me. Well, whatever.

           Allen:   I've already got you a room on the uppoer floor, so go
                    ahead and settle in. When you're done, come back down. I'll
                    show you around town.

           Shion:   Hmm. There's a lot I want to talk about, so why don't you
                    come up with me?

           Allen:   Wh-what?! Go with you? The room is a double.

           Shion:   Of course. No one's expecting a suite. Ah, there's the

           Allen:   No, I mean-- W-wait, Chief!


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Shion, Miyuki, and Allen                 [2FJ-3]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Shion:   So, how are things? Is everyone doing well?

           Allen:   Yes, they're all fine. But they don't seem to be very happy
                    with the sudden decision to cancel the project. I'm not
                    happy about it either.

           Shion:   They didn't give any advance notice?

           Allen:   Nothing of the sort. Second Division had already begun the
                    next phase along with First Division, so they wound up
                    putting a lot of work to waste. Miyuki said they're all in
                    a really bad mood. The government is compensating our
                    financial losses, but they can't compensate us for the time
                    we spent on this project.

           Shion:   Is that really how Second Division feels and not how Miyuki
                    feels? That girl was so excited about KOS-MOS's weapons

           Allen:   Hmm? Who is it?

          Miyuki:   Hi, Allen. Is Shion there yet? Oh, there you are.

           Shion:   "Oh"? Is that all you have to say to your former coworker
                    after not seeing her for six months?

          Miyuki:   Six months? We just met last--

           Shion:   Six months ago. Remember?

          Miyuki:   Oh, uh, yeah, right. Has it really been that long?

           Allen:   Huh?

           Shion:   Ah, um, nothing. I can't believe Miyuki lost track of time!

          Miyuki:   Yeah, I guess time just flew by. Anyway I bet you're happy,
                    Allen, since you're all alone in a hotel room with Shion.
                    Are you planning to enjoy some "quality time" with her
                    after this?

           Allen:   Wha-wha-what are you talking about?!

          Miyuki:   Hehehe, I hit the nail on the head, huh?

           Allen:   Wh-what are you talking about? I-I-I'm not that kind of
                    guy! Jeez!

          Miyuki:   Ooo, a little nervous stutter? Men are such animals!

           Shion:   You two. Miyuki, did you have some reason for calling

          Miyuki:   Oh, yeah. I'm going to need the necessary weapon details by

           Allen:   Weapons? For what?

          Miyuki:   For KOS-MOS, of course. Didn't Togashi tell you? There's
                    going to be a public demonstration to show off that new
                    weapon tomorrow. And KOS-MOS is going to be a part of it.
                    Rumor is, she's going up against it.

           Allen:   What?! This is the first I've heard about it! Besides, I've
                    already taken today off, and--

          Miyuki:   What are you talking about? Please send the details by this
                    evening. It takes time to put these things together, you
                    know. Anyway, that's how it goes, so good luck, Chief

           Allen:   W-wait a minute!

           Shion:   Sounds like you're a pretty busy man, Chief Ridgeley.

           Allen:   Uh, yeah, I'm sorry. Looks like I have to get back to work.
                    I'd actually planned to show you a good time around town
                    after this, but--

           Shion:   Don't worry about it. Hey, do you think I can sit in on the
                    public demonstration tomorrow? I would love to see KOS-MOS
                    and everyone else, too. Think that'll be all right?

           Allen:   Oh. Sure, I'll ask the Director to let you observe as a
                    special advisor. Officially, you left the company on a
                    positive note, so I doubt there'll be any problems. I'll
                    come by and get you tomorrow.

           Shion:   Sounds good. Thanks.


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Transmission from chaos                  [2FJ-4]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

           Shion:   Huh? chaos?! How've you been!

           chaos:   I'm fine. You're looking well.

           Shion:   What's with the sudden-- Wait, that communication code...
                    are you on this planet?

           chaos:   Yeah, we just arrived. They made us wait quite a while
                    during entry. It was hard trying to calm down Jr.

           Shion:   Jr.'s with you? Then--

           chaos:   Yeah. We're all here. We came on the Durandal.

           Shion:   The Durandal? That's unusual for you. What happened to the

           chaos:   Umm...

           Shion:   chaos?

           chaos:   Actually, that's what I need to talk to you about.

           Shion:   Hmm?

           chaos:   Do you have some free time right now?

           Shion:   Huh? Sure, but is something wrong?

           chaos:   I'll head there now. Where do you want to meet?

           Shion:   How about the café near the Möbius Hotel?

           chaos:   Okay.

           Shion:   See you soon, then.


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Shion Collapses                          [2FJ-5]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

   News Reporter:   Commodore Jose Xavier, commander of the Andras fleet
                    assigned to the Gedalya region, declared that his fleet had
                    engaged with the Ormus fleet in the region. It appears that
                    upon receiving this information, the Ormus fleet occupying
                    planet Michtam commenced military action towards the
                    Federation fleet in the region. The Andras fleet was sent
                    to investigate an asteroid that was recently discovered in
                    the Gedalya region. For days now, the Andras fleet has been
                    locked in a stalemate with the Ormus fleet, which claims
                    ownership of the asteroid. At present, it is unclear why
                    Ormus has dispatched a fleet to Gedalya space, which is
                    under Federation control. A spokesman for Ormus has stated
                    that they have no desire for combat. It is believed that
                    the Ormus fleet commenced military action after several of
                    its requests to the Andras fleet to leave the region were
                    ignored. After--

           Shion:   The Elsa's missing?!

           chaos:   We set out to investigate a floating object at the request
                    of the Subcommittee. But the U.M.N. in that region of space
                    suddenly shifted. We think they probably fell into an
                    imaginary pocket.

           Shion:   So, what happened to everyone?! Are they okay?

           chaos:   External communication's been cut off. We don't know what's
                    going on inside.

           Shion:   I see. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help. You probably
                    already know this, but I quit my job at Vector.

           chaos:   Yeah, I heard from Jin.

           Shion:   I'll try contacting Allen, but it sounds like KOS-MOS may
                    be mixed up in something else.

           chaos:   Ah, don't worry about it too much. Jr. said it wouldn't
                    hurt to ask. Anyway, I just wanted to let you in on what's
                    going on.

           Shion:   Sorry I can't be of more help.

   News Reporter:   Due to the acceleration of the Gnosis phenomenon, the
                    Galaxy Federation government has issued an evacuation order
                    to planetary governments in the outlying areas of Gnosis
                    activities. The Federation Government has issued a
                    statement that the Gnosis phenomenon that occurred last
                    month in Ogdoas space has resulted in the disappearance of
                    over 100 planetary governments in that region. The Galaxy
                    Federation government has established an emergency task
                    force and deployed A.G.W.S. to the regions in question, but
                    it is believed that it has not resulted in the reduction of
                    the phenomenon. But it is--

           chaos:   There are more incidents like this happening these days.

           Shion:   Jin's still on it, isn't he?

           chaos:   Yes. He's on the Durandal right now, helping out with the
                    Elsa's rescue.

           Shion:   I see.

           chaos:   Are you worried?

           Shion:   Well, maybe a little. But it's not like he'd listen to me.

           chaos:   Shion? Are you all right? You look pale.

           Shion:   Oh, I'm fine. I've just been a little tired lately.

           chaos:   Shion!


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - A Mysterious Consciousness               [2FJ-6]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

           Shion:   Where am I?

Mysterious Voice:   Shion...

           Shion:   These are U-DO's waves?

Mysterious Voice:   Shion?

           Shion:   What? Is it calling me? Where are you? Who's calling me?

Mysterious Voice:   Shion, a word to define an individual. Are you Shion?

           Shion:   That's right. I'm Shion. Who are you?


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - A Promise with Allen                     [2FJ-7]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

           Shion:   Where am I? The hotel? Oh, that's right. I met up with
                    chaos, and then I started feeling sick. chaos must have
                    carried me here. I'll have to apologize later. Oh, it's
                    you, Allen.

           Allen:   Chief! What happened? I've been calling you for a while.

           Shion:   Calling me? Did something happen?

           Allen:   That's what I want to know. Please tell me you're okay!

           Shion:   What? Yeah, I'm fine. Oh, the demonstration!

           Allen:   Don't tell me you forgot. You're the one who said you
                    wanted to go. It's gonna start without you.

           Shion:   I'm so sorry! I'll be right there. Where are you now?

           Allen:   I'm down in the hotel lobby.

           Shion:   Okay. I'll be right there.


 Chapter 2 - Fifth Jerusalem - Meeting in the Lobby                     [2FJ-8]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

           Shion:   I'm sorry, Allen. I'll make it up to you later.

           Allen:   Don't worry about it. Shall we go?

           Shion:   What's wrong? You're awfully quiet. Is something on your

           Allen:   Oh, uh, yeah. Something's been bothering me.

           Shion:   Huh? Sounds like something's up.

           Allen:   You know Dmitri Yuriev, right?

           Shion:   The former Parliament member? He's Jr.'s father, right?
                    What about him?

           Allen:   Well, the Contact Subcommittee is no longer in charge of
                    the Zohar Project. It's been transferred to the military
                    and is now headed by Dmitri Yuriev. The development of the
                    next-generation key unit in this mock battle is also under
                    his command.

           Shion:   The military took over from the Subcommittee? That sounds
                    pretty fishy.

           Allen:   Yes. I've heard a lot of ominous things about this next-
                    gen unit. I've also heard the KOS-MOS project was canceled
                    due to pressure from the government. I have a feeling
                    something bad is going on up there.

           Shion:   Yuriev was a very charismatic member of the Federation
                    Parliament, right?

           Allen:   I heard he also had the ears of the military.

           Shion:   So that's where the pressure came from. Still, what I did
                    had some weight on what happened with KOS-MOS. Don't you
                    think you're jumping to conclusions?

           Allen:   I'd like to think that, but--

           Shion:   You sound worried.

           Allen:   You'll understand when you see it, Chief.

 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground                                           [2CG]

 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - CAT Testing Ground                    [2CG-1]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------



 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Allen's Explanations                  [2CG-2]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Allen:   This is the core of the Zohar Project, humanity's final
                    defense against the Gnosis.

           Shion:   That's some security. I'll need to thank the Director.

           Allen:   It's a major project for the military-industrial complex.
                    It's on a whole new scale now. Oh, someone's calling me.

         Togashi:   Chief! Where are you? If you don't hurry up, you'll miss
                    KOS-MOS's performance.

           Allen:   Oh, don't worry. We're already inside the facility.

         Togashi:   Then Chief Uzuki is with you?

           Allen:   Yeah, she's right beside--

         Togashi:   Man, you go shoving work onto me, and now you're standing
                    there grinning--

           Allen:   Wh-I'm not grinning!

         Togashi:   I'm kidding. Don't take it so seriously. Anyway, just leave
                    things over here to me. You two enjoy the show. Now, don't
                    try to pull anything just because you're alone with her.

           Allen:   Wh-shut up! What are you talking about?!

           Shion:   Heh heh heh heh!

           Allen:   Now you're laughing, too!

           Shion:   Sorry. It's just, none of you have changed at all.

           Allen:   Now you're making fun of me, too.

           Shion:   I'm not, I'm not! Come on, let's go, Chief Ridgeley!


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - T-elos's Demonstration                [2CG-3]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

           Shion:   That's the exercise area? It's larger than I expected. It's
                    almost like an army bombing range.

           Allen:   Yes. They're promoting it as an activation test along with
                    a mock battle that's very close to real combat, but...
                    Togashi thinks it's a demonstration by the Salvator
                    faction. If funding gets approved, the military intends to
                    start mass production of the new unit immediately.

       Announcer:   We will now begin the startup test and mock battle
                    performance of the new model anti-Gnosis humanoid fighting
                    system. Now, for this test we will be using a mock battle
                    form, limiting output to 36% of normal.

           Shion:   That's... KOS-MOS?!

           Allen:   Are you surprised? She looks just like KOS-MOS. Development
                    code TP-XX, also known as T-elos. The ultimate, finished
                    unit. A startling advancement in science, as they say.

           Shion:   T-elos. So, this is the source of your worries?

           Allen:   Yeah, well, that's half of it. She's one-half of the new
                    anti-Gnosis weapon system that was brought in to replace
                    KOS-MOS as the core of the Zohar Project.

           Shion:   Half? Wait a minute. I don't understand. You mean there's
                    another one?

           Allen:   Yes. This one's fine. The problem lies with the other one.
                    Well, soon you'll understand. But don't be surprised if it
                    shocks you when you see it.

           Shion:   Those are Gnosis! And there's so many of them. But why are
                    they here?!

           Allen:   The military requisitioned them from Vector for this
                    demonstration. Although, Chief, I believe that you would
                    know more about that than me.

           Shion:   Gnosis! Gnosis seized by Vector!

           Shion:   Amazing! Her speed is incredible!

           Allen:   According to the specs, both her reaction time and Hilbert
                    strength are three times KOS-MOS's combat frame. She's the
                    Galaxy Federation's trump card.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Roth Mantel                           [2CG-4]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Shion:   Who designed her?

           Allen:   No one knows. Not even the staff were informed of where she
                    actually comes from. If we could take apart the OS, we
                    might be able to guess based on how the code's written, but
                    the environment's proprietary, and we can't get anywhere
                    close to it. Oh, that over there is Roth Mantel, the man in
                    charge of the T-weapon development.

           Shion:   Huh!


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Dmitri's Suspicions                   [2CG-5]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------

          Dmitri:   Did you find anything?

         Soldier:   I'm sorry, sir. Nothing besides the resume that's been
                    provided. We've investigated his supporters as well, but
                    it's completely clean.

          Dmitri:   What about you?

         Sellers:   I've never seen him before, and I know the faces of
                    everyone in my trade.

          Dmitri:   Hmm. I can feel their waves from him.

         Sellers:   "Their"? You mean the Immigrant Fleet? You can tell?

          Dmitri:   Who do you think I am?

         Sellers:   My apologies. All members of the Immigrant Fleet have at
                    least some affinity to the waves from the Zohar. It's no
                    surprise you can feel that. What will you do, then?

          Dmitri:   We stick to the plan. If he is one of them, we'll merely
                    use that to our advantage. And if he has no use to us, I'll
                    dispose of him myself. Perhaps during the Michtam invasion
                    that will begin soon.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Omega Res Novae                       [2CG-6]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

       Announcer:   Next, we will begin a mock battle between the anti-Gnosis
                    humanoid weapon system and the new model human-piloted
                    weapon. Initiating test phase two. All systems functioning

           Shion:   KOS-MOS!

           Shion:   That is-- Omega? But how?

           Allen:   I told you you'd understand when you saw it. They're
                    calling it Omega Res Novae. None of us at Vector knows
                    exactly where they got the designs for it.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - KOS-MOS's Final Check                 [2CG-7]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

         Togashi:   Stay calm, just stay calm. It just looks tough, there's
                    nothing to it. All right, KOS-MOS. Full power. Show no
                    mercy and send it home packing.

         KOS-MOS:   Acknowledged. I will respond with assault mode, referencing
                    past combat data. Estimating forty seconds to enemy
                    contact. Maximum output.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Juli Monitors                         [2CG-8]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

            Juli:   The pilot's condition looks good.

Zohar Researcher:   Yes. Nerve impulse values are nominal. Everything looks

            Juli:   Can you hear me? You may hear some noises and see some
                    light, but there's nothing to worry about. Just concentrate
                    on the web patterns in front of you. You'll feel much

Zohar Researcher:   Dr. Mizrahi. Does he understand us?

            Juli:   I don't know. But I think it's more effective to say
                    something than nothing at all.

Zohar Researcher:   Is that like the pre-natal education that was popular
                    during the Lost Jerusalem era? Even if he can't understand
                    the meaning, the nuance and the intent of the speaker might
                    get across.

            Juli:   It's just to ease the mind. Our minds.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - KOS-MOS vs. Omega                     [2CG-9]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

      Observer 1:   Excellent, [...]

      Observer 2:   [...] less than half that of the T-weapon.

      Observer 1:   What? It's over already?!

      Observer 2:   Is she going to be okay?

       Announcer:   KOS-MOS: damage at 12%.

      Observer 3:   Omega's not moving!

      Observer 2:   [...] starting to take effect.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Omega Malfunctions                   [2CG-10]
 ---------------------------------------------------                   --------

            Juli:   What's wrong?

Zohar Researcher:   I don't know. The brainwave values are unstable. Pilot's
                    mental state is abnormal.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Omega Out of Control                 [2CG-11]
 -----------------------------------------------------                 --------

       Announcer:   Due to an unexpected incident, we are now ending the
                    demonstration. Please follow [...]'s instructions as you


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Experiment Halted                    [2CG-12]
 --------------------------------------------------                    --------

            Juli:   Cut the link to the emulator! Hurry! If it keeps up we'll
                    lose control! How's the pilot?

Zohar Researcher:   His brainwaves have stabilized.

            Juli:   Recover Omega and force-eject the cokpit. Get him out of
                    there, now.


 Chapter 2 - CAT Testing Ground - Roth Mantel and Shion                [2CG-13]
 ------------------------------------------------------                --------

            Roth:   It's a pleasure to see you, Chief Ridgeley. It's a shame
                    about KOS-MOS.

           Allen:   Please don't worry yourself.

            Roth:   Who's your companion?

           Allen:   Oh, she's one of KOS-MOS's designers, Shion--

            Roth:   Ah! You must be Shion Uzuki. It's an honor to meet you.
                    What is it? Is there something on my face?

           Shion:   What?

       Announcer:   Special Advisor Roth Mantel. Please report to the T-elos
                    maintenance room.

            Roth:   Oh, excuse me.

           Shion:   You seem quite busy.

            Roth:   We're still in the middle of development, so there's much I
                    have to see to. I hope we can speak more leisurely at some
                    later time. Good day.

           Allen:   What's with his attitude? Anyway, let's go.

           Shion:   Yes.

 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS                                        [2RK]

 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - Reunited with Juli                 [2RK-1]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

            Juli:   Shion?

           Shion:   Oh, Juli! It's good to see you again.

            Juli:   I don't think we've seen each other since the Gnosis
                    Terrorism. You look well.


 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - Catching up on Events              [2RK-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------------              -------

           Shion:   I didn't realize you were here, too.

            Juli:   Yes, the Subcommittee is involved in the project as well.
                    Of course, all I'm actually doing is measuring values and
                    babysitting. I heard from your brother whath happened.
                    You've had a tough time.

           Shion:   You've seen Jin?

            Juli:   Yes, he's been doing jobs for me frequently. You haven't
                    seen him lately? I heard the Durandal is in port. Jin
                    should be with them.

           Shion:   Oh, uh, it's just-- since that incident, we've been having
                    a hard time talking with each other.

            Juli:   I get it. I'm sure he's worried about you. You should at
                    least say hello.

           Shion:   I'll try.


 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - Mysterious Boy, Abel               [2RK-3]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

            Juli:   Hmm? What is it, Abel? Is this what you want? Here you go.

           Shion:   A child?

            Juli:   His name is Abel. My primary job is to facilitate smooth
                    communication with him.

           Shion:   I understand. But why with a child so young?

            Juli:   Because this young man is an invaluable member of the Zohar

           Shion:   He's involved with the Zohar Project?


 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - Nephilim's Portrait                [2RK-4]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

           Shion:   This is Nephilim. How does he know what she looks like?

       Announcer:   All phases of the performance program are now over.
                    Supervisors for each weapon are requested in the conference

            Juli:   Well, it looks like T-elos's data feedback is done. Now I
                    have to go entertain government officials. Honestly, I
                    can't believe I'm spending time on something like that.

           Shion:   Heh heh heh.

            Juli:   Oh, Shion. Why don't you go see your friends?

           Shion:   What? But that's--

            Juli:   The areas past section 7 are security level B, but you
                    shouldn't have any problem. After all, you were a major
                    contributor to the KOS-MOS project. I'll contact security.

           Shion:   Thank you.

            Juli:   Use the transporter from the terminal up ahead. You should
                    be able to get to Vector's research wing from there.


 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - VX-7000                            [2RK-5]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

           Shion:   Wait, this is a VX-7000!

           Allen:   It's because of the Gnosis terrorism. Since we don't know
                    when or where they'll attack, the top brass is leaving
                    nothing to chance.

           Shion:   I see. Vector's participating, too, so I guess it's only

           Allen:   Does it bring back memories?

           Shion:   Well, yeah.


 Chapter 2 - Reunited with KOS-MOS - Decision to Dispose                [2RK-6]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

         Togashi:   Chief!

VectorResearcher:   Welcome back, Chief.

           Shion:   I'm glad everyone is looking well. Too bad about what
                    happened down there.

         Togashi:   Well, considering what she was fighting, I think she did a
                    pretty good job.

           Shion:   Yes, you're right. By the way, could you stop calling me
                    Chief? I don't work here anymore.

         Togashi:   No matter where you go or what you become, you're still our
                    dear Chief. Right, Chief Ridgeley?

           Allen:   Huh? Oh, uh, well, yeah.

           Shion:   Thanks, guys. Where's KOS-MOS?

         Togashi:   She got beat up pretty badly, so she's undergoing

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, you're still doing your best. But what am I doing?
                    What would you think of me if you saw me now?

           Allen:   Chief...

           Shion:   Hmm?

           Allen:   I guess you're concerned about KOS-MOS.

           Shion:   Oh, it's not that, I-- After seeing KOS-MOS and everyone, I
                    just feel like you've all left me behind. That's all.

           Allen:   Chief...

           Shion:   I'm sorry. I think I'll be going. Thanks for everything

           Allen:   Chief! Um, tomorrow!

           Shion:   Hmm?

           Allen:   T-tomorrow, would you like to go out for a bite in the
                    city? I found this great restaurant the other day and--

           Shion:   Sure, sounds good.

           Allen:   Yeah, I figured you'd be busy. Then, maybe next time--

           Shion:   I said, sure!

           Allen:   Huh? What? R-really?

           Shion:   Yeah. When would be a good time? I'm free all day.

           Allen:   Uh, um, okay, let's meet in the hotel lobby at 7PM. I'll
                    come get you.

           Shion:   Okay. I'll be waiting.

           Allen:   Th-th-thank you! See you then! Good night!

           Shion:   Good night.

            Roth:   Excuse me. Is this the KOS-MOS maintenance room? It's
                    smaller-scale than I expected.

         Togashi:   Special Advisor Roth Mantel? Why are you here? Did you come
                    to gloat to the losers?

           Allen:   Calm down, Togashi. I apologize. What can we do for you?

            Roth:   Oh, that's quite all right. What he said isn't exactly

           Allen:   Excuse me?

            Roth:   I mean, I came here to finish off the losers. I need you to
                    gather your things together at once.

         Togashi:   Wait a minute! What about KOS-MOS's repairs?

            Roth:   There's no need. KOS-MOS will never awaken again.

           Allen:   What are you talking--

            Roth:   This will explain it.

           Allen:   What? Decision to dispose of KOS-MOS... What the hell is

            Roth:   It's exactly what it says. The Subcommittee voted on the
                    decision a short while ago. There is no need for us to
                    waste our resources. So, we're pouring it all into T-elos's
                    development. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid she's going to be

           Allen:   I can't believe it. How can they scrap KOS-MOS?

 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir                                      [2PS]

 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Nephilim's Warning               [2PS-1]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

          Doctus:   So, this is the footage from the T-weapon demonstration?
                    You're got guts recording secret government information
                    right out in the open. I bet you could earn a pretty penny
                    if you became a GNN reporter.

           Shion:   Stop joking and take a look at it. Do you think you can
                    extract any data from this footage?

          Doctus:   Not right away. I'll need some time.

           Shion:   Please try. This T-weapon and an unknown developer are the
                    core of the government's project. I'm sure we can find all
                    sorts of things once we start poking around.

          Doctus:   So, you think Vector is involved in this as well? But they
                    canceled KOS-MOS's development, right? Aren't they being a
                    little roundabout?

           Shion:   True. But the way T-elos looks, I can't believe Vector
                    isn't involved. Something we know nothing about is
                    happening quickly.

          Doctus:   All right. Leave it to us. Also, there was something
                    interesting in the data from the other day.

           Shion:   Is it information about my father?

          Doctus:   No, we haven't found that yet. But we did find a keyword:

           Shion:   Canaan? You mean, that Canaan?

          Doctus:   No, not the Realian. We think it's a name of some program
                    or system used for observation or investigation.

           Shion:   Canaan...

          Doctus:   We don't have the details on its objective, but one thing
                    is clear, Vector has been using this "Canaan" for over one
                    hundred years to search something.

           Shion:   Can you find out some more about it? 

          Doctus:   We can, but it'll cost extra.

           Shion:   What? You're going to charge for it?!

          Doctus:   Just kidding. It may have something to do with that
                    Realian, so it's on the house.

           Shion:   Huh?! Nephilim. What is it?

        Nephilim:   Trying to protect someone does not always lead to

           Shion:   What?

        Nephilim:   Grimoire only wanted to find me. But that made a great many
                    people suffer. With him gone, the Gnosis phenomenon should
                    have stopped expanding. But it didn't. Shion, the Gnosis
                    phenomenon happening now is not caused by Lemegeton. A
                    certain being is leading this universe to destruction.

           Shion:   Destroy the universe? Who would do that?

        Nephilim:   A sad individual who continues to exist for his own
                    atonement. He hopes for happiness of the one important to
                    him, but that will bring suffering to many.

           Shion:   Atonement? Important to him?

        Nephilim:   Yes, for that person who is important to him, he feels it
                    is acceptable to throw away this world. Shion, the only one
                    who knows where we are headed is KOS-MOS. The only one who
                    can open KOS-MOS's heart is you. So, please--

           Shion:   Wait. Nephilim... KOS-MOS's heart.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Nephilim and chaos               [2PS-2]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

        Nephilim:   I knew I wouldn't be able to tell her.

           chaos:   I know.

        Nephilim:   The truth is too hard for Shion right now. If she let it
                    pass without knowing, it would be so much easier.

           chaos:   Learning the truth doesn't always lead to happiness. They
                    might even be better off if they live without it. But
                    sometimes, the truth seeks you out. I think the fact that
                    Shion is here is telling us that. She must learn the truth.

        Nephilim:   Maybe so. But it's only a matter of time before Shion's
                    heart and body are--

           chaos:   What if that's inevitable? My existence and yours... may be
                    an inevitable part of this world where all things flow to a
                    certain point. If our reason for existing is that we are
                    meant to exist--

        Nephilim:   I don't think there's only a single future. A single human
                    thought can change the world. You're the one who taught
                    people that.

           chaos:   What I can do is limited. I still don't even know how I
                    should use this power. Why am I allowed to exist?

        Nephilim:   chaos...

           chaos:   I want to believe in the existence of order born from
                    discord. That's why I'm with them.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Program Canaan                   [2PS-3]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------

          Canaan:   There's nothing suspicious in the data concerning this man
                    called Roth Mantel. I checked Vector as well to be sure,
                    but there was no information on him at all.

            Juli:   I'm sure Dmitri's done that as well. But why has he placed
                    him at the core of the project now?

          Canaan:   Perhaps that's just how attractive the T-weapon system is.
                    It's also possible he wanted to eliminate Vector's

            Juli:   Yes, but I bet there's more to it than just that.

          Canaan:   I also have information regarding the Elsa. In order to
                    break through that hypersphere, we will need output on the
                    level of the phase transfer cannon equipped on Omega.

            Juli:   That's not going to happen. We can't use it considering how
                    unstable its systems are. And besides, Dmitri would never
                    authorize it.

          Canaan:   Then breaking through that hypersphere is impossible with
                    current Federation technology.

            Juli:   You mean we'll have to give up on rescuing the Elsa?

          Canaan:   No, I just said it can't be done with Federation
                    technology. According to my database, there is another
                    weapon capable of breaking through it.

            Juli:   Another weapon?

          Canaan:   KOS-MOS's Tertiary Weapons System. She is capable of the
                    same output as an E.S. So she may be able to break through.

            Juli:   KOS-MOS is already slated for disposal, so it's just as
                    unlikely as your first suggestion. Is your situational
                    analysis capability defective? How are we supposed to equip
                    her with her Tertiary Weapons System... and send her to
                    that region of space?

          Canaan:   With all due respect, you are the one who is unable to
                    analyze the situation, Dr. Mizrahi. That freighter
                    infiltrated a region of space under martial law for an
                    illegal expedition. Officially, it doesn't even exist. If
                    you want to rescue something that doesn't exist, you'll
                    have to take a certain amount of risk.

            Juli:   You mean--

          Canaan:   Yes. KOS-MOS has already been thrown out. That doesn't mean
                    we can't reuse her.

            Juli:   You certainly don't think small, do you.

          Canaan:   I was designed specifically for such objectives.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Heinlein's Words                 [2PS-4]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

        Margulis:   What did you say?

        Heinlein:   I said to abandon it. Did you not hear my words?

        Margulis:   Pardon my words, but Omega was originally ours. How can we
                    abandon it? Your Eminence, please, order its recovery.

        Heinlein:   There is no need.

        Margulis:   Then, please, tell me why. I did not understand our retreat
                    at Rennes-le-Château. And now this. Please, tell me your
                    thoughts, your Eminence.

        Heinlein:   Omega has returned to its rightful master. And I have
                    already taken measures to deal with the Zohar Project.
                    There is no need for you to interject, Chief Inquisitor.

        Margulis:   Its rightful master? Are you saying that it did not belong
                    to us? That's the first I've heard of it. In fact, fifteen
                    years ago, on Miltia, I--

        Heinlein:   Know your place, Margulis. Do you intend to let your desire
                    overcomb you and destroy your faith, like Sergius?

        Margulis:   N-no, of course not, Your Eminence. My apologies.

        Heinlein:   You sound tired, Margulis. Rest for a while. You are

        Margulis:   Yes, Your Eminence.

        Heinlein:   Margulis, everything is God's will. There is no need for
                    concern. Do not question. Do as I say, and all will be


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Wilhelm and Kevin                [2PS-5]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

   Red Testament:   All preparations are complete.

         Wilhelm:   Good. This spiral cobweb will capture her heart.

   Red Testament:   And when it does, she will willingly wrap its threads
                    around herself in order to find the truth.

         Wilhelm:   Why do humans insist on searching?

   Red Testament:   The human mind holds limitless potential. If they continue
                    to seek and search, they shall eventually become gods.
                    That's probably what they believe.

         Wilhelm:   What we can do is limited. For precisely that reason, we
                    need a world that is fitting for us. And we are the only
                    ones who can accomplish that. Dreams, future,
                    possibilities. She was born to put an end to these fleeting
                    illusions. Everything follows the destined flow.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Juli's Proposal                  [2PS-6]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

           Allen:   How am I supposed to explain this to the Chief? There's no
                    way I can tell her that KOS-MOS has been slated for

            Juli:   It's dangerous to get lost in thought while walking.

           Allen:   What?! Oh, Committee Member Mizrahi. Can I do something for

            Juli:   Could I speak to you for a moment, Chief Ridgeley?

           Allen:   Sure. What is it?

            Juli:   I want you to get in touch with Shion soon. Do you know her
                    personal contact information.

           Allen:   Sure, that's no problem, but what's going on?

            Juli:   They've decided to dispose of KOS-MOS, correct? I need to
                    speak to her about that. I'd like you to come along as
                    well, of course.

           Allen:   Oh, that's right, of course you'd know about that.
                    Actually, I was just trying to figure out how I'm going to
                    tell her about KOS-MOS.

            Juli:   Relax. I won't let them dispose of KOS-MOS. That's what
                    we're going to talk about.

           Allen:   Huh?


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Information from Doctus          [2PS-7]
 -------------------------------------------------------------          -------

          Doctus:   I watched that footage. It's certainly astonishing.

           Shion:   So, did you find out anything?

          Doctus:   We did some research on T-elos, but we found no relevant
                    information in any database. Everything from its official
                    project proposal to the budget is a complete blank.

           Shion:   What about his supporters? Did he erase everything about
                    him in order to preserve secrecy?

          Doctus:   No, no records ever existed in the first place.

           Shion:   How is that possible? It's being used by the military.

          Doctus:   Beats me, but that's the truth. But, you know, if he's
                    clean on the surface, he's probably dirty as hell deep
                    down. Hey, is it possible to transfer KOS-MOS directly
                    through the U.M.N.?

           Shion:   No, all advanced AI devices, including KOS-MOS, need a
                    U.M.N. tube for transport. Basically, they have to go
                    through the hyperspace or it will damage their functions.
                    In other words, some sort of ship is necessary when moving
                    one. Why do you ask?

          Doctus:   Well, about a week ago, a Dominic transport ship affiliated
                    with the Hyams company, docked at Fifth Jerusalem's 47th
                    port. When I checked its cargo records, I found something
                    interesting. At the time of docking, the port's mass
                    detectors recorded a total mass of 3751 tons. But at the
                    time it left port, it was 3750.79 tons. The Dominic has a
                    regular crew of three. This weight difference wasn't caused
                    by people. In other words, these records show that
                    something must have been taken off the ship. Normally, any
                    cargo unloaded into the container terminal, even if it's a
                    government secret, has some sort of record registered. But
                    this time--

           Shion:   There was no record.

          Doctus:   Right. What's the mass of the bare minimum equipment
                    required to maintain KOS-MOS?

           Shion:   Hmm. It depends on the type of frame she's using, but
                    probably around 200kg-- Ah!

          Doctus:   That may be the missing piece. Assuming it wasn't
                    constructed on Fifth Jerusalem.

           Shion:   Then Ormus is involved in T-elos's development? But, why
                    would they do that?

          Doctus:   Who knows? But it's disturbingly obvious. They may be
                    deliberately drawing attention to it to cover up something

          Miyuki:   What's up? Hey! You guys already started! You could have
                    invited me, you know!

          Doctus:   You haven't missed a thing. By the way, have you already
                    taken care of what I asked for?

          Miyuki:   You betcha!

          Doctus:   Shion, we've pretty much finished researching your father.
                    There are some things in life one is better off not
                    knowing. Do you still want to know?

           Shion:   Yes. I have to know the truth.

          Doctus:   This record is in regards to the U-TIC Organization fifteen
                    years ago.

           Shion:   The Federal Advanced Technology Special Inspection Bureau.
                    That's the name of the government office that was observing
                    U-TIC at the time.

          Miyuki:   Yes. And... the person who was appointed to Miltia as the
                    Federation government's inspector was-- Uh...

           Shion:   I was right, wasn't I?

          Miyuki:   Yes. It's just like you said.

           Shion:   Dad was the U-TIC Organization inspector. He must have had
                    some kind of contact with Professor Mizrahi.

          Doctus:   Shion...

          Miyuki:   But that doesn't mean he conspired with Professor Mizrahi
                    and summoned the Gnosis. Th-this sort of thing happens all
                    the time, you know? An incompetent government bureaucrat
                    fails to stop a crisis, and it turns into a catastrophe.

           Shion:   What?

          Doctus:   What kind of example is that?

          Miyuki:   It, uh, I mean...

           Shion:   It's okay, don't worry about it. I suspected it all along.
                    Even if he was just an incompetent bureaucrat like you
                    said, he's still guilty of standing by and letting
                    something like that happen.

          Miyuki:   Ngh...

           Shion:   I finally know why Jin doesn't like the idea of me getting
                    involved as well. I feel better now that I don't have to
                    wonder anymore.

          Miyuki:   Shion...

           Shion:   That's right. I suspected it all along. That's why I--

          Miyuki:   Oh, it's from Allen.

           Shion:   I'll take it over here.

          Miyuki:   Sh-Shion!

          Doctus:   Shion!

           Allen:   Hello! Huh? Ch-Ch-Ch-Chief, what's wrong?!

          Doctus:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief! Are you all right?! Chief!

           Shion:   Allen...

           Allen:   Are you all right, Chief? You scared me. You collapsed
                    right as the connection went through.

           Shion:   You came to check on me?

           Allen:   Well, I was the closest.

           Shion:   I see.

           Allen:   Of course, even if we were a million light years apart, I'd
                    still be here in a flash.

           Shion:   Eh heh heh heh...

           Allen:   Want something to drink? I had an MC here a few minutes
                    ago, but he said it was probably overexertion. Have you
                    been pushing yourself lately?

           Shion:   Yeah. I'm sorry for worrying you.

           Allen:   Wait, you need to stay in bed.

           Shion:   I'm fine now. A lot happened today. I'm sure that's the

           Allen:   Chief, I, uh, have a message for you from Committee Member

           Shion:   From Juli?

           Allen:   Yes, she says she wants to talk to you, so she'd like to
                    meet with you on the Durandal tomorrow. But if you're not
                    feeling well, I'll ask her to postpone it.

           Shion:   You worry too much. I'm fine now. Oh, but, tomorrow we

           Allen:   Ah, it's okay. Talking with Member Mizrahi is much more
                    important. Don't worry about canceling our plans. We don't
                    have time to be going out to eat dinner.

           Shion:   Allen, let's go out for a bit.

           Allen:   What? Sure, if you like, that's fine with me.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Night in the Park                [2PS-8]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

           Shion:   It feels good out here. I love the night air.

           Allen:   Yes, this area is under environmental protection, so
                    there's a lot of trees and plants.

           Shion:   I'm sorry about our dinner plans for tomorrow. I didn't
                    mean to substitute it like this.

           Allen:   Please don't worry about it. The location wasn't important
                    to me. Anyway, this kind of atmosphere is much more

           Shion:   Atmosphere?

           Allen:   Oh, n-nothing. Just talking to myself. Ow! Hot! Hot!

           Shion:   Oh!

           Allen:   Oh, s-sorry.

           Shion:   It's all right. We almost wasted a magnificent dinner.

           Allen:   Magnificent? It's just prosciutto.

           Shion:   Come on. A single thought can change the world. Even fast
                    food can become an elegant dinner. Oh.

           Allen:   Huh?

           Shion:   I just had déjà vu. Kevin used to like eating outside, too.

           Allen:   Did you eat together with him a lot?

           Shion:   Yeah. I was new, so he always treated me.

           Allen:   Oh, okay.


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Canaan and Doctus                [2PS-9]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

          Canaan:   How long do you intend to hide there?

          Doctus:   I suppose I shouldn't be surprised I can't sneak up on you.

          Canaan:   What do you want?

          Doctus:   I'll cut to the chase. Who are you?

          Canaan:   I believe I gave you my personal data some time ago.

          Doctus:   I'm not interested in that painted-over information. I want
                    to know what you were originally made for.

          Canaan:   What are you talking about?

          Doctus:   Oh, are you going to pretend you don't know? Program
                    Canaan, a surveillance program listed in the records of top
                    secret Vector data. It's programmed into your mind.

