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Reviewed: 02/27/06

A fantastic Game!... If you give it a chance

Sonic once was the ruler of all gaming cosmos, starring in brilliant side-scrolling games rushing at breakneck speeds. Not one person had ever experienced the kind of game that was Sonic the Hedgehog. Games poured off the shelves and sequals kept pumping out, getting better and better; Sonic had become a gaming legend. Sonic's sudden change to 3d graphics and large consoles however, have never been as good or as fast as the side scrolling old-school games, plus the inability to manually control your character as it ran through an obstacle turned many gamers off. Sonic quickly obtained a reputation as the turd of Sega. Since then, sonic seemed to have given up and the games never were as fast or as entertaining... UNTIL NOW!... sortof...
First off... Sonic Riders fires you into a difficult race in Metal City. When you first play Sonic Riders, I admit, you'll think it's the sloppiest game ever made. Really! The controls are floppy, the trick system takes some getting used to, and the cutscenes may be a little, well, LAME. But just wait. Once you get used to the control, you'll start speeding around corners and taking advantage of your character's powers. 'Cause believe me... Riders is FAST. The fantastic graphics ( not to mention the even more fantastic CG cutscenes) make you feel like you're not only racing, but sightseeing as well. Also the new turbulance system allows you to tail a rival easily on a wind propelled halfpipe. But on to more specific details...

Graphics: 9
The graphics are truly amazing, the CG films even seem up to par with Final Fantasy Advent Childeren. The environments are amazing and you'll love speeding across them, probably the only downside is the character models in in-game cutscenes. Everyone looks like they've just come back from the dead, but overall, the graphics are worthy of the Playstation system.

Story: 7
A typical story for a sonic game, sonic and friends witness a chaos emerald theivery in Metal City. After a humiliating defeat, they see an add for a racing grand prix using the strange viecles the thieves were using hosted by Doctor Eggman. To enter, participants must give a chaos emerald as an entering pass, and the winner takes them all. Sonic is automatically suspitious, but after seeing that the thives (A.K.A the Babaloyn Rouges) have already entered; he sees it as the only way to get all the emeralds back. But could Eggman be planning something? Duh... The story is pretty predictable and the cutscenes are full of badly voice-acted diolouge.

Controls: 8
The controls are absolutly perfect, so why an 8 instead of a 10? Because when you first start playing the game... you'll want to take a giant axe and throw it into the television, the game has a HUGE learning curve and it's defenetly not a game that anyone could pick up and play. You have to train hard to get the controls down, but once you do... you'll be an unstoppable sliver of turbulance. The controls may seem funky, but just stick with it, and you will learn to love them.

Sound: 8
Some memorable techno music will want you to keep playing the level just to hear the track theme, the team music is dreadful though. Curse you team Babaloyn! You've brought down a horrible track of music into once of the most fun games in the world! The voice acting incredibly sucks, but the cutscenes have cool whooshing sounds. Overall; memorable, and a little painful, all at once.

Intrest Span:
About a week to get the controls down, then you'll begin playing the game for months on end.

Replay Value:
There are a ton of extras to unlock, plus the game will never get boring!

Rent or Buy:
Uhhhh... jeez, tough to say... if you will train hard enogh to learn the controls, then you should buy it. But if you're looking for fast kicks, rent.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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