Review by Ryock

Reviewed: 03/06/06

Is it sad that the first good Sonic game in years is a racing game?

Introduction: Sonic has been a popular franchise since the SEGA Genesis. SEGA released their system with a new game called Sonic The Hedgehog. It was QUITE intriguing, and a lot of people today still like it. However, the last good Sonic game that came out was Sonic Adventure 2. I would say Shadow The Hedgehog, but it wasn't really a Sonic game, more or less, a Shadow game I guess. It's weird, since this game seems to be a lot like Kinetica. Simply said, you play as one of your favorite Sonic characters, like the usual Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy characters. But as you play more, you'll soon activate many more characters.

Story: 3/10
It's kind of unfair to judge a racing game on story, since the best gameplay is when you are racing. It's got the usual kind of story you'd expect. Sonic runs into a new guy named Jet, who seems to compare in speed to Sonic. Sonic tries out one of these boards, and quickly gains the hang of it, when Eggman decides to hold a race, and each person who enters is required to put up one Chaos Emerald, winner takes all. The story quickly ends as quickly as it started. The game is not strong in this department, and really doesn't need to be when it is a racing game.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is pretty interesting indeed. It plays very quickly, unlike games like Mario Kart. It's easy at first, but becomes difficult very quickly, and is very demanding it its speed. If you can't learn quickly, then you likely have a difficult time learning to control this game's characters. The choice of characters is fresh though, and is very addicting to play. Not as good a the Mario Kart games, but still very good. The bad part is that there aren't too many tracks, and can lose its playability if you own it on the PS2. If you're an Xbox or Gamecube owner, this will probably stay addicting a little longer if you have some friends who would like to play. The game is face paced, and the controls are better than they have been in years.
You have a meter on the right side of your screen that displays your speed boosts. If it runs out though, you'll get off your board, and begin to run on foot. Although Sonic would probably be faster without the board, he still gets slower, so be careful of this. Collecting rings around the track improves your level however, thus increasing your stats, thus increasing your chances of victory. When you fly through the air off a ramp, you have a chance to perform tricks using the control stick. If you complete a trick successfully, then you will gain extra speed boosts that you can use.

Sound: 4/10
Not really fair to judge a game on this either. The sounds are all basically the same sounds we've heard since Sonic Adventure. The voices are the voices used from Sonic X, but the music is pretty good to get into. The music is a little low on its volume, and the sounds the characters make are usually a lot louder. The voices are pretty funny though, as they all sound stale and have no emotion felt either. There are also no sounds effects to some hits either =P.

Overall: 8/10
This is a good game if you give it a chance. Is it worth buying? Only for the hardcore Sonic fans like myself. Otherwise, I think it better if the normal person would just rent this instead of buying it, since everything gets unlocked quickly, and there's not much else to do after you've raced enough and beaten the story modes. The only sad part is, it's a lot better than that cursred game, Sonic Heroes. And it's not even a traditional Sonic game either. I'd say, give it chance and try it out for yourself, and decide for yourself if it's worth buying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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