          Canaan:   Program Canaan? You're bluffing. That keyword doesn't exist
                    in my database.

          Doctus:   Are you going to play dumb? What is it you're trying to
                    hide so badly?

          Canaan:   Wait. Hold on. I really don't know. There really is a
                    program with that name?

          Doctus:   So, they kept its functionality secret, even from yourself.
                    All right. I'll believe you.

          Canaan:   What's this?

          Doctus:   It's partial data on Program Canaan we obtained from
                    Vector. If you want to confirm its validity, you'll have to
                    do it yourself. Oh, and one warning. Even if you weren't
                    aware of the program's existence, it still affects your
                    behavior. If you interfere with us, even if it isn't by
                    your own will, we won't hesitate to eliminate you. Keep
                    that in mind.

          Canaan:   ...


 Chapter 2 - Phenomena Begin to Stir - Next Day                        [2PS-10]
 ----------------------------------------------                        --------

           Shion:   Looks like it's about time. I'd better hurry to the

 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission                                     [2KM]

 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission - Old Friends                     [2KM-1]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

             Jr.:   Hey, Shion! You're looking well!

           Shion:   Looks like you're all doing good, too.

             Jin:   Shion.

           Shion:   Jin?! That's right. I completely forgot you were with them.

             Jin:   Is that any way to greet the brother you haven't seen in a
                    while? Everyone else is already here. You know, you really
                    should be a little more punctual--

           Shion:   Yes, yes. Everyone's here now, right? Let's get started.

             Jr.:   Ha ha ha! You haven't changed a bit, Shion. Juli and the
                    others are waiting. This way!


 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission        [2KM-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------------------        -------

            Juli:   Shion, have you heard about KOS-MOS?

           Shion:   KOS-MOS? No. What's going on?

           Allen:   Committee Member Mizrahi, I'll tell her. Chief, they've
                    decided to scrap KOS-MOS.

           Shion:   Scrap? You can't be serious.

            Juli:   I'm afraid it's true. They made the decision yesterday.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS...

            Juli:   I understand how you feel, but there's no time to get
                    depressed. I want you to listen carefully to what I'm about
                    to say, and then make a decision.

           Shion:   Hm?

            Juli:   First, take a look at this.

           Shion:   What is it?

             Jr.:   It's a hypersphere that appeared during a battle with
                    Ormus. The Elsa was swallowed by it.

            Juli:   Right. And now, this hypersphere is beginning to shrink.
                    It'll likely continue to shrink to Planck-scale size and
                    then disappear from this dimension.

           Shion:   What will happen to the Elsa?

            Juli:   At this rate... it will be taken into phase space along
                    with the hypersphere. If that happens, it'll be impossible
                    for us to rescue them. If we don't break through this
                    hypersphere, we can't rescue the Elsa.

             Jr.:   But weapons on the Durandal or E.S.s don't even make a

            Juli:   The surface of that hypersphere is connected to imaginary
                    space. Ordinary attacks are useless against it. Its only
                    weak spot is a part called the Klein Point. If we can
                    pierce that point with a high-output weapon and reverse the
                    space, then perhaps.

             Jr.:   You've gotta be kidding me! How the hell can we do that?

           Shion:   Oh! KOS-MOS! KOS-MOS's phase transfer unit!

            Juli:   Exactly. KOS-MOS's Tertiary Weapons System may be able to
                    break through that hypersphere.

           Allen:   But KOS-MOS has been slated for scrap. How are we supposed
                    to do this? Besides, there's no way we'll get permission to
                    use the Tertiary Weapons System.

           Shion:   Hmm.

            Juli:   Yes, that's why I've gathered you all here. KOS-MOS is
                    currently awaiting disposal inside the Zohar Project

           Ziggy:   You're planning to steal KOS-MOS?

            Juli:   There's no other way to rescue the Elsa. I'll guide you
                    during the infiltration, but it'll still be dangerous.
                    It'll be up to you to decide.

           Shion:   All right. I'll do it. I can't just abandon the Elsa's
                    crew, or KOS-MOS.

             Jin:   Shion!

             Jr.:   Yeah, I guess if we do them a big favor now, we'll be able
                    to make use of it later.

            Juli:   Then it's settled. We don't know how long the hypersphere's
                    shrinking will last. We need to begin immediately. We move

           Shion:   Right. Let's get ready and--

           Allen:   Chief? Are you all right?

           Shion:   Yes, I'm fine--

             Jin:   Shion?

           Shion:   Nnnh...

           Allen:   Chief!

             Jin:   Shion!


 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission - Shion's Condition               [2KM-3]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

           Allen:   Jin.

             Jin:   You look tired. I'll take over now. Please get some rest.

           Allen:   No, I'm fine. I'm more interested in hearing the results of
                    her examination.

             Jin:   Even the medical staff here doesn't know what caused her
                    collapse. They say it's probably exhaustion or something.

           Allen:   She collapsed once at the hotel, too. She seems to have
                    been busy lately, so maybe that's it.

             Jin:   I see.


 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission - Jin's Kindness                  [2KM-4]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

             Jin:   How are you feeling?

           Shion:   I'm sorry for worrying you.

             Jin:   Are you still working with Scientia?

           Shion:   Oh, you knew.

             Jin:   Allen said you've been busy. I figured that might be it.
                    Ever since you were little, you'd rush forward without
                    stopping once you've set your mind on it. And never heeded
                    my advice.

           Shion:   You're quite correct.

             Jin:   Well, it's all right as long as you're healthy.

           Shion:   Herbal remedy? You could have just handed it to me, you


 Chapter 2 - KOS-MOS Recovery Mission - A Creator's Duty                [2KM-5]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

            Juli:   Are you feeling all right?

           Shion:   Yes, I just needed some rest. I feel great now.

            Juli:   I envy you.

           Shion:   Hm?

            Juli:   I think anyone would. You've been true to your beliefs
                    after you resigned from Vector after the Gnosis terrorism.

           Shion:   I don't know. I mean, I'm not even really sure, myself.

            Juli:   And here I am, still doing the same thing I always have
                    done. Not asking or thinking whether what I am doing is
                    right or wrong.

           Shion:   Are you regretting your participation in the development of

            Juli:   Maybe. It's a weapon with absolute power and no clear
                    objective. And yet, I'm participating in its development so
                    I can prove myself to society. To clear the shame from the
                    name, "Mizrahi."

           Shion:   Do you think KOS-MOS's very existence is dangerous, too?

            Juli:   Shion, KOS-MOS isn't a weapon. It's probably strange for a
                    scientist to say this, but I have a feeling that KOS-MOS
                    possesses something very important.

           Shion:   Something important--

            Juli:   Unlike the human-based Realians, KOS-MOS is composed
                    entirely of machines. How much real difference do you think
                    there is between the bundles of protein that make us, and
                    the machines that compose her? We're both a wave that make
                    up this universe. The only difference is the number of
                    ripples. I think if we have hearts and minds, then it's
                    evident that she would have them as well.

           Shion:   Do you think KOS-MOS possesses a heart?

            Juli:   Isn't that what you wish?

           Shion:   Maybe, but maybe not.

            Juli:   I don't know what your thoughts and intentions were when
                    you built her, but no matter what happens, I want you to
                    believe in KOS-MOS. And more than anything else, you must
                    believe the person who built her, yourself. That's your
                    duty as her creator.

           Shion:   Juli...

             Jr.:   Did Juli head back to the facility?

           Shion:   Yes, she said she's going to get things ready for our

             Jr.:   Okay. We should get started, too. There's not much time.
                    Stock up on anything you'll need.

           chaos:   Let's meet in the lobby of Shion's hotel. We won't look
                    suspicious meeting in town, and it's close to the facility.

             Jr.:   Is that okay with you, Shion?

           Shion:   Sure, that's fine.

             Jr.:   Okay. Let's get moving!

 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration                                             [2TI]

 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Group Assembles                         [2TI-1]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

             Jr.:   Everyone ready?

           Allen:   Listen, we're going up against an important facility of the
                    Galaxy Federation military. They'll attack intruders
                    without stopping to ask questions, so stay on your toes.

             Jr.:   You're the one we're most worried about.

           Allen:   Hey! I know that facility better than anyone else here.

           Shion:   I know. I'm counting on you.

           Allen:   Chief...

             Jin:   Sorry to interrupt your tender moment, but we don't have
                    much time. Let's get going.


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Rendezvous with Miyuki                  [2TI-2]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

          Miyuki:   Shion! Over here! Come on, hurry!

           Allen:   Hey, hey, not so loud. Do you want them to find us? So, is
                    everything ready?

          Miyuki:   Yep, all set! I tweaked the security, so you've got a free
                    pass inside.

           Shion:   I hope you didn't make any mistakes this time.

          Miyuki:   Oh, come on, you can trust me! You're the one who told me
                    not to do anything dangerous and then asked me to help you.

           Shion:   There wasn't anyone else I could ask.

          Miyuki:   What about Doctus? You could have asked Scientia!

           Shion:   They're busy with something else. Besides, this is our own
                    problem. I can't ask them to help with this.

          Miyuki:   Ah-hah, I knew it! You're only using me because there's no
                    one else!

           Allen:   Tch-ha ha ha ha.

          Miyuki:   Hey! Stop laughing!

             Jr.:   So, how do we get in?

           chaos:   The main gate is sealed, isn't it?

           Allen:   Don't worry. We can get in by using the mono-carrier below.
                    We'll also use the transporters within the facility. As for
                    the route, first we'll head from deck number two to the
                    exercise area. Past that is a transporter on deck number
                    five. That'll take us to the research wing where KOS-MOS

          Miyuki:   Right! Just leave the rest to me! I've got something up my
                    sleeve just in case we get caught. And I'll even help fight
                    against any guards we may happen to run into.

           Shion:   Your job is to make sure we don't get caught. Please don't
                    screw this up, Miyuki.

           chaos:   Nch-ha ha ha ha ha...

             Jr.:   Heh heh heh...

          Miyuki:   Hey! I said stop laughing!


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Unresponsive Elevator                   [2TI-3]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------

          Miyuki:   Good work, guys. All that's left is to take this elevator
                    to the research wing. We can relax now.

             Jr.:   Well, that was pretty easy.

          Miyuki:   I told you I had everything all set! I'm pretty good, huh?

           Shion:   Yes, yes, we see how useful you are. Now, let's go.

          Miyuki:   Here we go! Huh? That's weird.

           Shion:   What's wrong? There's not much time. Hurry up.

          Miyuki:   Um, well... the elevator isn't responding.

           Shion:   Miyuki. You screwed up again, didn't you?

          Miyuki:   What? No, wait, it's okay! I thought this might happen, so
                    I prepared another route! So, it's not a problem!

           Shion:   Are you sure about this?

          Miyuki:   Oh, Shion! Everything's fine! C'mon, let's go!

           Shion:   Ahww!


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Elevator in motion                      [2TI-4]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

           Shion:   What's going on, Miyuki? The elevator went past our floor.

          Miyuki:   What? Uh, hmm... I wonder why.

           Shion:   You messed up again, didn't you?

          Miyuki:   No, I couldn't have. I checked it! Really, I did!

             Jin:   This isn't her fault. We are being led somewhere by someone
                    or something.

           Shion:   What do you mean?

           Ziggy:   Where does this elevator go?

           Allen:   Oh, it's, uh... If we keep going down this way, we should
                    end up at a large underground hangar.

             Jr.:   So, something's down there, then, huh.

           Shion:   Oh...


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Omega                                   [2TI-5]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

             Jr.:   Hey, look at that!

             Jin:   That's-- Omega!

             Jr.:   That thing's enormous! What the hell is my idiot father
                    planning to do with that thing?

             Jr.:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief?!

           Shion:   I-I'm fine. I just felt--a little dizzy, that's all.

           Allen:   Maybe you haven't completely recovered yet.

           Shion:   I'm fine. It's nothing, really.

           Allen:   Chief...

           Shion:   It's okay. I'm just a litte light-headed. Oh.

           Allen:   Huh?

           Shion:   That boy-- That's Abel!


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Abel's Guide                            [2TI-6]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

           Shion:   You're Abel, right?

            Abel:   Sad being, this way.

           Shion:   Hey, wait!

             Jr.:   Who's that kid? You know him?

           Shion:   No, but Juli said he's an invaluable member of the Zohar

           Allen:   Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier, but he's the pilot of
                    Omega. He lives in this facility. You see him around CR a

           Shion:   That boy is Omega's pilot? But why is he here by himself?

             Jr.:   Maybe it's a trap?

           Shion:   Who would do that? And more importantly, why? And who does
                    he mean by "sad being"?

           Allen:   Maybe he's trying to lead us to KOS-MOS.

             Jr.:   So, you wanna follow him?

          Miyuki:   Um, I don't understand any of what you just said. What's
                    going on?

           Shion:   Yeah, there's no point in staying here.

          Miyuki:   Hey, wait, Shion!


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - KOS-MOS                                 [2TI-7]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

           Shion:   What are you doing, Allen? Are you all right?

           Allen:   Ow, that hurt! Hey, what is with the ground here? Oh!
                    Chief! L-look!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS! KOS-MOS! How could they do this to you?

             Jr.:   Man, I can't believe they'd trash a top security unit in a
                    place like this. Ah, eh, uh, sorry.

           Allen:   Chief, it's okay. It seems like there aren't any damages.
                    We can reboot her right away.

           Shion:   I don't understand. What's this task? Miyuki, can you tell
                    what this is?

          Miyuki:   Uhhhh-- Beats me. But I think it looks like some kind of
                    feedback from something. I won't be able to tell without an
                    analysis... and we don't have that kind of equipment here
                    for that.

           Shion:   All right. Then it'll just have to wait till later. Let's
                    reboot her and get out of here. Miyuki, I'll run a stalking
                    program against that task, so make a record of it. Ask
                    Doctus to analyze it later.

          Miyuki:   I'm on it!

           Allen:   Chief, I'm gonna start her up.

           Shion:   Please do.

           Shion:   Good morning, KOS-MOS. How are you?

         KOS-MOS:   And good morning to you, Shion. My drive coefficient is
                    down by .3, but everything else is running normal. There
                    are no problems.

           Shion:   Good. I'm sorry, KOS-MOS.

         KOS-MOS:   Is there something wrong, Shion?

           Shion:   No. It's nothing. I'm just happy. That's all.


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Escape from the Facility                [2TI-8]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

             Jr.:   All right then. We shouldn't stay here long. Let's hurry up
                    and get out.

           Allen:   Yes. I agree.

           Shion:   Yeah. KOS-MOS, can you enter battle mode?

         KOS-MOS:   Yes, any time.

           Shion:   Miyuki, move to backup and support KOS-MOS during combat.

          Miyuki:   Why? Why do I have to be backup? I barely got to fight!

           Shion:   Your job isn't to fight, so stop whining.

          Miyuki:   Yes, ma'am.


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Shion Collapses Again                   [2TI-9]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------

           chaos:   I think we can use this.

             Jr.:   One sec. Yeah, it's connected to the exercise area. Looks

             Jin:   Shion, are you all right? You don't look well.

           Shion:   What? It's nothing. I'm...fine--

             Jin:   Shion!

           Allen:   Aheh?


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - U-DO's Inquiry                         [2TI-10]
 ---------------------------------------------                         --------

Mysterious Voice:   Shion...

           Shion:   Is that you calling me again? Who are you?

Mysterious Voice:   What do you seek?

           Shion:   I don't seek anything.

Mysterious Voice:   I want to know. To know you. To know your world.

           Shion:   You want to know me? I want to know you, as well. Tell me,
                    who are you?

Mysterious Voice:   I am the will of the universe. You identify me as U-DO.

           Shion:   You're U-DO?

            U-DO:   What do you desire from the world?


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Shion Awakes                           [2TI-11]
 -------------------------------------------                           --------

           Shion:   Nnnn...

           Allen:   Chief!

            MOMO:   Shion! Thank goodness.

           Allen:   Chief?

           Shion:   What? Why am I... What happened?

             Jr.:   Are you really okay?

           Shion:   Yeah, sorry. I'm-I'm okay now.


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - Gnosis Attack                          [2TI-12]
 --------------------------------------------                          --------

             Jr.:   Woa!


 Chapter 2 - The Infiltration - To Gedalya Space                       [2TI-13]
 -----------------------------------------------                       --------

             Jr.:   Geez, what the hell is the military thinking keeping things
                    like that around?

             Jin:   Yes, it's definitely not an admirable hobby.

           Shion:   Anyway, it looks like everyone's okay.

           Allen:   Well, we were able to recover KOS-MOS.

           chaos:   Then there's no reason for us to stay here. Let's return to
                    the Durandal and hurry to the Elsa's rescue.

           Shion:   Yes.

             Jr.:   Yeah.

 Chapter 2 - Hypersphere                                                  [2HE]

 Chapter 2 - Hypersphere - Durandal Launch                              [2HE-1]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------



 Chapter 2 - Hypersphere - Roth Watches the Durandal                    [2HE-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

  Blue Testament:   So, what are you gonna do with them? Are we just going to
                    let them go?

            Roth:   That's a foolish question. As we've observed, the compass
                    swings sharply when Shion comes into contact with KOS-MOS.
                    The Thirteenth Key. Even without our intervention, they
                    will reach that location.

  Blue Testament:   I guess everything followed the destined flow, huh. Don't
                    tell me you knew this was going to happen from the
                    beginning. Ooh... scary, scary.

 Chapter 3                                                         [RED DRAGON]

 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château                                            [3RC]

 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Penetrating the Hypersphere            [3RC-1]
 -----------------------------------------------------------            -------

 Gedalya Space

           chaos:   The differential boundary strength of the surface is 910e.

             Jr.:   Damn, you're kidding! Touch that and say good-bye, huh?

           Shion:   Gnosis?! Why are they here?

             Jin:   Shion, there's no time. Head straight for the coordinates!

           Shion:   I got it! Are you ready, KOS-MOS?

         KOS-MOS:   Initialization complete. Safety released.

           Shion:   We're in range. Do it anytime, KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Acknowledged.

             Jr.:   What the hell? What's going on?

            MOMO:   Oh no! Even KOS-MOS can't disturb it!

           Allen:   Chief, maybe this is beyond us!

           Shion:   Just believe in KOS-MOS! It's all right. I know that she'll
                    be able to do it!

         KOS-MOS:   Setting weapon deployment to maximum output!

           Shion:   All right!

             Jr.:   Oh yeah! We're going in!


 Chaper 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Durandal Crew Rejoices                  [3RC-2]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

      100-Series:   E.S. craft have penetrated the hypersphere! The surface
                    fissure has closed. Gnosis swarm in the surrounding space
                    has disappeared! All E.S. craft lost from radar. All
                    communications are cut off.

            Mary:   All right! They've made it through!

         Shelley:   It's too early to celebrate. The Gnosis probably vanished
                    in order to pursue them. The real challenge starts now.

            Mary:   I'm sure they'll manage. We just have to believe in them.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Roth Mantel and Virgil                 [3RC-3]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

  Blue Testament:   You sure are infatuated with her. Is it regret from the
                    time when you still wore a mantle of flesh? Or is it
                    because of ambition you still hold?

            Roth:   ...

  Blue Testament:   Heh, so, now you're going to use the daughter in place of
                    the imperfect mother? The Maiden who invites the spreading
                    Gnosis. You're one heartless bastard. And it's not like you
                    don't know what this is going to cause.

            Roth:   It is necessary for the new world. Is your cloak just a

  Blue Testament:   Hmph, I don't like the idea of that thing as the womb, but
                    whatever. I'll give you a hand. We just need to destroy
                    KOS-MOS, right?

            Roth:   It is beyond your power. The only one who can destroy
                    KOS-MOS is T-elos.

  Blue Testament:   Oh, really? So I guess my job is to attend to the
                    princess's little whims. Works for me. I'll lead the


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Communication with the Elsa            [3RC-4]
 -----------------------------------------------------------            -------

           Ziggy:   What does the scan of the interior show?

            MOMO:   Temperature: 18 degrees Celsius. Pressure: 0.94. Wind
                    speed at landing point is 20 m/s. Atmosphere is 77%
                    nitrogen, 20% oxygen with traces of argon and carbon
                    dioxide. The air is breathable.

             Jr.:   What's the Elsa's position? Can we get in touch with the

           chaos:   There's a response on the underside of the object.

            MOMO:   I'm opening the channel.

     Tony/Hammer:   Woohoo! We're saved! We're gonna get out of here!

          Hammer:   Little Master! Thank God you're here!

        Matthews:   Out of the way! Can't believe you're gettin' all excited
                    just because they showed up.

             Jr.:   You guys sound like you're doing just fine.

        Matthews:   Of course. You can't run a salvage business if you let
                    every little setback get you down.

             Jr.:   Looks like there's a couple of exceptions to that rule.

        Matthews:   Hey! Stop goofin' around and get to your posts!

             Jr.:   We're on our way there now. Get the hangar ready for us.

        Matthews:   Roger. We'll be waiting to welcome you.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Exploring the Floating Landmass        [3RC-5]
 ---------------------------------------------------------------        -------

             Jr.:   You can't escape?! Why?

        Matthews:   We haven't got a clue. Hey, Hammer!

          Hammer:   The logical drive isn't responding at all. There should be
                    nothing wrong with it since it's fully repaired and
                    functioning normally. Anyway, I haven't got a clue.

             Jr.:   If the logical drive isn't working, there's nothing we can

       Professor:   Yes, as things are now, the environmental bugs will run out
                    of resources first, and then we'll eventually run out of
                    water and oxygen.

             Jr.:   Professor...

       Professor:   Something in this strange land must be affecting it. We'll
                    have to go out and have a look.

           Ziggy:   You're certain that something in this land is causing it?

       Professor:   It's impossible to be sure, but I think it's worth

             Jr.:   Gotcha. Captain, get things ready so you can launch at any
                    time. Don't worry, we'll have you outta here in no time.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Blue Testament                         [3RC-6]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

             Jr.:   Whoa! Where are we?

            MOMO:   It looks like a cave. A very wide one.

             Jr.:   Hum? Is that Hebrew? No, maybe it's ancient Aramaic?
                    "Behold the great..." Aah! I don't know. I can't read it.

            MOMO:   And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of
                    the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back
                    the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

             Jr.:   Wow! You can read it?

            MOMO:   No, I recognize it. They're exactly the same words that
                    I've seen before. It was recorded and stored in Daddy's

             Jr.:   Mizrahi's?

           Shion:   Look out!

  Blue Testament:   Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Don't you know it's
                    rude to come into someone's home uninvited!

             Jr.:   Testament?!

           Shion:   You! You were in the Song of Nephilim.

  Blue Testament:   Oh, so you remember me? Well, isn't that nice. I find that
                    rather interesting. You see, I remember you, too. I
                    remember that you let me die!

           Shion:   But, Lieutenant Virgil! How?!

          Virgil:   Now don't get all sentimental on me. It's not like I've
                    been hiding out here in this dump all this time just so the
                    two of us can talk about old memories. Hardly! No, I've got
                    business to attend to with your craft!

           Shion:   Wait, Lieutenant! You're right! It's true th-that... that

          Virgil:   Like I've told you before, all your self-righteous crap
                    makes me sick!

            MOMO:   Jr.! Look at the letters on the wall!

          Virgil:   Damn! It's already started.

             Jr.:   Wait! What's going on?!

          Virgil:   You were riding them without even knowing about that? Oh,
                    whoops. And you're still "compelled" to ride them now,
                    huh? Now that really is funny!

           Shion:   What are you talking about?!

          Virgil:   It's quite simple! That is the kind of place this is, to
                    those Vessels of Anima that you're using.

           Shion:   To the Vessels of Anima?

             Jr.:   What the hell are you talking about?!

          Virgil:   Come on. You're not very bright, now, are you? Why don't
                    you just try using your heads a little for once?!


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - White Testament                        [3RC-7]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

          Virgil:   Heh! Well this is interesting. I guess there's just too
                    many of you.

           Shion:   Lieutenant, you died. You're supposed to be dead. So how--

          Virgil:   How did I get here? Is that your question? Am I alive or am
                    I dead? It doesn't really matter. That isn't even
                    important. Then again, it's not something that I would
                    expect you to be able to understand.

 White Testament:   Oh, please. Enough babbling nonsense, partner.

          Virgil:   What's this?! Is the new kid coming to crash the party?

 White Testament:   The time has come! Or, what? Were you planning on staying
                    here forever?

             Jr.:   Th-that voice! A-Albedo? Hey, wait a minute! Albedo! It's
                    you, isn't it?! Did you forget about me?!

           Shion:   Vessel of Anima! Why? You mean you pilot E.S.s as well?!

             Jr.:   No, wait Albedo! What?! What the hell?! Damn! The E.S.
                    isn't responding!

           Ziggy:   Neither is mine. The energy gain is dropping. It's going to
                    shut down!

            MOMO:   Output still dropping! It's no good. Unable to sustain
                    current levels!

          Virgil:   That's what I tried to tell you! Like I said before, that's
                    the kind of place this is. Oh well. Good luck figuring it


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Exploring Deeper                       [3RC-8]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

             Jr.:   Dammit, we'll have to walk the rest of the way.

           Shion:   What did Lieutenant Virgil mean by "that's what kind of
                    place this is"?

             Jin:   I expect the answer to that question lies ahead.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Rennes-le-Château                      [3RC-9]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

             Jr.:   Where are we? Did we come out on the surface? Man, how the
                    hell can something like this be floating out in space?

           Shion:   Huh!? This...is...

             Jr.:   What's up, Shion?

           Shion:   I've seen this place before. It's the place in my dream.
                    Nephilim? Oh, my head--

           chaos:   Shion? Are you all right? What's wrong?

           Shion:   I-I'm fine. It's nothing.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Tomb with E.S. Names                  [3RC-10]
 ----------------------------------------------------                  --------

             Jin:   This is an impressive sight.

             Jr.:   It looks like a tomb. Are those coffins? It's empty. Did
                    some grave robbers get to it or something?

             Jin:   I doubt there would be grave robbers in a place like this,
                    but that is strange.

            MOMO:   Jr.! Look!

             Jr.:   What is it, MOMO?

            MOMO:   This coffin has the name "Asher" on it.

             Jr.:   Huh? This one says "Dinah"? You've gotta be kidding me.
                    They're all E.S. names.


 Chapter 3 - Rennes-le-Château - Recognition                           [3RC-11]
 -------------------------------------------                           --------

           Shion:   This is the place from KOS-MOS's subconscious domain. But
                    why is it here? KOS-MOS, do you know this location?

         KOS-MOS:   No. My memory contains no data regarding our current

           Shion:   Yeah, you've never been here since you were developed. What
                    does this all mean?

 Chapter 3 - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos                                           [3KT]

 Chapter 3 - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos - Sudden Attack                         [3KT-1]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

           Shion:   T-elos! Why is she here?!

          T-elos:   I'm here for the Thirteenth Key. The time of awakening has

           Ziggy:   Wait a minute. What is she?

            MOMO:   She's KOS-MOS.

             Jr.:   So that's the T-Weapon? Someone has a twisted sense of
                    humor, making her look exactly like KOS-MOS.

           chaos:   This presence... But wait, she can't be!

          T-elos:   A simple doll that doesn't even understand its reason for
                    existence. To ensure that I continue to exist as myself...
                    KOS-MOS... I'm going to destroy you.


 Chapter 3 - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos                    [3KT-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

           Shion:   Is it over?

             Jr.:   Hah! Some top-secret weapon that thing was.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion. The enemy unit's output is 4.75 times higher than
                    mine. Therefore we are at a clear disadvantage.

           Shion:   What? Wait, what do you mean?

         KOS-MOS:   I am going to delay the enemy unit. Please retreat

           Shion:   What the!? Even after all those attacks, she's still
                    completely unharmed?

            Roth:   It's useless. We've already completely analyzed her combat

           Shion:   Why are you here?! What do you mean, analyzed? Do you
                    mean... that task?

            Roth:   It's probably against both of your wills, but it's
                    KOS-MOS's fate to be destroyed by T-elos in this place.

           Shion:   How can you even say that to me?! Why are you and T-elos
                    even here to begin with?!

            Roth:   The answer is simple.

   Red Testament:   My job is to observe you.

           Shion:   T-Testament!

   Red Testament:   You have no time to be surprised. Your princess is losing.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, I will only last 140 seconds with my current
                    capacity. Please hurry.

           Shion:   No way! I refuse to leave you behind, KOS-MOS!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS!

             Jr.:   Damn you!

          T-elos:   KOS-MOS, what is the actual reason for your existence? You
                    are nothing more than an empty vessel. How pathetic. You'll
                    never be able to accomplish anything. Return to dust, so
                    that I may truly... awaken!

            MOMO:   What is that?!

           Shion:   A phase transfer cannon?! She's going to fire it at this
                    close range?! KOS-MOS!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS. But why? KOS-MOS! No! Please stop!

          T-elos:   I am order! Not you, KOS-MOS!

           Shion:   Stop it!

            MOMO:   KOS-MOS is--

             Jr.:   Woa! What the hell is that light?!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, no!

   Red Testament:   Now, reveal yourself to us. Show us your spark of life.

            Mary:   What's that? What is going on?!

      100-Series:   Unable to determine. The hypersphere has suddenly begun to

         Shelley:   The gravity variation is too great! We'll be pulled in. We
                    have to leave this area immediately!

            Mary:   Little Master, please respond! Little Master!

         Wilhelm:   It has begun. Once again, in the same place, it has begun.

 Chapter 4                                                        [D-TENERITAS]

 Chapter 4 - Shion's Feelings                                             [4SF]

 Chapter 4 - Shion's Feelings - On the Terrace at Night                 [4SF-1]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Shion:   It's beautiful. It's hard to believe that somewhere out
                    there in that sea of stars, planets are being destroyed by
                    the Gnosis phenomenon.

           Kevin:   In the distant past, people were forced into space by
                    unavoidable circumstances. 4000 years since then, they
                    never encountered any life forms they could call neighbors.
                    Just when everyone had given up and assumed that humans
                    were alone in the universe, the Gnosis approached us in
                    order to erase mankind from the cosmos.

           Shion:   My grandfather used to say that all of creation has a
                    meaning and purpose, and that that's why we're allowed to
                    exist in the universe. If that's true, then perhaps we are
                    fated to perish. Maybe the universe itself is rejecting us.

           Kevin:   Maybe we are the ones that are rejecting the universe by
                    trying to change that fate.

           Shion:   Is that why you built KOS-MOS?

           Kevin:   The planet where I was born was destroyed by the Gnosis. I
                    lost my mother there, as well.

           Shion:   H-oh...

           Kevin:   I was the only one that survived. Sometimes, I don't know
                    if what I'm doing is to atone for not being able to do
                    anything, or to take revenge against those who took
                    everything from me. But I can say that even if the universe
                    desires otherwise, she is our hope.

           Shion:   I think I understand how you feel. I lost my parents on

           Kevin:   Shion...

           Shion:   Why am I here? What should I be doing? Where am I going?
                    It's as if everything is hidden in a deep fog on a distant
                    shore. But right now, if that's where hope lies, I want to
                    grant your wish.


 Chapter 4 - Shion's Feelings - Two Together                            [4SF-2]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

           Shion:   Is this- Is this- the pendant your mother gave you?

           Kevin:   The path I'm walking may be a mistake. I don't know for
                    sure. Will you walk... down this path with me?

           Shion:   Oh, Kevin.


 Chapter 4 - Shion's Feelings - U-DO and Shion                          [4SF-3]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

            U-DO:   Shion, are you feeling joy?

           Shion:   Joy? Yes. I'm happy. Very happy.

            U-DO:   Happy?

           Shion:   I feel fulfilled.

            U-DO:   By this memory?

           Shion:   Yes, it's a wonderful memory. The days I spent with him.
                    Feelings of warmth... I want to stay like this forever.

            U-DO:   Forever...

           Shion:   Even if I were to be born again...

            U-DO:   Eternally...

           Shion:   Over and over...

            U-DO:   Over and over...

           Shion:   Over and over... But--

 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest                                            [4AU]

 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Unknown Place                          [4AU-1]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

           Shion:   Where am I? We went into the hypersphere to rescue the
                    Elsa, and then T-elos and KOS-MOS--! KOS-MOS! Where is
                    everyone?! Where am I?


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Joining Up with Jr.                    [4AU-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

             Jr.:   Don't move!

           Shion:   Nha!

            MOMO:   Jr., wait!

           chaos:   Jr., that's not an enemy!

             Jr.:   What?! Oh, Shion?

           Shion:   Jr.?! Why did you do that?!

             Jr.:   Ah, sorry, I thought you were an enemy.

           Shion:   Could you get off me?

             Jr.:   Oh, sorry.

           Shion:   I'm glad everyone's okay.

            MOMO:   Actually--

             Jr.:   We can't find KOS-MOS or the crew of the Elsa. I'm sure
                    they were transported with us, but--

           Shion:   Transported? Do you mean a warp transfer?

             Jr.:   Yeah, we don't know where we are yet, but it was probably
                    that light.

           Shion:   Oh, no.


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Unbelievable Sight                     [4AU-3]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

           Shion:   It can't be. That's impossible. Jin...

             Jin:   What's wrong, Shion? H-huh! It can't be!

             Jr.:   But it is. There's no mistaking it. That's Labyrinthos.

           Ziggy:   Labyrinthos? From Miltia? Wasn't it destroyed during the

             Jr.:   Yeah, I can't believe it either. But there's no doubt about
                    it. If that exists, that means we're on Miltia, at least
                    fifteen years ago.

            MOMO:   Do you mean we're in the past?

             Jr.:   I don't know about that. We were in the past when we dove
                    into KOS-MOS's subconscious.

           Ziggy:   Yes, that might be possible as well.

           chaos:   ...


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Gunshot                                [4AU-4]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Shion:   Huh!

            MOMO:   Gunshots!

             Jr.:   Over there!

           chaos:   Let's go!


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Federation Soldier Under Attack        [4AU-5]
 ---------------------------------------------------------------        -------

           Shion:   Jin?

             Jin:   Quiet!

    Fed. Soldier:   Dammit! I can't die before I rendezvous with the main

           Ziggy:   Those are combat Realians. Looks like they're against
                    Federation soldiers.

             Jr.:   What do you wanna do? He's not going to last long.

           Shion:   We can't just abandon someone who's hurt. Let's help him!


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Luis Virgil                            [4AU-6]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

    Fed. Soldier:   Who the hell are you? Drop your weapons. I'll shoot you if
                    you don't follow-- Nghaa...

           Shion:   Huh?! It can't be. Lieutenant Virgil?!

             Jr.:   Virgil? The Testament?!

           Shion:   Yes, he looks a little different, but there's no doubt it's
                    him. But how?

          Virgil:   How do you know my--

           Shion:   He's hurt.

          Virgil:   Don't touch me!

           Shion:   Don't move and let me treat your wound!

          Virgil:   Nha...

           Ziggy:   What should we do?

           Shion:   We help him! What else?

             Jr.:   But he's a Testament, right?

           Shion:   Don't ask me. I don't know.

           chaos:   His wounds are serious. If we don't do something soon--

           Ziggy:   We can't leave him here.

             Jin:   Yes. At any rate, let's find a safe location. MOMO, please
                    lend me a hand. I'm going to stop the bleeding.

            MOMO:   Okay!

             Jin:   That should do it. Let's hurry and get him somewhere he can


 Chapter 4 - An Unknown Forest - Febronia                               [4AU-7]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Ziggy:   Is someone there?!

           Shion:   That's Feb? Hey, wait!

            MOMO:   Shion! Virgil's getting worse.

             Jin:   His condition is critical! We have to find somewhere to
                    treat him, quickly!

             Jr.:   But where?

           Shion:   Wait! There should be a church up ahead.

             Jr.:   A church?

           Shion:   Yes. When I woke up in this forest, I felt strange. But if
                    this is Miltia, and that's Feb, then this is a place I know
                    well. If we follow her, we should arrive at an old church.

             Jin:   There's no time to hesitate. Let's carry him there.

 Chapter 4 - Chapel of Memories                                           [4CO]

 Chapter 4 - Chapel of Memories - Church of Memories                    [4CO-1]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

            MOMO:   This is--

           Ziggy:   We saw this place in KOS-MOS's subconscious.

           Shion:   Yes. I met Febronia here. The place holds a lot of memories
                    for me and Feb. He can rest inside here. Let's go.


 Chapter 4 - Chapel of Memories - Young Shion                           [4CO-2]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Shion:   Is anyone there? We have an injured person. May we let him
                    rest here?

      young girl:   Who are you?

           Shion:   Nhah!

      young girl:   Feb! Feb! We've got guests.

           Shion:   That's me?

       young man:   What's all the noise? Who are you people?

           Shion:   Wha--!?

       young man:   Well? What's going on?

           Shion:   Oh, um, we found someone hurt nearby. His wounds are
                    serious and we can't move him, so we came here.

        Febronia:   Someone hurt? Oh, no! Hurry, this way!

       young man:   Febronia, wait. This man is a Federation soldier. Do you
                    realize what you're doing?

        Febronia:   He may be an enemy soldier, but he's still hurt!

       young man:   I don't think that's a good idea. You're a U-TIC
                    Organization Realian, remember? It's bad enough that you're
                    here at all.

             Jr.:   U-TIC?!

           Shion:   Please! He's going to die!

        Febronia:   I know. Take him to the back room.

       young man:   Maybe I should have Professor Mizrahi be a little more
                    strict in the management of Realians. You're a valuable
                    transgenic model. We can't lose you before your growth is

        Febronia:   I'm sorry, but I can't let him die.

       young man:   Febronia!

        Febronia:   If you want to call the soldiers go ahead.

       young man:   Ahh, fine. I wouldn't want to cause a problem with your
                    mental balance over something like this. I'll pretend I
                    don't know about it. Her maintenance medical kit is
                    outside. It's for Realians, but it should be better than

           Shion:   Thank you!

       young man:   Don't mention it. It's not like he's going to live, anyway.

           Shion:   Ah-!


 Chapter 4 - Chapel of Memories - Virgil's Operation                    [4CO-3]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

             Jin:   He's suffered heavy damage to his vital organs. Nanomachine
                    treatment won't be enough.

            MOMO:   The stem cell germination can't keep up. We have to
                    transplant the basic tissue he needs.

             Jin:   Damn. There's nothing we can do.

        Febronia:   Please, transplant my organs. That shound compensate for
                    what's missing.

             Jin:   Transplant? No offense, but you're a Realian. There's never
                    been a case of transplanting organs from a Realian to a

        Febronia:   I'm a transgenic type. I was designed by Professor Mizrahi
                    as a template for next-generation Realians. My body
                    composition is virtually identical to human beings. The
                    cells should have an affinity for each other. So, please.

