Review by SSJ_Richard

Reviewed: 05/01/06

A Great game on its own. Brilliant in Multiplayer

Graphics (8/10)

Most of the time you don't notice the graphical detail in the game as most of the time you're going to fast to notice but when you do run slow the buildings etc do look very nice which I feel is quite amazing considering how quick the characters are.

The cut scenes are also good but when you take a good look at the scenery you can easily tell there isn't as much detail in there as Shadow the Hedgehog had (maybe its just the PS2)

Sound (8/10)

The music in this game is the same which Sonic fans have been used to for years with most of the Sonic games I have found myself on the sound test randomly listening to it and this games the same. Brilliant!

The sound effects are also as good as ever with the usual ring chimes and pop sounds as you open a monitor one of the complaints I have is the annoying bleeping that it makes if you are running low on air.

The Sonic X voice actors have been brought in again and a lot of people (me included) feel that they just aren't as good as the old Sonic Adventure team but they still did an excellent job a few comments in story mode can make you roll your eyes as the way they say them make it corny

Game play (9/10)

The second I picked up the game I seemed to grasp the controls and the idea of the game easily. You are on some kind of floating surfboard called Extreme Gear to stay afloat you need air which you can regain from landing tricks well or using pit stops you can hold X to power your jump but this slows you down unfortunately like on skateboarding games you release the button on the edge of a ramp to go higher the unfortunate thing is if you have played skater games you always accidentally seem to hold X but that isn't Sega's fault.

You use O to boost your board and this drains your air tank you can also attack characters if you ride up beside them and push O but be warned this uses up a lot of air.

The characters are all split into 3 different types Sonic, Amy and Jet the Hawk are Speed type so obviously they go much faster they also can grind on rails. Knuckles and Storm the Albatross are Power type and they can punch objects out of the way that would otherwise slow you down. Tails and Wave the Swallow are Fly type and they can… fly of ramps. There are also other characters to unlock including Shadow, Eggman, Rouge, Cream and many more 3 of which aren't Sonic the Hedgehog characters Ulala from the dancing games (whatever they called Space summut) AiAi from Super Monkeyball and NiGHTS.

The game has plenty of potential for a sequel but the trick system needs more depth and characters of the same type need a bit more variety with their stats as Sonic, Shadow, Jet and Amy all seem to be exactly the same.

Multiplayer (9/10)

I haven't played a racing multiplayer game as good as this since CTR you got you're simple racing mode for 4 players (with bots) a tournament mode (similar to CTR) a battle mode (VERY frustrating as its difficult to attack using O and still be able to keep enough air in the tank) you have tag mode (which is also very frustrating. You and another player has to stay close to each other to keep a shared air tank high) this just seems to be a blatant rip off of the Mario Double Dash and Crash Tag Team Racing games

Replay Value (7/10)

There are extra boards, scooters and shoes to buy with rings Mission mode with the usual try and get the best rank hell as well as 2 story modes with are bloody difficult as you get towards the end. This isn't a game you will be able to play non-stop but you can leave it for a month load up your old data and still have plenty to do

Total Score (8.2/10) Rounded to 8/10

Btw that is an Average

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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