Review by SliverStormRage

Reviewed: 06/28/06

Can you keep up?

A not so great Sonic game. Once only a small hedgehog, Sonic shortly made it big. It all started with the Genesis, a plain platforming game that went from good to better to best. This series has gone from 2D to 3D in a remarkable turn of life. This old-school classic will always be remembered in our hearts. This game is especially remarkable. Racing at fast speeds over vast lands, tyring to protect the world from evil once again, but with more or less skateboards?! Now that's original...

Graphics: 10
This game has great graphics. The graphics range from a dense jungle to a massive desert of sand. Very detailed and has great shading. Seems real enough and feels real. Intense detail is a main part of this game. For this, the players can image really air boarding in the middle of nowhere, the graphics are enjoyable and really has no competition when compared to many games. The characters are just as detailed as the background

Sound: 9
Gee... This game has awesome sound. If you listen carefully in certain stages, like a forest stage, you can hear the wildlife in the middle of the race. However, when the voice acting didn't sound familiar, like in the other Sonic games. They just didn't sound like them... This problem kills the rating, I love the voice acting and I am very harsh with it.

Controls and Game play: 7
The controls where, at first, tough. After awhile, your hand begins to hurt trying to spin the left analog stick during those automatic riding parts. You tend to find it easier as you go along with the game, but it is still very annoying. I don't mind the game play, it was O.K. The game play was basic, choose a way t play, choose a stage,(Dependent on game play mode), choose a character, choose a board. Not hard to master. Once mastered, however, the game is very fun and interesting

Story: 9
What else would you expect from a Sonic game? The basic story, is what. Eggman tries to take over the world, Sonic has to stop him... Same old same old, except for a twist, you are racing! Not the same old story you would expect, huh? Sonic and friends look for Chaos Emerald, find that it was stolen, loss the emerald, next day, Eggman makes an announcement that he is opening a Grand Prix, the only way to enter was is a Chaos emerald, winner takes all. Plain and simple.

Other Facts: 7
This game is difficult to finish and takes a lot of time. has plenty of re-play value, considering that there are many boards, missions, ans a time attack mode that'll have you running like crazy to finish. This game has many features, all of which I cannot reveal. A must buy for hardcore gamers that love intense action.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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