             Jin:   Even if that's true, what about you? If we remove your
                    organs, then you'll need transplants as well.

        Febronia:   If we temporarily suspend my internal circulation, I can
                    last for several hours. If I return to Labyrinthos during
                    that time, I can regenerate there. I'll be fine. Please,
                    help him.

             Jin:   Uh...

        Febronia:   He's going to die. There's no other way.

             Jin:   Are you sure you want to do this?

        Febronia:   Yes. Please.


 Chapter 4 - Chapel of Memories - Shion and Feb                         [4CO-4]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

        Febronia:   Is he...Did the transplant go well?

           Shion:   Yes. With that quack as the surgeon, I wasn't too sure, but
                    somehow, he managed it. He's sleeping in the back now.
                    Don't worry. The others are with him.

        Febronia:   I see. Good.

           Shion:   You should rest here for a while. Replication may be
                    finished, but your body cycle still hasn't returned.

        Febronia:   Yes. I'll do that.

           Shion:   Um, thanks. For saving him.

      young girl:   Feb, are you okay?

        Febronia:   Yes, I'm okay, Shion. Everything's fine.

           Shion:   Your name's Shion?

     young Shion:   Yeah. Did you and your friends come in that green ship?

           Shion:   Green ship?

     young Shion:   Yeah. A pretty ship I've never seen before came down by the
                    east cave. You were on it, right?

           Shion:   Could that be the Elsa?

           chaos:   Yes. It makes sense for the Elsa to have been sent to the
                    same place with us. We should check it out.

       young man:   I can't believe you went and did this. They're going to
                    question my supervision.

        Febronia:   I did it all on my own. I won't bring any trouble upon you.

       young man:   I certainly hope not. It's about time for the Organization
                    to show up. Could I ask you all to leave? It's only going
                    to complicate matters if you are here.

           Shion:   What about him?

       young man:   Sorry, but he has to stay right here. There is going to be
                    serious trouble if someone finds out I helped an enemy
                    soldier. Once we're gone, you can do as you please.

           Shion:   All right. Shion, thanks for telling me about the ship.

     young Shion:   Sure. Goodbye.

 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine                                                  [4DM]

 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - Aizen Magus                                  [4DM-1]
 -------------------------------------                                  -------

           Shion:   Is someone there?

         old man:   Hmm? Newcomers, eh? Don't you people get tired of harassing

           Shion:   Um, sir, are you in charge of this place?

         old man:   Mheh? You aren't with U-TIC?

             Jr.:   U-TIC? Don't be insulting!

           chaos:   Sounds like something's going on here.

         old man:   If you're not with U-TIC, then it's none of your business.
                    Leave now!

             Jin:   I'm sorry, but we have our own business. We must go past

         old man:   Past here? Hmm? Ah, have you come to investigate that ship?

           chaos:   Our friends are on board.

         old man:   Hmm. That's not going to be easy. My granddaughter Mai is
                    investigating it now, but I imagine U-TIC soldiers are
                    already crawling around inside.

             Jr.:   U-TIC soldiers?

         old man:   Yes. I'll never forgive U-TIC! They took everything! All
                    the valuable resources from the mine, the livelihood of the
                    people who depended on it, and even the life of my son,

             Jr.:   A-a cave-in?!

            MOMO:   No, this explosion was caused by weapons!

         old man:   That's Leupold. I told that girl time and again to avoid

           chaos:   Leupold?

         old man:   Leupold is the Auto-Tech Tethlla used. Mai believes her
                    father's soul lives on in that machine. Together with
                    Leupold, she protects this land.

           Ziggy:   One Auto-Tech is hardly enough to take on U-TIC. What do
                    you want to do?

            MOMO:   Shion!

           Shion:   Sir, I'm afraid we have to go into those caves. Is that all

         old man:   Should be fine. If you run into Mai, tell her to stop
                    fighting and come back.

           Shion:   Will do. By the way, we never asked your name.

         old man:   My name? It's Aizen Magus.


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - Leupold                                      [4DM-2]
 ---------------------------------                                      -------

           Shion:   What was that!?!

             Jin:   Hm, I'd imagine that was Leupold. It looked like it took
                    some damage. We should hurry.


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - Mai Magus                                    [4DM-3]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

             Mai:   Stop right there!

           Shion:   Are you Mai? Your grandfather's worried about you. Why
                    don't you stop fighting and go back to him?

             Mai:   Grandfather is worried about me? You're lying! You won't
                    fool me, U-TIC!

             Jr.:   Hey! We're not lying! He really said that!

             Mai:   I can't believe you'd use a child to try to convince me!
                    You're despicable! Huh! Don't tell me you already got

             Jr.:   Listen to us!

           chaos:   Relax. We just need to get to the ship that's up ahead. We
                    met your grandfather on the way--

             Mai:   The ship ahead? So, you're U-TIC soldiers, just like I
                    thought. You're planning on using that ship to destroy this

             Jr.:   We're not going to do anything! Look, we're not related to

             Mai:   Kid, stay quiet!

             Jr.:   I'm not a kid! Dammit, this is a waste of time. Just get
                    out of our way!


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - A Father's Regret                            [4DM-4]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

             Mai:   You've gone far enough! You're not taking another step! I
                    won't let you. You're not getting away with this any

           Shion:   It's alright. Please Mai, listen to us!

             Mai:   I don't need to listen to you! I won't let you take
                    anything else from me! I won't ever forgive you. Leupold!
                    Time to feel... my father's wrath!


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - Mai's Feelings                               [4DM-5]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

             Mai:   You're even going to take Leupold from me, aren't you? I
                    know what comes next. I'm ready for it. Go ahead and kill
                    me! Just like you killed my father and the people from the

             Jr.:   Get a grip! If we wanted to kill you, we'd have done it a
                    long time ago.

           chaos:   Don't worry. Our attacks on Leupold were just enough to
                    temporarily interfere with its drive system. It should be
                    back to normal soon.

             Mai:   I don't need your pity!

           Shion:   We're not pitying you!

             Jr.:   Whoa, Shion?

           Shion:   Our friends are on that ship. And if you keep getting in
                    our way, we're not gonna hold back! That ship is as
                    important to us as this place is to you. You of all people
                    should understand our feelings.

             Mai:   Hunh...

           Aizen:   Mai! Mai!

             Mai:   Grandfather?!

           Aizen:   Oh, you're hurt! You foolish tomboy!

             Mai:   I'm sorry. They talked about you, so I thought these U-TIC
                    soldiers had gotten you, too.

           Aizen:   These people have nothing to do with U-TIC. Ohh, I swear,
                    your rashness is going to be the death of me. Can't you be
                    a little more ladylike?

             Mai:   The mine workers all ran away in fear of U-TIC! If I don't
                    protect this place, who will? And besides Daddy was--

           Shion:   This place connects you to your father, doesn't it? Don't
                    worry. We won't tread on your memories.

             Mai:   Your ship should be up ahead.

           Shion:   Mai.

             Mai:   If you're done here, then go. I don't need any more

           Shion:   Thank you.

             Mai:   Hmph!

             Jr.:   Geez, she's just as stubborn and aggressive as a certain
                    someone else we know, right Shion?

           Shion:   Why are you looking at me?


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - Reunite with the Elsa                        [4DM-6]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

           Shion:   Captain! You're all okay!

     Tony/Hammer:   Shion!

        Matthews:   Hey, glad to see you're alive, too.

             Jr.:   I knew it'd take more than that to do you guys in.

        Matthews:   Heh, we're not gonna go that easy.

           Allen:   Chief! Thank God! I thought I'd never see you again!

           Shion:   Allen! Hey, where's KOS-MOS? Does anyone know where she is?

           Allen:   Chief, a-about KOS-MOS.

           Shion:   What's wrong?

       Professor:   We recovered the E.S. craft and KOS-MOS, but there was
                    nothing we could do.

           Shion:   What? What do you mean?

       Professor:   It's best you see for yourself. Assistant #2, show her the

           Allen:   Chief, this way.


 Chapter 4 - Dabrye Mine - KOS-MOS's Eternal Sleep                      [4DM-7]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

           Shion:   KOS-MOS! Huh?! No, it can't be.

           Allen:   Her core was damaged during the fight with T-elos.

           Shion:   Huh!

           Allen:   We can repair damage to her frame or her control program,
                    but there's nothing we can do about the black box once it's

           Shion:   That's not true. We can fix her. You're here! And so's the

           Allen:   Chief! You know the only one who could repair the core is
                    Kevin, the designer. KOS-MOS will never move again.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS? No, open your eyes, KOS-MOS. KOS-MOS!

 Chapter 5                                                         [GOLD CROWN]

 Chapter 5 - Miltia                                                       [5MI]

 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Yuriev's Activity                                 [5MI-1]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

            Mary:   How about on your side? Found anything?

      100-Series:   Nothing yet. There are no signs of the Elsa or any E.S.s in
                    the U.M.N. region.

            Mary:   There ain't even a log?

      100-Series:   None.

         Shelley:   How is that possible? If they were transferred in some sort
                    of accident, a log should exist.

      100-Series:   They may have been reduced to Planck-scale along with the

            Mary:   No way! Oh, where've you gone, Little Master? And Master
                    Gaignun is away, too. Little Master?! Huh!

         Shelley:   Committee Member Juli Mizrahi.

            Juli:   I assume from the tone of your voice that something's gone

         Shelley:   The Little Master vanished along with the research target.
                    We're searching for them now.

            Juli:   What? You still don't know where they are?

         Shelley:   Unfortunately, no.

            Juli:   I see.

         Shelley:   Committee Member Mizrahi, I presume you did not contact us
                    to check on the situation.

            Juli:   Yes, there's been a new development in the Federation
                    government. I wanted to inform you at once.

         Shelley:   You sound serious. What is this new development?

            Juli:   The Federation government is moving forward with plans for
                    a full-scale invasion.

            Mary:   What!?! Where!?!

            Juli:   The birthplace of the Ormus Organization. Planet Michtam.
                    The Federation fleet has already set course and is
                    employing the newly-completed Merkabah.

            Mary:   The Merkabah?! So Dmitri Yuriev is behind this?

            Juli:   Yes. If something isn't done, the chaotic wars of the past
                    may descend upon us again. Or perhaps something even worse.

            Mary:   Are they planning to wipe out Ormus?!

         Shelley:   What should we do?

            Juli:   We'll wait and see. Depending on the situation--

         Shelley:   The Federation military may become our enemy?

            Juli:   Dmitri must have a reason for heading to Michtam. That man
                    wouldn't move the entire fleet just to suppress them.

            Mary:   So there's something there, huh?

            Juli:   There was a record of an object in the remaining fragments
                    of the Y-Data inside MOMO. That object was taken by a
                    faction of the Immigrant Fleet when they left Lost

         Shelley:   An object?

            Juli:   The Eternal Circle -- Zarathustra.

    Mary/Shelley:   Zarathustra?

            Juli:   We're still investigating exactly what it is. But Dmitri
                    has the Y-Data as well, and his is in a more complete form
                    than ours. I have a feeling his actions may be related to
                    that object.

    Mary/Shelley:   Oh.

            Juli:   You have the E.S.s and the emulators. So you may be able to
                    stop Dmitri. You would receive full support from
                    Representative Helmer, in such a case.

            Mary:   Helmer!?! Things are that bad?

            Juli:   But we can't do anything if the Elsa is missing.

            Mary:   Leave it to us! We'll find them no matter what! And then,
                    if that old man is doing something stupid, we'll go out
                    there and slap him upside the head!

         Shelley:   Yes. I'm sure Little Master would like to be a part of
                    that, too.

            Juli:   I'm sorry for always asking the impossible from you. I'll
                    head there myself as soon as I can.


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Taking a Break                                    [5MI-2]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------



 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Shion's Dream                                     [5MI-3]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

           Shion:   Where am I?

       young man:   This is hopeless. Without a transplant of the actual base
                    tissue, we can't save him.

        Febronia:   Please, transplant my organs. That should compensate for
                    what's missing.

           Shion:   Is that Feb? Oh, that's right, it's Lieutenant Virgil's

       young man:   No. Think what that would do to you. We can't lose a
                    valuable Realian to save the life of one soldier.

        Febronia:   Our cells should have affinity for each other. I'll be
                    fine. Please, help him.

           Shion:   Wait, that's not Jin.

       young man:   You sound like your mind is made up. Fine. We'll try it.

           Shion:   That's--


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Awakening from the Dream                          [5MI-4]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

           Shion:   Was I dreaming? Yes, I remember, that boy saved him. Jin
                    and the others weren't there then.


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Time Travel                                       [5MI-5]
 --------------------------------                                       -------

             Jr.:   The Vessels of Anima are gone?!

           Shion:   What's wrong?

           Allen:   Uh, there's a little bit of a problem.

             Jr.:   You'd better explain what's going on!

       Professor:   Like I said, the Vessels of Anima are missing. There's
                    nothing wrong with the crafts themselves, but the power
                    cores have just disappeared.

             Jr.:   How can that happen?!

             Jin:   What caused it?

       Professor:   I have no idea.

           Allen:   Perhaps it's a negative side-effect caused by our time

       Professor:   Yes, yes. Speaking of side-effects, things may get even

             Jr.:   What? Even more stuff is gonna go wrong?

       Professor:   Well, we're not really supposed to be here in this world.
                    That contradiction is slowly but surely building up latent
                    heat energy. If we let it keep going, it'll almost
                    certainly end in destruction.

             Jr.:   Destruction of what?

       Professor:   This universe.

             Jr.:   Whaaat?

       Professor:   Well, that might be an exaggeration, but it'll at least
                    blow away this region of space. That's how dangerous this
                    latent heat energy thing is.

             Jr.:   What'll we do? That doesn't sound good.

           Ziggy:   Is there anything we can do?

       Professor:   Well, there is something. We may be able to return to our
                    original time if we contain this latent heat energy with a
                    field and interface with the space-time continuum.

             Jr.:   No problem, then. Let's get started.

       Professor:   Let me finish! All I'm saying is that it's theoretically
                    possible. We don't have anything capable of generating a
                    field powerful enough to contain it. There's nothing we can


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Shion Depressed                                   [5MI-6]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

           Shion:   KOS-MOS... Will you ever wake up again? Will you ever say
                    "good morning" to me again?

           Allen:   Chief, you're here again? Wh-when we get back to our
                    original time, I'm sure we can find a way to fix KOS-MOS.

           Shion:   Allen...

           Allen:   Yes?

           Shion:   Do you really think this is that Miltia?

           Allen:   It's difficult to believe, but the data MOMO's gathered all
                    points to this as the Miltia fifteen years ago.

           Shion:   I don't understand. This is definitely the Miltia from back
                    then. I've met Feb, Lieutenant Virgil, and even my younger
                    self. But I can't just accept it so easily. If this is
                    really Miltia back then, a terrible fate is going to befall
                    this planet in just a few days. Can you believe that?

           Allen:   Well, Jin was saying... if this is really the world of the
                    past, then our actions now could have a dramatic effect on
                    the future. It's certainly true that we don't know what
                    might happen to us if we interfere with the past.

           Shion:   But if that's true, doesn't that mean we might be able to
                    change the past? Don't you wish you could change the past,

           Allen:   Well, yeah, I have all sorts of things in the past I'd like
                    to change. I think most people do. Everyone regrets
                    something. I bet everyone wishes they could redo things.
                    But it's not a good idea to interfere with this world
                    without understanding the situation.

           Shion:   That may be the logical way of thinking, but even so--
                    Dammit, everything is happening at once. I feel like I'm
                    gonna go crazy.

           Allen:   Chief. You're probably tired. How about getting a little
                    more rest?

           Shion:   You're right. I think I'll head to the city to relax.

           Allen:   What? Chief, we shouldn't go outside until we understand
                    our current situation!

           Shion:   I have to do something. I can't just sit around here.
                    Besides, we'll never really figure out our situation unless
                    we go outside.


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Head Out into the City                            [5MI-7]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

           Allen:   Chief, hey, wait a minute!

           Shion:   I can't bear just standing around.

           Allen:   You can't interfere with this world.

           Shion:   You can go tell on me if you want.

           Allen:   Chief...

           Shion:   It's okay. I'm just going to go visit the city. I'll be
                    back in two or three hours, so tell the others not to

           Allen:   According to the information we have, the city is in a
                    battle zone with Federation descent troops. Why do you want
                    to go there? W-wait a minute. I'll go with you.

           Shion:   That's okay.

           Allen:   No, it's not. It's dangerous to go alone. KOS-MOS isn't
                    here, so I'm going to protect you!


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Shion's Father                                    [5MI-8]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

           Allen:   Chief?

           Shion:   Shh. Hide! Is that a U-TIC transport? Looks like it was in
                    an accident.

           Allen:   Was it attacked by the Federation?

           Shion:   Beats me. It's hard to tell from here. Wait. Someone's
                    coming out.

   U-TIC Soldier:   Damn, this isn't good. Looks like a slaughterhouse in here.
                    Oh, Supervisor Uzuki, over here.

           Shion:   What? Dad!

           Allen:   Huh? Dad? He's--

           Shion:   Yes, it's definitely him. Suou Uzuki, my father.

            Suou:   How are the subjects inside?

   U-TIC Soldier:   No good. They're all destroyed with their maintenance beds.
                    We won't be able to use them.

            Suou:   Federation military isn't taking any chances. Thanks to
                    them, the project is going to be delayed even further.

   U-TIC Soldier:   What should we do?

            Suou:   Just retrieve the vital data, then dispose of the rest.
                    Leave the Realians. We'll have the disposal team incinerate
                    them later. Let's go!

           Shion:   Huh!

           Allen:   Ugh, this is awful. What was the point of this? Let's see,
                    model number DZ-2000330. Looks like they're combat
                    Realians. What are you doing, Chief?

           Shion:   This.

           Allen:   Hey, that's an ID.

           Shion:   Lend me your connection gear.

           Allen:   Sure, but why?

           Shion:   I'm going to modify this ID and make us our own.

           Allen:   Wha-what?!

           Shion:   It looks like she was a U-TIC scientist. A Realian
                    coordinator, actually. There're spare uniforms inside, too.

           Allen:   What?! Chief! What are you doing?

           Shion:   There's something I want to check. You can go on back.

           Allen:   I can't leave you alone! Where are you planning on going?

           Shion:   My father probably headed for Labyrinthos. I suspected he
                    was connected with U-TIC. I have to find out what the
                    connection was. If you're coming with me, then hurry up and


 Chapter 5 - Miltia - Miltian Cityscape                                 [5MI-9]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

           Allen:   Things don't look very friendly here.

           Shion:   No surprise there. The Federation front line is only twenty
                    kilometers away. Although, the fact that they haven't
                    declared martial law yet must mean they're not too

           Allen:   Why doesn't the Federation just attack?

           Shion:   They can't. The Realian troops that compose the
                    Federation's main force can't be used.

           Allen:   Why not?

           Shion:   Have you forgotten? The U-TIC Organization has the ability
                    to make Realians lose control. Though I don't think they've
                    been able to expand to the whole star cluster.

           Allen:   The Song of Nephilim!

           Shion:   Yes. On top of that, there are a lot of civilians here, as
                    well as the Zohar. They can't just hit the city with
                    interstellar weapons.

 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility                                                 [5AN]

 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Conversation with a Guard                   [5AN-1]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------

  Security Guard:   ID, please. Wait a minute. You're with the 34th Special
                    Transport Team? There was a report that your team was
                    attacked and destroyed.

           Allen:   Ah, um, yeah, we got lucky and passed out, so we escaped

  Security Guard:   Glad to hear it. So, what happened to the cargo?

           Shion:   The cargo?

  Security Guard:   The Realians.

           Allen:   Oh, they were all destroyed.

  Security Guard:   I hope that doesn't delay the project. A connection
                    experiment using the test subject is going to begin soon.
                    You should hurry. Supervisor Uzuki isn't going to be happy
                    if you keep Professor Mizrahi waiting. Professor Mizrahi's
                    on the fourth floor.


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Purpose of the Facility                     [5AN-2]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

           Allen:   Say Chief, isn't this the hospital we saw when we dove into
                    KOS-MOS's encephalon? But it looks too heavily guarded for
                    a hospital.

           Shion:   No.

           Allen:   What?

           Shion:   This is no hospital. When I was a child, I thought it was a
                    hospital. But this is a holding ward for the test subjects
                    that are necessary for their project.

  Security Guard:   Stop. Ahead is Labyrinthos. You can't pass without a
                    dedicated ID.

           Shion:   I knew it. This facility is part of Labyrinthos.

  Security Guard:   What?

           Allen:   Ah, um, here's my ID.

  Security Guard:   No, your ID doesn't permit you to pass through here. Return
                    to your work.


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Joachim Mizrahi                             [5AN-3]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Shion:   Huh!

           Allen:   Huh!

         Joachim:   You two! What are you standing around for?! Upload the test
                    subjects' personal patterns to central.

           Shion:   What? Jo-Joachim Mizrahi?

         Joachim:   Didn't you hear me? I told you to upload the test subjects'
                    personal patterns.

           Shion:   Oh, yes, sir! Let's see, the test subjects' personal data--

         Joachim:   Hurry!

           Shion:   Yes, sir! Currently cleared through list 177. List 281.
                    Fifteen left until upload is complete.

         Joachim:   Were you just assigned here?

           Shion:   Y-yes, sir.

         Joachim:   I see. I'd heard I was getting new assistants. How's list

           Shion:   Yes, sir, list 281... This is a list of patients in the

         Joachim:   Is it done yet?!

           Shion:   Oh, l-list 281, clear! Upload complete. Um, what are these
                    test subjects?

         Joachim:   This is the data from test subjects capable of linking with
                    Vessels of Anima. We're going to control their fear and
                    perform a Zohar connection experiment. Weren't you

           Shion:   N-no, I'm sorry.

           Allen:   Chief, look. Vessels of Anima!

           Shion:   Yes. But why here?

           Allen:   I have no idea. And what does he mean by "linking" people
                    to Vessels of Anima?

           Shion:   Look at this. It's the Zohar.

           Allen:   You're right.

           Shion:   Looking at this, it appears the Vessels of Anima serve as a
                    mediator to approach the Zohar.

           Allen:   I thought they were the power reactors for the E.S.s.

           Shion:   Actually they're transmitters, no, more like translators.
                    Their power is the byproduct of acting as mediators between
                    people and the Zohar. They were calibrated here, and what
                    we were using was the finished product. But this data...I
                    wonder why they needed to relay it through Realians.

           Allen:   He said something about controlling fear. Maybe that's

           Shion:   Hmm. I wonder.

           Allen:   Ch-chief. Look.

           Shion:   Mom's name. Why is she on the list of test subjects?!

         Joachim:   You there!

           Shion:   Y-yes, sir!

         Joachim:   Go fetch my assistant, Kevin Winnicot. I want to know
                    Febronia's condition.

           Shion:   Kevin Winnicot?

           Allen:   Does he mean our Kevin?!

         Joachim:   What's the matter? Hurry up.

           Shion:   Oh! Yes, sir!


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Kevin's Room                                [5AN-4]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Allen:   What is going on? This is the first I've ever heard of
                    Kevin being here. I wonder if it's just someone with the
                    same name.

           Shion:   This is the first I've heard of it, too. Kevin didn't tell
                    me what he did before he joined Vector. But his Hilbert
                    Effect theory and his knowledge of Realian architecture...
                    make sense if he was Professor Mizrahi's assistant.


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Young Kevin                                 [5AN-5]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

       young man:   How dare you barge in here without knocking!

           Shion:   You-you're--

       young man:   Hmm? Have we met before?

           Shion:   N-no. Um, are you Mr. Winnicot?

     young Kevin:   What, is my name that unusual?

           Shion:   Oh, no, I'm sorry. Um, Professor Mizrahi is calling you. He
                    wants you to report on Febronia's condition.

     young Kevin:   Oh, it's already that time? Understood. I'll get things
                    ready. Tell him I'll be right up.

           Shion:   That boy is Kevin?

           Allen:   His face looks similar, but he doesn't have the same

           Shion:   Yes, but I'm pretty sure it's him. That's Kevin. So he was
                    involved with U-TIC.

           Allen:   Chief, Chief!

           Shion:   What?

           Allen:   Look at this!

           Shion:   Outline of the managing OS for a weapon system to combat
                    the Gnosis phenomenon. The effectiveness of a human-modeled
                    weapon for Gnosis combat? Basic theory of a strategically
                    multiple-operation system that obeys the rules of order?
                    Hey, this is KOS-MOS's basic theory.

           Allen:   It sure is. He must have already been working on the basic
                    design back then. It really is Kevin. Chief, what are you

           Shion:   What else? Taking a backup.

           Allen:   What?! Here?! That's crazy!

           Shion:   I know it's risky, but with this, we may be able to reboot
                    KOS-MOS. Sorry, could you distract him until I'm done?

           Allen:   Distract him?

     young Kevin:   You're still here?

           Allen:   Oh, um, actually, there's something I'd like to ask you.

     young Kevin:   What? The connection experiment is about to begin. Can't
                    you wait until later?

           Allen:   It won't take long. It's about the effectiveness of mental
                    stabilization in regards to Realians. Chief please, make it
                    quick. I can't keep him much longer.

     young Kevin:   Would you stop bothering me? I'm in a hurry. Please leave
                    my room at once.

           Shion:   Uh, um, we're sorry for disturbing you! Come on, Allen,
                    let's go!

           Allen:   What? Oh, right!


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Isolated Research Ward                      [5AN-6]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

  Security Guard:   What is it?

           Shion:   Um, the door won't open.

  Security Guard:   Of course not. The area past here is restricted. You can't
                    enter without permission.

           Shion:   We were told to deliver this data to the test subject
                    management wing.

  Security Guard:   ID, please.

           Shion:   Here.

  Security Guard:   Confirmed. I'll release the lock. Hurry through.

           Allen:   Chief, look!

           Shion:   Huh!

  Security Guard:   What is it now?

           Shion:   What's that image?

  Security Guard:   Hmm? Hey, what's that display showing?

  Security Guard:   That's the surveillance camera for the isolated underground
                    research wing. What about it?

           Shion:   Oh, nothing. It just caught my eye, that's all.

  Security Guard:   That place isn't something you need to worry about. Just
                    get back to your posts!

           Shion:   I'm sorry.

           Allen:   Chief, that was a Vessel of Anima.

           Shion:   Yes, there's no mistaking it. They're conducting
                    experiments here to connect Vessels of Anima and the Zohar.


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Animosity                                   [5AN-7]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

           Shion:   Excuse us. We've brought the data.

            Suou:   Ah. Set it down there.

           Shion:   D-Dad?

            Suou:   We're pressed for time. What's the status of the link with

U-TIC Researcher:   Values on the test subject side aren't stable. Febronia
                    probably hasn't fully recovered yet.

            Suou:   Some amount of stress is acceptable. We'll continue the

           Shion:   Mom!

            Suou:   You there, forward the analysis data log. I want to confirm
                    the error in sequence 306.

           Shion:   What is this? Mom is being used in an experiment?

            Suou:   What's wrong? Hurry up and confirm the data!

           Shion:   Isn't she a member of your family?

            Suou:   Hmm?

           Shion:   What kind of experiment is this? How can you use a member
                    of your family as a test subject?!

           Allen:   Ch-Chief!

            Suou:   I don't know what you're talking about.

           Shion:   I'm talking about the atrocity of using a member of your
                    own family as a test subject! And not just her. How many
                    others have you people done this to?!

            Suou:   They're here because it's necessary. That's all there is to

           Shion:   How is it necessary? Have you even studied this personal
                    data? It's clear that they're suffering subconsciously! How
                    can you use the sick and injured like this.

            Suou:   Nonsense. That's just an issue with the numbers. You merely
                    see what you want to see. She doesn't feel anything. She
                    doesn't say anything. This is nothing more than peripheral
                    nerve reflexes.

           Shion:   You're just distorting the truth to rationalize what you're

            Suou:   What? You're the one who's distorting things. To begin
                    with, when does a mere staff member like you have the right
                    to criticize this project? Know your place!

           Shion:   Ah--


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Shion and Shion                             [5AN-8]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

     young Shion:   Daddy?

           Shion:   Huh?

            Suou:   Shion! How many times do I have to tell you, you need
                    permission to come here?

     young Shion:   Um... But I'm worried about Mom's sickness.

            Suou:   Today isn't a visitation day. You know that. Now, hurry
                    home. Leave Mom to us.

     young Shion:   But--

            Suou:   Shion!

           Shion:   I'll escort her out.

            Suou:   You?

           Shion:   Yes. I'm sorry for how I acted. I'm fatigued and a little
                    emotional right now.

            Suou:   Hmm. I see. Yes, please take care of her.

           Shion:   Come on, Shion. Let's go home. I'm sure your Mom will get
                    better soon. See all these doctors with her?

     young Shion:   Yeah.


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Injured Soldier                             [5AN-9]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Shion:   Um, your house is in block B-32, right?

     young Shion:   ...

           Shion:   What's wrong?

     young Shion:   I don't want to go home yet.

           Shion:   But your Dad's going to be busy with work until late.

     young Shion:   The soldier...

           Shion:   Soldier?

     young Shion:   I want to visit the hurt soldier.

           Shion:   Oh, you want to go to the church?

     young Shion:   Yeah. I'm going to bring him flowers.

           Shion:   I see. Okay, let's go.

     young Shion:   Follow me. There's flowers in the garden outside!


 Chapter 5 - ANT Facility - Two Shions                                 [5AN-10]
 -------------------------------------                                 --------

     young Shion:   Here!

           Shion:   They're pretty. Did you grow these yourself?

     young Shion:   Yeah! Feb gave me seeds. You know what? I'm gonna grow tons
                    and tons more flowers and make Mom happy.

           Shion:   Yes, I'm sure she'll like that. Now, shall we bring some
                    flowers to the soldier?

     young Shion:   Yeah!

     young Kevin:   Are you slacking off at your job and playing baby-sitter

           Shion:   Mr. Winnicot. This is part of my job.

     young Kevin:   Oh, excuse me. Still, I'm surprised to see people leisurely
                    planting gardens in the middle of a war.

           Shion:   It's at times like this when we need them the most. Is
                    there something wrong with engaging in productive
                    activity... to counter the unnatural destruction of war?

     young Kevin:   Placing one against another and fighting is a defining
                    aspect of human beings. Resisting it is unnatural.

           Shion:   Your name is Kevin Winnicot, correct?

     young Kevin:   You're a strange woman. Is my name that unusual?

           Shion:   Are you really Kevin?

     young Shion:   Come on, let's go.

           Shion:   Oh, right. Let's go to the church. Excuse us.

 Chapter 5 - Febronia                                                     [5FE]

 Chapter 5 - Febronia - Shortcut to the Church                          [5FE-1]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

           Shion:   Shion? Wait. Where are you going?

     young Shion:   This is a shortcut.

           Shion:   Oh. Oh, yeah that's right.

     young Shion:   Come on!

           Shion:   Right.


 Chapter 5 - Febronia - Visiting Virgil                                 [5FE-2]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

             Jin:   Hmm. You're recovering smoothly, but you should stay in bed
                    for a while longer.

          Virgil:   Like I needed your help. Who the hell are you people? You
                    aren't U-TIC and you aren't Federation, but you act damn
                    suspicious for mere civilians.

             Jin:   I told you, you need to get some rest. We can't reveal who
                    we are for various reasons, but we aren't your enemy.
                    There's no need for you to cause yourself unnecessary
                    stress. Shion?

           Shion:   Wha--y-yeah, I brought Shion!

             Jin:   Oh, r-right. Wh-what brings you here?

     young Shion:   Um, here!

          Virgil:   Wh-what? Flowers? For me?

     young Shion:   Yeah, they bloomed real pretty. It's so you'll get well!

          Virgil:   What? You've got to be kidding. I don't need them.

     young Shion:   You won't take them?

          Virgil:   Ah, uh, th-thanks.

     young Shion:   You're welcome! I hope you get better soon!

          Virgil:   Dammit, this isn't me.

           Shion:   Heh heh heh.

          Virgil:   What are you laughing at?!

           Shion:   I'm sorry. It's just, you looked so different from when we
                    first met.

          Virgil:   Well, excuse me for looking silly holding some flowers.

           Shion:   Not at all. You look good with them.

          Virgil:   Damn it.

        Febronia:   Sounds like you're having fun.

     young Shion:   Feb!

           Shion:   Febronia...

        Febronia:   I'm glad you recovered.

          Virgil:   Don't come any closer to me, Realian!

           Shion:   Virgil?!

          Virgil:   That's a U-TIC Realian. Do you know how many of my comrades
                    have died because of them?!

           Shion:   Virgil, stop it. She saved your life!

          Virgil:   I didn't ask for that! It makes me sick, thinking I've got
                    a part of you in me! If I could move right now, I'd kill

           Shion:   Virgil! That's enough!

          Virgil:   This is none of your business.

        Febronia:   Please don't say such sad things. Everyone worked so hard
                    to save your life. Please don't speak so lightly about
                    throwing it away.

          Virgil:   What would a Realian know about the value of human life?!

        Febronia:   It's true that I'm a Realian. We were created to serve
                    human beings. My sisters are going through painful
                    experiments for that purpose. But I feel no hatred for
                    human beings, because it is the proof that we exist.

          Virgil:   Give me a break. A proof you exist? That's just how you've
                    been programmed.

        Febronia:   It's fine if you feel that way. But my feelings right now
                    are more than just a program.

          Virgil:   Huh? Your feelings?

        Febronia:   I want you to live.

          Virgil:   I'm starting to feel sick. I'm gonna sleep.

           Shion:   Feb...

        Febronia:   We would never want people to suffer.

           Shion:   I know. We'll come to understand each other someday.


 Chapter 5 - Febronia - Young Shion's Prayer                            [5FE-3]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

        Febronia:   Let's pray now, Shion.

     young Shion:   What are you going to pray for, Feb?

        Febronia:   For my dear sisters. Please grant them a wonderful future.

     young Shion:   I see. Will I get to play with Cecily and Cathe again?

        Febronia:   Yes, they're both looking forward to seeing you again. What
                    are you going to pray for?

     young Shion:   For Mom to get better soon. And for the soldier to get
                    better, too!

        Febronia:   That's a good idea. Let's pray together.

             Jin:   Shion, let's go.

           Shion:   Jin...


 Chapter 5 - Febronia - U-TIC Organization                              [5FE-4]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

        Margulis:   Losing control of Realians is an ingenious plan. A Trojan
                    horse, planted by their leader. It's an amusing scenario,
                    though not a particularly flashy one.

         Sellers:   It was Winnicot's idea to make Mizrahi into a scapegoat.
                    He's quite the tactician for his age.

        Margulis:   Did you hear that the transport carrying calibrated
                    Realians awas attacked by the Federation?

         Sellers:   Oh, we just lost a few Realian units. It won't affect the
                    project. Although I am concerned about the Federation's
                    next move.

        Margulis:   We know all the details of their descent operation. We'll
                    be able to buy time until our VIPs are able to retreat.

         Sellers:   Good.

        Margulis:   So, have you deciphered the Y-Data?

         Sellers:   No. I've found some file fragments, but he won't tell us a
                    thing about it. I've got Winnicot trying to get some
                    information from him, but who knows how it'll go.

        Margulis:   As long as the Zohar activation succeeds, we can deal with
                    the rest later.

         Sellers:   What's the plan?

        Margulis:   We'll pick you and the others up along with the Zohar.

         Sellers:   I won't hold my breath. If it comes down to it, I can lift
                    the whole Song of Nephilim into space.

 Chapter 6                                                                [MS2]

 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS                                                      [6KS]

 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Feb and Virgil                                   [6KS-1]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

        Febronia:   Oh, good, you ate it. Did you like it?

          Virgil:   ...

        Febronia:   You look like you'll be well enough to go outside soon.

          Virgil:   That kid's not here today?

        Febronia:   Shion? She went to pick flowers.

          Virgil:   Oh. You mind if I ask you something?

        Febronia:   I'll do my best to answer.

          Virgil:   Why did you save me? I'm your enemy.

        Febronia:   I guess you are, but that has nothing to do with me. I just
                    wanted to save you. I didn't care about anything else.

          Virgil:   That doesn't make sense. I came to this planet to dispose
                    of you Realians. You could be executed for saving me.

        Febronia:   All that mattered to me was saving you.

          Virgil:   I don't understand that at all.

        Febronia:   Is it really that strange to want to save someone's life?

          Virgil:   I've been ordered to kill Realians. To a soldier, orders
                    are absolute.

        Febronia:   There's nothing more important than life. Isn't that true
                    for both soldiers and Realians? I want you to live. And
                    because of it, we are here, together.

          Virgil:   ...

        Febronia:   Why don't you get some sleep? You need to regain your

          Virgil:   Don't tell me what to do.

        Febronia:   Okay.

          Virgil:   The food was delicious.

        Febronia:   I'm glad you liked it.


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Shion's Flowers and Kevin                        [6KS-2]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

     young Kevin:   Well! I'm impressed they can grow in a place like this.
                    Guess they haven't died yet.

     young Shion:   No, they won't die! I water them every single day, and give
                    them fertilizer.

     young Kevin:   Oh, I see. Well, there's no guarantee that they won't die
                    in the future. I don't understand it. Why did you want to
                    plant them here? You could have planted them in the flower
                    bed in the rear garden.

     young Shion:   Because, that's too far away from Mom's room. This is
                    closer to her room, and that way Daddy can see them, too.

     young Kevin:   I can't really see Supervisor Uzuki having any interest in
                    flowers. Listen, you need to understand how the world
                    works. For humans to live we have to conquer, and destroy,
                    and eat other organisms. That's the most basic function of
                    an organic being. I'm sorry, Shion, but there's no point to
                    what you're doing.

     young Shion:   But, that's not true! When pretty flowers are in bloom,
                    they make everyone feel happier. Even my Daddy!

     young Kevin:   I wouldn't bet on that.

     young Shion:   Even Feb said so! And that's why I planted them here.

     young Kevin:   Huhh. I don't get it, but if you say so.

     young Shion:   Hey! If you're going to just sit there, then give me a
                    hand. Water those flowers over there!

     young Kevin:   What? Wh-why should I have to do that?

     young Shion:   Because! You aren't doing anything. Stop complaining and
                    help! Go on, do it!

     young Kevin:   Hey! Hey quit it! That's cold. This is all your fault!

     young Shion:   You're all wet!

     young Kevin:   This just isn't my day. Well, what do you want me to do?

     young Shion:   Water the flowers there. Oh, and this one, too. Not like
                    that! You have to be more careful! Otherwise you'll hurt

     young Kevin:   How could I hurt them? They're just flowers.

     young Shion:   No, here. Give it to me. I'll show you how.

            Suou:   Shion!

     young Shion:   Coming! Here, make sure you water them, okay.

     young Kevin:   What? But, hey! Fine, whatever.


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Repairing KOS-MOS                                [6KS-3]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Scott:   Wow, so this is KOS-MOS's basic theory?

       Professor:   Hmm. These are some excellent calculations.

             Jr.:   Well, how 'bout it?

           Shion:   Is it possible to fix KOS-MOS?

       Professor:   Beats me!

           Allen:   What?

       Professor:   With this data you brought back and the newly designed
                    body, it is possible to restore her to her original form.

           Shion:   Then--

       Professor:   But even so... there's still too many parts we don't
                    understand. Even if the repairs are perfect, we don't know
                    if she'll reboot or not.

           Scott:   She's completely different from Erde Kaiser, the field in
                    which we specialize.

       Professor:   Indeed. This thing doesn't even transform, much less

           Allen:   What the?! That's not the problem!

       Professor:   Did you say something?

           Allen:   Oh, uh, n-nothing.

       Professor:   Anyway, we'll do what we can. After all, I don't get many
                    chances to play around with this baby. Hehehehehe.

           Scott:   Yeah!

           Allen:   Chief, are you sure about this? If we leave it up to them,
                    they may make things even worse.

       Professor:   Hey, I heard that, you! When it comes to robotics, I don't
                    make mistakes! Sit back and leave it to me! Now, all you
                    people here are in the way! Get out! Shoo!

           Scott:   Why don't you try out the latest game in the lounge? We
                    modified it a little, so I think you'll enjoy it.

             Jr.:   Really? Well, I guess it might be nice to relax a little.
                    Let's check it out, Shion.

           Allen:   Sounds good. I'll go with you, too.

       Professor:   Wait. You stay here, Assistant #2.

           Allen:   Huh?

       Professor:   What did you expect?! You're my temporary assistant! Don't
                    tell me you're already planning on taking a break!

           Scott:   Right, then! Let's get to it, Allen!


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Shion Returns to Her Room                        [6KS-4]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

             Jr.:   That was actually pretty fun. Those two did a good job for
                    a change.

           Ziggy:   How do you feel? Do you feel relaxed?

           Shion:   Yes. I'm sorry, I guess I've been worrying everyone.

             Jr.:   Don't worry about it. We're friends, right? When stuff
                    happens, don't hesitate to tell us.

           Shion:   Thanks. I'm going to go rest a bit in my room. If anything
                    happens, give me a call.

             Jr.:   Sure thing.


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Encroaching Shadow                               [6KS-5]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Scott:   Professor, I've finished attaching the exterior.

       Professor:   Okay, we're going to try rebooting her. Assistant #2!

           Allen:   Yeah, yeah. Come on, KOS-MOS. It's time to wake up.

           Allen:   It didn't work!

       Professor:   That's strange. With the data she brought back, the core
                    repair should be flawless. Where could the problem be?

           Scott:   Professor, it's gotta be "that!"

       Professor:   Oh, yeah. "That!" Love and courage!

           Scott:   Yeah, love and courage!

           Allen:   No, I'm pretty sure the problem lies with you two.

       Professor:   Hey, Assistant #2!

           Allen:   Y-yes?

       Professor:   What are you standing around for?! Hurry up and bring your
                    lady friend! I want to hear the opinion of a specialist.

           Allen:   Hey, I'm a specialist in the same field.

       Professor:   Do you expect me to rely on your opinions?! Hurry up and
                    call her!

           Allen:   Fine, fine.

           Scott:   Professor, the reactor output is unstable. Maybe we needed
                    those parts you had left over.

       Professor:   Don't worry about little things like that. It's probably
                    just the guage malfunctioning. Just hit it.


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Shower Room                                      [6KS-6]
 ---------------------------------                                      -------

           Shion:   I know what is going to happen already. The coming events
                    will bring suffering... to countless lives. And it will
                    leave a permanent scar on the universe. But I alone, may
                    have a chance to change everything. KOS-MOS, what would you
                    do? Would you chastise me for being illogical, just like
                    you always do? KOS-MOS, would you abandon countless lives
                    before you, simply because it's the logical thing to do?


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Black Testament                                  [6KS-7]
 -------------------------------------                                  -------

           Shion:   Yes?

           Allen:   It's me, Allen. Sorry, have you got a minute?

           Shion:   Sure. What is it?

           Allen:   Thanks. Whoa!

           Shion:   What is it? Hurry up. I'm going to catch cold.

           Allen:   Ah, um, yeah. I mean, um, uh... th-the Professor--

           Shion:   What about the Professor?

           Allen:   Uh, rebooting KOS-MOS isn't working, and he says he wants
                    your opinion.

           Shion:   I see. Okay, I'll be right-- What?!

           Allen:   Chief! Chief, are you all right?! Chief! Augh!

           Shion:   Where's the explosion?

           Allen:   In KOS-MOS's maintenance room.

           Shion:   What are you doing? Hurry up!

           Allen:   W-wait, up, Chief!


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - KOS-MOS vs. Voyager                              [6KS-8]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

       Professor:   Confound it! I'm an old man for heavens sake! I tell ya,
                    young people these days have no manners!

           Scott:   Uh, Professor, violent criminals don't care about manners.

            Tony:   Hey, hey, hey! Who the hell did this to our Elsa!? Captain!
                    Leave this to the Little Master and me. Just take care of
                    Scott and the Professor!

             Jr.:   Dammit! How the hell did he get in here!? Hammer! What
                    happened with the security?

          Hammer:   I wish I knew! The security system is just fine. A fly
                    couldn't get into this place!

        Matthews:   It isn't anyone's fault! That guy is a monster! Tony! Fall
                    back! You can't do anything about that monster!

           Ziggy:   Out of the way.

             Jr.:   But, old man.

           Ziggy:   Don't worry. I'm perfectly calm right now. Voyager! Why are
                    you here? What is your objective?

             Jr.:   Old man!

           Shion:   Jr. Are you all right?!

             Jr.:   Stay back, Shion! Don't come in here!

           Shion:   But isn't that-- the Black Testament? KOS-MOS!

           chaos:   No! Shion!

           Shion:   Let KOS-MOS-- Let her go! The- The Hilbert Effect?!

             Jr.:   Whoa! She's way more powerful than she was before!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS! You're alright!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, I will need your assistance in defeating the enemy

           Shion:   Right. I understand. Come on, KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Acknowledged. Engaging with maximum attack force.


 Chapter 6 - KOS-MOS - Jan Sauer                                        [6KS-9]
 -------------------------------                                        -------

           Ziggy:   Voyager! How much longer do you intend to keep doing this?
                    Do you really think this will satisfy your never-ending
                    thirst for power? Answer me, Erich! Now do you think that
                    you've really won this?

         KOS-MOS:   This is checkmate.

   Red Testament:   How long are you planning to play with them? You're taking
                    too long. Return. If she has awakened, then we must devise
                    our next move.

         Voyager:   I'm sorry, but it seems your time is up. You'll pay for
                    what you have done. We will settle this later at a more
                    appropriate time. Farewell for now. Good-bye, Jan Sauer.

            MOMO:   Are we safe now?

             Jin:   Yes. We're safe for now, MOMO. But it wouldn't have ended
                    well for us if we had kept on fighting.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS! Thank goodness. I was so worried about you.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, it appears that I have caused you undue emotional
                    stress while my functions were suspended. I must apologize.

           Shion:   You should. I was... really worried about you! I'm so...
                    glad... you're all right... KOS- MOS...

         KOS-MOS:   Shion?

             Jin:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief?!

             Jin:   Shion?

 Chapter 6 - Shore                                                        [6SH]

 Chapter 6 - Shore - Joachim Stands on the Shore                        [6SH-1]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

           Shion:   Huh! Are you Joachim Mizrahi?

         Joachim:   Don't you think waves resemble the relationships between
                    people? They ebb and flow, as if feeling the distance
                    between them, and repeat that process eternally.

           Shion:   ...

         Joachim:   Young lady, do you love your father?

           Shion:   What?

         Joachim:   Parents and children, too, could be said to be like waves.

           Shion:   Professor Mizrahi, what was your relationship to my father?

         Joachim:   What good will knowing that do? I don't think knowing that
                    will be of any benefit to you now.

           Shion:   I--

         Joachim:   Words can completely change their meaning depending on the
                    mind of the listener. They can change into good ones or
                    into bad. Some words cannot be conveyed. What one thinks is
                    good will not always lead to good results. You're a
                    scientist, too. Then you should understand.

           Shion:   I still want to know! Without knowing, how do I know where
                    I stand?

         Joachim:   That man's words are merely shackles.

           Shion:   That man?

         Joachim:   He is a man possessed by his own narrow-minded ego. He
                    brings suffering to all those he comes into contact with. I
                    don't want to see your sad face.

           Shion:   Who are you talking about? I don't know anyone like--

         Joachim:   I promised Sakura. I would make a world in which all wills
                    that have yet to be born can live in happiness. I want you
                    to live in a world like that, too. That is my wish.

           Shion:   Professor Mizrahi...

         Joachim:   Don't do anything you don't want to. Be true to your
                    feelings. Do that, and she will answer your call.


 Chapter 6 - Shore - Girl Surrounded by Cosmos                          [6SH-2]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

           Shion:   KOS-MOS?

 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos                                                  [6LA]

 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Jin Worries about Shion                      [6LA-1]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

           Shion:   J-Jin... I--

             Jin:   You fainted from exhaustion. You really should rest more.
                    Or you just refuse to hear advice from a quack?

           Shion:   I'm sorry. I'll be more careful. Jin, I-I met Dad.

             Jin:   I see.

           Shion:   Aren't you going to ask what we talked about?

             Jin:   I don't think I need to. I doubt you were able to have much
                    of a conversation with him. You wouldn't be able to keep
                    yourself composed enough for that.

           Shion:   You're being mean.

             Jin:   Whew.

           Allen:   Chief?

           Shion:   The U-TIC Organization had Vessels of Anima. From what
                    Professor Mizrahi said, they're needed to activate the
                    Zohar. If we can stop their experiment, we can prevent
                    Miltia's space-time anomaly. And if we're able to do that--

             Jin:   we might have a chance to save Mother and the others.

           Shion:   Also, if we can use the Vessels of Anima, we might be able
                    to get the energy needed to return to our original world.
                    We might also be able to find out what Professor Mizrahi
                    was really trying to do.

             Jin:   That may indeed be possible. But the risk is too great.

           Shion:   But we don't know what's going to happen to us either way!
                    Don't try to stop me. This is a past I don't want. I'm
                    going to change it.

             Jin:   Shion, you need your past to be who you are now.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Stealing the Vessels of Anima                [6LA-2]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

       Professor:   Yes, that could work. If we had Vessels of Anima, we might
                    be able to use that energy to return to our original time.

           Ziggy:   We could come under attack at any time. Just being able to
                    use the E.S. would benefit us.

           chaos:   But the Vessels are stored inside Labyrinthos. I don't
                    think they'll let us inside that easily.

           Shion:   We have forged IDs. If we use them well, getting inside
                    will be easy.

       Professor:   At any rate, our presence here is causing an expanding
                    distortion throughout the entire universe. It could lead to
                    not only us disappearing, but the destruction of the
                    universe itself.

             Jr.:   Gotcha. Get yourselves ready to infiltrate the place. The
                    third descent operation, the Miltian Conflict, is going to
                    take place in a few days. We have to hurry.

            MOMO:   Uh...


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Forcing Their Way Through                    [6LA-3]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

           Shion:   There. We can get into Labyrinthos from that gate.

           Ziggy:   There are guards.

             Jr.:   We have IDs, so no problem, right?

           Allen:   Uh, actually, we can't go any further with these IDs.

           Ziggy:   If there's no other route, then we have no choice but to go
                    in by force.

             Jr.:   Yeah. We're going to have to fight sooner or later. Let's
                    get it over with!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - 13th Gate                                    [6LA-4]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

           Shion:   That number.

         KOS-MOS:   What is it, Shion?

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, do you know where this door leads?

         KOS-MOS:   If it is the same as fifteen years ago, the special
                    equipment transport elevator, which connects to the Acute
                    Neurosis Treatment Facility lies ahead.

           Shion:   I knew it. It connects to Mom's room.

             Jr.:   Hey, what's up? Something happen?

           Shion:   No, nothing. Let's go.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Joachim and Sellers                          [6LA-5]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

             Jr.:   Hmm? What's that?

         Sellers:   I don't care about you obsessing over that doll of your
                    daughter, but I can't have you forgetting the real
                    objective. The operation has already begun.

         Joachim:   You and Winnicot formulated it. I don't see why you need

         Sellers:   I'm going to take over the management of this experiment if
                    you've lost your nerves.

         Joachim:   Do as you wish. It's no longer my concern.

             Jr.:   Is that Joachim Mizrahi?

            MOMO:   Daddy...

             Jr.:   MOMO!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Joachim and MOMO.                            [6LA-6]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

         Joachim:   Hmm? Who are you? This isn't a place for children.

            MOMO:   Uh, um, I'm sorry, I got lost.

         Joachim:   You're not very good at lying, young lady. Do you think you
                    could give me a hand?

            MOMO:   Oh, okay! What kind of research are you doing, Professor?

         Joachim:   Hm? Actually, I'm making a Realian like you.

            MOMO:   What?! I-I'm not a--

         Joachim:   You don't have to hide it. I can tell. I lost my daughter
                    to illness. I thought that if I could retrieve her
                    consciousness, I might be able to return her to life. So I
                    studied the U.M.N., the Zohar, and U-DO for that purpose.

            MOMO:   Reviving the consciousness of the dead?

         Joachim:   Yes. The Unus Mundus Network, just as its name implies, is
                    a collective subconscious that's existed since the moment
                    the universe was born. It's a fundamental part of nature.
                    Through my research of the Zohar, I discovered the
                    existence of what appears to be human consciousness within
                    the U.M.N. Consciousnesses are born from the U.M.N., and
                    they return to the U.M.N. If I could discover that process,
                    I could fulfill my wish. But my daughter's consciousness
                    has disappeared. The new consciousness which is growing is
                    not hers.

            MOMO:   Uh...

         Joachim:   But I think that's all right. This child will surely become
                    the hope of all Realians. That hope may become a way to
                    stop the looming threat of the expansion of the universe.
                    Our second daughter. I'm sure Sakura would have wanted

            MOMO:   Her name was Sakura?

         Joachim:   Yes. My wife and I came up with the name together. She was
                    a cute child, just like you. This world must continue to
                    exist for you and others. I must stop them.

            MOMO:   Who?

         Joachim:   Oh, I'm sorry for making you listen to the ramblings of an
                    old man. Now, go. I'm sure there are people worried about

            MOMO:   Daddy...

             Jr.:   MOMO, are you okay?

            MOMO:   I talked with Daddy. He called me his second daughter. He
                    said he's going to protect the world for us. I-I...

             Jr.:   Yeah. I'm happy for you, MOMO.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Shion's Father and Kevin                     [6LA-7]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

           Ziggy:   Wait!

           Shion:   That's Kevin and Dad?


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Shion in Shock                               [6LA-8]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Shion:   What's this?

           chaos:   Looks like his private room.

            MOMO:   Shion! It's a list of the test subjects.

           Shion:   So, he really was involved with U-TIC.

            MOMO:   Shion! This name!

           Shion:   Yes, it's my mother's name. She was one of the victims of
                    the experiments performed here. She was put here by the
                    hands of the one she trusted.

            MOMO:   No, below that!

           Shion:   Below? Shion Uzuki?! What? Why is my name here?! Jin! What
                    does this mean?! You know something, don't you?!

             Jin:   Ah...

           Shion:   No. You're the same as Dad. You knew everything, and still
                    you let them do that to Mom.

             Jin:   No! Shion, it's not like that!

           Shion:   Then what is it?! If you haven't done anything wrong, then
                    explain it to me!

             Jin:   Shion...

           Shion:   Nhuh! What?! That's...it can't be.

       Professor:   Hmm. Are those combat Realians?

             Jr.:   No doubt about it. Those are the prototype combat Realians
                    the U-TIC Organization used during the Miltian Conflict.

           Shion:   Those are the Realians that killed Mom. Why are they here?

       Professor:   Why? I'd imagine they were developed here.

           Shion:   No, it can't be. Kevin killed Mom? There's no way that can
                    be true!

             Jr.:   Shion!

             Jin:   Are you all right? We could cancel this operation.

           Shion:   I'm fine. I just got a little worked up. When the Conflict
                    starts, this place will be part of the battlefield. It'll
                    be too late then. If we miss this chance, it'll be
                    impossible to get the Vessels of Anima.

             Jin:   Shion...


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Her Father's True Nature                     [6LA-9]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

             Jr.:   Hey, there's someone there.

           chaos:   Shh. Quiet, Jr. If they find us, it's all over.

             Jr.:   Sorry.

           Shion:   That's Dad!

             Jin:   Colonel Margulis...

        Margulis:   How is it progressing? Lord Heinlein is concerned.

            Suou:   Lord Heinlein? I thought this project was under Lord
                    Sergius's jurisdiction.

        Margulis:   Lord Sergius is only interesting in Proto Omega. It's too
                    powerful a toy for that fool.

            Suou:   So, while the Federation is easy to deceive, Ormus leaders
                    are less likely to be fooled.

        Margulis:   The Federation's operation will soon begin. The system must
                    be activated at the same time.

     young Kevin:   The project has already entered the final phase.
                    Dr. Sellers is in charge of the system. I'm calibrating the
                    Vessels of Anima.

        Margulis:   The artifacts of God scattered throughout space with the
                    disappearance of Lost Jerusalem. Our objective is to return
                    them to their proper form so we may return to our holy
                    land. That is the reason the Zohar and the Vessels of Anima
                    were created.

            Suou:   So, that's the Zohar.

        Margulis:   Yes. The Zohar and the Vessels of Anima were once one
                    whole. No, it would be better to say that they were
                    intended to be one whole. I understand that the link
                    experiment has been delayed. Perhaps this project is beyond
                    Mizrahi's capability, Supervisor Uzuki.

            Suou:   Professor Mizrahi isn't the reason. We have to be careful
                    since Febronia is the only usable transgenic type unit we

     young Kevin:   She's still disposable. We can always make another.

        Margulis:   Why do you insist on using Realians? You could use those
                    patients for the experiment.

     young Kevin:   Because of fear.

        Margulis:   Fear?

     young Kevin:   Unlike humans, Realians feel no fear. That's why we can use

        Margulis:   I've heard that Realians feel fear as well.

     young Kevin:   All things fear their own death. But Realians are strongly
                    connected to each other by their subconscious. They never
                    reject each other. Even if their body disappears, they are
                    still connected at the subconscious level. That's what
                    makes them different from people.

            Suou:   In order to control the Zohar, we must use Lemegeton and
                    convey human will from the Vessels of Anima via the U.M.N.
                    But that results in direct contact with U-DO and U-DO
                    invokes primal fear in human beings. Humans reject others.
                    Those who are rejected are overcome with fear of isolation.
                    That fear is even stronger than that of death since humans
                    are weak. If we had the original source of the Lemegeton,
                    then things might be different, but we are limited in what
                    we can do with this emulation that's based on incomplete
                    data. And because of that deficiency, we've already wasted
                    one transgenic type unit.

           Shion:   Lemegeton?!

     young Kevin:   The Realian consciousness unavoidably suffers stress since
                    it acts as a wall to suppress the human fear of U-DO.

            Suou:   At any rate, we'll take care of the problems. There's
                    nothing to worry about. A certain company has agreed to
                    support us as well. Of course, it's all unofficial.

        Margulis:   Vector, I presume. Is it safe?

            Suou:   All that matters are results. That's the only thing any
                    business cares about. But if that Lord Sergius learns of
                    Vector's involvement, he's not going to be happy.

        Margulis:   Then he won't know. And we will have a new master soon

            Suou:   I'd be careful saying things like that, commander. The
                    walls have ears, you know.

           Shion:   Dad, I can't believe you. You betrayed Mom and me and

             Jin:   ...


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Vessels of Anima                            [6LA-10]
 ------------------------------------------                            --------

       Professor:   Hoo-whee! This is a nice setup! I'm getting excited just
                    looking at it!

             Jr.:   This is it, huh?

           Shion:   Those cages should contain the Vessels of Anima.

       Professor:   A little bit of this, and that, and Enter!

            MOMO:   Amazing!

             Jr.:   Look at that! This is-- Simeon!

           Shion:   Zebulun, and Dinah's names are here, too.

         KOS-MOS:   There are 11 cages containing Vessels of Anima: Simeon,
                    Dinah, Zebulun, Reuben, Levi, Issachar, Gad, Joseph, Dan,
                    Naphtali, and finally, Judah. Of those, there are three
                    capable of being operated as E.S. craft. And as you can
                    see, Asher's cage is empty.

           Shion:   Wait a minute! What's going on? The E.S.s were developed at
                    Vector. What are they doing here?

             Jin:   It's just like what Margulis said, Heinlein from Hyams and
                    Wilhelm of Vector oversee the weapons at this facility. The
                    two of them may have... made some sort of exchange... which
                    just might have involved the Vessels of Anima. Backdoor
                    weapons deals are so common these days, even the tabloids
                    wouldn't bother printing anything about it.

             Jr.:   Basically these are so valuable, that they're even more
                    important than reputation or profit concerns.

       Professor:   Knock it off! What are you babbling about? Prepare each of
                    your E.S.s! Transport them to their respective cargo holds,
                    now! Scott! Retrieve the Vessels of Anima.

           Scott:   Yes, Professor!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - E.S. Asher                                  [6LA-11]
 ------------------------------------                                  --------

             Jr.:   What about Asher? The cage is empty!

       Professor:   I know that! I thought we'd be able to use a different
                    Vessel, but it seems that won't work.

             Jr.:   Don't tell me we can't use Asher!

       Professor:   Oh, stop whining.

           Scott:   We've got another reactor for Asher.

       Professor:   We originally developed it for Erde, so its capabilities
                    are top-class!

             Jr.:   Are you sure it's going to be okay to use some weird thing
                    like that?! chaos, say something!

           chaos:   Well, we'll just have to trust the Professor. And it's not
                    like we have any other choice.

       Professor:   Heh heh heh heh.

           Scott:   Hee hee hee hee.

             Jr.:   I have a really bad feeling about this.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Escape from Labyrinthos                     [6LA-12]
 -------------------------------------------------                     --------

       Professor:   Okay, this should stop your complaining. It's ready to
                    fight any time!

             Jr.:   Wow! Not bad. Not bad at all. What the hell? Have we been

       Professor:   Well yes, of course! After all, we're using their mainframe
                    to get these things assembled. So, of course they noticed

           Scott:   It's like sending a message: "We're using your stuff
                    without permission."

             Jr.:   chaos...

           chaos:   Oh well, I guess we better hurry up and get going.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - First Awakening                             [6LA-13]
 -----------------------------------------                             --------

             Jr.:   What's going on?! They're not going to shut down again, are

           chaos:   No. This is the Vessels of Anima resonating with our wills.

             Jr.:   What? With our wills?

             Jin:   Our consciousnesses and the Vessels of Anima have begun to

             Jr.:   So this is what Virgil meant when he said we're being
                    "compelled" to ride them?!

           Shion:   But what does it mean? Is this caused by someone's will?

           Ziggy:   I don't know, but I have a feeling his words did mean

             Jr.:   Huh--

           chaos:   If the synchronization continues, it's only a matter of
                    time before the Vessels--

             Jr.:   What is it, chaos?

           chaos:   What? Oh, it's about the E.S.s. Controlling them is even
                    more difficult than before. Be careful and don't lose

             Jr.:   Right. Gotcha.

           chaos:   Wilhelm, what are you trying to use this power for?


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Emergency Alert Status                      [6LA-14]
 ------------------------------------------------                      --------

   U-TIC Soldier:   The Vessels of Anima have been stolen!

   U-TIC Soldier:   Impossible! How?!

        Pellegri:   What's the commotion?

   U-TIC Soldier:   Someone has infiltrated the facility and stolen three
                    Vessels of Anima!

        Pellegri:   Vessels of Anima? Is it Federation soldiers?

   U-TIC Soldier:   We don't know. The enemy moved the Vessels onto unknown
                    A.M.W.S.s and are currently on the run.

        Pellegri:   They moved Vessels of Anima unto A.M.W.S. craft? So they've
                    completed the E.S. before we did?

   U-TIC Soldier:   What shall we do?

        Pellegri:   Prepare the interstellar strategic integrated weapon

   U-TIC Soldier:   What?!

        Pellegri:   I said, get ready to launch! Is there a problem?

   U-TIC Soldier:   It's still in testing phase. It's too risky to use in real

        Pellegri:   I don't care! Capture those A.M.W.S. at any cost!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Shion's Mother                              [6LA-15]
 ----------------------------------------                              --------

             Jr.:   Good, now we can get out of here. Hurry!

           Shion:   What's that?

         KOS-MOS:   We're picking up enemy transmissions. If we adjust the
                    channel, it may be possible to listen in.

           Shion:   Please try.

    Transmission:   ...intruders...Zohar... test subject.....provide.....
                    curity... there's no time...no..... postpone the connection
                    experiment. Number....1...6...5, Aoi Uzuki is being
                    prepped...in...hospital ward...

           Shion:   Aoi? Uzuki!?!

    Transmission:   Transport the test subject!

           Shion:   Mother!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion. Tell me where you are going. Acting alone under the
                    current circumstances would be extremely-

           Shion:   I'm sorry! I have to save my mom!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion.

           chaos:   Jr., look!

             Jr.:   Shion?! Where do you think you're going?!

             Jin:   Shion, it's too dangerous. Come back, now!

             Jr.:   Dammit, we have to get her!

           chaos:   We can't, Jr.!

             Jr.:   What?!

             Jin:   An enemy mobile weapon craft.

             Jr.:   Get the hell out of our way!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Retreat                                     [6LA-16]
 ---------------------------------                                     --------

            MOMO:   Jr.! Look!

             Jr.:   How the hell is it still moving?!

             Jin:   KOS-MOS, what's Shion's position?

         KOS-MOS:   She's moving through the 13th Administration wing.

             Jr.:   We'll get her back! More of them! Dammit! They just keep on

             Jin:   Jr., we should retreat for now.

             Jr.:   Retreat?! But then Shion will-

             Jin:   It's all right. Shion's not a child. She'll manage
                    something on her own. If we stay here, we'll be in trouble.

           Ziggy:   What now? Jr., we won't last much longer!

             Jin:   We've got to escape, now!

             Jr.:   Dammit. Okay then, let's head back to the Elsa!


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Beyond the 13th Gate                        [6LA-17]
 ----------------------------------------------                        --------

           Shion:   The elevator ahead of here should lead to Mom's room.


 Chapter 6 - Labyrinthos - Red Testament                               [6LA-18]
 ---------------------------------------                               --------

   U-TIC Soldier:   The enemy broke through the transport bay and escaped!

   U-TIC Soldier:   Send an A.M.W.S. team after them! Report to Commander
                    Margulis at once!

           Shion:   Let's see. I should be able to get to Mom's wing from over

   Red Testament:   Shion.

           Shion:   T- Testament?! Don't get in my way! I don't have time to
                    play with you right now!

   Red Testament:   Shion.

           Shion:   How dare you call me by my name!

   Red Testament:   What's the matter? Have you forgotten me? I've come back
                    for you, Shion.

           Shion:   Wh- What?

   U-TIC Soldier:   What are you doing in here?!

   U-TIC Soldier:   She's the intruder! Don't let her get away!

   U-TIC Soldier:   Come on, grab her!

           Shion:   No! Stop! Let go of me! Help me, Kevin!

   U-TIC Soldier:   What's she talking about?

           Shion:   Stop it! Don't touch me!

   U-TIC Soldier:   Someone shut her up!

           Shion:   Get away from me!

 Chapter 7                                                           [INTRUDER]

 Chapter 7 - Father                                                       [7FT]

 Chapter 7 - Father - Shion Captured                                    [7FT-1]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

           Shion:   The red Testament... That was Kevin. Kevin is dead. Was
                    that just an illusion? No, Lieutenant Virgil was really
                    there, too. People who are dead, are revived as Testaments.
                    Kevin said he came for me. Does this mean the Testaments
                    aren't our enemies?

        Margulis:   Is that her? She's part of the group that stole the Vessels
                    of Anima?

        Pellegri:   Yes. She's been babbling things to herself and ignoring our

        Margulis:   Pellegri, did you notice? Those eyes. They look just like

        Pellegri:   Huh?

        Margulis:   They're the eyes of one who continues to defy us. Call
                    Supervisor Uzuki and Kevin Winnicot. Have them join me for
                    the interrogation.

   U-TIC Soldier:   Yes, sir!

        Pellegri:   You're calling the Supervisor to the interrogation? Why?

        Margulis:   It seems this woman attempted to make contact with both of
                    them not long ago. Then the theft of the Vessels of Anima
                    occurred. The operation was performed quite smoothly.

        Pellegri:   Do you mean they have inside information?

        Margulis:   Whatever the case, if we don't verify her identity, our
                    future plans could be in jeopardy.


 Chapter 7 - Father - Kevin and Suou                                    [7FT-2]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

            Suou:   Winnicot!

     young Kevin:   Supervisor Uzuki? What do you want? If you need to talk,
                    couldn't it wait until later?

            Suou:   What's the meaning of using the 27-Series Asura?! Those are
                    solely for experimental use! They're still unstable. If
                    they go out of control, we won't be able to reign them in.

     young Kevin:   And? Their combat abilities will be as expected. That's all
                    that's needed.

            Suou:   That's absurd! They can't distinguish between an enemy and
                    an ally! Are you planning to use a weapon that can only
                    cause indiscriminate destruction?!

     young Kevin:   When the Song of Nephilim becomes operational, everything
                    will be resolved by the awakening of the Zohar.

            Suou:   You're going to use the Song of Nephilim that was born from
                    the Lemegeton translation?! You must reconsider! There's
                    still time to stop both the 27-Series and the Song!

     young Kevin:   There's no other way to activate the Zohar. The descent
                    troops have already reached the city. If we don't use that
                    system now, all of our efforts will have been for nothing.
                    Isn't this why you betrayed the Federation?

            Suou:   No, I--

     young Kevin:   No? You sacrificed your own wife in order to save your
                    daughter. Why hesitate now?

            Suou:   You couldn't possibly understand! I-I had no choice.

     young Kevin:   That's right. For the realization of our ideals, there is
                    no other choice. Miltia's sacrifice cannot be avoided.

            Suou:   Ah.

   U-TIC Soldier:   Supervisor! Oh, and you're here, too, Mr. Winnicot.

            Suou:   What is it?

   U-TIC Soldier:   Commander Margulis requests your presence for the
                    interrogation of the intruder.

     young Kevin:   At an interrogation? Me, as well?

   U-TIC Soldier:   Yes. I wasn't informed of the details, so please ask the
                    Commander directly.

            Suou:   What's this about?

     young Kevin:   I've heard that she's a member of the group that stole the
                    Vessels of Anima. It must mean she's more than just a petty


 Chapter 7 - Father - Interrogating Shion                               [7FT-3]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Shion:   Ma-Margulis!

        Margulis:   Well, well. So, you know who I am? It seems I was right.
                    You are more than just a mere rat.

           Shion:   Uh!

        Margulis:   You're an interesting woman. I can tell you're no spy. Your
                    face betrays your every thought.

           Shion:   I won't tell you anything.

        Margulis:   There's no point in empty bluffs. We have countless ways of
                    making you talk. But before that, I'm going to have you
                    answer questions from these two.

           Shion:   Ah!

            Suou:   Tell me the truth. How much do you know about the Vessels
                    of Anima?

           Shion:   Uh!

     young Kevin:   It's pointless to keep silent.

            Suou:   I don't want to be rough with you. Please answer me.

           Shion:   I have nothing to say to a man who doesn't even hesitate to
                    sacrifice his own family.

            Suou:   What are you talking about? That's none of your business.
                    Besides, I didn't mean to sacrifice her!

           Shion:   Then what did you mean to do? Aoi Uzuki is your wife! How
                    can you let these people do what they want to her?!

            Suou:   Who are you?!

     young Kevin:   Well, you're a lively one, aren't you? Listen, we already
                    know you're using the Vessels of Anima as mobile weapon
                    reactors. That's top secret research. Even Vector doesn't
                    have that technology yet, much less U-TIC. Where did you
                    obtain it from?

           Shion:   I knew it. So it wasn't just Ormus involved in the Zohar
                    research, but Vector as well.

        Margulis:   Woman, where did you learn the name Ormus?

           Shion:   Ah.

        Margulis:   Your attitude reminds me of a man I know and I don't like
                    it. Curiosity can prove to be fatal. You would do well to
                    remember that.

           Shion:   Ha!

        Margulis:   You will tell us everything you know. Naturally, we won't
                    kill you, though you'll experience things far worse than

 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue                                               [7SR]

 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Feb Runs to the Elsa                      [7SR-1]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

            MOMO:   Febronia! What's wrong?

        Febronia:   I have something I need to tell everyone. there's no time.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Shion in Danger                           [7SR-2]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Allen:   Huh.

             Jin:   Allen, how long are you going to stand there?

           Allen:   Uh, um, why didn't you go back and rescue the Chief? If
                    you'd gone right back, you might have been able to get to

             Jin:   We can't put everyone in danger because of Shion's selfish

           Allen:   But why aren't we going to rescue her now?

             Jin:   After our infiltration, the security at Labyrinthos has
                    been increased. If we make any rash moves, we'll only make
                    the situation worse.

           Allen:   I understand that, but while we're calmly talking about
                    this, the Chief is in danger. Aren't you worried about your

             Jin:   ...

           Allen:   Ah, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

             Jin:   Allen, everyone's worried about her. During the Gnosis
                    terrorism, Shion learned that our father betrayed the
                    Federation... and handed over Lemegeton to the U-TIC. I've
                    kept his involvement with U-TIC from her. Her actions are
                    not based on conviction. Rather she's acting out of spite
                    toward our father and me. Convictions built on a weak
                    foundation like that will crumble at the slightest
                    provocation. Thus, I'm worried. The truth that awaits
                    her... I have a feeling there's something here that Shion
                    must not be allowed to know.

           Allen:   What do you mean?

             Jin:   I don't know what it is yet. But I'm concerned about the
                    way she's been fainting lately.

           Allen:   You mean the way she's been fatigued?

             Jin:   If that's all it is, I wouldn't be worried about it.

           Allen:   What do you mean?

             Jin:   Her mother had the same symptoms.

           Allen:   The Chief has the same illness as her mother?

            MOMO:   Jin! Shion's in trouble!

           Allen:   What?!

             Jin:   What is it?

            MOMO:   Febronia's here. Please, come to the bridge!


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Rescuing Shion                            [7SR-3]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

             Jr.:   What's up?

        Febronia:   Your friend is in danger. She's being held prisoner inside
                    Labyrinthos. Commander Margulis plans to get information
                    from her by force.

             Jin:   The Colonel?

           Allen:   Don't tell me it's already too late!

        Febronia:   No, she's still all right. There's someone inside taking
                    action to aid her. But I don't think it will delay them for

             Jr.:   I see. But if we take on U-TIC with our current capability,
                    we're going to suffer a lot of damage.

             Jin:   Not necessarily.

             Jr.:   Jin?

             Jin:   Don't you see? You and chaos should know what's about to

             Jr.:   Oh!

           chaos:   If this world is proceeding as we know it, then the third
                    descent operation will begin soon. When it begins, U-TIC
                    will be in a full-scale battle against the Federation.

             Jin:   And we know the details of that battle from beginning to
                    end. We can use this to our advantage.

           chaos:   We'll slip past them in the midst of everything and rescue

             Jr.:   Sounds like a plan. Let's do it!

             Jin:   Now, let's go.

           Allen:   What? Me, too?

             Jin:   You're worried about Shion, aren't you? She needs someone
                    to support her. Please lend us your help.

           Allen:   All right. I'll accompany you!


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - URTVs Descend                             [7SR-4]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           chaos:   Jr., look!

             Jr.:   Yeah. I know. It's the beginning... of this planet's


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Federation Soldier Escapes                [7SR-5]
 -------------------------------------------------------                -------

             Jin:   Looks like the Federation's descent operation's begun. I
                    must have taken too much time. I guess I don't have a
                    choice. I'll have to retreat for now.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Crushed Flowerbed                         [7SR-6]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

     young Kevin:   Ah.

     young Shion:   The flowers-the flowers are all dead. They are all dead!

     young Kevin:   I told you, there's no point in this sort of thing. This
                    isn't going to make anyone happy.

     young Shion:   That's not true! If more of them bloom, everyone will

     young Kevin:   You're wasting your time. They'll just get trampled again.

     young Shion:   No they won't!

     young Kevin:   Hey, where are you going?!

     young Shion:   I'm going to get seeds from Feb.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Kevin's Resolve                           [7SR-7]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

     young Kevin:   No one... has the ability to lead others to the truth. Our
                    powers are... too limited. Only those who possess... divine
                    power can accomplish that.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Suou Tries to Stop Margulis               [7SR-8]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

        Margulis:   The staff and test subjects are already being moved to the
                    evacuation shelters. We'll also seal this block just in
                    case. You should evacuate immediately as well.

            Suou:   Commander Margulis, what happened to Febronia?

         Sellers:   I heard she went outside.

            Suou:   What's she thinking at a time like this?!

         Sellers:   There's no need to worry about that prototype Realian. We
                    have all the data we need. Still, the Federation's advance
                    is faster than I expected, and their numbers are great. I
                    don't see any sign of our defensive troops being deployed

        Margulis:   There's no need for concern. Proto Omega is going out to
                    intercept them.

         Sellers:   Proto Omega? You're going to use that?

        Margulis:   It is the will of Patriarch Sergius. And this time, the
                    27-Series will be deployed as well. If they're as capable
                    as you've estimated, the Federation soldiers will last only

            Suou:   You're a fool to jump ahead like that. The 27-Series isn't
                    ready yet. You must reconsider!

        Margulis:   Winnicot is the one responsible for the design, and says
                    they're ready and will perform to expectation.

            Suou:   It's true that their capability itself far exceeds that of
                    previous combat Realians, but those things can no longer
                    even be called Realians. They're dangerous even to us.

         Sellers:   It doesn't matter. By using them, we can obtain even more
                    accurate data. Besides, we've already completed
                    preparations to use the Song of Nephilim. Once the Zohar is
                    activated, the Federation will no longer be our concern.

            Suou:   Are you all crazy?! Professor Mizrahi canceled the
                    Lemegeton translation work! Do you really intend to use the
                    incomplete Song? It'll destroy this planet!

        Margulis:   Why do you hesitate? Everything we've done is for our ideal
                    reality. That's what this project is for.

            Suou:   Margulis...

         Sellers:   I can't leave things to that madman any longer. I'm going
                    to do as I please as well.

            Suou:   Ah!


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Group Infiltrates the Facility            [7SR-9]
 -----------------------------------------------------------            -------

           chaos:   It looks like things have gotten quite hectic here.

             Jr.:   The URTVs are descending. This is going to be a battlefield
                    soon. In a few hours, Federation troops will enter
                    Labyrinthos. There's no time to lose. We have to hurry and
                    rescue Shion!


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Suou Releases Shion                      [7SR-10]
 ------------------------------------------------                      --------

           Shion:   ?!

            Suou:   Are you all right?

           Shion:   It's you. No matter what you do to me, I won't tell you

            Suou:   I know. Please, settle down.

           Shion:   Huh?

            Suou:   The Federation descent operation has begun. You will be
                    killed. Now's your only chance to escape.

           Shion:   You're gonna let me go?

            Suou:   Yes. I know you don't have a high opinion of me, but I'm
                    not doing these things because I want to.

           Shion:   I can't believe the words of someone who would sacrifice
                    his own wife.

            Suou:   I don't know who you heard that from, but that information
                    isn't entirely accurate. It is true that I'm sacrificing my
                    wife and my family, but I want you to believe me. I just
                    wanted to protect my family, even if it went making the
                    world my enemy.

           Shion:   Why are you doing this? You'll be treated as a traitor by
                    not only the Federation, but by U-TIC as well. They may
                    kill you.

            Suou:   That's my own fault. It's better than having an innocent
                    killed. But enough about that. I have a favor to ask you.

           Shion:   What is it?

            Suou:   Do you remember my daughter?

           Shion:   Shion?

            Suou:   Yes. She's in a church in the suburbs. Please save my

           Shion:   Why don't you do that yourself?

            Suou:   If I could, I would. You saw, didn't you? My wife can't
                    move from the hospital wing upstairs. I have to protect

           Shion:   Ah!

            Suou:   It may sound strange, but I feel like you can save Shion.
                    Perhaps it's because you resemble my wife.

           Shion:   All right. I'll save your daughter.

            Suou:   I'm sorry to trouble you. Hold still for a moment. I'll set
                    you free.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Pellegri                                 [7SR-11]
 -------------------------------------                                 --------

            Suou:   Now, hurry. This place will turn into a battlefield soon.

        Pellegri:   Supervisor Uzuki, do you realize what you're doing?

            Suou:   Pellegri!

        Pellegri:   We still haven't gotten the information we need from that

            Suou:   Stop it. We have all we need. We won't get anything else
                    out of her.

        Pellegri:   That's for us to decide. Or do you intend to betray us

            Suou:   Again? I haven't done any--

        Pellegri:   Are you going to play ignorant? We know you're leaking
                    information to the Federation.

            Suou:   Ugh.

           Shion:   Leaking information?

        Pellegri:   Now that the project has gone into operation, you no longer
                    have any value. I'll dispose of you along with her.


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Jin and Pellegri                         [7SR-12]
 ---------------------------------------------                         --------

             Jin:   I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that's not acceptable.

        Pellegri:   Jin Uzuki? So you were the one who was receiving the data.
                    You and your father have outdone yourselves.

             Jin:   Pellegri... You've become skilled at playing the villain,

        Pellegri:   Are you disappointed in me? You're right. I didn't stay the
                    little girl you knew. And you look like you've grown older,
                    as well.

             Jin:   You look as young as ever. I envy you. I would have
                    preferred that we met again under different circumstances.

        Pellegri:   You never change. You were always like that. You're
                    incapable of acknowledging others.

             Jin:   And you ignored my feelings, and ran off to the Colonel.

        Pellegri:   Ran off to? No, I returned. Returned to where I belong.

             Jin:   The Colonel is where you belong? Why?! Why do you care so
                    much about him?!

        Pellegri:   You never thought about my needs. You just manipulate
                    people to suit your own. You could never understand. This
                    is the destiny of my heritage.

             Jin:   Pellegri...

        Pellegri:   Don't worry, you'll no longer have to trouble yourself.
                    Since I'm going to put an end to you right here!


 Chapter 7 - Shion's Rescue - Following Young Shion                    [7SR-13]
 --------------------------------------------------                    --------

             Suou:   What happened?

            Shion:   Don't worry. It looks like my friends have come to rescue

             Suou:   That's a relief. Please take care of my daughter.

            Shion:   I will. I promise.

              Jin:   Shion!

            Shion:   Jin... Dad, he-he came to rescue me.

              Jin:   Yes, I know.

            Shion:   He said he's gonna save Mom. He said he'd protect his
                     family, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

              Jin:   Yes. Father worried about you until the very end.

            Shion:   Jin, Shion is at the church. I have to rescue her. I have
                     to keep my promise to Dad.

 Chapter 7 - Third Descent Operation                                      [7TD]

 Chapter 7 - Third Descent Operation - E.S. Asher Descends              [7TD-1]
 ---------------------------------------------------------              -------

            MOMO:   Look out! Jr.!

             Jr.:   Dammit! Try thinkin' about what's below when you're

           chaos:   Sorry.


 Chapter 7 - Third Descent Operation - Song of Nephilim                 [7TD-2]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Shion:   That... song...

           chaos:   It is the Song... of Nephilim.

             Jr.:   It's a requiem of the end. Song of destruction.

           Shion:   Then we need to hurry. There's not much time left!

 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil                                                  [7LV]

 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - A Moment of Peace                            [7LV-1]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

        Febronia:   Are your wounds healed?

          Virgil:   Yeah. It sure is noisy outside. Did something happen?

        Febronia:   It looks like there's a battle going on.

          Virgil:   A battle? The Federation descent operation! You aren't
                    going to fight?

        Febronia:   I'm not made for combat. But if necessary--

          Virgil:   I've seen Realians fight numerous times. I was taught that
                    that's what they do. That they'll kill even children
                    without any hesitation.

        Febronia:   Unless instructed, Realians won't kill people or each
                    other. It is you humans who issue that order.

          Virgil:   So it's all the work of human beings, huh. You feel
                    different than the others somehow, different from normal

        Febronia:   It's because I'm half-human.

          Virgil:   Half-human?


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Tragedy at the Church                        [7LV-2]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

        Febronia:   Oh, Shion. What's the matter?

     young Shion:   Febronia! The sky... and the people!

          Virgil:   They're Combat Realians! This is bad. They're out of
                    control! Stop!

        Febronia:   Please take Shion and get away from here.

          Virgil:   No! You can't reason with them!

        Febronia:   It's all right. Don't worry about me. Hurry!

          Virgil:   Febronia! Stop! Don't! Get out of my way! Get away from

        Febronia:   Run...

          Virgil:   Febronia! Stop it! Stop it! You bastards! This isn't what
                    you were supposed to do. Stop it, all of you! You're no
                    better than us! Hey, you think you can run? Can you run?!
                    Good girl. Now go! Get as far away from here as you can.
                    But don't go to the city. Here, use this key. You can get
                    to Labyrinthos from the forest. Go back to your family. You
                    understand? Good. Now go!


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Arriving at the Church                       [7LV-3]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

           Shion:   Virgil!

          Virgil:   Don't come any closer! You've gotta get away from here!

           Shion:   Feb?

          Virgil:   Why are you just standing there?! Leave now! HURRY!


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Virgil and Shion                             [7LV-4]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

          Virgil:   Dammit. Dammit! You fool.

           Shion:   Get a hold of yourself! Feb died to save you! Now, stand

          Virgil:   Dammit. Dammit! Shion!

           Shion:   What?!

          Virgil:   Realians can share information, right?

           Shion:   Yes, they're capable of sharing the information from
                    individual units.

          Virgil:   Shion's in danger. I have to save her.

           Shion:   The girl...

          Virgil:   I gave her the key to the old gate to Labyrinthos and sent
                    her running. They probably sent that information to the
                    others! I have to catch up to her! She's in danger!

           Shion:   Okay. Grab on to me!

          Virgil:   Thanks.

           Shion:   Virgil, why did you decide to help Shion?

          Virgil:   Is there something strange about that? I'm a soldier, but
                    I'm still human. I have a heart. I'm not like those Realian

           Shion:   Ohhh.

          Virgil:   What's wrong?

           Shion:   Take this.

          Virgil:   What is it?

           Shion:   It's the Realian self-destruct code.

          Virgil:   How do you have that?!

           Shion:   I can't tell you that, but it could come in handy. Only use
                    it as a last resort.

          Virgil:   All right.

             Jr.:   Damn it! There are already enemies in front.

          Virgil:   Damn, it's them!

           Ziggy:   Shion, we're surrounded!

             Jin:   Shion, this way. There're fewer enemies in front. We'll
                    break through!

            MOMO:   Shion, hurry!

           Shion:   Just a little further! Hang in there!

          Virgil:   Leave me behind. I'm in no shape to run. I'm just going to
                    slow you down.


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Testament Virgil                             [7LV-5]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Shion:   Come on, Virgil. Don't quit on me. We both know that's not
                    like you.

          Virgil:   Heh! Not like me, huh? You got that right!

           Shion:   Virgil! What are you doing?! Open up the door, now!

          Virgil:   Please! Just promise... that you'll protect her.

           Shion:   Don't be stupid, Virgil! You are coming with us!

          Virgil:   You know something? Even after all of this, I never got
                    your name.

           Shion:   Virgil! Virgil. No...


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Virgil Reproves Shion                        [7LV-6]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

          Virgil:   How moving. That was so touching.

           Shion:   Virgil! Huh?!

          Virgil:   They did a number on her, huh? Now she's just an object.
                    Oh, wait, she was already just a tool to begin with.

           Shion:   How can you say that? She was trying to protect you.

          Virgil:   She decided to do that on her own and then died on her own.
                    Why should I be responsible?

           Shion:   Virgil!

          Virgil:   And what about you? You love to go on about Realian rights,
                    but you gave me that code. What made you change your mind?

           Shion:   I-I wanted to save you, so I--

          Virgil:   So you decided to off the Realians?

           Shion:   No! It's not like that!

          Virgil:   What are you embarrassed about? That's basic human
                    instinct. Humans are driven by impulse to destroy.
                    Destruction serves as a way to feel out others and confirm
                    your own existence. Then you try to find atonement to
                    comfort yourself after you're unable to deny your
                    instincts. I tried to live exactly like that. And you've
                    lived for that same purpose! You disassembled Realians and
                    dreamed of giving consciousness to inorganic matter.
                    Comforting yourself for the hatred towards your father and
                    anger over your mother's death. You're doing things you
                    don't want to do, just to escape your own feelings of
                    guilt. "Hypocrite"...the word doesn't even begin to
                    describe you. Be more true to yourself!

           Shion:   What makes you think you understand me?!

          Virgil:   Oh, I understand you. Because you and I are the same kind
                    of person. What is it that drives you?

           Shion:   Ha!

          Virgil:   That's right. Revenge. Only revenge drives you and me and
                    that's the truth. Ideals crumble easily. Hope is like a
                    mist before the morning sunrise of reality. That's exactly
                    how I was. But then I learned. Nothing will change. There
                    is a limit to will, the limit of this world in which
                    everything is closed. Yes, that is what all of us came to

           Shion:   Stop! I don't want to hear anymore! Virgil, you protected
                    me as a child and now... Why do you do these things to tear
                    at my heart? Why do you Testaments appear before me?! Why
                    won't you leave me alone?!

          Virgil:   Come on, now, that's not what you really feel. You're glad
                    I still exist. You're happy he still exists.

           Shion:   N-no, I--

          Virgil:   Come. Come, and you will see. Then choose! Choose what you
                    truly desire! You met him! He's with us!

           Shion:   I don't understand. He was a Testament. I can't just
                    suddenly accept that!

          Virgil:   That's not what your will is saying. Your heart throbs for
                    him. You feel passion for him. You want to see him, don't
                    you? He wants to see you, too.

           Shion:   Stop it! Stop talking to me!

             Jin:   Shion! You mustn't listen to him!


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - Fight with Virgil                            [7LV-7]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

          Virgil:   Don't be foolish. This doesn't concern you. Just keep
                    quiet, and stay out of my way!


 Chapter 7 - Luis Virgil - A Man and a Realian                          [7LV-8]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

        Febronia:   Please, stop. Please, don't confuse Shion any more.

          Virgil:   Wait, what is this? Just who the hell do you think you are
                    showing up now?

           Shion:   Oh, Feb!

        Febronia:   Luis, why do you reject the truth? You can't change
                    anything unless you accept... who you really are. You're
                    the same as those who lost their bodies and wander

          Virgil:   Heh! You're no different, either. You're just like me, now
                    that you've lost your body.

        Febronia:   Please. You must accept who you really are. You don't hate
                    anyone. You just want to reject yourself, because you can't
                    feel hatred.

          Virgil:   You don't know anything about me!

        Febronia:   But, I do understand you. And you have come to understand
                    us Realians as well.

          Virgil:   And this was the result. Yeah, I came to understand, all
                    right. I understand how pointless it all is!

        Febronia:   Luis...

          Virgil:   Enough talking! Do you really think that I'm still hanging
                    onto you?! I feel nothing for any of you Realians!

        Febronia:   That's not true, and you know it, Luis. You have returned
                    to this place for a reason. You chose to become a
                    Testament, so you could return here. Because this moment
                    proved who you once were.

          Virgil:   This is my reason? This is my proof? Don't make me laugh. I
                    regret absolutely nothing. I am here precisely because I
                    have finally accepted myself and this world! Those of you
                    who reject this world, you could never understand!

        Febronia:   We do not reject this world. We just want to believe in a
                    new order that can be born from discord. We just want to
                    believe that a single thought can change the entire world
                    and shape the future.

          Virgil:   That is just wishful thinking. You're only clinging to what
                    little hope you have left!

        Febronia:   Anything can come true, if you wish for it to. Didn't our
                    relationship prove that, Luis?

          Virgil:   You died and left me! I have nothing to say to you!

        Febronia:   I know, you have suffered. My death tied your consciousness
                    to this place. But I want to help you, Luis. I want to free
                    you from this cursed place forever!

          Virgil:   Just leave me alone! You're already dead, Febronia!

        Febronia:   Luis. Although my body is dead, I am still here with you. I
                    am right beside you. There's no reason for you to suffer.

          Virgil:   But I- I couldn't even save you.

        Febronia:   No. You're wrong. You did save me. You taught me that by
                    sharing all of our feelings that we would be able to change
                    the world. And that alone was more than enough.

          Virgil:   Do you hate me? None of this would have ever happened... if
                    you hadn't gotten involved. Why did you have to, why? It's
                    too much to bear. All I want- all I really want... is for

        Febronia:   Let's go now, Luis. She can show us the way... to a future
                    for both Humans and Realians.

           Shion:   No Feb, wait! What am I- What am I supposed to do now!?

        Febronia:   Shion. I know it may be painful for you. But the time has
                    come now for you to decide that for yourself. Don't worry.
                    Keep carrying on. Just carry out what you believe in your
                    heart. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Open your heart
                    because she's right beside you.

           Shion:   Feb! Please don't go! Feb! No! I don't understand anything

        Febronia:   Thank you, Shion.

 Chapter 7 - To Mother's Side                                             [7TS]

 Chapter 7 - To Mother's Side - Shion Rises to her Feet                 [7TS-1]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Shion:   Feb...

             Jin:   Shion!

           Shion:   Jin?

             Jin:   Shion, stand up. I know you're in pain, but right now, we
                    have to save the girl, we have to save you.

           Shion:   Yeah.


 Chapter 7 - To Mather's Side - Young Shion's Scream                    [7TS-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

     young Shion:   Aaaah! No! Help!

           Shion:   Shion!

           Ziggy:   We have to stop them!


 Chapter 7 - To Mother's Side - To Her Mother's Side                    [7TS-3]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

           Shion:   It's okay. It's okay now.

     young Shion:   Uguh hu hu.

           Shion:   Wait, where are you going?!

     young Shion:   Mom's in...Daddy and Mom are in the hospital. Please, save

           Shion:   We will. Let's go save her together.

             Jr.:   Shion?!

           Shion:   We can't leave her alone now like this. Besides, no one
                    understands this girl's feelings better than-- No matter
                    what happens, I'll protect her.


 Chapter 7 - To Mother's Side - Young Shion's Feelings                  [7TS-4]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

           Shion:   Ugh, augh.

           Allen:   Chief! Is it happening again?

           Shion:   I-I'm okay. It's not a big deal. We have to hurry to the
                    hospital room and rescue Mom. Shion, wait! Don't go alone!


 Chapter 7 - To Mother's Side - Sellers Out of Control                  [7TS-5]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

         Joachim:   Is this the result you wanted, Sellers?

         Sellers:   What are you doing here, old man? Don't tell me you came
                    here to stop this now.

         Joachim:   Lemegeton, the words of God, must not be recited! It isn't
                    what we believed it was!

         Sellers:   But it can activate the Zohar!

         Joachim:   The analysis of the Zohar is incomplete! We must determine
                    why it exists in this universe or there will be no future
                    for us! Surely even you know what will happen if you use it
                    now in its incomplete state.

         Sellers:   Heinlein doesn't care. It doesn't matter what happens to
                    this planet, as long as we obtain the data. Or are you
                    going to lecture to me? You, who created this system?

         Joachim:   Aah.

         Sellers:   It can no longer be stopped. It has all begun!

 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality                                          [7IR]

 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Unalterable Past                     [7IR-1]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

    Announcement:   Emergency alert. Due to an attack by Federation soldiers,

            Suou:   Federation soldiers are already inside. I've got to hurry!

     young Shion:   Mommy, are you in there?!

            Suou:   Hm?! Shion!

     young Shion:   Mommy!

            Suou:   That's a 27-Series Asura! Shion! Shion!

     young Shion:   Huh? Daddy??

            Suou:   Get inside, quickly!

     young Shion:   Why? What's wrong!?

            Suou:   Just hurry up!

     young Shion:   Daddy! What're you doing?! Daddy! Open the door! Open the
                    door! Daddy!

            Suou:   Jin! Jin! Dammit. He's not responding. Jin, if you receive
                    this message, please come back at once! Save Shion! Hurry,
                    there's not much time! Please! You've got to hurry! Jin!

     young Shion:   Daddy... Please help me, Daddy. I'm afraid. Mommy, I'm so
                    scared. Daddy?! No. No...


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Her Mother's Room                    [7IR-2]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

           Ziggy:   They've already attacked.

           Shion:   No... KOS-MOS, can you detect Shion?

         KOS-MOS:   I detect life signs inside the room. One matches those of
                    Shion. In addition, there are three Realians of an
                    unidentified type.

           Shion:   Shion!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Shion's Anger                        [7IR-3]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

           Shion:   Where are you, Shion? You monsters! Get away from my Mom!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Zohar Resonates with Both Shions     [7IR-4]
 ------------------------------------------------------------------     -------

           Shion:   Dad... Mother... Why? I'm sorry-- I couldn't-- I still
                    couldn't stop it from happening.

     young Shion:   I have to put it back. I have to put it back. It won't

             Jr.:   Shion.

     young Shion:   I have to put it back... or else... Mommy's gonna go away.
                    Put it back. Someone... please put it back!

             Jr.:   Shion!

     young Shion:   No... No, this isn't true! No!

           Shion:   Shion! What is this? What is going on?? Why are Gnosis--

             Jr.:   Shion look out!

             Jin:   KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Activating the Hilbert Effect!

           Shion:   No, it-- This can't...be happening!

           Allen:   Chief?

             Jin:   Shion. You've got to stay calm. Don't let it overpower you!

           Shion:   Jin... What is going on? It's a... this is a dream, right?
                    I called- I called the Gnosis. I made them appear, didn't
                    I? This is-- some kind of terrible mistake? Right? Tell me
                    that this isn't possible! Please! Someone tell me what's
                    going on!

             Jin:   Shion!

           Shion:   No!

             Jin:   Calm down!

           Shion:   No, I don't believe it! It's a lie! Tell me it isn't true!

           Allen:   Chief!

           Shion:   No. No... No!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - An Unthinkable Past                  [7IR-5]
 -----------------------------------------------------                  -------

             Jr.:   What the hell is going on? That didn't happen fifteen years

             Jin:   What we're seeing is not the past. This is a reality that
                    didn't exist.

           chaos:   Abel's Ark.

             Jr.:   That thing that appeared at Miltia a year ago?!

             Jin:   But why appear here now?!

           chaos:   That's why they brought Shion here! This world isn't the
                    world of the past. It's a reality constructed inside of
                    Shion's mind, by temporarily restoring the consciousness of
                    people from the past. They're using Shion to correct in the
                    present what they were unable to accomplish in the past.


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Kevin Winnicot                       [7IR-6]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

           Kevin:   Yes. Everything was supposed to begin here. But in order to
                    awaken Abel, the resonance of the power between them was
                    necessary. The Gnosis that attacked Miltia in the past...
                    did not arrive because of Mizrahi, not Albedo's link to
                    U-DO. No. They were called by Shion, when she was a child.

           Shion:   Ke- Kevin?

           Allen:   What? Kevin?!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Kevin Speaks the Truth               [7IR-7]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

             Jr.:   Wait, you mean the guy who designed KOS-MOS?!

           Allen:   Yes, but why?

             Jr.:   He was Shion's boyfriend?

            MOMO:   But, that's a Testament.

           Shion:   K-Kevin... Is it really you?

           Kevin:   Yes, it's me. What's wrong? Have you forgotten my face?

           Shion:   No, I haven't forgotten. I've never once forgotten. But why
                    are you--

           Kevin:   I've come for you, Shion.

           Shion:   Kevin, tell me, why did you hide yourself all this time?
                    Why are you a Testament?

           Kevin:   I needed power. That is why I took this form. But what I
                    look like is not important. It's still me. Nothing has

           Shion:   But the Kevin in this time he sacrificed all those people,
                    all those Realians to research the Zohar, even my mother.

           Kevin:   I had no choice. I'm sorry I made you suffer. But you must
                    understand that it was all done for you.

           Shion:   For me? This? Are you saying all of this was for me?

           Kevin:   It was all for you. I was always thinking about you. Come
                    with me. I need you, Shion.

           Shion:   Kevin...

             Jr.:   Who the hell do you think you are?! You've got no right to
                    come here and open up her wounds. And you're saying it's
                    all for her benefit?

           Kevin:   Silence. This is none of your concern.

             Jr.:   It sure as hell is my concern!

           Kevin:   Don't you understand? None of you can save Shion.

             Jin:   What do you mean? I hope you can explain yourself.

           Kevin:   Jin Uzuki... I'm sure you've already realized what's
                    happening to Shion's body.

             Jin:   Huh!

           Kevin:   That's right. She's suffering from the same illness as her

           Shion:   Ah?!

           Kevin:   Shion, you have an ability that others lack. But that power
                    will eventually cost you your life. That's the reason for
                    your recent headaches.

           Shion:   I have the same illness as Mom?

             Jin:   If you know that much, then, naturally, you must know the
                    cause as well?

           Kevin:   While differing somewhat in the strength of their power,
                    the test subjects assembled in this facility all possess
                    the same ability as Shion. The subjects are capable of
                    communicating with U-DO. They can convey their will to

             Jr.:   Communicating with U-DO?!

           Kevin:   Yes, but that leads to their own death. The test subjects'
                    wills are unable to stand the stress of direct contact with
                    U-DO, and they eventually fall into a coma and die.

           Allen:   Then why didn't you make them stop the experiments?! If you
                    cut off the contact with U-DO, wouldn't their illness
                    stop?! You don't have to force them to talk with U-DO!

             Jr.:   You can't.

           Allen:   Huh?!

             Jr.:   You can't cut off contact with U-DO. He's watching us from
                    another realm. You can't run away from him.

             Jin:   U-DO chooses to make contact? Are you saying those waves
                    have a will?

           Kevin:   Don't you see Shion? I became a Testament to save you.
                    Without this form, without this power, I can't save you.
                    The only ones that can save you are me and T-elos.

           Allen:   T-elos? T-elos is going to save the Chief? Wait a minute!
                    Then what the hell is KOS-MOS?! You designed her, too!

           Kevin:   KOS-MOS is just a prototype built to collect data for
                    T-elos, and to monitor Shion.

           Allen:   KOS-MOS is a prototype?! Is that why you tried to dispose
                    of her?!

           Kevin:   Yes. KOS-MOS grew too close to Shion. The source of
                    KOS-MOS's power comes from U-DO, by using the Zohar as a
                    door. Every time KOS-MOS uses her abilities, Shion, who
                    reacts to U-DO, loses her life force. The closer Shion and
                    KOS-MOS's wills come together, the greater the stress on


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - KOS-MOS Escapes                      [7IR-8]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

           Allen:   KOS-MOS... is shortening Chief's life span?

           Shion:   You mean, KOS-MOS is going to kill me?

           Kevin:   Shion. I want you to come with me. If things progress as
                    they have been, then you'll have no future. This is the
                    only way to save you. Please listen, Shion. I don't want--
                    I don't want to lose you again.

           Shion:   Kevin, I--

           Kevin:   I understand. It's all right. I'm right here with you.

           Shion:   Oh, Kevin, I'm happy-- I'm so happy to see you again. I
                    missed you so much. I thought-- that I'd never see you
                    again. And yet, here you are. So, I-- I-- I...

           Kevin:   I promise you, that-- I'll never leave you again. We'll
                    always be together.

           Shion:   Kevin... Jin?! What are you doing? I don't understand.

             Jin:   Shion. I apologize. But I cannot allow you to leave here
                    with him. What he's telling you right now may seem
                    plausible enough. However, I don't believe it! I don't
                    believe that he can be trusted!

           Kevin:   Jin Uzuki.

           Shion:   What are you saying, Jin?! You've got to stop it! This is
                    Kevin! He's the man I loved from the bottom of my heart!

             Jin:   No, he isn't, he's not the same anymore! He is no longer a

           Shion:   No. You're wrong! He's the same as he always was. He's the
                    same man that I always knew! He's still my Kevin!

             Jr.:   Dammit!

           Shion:   Tell me why. Why are you all interfering?!

             Jin:   Shion, get back! KOS-MOS, take Shion and run away!

           Kevin:   KOS-MOS, don't do it. Come to me. Bring Shion here.

           Allen:   KOS-MOS! No, don't do it!

           Kevin:   KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Kevin Winnicot, I am very sorry, but unfortunately I am not
                    programmed to follow your orders.

           Kevin:   Are you trying to defy your creator?

         KOS-MOS:   The KOS-MOS that was created by you, has been destroyed by
                    T-elos, sir. I have different designers, Shion Uzuki and
                    also Mr. Allen Ridgeley.

           Kevin:   Impossible!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, we will leave now.

           Shion:   No, KOS-MOS stop! I don't want to go with you!

         KOS-MOS:   I must apologize. Action was needed to avoid danger.

          T-elos:   KOS-MOS! You think you can run!?

           Kevin:   Stop, T-elos. There's no need to chase them. We'll have
                    plenty of opportunities. Return now.


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Rendezvous with the Elsa             [7IR-9]
 ----------------------------------------------------------             -------

          Hammer:   Captain! It's KOS-MOS! She's headed this way on the bike!

        Matthews:   Are they alone? Stop the ship! We'll pick them up!

         KOS-MOS:   Captain. I'm boarding the ship. Please maintain your
                    current position.

        Matthews:   Don't do anything crazy. This ship is delicate. Scratch it
                    and you're gonna pay for it.

         KOS-MOS:   I will do my best.

          Hammer:   KOS-MOS and Shion are now onboard!

         KOS-MOS:   Captain, all of the others are still currently inside of

        Matthews:   Don't worry. Tony, can you handle it?

            Tony:   Who do you think you're talkin' to? This is gonna be a
                    piece of cake!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Truth About Miltia                  [7IR-10]
 ----------------------------------------------------                  --------

         Sellers:   Mizrahi, what are you doing?! Don't be stupid. If you do
                    that, we may lose control of the Zohar!

         Joachim:   I know, but this is the only way to stop this phenomenon. I
                    must save the universe, even if it means destroying this

         Sellers:   Are you crazy?! Stop!

         Joachim:   You and the others are the ones who don't realize what
                    you're doing. That thing is beyond human control.

         Sellers:   Are you upset because you failed to revive your daughter?

         Joachim:   Failed? It's true that I was unable to bring my daughter
                    back to life. But a new potential was born. For that, I

         Sellers:   Stop! Mizrahi! Uh!

         Joachim:   Watch closely. This is how I take my responsibility!

         Sellers:   Mizrahi!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Joachim's True Intent               [7IR-11]
 -------------------------------------------------------               --------

         Joachim:   MOMO-- I made a conscious decision... to sacrifice this
                    planet and its inhabitants to you. My sins, will certainly
                    never be forgiven. But if it means you will be born into a
                    peaceful world, then so be it. I will gladly throw myself
                    into the fires of Hell. Hallelujah! And the sea gave up the
                    dead which were in it and death and Hell delivered up the
                    dead which were in them: and they were judged, every man
                    according to their works! And death and Hell were cast.
                    They were cast into the lake of fire! And with it came
                    about the second death! And whosoever not found in the Book
                    of Life... was cast into the lake of eternal fire! Sakura,
                    I doubt I will go where you are. You will probably admonish
                    me for that which I have done. Who's there? Juli, I'm
                    sorry. Please, take care of MOMO. Please, take care of our


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Elsa Escapes Miltia                 [7IR-12]
 -----------------------------------------------------                 --------

           Ziggy:   This isn't good. The whole facility is about to collapse!

             Jin:   Yes, you're right. Let's get out of here!

             Jr.:   What about Shion?

           Allen:   There's Shion!

            MOMO:   Jr.! Look!

             Jr.:   It's the Elsa!

             Jin:   Let's go!


 Chapter 7 - Inescapable Reality - Vessels of Anima                    [7IR-13]
 --------------------------------------------------                    --------

         Wilhelm:   It appears that the first awakening has gone smoothly.

           Kevin:   Yes. The remaining Vessels of Anima will follow shortly.

         Wilhelm:   The Vessels of Anima are the body of God, divided by the
                    Saint in ancient times to protect the universe from
                    dissipation. We cannot allow the universe's failsafe to
                    become active. We must control the body of God with our own

           Kevin:   I understand. We shall return everything to the moment of


 Chapter 8                                                           [CERBERUS]

 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah                                    [8TM]

 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Elsa Drifts through Space      [8TM-1]
 -----------------------------------------------------------------      -------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Appearance of Abel's Ark       [8TM-2]
 ----------------------------------------------------------------       -------

        Matthews:   Is everyone okay?!

           Ziggy:   Yeah, everything seems fine.

        Matthews:   Hammer, hurry up and give us a damage report and our
                    current position.

          Hammer:   Roger... Huh?! Ah-ah...


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Abel's Ark                     [8TM-3]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Past and Present               [8TM-4]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

             Jr.:   That's--

           chaos:   Abel's Ark!

        Matthews:   What's going on?! I thought it disappeared along with the
                    past Miltia just a moment ago! Hammer! Where the hell are

          Hammer:   Coordinates confirmed! We're at point KZ255, Y724. It's the
                    same point where we came in contact with the hypersphere.

        Matthews:   What?!

            MOMO:   U.M.N. column pulse received. Time axis confirmed. We're in
                    the present!

             Jr.:   Then, we were never really--

           chaos:   Right. We were trapped in the world of Shion's subconscious
                    this whole time. In order to awaken "that."

           Allen:   The thing they were unable to accomplish in the past...
                    That's why they needed the power of both Shions!

            MOMO:   Captain! There's a powerful energy wave coming from Abel's

        Matthews:   What?!

            MOMO:   Shockwave, incoming!


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Abel's Ark Transports          [8TM-5]
 -------------------------------------------------------------          -------

           Allen:   What the? Th- The planet is--

            MOMO:   Abel's Ark is initiating transfer!


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Rendezvous with the Durandal   [8TM-6]
 --------------------------------------------------------------------   -------

        Matthews:   Is it gone?

          Hammer:   Captain! There's a transmission from the Durandal!

        Matthews:   What?! The Durandal's here?!

          Hammer:   Yes, sir. Looks like it's nearby. They say they've spotted
                    us and they're gonna pick us up.

             Jr.:   They're okay, right?!

          Hammer:   Yeah, they're fine.

             Jr.:   Okay. Let's go ahead and join up with them.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Situation Analysis             [8TM-7]
 ----------------------------------------------------------             -------

      100-Series:   We've detected the Elsa's signature. Range to rendezvous
                    point is 400.

            Juli:   What about the unknown that appeared moments ago?

      100-Series:   It's currently moving through the U.M.N. A unique wave is
                    being emitted from the columns as it passes through. The
                    disappearing planets are likely the result of those waves!

            Mary:   What kind of waves?

      100-Series:   They're similar to the vibration patterns emitted when
                    Gnosis come in contact with humans.

            Juli:   Are you saying it's a synchronicity chain phenomenon?

      100-Series:   The disappearance phenomenon is expanding. At its current
                    rate, half of the Federation will vanish within 72 hours!

            Juli:   Unbelievable.

            Mary:   Have you identified the moving object?

      100-Series:   No, but this waveform matches... the giant Gnosis that
                    appeared at Old Miltia one year ago.

         Shelley:   That giant Gnosis?

            Mary:   That thing they call Abel's Ark.

            Juli:   According to the description in Mizrahi's Y-Data, Abel's
                    Ark seeks the eternal circle, Zarathustra.

            Mary:   Then there's only one place it can be going.

         Shelley:   Planet Michtam.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Galaxy Federation Fleet        [8TM-8]
 ---------------------------------------------------------------        -------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Yuriev Speaks of Abel          [8TM-9]
 -------------------------------------------------------------          -------

          Dmitri:   Federation planets are disappearing one after another, just
                    as described in the Y-Data. The release of Lemegeton has
                    awakened Abel. "When Abel awakes, his cradle, the Ark,
                    shall appear. It shall seek the eternal circle." And true
                    to those words, the Zohar has become active. I can feel it.

         Sellers:   Abel...just who is that child?

          Dmitri:   You could say he's an old friend from the time when I was a
                    U.M.N. space pilot. He was always in an isolated facility,
                    though, so I only met him directly a few times.

         Sellers:   That was several hundred years ago. And he has never
                    changed the entire time?

          Dmitri:   It's nothing to be surprised about. After all, I've existed
                    for hundreds of years, myself.

         Sellers:   His existence is recorded in Mizrahi's Y-Data, as essential
                    for controlling Omega. He does act as a mediator to the
                    Zohar waves, but the record itself is thousands of years
                    old. And Mizrahi restored it. Which means that boy has
                    existed since "that" era. It's outside the realm of normal

          Dmitri:   Right now, he is an indeispensable partner to me. He is the
                    control device for Omega, the one weapon that can challenge
                    God. Once I retrieve its power source, the Zohar and obtain
                    Zarathustra, the final artifact needed to ascend to the
                    realm of God.

         Sellers:   Do you seriously intend to fight "God"?

          Dmitri:   You'll see soon enough.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Ormus Fleet                   [8TM-10]
 ---------------------------------------------------                   --------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Margulis Heads for Michtam    [8TM-11]
 ------------------------------------------------------------------    --------

        Pellegri:   What are you doing, Margulis? No orders have been issued to
                    move the fleet.

        Margulis:   They have Omega. And now this.

        Pellegri:   That's the unknown entity currently moving through the

        Margulis:   It's Abel's Ark.

        Pellegri:   Abel's Ark? The object that was said to appear when the
                    Messiah was crucified?

        Margulis:   Do you see where it's headed?

        Pellegri:   It's Michtam. Why is this thing that appeared at Old Miltia
                    a year ago heading for Michtam now?

        Margulis:   That, I don't know. But the Federation's Salvator faction
                    is headed for Michtam as well. Do you think that's just a
                    coincidence? There's something there on that planet.

        Pellegri:   And that's why you're taking the fleet? So that planet is
                    more than just our birthplace?

        Margulis:   Zarathustra, the blessed Saint's womb. It is said to be
                    vital for the return to Lost Jerusalem. Michtam... or
                    Abraxas, was the planet where the worshippers of the Saint
                    landed. The Y-Data we obtaiend from the Federation also
                    supports it.

        Pellegri:   You believe... Zarathustra lies on Michtam.

        Margulis:   Yes. And if so, we cannot allow them to intrude upon that

        Pellegri:   Even if it means disobeying the orders of His Eminence?

        Margulis:   Hmph.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Shion's Self-Doubt            [8TM-12]
 ----------------------------------------------------------            --------

            U-DO:   Shion, what fills your heart? Is it fear? Sadness... or

           Shion:   I don't know. I don't understand myself.

            U-DO:   Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid?
                    Are you afraid of being isolated from the world? Are you
                    afraid of people rejecting you? Are you afraid of your
                    eventual death?

           Shion:   Afraid. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of being alone.

            U-DO:   What does it mean to be alone? Is it more terrifying than
                    death? Why does your face show such an expression?

           Shion:   I don't know. I don't understand anything. Help me. Please,
                    someone help me. Tell me who I am.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Depressed Shion               [8TM-13]
 -------------------------------------------------------               --------

           Shion:   Kevin, what should I do? Am I just going to disappear from
                    this world, unable to do anything? Kevin... Jin? Jin, why?
                    Why didn't you let me go? Why did you get in my way?

             Jin:   ...

           Shion:   If I'd gone with Kevin, I might have been able to be happy.

             Jin:   Do you really think so?

           Shion:   What do you know?! You don't know anything about him! I'm
                    going to die. Like Mom. Are you saying you don't care?!

             Jin:   Don't be stupid. No brother wants to see his sister die.

           Shion:   Then-then don't interfere. Let me go to Kevin! Don't take
                    anything else from me!

             Jin:   Shion!

           Shion:   Get out!

         KOS-MOS:   Is it all right for you to leave the room?

             Jin:   Completely pathetic.

         KOS-MOS:   Currently, Shion's mental balance is in an extremely
                    unstable state. That is the likely cause of her attitude
                    towards you. Given time, she should return to her original
                    mental state.

             Jin:   That's not what I mean. I'm pathetic for being unable to
                    help Shion when she needs me the most. I might as well be a
                    stranger! I'm unable to do anything for her as her brother.
                    KOS-MOS, not that I believe the words of that Testament,
                    but it might really be for the best to remove you from
                    Shion. But right now, you are the only one who can save
                    her. Please. Help Shion.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - KOS-MOS and Shion             [8TM-14]
 ---------------------------------------------------------             --------

           Shion:   KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Are you all right, Shion?

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, was what Kevin said true? Are you going to kill

         KOS-MOS:   There is no connection between my current systems and your
                    life functions. Nevertheless, given that those are words
                    from Kevin Winnicot, the system designer, we cannot be
                    certain if they should be ignored. At the present time, I
                    am restricted from taking actions that would jeopardize
                    your life.

           Shion:   Why do you protect me, KOS-MOS?

         KOS-MOS:   Protecting Vector employees is registered in my program as
                    a matter of high priority.

           Shion:   That's not it. You try to protect me, specifically. I
                    didn't program any priority like that.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, protecting you is registered as my highest priority.

           Shion:   Is Kevin the one who programmed that?

         KOS-MOS:   I do not know. I can determine that it is a direct
                    interrupt from my core module, and independent of my
                    control program.

           Shion:   Your core? Are you saying your heart wants to protect me?

         KOS-MOS:   My heart? I am unable to determine that.

           Shion:   I guess you can't know that. I don't know what I should do.
                    It's not that I want to give Jin a hard time. And it's not
                    that I don't trust my friends. I know that you and Jin and
                    everyone on the Elsa... are worried about me. But isn't
                    everyone really thinking that I'm a dangerous burden? I'm
                    the one who led our universe to destruction. If I die, the
                    Gnosis might disappear. Isn't everyone wishing that would
                    happen? I'm afraid. I'm so scared. No one's going to save
                    me. If everyone abandons me, I... Will you always stay with

         KOS-MOS:   ...

           Shion:   I don't want to be alone, KOS-MOS. Help me, Kevin.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Shion and Nephilim            [8TM-15]
 ----------------------------------------------------------            --------

           Shion:   Nephilim!

        Nephilim:   Shion, don't reject everything. If you stay like this,
                    you'll wind up alone.

           Shion:   What do you want? Are you here to say a bunch of cryptic
                    things again and confuse me? You're always like that. You
                    just appear in front of me, say whatever you feel like,
                    then just watch without actually doing anything!

        Nephilim:   It's true that he needs you. But he doesn't necessary seek
                    the same thing that you seek from him. The salvation he
                    brings might not make you happy.

           Shion:   Even if that's true, I still want to see him. I want to
                    talk with him.

        Nephilim:   If you go to him, you will have to choose. The choice you
                    have to make will be difficult and painful for you. Do you
                    still wish to--

           Shion:   Yes, I still do. I need Kevin, just like he needs me.

        Nephilim:   What Kevin wants is Abel, the Zohar and you and KOS-MOS.
                    Abel is currently being used as part of the Omega system to
                    realize Dmitri Yuriev's ambition. Set Abel free from his
                    curse. If you do, Kevin will appear before you once again.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Hyperspace                    [8TM-16]
 --------------------------------------------------                    --------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Destination of the Ark        [8TM-17]
 --------------------------------------------------------------        --------

             Jr.:   So that's what happened while we were away.

      100-Series:   We've received reports that Federation and Ormus advance
                    forces... began fighting approximately three hours ago in
                    the space surrounding Michtam.

             Jin:   What's happening with the planetary disappearances?

      100-Series:   Approximately half of all Galaxy Federation planets have
                    disappeared at this point.

           Ziggy:   So, your assumption is that Abel's Ark is causing this

             Jr.:   What's the Ark doing now?

      100-Series:   Abel's Ark has appeared in normal space. It appears to be
                    heading for Michtam as we surmised. The Merkabah appears to
                    be pursuing Abel's Ark. Estimated time of contact is 1730.

             Jr.:   Not even two hours from now. Damn that bastard.


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Plan to Infiltrate Merkabah   [8TM-18]
 -------------------------------------------------------------------   --------

             Jr.:   Well, there you go. What do you think my old man's up to,

          Helmer:   Dmitri won't make it easy for us to find out what he's
                    planning. But, even if we don't know how much of the
                    current situation he predicted, if he's brought out the
                    Merkabah and obtained Omega, then there's only one thing
                    he's after.

             Jr.:   The original Zohar swallowed by the Ark!

            Juli:   That's why he wanted Omega and Abel and whatever is
                    sleeping on Michtam.

            MOMO:   Do you think his goal is to wipe out Ormus?

             Jr.:   Nah, I don't think that's it. Dad probably isn't even
                    concerned with Ormus anymore. Dad was...He had an extreme
                    fear of U-DO. Everything he does seems to be rooted in that
                    fear. And when he got the Y-Data, he found what he wanted--
                    a way to conquer his fear.

          Helmer:   Hmm. Are you still unable to make contact with the
                    Representative Trustee?

         Shelley:   Yes, communication with Fifth Jerusalem has been cut off
                    since the appearance of Abel's Ark.

          Canaan:   The planetary disappearance is already spreading. It's no
                    surprise we can't make contact.

          Helmer:   The situation is grave here on Miltia as well. We're
                    launching escape ships one after another, but we don't know
                    if we'll make it in time. And for that matter, we don't
                    know if the planetary disappearance phenomenon affects us
                    as well.

          Canaan:   You humans are hopeless. It's times like this when you
                    should be working together.

          Helmer:   What you're saying is sad but true, Canaan. We're using
                    most of the Miltian fleet as escape ships, so we don't have
                    any left to aid you. This will probably be my last
                    communication with you as well.

             Jr.:   Helmer...

          Helmer:   I'll need you to operate under your own judgement. Do what
                    you think is best. I apologize for asking so much of you,
                    even up to the very end. Committee Member Mizrahi, please
                    take care of the rest.

      100-Series:   The transmission from Miltia has ended.

             Jr.:   Dammit!

           Shion:   What are you hesitating for?

             Jr.:   Shion, are you all right?

           Shion:   Yes, I feel fine.

           Allen:   But, you shouldn't push yourself after what just happened.

           Shion:   Are you sure you want me around? Because, you know I might
                    call the Gnosis again, or maybe run off to join the enemy?

             Jr.:   Of course not. Everyone's worried about your health.

           Shion:   I know my own body better than anyone. You can stop

             Jin:   Shion...

           Shion:   This isn't the time to be arguing about this, is it? If
                    Dmitri Yuriev is trying to use the Zohar for his own
                    purpose, we have to find out what it is. Once it's already
                    happened, it'll be too late!

             Jr.:   Yeah, I know! Shion, right now, we need all the help we can
                    get. Are you going to be all right?

           Shion:   How many times do I have to say it? I'm fine.

             Jr.:   Okay! We'll launch the Elsa as soon as we gate out. We'll
                    pass through the fighting between the Federation and Ormus
                    to get to the Merkabah. There, we'll secure Omega and
                    Dmitri Yuriev, who should be at the center. The Durandal
                    will stand by for support in the rear! All hands, prepare
                    to move out!


 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Gating Out into Miltian Space [8TM-19]
 --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Canaan's Warning              [8TM-20]
 --------------------------------------------------------              --------

          Canaan:   Hurry, Rubedo. The Merkabah has already made contact with
                    Abel's Ark.

             Jr.:   I know.

          Canaan:   Listen, the Merkabah's own attack capability isn't very
                    high. If we can get past the defense fleet, getting inside
                    will be simple.

             Jr.:   You make it sound easy. We're on an independent mission and
                    ignoring Federation law. Not only are the Ormus our enemy,
                    but the Federation fleet, and the Gnosis as well.

          Canaan:   It shouldn't be a problem with your skills, should it? I
                    have high expectations for you.

             Jr.:   Gee, thanks. Tony, we're on!

            Tony:   Leave it to me. Time to start the show!


Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Breaking through the Front Line[8TM-21]



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Storming the Merkabah         [8TM-22]
 -------------------------------------------------------------         --------



 Chapter 8 - Tactical Warship Merkabah - Truth Spoken by Sellers       [8TM-23]
 ---------------------------------------------------------------       --------

         Sellers:   Looking for someone? I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll
                    find the results you desire here.

             Jin:   Dr. Sellers? I see. So you're the one behind Yuriev. I
                    thought you'd been currying favor with Ormus. Why are you
                    back with Yuriev?

         Sellers:   I don't care what the vessel is. I will make use of all
                    available options to obtain what I desire. I've always
                    built my own path.

             Jr.:   Do you realize how many innocent people you've dragged into
                    your schemes?!

         Sellers:   You're no different, URTV. How many comrades did you
                    sacrifice so that you could live?

             Jr.:   I...

         Sellers:   Exactly. To accomplish great things, it's ony natural to
                    ignore trivial sacrifices. But I was still unable to reach
                    the level of that man. Everything I built was nothing more
                    than pale imitations. Why?! How much of a difference could
                    there be between him and me?! No, perhaps this is exactly
                    the difference between us. In the end, I, too, was that
                    man's pale imitation.

             Jr.:   Sorry, but we don't have time to listen to an old man's
                    ramblings. Where's my father?!

         Sellers:   How should I know? You should be able to tell without
                    asking me, shouldn't you, URTV.

             Jr.:   What do you mean?

         Sellers:   You URTVs are connected to each other, right? Then just
                    search to see where your comrade is now.

             Jr.:   Gaignun?! No, it can't be!

         Sellers:   Hmm. So, you really didn't know what 669's real purpose

             Jr.:   His real purpose?

         Sellers:   URTVs 668 and 669... Their real purpose was to destroy unit
                    666, the Red Dragon--you.

             Jr.:   Huh!?!

         Sellers:   And the final model, 669, also had an additional purpose:
                    the rebirth of Dmitri Yuriev.

             Jr.:   What?!

         Sellers:   A large number of designer children were created for the
                    live transfer experiments of organic beings during the
                    early stages of the U.M.N. Dmitri Yuriev was one of them.
                    That man is the original Salvator.

             Jr.:   My father is the original Salvator?!

         Sellers:   He's the only one who ever returned alive from the transfer
                    experiments. He made contact with U-DO within the U.M.N.,
                    and was overcome with fear. But in exchange, he also gained
                    a special power... the same one that all URTVs have. The
                    ability to transfer his mind to others.

             Jr.:   Huh!

         Sellers:   669, Nigredo, was born to be Yuriev's vessel.

             Jr.:   Grrr!

         Sellers:   In order to overcome his fear of U-DO, Dmitri continues to
                    live to this day by mental transfer. And once he obtained
                    the Y-Data, he found the method to defeat the fear.
                    Fortunately, your people took very good care... of one of
                    the things necessary to accomplish that.

             Jr.:   The Zohar emulators.

         Sellers:   Mizrahi didn't create the emulators just for decoration. In
                    each one is a record of the wave pattern data of its
                    corresponding Vessel of Anima. They're like an ignition
                    laser for activating the original.

             Jr.:   Damn. He's after the Durandal!

         Sellers:   Of course, it's too late for you to do anything about it.

             Jr.:   You're insane!

         Sellers:   Insane? Oh, but of course. You can't change the world
                    without a little insanity!

             Jr.:   Damn you to hell!

         Sellers:   Don't get all excited. I have no intention of fighting you.
                    My role was merely to buy time. That's all I can do, after
                    all. Now, get out of here. Or would you rather stay and be
                    absorbed by Abel's Ark?

             Jr.:   Grr!

           Ziggy:   It's a waste of time, Jr. He's beyond reason. We need to
                    get out of here.

 Chapter 8 - Durandal                                                     [8DU]

 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Occupation of the Durandal                      [8DU-1]
 -------------------------------------------------                      -------

      100-Series:   Confirmed. The Elsa escaped from the Merkabah. Gate out
                    detected in the region in front of us. It's Omega!

            Mary:   What was that?

   Durandal crew:   It's just a matter of time before they occupy all blocks!

   Durandal crew:   No! Don't shoot! Stop!

         Gaignun:   Occupying the bridge is our highest priority. Seize
                    everyone in command. You may dispose of the rest of the
                    crew as you like.

      100-Series:   Enemy forces have invaded blocks 32 and 34!

            Mary:   Hurry up and close the barrier walls! Close all of the
                    walls in each of the blocks!

      100-Series:   I can't. The locks have all been overridden. The enemy
                    forces have already reached the residential areas.

            Mary:   Shelley! What is going on?! Only command ranking officers
                    know how... to open the gates during an emergency! Have we
                    been hacked?

         Shelley:   No. There's nothing wrong with the system.

            Mary:   Then what's going on here?! The only ones who can release
                    the locks are... Little Master, and Master Gaignun, and us!

         Shelley:   Yes. Pieta has acknowledgedthat the intruder is Master

            Mary:   No way! Master Gaignun?!

         Shelley:   Why are you here?

         Gaignun:   Well done. You've done a good job in my absence. Now get
                    some well-deserved rest.

         Shelley:   Mary!

            Juli:   Gaignun Kukai! What are you doing?!

          Dmitri:   I certainly didn't expect to see you here, Juli Mizrahi.

            Juli:   Dmitri Yuriev!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Arbiter Code                                    [8DU-2]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

          Dmitri:   Hello, or should I say, pleased to meet you? Mary and
                    Shelley Godwin.

            Mary:   Ugh!

         Shelley:   That body. Is it Master Gaignun's?!

          Dmitri:   This body's quite convenient. Once I got used to it, it was
                    extremely easy to use. As you can see, this ship is already
                    under Salvator's control.

            Mary:   What do you think you're doing?! This ship is under the
                    jurisdiction of the Miltian government!

         Shelley:   Yes. This action is in violation of the Federation Charter.
                    It will be dealt with appropriately by the Miltian

          Dmitri:   Do as you please, though I doubt Helmer has that kind of
                    power left.

            Mary:   Ungh!

          Dmitri:   Now... I'd like to put an end to this without making you
                    suffer, but I'm afraid that's not an option. There're
                    things I need you to tell me.

         Shelley:   What do you want?!

          Dmitri:   The Arbiter code.

    Shelley/Mary:   Ugh!

          Dmitri:   It's inside you, isn't it? That Helmer, he truly is
                    something, hiding the release code inside such cute young


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Canaan vs. Citrine                              [8DU-3]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

            Mary:   We told you, we don't know anything. And even if we did, we
                    aren't about to tell you!

          Dmitri:   Please, don't waste your time. Besides, I think you've
                    forgotten something. If you damage this body, then you'll
                    lose your precious master.

          Canaan:   You're a URTV.

         Citrine:   It's nice to meet you. I am number 668, but you can call me

          Dmitri:   Lovely, isn't she. Her abilities are equal to and on par
                    with those of Nigredo. I trust you understand what that
                    means. It would be a shame to have to see those beautiful
                    faces twisted in pain, now wouldn't it? So I do hope that
                    you're prepared to talk... voluntarily.


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Durandal Recovery Mission                       [8DU-4]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

             Jr.:   What's the status of the Durandal?

        Matthews:   Not good. It's probably been captured by Omega and the
                    Federation fleet.

          Hammer:   They were caught totally off-guard. They didn't have a
                    chance to counterattack.

           Ziggy:   Their ally attacked them without warning. It is not

             Jr.:   Have there been any calls from the Durandal?

          Hammer:   We're calling them, but there's no response. It'd be best
                    to assume the bridge has already been occupied.

             Jr.:   That bastard wouldn't take action for no reason. He must be
                    after the Zohar emulators. Captain, turn us back toward the

        Matthews:   Wait a minute, Little Master! Omega's right there!

             Jr.:   I know, but we have to go. I can't abandon them!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Boarding the Durandal                           [8DU-5]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

             Jr.:   Dammit! Then we'll circle around to the dock! I'll
                    apologize to Gaignun later. We're getting in there even if
                    we have to rip out the walls!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Tragedy                                         [8DU-6]
 ------------------------------                                         -------

            MOMO:   Oh, no. No, they're all... Jr., they're all--

           Ziggy:   Jr.

             Jr.:   Sorry, but don't say anything to me right now. I'm not
                    cool-headed enough to keep calm after seeing something like

           Ziggy:   I know. This time, even I'm going to get emotional. I can't
                    stay quiet after what they've done.

             Jr.:   Yeah. First, we'll rescue the survivors. Let's go!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Mary and Juli's Rescue                          [8DU-7]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

            Mary:   Little Master!

             Jr.:   Mary! You're okay. Wait, did they--

            Mary:   It's nothing, just a scratch. Don't worry about it.

            MOMO:   Mommy!

            Juli:   MOMO, I'm so glad to see you.

            MOMO:   Thank goodness you're okay.

            Juli:   MOMO, don't worry about me, please tend to Mary's injury.

            MOMO:   Oh, right! Please show me the wound.

             Jr.:   What's happening on the ship? How many survived?

            Mary:   You've probably seen for yourselves, but we were wiped out
                    before we could fight back.

             Jr.:   Where's Shelley? Don't tell me she's--

            Juli:   No, Shelley's safe. She's likely held prisoner in another

             Jr.:   I'm sorry I put you through this.

            Mary:   Don't apologize. We knew you'd come. We always believe in

             Jr.:   Good girl. The Elsa's in the dock. Can you make it that

            Mary:   Of course. You don't have to worry about us. Save Shelley,
                    Little Master.

             Jr.:   Don't worry, leave it to me. Juli, please take care of

            Juli:   I will. All of you, be careful, too.


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Shelley and Canaan's Rescue                     [8DU-8]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

         Shelley:   Little Master!

             Jr.:   Shelley! Are you okay?

         Shelley:   I'm fine, but the Arbiter code hsa fallen into enemy hands.

          Canaan:   I'm sorry. I failed to stop them.

             Jr.:   Don't blame yourself. None of you did anything wrong.

         Shelley:   Yuriev is likely headed to the isolated hangar to release
                    the seals on the emulators. I overwrote the gate ID, but
                    it's only a matter of time before it's broken.

             Jr.:   Don't worry. I'll stop them. The Elsa's in the dock.
                    Canaan, escape and take her there.

          Canaan:   Understood.

         Shelley:   Be careful, Little Master.

             Jr.:   Right. Don't worry.


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - No. 668                                         [8DU-9]
 ------------------------------                                         -------

         Citrine:   Hello, number 666. It's been a long time.

             Jr.:   Huh?!

           chaos:   Jr.?

             Jr.:   Ci-Citrine...

         Citrine:   I'm so happy to see you. you're the only comrade I have

           chaos:   Comrade? She's a URTV as well.

             Jr.:   Yes, female type, number 668, Citrine. She's a variant
                    URTV, like us. If you're on guard here, then Dad must be

         Citrine:   And if he is? I won't let you interfere with Father.

             Jr.:   Are you an idiot?! Don't you understand what's going on?!
                    If we don't stop him, this entire universe will be in

         Citrine:   You're the one who doesn't understand, Rubedo. Have you
                    forgotten our duty? Our mission is to destroy U-DO. It
                    doesn't matter what happens to the universe as long as we
                    accomplish that.

             Jr.:   So Dad plans to use the power of the emulators and the
                    original to destroy U-DO?!

         Citrine:   A failure who's forgotten his role as a weapon and
                    abandoned his duty has no right to speak to me!

             Jr.:   Citrine, stop! I don't want to lose any more of my

         Citrine:   Comrades? You abandoned us! You're no comrade to us!

             Jr.:   Citrine...

         Citrine:   I forgot to mention, but I have one more duty. I have the
                    power to destroy the Red Dragon, just like Nigredo. Do you
                    think you can defeat me?


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Rubedo and Citrine                             [8DU-10]
 -----------------------------------------                             --------

         Citrine:   Why were we born? For what reason do we exist? Answer me,
                    Rubedo. You betrayed your comrades, you killed your
                    brother. Why are you still alive?

             Jr.:   To keep my promise.

         Citrine:   Your promise?

             Jr.:   Yes. The reason I exist is to keep the promise I made.

         Citrine:   You're still haunted by that woman's shadow. I pity you.

             Jr.:   Citrine...


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Dmitri Yuriev                                  [8DU-11]
 ------------------------------------                                  --------

           Ziggy:   What could that alarm be?

             Jr.:   That bastard! He activated the emulators!

          Dmitri:   So, they disposed of Citrine. What is it? Oh, I see. You're
                    sad. You had a connection to that unit. But that's nothing
                    more than an illusion. You are weapons. You see, you're
                    nothing more than one of my parts. You don't need any
                    meaningless emotions. Anything more is completely
                    unnecessary. Behold this glorious picture! My revenge will
                    begin. My time of victory agaisnt his terror has finally

             Jr.:   You filthy bastard! Stop the emulators, now!

          Dmitri:   Is that you, Rubedo? It's been a long time, hasn't it? I
                    must say, I've missed you.

             Jr.:   Listen! We both know what'll happen if you even think about
                    touching those! Give back Gaignun's body and get the hell
                    out of here!

          Dmitri:   Oh, I am so disappointed in you, Rubedo. This circumstance
                    is your fault, entirely. There's no one else to blame but
                    yourself and I'm afraid... I've been forced to take matters
                    into my own hands, since those incomplete units failed
                    their mission fifteen years ago.

             Jr.:   My fault? Oh, yeah? Are you... planning on using the
                    emulators, and omega, to destroy U-DO?

          Dmitri:   No, no, it isn't that sort of thing. Nothing can ever
                    destroy U-DO. I guess you really don't understand the
                    reasons why I am here.

             Jr.:   All right then, fine! Why are you here?

          Dmitri:   In ancient times, people used to be together with God.
                    People loved God, revered and even feared God. Out of fear
                    of the undying God, they sought divine power. This was a
                    way for the ancients to resist Him. Eventually, they found
                    a method to become gods themselves. We have revived their
                    relics: the Merkabah and the Zohar emulators, as well as
                    Mizrahi's Y Data, which holds the records left behind by
                    the ancients. This holds the instructions, so that we may
                    become gods once again. You see, U-DO is a god of this
                    dimension. If, in fact, God cannot be destroyed, then we
                    shall be the ones to become gods, ourselves. Farewell, my
                    son. I must go now. Remember your great Father!

             Jr.:   Dammit! MOMO, can we stop the emulators?

            MOMO:   No, we can't! The controls are destroyed. There's no way to
                    stop them!

             Jin:   The ship is moving!

            MOMO:   The Durandal's beginning to turn. That means... it's
                    heading for the Ark!

             Jr.:   Dammit! Dad's going to ram the ship and the emulators right
                    into the Ark!

           Ziggy:   Now what?!

             Jr.:   We'll purge the dock and escape! It's gonna be rough, but
                    we don't have any choice. Let's go!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - Unable to Escape                               [8DU-12]
 ---------------------------------------                               --------

        Matthews:   It's no good, Little Master. The remote control isn't
                    working. We can't perform it from here.

             Jr.:   Then we'll just have to do it by hand!

        Matthews:   That's insane. A regular person would be caught up in the
                    explosion caused by the purge!

          Hammer:   Hey, there's someone outside!

        Matthews:   It's chaos and KOS-MOS!

           Shion:   What is she doing?


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - chaos and KOS-MOS                              [8DU-13]
 ----------------------------------------                              --------

           chaos:   KOS-MOS, now!

        Matthews:   Tony, come on! Break through, now!

            Tony:   Yeah, yeah, got it!

          Dmitri:   Now, let us begin. Restore what was once rightfully mine!


 Chapter 8 - Durandal - True Form of the Ark                           [8DU-14]
 -------------------------------------------                           --------

             Jr.:   What the hell is that?!

            MOMO:   I'm detecting an enormous gravity deviation from inside.

         KOS-MOS:   It is not a Gnosis. It is likely caused be surplus energy
                    leaking from Omega after absorbing the Zohar.

           Shion:   It's an astounding amount of energy.

           Ziggy:   With energy of this colossal magnitude, I guess his talk of
                    joining the rank of gods may not have been a bluff.

             Jr.:   Does he really intend on becoming a god?!

 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark                                                   [8AA]

 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark - Man Consuming God                             [8AA-1]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Kevin:   Omega's awakening is confirmed.

         Wilhelm:   So it would seem.

           Kevin:   For the shift to the higher dimension, Yuriev will likely
                    try to absorb Zarathustra. This may cause some effect on
                    the system--

         Wilhelm:   That is not the only function of Zarathustra. The measures
                    I've taken are not recorded in the Y-Data. The information
                    he obtained is incomplete. Let us watch over the
                    proceedings. He's a truly fascinating human being. In order
                    to conquer his fear, he chooses to absorb that fear and
                    become that fear himself.

           Kevin:   Shall we send Albedo for the retrieval?

         Wilhelm:   He wants to go, doesn't he? It's what he's always desired.
                    It will also work out well for the awakening of the Vessels
                    of Anima. It will take a little more time before she
                    awakens. In the meantime, let's enjoy the entertainment.


 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark - Margulis in Doubt                             [8AA-2]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

        Heinlein:   Margulis, what is it?

        Margulis:   Your Eminence, our fleet has already sunk 70% of the
                    Federation fleet. All that remains is to await your order.
                    Give us the order to attack the Ark.

        Heinlein:   Margulis, I don't even recall giving you an order to move
                    the fleet.

        Margulis:   Why should we stand by and watch while the Original Zohar
                    is right before our eyes? Dmitri Yuriev has already taken
                    action. We can't just hand it over without any protest.

        Heinlein:   Know your place, Margulis. Just follow my orders.

        Margulis:   But--

        Heinlein:   That is all, Margulis! You are not permitted to touch the
                    Ark. Pull back the fleet and leave Michtam!

        Margulis:   Your Eminence...

        Pellegri:   What does this mean? Is he saying to give up on the Zohar?

        Margulis:   I don't know. But don't you feel as if something has been
                    out of place... ever since Rennes-le-Château appeared? It's
                    as if we are no longer acting for our own objectives, but
                    for some other will.

        Pellegri:   Are you insinuating that His Eminence is betraying Ormus?
                    Such insolence will not be forgiven. Even for you, Chief

        Margulis:   I am aware of that. But still-- 


 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark - Proposal from Doctus                          [8AA-3]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

        Matthews:   I know we have to do something, but just how are we
                    supposed to get close to that thing?

            Tony:   We don't even know the enemy's location. What part do you
                    want me to stick this ship in?

          Canaan:   How about you stop talking and use your heads a little?

          Doctus:   Indeed. You've got all these people here, and yet none of
                    them are useful.

           Shion:   Doctus?! Why are you--

             Jr.:   Who's that?

             Jin:   She's an extremely skilled Scientia agent.

          Doctus:   Oh, is that you, Jin? You have the same enigmatic
                    expression on your face you always do.

             Jin:   And I see you haven't changed, either. It's rather unusual
                    for you to show your face here.

          Canaan:   I contacted her.

             Jr.:   What?! Why would you contact someone like her?

          Doctus:   My, are you sure you want to be that rude to me? You'll
                    regret it later.

          Canaan:   She has a plan that can solve our current dilemma. That's
                    why I called her.

             Jr.:   What plan?

          Doctus:   A way to get inside that thing.

             Jr.:   Huh?!

          Doctus:   It's simple. You just need to gate out inside of it. That
                    way you can infiltrate it and no one can stop you.

             Jr.:   A short jump within the same signal? Can that be done at
                    this short a range?!

          Doctus:   If it's us, yes.

             Jr.:   Even if we do that, we don't know where Dad is.

          Doctus:   You should be able to tell where Gaignun is. Right? URTV.

             Jr.:   Ah!

          Doctus:   I gave my gift to that Realian. The rest is up to you.
                    Don't disappoint me, now.

          Canaan:   MOMO, analyze this.

            MOMO:   This is the gate out interference program that Scientia
                    uses! With this, we can ignore the signal and dive out by

             Jr.:   Well, isn't she clever? So we use this to get to Dad, huh?
                    Okay. Hammer, replace the gate jump program. We don't have
                    much time. Get it ready now!


 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark - Canaan and chaos                              [8AA-4]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

           chaos:   Canaan, we have to move out right away. What is it? Are you
                    checking something out?

          Canaan:   chaos, have you ever wondered why you exist?

           chaos:   One's reason for existing. That's a difficult question. I'd
                    like to think it's for the people I care about, for
                    everyone, but my existence doesn't necessarily mean people
                    will be happy.

          Canaan:   Yes. Sometimes just existing can hurt others. chaos, you
                    know, don't you? That I am such an existence.

           chaos:   You remember?

          Canaan:   Yes, with the information on Program Canaan... and all this
                    data, there's no way I wouldn't remember.

           chaos:   Codename "Lactis."

          Canaan:   Yes. That's my reason for existence.

           chaos:   But you didn't desire that. It's not by your own will.
                    You're not responsible.

          Canaan:   Even if it's all happening in my subconscious, it's still
                    my responsibility. I was created for that purpose. To
                    reject Program Canaan is to reject my own existence.

           chaos:   You could hide who you are and continue to live, but that's
                    not the answer you seek, is it?

          Canaan:   Correct. I cannot deny myself. I am a Realian. The only one
                    who can give me a reason to exist is the one who created
                    me. chaos, if only that had been you. What should I do now?

           chaos:   Canaan...


 Chapter 8 - Abel's Ark - Boarding Abel's Ark                           [8AA-5]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

            MOMO:   Transfer column signal confirmed! Initiating jump now!

          Hammer:   Aaah! We're gonna hit it! What do we do?!

        Matthews:   Get a hold of yourself! Charge right through!

 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators                                              [8ZE]

 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Four Spheres                             [8ZE-1]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

           Ziggy:   What is this place? A dead end?

             Jr.:   No, I can feel his waves from inside. Dad's ahead. I'm
                    pretty sure.

             Jin:   Hmm. But we can't proceed like this. We have to think of a

            MOMO:   Wait. I sense the Zohar emulator waveform from those four

             Jr.:   Emulators are inside those spheres?

            MOMO:   Yes. The effects of the emulators are likley causing space
                    to bend. That is blocking our path.

             Jr.:   So if we shut those down, then we'll be able to keep going?

            MOMO:   I think that might be possible.

             Jr.:   That bastard had to make this hard. Hang on, Gaignun. I'm
                    coming for you.


 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Natus Flamma                             [8ZE-2]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

             Jr.:   What is this?

            MOMO:   I feel an incredible amount of energy. The entire room is
                    resonating with the emulators.

           Ziggy:   How does it look, Jr.? Is there a way to shut them down?

             Jr.:   Hang on, I'll check it out.

            MOMO:   Jr., look out!

             Jr.:   What the hell is that?!

            MOMO:   It appears to be an aggregation of Gnosis attached to the

           Ziggy:   Jr., get back. You can't take it alone!


 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Defeating the First Sphere               [8ZE-3]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------

             Jr.:   The emulators vanished.

             Jin:   The room's resonation seems to have stopped as well. MOMO?

            MOMO:   Yes, the spatial distortion is steadily returning to

             Jr.:   Okay. Let's go stop all the remaining emulators.


 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Natus Glacies                            [8ZE-4]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------



 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Defeating the Second Sphere              [8ZE-5]
 ---------------------------------------------------------              -------



 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Natus Lumen                              [8ZE-6]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------



 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Defeating the Third Sphere               [8ZE-7]
 --------------------------------------------------------               -------



 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Natus Tellus                             [8ZE-8]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------



 Chapter 8 - Zohar Emulators - Defeating the Fourth Sphere              [8ZE-9]
 ---------------------------------------------------------              -------

             Jr.:   What is this? Did they start resonating again?

           chaos:   No, this is... They're not resonating with us. They're
                    resonating with the original Zohar that lies ahead.

             Jr.:   Resonating with the original Zohar? You sure this is safe?

           chaos:   I don't know. But the waves from the Zohar are definitely
                    getting stronger. This phenomenon is probably being caused

             Jr.:   My damn father.

           Ziggy:   In other words, we should assume that the Zohar has fallen
                    into Dmitri Yuriev's hands.

           chaos:   The planetary disappearance seems to be accelerating as the
                    Zohar's power is released. It will eventually cover the
                    entire Galaxy Federation. We have to stop him before that

             Jr.:   Yeah, we'll stop him. And we'll get Gaignun back, too!

 Chapter 8 - URTV                                                         [8UR]

 Chapter 8 - URTV - Dmitri's True Intent                                [8UR-1]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

          Dmitri:   So, you finally made it. The powers I gave you must not
                    amount to much, my dear son.

             Jr.:   What the hell are you thinking, doing something like this?!

          Dmitri:   Your father is trying to take responsibility for the
                    mistakes you children made. You should be grateful to me
                    and stop complaining.

             Jr.:   Grateful?! If you're not gonna stop, I'll make you stop!

          Dmitri:   Oh? You're going to raise your hand against your own
                    creator? I'm impressed you have the nerve.

             Jr.:   Shut up! Stop this monster, now! Or I'll kill you!

          Dmitri:   Are you sure? Your dear brother is inside me, you know.

             Jr.:   Gaignun! Is your consciousness still there?! Gaignun! Can
                    you hear me?!

          Dmitri:   You're wasting your time. His consciousness is deep inside
                    me. Your voice won't reach him. Unlike you, this son has
                    served me well. Although, I admit I was surprised when he
                    killed me.

             Jr.:   Do you realize how much blood has been spilled for your
                    selfish ambition?! Return Gaignun to normal!

          Dmitri:   It doesn't matter. It has all been a sacred sacrifice so
                    that I may transcend U-DO.

             Jr.:   What's the point?!

          Dmitri:   I imagine you heard from Sellers. I am the first human
                    being to make contact with U-DO through the transfer
                    experiment. I obtained this power then. But along with it,
                    I was implanted with an inescapable fear. I trembled before
                    that fear. I struggled against it and ran. And eventually,
                    I realized that this fear was in fact what shackles people
                    to the human realm. And to overcome that fear requires the
                    power of a god. I sought divine power, and learned it would
                    be granted if the relics of God were brought together as
                    one. That's why I've come here to Michtam. Now, I will
                    transcend the fear of God. I will surpass God's existence!
                    I will obtain Zarathustra that sleeps on Michtam... and
                    ascend to a higher plane, to the realm of God!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Omega Awakened                                      [8UR-2]
 ---------------------------------                                      -------

             Jr.:   All of those waves... So, when you made contact with them,
                    you were already infected.

          Dmitri:   Infected? You don't mean me? Nonsense! This is power! This
                    is the power to surpass God! Yes, and this is only a
                    fraction of my true power! You don't really think that you
                    alone can stop this power, do you?!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Dmitri Infected                                     [8UR-3]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

             Jr.:   It ends here, Dad. This power is not something a human
                    being can control.

          Dmitri:   My hopeless son, do you really think this is the extent of
                    my powers?

             Jr.:   It doesn't matter what you say now. You've lost!

          Dmitri:   Such a foolish child, Rubedo. I told you, the fear I
                    suffered was far greater than this.

             Jr.:   Like hell. Don't you understand? You, who feared U-DO, will
                    never be able to surpass him!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Dmitri Fuses with Omega                             [8UR-4]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------

          Dmitri:   You are the one who doesn't understand, Rubedo. Fear drives
                    evolution. Human beings have used their intelligence to
                    conquer their fears and to obtain power. Oh yes, and this
                    is that power that I speak of! I will teach you... the same
                    fear that Albedo and I received!

             Jr.:   Transfer E.S.!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Albedo Piazzolla                                    [8UR-5]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

          Dmitri:   Amusing. But I'm afraid you're just wasting your time. This
                    power is infinite. As long as I have the Zohar and Abel, my
                    power will never fade!

             Jr.:   Stop it! U-DO will awaken! Once that happens, there'll be
                    no going back!

          Dmitri:   That face. The expression of fear. Interesting! That's how
                    you looked when you betrayed your own comrades! Your fear
                    will soon become a new source of power for me!

             Jr.:   Dammit.

           Ziggy:   What do we do, Jr.? There's no end to this.

 White Testament:   You're in way over your head. That power... is not yours.
                    You're simply being seduced by that power, just like I once
                    was. Eternal time. The infinite cycle of rebirth. Amidst
                    that flow, human existence is meaningless.

             Jr.:   Albedo! Just as I thought. I knew it was you! Albedo!

          Albedo:   Yo, Rubedo! I'm so happy to be able to see you again. It's
                    rather amazing. I feel like thanking the laws of this

           Shion:   Albedo. Why is he-- Why is he here?

             Jr.:   Albedo, but you... I thought that you--

          Albedo:   I came to warn you, my hopeless but most beloved other
                    half. But first, we need to do something about these.


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Gaignun                                             [8UR-6]
 --------------------------                                             -------

          Albedo:   Hey, what are you doing there Mr. Goody Two-Shoes?

          Dmitri:   So, you're still alive you worthless failure. Why do you
                    interfere now?

          Albedo:   Shut up. I don't have any business with you. I'm talking to
                    the bastard who's hiding in the shadows. You want to please
                    our dear old Dad that much? You've always been that way.

          Dmitri:   You're wasting your time. He can't hear you!

          Albedo:   Really? He sure seems to be hearing me.

          Dmitri:   Augh! Wha-what?!

         Gaignun:   J-Jr...

             Jr.:   Gaignun!

         Gaignun:   Kill me. Hurry. Right now, while I have my will, it's
                    possible! Hurry!

             Jr.:   How can you say that?! I could never--

          Albedo:   My, my, you're still a softy. You won't save anyone like
                    that. It's what he wants. Hurry up and do it. You have the

             Jr.:   I can't!

          Albedo:   Sure you can. You killed me. It's the same thing. It should
                    be easy for you.

             Jr.:   No, I--

          Albedo:   Then, want me to do it? It'd be easy with the power I have

             Jr.:   Stop!

          Albedo:   Good, that's it. Now, release your power!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Three URTVs                                         [8UR-7]
 ------------------------------                                         -------

         Gaignun:   Jr. It's all right. Albedo's right. If you don't do it now,
                    it'll be too late. You're the oldest. I'm sorry I keep
                    forcing everything on you.

             Jr.:   Nigredo!

          Albedo:   Yes, yes, it's all very touching. Now hurry up and form the

             Jr.:   The link?!

          Albedo:   Nigredo, I hate the idea of having to link with you, but
                    it's for Rubedo. Now, join up!

             Jr.:   What are you doing, Albedo?!

          Albedo:   Get a hold of yourself. You're the leader, remember? He's
                    contaminated by U-DO. Did you forget? We have the power to
                    neutralize him.

             Jr.:   But if we do that, we'll--

          Albedo:   Don't underestimate my power. I'll send him into another
                    dimension. Sorry, Nigredo. I'm going to use your body. Once
                    we start the link, go inside Rubedo before you lose your
                    body. I'll take care of the rest.

             Jr.:   Albedo, are you planning to leave me again?!

          Albedo:   Oh, stop crying. Like I said before, I hate both of you.
                    There's no time. Begin!

             Jr.:   I'm gonna form the link! Nigredo! Albedo!


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Nigredo                                             [8UR-8]
 --------------------------                                             -------

             Jr.:   Good! Keep suppressing U-DO's waves!

          Albedo:   Yes! Now, go, Nigredo! If you stay here, I'll blast him
                    away with you! What are you doing, Nigredo?! I demand that
                    you get out of my body!

         Gaignun:   Stop hiding your feelings, Albedo. Why did you come back
                    here? Sorry, but I don't like to follow orders. Go back to

          Albedo:   Stop it, Nigredo!

             Jr.:   Nigredo!

         Gaignun:   Rubedo. That is your true form. You see, I was created to
                    observe the two of you. The only reason why I existed was
                    to kill you. I tried to abandon that duty, but that would
                    have meant that I was denying my own existence. I... I was
                    afraid of being separated from the two of you. Albedo knew
                    from the beginning, that I was nothing more than a danger
                    to you. I know that I never should have existed in this
                    world to begin with.

             Jr.:   Nigredo! That's not true! We were friends, remember?

         Gaignun:   My duty to keep watch over you is over. No, I want it to be

         Nigredo:   I'm not saying goodbye. Let's play together again sometime.
                    Until then, take care, Rubedo, Albedo...

             Jr.:   Nigredo!

          Albedo:   He put on a one-man show and ran off by himself. You pissed
                    me off to the very end, Nigredo.

             Jr.:   Albedo...

          Albedo:   Hey, don't worry about it. You know how he is. Once he gets
                    to where he's going, he'll probably spy on us along with

             Jr.:   Yeah, you're probably right. Let's go see him one day. Then
                    the three of us can get together again. That sounds like
                    fun, doesn't it?

          Albedo:   That doesn't sound so bad. Sorry, Rubedo. I'm really tired.
                    I'm going to sleep for a while.

             Jr.:   Yeah. Rest and relax.

          Albedo:   Rubedo... the Zohar... and Abel... are on Michtam.


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Gaignun's Death                                     [8UR-9]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

            Mary:   Master Gaignun?! Shelley, Master Gaignun's--

         Shelley:   I heard him. It was Master Gaignun's voice.

            Mary:   He said, thanks for everything you've done. Take care of
                    Little Master.

         Shelley:   I can't believe he still worried about Little Master.

            Mary:   Yeah, he just had to try and sound cool, even to the very

         Shelley:   Yes, but that's just like him.


 Chapter 8 - URTV - All Preparations Complete                          [8UR-10]
 --------------------------------------------                          --------

         Wilhelm:   Now his wish has come true. The awakening of the remaining
                    Vessels will come soon.

           Kevin:   Yes. We Testaments exist for that purpose.

         Wilhelm:   Then let us, too, step out onto the stage. It's time to go,


 Chapter 8 - URTV - Joshua Starts Up                                   [8UR-11]
 -----------------------------------                                   --------



 Chapter 8 - URTV - Dämmerung in Panic                                 [8UR-12]
 -------------------------------------                                 --------

VectorResearcher:   What happened?!

VectorResearcher:   I don't know! The energy flow from the reactor suddenly cut

VectorResearcher:   What about the sub-reactor?!

VectorResearcher:   We're executing an emergency startup!

VectorResearcher:   Send all the sub-reactor's power to atmosphere maintenance
                    and life-support!

          Miyuki:   Togashi! What's going on? Why did the lights suddenly go

         Togashi:   I don't know. From what I heard, the reactor disappeared or

          Miyuki:   What?! What's gonna happen to us?! Togashi, do something!

         Togashi:   What do you want me to do?

          Miyuki:   Shion.

 Chapter 9                                                           [X-CANNON]

 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam                                               [9PM]

 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Escape from the Ark                       [9PM-1]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------



 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Descent to Planet Michtam                 [9PM-2]
 ------------------------------------------------------                 -------

           Shion:   Michtam's shining.

           Ziggy:   Yuriev said something is sleeping on Michtam.

             Jr.:   Do you think it's related to the disappearance of the

           chaos:   Captain, it's Ormus mobile weapons. They're headed this

        Matthews:   What?!

            MOMO:   Ormus mobile fleet confirmed! They're surrounding us at a
                    distance of 20,000 kilometers!

        Matthews:   Damn! Tony, take us down to Michtam!

            Tony:   What?! Are you serious?!

        Matthews:   It's better than staying here! Hurry!

            Tony:   You're all crazy. Hey, don't blame me if something goes


 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Elsa Attacked                             [9PM-3]
 ------------------------------------------                             -------



 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Truth Behind Ormus                        [9PM-4]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------

        Heinlein:   What are you doing, Margulis? Did you not hear my order to

        Margulis:   My apologies, Your Eminence, but we cannot let our
                    birthplace be destroyed by Gnosis.

        Heinlein:   That's unimportant. Everything has existed for this day.

        Margulis:   But Zarathustra is here. Without that, our dream of
                    returning to Lost Jerusalem... to return to the land where
                    our Lord sleeps, cannot be fulfilled. Isn't that what you

        Heinlein:   Urgh!

        Margulis:   Your Eminence!

         Wilhelm:   It seems you've had a great misunderstanding.

        Margulis:   What?! Y-your Eminence... Is that what you look like?

         Wilhelm:   That's right. Are you surprised? You've served me well all
                    this time, but it seems your faith was too strong. Overly
                    strong faith clouds the eyes. You are no longer able to see
                    what you should. But perhaps that is still good, in its own

        Margulis:   Your Eminence...

         Wilhelm:   You probably don't know the origin of Ormus, so I shall
                    tell you. Ormus was born approximately 6,000 years ago. It
                    began from the death of the man you worship as your Lord.
                    Officially, it existed to convey the man's existence to
                    coming generations. But its true purpose... was to manage
                    the "words" he passed on. The program you call Lemegeton
                    is, in fact, those words. It's a failsafe installed by God
                    that can cause this universe to dissipate. Though it
                    appears the man you call your Lord didn't know that. Of
                    course that was to be expected, for those were the words of
                    Yeshua. To protect the universe from dissipation, I created
                    an organization to manage and watch over those words.
                    That's Ormus's true objective. Not just the words, but also
                    the artifacts of God, passed down from ancient times. All
                    of them are beyond human control.

        Margulis:   Are you saying our devout wish to return to Lost Jerusalem
                    is all a lie?

         Wilhelm:   Yes, exactly. You needed words, faith, to define who you
                    are. What were you planning on doing once you returned to
                    that place? It disappeared because it was fated to. Because
                    of human action.

        Margulis:   Then all we've done so far, all we've worked for was

         Wilhelm:   It wasn't meaningless as long as you, yourself, believe it
                    wasn't meaningless. After all, that's why I've continued to
                    exist. Now, what will you do, Margulis? You must make a
                    decision that will define who you are. Will you leave this
                    place, or--

        Margulis:   I-I...

         Wilhelm:   Yes. You are a man who has lived a life without regret. You
                    truly are a worthy actor to decorate the final stage.


 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Elsa Lands                                [9PM-5]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

        Matthews:   Hey, everyone alive?

            Tony:   Yeah, what's left of us.

           Ziggy:   Can you tell where we are?

            Juli:   Let me connect to the database here. It may still be alive.
                    We're twelve kilometers from a city. There should be a
                    spaceport nearby.

           Shion:   Can you detect the Zohar?

            MOMO:   There's no sign of it. But there's high-density Gnosis
                    activity in the center of the city.

             Jin:   Gnosis, hmm. Could the source of this planet's anomaly be
                    located there?

             Jr.:   Probably. Before Albedo went to sleep, he told me that the
                    Zohar and Abel were transferred to Michtam by someone's
                    will. So he told me to go there. Captain, sorry, but the
                    Elsa better wait here. Don't wait for us if anything
                    happens. Follow Juli's instructions.

        Matthews:   Are you sure, Little Master?

             Jr.:   You'll all have to look out for yourselves. We won't have
                    any leeway. The rest of us will leave the port in E.S.s and
                    head for the city. Ormus is here, too, so don't let your
                    guard down.

           Allen:   What? I'm going too?!

             Jr.:   You got something to do here? We don't know what we're
                    going to run into. And Shion isn't looking good, so give
                    her the support she needs. Canaan, you'll support Jin.

          Canaan:   ...

             Jr.:   Hey, Canaan! What's wrong?

          Canaan:   Hmm? Ah, it's nothing. Understood.

           chaos:   ...


 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Noise                                     [9PM-6]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

             Jr.:   So, this is Michtam.

             Jin:   It is a land of atonement for mankind. This entire world is
                    like a tombstone.

           Ziggy:   ...

             Jr.:   What is it, old man? Getting scared?

           Ziggy:   No, it's nothing. There's a lot of noise. The sensors don't
                    seem to be working well.

             Jr.:   What's with you guys? You and Canaan are both acting weird.
                    Get a grip, okay?

           Ziggy:   Sorry, I'm fine.


 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Richard and Hermann                       [9PM-7]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

         Richard:   Now, now, you can't go barging into other people's homes

             Jr.:   That voice! You bastards are still alive?!

         Richard:   Of course. Our role is to deliver punishment to you

             Jr.:   So, you still haven't gotten tired of getting your butts
                    kicked, huh?

         Richard:   My, you certainly talk big for trespassers. Be grateful
                    that the punishment of your heresy will take place here in
                    the Ormus Holy Land. It's above and beyond the honor that
                    should be bestowed on someone like you. Are you so moved
                    that you're trembling?

             Jr.:   Enough with the speeches already. Let's fight!

         Richard:   Oh, don't worry, we will. For your sentence is death!


 Chapter 9 - Planet Michtam - Recovery of the Vessels of Anima          [9PM-8]
 -------------------------------------------------------------          -------

           Shion:   A black E.S.? That appeared before.

           Ziggy:   Is it a Testament?!

             Jin:   It looks like he's taunting us to follow him.

 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport                                             [9AS]

 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - Ziggy's Memory                          [9AS-1]
 ---------------------------------------------                          -------

             Jin:   It's been heavily damaged, but I don't think it was caused
                    by combat.

           chaos:   It doesn't seem to be caused by an atmospheric reactor
                    accident or anything like that. It looks more like a
                    natural disaster.

           Ziggy:   That symbol!

             Jr.:   What is it, old man?

           Ziggy:   I've been here before. It was in the distant past when I
                    was still human.

             Jr.:   What?!

           Ziggy:   It was here that I faced off against Voyager. Back when
                    this place was still called Abraxas.

             Jr.:   That Testament was on this planet, too?!

           Ziggy:   Yes. Voyager was born here, and it was here that he
                    transformed and ceased to be human.


 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - Pendant's Light                         [9AS-2]
 ----------------------------------------------                         -------

             Jr.:   Hey, wait a minute. This is--

             Jin:   Gnosis.

            MOMO:   This is horrible.

          Canaan:   Looks like a large number of people failed to escape and
                    were left behind.

            MOMO:   But the platform was right there.

             Jin:   I wonder how many spaceships managed to take off from here.

           Shion:   Ahh! What was that?

            MOMO:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief! Where are you going?!

           Shion:   There's something over here.


 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - A Planet's Memory                       [9AS-3]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

           Shion:   What is this?

           Allen:   It looks like an emergency platform. Is there something

           Shion:   I don't know. It's sadness? Fear? I just feel something

           Allen:   Chief...


 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - E.S. Issachar Attacks                   [9AS-4]
 ----------------------------------------------------                   -------



 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - People of the Zohar                     [9AS-5]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

        Pellegri:   I never thought we'd meet in this place. I must remember to
                    thank God, Jin Uzuki.

             Jin:   Pellegri?! I have nothing further to say to you. We must
                    stop the disaster that's happening on this planet. Neither
                    Ormus nor the Federation matter at this point. We have no
                    reason to fight you.

        Pellegri:   No reason to fight? Do you know what this place is?

             Jin:   This place?

        Pellegri:   You set foot on this land without knowing anything about
                    it? This land is the birthplace of Ormus.

             Jin:   The birthplace of Ormus?!

        Pellegri:   Yes. Those born in this land were called the People of
                    Zohar. The Zohar Project, which your Federation pursued so
                    vehemently, was originally brought into the world by us.

             Jin:   So that is the heritage you care so much about?

        Pellegri:   The People of Zohar arrived to this planet after their
                    long, wandering journey. We were the people who protected
                    the Zohar and the relics of God for generations. But the
                    Federation usurpers realized the potential of the Zohar and
                    invaded this planet, killing its people, in order to obtain
                    the Zohar. And the result is this. The current state of
                    this planet is the manifestation of your Federation's ego
                    and desires. We swore revenge and vowed to restore this
                    land so we may return to our fatherland. It is the destiny
                    of my people who've lived on with the Zohar. It is the word
                    of our God.

             Jin:   So that is the truth behind Miltia? It's true that you may
                    be victims as well. But that doesn't justify what you did
                    on Miltia!

        Pellegri:   There's no need to justify. The words of God represent
                    justice. Our existence defines truth!

             Jin:   History shows that those who speak of the word of God have
                    never represented what is right! All they've displayed was
                    deception, falsehood, and aggression!

        Pellegri:   Yes, deception. It's true that it was all deception. What
                    we did was all meaningless.

             Jin:   What?

        Pellegri:   Yes, there is no longer a need for a reason. I am here,
                    now. This is my reason for being.


 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - Pellegri's Feelings                     [9AS-6]
 --------------------------------------------------                     -------

        Pellegri:   Jin. Remember that you are free. You can freely accept or
                    reject... anything you please. But I'm different from you.
                    I can never join you. This was fated from the beginning.
                    Then at least, I'll end it with my own hands!

             Jin:   Pellegri!


 Chapter 9 - Archon Spaceport - Never to be Together                    [9AS-7]
 ---------------------------------------------------                    -------

             Jin:   Bail out, Pellegri! There's no sense in you dying! You
                    don't have to accept it!

        Pellegri:   I told you, it doesn't matter anymore. Each person must
                    walk on their own path. Your path and mine, just simply did
                    not cross.

             Jin:   Then, come on! Fight me one more time! Survive, so that you
                    can defeat me!

        Pellegri:   But, I can't. I can't fight anymore! I'm tired. Farewell,
                    Jin Uzuki.

             Jin:   Pellegri!

             Jr.:   Jin!

           Shion:   It's that E.S., again!

 Chapter 9 - Voyager                                                      [9VR]

 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Ziggy's Past                                     [9VR-1]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

             Jr.:   Hey, old man?! What's wrong?!

            MOMO:   Ziggy, are you okay?

           Ziggy:   I may know where the Zohar is.

             Jr.:   Really?! Where?

           Ziggy:   My memory isn't complete, but there was once a facility
                    where the Zohar was studied. We should head there.

             Jr.:   Why did you keep something like that a secret this whole

           Ziggy:   I wasn't keeping it a secret. My memory is fragmented and
                    not linked properly. It seems I tried to seal it

             Jr.:   What? How come?

           Ziggy:   Even cyborgs get nightmares. I tried everything I could to
                    erase it.

          Canaan:   A nightmare...

           Ziggy:   That place is the stage of my nightmare. It is an
                    abominable place.


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - A Terrible Place                                 [9VR-2]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

             Jr.:   Is this it?

           Ziggy:   Yes.

             Jin:   It looks like a religious facility of some kind.

          Canaan:   It's a cathedral built by Ormus to worship the Zohar.
                    Pilgrimage Meetings with the Federation and other such
                    activities took place here.

           Ziggy:   Yes, but that's only the official story. In reality,
                    research of the Zohar took place underneath.

             Jr.:   No wonder this place looks shady. All right, let's go


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Voyager                                          [9VR-3]
 -----------------------------                                          -------

         Voyager:   I've been waiting for you, Jan Sauer.

           Ziggy:   Agh!

             Jr.:   Hey, that's--

           Ziggy:   Voyager!

         Voyager:   I was certain you'd come here.

           Ziggy:   Ungh!

             Jr.:   What's going on? What's he got to do with this place?

           Ziggy:   This is where he killed my wife and child.

             Jr.:   Ah!

           Ziggy:   Voyager. I'm already dead. Whatever you're scheming in this
                    place means nothing.

         Voyager:   No, you're still suffering, even now. Aren't you? Time
                    stopped for you on that day. You can never escape from it.
                    If you'd heeded my warning and become a Testament together
                    with me, you wouldn't have had to suffer like that.

            MOMO:   Ziggy, a Testament?

         Voyager:   Why are you so surprised? The same applies to all of you.
                    You, you, and you. All of you possess the characteristics
                    to become one of us. He knows that, and has been observing
                    you all this time.

             Jr.:   "He"? Observing what?!

         Voyager:   Yes. He planted an observational program in a special
                    Realian. Didn't you notice him standing by and watching you
                    for fifteen years? Program Canaan. Or perhaps I should say

          Canaan:   Nnnh...

           Ziggy:   Lactis?! That's impossible! That was one hundred years ago!
                    Canaan, it's you?! You're that Lactis?

          Canaan:   Codename "Lactis." I was given that name one hundred years
                    ago to observe both Voyager and you, Captain. And now, I am
                    observing all of you, Rubedo.

             Jin:   Canaan is an observer?

             Jr.:   Canaan, you're kidding, right? There's no way you'd be a

          Canaan:   Rubedo. What he says is true. That's how I'm programmed.

             Jr.:   Canaan, you've been betraying us this whole time?

          Canaan:   ...

             Jr.:   Say something! Answer me, Canaan!

         Voyager:   Don't be so hard on Lactis. That's what he was made for.
                    Just as you were created to be a weapon, you were created
                    to be an observer.

          Canaan:   I'm sorry, Rubedo.

             Jr.:   Canaan...

           Ziggy:   Enough of this, Voyager! Why are you doing this? What's the
                    point in making Lactis suffer now?

          Canaan:   Captain...

           Ziggy:   Is this why you became a Testament? What's your real
                    objective?! Answer me, Erich!

         Voyager:   I became a Testament to escape the fear of death, and to
                    obtain eternal pleasure. It had nothing to do with you, Jan
                    Sauer. The reason I concern myself with you is extremely
                    simple. I just want to enjoy my eternal life along with


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Showdown with the Past                           [9VR-4]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

         Voyager:   One hundred years ago, you ignored my words, and ended your
                    own life. That... is something I cannot accept.

           Ziggy:   Is that the reason why you decided to choose this place?!

         Voyager:   Exactly. This is the place where the curtain was closed.
                    Now, let's move on to the encore. Except this time, I will
                    have the pleasure of finishing you off, myself. Just like I
                    did your own son.

           Ziggy:   Erich!


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Ziggy vs. Voyager                                [9VR-5]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Ziggy:   It's over, Erich!

         Voyager:   Oh, no, it's just beginning! No need to struggle. You
                    should know by now, it's impossible for you to harm me.

          Canaan:   No, Captain! Stop!


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Canaan's Betrayal                                [9VR-6]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Ziggy:   Lactis?!

          Canaan:   Please stop, Captain. You can't win against Erich.

         Voyager:   So your subordinate has to save you, Jan. What a fine
                    captain you make.

          Canaan:   Erich, I want to make a deal with you.

         Voyager:   A deal?

          Canaan:   You became a Testament to conquer the fear of death, right?

         Voyager:   And what of it? Thanks to his power, I've already conquered

          Canaan:   No, you haven't. If the one who gave you the power
                    perished, you would face the fear of death again. You
                    yourself haven't changed at all. Don't you see?

         Voyager:   Nonsense. He will never disappear. My life is eternal.

          Canaan:   Do you really think so? Can you be certain you will not be
                    betrayed by the one you trust? You're the one who sneered
                    that there was no meaning in such things.

         Voyager:   ...

          Canaan:   Use Program Canaan. My subconscious domain is linked to a
                    specified location to send and receive information. I
                    presume you know where that is.

         Voyager:   The Compass of Order.

          Canaan:   Yes. By linking with me, you can directly absorb the power
                    of the Compass. You'll obtain the power of God. How does
                    that sound?

         Voyager:   What is it you want?

          Canaan:   Make me one of you.

             Jr.:   Canaan?!

           Ziggy:   Lactis, what are you saying?!

          Canaan:   No matter what happens, even if I survive here, I am a
                    traitor. I don't want to live on with that sullied label.

         Voyager:   I see. No wonder you are a specially-designed Realian. I
                    accept your offer. I'll take that power from you!

           Ziggy:   Lactis!


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Canaan's Feelings                                [9VR-7]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

         Voyager:   I see! So this is his power? With this, I will become God!
                    What? My power... My power is fading!

          Canaan:   I guess you couldn't handle this power, Erich. You've
                    touched something that must never be touched. And so now,
                    you must face your punishment, for all that you have done.

         Voyager:   Lactis! This is what you intended from the very beginning!

          Canaan:   I'm afraid you will have to join me on a journey into phase
                    space, Erich.

         Voyager:   No!

           Ziggy:   Let go! Lactis, there's no need for you to sacrifice
                    yourself. You won't be able to come back! Your very
                    existence will perish!

          Canaan:   I know, Captain. But, it's all right. I don't want to see
                    anyone else I care about die before my eyes. I didn't exist
                    just to watch you die, and I don't want to exist only to
                    betray you. I truly want another reason to exist. I want to
                    protect... every one of us. Goodbye, Captain.

           Ziggy:   Lactis!

             Jr.:   Canaan!

          Canaan:   Farewell, Rubedo. I pray for the success of your mission.


 Chapter 9 - Voyager - Farewell to Canaan                               [9VR-8]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Ziggy:   I failed yet again.

             Jr.:   That's not true. He's finally free from his curse. He won't
                    be used by anyone anymore.

           Ziggy:   So, you chose the same path I did, Lactis.

 Chapter 9 - Margulis                                                     [9MS]

 Chapter 9 - Margulis - Man Who Awaits                                  [9MS-1]
 -------------------------------------                                  -------

             Jr.:   What is this place?

           Allen:   It looks like some sort of experimentation ward.

             Jin:   Huh!

        Margulis:   If you're here, that must mean Pellegri is dead. You killed
                    your former love, yet you still live on. I'll compliment
                    your tenacity, Uzuki.

             Jin:   I could say the same to you, Colonel.

        Margulis:   Look at the remains of a dream. The final product of human
                    intelligence, human technology that can surpass even God.
                    The end result of desire for forbidden power. The very
                    definition of a nightmare.

             Jin:   You're the one who repeated that nightmare, Colonel!

        Margulis:   I, too, was unable to rise above my human existence. It may
                    have been I who sealed this planet into a nightmare. You
                    could say I was pure. If I'd stopped to think for a moment,
                    it all would have been obvious. But the word "martyrdom,"
                    seduced and clouded my eyes.

             Jin:   Colonel, for that word, your followers believed in you...
                    and laid down their own lives. So why are you here? Why are
                    you not beside them?!

        Margulis:   Uzuki, those who died with their beliefs were the happy
                    ones. But what about me? There's nothing more pathetic than
                    a pet who's been abandoned by his master. Lacking the
                    strength of the wild, he merely exposes his pitiful form to
                    the world and waits to die. But it is the same for you.
                    Ormus, Vector, the Federation, Miltia... All of them were
                    nothing but actors for the one objective. What does the
                    term "People of Zohar" mean for us now? We're just fools
                    made to dance to a tune of lies.

             Jin:   Why do you still fight us if you know that?!

        Margulis:   Even a fool has his pride. But after being betrayed and
                    rejected by all I've believed in, there is still one thing
                    left for me. You, Uzuki. My showdown with you is the only
                    thing that will not betray me.

             Jin:   You didn't think that I would run?

        Margulis:   There's no chance of that. In the end, you and I are both
                    beings who can only express ourselves through strength.


 Chapter 9 - Margulis - Margulis's Obstinacy                            [9MS-2]
 -------------------------------------------                            -------

        Margulis:   You were able to kill Pellegri. And I'm sure that you'll be
                    able to satisfy me, as well, Jin Uzuki! As a warrior, and
                    as a man, I will leave my mark upon the world!


 Chapter 9 - Margulis - A Warrior's Pride                               [9MS-3]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

        Margulis:   Well, well. I see that old fool at least had a good eye.
                    Jin, you are exceptional. But your strength means that you
                    will always be alone in this world. You've cast aside the
                    few people... who understood you, by your own hands. Now,
                    there is no one left who understands you.

             Jin:   Margulis!

        Margulis:   Hmph. Very interesting. Now, let's... begin, once again!

             Jin:   Give up, Margulis!

        Margulis:   No! Never! It's all right. This is my wish. I have lived to
                    settle the score with you. At this moment, I am not going
                    to... lose to you!


 Chapter 9 - Margulis - Pendant's Guidance                              [9MS-4]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

           Allen:   Wh-what's going on?!

           Shion:   My pendant!

             Jr.:   Hey, what's going on?!

           Shion:   It's calling me.


 Chapter 9 - Margulis - A Seal Undone                                   [9MS-5]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------



 Chapter 9 - Margulis - A Voice Calling Shion                           [9MS-6]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Shion:   Someone ahead is calling me.

 Chapter 9 - Mary                                                         [9MY]

 Chapter 9 - Mary - Crystal Room                                        [9MY-1]
 -------------------------------                                        -------

           Shion:   What is this place? Augh!

           Allen:   Are you okay, Chief? Maybe you should rest a little.

           Shion:   I'm okay. It's already passed.

             Jr.:   What is this? A dead end?

           Ziggy:   Jr., look at this. These letters.

             Jr.:   yeah, they're the same as the ones we saw on that floating
                    landmass. MOMO, can you read it?

            MOMO:   "And the angel answered and said unto the women, fear not
                    ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He
                    is not here: for he is risen, as he said." That's the only
                    text I can decipher. The rest isn't in my data.

             Jin:   Hmm, this material, is it crystal? It feels like some sort
                    of crystalline structure.

         KOS-MOS:   This structure has the same composition as Shion's pendant.
                    I detect this compound throughout the planet.

           Shion:   It's the same as this pendant?

             Jr.:   In other words, it's definitely not a normal room. But this
                    little room is what Ormus wanted to protect?

         KOS-MOS:   This is not a dead-end. I detect a large energy source from
                    beyond this room.

           Ziggy:   But there's nothing resembling a passage.

           Shion:   What is this?

            MOMO:   Shion?

           Shion:   Someone's calling me.

             Jr.:   Hey, Shion, are you okay? You've been looking pretty sick
                    ever since we came to this room.

           Shion:   N-no...

             Jin:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief!


 Chapter 9 - Mary - U-DO = Abel                                         [9MY-2]
 ------------------------------                                         -------

            U-DO:   Shion...

           Shion:   Who is that? Why do you appear before me? Tell me, who are

            Abel:   Shion...

           Shion:   Abel?


 Chapter 9 - Mary - Conversation with Abel                              [9MY-3]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

            Abel:   This form is what you have defined me as. If you call this
                    form Abel, then I am Abel.

           Shion:   You're U-DO, aren't you?

            Abel:   I am just one of the ways that U-DO is perceived. U-DO
                    wants to know.

           Shion:   Know what?

            Abel:   About the wills that desire a dissipating world. Everything
                    about you. Everything about this world.

           Shion:   I don't know any of that.

            Abel:   Shion, are you feeling pain right now? Is pain a method to
                    recognize yourself? Why do you all seek pain?

           Shion:   I don't know. I don't know, either.

            Abel:   You don't know. I don't know, as well. No matter how much
                    you hurt yourselves, no matter how much you hurt others, it
                    won't make you feel better so, why? Shion, why do you exist
                    in this world? What does your heart try to see in the abyss
                    of despair? Where is the real you?

           Shion:   The real me? I'm right here. I don't understand. Where am

            Abel:   I want to know. What am I? Who will define me? That's
                    right. I'm alone. Only that song heals me.

           Shion:   That's right, he is the only one who heals me. What I want


 Chapter 9 - Mary - Nephilim's Guidance                                 [9MY-4]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

            MOMO:   Shion!

             Jin:   Are you all right, Shion?

           Shion:   Uh, I...yeah, I'm okay. Ah!

             Jin:   Nephilim?

        Nephilim:   Shion, what you seek lies ahead. If you wish to go forward,
                    you must open the door by your own hands.

           Shion:   What?

        Nephilim:   This room was sealed by the will of a woman who was able to
                    call upon the power of God. She did this to prevent what
                    lies ahead from falling into the hands of mankind. If her
                    consciousness does not awaken, you cannot reach the truth
                    that lies ahead.

           Shion:   A woman? Who?

        Nephilim:   Someone you know well. In the distant past, she laughed and
                    cried together with you. She is your other half.

           Shion:   My other half?

        Nephilim:   Now, in order to save this universe, she must awaken, but
                    this will force you to make a painful choice. Her awakening
                    will erode and chisel away your life. If you were to turn
                    back here, no one would blame you. Everyone knows your

           Shion:   My pain? No one knows anything about me! No one knows how I
                    feel. I was always alone. Even when I called for help, no
                    one listened! The only one who listened was Kevin.

        Nephilim:   That's not true, Shion. Everyone listened. Everyone wants
                    to protect you.

           Shion:   You're saying the same thing everyone else is. Then why
                    didn't they save me? They stayed away from me, like I was
                    some kind of a disease! It would have been better to have
                    been denounced or condemned!

        Nephilim:   Shion, please don't lose sight of yourself. Don't let his
                    words overcome you.

           Shion:   You don't have to worry. I'll open the seal. But it's not
                    for any of you. It's for my own sake, and to take
                    responsibility for what's happened to the universe!


 Chapter 9 - Mary - Allen Tries to Stop Shion                           [9MY-5]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Allen:   Chief, wait! Why do you torture yourself like this?!

           Shion:   Move, Allen. This doesn't concern you.

           Allen:   Yes it does! I've always lov-- I-I'm worried about you!

           Shion:   You saw what happened. I summoned the Gnosis. I caused the
                    destruction of the universe and everything.

           Allen:   That doesn't mean you have to take on everything by
                    yourself! I, I mean, we, we're all-- If we put our heads
                    together, we can find another way!

           Shion:   You're so naive. The situation is already far beyond that.
                    Allen, what power do you have?! Can you save me? Can you
                    save my life?!

           Allen:   I--

           Shion:   You don't have any power at all. If you can't do anything,
                    then just shut up!

           Allen:   Chief...

             Jin:   Shion, that's going too far! He loves you!

           Shion:   Ahh.

           Allen:   Chief, do you miss him that badly?! Even with your body
                    broken like that, you still have to see him?!

           Shion:   I've made up my mind. Leave me alone!

        Nephilim:   Shion, are you sure?

           Shion:   Yes.


 Chapter 9 - Mary - Lost Jerusalem                                      [9MY-6]
 ---------------------------------                                      -------

           Shion:   This is-- This is that-- floating landmass. No. It must be
                    some kind of planet. I see... Maybe... it's a memory from
                    when this land was alive. This must be... Lost Jerusalem!


 Chapter 9 - Mary - She Who Resembles KOS-MOS                           [9MY-7]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Shion:   The stones are still new. They look like... they were just
                    made. chaos! I don't understand. Why are you here?

           chaos:   Since you are here, it must mean that you have come for

           Shion:   Her? Yes, that's right. Where is she? In this casket?
                    chaos, who is in this casket? chaos? Oh, it moves. What?
                    This is-- it's KOS-MOS! No, wait, she's human. She looks
                    just like KOS-MOS and T-elos. Kevin must have used her as
                    the model, when he first built them. She's so beautiful.
                    She looks like she's sleeping.

           Shion:   What's happening? Where am I? Isn't that... chaos? That
                    woman beside him... is the woman in the casket. What is
                    this feeling? Is it... anger? despair? No. You're sad,
                    aren't you? KOS-MOS? Are those-- Are those tears? Why? Why
                    are you crying? I see... You've lost sight of yourself,
                    just like me. You don't know who you are anymore. You don't
                    even know where you stand, and you feel alone. I
                    understand. Let's find out, together. Alright? Let's try
                    and find out... who I am, and why you are here. Let's look
                    for the answers together, KOS-MOS.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion...


 Chapter 9 - Mary - KOS-MOS Awakens                                     [9MY-8]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

             Jin:   Shion!

             Jr.:   Are you all right, Shion?!

           Allen:   Chief...

           Shion:   I...

         KOS-MOS:   Can you stand, Shion?

           Shion:   KOS-MOS... You've awakened, haven't you? Into your real
                    self. You're--

          T-elos:   Mary!

           Shion:   Mary?

          T-elos:   Mary Magdalene, my will. You've finally awakened.

           Allen:   T-elos!

          T-elos:   That is not the vessel in which you are meant to dwell!
                    Surrender and become part of me, KOS-MOS!


 Chapter 9 - Mary - Mary Magdalene and T-elos                           [9MY-9]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Shion:   I want to know who you are! How are both you, and KOS-MOS
                    connected to that woman?

          T-elos:   She is the partner of the Messiah. My body is Mary's body.
                    Inside of KOS-MOS sleeps Mary's will. Now that Mary's will
                    has awakened within KOS-MOS, I will take it inside me and
                    complete my resurrection, as the true Mary Magdalene.
                    KOS-MOS is nothing more than a temporary vessel!

           Shion:   Mary's... will? Mary's resurrection? Wait, what will her
                    resurrection bring about? And what is it that Kevin's
                    trying to do?!

          T-elos:   Do you mean that you don't know? You are the Key, Shion.
                    You're the Maiden of Mary Magdalene. Mary's resurrection is
                    what he desires. The convergence of dissipating will, the
                    revival of the soul-- that is Mary's duty. When Mary
                    fulfills her duty, Zarathustra shall speak! You may very
                    well be the Maiden, but interfere and you will regret it.
                    Do you understand? You don't have to be afraid. It's all
                    right, I'm not going to kill you for his sake.

         KOS-MOS:   Are you all right, Shion?

           Shion:   KOS-MOS... What are you?

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, right now I am Mary, and at the same time, I am not
                    Mary. Wasn't it you who said that the heart changes, from
                    one moment to the next?

           Shion:   Yes, but, T-elos is trying to make you a part of her! If
                    that happens, then--

         KOS-MOS:   I don't know what will happen... by merging with T-elos,
                    and becoming the true Mary. I don't know what the--
                    fulfillment of that duty will bring. But--

          T-elos:   You dare challenge me, you defective piece of junk?! Do you
                    want to be ripped apart, like before?!

         KOS-MOS:   Listen, T-elos! If your existence... will bring harm to my
                    friends in any way, then I will be forced to stop you!

          T-elos:   How amusing. Try your best to entertain me!


 Chapter 9 - Mary - KOS-MOS vs. T-elos                                 [9MY-10]
 -------------------------------------                                 --------

          T-elos:   I see. So, it's not just your appearance that has changed.
                    Fine. But I'm afraid that won't be enough to stop me!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Do not worry, Shion.

           Shion:   But that-- that attack will--

         KOS-MOS:   You are the one who designed this body, and it will take...
                    more than T-elos to defeat me.

          T-elos:   Shut up, you mechanical doll! Disappear from the face of
                    this world!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, step aside! KOS-MOS!

          T-elos:   You neutralized it with one hand?! You haven't got the best
                    of me. Hardly! This is far from my true power!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, please stand back.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS?!

          T-elos:   Be gone!

          T-elos:   What?

         KOS-MOS:   I'm sorry, T-elos, but this is goodbye.

             Jin:   She's resonating with T-elos!

           Ziggy:   Be careful. We don't know what'll happen next!

           Shion:   KOS-MOS? KOS-MOS! Are you all right, KOS-MOS?

         KOS-MOS:   Shion. Thank you. There's no need to be concerned. I'm

 Chapter 9 - Zarathustra                                                  [9ZA]

 Chapter 9 - Zarathustra - Wilhelm's Plan                               [9ZA-1]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

         Wilhelm:   The moment has finally come. Mary Magdalene has awaken. She
                    will lead all consciousness to Zarathustra. All that
                    remains is for her to insert the key.

           Kevin:   ...

         Wilhelm:   Are you worried? It was not T-elos who awoke, but KOS-MOS.
                    That wasn't part of your script.

           Kevin:   No, there's no problem. Mary Magdalene and Shion.
                    Everything is in our hands.


 Chapter 9 - Zarathustra - Zarathustra in Motion                        [9ZA-2]
 -----------------------------------------------                        -------



 Chapter 9 - Zarathustra - Elsa Crew in Panic                           [9ZA-3]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

        Matthews:   Gnosis phenomena is occurring throughout the star cluster?!
                    What the hell's going on?!

          Hammer:   I don't know. A warning was being sent from Gedalya to all
                    regions until a moment ago. Now I can't make contact with

        Matthews:   Can you make contact with other systems?!

          Hammer:   More than 80% of star sysetms are already unreachable!

         Shelley:   Captain. Some kind of code is moving through the U.M.N. at
                    incredible speed. Could this be the cause?

            Juli:   Let me see. That's Lemegeton?! No, it's similar, but not
                    the same. It's something else.


 Chapter 9 - Zarathustra - To Kevin's Side                              [9ZA-4]
 -----------------------------------------                              -------

           Shion:   Huh! What? What's going on?

            MOMO:   Gnosis are...An incredible number of Gnosis are gathering
                    at Michtam!

             Jr.:   I see, thanks. The Elsa just reported in. The Gnosis
                    phenomenon is manifesting throughout the entire star
                    cluster. They've already lost contact with more than 80% of
                    the Federation.

           Shion:   What?!

         KOS-MOS:   This planet has restored its original function with my

           Shion:   And that's effecting the Gnosis?

           chaos:   Yes. Zarathustra is one of the relics of God. Those who
                    worshipped Mary Magdalene brought it with them from Lost
                    Jerusalem. God gave Mary a choice, the power to change the
                    form of this universe. But in order to call upon the final
                    power, a key is needed.

           Shion:   A key?

           chaos:   That pendant you have. He entrusted you with that pendant
                    for this day.

           Shion:   Hahh...

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, he is waiting for you up ahead. But you are still
                    uncertain. If you meet him as you are now, you may lose
                    sight of yourself.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS, I mean Mary. You were able to recover yourself.
                    What does that feel like? You're right. I'm uncertain. I
                    don't even know where I stand. But that's exactly why I
                    want to see him.

         KOS-MOS:   Let's go. Kevin is waiting.

 Chapter 9 - Allen                                                        [9AN]

 Chapter 9 - Allen - Kevin Awaits Shion                                 [9AN-1]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------



 Chapter 9 - Allen - Kevin's Kindness                                   [9AN-2]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

           Shion:   Kevin!

           Kevin:   Shion. And Mary, too. Welcome.

           Shion:   Kevin, I--

           Kevin:   I know. You're scared, aren't you? You don't know what you
                    should do or even who you are. You don't know where you
                    belong. You don't need to be afraid any longer. I'll give
                    you those answers.

           Shion:   Kevin...

           Kevin:   I once felt the same way as you do. When this planet was
                    destroyed, I lost everything, even my sense of who I was.
                    It was then that he appeared before me.

           chaos:   Wilhelm, you mean.

             Jr.:   Wilhelm?! Vector's CEO?!

           Kevin:   This is what he said to me:


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Eternal Circle                                     [9AN-3]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

         Wilhelm:   Because of a certain phenomenon, our world is on the path
                    to destruction. The universe is slowly but surely being
                    destroyed. No one can stop it, even if they had the power
                    of God.

     child Kevin:   The universe is going to die?

         Wilhelm:   But do not despair. There is one way to save this universe.

     child Kevin:   And that's "eternal recurrence?"

         Wilhelm:   If we are fated to die, then we shall stop our history at a
                    certain point and restart it. And we shall repeat that
                    process eternally. How do you feel about our world? What do
                    you want to do with this world that drove you into the pit
                    of despair?

     child Kevin:   I hate the world. A universe like this one is better off
                    gone. And then I can live in a new universe with Mom.

         Wilhelm:   That's a good answer. You should accomplish that dream.
                    I'll be happy to aid you, Kevin Winnicot.


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Kevin's Objective                                  [9AN-4]
 -------------------------------------                                  -------

           Kevin:   He'd been preparing for this since before the loss of Lost
                    Jerusalem. Ormus, Vector, even the Federation all existed
                    under his will. After that meeting... I joined the Zohar
                    research team as Joachim Mizrahi's assistant, to prepare
                    for the day that would come. To awaken Mary Magdalene, I
                    created KOS-MOS as her vessel. In it I placed her
                    consciousness, which had dissipated in the U.M.N., and
                    entrusted her to you.

             Jin:   So everything went according to plan? I feel sick just
                    hearing it.

             Jr.:   You heard him, Shion. He planned everything from the
                    beginning. He was just using you as well!

           Shion:   Kevin, when you died, was that all just an act?

           Kevin:   No, it was real. I died on that day. In order to obtain
                    power, it was necessary to cast aside my physical body. I
                    needed to deepen your bond with KOS-MOS for Mary's
                    awakening, by removing myself from your life.

           Shion:   I can't believe it.

             Jr.:   You've gotta be kidding me! Everything you've done has been
                    a lie! You're the biggest con I've ever met.

           Kevin:   Shion, I'm sorry about what I've done to you. But I want
                    you to understand. To save you and the world, I had no
                    choice. With this power, I can free you from the terror of
                    death. I can spend eternity with you. I want to save you,

           Shion:   Kevin...


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Parting from her Friends                           [9AN-5]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

           Allen:   How can you say that?

           Shion:   Allen?

           Allen:   You try to make it sound good, but in the end, all you were
                    doing was using her!

           Kevin:   It's to protect her life.

           Allen:   You think you're allowed to do anything you want if you
                    think it'll protect someone's life? That it's all right to
                    ignore the Chief's feelings? I refuse to accept that way of
                    doing things!

           Kevin:   You refuse to accept it? Do I need to request your
                    approval? The fact is, she will die. Are you saying that
                    you will accept Shion's death? That you will abandon Shion
                    to her suffering?

           Allen:   No, I-that's...But--

           Kevin:   Pathetic. If the world could be saved through passion, all
                    of this would have been unnecessary. Now, come, Shion.
                    You've done more than enough. You don't need to sacrifice
                    yourself anymore. It's all right to think about your own
                    happiness. You know, don't you? That there's no place for
                    you there.

           Shion:   Oh...

           Allen:   Chief, don't go!

             Jr.:   Listen, you bastard! Leave Shion alone!

           Shion:   Stop. Don't hurt him.

             Jr.:   Shion? Are you serious?

             Jin:   Shion...

           Shion:   Jin?

             Jin:   Shion, you know what he's trying to do. There is a shadow
                    in his heart. And yet you still intend to go with him?

           Shion:   I don't know. I don't know what I should do. I'm tired. I
                    don't want to hurt anymore. None of you saved me. Only
                    Kevin has made a place for me.

             Jin:   Shion, none of us want you to suffer. Don't you understand

           Shion:   I do understand. But that's why I hate it! I've had my fill
                    of pity. And isn't it already too late? It's not like you
                    understand other people's feelings. If you had, Pellegri
                    might not have had to die!

             Jr.:   Shion!

           Allen:   Chief, that's not true!


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Jin Draws his Blade                                [9AN-6]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

             Jin:   So then, you're serious about this?

           Shion:   Yes, that's right. I've decided... that I'm gonna go with
                    him. Don't interfere anymore.

             Jin:   I understand.

             Jr.:   Jin, stop!

             Jin:   No matter what happens, I intend to do what I must to save
                    our world. Make sure your decision reflects that.

           Allen:   But, Jin!

             Jr.:   Shion, you've got to stop this! There's still time!

            MOMO:   You've got to listen to him, Shion! Please, don't go!

           Shion:   I'm sorry.

             Jr.:   Shion!

           Kevin:   That's enough, just give up. Shion has made her decision.
                    Your roles are over now. Stand down, and listen to the
                    words of God.

             Jr.:   Like hell, I will! Look, Shion, if that's what you're gonna
                    do, I'm not holding back! I'm bringing you with us even if
                    I have to beat you up.


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Allen Ridgeley                                     [9AN-7]
 ----------------------------------                                     -------

           Allen:   Stop! Please, stop this!

             Jr.:   Get out of the way, Allen!

             Jin:   Yes, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you not to interfere.

           Allen:   No, I won't move! Chief, guys, everyone get a hold of
                    yourselves. What are you all trying to prove by fighting
                    like this?! I've had enough! I didn't come here to do
                    something meaningless like this! We're all fighting to
                    protect the universe so we could all survive, right?!

           Kevin:   You still don't understand? The cries of the powerless is
                    what's meaningless. Your pathetic voice will reach no one.

           Allen:   That's enough, Kevin! Are you saying you're the only ones
                    who can save the world?! Are you saying that it's
                    impossible for us?!

           Kevin:   Exactly. You cannot save the universe or Shion.

           Allen:   That's not true! Everyone here is resolved to face this
                    fight. No one can laugh at that resolve!

           Kevin:   Resolve? Do you think we Testaments lack resolve?

           Allen:   Yes! You lost confidence in your ability to live as human
                    beings and just ran away! Because they were scared of
                    death, because they couldn't stand being weak, Virgil,
                    Voyager, Yuriev, and even Ormus. They were all just trying
                    to run away from the harshness of reality! The power of the
                    Testaments? All you're doing is using that tremendous power
                    to run away!

           Kevin:   Then, are you saying you have that resolve? You have no
                    power. You can't even win the heart of the one single woman
                    you love. What resolve does a man like you have?!

           Allen:   That's right, I'm a weak human being. And to you, I'm only
                    an insignificant, powerless creature. But I'll never leave
                    the Chief and run! I will stand firm on this spot and save
                    her, no matter what!

           Kevin:   Very well.


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Shion Leaves Kevin                                 [9AN-8]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

           Shion:   Allen!

           Kevin:   What's wrong? Weren't you going to stand firm? Look at you.
                    You're pathetic. You think you can save Shion?

           Shion:   Stop it.

           Kevin:   Shion!

           Shion:   Just leave him alone. Please, he can't even stand up on his
                    own. He can't do anything else, now.

           Kevin:   You really are pathetic, Allen. How does it feel to be
                    pitied by the one you love? Do you really want Shion's
                    sympathy that much?

           Allen:   Sympathy? You don't understand Chief's suffering like I do.
                    I understand her feelings, her pain and her sadness. And
                    despite that, she struggled alone, to do everything that
                    she possibly could! You don't have any idea how much she's
                    been hurt... or how she's suffered. How could anyone like
                    you understand? You have no idea how much she's cried!

           Shion:   Allen, please that's enough! It's all right. You've done
                    enough! Why do you have to suffer like that?!

           Allen:   You see, I wanted to cry in her place. And I wanted to be
                    the one to feel her pain. Because... I wanted to spend my
                    life together with her. I know that I may not be able to do
                    much in this world, but I would do absolutely anything for

           Kevin:   So then, do you think you can take her away from me? Shion
                    may find your feelings to be too much of a burden for her.

           Allen:   Even if that was the case, the feelings I have won't ever
                    change for her. Like you said, I'm a pathetic man. All I
                    could ever do was watch her from afar. But, there's no way
                    I would ever abandon her! I won't lose to someone like you,
                    who has only run away! I'm taking Shion back, no matter
                    what happens!

           Kevin:   All right, then. I shall grant... your wish.

           Shion:   Allen!

           Kevin:   Mary!

         KOS-MOS:   You're almost there, Allen.

           Allen:   KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   It's all right, Allen. I, too, understand your feelings. I
                    can feel your pain. And, I can also feel Shion's pain.

           Allen:   KOS-MOS. But, I--

         KOS-MOS:   Let's go now, Allen. Let's go to Shion.

           Shion:   Stop! Why are you doing something like this, too?

           Kevin:   What are you doing, Mary? Is this your will? You know that
                    will be defying Wilhelm.

         KOS-MOS:   I must protect Shion, no matter what. His will is
                    irrelevant to me.

           Kevin:   I see, then you truly are a failure. Mary's consciousness
                    changed inside you... and awoke as something different.
                    You're not the will of Mary, as it should be.

         KOS-MOS:   Shion, please tell me, is this what you really want? Do you
                    really want to betray everyone? Doesn't this make you sad?

           Kevin:   Stand back, Mary!

           Shion:   Kevin, all I ever... wanted was to be with you, even if
                    that meant that I was being used, even if I was being
                    deceived, as long as I could be by your side, I thought it
                    didn't matter. But, now I know, that's not true. It's wrong
                    for me to sacrifice others for it. If I do that, if I run
                    away into the past, all I'm doing is repeating the misery
                    inside me.

           Kevin:   But, Shion, what are you saying?

           Shion:   I do love you, dearly. I'm sure we would be happy together.
                    There's nothing that I would want more. But, I can't stand
                    the idea of being the only one who finds happiness. If I
                    can't share it with everyone, then there's no meaning to
                    happiness. And I don't want to be alone anymore.

           Kevin:   Shion, no! Are you... Are you leaving me?

           Shion:   If you force me to choose, I won't hesitate. I stand with
                    them to save this universe!

           Kevin:   Shion, listen to me. Accept my words, Shion! If you reject
                    me, you will die!

           Shion:   Kevin. Listen to me. I cannot be with you. I am no longer
                    your tool to play with.

           Kevin:   I see. But I-- will not hand you over voluntarily. Instead
                    I will... eliminate those who confuse you!


 Chapter 9 - Allen - Wilhelm's Voice                                    [9AN-9]
 -----------------------------------                                    -------

           Kevin:   Why?! Is that your will? Is this really the result you

           Shion:   Kevin...

           Kevin:   Shion, you're confused. You're unable to make calm
                    decisions about where you stand.

           Shion:   Please, stop! I don't want to fight you!

           Kevin:   Shion, I don't want to hurt you, either. Why can't you
                    understand my feelings?!

         Wilhelm:   Stand down, Kevin Winnicot. Time's up.

           chaos:   Wilhelm!

         Wilhelm:   It seems I expected too much from you, Kevin.

           Kevin:   Arrh!

           Shion:   Kevin!

 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm                                                      [9WM]

 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Vessels of Anima                                 [9WM-1]
 --------------------------------------                                 -------

            MOMO:   Look at that! Over there!

           Shion:   That's-- that's Abel! Our E.S.s!

             Jin:   Impossible! How'd he transfer them?!

         Wilhelm:   I had a feeling it wouldn't be a good idea to leave them in
                    your hands any longer. They all appear to have awakened, so
                    I'll go ahead and retrieve them from you. You don't mind do
                    you Yeshua?


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Wilhelm Tells All                                [9WM-2]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

             Jin:   What is that?

             Jr.:   What the hell is that?!

           Shion:   That thing...that's Zarathustra?

         Wilhelm:   Shion, your will is even stronger than I expected. You are
                    truly worthy of being the Maiden. Now, I will make use of
                    that power.

           Kevin:   Please, wait. Shion is still--

         Wilhelm:   I told you to stand down, Kevin. KOS-MOS failed, and you
                    lost T-elos, as well. Even with the Maiden with the Key has
                    left you. Acknowledge the truth. You were unable to fulfill
                    your role.

           Kevin:   ...

           Ziggy:   You're Wilhelm? What is Vector's CEO doing here?

         Wilhelm:   That is one of the phrases that defines me. However, words
                    give people many forms. Vector's CEO, head of Hyams, Ormus
                    Patriarch, the Federation Executive Committee Director...
                    All of those are nothing more than phrases that define me.
                    They each define me, yet none of them are me. So far, the
                    only one who can define me is you, Yeshua.

           chaos:   ...

         Wilhelm:   Now, Shion. I'd like to start Zarathustra with the Key you

           Shion:   I have no intention of doing that!

         Wilhelm:   I expected you to say that. You foolishly chose your death
                    over restoring your time with Kevin. The preciousness of
                    limited life, the beauty of death. You're intoxicated by
                    that narcissism. It's such an incredibly human choice. But
                    unfortunately, your life doesn't matter to me at this
                    point. All I need is your power as the Maiden, the Key, and
                    Mary. Are you perhaps bewildered? Zarathustra is one of the
                    systems created by people in ancient times. It was used to
                    ascend to the realm of God. It was orchestrated by Mary and
                    its power source was you, right, Yeshua? But it didn't turn
                    out the way they expected. God did not permit mankind's
                    actions. So, in order to prevent the destruction of the
                    universe, I bestowed upon it a certain role. That's right,
                    Yeshua, the destruction you will bring.

           chaos:   ...

           Shion:   chaos? Who are you?

         Wilhelm:   Everything that makes up this universe is connected by the
                    collective subconscious. "Redoing" everything from nothing
                    by acting upon that collective subconscious, and sending
                    everything into the flow of imaginary time. This is the
                    role I gave to the eternal circle, Zarathustra. U-DO is God
                    himself. The "two Abels" exist as U-DO's observational
                    terminals for this lower domain. In order to assure the
                    continuation of our world, we must seal them away. We will
                    cover the eyes of God, remove His influence from this
                    world, and affect the recurrence of wills through
                    Zarathustra. And that is precisely the reason why I exist.
                    Shion, you are the Maiden. When you use your Key, Mary can
                    lead the wills from throughout the entire universe to

           Shion:   You're wasting your time. I have no intention of activating
                    a system like this! Besides, mankind doesn't want that.
                    We're all fighting to live this moment!

         Wilhelm:   Are you sure? Large numbers of wills have already gathered
                    here on their own. They all reject the world as it is now
                    and wish for days long past.

           Shion:   That can't be. There's no way everyone will reject the

             Jin:   The Gnosis!

         Wilhelm:   Yes. Gnosis are the form of people who have rejected others
                    and the world. They seek salvation. Faced with being
                    overcome with loneliness and fading away, they choose
                    instead to return everything to the beginning. Mary and I
                    shall give them what they seek, the eternal recurrence! Are
                    you ready to help, now?

           Shion:   You must be joking. No! I'll never do what you say!

         Wilhelm:   I see. That's too bad, for I am not as kind as Kevin.


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Resonating Zarathustra                           [9WM-3]
 --------------------------------------------                           -------

             Jin:   Shion!

             Jr.:   Stop it! What are you doing to her?!

         Wilhelm:   I told you, I have no interest in what happens to her, and
                    I don't care. I only need her desire to use the Key, even
                    if I have to force her. That is the reason why she is here.


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Maiden of Mary                                   [9WM-4]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

         Wilhelm:   Stubborn, aren't we? How long can you stand it?

           Shion:   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

           Allen:   Chief! Stop! Stop it! If you don't stop, she'll... KOS-MOS!
                    Help her! Hurry!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion...

         Wilhelm:   Mary, I forbid you to interfere, understand?

         KOS-MOS:   nhh...

           Allen:   KOS-MOS, what's wrong?! Hurry!

         Wilhelm:   You're wasting your breath. Mary understands what must be
                    done to save this universe.

           Shion:   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

           Allen:   Chief!


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Feelings for Kevin                               [9WM-5]
 ----------------------------------------                               -------

           Shion:   Hello, Kevin.

           Kevin:   It's all right, Shion.

           Shion:   Kevin, are you there? Help me. Please... Kevin. Help me.


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Love for Shion                                   [9WM-6]
 ------------------------------------                                   -------

         Wilhelm:   Hmph.

           Shion:   Ahnh, Kevin?!

         Wilhelm:   Kevin, are you satisfied now?

           Kevin:   Nhah!

         Wilhelm:   Why act surprised? Everything has occurred as expected.
                    Including your act of betrayal.

           Kevin:   You know?

         Wilhelm:   Of course. What you seek is not order for the universe, but
                    only for your own personal desire. An eternal world for the
                    two people in love.

           Kevin:   That's right. I have no attachment to this world. But I
                    cannot lose Shion!

         Wilhelm:   For love? Ridiculous. That has no value.

           Kevin:   Ngrah...

           Shion:   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

         Wilhelm:   Aren't you happy you'll be able to feel her pain, Kevin?
                    Now, Shion. Have you changed your mind?

           Shion:   N-n-no...

         Wilhelm:   Honestly, stubborn aren't you? Then, how about this? Mary,
                    bring Shion here.

         KOS-MOS:   ...

         Wilhelm:   What's wrong? Shion will continue to suffer eternally, not
                    permitted to die. You're the only one who can release her
                    from her pain.

           Shion:   No, KOS-MOS. Don't do what he says.

         Wilhelm:   Are you sure, Mary? You don't want to lose Shion, do you?

           Shion:   Aaaahnhahaaaaan...


 Chapter 9 - KOS-MOS's Rejection                                        [9WM-7]
 -------------------------------                                        -------

         KOS-MOS:   Shion.

           Allen:   No don't! KOS-MOS!

           Kevin:   Stop right there, Mary!

           Shion:   No, stop!

         Wilhelm:   That's right. You can't defy me. This fate has been
                    destined... right from the time you sealed Anima. How does
                    it feel... to be betrayed by someone you once trusted,
                    Shion? In order to save you, Mary intends to ignore your
                    will, and activate Zarathustra.

           Shion:   No!

         Wilhelm:   Very good. You have done well. With this, we will be able
                    to live forever.

           Shion:   KOS-MOS!

         Wilhelm:   What are you doing? Mary! You fool. Now this universe will
                    be completely destroyed. Even Yeshua will perish. Mary, is
                    this what you really want?

         KOS-MOS:   I am not Mary. I am... KOS-MOS!


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - chaos and Wilhelm                                [9WM-8]
 ---------------------------------------                                -------

           Kevin:   Let's end this, Wilhelm.

         Wilhelm:   Oh? Are you going to use yourself as a shield to protect

           Shion:   Kevin!

           Kevin:   We've been rejected by this world, and by them.

         Wilhelm:   Humans, mere humans are rejecting me? Impossible. It is
                    unthinkable. They don't understand how precarious this
                    universe is, this frail world standing on a thin thread. If
                    that balance is tipped, everything will be lost.

           Kevin:   We're the ones who don't understand. They are trying to
                    walk their own path under their own power. They're saying
                    they will walk across that thread with full knowledge of
                    what it means.

         Wilhelm:   They'll never be able to do that.

           chaos:   Really? I think it's possible.

           Shion:   chaos?

         Wilhelm:   Yeshua, I didn't expect to hear you say something like

           chaos:   This world is more flexible than you think. Even as we
                    speak, ripples are spreading throughout the entire

         Wilhelm:   Are you saying you're going to release your power? You're a
                    "failsafe" implanted in this universe. If you release your
                    power, there will be more to worry about than just ripples.
                    And besides, it's too late now to suppress their wills.

           chaos:   If it was only me, that's true. But I'm not by myself.

         Wilhelm:   I see. Are you saying you've come here to challenge your
                    own fate? That's a fascinating decision. But unfortunately,
                    it looks like you're a little late.


 Chapter 9 - Wilhelm - Zarathustra Out of Control                       [9WM-9]
 ------------------------------------------------                       -------

           Shion:   What's happening?

         Wilhelm:   Zarathustra has gone out of control. If it continues like
                    this, the universe will eventually dissipate and vanish.

           Kevin:   Stop it. Stop the system now!

         Wilhelm:   If I should stop it, then what? What will you do with this
                    tremendous energy? With these countless wills that reject
                    each other, that have nowhere to go? Are you implying that
                    you know how to heal them? The world can only be returned
                    to the beginning. Come, Mary. Help us guide them into the
                    past. There is no other way for us to save this world. What
                    do you think you're doing, now?

           Kevin:   I refuse to continue to let you do as you please!

         Wilhelm:   How foolish of you. Kevin, don't you know that your body
                    will perish from this world if you continue to do that?

           Kevin:   I won't be the only one! You will perish as well, Wilhelm.

         Wilhelm:   So, you do this with full knowledge?

           Shion:   No, Kevin!

           Kevin:   Shion! I'm suppressing the system's energy. Hurry! You must
                    destroy Zarathustra!

           Shion:   But Kevin! You'll--

           Kevin:   Don't worry about me. Concentrate on the system. This won't
                    mean anything if you don't stop it!

           chaos:   Shion, it's true, he's right. The future isn't set in
                    stone. With the power of your wills, you can shape it into
                    the future you desire.

 Chapter 10                                                      [LOTUS BLADES]

 Chapter 10 - Parting                                                    [10PT]

 Chapter 10 - Parting - Shion and Kevin's Hearts                       [10PT-1]
 -----------------------------------------------                       --------

         Wilhelm:   Do you understand what you're doing, Yeshua? Abel's
                    controlled by the system and I'm the operator. If I should
                    somehow, suddenly vanish, this world... and the universe

           chaos:   You may be right, but I-- I want to believe in the light of
                    human beings' will.

         Wilhelm:   Very well, then. Is that your answer? That does sound like
                    you, Yeshua.


           Shion:   Kevin.

           Kevin:   Perhaps, I wanted this from the very beginning. Since the
                    day when I first met you, I may have been waiting for this
                    day to come. I'm sorry, Shion. It's just that I--

           Shion:   You don't have to tell me. I understand. I know that you
                    placed everything inside here.

           Kevin:   Shion...

           Shion:   They're the precious memories you and I blossomed with our
                    love. Thank you, Kevin. Because of you I have-- I've been
                    able to make it this far. Because of you, I'll keep going.

           Kevin:   That's right. You'll be fine now. I'm glad I was able to
                    see you smile again. Hang in there. The world... is waiting
                    for you.


           Shion:   Good-bye. Good-bye, Kevin. Farewell.

           Ziggy:   What's going on? The system is still out of control!

             Jr.:   Dammit! Isn't there any way to somehow stop it?

           chaos:   Don't worry.

        Nephilim:   So, that is your wish?


 Chapter 10 - Parting - chaos's Will                                   [10PT-2]
 -----------------------------------                                   --------

           Shion:   Nephilim?!

           chaos:   So it's decided?

        Nephilim:   Yes.

           Shion:   Haah!

        Nephilim:   This phenomenon is being caused by the wills, the Gnosis
                    gathered in Zarathustra with nowhere to go. Together with
                    Abel, I will gather all those wills into me... and
                    dimensionally shift this entire region of space to the land
                    of origin.

           Shion:   The land of origin?

        Nephilim:   Lost Jerusalem, a planet once called Earth.

           Shion:   Earth, our homeland.

        Nephilim:   We cannot stop the universe's accelerating dissipation, the
                    true destruction of the universe. But the potential brought
                    by the light of your will is unlimited. If you, if mankind
                    has enough time to build upon your feelings, then

           Shion:   And you will provide us with that time?

        Nephilim:   Yes. I, Abel, and...

           chaos:   Shion, you're not the one who guided this universe to
                    destruction. Ever since the moment I've existed... my power
                    of Anima has caused the universe to tread the path toward

           Shion:   Your power of Anima?

           chaos:   To prevent the destruction of the universe and to save
                    me... Mary separated the power of Anima into the vessels
                    and sealed them. Costing her life. Sealed by her, I lost my
                    power and became a spectator. All this time, I didn't know
                    what the meaning, Anima, this power held, or why I had this
                    power. But now I finally know what it means for me to use
                    this power. You taught me that.

           Shion:   chaos...

           chaos:   Everyone, this region of space will soon undergo a
                    dimensional shift. Unfortunately, I don't have the power
                    left to help you escape. I want you to get away somehow
                    before this region is destroyed.

             Jr.:   But what about you?!

           chaos:   Everything follows the flow. Don't worry, we'll meet again.
                    I'm sure of it.

             Jr.:   chaos...

            MOMO:   chaos...

           Shion:   What's going to happen to this universe?

           chaos:   Don't worry. When we disappear, the speed of this
                    universe's destruction will slow down. But we can't stop
                    the destruction itself. At best, this universe will last
                    another few tens of thousands of years before it perishes.
                    Listen to me Shion. The key to saving all lies in the land
                    of origin, Lost Jerusalem. I, and the Gnosis, the wills of
                    countless people, will all return there. For mankind to
                    survive, you must do what must be done in this universe...
                    and then come find Lost Jerusalem. Shion, I know you and
                    the others can do that.


 Chapter 10 - Parting - Farewell                                       [10PT-3]
 -------------------------------                                       --------

           Shion:   Here you are. After all this time I finally found the real
                    you. And now, we are going to be apart, again.

         KOS-MOS:   The time we'll spend apart will be an instant in the flow
                    of universal time. I know... we'll meet again. So please
                    don't be sad, Shion.

           Shion:   That's unusually vague coming from you, KOS-MOS.

         KOS-MOS:   I think it is the most natural thing for me to say. That
                    too, is because of you. Shion, thank you.

           Shion:   No. Thank you for everything. You've given me so much,

         KOS-MOS:   I'll see you soon.

           Shion:   Yeah, see you soon.


           chaos:   Let's begin. KOS-MOS, release my power, now.

         KOS-MOS:   Very well, Yeshua.

        Nephilim:   Wandering wills, come to the cradle within me.


           Shion:   What's going on? The Gnosis are--

             Jr.:   Nephilim's probably gathering them.

           Ziggy:   No. They're behaving very strangely.

            MOMO:   They don't want to go.

           Shion:   What?

            MOMO:   The Gnosis are objecting. They are refusing to join as one.
                    No. They're afraid.

           Shion:   No! That would mean that chaos and the others will... Jin!
                    Go back! They're in serious danger!

             Jin:   No, we can't! Have you forgotten about the duty that they
                    have entrusted us with? They stayed behind for us.

           Shion:   Jin...

             Jr.:   Shion, let's go. We have things we need to do. Isn't that
                    right? Come on.


           chaos:   I guess it isn't possible for me to guide all the wills.

        Nephilim:   More time is needed to complete the dimensional shift.
                    KOS-MOS, please protect this place until then.

         KOS-MOS:   Understood.


             Jr.:   Alright! The Elsa's not too far from there!

           Shion:   Jin?!

             Jr.:   Hey! Jin!

             Jin:   I'm afraid that chaos and KOS-MOS won't be able to handle
                    that many Gnosis by themselves. If I go in Asher, I'll be
                    able to... help them out a little.

           Shion:   No, Jin! You can't go alone! We're going to go with you!

             Jin:   Shion. You know that you already have other things that you
                    must do.

           Shion:   What are you saying?! I don't want you to go, Jin! I need
                    you. I can't do anything alone.

             Jin:   Listen to what you're saying. You're not alone. You have
                    all these wonderful friends. Shion, I know that I was never
                    a very good brother. I did nothing but cause you pain most
                    of the time. I always regretted not spending more time with
                    you. So please, let me be... your brother one last time.

           Shion:   I don't believe it. How can you say that? It's not fair of
                    you to say something like that to me now! I'm the one who
                    was wrong, not you. You always thought about me. I knew
                    that you did. But, I was the one who couldn't admit my real
                    feelings. I was embarrassed or uncomfortable or something,
                    and-- so... I'm the one who pushed you away. I'm the one
                    who caused you so much pain. And, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry
                    for it, Jin. Forgive me. Please, forgive me.

             Jin:   What are you apologizing for? You're a wonderful sister and
                    you always have been. You've experienced nothing but
                    suffering your whole life. So you have every right to be as
                    happy as you possibly can be.

           Shion:   Oh, Jin...

             Jin:   Allen, my friend, she's a troublesome girl, but, please,
                    take care of her.

           Allen:   Yes, Jin.

             Jin:   Thanks. Remember what chaos said. He said that we'd all
                    meet again. And besides, as a scholar, I have some interest
                    in this land. This special land called "Lost Jerusalem."

           Shion:   Jin...

             Jin:   And now, I bid you all farewell. See you soon.

           Shion:   Jin, I know I never said it, but I was happy. In my heart,
                    I was so happy to be your sister. So-- So, thank you. Thank
                    you, Jin.

             Jin:   Of course, I'm actually terrified. But I know in my heart
                    this is what I must do. Well, Asher, we've got one final
                    job to do. Let's go!


VectorResearcher:   Starting from Michtam, the U.M.N. columns throughout all
                    regions of space are disappearing!

VectorResearcher:   Communication with each region is gone! Unable to determine

          Miyuki:   What did you say?!

VectorResearcher:   It's spreading with incredible speed. At this rate, it'll
                    be less than ten minutes before every single column is

          Miyuki:   Togashi...

         Togashi:   Wait a minute. What the hell is going on over there?


             Jr.:   Dammit! They keep coming at us one after another. Don't you
                    know you're supposed... to accept... people's kindness!
                    MOMO, are you all right?

            MOMO:   Yes! I can keep going!

           Shion:   The Elsa is just ahead! Hang in there, everyone!

           Ziggy:   Shion!

           Allen:   I'll show you! I'm gonna... protect Shion!

           Shion:   Oh, Allen!

           Allen:   Are you all right? Can you stand up?

           Shion:   Yeah.

           Allen:   Good. Let's go.


           chaos:   Oh, no! Jin!

             Jin:   We will handle this. Do not worry!

           chaos:   I'm sorry! Thank you, Jin!


        Matthews:   Little Master! It's good to see you're still alive!

             Jr.:   Captain, emergency takeoff! We're getting out of here, now!

        Matthews:   Roger that! Uh, wait a minute! What about chaos and the

             Jr.:   It's all right. Don't worry about them. They have things
                    that they have to do, and so do we. Now, let's go.

        Matthews:   I see. That's just like him. Alright! Tony! Full speed

            Tony:   Okay! Here we go!


             Jin:   KOS-MOS?!

             Jin:   It'll take more than that!

           chaos:   Jin!

             Jin:   It's okay. I'm all right! Keep going! Hurry!

           chaos:   Right!

             Jin:   It's quiet now. I don't think it's ever been this quiet
                    before in my whole life. This is what I sought. And yet,
                    now that the time has finally come... I long for the noise
                    of the past. I long for those hectic and chaotic days that
                    once were. But this, too, is pleasant, in an odd sort of
                    way. Yes. The time has come for me... to move on, Shion.


           Shion:   Jin!


        Nephilim:   chaos!

           chaos:   Right! Anytime, Nephilim. Jin, it's time! Jin. Thank you,
                    Jin. Not now! We're almost there! KOS-MOS!

         KOS-MOS:   Shion. Thank you. I know that I failed to protect you back
                    then, but, this time... I will! I'm leaving the rest to you
                    now, Shion!

           chaos:   KOS-MOS!

        Nephilim:   Wills that gather into my cradle, the time has come! We go
                    to where everything began, to the land of origin! Now!


        Matthews:   Hurry! Or we'll get caught!

          Hammer:   How are we supposed to "hurry"?! There's not a single
                    column left! There's no way we'll make it with normal

        Matthews:   Stop whining and just floor it!

            Tony:   The logical drive's maxed out! This is all she's got!

        Matthews:   Dammit. I guess we'll just have to use that then.

           Shion:   But, we still have things that we need to do. The future
                    they entrusted to us is--

           chaos:   Shion...

           Shion:   chaos?! Jin?! That's... Captain! Eleven o'clock! There's a
                    column! It's out there! There's still one left!

        Matthews:   How can that be?! All of the columns are gone!

            MOMO:   Wait a minute! There is a column out there! It's fading
                    quickly, but I detect a single column pulse!

            Tony:   For real?!

           Shion:   It's chaos! I know it's chaos. They're protecting us!

        Matthews:   What's the location?!

            MOMO:   Coordinates B03117! It's right by us!

        Matthews:   Alright! Course change! Coordinates, B03117!

            Tony:   I'm on it!

            MOMO:   Sixty seconds to effective column pulse range!

             Jr.:   Dammit! Is this the end?!

        Matthews:   Little Master, have you ever listened to Wagner? This ship
                    is a Lohengrin-class passenger-freighter. Its form is like
                    the "Knight of the Swan." Tony! OVERBOOST!

            Tony:   Aye, sir!

            MOMO:   Twenty seconds to effective range!

          Hammer:   Captain! What are the transfer destination coordinates?! We
                    have no idea where we'll come out!

        Matthews:   Who cares?! Anywhere's better than here!

            MOMO:   Effective range in 10, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

        Matthews:   Tony!


        Matthews:   Where are... where are we?

            MOMO:   There is no EPR radar, and no data from the U.M.N. I'm
                    unable to determine our position.

           Allen:   Are we... in the far reaches of the universe?

        Matthews:   What's that? A transmission?

             Jr.:   No way. There's no U.M.N., so how can there be a

          Hammer:   Talk about obsolete communication methods. This is an
                    electromagnetic-type transmission.

           Ziggy:   Can we respond?

            MOMO:   Yes, I'll give it a try.

          Miyuki:   [...]

          Miyuki:   Hello! Are you guys all alive? Shion, please! Please answer

           Shion:   Miyuki!

          Miyuki:   Yes, that's right! It's me, Miyuki!

        Matthews:   Hey, look!

            Tony:   It's the Dämmerung!

          Miyuki:   Shion! Thank goodness! I'm so glad you're alive!

           Shion:   Honestly... That girl!


 Chapter 10 - Parting - For Each Their Own Journey                     [10PT-4]
 -------------------------------------------------                     --------

            Juli:   You're going already? The only clue we have is the
                    fragmented information left in the Y-Data, and with the
                    loss of the U.M.N., you won't be able to use any transfer
                    flight methods. All you'll have at your disposal is normal
                    flight. I'm afraid it's going to be a little different.

           Shion:   Yes, I know. I made a promise to chaos. I know that somehow
                    I'll reach Lost Jerusalem.

            MOMO:   Shion, I-- May I-- I want to go with you, Shion!

           Shion:   Thank you so much, MOMO. But you know, you already have
                    something to do here. You'll be working with Scientia... to
                    construct a brand new network. Make sure you do your very

            MOMO:   Okay. I will. Shion. Jr.

             Jr.:   Yeah. MOMO, we'll be gone for a little while, so take care
                    of this place.

            MOMO:   Okay.

             Jr.:   What is it?

            MOMO:   Will you be sure to say, "Hello" to Albedo for me?

             Jr.:   Yeah. I'll pass him the message when he wakes up. But, he's
                    pretty lazy, so I don't know when that'll be! Ziggy, take
                    care of MOMO and Juli for us, okay?

           Ziggy:   Yes, of course. Don't worry. Concentrate on your mission.

           Shion:   We'll see you soon. Until then.

            MOMO:   I'll be waiting for you. I'll keep waiting until you
                    finally come back! Good luck! See you soon.


           Shion:   Jin, now I think I understand what Wilhelm wanted to do,
                    just a little bit better. His methods may have been wrong,
                    but now, I think I understand the logic behind his reasons.
                    Living the same life over and over again, but living those
                    lives without any regrets is what really matters. That's
                    probably what the ideal vision of being human is all about.
                    However, we humans are really not that strong. And we know
                    that we can't live like that. We're creatures that are much
                    more flawed, weak, and smaller than that. We hurt others,
                    we lie to ourselves, we hate, we blame others, we regret,
                    but, even if we are weak, and even if it is our fate to
                    disappear entirely. I think the will to change the future
                    is still an important one. We must try to change the things
                    around us, little by little. Even if it is one step at a
                    time, And even if everything is already pre-determined,
                    it's not something for us to be sad about. No. On the
                    contrary, the future is overflowing with hope. And we have
                    infinite paths to choose from. Isn't that right? chaos?

           chaos:   I guess both you and I still exist in this world, after
                    all. As long as people... as long as the universe desires
                    it, we will continue to exist. We haven't finished what we
                    need to do yet. So, until then, sleep well, KOS-MOS.

         KOS-MOS:   Good night.


                  Shion Uzuki       Lia Sargent
                      KOS-MOS       Bridgett Hoffman
                        chaos       Josh Seth
                     M.O.M.O.       Cristina Pucelli
                        Ziggy       Richard Epcar
                          Jr.       Brianne Siddall
                    Jin Uzuki       Michael Gough

               Allen Ridgeley       Dave Wittenberg
                Miyuki Itsumi       Heather Hogan
                       Canaan       Steve Blum

                      Wilhelm       Jason Spisak
               Kevin Winnicot       Yuri Lowenthal
                  Luis Virgil       Lex Lang
                      Voyager       DC Douglas
             Albedo Piazzolla       Crispin Freeman
                       T-elos       Bridgett Hoffman

              Joachim Mizrahi       Ed Cunningham
                 Juli Mizrahi       Kim Mai Guest
                     Febronia       Kari Wahlgren
                   Suou Uzuki       DC Douglas

                     Margulis       Michael McConnohie
                     Pellegri       Kari Wahlgren
                      Richard       Jason Spisak
                      Hermann       Kirk Thornton

                     Matthews       Kirk Thornton
                         Tony       Henry Dittman
                       Hammer       Jason Spisak
                    Professor       Steve Blum
              Assistant Scott       Brian Chase

                Dmitri Yuriev       Keith Szarabjaka
                Gaignun Kukai       Crispin Freeman
                      Citrine       Erin Fitzgerald
                      Nigredo       Wendee Lee
                      Sellers       Steve Blum

                     Nephilim       Kim Mai Guest
                         Abel       Erin Fitzgerald
                         U-DO       Doug Erholtz

                       Doctus       Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
                      Togashi       Ed Cunningham

                  Mary Godwin       Ali Hilis
               Shelley Godwin       Ali Hilis
                       Helmer       Keith Szarabajka

                  Aizen Magus       Michael Gough
                    Mai Magus       Erin Fitzgerald

          Sound Producer / All Keyboards and Programming
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                      MUGITANI KOUICHI (CHOCO)

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       Norihiko Yonesaka (MONOLITH SOFTWARE, INC.)

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          Produced by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.



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                         P A S T     R E V I S I O N S

Version 1.0

Version 0.1 (September 19, 2006)
  - Began work on script.

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